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November 23, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HE RALD. Vol. X., No. Sll l-Wholi Ho. 3IM4. Price Two CMtl. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE a RE ATE ST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newapapewmb lislied every day ol the year except New Year's Day and Poarth of July. Pric* 2 cent* per copy?or *7 26 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WKEKLY HERALD-*-pnbluhed every Saturday morning?price 6>{ (?ti per copy, or tl M per annum?post c,''? luid, c.'jli in advance. ADy ERT1SERS are informed that the circalatioe of the ll'rald is over THIRTY-KlVK THOUSAND, and increasing fast It luit the. lurgrit circulation of any paper in thi$ city, oi 'he worU, and, in, therefore. Hie km channel Jin limitten nen in the city or countryPrices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the molt moderate price, and iu tlie mott elegant ityle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PUOPKIETOH OP thk Hkbaui Establishment, Northweat eom?r of Kullow and Naasaa street*. ? 4-1?1.. Cu ??>' after tl>- 1st of October the cart v-ill leave - 1 irniio< UKroT. New Yore, t a u.ocK A :V1. I g o'clock A. M. 'V r.'ii. | : *?? . .. O.tKUlTDAt*. 1 b ttock A M. i 9 o'clock A. M. 1 " i M. | * " P.M. ?2> d ec , STEAM' SHIP KOR HAVANA.?The I fu*t sailing s'c*iner MARMORA, Cant. W. )ll. Page, will |x)nitivi'ly mil on Saturday, at I I'. M. Tlii> splendid sfeuner is calculated ? to make.the past age to Havana in iixdav*. Her accommodations for cabin mid steerage passenger* are very t.uierior, and the rate of pans 'jgc will he nude mo 'vrate. Apply to JOHN IlERDMAN. til South street. N. B.?This will afford an excellent opportunity for uieclia nica to take advantage of high wane* uow offered in Havaua, in couxeiiueuce of the destruction of property by the late ilorui. n21 rrc BRITISH AND NoVnTXMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. Of 1210 torn and 440 horee power each.? Under contract with the Lord* of the Ad| miralty. HIBERNIA. Captain Alexander Kyrie. CALKbUM A, Captain Euward G. Lott. 4CAU1A., Captuiu William ilarriaoa. BRP1ANNIA Captain Joliu Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captain C. H. E. Judkins. Will aail from Liverpool and Bo*<on, via. Halifax, a* follow*: From Boa tan. Krom Liverpool. Caledonia,' Lott August IMh. ? Acadia, Harnsoa. ..Sept. let. August 4th. Hibcrt.ia, Ryrie " loth. ,r 20th. These . U carry experienced sargeoas, and are implied *"Ch Lift* Boat*. kor freight or passage, I apply to V. Bill OH AM, Jun., Agent, No. 1 Wall strv sutre No. I Wall ?treeL STATEN ISLAND FERRY. KOOT OK WHITEHALL. The Boats will run a* follows on and after Nov. 11. MLAVE NEW YOKK : 9, and 11. A, 1)4. 3)i, and 5?. P. M. LEAVE ATEN ISLAND : ?. and 10, A. M.; 12*4. >K and 4?, P M. P. H ?.Ml goods least be t>articularly marked, and arc nt lite risk of the owners thereof. u 13 KALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK AND NEW YORK. KARE ONLY 13.1 TENTS. T11E5 NEW AND SWIKT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OJ&'KY. get ON and after September 10th will ruu daily, v** ?Vi* M follow! (Sundays included) :?Leave New, foot of Centre street, I o'clock A. M.? Leave New Vnrk, foot of Barclay street, 3 o'clock P. M. ap4 rre PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS. SUMMER arrangement. NEW BRIGHTON, PORT RICHMOND, (STATEN ISLAND,) AND NEW YORK KERRY. From Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battery- Place. The Steamboat CINDERELLA, vmII run u follows, Daily, frotn May 20th to OcMx* 1st, 11W1 ??leaves New York at 9 and U o'clocE, A. M., at 'i!4, 6 audi P.M. Leaves Port Ifacainonrt, m 20 minutes to I, and 10 minntei to 10 A. M.; at 1, 4K and GX P. M. Leaves New Btiffbton a) ? and 10 A.M.; at IX, 5 and 7% P. M. On Serday?Leaves Near York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at S, 6 and I P. M. Leave* Port K<dtimond, at 20 minute* to I and 10 A.M; at 1,5and7? P.M. ?Vevr York. Mar'll, 104 wrll ?m?ee "(UK BATH, tiARDINER AND HALLO WELL. The new Meamer PENOBSCOT, Captain ? N. Kimball, leave* the end of T wharf, Boeton, .every Tuesday and Kriday eveuiuks, at 5 o'clock. Suuei will be in readiness on her arrival at Uie above |0??<hi, to ronvev passencer* to the neisnhnrinir towns. KOR ALBANY-HOUR CHANGED.? Tlie steamboats KNICKERBOCKER and IKK:HESTER, will, on and after Saturday, November ?Jd, leave for Albauy at i o'clock instead of 6 as heretofore. n2Q Ct KOR LONDON.?RegularIPacket of the 1st De ?ceniber ?The.vplenilid, first class,fast sailing packet ^___Bvliip PRINCE ALBERT, Captain Kr. 8. Sebor, will sail iu at/ove, her regular day. ... Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage iwiseu^ers, persons wishing to embark should make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, u21 rrc No. 100 Vine street, corner of South. KOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular Packet 21st D-cember.?The superior fast sailing New .v.,rlt built packet ship LIVERPOOL, Captain John ;idr,<J,,r. 11V) tons burthern, will sail as above, her regular day. K or lreight or pnasage, having very superior accommodations, auaurpas.ted by any ship in port, apply to the Captain on board, w?sl side Bu'ling Slip, or to wOODHULL It MINTURN8, 17 South street. w l'rice of Passage 9100. Tho fine |>acket ship Queen of the West, Capt. Philip Wood house, 12.M ton* turtheii, will succeed the Liver|>ool and sail on her >e;;ular day, 21st Jan. n23_ KOR OLASOOW?The fine new British ship ANN HAWLEY, Diucan Smith, mastn, now on ^?^her way to this port, aiw on arrival will have iinme ?liatedespateh. She is intended atpressly as a regular trader be tween this and Glasgow. 87 South s reet. 'i'he packet ship ADAM CARll will succeed tlie Ann Har ley. " MJR MARSEILLES?Packet of 1st December.? ? The ship TRESCOTT, Win, W. Lavvreuce, inasur, jvv ill sail as above. ,or trdight or ^'^V'rtENxT i Y'H KU'S,' ^ " 103 Krunt st, or to BOYD ?c HINCKEN, Ag-nts, nl9 rc 9 Tontine Buildi'ig, cor. Wall and Water SM. "tikjA KOR NEW ORLEANS?Union Line?Rfy JMWVlar pucket of the 23th November?The splendid last SSmm?f> vilmg ship COHEA, Capt. W. R. Gardner, will sail ax .hove, her regular day. , . .. Having very superior accomtnoda'ion, for cabin, second rabin and steerage passeugers, persons wishing to embark, should make early application on board, loot, of Murray r \vh\rt',0rt0 JOSEPH McMUjvKAx, ?22 110 Pn;e street, corner of S. nth St. CO.VIl'AN WANTED FOR CHARLESTON, S 0. ?. ? l r t/i.uQL'1 M fnxtit inn inn tm A iiamber of VESSELS from 100 to 400 tons, to load with stone. The highest fiyi"1 !J ^^^__,tlie office the STA'. CUMTANY, No. :h stone. The highest freight paid. Apply at m of the STATEN ISLAND GltANITE 1.1 Wall *treer u6 2w*ro Mf. EXCHANGE ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, %VWWSC()TLAND AND WALES.?'I'he 8nb*eriberhas all times for sale Drafts from ?1 to XIMHI, |?yaol< at all tne principal Banking Institution* throughout the llniteo Kingdom. JOHN HERDM AN, 61 South st. N.B. Passage to and from Liverpool can be secured at th? lowest rate* by any of th/line of packets sailing on the lit, (th llth.'IStli, 21sl anu 28lli of each month, on application as above. jy34 ec JERSEY CITY FLOATING DOCK.?Tin* new kand imnroved Dork has commenced o|>erntiou. Cap tain ? and owners of vessel* are invited to call and cx ainiiitMirand they will at once see that it i* as well adapted for raising and repairing vessels a* any Dock now in operation. There i* al?o attarlieil Ui tlii* Dock, Blacksmith*. Shi|>-c*f|ieii!! ter*. Caulker* and Painter*. All woik done in the ino?texpe ilitiou* manner aud at rfa*onable rates. ait/iiium ? 13 lm*rre HILL h Mel. All' III LI N. OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OKK1CE,*] South street?I'uviije to and frtiiii Great Britain and Jrriaiuf, via Liverpool. Passage cau at all times be t tlie lowest rates, to and from Liveri>ool, by the engag^nit the lowe*t rates, to and from Liveri-nol, oy the regu lar iMcket *liiin tailing under tlie n?w arrangeineiit every few day*, and drii't:i can as u*ual Im furnished for any amount.paya ble at the National and Provincial Bank, Ireland, aud their branches, and throughout tlie United Kjigdom. a* well a* at all the principal banking institution* in England, Scotlaid and W.i'.'?. without di*coont or any other charge*. 1" or further par ticulars. if by letter, post paid. ajU'l^' to JO IN HKRDMAN. ?l it PASS Vi, MI(iM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND TKE BLACK 0ALL OK ilLI) L1N1. LIVERPOOL PACKETS. | Hailing from Liverpool on tlie 7th and 19th of every month | Person* >v tilling to send to tlie Old Country for their friends can make ilie necessary arrangements with tlie Subscribers, mid have I Item come out in tin* superior Lin* of 1'ackeU, S.iiling from Liverpool punctgally on the 7lliand l'Jlli of evety mouth. They will al*o have a first rate cla?* of American trailing ship*, ?tiling every ?i\ dnys, tliereby affording weekly cmnmunieation frovi that port., t )ne of the I'irin, (Mr. James L>. Roolie,) is tiiere, to set- that they shall be forwarded wiui eare aud des patch. Should the pirtfes agreed for, not come out, tlie money will be returned to those wtio i>aid it here, without any reduction. i'he Black Ball or OVl Line of Livepool Packets, comprise the following magmlicAll Ships, vit.:? iv? OX KOR I), The NEW YORK. CAMUIUDOE, COLI/MBL4J. KL'KQPR. SOUTH AMERICA, ONGLAND. NORTH AMERICA. Witl such su|?rior and uneiinalled arrangements, tlie Sub scriber* confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup imrl which has t-eeu *xteadrd to them *o many yean, for which they sie grateful. '1 liose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can ** ill titiim obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, diawa direct on the Royal Bauk of Ireland, Dublin, also, on M-atrs. PR ESC OTP, GROTE, AMES h CO. Bankers, Ixmdofl. winch will lie paid on demand at any of the Bajiks. or their Kr mehes, m all the princ pal town* throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Wales 1IOCHE, BROTHERS Is CO. Si Kultou street. New York, next door to tlie Kulton Bank. N, B.?The Old Line of Liverpool rackets sail from this port for Liverpool on U.e 1st *ud 19th of each mouth. Parties return ing ui the Old Country will Hud it to their comfort and adv*n lage to select thi* favorite Line for their couvryance, in prefer ence to any uthet. kUMth wui'B utYt-E,Aiimr rioiuha \V"?1 -P^emeM. -J- Trigger-d. Wedge lor holding barret uj>ou pin?4 L*\rr or rammcr lo rant tlie bill n down with. Tha above is a true representation of ihe Colt'i Patent He L*i;. t.lrea 1 "nP*?fcions have lately been practised up! oil the puldic by representing ami selling (lie hit Barrel or Self prTvemfnu'uAni^-e * P*'i"t r,licl1' *ilh "" >" im provements, is American ami trade of tlw very lest materials? H: ill'iu'el :re ,r0n barrel pistol' and higl'ly ?j i. , PV y- rM,"ct 1 ?>?-? ?i* Barrel <>r Self fcockincTii. Citrrnaii i^fi r! the ntttern pistol wss imp<vt?U by a syj.'jrrateLa raiuufacture,of^' m'r'rt'taelied' li Ihlfui P* ,*ud Holjter p'?tol?. with llie ram lire ar m mil *"J 7'"1 ?Pl'ro**d of improvement iu mZ if!!' *?i& *uie lire, accuracy and distance. thfV can be fired w tl?"*V i^1PoC^L't/5d 8ht0rt B u,vl Belt PistiJ ?il,!r..r *,thoBt Powder, load, d with ball* and c*|? only, "l? VeJV*fr. at 10 to 12 paces, and with great force, liute. loaded aud fired five times iu less than half au.1 I _M-'".rtific*i=MI from the most scientific and practical navy and ' serv"7aswe7lVil.7 i*"k r^u.ul'"" "> the United Stnt-s pmVrietor's iiiore c 1 aut' IbMPub navy, can he imu at the ! ????- ? a.tcfrm. n.w 2E-^U \k?? ?B?retf'? Paffi?. Consign T NEW YORK BRASS HAND. HE Members of the New Vork Brans Band would respect fully inform their Patrons and the public in general at a 1SU ^r?K WH^I fa *' Mi,W"4 Bowei "lid No," S t JH Alriil I a V- unanimously elected Leader, and C. S. ttHAITULLA Composer of s.iid Hand?.ind ll-ev now feel The^rM/I I , W"L ** i?r?'rior 1? "one in this count.) 1 ne B ird nou 1(1 return their thanks for the very llaiterinK n.v trouage bestowed u|>on them the past season, and will use every exertion to .merit a continuance of the same. Applications for atoJS'j'Lrj- lnaJ? 10 Richard Willis, Leader, 49 Ba.ard street, James Conner. Secretary, 33 Bayard street, or any of the following members; Wm. Wallace, 10 Spring street' Alfred II leates, l5 Norfolk street; Daniel L'nderli II, 114 Wo oster Street M.Merne 150 Forsyth street; John Waliace, 7 Clark street? /?.K f!* y' "** "alker ttrvet; J. Kuysiug, 44 Orchard ?lreet' ,,^k" W^ler^c^Mr^h Av^e' N. B -Bands provided for Public Balls, Private Soirees *P|,ly,n" 10 Wnl- W?Hace, ? Spriug street. NOUVEAUT^S PARISIENNES, ?> a u .a M , . . . &ASKIONABLE PAKI8 M1LLINKUV E8TABLI8HMENT, 4513 Broadway, ICTWtIR CillAI, arCD HOWARD STREET*, godfrey?"& daughter, V K?nectfRily lalorm the ladir i, that the arrangements ? made witli the most celebrated modistes of Paris and Lou ^?"?^.tO'hu establishment this season, tte rJ^ipt by TliV t'/i?*1.-<fom h"r?p?. tlie newest and. latest fashions i 'j j u wow open tliree oases jnst reecivetl. coinnritiiitf splendid Hats of Parisian Satin. Hill, Velvet, hi., lie 1^ Also iitfV. Pr?4s*s, Embroideries, Itc., to which tfiey solicit a call from their JMronsi and theladiee in general; y Madame O. It ^0. wtll at all times use their utmost exertions to deserve a continuance of the public patronage. l[/"Dress Making in all its various branches. L'rif* owu fatenals made So order. NEW YORK RIDING SCHOOL. rum!,0?* ? a,HJ ?7 Wn" near Cnnnl. I I.S if P0IIU1?' esUblisliineut, bfKs lo render air* u iii?i k '/ ?c^ttowlea^ement of the disiinK'iished pdlron 9vKNiiin ? thepnbhc, and to state that his ?.vknino s< hool for,Kque.itriau ruitiouand ftxercise Hidioie II .i~,7ttonjyiONl)AV next, the 20th iustant Hours from 7 to 10 I. M. fhe Evenings of Monday and 'J hurs day are set apart.for gentlemeu ana the ladies of the fainiliw exclusively, ihe riding master i well known to be one of the '?"tec^ [U1 ^ successful hi this country. nil) Imilli* JAME8 CODPINOTON, Proprietor. DiSBROW'a RJDING SOiiOOI., M . Ne. 408 BOWEKV, ' H/TH 4n u.'T0.r *un La *'**kttk Pi.acks, New Yom. M i->e onore u>?nnoun.ce that, his School is open Biding* trenmg, for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise TERMS: ? 04 , Month I1.0.1'* 7e ?????? ?? e fU wv *? !! ou J. . , too Single Lessons s 00 Hoad " 2 jo a ?>? 0# ?J R'"!" 10 00 !? (00 Single Hides 74 r?deB/to"t!h,r tad qu'e, Honm< for tlM Koad or .. , (TCRISO CLASS. S^"IU ?? 00 I 30 ll.des $10 00 I Single Bid* J .V* ? ? . IvUIjMjO e i.?All Lmmmii or Hide* paid for on commencing. J ?One hoar allowed on each Lesson or tude in the School. 1.?One hour uid ahalf tn a laHui on t Ik.- Koad. 1.?Hoars for Liulies, from 9 A. M. to ?r M. 5.?Hours for UeuUsmen, frein S to 5. (*-d Irom 7 to 9K P. M. Ladles ? nL',meu ''fitted dnrtng tic hours appropnawil U> Aearfo /address isrei)nested previous to eoaamencing. lIV~OenUemen keeping their horses at this establiiimeat, will have the privilege of riding them m the School gratia. o? lm*rc x, v, SQUrRE & BROTHER NEW C HE AP GASH STORE, No. IW Bowery. QF WATCUEB. JEWELK/ AND SILVER WARE. ^ -?7*,ay i? u?.Uri. !f,.ai,i lhe Pul,|ic. come and see our ^Iew Stoic and Stock, aud judge for yourselves whether our foods and prices are worthy of notice. Spoons, Korlts, Knives ?e.i 7* nave nidiiufactured of coin. Aud all goods sold war ranted as lepresented, or no sale. Mr. Couover (well known to the public as a skilful Watch ?aMr, J will eive Ins whole attention to the renairiug of Watch es. Duplet, Levrr, and all kinds of WatcU, repaired a.Id warranted. (Such as are worth repairing ) We have a lwrson who attends to th- repairina ol Clocks. 1 ?? vi? ' boardiug Houses furnished with Hil ver Ware at trade prices. tll5 |m?rfC COURSE OF FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE a M KOBERTSONIAN SYSTEM. A N'-\v Course will be opened on Wednesday, 27th Nov bv tr ^'i tUMyND DU BUISSON, A. >1., aV 5 <?cWk,V. M? 89 Leonard st. * the flr?t"eMon W '"0"OW l',e '-"our"' *re iurited to attend at All the subscribers shall have the privilege of following the other courses, except tlie ladies' one i A course lor Indies will be oi>enedon Monday, 26th?days of 12v"cTnck ay'' ednesday and Friday, from III, to | l>ur information apply to Mr. Edmund du Bnisson, 400 Broad *aj't from 8 o clock to 10 A. M. and froin 2 o'clock to 4 P. At ? , ? RKrKREKCKS. i Vpreet, 1> rench Con- Dr. Porter, 1 Barclay it. snlOeneml. |)r Croesmnn, 4C0 Broadway W. B. Draper, 57 B*aver st. W. H. Cary <t Co , 106 Pearl st E. t abre iuetus,Cl Maideu Use. C. C. Carter St Co , n do. m 4 "? Dl;rar? 41 Moaion, M Court Jl. Howler, Esq., 49 Naasau it. laud st. .> Vr*. ? i ower' HBareiay st. M. Melly, it Maiden Lane n I j Zw * rrc* FRENCH'S HOTEL. T ,i rROPKIKTOR leaiiectfully informs It's frier,ds anil 1 c tliat lie. h is opened his new aud splendid hotel at 133 rullon streei, a few doors east of Broadway, in the iinine uiate vicinity of mercantile business and the priueipal places of amusement, and has furnished it in a style that will bear favor able comparison with the very best hotels in the city The pro prietor in building ami fitting up the above home has hid strict regard to elegance and comfort, and that he has combined eco nomy tlie following prices will show :? A ROOM k'OR ONE NluilT 25 A " " ? WEEK '/..I 40 be warmed gratis, and u|>on no occ uiou will rrlt "!we than one bed in a room. i here is a 1UC^?CTUKV attached, in which there are menls served op at Af.L hours of the day and evening. There ar? also B ith Rooms connected, for warm, eol.l ami shower Ditlis J he Porter w ill be in attendance at all times daring tlie "'l b I'Mlgers, and to let them out at all hours. ? I . ,,aoso who w:uit Lodgings al ter the house cloiee, will ring the hall bell. n 19 3m*in ROGERS' GYMNASIUM. 2f1?*, "*? ?n4l 10 Canal street. I 1 j ND1D ESTABLISHMENT is now opeu day ? . fo'ft* reception of pupils. All persons of ?ed.-ntary habita should praotisa these rM-reises, wnich are tlie only remedy for cintraciions of the Chest, Dyep-paia, ke., the ordinary results of constantly bending over the leak, aud stu dying. ?. j?"'* .ai'"' "nardians of Boys, and all intereated, are in T JJ i,"n . J I' ROOKRS, Proprietor. i ? -J-1 ? m connection with W. J. Wyer, has owned a large Gymnasium in llro klyn, at No. 16J Knfton street. ("iitlemen doing basmess in New Yjrk, who irside in !lri>okl)ii, will find this establuhineut a complete one for the purposes ofei" else. Op;n day .uid "veiling. n22 Im*ec DR. LARDNER, CONSULTING ENGINEER. A CARD.?The Public is iufoimed, that Dr. LAHDNKH continues the practice of busiuesa at a Cnnsultinit Kniti gucer, which lie followed on an extensive scale for m-uty years in r.ngland and H rnnc*. luveutora. patentees, mauuUcturera merchants, and others engaged in the arts ami manufactures, may consult h.m oil matters requiring the application of the principles of practical science. Certilicatna and oi iniivis on the vainiitv and iKciulness of new inventions w4 processes in the arts. lte|?orts on di^purcd <|MMtions and douhtfal points ex 1-erimeiitsl ln?estigatlon?, wilh a view to the discovery or test ing ol improved processes, will b" supplied or umleitaken when "" lUirrt. Office INo II Spruce street. New York. All Business letters mint bepost*p<id, ami to preventtitne hern* lost by Involous applications, all applicants willb.-ei ''?CL? * retaining lee of $10 before consultation. u22 Imru POSl' OI KICK, J _ N?w V'oaa. Nov. JO, 1844. j T ONO ISLAND RAIL UOaU MAiLS.?An extra Mail ~f. 'or Bcstofl, via Long ls|.uul Kail Uoail, is closed at this office daily, except Sundays, at 7 o'clock, A. M. An r.xlra Mail lor Provideucc,oo die same route, on Tneidays, Thuradays and Ssturiays, is closed at 7 o'clock, A. M.; andau f.itra Mail lor Wotcesier.on Ihe same route .... Moudiys, Wed nesdays and h ridays, is closed at 7 o'clock, A. M. l- . JV1 v 'JJ*'! tfxeept Suiidiys) lor Jamaica, Huntington, Mst New yotk, Oys er B iy, Hempstead, Jericho, and Oreen |H?rt, is closed at 7 o clock, A. M. .. vi "J?!1, ,V" .w**1'lilli. Commack, Tort Jefferson. Onlre ... Muhhe Islsnd, Millers Place, and Siiuu, ia closed on I ueidays and Matnr.ays, at 7 o'clock, A. M. oth?r offices on Long Island, beyond Jamaica, tlie JJy,,*" closed at 7 o clock, A. M., on 'i'nesdavs, Thursdays njfjtrc' JOHN URATiAM, P. M. EJtJ!w;a8s.l'Ky;K8 MI-.DUCED-'llK Sabacribea havr sail ^,1^ !^"' prices cn all small package* of law from ihU . *"8 M cot" to *5 cents per paekage, ififon/""I''nd the inteiineiliabr pouts. Als?, ee^ Mr nu>k>M r 'J?*'""" f'"? Buffalo to Chicago, at St rwrzte "" M Chicago, and the mleruiedi ??' I'lviNUHTIIN "" [vT*?Mrr??N "WICLLH ? rOMRROr P|e,!^'vre^H.-??,",N^LT -I?"^ ^Uot Sh?th.n. ui houses? kVit ulTh^* '??r ships' bottoms and the tools ulfeoaM. aaleby t K. COLLINS U CO, ... M Sonth'street 7 >N*-?#!cr*e J?^e afloat?^or saloTy - WOODUlfLL k. MINTURNu, - . Hnsdi itr*#| WlMltlltgtoii. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Dear S,? Th" Wasuington' Nov. 20, 184-4. healtJ T " a ^ettt c,ty' ,he 'ountain head of a grea country ! It would make you laugh o see the whilom Clayites, now falling, one after another into the Calhoun ranks-,he ta last on the right, of course! Alas, poor Clay f he is ^real man, and I would have supported him heartily? ue not the crowd of old stagers, impolitic and un idvenIhl'!ha"h Wh? qUarrdl"d "mon* 'hem. selves while they hung on to and defeated him Let me apostrophize him? rel^d'lVom",1! ren?Wned man ! tho" art happily years from this time* Thou'wfltremain0 af Ah Here a to thee, Harry ciav ! Here'i to thee, thou noble soul ? Hera'a to thee, with all my heart! And thou Shalt be the people's praise And that before wo part I ' Here s to thee, Harry Clay ' e?alt?d mr,k\l'"^ctTw"eh'?Slll1'?tEV'' " translator, and posseted of a heart big enough'or hree ordinary men-has got back to X 5ii?f JSPn! Me" Ca Ih on ,n, ,'ak'' cfe ?< himself, and him. Crtlll?i"? will see that justice is done By the way, hare you heard anvthinir nhmii <h? great Choctaw contract which the War DeLrt merit has given to my excellent the ^on A1nd;;r?on a,nd the Hon. John H Forrister ?n.i two hall-breed?, named Cobb and l'ickens of M??. tussippi, It is a splendid operation and w'ell c il" culated to make a very prettyfortune tori K?r dozen of my good friends who are nteres?ed in i The Indians are to be removed ?So?S3mIiS!i?" Th Wi" paVbcrall>'' "V UP S&iiSSo Js xMsssassS .aft g%zJks fdfw-fmm,.?SHSSS51 18 aome coml'laint here, on the part of in. terested persons no doubt, against mv friend Wii kins, at the head of the War DeparTment for^l-' ing this great contract, rather out of the' form of law, to Messrs. Anderson, Forrester & Co Lb?? others have sent in lower propoBai * en - AsMODitrs. The Accident o? the Camden Hallrond. r< New York, Nov. 21. 1844 To titk Editor of the: Nkw York Hiiur d ? I was one of the passengers on board the cars !?,( <' r d11 l- 'oconr>otive, passing aloou ihe side of the Raritan Canal, where the roilroad in wnhin four or five leet of A, run off the track t was remarkable that n? injury happened to ?n? nf the nanrager ran. Ti.ta JSlowBt ?o m? ? axKr'hinl? '"" found up ? ine axietree. it stopped on the very brink of ge?X*l> and ^ut 'or 'he softness of the ea-th Ironi the recent rains, would certainly have carried all the passenger cars, having nearly a huudred persons in them, into the water six or eight feet deep. If this haa occurred, every soul in the cars must have perished, for Mr. Conductor, from some peculiar tfoncy of his, had locked us all up, and put the key of the doors at the ends of the earn in few Pocket He had left the side door open bu" this might have turned down, and any chance of escape would have been impracticable. the fact6 that tlT?^ ?' cal,,n* y?ur attention to w i con?Pany may correct the evil ly k? ? .n<iS lt?an(1 the 'radiiig public ought not be treated as swine or sheep at the faucv of any pouductor, and to gratify his caprice. V If he is _ afraid of any passenger tresniRHinv by passing into a car to which he does not befona it is, to say the least of it, a very weak fear Nor is it necessary to lock up the traveller to keep him from passiug into the ladies'car. Of all men in the world, the American is moit respectful to the ladies. He never violates these rights ? and the roughest wood-sawyer will not offend a lady if hi can help n. Nor do I know of any such csstom of Hrnnfw IP' onrt,,e line from Uristol to Brunswick, in ftew Jersey. It ought not to be forgotten that the terrific disaster in France winch happened on a railroad, was chiefly owing* f8 .?.u ?urn^er, I'ves which were lost, to the fact that the conductor had locked up the passen gers in the car, and escape waa impossible. In the case which has just happened, if we had gone into the canal, which we ahonld have done if the earth h id been frozen, every soul must have perished and the conductor would have deserved to have been severely punished. A conductor who ia in love with himself, .and with a little brief and petty authority, and delights to lock up his passengers as we see swine and sheep locked up, ought to be dismissed, with the execrations of alf good men ' no Vf" l,hc Paction that it > most probable no locomotive will ever again run oH the railroad along the canal, on the side nexr to it, without plunging into it, and carrying most of the cars with it?most probably all?and if the lock-up-system continues, without the slightest order or notice from the company, it may some pnfl . ?l.t l? u passengers. It will be re collected that the railroad runs along side of the canal, within a few feet, for many miles. The pre sent escape was one in a hundred chances. 1 y calling the attention of the coiiipauy to this outrageous practice, it ia to be hoped that the) will have nerve trnough, either to dismiss their petty rritra'ihl r?,f,laJ'Bfondue-tor, or tcach him to ,4r,^ trate the foliy nnd ofleuce of locking-up no man.? . ILk . T'ance?of a11 ll,p Persons on board, probably a hundred, not one would, probably, have escaoed had the cars run into the canal, except the conductor and his hands. I hope you will not fail to turn your batteries upon tins evil it is a disgrace to the company. A Prot:?ion; Business at thk We^t ?The cool wea'hi-r of I huraday and Friday last, would natu ' {J* ' ?' r ">!? t'inclnnstlsn in the di reetron ol the daughter hon<e* nnd parking eitabluhl ments. Hnch wn* the case with ut, snd Sjtarday ?f oi^ ?L??Iii J" "T"1 ,n a prolonged rambfo anon a the difTcreTit concer na devoted ts that (.ranch of our city iiij iorl7 Wi?r in rftort. lor provulouing the world. We tound the mnply ol cattle ample, the rf'.hK- PrreUy ?>"! the implement,. ii ???r i ?,"r P?ckera in vigorou* o|*ratlon. It roav therefore bo laid, notwithstau.ling ihe unfavora hie change of weaUier which ha? occnn.d *inceTnurf day it being now warm and rsiny, that the Tork seaaon , " JSJ7 commcncsd. The homfa at woik, to far aa ? e f hin: !0^ arr, th0M. of M",r? Veatman k Itowan, u 5 '<0 . Henry Lewi*, Oavla k Brother, MiUar U Brown, M. I)avia, fr , Reynoida It Irwin, N. P., W v ' r,c.hoo,'!)' k ??". '-"t Pngh, and N. vk. inomaj. Yuitman U Rowan were first in the *n'' h*"0 "P aince they commenced 3WI0 head. Miller k Brown have cut 17*1 head, an ) the other houaea varied from IftO to 1000 head each. The number cat Up ao tar thia Reason, altogether, ia little ahort of twelve thouaand head. Many of thea* were unuaual iy large for carly'hoga, and moat ot them, that we saw .w*r1.,,1 "na stock. A conaiderabln portion of thrm are packing on drovnra' uccount. ( A thoae cutting by the pacKera for themacirea, a large portion ia to be maie into brfcjn, to (ill early orders. Among the pricea pnid (or ' wn r,te *',e following, viz : fii AO. U tiO ' ? 1$ '.'J1 8 7,)' 3 7!>- an', ,or on" amalt lot, aver* ginj, jia iba. f3 llieae pricea are above the nreaent

viowa ol our packers, but hardly maet thoae ol diovera. " ?? eaatern packera in the city, but ao far only aa lookera on With a 4 to fi moniha supply in New rork and lluaton, they do not aoem very dcsiroua of Inv. jng hold at prevailing rataa. And drover;, on the other the knowledge they have ua to the number of .. f" l!e.i"? th.,,J0,r' ,LTm' "ome of tha lsrgcat of them packing on their own account it ttt th"n W 7483 -Cincinnati Hon SAMtrsr, Hoar, of Concord, is annointeH i aas: sssx ^arr: Hoaton. [?-orreipondence of th? HsraJd.] Boston, Nov. 20, 1844. Tremendous Excitement among the Boston Peda gogues?Battle of a Uiant with 'Jhirty one Pig mies?Nomination of Mayor?The Pure Water Question? Peabody vs. Winchester?A Lawyer caught in his own net?Marriage a la Mode Pa risian?Gleanings?Game Code Trial, etc. Dkar General:? You will doubtless recollect the reply of " Shy lock" to hismaligneri? " Thou callMst me doff, bc.fore thou had'it a cauio, But lines 1 am a dog, heware my fang*." I I am reminded of this couplet by the 44 Reply to [ the 4 Remarks' of Thirty-one Uoaton Schoolmas ters on the Seventh Annual Iteport of the Secre tary of the Massachusetts Board of Education? by Horace Mann," which was published |i)?at?rday morning, and created an unusual sensation among the " Athenians." So mas terly a production has not appeared eiuce the withering ?? Jjuuoiad," or the more modern dose [ administered to the " English Bards and Scotch Reviewers." Even the Yoikshire schoolmasters, who siw themselves so clearly mirrored by "Dick ens," in his "Squeers," had sense enough 44 to beard the lion in his den;" but these Yankee teach j eis will probably decide now, with 44 Faistaff." that 44 discretion is the better part of valor." The appearance of Mr. Mann among these thirty-one schoolmasters, reminds one somewhat of Gulliver among the Lilliputians, and if your readers wish to see how delicately and entirely these 44Thirty-one," (ushe christens them,) are crushed, pulverized and annihilated, bo, that their concentrated essence . would not "stop a bung-hole," let me refer to the document in question, and without further pre I i mi 1 nary, let me furnish you with a few extracts from the reply. In the beginning he laments the. appear ance of such a pamphlet, signed us it is. by such a body ot conspirators against truth, and remarks, 44 that he teds bound by every consideration ot respect for the cause, for my friends, and for my self, to answer this attack, and I sit down to the work not 4 more in sorrow than in anger,' but wholly in sorrow. My reply shall not be vindictive but vindicatory. I must speak with earnestness and confidence, but they are earnestness and con fidence ot an accused man, who knows his inno cence, and knows he cuu prove it. Here let me remark incidentally, that I am embarrassed us I proceed, in regard to the appellation to be given to the authors and signers of theso ? Remarks.' 1 cannot call them 4 Boston Teachers,' because they do not constitute one seventh part of the body. I cannot call them the 'Grammar aud Writing Mas ters,' because the names of all those masters do not appear. Beisg thirty-one in number, I cannot well call a roll of their several names. Circumlu tion is cumbrous, and as they arc sui generis, there is no common noun-substuntive that will designate them. For the sake, at once of brevity and exact ness, I propose to call them the 44 Thirty-one."? This 1 do, without intending thereby the slightest disrespect, and I perceive no objection to it unless indeed, it may render that, hereafter, an unlucky number. This is not a conflict of physical strength otherwise the number of my assailants would be for midable,and right might be overcome by force. ISor is it, to any great extent, a contest of mental power. Were it so, 1 might well be alarmed at a bolt hurled at me from their own citadel, by thirty one men, each rejoicing in his strength. But it is a question of justice,of truth,of mural power, where annihilation awaits the wrong, however haughty or numerous they may be, who uphold its banner. It is not the number of the partnership, but the moral solvency of the firm, with which 1 am concerned ; or, to draw an illustration from their own art?it they are right, they represent a row of thirty-one integers; but if wrong, as 1 can easily show, then they are like thirty-one vulgar fric tions multiplied into themselves, 4 yielding a most I contemptible product.' In alluding to one of the signers (Mr. Win. J. Adams) who committed himself most grossly in ?...ntr.W.o??rjr MKrlUiM, Mr M. llulS CHlmly rcn ! tinuesi 44III a great and good book,! have read of those who strain nt a gnat and swallow a camel; , but, before this, I have never known a man, who, while troubled with such fastidiousness about the insect, could give birth to, and then swallow, the quadruped. I spoke of deficienciesonly?he affirms a totality of ignorance. Are not my stripes upon teachers gentler than the 'laying on of the hands of the presbytery,' when compared with thisl" , Mr. M.then goes on to notice the Prussian systems of education, the Scotch and German schools, us contrasted with ours; and brings lorward the opin ion of some of the most able scholars in our own country and abroad to substantiate his assertions. He then attacks the four corner-stones of "School Discipline"?Authority, Force, Fear and Pain ! the I pitiful instruments which these "thirty-one sages advocate to christainize the youth of America!" Upon this subject Mr. M. remarks?44If ihe teacher is what he ought to fee, he has the resource of a , pure aud lofty example in his own character; and he moves before the eyes of his pupils as a person ification of dignity and learning and benevolence. What a damning sentence does a teaclar pre nounce upon himself when he affirms that he has no resources in his own character, but only in the cowhide and birch, and in the strong arm that . wields them !" And again?"But the 'remarks' claim support from the sayings of Solomon. As ! to this,let me observe that 1 am yet to learn that the , precepts and practices applicable to thatpeculiarpeo pie, the Jews.and totheirstateof civilization,itre to be transferred to our times, without great modifi cations. I do not believe, on the one hand, that his injunctions have all been abrogated, like the , Levilical law of rites and observances, uor, on the other, that they all have the inherent and perpe tually binding force of the decalogue. I have in variably observed that the hardest hearted are the | greatest; quoters of Solomon, both in regard to do mestic and to school discipline." The 41 thirty one," it seems, have most maliciously perverted Mr. M.'s language, as the following will indicate:? 44 This is, in part, what I meant, when, under the feeble similitude of a group of delighted, or wondering children, in a toyshop. 1 referred to the resources of a teacher, when opening to his pupils, one after another, u lew of the interminable realms of knowledge, beauty, and truth. But, of course, I referred to teacheis who had something besides '* a beggarly account of empty" heads, wherewith to satisfy the cravings of a child's curiosity. I was thinking of that wilderness of glories into winch we are burn, and not of mere tops and whittles. I entered the toyshop in the street, to pass from that to the great Temple of the Universe. The 44 Thirty one," followed mc into the toyshop; and there as it appears by the above extract from their 4 re marks,' they remain still?holding on to a text book with one hand, from which to read off their explanations; and, with the other hand, flogging the children through lark of 4 novelties' to occu , py and delight them." The 44 ThiYty-one" chuckle over a mere metaphorical error which they think they have detected in Mr. M , to which he replies, 41 Here, at last, amid a pool of Stygian waters, in capable of reflecting light, one rainbow hue gleams | from a bubble of purer element. It is with reluc tance that I puncture tins air-blown vesicle; but truth dooms its collapse." Finally, after taking tip pepnrntely nil the puerile charges airuyed against him?Ije proflers them peace with one exception, end this is "Barnoni Field," the author of the first section of the 44 Re. marks." (For this pamphlet of the Thirty-one is an olla-pjflrida, concocted by the combined strength of all, teminding us of the ingredients of the witches' cauldron in '4 Macbeth." Apropos of Mr. Field, God help him ! for he surely can't help himself. Procuste's bed, or the persecutions of St. Anthony, were mild when compared to the scorpion-like castig-uion which he has received from the i>en of Mr. Mann. Gentle reader, pa tience one moment, whilst we transcribe the pro cess of pulverization adopted by the dignified writer who was so basely impugned. Mr. M. says after alluding to the ungenerous aud unhappy con troversy, and proffering the 44Thirty-one" the use of his journal in case they wish to push the subject still further." "Hut I must make an exception in regard to one individual until he changes his na ture, or I change my natare, we must continue to dwell on opposite sides of the moral universe. 1 mean the maligner of Mr. George B. Emerson, that pure-minded, truth-seeking man, whom hun drrds of the noble matron# of 1$oh(oii now rcve rence, dec. I mean the asperser ?f Dr. Howe, thet noble and heroic soul, the d< mands of whose youthful admiration for classic Greece could not be satisfied until he had himself imitated the deeds of Grecian heroes upon the Grecian soil; who has since devoted himself to one of the noblest chari ties of the age; and in givisg a universe to Eaura Bndgnian, has given joy to every benevolent heart ol mankind, and sheu light upon some of the darkest problems ot philosophy; I mean the traducer of M'. Pierce, who has done more for the cause of education than the reputed author of that section of the 4 reply* could ever do, though every rtom in his corporiety were converted into a school master, and all should labor Mill the crack of doom.' 1 meau him, who could cut passages from my last report, and shulile them together un til chance should turn up a lying collocation, be yond the power of hisjlown^tupidity to originate, tScc." Finally, Mr. Mann lias so flogged them m masse, that already one (Mr. Adams) has cried for quarter, and retracted his signature! But I have already occupied too much space on this subject, aud thereby 1 shall have to defer mis cellaneous topics in detuil till a future time. The nomination of Josiah Quincy, jr., for Mayor of this city has been confirmed; he will be the po pular candidate. The subject of bringing water into the city is still agitated, although nothing defi nite is yet decided upon. The game cock trial has been a subject of some sport. It was an action of trespass to recover dama Seslor taking Iroiu the plaintiff, carrying sway, and estroying,eight game cocks, valued at #400. The plaintiff recovered damages of #75. trial of Winchester for assault on Peubody, (editor of a defunct paper,) resulted in damages to the plaintiff for #213. It was given in evidence during the trial. ?"<*? ihe article in question?"mar ring* m lugh lite"?which created the indignation of Mr. W., was a premeditated and contemptible squib. Still the connoisseurs ihmk (tubrosa) that it was a capital hit at "hide and tallow" aristo cracy. The lawyer caught in Itia own iwt, is N?l?on Robinson, Esq , who comes under the charge of an action for "Embracery," by bribing a girl in the sum of fifty dollars not to appear in n suit which had been instigated by herself in the outset, against a cabman for taking improper liberties with her. The details ol the case are to be found in the papers of this week. Forrest is drawing good houses at the National. Ole Hull is electrifying the Bostomaus with his cat gut. Mauy recherche toirees and balls are on the ta pis lor Thanksgiving eve. "On with the dance? Let joy reign unconlined." Vive la bagatelle. Yours, in great huste, EriCtJllEAN. Literary Notices. Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon?By Horace Twiss, Esq.?Carey & Hart: Philadelphia.?The biography of the great John Scott has iallen into able hands?those of Horace Twiss. The present edition is in two large 8vo. volumet*, handsomely got up, and contains a vast amount of information of men and things during the reigns of the two last Georges of England. The Great Metropolis or New York in 18-15 ? This highly popular little work, the praises of which are in every body's mouth as the publication Use)! soon will be in every body's pocket, continues to sell with unabated rapidity. It can now be pro cured in poc' t-book form?also, in elegant bind ings for presents. We cannot too strongly com mend it to the attention of our friends, to all indeed who have any connection with our city. Book selleis and periodical agents in town and country, in this State and other States, should ob tain copies previous to the approaching holidays, when we are sure, it will be in greater demand even tlun it now is among the belles and beaux. Ihe work is sold at an exceedingly low price, but there is no humbug about it. Examine lor yourselves and see. The Illustrated Book of Christian Ballads ?Lindsey & Blakiston: Philadelphia; Burgess & Stringer: New York?One ol tlie most splendid works that we have met with lor some time, con taining some choice pieces from the pens of the most gilted poets of the present age. The volume forms a superb addition to a drawing-roota table. The following beautiful piece, from the pen of Thomas Haynes Bayly, is a specimen of the arti cles with which this volume abounds :? Grief wu Sent THce for Thy Good. Some thero ore who *eem exempted Krom the doom tncurr'd l>y all: Are they not more &orely tfempteu f Are they not the tint to lull ' As a mother* firm denial Check* her infant's wayward mood, Wisdom lm k* in ev'ry trial? Uriel' wa* sent thee for thy good. # In the scene* of former pleasure; Present anguish hast Uiou it-it I O'er thy fond heart's deurent tieasuro An a mourner hast thou kuelt I In the hour of deep (Miction, Let no impious thought intrude, Meekly bow with this conviction? Uiief ?u ?ent theo for thy good. A chaste piece by Barry Cornwall, will doubt less be read with pleasure:? A Prayer In Sickness. Send down thy winged angel, Uod ! Amid this night fo wild ; Aud bid him come where now we watch, And breathe upon our child! She lie* upon her pillow, pale, And moan* within her sleep, Or wnkeneth with a patient untile, Aud striveth not to weep. Mow gentle and how good a child She in, we know too well, Aud dearer to her parent*' hearts, Than our weak word* csn tell. We love?we watch throughout the night, To aid, when need may be ; We hope and have deenairM, at time* ; Hut now we turn to Thee ! Send down thy sweet soulU angel, Ood! Amid the darkness wild, And bid him soothe our soul* to-night, And heal our gentle child ! Elements of Rhetoric and Literary Criti cism? By J. R. Boyd, A. M.?Harper Brothers : New York.?A very excellent and useful work for the student or would-be critic, well got up, and at a reasonable cost. Forkion Quarterly Review; for October; Scott & Co. New York.?The publishers of this most excellent periodical deserve praise for the capital style in which this reprint has been present ed to the public. The present number contains severnl valuable papers ol considerable interest, particularly one on the Slave States ol America. Arthurs Ladies' Mada/ine; for December; Ferrett & Co., Philadelphia.?A somewhat inter esting number, with a couple of tolerable engrav ings. Manual for Maoneti/ino with the Rotary Maonktic Machine, by H. H. Sherwood, M.D ? Wiley and Putuutu, New York.?A useful small pocket volume, particulaily to the faculty, and those ulllicted with various disorders. United States Almanac, for 1845?C. J. Gillis, New York.?A more useful nod correct annual, we believe, docu not make its appearance. Quebec Directory, and Stkamjkr's Guide for 1844-'5, by A. Hawkins?Cowan & Son,Quebec.? A very uselal work lor those about to vixit that lo cality. It is well and correctly got tip, and con tains a vast amount of information. The Philosophy op Hhetoric; By Georoe Campbell, L>. D., F. R . S.i Harper & Brntheis.? This is a new edition of a well known and univer sally esteemed work. It has received the atten tive revision of the author, and in presented in a more perlect form than in any previous edition.? Willi the work itself the public is already acquaint ed. It has long enjoyed the reputation of being a very able, well arranged, and instructive treatise upon eloquence in all its branches. The etyl* is clear and perspicuous, and the work must lonr re tain the pepularity it his acquired. Dirty Streets?The Cnntrnct System I Mr. BENNrrr,? The contract system, thus Jar, does not a^t like a charm in giving us clean streets. The very re verse is the case. I see no sweepers- no ash rarts ? no carts for collecting offal, Ace. Where i* the promised reform! It remains unfulfilled. They have sent round their paper notices, telling us what the ordinance is about. Ashes! How do they ex pect we can obey the law when they send no carts to collect them! One of their own organs has opened its eyes, nnd acknowledges that the streets are really dirty, nnd threatens the contractors thut it they do not do their duty, according to the specifications in Ihe contract, they will suffer some; but thus far that threat has bad no beneficial effect. The organ also speaks about Mr. Bakewell doing his duty by hav ing it done at their expense, but the sweeps of neither, nor the offal and ash carts of neither, have made their api>earance in either the 4th or fith wards, and so between the two stools, the peopU, the tnx-payers, fall through and sutler, while the contractors and street inspectors pocket their mo ney, and laugh in their sleeve at our Corporation and their paper bullets. Shall we ever have, clean Mreeu! I despair of it until they employ men who have brains enough to devise a proper system, and practise it. That has never yet been done, and no pros|>ect of being done soon. What may be done when the panic is over, and Clay is President, I date not anticipate, as it might be so glorious ns to dazzle my eyes or turn my brain. That 1 would avoid at present. Is Mayor Harper so much en gaged in the temperance cause, and pncithing vio lituons of Sunday lnws, that he has no timet* look after the sircetal If so, let some one else attend to it, aud do ua Juarics. Personal Movements. The Wilmington Gazette states that th* Hon. John M. Clayton will be tent to the next Senate in the place el the lion. R. H Bayard. Robert Uarner, of Charle* oounty, Maryland, died a lew days lince of pleurisy. He had represented hU district in the State Legislature for nine successive yean. There is a prophecy in the United States Gazette, thai the successors of James K. Polk and Geerge M. Dallas, will be John M. Clayton and Thomas Corwin. The Hon. Thomas H. Benton left 8t Louis, Mo., on the 8th instant, for Washington city. The Mayor of Philadelphia, on Sunday, fined nine in dividuals for being caught in the streets intoxsoated. A printer, named Wm. B. Dexter, has.been tried at Nor folk, Va., and found guilty of forging a check on the tx change Bank. It-: was sentenced to the penitentiary for three years. Mr. Height, late American Consul at Antwerp, has re turned to this country. Mrs. Height, formerly Miss Bo4 mau, of Maryland, died on the passage home. The Mayor of Brltimore has offered a reward of fAOO for the apprehension and conviction of the murderers of Henry Hujiahell, the German, who met his death on Fell's Point a few nights since, by being subbed. The returns from York district (says the Ports mouth Mercury) indicate that Judge Hayee is elected to Congress, notwithstanding many ot Mr. Merrick's friends in )v?a ziebunk and other places persisted in their opposi tion tu him. A letter from Washington states that President Tyler purposes, upon his retiiemcnt, to take a trip to ?urops with his lady. A discussion of the question of Universal Salvation,be tween Rev. J. B. Dods and Origan Bachelor, is to com mence at the Marlboro' Chapel, Boston, on Sunday even; ing next. The Washington Chess Club and the Baltimore Chees Club are to pluy s game of chess through the Magnetic Telegiaph soon. It is proposed that the Ash and Hickory poles in Ro. Chester, N. V., be taken down, and the wood distri buted among the poor. A good idea and worth carrying out in othsr parts as well. A duel was fought, says the Louisville Journal, on Fri day, the lath inst, on the Indiana shore, by two young gentlemen ol Kronkiort, Ky , Mr. Bleckbura and Mr. Harlan, a seu of the Hon. James Harlan. The parties fired once, shook hands, and forgot their quarrel. No blood was spilt, but Mr. Harlan's clothes were considerably damaged. The tailor soon set all that to rights. Judge Terrell is spoken ot as likely to he appointed minister to to gland from Texas. A Delaware whig paper seriously proposes a subscrip tion in every State of (6 from each individual, towards the completion of a handsome sum of money to be given Mr. Clay, as a remuneration for his disappointment. It is re|>orted that Col. Watmough has resigned the of fice of Surveyor ol the port of Fhllsdelphis, and that Thomas Cooper, Kiq.,the well-known tragedian,has been appointed in his place. Gen. Gaines and family left St. Louis on the 8th instant for New Orleans, as Commander-in-Chief of the Western Department of the Army. The General passes the ensuing winter at the Seuth. Judge Buckner delivered his introductory law lecture, at the University ef St. Louis, on tho 13th inst. There is a clause in the new constitution of Iowa, pro hibiting the legislature from granting divorces. Since the defeat of Mr. Clay, it is stated that Crehore, the great playing card manulacturer has discharged forty workmen. Preparations have been made at Madison, Indiana, to slaughter and pack 100,000 hogs during the present sea son. The odicers of the army and navy at Halifax hava form ed a Bible Society for the circulation of the Scriptures among seafaring men. Wo see it stated that Harriet Martineau has recovered from her recent sickness, and that she is indebted to mes merism for her cure. During her illness, (hs wrote one ol the most charming works ol the day. Mrs. John Van Buren died at Albany, N.Y., a day or two ago. _________ North Carolina KJectlon. [ceMMJCTB.] i#u ,?lr.tfi ?. I'flk. Clay. Vh. Um. Anion, -tin 1012 395 UM A she, 177 522 400 57S Beaufort '<27 #32 J09 Ml -1 19 473 385 4M 4 B0 280 414 346 Brunswick 2'3 311 230 350 Buncombe 412 Ml 452 14JS Uurke - Sill 1234 309 162J < aliarnis 374 7IS lu est Caldwell Si? 4fW N?W Co. ? amdi'ii 101 556 100 CIS Carteret, 315 434 IK 404 Caswell 21! I 1169 776 C list Mm 729 int. 568 1134 Cnuwlia.u.. ? ? ? ? Cherokee, 215 390 113 414 Chowau ICS :iol 158 33* Cleaveland, 624 36fi New Co. Columbus 363 135 315 M4 Crave 628 651 540 CM Cumberland 1101 703 950 61* Currituck, 551 157 468 142 Davidson 610 1091 390 1441 Davie r>2 529 225 6W Duplin 936 223 807 253 Kdneeomb 1503 126 1374 135 Kraiikliu 760 330 089 374 (tales 355 355 328 37? tireeur,. 276 302 215 207 GrtnvUle, 94 2 936 77S 911 Ouilford 515 2110 414 2J0O IUIir.1 456 192 306 604 Haywood 267 342 22 1 431 lluudersoii 141 555 NewCoOMv. II- rtford 253 309 199 3M Hyde. 181 318 89 431 330 1582 328 17M Johnston, 850 595 540 507 Jours, 142 203 132 343 *56 225 ? ? Lincolu 1736 790 195S 1*00 Maco 224 374 168 433 Marti 580 3111 596 29t McDowell.b New Couuty. MecklaburK 1201 909 1246 IIOO MoutKomery 130 05* 105 1136 .Moore,... 5oa 110 495 529 N?sh WH 74 797 71 New Hanover 1122 382 1042 293 Norlliain|>lou, 364 519 383 550 On * low 717 1M 600 143 Oraaxe 1589 1686 1448 1639 f'as<|Ui>taiik, 232 663 149 693 I'erriiuuiaus 223 441 134 5M t'ersou 619 275 597 <14 I'ltl,. 476 634 391 6*7 Randolph, 312 1171 269 1344 HicliinouJ 117 802 102 829 Robeson, 5'll 559 506 579 Rockingham 1022 430 905 547 Rowau, M0 833 502 942 Rutherford 296 1310 540 1302 87 8 433 711 553 Stanly, 18 530 NewOo. Stokes 1153 1084 1M1 1212 ?W 996 812 1191 Tyrrnil ',J 281 >1 380 Union.* ? New Couly. Wake 1374 1014 1149 1026 *10 128 754 10b WaihiBKton 121 329 54 432 Wayne 911 254 731 3*6 W ilkrs i?l lf"> 114 14511 ?7 3(8 290 414 3*1,287 43,232 33,782 46,376 39, tV 33,792 ( lay's majority 3,945 liar's do, 12,594 Aasi'-Kate vote in 1844 82,519 " in Increaivd vote 2,361 Cawtawha (n) \utes with Lincoln ; McDowell (4, with Buike; Union (< ) Willi Anson and Mecklenburg. Remarkaw.k Circ hwstauck.?We were inform, ed yenterday by a fisherman, just in from a cruise, that during his absence he had seen a most singular phe nomenon, the like ol which has ne>er been known in this latitude. The smack in which be wss had been uasnc cessfnl, bnt very law fish having been takta, and on many of the old fishing ground* not one could b? found! In returning along the South shore ot Long Island, their attention was attracted to tha twach,being literally strewed with the bodies of les<l fish Just washed up by the sea. Black fish, cntin?r?. lobsters, and crabs, and many other species which Inhabit our shores *t this season lay pro miscuously on the saad. On examining tho well of tho smack It wm riir "v?rcd that the fish which they had taken were also dead. A* far as tha shoro was examined eestwerd. towsHt Montauk Point, it was found to be co vered allse with dead fl?h. W* are also informed that the smack Carotin*, on Krldey lost, while about fifteen miles from land, passed through a "rip" of the sea (lormeilby adverse tides, we suppose^ and that as far as could l>e seen in either direction the " rip" was filled with dead (1U. noon alter this the welt of the smack was ex atnined, and every fish in it found to be dead. These re markable facts pquire scientific investigation. Similar phenomena hsvehuen observed in the Mediterranean after a voleanie eruption on some of the noighboriag moan tains j and it is quite probable, we think, that the destruc tion to the flnny tribe noticed al.ove was caused by a like eruption it sea, near our coast.?Nnc J.?n4m Hin t, A?i'. 18. ? Firk ro Hamilton.?The turning lathe and shop (if Mr. Keyt s, ot Hamilton, Madison county, was destroy*! by fire on the iwh inst., with all the imple ments of his trade. Loss sl>out $looo-no insurance. It seems that tho village Is without a fire engine, end the Reflector thinks thai after a few rnoie lires the necessity of one will be plainly observable. Hwat< Shins.-The Independence, Missouri, Journal notices the fact, that two swanskins were brought to that market for sale, whKeas snow and soft as Russian fur They had all the feathers pulled SUt, leev ? ing nothing but the long, white and thick down?resom. Mmg very much th* skins of white Russian rabbits. Erie Extension.?We learn by the Btaver Ar tun, that this important link in the chain of intend navi K at ion is completed, and in a navigable condition. Court for the Correction or Errors.?Aiju? ?tv, Nov. '31, 1M4 ?Present?Senator Kostsr presiding, and twenty-one other Senators No. 30 or *3. Amoe Lawn.nee and al v*. tha city of New York. Mr W. W Waggener continued for plaintiff in error.

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