Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1844 Page 3
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HORIT IARUt, FrW?r. ?*v. aa?? r. a. There <ru . (ami riM la price, to day, with very moderate sale.. At the old hoard Canton improved J per cent; Look Ifland 1} ; Mohawk H ; Morris Canal I; Nor wich and Worcester 1| ; Stonington l|; Krie Railroad ] ; Heading Kailroad J ; Farmers 1J; Iliinoia 1|; Penn ?ylrania S ? 1* ? Ohio ?'s J ; U. 8. Bank |; Eut Bo.ton k. * new board Long liland advanced 3 per cent; Cad Un 3 ' Stonington 1| ; Norwioh and Worceater 31 ; Far mer.' 1 ; lli/nois 1| j U. 8. Bank 1; Vicksburg J ; Ohio 6 si. The ?tock market ia in a very fererish state, and quotations fluctuate to much from day to day, that it is impossible to tell what will be the result of the present movement* Money still oontinuee in the same state as noticed lor sometime past, and until some great change takes place in the market, we cannot expect much im provement in stocks. Commissioners to negociate the Choctaw Loan of one and a half millions of dollars, will be herein a few days, for which government scrip will be issued. This will, of canrse have an effect on the money maiket, and no doubt add to the present embarrassment in financial matters. The contest between the bull, and e ears still rage* with at much vigor** avar, but tha bulls are daily gaining strength, and it is possible they may control prices for a time, but the bears have so ma ny resources in the prospective, that quotations cannot advance much, and perhaps those now ruling, will not bi austained A great deal depends upon the tone of the President's message to the Congress about couvening on the Tanas question. Muoh importance is attached to the disposal of the surplus revenue now in the hands of the government hanks, and every movement of Congress dur ing the comiog session, will have a very great influence on the stock market. The Texas question, particularly, muit, if pressed forward, with all the energies of Ihose in whose hands the subject has acquired its present impor tauce, create a depression in the stock market, beyond anything experienced for a long time. It is likely to affect government stock* as well as those of a fancy nature. It U the opinion of many capi tallsta, that the policy of the government must, with the change in the administration, undergo t complete revolution; that the principal acts under which every interest is prospering, will be repealed; and others, more in acoordance with party principles, be adopted. This belief will ne doubt lead many astray, until they are satisfied that tkey have been deceived? Otheis disposed to create as much embarrassment aa their influence will allow, do every thing in their power to get up a panic,and predict rapidjruin to two-thirda of the com mercial classes. All theae things affeot the stock market and are ot great service to the bears in forcing down quotations So far as we are able to see into futurity, we are satinfled that all the anticipations of these operators ore without the slightest foundation. There may be some important changes made in our foreign relations; there will be, without doubt, considerable talk about alterations and modifications in the present tariff act. it is possible that systems may be proposed to secure the safety of the government depositee, without the aid of hanks; but it is probable that there wiU not be the slightest change in any of these, and that the government will continue at least for a time, aa it is now administered. So longas there is any doubt hanging ever any of thesnt hings, so long will the different interests of the country be unfavorably affected. We have now aturplus revenue of from ten to twelve mil lions of dollars. Thedebt due on the 1st of January next will reduce this $5,871,977: a portion ofthe balance will be reduced by the excess of government expenditures over receipts for several months to come. What disposal may be made of this balance is a question at present agitating the directors of the principal government banks through out the country. This session of Congress being the sho-tjone, we shaU soon know what will be the result, after which there will be sufficient time for those disposed to take advantage of the recess, to launch into all kinds of ppeculation. These government banks would not occupy the position they do at this time, had they con dueled their business upon legitimate banking principles; but depending upon their depositee, both public and pi i vate, to loan largely en stocks, they have been suddenly brought up. We cannot expect or hope that they will, at this late day, when they are unrestricted in all of their operations and are not subject to a revision oftener than ouce in three months, adhere to any system having in view aught but their own interest. It is as. tonishing that the banks of this 8ta'e dare go on from menth to month, and year to year, in the same careless, independent, reckless course they do, when their very existence depends entirely upon publlo confidence ? There is not a single bank in this State, capable of su? taing itself against the less of publie confidence in its solven r;and yet they from time to time adopt a course of action, calculated to injure and perhaps ruin many of those to whom they look to sustain their credit. The people have, in their own hands, a regulator that would " emPloyed, compel those institutions to keep their opera' tions within limits, inside of their ability to control, upon the greatest emergency. According to the reports of the banks of th s State, made u,) to the 1st inst., the specie on hand only amounted to #8,968,09i, with a circu.ation of $ J0,1M,2I9, and a discount line of $73,091.797 These do .mrtments are but little under the expansion of 1837, just previous to the suspension of specie payments. Every racket sailing from this port for Europe, takes out a large amount of gold and silver the last packets forLiverpool and London having Mao,000 on board. This steady drain of the precious metals from the oountry, with a steady increase m the paper issues of our banks, will soon produce in the public mind, a feeling similar to that created by the state of things in the early part of 1837, which resulted in the revulsion of May, in the same year. The banks may well stop and ponder upoy their position and condiUon ; thoy havo yet the power to bring back a healthy state of things, but it requires a contraction in their operations as rapid as the expansir/h, to prevent unfavorable effects Several of the companies composing the line of rail roads betwoea Atbany aud Buffalo have held a meeting, for the purpose of establishing a tarif of charges for freight transported during the close of navigation on the canal Th ? Mohawk and Hudson, and Utlca and Sche nectady 'xoads have agreed to the annexed rates for the season ^ ABirr or ?nabobs?Fbeioht on Railboads. ?!,c" Alb,ny 38 cents per 100 lbs. Herkimer do do Little Falls do do St. Jehnsville do 80 do ' Fort Plain do J7 do Palatine Bridge do tit do Fonda do : s Amsterdam do do Schenectady do 6^ do This includes the State tolls, which are paid by the Companies. These charges appear very extravagant, and can only command freight of a very valuable na ture, requiring rapid tiasportation. Agricultural pro duets cannot afford these priees. These railroads will be of more use in transporting merchandise into the interior, than in bringing produce to the seaboard. The Bank of Smyrna, Del., has declared a dividend of 3 par c> nt for the last 8 months. The Dwight and Perkias Manufac' urlng Corporation* have each declared a dividend of ten per cent for six months. The receipts of the Reading Railroad from one week to another, fluctuate very much, varying, from week to week, thousands of dollars. Those for the week ending the 18th inst. are below those of several weeks previous STATtMtnT or Business on the Philadelphia and Read mo Kailroad, roa the Wees cnomn Not. 18, 1944 Travel, frtighta, fcc $1A,4I7 81 Coal transported during the week 11 ,ma io Previously transported this year 3fii,nofl ua Total this year 39.1371 la Coal transported last yeer to November 18th, lnclu,lT? . 907,m 10 laoiease this year 198,119 OA . The Banks of Ohio, like those of many other sections of the country, according to the official returns for Oc tober, show an expansion, within the past month. From August to September there waa a very slight advance in the movement, but from September to October, there has been quite an Increase In the operations. BAnxs or Ohio. pStfSSrrv.v: !?:!? K S2"k M**" It." M2'691 84-,7< 317,703 ?3 #45 8*"? ?i N.?rw?lk .... 175,000 4,714 (8 |4J I? ? B?ik of ) ircleville,... 301,898 102,073 355 6116 Im'ui ^olHmb,,,> M.?? 176,157 597,981 187 493 Bank of Bandtukr,... I4S.I69 175,149 142>89 ToUl m,m 2,950.674 719,089 kBkA 'jc. **741 rSJi n'jo rlZ'i9 feyfessr: -as -?? ?gs *?'? of rl^uVli"" i48'M7 ".*2 146,408 34,272 Bank of WoJ.r., " lii'W ,9?,12 3#J'9;>3 |j4 of 3(749 UlZ M Bank a? Sandusky;... M'7^ ^8,248 ' Total 3,134,495 305,3% 2,238,097 315,567 The loans and discounts have increased $74,340. Spe cie on hand, $80,740; circulation, $108,664, and deposits $10,381. There is, undoubtedly, an additional demand for f>ank facilities in that section, in consequence of the movements in the crops, but whea the produce has r*eoh?)d the markets there is not generally a correspond ing contraction in thaee institutions Th? Banks of Ohio rue, however, at present, in a vary Mr, safe condition? How long they will route sola diffloult to tall. A wo lution La the present banking syatem of (the State will probably take place the coming winter, and ? great addi tion made to the capital employed in that buaineaa. Old Stack Kxehang*. ?'?,JU He M.huNJfmrRB M ?2E2 5L?*l2- **? ?P* 100 Paterson RK 7? v. IM* 14 Erie RR 19* fSSS Lh,o6i'?? 100 '*> d? 39 1000 Kfiiiacky 6'g 102V $q do blta 3) 3000 Ky 5'g, pble in N V 96$ M Mohawk RH ii% H)0J lllmoi. .pel 36 M do 46 MM do .60 36* 12 do 57AS M00 do J7 jo <to 46k 10000 I'enn'a 5'? ?7* 40 Stoninfton HR 4JV MOO do 6< 240 do 43V 26 ?hu Leather Mof Bk 106 74 do 4j2 10 Bk 8 tat? NY f3 140 do buw 44 40 Am Km Bk 22 74 L Island HR a]o 74 34 Mceh's It. Tra, N O 62>, 240 do 100 Vicltabura Bk 4 40 d? ,30 74U 24 Illinois Bk 22)a 40 do ,60 74V 26 Ohio Life kTf 91 100 do a60 74? 140 Farmers' Tr b60 3?W 100 do I? lY* 100 do 124 do 742 40 Canton Co 44 loo Rtadiog RR 48? 74 do 190 44 40 do jq 74 & U% ft Housatonic RR b30 3. il! Mo-d? C-al m34 40 Nor J Wore RR M. East Boston acrip 4*.' 174 ,i? Li., 4 Utica k He hen RR l?>? 49 it) ?li ]\^ Second Board* MahasNorfc Wor .10 72$ 25 .has Canton Co 44M iT S? do b3 44>? ? (C J , 40 do b30 IJK X <j. ? . uu b3 73 100 L Island RR sJ 72 40 Stonington RR 44 40 do 72 m &n cr1 100 d0 New Stock Exahauge, '60 b3 100 i? .has L Island RR 1iU ? M0'Uwouspcl S3 34X 24 do c 75>i J?"0. .do . ?3 36 24 do 74 40 shas U 8 Bank e 6 40 do .30 74 ??? 4? ?}< 40 do buw 74k S? e d? > m ** 21 Harlem RR s3 66 74 firmer. Trust c 38 40 do ?4m ki 24 M.rru Canal c 33X 40 do c 64k 40 Canton Co b30 44 40 Norfc Wore RR e 72k .40 do c 44 40 do c 12U. *25 Stooington RR c 42* 24 do c 72& 24 do a36 42 40 do bnw 73 24 do s30 43 40 do c 72k 24 do s30 4334 Sauk, or Stocks?Boston, Not 31. Exchange Board?10 ahaa Boaton and Maine RR. 108: S Churlestown Branch RR, 66; 4 Kitchburg RR, |081; IftO East Boaton dividends, 44; 40 do atock, 8: 00 do 84- -26 L J^L160 R?a?'n* RH, as|; 60 do 231; 100 do, 34; 100 do, bolOd, 34; 40 Norwich and Worcester RR 711 38 do 71|; 30 do 71J; 110 do, bolm, 73; IS do 73; 64 do, bo lm,78i; 80 do.aoty, 71J; 100do, bolfld, 73; 138 do, bol8d, State of Trade. Ashes?Pots a till aell aa wanted, at $4- Paarla are stea dy, but in limited demand, at $4 36 a 4 98. Beeswax? Prime yellow noithern, southern and west ern is held at 30 a 3#$c. Breadstuff?Grain of all sorts ta unchanged in price Flour is yielding a little?Genesee may be purchased at $4 a hbl. Nearly all aorta of southern range Irom $4 88} to 4 76. Cottoh?The demand waa moderate to-day, and about 600 bales were taken, partly by shippers Prices exhibit ed no change, holders being free sellers. Har-Ootid qualities of North River bale lell for shir ment at 36 a 37jc. The demand ia very moderate, and the supply large. Provisions?Articles under thia head remain without alteration. Ohio pork, prime, we atill quote at $6 76 a 6 87i, and do meaa at $8 87} a $9. Beef oontinuea very dull, and quotations merely nominal. Ohio lard is in fair re queat, and we quote prime keg at 6J a 6jc. Butter ia in lair demand, at improving pricea. 1: Drudge casks are ateady at 38\ but in very Jl?"'re1ue*t. Western and prison barrela we quote at 37 a 37 }c. Philadelphia Cattle Market. Nor. 31.?1,080 cattle oilered, ineluding 140 from Vir ginia. 180 head were driven on to the New York market Sales ranged from $3 76 a 4 60 per 100 lba. and a few prime at $4 76 110 head remained unsold. Cows and Calvea?330 in market. Sales at $18 a $30 springers *13 a 18; dry cowa, dull at $6 a 8. Hogs?693 offered. Pricea ranged Irom $4 a 4 36 per 100 lbs. 40 unsold. ' Sheep and Lambs- 980 offered. 8alea at $136 to 3 60. Prime aheep were in demand at $3 a 3 36 per head. Foreign Market* Batayia, Julv 31, 1844?Cotton Piece Good, continue in gooddemand, particularly white and gray Madapol lams, and the importations by the Company have found ready purchasers at our increased quotationa. In Chint *ea, Punts, and Fanoy Goods there is less stir, but these are usually of slow sale, and required only in smaller quantities. The high price of Rice in the interior of the island may have a slight effect upon the consumption ol fanay goods, as the natives, for a ahort time, will be forced to economise in their finery During the present month there have arrived 1133 cases cotton goods from Holland; 410 do from England, and 40 bales fromAmeri ca; nearly all of which were rold immediately on arri val. In Woollens we have less change to notice. The market 1* kept supplied, and the consumption limited ? A few bales of flannel, common broad cloth and blankets would sell Just now. Amount of Cotton and Woolen Gooda imported the first six months this year into Java 4 038,381. ' Provisions?The late numerous arrival* from Holland have abundantly supplied us with provisions of all kinds, particularly Butter, which is now uflfct-iugut 14( per keg; several further importations of Provisions in tins have also bean made in a market overstocked. With American Flour we are well supplied. Beef and Pork in small lots, ol superioi quality (mess) required. Bread abundant. Exports?Arrack is getting scarce, a demand having sprung up for the artiole lor Holland-several heavy shipments are going forward at low freighsa in the nu merous Dutch veasels lately arrived seeking cargoes ? The second sort Arrack finda a market in the Eastern Archipelago, and is never sent to Europe. Corrsa has fluctuatrd a little during the month, and aaleacomprise about 3000 pic at 161; 4000 pic. at 16J; 4000 pic. at 16), and aome small lota at 16} lor common Pa dang, ana 3000 pic. Java at 312, and loou pic new crop at 33f per pic. At Samarang 31fis offered, in vain, the plan ters holding out; for 331 per picul. A sale is reported to us of 3000 piculs, deliverable in 3 veara at 16 per picul, cath down now. We haYe heard of no contracts having been entered into for the crop of next year, nor hove we heard of any sale ot Coffee having been made by the Companv aincoour last?they continue to hold at 16 for their Padang. Acvounts from all parta of the ialand con firm the report that the crop will not amount to more than two thlrda of what it waalaat year, say 700,000 picula instead of 1,000,080. SuoARa are coming in feat, and taken aa they arrive at our quotations. We purchaaed 1000 picula very auperior white, resembling rsflned Sugar at 61 19} per picul, but this ia a far superior article to what is usually called No. 1 white, and will only answer for shipment to those coun trie? where refineries do not exist, or are not protected by heavy duties. An average crop of Sugar is expected this season Rice?continuos scarce and prices rule high, but the alarm at first spread abroad, has, in a measure, subsided, and there will be a sufficiency for the wants of the uatives besides leaving a aurplus for exportation, if these high prices will admit of its being ahipped away. Indigo? haa arrived In considerable quantities lately, and found purchasers at our quotationa. Thia ia an ar ticle of conaiderable note in the private trade of our isl and, and experience tsachea the planters to be more care ful in ita fabrication. Hides are more enquired for, and amnll lota, aa they ar rive, are eagerly taken at old prices. PrrrER None at present in the market, and aevtral paitieson the look out for the first airivala. Rattans?Plentiful, and selling at 81 f, far the best Banjermaasing. NuTM.oa and Maoe scarce, and only to be had in limit ed quantitiea as they arrive from Bencoolen. Govern ment sold 300 picols of cloves on the 18th, which were taken at an averogeof 76f per picol. Banca Tin contlntiea to be monopolized by government and aent through the Trading Company to the mother country. A aale of Japan Coppkr waa held by government on the 36'h, when 7,000 picois were dispoatd of at tn average of 76 3if. About 4,000 picola of thia will find ita way to Cal cutta. Exchanoe may be quoted at 16f per pound on London ; and 89 eta. on Holland, although takers are shy and trying to purchase at more favorable rat?s. The sale of Japan Copper and several parties throwing their Billa in market may have a tendency to depress rates, and we ahould not be surprised to see a moderate dtcline. Frkkihts ? Many large Dutch vessels have lately ar rived in search of freights, and a* produce is scarce, And much difficulty in filling up even at our reduced rates A small English vessel might get a cargo for London fit Pound 3} per ton Specie remains in good rr quest. We have sold 30,000 pillar dollars at 3 50i each, and Mexican at 3 66f. Spanish Doubloons are worth 63f each. Rio de Janeiro, Sept. 37 ?Our markets continue in a miserable state for all American Imports, and enpecially for flour. For new Baltimore II ||000 are only offered, and new Richmond Ifi^SOO-a ruinous business, and w fear it will be worse,unless imports cease, for a time, ennely. Coffee is still firm, owing to an active demand for Euro e. Stocks do not accumulate?superiors 3||300 a 411160; moo ? ruts 3||900 a 3||300. Exchange, 36 a 36jd. 8 Married. On Friday, 33d inat. in this city, by the Rev Dr. Mo Aulev, William C. Lock, of Albany, tw Lvdia Hunt lit daughter of the late Samuel Woodworth, Esq. ol this city. n On Thursday, 31st inat. by the Rev A. Rogers. Mr. John H Giaas, of Washington city, (D. C ) to Miss Emma BATCHELOR.lateof London, England. XNmI, OnFridav,33d inst. after a short illness, Alexander L'Aine, at the age of six weeks and one day. The friends of the family, and the members ot Concord Lodge No. 43 I. O. of O. F. are respectfully invited to at tend his funeral, to morrow alternoon at 3 o'clock, from hi* father's residence, 113 Roosevelt street. Foretcii Importation*. maritime herald. Movement* of the Steamship*. n,;,:.?";, Ltavt Liv'l, Ihit 1 1 Jimr'a. Ltavt Amr'a Britannia, Hewitt. ?.. Nev. 4 ... Nov. 17 D?c. 1 ?hy? Maatcra arfl Agtulft. L,. . ? ?u? mastcM anl .Wt .iCn. o Hoara-r '' ? <?( Ve8<*la ?l|- ?IV< ihJ ?hmnTnJ ilSv V* lilou? Nfwi Uoats, i rtport of ? sas V 1Ihhu* 1 Ji^ifi^iM ?L. 'to this offlca ail uM of any kiad wST?tfiiKlv PORT OF RIW YORK, IfOVRMBRR *?. *Ui? nitci T a I Moon *ets J 47 iUH SETS 3?lwi?H W4TIB ? 19 OUanc Ship Stephaai, (Hamb) Rolofs, Hamburg, Schmidt k Bal <-|^:??r,I,Allord, Mason, Kiug*ton, Ja. Ne*mith k Walah; Nordpoleu, (Sw | Breecheu, St Mary*. Ga. Schmidt k Balchen; factor, Handy, St Audrews, NB; Tytee, WcConnick.Charle* tou, Geo Bu'klwy: L Baldwin, Phillips, Baltimore, N L Mc ?*** J ?" Brown, Portland Brett k Vose.?Sch's Cam Kearney, Paine, Richmond, N L McCready k Co; Dor chester, Phillips, Baltimore do; Edw D Peters, Holmes, Porta mouth; Win reuu, Foster, Boston, J F Suow. inim Brig Auu, Remick, from Port aa Prince, Oct. 36, with coffee, kc. to muter. Left brigs Gen Marion, Shepheard, of and for New Vork, unc; Havti, Cutta, do do. aad other* not recollected. Spoke 26th uit. off Cape St Nicola .Mole, brig Wm Wilson. IS daya frem Boaton for Port au Prince; 15th inst. achr John Duu l*p, Manaauilla for Boaton; 18th, lat 37 20, Ion 79, brig Atlantic, for New Haven; aame time, brw Caduius, Trinidad de Cuba for Boaton. The Auu ia bound to Boaton?put in heie iu dii tress, having moat of the crew nick. The mate, Ueo. T. Meiu, of New York, died at Port au Priuce. Sentoueof the crew aahore at Quarantine yeaterday morning. U. S. revenue cutter Madison, Mather, 4 daya from New Lou uon, bound to Baltimore. Britiih achr Intelligence, Phelau, 9 daya from Halifax, with potatoea, to J. Winalow. Below. One barque, one brig, unknown. IQf A large fleet of outward bouud veaaela are detained by the NE storm. Corraapondence of tike Herald. Rhode Iiukdii Office, I NiwroaT. Nor 80. 1844. J Arr 18th, Osceola, Pierce, Fall River for Philadelphia; Ran ger, Mice, Bangor for do; Harrie' Fuller, Lubec fordo; Robert Bruce, Coraou, Boatou for do; Holder Berden, Baker, and Jaa Barbour, Baker, Providence for do; Ifl'li, Montauo, Kldridge, Portsmouth. Rl; Dr Franklin, Lew's. NBedford for Virginia; Montano, Wells. Wellfleet for do. Edward franklin, Kenney, Sippican for Philadelphia; Mary Howland, Providence for do. Cld SUth, Prince de Joiuville, Gardner, Havana. ffliceilancoui Record. Si h? Louis*, Ingersoll, from Philadelphia for Albany, with a ca go of coal, weut aahore a few inilea soulh of Barnegat, ou Tuesday morning, and immediately bilged. Vessel and cargo a total loss?malarial* saved. The captain and crew were lake off by the J. Bndd, of Egg Harbor. A Wreck.?I apt. Wiusor, of the Veapaaiau, at Boston, re ports?15th inst. I?t 37, lou73 30, saw the wreck of a large vessel, painted black with a white streak, every thing gone but bow sprit; staiicheous and bulwarks stove; could see nothing on deck; ihe wreck being deid to windward, did uolget uear enough to learn any thing further, Missinu Vemel?Schr Huron, Damon, which sailed from Boston Sept 29. for Naaaau. ha* uot been heard of Several ves sels have beau falleu in wiihatsaa, battom up, but the deacrip tions have not been sufficiently accurate to determine their identity. Launch.?A superior ship called Ihe Zumchi, intended for the China trade, was launched at Medford, Mas*, on the 14th inst. She is 411 tons, and owned by Wetmore k Cryder, of N. York, end Capt. Joseph Steele, of Boston, who is to command her. Her name is the title given by the Chinese to the high of ficer deputed by the Emperor to treat with Sir Henry Pottiuger. and signifies Envoy Extraordinary. The /. is advertised to sail | for China ou the 1st Dec. Whalemen. Cld at New Bedford 21st, Bruce, of Fairhaven, Cochran. In dian Ocean. Sid 21st, Feneloo, Baker, NW Coast; 19th, Mer cury, Haskell, Pacific Ocean. foreign Porte. Havana, Nov 7?In port, Norma, Barton, fram N York, just arr; Tippecanoe,Gray, and Mary Frances, Jewett. diag; Pardon* net, couoemned, to be sold at auction next day; American, Ro gers, for Portland, 10th; Avola, Copelaud, for Key West, next day; Waban, Barllett, disg; Nancy W Stevens, Stevens, unc; Falconer, Deunison, for Portland, Idg; Mississippi, liarideu. wtg cargo; Bordeaux, Barnes, disg; Sterling, Pierce, do?and others. Surinam, abt Oct 3?Arr Eurotas, Hall, Antigua, with an equestrian company on board, and probably sailed previous to 16th, destina'iou unknown. Quebec, Nov 15?Cld Lord Lambton, Buck, and W Fisher, M'Lean, Liverpool; 16tb, Monarch, Allan, and Oartsherrie, Houston, Glasgow; Sophia, Leslie, London; William, Rowe, Portsmouth; Ann Moore, Taylor, Glasgow; Norfolk, Storer, Grangemouth. bake Ports. Buffalo, Nov 19?Arr liliuqi*. Blake, Chicago: Constella tion, Lundy, Detroit; Giddings^Tatei, Michigan City; Boston, Eaos; Roanoke, Phaatt, and Amazon. Munroe, Chicago; Cobb, McKinty. Golderich; Constitution, Culver, Venice. Cld Che sapeake, Kelsy, and Harrisou, Atwood, Maumae River. Home Porte. Poltland, No*|l??Cld Caroline, Jordan, Cuba. Arr 20th, Wyoming, Nickerson, Fredericksburg. Cld Charlotte, Tit comb, Porto Rico. NEwatiavroRT, Nov 20? Sid St Patrick, (new, 800 tons) N York. Boston, Nov 21?Arr Vespasian, Winsor, NOrleans; Mary Pennell, Merrymau. Havana; J k W Errickson, Smith; Pilot, Poland, and Mara Hill, M'Oilvery. Philadelphia; Rieuzi, Ben son, and Frontier, Godfrey, N York. Telegraphed, Eliza Bur gess, from Cieniuegos. Signal for 2 brigs. Cld Geoigiana, Crispin, Key Went; Grecian, Chase, NYork. Arr 20th, Wave, Nason, Malaga 5th ult. Passed Gibraltar 6th in co with Ala bama, Ranlett, from Malaga, and Lion, Alexander, from Leg horn, both for New Orleans. The Lion had callcd off Malaga, seeking freight, and after passing Gibraltar, shaped her course for Cadiz, probably with the same iutention. Also arr, Home, Howes, and Wm Pitt, Baker, Philadelphia; Compliance,Lewis; Abbott Lawrence, Meeker, and Renown, Lovell, NYork. New Bedford, Nov 19?Arr Sachem, Hunt, NYork: 20th, Helen, Perry, do; 21st. Mercy, Smith, do for Kennebec; Repub lic, Snwle, Albany; 17th, Wm Russell, Keene, do. Bid 21st, Meridian, Wing, Baltimore. Providence, Nov 20?Arr Grand Turk. Nichols, Bangor; Hrrald, Johnson, Philadelphia; Lady Washington, Jones; Ra dient, Willse, and Samuel, Manchester, Albany; Montilla, Wheeler, and Bolina, Mills, NYork. Sid Tine, Goalee, Suf folk, Va; Erin, Gardner. Norfolk; Jaa P Lofland. Clark, and Indiana, Corson, Philadelphia. New Haven, Nov 21?Arr Benj Franklin, Albany. Below, Don Juan, Sanford, and Atlantic, Montague, from West Indies, beating up. Sid J Brick, Reeves, and Peter Canary. Stubbs, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Nov 22? Arr Merchant, tBr] Beck, Wind sor, NS: 8 R Paynter, Holland, Albany; Albany, Nave, New York. Cld Nashua, Skaata, New Orleaaa; Thoosa, Bomerby, Newburyport; Tecumseh, Hanson; Hy Chase, Steel man, and N Yarmouth, Hatch. Boaton; Moses Brown, Nkkerson, Provi dence; Star. Rackett, Bridgeport; Mary k Eliza, Bayley, Stam ford; Oregon,Crowell. NYork. Baltimore, Nov 21?Arr Maria, Rally, New Bedford Cld Herald, TBr] Wadaon. St Johns, NF; Hyrcanns, Gibson, Ha vauaanoamk " ~ (Ue*?) AJfcii. Mid Emma, ' Joa Balch, I Richmond, ? ?,__ . , . ford, Frankfort; Heroine, N Vork; Robt Bruce, Suow, Province town; Narragansett, Baker, Boaton; Lucy, Loring, Portland. i in lit; T R Bftton,Travera,Port8painlTriu ;<>*<*(? k... Ar.ui.i~i., u?ii?;~i-. a? i r.iimia, Edzard, Bremen: Architect. Gray, St Piarra, Mart; i Balch, Hallett, Boston; Mary, Cook, Newburyport. Iichmond, Nov 20?Arr Carpo. Tarlton, and Ellen, Hay TOHN J spectf T SPARRING ROOMS McCLEESTER k GEORGE KENSETT beg re - specifully to inform their friends and the public that they intend to open the LARGE ROOMS, in Monroe Hall, corner of Pearl and Centre at'eeta, on Monday, Nov. 25. for the pur poae of giving Private Lessons in the Art of Self Defence, iu tha modern and improved style. The eaay and safe manner ( from violence) iu which the pupil acquires the Art, will be ap preciated. This exercii* ia recommended by aur firat physi cians to persons of sedentary habit*, and especially in cases of contracted chests,organic diseases, kc.; as it will invariably im prove the symmetry of the human form. Dyspeptic subject* par ticularly, will be surprised *t the r. lief entained from this ex ercise?many peraous have baen entirely curad afte. medicine* have totally failed. Strict decorum w II be preserved in their room. Gentlemen will be waited on and taught at their reaidence*. For terms, (which are moderate) apply a*above. n!3 Iwje TJUNTERIAN DISPENSARY, No. 1 Division *t., eata 11 bliahed A. D. 1(35, for the aucceaaful treatment of one cla** of disease, by the use of that never failing remedy, Dr. Hun ter's Red Drop. Th* unparalleled celebrity aud unexampled success of this wonderful preparation, has won for itselfa name never to be forgotten while there remaina an afflicted being on the face of the globe. It is aitonialiing ta observe how very quickly and harmlessly it enters into every minute channal, dis lodging every Errm, annihilating every leprous spirit of this most dreadful of all disorders, at the aame time fortifying tha system agaiust every predisposition or subsequent attack there of. A comprehensive treatise accompaniea each vial of this me dicine, and can be had gratia. Price $ I |ier vial, which ia war ranted in every rase. nil lt*m WA NTKD?For a gentltm ui and lady, two comlorubla uu furuithed loom*, of a moderate tite, on the aecond sto ry in some part of tha city Booth of Fultou sheet. It is desired that the family should b*small and without boarders. The aid of a servant in the house will be naeded.but not boarding A line left at tha office of tha INaw York Herald immediately, ad dressed to A. C. J. will be attendeil to. n22 2tis*ec /^?LERK WANTED.-^Wanted, an expnianced Clerk anil Book-keejier, of good addreas well qualified for the busi ness of a large aud respectable Hotel. Addraas Book-keeper, Box 408 Lower Post Office, with real name, with terms, refer ences. kc. n222t*ec NOTICE.?fcmig.ant Boarding House Keepers, and those who are iu the practice of accommodating Emigrants, are re luested to leave with the Superiutsndrnt of the British Pro tective Emigrant Society, at their office, No. 14 Pina street, particulars of what accommodation they can offer for the emi grant's.comfort, as to board, lodging, kf. and .the ratea of charges. n22 3t*ec I OJ'RNEYMAN BARBER k APPRENTICE WANT " ED.?Wanted, a Journeyman Barb?r, of good addraas and skill ; also, an Apprentice, from I) to 16 years of ate, of good moral character, at 17 Tark row, by P. PUslEUDU. ii2I 3t*rc O MANUFACTUREKB AND ME<.HAN1C?<.?The - Advet ser.who is a manufacturer in tha iron aul metal line and a practical mechanic, being about to viiit the manufac turing districts . f F ugland, w. uld engage t procure an 1 trans mit any information relative to the Kngliah mode* of operating, processes, draughts, kc Adsrens n11?t*rc JAMES L. IBBOTTSON, Bolton, Max*. COUNTERS. WANTED to purchase two or three aecond hand Store Con liters, for which a fair price will be paid. Apply at No. 65 Naaaau street. nit ec WHEAT?2500 bualiels prime liliuoia Wheat landing ?x bark Strafford, from New Orleans, and for sale by E K COLLINS fc CO 56 South at. WANTKD?A well broken Saddle Horse, 6 or 7 Hyears old, for the use of a gentleman. Addreas Box ,84> Lowar Poet Ofttee. n2l 3t*ie TO MILITARY COMPANIES.ASSOCIATIONS, MUSICIANS, LECTURERS, ire NEW AND FASHIONABLE BALL AND CONCERT ROOMS, at the Alliamre, 559 Broadway. Encouraged by the very liberal patronage bestowed by the citizens of New York, upon hit Establishment during the two past seasons, the Proprietor of the Alhamra hat commenced the entire remodeling ana conitruction of the interior of this favor ite resort upon a scale of great magnificence and aplendor, with a view of adapting it to the twofold purpose of Balls, Concerts, Dinner and Supper Partiea, Fairs, kc. in winter, aa well as an t< t Cream Saloon iu summer. Those who have seen the beau til us Confectionary manufactured at this establishment, must be satisfied that no where else can entertainments be got up in equal ityle andfaahion, while the place itself, in the novelty of its construction, the exiiense and magnificence of its decora tiona will surpass all others of the kind in this country. The Books are now open to aaaociations who wish to eogage the rooms, which will be ready by the 20th December. Terms re isonable. n 19 1 wis* rc POTATOES?1000 bushels very superior Irish Poutoee 1 landing ei ship Siddons, from Liverpool, and lor sale in lots to suit purchasers, by . n23 rc E. K. COLLINS k CO. 56 South st. NOTICE T'HE PUBLIC is respectfully informed that the Firat Ball A of the Thia'le Benevolent Association, for this aeaaon, will take place at Tammany flail, ou Knday Evening, Deeem ber 13th, 1844, n2l 3t'm NO. 285 BROADWAY, NEAR ORANITE BUILDINOS. MONSIEUR EDOUART, Silhonettist of the French and lvl English Royal Famlliea, respectfully informs the public that he has returned to New York, after a tour of four ysars, through all the principal cities of the United Slates.. He brings with him a valuable collection of Likenesses of distinguished characters, in the Chnrch, State. Navy, Army, Literature, Sci ence and Art. His American collection amount to 25,000, and his European to 125,000 ; all with their autographs apiiended This highly interesting collection is exhibited at his room*, where tnere is free admission at all hour* of the day. Mr. E. continues to take single likenesses or family groups, die accuracy of which are too well known to the public to re quire the abundant and flattering testimonials that could easily be fii'nUhed. Duplicates of the likenesses in his collection to be had. and fimilie* attended at theirown reaidencea, if required. Ileing about to leave this country for Europe, he invites hi* friend* and the public generally, to rail as early as possible, ul9 lwi**rc HEMP?MO kale* dew rot Hemp of very superior quality land ing ei ship Vernon, from New Orleans, and for tala la lot* ut *pit parehaears by . ?? UK. COLLINS k CO. A Hunt* tweet. AUCTION SALES. Aiicrinki ?&uI;.?'!*J*'*NS, Auctioneer. UCTIQW NOTICe!?Will sell by t atalogae, ?t No... Chatham street, Monday, Not. 2J, a large and niniin u tort men t or i?uriiitur?. corisittinir .?f tlrfMitnc, front tad bed room Bureau.Sofas and Sofa Bed*; mah >gany, maple and wire Chain, marble top and mahocauv enclo.ed Hui,d? Grecian and comnoq do. Toilet Tables. Hide Board., Boolt SjU" JJ," Brussel. an J ingrain and stair Can*! Bed. Bedsteads. Piasters, hiir Msttrasie., Comforter., Hue., SnhwhiA!?'* let of Stove Fenders and Kitcheu Furniture, with which the .ale will commeuce. Catalogue, now ready. n?j |(e TxltTr-u nir?S?iA' Auctioneer. D |J.I . i ri.^ .1 RQOTb?Most choice varieties, and Pin? ? i ' Ui>' Saturday, 23d Nov. at 11 o'clock, at 5 n ?l? * to eloee an invoice, cue caae of magnificent Dutch .7?' X,'"ri*'""l,"C,'double and single Hyacinth., Tulip.. Cro *???;'..I ^ Bulb, are direct from Harlem, in HolUucl, and YI TkU It ?ry "Vrt Passage, and .uperior to any yet oflered. i * C*f i!1 ^balance of the.e Bulb, remaining in iHtlTl- Ih " '/flower, would do well to attend the last a,' J,*?*?""? Alio, a choice collection of Kuiei. Shrub n23 lt?m ? (JLOVElf Si RAYMOND. LAWa .V^T^HiS-SE^ON-F'Oft JA^ANETE an^.^r ?WLt'V} 8POONER will sell At No. 69 Du T*e<?"??<Ulf morning ue*t, 27th in.t. at II o'clock, the entire i.voice, just received by th? .hip Persia, from Am 0 ^ll>au, Lacquered Porcelain of the richest eroanT^lui.lI'p " i1r""ra[old Drwdeo Pore-lain, figures and fSS,1** {t"? ' orcelam, fabricated in the time of Loui. 14th, LtiouL.""?: I",us of 'K16:1' ?'?' ?riou. othe; K.V1LhvT?; m.,,1 ""?!ce "Lthe be*.t offered, and probably will , ' iY Monday, *|krn tfo? article may be Th? public oosftlVeVrain nr* I C judK'* for themselve.. Sale po.itive, rain or shine. u22 )t*ec t oht r?FIYE PILARS REWARD. L I u i v'v,'lll'lll Ifoiug from 20 flarn.on it ii S- " tH I'nu'&liu, down Franklin to Writ "nJ' ? ^h,!V,Wt l.? B'**'lway (eaat aide) to Canal ..reel, No. 33, adoub e cmnl Silver Watch, (number not re collected) with a .tee) chais, a .mall teal and a .mall .teel key and MM inuonic trinket.. Who..,ever has found thi wa.^' ?{ l?ave it at 2fl Harrison or Anthony, ( Full tile owner"'' ,ha" ???d'^^hlXiiW wMclf ifoff^d'01"" "* r"|U,,l*'d to "?P tll? above deacribed wetcii. ii on-red. nJ3 ,{l?jc A fl'lil^lMMSTS KOK Mr. J. B. (iOL'UHl, the hlo ^ quant Temperance Lecturer .- ' 1 vi- r.'.. Hr" ? ? ??" Spring street, Sunday evening, Nov 24, 7 o clock ; Wev Dr. Hkincer^M do. fo* afreet, Mon day eveuiug ; Rev. Dr. Coi'? do, U.unklyu, Tnetday ev.uiug u episcopal do, eveniug Thursday eve'niu^ JO' C<,r,,,f, Tho?P^ HoZ^n.' n2J 3t?in C?MAT?nAriFSI?'T?PMLAai>E^0? ON T,IK "RAM* is !: Ml8Y8TKM.?Adopted m the Colleges of H ranee, 75 Lut^nard street, corner of Broadway, New York Lyceum?By F HICKARb, Profe?or of Krencll. Latin and fc- Sa"?"D ll"Pec,?'; *f the Institution Chataing at Pari., Kiprofea.or Be|>etitor of the Royal College Charlemagne at Pa' fji","0" year, tutor in an American family. The Courw of French, by Mr. F. KICKARI), will rom mance an Mouday evening. 2nd of December, at 7? o'cleck, P. will take I'la'efVfry fi'fnmij fallowing, Sunday, ti ce| ted. 1 ha pupil, will be divided in two claiie. one far tliow already advanced, and another for beginner.. The lint W'll take place on Mouday., Wednesday, and Friday., the ne ^-25 ?^d.>g;i?haf,<Ujr'?"'J Saturday., Mr Kicitard ha. engaged Mvaral Pr?fe??or? of French, German and Kngliih fer h"ihl .'.i ?r11 r a ""n"""1.' D.8y 8ch<X''. which will lie tept f'omo o'clock, A. M till 3 o'clo<k. All those wishing for privaUs leisons of French, German or Italian will i>lea*e call at the above ulace. ,Wi' ,|?uUi,,Crl|'t,OM*illb*''t'lv'dbv the following, at SIS per D. Appleton Ik Co., 200 Broadway. Henry O. Ltngley, 8 A.tor Hou.e. ? ? u?ei'iljOC!f,w',",>d *? 8"?. <" Broadway, it 322 Broadway. i. y?l urns & StevMs. 943 Brwadway. fartlettJk Weldford, 7 A.tor Houm, ?? ^ Breadwav. Mark H. Newman. 199 Broadway. Logwood & Co.. 459 Broadway. u- F. G. Verteau, 31} Broadway. {l^^A-n&^k 'D^C0 Thomwm'Ve^roadway!^ J?' TO SHIP MASTERS. 'PHK CHEAPEST RKADINO IN THE WORLD?The 1 PEOPLE'S ANNUAL Or"LADIB8 COMPANION Kl?antly bound in eloth, gilt back and .idet, with Oorgeou. otfel hiiKraving* and (elect Music?600 pages octavo, contain mining articles from the pens of the most eminent American writers, on every subject of interest or amusement. j ^ appropriate for the approachicg holidays. miiiiili -r iftVt"1!!1 <n I,lberal trrm# bV application to the pubhsher, 109 Fulton street.1 [Iv* Back numbers of the Ladies'Companion for sale cheap I to News Boys. n23ltis*rc TO LET, a A HANDSOME .uitef Room., conn.ting of two large parlor, on the first floer, and three bed room.. A private table i. furnished, snd can lie had by early anuli catiou at 411 Houston street. n23 lw*rc , A GREAT BARGAIN.?A large store and dwelling TjjjW house for sale, also a lew building Tots annexed, located J^i^in the centre of one of the most nourishing village, on the Hudson river. The store is one iu which a large business is now ilone, principally for cash, and is still ou the increasr; but ill health induces the owner to sell it. Buildings all in prime , oner. The establishment is well knewn to possess advantages rarely I to be found either in the country or city. The owner (in case of sale) would be willing to assist as far as his health would liermit, fr>r a few months daring his stay in the place, toward still farther establishing custom for the concern. Title indispu table?in short, it will be found at a glance to be worthy the attention of the business man. s. fti?i'f?rijm??^nlfl*1100 Me"?- HUTCHINOS, CASWELL ?t WV1ITH. W ? edar st. n23 lt*rc medical notice-removal R. J. EVANS 1('he Old Doctor) has removed (his Medical and Surgical Office to Lie Old Stand, No. 12 Peck slip near Water street. H If7** Confidential practice a. usual.' n23 lt*rc For TwentyFlve Cental THE GREAT METROPOLIS, OR NEW YORK IN 1845. a COMPLETE QUID! TO NIW TORE, WITH An elegant TO a p of the City. and describing more than a hundred objects, Interesting alike to the citiecn und htranokr, In pocket form, bound In muslin und gilt, for TWENTY-FIVE CENTS ONLY! The Almanac contained In this work Ii illustrated ieilA twelve appropriate designs, engraved on wood, by a distinguished artist, and contains Memoranda Sjtace for every day m the year The following Is the table of CONTENTS. D Alilernutn h Assts Amer'n. Institute, Apprentices Llh'ry Aqu't Bridge, Cro. Arrivals In 1843, Assessors. Ass't J list's Courts Asylums, llitiiks Ii. Directors Katt'y A. ('.Cnrden Hoard of Alderin'n Hoard of Health, R.of ll.Comiiiis'rs Howling Cireen, Brick Church, Calendar, Census of the city Churches, Minis ters and Heitons City llall, Castle (iarden, Cle rgy fcChurc hes ColTee H. Atlfoteis Coll'gu of I'hys'n* and Surgeons, Columbia College, Commissioners of Bankruptcy, Comm. of Pilots, Coin.Coun.Kooms Consul., CorjH iration of city Co'tof Hes. K'Kitns Courts InNYHtate C'rot. Water Wrks Crot. Water, Ana lysis of. Custom House, Deaf Atl) Asylum, Description of city Dlrectrs. of Banks, Dispensaries, Distances in city, Dlstrib. Reservoir, Engine Co's, Fire Engineers, Fire D. Ferries, Fire Department, Fire Districts, Firo Insur. Co.'s. Fire Wardons, Franki'g Privilege (?aniens, Gen'rul Inforin't'n Governor's Koom anil City Hull, Hull of Records, flails of Justice, Harbor Masters, Harbor of N. Y. Harlem Railroad. Historical Society Hookfcljidd'r Cos Hose Companies, Hotels, Hudson Square, HydrnntCompany Imports, Ain't of, Institut'n lor Blind Insurance Co.'s, Lunatic Asylum, Markets, Marine Insur.Co's Mechanics' Inst'te Mechanics School Memoranda, Mrrc'ile Lib. Assn. Merch, Eichange. MlddleD'hC'hurch Mill. k. Churches, National Acod'iny of Design, Newspaper*, N Y Gaslight Co. N. York lospltal, NY Socio'.y Llbr'y Packet L. nes, Park, (1 ne,) Piers, List of. Police Courts, Police Officers, Post Office?Rates of Postage. Pri.fcPblc.Schools Rail R. Companies Rec'g. Reservoir, RuUers Fein. Inst. St. John's Eplsc'pl Chapel, St. Paul's do. St. Thomas'E.Ch. St. John's Park, Savings' Banks, Schools, Sextons it Chur'es Sheriff'A Deputies Societies, Steamboat Lines, Street Directory, Street Inspectors, Streets, Descrip.of SuperlorCourt Rm Taverns k. Hotels, Theolo.Semlna'es Trinity EpIs.Chur. Union Place, I J. Suites' Courts, Universityc'y NY Vessels In harbor, Ward Schools, VVash'g'n Square. The above work, liound In muslin and gilt, la eold at 25 cents. In pocket-book form, 50 cents. In superb binding, (for presents,) 50 cents. J. DOGOETT, Jr., Publisher, 150 Broadway SAMUEL THOMPSON'S OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No. 273 Pearl street. .. THE Subscribers in announcing to t eir friends and the pub lie their continued and extended arrangements for bringing out (?migrants from ( Britain aad Ireland, would merely .ay, that for the year 1845 considerable exi<eose had already been in c"r;ed, and no pains will he .pared to ensble them to retain that preference, which for more than twenty years have been extend ed to thi. Line The .hip. employed are only of th* Arst clas., commanded by competent and efficient men, well known for their kind snd con stant attention to the comfort snd convenience of pas.engers, and as a ship of the Line sails from Liverpool every six day. : detention at tin. port i. entirely avoided. When tho.e settled f"r, decline coming out, the passage money is returned to these from whom it wss received, without any dedaction. A free passute, per steamer, Irom the various ports in Ireland snd Scotland, can be secured, if dfsiied. For further twrticu Ian enquire of SAMUEL THOMPSON, Z71 Petri street, or C. OKIMSHAW It CO., lOOoiee Pisxxa., Drafts and Exchange at sight for any amount, can'lw Vur nished on the Nat onal Binkof Ireland, ihe Northers Bankiug Company, the National Bank of Scotland, payable at the nu merous Branches throughout the country: on C. Orimshaw k Co., Merchants, Liverpool, and R. C. Glyn It Co , Baalirrs London. n? lm?m NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL. -Packet of 26th of November?The splendid and favorite Packet Ship ROSCIUS, (12M tons burthen) il positively as labove, her regn Cspuin I ?aptain Kldridge, will sai lar day. The ships of this line being 1000 tons burthen and upwards, persons abont to embark for the old coqntrvihoold not fail to "left this line in preference to any other. Their great capacity renders them more comfortable and convenient tnan ships of s smaller class. The accommodations of these vessels are un.nrpassed for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers To secure berths early spplicauon must be made on board, foot of Wall street, , , W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their general passage office, n*3 rc 7(> South street, corner Maiden Lane. ?FOR_ NEW ORLEANS.?I .onisiana and New a ship i7n5 her regular day. For freight or naasage, having el-gsnt fur sccommodatioos, apply on noard. at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. ,, ? , *,?Looisuii. ana rsew .Jf Li"'-?"oettively flrst regulsr pschet?To ssil rHi0/, V' Inst?The elegant fsst ssiling pack j Capt. Lathaa, will imsititely sail ai ariove, ? . . , , . 56 South street. I ositively no goods received on board after ?*idaa*rvening, 5th inst. "' Shipoers nay rely npoaJjaying their I. and that the ships of tW^e will < goode oerrectly sail puncteally BMM'ir si lira AJUUOJLaiJlIN I B. PARK THKATHK. MK. ANDERSON FOR ONE NIOHT MORE, And mo*! Positively In* Last App*uiance. ?*HI8 EVEMNti. Noienkfi Xid, 1W4. will be pm?M Mid Kletclier's Comedy, iu i KB, of the ELDER IIROIhr-H . Or. Love Mlkn ? Man?Charles, a scholar. Mr. Andtnoo, VuiUce. a courtier, Mt Dyott; Angellm*. Mra Abbou. , iTV?.Xcl.U(1* <b?,'????>> with th. LADY OK LYON \ l*"J? Vlel.ioiur, Mr. A.. WI1U . tol. Utisu, Mr. Clnpi ualc; Pauliue, Miat Clara huff. AoMiiiio^ Tier fecoud and Third Tien Mcmii?Pit J# cant*?Gallery 13 cruu PALMU'I) KKW YORK OPERa IIOVIK. MONDAY KVt.NINll, Not 25th, 4th night or a-g^son, will b? performed for the Ut time, Douixetti's Grand Opr.. uf LUCKr.ZIA BlIUlllA?Lucrexia Borgia, H!|nu? Borghese, Maffno Oraiui, Signers Pico . Geuuaio, Siguor Pero,xi ; Al fouxo, Siguor Valtelliua. Admission: Kirst Tier and; Second Tier 50 cU. Private Boxrs, with I ailuiissious, |<i Bxason Ticket., without Seats, cau !>? had at the Box Of tier at $15. Doors open at 7; |irrforuiauce to commence at 7 W o'clock.? Seat* secured from 9 A M. to J P. M. Librettos iu English and Italian cau l>r had at tlie Box Office. ul3 rrc BURTON'S THUATKK. ARCH STREET. PHILADELPHIA THIS EVENINO.Nov. 13d will be presented th* play of the MILLER AND WlS MEN?Grindotf, Mr Burton: Lo thair, Mr Coimer; Karl, Mr Burke; CUudine, Mr Booth; Ravi us, Mr* Burkr. After which. MON8IEU R TONSON-Morbleau, Mr Hac kett; Madame Belgardr, Mr* Huuhft. After which MURDER IN THE KIRST DEGREE? Spoon, Mr Burton: Kratherly, Mr G. Barrrtt. Tocoucludr with THE NYMPHS UK THE RED 8EA Navls, Mri Booth; Nereine, Miu Kirky ; Pinrkuot, Mi Burkr. SOCIETY LIMTaRYT rpHt.un?uuall?l Delineator of Americau Peculiarities, Dr. ' VALENTINE, will givea series of entertainments at thr Society Library, commencing on Tuesday Evruing, Nov. 2>ih, 1841, assisted by that beautiful and talented, Miaa ROS> NA SHAW and other eminent peiformers. Kor particular., m programme. >133 It*mrc __________ MR HENHV PHILLIPS will give a GRAND SA< RED CONCERT at thr Tabernacle, on Wednesday Evruing, the 17th Nov. conducted by Mr. GEO. LODER ^ and consist iug of extracts from the Oratorioa of the Messiah, Sainton, Joshua, Judaa Maccabeus, Redemption, Creation, theThuiks giviug.lkc. Itc. He will also allow by Diagram*, aud ling in Hebrew the Aucieut Bible Signs : uid sing THE SONG OK MOSES! On the2lth aud 19th a Miscellaneous Concert at Niblo'. loon. P. S. In compliance with a generally expressed with, Mr. Phillipa will reduce the price of his Tickets to JO cents. To commence at 8 o'clock. Ticketa end Programme* to be had at the Music Stores, City Hotel, and at thr Tabernacle ou thr nveuiug. u2} 5trc MERCANTILE LIBRARY-CLINTON HALL, BEEKMAN STREET. WEDNESDAY EVENINO, 27th Nov., 1844, at half-past seven o'clock, precisely, MA.. GEO. VANDENHOKK Will give an Eveni'ig Entertainment, by way ef LECTURE, with the following Oratorical, Poetical and Diamatic READINGS AND RECITATIONS. Ou thr lnd*i?ndencr of Spanish America Clay. Defence of Christianity against Paine'a Age of Rrasou. Erskiue. tjueen Mab. ,.... Byron. Bruce's Address (Scots wha has) Buruv Cato's Solilouuy Addison. The Dying Christian rope. The Newcastle Apothecary Coleman All the World's a Stage _. Shakapeare. Single ticket. .V) cents ; ticket admitting one geutleman and wo ladiea $1; Members of the M. L. A. 25 eta. n23 4t*rrc THE GREAT SOCIAL FESTIVAL FOR THE PEOPLE. A LL SHOULD come to the Tea Patty, Concert and Ball, with a first rate Band, good singing aud good company, next Tuesday Evening, at the large Hall, corner Broadway and | Orand st. Tirkrts only 50 cents, at the Bar, Broadway House, aud 43 Liberty street. 199 Chatham, Astor 1 lace Cottage, 8th street. Tea 6 to 7?Ball S to ti?See bills. nil 3t*rc B. WARDEN. Manager. HATTLE OK BUNKER HILL ! A T THE COLISEUM, 4S0 Broadway.?The greateat Me A chanical Exhibition ever witnessed ?almost suriiassea real life! has been visited bv over 100,000 persons iu Boston end Philadelphia alone. Also, splendid Panoramas of the Battle of North Point, city of Baltimore?Storm Scene, Kairy Land, Ike. Itc. '1 icketa 25 cent*?children under 10 years US cents. Doors open at M before 7?commence at 7){ o'clock P. 8. Exhibi tions on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at S P. M. for families aud ttrangrrs, to which Schools are admitted on liberal terms. nit lwi?*rc EXHIBITION THE END OF THE WORLD. A PAINTINO, (~\f TERY LARGE SIZE, by K. Anelli, at the Apollo. 410 w Broadway. The Exhibition is entirely separate from the Concert Room. Open from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M., and from ? to 9 P. M. Admission 26 cents. nl7 Imrrc PARK THLATRE. M*. HACKK.TT'8 KAREWEI.L BENEFIT fc LA8T ?"A APPEARANCE IN AMERICA, previous to hi? depar ture for Europe, is fixed for WEUN E8DAY next. 27th instant, when the tierformancea will commence with the comedy of THE MERRV WIVES OK WINDSOR, (compressed into 3 acts) Kalstaff, Mr. Hackect. To which will he added, the popular one act drama of MONSIEUR MALLET-M Mal let, Mr. Hackeit To conclude with the laughable eomedy, iu . i acta, of THE KENTI 'CKIAN-Col Nimrod Wildfiie, Mr. | llackett. The Box Book now open n2l 3t*eodm MINERVA ROOMS, 406 Broadway, near Canal street. QUNDAV EVENINO. Nov. 21th, l)R. LAHDNER will O jure,1*^71 "7 IlKLIOION ! in wnrcif if wIII ne shewn that the c"aracreraud attributes aa cubed to the Almighty in the Book of Revelation, are consist ent with thoee discoverable by the light or Keasuu ?? u>. Hook of Nature. After the Lecture will be given, a selection of Sacred Vocal Music, under the direction of Mr. H. C Timm. Pkoobammk. Ouartett, from the Oratorio " Palestine," Dr. Crotch Trio?"The Lawgiver's'Grave," C. E. Horn Uuartett, from the Oratorio, *' Moses in Egypt,".. Rossiui Trio, from the " Creation Hayden Motett "There's rest iu Heaven," Charles Jarvis Tickets, 25 cents?Doors open at 7?To commence at a X be fore 8 o'cloi-k precisely. n22 3t ? - l^f'LI.E. PAULINE DESJAKDINS respectfully tuloruis her patrons and the public in genera!, that she is about to form a " Claiit it Oanct" for ladi~> and gentlemen, iu which she will teacn the favorite Polka, Maxourka, and all tlie other fashionable Dances of the day. The morning school will be open from ? o'clock to 1 o'clock, and the evening from ( o'clock to 9 o'clock. Ladies and gentlemen wishing instrurtion are requested to call at M'lle Desjardiii's home. No. 5 I'ark I'lace. ulO Imis'm FASHIONABLE DANCING. ! MON8. GABRIEL DE KORPONAY, U AS the honor of informing the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, and vicinity, that he haa arrived for the purpose of fiving instruction iu therriucipal fashionable Dances prevailing in the highest circles of European and American society. Mons. K. haa lately arrived from Boston, Saratoga and New port, where his style met the warmest admiration of the public, and the marked approval of the fashionable community.? Among others, Mons. K. proposes to teach that well known dance LA POLKA?the new Quadrilles with original music? I the Valse de Deux Pas?the Maxourka?new Cotillions?uew Galoppe, and all Americau Dances. Mons. K. will lie assisted by MADAME KORPONAY as Musician. The instruction will be given in the French, Ger man and English languages. Rooms are engaged at 15 Park Place,?etrictly piivate, cool and airy?for the accommodation of Ladies and Gentlemen The Polka, and the new Uuitdrillra, aa at present d.uerd in the faahiouable circlet of London aud Paris, can be taught iu >tx or twelve lessons, except the Maxourka. All others in twenty four lessons. Kor further particulars, inquire of MONS. KORPONAY, at his reeidenre, 25 Park Place. Terms:?Class Lessons from 10 to 11, A. M., 11 to 1, and 1 to 1, P. M., and from 6 to 7 in the evening. Six lessous, t6?twelve lessons, $10, and quarter, $15. Private Lessons?six leasous, $1: twelve lessons, $11; qnar "'A lather hours will be devoted to Public Institutes, Acad emies, he., he. u4 TIVOIJ, SALOON. CORNER OK CHARLTON AND VARICK STREETS. rPHE undersigned respectfully inform their friends and the 1 public that they have re-m? ued theTivoli Saloon, (formerly Richmond Hill,).corner of Charltou aud Varick streets, for the season, and to accommodate all who may favor them with their patronage?having the largest and moat commodious room I in the city, which will be let on reasonable terms for Balls, Meetings, Parties and Drills, and all who may favor them with their eill .GEORGE HAMILTON, ? ol7 ini'rrc KRANCIS BOQUET, {?Wmi. HOUR CHANGED. KROM 6 To 5 P. M. NEW V4)RK * UMANY AND TIU?V LINE. MQ sm KOR ALBANY AND 1 ROY DIRECT, from the foot of Courtlandl at. No freight 4 o'clock, P. M The low preaturesteamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. Mo Lean. This Evening, at 5 o'clock, Saturday, Nov. 13d, 1144 Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or to C.CLARK, on the wharf. Freight taken on the most reasonable term*. Kreight must he put in charge of the Kreight Agent, or the Company will not be rraponsib'e for loases. Regular days from New York Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Sa turdays, at J P. M. ul3 pin PEOPLE'S LINE OF STE.-t MHO A TS FOR ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays excepted?Throegh direct, ?al 5 P. M., from he Steamboat Pier between __Courtlaudt and Liber'jr streets. Strain boat KNICKERBOCKER. Captain A. P. Ht Johu, Monday. Wedneeriay and Kriday Evenings at 5 o'clock. Tin- Hieaniboel ROCHESTER, Captain A. rloughtoa, on Tureday, Thursday ui<l Na(?rd>y Evenings, at 5 o'clock. die loot of Bsrelay street. At Five o'clock. P. M.?landing at Intermediate Place*. The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Cautaia R. O Crut tenden. Monday, Wedaes<'-r, and Kridsy Afternoons. US O' clock > li? St-amhoat COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Peck, Tuesdav, Thursday ?nd 'Vtnrday Afternoons, at 5 o'eloak. Passengers taking either of '.he above lines will arrive ia Albany in ample unse to take the Morning Trains of Can for the --.ift or went. 'ITw boau are new and substantial, are fur tished with new and elegant state ronpa and for speed aad ae gommodations, an *nit.v.ailed on the Hifleoa. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without an order trom the Captain. For passage nt freight, apply oo board, or to P.O. Sehnltx, ?t the Otfteeon the wharf _ nUrc NEW STEAMBOAT LINE FOR BALTIMORE Vis I'gLawaRg mn CHr.safgaax CanaL. KARE REDUCED TO ONE DOLLAR k KiKTY ( T8. ? *? ? ? The only re.I Onoosition Line lietween Philadelphia and Baltimoie, leaves ihe Aral Mow Chesnut street every morning, (ex eri-t Sundays | at half past 7 o'clock, per the .plenili<l stesm boat PORTSMOUTH, ' sptaiu J. l>evoe,to Delaware City ; thence 14 miles through the Canal to Cheiapeake City, in first rate I'acket Boats, and thence by the Steamer OSIRIS, Capt J. D. Tuioei MARYLAND, Capt L. 41 Taylor. And arrive at Baltimore early the same morning The public are assured that (notwithstanding the false reports in Circulation, of this line having stopped) n is. and will be continued, and no exertiou will he spared to give comfort and spee 1 to passengers. Tlie only change that naa been made is that II. T Rees is no longer Agent for this Lin*. l<4H>k out f?r imposition. The " Pioneer Line" is run by the Railroad Company'? Agent, for the purpose of putting 'own the riyular opposition. If you wish to keep the fare re duced fro n $t to $1 V0. go by the steamer Portsmouth, and no other The accommodations by this Line are warrauted to lie equal to any on the river. Passengers for Newcastle and Salem will take this Line from lower side of Chesnut street. Fare 25 cents. A ply to MORRIS Bi t K AN, *itenr. or 11 JAM* S HAND, to oil, wUuv N. B ?The-e sre two Daily Line. o| t ? l> t?, u Haiti mere and Washington City, st s lair ol (I Vt ninktng the whole fare from I hilsilelphia to Washington ( ity, by this route, only $). n 19 >w m PACKE'l FOR HAVkE-MECOND'l INK -Tlie iSflW^ship BALTIMORE, Edward Knnk, muter, will pail th* 1st of [>*o*osbi?. For Treifht or pusaga aouly to BOYD t* HINl KE-V ni M No. ? To?UM MuWg, aoino W?U and Wsier iu. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Wukli|iM. [Front our regular Correspond** J Washington, Not. 21, 1844. ' ' '"dent't Message?Reduction of Postage? i? ** Annexed, and Oregon Occupied rht Tan#- Van Buren Movement!?Polk and Dallas? Coleman's Haiti. James ( Job don Bknnktt, Esq.? Dea* Sir?1 arrived here in the most perfect safety, and have had time merely to make an m lernal observation of men, manners, and move menu, but the crust must always be broken before 'he "(balance and marrow is reached. President r ^U-J'y engMed in ,he "vwinj and completion of hUmeaM?e. His original measures the occupation of Oregon, and the re-annexa tori of Texas, will be rigidl, and forcibly adhered o, and a reform and reduction in the present rate* o! postage will be recommended. These meas ures, or their advocacy you can rely Bp0n ? The President will assume the adoption of theae measures, as forced upon him by the will of the people at the recent election, ana will therefore oT^i"^r&'- Hr con?*'v" that the voice oi ixe w York city, as expressed through the Cham ber ol Commerce, the " New York Herald " and dm-Kln I1' po",', den'and>?unqnalifiedly, tra duction ol postage, and ihe only ieaaon of delay d4drtmVmttttlhet!ilh''d?loJ,'b1'' condllion ?< the Sr^'^K==ssJM! sssgc might be recommended President Tyler ai?i? ?upporTttee'if iW11!"" lhe?,?v"'meS uppprt itaelL and although opposed tomanv of the menH,0M ?V e1pr<L,cl,t will not recom mend any radical change. He is in most exe??l SmLeda|HHvan "piriUs "nd hi? an"able and accom whfn ahS w.-TC" a" *ty' ?hrriul and happy as H. . f-1 a Miss at her father's mansion Hut tew members have arrived. Among them are some of the far South, and the far w!.f ThU Clerk of the House, Mc Nulty. of Ohio. ? on The spot, uwuke, alive, aad ready lor business He is oSe" whom1 vou'!nnl' ofl hand" fir?' rate lellow? weak 1,1 a minute aa well as a vlh?..Jnov,i,nent" in New York among the old President Tvfir? are Wlth "^ch anxiety, is marked ^ ?Sy8 hefcareB nought-hia course MbB no favors, expects none?and will do his duty?but such is not the case with Jas K. Polk or George M, Dallaa. The struggle to ob tain possession of their favor, influence and power, ihownnfheTseHtC?nHmHnCCd: and nolhm? h? mori bnown the last and desperate remedy of the last naUon"B{hIntethdVOCatf8 ?f Mr V" B"ren'" "otS f the.conc,U81?ns so forcibly drawn by f.?K5. ,'?m thc of the article in the J ackson F.S ,C"y M ,au;latory Andrew Jackson. hailing to secure James K. Polk bv ^^nfi5I0neeir i d*c?y ducks in the shape of confidential lettera," dated at Tammany Hall ! !"' Jf.e "',11""' ??lo Kcura George M. H&b. This was attempted by more wava than one, and would have been ?uccewful, had not his previous knowledge of the men, and his few last radical friends in Philadelphia, warned him of the danger from such alliance. On this question the secret letter writing, mole like operators of the De mocratic party ol your city, mayas well sL vet heir uk, their paper and their time. That portion of the parly that ruled and forced upon Mr. Van Bu ren the appointments for New York, city cannot rule and lorce " Polk and Dallas." that's settled ?more anon. mMY??urHl!HM,?tic..k1nowled*e re'ative to ' Cole man s Hotel will be more than realized?it haa been regenerated from the roof to the coal cellar. was always the moat capacioua house in this city and" ,8?nofv ,n ?*?y ?ense, the most comfortable, ry article within its immense dimensions is m0t,reiy.neT,' fr?h' eweet. cl?"> com lortable: and to all, who wish that which Wash no1 heen able to afford before, I mere ly say, tell your hack driver or porter to take you to Coleman s. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washimoton Citt, D. C., Nov. 11, 1844 Who Mrs. Polk was?A Niece of Judge White Hotels?Hotels? hotels. My Oxa* Si* 1 saw a paper of your's, a lew days since, in which it was said that the lady of Mr. Polk, our I rei-ident elect, was a Miss Easton, who formerly resided in the family of General Jackson, at the white House. This is H mistake. Mm. Polk ia the niece ol the late Judge White, a distinguiahed Senator of Tennessee, and was married befoie the election of General Jackaon as President; and ac companied her huaband to this place when he was first elected to Congress. I perceive by your paper of yesterday that some jealousy has been created between the hotel kept L'n i^h polemarVn this place.and the other hotels, and that an article has appeared giving a bill efr Idre oi a dinner at the National, and also fivinjr a preference to it over the other hotels here. Such preference is rather invidious, aud the other hotels; do not deserve it. if bills of fare apeak anything, I send you one, containing our dinner of yester day, which is as follows:? BROWN'S HOTEL-BILL OP FARE. (JENTLEMENS' ORDINARY flour. Oy?ter and Vegetable. Kiih Boiltxl Jtcck. n ft. Roa?t. Heel, Lamb, Turkey, Duck, Fowl. ? .... ?los Dhhss. I^?2U. 1?. ??!J,0n' Tr"d*r Madeira sance. Itabbit KrinlunM Chicken larded, vrglils ssuce, iiabbit Frioassee, Lamb Sweet Bread" Lamb 1 ungues, In paper, Of itera. Iried, Wild Duck, en Salaii. Oam. Partridges, Wild Duck* Boimd n Mutton-Caper Sancs, Fowl Corn Beel, I'ork and Turuipa, ' .. VSOSTASLM. SShyfK"' FauiT. Applea, Nut*, tc. In speaking of the "good cheer" and thc elegant improvements lately made at "BrownV' old and justly popular establishment, nothing was intended more than to detail facis and to do justice to it. No one who is not immediately interested or act ing under a prejudice, can deny this large and elegantly arranged hotel to be tqual to any in this city, an* surpassed by none anywhere. It ia an the^unkiif '?c.t- that no dining room in ! ? j ales equals the one at fTiown>. tnr elegance ol sppearance, size and every other thing ."aV"1? thia. no disparagement .th?r h i^V Coleman, and much less to the other hotels, allot which are most excellent. Yours most respectfully, g. Baltimore, [Correspondence of the Herald ] Baltimorb, Dec. 20th, 1844. Dear Bimwett i?As your paper seems to be the index which peints out coming events with a de gree ?| certainty heretofore unknown by us short sighted mortals, I choose your vade meeum to com municate with the democracy of New York, with your permission. Now, sir, feeling a desire tosend you on the first shadows of comingevenis, I will invite your atten tion to the glass of fate, and there you will be 'iold John Tyler and his cabinet fixing things for Mr. Jamea?or- (temei Knox Polk, as some will .K-- 'iT8"^' Ji* ".Krod public servant, spreading the political table before the guests arrive Now 'h'a '? a"|'t it, Bennett 1 In the course of -vent, ,t has so turned up that Gen Wm. H Ma ,fK. P ?" r'n<'!Ve the "PPO'ntment of Collector of ol N Win. na'ftnore-secunty ?100,000-in place ..../m- i ii ' ^ who gave aa good as so se curity. I will send you a history of this transaction Hoon I he (rlobe says that all appointments msde ,1 Ty|fr are not valid for Polk. He says that he, ((vires,) did not bet his hard earnings for nothing ? j ,'j n. Duff Green wanted to be dictator to Old Hickory, and, may be, Messrs. Blair dc ivives would like to follow in the footsteps of their illustrious predecessor Olsy says that dictators do not take well in this wooden country?he tried it. Thai was his experiment. Qnery, do you think Harry ot the West understands the American sys tem now 1 Yours, q Sales of ??o?ki at Philadelphia yesterday. Fiaar -100 ih^a Wilmington R R. bft Ml inn lodo. 411 do do, 3l| 100 do, do4da.9t; JOO ro do w. JJ; amiilo do, b6, 2J, 60 do do, ft da, JJ, loo do do' ?aah, IS, 100 do Unltsd Rtatea Baak #1; do Oirard' Sank, I0| I Iftft do do, 104 ; $IOuu Reedlne Rail Kot<l Ronda, 70; $4000 do ?io cuh 70- IMN) Chv v. vm ,?i, ? ihaiaa Ck^plu. *T tare b?, ?!#; |Tu00 Slate i'i 87i. ynog do sda t7A H'tndo.Bjt ?| iharea tinlted Sta ** Baak ?^?0doV.,aT N t h?7 17 D dniv (lr|??r.i tla?, *), IdC<n'?rr,i >k 4JJ. j no y laak Kauui ky ??>.? i ti i "?i<;osii mhi ihsrea oirard liaiik, I' ?, I",

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