Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1844 Page 3
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?e. Olm B?ll.?'The concert of tbii g?otIeman on Thuri day availing, at the Melodeon theatre, Bo*ton, >u very fully aitrndeJ?the audience comprised the moat respect, able portion oi the population of ths oity. Madame Ar uoult sang very sweetly, but har ditileece before the public ia as yet unconquered, and prevents the full appre cia iou of her vocal powers. She ia yet destined to make a " sensatiou" in the musioal world, and the applause o! yesternight indicated a decided impression in favor of on< who is not only an accomplished woman, but, as a wife, " one of a thousanJ." The flowers that were thrown to her last evening, in their natural beauty, scarcely rival the natuial graceaof her mind and character. Ole Bull was announced to play at the Philharmonic Society of the same city on the following evening. He is expected to go from thence to Salem. Mrs Flynn's farewell benefit at the Albany Museum, on Friday evening, was a bumper. The company ot the Ojiba-vay and Odauwau trine* of Indiana, on their way to Europe, are exhibiting in the same establishment. The Misses Partington are dancing themselves into great favor at the Nauonal Theatre, Boston. The Boston Philharmonic Society gave their first con cert for the season at the Tremoat Temple, last evening. Win. Warren, comedisn, left for England, on Thursday. He has mu engagement at ene of the London Theatres. Turn Placide had ? thumping beneAt at St. Louis, a few evenings since. He is a great favorite there. The Hutchinson family am at present in Rochester. Mr no ! Mrs Lovell, late of th? Park theatre, have ar rivnd in New Orleans. They go to Ludlow k Smiths theatre. The Congo Melodists are now at Pittsburgh. Signor Casrlla will give a Concert at the Muiionl Fund Hall, Philadelphia, on Thursday evening next, when lie will introduce several new pieces, and be assist ed by Hupfeld, Therbeck and other distinguished musi cian* Mike Hennesey Is in Albany and will appear at lha Museum next Monday. The Swiss Bell Ringers will give a concert at Masonic Hull, Philadelphia, on Monday evening next. Phillips, the vocaltst, gave a concert at Hartford a few nights ago, and was very successful Frunc hTheatre, New Orleans, opened for the season 011 Saturday evening week With " La Fille du Regiment " The papers say Calve not onlr looked better, but it ap peered to us sang better than during any former season, and was rapturously applauded. The orchestra waa full and i ffective, and tb* performance went off with great spirit. The St. Charles Theatre in the same city was to open on Thursday last. Herr Cline, the famous performer on the tight rope, is shortly to appear in Charleston. He will most probably go further south. Mr. John Duna, the celebrated buffo singer and come dian, appeared in his own piece, of Rascal Jack, at Walnut street Theatre, Philadelphia. Mrs; Wilkinson had a bumper benefit at the Chesnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, on Friday evening. Mr. Anderson makes his first appearance on these boards to morrow evening. Welch's National Circus opened on Thursday evening, to one of the most crowded audiences evar beheld in any place of amusement in Philadelphia, so the papers say. It is Gen. Welch's intention to introduce to the Phila delphia's, the the great French lemale equestrian. The three Italian aiaters, who have created so much sensation in London in their delineation af the fabulous Godd.sses, have arrived in Boston, and intend to give one of their classical exhibitions at Amory Hall, next week. Personal movement*. Mr. Adams left this city on Thursday, on his way to Washington The Oavernor elect, the Hon. 8ilas Wright, arrived in Albany on Friday morning. In the course of the dav> several citizens called on him. Ex-President Van Burcn is also in the same town, and called on Mr. Wright yes terday. The Hon. Preston King, member of Congress from St. Lawrence District, also arrived in the same town on his way to Washington. It is rumored in Albany, that the Hon. Samuel Young, now Secretary of State, will be elected to the seat in the Senate of tho United States, made vacant by the election ci Mr. Wright as Governor. The Hon. Edward Stanly has been elected Speaker of the House of Representatives of North Carolina. Senator Uachanan arrived in Philadelphia on Wed nesday. The case of the Rev. J C. Torrey, charged with the abduction of certain slaves irom Baltimore, has been ar raigned lor trial on Tuesday next. The death ol Rev. Dr. Ooing, for seven years President of Granville College, Ohio, ocoarred on the 7th inat. There is a tie ol parties in the Senate of North Caro lina Thomas J. Oakley, of this city, addressed the American Republicans of Charlestown on Friday evening. Juint-v Birney Marshall, Esq. has been appointed U. 8. Mail Agcut for Kentucky, fco in place of 8. M. Brown, killed by the late explosion on t^ OLio river Gov. Porter has appointed John C. Mitchell, of CuniherUnd county, to W Mil.wrv Aid to Hia Excellen cy, with tho rank of Lleutenrf,-7onel. A Utter from Washington ? ,, that Amos Kendall ia talked of as Postmaster Get,, */ under the Polk adminis tration. The question as to the Senator from Virginia is exciting public discussion. The locos speak of Gov. MoDoweli and R. M. T. Huator?the wh'gs ot Win. C. Rives. Gov. Hsines has notified the whole Legislative Council to meiet him at Trenton on Tuesday next, (21th Inst )iu the ?4pacity of a Board of Canvassers, to canvass the vo ea cast in the State lor Electora of Preaident and Represen tatives in Congress It is said that the President elect of the United States is a member or the Presbyterian Church, of which General Jackson is an elder. The Governor General ol Canada has made the follow ing ap Niintmrnt, vix.:?The Hon. Robert H. Gairdner, to be provincial Judge of her Majesty's Court of Queen's Bench in and for tne said district ot Saint Francis. Alex ander Stewart, of the town of Hamilton, to be Regis trar for thet ounty ot Wentworth, in the District of Gore, in the place ot Sir Allan Napier Macnsb, resigned Dr Nelson, so well known as one the leaders of the late rebellion in Canada, has been elected to the provincial parliament. Time* have changed since he waa a wan derer abroad, with a price on hia head. It ia stated in one of the Philadelphia papera that the trial of Jefferson K. Heekman, oar State Senator, for a adultery with a Miss Sarah Werkheiser. ofthis borough, wus called up, but owing, aa it was aL'eged, to the ab sence ol a material witness, the case has been postponed to January torm. The firat Cotton Factory in Miasourl commenced ope rations at St. Louis, l>:h inst. Rev. Mr. Elliott's dwel ling house at Mt. Louis waa burnt same day. Mr L M. Archbold has retired from the editorial chair ot the Jtl'Mnndria 8*uthern Trmntcripl. Two democratic editors having got married, the neigh bors term the affair? locofoco matches. The editor of the Vickiburf Sentinel has been locked ap far contempt of Court The Isle of a Vicksburg editor is a gteat pleasure. One of the Latter Day Saints, Mr. T. A. Lyne, once a member of the theatrioal carps, was lately excommunicat ed by the New Yoik Branch Conference. It ia i.ow propoaed to erect, lor Mr. Clay, a colossal marble column, with suitable inscriptions upon it?ano ther to present a valuable service ol plate to him?or to raise by subscription the sum of twenty thousand dollars, to be given to Mr. Powers, the sculpture, for a statae of the great statesman. The last suggestion wa have seen, is to purchaae Mount Vernon, the heme and resting place el the remains of the sainted Washington, which is now offered foa sale, and to make Mr. Clay a present of it. TkorBLB-s on the Lachine Canal.?On Tues day morning, it detachment of the 89th Regiment, under the direction of seversl magistrates, paid a visit to the liue of tho La< hine Canal, in coasequenco, wo supose, ol iuimmation laid before them, that theoanallers were receiving arms from some quarter, and concealing them about their shanties. The vlsi' was so fsr successful, that about one hundred and twenty stsnd of arms were seite.l sn l brought to town. We had heard lumo'S du ring the previous few days, that arms had been given out to the canallera from certain stores in towa, but we do not believe them. We did, indeed, ksiow that the muni alpal election is to take place on the 1st proximo, and we were too fully in the knowledge of the tact, that certain patties hail stuck at nothing in the 1 ist two Parliamentsry elections, but still weconld not bring ourselves to believe thst they hsd determined to carry ea their interference through lorce of arms ia our approaching elections, ner dowa believe it yet. But It is a melancholy thing that, within nine miles cf the seat of government, there should be a horde of men provided with aims, to set ell law and authority at de fiance. Man who live by their daily toil, and who are in full employment, ought lo have at leaat the disposition lo bo peaceable Instead of that, we find them hesitating at no act of violence, and ready with aims in their hands to commit ;every species of outrage. It is a notorious fact that in the wh la neighborhood of the canal from the City to Lachine, there has existed a state of lawlessness per fectly disgraceful for the last eighteen months. The psscesble farmers on the line have lived only by suffer mice ; tliair crops have been at the mercy of thia migrant population, and their and firewood hsve been u; ? scrupulously stolen and carried off lieforo their eyes. Monln nl Herald, Nov. 91. The Camanchr* ?It ia reported, ?ay? 'he Chero kee Advoc iteol the Jd inst ,tliat tho Camanche Indians hav recentlv killed ev >ral families of whites and Choc taws residing near the R <1 River. After the arrival nl this intelligence, a company of United States Dragoons left Fort Gibsou hd Monday morning last, for Fort Wash ita, and another company tho morning following. No particulars have reached tis. More Damaoes foe Kiotb.?The jury in the ewe of Lhverty, agmnet the county ol Philadelphia, trleo in the Supr- me flourt, rendered a verdict in lavor ol the plaintiff on Fridsy tor $1,9M SO damages. Lsvei y's honso was a small threa story brick, in Master streit, above ('adwalader. which was destroyed by the mob on Tuesday, the ?th of May last. ? Philadelphia Ledgir. ?Omo River.?At Wheeling, on Tupoday.'vthe Onio River hail nine I'eet ol water in the channel. At Pit sburgh, on Wednesday, there were seven feet ol water in the chanael. Covbt or EgftoRs, Albany, Not. 22.?Present, Senator Foater presiding, and 99 other Senators. No 9? as 99 - A. Lawrenoo and al. vs. the city of New York. D. Graham, Jr., concluded for defendant in error.? ?al? at MaTanka* ?IS*tract of a letter, dated near Matanzas, Nov 4 ?" We ware visited on the 4-h ult. with the severest 1 blast' I ever experienced What houses atood weru unreoled, whilat others ware knocked down; two thirda of the coffee crop beaten dewn, the trees pounded to piece*, nearly every fruit tree down ! la lino, next day my (coff<w) estate wii a cemplete wreck, aa we nautically say. In geoeral, the coffee plan tations suSe-ed the most. Ther? will be no cotfee crop and very little hopes tor one next year. The sugar es tates have suffered some, and may, perhaps, make a hall crop, so >ou can eaaily conceive our lamentable situation In all this, I am happy to state that the swgar planters br ing those who suffered lea.t. will he theonly ones making full crops of sugar in the islsnd, and it is strange i?dee<r, when we consider that a few leagues south of Saguti every thing was in sufferance. In fuel, I want words to give you an idea of the lamentable situation in which tin hurricane has left the Cohai'S It will require at least two years to get things somewhat arranged." Affairs in Arkansas.?The Arkansas has risen some two feet during the last week The Little Ben Franklin, which has been lying in our river for two or threo weeks past, was enabled by the rise to reaeh oui city on Friday night, much to the joy ot some of our en terp'isiog merchants who had large stocks of goo sui. board, which they had been anxiously waiting lor. Tha regular biennial sessiou of the General Assembl) of the State of Arkansas, will convene at the Capitol ot this day. We understand that moat of the members h ive arrived : up to the time of our writing, (10 o'clock, A M.) they have uot proceeded to business ? Littlt Rock Timet. Nov 4 *Vn Elector for Gov. Cash ?The Detroit Ad vertiser o' Monday last >iays it hears that one oi the elect, on in Michigan has already signified his intention ol voting for Uov. Cass We have neaid, says the Buffalo Commercial , rumors of like intentions to bolt from the support of Polk in other Mates than Michigan. Mr Polk wa? neto/iously nominated by a fraud upon the demo cratic republican doctrine that a majority should rale.? [Humbug ] The Kenskki.akr Circuit?Mnion Tbi?l. The Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Termi ner lor Rensselaer county, are now in session at Troy, Judge Parker presiding. We are intormed that the tnai of Miller alias Heyer. lor tke murder of Wiest, will com mence on Tuesday of next week, it having been set down for that day. The evidence, it is said, is entirely circum atantial. Appointment by the President. ? Samuel MaClung, of Trenton, to he Marshal of the United States for the District of New Jersey. A Good Example.?There is a regularly organ ised temperance society in the Cherokee nation. Nearly 9,00* ' herokees have enrolled themselves as members and taken the pledge. All Philadelphia Subscriptions to the Hksald mast be raid to tha agents, Zieber It Co., 3 Ledger buildings. 3d and Chesnut sts., when single copies may also b? obtained daily atjl o'clock. 3m The Concentrated Hxtract of Saisaparllla, Onntian and Sassafras, prepared by the New York College oi Medicine and Pharmacy, eatablishrd for the suppression of quackery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, pos sessing all the purifying qualitiea and curative powers of the above herbs, is confidently recommended by the College as in finitely superior to any extract of Sarsanarilla at present before the public, and may be relied ou as a certain remedy for nil diseases ariring from an impure state of the bkood, such at scrofula. suit-rheum, ring-worm, blotches or pimples, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneons eruptions, ulcerated ?ore throat, or any disease arising from the secondary effects ot typhilis er an injudicious use of mercury. Sold in single Bottles, at 75 cents each " in cases of half a doxen Bottles $3 50 " " one doxen " 6 00 Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. Office of the College, 95 Nassau street W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. Henry's Chinese Shaving Cream. In days of old when beards were long, All deemed them beauty to the face But now 'tis fashion's rule as strong The hairy slubbls to erase, And thoie who would the u?ateat reem. Use Henry's Chinese Shaving Cream. This pleasant and agreeable compound, is one of the best sha ving creams in use. Those who make use of it, pronounce it to be the best thing for softening the beard, and preventing disfigu ring cuts upon the skin, they ever tried. It is highly emollient andsoothing. Prce 50 cents per pot. Prepared and sold by A. B. "auds It Co., Chemists and Druggiata.273 Broadway, Oranite Buildings corner ef Chambers street. Sold also at 79 Fulton street, and 77 bast Broadway. Velpeau'a Specific Pills, for the Raullcal cure of gonorrhata, gleet, seminal emissions, and all moeopuru lent discharges from the urethra. These pills, the result of twenty years experience in the Hospital de Charite in Paris, are pronounced by their celebrated inventor, Professor Velpeau, as an infallible remedy for all diseases of the urethra. They effect a cure in a much snorter time than any other remedy, without Di nting the breath, dissgreeing with the stomach. or confinement fro n business. Price, tl per box. Sold at the College of Medi cine and Pharmacy, 05 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent Constitutional Debility Cured?The Tonle Mixture, prepared by the College at Medicine and Pharmacy ol the city of New York, is coufideutly recommended for all cases ol debility produced by secret indulgence or excess of any kind. It i? un invaluable remedy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness, (unless d'|*-uding ou mal-formation.) Single bottles St each; cases of nrif a doxen $5; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 95 Nassau ,fl~j i.?itours io&JUfc1ML\RDHON' M 6" *??? ?' ' ?? ? r- ? " Howe vor beautiful tha countenance may be," yet, if the person have a dirty set of teeth accompanied with bad breath, it becomes not only a disgusting spectacle, but a perfect peat to all around. Dr. Sherman's Orris Tooth Paste is a perfect antidote for those evils, and one of the most delightful deutrifiees in use. It is free from all deleterious substances ; it does not injure the enamel, and it reuders the teeth of a pearly whiteneaa, while it destroys all impurities of the breath, ana acts as a preservative to the teeth. Try it once and you will be convinced that it is by far the best article you have ever used.? Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 106 Nassau st. Agents, 227 Hud son, IM Bowery, 77 Eaat Broadway, 3 Ledger Buildings, Phila., and I State St., Boston. Medical Advice In Private Diseases?The members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, cflabliihed for the suppression of quackery, continue to direct their particular attention to all diseases of a private nature, and can confidently promise to persons re<iuirsig medical treatment, a safe and permanent cure, without iujury to the constitution oi confinement from business. Invalids are particularly requested m make application to tlie College on IM first appearance ol those diseases, aa a vast amount of suffering and time may be thus avoided. One of the members of the College, for many yean connected with the principal hospital iu Europe for the cure of those complainu, attends for consultation daily from I A M. to 7 P. M. Terms?Advice and Medicine 15.?a cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTkY INVALIDS.-Person living in the country, and tiudiug it inconvenient to make per sonal application,can hate forwarded to them a cheat coulainins ill medicines requisite to perform s radical cure, by stating then case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of contraction ind treatment received elsewhere, if ani paid, addreaaed tp W. 8. Office and Consulting ] *itn an symptoms, time ol contraction lewhere, if any, and enclosing S5, post S. RICHARDSON. M. D.. AgentT V Rooms of the College, B Rlcord s Parisian Alterative mixture, for :ne permanent cure of primary or aecoudary syphilis, venereal ulcers, nodes, orany complaint produced by an mjndicious use of mercury, or unskilful medical treatment. All persons sus pecting a venereal taint remaining in their system should use this powerful purifier without delay, as no iwrsou can considei himself safe after having the venereal disease, without thorough ly cleansing the system with this justly celebrated alterative Sold in aingle bottles at $1 each, in caaea of half doxen at $6: carefully racked and sent to all parts of the Union. Sold at ilw College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 95 Nassau st. W. 8. RICHAI'OSON.M. D., Agent. NUNEY MARKET. Saturday, Nov. 43?6 P. M. 1 he stock market to-day, was unusually firm.and prices show a slight improvement. Illinois advanced 1 per cent; Pennsylvania fl's 1J ; Long Island J ; Canton ] ; Peterson 1 j Erie Railroad 1; Reading i ; Htoningtou fell off |; Notwich snd Worcester J ; Mohawk 1 ; Morris Canal J , Farmers' Loan, Ohio t's, U. S. Bank, and Eaat Boston closed at y esterday's prices. Sales weru made to a limit ed extent By the arrival of the steamship Britannia, at Boston, from Liverpool, which port she left on the 8th Inst, we have commercial advices sixteen days later than those before received. The accsunta are considered to be of a very favorable nature?particularly as regards the cotton market. Haiders on thia aids anticipated s decline, snd the reports showing quite a firmness in the Liverpool market, have given an additional impetus to operations here. The manufacturing districts of Great Britain were very active, and a general improvement had taken place in the state of trade. Stocks are reported as having been seldom lighter, and manulactnrers were engiged with or ders. There was an anticipation of a general advance in wages, and thia has led in a great measure to the higher ratos of gooda, aa manufacturers refused to enter into new contracts. Meney wss uncommonly abundant, and the rate of interest ruled at a a 3J per cent. It is supposed the market will be relieved ol a portion of the capital seeking employment, should the numerous contemplated rsilway schemes he sanctioned by Parliament. It lias been estimated that the aggregate ol capital required to perfect them is upwards ol ?70 000,000, and that the first rill alone will absorb ?4,a?0 000. The weekly r. ports of the Bank of England, are mode with the greatest regularity, and show considerable fine* tuation in tha issuing depaitment. B?!?s or Knai.s^o. fssne Dep't. Sept. 11. Oct. 5. Oct. 26. /nsr. l)t.r. Votes ?siued. XJft.W,705 tt,Ml.98.1 27,545,730 ... 1,1137.175 (Jold coin and bullion, II.tMI.619 12,088,1)19 11,(97.812 ... 990.977 Silver bullion, 1,694,086 1,691,006 1,817,888 ... 48,198 H'kint Den't. Re-l,........ 3,567,007 3 552,704 . 3,105,387 ... 447,117 Public depo se. 5,293,015 6 202,322 3,556,618 ... 2,845,876 Other depo sitee, ... 8,511,771 1.225,082 8.291,4*1 66,390 ... Seven day and other billa,.. 972,959 1,011,158 1,065,711 ... 15,546 (Jovem't ??eu nties 14,354,834 14,554,134 15,408,775 853,941 ... Other securi ties 8,8X2.714 10.518,120 8.387.508 .. 2 122,812 Votes........ 8.964,545 7,930,010 6,224,845 ... 1,71)5,165 Oold aud sil ver Coin 576,259 619,402 551,097 ... 68,304 There ha* been a decrease in evety department except leposites and government securities. In the i?sue de .artment (which exerts the greatest Influence on the jperation* of commerce) there has been a falling off A contraction in the circulation rf more tlinn on million pounds sterling in aheut thrre wet-'ts, must ne-vasarily affect the market, but it seems uot to a degree visible It is possible the Bsnk of Eng.snd msy hare in view some movement connected with the coming forward of the orope of the kingdom snd this country. Aooordtng to Iki report tuned from tfce stamp and tu ottoe, it appesrs that the average circulation io the United Kingdom of the notee of all the bank*, except the Bunk ot England, for the four month* ending the 13th of Octo ber, was a* annexed: ENGLAND. SceTLlKD. IRELAND. . . Chaiter'd Private Joint St'k Pi it air J- Bank */ Priva't ? 7^,-1 Bi-nkt. Baiikt. Joint Stk Inland. Jt Stk Bk. Banks ?4,674,162 ?3.331,516 ?2,987,666 ?3,597,160 ?2,4^,361 ?17,647,434 The total circnlation of these banks, added to the Bank ol England, make* the aggregate circulation of the king dom ?44,MM, 184, an amount greater than ever before known in the history ol banking in that conn'ry. Quotations lor American stocks in Loudon remain without the least alteration. The Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of Frederick (Md ) has declared a semi-annual dividend o. 44 per cent.?4 per cent, to the stockholders, and 4 to pay the State tax on the stock. The following table exhibits the amount of exports from the port el Baltimore, -o foreign ports, lor the quar ter ending Sept. SOtb, for threo years Eipobts raoM Baltimore. 1842 1841 1844. Qti<in'y Value. Qua'y Value. Qua y Value Tobseco, hhds, 17,382 762,111 18 7M 842.342 IH.itl 004.642 Floar, bbls., 73,410 37.1 864 81,018 461.992 82.16T 346.113 Sundries, 219,783 270,111 322,601 Total exp dom. pre., $1,387,688 1,174.441 1,473,396 Total exp. fer'u pro., 162 068 62.713 100,391 Total exports, $1 119,711 1.637,198 1,173,787 These accounts are very uniform, showing bat little improvement in tho foreign trade of Baltimore. The an nexed tabloshows thooouutries to whiehtho exports were oarried, distinguishing the value earned in loroign and American bottoms. The Hanse Towns do the principal portion ef their own carrying trade with all other coun. tries. American bottoms get the largest share. Distribution or Domkstio Produob. ?American Vet tele. Foreign Vteeelt To Holland, $341,833 $32,103 Hans* Towns, 17.1X18 SOS 888 British West Indies, 178,800 48,084 Fr. Eur. ports on Atlati., 187.088 Do do do on Medit., 66 013 Braiilian ports. 1M6 S38 7,360 Chilian do. 73 089 Montevideo; 42,833 British N. Amer. Coloniea, 37,993 13,041 Span.W. Indies (not Cuba) 36 069 England, 34.8*7 Venezuellan ports, 31,970 ? ? Banish W^st ludiea, 18,873 8.007 British Guiana, 14,838 3,913 Hayti, 9,809 Capo Yards, 7,083 China, 3,890 ??? Gibraltar, 3,890 Swedish West Indies, 3,700 ?-Tf French Weat ludiea, 3,378 I yj|? Texas, 1,808 $1,088,941 $418,488 Two-thirds of tho total amount exported, wont abroad in American bottoms. Old Stock (exchange. $2000 U b 6's, '64 U6k? 100 shs Farmers' Trutt '23000 do 116)2 100 d < do 14008 Illinois spcl bds 38 371 do do 1000 do 38K 100 do do 1000 do b30 3814 10 do do 1000 Alabama 1's 78 25 do do 3000 Penn'a 1's 69 10 1I0 Harlem RR. 11000 do 69)-? 18 do do 66H 3000 do nw 69V. 210 do Long It. RR. b30 76.V 1000 do iiw 69Vi 100 do do 71 10000 do b30 69H 50 do do 71, 21 >hs Phrnn Bank 94 10 do do bnw 7i>, 74 do Am. Ex Bk 81 100 do Stoiiington RR. 41 21 do N. A. Trust 11X 100 do do s30 43% 71 do Canton Co. bli 46 10 do do bnw 44*4 100 do do b20 46 10 da do b60 43} 110 da do b30 46 10 do do 43) 21 do po bnw 46 21 do do 131 21 do do bnw 4lX 21 do Nor. k Wor. RR. 72> 71 do do ? 10 do do 10 do do 10 do do 13 100 de Morris Canal 34) 21 do do b30 34 71 do do 34 110 do East Boston Co. 8: 190 do Reading RR. 94^. . J(, Uc, ao mw 71 In? j? L- ? l,?o ,3? <9 tM do Hndsou k Berksli. II 101 do Erie KR. 30)f 200 do Mohawk RR. 16 21 do do j{ 800,10 d? Second Board. 15 shs Canton Co. alO 44W mo .hs Nor. It Wor. si) 7I? & S2 SSS Pta"V' " 2* ? do No? k?W?rC?- 7?v M .h. Long Island RR. 71 21 do Nor. It Wor. 71X 21 do Htouington RK. 43V 7Jdo do ?S7IH 25 do NY. lit Erie RR. 31)? New Stock Kxeluuiff*. IIS1-60 s?* S8tu-tt"-SBBw ilOOOlll.SpLBds. cAh 3*8 50 do do blS 7^ 24 d o h' Tru,t c"Jl H* 10 d.? RR. cash isg 10 do h! b? JLr ? Jo Reading RR. .10 49<$ Sir -a *3 3'^ 75 do Stoniitfftoii ilR. 4tV 81 do Canton Co. US 46 21 do do Va.h 21 lln a 58 do Nor. 81 Wor. .60 71 5 ,U 1? .. 4J$ *? 'I" do c\?h 72V 50 do do 34ms 41W in ,1.. iX* J" oo ao 34ms 4IH 40 do do eash iK do .30 3?K 24 do do 7?2 d ? ?60 "J? 25 do do b?0 72^ g do E. Boston Co. c?hh ^ 24 do do .3 7?)J Sales at Boston Stock Exchabof.?Nov. 33 300 East Boston Co. Hi; 60 do bo3m 9; 400 East Boston Dividends 4{; 4 Fitcbbutg RR. 108$; 80 Long Island RR. ! 731, 180 do 73]; 60 Reading RR. 34; 35 do 33|; 38 Nor k Wor RR. 7'i;48 do bnlw 71}; 138 do 70j;6 do bnlw 71. Stat* of Trade. Ashks.- Pots are very dull at $4; Pesrls are vary steady at $4 26 a $4.38. Cotton.?Tho market is more steady since the arrival of advice* per steamer Britannia, and holders are less dis posed to supply the market; on he other hand buyers stand off, and demand a further concession The business transacted has been small, and amounts to 600 bales, t previous r<tca. We annex the quotations now curreut: Litkbpool Classification. Uplandi 4* Florida. Mobile \ AT. Orlemi. Inferior, 4 a 4 ? ai Ordinary, Middling. Oood Middling, Middling Fair, Fair, Fully Fair. Oood Fair, Fine, . . | o| a y Hat.- Oood qualities North River bsle, sell as wanted, at 36 a 87} c. _ PaOTisiONS.?There is a little more enquiry for Ohio Pnik, and we quote Mess at $8 93] a $9; P. line is still held Rt $4 76. There i.i very little doing in Be f; we q iote Mi-ss at $8 371 ? $*60; Prime at $4 43] k $4 76 Ohio Lard is in moderate request, and we quote barrels at 6], and keg < at 6| c. Cheese is held at 4 j a 8] c. Foreign markets. Havana, Nov. 8.?Nothing has been doing in Rice since yesterday. Home transactions have taken place in Su gars lately, but at verv high prices, 6{ rs. having bean wns, ? a 7 lor yellows, whilst superior yel , lows have commanded 8 rials. The purchases made have been principally for .-pain. Exchange on Philadelphia, 3 percent prem;on New York, scarce, 4 per cent, prem 1 Matanxas, Nov. 13 ?The last salea ol Rico were a car ?;o from your place, at Bj ra; and the last quotations liosn lavana were 8 rs Died, On Saturday, 33<1 Inst Mr. Rodnet Anidiii, late ol New Ipswich, Mass. The funeral will lake place this day, (Sunday,) at 3 o'clock, P M , lrom his lata raaidence No. 43 Hamilton street. His friends, and members of I. O. of O. F. Hancock Lodge No 49, and members of the Order generally, are respectfully invited to attend. Brothers will meet at the Lodge Room precisely at 1 o'clock. Maasachusetts pa pars will please copy. On the 19th inst. Mr Okoboe W. Peck, soap-atone cut ter and grate setter, formerly of Pniladelphia, aged about 41 years. Philadelphia papers will please co y. Hasssngers Arrlveii. Litfrpooi.?Steam ship BritAnoia, at Boston?Mr Anman snd Isdv, Miss Backinghsm snd Attendant, Miss Hsdmi, Mrs Riek snd daughter, Miss llsrtsna, Mr Nrtman, B Davids and Isnyr, J VV Biddle, Risg., Bock, Haver, Lolsliac, Litllrjohn, R Vanry, Beuj King W U l'o|*. A O Stout, Matter Stout, Col W H Mas well, Mr Still*. Wm It llsynea, Mr Leprer, t. Ls hens and friend, R W Davids, Mr I<o*>u?, E Kocheran, K?v W Hamilton, Cstit (lien, Msjor F. Smvlh, LtW* Budd, Royal M trinei, Mr Burkhinihsm, Mr Houghton, Mr Lockhait, John Muttall, A A Mtnetts. Mr Johnson, I Murray, 8 Merry, Mr Morris. Liverpool to Halifai?Mi.s Kraser. R Hall snd Isdy, Lieut Bnrmester, A Russell, J Stewart. Halifas to Boston? Newman, Caianagh, F Longworth, J 8 Basing and child, Jas Walker, Oarcia, Cnninsher. Cmari.ehton?Ship Sullivan?Norman Banned, August Liebetrue I'rinci F.dwaRO Islano?Brig Wanderer?J Bradley, Passengers Sailed. Liverpool?Packet .hip Hottinguer?John R Merewood, Wm H 1'horp, Thorns. Carson, Jas Adams, New York: Tho* Rhoades, Long lalaiid; Duncan McFarri.h, tieo Brotnwick, Montreal; John Wil.ou, Alexande- Oordon. J L McKindy, Uuebec; Wm Berridga, Lower ('inada; Jtmri Lind.ey, W Warren, Scotland?90 in the .teerage. Foreign Importation*. NeuvitaS?Brig Av??2U0 stick, mahogany 24 do cedar 33 ingots copper 20 ions fustic Holt It Owen?21 csxrs sagars J B Lasala. DonseetK: Importations. Savannah?Ship Newark?100 cksriee 8 offard. Tiletten k CO?126 bslen cotton Cnhnou-, Rem y k'O?100 do H Coit k co ?J76 r. k H R i>rave*?18 hrls flour Dunham k Dimoa? I brl Li-therk Hampton?48 do Bngart k Kneeluid?79 to order, MARITIME HERALD. Movements of the Stcansahlua. Steamer$. Leave Uv'l. Due. lime's. Leave Jlme'a Britannia, Hewitt. D?c 1 Slilp Masters and A|(ents. VVa shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will rfive :o Robert Hilvev, Captn'u of our News Boats, a report ol he ahipping left at the port whence they .ailed, the veuel. ipoken on their passage, a list of rlieir cargo, and any foreigc iewspap*rs, or new. they may have. He will hoard them im nediatelv on their arrival. Agent. >uid Correspoadents at homt ir abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all he Marina IntelligMce they can obtain. Nautical Inforraa ion of *ny kiod will be thankfully received. PORT or HEW YORK, NOVKMBRH X4. tin aisgs 7 III MOON ibti 8 41 ms sbti 4 MI warm 8 88 ei. 7-ST i,lL,p War*or*. H?nu, Wm H Paaa.?thine u !jl Harn. Fon k Livingstoo; Rob Hot. Ar M(Ll St JoMph, Neill, Batm J. R ' (,;!b?-rt' <H?n,Nw.u, NP. J C> wO-llfilri! ?u*T*ni*. pft. A Avatauua; Keilowshii>,(Br) Arm ?Sf'f k' . k/?' 5 iun"\ (,M*J Arma*. Charle.ton, Boor \f- J a".lon ,V'2,; Davii Duffrll. William., Wilmington 5!i.L S Powell.-Srhrs Navarro. Fuller, C,.nr?egos. It & I n" I-?1*'1. Alnwira, Slurite. kfleirman i ?i v u Bilumoiy, Juhusou it Lowden; Lquitr, Kdwards' juAdrifu. Bedell, Norfolk, J llunler; A B ??.' :,lcK~ Co "81oui' ,;o? . ,, ArrlTMI. iron lo^D? H^lb2[,rCo,?m P,,,r*bur*' w,lh h"?" ?d r,om 8?'"u?1'-"llh to'cieo ^Bui'kle" Wtiu> ?''?W from Charleston, with cotton. L^rc^i^kS'*"' SlF*?' rr<?" B?th, with potato*, to N Br.. A .. rL Co" A,. ta intended tbraproV-ller. RaSb5r2%.l i' 18 days from Nturilu, with manogaay, to B.S ?. HI Ifift..brW Autares, Ha'ch, jnat arrT^ i. w,qti, coV"#,;*? Ri? ?ct ?d"i^a; ?TtuR^i^Tca " M p"uc??w,,h cofc' ?Ut"to\Midi/Lon k'Co""1, 14 ilyt from Turk, U1"d- witk sall'to J?i?I,.nl^IU aey> ,,IdV' J>om "onaire, with WOO bushels Sv a Jhm. tS?v L 't,p v?rk' N?ou. arr ittth O.t, f7 hunua Prnd..f n 0rk ,pok,? oa.,,j!e 9th u,?* ?? 44, Ion da'vs Brewster, of and from Stouington. ont 27 toWolt'l Co""' "lJty* from ?*orI??wn, 8C. with cotton, ?St!tf UW"- 7 day$ from S4TW"'?1? with cotton. ? I"'! Wanderer, Jones, 14 days from Prince F dward '?*?*?? Bri, ?Ce*n' CurTy' f,om Windaor, NS. with plaster, ma?t?r Br0?klyn' 8 day' from R*?Port, with plaster, to ^yitidim. Win*, from Waraham. Mas. iB ballast, to master An,u*U' Do*"*' 3 <*?>'? f'?? Boston, with mdse, to the K#y ^with 4000 f-< Piatt. DeUw*,*'l0uthr'?. ttom Baltimore, with mdse, to M. JM?* Hoi brook; Freeman. Spear, and Clarendon. Snow, from lhomauon, with lime. ' withn?dj^ "' Ryd*r' *"J K,i#od* LoTe". r?m Boston, s?^k^^1ulrraj,H0<i'I,4n, fr0m N,"W B,dford' w???> oil. to Hus }vl*' urUrnooii from Kastport, with pr>utoee. fH?1' hotter, ( berryfl?ld, lumber. Hchr Oriental, Brown, Wachias, lumber. gfK i'ont,n". Mdtidfe, PorUmouth, mdse. 2t1h'PI?a?,?u,?U.'uT.m^mdw ^ 'r ?*"y Plymouth, Ash. Sclir J.?t,ve Withey, VtfareWnails. Schr New Delight, Smith, Wareham. /i-.a2P,?,VUrew' N mtucket, oil. HchrliilBln, rarren, New Haven. _ . . iletow. roar brigs, nnkuown. *?u?a. teaaate^jfteJgftiSBi ? TlnA Isaac Mead. Savannah! .ili^!l' il; patnieat, MaUntas, and o her a Kiom the lower bay, ahip Heudrik Hudson, London. Wind 8W. Correapoiidenoe of the Herald, In port-Superb, Oatchell, from St UUs^Mt'Sth' ^nd^, Proctor, do-arr 10th; Utaton, from New York; Mount Vernon Abbott, and LoaUpana. Dew di aw\i?r *ir 1 M?rlin, Goodhue, from Cam on "o; ' l^de^D1 v ?T'' ?'??? i^Mte'r. from Bo? Hichmind ?r i'h- U--Kl ' ??ldana. Stubba, from Maid of Orleans, tVifwellXr X'fe; ^0- JVlontaeideo; WhTrJn t Tn L*ndii, from Baltimore: Fabint, ?n?n?:i?>arr4lP.; R4IBVcll?^Chue.from Bthia; tohuNti ^ '2; froB Hl? u??d'i Sterling l.ovett, from Cape de YV,f' A"un Hoo|?r, Svinouds. from Baltimore for Falklsnds; Adeline.Ooodmanaon, from and for NVorkiu2daya arr Jth' Henry P Sumner Ho wand, from Pernambnco. a?r f V; Sm'th. from'Kiclimond *'1* ?f (,??d H~'" b'^"' 3 oT^dayVM 1?"' ^ in notice to Alarlncrs. harimuf h? ft-Pk1 ,8"Th* of the Liverpool docks and harbour do [??r?by Rive notice thir the bell Beacon will be r6?Jf.!,Ko?h,r^.?f * NW b5 W* W of h" l^^t .Utlon J far. / . '01* *^'r> Oldinary springs, on Monday, Nov nai I"" P?nni?inK) on the following marks and coin i?m. Iw,rings -,u. theKoimb* I.igh -Tes.el and mit ? t'IIT m wk"' , i H K; somewhat more than 3>?rd mils. The Northwest I.ight ship bearing ? l-IOth miles. Foreign Porta. rn^Tr:."// } ?~Arr Hoffman, Kio Janeiro, with rudder head twutrd, and other damages; 21st, Niagara, Cole N ? Sid iute?? VV*lke'^'? J?ue,r". *?<1 ?U 30th'for ? . Sid 31st, Spriug, Hamilton, Coba; 30tli,, Potter, ljiO"T^lma1,IJI?eJ0^Mrir ?*? vy,,hin*toi'. Lowe, Richmond, !? . V il l?' NOrlcvuia. In port MA. Ancelo, and Av& roii, for N^ork. soou; Callao, Charleston, (ie; Kdwin, Pan de P?e>k?f'lf,, 'iz<\ /ffo i J"uoi Chataaubriani, and Bordeaux .1 o rl?,n,L^n:Andrew, and Huntresa. dj. 31aT Jonia NYork d D??f??hire, Mobile; *th, Hiram, i B^kiskn. Oct 23?ArrHeiarich, NYork; Acnes, N Or leant York, 12th, Paoh, Fuller, Baltimore: Schiller, do. 22d?A 'PPer/nlly American, abandoned, waterlogged and dit muted. was passed Uth nit. 1st 34, Ion +1, by the Aune, at this Bescht Hraii, Oct 27-Off, Ottile. NYork for Stettin. BaTavia, July 13?Arr tinlnare. Chapman, Padarg; llth Auoninio, Coau, N York. Uth-sld Paragou. Curtis * hi.ia w ihln" i ?n~ArrMo,S."' Carter, Charleston for Huil, wiib losaol fore topmaat. jibboom. and other damage, haviuv b^n ,24?hnre|.rllhvi ^ U*"'?1 ''*rk", f""" London for T<? oago, 24i h, Condor. Mayo. Hamburg Sid 2Ut, Caailda Hib V1"1*- "th?The Moscow. Carter, which put in hefe yesterday, ?ery leaky, and will discharp her cargo, y^ Iltoi^iMouticello, Oacgett, N Yoii; Lochin <^sdiz, Oct 22?Arr Monumeat, Marshall, New York- llth Ontufra,'NVork 9th' Ko,co', Ulck,,r. *?o OranCe; loth! uUr' Uct,'J?^fa* Conrad Sarin, NYork; 6th, Aiof, rarnham, Havana; 5th, Medora, Khodes do Calcutta, Aug 21?Arr Flaviut, Coffin, Boston S^.i ?in topmasts; I renton, Iron lor America iUili, Napier, Sandlord, London, and sld for NYork and Balti' rtkA'l"' Wn!rr,'i'y N y?'k r?' Amsu"d?m*!'1Luiiro teSTk^iSSHK" ,ld L' Mu,t?u; *Hh- ''""hontas. Bal Kudora,*i^nvorkfijrVuinbnrg*"' <?' Am.Urdam; Bl*m^n."",!,,, Oct,0~O,r> Luconia, Porter, Baltimore fer {wfa"; 0,VJl7\" Hrt[Thorn,?o?. Archangel, unaiaa, Oct 24?Air John & Jean. Charleston, dun.L,c'*~A" Oapray. Ripley, Wyburg for Bor lor Si V J,k; 2Jd, B Aymar. Car f'rN Vork K ?.fnh. fV* Julius, Cronsiadi Bm^.iV 'Kl?i I' I, "r'"n"1! Hersilia, Crowrll, do for tou, Talma, Collins, do for Bordtaus; 20th America Ru. OrkSu^TSh Vi"1' L?0"0"' ?!????'. Cronstadt fir N T. .2?Vi !?' l^ayne., Lronatadt lor bordeaui; Hih ^ldn<j?*j Stockholm for Nko*k: fcche, Uelle lor do ' 9th, Saiony, Kldri<lge, Cronstadt for Mobile. ' TannL|f?- TiM,i^Oct l??Air Alvreue. Kildas, Liverpool for Sa Wltl'1? bulwarka, sUnchvous, He. bowsprit ?iiii . .Cfrr"^ "Ifti ?J"' o'her damage, hariug beeu in contact wiih ? l??? "C,w?S5f N",l SU Natchet, Lindaey, London for Boa Northumberland, Oriawold, do lor i\ York. f iin i? l"ii. Bertrauiu, &MU>, PsUiiiio (and sld Mdo?iom), JUtli, Certauua, iavlor, .Vltla^.: ihih I.ia* Killer"Kl laJ0,l'?lLid *A T Mwr^*"hs. 15th, 1 J'"' .Mi1 d Char Us ton: Hm. Vernon, Bisiee s "Vf ,r'f^Urlei^.i ;. a?d N Voik? ? if nllll IJth!.Curl'?. Blaiiey. L?ghurn, and aid for M.?.?.? li ^?'??ton, Ce.te, and sld for dj; Jih ?an 1 ica b.dy:urftHsl,j"1L*,d for Osceolo, Mor ?!d ii v 'i. l1'1,! S, ir?'k- I'11'?Sid Do.giass, 'l owna Ttlf,' Sham'ook, Ji'^e^Lain^hi',l,,c VUU*"? OoiTtftauao, Oct 11?Arr Anna Maiga<etha NYork ''aaiSr ?, ', for ue, Nor 4; i...ui. Phil pi? r sfc'1 ?' >,,C"lV' '.or Nl" l?; M a lle, for Uoatou N .V S. NOrleans, i>oi 4, Kockiugiiaiu, for do, l0? Arr l,'ru,klin, NYork; lith. Norma, do; mh, Maaeachusetu, Spear, do; lath, Catliariua, and llercalea, rence^Brown 2d78'd Hmuh' New York; 24th, St Law 3 ^AJllsSi"" la teW' 'V" s^kss.we.'1.riis wil?:m l?V ,4~'r^T 8-'d"h brig Harmon e. Lund, AuhrLl''*., V ,l,d ,lhe ?fl bv (he Huron, inst witaVhli A L"* u""* 'M?m? been in Conu>.t, Jiii 1 ? ^lie American s.?ip Penusylranis, Hen'rVl^U^^L^X^(,) Boston; 29th, Patrick Miasi. J. ' f/W ^orlk; SaBdv Cambridge, Barstuw, do; 20th Oil Pu'tmCdo ,,m*; ,9,h' ^ P,v,t"' ^ OrttN.?:i',8^!^^:dw,Vd,? NVork; 2d. Hnron Mnir, New V'ork t!?, 1. rV MiLl#r' ' V.""1.'1 Vorkshire. Bsiley New gail l!)iui T '''? Ff^*Uton- Philadelphia; 30 h. Abi Wir.ln Vl.'r?,"? N*? Orleans; nh. Ann wsri'n. Martin, NYork; Donglas Brewster, Savannah; i-cean ?WhViMv y?Jnun?*' Patfn and Columbus, ( offin. do; aitli, h?!lP,0nJ.Nfw*or'',i,24^. "akland, Barry New row, 7 h NV"r?.; 23.1, Harriet k Jessie, m"? n' Ch'rl","?"; Ml. Wm k Eliiabeth, Pileher, NOrleans illl^hkV J?M%Chfri,*tol,: Tallahas?f?. Hadley, Apalachi' join, Ashbnrton, Huttleston, and Kemitrsnre, HiUby, .N V' rh ? f "L.L ?* i00' Orleans; 20tb. il Cleaves, t'had NVn'rk ,' ''Inmhui. Cole, and Kalamazoo, M^'erran, Nov 2?The Sea, Kdwarils, for New York, went on shore this B,y' Ctme 0" "" fl""dl wl?ho?t ap ri/>7,r*? Oct M?F.nt inwards, Mediator,Chadwick NYork -a rid y,?id,L! ovfll NOrleans; Hardv. Thompson, Hava a Cld Nov 2. Kspindola, Harsfow, NOrleans. Lit no x, Oct IB? Arr Kmma. Silva, NYork. Sld 13th Cau rier, Phoaapaon, Buenos Ayres. ,n' 1 ou Loiar, Oct IJ?ArrCal'awba, Coffin, NYork Sld ?th Ralph Cross, (.lover, Palermo; ??t. James ?J?J' e'*r?5t *L' ' ' Washburn, do. In port 21st Mr rrell.' for NYork, soon; tdiuLnth. NOrleana, Jl.t ' '*? NYoAT*' "~Arr ,Urr"'"' M?d'??. Odeaaa, and aid for 14?ArrC?roline,Crichio. Naplea and W?.k JJ'jj. Taliaman, Some?, Trieare, and sld for Palermo- 4rh (?Ui ' H.I ert Cagliari. Sld 14th. Plato. PhinneVr N York' 4tM"ob*' MsDKina, Oct 17?Arr, Or*l>am, O hraltar- a k u. IteatWK~:ts o.5'r,!,".,"T' ?ct ?-Arr Robt Pulsford Seohie Am.?n t*? James, M^yer,London. aa<1 sld h)r NYork Mid liar' W#?tminst#r, Hofey. London for New VorkoV no t i,h f.r&rdam6'' 'P T?' SO'*'*"? ?M, Protens^NYork Plymouth, Oct??Off, Twendra Brodre f,? n,.,u. t. r^ Rid 17th, Lord Wenlock, NOrl^nT ' Wi.'riirc', Nov 17?f.ld Pati find-r, lx>, Hon llih W?v> li ver.ool; Milton, do, Great Biitain, B.lfaai' Prinec Oenrare ton don' Asenath, Liverpool; Rock .'hue, do; Hele,' ?r Cheater Bobinaon, NYerk : ,,c'3#~,M,d 1 fntnn. Oliver, NYork. T..V.r? *; Ant-b"' I>^??re.q. Calcutta 1 RIKL, Oct 28-Arr Pomona. Witlierill. NYork I7ih Anal fJul'K&S^t^^.N,p",- Bon^n,Nv'?rk; llth, Kben W,o?f r^,,l?~?H,y Palerme ?ani Br?m?n foH hluleston: YO", ?'h- D Am. Ckrelaad; Irrtai, Huroa a?d Mlka; MarsheJI. Chiaago. Cambridge, Muoruc; Atlas, Chicago; Lexington, Detroit Horn* Port*. Portund Nor tl?Arr Dublin, Hk illield, Harps well; Da vid Pratt, Tarr, Boston; Frances, L.?ag, Bangor, Utmiiub, Toothaker, Belfast for NVork. Bath, Not It?Hid .Mentor (before reported M?ttor)Hti??ui, N Orleans. Ntoauttrmr, Not tl?Arr Panel.,ta, Baylay, from Porto Rico; Coquette, NYork. Buiio.t. Not 22?Arr Br steamahip BritutU, Hewitt, Li Teraool. 5th iuat, 3 PM ? Halifax, (where (he err 2aOi, at 9 AM) 20th, 6 P.M. Stopped off Boaton Light this morula* at 3S o'clock, ( apt Hewitt reports thst lie has experienced containa! gales from 'hi' westwaid during llie paaaage Ganges, Wstson, Smyrna, Sept 4. Passed Gibraltar, Oct It). Spoke 12th mat, lit 41 40, Ion 60 JO, Saxon, Dean, hence fur Antwerp; Trenton, Pitman, Havana. 7th iust; Chas Joseph, Tillinzha?t. HaTannah. 12th iuat; Wm L Roff (of New York) Small, (TierryAeld. Sig nal for I ahip and 2 brig*. < Id Conimiaaary. (of thia port, late of Salem,) Hastings, Valp-raiso and a market; Watchman, Winalow, Weal ludiea; May Bee (new, of Kingston, Maaa. 99 57-95ths tona) Holmes, Ht J ago; Squirrel, Kicharda. Haeana ? Arr 21?Eliza Burgraa, Bowera, < "leufuegos,2Sth ult; Choetuy, Ryder. Charleston; Chick ??, Kaudrick, Baltimore; Anna It Julii (new) Pratt, Cohaaaet; Mary Ann Ik Caroline, Morria, Philadelphia. Pltmoi'th, Not 21?Sld Martha Waahingtiu, Wood, and Entarpriae, Baitlett, Norfolk; Adelaide, Sampaon, Franklin, La New Bedtobii, Not 21?Arr Mercy, Smith, New York, for Kennebec; Wm Peun and Republic, NVork; Exchange, Virgi nia. Sld Massachusetts, Collins, NYork: Meridian, Wiug. Baltimore: Cori.elia, Ricketsou, NYork; a B A^hmead, ?up poaed of Philadelphia. Taunton, Not 16?Arr Ho-nett, NYork; Oacar, do. 17th? Riai'ig Sun, do; Olide, Perth Araboy, lJ'h?Kiuii, Co->k, Phi ladel|ihia Sld 11th, Oscos NYork 19th?Kosciua, do. Psovidence, Not 21?Arr Victory, < hilda, Alha.iy for Paw tucket; Albany, Gibbs, Albany. Sld E bt Mill*. Darling, Matwzas; Marietta Ryau, Wheldou. I'hilad. New Haven, Not 22?Arr Don Juan, Sanford, Martiuico; Re ere a C Fii'ier, Thompson, Guad-loupe; Valhalla, Hayuea, Antigua. Phila Delphi a, Not 23?Arr Kunne. Skinner. Boaton; Ma ria Causey ? tut>ba Albany Cld Mary Jane, Lrmoud, Boaton; Em?rald, MrKenzie, do; Salem, Tuckermau, do; A W Leeda, Endicott. Middleton, Ct; WMCrowall, Chmnbera, NYork; Tfceron, Young. Jeraey <"ity. Richmond, Nov ?1?L P Smith, Milla, NYork; Red Jacket, Dearborn, do. Satarnah, Not II?Arr Tartar. Johnson, Boaton; Wilaon Fuller, Cobb, NVork: Harra, Carpenter, ProTidence (H I).? ' Id Olire Branch, Hagerdoru, Greenock; Ann Maria, Urant, Boaton. Sld Ellerslie, Wallace, Trieste; Chenango, Snow, Nantz: Comet, (Br) Vensey, Wlndiei; Lydta, Illsley, Poiut Petre, Guad; Sterling, Hamilton, N York CHAli.EaTo*, Not 90?Cld Rialto, Chaae, H?vre. 19th? Arr AiiMin, Barkmau, NYork; Brariiian, Hichborn. Frankfort, (Me); Chiua, Small, Bath (Mr); Mary Himmond, Hoamer, HaTana; Cygnet. Kimney. NewV ork. Sunday laat, off Frying Pan Shoala, spoke achr Jonu Hill, from New York for George town, SC. Cld Autuntin Heard, Rand, LiTerpnol; Richmond, Glbba, Londou; Petirl, (Br) Ingram, BrWlndiea. Below?1 brig In the offing?Anaou, Barkman, fm NYork. llth?Arr Shenadoah, Weat, Philad; Johu Bating, Michaela, New York; Catnips. Doane, Boston: Lycurgua, Adam*, do. Ket W *s r. Not g?Arr Oct Mtli Mariner, Latham, from New London, Ct: Van Buran.Cole, from Newport, Rl; Ru dolph Grnning, Eldridge NYork; R H Wilaou, Park. New London 30th?Angola, Bell, Manaanilla; Choctaw, Loomia, NYork. 2S'h?Charleston, Farewell, Myatic, Conn: Anu B Holmea, Williams, NVoik. 31at? Gen Wilaon, Miner, do; Longwhirf, Nickeraon. Newport, Rl; Lilv. Saunders, Green Turtle Key, NP; Pearl, , Boaton. Not 2?St Dennis, Briman, Newport, HI; Floridian, Hopkins, NYork; Elizabeth, Gunmaou, Porumouth, NH. Get 26th?Cld Manchester, Be tholl, Nassau: Ranger, Saffr?y, Havana. 21th?Maria, Atwell, Baltimore. 29th?Ann Eliza, Park, N York. 31st?General Wilaon, Miner, St Marks. New Orleans, Not 15?Arr Sarah Parker, Cutter, Boaton; Elizabeth Bruce, Deuy, Bremen; Batchelor, Hoiton, Norfolk. Cld Hnron, Weeka, Havre. 13tli?Cld Leonidas, Snow Nat chei; Delaware, Patten, Liverpool; Kirkwood, Martin, Balti more. Arr Debdin, Haggtn, Lirerpool; H .idee, Soule. Philad; Cairo, Childs. Boaton; Megunticook, Mayo, Baltimore; Edou ard (Fr) Lnguerenne Bordeaux; Walpole, Thomas, Boat?U; Favourite (Bremen) Wertiug, Bremen; Henry Shellou, Long I cope, Havre; Fornax, Wilson, Thomastou; Uucas, Brown, Harana: Fanny, Patterson, do. 15th?Venice, Salter, Ports mouth, NH. Mobile, Not 16? Atr Choctaw, Loomis, NYork. 14th?Arr Mary Richardson, NYork: Alexander, Taylor, New|>ort; Au | lea! Wells, Franklin, La'. '"'litS?Moreo'.'^'iSgar, NYork. AMUSEMENTS. PAllK TI1KATRK. MR FRAZER, AND MR. AND MRS. SEQUIN IN THK BOHEMIAN GIRL ! MONDAY KVKNING, Nov. 21th, 1844, will be presented for the lat time in America, a i ew grand opera, in 3 acta, enti tle il the BOHEMIAN GIRL?Thaddeus, Mr Frazer; Derila | hoof, Mr Seguin; Arline, Mrs Seguiu. To c include with the farce of GONE TO TEXAS?Mr. Swel'iiigtou, Mr W. H. Crisp ; Mrs Swellington, Miss Clara Ellis. Admission.?Botes, 1st Tier 75cents?Second and Third Tiers | 50 cents?I'll 50 cents?Gallery 25 cents. PAIiHO'S IV KW YORK OPKRA HUV8E. MONDAY EVENING, Nor 25th, 4th night of tho Season, will be iierlormed for the 1st time, Douizetti's Grand Otiera of LUCKK/1A BO RGI A?Lncrezia Borgia, Signo>a Borghesf; Maffeo Oraini, Signora Pico ; Genuato, Signor Pero.zi ; Al fonzo, Siguor Valtellina. Aiimissioit: First Tier and Parquette, $1; Second Tier 50 cts. Prirate Boxes, with 4 admissions, (6 Season Tickets, withoat Seats, can be had at the Box Of fice at $15. Doors open at 7; performance to commence at 7>i o'clock.? Seau secured from 9 A M. to 5 P. M. Librettos in English and Italian can be had at the Box Office. u2t rrc BURTON'S TUKATRK. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA MONDAY EVENING, Nov. 25th, will be presented the drama of OPEN SESAME?Hasaarac, Mr. Burton; Ali Baba, >ir John atone; Morgiana, Mra Booth. Aflerwhich the AMERICAN HERCULES will exhibit. Alter which the new farce of CITY WIVES AND CITY HUSBANDS?Crib tree, Mr O Barrett; Easy, Mr Burke; Mrs Easy, Miss Kitby. Af er which, the MILLER AND HIS MEN?Grindoff, | Mr Burton; Lothair, Mr Conner; Raaina, Mrs Burke. I Hf. hXHlBl i lON OF 1HE CI i t Ot I'ARIS, iu ?A. craved wood, will close positivrly on Saturday 3Utb No Trmber. Persons wishing to see thia mgenioua Exhibition ahould not lose the oppoituuity during the present week, at the Lyceum of Natural History, 161 Hroalway. The price of admittance has been reduced to one ahilling. n24 lt*ro \fASTK.K SCONCIA'S CONCERT w"iil uke place on iTA Tueaday, Dec. J, 1844, at the Tabernacle, aaaistedby Miss Josephine Biamsou, ageu 9X years, with a full Urch>stra, and one uf the Prima l>onua Singers. Master Sconcia. aged 13. and was boru iu New York?Mias Bramsou was also boru in New York. n2l lt'ec BATTLE OK BUNKER HILL ! THE COLISEUM, 450 Broadway.? The greatest Me chanical Exhibition erer witnessed !?almost aurtiasses real life ! has been risitod by oyer 200.UM tiersons in Boston and Philadelphia alone. Also, splendiu Panoramas of the Battle of North Point, city of Baltimore?Storm Scene, Fairy Land, lie he. 1 ickels 2j cents?children under 10 years 12H ceuts. Doors open at Si bofore 7?commence at 7X o'cloek. P. 8. Exhibi eions ou Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 3 P M. for families and ttrangrrs, to which Schools are admitted ou liberal terms, nit lwis*rc lOf'LLE. PAULINE DESJARDINH rea|>ectfully informs <^tA her jiatrona and the public in general, that ahe is about to form a " Clan* de Dance" for ladies aud geutlemeu, in which she will teacn the farorur Polka, Masourka, and all the other fashionable Uano-a of tlir day. Tliemoruuig ?? hool will be open from 9 o'clock to I o'clock, and the rTruing fioin 6 o'clock to9 o'clock. Ladiea and gentleineu wishing iustru> liou are requested to call at M'll* Desjardiu's house, No. 5 Park Place. ulU lmis'm ATc COMPLIMENTARY BALL. rl',HE SUBSCRIBERS, desirous of tesM'ying their sense ol A the obligations of the Democratic party to Captaiu ISA I.iH RYNDEuS.ofihe Democratic KmpiroClub.for his stead) judicions, calm, but firm aapport of the cauae of Libeit,' am Equal Kights, by tbeefKciency of tlie o fanixatiou ol said Club and its semces in euabling the legal Toter to exercise bisrighta, at the late rUitioa. propose to giTe hun a Compliaienury Ball ou the ereuing oi the 20th ol Norember iustaut, at TAMMA NY tl ALL, the day on winch the Briliah lore a evacuated thia tity, after our Revolutionary atruggl*, as the most appropr ate day to evince their seme ol the services of Captain K> nUns m beliall ol the piim iplrs < I Civil Libeity, the securi y of wlucli was foreshadowed uy the retreat of the Biitisli. and is raahzeil by the recent dc feat of the peeudo whig party. Robert 11. Morris, Geo W. Anderson, John J. V. Meaterrelt. E. F. Purdy, Thos. M Jenkins, Jao. Emuiaus, Paul Groat, * . M. rtuffuttro, Wm. H. Cornell, J.Rikor.jr. Thuioss M Gatiagan, Levi D. Blamm, Amos Leeds, David Vaudervoort, K. H. Vau Kensselaer, Mosrs G. Leouard, J. C. Albertson E. U. H. rt, Jol.ii JY1. Lester, Rich'd T. Comptou, Henry C. Atwood, Win. Grand.u, Edw, H. Plu?ie, Peter Smith, E. P. Ward, Edgar J. Leete, C. S Uogardns, Th-Kioore MarUM, Jeremiah i'owla, Chs. LiTiugstou, C. P. Van Naaa, Joseph Hopkins, G. A. Coiioeer, Amus Palmer, Moiton hairchild, C. Srgume, James B. Greeiimaa, J. Mrecti Honry, John Murphy, John Mcl^ardel, H. R Harris, I .ha Kent, Henry Liebenau, Wm. Bhaler, James F. We cor, Jamas Beigeo, 1 hot L. Nichols, H. P. Wanmakar, Johu llaak, Alexr. Vache. Tunothy Daly, Jaa. A. Chappie, O. Charlick, , Lucas F. Hough, Thus W. Msckiu, L. I.augton, Corporal Thompson, B. Purdy, C. G. Orillin, henelou Hasbrouck, Edward nauford, John ilchibbou Thoa. Dyer, J. C. rotter, Ueorge Sharp, Baruey > asterson, R. G. Agnew, Johu M. Blnodgix.d, Wm. H. Waterbary, Thomas J Agnew, Abraham Hstfiel i, James E.Hyua, David S. Willi una, Wm. O. Webb, Jamea Conner, Saui'l Allen. Joaeph A. DiTTar, J. Shermau Brownell, Fi.ooa Committee, John Riker, Morton Fairchlld, Edwaid M Hoffmira, Wm H.Cornell, James EnglisH, Elijah F. Purdy. J. fliermsn Brownell, Prof. C. WRKiHT, Floor Manager. 0T- Tickets $3, to be had of the Committee, and at the De mocratic Head Quarters of the several Wa ds ' /" l.othiau'a celrbrated Ban'l is engaged nl4 tier A GREAT BARGAIN. Ma large store and dwelling house for ssle, also a lew building lots annexed, located in th? centre of one of the most tlonriahing villages on Itir niidaon river. The alore la one hi which a large hiiaineaa n now done, principally for cash, and is still on the im lease, but ill health induces the owner to sell it. Buildings all in prnnt order. The establishment is well known to possess adrantages rarely to be found e ther in tlie country or city. The owner (uiraac of sale) would he willing to nsmal aa far as his health would |>erinit, for a few mouths Iluring Ins alay in the place, tow ird ?till farther ealabliahing cuatom for the concern. Title indiapu table in ahort, it will lie fouin st a glance to be worthy the aitenMonof the businrss man. For information,call on Measrs.HUTCHINGS, CAS WELL It SMITH, 16 i'edar at. al4 Im'ra DAGUBRRE O T I' L GENEHAL FURBISHING ESTABLISHMENT, e1*:HAN?E BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. THI SUBSCRIBERS bog leiee to inform the Daguerreotype A Artista, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tions throughout the Unioo, tha Weat Indies, South America and Europa. Thav hsse also made arrangements to b? supplied with esery new article used is the pagaerraotype Art They liave lately received a large supply of v otgilaendier'a celebrated Cameraa, consisting of thiwa differeut srses, for the sale of which thev are apiximted Agents Alae, a supply of beat Ptatea and chemicals, either lor Dagaerreotype or Calotype, nade to tlieir aa|?-cial onler Cases of all sizes, tlie beat Polishing Suhstanees, and every oilier article need for the Daguerreotype. KHiatAutly on haad. Their l<Hig connection with the Daguar reotype Art and their aacaesa ib taking pictures, may aerre as a recoinmepdation and reliance Di?uerreotyre Artiau, by ?rdering articles from any part of the above named eoantaea >aay de|?ud apon a promt* and aatisfact/irv exe-ution of thei> ?rdars. Their pncea a?e caah. Tricct t nrrei t and wformatiei may be obtaiaad by addrauiag jno't ? 1 ? H. h f I. V.vNiir.lU, nM lai'ec Exchaav H nCi.14, Ihin rlj.his. CR'iLHl.AINS ! ( HILBLAINW ! CHli.HLAlNs"! A CERTAIN core for Chilblaina is warranted by the use of < OOLlDOE k CUTTER'S own Spacific-Prire V) ru. In all cases whaie relief is not obtained the money will be refunded. For sal* wholesale aad ratail, 149 Fulton street, by aM l?*?r COOL I DOE It t. UTTER BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. \V aahlnfton. (From uur regularCorrespondent) Wadmidoton, Nov. It. 1844. Opening o/ Conqrtu ? Virginia and Maryland Senator - Silai IVright ? ' he Succeuion - Jam* K Polk, James U Bxnnktt, Esq. The opening ol Congress is the only theme of couveree among all the rendenta of thia treasary tatted city, mid such a dusting out, cleaning up, and cobweb sweeping among the vauoua hotels, as has been produced by Coleman's extensive im provements in the elegant and capacioua botel lately kept by Gadsby, wu nev*>* equalled in the nation'a ten mile tquare. The whoU town hu caught the fever of improvement, and consequently all wh<*8? business or pleasure call them hem during the session will receive the benefit*. Information whh received here to-day from a aource high in credit, that Virginia would elect a democratic Senator at the ensuing sraaion of their legislature, thua nuking partie? in the United States Senate equally divided at the next session, leaving (he earning and deriding vote on appoint ments, See. in the hands of Vice President Dallas. Quite a contest iB progressing between Wil liam Cost Johnson and Revardy Johnaon, tor the office ol United Staiea Senator from Maryland Coat appears to lead the way, although Reverdy la close at hia heela, working with perfect desperation Silaa Wright ?a expected to take his seat tn the Senate at the opening of Congress, and will remain until Janaary, when he steps into the Executive Chair of your State, where he will certainly remain for the term elected, notwithstanding any inducements that may be offered Irom any aource. He will, iu the mean time, prepare for the nomination of President in 1848, and enter the lista with John C. Calhoun, Benton, Cans, Tyler, Stewart, Johnson, and others, tor the preference by the democratic party. The opinions ana contemplated movement* of President Polk, elert, sppear to be lesa known here than in your city. The preaent administration are ignorant of hisviews, and will probably be kept so for the present, but they will so shape the im portant questions before the country, in the reeent contest, as to compel Gov. Polk to tollow upforth with, or leave hnnsell with the legend of a minority patty in Congreas, without fo.-ce or influence. Joha C. ivalhoun will remain in the cabinet, as Secretary of State, and Benjamin F. Butler or C. C. Cambre Itng, be called into the War Department. Governor Saunders, of North Carolina, will be tendered the Postoftice Department, but as for the remainder, time alone will detetmine. I will give you to-morrow a description of some peculiar things connected with this cit)?its bust* ness, or lack ol business, Arc See. MIUP NKWB. Bjr LMt Night's Southern Hsll. Baltimosk, Not 2J?An kawu. [Br] Watliugtoa, Tartu Islaud; Rea|<er, Sean. Boston. At Quarantine, Alicia, Walter, from Kingston. Ja. A idid, woman aud child ware lyirg data upon tha urck yesterday morning, having died it it said from yellow fever. Several otliere slightly affected with th? name di??ase, have been rrin rved tu the Seamen'* Hospital. Cld Wm Peuu. Coleman, Trinidad and a mkr, Susan E Howell, Bailey, NOrleans; Constitution, Laudermau, La Ouayr*; Chesapeake, Poet, and rlar|i, Beastou, New York Mid I' 1 Nevius, St John, NB; T R Betton, Tort 9|*in; Ontwa, and Sarah Lavinia. Ape lachieola. Chari aiTon, Nov II?Arr T C Mitchell, Kru?e, Matmaaaa 1 dayi; Commerce, Pinkham, Boalon; Latoua, Hamlin, at mouth, Mui tu the Ofliug?Shenandoah, from Philadelphia! John Barina, N York; t atalpa, Boaion; anda barque anknowa. 17th??rr Washington, Mouroe. Philadelphia. ifth?arr <'aijl ?la, Crabtree, Salem, Mast. 7th?s|d George, Yauri, N York; Paul T Jones, Taylor, Philadelphia. IMh?Bid Alabama, Lie* rrp<ml; Zephyr, Wlndiea, Don Nicholaa, Bostoa; Weymooth, New York. At 0'HUiN .sAIaKaS. Last chance this season for japane?e WARES.?LEVY St SPOONER will .*11 at No S9 Du ane street, on Wednesdsy morning tint, 27th iaat. at 11 o'clock, the entire invoice, juit received by th- ship I'araia, from Am sterdam, consisting of Ja|>an Lacouered Porcelain of the richeet kinds and autiquity; original ?ld Dresden Pore- lain, figure* and aroma; Havre Porcelain, fabricated in the time of Loai* 141k, King of France; Kaus of ihe ISth century, with varioa* othar antiquiti**. This invoice is tlie best offered, and probably will be ready on Monday, when the article* may be seen. The publie generally are invited tn call and judge for themselves. Sale positive, rain or thine. >s22 5t**c _______ DOCTOR H. CHR. BRANDT, ed nested at the Universi ty lie* of Christiana and Parii, hat (lie honor of introducing himiell to the cititent of New York and ita vicinity. It may snffire to t<y that Dr. B. has practised nrd>eia* and surgery in tie South if .America for 4 years, and for tha Iaat year and a half, been vititing th* Medical Faculties of London and Pari*, to have the *ett of medicin* and hit prescription! consciea tionsly prepared. Dr H. hasengagad with Mr. HELLBeRO, who la wall known to the College of Pharmacy of the city of New Yoik. Office I7J (ireeawicn street, corner of Caaal. n24 Im'ra POTATOES?1000 bushels vary superior Irith Potatoea, landing ei ehip.Siddona, from Liverpool, ard for aale in Io* totnit purchatert, by E. K. COLLINS k CO., nli ec 16 Sonth streat. COLT'S REPEATING PISTOLS, WITH the latest Imraovamoiu of 1843 and 1(44 I. Hammer of Pistol?t. Receiver with Ilea Chamber*? J. Trigger?d. Wedge for holding barrel upon |>ia?4. I/ever or rammer to ram the bail down with. ^.The a true r> | loentation of ihe t oll'* Patent Re. peating Pistol: great impositions have lately been practised up on the public by retires nln g and selling th* Su Barrel or self Cocking Pistol as Coil's I'utent Pistol, winch. With all ita im provements, i* American ar d trade of tlie very beet materials? iio cast or maleable iron aa in t>e tix barrel pittoL and higlily finished in every respect The Hi* Barrel or Self Cocking Pis tol i* * Belgian invention?the pattern pistol wat imported by a li-rman importer from Europe tora manufacturer ol thia article tome ye?ra mice in thitcity. Colt's Patent, Pocket, Belt and Holater Pittolt, with tharasa rnrr attached, it the latett and moat approved of improvment ia fire at in j, and for safety, sure fire, accuracy and diaunee. they nra inferior to none. The Pocket and Short Barrel Bell Pistol can be fired without ponder, loaded with balls and cap* only, with great accuracy, at 10 to 12 pare*, and with great fore*, they can be loaded and fired five timea in lea* than half a ?>! uute. Certificates from ihe most scientific and practical oavy aad military officers ol high r<uik and reputation ui the United State* service, as well as French aud tnglith navy, can be seen at the proprietor's store. I he < olt't Repeating Pistols, I arhinee and Shot linns are ?old for cash at 171 Broadway, N'ew York, by JOHN EHi.EHS. Proprietor. At 7 Chartres street, New Orl-ans, by H E. Bald wis k Co. and 122 Baltimore street, Baltimore by Benj. 1'eAa, Consign ers?at Meisrs. Birckheed k CoJs Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, aad at llyde k Ooodiick's, New Oileans. nM lm*ae NEW YORK BRASS HAND. i'HE Member* of the New York Brest Band would reapeet fully inform their patrons end the public in general that at a meeting of the Band, held at Military Hall, Bowery, 2nd Nov., 1(44,.Mr R. WILLIS waa unanimously elected leader, aad C, S. ORAKULLA Com|>oserof taid Band?end they now leal (Stored thvt the Baud will lie inferior to uoue iu ihi* country ? The Buid would reiurn their thanks lor th* very flattering pa tronage bestowed upon them th* pist season, aad will use every exertion to merit a continuance of the same. Applicauona for the Band will le maiie io Richard Willi*, Leader, 49 Bavard street; James Conner, i^ecretary, 11 Bayard street, or any of the following members; Wm. Wallace, 49 Spring street; Alfred H. I'eetes, 19 Norfolk street; Daniel Uuderhill. 114 Wooater street; M. Menie, IM For?yth street; John Wallace, 7 Clark Kreet; John Bleakley, 109 Walker street; J. Fuysing.M Orchard streat; lieo. Oe()ller, 130 Forsyth street; E. Wheeler, corner 9th Aveaae and llth street; S C. Loin, HI Centre stieet, Doc'or C. Mather, 114 Wootter streeti C. S. Oralulla, t omimser, 11 Bayard atrsot. It It II ARD WlLLlS, Leader. Jams Coftnga, Secretary. N. B ? Bands provided for Public Balls, Private Soirees, Serenades, fce., by applying to Wm. Wallace, 49 Spriag street nit lm*m NEW YORK RIDING SCHOOL, lot. 1.1 and 67 Watt et. near Canal, rPHE Proprietor of thia popular establishment, begs to render 1 his grateful acknowledgement of the distinguished patron age which he hat received from the public, and to state that his Evkf>i*u School for Equestrian Tuition end Elerciee Ridicg will open for the teaaoo on MONDAY neit. the Mth instant. Hours from 7 to 10 P. M. Tne Eventual of Monday and Thurs day are set apart for gentlemen ami the ladiee of the faaiilMS eicluttvely. Tlie riding master i well known to be one of the inoet eiperienced and successful in this country. jiJ9 lindh* JAMES CnUDINOTON. Proprietor. FRKNGH'8 HOTEL. THE PROPRIETOR iesi?ctfnllv informs h<* fheode sad the public that h* hu opened his new and spleodid hotel at 131 )? niton stree , a few door* east o' Broedway, iu the immc dia'e vicinity of mercantile Irusinees and the principal place* trf tmusenieni. and ha* Inrnished it ia a style that will bear favor Itrle c impariton with tiie very beti hotels in the city The pro prietor iu building and fitting up the above hoase haa had it net regard to elegance and cotnlort. and that he haa rombia*4 eco nomy the following prices will show \ ROOM FOR ONE NIOHT IS A WEEK IM The rooms will be warmed gratis, and npoa ao oeoaaioa will tlfre be mote than one bed in a room There it a HEFECTORY attacked, ia which there are meals served nti st all. Houas of the day aad evening. There are alao B ith Rooms connected, for warm, cold and ahrower lialhi The Torter will be iu attendaace at all tioaee dnrtag the uiaht, to admit lodgers, and to let them oat at all hoar*. N. B ?Those who want Lod*mga after the houee cloMS, will ring the ball hell, altlai'ai RCX?ERS' (iYMNASIUM. Flos IA, IT, and 19 Canal street. rrHH SPLENDID ESTABLISHMENT it aow open day 1 and evening, for tha receptioa of pupil*. All p*'so?s nt sedentary habits should praotite tnrse ei'rci es, wnich are the only remedy for contraction! of the Chett. Di*|> p*ia. M-. oid uary result* ol coatlaatly baud lug o?t r the Seek, tnd "ta lking. Parents and Oaardiaaa of Boys, aad all istm I**, sre i* vite I io c*lt J P ROtJER", Proprietor N. B ?J. P. R., in connec'ioa with IV. J- V^'yer, has opened a large Oymnesium in Bro klyn, at No. rU/"situs street Oeatlemen doing basiuess te New Y rk. who reside ia Brooklyn, will find this rstablijlnneat s cosiplete one forthe purposes ol esereise. t Ipen day ??d evening a*S ? ?>1 KSK OF FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE rorkhtsonian system. A NEW Course will ke oiajred oa ^WednesdsT, ?7th Nov. ?re A Mr. EDMUND blJ Bl ISSON, A. M.,at i o'clock, f. M? W Leonard St. , ., ... . . ,.... Persons withies to follow the Course are isvitad to attend at A|,|,*he'si*''"criliers shall hwe the privilege of following the ?her courses, ereept tlie ladies' one \ eonrte for l.adiea will be opened on Monday, Uth?dayi of niiKin Will be Mornlay, Wednesday aud Friday, Irom IIH to ,.) -w o'clock. For information apply to Mr Edmund du Bnitson, 490 B'oad sy, from I o'clock to It A. M. and from I o'clock to 4 P M Ra reassess. ,. M. Del^fersst, French Cos- Dr. rafter, 1 BarclavaL ml i General. Dr Croasaaaa, 4S9 Broadway V. B Draper, 57 Bee ver it W. H. CaryaCo , iaaPaaflK. Fabrwiuettea^l Maiden lane. C. C. Carter It Co , 1^ as. Loses. Es>j., 4 New *L Berard k Mondon, I* t/oori . Itowley. E , , II Vsasau it. laud st .v Dr. John I oHrer, |% H.relay at M Mellv, M M."?*? Imb?. si?t?*r?i ' " :

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