Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1844 Page 4
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VtKNTS. . I f. A Nf ? ' 'f-i ia-i?Ll.iL- .'a I SOCIETY LiBRAli V. ? fl'HK nn'flUsMr-l Delne-tof y{ Altwiuni Peculiarities, Dr. ' VALESil 1*K, wi)lgi?enleri>s i* NlnMiiiMiittltb Hoci ty i imrv owlMtHW on I wukyKwnms Nov 2?h, |g|i I'kJhat (i j mi I'll I and ilf .t.-J ulint, Miss IIOS: NA Sift" sit .Alter' einiu?nt petformvrs. For part culars, ?*?' HfcM-S'"!"* -?? ? _x u2*at'u?fC . M._., jliVtUTHKMF.NT Mr? pi-.vpv rn 1.1 Dswin limtrnANn sv Rl'D Ci NORTh' ihc Tsb-rnscle. o?'.Vevlne?ilay Kveui.u, lli' Hili Nov conduced by Mr Ol- O. LOU' H i ">4 nMiiil i e*iric'? fro m llir Orators i f lite. Mens-an. Sanson, J >lati. Jisi'sj ilu'c-b us, J<e?triniuiuu, ' re itioit, the'1 li iuIu minj & St<- n? will aliii show by Pisgrauis, and slug u> lie 'mw Ihbl >tirut: 'ml sing "UK S >Ni? Of Mos-ES! , ? On fhi SBth and? li * MisMtlsneous Con'cirt at ftiM"< ?* P. ? ' To 'nim.aiirir, with a yenr-a!fv wl*l' ^r Pin.Us* ?,U Wnii.a.Ji* |iriN(if nil I'lC**"1 ?? f ?mUk lo counn'iit" at H o'clock. .? . ,, ? ... , I -rnr.nn^irBb-"'1 nt'1|- Mu,lc 8?n%. City Hut- , I I'l I ill- ??"' ' V.'? - u2'iatry ualc; TTTt nv ICVE ^ING, a7?4a Nov., lbll, at lialf-p.isi VV jev-io'cloik precisely, .. .M.MK.W VANDENIIOKK Hill iiive an Eiei.i-nr Entcrt uotpfis^ by.w iv of LECTCtyE, Willi ilio fulliHIlK tTr*, roe ical una n ainatic , 41E A D INtAN li AlluLiXAXJttN *. On fW iiiilef^nde c ? of Spanish Am-ric* Clay. i)el?iw ?i X'luiaUMuty saainstT.nue's Age of Reason. Erskjne. QaVlfMfal)'. . Sliaks Ports k'? '? alogium or? Mercv 111. ..f, f.j u\TJ>? > id<utniuer's Night's Dream.... ,Itl. H iiiOrti'- Froiosrwe, from llie same Id. II i"i>'i()r m id 'I bp U>i..? <siulistor. ft, an. Bru-v ^ \ !j,e > (S.ots vim hoe) Huun. I>'iBol loony Audisou. '1 Im ' Vi'? 1 t.ri iifiii T c !>? a Atk-tlii>a?ry ? Colauan. All '!i W. - 'J'., .i ^i*^- Slidk?i?-ai?. tit-H-t- ill c-nt? ; ucliet ad^UtinK "lie g?ntU-niaii and .t?yyi; Vprnbt-r. of ilio M. T.. A. 2i ft?. tf rrc lixn'im'TioN T If E END OF THE WORLD. A PAINTINO, f\[ VWii LAIKiK SIZK, by K. Aiiflli, at tlie Apollo, 410 v. y. 'ilie Kxhibui <u in euurely separate Iroui die Concert l....nn. l>\?nli f i II \. M. to 4 P. M., aud froin C to 9 P. M. AdijiiMK-n *'j i. ita. ni7 linrrc - i ? AlT^THtXTiiT:. MR: HACKV'Tl 'S KMIKWKLL UKNKK1T &. LAST AJ'I'tiAiU NCK IN AMKKII/A, pi?vi"ua lo hi? d*par lurp for Kur.ip ?, ,? (T\t-J fljr Wiuij.\ r.SDAV ueW. 27lli iasataiit, ? liri rhi- | <-.fiimniii i-ii will commtiice md? il,, coii i'ily nf T1IK *KKHV W1VK8 OK WINDSOR, tcompwi.rrt iniu 'I juiW Kalal.ili', Mr. Hi'.ckrtt. To wliicli will >>- iddi-il, thr popul ir ojiejMt dram* of MUNBIGUH MALLET?M. Mai lt- , Mr. Hiickftt To conclude with (lie lnu,'h.?l>Ir'?( medy, in 2 act*, of TIU-: KRNTI'CKIAN?Col Nimrod Wildllr^, Mr. Hachatl. 'l'tic U,.x Book now o|Kn i?2l 3t 'yodin MINERVA ROOMS, 40A IIroadwny, near Canal utrcet. QITNDAV KVKNINO; Nov. 21th. DK. LAHDNER will ^ Hire bia Si??nd l^ctun* on NATURAL RKUillON ! in whiclk. it will lie sliewu tbia tbe c'mracri*r .tnd altribulca o? cribed to the Alioiifhiy in llie Book of llevrlatiou, ore coamt <-nt With then- diacovcrable by the light of Reasou iu thr Book of Num. After the Ltclure will b? kIvmi, a lalcciinn of Sacred Vocal Muncv under the direction of Mr. H. C Tiuiui. PKOdRAMME. (Juirtett, from the Oratorio " Palestine,"........ Dr. Crotch 'I rM-r"Xbe LawRifv'a Urave," C. fc. Horn Ouirterr, fruin (be Oratorio, '? Motea iu Egypt, ? . Kooiui 'I no, from llie " tmilon/' ilaydcu M.i'ett " 'i'li-re'i rent iu Heaven,''', r. ... ... .Chtries lirdi Tic e(?, 2i ceut??Ui>ora o|*u at 7?To commciice at a >4 be fore C o'flo k |<reci?ely. . t.lU 3t i'ASHtONAHLE DANCING. MI)NI>. OAB R I EL DK KO RI'ONAI, T? i^w ?iictn<uurur mrmtnunfrne L.MTejSii'1 Oentleme:i orNcw iL >tirk, .ind vicinity, chu lie h.u arrived fur the |:ur;io?e of Kiviiu inst'ocrion 111 the i-rjnclp-l fa4hiouable Dhuc-s prevailing 11. the ?u jl.ett circles of tWoiimn anil American jocie'y. Mou? K. b in ! .v-ly arnved from Uilstou, Sithito^.i nd,Ne)V l>ort, where Ins style met ths warmejt admiraiiou <.1 tn.- public, and the in.'r>i?d approval of the fashionable c>minunity.? .Vmufin'-oiii'm, Mi ma. K. pro|>ojea to teach that well known ilauce L.A POLKA?the n.-w Ouadrille* with original nluifc? the Valae de On* P.u?the Mazoarka?uew Coiilliooo?uew (ialoppr, and all American Uoncea. Mous K. will i* aaaisted by MADAME KORPONAVai Mancianr. TheiOstnretion will be given ill llie French, Oer ui >u and Enirliih laugriagei. Hooay are euffrjretl at Z& Park Place,?niricily piivate, cool nod airv'?for th# arcommodalion of Ladiea aud Oeutlemen. The Polka, and tlte uew Quadrille*, as ut present danced in the fashionable circt** of London and Paris, can l>e taught in six ' or twelve leaaous, except the Mazourka. All others in twenty four lessons. Kor furilier particulars, inquire of MONS. KORPONAY. at his saandaaoa, Park Piao. Ti.hmi:?< 'lass Lessons from 10 to 12, A. M., 12 to 1, aud 1 to 2, P. M., aud from 6 to 7 in tlie evening. Si* lessons, ffl?twelve lessons, $10,'and quarter, $15. Privaw Lessons?six lessons, $8: twelve lessons, $12; quar ter. $:?. All other hours will be devoted to Public Institute, Acad-' einieSjkc^Jkc. u4 TiVOEI SALOON. CORNER OK CHARLTON AND VAR1CK STREETS. T'ilE uudersigued respectfully inform their friends and the puMic that they havere-op-ned tlioTiroli Saloon, (formerly Richiuoud Hill,) comer 01 Charlton and Varick s'reer*, for tri? seasou, and to aocommodaie all who m iy favor fh?m with their patron 14m havinit the largest aud most commodious room in the city, which w II lie let on reasonable terms for Balls, Meeting*, Paruaaand lirills, and all who m ly favor tlinn with their c.Jl .'ir.Oti Gl. HAMILTON, > 1 H n?* nc V It A NCIS BOUUET^ i 1 r"l"'etor? COUNTERS. TtTANTH) to pnrchsse two or lh.>e stcoiwl baud Si ore ?' oilii'ers, fi.r which a fait price will be paid. Apply a. No 65Xv--id s'.e-f. ulfiec Wm-iVf-il* bu jie s isim - Illinois \\ beat landing <* b*.l;.?ti lifti!*!, ii'om Oileai.s, nnd f-vr sab- by 111" .? h K Clilil.lVx si (> V, X..111I1 st. FIVK iJOLl.A US ItE 'A Ait IV T <i>P-?''ii < hur da-'eVi-nihg', iu Johig Cri*!! 1 211 Harrison st. La>sii. nth Hu'son to h'l.l kli I, diAvil Irniklni to \t*-si Cni drt -y, Hp >V hi e s r?t to Krou.! ? ay (en^t side) to Canal s MfpNs M a H lb) c i-ed ' i'?er Wlti h, (ini'nln r not re co lec-ed) w l.i a steel c'i iiu, a aln t'l seal aud ? suiitll st-t I key, an H int i^itanaTc irinHei Win s ever has found th? wa i ll, andvv.l if,v-itat " 1 "?"???" -????' '|p ' t ilt "Harl.c. shall ruCriva die above irm^ u.d' llie iiatAltV V ?Pviw nLirpkers an. r quested 1 > XUf tV? above described w-iiVtf, 1 IT >? I MA ii2:t -'t' rc J /? i T? r? 1 .N 1 JED' ' Al .-5 OHN McCLKKSl'KH St Ul-'.O'Wl-r^KKNSr. rj be* re ?pi c fully ( ? ml' >m their Irio-.d* mid'he pohlic that tlsev int i.d mi p" li- I.Aiktir. ROO.vlS to .Vliill oe tull corner of l'<? il Ibd Ceuii-e *1 IXIS, Oil .>ioudty. I? ov. 2J f- r the ; ur p ?*??>(giving I'rivaie l.e?> ns i-. ilie Art of dell Oelence. in n.e iiiod-u and- im,-r->??d s'le. llie eisy.nd >ale inancer (I .e fi lm vi Ic?e. ) in which the 1 upil te nure, tlie Art, will be ap p ec ate-ii. ill's eaercis* is leoMioineii ed b- eur l-nit phVsl Ci.uis 1' (?i?w< oi ?<ts*?ilury II ibits, a.iii e 1 ?v 1111 y nr 'uses of ?: 1411a u d che.ise?r<( uii? 'lis- isei, W.-, nt will i?r*riahly iin iniii-irv of tlie human fnrm Dy?pe; t'c sudjec-ls p >r t cioaily, vs ih beijurp'i ed ai ti.e r lief i> tained from mis ex ei'iiise? u.aay imiilM have been eanf ly cuied alte. medicines li n - lota ly isikd. sir ci -?orimi w-ll l? pn-servd i* tlieir room. < >. itlli-iik-a wsll be svaii-<l on an 1 i -anh1 at (heir residents. Ki 1 l niis, ( allien are suudeiaU-) ai'idy as above. 11.1 Iwje TO Mill' MASTERS. T'WE <HK AI'h-IT HKAD1M* IN THE WORLD?The 1 Pe.Ol'LE'rt ANNUAL : Or, LADl.-.'< COVtl'ANION. Kiecantly bmmd 111 i-lotlt, gftt back and sides, With Gorgeous St ?| l-.ii. 1 .1 !? u's iiihI ? - I ?? t .Music? iM ;1'ocai o, con. m, l.iHiKiiranrc m lVoint lb* peus i.f the most eminent Ain iican Will rs, on < ery fciiltjeCl oi irtle.fat or alnuieinent. P rtien iHv . iipni|ii'.ate fo4 the ?pj>ro.ichi. g holidays. !> ? iiaile -upplied .11 liberal tenrls by iCpplication to lliv pnbliiher, 1US f niton street. I r~ Hack numbers of the Liuliiu' Comfanion for aale cheap to News Hoys. Ii23 4tis*rc TO Ml LI i'ARY COMPANIES, ASSOCIATIONS, ivtlJ^'OiANS, LECTUREItS, Sec. AM) K\81 now ABLE HALL AND CONCERT flOOMS, althe Alhaui.e, M Urondway. Eni -uta by the very ftoera^pn'rou gc- bestowed by tlie citireni of York, upon his Esta'ilii.l,ineuidusiuK the two l?isr sini?, On* l'ropnet >r of the Allinnia Iij cominenc d tla entire remodeling and construction of the interior of ibis favor it^ resort up">11 1 scale of great nMgniiiceuceaud splendor, wills a rieif of adapting it to the twpfold purposp of Balls, Cottorts, Uiunea and Supper Parties, Fairs, Ike. 111 winter, as well .u an 111 l^re im Saloon iu 'ummrr, Th is* who Lave seeu tlie baau till.i '. '.'il >.:i-Hi' r?/ iiiauofiq'.ured at tins e&bibtUlslMut, lUUat be satished that no where else cau entertainments I a got up in equal style *ndfa*hi?i], while th- place iu-tf, m the novelty of its consiniction, the e*tiense aud inunilicuuci- of its decora tiortk will surpass all otrwp of the kind iu Una coiiulry. The Books ve Dow ol?-n to associations who wub 10 einiage. the rootns, which will be ready by the 20th December. Terms reasonable. ultl lwis'rc I^OTICE.?Emigrant Boardiiiii House Keepers, and those -i-'1 who are in the practice of acromftlodiltiiig Emigrants, nre reqiieiu-d lo le-ive with the Superintend, nl of the British Pro tective Emigrant Society, at tbeir ? /Bee, No. 11 I'iue street, particulars of what accommodation tliey cau olfer for the emi Krani's.coml'ait, us (o bond, lodging, kr. and ,flie rates of cliMges. n22 3t*ec NOTICE. 'PHK PUBLIC is res|iei-tfully informed that the First Ball 4 itf tbe Thistle Ui-iievoVnt Assi ciation, for this irason, will-take plac? at Tainlnany Hull, 011 Kndty Evening, Decern b?r ?th. lliW. n21 3t*m DOTATOE9.-?? bushels very stiptrlor -Irish Potatoes 1 laudiug *t ship Suldons, from Liverpool, and lor sale in lots to suit purchasers, by n2J rc E. K. COLLINS k CO. X South st. ..TPCrtVTMENTH KOR MIL J. B. OOU(iHJ, tlie Elo ?l*- iiunit "i emperance Lecturer Her Dr. rai ton's Chvich, Spring street, Sunday e*eiinig, Vftv n, 7 i^clock f Hcs Dr. Skinners dij, \Wcer street, Mun lUrefAiiog-, itev. Dr Co*'s do, Brooklyn. IVsd y evanmg 1 AI'et Stru t rflethodlsi hjilsropsl do, Vl educsday eveiimg ; K-v. Mr. Knrehard's d?, cor"<r of Thompson and lloustoii, I'lrtiTsilay eVeiiind. ni> 3l*uk /-'(?! R ' " L VNOI VOI ON 1 HE OR VM w vlA'l ICAL sySTEU-Arfopt- d 111 the ( ollrges of KrMtee, U L?*i?'i?<rd street, c-mer of Broadway, New York Lyceum?By I*' KICK All D, I'rolessor of Kreocb, Latin aud < .ft*,!, *NC 1 Inspector of ?he Ip.ritotloit chstaiim ftt Taris, E*|>e*jWss>r li-pitirwr of the Moyal Collie I hsrler- 'roe at Pa ris, <01 Mime years iuto? 111 nil Aireriean I unity. illsCluitfo? Krwicli, hr Me. K. KICKaRD, s^-ill rom meuce on vUohIsv evenmit, ibitl of Decmber, at 7^ o'clock, P. M.. ami as 41 l ike pl .ee e?ery erenlr* following, Stludays rx ceplad. 'rise pupils will Ih- divided iri two classes, me'for those already advanced, and anoih-r for begmuers. The first will take Place od Moadsv*, Wednesdays and F idays, the se cond on '1 Unisys, TluirsXiys and ttsiuidays. Mr HvcHSrd lias eng 14-U several I'rofiMots of Krenth, Germsu and English, for the establishment of a French Da) School, which will be kepi In (lie sams Jilace, I'ropi 9 o clock. A. M. Ull 3 o'clo k. All tOos^ iV'ishtog f ir.pnvile leisous of I' reutli, German or Italian, wifl pleilse call at tiie aboveplace. Stfriicrkptions will be received by the following, at $li Jer quarter. ... Messrs. P. AjipWw* &.C0 , 200 Brondw ly. " I lenry O. L mgley, o Astor House. '** "* ILjp. Lock wood 5i lie?, 411 Broadway. " William Radde, M Br alway. " , " Williiims fc Stevens, i4J Brnsdwav. * ' ' ?? Bartlett &(, WvldlqruJ Asfor House, " Saxtou II Miles, 20i Broadway. " Mark H. Newman. i'j>j Broadway. " Lockwood Ik Co., OS Broad?ay. " K. (). Birrte.iu, Jli Broadway. Krfeietices ? Mesaca. Ko* u Lrvingston. Broad street, Anson Li*i aMan; Anthony CI srk, ij Nitas ?* street: S Diniier, .tun , 111 W rrvu si eels Jnhu T>let Brigliam, 57 Wilker Street-J ?. Tnsiuipswii, 41, ttnesdway. n'Mtfrc L' l J / \Ur-l''H 1.1.^V.'jh I'i.N'. d "i.i. er ol Joliu Henipsch < ! 1J s?u. for nerly reslJirig in 1'lnladelyhia^ mar ( hesitai and TwclU, will liear .nuioiUuit news from a wealthy rela tive, in J'.iuupe, at llie CouuUug ilouse ol J A M ES PA'PTl SO S. Commiaaioo Merchants,1 Church Alley, Philadelphia. 15th ,'>fo?, IHm. 11 III Jaw4w? rc REMOyAXT QKOAR^.-PBThll GIL*EV takes tliis op|?rtuailv of r? ^ ' tiirujug bis l|iatiu W his friends aud the | iilnic for the 11 be ( al i>\trioiSiie they h??e hevii^ed upon him, and also Isi tulorin tliero TTiat he has remo'ed from No. .i2 ,u?No. Ufa Bowery where tie lias coOatafitly on baud ihe choicest stock ol Segars 11 this city, 111 onv quantity, Mid shall bs happy to receive a con tiaaation of their larers. nlO 4tSu*ec .At z:;i<rzz.r-?^\u i ak .. ? <jb .v>.a?r j-u w 7*k .?">Mr oAm A* ??!? *a old MuW&Md ?? IMrkafeiN *?*.* B**?rr,? ib PiurVUL, Mmi., of fluk liwi? d? Una* VYrtlrrn lUilro%d. It it tft good repair, bmmk of th? atenailt twly nt?, hi I oapnble of btawi a? Mb hanels s season. Mallr 6??? (tutiiM, C3| iblo of mailing MOM bushel* per aim u?. fr* country brewsrtea ixmmm lW same advantage of way ? tfo nud profitable baiin-u, *i lusted in ?ne eantre of ? niMnuae -arinn district. whin eosttnaaeuon of alo.? rapidly ?* "rtlf0frum ?oaum of n wbieh i? w?? thahawd. It* raai afldf cultivate. well fenc-d ud good baildiag*. TrmtJSaB^t Wnt Tr?r. AlKary Oouncv, Jmlr iMi, 1*44 jlJtfra "" Ahf;?Y hotel. ' . " Md STREET, HLOOM1NODALK ROAD. THE | r,.ui ir'or nf lb* hey Hot*) would make hi* best Low oT lli&nk. for lit* liber*' i-urooage given to hi* Imiok ib* past auutioer. P.i* i? fully p 'pjired fur the fall business, sad would eheerfal V fnrnish parties ?r luLviduals with Brmkfaat, Dinner*, ox -U( [*n, at iliori notice K it *iucU of VviiiM, Lfir.or*, and Eatable* will be found as tmid ??< the city markets afford. ?U tfrtc TO LET, JJjri A HA^DIOMK suit of Rooms, consisting of two J1";* '"<** r*rl'?t*?o tiiefirst lloor. au'd ihlee hell ror>~i a. A "rfl '- ?a'e 'able i* fhrntshed, and can be had by early appli c .lion ..I -111 Houston stiert. n21 Iw'rc AmfL Lit-^Niui uew Brick Dwelling Houses, three stories, witli Unshed basement*. in 32d sticel.uear tlia Sth J^MLAvHuue. with stable loont tor tinea horse* in ihe naar of eachhou *. Large yard, and every thing convenient 10 accom nr>dat*uate or mwa families. Apply to J. S. Til,-,Al)WELL, Upholsterer, No. C'9 Broadway. i,i~r Amity a'reet N. B,?The abova house* are well calculated for Caruaea. ull 1 >n.* rrc . . GENT1EMBN AM) T'ADIKS TAKE CARE OF VOUK FUET. "V " _ JOI.D BOSS KICtlARDS has set up twenty H >'<>una nton in4ba liiv>i auillkhixtlmsiiM-M iu tlJ* || oily, nr iiilwiJoil to liavv K?ne out of tit* Inuinrao in UcUi' ber, but bi? 'urtllli u ?o luucli imiiron <1, that lie lies open I'd a wi-w Boot bkd ?>li- ? St<M? at 325 IlucLou, uuxt to the conwr ol' Vaud un atreet, where all liU old friniidn uid the public ueu inlly.ji, i)- lady on hi* u'nv. fnahioiiaMe, aad ele^uit XIoom, Slim s, (j liter*, linlia Rubber*,Children'* Slioei at iirice* to auit evei > on*'* pMilua. UeinMali^r tivii Only una trial is raquiaiiu in prove tin' .uh*ul*t(>- of lu? ?*ubli>U?iunt ovur any othe, in tlie city, ,uid that ine No, is 3UJ >ve?t aide of IluiUoii, ueat to Vau dain a. Just pu.sU the door and roiue in?biing iu the ahildi?n too?Blest the sworn < hilil, how like the rnothur. (u2u lni*ec NOT2S5 MQAUWaY, NEAR GRANITE"" iUlILDJNGy. ]\4"ON8IEUR BDOUAHT, Silhouettist of the Kiench and -l"*- Kn*li?h Hoynl H'nmilirs, reipeetfully inform* tlie public that he baa rMunied to Netr V'ork. alter a tour of four years, through all ilie principal citie* ol thai United Btate*. He hriinoi with lutn a v'!uiibl?collection of Likrne*se* of distinguished character*, in tlvChaiuh, ^tatn, Navy, Army, Li'teramre, Sri I'qce and Art lit* American collection amount to 2S.CM, and !!!? to I'li.ooti; all with their autograph* appended 1 hi* hiKhiy interei ung collection ia eshibitcd at liis rooms, wli-ta* is I'reviulltiusion at all hour* of the day. Mr. K. continue* to take single likenesses or family group*, the acenracy of which are tow well known to tha public to re quire the abundaut and Battering testimonial* that could easily be furnished. Duplicate* of the likeneaiea in hi* collection to be had. ami faimlie* attended at theirown residences, if required. Being about to leave this country for Kurope, he invite* hi* friends and the public generally, to call a* early as possible. ii 19 1 wis* re NOTICE TO THE LADIES. JUST RECEIVED. T3ARK\NE St CO., Ill Grand street, corner,of Broadway. AJ Iwv* ihe lienor to inform the laiiies uf New York, they will o|ien on 'i'liuisday, the 21st iuit. two pases vf 1'AHIbIAN BONNETS and a lntutUsu'e assort went of rich IlIBUONh, (of il.e coming ei-Moii) junreceived by tl.e KranVoii premier.^. ii23l Sutc ... tfOR BALE-Aijuantityof Navy Bread and Oatnual. at? r moderate; A piny to HK.HPMAN, 61 HiyJth st. n20 k'C AllTmCIAL PALATES, * " OONSTRUCTEB so a* to remedy the lot* of the natural V onrs. Incorruptible Teeth, of mrpauing b-auty, inserted from one t > a complete set?and all operations appertaining to the Dental Sueuce, periormed upon the luteal Loudon and i'srisiau principle*, by Mr. \VM. UAKNKTT, Murg<'nii Den tin of Uie ilrm, or J. UAUNUTT Ik CO., of Loudon and Peril, No. 341 Broadway, opp^iita the Tabernacle. n*> lm*r?e- , OAi?f~AND KlHri^STOkS?barrel* Halifai No"."i U Salmon. 15C0 bbl* No*. 1,2, and S Mackerel. WO half do do do do. l?0 do No. 1 Mee*3had. 50 half bbl* No. I Baybrook Shad. 100 bbl* Cod and Scale Kiah. 400 do No. 1 Uib'd Herring*. 150# botes tteale I do HC0 Uw ftnolud SjJraoB. ? ? ? ' ? ?' ?? ? 160 i itsSouied do >00 dp Sound* and Toogae*. S100 Qtl* Cod Kish, suitable for al iypiaf. 1000 uck* Ashton s Salt '0 half and 50 quarter* Mackerel tOO'J boxes Uitoy Herring. ICO qn.irter barrels Salmon, vn. in lota to ?B"t mreh'i"*, by1 W?2l ltn'm NELSON, WILLIS St CO. Cey?t. KALU ARRANOKMENt. NEWARK AND NEW.\ YORK. FARE ONLY I?? CENTS. THE1 NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAFTiliN JOHN OAfr KV. ON and after September 10th will ran daily, a,follows (Sunday* included)Leave New rk, foot of Outre *treet, ( o'clock A. M.? I*hvp New Vork, foot of Barclay- atreet, 3 o'clock P. M. ap4 rrr I'bCA'iAN r AMD I UitaiONb. ft UrtMbUL JiKUM V UK ME*'?. VEW Btttmi-'K rOKT KICHMOND. ISTATEN KSti/MVI).) AMLNEW YOU.1C KERRY. "Ffnrn 1'ier 777i 1, North River, foot of Bittery Place. Aytf| st* I iw SutumlHb l CINDKUELLA, will nu aa x 3* fol lows. U uly, frmn day 20tii to OcnM1-" 1st; *- ir* " m.i.?r-,? New York at ? aud U o'clock, V Vi., ni A ? unoi P. ill. L' Ik a I'ort Itai rnnoinl. at W minute* tot, and 10 minoun te 4 A. M.s "t 1, *H 4IM? '* i P. M. Oaye*' New UrKflftno M l mid 10 A.M.; at lX,S&ad7V . m I ;e . ? " I - W7-1 ?"? ? \ja Witnday?le'ave- if?w York, at 9 -Jid )1 A. M.; at J. C ai M. I.-',r*-' ?-?rt KldlitMtid, ^t SO miuntMto 4 aad 10 A.?' t I, 5and 'i>1 ""zu 'i' mTlMm*!". Kim AL.BANV?HtiliH ? H/V>ut;u.? The -sinunlMM's K\l< :KKI<Bi >CKKR ami iiiifiii.ui'i,ii ..-in on *nd after Saturday, .aeiuurr gJ.l, ieavv twr Aljany at 5 o'clock instead i f ti as heretofore tiU0 Ct itOTTTchTNOED FRjt)v1 li T <5 I". M. N^W /l)UK.. >VD/!' ("> , ciiVE. lU*** OA K't>^ Ai,?a.^Y' <ND ' ROY DIRKCT, ? -.-jti.** from the fi#nt i f Cvu^dAudl *c No froglii M tn1...!'!. r i ..'tin. k, P. M. '1 lie mi a inssure sieanib, ai SWALLOW, Captain A. Mc Le iu, Th^t i.vuuiau. tLi io'clu. t, l .iluniay1, Nov. 2:id, 1814. Kor pusage or freight, apply on Uo*rd, or to C. Cl. lKK, ou the w> art'. Kreigiit taken on tlie tnoat reasonable term*. Freight mnlt he i u in ?.h <rge ol'the kreight Aueui, or the Compauy will not lie responsible for loawa Ke?nl?r days linnt Nirw York Tuesdays, Thursdays ?nd Sa turdaya, at 5 I'. M. n23 pm " PtiOi'LtrS UNJto OF STU IMBOA'IS fc OH. ALMA NY. D \lLV, Sandays tmoepted?Throogh direct. , Won Jay, V\ eJnea.l?y and Kriniy Evenuiga at i o'dc I Ste-imboai I?OCHESTEJl, Ca^tout A Hongiitua, iay, Tnursd.iy and fc/urdav Erentugs, at' 5 o'clock. rjom rt*j foot r,f Barclay stroet. Five o'efook, KM.?Landing at li>Miruied:ate Place*. ? Btfimhoat nOKTII .\MMCA, CwUm R. O. Crat n, Mouuay, V-cdiaJaT, I'riday Allernooiui. ai5 o' lo6a. rp| TitesJay, inur*day and Tjwurtjav h ... . l'jo>w ruslootfirBnrelay*troet. At r i" The ten den clork. hi St->mhoi>t COliI'MBlA, Onptaiu William H. Peck, Tuebd.v, Thurtday end "iturday Aurruoon*. at 5 o'clock. Passengers laVtng, eitli?r pr '.he above line* will arrive ia Altixn t in au nie iia? ' > lake, lite Morniug Traius of Car* for .he rast or west. Tim boats ate n*w r.nd tobnatilial, are far iisi:i-?* with Pe\f rnd el-gant state roumL and for s|>ecu and ac* eommo-lations, ar ?nrivalh'd on the Hudson All persou* a"' lothnl trusting any of tlie boat* of this line, without an ordiYlron the Captain. For |?aan*e, upvly un board, irt to P.O. Prhnltv, ?t tbe Orticnoa the vii?l nSTlrc NEW We AM iu )AT LINE FOR HALTiMORE Vt? |ty.i..?wanr ?nt>Cmfsapkake<!*?t?i.. FARE REDUCED Tt? ONE DOLLAR Ik. FIKTY CTS. ?fA The only red Oimoaition Lire between CWr-Sya^a Philadelphia and Btltiino e, haves tlie lir-t w ? Mow ('hvautit atrrete\i>ry morniug, (e* ce[.t Sunday's) at hall past 7 o'clock, |ier the splendid sfesm boat POIlTSidtHlTH, <;*ptain J. I)eroe, to Delaware City ; thencr 14 miles through the Caual to Che*a|ie*kc City, in llrst rate I'acket Doats. and thence by the Steamer OSIHIS, C.apt J. D. Turner " . MARYLAND, CaptL. <? Taylor. And ariive at lialumore early the same in.irning The public are assured that (notwithstanding the fal?" rej>orts in circulation, of this line having stopped) it is, and will be continued. a?nl noptenion will he spared to give comfort aud aiieelto p iasengwt. The only change that li i| been matle ia that H. T. Heii is no loug.r for this Lute. Look out f?r imposition. The " Pioneer Line" ia run by the lLailroad Ctitni>any's Agen' for the purpose of putting ?iowii the regular npposititai. If you wlih to keep the fare ri ? ?lured from (I to $1 50. go by the steamer Portsmouth, and no other. Tl.e accommodations by this Line are Warranted to be equal to any on tlie river. Passenger* for Newcastle and Snlrm will take ihi* Line from lowercide of f'heaaut atreet. Kare25centa. At'lily to MOKItlH lil't K V1AN, Agent, ort<? JAiVlKS HAND, 311 ^outil wharv**. N. B.?There are two Diily Lilies nf htajfea b*tw?en Balti more and Washington City, at a larr ol $1 50, making the whole fare from I hiladrlptiia to Wushington City, by thia route, only $3. n 't 2w ni SAMUEL THOMPSON'S OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAOE OFFICE, No, 1ITJ Petri atrret. . THE Subscrilx>rs in announcing to t ?ir friends and the puli* lie their continued anil entei tied air tnitein-iits for bringing out himigrauti from (ireat Britain sad liel itid. would ini rely any, til it for the year 1015 con iidernhh ex(ienae had already been cur ed, and no_pains will lie spared to enable thrtn to retain thnt preference. >vluch for ttioje than twenty year* have been ? xt<jn?l i d to this Line The ships employed are only of (In first elasa,commanded by rnmpetent and effieiejit men, wfl( kitown for tin ir kind and con stant attention to the comfort and convenience ol passengers, and as a ship of the Line sails from JUirerjiool ev?y *11 days ; detention it this port ia entirely avoided. When thoac sr'tled f r, diflint' romitig out the passage in iiiev is re(urued to those frotn whom it tv*s rec?ned, without any deduction. A free pamge. per*le<mer, Inim the ?arious JWit? in Jie'md aud Srotfaiid, eau he secured, if^sned. For further particu lar* etquire of SAMUKL THOMPSON, 271 Pe,rl street, or C. OR IMST1 AW & CO*, 10 Otftee Pi?y.?al, Liverpool. Drnfls anil Exchan(>e at sight for any amount, can le- fur n'shed on the Nai onal II nk of Itrland, ihe Nurthem Banking Compaar, On National ll>nk of Scotland, payable at the nu merous Branches throughout tha country; on C. fjrimshaw (k Co., Merchants, Liver|>ool; and R. C. Olyn (t Co., Bankers, London. b2) ln*m NEW LINK OF PACKETS POR LIVERPOOL Kfyftl?Packet of With of N ivemher ?'l'he dplendid and MnlHl/aynr'te PaekFt Ship ROSClCS, (12JO tons buttlieti J Cninain Kid ridge, will sail t>o?itlv*ly as tAbOve, her regu lar day. Tlie *hi in of this llnr being 1000 mo* hurthert and upwards, l?r*ons iborit to embark for tlie old country should not fait to ??fleet this lim* in pr'IWreuee in mr other. Phi'iV gifiit capacity i*irdeM them ut?ire conifortalde and cotivi nlfnt tntu ships of a a*; i Kef ehus. 'Ihe im*immnilatioM oftheje vessel* are uniurt'.<ssed for ealun, sei-'ind eahm ??il ?reerage iwsaeitsers To sefnfe berths early apfHtcalioii vnttst he made on hoard, foot of W,iII atreet or . , W. fc J. lI\ TA PSC (Jl'T, At p.-uniK^ o J23 ^ 7h 8o?fh atrfK, corner Miidert Lin?. '' X( K^'T KORHAVRE^SECOND I.INK.?The jyj^ry.h'p U A I.IJMDIIK, Edward Funk, master, will fall Kor freight or inussge. annh to ROVn !? itlMi u i/m n3 ee reight or iHiaaage, apt,|j to BOYD It HlNCKKPf, L- comer W*ll and Wat*; ats. laadiac HAT STOftK DI?V? IT H nil# CJWWP" MMi ,,rw "* ? rT: mi of Aliit sto*? lESuiei 17*? wwfl 14 Hau, aud a great variety of Caps and f?n- , , ? Mimnon for several tan pa*t hava .tricdy adhered to Tlie HMjrrieton Car Mirer*] vean pot ffva ?iricUT *<U?? tha one-price caah ayateui, whereby ??? are enabled to,nun?? ftcrure and a?U u good in article far im pnc* ph*i#sd.a? ml BROWN fc.CO. htfa.cfsaid innM Th? I ha am Acriuc u? mU u good ?n article B? u> eslablialunei.t in ihetTniled SsMlr*. , . ? ., BROWN k CO'H Wholesale and H*tail id lm*rc Hat. C>p and-Far Sure. 1T? Chatham ?H?i? ?INDIES' VhlJVET HATS. CARL l?? leeve to annonuey to tha IMm of W?*New York /.id it* *rclmty. mat he ha* for *a)eathi* cle 7** hrawd aKablishtoenr, No. IT Ijnisiou street, a larga and uahiouabla assortment ol Ladies V etvet H it*. of all colors, aud tiiumrd in the most iMhionablfitl^ ** $4 each. The Velvet a .iHdar .male W> Division .met. N. 8.-rAlvgeai.df.t?hiuu*M? a?Wtmoil of Pari* Itibbons. at the moat reasonable prices. "30 im'oc NOT!CI? TO THE I .AWES TWafinn of BaKENN*. k CO.. ?!??. o#V Millb-ery House iii ilie Uiyiril Sutes that has a branch In laris, haw it* hiMior to inform.the L^Le*. who desirous or the true Krench Ha'a, thu t wy wilj reeeive by th* . having' tfie' true Krench H?n?, thu tliey will receive bj the packet Fraacou 1st, Irons their twauch in I'arij. l?o ca?r* ol Hat* aurft as will he worn Uil* winter in the *4 J Cltj. \ B.? Not I **t hut vho!?e *>< tnnaru^n. oiirt L&GS, HANDS, ARMS, &c. The Lost of Feet and Tsgi no Hindrance la the JlU of Walling ! JOHN F. THOMAS, Cork Lea MUter, kc.. <72 Waier ?treei. New York. respectfully inform* the public thnt he continue* to manufacture All 11?v CIAL limbs, on aplanihe most correct and less coniplicatt il. haying, throuuh i>*canity, iuvauud. made and worn anartificul lex for forty vaara, and 1 Iweu. a muiubatuiw fat thirty-tira yea?, feel* oruh I deut ol.iviaa aatiafaction to all who c;jll on oitn "jr Let*. LUuii??,Armi, ur tli* coiatuon Wood Le?. NrB.-AU letter* mint b>- |>o*t-paid. "TfVO'lrtl.VCHF. CURED IN ONE MINUTK. by liie n?< of the ClfOVX ANODyNP'..?Thi* in an ercelfent aru cle, ami wUl cure the nio*t viul?nt. Wotn t^tin in the gtirn*. in one minute. The '.'love Anodyne is not unple uant to tlieta*te,"0r ihjuriou* to tlie teeth, and wilLriMUKriTi.f cure any loolii to which it i* applied. Price 2S cents. For tale by _ . w i wm-*- - A. B. SAND8 ft CO.. Chemiauaud l)ruKKi?>. 273 15 row way, eornW CTmmberi'itieft; 79 Fultcn .treel, and T7 way. , n)7 tm'ec BEAU'S OIL. , WfOHLY flWUMBD FOR THK ' HAIR-?Thi* Oil is chemically Pruned frorathe ireiinine hear*' grew, and lujihly > *cented for the hair. Nothing will *non ?VWuirm* er stop it from foiling olf, or restore it in fSmir^SrQ hdld Iilace*, than tlibpreparation. It^dd* JV BTJlfc. in the roou .^ihe hair, audgire* ? ? "? it an'iiiietiualed glo*?inet* and lniu'Tou* :s uatSsSn.? cent* ; large, 50 cent*. "1T lm fC TJILK8, PIUtlSi?DOCTOR CQRBITT'S Detergent Klla." iohl a? )? Dnaneatre*t, N. Y., at 40 cent* per bo*, 'i he* PilU have lately obtained a hi*h rerutatiou in ?yL j!^at Heriie* abd Kintnla*?haviu* met appro**! hi *iich?a*etbTKr,*J London authfirity. 'l'he Doctor ha*_ the privilege to irlrr to ?everal Decioa* who ha*e obtaiti?4 iinmedi?l? and permaneut ^li>f frJrm their UK Tliey urny be taken by female*, in any, and every period of gestation. Ihe Doctor wairant* to cure Finula, without, an ouenitiou, ox no charge. kW# P"*" SSSSSMomi ?.l^V.tle referente*. whic^i clw be Been V I? sou* calliAg on him at 18 Duane ?trr?it. nlfijm ec A11TIF1CIAL TEKTH. lowed to bathe greatest improvement, ni^ duced, invitm*tranger* and the public lu '"J^ AN V new method, which will be found jr?e?Ur *up>Tior toiy r \(tw im littR, c-*b?ncirt|f amongft cthfTi theijtrfwttgeiw great nnd i^rmauent comfort, cleanliiie**, duta^lity. litc. Jo nenroo* patient* it u particitlarly adapted, a* H pnrelude* tli* uecesaity of evtracti ig ttoinoa or root* of teeth, md r'tMU* the mouth in alw iltliy *uie. . 1 he uuineroir* te*timoiiial? from h' moat diitiuguiihrd in *ociety.with the highest dental anJoLlier authoritie*. wilt eusnre to those i?|uiring arti(lcial Weth, or those wholiave had lham uiiakilfully set, thehajjfiylband moal satii-factory re*ult*. .. M. VM l, .Hv"""' ult >m*m - Broadway, entrance in Wnrren *t. A MO%F,smM"fVvfWoT0 TO CUIIC CIJTANKOUS KKtJPTlONilI ANDi CLKAR OAKK, ? TV/rANY?Ay, there are many who have been cheated with jyi tra?h, a"?I therefore think the power* of the geuuina Jouraa Soap ate exaggerali'd; let *uch give itafairuifl. It u indeed Halt Klieum, Bcnrvy, trysipeia*. oaiijer * i?u, Hin?worm, Old Sorea* aud Sore Heads. But mind, it i* Jonea' tJoap ha* done, and still cfleets,the?e euna. Oet it no where else in thi* city?or you will be swindled with a counterfeit?but at the *igu of Uie Ameri can Kagle, 82 Chatham atreet, and U3 Broadway, N.Y.; in Boston, at keddin^'s, 8 State atreet; /fiber, JI Ledger Buildings, ttiiladelpliia; IJ9 Fulton street, Brooklyn, and Pease, Broadway, Allmnr. pl2 fC PERIFOCAL SPECtAGl.KS. A NKW All'i'lCLK, UK aMBIHCAN AlA.VVJf AC I'UHK Their ?uperi?riiy over ali other* i?_a\tealfa^PN. 1 >r. ii^rutter^ur. Can ?ion of New York, nfid 1Jr. McTA^?aN>i'rhiJa^philt "l^he public ore iuvited to.'ou^r lor theouelvea. VV'hole?ale aud retail At No. \j road way?the onlu A?eocy iu this city. N. B.?All other kind* of 8j'ectacie? at lesi th.-m tlie usual prices. ?15 "n*ro /. i<A. NVIcsE, OPTICIAN, F R O M GERMAN Y . Most rfapeutfully inforinV fre citi/cns of New Vork, and t'lc imblic iu eeuerat. that heliai located hmisrlfin this city.auu pens to-uav at 131 Btoadw'iy, a laru'r and most eomplete as ?oituieut of S|>eciatles and Heading Ula?*e?, in Oald, S>ilv*r, .nd Hteel Frames. 11- Would alio nininil tlie public, to whom i* is partly known bv nia i.iinual visiu to Saralora bpruiK^ Mute tli- last nine jr.vrs, tiiai by .hi* k?owleilse ot the optical .cinice lie is enablnd to Jetenuiue tlw ulujsen siuUhla lot any -op. IVtsons with wea* ?y*s can U' supplied wiUi glas?e* *hich will greatl/ beiutit and not strain the sight. r?rticnUi .! .. .ti?.I s.a n srtil* nf n?r? iMTtlVf* UTtlTlQll 1^1 nrmlru ai tr.e vt?\ in uieu r.u*<v: ui?-? ?,u? u;d iiuurovii)^ J'Kht iu cjiit?QUt.d viTttiu^ and readiut; Sliort-*ighttd persons, anc such r? have been opafattc lU'on lor tl ? be aiu-J. He iirnarU liter, ue new Klcsse* of .operiiit juality in old rr rtirs, < solicits (he patronage of all ia wait of h,. vUc>*> fl^.call^ ^ ^ *7 jtn*rc 437 Ctoadway. BJilMiCfH, li Maiden Lane, (nr> inur*,) imp(?tter*?>r ttac ? lish, f reach, and UeTtnau double aud single barrel fowl .hj and backing UUNH. trooi the loweat to llnest walitiej Also, always on hand, an attensivt aasWtmtttt Ol FIHIUL. x tS l?ouble aud Hi.iwh* Barrels, am^wcrag 100 different kind*; lach'ding the modeia Hi* Bar.e Ulevolver*, all oj which wil m sold Itiwet than ti.y o'Jier li. use m thi'fttadr MerehanM an 1 li... Smith* aie paitioulvlr rfltiMted to Mil, previousi to aMLkloH Oi*l* parch .*e?, as may will eermtly fifld it to Ui^n .d??*tny- *"* '"<*??? JAOKSON, >aTA.CEY & SMITH, VTANUFACTUluJlSAi*D LMPOKTJfctlb ofI'cn.lPockct 1VX ^ud Table CuUwv, H..nou, Scissors, Filaa.bawa, laola, "ote^r'P"?"0f^MNoWlt?LATTBTR?CKT. FIN E SEWED BOOTS It ETA I LTN<r F Oil <ji3,6?), ^.MADK in tha latest French style, with a line ti'ch, aud in nevcry ri*Hi>ect equal to tho*c usually sold for $6,00, warrant QlrillOEive satisfaction, at D9S Uroadway, opposite Niblos, Naw York. ? Boots anil Shoes of all kinds made to ord?*r.? W idiag and llepsinng djne in the Store. A penernl assortment if Ladie*' K inn Krench D^iO'i conitantly 011 hand, with a lull os.ortment of India Rubbers, botli ladies'aud geiitleMeli s. o2, lm*r e MOl. LTON {<? VUUNtL THICK HOOTS J JUST HKCKIVKD FROM THE MANUFACTO RY, and lor sale low, an invoice of prime Men's and Boy's Thick Boots, by the ca*e or single pair. Also, constantly o.i hand and for sal?, an airortuient ol bole *na I'ppar Loather, with other miejea in tha line, in l0fSl?0|*n??e'y ilOUCK'ij PANACEA, T" , CKLKBRATED for tlie cure of Dyapepsia, liKhgestion, liheumitism, Cougli*, Cold*, Cousnmption, l/y*entary. Pile3, Liu-r L)i>ease, Asthma, l'leurisy, Vcunial and .-..arcurial Diswwes, Allectkms of the Skin, anil all disease* arising Trom iuipaie blood. .. ..... , _ . , A frish supply of the above Valuable Medicine )dkt received and for sale, wholesale and retail, by the following Drngiist*:?

II. li. BCHKIKFL1N k CO., KW John *ti*et; BUSH ft HILLY Kit, 178 Oteenwich *treetj 11ADLLY, PHk LI S ft OO., 148 Water at., and JOHN C. MUltlllSON. 188 Oteenwich ftrei't Pamphlets setting forth lli? rem^rkahle cure* nada by the above n\f<liciue cau be obtniued as above, gracis. ii 16 lmeod'ec MEDICAL NOTICE. QTRANOILRH AND CITIZENS afflicted with any form O or variety of Hvphili .ie, Mercurial or other disease, or who hava been wily lull wired by qnack*. hr.d hewer carefally perw tlie lollowtiig letter:? Dr. Coop-r?8ii:?Last Joly I contracted a certain pnvat' disease, ana iiuranliataly applied to a doctor, w1k> promised to cure me in a wee*. I cimtinueil with him two monuis, tint wai gradually fctuing worsa : I tried one alter another, all the adrrrtiti' ir doct irs, and each on? promised positively tocuie me. I at length discovered the object of rti??e plan was mo ney, aud that tliey war* not doctors. 1 concluded to go luto the hospital, where the dcctcts kept me under a course ol mer cury for eiglit week* ; my ih/ont aud nose were u 1 c /.Ucd, pain* in all my joiuu, lutd my body covered with ulcers. 1 wa* a Bauer your care on me ursi ol ?a uw( imv,. j aiu uon ?. resLertid ta pertact hfaJ'h. 1 wU^bia w^utod. CaTentar asd Joiner, Haileui, N.Y. Dr. Cooper wjumrti to euro "lery case, oo loatter how loij* atanding, of OW, H'.riciuif and Sera nal WenJtiiBS*,. and mild cun ol privnw i"v<l-> l; -a cnr?d in 18 jio-.irs wiUiaut u urfering with the p-'ti-nt* hshut*. Dt. Cooper* Office, II Duaue jtreet, twe #1 t)ri l.nm i oh^m tt. No rn;'? i a it"? v nU rrr Nu J ICli..?I <o.sniiieej |>ir iia< Uet ?lnp Ll V r.Hl'UtlL, fr iin Lnerpsat, will ideiw lend tli-ir permits on board, at weal Side Burling *lip, ot t? the ullice ol the subscntwr* without de' lay, as all good* not |iermitted in Ijve diy< will ba <?nt to the public *toi". WOOD11ULL ft MINTURN n 17 eo 87 South steret. THI OLD COUNTRYMEN-iR*inltU*ee?in small or large J. sums made ti? all part* of Kuom^od % plnu which wii sotirely prevent tie loss or delay of th ? aaiiie. r or p .iticular * ipply to C.LlVlNOiSTON, toreinn Aiieacy, aelVrre. t Wall atwat ROSINbarwl* No. l. 111 geod ahippilig eoinlnioa, for ?AJ, by . iVlcCALI. ft '-O., ?ailwrrc > (Ml ilrond stiert l/LOUit?8U(I bbls. Vita Entile ^llils St L?uis.l" lout. C 200 do Merfctrmts do do do JG no Cr?*reiil do , , , . Landing et ship Uncas from New Urleans. and for sale by nl3 . K K COLLINH k l Q? !Ai Soutn st QREATHINO KELT.?? cas?a of the very siwrior pament !5 Sli Villiihg I'liper, admin1 ly r tlculatad lirr she itl'.ivg v*ssel? mil roofs of house*. Korsale in lots to suit ^urcliawis, by u* K K ' M| 1 |Nlt i U ? w S'"'*'w H* ~K VIP_200 bales dew rot Heiapof very stiperioniu 'llty land ing ei ship Vernon, Horn New Orleans, and for sale 19 .outoeicplr?^ COLLINS ft OO. MSMMilttMC VB IITO W* ? SL'PKKIOR AND SYSTEM WjCTKUT WiJsS'!:sr,;.?id,Bs York, from Loudon ami Bo.ton, ?U he act with the most brilliant success. uiosi .Mr. B. guarantees to all |?uu of gvxav tar., a moit inte rior haua-wriivjji, f?t TwiLte Kasr Lessons !!! no matter how mad, illkuihlk, oKiuriu, or defective their writing tuav ha. To THr. Ladifs, who meet daily from U ro 1, he imparts a i'llTIfy-like " u mlc* elegant. reeherche Tothi: (Ikntlemen he communicates an expeditions and . mercantile hand, bold, sukk and style, tdsnuid lur [ every 'ccupation of life. N. B ? 1 ddi' ional Lesions given, (free of extra charge,) if required by the pupil. J " " , ? e* Mr. B. can be seen from 9 to 1 A. M., oi J to 9 P. M * ,3.i t jt i ~ i V m ri 4"f'-Thi? aum.iug and useful art ii taught by Mr. lii ill 12 ifsSnnu. Bouk:Kk?'j>u>u taught practically ami tvientijically. N.a ? Visiters in New York can take a course urWriting in 3 d'>-? !! nu lm?rrc JO PEMSON 8 INTEND 1 .Nt? Tit VISIT THE IMuAiMJ Ub CUISA. ' PROGRESO HOTEL, three milts from Havana, mHN uf?T *l fr <i^",V"V hour-fur 20 cents. T"18 favorably knowu, lias been ?ularxed, im aod htt?i ?p (lie present sea?nm, in'the American Jtjle, with Klaus w indow., car|*ti, &c, A., revardi l6cHlijy and f cliiuatn. It cw? baa?t?( being situated on the- moil aluible apot aKiUihe *? ole Island. It. contiuaity to Havana .-iKord. the ?ani )uf oi i country and a city life, and almoir a .laily iuier I COIil?'! Wli ^ 1 Cnited States. 14 is surrounded by pleasant . w .Ik. and drives in the midst of some of the most delightlul PW to which visitors obtain fire ad on i si ion. To invalids 1 rVU,el' l.Mn<Ju,.,'?y. ??'l pure air, without placing thera W . tx'ach ot til" best medical advice and medicine*.? I he owner prdu&iscs a good American table, every comfort and 'Htf uu;ui,?" moderate tar to,. Thwa will be in the house ? nTHMf^TO J. CARBONAl. .CAST OFF CLOTHING.1 "" us of canmting into in^^rill obtain from T Si CiiSSSSlF'*"' "h?wiu H. LEVETT, Office No. 2 Wall street, Clothing cleaned and repaired. Hud*,. * 1C7-A Hub through the Tost Office, or otherwise, will rreeir prompt attention. o!6 |in*re CLOT" tKD kiJXIN1TUKK WANTED. or Ladies, hanng any cast off or superfluous Clothing and i-uruitnre to diajMaa of, can obtain for them the h?.^'uPr\cS* 7 ? jlhe subscriber, (or by now through theJfost Office,) at hi* residence, No. 69 bnane street, tOwhic^unctuU attrition will be girat. M. H. COHKN. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE fHJfi .HIGHEST Plticpj can be obtained by OeVdemin ^ri^A^iSh^h. de"",M ?f e?nTert""f 'heir left off Families or Oentlempn qnitthig the city or changing resi ^h' "J ?uPe,??S??? ?"?<ta to disj ose 0^)1 Bnd it much to their advantage to aen d for the SuDscriber, who will Ulead &t lhair residence by appointment. J. LKVlNtTYN, J '' ">ugh the Poat, Office, or oihw^Se'.Nvfl'ri-cfiTe prompt .rfcrnon. o1Tltn?ec -? aHlltl iVlAMJFAUTORV AND GENXI.KMK.Ve CLOi'HINU STflHE,, JUST IfvtlKIVKD. the latest and'^nrtrt approved French doa*rrit'i*i ^ AUo'1 general assorunent ofalotbing of all s-iliit'''81 t},e following low prices, viz:~ ,u'u f ?*>J m''j' ?iid trimmed from... $8 00 to 10 00 rnntalooi,* i.ud V ents miide and tmnuu'd... <J ^0 to 1 75 Alt "jade in Ox. best inauner and most fa?hionablc atyle. rr.*2, P',',""-1! mdd'1 to "'d", Hoajsiry, Gloves, Slocks, t^lm'.c * U*Pe" WM. COLLINS. Owicic or >KFier.sowllitiiKikck U0MrA!*r, ) ? 'u?i on Gooilii Wflni. and Ai^rchdndiio &nn CawlS!,",t CU ok Vesaels ani the^r Thomas W. Thome, ^ K.luha Kioira Anion Baker! JB. Hi Hobsoo, M. D., Joseph Drake, Mo^lTnn,U.r,ie6' J?s*ph Allen. ' James K. Hofmeo, jSlS ft Va*"*8l,i Joha p Moore, < /? ^r*' ? James H. Whiting, Wm. K. Thorn. 5*25*5? Thomas Monell, --.^^WIEPARE for winter. SHIRTS, UNDERCLOTHING, DRESSING GOWNS, ETC. Prasidiat ml m ? THiJ 9lffN TllK GOLbiCN FiSIir* - 471 Brotidway, corner of ClinmtyuiVstVcet, .. ?"" lt*ylfm.<u T"'l Imd a most sjilmdid as.ortment ot the uiulertneiitinued article*, just received, and calculated for the iT?il\ ^ ^Proichmx.Masoff, which lit- oHrr? mi. such prices IkS2?,W? tho* who lavur him with a call. i H'Vlft"",ra"a '-'i,tton Sl,'rt' ilu<1 drawer*. 2 ,^r2rf' Cravats, Satm, Silk and Moh nr. Pocket Handkerchiefs, Silk and Cambric, a iltlnt ei jru?i?e as.ortmmt llo.i ry of-verv dncrii>tion. Gloves o< ? isr.w'y'j Ii4',! i""1' Kiioulder and .vioney, on haud or made to order. Collars, Bosoms, and iu fact every article re quired for an euttreputht. Particular attention i. called to our .??v sivm oi I ari. Shiru, which are made entirely without sus auu Ijiey are found to lit sui>erior and will wear bettfr ;?!?, f?hirtaffer befoni made. (Shirts mad? to order in the ?x*c tashiouable Kyle and on *jie shortest notice ir^v corner of < chamber, strict. _?s_M^iember, the Siitn oljlu! Golden Kish. u23 Im'oc . GENUINE TEAS, _ ,, ,,WlOLE8ALK AND KKTAIL THKi C AWT ON TE;V COMPANY PK1NCIPAL bTOHK. 121 UHATHAJ>1 STHEET, N *Y. Branch Storet, ill! THeeil&r itrctl, Xew k'tnk " m bh_uvd Hreel. near Suitulk, - . l-'l tjrre.e.iuvich, near Wilton, ^.s Wilton eh eel*, Broiklun. *9 Chrttnut end *i North F(f)h ttiefl, l'Ml<ul,-lphia. 71 He-.wver street. Hoston. _ ' rseas in U* uuitea states. Tlie uaireisM popularity imj? aowu ol the. .- house with /tferenee to hi^h qualities, low prices ind uptight dealing ? taowMI u.itUrstood t6 render ^unher co^ I menu n~?*ry. ^Ornfond and only wat^h?use for the Ule ol Howquu sBlack I ra?"Obxerva!'"?Stranger, will beimrticul'ir yill "i?lnbrr of tha ptincipafstore in CUtham at. 1 p;'rl <^<1 Hose veil street. The pu'ijf will la ,8 notice that the Canton Tea CMnjmny ? Tit- ai:>' ot,?" iWrp? "cept thoie described *t U'e top of ?lu? adrmiaeinent. a?2S n o /vS/.:9?'i?'it,v/i,01'KSALK Af(D HETAIL G R 0 0 E R Y AND W IN E STORE. 70 Nanuu Street. OUPEHIOH TEAS, COKKEE, SCGAK?Also, Wiaes in i,,.ifTl irI ,*n1ft7,7r. V,ri'' ''haui|>agiie and Cognioc Briuidv' i } u'co Jamaica Hum; Holland Ciiu? London Hrown Stout; Editlitirsh Ale, Kresh Kruits.'^c 4tr ' w! , . , JOHN 8. 8COTT}? ' Wholesale and Uetai! Stitre, 76 Nassau street. ? ? and Bowditag House ? t to liiair advantaire to , " MO.U.1S TU rpHE lt(bscri)*T continues to matmfaciare and Pas constantly .T, """""'"Ortuieiitol llou?;hssuitable for the South* eni ?VVfStein Markets, tnauuhciiiRd Irorn the beat yj- old and competent workmen, which he is prepared to sell at IN^cifd prices. A,so. a general assortment of Agricultural Implements and aiacniuea or the most aj'Proved j>au*rus too uuinarous to tuen W?? ?lth s 'u'' a.sprttreut or Sfives, Screens and Wire Cloth of his own inanuf&ctdre. And, also, agent for Wm. Hovey's Patent Hay and Straw SflSISfiS1*!?''f*_V It1" wauufactnier^ prio't?to v ? n , T Iiuir^nir #uiu ueuial .^r??re, N. U.?1 eople froia tha couutry, HomI on Keepers, v/ho buy for cain, will liud it tr i 1'^ tttabliahuftntacfll. Ciouds sent to? liee ol ^xpens^. _ nM lm*rrc g^hcr withj.. JLjjloith'* I'ate'ut Uws^.7u^hi?U ..jirffi '* ?? Prepared to erecute order, for Cotton (iin. and Gin Geera, ilice and Coffee Hnllers, Mill tJeeriug, &c 4ic DAWtEL L. CLAW^Jon! 191 Water itreet. ADVIOE GRATIS! ' ? - D'^si'a assess Office S3 V ? - I Unane street, near fc,lm. on lm*u FRENCH CHINA. _ ?EM<)VKD TO NO. 6 6 LIBERTY STREET na.u.v... , W"P HTAIHS.J ' OALKSMI-., Importer and A cent for Mtmufterttiwrrrias . ?- a'ways on hand a large assortment of Uinni-r and tea srts S-lIJii' ?t^f.a" r8'ff 1 orcslaiu.jti well as Dinjw.- anil UM(Mft| Plates, of all siioa ai?p|ted IJjshea, Soap Tureens, K'seV' ""*? Bowlii Iruit Bdik-u, Custard A fha\ Au'? .p!'CT ?r*4.fCich Drcontwi Dinner Sets. Cile '' Chocolate \\ are, Greek, i/eneli and Ajoe.ricaa All Che ? -tl-lr-s are \?-irrvitod of the hot Quality, and to ha ? "Vld ?u li^eml ??;rr?n. ami in Int. ?*> w 99 i;? tr ?-v ' wi mjt iiuu uofuity rn?% ftiid in lots to itj>< rtvehweif., Vfil.Hi \ AV pi1u.L1PS-.T1S VasTl."aTGran<rP^r,Ta;p. ._!? t |*n* f torn Eugtand by tim cel^mted to ia now to bi sold, and may be ier? at tha f'idnoforf? oiurrc"* 8toJ*'t' Worcester i Dauhain, joi Bro?dway. FARMS FOR BALE. A N escelleut harm of 101 acres, situated in New Jersey in a ** L-midstite ofcuk^anoft, wHMVmrrt4uvent?n^ Mwi of I imii li^it r^?i Ur' ^'nau.^f nil cleared, rtnd the icmr?r I 'thai bten lnnsdaitd wtll manured wit It in the last two ' wab? .. j'Vf.A" buiUliBga in k?mm1 repair; plenty of good i T,r,ety ci??" Is-ust trees, and a large yuan ! !? hi! j J-'* acres of very suivrior soil market"1 /f r.|tr"C if' be'"* w"t,liu ?il ni'l" ol a good on safd rm'at t!x f^'/cenT Toe?dTlSrVK,Bw^ '1*1 t' ? T> v.?y a..,.,^giy CO .?ir 1 LI--, t7 front St., New Vork. <tr to JyHN Esq., Bouudbrnok Ho id. near New IJrnosWr II this should meet the eye of JOHN * . --VDEHDONK, a?ck Ms."?tr'" ,*',VUIU, ,,,cri "??? eye oi juni> KUWLWll. lata of Vantage t!?'auend TEETH! TEETH !! TEE'Hk'! 75 cr rfNPRECEDBNTED? f/,''"'led with line W ith tin loll, iCKNW ONLV. tip rnliicnon made Hi Dentistry. I line gold iiom 76 ttnu to ii 00 With his celebrated mineral. - ? 7i Tootach? cured 6r Ulceraled teeth extracted, U ni<Tm? ? TAYLOH, Uurgaon bantist, _n15 rm*ec 64 Broadway. BU.SLSKSii TO THE CONTINENT tW EUROPE. I HE Europaan and American Emigiint and Transportation ii? .C.0mr? w **t a triutworttoif person aoon to the Cou liueiitrfif tjiioia, who will visit uea/iy avcry alaoe of im. portancei" Iloljand, Gctmauy, JJemnark, Norway, HwJtn *c. I ersous having anv hu.iuesa for such an veut ihiwewlifi wuh to .eud (OT ti,e,r, or , .rsons ^r ciunpa^TTa^ng I",. ' Wl<n 10 dispone of, are reyuejted to eomtnuui cat'w?h the uni erakned wiihciut ?/eUy., uul nH ?w?m Wot>DWAKU U I U? 117 Washington st. IJITATOE^IMO bnahela vary ailivrior Kiiglrh P.itiioes' 017 K. K. CO^LiNB It CO.a6 8outhrst. S""AR_" u,u r"~ co M South atn ?onutyj ky all who wit ail wno Wiu? *d.the pale and ghast ly ohkct, caused by spitting blood, and* meet violent cough.wflh jssrrsisrti'tfSs ,nv tit-avn--inyu 1.1am with me, aii? * J;T.wh*e;ml..^r ?vho union, curt uker, made iua?"T where sne w7.ldbfmo*,lik-dy to obt^TZi^sgM'fifcu sh. w*?told of Of State*, the nervous sy<um, or iim-tred '"^"Xline A'?- wuinl sud to prwent ivrvolis Iiodi falling * ' . .? hopeless forw?fif this n?l.riiw HiiI'd in the ?U'" V' f.^C bol'i> Or. S,poyne's SyVu? was th-n .roeured. and tM 1IM??*? gave and by tM time I hao moved th*j uy coagh had left me ami iny streufcth so m icii / |v rr I wasable to take the fresh air,nod a.m jh^rt.n?> ?wlr covered my f'trmrr heallh, rai j? w,rT2b?i^!? ?. 0 liv s in Jv tbr above statement, you can call ">7, '? 0 uv niper street,one doorheloW ; 'AN REEVKg. ?Cf" Be cautious to ask for the orrgi.ial, L-r. of Broadway and J<*?" ?tr*et, New-York; R.A. w lli)*m N Vo'U; E. B. Warner. MS Bicker street, N. York; Pierson &i Harmon, 720 Broad street, Newark, N.J.; israSJjft te; titiTbJoSr>- ?t'i^sAJ'iScr&ffS. se;?tl Itt'tt. DltS. CASTLE ANU EDWARDS, AU11ISTS, 381 comply" with ,th.ej^y' J that wh.U i"New Ycik, on hi. way toKngUid, he ptacM himwlf under Cat: rofessioual care of On. M i Auiists. Uuder their uealmrtt lie recovered liis bearing. ono ^retUSS^?^miUtVy ilf.'MeNEVEN.M.D.. . 8nrgeon to H. B. M. 1'orces, Jamaica. A ?jr? cure for i A.he, IW-. Bnrtregi secretions of the otjiui. Thrjr Acoiuuc Oil has ^Wuuwaxds jfSES Whit* street. "4 ' - JaYNE'S hair tonic. . . TAYNK'S HAIH TO NIC.?We hare, heiwtoforo, nnmberee J ourselves among those wl?o beliyrjdItht the_'_Hatr Jhjnic^ a^Mof^'hihed mirble.'nuS.gre Xon7>"tingand riddle or tlie idea of atieuiirtinc to cuTTivatc ?o barrena ?l>oi. a bottle or two?f lh? Ha./ Tonic from pr. J?^e.?"d to hix direction! applied it. During the preaent wertj tlie *anja friend ushered liimeelf mto onr preaenee. ^.d unco^mgjnt hitherto nalred head, aitonuhed u? wr'h a t^ u^ouK^ wiuriMit growth of hair, from one to two incbw in teugtl ?upmi tiw rery rn miaea we had helie*^ ru uuyielduigW.culliVjUioo. ?? die trackl?*si sand that skirti the Atlantic. jL nti is uo puffi is religiously trw. and to tho?? wlio d be ?otiite<l ottt. What w more in fworoi ihii ionic, mhp case here cited was not one of temporary haMness?no lo*s of tlie haur?bat was one of-yt*afi'.#taniJiMf? though K ^ of age.?ll'liilwliduh" Bpmtof ''^SSAumm. A. B. at D. HANDS, DniptuU, No 73 tfulton f.reet, *7'iiroailway, and 77 K?*t Broulway, TMh iU fi'lNKSS Ot M ANKlNL). f 1VKH COMt'LAlNT, Janodice, Dyspepsia, <^ncer> Li Kistula. Pil'S. i*olypiu,'Kheuinatism, O?ntorted and Ulcsr awd Boue., DikmSof^the ^Throat ai.d N'ofe. pi >vi?*ever dura tion and eiteut, whether internal oytteru'U; ""ij" "jj"j' eases of Suntery-. W-Wthl1 treatineut yf- otnet l>racti'ioners\lave detpaireo; Djseaies incidviiuU oeculiar to delicate female*. 1 he iirst medicift? ' ' " Will he afforded prttients free of chare*. Applicaiiu mirjt nv member the numGw of theaubiijnber^WJte&fi?*?. njJSJ he has his exteimve Cliemical Laboratory Mul bli Mtt "J?J Store. The suffichber compounds all. nis ceUWaled Uermao medicines. No name * ^iSSoRrffB&Wl-. Member Medical Society City and 8t5^?|^in^,e^PXt* oli Ins" re _________________ MEillCAL AJJViCE. rvOCTOK LAMEKT is still confidentially consulted, at hi* D old office. 63 Gold street, between > u I ton and Beek man , ou all diseases of a delicate nature ; his treatment beingI mild and judicious, requires neither merenry, restraint ?i ',u. clrance from business pursuits. Keceut eases cured in S or ? DEBILITY, NEHVOyS OR CONSTITUTIONAL, arising from a too freuueut indulgence of the passions of wdis ereet vouth and thweby eausiug nightlyemissiqu*, and erejit ually confirmed impotency. engage the Dr. s.str^>.c.f5'V-tiiRu>iii his objfvt being to restore tlie systesn, meutally and bodily, to ^STKHA^l^Ka^Xse^'VrequanUy' existiiywithontthe natieut being the least aware, sometimes Caused by mai-treatr merit of uninitiated medical meteuders, "d eowt'mM by tlic neglect of the parties livm selves, are, by the Dr. effectually cured, without pain or incoiivenieuce. The Doctor being one of tlie few qualitied .ai jirynW*. L'a(muKr(9 i Wrftct ctiTc, ot no cham. made, tetters, pont'PSid,enclosing aK^medi?tel> aWi*3to, and medicine, ?it? advice, sent toony part of tlie United btates. Otf ue. 1.3 Hold ureet. Open irom ? A.1.. to ?1 .M. o3U lui'rrc ?'wh STOVES area iVii ..four Count y. The liS-ril pam.i.nKe TfW re<-eived l;wt wii.teiv?!idth?-wii?erMil-?airst?ctit>nm?y gs??. hn* imtaced^i^ iuvctitor, at a gre-Uexpose, to introduce al^rger si*, elegantly ornamented, wilt, u mica door, and surmouuti d with a splendid temale ligure. Theae stove* liuve a decided advanuige m la?or of the purchaser, 'i'l.ey ui,.y be ujed for years, witliout any expense, ?iUi very iulecaie. Numerous tecamouialseftho 4ood uualities of tl.? ator* stoves, Irom gentlemen of the high est'tt^rai' M, from all p uts of the United States, cm be seen at the uloT* oltlit- Hubicnuer, where wikl also bo louiid the Conn b?an lW?or Stove-ail new a..d splendid article, siM-en-.r to any ever yet offered to ilie public; together Willi a complete is .oruueut of 114 Or-,1 ,t?,t. one tlour east of Broad ?/ay. N. B.?Hutuei for Stoyvs, Niches, and oilier oriiauieuval m ?lOSfS, for aaleAi:i7uv^. """ " r,k 1 t AiNiJ AGENCY AT LI VhillOOL. SO TICK. . , HAYINO withdrawn .ur Agency fnftQfy./few >lf'?*?? HATiSOBt 5c Co., of B'.lton Md IN>^? YoA, v.e hereby v. j >uccc th*t Aiua" ''??? off**' 9 Court.itiett.jBnj u,a, and 7 V.'all slwet, Ni*\. k trji, a.-' oar authorize:! Sir Uh> United S'fes ai,:l Cacsdn, io net for a* ks onr tibipiiinrf ?m. h orrrirtijgAmericM i^eots. To ejj.ure tlie reeeption of gor.ds lr. Liv<v|>ool, a^d thc lor ?vurdiug of the seme to any par: of EnglNldv^P ?u?e, m. Ste. ? t is neousary that (Hey sfioulifpuss thiougn the Innds of onr said Agents M^gy?S. ADAM3 k CO.. it their sersral Cilices, at follows _ So. 9 Court street, Boston. j No. 7 1-lsht street, BelUmore No. 7 Wall street, New York. I I.enn. J> \tnv?'. Wash'cotoj. M?. n ('hftjtmt street I'hilad. ] No. 81' tourtti st. BttibUT*. No. 1? .Norwich, I N^l? Literpor.l May I, l'O. WILLMT5K'8t SMITH t&l-s this opportnmty or raunj-to .Merchants, Bickers, Imi orters and other ;, resident in even- part jf the Uniort, thu: their (.iverpool house is jieculiar!y ar[ai".rl for the instant and eapress despatch nt pickages, parcels, specie. Sic., rfcssing through Liverpc..1 for Uo?fin( New \ork, andall 'he o'her cities in tlie United States tit.iI Miidfl, ao'l that thiu depitftment of their business has tki constant Attn rrnio ..V * fTKXTIO?? or THK li'llKCirAT.?, on ajt CCCuSWUS. W1LLMEU ti SMITH h' re nn*nnemc..u witli M?srt. i? UAMrt Si CO.. by which all passiliu Uiroiseh Ourr Liverpool house for jlniiii'!, by dia Steamahij * and othur vsj n-h.NVitl have tlie unircuiaie and punctual etleutujn oftheir ?.wt Agents, Mrsirt. Jlimu ?Cr. at Boston Mid New Tcrk, and will tlwreby be Ire* Iron, delay and high chart 's Itevd'em K re-o-j-ary ! re to state, T,at tliev.have no oo? *M*ifin svlmte?>r with Mr Y. li Trfck-ritiaa. of Lierreooj iVlJJLJlif-jU d' S.1 ENULISH tiXl'tit-SAKS WlLLNltH h WMll'H, who have for a seri-s ol yeers nia . , , 1 mwlisn iuim imii/irtwf ikllj'ln* ILjlii?Ill??? K ffiUlJ."! wno iiayo ivm a ?cn ? "? , i7" orivate Esiresses to and irom London with important lut^lli Sen'e ftsqueatly performing tlie eutire jouruey, ^10 wilns, i# ilX IhIUKH, offer io the American Public and OoTemmenC S eir iK. icW lor the safe aiiil rapid tmimimssion r I imi?rt.i!;t ^"4 dwSSb " specie^ fei bj)>( will, on alt occasions, be most lajthfblly,delivered by tbeir own nriViie meiMHiter. snd hours iieuerally 1.1 advauoe of fish mails to t,onaor.. Mr. EDWAKD WIL1.MEK, whois ?ow in Amerioa, Is prepared to afferd nny laformation ni?n this subject, tmd pre .ecurity for the due performances of all sueh Kisin'ssas mar beentrjstud to bi? Livrrppsl csf.blubroeat. s Ur* FOR THE PILES. DR. UPHAM'S ELECTUARY. A N IN VERNAL REMEDY.?It is a cert^ra cure for 1 lies, A- r-itlv-r inteinal or ei'ernal, hleedingor blind. Cases, of twe* h...k_n n,rnun?ni T eurr: bv this invhla.-. OUllide cine can d lots above 3 A. I re of the Proprietor, in bis own nmawruiuir, is on u.? vv ran* r of every boa, tnd remember that the above l.iedi sanbeomained idthis7itroi.Lt at No. 1* Bowery, (four above Sifing street,) of tlie original nnd soh- P'onr.f ...r niAM, MTd., a regul\!ly educated 1 hysiciau or fyvf --1 yeatv nperience. doufined to an Omc* "JtACT.,t*' ?* .'? l ILESaudallllhronic Uiseases ai? (Mc-ssfiilly treated. CM Bee hours from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. Advice ?/?<?*? I' .wery. H. Tonsey, Joslin's Comers, MMison CqimiY, ? ?ene nlA^aforUie sJttolNew Vork. Soul b*J.?. vjarny It C^o., C't ra; Coltman & Co., Buffulo; T . B. P ttrn U offft , cns?; li B. Hwau, Hochesttr. la LoeliMru Kochester, '? V"1 ens.', (Lsvego, Koine, L'tica, llaldwuisville. r^iiiville. Can"'?; ta, mi! o^ter place-: in the vicinity, *Li? medicine h is cur?<l so.o d-spentii tun ol I'ues, after all oner medicines hid been tried in vain. In this ciiy the Proprietor has had tlie satisfaction ol etfeetinir morethMVve huniUfcun-s the P^t Tear. M is couitirtlT in tlrf rcwi.liou of istlnrs from vsrioos parts of tlje Un;on e\i>ve*siv( of the sn|<erior elfn acy of this rni'dicio' in i'sueatmf nt ofl'ile', adise-Je whidi ha. often balH-d tlie .Mil of einirieut rhysictaat? ai?d ol real nature of whiJi woca diii ertpancy of opinion among medical men Ua? prevailed, t rom an 'troneous pathology, cji uosuccrssful cosute ha? be*n sued in thr tieauiieul ?( thu compl jnt; heiiM the ver, 8*?jU opinion that it is au incurable disease. 1 his however, iis iar from being the case?it yields readily to th:*,*bofe remedy , ?nd tii.' proprietor has no he?ltat?onin asiortiuif, tiuit it wiU ^rc ^l cases o\ Piles, hoirever Iop^ they may .mve tiuled, ^ ?*cJ tl^y may be. ltemrmoer, that m this CKf, th>' fn be obtained, o.ii.v of the proprietor, at 10'j B?jvary?four doors above Sprina stiett. Any o'her "rteJeparwrtmrtob, ' PUBLIC salh; A'L' the navyJyAivU. "IXTiUL he sold at Public Auctiou, a; th* Navy "'L W Moiulay, 1th December, at noon, under tlie duectiou of Uie s^cri^h^oTlowin^^'^i^lON, Sic. 19 anchors. 1000 to '<400 pounds. A lot of Boats of dillerent slips. 1?f Blocks, A^ofof^sinU ind Paint 8k,io{: itt?lC.WfS. o?.i,v About '.til Ensigns, Jacks, l ?udanu. and Signals. . , A lot of nlates, school Books, kc. C Hauler's and C.MUier's 'I oo^s, Crowbars, <iin;iiM''iii Bolts, Block-pins and %^ets, 1- ire lluckets, 1 nmp Boxee, Me?? cliests, Hm?ir)peks..Handspik-?, Ubtenis. Deckl^gi.ts. lili,..acle Lamps, Nail lUas, Niedl??. lUiks. Cooking ami other Stoves, Sanhes, Scrape's, Shovels, Scales, Seines, I'himhU, Wfenehee, Brokeu^^.^e.^it^^^l^k^'. ??. 1 Morticing Machine, 1 Wire Drawing Machine. A quantity of Tools of various kiuds. 'l>nn??<'"-di on ileli??ry. S^M,T',,Urmtt'aTBftAM. Navy Afsnt p.O I HON?100 ^38 ?^?CAR wy^strong, suitable1 JoTW'^ed ^ ????4 ssisss. TttJt INVISIBLE WIG. W1W. ..J QO elosely w*mblf? ???? ofJlUIil^^frecaSd?*V?" b cocnoisseun. have pronoun^ ^wl .^ idVauiKS* of Jus ordinary m?eu?* offt sewing* manufacturer*! or . .... ? MARTELLE te HUl.UtK.MANN, i\/fAHUVM *VUKJiS^S ^^jKSSSb Hit * N ' H ' Til* t?"d? MlWortWUU* i#Jrr,*rfc. _ ... 57)i)a BISCUIT AND SOWAR CKACK ER S. rpHE ^ubjerinsr wish*. to jnaiw kaowii to ftS L innekor the Bssenu and Coolers winch are sold I s;l'":w ^sS)^^ftj?rrtra 1"? !i?"H? ^?JEasaa?s? 3 ?he v.-fll known f*wl>,,,bM"t,Kpa?AlM^ TUJCA DWELL. i Wutm itm* v*? ?!?? ??? ? : ? l /^TmrT'iial'KI K.TO Kb of Lht Manufactory of Eegars named T I nii n b v RON having heard that counterfeit. and imitar I . ?V, : . f rl,,rr brand hare mod* their apivarauee in JMioui mlrlit. of V uiop?wd North America, beg to '"J"""?\P?^ marusts ojl M pe , Seuart not containing, besides the label lie that e\fry bo* ol ? U ^r>llJt| "Linn i^iiiro*," is spurious, and n*Bieof Lord Uiroii. tne avoid that the eousumer* which they mako Mb c n CTrtnio ?">' JowJ upoD whohouortUem wilh thnJ ooul^ce sijoniu w ,?ir through the credit y?hicb Liey h QU1UOS ftc CO. tunuufacrcry. **" ^ o*5 lm*ire HtvaNA, September, 1??. ? Dr. mossy, OCULIST l AND OPHTHALMIC J^KON, ??. 0* ch.^?..?.ou?.?W. ????r. /"iONFTNES hi* frfaettra to Dn?nr? of th? ??*, Mf J/J*" V.'o"V' ^buIn^'SSwt. 'r,"?1"'1 cUrBt* ?noderate. OftcoToUr* fiufll i A- M. to 5 P. M. . ' nt3 ?m?ec ?? ?? " ntially at hia Of atham. Strangers ii i* a member of the . that hehas ?*c\ojlt? ?y ot meaicmc u? mctice. Tlie Doctor < of mweary, M. 1 "" are in a law day* tha need not dwair of Win* rworcu? u!:, 1,?b! udVfd thTDoct Corbitt. A k'facticeof many y Strictures ravage may baggfe vrnua certain dttattg#in a*i? of i?aiorHMt. . Tij THUllW VV tTHoLT GWlLDRKN. A P ROC RE AT1VB ELIXIR COH.U1AL. mub- grefltfjt diiMWT io medical wlflic? ia ttyit of M* M* D?5 SSS. of T5S- ?' aaliroly axphHlod tU ??* rally rrceivfd opinion of the wiatonoa of.yeorable teU* (e?eVMM Wfi saram ^^w^rSaSasS ?eanria\ waaknew. Itttpr 'Mtw*.. ??'?*? ?,?? ;"i? or im ration. ?i?"f"n'Pa^B^v,S?.lbfe ^nSSW.da IT,! Thr fani^of thi* wonderfu 1 Cwdial i. well ?ta J^tsSsr* te.?ass???s g?a>!^jaa? ttg te""" - ?? N. B.-Ladiaa eaUing for the "Elixii" wiU be waatodonby * ladv in attendance. f M PORT AN T TO G-ENTLEMEN WITH ANAY,?K HA (LATE O^WBttO^^vJlOWAJftDs'HOTEL.) DIRECTLY OPPOSITE THE CUSTOM HOUSfc. . n JCwUhaa to inforai tho*e genUemenwho ha? ??t?|d (j, l:. av^tpm of Hair CuttiuK, that it differ# from and ??# ?rio?? a!rffi ." principle wd .tyit, being .tncOy .ccord i??o th/mo.tapproved Wjjn gHfttf ? ^MWdto wHandwtamiop an eutir*ly I'ewmetkod of fittWf, ml'auta '1 ovr ill others, upt rrquirmg any alatBC JUki.wV ARJ * rftaimuj/ their lit, Wid cauuot u(j??ibly turn n|> Uhiu 1. "lr>-??*, OUa, Bruahd, Peifain?ry,??., Sto. /lliltK t-OU BUONlHlll'l?,Cli(?yt'AND WHOOP1NU C CKUOH.-Ur. BOW d Linimeh. laaii 1,'&l^bi1a^udt^*^ -jjjjedy for the "^:-a VT.ghSrjLi. S"mvS^oram,pb?d.^i BjMjk. h?|n; died* of Caaes wiuirwed [a lii?V*.n t ,!!i Anaf fallwl of IN U i iric * OWTJ1 AND nLBU^llAriuN, TO BEAU'ilKV. DHES8, CLEAN AAD SOU EN THE HUMAN UAltt.,., ^ And otherwise improve aud render 1^ a 8l>!endiil Ornament to vnK THK LOW PRIci?' O^ tiflKR 8HILLINOS. a EA D KH lV aell th?e,?l:iUiau lolUaa.lliat kn{j^ S^foliowW flWiSIe *-U will force the hitt to grow om ?uy Murt where uhOiiv iciteoded hair to grow, itopit fifty oft c?W srVt. syrarat Kriracs?tes m k.vp tlie hair in order witli one applicaium twice a? lout, a? any 0lHk.riS^rfee>3Mm 8 ahilliiiB* a boul?-*t|the aign of^the Aj? Eagle, *i Chatham ?ueet, Nu*? Vork; Brooklyni ? State street, lioat^u; J Ledger baildiuuv l lnlad l I,hia: aud i'eaae, Urtiddway, Albany. 1 - TO MARRIED J.A-DLI^. ?5arri??5sairaKSaSsra^^sg^ otfe and eJftc?j:iott?,:emKdy for .martmd la.Ua wno?? Uwlth for bidi a too rapid increase of family. . . , . _ Tlie r.antu cf tln ir adoption to the tafPi*--'-**, 4h*, ' ??L often the life, of many anafffcttoonte wi'e and "J no lilt to Kincl. ni'.m wuhwi the limit*cf enodrertuewwit Ms!?sa,aS,S how many doe* in.* hard wo/liu^ fftUM*, ? .??r*cu]ly the mother of a roor family r^CAijf ?larti j?t thei' livf<, tUKSi!i* ?t the.per ol jJ5^?Jw3 tn live and living but to toil, wlwu U*y wigm l?v?epieve* wSSt ZSv*Mxn atr.uenfe. ?d .rc?e weinhed down Uie spirit, end stUstbjokcni ttj g"?{ ^ fatlwr. Imw often u Ore nrfnw l?ft imanli', Witft tne mo*t vir raoiu intsi>t:wu?, u> wive Ivir ol.s:'rjiif from.iM'pJJJ d. <r?,Jed objecu of charity or i>rutligate v0P"-? of ?hou^h cointiet?nce anu i.leiity smile Up^n as, hew vethe d.ys of tlw kind hnal-aud ami ft the* rmbitwirua lube holding tins euwciated torw and decliniiig liettli>i of attentions aud watchfiS toliCttade, which ft ^JtSnomt be*tow, not nnlreosently at a ^SS^iS if 3^ rti? hfArt'TiHiiliiiK aiHictiOfc S Ii it dcusnble* ti?en? i? i? mf**i for f/areuta Vt increiue CUeir fauniUts*. rcurartAeas of coose^'iflttisw W fi^ves, Sr utTwell being of tVei*. pie, easy, hualtliy aud certain i^medy ii withm oni' ??J.' The advertiser, fueling the iif^rtauce of Oils mafrtitcr thrt t'Jtht ItfBflltl rtVUltlOX to UWttSADW DV t?e MOIJUOB n^' by ^ would r-pectf.lly aro.w V* ? ?SS"l^Ue auUV w oon??J*rati?n. ^ It ?>i wiw.nd Tirtuoui to preveut eviU to wluck WC Mf ard healthy otfiBi within our coiitroi / J^very ooai ^ virtuous and eSigbt??M miail, will u:.m ?itihnglf aiwer it Ul i'rfte" rre'doiIan a if.cbage, acoompanied with foil and putil CU/M1 ban^'mait be pom wod, ?ud uhliessed to no* " 8??." N yTpr MAlJAMK M3TELL,T[mala 1'Uvmcim. Principal fJfuoe, MM Ure-nwich street. New ^k. OfPcs '-Mints fr >m 1 A. ,M. to 5 P M. U-.ston o(h?e, No. T t?e* *t ^ rr\cIosiupf money ^>*od ftctpfty pottaye. j\1*rti JFORTUOUttSE FEiYLAAiE PlLsLiS. 3f. l)K HO WE LoWA''^ , ><iiK scientifit cipitinAlion of iniore^tfJB ol wtucft thots 1 i'lTl* ar^ comuoi'd. have maoe Uiera 0iC WOndtir aud ^dJQi* rii/n SKTTTi^ "* k?own>J! mer jgnropeto be th. ocly prepanition ever discovered r^Mit nas provrd mvaiia.ily eer u a in w35oi?W "?n?hl' tmut- i '^' c*r<AUUV ,n ,U ,,rXiI!.Cdircc^i ?? trnnslat?5unto lr^^ls'., and are enyrlop*? S ft {fe^uThavVau si???ta? ol Ur. If'. MhiVEAU, authorised ?sprit fji tim Contuifjat oi Airt?:ica. __ ... Thrr fin he l. , minted t in?|lC0 any partof the Cn?jd Boll by Dr. V. MK.LVfcAlJ, agent and linportci joi |,V United BtA'en. Ortlee, l? Liberty siieet, near Or??-uwich u^eet. ivicr berrw, ft. Nohsil bor"? ?pntbymsil. Sold rs l?uit->u, at ? * >m su*?l. Let'ers directed w Dr.Jr. M?ly?*n lioi iAx New Vor*. will meet with imnwdiat* *l>f* 3?-" All let:o;? m*?t U yosuwud, unless enclosing mouay^tU jyM rre ?? .MaO/vMU UKMALE PHYSICIAN, Of<*,aad r?M?n*, l?i Wrj|? X* u/iiiii utfiji1' liHwf'1'! Courtlftudt and IsiUerty itreewt wn^ia she can be cimsltlte-l w.lh tl? striKJit couliden* on complamf* of ohotiMtr cases ^ ^ !i ,ys'to eUact a per^etcnr?. faiii[*deS ring proper inedieal attendance during coi*inem?cl or other I'disjositiuu. will be arromiuodated during such tim.. W'^SrivTpo7?^'for m?rio4 ladies, who^ delicate o. ? ! l^-i.u iv.rbiia ii loo iftpid iiiCTCftAC ofjamily, will be SThim, ,^^/pSTo? Te iKSm bum-. Prifji a Paek byAraM paid) addw-ed to boi ?W. ^w Vork, iost.jg 2fcs.^'ielos'i^Vu?'^y need not pay postage. M?MadMne KESlHCLL would mlorrn leUies residing QUI '. the citr, Whejr health would not admit of tiarrlling, ,\r wor!il Oevote lisr personal ntur.diniv upon thorn in * part of *i.' Luitod -vitiiin reaennaCle ilisbince. jy^9 PUBLISHED DAfLY U<Y .? A iTI K S GORDON B K M W K T T , N. \7. CORNBtt KULTON AND NA??AU BTHEM'S. ?I'Hf Nrw V'orr HfcaaLO?A Daily Taper, issued every v.< of tlir weeli?prie.e TW9 cti?M per eory. Coontrr biibiciib ns futniMA at the same rate, for any specific feriod. on A remittance in alvanra. No paper sent unless |wvii m ad, T*nut WtUU H**?i.n?limed on Batiud.* ruomiag M ten o'clock?price srt at?u a *orfu* CtTfs pef cupy-Tnr ? i^hJdto Country 8ub.CT.bers ai $3 *,t*t snnum, in adwios. llirr^irr" ' e* W