Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1844 Page 3
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New Stock Exchange. $MO II S5V '53 1#<H TJ shas Fanner.'Tr hi 36i, 40li0 Ohio b ?, 110 C 'Mil 1.1 L Island ltK >??? I* Km,?0 d> <? ? *'? do b|l4V liS* i H'O llliuoi? sptl bds sSO 14 .',0 do c 72'? ftlH/ii itli c n*i W I ill Nor St Wore HR r 67>^ SO .has U S Bank s3 iiZ 225 <lo c 1^4 ?f t ilo C i?4 2i do s30 07 25 Morris (-'anal 3;"4 7i do ?' 2J N Am Tiust sio |0>^ in do c t #X 21 do ?3 II 10 do t" 4 i Caulou Co c 42l? 2i do ? s45 07 2) do c 42M 110 do e 67;? 25 Stouiiiatui! RR c 41 ;'i 175 do sIS <??>? 50 do 4U>4 50 do U'V 2a do C 39>? 25 do *10 67>? at Boston Sroca txutunuK?Nov. JS. 76 Reading KH. MJ, M Loiif? Island Jill, solOd, 7a: 100 Kan Boston Co, balm, 0]; 10 Merchants' Bk, KM}; 10 Western UH,B7|; 15 do b7J: 40doB7J; 60 do, aolin H'<1, 30 Norwich and Worcesttr RU, 7lj; 25 do 71J j ll&uo 711 Mate of Trade. Ashks?Polf continue Tory inactive at f 4. Pearls are steady at $4 25 a 4 US. fici swiX- Northern, southern un<l western prime yel low bulls as wanted at 20 a 291c. Bukadstitf*?No particular change in breadstuff! ?ince our last. Cotton?The enquiry to-day whs moderate, and a dis position wns evinced by holders to realise. The mles amount to 700 bales, chiefly to spiucerx, at easier ratei'. Hat?Common qualities North Hivtr bale sell at 35 a 37 Jc. With good receipts, the demand continues veiy limited . UJWiiiskuv?Drudgn casks are still held at'28c, witft a very limited demand Prison and western barrels we quote at -.7 a 27Jc. There is very little doing iu either d&cription. Foreign Market*. Momtkvidko, Sept. 21.--The quantity of flour received Is neur 20,000 bills, und prices huve gradually given way Tho Cuihuiine's cargo was placed at?J patacons on board, deliver, lie at Colonial the John W. Oonsler's cargo at ||7, to nett $5 HO ; that per Kii.R Phillip proceeded on <o Buenos Ayrts unsold ; the Bratlleiro't ftt ||7:2, to nett $4 40. This John Carver's he* been landed iu deposit. The Nuutilu: baa tskon ou 1,400b"li. to Dueiios A>ies; a part oi whet she landed was sold at H10, to nett $5 10. The OJessa's cargo, we understand, had bucn sold, but are ig norant of the prices. 1 400 bbli. from llio de Janeiro, by a Bruzillian nr.d French vessel, have been landed in de posit, and 600 Mils per Brem. biig Helena, have just ar rived from New York Tho stock we estimate at 17,000 bh!s independent oi 1,000 bpgs wheat from Valpiruiso. Fresh supplies to the extent ol o 0(H) or 6.000 bbl?. are on tho way, and shippers will nocexaarily hove to submit to heavy sacrifices in the absence of all competition. Rico ?Tho supplies hare been limited, and the article i? in de mand; good quality, wis think, would readily command 31 cents per lb nett Beef and Pork?The demand for ?alt beef hai (alien off Last sales, ||18, la nett $9 60; salt pork, ||24 to nett >13. Hams?We quote at 130 r?, to nett 9^ cents per lb Butter will not eemmand over 180 rs, or 10 cents per lb nett Lard can be sold at the same rate, and nett 11} cents per lb. Cheese is not worth over 140 to H0 rs to nett 9 to 0^ cents prrlb Codfish?We ore atill without any suppliei of this article, and a small quantity would no douht command $8 60 nett. Tea?Last sales of gunpowder were made at 7 rl? or 60 cents nett. Sugar?Havana white, 21 rls, 8 rents; brown, 16 rls, cents; reline.1,28 rls, 7$ cents per lb. nett. Soap?Yellow will still biing 1,14, or 7} cents per lb. nett. Starch con tinues verv dull, and good quality is not woi.h over Sets per L> attl. Sperm Candles?There have been lately se veral arrivals, and the demand being supplied, prices have given way; they may possibly bring 4$ rls. per lb. to nett 33 cents. Lumber can bo sold to nett || 15. Salt is much wanted in Euenos Ay res,and until supplies become abundant, will continue to pay a large frelrht. In the following articles we have no improvcm< at to notice crackers, matcnes, noils, wax.candlewicU, twine,choirs, cordage, domektics, cassia, black pepper and cocoa. Ex change on England, 42 to 42 J cents, (nights in Buenos Avres have advanced to per to > ft r baits, anil 1 cent per ;l> ' ides. The pr. r ?Tticla has a down*1 ndency. Married. On ondiy evening, 95th inst. nt Staten Island, by the Rev. Dr. Feltch, Tuns. Stoni, ol New York city, to ( iirm.lia Hionta, only daugli! ol Abraham Storer, of Richmond Valley, Staten Island On Sunday, 24th iust. 1 tl Rev. Mr Varolii), Mr. Thomas Co.nnrr, to Miss uiv Same, daughter ol Mr. l'ott r Sause, both ol this ? ill,.' At Philadelphia, on the 21st i v.lrkay. wcr rhant, of Huniaburgh, Penn., a native ul the hall parish of Kilmeena, county Mayo, Ireland, aged 60 years, iffj~ Utica papers *viU please copy^ Itdficitw FHMeng?r< Arrived. lUflOED Islaivp?Ship St Mary?J S Bossierand family. Ji a111 a?Ship iris?Mr Ireland. Mo bilk?Brig Morea?R Taylor, of Sevr York. Charleston?Brig George?Miss Evans, Mrs AHill,l/r Tilden. Passengers Sailed. Livfrpool?Packet ship Koscius?Jaaien Alexander Brown and I idy. Mis* Louisa Brown and servant, J II Brower, Win H Sheldon, New York:Chas KLoutre'. Brooklyn; Wm Lefson, Washington, DC\ Vv'm A I.awsou, Cincinnati; <?eo L Derby, Savannah; Capt S Staples. Canada; Alexander McKay, Mexico; Jose Tvginirdo and servant, VeraCiuz; Samuel A Hennques, Jninaica; David DenniKtouu, Glasgow. Domestic linporUitlom* New Oni^CAffs?Ship Indians?476 bales cotton 60 hhds sugar 65 bbls in?da*i?eH Thos f4 Stanton?22 sacas fratliers K C Kslej? 51 ^slen hemp E D Morgan St co?1 c?p?* mdse M Smith k ct>? U152 pigs lead S Leavitt?I2H7 A Averill Jk co- l(i6l C H ilouers U co?1097 Srmchan tx. Scott?127 hid^s Churchman, Rot.erU {t tr???03 bales hemp J Cram?36 do 199 rolls bagging Burntt at Johnson?1 hhd 5 tcs beeswax 2 bbls bears oil K Stevens fit son ?20 bites cott ?n Smith fit Mills?60 Brown Brother-* fit co?121 Newbold fit Cruft?35 (Joodhuefitco?54 Becket ot Lorut?8 hds ?u?ar 22 bbls inolasses d L Dobson?2 cks beeswax J Mac/ fit son? I box paiutings McO^eiror fit Wife?39 bbls beeswax 4 do tallow 3 bags mdse Wm H Tucker?48 sacks wheat C N S Rowland?I t?unk I bale Graham & Graham?1 box b ?rth fit Hall ?I Gould, Banks fit co?910 bbls floor K K Collins 8t co? 60 hhds sugar 103 bbls molasses Roberts fit Wil'iams?38 bales wrtol i I t do feath-rs 2 cks beeswax 22 alligator skius Uerdmg fit KunkeJman?i?3 bxs Wright 8t Lassie?2i coils bale rope 1 uck er, Coojwr St co?3 hhds tobacco D Moffatt?2 rolls leather Saxton fit Wells. Moihlk?Brig Morea?51 bales cotton Holbrook, Nelson fit co?3D f'ollomb Ik Iselin?66 Orray Tatt & co?08 Soulier Br's At co?2C De Peyster?t Whitmarsn?60 Seth Adams jr?100 Geo Mi I ii?1 box 1 bale A li fit i) Sands?33 bxs fci S Innesfit co. Charleston?Brig George?I hf tee rice G 11 Swords?1 bbl do H Horner?4 bbls J Noble?I Mauray Bros?10 H Hoyt?30 bales cotton Doorman, Johnston fitco?121 Sprague, Robinson fit co?JO J H Leverich?7 Greeuway, Henry 6t Smith?79 do 2 bxs R-nard fit co?4 cs J P Yates. MARITIME HERALD. Movements of the Ntea.inali.liia. Sl*am*rs. Leave Lit11. Due i i Jlme'a. Leave firilauuia, Hewitt....?? ... J?"c- ' (/Alnlonia, Lott Nov. 19 ...Die. 2 Iwc. 16 Acadia, Hi?rri?on . .Dec. i ... IVe. IT Jan. 1 Cambiia, Jadkini... Jan. 4 ...Jan. 1^. r?l>- 1 Slilp IWaiUr* and Agent*. Ve shall rateem it a favor if Captain* of Veaatla will fire to Uobf.kt Silvkv, Captain of our Newa Buaw. a report of tlie .hippinx left at the port wh.nce they tailed, the ve.ieU ?ixikeu ou ineir pusaKe, a list of their canto, and any foreign uew.pnperi, or news they may hare. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Ajtents and Correspondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by seudiux to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of Any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OK NEW VOltK, NOVKMUKK'47. suit *IS*1 ^ 25 I inoo.? nisr.s fi 41 snit 4 35 I HIGH 10 30 Olsxrsd. ShipsUncss, Latham, New Orleans, E K Collins 81C0; May Flower, ( Mbtree, do, John Olden; Parihenon, Woodhnry, do. Johnson U Low Jen; Cel la, Thatcher, Mobile. Dunham k Di inon ?Bariiue Tecums. ti, Ripley, Apalaclucola. Jno Ouden.? Brig Oriole, Wyman, Math, Buek k reters.-Schrs rom C"n ?le, (Br) Dean, St John, NB. (ieo Mil#; Parallel,.(Br) Lock hait, Windsor, Nsi; Courier, Coach, Hichmond, Allen 81 I at son; Jane, ilall, Weymouth. Arrlvert. British ship Iris. Bertrtm, 10 days from Bahia. in ballast, to Ooodhne St Co. Left barques Milton, (whl of Kdnartown; 11 II ilons'ass, unc; hriif Draco, for Hichmond. Ship St. Mary, Foster, from Hailed Island, with salt, to Mtanton k Frost; 'tAOpifslead McCullongh. I.fltbrigllock't. Holmes, fur N Vorlj, few days. Brig Vineennes, Sparks, sailed 10:h inst. for N York via N -man for provisions. Ship Vicksbnrg, Berry, 18 days from New Orleans, with cot ton, to Win. Nelson. , ? , ... Snip Indiana, Bennett, 20 days from New Orleuis, with cot ton, kc. to Stanton k Front. . Ship Martha Washington, Doane, 20 days from Mobile, wuh cotton, to E. D Horlbut fc Co. Br'u Morea, Edgar. 11 davs from Mobile, with cotton, to h. D. Hnrlbut k Co. Spoke ISth inst, lat ti 21, Ion 85 SO, ship Tinkina, hence for Apilichicola; same day, schr l assi, Irc.m Mobile for II .van*. Hi ? M. h is had a pilot on board 2 days. Ftnii I.?<'???I, Smith. days from Savannah, with cotton, to Htu gesk Clrarin*n;600 bales do 160 cks rice to order. Brig Oeorge, Yat-s, 5 days from Charleston, Willi cotton, to O. Sutton. Has had a pilot oa board since. Sunday. Brig Uranite, lludnkms. 10 days from Wilmnigtou, NC.wilh naval storrs, to De l'e> ster k Whilinarsh. Schr Ellen IV.kin*, l".us|ey, 13 days tiom Sisal, with 322 bis h tnp 8fi dode.'i .k ns fi do hides 2011 qr lias ?-gars 29h*s ?. bales tobacco SOn qtls logwood 6 II hi.lea to A. Patrnllo. 6'li inst. i ,p? Carnaveral U'aring N W 30 iniles, passed .hip Oalaslra, nf Jer.ey, 18 days fin Honduras for London., The r.. P. his passed I ape I* lorid i lighthouse twice this year, in the early part of the mailt, but has seen no light. Schr Harriet Kmitli, Smith, 14 days from Baraeoa, w ith 300 cocoa nuts 150 Oliu oranges to master. Left no Ame ican vessel. 21st inst. off Cap.? llenry, spoke an U. S sloop of war bound to Schr Julia, Patten, 10 days from Wilmington, NC. with na val store., to master. . ttehr Brilliant, 10 days ftom Wilmington, NC. with naval stor? s, to muster. Schr M ry Caroline, Nichols, from Washington. NC. with wheat and com, to the master. Sailed in co. wuh High Pries'., T? .i Brotheis, and Peiseverance, lor N York. Schr AIfrtd F. Thorn, Saudford, from Wilmington, NC. with nav il stores, to K. S. Powell r- Schr Ann I), Bedell, 3 da>s from Norfolk, wuh md e, to Stnrges k i ;|earmau. , ... S'hr ManchiMter, Worth, Irom Richmond, and 2 day* froni the Caiies, with tlour, fcc to Allen k I as son. Schr Chesnpeake, Post, J days Irom Baltimore, with flour, to Si-lir traffic, Kogers, 3 days fiom Baltimore, with mdse, to J. h N. Hiig^s. . Srhr John Til ton, Cqt. from Virginia. 2tth inst. off Cares of I Vlaware, in the N W blow, John '1 mxaii. of Stafford, NJ. was knocked overboard by the fore boom anil lost. Schr Auu, Lauurctte, from Petersburg, with Hour, to James Hunter. . Schr Atlantic, Nickerson, fiom Georgetown, Lie. with tlonr, to master. Schr IJispateh, Corson, from Brandywine, with com meal, to matter. Schr l'ioneeer, Corson, from Brandy wine, with corn meal, to master. DehrOen. Wm. H. Harrisr.n, Mixson. from Delaware, wuh -orn, to nias'er. Schr John Polk, Olmstead, from Virginia, with wood, to the "ndir Wu. Moreau, Hoffman, from Phiiadel,hia, with coal, Sehr Maguvm Bonunl, White, from Philadelphia, with coal, t0Rchr'lienry Lermoud, Carnes, from Philadelphia, wuh coal, to master. Sehr Ciisster, Atkins,'I days from Philadelphia, with coal, to mister. .... Sclir Isaac Jacksnn, Tobey, fi days from Boston, with mdne, to master. Srlir Two Brothers, from rh'lsdelphis, with foal, Schr Ho.aiu Bloom. Weakes, Virginia. I Si*" M.i/art. Mc>arland, Labec. idastw. i "loop J-itui Tyler, Primrose, tjerhii, com. Below. . !"'* I*1*"1, from Turks Llaud, w ith *alt. British brig J. M., IVom Turk* Hlaud, with salt. M atli?d Klii|>s Koscius, Eldiidge, Livvrtunl; Unci*. New Orleans; II Allen, ('h trleetnn; banfuea |,f w i?, jjeirse, Alaiieira; ht Joseph, Neill, 13shi?; Win Ivy, Huffman, Gilvestou; brig* Merids. Gtiayama; Madison, Savannah; M*r> Averill, Norfolk, i nu (Hurra. nilnccllaiieoit* lUeordt Lota or Uaiuji ?; Nimhoo ?The Kllen Perkin*. Feniley, *t this port from Sisal, brought home Capt Edward G. *J> tie, tli<* chirrmale and ihr-e s?: nuu late of butiue Nirnrod, of Keni;e buuk, which vessel >u:ik 011 tli? night ( f ihs 29th nit lliO miles HE ol" C?|>e Autonio, Cuba, allowing those on board barely time to esea|ie in the boats. After leing in the boots 8 thy*, and suffering many |>rivations, they finally *U'Ce*4?d in reaching Sisil on the )ih Nov. Tlie stcoiid mate and four ?i' linen re mained at Sisal to take pursue in the barijuc Louisa, wh'rtt was momentarily exiiected from New Y ork. Cai t Wise wishes to state III it lie receivd every attention and sympathy from the sntliorities and inhabitant* at Siaal. '1 he Niinrod was from Curacoa bound to New Oileans, with a cargo of silt. Wukck?We aie informed by Janes Bergen, Kiq. that a schooner (supposed to be the Plain t) b mud from Newp ort, HI. to the West Indies, with an a*u>r'cd c ruo. after having lost ?11 lier sails was stranded at Kire oil Su'i''ay morning, the 21th inst. She is bilged, iuid will be a total loss. Part of tin cargo will he saved in a damaged state. Supposed to be insured at the Hartford office. Commanded by a Capt. How land. Foreign Port*. Qt khf.c, Nor 20?Cld (iein, Wilson, London. I lout* Porta. BtrtriOK, Nov 21?Cld St Lawrence, Stotiiiigton. FniNKKOHT, Nov 22- Uelow, Mi'iuelon. Smith, Boatou. SiLKM, Nov 21? Sid Mermaid. Marshall, Rio Grande. Boiton, Nov ?i?No arrival this forenoon. Cld Kinma Isa ' ?/?. Slevens, All landiia, to load for Gibraltar and a mkt; Jaa W I aige, iayior, and Ocean, Patterson, Baltimore; B Frauk !?]>? rlhin; .NU Minor i, Fliun, and Aulare?,H.illett, Pliiladelphia; .Mary iennell, Merryinau, Bath; A M llale, Bearse, N York. I BOVIDENCK, Nov 23?Arr Sea Mew, Holhrook, Pictou, N8; I tausport, Nickenon, Albany. Sid Mary, Uryant, Philadel phia or Wilininiitou, NC. accordiiiK to wind; Caroline Hunter, Nottingham, Cherrystone, Va; .Vlart'it Washington, Patterson, Philadelphia. Arr 21th, Atlantic, Cook, Baltimore: Miami, Tooker, Albany; James Lampheer, Kenny; Aliel, Oaks, and J L Lour, Hawkins, N York. Below, at anchor off l'awtuxet, hmelin?, Munro. of and from Bristol, to go on the railways; above Field's Point, Clio, liaise, from Albany; off Warwick Neck, Victi ry, French; Ornament, Jones, and Sarah Brewster Be-.he, from N Vork; IIuId ill Ann West, supposed I'm Albany. Sid Jaak Samuel, Somera, and Herald, Johus'iu, Philadelphia. Nkw Havf.,1, Nov 24?Arr Margaretia, New Y ork; Pacific, Prescott; Suierior, Rogers: (ien Mercer, and Unity, Dayton, Albany; Empire, Smith, NYork. Ph 11. a ut i rins, Nov 26?Cld Navarre, Cole, rernambuco. Bai.ti.moii>', Nov 25?An Harriet, Browu, Beruiuda. Cld Henry Tanner, I Br] Biss-tt, Cork. Ai-alai michi.a, Nov 16?Arr Colossus, McDonald, NYork; Long Wharf. Nickerson, Newjiort; Christiana, Godfrey, Bos ton: Ann B 11 Im-a, William., Mystic. Mobilk, Nov 17?Arr Elizabeth, Gunnison, Portsmouth; Choctaw, Loomis, NYork "IITANTED?A Lad fiom fifteen to eighteen ) ears of age, to vV attend a retail itrocery store. Oue who is willing to take c ire of a horse and do any thine necessary to be done, and cm tome well r? commended as to honesty, may apply at the ccruer of Fou-th and South ?< veulh starts, Willi liiubi'igh. Ii27 lt'rc "Il/ANTED?By a respectable vouug woman, a situation to vv d? general hotisew ork or rh mberwork, and has uo objec tion to fake care cf children and do plain sewrug. Tie beat of city referrnie* given. I'lraiermiuii* at 122 Fraiiklin street. lt*ec MONKY, TWKNTY ( K,NT?Any party having from S tOO to $'>00 to invest iu the erection "fa buildinu which would he taken on lease by a good tenant, may hear of an opportunity of making twenty |'.*rce itc< rtain on theoiiilay, by addressing a note J. If. M , herald Office, n27 2t*rc LOriT, #:? K low AH U. LOST, at or near the Post Office, ou Hunday last, a Pirse containing seventy dollars, in bills on various bank*. The finder will please deliver it to W. STONKALL, 131 Fulton street, who is authorized to pay the above reward on delivery of the purse and content*. n27 3t*je ?VTOTICK?The snbicriber infoims the public, that he will pay no debts contracted by any member of his family from hereiorth, and requtal I that all debts already contracted by IAMB w ill be rrv-1'11 >d to him I'. r payment, willnn one week from the dve thereof. HUMPHRY DONOVAN, n27 'Ji?ec 10 Washiugt'iu street, New\ork. M< )RT< i AGli. ve a transf r . executed by . ..... v. 2(ith October la^t. on pretnisei in Molt street, in this city, as an aasigomeut of the tiiort|."iK<3 was obtained from me by undue means, anil leual measures are about beiug taken to have the same eeucelled. FKL1CITE MOSKHK. New Yrrk, Nov. 2fith, 1811. n27 3t*rc ivn mil iAUJI,. ?UBLIC is notified not to purchase or reccive * of a Mort"aire for lour tbon?and dollars (flUtiO) es CHHISTIAN VVATZKNKCKKH to me, dved 2<i? HEAIJ TINS. ?;? Surgical and M n27 Jm? re 8- HLINK, M. D. TO MANUFACTURERS n?OK SAI.K, a valuable Kactory, convenient to the city all A seasons of the vrar, the machinery of which is in first rate order, part of which is for broad cloths and |>arl satinets, will be sold at a great aacritice. Address a note to A. B.. at tliia "'lice. n27 lw*rc THE NEW YORK HOTEL. ON BROADWAY, WASHINGTON AND WAVERLY PLACKS T"If? .n'w, ,n"t' ?lpK,*nt e?abli*hment, situated in the most ? I ?Vishinn>stile nua'trr of the city, will open on Monday, Dec. 2d. It he* be^u Imirhed and furnished wnh peculiar reference to th ? convenience of familie*, and will b? conducted ou the plan of Menrice's Hotel, Paris. JOHN H. BILLINGS, Proprietor. ki n t. j?. B. MON.NOT, Restaurateur. N. B.?Table J'Hote nt i o'clock. ii27 3t?rc TIIE SARACEN'S HEAD, IV " PF,Y STllKKT,two doers below the Franklin House, ?i-11 Broadway. 1 hts Hoiise, well known to those of our citi zen* who like to enjoy a inug of the "blood of John Bailey corn' in undisturbed <|iiit, with the privilege of r.-ading tile latest foreign and Aineicsu papers, has lately been pnrclnvd by the subfcribers. As will be seen it has become a /mi//-Pkick estalilisbiiieiit; I ut ,(i o'd customers aa well as new ours, will find no drtrrioritioa in its usual cotnforta. n27 2w*ec GUSTIN it I'RICK, A TEA STORK FOR SALE, wilh the Fixtures.?The lo a cation is one of the best in the city, and to a person with a ?in If cash capital, it is a first-rate investment. The prop.jetor being engaged in other business, lie cmnot attend to it as he womd wish. For further information, inquire at No. 00 Divi aiou street. n27 ?iis?rc PO?T OFFICE, T" E_ ... . New York, Nov 2Sth, IS It 4 NtiLISH MAIL ?Letter Bags rersteinmr BRITANNIA, will be clo* <d at the Up|>er and Lower Post Offioes iu this eitv. on ?aturdav. th? 30th inst 'nt. a*. 16 minutes past ] o'clock, P. M. The overland ; .istage of Icents on eicli single letter. mu>t be paid. JOHN LORlilKlt GHAHAM, P. M. n27 4tic T AMES AV. JUDD lit CO., New World Press, 30 Ann street, " h?ve in press, 1?S P. JAMES, a Homance, by W. H. Ains wonh. nearly ready. FOB EST LIFE, by Miss Mary Clavera. 2-7THE CHI VIES, ? goblin story of aome bell* that rang an Old Year out and a New Year in, by C. Dickens (In the New World "ewspaiier ) J?THE CHURCH, n Romance, hy Kmilie Carlen, authoress of " The Roee of Thistle Mind. I? MINIATl'llfe GERMAN H.Z. Zchokke. S-THE MINOR POEMS OF SIR EDWARD BULWER LYTTON, edited b? D. Mc;.eod Eso. 6?THE llOMAN TRAITOR, * romance, by H. W. H-rhert, Eiq, The in creas-d dnmands for this work, is an index of the public opinion and preference for Herbert's translations ?1 his Morning?THE WANDERING JEW, No. 9, trms lated by Herhert, price t, eenn Jmt Pn disbi'iJ?FOHCA8TLE YARNS, 4thedition,jirice I2H cents. 'I'his work goes like hot cakes. HALL'S BKITISH BALLADS, a splendid woik, price T7ik cent* JOHN MANESTY, the Liverpool Merchant; 2d edition, hy Dr. Magiti, price 12){ceut*. No. tl MY8TEHIE8 OF LON DON. Two more numbers will complete this ino.t interesting work. KATK IN SEARCH OF A HUSHAND, 21st edi tion. PHILLIP IN SEARCH OF A WIFE, 16th edition. n27 lt?ec "HOME, HOME, SWEET HOME." IIALSTED'S MEDICAL INSTITUTE. AT ROCHESTER N. Y. DR. HALSTED informs his friend* and patrons that he has removed to No. 29!? Buffalo street, where he will be happy to receive calls from his friends, and thoae who wish to visit his Institution to *e.* his patients, who are under treatment f?r Spinal Curvatures, and other Chronic Diseases. Having heretofore turned off many who have applied, for the want of room, he now informs them and others, 1 hat lie is prepaivd to accommodate from hftv to one hundred patients. Having purchased a largueitablishment with three and a hall acres of ground^ on the highest elevation of land 111 the city, und for beauty of scenery it h unsur passed It coutains a view of ten milea around. His w< II affords the heat of pure water. His grounds are pleasant for walking at d pro toenailing. He has a Gymnasium?a li .11 for playing ten pins, grace, and Other atuu-ing games, which are very lie irnhle for those who hare curvedjspines, or Uio<e iniblic and delicate patients who w tut proper exercise to facilitate a cure. His grand saloon fo; patients is 22 by 42 feet, and commands a line view of the Ltik" and surrounding country, his iiiatitution is one mile frem the ceutrr of tlir city. With all of the above facilities and advantage*, he flatter* himself that his *uccoia will even exceed hi* former effoil*. SPINAL DEFORMITIES. The Physician* who examined aome of iny patient* w ho had spinal deformities on . ntering my Institution, arc informed that those patient* are cured, and are in ix-rt'ect shape and he 11 th, and pre about 11 leave. I solicit a call from them, that they may satisfy the.ctrlve* as to t!.c practicability of curing Spinal Curvatures. H HALSTED. N. B ? I have in constant operation an Electio Magnetic Ar m.vtire ivlrtli reduces muscular contracts n>, and facilitate* the curu of Spinal Diseases, iu about one half of the time 1h.1t it ordinarily takes to reduce ih?m hy any other meto?. With the aid of this Armature, (which, hy th * way, cures >11 Spinal De formities when.lirat loiming ) and m> Spring Elevator, ton"her with my Extender,,Inclined Planes, Pully Swings, and Kl-atie B indage?, I a n curing. Sjilnal Deformities in a ra,nd m.tii'ter; w liich any o'e c ui satisfy thrmuhe* of by calling and exam iunig for themselves. N. B.?Tl e above plate represenbi one lady, among the nrany, who haa been restorrd to | rrfcct ihapeatil In alt It within ok half of the time that is required in any other luatitntion in America. So much for the march of improvement in tht* ? las* of di ease*. Please pie,et\e this pajvr and send it loan nfllictrd friend. aV Itihltw^rrc DOCTOR HUNTER'S RED DROP put**ll.rom;?tition atdeliauci . The (|ualiliea of tliia article ate different, from all olhe medicine* u/ed for private disease*. Tlie proof of it* hatiu^tCtirid in thousands of cases in the ci'y of Newr York, g ves it such success that we stand now ou an eminence from all others We caution ihe public to be cart ful of nostrums, got upeveiy day fur the purpose of irulling them, and of mounte banks taking their money without doiug them any service. If tin-re are any who doubts the effi acy of this medicine let them t ill at the Hunte iau Dis|ieutary, at 3 Division street, wliererer tiftcaU'* of cures can be seen, some rf II) year* stanilnni, and the most utouishing on record. Price&l |ier vial, with fit 11 direc tion*, and warranted to cure or no rliami' n*7 lt*Je SPLENDID EXHIBITION AM) SALE OF FRENCH CHI^A, iVc. WILL open abr.ut Monday next, 2<l Decembor. one of the inoil elegant and extensive astortinent* of all kind* of French China Dining Sets, from the plain While aud While and Gnld, to the mo*' costly ilecorab'd. Also, Tei Set*?n ine very rich to use with silver. Also, Toilet Sets in variety. Also, spleudid rich Cut Glass in complete let*, and hy the dozen or piece. splendid new furniihing goods now landing. Al*3, Maioii'* It Ridgeway'* patent Iron Stone China for Ho tels, Steamboat*, fee. I'ue notice will lie given of the day of opening, at tl.e corner of Uroadway and Duane street. "86 Jtis'm KERR St SON. Eligible opportunity i< . fvrtofi nhont c^inrrr?ic* injt TiTfni kf?pinf,~Kor Slock and Fi* ' f thi* |?rrini*p fit 20l'a.k Howr. Hie irr tind floor containing bar-room raMtTtftly fictrdup. Urge room with 011 *. room ndjuining, well for clubi.Trtf and ca^y, with pxrrll^nt CkImpit T mp UPl"r |Wft flomlati of some good tizrd room^, *?ilibit* lor lodKiii^, ooiirdisii;, &c. To any patty deatrona of ^mharVrix in th* i' off ^miiiMi, ? l?ia h a chance which neldom ocnira, flie }><mi h if \ < ??. ! loug fatal) i^hid iu the my centre of (|H> city, in tl e ivnrn<-?1? it? vicjuiiv ?rtrr I ark rheatre, and m rerv rn<?dsrat?ly N. p.?Th<above will be dispoaad oi with or with >ut thcnp? iyr part, m the preaent proprietor haa made other arrwgemenu. Ap|?ly uu Ihe premise*. nlj jtit'M PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY, PRINTING AND BINDING. Ci'troM Hot sk, New York, Collector's Office,) .. _ November, a, 1*14. $ COALED PROPOSALS w,II 1* rrceitn! K ihia office until tile 2Jd December Ut-xt, lor furnishing HI ink Bock* aud ?ta nonary, and fit- executing I'rivriu^ and Binding tor the period ".If .velr f,,m l','! 1,1 January next, for the Cu*torn House establishment at thi* Ji. rt. The proposals must l>? aeparat* for cacli of tile following el<sse* or articles, numbered 1 to II. A price, aitd one price only, mint b**Mcifi?d for each and every article eirumerited in the cl u?e* hid for; the ainouut of the bius for each article must he extended, ami toe aigieijxte amount for escli cl<u * exhibited. I rnpoial* not. made in accorduica with tin.-** direction* will not be cou*ldeivd. _^>cciineu? of the variou* articles may be aeen at ttie Auditor'* Oflice, iu the Custom House; the article* furnished aie to be of the b?s; i|Uility, aud ill every re*[ioci eqml to these samples, ainl to b* approved bv the Collector. Tin- lowest bidder for either elm, shall receive a contract for the same, on entering into bond, with satisfactory surety for the l?rfo?niaiiLt! thereof, under aforfeitueof twice the contract jiriieili ca?e of failure ; which bond i* to la* executed within tell day* after til- proposals av accepted. The right is reserved, in case it should he nece?ary, to order a Sire iter or leas supply of all or of any of the a tides contained iu tin- lists ; and articles not embraced therein. which may l>e needed, aie to be furnished at corre?|?oiiding sate* with thane 1*!Clfled. 'I he articles and work will lie ordered from time t > time a* they are wanted; and they will be paid for quarterly : a failure to lurnish the articles, or to execute the work in every particu lar, as inquired by the contracts aud w it 11 in a reasonable time, of all H liich tin- Collector will be the final judge, will caune a for feitureol the contracts. I'roposals to be marked, " Proposal* for Stationary, Printing, To insure uniformity in the bid*, blank pro|K>sals w 111 lie fur nislied, on application at this office, to those disposed to bid. COLLECTORS OFFICE. I. Firm. Ill Ream* tiipeiflue blue laid i|uatto post linen pa per, ruled, per ream. in lletms do do do plain, p. r'rn III do do do Foulicap ruled do 5 do do do i do plsiu do 3 do do do Folio I'ost 3 aides ruled do 3 do do do Foolscap, ruled red and feint, to pattern, per ream. U Reims *u|>ertiue blue laid Detnr, ruled red aud feint to pattern, p. ream. I Ream American lm|ierial Abstract liueii paper, nfl'd red auJ feint to pattern, P. ream. 1 do Super royal abstract lined paper, ruled red aud feiut to pattern, |ier team, :l do Kiivcjo|e Paper, medium, smooth, buff, (sized) |**r J do Blottiug Taper, ineijuiiii, |>er ream. [teiui. Stationery. 2000 (Quills, No. BO, |ier 1000. 4 gross metalic Peus, Uillott'* double Damascus barrel,'jer dozen cards. 4 packages inetalic Pens, Teny's Double Patent, |wr package of 25 card*. 2 gross Monroe's graduated Load Pencil*, per gross. 11 gross Hi d Office Tape, linen, No. 25, do. HI lbs. Red Wafers, various size*. Eitgllih pressed, per pound. Ill do. superfine English Sealing Wax, Red, per lb. 12 callous Black Ink, (Mayuard It Noyes,) per gallon. 2 Bed Ink, do. in pints, p. doz. 4 do Bluu Ink. (Stephens'.) in quarts, per dozen. 2 bushels Black "and, per bushel. 3 lbs. prepared India Rubber, i>er lb. 2 do/en Inkstands. |ievvter, with covers, prr dozen. 2 do Sand lioxc., Cocoa Wood, do 2 do Wafer Cii|m, do do 2 do Wafer Stamp*, Ivory Handles, do 2 do F.rasera, (Hogers',) do do 2 do Pounce Boxes, Cocoa Wood, do 2 do Folders, Satin Wood, do 3fl0n File Boards, While Wood, (of different widtln,) per 1U00. 11 gross Knvelopes, large, |ier gross. I'J do do medium, do 8 do do sinnll, do III. Blank Book*. 4 sup: r roysl Cash Books, 2 quires, three-fourths binding, per book. 4 C p Cash Duty Books, printed heading, 3 quires, half bound, morocco backs and corners, p book. 20 Imp-st Books, flat Demy, printed hevding, ruled to pat tern, two <iuires, half bound, p. book. 6 other Dfmy Books .ruled to pattern, 2 to 0 quire*, full bound in sVee|>?21 quires?r?r quire. fi otlier Demv Books, nurd to pattern, 2 to 6 quirei, ?4'th* bout d?24 ouirej?p. qn. 0 other Dumy Book*, tilled to |?ttern, 2 to C quire*, half bouud?24 quires?p. q. 0 medium Books, ruled to pattern, 2 to ti quires, full bouud iu *heep?21 quire*?p. qu. 6 medium Book*, ruled tu patter.), 2 to U quirei. three fourth* bou id?21 ouires?p. qu. C medium Books, ruled to pattern, 2 toti, half bou. d?21 quires?p. qu. 12 Cap Books, ruled to pattern, 2 to 4 quires, half hciiml?35 quires?per quire. ^ Bindino. Binding, 8 Imperial Abstracts, flat, I to 2 quires, p. vol. *4 do 4 do do do do ,<4 do 8 Medium do do do do w do 8 Demy do do do do )i He-binding 20 Mediums, Demy* and Caps, 4 to 6 quire*, per vol. Re-binding Impost Books for the (farter, io to 14 quires, half bound. 6 vols. p. vol. Binding Quarterly Accounts of Weighers, (iuagers, lie. Roy al half slieet. flat, 2 quires, quarter bouud, 14 rols. p. vol. Binding Quarterly Crew Lists, medium, flat, 6 to 10 quires,half bouud, 8 vols per vol. Biuding Quarteily Shipping Articles, Royal flu, 4 to 6 qrs. half bouud, 8 vols, per volume. V. TrINTINO. 12 cip eize, Bond and other Books, printed page, 4 qn., half bouud per vol. 12 do Bond and oth-i Books, do do? .'4 bound, |ier vol. (j Med 11 m Books, 2 side* set, work and turrcd, do? VI" bound, p. vol. 2) Debenture Books, quarto-medium, bank post, KM) leave*, from copper-plile furnished by the office, \ 'x bound, morocco back* and covers, p. vol Kntries, Bonds, Affidavits, and other Blank borms oil good f a|?r. and rut up to sizes required for use, varying roin half sheet to H. h of a sheet, v.z:? 10 Reams Cap Blink*, one side ??t, worked one side, ju t ream. .',00 Sheets Cap Blauks, one side set, do |ier 100 sheet* !i0 Reams Cap lllank*, do worked Situ ued, pri ?earn. iflfl Sheets t ap IHuiks, do do per l<0 sheets. 5 Reams Quarto IVst Blanks, one aide set, worked oue side, |ies ream 000 She* ts Quar'o Post Blanks, do do p>r 100 sheets. 5 Reams Quarto Post Blanks, do wotked It turned l>erream. 300 Hhets Quarto Post Blanks, do do |*r lOil sheets 8 Reams Me<liutn Blanks, do do per ream. SCO Sheets Meciam Blinks, da do [er 100 sheets. 3 Reams Medium, (outries, lie.) da do rnled red and fe:nt, per ti'im. 500 Sheets Medium,(rnlrie*, Its.) do do ruled red and feint, |*r 100 sheets. ? 3 Reims Medium, (entries, lie.) two sides lett, workrd and turned, ruled red and feiut, per ream. 5)0 Sheets Medium, [entries, lie] two side* aett, worked and , turned, ruled red and feuit, per 100 sheet*. NAVAL OFFICE. VI. Stationery, 81c. I Ream Ruled Letter Paper, best quality. 10 do Plain do do III do Ruled Foolscap Paper, medium quality. 5 do do do besta do 1 do Plain do medium do 4 do Buff F.nvelnpe Paper, Linen, best do 2 do Bl itting (I ) Owen & lluilbut's best quvlily. 4 do Permits, printed four on a sheet as per sample, No. 22. 1 dozen Glass lukstauds, as per sample. 4 lbs. London su|icrfuie Sealing Wax, 4 do India Rubber. 12 gross Red Linen Tape, No. 25. 12 lbs Twine. 15 Dozen Lead Pencils, best quality. 500 Quills, No 80 18 Knvelopes, l'tter size, No. 5, 6 do do large " 2. 6 do do do buff, No 2. 2 lbs. best Scarlet Wafers, 20 Boxes, one Dozen each, Terry's Double Talent small barrel Pens. 12 Box. s, one cross each, do do No. 2, fine point Pens. 12 Boxes, one dozen each, Oillott'sK barrel Eagle Ten. 2> Cards do do Small Tens. >? Dozen Quarts Stephens' Blue Ink, 12 (Jallon* he*t quality Black do 1 Dozen Tint* do Kverts' Red luk. VII. Blank Book*. I Ledger, full Bound, four quires, |ier sample No. I I Journal, six ?' " 2 3 Lediter* of Kntri's. half bond, three quire* each " 3 t Lash Duties and Differences, half bound, four andahalfquire* " 4 1 Ca*li Book, half hound, five qnire*. " J 6 Registers of Entries, half bound, linen cover*, three of three quire* each, and thtee of two quirea each " 6 20 lni|K}*t*, half bound, linen cover*, printed head* two qttireaeach, " 7 f> Abstracts, half hound, linen cover*, one and a half quires each, " 8 1 Foreign Kxports, half bound, printed heads, four quirei, _ " 9 2 Day Books, naif bound, five quires each, " 10 I Kiirolineut and License, halfboiind, five quires, " 11 1 Fxamiued Manifests, half bound, four quire*, alpliabeted, " 12 1 Store Account Entrie*, half bouud, four <|tiin's, alphah-ted, " 13 t. Blotters, half bound, one qnire each, " II 1 Hqnare ^ ard Book, half bound, two quirei, " lj I Hegisier of V' ssels, half bound, four quires, " 15 1 Kefundiog Hook half bound, three quires, " |7 1 Cash Dep isits, Balance*, half hound, printed Ik mU, three quires, " in I Register of losjw'Ctors, lie., half bound, three quire*, " 19 I Memorandum Books, half hour,d, two quire* eich, '? 20 1 Ream Royal Paper, ruled and printed held*. " 21 2 l^elt-r Books feiut lined, full bound, with alphabets, four quire* each. > 3 Alphabetical Memorandum Book, feint lined, half bouud, two quires, demi-octnvo. I Boaks, th'ee .jnires each, half bound, feint lined, ruled head lines, margin line, double dollars and cents, fools cap. I Alphabetical Book, half hound, three quires, foolscap, ruled with feint lines. HUKVKVOR'N OFFICE. VIM. Stationery, as rvr Brr.< isikni, 400 Quills, of good quality. No 80. 4 hcams Follscap I'aper, rulerl. 2 Reams Letter Parer, su|ietfine quality. 2 do do do ruled. 5 Oallous Black Ink. 2 Quarts I4ed Ink. 1 quarts Black Sand. 4 neks (twelve p?iiers each) Tins. 1 Eight Quir* Book, bound in hoard*, with hack of calf and tips on the coaner* of the bovera?" Alphabet of Arriv al*." 1 Six Quire Book, bonml in boards, with back of calf and tips on the corners of the eoveri?" Sugar Register." I lleam of Transfer IIIinki. 6 Qu rei of Blotting Taper. 3 (iron Steel Ten*?" Wright'* best." SLRVEVORS DEPARTMENT. IX, ?TATioNrnr. 1200 Quills, No. 50. 21 Reims Fooltcap I'aier. 1 do do ruled Una. 3 d,) do do very line. inn llis. Rei Soiling Wax. 110 Dor.'tl I'ieces Red Tape. tlun Small Memorandum Book* for Inspector*. WO do do for fee officer*. !:,ll Largs Jn |?r jn?pei tors discharging. 200 Alphabet do do do U R< nns Melium Et.velo|>e Taper. 4 Hi'stris larvrr do. 300 Cards lor Measurers. li groa* l.eid IVucil* "Wolff," H to IIIIII, 111 reams Inspector* Returns of Cargo (lie, id printed.) III reiin* Taper Ruled to m uch th< same. 2 Reams lnsi>ector* Returns of Cargo, (two on a nheet.) 5 dross Steel Tens ( W righT* best ) X. PRINTING, 2 Ream* Quarterly Accoitnti of Iripector*. 1 do do Night Inipecton. 3 do Monthly do Imiiector*. ? 1 do do Night Intpeciori. 300 Mruuirt'i Accounts. 200 Regulations of Officers Printing <>ulv tlie heads of 200 (juagei'i Acc. unit. 109 Pamphlets, Duty of and liu'runious to laspecturi. SCO)) CftnlluiN of Sunt., (whr.i the OU Other tu tfJi M, the | name uf ihe ltnpor cr to fce inserted,) p certificate. 1 Ream of Coal iuturi.?. 1 do Salt Ho 1 do S ilt anil ( do! '1 du ?i|?me Arcouu. STOREKEEPER'S OFFICE. XI. ?riTio.ititr. 2 Bnmi Killed Latter l'i|?r. 3 do Plain do 3 do FYolscap Purer. 1 do Ruled do 2 do Yellow Kuvrloi* Paper. 1 ill lied Rlottiug I'aier. 3 Groat Red Ta|ftf, No. 17. 20 Hit. Brown Twins. 20 Cards 3 po nt I'eeryaa Pens. 10 da National do 10 do Barrel do 400 Ouills, No. to 3 l)j/.m "Muuroe'< gradutted" Lead Pencils. 3 lbs Ked Sealing Wax. 3 Gallons Black Ink. It Viali ltril Ink. 2 Blank An?ir ict Book.. ?i Small Blank Books ft .lalf Inund Blank Books. 11 I edgers 1 Bl.uik Address Book. 3 Day Booki. 1 Cash Book I Blank hall hourd ltegikt.>r. Hi nn Ab, tract I'aivr. XII. PatfSTIHM. I Ream ll*il Transfer Orders. I Do Bliclt Truili-r Kroiiiti, HI Cbrri) ilnv'. I Do Draw luck Orders. 12 Broad ?tre,t. I Do Delivery Oriiers, 210 Cherry stw. 1 1)? do 270 Water itre-t. 6 Do Co 12 Bro d stieet. APPRAISER'S DEPARTMENT. XIII. Sistioni.kx. 10 Reim . Blur Rule 1 FooIscmi Pa|wr, as per s?in|>l?. ?i Do Letter l ap r. le'tter th tn sample. 60 Cards Extra Fine Perryan Steel IVua. 40 do Gilliot's Eagle Pens. KlOo Manufactured (^uil a. No. 80, good quality. I.'i doxeii b" it Lead Pencils. <i bottles MaynardSi N?\?' lll-irk Ink, I irge bottle.. 6 Untie* Stephens' Blue Ink, large bottle*. 21 Vials French Carmine Ink. 2 lbs. Waifera. 4 Four t|niivs Royal Books, '4 bound, Priutt <1 lira'ling. 12 (Quires Blotting Paper. 1 llozeu Pieces fiidiun Rubber 5 Reams HriKirt Paper. XIV. PaiNTIWO. 8 Reams Priuted Returui, ruled, two on cap sheat, thicker paiier. .... 2 Reams Printed Returns, ruled, ou? 011 cap sheet thicker MM. 1 l(i nil Printed Damage Appraisement Itcturas, lour to cap sheet. n?7 lawlw rrc C. P. VAN NESS, Collector. AUCTION SAJLKN. pOMICAL AND MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENTS at the Societv Library, UllllllwaH. till?I Or Leonard street. Dr. VALENTINE anil Miss R. rfn V\V will rej>e?t their mu sical conrert this evening, Nov. 27th, consisting uf imitations of humorous characters, niuaiciil sketches, flute music, by th. Doctor, w ho challenges the world on that instrument. Also, some of the mmt I'.uhlonable sOugs, asaisted hy Mons Hiffcrt, on the piano forte. For particular^ aee programme Ii27 11 ? ire QPLENDID LONDON PLANTS AT~ALCTION.-LE l>5 VV 8t SPOON ER will sell on Friday morning, at II o' clock, 151 Broadway, n splendid collection of Green House Parlor Plants, just received fioin London, iu fine order, in flower and in hml, consisting of Camelins.of rarest kinds; Ilho ??odeudrons do; MO Moss liosi's; Double While Ktench Roses; Wliita Moss Roses; IV'ioiu il Standard Hoses, Sic.; Aliutas, Variegated Hollcys, Geraniums I>f r?r. varieties; Bulbous Roots, English Yews, 6 feet high; aud other Shrubs and Plants of rare kinds worthy attention. n27 Sfec Last chance this season for Japanese WARES.?LEV y fc. SPOONER will tell at No. 69 Du ane street, 011 Wednesday morning next, 27th inst. at 11 o'clock, the entire invoice, just received by th? ship Persia, from Am sterdam, consisting of Japan Lacquered Porcelain of the richest kinds and antiquity; original old Dresden Pore lain, figures and grott|>s; Savre Porcelain, fabricated in the time of Louis Hth, King of France; Fans of the Itith century, with various other antiquities. This invoice is the best offered, and probably will be readv on Monday, when (he articles may lie seen. The public generally are invited to call and judge for themselves. Sale positive, rain or shine. n22 5t*ec PHENTX HORSE HAZAAR, NO. 18) AND 191 MERCER STREET. The Hegnlsr Public Auction Sa'et for Horses, Wagons. Harness, lie. Sic,, will take place This Day, Wednesday, Nov. 27th, commencing at 11 o'clock, with Wagons, Harness, Saddlery, 4tc. At 12o'clock will be offered by catalogue, from tweaty to thirty Hones, varying iu Xialitv to suit the various wants of city or country work, moiic the number will be three pairs of Matched Horsei, the property of private families, who sell not wishing t? w inter tliem. Also several good single horses will b* sold and w ithout reserve. ThaiuMic are invited to call and w itness the great bargains at the Phenix liaxaar. n27 It* rc COWAN & 1)1 LK9, Proprietors. T?0 MILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS?A ailuatiou A is wanted for a young female aged 16, in a respeclalile moral family, ? here she will have an op|iortuiiity of living with the family aud learning either or both of the above named brandies of business Terms liberal. Address, post-paid, E. II. J)., Park Post Office. n26 litis*rc NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL,) 25ih November, 1844. $ rPHE commencement of the sessicu, having been postponed J- until Monday, the 2<l of Decemlier n-?t, tr t first Lectuie, being intioductory, will be then deliveied at >he Lvceuin of Natural History, up stMrs, at 8 o'clock, P. M. Admittance free. Students at Law , aud others, aie respectfully invited to attend. THOS. W. CLARKE, n25 3iiseiiil*in (louii'i llor at Law I Wall at. TO SHIP MASTERS. THE CHEAPEST READING IN THE WORLD'. THE PEOPLE'S ANNUAL : on, LADIKH COMPANION. ELEGANTLY BOUND IN CLOTH. GILT BACK AND SIDES, WITH GORGEOUS STEEL ENGRAVINGS AND SELECT MUSIC. (04 pages octavo, containing articles from the pens of the most eminent American wiiters, on every subject of interest or amusement. Particularly appropriate for the itpproachirg holidays. The Trade supplied i.n liberal teims by application to (lie publisher, 109 Kulton atrret. (L/ ' Back numbers of the Ladies' Companion for sale cheap to News Boyi. n23 l:is*rc TO MILITARY COMPANIES.ASHOCIATIONS, MUSICIANS, LECTURERS, &c. NEW AND FASHIONABLE BALL AND CONCERT ROOMS, at the Alhamre, 'i.Vi Broadway. Encouraged by the very liberal paironage bestowed by the citizens of INew York, upon his Establishment during the two past seasons, the of the Alhamia h is commenced the entire remodeling and construction of the interior of this favor i'e resort upon a scale of great magnificence and splendor, with a view of adapting it to the tw ofold purpose of Balls, Concerts, Dinner and Supi?r Parties, Fairs, Sic. iu winter, as well as an It? Creim Saluon in summer. Those who have seen the beau tili.i < .onfectionary manufactured at th s establishment, must be satisfied that no where else cau enter! linments be got up in equal style and fashion, while the place its-lf, iu the novelty of its constructiou, the expense aud muuificence of its decora tions will surpass all others of the kind in this country. The Books are now oiieu to associations who wish to engage the rooms, which will be ready by the 20th December. Terms reisouable. u25lwis*rc FOR ALBANY-HOUR ''HANGED.? The steamboats KNICKEH BOCK Eli and ..ROCHESTER will, on and after Saturday, November 23d, leave for Albauy at 5 o'clock iustead of 6 as heretofore. n20 6t ~PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. DAILY, 8undays excepted?Through direct, ?at 5 P.M., from he Steamboat Pier betweei .Cnurtlaodt and Liberty streets. he Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capuia A. P. St. John, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings at A o'clock. The Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain A. Ilonghtoa, on Tuesday, Thursday and ilalarday Evenings, at i o'clock. hum (be toot c.f Barclay street. At Five o'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain R. G. Cret tendeu, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Afternoons, at i O' clock. 'ih^ Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Peek. Tuesday, Thursday mil Saturday Afternoors, at i o'clock. Passengers taking either of the above lines will arrive ia Albany in ample uase to take the Morning Trains of Cars for ths east nr west. 'l'K- boats are new and substantial, are far aisbod with new and elegnnt state rnonu, and for speed nod ae ?omtaoslations, are anmalleil ou the Himsoa. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this lint, without an order Irom tlie Captain. ror (mssage or freight, apply on board, or to f. C. Schaltt, tt the Office on (he wharf w33re NEW STEAMBOAT LINE FOR BALTIMORE Vis Dri.swaar. sin Cmi-Sapkakk Canai.. FAKE REDUCED TO ONE DOLLAR Si FIFTY CTS. The only real Opposition Line between Philadelphia and Baltimo e, leaves the first I'.er below Ch??nui street every morning, (ex cept Sundays) at ha|fpast7 o'clock, per the splendid ateain boat PORTSMOUTH, Captain J. Dcvoe, to De'aware City ; thence If miles through the Canal to Chuiaivaiif City, iu fint rate Packet Boats, and thence by thr Steamer OSlHH. (.'apt J. D. Turner MARYLAND, Capt L. O Taylor. And arrive at Baltimore t irly the same in. rniog Tlie public are aaaure.l that (notwithstainli'ig ilie false rejiorts in circulation, of this line having stopped) it is, and will be cominned. aud iio exeiliou will In- spared to give comfort and s|?ee I to passenger!. '1 he only change that has been made is that II. T. Hi es is no longer Aueat for this Line. Look out for imposition. Ihe " Pioneer Line" is run hy the Railroad Company's Agent for tf.e purpose of putting (?own the regular opposition. If you wish to keep the fare re duced from (I to $1 AO. go by the steamer Portsmouth, aud no other. The accommodations by this Line are warranted to be equal to any ou the river. Passengers for Newcastle and Salem will tnk?- this Line from lowor side of Chvsuut street. Fare 21 cents. Anply to MORRIS U< ( K V1AN, Agent, or to JAMe.S HAND. 30 Sodth whaiv?s. N. B.?There are two Daily Lines of Mages hitween Balti more aud Washinauin City, at a fare ol (I 49, making the whole fare from r hil*d< Iphia to Washington < .ity, by this roifte,only $3. u!!? 2w* n FOR BATH, GARDINER AND HALLO WELL. kW's Tlie new steamer PENOC.SCOT, Captaia >N. K mil. .11, leaves the end of T wharf, Bostnu, -e>ri v Tuesday and Friday eveciogs, at i j'ctock. Stages will b? in readiness on her arrival at trie above sl>*es, to convey passengers to the neighboring towns. SAMUEL THOMPSON'S OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No. 273 Pearl striet. THK Bubaaiibars in announcing to t air friends and ih * pub lic their continued and extended arraiiiem- uts for bringing out Emigrants from Great Britain and Ireland, would merely say, that for ihe nar IIMS cotuidersblr rgpeiiae have already been in cur ed, aud no pains will lie >|>ar?d to enable tie m to retain that preference, which for more than twenty years have been extend ed to tlife Line The ships employed are only of th' firtt class, commanded by competent and efficient men, well known for th?ir kind aud con stant attention to (he comfort and convenience of inssengeii, and as a ship of the Line sails from Liverpool every sit days : detention it that port is entirely avoided. Whsn those settled f>r, decline cominflt out. Ihe pusage m iney i? returned to thosi from vs horn i! WlInoelvnd, withont Ally deduction. A free oaisage, per steamer, from i lie varum i ports in Ireland and Scotlard, can Ik- secured, il desued. Fot further particu lars euqnire of SAMUEL THOMPSON. 271 I'e rl tfreet, or C (?HIMSHAWIl( 0., lOUoire Pi./? S-, Liverpool. Draft* and Exchange at sight for any amount, ran lie fur nished on the Nat'onal B<nk of Ireland, ine Northern Banking Company, the National Bank of Scotland, payable at lha nu merous Branches throughout th? c< untry. oaf'. Orimshaw It Co., Merchanu, Liver|>ool; and R. C. Glyu It l'o., Bsokers, Loudon. all lm*tn AMUSEMENTS. fAJtK THKATHB. 5KNKKIT OK MM. HACKETT. WEDNESDAY KVKNfPH*, Nov nth. IW4. will be pre ?enieu THE MKURY WIVES OK WINDSOR-Sir John Kiln iff, Mr IIt sett; Slender. Mr Lliii |?idale Aft-r whi.h MONS. MALLET?Muuswur Loan hrancois Malic t, Mr llatktll To cnur isde with comedy of the KENTUCKI \N?Col. N ? in *?? il Wjldl'i Vr II?<: Ik in TaTTiTTs H?.w voHn ui'hUA aot?K. WEDNESDAY KV'Np, No* L>7th, Mh night of the Sea *011.? II l>e performed Tor tlie 3d time Douuetti a gr.ini o|v> of I LI.'liltKZIA BURiH A?Lucrexia Borgia. Siguo'a Bor.'he?*; Matfe i Orsiui. Siguora Pico; (Jeuuaio, Siguor Peto.zi ; Al fun to, Siguor VilIu IIiii i. Aiisiissiok: First Tier and Parquette, $1; Second Tier SO cts. Private Boxes, with 4 admissions, |6 Bi:?ih* Tickets, without ScoU, can be had at tli* Box Of fice at $1j. Doors o|-eu nl7; performance to commence at 7K o'clock ? Heat* .ecuod from 9 A VI. to i P. M. Librettos iu Engl.all and Italian can lie had at tile Box Office. Hi BURTON'S THKATKJL. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA WEDNESDAY EVENING, Nov 27lh, will bepre-eri'ed the drama of OPEN SESAME, or a Night with the Forty Tlljreea ?llsssaMC, Mr. Builuu; Abt'allsh. Mr Batten; Murgia'ja, Mm Booth. After which the new fure of CITY WIVES? Easy, Mr Burte i Mn Crahtiee, Miss Kirby. After which, the MILLER AND HIS MttN-<trindolT. Mr burton; Lolhair, MrCouutr; Kelmar,MrKaulkuer; llaviua, Mr. Birke. OLD " BUNKER HILL" FOREVER! COLISEUM \WBROAI)WAY. VfH. DELARUE, the gre.t liniftor and Delineator of | l'l humeron* eccentricities. is engaged in connection with Oli Bunker for ti e week, will Kir* exact imitations of I Kea i, Korreit, Macready, Booth, ll-mbl ii, Anderson, and alio of ti e lireat Liberator O'l ounell, Uc , Ike., Sic The "Battle of llnnker Mill," the greatest inechauiral exhibi tion the world ever saw, in which every movement and every incident is Hue to the lite, will come off every evening, and on Weduesd iv and Saturday afternoons at 3 o'clock (neritely. Ticket! 21 Ceuts, cliildieu under I) year* U,'? cents Dnoraoi>eu at ft,'* ? performance commence at7 o'clock, nV) lw*in STILL ANOTHER NIOHT WITH THE DARKIES. AI'OLLO ROOMS, BROADWAY. 'PllE public are resiiectfully informed that the three Sinters, i AN NETTE, ANGELIQIJE (k PAULINE, incoiijiiii iiou with the real ETHIOPIAN MIN8TBELM, live in niimlier. will give their fuuiih UKAND CONCERT, On Thi? Evening, Nov. 27th, 18'.4, rt the A(? llo Kootni, Broadway. The entertniumeiits will consist of cougs, Glees, Chorusses, Befraius, Uc., in original negro style, and parodies nn words from the most* il authors, froin the Oivr.u of Amelia, llohemlaii Oirl, La Hoinnamtiula, Die. (fitter A'luette w ill preside at the Piano. Admission 2S cents The unors oi*u at (> o'clock. Concert to commence at 7. n27 Itrc JONES' MENAGERIE. H9 KUl/TON AND \*i ANN STREET. rPHE SUBSCRIBER would hereby respectfully inform ih* 1 (iiiblic that his Menagerie will be ofen for exhibition this day, from 12 o'clock noon until 9 o'clock in the evening. Ainoiiust his collection will lie found loins of the most rate Animals. Birds, kc ever exhibited in this eoiiutry. It is ti f in tention of the Proprietor to make such additions to his collec tion as w ill it (il |ios?ihle) su|ieuor to any other in iha I'nited S.ates, and for that iiuri'oae he hereby reqursts all |wr sons having any rate or valuable auiuials to dis;Ki?r of, to give him a caU N B ? Entrance to the exhibition for Ladies 119 Fulton >t. Admittance. 2) cents, children lialf-pr ce. EDMUND JONES, Propr etor. New York.Z'ith Nov., 1811. n2.'i linrc ADVERTISEMENT Mr. henry PHILLIPS will gin* a (iRAND BACRKD CONCERT at the Tabernacle, 'i'lllS EVENINO, ihrVTtt. Nov n..uilurred bv Mr. (JEO. CODER ; and consist- I ing of extracts from the Oratoims ol the .M?mali, Samson, Joshua, Judas Maccabeus, Redemption, Creation, the Til inks viving, he. Ike. He wilt also show hy Diagrams, and siug in Hebrew the Ancient Bible Signs : and sing THE SONU OF MOSES! On the 23th and 29th a Miscellaneous Concert at Niblo'a Sa loon. w P. S. Iii compliance with a generally expressed wish, Mr. Pliillil* will reduce the price of hii Tickets to 50 cents. To commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets and Pri gmiiimej to be had at the Music Stores, City Hotel, and at the 'iahern.ic'e on tl.e evening. li^js'itrc MERCANTILE LIBRARY?CLINTON HALL BEEKMAN STREET. WEDNESDAY EVEN INtf, 27th Nov., lMI, at ha'f-pu seven o'clock, precisely. Mil. OEO. VANDENHOFF Will give an Evening Kntertiiiimeut, by way of LECTURK with ilie followinu Oratorical, Poe iciil and l)>amatic READINGS AND RECITATIONS. On I lie lnde|ieudeiice of S|uuiish America Clay Defence <.I Christianity aiiainst Paine's Age of Keason. Erskine Queen Mab Slink Portia's Kulogium on Merrv Id I Comic Sc ue, from The v id summer's Night's Dream Id Bottom's Prologue, from the same Id Clarence's Dream Id The Dying (iladiator Byron Hrure's Aiidre?s (Scots wlia hae) liurn< Cato's SoliliKiuy Addison The Dying (Jlirutian l't |>? The Newcaat'e Apothecary Coleman. All the World's a Stage Shaks|ieare. Single tickst* 10 cents ; ticket admitting one gentleman and two ladies $1 ; Members of the M. L. A. '/'> cts. u23 4t*rrc EXHIBITION THE END (J F T HE WORL D. A PAINTINO, OF VERY' LARUE SIZE, by K. Anelli, at the Apollo, 410 Broadway. '1 he Kxliibiti n is entirely separate from the Concert Mooin. Open from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M., and from 6 to 9 P. M. Admission ii cent*. __ ni7 Imrrc [VI It. JONES, VOCALIST?late of the Park Theatre, and l the successful composer of the New Opera of the En chanted Horse?respectfully informs his former pupils and the musical coininuiiily thai he intends devoting the principal part ol his time to the cultivation of (ocil music. Mr. Jones's well known ayrtem of imprnviug ilie tone and quality of the voice, ! and also of curing its defects, entitle him to the consideration of all who wish t? sing in a finished st> I* Term*, five dollars for four lesions; payable in advance. 14 Ueekiniui stiert. u2S lw*rrc FASHIONABLE DANCING. MON8. OABRIEL DE KORPONAY, tJ A8 the honorof Hiformiug the Ladies and (ientlemen of Ne ?xl York, Mid vicinity, that lie liaa arrived for the pur|Kise of I giving instruction in thep^icipi.1 fashionable Dances prevailing in the highest circles of Mvoiiean and American >ociety. Mons. K. has lately arri\ed froin Boston, Saratoga and New port, where his style met the warmest admiration of the public, | and the marked approval of the fashionable community.? Among others, Mous. K. proposes to teach that well known dance LA POL?KA?tlie uew Quadrilles with original music? the Valse de Deax Pas?the Mazourka?new Cotillions?new Oaloppe, and all American Dances. Mods. K. will be assisted by MADAME KORPONAY as Musician. The instruction will be given iu the French, (let man and English languages. Rooios are engaged at 2i Park Plsce,?strictly private, coo and airv?for the accommodation of Ladies and tieutleinru. The Polka, and the new Quadrilles, as at present danced il the fashionable circles of Loudon aud lie taught in l'l or twelve lessous, except the Mazourka. All olh?fs in tweuty four lessons. Kor further particulars, inquire of MONS. KORPONAY, at his residence, J5 Park Place. T?.hms:?Cl*3* Lessons from 10 to 12, A. M., 12 to 1, aud 1 to 2, P. M., and from C to 7 m the evening. Six lessons, |6?twelve leMOiis, f 10, and quarter, SIS. Private Lessons?six lessons, 9<: twelve lessons, f 12; quar ter. $20. All other hoars will be devoted to Public Institutes, Acad [ einies, he., h.e. n4 Yt'LLE. PAULINE DE8JARDINS respectfully informs her jiitrons ami rlie public in genera!, that she is about to form a "CUutt dr Doner" for ladies aud gsutlemen, iu which i sh* will teacn tlie favorite Polka, Mazourka, aud all the other I 1 fashionable Dances of the day. The morning school will be open from 9 o'clock to 1 o'clock, and the evening from 6 o'clock to9 o'clock. Ladies aud gentlemen w ishing instruction are requested to call | at M'lle Desjardin's house. No. i Park Place. nlU lrnis'tn NIKLO'M UKAND SALOON, FOR CONCERTS AND HALLS. 13 NOW KITTED UP FOB THE WIN'lER AMUSE I M ENTS IN M A ON IKIC EN T ST Y L E. (T7"Kor CONCERTS it has many advantages, having an arch'd ceilnig, favorable for sound; and being removed Inm the street, ther ? is no aiirios ancu from the noise of carnages?n .'.as raised srat? with capacious galleries, and will accommodate I.WIO |e-rsons. For Balls il has a spring ih?or anil rai?cd seats on I the sides, and is magnificently limited wrh spl-ndid cut gbiss chindeliers. Attached to the *aloou and on the same (lour, there are private parlors, ilre.s'ng rooms, mutagen and hat rooms, and a sup|ier-ro<.|n 200 f-el long, which will accnmmo date liOO | ersous. (ireat pains will be takeu to give satisfaction, nud on moderate terms. ii27ifrr T1VOLI SALOON. CORNER OF CHARLTON AND VARICK STREETS. rPHE undersigned respectfully inlorm their friends and the A public that they have r?-oj>ened thaTlToli Saloon, (formerly Kicnmond Hill,).corner of I lharlton and Varick sireels, for the season, aud to accommodate all who may favor them with their patronage?having the largest and most commodious room in the city, which will he let on reasonable terms (or Balls, Meetings, Parties and Drills, and all who may favor them with their call .GEORGE HAMILTON, I o27 Im'rre FRANCIS BOQUET. I"01 Kg- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Lin-?Itegular Packet MeDvWio sail the of Dec.?The regular fast sailing JOCa?af'ncki i Ship SIDDONS, Captain B. Cobb,of 1,109 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or pa.-sagc, hiving accominodatious unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on boaxil at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO, M South street. Priee of Passage, tint. The packet sisi(i Sheri lau Captain A. F. De l'eysler, will succeed itr Siddons, aud sail 2t?th January, ISIS, her t'-vilar day. n27ec FOR NEW O RLE AN 8.?I nana and SJi ? York Liue.?Regular packet?To sail on Fridsy, Cih '1'he elegant fast sailing picket ship OENE^S I1., (!spU >tinot.will iMtsilively sail a above. Iter regular day. For freight or ixssage, having el-gan* lurnislied accoinmo ilatious, apply on liosra, at Orleans ?harf, foot if Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO. .'Hi South street. Positiiely no goods received on hoard after Thursday evening, Sill De< . Shippers may r?lv npon having tlieir goods correctly measur ed, ana that the ships of this luie will sail punctually as arlver Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Hallin and WoodmlT. who will nromi'tlv forw ?ril all eoods to their sddreis n?7 ec FOR 1,1 V Eltl'OUL?lleuulnr 1'ttUei ol i.iii Wee. Wj!fJpk,The splendid pa'kst ship JOHN R. SCIDDY, ( apt JBmBCsWiii "kiddy, will positively sail as shove, her rrgu IS day. Having most superior and elegant accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage | nasatters, persons wishing tor in' .irk, should make immediate application on hoard, in it of Mti<l*ii Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRA V, 100 Pine street, corner of South. The s|iendrd packet ship Ssinnel llir.ks,Osptai i Itunkrr, will suctred tin above aud sail on t lie lltli Dm. n27ec "paSRAOE~FtTlf n"iTw OKLEANS?Posirtrel? ? the lirst racket or passage free, and only regular noBaBal'ai k?r of Is- December?The spl?mliil fast sailing ps< get slnp OCONEE, Captain Jackson, will sails posititly as above, her regular day. The accommodations of this ship for calim, second cabin and steerage passengers are very superior, and lersons about proceed ing to Nr w Orleans may rely an the ships of this line sailing inuirtually as advertiser!. To secure bertha early applicatioa should be made ou board, foot of Maiden lane,or to W. a. J. T. TAI'St.OTT, nlKee 7g Vmiih street, wirier Vlaiden l.aoe ???- PA?MA(ii; FOIl I.IVKKI'lItII.?I'ackct of tU VvT^k-ls I'rrember The splendid, fast saila g packet slop ^HnBaaKI!K()PE,' apt Kurber, sails lai.sitively as above, he^regular day. I'lie accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and Steerage p.,isengers fannr t lie snrpa-sed. To secure l>ertli? esrly application should lie made on hoard,, or to W. k J. T. TAPS* OTP. u27 _____ 76 Sontk street, comer Maiden Line. FLOU|T? 'ill bbls. Eztra Ka(le Mills 276 do l.achede, do Landing et ship Indiana frum New Orleans, and for sale in lots to lilt purchasers, by hM E. K- COLLINS k CO., MDouthst. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Piiii.auki.i'iiia, Nov. 2b, 1844. Every thing iu this wayward city is settling down into quiet, bum'ieBs.pleusure, and social enjoyment, with the exception of the fragments of excitement ihat remain among the cottriei of politicians, like the wutls on the sea shore on Long Island after an Atlantic gale. The friends of Mr. Clay in Phila delphia lay the principal hlame ujxm their coadju tors in New York for the loss of his election.? They mourn over him with the most extraordinary pathos arid sentiment, and insist that they will tup port no man but him in 1818, believing that it the whig party remain true to their position and their principles, without any amalgamation with any other taction, be it liberty men or uatives, they will yet carry the country in 1848. There is certainly some plausibility in this view, for nothing but the most untoward accident pre vented Mr. Clay from being elected this year. As to the democrats, they are already beginning to qutirrel for the spoils, and for the succession ? Mr. Ddl'as is in a curious position. He is already watching the movements oi the '? sections," asyou call them, and will make his calculations to play Detween both, so hs to form a party of his own out of the capital of Pennsylvania. I am very much disposed to think, notwithstanding all they say of the firmness and sagacity of Mr. Polk, that he will become the shuttlecock and tport of the Northern aud Southern tactions, as poor Tyler has been of the whigH and locotocoa during the last three years. Dustnesti here is beginmug to revive, in spue of the effort* of the Wall street brokers la get up a panic. Money is getting plenty?no better evidence of this is to be seen than the crowds attending the theatres and other public amusements. The old aristocracy of Philadelphia broke down, and disap peared with the United Stales Dank? but a new set?and new cottriu, have risen up ol late years, who, without the grace and refinement of their predecessors, have more liberality, money, and bon-hvmmie. All the theatres here are crowded nightly almost. Anderson, that you have cracked u;> so high in New Yoik,opened last night at Ches nut street to a very fashionable aud crowded house. Daring his first engagement here, he played to al most empty benches?such are the tfleets ol "first rate notices" in u New York paper. Burton ia doing well?his talent, enterprise and skill deserve it. But particularly is the immortal Welsh, the great giraffe hunter in the wilds ol Africa, doiug a smashing business IDs splendid theatre, con nected with a Circus in Chesuut street, holds about IJ.WH) persons, and almost every night it is full. The great middle cltisa in Philadelphia are the best patrons[oi theatres and oilier public places ol amuse ment. Washington. [From our Itrgular Correspondent.] Washington, Nov. 25, 1844. Mexican New*?Extension of Commercial Inter course with Interior South America? Swtdcvbor cian Church?President't House?Washington Itself?Inauguration Hall?Ihe Procession?Con gress Messes Jamks G. Bennett, Esq.:? The news o| the refusal of the Mexican Congress to supply funds to invade Texas, will advance the question ol annexation, and it is probable that San ta Anna, in return for this defeat ol his measure, may waive further objection, and thus deprive the opponents of annexation of any aigument on the score of trouble with foreign powers. But trouble or no trouble, the annexation is as certain sa that John C. Calhoun is Secretary of Slate, or John Tylerin the White House with hu blooming bride. The expanded views of the muster spirit of thia ' administration, on the subject of the extension of out commercial intercourse throughout the world, will be shadowed forth through the message of President Tyler, as no special report emanates from the oflice of Secretary of Stale. The provinces and republics of South America?their immense products and advantages that could accrue to this country by an extension of trade in that region, will be pointedly exhit>it?d, and none, better thun yourself, can more effectually present a full and concise view ot this iniere&uiig subject. The churches of this city ure fully and fashiona bly attended on the Sabbath, but none of the con gregations create so much excitement as that of the "Swedenborgiiins" or the church ot the new Jerusalem, to which you are aware the most cele brated, learned and scientific of the age arc else where attached. The prominent lenders here at present, are Ri chard K. Cralle, E?q., chief eleik in the State Department; a Thomas Smith, chief clerk in ihe Navy Department; Jucge Cranch, and others.? Their articles of faith are based upon perfected moral principles of the highest and most intellec tual order, as inculcati d iu the word of God, and intelligence, science and purity of character form the distinguishing objects of their creed. The con gregation is yet small, but must increase rapidly, hs soon us Congress convenes. Their mode of worship is similar to that of the Protestant Church, but not so tedious in detail or ceremony. Their movements have already excited the utmost atten tion among other congregations, who view their encroachments with that peculiar generosity of character so celebrated among tectarian leaders, and so much in accordance with the divine princi ples of charity and love as promulgated by lae Sa vior of the world. The furniture in the President's House is a dis grace?a contemptible disgracc to the nation.? Many of the chairs in the East Room would be kicked out of a brothel, vnd the carpet is patched, darned, mid worn perfectly threadbare, as it has been in use, I believe, since the organization of the Van Buren administration. The chaira have been covered once since Mr. Mooioe's time, and the upholsterer then relieved the cushions ot apart of their curled contents, which has caused a perfect explosion of every prominent point that presents contact with the outer garments of the visiters. An immediate appropriation should be made to render the house respectable tor the reception of those who come to Washington to be improved in manners, taste,and knowledge. This Washington is a strange place, a great place, a rich place and a poor place, covering an immense area, with thirty thousand inhabitants, living mainly upon and from the public crib, and who appear to have no mote idea ot helping them selves to any thing else, except treasury pap, than if they were helpless and infirm. They have no enterprise?not even enough to own a ton of ship ping?although their neighbors above them on tnc Potomac, carry on quite an extensive coasting trade. You will be surprised when I tell you that a load ol marble, ordered from New York to con struct the fountains in the capitol yard, wus taken all the way up to Georgetown, immediately past this city, landed there and then brought back here by horses, oxen and negroes, at an expendi ture of nearly as much money as the original enft of the arliele nnd freight to Georgetown. This is the way that ihe money goes?and at the same time the advantages for landing and receiving cargoes at the wharves in this city are superior to mat ot Georgetown. Not an article of produce or manufactures is brought from other ports, destined tor this city, that is not taken up to Georgetown, two milea above, or left at Alexan dra seven miles below, and af terwards trar.sporttd here by steamboat, negro or hor*e|power. We un derstand that arrangements are tasking to wake up the Rip Van Winkle spirit that has to long existed, and establish it line of packets between this port and New York. This new movement and the completion of the Cumberland Canal by the government will make Washington a place of some commercial note at a future day. Considerable exciiemcnt has been created here, relative to the "Inauguration Ball," as an attempt whs made by some few interested individuals to make it a matter of private speculation. This was the case with the " Harrison Bill," but will be prevented on this occasion. The management should be entrusted to a committee of citizens and members of Congress?the subscriptions obtained by them?the price fixed at five dollars the ticket ?preparations made tor the enjoyment and com fort of three thousand ladies and gentlemen, and the entertainment placed in the hands of some one of our public hotel proprietors, whose liberality and character would ensure the most profuse iup ply oi all that sc.!**, appetite and heart could de sir'*. Sueli a ball vi onld be creditable to all con cerned; but in no other way could it be given. The great exulting Democratic jubilee proces sion, to celebrate the victoiy achieved during the recent campaign, will come off on Wednesday, when it is expected that New York, Pennaylvania, Marylandanu Virginia, will l?e largely represented. Great preparations are making, and great funia an ticipated. One ot your irregular corret|iondents is in error in the statement that "Mr. Scoville is the private Secretary of the State Department." Such is not the case ? Mr S. is a temporary efficient clerk, and intends remaining here but a few days after Con gress meets. The old practice of "Congress messes" will be nearly abolished this winter, aa the hotels, and especially "Coleman's," present all the comforts that they have beenso long without, the lack of which caused the origin of " metsing " (From our regular correspondent ] Washington, Nov. 2li, 1844. Naval N(wt?I1\e J a iff British Outrage. James G Brnnitti? I have just learned that the 17. 8. ?!up Saratoga has arrived At Hampton Roads in '24 days from

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