Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 29, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 29, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Prle? Two Cent*. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To tbc Public. THE NEW VOHK HE llALD?Daily Newipape^-oab lished treir da? ol the year except New Yui'i Day and froortb or July. Price 2 cents iter copy?or $1 Xprr annum?postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY H K llALD?published every Saturday morning?price ?,'< cents per copy, or II It per annum?post ages paid, eish in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of U?e HthIU it over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fait It A<i# thf Uracil circulation of any papn in thti city, or the world, and, is, therefore, the Sett channel tor bittiriett ntn in the city or country, Pnoea moderate?cash iu advance. I'lll N'l'tNU of all kinds executed at the moat moderate price, ?ad in tin* most elegant atvle. J AM KB (JORDON BENNETT, Profbiktou or THi Hkkald Estaiilishmknt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. NEW YORK AND HARLEM iiAILKOAlT COMPANY. WINTER aTiHANOtillESTS. ()u and after October 20, the car* will run aa follows :? Leaving City H?ll for Harlem, (126th st,) Morriiiania, Ford Iiiiii, William's Bridge, lluuts Bridge, Underhill'a Road, Tuckahoe, II irt's Corners and White Plains, 7.30 A. M., 10.30 A. M., I P M. anil 3.20 P. M. Leaves Williams' Bridge for < '? iIy llall 8.43 A. M..1I.45 A. M., 2 40 P. M.,4.45 P. M. Leaves Tuckahoe for City 1UI1 8 25 A. M., 11.25 A. M, 155 P. M , 4 25 P M Leave* Whit* Plains for City Hall 8 A. M., U A. M., 1-30 P. M., 4 P. M. Freight trains will leave City Hall at |12 15 M, Leave White Plaius at 8 A. M. 'ITie Westchester Train will stop only, after leaving the City II ill, at the comer of Broome st. and the Dowery. Vauxliall Gar den imd 27th street. An Extra Car, will precede each Train ten minutes before the time of starting from the City Hill, will t ike up passengers along the line. Extra lUrlem and Morisiania Trains, for Morriiiania and in termed'nte places, Leava City Hall for Harlem and Morriaiama,7 A. M., 9 A. M . It. A . M., 2 P. M., 4.30 P. M. Leave Morris ania for City Ilail, 8 A. M., 10 A M., U A. M., J P. M., 5.30 P. M. U y order of the Board, ulS 3m* s*c W. 8. CARMAN, Secretary. 3*MM ^1NT E K All RANG t M tTTT^ *Al'i IHKXk' SliJ^LlNGS KltOM PATER&ny TO HILLINGS rr JER8E1 C1T of October tne i Cn a. i after tl?- litof October tne cart vill leave* Patkuio i Uki'OT. I New Yoil i o u.ock A. M. I S o'clock A.M. 114 V " 13K " KM. t ?' p. Jl. I % " Of. Sl'NDAV*. I o clock A M. | (o'clock A.M. I " i M. | 4 " P.M. st? ll ec _ FOR The Royal Mail Steamship* BRITANNIA land CALEDONIA, will leave Boston, tor the above porta, aa follow* Britannia, J. Hewitt, Esq., Commander, on Friday, Dec. 1st. Caledonia, E. G. Lott, Esq., Commander, Monday, " lGtli. Passage to Liverpool (120. Hnrwn to Hiiillt 20. For fieight or raasage apply to D. BRIGHAM. Jr., Agent, at (he other of llariiuen It Co., n2Grc No. 3 Wall street. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. . Of 1200 ton* and 440 hone power each.? Under coutract with tha Lords of tlie Ad| ? miraJty. HIBEHNIA. Captain Alexander Ryris. ? M EbONlA,... ...Captain Edward G. Lott. a'CAUIA, Captain William Harrisoa. liTANN LA Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA Captain C. H. E. Judkius. Will ?;'il from Liverpool and Boston, via. Halifax, as follows: Fran Boston. From Liverpool. t. iie-Ionia, Lott August 11th. ? Acadia. Harrison...Sept. let. August 4th. tiiberuia, Ryrie laih. 20th. Thece vessels carry experienced surgeons, aud are supplied with LIP) Moots. For Height oi passage, apply to D. dKIGHAM, Jun., Ajent No. 3 Wall st street. FALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK AND NEIV YORK. FARE ONLY lSljCENTS. THE- NEW AND HWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW. CAPTaIN JOHN GjW'FY. ON and after September 10th will run daily, ?aa follows (Sundays included)Leave New ~ark, foot of Centre street, II o'clock A. M.? Leave NeW!k? ark, foot of Barclay street, 3 o'clock P. M. a|>4 rrc Pi.EAhAN j' AND CHi'.At' C.AClJKMIUXMt). tm mm P. 11 .AH Rji NGE MENT. NEW IRIGHTOiV, PORT RICHMOND. (STATEN 1S1.A NO,) AND NEW YORK FEllRV. From Pie* No. 1, North River, foot of Battery Place. The Steamboat CINDERELLA, w ill ran u "follows. Daily, from May 20th to October l?i, 1844 ??Leave* New York at 9 and U o'clocs, A. M., atJ>i, <. ii'idl P.M. Leaves Port XCit:,iirionil, at 30 minutes to I. and 10 minutes to 10 A. M.; at 1,4>% ami t>H P. M. Leaves New urtgiitou al t and M A.M.; at l\, Sand 7X P. M. On Sunday?Leaves Nesr York, at 9 and 11 A. M.; at I, 6 and t P. M. Leaves fort Ridhmood, at 20 minutes to t and 10 A.M; at 1, iandVV P. I>1. New York. Mar-13, 124 myll 8m*TB Foil ALBANY?HOUR CHANGED.? ? The steamboats KNICKERBOCKER and ^.ROCHESTER will, on anil after Saturday, November 23d, leave tur Albany at 5 o'clock instead vf 6 as heretofore. u20 Gt fTUPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS l-OR ALBANY. DAILY, Sundays excepted?Through direct, at 5 P.M., from he Steamboat Pier betweea SkmMM^e^bCourtlsudt and Liberty streets. fhe Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER. Captain A. P. St. John, .Monday, Wnlneeday and Friday Evenings at 5 o'clock. Hi-* Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain A. Houghtoa, on TaesJay, Thuiaday and ffcaurday Kvenings, at 5 o'clock. yrttaa ate toot of Uarclay street. At F'vi? o'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place*. Tlie "iramboat NORTH AJVIERICA, Captain R. G. Crot ten den, Monday, Wedceeday, and Friday Afternoons, at 5 o' clock. 'lilt? St-ambon! COLUMBIA, Captain William H. Peek, Tuesday, Thursday rnd 'aturday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Pasienuers taking either of '.he above lines will arrive ia A It/.my m ample liew to take tlie Moming Trains of Cars for the east or weat. 'I'M bouts are new and substantial, are frtr Bishetl with new and .lefrnt state rooins, and for speed and ac commodations, arc ?urival ted on the Hrnson. Ail arsons are lot Did trusting any of tl>* boats of thi* line, without on order trom the Captain. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Sclinlts, at the i)flice oo the wharf. , u23ro NEW STEAMBOAT LINE FOR BALTIMORE Vu Ijei.awark and Chksapkakk Caixal. FARE REDUCED TO ONE DOLLAR &. FlFTY CT8. >~j fiOK ''he only ml Opposition Liue between Philadelphia and Baltiino e, leaves the first 19 " '* below Chesout stRet every morning, (ex eept Sundays) at half past 7 o'clock. |>er the splendid steam PORT SMOUTH, Captain J. Devoe, to Delaware City ; tlienee 11 miles through the Canal to ( lieiapeake C-ity, in first rate Packet Boats, and thence by tlie Steamer OS1KIS, Capt J. D. Turner " MARYLAND, Capt L. G. Taylor. And arrive at Baltimore early the same m Tiling The public are asuuncl that (notwithstanding the false reports in circulation, of this liue having stopped) it is, and will be coiiiinued, ai.u no exertion will be spared to give comfort and spn- J to passengers. The only cliauge that has been made is that H. T. Hers is no longer Ageut for this Line. Look oat for imposition. The " Pioneer Line" is ran by the Railroad Company's Agent, for the purpose of putting ? own the regular opposition. If you wish to keep the fare re duced from $1 to $1.50. go by the .[earner Portsmouth, aud uo oilier. The accommodations by this Liue are warranted to be eqi\l to any ou the river. Paneogers for Newcastle and Salem will take this Line from low^-r side of Clieauut ntrvei. Fare 25 cents. Apply to MORRIS BUCKMAN, Agent, or to JAMKS HAND, 30 South wharve*. N. 11.?Tlice are two Daily Lines of Stages between Balti more and Washingion City, at a tare ol $1 50, making the whole tare Irom t InlailtIplna to Washington City, by this route,only $3. ni!) 3w* m ~ ~FOR BATH, GAltDINKR AND HALLOWELL. The new steamer PENOBS<yOT, Ceptaia >N. Kimball, buns tlx cud of T wharf,Boston, _ -every Tuesday and Friday eveuings, at S o;elock. Mtaf s will be in readmrss oa her arrival at Uie above >, to run y y pa-tenger. to tlie neichhoring towns. S/VM l)EI. THUM PSON'M Ol D E8TABLWHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No.<J73 Pearl street. THE Subscribers in announcing to t eir friends and the pub lic ilieircontimted and extended arrangements for bringing out Emigrants from Great Britain and Ireland, would merely say, that lor the year 1815 considerable expense have already been in cur ed, and no pains will lie .pared to enable them to retain that preference, which lor more than twenty years have been extend ed to tliia. Line The ship* employed ere only of th? first claas, commanded by competent and eilieient men, well known forth-ir kind and con Htant attiMtion to llie Comfort and roiivenience of |ias>eugers, and a* a ship of the Line sails from Liverpool every six days : detention at thit port is entirely avoided. Whim those settled f r, d* < line coming out. the passage mmey is returned to those from w hom it was received, without any deduction. A free na.nage, in r sleimer, Irom llie various ports in Ireland and Scotia id, can lie secuied, if Uesiied. For further particu lars enquire of SAMUEL THOMPSON. 273 Petri aireet, or C. GRIMSHAW It CO., lOGoree Phxtst, Liveriiool. Hiafu ami Exchange a' sight fur any emounl, can be fur n .lied on the Nat oual Bmkoi Inland, ine Northern Banking Company, the National Bank of Scotland, pavable at the nu merous Branches throughout the country; on C. Grimshaw h Co., Merchants, Liverpool; and II. C. Glyn k Co., Bankers, London. l23 lm*m FOR LIVERPOOL?Th? New Line-Ketulat ? Packet 21st December.?The superior fast sailing New liMHiViirlt built packet ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Johu E-urnijie, 1150 tons burtheru, will sail as ahove, her regular day. l-'oi freight or pe.isaire, having very superior accommodations, Bnsui jMssi'd bv any ship in port, apply to the Captain on board, west side Uorung Slip, or to WOODHULL H MINTURN8, IT Booth street. Price of Pas.age f 100. The fin* packet ship Queen of the West, Capt. Philip Wood house, 1150 tons i urtlien, will succeed the Literpool and sail on her legular day, 21sl.ian. H22 tfiit JERSKY iCITY FLOATING DOCK,?Tkto mw wjRVWand improved Dock has commenced opnatiou. Cap JillliMCB'ain. ruid owners of vessels are invited to call and ?x amine u, mil tliey will at ouce see that it is as well adapted for aud repairing vev.els as any Dock now in operation. There is also attached to thi* Dock, Blacksmiths. Ship-carpen> ters, Caulkers aud Painter*. All work done in tne most expe ditions manner and at reaaonable rate*. ?II lm*m HILL k McLAUGHLlN. < FE ,t iflfe breoiid Liue?The Ships of this Line will I i? X ? York on the Ut. and Havre on tteUtlTof '???? New lowi, VI* : ,0U| ?? etch month, u fol ?"??asr" Captain * J ?' April, Ship UTIC/^"""1 tuackJ I't lumber, " - ? \ Ut May. Captain, < lit September, Frederick Hewitt, ( Ut January New Ship St. NICHOLAS i 1st June. Captain < l?t October, J- B. Bell, { 1st Ft^ruary, 16th December, ICth May, 16th September, loth January, 16th Jane. 16th October, 16th February, 16th July, 16ih November, _ . 16th Miwb. The accommodations of tnsse >m|w are not surpassed. com bining all that may be required for comfort. Thr i.rice of cabin passage is >100. Passeug?rs will he supplied with every reqni ?rtr, with the exceutiou of winea and liouora. Goods intended for theae vessels will be forwardee by tbe sub scribers, free from any other than the expanses actually incurred on them. For freight or passage, agply to BOYD k IHNCKEN. Agents, Je25 ee No. 9 Tontiue Buildings. cor- Wall and W?ttr OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m, jk. m ^W^^Bld Liue off^Es for Liv^^^^nll herea pa ml ied. in the following order, excepting that wheu the tailing ay falls on Sunday, the >liii? will Mil ou the succeeding day, I ix.:? from A'eur Koi Ac. /?Vow Liverpool. The CAM-BRIDGE, I June 1 July r 11 8S0 toni, < Oct. 1 Not. 16 W. C. Baritow,( Feb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, lJuue 16 Dec. 1 74# ton*, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 S. Bartlett, f Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, {July 1 Aug. 16 800 toui, < Nov. 1 Dec. It. J. Ratlibvne, f March 1 April 16 l'lic MONTEZUMA, t Ju|y 16 Sept. 1 1000 tons, < Nor. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, ( March 16 May 1 The El! HOPE, I Aug. 1 Kept. 16 618 toni. < Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. O. Furber,( April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (new,) i Aug. 1C Oct. 1 9M tons, < Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper,? April 16 June 1 The COLUMBUS, CHept. 1 Oct. 16 TOO tona, <Jan. 1 Feb. 16 If. A. Cole,(May I June 16 'IV YORKSHIRE, (new,) i Sept. 16 Nov. 1 1050 tona, <Jan. 16 March 1 D. O. Biriley.( May 16 July 1 These Ships are not Mvpassed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qualities by'auy vessels iu the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character"and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, a* regards ih-i (lay of sailing, will be obserr-vd as kemofa?) The price of passage outward ? brir finest: Cne Kladred Dollars, for which ample stores of every description, will be povideil. with the exception of wines and liquors, which wiN be furnished by the Stewards, if,required. Neither the captain or owners of these Ships will be res|>on sible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Fer freight or pas sage, apply to OOQDHUE k CO. 64 South street. C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling blip. N. Y. jastf and of BAKING, BROTHERS k CO.. LVool JIRRJtNQKMENTS FOR 18**. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. .100 l'ine street, corner of South. m m. m. m TH E Subscriber begs leave to call tlie attention of his l'riendi and the public in general, to tlie following arrangements for 1844, for the purpose of bringing ont Cabin, 2a Cabin, and Steer ace Passengers, by the H*gular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the Ut, 6th, llth, 16rJi. 21st and 26th of every month. By the London PackeU to sail from New York, the 1st, 10th and t0;li?and from London on the 7th, 17lli and 27th of each month In connection with the above, and for the puipoM of affording still greater facilities ID passengers, the Subscriber has establish ed a regular line of first class New York built, copiiereil and cop|>?red fastened ships, to sail punctually every week through out the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their families or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the followiui! Banks, viz.:? Provinpial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, Galway, Armagh, Athloue, Colerain, Bailina, Tralee, Youghal, Enniskillen,, Bainbridge, Ballymena, Parse nstowa Dowupatrick, Cavan, Luryaii, Omagh, Duiixitnuon, Bandon, Emus, Ballysliannon, Strabane. Skibbereea, Mallow, Moueymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Skibbrecn. Scotland?The City Bank of Ulasgow. England? jvWsrs. Siiooner, Atwond k Co., Bankers, London. P. W. Byrnes kCo., 36 Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable u every town in Great Britain. Fer further information, (if by letter post said,) apply to JOSEPH MoMURRAY, 100 Pine street, comer of Honth street, New York, Or Messrt. P. W. BYRNES k CO.. M Waterloo Rc<id, r% ttn? r9 l.i*?nwiol OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAOE OFFICE JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, New York. I The si^xcriber coutinues to make arMugeinents to bring ont paxt'tfigers from Great Britain and Irelatnl, (via Liverpool), who may be engaged at this office, or with any of his ageuU in the United States, on board the packct ships sailing from Liver pool eveiy five days?and in order to afford every facility, he will have deipatched superior American ships in New York and Boston,'every week* during the year. Those sending for their friends may rely that the same due and diligent attention will be shown them as heretofore, and should any of those s*nt for not embark, tlie money will be refunded, as customary; and tluse remitting money to tneir friends, can have Drafu anil Bills of Exchange Tor sums to suit, payable on de mand at tlie following banks, (without discouut or any other chante), vix:? ENGLAND?Messrs. J. Bult, Son k Co., Bankers. London: J. Darned k Co., Liverpool; the National Provincial Bank of Englaud and Branches, throughout England and Wales; York* slnre District Bank and Branches; Birmingham Banking Co.; Lancaster Banking Co. IRELAND?National Bank of Ireland and Branches, and Provincial Bank of Ireland and Branches, in all the principal towns throughout the Kingdom. SCOTLAND?Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches Greenock Baukiug Co. in Glasgow and (ireenpek. Persons residing in the country and wishing to send money to their friends, may insure iu being done satisfactorily, ou tneir remitting the amount they wish sent, with tlie name and address of the person for whom it is iuteuded; a draft for tlie amount will then be forwarded per first packet or steamer, and a receipt for the same returned by mail. For further particulars, apply (if by letter, postpaid) to t!6 ec JOHN HERDMAN. 61 .South st. PASSA> - nnM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND m m m m. iV TtlE IjLacK BALL Ok lU.[> LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.) Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends can ni.ike the .necessary arrangements with the Subscribers, and have them come out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailm* from Liverpool punctually on trie 7th and I9th of every mouth They will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing every six days, thereby nffordiuu weekly communication from that port. One of the firm, (Mr. James D. Hoche,) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and des patch. Should the parties agreed for, not come out, the money will be returned to those who iiaid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball or Old Line of Li vepool Packets, comprise the following maguificrnt Ships, vix.:? TAe OXFORD: The NEW YOHK. CAMBRlbGE, COLUMBIA. EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, England, north ameuica. Willi such superior and unequalled arrangements, the Sub scribers confidently look forward for a coutinnance of that sup port which has been extended to them so many years, for which lliev are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relative, can at all timra obtain Drafts at sight for any amoaut, drawn direct Ad the Rcyal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also, ou Meesrs. PRESCOTT, GROTE, AMES k CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the nrinc ,>al towns throughout Eugland, lie land, Scotland and Walei HOCHE, BROTHERS k CO. 35 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liver|iool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on If e 1st and l#tli of each mouth. Parties return ing to the Old Conntry will lind it to their comfort and advan tage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in prefer ence to any other. jets 'im#re FOR LONDON.?Regular (Packet of the 1st l)e IKftsVcember ? The spleudid, first class,fast sailing packet JBfiyathip PRINCE ALBERT, Captain Fr. S. Sebor, will sail S Above, her regular day. Having very xuperioraccoinmodatiims forcibin, second cabin and steerage passeugers, person* wishing to embark should make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or ro JOSEPH Me.MURRAY, n2l rrc No. 100 ine street, corner of Sonth. ftff- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet tKV^Vto sail the 26th of Dee ?The regular fast sailing JUKiPaeket Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb,of 1,106 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleaus wharf, fool of Wall street, or to E. K. COM.INS k CO, S6 South street. Price of Passage, (100. The |*cket ship Slieri ,'an Captain A. F. De Peyster, will succeed tie Siddons, and sail 26th January, 1845, lier regular day. Ii27ec FOR LIVERPOOL?ReaaUrPacket of fftTi Dee. The splendid packet ship JOHN R. SCIDDY, Capt Wm (?kiddy, will positively sail as above, her regu Havmg most superior and elegant accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage pnssagers, persons wishing to embark, should make immediate application on hoard, loot of .Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURKAY, 100 I'iue street, corner of South. The spendid packet ship Samuei Hicks,Captain Bunker, will succeed the above and sail on tlie llth Dec. n27ec. 1 PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the MHkVVlst December. Thr splendid, fast sailing packet ship jHMaftKUROI'E.Capt. Furber, sails |K?itively as above, lier regular day. ... . , , The accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. To secure berths early application should be made on hoard,, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, | n27 76 South street, corner Maiden Lane. FOR GLASlToW?The line new British ship wnVANN HAHLEY, Duncan Smith, masfr, now on I JHBfiher way to this port, ar?l on arrival will have imme. diate despatch. 8he is intended apiwily asa regular tnder be tween thfc and Glasgow, ^reght 87 South street. The packet ship ADAM CARR will succeed the Ann Har ley. ul9 re I lO PASSAGE, FOR NEW OMLEANS-Positively WrxJWlhe first Packet or passage free, and only regular JflBiifaspacket of 1st December.?The splrndid fast nailing | pi. ltd snip OCONEE, Capuin Jackson, will smU poiitivly as above, her regular day. The accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage |*s?engers are very superior, and i^rsorn about proceed ing to New Orleans mav rely on tlie ships of this line sailing punctually as advertised, lo secure berths early application should be made on board, foot^f Maidenjane^to nil ec 76 South street, corner Maiden Lane. COLT'S REPEATING PISTOLS, WITH the latest Improvements of 1813 aud 1814 1. Hammer of Pistol?I. Receiver with five Chamber*? 3.Trigger?d. Wedge for lioliliiiK bartel u|hiii |iin?I. Lever or rammer to rain tuu.bill down with. Tim a true representation of llie Colt's Patent lie. | peating I'istol; great imposition* have lately been practised up ou the public by representing and selling the Si* Barrel or Pelf Cockiug l'ist< I as Colt's Patent Pistol, which, with all its im provements, is American and trade of the very teat materials? no cast or inaleable iron as in t* e six barrel pistol, and highly finished in every respect The Si* barrel or 8, If Cockiug Pts tol is a Belgian invention?[tie pattern pistol was imported by a ti 'rmau importer from Europe lor a manufacturer of this a; tide some ye?rs since in this city. Colt's I'aient, Pocket, Belt and Holster Pistols, with the ram mer attached. is the I .test and most approved of improv-ment iu fire arms, and for safety, sine lire, accuracy aud distance, they are inferior to none. The Pocket ami Short Barrel Bel Pistol can be fired without powder, loaded with halls aud ca|>s only, with great accuracy, at 10 to 12 paces, and with great force, they can be loaded and fired five times iu leas lliau half ? mi nute. Certificates from the most scientific and practical navy aud military olficers of high rank ami reputation ui the United Stat-a seivice, as well as Kreuch aud Lnglisli navy, can be seen at the proprietor's store. I lie Colt's Ke|ieatiiitf Pistols, Carbines and Shot Guns are sold for cash at 171 Broadway, New York, by JOHN EHLEHB, Proprietor. At7 Chartres street, New Orl-aus, by II. E. Baldwin k Co. anil 123 Baltimore street, Balttiii'>ie, b> Benj. Lalfia, Consign ee^?at Messrs. Ilirckbead tt Co's ltio de Janeiro, B1a7.1l. aud at llyde V. Goodiick s, New Oileans. u20 lm*ee KlvENCH'S IHOTEL. H'HK PROPRlK'.TUK res|>ectfully informs Ins friends and A t'ne public tliat lie ha* opened his new aud splendid hotel at 133 Kultou stive', a few doors east of Broadway, iu the imme- | diate vicinity of uirrcantile business and the principal places of amusement, ai d has lurnished it iu a style tlijt will bear favor- | able comparison with the very best hotels in the city The pro prietor iu buildiiiK and fittiuii up the above house has had strict regard to elegance and comfort. and that lie has combined eco uoiny the following prices will show :? A ROOM FOll ONE NIGHT 26 A " " '? WEEK .140 The rooms will be warmed gratis, aud upon no occuiou will there be more than one bed iu a room There is a REFECTORY attached, in which there are meals served up at all hours of the day and even me. '1 here are also It .lb Itooins connected, for warm, cold and shower biths Til* Porter will be in attendance at all times during the ?light to ndmit lodgers, and to let them out at all hours. N. B.?Those who waut Lodgings alter the houie clores, will ring the hall liell. nl9 3m*m THE NEW YORK IIOTKL. ON BROADWAY, WASHINGTON AND WAVERLY PLACES. rrillS new aud elegant establishment, situated in the most . a fashionable i]ua>ter of the city, will open ou Monday, Dec. 2d. It has be?n liui>lied and furnished with peculiar relereii'e to ill* convenience of families, and will be conducted on the I plan of Memrice's Hotel. Paris. JOHN H. BILLINGS, Proprietor. B. MONNOT, Restaurateur. N. B.?Table d'Hote at 5 o'clock. n27 3t*rc THE SARACEN'S HEAD, NO. 12 DEY STREET,twodoorsbelow the Kranklin House, Bntadway. This Home, well known to those of our citi zen* who like to enjoy a mug of the "blood of John Barley corn" in undisturbed quit, with the privilege of reading the latest foreign and Ainerctn papers, has lately li eu purchased by the subscriber*. As will be seen it has become a /io//-l*iuci; establishment; but iti o!d customers as well as uew oues, will liud no deterioration iu its usual comforts. i.?7 2w?ec GU3TIN &i PRICE. VTOTICE?The sulxcriber informs the public, that lie will ?La pay no debts contracted by any member of his family Irom . heieforth.'and requests that all debts already contracted by them will be presented to him li r payment, within one week from the date thereof. HUMPHRY DONOVAN. ' n27 3t*ec 40 Washington . tt > 1, New York. NEW YORK BRASS~BANlT 'THE Memben of the New York Bras* Baud would respect 1 fully inform their patrons and the public iu geueral that at a meeting of the Band, held at Military Hall, Bowery, 2ud Nov., 1844, Mr R. WILLIS was unanimously elected leader, aud C. S. Git A FULL A Composer of said Baud?and tliev now feel . assured tkat the Baud will be inferior to noue iu this country.? The Btud would return their thauk* for the very flattering pa tromge bestowed u|h>ii them the past Mm, and will use every exertiou to merit a continuance of the tame. Applications for the Baud will te made to Richard Willis, Leader, 49 B.tvard I street; James Conner. Secretary, 33 Bayard street, or any of the following members; Wm. Wallace, 49 Spring street; Alfred H. Peate*, 19 Norfolk street; Daniel Underbill. 114 Wooster street; M. Merne, 150 Forsyth meet; John Wallace, 7 Clark street; John Bleakley, 109 Walker street; J. Kuysing, 64 Orchard street; Geo. Geoller, 130 Korsytli *treet; E. Wheeler, corner 9th Avenue and Ifltli street; S. C. Lnin, 145 C en ire street, Doctor C. Mather, 114 Wooiter street! C. S. Gialtilla, Composer, 33 Bayard street. RICHARD WILLIS, Leader. Jamks Coifnicn, Secretary. N. B.?Bauds providrtl lor Public Balls, Private Soirees, Serenade*, Ike., by applying to Wm. Wallace, 49 Spring street. nl2 lm*m KEA1) THIS. A LL CASKS iu the Suigical and Me.'ical lice, especially ft those of long standing,ca'i receive advice aud medicine gratis on the first application, neither name or resid nee requueil, at No. 67 Iteade street. S. HEINE, M. D. _n27 Sin "re MEDICAL OARD. DOCTOR KAWCETT, of 196 Kultou street. New York, Member of the Royal Collet of Surgeons, of London and . Edinburgh, aigl Graduate of the Jetfersou Medical Colli ge of Philadelphia, also autnor of a work embracing the following -ubjects, viz.:?Matrimony, Impoteucy aud bteijity, anato mically^ physiological!; , and m-dically explained, with a com Swnisisive exposition of the nature and modem treatment of vphilis. Secondary Spmvtoms, Gonorrhae; Gleet, Stricture*. Nocturnal Emiasions, anu all thecoinequences arising from self imllution. Doctor Kawcett continue* hi* private consultations on the abovf-ineiitioned diseases, at hi* long e*tabli?hed office, 1P6 Kulton street, where the most aggravated form* of all affec tiou* of the generative organ* will yield to hi* mode of treat ment, without restraint in diet or exercise, and without mer cury. E*eu when the procreative euergie* become torpid or I paralyzed, from excessive indulgence, or from maatutbatlou, lie will be able to restore the pails to health aud vigor. 1'ersou* at a distance. enclosing $1, can have a copv of the work. All letters must he po*t paid, and directed to Dr. li Kawcett, 1*6 Kulton street, New York. niBi lm*m NEW YuKK RIDING SCHOOL. N?i, US and 07 Wait at. near Cnnnl. 'pilE Proprietor of this popular establishment, begs to render t his grateful acknowledgement of th" distinguished patron ise which he has received Irom the public, and to *late that hi* Kveninu School, foi' Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Ruling will opeu for the season on MONDAY next, tlie 20th instant. I Hours from 7 to 10 P. M. The Evenings of Monday and Thurs day are set apart for gentlemen anil the I ulies of the families | exclnlively. The riding master t well known to be one of the most experienced and successful in tins country. ul9 Imdh* ^lAMES CODDINGI'HN, Proprietor. lusbro w 'a kidinu school, No. 4M BOWERY, Nuan Ajtor anu La K*yicttk Place*, New Yobc. \/i It. D. ha* tlia houor to auuounce tliat hi* School is open t'X Day and Eveninc, foi Equeatrioa Tuition and Exercise Riding. TERMS: LECTURE LE1IONI. KXggCliE RIDIISfl. 16 Laaaoni >15 W I Month $18 0# 10 " 10 00 20 Rules 10 00 4 " 6 00 10 " 6 00 -tingle I .esson* 2 00 Single Rides 75 Koad " 3 50 N. b.?Highly trained aud quiet Hors*?, for the Road or Parade, to iet. EVC^IVU CL&SI. 13 Luson* $1 09 | 20 Ride* ., .$10 00 ~? " 1 00 Single Ride 75 RULES I IVU liLO i I.?All Leason* or llidua paid for on eonmencinc. I.?One hour allowed on each Lesson or R>de iu the School. J ?One hour and a I14II' to a Lesson on t Ik' Road. I.?Hours for Ladies, from 9 A. M. to : P M. 6.?Hours fur Gentlemen, frum ] to 5, .anl Irom 7 to 9)4 P. M. t.?No GeuJtuiea admitted daring tir hour* appropnauA to Ladies. A card o /address is requested prerions to comaieucing. (TT* Gentlemen keeping iheir horses at lliisestahliAment, will oave the privilege of ridtug them iu the School gratis. ol5 lio'rc ROGERS' GYMNASIUM. Nom i?, 17, nncl 10 Cunal street. rPIHS SPLENDID ESTABLISHMENT is now open day a- and evening, for tlw reception of pupils. All persons of sedentary habits should praotise ttvar exercises, wnich are tin only remedy for contractions of the tJliest, Dy?p-|nsia, kc., the old nary results ot constantly bending ovtr the desk, and stu d\ing. Parents and Guardi&us of Bovs. and all interested, are in vited to cull. J I' ROGKRS, Proprietor. N. B.?J. P. R., in connec'ion with vV. J. Wyer, has opened a large Gymnasium in Bro, klyn, at No. 166 Kulton street. Gentlemen doing busmets in New Yurk, who rrside in Brooklyn, will llnd tins establishment a complete one for the purposes of exercise. 0|kii day aud eveuing. nt2 im*ec COU RSE OP FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROBERTSONLAN SYS i EM. ANEW Course will be otieiied on Wednesday, 27th Nov. by Mr. EIJ.VlUND DU BUISSON, A. M., at 5 o'clock, P. M., 98 Leouard st Persons wishing to follow the Course are invited to attend at the fust lesson All the subscribers sball hive the privilege of following the other courses, eveept. the Indie*' one . A eourse for l^idi.'* will b? opened on Monday, ?Mh?days of | tuition will b? Monday, Wednesday end Kriday, Irom 11^ to o'clock. ? or infoimation apply to Mr. Edmund du Bnisson, 400 Itrnail way, from 8 oVIock to 10 A.M. and from 2 o'clock to 4 P. M. RuiKiKKtii. M. M. DeLafoi*a?, KrenehCon- Dr. Porter, 1 Barclay st sil GenerM. Dr Cross man, 400 Btoadway W. tt. Draper, 57 Hetvsr st. W. H. Cary S> (>o , IM Pearl st. E. K'abrequntea^l Maiden lane. C. C. Carter hCo , 1T8 do. E. Logau, tU>i., 4 New st. Berard U Moudon, K Court' R. Row ley, Kju., 49 Nassau at. land st. Rev Dr. John rower, 15 Ba/clay st. M. Melly, 58 Mai !ea Lane, 'i 2w*rre IO THE IfAGUEUKIAN ARTISTS. fU.HT RECEIVED from Pans, by packet ahip Krancis the " Kitst, 5u* Kreneh Dagueiieoty|? I lales, large size, (star brand.) 12 Arroinatif Giasses, J,S? inches diameter. 12 dogrn of Gilt Kraines, of different sizes. G (termau lustruinfills, for taking family groups. And for isle cheap for cash by K. A. ARTAULT, Kreneh Material* lmi>orter, I.afayett" Bazaar, 141 Broadway, cor. ot Liberty St. r>25 lm*rc URTlaRDNEK, CONSULTING ENGINEER. A CARD.?The Public is infoimed, that Dr. LARDNER continues the pracnce of business as a Consulting Engi gineer, which he followetl on an extensive scale for muiy years 111 England and kranc-. Inventors, patentees, mauuti-.ciiirera, ?Mm. aud others eiig ig-tl 111 the arts and manufactures, . may consult him ou matters requiting the application of the j principles of prattiual science. Certificates and 01 imons oil the validiiv and usefulness of new inventions and processes in the arts. Report* on disputed questions and doubtful |>oints, et |sriirental investigations, with a view to tie discovert or test ing of improved processes, will be si^pplied or undertaken wheu re iiiired. Office No 11 Spruce street, New York. All Business Letters must be post-paid, audio pttventtime heiug lost by frivol ius applications, all applicauts wilrbe ex pected to pay a retaining lee of $10 before consultation. n22 3inrc PXPRKSS PRICKS REDUCED?The Subscripts nave ?4 reduced their E?iitu pnees on all small packages of law tad other docnmrnls, from !/> cents to 15 ceuts per package, from this city to llntfalo sud '.hs intermediate point*. Also .hmngh Wells It Co.'s Express Irom Buffalo to Chicago, at % ceuts per package from this city to Chicago, tiie mtettn?ui tte points ea the Lske. aat 1.1V iN?flT'?V ? l.t.w > ft 1Mr.Uf v 17LOUIV?531 bbls. Extra Eagle Mills. " i 376 do Lachede, do Landing e* ship Indiana from New Orleans, and for sale ii lots to suit purchasers, by ?M E K. COLLIN* k CO , 9$ South st. Familiar Letter* on Mule In America?Mo. a. II AMERICA A MUSICAL COUNTRY AT fHKMNr'. AND WHY IS IT notI "There needs no ghost come from the grave to tell" that America is uot at present what is co"1" monly termed a musical country. It is a mistake to cull a couutry musical because it is fond ot mu sic; as little as we can say for instance, that a mau is virtuous because he simply admires virtuous cha racters. The passive lover of music is not entitled to more consideration than the passive lover ot virtue. Farlrom deserving any praise tor tneir passive love, both are rather objects ot blame tor their want ot sincerity, or, if you like, for their want of courage to substitute a healthy,living, a furthering activity for the chrysalis of an indolent passivity. Msny persons are accustomed to expatiate on their fondness of music as uproot of their elevated sen timents and esiatical feeling?whether that loud ness be .... "Ripe and real." or only ? , ? "A stone ideal." But they do not reflect that this sensual fondness of music is innate?a mere instinct?whose action is much more powerful in individuals who are des titute of even the shadow of an elevated sentiment or refined feeling?in children, for instance,, ill idiots, in suvages ; and the best proof ot its being an instinct is found in the ellect it produces on ani mals. The newspapers stated, some time ago, that a doe obstinately followed the band of a Boston re giment on a visit in New York, and gave unequi vocal signs of delight when they began to play. 1 myself oucc had a dog who regularly begun to bnrk (I hope it was a bark of i.leasuie,)whenever 1 used to play the llondo from Hummel s concert in A mi n?This custom of showing off with one's love of mueic, appears to be a standing epidemic of every wiuter season in America, equally prevalent with the fair sex as with the unfair one, who regularly catch it with the first equinoctial gale. Of course in nine caseB out of ten it is not "ripe and real, but only a "stone ideal," somewhat similar to the toi-ditnnt religion of a certain editor who writes, nearly every week, a "slashing article" (as IJ Is raeli says,) against the non-obs-ervaiice of the Sab bath by the young men of the day, and who him self, si lls on Sunday, awisted by his sons, the iden tical paper, with the "slaahing article" as a leader. The present ?'.ate ot music in America, with re spect to the api reciation in which it is held, is best characterized, uccording to iny opinion, through ! the word affectation, although it l?? de nied tiiat the number of bon'i fide lovers of music is not inconsiderable. Hut the great majority do not interest themselves tor music as an art, but lor music as a fnshion-and in every fashion there is more or Ices affectation. The regard for music 18 in many points equal to that paid to bonnets. Mu sic, like bonr ts, probably will always remain the fashion ; but it is liable to the same vicissitudes as the cut and ribbons of n bonnet. Formerly the fronts and crowns were large.'now they are worn wlitf them<v/uf<* used to call a In Bibi. 1 he ribbons were ouce of a sober, Quaker color; now they vie with the plumage oi a Jamaica parrot. Holt is with music. A few years ago, the English opera carried the day?now the Italian. List winter but one, the sun shone for the pianists?now it slwnes for the violinists, who make hay accordingly. This vear rule the Eihiopean minstrels, original and counterfeit?next year it may be the turn ot an In dian opera, with the three sable sisters as prime donne. Variatio deltctat\ . . This want of stability is the principal reason ol the deplorable state of the musical art. It has on it the same paralyzing influence as the continual le gislation on the tariff has on commerce. .lust at manufacturers hesitate incurring the risk ot giving a greater extension to their business, so operatic managers, and the musical profession in general, are afraid of embarking in extensive speculations, which alone could lend to the final development ot the art. Every day we see examples illustrating the little confidence pliced in the stability of public taste. Opera seasons must be limited to twenty four nights. Concerts are announced and relin quished tor fear of the receipts not covering the expenses Even now we see the diflidsnce ot an eminent musician, Mr. Loder, to bring out one of the most gigantic creations ot human gemus-Men delssohn's Hymn of fraise ; a work which is des lioed to form an epoch m the history of music, a work which is making the round of the whole world, enthusiastically hailed in its progress by 1 the profession and by the laity. And Mr. Loder is perfectly right: it is a mere toss-up whether the subscription list will contain fifty names of self-styled lovers of music independent of a tew legitimate musicians, who most undoubtedly are anxious to hear it- lie has not the meuns of throwing away pearls, which will not even be picked up, and if he has, he has a duty to observe towards the name of the illustrious composer,trom whose master-piece it mubt not be said that it could not attract more than a baker s dozen. Why should Mr. Loder have more courage than a great number of eminent European arlisu, who are de terred from coming to America because they scorn to prostitute their art for lucre's sake, to inmate a grumbling condottiere or a chirping (*rwtte. I A stranger witnessing the excitement with which musical undertakings are. received in the beginning, would, at the first impulse coniider America a strictly musical couutry, the Eldorado ol crotchets and quavers But it ik precisely that ex citement, admitted even by Americans to be a na tional defect, which is highly detrimental to the only healthy?the steady development ?j! mu sic It raises expectations, which disappoint the more the higher they are. A quiet and eflective interest is wanted; it would be produc tive of more happy results than tins affected musical mania, which is as strong, and necessarily as ephemeral, a* all other American excitements are, be they social or political, religious or i erary, civil or military?less the upshot ol internal leehng thsin the effect of eu admirably organized system of external tickle-a tickle whieh is administered in such p .werlul doses,thHt it kills what it pretends l?The'consequence is, that the actual state of music cannot even be called depressed, because it never was in a comparatively more elevated position i it was and is perfectly null, and will always be so until a radical change is introduced ^h'ch I confi dently hope will take place sooner or later. America is even inferior to unmusical England?the dark glass through which it unfortunately looks on musical matters. It is inferior io England, because it is principally guided by English taste, which in music is de< idedly bad, but without imitating it in the only good point it has?in its love of Handel England has never produced a great musician, although it ulways had some respectable talent. But America does not possess one respectable " native" talent?not the shadow of a talent, not half a shadow, not the quarter of a shadow, com posing or performing, with the exception ot Henry Russell, the author ol the Maniac, the t.ambler, th? ship on fire, and other destructive, I mean des criptive songs. America has no national airs: even Yankee Doodle is rut on an Irish pattern. It can uot even claim the " nisger songs; for they sreol Alncan origin. Here it will not do to Bay? We are a young country." Young ininds, luxuriating in the invigorating air of holy freedom, are hes fitted to produce young, original invigorating ideas; they have moreover the learning, the experience of oM Europe to ^uide them. It will be objected. Now wc study music, tea there ate n rr? at many young ladies who learn, or profess to Icsrn, the | lano. There are too muny_ot them; so many that the time will come when the not learning the piano will be considered an ac complishment. The awful quantity of lessons they take are ol no benefit to the ait, because they do not learn it as an art, but merely as a lashion. It is the men who could do something, not the ladies; they would give Heethoven lor a new bonnet from Mrs Lawson; but the men prefer devoting their leisure hours to talkiug politics in club houses and bar-rooms. You give private concerts. You go to public concerts; but you go there because it is fashionable; because you want to see and to be seen in the concert room, as you want to see and to be seen in the opera. Yes, the tale ot """ux Temps and of the opera, is the best criterion of the interest you bear to the art; and ot the opera I shall speak in my next letter. lJ StrsrxcTRn Murdrr ? On Friday last, the body of a man was found in (he canal, a little west ol the m con I lock in Brighton ; Irom appearance, had been in tho water about ten days. Hid on a blue broadcloth coat, black cloth vest an<l black satinet pantaloon* Had in hi* pocket a ?mill wnllet, with 7J in small change. The under jaw, the collar bone on the left aide, and two of the rib* mid neck were broken. Tun jury's verdict waa, that "(he d<ceased came to hisdmth by tome per ?on or periOlia unknown.''- -RorhttUr JMvtrliltr. Thr First Snow.?The first snow for the season lell hint ev. mug, an ! thii morning the earth waa found Juat covered * itk a mantle of white, but aoon disappear ed. It vm very cold yesterday, not even thawing In the ?un. The eastern riveis and (he canals will aoo# be scaled up, if they arc not so already.? Boston Tranirri/il, Nov it Ahraii of thk United Htatss ?There is a law in Mexico, enacting, that no one shall be allowed to extr cise the right ot suffrage after the year liwi, unlets he can read and write. Louis Philippe In America* It) was during their sojourn ut New York that the Princes learned Ironi the public papers thai alter the eighteenth Fructidor, a law had panned tor the expulsion o! all members of ihe Bourbon family from France, who were still there, in which their beloved mother was included. The Duchess of Orleans was accordingly transported into Spain along with the Frince ot Conti and the Ducbers of Bourbon. Her sonB immediately resolved upon lointng her, but this design present ed difficulties not easily to be overcome, arising from the reduced Btate of their finances, and the interruption to communication, occasioned by the war between England and Spain. As they advanced towards the bank." of the great rivers which they.proposed to descend, fiudiog the fatigue of travelling on horseback for so many days too much for their younger brother, the I>uke now purchased one of the rude country wagons, and harnessing their horses to it, and placing their luggage inside, the journey was pursued with much less labor. It was on a Saturday, when the people were assembled in the market-place, that the travel lers entered Carlisle, and drawing up to a public house, in front of which was a trough for corn, or water,as might be required,without withdrawing the horses from the shafts, the Duke called for corn, and had it thrown before his horses, having first re moved the bits from their mouths, and thrown the headstalls on their necks, and then ascending his wagon, he began to enjoy the busy scene around him. Scarcely had he seated hnn?elf when his horses, suddenly frightened, taking advantage of their unbridled situation, ran uway with the wugon, which, in passing over the stump of a tree, was overturned and broken. The Duke, being thrown out, received some injury, and on his return to the public house he perceived that Weeding would be the best mode of relieving himself from the eflects of the bruises he had received by the fall. Calling for linen to make a bandage, and a basin of water, he took his lancet from his pocket, and proceeded to perform the operation of auto-phlebotomy. The landlord and his family af forded him the kindest attentions, supplied him with everything requisite for the operation, and ex pressed the utmost admiration at the eouruge and manly resolution of the suirerer. The circumstance soon became known in the town and vicinity, and one of the rustic savans, who came to chide the youths for their want of caution in removing the bridles from the horses' heads, and leaving them unguarded, a most reprehensible practice, was so much surprised at the firm demeanor of the eidest brother that, forgetting the first p<u<;ct of his visft. he professed the highest regurtl for the young men ; lie declared that should they think proper to remain at Carlisle, they might calculate on his steadfast friendship, adding that the loculity was not to be despised by young men so poor as they were, al though evidently possessing abilities and courage to settle successfully anywhere. A crowd had collected around the little tavern, anxious to learn the result of the operation, and much interested in the recovery of tne young traveller, whose acci dent they had all heard ot, and when intelligence was communicated to them, their astonishment was only exceeded by the pleasure which they also evinccd. When the patient was suf ficiency recovered, num<>rcns visiters arrived to congratulate him on his escape and ascer tain his profession, which they all begau to suspect was sufficiently obvious from the recent operation. As the Duke spoke English fluently, and the New England Stutes then sent forward their emigrants to Ohio to lay down forests and raise up their fortunes in the far country, it was concluded that Louis Philippe must be a Yankee doctor, either sent there secretly by government, or coming voluntarily to settle himself amongst a new people in a new country, anticipating all his brethren in the art of medicine. Admiring the ability of this young disciple of ^Esculapius, h:s couutry friend proposed to him to take up his resi dence in a place where u wise Providence had cre ated for liini un opportunity of distinction?that the accident he had met with was intended for his be. nefit, that he should embrace the omen, and here end all his wanderings. The Duke assured him that he did not possess skill sufficient for such an object, that he had not been brought up to the pro fession, all the knowledge, practical or otherwise, which he possessed was the result cf a discipline adopted by his early instructors Bleeding was one of the nseful practices in which he had been instructed bv the invaluable care of a lover, friend and tutor, with v. hom the merit of whatever lie should accomplish for the benefit of his fellow creatures was to be divided. Arrival Extraordinary.?Tne schooner Mint, came into our habor last evening, bringing, ns un willing passenger*. two magistrates an<l three constable* from (the Stain cf Michigan. It seems that while the schooner was lying in the Kalamazoo Iliver, one ol the constable* undertook to arrest one of the hands of thn Mlnt.whileon'board the vessel. The constable Mapped his hand hard down upon the sailor's shoulder and s.ud "you arc my prisoner," whereupon the sailor gave him a right and leftur between ti e eyes, which sent him overboard. The officer paddled ashore, and procured the other offi cers above named, as a posse. In the mecntime.the mute of the Mint bad cast her lines loose, and dropping down the river, h- told them his v< ssel w is in ilistiesR, thai they could not have any of hii men then, a* Mure were but three aboard, all told, but that if they would take hold and help get his vessdofl', they might take, thn man; to which reasonable ri quest the authorities ot Michigan acceded. But as aoon as the vessel was under weigh, the mate hoisted sail, and there being a fair wind, a respects r hlr portion of the piagistrary and constablrry of Michi San have been brought to our shores. What will be oxe for Ibis invult to State sovereignty we cannot say.? , Ilni iitr W. T. Jhtvocate. I Court for the Correction of Errors, Nov. 25.?Senator Foster presiding, and 21 other Sena tors.?No M Samael Russell v? the City of Ntw York? This cause set down lor Tuesday of next week, and the argument to be limited to one day. Nov. 23. lsa.:c New ton and al vs. The City of Albany?Mr. S Stevens was heard for plaintiff in error. Mr ft 9tevens in reply . Nov. 26.?Senator Foster presiding, nnd 24 other Sena tors. No. 22 as US. Sjl. Urout and wile vs. (Jcorgn Town, send.?Mr. S. Stevens was heard for plff'in error. Mr. M. T Reynolds was heard for the deit in error. Nov.27.? Senater Bocker presiding, and 23 other Sena tors No 27. The People ex rol. S. P. Hurt'vs. C. VV. Law - rence, Chamberlain of N V.?Mr K. C. Benedict was beord for plfl' in trior, and Mr P. A Cow drey for deft in error. Melancholy Event.?Two men nnmed Joseph and Jeremiah James, left their homes in Canaan, Vt. on the 4th Inst, for tho purpose of exauuning sable trans they had previously net up, ten or twelve miles in the wilderaesr. The day th?y lelt home was pt. as; i.t and warm, thn second day was rom toitable, snd the third, snow tell to the depth of two feet, damn and heavy, loading down the trees, ac companied with a heavy gale of wind. Not returning in , duv time, anxieties were entertained that ill luck had at tended them; accordingly search was made for them, but . with little effect until the 14th inst., when they were lioth found dead, probably on account of cold und hunger. Jeremiah left a life and three children Orn. Gaines ?This veteran and gallant soldier arrived in New Orleans yesterday, with his family, all in good health. TheOeneral has taken up his abode at 2fl Casalstrent. O. VV. Terrell, Esq., arrived here yes terday Irom Galreston. Mr T has tho appoiatment of Minister at the Court of France, from the Republic ol Texaa - AT. O Rtp , iV?r. SO Mount Savaok Coal.-We are gratified to no tice the arrival in this city of several car loads ol the Mount Savage fawn ash coal. The train that t riught this coal reached Baltimore at 3 o'clock in tbo aiternoon of Monday last. This is the commencement of a bu?in< n which we hope i? destined to eontribute largely tr the trade and interes's ol Baltimore, nsw-llas to th'-ei.trr prising company engaged in it. We have not yrt tried tho cosl, but are. informed that it burns freely, and milies 1 an admirable lire.? Haiti mine Clipprr, RACCOfRci CtrT Off.- -The Concordia Intr.Ui (rwirof Saturday says Wn are informed by a gentle man living at the mouth of Hed llivtr, thai tbo cut eft is being madu. Neat week there will probably br MMI hauds clearing the way lor excavation. Th* state hands are now at the rut-on at work. The rommitten for collect ing money to carry on the work have been to far very successlul.?N. O. Tropic, No<\ 30. Virginia.?Alluding to Ihe Legislature of that State the "Richmond Whig" says: ?"The sta'e of paitie* In the Legislature, u known to r?n on Jiint vote, almost a tie If tho Whlga do not elect a Senater, neither can tha locoloco party, without the most unqualifind abandon ment ot pledges, snd honorary obligatiens ; a state of things we do not anticipate." It'ilas Wright.?The "Argus," of the 2Hth, an I nounces the departure of Mr Silas Wright fiom this city, on his way home toj St Liwrence county. This would i seem to dispose of the rumor that he mtende.d to resume his suat in the United States Senate. Thkatrks in Mexico No other theatre is now ojvn In tho city ol Mexico than the grand theatre ol Santa Anns, snd there they civo no Mher than Spanish dramas snd spectacles. All the attempts to introduce the Italian opeis, fond as the Mexicans are of music, hav failed. Job Smith.?We hear from Hancock, that ihe I trial of the individuals indicted for the murder of the Smiths, was postponed at the desire of tho Prosoculmg Attorney. , Florida ?At a rccent ?lection in East Florida. I the whig* carried thre?? ol the lour of their Senatorial | candidates. Baltimore. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Baltimore, (City Court) Nov. 27,1844. Postponement of the Trial oj Rev. Charles F. Tor rey?StOik Salts. Long before the hour announced for the session, the halls of the Court House were crowded with 'ail anxious multitude. At length (five minutes be fore ten o'clock) the doors of the Court opened? a rush?and a moment after ev?ry inch of space in the large room was filled with a compact maaa of "human fl-sh and blood." To the politenewof Z. Collins Lee, Esq., United States District Attor ney, and G. 11. Richardson, prosecuting Attorney in the case, we are greatly indebtrd for accommo dating us with nn excellent seat at the bar, and all facilities for getting the f ullest report. At 10 o'clock the Court Hssembled, preceded by Judges Br ice, Nisbet and Worthington. Present tor the Stale?George K. Richardson. Eeq., Depu ty Attorney General of Maryland. For the de fend?Reverdy Johnson, (the great gun of law yership in this State,) Francis Gallagner and Na thaniel Cox, Etqrs A few moments altera slender figure, about torty years ?l age, with a pale thin face, black hair, and blue liveiy eyes, entered the roum smiling, and was about occupying the ufeual stand of criminals, when he, on the invitation of K. Johnson, turned unci took a *eat in the inner room of the bar?it was Charles F. Torrey.on whom now the eyes of all were fixed. After the uames of several witnesses were read, Reverdy Johnson rose and made, in his peculiar calm and dignified manner, an application to the Court for pootponement of the case, in order to get the evidence, arguing that one material witness tor the defence had not yet arrived?that several members ef Congress from Massachusetts and New York had, since last night, come to this city, on their way to Washington; who by fa personal ac quaintance with the traverser were enabled to give some more evidence about him, and who, by a postponement of one or two dayB, could be in duced to delay their voyage so long and come in the Court. And as the otlence in question was an unusually high one, as far as the laws of this State were concerned, it was more in the inteiest of the public to grant to the accused all facilities for getting a fair trial. As the prosecuting Attor ney had no particular objection, the case was ad journed until Friday next, Nov. 21). Tours, ?u\y, L. or Stock at Baltimore Stock Board?Nov. 37. ?16 shares Bait. 8t 8u?quehnnn? R It, 2} ; 10 do do, 9} ; 40 do, 2}; Kino Baltimorefl's, lOIJj loou do do, 103}; 600 dodo, 103}: HM).!o do, 10?j; 4000 do do, H>3i; 1000 Mary land 6's, "il?; 1(100 do do, 7dJ; 1000 do do, 70]; 1000 dodo, 704; 1000 de do, 71; lOOOdo do, 70j; 10 Bait, fc Ohio R R, 4?A; 10 do do, 4?J; 2.'> do do, 4bl; 20dodo, 4SJ; 6 do do, 48J; 10 Patapsco Itnnk, 20}; 6 Mvchanics do, 16j; 100 Com Bank, 7 do do, -JO. Rail ltoart Accident, Mr. Editor?I was much pained in reading an acceunt is your paper of a young lady having been tun over by one of the Long Island cars. It oc curred to me while reading the account, that an accident like that could easily be avoided by the following biinple plan : Let every car be provided with a sort of Hup board, made stationary from the bottom of each car, and continuing to within an inch or two of the rail, and have it connected so as to reach from car to car. I think such a plan would be the means ot saving many valuable lives from being sacrificed by these modern Jug gernauts; and perhaps these few remarks may also he the means of eliciting some better plan, and at the same time serve the cause ot Humanity. '4,Thr Navigation, Weather, tec.?The cold of yesterday and last night, has put a stopper upon canal navigation, probably (or the tieason. The basin and river wore this morning covered with a complete rout of ice, through which it is nearly imposaible for boot* to niovo. We are informed that there are a large number of boats between Utica and tbii city on their way east, which may reach their destination hi fore the liuui suspension of navigation.?Jlll'atty jttlut, JVev. 30. The Canai.s and the Weather.?The aspect* lor the la t three days have til indicated an early close of the canal and river navigation, it is rare that the weather has been more sev> re at this seaaon. Fortu nately, although the weather has been cold, and ice hsa formed in the canal nn1 river, the wind baa been high. We had a light fail of snow yesterday altirnoon, and a change of wind to the sou'.h. There were ten canal clearances and two arrivals yesterday ; but unless the temperature moderates, we can scarcely bope for much farther navigation, although we hear of considerable quantities ot (lour, tkc., on the route down.?Albany Jtr gut, Nov. 27. Snow.?-We have had a few flurries of snow within the past 24 hours, and though the kun at this pre sent spanking (12 o'clock) is shining brightly, the air s-rmi tilled with (likes,and there are snow clouds sailing athwart the ?kie?. By passenger* frem the West we learn that the snow at Utica is very deep, so much so as to have obstructed the rnilroads in thd interior considers, bly.?Jllbany Journal, Nov, 47. Cai-tain Elliott, formerly British Commission er to china, and who has aince been the British Charge d' AITiirea to Texas, is now at the Broadway Hotel in Cin cinnati Mr. Riley, formerly Minister from Texas to this country, is also stopping at the aame Hotel. Louisiana.?The A'ew Orleans Bet says that Polk's majority in the state is 684. * POST OFFICE. i Nrw York, Nov 2jth, 1(44. ) UNCJLISH MAIL.?Letter Ka*a rerateimar BRITANNIA, will be closed it the Upper and Lower Post Offices in t hi* city. oil fcatu.'dny. tlir 3?Uli nist.iut. at ?S raiuatea jiut I o'clock, I*. M. The overland poalnge of 1RV cent* on each single leiter, mutt be,..,id. JOHN LOHl.vlKK GKA11AM, 1*. M. u27 1ti< LOST, $:v> RKWAl(l). " OST, it or nm the l'oat Offu, on Huoday laat. a Para* ' com lining aever.ty dollars, in lulls on various bank*. Th* finder will j>!eaa<- dr liver it to W. STONKALL, IJI Fulton street, who it authorized to pay the above reward on delivery of the. purae ana coatent*. n27 3t*je MORTGAGE. Tllr. PUBLIC ia notified not to purchase or receive a traaafcr of ? Mortgage for lonr thousand dollars ($400(1) etrcutrd by CHRISTIAN WAlZh.NK.lKKR to ma. dated Kth October last, on prvn.i .ea in Mott atreet, in this city, ai ui mi(ameat of th* mortgage ? It obtained flora me by undue mraui, and legal ine.uur*? are about being takrn to have tlie same cancelled. FKLlCITfc MOKKRK. New York, Nov. 3#th, 1141. n'<r7 3t*rr TO MANUFACTURERS. E*OR SAI.K, it valuable Factory, convenient to the city all ?T aeaaona of thr war, the machinery of which ia in firat rale order, part of whirl, u lor broid clotha and | art satinets, will be aold at a grrat aacrilice. Addttsa a note to A. B., at thia oilier. nJ7 lw'rc ARTIFTCI ALlPALATES, pONSTRUCTfc-D ao aa to remedy the loaa of the natural one*. Incorruptible Tceith.of *urpa**ing b*aaty, iniertea rrn one to a complete aee?and *11 operation* appertaining to Dental Science, performed upon the latest London and Parisian principle*, by Mr. WM. HARNKTT, Burgeon Dea tiit of the firm, or J. IIAKNKTT It CO., of Loadoa awl Paris, No. 141 Broadway, opposite th* Talieraaala. ai ia*w ? "PACKKT FOR B'AVHS^SICCOND LINkT-fli MfjrafV'hip BALTI.MOllK, Kdward Funk, mailer, will rail ?flfaoii tlv 1st of December. For Imglit or puaage, apl.hf to BOYD fc HINCK1CN, ij*c No. ?? Tontine HMhli corner Wall and Water ata. FOR"m A N HK.FlLKS-I?Mk~?T7 f tat December - ? The ahin THK.Mt JOTT, W in. W. Lawrence, master, ^will nail a? ibore. W Kur I'nlighf or ?ri?ly on board. ai Pi<v9 K. K. to LAWHKNcTe ft phjElps, 101 Front at, or to BOYD k HINCKEN. Agent*, nl1* rr. i Tontlae Building, cor. Wall and Water ata. ftjg- F?)lf~N Kw T)K!.KANH.--Loo,,,.na and New HWVl'"?_Line,?Regalar pa<;kn?1To aau on Friday, 6th JMNKal'" I he ?l?Tiant fast sailing parket ship OKNF.BI.K, I apt- >nnot, will positively aail a- above, her regular day. I'or freight or (?'?'are, having elegant furnished accommo datioas, apply on k"nn, at Orlmuia wharf, foot of Wall ?* In L U i'Al I I V1U a. 4*4 MM wharf, foot of Wall a tree t, K. K. COLLINS It CO.' . dtf no tmull RVi itmI n 5th Iter. ? . . . , , . _ Sfi South sr reet. I oainvrly no (ooiu received on board after Thursday evening jbiipnera mny rel . npoa having their gnoda correctly ?eai?r ed, and that tlie ahi|i of ihia Ime will tail puactuaily aa adver> tiaed. A??nu in New Orlaana, Mraara. Ilnllia and Woodruff, who W'll iTumi rlv forwsrd <11 goads t/i their aiHr?s nV rr FOR NF.W ORLKANS?Union Line?Heapi ? lar packet of the 2:1th Noveinlier ?'I'lie aplendid Taat ?aailmir ahip CORLA, ( apt. \V. It. Oordner, will aai ?? ihove, her regular 4ay. Having very auperior accommoda 10a. for cabin, second cabin and iieerag* pnaaenKeri, prraons wialiing to embark ahould make rarly application on board, foot of Murray'* wharf, or to JOHKPH McMUKRAY, n22 no Pine atraet, corner of Booth at. as ihove. hei KXCHANDK ON F.NOLAND, IHKI.AND, ICOTLAND AND WALKS.?The Hnbecriber ha* t all time* for aale DralU from XI to ?|MM, |*Vabl? sa',;;""""j.!?"ivffiteirs'&i'i"* N |f. I'aassire to and from Liverpool ran Im sera red at tha loweat rales by any or th< line of packet* aailinf oa the lat. (th llth.llCth, Hat and Kth ?f each BioDlli, oa applicatloa a* above, ly**-'" OLD ESTABLISHKD, I'ACKFT OFFH K,*J ?MkVWSouiIi street?Pa*aoge to and frtim Great Britaia MmBblrel ind, via Liv. rjiool. I'aaaoge can at all time* M ?11B nfeil at tlie lowr*t ratra. to and from Liverpool, by UM n?a lar I?cket shin* Bailing under tlie new arrangement every tew lay*, and draTU can aa uaual be farniahetl for any amount, paya ble at the National and Provincial llt.ik. Ireland, and their branches, and throaghont tlie United Kingilom. a* well a* at all h*ptincipal barking uiatitation* ia F.ngUna, Kcotlaud ana W iles, without iliaeount or any oilier charge*. For farther pat .irulara, if by letter, poat paid, apply to ?4W JOttN HK.HIiM/VN. ?1 1>*% POTATOF.R?lion bushel 1 very auperior lri*h Potato** ' IsndinK et ship Siddona, from Litrrpool, and lor *ala ia lot* to sun pairh***ra, by ? _ n?> er K. K. COLLINS k CO. H Soath *L

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