Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XM lo. 339.WIWto No. iKta.; NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 1, 1844. Prlco Two Cents. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE Q RE ATE ST IN THE WORLD. To tlx* Public. THE NICW YORK HERALD?Daily Nswepapse pub lished svery day ol the year eacept New Yvr1! Day and FoarU af July. Price 3 cents per copy?or (7 36 per anno paid?each in advance THE WEEKLY HERALD?published svery Hamrday morning?price IX cauti per copy, or (1 U per anaum?-po*V sges paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are infomed that tto circulation of th* Herald is over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increaaiai fast It Kat the latent circ.Ualinn of any paper in thit city, or tkt world, and, it, therefore. 'he irtt c\an*elfvr bvtinui wten in the city or country. Pn?ea moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kiuds executed at tha moat moderate pvioe. tad in tha moat elegant style. JAMES UOKDON BENNETT, CaorHiKToa or TUB Htiuo Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton aad Nassau slreets -?? NEWLINE 4MT LIVERPOOL PACKETS. J o tail from New York on die 36th and Liven**, I ou the 11A oi each mouth. FROM NEW YORK. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 2btli Dec. Ship SHEltl DAN, Captain A. Depeyster, 2fcth Jau. Ship GAKRICK, Captain B. I. H. l'rask, 36tli K?h. Ship ROSCIIJ8, Captain Asa Eldridge, 28th March. FROM LIVERPOOL. Hhip SHERIDAN, Captain A. De|wyst?, lltfi Not. Ship OARRICK, Captain B.I. H Traak, 11th Dec Ship ROSC1 US, Captaiu Asa Eldridge, 11th Jan. Ship SID DONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th Feb. rlflihese ships are all of tha lint class, upwards of 1100 tons, lilt in tlie city of New York, with such improvements as combine gn&t speed with unusual comfort for i?ss?ugers. Every can lias been taken iu the arrangement of their accom modations. The prica of nusue heuce is 9100, for which am ple stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by exoerieuced masters, who will make every exertion to give ge neakl satisfaction. Neither the Captains or owner* of the ships will be responsi ble for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re gular bills of laden are signed therefor. for freight or passage apply to E. K COIXINs It CO.. M South street. New York, or to BROWN, SHIPLEY It CO., Liverpool. Letters by the Packets will be charged t3X cents per single sliert, M ceuts per ounce, and u?ws|M|<ars 1 cent each. n29 ec m Ml kewTOriTii havrFTackets. Second Line?The Ship* ofthi* Liue will hereafter leav* N*W York on tiie lit, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as fol lows, vit: From New York. New Ship ON Mi DA, Cist March, Captain _ \ 1st July, i Kunek,c November, Ship BALTIMORE, Cantata Edward Kunok, Ship ITTICA, Captain, wn.a-.'fSfcytetttKJs; Captain ? ? < 1st October, J, B. Bell.r 1st February, i of theae si ' 1st April, 1st August, 1st December, 1st May, 1st September, 1st January From Havre. ( 16th April, 16th August, J 16th December, . 16th May, ! 16th September, F 16th January, . Uth June. [ Bth October, ' 16th Kebruary, r 16th July, 16th November, Muroli. . .The accommodations of these ship* are not surpassed, com bining all that may be required for comfort. The price oh cabin be supplied with every retpii ?Ra, w th the exception of wine* and liquor*. Good* intended for these vessels will be forwardee by tto *ub ?.te. To(?Ky^^2^ teu?1"" #etn*Uy k,CBmd leg. ec No. ? Ton tiuV Buildings, corWall and?W,at?r st* OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS tik M THE Old Linetof Packets for Liverpool will heraalCH!^? spaichedjii the following order, excepting that when the sailing day jail* ou Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day, 5!i" From New York. From Liverpool. July Nov. April Aug. Dec. April Sept. Jan. May Sept. Jan. May Oct. Feb. June Oct. Feb. 16 1 1 1 16 16 1< J 1 1 16 M 16 March 1 July 1 June Nov. The CAMBRIDGE, 660 tons, W. C. Bars low, Th* ENGLAND, 750 ton*, 8. Bartlett, The OXFORD, too ton*. J. Rathbone, Ilia MONTEZUMA. 1000 tons, A. B. Lowber, Th* EUROPE, 611 tons, E. G. Fusber, Tlie NEW YORK, f?ew,) 9'jO tons, T. B. Cropper, The COLUMBUS, 700 tons. < Jan. G. A. Cole, ( May The YORKSHIRE, (new,) i Sept. 1034 ton*. < Jan. D. G. Bailey. ( May 16 July I Theae Ship* are not *arpa*s*d in point of elegance or comfort in their cabiu accommodations, or in tMIr fast sailing qualities by'any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known a* man of characteijand experience, and the itrictett attention will always be paid to lirornote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, asregard* tha day of sailing, wOl be obenijd ss kMvtofor*. Tlie priee of pas sag* outward ? fcinr ftxaait One Htadred Dollar*,*br which ample stores of every descriytiou, will he provided, with the exception of wine* and liquor*, which wil be furnished by the Stewards, ifveouind. Neither the captain or owners of theae Ship* will be respon sible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therwor. Far freight or paa soge, apply to GOODHUE kCaH South street. C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling Slip. N. Y. ]2Kf and of BARING. BROTHERS h CO.. LW ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1144. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 Pine street, corner of South. mm.rn.JBk THE Subscriber begs leave to call tlie atteution of his friends and the public in general, to tlie following arrangements for 1144. for the purpoee of bringing out Cabin, 3d Cabin, and Steer age ruseiiKers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16uv list and 36th of every month. By tha Loudon Packets to sail from New York, tlie 1st, 10th and 10th?and from London on the 7th, 17th and Z7th of each month In connection with the above, and for the pun>o*e of affording ?till greater facilities ff> passengers, the Subscriber has eetablish ed a regular line of first class New York built, coppered and coppered fastened ship*, to sail punctually every week through the ye?? the For the accommodation of person* wishing to remit money I, drafts are given, payable at sight, o* to tiwir families or friends, _ tlie following Banks, vit.:? in* Banks, VIX.:? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Sligo, Gal way, Ball ina, Monagh in, DowuiKitrick, DiAigaunon, Strali-uie. Cootchill, .... Scotland?The Cit Eijalaud? Ti P W Byrnes .. _ every town in Great Britain. Lfcaerick, Weir ford, Armagh, Tralee, Bainbriilge, Cavan, Baudon, Skibbereen, Kilrush Cloniaal, Belfast, Athlone, Youghal, Ballymeua, If. urgui, pn is, - fallow, Dublin. -The City Bank of Glasgow. "??srs. Spooner, Atwood ft Co.. ss It Co., 36 Waterloo Road, Livi Londonderry, Waterford, Colerain. Enniskilleu, Parsanstowa Oinagh, Ballyshannoa, Monaymoie, Skibbreen. ... Banker*, London; ?iverpool; payable n FaVfurtiWapply u, Or Men 1 % atn ? re ?.'ine street, f W BVKSBf?i'i^?Vi?zisl: OLD ES'l'A BUSHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE i OFFICE m. J ('Mi NH H It DMA N, 61 Soaih N^w York. 1 lie ?ui)?crib?*r coutiniifH to make arruiigfauuiU to brim oat Mswngert from Cirett HnUin and Irelwid, (r.a Liverpool), whci? mayjbeirngav?*d at l*?ii office, or with au>; of his afenta in ? i f t . * i u. . t v v,H * ? V* W*1^1 iW,> 1,1 lu* agenu in llie UuiU d mates, on board th* oacket ship* sailiiiK from Liver pooi e vet J'five dave--?iid in order to afford every facility, hp jjill have deipatcM ?u|ifrior American ships in New York and iiwi /itunin aii amp* in i\?w i ota ami Bontou,(every week,during tlie year. Those willing for their friends may rely tliat tlie same due and diligent atteution will be shown them as heretofore, and should auy of thone *?lit for not embark, tlie inonev will be refiiiiiled, as customary; and tlv?se remitting money to tlieir friends, can have Drafts and Bill* J Exchange for sums to suit, payable ou de mand at the following bank*, (without discount or any other cluriie), viz:? ENGL AND?Messrs. J. Bult, Son It Co., Bankers. London: J. Uarui-d It Co., Liverpool; the National Provincial Bank or England and Branches, throughout England and Wales; York shire District Bank and Branches; Birmingham BankiugCo.; Lancaster Baukiug Co. IRELAND?National Bank of Ireland and Brandies, and Provincial Bank of Irelaud and Brandies, in all th* principal towns throughout the Kingdom. SCOTLAND?Eaateru Bank of Scotland aad Branches Ormiock Banking Co. in Glasgow and lireauock. Persons residing in the couulry and wishing to send money to tlwir friends, may insure its being done satisfactorily, ou tlieir remitting the. amouut tliey wish sent, with the name and address of the person for whoin it is intended; u draft for tlie amount will tlien be forwarded per drat pocket or steamer, and a receipt for the same returned by m?il. For further particulars, apply (if by lettar, post paid) to _ JOHN HERDM South K. Person* yhin" arrang*?"1'* 7 , Qf t'aekeU, bailing can m.Jse the Lhis so|*nor ?bine m of evwy ^outh. >i?ve them eoio'' clua\ly on V* 7l^r American tr*dint?hij?, from l>iv?pl';^1.l"e a first ml* CIMA ' , weekly communication tliere, to *? ?" P-tch. Should the partle* agreed for, not com* out, tlie maury will T" Th^ NEW YORK. tA^iW^14' COLUMBIA. |ngL^D< NOKTH AMERICA. With snch snprrior and nneqnalled arrangements, the Hub scribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup I?rt which liu been extended to them *o many years, for whicb tliey are iraLelol. I hose proceeding or remitting money to their relative*, can Messrs. PRESCO-l*r. GR6TE,' AMES k CO. which will be Paid on demand at any of"th"^^1.'?or theii aJdV^ ^ W>W" .!?? ItOCIlE, BROTHERS h CO. 3J Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank , N- B.?The Old Line of LiverjKiol Packet* tall from thi* port for Liven>ooi an th* 1st aad 19th of each month. Partw* return ing tn the Old < ountry ^ill find it to their coaUbn and advan tage to select this favorite Line for Aair conveyance ,* preTr ence to any other putm'n NEW XORK AN^HARLEM RAILROAD Ob ud ?ft?r October JS ih. can will run a. fallow* ? Tucljahoe Hut'a Corner, and White Plaiu. 7 J# A M Tock^hoa f Cit>, ri.j, a? *X."m uf/M lM H vT tf?7B ftTpVV1^ ^'^'?H5i?;1M..iiA.' ? "M i?> Wh.te.Plaufat .W" U,y# C,ty klH ? ten "iSutThSf^-,!^?.**^ C"' ? wllL recede each Train c'" tennediat""!^ra Mon*J2?IW, fo' Morriiiania and in- j M^/a (MV I p'm" M^Uni..? A. M? 9 A. Hail! ?AM*.,,OA k4; E A. m:. iTfc TSTT for Ci,y 1U , By order of tWfcoard ' M ula 3m*"e W. 8. CABMAN. Secretary. f AVK THUiiX t'A'1UR1'M* T'J l >n at. i .liter the lit of October tne can will lltav _ | ,N.&??v 11' ' ia* " p.m. P. Vi ? ? I- ? u? 81: if DAT*. -.i.-**** I S^tS: ?*?? ton* and ?# horse Power rach - ??*??Lmlra1tr w ^ JLor?" of the A<tt CAL^o'nIa rHHf* ^Ryrie. ACAlil A Captain Eaward O. Lott. S^u.":-::tepja?STi CalHonia. Lott, aSSuS?" Li'?^?> ? ft. A?^ w?thL?fcTSSlS.,IWrT "pen"lc'd and are allied Kor freight or paaaage, apfijy w PEOPLE'S LUXE OF STEAMBOATS KOR ALBANY. dS9B^S?..HAp1M ? B?<*pted?Throngh direct, lJ,i"NH-'K^BOCKfiR, Captain A. P Hi T& ,Fri(d,y fe??'-W V5 o-ciock. At w ? i i"? ?*,oot Hfclay itnrt. ilia Steamboat COLUMBIA, Cintaii William H iwk 1 ueaday, 1 hursday and Saturday Afornuons. at 4 o'clock . Pawengers taking either of the above lini* ;jAli7y,n ample um? to take the Morning l ^n.^f CaTfor i; i ^ ??/" West. lli# boats are new and substantial are far audi elegant state rooms, and for hut A Ann ?? toinmodations, are anr^led on UieTA^ ^ ?r tht b??? ?f *>? ttt^m^^''ly " ^^d.orto PC. Mcholti. NEW STEAMBOAT LINE FOR BALTIMORE FARE KE'6u<%t)Wffl ONE DOLLAREfc AK*KTY CTH. *" m', j ,?!''.y r*al Opposition Liue between P i'i'Vti1.1?1?".""'i "a*1?n??re. leave, the fir.t ?r boat thence rate Packet Boat*, and thence by the Steamer OSIRIS? ""c.ptj. D. Turner A"d. arr'".at Baltimore ea'rly the .ame'moraVng! ay,?r" in .to" (notwithstanding the false reporta in circulation, of this line havfing stopped) it is and will k? continued, and no eiertion will be .parUto comf^r i,^ tilat H;o'A,su!ng*"- T',e <?>?>'change that ^id. been made ii i T-. r '* no lo'lgtr AS"" lor this Liue. Look out for inipoaition. The " Pioneer I in?? k? downVhi Company's Agent, for the purpose of putting down the regular opposition. If you wish to keen the fir. ~ f^:n W ?? go by the staanw" Portsmouth^iaA To" e^.,l to ?^oCnXHri"tI0M b>'th,? Llue "? warranted to be to?tran atSs^-AWjaii ^ \rfrom MOHKIS B W "man, A^t! or to m u Tl*r? ?r? t M ?? 30 South wharv??. ? - j iff two Daily Lines of Stage# between Balti* Tiaras 'Z^lSSS ?A.N,0W, ^.WjtessrsEa^te? ap< rrc PLEASANT AND CHEAP EXCURSIONS "'?? SKIS'Waf (BTATKN JSB SSlC. I ^ j ty Btwwboat ^NDEHELLA, _m.II run ai Tm* M Wew V<nt at 9 and LI o'cloct, ..A'Ar/au'fe^ P. Mn,U,nt<* 10 ?' Md ??"*?- ?" p Waa New Unghion al ? asd 10 A.M.; at IX, S and 7* On Monday?Learn New York, at 9 and 11 A. M.- at I (and U1 3?aud^P Mrt d' " 30 minn"? to ? and lo'aS; _N^ v?rkT viaT ll. 1*4 myII 0M K< jSaTh* CaLKof heretofore. ^2*SaLA rkl'0lf ALv.BAisy?Hol K CHANOED. % iBl^' fih* , steambK^u KNICKERBOCKEIt and ?MMMaHBUui'nLoi hn will, on and after Haturdav he';7ofo^ ' f?r A,b4Uy ttt 4 ?'clock (T7"NOTICE.^j) ~ STATEN ISLAND jm FERRY. tf^pQ' A ut-tU Bo?" TlraHIr LW*. STATEN ISLAND: "ai a?4 19, A. M.: t and 4^. P M LKATK Nliw YOR?': uMrc '? "? A M.j l.?4, and iU, P. M ??RBATM.uahuinkk and HALLOWELL. v V* IT, f*m'r PENOBSCOT, Captaia N. Kimball, learea the end of T wharfc Boston. iu^7 -fT__L-_ J v1" 01 1 wnan, Boston, \M??v?a.?-""fySK I aesday and Knday evenings, at i iVr^ ln SS*11 w 10 re?^i??ss on liex arrival at the above es, to con rev passengers to the neighboring towns. NKW LJi^ OK livkkpool packet's'. M. M MM toMASxP* - "' -i ?? fVom New York L'pool New Ship LIVERPOOL, IIJO tona,?Vel. 21 Ke*- ? J. Eldridge. /April SI Jnoe i JAn4(. 21 Oct. ? N. Ship QUEEN OK THE WEST, r.f T 21 M*r. I I2S11 tons P. Woodhousr i 5 y 21 Jn'y < )Sent. 21 Not New Ship ROCHESTEK, t'jO tons ) 11 April ? John Britton. /J""" H Aug. ( ) Oct r 21 IVr'r ( Ship HOTT1NUUER, I0M tons, >March 21 May | Ira Bursley. \>? ?' Sept. 6 sailing, first rla.s Shi)>a, all bu'i'lt'iu and abfliiv 'and ? !!'1- T c?tri.g>^'">"d by men o^ e,,^riene. each inontli despatched punctually on the 21st ol *" *'*?"" commodiooa, and are fcrnished wuh whaterer can conduce to the ease and comfort orpnasen Price ol Passage, $109. .iki'f Captain* or owners of these Ship* will be rrsuon for freight or passaue, apply to wJodHULL It MINTUKNS, ritLDKK'Ssrfo-irhHras? Lirerpool SAMUEL THOMPSON'S Ol.l) ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OkKICE. No. 273 I'earl street. "? announcing to t eir friends and the pub lic their continued and extended arrangem-uu for bringing out Km.Kranu from Great Britain and Ireland, would me"ly say' that tor the year I94J considerable (apense have already been in' eur.ed, and no pains will be s|?red to enable them to retain that preference, which for more than twenty years have been eiteud <m to tiivi l^ine The ships employed are only of the first elms, commanded by comj-trit and rmr[*nt men, well known lor their kind and ron slant atteiition to the comfort and convenience of pass?ncer? and as a ship of the Line sails from l,iver|n>ol every sis dav* ? detention at that |H,rt is entirely avoided. Wheu those settled' for, decline Coming out, the paasage money is returned to those from whom it was received, without any deduction. ,IWUBKi 'r'"n the yanons iH>rts in Ireland and Scotland, can lie secured, il desned. hot further particu lars enquire of SAMUEL THOMPSON. 27J Pearl street, or C. OK1MSIIA W Ic CO., 10 Ooree PisIS, ?-rMU *?'! Kschange at sikht for any.mounr, ra71Tfir niahed ou the National Bink or Ireland, ihe Northern Banking ""National Bank of Scotland, payable al the n" merous Branclm thronghont the country: on C. Orimshaw It T^-U^rreh*"U' LiwikwI; andR C. Oiyn k Co.. Banker^ L'""1""' n23 lm?m JttLaJffWPAPMJltL ENOLAND, IRELAND, mgysCOn.ANO AND WALES.-The Subscriber hJ ?IfP" *" "m?> ">r sale Drafts from ?1 to ?1900, payable V~ajnhTprincipal Banking Instuntimis ihrouvhontthe United ^11!...? . i e30^ HEROMAN, 91 South n. .^. u. I asaage to ami fn.m i ... v.- .i_. lowttir n?w V.fXeom Liverpool can be secured at ths nS^lsIh^ufr ',**Lof P?raeia sailing on the 1st. 9th jylM ris ? *** month, on application as a(?ove. Ki'ggy.PJUT I^PATINO DOCK-This new d improved Dock has commenced piieratiou. (/an dtlwlr wlTlTt* ***?*'? *re invited to call and ?i "'iX-'uJ ^ I it is aa well ada|.te.l for 1 here i. also ,S?& ,;Tu D~ kT^P^mluS 'sh^^l Caulkers and Painters. A?l ^STSTTiiTmSTZ ditiuua manner and at reaM>nable rate*. moaien*. ?IS !?'? HU4. It Mel.AIIUHI.IN PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY, PRINTING AND BINDING. CsrroM Hone, New Yori^, Collgcto^i I CJEALED PROPOSALS will b? received at this'office until tha 23d Decernbrr next, for furnishing Blank Books and tu uooary, and (or executing Printing and Binding for tha period of one year from thi 1st January uext, for lha Custom House establishment at thia port. The proposals muat be separate for each of tha following classes of articles^ numbered 1 to U. A price, and oua price only, muit be specified for each and every article enumerated in the classes bid for: lha amount of tha bida for each article muat be extended, and the aggregate amount for each claaa exhibited. Proposals not made in accordance with these directions will not be conaidered. fp^cimena of the various articles may be seen at tha Auditor's Office, in the Custom House; the articlea furnished are to be of the best quality, and in arery respect e<iual to theae samples, and to be approved by the Collector. The lowest bidder for either class, shall receive a contract for the same, on ?u taring into bond, with satisfactory surety for the .performance thereof, under a forfeiture of twice the contract price in case of failure ; which bond is to be executed within ten days after th* proposals are accepted. The right is reserved, in case it should be necessary, to order a greater or less supply of all or of any of the a'ticle* contained in the lists ; and articles uot embraced therein, which may be needed, are to be furnished at correspondiug rates with those specified. 'J he articles and work will be ordered from time to time as they are wautod; and tlwy will be paid for quarterly : a failure to furnish the articles, or to execute the work in every particu lar, is required by tlie contracts and withiu a reasonable time, of all which tlie Collector will be the final judge, will cause a for feiture of tlie coutracta. Proposals to be marked, " Pro|H>sal* for Stationary, Printing, lie." To insure uniformity ia the bids, blank proposals will be fur nislied, on application at this office, to those disposed to bid. COLLECTOR'^ OFFICE. Part*. IV Reams superfine blue laid quarto post linen pa l>?r, ruled, per ream. ID Reims do do do plain, p. r'm 10 do do do Foolscap ruled do 1 do do do do plain do 1 do do do Folio Post 1 sides ruled do 3 do , do do Foolscap, ruled red and leint, to pattern, tier ream. 3 Reams superltue blue laid Demy, ruled red and feint to pattern, p. ream. 1 Ream American Imjierial Abstract linen pa|wr, rul'd red and feint to pattern, i>. ream. 1 do Super royal abstract linen |?per, ruled red and feint to pattern, |<er ream. 3 do Envelope Paper, medium, smooth, buff, (sized) |>er 3 do Blotting Paper, medium, per ream. [ream. Stationery. 21)00 Quills, No. 80, per 1000. 4 gross metalic Pens, Oillott's double Damascus barrel, |?r dozen cards. 4 packages metalic Pens, Perry's Double Patent, per package ot 21 cards. 2 gross Monroe's graduated l-ead Pencils, iter gross. 8 gross Red Office Ta|>e, linen, No. 2.'), ?l7?. 10 lbs. Red Wafers, various sizes, English pressed, |wr pound. 10 do. sui>erline English Sealing Wax, Red, per lb. 12 gallons Black luk, (Maynard It Noyes,) per gallon. 2 dozens Iter) Ink, do. iu S pints, p. doz. 4 do Blue Ink, (Stephens'.) iu quarts, per dozen. 2 bushels Black *and, per bushel. 3 Ills, prepared India Rubber, |wr lb. 2 do/err lukstands, pewter, with covers, |>er dozen, t do Sand Boxes, Cocoa Wood, do 2 do Wafer Cups, do do 2 do Wafer Stamps, Ivory Handles, do 2 do Krasers, (Rogers',) do do 2 do Pounce Boxes, Cocoa Wood, do 2 do Folders, Satin Wood, do 3000 File Boards, White Wood, (of different widths,) per 1000. 8 gross F.ovelopes, Urge, |>er gross. 12 do do medium, do 8 do do small, do III. Bi.ank Books. 4 super royal Cash Books, 2 quires, three-fourths biuding, pur book. 4 ('sp Cash Duty Books, printed headiug, 3 quires, half bound, morocco backs and corners, p book. 20 Impost Books, flat Deuiy, printed heading, ruled to pat tern, two quires, half bound, p. book. G other Demy Books., ruled to pattern, 2 to 6 quirea, full bound iu sheep?24 quires?per quire. G other Demy Books, ruled to pattern, t to 6 quires, ,Vths bound?21 iiuires?p. qu. G other Demy Books, ruled to pattern, 2 to G quires, half bound?24 quires?p. q. 6 medium Books, ruled to pattern, 2 to 6 quires, full bound in sheep?24 quires?p. qu. 6 medium Books, ruled to pattern, 2 to 6 quires, three fourths bouad?24 quires?p. qu. 6 medium Books, ruled to pattern, 2 toG, half bound?21 quires?p. qu. 12 Cap Books, ruled to pattern, 2 to 4 quires, half bound?36 quires?per quire. IV. Binding Binding, 8 Imperial Abstract!, flat, 1 to 2 quires, p. fol. st do 4 Royal do do do do >4 do 8 Medium do do do do M do 8 Demy do do do do >4 Re-binding 20 Mediums, Demys and Ca|>s, 4 to 6 quirei, per vol. Re-binding Impost Books for the Quarter, 10 to 14 quires, half bound, 6 vols. p. rol. Binding Quarterly Accounts of Weighers, Ouagers, lie. Roy al half sheet, flat, 2 quirei, quarter bound, 14 vols. p. vol. Binding Quarterly Crew Lists, medium, flat, Gto 1# quires .half bound, 8 vols per vol. Binding Quarterly Shipping Articles, Royal flat, 4 to 8 qri. naif bound, 8 vols, per volume. V. Printing. 12 cap site. Bond and other Books, printed page, 4 qn., half bound per vol. 12 do Bond and othei Books, do do? l? bound, per vol. 6 Medium Books, 2 sides set, work and turned, do-* \ths bound, p. vol. 2t Debenture Books, quarto-medium, bank post, 100 leaves, (rom eopper-pltte furnished by the office, bound, morocco bucks and covers, p. vol. Entries, Bonds, Affidavits, and other Blank Kormsongood ??d cut up to sizea required for use, varying from half sheet to l-6th of a sheet, viz:? It Reams Cap Blanks, one side set, worked one side, |>er ream. M0 Sheets Cap Blanks, one side set, do per 100 sheets W Reams Cap Blanks, do worked fc turned, |?r ream. 100 Sheets Cap Blanks, do do per 100 sheets. 1 Reams Quarto Pest Blanks, one side set, worked one side, P* |?s ream MO Sheets Quarto Post Blanlu, do do per 100 sheets. I Reams Quarto Post Blanks, do worked li turned per ream. 100 Shots Quarto Post Blanks, du do 100 sheets. 8 Reams Medium Blanks, do do ream. 600 Sheets Mecium Blanlu, do do 100 sheets. 3 Reams Medium, (entries, kc.) do do ruled red and feint, per ream. 500 Sheets Medinm, (entries, Ike.) do do ruled red and feint, per 100 sheets. 3 Reams Medium, (eutries, lie.) two sides sett, worked and turned, ruled red and feint, per team. MO Sheets Medium, [entries, lie J two sides sett, worked and , , . turned, ruled red and feint, per 10V sheets. NAVAL OFFICE. VI. Stationery, lie. I Beam Ruled Letter Pa|*r, best quality. Ill do Plain do do 10 do Ruled Foolscap Taiwr, medium quality. 1 do do do I lest do 1 do Plain do medium do 4 do Buff Envelope Paper, Linen, beat do 2 do Blotting do Owen Ik Hurlbut's best quality. 4 do Ormita, print'd four on a sheet, as per sample, No. 22. 1 dozen Glass Inkstands, as per sample. 4 lbs. London superfine Sealing Wax, 4 do India Rubber. 12 Kn"* Red Linen Tape, No. 21. 12 lbs Twine. II Dozeu Lead Pencils, best quality. UNI Quills, No 00. 18 Dozen Enve|o|>es, letter size. No. 5, G do do large " 2. G do do du buff, No. 2. 2 lbs. best Scarlet Wafers, 2n Boxes, one Dozen each. Perry's Double Patent small barrel Pens. 12 Boxes, oue gross each, do do No. 2, line |M)iut 1'eus. 12 Boxes, one dozen each, Oillott's barrel Eagle Pen. 21 < arils do do Small Pens. U Dozen Quarts Stephens' Blue Ink. 12 (Gallons best quality Black do 1 Dozen Pints do Evert*' Red Ink. VII. Bi.ank Books. I Ledger, full Bouud, lour quirea, per sample No. 1 I Journal, " six " " 2 3 I tigers of Entries, half bond, three quires each " 3 I Cash Duties and Differences, half bound, four and a half quirea " 4 1 Cash Book, half bound, live quires. " i 6 Hegisters of F.ntries, half bound, linen coverx, tniee of three quirea each, and three of two quires each " 2G Imposts, half bound, linen covers, printed heads two qnireaeach, " G Abstracts, half bound, linen coven, oue and a half quires each, " 1 Poreign Export*, half bound, printed heads, four quires, " 9 2 Day Books, half bound, five quires eaeh, " 10 I K.nrolmeiit and License, half bound, five quirea, " II 1 Kxamiued Manifests, half bouud, four quires, alphabeted, " I Store Account Entries, halfbonnd, four quires, alphabeted, " G Blotters, half bouud, one quire each, " I Sqnare Yard Book, half bound, two quirea, *' II I ltegistcr of Vessels, half bound, four quires, " 16 1 Hefnnding Book, half bound, three quires, " 17 1 Cash Deposits, Balances, 'ialf bound, printed heads, tbree quires, " 1 Register of Inspectors, lie., half bound, three quirea, 4 Memorandum Books, half bound, two quires each. " 2U 1 Ream ltoyal Paper, ruled and printed heads. *' 21 2 Letter Books, feint lined, full bound, with alphabet*, four quires ench. ? ? 3 Alphabetical Memorandum Book, feint lined, halfbonnd, two quires, demi-octavo. 2 Books, three quires each, half bound, feint lined, ruled head lines, margin line, double dollars and ceuts, fools 1 Alphabetical Book, half bound, three quirea, foolscap, ruled with feint lines. BURVEVOR'S OFFICE. VIII. Stationery, as per Specimens, 400 Quills, of food quality, No. 80. 4 beams Follscap Paper, ruled. 2 Reams Letter Paper, superfine quality. 2 do do do ruled. G Oallons Black Ink. 2 Quarta Ked Ink. 8 quarts Black Sand. 4 i acks (twelve papers eaeh) Pins. I Eight Quire Book, hound in boards, with back of calf and tip* on the cosoers of the bo vers?" Alphabet of Arriv 1 Sit Quire Book, bound in boards, with hack of calf and tips on the corners of the covers?" Sugar Register." I Ream of Transfer Blanks. 6 Quires of Blotting Paper. 3 Gross Steel Pens?" Wright's beat." SURVEVORS DEPARTMENT. stationery. 1200 Quills, No. GO. 21 Beams Foolscap Papor. 1 do do ruled fine. I do do do vary fine. }f# 'J*' R'd Heal iiiif W?. 6M 8mih"MirCM TU"' 800 Small Memorandum Book* for Inspectors. 250 La mi" j? J.?r At officers. 300 Alphabet d" for '""Wctoia discharging. '* fe &? Kartim l'^' WO Cards for Mntsiirers. 15 gross Lead Pencil* 'Wolff." H to HHH x. , .. , . HHINTINO. i VUitarlyAccount* of Inspectors. ? do Mouthly & ?:;Xwrl'Cl?n 300 Measurer's Accounts. N*?ht '???*??"? 200 Utiles and Regulations of Officers 100 pJSphfcS1 &?v !?\J* l?f m (iua*Mr'* 6000 (JertifitatM 'f?lllruc,t,0?? to lfi?|*ctors. u"^Ttt;/iz::'t,vr w^e" j? ????>? i(m, 1 Keauiof CaaJ iti'tu?. '? * P- certificate. 1 do Salt do 1 do Salt a,,a Coal do do Kipeuse Accounts. 8TORKKKKPKRS OFK1CK. , ,, _ , ,, ITiTIONIIIT. a Hmom R?,e.l Letter Pa|wr. T UO 2 d* Kf?Sl-pdop,p,r ? J? u''i'u? Kn"'l"l? ^aper. 1 d? *?? ?J'>tUniPaper. J i^"V K'J No-17. 20 lbs. Brown Twine. 20 Card* J point Peeryan Pens 40 do Natunal do 10 do Barcl do 400 UuilU, No. 10 3 lb^'teT,Wa;JUat,,,r '?WU| ,WlU" 3 Oallous Black Ink, 6 Viala Kef Ink. 2 Blank AWtract Hooka. 6 Small Blank Book*. 6 Halfhound Blank liooka. U Ledgers i Book. 3 Day Hooka. 1 Cash Book. ! Blank halt bound Register. >s lira in Abstract Paper. XII. I Ream Itfil Transfer Orders! ! Uo ??Uck Tfansfrr Receipt!, 210 Cherry street, n? !?IfW C!f? ? ? I* Broad ?truet. ?0 Delivery Orders, 230 Cherry street. 6 nn 4? 270 Water street. 6 1)0 do is street. APPRAISER'S DEPARTMVXT 10 I learns Blue Rale J foolscap Kfier, a* per sampU. Kn ( ... o Letter Paper 'better than sample. 40 do "" UilK,"H'"'1 1001) Manufactured Quills, No! 80^oJd*'iuallty IS doTeu bi-sl Uiad Pencils. ' 6 bottles Mityuard & Novea' Blank Ink larue hotile. ?iiv'T* Blue Ink. large liottlea. ? Vi*!-trench Carmine Ink. 2 lbs. Waifera. 12 &Ml^tiniK0,,,U' * l,OUU,,? ,,rinUd I Down Pieces Indian Rubber 1 Reams Hejiort Paper. AIV. 8 1k*l?r,'rmt*d Keturus, ruled, ,woon cap sheet, thicker 2 *pa?r'>r'nt"' K*",rn,, '"''d. "O" "U cap sheet thicker 1 "^iiy Appraisement Returns, four to 027 c" C. P. VAN NKSH, Collector. aHIPPPSi^n* ?????& ANL> AMERICAN SHlPPLNCi AtrLNCY AT UVEKPOOL fiAviNu - NOTICE. to^Mdt7*Wall"r'' F** v^u'1 ?f No' 9 Coart street,^los it ? j New York, are oar authorized Acmti for the United States and Canada, who are fully empowered ffwsn ^ ??r 8h,P'un' {nd Forwarding American Agents, w.rrf Mjf f-aption of goods in Liverpool, and the for warding of the same to any part of Kngland. France fcc fee md Axou** U>"T through the hands of our _ _ MKSSHB. ADAMS fc CO.. *} thjir.aerafal Oflicn, at follows 32: ? 82?^ I ZU ?t?. Bait,mora So?c^?r: ?>?? A??S.or Sj? S Lh"n^1. ?""ijePhilad. 1 No. li fourth at. Pittsbaru No. II Sheracket st. Norwich, | No. 155 Main al. WorSSSi Lirerpool Mar 1.1*44. rin&MAi THK ?On$rUIT AND hCHo ^^JLL^KR k SM^TH'lV^m'a^arraiyraments w?5i Mmra ADAMS fc ^O.a by which all Goods pasting throefch tiirir -uTu' ^r[A,r^CV by the Steamship? and otW rei^ 1*1 pnnetual attention of their i i J ?Adorns ? Cv. at Boston and New Vork ?"d will thereby be free frrfin delay and high charge* I n?y dam it neeeeaary here to atate, Jiat thev hara an M. aaaioa whaterer with Mr. K O. Tuekaraan. of ^irSr^? wilLonijf occasioBS.Sajnosrha^thl^lly (ufi'rered'by'^eiTowa Biswas4 Jrima vfirsiKH ? Amerioa, is ptepvad to afford any iBformatiofwu th I Site; Z'-VLsSk'fr dr ^?-^of ffuis , ?!*?** mMr "* 1 lasted to kia Liverpool eatablislimaai. Xh SluJNED OY KK!! I Tom laadlaaa eternity, by all who mrnras od|tha pale add ghast ly object, cansed by ?pitung blood, and a moat violent coogh.wich night aweata, . a hoHsaeueas and sound of the voiee. ladieating an alarming state of disease: m y cl, rpymAB was 'plain with me, and atated had but a few daya to live; my siater, wli that 1 _r~ w? iiTej my sister, wlio -ZYly'"['?'l'f* ukfr' .mAde inquiry where she would be most likely to obtain the Aioet certain relief showtatoldofDr.Swaynt', Compound SyrvXofWlu fiJ Hh!" use throughout the l^ifid States, for the can of congka, colds, consumption, spitting of blood influenza, palpitUion of the heart, whooping cough, tickling or ruing sensauoniutha throat, bsonchitei, itlinSf, weSnSS of the nervous system^or impajred constitution from any canae fadtopwyent perM^Trom7alling into a decline. She was in formed if this medicine failed iu the cure, my life was hopeless ;%T^fd ?TZ,W.? 1I k J,"*ar?l- ?d the fir "We 'TL\"'A UlT commenced tne fifth bottle, I w^Tfie utik, "? mach "n/rored, that Or gave to tik 'f *" K "r ??'nach 1 mproved*that i?^?t,ril!rhSJ'"d m? *h'n ti??e/entirely re gOvjrNl my former fwalth K'orTcoAib^^^fX'^Tf <11, *?' origiial. IT. Swaynt'i Com J Ckfi-ry, as all otner reparations from this valuable tree are flctitioua /.nd counterfeit; prepared only by Dr ?wayne, whogotfee is at the northweat eoras? Kighth and W H Milne?, coraer or Broadway aiid Jolin street. New Vork: K. A. Sanda 181 ; ^B Waroer, 105 Bleecker street, n! York; 731 Broad street, Newark, N. J.; Benjamin ?SS?te 'V; ?{;' -tsbiii S. Harrison, SaJem^Maaa.; J. ri. rierce, 4 Htanwix Hall, Maiden Lane. Albany N York* mtXU*IVU^'B,,/Tr?y|N- York: Spalding i. Harrington, Wor m.2. iSP111. J* p- "a" Co., Boeton, Mjff*: r ? Su3btt'& Meat.; JasLter,C. Ayr*, Lowell! B.I?!ii Mul n'Mr'S*'i< ,V17?I-; Kmsom It Stevens, aapu'lnffJe * ohe^i Co., Charlestoa, S. C. RKDUCKJ)?'l"he Sabscribem have ?'reduced their Kmr*m prtce? on all email packture* of law and other docnmeiOs, from M cenu to 2r> cants tier package Ih??h wiff.Ufc i" ? a-*"'1 ,hf 'n"'ln*?lMte pumts. Also) JilL? ftom Buffalo to Chicago, at M te?u pet package'fromjhu city to ChiMfo, and the iitermedi ?te peiBts oe the Lake.^A ibwimw ^V'^pTtnv ? rimr.Mny ^"R LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet i? l* iL1* ??i^ Dec.?The regular faat sailing J^^KaPacket Ship SIDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb,of 1,100 t0"'. wi'l ""I as above, her regular day. ' 1 fni^l-j* ?f ''"?***? Iiaving accommodations nnr,,nailed ^ ^all'street' or U) ?U at wliarf, fool ftk. .t iw.??"' COLi-K? * ?. * ?"H> ? n27ec I^I.VKRPOOI^-Regnlar Packet o( ?rh Iter ^tfrt'd !??'[?< ahip JOHN R. S4 IUDV, Can ya^llfaVVm Skiddy, will positively sail as above, her regn Havlwg most so|>eri?r and elegant accommodations for cabin !hf,V,H "bL,n * E5S"Me?* !??"""? wishing to embark should make immediate application on board, loot of .Vlaideu U"?- ?>' to JOSEPH irfcMURRAV, rru_ __ j . . . ? '?0 Pine street, corner of South. The spendid packet ship Samuel Hicks,Captain Bunker will succeed the above and sail on the llth Dec. ,?7"/ JfltJ'Ji0. K?TABMSHKD PACKKT OKKICK,?| j 5^d fn>m threat Britain and MBBblrelaiid, via Liveri>ool. Passage can at all times be engaged at the lowest rates, to and from Liverpool, by the regu lar packet shios sailing under the new arrangement every frw w,d drafts can as nsual be famished for any .wnonnt paya ble at the National and Provincial Btnk, Ireland, and 1K?r branches, and ihrooghunt the ynited Kingdom, as well as at all the principal banking msututions in KglanJ, sT^l.d aid Wales, without discount or sny other charges. For further par ticulars. if by letur, post paid, apply to ' IIIHN WW.HDMAN SlXeetbat I'lVKRPOOL?-The New Line?tteaular V',K? New Packet list December.?The sapeiior fast sailingNew y.?,,i,'!ibrt ship LIVKRPOOL, Capum John IIJ4I tons bui#ieruv will sail as above, her regular day. Iht or imssage, having very saperior accommodations, a"2,,R,P ,B P""- ?PP'V f> the Ca|>uiii on board west iidr Hurling Blip, or to wOODHULL 8t MINTUKN8, Price of Pasaage tIM. ?T Hooth stre* k Th' tiw*3lof th? W?t, Capt. Philip Wood house, U0 tons bnrtnea, will sacceed the Liverpool and sail on her lagilar day, 21st Jan^ ?Z2 PASSAOK FOR NKW OHLKANS-Poeitively Jgfruie hrst jacket or passage free, and only leunlai Jt} "'????mher.-I he splendid fast sailing paekei ihm OCONKK, l/?ptain Jackson, will sails |msitivl\ as above, her regular day. ' "nie accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and Meerao, paaanwera are very superior, and persons about proceed ing to New Orleans may rely on the ships of this line lailins punctually as advertises!. 1? secure berths early application should be made on board, foot of Maiden lane,or to ,,r",OB ... W. It J T. tAikcott, ?Km Tl ?o?Ustmt, oocner MuAn Lmm. Tcim. ^Correspondence ol the Herald | Gai.vzston, Nov. 12,1844. State of Public Opinion on Annexation?Character of llie Immigrant? and Stttltrt?Diplomatic Move menti. Dkar Si*: ? 1 have for some time intended to commence a ; serieB of lettera for the Herald, touching affairs, men, and thing* iu Texas. 1 make the venture now, and if you shall find this of sufficient impor tance to give it mention, I propose at irregular in tervals, to continue to give you such matters, as may be deemed interesting. There in a wide field for a correspondent here, and if well filled, there is no doubt the subjects daily arising will not only be interesting, but use lul to the reader. The great Presidential contest with you has been decided; the relations we are hereafter to maintain with the United States, de pended in a great degree on that result. Annexation under Mr. Clay's administration is impossihLe. Should Mr. Polk have succeeded I look upon inu certain?it will some how or other be brought about in spite of northern opposition. I sincerely hope, that the contest may not engender passions tlut may,if indulged, endanger the integrity of the Union. We seem to be looked ui>on as the only party to be benefitted, when in truth it matters but little to us, let the issue terminate as it may. 1 ad mit that four-fifths of our people are iu favor of annexation?it iB natural that they should seek for safety and repose under the banners of a country that gave them birth, whose language, laws, ana religion, are a common inheritance. The Euro peans, for tke same reason, are opposed to it; they nave no affection for the United States; they look upou her rising greatness as inimical to the institu tions of their own country. They see a field here unoccupied, where they may colunize to any ex tent, which not only affords profit, but ameliorates the condition of the immigrant. They are saga cious enough to know that a government whose expenses in a state of oeace will not exceed 9100,000, will be in condition to admit of trade, unharrassed by high tarifl;,that in additiou to the supply necessary tor home consumption, they will have an unprotected line of 800 miles on the fron tier of the United States, as well as Mexico, for smuggling, where more than $200>000 worth of goods have been successfully introduced the pre ????? ye?r. One curao ul tflU) 000. went Up ihe Sa bine, across] to Ked Kiver, down the same, and thence to St. Louis, Mo. It is evident, that independence is better for Texas, if the government has sufficient power to enforce her luws. Being n central government, a scattered and excitable |>opulation, the i|uestion is whether publicopinionon any given question isnot more powerful than the law. If we had the means to employ the bayonet, we dare not use it. As a consequence, public opinion supported by interest, would control the law. As evidence of this, you live in the east, where they are free from danger; they scarcely contribute a dollar to the support ol government, although they have much the largest population, whilst in the middle section, on the coast, and in the west, where they are in danger, the laws are enforced, duties und taxes paid, from the force of public opinion. Ano ther caure of apprehension exists in the fact of our weak condition. We would naturally become the sport of great powers, in their intrigues for the ad vancement of their own interests; we would be victimized, without the possibility of being bene fitted. The first attack would probably be against slavery, Great Britain, aided by some here, the immense expected immigration from Europe, and doubtless by many in your country, would be an antagonist difficult to resist, more especially when her offers are gilded with propositions most advan tageous to the present owner?the payment of their full value, and apprenticeship for a long term of years. This is more the affair of the United Slates than ours, and wonld doubtless, in the end, pro duce the conqueat of Texas, by the southern States, whenever the danger becomes apparent. The conclusion, to my mind isirresistable, thai sooner or later the United States, tor the security of her own institutions, commerce and manufac tures, and to avoid the danger arising from intrigue of European powers (now in embryo,) will be compelled to have Texas, even at the expense of war with us. This country has lately attracted much notice fn Europe, more especially in England, and Germany; many companies with heavy capital have been formed there for colonization here. The principal of these is headed by the Prince De Solm, the nephew of one King, and step-son of another A better selection could not have been made. He has good looks, senne, and sociability; he adapts himself readily to our habits, and in a skirmish with thejCamanche.the chase of a mustang, or a aliot at a bear or buffalo is equal to the frontiers man. He won the hearts of our western boys by his gallant gay bearing, in the fight and the chase A Frenchman took the flag of la Grana Nation to display as a protection of his person lrom the wild Indian of the Prairiejour gallant Prince more wise, takes his rifle, and pistol, and relies upon his own good arm and steed. He wears the hunting shirt, und is no otherwise remarkable in his costume, than having his hat turned up ou one side with a black eagle's feather, fastened by the Prussian Eagle in gold. He is awaiting the decision of your election to commence his purchases He prefer* the West, that glorious land where disease is unknown, und where natue in her bounty hat left nothing to sigh for. One other German com pany has located high up the Colorado, in the milling country. Three vessels are on their way, filled with immigrants. They will be intruders on the Curnanche, the Mustaug, and the Buffalo; in a short time their plodding industry, will not only redeem the forest from iu waste, but expel the wild man and the wild beast from their resting place and their range. The prefered immigrant is the German; he is industrious, frugal, and soon adapts himself to his new lile. The Englishman iB the creature of habit acquired from his anceatort through many generations; they cannot do uuy thing they have not been taught ; they are at fault in every emetgency; if they have been taught to saw wood, they would freeze before they would cut it. They are not suited to the country, unless every thing has been previously prepared lor them. Ths Frenchman does better. His wants are tewer, his temperament happy; the little he wanu is easily procured. He sits down contented, and never thinks of any extended sphere of action. I speak of the peasant. The real pioneer is the man, hailing lrom Went of the mountains. With his wile, arid children, his pony, his gun, axe, and saw, he m at home every where; he builds his house, clears his field, shoots his gime, or the Indian,as he may want the first, or is in danger from the last. He is the mun the country can rely on in the hour of danger, and to per|>etuate freedom and tree institutions. And should it be our fate, once again to meet the Mexican in the battle field, they will all be there. I may say, however, that we have no fears what ever of invasion. A different opinion seems to prevail with you. We are better informed of the real situation of affairs in Mexico than you are, and well advised that Santa Anna is assuming a warlike attitude to protect himself in power, or what is more likely, to in crease it. We know that a proposition for peace m?d independence will soon be made to ua through the mediation ol (Ireat Briiian and Hrance, w11h our provincial boundary of the Nueces. Rumor, thai is soiiki tiuiea founded on truth, says, in the event of our accepting the term* and the boundary, that the intermediate territory totheH rodel Norte ia to be colonized with British and French sub jects, under the protection of their respective gov ernments. It in true, that some time since, the Hritish Charge dtt Affairt htld a correspondence by order ol his Government, with ours, claiming a large portion ol that territory, under a contract made by Beale with Mexico to colonize it. This matter was pressed by the Minister with some pertinacity. The answer given was that our Courts were open to linn like all others similarly situated, and that the Government had no power over the subject. The Minister was not aatiefied, and 1 | mention it to show the desire 'hey have to gain a footing on our soil The agents of the British Gov ernment are undiagnosed in their war upoa sla very. Their Consul here entered a formal complaint against an English merchant for purchasing slaves He received instructions lrom his Government to notify all Her Majesty's subjects that i| any should purchase or hire slaves, they would be held liable to the penalties of the act of Parliament, passed on that subject. The merchant defies thern; others more timid, obeys. This Mine Consul, has also said in the street, that Texas will not be annexed, because the United States well knows it would occasion war with Great Hritain, who, owning large possessions on this Continent, would feel obliged to interfere to maintain a balance of potter I derive this information from a gentleman ol re spectability and veracity, who heard him. The Charge des Aflairs from the United States, arrived three days since. He is well suited to the station ; is an old friend of the President's, and will be a match tor the Englishman and the I Frenchman, wlio ere daily expected to arrive. Tha ensuing winter will develops ihe plun* ol the re npective parties,and probably decide our (ate. I will conclude this first essay, and endeavor hereafter to give you matter more interesting Old Colonist. Thi Wkathkk, iVc.?Winter came upon us yes terday with an earneat there was no mistaking. It commenced mewing In the forenoon, and continued mot* or leu during the day and night. About three inclira of ?now covered the earth thia mommy Sleighs are out and the bella jingl)] merrily, but there la sot sufficient of tne article to last long. Tne earth ia in a Ana condition for moat glorious aleighing; all that ia wanting is aboot six inches more of anow, which is hourly expected.? Button Tramc'ipt, Nov !W. Winter was upon ua in earnest yesterday. The cold weather ol Weunesday ulternoon and evening waaloL towed yaateiday morning by a anow atorm from the uorthwest. Toward mid-Jay the weather moderated, the anow continuing to tall with the wind at southeast* The Rochester a'rived at 7J o'clock yesterday morning, and lett lor >ew Yo>k at 10 o'clock. Many |>aaaengers tor the aouth took the ulternoon train ol cars lor the east to Chatham, thence to Hudson. There ia a great amount of property detained here by the sucden cloaing of the river; upwardaol fifteen tow tioata, heavily freighted, and leveral aloopa and schooner* bound for the eaat. They have all taken up winter quar ters in the Baain. The number of canal boats here is sm iller thaj usual. A fleet of tow boats, seventeen in number, left about ft o'clock thia morning for New York. If there ia water enough to paaa the l>ara, they will no doubt reach their deatination. They are valuably freighted.?Albany Jld varliatr, Nov. 2tf. We ahould judge that over 400 canal and lake boats sre now in the baain, u large proportion of them being heavily loaded with flour, he , tor the aouthern and eaatern mar kets. The steamboat Commerce left for New Yorkyca terday with twenty lake boata in tow. There are atill nearly the aame number of tow-boats at our (wharves, heavily laden with Ireights, which onr forwarders are ex ceedingly anxioua ahould reach their destination.?Jilbony jltlan, Nov *28. A smart gale from the north-west sprung up on Satur day evening, and prevailed throughout all yesterday w.tU more or leas violence The water waa driven upon the flats to a considerable extent. We do not learn that any particular damage was done. Several vessels which werw iH>iiiid up, wbre driven back, by the audden change and lorce ol the wind, some ol them from aa lar up aa Grand Kiver. The Propeller Sampaom, which came in yester day troni Chicago, had u rough time of it; on Sunday the windows on the larboaid side of (he vessel. were nearly all stove i!>, and the sea poured in, ard froze aa it fell; all hands wore in good spirit*, howevur, and their cargo in good order.?hujfalo Courier. Horrid Murder and Suicide.?On Tuesday morning I,ik>t n most brutal murder and suicide was ?t Ah?vi1U, uitout nl?v?u miles from this vil lage, by a man named Orrin ( lover. The following par ticulars are furnished ua by Mr. A. B. Blair, coroner, of thia village, who waa called on to hold an inquest ever the bodies of Orrin Clover and Sally ('lover, his wile. It appeared in evidence before the coroner, that Orrin Clo ver murdered his wile about one o'clock, P. M., Tuesday, by cutting her throat with a jack knile in a lit of jealousy At the time when the murder waa committed their three little children were at play at the door; a boy of M years of age was chopping wood about thiny leet from the door, when he hoard the cry of "murder" from the wife within the houae. He proceeded towards the doer, when he met .Mrs. Clover coming out of the houso with her throat cut. She ran about thiny leet, when ahe fell and lmmedistely expired. The boy ran and cried "murder," which alarmed the brother ol Clover and tho brother of the wife, Mr. Kvans, who were about sixty rods Irom the place where the murder was committed, who immediately ran to the house, where they fouud Clover with hi* throat cut and in the last agonies of death, and the wife lying In the door yard entirely dead. The acene in the house was heart rending in the extreme. They have left three children, the oldest about eight years, and the youngest seventeen months, aud numerous respectable friends ot both hua hand and wife, who retideiu the immediate neighborhood. Verdict of the jury?" Murder of the wile by Orrin Clo ver, her husband, and suicide in his case."? Home (N. T.) Sail tine.I Gmn. Jackson's Opinion of Louis Philmpfk's Visit to England.? The General conversed ol his early lile and com|>anions ; also ol the battle of New Orleans, an.) how lew of his officers were left, fcc. He seemed to love his soldiers, and spoke of them with great affection. He also spoke of his wile aud their younger yeara, and seemed to love to dwell on those things. The visit ol Louis Phillippe to Victoria was mentioned. Ho said Louis wanted to make friends for his lamily, and that Victoria did not want Krance to l>e her enemy, and take sides with Ireland, and went on Irom that to speak ol the condition of the poor and oppressed in those countries.? fetter fro M the Hermitage. Navy DaraacMxisT, Nov. U8,1844.- The Board of Naval Surgeons, which convened in Philadelphia on the 7th of October, closed its proceeding* on the iftth inat. The following Aaaiatant Surgeons were examined and found qualified for promotion, viz : Ot tha date of June, 1838?1. Wm B Sinclair; 3. Stephen A McCeery. Of the date ol October and December, 1830?I. James B. Gould; J. Charles H. Wheelwright; 3. John H. vv right Of the candidates examined lor admiaaion into the Navy, aa As sistant Surgeons, sixteen were lound qualified in the fol lowing order ol relative merit: I Bernard Henry, Jr. ; 8. Kobeit. T. Macccun ; 3. Mm. A. Harris ; 4. Ilebt. K. Wailj a. Washington Sherman ; 8. Henry O Mayo ; 7. John Ru dtinatein ; b. Randolph K. Mason : 9. Philip Lansdale ; 10. P. Benson De Lany ; II. Alexander J. Hice , 12. 8. Allen Paddock ; U.John A. Petit; 14. Thos. B. Steele ; 16, J. F. Harrison ; 10 A. N. Bell. Well Done, Josiah !?The Albany Patriot says, that Josiah Henaon related the following incident in a speech in that city on Monday evening. He was travelling on the canal boat, and, after discnsslng poli tics with several upon deck lor a while, he resolved to have the sense ol the paasengers on the Presidential ques tion, which he obtained aa lollows They were near a biidge, and the steersman, as usnal, cried out, "a bridge *" No sooner said, than Henson cried out, " A11 in favor ol Birney lor the Presidency bow down.'' I if n moment all bo wed to the deck. It was a palpable hit? and produced roais ol laughter, sa it did in the meeting where he related it. Oitr Carolina Climatic?Fink Limonb ? We had the gratification, yeaterday, ot receiving a basket, most bountifully filled with noble lemons, ju?t gathered Irom Iruitlui tree* in the garden of Mr. Thomas A. Coffin, Rutledgo struct?a piool at once ol the mild ness ol our climate and Its adaptation to the production ol this tropical iruit. We learn that Mr C. had gathered, from theae prolific trees, a profusion of buds, blossoms, and fruit, of every hue and size, from the circumference of a pea to that of a ball of eleven inches, with ? view of satis!} nig tba editors ot ono of the Savannah papers, by ocular demonstration, that our city could equal the show of wliich Hiey had boasted in that place, and their notice of which had been transferred to the Courier?but the coaster was detained by head winds, and tbe collcction lestroyed. The same irees were similarly covered with bud. blossom, and fruit,np to the M.h ol January, the last year. As lurther evidence of the mildness of our climate and the season, we may mention that, for several days past, we have had g.een corn served up lor our table, from our own garden , and expect to enjoy several messes more ? Charlrtlon Courier, Nm-. i!7. Unitkd Statk? Sknatorm?Mr. Wright, during liih recea! riait to this city, tendered to the < ii.v i nor the resignation ol In* neat in the Senate ol the United States a station, tho duties ol which he has discharged with signal ability and the cordial approval ol his consti tuents, and from which he retires with a reputation for KtH'ekman like (pulitiea surpassed by no man in America. Several wicks sinca the Kxecutivo of this Htate waa officially advised by thn Hecretaiy ol State of the I'nited Stiites, that Nathunii 1 I'. Tallmadge, having accented an appointment under thn general government, ana having removed Irom the State, his seat in the Senate waa vaca ted. Bubeequaatiy, .Mr. Tallmadge addressed to the 1*0 vernor, liotn Wisconsin,his resignation of the place.? Al bany Jlrgiu, Nov. 'Mi. Snow ?We learn from Illinois paper*, that on the iMili ult , the neighborhood of Tar.eweil county, was visited by a violent snow storm, wliich lasted nearly the whole day, and covered the ground to a considerable depth At sunrise on the Ifllh, the thermonwter stood at 77 degrees " A regular snow storm waa alaeexperienced hi Pike connty at the same time, followed by a few cold iU>s -some ol the snow remaining on the ground till the moruing of the J 1st. Ohio Votk?MirrAxn.?Aii error haa l?een dia oovered in the. abstract ol one township In Morgan coun ty. The vote for < lay and folk were transposed. I or rectmg this mistake, the voteol that county ihows m? jority lorTolk, and reduces Clay's majority in the State to .'>,940. MisboI'hi Leoihi.aturk.?The editor of the ffr lmbhoin write* Irom Jelleraon, lHth imds? I have barely time to say, by the boat, that V. Jack ton was elected speaker by a vote ol 64. Tbe wbigs cast 40 votes, which w< re scattering. In the henate, Wm. C. Jones was elected chief clerk on the third ball .t, receiving 17 votes. Hickman It, Watson uone. James M Oreen was elected assistant clerk on the fourth ballot, beating three others. John W. Prico was elected door kef per on the twentieth ballot, some ten contending for it. The two House* have adjourned for dinner. May their temper and digestion never tail them. Mormonicm ?Las' week,nav*the Waraiiw Sig nal, a horee wan nfolen from Mr. Slatiery, about a mile Irom this place, lie pursued the thief, but the pur <uit was abortive, and on returning home, Rnotli* r hi>r?a was gone. The two were valued at a hundred and filtf tollers. In the ne|ghborhoo<l of Bear < reek, about twenty heed of cattle have been recently missed by the settlers. Their heads, horns, and hools, are to be found, scattered in eve ry direction through the buish. Near Fountain Wreen, ? gang of Mormons were last week detected In the act ot stealing and loading u wagon with buckwheat, from Mr. Prentiis' barn. Kxtknhivk Loan or Koitnnr ? Promiaaory nolet to the amount of $?i OtMl and upwards, payable at the K* Change Bank, Hartford, have been lost or stolen

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