Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1844 Page 3
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2 CTHcTmjcvb*.?On the i ?o? JO?Osaso Lsbcki**?Amut Ot * l^th inst, Mr. Chriatios Plaker, re ?idiag at flt) Ludlow ?trm, wax robbed of e trunk, c?n Siug a large quantity ol clothing, ailver coin vnount to ?M, and- a check on the Uniou Bank of thia city >l?^ Ha auapactnd two of nia follow boarders .named Heajrv Bontag and Henry Schellkig, who immediately robbery left in a tranaieut (hip for Charleston, having been given to the Police, officers i ?<^^Bjfc#Ju>le<Jrath wrote to the Mayor of Charleston f gi? IW I UCicriptiou of their peraona, and aa the mail ar rived th?if bat ore the ahip, the two men were secured on board, and committed to jiil to await a requisition from the Governor of thia State. ltgscumo a DkSsbteb and Dksdly Amiult ?A man naaiod Alexander vVicfcestroin, went on ooard t he Swe dish brig Tappenheten, lying at the loot of Rector street, with fourteen or Alteon others, yesterday morning, ana demanded the release ol one of the crew, who was oon flned for desertion The mate, Christian Bungs ton, rs fuscd to give him up, and ordered them to leave the ship, when Wick astro* drew forth a knife and struck at him, but he escaped and ran into thn aahin. Meanwhile the rioters broke open the forecastle, released the man, and took him with them. Wickeatrom was arrested and com mitted. Robsimoa BenncLLow.?Ann A. Martin, aliss Ann M. ? Barrett, was arrested and committed lor robbing Mary Raymond, of No. 1 Oak street, of an old glove, contain ing $44 in silver and bank bills. It appears that Mary used the glovo as a sort of sub treasury, which she took to tied with her every (tight, and Ann having shared her bed lor the last fortnight, became aware ol tnis fact. A few mornings since, Mary was horror struck at discover ing that her deposits had been removed, and charged Ann with the robbery, who amilingly told har not to grieve, that she would make it all right when she could. She was subsequently seen with a glove answering to the description of the one stolen, and flourishing a large amount of money. Under these ciscumstances, Ann was arrested and committed to the Tombs. UoaaiNu a Desk ?Noah Brown w. s arretted and com mitted for robbing a desk in the office of Frederick Kam menibU,3tt8 Front street, of $19. The prisoner war I Sben lurking about the store previous toihe robbery, and his suspicious movements led to his arrest. gf Upper Police?Thomas Farrely was arrested and commuted on the complaint of his brother, for robbing his trunk of a watch, jewellery, clothing, kc , amounting to about $00. The whole of the property except $4 was re covered. The piisoner is a bad fellow, and hii relative was compelled to aJopt this course. tXMN?si?r*oOBto?.?Nov. 30?Suungw Death?An in quest was held >esterdey at 69 Forsyth st, on the body of J N. Hdlcott, aged 34 years, a native of Delaware, who fell down in the street at the corner ol Liberty and Greenwich streets, the previous day, and instsntly expired. The de ceased had been for some time laboring from a disease ki.own as the phthysic, and from an examination of the body, it appeared that he came to bis death from conges tion of the lungs, produced by the disease. Verdict ac cordingly. Common Pleas. Before a lull Bench. Nov. 30.?Decisions.?Stth Perty vs. Ebtntzer Limon, Jr?The question involved in this case is whether a note is usurious, reserving seven per cent, interest, when the maker and payee both reside in Connecticut where six per cent, only is allowed. The original note was made in Connecticut for $3000.tut wax renewed ju thia State by three notes, reserving sev'eh, per cent interest, paya ble in Connecticut, where the .pm ties resided and still re-' sides, although they did business also in this city. The case caton betoie Judge Ingraham, on an action of assump sit. in September last, where a verdict was taken lorplain tifl for $3 914 61, subject totho opinion of the Court. The case having been argued before a full Bench, the Court say that they are not certain that any contract made in this State, reserving only the interest allowed by our la vs, would be held to be usurious, even if the parties resided in another Mate, where a It ss rate ot interest is allowed. But the rule as to intoi est is, that it is to be com puted according to the laws of the place where the con tract is to be executed. In the view taken ef the case by the Court, they are of opinion that the verdict may be sustained for the amount found ; and conceding the tnree notes to be void for usury, as in that case the plaintiff would resort to the original note and recover upon it? The original note was produced for $3000?and even if it was given up previously, the plaintiff could recover up on it. Giving the defendant then the most tavorable view of this case, the plaintiff is entitled to recover $3d00, with interest at six per cent, from the 1st January, 1839, to the 18th September, 1844, which would exceed the amount of the verdict taken?the verdiot is therefore sustained, with costs Dmiel Blaktly ads John Rice.?This was an appeal from an order made at Chambers. Rice brought his action against defendant for the injury done to a quantity of flour belonging to Rice. The aciion was in foim tort, but in reality it ms for the violation of his contract to deliver in good order. The cose being tried, the jury found a ver dict for plaintiff for $8, which threw the costs on the plain, tiff. Afioitly after this the plaintiff filed his petition and schuiple in bankruptcy, and it is admitted by both parties that Blakely's claim for costs in this suit, was inserted by Rice in this schedule of debts and liabilities. Rice re ceived his errtiflcate of bankruptcy in May, 1844, and fn June following, the defendant in this suit filed a judgment for costs against plaintiff for $300 The principal ques tion raised by the counsel for defence, is, waetber a judg ment obtained in an action of tort. can be. affected by a bankrupt discharge. The order made in the case, and which is appealed from, ordered a perpetual stay of pro ceedings, and directed the clerk to satisfy a judgment of record upon payment ol u certain portion ol the costs, subsequent to 37th \%y, 1*43. The Court now order that the order made at Chambers be revoked, without costs I E. C. Oray vs. Chnrltt Nurman ? Thii case came up on plaintiffs demurrer to defendant's plea of bankruptcy.? Order judgment for defendant on demurrer, wita liberty to plaiutifl' on payment of costs, to reply. John P. Sf hemrthorn VS Wm. K Jlmutrong, and Ber ry T. Woodruff?The plaintiff in this cause sues the de fendant in dent as the assignee in possession of certain promises demised by the plaintiff to the defendant, for five years from tho first of February, 1838, The defendant plead that he assigned to another before the rent accrued, and that the assignee was in possession. Plaintiff demur red to these pleas, and the Court gave the following order in deciding on the sufficiency Order?Judgment for de fendant, on his demurrer to the repl ication to his 4th plea, and judgment for plaintiff on his demurrer to defen dant*'3d and 3d pleus. Each party may amend on pay ment of costs. Michatl II. Bubcock ads. Wm 8. finch.?This was an action of assumpsit, brought to recover for labor and ma terial furnished for iulaying pipe for the introduction of Croton water into certain premises The jury found for j plaintiff $74 93 This verdict delendant seeks to set aside. Order?verdict confirmed with costs Christian Lang ads. Jttron Sinrhtimrr.?This was an ac tion of slander, in which the jury found for plaintiff $7A, and defendant moves for a new trial; which motion is de nied. and the verdict is confirmed, with costs CrommtUn v? Laftrgit ?The jury in thi-i case rendered a verdict for plaintiff, $100 damages. Court Calendar?Monday. Common Plkai?Nos. It, 30, 111, 3 38, 37, *>, 8, 28, 109, 41,4,1 11,16, 30,101. SuraaiOR Coobt?From 3 to 10?inclusive 150 Crime in Canada.?The crime of infanticide is said to prevail to a great extent at Montreal. The Courier ol Monday says: Several honid cases have oc curred lately, and one last week, which has inspired the Eeatest horror and disgust among our citizens The dy of a new-horn infant was found by some school boys, on the St. Lawrenee Hill which hao been so muti lated by dogs as to leave but little of the body remaining. Distressing.?The Clermont (O.) Courier s-iys an explosion took place in the distillery ot Mr Samuel Herkiu, in Miami township, on Wednesday last, by which a Mr. Burger, was almost instantly killed, and a Mr Landen, so severely injured it la thought he cannot survive. The vessel that exploded wes a Targe cask in which the beer was boiled by turnisg steam into it Seizure ?Our Collector has seized from several merchants in this city, for duties, about one hundred and fifty boxes of tobacco, purporting to bear the St John's Custom House stump, imported into Montreal by a house largely engaged in tho New York trado.?Toronto (C. W) Ctloniit. COWRT FOR THg CORRECTION OF ERRORS?A MA NY, Nov. 28 ?Present?Senator Bockee presiding, and 23 other Senators No. 38-D. Leavitt, President of the American Ex change Bank vs. G W Stanton, President of the Albany Exchange Bank. Mr S. Stevens waa heard for defendsnt in eiror. No 39?J Barber and al. vs. Mr. Ketchum. Mr. T. Worden was heard for plaintiff in error Orderel, that hereafter the Court will adjourn at a quarter before 3 o'clock, P M , and hold no afternoon sessions. Saints' Days, frc.?The Puseyites date their letters as follows " The Fesat of the Visitation, B. V. M " The Feast of the Transfiguration " The Feast ot St. Matthew,"fco. Oo the Rev Sidney Smith's recent ly receivings letter from one of those formal gentlemen, headed and dated alter this fashion, he began his letter in reply as follows" Bskiog-day, eve of washing day "? ArtoiRTMBNTS bt thb PBiiiocNT. - Marshals of the United Ststea? Irssc O. Barnes, lor Massachusetts ; An drew 8. Pond, for Northern District of New York ; Alex ander Porter, for Delaware Valpsais** SpMlfle Pills, for tits HsutlcsU care of gouotrhcea, gleet, seminal emissions, and all mucopuru lent discharges from the urethra. Thesr pills, the rwnlt of twenty rears eipenence in tlie Hospital de Cl trite in Paris, are pronounced by their celehrated inventor, l'rt lessor Velpeau. as an infallible remedy for all diseases of the nreihra. They effect a cure ia a much shorter tuns than any othei remedy, without ta iilioff the hreeth, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement fro n business. Price. It per bo*. Sold at tin College of Madi I""*TPh*n"", ^CTiU'Khu?,)N. M. D? Klrord'o Parisian Altsiatlv* Mixture, (Or tne t<ermaneut cure of p.imary or secondary syphilis, venereal nicer*, nodes, or any complaint produced by an mjndicious nse of mercury, or unskilful medical treatment. All parsoas sus pecting a venerea) taint remaining in their system should use this powerful purifier without delay, as no person can consider himself s*fe after having the venereal disease, without thorough ly clruising the system with this justly celebrated alterative. Sold in single bottles at $1 each, in eases of half dosen at carefully i?icked aud sejit to all paits of the Union. Hold at ihe College ot Medicine uud t'lctrraacv, 95 .Nassau st. W. S. RICIIAHOSON, M. D., Axeet. The Concentrnted Kxtract of Barsaparllla, G?ntian and Sassafras, |>re|>ared by the New York College of I Medicine ami Pharmacy, established for ilie snppreismn of | i|u vckery. This rrliued and highly concer irated estract, p'? sesmug all the purifying qualities and cureiive powers of the aoove nerbs, is confidently recommended b\ the College as in finitely superior u* any euraot of Marsapan la at present before the pnolie, and may be relied on as a cei.ain remedy for all dise\ses arirnig from an impure state of the blood, sueh as scrofula, salt-menm, ring-worm, hlotehe? or pimples, uicerv cam in tnebonea or joints, nodes, cutaneous etnpnons, nicer tird sore throat, or any disease arising from tho secoudary effects ol syphilis er an injudicious use of mercury. Hold in single Bottles,at . 73 cents each. " in cises of half a doges Bottles $1 J? one dosen '' ..... UN ( .ues forwarded tn all part* of the Union N. B.?A very liberaldiscosat to wholesile purchasers. oa. .r - VteiXKwN, M. A. IMUMy ownii-flMfMk Miatare, prepared by it* Collage afvMedWIne ted Fhsrauay ?< ?h* cUTpr New York, is eonlontly recommended for *11 con ol debility produced by secret indulgence or newofHT kind It is an invalaable remedy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness (nnleu deluding on malformation. 1 Single bottle# $1 each; caeca of Iklf a do ten 16; carefully packed and tent to all parts of the Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, t5 Nuwi ?tieet W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D.. Agent. A boat of respectable names, all bearing testimony lo the sove.eign restorative power of Dr. Shermair* Camphor, or Headache Leiangai, might be adduced?take a few aa a sample The Rev. Mr. CaosWBLL, of the Episcopal Church, Auburn, N.Y., always keps Sherman's Camphor Lozenges By him. they never fail to relieve him of his headache or the fatigue of much mental eiercise. Mr. A. Krauth, oue of th* proprietors of the Sunday Mer cury, N. Y., has for years been subject to periodical attacks of headaches, so vary bad as to confine him to his bed. Sherman'* - Camphor Loxeugee invariably relieve him in less than lilteeu minu'es. f Cleiwymen and lawyers, who are obliged to undergo gnat mental exertions, amidst much excitement, will find an occa sional usa of a Lozenge of incalculable benefit, preventing itie usual concomitant, a headache and sobaequeut depression. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 106 Nassau street, f All Plilladelphla Mubecrlptlona to ths Hkkald mast be paid to the agents, Zielier St Co.,-J ledger buildings. 3d and Chesnut sts., where single copies may also be obtained dally at.l o'clock. jm Medical Advice in Private Dliaam.?'fh? members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy. ytMuhrd for the suppreition oj' ifuackery, continue to direct tiie.r particular attention to all diseases of a private uatuie, anil can confidently promise to persous requiring medical treatment, a safe and |*rinauent cure, without injury to the coustitutiou or confinement from business. Invalids are particularly requested u? make application to the College on the first appearance oi those diseases, as a vast amount of suffering and time may be thus avoided. Oue of the members of the College, for many years connectad with the principal hospital in EuroM for tin cure ol those complaints, atteuda for consultation daily from 0 A M. to 7 P. M. Terms?Advice and Medicine $5,?a core guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS.-Persou living in the country, and finding it incouvruieut lo make per sonal application,can have forwarded (o themachest containing all medicines requisite to perform a radical core, by stating then case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any. aud enclosing $5, post paid, addressed k> W. S. RICHARDSON. M. D.. Agent, Office and Consulting Rooms ol the College, 45 Nassan st MONEY MARKKT. Saturday, November 30?O P: M. The stock market i* very heavy, and quotations very feverish. There i? very little doing, particularly in fancies. Price* to-day ds not show any decline of conse quence since yesteiday, but things are in a state of greut doubt and uncertainty, so much so that we should not be surprised to see, at any moment, a further decline. Mo hawk MI off ) per cent; Illinois J; Morris Canal J. Stonington, Kentucky 6'st Erie and|Reading, closed at yesterday's prices, while Norwich and Worcester ad vanced J ; Pennsylvania 6'a, J ; Ohio 8's, J ; Canton J; Long Island J. Alter the adjournment of tho boards ol brokers prices fell off in the street, and the market closed in a very depressed state. The Mechanics' Banking Association have declared a dividend ot three and a half per cent, payable on the 9th of December. Thr Lawrenceburgh Branch of the Slate Bank of In diana, has declared a dividend of S per cent, for the six months ending Nov. 1st. The navigation of the Canals of this Hate are closed for the season. This does not i ut a stop to the trans portation of merchandise to the west through our public works, as it formerly did, as the railroiuls now havr> the carrying trade. We annex'a table giving the time of the closing of canal navigation for a series of years. The table exhibits remarkable fluctuations Ci.oiiimi ok thk Canals ok this State. 182 4 December 4th 1815 November 301 h 182 5 " 5th 1836 " 26th 1?26 " 18th 1837 December 9th 1827 " lRih 1838 November 25th 182 8 ?' 20th 1839 December 16lh 182 9 " 17th 1840 " 3d 183 0 " 17th 1841 November 29th 183 1 " 1st 1842 " 23d 183 2 " 21st 1843 Decemver 1st 183 3 " 12th 1844 November 2Cth 183 4 " 12th During the lrst twenty years the canals have only closed six times previous to the 1st of December. We annex a table giving the quotations for American provisions in the Liverpool market on the 4th inst. com pared with previous dates. Quotations kor America* Provisions in the Liverpool Markkt. Sept. 18. Off 4. Nov. 4. s. s. 's. s. s. Beef, per bbl of 200 lbs, in bond United States Mess 35 a 40 35 a 40 33 a 38 Prime 18 a 20 18 a 20 20 a 22 Canadian Mess a a i Prime 22 a 25 22 a 25 26 a 28 Old a a I Pork, per bbl of 200 lbs, in bond United States Mess 44 a 16 44 a 46 44 a 16 Prime 37 a 39 37 a 39 36 a 40 Canadian Mess.. a a Prime a a Bacon, duty paid?per cwt a a Hams, per cwt, duty paid?Dry. ..40 a 63 40 a 63 40 a 63 In salt a a s Cheese, per cwt, duty paid?Kiue.46 a 50 46 a 50 46 a 52 Middling ? .38 a 4* 36 a 4# 38 a 42 Ordinary 30 a 34 30 a 34 35 a 37 Lard, per cwt, duty paid?Fine. ..36 a 37 36 a 37 37 a 39 Ordinary 34 a 35 34 a 35 34 a 36 Inferior and (irease 27 a 30 28 a 30 28 a 30 Butter, t<er cwt, in bond?Fine,.. a a Canadian, duty paid a 58 a 62 63 a 65 The time when a large part of the beef and perk fatted during the past season, is packed, is fast approaching, and any information as to prices abroad, is very impor tant to those engaged in the trade. It will be perceived that quotations on the 4th inst. were much higher than at the two previous dates. This, with the Increasing de mand,must give great encouragement to those interested. In the large packing districts of the west preparations have been made to carry on a very extensive business this year, and the killing has already commenced During the first ten days tho average cut up was about 1900 hogs pet day Among the prices paid for different lots the fol lowing rate# were current, via:?$3 60, $4 60, $3 (WJ, $3 85, $'2 09, $3 70, $3 75, $3 00. We have no doubt but that double the amount of business will be done in provisions, both for the home and foreign consumption, the next year, than ever before in any one year. Old Stock Exchange. SJ000 NY State7's, 1849 lOR.'j 25 shs Canton Co 15110(1 Ohio 6's, I860 100 4 100 ilo .00 10000 do 1850 98 (, 25 <lo IIHMKI Ohio 7'* 102 V 50 do s30 5C00 III Spl Bds suw 37 50 do 7000 do 37 175 do 5ol'0 do s30 37 50 do blO 500(1 do bnw 37 100 d'? b60 2I0?0 Penn 5's 67V 25 Morris ? anal 3000 do ?30 67J4 50 East Boston Co 3*000 do b60 68 10 Aub Ik ?yra RR 5000 Indiana Bonds 35V 50 Stonington b60 1000 Kentucky 6's 102V 75 do 20 shs Bank of Am 100 155 do 50 do Phenix Bank 90 V 25 do blO 206 do do 9(1 50 da bnw 20 do Bk Ktite N Y MX 50 Reading RK 10 do Bk Com full 100 75 Norlk \Vor RR 50 do do 99V '50 do 50 do do scrip 99 106 do snw 40 do Lafayette Bk Cin 75 5o do 50 d.i Erie K R 31 25 do 50 do Mohawk RR 55 75 do 50 do do b30 55 50 do s30 125 do do 54\ 100 Long Island RR SecoiMf Board. 50 Harlem 6?V 25 Cauton Co 25 Nor It Wor slO 7()V 50 do slO 50 do s30 70V 25MohawnKR 100 do s20 70S 100 Heading KR b3 75 do ?I0 70)4 100 East Bo<ton 50 do bin 71 100 Island sl5 75 de 1)30 70V 50 Stonington New dtock Kirhange. $1000 Ohio 8's. '60, ch 100V 35 shs N A Trust ch 1000 Illinois 6's, 70 b3 30% 58 Long Isl RK *60 1000 do b3 30 S 25 do bl2ms 25 shs Farmers' Tr ch 37 V 50 do *60 50 do bnw 38 10 do 25 do b3 33 25 HudlkB*rk ch 75 do s30 37 25 Nor It Wor bnw 25 do s30 37V 25 do ch 25 do 37* 115 do s3 50 do bnw 37V 25 do ell 100 do s60 37 25 do ch 100 Canton Co s60 43V SO do s3 25 do s3 45 150 do 50 do ch 44 V 25 do >3 25 do ch 43^? 25 do Balks at Boston Stock Excmanok?Nov. '29. 13 Western RR, 88 i 30 do. 87j ; 1)M> Long Island RR, 73J ; 100 Nor It Wor RR, 89}; 6 Kitchbnrg RR, 108} ; " do, 108} i AO East Boston Co, 8}; 190 do, a State of Trade. Ashss?Pots are in \ ery limited request at $4 ; Pearls are firm. but inactive a' $4 3ft. Beeswax - Prime yellow of all descriptions sells as want ed at 39 a 991c. The demand is very moderate Cotton--The sales to-day only amount to 800 bales, at quotations below Livkhpool Classification. XJpldt.f Florida. N.Orl. + Mohilt Inferior, 4 a 41 ... 4 a 4f Ordinary, 41 a 4j ... 41 a 4 Middling, w a ftj ... ftj a 6, io r, 4 a 41 ? <3 ling, Ma /vl middling. 64 a ft I ling lair,.. 4( a fi r, fi|a 0i lly fair 6) a ?1 oil fair 61 a 8] if 7 a 71 Oood middling, t] a Aj ... ? a fi Middling lair,., a 8 ... 8} a fi Fair ?} a 8? ... 8| a 8 Fully fair fi| a el ... 71 a 7 Wood fair 6( a 8] ... 7] a 8 Fin* 7 i 7] ... Hj t o Hat?Oood qualities of North river bale are in moderate demand at 37} a 40c ; prime sells at 40 a 44c. The re ceipts continue to a moderate extent, and the supply firm for the season Provisions Ohio pork s in fair request. We quote prime at $6 81] a $8 87}; mess at 13} Be*f is very Arm, with out much demand. New city prime sells at $4 8-2] ; do. mess at $8 81}. Lard is rather active, than otherwise, and kegs sell at 0 a 8|r.; barrels, eoar'", at fVc. wmiskkv?Dru lge cmks are still held at '14c. Western and prison barrels sell, as wanted, at 34 a 241c. Real Kstatk?M Jluctum? Lot on B sine Walnut St., No S3, between Monroe and Cherry sts , -Jfl by 10# ft. $j|o0 No A4, adjoining same, do do 9ISO Died, On Saturday morning, the 30th ult., Patrick Cosurovk, a native of the county Tyrone, Ireland, und for the last 26 years a resident ol this ci?y, aged 58 year*. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, on Monday afternoon, at hall past 3 o'clock, frem his late residence, 315 Orand stieet, without further Invitation. l'sMengen Arrived^ LONOON-Parket shi|. Westminster?Mrs Whan, Master Whan, Miss Beadle, J 8 Murphy, Lotulee; Mrs Redmond, Mrs Hood, Mrs and Miss Underwood, New York; O W Porter, Boston; J Fenneet, Liverpool?30 in the steerage. I.I av a a?Packet ship Albany?Mrs T C Aldan, Mr Neilsoa? n in the steerage. J M 1 OitsWok?11 ? Thiro??SK!!f9 * Mowwortd k co-ll O Merer It sos WBT^n'11*;0-41 " T Chapman?3 DWaMI-3 5X H j'i nw"l'',-|i, J 8 Nott?4 CVr?-l< Pbelps, -H^A'( ?iWe.,."7iIIiut,lh k Cousinery?S E Baldwin Halsev fc iJi *-yu>?~4 H Cohen k co-U W k Putuain-4 Mirk Levy k Brothen-5 1 R k'u^ c,'-? {? J?m?-11 <? Dord-l Mr Overton 8 Ballard fcV? ? S?rri ?,L?ckie-l Bartlett k Welford-1 H Win?Yra tc0?* B'1,^ ?!?r ?*-' K" N DeChania-iMi? R it H k W iklaJWld-I J vv Raymond?1 D?W 5pCO-1 ft?" Lupton-l C Waller?71 J Allison-1 M -iSTwu k coT* R?* H Anderson?1 Rer W 8 Harri* 10 bl? ^bar. 13 plate, iron J B Eilimss-M pkfs 10 bis 991 |>cs dyewood 3 c. ii bass 8 pkgs to order. Beu^rirVr *p A'kaily?JfkrlschnlxV. Bleidoru?2 Marian k W H .uliA'!?*!"'?.-1 J c?lr?ot-19 Brustlein.Koopk co-1 dZr-i n lr~! I d!.'4 Ko?,,,^*k bo?? K Berthoud?4 E Gillan i l * j? "''jdgp k sou?1 F X Meyer?< F Couinet?1 Lachuae k rouche?16 N Aubrey?17 Collomb k lselm-1 8charl?nbur* 5.?1 i'l'-r iB7**"*,0r* Mor4n * '"'in-* Schmidt k An Aiidrea?. k Putnam ?m 1'iuiu > isrnu?* ocnmiui * a? 1 T Lahens?I Lepage?4 Bourry d'lveroois?1 WiUy ? . .....u>?2 E Bussauge? IE Glatt?1 k. Dubois?2 C. Gagne liu?I Young,Smith Si co?I Benksrdk Hutton?4 W H Horat; inao?1 J Magniu? 1 liny, Lussac k Neel?1 C Legnix?1 1 Willii?1 LI. Stsckpole?I A r Kemp?I Deluc k Duprey?2 Mariel k Haldennau?3 L Pillevuvt?1 H Repling?1 O U messier?1 Beukard k Huttou?1 A Bell k son?4 Drey, Benja ?niukco?I H Buho|i?2 C Uord?2 frpies, Chriat k CO?3 r Steinheil?1 F Umber k Dambmaun?1 Kckh'rt k Merck?31 Cuffin, Bradley k co?2 W Y Wvckolf?? Wight, Sturges k Shaw?1 Capt Powell?2 K Uystop k sun?1 M Traiaelle? I A R Tnompsou?8 Tiffany, Young U Kiln?4 R k H Height k ci>?3 Fellows, Wadsworth k co?I Uurnlism k Baldwiu?I R Carter, I'lulad ?A Liur, Limson k co?3 <? Gsrdner?1 8Coop er?6 Deraismes k Boizaid?2 Taufernor k Dulac?2 Ballin k Hinder?2 E M Davis?2 K B Strange k Broa?4 Fabreuuette ? fiU k Morra?2 H Etcher?a C H sand?6 Hpiea, Cliri.t kco?1 A Rolkerk Moll man?2 Charraud, 8chlumpr k Sieher? 1 Bui ceau k 8 VV Haildie?1 C H 8?nd?2 9 Lippold?3 8chuchardt, Ka?re k co?3 Lit le, Alduu k co?3 B O Wain wriKhl?4 A O Peak k co?1 Bern k Kee?e?5 J R 8t Felix?1 Steele. Dexter k Bush?2 U W Chomar? 4 A Monriae? 1 Tct terill k Blaiu?8 E v ami*)?I E Berthaod?t 8 H i?kill?6 R k L A Stuart?I St- nn, U boil k co?3 Bagot k Delayue?11 A (' Stewart?1 J E Hyde k co?3 J Oweu?I J li Shegoiren?I 0 Ito/at keo?2 Roger ken?2 8 IVIarue-2 H Babad?'J Youag k Beliman?4 C Uignox ? 1 L B Beaste k co?7 H Bodmer? 4clut>0bbli E FieTdler?5 i>kg> Laeachigk * Wu'ndonck? 1 A Wieuer, Philad?1 Joly r'reren?1 C A noliert?1 D M Key ?er k co?I C Hunt kco?I K M Da'e?I F?ll?wi. Heed k co? 1 Bailey k co?I Caofi'ld k co?2 C Delirue?9J C Engler? 100 T Pari?h?200 Banard k t^o?200 Leutjlhon k Co? 30 H-l ger k Co?206 J 11 Faber - 1 pbg, M Coffee k Falier; 1 pkg, 4.'i0 baikela potatoes, to order. MARITIME HERALD. DlovcmenU of tn? Uteanuhlw. Sleamrrt. Ltavr Iav'I. Ihiri iJimr'a. Leavr Jimr'a Caledonia, Lott 5!0T- 19 ???Pirc- ' V?' '? Acadia, Hamaou . . Dec. 4 ...Dec. 17 Jan. 1 Cambria, Judkin*... Jan. 4 ...Jan. 16 reb. 1 Ship master* and AgaiiU. We (ball etteein it a faror if Captfiina of Veaaeli will lri?* to Ronr.KT Silvky, Captain of our News Boala, a report ol the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels ?pokeu ou tneir passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of anr kind will be thankfully received. POUT OF NKW YORK, DKCKMBKK 1. Itm disci 7 28 I MOON HISK9 10 48 (UN 4 32 I MtoH wart* 12 !~ OUand. Ships Kurope, Furber, Liverpool, C If Marthill; Liverpool, Agrv, New Orleans, J Klwell k Coj Corea, Gardner, do, Stan ton k Frost; Newark, Merwiu. Savannah, Dunham k Diinon.? Barque Isabella, McKee, 8t Croix, Alsop k Chauncey.?Brn(S Star, Pittman. (.irenada, A Hubbard k Co; Eltxs. Lock wood, St Croix. De Forest k Co; Joseph N Lord. Jones, Port au Piatt, Aymar k (Jo: K.rato, Swan, Mainanilli, N I. McCready k Co; Hurry King, (Br) Moniton. Halifax, H T Donovan; Meridian, Wing, Baltimore, J k N Briggs.?wchrs Hudsrin, Baker, St I.ucia and < uracoa, H Underwood; Pacific, Smith, Maiauxijs, t: Steams; Florence, Smith. Franklin, La. John Peck; Florida, Burgess, St Augustine, W W Pratt; Margaret, Woglain, Pe tersburg, Jaines Hunter; Dodge, Knalip, Alexandria. Sturges k Clearman; Roe, Djdge, Baltimore, Johnson k Lowdeu. Arrived. Packet ship Westminster, Hovcv, from London and Ports mouth, Oc'.. 22, with indse, to John Oriswold. Hasex|?rieuced severe weather on the coast, and has been 18 days West of the Banks. _ , Packet ship Albany, Ciavford, 32 days from Havre, with mdse, to Wm Wh tlock. Capt C. reports that he hu not had 21 hours clear weather on the voyage out and hack, and in the port ol Havre, without having rain, snow or hail Schr Queen, KHridne, 15 day? from Prince Edward Island, with 3600 bushels potatoes to 1. k T. 8. Wiuslow. Schr William Waples, Boon, from Philadelphia, with iron, to ""Scfir Turk, Eldridt;e, G days from Philadelphia, with iron, to mMt,r* ? ... . Sclir Love, Stirks, 3 days from Boston, wi'h mdie, to the master _ Schr Oriental, Gadsell, 3 days from Bridgeport, with marble, to master. Correspondence of the tlerald. Khodk Islandier Orricc, ) I Newport, Nut. 29, 1844. J Arr 28th, Alabama, Mead, Blnehill for NYork; Wankinco, Crowell, NYork for Lymit sfauhyr. Bullock, Thomnstou f?r N York; Jas L Long, and Om?lPl||?,?iT.idejt;e fordo; (Jeorge. and Franklin, with abcut 400 hhls 1HIMIM>I|I ?ear Increase. 81d America, Stoniugtoo; Olive. N?t Hhss; Damascus.?Y?ek; Eudora, do; and all the large Heecof Wrjitern bound co*st#rs that have collected here since the 21st. Wind NNH, moderate all day; coinmeiicedanowiug about 2 p m. Nov 29?The Increase was hove off this morning and anchored near by to await the flood tide to come iuto port, the wiud be ing ahea I and light. She leaks little, but will proDably have to go on the railway. Miscellaneous Uecord. FoHEUi.f Lkttsr Orrici.?The European packets will sail to-morrow. Foreign Ports. Trinidad, Cuba, Oet 27?In |>ort, Canuro, Shields, for U States, 2 d.i>s; Klleu. Dunham, from NYork, disp. Can. Havtiew, Nov 9?i ouehed off Sirah I atharika. >n* z;er, from Baltimore via St Thomas, and proceeded to Portau Quebec, Nov 23? Ud Hsyal William, Francis, Liverpool. liak* Ports. Bt)r?'ALO, Nov 26?A'r Missouri, Wilkins, Detroit; Scioto, l^syle, Chicago; Madison, lukstar, Cleveland; Home, Sacliett, Sandusky; 25ui. Samson, Robertson; Indiana, Parker, and Favo rite, Bosnaw, Chicago; Virginia, Nash, Monroe; t'uinberlaud, Seymour, and U Slates, Oreeu, Detroit; Lexington, Smith, and Texas, Trowbridge, Cleveland; 8kmuer, Caprou, aud Emily, Shook, Milan. Home Ports, Oloucester. Nov 2i?Sid Amazon, Babson, Surinam. Sai.em, Nov 27?Sid Lotos, Pulsifer, Oeuoa, with her 8uma* Bostoiv, Nov 29?Arr Elvira. Chase, and Roht Wain. Sears, Philadelphia; N?w England, M'Curdy, Anx t'ayes; Sarah k Kliraheth, Tabbutt, Addison; Lucinda Snow, Krndall, Mansa nilla; Sidehdid, Crowell, NYork. Telegraphed, llm|e-r, from Africa; Cadmus, from St Jago. Signal for a ship. sspiwaH tlis Georges, from NYork; 1 banine, 2 brigs. CI i Nile, Pedrjek, Pernambaeo: Sultan, llay ward, Havana; Cocheco. M 4,rillis, do and Csimito; Untario. Barstow, Mobile; Alvano. Pace. Wil* mington, Nil; Oak. Ryder, Philadelphia. Arr 2tth, 4;ordelia, Henchman. Trinidad; Smyrna, Peterson, slid Souther, Hardy. Ca|>e Haytien; Egremet, Sawyer, NYork; Benj Bigelow, Bax* ter, d<^?yeateiday in the hay,lost jibboom. Arr 2'th. Vledlord, Harding, Baltimore. On Monday noou, saw a lumber laden schr go ashore at Nanset. A bo it from the shore took off the crvw. On Tuetday morning n< 'hing was to be wen of the sehr, and it was supposed she hail drilled off shore during the night, the wind blowing a gale from WN W. Cld 27th, Anita,Fvsseu den. Havana. . ... ... . ? New BKnroRD, Nov 27?Arr Sylvia Higher, Higbee, Phils delpliia; 28th, Ti|;er, Perry, do. Sid 29th, Pacific, Swilt, Nor Phiuadclphis, Nov 30?Air Josephine, Malonv. NOrleaus ?experienced heavy weather, mailc Delaware Caiws 22d lust but was blown off intfie late westerly gales; l.ewis Bruce, Stud ey, Boston; Banner. Tryon; Thorn, Robinson, and A B Cooley, Camp, New York; Ll?n, Uwn, NHaven; Burliujrtou. Wixon, Eastport; Banner, Stover, Norwich, Ct. Cld Rauger, Rice; Kmeline. Nichols, and Palestine, Thurst-.m, Boston; Atalanta, Wing, Wareham. . . Richmcvd, Nor 28?Sid Bridgton, Gray, Balua; ruscarora, Smack; L P Smith, Mills; Rid Jscket, Dearborn, aud 1 had deus, Driscoll, NYork. . Charleston, Nov 27?Arr trustor, Fansh, Newbiiry|>ort. Cld Josephine, Kobiusou, NOilians; 4 hiua, Small, Jackson* ville, KK; F A Brown, Westbrook. Havana. Shi Medeinseh, Cha e, Liverpool; Pontiac, Parker, Bostou; Sutton, Galloway, and Dimon, R. hiiison, NYork. Savonah, Nov ii?Arr Clyde, rheobald, Bath; 41eorgis, Collins, and G B Lamar, Saniiennan, NYork. 4'ld Robert G Shaw, Mntlhews, and Mary Kimball, Gregory Liverpool; Vir ginia, Hall, .Vlatinza*. Sid Devonshire, [BrJ Bermuda; Henry Jenkins, Hivana. Cld 2ilh, Philara. Doane. NYork. Sr Marks, Nov III?Arr 4Camilla, Maud nil,Havana; Russia, Lsne, and Norman. Pratt. Kingston, Ja. Mobile, Nov 22?Cld Susaii Drew, Page, Havre; Julio, (Spj Havana _ ... New Orleans, Nov 21?Arr Oni Broder, [Ross] 4,arlstedt, Bremen; Bohemia, Nsson, Cnracoa. Below. York Nason, from Bonaire; Columbia. Haley, New York; Veroua, Howes, Rio Janeiro. Cld Lone Star, [Tex] Knapp, 4 Jalveston. THL HAPPINESS Ul< MANKIND. f 1VEK COMPLAINT, Janndiee, Dyspepsia. Ctncers, Li Fistula, Piles, Polypus, Rlieumalism. Contorted and Ulcer ated Boues, Diseases or the Throat and Nose, of wrasever dura tion and extent, whether internal or external; ?he west difficult cases of Surgery, of the successful treatment of ?#iieh other practitioners have despaireu; Is leases incidental to chilcken and peculiar to delicate females. The first msdiciift and attanilaiice will be afforded puieuts frse of charge. Applicants iniat re member the number of the sabscriber, 57 Reade street, where he has his extensive 4;hemical Laboratory and his large Drug Stun. The sumcriber compounds all his celebrated Geraua medicines. No name iff re?jdenc? re^ni^red^(^if^Jt^ents Member Medical Society Citr and State of Ht'w York o2i lm?re '>1 H^ade street MEDICAL ADV1C& I^vOCTOR LAMILKT is still confidentially consulted, at his m-J old office. U Gold street, between Fnltoa and Beekman, on all diseases or a deiicste nature; his treatment being mild ud judicious, requires neulier laercsry, restraint is diet, or hin drance from business porsaits. Recent cases cured in t or 4 Debility, nervous or constitutional, arising from a too freuuent indulgence of the passions of indis creet youth, snd thereby causing nightly emissions, and eeest ual I y confirmed impoteney .engage the Dr.'s strictestattentios, his ohject being to restore the system, meutelly aud bodily, to that slate of vigor nature originally designed STRICTURES, a diseaae frequently ex is tins without the patient being the least aware, sometimes caused by msl-treat rnent of ssinitiated medical pretenders, and sometimes by the neglect of the parties tlsssnselvn, arr, by the l>r. effectually cured, without pain or iuconveaiance. .... The Doctor being one of the few qualified advertising Snr Cins in .he city, guarantees a perfect cure, or no charge msds. tiers, poat-paid, enclosing a fee, immediately at'ended to, and medicine, with adviee, sent to any part of the United States. ttffice, bl Gold street. Open from 8 A.M. to ? P.M. o3S lm*rre BLANCHARD'8 PATENT STATUE. WOOD AND ! ?COAL STOVES?FOR HALLS, PARLORS, CHURCH KM. PUBLIC ROOMS, kc. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 'PHEBE STOVES area Sutue of Washington, the Father of our Country. The liberal patronage they received last winter, and the universal satisfaction ftiey gave, has induced the investor, at a great expense, to introduce a larger site, elegantly ornamented, with a mica door, and surmounted with a splendid female figure. These stoves have a decided advantage in favor of the purchaser. They may be used for years, without any expense, with very little care. Numerous testimonials ef the good qualities of the above stoves, from gentlemen of the high est standing, from all parts of the United States, can be seen U the store of the subscriber, where will also he found the f^oris ihias Parlo^tove?an entire new and splendid article, superior u> any ever yet offered to the public; together with a complete as lOrtsirat of Stoves of all descriptions. JAMfcfl HINDS No. 114 (?rad street, one dpor east of Broadway, r*B. ?Statues for Stoops, Niches, and other oroamenfxl pur ; hi see,-lor sale as above. oJS I m * rre ? NOTICE. ' , nuneui run in gOl century, andof grandeur epual Any thing im counter, which enn he disposed of at moderate Tore those who wish to enrich their collc-tions, or oi their parlors, will find h u tlie.r interest to call ana - l*n,0"1"'y At horns froM 1* A. M. tall 6 P. M. -?mrid-rt uid the public that tlx* w folly Prebsred to ft?rni*h, gt rmrxuAir vrict. BowiwU. kaecr B?kets, ????, fcc.. ol Flowers. tumble tot Brlial Partiea, the Opera, Ball Room, or oltior festivities. They ???"? *Y Mr. H .biaaon, u here tofuie, in the most fashioneble and elwtant styles with a proper retard lo neatness and are composed of the most ehoicj, rare sod i??t icemed flowan Imported Dntch Bujbs, tii: Hyacinths, Tulips, Crocus, Sic., is fine condition for immeuisteplanun*. Fancy Hyacinth Glasses, Oold *> .ah, *w Ho??r, Veg tabl and Bird >V*d?. Fmit and Ornamental \ rset. Sluub*. lu fcc. Loudou Split Pen* for Soup, bmbikti Grott*, ?'atmeal, kc ? Plam. in Ao wer alwaysoc. hand. A Book ^Partmr?? uuder ths immediate supennte ideqce of OR A NT I HOKBUKS, ha* ben added to the buii tf. All the Stsudard Woikt of lite day will be eonataotly on hand. ... A'l articles are wairantrd ai r?prr?eiited. and will lie told low for caah ouly. GRANT THOKBUHN It I O., n3? lmrc Proprietor!. AN away laat night, Nor. Mth. from the corner of Avenue B and Fifth ttreet, a Bay Hor?e aud Wagon, with India Kubber cover. The finder will pleats return him, or give infor mation where he may be found, to 41 King ?treet. and he will be rewarded and all expenses paid. dl It* ec j BEACON COURSE? FOOT HACK ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS will be given for a Foot Race of Twelve \lil??. to come off over the Beicnn Course on Monday, tin-iiiili December weather Mn&ittiii|. Entmiea teu dollars, and to be made with the pr >prietor, or at R. Smith's, Park Row, on )i liefore tlie 7th December. $700 of the purse to the firs', and $310 to the second in the taee. A purse or three or four miles vill be given for tlie same day. Particulars here after. C. J. BROW NINO, Proprietor. dl lt*ec DISEASES OF THE UR1NAKV ORGANS. Such as Chronic and Acute Diseases of the Bladder, Also, (iouorihlea, Urethra, Oleetl, Whites, Prostrate Oland, Strictures, Kidneys, aid Seminal weakness, Loins. Diabetrs, Die., ar* s|ieedi|y atii ett'ectu?lly removed by Al eruethy's Botanical Pills, without we particle of mercury. Tliey are equally suit able for femafcs. They give ton? and energy to the generative organs rarely, rterer, rsperimiced from taking ot^er medicines. For sale bv VVtn. Watson, A|>oihrcari*s Hall, 38 Catharine street, and 127 Maiden Lane. dl lm*ec TO TAILORS. rPHE Seroud Edition of Stiuemet's celebrated work on cut i liug garments of every descriptiou in a style of elegance uu equa'leil, is now published and ready fo' delivery. Those who desire to avail ;ueuiselves of the great advantages to be derived from the use of !he instructions it contains, would do well to obtain a copy without delay. The book is 12 by 17 inches square, and containi 17 elegant diagrams of all tlie various stylus of garments worn at the present day, with full and amide instruc tions for rutting in an easy and scientific manner. The follow ing are a few oflhe many highly respectable names who testily to the merit* of (he book. . The undersized being practically acquainted with Mr. Stme mel's Treatimou Uniting Garments, with pleasure recommend it as a work cOWplete in its arrangements, aud in its practical ap plication to cut/iug, >u|ierior to any heretofore published, eitlier in Europe or Amenca. P Henry (ic Soil, Daniel ( utter, StaaU & Bunker, Charles Co*. E. W. Tryim He Co., B. F.Horner, James Daily, John HaviUnd, J. B. Banker. _ ... . , The above tin be obtained of tlie author, No. 113 Bio.idway, New Yoik. "30 lm?ec GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE. FIFTY CENTS PER BOTTLE. THE CHIEF VIRTUES of the TRICOPHEROUB, of i'ateut Medicated Compound, are 1?Its brtciug, strengthening and clarifying qualities. a?lis gently stimulating the artion of the ikiu. 3?Its probating and encouraging a leaction in the bulb or root, anu ftrticuTarly in tlie pulp which receives the vessels and nerve, jiving life aud vigor to tlie hair. . 4?Its eqialising the circulation of the nuidt. 5? Its frwiug the skin frosi the effecu of perspiration, scurf and dandruff,, and disposing the haic to curl. .... . 6?And its frequent use will preserve the hair ui beauty aud health, to the latest period of life. . Gratuitous advice given on a disease collected with the hair, at the Hair Cutting Rooms, 146 Broadway, up stairs, corner of Liberty itiret. "1" lm?rc THE 1 NVlSlKLE WIG. CIO cKtely ie*f.iib!;s tlie real head of hair that suep-.ict *?? O romoutran have tuouuunced it the most peifect and etti# ordinary invention <J the day. The great advantage of .h i ?oval and euique wig is it* being made with >ot tewing ol weaving, which caote* iu *pi?ear*nc*s so closely to resemblt the natural hati. both is lightueas ud uatural apjienrinci', as t? defy detection, iu teiwre being to be?iis(nl1jj porout nod u free, that in all case* of per?pir?iou evaiwiatlBh is umsiied -d, and the grastavili of other wigt tntirelv atoidrd. I lie awt'tir aud connoitteui aw alike invited la> iuiurcl tint noiTl and brau uful Wig. and the peculiar method of lilting the head, at the tojuinfaeturer'*, A. C. Barrf, H? Broadway, earner or Liberty street, up tta'irt niO Im'ec _ MONTHLY REPORT OF THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 Chamber? ttreet. CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. 2 Secondary Sythili*. 2 lullammition of the Eyea. 1 Mrofnla. 3 Whites. , 3 <f|ret. 4 Constipation, primary. S Chine re. I Ur??p. ., 10 Sosorrhiea. 2 D.seased Kidneys, t Brouchitie, acuta. 3 Onanism. 3 Suppression of the Men- 1 Orent Debility. t Rheumatism. 1 F'luodins. 1 Disease of the Heart. I Diarrhma. J M'*}*'^'!'-. , . I Dysentery. 1 Dull ulty in making water. 4 Headache. ? Seminal Weakness 1 Tv pus Fever. 4 Kiaimuatiou of the ('best to 1 l".< urisy. detei t diteares. 2 Piles.. '? Couching. SUROICAL OPERATIONS. 4 Bail Stricture* cured 1 Di.ea^e of th ? Spine. without cutting or 1 Cancer ru Breast removed, burning. 1 Hemorrhoiilal Tumors re 2 Inflame lTcstficlts. inoired. 3 Buboes cured by an nn- 1 Diilocation ol Shoulder proved method. Joint*. 1 Hydrocele. 3 Operations for Kimnting. 1 Fistula in Alio. 1 Dise'se i Tetticle reinovjd. 2 l'olypns iu the Not* re- 3 Small 1 uinort lemovrd Horn moved. .. the Face. 1 Ulcerated Breast. 1 Eryiipelas. t Fracture. I Bleeding from the Lungs. > Cases of Stabbing attended to. , Tlie poor attended to withost cbarfe, every dnv. betweeu 3 and 4 o'clock. DR. H. BOSi WICK,t n2l) lwis*i* Attending Surgeon and Physician. BOOK-KEEPING, & c . , NN Cedgr Street. MR. C. C. MARSH resi*ctfully aunouiicrt that his Count ing Rooms, for the stwly of Practical Bo?,k-Kee|/iug, torn merctal Arithmatic, and Mercantile Writiug, continue o|?u daily, from 'J A M. to 9 P. M. , In the ttudy of Book-Keeping as taught by Mr. Maish, every pupil ke*ps, IU the mott practiral manner, i complete set of iner chanl't books; and, in on* cjurie of instruction, a per?ou of good capar ity. will become a competent book-keeper, and will rrceite a certificate to that effect ... , Proipectuie* with tennt, releiences, fcc., obtaiued at the Rooms. , ? C C. Marth't Winks ou Book-K'epiug for tale at tlie lUioint and Booktt"ies. n3ii :itis*re G ENUINE GERMAN SILVER TEA AND TAB Ik ? SPOONS. Sugar Tongs, Butter hinves, Soup Ladlet, &c. Gilt Bowls, Salt Ladies, fcc., lie., of superior quality, for ?*le cheap, by the original manufacturer of the same description at minufactared by hiin in 18:13. whnh h.u given tucli univertal tatitfaction T?a Spoont only twelve thillingt per dozen. Four Silver Med lis and two Diploma's have been awarded tlie manufacturer f r the best and whitest quality of ro;?iuiact'?rea ware. WILLIAM CIIaN DLESS, Original Inventor, Late of6 Clarkson stieet. now iiJO 3t#rc l.')2 Hud*< ri,lM>twee barrow ana Morton. OLD ESTABLISHED M EDI SATED VAPOR BATHS. IMS Broadway. MRS. CARROLL begs letve to leinind the public of llie well-known ertiracy of h?r VajMir Baths in all cases of Hidden < olds, cougiit, affections of the respiratory orgsut, rlieu matum, lite. Sulphur Baths for diseases of ill- skill require one hour's notice. Poruble Baths sent to any part of the city. ill 0 Iwrc ENGLISH FIKE BRICKIE?3?iii of very tu.erior Siow bridge Fire Brick, arr |>er thip Sarah & Anilia, from Liver po"l, sow in ttore Any |>erton purrhatiug the whole will lie told eh-ap, or will lie ditPOied of ill. lots to ?uit purchaser*. Apply to ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., nSllrc 3) !? niton ttree'. IVTOTICh TO DROVERS, Butchers and ot' era?That in IN consequence of having duposed of iny basioess, this is to ctulion any p rson or |>ersons giving credit on my account, as 1 sh?ll sot lie answers tile. ABRAHAM DYSAN, Novembrr Wth, 1841. Abisgdon Square. n3o 3t*rc OIICE? Proiioaals will lie received by the Proprietors, Messrs FRENCH k HEISER, for the Decorative Paint ing ofih* alterations and improvements of Castle Garden, until the 17th December. Artists who lo propose and ?li iw tprcimsns, will call on the Proprietor! at the Garden, from 10 to 2 o'clock ou each week day, where all infoimation will be "New York, November 30th, 1844. n30 3ti?8t3tots?rc SKW YORK. ALKANY AND TROV LINE. FOR ALBANY AND I ROY DIRECT, ? as far as the ire will |*rmit, from the pier st .tlie foot of Courtluidt st. No freight taken ,fter 4 o'clock, P. M. . . ... ? .... The low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. Mc Lean, Thit Evening, at J o'clock, Saturday, Nov. 30th, 1844. For pattage or freight, apply on board, or to C. CLARK, on the wharf. .... Freight taken on the mott reasonable termt Freight mutt be put in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Company will not be respontibla for lottet. ^30 KOR LONDON.-RegularIPacket of the lit De iHVWeeriber?Thetpleiidid, first class,fsst sailing packet JdHbihip PRINCE ALBERT, Captain Fr. S. Sebor, will sail as shove, her regular day. Having very superior accommodatimis for cabin, second cabin tnd steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make immediate application on board, fool uf Maideu lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, o21 rrc No. 100 ' ine street, comer of South. PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the |A9^Wlit December. Tlie tplenilid, fast tailing packet thip |HNEBCi|l,'UR(>rE, Capt Furbcr, tails |iosilively as above, her regultr day. ...... ,L. The tcroininodations of this thip for cabin, second cabin and steerage tiutengert cannot be surpassed. To secure berths early spplicattoi thonld be made on l^ard? oj^a ^;ott n27 76 Sonth ttreet. corner Maiden Lane. ME*. KOR GLASGOW?The fine new British ship iAV^WaNN HABLEY, Dojiran Sinilh, mast'r. now ou way to thit port, a>sl on arrival will have imme dial^etpatch Slie ia intended isprestly as a regular trader be tween this and Glasgow. For frejtht or p >*tagr. apidtto WOODHULL k MI^'Il'ftNS. 87 S?iiith s'reet. The packet ship ADAM CARR will succeed the Ann Har ley. ii IB re EXCHANGE HOTEL St EATING SALOON No. Tt DOCK STREET. PHILADELPHIA T'HK Subtctibers leapectfnlly inform their friend* aud the 1 poSlic, that they have re-fitted and opened tlie abova esta blishment, where they are prepared at all time* to furnish Din ners, Supjiers and Breakfast, at the shortest uotice. flwy will keep an Ordinary from 12 o'clock A.M., until 4 P.M., when per sons can dine on all the delicacies of the seaaoi. I he Oar will he amplv supplied ; and (Vom their long esperi'-oee in the bnsi nets, thry hope to g've geueral satisfaction. Tliey have also fitted up a number of airy and weJI veatilatasl sleeping rooms, affording pertont arriving hy the Hiffertnt rail rnsA* and st/ssmboata, as oppsrtunily to obtain lodging at all hoar* of Uis night. . . ? , Attached to the establishment, is an s*tentiv* ttabling for The pnblie may rest aitu red every attention will be psid all who iavoi litem with g call. B*7" The locatios is in the immediate Ticinitv el ihe princi pal Bauka, llailroad and Steamboat landing*, and ot>po*ite the Fhilsdsliifci* Egehangs. guanwMi 5 AMUSEMENTS. Dum PAHK TUKATMJt. MR. KHA^KH VDoMR. AND MRH 8EOU1N IN MONDAY EVENING, Dae- U. "M?. will b* presented ''To wJriad^wUh 8t>!^T^EXAS-Mr. Swelliugtou, Mr WH Crisp _ . Admission ?Boies,1st Tiff 7Jcents?Second Had 1 hirdTima jO enIJ??fit 18 Will?Gallery to ceuts. FiUiHU'S NhW lUUn UFKMA Fint appearance in Anwnci of SIG. TOM AS I. MONDAY EVENING, Dec 2nJ. 7th uight of the Haa ?ou?Domtetti's opera of BELlSARlO will be performed? bene, Sigrors Borghese, Anloniua, Siguora Pico; Al.imiro, Sig Peroszi, Belisario. Sig Tomui. Admission: First Tier aud Parquette, $1; Second Tier JO eta. Private Boim, with I admission*, SG. Sksson Tickkts, without Seats, can be had at the Bo* Of fice. Doors open at 7; performance to commence at 1% O'clock.? Seals seemed from ? A. M. to i P. M. Librettos in English and Italian can be hod at the Boi Office. u>> rrc BURTON'S TI1KATKK. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA MONDAY EVENING, Dec 2.1, IHII. will be presented the I Musical Burlesque Drama of THE WONDERFwL LAMP, A NEW LIGHT? An ill'iitrateil version of Aladdin.?Alad din, Mrs. Booth; Rairae, Mr. B*rues; The Kskir ol Ava, Mr. Burke; Kazim A rack, Mr. Johustoue; Badroulbadour, Mrs. Burke. T.iconclude with (lie Drams of A MOMENTOUS QUES TION?Sbelley, Mr Conner; Greenfield. Mr G Barrett; Luiou Jack, Mr Burke; Kacharl Kyi ml, .Mrs Burke. GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, | BKOAI)WaV TABERNACLK, ON Tl'EBDAY EVENING, Dec-mlwrid, <Uu by MAST. W tJCONGlA. assisted by the following emiueu; talent? Prima Dount SIG MO It A M. RICCI. 'Ihe little progidy only 9H yexrs old, MISS JOSEPHINE BRA vl?ON Pianist MR. HENRY C. TIMM. A full and efficient Orchestra Leader MR. A DODWORTH. PROGRAMME. Part I. a Overton"?"Muett* de Port'ci," Auber Full Orchestra Solo?Violin. Fantasie "Mi Celine," liauman, Or chestra Accompaniment Master Scopcia | Ctvatina?"Beatrice di Trud.i," by Belliui, Piano Accompaniment?Mr Timm Signora Rtcci Concerto on the Piano Forte, (Cierny,) Orchestra Accompaniment... Miss Bramson Solo on the Violin?"L'JtUgie," Ernst, Qametie Accompaniment... Master Scoucia PaiiT 11. Overture?11 Pirata, Bellini Km 11 Orchestra Solo on the Vio'iu?"Souvenir De Belliui," Artm. Orchestra Accompaniment ...Mastn s 'incia Romania?"Robert lievereux," Donizetti, Piano Ac coiiipauun"nt by Mr Tiinm Sikuora Ricci Variations Brilliautes de Bravura, Hertz, Orchestra Accompauiiiieut Miss Bramson Le Carnival de Veuice?lntroduc. and Variations. Ernst, Quartette Accomp Master Sconcia TICKETS ONE DOLLAR EACH-Childien uudirlt years of age, half-prics. Tickets to be bad at the principal Hotels and Music Stores, | and at the door on the evening of the pe foruiauce. Doors open at 7?Concert to commence at B o'clock. ii30 IttSt VI T'i * rc NKW YOKK SCOTTISH (iUARD* THE FIRST ANNUAL BALL of this Company will be I given at Nibln's Saloon, on Monday Evening, 9th December | lieit. Tickets may be ohtai"e.l bv swilication to the MANAGERS: Capt. A. C. Castle, 3111 Broadway. Lieut Roderick Mcleod 1 CourtlAndt street Lieut 'lhos. W. M.l.eay 116 Bleecker street. James Linen, Quarter-Master 174 Fulton street. Pay-Master Clir-hagh 205 Broadway. Orderly Serg't. Thomas n28 tD9 ?dli J. G. CUMMINO, M. 1)., Secretary. EXTRAORDINARY LUSUS NATUK./E 1 fiTiw exhibiting at the Privtlc Room* 3U3 Hrtiailway, fmUh wett Corntr tf Dunne street, (entrance in Duaut ?l) .1. PFEIFFER, of New Oxford College, his made arrange ? menu to . xwilnt this most eitrnord n.ry Lusus Na-nn-? A MALE CHILD W.TH TWO PERFECTLY DISTINCT | HEADS and \ECKS!! ! with every limb and etterual organ perfect and accurately symmetrical. The cerebral orgamzatiuu. the mild expression "f ihe preciselv alike, renil<rtlll< a curiosity which can be Tisited by botn sexes without any vio latum of ihe feelings of delicacy or sensitiveness. The iloet. r ha* in his possession testimonials from th" highest t lent and professional gentlemen, expr*-ssmg their surprise aud t.Uasure on viewing tins extraordinary wonder of nature's whimsical workmausnip. Admission 25 cents.?Children half-price. dllw*m KW YORK FULTON AN1^)~ANn"sT"H.EET MKNA OERIE, '49 Fultou slr?et, and I'i Aun street, under the j direction of John St^ars. This Mauagerie COatUni some of the must remarkable animals that were ever seen in this country, a j full description of which will be found iu the large and small bills of the ilay. There are in the collection a Buffalo, a B'ack Moor.e, an On ring Outing, an Elk, a Talking Bird, the Mino. seieral kinds of Wolves, a doz'ii of different kinds of Mouoyi, a Camel. Crowned Birds, and many of the animals mentioned iu sacred history. 'l'liete is a captious ring for circus exercises by a wonderful pony, ridden by tlie Ouram; Outang. Also the Camel |ierfoims in the ring, and cut lie ridd-n by Jadies and children, and the Moose is also introduced in the >iug. A separate entrance for ladim, I4'J Fulton street, next to Co.i I due & Cutler's diug store. Entrance for gentlemen in Ann st. | The place is well warmed, and the seats arranged like an amplii thiMlite. .... Open from 9 in the morning till 9 at liiKut. Admission I2>? cents. <11 ec POLIO ?" U)MH~Broadway .? GRAND VOCAL AND I INHXRUMENTAL CONCERT.?The public is respect fully informed that a Grand Vocal and Instrumental Coucert w ill take place on Weduesi'ay evening, 4th December, ou which j occasion MISS ELIZABETH 8L0MAN AND MISS ANNE SLOMAN wil1 make t' eir first appearance iu New York, assisted by Mr. JOHN SLOMAN. , The music to lie perfumed will be from rhe works nf itrst composers for the Harp, Piano ao4 V oice. Full particular* in futuie adveriiseiiu'iiis. Programmes to lie ohtainetl st the music stores. Tickets ol'admission 50 ceuu. Tlie. concert to com* inmice at 8 o'clock. nga rrc EXHIBITION THE END OF THE WORLD. A PAINTING, HF VERY LARGE SIZE, by F. the Apollo, 411 W Broadway. The Exhibition is entirely separate from tl-e J Concert Room. _ . Opea from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M-, and from 6 to 9 P. M. Admission 25 rents. u|7 linrrc JONES' MENAGERIE, 149 FULTON AND IJ4 ANN STREET. rpHE SUBSCRIBER would hereby respectfully mforin the s. public that his Menagerie will be open for exhibition this day, from li o'clock noon u. til 9 o'clock in tlie evening. Amongst bis collection will be found some of the most r.,re | Animals, Birds, 4ic ever exhibited iu this country. It is f e in te.ition of the Proprietor to make such additions to bis collec tion as will render it (if possible) superior to any other iu the United Siates, aud for that purpose he hereby requests all per sons having any rare or valuable animals to dispose of, to give hiin a call . . , ,. _ , N 11? Entrance to ihe exhibition for Ladin 149 rultonit., next door to ihe Drug Store Admittance 25 ceuU, children half-price. EDMUND JONES, Proprietor. New York, ?th Nov., 1814. ntt Imrc GREAT ATTRACTION. , ,, , , THE OUINKA SERENADERS will give a (irand Ethip pitu Coi cert, oa Mo'iuay Evening, Dec. Id, at the Apollo Rooms, introducing new Sonus, Ulees, < horuses, Uc , written expressly for this Band, accompanied by tlie Accordiou, Baiuo, Congo, Tarabo. Bone Castiuetts, Triangle and , . V" (iuiiiea Serenaders asture iheir friends and the ladies, tint [ nothing will l?e in trod need in their Concert that can ?the i inoit fastidiotiii, their design l^ing to make it an aiitmiiu and tmuical entertainvriMif. Admission 25 cent* only. Uoor? 0|M*it j at 7, commence at to 8. Kor |?roi{ramme see small bills. nlQ 3frc - kasihonable dancing. MONS. GABRIEL DE KORPONAY, HAS tlie honor of informing the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, and vicinity, that he has arrived for the purpose ol giving instruction in the principal fashionable Dances prevailing in tlie hig'iest circles of rmooean and American society. Mens. K. has lately arrived Irom Boston, Saratoga aud New port, where his style met the warmest admiration of the public, and the marked approval of the fashionable community.? Amoug otirttra, Mons. K. proiioses u> leach that well known d.uice LA I'OLKA?the new Ouadrilles with originUl music? the V'alie de Detix Pa??Hie Mazourka?uew Coullious? new Gmloppc, aud all American Dances. ?? Mons. K. will h?* assisted by MADAME KORPONAYar Musician. Tlie instruction will be given iu the rreneh,.Gei man aud English languages. Rooms are engaged at 25 Park Place.?strictlvnnvate, coo. and airy?for tlie accommodation of Ladiea aud Geulleiueu. The Polka, and the uew Quadrilles, as at present danced II the fashiouable circlet of Loudon and I ails, cau be ! >ngli in six or twelve lessons, except the Masourka. All other, in .%fnty four lesions. For further particulars, iminire of MONH. KORPONAY, at j his residence, 15 Park Place. ...... j . Ti kms:?Class Lessons from 10 to 12, A. M., 12 to l.and I to 2, P. M., and from 6 to 7 iu Ute evening. Six lessons, $??twelve lessons, ?I0, and quarter, $15. Private Lessons?six lessons, $t: twelve lessons, f 12; quar All other hours will be devoted to Public Institutes, Acad emies, lie., Stc. p< 1V/PLLE. I'AULINE DESJARD1NS rrspeftlully informs iu her jiatrons and the public in geuer*!, that she is about to | form a " Clant it Dance'" for ladies aud gentlemen, in which sh-will team tlie favorite Polka, Mazourka, and all the other fashionable Dances of the day. The morning school will be open from 9 o'clock to I o'clock, and the evening from 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock. Ladies and gentlemen wishing instrui tion are requested to call at M'lle liesjardin's house. No. 5 Park Place. nlQ lmis*m NIHIsO'M UKAND HAI.OON, FOR CONCERTS AND HALLS. IS NOW KITTED IIP KOIl THK WINTER AMIIHK 1 MENTS IN MAGNIFICENT STYLE. (rr"For CONCERTS it has many advantages, having an arrlieil ceiling, favorable for sound; and heiun removed from tlie stieet, ibere is no annoyance from the noise of carnages?it has raised seils with ca|?cious galleries, and will sccomin.idale 1500 iiersons For Balls it has a spring floor and rsis?l seats on the sides, aud is magnificently lignted with spl?udid cat glass chuidcliers. AtUCtied to the Saloon and ou Ihe same floor, there are private parlors, dressing rooms, msnagers' and hat rooms, ana a supper-room 200 f^et long, which will sccommo ilate MM |ersons. Greal pains will be taken to give satisfaction, and on moderate terms. n27tfre ' TlVDLl .SAUJI^N. CORNER Or CHARLTON AND VARICK HTREETH. THE nndersifned respectfully mfonn their fnends and the poblie that tiiey hare re-<>Dri>^d thtl i?oh Saloon, (formrrly Kichmond HillJ.conier of CharlUm and Vanck the season aod to acct?mmodate all who may favor tnein with their patronage? having the largest and moat commodious room in thf ffiftl which will h# let on r^??oiiahle terms lor Balls. ^rzzzz?' o? Vrn-rrc FRANclH BOQUET, \ niill NAL||^-A onsiiUty of isisvy Bread and Oatmial.ata nWec"*1* Al'' ' '" JOHN HERDMAN. 01 Hovith st. OIIIP BALTIMORE FOR IIAVRE-1 he nnfavorable n weather will eause the ship to lie detained nntil l uesday, th" 3d proximo. nlQ itrc JAYNE'S HA1K TONIC. TAVNE'B HAIR TONIC.-We hsve, heretofore, numbered J ourselves among those who believed that tne ''Hair Tonic, prepared by Dr. Jayue, was one of the many qaark nostrums whose virtue* are new seen beyond the fulsome puffs of their ?nthora. Weaff willing, at length, to make paolir. acknowledg ment of the error of our belief An intimate frimd.some two or three months since, all the top of whose crsnidm was as bald as a piece of polished marhle, mangre all o?r jesting and ridicule or the idea of attempting to cultivate so barren as pot. parehwed a bottle or two of tlie llsir Tonic from I ?r. Jayue, aud according to his directions tpplied it. During th* j?resent weak the same friend uslwred himwlf into ovr |iresance, and uncovering his hitherto nake-' nesd, aatoniahed as with a thin, though Kunriant Krowth of, from one to two inches in length?u|>?n the very premises we Md believed a* any leldiagt* loaltifation. as the trackless aaml lliat skirts the Atlantic. This is no pnff, but a ralimonaly true, and to tisua* who doubt th* gentleman can he pointed out. What it mora in favor of this ' Toaie,' the ease her* cited was not on* of temporary baldness?no sadden loss of the haw?bat waa one *f ys*ra|sun<|iug. thongk the fm tleman is but forty-five yam of a*e.?IMiilsoe'r*"* Bpint of ^SoTuTtL Annta, A. B. k D. BANDS, DnMWu*. No T? Valtna streat, 171 Braadway, ud 77 East Broadway, a in BY Ttta SOUTHERN mail! WuklngtM. [Kiom oar regular rorri-spondant | Wamhimoton, Ho*. 29, 1844. 7%e Report of Secretary Bibb ?PretuinU't Mmmgt ?L'wpt Newton't Sentence. J A ME* G. HSNNSTT Ett{. I It is rather an astonishing fact, that not withstand* ing the apparent care and attention that has been given to the correct registry of the exports ot thin nation, as a contrast with the imports, yet the ves sels constructed in our ports for European Mid other powers have never been included in this Hft, notwithstanding they have amounted to miUioMTfiL dollars. As a striking evidence oi this fact, tMk manufactures and labor included in the const nip tion of the steam frigate Kamschatka, for the Ru? stan government, never found their way into our list of exports, aor did that of the steamers built f?r the Spanish government, amounting, in all, to over* half a million. The same sversight has existed with regard to the numerous vessels constructed in the city of Baltimore and elsewhere, for yearspasr, which, in the aggregate, must have swelled this amount of exerts to millions. It is to be hoped that Secretary Bibb, of the Treasury, will order a search among the certificates of the aaiesof vesaela to toreign powers lor years past, and ahow to the world iheir extent, and the error of previous Secre tariesin overlooking thiB important item of exports. A vessel built, rigRed, and prepared for sea, is as much a part and paicel of our products and manu factures, as the same value ot cotton, cotton goods or tobacco, and the mechanics of this country should notthuB be neglpcted. while every other in terest is most specially careafor. The Prehident's Message will be delivered on Tuesday at 12 o'clock, aad forwarded to yj?u? city by Government Express the same afternoon, as usual. I see much dissatiBfation at the penalty ot the Court Martial rendered against Captain Newton ot the steamship Missouri, burned at Gibralter. It is perhai>snot known to these writers, that the Uburt Martial found him guilty'<B\all the charges alleged against him, and still the sentence was suspenaMn but for two years only. He is a very gentlemanly officer, but there was sad^neglect of duty made fully evident in the investigation. Washington, Nov. 29,1844. Retignationt?Appointmrftit, #*c. James G. Bknnett, Esy.:? ft has been said that but few men die while hold ing public office, and none resign; but I have to announce the rcf^n^tion of the chief clerk of the Navy Department, oy A. Thomas Smith, who hM filled tliaf Btation with great satisfaction to all who have-trtlnsacted business at th.- department. He intends devoting his time to the prosecution ot claims against government and his legal profession. A gentleman from Virginia will be ai pointed m his place., which will be vacated on the 1st of De cember. 1 understand that Mr. Pond, of Utiea, has re ceived the appointment ol Marshal of the Eastern District of New York, in place of Clark Robinson, removed. The Consulship to Marseille! will be dieposed of tljis week. \ ? ?? Sales of Stocks st Philadelphia. Nsv. 30? Fiimt Board?10 *harei Schuy Bk c b p, 7 ; lOOdo Wilmington H K, 31]; 100 dodo.bS.31J; 100 do 3I|; lflOdo do, casta, 31 j; $IMK> old annual 6'*, 184ti, 67J; $1590 new annual dodo,67i; 4 ibartt Cam k Am K It, 113: SO do U 8 Bk, 100 do (Jirard Bk, 6di, PJ; 160 do do, b 5,9}; 100 do do, 3 da, 9|, $1690 old annual 6'i, 1846,03; $87 new annual 6'sdo, 01; $7080 State 6"?, cash, 07J; 1000 share* U B Bank,6 da,6J; lOdodo, ?(; to do Heading Railroad, 34. S*cokdBoasd-$I#000 State ft', S7J; $8000 do b 6, (174; $10,000 do 6 da, 07$; 30 share* Mechanic* Bank, 34); 200 do Oirard Bank, CHih, 100 do do, 9|; lOOdodoftda, 95, 14 do Schuylkill Nav. -J5; 10 do Pniiadelphia Bank, 107i; 34 do U State* Bank, 6j; $0000 Reading Bonds, 08. SHIP NEWS' By La*t Night'* Southern Blali. I'hiladilmiia, Not 30?Arr lt)*?n?. Wilton, Porto U belli> !Mli ull?left. John, llanua, for Baltimore, in 5 days, only Ain; felila. Wbelden. button. Bai.timokk. Nov 29-Arr Georgia, Oti?, ( adu; Lua, Olia. Wincaaafi; Joliu Murray, Deveream, Bnrk?|?ort; Jaa ?*riuIur. Baker. Providence. (Jld Altorf? Huell, 1'rieate. Sid Orbit Triniuad; Mary Auguata, Naasau. Noh?oi.k. No? 89-Am J W Kempton, Oaborn, New Y*rk; itickimoud, Freeman, rrovinceto? ; J H Ijongland, Den man, , i ruvtucriiM , rf n hid Win Allen, Spauldiog, Wain India*. :. Nov 20? Arr Monaco, Gould, Bermuda; Lliztbethport, N J WlLMIKOTOR, NC. I'DV ?u?/?1I ra??pv?, * Levant, 11 iilioru, Bath; Masepps. Colton, Boston; 24th, Auna wan, Swaaey, Matanzas; Thamee. H.veu, Tuiki l?laad. Cld 2uth, Rowland, Coomb*. Ouailaloupe; 21*t, Vandslia, Wall, Havana. 23d, Oichilla, Maiding, Martinique; 24th, (foorgiana. Currier, N i ork, ifciUi. Attnkaivu, Sarirll, Mauiiias; Roeham lieau, McOilver>, St Unmiogo; Churl", l'i*dale, Martinique; Belle, .vlyers, IN York; St Simous, Lawtou, Havana; Falcon, Mo.,re, Port an fiiuct. UN THE CURE OF STRICTURE. IN A KORMKR ADVKRTISKMKNTON STRICTURE I much win* wa? taken to esplain iu aatur??Uie duaaaaa winch were mistaken for it?it* cou*eqn?ee* and it* cun* alao the fact thai Stricture frenuently aauU m those who ars not in the les*t aware of it. lT?o?e, jMiwevar, oceupyingtoo much apace, the following remark* will ba eoabned to certain circuirutance*, which will enable on* to Judge whether he has this complaint or no, and iu proper maana of cur*. Among other thing* it was remarked, that it was by ao mass* aece**ary lluit tha itrcain of unit* ahould be oqatructad, or avia much diminialww, iu a caar of athetma; ihn, is as* a, oe^ar* ia bad and long ?*ublialied ca**?, ba. auictaie may ?u*l for uiontlia and even year* without producing any ttriking chaos* ri tni* reapeet. Neillier i* it uece**ary there should be pain, or any Uiing directing the attention to the *eat of Una d???* Pain, certainly I* now and then complained of, bat it I* oal* when mnammatian happen* to be *uperadded; aad, with re gard to other *&?*, a*pM<ally of <*ily ease*, the* aw olwanr id to fall upon Ute mind and nenroa* *y*tsm, rather than uia part iiaelf. Tliere are, however, three cireumataaca* which ino*t peculiarly belong to Mnctaie, and, especially wh*a meet together, should never be lo*t sight of, but lead to immedi ate iDfAni of cnrc. Many other aymptoma miicht j? but moil of these belong to other maladiaa a* well, oj sU?jto itricture in iu more advanced and *ewled form, while Uw tot lowing three belong to *tricture ia its early atage, aud when it * ci eaaily and certainly (amoved. Tlie first of the*e relate* to The ManNF.? nr Uaisanwo.?U ha* been already (aid the tream u??d not ba much diminiahed or imi*ded, but what i* ta oe obierved i* the peculiar way ia which it finima. if it should naii|ien, after the clothes *re readjutsd, that a drop or two ihoulJ ateal away, *o a* to wet a little, thi*. tntlins a* it may teem, would afford a ?troua suapicion. Not that I It i* drop or iwo can procasd from no othei canw whatever; bat, canaisly, ao itricture can exist wi'hout it. 1 nr neat it Thi Timk irocMis UonoRaHata nav have acMaiaai) UacoaaD.?A Oonorrhaoa. though not tha only, is by far ths mo*t Ireouent csuie of Stricfure. It i* not its leverity, so much u the lengthtif tirn* iu gleety stage may have remained, that is to be considered. Neither i* it .powible m every case to stale how long this may continue without producing Stricture, for noe i* naturally more disposed to Stncture than anotlwr. If, however, it should have continued from ill to eight week*, this length or time at leait would itreagtheu toy other auspicious eircumitancei. Tlie third i* The fcrrscT a Stsictuse ha* urow the Mmial INothiag i* more certain than that the effect of Stncwr* is ? depress ths ?pint* and to lessen mental energy Not that thb fc coraplaia ?d of in the*ame degree by every individual, but it i* *o com mon. In one degree ut other, that the writer rarely sa a ess* of Stricture is which the patient does ool observe that h? is not so active, or capable of buaisew ** foaasrly. Thi* alao i* a **ri un* effect; though httl* uudertood, Kit It IS anqaaatioaablr true. Indeed, whoever aonuden ths satarml eouascuoa. of uiind and teiual oiaiuia. will eaaily imaaine that, a* then is s medium by winch ilw mind so powerfully acts upon tneae or nan*, ao, through the same medium the tnuil eraant iMjtl apon the m .d. This, however, i* better eiplained ia The r'i rate Treatiae" of the aathor, a httl* volame which is tenl to many parta of tlie world. A* the ears of Stricture proceeds, the activity of misd invariably returua. With reapeet to the jure of Stticturs-tlua, it ia gratifyiss to ..... i, generally accomplished ua very httl* tin*, aad witHout Amor inconvenience. Nothing can tsceed the unprov?m?it Jf lata y*ar* in the treatment of this compluat. Indeed, ia ths hand* of proper and eiperienaad naraoa*. the car* sf Btrutys* i* now accomplished is as many day* a* formerly it demaadad month*. Many persona eourai* the writer who come on basi iieas to this city lor a short time only, bat retain perfectly cured, thougn it has been a *oarce of trouble sad annety for rear*. To tho* who cannot leave their heme*, the wnter far. si shea hia owe peculiar mean* of cure, together with hi* PrV vnte '1 eatise," which ha* aa interesting dhafter, ginag every ,oT. mation aa the subject, and written in the plainest mannar. Or. Kalph take* this opportanity of saying thai he amy be -omulted on the virion* dis?^e* referted to in his rrivsl* Tieatite"?at nit dwelling nouse. No. U Urseuwich *t?et, at any hour, and, in coo*e<iuenee of the nifaber irf pretenders and book* of quackery which mfe*t this citj, he deem* it proper to make the roll., wing staament, as a satisfcetory ground of con# denee u> .tpmgers Beside* hi* raiik a* Uradaat* of k-d in burgh, he he lie has been engaged ia the eaie of these diseases, both no*pital and eitr practice, for more than thirty yasr*, sad baa published three "dittoes of s work eipmsly oa them. AUo, that lie has letter* from the moM eminent phyasisa* in Kurope fiom the most eminent men ia America?a* Sir of Loudoa, to Ur. Mott, of New York; Ur. Physic, of Philaisl plus, and other*, sad that h* i* permitted to rafrr U. ..>*0* .very Hiviician of emisenae ia this city. The Private TlSft <i?? i $1 Address Ur. Ralph, sear., ?f Utssawish suesc. oil lrsSrrc _____ DEAFNESS. DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARD?, AURIST8, 381 *W|"hw)alhrYcolipy with .the request ef.Llgut. Mc Intosh, io isstify thst hs w*? lavalided Imsm as aallt for daty. 'thM01VRlT'io" N*w"vork, JT^i* jra^M^fand^ h* pi^i "" Wt"5SHd.h" m,UW,T MaNltVKN. M. D. A sure core Surgeon t? H. B M. ifatass. JAuUaa. 'ACOUoTIC DROP*. _ for iwipient Desfaass, k^r Ache, Pain*, Bassiags or tinging sounds in the eara/coUecUoaa of hard wa*or vioatod ,rc returns ot the ofcan*. 1 hsjr Acoasnc ?hl h*? hewis, POJJ* hr remedy ** a cutXive in all diseases of the enre for apwsras ,1 twenty years. Offkes removed to J?l Bro*dw*y,l While tlreet. PUBLIC SALE AT THK M WILL, be told at Poblic Auction, at l,? 'V. V,1m&itlf Monday. ?th D*eml>er. >1 noos. under the direction of It sarhor*. IOOS IO J400 pounda A lot of Boats sf different sises. U) Blocks, iuofirPwnU and Psint Skin*. AT.ulfC ^bllTimro i m re ami < _oXng IJtei-atla. Abont JM Kniigns. Jack*. Pendants, and S.gttl*. 1IV. a.Ml. Mess (-W*t?, Hammock*. Il*ndamkea, lantern*. Oeck tight** Biunacle Lamps. Nail lloda, Neadle*. Hack*. Cookiag and other moves. Sashes, Scrajw-j, Shovel i Hnales, Seine*. TrnmbU*. Wrenchss, W?6'^VBVi!ta^'?!>V ' ** 1 Morucing Machine 1 Wire Drswing Machine. Twms1 CatitoadsJivary

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