Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1844 Page 3
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ation i* not likely t? meet with universal far or ; but we cinnot closa our < iyv? on the prospect of our increanlug debt, and i*. bneoTti m My painful duty to urge upon you tlui necessity ol tb i* course. Although the rate of tax ation was iacreaae d at the last session of the legislature about twenty per i ; ret, in consequenco ot the very great re luction in th? jirice of all kinds property, and Ike ver? low rate nt wl tio) b th? assessors valued the property in their reapectlve ?toi intie-, it U very certain that the amount t:f rcveimo ifin '. will he received, will not increase in i. corresponding (ica por>ion, notwithstanding the great er amount ot proper?f *?bj< at to taxation in thia State in each succeeding venr. It i* true, that the various taxes, to which our citi tenM are subjected, render their pay ment sometimes dattteU It; yet 1 urn Inclined to think that the taxation lev/e 1 by counties and corporations, counti tutes, iua majority ot cases, the chief portion of the bur den. li the right i wet cised by these powers be limited, the revenues of the Ata te may be increased iu ft corres ponding degree, wit ho> at imposing any additional burden ou the people." The amount of 8tat &. bonds issued and sold is $922,201 ; l>ouring an interest rt ?| ring from i\ to 10 percent per an num, making the ann1 in 1 interest mora than $70,000. Un less the legislature of Mitiotiti adopts speedy end affec tive measures to keep down and reduce the public debt, by direct taxation, it * fill not be many years before that State must take n atam I along fiJo other delinquents. In the words of the Oove 'nor, " Taxation must be resorted to, while the burden li ootnpnrutively light," or It will soon weigh down and d Mtroy the resources of the Com monwealth. Surrounded* by bankrupt States, having all the evils and horrors of repudiation before them, it be comes the citizens of Miiisoo ri to submit to any tax the legislature may deeut proper to levy, and preserve the credit and solvency* ?f the Stat ?. Mi 112 IK too MHWI I' H 8's IUG"! I1IUOO N Y 7'a 1IW2 :i?uu do '?nnn Ohio r.'a mo Mint) Illinois ti'a 1B70 37,.j liflOO I'.imtyltauia V* 6H XiO0 ?lo b46 69V, 3(100 ilo a10 61 ;nnn ?)<> Wo 683j 7000 1'eailine K R Bonds tili 161 tints .Vlorrit < anil 3) .'.0 do 36.U iO Vicltaburc Bk 5 100 Farmera' Loan 37}? 20 M*rch*tit?' In'* . Iflfl 75 North HiversBI: 1?* 100 Reading KR 13 SO do 47!.' 110 NYU Erie KK Old StocK K ichange, ;2' 0 Canton Co ,100 do 26 ilu 50 do Ml .1 > City Bank N O n* Mohawk KH Vj do i 35 Stoning ton 11II V) do U Long Island HK HHI* Uo S JOOO Peiin'a 5'a 111000 Ohio a'*. '?? 60 ah.ia Nor 8i Wore 2) <1* 160 !> Island Hit 31 Mcond 68 ICO 70>4 70*4 71 150 do M do 230 INor U Wcr RK inn do 50 do VM do 60 do (toard* 100 thas F.aat Boston, lot Morrit Canal 1110 Canton Co 26 do 16 '60 t4K h-15 16 I fiO 46 130 11'.? fid 66* j 66 41K 41*? 74 \ 71 blO 46 7 IK 71 71K 7'.>* slO /1 1)3* 7i y & ljf.0 41 b 16 44M Slew Stock 160 aliMM Kae.ner' LoauT?.7V? *6 do 37 \ 76 do bnw "97* 26 do S6 do 10 Morris 1}Dial 100 , 60 26 60 26 do do do do do. do do do bnw 77 \ at J tjtf l?7*a . I'iT'i tio? 3fi'i bnw 36i. 36>$ 3? buw 36)4 bnw 3ti a3 3.)j Kxcli Ans?. 'jit shas MorriaCanal >3 26 Vickabu i Bank 26 Canton Co atw 26 Nor Si Wor UK M do d> >30 do b30 do do K dj atw do 26 L lsl<?'d ltH Iil2 mo 25 do b3 60 2.6 26 126 V5 26 36? J.Q 44 >4 713? 71 701,; 71), 7fl?| 7n y, 70?4 70 7? 74K State of 't rade. $ tA,"e"^' ,^?en.t^UaV4Ta!n"CUVe' ?nd WC ,UU q ,0te wS^.^rSl^110"' *f aU ?el1 ? * flour may now be quoted at * , * W,J 4' anJ a,JUB?ee ?t $4 62J a $4 68}, market !H? inVwhtah! ,r0 ar? twonty-'wo flouuug mills ill lloches it S5 *ru placea 108 nini 01 i?o?e, only a portion ot which, ho wHver, nre regularly used. Last year these mills turned, out 3S0.080 bbla. of flour. The very excel lent quality ot the Oeuesee wheat this season and the lair demand lor-flour manufactured at Rochester has imparted additional *<ctivuy to the business, and an increased amount of Hourturntd out from the mills is the const IVt v^VhL1. 400 888 ,Awbout of the whole quan iia inH hy ,he tljere went from fluf *rd ?8,K) biuhel* troai the Oenesee Valley canal: a small poii* m also enme iu by the|railroad, lor consume tl?v of olflour mad6 at Rochester, quan tity of wheat left at that place by canal and amount of tolls receiver, this seaaun is as follows ? *qT?' iia Fl W'- JVheal' A? Tharofi * 49 , 400-8S8 786,019 *37 i?ah !!?ccs, ,n toUs over last year of $14,170, but $37 164 b. jow jhn amouut taken in 1S40 ?i.? ou^JV ' fliW ?'n,ur h"8 gone toward tide-wa ei | luring vember ,*"? 1 n? rtw|Pu lor the third week in No vemDur, $Qr lire aeasons, ware 1844. 1343. 1642. 1841. 1840 vvh"rT'"ls^8o 116,050 73,150 6J7sa 103.940 >'he at... A3,64)9 !W,370 43 036 41925 67 090 ' a? total ot flour ani wheat ranching tide-water to 23d ot jvetuber, was 1341. 1843. *'our; .bMr. 2,131 807 1.9S6 U65 Wheat... bu 1,114 206 816,620 K?.0TT.?r,? . Pl^ but httle di'posilion evinced to ."/? About sot) bales were taken by spinuers, and 900 ?Wes by exporters Prices again favoring the buyer. .,,4r~?3od 1'*aU<ics of North river bale are held at 371 a 4Bo.ii prime ut 40 a 420. Th? season is getting so far ad lighter JUl'l^?ts will soon be reduced and tho stock I Roymoia?Wo havn no alterations to give in quota m I ^r?|r ml Vil r th'B h, al ?hio t),uk conunuts n f jfr demand at former quotations Beef is rather duU. L?-iru, krg, HBiiK ct 6}c. C8 iks we *til1 qnote at 24o. We?t prison barrels firm at 21 f 24Jc. f ' M?*"rT?At market, 1,200 beef cattle, (100 /?rtlis rA>ws and calves, and 2,600 sheep and n, PRn ?pv7fDtTf aro |? little cheaper, and we quote bwt^aoo lef^ 6W'IUid prime at *5 8 6 6010 4 74 fur the 1*"d-f:*lv??^All sold, at Ia<t week's rotes, for Lambs?Tho market was closed at 1 60 a $4 for Sheejv ar.d 871 a *2 60 for lambs. M^^oso is selling at 4a. 6J. to 6s. 61. per cwt. Foreign Market*. 1iinuar*A, Oct. 30,1844?I embrace the opportunity .llorded by the sailing ot the brig Rowana, to say that "U'H tfs h re, pnrticuiarly as it rtsp<'cts American pro luce, continues to bo remarkably dull. The coffee crop is junt beginning to come in ; the price, in Caracas, is 7j cents per |<oiiud, (Columbian cunency ;) but when the Tantportutioii lo Lcguayru, tho staruge. tho porterage, the linhtenige, iic are t>dded, it amounts to about 7J cents Spaaii.h. on boar.I the vessel Tho market at this place Is well storkid with American produce of all kind;, and the demand is comparatively sma'l. Venezuela, in u i>oliticul point if view, is apparently tranquil; the Llberuls have, however-evinced considerable uueasinecs sincc the an nouncement cf the triumph cf the Aristocratic party in the recent election*, although nothing bas yet transpired to cati-e any serious alarm Nearly all the military force i f the republic is concentrated in Caracas, and froin pre (int npjtearances 'there is eveiy reason to believe that orftvr will be maintained throughout that district at lea?t. I'ha ' Piudmt nt" arrived ytsteiduy from New York, by way of Antigua There are no other vessels now in port itroin the U lited States The Com. Warrington aiil. don ysturdav last. Tho Violet, which sailed from Philadel phia for Loguoyra sev.ral da) s beforo fhe Lowena, has oot yet arrived. I have just heard of the death ot Mr. Litchfleld, American Consul at Puerto Cabello i hiladtl I'hi'J U. 8. (ruzrtlr, Dtc 2. Married. On the 16th of May l ist, bv tr.e Rev. F H. Lusk, Mr. Hoar O. iliitrm, ot New Yoik. to Miss Euzahcth H. Bk*j imiw. ol Somerville, New Jersey. On tho 21 inst., by the Hon. Jomes Harper, Mr. Tnoaiaa Sijuaw, ol this city, to Mis* Lydia An* Kiih, daughter of John L. Franklin, of Flushing, L. I. Died. On tho 18'.h ult, tf consumption, at tho American Hotel, It-rwey City, MiruMiu Shiklps, aged about 24 years, ?It rgnter of I'uttr Shield*, near Cornwall, Ccnada. (Xf~ vionirt ul p iper* please copy. At N. w H(Ten,Conn , on Fridiy, the 221 ult.. aflrra I ;ng*,ij ted.ons illue.<n<. which ho bore wi'h chrix'iar. fortitude, llor.F.a PaotiT, K?q , iu the 7ilh year ol hi* a.-e, lormerlv of this city, and lor the last sixteen yean a rim dent of New H iven At *rti?, on tLe rt'h ult , on board of the picket ship St. Jarm*, lri-m Lot 'ton, Mia* Jank Dicxiksok Srkw**T, of ! Laiipioghuigh, N. Y. On the 2il iiist , IsaaiCLLa SrKWART, youngeat daughter o( Alfred and Jennet fclmtr.doif, aged 3 years and 6 month*. I he relatives on<l friend* of the fjmily are invited to at t"n I the funeral, Ir-mi No. 63 Laight street, this aftirnoon at hal' p<??t 3 o'clock. On Sunday, the let in*t., of consumption, Mr*. Lrons, in itie 30:li year of her age. The fri?nd? and relatives of 111" family and these of F. i '. Iliehtrd, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, cnthi* (Tu >'*y) alternoon, nt ha If-pa* t 3 o'clock, froni h<-r late residenc i, No. 242 Bleeker street On Monday, the 24 inst , suddenly of cioup, Oroaor. I t/as ii"?aio"r, .?on of John W. and Sarah Avery, aged 4 ^ yeur* and 0 m.intli*. r .e ri mams wiil bo remuted to White Plain* for inter ment, from the n*ideueo of hi* parentn. No SJltosevi lt street, ou this (1'u- sday) morning, at 8 o'clock. Pal?eiif(ers Arrive*!. Lpinot?"hipSt. Jamet?Mr. TD Stewart, of MobiK W II Stewart and irrvant Mrt M^ry Oar'h, MiaaT>i>e anil ier ?anl, v]a? M Uoiiz i, Miaa Henrietta S<iuza, Mr Tti Souxh Mi.* A in Vt'?lh#r, Mill Mary Walker, 11 Starr, Chailea Hmiili I Cliris. H^eriah, at d tan-in th" ateers|te. f' LitCZroOL? Hh li Aahtiurton?Mrs. Foxall and terrant, tV.i liiuaton; Mra K I Kither. Om-Wci Mi?a K Kitlier, do: 1V1 r OS HumUH. NewBe.lf.rd; W li 11 tker, do; KCHN>?.d?; J T Hut'lrsion. Ilrooklyn; Mrst' Brant, Nrw York, and 77 in iu? at t-raue. Pasacngers Mailed. Livshpooi ? Shin Uritninia, fr?ni Boston for Liverpool? J I&u flaelirldrr. Kilwi-< Ilowland Chas L Robe.ts, of Boatoa; Mr and vlrt 1'oat, Mr mid \lrs Kock, K .Nlr /achrisson, 1 !* Williaina, Henry tV illiama, J C Jarkaon, Mr Price, H Torrey,i) U Scotl, O Ktllonir, Cbarlra Uorton, of NewYork, Mr and Mra VV ninwriKhr, Mr Itroeklrralev, Chaa E I erry, J C L? . < f Quebec; Mr-tad Mra Hobert Wt-ir, A Cuvillier, Wm hiJaJorn', tiD VVhIjoii, J Smith, rt I'alteraon, of Montreal; Mr Frrtla-jd. of Canada; Capt Hobinsoo, of the Royal Kiiii ii^i-rt, It 11 Oatea, of Toronto; T li Bidoall, of Kngland; H Trimkr,of London: Tlios Smith, oi Scotland; MM VVill. ol' I'll lo Kitoi Jaa l3ii<liby,of N?w /calami, 37. For lialil'ai ?Mr Sniipaon, Annu t Roat. Total 3!). K<irt.l};ii lni|M>rtnllaris. l.tvr.*PO0L?^Wiip Asiihutton?I# pkj(*J ,\1 l!rnei>?10 J l.?* It? A < ougdon M co?102 :4 Cro< ka? It I'A Hallidat?tit II Il<i 'II? 4 I) Madden?1 (i Oparkie t; ni-J'i H Ancbincl'itt tk r I I ^l B.ui^ Sc Son?Id J Hodx'ra? I StoV-. ik A' rhoiv .< C ir.iU'ber?I W F Seymour f ei>?t .1 Hnrlnn?1.1 L La rout?1 K W IVinbeiton?4 H Nnrria Is co?ID U iipnrr h. to S Cameron It Ilnnd?i J Low?IJ J-fTcry?2 \V W t hr*r-r Co?4 iVleaaenner Btotbers?? llird, Oillelan It co?7 Paton Ste *.-rt-2 I McCall?I P l>nrfi?r?I M 11 irion?I t ornitut Homer k co?I Walili It Mallory?2 C llaydock? I I) ?2 W M Titus?18 W Wliitewri|lit? 1160 bars iron J H k c??1000 ban* J Congdoo-3 A R Van Nest-l8mith,Wrght k co?3 Shaldoii k PlielD*?11 R. Kiugil*iu4?1 CJ?*r fc H*ll?1 Jacobus It Condiet? I Williams k Hill?I Corp k Leigh?l ^ k, H Conn ant?1 Youug k Smith?t Head k Taylor?#J Van Neat?1 Kellow?, Wnrdtwoeth k co?I Meyer, Leon kco-l o N Fuljer k co-i Che.ter, Clark k co?I E Ma ?hdl-l J Mor timer k c.??20 Nerins k co?I J Thompaou?J .M'A"*"* co?j li B illard k ci?#05 ('helps, Dodge k eo? IJJ.' Brown 21 CI Hvbbaruer?2 R Hyslop k co-2 R N Tiuson-l C Schenck-6 Caufield k Brother*? 1 Manning k Jouru*>?? W O' G llattiugt k co?7 H Andrew-?? E * U Beear, Benjamin k co?8 T Himt^k eo? ?I P Harmon,'a Nephew* kco?3 Williflnt k Watt?1 dim, Clapp k co?7 A Mitchell k co-1 AW Ur???-1 P Muriay-3 Locke k Carter?7 J Van Wart-2 Kennedy, Bra Kin k c >?17 J Gilioa k co?I Dan >, Bona k co?5 Locklnrt Wilton k co?9 Wright, Sturget k Shaw-15 Leonard k iioue 30 N Tobia*?II W il*ou k browu?I K Maitland?IBO tons coal 1) Coldeu?1IB6 bushels potatoes 117 ton* coal 500 t'Ckt .ill Grinuell, Miuinrn k co?<0 caaea copper 4 do >kitm 87 cratea I1hhdtesrlliw;<re 19 bdl* and 29 bag* sheep skins 2 bundlt teal skint* lock* chains 1 bale worsted ttuff * cks liardwue 1 cask tcrewt I do strelcliera, 130 bote* tin |i|r\tr* ?I cite* and IY7 bdl; reel I box life* 152 ain-ll and 92 large hauliers poUtoos 2 cue* mdse to order. London-Ship StJaines?1103 bar* iron B Waterman?5 pk a T Lowndes?6 Boving k Witte?5 K Fiedler?2 Farr, Power* k co?5 W McFarlape? 2 Haywood k co?1 W Crippi k Co?5 T B Murray?IC Vvte?7 T Rockwell k co?12I Cuinrniug, Main k co?It O Meyer k Son?25 J Ellison?9 I h-trick k Blunt?4 Hutting* k co?2 B Be.ijainiu?1 Hiker k co?4J Nicholton?2 Wiley k Putnam?2 T Morion?3 BartUtt k Welford?IH Oriffiu?3 TkT Woodhaad?31 L T Cohen?3 Neviu* k co? J Briiitli Comul?I W Walter?1 PCapron?I Tiffany, Young k Kllit?I K k llW Bliiut?1 D Afplatonk co?i Young k Smith?I C.sserley k Soiii?I J li Phillip* k co?I Carey k lUrt?1 Bartlett k Welford?I Lenox Co?I Gif ford k eo?1 Hookin? 1 T I) Schaffer?I M Thompson?2i7 G ? Moiewood?8 H Hadlen?3t Oppeiilieim k co?I T Beuuett? 212 tout chalk Grinnell, Minium k cn-77 pkg* order. Balizk (Hon)? Btic Sea I*lower?38(1011 feet mahogany S2000 speci? Kdwiu Colfiu?50,000 feet tawed mahogany Fraucoii Alexander. | 'Sr. Ann* Bay (Jam)?Schr Delaware?200 bagt pimento W Bankt?600 do How laud k Atpiuwall?218 lb* copper Ay mar k co?1 box fruit A M Gilliard. ~ MARITIME HERALD. Movements of the Mtenmantpa. S/eomer*. Leave Liv'l. Ihtri i Jlmr'a. Leave .'ime'a Caledonia, Lott Nor. 19 .. Dec. 2 Dec. IK Acadia, Harriion . , Dor. 4 ...Dec. 17 Jan. 1 Cainhiia, Judkim... Jan. 4 ...Jan. 16 Keb. 1 MIUp ftlatler* aiift Agents. We (ball esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessel* will give lo Roki.ut Silvicv, CaptMU ol our New* Boats, a ivport of Lite shipping left at the port whuice they aailed, the veto-It tpokou ou Uieir passage, a li*t of their ca.go. uiid any 1'oreiga uewtpaiwis, or new* they may have. He will board them im mediately ou their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at home or abroad, will al*o confer a favor by *eudiug to this office ah '.he Marine lull 'iigence tbry can obtaio. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will he tluuikfullr received. PORT Ol<' NISW YOKK, DUCKMUEK ?. irn RltBI 7 i'.l I MOOTUHK? Mo ? u.1 1'CT* 5 to | HH1M WATKk 2 06 Ships Prince Alhert. Sehor, I.ondon, <4rinneii, ivirnturn at C.o; Biltiinore, Kunck, Havre. Boyd k Heorken; Chnrle*tou, Brjwn, Chariettnn, Geo. Bulkfey; Oconee, Jackton, New Or lean*. Win. N'elaon. Baniue* Ni'ia. Aregtyne, Rotterdam, fchmidt k Balrhen; WabaO), Talbot, I eiuacola, K. I). Hmlbutt k C?; Providence, Vintou, Appaltchic?|a, Pott k Phill'pt; St-plien Brewer Karreii, l.itbon. Brig* Ileudrick, Behrm.i'i, Toliaacn, Schmidt k B ilclien: Korett.BeiU, lirooltt vil'e. Badger k Peck:, Mar-liman, Norfolk, J Kl well k Co; Otcar, (^urry, Windsor, NK, Uoyd k Henckui; Kagle, H ut. St. John, N. K. O. kJ. Laurie, bclir Belle, Mc jrlath, Norfolk, k (,'learmau. Arrived. Packet ship Athbnrton, Haitlettou, from Liverpool, Oct. 22, with mdse, to Griimell, Miuturn k < o, Ship St Jimei, Meyer*, from Loudon, Oct. 21lli, with mdi*, to Grinnell, Minium k Co. Bremeu baniue John George, Gerkin, 48 day* from Bromeu, with miltn ana paxseuger* to Oelrich k Kruger. Brig Sea Flower, Noyes, from B*li/.e lloudaru, t7th Nor. with mohogauv, to lleed k llop|M>ck. The Sea Mower ha* been ten dav* North of Hattera.*?e>i<erienced very rough wea ther. lay too 56 hour*, and stove bulwarks. Left Magouii, Clark, for N York next day. Brig Ottowa, McNear, from Nintx, Sept, 23 and Gibraltar Oct. 24th._ with 1200 casks cuirault, lo Draper k Durlin. New brig Alabama, Meant, 10 days frum Bangor, iu ballast, to the master. S?hr Delaware, Ilig^ii * 21 (lay* from St Ann'* Bay, Jam., with pimento, to Neimith k Walth. Sclir I'cpealer, Kranci*, from Wilmington, N. C., with na val .tores. Schr /ephyr, Crocket, from Thomaston, with lime. Schr Albany Packet, Hotchkiss, from Boston, with indie. Schr Excel, Lbtell, from Boston, with mdte. Schr Grecian, Chase, from Bo ton, with mdse. Schr Deborah, Roberts, from Mattapoitelt, iu ballast. ISelow. Barque Isabella, Bearse, 41 days from Malaga, with fruit, to Godfrey k ltobiu?on. Bri* Eastern Star, Brown, from Jamaica, and 2 brigs 'un known Sallerf* Ships Prince Albert, London: Europe, Liverpool; Charles ton, for Chaiieston; Adirondack, Hackstark, Liverpool; New ark, Metwiu, Savannah; Corea, New Orleaus; Liverpool, do. iniirellaii*out Utrurd, Tiif Packet Ship BauTiMonK, for Havre, has been delaiu> ed until thil day. Scim Srv, Dimon, from Salem, with losa of both anchors, bulwarks, decks swept, and cargo shifted?having b<a.i lldown off from under Chatham, (Ca|ie Cod) on the ui<ht of the 21th ult. 100 miles ESE. from Nantucket South Shoal. It blowing a severe gale for four days from N W in succession. Bum John R. Gardknkh, Peterson, hence, bound to Balize, Honduras, before reror'ed, spoken at lea in distress, arrived at Bali/e on Itt Nov. under jurr masts, after a pirtage of 20.days; would make temporary repairs and return to this port. Spoken. J< hn D-Ua, ( Br) 46 days Irom Bremen, with 250 emigrants, Nov. 13, lat2l, 30, long *1 15, bnnnd to Galveston, Texas, wish ed to b? rejujrltd?by trie Sea Klowcr, at this port. Florence, from New York, bound to Apal ichicli, Nov 16, off Sonth Coast Horida, Key Vecaa bearing N. 12 miles?de sired to be reported?by same. Jane Frances, bound to New Orleans, Nov 29, lat 29, Ion 72}i ?by same. likke Ports. Bi ffalo, Nov 23?Arr Cleveland. Hazard, and Sandusky, Davison, Cleveland. Cld, United St'tes, and Rebecca H)e Iroit; ('h"-sii|"*ake, Toledo. Monroe, kc; Mist' iiri, and Vir ginia, Eiie; Hercules; Abliland: Wintlow, and Grint, Cleve land; Fmily, Huron; Flelch r, Fair|?)rt; Dayton, Vermilliou; Whitt!e?ey, Ashtabula; Dragou, Dover. lloute Ports. Thomaston. Nov. 24.?Sid, Four Brother*. Robinson, Charleston; Sabine. Blackintou, and Catharine, Ve*per, New Orleaus; Rapi'l, Brown, Richmond; Extio, Robiniou, do; Fountain, Wellshy. Alexandria. Pohtland, Nor 28?Cld Sarah, Cutter, Mobile Bath, Nov 25-Sld Alher<, Marwick, Matanxu; 26tb, Ha nover, Drummond, NOrleans. Fhanrkort, Nov 27?Arr Minerva, F.ldridge, N York; Jane Miiler, Bo*ton. Boston, Dec I?Arr Orations, Miller, NewOrleans; Carib, Nickerenn, Truxillo; Adi a, Sherman, Pori au Prince; Carlos, Maurau, Savannah; Hellespont. Dunbar; W M Rogers, Snow; Lexii gton, and Augusta. Plulladelt liia; John Simmons,Sin w, City Point, Va; Don Nioholas. D.ioUwater, Chaiieston; Flo lence, 'Lovell, Aliiauv; Trio, tJliainb'rUiii, and Cambridge, Hall, NYork. Telegraphrd, Tecuinseh, fm Philad. S'gnal for a ship. Sid Saturday Nile, Sultan, Anne k Julia, Cbe.a lieake, Kazan, K'aper, and Ageuoria. Sunday, *t?ami>liip Bri tannin; Sli?r<>n, 0?cg?, Eolus, Oak, anil November. Hyannis, Nov 25? In port, Ida, fm Baltimore for Bodon; John M Clayton,fm Phllad and Jo* Balch, fm Biltimore for Boston; Marietli, and Fancy, NYork for Boston; Samuel, and Henry *'urtis, vlbany for do. Sid 26th, srveral of the lleel? 29ih, Excr I and Grecian, for NYork. Plymouth, Nov t)?Hid A del ode, Sannp* m, Franl.lin, La; M'rtlia YYa'hington, and Enterprise do. 27th. {'oilier, do. Glouccitrr, Nov 27?Cld, Niger, derrick, Suriinam. t I'HiLAor.LrHiA, Dec 2?Arr Delaware, Fisher, Boston; R'i wi ns. Wilson, Porto Be lo; Huntress, Baker, N Yoik; Tol liff, W..riling, ai d Ella, Welden, Boston; Henry, Humes, Turks Island. Left, Olive, of aud for-M Haven. Just arr. Came into ?he Capes on Friday evening, in co with schr Crescent, Cro ihers. fin Barlndoe', of and for Wilmington, JDel. Also arr, Hrrald, Go*dwin, N?whuryport: Bnrlington, Zantig. Bangor, John llandolpli Jtciiuett, Alliany; Suit ua, Noitoo, N York S<| k Hrothem, 1'iice, Wateham, Man.; Prudence, Eck stein, Frankfort. V,c Ki< hmond, Nov. dejphia; Commodore Kearney, Paine, New York; > iclory Ki< hmond, Nov. 29?Arr Catharine Atrai.da, Teal^ Phila EllneP, F.ili Riser. Sid, Itohert Bmce, Snow , Bostou. Norfolk, Nov 29?Arr Bethel, Chapman, NYoik; Mohu ment, Leavi', Boston?Sid Mary Jane, NY'ork. Gkoiigkiown SC. Nov 26?Arr Fanny Coit. Baker, ai;d Ann, Rogers, NYork. Cld Chapel, Sawyer, MaLuza* ChaRli.-iton, Nor 28?Cl<t '1 rvinont, Taylor, and rowliat t*n, Stone. Havre; Potomac, Berry; ..Marv Ann, Brown, and Argvle, Cook*ey, Lirer|iO"l; Cora, ?> Br) Owens, or. West Indies; Orralloo, Lul'kin, Trinidad de Cuba; Lady Warring ton, Patterson, Baltimore. Sid, Mary Ann. Brown, Liverpool; lligginson, (Br) Hogg, do. 27th, arr Emily, Sherwood, N'ew York. WANTED7 ~ A FIRST-RATE WAlTEIU(colored). One who has been in the habit of waiting in public, and who ran pro duce good recommendation*. Apply at No. 51 Broadway. d2 2t?ec. WANTS a Situation, by two young women to do general h ii't'Work, plain sewing or nursirg, or ironing in a hotel; can gitr unexceptionable city re.erence, Eni|uire at 61 Vesey street. <R3r*CC P II ESI DENT SIDNEY RIGDON, f?rin?rly of Nauvoo, will .uldreis the eitizeo* of New Y ork, this Evening at 7 o'clock, at Croton Hall, jsnclion of Bowery and Division street. >13 It'rrc l/REK admitunce ito FOWLER'S PHR^NOLOGK;a"T t CABINET, Clinton llall 131 Nassau s'reet, where in,y he obtained both Pbretiologic i| and Physiological Books. Also, verbal and wri;teu delittions of character, both day ai.d evruiug. dl lw*rn T'HE i>erson who took aCANE from J^ne't Second Ward * Hotel, on 8u"day Evening, the 1st lust , is respectfully in vited to return it forthwith, and av< i l esp sure, as I e was seen to take it, and if known. EuWAIID II. MOOItES. d:l 2tis*rc _______ CAVED FROM THE LA I'K FIRE?A good saiortmeat kJ Silk', V elvets. Itibbons, Pushes, Fca-hert, and Millinery G< oda, which w ill lie sold clieip for Caih, at N i. 16 John st , (upaairt ) by T. E ISAAC'S. N.U ?fir at li? mains may be effected. d:i 1 w ' in A NOTICE. M'etimr of ihe Stockholders of the BHIDGEWATF.R COPl EU-MINING I OMPANY w II bi held for the purpose of electing seven Direet'irs, at Stelle's Hotel, New Bi h us w irk, N.J. on I he firar Monday of J iniiary next, between the hours ol 12 M., and 3 o'cl >ck, P. M JtDAH DOBSON, Secreta-y. November 23, 1811. d:i J * A T THE CONCERT WHICH IS TO TAKe. PLACE - - at the Tabernacle I hit Evening, the ver" interesting ai.d tale red Josephine Biamn n, ume years and a h ilf of a^e, mak*s h-r ihlld ?,|ir^r'nce lefotsa Ne* kn'k audienee. We need to t a?y i t her that h- hasc'airns upou oue notice as a native of New Yo-k. Her musical talent would do honor to any country, and il is ui t wiih oit r as u tlia' Me. Heniy Olte, fi r many veart leai'er of ihe orcheaira st the Park, haa sent ua the lil'owiug mi' ited and very complimentary umicerf li- fair Josephine. 'J lie most ilistinguish<;d profetso'S in New Yoik have proii'iunced this swett .little gill one of llie veiy first mu sician, of the day That "'liule ipieen of the pianoforte"' Miss Josephine Bram som, who n.ade her debuta short time since liefote a New York audieiii e, aud si cnmpleiely e'ectrif.ed all h?r hearers, wil1 ep|w?r t -nigh, at the Taa?rnaele in Masiee Brouria't concert Her p.'rfonnance te'ecle I for this evening, of a Coucrrto on the pisnoforte bv t./.ernv, aud of (ml1 lint raria 'lont by Hem, whieh are wll ad ipted lo display ihe wonifer ful taleultof ihit extraordinary youth. Mist Bramson not only ev cot-s even didicuit pissagst Willi taateand eiprrssion, but alto with ibe utmost prseiiiou Slid perfertion ; she in fact giva. uo c inte of coini taint even ro the moit lastlilious critic. In justice sIms has be?n ttyle.l "Ihe musical prodigy ol'New York," and we liase noilntthr will ayain m-et Willi a warm lec-ption on this ecraslon lo all th s? who si id in t li.ten to liur tonei on lier tirn apptartace, we now say, go, go go. <13 It* HOBSKMANSHIT^MrT DISBROW w7olT 1st ectfnlly inform hi* fmmer | upil. and ilia public .tint he ti's oiened an evening cl-?s for Ijenll-ineo hi .. ? hip, at his Hilling Acad-my. :0B Boweiy. or Ast r Lafayert- I'lievs 1 he School i< np-n cveiy esening (Hnndiy'. excepterl). Term* lor a course of 12 Ic .tot s, $?. Tn? School i d niribly located, being mi tai line <?! Rtilioad, Bowery, md Broadway omnibus routes, wliii h past cverv t>n mn.ul-s dm ing th ? day and rveni'K. Tha D.esslng and Dr w nig Itounis and Mantre, no well war.ned. and ereiy con lenience for tin eoir,f.irt of students, ihe School is oprn daily for Larfie a* usual. d3 Bt'ec PROGRAMME OF A VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT rpoi* giveu at the APOLLO ROOMS, Broadway, on Wed u??'l?y. December 4th. J841, on which ocruiou MISS ELIZABETH 81.OMAN AND MISS ANNK SLOMAN Harpists, 1 Hiu.ips ami Vocalist*, wdl nuke their first appear ancein New York, assisted by Mr. JOHN SLOMAN. Conductor Mr. George Lodei INTRODUCTION. 1?Grand Variation* for four hands, for the Piano Forte, from the Op-ra of'OuillautneTell, as perforated by t!ir com poser,Hniry Hl tt and Madame Dulkcn. .by Mis* KjfCi hrth and Miss Anne Houian. 2-Gr?iid Vocil Duett, from Rosaioi(s Oiera of " La.Gazxa Ladra "? ' Ebben per in* weuioria.". .by Miss Eliiabcth and ariiss Auue Sloinsn. J?A Grand fantasia for the Harp, compoiad by "Jloihsa, bring variations ou Weber's last Waltz, .by Miss Eliza beth Hi"in in. 1?Cavatin;?" Una Tote poca f?," from Rc ssiui's 0|>era of "II Barbiere di riiviglia,". .by Miss Ann* Sloinau i?Ballad?" Kathleen Mavourneeu.. by ftlis* Elizabeth Sluuian Crouch. (?Boch*a'* Garland of Shamrocks?A characteristic "Morcuau d'ApiOPO*," for the Harp, as performed by the couipuser at all his principal concert*; highly a>>p.eciated for iu sweetuess aad dilficultiu?iu e 'ded ai the homage of t modern Harpist to th-s ancient Irish Bard*. .by at in K. blomaii 7?Song?" Blae Brad"? P^rry. .by Mr. John S'ouiau.?Tl?e Mujic s?lict'd fiinu U shop, Riniui, Mozart au'l Bellini. 8?Bochs t's Giand Duet?for tlie Harp and I'iano, on Airs from Bellini'* SoiniiaiiibuU, a moat aitiatiiiU and rlegant com position. Harp Miis Elizabeth fclomtn. Piaua Forte Mis* Anne Sl.irnan. Ticket* ii c-nts; t? be obtained at liir principal Hotels and Music, and ul the lloom. (?/"" Coucrrt to commute u 8 o'clock. dl 2t rc. LECTURES ON "SCOTTISH" MINSTRELSY (V/IK. CLIllEHUGH respectfully intimites to his friends and the lovers of Scottish melody, that ho has pre pared a series of Lactum, illustrative of the ancient and ui. - d.-ru Miliatrelav of StoJni d. Including llie early historical and romantic ballads of the chivalrous peuods of the II irdic unite, the Wallace, ill- Brii' e, the Douglas, thfc James, and MINstllELsY OF THE SCOTTISH BORDER, The heroic, |iatheiic, and humorous Jacobite bill oh of Prince * -h&rleii Stuart, and his adventurous h auderinga; al?o the origin and liisUfry of the most admired Scottish national melo dies which have oeen wedded to vera ? by III ? immorinl Railway, Burns, Macniel, Tiunahill,, ke , wiili anecdotes and in cidents of these authors, or illustrative of the songs. 1 In- songs in illustration will be announced iu llie programme of each lecture. These lectures will commence at auy early iliy in December, ami MCOutittUadonce a week till concluded. del lwi?*re CONCERT ~o7v OCA L and instrumental MUSIC. Vf its. FERGUSON (from Kduiborough) will give aCON CERT of Vocil ami Instrumental Music, in the large and elegant MINERVA ROOMS, 4Uu Broadway, (lorn.erly Con crrt Hall,) on teday Kveuiug, December 6th, 1U41. The Concert w ill chiefly consist if SCOTl 11 SONOI, and the follow lug Ladies ami Uentli men, dis' iuguislird by their musical ta'enta. will ainiear. PROGRAMME?PART I. Solo on the Violin, Mr. Lai.n<-r; " Tlie Home that 1 love," Song, Miss Bruce; "'The Echo Duel," Mn. Ferguson and Mr. Williams; A comic Medley, Mr. Collins; " Come sit thee down," song, Mis' Biuce; ' Hurrah for the Highlands," song Mr. Willinms; "The Heather llllls," sung, Airs. Ferguson "My Grandftiher was a most wonderful in.iu," Mr. Collins. "The Vil'er'a Maid," song, Miss Bruce; "Here's a health boLiiy Scotland to thee," Mr. Williams. l'ART 11 Overture on the Tiano Forte, Mr. Oldfielil; " Flora's Lintent ef Charlie," song, Mr?. I'ergiiioti; " Nora McStiane," song Mr Williams; "VVhen the Moou's on the Lake," song, Mia Bruce; Solo ou th- Vio in, Mr. Lauuer; C<mic Duet, Mist Bruce and Mr Collins; "McGregor1* Gathering," Mr. Williams; " Why left I my liame." *oug, Mra Ferguson; "Tit Age of," Mr. Collins: ' I'm ower yonng to insrry yet," sour, Misa Bruce; "Silent Sam," Mr. Collins. To conclude with " Auld Lang Syue." [T f To commence at hall-past seven o clock. Tickets 2i cent*; to lie had at Messrs llenn St Dalrymple's 39.1 Broadway; Mr. A. Orieves. 5 John stmt; 32 Whitehall at and ut the door on the evening of the Csncert. d'J I' ec MKKCANTII.K LIHRARY, T'lIURSDAY KVtiNlNO, 5th Ueeemlnr, 1814, at half-past 7 o'clock precisely. Mr. (iliOROK VANDi^NHOl1 F S KVKN1NO ENTFR I'AINMKNT: a ShaUsperiaii Soiree; Lecture; Dramatic Headings and Recitalions ? Serious and Comic. PROGRAMME.. Subject?Shakerpeaie considered as a Philosophical and Moral Dramatist? Hgtuirrna i*l> Recitations. Jacques moralizing on the wouuded dear Aa You Like It. Touchstone's Code of Honor, or "the d?giee* of the lie Kalstatt's Catei hmm on Houor. .... Henry IV. Fals'sfT's fculogium of " a good alienia-aack" lb. Wolaey'a Far. well to Ureatiiesa (Sceno, Wolary Ha d Cromwell) Henry VIII. A Critical Ana1 yaia of the character ol Hamlet, with all the followiug principal scenes and soliloquies, 8tc., Irom the Tracedy or Hamlkt: Laerrea'Advica to Ophelia Act I, Sc 3 Poloniua' counsel to liia son lb. SoliloiUT of Hamlet?"Oh! that this too, too solid llesh " lb. 8c 2 Apparition of theOhoat; and Hamlet'a addreas to ?' hit lather's apirit*** ' lb- 5r < Scene-The Unost ^nd Hamlit lb. Sc i Hamlet's wenriceaa of spirit Act 11 Sc 2 Soliloquy?" Oh ! w hat a rogue and peaiaut alave am 1 Xb. Soliloquy? ' To bt', or uot to be V Act 111. Sc 1 Soliloquy?"'Tia uow the tery witching tune of night " }b. 8c 2 Pin. er of the King .... 1W.SC3 H'inlet's Sotiloq iy ou beholding his father a mur di rat ?t prayer jj?- Sc 3 Scene?Queen aud 11 mlat. Ib. Sc 4 Deaih ol H<mlet, a* d close of the play Act V. be 3 Single tickets 50 Cenu?Ticket for one geutleman and two ladiea, $1 Members of the M. L. A.. 2i cents. Maybe had at the Mercantile Library, aud at Shepard'* Book Store, No. 191 Broidwayj dJ 3c* "FIFTH NATIONAL GUARDlSOIRfc E 'T'HE Committee beg leave to announce that their 8'MREIC L will take place at fiitlo s Saloon on Wednesday livening. I'ecein a-r ID, !8n 'I ick*(? (uot tianafereble) may be had of the following committee :? Cai t James L. Waugh, 02 He'd street. Lieut. Jauies L. Morgan, 17 Fullnu sirett. Lieut. F. Millard, 1-.7 Wist street. S.rgeaut John lluthvnn, 61 John atreet. Sergeant Frederi- U Creiflitou. 12 Fu'ton atrret. Secretary William Palmer,81 Maiden Lane. U reasurei John R. Piatt, < Spiuce street. d2 6tia*ec NEW YOKK SCOTTISH OUARDj THE FIRST ANNUAL BALL of this Company will be I gireu at Niblo'a Saloon,on Monday Evening, 9thDecember nett. Ticket* may be obtai' ed !? v applicaliou to tlie M.1XJ1GEKS: (apt. A. C. Castle ..... .381 Broadway. Lieut. Roderick McI.eod I Counlaodt atrret. Lieut Thoa. W. McLaay 116 Blocker street. Jaroe. Linen. Quart.r-Matter 171 Fu'ton *treet. Pay-Master ( lir-hugh, 2tli ! i odway. 0rd*rly8er?'t. Thomaa, n28 tD9 -dh J. li. CUMMING, M. !?.. Se. r-tary. ANIMAL MAGNETISM AND I'MRKX' flj ?< iY, AT THE SOCIETY LIBRARY LECTURE ROOM, corner of Broadway and L?oiiard at?Prof. RODUERH, encouraged by the very (ioeral patronage aud support bestowed ou him since n - haa been in thia city, particularly on the ocea aion of hia benefit ou Saturday evening last, ai il by the particu lar request of a large aud delighted audience in attendance, h ta been induced t'> give aahort coiiraeof Lectuieaand Eiperiutenu at the S. ciety Library, commencing on Thuraday evening, Dec. 5th, 1844, anil continuing through the week. M ny of the experimeuta will be highly intiie.iln g, such as reading, eliesa playing, ic.. while in the magnetic atate?the yes perfectly baudaired. Manv of ihe audience will U' magnetized if agreea ble. To copnnem e at seven o'clock?rloora open at hall past si* o'clock. Admission for a gentleman and two lidieaone rlillsr; ?ingle ticket* SO i eiits. d3 3t?je JAMES W. JIJOD Ac CO, AT THE *JEW WORLD OFFICE, will publish THIS MORNING tin Repository ot English Romance fo' No vember?price I2>4 Cflit*. At noon, tkis day, a n> w Novt I. by Aintwor'h, called .--t. James, or tlie Court of t^ueen Ann. I n morrow, t e Novels of Gsrrvtitowu, a^l'ale of 1761. by Charles I.ever, author of Tom Burke On I hnrsday, Hambwtou, No. 5, wh'cli completes the werk. On Fiidiy, The Wandering lew, No. Ifl. Umbel's trmslstion On Saturday, the New World, etlilel by I'ark Beujamiu, con'ainii'g the mo.<t amnsin#, rare, ra y, witty and intenious aiticle, entitled The Phyatnlogy of the Polka; Profe'sor Dr?l?r's lecture on ('liemistrv l<ef> re the University of New Yo k, on tlie relation! of attnosph-nc air to nnimiL and |Iint', with a greater variety ofnewa and ar'ieles of interest then is published iu any Other l aj>er in the United Hta'es Apidy early, as no copies w ill lie left by noon. W anted a few copi * of the New World of Mat Saturday, for which lull price w II hep .id. dt Hf tc UlilNA H-ihls, ROADWAY, corner or I) isne strert.?Jnat open-'I the grea.est bargains iu French China, Glusa, &c., ever offered '"(Jold'band French China Cups and Saucsrs ?t 20s doz. 21 pes. Tea I'lates to match 16s dozen. l ake flat a 4s. pair. El-gant China Tea Sets, complete, 46 pierea, for $6. Alao, pi tin white French ' liina at u .usual low proves; *'T tlegant r ch deiMirated French < liiua Dining Seta and Tea Sets. Flowing blue, white iron stone Dining S^ts and Tea Set?. Families in. i ishing will find it to tli-ir interest to call and eiimine tliHqu l.ty and prices. ... _ , A'so, T. a 1'rav ', I'laterl Ware, Britama Ware. Cutlery. &.c. AI o, for hotels. Mason's St Ridgw.y's patent lion Stove CliBn. Kurt er particular! a* fast as w. get the good* oiien. dJ 3t*rtc b IJANCY DUK8SK3.?Kor salt*, 12 fof f.?ncy dn-M * bkll?, diUVrrxit charaon, vi/.. Kra Diavolo, 1'ucnro, /?*m pa, K?P'R??oIt, Chevalier*, I'eclffurf, Hoi*, IV)?tillon u?* l.oiijujl mean, IMichiarlle, Atle.iuin, 8ic. he. kc. For terms apply it No. 3ti7 Broadway, Cale des Mille Colonnea. n2S Th Sat I n 3t" rc 3NOi I*H POTATOES.?Dm pwliCiMp Yorkshlw Ins U on boa d a quantity of the relebnt'ed "t.aiica*hire and ' 1st? i f Uan" I'ot toes, in escellont order, haV'rg bii-nhut a short time oo sh'pboWm, which will bo sold in lots forfamily " iis |wec' C. II. MARSHALL, SI Burling >Iip. I III'II POTATOES. (artoa'.J?1000 Imsliels of .ri|ierior qmli I ty Irish Pour es, particularly kViH lor llits ,ina-k?t, to uit purchaiera, by OSElll McMl RRAY, ?j r,c 100 I'iue street, cori ert f iSmtli itteet E ? NIBLM'S CONSERVATOR* AiiU he.j!.U ESTABLISHMENT?i76 Broadway, the <ifsi deus?The sobsciiber* res;sf(tfully inform their fri?ii'la _nd the public that they are fully p eparej to furnish, *t rtmonah!? pricrt. Bouquets, Fancy B iskets, V .i?ee, kc., ol Flowers, suitable f ir Bridil Parties, the Opera, Ball Room, it other fe-.tivities Th.y are arranged by Mr. Robinson, a* here tol,ire, in the most fashionable and elegant styles w ilh a proper reg rd to neitneis aud are composed of the mo?t choic*. rare end tant teemed Fl linporud Dutch Bulbs, vi*: Hyacinths, Palips. Crocus, fcc , 111 fine com)it on for immediate plnntinir. Fancy llyaci th Glaoes, Gold Fish, Stc Flower, Veg wl le and Bird Flint a"d Ornamv.ti' 1 tees Sluubs, kc , 8tc. Ixindon Si litl'e.s for Soup, Enbden G a,its, I latirn-si, &c ? I 'I .tii ? a in llowrr always ou hand. A Hoik Depaitmeut under the immediate superin-e idence ofOHANT rtlOttBUKN. ?.?, be mi added to the bun ess. All the Stindard Woiluofthe day will be co s'antly on hand. ..... ,, ?V I articb are wairant il a? repress tc 1, end will lie sold low for cash only. GRANT TrtOkBURN tk CO.. nja lin e i roi rie'ora c AMBOGE- rni Ibs good qn lit .-, for ale by It d3 J.'cc GEO. PEARSON, 66)^ Vesry st. G^TngER? .10 1?S puhc iwil, f-rsile by *? il3 :it* rc G.-.O. PEARSON. <i?j'a V racy at. KAi s ? J lialis S l' l 30 do S F F Ml do No. 3 I^khr rns, ?sle bv d2 PEIWSK k BROOKS, 61 Liberty street. PASSAGE FOR LON DON?Packet of tlie 10th ,H. e mber. The splendid, fa.t sailing Packet otup ^TORONTO, L apt. TinlLr, sail* positively A* above, her regular day. The rcoinmod.ition* of tin* ship f'.i cabin, second cabin and I'eer.vge passenger* c*on< t be *urp?t?ed 1 hose (wlining to se cure lierthsshould not fail early r.rplic ition on hoard, or to VV. K J. I. TAI'SCOTT. (|:i ire 76 Sttntb street, comer Maiden Line. FOR NEW DHLE \NS.? LouislM^^id New , York Line -R gular picket?T.> sail onfl^diy. 16th D-C. Tli- elegant last sailing packet .iiip WT.N ES1! h, i t will positively s il as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having el-n int furuitlied artoaimn dttious, apply on bond, M Orleans wharf.foot of Wall street, nr to K* K. (sOIjLi iNH ol ('()? M South atreet. Pi^itively no itoods rccLivi-d on bonrd af'er Saturday evaninv, 14th l?ec. . Mhippers m*y rely npon having their goods correctly metsnr ?d, and that the ships of this line will sail puuctually as advt r ll>Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Hnllin and Woodrnlf, wh will promptly forward all coods to their addiwa. t dJ ecfl AUCTION SALES. rTiuiinrinA* ? TUTTLIVA-Ctioneer. ^,OYH- 811 --Jacob 8. Pint. .110 - i l "W of Hard ware, fcc,, will take place This Day aJ la o clock, at lilt) Sail- Room, Mo. 2J I'l.u, corner of Gold III? * IT'WV assortment of Birmingham and Good* Hard WW, f reucli and German Hlaple and Kiury Also. a general assortment of |wn end pocket Cutlery, on card* and in dozauu?Scissors, Raxors. lie. Alto, with w hit II the .ale will commence, 7 cuti Gtrmu loff, well assorted?to clou) cm-igiuiu-nu. .balance of a si^ck of H irdware, of a pe-sou decliu !.#. ! i""'" ' ot "reived iu time for la*t sale, cuasisling of a i.esiiable auortrrem, <ud well wirthy tl.e atiunlmu of ilia city and couutiy nt,11 trade. d3 It* ui CUilTAlN MATERIALS AND WINDOW SUADtS mm.- . i AF HEDUCED rHICEH. I IIK suUcnbeii de?irou ul doting their I ill slock of Tp. liols'<*ry the va'on m too far advanced, offer ines -me m a rcdut-tiou iu price, aud 10 i*r cent lower lli<ui at any utiirr establishtncat in the city. r amines iu want oj Curtains or Window Shadu are inrittd a call, ai they cau make a selection from tlie laraest assortment in the city, iuid at the luwtut prices. i.?.w . t . SOLOMON k HUNT, Importer* and Upholsterers, 21J Broadway, opposite _L.'"5_u'1lrr_? ihe Park. WV' K'HKS SALOON, opposiu. the Cusloin House, iu the ti ijemeiit, serves up the eatables in a style not to be surpassed. Many, nay, th? majority of our busii.ess men, are coimielled tog?t dinner* i<i a |wrfect hurricane haste; th-y fi - ?-?'vkfeni! ii1"* ?hould be inclined to spend an hour at the table. Wyckoff s raloou is precisely the place for such gentlemen to patrouize Plates, kuivtvi ana fork* fly round with astonishing velocity?they come and ko like mag e. This is becaus** the attendants are so active. What is sixi>eiice or a snillinic for a Miifin^iit ineal f Abaolu'ely uolhiuK ! Uo one? i?_a!lI to Wyckoin. d3 3frrc c I'HO-N.X COFFEE ANDSPiCFrMILLSr 88 KUzalitllx Sirtet, hetween lltthr and Grand Hindi. NKW YOKK. I as i ,w"ulJ "wpectfully inform Traders, Country i IvlelrC4M,l,'*? and tl e puMic ueueially. tint lie hat constantly on hand and for sale, Orteu, iioostrd, and (Jr? und C ffers. Ground Pepper, iiiouud Mustard, do Alspice, Nutmegs, do Ciuusinoii, M?ce, do U iugei, Cloves, he. 1 ut up iu boxes, from 10 .o 50 lbs each, and lor sale at the lowest I C\< ir ,C?*' ?T'lt lo wy I'aii of the city fiee of cliaige. C/Oiiee Koaslnl and Orvuud lor (Jr. rs. j <|J '"'"m OKOliOE O. MK8SKRVK. I /s,,v?^N1)S'?, S A It? A PAiliLLA. *jUi>]|3I > p b in itsell a triad of projtertif* I'ossessed by no | oilier medicinal preparation. Iu lo-nerdl practice it is utual j toeslilbtC lint an aperient, thru a ionic, and souietiine? varmu* form* ol the.?eare adminisl-red in thopro^re.s of a :?low and te dious cure iSut in Sand*' haraaparilla we lift ve a* once a geutle ap?rieut, or pleasant altemive, aiicI a mil.! tnuic. Tile three liuit pruceau;, ol purK.t'iou, neut'aUzitii'U, ud restoration, all CO on loteilirr harmoniouil y, undjr 11, balmy induaoce. The uiih lioleBoiuu partiolea c f tli^1 liloi.d are neutralised and carri-'d oft, and a I ealtliv tone is rei>t<iied to l' e organs wlucli generate Il'ii'l. 1 liousaiidi cm and have I stihi' l to ill edicacy iu ri'imii> intr variitiis rliroirc coiutitu^ inual due ise>,or K'Uatunr in an unl ealtby or d^praved Mat* of the hl.iod ami ott er llu iT>? sc.olula, or rulariteineiit of the KlaiiiL,, luinbaKO, (all rhi uin, rintrtoim, barliers itch, srz?ma. and other similar affections, a e salely and .11 c ually cured by it? use. Iu rliruin iliitn auil other painlul ailed ions ol the iiiti.<cuhir libie, a t|eedy rimoral _i i .i!""1' ?' l" c.?,e'1 a of stieiiKlh, keening pace wi h the letrv.t of the di jease from the system. " Seize upon truth whe e'er 'lis found, Amongst yonr friends, amongst vourfucs, On C hrisii tu or on Heathen giotinil? llie timer's diviue vtlfnTer it tfrowj. Neglect the prick e and assume iIih rose." The proprietors are dtily receiving from the tned'Cal pro'Vs aiou, ir.inisters of the gosiiel, othcrrs of justice, ami uuineious I'llTaie citix.ns, ample aud willing 'esliuiony, bo'h wiiileu and jrerb j, lo the sii|ierior Value and elhcacy ol' tins pieparatioi.? J o ihe poor it is l'urui?hed grMuit. usly, oil sullicienl p-oof be msKiv.nol their uorth'ness. llie following letter exhibits in a remarkable manner tlie great ?cncaey 111 ihe .-ari ij arilh iu a n.ost sevne scrol'ub us and rheumatic atfcctiou: Avar sin N.Y.. II mo. 12, <841. io. Sawhs?KEirecTKti Kkik-t-s?Iu the spring of IBi) I was ailtckrd with mil mmaiory ilieuinaiisin, which, continuing, be aiue chronic anil se-t'ed in u y ri,ht hand, arm and leg, aud lor three yesrs I was l <rh?|>s as gieat u sulTeier as ever lived. 'Ihe hip Joint ulceratrd in eight wreks I'ruin the cominencpiniiit of the attack. The bone came out iu pieces, 'I'd I have now lost all the right (high bone, and also the use of ihe right leg; most of he bone in two linge.s ol' the right h.uiil lus alio decayed and been reuiovtd. I lesort d t i various remedies with scarcely any benefit, ai.d finally concluded I must suirer on until death came to my irlie1, but a kind and i ver-rulmg I'rovid. nee ordered otlierwise In 18U I was se>'/rd with a severe cold, which gieally increased my ihe ima ic sulf. ri gs. 1 pun J many days i.i the most exciu ciating torture, without liudiuK any relief Irurn auy thing 1 JJ?*d. In this tried situation 1 heard of your S irsapuilla, and j prepos>ejsed in its favoi, from lliegieat good il had d .ne iu mauy cases. I procured in* boille, aud found almost immediate relief. I Iheu [ rocuied two mure, wlocli e.iliiely relieved me. l liere is an ulcsnted >o.? ou my left arm, near tke ihouldtr, which is uradu illy healing, and this is ?ll that is lelt or my oure formidah'e disease. I w as a'so for eight y- ars most ortlietiine s.-te.elvrH'flicl'd with a chronic diarr1 cci, which the 9ar<apar|tla entuely cured. For the sake ofsiilferiug humanity nr' ! 111 ^e public, and ho|>e it may iuduce olliers alllicted as I have been to try the same remedy. i our gratt I'u; ftiexd, WILLl.VM O. WARING. ... . _ . _ ? * Aubuiin, Nov. 16, tail, k ?? h'\A" B- Harris : Gknts ? 1'hc st'trnn-nt made i ? i" i I 1,r'1 ?' I*,l*cting his case, an<l the suffering through vhich be has p issed, way le iinplicitl) relied ?i ou. Very,!.., .ctfullv yni s, HIUHAllD 8TKKLK. ? I'.'llow ifig lutervstuig caae is pieaeutMl. and uie r?ailei m* iteu to us careful j%rnsrd. I 'iaiiinettf ou sucli evid uce is un necessary. u Nltw Tchk, July 2'.15I4, ?MusR .. .ssjvns:?<.. nts?I consider it but nu act ol'justie< j nu to slate the following fact, iu ? fertiice to the gnat bene lit I hare received iu the cure of in obstinate C anckuous Ulckb ou uiv breast. , I was attended eiiiht-en mouths by a regular and skilful phy sician, assisted by the advice .uid counx l ol one ol'our iiiom able and eriierieuceil surgeons, without Ihe least benefit whal ever. All the varum, methods of tinting cancer were resorted to; for live week* in sucreasiuu my Inv.ut Was burued with caustic thr<* time* a day, and for sis it wax daily syringed ??th Mtewu solution ol niirie acid, and the r.avity <nr internal ulrei was so large that it held over an ounce of Ihe soluliou. 'J lit Ooctor probed 'he ulcer and ej imined the bone, und said tlie disease was advancing rapidly ?t> the lungn, and il I did not get Jflpwy relief by inedieine or ui operation, the mult would lie fatal, I was advised to have Sie breast I ud o|>eii and the bones esiiI'liinvd, but rinding no relief Ijroin what had been don-, and leelmg I was rapidly getting mV, I almost despaired of re overy, cuiinideri d my case nearly hopel>ss. Seeing various twiunoiuals aud ceitihcates of cure by tlw "? !' Hanoi's ^'Ans?l?aHlLL*,,, in cases similar to my owu, eoncluded to try a few bottles, several of which were used, . Ul Iroin the long deep seated character of my disease, produced jo very decided change ; considering his as the only probable for my ease, I |>ersevered, until tlie disease w as Mitirely i*ed. It is now over eleven mouths since the cure was com .?-^d ; lliere is not the sliahtest app" iranc? of a letuiu. I, IjHtcJore, mranonnce wyirlj wkli. and llw cure entirely <J ftu lrd Ay S.iiXDj s 8AHSrAPAllIl.l.A,,, as I took ho other mrai? cin* oj any kind during the time / was tutu/; it, nor Uave I taken any tince, I'lease excuse tlH4 lon^ delerred acknowlt'dx" tnent. which I think it my duty to make. Your valuable Sarsa par ilia eurt'd me, with the bh'isiu^ of Divitie 1'rofideuce, wht'n uoihititf ei*e coulil, and 1 lerl myjelf under hstiut; obli^ itioua Ui yow. I cuiii sny many things I cannot write, aud I do mo*1 respectfully invite ladies afflirted as I have been to call upon inl and I will satisfy them fully of the truth as stated above, and many other thioics in refereuc u? the caae. NANCY J. 1111.1.KK 218 Sullivan sueet, n?*t di.or to tl?e Methodist Church. Kor further rarticiilar;* and conclusive evidence of its supe rior value and alficacy, see pamt.-lileli, which may be obtained gratis. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, hy A. B. St I). SAN(>&, l)ruin:ihis, T9 Kul too street, 27J Broadwav, 77 llastbioadway. Sold a ho bv UruifuiflU geuemllv dirou?liout tiie l/uited Wejcs.^ I rice 51 jn?r oottl? ; six bot*t?? for Si. . rf/~The public are resiiecifufty r^|ii?nted to reinntnlier that it is Sand s narsaparilla that has and is constantly schi?*viug such remarkable cures of tl?* most di/Ticult cla/is of uiseases to which the human frame is subject; therefore ask for 8and*^ Hars ijw? rUU, and take oo oth-?r d3 lm*m D.,_ .. [Fr< m the KseuitiK l'o?t.l KNTlSTRy.--,, i)lt. A. C. CaSTLei, who has lived a longtime in this city, his obtained a distinguished and an enviable ^mircn^e in h?s profession. He inserts Artiticial Teeth and tills 1 eeth With great ai d ibility He has also p eiiared a composition in th- lorm of a i'asie, for filling hollow or d-ti>ed lender ferth, which, while it r sis'i th?? actiou of all acids Hud iufectiug agents, it l ecomei rs hud a^ th?* tooth, and duralMM for lile. It is peculiarly adapted for ueivous persous; and Ur. C?stle ors rates with gr^t care. We have per?ou.ilIy r e'J his skill ai.d ran recomm* ? d h?m." Dr. A. C. C ?stU\ Oflir j:;| Hrt. id v^v. ?!3 If m PfcKJ'ETUATK THIS MEMORY OF TIIE UL PARTED IIEliOKS IIOVOI U JO LAWItKIVCK! 'HK NKVV' YORK 8Af'IlKD A1U8IC HOCIJCTV, (ai led ( by several d stinguished artists, win have, in the kindest and most j-strit tic manner voluut^efd tlieir s^rviies lor tli? oc? ;?????{. 1! will give a UttA.Nl) ( ONCKHT OK MACKKU jMUSK/, at ihe 1 a!>"niicle, ou Thnrsdty Kvening, 4th Die. nisi., the entue net |irocwos of wh ch will he approprn*t-d to wards tbe ericuou of a suitable mo.iUni'iit to mara tlie spot wli-re rest the a.,Inn of tlie lain nteil LA WHKNCtt. i tcU. ts SI each; for sale at tl * Morels ^nd Music Stores; at "?fon v iVIil.s, itw U.ouiway: (?. K. ,N<?liitt, corner of Wall and Water streets; and at the do ir of the Tabernacle on the evt inn* of the perloiifiaure. e " r~.V of the Hociety will | base call st the ~oc etv s lloom this ereniug, and receive th-ir tickets. d2 2tis*r c VfH- PARKKK wi?h'? io give notice7thv lie"i"nteds giving i, 1 "rand IVill on'I'hanlisgiving Night ihe 12th instant, at I anililaiiy H.1 II. on wnir'. occa?ii)ll he will intr <luee llie popn lu f^ika Oenee, hy ?e\eril set's, and will be danced twice i i tli - course of tlie e rnmg. Also oilier Kan y Da ces will he iiiroducel. I'rine of lii.ltels $1?can be h .il at the Hall, dil 3t*rrc T N( rO I'lCE? I'rotmsals w ill be received by llm i. >i . i. k, _ I Messrs KlltNCII 4i llKISKll, for tbe Decornive I'aiut ing of 'be alterations and iinprovcm uts of Castle Oard u, until the iTth December. Artists who w sli to pioi?ise and >h iw ?ptcimw will call on th? Proprietors ?t the (Itrdpn, fioin lu to 2 o'clock on each week diy, wiere all i:ilo mttiou will be nJO SlisMtots'ic BEAHON C(>in{?E-l-'0()T RACE. ONK THMI S.WI) DOLLARS Will be gi.ei Tor s Knot Race of Twelve Milei, to come off over (lie He icon Coarse on Monday, th- Ifiili December, weailier permitting. Katrance ten dollars, and 'o lie m ide with th? it ftMor, or it II ISmitti ?. I'arh Row, ou 11r before the 7th Dere-nber. I7D0 of the pur<? to the Isrs', and (HHI to the second in the i ee. A purse lor three or four mib ? will be giveu fir the same day. I'aiihuUis here after. C. J. II ROW IN I NO, fruprietur. W.H 1t*m ?voPl.B\S 1JNE <)F STE^MROATS KOR ALBANY, >DAII.\ , at i o'clock, I'. .\1., landing at intrr .mediau | laces. % vi?hA, Caritgin William H. I'ack, MiwkI*'. V?.???v|.? aid i1"!*'' Afternoons s? S n'clotk. The Kieimbi at KOIjUUTKH, Opiain A. Honghton, op Tuesdav, Thursd.ty 'nd "ntnrdar Af' ra ioni. at J o'clock. [Jf/^ l*ds? iigrr? tsking 'he above line will arrive in AI hiitv in ?.?nil* iuw- :o take1 tlis Morning Trains of liars lor the rut or veit. Tin hoiu civ n'w anil snbsuntial, are fnr> sisiii-4 with new tad ?je|r?at star* romns, and (or speed aad ac Moumlil oas, ire ?i.ii^atla-l cn tlie Ifu l?on. I'or i-nsjuji o' freight, apply on bonr i, trto P. C. Schflu .'?the ''(TV" the -.i.'-f dj_ i'.W VOi'.K l|.i'*NV AND TR'?V LINK. KOR ALBANY AND '? IKiV DIKKCT, . far as the ice will permit, from the pier al he foot of 1'ottr'Uiidt st. So fre flit taken aft?r 1 o'clock, P. M. '1 lie bi?v | les.uteste.nnbnat HW'AI.LOW, Captain A Me Lean, This Kveuing. a' J o'clock, Saturday, Nov nih, ISi4. K r pusage or f."ighi, apply ou boanl, or to C. < L \HK, oi th" wl irf Kreijht taken on the most rewonnble t<-rvn< Kre'ght innst he I in Ill chaige o'lhe Kteight Agent, or (he Tompany will nol he responsible for 1,30 I HAW HOAH DS-10 of'"tiav Kurds, assorted Nns forsale hy PKKSSK h IIHOOKS, (,| l.ilierty stteer <12 _ L'UK t A 1,1, A Iiaoiity of Ntlf Brrgit and Oatmral, at a r modern*. Apply lo ftMw JOHN 1I1RDMAN. 61 South si. S! AMUSEMENTS. i'Aiitl 'I'llKATHK* MR. FRAZEK, AM) MR. AND MRS. SEOU1N IN THE BOHEMIAN OIRL ! THIS EVENING, December 3d, IM4, *UI * for tlie 7(h time in Amrrir a. a new giaud opera, iu 3 *cl*'"JM ilnil ihe BOHEMIAN Gl li.L?Thaddeu*. Mr ?ra*?r. Devil* ho >f, MrHe^nin; Arline, MrsSeg liirt. ... j To conclude with GONE TO TEXAS?Mr. Swelliugton, Admission ? Uosea.Ut Tier 75 cents?Second and Third Tiers | J# cent*?I'tf eeatt?(Kilerv ti wuu. CAliJlU'!) NH.W VURH OHhttA MU19K. Second ?p|?araiire in America of SIG. TOMASl. , , , WEDNKBDAY EVENl NO. Dec 4, Sthuightof the S?a inu?Dou tetti's o|N>?? of BELUAKIO will oe |ierlormrd? [ Irene, Siiuora Borgliese; Anionics, Siiuora Pico, Alainiro, Sig IVro.ii; Belisano. Sig'J omasi. Admission: First Tier and Pari|ueUe, f 1; Second Tier SO cU Private Botes, wilh 4 admission*, 10 htiaso.i flcitTIi without Seats, can be had at the Box Of lice. . Doors o|ieu at 7; performance to commence at 7)? o clock ? Seal* secuied from 'J A M. to 1 I*. Al. Librettos IU English and Italian can be had at llie Bo* Office. dJ rie CHATI1 AMTtH hi AT UK. THIS EVENING. December 3d, will be presented llir BITER BIT?Tom of the Horus, Mr. Winana. hollowed by MANDALZAll?Mandal/.ir, Mr. Kreer. After which the GRAND PANORAMA OF THE CITY OK BOSTON. To conclude with th* ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS. Boxej 21 ceuta; Pit 12 ? centi. Doors o|ieu at l> o'clock; per formance to commence at '>>? o'clock. ClRtJUh?BOW feiRV. JOHN OOSSIN, CL'?WN, for Sis Night only. THIS EVENING will he presented tlie Knu stritu Ballet, I called the hYLPIl OF THE SILVER SHOWKHt or C?jnd. and Roseouds. Horteui mail? |> by Walter Aymar, Mrs. Cole, | M>? Aymar, Mr. Jeuuingi it Sou, Mr. Sweet, Old Dan Em mil's B ind, ai d a hot . I other novelties. d'i 3t* tic BFu'rON'STII KATIUB. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA THIS EVENING, December 3, IBM. will be presen'ed tlie Musical Uurle*<pie Diama of THE WONIIKRMH. LAMP, A NEW LIGHT?Au illntratrd version of Aladdin.?A'ad dm, Mr*. Booth; Itazrae, Mr. llsrnes; T1k Kikit ol Ava, Mr Hurtie; Kazim Azack, Mr. Johnstone; Badroulbadour, Mrs. Burke. Toconclude with tlie Drain* ol' A MOMICNTOU8 C^UKS TION?"Hielley. Mr Conner; Orfoufifld, Mr U fiAmtt; Union Ju k, Mr lSurki*; lUelnd Kyi ud, Mm IJurke. GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, BUOADWaV TABERNACLE, ("kN TL'ESDA V EVENING, December Id, 1814, by MAST. y' HI iONCI A. assUtei by the following eminent talent? Prima Domn SIGNORA M. ItlCCl. 'Ihe little progidy only !?>< yesrs old, MISS JOSEPHINK bram>on Pianist MR. HEsiCY C. T1MM. A full and ellieient Orchestra Leader MIL A DODWORTH. PROGRAMME. I'aht I. Overture?"Muette de Portici," Atlber Foil Orchestra Solo?Violin. Fantasie"Mi Celiti"," H?uman, Or chestra Accompaniment Muter Sconcia Cavaima?"Beatiice di Tends," by llelliui, Piauo Acconipaniineiit?Mr Tiiuin Siguora R.cci Concerto on the Piano Forte, (Czcrii),) Orchestra Accoiuptniiirnt Miss Dramion Solo on ili? Violin?"L'Elegie," Ernst, Uu..rtelte Accompaniment... Master Scoucia | I'auT 11. Overture?II I'irata, Bellini Full Orchestra Solo oil (lie Vio in?"Souveuir De Btlliui," Allot, ] Orcl.tstrn Accomvauini'lit.......... Vastr Scoucia | Rtmanta?"Mobert ljev?reui," Donizetti, Piano Ac coiiipaniin-ut by Mr Timm Smuorn Ricci Variations Brilliautts de Bravura, Heitz, Orchestra Accompaniment ... ><iss Brauisou Le Carnival de Venice?lntroduc. m.d Variatious. Ernst, (Quartette Accomp Master Sconcia. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR EACH-Childien nuiltrH of ltnlf-iiricif. Tickets to be had at thn principal ilotels ami Munc Htorea, and ai the door on the evening of the i?e formanre. Doors open at 7?Conceit to commence ut U o'clock. n30 3t.Pt.Vl Tn + rc taiANO UKA'l ION AND CONCLRT, WITH FULL ORCHE?THA "COR the benefit of the Widows and Ori hvus, ami Sick Fund r ?f Kideliiy Tent, No. 12, I. O. of R., on Thursday Eren- | iiiir. Dec.* 12, Hill, iu Bronlw.vy Tabernacle. OHATION BY THE HON. ELY MOORE The follow inK eminent iwrformrrs have been engaged for the . occasion Siguora BORGHK8E, Mad tine OTTO, Madam* IIELLBERG, (Her lecoud apiienrance.) Madame BURKHARDT and * Miss MARV TAYLOR. | Hiitnor ANTOONINI. Siunor l'KHOZ/1, Sik'uor SANRICO, Mr. JONES, and Mr. TIMM. Mr. C. HILL Leail.-r ofihe Orchestra. Tii keis 10 cenls each?To I e obtained at the principal Music | and Bookstores, and of lie I '.iiiinillee ; Ji.liu Davis, Jr.. O flier of the Recliabiie Recorder. IJOFoltonatr?et; Wm. H. S|iarh?, | 37 Oautra dreet; Georue F. Hopper, 175 Mulberry street; W. 11. Brown, 213 lludion St., :i doors above Canal ?t.; W. W . S.nn?, M8 Sull.Wii St.; J. C. Dilks, 82 Catharine street; and at the door on ihe eveuiiiK of the Concert. Doors ol?n at ?>>? o'clock; aiercises to coinmeuca at 7>t o'clock. | il3 3l?od*rrc __ ri'lUS EVENING th? second MIDMMOM of Mis? JOSE I I'll IN E BKAMSONand MASTER SC?>NC1 v will take place tt thu T<l eruscl . Jui'pinK of the lira: debut ol these two prodigies, we ei -lted eac'i ol them ierordit>K to their merits ? VVe ref ri' ted nceedinuly not to see the expression of our J >st admitatiou appear iu print, slid we are as >et ignorant of the, cause of in nou- ippearance. I To redress ih- wr .uK which his bfen done to Miss J. Brnin ion and Master Sconcia, by th's silence, we cow say that in lb two pieces by Czernv, puyed by Miss II., we couhl hardly cn>Jit our eyes ami eirs tlial it wi? a child net jet ten years of Kie who executed'hem on an icstrur ent as cm I as tie p with an tddicss, atreii|{lli, and soupl ??e, combined with ak iuli f easewh eh is only to be at'aiued b< 1 utf xperi?nre. It is impassible to appreciate the value of this surprising child without lieai inK her. TniseieniiiK>h? i lays a grand concetto by Czerny, ar.d va riatio. s brilliantes by Hertz, which we know to be one of the most difficult pieces thispiau'st Ins written. Wewishher ?ll the sue ess ?he so tally ile.serves. This will really be a treat, lo which we heartily invite every judge of music, native or lo rmtn, iu thecily of New York. , ni It* m MAID >N('KLLI. I'rofe-sor ' f Music. ' LAHIH1TIUN. THE END O I-' T HE W O R L D. A PAINTING, , i OF VERY LARGE SIZE, by F. Anelli, at the Apollo, 10 Broadway. 'Ihe Exhibitions entirely s?paraf frc.mtl#| Concert I loom. ()pen from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. Admission 23 cents. nl7 linrre EXTRAORDINAH Y LUSUS NATUR.K! Nuw txhihilmg at tlie Privite Rooms 303 Broadway, South j writ Corntr tf Duant itrrr.t, (intranet in Duatie it ) r\R. PFEIFFER, of New Oxford College, his made arrange ?LJ meiiK to exkihit this most extrantd nary Lusus Na'ira: ? A MALE CHILD vViTll TWO PERFECTLY DISTINCT I HEADS anil NECKS'. ! ! with every limb audexternal organ ! p. rfeetand accurately symmetrical. The c -re'ml organization, the mild expression of ihe I precisel, al;ke, lenderlhls a curiosity which can lie visited by bot'i sexes without any vio lation of the feelings of delicacy or sensitiveness. 'Ihe doctor has in his posses.ion testimonial, from tlii highest tiled and professional geutlemen, expr-inng the.r surprise and i lerumre on view i,g ilua extraordinary woud-r of n.lure's whimsical workmansiip. .... . , II /" Open from 9 in the inoruin ; till 9 at night. Admiisiou 2i cenu.?Children lial'-price. dl Iw *m NKW VIlitK Fl'LTON AND ANN HI REET MENA GERIE. 119 Kult >u str et, and lj? Ami street, under the ihrectio of Joint St?arv This Munngerie coiitainasome of ihe itpisi reiil irkalile animals lhat were ever seen iu this country, ? |n|| <)e criptio'i of which will be found iu the Urge and small bi Is of the day. Then" are iu the collect:on a Buffalo, a B'ack Moose, an Cu ring Out uig, an Elk, a Talking Bird, the Miuo. scleral kinds of Wolves a doz ii of different kinds ?ef Monkey*, a Camel. Crowned Birds, and inauy of tlie animal* ineulioued in (acred hi?rory. Theie in a c tpa^iou* rinj; for circa? eiprci?e? by a wonderful pony? ridden by the Our ioir OuMuk. Also tl??* Camel iwifimm in tbe ring, and ran be lidd'n by Udies and children, and the Moose is ibo introduced in the rim;. A*eparate entrance f >r Udii's, 11*1 FnHon ?tre**t, nest to Coo r-?V?cr Cutler's dmj; Hntrance lor Keiitleii^'ii in Ann *t. The place is well wa'ined, and the seals arrii?ifv(l like an amplii theatre. * Oiwn from 9 in th' mining till 9 at night. Aflinii ios lf^ cewta. ol ec JUNKS' MENAGERIE, in FULTON AND I,', ANN KTHKET. rpHil'. SUBiSl.RIBKK would h-reby reajiectfully inform ihe -*> public hi* Menagerie will If oiien for exhibition this day, from li o'elo' k noon as-til 9 o'clock in the evening. Atnoiitfst liii colli'cltou will be found mm* of tli- most r ue Animals. Birds, ike cmt exhibited in tliii c untry It is t r in trillion of llir l'roprlt-u>r to make additions to Ki? collec tion u will render it (if posaihl'-) aii|>erinr to any other iu the United H.atea, and for that pnrt>ose lie hereby requests all |<*r ?oiii hivi11k any rare or vjluahle animaU to dispose of, to give hiin a call N B.?Entrance to the exhibition f>r Ladira 149 Fulton ?t., next door to the Urtix Stire Admittance tl cruts, efcildreu half-price, ED.vlUN D JONEi, nwrvtoi. New Vork. 2'ith Nov., 1811. nn linrr t'ASHIONAIJUS lJAiN(;i.N(f. M O N H . MAIIII I I, I. 0 B K <) H KONAT, LIAS tli" honor of inform irg tiie L.adi ?and Oeiitl'meo of f'-.-w York, ami viciniiy, fhat he h.u arrived for to* purpose 01 (,'ii iiur instruction in [lie i ma,'-I feahion.ible Hunt's |.rrtulim IU tl e highest circle- of KWOivan and A inenran society, ?Moim. K. hai l il> ly arrived from Doa'ou, Har*toi?a and New port, where lilt atyle inet the * irineBt admiration of the public, tnd tin' mirked approval of the famiionahle community.? Among others, Modi. K. propoJi-e to te.tch iImi well kn.wn d.uice I.A POLKA?the new (li.-idrilles with original music? thi! Valse de l>eui Pas?the MarouiK.i?new Cotillions?MW Oalorpe, and all Arnericui IJanCrs. Moim. K. will be assisted by MAO AMR KOHPONAV* Musici n. The instruction w ill lie given in tiie Kiench, Oer mau and English languages. Rooms lire ?r.n ujea at 16 Park Place,?elrictlv private, cool an ! mi?for the ?ccommod.non of Unties .Mid (ieutleiueu. The Polka, and theu-w W'i idrillrs. <u at present danoed ii the UaliiiMable ctrclea of London and I aria, can Ik tang'iim sit or twelvr ! s.ons, except the Musourka. All otli. ra in twenty lour ItMiiu*. Pot llirtMf p?rTtcaJ.irs, injnire ?.f MONB. KORfO.NAY, at his 'flsid-nee, 2S Pull |'| re. 'i'k.NM*:?CI.U1 le'svma from 10 to II, A. M., 12 to I, and 1 to 2, I". \1., and from i> to 7 in the eveniug. Hit lessons, $6?twelve les*ous,$IO. mil quarter, $15. Prirw L-ssons?sit Irsvms, tl; twelve lessons, $12; quar ter $10 All other hoars will be devoted to Public Institutes, Ar id mum, kc., itc. u4 M'LLK.. PAUL INF. Ut.S.lAll OINli r*<ipectfnlly informs IMMIMI and ll>e j.ratil.<? in generl!, that she is about to f> rm a "C/<i?t? de Danrt" for ladies and rsnllemen, in which sh~ wiflteacn r|?. favorite Polka, >laaourk.i, aud all Uie othei f.ialililnaWIe DaaCrs of the day. '1 tie morning v-Mol will iieojen from 9 o'clock tot o'cl- ek, and the ever oik Irom 6 o'clock to t o'clock. Ladies and iMleiiMI wishing iMtfti' lion are rer|tir?red to call at M'lle Ilesjardin's house, No. '? I'ark I'laee. nIO lims^m XIULO'S UK AM) SALOOV, FOR CONCERTS AND HALLS. IH NOW KITTED UP Kill TIIE WINTER AML'SE l MKNTH IN MAONinuirfT 8TVLE. (p^Kor COnCCRTI it haa many advnntagea, an arrhrd reilniK, favorable for sonnd; and being r. inow d Ircni tiie ?tre? t. there la no annoyance from the little of cairiaxea?i; has ra ied seats with cipacions k llleries. and will accommodate 1500 |ier<ons. f"'or balls it hai i sprii k lloor and raised ir;>u on the sides, and is magniflc*atlf li*ntea wnh spl-udid cat (lass rhand'lirra. Atticlied to the Calooa and on the same float, th"ie are private pulors, dretajm rooma. manauera' and liat rooniK, and a aupier-ronin 200 fet long, wl.ith will lreniiitn^ date iM i?r?ona. <n?at iiainswill lie taken to Kive satisfactiok, and oil rti-.d. ia'e terms. Ii2?ifrc |7 NULlSM I* III f. II It I < KN?.)fi(li of very aiii^nor Mro*i Jj ?>rkIk- Kira Brick, arr i*r ship Harnh Ik Ar.ilia, from l.iver I o I, II iW in s ore AuV i-erso i | urrhas iu lh" whole will l< Sold'h. .1:1, or will be aia|xwed of III lots to suit i>ureiia?-i> Apply to HOCIilC, BKOTHK Its St ( t), lildrC 31 Knlton -tree . CIIIP BALTIMORE FOR HAVRK-The nnfatowhle ?? wcathrr will eanae UM ship 10 be dstai.i I entil Tetsdsy, the Sd pr ?imo nil llir WHKAT-ieo bmhela p-ime Illinois Wheat I.Midinf e* "* sliip Vieksburg, Irom New Orleans, and for sale iu lot to snit purchasers, by a2?rc , K. K. COLLINS fc CO. M South M. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Wuhln(l?n, [From our Regular Correspondent] Washington, Nov. 80, 1844. Opening of Congreu?lht Menage?Mrmber? ty ing low? Whig policy in the Senate?IVhig An nexation of Ttxai?'Ihe Cabinet. James G. Bennr-it, Etq? Monday in the day fixed for the opening of Con gress, and from present appearances I think theie will be a quorum of both houses, and the Message will therefore be delivered on Tuesdsy at 12 M.f and then dispatched by government and private expresses, to the four quarters of the United States. The regular express will arrive in your city about 11 o'clock on Tuesday evening, but look out J or a copy by far more expedition* meant, m time for your evening edition? The message will contain u reiteration of all the previous recommen dations of the President, including, possibly, the Exchequer plan. Ttiere are no officers to be made by the Houi e or Senate, nor printers to be selected, and therefore there is nothing to induce extensive boring or prob ing of numbers' views or opinions as they arrive, on this head, but the course of the present admin istration, with the anticipated movements oi the coming dyuasty, causes much speculation among all. The members of both Houses, as well as of the cabinet, appear to be entirely ignorant of the intended movements oi Mr. Polk; and bo far as this city is concerned we are info-med that not a letter has been received from him tiince the elec tion, by any person in the ten miles iqu&re. The policy ol the whig senators, relative to con firm. ition ?l President Tyler's appointments, create much interest, particularly us it is understood that the tiorninaiiou of Governor Van Nets, the Col lector of your city, and others, will be placed be fore them soon alter the opening of the Senate. Silas Wright will not appear in the Senate, but it is probable that Governor Bouck will appoint John Savage and Governor Marry to serve as senators, until the Assembly of your State convenes. The nomination ol Governor Van Ness will be con tinued, hr he stands perfectly unexceptionable in biuinevd capacity, sound judgment, and character. The true and proper policy of the whig senators, will be to confirm all the uominationsof President Tyler, utiles* sound personal objections can be urged ag?inst the candidates. The course of the Courier of your city in the advocacy ol the annexation oi Texas, provided the sales of the public lands are distributed among the States, smacks too strong of whiggery or Wall street stock-jobbing influence, to have any f fleet, even if intended as earnest argument by the Writer. The Cabinet of Governor Polk lorms the subject of rnurh conversation. Let me give you one as a leader:? For State?Andrew Stevenson, Va. Treasury?Azuriah C. Flagg, New York. War?Butler, of Kentucky. Navt-?Core JoWitson, ot T*nn. Post Offick?Gen. Saunders, of N. C." Attorney General?Marcus Morton, Mass. This will he as near correct as half the nonsen sical publications you see on this subject. [From our regular Corrssponden'.] Quorum of Congreu?Arrival of Vice President Elect?Mittouri Senator?Virginia Senator. Washington, Dec, 1. 1844. James G. Bennett, EbQ. From present appearances, there will be a quo rum in both Houses on Monday, and if so, tho President's Message may be delivered in the after noon of that day, as the President is anxious to place it before the people. George M. Dallas, the Vice President elect, arrived here yesterday with hia daughter. The town is tilling up fast, and " Coleman's Hotel," which is equal to the Astor llouse in every respect, leads the palm. His ener gies to accommodate and please has improved his neighbors, but still they lack his capacioYta house, new furniture from bed-room to basement. See., which renders his quarters so essentially comfort able and pleasant. 1 have just learned that Senator Benton will be returned to the United States Senate from the state of Missouri, ajid also that his views upon the Texas question have been materially changed, ea will be soon made evident by las course in the Senate. The opening of Congress will open tb? Presiden tial campaign for 1H18, and duo my budget teresting rnovemeuts, plots, counterplot*, political trickery aud treachety, all ol which will be expo sed as Lie inauguration draws nigh. The rival pol iticians of New York and Pennsylvania are already at loggerheads on the question ?.f Polk influence, and ttie latter, with the aid of Vice President Dal las, will probably obtain the ascendancy. The Virginia Legislature meet on Monday,when an election lor United .States Senator, in place of William C. Rives, will be made. The result will be most important hp bearing upon future po litical movements us the Legislature stands nearly balanced, aud the selection ol Senator decides the political character ol the Senate for the enduing two years. # [Krom otir;rsgular Correspondent.] Important 'Texas Negotiations and Correrpondenc* ?Negotiations with Oreat Britain relative to Oregon and its Occupation J{( ports of Heirs taries of War and Navy, and Postmaster (>( neral. Washington, Dsc. 2,1844. JamesG-. Bennett, Esq. Accompanying the President's Message will be lound Home most interesting correspondence be tween the present Secretary of State, the Mexican authorities, and the gentlemen selected Irom the United States to act in official capacity at that Go vernment. The Texan qiieatiou will thus be placed immediately before Congrers, and members of both Houses will be forthwith compelled to show their hands and deckle their opinions on this im portautquettioa. This correspondence will include all subsequent to that presented at the Isitt session. The Message will probably contain a briel synop sis of the correspondence, winch, we presume, is voluminous. The question of the occupation of the terri tory ot Oregon will be presented as soon a4 the existing negotiations with Great Bri tain are concluded, but seme anticipated (rove* ment may he made in Congress belore the government ia prepaicd to call in the action of that body. These negotiations have been pending since 181H, when the boundary line was settled to th? ftoeky mountains Beyond tint no line has beeu fixed, aid the grnduulencroachments ol the Brit ish government have extended as lar down as the Columbia river, being one hundred and lilty tniles below the north' rn bnordaiy, bet rn the T'nited S atesand Canada on the east of the mountains. At thi:< | mill they appeur to hive reeled thrir claim <n<l ar>< now iM?t modes"ly willing to make the Columbia river the nortln rn boundary. To this iiggiescmu and assumption ol teiritory, violation <<| ris{ht, the whole Went, North and South, will tie o;>uesed, and insist that the boundary line ?-hall not be an inch below die point lixed on the east ol the mountains.# Here will be the bone ol contention, and unlecs negotia tion can settle it, Yankee skill and Western courage must be caili d in to terminate the dispute. The occupation will thus be pcaceably eflected, unless the British government desire to test the skill ol Western nlles upon the lorce they may array to prevent it. Hut, in the mean time. 1 would hsk if our government is aware that the English authorities had deroatched several vessels well filled with "men and measures," to cruise iu the vicinity of the mouth ef the Co lumbia, in anticipation ol dilliuulty. It so, have we corresponding lorce in that regtonl and if not, i* it not time some movement was made *to that efl'-etl The reports of the Secretary ol the Treasury aud Navy, and Post-master Ueueral will he rrsdy tins wevk sous to reach your city before Saturday. Washington, Dec. 1,1844. The ( hortaw Contract?Sen etary oj War, $?< . G Bk.nnett, Esq.? Suudiy statements having appeared in relation to the contract tnade by the Secretary of War for the subsistence ol Choctaw IndniDH, with muny indi rect insinuations ol mal-oonduct, it is due to'truth that a plain statement ol (acts should be made, to show the charge < f exiiuvag.'.nce it wholly with out foundation. The Jacts are these?Mr. Spen cf, Sfcrttary of War. hik! Mr. Crawford, Com missinner ol Indian Affiirs, made a contract some two years i'^0, with t.Jrn A. Andeieos, of Ten n? mm, for the removal cl these Indians from the Mississippi r-ver. Anoth?r contract to be inide lortiieir removal ftom Alabama nnd the in terior ol Mississippi, to the rivei; and also for their subsistence It r tw< Ive month* atier their re moval w. st. For the subsistence for twelve months, Mr Spencer and Mr Craw ford made a proposal to Ihe Indians to give them thirty dollars each, which would he at the rate cl shout cents per ration p. r day. In council, the IndianssfVced to accept ihi proposal of the goveinnv"i' The present f^erreiary of Wsr, at one time, contemplated offering their sul>?istenoe centrant to tl?* lowest public bidder. But the delegations in Congress, Irom Alabama, and Mississippi, ad

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