Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1844 Page 4
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dreaed a communication to the Secretary ot War, requesting that the contract Bhould be given to the Indians thenwelvea. In thia slate ol the case, the Secretary of War, after Ion* delay, agreed, after apecityiug the rates ia the contract, to give the whole to Gen. Anderson, Col. Forrester, the agent of a large portion of the Indians, aud to the princi pal chiela Cobb and Pickens. This plan was adopt ed to preserve the iaith of the secretary's prede cessor, and the President, towards Gen. Anderson, and also to unite the Indians in the whole tuafer, so as to make a system that would ensure satisfac tion to them. I have stated the terms that Mr. Spencer and Mr. Crawford hud offered the Indians, which was at the rate ot 8$ cents per ration (or subsistence. Mr. Wilkins made a contract with these parties for about 5^ cents, or less than 5J cents per ration ; or in other words, lor little more than one half what Mr. Crawford arid Mr. Spencer had themselves proposed. This is the wonderful and extraordinary matter which has been so often misrepresented Mr. Bell and Mr. Poinsett and oth*r Secretaries made similar contracts, with the difference that some ot th^m gave (wo and three times as much per ration Bui more than this, as with tlie vast number of proposals m ide to the Department for subsisting the Indians, the one which, ha* been accepted bv the War Depart ment, is the In west of all. There may be some grounds for * charge ot parMtuouy agamst the Secret-try < t W*r, but none ol i-xtravugauce.? Aud as all who applied C"uld m t (jet ih- . contract, it is natural that some etmuld complaiu. Hut "gain?these Indians are citizens of the State <>t Missis?ippi by treaty and the laws of th-it State They h ive ih?* right, by treaty, to rem tin in the State. The ptople there w-int them remove')?the government wishes them to remove the Indians desire to remove? a? d common hu manity should all' w them to remove in a way most sgree&nlf |0 themselves; and thut is 10 grant their request, to hav-: their principal men incorporated 111 the i->ntract, who had their confidence of the Indians, and who could protect their interests. For this lowest ot all contracts? for this humane act towards the Indians, in consulting their wishes, in a great degree, the Secretary of War is attacked. And yet his con tract tor subsistence, is some eighty thousand dol lars less than Mr. Crawford and Mr. Spencer pro posed. Sale of Htorki at Philadelphia. Dkc 2 ?4110 share* Girand Bunk, 9j ; 100 do do, ca*h, Pj ; 2ft0 do d, & days, ; $12 Win Keudlug K H Bonds, OB; wnh) State .V?, cs?h 68 ; 10,000 do r w, 68 ; 0 (barn Phi ladelphia Bank, 107J. Second Board ? do ?ham Wilmington K. R 6 dove, '22; 100 do do, r W 22 ; 60 do do, 'il ; 100 lo (Jiiard Bank, 0] ; 100 do do, 2 days, !)j ; 100 do do, s 6,9} j $8,000 It ending Bonds, 68 ; $10,000 do do b ft, 68. 8HIP RKWH. By halt Nlght'l Southern Mall. Baltimork, Dec 2?Arr Georgia, (of Bslh) Otis, fin Cadiz; Essex, Otis, Wiscassett; John Murray, Deveieaug, Bucksport; St' rlnttiii, Gardiner, M?; Jos Barbour. Providence. Clu Al torir, Snail, .Trieste. Sid, Orbit, (Bi)Bell, Trinidad; (Mary Augusta, Nassau, NP. TO TAILOUS. HM1K Second Edition of Stlnemet'i celebrat-d work on civ 1 ting garments ofevery description in a style of elegance un equalled, is now published and re uly Co delivery. Those who desire lo avail themselves of the jlrtfat advantages to l*? ?l-ri??4 from the use of the Instructions it coutains, would do well to obtain a copy without delay. The book is 12 by 17 inches si[U ire, and eoutsius 17 elegant diagrams of all tin- various style* ol'garments worn at the present day, with full and aimde instruc tions for cutting in an easy aid scientific manner. The follow ing tre a fetv of the m.tuy highly respec table uauies who testify to the merits of the book :? The nnilersigued bei.ig practically acquainted with Mr. Stiue mei's Tre-tiea on Cnttiu|( Garments, with pleasure recommeud it as a woik complete in lU arrangements, aud in its practical ap plication to cutting, su|ierior to any heretofore published, either in Kurope or Aineuca. I'. Henry St Sou, Daniel t'utter. Slants V B inker, Charles Cox. K. VV. Tryiin St Co., B. F. Homer, James Daily, John Haviland, J. H. Banker. The above cau be obtained of the author, No. 113 Broadway, New Yoik. nSO lin'ec MONTHLY REPORT OK THIS NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No 75 Chambers ttrett. CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. 2 Secondary Syphilis. 2 Inflammation of the Eyes. 1 Scrofula. 3 Whites. :i Gleet. I Constipation, primary. 6 Chancre. 1 Croup. 10 GonorrhoM. 2 Diseased Kidneys. 2 Bronchitie, acute. 3 Onanism. 3 Suppression of the Men- 1 Ureal Debility. ses. I Rheumatism. t Flooding. 1 Disease of the Heart. 2 Diarrhuea. 2 Midwife,y. 1 Dvs-utery. 1 Difficulty iu making water. 4 Headache. ) Seminal Weakness 1 Typus Fever. 4 ?.xaini< atiou of the Chest to t Pleurisy. detect diseases. 2 Piles. 5 Coughing. SURGICAL OPERATIONS. 4 Bad Stricture* cured 1 Di<ea?e of th" Spine. without cutting or 1 Caucer ' n Breast removed, burning. 2 He norrhoiilal Tumor* ro 2 Iiitlanie Testicles mnvwl. 3 Bub es cured by au im- 1 Dislocatioj of Shouldet proved method. Joints. I Hydrocele 2 Operations for snuinting. 1 Fistula in Alio. 1 Diseised Testicle removed. 2 P*>lvp?? in the Nose re- 3 Small Tutno.-t removed fiotn moved. U?e Face. 1 U Icerated Breast. 1 Erysipelas. 1 Fracture. 1 Bleeding from the Lungs. 2 Cases i f Stabbing attended to. The iwior a tended lo wilhoat charge, every da?, between 3 and 4 o'clock. Dlt. H. BOSTWICK,. n2'l lwis'rc Attending Surgeou ann Plijsiciau. NEW YOKK HKASK HAND O'HE Members of the New York Brass Baud would respect i fully inform iheir patrons aud the public iu general that at a meeting of the Band, held at Military Hall, Bowery, 2nd Nov., Illll. Mr It. kVILLI3 was unanimously elected Le ,der, and C. S. GltAFULLA Composer of said Baud?aud lliev now feel assured lb it me Baud will be inferior to uone in this country.? 1'lie B oid would return'.heir thauks lor the very flittering pa tronage bestowed upon them the piat season aud ?ill use every eiertioa to merit a continuance of the raiue. Applicalioiis for the Band will be ma<te to Kichard Willis, Leader, 49 Ba aril afreet; James Cornier. "Vcretarv, 33 Bayard stre?t, or any of the follow tug inemtiers; VVm Wallace, 49 Spring stree'; Alfred 11. I Vales, t'l Norfolk street; Daniel Underbill. 114 Woostei street; M. '?le-ne, 150 For-vth street; Johu Wallace, 7 Clark street; John Bleauloy, 109 Walkei at net; J. Fu>sing, 44 Orchard street; tleii. <1 idler, i:i0 F.osv Ih strivt; f.. WI?-< ler, c >ruvr 9th A >e ie and lirli ^lre??f; S C. Luin, I4.'i(Vn're stie^ , DoC'orC. Slather, 114 Wonsler strert; C. S. firalulla ' omposer, 33 Bavaid s'reel. Itll'HARD WlLLlS. Leader. JaHKii ('iiNisr.H, S-cretary. N 1} ?Bands pro* d-d for Public Bills, Privaie Soirees, Keren ?|e? Vo. bv apidyinv to Wni Wallace, 49 Spring Mreet. ? I ' l-i?.e t u b N ' - H ' ? Ui'TtiL 'Pill! I'Ri >"H IKT' 'K ie?|iectlully mforins h s friends aud 1 Pie public thai he bis opened his new and spleudul hotel at 133 I* ulto . ,tr-e , t f, w doors east o' Broadway, iu Ihe imme dia'e vicinity of n rcanlile business and the priuei, al , laces of ?aausemeul, ai.d has uriushed it iu a style that will bear avor a'?le comparison with the very lie*t hotels in the city 1'he pro priet. r in buiMing ami fitting up the above houne has h id sti ic; regard to elegance and co ntort and tint he has coinhiued eco nomy the loll wing prices will show i UOO.V1 FOR ONE NIGHT 25 A WEEK 150 The rooms will be warmed gratis, aud u|K>u ho occasion will th-re be more than one b-*d in a room There ii a KEFEt/lUltY atticlied, in which there are nieats se> ved up at sll Hours of lite day aud evening. '1 bete .ire also B ill Itoouis connected, fur warm, edit and shower b'ths The Porter will be iu attendance at all times during the uiglit, to admit lodgers, and to let them out at all hours N. B.?Tho?- who waul LoiLjuks after the house clo es, will ring the hall hell. nl93m*m TUSTHnSEASON?Chap ?d hands are prevalent at this " tine, and eau b-cured by the applicatinn of t)t)l)LIDGE let U ITEM'S OWN REv'EDV , prepared Tnim a c-lebrs ted recipe given by a London Physician. Price 75 cents per hotile n*9 lw*rc CHILBLAINS! CHILBLAINS! CHILBLAINS ! A CERT AI !M cure for Chilblains is warranted by the use of COOLiDGE k CUTTER'S own Specific?Price 50ets. In all cases white relief is not obtained the money will be refunded. For sale wholesale and retail, 149 Fit I ton street, by n2i lw?ec COOLIDGE Ik CUTTER. BtilMO W'S SUPERIOR AND ELEtiANT COMMERCIAL SYSTEM of WrltliiK. TJE-OPENINO of Ms. Bhistow s WaiTitto and Short IV Hapid Acsukmv for pupils of aix aoks, oav and kvkis lien, at No. 158 Broadway, (hrtwrrn Maiden Ixint and T.ibn ty it.) Mr. Briitow rej|iectfully announces hit return to New York, from London and Boston, where he met with the most brilliant success. Mr. B. guarantees to all i*rsons of cvkrt anc, a mo.t supe rior h lud-writing, In Twr.i vr. Eair Lmims !!! no matter haw bid, n.t.K<nRi.rt nt smpkd, or defective their writing inav be. To thk Lsdiki, who meet daily from II lo I, he imparts a delicate and (lowing style, at ouce pleasing, elegant, recherche and lady-like. To THr 0?;i*TLr.*iti? he communicates an eipeditious and mercantile hand, hold, rRKK aud nusiNKts style, adiptedfor every occupation of life. N. B.?Additional Lesson* given, (free of extra charge,) if required by the pupil. Mr. B. can be seen from J to 1 ALM., or I to 9 P. M iml to 1 A. M., or 1 to9 P. M C p?i - ; - un'isinf aud useful art is taught by 5 9 4 ? ^ "***- SHoRr-H*."?o.?Thi?amu Mr. B. in 12 lessons. Bong-KKr-pirsn taight trractieilly nnd tciev'ifimlly. N. B.?Viiitkri iu New York can take* course ot Writing in 3 days '.! nil Im'nc TO PKKSONSriNTENUIN?* TO VISIT IHh IBLAMJ . OK CUBA. PROOK. ESO HOTEL, THREE MILES FROM HAVANA, With an Omnibus at the door every hour for 20 cents. n^HIS HOTEL, favorably known. Has been "iibr^ed, im l proved and luted up the pr?ient season, in the American style, with (lass windows, carets, he. A . regards locality and cli nate, it can boast of being simatrd on the moat eligible spot upon the wl ole Island. Its coutisaity to Havana affords the advantage ot a country and a city life, and almost a daily inter course with the United States. It is surrounded by pleaaanl walks and drive*, in lb- inulsi of some of the most delightful gardeus, to which visitors obtain tree adtniasion. To invalids it offers quiet, tranquility and imre air, without placing tliem oat of the reach of the best medjcsl advice and medicines ? The owner promises a food American tahle, every comfort and attention, on moderate term*. There will be horses in the house for riding and drivios. J. CAllBONAl. n7 tD3l*rrc COURSE OF FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROBERTSONIAN SYS I EM. ANEW Course will be opened ou Wednesday, 87lh Nov by Mr. EDMUND DU BUISSON, A. M.,?t 5 o'clock, P. M., 98 Leonard at ? Persons wishing to follow the Course are invited to attend at the lust Uaaon All the suhscriliers shall have the privilege of following the oilier courses, eicept the jadi-s' one. A course for l^ulies will be o|iened on Monday, 14th?days of tuition will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from ll>* to US o'clock. For information apply to Mr. Edmund du Bnisson, 400 Broad way. from I o'clock to 10 A. M. and from 2 o'clock to 4 P. M. Rtnuncn. M. M. DeLsforeet, t rench Con- Dr. Porter, I B irelav st. ??I Gene nil. " W, B. Drap*r, 57 Beaver E. Fabr*|urtta*^l .Vlaidea E. Logan, Em., 4 New ? Dr ( roaaman. 100 Broadway T*V W H.CarykCo.lMPearlst eulane. C. C. Carter It Co , I'8 do. ?t B>rard it Moudon, 36 Court ?relay it. M. Melly, M Manha Une ^|JU AK-U hhda Prime New <)r|e*as- f u ><ie nv 1 _ *. K. COLLI v< i CO. ? ** m m but.wa.ui AMI) VAKM rus eALS.-g^gW: ?. cs^tr Kn Kail load II iTa ? ood repair, MM of the bMmU mw, uil eajukl* of brewi n? MMbtRMlit *ea*oa. Mslt attached, capable of oaliitc MM bubali pet aunnm. Tew co an try birw?i? poeeeee dw noe advanltgw of doing t ?tie and ixofinH* btuoea. aitoated la the centre of t manalae Mntf diitrct. when the coasanpttoa of ale.u rapidly i? "rhef arm coasist* of Tt acre*. M of which it well timbered, (he reel under cultivation, wdl fenced and good btlidiag*. Will be told separately or together Tnww^.^ ROY Weet Troy, Albany County. Jnly Itoh. lt*4 jll tfre % It faro ABBEY HOTEL. IMd STREET, BLOOM INUD ALE ROAD. THE proprietor of tho Abbey Hotel would make hp beat bow of tlisuks for die liberal patronage given to hit house the past mmmer. r i> fully prepared for the fall boaineea, and would eheerftil It furnish parties or individual* with Bretaiut, Dinner*, or Htippera, at short notice Hi* stock of Liqaon, tad Eatable* will be foaad aa t, at alioi t notice lock of L dood the -markets ttford. *15 tf rre A GREAT BARGAIN. A LAKOE STORK AND DWELLING HOUSE i -'Ki ror sale, aUo a lew building Iota anuexed, located X^jL'" the centra of one of the most flourishing villages 011 the utilise:: The store is oue in which a lar^'e bunuess is now done, principally forcaah, aud in (till ou the increase; but ill health induces the owner to sell it. Buildings all in prime orler. Thee?tabli<hin*iit is well known to possess advantages rarely to be found e ther 111 the country or city. The owner (in case of sal* ) wuu'd lie willing U> assist as far as his health would permit, 'or a lew mniiths during his stay iu the pitce%toward ?till farther establishing custom for the concern Title iudispu table?ill short, it w ill lie fnund at a glance to be worthy tlie alien ion of the husiiirs* m.tu. Koriufoiinauou callouMessrs.HUTCHINOS,CASWELL Ik. S.Nll I H. 16 < filar St. nU< lin*ee M'l'O LET?Nine new Brick Dwelling Houses, thrne stories, w ith fiuihed boeiiieuts. in 3'id street, near trie iith Avenue, wi'h stable room for tlirer horses iu the rear of each liouue. Large yards and every thing convenient to accom modate one or%nore families. Apply to |J. S. TRfc-ADWELL, Upholsterer, No. *71 Hroadway, near Amity *'reet. N. B ?The above housea are well calculated for Cartmen. nlilm'rrc . _ FARMS FOR SALE. AN excellent Kami of 101 acrea, situated in New Jersey, in a good sute of cultivation, well fenced?seveuteen acres of exceMeui woodland, the remainder all cleared, and the greater part of it has been limed aud well manured withiu the last two yearr. House and uuildmgs iu good repair; plenty of good water, aud a variety of choice unit trees, aud a large Quan tity of flue chery trees. Several acres of very sui?rior soil has been u:ied for trucking, being withiu six miles of a good market, l'art of the purchase money may remaiu on mortgage 011 said farm, at six per cent. To be sold a Imrtaiu, or will be exchanged for city pr(i|?*rty. Apply to Mr. JOHN RUCAS TLE, I7r rout it.. New York, or to JOHN ONDERDONK, Es.i., Bouudbri'ok Road, near New Brunswick It this should meet tlie eye of JOHN' KOWLER, late of Bromford, uetr Birmingham, in Kugland, it will lie to his ad' vantage to attend to it. n3 lm*m TO MANUhACTUREKS |7OR 8ALK, a valuable Kactory, convenient ro the city all -T seasons of the year, the machinery of which is iu first rate order, liart of which is lor broad cloths aud part satiuets, w ill be sold at a great sacrifice. Address a note to A. B.. at this ollice. "27 lw*rc ARTIFICIAL PALATES, /CONSTRUCTED so as to remedy the lost of the natural ones. Incorruptible Teeth, of surpaseiug beauty, inserted from one to a complete set?and all operation* appertaining to the L)?utal Science, performed upon tlie latest London aud i'trisian principles, by Mr. WM. HARNETT, Surgeon Den tist of tlie firm, or J. HARNETT lit CO., of Loudoa and Puis. No. HI liroadway, opposite the Tabernacle. DAGUERREOTYPE GENEHAL FUR N 1RHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. T'HE HI rfilMJRIBERS beg leave to inform the l)mu?n?otyrw 1 Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their councc Cions throughout th? Union, the West Indies, South America and Europe. They have also inade arrangements to be supnlied with every new article used in the Daynerreotype Art. They have lately received a large supply of Voigtlaeuuer's celebrated Cameras, consisting of three ililfereut sizes, for the sale of which they are appointed Agents. Also, a supply of best Dates and Chemicals, either for Dagnerreotyiw or Calotte, made to their especill order. Cas<>* of all sizes. the best Polishing Substances, and every other article used for the Dagwrreotype, constantly ou hand. Their long connection with tlie Daguer reotype Art and their success iu taking pictnres, may serve ax a recommendation and reliance. Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering article* from any part of tlie nbove u im-d countries, nv:y de|>eiid upon a prompt and satisfactory ete-ution of then orders. Their price* an-cash. Price* Curreut and information may be obtained by addressing (:io?t-i>aid) m H. St V LANOMNHE1M, u24 lni*ec Exchauge Building, Philadelphia. nouveaut/s parisiennes, P AIR1US M1LL1 N^fu Y)fKs"r A B LI B'H MJfi N T, 4)13 Brotrtway, IITWIH CANAL AKD HOWARD STABETt, New Yoan. ? MADAM GODFREY to DAUGHTER, ?fTKHY Retpecifu'ly iuforin the lad!' I, that the arrangement* V made with the most celebrated mouute* of 1 arts aou Lon don, ensures to Llieir wtabl'ihntfut this season, the receipt by e*e-y arrival Irom Europe, the newest and latest uuioiu Thev have now open three casei just received, comprising tplendid Hats ol Parisian S*tinv Silk, Velrrtj itc., kc. Also, Caps, Head Dresses. Embroideries, fcr., to which they solicit a call !rom their patrons aud the ladies in general. Madame ti.U p. will at all time* use their utmost exertions to deserve a continuance ol the pjblic patronage. It r Dress Making ill all its various branches. Ladies own materials made ;o order. N. U.?Country Milliners supplied. All favor* will meet ith prompt Attention. n6 Im rc " SQUIRE to BROTHER NEW CHEAP (-AS H STORE, No. lHa llowiry, f\Y WATCHES, JEWELRY AND SILVER WARE. U ?We ?ay to onr fiiend* and the public, come aud see our New Store and Stock, and jadge tor yourselves whether our toods and prices are w.irtliv of notice. Spoons, Porks, Knives, lc., we have inanal'icturea of coiu. And ail goouA tola war ranted as ,epr?*ented. or uu sale Mr. C mover (vill known to the public as a *kilful Watch mikrr.) will niv- his whole attention to the repairing of Watch ?s Duplet, Lever, and ?ll kinds ..f Watches, repaired and warranted. (8 icli s are worth repining ) We have a person who attrud* to the repairing ol CI .cks. Hotels. Steam oats and Boarding Houses furnished with Oli ver War- at iratle price*. i^l6^hn^rre^ i^ALl A.NU fiati OX'Uiifc-?barrels llalUai fto. 1 IMS bbbNoa. 1.2, and 1 Mackerel. MC half do do do do 100 do No. 1 Messahad. SO half bbl* No. 1 Saybrook Hiisd |W bbls Cod and Scale Kith. 400 do No. 1 Uib'd Herriugt 1JO0 botes Scale I do IOOO lb* Smoked Salmon 100 kits Soused do 200 do Sounds and Tongues. MOO qtlt Cod Kish. suitable lor tinpDiig luOfl (>ekt Athtoo't Salt 60 half ami 5(1 quarters ness Mackerel. M oo onset Dtgby Herring 100 qua.ter barrels Salmon. kVr t?le in loti to ??>' pnrehaser*, be nil | m * in NELl- ON. WELLS k CO., 81 Dey tt. GENUINE TEAS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL THU C A N T U N TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STOKE, 1*1 CHATHAM STREET, N. Y. brunch Slorei, 318 Hlteckrr tli ?<*, ifew York. 161 (hand itreiei, near Suffolk, 191 Ureenwich, neur Awton, 116 FiiU on itrret, Uiooklyn. t? Cheitnut and ii North i\flh street, Philadelphia. 71 l/uiuwer street, button. INVITE tht at.t ntion <?f City and Country Kainilies anO Purchiuers to tlMir several establishments, where they thinr. will be found by I it the belt selections of pure and uudulterateit l'eas in the United Stales. The universal pojul.uity and re town of their house with rrlrreuce lo high qualities, low prices sod uprittht dealing,is too well understood to render further coin meats necessary. Original aud uulv warehouse for the sale of Howqua's black Tea?"Observe!' ?Strangers will beparticular to remember the number of tlie principal store tu Chatham St. rit:?181, betw-eu I'earl and llosevelt street The public will alto be pleased to take notice that the Canton 'JYa Company iiave nothing to do with ?y other store* eicept tliote describe)' ?t the top of this advert"'ement anM >ro*ee SCOTT'S WHOLESALE AND RETAIL li R O O E R Y AND WINK STORE, 70 Naaauti Street. OUPERIOR TEAS, COKKEK, SUUAR.?Also, Wine* in ?3 everry variety?Olard, Champagne and Coguiac Uiandy; Irish and Scotch Wlusk'y; Old J.unaica Ruin; Holland (tin; London Brown Stout; EdinburgliyUe, KiesMfr^iU^Sic., *?<?? Wholesale aud Retail Store, 75 Nassau strvet. N. B.?People from the country. Hotel aud Boarding Hon** Kee|-rs who buy for cash, will liud it to their sdv.snt.qre to five this establishment a call. Ooodtteut to any part ol the city tree oi expense. o30 lm*rrc NOTICE TO SOUTHERN AND WRSTERN MERCHANTS. rT?HE subscriber continues to manufacture and has constantly . I on hand a full assortment of Ploughs smtalile for the South era and Western Markets, manufactured from the best materials I jy old and competent workmen, which he it prepared to tell at reduced prices. Alto, a general amortraent of Agricultural Itnplementt aud Machinet of the aiost approved patterns too numerous to men tion ; together with a full assortment of Selves, Screens and Wire Cloth of his own manufacture. , ^ And, also, agent for Win. Hovey's Patent Hay and Straw Cutters, a very su|?erior article, at the manufacturer's prices?to gether with K. N. Smith's Pat.-nt H >rse-|>ower Coru-shellers. P. S.?He it also preiviiad to esreute orders for Cottou (iins and (iin Oeer*. Kice and Cotter lluller*. Mill Ueermg, Ike,, fcc. DANlEL L. CLAWsUN, nl4 lm*rfC 191 Water strr?t ~ FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED 10 HO. 66 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.I ADALE8ME, Importer aud Agent for Man a facta rer*, hut ? elwsyt on hand a large assortment of dinner and lea sets, is plaia white aud gill t rench I'orceUjn, at well as Dinutr and Dessert Plates, of sll sites, assorted, 8o<ip Torrent. Covred Dishes, Salad Bowls. Kruit M.ukeu, Cnttardt sad StAlso, Kaacy Tea S-t?, aad Rith Dec-rated Dinger Sets. Alro, Tea aad Chocolate War j. Or**, Kreuah and America* ,h<5l the srtleles are warraated of the bott qualirr, a*d t? b? ?old on libera] tar tat, aad ia lots o mit'MTehaaert. L s I a ?m?ee COLT'S REPEATING PlaTULfl, " WITH tlie l itest Improvements of IIH3 aud IBH 1. Hammer of Pistol?I. Receiver with live (^hainliers? 3. Trigger?d. Wedge for holding barrel upon piu?t. I.e\er or rammer to ram tne ball down with. The above it I true representation of the Colt's Patent Re. peating Pistol; great iin|io*itiotis have lately been jirsctispd up on the public by representing and selling the oil Barrel or Self Cocking Pistol as Colt's Patent Pistol, which, with all its im provements, is American anu made of the very best material*? no cast or tnaleable iro t as in t^e sit barr*l pistol, and highly finished in every respect The Sit Barrel or Self;Cocking Pit lol it a lleliiiau invention?the pattern pistol was imported by a Utrman iminirter from Enrope for a manufacturer of thit aittcle some years since in thit cty. ... ... , , Colt's Pat 'it, Pocket, Bell and Holtter I'litols, with tlie ram mer attached, is tlie latest aud inott approved of improvement in fire arms, and for tafetv, sure lire, accuracy anu distance, they are inferior to none. 'I lie Pocket and Short Barrel Belt I istol Can be lired w ill out powder, loaded with balls aud caps only, withgreit ncenracy, at 10 to 12 pacet, aud with great force, they can lie loaded and ftrrd five time* iu lets tliau half a mi nute. Certificatet from the most tcientifie end practical navy and military officers of high rank aad reputation in the United States service, as well as Krench and English navy, can be seen at the proprietor'! tl ire. 'I ne Colt's Repeating Pittolt, Carbines and Shot Uuns are told for cash at 171 Broadway, New York, by JOHN EIILEHS, Proprietor. At7 Cliartrrt ttreet, New Orleans, by II K. Baldwin Ik Co. snil 122 Baltimore ttri'-l, Ballnno e. by llenj. p. ha, Contign ees?at Messrs. Birckbead St Co'a llio de J uiei -o,, and at Hyde It Oood'iek s, New Orlems. ri20 tm*ec ELI/A BK'I H CLASSEN, <) \u jhter of John Heini'ch Clas- , sen. formerly residing in I'liiladelphi*. near C|ie?n?t r id Twelfth str.ets, will liear important sews from a wealthy re'a- | lire ia Euroiw, st the Counting House of JAMES I'ATTI BON, CommiasioB Merchants, i Chutch Alley, I'lolsdelpliia. 14th .Nov i#i4. ai# )aw4w*rc ONE-PRIOEIHAT STORK BRoWN U.VO. haveopenedtheirMM*mMmcor $ "h ' ?d MrMt a"d ^"*Lt^1,> w)Mtei.No*in* Wlth W The proprietor* lor sevei U" oue-price cash system facture and Mil u goo4 ?ay i lactate and tell as giHni aa articl establishment in the United St* tee. BROWN k CO'H Wholesale and Retail ?I lsa*ic Hat. Cap and Kur Stuff. I7? Cliauiam aqaare ] LADIES' VELVET HATS. 1 CAKL KINO beys leave to announce to the Ladies of BKf New York and iu vicinity, that he has for tale at hiscele bnt-d establishment, No. 17 l)ivisiou a tract, a Unt? and fashionable aaaortment of Ladies' Velvet Hats, of all colon, and trimmed in the moat fashionable style, at $* each. The Velvet is a eupnrlor article to what is generally used. CARL KINO, 17 Division street. N. B.?A I ante and fashionable assortment of Paris Ribbons. at tlie most re.vsou.ihlc prices. oM lm*ec NOTICE TO THE LADIES. The firm of BAKKNNK It CO , the on'y Millinery GDI House iu the United States that has a branch in Paris, have tlie honor to iuform the Ladies, who are desirous of having the true Kreuch Hats, that they will receive by the Bicket Kraucois 1st, from their branch m Pari*, two ?? ars, such as will be worn this winter iu the said city. ?N B ?Not last year'*, but those ol" this seasou ollrt LliGS. HANDS, AKMS, <Sec. The Lou of Fret and l**i no Hindrance to Iht Jlcl of IViliking I JOHN K. THOMAS. Cork Leg Maker, lie., 472 Water street. New York, resiwctiully iufoivis the public that he continues to manufacture ARTIFI CIAL LIMBS, on a pi ui the moat coriectawl less complicated, Iiaving, through necessity, invented, made and worn &u artificial leg for forty vears, and been a manufacturer for thirtylive years, feels confi deut of giving satisfaction to all who call on him for Lws. Hands, Arms, or tlie cominou Wood Leg. N U ?All letters must b? post-i>aid. of ii 12 !2m*ec TOOTH-ACHE CUUKD IN ONE MINUTK. by the use of the CLOVK ANOUYN E.?This is an excellent arti cle, and will cure tlie most violent tooth ache or pain m the gums, in one minute. The < love Auodyne is not unpleasant to the taste, or injurious to the teeth, and will rKHMANKNTLV cure auy tooth to which it is applied. Price U cents. Kor sale by A. B. BANDS h CO., Chemists and Druggist. >73 Broadway, comer Chamben 'street: 79 Kulton street, and 77 East Broad way. nl7 lm*ec B E HIGHLY rEUKUMED KOH THK HAIK.?Tlii? Oil i? chemically I'repared from the genuiue bear. grea?e, and highly .ceuted lor the hmr. Nothing wall ?oon cr nop it from falling off, or rtilwt it m bald place., than tin. (ir-nanUiou. Itadd. new lift* to ihe roils of the hair, and give. it nil unequaled gloa.ineM and t ""rtatir avis:;-.'! irJetsSsSi Prepared audMid^ by A. B. batjvb ? .?k. H?,d also cents ; large, SO ctnU. ? 1VI WISE n p T f (M A N FROM* OEllMANY. pnhhc iu general, tlia^ h u ud mp.t complete a? opeus to-dav at til pruauyuy .? ... u| (juia, Silver, tortmeui of S|*ctacle? aud Ileadim, public, to whom and Suet Krarn-.. 11' would al?o reuujid uie he i? partly known by hi. <uiu I knowW)je u| the optical lince the la.tniue VC?ir 1' ,v.? ,.| uses .unable for any aeience he I enabled to \Xgti3l with (Urn. s??s?% htttw fta'sapr aud lmyrov lugine s ?m . . ^,n operated upon foi f'SSSS^JSSMSS.H? ".erU l.iSSwUe new gla-? of ^rior'Pity in old frame., and jol.c.t. the patromuje of all ii want of bis article*. i'leaws c yyjSK, Optician. ? B. ' \na anil bucking ULIN8. from the lowe.t to finwt qual '???. UtkiU<? M auVTaUe Ouliery lU.zor?, Scissors, Hie., Saw., Tool., j uMLotheMle.cription.ol ShetoldU^ood*te j j.-K'I. GENTLEMEN AND LADIES TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET. OLD BOSS RICHARDS lia. ?et up twenty J young men in the Boot and Shoe business in ttn.?JH?W city Tie intended to have gone out of the bu.ine.a ill Octo ber,'but hi. health i. ?o much improved, " ^ ''I*'"" new Boot and Shoe Store at 321 Hudson, next to the cone* of Vandam street, where all hi. old friend* and the public gi-o erallv mny rely on hi* genuine, fishiouAblr, aud flaunt Boots, Shoes! Gaiters, India Ku biters,fchildreu * Shoes a; mces to suit eveT one', pocket. Ke.neinbe, that onlv one tnai ?re,,uj|ile to wove the advantage of hw establishment oeer any other in fTie cVy a.ld that the No. i. 32J w?.t .ide of Hudson, next to Van d un st. Just push the doorjfcd connein?bring in the cM<lr*n too?Bless the fcvm't < hild, how like tin mother. n20 lin * MORRIS CANAL AND RANKING CO ,> ? Jkhsky City, Nov. 30, 1841 $ A T an Election held thi. day (or Director. of thi. Company, A the following named gentlemen were eho?en, ?i*. Thorn*. Tile.ton, Benjamin William.ou, i.i?**nh II V-trauin. IVrer McMaitin, Japhrt Bishop, \rt-derick T\ * velMghftVM, ClUterClaik, John StrtHer, Jr. (jeorge OiiiwoM, J,T"iJ nh Jonathan 1. Coddingtm, John I. Bmuit, J. hn lUukin, H-nry Mcfarlane, Jacob ?1ille, . Klnah^ Scott., Samuel R Brook., J"''" Willink, Daniel Tyler. John < . J. Woodward Haven. Zebedee Cook, Jr. Jose h W AUop, At ?i anbseuueiit roeetinK of the Board, Dauiel I yler, Ksquire, i wat chosen Piesideut, in the ro in of Beiijainiu Williainiou. S$^?d Johu... d2 lNv*rr?' ? uliU taiAHLISHEL) Mr.lJlvATt.lJ YAPUft BATHS, 3*45 Bionitwny. MRS. CARROLL b-g. le ye to emiud the lub'ic if the neli-knowu elficai y ol her Vapor Until, in all case, ol t ,i,|i|i-ii . ol a, coug ?, affe. ti< n. of ihe respiratory orgHna. rlieu lam Sir. Snlpliur B?th. for di.eajw. ol tli .Jin re<(ufie OM hum', notice. I'oruble Bath, wut to au> part of the city. |rn 0 Iwrc ? ? gUEAT REDUCTION l.N PK1CE. KII'TY CKNTS I'KR BOTTLK. Tlli*'. CH1KK VIRTUES of the TRICOl'HLROUS, oi I'.itent Medicated Compound, are 1 i?Jta bracing, itreuRthening and clarify ing nualitiei 2?Its gently stimulating the actiou ol the skin. # 3?lu producing and encouraging a leactiou in the bulb of root, aud particularly in the pulp which receives the veacrlt aud n rv?\ giving life aud vigor to the hair. 4?lta e<iuali.inR the circulation ofjthe nnid.. . 5?Its freeing tlie ?kiu from the effect, of pertpinUOBi .curl and dandruff,, mid di.posing the hair to curl. . , 6?And Ita lreiiuent u?. will nreaerve the hair in beauty and health, to the latest period of life. (iratuitous advice given ou a dneaw couoected with llw hair, at the Hair Cutting Room., 146 Uroadw Jy, up .tairv corner of Liberty ?treet. " "l "" rc BLANCHARD'S PATENT STATUE, WOOD AND COAX HrOYE??FOR HALLS, t'ARLOBS, CHIIRCHES. PUBLIC ROOMS, be. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL rlMlE8K STOVES area Statue of Waahington, tl.e rather 1 of our Country. The liberal pwrouage tVy received iMt wiiiter, and the universal .aliafaction liiey gave, ha. mdured the inventor, at a eip-nw, to introduce a larger ?i/.e, e|. g.uitly ..ruameiited, with a nuca door, .ml auiinounted with a .plnidiil female figure. These atove. h ive a decided advantage in lavor of the purcluuwr. They may be n?. J for years, without any etpeiiw, with very little care. Numernu. teitimonial. ?t the good dualities of the at.ove stove., from gentlem-u of the higlv eat .tit.diru, from all pit. of the United States, cui be a?*n at the atore of the subscriber, wliere will al.o lie found the Corin thian Parlor Stove?an entire new and iplendid article, .u|>erior to any e?er yet offered to the pnblic; together with a complete a., of Stove. ^ ^ one uoor east ol Broadway. Ml B ?Statues for 9toop?, Niches, and other onumenial pur oo?"for sale a. above. '>? ""*rfC BALLS, PAKTIEB, ASSKMBLiKS, fce. would do well to give JERVIS a cill f r Kngraved Ball 1 icketa, prm'ed Circular., and Card, of Invitation of e ery de.cripliou, he be ing prepared tod., Bill Printing as cjie.l^r.huianv one elre in the city. Call >ud .ati.fy' younell "t. JKRVlS S Original t li??p Kngriving and 1 rinting Kstabliahinent, .IJ8 Broridway, next door to the Taltematla. nIB itn rrc TO THE DAGUEKRIAN ARTISTS. JUST RECEIVED from 1'ari., bj |?cket .hip !? ranci. the ?OlrKrench Daguerreotyi*- I late., large ?ir.e, (.tar brand.) 12 Arrnmat'C Olasse., inche. diameter. 12 dor.cii of Oilt Frame., of different .i*f s. C I German Insfruincnw. for tuning fa ml v. vroBP*; And Tor sa'e chcap for cash by ? I". A. AK 1AU L. I. 1 Kr"nch Material. Iiniiorter, ? Laf r/ettr Bazaar, H9 llroHway, cor- of liberty ?t. n!? lm?rc PILKS PILES.?DOCTOR CORBI'l'T'H De'et^eiit l'ill., a,ild at 16 L)uane.treet, N. Y., at M cent. |ier ho*. 1 heae Pill, have lately obtained a high reputation iu ca.,e. of_Pile., Herpes and Ki?tula?-havin? met approyal in inch cnse.fcy gieat Loudon authority. The Doctor the priv ilege to teler to several person, who have obuined immed|ate and inrmanent relief from their use They may be taken by ftmales, 111 any, and every period of ger.Mtion. 1 he Doctor wn.rant. to cure Ki.tnla, without in ojieration, orno charge, lie has in lui po. teasion .ome re.|iect<ole telerence., which cau l>? .wu by |*r sou. calling on him at '6 Duane street. nio lm ec READ THIS. ALL CA^KS in the Surgicil and Me 'ical line, especially thoae of long .landing,can recciie advice aud medicine grati. ou the lirst application, neither name or nee rei|Oireil, at No. 57 Keade .treet. Hhlnr,, M. U. n27 >m*rc ? MEDICAL CARD r\OCTOR KAWCKTT. of I9? Fulton .treet. New Vork. LJ Member of the lloysl College of Surgeon., of London and Kdinburgh, and (irai.uate of the Jefferson Medical College nl Philadelphia, al.o autnor of a work embracing the following -ubject., vi*. .-^Matrimony, lmpotency and Steiility, auato mically, phy.iologicalL . and meuically e*pl?med, with a com oreiie>i.ive i jpo.ition of the 'iiature aud inodeni treatment of Hypnili., Becordary Spinytoma, Oouorrhae; UMI, Stricture., Nocturnal Emi..ion., and all theronae<|uence. Irom sell nolliition. Doctor Kawc.ett continue, hi. private consulf.tion. on the above-mentioned disea^-s, at hi. long e.tablished office, IW Kiillou .treet, where the m.iat ag'fnvated form, of all affee lion, of the generative nrgaua will jieldlo In. mode of tie.t ment without restraint in diet or e?e rcise, and without mer cury' K*en when the procreative eneigiea become torpid or paralyzed, from f*res.ive indulgence, or from ma.tnrhatlon, he Vv ,1) \w jble to restore the part, to health aud vigor. I er*>u. at a di.lance, eiicloatng ?!. can have a eopy of the work All letser. mint he poet paid, anil directed to Ur It raweetl, 196 Kulton New York. n26 tm'm DATENT ftlltATIIlMM Kh.l.T.? Ilcue. I'aieut shenimng T |>elt. a eery ?ni erior article for .hip.' bottom; ?nd the tool. o(ho.M. for Mleky k. K. COiXma fc^CO^ mifOLU COUNTRVMICN?llemltwnee. in .inall or larfe 1 .on made to all partt of Europe, oa a plnu which wi I MtirelT prevent the Ins. or delav .if the tame r or particular. "EST C.LI VINOBTON, Vwjjfo^ Medical Aid. QIXRET HABITH.?There is a certain secret vice existing O imuoi the youthful and indiscreet, that lead* to a premature debility, uecay, old aite, insanity and desth ; and such a death as none can contemplate without shuddering and thrinkiug from the horrible thought of telf-deatruction, to which the** deluded victims are rushing withtuch fearful velocity. Or. Bell, ttaper intendant of the Asylum at Charleitown. Mast., in alluding to the subjrct of this notice says: " There is a foul plasue in oar midst cutting off among the young, the beaut'ful.isud the pro mising of niir land." Dr. Woodward, of the Massachusetts Stag Luuatic Hospital, says : " It is the viceof ignorance, not olupnritj, aud that something should be done to rescue the most promising you h of tbe State from this miud-wasting in dulgence." *1 lie late Dr Hush in a letter to Dr Gregory says: " It is lime for those w ho love the purity or the well-being of society to ii*ak out upon a vice which is dangerous only in pro porlioa to the secrecy and silence iu which it is involved. Dr. G'egory has receutly receivid a letter from Dr. Monroe of the N. Y. 8. Luratic Asylum at Utica. He says, ' It is mne blighting to body, mind, aud soul lhan any other vice We have now in the Asylun, about 300 confirmed lunatics, whose mental as well as bodily imbecility has been cau ed by this insidious aud desolating habit.'* Imrot-nce and barrein ess Irequeully arise from this c.iuse, and should the health, either ineutal or physical, tie scared for th-present, jet does nature keep a most ri.' d record of all delinquencies. and sooner or liter will biiug the t ansa rector to a feail'ul reckoning. Dr. 0 ruo') has published a >rt alise upou this and olli'r tub jects if a private nature, highly interesting t" *11 ag?s, sexes, and comlitious, but the most agreeable part of this notice to those i terested, will be that which relates to the remedy that is ca able of repairing a broken constitution?it, is ''Dr. Gre gory's Invigorating Tonic Cordial," it may be relied upon in all case* with a certainty of cure, except wh-ie on pre existed. or where orgauic derangement has since occurred. If it were a subject of propriety to iiublish the certificates of its value, the Herald would not be Urge enough to con tain the half of those th?t have been received, aud the thou ?audi that have been offced It it a medicine ihat invigo rate! tli-- system, and eur dies anil nourishes the lliiids, aud is |uaculiarly efficacious iu re, airing inward wasting* lot of ui'is-iitn, indigestion depression <>f spir ts, shortness of bteitli, and many other symptoms which are generally supposed to belong to, or precede a Consumption of Hie lungs; price $2 ?or iu cafes of hatf a dozen for $ 1(1. aud forward, u by express as tier order, (he price of ihe book is 60 cents? $1 by mail will obtain il post paid to any part of rli?- United Slut s. Oil. GREGORY'S HesideiK f is 6(i Gold street, N. E. cor ner of lieeUrnau stteet where he may be consulted in lilt pro feoion, privately and confidentially, at all hourt of the day or evening. /* Ordert by mail will receive particular care aud prompt Iten'iou?they may be addresaed to " B,x 'Ji7 Upper l'oat Ollice, N. kpost-paid. d2 Im'rc ENGLISH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN iHIPFINO AGENCYjcAT LIVERPOOL HAVING withdrawn. our A^S'^^'vir/^herehy'an " *tlHt M imI'ti aM ?" k" :"?? - of No. t Court street, Bos taid Agexu MK38KB. ADA-MS k CO.. a their leveral Oft ret, at followt: Baltimore No. 9 Coort .treet, J}"*^ ^ ^Ve^WuhipJto.. Liverpool May I, WW. _ tfBOTIWWFWSii a hams' Hi CO by which ail Goods jiaitiuit throt?h their *id'Agents. Afrrtrt Mam, f Co. at Boston tuid New York, ?! r.rvicet'lor llie tafe aud tapid transmission of imi>orUiit Low ^America, is prepared to afford any information upon this "K und give security for the due performance ol all such SSSgMmSV* entrustid to hit Liverpool eauhlithmrtl. * t*T? uvt.ll'.!! To M lendleM all who wijness eifthe |?lc and ghast ly object, caus?l b| tpitting blood, and a moil violent cough, witli night ??[***?? a hoavseuess and found of the voice, indicating an alanaiug state ol disease, mv cleriryman was plain with m?*, aud stated that I hafffcut a few days to live; my *''0, caWite BlTCilfifBirCTii niper ttreet. one door Wow Hace^ltt>i>?(J ' aN REKVKB. ft""9* B# caution* to a*k for the on/i ' Cow SlSmnfl^ild Cherry? a*all otn c preparation? from thi? I ti'Pierce 4 Sinnwii Hall, Maiden L?ane, Alb?uiy,S. Vor , Backus^ BuV Tr'oy N. York;. M 5Wm^StieSttry^Swell, Mauu.; Jasper.C. Ay re, Lowell, M?S': E. Holden, fc??t Boitnn, Matt-; Hamutg k Sterenf, Boiton, i>Ui"; t. M. Cohen k Co., Cbarleiton, 8. C. teptl lB*ec. ON the CURE OF STRICTURE TN A ifORMEH ADVEKTISEMENTON BTIUCTUKJC by ?? u^uettnry lhai the iiream of urine thould ?^ra,ZM?ubl'si" casM,'"iiur' strictutr may tx^i for mouth* and even ffin "n^^and Z^oXl^Sr"^ i-p At* fiieAiit t)f curt' Many other symptoms might be mentioned, tream nwrn?^*I*,mi?ch^nii^tsi^'orVm^i^|pa?what ^i^ oVXrvedlis the ^uldjr way ?w.h^.t ^ ZuM'til away ti m to wetth?i., trifling as it ma, II? Jffil fffoill a itrong impicion. Not that tlm drop or tw"cTm procee^ from ?r whalevar; but. certainly, ?vsftr-r. "orm? GoVowSr niv ?*?? ?^'??? UN "uaKD.-A Gonorrh?a, though not the only.libyfartfie molt f leoueut cauie of Stricture. It 11 not itt ?fvent> , to much ss the Imkth of tiuw iu gleety itagf niay haye remained, that i? l j i N?ith#r ii it poftftiblr in every ease to itate K.w iZ thit may continue without prodneing Stricture, lot ??Ti* nrtanlly more ditpoted to Stricture anotlier. II, however it iliould have coutinued from ?it to weeks, Jthii KSrettK )?->?< would Itrengtl.rn ?ny oGier tutp.c.ou. Crn"Tr"'r ]su,a.!'? Ks.urw thi Mm?l INothing ^ j j a**!,*! nn- *nt will easily iinagiue that, at tliere it t midmnibv which S- mind to powerfully acu upon tneto 01 ?an. ? through Uie ^me medium the ^.ual mpu.^act tfc mind. Thu, however, it better explained in The Private Treatiie" of the luthar, a little volume winch it lent to !nany^>?rw oV :he world. At the core of Stneture proceed., th^"ofTBSt-thi.. it U gratifring to itste is generally ace?tmpliahed iu veiy little time, and without (M or mconvenienee. ^Unug can exc?d MnP'ovement iff late vean iu tli' tieatment of thu eomi'lMnt. Indeed, iu the liT.mll of proper atid ex|?rienced i-r?,:it, the cure ?f Stnctnw i. now aceoinplithed ta a. many Ja/s a' formerly it demanded mnothi Many perioni consul' the wri'er who come on 1bu?i n -is to thit citv for a ihort tine only, bnl return rrr^ thotii i i* has been a source trou ile and aniietyfoi SSItr T^thoi; who Suinot leave their horors, the writer fur uisbei his own peculiar iiiean* of cure, togf tlier with lui Pn* U*T ealite "which l"<s an interesting chai ter, giving every infr /mation on the wbjrct, and wmted id ^pl^Lm^,fbe rons'ttli-d'^u"; var' .SH^^ KK hb d "'Uni noust, No. ?? Gtewwieh itjwt, at Rn,ln criVMinenee of the number of pretemlers ?no b^ki of auacli.n- whieh inlrtt thU city, he deeuii it proprrt, fhe following Ita?ment. at a aatitliiclory ground of conB deuce t?) *tranfer?. H^?idrs hi* rank as Ciruduute rfMinbunih, L lie he hai l^ii enfcage'l iu tht' cure ol these diseases, both uf hospital and city pmctio-, for morr than thirty yran, n" mSKS fhii rtifion, ol a work exprctaly on. them. Alio. that he hat letteri from the nwtt em'nfnt phytictini m^"rope from the moit -miuent men in Ainer ca-aj Sir ^UtleyjC?ou?, (if Loi don to l>r. Mott, of New York; Ur. rnysie, w miiaoei phu ard 'mher.. and'that hf i. .penmtted, to refer ?o_ almost rv-rj D'yiician of rmmer.'* in thu?W. Th* rri??t?T?? tiit II- Addieit Dr. llalph, ?enT.," Greenwich tirrst. oil lm'rrc MEOICAL ADVICE DOCTOR LAMKRT in ?till coufidentully consulted, at hit old office. 63 tJold itreet, between l<ulton aiid Beektnan, on all disease! of^a delicate nature ; hli treatment being mild Mid ludieioos reouiret ncitlier ciurcxry, reitraint in diet, or hm dranee riom buinesa purtaiti. Iteceut caM* cured in 1 or * ^Ability NERVOUS ok constitutionm.. arSiug from a too frrnuent indulgence of the paationi of indti fouti, and thereby earning nightly emissions, and event naily confirmisd ini^ e-.gage the Dr "'''"yt his object being to rettore the syitem. mentally and bodUy, to ii,ar state of vigor uat'ire onginally deaigued. STRICTURES, a disease frt-.|tienlly existing Without the oa'tient being the least aware, sometime* caused by mal treat tnent of uninitiated medical pretenders, and s..metinies by lie neglect of the partie. tl^mselve., art, by the Dr. effectually cured, \vithoit i>min or inconvenience. The Doctor Iteitiff one of tl?e few qualified advertising Wur ?eons iu -lie city, gnarautee* a perfect cure, or no eliarge made. Letters?po?t-p?i<l. enclosing a fee, immediately at'eud^ to, and medicine, with 'Irice, sent toyy P?rt 'il 't>e United State*. Odica, Gold *ti*?l. 0|?n from I A.M. to ? P.M. oil ltn'rrc "diseases ok the urinary oh cans. Such as Chronic and Acute Diseases ef the Bladder. Also Gonotrhiea, Urethra, Whiles, Prostrate Gland, Strictures, ' Kidne>s, and Sfi0!,n*1 l.oins Diabetes, kc., ir> speedily and effeettrlly removed by Al emethy a Botanies! Pills without one particle of mercury. They are equally si it able for female. They give tone and energy to the generative organs rarely, if ever. ex|wri?nced from taking ol *. For tale by Wm. Watson, A|<oUwCMties 11*11, *., ALsTIi stmt, wd 1*7 MwifH iMf *?!* "PHJC BANK AND ANT1DOTK - X Disease, aad til hia grisly Dam, An w? a poo the wing again. Wrap'd in thick tog* or chilling ihawm. They com, to rack thrsr frames of ooii. Lo ! Silioiu Cholic IrAds the vaa, ft The mortal enemy of man: Dyapepeia marches by hie aide, Seising a victim at each itriile. Uxunatit *001, and Plruriey, for their dread share put in a plea. Ague aad Fever, Cough, Catarrh, Are armed to carry on the war:? While fierce Consumption?form of fear? Cat* off the stragglers in the rev Cold*. intermittent*, indaramatioa. Of every denomination, Morbid diaorden of liver? Diseases of the vital river, That, wandering through the mane of nw The syilem auccora and suitaius? Are at thia acaaon all too rile, And, Vampire-like, their food ia life. Diaeaae'a seeds are in tlie air? For their dread coutact then Pacraai! As Jaclttop laughed at British brags, Knscouced behind liia cotton bags, And, knowing how his guus to train( Swept the invaders from the plain So yo>J may laugh at deadliest ilia. If your defence is I'LTLll'S FILLS ! They sweep disease away at once, At surely as Old Hickory's guns? Ami, like the foes hk uuclit to tly. They never come back their luck to try. Cholic, Dyspepsia, fevers. Chills? A>ount! My spell is I'KTKKS' P1LL8! I atiNCirAL Orrtcc, 126 Kulton, corner of Nassau street. oSI lin' m IU 1 tit. LADibh. DR HULL'S UWHO ABDOMINAL SUPPOBTmHB ? THIS new Instrument for In* radieml cure of Prolapsus Uteri or Falling of the Womb, hy external application, supeis-dinpr the use r tlir ofajifctiounl Pewary, i. confidently re ?oin mended to the afflicted u the means of perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of perfnrtniiur a cure. even under the must aggravated eircomainner*. The Supporter has attained a very high ? character in Europe as well ? in this conntnr It it adopted to tta entire dise-jeof reaaariea, and all other painful surgical espedienu, iu die Lying-m Hospitals of Lon don and Paria, and is universally r.eomMadedioEur^P?*' medical mm of the highe.'rank. In.Una country iXU ?m tained by the leading members of th? facttlties of Colleges and H"tr>ita1>. and bT allthe eminent private prectiUonenr Kooma hare ben furm.ned eicluanelj for Indiea at NO-f Vaaey .tree}, having a serrate entrance from the busiueas d? rartinent, where a lady i? in constant atUudanoa W WPlj Tm-ai and Bnppo^ female patients wll iinrr . HULiL/S TK UbbfcS. NO TICK TO RUPTURED. PERSONS. l'EKSONS afflicted with Kupturea may rely /^^*^^k'ipon the beat lestrumental aid the world affords, (( 1 m application at the Office, No. 4 Vea?y street. V JSt JJ? to either of the Agent, in the principal towua in the United Statue. Be careful to ex amine the back pad of.Hall's Trusses, to we. if they are endoned by Dr. Hull, in writing, None are genuine, or to be relied upon m pood, without hie signature. . . . -ria?ii>. Many persons have undertaken to vend imitation* of null s c*ieiirateaTrui???. and thouaanda sre.impoaod noon in conte nueuce These imitation. cannot be relied upon; Uiey are made b^ nnakilfiUmech'ioica, and are no better than the ordinary IWis hay. bee. fitted up at No. 4 Ve^y at^ eicl?i"ly f?r ladiea, having a separate entrant* ^om tl^UMB? iej^ mroi, where a female i* ? constant attendance to will apoi bpiw p?t?ei?tr Medical Card. doctok m O R R 1 S o N , XTOHTH RIVER DISPENSARY, ?*% Kulton me*. IN Doctor Morrison continue to be cousulu-d confidentially, on all private diseases, which lie cure* without merenry-, itraint in diet or pursuit. Recent cases, particularly uonor A5flU(:TUHK80KTHK UKETIJHA are cured, by Dr M. on improved principle*, without pain or incouvenience tc ?e uatieiit. At the symptoms of Stricture are analofoos with thosp of other affections of the urinary apparatus, uoue lmt es upr?enced Surgeon* should be allowed bo make the necessary** SStionrMtho* affected with enlarged prostate gland., may suffer much injurv from awkward prt\?UitioDHrs Nervous and Const.tutional Defctfcly.?This affection, and the train of ?*v?U resulting from a aecrei. destine tire habit u. youth, inducing emissions ani ultimate, impocencT, Ira radically cured by Dr. M.. on pathological fmnciples, JSwriim the system to a healthy tone and reinstating iw oil,, nal vigor. A perfect cure guaranteed. or no cb?ju. . .... I N S.?Dr. M. hold, no commuuion with topl'cal Pretender. 1 who claim to be .urgeoni, a. he ii. perhaw. the onlf UttaM advertitiuif Burgeon in the city, r^ee hn hi?o?*ej 2t4X Kulton .treet. Letter. |w.t-paid and containing a fee will in.ure medicine and advioe to any P?lJl)JJ^' from Office, 204?*Fulton, neM Greenwich, New low. "'"jijj? T A. M. to 10P. M.,daily. na lin k HAS PRONOUNCED DR. SHEKMAN'S \VOKM I.O EKNOK8 to b? the beat preparation for tlie destruction of worm, m children that ho. eyerWn offered, fnd?ihr&."V"> pleasant to the ta.te that they are taken without any difficulty. Thev have now been in use more than five years, during which tim/thJy ^vr ?come well known m every pan of the land from Maine to Georgia, and from the Atlantic to the Kocky Moontains. Their administration has been attended wUh won derful mcceu, .o much .o that parent, hare now no confirtoace in anv other medicine for the expulsion ol worms, lne tesu mo^l?in"hn7farirarerery numerousandconunue wpour in from all quarter, of the country. How many children can be found who are .offering from worms, and are pining away for the want of a proper remedy. Eren the cause of the .niter Sng i. not^ius.lected. One boi of 8herman'. Worrn boxenge. will remedy tlieeTil. Tamiier no longer, it yri\\noou be Be cartful to procure the genuine 8li*r?au s. Worm Loxenge., and give according to the pnuted direction, on the bo*. Consumption, Couphs, Cold.. Asthma and *11 dueaK. of the luuw, are relieved and cured by br. Sherman scelebratedCowh Lozenge.. The Her. Dariu, Anthony. of the Oneida Confer ence, was given up by hi. friend., fr ese Lozenge, ina short Sine reJtored him to health. Rev. Mr. Streeter, of Bo.ton, Leonard lioger., an aged veteran ol the revolution, Hon. Mr. Archer of Virginia ,and a host o lwitiie*?e. conljl be produced whe lave n?ed'8hermau's Cougli Lozenge., and know them to be decidedly preferable to all other preparation. . Dr. titi-rmaii also prepares Camphor.Lounge. r"r the.^Head ache Palpitation of the Heart, Sea Sicknea. and affection, or the stomach and bow-Is. They cure headaclr m a few give immediate relief in colic, dianliflja, auid turns of the stomach, and counteract the effec.s ol overliving. He h s alsu Cathartic Lozeuifes, which are uken without any trouble, heins: .i. pleAwnt to die taste of a comm in peppwmmC Hestorative Lozeuns for the cure of iliarrhaa, or Iookucmi of the bowels, and all who inay bealllicted with .ickue.ii, would dn well lo call and make trial of hi. variou. preparation.. SHEUMAN^VoOK MAN'S PLASTfcR.und. unnvaU ed for Weak Backs, Rheumatism, Pain, in tlie Side or Loiiu, Lumbago, and all affection, of the chest. One Million l?- ? will not supply tlie uinuai demand. Numl)ers of uupriuc.pieu pereon. have attempted to force upon the coinmuuit> u counter feit article, but thoM who ar. in the habit of using e>hennan s Poor Man'. Plaster, know their effect, toj well t -be deceived. Obvrve, tliat every Plaster mude by Dr. Sliertnan bear, a fae .imile" of hi. name piiuted ou tlie bac* o< tlie same. 1 he . ? .?f l\e H >?rmnn ran nl WAV'S b?* OblAlDPti at J NE'ti EXPECTORANT. 1VTIITHIN<} CAN EttUAL IT KOll CUKINO CON N aUMPTION ANIJ OTHER l'ULMONORY DI8 KASES?The followiug letter of Dr Bry|lia;n. of Lowell, MaM. but siwaks the uniform language ol huudr*ds of other Physician, who have tried, aud therefore know how to appre ciate Jayue'. Expectorant:? "LowtLL, Maw., Jan. J7, 1W4. "Dr. David Jsyme: Dear Str-I have uijed y??r ?^dic??. (.o uuiversally known by the name of JAr Nr. 8 fc.AI t.o TORANT.) in mv practice for a number of vears, and can most truly ,sav that I have been more successful in the use of that js a mild, safe and thorough E spec to rant, than ol auy which I have ever used. It is the best for the following i bvious reasons: ltdorsnot(if given in pro|?r doses )ocasion a disagree able nausea. 11 does not weaken the luu?s and prostrate the sys tem like most oilier E*l?ctor*l?l? incominon use, nor does it abate the apnelite of the imtiem like oth.r nauseating medicines which have b en used t.y the Kiculty. In a word, it is nearly or quite the thing which ha. been songhi for by many ol the Kaculty for aget.gon by. ? D.? Prepared only by Dr. JAkNE, No. 20 South Third street, '"b&id'ky'tha Agenu. A. B. (t D. 8AND8. DruggisU. No. T? Kulton .Mat, t/1 BioaUwsy. sad n East Lro??lwsy. ?riiss*?? M ARTIFICIAL TEETH. . LEVETT, Dentist, the introducer of inserting incor raptible Teeth on the principle of atmospheric pressure, al lowed lo be the greatest improvement iu dentistry ?ver intro duced, invites str-inaers and tlie public iu general U) ei.imiue his new method, which will be fonud greatly superior to ANY NOW IN USE, embracing amongst others the advantages of great and permanent comfort, cleanliness, durability, Ike. lo nervous patients it is particularly adapted, as it preclude. th? necessity of eitracthg stumps or roots ol teeth, and returns the mouth in a healthy slate. The numerous testimonials from the most distinguished in society, with the highest and oilier authorities, will ensure to those requiring artificial teeth, or those who have had Oiem unskilfully set, the lupim'st and most satisfactory results. M. LEVE1 r. Dentist, nil Im'm MO Broadway, entrance in Warren st. A MOST BLESSED, STKANOE. ASTOUNDING AND SUPERNATURAL INVENTION, TO CURE CUTANEOUS ERUPTIONS AND CLEAR DARK, SUN-BURNT, YELLOW, DISCOLORED OR FRECKLED SKIN. *yrANY?Ay, there ar* many who liave heen cheated with ivi tra.h, nnd therefore think tlie |K>wers of the geuuine Jone.'. Soap are exaggerated; let such give it. fair trial. It I. indeed tlie most siugularly wouderful curative prepartiou ever made, in *11 skill diseases. In fact, it seldom or never fails iu curing l'imples, Blotche., Kreckles, Tan. Morpliew, Salt Kheum, Scurvy, Erysipelas. Birber's I ten, Ringworm, Old Sores, and Sore Heads. But miud, it is Jones' Soap has done, and still effects these enres. Oet it uo whei-e else hi this city?or yon will be swindled with a couiitrrftit?but at th- sign of the Aineri can Eagle, (yhatliari street, and 32J Broadwv/, N. Y.; iu Boston, at Hcdding's, 8 State street; /eibri, 3 Ledger Buildiugs, Philadelphia; 139 Kulton street, Brooklyn, nnd Pease, Broadway, Albany. nU Im'ec DR. SALTER'S YOUNG MAN'S FRIEND, OR SPECIFIC MIXTURE. CERTAIN, m.<st effectual, and speed. eure ?This is a -A. nuiiure that completely bills deiiance to di~ ase; tl?- most invaluable and unequalled iu power. It u?u ralixes the virus in a most surprising manner, sui>pressiiig all the morbid ?> Mptoms .nil irritations of the dise in recent cases ueurrully in tweuty four hours. Dr. Salter's great eiiwrience and >xteusiv? observa tion in a very great number of c.ises on the continent aud at tlie Hospitals hi Europe, and the universal success of this medicine, is a sufficient guarantee ofits si|>erior ?; it is at ouce tha most certain and safe, and the moat speedy remedy ever em ployed. This mixture may be re led ou by the liuiilic with the utmost confidence, as being an antidote unequalled for the cure of all syphilitic couiphiut*. Fuither p aud direction, with each bottle. Price $1. Wnoiesale and retail by J. O. KAY, at UC Fulton street, (Lamp store) Sun Buildiugs, New York. ntt Im'is TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. PROFESSOR BOERHAAVE'S 11YOEAN RENOVATOR <1 all those cases where manly v igor is iminured, where the - in.ntal aud )>hysical powers ore prostTateJ liy an unrestruned indulgence of the |?uiun., particularly by lhos? solitary and destructive habits of early yuutn, indiiriug nocturnal emissions and debility, the Hygean Renovator w ill be louud an infallible remedy. It restores the organs of reproduction in bulh sexe., to . healthy action, aud rrniove. impotency, by infusiug new energy into tha .ytein. Iu many imtaiices the effect is uistan taneous. It never tails to cure chronic gleeU and white, aud removes sterility, by restoring a healthy uteriue action. Kef'1* ences can be giveu to many uhysiciaus who have prescribed ihe Renovator Willi succee. in tliose affection., a. also in Dyspep (ia, weakness ol trie back and loius and allections of tlie nriuary orgius. Sold ouly at the "lmiiortinf Ageuu," 306 Kulton ?Ueet, New Yoik. Price $?j>er bottle of X ouueet, and lor warded to all puts of the Union. N.B ?CoP" us directions accompany each bottle. IN A ii nlS lm*rrc A CAHi). DOCTOR H. CHR. BRANDT, eilucated atthnUuiveni tiea of Christiana and I'.irii, I:is tlie honor of introducing himself to the citizens of New York and its vicinity. It may suffice to ivy thxt Dr. U. has practised medicine aud surgery ill South America for 4 years, and for the |.i.t year and a half ha. been visiting the Medical Kacultie. of Loudon and Pari., to have the best of medicine ant his prescriptions conscien tioosly prepared. Dr B. hat,engaged with Mr. HELLUf Rti. who is wrlf known to the College of Pharmacy of the city of New Yoik. Office 473 Oreenwicn street, comer of Canal. uS4 I ni ? in NOTICE.?(.onsignees i>ar packet ship LIVERPOOL, from Liverpool, will plsase ssnd their permit, on l>oard, at west aide Bnrling slip, or to the office of the subscriber, without de lay, as all goods uot permitted in five d.iys will be J'uttO the public store. WOODHULLkMlNTURN. ni7 m W South ?Beet. ?soda biscuit and sugar crackers. tittsnsnsar js ssas isa'ssssx bars used by invalids, particularly those who saBer from indi gestion. far mora than twenty yeait with (ha best results t while the imitation, which can be made for a ms price, though perhaps food for a pcraoa in health an wholly unlit for tha flial^Tbe above Biaaait and Crwua, also Batter Biscait, ^^?Biscait, Batter Crackers, Water Crackers. Pilot and ^^?BnadT all of tha Drat aaalitr. *? constantly for sola at ?iisasss^^HKAV?;TDVirr' I Tttt?? 1) K. . DIOS3Y, oculist IAND OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, Ho. 8* Cnambamt. 6 doors W. ofBroadwaf, NEW YORK, ftONFINES hit practice to Diikaili ar the Eve, and Ope w rations upon that Organ and iu apprndagaa. Artificial Eye* inserted. Dr. I), has for the last eight years devoted his atten tion almost eiclusively to this important braneh of the proba tion, having been a pupil of Ok. Elliott, subsequently his as sistant, and later practising at Charleston. B.C. ron OrtaA _ i eight year*<_. _ lion almost eidosively to this important branch of the ^rota tion, liatant, , tions (strabismus, cataract, See .) uid trratment, charge* moderate. Office hoars from ? A. M. ts 6 P. M. nl2 lm?ec H? COKBITT mar be consulted confidentially at his UP L/ lice, lb Duane ML two door* from Chatham Straugers ate respectfully informed that Dr. Corbitt ia a member oi tba Univenity of the City of New York, and that he haa eiclosiva )y confined hia practice from neing general to the treatment of certain classes of diseasea, (now over eleven vaaia in the city ol New York,) which enjp <his entire attention. Theaiyialaof medicine do not reconl\> atrr anccaai than ia to be found ia hia rrtctice. The Doctor cantiona the nufortanate against the dm of mercary, ?* ; kaa tf thoaaaad* of lictiuu. Heceatcas** are in a few daya winded entirely from the syi^ni. 8e* that you are judiciontly treated by a peisou locally qualified, aud not by pretender* and quack* a* there are several of them in this city. Venous afflicted witli piotractcd and in vet ??rate cue* need not despair of being restored to health, by applying to Dr. Corbitt. A practice of many year* has e*ubl ihrd the Doctor'a reputation lor *kill and respectability. Stricture* engage the Doctor'a profound attention A medicine may be liad to pra vent n certain disease m any of it* forma. ?l< >ro*re HOUCK'S l'AMACEA, OKLIlBKATfcD for the cure of Dyapepaia, Indigeation, v Rhrumitisin, Cough*, Cold*, Coniumptiou, D;*entary. files, Liter Di*ea*e, Asthma. Pleurisy, aud .Viercurial Diseases, Affections of the ttaiu, and all diseases arising from impute blood. A fr-sh supply of the above Valu ible Medicine Inst received and for sole, wholesale and retail, by the follow iug Druggists:? H. H. SCHKIVrClN It CO.. 104 John street; BUSH k HILLY ICR, 17? U.ernwich .treet; HADLIlY. PHf LPS fc. OO., 143 Water st., and JOHN C. MORKlSON, mureenwichstreet Pamphlets setting forth the remarkable cores made by the abova medicine can La obtained a* above, gratis. nlC tuieod*ec CURK KOR BRONCHITIS. CROUP AND WHOOPING COUUH.?Dr. BuW'8 Linimeu. is ail iul.illibl-andsperdy remedy for the diseas?> above enumerated. The inventor is of fediuburgh, graduate of that Univenity, and an eminent prac tising physician at Aiuwick, in Northumberland. Besides hun dred* of cases witnessed in hi* own private and extensive in firmary practice, in which the Liniineut has uot once failed of its etficacy. Dr. Bow ha* amirobatiouary letter* from diatin guislied individuals in Orcat Briuiu and America, avouchiug the complete success of this inestimable medicine. To be had, with directions for using it,at the stores No. 645 Broadway, aud 135 Chatham street. New York, at (1 tier vial, or (2 per double vial. ui3 lm*rrc shi.KNDIL) aND&CIENTiFIO ARW3LE FOR THE GROWTH AND RESTOHATION, .... ?ro beautify, dues*, clean an d someS the l"l U M AN H A 1 1' ? And otherwise improve anil reuder it a Splendid Oru anient to both sexes, ?r,,u KOR THE LOW PRICE OK 'i'HREE SHILLINGS. DEADER we sell threeshilling bottles. that you may *n?* Iv this it not one or the hair humbugs of the day at * ? We eanect von to buy it mow than once, a? we warrant it to l?>s*ess the following qualities :?It will force the hair to Brow on any part where nature intended hair to crow, ?top it faIIoff, ??xre Scurf or Dandruff, aud make liaht, red or grey luir f.r9* "?'*? Kor dressing the hair 10ft and silky, uothing OTceedi ttjfc^ H M indeed, the most economical, yet itw* hair It ii cliMiwr than the tra?h called haw oils, anu it will keep the hair in order with one application twice as long as any 0d9kirid^lpi^ceJ1<i!or I shillings a bottle?at the sign of the Ame rican Eagle, A ChathamZt, New York: 139 Kultou mm, Brooklyn; 8 State street, Boston; S Ledger buildings, phia; and Pease. Broadway. Albany. nil lm ?? MEDICAL AND SUROICAL OFFICE. rvOCTOR JOHNSON, 17 Doaue street, so well known to D the victims of Syphilitic diseases, as the most successfttl practitioner thai New York can boast of, in the treatment of his destructive and almost unmanageable malady, is atilltobe found at his old Office. Dr. Johnson can satisfy any oue that be is lezallv qualified to practise Physic and Surgery?tn*t he pojseMCs a kuowledge of general disease .alienor to threjjfowdi isrJssJt JSs* qixvww and, therefore, take tills method of lnformingstrnageri, Md p?? ?oat in the country where they can Und a physician skilled u? She treatment of weir disease. Every case 1 undertake l cnre, ifmakenochwge! No matter how long you may haw OM. Stiietnn Ulcera npon tins booy? or m tbf thrpati or noae, pain* !?-neheod andbone* oftbe lr#s. 1 will and can cure you, if Ai" caseis curable. Ccustituticral Weaknnu, somen mej eti led Seminal Weaknew, brooght on by & aecret habit indulged ia by yonnu men 1 hare paid much attention to the treatment 11 thU malady. Mauy an unfortunate Tictirn of thia unuatnral JiM^erperienccd my salutarv treatment. Dy.pewia weak at*i of the limba and tuial! oL tne back, confusion of intellect, lorgetfnlneis. palpitation of the herrt, aversion to society.are aq|v ?vnmtouia ol thia complaint. If my- ill recti ona are follow ? TP?t?ac??! Post paid leuers, v-.Uj .Ut.ment ol ca^ containing $1 lor advice, attended to. Observe, Office 17 | Dame street, one door from ChntKii street. nil lis nl ' MEDICAL," NOTICE. QTRANGERS AND CITIZENS afflicted withanyform b at variety of Syphilitic, Mercurial or other diMMM, have been only hall cured by quacks, had better careiully peruse ^Dr'cwuK*?sT/;?Last July I eontractttd a eertaiu privsU disease, aud i.nunediatelr applied to a doctor, who promised to cure me in a w?b. I continued with him two uuiiitlis, but was aridually letting worse : I tried oue ailei another, all the advertising doctors, aad eatli one piouiised positively to cuie m?. 1 at length discovered the ohjee.t of these men vv as ino uey.and that the/ were uot doctors. 1 concluded to go into the liosmul. where the doctors aept uie uuder a course of mer cury for eiglit weeks ; my throataud now "i"*1*wms in all my joiuts, and uiy body covered with ulcers. 1 wot complete skelej.? ; the doctors considered it daurcrous to give me any more medicine, aud advised a southern cl mate. I left the hospital, and by advice of several molds, | under you r care on the tint of January last, lam bow well aaa restored to perfect health. 1 GREEN, Carpenter and Joiner, Harlein, N.JT* Dr Cooper warrants to cure erery caae. no mutter now Ions standing, ol Gleet, Stricture cud Seminal cases of private maladies cure dm 4S with the iwtient's habiW. Dr. Cooper s Office. 14 Du-uk street, two doori from CUrtnin .1 N? enr? no iwv n!2'n, trc THE SARACEN'S HEAp,| NO U DEV STREET,t*od?or?below the f ranklin lloiine, Broadway. This Hou.e, well known to those Of i?ur c.U; ?/.ens who like to eujo> a mug ol the blood of John liarley corn" iu uudisturheJ c|uit, with the privilege ol leading tM laf st f. leigu and Amerc .n pa|*n, has Uul> h en the siiliscr<hrrs. A? will he seen t has become a no//-l ?1CK establishment; but its o'd customers as well a* new ones, will find mo deterioration in lU uiual ?oroloiU? ii*ii? n27 2w*ec CiUSlliM ?. mi P~ OTATOES?1000 bushels very superior Irish potatoes, land inn e? ship Siddons, from Liver^iol. J4'? in loU to|S?,t purchasers, by h,. K. ^LhNSfc IQ^ iU iViAKKibL> J^AUlthtt. IUTAOAMK RK.STELI.'S PREVfcWTIVE POWttERJ, M -These invaluable Powders have b-*n universally *dopM< in Europe, but Vranee m particnlar, lor ai.wu/dsof tlurty years, | as well as \iy tnoiuands in this Country, M tK'ing the safe and t tficactoui remedy lor married laJ.cs who* health let bids a too rapid inerea*.-of family. . ^ The results of tlii'ir adoption 10 Uie bafpiness, the hea'Ui, MT often the life, of mauy an ,llection<jte wil?;>"d fond motker ar# i too raat U> touch uiwu within the hmiU of an adveniaeuv^it results which affect uot only the preseut well bjmg ol l^?i hut the future liaupinese ol tlieir olLr-'iug. s it ?ot W two well known that the tarn?liis ol the mai ofusn mcrjaje boyoBj tlie happiness of tliose wn > gave them oirtn wouid di?.^ue f U how man,' instances does in.' hard working father, and more especially the mollier or a poor lainily remsia| I out their lives, tugging at the oar ol ,'^ha,. e"wov^ to live and 1 ving l ut to toil, when they might haveenjot e# conifort and comparative alttuence, ud if cam nnd^ilhavs wriuhed down the spirit, and at last biokeu the healin ol Uis ^^V>ow?often i? th" wnow left unable, with tn.m?jtvjr tuous intentious, to save hw saUierless offspring from bee?miM | degraded objects of charity or proriigaie votanw of VKeJ J^veo though competence anu olentv smile upon us, how ? are the days ol" the kind husband and father embitiejwd in be ' holding the emaciated form and declming lieulth ol Oie eompa I aion of liis bosom, ere she had scarce wochod ttei ?fast sinking into a p'?mature grave?wilh Uwi return pros 1 pect of himvff being early bereft of the iiarU>er of hu^rvi and sorrows, and his young and helplew children ''f^'^,'nJ Mtentions and watchful solicitude, which a motl? atoM cm bestow, not uufmiuently at a pry when lnyt al^ ^ the heart-rending affliction '. Is it desirable. thrnT" for parents m iucrease their familii-s, regardless of coBsnnuenorf to tneni?ei?es, or the will being of their | Pie, easy, liealthv and certain remedy is within our e.mtw ? The ndverlisei fseluig the importance of tki? sabject, and estii mating the ?ast beneliU resulting to housands by the tdopl'CB (.1 m. ms prescribed by her, would ripectfolly arouse tla M teniionol the married to rts consideration. . it oo?.wise ano virtuous to prevent evils to which we are sebject t.> ? iip t li d henltiiy meens withm our control ' ? virtuous and enlightened mnid, wUl unhesitatingly answer m "hp*ice "m-'doilars ? package. ncwmiiMied with fill and P*rti| fUAi1 letteri?wiojt be rost paid, and addrfosed to oo* " i**." N / ,.,i MADAMS RtSTELL,>emalelhysicKn. frincipiil Office, KB Gr, iNew Y?wk. OU.00 hours (/on 9 A. M. to 9 P. M- li<>?tou cilice. So. 1 K*?e? ?*? B. Those enclotinf; money ne^d not pay postage, jyilre FORTUOUESE FEMAIjE I'UjUJ. nr. dr bo up VOHTIWaU T'llE scirutilic conitnuation of ingredients of which tho ? 1 Pills lire composed, have made ih'in tl.e voud r and admi ration of the worlu. They are known ill over l.orope to be. u o ouly pt-paration ever discovered that has provc.l 'nvatiahly cw Lin in troducing tlie monthly turns. iW '^rumty in sU being snoh tliat they must got be used daring pfswneflcy. for iough^wTys mild, safe ,and h.*lthy, they a.e cmu,? to orodnce miscarriage if tued diiring tliat period* . . Th" directions are translated into English, and ?w enveloped round with the seal of the importer, etui,ped K-xh b.>? coB tiiai the signature of M. de houtl?lo<ine, and the hugli>>i ?? ^t'o^ h'v""ie si.nature of Dr. K. fiELVEAU. autimnsed scent fbi tlie Cou'ii.ant of America. . . They cr.i he tTi as rutted by tin?l to any pnit of ths t ?uy.d 1 Stntes Sold by Dr. MELVEAU, anent an-1 import r ,o? tl?e United Sules. Ollice, l?9 L,ih<-rt.y turri, ?far Ui,enwi< b street. Price Ji.?half l ox?s, 5? No half boses sent by mm>T. Sold in Boston, at ? Sal-in str?H. Lett"S W?^?| Melveaa. boi 24, New York, will meet wUh.iwin*??y_y??. | ti??n All tetten mait he no/tpaid, 0'ileaa ti.?cloain* money. ^ a jyttrro ' MADAME REST ELI j. I?EV1 ALE PHYSICIAN, Office a=d residence. 141 Greeo * wich itmet, bttweea (^ottrtlaudt and Liberty ttreetit wheri she can t?- c.msulted with the suiotost contidence on cornpUiats "Bffi.? SSSK'^SS- - j k. ,.w^ ??. ????? 1 ^sacrst !.a (i?s desiring proper medical aiuuJance daring cout.nem?nl or other indisposition, will be accommodated during such time. * ith urivate and respectable board. t .... . " Preventive Powders," for married ladies, whose delicate or I ureoarious healUi forbids a too lapid increase of faimly, will ho sent by mail to anr part of the 1 jiiiled States. ^r'c*fJM^ age All letters (port paid) addrewd to boi ?>*, New York. B'isum Offioo. No. 7 Esses street. ?\ N. B.?'Those enclosing money need not pay postage. N. B.-Madame REST ELL would inform ladies residing ? lutofthe city, whose health would not admit of travelling, diat she womIo devote her personal attendance upon them IB a 1 part of'lie United Sutes within rwouabis distance. jV-fj PUBLISHh.D DAH.Y 1W J A HI K M OOllUON BKN.1IHTT, N. W CORNER KtJLTON AND NASSAU STREICTS. Thk Ni.w Yom Hkbalu? A D...iy Paper, issued every raorning of tlie week?price two i i.nti per copy. C ounty SnhscriT-ers furnished .? the same rale, for auy specihc iwriod. on a rernittanen ia advaBca No paper sent unlers paid in sdl "i'Ma Wkckl* H*aaL!>?Issued oa Saturday morniag al tea o'clock?taiee hi .no a <mmTt.ii cents per copy?far aished to Conn try Subscriber* ITU Vt per saaum, ia sdvtaao. ?t at the rams rat* for say sosciSed period. Coa?esr???t*vi s>< rogaseted l? i44wi t-*ir l*t*snt* AMa> ?o*??w ??a??,T, P'*5ti?**? *a* Wiw*??x4 a<! tm .arti?T immm

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