Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., No. 343?WlioU Ho, 3043. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 12, 1844. Prlem Two Cents* THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To the I'm bike. THK NEW YORK HERALD?Unity Newipaperr-pub lui;~d every day ot the yrai axerpi New V ear's Day tad Fourth of July, l'nce 2 cents per copy?or $7 SS per unnm-postages paid?cash in advance THE WEEKLY liKRALD-pnbBahed every Baturdsy moraine? price 6'< ccat* per cipy, ot 81 lg per antum?post age! pvd, cash in advate*. _ . ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over l'HIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fas' 11 f*(ij the lariat i ircuiati?n of any yapei tn thi' city, or <he icoiid, ami, is, therefore, 'he heel channel for outtnett ifcen i'ir rti'j or t aunity. Prion moderate?cash m wnnw. PK i N TINl? of a II kinds executed at the must moderate i rice, M.J in tile moit elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. i'*orniETon or tbk HrnaLD Estxbmshmkivt. Northwest corner of Fulion *ud Nassau street*. CENTRE V1LLE COURSE, L I. %>L TROTTING. A SWEEPSTAKE will come off ever the above couise on Tlmndav, Dec 12, loll, at 2 o'clock. V VI.?Mile Heats, best th-ee i i live, in harneis. anil closed with three subscribers, with a Purte added by ilia Proprietors. The following are the ei triea:? II Smith's br. g. Long Jim. J. Coiiklin's b. m l.ucy Long. C. ('aril ? blk. m Kanny Wright. Admission lo ail parts ol'the Course, Art,- cents. Th? ibnve Trot will come off ou lint diy without regard to weather. Centreville, December 10th, ISM d11 2c*ic ST.7;EOUGRt8 society concert. A GRAND Vocal snd Instrument") C.sncert will l<e given at ti.e Tabenrcle, "mail may, on THURSDAY EVENING, tUe "Jlh instant, in aid ? f the CII ARlTAISLK FUND of Sr. Ojnrge'.i Society of New York Eull particulars will be ?lsted in I'll lire advertisements Ticket* One Dollar each, ciu te had on application to either of t'e 'oliowins Coirun t e':? W D. CUTHrtKRTS'?N, Prw.deniot St. George's 9'y J. T \YL?>M. .Ir., l.t Vice Pres de it, J > HENRY J KSSOPj 2d Vice President, do A. Barclay, H. 1). ii. Consul. Thos. Dixon, Chsrles Edivards, Edw. F. Sanderson, Robert Bage, J.isei h Rhodes, A. D. Patersoo, Alfred Waller, dlO 3tTuThkSt jgb Henry 6 wen. William Jackson, John Spa* forth, John Warrin, J. h. Bradbury. 1). H. Downing, Jas. it. Walttrs, Charles Coi, Edward Baldwin. NIBliO'S HUANO SALOON, F O R C O N C K R T 8 AND HALLS. PNOW FITTED UP FOR THE WINTER AMUSE MENT? IN MAON I kICENT STYLE. 0*;r r CONCERTS it has many advantage*, having an arched ceiling, favorable for sound; and being removed from the ?tr?*t ?li.-ra is no annoyance from tlx imtie of carriages?it has ra k?vI seats with capacious cilleries, and will accommodate 161H perions. For Palls it has a spring door and raised seats on lli* gules, and is miguilicutly lignted wrh splendid cut glass chiud. liers. Attached to the Saloon and o-> the same lloor, tiw:e are iiivate's, dressing rooms. inan.ig?? and hat roo.os, ni'l a .upiwr-room 200 feet long, which \v;ll ncrctnmo date U ni leuons. ' 'real pains will be taken to si" ?atisf.iction, em o., iii.-il.-rn'eterm*. n27ifrc 'UlA N J) O I* 10 N 1 N (i BALL, Given at the Alliainra, 5i)U Broadway. BV THK PPM"'UKTOn & MONS OABRIEL DK KORl'ONAY. F;jl rHK BENEFIT OF THE DEAF A^D DUMB AND THK BLIND ASVLUMS.?Kaioar Dec r, letl The propri' '.or of the Allumm haa th? honor to announce lo ih? public, l<e! ig about rebnildiug and decoratiug his est'hli?h in a nov> 1 and expeu-iva mauuer, for the purpose of Balli, Conceru. Ike., in witter?he will, with tlie assistance of Mom (iabrirl ile Kcrpnnav, (who h.ia kindly roliiiiteeud his servicea for that purpose,) ijire a Grand Opening B .11 on the 27th in?t., as above annnuureil. On ihia occasion will be introduced llw l'olka D uice?, (Quadrilles, Valse de Deux Pas, Osllopades, Stc., uuiler the direction of Mon*. de Korponay, aud the beat anil newest luicoow iu vocue in the most fashionable circles in Euri.p>, xtiiler .he direction of Mr. Wigers. Price of Ticket*, including Sup.*r aud Refreshment*, #5,00, admitting a (}.>ntlemm and two Lidies? to be at the. Al hamraai d of Mons. Korponay, end at the principal Hotels aud Music Stores. dii jxb FASHIONABLE IMNOING. MONB. GABRIEL DE KORPONAY. HAS tliehouorefiuformingthe Ladies and Oentlemen of New _ York, and vicinity, that he has arrived for tlie pnrpose of (Civiniriiiitrurtion in the orincipal fashionable Dance* prevailing in the lushest circle* of rwropean and American society. Mon*. It. ha* lately arrivedfrom Boston, Saratoga and New p irt, whe.e his style met th? warmest admiration of the public, and the marked approval of the fashior.ible community.? Among others, M:in*. K. |iropo?eii to teach that well known dmee LA POIJl A?the u*w Quadrille* with original music? the V?L*e J. Dens Pas?the Maxonrka?n*w Cotilliou*?u Gabipia-, aud all American Dances. Mou*. K. will be assisted by MADAME KORPONAY a* Musicien. Til.* instruction will be given in the French, Oer man and English languages. ltoo.iis are eufatfed at 25 Park Plice.?strictly private, eooi aud airv?for the accommodation of Ladies and Gentlemen. The Polka, and the new t^iiadrille*. as at. present danced ii the fashionable circles of Louuon and I'aria, can be taught in six or twelve Ipsaoni, except the Mazourkn. All others in twenty four lessons. For further particulars, inquire of MON8. KORPONAY, at his residence,25 Park Place. Trrms:?Clnss Lessous from 10 to 13, A. M., 12 to 1, and 1 to 2, P. M., and from 6 to 7 in the evening. Sit lessons, fi?twelve lessons, #10, and quarter, 919. Private Lesson*?six lessons, ft: twelve lr?s< us, $12; quar ter. 420. All other honrf will be devoted to Pnblie lustimtea, Acad eunes, kc., be. *4 FASHIONABLE SUBSCRIPTION BALLS AT THE ALHAMRA, 569 BROADWAY. T'HE proprietor of the Alhamr v ha* the honor to announce f- to the fa-hionmble society of New'Vork, that having en tirely lehuilt uud filled up hi* eitablishment in a style of much greater taste and e'egance, he proposei, "in connection with Mons. Gabriel vid Deiiorponav, to give a series of Balls th? en suing winter, of the verv firstclus, on which occas-ons will Ik introduced some of the reweu dances and mnMC now in vogue in the most f.ishionable circles in t.uro|>e. Tlie set will C"m tiris? six ,balls, t'> lie given in the following order: I?t ball, \V eduesday. J?n. 0: 3.1 ball Friday, Jan 17: W ball, Friday, Jan. 2i; Uh ba'I, Tuesday, Feb. 41 5tli ball, Wedne*diy, Feb. It; 6'h hill, Friday, Feb 21. Price of subscrip'ion to the whole set, including supper and refreshments, 812; to three balls S7 Jti; to a single bill $1; admittiug a gentleman and lady. Ticuets tnny be o tamed at the Alhimra, and of Mous. De Korponay; also, at the principal lintels and music stores, ill "HOWARD FIRE ENGINE COMPANY, 3-1 rpilK Fifth Annual Pall of this Coir pany w ill lake place at A the Ti VObl SALOON, corner of Charlton aud Va/ick streets on Thursday Eveuit g. Dec. 12, I8H. J lckets SI, ad* mitti g a gentleman an 1 two lsdies Loth.en's Celebrated band is encaged, aud n > pains will be spared to make this hell lie moit agitval le anil wrll-condncted of tlie se.uoa. T'ckeu can be bad at the " R?public," corner of King and Hudson s'reit, or e iher nf the follow nig comn.i tee:? Mr. (ieorge Gieen, ;>lr. L'wis J. Parker, Mr. Samu> 1 Philips, Mr. Wm. YcKibbin, Mr. Jain?s Miller. Mr. I hilip, Mr. Samurl R del iff, Vir.' hai. Allieruon. D. O. BRODWlCK, chairman. Wm. W. Boyle. B-crefary. dflit'rc FANCY~b7\LL DRESSES, TO LKT, n for .a'e at PINTVUX, Cafe tes mille < ol nurs Saloon, 707 Broadway. To be stej from 9 o'clock A. M. ui.ul * o'clock P. M. dl lm*rc W""" K~ llUHH WARDLE and EBKNEZER K. HINCK LE\ , liereby apu e that tlie |.'rfnrrsfiip heretofore eiisi ini; betweenns, under the>le and firm of WAHDl.E U III Ni;K LEY, for tlie miuulVc'ory of Chemicals, should be and is i,eirby dissolved by mutual cii.isent. HUGH VVARDLK. EBE vF.ZER K. lllNCKLEY. In presence of Lor C. Ci.ark. Port Richmond, Nov. 21st, 1811. dlO 3t*m w. NEW GOODS FOIL CHRIS ! MAS AND NEW YEAR PRESENTS. A. SMETS. 2'i8 Broadway. opi>o?ite the Park, has just received by the la'est arrivals tioin France, 2 Cr>ses of ? inbroideries, "moug which are some v?ry rich em iroiilered muslin IVIe ioes, Crun tons, t hemiretle., Collars, very, l ocket llandkeichiefs, Infants richeiub. Muslin anil Cambric Dresses. _ Also, I a|ii and Children's * oilvrs and H.iiidkercliiefs. For \^ediiug anil Evening Diesses, Real Kiu?sels Thread I are Dr<sses, Th.ead Flouuces, B..tlies and Sleeve Trimmings ol Brussels point, (I ich Muslin and I'a I t in, ^sllus, Silks, lin|?'iial, silk Muslins mid other new m iteriils 2 < a en Cars and rich held dres?es. 2 Cases of r'ancy Articles of ev?ry description, too numerous to iten itoir. to which die |,h!.i-h i< p ,riu ularly invited, as they cennot be iti-paswd ill beauty and lowress of price. dll 3l#je THE BEAT POTATOES IN MAllKET A HE FOR SA LE at the doc'a, Washini<t<)n Market, from e? hi ig l.wider, Nova Scotia. Alio, barrels and hall' bar rels No. 1 Siiad. Apply on board, or to J. W. BURN HAM, Cons griv, dS Iw'in |H llroail street. UiD BllANDY, WmisKEY, kc I'r in :he London Dock. ?jhalf p pes superior Otnrd, Dnpny k Co. Rro dy; also, 1 pm e.h-en (?el jieJ) i f very ch?.ic.? old Isla VVni key.forsile i" I mij' h a of one gallon and npwwds, by dliist'm H IT. WAR l' k COFFIN, 74 Ron'hit. P\< K I T SHIP I Pit \ KllOM II WHETm'ImcIw ging el Pier .i'o. ! Noiti Rtver. Consignees x-e reqnei ed to send heir petmi'.s on besid. All g*MU i-o* permitted t>y'he J3 !i nst. w ill be soiit to the public sture Ondji a g -aieral order. i'i ?t rrc B"~ Ul^fcTcH'.NE-'EE. KROto NEW ORLEANS, is ilis. cl.aigii 7 at Jones' Whirf, foot of Joi.ea' Lane. Con signee. will pLaae attend to lln receipt of their gotnls irtime diately. d!0 ICNOLI-H POTATOES.?fhe oaeket ship Yorkshire has a o- hoard a quantity of the celebrs'ed "i-ancashire" and "lsl-of Mao" Put too*, in eicellent order, havmg been but a short time o:i ship l.oarn, which will be s ,ld in lots for family u?. Apply to Cdl I wee C. 11. MARSHALL, ill Boiling slip. DRUG WTOKE AND MEDICAL OFFICE. r business, I since IBM. a atiarhed; offering facilit es to a young physician seldom equalled. The ca.?h income of office ave. sges $so p.>r month, and may be large ly increased. To save trouble, ?rms cash. Tlie p esent p o prietor will show good esuse for its sale Address (with real name and address) r sculapius, at this olBce. d 0 3'.*m FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. rPHK be-t cosm*tic I'jr cradiralin* pimples, blotches, A freckles a id riai(Wi.rm from t'.e skin is <'hurch's V??e table Lot on Itsuiol'ora short tun- will es>ablisb n clear and hritliiH' con.p rxioe. Sol .', in hottlar, at 75ceate each. Hie-1 mat ism. in ?Dr. I lurch's < heotical l*.ssenco ol Mua ta?d, a bigi lv lalnable embrccstion for the core of Rheama tia'n aud Chilblains. Sold, in hoi ties, at M cents each CcroMs *m> Coi ns.?Dr. Church's Conjth Drops, a valu able rem-dv for Co >ghs, loflnenct and Pain in the Breast.? Sold, in bottles, at 50 ceuie each. The above valuable medicines sold at wholesale or retail at 181 Bowery, corner of Spring stmt, dll lm*ec l/ivuit oioun nisu miJUR'nu orri PlIR SALE?Near Broadway; a good situation for b " established IH32; 1.1,M0 prescriptions compounded sill A i eat furnished office adji/fbs stor-, with bed-room al WANTED WITHOUT BOARD-A furnished jiarlor and ?? bedrooms with use of kitchen. References exch meed. Address J. 8. O. at the office of this pare-. dlO 3tic iibAHD WANTt D-Bya gentleman, wiih wife and two -L) children, in a s nail ge,,tee| |>nvate family, wliete tliere are but fe # or no child eu?j'r private boarding house wheie there ?re but few boarders.?Two unfurnished r 101ns required. Lo cat on above 12th street, Leuveen 2d md Mil Ate., urs A note addressed to II. M, P.irU Pi it Office, ?itli real name, statin.; trims, which must be moilerate, Hill meet with prompt alien tiou. References exchanged. dll lw*rrc P09T OFFICE" V" New York, December Mlth, 1314 t Ii" MAIL?Letter Bags |wr a earner CALEDONIA, 1 w ill be clo ed at th* U|>|>er and Lower Pent Ufltcei in this city, on Ma*mil*y the t-itli inst.. at 45 ini'.utea pan 3 o'clock, 1*. M. The owrUud iKjst-g" "f IU,1? real* on each si' tie 1 tier, mum be paid. J llilN bORl.VlER. UJlAllAM, dll 4tic Po.t Master. T OS!' OR STOLES?All |?n>oua are cautioned sg.irist ^ buying. or a,,V way nrgoc ating for the following nco?i> lancea, which are supposed to nave been lost oi stolen, and pay ment of the tame leii>gs<opp'H, cur draft on N. Marbucli St (?on. Troy, dated litis Nov., IBM, at six months, for #IM2 Oil, the same aa ed lid Nov. nt six mou III for,$>6'4 V7; als > the draft of llirltjck St ' n..??l thUntv, on Aiwood 5t Cole, Troy, dat-d 27th Nov., ai six months, for $183, til ot whi-'h are iu ? u. favor, and md.irsed bv ui. The aoote accepta-ces wete en ? loseil in a Utter by S. K. Htow. Esq., Cashier of ihe Troy Ciiy, on the 29th 'lit., addressed to us, aud mrled w tli I'ullen &. Co. at iheir Kxprts, Clfiee. 'J'roy, on the a tine dxv. Any information if thf sain* will be thankfully received, and a suitable reward paid for their recovery, ? y WOODHOU8E It SMITH, dll 2.*ee 113 Water street. TWENTY FIVE DOl.L vHS~~REWARD STOLEN FROM THE WASHINGTON HOUSE, PHILADELPHIA. ON THE Fourth instant, in rooin No. 72, a valuable DIAMOND BIIK^ST-PIN. Ml peisons are cautioned agaiusttrsding for any su .lid scribul Pin. Deseiipiion?The I'm i* made in tlie form of a star, having 'if point*, two dia monds in ea' h point, a d a large diamond m the centre, nnlti g in all 'liir een uiain n ds, nil ?e" iu silver, with > in ill gold I .ham and (Ju tr-'-l'ia alt?ci ed, valued a' ili'ill 00. Jewellers others ar- desired, if any such descilied I in, sh luld he ottered for sal-, to ilettin the same and leturu it to Mr. E. ? anlield. at the Franklin House. New Voik, who >vill i >*,' the above reward. OEOROE W. D- NT, dll 3t*ec I'liiladel; bin, Otli Dec , I lit 1. M~ in ONES, VOCALIST, late ofTT ParkTheatre, a> d the successful coinpeser of the New Oieri of Iti.? Ku clunled Horse, re>|*'Ctfully inforim his former pup Is and the mnsi'-al c immunity, th it lie intends devoting the principal part of Ins time to the cultivation of vocal music. Mr. Jones's well known system of improving the tone and i.nality of the roice, and alio of curing it> dcfcC:s, entitle him to ills consideiatlou of all who ti sing iu a finished style. Terms Ave dullars for four lessons; payaule in advaica. U iJetkinan jt;eet. d9 2w?rc JOHN J. MA AS, 1 1 K WILLIAM 8 rUEET, mar John street, offers for sale J. J-tJ at the lowest pric-s,?Fancy Ladies Box* s, Lea Tobac co a'd 8 g<r Box>s, Snuff Buses,llressinw slid Working Caes, Umb ellas, Curiosities iu every kind, Embroidery Samples ni'e pat ems, < locks, Brace'eti, Sustvnders, Writing Majn, Potket Books, and different other articles for holidiy presauu. dll 3t*ec TIIE ILLUSTRATED LONDON ALMANAC, picturesque" CALENDA li, Fur IS *5. (l'pw ards of JO 0(10 copies alreadv sold iu England.) NOW READY, miking III p>u-s. hand-owe quirto, with a Fr >ntespiec? and 12 Allegorical llliKtraiions,<f the Months: 12 Sp>rtiiig Scenes of the Moiiihs; Na'.ural History of the Mouths, 12 ergmv ugs; Illustrations of I lu notn-ua of each Monih of the coming year. The Tims Ball a: ilreeiswich of 8 lllustrit'ious l>oui-stiu -Inventions, l ists, Tables, Foreign Ambatsidors at the Court of St Janes; May Spirts; Jack in the (Jnn n, aud a g-eat variety of sea.oualile?n teriaiuineut and infotina'.i'in. '.rheartisticalexecu-ion i I'(lieen tire Almanac entitles it to a place upon every drawing room table. Agents willp'etse firward their itnmcdistely. Office III N?a?ai s ieet. New Yotk. d I ItV NOTICE.?Consignees |>er tiacltet ship Ul Vh.KI'tJOL, Irnm Liverpool, will please send tli-ir iierinits on board, at west side Bnrlnig slip, or to the ollioe of the subscribers witnont de lay, as nil goods uot permitted in five days will be ??nt to the public stole. WOODIIULL h MINTUUN. i,l? t 0T Honth street. ton HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. I The lloyal Mail Steamships BHITANNIA band CALEDONIA, will lecve Boston, lot the above ports, aa follows Britannia, J. Hewitt, Esq., Commander, on Friday, Dec. 1st. Caledonia, E. O. Lott, hs.|, Commander, Monday, " ICtn. Passage to Li>eri<ool 9120. Pasastfe to llsiifu 20. For fieight or passage apply to D. BKIUHAM. Jr.. Ageut, at UK ollice of Hanideu (n. Co., n2?irc No. } Wnll street. FALL AND WINTER ARKANOEMENT. JHEIVARK '.Nt) NEW YORK. KARL ONLY liii CF.NT8. i'HE NEW AND KW1FT 8TEAMBH RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAI-FY. /?< ON and after September 10th will run daily, MT-T-?a* follows (Sundays included) -.?Leave New ^MLmrnmCmL-dik, foot or Centre street, 8 o'clock A. M.? Leave New York, foot of Barclay street, 3 o'clock P. M. ap4 rrc O"N0TICE.?O STATEN ISIJIND FERRY. On and after Sunday, Dec. 1st, the Boats will leave as fol lows, until further notice:? i-EAVfc STATEN ISLAND : 8.'a, and 10, A.M.; 9 nnd P M. LKAVE NEW YORK : 9, and .2, A. M.; Vi, and 3K. P M n29rc CHANGE OF LOCATION. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK AND ALBANY. Vis BK1 L)<?EI't'RT?llOU a* SATONIC AND WESTERN J Om Tlt^. . J^HAILROAUS?The steamboats. 3C^_25L^Z_M'i>EK.A, Capt. 'i'tuf<dell, anil m ?-?? M.wHUU, C-pt Brooks, will leave the pier at the foot ol nose veltetreet, daily. Sundays exceptrd, at 6>? A.M. Returuiug, the l.iue leaves Alb.u y at 7 A.M. Albuiy pas euger*. on arriving at Bridgeport, proceed imme diately on the Railroad; aud, without change of Baggage or Csrs, arrive in Albany ihe same eveniug. A Freight T'airi dail^ atG)i A. ivl. Forfu.ther infonraiion, both as to freight 'nil baggage, apply to (J. M. PERKY, Auent, at the_ office, Itossvrlt atr?et, or Liviugston, Wt'lls and Pom-roy's Etpr.-ss office 2 Wall street K. B. MASON, Suierintend tnr, dIO ]m*m 172 South street. I'POH/.E'S LINE OF STF~~\YboITS~ FOR ALBANY, cL~ DAI.Y. at i o'clock, P. M., landing at iuter 5E??BSe38L?medi.tte places. .h? nt .uitv i/Ulil(i?lBlA, Captain William H. P,-ck MontLtv. W??Bfisd?w. and "'"liv Af'eroo<.ti? ito'clock Tiie Steamboat RCHESTER, <.'ttpuin A. Hoagiiton. or Tuesdav, Thursday snd Sntardav /Vftarnooos, at } o'clock. Passengers taking *J? above line will arr.r" in A1 bauy in r.iuple asse to t*kV llie Morning Trains of Cars lm ,ha e-ast or west. Tl>e limts are new and srbsi^ntial, ere fur lislted with new and eternal st .te looms, and lor speed and ac eoinmoiiiitious, are nurKm4led ou the Hikuui'i. For passage or freight, apply on board, or Ui P. C. Schal? tl th* Office on the wh>rf. d3 BLACK BALL. Oil OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL JrgSJ- PACKET8?FOH LIVEHPOOL-Ouly Regular KR**V4cke of the P'.th l<ec ?'I lie new, magnili. ent and jntMaia'arnrite packet shiji NEW \ OHK, hurt hen iovi tons, I hos i>. i ropper, commander, will sail posititely on MoLday, Ifi'.li ? f Deceinlier, her regular day. It is sc-.rc ly necessary to say as it is well known to the travelling pmlic that the accommodiitions of the ^ew York, and all the eight sh>p< of this line, are ntted out in a most costly style with e?ery n odern improvrment ami couvtbience, that ca inol but add to the cmn'oit of i-abiu. 2d cabin anil steerage las-e.itirs. /those visitinv the old country will at all iime> find it to their interest (o select these des'iahle route) ances, iu prefereoe* to any in her. For terms of passage, and t? reenre the ti'st I ertln, tally npplir.atio < slioulil he made on board loot of Beekmau stieet, or lo the submenusr*. llOi'IIE, BROTHERS Ik CO., 35 Fulton street, next il.ior to the Fultou Bank. P. 8.?The New Yotk sails Irom Liveip iol on the 1st of February, 1016. Persons reniiing for their friends can have thein hr night out ill her, or in any of the Packets comprising ill s inagiiilireut and atie.pialled Like,ssi'nig friiii that port ininr.tu hll / oil the 1st aud Kith of rach mouth, ror teims of passage iip ply as above. i'he |i ck-t ship Cnlnmbus, will succeed the New Yo-k, and sail for Livertiool on the 1st of Januiry ISO, her regular day. fedllrc sr. Oi-;t>ttuK's line for. livkkpool? kffJV'l'o ssi1 ou tl e l?th instai t?'1 he srlendid new psrket MWflfii'hip ST. PATRICK, ti Seymour, master, 896 tons ?gi ter, w ilfsail on the IB.h, havn g a large prnp.irtiin of her caigo engaged. For Irtiglu or passage, having sit|ierior accommodations, ap ply on board, at pier 14 east river, or to DAVID OODEN, 36 Will street. Passat* $75. d I to I See "PASSAGE FOR LONDON?Packet of the 2oih .Diceinber. The splendid, fast sailing packet ship ^.^^^^YVE-iT.MINSTEH, Capt. Hovry, will sail |n?ilively as aouve, her regular day. The ,'cconunod..turns of this ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers cannot he surpassed. 'I hose wishing to se cure berths should not ftil to make early application ?n hoard, or to W. k J. T. TAI'SCOTT, ill Ire 7i Sonth street, comer Maiden Lane 1A8SAOE FOR NEW ORLEANS-P.cket of the ICth l>ec?'1 he splendid, fast sailing packet ship mbbhIIKNKVA, Captain tjoodhiie, will sail |Hisitively as aleive, her regulai day. The accommodation! of this ship for cabin, second rabin, and st erage pass ugers, are very superior; aud persons about pro ceeding to New Orleans may rtly on the ships of this line sail in< punctually as advertised. To secure btitlis early application should lie made on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to W. Si J. T. I'APnCOTT. illtr* 7R Sonih street, corner Maiden Lane. h'tjR MEW ORLe.A.^S? Lnton Line?Regular WWftfV'afiket of 2ith Dee.?'I he first-class, lost sailing i acket J?4SSa hip JOHN MINTI RN, Capt D. Stark, will post ti., iy sail as above, het ie,nlar dav. Ilaniu very sn|ierior sccuii.modations fir cab;n, second ca bin anil s'eeraje pntsenger<, persons wishing lo embaik, ali'i 'Id make immediate apidication on board, f.xitof Well street, or to JOSEPH McMURtaAY, d 0r? 100 Pine street coniar of South. FOR SALE?A copper fast-ned SLOOP, 35 f?'t ? ?long by 12 feet 2 inches wide, built iu the most su'i Ifaa'tsiitial manner, and of th* liest materials. Herplauks ^ white oak, which run tlie full length. 'Ihe above sloop ii a v>rr superior sailer,aud would make a first rate yacht. For prnticnlars apply at 89 Sunth street The sloop is laying at Fnlton slip. dlfl 3t*rcfc fifS: FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of 20th Dec.? The snlendid first-cla>s,. fast-sailing packet ship JnWUkbW KS'I'.M IN ST Kit, Capt. 11. R. Hovey, will posi tively snil as above, her regular day. Having v-ry rupenor accommodations fir cabin, tecoad cabin and steer'ge pasenaers, persons wishing to embark, should make immediate apilicaticu on board, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, d.Orc 100 Pine atieet comer of South. FRENCH POTATOES, of a very superior rjuility, fortala in lots to suit purchasers, on board tlie ship L'lica, from Htvie. Apply to Capt. Hewitt, on board, at Pier No. 4, North River. tl7 rc WHEAT?2,000 bushels prime Illinois Wlieat, landing eg. ship Oenssee. fr?m New Orlesrs, and for sale m lots to suit purchaser,, by E. K. COLLINS <k CO. din Wi South street._ glU/A H -1111bds Prime N*w J M4rr N SevtU airsM j Familiar Letters on Music In America?No. 3. THK "I'ffKA IN KITKUPK?KMULAND AND ITALY. I tie l.iveol the sublime and beautiiul being not an accidental, but an essential and characteristic quality ol the human mind, it is obvious that the germ of a taste for music lies, an 1 have said be lore, in every soul?since music largely partakeB of (he beautiful, and lr< queotly of tiie sublime anil wants nothing but un opportunity for its de velopir.ent, cultivation r< fineui'mt: that h an opportunity to hear good and well ex? r?t- d music. Concerts and operatic peifotintnces acquire there fore a great importance, whicil unfortunately is lost of paitly in the ee.-uutl gratification they urc expected to ailorl; partly through the ab nence of a crtain decree of purity, \vh fh is re quisite whenever ultimate nerfec;ion in a:.y object Hiiinu'il at. Performing ;irti-its nnd managers are v<-ry si Moiii sc'tiaU il by a platonic love lor the art, bu' th.- more hv an epicurean nppetite for gold and bank noteu Thu be>t proof of this atsjertion? which 1 think to !>e correct, alt'toittili it m..y not be very acceptable to a i.tirr.erous class of | s. udo artists?is to be found in tht In queiicy of i!u it al lu-ioi a t'> the sacr fi .-e- th?-y are making to the art, to the art. ulo&o, ,ind to nothing but the art. Nobody attaches great importance (o this dip interested abntgaliou iu the present oi?e of posi tive and matter t.i fact idea?, but it sounds well in the ears of musical phihutropifcts, an i $? a ?t< Juit }>u> du bun, n nr pevt /"is f.iire du mat. 1 know several pianists ho consider t'".cin **lvfo p u'il.r martyrs to ihe art, and ful y entitle d inihe erection *f H tt ituv ilarilileiimf, or at least ton laurel wreath, th< y ru'i tfie risk of epMinmg tl.-i, wruts ad houi'j practice- of octave and tenth's pasuages, and of tearing the | haUiig> s o| th" foutth ft :ger through sleeping v.iih a ilu/ro gynwait in thnr hands. Such artiste, although thev may not luiowmal" he hypocrites, are never thelees hypocrites malgrt tvx, "and ti? strvv as little the name of ail airist?unfortunately very often misapplied now-a-dayt?an their pianos and violins. In reality they ure nothing but mechanical instru ments to the composer, who alone is the true artist. This want of pmity, and, if I am allowed to say, of legitimacy in musical exhibitions, although de trimenral in many respects, and strongly to be condemned in an absolute way, is, never theless, relatively productive of some benefit with regard to the greater power of attraction it exerci ses on the masses, who always have been more open to the illegitimate than the legitimate. The end excuses therefore, the bad means, although it does not justify them Operas deserve froin thin reusou more encouragement, since their sphere ol action is larger than that of concerts, which have now lost considerably of the nimbus formerly at- ] tached to them, through the sutrienesd and mouoto ny of their complexion, ihere are, of course, nu- ! merous exceptions, but notwithstanding, the c'at beau mait eunuyevx, will always be the best criii ci>m of any concert. It is moreover inoculated with a sprinkling of aristocratic! poiso.i, winch contrasts rather strongly with the undoubted arid indisputable republican nature of music. It is con sequently no great mutter of regret, that concerts go diminuendo with a h ippy prospect of calando and moriendo, whilst the opera goes erttrendo, and in judging from ilie multiplied y of operatic esta blishments, has nearly reached its apogie, whose stability could be predicted with a mathematical certainty, if it v ould not be under the control ol ever-changing time. Nearly every German, Italian, and French town, hns an opera company, who per form during the greater purt of the year. In England, London alone has a regular opera house, and there the season is restricted to five mouths, the occasional performance sat Drtiry lane,the Princess, the English opera house, and the Surrey, cannot he taken in consideration. Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and oilier large nnd populous cities, hardly ever have an opportunity of hearing operas, and thia accounts sulliriently for. the entire ab sence of taste in the English provinces It can hardly be said of the London opera that it has an influential bearing in the propagation of musical knowledge, being the exclusive property of a priviliged class, since the high prices of ad mission and several other silly regulations? vide the fu.l dress restriction?interfere with its ever becoming a popular school. Properly speaking, thisisnot very much to be regretted, since very little good can be said of the manner with which it is conducted. Instead of taking advantage of its immense pecuniary resources, and devoting a small part of them to the production of meritorious works, it confines itself to Donizetti and a few operas by Kossini. These, together with two or three ballets, form the yenrly bill of fare, which is paid at an exorbitant price. The result of this one sided system, is, that a wrong direction has been given to the little taste that exists in En gland, which can b? seen from the failure of the attempt to introduce,during three summers,a com iiany for the. production of the master pieces of ihe German school, the operas by Gluck, Mozart, Beethoven,, <Scc. This is the more singular, since the English pride themselves on their love of cl issic compositions, and proves, 1 always saw when in fciigland, that they do not understand Handle and Haydn, notwithstanding the crowd* at Exeter Hall, who congregate th> re rather from custom and religious feeling than from a desire to hear the nrt.stioal work. Yet it cannot be denied that the English ure more acquainted with tliohe two pillars of the German school ihun many pro f*s?ional musicians in Italy, France anil even in Germany, and the.lukewarm reception of Obrron, f?w<inthe,die Zruberflntt and Jcetonda, is,therefore, the more puzzling at all evenly, when it is consi dered thai the orchestra and chorusses were mag nificent, anil the company any thing but in different. This could have been expected from Italy, whose taste, although superior, to the tar* it. is forced to live upon, h too superfi cial. too much uccustonif d to triviality of melody to digest thoce mighty creations, ihore ti xtures of elevated melody and profound harmony which cannot be appreciated sfirr one or two hearings It is, indeed, melancholy to observe the degra dation of music as a science, in that unfortunate country, the cradle- of all th" tine arts Shadows ot D .rite, Tasso,, Cellini, Canova, Auge lo, It -.faele, Vinci, how you must mouru over your fallen couiiuy. Italia, a te cui fta la inr'e. One pearl after the other drops from thv crown. Thy poets are gone. Thy painters are go*e The throne once occupied by Palestrina and Pergolesi is left vacant, for?the only one of thy sons, who could lay a claim to it?Rossini, ihe once perse, cuted arid vilified, has deKeited then for gay France. The comparison Is rather unpoctical, but the8wan of Pesaro m ikes me ihink ot rats leaving a sinking ehii> If a Pound musical taste in Italy is to he num bered amongst thinss that were, the tast?: f(>r mu sic, that is, the wish to hear it und to cultivate it as an accomplishment, never was so much disu sed as now. If it is net any mure a country ot musicians and perhaps of music, it is a country of tenors, bassi and soprani, who, if they themselves are not able to execute classic music, e-xercise through their excellent method of vocalization a notable influence on those, whose ini llectual ca pacity renders them fit to do it. Fortunately, or unforiun itely, the Italians do not seem to bewail their fallen star, but ru-h even in greater crowdsto their theatres, and are as lavish as ever with their bravi, funri and evivat. Every body, from the marchene down to the tazzanme, sings from early childhood, and all have the some master*?nuture and the opera. The smallest town has a splendid building and a fi s' rate company, at least once a year. Those which are not rich enough to have a regular tlagiont, do not fail to engage some divi or dive during the fiera, anil some of these smaller citii s vie even in that re spect with la Scala, il San Carlo or la Pergoia. This is ihe easier effected, since very little regard ts paid to scenic splendor, and local musicians are aufliciently drilled to take charge of the chorusses and the orchestra, which are of secondary impor tance in modern Italian operas One. very seldom two, and only in large cities, aa Milan and Naples, three operas, with a mimic ballet between the two acts, are performed every day duung a month and attract n* numerous audiences on the last day as on the first. The prices of admission are very moderate, varying from one to three lire (a lira being equal to about six'een cents) and that with out any difi-rence in the larger or smaller cities. A' present there is rather a dearth of prima don uas; the best of them being permanently engaged in Paris, London, Vienna, and St. Petersburgh ; hut there ore, notwithstanding, some very excel lent ones left, as Tadolini Frezsnllini, besides the German, Pophia Lowe, Heineletter. Goldberg, Lutzei, who are filling the vacancies left by Ung her, Sontag, Schutz, Oldosi, and Schoberlechner. As for tenor, bsryton and bass singers, iliey are as numerous as blackberries only not quite so cheap. From France and Germany in my next letter. U. General Stiilom. Before tho Recorder and A Idler Mn Seaman and Drake. Matiii.w C. Patk- son, DUtnct Attorney. Dsc 11 ?Case n/ William Vavi,.?The urg'iment in thi. ease on the motion to sit aside the verdict which wins set down fir today, was postponed till Monday at '1 o' Ti iul of Peter V. Walker lesumeil ?Cron-examination oj Mi?. CourNtv resume I ? Alter my return Irom Albany, I stayed witu Mrs. Kuitis tor three weeks; I was not to leave the city, but was to l>e letamed as a wituisss, 1 lie lievi by Justice Vlata II, I was taken to Albany as a pri soner by otli 'er Nixon; I inlotmed Justice Matsell what 1 know uJ)cUt the luouey when I was confined here as a pti'onTi he called to seme iktltuI times; I could not say which titne i' wis 1 maJe the commuuicetiou; he never sai 1 anything to Lie about making this accusation against r; I smt for h.m to Know how the case was going ou.aud ub.ut my husband; l?o diJ not commu un-ate Ily. ti -What was thei bject in sending for hint 1 A ?Well, !-ir, if you w ru coi.Uu'jd t .eto, pet haps yoti n-iu'.d like to ? ?<; same o-i? Mr Joruan- (Rising and taking off his spectae c?) ? Wi ?i tii- gi?a't til 1- jitc*. nr, < r il.oso two lidns inside the I) nr, 1 that th> y ciuy be nq lired to sit b >ck with the other wi'n s?es ? (Mis Waal, wile of the Assistant !.l-!eiman, wa? titling iasiio iliebar with a friend ) lUcoani r Dj tlu> c:u:i> any responses 7 What is the objection to their there 7 Jordan? Well, sir, I a e peritctly well what is going on, mid can site it,perb&p'. b dter ihan any bodyelku. District Atiukvcv -Wtll, sir, il thi.-ru is uny com pin in 11 should like to bavo it, air lor.mN? 1 don't wunt to be driven to any thing tin plowmit, sir;but I submit to tl?e ladic.i' sense of proprie ty, that it id belti r to t..kc a seat back, aud not lo,iking thi witness i)ire> tly in the lace. Di.-rnicr Avion-.:.* Tl i c 1 idies take a very great in ti. t in the Willi"-*, and come her.t to support her by their pre.ence. and unl<ts? therfl is some improper com m'Uiie.i.'on between tlum, I don't siotiio m. cess it y of their removing. Tim i ourt Ih .u <iit it would b : better for them to with dritv a li . le, iil.l-.ough tU- y raw no impropriety in their sitting th-re. The ladies then withdrew b hirnl the wit lit ??? Cross rj :i.tiiiaiinn continued?My lawyer to w hom I eomin'iiucaie t ttm H'uirinents I havi mada, was Mr Winnr ; .? w s ? u day or t wo aiu r I had been in | rinon ; mv btwbind Miplejed bun; 1 made the communication voiiii' mil) ; b" 11 1 not me an) thing i.bout it ; 1 was di.-chaiK>d at after n y bit huni'i death, tut at no tin ?'. fu i-e;..(j 'old that 1 -1 mid b ; mad ? a nitnes# ol; (igitri'iyt) l.c com in tti d mi'-itt l>y cii'ing bis throat ; (i,'itB".' d md in teuu) lu <i fi -t i .f.irmi it ib it 1 should bo a witoeis iifier my retnrn ; my nbjiei in fomiii* back h-iro was io g-1 my ? bi^b ? ri<- rt.-Ssinrd here ; nij trunks are ai New Korliell.., wht io 1 tu ud; when 1 Jclt this building I went to Mis. l.i/rahaui's, 404 Broome Ktreet, under thect arge ol Mrs Ward ; I rem lined there three mouths; Mrs W. first saw me in Mrs Kustis'apart ment; she said shu felt an interest in all persons without parxnis or fiiends. ti -liit a uort of asylum? What sort ol an establish ment js it f A ?It is o Christian family, and 1 was taken from chnritub'.e purposes ; they are connected with various scoietieii, Mid, I presume, with the Moiai Rufoim Society. Ci -14 not that establiehenunt a luani-h oi that Socie ty, and is not one of the primary objects cf that society to reform women who have deviated from Ihu paths of virtue 7 A-1 dont know, sir. Q'icfction u peati d. (In an exr.itnd and anim. t"d tone of voice)? I wi?h to stat.i that it ia not my;case; I dont want the audi < lice to foim theialse impi fssion that 1 went into a common 1 house to threw m>self away, which tlicy would other wise have it I a:n not. permitted to explain. Mr. Jordan hopm! there would be nj false issue* raised and no attempt to create pny Kyinjiatiiv with thejury. Witnkss?When I left Mis |pgr*!iam's I went to a IKiarditift School, where I am now ; I wa< S"nt there by .Vlts Wjrd ; I paid my Iward at the Courtlnnd Street Ho tel, which waj either >3 or $4 ; I went to Julia Biotvu'.-i, and {ilt ttgedone ol my riogs fur $4, and p.iid my hill out of that (Very much agitated and weeping) ? I do wiah to state thnt I went to Julia brown's hvcatsn I was destitute, and that 1 Cbma from thure as I wett; while there I had a letter front my husband in answer to an advertisement from him stating that he would come back to mw : I advertised in th? Sun, on the lath of June, to know where my hu?hnrtd was ; when I went on to Philadelphia, I was encaged to be married to Mr. Murphy, and went lor that purposr with a lemaU acquaintance named Ca harine Foley ; 1 was about 15 yars old, and she was about *Jft ; my expen ses were paid hv my uncle ; wlion my hu baud died lie Itft me a ma property, Irnw the sale ol which I got money enough to no to New Rochelle ; I went to service there in the Nrptnnn ll<iii-e ai tipper oh: mheim iid ; I had i'bont fill-v lien I ltft there, I was there six weeks; I had $8 or $!? a wenk ; Ihe company leaving they did not have emplo) merit for so many p. rnoiis, and 1 went to Mobile to get employ inent; I went as second cabin passenger, btit don't recollect how niueh 1 p.u-1 for pa.?*.'ga ; I wont on with a family named Rogers. Mr. Jordan thru rosa and insisted upon continuing bis crosiM-xanir.ation, to which the District Attorney obji ct ed, on the ground that it wos travelling cvt r the ground Mr. Morriss had gone over brfire?he wanted to know who this woman was?it was proper to silt the story, that came from Oad knows who, Irom the lips of the woman that came from <>>d knows where, anil to investigate and n-certain the declaration of this man who cut his throat in Albany. [The witness hern burst t?a;s. Great rental ion several of the jurors looking down?considerable blow ing of noies- Mr Phillips indignant?the District Attor ney, ditto , and Mr. Jordan stern and inflexible ] The Disinter Attorney said he thought such a coursc was ciuel Mr Jordan?I do not wish to create this show of sensi bility and cu ise all these tears ; but it is a serious m liter with my client, and at the risk ol being thought a very great savage, I must continue my own ccursa Mr. riiiLi.irs ?(In across low tout-)? It is uiijuitiflabln and I think the witcess ought to b? protected. Mr Jordan?(Same tone)?Will sir, you'd better get up and protect hrr.thi n. Mr. I'hili irs?I shall sir?I trust 1 am human. Mr. Jordan ? (Sarcastically)- Well, tin n, sir, I hope ymi wont mike a bride of yoursell on this occasion. i [A warm cross-fire then vnsind betwten the Distilct At torney, Jordar^un I Pliillips, and then the cress txaininu tion u as resumed.] Q Did you r.ot say that yon never woull have pro ceeded Hgalnst Walker If hn had given you tho whi.-h your hn band gave, him to give yuu7 A?No sir ; btit 1 said? Jordan?Step madam, I dont want any explanation. I'll District Arronsiv a?k"d for the explanation hut tho Court ru'o.1 it out , vv'itnk s -Wnlk'T gave mc a gold piece; I did state to officer Johnson that he lind kept $l& that my husband had given hiin to give n>'-; I never sai 1 anything like my having told iioylKi ly that I would not have said anything agninst Walker; I don t kno* Mr. Terhune, Rnd nevet told liim so; I don't know who the man was that picked uptho bill on the steps a d handed it to Walker; hn was a w hite man, but I cannot recollect his personal appenr ance; whin I got the (60 bill changed, I got Boston mo ney, according to the direction of my husband; ha said nothing rbout going to Baston then ; I bought a bottle of wine oil the corner of Washington street, nearly opposite the rooms my husband o ? cupi'd fs .veral o'lier answers were elicited from this witness, hut they were not important to the issue ] Direct Returner! ?On the day that my htuband brought Waiki r come, he went out at nine o'clock, and was ab sent a good part of the day. H-On your c oss-? xaminalion in answer to a question whether you said to any one that you would not have -aid anything against Walker if lie had given you the jUOyonr hint ami gave him o give you, you said " No! but I did say this"?and then you were stopped; now what did f ou want to say 7 JonnAN?1 object to that, sir. Third Jijror-I insist upon having that answer! JoenAN Wrll sir, I insist you shan't, unless it is legal: an I if tbero I* one person on the Jury that wants illegul testimony, I trust in Ood that there are others that don't Th>t Court decided that th i explanation was admissible A?I said that I should have neter tppeared pgsirst Walker,If I had not be?n compelled by rhe police, as H would have been lor my ben< tit, if my hnshvnd should h ive e*fap?d by i enns of that money. I had no ill will against Mr Walker. Before I went for the mone , Wal Iter said ho wanted $4,tni0 and my husband said he only h?d M nod as there was another man concerned with him in stealing the money. The reward wasonly $2.coo. Sidiry W Stijart, (Wiled and sworn ?I am a clerk in the police office 1 was present when Walker brought iu ib" money ; it was in parcels some of it, with the i xcep tlon of about $4 000, which was loose and very much dis ordered I connted the greater part ol it. q ?IIy whom was that wonnn identified. Objected te by the defence. The District Attornkt contended that it was admissi ble, a* tending to establish ihc| carpus delicti, and stated that it wa* drawn on' on the cross examination of Mrs Oortney. that Walker was awnre that the money was stolen -from Cortney's having tol l him that therB was another person concerned with him in stealing the mo ney, as a mason lor not giving him *4,#00. Mr. Jordan. ?No, sir, that was not so. District Attorns* ?Yes, air. Where is the AT?v> Yotk Her?ld ? We'll refer to that Mr Morris?Well, sir, I object to your reading any newspaper leports-they are not evidence and not al ways correct ; let us look at the minutes District Attornkv?Tho reports in the Herald ?re goeil authority, lor they are generally as correct as any minutes The BrcosnrR read from his minnt?sthe point in ques tion ; the testimony was as stated by the prosecution, ex cept that the ward taking was recorded instead of Healing The delence coutenued that the prosecution had i o right '0 produce socondary evidence to show that any ol leuce had been committed, and that Walker knew it; that it was necessary to produce the person from whom the nnney was rtolen, to show the lact of the lelony having been committed. Th? prosecution urged the* had a right to show the tor pu* delicti by such teitimony, and tba' the dtletice had opened the floor to such a course, by drawing ont the an swer from Mrs. Cortney respecting the f lOOO 'I he ques tion was orgued atrlength, hut before giving any deei sion, the Court took a recess from S till 4 o'clock. ArTKRNOON Smsion. At half past 4 o'clock, the court came In, and the trial Of th?j cause waa resumed The CeuaT decided that the proseculion had a right to show by Mr. Stewart that the money was ld"ntlfl.-d and claim< d by Mr. McKee. Rtkvmrt re-culled ? Were Ton present in the pollc. ofBce when Mr. McKee, of Alnany, claimed any monoy in the presence of Mr. Walker, and 11 so, what passed 7 , The defence objected to iu:h evidence, und the court , overruled the objection. ; A.?1 wu not |ircuM vi heu the money wu.; claimed I Witt pieieut wlieu Walker camo in ; he came iu with the parties noun altar Sweet. He thru wont into the hack , room, and very aoon alter cume Imck uud took out from hii pocket money, uui placing it on the table suid, " there i? the $10,000 recently stolt n ut Albany," or words to'.hat efl'-ict II s had b ten atiout there lor several iltys previous. , Cron examinid -Mr. Osborno und in) sell p.oceeded to i cou'.ttli- money soon n'ter it wai thrown upon the table. | lico Kklli?<.?.h o.allc 1? 1 w?a u I'olice officer in June last ; .Mr Miln Paikerwa* iho Justice who had thi? mat ter in ch rge ; 1 wan pr.oent on tha night of the arrest, and there was i c nethi g said by Wniker about dirch irg iug the woman, an tueie was nothing about her. Tin: commitment was fir.t handed to me ior John Daley, and then something was said respecting the Indy'n be.t g nia cin, rge t ; it wus not known 'hen that she was in* wile ; slio her came then ae Klizabeth Hanson ; Mr. Wal kera k* I hiru whether he intended to commit Kiinbeth, and at thot time, nor knowing she was hi) wile, he enn eluded to commit her : 1 iVn't recoil ct anything elso nt that coivimt en ; Mr. Walker wer.t into prison with me ou one occasion to ure her in consequence of my ant ing him it there was any charge ag unai her tint she could he hel l on ; wc went to the feuialu dipartment to ga'her mid there liaJ u conversation with her. Mr. VV. told lier in my pr< sonco that he would see Justice I'aiker, aod get hiai to discharge her ; we then left the prison, and he went to Justice Parker, who gave me an order to bring her up tor examination and 1 did so ; on this occa sion Walk> r said to him that there was nothing against her; Mr. Oiborno was colled in in consulta'ion ol Jus. lice Parker, but she wan ultimately committed ; this was the first or second day niter her direst ; 1 tin k she gave her name as htuabeth Hanson ; I did not bear her, but it was upou lie commitment, from which I stir pose she gave it ; if my memory serves me rigs.t, I think Mr Wal ker went inio the back room, obtained the names oi John Daly and Elizabeth hmibon; is he camo hack and gave the names. Mr Smith then ashed that all the other witnesses tor the pioaecution should leave the room duiir.g thu ex amination ol the present*. The District Attomiy said he was pe loctly willing to h iv? the i>, only he hoped the witneesei lor tho deienoo should leave likewise. I The Court decided that the witnesses (or the prosreu | tioa should retire, but not the witne-sea for tho deienoo. Mr (remg enl appearing perplexed)?What { shall I do, Mr. Pisliici Attorney, I am sub,ccued by both pnriiei/ Mr. Jordan did not object to his staying, and he ac cordingly resumed his seat. Cron nomination of Kkluikik*?At the time Walker said 'here was no cbaigcagainst her to Judge Parker, he said I got the money ol him, John Daley ; f found wear ing apparel ar,d lace, in liertiuuki; I saw lorty or fifty tii'gi, but I don't think they ccmo from lier; i think they cams from some truuks which I got from Beaton, where they had been shipped on the afternoon that they intendol to g > to Bos'on; 1 saw them fust in the room Rppropriatid to wi<iifsies in this building ; Mr. Osborne ar.d Justice Mat ell were preserr ; I Uon i ki.ow what they were in, but I believe in a paper ; when I got the goods from Boston they were in u case ; there was a trunk in the cane ; the case wa; there and tho other trunks; th-. goods in the case were claimed by different persons, and a receipt taken for them. The District An ohm* a.'ktd if the defence could be ullowed to gu into such testimony, and if the object wus to test her credibility. The. Court raid ihut tho defence probably wished to argue Mwt ll all tln.*u cases ai d r-oods were found in lier possession, there, was no liecctsity lor her toing to a ho'ise ot proi-timtion Q?Werj you present when the trunk was opened? Did you see the rings in the trunk, and were tucjr claimed a-, stoled property t A?They were uot claimed n* stolen property, and are now in Iho police, she chimed them after her return tiom Albany .on the grouu I that her hush md hid brought them liom tho old country, that he dealt there in the ar tide,and that by hi ? death tiiey should '? long to her; then was other propert? found, I think, in that case 'hat was not claimed 'is stolen property ; I we ,t lo Aileiny to see Dal. ley, to obtain information about other property; I brought her down : it wjs #f:er he cut lis throat; I arrived there tho day lifter he cut hi* throat; Justice Matsell and her Counsel n quisled me to bring her down II she hud hren discharged by tho Court. Mr Warner did not c >me down with me lor he (Jj.i'at go up. Q-Did you discover any goods or any information from him 7 A?No, sir. Dismicr Atiormkt - (Laughing) ? N t sir, he was dead when he got there and couldn't give any iufmnvfon JoHuen ? (Taking tU' hi/i sjiectocles) ? Oh, now g-'nlle men, dant luakts youiselven merry or lidiculous either? (Lauglitvr) Mr Jomhn th' n asked Ih-t witirss aeverM questions to the same effect o? the lactone, but they weiu unimpor tant. Dinct returned.?I obtained the ease from Boston !rom information received from Dalh-y. Croj? examined -Twenty five dollcts woi pnid by t merchant u! Pittsburgh, who identified tome ot the pro perty in the case of his ; it was paid into the hands of LsR^srcs \V Oiuornic called and sworn ? I> in thn polireoili '.e, and have been It five or six years I won pres.- nt in the police olhco when Mr. Sweet, Justicr Pjtker, aiid Mr. Walksr had some conversation together, what u was, I did not know , Mr. Kellinger wan in ond out ut tho time; I was present ihu next morning likewise ; he came there lit my requert; theeveni' g befoio I wanteo to take the testimony, but Walker objected, ur. l Justice Parker was not in good health, so it was postponed til) the next morning ; Walker then made an fctli lavit; I have seaiched for tka. stli lavit, but havu not been able to And it. t^ue'tion bv Jord*"*.?Where have you searched for If Answer ?In the i>IHce among our files, where it should be Q ?Have you any idea where it went I A -Ves, sir?there was some difficulty hbont the re. ward, kn., and Justice I'aiker said he would take the papers, consisting of the inventory, fcc., to protect him self, end I have not seen it since Okorcic Kf.LLinutR, in answer to a question, said (hit search had b. en mad ? among thu paoeis ol the lata Jm tice Paiker, but his wile hos bren unable to find it as yet. These questions were a>ked by'he pro-.ccution in order to ai-ceiidin the content a ol the allVlavit The C jurt de cidu.I that tiiere waa not nulH -ienl evidence*cf the lo^s o! Um aMnii, Witikss?I wdi present when thia moneyjwas brought iu by Walker; wh.'ii he flr#t came in he went into the llt'iu hack room, and soon alter came hack ar.d took mo ney out of his pocket, ui.d placed it on the table; u portion of it was loose, and a considerable poitiou; the other was in pitckige*; wlen he firit canu in, he raid "then '* the Alhnny money, n'ry dollar of if.*1 |utter id rowurd consisting ol u iiainlbiil slmwii.J Such a handbill was in the cinco at the time, end some of the ofllcem h.ul it; Mr. Walker wns client at that time, hu< was not in the of coming in o the otliee much at ? hot time ; I wns (be rleik tsho to ik the f.relimiuary ex amination, and i <1 thenitms ul' the p lilies myself, to make out tho commitment: the officers were searching a trunk at the time ; Mr. Paiker was there ; did not send in Mr. Walker to g?t their names, but shortly alter I iug gented t Paikerthat they had bitter b* searched, ana Wa'kerwent in to do it; ho went into the room, ami came back in about five minutes ; he said Dailey bail nothii g about him except a ff> gold niece ; then- w is nothing said about her ; the amount ot billi was }t> btu reci iv d Irom Mr. Walker. H?Was that money identified afterwards, and claimed by any person in presence ol Mr. Walker? Ooj.'ded to-objectiun overruled. A?It Was identified. H-By whom? A-By Mr. McKea. ot Albany. <l-V\bat was said by Mr. Walker, or McKee in his pres? nee I Ans.?It wa* claimed by Mr. McKee as hiving h*. n stub n from hun at Albany, and he made an aftia.ivit to that elf ct I delivered over the money to Mr. McKee, mid took a receipt. The money was on the followir * hanks: 190 (10 bills ot Kxchange Bank ol Hertford, 6?7 %?> bill< ol t>i*3 same bank; iOl >l<) bills oi the Karmers ami Mi-chanics II n.k of ilaitlord; 361 5 ' bills of Ihe sum*: bank-ail Connecticut Htr.te money. Walker claimed th> reward, which was f>i'N)0-it hiul been increased Irom flMIO I'his charge was made against Mr. Walker net a grest while alter the arrest of Daley. There was no for mal charge made. I don't know that he < ver spoke to me abeiit it till alter we had been up to Saratoga spring* when he ce?u?lly spoke to me about it. The difference between the aiuouut lost and recovered wn* about t*ift. CRoss-f'.*AmsisD.--Mr Walkertold me that he ha I hern at Ss rat or a, at the United Statis Motel, empioynl as an ofh^er to pick tip, ftx. Sweet accompanied Walker when lie brought the parties in. There was no thing unusual m their Ix-ing put in the back room Ts.NTMJt.ROR.-ll the court pleaso one of my fellow juror* hare, feels very faint and is sick (Oreat senna ti n ) Hi* loreheud ncovered with perspirMiun (ilieat contusion heiu ensued, und the juror, Mr Wm. Fl. Sand lord, was taken but into the air in the auow, alter a (utile attempt to find his hat, by Mr. Morri**, one of the comiel (or the defence, assisted by Justice Merrltt, and oth?r*. He soon returned and laid that ho wa* able to go on ftii a short time longer. The Court satil that unless the Juror felt perfectly ahh to ga on, the CoMit would not desire him to do *o. Mr Jordan the Juror il he wa* subject to inch turn*. The Juror replied that hn wa* not, but that he took an oyster stew about I o'clock, on an empty stomach, ain not being in the habit of eating oyster stews, he attribnt ed his sudden ill tern to them The examination was tneu resumed. Cross.? lamination <?/ OsaoatsK.?1 here was a number of peronn* in th? room alter the parties wer? in the bark room; when the mouey wa* thrown down a |?or'ion el It wa* loose and had the appearance of not having hM-n put ti' m neatly oa the otheii) I did not observe 't..m part ir iiiorly.but took up one. A re net police officers in the habit of using (ima ge m* and taking uuusual atepa to arreat burglars, thieves, kc.r Obj-cted.ahy the Pro?ecu'ion The ? ornt thought it should not bo proved, but said I was a well known I act. A It niuit have been three quarte ? of an hour after thay came in that I nuked their name*; Justice P*rkei asked her how long she had known the man Daley, ant she replied a lew day*. Osar>*?R A. Kimrali calls il and sworn? I live at Nt li I'arlrK'iw ; I wui present in New York ar.d recollect the time that Dailey wan arrrMtd lor (teuling the menev , I rrn-t Mr. Walker the day previous to the am it, and ask ed him if there had hi en any mouey (lob n; he ?md Ihs ri had, (10,000; I aaked him if there had been any other and he said ye*, f>AOO;he told me I think that Ihe (10,0*10 bail been stolen In Alliany; I told him I thought I hud got track al some of tha rogues; and than askeo him to go with ma to Mr Hough'* fcxehange office under the Ante rican Museum. i then a Wed Mr. H., to *bow us the lift) dollar lull the lady hid got charged there ubout hall n hoar previoua while I was in there. Ii*> said he had .ent it LUt, bu: would (end lor it j I told him il ha wouid go with nt. I would show him ilia house ibc went into, end we went down to Wash i.',g;on street, and I po'nted out the house; 1 think the lajy w Uo wa? examined as a witoei* here, ia the one that got the lull chunked jit was near the corner of Murray >>trc<f( ; 1 lolloweii her there ; the itoppr.d on the corner aud t>o ii* tit something ; wo dentin und uskfd what the y oun< lady had bough', and the clerk or owner of the ><tore H.ii'l that the had bought a bottle of wine, and was not i-lraid to. 1 suppowd Mr Walker waa an officer then, mid I advised him io go tight in and arrest the woman; he (aid he would attend to that, and Ret another officer; we both went back to the otfica and taw Ike bill, the number ot which ho took down; be told uie not to say anything te.> any other tfficer, or to Smith, the officer. Hi than told HmmIi t? keen Ml Mi mm ir thing, and ho would divide whatever he git with nia> | Hough said no, 1 don't with anything, divide whatever you get with Kimball) Walker then naked me if I hat) told anybedy e,te ; 1 tail I had told Mr. Libby a out ii, who keep* at L,ovejo>'s; we went up t hero und saw him, tifid I 11 ink we both requested him to tay nothing atMiut ii ; he then wrote a letter lo a man ia, which contained a lequett to tend a $60 biil to redeem this b:ll that Hough had , thia nil occurred on the lay ixloie (he orient ol iJ.iiy ; it wua about 1 or d o' clock when I met Walkerpittei 1 parted with him alter the letter, I think I met ttiin in the atterncon again ; I nemt iuw hint the day Jter Daley* arre*t in the ultemoon ; 1 met hnn in Centre street; I had waited for them at Lovejoy'* ubout two hours, in consequence of Mr. Libby'* telling mo tliey had lieen tiiere. in a cab, in haste to tee me, und would be back in o lew minute*; I then left aud wulked down Centre ttrret; I Diet liim una dwee?; he said, ?'you're ate a d?d pretty tucker," or something io that e'ff. ct, and I aiked him what hit meant; he replied that I (the wiineat) bad laid an injunction on the "f.x>u reward, and (hat Mr. Warner hud tod him io; 1 taid I did not knuw ?uch a man, and wiinted bitu to go anil tee him, I ut he would i o', and went oil'; I then went to .Mr. ? ai tier, and got a ce rtificate from him that bu had not instituted a anil again*! any one for.ihe icouey, but u mau nMUie<l Kinne y; 1 then tbow* ed n to Walker,aud lie expressed himself tuiitfKd, lit said he was going to Albany. I then atked him :or tome money, und he gave mc a >10 I t, 1 on a llarttoik bank, I think the t'aim- r'i k Mechanic's hank. That is all I ever received of the leward Crvit-examined-I have prosecuted Walker lor my part cf the r w.itd. tlaaav C. called and sworn?Keeps a livery rin ble und drive cab* 49 und 16 ; be then testified tbat on the dny ot the urrett he wa< emploj ed to carry a l-dy ; and then corroborated the ovidence ol Mis. Cortney ubout employing him until he got lo the Buttery Hotel ; he then testified that Sweet cumc up to the carriage and aik ed her where her man was; the said the had none; I stop ped bark and told Sweet that was not to, lor 1 bad taken them out the duy brlore, and bod seen him a lew minutes previous, and that he knew w here the was coming, and would rntot ihem He then corroborated the evidence cf Mia. Coituey mthe other particularaot her testimony in relation to what took place in the carriage. I rtst-rxamimd?The womun did tell meatier Sweet had ordeied me to stop to drive on. <1-Did she not ta y the would give you Q d-d sight more I Onj-cted to a* loading, by tho prosecution. A?1 think she did suy d?d sight. John K Kimmfli. wut csllcd andaworn?Testified that he waa in butmeta us o'erk in Washington itreat neai if oppoaite wheie Daluy a il hi* wile went in and out, a. 1 tnat he notici I them, ar.d on the day that thuy were ar rested he followed her. lie then corroborated tha testi mony ot Mrs. Cortney, na lo the various pieces she went to, Sec. Op the way he Ml in with ex-Office r Sweet, and told him win' he waa hbotit, and a*ki-el him to go with him. lie ut lirst declined, but then concluded to, and went to the Uutteiy at pier No 1 ? they then went lo the liatteiy Hotel (The witm sa then described the occur rences in and ahout the curriago, as described by Mri. Coituey ) On Diiey'i coming up, witnets pointed bim ou' to 8wlet, but Wiulirr didn't set m to recogoi*o him. Crust Examined?I wuj never employed by Mr Walker to wutch lue house, where Daley lived. 1 have prosecuted Mi. MrKce lor thn reward ; I taid nothing to Sweet about any other officer being alti r them. At hull past 9 o'clock the Court adjeursed till Friday morning, ut li o'clock. State or Society in Montreal.?The outrages perpetrated by Druminoiid'ii electois Iron the La? cblao Canal, are now so Irt qui nt a* to make it dangerous for puupln ot respectable afpearunce to ho out after dark, iu ceitain quarti m id thn city, unless well aimed. They seem ta tiike the " Pilot" a* '.heir guide, ar.d ere now act ing upon th? latt hint thrown out f.<r " see ret assassina tions." Wo have accounts ol numercuf astaults by the caualleis of the Que- n's Wind, but let one scfflce, tor to day. On Sunday night, ubout eisht o'clock, a gentleman residing in lileuiy timet, who had been to Orithntown on a visit lo a sick Iriend, while on his return hi me near the College Wall ?aw a number of men Handing together: one ol thern..aid, " that is a d-d frotestant,' and be bad uo sooner heard the words than he was felled to the ground by tho rufll ins. und drtadltilly beaten about the bead Two of his ? ib* were broken, and no doubt he wou'd have been murdered, had not a gentieu an ol thtlr own parly rtscurd him W?i have neither time nor spice for more cases lo day. Hut wc are soiry to b* obliged to mention, that the sen tries stationed in thn l}uc< n's Ward, Orillintowc, have been fired upon every night, although it was to the troops that tnese rulluns owed tbeir lalety, on the oc casion ot the Kto muruer of poor Johnton. Ho impudent have thean lellows become, that one ot them stationed himsell ai the door ol the deceased KinnelJ, armed with a mu Isi - and bnyonet, and rtlused admittance to the coro ner and his jury 1 be coioner, we are informed, instead of ordering the police, and il necmsury troops, to siutoin him in his duty, actually succumbed ta 'be illegal reais tauce of tha mau ; nay morn, be is said to h ive dismissed -eiUiu jurors, becv.use the fellow called them damned Oiangemen, und appointed another juiy to suit his withes. In these times, efflner* mu?t 'io their duty, and we hopa an invcatixatiun will tako place lo Iree the ec roner the awlul charge. Who will be Jr?e f om criminal prottctiiion*, if a coroner petunia un enraged partisan to control hi? June a at tbo point if the bayonet I ? Mnnti tal lit) aid. Drr. b. Poi.tTicB in Canada? Hih h'xce|lrn?y the Go vernor lienei ui he* been jiletiat d to cell to the Legislative Council the lluii. Jolin Ntilion and James Morris. M>n Ireul tUrald. In Sopkemk Court?Amiany, Dec. 5), IS-U? Preeent, Mr. Justice Bkons-o.i. Jtitkina and ?l ndn. Wumter and ol- llule luken hydilatiit ut this tirm, va est "', and motion put ?v?r to neikt f(.ccinl teitn. Katon and al. a.'n Taylor? \T>jtiin lor retaxat on of co*ta, grant ed. Van Tuj'l und wi e Walton?Motion for judg ment nt in caaa of nonsuit, granted, by default. Piatt vs. Whiting und el?Motion to relrr, grunted. Pres ton ad*. Briirgs? Utile t. ken by det.inlt at this term, vacated, und motion put over to n? Xt tpecisl term.? Uovee ads Boist and al; motion for ju.'gmeut as in case of nonsui*; granted, unless plaintiff *ii| ulate and pay coat*. Oarry n-ls VVnaitou; motion to cnange venue; denied, wfiii cuts. Davenpoit u<la lluulop and ai; motion lor judgment as in cii.e of nontuil, u.ilet* plaint ill' (tipalate and puy ci st?. Mason vs Uidlcman; motion by difendant to set aside m(|Uist, k<\, deninl with cost*, without pre judice Th'. people ex re| Collins an I al v< ? tone, sher.V; motion (ar Ion ve to pros, cute (tttcial bond; granted, ex parte. Woodwortti uds deubury , Diotion tucU.-nge ver.tte; granted, by default H tfirouck turv'r Sic ad* note; bio tion lor judgmi'ii' as in c*ae of nonsuit; grantid, by de fault Km ads Out; motion lo set aside u quest. Icq ; grants, with cost*, by dc'ault In matter ol lUiwe,sheriff; motion exparte; leave to prosecute cttlcial bond ; grant d I'erkiii* an*. Winterbottcm. Motion tor Judgment at in caaeiif nonsuit, granted, by default. Bates ads huasall. Motion for cnliirori, grantid tx }iartt Knight* ad* Ilus nil Motion tor r?r|ioraii, giaiiud, ?T;<ar(r. I>e Wantle laer v*. linger ni.d ai. Motion by lieleiidunt to set aside defallit, kc , denied, with LO*t* Haven ads. Tnylor and al. Order that plainiiir file terurily for cost*. Davis uda L< igh. Motion that plain till flie secnriiy lor ceita, gianted, by default, absolute. Card ads Cunningham ; pi ition for judgment as in case al nonsuit, granted by default Pardee, stenff, ads Hall and al ; motion for ju'gnint us In Cise ol non-suit, granted, by tb fault, t rotby vs Tanner ; motion to va ?ate order in fhi* cause, if Aug I J, 1^44, to far ass'.ayiBC proci rdingl the ein is listed, denied with costs, Without urejodice Jackson uds Bradt ; motion to ?et aside rule iu tni* cnuse of flili Oct. latt, g:anted, with coats, by de fault. Tnc Wahr".i Tkaikt>y A'?ain ?P?Lvin?n*, N. J., Dec B ?The trtiti *>t Abuer J'aiKc ior the mtitderol John Cattner (tho o'd Warren tragedy, fur a purtictpa'ion In which Carter stands convicted,) hss Just commenced beiore Judge Neviua, in the Ojer and Teimi ner of tni* county. Cotti.sel lor the Miate, Wm. C. Morr a end Win. H Isted f'.eqri ; tor the defence, A. E. Brown, Alex Wuris, P. B Kenbidy, and W. K Clem sen, k'.tqs. Mr. Morris open>.d the esse ou the part cf iho State in a ipi ech which occupied the whole aiiernoen He stales a itrong array of tacts against the priaoner. Whatviilhe the result is ol courae uac rtain.anil any c njeclnre of a ine would be improper. The attendance is not to nu rant, or the excileme nt so great, us on the former trisls. We are getting used to it. About seventy witnesses sr? ?n attendance! on the pit t ol the Stale. The trial will oc cupy two weeks at least, and probably Ihrre ! When tht< i* ended, the trisl ot I'eter Paike, lor being conceinrd iu the tame tfTcuce, will immediately commence. He ia ta lie tried by a jury from Mercer county. ? Ntwrk sld*. Ih r 18. ' Naval.?There are now at Norfolk the following Umied States vra.-r In : The Pennaylvai.ia ; ihe fri gate Potomac, flag ship ol Home tqtiadron; sloop Sarato (S;ateatner Prtncetoa; Mexican ateumer Monte tuma; ship o( ihu line Delaware, ftigate Constellation, and sioop Cy ane, are In ordinary at tbe Navy Yard; the new sloop Jamestown is nesily ready for aea; the sloop Vlnceaaes *nd brig Dolphin are being repaired; on the atocka in the Yard, tun New York, 74, about two-tbiruS d^hc; Ihe Iri {ate nt. Lswrenoe, neatly rradv for lsunehln|, and the <tesm?i Medium, winch is to he converted into a store ehip, the *tesm>'r Col Harrev, and the schooner On-ka iiye are also at fhe Yard, ar.ei the brif Pioneer used as a itort-> hip. There is also at the naval anchorage a small 'tesmtr, the Ki.git.rer, used for towing vessels. The Howsatosic Kaimioad.?Thia roule is now in lull oieralion. 'Ihe arrangements rentier it an pxpedltiou* and ideassnt mode ol conveysnce between New York and Alnanjr. The line connects with two flnes end substantial steamboats, the Kurrka and Nimrod, and io pair* will be tfared to enanre punctuality. Mvlng. ?ton, Well* h Pomeioy, New Yoik and Albany, are the agents of this line.- Albany Jiri??, IMc 10.

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