Newspaper of The New York Herald, 12 Aralık 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 12 Aralık 1844 Page 3
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noMf lHARKHT. Wednesday, Rm 11?41 P. M. hers wda a perfect panic in Wall street to-day? cks fell oil' from one to three per cent. Every itock the lint declined?Farmer*' Loan drcliutd 1J per nt; Pennsylvania s'i, I J; Stoniugton, I]; Erie Kail ad, 3{; Heading Railroad, If; Mohawk, 1$; Long and, Jj, Canton, 3J; Morri* Canal, 2J; lllinoij, Ij; ntucky ti'i, Ohio 6'a, i; United Statt* Bank, J; In ana.) The sal?* were to a very fair extent. Thede estion in the itock market ha* b- en carried to a much eater txtent than anticipated by the moit rabid bear in e itreet. The present panic ia beyond the control of y clique of itock jabber*. It ia the real panic, and one at will send pri:e? to a deeper depth than ihey have ached yet. ThU panic ia not created by (peculator* the purpose of depressing price*, but grow* out of e state of our foreign >ffair*. It is produced by the gerou* position of our relation* with Mtxico, and rough that country, perhaps, with other* of more im rtance. We believe, that thould the existing ieeling in'inue ten da> *, quotations for allkinda of fancy atock* ould decline fifteen per cent at least Irom preaent price*. The United States Insurance Company, ot Boston, have is day declared a semi annual dividend of five per cent, yabie on Monday, (he 10th inat. Five dollar counterfeit bills, of the Dover, (N. II) ante, extremely well done, are in circulation at the 4it. The description of those seen wa? aa follow*: ? y W. Sawyer, Jan. 20,1811. Jonathan Dame, Cashier; . Pierce, President. The final inntfa?ment of $6 on the Long Island Railroad ock. 1 vied in June last, and payable on the 1st of nuary, lias been called. The tranifer books will be osed on the 31st Inst, and opened on the 4th cf January Tae imparlance attache! to the trade between the nitud States and China, induce* us to n far again to the ibject, and to give, Irom official returns, made at Can in?then the only port open to foreign trade, the trade etween that port and foreign countries for the years Ml and 1843. We annex a table showing the commerce f each nation with China, in 1319, giving the arrivals lad departure* of cach flag during the year. .rimvals axd Di:p*rti!ris or Foreign Vessels at Can ton, 1812. . Shipt. Tom. unit* $ Great Gritain 131 56,913 ?ur,,pe !> Other State.,. 14 4,263 meriea 5 United S'ates 37 17,353 .mrrica, ... J 8u,n J5 a'J;19 Jrica, ?Care of Good llo|>e 1 20# | British India 3C6 164,316 | Hpaniih India ini 31.600 1 Dutch Iudi? .. 31 9,434 f ] Portuguese India 10 2, (61 I Siain India. 2 972 . ?, I No'tbera China 41 18,978 ?cemia, New Zealand, and Sandw ich Itles,... . 35 13,2 6 I Total 784 328,222 "e. 'ntrie. were 420 178 47(1 he d*)<arturei were 3?4 149,744 4,959,572 Total 784 328,222 ThU table show* the amount of tonnage employed by ach nation trading with the Chinese, in 1843. We au < x a statement allowing the value of the import* end xports of Canton,for 1841, from and to Great Britain and Uo United States. 'ommkrce of Canton?Value of Imports *kd Exports. England. V. States. Total. injiortation, rioters 21,712,961 2.031,871 *3,717,832 Asportation, piasters 13,187,207 5,600,973 18,788,260 n farorof F.ngl&nd, 8,525,671 ... Uainst the U States ... 3,566,102 Igaiu.t China, ... ... Quantity ano Value of Mf.kchanoisk Imported. r-?-English. \ t Jlmrricun.-?, l . Quantity. Value. Quantity. Value. <>|uum, cases 35,00(1 11,000,000 ? ? 'otton wove,|iiculs,... 346,103 4,133,236 62,334 750,408 Tnr?ad 40,194 l,00t,850 3,631 01,275 ?iMintactiired calico,pes 301.689 7 81,391 156,485 406,861 Look cloths 185,051 462,627 26,212 65,580 Hdkfs 70,153 112,724 280 418 Other articles 24.401 88,401 18,763 46,342 pambi irs?Cloths, yrds 310,640 300,640 1(17,120 107,120 Long c'oths, pieces,.. 25,122 200 976 21,1120 198,560 Camlet ? 7,260 ? ? s'uts, iiicuU 63,912 191,737 2,998 8,991 t.mdil wood, 8,250 115,6(0 1,011 14,574 Comestibles 2,735 100,700 393 14,465 Petals?Iron, lead, Sic.. 16,248 55,802 18,060 73,929 'ice 14,100 21.150 18,738 28,107 [ Jocliiueal 61 10,980 127 22.8G0 tartans 14,757 41,271 49 117 IKu's. number, ? ? 4,155 87,656 1 Specie, piasters, ? ?. ? 80,400 p )ther merchandise, ... . ? 57,716 ? 37,145 Total pissters 21,712,961 2,031,871 Quantity and Value of Merchandise Exported. English. . < Jlmtrican , Quantity. Value. Quantity. Value. I>a?niack.picnls,.... 252,192 8,'??6,721 33.112 1 228,920 Guru 78,165 2,965,652 99,611 3,785,218 ?Jilk ?Haw, 2,424 1,168,285 845 84,745 Twist 27 12,375 12 5,400 Manufactu'ed Silks? I lie* (lonjte, pieces,... 3,011 30,110 9,045 90,460 IV jee 1,502 25,510 14 703 60,621 | Craiie 12,441 24,888 19,958 59,874 S-t.n* 2,940 30,678 2,730 37,701 Others ? 48,989 ? 154,186 Susm, 11 culs 10,361 Ml,302 ? ? Khubaib 708 42,508 712 42,720 ventnllinn, ? 12,999 ? 2,990 C'duneal ? 5,456 ? 10,204 y*?*1* ? ? 1,423 18,500 Other inerchalidise ? 33,811 ? 19,444 Total piaiters,. .. 13,187,287 5,600,973 In the table of import* it will b*|<een that of the value received in English bottoms, 14,000,000 pia*ter* were for opium?deduct this amount and we find the value of the impjrts into Canton from England, in English bottom*,er in vessel* sailing under the English flag, become* re duced to 7,713 961 piastre*, only a little more than three times the value received from the United State* The same proportion hold(good in relation to the exports from Canton to Great Britain and the United States ? There is a vast quantity of trading carried on betw?en 1 h inn and the countries in the immediate neighborhood. We And in a Calcutta paper a statement showing the ex portation of raw cotton from that port to China for se veral year* pa*t. Cotton Exported to China. Feart ending Af'jy 31st, , .1843. 1843. 184t H?w cotton, India mdz. .1.18 144 1.78 467 3.00.360 This show* an increase every year in the quantity ex ported. We can account for this, partly, from the lact that for several year* past the intercourse with Great Britain has been disturbed, and the supply of many manu. lactuied articles previously received much reduced There ii a very largo trade carried on between Russia and China on the north and west, beaide* traffic to an immense extent between the British Eaat India posie**ions and China. Heretofore the foreign trade by sea ha* been veiy insignificant compared with the total foreign trade of *uch an immense empire. Five ports are now open to the com merce of the United State* and Great Britain. Com mercial treaties of a very favorable nature have been perfected between these power*, and the in dustry of each have, in the perspective, full em ployment for many article* of manufacture for the demand that muit eventually spring from the wants of more than three hundred million* of people?a mast ot bcingi greater than all the pest of the world in the aggre gate. The fable of import* into Canton gives u* an idea of the description of good* they immediately require, while the table of export* show* u* their principal sta pie), and to what extent they are at present used by the people of the two nation* referred to. We learn from Washington that the treaty recently made with the Chi nese by Mr. Cushing wa* read to tho Benito while in *e cret session, and we may hope soon to have the pleasure of pernsol. The ratification of thi* treaty, if as favora ble to our interests as anticipated, will be one of tfce most important movement* made fortha sxtention of our commerce, ever known during the settlement of the couutry There is not a section of the Union that will not be benefited by the opening of this trade. The man ufacturers of the North, the planters of the South, and the ead miners of the West, arc deeply interested in this movement, and lock for a ipeedy settlement of the quer tien. Old St4>ck Exchange. f idOd Ohio 6's,'60 |oo*? 50 sluu Morris Caatl 31X t!(500 do leo*? 50 do 31 1000 Kentucky 8'i 1112% 275 do 30V 171100 do 102)4 MO do 30k 1000 do I02'2 50 do b30 3lW WOO Peun'aS'a 71m 50 do 1)60 31 1' 01K) do 7ltf 100 Reading RR 45 .'([100 do 71 200 do 44U 5000 do a!5 70 50 do 44 2004 Indiana brads 35'? 50 L Island RR >60 71 50(i0 do :(i .'.00 do 7ll? 17000 Illinois spcl 35,'i 200 do 72' ."000 do Ti<i 75 Erie RR 27 5000 do slO 35 100 d> ?1: 30 hullk State NY lit 25 do MM 60 Am Kxc Bk 8l,'? 10 L'tica V. Schm RR |2>j 50 U S Hank 5S? 50 StoninBtoa RR ago 31 70 do 5M 75 do y)\i 150 do 5 115 do 391. 25 Illinoi* Bk 20 100 ?!o * 30 30 Manhattan Gas 89 100 Mohawk RR 52K 125 Kaimera' Trunl (6)< 25 do S2'I Vi do 36? 50 Nor fc Wore RR 69 6'?0 do 'J, 50 do 68.V 60 Canton Co *60 43 '>0 do 16O 68 50 do tlO 43 75 do 68>? 75 d'? 43 575 do 68 25 do >.60 I3V4 100 do riO 68 50 do ?60 I2H 150 do K8W 15 Anli k Koc'i RR 1D7)? ,m do sin 68 10 N Jertey RR 94 jo Harlem RR ?4 Second Bonrrt. S2HOO Peun'a 5's aW 69X 50 rhas Canton Co ?.?> 43V 50(10 do bJO 72 JO do \!i% 10000 u 8 6'a, "62 114 125 do 11 3000 ijjte. ItV 100 I, Island RR 73 75?haa Not St Wore (W'i 25 Morris Canal 31V 325 do 69 150 do 31>J New Kicltang*. Sionoo O!iio 6's, "60 s3 too 50 this N Am Trost c 11V 3iOil Penn'.i 5's c 7lW 2> do CIlV 85 shia Dry Dock Ilk C 66^, '.0 do al 12 Hi U ? Hank S3 5'a 575 L Island RR c 7I? :> i 1- arm?r?' Trust :(6V 50 do 71'; 50 do 3*i ?0 do b30 T>% r< do blO 175 Nor 8t Wor RR c C9 2J do C V>ii 100 ill 68V ? d-i c 31.4 25 do (,HU 25 Caiten Co slo 43H 150 do 68>J 110 do 43H 50 do C 6* 125 do 43 125 do 68 a 25 do ilO 43 100 do c ?S<4 *5 J ' no 41^1 50 Readiai RR stm 44H V> do 43>-4 IK) do 41 Ji w , *0 41 25 Btoniuiiion UH e 39>, *?.?.(!? tut 7TH 15 do 0t?M or StocRt?Boston, Dec 10, ISM. Exchmgt Hoard - 50 shart-s Reading RR, so&d, 'i3J; 44 doa3J; tiado'JJji 60 Norwich and Worcester RK, ?o6d, 71 J; lit do, bosd, 71 j; Jo dj, tool, 7I|; 135 Kant Boston dividend*, 4$ State of Trade. Aihki?Pot* are inactive, and price* declining. We now quote $3ti7j a 3 H3j Pearls are now held at $4 ito Export* from Ut to I0.U iu*t?I'ota, 1,785 bbl?; Pearl*, 614 barrels Bukauitur??-Etlorts are now making to raise the price ol ttjur. Gtaesee now tanges from $4 68} a 4 76 Cotton?1'he sale* to-day are 800 hale*, ot wnicli spin ner* have taken one hab. Price* generally are a sbade lower. Hat?Common qualities North Hiver bile sell at 45 o 60c. There i* very little doing in the article. Provisions ?Ohio poik. prime new, sell* at $7; me** at $t> with a tendency upward*. Lard *elli a* wanted at 6 a ti|j for ken*. Wmiskilv ? Drudge cask* are liel 1 At He. Western and prison wu quote at *J4 a U4Jc. Whau Oil and Bunk ? Not much doing in whale oil. Crude sperm sells at l>0 cent*. South Sea w?aie bone letches 43J cent*. The trautaction* in *p nn, in New Bedford, la't week, were limited to several small parcel*?in all, about 400 tbU at 90 cant*, which ii a decline. About 1,300 bbl* sperm oil have been exported to London, via Boston, within the last ten days. In wlialo, sales ol 7?0 bbl*. or dinar; quality, have been made at 34 a 34} cent*, cash. The latter price, however, wa* refuted on Saturday lor a lot of Northwest oil. We have heard ol but oue transact tion in that niaiket?a *ale of about 10 000 lb*. N W. bone, at 39 cent* The stock ou hand, of both des. criptions, in New Bedford, is estimated at uhout 160 000 lbs. The whole stork in the country is estimated at 3i0. 0th) lb*, exclusive of 30,000 lb* damaged, in ibi*ciiy, and that in the hand* ot cuttei* and uvjuuficurers. Foreign Markets. Havana. Nov. U8?The market nu glutted with Ame rican produce, md the last cargo of nee s. Id was at 7} i iai* Lumber wa* dull ot sals, and the cargo ot tue Topaz wu* sold at price* ranging from 13 to (3J per M. Died. On Wednesday, lith inst. ct Brooklyn, Amkv Powklli in the 74th year of her age. The friends of the family aro invited to attend her fu neral, t l.morrow afternoon it 3 o'clock, from the resi dence of her son, Albert Powell, 317 Adam street, with out further invitation. On Tuesday, 10th inst. Mr. Jamkh Fowlkr, for many years propiietor ot the Walton Mansion House, 3J6 Peail street, aged 49 year*. The Irienda and acquaintances of the family are res pectfully invited to attend the funeral, to-iuorrow at 13 o'clock. foreign Importation*. Amitkroam?Barqut- Pomona?250 pna Kin 20 pci tin 50 cases mdse 12 hh''s 3 ck* Srhur.hardt, Kavre St co?19 pkgs rattans 8 cks seed Duiilh Ik Cousinerv?200 slab' tin B1 Ids 18 chu Vietor & Duckwit/?300 kegs herring Pfeifer Ik Wissman? 1 case nut-ti meg* Henschen Si Uukart?3 J W iclielb iui?n-1 cask J tinker?1 12 b'.tH Burlagek Hurler?'J cks J A Willink?2 O Oilman?111 Schmidt St Vogel?6 Vietor k Achillea?100 kegs herriugi 2 p|>a | Kill 30 cs sugar 11 cks 100 bbls 3 c* to order. MARITIME HERALD. Movements of the Steamships. Steameri. Leave Liv'l. Out t?Jime'a. Leave. Jbne'u Caledonia, Lott ... , .. Dec 16 Acadia, Harrison.. Dec. 4 ... Dec. 17 Jan.* 1 Cambria, Judkins... Jan. 4 ...Jut. 16 Feb. 1 Hhlji 31 natcr? anil Agents. We shall esteem it a Tavpr if Captains of Vesasls will give J? Robert Hilvev, Captain of our Npwi Boats, a repoitof the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels cpoaen on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. Hr will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at home V abroad, will also eonfer a favor by srnding to this office all ?be Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa .loa of any kind will be thnuVfullr received. PORl'OF NEW IOKK, DJfiCJUMHllUt 14. SUN MIES 7 34 | MOON SETS 8 6 ?UK ?ET? 4 26 i HIGH WATEX. 10 J9 Cleared. Ship Saml Hicks, Bnnker, Liverpool, It Kermit; Hamburg, Larrahee, Having, Bad/er It Peck; Iris, (l)r) Hertrm, La Poole, NF. Goodhue tk Cos Vicksburg, Berry, New Orleans, Wm r>elspn.?Barques Wm Kennedy. Martin, Savannah, J Ogden: Edward, Bulklev, Charleston, Dunham k Dimon?Brigs Jos Atkins, I a me, Cu'acoa, Rd- Zaldo; John Kendall, llohinson, New Orleans, John tlwell Ik Co; Billow, Lawieuce.St Ma k?, ?? ~7;ichr" Timoleon, McKarland, Net vitas. Nes mith Si Walsh: Weymouth, Jarvis, Mooter o Bay, Ja. N L Mc Cready i Co; Kate Pender*a?t, Bormn, Franklin, l.a. J Elwtll StCo; A 11 Thorp, Sauford. Wilmington. NCt Henry, Baker, Savannah, RM Demill; Jubet'e, Woglam, Petersburg, J llun nrL aj' Caroline, Farris, Norfolk; Kr.uik, Baker, Alexandria; Traflic, Gardner, Baltimore; Harp, Beaston, Philadelphia, fc.xc?l, Lovell, and Grecian, Chase, Uustoc; Corvo, Crockett, . Arrive*!. Packet ship Queen of ?he West. Woodhouse, from Liverpool, Nov 8, wnh mdse, to Woodhull Ik Mintnrii. Bremen ship New Yerk De Harde, 49 days from Bremen, with irdue, to Oelrich* Ik Kruger. Barque Ch-ster, Rob nsou, 64 days from Stockholm, with 10,008 bars iron to Dickson Sc Co. 24th Oct. in the Knglish Channel, spoke ship Queea Victoria, of New York, from Havre lor New Orleans. Basque Pomona, Colby, 32 days from Amsterdam, with mdse, to Schuchardt, Favr? Ik Co. Barijue Philena, Kisk. (of Boston) 60 days from Malaga, with Ouit, to 'Iraper Sc Devlin Brig Willi-im, B-icon, 32 days from Port au Prinre, with 118 tons logwood to A C Rossiere & Co. 10th ult. off Cape St Nicola Mole, spoke schr Waldo, fm Boston for Port au Prince. 17th, J Silvia, seaman, died. Brig Mohegan, Collins, 3 days from Philadelphia, bound to Boston. British brig Buffalo, McBurnie, from Bridgeport, in ballast, to master. Schr Agawam. Packard, from Cnrdenas, Nov 27, with 73 hlids molisie* to Reed & Hoppock; 1 hhd sugar to master. Left no American vessel. The. A has eaperienced bad weather on the p usage; lost spars,.ad,, sprnug the foremast. Sic. Lat 33, Ion 71 30, saw a boar, barrels, Sic; appeared as if some, outward bound ves?el had lost her decU load. Schr Olinthus, Capron, 34 days from Rio de la Hache, with 86 tons wood to fiooueu Grave* Sl Co. Left no American vfi* ?els. Schr William, Clark, frt m Eastport, with lath and potatoes, to Smith k Boynton. Schr Cotine, from Portland with stone. 8chr Increase, from Thorpaston, with lime. Schr Pace, Taylor, from Boston, with mdse. Schr Splendid, Crowell, from Boston with mdse. ??Kel?w, Baxter, from Boston, with indse. Schr Keeaid", Latigletr, from Boston, with mdse. Schr Arenzamend?r ?m Boston, with mdse. Schr 'I linnet, Billingi, from Nantncket, with potatoes. Schr hn ermse, Swain, from Nantucket, with oil. ychrGold Hauler, Mansfield, from New Haven, with mdse, bound to Savannah Sloop Thiee Brothers, from Bristol, RI. with produce. Prc|?dler Mohawk, from Hartford, with mdse. Propeller Quinnebaug, from Norwich. Melow. Swedish barque Betty. Also, 1 ship, 2 brigs, unknown. Stilled. Ships Hamilton, Reed, Montevideo; Washington, Matteson, London; brig bi el. Smith, Savauiiah. and others. I The II S store ship Lexington, bound out, it at anchor off Quarantine. Correspondence of Uie Herald. Rhode ^st.ANDFa Orrice, | _ Arr 7th, Orient d. Brown. NYork fir Boston; Try ail, Oihbs, Provideucflfor Baltimore; 3th. Poland, Gtrdner, Mariel, Cuba; Kudora, Brown, NYork for Kail R.ver; Washington, for Providence; Vandalia, Bake . <Ve?* York for New Bedford; Union. Potter, Providence fur Baltimore; 9th. Denmark, Davis. Schuylkill; Naotueket, Gilford. NVork for Kdgartown; H W U?iMly, Oindv, Providence for NYork; P-le.tiue, Stevenson, for Philadelphia; Oilman. Baler, Albany for NBed ior?X"Pn* Hallock, do do; Li*inder, Johnson, KGreenwich for N V ork; Lucy Ann, Cushmau, Hartlord for NYork; Ariu.i, MunrBristol for do. Cld 7th, Herald, Burdick, Mobile. Miscellaneous Record. Brio < ni.tuniA, from Savam.ah for St Jago, which put info I" distress, was undergoing repairs. It was estimated tlist it would take $6000 to put her in good order. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 9th in?t. Maria Theresa, Tiber, NW Coast, Maui July 21, with 2650 bhls wli 100 do .i.m oil and 9000 US *>""/? fj!1".1",', on N W C. a,t May 29,1u 1J iO N, Ion 167 ^0 n I ' NL, 1700bbls; June It, late Ion I'i8, < 'om Preble, Ludlow. Lynn, 1300; Hy Le. s/l.2200; June 18, Anse! Ojhbs, West, FH, 16?0; l*th, Ann Man* Ann, Wm tera, S1I. 1630-who;reptd, no date, Kamiy. SH, t whs; Copia, JWObhls, all well. LeftatMaui, Cambria, llard ?!Kl 1'40-(l>ad spoken on the line, Jui e ^O.Ontario.O bbs. N int, 1000 spm); Mozart, Fisher, of and for Bremen, full, 4100 bl?.s oil. Cld at do. Belle, (new, of Fairhaven) Handy, I'.icifie Ocean ?Arret Edgart wn Mh, Aurora, Co An. Pacific Oce.ui, of and f>r Nantucket, wi h 1700 bbls sp oil. KepotU May 2, at I'ecu mas.Gen Scott, DaegeU,FH, 10 mos. 310 spin; W m Wirt. Morse, do, IB mos, 1100; John Coggwhall, Macv, Newport, 5>4 mos, clean; Kanklin, Marbuck, Nant, 31 mos, 1350; 1-rankli.i, B.rton, Warren i mos. 300 At Hood's Isl nd June 17. Ins, Siiooner, NB, 1% m"s, 50 sti; heard from same date, o Paddock, S*Sf> At Parts Aug I, Constitution, do, til; Jd, off do, / r.1?'.WI1, do1 L0* ,nn* 3ffll Kay, Dartmouth, 1100. At la cahuana Sept *, Gauges, Nant, lt.'ifl?p; Joh,, Ad ains. do, 600. r>poke Sept 21, lat ?9 .H, Ion 76 W, llenry. Man chester, Silem, 3d mos, 1200 sp. Heard from at Callao, in Aut, Martha, Nant, 1400 sp; Navigator, co. 14(10; Napoleon, do, 1150; Mir.a Aduns, H >llev, H H, 1400. On MaKSifuero S pt H Com .Morris. Uowu, Falmouth, 1250 sp; Corinthian, Monkley. NB 210. Heard fr.?m in July, off Shore, Zone, Nant, 330. OfTCal 'j0jyr, Almira, Kdgarto* n 210 Sid Im C about Sejit 8, Hobt Edward Bnrge.., of and for NB, 2100 .p A letter from Cam Smith, ol the Lafayette, NB, reports her off Cape de V'rd. 0"t IB, with tj bbls sp. ftpoken. i P,',!\o ^""rDhJn t"!!n S'vannahfor Glasgow, 2?th ult. lat 10 18, loo 18 20?hy the Pomona, at this port. ^orelgri Ports date-Sid Krie. In port, Oalteston, Partridge, Angeltae, fa...), T Street, llojiau. Mary Jane, Wassos, ?T.<i Dresden, all di-g. rhe Mary ( lark, Sweet, of Bo ton, Irom Charleston, was to have sailed Nov 10. on which day the insster wsstiken sick with yrll iw fever and died. On the 15th, the lime was ashore dangerously .irk with yellow fever. expected thjt Cant Crosby, of the wrecked ship Ebro, would bring the Mary ( lark home. bake Ports. ('.iT?L,*"D?P,'.c Ar'Scioto, Gayl*ii, and Amazon, Mon roe, Buffalo; f.G Merrick, Scott, Chicago; E Ward, Crowl, u'jej VV Joy, Presqne Isle. Cld C.nnmodore, Dorrett, Buflalo; E Waul, Crowl, Sandusky; Venus, Hageidon, Detroit. Iloins Ports. Nr.werayroaT. Dec B?S|d Briitiis, Osgood, NOrleans. Salem. Dec 9?Sid Lueilla, Perkins, Hitmatr.i. Dec J?Arr Athens, Jones, Cadiz, kc. n.i.?',TO:*'yrc l0?Arr Lawrence, Howes, nntl Ids, Hallett. Il.tltiuicre; Mozart, Keynolds, Aleiandris; Sun, Snow, and N ?l*jth ^jmers, rhiladelphia; Southerner, Crowell, Wil mington, Del; Hy Curtis, Hallett; Gauge., Allen; Oilier, Fol #? r,onli .ln?,n' Albany; J Cooleyhco, Eldridfr; Marietta. Croweil. and Vicf r, Hallett, NYork. Telegraph'd, 32m?.' t?.^!WpotiviV.'' fanchita, Porto Rieo; Elliot. Philv i hiiu. i i i vi' .i ^'ans. Signal for I ship, 1 barque and h i'/ , rid Tr?>ch. Nassae. NP; intot, (of New /nil Ir R St fhomas ami a mkt? Cyg ?oston,<^fi 54*0^ks tons) Hi%rd, New Orleans; r!.i? a f!' ^txPi States j VolIc, Portland; in r ^ iv:i'n. r,',, ' ,\,,"lr||'l1'1*-. Scl.r Oraiuffe, which cld Nov .illrii i"l w i x" '?V! jC Havana, is of Cambridge, x ' M mastir. l' At- Arr Uront-s. ? urt.s Newport VV; n,?t, Baker; Fame, Ciowell, and Lou ? 'im"'t PVHS01". frrssey,; Oute,,., H i t! ?d Poptl ,?, Whorf. Norfolk; Columbian, Stiibbs lUppnhanuoek; Wvira. Knkht, Uali more; Cornelia,Xilbom lu'.l. "fc "? i( ""'T-1' K llfl AinaudaJNickersin; Utica, uiS. , pot?iti'><ck.rsoii; Talent, BeUSi Kb iIK. a f n 2la"V*' N.cUsjm, .md Ornament, Crosby, Albany; Antilles, Stanley; Uarendnn, lendletoe; Friend, Lov el : Homer, Kent: Huron. Hill, and Oriestal, Hrown, NVork.? 11 l.graphed, New Jersey, friwn lUl.via; Pincliits Newbury, pott; Virginia, Savannah; Eagle, ?; Enemy, Philadelphi i Nv2i4*s!7i*( D"f 5-An Miiisii, Kinlev, an'i lliritn, CoittO, Niork. fcld som CrtngU, Otaii, it Jobs, NB. IgoHug.n.s, Dec ??Art Motwt Hope, irt.lDcams, ^liu< T u*'*"' frli**betb, 8on:*r<; Mm Yourg, AiUnu; Drboruh 'whi'i?-"AIh?n,Vi *'or4t{*,? "i?hia; Batsry d K-lly; AfU'di kVL. V Despatch, Nuker.ou; Sally Hope, Kad.ei'it Will!- 17. i'i Vi Wilcox; Aerial, Oak.; Chad. broii'.A h L?2*i ???>"??; J Lami-lwr, Kenny; let, Tut'tle 1lhin, i,'Ito 'i'" >? iJickei?ou, NV'urk; Ham with lu nbif ?2i Roudout. Below, a ?l< op ? In , \ ?I?1, T.ltou, -Vohile; WeKsmu. fori. U oidy\ V 'rk ' Cl??riy stone; OColr., Norfolk; H W B*i*1 'm " 1' " j.Vrl' JN V^,k""' Ch*cc-r'0*i,k"" fo' k~A'r'' T*0 Brotl era, Thouip.on.New nu ruo, TewiV |U.?,uUJ ?m,< Ma.yi.liMb.lh buck clirll > il sifr ' V '1 Reeves; J tuira Ik. lamuel, *111. "rM4,^i ,,8urMiur; ;V""k' ?>. !lad l**-> h.w. Sowe All, ' vChltl> ,A,U ? """S. *?-?? * ? io- oVd,-. V VVtin'.c, Ilud.uu. 81,1 u*nu 1 Web ? ? "ale.,, " siie?ke. Cld'HeitiKMiiulf' l!^0 Honeywell, Hartford.? and nIX.. tS A..urea, .'ailett: Cam John. Crane, John \Tm'??r, JJ??ti>u; N/ixidUiidi. ^BrJ Johnston, St 8ldiieHuToti.feU^j.^;ia!!,);. We,Ut"' Thoa^U*. to \l(?rlcajlt?I_iim?A" ^h?nix, Boush, fin Richmond bound Rlcho.ottS ^ul , '"complete loading i Or.ea.ia, 8 ?,tli, ful iuL ? S . H h l N,ew put U to complete loid naock?ei'tJr.'!/"?' frum B("tou ?? '?"> R-PPiha "hii'h aid t sffif IK4'1" on ihe iliird, during Sid lloval H^l!>r v boat ciir.ed away ti e forebooui. ike. mid lur V n^ r1'1, W,,t Oeneral Cobb lla.ii Bedell- l?'niiL iT, J'"fl""ice' Short. New buryport; Leroy, nf'vtsitl.' Si" hY *?d all tile outward bound J^wu. i,iu i imtoo, Lyon, ?uid nacon. iiayue4i, IS York. A Sp tniid Magazine? Pubtuhed J hit Minting. ARTiiUxi'S L.\i It,S' MAGAZINE OF ELEGANT LITERATURE AND THE FINE ARTS EDITED BY T. 8. ARTHl/U. 48 Paget Reading Matter in euih Number. PKICE ONLY $2 PER ANMJM. hmbcHiihtncult in the Junuaiy Xu/nbt.r. *~".Jr9M1 "?.Are. an elegant aleel jdite. 4.'"i B"d*e?o1 Uoon. do do Plukntna V0'" * cilMle an<1 b'?iutiful by netT^^r.1^f,f?6n?rry1.L'iter-Ji"ui1?f-4,61 ^ZZTlunT" l? lh3 Me"'?ry 0f JoM 0fArc " 5?l'1?8 Hailu Vf Kirk Alloway. 7?1-ilteea handaooe initial Letter*. . . Contmti , M.^'Sd" SI'"7 ?f Be,0ty" No" '? JosnofArc A Sketrh.from the 1 li itorv of the Poor. By Mrs. 8 J Hale Hanuner Wf|.|, by Mil* Mary C Denver. " i '5. H.e,r?"/ by. 1 8- Arthur. A Mother a Look. by MaryVDaleiiaut'* U'' f'?m lh"?trm'111 of c?oliue Pichler, To the Mu.r, an Ode, by John L. Carey, E*q. 8eir-(^?eLr"me?t, by the Editor. 'Ph. S"* J 1 reaaurei, Living Sprine; by T. S. Ar:hur. , u.r ^,",K,8?c"-ty. ^ Miu Harriet T^. gu Oi L" * "l>e^, y t e , ull,ur of " VVllley and the Beg What Shall I Dof a Temperance Tale, by T. 8. Arthur, 'ri u . Xbl d. by John Kroat, L. L. 1). The Bridge of' i.oon.and i am O'Shanter. I will Hope Continually." Selfi.hneaa. by an Utilitarian. Tf,r?ty1dMus,c' New'puMica'^ona.'1' Americ,la Wo'n? Publiahera' Deparlmrnt. thwVuitiftIir!n^C?ii*te aind e,e*llnt literature, we recommend number iu>t i r ,"m^ o"" Pruru'? th' January uumurr, ju*t i?fiifd Ik?fore lulMCribing to any work for 181 \ wlsrThe1 f*.7fully- h wH1 be J"'' ih?? hiiic u.? il .Tew viawrTln ?,"rl?n* ol ,l1" !'??. ??lecteil Iro.n ipJct! Keadtheni. ,W ' thec"un,r>'' ?rtt "ue <>? every re onVwh!?h i'lterestimf and original magazine, o? which occdiiou wr informed our readers, that it was at iI?m u^fu?Mr- 7 ,,e NoV"nlrr "um,'-r- *hic" ii now before ulull) eudorses tlie ojuuioii there given, and warrant ui in one more -Ca ling the attention of our Udy reX.^ . thia ad durable I'ttiodicnl.?Southern TraveUer,lhJayette, Il Arthur's Ladiei" Magazine for October well aiiK'aiut theeicel. lent repoution its edit .r i. determined it .hill earll and w"J wor*c '? more truly of ihe fouudin mnft (,I,V '' Kceptation of the term, than i. foyud in mo?t of the popular Magazine*. In fact, thin i. what Doytuown, 'j'a d",t",?u,,h ^-Burk. County intelligencer. aflVii'r6 andVretleer?"i'm'l<'r "C ArThur's Magwine i. a In-antiful |U "Pirited condiictor.. itordfr I? L. rf-lV '1' a"(1 ,he "I1"1"ln "? of the liigh manzin? il il , ,h5 r<l.ual'. ,n. our ppini?ii, to any of the $3 n?Kaz.nea wI,,la11h? (uWription price i. but Two Dollar, a at N??- 101 .t? Philadelphia. Jejfet soman Republican, Stroudtburg, Venn. nf^i!:T m R 9 have received several numhers /riknr lSI,1'11'; which li under the editorial charge of J . H. The V 'V ?1"' ? u -I,tnil Popular writer, of the day. the Is o vein her number i. before u., the 5th of tlm 2d volume, by which it api^ar. that monthly i. yet iu its infancy wou iti'wav"In nfiiS'l) f *'*">' ?f a,'U't " h" ^?l?3y Ve I b.lic ftvor and is, we believe, established ou a Iermanent foundation. It has a healthy literarv asuect its iroii*the'best arti?unt'w 'J h 1,*"n^r*finB? "< ?? food tajte'and .iwcimel ? nf Mr Tf?l P frequently given our readei, IvrrrTmm^.ut l: ? writer, and molt cordial Vearch?ner ihan thT^,*hZ 10 Imbl'c: '? i? one dollar a th^m -^n^!Ban^!Me lUg,tni 'nf"'?r t0 "0,,e of Single Copies, 18V cents, .112,8C,ived. *ud ""lie coriei for .ale by d,2-U-'c _ . _ LESLIE, 180 Broadway. TO THE LADIES ~ ~ er.n?< V k L VOSTUME. I f5|,|?,l':r ?>er' '"F cumi'leted hit arrangement, for the r... .L , ' '? prepared to oiler exir.ordiuary inducement, for the purchase or rich laucy E.vlBltOI DEKED DRESSES a la>K^<|uaiitity of which have been received by rereut arrival.' and are un.upu.etl in eeganee ai,d no.elty of de.ig^ The offereS':? W K'Te a? "f the |,ric" ,lt which they are Ei!rlCH?rhTI0N R0Pk:s from *s '"! price $5. Jeiira Mwh do G 00 " ?? ? New patterns fancy Needle Work from $5. grai'.CK waTiaiiteJ f"if, ?.r'eta" i>1U,lin- WOrked in eolo? <'? 8-4 Jarletoii Mu.lins, from J?iwr y*id. 8 i Oigandie do. 6.?uiual price l(?,. 6-1 Swim Mu.liua, of Ua tiTuI lexiure, from 3. Cd. Organdie Mu.lins, in all prevailing .hade., Bob?at,?n " ll",i,ed ,0 lhe ,toek of Waist, and EMBROIDERED WAISTS fmm 3?. do Kobe, with waist., from SJ 50. 1? *'7.!,,ch' . " 6 o? do and Kivierie, " 7 00 c,teTc7wn.rUBd,r Ha"dk"ch"f'. Camiric Handke'chi- f?. |I-luldn-n'. Tat ? Borders, from fid. Bevierie and KinbroxleMldo LAijIES TAPE BOUDKU8, from 1.. do Itevierie, from 8s. do Ktnhroi ered, from 3s to $50. i%.t ?,??? 1? ant^ Mu*ique PEPAHTMKW Willbefonnd Iiich l?Uck Brussels and Thread Lacej. f rench Point, Mechlin. Valenciennes Biuisels ?ii d Cnicli-h Thread Laces. IfinUtiou He?fucy, French Point Alencou. every*wldth. * C*?to" auJ >"l'ne Lace, and Edging., of 10u0 d z Li.Ie Edgings at Oil |*r doz. upward." of every Kyle and quality, from$t Wl \f ER HOHIERV. Ladies'and Children's Patent Merino Vest., Jo tio Silk, do. ?j0 <jj M rino Hon. i ii. l ?. , Cashmere do. <)'? Black Alpieha d do Kirh Silk. do <tT".i ?' e" "ork and Embroidered dp. Draw'ers["kc * kl"""'' W"?'' Silk a'"' ot,,?, Va,t"' BAROAINB. jOO dozen J rimmed Cap. at Is?u uat price ??. llrmnaiits ol iRaernngt and Mgiug. at half prife. ?uoa , l ?HI L OI,?7'V ?linHtly soiled Is iwr pair. Iv . i?L ?nd Colored Kruig-s at hilfpiire tJl*m PETER ROBEUT8. iNo. ]?j Broadway. T. Engraver, 231 Broadway, opprt. i li ,irHT^?at* of Arms, C. rests, Cynhers totr <?n. graved on Stone, Diamond., Amethyst., Topazes &c houuiit 111 " *"y form; 8i?net Ring., Keys, Pencil I ases, ,1.1; ! I . ' r * ' "!Krav,'<l With A m., Cre.u, or any vidV.'ri^rJ i". "" '"""'i "dinintod from $2 <uid u pward., . ainted h, lilie^Tfi of ",r ?'"?? ^oats ofArm^ llo.T. /.! I ll ,M Albums, copied and pain led on IVdig.e-s. IVoiMe* Heraldry kept with the Arms of upwards o" 64.000 ?l12 It'rrc 1 'heVi.i!^??;*. ? "" '""k, r a quesfioii what sale i. the a Kilt III ale 111, fPhU? ,m,de b him (having Ins nam- upon iinprrfiut A? other ii "Vl'V Mfr tbu ??">"? .> pro?? ^c'uoVe"f'rthe'^'J!. ! th"' a. d lurm.h the genuine Sal.m'.n'ler. ' Orrfert rec^wdw'hi'lron 3?fe m uehuu..' and factory, No li9 Water .tr?t V it _?j i i j l, r * SILAS C HKRRINO. dl9 I in ' 0r0u<1"h!u!l1 for sals at let. than haff^rice. WE. li,.*n?d'!r,iw'?. '"I "?t Mrs M L. Hi,hop to de'ieer IM1 ^ of I ir el, ia Colq.bia" IJ ' r r, U ?{re? t, o,. 7l hur.d.v tvaaiug, the I2ih st copy tif? I t."' e* ,h ill be , let.ej ,n l,eir r,id a r- 'py ?'l the letter, written bv ?l L. B fo \1 M .\n 1. ,? UmalVh?re' Tfcby him "? i'-l-rnicle.'r'r ffM ra' iri i ,'ii iii i ? v n^.-Hr. t IOM. connection ?ith the L Bi.hw's renlf, i?"' ?? ( . A VI *7' L "ftlmw, M ?. M. Owynoe. Mrs Stone' * L. Kehspieluiann, .Vlrs J Bagley, E. ?m f! ~iln c"m,;|l?nce with the above ret,ue.t, M. L. Bishoo on fhu'r^rv V '.Vi""1 at ^oltnn .no Hall, 2C4 lirand ?t. I he eubtie ?r? . A "",7 O'clock. Kre* adrnnsioo. * ne riiDlic are re?|stctlnlly invited, dll 3ti.?rrc rjUMUEKLAN D COAL KA WN A'H.?Thi'SubacrTbTr ?lual'i't/oM-mV'T rw'""' "r.','r? '"r 'h? above .Uierior ?? llkl..- ' C! ro,n ?**?''or yard, l i e Cumbeiland Coal'Is bituminons in its natiira, burning Ireely with a blaze LivcriKhJ^re'lT'ofrR l?", l,r!"'onnced ?up-rior to tiie' aii.l Ainerie. Tl bJ "f ,1"' c '"nis a in Kit? Mriroittb.^. Lr,b,r h*", received the fir.tandouly f.? ?' *'"PPed to this market rnre the comp et.on ol the Com puiy . road^ u, T. HTOKE8 DICKENSON, dll <tii<>Vc A"thony" "? of Browlway Tabernacle. j ~W?^~for phesents I IFhANV. YOUNG .V ELI.IM i" 7,,0''"a'* r.tail purchasers that they MOd?2.hZ,Vti ,,V ?r"va!s Itit C,?s; their supply of sucK accustomed to import, suitable tor the Hole an ***orliiient e?m larger, more splendid and more complete than that of the list season ?mf''5e,r and11 iu?th^/aiestand : all is tjl rrc gINDERS' BOADa.-i tons of Bindy' hoard, forjalTby .110 rc PERsEE k BROOKS. ? -- ^ ,4"^ Nsssrtu st. bushels Lsnrathire cup I'ntstos of veTv for .,le t^dun,? from ?n4 ^ E. K. Ct'tl.l.lNS ft crt V, $,??hst. ^'i' *7?106 btuhel. very SU|*rior Irish Potatoes" loutotulfffou' L"tr^> <?< ?*?- ? ^ " A tOLLlMUktl). momi 11. 1 AUCTION SALES. AUCTION NOl'ICE-Sala of an entire stock of ValusLle Watch's. Jewelry mil Fancy Article*, by Older of 'lie Executor nf the lap II T. Comings, ou Friday, at I0)s o'clock iu (lie Sales ltooms It Sp-u-a street. Ca'alogues uoyv ready. Sale pete n; tor.. '1 lie lr. de aud other* w ill liud this aii oM'Tiunity nut ? li'ii met with Afo, a quantity of Uiy Goods, Clothing. kc , pledged over 12 mo.tht. THUS. BELL. Auct, dti It*re QALEB.V1AM W * NTf D ? A v< ung m n accu?ton?i d to th? k-5 Ge eril Faucy Himw iv. or French Importing bumess. ?? wa iled to act in the abo?-e c ipscity a d mite iinarlfgen rally useful. Uuqu 'lifted lefereniei inquired. Addr^a* I') letter to I b t IK Cure I' ? OHi-> il I' ti? r 1 tjr.L tub <1/11 fAtilui it.i iiw*.. ii > auway. or immediate vie a ty, Iwtween < hambe a and Wall ?treet?, who cm furni.h a r. out aud bosrd for a vooug gentleman at a moderate prise, in ly addre<* II. 11., Lower Pott Office st ituil terini hiiU location. dl2 lt*rc , WANTED. BY A YOUNG MAN, lately arrived from Europe, a situa tiou a* cleik, in a respectable otl'ics or He wrrites a good and ?x|>edilious Innd, and will lie dniroua of mikiug liiiuai If usful to any laosou who utay employ him. Term* mi derate. Adore** "L. 11. II."at the office of l'he New I York Herald. i!3 itism

TF G. K. KARl'llI'vS, fiotn St. Louis, t* La this city, he I will li'nr of souteihiug to hi* adr sntage, by < a'ling at the Swedish Consulate, Mo. Hi We?t strert. dll 3tis*rc 1 LTNlOll D AC 11 LLl) IIS" ATT ENTl ON.- All mem hen " who ar* opposed to ti e proceedings of a m-etiig liehl at iniil uigi t ofTuesdsy, ?re requeued to attend at ti. BROWN'S, 51 Nassa ' street, o < K idiy. Dei-. iV at B o'cl ck, P. M. dH 2t* LOST-Ye.ter-.y, a pioin *>Ol? not. l .r S2K1 35 ct-, nr.wn by I'. H'w. in f vi r of N. Ezekiel, an I eu>i< r* d b; IN Ktt lll, d ti'd New Yo.g 4th Dec ? inb r St 1 I ni in. * ; uid as the p <t mem there f hue bern stopped |?rsoiis sre lereb > au:i n.e I . g .lust neg t-ti.g the sa ne. ?ay p-r on liuoiug tne ume will pie se eave t at ill fine six et. d 2 2frr- v. VZ'-KIKL LM t. WAIL HES, JrlWr LitY ILVhK ? AHh, *c, " E. 4* *. S HOi KWKLL. removed from No. 9 A*t r Mouw to No. ? 13 Hroa-lway, a f- w doors soiitn of Canal *ti?et, har' ju.t received f'om ti c hand of the robber so ne very line, gold and silver Llupl x. L/etached, Lnier aud Lupine Watche Intel ? t k""od order, whii h ih y are determined to se'l much below tin usual price*. WalclleJol'iVtry description carefully rr|iatr-d. dl' 3t*ric hbOlUltW FOR THE RELItF OF 1'Mt AFPRENTICES' LIBRARY. q^O BE DELI VEllKD BV Dll LAKDN EH, at the Stuy ? voi<ot Imtiiute.?Tile lint Lecture of this Course having ' b?en |>osrpoi ? t til consequent !-ot tlir dangerous illi ess of Dr. Larduer's rldest child will take place on Knda> fv-uint<. the 13th lust, and in o der lo c im|cnsate those who purchased tickets, lor the disappointm-iit they eip>-rieaeed by the i>oit poll-mailt, an ndd tional I rctute will Iw given. The Course as fiually arrang d will consist ol live Li-rtmes, a* follows :? hrid.iv, Dec. 13th The Plurality of Worlds. Monday, Dec. 16th The Lucar Discoveries. Wednesday, I'ec. I8(h The Suu. Friday, Dee. 20th The I'lanet*. Moiinay, Dec. 23d The Stellar Universe. To commence at half-put 7 o'cl ck, p eciselv. The great increa*? of the city and other cau*e* have rendered the Library entirely inadequate to ao exleuaive a field a* that iu . which it is placed. Believing tint the cominu'jity has much at stake in the future chancier of apprentices, a iu this city number ing from leu to tw-lve thousand, w ho may hereafter control the destinies of all other classes lor good or evil?an appeal is now made lo the citizens grnemlIy lo aid in *u*taiu'ng the provi sion here mide for the moral aud in'ellecual improvement of th.?e whose fatuie career may involve *uch iioiKiitaut couse quences. Ticket* for the course, of fiveeveniags, for a geutlemaii $1; lady 50 cent*; for a tingle evening, 2S cent*. To be had at the App entice*'Library, No. 31 Cmaby street,between (Jraud aud Broome streets, daring the evening; at Vau Nordeu k King's Stationery store, 42 William St., iu the Exchange: Bartlett Ik Welford's, 7 Astor Hnnse; H. h H. Hayuor's,76 Bowery, aud T. J. Crow en's Bookstore, 013 Bioadway, corner of Bleecker *treet. d!2iol ..r^inic inu i nn noiogical IMitMtaminent*, j a'sisted hy Misi Liotnl ?, the celeb'Sled ch as |l?\er, while iu I the magnetic stite. l'rof. Hodgers will also deliver a short La'Ctiireou Animal M.igii?ti*ni and Phrenology. Admi<*lou fjr one gentleman and two Indies $1. Single ticli | ets 50 cent*. Commences at h ilf past 7 o'clock. dl2t lt'rc GRAHAM'S AZINE. OK L 1 T e It A TURK AND A H T . Vor .January, 1815. Glorious Engraving* for January A L I, COM 1' E T 1 T ION D E K 1 E D . A Magnificent Mexzotint by S.irlain?Child and Lute. Wreath of Kom, e'egantly Colored. American Battle-Orouuds, No. IV. Mouuiouth Battle Ground, N.J. Splendid Indian an I I'rairie Pcrue*. Horse Hai'iugniid Maudau Chief. A list of Illustration:! in a single number of a magazine unpir filMed f>r number, originality aud elegance in the histoiyof American li'eratute. These Nation I pictures must take prece dence of all the namby-pambvism of the day. Contributors to the January Nvmbtr. J Kenimore ('ooper, author of "The Spy," "Pioneers," "The lied Bovrr " etc Hou. J. K. Paulding, author of "The Dutchmau's Fireside," tct. llenry W. Longfellow, author of "Voices of the Night," "Out!* Mar,"etc. James Kussell Lowell, author of "A Year'* Life, and Other Pi.em?," ect. Alfred B. Street, author of "The Burning of Schenectady and other Pi eins." EriiMt Helfenslrin,author of "The German Decameron," etc. C. J. Peterson. Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, authorof'Mary Derwent "etc. Mrs. E. K. Kllet, author of "Cluracteriwtics of Schiller," "Joanna of Sicily,"etc. Fanny Forester. Mrs. M. E. Hewitt, Mrs B. F. Thomas. Catharine Allan. John H. Bryant. E. I*. Whipple. Hev. J. 'I'. lirame. George 11. Graham. Original Papers. Monologues Ainorg the Vountaius, hr a <'oiinnpolite. To th' Da&delion, In Jsmes It. Lowell. A Simile, by Mrs. B. F. Th Unas. The Kore-t ltond, by Alfred B Stteet. The Child and Lute, by Call ariue Allan. George Moyner, by Mrr. Eller. The Monn. by lie-. John T. Brime. Book of Songs, bv Henry VV. LouviVIIow. Line* on a uutain. by John H. Biyaut. Sketches of Naval Meu, Mrlaocthou Taylor Woolsey, by J. Feuimore Coo|ier. Hope, by Hev. J. T. Brame_ A Peep Within Doors, by Fanuy Forester. To Ma-y of K-tilucky, by Mrs. M. E. Hewitt. The Blind Fiddler nf Sew Ains'erdsm, by J K. rauldiug. Hallowe'en, or The Fountain, by Ernest Helfensteiu. The Battle-Grounds of Ameiita, No. IV.?M uunouih. by ChtrlesJ. Peteisou. The Nun of Leicester, by Mr*. Ana S. Stephens. Maud ui Chief. Rtvinr of A'nn Books A Drnna nf Exile: and Oth-r Poems, by Elixabtth B. Barrett. Natme and Art, a Poem by William W. Story. American WilJ blowers iu Thrir Native Haunts, by Emma C. Emhmy. 1 '1 he History of the 1'uritaui, or Protestant Noncnf >rmis:s, | by I) ri.l Neal. W H. GRAHAM, ! d 12 3trc Tribune Building, Ntw \ork_ Nb'.W StltJUOL of French, Oe mm, Italian, G eelt, Latin Mathem tic*, etc., umlir the diie. tiou of >. Kit HAHD, ancient Prolesso from Paris, now opened in the Ne? York Ly I cenin, 74 Lisi?*naru street, corner of Broadway. Seve at Pio fessors of German, French, E- gluli, etc. amongst ith'.s, Messrs. Adolph Schwob. put il cf the Norinal "chool of Paris a d Professor iu New York; L. Gillernuancieut. Prof.ssor | from l'srit, l ave odered thrir services to o|ieu a new Institution enti rely on the sy.triri adopted iu the ( olleges of Franc*? French i? the I ugu.ige of the school. <J-rmaii, It liati li?h Greek, Latin, will be tang it in it, liendei Mathematics, and all that is rei|uiied for a solid aud good rdue <tion. Terms for instru lion iu all the branches (20 |s-r quarter, without eitra charge. 'J le* classes ere opened every morning at 9 o'clock and closed St 3 in the afternoon. For pros|ieCtus, or more amole inf nuta tion, apply at No. 74 Lis;euard street, or tj Mr. H., SO White | st eet. in 12 rc CLiEAcSI sG OF LAv>fc A.MU u. O.mDL 1JY A Nfciw .-UPEivIOit PROCESS. MA DAME DEIT/, late from Paris, h?s the honor to inf rm th I idie. thai she c ean-. II kinds of La e> B.on''e and IS tea Silk Lac-. Villi, B II Dressn si at to look as gooj as new, without 'iijitr*. Ma ainel.eiizb g? to infirm the ladi ?? that si e is the only , iH-r oi in t e city Ihst und rsnuds chanicg Lsces and Hloud, Ii ill* shove pr cess. Hepairinir. (k -. < hatges u oil- rite. 427 Kroadwa , ti t ?e n Canal and Howard ?U. d 13 in- rrj 'PHE i OI'H l JOURNAL AND LI- K I.N NEW YUKK, A c.iiit*iuii>g an hccoiiiii o1 t e Awful Murde s committed t.y the neven Brotln r. ; The Flight of ttie Old HuuSers iroin P? verty I'oriier, Memoir ofC. V . And rson, Ch ef P.nginrer of the Fire I) parimeut ; The Tux Collect ir; Intelligence Office Swindlers ; Death of the Libertine , Sports of the King, Drnna, and other in,tiers connected with Life in New Yorfc, will lie onto i Halurd ,y moruiag aud for itie at IM2 Nassau street, IJ2 Brnadway, Axford's, II wery News Olhi e, '1 he tilass llouse, Cent e s'teet, and of all the newsboy*. Pi.ce J cents. ill22 t?rc iMfUti t aN i viK i HUU uF i\ V IN\* J hb 1 m Dll. A. C. CASTLE, No. 301 Broadway, has a Paste for tilling sore tender teeth. It is put into the tooth while iu a I roft state, anil ta-comes impacted with aud as hard aud sulid as I the original tooth. Dr. A. C. Castle inserts artificial teeth on the principles nf ad heaiou by atmospheric pressure?superior to any now in use. Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the English, l*rencll and Spanish Ainbsssanors ; Anthony llsrclty, e sq , British Co sul: F. Slough on, Esq., fpauish < onstil, N 1 .; Lord .v1or|rth; Itear Admiral Walton; Geu. Mcl'arty; Geu. tiaiuet; II. Mc Nevett. M. D., r ti'aeon to II. B. M. Korces, Jamiica. The Medtcal Faculty, N Y. Phjs,ciaas and> Hospital, N. Y. d 12 lt*rrc _ _ POTATOES?5<I0 hitih-ls Lane tshire Cup Potators, of very I. extra quality, landing ex ship eiildom, frotu l.ivrrpool, and for sale iu Iota to sun purchasers, by E. K. COLLIv8 it CO., dl2rc 54 South street. WKW YOHY. ?|,K*NV AND THOV I.INE. .yj 0M FOR ALBANY AND lROV-or as fa ^Jpas tho ire *s ill permit?1'rnni the pier *t the jCa3ULr?'t of Courllandt street. Nu freight take* alter 4 o'cliMtk, P. Si. The low preesuresteamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. Mc Lean, This V.veuius, at 5o'clock, Thursday, Dec. 12 h, 1814 For passage or freight, apply ou board, or to C. CLARK, on the wharf. Freight taken on llw most reasonable terms Fr* ght must lie put in chaige of the Freight Ageut, or the 4Jom|?u> will not be responsible for losses d 2 "FORTo'N DON?TsckTTTif thT 20th Dec -Th* kV4H^ks<i|ieri<>r ptcket ship W ES I'M INSTER, .Captain jjuUlbllovsy, will p sittiely sail as above. Forpiisseg ?, having splendid accommodations in calim and steeraae, apply to JOHN lll.RDM AN, di re 61 Siuth street. FOM NKW OHLhANH.? Louisiana sud New HCTfVYork Line?Positively tlrst Regular packet?To -ail mBrnKtm"" Mond iy, 16th D-e. The elegant fast *ajling packet ship tihNEVA, Capt. Gondhue, will positively saiI as above, her regular day. For freight or iiassage, having elegant furnished accouimo datioas, apply ou noara, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS ft. CO. >6 S. nth street. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday evening, Hth Dm.. Shippers may r?ly upon having their good* eorreetly mea*nr ed, and that tlie ship* of this line will sail punctually as adver ti*?d. Agenta in New Orleans, Messrs. 11 all in snd Woodruff, wh wiirpmmptlv forward all roods lo their sddreas. If/- The packet ship OKNEHE*, Capt. Miuot will succeed thelteneva, and sail 26th Dec. her regul ir day dl2?c Mtgb ST. *?EoKoK'S^TI.nE OF PACKETS fOJI idfVLIVKItP' ?oL?The splendid i.ew isckrt ship *1 jHhHmI'ATRICK, will he deipatched ou Wednesday, Urr ?Hits. This sniierinr ship has been Attxl up in the most elegant man ner for the aceotnmod ition of cabiu, second cabin and steerage psss-t.g*rs. Those ah >nt lo e.nhsrk for Ltver|iool, are request ,d to eiamine her accommndili ns Kor p?ssags, apply to di2ic JOHN HERDMAN, 81 Sotiiii stmt JK ItSKvCrrY KLOA l'INO DOC K!?Thirniw wKj^Vanil improved Dock has comtnenretl opriatMu. Cap MUtUm1 sins and owners of vessels are invited to eall and ex amine it, and they will at once see that it n aa well adapted foi raising and repairing vessels a* any Dock now in operation. There u alio at'.aclied lo this Dock, niarktmiths. s!iip-c*r|i?q ters, Caulkers and Painteti All work done m th* tnosltlpr ditpius in si. on and il tMsonabl* rate* ?II lm*ms UiLL It M?tAl;UHU^. amusements. l-AUli lliKATXK. MK. FllAZER, AND MR. ANU MUX. bEGUIN IN iue Bohemian una.: t THIS EVENLNli, Dec. 12lh, 1M4, will be presented for tli<> litli tiinr in Amerua, a i r* grand opera, in 3 acts, euti* lied the UOUc. vilA.N GIRL?Thsddeus, Mr Fraier; Devils', .Mr Srguiu; Ailiue, Mis Seguiu. .. . '1 o coucluue with A-LA1/-1.1 Tilt WOMJtllHL LAMP. AuMisiio* ? Boies,1st Tier 7Jc?uts?Second anil Thud 1 i?il >0 units?I'll jU cents?Gallery ?> cruU. _____ t'AL.>ioV8 NhVinrOltn UI'KKA liUlDK, Ull-.VV lVKNiMU, Dec 13th. Ilih uikIiI ol the Sea sou?Kosiu''* i))ir>a of CENEREN lOLA will be ierlunnrd. ?Ceuerentola, Siguora Pico, 1) >u llauiii, Sig Auioguiui; L-su ?liui, fig loiuasi; Uou Mtguilic", Si* aau>|U ncu. Au >1 : hirti 1'riPi auu faniueue, f i, aecuuii Tier JO cla Private Boies, with 4 adinusious, *6 egasoia i'lcggri, without Seats, can Ixi liad at the But Of |M Doors open at 7; iwrformauce to cornu>^uc* at 7X o'clock Seals secuied from "j A M. to i P. M. Librettos iu English aud Italian can be had at tlie Bn Utficc. ilU rrc Ctill US?MO W Hillk. THANKSGIVING UAV. aftehnnuun an U KVCNINIJ. [C^CIiildreu Half-price in ilie Afternoon to tlie 11om?.^JJ, Clown i . all ilie Acts. DON UUIXOTTE. ITALIAN F A N T O C 1 N I . Anil Twelve Besuul .1 Acts in the Circ'e. including itie S i l.i'Il UK THe. SILVER MIOWKK. <112 3l*rc UtUIU.? a lllbAUte.. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. thursday EVENING, Dec. 12th, will be presented Til'. ... Alii; LAMP I.S A ?EW L.1UHT?with new sctuery, luiguiticeut ?!...???, Sic.?frakit o) Ava, Mr. Uurke, AUUdin, ivir.llooili; Ann, Mr Johnston; Kazrac, Mr. Bams*; liad ouluadours, Airs Burke To couciuue wuh 'lilt VtLLOW DWARfr?Dwarf, Vr Hji ell; Ilia oi the Dcrri, M i liuglnrs; /Sbkir Klisu, Mr Bowers; A ll'n . M.? bo -Hi; B-eswiim, >!?? An. m" EXuLli uJS st Tlie. NEW YOK.K. ? 1A1 LElUM' *INE A* TS, Corner of Broadway aud Le.naid sliwet?in the Saloon of the Na' ncad. my. WILL OPEN during tin. day, us usual, and itbeing Thanks giving Day, al?o .ii the eveuiug, Hie Aca.eliiy having li-er I? y |..auea t" ill* Association li.e iue if onoihei loom it win be huug with engravings aud ipintd ou it at di> tu n.eui be<s aud visii.ra. Tick t. i f ineinh nhip. entiling the person na ini d to fite ai'missi.tu tj thr (inleiy fji l.fe, Oue Djllor. Ad miit to oilier ?i>iio ?, Hi ce?is. o.J ll*r.c UNION lUFuEiVit N'S BALL TUB NINI'H ANNl'AL BAI L of this company will tike 1 place at T.iminaiiy Hall, on the 16th Uecnnberneit. In iniktiiK the necessary arrauKeinents, tlie con uiittee have been instructed to siiare uo paiua, and it is confidently eiprcieil tli> coinpauy ou tliis occasion will surpass all tIt ir loiunr efforls. Tickets SI, may be obtained of the following committee;? Capt B. 8. Parler, iB Ure-nw tell st. Lieut. MurkeriilK.-, 1 Hi>rinic st. KiiIikh ?' 1'is, IK Uivision st. HeiKt Bovte, "i'lI do. " VV hitman, ?J?i Uleecker st. " rayiitou, 4 Sini h st. J. Uillhoo ey, 78 Nassau ?t. Win. Biooks, 19 Kult .ii st. A. VV. Barnes, 141 Chaihamst. II. Walker, 3V> Cirand st. dlS2t*ec WM. H. BOVKE, Hec'y. Gil AND ORATION ANu GuNOERl', WITH FULL ORCHESTRA. 17011 the benefit of the Widows aud Ort haul, and Sick Fuud " of Fidelity ' ent, No. 12, 1. O. of K., ou Thursday ?veu ing, Dec. 12, 1844, III Broadwsv Tabernacla. l'ART I. Overture Orchestra ORATION HON. ?LY MORfel PART II. Overture Orchestra 1?Alii?Mad. Otto?Kiunle?"8e t'rud.leil c^r," n-ll' opera Betty.,. ' " Douizetti 2?Sena e Hondo?Mad Baiktmill?"Oinhriado ra a nsprllt," tie 11* Oi>era hoin'o e Uuilie'ta Ziuarelli 5?Cavatiua?Smnor A'.togiiini?nell' Oiera La Oenimadi V*rgy Donizetti 4?Mad Otto Oiovajianti i?A'la?Mr Joiuw?I<"rcin the K'nchai>ted Horse. Jotiet I?Kwori'e French Hondo?Sig l)e Ui-cnis, "J'ai de I'srgent,", arranited aud co'nposrd by De Beguis 7?Grand Duetto?Munonna Borghese e Hik L IV ro7.zi?"Bai{nato dalle l igrune," urIt'Opera Betty Donizetti TART 111. Overtu ? O reheat ra 1?Cav-t ua?Mad llellb-rK. (sreond appearance,) "Se Romeo," uell'Opera I Capul.ti Bellini 2?Song?Miss Taylor, (by perinisaiou of Mr. Mitcliell,) "Khe wor- a wreath of rosea," Ki.iuht 3?Ballad?Mr Joue??"Lo?ely woman," Joins 4?Duetta Bulfa?Mad Otto aud Hig de Begins, from the c'lrbrited Opera II Fauaiico la Mus.cs, '"ilie ,M?d .viusicitu," Fi rsvaini i?Buffo?Big S.\m|uirico, "llogivalo tutti il niondo," .. Balfe 6?Cavatiua-Sigiioriiia Uor(;h?se, "In i|ue?to Se^. plice," ueli' 0|>era Betty, Doi izetti 7?Song?Miit Taylor, ' Wli-n a child," Massett 8?Tyrolean?Mad Burkhardt, "There is uo home like my own," by desire, Malikran 9?Duetto?Signorini Aut guini e Sani|uirico, nell' Lip ra Olivine Pslqual, Donizetti IJ.C.Hill Leader of the Orchestra. Mr. Timm, , Piaai't. Tickets ill emits each?To be obtained at the principal Music and Bookstores, mid of the Committee ; John Davis, Jr.. Office of the R'chabiie H?tord> r. 1641 Fulton street; Win. II. 8|uirlis, 37 Centre street; Oenrge F. Hopi*r, 175 Mulberry street; W. 11. Brown, 2j.l iluilsou St., 3 doors above Canal *t.; W. W. Maine, 148 fchll.vtin st.; J. C. DilUs, 82 Catharine si reel; and at the door ou tlie evening of the Concert. Doors cp?u at C,'t o'clock; exercises to i.oniineuce at 7S o'clock. dll 2l*u: GKAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT AND DANCK. FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE FRENCH BENEVO LENT ij- IETY. 'PHF. COMMITTEE of tli? N. w York Fren'h Benevoleiu I riociityhasth honor to aunouuc that the following emi nent artists liave kindly volunteered their ?? rvices for a I > aud Vocil and Iu triiinental Coucert, tj be given at I'aliuo'i Tliea Hr, on riatuidav, Dec. lull :? Siguora BOltOllESE, Sigunra PICO, nnd viadein'iselle DFSJARDIaS Siiruors ANTOUNlNI, PEHOZZI, hANQUIHICO, A APE I Tl, Messieurs ET1EN>E ?ud MAHTIN. FULL O R C 11 E S T H A AND C H ?> R U S S E S. For pariicula-i of the piogramine see small bills. Admisiiou, tirst <iei and imriiuettc, tl; secoud tier, JO cents. Tickets to be und at t'almo's Theatre, at the Music Stores and I riucipil Hotels, aud Imin the Commiltee. Doo.s open at 7?commence at 8 o'clock. Per order of tlie Commit tee. dSlwjtb OhOK. llnVNF.T, SfCreUry. OLE HULL TJESPECTFULLY anuouuos tuat on Wednesday evening, " 18r h Dec., 1814, lie will given CONCERT at Palmo s 0|wra Home, assisted by a full and effective orchestra, nu ll r the dirrclion of S gnor La MAN>A, when he w.ll have the honor to iwrform, lor tlie first time, nis new com|H>sition, ruti'led, "NIaOAmA," with otlier novelties. Particulars in futiir* advert'seinents. TICKETS 'INK DOLLAR EACH?Tolie had at the Mu sic Stores, Astor liouie, and at tlie dioi. d8rc lk/flSSKIJZ ABETH~\ND \ N N F.~HI.OMAN, 111 irpisu, i'l Piani>ts aud Voc.lists, le.pectfully inform tl? public, that the A|>o>lo Hooins being pie engased. due w II lie given where their third Concert will take place. dll ire MA I CH LESS! !! DR VALENTINE AND HUNKER HILL! At the Coll?ruin, 4DO liroadwiiy. rpilE manager, determined to distance every nth r r>|are of A ainnseaieiit in quality and quantity ofattracti ? a, has effect ed a shoit engagement with the eel.-hratnl Dr. Va entiue, who, in connection with the gi anil "Battle of Bunker llill," (which of itself is the most wonderful mechanical rxhihition iu the whole world?alm< st surpasses leal lite) w ill nivu his budget of Handout Kncollrclions?living I'oitraits?Whimsical He-d Pieces?Mirth and Mirvels ? shreds and Patiliea?Musicvl nkelthip, Jic. 8tc. Doors open at 6,^?commence at 7 o'clock. P. S.? Exhibitions on Wednesdays aud Saturdays at 3 P. M. for families nid schools. it./"" On Thanksgiving Day, three performances, all the same, will be given, at II A. M., at 3, and again at 7, P. M. din lw*ism EXHIBITION. THE END OE THE WORLD. A PAINTINU, OF VERY LAROE SIZE, by F. Anelli, at the Apollo, 410 Broadway. Tlie E*hibiti"n is eutirely separate from the Concert Room. Open from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. Admission 2.1 cents. n]7 Imrrc NEW Y< >K K (iALLPlllY~OF ElNI^~ARTS hoi ley altfi PERSONS holding Scnp Certificates of this Gallery are in formed they cm obtain tickets of Lile Memliersiii!- st the do r of ill.- Gallery, wlncli is now oiieii iu the I ige r'?om of lh? Nalinnal Academy of, over the Society Library. dll iwis'in New yohk fijlton and ann street mena GEltlK. 149 Kult >n slriet, slid 1)4 Aim street, under h directio.' of John St>ars. 'This Mauagrrie contains some of.,v most rem rkable animals that were rv r se.u in this country, ? lull tie crtption ol which will be found iu the large aud small bi<ls of the day. There are iu the collection a Buffalo, a B'ack Moose, an Oa ring Outang, an Elk, a Talking Bird, ilie Mum. several kinds of Wolves, a doz li of diffrieut kinds .Moukeys, a ('aiuel C.rowned Birds, and many of tin animals mentioned in sacred history. There is a capacious ring for circus eiercises by a wonderfnl pony, ridden b: the Onranir Outang Also tlie ( amel |*il<>rms in the ring, aud can 1* ridden by I idies and children, aud the Moose is also latrodnced in tlie ling. A -eparate entrance for ladies, I4'J Fulton street, nest Is Coi I dge St l uiler's drug store. Kutrauce tor genilemrn in Ann at. The place is well warmed, and tlie seats arranged like an amphi theatre. Open from 9 in tli* morning till ? at night. Adinis.ion I2)i rents. dl ec THISTLE HALL. 'THE MANAGERS.f tlie THISTLE BENEVOLENT I ASSOCIATION beg leave respectfully to ai.ununce, thai tli ir First Bill f .r this season, will take | lac* a' 'lam many Hall, on Hriday Evening, I Ith Deretnber, Dit.ilie pro c eds to b* applied, as is well known, to c'-aritahle pur?. ses. The order of Dancing acorifuR to progrirnine. Mr. J. P.ikrr has been engaged to manage the floor. Air allae. 's ??c-1 lent Baud hva been Hixiged fnr the nccasi vn. The I 'oinmiilee t>ave Ireuiini mit'ing in their erertions In see that the music shall be lull i nd efltcirn". The Ball will be op i ed bv the Higlilai d I! ig-Piie.and National Airs will lie plaied pievionsIn tlie c in mencemeiit, as well as iturn.g the inlermiismn of dvemg. D'airs o|vn at 7; Dancing will c> tnmencep eci eiy at I o'elocE T he termination of the Ball will be known by the Band pl.ying "Guiil night, an Joy be wl* ye aw" Tickets 91. to admn a gentleman and two I idles, to be hail of th* Board of Managers, viz:?JAMKSCURR. JOB lludion a're?r, Presnlei.t; WM. RICHAH "SON. comer of Perry ami Omen wioh, V. President; OE'). HARHMON, 79 ' ourtlandt stmt, 'Jreisiir r. W vt McLAIfflHLIN, I S rlizabeth strwt; JAMF.s VIRTUE, corner lilh street and V.h Avenne; Dr. DOUdLAMI, eonier t irreuw icli and I .night streets; J A vl I <4 Dll N L( IP, John strn t, li fioklyn: TAMES ESI'IE, 2'st stn-et and 1st Avenue; J. B. WAISTELL, 81 Had ?on >treet. C hecks ir t transfeiahle. A. CAMERON, Secretaiy, '44 4 Hudson Itreit. N. B.?Members of the Association c in Ime their tieke's on application io the Secretary. <19 itis#in M~>LI.E. PAULINE DF.SJARDINei regpectfolly iaforaM ? her patrons and tlie pubjic in genera!, that she is about tu form a " Clamr dr n?nre" lor ladi?s and gentlemen, in which <he willteacn the favorite Polks, Mazourka, and all the other fashionable Dances of the day. The morning school will be open from % o'clock to I o'clock, ind the evening from f o'clock to 9 o'clock. Ladies snd gentlemen wishing instruction are req'tested to Call it M'lle Deajardia's house. No. J Park Place. nIO lmis*m GKANt) HALL ON THANKb* il VINO NIGHT AT TAMMANY HALL. \4R. J. PARKER lias the honor to annnunre to his friends 1*1 snd thi public that he intends giving a Grand Ballon TilL'MSDAv Evening the 12 h, on which occasion he will irmg fo'tvaid, fur UW ti'it lime i a ball room, the Mtllt I'olka Dance. ? ith a variety of oilier new Fancy Dances, in ih> - ourse <>f the eieuing. 'The much adiniiesl P, Ilia Dance will be .Isuiediiy Mr. Parker aud his dnighier; Pas Seiil Zephyr tiy ? Vliss; a i.ew Spanish Dame by a Mm, arcoinpauiiug I rnelf .11 the culsn-M; I.' P.,laces, by Miss S' I luir After this the I outturns and i* -altzing will be ipsumed for a slmrt nine ?Iwn Mr Parker will dance the ToUa Dauce with Miss Si. I lair; it will he asa gni?ral ilwre by different aells of miss's snd chil dren. or any lady ajid g i.tleinan who wish in dance it. Dancing to commence at 8, and continue until s late hour ? Tickets of'admission One I lot tar?can be ohuined at *he Hall, orat Mr. I'.'s lesidenc". ?t Bowery. dlu 'It ?s?rrc MOV A WOTIA POTATOES?A very siifxrinr article, i ' ?oiitable fvr fimily use. r 'instantly on hifld and for sal*, la lifts M mil, ?t Ko t4 wwtk A /up ittirt <U I Wis* m I BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. WaihliigUin. [t orre'apon.lence ol tho Herald J Washington, Dec. 10, 1844. Ttxut and Oregon? The Chinete Titoty?Nomi nation b fore the Senate?Reference of Abolition Pitmoni, tfc. Jamks U. BuiNttr, Eiq.? t.Thc importance of the Texas question at the present period engrosses much conversation at (be capitol, and m your metropolis muat be the all ab sorbing topic. The apprehensions of difficulty with Great Britain on this subject, are, in my opi nion, unfounded, in the present state of tfiairs. Mexico cannot, dare not, make may declaration of war without the approbation of Great Britain, and Great Britain will not be made a party to such a movement wiih France as her opponent. John C. Calhoun, in his letter lo Mr. King, at Paris, checkmated the Eoglith Government by ob taining concurrence in his views from M. Guizoi. the French Minister. This was a musterly movement, made at a crisis when England might have been considering the po licy ol aiding Mexico The internal difficulties in Mexico might be supposed, by some, to aid the policy el S <ni:i Auna id a declaration ?<t war against Hiih country, in order to unite his government, but such policy would be fatal to his power You will reineiiibfr, that originally, Santa Anna protecsed and evinced the greatest Inencship lor our govern ment and ad titration tor her ins huiioi.h? in tact the formation of that K> public huh bisrd upon tho principle* ot our couleeieratirii Having suc cft drd in lua views at that period, and establish ed 11 cot'federative government, hu found oc casion afterwaids to change his views and it then became necessary to cteale a counterac ting efleet by (he abuse of this government and her institutions, which was easily accomplished through a subsidized press under hiscoutiol. The effect thus produced has compelled his opponents in Mexico to openly adopt similar views and opinions, while secrelly they are known to be friendly to the adoption and continuance of a con federative system similar to ours, and which wan established when Santa Anna came into power. No ttue policy therefore can prompt him lo make a declaration of war against this country to unite the people of Mexico, and without the approval of Great Britain, he dare not cannot, pursue such a course. A single blow would extend the bounda ries of the United f tales to the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Isthmus of Dirien on the South, and thus end all dispute as to Texian annexation. This much vou may depend upon?there will he no war with Mexico or England on the Texan ques tion But different, far different, is the question of Oregon, as the British government have a longing prospective eye to the advantages resulting from the possession of the navigable points ot this ter ritory, and as they have secured a squatter's posi tion, owing to the long delay and suapeuatou ot negotiation, it will not be an easy matter to remove lliem without force. The negotiations on this sub ject will soon be brought to a close,aLd then tome definite action will take place, but not before. The bill about to be introduced by Mr. Duncan, will rather retard than advance this question, to lar an negotiation is concerned. The great evil was the ongii al agreement in allowing mutual occupa tion, which has now existed tor twenty -five years, through which means Mr. Calhoun has al last been settled upon as the mediator between the two gov ernments. In the Senate to-day, the Texan question came up on a resolution by Mr. McDuffie, which waa followed by notice from Mr. Benton to introduce his bill on the subject. The Chinese Treaty waa presented, bs also the nomination* of Collector Van Ness of your city, and Judges Walworth and King, lor the Supreme Court. In the House, Mr. Adams succeeded in obtain ing a reference ol a petition to abolish slavery in this district, to the committee on this district. But the proceedings will give you all. T\VBNTV>B1QI1TH CONGIHKH3? SECOND SESSION. In Senate. ? " " * IWasiiington, Dec. 10,1844. Proceedingt in the Senate?McDuffie'* Retolution for the Annexation of Ttxat?Rent on't Notxfica lion of the Re-introduction a/ hit Bill of luit Mi tion fur the $ame purpote?The lint opened, and Mitiouri and South Carolina J'oremott in the Arena?Opining of the Second Punic War?Ext puive JSomtmUiovt, fyc. Mr. Harrow appeared in his place thia morning. Several nieuuageH were received from the Presi dent ot the United States in w tiling ; one of which communicated information ot Hie satisfactory set tlement ot the indemnity from Ventzuela in refer ence to th<- American bug Morris; the others related chiefly to Executive nominations. Various petitions were presented, or talren up and referred. Among ihern, Mr. Miller presmtea a memorial from the stockholders ot the Bank oi the Metropolis,abking a re-charter; referred lo the Committee on the District. By Mr. Huntington? From the American (Abolition 1) Statistical Asso ciation, located at Boston, a memorial asking the correction of certain gross errors which they allege to have discovered in the printed returns ot the 6ih census. By Mr. Benton?From Thomas Bryan, of Missouri, aeking con peusation for certain mam* moth bones furnished to the National Museum in the Patent Office. , ? The financial portion, and the division on foreign a{fiirt*, ot the President's Message, weie appio priate'y referred. Mr. Bayard introduced a bill for the settlement ?t the tide to the Pea Patch Island in the river Delaware. Read and rtferred to Judiciary Com mittee. ? Mr. Hpntikoto.v reporter a bill relative to the appointment ot as-istants Postmasters General ot the United States. Keferred tub tyi-kr treaty resuscitaten. Mr. McDurriE, agreeably to notification hereto fore given, introduced the lollowiog:? JOINT SlIOLUTIONi FOR THS: ASSStATlOW OP It (AS TO THE C Nil ID STATES. Jlttohtd, by the Semite and House of H' preientatlves of tl<e United Btates. in Congress aisembled, Thst tho compact of annexation and union between the ssid Uni ted Siatea and t be Republic ol Tean, aigned by John C. Calhoun, Secretary of State, on the psil ol the Unit' <1 Status, and Imuc Van Zsndt, and J I'mrk ney Henderson, in the part of Tt *?s, mi the twellih ol Aprtl Isst, bi, slid the sa.i.e it here h> de clared to fie the fund' mental law of union betwee n the ssid United (States sad Texas, so toon as the suprima nu'horitiea ot the said Kt public of I exns tball agree to the mtnc And it shall be the duly of he President of th- United States, so scon at< he ahull be officially notified of anch ugrnnitnt on the part ul Texas, to announce ihet aame by pi oc Ism .?lion. Remind fwthtr, by the suibotlty aforesaid, That it is understood ai d tnti nd?d that whale ver wss stipulated to be done immediately, or at a fix. d peiio.l sfter thee*, change of the ratification* ol the nloressnl compact, ihould be don- immi.ilist. ly, oi in s like period sn?r the supreme authoritiea of Texsa shall have loimslly egretd tothesa resolutions. On n:otion of Mr. Archer, th?* resolutions were referred to the* Committee on Foreign Relations, where the y may remain for several d*ys, or several weeks at lite discretion of the committee. MR. BKNTON'a PROPOSITION IN OPPOSITION. Mr. Benton, arose-, alter the reading of Mr Mc Duflie'a resolutions, and solemnly and decisive'y announced to lite Senate, that on to-morrow lie should introduce a bill providingforthe annexation of Texas lo the United Slates. We learn from ihe honorable Senator, that it is his bill ol last session. . . The difference between the two propositions of Vlr. McDuffie ami Ceil. Ben'on, is as broad as the space of e iuntry in litigation; and the position o< the-partie s in 1 he controversy is moat interesting Horn their deci.:ed hoitiltty, in plan, scope, princi pie, time, and manne-r in liie consummation of an negation The proposition of Mr M'Duffie ia simple and direct; ihe plan of Coi p.enton involves ihe topography, the geography, the climate, the diplomacy, the civil, political, diplomatic, reli gious, financial, commercial and natural h1 story ot Texan, and incidentally of Mexico. But H in volve s a greater question thnn either of thf fore geing?the question of the* ex|>ediency of a corn promise act between the- Noith and the Sonth on the subject of slavery, in the prospective partition of Texas between the aboliiiomsta and the slave holeJcra. Col Benton occupies, too, au embarrassing po rtion in his charges and denunciatieuis during ths debate of the last session, against the administra tion, touching its negotiations upon this subject. Whether Mr. B's course in the debate that is like ly to follow, will be as pugnacious anil uncompro mi?ing, or whether he will, In a spirit ol grateful forbearance se-ek to loneiliate the ge>?d will ot the executive and his adviser*, remains lo be seen. From his ominous attitude, utterance, and expres sion ot countenance this morning, we rather ex pect that he is resolved upon carrying the war into the heart of Alrica. The bill ol Col. Benton will doubtUss be refema io the same committee lo which Mr McDuffie s resolutions are coniHiitted ; and we anticipate, in the rettetrt of Mr Archer, an adverse recommen dation in both cases, in a brief resolution lhat ihey tie laid U,.? n the table, with a withdrawal ot the motion tor the He-cnmmodatioii eit the litigants in 'he premises. This m iy be done uulers he receives luetructioiis to Ihe contrary. .... ?. Mr. Hives' resolution, calling lor the latest offi cial correspondence respecting the international re latioiia between Mexico, Texas and the Un; led Blstes, was adopted. 0a motion of Mr. Biamaw, the Senate proceed ?yd t i executive' btisi!ie*?; ft lit' ( ittffgllioti KiWtO itdieiurncd. . we ?r? aprriMd ihstjh* nomiaanoai ot Chan