Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1844 Page 3
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All Philadelphia iNbHitpUom to tH? Hehild Bii?r1>e Mid to tfan agenta, Zinber h. Co., 1 Ledger buildian. 3d md tviuat its., where siugle copra may also a* cbtaiMd dally atjl o'clock. Jm Kleord'i Parisian 41UuUt? mixture, for tile rnu4?t can of primary or ifoudary syphilis, venereal altera, nodes, or any compl.-.iut produced by au lujnilicious use o( mercury, or uiiskiltul medio! IrJklineuL All persons sus pecting a venereal tMut temnuing in their ayatam ahould uae ilii? ixtwerful )>uriner without delay, aa uo iwraou can consider himself sue itler having the venereal disease, without thorough ly cleansing the syitem with this justly celebrated alterative. So'd in siuiile bottles at H each, in cases of littlf doxeu at $3; carefully lucked and sunt to all pails of tlie L'uiun. hold at ihe College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 91 Nassau m. W H. UlCliAi' UbOM. M. D., Agent There U nothing like theiu for destroying Worms. They have now been before the public for more Siaii five years, and hive beeu used in thousands of caaes, and the opinion now freely espressed is, that Dr. Slierman's Worm Lo zenges are by far tlie bent reined) for destroy ins worms tliat has ever be.'n used. Reid the Doctor's pamphlet, and lliere you will tiud these celebrated Lounges cm do. Tliey are ple-isant to tlie taste and free from danger, and will restore to health while oliter preparations are of no avail. Do not waste time, but use tlie proper remedy while there is hope. Dr. Sher man's warehouse is I0G Nassau sUe't. Agents?227 Hudson; IDS Uowery; 77 Kaal Broadway; Hushtou's three storea in Broadway; J Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; and 8 State St., Huston. . Give di more Light!?The greatest and most exquisitely afflictiug cilamiLy that can possihlv befall * tenon ol re Sued taste, anil who Ills a capacity for epj lying all the ulormus sights in this .b?<utitnl world, ia adisette ot the tys. Th- world itsell would offer little tali-faction to th* p 'or uuf <nuu*te suddenly deprivtd of tight ; and even love and f'i 'ndihip lo?? one half their sweecnesa wluu tha object or endearm-iit or stf-eii.iu can uo longer be grasped by those delicate fiureri of 1'ght which th* s-ul puts out through the ey?a to ttiorar* winterer she holds daar. 'I hi hlind . the da?k ! tne dimly s'eiug ! h'iw keen the iv uimM-ratioD t .air uuhippy I t iusi>irra ! Is it not, than, ainwhmg to be hippy about Out Ih-.e lui bee i di covered a Balaam that*111 cu'e? absolutely and effectually enre?weak, aore and lutluned eyes, wh ch. un'e s iieaird iu 'ime, always iucrease, aad geneially lev! t i t nl blirdaeas ! lie >rarn?d in time, and go M?sk the remedy while y u can vet see y^ur way. Th- rtomun Kye balsam isprepar.d and sold by A. B. Sands & Co., wh detale and retail Chemists and Druggists, No. 273 Broad w i>, r hu<*t of Clumbers at. Sold also at 79 Kulton St., *ad 77 Kasl B/oadway. Pric.' 25 cents. (^institutional Debility Cured ?The Tonic Mix tun, prernred by the Colleze at Medieine and Pharmacy of the city or New York, is confidently recommended for all cases ol debility produced by secret indulgence or excess of any kind. It it tui invaluable remedy for impotence,lUrility, or barteuness, (unless di-iicuding on mat-formation.) Single bottles $1 each; cases of hplf a dozen $5; carefully packed and aent to all parts of the Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, S5 Nassau street W. H. HU'.HAKDHON. M. D.. Agent. Kxtract of Cubebs, Copal va, and Sarsapa rilla.?'This ia the moat speedy. certain, and effectual remedy for the care of Oononhaea, gleet, setlfinal weakness, and all discharges from the urethra. It is m portable form, is pleasant to take, being a concentration of all those remedies that have been found most efficacious iu coring secr't diseases?pricefl. Dr. Glover is consulted in those difficult and protracted cases of svphilii, (hat require practical experience to insure surcesv? lie has received a medical education, and has confined himself to an office practice for the laat 'ourteen years iu this city. Pa tienta who hive beeu treated unsuccessfully by others, may en trust themselves to bis care with every confidence. His offices are in No. 2 Auu street-lamp at the uoor of his private office in the evening. llledlcial Advice In Private Diseases.?The members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 1 A.- .1 ? -?? ~t i '! a safe aud jiermauent cure, without injury to the constitution or confinement from busiuess. Invalids are particularly requested 10 make application to the College on the first appearance of those diseases, as a vast amount of suffering and lime may be thus avoided. Oue of the members of the College, for many yean connected with the principal hospital iu Europe for the cure ol those complaints, attends for consultation daily from ? A M. to 7 P. M. Terms?Advice and Medicine S5,?a cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTkY INVALIDS.?Person I mug iu tlie couutry, and finding it inconveuieut to make per sonal application, can hare forwarded to them a chest containing all medicines requisite to perform a radical cure, by stating their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any. and cncloaiug $5, poit paid, addressed eceiveo elsewhere, it any, and cncloang ?5, pos to W. 8. IUCHAHDSQN. M. D.. Agent, '?onsultiaa Rooms n> the r.nllege, 4K Nassau a) MOIWKV mARK 1ST* Tuesday, Dec. 17?0 P. m. Tho utock market wan rather flat to-<lay, and quotation!) experienced a decline. Norwich and Worcester fell eft' 1 per cent; Reading 1; Farmers' J ; Illinois 1; Pennsyl vania 6's, I ; Indiana l; Lang Island j j Cantsn 1; Mor. ris Canal J. Erie Railroad and Ohio 6's closed firm at yesterday's prices. North American Trust advanced percent. The House of Representative!) of New Hampshire has rej"-ted the fourth instalment of the Surplus Revenue by a v njol 137 to 93. 1'bft Norwich and Worcester Railroad have declared a dwidenJ of three per cent, payable on the 31st Inst, at tLra city, at the Bank of the State of New York. We have received the report of the Secretary of the treasury, and give It at length in our columns. It will richly repay a careful perusal. It ignot often that a document so able aa thU has emanated from the Treasury Department. The first thing alluded to if the pub'ic debt, and being a subject of vital impoitance, it has occupied the attention of the Secretary at length. We annex his statement showing the amount of the debt July 1,1614 :? Puslkj Debt or the United States, Jui.v 1, 1944. Amount of the funded dnbt $178,034 84 Outstanding certificate*. 34 414 <9 Treisury Notes ef 1814 4 317 44 C .-rtiflcates of Mississippi stock, 1816 4.3S0 00 Drtbt assum'ul by Congress?District of Co lumbia?1838, unpaid 1,260,000 00 Outstanding Treasury Notes, issues of the two acts a 2fr6,207 31 L?an duo 1846, 6J per cent 6,672,976 8S Do 1863,6 pproext 8 343.886 83 Do 1863, 6 per cont 7,004.231 36 Total debt July 1,1844 (24,748 188 23 The Secretary extends his remarks to some length in relation to thu public credit and says that the market value of the government stocks is sufficient evidence of the safety of investments of capital in government securi ties. A table showing the debt of the general govern ment at different times, since the adoption of the federal constitution, is annexed. The facta thown are very in teresting, at this moment, when we are not only free from debt, but have a large surplus on hand. Puhlic o?- the United States and PoruLAnoN at 1'IFFEBENT TIMES. Befors the adoption of the Con- l)tbt. Population. stitutiun $75,416,476 52 ? I'M ti0.2in,02Z 00 3,000.000 180" ?2,D7e,29? 00 5,000,000 1*10 53,173,217 00 7,000,000 <816 127,334,933 00 ? 1"20 ...01,015,566 00 9,000,000 <830 48,565.406 (Ml 12,800,000 1311 24,748,1811 23 19,800,000 The President's Message of December, 1836, announced that there was no public debt, except the amounts long standing, which are included in the first table given, showing the debt due in July, 1844. These items wero standing agnlasi the government then, and they are now ? they are, however, of a very tufting amount. It appears that the whole amount of interest paid by tha govern ment, *!nce| its formation on the pa^lic debt, makes the enormous sum of (167.629.960 60 Total amount of principal paid 267,462,083 24 Amount of principal and interest paid,.. $416,092,033 93 There has been received in the came time a revenue o about five hundred millions of dollars, principally darlvi d from customs,duties on tonnage,and sales of public lands, direct taxes,or excisc,having only been enforced from 1792 to 1802, and from 1813 to 1817?the latter period being on account ol the war. This gives us some idea of the im mense resources of Ihe government and the people, while it is suttttfient to establish and confirm confidence in our public credit Tho Secretary of the Treasury alludes to the position of the delinquent States in connection wifh the credit of the Oeneral Oovernment. Those who are ac quainted with our form of government, know thatthfre is not tka slightest connection between the different states and Ihe general government; but there are many living abroad cot so intimately acquainted with the na ture of our institutions, who have lost all confidence in the general government, in conseqnence of the repndia tion of aomu of the States, thinking the whole is as closely cocnectt'd aa the counties constituting the kingdom of Great Britain. This belief has a tendency to icjure the credit of cur govurnmcnt in foreign countries, which, however, much to be regretted, can have very little influ ence on our fi tancial affairs. Mr. Secretary Bibb suggest tha establishment ot a sinking fund, not only for tho purpose of extinguishing the debt of the government, but to ensure tho safety of the surplus revenue, and to reduce the interest on the d< bt. The depoaites ore now used by the banks sclectid for tho keeping oftheso funds, for whatever they moy deem proper, without allowing tha government the smallest per ccnt interest, while tho Interest on the debt nmounts, in a short time, to a very largo sum. A sinking fund, increased at the rate of about two millions per an num, which could easily bo carried into iffjet, with the present large surplus, would, in a short time, annually proiuce nn amount of interest full as large as that accru ing on the government debt. A modification and b reduc tion of the 'arifT are also recommended. Thi Secretary suggests that renscnable time should be given, bofore the Mirfhtrot ulteration is made in the existing ra'es of duty, to ennbln those interested, or likely to be eflected, to go. vern themselves accordingly. It is estimated that, under the present tariff, with an importation similar to that of the past year, the surplus revenue ot the year 1663, would, after paying all the expenses and indebtedneas of the government, exceed fifty millions of dollar*, and i ii in con-iteration of this and other facts, that the Secre tary oftho Troasniy recommends a gradual reduction in the rate of duties. It is argued that the domestic in" teres'* of the country do not rrquire such a high avetnge, and that it Is unjust to cxtiact from the people a revenue so much greater than the wants ol govern ment require Our ttade with foreign nations for the year ending June 30th, 1844, has b^en more in our favor than we have anticipated. According to the official return! from the Treuury Department there wai, for tha ftieit year end ing June ftotb, 1*44, t balance in ?ur favor Commerce or the Ukited Statis?Value or IxroaTS AND KXrOBTS. /assorts. Value of (r?e j?oo<l? $34,766,083 Value of dutiibU goods................ H3,668,6i0 Total value of import* $108,434,703 Kiporit. Value of domestic produce. . . $100,133,407 Value of foreigu produco. ... 10 944,7b7 ! fill,138,384 Balance in favor of the United State* $1698,683 Oron revenue on the above importation.. $29,137 #80 60 Net revenue on the above importation... 36 lb>3 o70 94 Expenses of collection, lie $2,963,489 (iti It mutl be recollected, In looking on this table of int port! and exports, that only tlx month* ol the period cl large impoitationa are included in these return*, and that lince the Ut of July the value of the importi it very great. Korthe calendar year the result will look far dif ferent, not only a* to the balance of trade, but in the amount of the revenue. The finances of the government are full as favorable a* anticipated. The receipts and expenditures, as given in the annexed tables, show a very large surplus, but we should think the expenditures were rather extravagant. Finances or the United States, ros tear ending June 36th, 1344. Receipts. Customs. . $28,193,670 94 Lands 2,069,939 80 Treasury Not- s 1.877,181 36 Miscellaneous sources 261,007 94 Total receipts $30,381 700 03 Baliucc in the Treasury July 1st, 1813,... 10,431,607 as $40 813 207 68 Kxpeuditures- Civil list, navy, army,lie lie. 32,968 827 94 Balance in the Treasury July 1st, 1844 ... $7,864,870 64 Eltimatei for 18lb?Rereipt$. Customs?1st quarter, actual,. . .$10,873,718 3 quarters, cstimaied,. 21,071,800 D U11 , ^ $31,946,018 Public land*. ???????#???,. 2 139 867 Miscellaneous sourcc* 'iao.000 ?$34,304,875 00 1 otal resource*..?, ,, , ftoao qai ha Expenditures estimated, 35,019^431 Ofl Balance in the Treasury July 1st, 1846,.. $7,039,823 68 Eilimatei for 1848?Receipte. ?u*},om1s- $30,030,302 Public lands 2,010,000 Miscellaneous sources 130,000 ?$32,160,302 CO Total resources,.. . $39,200! uTm Expenditures, estimated, 28,193,784 83 Balance in the Treasury July 1st, 1846,.. $11,006,340 76 These estimates are based on as good data as can be comnanded, Dut they are of little interest or deserving of I much confidence. It is beyond the power of any indi vidual to estimate, with any degree of accuracy, the probable position of the finances of the government so long in advance. In a oountry like this it is impossible to predict what a year may bring forth in commercial mat. ter?. Where is the man that two years ago imagined, for a moment, that the year 1844 would produce a revenue from customs larger thin any one previous? We look upon theso estioutas as useless, so far as the purposes of legislation are concerned Mr. Secretary Bibb can look as far into futurity, as regards this subject, as any of his predecessors, but the practice is attended with danger, and often leads us all astray. Old Stock Hxcluuige. *"2? ?.y '5S '?2 2? ?'>? Morris Canal bJO 32 40U0 Ohio 6V 60 op* 98 50 d? MOO Illinois Spl Bds 3J M do 70U0 Indiana Bdt JU.' 150 do fiOOO do 3|>1 150 do "!!!!2 Peun>5 ? slO 74? 200 L ltland Kit .'.000 dj 74*2 50 do JO (lis Union Bank 115 70 do 50 N A Trust M 50 do 100 50 do do |4j2 200 Nor&WorRR 350 Farmers Trust :)6>J 25 do 20 Jefferson Fire Int 132 100 do 150 Canton Co 43?? 50 do 50 do b30 43V 50 do 1*5 do 41)2 100 250 hast Boston Co 83150 Beading ltll Second Board. $5000 Penn'aS's 74 50 N V It Krie b00 2S\ in "iJi'v H"!?" 42h 100 East Boston Co 8J 10 N Y & Erie 28>4 100 do 1.60 9 New Stock Kichangs. $1<?0 Illinois 6's 1870 29X 25 shs L Island RR b60 71* J?00 29>6 126 do -,k n\*/ 50 (lis U 8 Bank e?h 5W 50 Erie RR 2fl'^ 50 tanners' Irusi I .GO 37? 25 Nor 1c Wor btw CS)I *.?? ? 36f? 175 do csh fiQVt o .13 25 do c?h eif'-m 25* N A Trn ill' 2? j? htw 69ii w^Ad!,ruu ftfc ? ft ,twS$ 10 East Boston Co csh 9 Sales or Stocks?Boston, Dec 16 1844 90 Merch-nts' Bank 104} ; 60 East Boston Dividends, ?06 Is, 4 : 276 do 4 16; 100 iCaat Boston < 0 8] ; 60 do so6ds 8J ; 76 Nor &. Wor RR 70 ; 100 Reading RR so6ds 2it : 2i do 22J ; 4 Boston and Maine RR 109J ; $1000 Reading RR Bonus, i860,7iJ. ? State of Trade. ro,i ?re very flrnn, but inactive at $3 87* a $3 93} ; Pearls are steady at $4 12J Bkks wax?Prime yellow sells as wanted at 29 a 491c. Cottow?The demand to-day from exporters was mode rate, and about 800 bales were taken at prices rather lower than the market closed at yesterday. Hat?Common qualities of North river bale are held at 48 a 60c T he receipts are very moderate and the demand very limited. . Whisxsv?Drudge easks are dull at 34c : western and prison barrels sell at 34 a 34|c. Coal Trade?As the season of this trade so highly im portant to the interests ol Philadelphia, may in a measure, as far a* canal transportation is concerned, be said to have closed, the I'hiladtlphia U S. Gazette has prepar? d the lol lowing statement tiom latest dates received, of the amount of business transacted by the various companies engaged in the trade ? 8 The Schuylkill Canal Company havo transported from PotUviUe.upi to Thursday, Dec. 13th, 379,466 tons ; from Schuylkill Haven. 63,363. and from Port Clinton, 66,669 being a total of 399,487 tons for the past season as per olfi cial report of the different Collectors. The Reading Railroad Company up to Thursday Dec 12th, inclusive, have passed over the road the aggregate amount ol 424,076 03 Ions. There are the two great arteries of communication from the Schtiykill coal region to this city, through which medium 828 662,03 tons have found their way to udn water from Jan. 1st to Dec. 13th, 1844. Among the various tri butary companies to the business of the Hctmlkill region wo notice the transportion by the following companies, Mine Hill and Schuylkill Haven :wV?88 Mount Carbon Railroad, 196 flaw Little Schuylkill Railroad, f.6 696 Pine Grove, (last dates,) 34 Ma Swatara, do 18447 The Schuylkill Canal is closed for the season ; but (he Reading Company intend transportingfbrough from Potts vlUo, as far as practicable dcrlng the whole of the winter If the Little Schuylkill Company's bridge is finished by the 1st of January, as is anticipated, so as to enable their road to connect at Port Clinton, that Company will alao bring down coal during the winter from Tamsqua. We now pass to the L> high coal trade; their total ship ments from Mauch Chunk for the season are Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co., Summit Mines, 189441 nli?T,mKrii,in"v. 6,)'804 21?.*46 B. MMow R. R. and Canal Co. 70 379 Frtm renrt Haven Hozlrtnn Coal Company 73 From Rockport. ' Buck Mountain Coal Company, 13 749 Total, tons 376 999 The total ol the cool trade, up to the 13th of December, stands thus ;? ' Jfchuylkill region flmVi 03 Lehigh do 376 999 1,300,661,03 Died, On Monday morning, the 16th iust., in tho 70th year of of her age, At.icc, wife of Mr. George Gardner The relatives and Irienda of the family, as alrothoseol her sons, George, Jfme- and Jose|-h are respectfully invi ted to atu nd her funeral, this alteruoon, at 3 o'clock, with out further invitation, from No. 16 Orange street. PMSengera Sailed. LivKRrooi.?Steam sliiii Caledonia, from Boston?Crneal Kver?, Ahrshsm Kieiu.h, Boston; H C Hoesch. Rocliesi?r. M?; W I Jones, John E Wurd, B I, Beusoiq.New Yoik: 8 Lr?n, Philadslplns; C Turner, G Turner, G Turner, Virginit; Robi Adsms, M Kidston*. Kdw Mackay, C Ramiev, Jesif Joseph, Mr Kill*, Captain Taylor, Montreal; II N Patton, R P Ogden. Thos t^nrry, G B Synies, Mr MacCavr, Quebec; W Harris, Hamilton, Canada; Haml Vines, ICnslsnd?SI. MARITIME HERALD. movements of the Steasnohlps. Steamer 1. Leave IJv'l. Due? 1 jlme'a. Leave Jime'n Acadia, Harrison ..Dec. 4 ..Dec. 17 Jan. I Cambria, Jndkins... Jan. 4 ...Jan. 16 Feb. 1 Ship .flusters stnd Agsnts. We shall psteem it ft favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Robkrt Hilvev, Captain of our News Boats, a rtport of the shipping left at the port whtnee they sailed, tlw vessels ipnken ou their pasaasrr, a list nf their e.urgo. and any foreisi, n?wsr*pers, Of news they may Wave. He will hoard them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondent* at houte ir abroad, will alto eonfrr a favor by sepding to this offier al> the Marine Intelligence they cm obtain. Nautical Inform* kinK will be tbsnVfnllT r?e>n>d POKTOK HEW YORK, PgCKBtP KK !? itrs aisrs 7 J5 I mo on skts I 30 ?' ? ??T? 2.'i | hiun watkx 4 21 Clesired. Ship* St I'dtrick, Reymonr, Lit erpool, D (Jsden; Norlh Cs rolina, Drnmmoiid, snd Itsppabinnock, Drammond, New '>r-ean*( Sfiraine. Robinson k Co.?Brig* Trio, Doane, (lib rallar, h osier & Nickeison; Ohio, IJavis, Mew Orlesn?,Nf?miih St Walsh: Mobile, l.irermotr, Apil.irliicnla, Slurgei IcClrsr in?n.? Hehr? John Drew, Powers, rtt Uomingo City, Kosler It .Nickerson; Delaware, Park, Wilmington, NC. Nesmith fc Walsh; Jamei Mespralt, (Br) Kraser, Hslilat, T Winslow. Arrtvsd. Mhip B Aymar, C*rrsr, from Hu>okholai, yjt'nori', with Iron, to Boor wan. Johnston k Co. Schr Equity, Edwards, from Billioiir, and t days (rota tlx *f"'- (?'"''"I bound to Fill Rim. Schr Sequel, Raynor, t days from Richmond, with coal, to master. Meiow. French biruw L'Aigle. Seigueite, from RocheMe, Oct 30, with biaudy, lie to A Seignest*. Alio, oar brig uukuowu. sUll'lSl* wVaBUJ from Trieste, (reported yesterday) is al. Balled ups Villrde Lyou, Stoddard, Havre; Meui| Ins, Coffin, N Do at Lass, Townsrud, Uii>raltar; Joliann jeoijf, Get-rken, Laguna, and others. HIkcUmmu iltcord. Bhii? Masiahoit.?Accounts (Vom the wreck of ship Ijlassa snii to Saturday evniug, are that the wreck lies on one side, auu all forward of the main hatch hold* together. Eight lighters have cnine up from H?ll laden with the brwperty saved, the va'u' of which is greater than was anticipated. BamOwiv So*. (Br) Wyatt, from NorthCarolina for Ja maica, was lost uignt ol 24th ult. back of S?lt Key all hand mvi'd, also toaie lumber and material! lauded?veaael a total loss. Asothw Wreck.?The Kinily Cumrriugs, at I hilsdolwhia, ruporfs - 9th iust. 1st 33 10, lou 73 30. passed the wreck of a iierm brig about lt>tl tom; bowsprit and I'oreinaat st Hiding; topmist broke just above the cap*, no ringing attached to t on the bows, decks swept, bulwarks aad rail gone, |?iu(ed while streak, with the sheir on the upper streak of wale; arch of taffel paniiel work and white?could not see her name. She did not appear 'o have beeu long in that situation?had r. llosh deck, bat though waterlogged she ap|?ared to float light, as if lumber loaded Inqow. Si'nh Ocean, Gerrish, from New York for Boston, with iron, >il aijch <r in the Cow Vard, Plymouth, parted her be?t hower ch'iit in the sale of 11th inst. and weut ashore at Eel rivef, but ( ot off 12th, without dug. Whalemen. Two Br ithers, Gilford, from Nantucket for Bay ?t Mexico, spoken 1th inst. abt lat 37 10, lou 70 20. tipoken, Shuou, Lucas, of and from Boston for St Jago, 4th inst. lat 37 10 lou 70 20. "Homer," steering W, 2d inst. ?ff Key Went. h'orelgn foru. ? Siihapore, Aug 8? In pott, Paul Joues, Watkim, fin Bom bay, for Canton, same day. Koim hatha, June 21?On the Coast, Congaree, Weitou, from and for Oahu, unc. Oshu, July 15?In po.t, Globe, Doauf, fiom Boston, via So ciety Islandi. Monterey, California, Sept 17?In port, Barnstable, Hatch; Vandalia, Kverett, aud Kama, unc. Admittance, Peterson, aud Sterling, Viuceut, were also on the coast probably at San Pedro. Iciiaboe, Sept 22?In port, Brookliue, Allyn, of NLondon, from Boston, arr 10th, only Americau. Tho< Hoot, of West port, was reported at same place Oct 10, Idg guano. St Helena, Oct 2ti? No Americau iu port. Pkknamhi'c'o, Nov 12?In port, Hul1,Putnam, from Sumatra for Cowea. same day; Elizabeth, of Salem, for Otaheite. put in to repair copiier. Iowa, from Baltimore, arr Oct 31, and sailed same day lor Hio Janeiro. Bahia, about Nov I?In port, Draco, Sears, for Boston. Idg. Port aij Prince. Nov 27?lu pott, ludrpe'dence, of IPhila delphia, condemned, and to be sold; Dirigo, Tibbets, for Bos ton, 10; Sarah Catharine, for Baltimore. Cienei'euos, Nov 22?No American iu port. Sid 20th, Ade laide, Sidrick. Boston. Bonaire, Nov 20?In port, Globe, for Boston, 2; Floyd,and Mandarin, for N Or lea in, unc; Franklin. Somes, for do, 2; St George, do do Sid 17th, Louisiana, and Elliot, NOrleans. Salt Key, Turks Island, Dsc 4?In nor', Kenhawa, for New Orleans, next day: Comet, for Plymouth, NC. do. Sid 31st ult. Hualco, Clark. NOrleans. Passed by Dec 1, Adele, Be uadou, from Philadelphia for St Jago. St John, NB. Dec 5?Cld Eleanor Jaae, Sharp, Philadelphia Home Ports. JTASTronr, Dec 11?AlV Opeuango, Vose, NYork. Frankkor r, Dec U?Arr St Leon, Babson, Baltimore. Sid Rockiugham, Nichols, Havana. Bl'ckjport, Dec 10?Sid Hebrew, Carr, Mobile. Portland, Dec 11?Cld Cordelia, Crockett, West Indies.? Arr 15th, Phenix, Davis, and Delaware, Trott, NewYork. Cld Mth, Juniata, (new, 299 tons, of N Yarmouth) Blancliard, Apa lachicola. Sid Attica, Frances Ellen, Plato, Pallas, and others. Kennebunk, Dec IS?Sid Cactus, (i;ew) Mason, Boston. Portsmouth, Dec It?Arr Texas. Pillskury, aud Metallic, Simonfn, N York. Cld Epaminondas, (new, 549 tons, of Bos Ion) Lambert, Mobile. Newruryport, Dec 14?Arr lvanhoe, Post, Philadelphia, 15th, Thoosa, Somerby, do; Cornelia, Kilborn, do; Elvira, Knight, Baltimore. Salem, Dec 15?Arr Ilenry, Berry, NYork; 14th, Win Wal " ""-v ?U t-.n-IJ It .utiini. do. Put iu evi Salem, Dec 15?Arr Ilenry, Berry, IN Yorg; inn, win Wal lace. Keller, NYork. Sid ^airfield, Hawkius, do. Put iu eve of lith. Cleopatra's Barge, Rich, Baltimore for Frankfort, and sld Mth. Bostov. Dec 16?Telegraphed, Massachmetts. Signal for I barque, G brigs. Cld Caledonia, (s) Lott, Liverpool; Chief, Brown, Montevideo and Buenns Ayres; Hurd, Goodwin, Cape ilfiytien; Shylock, Mathews, Mobile; N L McCreadr, Bnm"rs, Philadelphia; Cambridge, Hall, New Yoik; 14th. John Dunlap, Choate, Mobile; Manchester, (new, of Boston. 291 tons) Snow, New Orleans; Mozart, Kent, ami Joseph B, kldridge, Alexan dra; Wm M Rogers, Taylor, Ph ladelphia. P M?Arr Massa chusetts, Pritchard. Loudon; Germ, Lincoln; Oriana, Bla-ch ard; Martha Washington, Patterson; Plato, Bixhop, and Sulta na, Norton, Philadelphia; Robert Bruce, Snow, Richmond; Rebecca, Dyer, Norfolk; Niagara, Lovell. Albany. Sailed. wind W, sterner Caledonia,at I 45 pm; John Dunlap, Chief, Ann, Hurd Osceola Smyrna sld yesterday. New Bedford, Dec 15?Arr 11 P Sumner, llowlaud. Balti more: Jane, Bates, aud T H Thompson, Bishop, Philadelphia; Notus, Be?-e, Wareham for NYork; Gen Jackson, and Georai ana. Albany; Helen, New York; 16th, Pacific, Swift, Norfolk; Tiger, Perry, Philadelphia: 14th, Richmond, Freeman, Nor folk Nanti'CKet, Dec 14?Arr Champion, Drew, NYork; 15th, Senator, Robinson, do; Telescope, Swain, Albany. Sld 13th, Exact, Folger, Baltimore. Holmes Hole Dec 13?Arr Susan Taylor, Bryant, Machias for NYork; Perseverance, Knight, Newnern for Boston. Sld Industry. Sally, Hadassah, Siroc, Lorinda, Spartan. S B Aih mead. Perseverance, Squire & Brothers. Also ar, Sidney, Wes ton, Calcutta for Boston?stove bulwarks, and received some trifling damage t?>sails and rigging in the late NE gale; Kim ba 1, lugraham, Richmond for Boston; Emblem. Strout, Phila delphia for do, with loss of duck load of coil, jib and jibbo?m; Eagle, Lowry, Richmond for do; Sanree Ryder, Alexandria for do, with loss of deck load of flour; Triumph, Nantucket for New York. 14th?chr Pallas, before reported ashore, after disg about half her cargo into lighters. Came off last nif ht?W'll discharge entirely, and repair: 7 or BOO bushels corn are damaged and will be sold here. Schr Hope. after ilitg in pa<t and storing all her car* in good o iler, came off at high water to-day?will make some trifling it-pairs, reload and proceed to Boston. Schr New England, after disg two lighters' loads of plaster, came off to-day?is not so badly damaged as wa< at lint supposed?will repair aud proceed Schr O Cromwell and pilot boat Sui erior j also got off to-day. There now remain on shore, schrs H Clay, Oriole, Lily, sloop Zedas. The H Clay is nearly high aud drv, with her cargo ia?Capt Downs is waning orders. The Oriole has discharged about half her canto. turpentine, on the wharf, and must be overhauled eutiiely before she can take in her cargo. She may be condemned. 15th?Arr Casket, Wilson, Port au Prince for Bostou; Sea Flower, Duell, Cieufuegos fordo; Mou hegan, Colley. and Topltff, Wording, Philadelphia for do; Ban ner, Cotton. NYork for Gloucester; H Fuller, Fuller; Argus, Rogers, and Herald, do for Boston; Zephyr,do for Portland; Vauda, Pierce,Richmond for Salem; Brailore, Strout,Bsltimore for I'ortl ind, with loss of jib and boat. Sailed this morning, a barque supposed the Elk, trom Philadelphia for Boatou; two brigs, suppoieil packets, from do for do: and two or three schrs. P M?Arr Glide, Morton, NYork for Boston; Rienzi, Ryder, aud Glandower. Heed, Baltimore fordo; Susan U Phebe, Phila delphia for do; Esther Eliza, Alexandria for Eastport. Huh Arr Importer. Marsh, Bonaire for Boston?expenenceil severe weather and th't-w over 100 bbls salt; John Murray, De)t reus, Baltimore lor Boston; Seven Sisters. Blanchard, New York for Salem; Marengo, Freeman, Bostou for Rappahannock. Wind this mo-ning W by N Schr Oriale came off shore last night after disg all hut 10(1 bbls, and lies at the wharf. II A M?Mint of the above, and those previously reported, have sailed. In I ott. Sidney, Sea Flower, Dr Hitchcock, arid 6 or t schrs. Philadelphia, Dec 17?Arr Emily Cutnmiiiir*, Sape, Salt Kay; Vmius, Sharp, do; David Pratr, Tarr, Portland; Isling ton, Dickmau, Augusta, Me; Robert Wain, Sears, and J k W Emckson, Smith, Boston. Cld Oueco, Rogers, Salem; Thoa Fenner, Nickerson, Providence; S It Payntar, Mershon, New Haven; Alexander, Jones; Manhattan, llopkim; Therou,Young, aud NorthCaroliua, Nelson, NYork. By Lust Night's Southern Mail. Philadelphia, Dro 17?Below, Palin Eldridge, fm Bostou. Baltimore, Dec 16?Arr Julia tk. ll-lou, A.. ?.l.nrv.NVw Orleans. Cld Wm Ilenry, Ryder, Halifax; Chief, Van Nam*, New Yoik. Sld Roclia i beau, Patterson, Port au i'rince; Mary Catharine, Charleston. Norfolk, Dec 14?Arr John Gilpin, !.owev and I'hicnix, Lowe, Lake < hamidaiu. In Hamilton Hoadi, h'len, Hayford, i IlichmoLil for Boston. W W W> er, Ballet, do do, weut to sea I to-Jay. Cld Washington, Dyer, W Ind en. ELEGANT ARTICLES FOR PRESENTS. WE beg to invite an inspectiou of our recent importations, comprising in part the following .? | French Ca'cel Lamps, of over 200 models, iu Porcelain, Bronze, Antique, or Moulu. lie. Chai'.delirra, of Porctlaiu and Bronze. Candelabrat and Bras de Ch'mire*. Bronze and Gilt. Lostres, for Lamps and Caudles, new >tyles. Dresdon Porcelain Shades, of one piece, with exquisite land scapes, flowers. Sir., a new article. French Colored do, fir libraries, to be suspended. Pa|ier Shades, a apli - ..did rtim-ut. French Fancy Boi?s, Iteantiful assortment, comprising about thirty differeut kind* of newest and most lieautirnl styles. A. DIACON (Ic E D. SAXTON, Agentn, 20 John street, (T7~Lamps, Lustres, Brackats, lie,, furniihrd for parties. l7toJii?*in OT. DOMINGO LUGWOOD-The cargo of brig J. Peter ^ son, Silliman, Mr. , from Mirogoane, St. Domingo, consisting of about 2H0 tons line, prima Logwood, for sale by C. F. GHOSH KIM, d|7 3tis*m 79 Pearl strert. EMFI'll COMPANY NATIONAL GUAHD BOIREE. I Hacknev Coaches, Carriages, or Cabi, eugtged for this Soiree, will set their company down with tlieir horie*' heads towards Houston street, and tvke theiame up in reverse order when having. ISAAC 11. BROWN, dl6 It* rh Superintemlaiit of llaek? ami < .ib? A R'l ICLbo FOH i'KbSKN'l W" TIFFANY, YOUNG Ac ELLIS ANNOUNCE to wholesale and retail purchasers that they have received by late arrivals 82 Casts; their supply of such 3o?ds as they are accuatomrd to import, suitable for the Holi ays, comprising an assortment even larger, more splendid and inore complete tliau that of the last season As tlieir first determination has always Ix-en to keep articles of the very best |xistible quality and finish, and iu the fa'est and most select styles: they are aware lh?t they inay sometimes fail to receive the credit they desire to nirrit?of selling "cheap," yet the distinguish^ and increasing patronage they receive a>snrvs them that most purchasers of artic'esof 'l'atteafprtci' te their determination, and tlicy are coulidcnt tint an examination and Comparison of good* aud prices will result in convincing all 'hat they procure a more elegant, Iftier, and more perfectly finished aiticle without an} im nwe of price. 259 and 2t>0 Broadway. dlllstjlrrc " NMTwI'EA.KV cake: IN ALL 1 T ? V A i< IKTI E !S . (pAMI I.IKS about furnishing their Cslie for the New Ye^r, or for Weddings and Pirties, are invited to call and msp?'3t the dinerent kindi on hand at the Old Bakery, No. 40 Lispenaid street. All orders stri' tly atlunded t?. Those from the country w ill re boxed up iu the mint carefnl manner iioMible. d 15 2w*ee JAMES TOMPSON. !?' H S N G II? 9 H O TEL. 'T'HE PROPRIETOR reapectfnlly informs hi* friends and <1 the public that he hat opened hii new anil splendid hotel at 133 Ktilton street, a few doors east o< Broadway, in the imme diate vicinity of mercantile business and the principal places of amusement, aud liaa furnished it in a style that will bear favor able comparison with the very beat hotels in the city The pro prietor in bniraing and fitting up the above house has had strict retard to elegance and cocnlort. and that he has combined eco nomy the following prices will show A ROOM FOR ONE NIGHT 25 A WEEK... 150 The rooms will be warmed gratis, and upon no occaaiou will there ke more than one bed in a room There is a REFECTORY atticlied, in wluq|i there are meals served tip at all hoc ri of the day and eveutng. .There ?? * - ???"? rnlil nun r" n. n.? inoww ring tiie hall hell. ROGERS' GYMNASIUM Nm. II), it, 1? C*n?l 'PHIS SPLENDID ESTABLISHMENT it nowopendsy 1 aad evening, for the reception of pupils. All pe aoas ol bJ#nurv h*biti ihould pneuw thtsc wh ch wrt tw ??nly remedy for contrAcnoni of thf? "id'narf tnuh* ol coo.Untly bending o?rr lh^ and uStiJriin & nilM pti rposei of exercise. Open ?"* ^Teniog. 'pilUNK BOARDS ?Boston *Y dWr# * No.MM4??N?muit AUCTION SALES. SPLENDID FRENCH JEWELRY, FANCY GOODS. I TOYS. Itc. at Auction, for the holidays.?LEV Y k SPOONER will sell ou Tliuriday morning at llo'cl ck, 151 Broadway, a Urge assortment of fashionable French Jewelry, ricli fancy articles Hue toys, lie for tin* Holidays, to be sold la loti to suit purchaser*. Ladies are invited to call and exa mine the aricles Saturd ly esauing tl?y will tell a T?ry valuable eollect:on of oil paiiitinga. dr. 2t*ec A. C. iUTPLE, Auctioneer. SECOND SPECIAL SALE of French and German Toys, Fancy Goodi tcc , for account of manufacturer*.?J aCOB 8. PLA'l'T'S Second Special Sale ol Toy* nod F.ucy Goods, will c iUimence this day at IV o'clock, at tlie Auetiou Uoom No. 21 1'latt, coruer of Hold street, consisting of 240 |acksges, case*, and Ion of French and Oeiiii m Toy?, Fancy (ioodi, Ike., for foreign account. Aim, > cases Kid Dolls; sew goods, just landed from ship Florian, from Bremen. ALo^dO caiea liar Krvucli Toya, in boxes, ri*:? Porcelain ?nd Plated Tea Sen, Pitcliera, Pinoramaa, Cotillon Cards, 1 in Toya, fcc. ' Alio, an invoice of very fine French fancy Glass Boxes, being tlie most desirable lot of the sea* on. Also, an invoice of Jet llair 1'ws, Necklaces, be. dll It'rc A^B UCTToN NOTICE?Thursday, at iu>( o'clock, will be I so d the entire Kuruiture contain* d in tlie large house 29 Greenwich street, near t'e Battery, furnished within a year completely?li bed-roofs, parlors, dining-room, hill, stairs, bas-ment and kitchen TP.e-e is over 100 yards best English Oil Cloths, 300 \ ardi do Carpetiug, a good Panrl Forte, Mantle Or ua-nent?, Chairs, Tables, Solas, Lookiug Glasses, Paintings, splendid Curtains, Bureaus, Beds, Bedsteads, Beddiug. At wa ter's Patent S'ove and Drum?and in short a K<ueral ana desira ble variety of housekeeping articles, all in good order. Bale rain or sh ne. THOd. BELL, dll) 2t*ec Auctioneer. WM. H. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. QALE OK RICH FANCY GOODS?Wednesday. Dac. ^ IStri, at U o'cljck, at the store No. 401 Broadway, near Walker street, mm importers to c'ose consignments, a general assortment of rich Hated and Britannia Ware, fine Cutlery, Solar and other Lamps, Giraudoles; Kreuch whit* and gill, and imeutal Dinner, 'lea and Coffee Seta, Toilet Sets, elegant Glass Ware, pr saed do. Hall Limps ami Lanthoms, rich . Jfcy Toys, with various other goods Catalogues on Tuesday, when the goods cau be examined. Sale positive and terms cash. d 17 21*111 A. C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer. RICH PLATfcD WAKE. Housefurnishing Article!. Ger mau Toys, Kid Dolls, Fancy Giods, tie ?JACOB S. PLATT will sell to-morrow (Weduesday,) at 10 o'clock, at the Auctimi Room, No. 23 Piatt sueet, corner of U> Id a large and extensive assortment of Sheffield Plated Ware and French Gilt Clocks, by order aud for account of the Bank of Sheffield. England, being the effects of a bankrupt, consisting of Plated Waiters, from 8 rn 30 iuchei, plated on German silver; Tea Sets, Urns, Revoling and Oblong Casters, Cake Basketa, Liquor Stands, Toast Racks, Egg Stands, Snuffers and Trays, tic , the whole being worthy tlie attention of tlie city trad*. Also, a splendid assortment of Gothic Sardines, Victoria and i Convex Tea Trays, Card Baskets, die Also, Uerman Toys?comprising the balance of the itock consigned for account of the manuficturerer. consisting of lifts cases in origiusl packages and in assorted lots, to suit retail dealers; the whole of which will be peremptorily sold without reserve, to close sales. Also, a large a>sortment < f French Toys and Fancy Goods? 20 cases Kid Dolls, lie., a>c Catalogues will be ready This Day at 4 o'clock. d 17 3t*m WANTS A SITUATION?As hmt*e-*te ward or traveling servant, a middle ag-d man, ?h i understands all the Furopean languages; and who, iu either situation is perfectly mailer of his business. A* to character or capabili'y, he cau refer to geullem'uof the highest rank iu looety He is also well acquainted with tie principal cities of Europe. Apply to R. V.. !>4 Greenwich street. d!8 ifec MAN OWNER WANTED lor a St Bernard Dug, imported in tlie packet ship St. James, from London. If notclaimed. he will be sold to pay expeuses. Ap >ard the ship, foot of Dover st. dl8 3t*rc QTOLEN?Yesterday, Dec. 17th. from the Dry Goods Store ^ of E. G. VAN BEr?THU YSEN, COO Broadway, coruer of Houiton, oue piece blue-black Silk Velvet, seventeen to eighteen yards Also, two S'a black ground rich figuted, vine pattern, Cashmere Hiawl*. Pawn-brokers will please stop them. A suitable reward given. <1 IB !t*rc lV/Tll. JOHN B. GOUGH will .pesk at the Tivoli Saloou. comer of Varick and Clarksou streets Thi? Evening, at 7 o'clock, accompanied by the Bolton Temperanr* Club To drfray expenses and sus'aiu the cause, 24 ceniS for a siugle tick I et will be takeu at the door?3'K cents for a geutleinan and two ladies. J" "* d 18 lt?ec P?HANCE FOR A BARGAIN?Fruit aud Couftct onary Store.?The well-kn >w>. Fruit aud Cmifrctiouary Store, next door above tlie Olympic Theatre, togetli r w ith tlie Stock and Fixtures, are now offered for sale, Any persuu having a small capi'al, and wishing to invest it iu a sale and profitable business, can now litve an opportunity seldom to be met with, by applying at the premises, 416 Broadway. dll 3l*rc WINTER GARMENTS. OURTOUTS aud Sack Overcoats, in improved styles? ^ Youth's aud Bo>'s do do, for sale, ready trade, at 231 Broadwav, American Hotel, did 3t*ec WM. T. JENNINGS li CO. ARTIST IN HAIR. MaNPFACTt'lrU FROM LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S HAIR, FN FIVE HUNDRED different Desigus; Necklaces, Brace I I lets, Wntch-Guards, Ear-Rings, Flowers, Rings, Wigs, Sral|?, Ike.. Hi". Ladies or gentlemen having hair of a living or , deceased friend, can get it lormed by him into any design the mind can conceive?in such a form it will bea keep?ake in valuable. r A. C BARRY, 1'lti Broadwav, coruer of Liberty street, dl8 3t*rc upstairs. FOR THK HOLIDAYS. . ,|IU IP. CHOICE COLLECTION OF 'ANNUALS, ILLU8 ? TEA TED HOOK", PIBLEH acd PR A ER BtlOKS, Books and Gaines for Children, (kc..lic., suitable for Holiday Pns nu, for sale at h. WALKER'S BOOK STuHE. 114 Fal'nn !tre< t. Also, anew and iM'antifnl edition ol the Pic torial History of the Bible " in sp endid emblematic morocco binding, | r p.iml expres-ly for a New Year's Uift. Auuual" aud Illustrated Books for Children, and a Urge assortment of Juvenile Books of every kird. for sale cheap. IE5*"Job Binding of all kiudi executed with the utmost ueat nes*. Samples of tlie differeut styles can be leeu at the store. dl8 2w rrc HORSES?HOUSE?Wauled, two Horses Sto t'ke caie of for the winter?they will be t?oW -attended to cbsrge St per month. Jadl& RSK. Til I k'T-lf-..- - J ' ^ - ? -? rvi |<ri iiidiiin. A HOl/SF, TO LET?Kent nit,derate, very P>r Persons doing business down towu. Address JAMES H. COR WIN, care of Morrison li I'ringU, \Vt Biusdw ay, Nr* York. dll 2t*ec ON THE FIRST OF JANUARY, Will be jiul'lishfil Part 1 of MARTIN"* MAGNIFICENTLY ILLUSTATED FA MlLY BIBLE: With Notes and Marginal References, by the REV. ALEX. FLETCHER, A. M., Author of the "Guide to Family Devotion." "Scripture Histo ry," "Scripture Namral History." Sic., he. THE very extensive circulation ot the ' Guide to Family De votion." in this country, has obtained for Mr. Fletcher a re putation that has given the Publisher! that confidence iu the merit of this work, to induce tliem to incur inch an expense in the publieatiou as will reuder it the most beauti'ul copy ol the Holy Scriptures ever Jiublished. Tl.c Engravings aie all on steel, and equal in point of rxecutioa to the beautiful illustra tions of the British Aunuals. d 18 3t*rc R. MARTIN Ik CO., 20 John st. rl,0 PRINTERS.?The Subscriber, a |ierfect typo, wid 1 thoroughly acquainted with every brinch of his profession, including every power press now iu use in the United States, will soon be out of employment, aud is desirous of negocistirg for a situation to take charge of an office, either newspaper, book or Job; or to run any of the iNiwer-^ireases, from the Napier down to the Ruggles.^in any kind ol work. He is also con versant with prool-ieading, and hsi already served four years as au 'ditor of one of the moit efficient Democrat! - Journals in the Eastern State i Thus* who stand in need, will do well to . dress "Faust," at the office of this pajier, immediately, as I shall sonu embark for Washington "a" '?* | objection logo to any part of the Union d 18 lt*ec EXH1KITION. THE END OF THE WORLD. A PAINTING, OF VERY .ARGE SIZE, by F. Auelli.nt the Apollo. 411 W Bronilway Tlie Exhibitmu is eutindy separate from tlie Concert Room. Open froin 10 M. to 4 P. M. Admission Si ents. nl7 linrrc NEW YORK BRASS BAND. THE Members of the New York Bras* Band would respect fully inform theii natrons and the public in general that at a 1 meeting of the Band, held at Military Hall, Bowery, 2nd Nor., 1844, Mrjl. WILLIS was unanimously elected Leader, aud C. S. oRAFULLA Com(ioserof said Band?and tliev now feel assured tkit the Baud will be inferior to none in this country.? The B^nd would return'.heir thanks for the very (tattering |? tronage bestowed upon them the past season, and will use every exertion to merit a continuance of the same. Applications for the Band will be made to Richard Willis, Leader, 49 Bavard street; James Conner. Secretary, 33 Bayard street, or any of the following members; Wm. Wallace, 48 Spring street; Alfred H. Peates, IS Norfolk street; Daniel Uuderlull. 114 Wooster street; M. Meme, ISO Forsyth street; John Wallace, 7 Clark street; John Bleakley, 109 Walker street; J. Fuysing, 44 Orchard street; Geo. Geoller, 130 Forsyth street: E. Wheeler, corner 9th Avenue and 18th street; S. C. Lnin, 144 Centre street, Doctor C. Mather, 114 Wooster street! C. S. Grafulla. Composer, 33 Bayard s'.rret HK'llARD WILLIS, Leader. JiMr.i Conkkk, Secretary. N. B ? Bands provided for Public Balls, Private Soirees, Screu.idet, lie., by applying to Wm. Wallace, 49 Spring streer nl2lm*m WINTER MAIL LINE - - FOR ALBANY, ? DAK.V, at i o'clock, P. M., landing at inter mediate places. .h stvuuie.rti UUl^HMMIA, Capuie William H. reck. Mmo'st, Wednndaf, Kridav, aud Sunday Afternoons, at i , j'clock The Steamboat UTICA, Captain E. Hyatt, Ol Tuesday, Thursday end Serardav Afternoons, at i o'clock. X7" Paasenfers raking 'he above line will anife in Al bui; in Ample umx to take'tlie Morning Trams of Cars for ihe east or nrst. The boats are new Mid substantial, are far siiiie4 with new ?nd elegant state rcKims, and for speed aad ?c t ji.irioO iiions, are unrkvailrd on the lltrlson. Kor pusai;e or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Uchnln al the Office oi the wharf. dM I?." NKW LINE'OF LIVERPOOL'PA? KETS. kdHMPWMriru'ar picket of the 2Ut Deceinlier.?1Tlie splendid JnfilaH>l*l,t sailing imckel snip LI VERPOOL. of 1140 tons liuit .e i, < apiain John Elorid<e, will sail punctually as above her ri gular day. The acconiinodaUoiii of this si lendid ship are uusiirra'sed for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those wishing to send fir their friends in the old couutry cm make nrrangeinenta with the subscribers, on lavirab'e terms, to li ive them brought out iu the above magnificent packet, sailing from Liverpool ou tlie 6t'i February, or iu any of the new hue of peekeu. - . W. k J. T. TAI'SCOI T, "6 South street, Coiner of Ma'den Lane. Tlie ? ack?t ship SIDDONS will suece. d tl.e Liveipool. and sail on llie Pfitii December, le t regular day. di7rc FOR NEW ORLEANS.? Louisiana and New HF]H^^York Line.?Regular packet?To sail on Thursday, jMrnKaJMh Dec. The elegant fast sailing packet ship GE NESEE, Captain Gregg, will poeitively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or itaaaage, having eleeant furnished sccommo dations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO , 46 South street. Positively no gooda received on board after Weduesday even ing. ^ith inat. Shippers may rely upon having their gooda correctly measur ed, anu that tlie ships of tliis taie will sail punctually as adver tised. Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Hullin and Woodralf, who will prnm|>tlv forward all tfoad* to rheir addreaa. 'V/" The t>?cket ship YAZOO, Capt. Wilsoii, will succeed the <ieneaee.. aud sail 6th_January, her regular day. dISec rtf- PASSAGE FOR N E W~6RLe"AN S - Packet "ol MtVTVthe 21st Dec ?1'he splendid, fast sailing packet ship jSBjBatSI'LTAN A, Captain Drnnm, will sail |>oaitiv?ly as above, bcr regular day. The accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin, aud I st rrage pi > ugers. are very superior; and persons about pro. ceeding to New Orleans dmv rrly on the ships of this line sill ing punctually as advertised. To secure berths early application should be uiade ou board, foot of M lideu Lane, or to W. li J T. TAf\"COTT. dl7re 7* Honih street, corpe- Maiden l.sne. NOTICE.?Consignees |?r iiacket ship LIVERPOOL, from Liverpool, will (lease s>i.d their permits on board, at west side Burling slip, or to the office of the subscriber* without de lay, as all goods not permitted iu five days will lie seijt u? the public store. WOODHULL It MINT! RN. n|7 #r (7 HnnlVi street rO OLD COUNTRYMEN?HemitUaeet in small or large sum* mule to all part* fit Europe, op a pliu which wil inurvly ptevjnl the loss or delay of tlie Mm* For particulart "?li nt tTlIVINORTON, toreigi^psc^ AMUSEMENTS. PAHK THKATKK. Dee. lith, 1?44. will be preaeuteO THE BUSY BODY-Man>lot.WHCrup. Toifonrlufc with DOXCifcSAR DE BAZAN-Charle* lu# M, Mr. Crocker, Don Jo**. Mr. Dfott; Dou Cbi ir dc, Mr. W. H. Crisp; Maritana, the GiUua, .Mui Clar* EBu. Admitta-sce ? Bona, let Tier 75 wntt-Second and Third 1 i?r> V) c-nu?1'it it ceuu?(HJlrry 25 cent*. PAJaMU'M NICW YUKK OPKUA HOUSE, The Day* of Performance lienrafter will b? .... * ?'?U)i,l hutidiyi and Saturdays. 14 th night of theSea* on THURSDAY, Dec 19th, will b. psr formed 1 PURITAN!?Elvira, Siguora Borgbese; Lord Aithtr, Sin Antoguiui; oir Geoigs.Sig Vakelliua., Sir Richard, OIK IOUt*M. Ad <i??>iok : First ud Paniaette, $1; Second Tier M cte Private Box**, with ? admissions, *6. Uoorm o|ieaat7; performance to commence at 7H o'clock.? Beau seemed from I A. M. to i P. M. Libretto* m Engli*h and Italian can lie had at the Box Office. d!2 rtc BURTON'S THKAY1UC. ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA WEDNESDAY EVENING. Dec. I8tb. will be presented for tl THE BOHEMIAN UlUL-Kloraatin. Mr G banett; Ailiiit*.Mrs Booth. The ( horusses by 41) vocAiist* 'loc-oclmU with, lor the ljth and I ait lime, THE MAGIC LAMl ?K**rac, Mr Barue*; Kantn A sac, Jolu?tou; I rincess, M ri Burke MATCHLESS! !! DR. VALFNTINE AND HUNKER HILL ! At the Coliseum, 450 Broadwajr. 'T'HE manager, determined to di>Unce every other place of I A amusement lu quality and quantity ofaltractiu. *, luu effect ed a ihort engagement m itli tile celebrated Dr. Va'eutiuc, who. iu connection with the grand " Battle of Bunker Hill," (wliich of iuelf u the moat wonderful mechanical exhibition in the whole world?almost surpasses real life) will ouen his budget of | Random Kecollectioua?Living Portraiu? Whimsical Head | Piece*?Mirth nnd Mirvel*? Shreda and Patthei?Musical bketchea, kc. Sic. Door* open at 6)tf?commence at 7 o'clock. P. S.?Exhibition! on Wednradayi and Saturday* at 3 P. M. for families and schools. 'S~/~ On Thauksgiviug Day, three performance*, all tiir saint-, will be given, at II A. M., at 3, and again at 7, P. M. did lw*um OLE BULL BEGS TO ANNOUNCE tbat he will give a CONCERT at the lulian Optra Houae, on WEDNESDAY EVEN ING, Dec. 18th, 1811, when he will perform, lor the lint tiuie, a newly composed piece entitled. NIAGAHA. He will bo a* aided by MISS JULIA L. NOHTHALL, (pupil of Mr. I'euion,) her first aj>pe*rai;ce, and SIGNOR S\.\(ll MR1CO, with a full and efficient ORCHESTRA, und.-r the direction of SIONOR LA MANNA. MR. PENSON will preside at the Piauo Korte. PROGRAMME. Pan* I. 1?Overture . Orchestra. 2?Recollectioui of Scutlaud, composed and perform - Ml by Ofe Bull 3?Ballad?"The Greciau Daughter,'' Knight . Miss J. L. Nortliall 1?Ana Bulla Nell Opera?,'La Convenience de lu Teurali," Douizetti *ig Sanouirico 5?Pvllacca Cuerrit-ra, composed and performed by... Ole Bull P*bt II. 1?Overture. Orchestra J? Nel Cor I'm uon mi Sento, computed for the violin alone by Nicolo Paganini, and performed by.. Ole Bull 3?B-Ilad?" Why, why did 1 love," Barueit, Mio J. L. Nortliall I?Aria lluffa Nell Optra?"Ceiierentola" Ro.aini . Big. >?aii<|uiiico 5?Niagara, composed and performed ffirst time) by. .Ole Bull TICKETS ONE DOLLAR EACH-To be had at the principal Music Store*, Astor House, Niblo'i, and at tlie duui. Doors will o|>eu r.t 7, and Concert commence at 8 o'clock. dl8rc GRAND NATIONAL AND HOLIDAY BALL, in aii) or Tin: WASHINGTON MONUMENT FUND. THE YOUNG MEN'S NEA1'"L1TIAN ASSOCIATION A wi'l give a Grand Gala Ball in aid of the Washington Monument Fund, on Christmas Night, 25th December, at Tammany Hall. It it the intentiou of the Association to make this Ball every way worthy of the noble object in view, that of contributing towards the erectiou (if. a Monument iu honor of the Father of his Country. This design, it is believed, will ensure the patronage nnd approval of all whose supcort may be solicited; and the Committee of Arrangements will use every exertion to render the Ball brilliant, ?"l.-cl, and satisfactory. The Officers of the .Monument Association, Officers of the General, State, and City Gnveriimenu, Foreign Dignitaries, and distinguished Public, Literary and Professional Gentlemen, will, by invitation, he | resent. The Music will he of the best character, sel cled by Mi. Wallic*. who will act as Leideroftha Orchestra. The si lendid and spacious Assembly Room of the Hall will Ih> richly and appropriately decorated with National memeutoes and cmMcms. The Kloor will be uuder the management of the Commit csof I the Association. COMMITTEE OK ARRANGEMENTS. PETER C. BAK" R, 1/ CLINTON VOORHIES, ROBER'l W. JOHNSON, I FRANCIS B. FERRY. JOHN H. HYDE. MARTIN L BRYANT, President. Tickets rvi b<-procured at the Astor House; American Hotel; Riley's Fifth Wa'd Hotel; French's Hotrl, < hatham street; Wtstcheiter House, Bowery; Knickerbocker Bath, Bowery, or of any of the members. tl 18 W8thW3t*rc ST. GEORGE'S SOCIETY. GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT, TN aid of the CHARITABLE FUND of the St. (targe's 1 Society of New York, on THURSDAY EVENING, December 10th, 1844, at the Tsbern cle PART 1. Overture?Ohe'rou Weber Ballad?Miss Tajlor, "She wo;e a wreath of Roses," J. P. Knight New Song?Mr Brough, "Myancesfors were English men,". Ilobbs Grand Fantasia?Harp. Mist E. Sloinau, "The Gar land of Floweis," Bochsi Aria?Madame Otto. Vifii dilettoe iu ciel la luua," fmin I Purit ill Bellini Grand Fantasia?Pi mo Forte, Miss Josephine Bram son SELECTIONS FROM THE BOHEMIAN GIRL Conductor Mr. Chubb. Ballvd?Mr. Fraier, "I'll remember thee ".. Balfe Ballad?Mrs. Seguiu, "1 dreamt that I dwelt iu mar ble halls." Balfe New Hong?Mr. Se^uiu. (first time in this country) ' The Heart bowed dowu," Corno Obligato, Mr. Ilihas," Ball'e Grand Vaiiatioua?OLE BULL, ' La Carnival de Venics," Taganini PART II. Trio?Mrs. S'gnin, Mr. Fraier and Mr. Segnin, "Thro'the world wilt thou fly," from the Bo h mianOirl, Balfe Song?Mr. Brong'i, "The Monks of Old." French Aria?Signor De Begins, "J'ai de I'argent.".. Dui it?Mis* Taylor and Mr. Brough. "Oh heaven tempt me uot." from La Somnamhula . Bellini Fantasia? Klute. Mr. J. A. Kyle Aria?Madame Otto Grand Overture?" The Jubilee," Weber Conductor Mr. Geo. Loder. Doors open at 7 o'clock. The Concert to commence precisely st I o'clock. Tickeu On* Dollar?To be had at tlie principal Muiic Store* or of the Committee W. D. ( 'athbe.tvou. 61 Water *t.; John Taylor, Jr.,72 Beaver St.; Henry Jetson, 91 John st ; Antnoov Barclay, Esq , ll.B.M. Consul; 'i'hos. Dixon, !il William st. Charles Edwards; E. F. Sanderson; Joseph Rhode*,5(1 Exchange Plac*; Robert Bage, 126 Maiden lane; John Warriu,(il Msiden-laue; ll. H. Downing, 49 William st; J. K. Bradbury, 72 Besver st ; Alfred Wallei, 130 I'earl street; James K.Walt'r, 2!*i Broadway; John Sp?*forth, 9'? Msiil-u Lane; Henry Oweu, 91 John st.; Charles Col. 4 Wall street; Edmund Baldwin, 155 Broadway; William Jack ion, 177 Broadway; A. D. Pateriou, Auglo Atneiican Office, 4 Barclay it. dl7 tol't rt MR. 1/ Ij i n. n h u >i u 1 .s FIRST LECTURE ON S C O 7 Tl 8 H M IN ST R K LS V , WILL take place at the SOCIETY LIBRARY, on Monday, 23d December, 1844. In (he course of the Lccture will he introduced various incidents and anecdotes conierted with the following songs _ " Up in the morning early." " ILibin is my only jo," J'%', " The Flowers of the Forest." " Bonnie Dundee." " Maggy Lauder." " The La** of Patie's Mill."! " Will >e go to the Ewe-hughts, Marion " Tak y'er auld cloak alirut ye " " The Bro <m of Cowdenknowrs." " The Galierlun/.ie M?D." " My Wife has ta'en the gee.1' " Bessy Bell and Mary Gray." " Tha Barring o' the ooor." To commeuee at 8 o'clock. Ticket* Fifty Cents?To be hid of sll the Music Stores, and Mr. Clirehugh, 205 Broadway, and at the door ou the evening of I he Lecture. d!7 6tisrc LbClUKbrt FOR THE KhLlfcF OF 1Mb APPRENTICES' LIBRARY. Y DK LARDNEH, at tlie Stuyvessnt Institute.?Tlie public is informed that llm Series of Lectuies having l eeu interrupted ou Monday evening, and con-t-qii -r t disap|Hinitiiieiit to the andieuie liav ug ensued, Dr. Ltrdner desiies to express his extreme regret for sulIi inconvenience Severe family in disposition hiving rendered hitn unable to lecture, he despatch ed a letter efjdaiuiiig this to the Commirte" of the Society, which letter it afterwards arpeared had not been pro|ierly de livered. The Lectures will be resumed this evening, WED NESDAY, the 18th ioitaut, and will be regularly columned, ai follows:? Wednesday, Dec. 18th The I.ODar Diseoverie*. Friday, Dec. 20th The Sun. Monday, Dec. 23d The I'lauets. Friday. Dec. 27th The Stellar Universe. Tickets for tlie course, for a gentleman $1; for a lady 50 cenu ; for a single evening, 25 ceuU. To b? had at the Appiautice*' Library. No. 31 Crosby street, between Grand and Broome streets, during the evening: *t Van Norden It King's ?Sutiouary store, 42 William St., iu the Excliange; Bartlett k Welford's 7 Astor House; H. k H. Raynor'*, 76 Bowery, aad T. J. Cn wen's Bookstor*, 643 Broadway, corner of Bleecker street. d!8 Jitr LECTURES ON SCOTTISH SONG. MIL DEMPSTER hiu the honor to auuounce his intention of giving a ('r.urse of Four lectures 011 tlie Origin, All tiquity and IVculnsriiies of Sc*ttish Muiic, with illustrations in Siugnig, at tha Hocr-y Library?commencing on Muuday Eveumg, t(?e 2)th of December. The l.ectmci will embrace Histincal, ('riticsl and Eiplaua tory remarks, and a comprehensive vi>-w of tlie Ancient ( el'ic Scots, tlieir Bards, Music, kr., and the most remsrkable Scot tisu Song*, w ith iutrodi'ctory obaervalious down to tin- ilay* til Burns. I'sur II. Of each evening, will embrace Modern Poetry and Song, in troducing Mr. Uemi ster'i most |<oiit'lar corrn sitions. i'articulars of each I eeture, with Songv ol llluitrition, will lie dnly announced. 1 ickeU 50 ceuU: for tlie Courie edmit tmg tliree |*rsons, t > d 16 ri LARGEST COLLECTION OF BEASTS AND B'RDS IN THIS COUNTItY. UN P R KV K D SNT K D JiTTU ACTION GREAT BOXING MATCH?Novel and Amusing Enter taiameat.?The Ores test Hill of (lie Season, at tlie NEW MENAGeRIE, IVoi 149 Fulton, mil Ann streets, 00 Mon day Afternoon and Evening, Decern' er It.tli, and every d ly and evening during the week, at 3 aud 8 o'clock, I*. M. Admit tance I2H cents. Thi lover* ol the "Fancy" are respectfully info'in?d that tin manager of the above Menag -rie beiuy well eonv meed of ttie tre mendous strides made by those proficient in "The Ait," ha* made an engagement with tlie following celebrated artists, who will exhibit their new artis'ical Freaks of tb? Scienre:?In ad dition to the many animals now exhibited there, Siir. Callslo Almeida. Spanish Boxer; I^a Diaholo, the Learned Kangaroo: in conjunction wills Major Jack Downing, the Simon Pure, or in other word*, "llie most int>llu|ent Monkey in the country," I who will go ihroogli his wondeiftn i>erfor"iancein the ring, ai.d ou hi* celebrated I'ony, Billy Butloii. Tha I'u hi c *n> rtstvctlully informed that at tlie above hours Rig. Almeida, the Spanish Boxer, tin! I.a Oiabolo, tlie Great Kangaroo, will enter the splen-lid Arena, prepared for combat iniring which seen'tlie doc. rine hitlierto considered f.bu'.-n via; an animal standing on the ememe end of htiU'l to do battle, will b? lully aliowu 10 the **>i*f?ctio? of all. Th intnagi 1 has effected the aheve engagemmt at an enonneusn I tease, and confidently look* for the pitrouige of til who know how to appreciate true and novel talent dliec M?LLE. PAULINE DESJARDINM respectful|y informs her patron* and the public in genrr.., thar *he is about Ui form a " Clatte ir Danct" forladiasand g-mlemen. in whif ? ?he will teacn the favorite Tollu, Msioarga, wd all the other fashionable Dance* of the dav. _ ... . . , . . . The moniing school will be open from S o clock to 1 o cloci. and Um evening from ??'clock to9o'clock Ladiea and gentlemen wiihing initriiriion are r*qt??steel to call *1 Mllr Dvajardtn'* home No. i Park Place. tn 10 Imn'm B BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. t' oiTMponde -c? of the Herald ] The Capitou t Washington, Monday, Dec. 16 > Report of the Secretary of ike Treatury?One day Election Bill patted?F\ru Movement in favor of the Occupation of Oregon?The Home Can vatteil on the Trxat Quettidn? Senator Benton Instructed?1 tit MnemteU on the Naturaliza tion Law?lSionunution?. James Gordon Bennett, Ksq :? The Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, was presented to Congress to-day, and i have been enabled to obtain a manuscript copy which I send enclosed,in older to give your readers an exclusive opportunity to peruse its contents. I have not had time to look it through, but leave it in your more able hands. In the Senate to-day, the extension of time for naturalization cams up, and the new Senators from your State made their debut, as you will perceive by the proceeding*. In the House, Mr. Duncan's one day election bill was pasted without opposi tion, and he also introduced a bill lor tin immedi ate organization of the Oregon Territory, which was read by title a second time and referred t* committee on territories This bill calls for the organization with the usual provisions of sppoint ment of governor, ?Vc. It will pass both nouses without much opinion. The question of boun dary is not included in th^ bill, as that is left for negotiation. The passage of the bill and the ap pointment of a governor, will very soon bring the question of occupancy and boundary to an issue. As you will perceive by the Missouri papers, Senator Benton has received most positive and Pointed instructions from the legislature of his tate to vote for the immediate annexation of Texas, in accordance with the principles of the treaty; and the course of his associate. Senator Atcheson, in favor of that measure, at the last ses sion. is warmly applauded in the same series of resolutions. The bill introduced by Mr. Benton is decidedly opposite to the views of his constituents, as made manifest in their resolutions. What course he will pursue yet remains to be seen. He will not resign, that's certain, and he may refuse to obey the mandate of his peers, as his seat is se cure for six years at least. The partizan exponents of tne course of the pre sent administration on the Texas question have had their heads together in the House, and it is as serted that democrats enough have been found to join with the whigs to defeat the joint resolution presented by Mr. Ingersoll, which coines up on Monday next. The democratic members thus named are from districts where abolitionism pre vails, and the course of the Albany Argue on the subject of rescinding the 25th rule, plainly shows ihat the secret circular opponents of Texas have eutered into a combination with the abolitionists to defeat this measure at the present session of Con gresa, in order to deprive the administration of the credit of accomplishing the work it has so nobly commenced. We shall see who these members are, although the vote will be taken in such a man ner as to prevent the ayes and nayH from being call ed, as the question comes up tn Committee of the Whole. The nominations of Gov. Van Ness and Henry C. Atwood will be disposed of to morrow or next dav- They will both be confirmed. Dixon H. Lewis has been elected to the Senate from Alabama. In a letter from this city, dated the 5tb instant, there were tome reflections on the Engineer in Chief of the Navy. It appears that there was some mistake in the officer alluded to ; the correspon dent had another than Mr Haswell in his eve at the time. Mr. H. is too well known, ana too much ebteemed to be spoken of in the manner de ?cribed in the letter. Wahhington, Dec. ltf, 1H4-4. Mr. J. G. Bennett:? We are appiised this evening, that among the Executive papers delivered into the Senate to-day was the nomination of Mr. Attwood, of New York. There was quite a crowd in the galleries during '.he debate on Johnson's resolution, and the deepest interest was exhibited in the course of the debate. A rumor prevailed in the morning that a wnr meretiee ajiiiinst Mexico would be committed to the confidential consideration rf the Senate? but we opine, that it anything relating to Mexico were communicated it was the latest official inter national correspondence. A great accession of strangers are at Colman's, ana the other hotels have their proportionate reinforcements A very extensive and intricate office-fishing, electioneer ing and log-rolling is in operation Irorn the Capitol to the President's House. The motto seems to be " the early bird catch* s the chrysalis." W. TWKJVTY-KIOHTH CUNOHB8S SECOND SESSION. Ill Senate* Interesting Proceedings?Death of Native Jmeii canism. Mr. Choatk made his first appearance in his seat this morning, for the present session. The Chair laid before the Senate a paper from the Department of State, embracing an abstract of the customs, in obedience to act of 2d March, 1799, flic. Mr. Foster presented a petition from Cowperth waite & Co., booksellers of Philadelphia, for aid from Congress in printing ihe decisions of the Su preme Court. Among the other memorials presen ted, were those of tiie two Alexandria District Batiks for a re-charter. Mr. Foster, ol N. Y gave of a bill for the relief ol the sureties of Samu*l Swartwout. JjMr Berrien from ihe[.1udiciary Committee, re ported back the bill lor changing the time for hold ing the Federal Couris in Kentucky, which was pooled Hp is,, presented ih? Pea Patch bill, arid a bill for the rcliel ot Mary Kereide, relict of Jos. Keeside. On motion of Mr. Merrick, lOdOextra copies of the Report of the P. M. General, were ordered t? be printed lor the use of the Department. Mt. Pkarcg reported a bill for amending the charter of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Com pany, by concurring in (lis dissent of Virginia to the old one. Several messages were received from the Presi dent in writing Mr. Bates reported a joint resolution, explana tory of the disbursement of revolutionary and other pensions; and? Mr. Dickinson reported another, instructing the committee on Indian Affairs to report the state of the relations between the Government and the several ludian tribes of the United States. Mr. Ashi.ey reported a lesolution instructing the Judicury Committee in reference to drawbacks on goods e? ported to Santa Fe or the British colonies. NATI'RA t.tZATtON UWI. Mr. Johnson's resolution, instructing the Judi ciary Committee to inquire into Ihe expediency of co amending tin* naturalization laws as to extend the term required?to provide greater guards in the. naturalization papers against fraud?and to suppress, as far us practicable, the recurrence of frauds and violence in public elections, coming up in us order. Mr. J. moved further to amend, with an instruc tion to report upon the necessity of prohibiting, as far as possible, the admission of foreign convicts into the Halted States. Mr. Johsson said that the numbers of foreigners arriving in our country, the number applying: for naturalization, the frauds in the acquisition of citi zenship, and at the polls, all called upon the atten tion ot Congress in ihe amendment of the laws upon this subject. He said that in the city of New \ ork some persons had been naturalized within three days before the election; and that from evidence adduced, some :M)f> persons had voted in a single ward in Philadelphia at the recent Presidential eh ction, and that ten days after not one of them* individuals could be found. It was incontestible that th>se persons were mere instru ments in the hands of designing men. Indeed, the. influence of the naturalised voters had contrelled the isMte in the recent elections. Mr. J. then paid a pasMinr tribute (by way of a saving clause) to the illustrious foreigners who rendered the country such efficient service in the revolutionary and late wars; but insisted that the time had come when, from the vast increase of our natural imputation, no extraneous or foreign additions under the libe rality of the old system were essential to our strength or our security. The ignorance, the pre judices, the foreign sentiments, all conspired to recommend their rigid responsibility to the judicial authonty of the United States, lie would allow to foreigners the right of receiv ing land and property, he would protect them in those rights; but he would not extend to them the politicqlriglifn ot citizens until they had resided sufficiently long among us to understand them He would es|>ectally recommend the importance of arresting ihe exportation to our country of foreign convict? The whole subject of a reformation of the naturalisation laws w<>s of tuch paramount consequence as to involve Ihe very existence of the. Government itself. The few obseivations givejt were in explanation toy Mr. J-, of his obiect in in troducing this resolution. He hoped that if the Senate did not concur with him in his opinions, that they would at least concur in this, that the sub ject was worthy of the most serious considera Mr. Amjm asked the reading of the resolution, and after the reading, he said it was customary to sufler resolutions of mere inquiry to pass without opposition; but he wss opi?*et} in any degree t*

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