Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1844 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. No. 337?Whole Ma. 3057. Prlo? Two Cute, AOGREUATK CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, TllE GREATEST IN THE tVORIJD. To the Public. 1HK NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper^?oub lul.i ii erery day o! the year etcept New Yhi'i Day ud Fourth of July. Price 2 ccriti per copy?or (7 M per '?Hint postages paid?cash id advance. I UK WEEKLY HERALD?published erery Saturday morning?price oX cents per copy, or II It per auaam?post ages paid, cash in advance. "jformed that the circulation of the Hrraid I, over Til IRTY-F1VE THOUSAND, and increasing " ?"? circulation of any payer in thii city, is, therefore, 'he bett channel for butim't WllV'ri v/y ?r u'l.m'iv" I rlo"i n?oJeraif-ca*fi in advuice. I RIN flNO of all kinds executed at the most moderate price Md m the moit elegant style. v ln' JAMES (iORDON BENNETT, PftOFRIETOR OF THR HERALD EbtABLIIHBCKIVT ^ Northwest comer of Fulton and Nassau streets. CHRISTMAS AND HOLIDAY EXCURSION ' ^Tl DKLPNUEEN,NEW vork and phila: jfitsehk ^th if K lu u,uir<,iw? l'lace?-?t Reduced ?flHBv -Vr1** Faro?hy the New Jersey ltai| Road aud ? If ? ?_ I reimportation Company, from tlie foot uf Court, lauilt street. I -cm the ?d Deceirlier to the 4th Jauuirv-next iu elusive. a. 9 o'clock, A. M.. aud 4>? o'clock, P M. Tickets cau be purchased at the Cilice of the Company, which Will entitle a passenger to go and return in any of tlie traius at of fare" ?pr*"v 10u* t0 11,8 ith of J?nn?ry. ? the following ratu From New Yoik to Philadelphia, and return,... .$4,00 l?? <J? Burlington, do 3 yy i;? 1 pord^ntowu, do 3 00 }<0 T? ireuton, do 2,50 Do do Pnnceton, do .... 2 00 Do Newark to Philadelphia, do 3'jo Do Klizabetntown do do 3*25 Do Railway do do 3*00 .fiJ'.fc'i.k0!1 will not be received in'return after tS- 4th January n^iL 4fl |ot? vn LUNG IsLANLl RAILROAD *^TT1 OPENING OK THE TUNNEL ON AT. 8'1'REET.?On Christmas/ Saturday, (the 28th ) and ou New Vear's Day, Trains wilt . leave the Depot, f outh Ferry, a' the even hour and hill hou , Irom 10 A. .VI. ti'l 2 P. M,, passing through the ,1 uiiue 1 to Bedford (thr-e mil s) and back to the Depot?afford mg an i pportu' l y to witness thi? magnitii ent aiructnre of half a mile hi length >>ude- the heights ol Brooklyn. Fare for the trip, going and lefuruing, 12^j cents. dit tJI eod m NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. _ , , WINTER ARRANOE.vlliff^. On and after October 28 the cars will ruu as follows :? Leaving Citjj HMI for Harlem, (lttth st.) Morri.iania, Ford ham. William s^ Bridge, Hum's Bridge, Underbill's Road, 1 uckahoe, H?rt s Corners and White Plains. 7.30 A. M.. 10.30 /V* ?1 !? M. ?n?l 3.30 P. M. Leaves Williams' Bride?* for City HainI 45 A. M? 11.45 A. M., 2 40 P. M., 4.45 P. M. Leaves T''ckah<je for Cfcy Hall 8?A. M., 11.25 A.M. 155 P.M., Hi ^~ if*"*nVY.h'w,.ria,"s for C,tV Ha" 8 A M., " A ?'i* M i ' trains will leave City Aall at 112 M. Leive White Plains at 8 A. M. The Weatclieater Train will stop only, after leaving the City Hall, at the comer of Broome st. aud the Bowery Vauihall Oiur. d?n and 27th street. An Extra Car, will precede each Train ten minutes before the time of slartiug from the City Hall, and will take up passengers along the liue. Kxtni Harlem and Merisiania Trains, for Morrisiania and in termediate places, City Hall for Harlem and Morrisiania.7 A. M.. 9 A. vl' ?,. ? %t n Le*v* Morrisiania for City Hail, 8 A. M., 10 A M., S P. M., 5.30 P. M. By order of the Board, ?il8 3m*?c W. S. CARMAN. Secretary^ LONG ISLAND KAIL-ROAD COMPANY. WliNi bR ARRANUEiVlbN I. Trains run as follows, commencing Dec. 14th, I8H :? Leave Brooklyn, at half-iast 7 A. M., (New York side 7 A. M.) Bokton Train for Gr-enpo't,daily, Sun days e?cep'ed, stopping at Farmingdalt and St (? oijte's Manor. ' at S.U A M lor Ilicksville and intermediate places, duly; and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satuidavs, through to Oreeoport and in termedin pi ices. at 3X P. M. for Hieksrille ard intermediate , * , nlacei, daily, 8u .days excepted. Leave (inenport Tor Brnoklyu, Bo.ton Train, ht 1 P. M., or on the arrival of t ie* earners d*ily, Suudiys ex cepted, stopping at St. George's Manor and Faiibiugdal?. at 9 A. M., Accommodation Train, for Brooklyn and intermediate places, on Moil da) ", Wednesdays and Fridays. From Ilicksville for Brooklyn and intermediate places daily, Sundiy*excepted, at 7 A. M. and 1 P. M. ? , .ON SUNDAYS. Leive Brooklyn lor Ilicksville and intermediate places, at 9)4 " ... ... ai P- M for Jamaica. Leave Mirksvillc at P. M. for Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica al 8 A. M for Brooklyn. at3* P.M. ? . I Tuesdays, ) Wednesdays, >YiaNoiwich. Thursdays, > Via Stou'gton ? ndays, > Saturdays, S dH Im* m ^1^^ jfflfc'fiBfcjiHil , ^nterara"Sent: Cn ; kd jJvet u e istof October tlie can will tears? PlTK .no? ukpot. | Nkw Yorl. , IS ^ I 9 o'clock A. M. 'i>4 ?? p.M I I o clock A M. 0:,8lj,DAT,? f o'clock A. M. ? * ' M * " P. M. s3? tl ec ^"T^NOTlCE^Zji STATEN 1SJ.AND FERR Y. Ou and after Sunday, Dec. 1st, the Boats will leave as fol lows, unul further notice:? LfcAVE STATEN ISLAND: ?'i, and 10, A. M.; I and 4?, P M. I-KAVK NEW YOKK: c , 9 A .,yir *>?? "d SX. P M On Suutlays the Boat wtll leave at 11, A. M., in place of 13. n28rc FACL, AND W1NTK14 ARKAiVUk.Alli.N'i'. NEWARK <ND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY Vti CENTS. THK NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPT,UN JOHN OAFFY. ON and afjer September 10th will ran daily, ?as follows (Sundays included):?Leave New __.irk, foot of Centre street, 8 o'clock A. M.? Vork, foot of Barclay street, 3 o'clock P. Al. np4 rrc WINTER MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY AND INTER MEDIATE PLACES. Fark Thiiol'rh to Ai.bant $1. fiOK Tiw -teaiiiboat UTI'^A, Captain E.Hyatt, ?fl ? ?* eates the Steamboat Piar, foot of Couitlandt ( ouih sid?,) Every Alteinoon, at 5 o'clock. Sunt-, it. vt .ur Albany immediately ou the arrival of the boat at rou.likeepsie, ou bo'ii sid-s of North Rivar. For pa-.;iige or freight, apply on board or to P C. SHULTZ, at the Office on the Whirr. WINTER MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY, >DAJL\ , at 5 o'clock, P. M., landing at inter .mediate places. al i'Ul'l'MIIIA, Captain William H. Peck, Monday, Wednesday, Pridav, and Sunday Afternoons, st i o'clock t V Steamboat UT1CA, Captain E. Hyatt oa Tnesday, 1 huTsday ??ud ifAturdny Afternooos, at 1 o'clock. 1 Cr' i'astei.gers taking :he above line will arrive in Al ?\uy .n wtipie ume to cake'tlie Morning Trains of Cars lor tij;' ejtt or west. 'l~lv boats are new and substantial, arc fn siiii. t with n*\r and slegant stale rooms, and for sueed and kc ?oiflMOd 'tions, are ??iri.valled ou the Unison. For passage or freight, apply na board, or to P.O. Schtilta, at lh? Olfice on the wborf. dl6 HM ~~ ' CHANGE OF LOCATION"? UNITED STATES MAIL LINE BKTWEEN NEW YORK AND ALBANY. Vis BHIDOEI'uRT? HOU SATONIC AND WESTERN i KA M.UOADf>?The steumboais .EUREKA, Capt., and Ni .iltuu, Ky pt Brooks, will leave the pier at the fi.oi ol ,.i,t?~ veltelreet, daily, Sufcdays excepted, at 8 A.M. Returning tlie Line leaves Albany al 7 A. M. Albany pas.eosers, on arriving at Bridgeport, proceed imme diately on We; and, without change of Baggage or Cars, arrive in Albany ihe same evening. A f reight Tiain duly at OX A. M. Fiir fu.lh*r informntion, both as U) freight ^nd baggage, anidv to G. M. PEKHV, Agent, at the office, Honrlt slreet, or Livingiton, Wells >tid ro'ii?roy'aExpress office 2 Wall street , R. B. MASON, Suiierintendanr, ?10 lm m 17^South street. J&Si o 'WJ* 2K pAf; K KT8 KOR Ll VEBPOOL KrvfyV-* !?cfcet of the Mih December.?The splendid and fa iMIllllr HlDDUNS, (I00n t??, burthen.) rl* ?! ir'day 1 w *a on 1 hnrtday, December 26th, her Th. ihips of this line being all of |f00 tons and upwards, p;r srns wishntf to embark for the Old Country, will not fail to ie? the advantages to be der ved fiom sel cting li'is line iu frrenee to any other, as tl.eir great capacity rende.s them every way mot. comfortable an , convenient tlun ships of a small class, and their accum.; oda ion. for cabin, second cabin and sleersge passengers, it is well known, are supeti .r to thoseof any other line ol packeta Persons wi.lung ui secare berth, should not fail to n.ake eaily appHcaiio i on hoard, foot of vVnil street, or to W. k J. T. TAPS(. JTT Al their < ieaeral Passage Office, 78 South at d41'C corner of Miiden Lane -FOR LONDUN-P^kei of 1st January. 18?~ MkTjV I he splendid first-class, ast-sailing packet ship ST. MMfalA.M En, Capt. >. R. Myers, will positively sail as abov.- Iier regular day. llaviug most su|ierior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and kte-r-ge pateugers, person! wishing to embark, should make immediate application on board, foot of Maid-n Lane JOSEPH McMIJRRaY, 100 fine street, corurr of South I n Tt ^ ORLEANS?Regular Packet of 30th .'rC'Ti ? ? fa?l sailing packet ship 1*1. MARY, l aptun R. W. Foster, will positively ?.... ...,.,ve, Iier te^nlar day. Having very st|ierior accommodations f? cabin, second ca bin and sieera.e puiseuger., (wrsons wishing to embark, shoild mnk.i immediaU! application on boatd. r.,nt of Wall street, or to JOSEPH McMURtiAV, ??Wtc '00 I me atrwt, corner of 80uth. jUOSi lfP? I IVEHPOOL-Hegnla, p?k.t of ith Jan KCTfV els", fssr-sailing Pscsat Ship JfUMHtaa \ HH UUlll UN, Capuin Huttleston, will positively sail as airove her regular d iy. ' Having very superior accommodatinns for cabin, second cabin Slid steerage paswngers, arsons, wishing to embark should make immediate application on board, or to ,,, u ... IO?EPH McMURRAY, comer nf Aniith. J'?,1?*? ??iy?hnAVHE-?eco?d Line-ThTship JBS^fjLuna'ry H,win. ?**?", will sail oa tXe 1st ^^JMreight or passage, apply t? d?4? No,#T^B^Y^VJft2HKkM. SAMUEL THOMPSON'S OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No. 27 J Pearl street. m. m m m TMK subscribers in announcing to t *ir lrirnd? and tlir pub lie their contiuued and extended arrangem-nts for bringing out Emigrants from Orrnt Britain aud Ireland, would merely ?ay, thatTor tha year illlj coiuiderablr sgtpense hare already been in cured, and no pains will be spared to enable tliem to retain that preference, which for more than twenty yean have been extend ed to this Line The ?hip* employed are ouly of thi first class, commanded by CompetMU and efficient men, well kuowa for their kind and con stant attention to tlia comfort and convenience ol' |>au?nKers, and a* a ship of the Line tails from Liverpool every sit days : detention at that port iseutirely avoided. When those settled for, draiine coming out, the passage m >uev is returned to those from whom it was received, without any deduction. A free paisage, per sieamer, Irom the varioui ports in Lelaud and, cau be secured, it d-siied. For further particu lars enquire of SAMUEL THOMPSON. 271Pearl street, or C. GR1MSHAVV Ik. CO., 10 Goiee Pur.xas, Liverpool, Drafts and Exchange at sight for any nmount, can be fur nished on the Natoiml B>nkof Ireland, :he Northern Banking Company, the Natioual Bank of Scotland, payable at the nu merous Branches ihroughout the country; on C. Orimshaw tc Co., Merchants, Liverpool; and R. C. Glyn Ik Co., Bankers, London. n23 lin'm jtRMNGENENTS FOR 1844. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. ,100 Pine (treat, comer of South. THE Subacriberl and the put 1M4. for t age F th* L? loth?and from London on the 7th, 17th and 27th of each mouth In connection with the above, and for the purpose of affording Mill greater facilities to passengers, the Subscriber has establish ?da regular line of first class New York built, coppered aud coppered fastened ships, to sail punctually every week through Kor the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money o their families or friends, drails are given, payable at sight, oa the following Banks. vix.> Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at m m Iter begs leave to call ilie atleution of his friends public in general, to the following arrangemeuls for 4. for Use puri>ose of bringing out Cabiu, 24 Cabin, and Steer > Passengers, by the R*gulur Line of Liverpool Packets, sail [ the 1st, 6th, Ilth, 16th. 21st and 26th of every month. Bv ! London Packets to sail from New York, the 1st. 10th aud Cork, Sligo, GaTway, Ballina, Monaghan, Downpatrick, Dangannon, Suabane. Cootchill, vincial Liinenc ford, Belfast, Athlone. Y ou(hdl, Ballymena W Armagh, Tralee, Baiubridge, Cavan, Bandon, Skibbereen, Kilrush,^H Lnrfan, Ennis, Mallow, Dublin. Londonderry, Waterford, Colerain, Enniskillen, Parsons towa Omagh, Uallyahannon, Mon-ymore, Skibbreen. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?jflessrs. Suooner, Atwood lit Co., Bankers, London P. W. Byrnes k Co., 36 Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable n every town in Great Britain. ' Far further information, (if by letter post said,) apply to JOSEPH MoMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. New York, I Or Messrs. P. W. BYRNES It CO.. M Waterloo Road, ' ft Am? re Limmwl " KOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISI\NA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. m m m F?r ti.e better accommodation n^hippjrs it is luieuiira I dsipa'ch u sh>p f>om this |.orl on the lsi.sth, 10'h, 15th, 20th,and 2.'*n of each mouth commenting the 10th of October, aud c u tinuing until May, when reiiular days will be appointed for ilie rt4nainder of the year, wheieby greit delays and disijip'>iut meiits will be prevented during th- summer months. Tue fol lowing ships will coinm*> ce this arrangement:? Bark GENESEE. Cap-. .Viinott. Ship YAZOO, Capt. Wibray. Ship J * ? A, Capt. Perry. hhiu LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship SHAKSPU4RE, Capt. Miner. Ship OSWEOO. Capt. Wood Chip MISSISSIPPI. Capt. Ilillard. These ships were all built in the city of New Yorlr, expressly for pack* ti, are of a li?ht drau. ht of water, have recently bt eu newly cupu*r**d jjnd put in splendid O'der, with accommoda tions for passengers unequalled for cotnlort. They are cum ma ded by experienced masters, who w ill make every exeition to give general *?tislaction. They will at all times he towed up and dowu the Miisissippi bv ste unboats Neither the captaii.s Or owners of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precions stones, silver, or p'jted wore, or lor auy letters, parcels or packages, sent by or put on board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taVen for th* s im?, at the vslue there u ex pressed. K. K. COLLINS k CO , 46 South st. or HULL1N & WOODRUFF, Agents in New Oileaus, who frill promptly forward all goods to their address. . >C?~ J he snips of this line are warran-ed to sail punctually as advertised, aud great care will be taken to have the goods cor rectly measured. d2:i? hav^S^ki FEW YORK St HAVKk JACKETS. Second Line?The Shii* of this Line will liere:ifter leave New York on the 1st, and Havre on tiie 16th of enclt month, as fol lows, viz: From New York. Nmv Ship ONBtDA, 4 1st March, Captain <latJuly, James Funck,( 1st November, Ship BALTIMORE, ( Ut April, . 1st A?ifust, ; 1st December, . 1st May, 1st September, 1st January Captain Edward Funck, Ship UT1CA, Captain 1 . March 1 .Ju|y 16 '.Nor. 16 , March 16 . Aug. 1 Dec. I 1 16 16 16 1 t 1 16 16 July Nov. Mar. Dec. Dec. April .Aug. Dec. April Sept. Jan. May Sept Jan. May Oct. Feb. June Oct. Feb. June Not. March Frederick Hewitt,v New Ship St. NICHOLAsl 1st June. Captain < 1st October, J. B. Bell, r 1st February, ? _ The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, com bining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is 1100. Passengers will be supplied with every requi site, with the exception of wiues and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwardee by the sub scriliers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred ou them. For freight or passage, unity to BOYD 4 mNCKEN. Agents, j*%> rc No. a Tontinn Buildings, eor. Wall and Water sts OLD LLNE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. 4ft m. TTlEOld Line ofTackets for Liv^rpoo^vill tie following order, excepting that when the sailing day falls ou Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day, vix.From New York. From Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, Uune 1 8j0 tons, < Oct. I W. C. Barstow,( Feb. 1 Th* ENGLAND, Unne It 7SO tons, < Oct. 16 S. Bartlett, I Feb. 16 The OXFORD, ' 800 tons, J. Rath bone, The MONTEZUMA, 1000 tons, A. B. Lowber, Th? EUROPE, 618 tons. E. G. Fnrber,/April Tha NEW YORK, (new,) t Ang. 950 tous, < Dec. T. B. Cropper,{ April The COLUMBUS, (Sept 700 tons. {Jan. If. A. Cole, ( May The YORKSHIRE, (new,) i Sept. 1050 tons, <Jan. .. L D. G. Bailey,(May 16 July 1 These Ships are not surpassed m point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or m their fast sailing qualities by'any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote tlie comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as r-girds thu day of sailing, will be obssr~yl as keretofort The price of passage outward a liTir fixedtt One Ha ad red Dollars, for which ample stores of every description, will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which wiH be furnished by the Stewards, if required. Neither the captain or owners or these Ships will be respon sible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by litem nnless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. F?r freight or pas sage, apply to GOODHUE It CO. 64 South street. C. H. MARSHALL. 36 Burling Slip, N. Y. j2?ttf andof BARING BROTHERS St CO.. L'pool. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE m. m. JOHN HEROMAN, ?l Sonth street, New York. The subscriber continues to make arrangements to bring ool pass*4igers from Great Britain and Ireland, (via Liverpool), who may be engaged at this office, or with any of his ageuts in the United States, on board the packet ships sailing from Liver pool ev?iy live davs?and in order to afford every facility, he will have despatched superior American ships ia New York and Boston,'everv- week,during the year. Those sending for their friends may rely that the snme due and diligent attentiou will be shown them as heretofore, and should auy of those sent for not embark, the money will be refunded, as customary; snd those remitting money to their friends, can have Drafts ana Bills a4 Exchange lor sums to suit, payable on de mand at the following banks, (without discount or any other chane), vui? ENGLAND?Messrs. J. Bnlt, Sou It Co., Bankers. London: J. Barued It Co., Liverpool; the National Provincial Bank of England and Brandies, throughout Englsnd and Wales; York shire District Bank and Branches; Birmiugham BankingCo.; Lancaster Banking Co. IRELAND?National Bank of Ireland and Branches, aud Provincial Bank of Ireland and Brandies, in all the principal towns throughout the Kingdom. SCOTLAND?Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches Greenock Banking Co. in Glasgow and Greenock. Persons residing iu the country and wishing to send money to their friends, may insure its being done satisfactorily, ou their remitting the amount they wish sent, with the name and address of the persou for whom it is intended; a draft for the amount will theu be forwarded per Aral packet or steamer, and a receipt for the same returned by mail. For further particulars, apply (if by letter, post paid) to Sl6 ec JOHN HERdMAN,6I South St. THE NEW LINfc OF LIVERPOOL TACKETo. To sail from New York on the 21st, and from Liverpool oa the 6th of each month From New York N?w Ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons.J^;, }{ J. Eldridge. N. Bhir QUEEN OF THE WEST, {&"/ \\ 1150 tons P. Woodhouse. )Bept. 21 New Ship ROCHESTER, ISO tons, John Britton. FeVy II June 21 iOcl'r 21 Ship HOTT1NOUER, 1M6 to?. (j1,".*h |'| J Nov. 2) fcr'. Jnne I Oct I Mar. I July 6 Nov April t Aug. t Dedr ( May t Sept. 6 Jan'yt llnwwfl These substantial, fast sailing, first class Ships, all bnilt is the city of New York, are commanded by men of experience aud ability, and will be des|>atched punctually oa the 21st ol each month. Their Cabins are elegant and commodious, and are fnrnishee with whatever can conduce to the ease ami comfort of passea ? ? Price ol Passage, f 100. Neither the Captains or owners of these Ships will he respoa sible for any parcels or packairni by them, unless regulai bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, ai ply to WOODHL'LL h MINTURN3, *7 South street, New York, or to hlELDKN, BROTHERS, YCO., j 14 ee .liver pool FOR BATH, GARDINER AND HALLOWELL. The new steamer PENOBSCOT, < aptai ?N. Kimball, leaves the sod of T wharf, Bostoa -evrv Tuesday and Friday evenings, it 5 Stages will be ta readinsss oa hat arrival at the abors to aoarey paaasngsri to ths neighboring towaa. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY, PRINTING AND BINDING. CriTOM House, New York, Collector's Office, > November 23, 18?4. { SEALED PROPOSALS will We received at this office until tlie 23d December uext, fur furnishing Blank Books and Sta tionery, and Tor executing Printing ami Biudiug for the period of one year from th? 1st January next, for the Custom House establishment at this port. The proposals must l>* separate for each of the following clisses of articles, numbered 1 to 14. A price, and oue |>rice only, limit be specified lor each and every aiticle enumerated in the classes bid for: tin amount of the bias for each article mutt he extended, and tne aiigiegate auiouut for e?ch class exhibited. Proposals not made in accoiduic* with these directions will not be considered. S|>eciment of the various articlrs may be seen at the Auditor's Office, in the Custom House; the articles furnish*-il are I. be of the b-s'. quality, and in every rea|iect equal to these samples, ami t" be approved by the Coll-ctor. Tin' lowest bidder for either class, shall receive a contract for the same, oil entering into bond, with satisfactory surety for the lierformance thereof, under a forfeitu e of twice the contract price in case of failure; which bond is to be exocuteil within ten (lays alter til- proposals a e accepted. Tile right is reserved, ih case it should be/iecessary, to order a greater or leas supply of all or of any of the a tides contained in the lists ; and aiticlea not embraced therein, which may be needed, am lo be furnished <4 coi responding ratca with those s|iecified. ' the articles and work will be ordered from time to time as they are wanted; and they will be paid for quarteily : a failure to furnish the articles, or to execute the work in etery particu lar, as required by the contracts and within a reasonable time, of all which the Collector will be the final judge, will cause a for feiture of the contract!. Proposals to be marked, " Proposals for Stationary, Printing, Sic." To insure unif >rmiiy in the bids, blank proposalswill be fur nished, on application at this office, to those disponed to hid. COLLECTOR'S OFFICE. I. Paricit. 10 Reams superGne blue laid quarto post linen pa per, tulrd, per ream. 10 Reims do do do plain, p. r'm 10 do do do Foolscap ruled do 6 do do do do Plain do 3 do do do Folio Post 3 sides ruled do 3 do do do Foolscap, ruled red Mid feint, to pattern, per ream. 3 Reams sii|>erfiue blue laid Denif, ruled red and feint to pattern, p. reum. 1 Ream American Imperial Abstract lineu paper, rul'd red anl feint to pattern, p. ream. 1 do Sii|ier royal abstract liuHu paper, ruled red and feiut to pattern, |>er ream. 3 do Enveloi*! Paper, medium, smooth, buff, (sited) per 3 do Blotting Taper, meJiuin, per leatn. [ream. II. Stationery. 2000 Quills, No. 80, per 1000. 4 gross metalic Pent, Gillott s double Damascut barrel, per dozen cards. 4 packages metalic Pens, Perry's Double Patent, per package of 25 cards. 2 gross Monroe's graduated Lead Pencils, per gross. 8 gross Red Office Tape, linen, No. 25, do. 10 lbs. Red Wafers, various sites, English pressed, per pound. 10 do. superfiue English Sealing Wax, Med, per lb. 12 gallons Black Ink, (Mayuard lit Noyes,) per gallon. 2 u^teiis Red Ink, do. iu ^ pints, p. dot. 4 do Blue Ink. (Stephens'.) in quarts, per 2 bushels Black "'and, rer bushel. 3 lbs. prepared India Rubber, per lb. 2 dozen Inkstands, pewter, with covers, per dozen. 2 do Sand Boxes, Cocoa Wood, do 2 do Wafer Cups, do do 2 do Wafer Stamps, Ivory Handles, do 2 do Erasers, (Rogers',) do do 2 do I'ounc* Boxes, Cocoa Wood, do 2 do Folders, Satin Wood, do 3000 File Boards, White Wood, (of different widths,) per 1000. 11 gross Envelopes, large, |>er gross. 12 do do medium, do 5 do do small, do III Bi.ane Boors. 4 super royal Cash Books, 2 quires, three-fourths liinding, per book. 4 Can Cash Duty Books, printed heading, 3 quires, half bound, morocco backs and corners p book. 20 Imp >tt Books, flat Demy, printed heading, ruled to pat tern, two quires, halfoou'd, p. book. 6 other Drmy Bonks ruled to pattern, 2 to 6 quires, full bound in sleep?24 quires?|*r quire. 6 other Demv Books, luied to pattern, 2 to 6 quires, %thi lioui d?21 quires?p. qtl. C other Demy Books, ruled lo pattern, 2 to 6 quires, half bound?24 quires?p. q. 6 medium Books, ruled to patters, 2 to 6 quires, full bound in sheep?21 quires?p. qa. 6 medium Books, ruled ti* pattern, 2 to 6 quires, three fourths bou d?21 (luirus?p. qu. Gnvdium Books, ruled to pattern, 2 to 6, half boned?24 quires?p. on. K Cap Books, ruled to pattern, 2 to 4 quires, half bcund? quires?per quire. IV. BiNniNo. Binding, 8 Imperial Abstract!, flat, I to 2 quires, p. vol. 11 do 4 Royal do do do do >4 do 8 Medium do do do do X do 8 Demy , do do do do >.? Re-binding 20 Mediums, Demys and Caps, 4 to 6 quire*, (>er vol. Re-binding Impost Books for th? Quarter, 10 to 14 qnim, half bound 6 vols. p. vol. Binding Quarterly Accounts of Weighers, Guagert, Sic. Roy al half shret, flat, Squires, quarter bound, 21 vols. p. vol. Binding Quarterly Crew Lists, medium, flat, 6 to 10 quires,half hound, 8 vols per vol. iSindiug Quarterly Shipping Articles, Royal flat, 4t0(qrs. half bouud, 8 vols, per volum^ V. Printino. 12 cap site, Bond and other Booki, printed page, 4 qr?., half hoand per vol. 12 do Bond and oth?i Books, do do? '4' bound, per vol. G Medium Books, 2 sides set, work and turned, , do? ?<ihs bound, p. vol. 2# Debenture Books, quarto-medium, bauk post, 100 leaves. I rein ?npiwr-pLte furnished by the office, bouud, rmrocco backs aud covert, p. vol. Entries, Bonds, Affidavits, and other Blank Forms on good Kper, and rut up lo sites required for use, varying ?in half sheet 10 l-tith of a sheet, vn:? 11 Reams Cap Blanks, one side set, worked on* tide, per ream. 500 Sheets Cap Blanks, one side set, do per 100 sheets 50 Reams Cap Blanks, do worked k turned, |>er leatn. 500 Sheets < .ap Blanks, do do per l?0 slweis. & Reams Quarto Post Blanks, one tide set, worked oue side, pea ream 500 Shorts Quar o Post Blanks, do do per 100 slieeU. 5 Jtmmi Quarto Post Blanks, do worked It turned per ream. 500 Hhets Quarto Post Blanks, du do per 100 sheets 8 Reams Medium Blanks, do do per ream. 500 Sheets Mecium Blanks, do do per 100 sheets. 3 Reins Medium, (entries, Ike.) do do rnled red and fe>nt, per ream. 500 Sheets Medium, (entries, &. ) do do ruled red aud feint, per 100 sheets. 2 Reims Medium (entries, he.) two sides sett, worked and turned, ruled red and feint, per ream. y.O Sheets Medium, [entries, lie] two sides sett, worked and turned, ruled red ai.d feint, per 100 sheets. NAVAL OFFICE. VI. Stationery, lie. 1 Ream Ruled Letter Pa|ier, best quality. 10 do Plain do do 10 do Ruled Foolscap Paper, medium quality, 5 do do do best do 4 do Plain do medium do 4 do Buff Envelope Paper, Linen, best do 2 do Blotting do Owrn It Hnrlbnt's best quality. 4 do termits, printed four on a sheet, as tier sample, No. 22. 1 doten Glass Inkstands, as per sample. 4 lbs. Loudon superfine Sealing Wax, 4 do India Rubber. 12 gross Red Liuen Tape, No. 25. 12 lbs Twine 15 Doten L?ad Pencils, best quality. 500 Quills, No 80 18 Doten Envelopes, letter six*, No. 5, 6 do do large " I. 6 do do do buff, No 2. 2 lbs, best Scarlet Wafers, 20 Botes, one Doten each, Perry's Double Patent small barrel Pens. 12 Box-s, oue gross each, do do No. 2, fine point Pens. 12 Boxes, one doteu each, Gillott't X barrel Eagle Pen. 25 I ardi do do ismall Pens. X Dozen Quarts Stephens' Bine Ink, 12 Gallons nest quality Black do 1 Dozen Pints dv Evens' Red Ink. VII. Blanr Boors. 1 ledger, full Bound, four quires, per sample No. 1 1 Journal, " six " '? 2 3 ledgers of Entri t. hair bond, three quires each " 3 1 Cash Duties aud Differences, half hound, four and a half quire* " 4 1 Cash Book, hclfbonnd, (We qnire*. " 5 6 Reenters of Entries, half bound, linen covers, three of three qnirea each, ana thiee of two quires each " 20 Imposts, half bound, linen covers, printed heads two quires each, " 6 Abstract*, half bound, linen covers, one and a half qnires each, " 1 Foreign Kiporfa, half bound, printed heads, fonrqlires, " 9 2 Day Books, half honnd, Ave quires each, " ID I Enrolment and License, half bound, five quire*, " 11 1 Examined Manifests, half bound, four quire*, alpliabeted, " 12 1 Store Account Entries, half bouud, four quire*, alphabeted, " 13 fi Blotters, half bound, one quire each, _ " 14 I Sqnare Yard Botik, half bound, two quires, " 15 1 Register of Ve*aels, half bound, four quires, " 10 I Hefundi.g Book half bound, three (iuires', " (7 1 Cash L)ep >sits. Balances, half bound, printed heads, three, qnirea, " I Register of Inspectors, lie., half bound, three quires, " 4 Memorandum Books, half bound, two quires ,f each, " 20 1 Ream Royal Paper, ruled and printed heads. " 21 2 Letter Books, feint lined, full bound, with alphabet*, four quires nacli. A 3 Alphabetic il Memorandum Book, feint lined, half bonnd, two quires, demi-octavo. 2 Boeks, tli e? quire* each, half bound, feint lined, rnled head lines, niaigui line, double dollars and o*nts, fools cap. 1 Alphabetical Book, half bound, three quires, foolscap, ruled with faint line*. SURVEYOR'S OFFICE. VIII. Stationery, as rica SrtcmKNS, 400 Quills, of good quality, No. 80. 4 Hcams FolTsctp Paper, ruled. 2 Reams Letter Paper, superfine quality. 2 do do do rnled. 6 Gallons Black Ink. 2 Quarts Ked ink. 8 quarts Black Sand. 4 . acks (twelve papers each) Pins. I Eight Quir' BikiIi, bonnd in boards, with back cf calf and tips 011 the cosners of the bovers?" Alphabet of Arriv als." 1 Six (Juire Book, bound in boards, with back of calf and tips on the corners of th* covers?" Sngar Register." 1 Ream of Transfer Blank*. G Quires of Blotting Paper. 3 Gross Steel P*n??" Wright's beat." SURVEYORS DEPARTMENT. IX, station***. 1200 QnilU, No. 10. 2) Ridnu Foolscap Paper. 5 do do ruled fine. 3 do do do very line. 100 Ibi. Red Sealing Wax. I JO Do** n Piece* Red Tape. fiOO Small Memorandum Hook* for Inspectors. 300 do <lo for fee officers. 260 Larue do for Inspectors discharging. 200 Alphabet do do do 6 lleams Medium Envelop* Paper. 4 Reams lirger do. 300 Cards for Measurers. I) gross I a'.ul Pencil* "Wolff." H to I1H11, 10 reams lusiHCI'irs Returns of I'.irgo (head printed.) 10 reams Paper Ruled lo match the same. 2 Reams inspectors RetU'Us of Cargo, (two ou a sheet.) G iirou Steel 1'eus ( Wright^ best.) PRINTING. 2 Reams (Quarterly Accounts of Inspectors. 1 do do Night Inspectors. 3 do Monthly do Inspectors. 2 do do Night lns|>ector*. 300 Measurer's Accounts. 200 Mules <>ud Herniations of Officers Printing only the head* of 200 Uuarer's Account!. 100 l'am|>hiets. Duty of and Instructions to Inspectors. 5000 Certificate! of Spirits, (when the number exceeds 50, the name of the lm|Hir er to be inserted,) |i. certificate. I Reainoffoal Utturns. 1 do Salt do 1 do Salt aud'Coal do 1 do Ei|amse Accounts. STOREKEEPER'S OFFICE. XI. (TATIONRKT. 2 Reams Ituled Letter ra|>er. 3 do I'lain do 3 do Ftolsca,* Paper. 2 do Huled do 2 do Ye'low Envelope Pa|ier. 1 do Ked Li'ottiug Paper. 3 Oross Red Tape, No. 17. 10 lbs. Brown Twine. 10 Cards 3 point Peeryan Pens. 40 do National do 10 do Barrel do 400 Ouills, No. 10. 3 Doxen "Monroe's graduated" Lead Pencils. 3 lbs Ked Sealing Wax. 3 < ill Ions Black Ink. 6 Vials Ked Ink. 2 Blank A'-stract Books. C Small Blank Books, b ilalfboutid Blank Books. 11 I edgers 1 Blank Address Book. 3 Day Books. 1 Cash Bonk. I Blank halt hound Register. >? Ream Abstract Pajier. ? XII. Piu*tin<?. 1 Heam R"d Transfer Orders. 1 Do Black Transfer Receipts, 230 Cherry stn e'. 1 Do Drawback O ders, 12 Broad street. 1 Do Delivery Orders, 23? Cherry stieer. J D< do 270 Water street. 0 Do do 12 Broid street. APPRAISER'S DEPARTMENT. XIII. Stationf.rx. 10 Reams Blue Hulol Foolscap Paper, as per sample. 5 D.i Letter Pap r, better thin sample. E0 Cards Extra Fine Perrvan Steel Pens. 40 do (iiliiot's Eagle Pens. 1000 Manufactured Quil.s,. No. 80, good quality. 11 doien best Lead Pencils. fi bottles Vlaynard St Noyes' Black Ink. large bottles, fi bottles Stephens' Blue Ink, large bottles. 21 ViaU French Carmine Ink. 2 lbs. Waifers. , 4 Four Quires Ropil Books, X bound, Prmtrd Heading. 12 Quires Blotting Paper. 1 Dozen Piecs Indian Rubber 5 Reams Report Paiier. XIV. Printino. 8 Reams Priuted Returns, ruled, two on cap sheet, thicker pai*r. 2 Ream1! Printed Returns; ruled, one on cap sheet tbiekr paper. 1 Ream Printed D image Appraisement Return*, four (o ctp sheet. n27 law i w rrc. C. P. VAN NESH, Collector. 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A regular criticism on Ole Hull, at the present moment, would be extremely ridiculous, and, very properly, could be compared to " soup after des sert. To write, therefore, a regalar criticism on Ole Bull, ia as far from iny thoughts as the wish to eat soup alter my dessert, or to render myself willingly ridiculous. But, after all that has been said during the lam twelve months, it may not be out of place to offer some remarks on the hero of the late musical reign?his career, without a pa rallel?his success, aud the interest it has created throughout the country. The many opinions? professional and unprofessional?although, indi vidually, hardly deserving more than a pussiug notice, an J, in many cases, not even that?are, notwithstanding, entitled to consideration on the whole, siuce there may be drawn ont of them some inferences?partly favorable, partly unfavorable? illustrating the question cf public taste in America, which of late has acquired some importance, or. as the French would say : has left the domain of the "petit* /ourtt/iv.r" for that of the " grands /ournaux." aud Iihs been elevated to the dignity o! a " premier Paris " Oa no living artist, with the exception of Rossini, there has been written so inuch pro and contra ok on Ole Bull. Since hid first abearance in the thorny rose-gardm ot artis<ic<il lile, he has been alternate ly extolled and vilified ?elevated and depressed? now a deini-god, now a Robert Macaire. He has been a firebrand?an apple of discord and conten tion flung wiih a Faixiian i;uu-like violence into the uproarious camp of musical harmony and social disharmony. It is, indeed, fortunate that the quar rel concentrated itself in Ole Bull, and that the rival faction of the Gapulets had 110 Tybalt to op pose the Ronieooithe Montagues. Blood and strife, broken minim.*, disabled ciotchets and maimed quavers might have been the consequence , nay, a war like that of ihe Gluckists and Piccinists might have been renewed in the nineteenth century.? The exploded objei tioi.s to the Pagauinian school were reiterated- the Jlageolet was pronounced n humbug, the pizzicato a claptrap, and the spianato a never mind what, for the sule purpose ot cryiug down Ole Bull, or as the Germau proverb says, "they hit the bag, but meant the nss." And it cannot be denied that they partially succeeded. Ole Bull's concerts in Europe were attended with different, and indifferent success. In Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, and England, he was well re ceived ; in Vienna, France, and other places, he comparatively failed. In Pesth, he met Vieux tcmps. Rival factions quarrelled there too, but there was no blood shed. He has been furiously assailed by musicians and musical critics, who drew the public after them, and away from him. The same spectacle was presented in America. Musicians are nenrly all against him; partly out of jealousy, partly from conviction. But here they did not prove sufficient authority with the public, who manfully stood by him; nay, the pro I fessioual attacks were, perhaps, the principal rea 1 son of his astonishing success with the unprofes sional majority. Although the mot of a leading critic, who called I him the holy ghost of that school, whose father was I'aganini, and whose ton is Sivory?(com monly called monkey Puganini)?will not be generally endorsed; even the odor of blasphemy it | carries in itself could be perfumed away, no body will deny that Ole Bull is out* of the greatest genuises which ever cxisied. The violence wiih which he has been attacked is sufficient proof of his being ail out ot the common way artist. The bad is pasted over with contcmpi, me diocrity is not deemed entitled to conrider ation; the good alone? absolute or relative superiority?deserves the discussion it culls forth. If the superior ity be absolute, discussion is soon brought to an end ; the temporary shadows giving way to lasting light. If the superiority be relative or partml, that 's if Ihe light is not in tense enough to eclipse and drive awuy the sha ditws, each of thein gains a varying ascendancy.? Discussion follows in the wake of that aecendmicy, and is alternately triumphant to he vaiquishtd? vanquished to he triumphant, till ut last both iiartiet grow weary. It follows cut of it, that Ole Bull is I something like an irregular musicsl beauty?the more pi<juar\t through th's irregularity?a great aitist, but not entirely free ot" faults?faults, visible to the gh/.e of the musician, but ingeniously uud artistically hidden from the less sharp intuition ot the public at large. Nobody isperlect in this frail world. Ole Bull is, in my opinion, an original in eveiy respect. His general appearance, the structure of his body, his ideas, musical and social?his lan guage, but particularly his savoir fairt, are emi nently original and unique. Although an imitator of I'aganini, he is sometimes original inlnstmi tation. Vieuxtemps, with the ojienheartednese which is inseparable from true genius, said to me. J " Sivory est plus sage, mais Ole Bull a des< hoses a lui (Sivory is more correct, hut Ole Bull hits ' things proper to him alone.) But the fact itself ol being an imitator of Pagamni, although not a slavish one, has proved a strong weapon in the hands of his opponents, the orthodox musicians. With them, absolute, not relative originality, is a conditio tine i/ua non in one who wishes to he classed amongst the magnates of the retlm of mu sic. Rossini, for instance, was the best abused man na !<>??? no imiiatoif flimurosa and Flora vanti; aud if his pnrtizaus claimed for him that distinction, to which his many original qualities entitled him, they were foon reduced to silence with the just opposition of his mumnal delin quencies? u silence which remained undistuibed till he atoned for them with the partition of Guillaume Tell Donizetti, wiih all his indis putable merits, his inexhaustible fund ot melody, his facility ot writing, his perfect knowledge < j the voice, tbe skill with which he steers through the rocks of a one sided system of vocalization, is treated by the orthodox with contempt, winch can only cease when he will be on the highroad to originality, which he now tries to approach by means of short cuts and crosses through the varies fields of musical invention. If some of the reproaches made to his particular style of playing are not entirely without grounds, he is on the other side without a superior in inan) points of mechanical execution. A grateful bow ing, a rieat, although not a powerful intonation, a stupendous velocity in past-ages, an ex pression which rather savors of German sim plicitv than of French mannerism, an astonish ing facility in overcoming enormous difficul ties, will always ensure him the admiration of everybody, and he will always continue to be the idol of the public at large, who do not much care about the difference between ends and means If other players excell more in the legato, he tuliei ta revandu in the ttacrato, wkich never bus been given with a more dazzling brilliancy. Ol this he is perfectly aware; he avoids the one uud intro duces the other, whenever there is an opportunity or u possibility of doing it; if this opportu nity does not present itself, he goes in search of it, and very seldom fails to find it; lie grasps it then with more or lets vio lence, according to the more or leg* difficulty lie had in finding it. Hence, not unfrequcntly, arise* hr abuse of it. Moderately used, ihe staccato re sembles the smile of un innocent beauty i im moderately, it is the loud laughicg of a royitette This abuse of the staccato, coupled with a little thinness of tone, is his only principal delect. Hi flirts too much with bis instrument, but it is a ver> clever and amusing flirtation. One must be ver) sly, indeed, to find it out; and il one in twentj happens to do it, he cries holla ' prides himself on his discovery, boasts of having found out the wol' from under the sheejvskin, sets to msking rroee. lytes, who are easily found after the first tickle it over. Now begins the demolishing ; hut ()!? Bull laughs at it; he has taken bold ol the public, anc console* himself with having on his side the quen tity if not the quality. ."Since the production of his latt composition* The Falls of Niagara" and "Solitude ol the Prairies"?public attention baa been more drawn to his merits as a composer. Ole Bull decidedly ha beautiful and original ideas, bearing the stamp ol genius; but he isless happy in connecting them into the formation of a symmetric whole. His compon tions are a little " deroutuet," in a very excellent and open hearted muaieian said to me on his las concert. They are rather pretty ritournellei that finished airs. I call them brilliant concert -pot pour rit. He begins to work out a very stri king and orignal idea. He makes some pact i in ita illustration, stop* after a few bars, fall." into a dazzling concatenation of passages whicl could make a capital study,?goes abruptly fron the major into the minor, lr?m the minor to th> major, aud when least expected, leaves off with i point d'orgue, as in the first part of hisconcerto li V He introduces nnotber idea, pursues the sarin plan ; with hasty strides he approaches the end, ar? now begin his villi mortah Up goes the bo ?, down goes the bo*,?untie right, to the left. Fi farm qui, Figarro lit, Ftgarro tu, Ftgarro '/ut ; ie lushes hiuisell into a musicsl juror,?the ti.iiio ind with it the man, dis pp<ars. You see a steari ??ngtne in full speed Stop, for heaven's s?ke,no| ' Do not prolong the tickle 100 long ? He dne?, as i he would listen to your prayer?pauses a second t< begin the same whirlwind, luvoluntarily you think of Master Sambo, who, in tunning down a hill, could not stop lurthree consecutive nightaand d.iya, till at Jatt cornea the final stroke, because? every beginning necessarily must have an end. Thia kind of writing is undoubtedly very orifi nal, in to far as nobody has done it before him. bo likewise in his instrumentation. Meyerbeer and other great composers, have produced aeton isnniic ?-Hr-cts in accompanying a bass voice with trombone alone. Ole Bull, always original in his imitations, has applit d the same accompaniment to a violin solo, as in his adagio doloroto The ef fect is novel uud striking, but will not find many admirers amongst those who are acoustomed to the usual concerto-orchestral accompaniments.? simiUr combinations have beeu resorted to in the instrumentation of the " Falls of Niagara." But why this composition has been so coldly received," on the first night,1 cannot understand It latrue it is ot Ole Bull a weaker compositions, not absolute ly but relatively. He intended to intinduce it as a descriptive violin concerto tymphonia, and in this he necessarily must fail. The concerto spoiled the sympfionia and the aymphonia did not improve the concerto, which ia, in many respects, the fault ot the bad orchestra. He, himself, played tt admirably, with a wonder ful perfection of mechanism. The individual ideaa are beautiful, but they do not follow each other properly. How, for instance, can be explained the introduction ol " Long time ago." In looking on Magara.the nnnd is necessarily lost in the contem plation of the miracle; very few will think of aome tiling else than of the work, unless a religious feel ing call upon us to adore its Almighty Creator. I repeat it, 1 cannot explain to myself its lukewarm reception. The New York audiences now making Iturt amies in musical taste, have extolled to the tkjes woree compositions; and I really think it waa merf ^chancp," as the ?? Solitude ol the Prairies.?? which is much less comprehended after a first hearing, met with the most enthusiastic applause. Should the silence on one side, and the applauae oni the other, really proceed from a sound musical judgment, it would be a very complimentary cri tenon of American taste. The " Niagara" la in different, and the " Solitude" is a composition of which the poet of a mother's prayer can be proud. On Ole Bull's success in America, I have only one word to say. He is with Sivory, who haa only made his appearance since the last three years, the only successful disciple of Paganini. The pecu mritiea of the I'aganinianstyle are eminently calcu lated for the ear ot the public. Ole Bull's success in America is, therefore, only the continuation of faganini s former success in Europe. U. I Latut from Mr Clay.?We have been re quested by Mr. Clay to expreta his thanks to tfaoae Editors Of Newspapers who have been so kind as to sup !!i?? "n *,ra o.u,1y llleir PaPerl 'or tone tint* past. Desirous ot avoiding obligations which be cannot conveniently repay, he wbhes henceforward te receive only ?nch paper* aa he sub.cribes for. f-ilT'i a<!',;,on ?ur ?wn information, derived from the friends ot Mr. Clay, that his pontage ia enormous?swell ed,w? are shocked to learn, by exulting and iniulting letter. requesting his autograph, Itc., and by other corn* pundents. Thoie who address him ought to raflect that he ii not invested with the franking privilege. We are to learn that his pecuniary condition isauehas to make the practice of great ecouomy an indisuansibW duty .-National lnttll,e,nclT P .h?,A.Sh ? r,!I Sl^RKMK Court.?We understand i . i ';nPremp Court, at its present term, haa deeiAda aver of the government the queation of its right to collect dutii a under the compromise law, during the i? noil which intervened between the lit July. 184a "A*".!'ho ??rtTof dutiea an regulated by that law ceased', and the new law comm. need I. will be remember* d by iy* <or having can ed the collection of duties during that time, the Presidi nt was accused by the federal whig* of assuming a usuiped authority, and. as it waa called at that time, levying ship money, it was re collected that lor this he wbs denounced by J Q Adams in his memorable luport, and declared to be Ally subject o impeaclimi nt j end that when the President protested against this usjuat proceeding, the House ol Representa tives refused his protest a placo upon its Journals. The highest judicial tribunal has now vindicated the Judgment of the President. ind his purity of character, and history will do impartial justice to his accusers. "Truth is (nightVi ftod will prevail"?Madixonian, Dcr. 24. P^k^eCoukt U?iTXt) Statis.?Mondey, Dec. ; '????? -On motion of the Attorney General. ..iward A Dunfcomb, K>q,of New Votk.was admitted an attorney and counsellor ol the couit Nos. SO 27 James Chester and Samuel Gordon plaintiffs In error vs! the App? Tax Court of Maryland. The argument of WM co???ncod l.y Mr. Delany for the plaintltts in error, and continued by Mr. Steele tor the de fendants in error. No. H7, Henry Waller, assignee of e rancia Savage, plaintiff va. J. fc J. Best. This canse waa m .mitte.i to the couit on the rfcord and printed ar gumentbyMr. Morehead for the plaintifl, and by Mr. e tench for the defendants. Adjourned till 11 o'clock to morrow morning Lotnsi/na Backs, Mrtarir Coitrsf.?Eiuhth ' ' unday, L)ec. 15, ltM4 ?Association Purse $300: (Ml entrance added-three mile heats:? W J Minnr'sch m. Noima,by Longwaist. out of imp. Novelty by Blsckiock, 4 years old? 107 lbs * Duncan F Kenner's gr.'m 'Kate Aubreyby Lc I ipse out of the dam of Grey Medoc, <J yra. old? lib lha, 3 1 1 1 3 3 4 3 3 3 4 4 Sewell T. Tavlot's ch c. G< nerai DebuVa', by imp Leviathan out of imp. Nanny Ki.ham 4 years old?100 lbs r'k Tr? ,B,?,ck? J;'? (*crugga and Faiining's) yean oW?'loo fbs! . * Time 0 10*- A 49?6 *67. The mare Fashion ia to make a race over the Charlas >n course next February. wl" i.?TiV"iL^Ui,"al!".^*i0C,a,i0n Joche> Club rarsed s reso. Iution last we.ok. that no race under their control ahould 10 run over ,hn Kclipae course, at Carrolton on Sundays. Affairs ijj Montrrai..?Montreal is in a shock ing stale. There are certain bodies of r.rmed men organned in d.fl?nce oi the civil authoritiea. forth* exe cution ft Lynch Law upon all who call down their dis pleasure And the most mclsnrholy pi-.-t ol It is. that th? ilovernment, If it doc? not openly er.cctirsge them, winka it Jheir disgraretul proceed.ns? There are three bodies of then?the L T S'a , or LovhI Protective Wociety Ben ; the Cavaliers, a mounted bind of miscreants : and Dorics another '? Sell-Protective" body. The walls ara daily covered with placards of their mertinga, and they turn out in> largo loice, armed with fide wrnpons an4 Are arma on publi.5 occasions The Corporation election cornea on next Monday, and I much fear that there will be serious work. It is really a moat fearlul state of affairs? the civil law is openly put at d? flsnee in the light of day, and that iu the capital city ef the Province. Assuredly, the pro sent Government has much to answer for?in the peace ful government ol Hlr Charles Bagot, such proceeding never occurred?Toronto (ilobt. WRKi-gRN Kivbrs -The steamer lola, down to day from the Illinois, reports the ice running quite heavy, and the water in that stream falling, with scant three feet upon the principal bars She paased the steam er Monro p4rk hard aground upon Apple Creek bar t the Maid of Iowa she met nt llerrick's landinr. The Jssner was laying np at Peoria. The steamer Sarah Ann is st Alton. She atarted from here for Quincv day before veaterday, bit apon reaching thr mouth of the lllinoia river she waa compelled to re turn on account of the ice. The river opno.ite here to Jay is nearly full of ice.? Five and a h ff feet or water la reported by the last boats up, at Tower Island, and ou the other principal bara between this and Cairo ? St T*uit Km, nee. 14. Stranok Acotpgirr.?We learn from the Courier that Mr. John Waters, 70 yesra of age, Secretary of the Nerv f.ngland Marine Insurance Company, reaiding at r.lllot street,arose yesterday morning, and after dressing hiirM If, !'?tng in n state ot aomnnleney, er temporarily conlnsed, Instead of paasinr down stairs, went upwards opened the scuttle, and walked off hia house, four stories' high, into the yard below. II* broke the bones of both his nnrle? and fn t, nn I probably sustained tome other in jiinus ? I1r',tin Trniicriplt ftr> S3. CofioRRfsioka*, Kt.irTtons.?Second trials lo e'ect members of Congress in four diatricts took place yesterday The Boston Atlas gives the results (re ceived by exclusive exnreea at their efflce) in the second and fonrty dislilrta, Hon Daniel P King la elected in the 34 district by s majority ol about l.tOO votes. Hon. Benjamin Thompson, ol Charlrstown. ia elected in th* nlace of ihe Hon. Wm Parmenter. in lha fonrth district. It is probable that Mr. Hadson is re elected in the fifth district. Mr. Williama is again defeated. Gov PORTRR AMD THR UltlTBO STATES SrnaTE. ?The editor of the Pittsburg Chronicle haa been informed thst Governor Porter haa slresdy secured the votes of thirty members of the Legialetiire, for V S. Se nator, in place of Mr Sturgeon, whoa* time will expire on the 4th of Msrck neat These thirty members are pledged to go for Mr. Porter in any event, and will not consent to go into a caucus nomination. This is s queer movement, and will escito the ire oi some of our politicians. Slavr Casr ?The Circuit Court of thia Diatrict have had under conaideration a alave case of aomn interest, growing out of the appllcatbn to carry back to Vitginia a woman alave, who was brought here volunta rily some yesraslnce By an old law of Maryland, which continue^ in lorce in this portion of the District, every slave brought Into the District by Its owner with the view of nsiding lure hacomes free In tb* pending case, a Justice ol the Peace granted authority to tna owner ol th? Slave, or rather the administrator, to return with hia slave. 1 he Circuit Court decided that the Justice of the f-eeee ha I no power to grant such authority. The eaae was ar gued t>v abl<? ennnsel, and excited a good deal of Interest. - We tAtnglen Leltrr, Dec W

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