Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 29, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 29, 1844 Page 1
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T HE NEW YORK HERALD. SOO-WlMteWOU. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 529, 1844. PHm Two Vmmtm, THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD To the Public. THE NICW YOKK HERALD?Daily Newapej^tj-onb liehed every day ol the year sacept New Year's Day and Konrth of Joly Price I crau per copy?or tT SB per annam?postages paid?each in advance THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every HetimUy morning?price W centa per eopy, or (1 It per an nam?pott I|m uaid, ciih in ad vine#. AUVICH'i'lHKHS nrc informed tnat the eireulauoB of the Herald ia oyer TH1BTY-FIVE THOUSAND. and increasing nit It hat (Ac target/ circulation of any paper in this city, er world, and, it, thertfort. 'he Sisal channel far hutinttt Men Ai the city or country. Prieee moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kiada at rented at the moat moderate ixice, ud ui the moil elegant ityle. JA.V1 ?8 GORDON BENNETT, i'ooraikToB or tub Herald, Northweet comer of Kulion and Nassau streets NEW YOKK AND HAK.LEM RAILROAD* COMPANY. iTlflfT Tffflf? Tfrtjift kA.^ip i^r?g~? ham, wTlliam'. Bridge. Huut'. indge, Uuderhills Road, T-cUvfl, H^rt^Co^r.-ud VV^ Ma^(r? A. fof felWM'^A. Mm,4. P.M a,V. M fe -^fcS&WsJS'i t !*> * Jfr.N^ PW>u? J* 'W" V"ecf^! CUV ^ *e ..Ai* Mo I Leavi City Hall' for Harlem and Morriaiania.7 A.M.. 9 A. M.1P. M., 4.30 P. M. Leave Morrie.auia for City Hall, ? A. Mm 10 A M.,?P Mm 4.30 P.M. By order of the Board, _aIS3m?SK W. 8. CARMAN, Secretary^ LONG ISLAND RAIL-ROAD COMPANY. wi.libtt AttK.ANofc,vlt.N i. Traina run aa f Jlows, com uei.ciug Dec. Uth, IS44 :? Leare Brooklyn, at half-iast 7 A. M , <New York side 7 A. M.) Boston Train for tir-enport.daily, Bun day* esceped, ? topping at Farmiugdale and St G urge's Manor. 11 " at ?MA M lor Hicksville and intermediate pla :*?, daily; and on Taeadaya, Tluir* lava and 8atuida<i>, through to GreeutoftaaA in termediate pi icn ?? " at 3K P iVl for Hirkiville a"d intermediate Leave Greenjort placet, daily, Sa day* eicepted. for Brooklyn, Boston 'I rain, 11 P. M? or ou lliearrival of t e steamers d<ily Sandtyset cepted, (topping at St. George's Manor and Fai'"ingdale. " " at 9 A M., Accommodation Train, for Brooklyn and intermediate placet, on Mon day*, Weduesdav* and Fridara. Tram Hlekiville for Brooklyn and intermediate placet daily, Sundty* excepted, at 7 A. M. and 1 P. M. ON nUNDAYS. Leave Brooklyn for Hickaville and intermediate pltcee, at 9){ A. M. " " at \K P. M for Jamaica. Leave Hicksville at iS P. M. for Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica at ? A. M for Brooklyu. at %%. P. M Monday*, ) I Tuesdays, J Weduesdays, > Via Norwich. I Thnradavi, > Via Ston'gtot. Fridays, ) | Saturdays, ) d!4 lm# m aTTn 7 E K~AH KAN?G E ? pNT. I n akd -iter ti.e ut of October the can wil. leave? P?rt -to. LinroT. I New Yobi^ t> o i..uci A .VI. I ? o'clock A.M. 11* " " 1 IS* '? P.M. 1 " P. w I ? ?? u.v bl'JiDAVS. * o clock A V. I 9 o'clock A. M. t " t si. I 4 " P. M. *" m j^-NoTiCe.^Ui STATEN ISLAND FERRY. On and after Sunday, Dee. Ut, the Boata will i Iowa, until further notice:? LtAVt BTATEN ISLAND: IK. "id 10, A. M.; S and 4K, P M. LK.AVK NEW YOHR : 9 and 12. A. M.; JX, and i\ P. M On Sandaya the Boat will leave at 11, A. M., in place of IS. nIOrc fALL ANII W AKn/ViNue.MJs.NX. NEWARK ND NEW YORK. FAKE ONLY U1 CKNTS. T11E NEW AND SWItT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTaIN JOHN OAFFYT ON and after September 10th will ran daily, * follows (Snnnayt included) Leave New ark, foot of Centre itieel, I o'clock A. M.? k, foot of Barclay afireet, 1 o'clock 1'. M. apt ire WINTER MAIL LINE F"R ALBANY AND INTER MEDIATE PLACE*. Fiac Through to ALaanr $4. jMfl MM The -teamboat UT1. A, Captain E. Hyatt, uU?Je aa?et the Steamboat Pier, foot of CoBitlamU Z3CL t.,( outh nd?.) Every Alteiuoon,at 1 o'clock. Bit?e ie>? ?r Albany immedittely <m the arrival of the boat at I'ou.hkerptie, on bo't< aid a of North River. Kor p. a.*' or fieight, apply on board or to P C. 8HULTZ, at the uffic* on ihe Whaf. WINTER MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY, ? DAK.Y, at 5 o'clock, P. M., landing at inter __n*?li?Le places. .h ./U^umttlA, Captair William H. Peek. Mr?<ls?, Wednetdav. kridav, and Sunday Afternoons, u 4 o'clock 11? Hteamboat UTICA, Captain K. Hyatt on Tuesday, Thnrsday ud "*?' Afternoons, m o'cior*. li f rastengera taking 'Jm above line will arhve in AI buy in ampte uute to take' the Morning Traina of Cars lo> Ihe ea-.t or weac '11* boats are new and substantial, are far at>)ie4 with new and ?keff?ut tutr rooms, and for speed and se eoiuinod itiont, are Bnii.val|e<l on the HnAaon. Kor pntutK o. freight, apply on board, or io P. C. Schnlta at the Office on the wnnrf. dl( FOR BATH, GARDINER AND HALLOWELL. The new sleanier PENOBSCOT, Captais ? N. Kimball, leaves the end of T wharf, Bostoa. every Tuesday and Friday eveuings, at i ? will be ia readiness on her arrival at the above ay ixai-nr't "? '!?? n?itlih?riae towns CHANGE OF LOCATION. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE -BETWEEN NEW YORK AND ALBANY. Vi. HHI U'*EP< iRT-HOU _ inn Jgm ?ATONIC AND WESTERN ^ ~ nHL.Tj* R h ILROAUH?'The steamboais S^SI^X.I' UREKA.Capt, and Ni.iiHuU.I/ pt Brookt, will Irave the pier at u>e f?ui ol ..uir veit'ln*!, daily, Sukdays eicepted, at 0>4 A. M. Retnraing, tlie Liiu leaves Albany at 7 A. M. Albiuy pas oncers on arriving at Bridgeport, proced imme diately ou the Rtilroad; and, without change of Baggage or Cars, arrive in Albany the same evening. A freight T ain daily at SK A. M. . For fu.thrr information, both as to freight and baggage, apply to (i ?l. PKKttY, Agent, at the office, Ho.svelt street, oi Liviuuston, Wells and I rom>roy's Etpress office 2 Wall street R. B. MASON, Su|ierintendaii', dlO lm*in 172 Souih street. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT^PA88AOE OKKICE JOHN HERDM AN, tl South street. New York. The iiibtcriber continues to make arraugemenu to bring onl passMi.K.-rn from Great Britain and Ireland, (via Liverpool/ who may be engaged at this olfice, or witli any of his agents in tiie Lulled States, ou board the packet ship* sailing froin Liver l>ool eveiy five ilavs?and in order to afford every facility, li* will lutte ilesintcked tuprrior American ships in New York and Botwu, every wrek, during the year. l*l.ote tendiiik for their Ineuds may rely that the ssme due and diligent attention will be sliotvu thein as heretofore, and should any of those s?ut fur not embark, tlie inouev will be refuuded, at custoiiiiry; \nd thfae remitting money to their friendt, can have Drafts ind Bills <M Eachange for sums to suit, payable ou de m.uid at the following bauka, (without discount or any othei ENGLAND?Meeera. J. Bait, Son k Co., Bankers. London. J. Barned k. Co., Liver|iool; tlie National Provincial Bank of Knglaud uid Branches, tl rougnout England and Wales; York slur* District Bank and Branches; Biriniugham Banking Co.; Lancaster Banking Co. IRELAND?National Bank of Irelaiid and Branchet. *iif) Protiucial Bank ol Irelmid and Branches, ia all the principal tnwus (lirouglioet the Kingdom. SCOTLAND? Kaatern Uauk of Bco'Jand and Branehet Greenock Banking Co. in tilaagow and Greeuock. Persons residiug in the eonntr> ind wishing to send money to their friends, may luseni its being done satisfactorily, on theii remitting the amount they wish tent, with the name andaddreat of tlie person for whom it it intended: a draft for the amount will tlien he forwarded per first packet or steemer, and a receipt f >r the tine retained by mail. HJIl LO " l)i 'N?Packet of Itt Jaunary. IIM5 ? U m ImiiiJ hiiKwi, likt'inli.,1 pukpi shif 81'. jIAVIKa, I tpt. ?. R. Vive.s, will potilively sail at ,? i regular day. , 11 ti o;g most rapetior accouimodui. ns cabin, second cabin fid .te-r f ptseugrre. |?rtoat withing to embark. sh< aid make irnmed>tte ap, liealiuu on l.oard. flot of Mnid*n Lane otto JOB?7pH McMURRaY, ii2>c 100 fine meet, corner of South ? ?i'FOR N EW OKLKANB?Regular PackeTof Jfttl , D?c.? fl,? spl>r.did, firat-clats fa?t sailing larket thip . r. MAKV ( <puiu H. W. Fottet, will positively s?. i j, lier le^ular day. H-.rin< ?ery superior ace immoilations f.r cabin, second ca bin *<id eera^e ps.seuger.*, persons wtsliiiig (0 emhark, sho. ld in ik immediate application ou boaid, I ot of W..|l ttrret, or to JOSEPH VlcVlURhAY, ritftee 100 Pine Street, corner of Co nth. KOR Li VERPOOL? Heuular packet of 6fh Jan -H .ill- ei.le-idid fir?t c'as, I'att-siiling Packet Sh p -AHURHKTuN^i.i lluttleston, will poiltivd) sal a> aliote her reaiilar day. Ilaviug very *u "rior accommodations for cabin, seco' d cabii. and steerage i?aaenfers, (ersous wishing to embark should mak> immedisie application on board, or to JOSEPH MeMl'RRAY, (125 e* Nn iflo Poi* timer enfner of H.m*h ?<JKr.T HOH IIA VRK?Hrcoud i in^-'l h.. thi| ? I'TIC.a, hrvd'k Hewitt, m.uter, will sail oa the I - 'i ?*. ,i. ight or pastags, apply t > BOYD It HINCKEN, dMre No ? Tonim" ItiMlW, e* Wall awe Water it* FRc IGH r WANTED?For PorUaaJ, Porumoath ? or Bath. For inquire of ? - OWEN I'RESCOTT, itf U< SM Water ttreet, corner Beskuan. RKMARKABLK CASE OV JAMES WTCKOfF. WHO *11 CUBKU or OAieOBCNE ?V THI 1'IE Or BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA. A MONO I he hoet of medical triumphs which (he history or the woild hu recorded, there will no( one be found to p irallel tlie astonishing cane of June* Wvckoff, the boy wUom present couvaleiceut appea-auce ia correctly given iu the eugr V ing above. aa affirmed by the following certificate of the artist whose apirited painting from the life has beeu copied by the ea (rarer, with singular truth aud fidelity. Buktalo, March 28, 11(3. I ce-tify that tlva above ia a correct cony fiom a painting which I executed from life, on t^e if7th of February, ISi3, the original of which ia iu thai hauda of Mr. C. C. Bristol. C. CARPENTER, Portrait Painter. The voluntary statement of Dr. Lee, the attending phyiiciau, aud one of the editors of tht Daily Commercial Adrerltser. in which jisper it appealed, uuder date of Nov. t, 1M1, givaa the following history of lite caw : ... '? It is rare indeed that falleu humanity ia made to experience from the hand of Providence, so much severe aud protracted tuffeiing, and such calamitous and shocking mutilation aa h<a I'allan to the lot ol James Wyckoff, a l.d fift-so years of age now living in tlie town of Clarence, in this Count y. "James ia tJie sou of a farmer, the offspring of Iwalthy and reputable pareuts, who hate a numerous family rf robust chll dren. Without any assignable causa, ha was suddeuly de prived of the saus- of heaiing, some teu years since, which was soon followed by what was probably an attack of gr grena.?This rapidly destroyed first the palate, the .bones the roof of the mouth, and tlien a rousiderable |urtion of the under jaw, upper lip, and tlie whole ol the nose, bones and cartilage aa well aa in'egumenta. It would be difficult to ima gine iu wlnt way a more uusiglitly deformity could be im pressed upon lha "human face diviue." This friahtlul diaaase cea-ed it* ravages oa the face after several mouths, to renew them aga ?> in other p <rts of lha ayatam, with greater and mora destructive severity. , ... ?? " Some two years ago a black sp"t ?as the intelligent mo ther of this most unfortunate child told tlie writer of this?was observed under t?e nail of each big toe. This ominous ap|>ear ance was the precursor of a second attack of gangrene, which gradually extended over each foot and leg to within four inchea <rf the knee. A sep .ration took place, aud iu due course of time bolklimbt dropped off. The flutters of the right hand were next attacked by this consuming malady, which eiteudrd to within a few iucliea of the shoulder, aud at length lha right arm fell to the grouud Ilka lha dead branch of a living tree. 1 he diseaae theu showed itself at tharlbow of the left arm. and on the left shoulder, producing ex.eusive foliation of the bones, fcc. The integnmenu of the light side, uear the ceutre of the ribs, and of the right.eye, were also affected by the aame des troying complaint iu its iucipient stages. . ?' On examining the boy, who. notwithaUuding he is deaf and mute, is really intelligent and sprightly, the greatest marvel to us was, how it was possible that a constitution so very ?ble and lifeless, that the systrm was falling rapidly to pieces from the death of its parts, could, when reduced to a mare /rumen! of hut anity, hold ou' and prolong lor years a miserable exis tenet* Strange aa it may seem, we found this p tee of a child si ting at dinner table the rest of the family, feediug him s^lf with meat, potatoes, bread aud rhe like, with an evident relish of tht* hearty meal His s uinpa of limbs, which laiely presa .tt-d a hideous mass of eatii g ulcers, are now healing over kindly, aud nothing but the scars are lilt to tell the injury done to the left shoulder and the parts 'hat ^urruui.d thr rtgli'eye, Ue low^r jaw, and tlie fragments of ear still growing on the liead, the apif-arauce of 1 shall not a;tempt to, "The certain t he. a giveu to this. terrible, spreading and hoic'ess malady?the reuoval of the iuteuse | rotrart. d pains ever excited by trntible fang, us flesh connected with de id aui mtl ma ter?the quiet sleep, iucreased .trength aud liable cou valt'sc nee, so manifest to the person of Jauies? were all, and <*on it less justly, attributed b. his mother to tie exclusive use, for the |a?i six w?eks, of Mf. C t. Bristol * tiaiii?|iarilln.? I Those who have witnessed the truly auspicious, a? d most uu expected affects of thu mediciue iu this very eatraordiuary cue. are unauimous iu the opinion that had it been administered when the di*e?se w*s comparatively small and feebl* .endI tlie con titution s^uud and vigorous, it could not have failrd to gTDvent oue of the greatest calamities that can belall a huinmi ln*n ordinary cu?, the testimnu v of a physician so intelli gent and reputable as Dr. Lee wouldueed uo confirmation; but the case ofynung Wyckoff is in every respect so remarkable aud astounding, that unbelief would be justified in yielding only to the force of evident e supplied by a number ol uu>m peach able w ituesses. These are not wanting. and the statement of Dr. Lee is tupported by the following certificate of General Mansfield, who in t-atensively and favorably kuowu as one <?f fh ? eld-it, best informed, aud most respectable citizens of k-rie couoty. North C l a u e w c f. , Erie Co., Nov. 20, 184 2. Mr. C C. Bristol?1 have been acquainted Willi Peter VVjck off lor more tlian l wenty years, and have kn??wn his son Jam-* from his mfancy to this day, and 1 do h'r. by certify. O at the ficts set forth in ihe forego lug, fr?;m ths Lomoieici 1 Adverti ser, are correct OKAfcOL M ANftr IkLD. r. M. I he con< urrent testimony of Dr. Lee and Gen. Mansueld might be supposed to satisfy the must mcredu.ous ; but thr evidence by uo means rests even here ; aud from the father ol tue boy, who has been the .uhject of so dreadful a mal dy. aud s i wond'rlul a cuxe, the following tarticulars of tlie case have beeu received. _ Clahkncc. Dec. 13, 1841. i Mr. C. C. Dkistol?Dsar Hir?1 uudersund there are persons i iu Buffalo who dispu e the puuln asion ol the case of u.y sou James, which is substantially tiue, aud he cau be ?.eu at my nouse in Clarence -t any time. There i. a ttitce of a boy yet living, aud healiug as last as possible, aud iu healih so as to receive his regular meals with a g -od relish ; his leu or in is almost heaed up. the oth niece of the arm is ha.les up, so tn t we tluuk it uo trouble, as there is but oue small spot about as big aa a six. ence ; his legs are healing fiuely, and he feels perf ctlv couten.ed. .... i_ , 1 will it. as ?w words as possible, give you tlie life of my sou James. He was born April 22d. 1826, a smart, active child, and remained so until Apiil 3d. ISJ1, wheu ha was atuckrd with measles and look cold. I he physician seut him a polion of mercury, which struck him almost lifeless, and Irom iliat time tie grew deaf and bltud. Iu September his right arm became a running aore. i-t th.- winter of 1838 his eycatg* t w j restored, aud in the spring followmg a number of ulc>rs broke in lite elands Ol hi* ueck and nofof the inoutli, and ollter i laces, wnich con tinned rating until the fall of l?Si. We theu gave up all hopes of reli.f, and tlie disease stood still apparently until the 3d of March. 18(8. when kit rifkt arm and both legttumtd black and rotted off, and left kit body in two montkt A num ber of other >pots ol flesh eame 0"t to the none, and weteou the decay uutil tlie 10th day of September, 1841, W'.eu you saw htmaud gave him your Sarsaparilla. '1 he result has beeu that tile duease wa> stop|>ed, the sores healed, and lie is getuug well as fast as can be ex|tecied, considering the si uatiou he was iu sud has beeu for teu years past. 1 am much obligsd to vou foi ths favora >ou have shown me, aud From Jacob Carr, Minister of the Germau fcvaugelit si oider : Buikalo, May 16, 1843. I h>ve I e*n acquainted with J a me. W t ck. ff .mce lie was a enild, aud have ?eeu him in every stage of his sickness. Hie ?taiem-nt as set fertii above, 1 know to be true, and ti e repie* sentitinn ol his present appearance in tlie above eugravi'jg is correct. Signed, .? , . JACOB CARR. That Bristol's Sarsaparilie has been in u?e for ten years that it ha< wrought many surprising cures that it has Lever once fail d of producing the wished fur effect, that it has triumph d over the worst C ues, and answered the severest tests, has steadily aud CO,.tinually increased in repudiation, that u has ?ecure . the cointue..dsltons of ihe press, the approval and en dorsement of the medic .1 faculty, and the gotid . piuiou of lie most intelligent and estimable it en ol our time?advautegea which uo <tlier rned cal preparaliou hai, aud which uone can have unless its value is unquestiouable aud (stablislied upon the iu t exiterrenC' of yea.s?are facts affordiug s.currly for Its worth and usefulue.s, sutficieut. at least, 19 justtly a lair trial of ihe niealcine, wneu the best rec mrurnda iou anu proof ol tU merits and elficai y wilr be afforded by lU own,ou. tne patirnt cau have uo better evidence tnan this?the proprietor de sires no oilier. ^ ^ TH? FOLLOW,NO l'he following ia a literal copy 01 a letier received by Mr Brutol b. due course of mail. It shows cle^ly lhat at the I lime u bears date ihe Messrs. Sauds nad no thought of com* mericmg the manufacture of ? preparation of Susaparitla, and I lhat Bristol's preparation was iu such gt od repute that it was art object to procure the agency. A glance at the letter aud its I date will therefore show the humbuggery of their loug-wmded alvertiwuieuia ' to the world,' fco., aud expose the shauiernl im.oiitiop of their false aud hypocnttcal stalenieuu iUy could uot procure the agency of Bristol's ?Ursapaiilla, and fiom 1 combined motive, of apite and ivuice were induced to coun lei leu the prestation. Of ionise tueir preieudd wouderlnl "ducoverie.," "improved apparatu.," Ike, are all mere gam in u. Bristol's S.rstparilla lisa nothing to fear from such rivalry aud it is solely for their cum ioAe that the afflicted are cautioued ag <in*t tlie imposition of a spurious aud valndess reparation. N>w y0KKt Apri( M ,w2 Mr. C. C. Bristol?Dear Sir?We have been selling during the past yrar, considerable quantities of your (.xtract ol Saisa parilla and thia* from tlie ?ccou ta we hear of its virtues li-.m those who have used it, thit tlie sal- iu tins city may be much increased by piying m tie aiteut.00 in advertising Our ar rangements are such with the uiffereut pa|*rs, that we can have adve. lisemenls inserted ..n much better terms hau mo.t others uav. and more conspicuously. II you would like to make au I arrangeriieut with us for selli- g it more extensively, we think it could be ma e 01 much advantage to us bolh. We have now f. ur differeutstoies, three of tuem 111 the best locations in th city lor retelling, and one Inr wholesaling, aud our lacillties are such as will enable us to disp se ?.fiut.rfl ol it, |terliaps thau uiv oilier house. V\ e .h.ll be much pleased to hear from you 011 this subject, or if you visit New iork 111 the course ol a mom h or so, to see you at our store, 791-ul ou street. Yours very respectfully, A. o. ot U. BAIN i>?. RfcMARKABLK CURK OK SCUOKUI.A. Mini HtsuK.Lt , June, 1844. Mr. C. C. Bristrol? . ? . ... ... Sir?A delicacy iu appeaiiug before the pul.l c has hitherto prevented me giviug to the world the f llowing statement ! of my sevvr. and .lil.ctiug duease, I Sc rol la,) aud the me 11s l.y | which it was effectually r.uiove.l and I lealored 10 health. Heeling it is an obt gttiou I owe u oue ol tlie vast lauuly ol un.ii I 10 those like myself who.e inul^rtuue it has been to be afflic eo 1 as I have beeu, I cau no touger lelraui Irom d clanua to the world what htsdone the wolk, wheu ar d wlieieall hope ol llle was givett U|--it ?aa B.utol.|*nlla, aud that alone pur cltased of y. ur agent., Uickiusou k Ooodwiu, ol Hartford. It Would be entirely out ot my [tower to desc ibe what 1 have ?uff red at differt-nt times from tins coy plant, since Me Sist of my remembrance, llwre was nothing withheld by my fnet.ds, that was Heard . f. U)rai?- me to health, still my c..m plaiut became very aUrmi* g- It seemed to baltte the skill of utany phvsiciaM who s.aud high in ihe P'!'f??ou. and th'pow er of tlie great variety ol mediLines whi.h 1 took. Iu 1840 I had a scrotulous sweiliug e. nie on my arut, w hich was a v.ry iMinful aud distrtisiug. Tn .he fall of 1841 1 went to the sea-side li.ipiug to find teiief, but was dii|toi;.ud as my health w-a wo se than before. Jauuary. 184 , 1 had airolher swelling eume ou the topof my fool, and one on my lor.head, winch were very dtstrrsaiug. They continued to grow wor.e aud worse uutil May, when I was couhu d 11 my ned. 1 r. mainrd in this h jipless ?Uie through the summer, with nothing bnt '^I'j'uriiig'he'suceeedini winter 1 felt a little more comfortable, bit the next summer iny disease raged wor.e than ever. Various means were u.ed to afford relief, but to no pnriaMe. All seemed to b alike powerless in iny case, sud every eftort to arrest my complaint provej unsuccesslul. I gsveupsll hones of being cured, or my affliction iu tire east miugaier, until time with me should be no more, aa my sy stem was rapidly siuking under tlie disease, ttnd I li .d giveu up the use ol iiiwltciue. I At 1I1 is moment ol ex.rem.ty, a youjg iady 111 the neighbor hood, who knew the virtue of your barsapanlla, having wiuiess ed iu ellects ou others, suggested a trial of it. It was aud I commenced taking it Oil the 48tn day of July, 184J, but w uh no grest confidence in it, either 00 tlie part ol m? mvself as 1 had taken various pre|Kuauons of sarsapar.lla with uo effect. None of IU had the leaat expectations of its perform ing a cure, but we entertained a little hope that it might serve to impart a lemitorary rel>ef. What was our cover nfier the use of two or three bottles, a decided im provemem: and t.ur house, instead ol a house of mourn MiK, beenme a house ol rtjoiciug. 1 distinctly felt. ? change for tlie t tetter in a short 1 oLdt Decline liener, my streugth lucieased w. und. weie le>? painful, and [ resterl belter. I hid noilung like uatursl sleep for two years brfor8tend iny ly re? urne foi my rest at all wa? In ?boUttHO <ts able to ?it ?p all day. Alter I lu?d taken eigh^u lwtt ea. l can sav wi h a truth I lclt like a ne^v Cieatuie, b<,th soul :y I body, fo? pain will weigh the spirit* down. I Ind a number ol nieces of bone c in^i fr?#in the wound*, as the scars enow loi (hemnelves. When I coinm need tasiig the * J}} ? wo swellings coming, but they soon disap|>e>iieU. My iieAjtli continued to improve, and in rebiuary I began o wanting a little, as the wound on my foot was eotnely nesleu. iiii? iprint (184^) I was able to walk out don.a, and when 1 set in> .I i,.Kin earth and found my elf ouce more walking, Whal ii in W1111 ties, aud giatitude I feit K Mr. Bristol. UV. It had been almo.t * years siut e I had wslked at all. I am now vary fle.hy, and in a woid it is aatonishiug to all who s-e mf, a Ilapp ar d |tke o.t? risen tronhdie g.ave I lilt e tht ughi "hen I ommenCtd (M use of the oSTUpa.lila iljat l to-dav. 1 hav- my story to tell dally, and 1 Confidently recoiumen l ?/<?? Sar.apar.lla te all, although I am at al ss for language aud ternu to of it as it deserve*. . . 1 shall be happy ?t any time to ?!*? any on* all the inform* ,ti?"J!J!y. R?T?J 1 c?P*bt?. 1 would proclaim to >11 the world what Br-slol a "araaparilla hii dun** for ijm for to it I ?w? the pieservstioa of oiy life, uader the direction of a wise Providence. Your* resiwtluily, ALMIKA 8TOUGHTON. ... , MAifCME?T*m.Ct.. April 20, lUi. I have been aequaiued *ith Mrs Aluiira Stoughfon for the last ww months, and hav* frequently seen her during that lima, and c?n testify that her health ai)|*?ra to be very good bhe had suffered very much previously from ticrofuU, uVr numerous acart abundantly show, and from her account, I havr the full-st reison to Relieve that she recovered under the um of Bristol's oarsapanlla, continued for a few months. AGGRAVATED CASK OF^C^IkUlX^' ?' W thuine Urge ulcer- ou the leu ; suliraly cured, (\Aar beiug Ijiveji aa incurable by Physicisus,) by Bristol's Sarsapa AnoTMr* Panoy or imi Vistuks or BaiiTOL'a Sanaa eaaiLLa- I he follow,uv ia one ..I l lie many hundreds who are daily (ratifying ol ilir au|vnori(y of Bristol's tUraa|?rilla oyer the muiy nostrums putted into the uoticr of the community? Unatol a S,rsaparill* purforma all it purix.rla tod<> and and givea universal aatisfsctiun to those who l.aia had tlx arti cle and given it a fair trial. M. r r h.. ? . n N?w y??B. Fibnun-4th, 1141 W?.C.C. oaistol? 8ir, there have been but (ew rvents in my I?Ic more pie sing to m?, th?n the o*.e that for *s the t?si* of the sutrment I am about to make, relaiiv- to the astonishing cure performed by your 8srsap4.1l a ou my son, Oiarles, n*ed 17 yrers Charge. from infmcv was afflicted with Scrofula, sh #?? lug at dineia. t i*r ods evident m rks of the existence of that dire disease, ou the ula.ds of the 1 eck and various | aru of his body, whenever he had taken co d. Th*re waa uothing, kow ever, of a very *1 rnung ch racier visible a>>ou hii/o til the ?pring ol J?*2, when'he ttcrofula made its apne.trance about hi* lyti wlikh so aife te I them as to cause seven distress and inflamati..n, ??ri u-ly affecting hia sight. The d'sease next ai iietied on his left Int. assuming a my dang-mus and fearful form. Spreading rapidly from liia Itaee to (us ancle*. And the e waa but little hopaoi hia being a vied without the joaa.if I he lei; bv amputation or the dreadful and horrid fateol being ejfeu up alive by Ins diatreaaiuif maUdy, the Hcroftua. lu vain was the skill and talent of tbe medical pro fession brought into requisition iu order to arreat thia fearful and wasting dia-aae. All the varioua remediea prescribed by physic >ana, as well aa the numerous uoatruma vended aa curtails were reaoned to without any benefit whatever to my son. who was fast waatrjt away to a me<e skeleton. In thia dreadful conditioo, with uiue running and eating ul cer. on the leg. the most of them reaemhliiiL' eating ca> eersT we concluded there waa no medicine or applications that o?uld possibly hive any agency iu subduing this distressing and pain ful disease, the srrofula. At ihu c uia, a friend providentially recommended Bristol a Sarsapai ilia, and at the same tima re ferred to persona w ho had beeu cured by it, who were afflicted with scrofula in its worst possible form. As a last resort, with a flint h<j|>e that my son might yet be saved under the bleaaing | or theirresl .Dispenser of every blrssi g ro mankind, I c in meuced administering to my sou Bristol's Sarsa|>ariUa, iu July, After using it for a ali-rt time, we discovered a change for the better, and in a few months his leg was nearly well, leaving only the ac.ira to tell where the ulcerations hail liccn He had vsrions oth-r afflictions, all of which, I ain happy to say, with a Iwart Riled with joy and jcrttitude, are now removed, a> d <.harle> perfec I , Cured, by Br sKii's Sirsaparilla. I aln uld fail In the at empt U) ?p*ak of your SiraupaMla .<s it deaervea. language IS too laint, and my abilities too faeble to ex maa the high sati ?nation in which I hold your invaluable preiiaraiion i f Sirsaan "111. It will lia a pleasure to me to satisfy auy ona who nay <leaire lo aee my sun, a' No. 86 Hester street. rv^- a u iJ9,H? MO "TANjB. Cedar Cooper. Anotha' remarkable feature about Bristol's Saraaparitta is, that no ou< is heard to spvak against it: on th contrary, eva rv body, except the imitam.s, are loud in rs praise. 1 hi. rle ne< er lieci ines sour like some of the preoarations which have attempted to c one up on tlie reputation f tlna ixipular ar trie.. The hajvieat eature of it all is, that the |utieuU cured l>y thia medicine, stay cured. ir^-lMro?Ta?T ami Nr.cKssaitr Cat;Tio!? ? Bristol's Bars aparilla has a red at mp across the rork of the bottle, on which ia the writ.en signature oi C. C. Bristol Nuue other is genn ine. 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In the opening prayer, Mr. Parker distinctly shadowed torih the opiuiou which he enteriaius of the Redeemer, by giving thanks to the Almighty lor having, " m days loaf past, beeu pleased to dive a douule portion ot his spirit to hid servant, our brother,"?Jesus.^ As ap propriate to this view ot the character ot Chrut, he Have out, after the prayer, the following hymn, by Doddridge: " Hark, the glad s.und, the Siyiour comet, ill., Saviour promincd long '. L it every heart p.epare a throne, And every voice a aoug. Ou him, the Spirit, largely pour'd, Exert* bin sacred hie ; Wisdom and might, and zeal and love His holy breuat iuipue. He cemea, from thickest tilmi of vicc To clear the mental ray i And, nn the ey va wppreas'd with night, To pjurceleatial day. Our glad honai^psa, Prince of Peace, Thy welcome ihall proclaim ; And heaven'a eternal urchea ring With thy beloved name." Mr. Parker selected for his text the 48th verse o? the 7th chapter of John? "Hart any ?f the ruler t, or of the Phariitr$, btlintd tn him ?" After reiterating this text, Mr. P. stated that the suhject of his discourse would be, " The relation winch Jesus bore to his age, and the ages. ' He said that one of the strongest traits in man was ad miration and reverence lor distinguished and ex traordinary men, to whom he could look upas lead ers and guides In all countries, and nuder all forms ot government, this devotion to gTeat men, i which gave thein a controlling power wilhtu the sphere of their influence, had lietn iiiatitlesied Even democratic America, although said to be a country inpofssssion of institutions which did i>oi require great men, was not exempt from this uni versal passion. Bui the disposition to reverence great men, and the capacity to discern what con stitutes a great man, were very diflerent qualities In the generalmind the idea ot a great man was derived trom the impression cherished ot the last great mail which had api>eared in the world: and when a new great man appeared of a different character from the preceding, his claims would be likely to be disallowed Ity all those whoae minds were strongly pre-occupied with the idea of the former one. His advent would be a fresh fact?a grand New. His ideaB would startle Hie language would souud strange. His teachings would look revolutionary. He would, as it were, pull down th<- old walls to build a new temple, or open & new quarry of marble or granite tor rials with winch to erect his new structure. All this the admirers of the preceding great man might perceive; but yet if the new nun pressed not the attribute.-ot the former, they could not leel thai he was 11 great mail, because he corresponded not with theit conception ot a great man I Ins new man mijiht go beyond iheir wildest conjectures or vivid dreams ol a gr"ut man; and yet would ins greatness be doubted <*r disbelieved. so long us 'he supersiition or remeinbiance ol the las'great man remained t'r<>h in their minds. This resul'ed from the infirmity ot human Mature, which was clow to receive as truth, the tact thai uo two srta. men had been created strongly similar in charac ter. . . The new ureut man, that is, the re.ilgr<-Ht man. laiiKl^.l at much of the former great's tnof admired qualuu s, and overturned Ins notions. ? he overturned Ins ins'iiutious and opinions He ti'ids their instttu'ion* to be not ot granite or mar ble, but fluid and yielding. But these yielding in solutions or opiuions would have many siauucl adherents?men who would not, or could not, la} aside the ideas ill which they had been educated; and they would hate the novelties propounded bt the new man, and him, as their propagator. But there would be another set of men, not so deeply rooted in prejudices, or so impressed by the tradi tionary accounts of tht? laal great man, who woulo discern the spirit of the new, and believe him They would welcome him as the prophet, whom they had seen in their dreams. But these believer? would not be of the class, who from their prof s sions or position in society, were the censors o> public opinion, and whose authority whs to be uu dermined and desroyed by the teachings ot tin new man. Not one ot these censors ot public "pi nton could suppose the son of the joiner of Naza reth to be a great man He comrnencrd not hi career by wondera. He was not a Mosrs, whom they formed their idea of a great mau. Th? fixedness of that idea in their minds, precluder their conceiving of any other species ot greatness ihan that displayed by Moses as a leader, ruler, Uw-giver and insiructor. That idea ef a grea man was the common one entertained'by the Jews it the time Jesus came into the world, however much they might have difl-red in opinion upon subordinate questions. There wer? then three parties, or sects, amonp the .'ews, who, to a greater or lecseXtent,expected a Christ First, there was the conservative, ?r church party, the Pharisees and 8crthes, who ad hered to the old letter of the law and the writing of the doctors. They might be called the native Hebrew party. They expected a greater than Mo ses, but eull a king or prophet ot the same general character as Moses. T?iey expect ed at least a Gam iliel. Second, there w?? the indifferent party, the Sadducees, who did not believe in the theological system ol the Pharisees- They were men of properiy?ot gene ral inlotmation?were conversant with the litera ture of other nations, and by commerce had muc intercourse with foreigners. They believed *?. thtngabout the immortality of the soul, but they believed in tne idea <>t u state; they believed in the law and the constable, for they were neceeaar) to the temporal security. These men, however, it they had any idea at all of a coming Christ, ex pected only some high Roman functionary, som< procurator, perhaps, of extraordinary character and powers. Third, there were the K-sines, a sect ol ascetics, who professed c? hbacv, lived in the wil dernesses, ana they expected a Christ, who would be an ascetic ; and not one who would drink wiae, or keep the company of publicans. These three classes were deadly hostile to Const an account ot his tewching. The Pharisees said they knew hirn not, and charged htm with r-vrtt g Moses and the prophets. The Sadducees accused htm ? t ?Urring up the people, and disturbing the trai quility ot ihi State. The Eaatiits proclaimed that he was s wine bibbt r, and drank with publicans. But yet there w*? a class?a large one?who be lieved in him. It wua composed i t these win. were indifferent to the peculiarly stems of thethre* sects named, and they listened to htm, and as rt* taught religion, aud not theology, they believed hint He spoke to man, aB such?a being <apible of religious sentiment and instruction. 1 hough the Pharisees sought to obtsin his tHvorable opinion of their system, he relus?-d to fUt'er them ? Hie said that such righ'.eoti?ae*s as their s could aot <ain admittance hi heaven. They saw the danger ol his view* to their standing as a privileged order; and they denounced him, and threatened his fol lowers with expulaiou from the synagogue. When, instead of making the belonging to a pe culiar sect the test of acc plane with God, Jesus preached that they should forgive their enemies H?venty tim^aaeven, and that they *hould love their God with all their soul, and their neighbor a* themselves, snd r.pent, the orthodox ol the time shrunk back from him But others felt and be lieved the truth ot his presetting. It reached then hearts, because they Were not pre-occupied witl> an inveterate beliel ol a sanctity derived Iron their peculiar position or opinions. Ttns cluss re (diced in hta leachitur. Even the old men said? -It is Moses. It is Etas" Both old and younx exclaimed?" ll is the Chnsl! It is the Muri oi God ! He shall be our leader " Mr. Parker now proceeded to give more parncu ally Ins own view ot Jesus, and to account lor th titles given to hirn by some ol bis ardent toilowera He said Jesus was not a lenm^d til in?was no versed lu the philosophy of hta age. He did ftt" pretend to be But he looked to God direitly I i instruction, and the insptta'iun came It wa*<?r< that sp<<ke through the Je?u*?>f Nazareth li w?s God that enabled him to point out 'be dec* ei ot the reltgionis s H ihe time. They as a pari) telt the weakueas of their system, Dut wete mh atubboru ol heart to abandon it, and sought to bio* ? heir sliarrie by denouncing, their exfoser in tb? ia e of all their gods, und litially killing him. Yet he was 'egardetl as a god by hla followers, ?ven when thus (ier??-culed hy anoth'-r claaa,?hoe> rmporal dow i fall was to b<- the uecessary co. se quence of his advent, PofS? ssuig as he did to . degree never betote ? xhiuiied on earih, the quHii ues ol goodness, wisdom, love, and piety, the hu man hear.*, which had been penetrated by his leaching, could wot but wotship, unl foeticaliy ?(>eak of him as a God. Thia warmth ot language wan natural?yei it was but the mere raiment of their thoughts, iu which they dimply mruut tu at tribute tu him the godlike qualities of goodness, wisdom, and piety. Thry, 111 the ardor of their affectionate veneration lor him, called him God, because that term was an exponent 01 their greateai idea ot goodness. God and goodue** were in their minds the moat nearly equivale-ut terms which they could command. Hence, in cal iug Jeoua God, they were ouly to be understood as attributing to him a higher degree ol godlike qual ilea ilinu they had ever conceived ot before in any human indi vidual In conclusiou, Mr. Parker said that it was hia firm belie) that God had yet other ChriMs iu store lor Die world, who would us lar surpass our ideas ot Jesua as Jesua surpassed ilie ide<ia ot ihe Jewa Aud ao would each succeediug Christ surpass iu goodnea-4 aud wisdom hia predecessor. To sav that this would not be the case, would be to limit the omnipotence of the Almighty. Hut when the next Christ shall come, he will have similar prejudices to combat aa met Jn?.ss of Nazareth. The unitarian* will expect one favora ble to ihetr viewa. Th< se who believe in a devil and hell tire viillrxpect one ot their opinion, win se chief business will be to pleach their doctrine; and those who do not believe iu u devil, will not believe a Christ Mho does not agree with ihem; atid the result will be, that ci me whenever he may, or wherever he may, the arcts whose laUe systems he shall expose will uuile agaii.w him,iti.d put him to death ; and ihia they will do und. i the instigation ot ihe same species ot selfish in ffuences which led to the death ot Je&us ot Naza reth. After Mr. Parker descended from the pulpit, he exchanged salutaiione with a large number of his hearers. He intends to deliver the same discourse in several places iu the vicinity of the city in the course ot the season, and ultimately to publish it. Awful Charge?An Arrest in Washington ? We learn that an arrest wna made in Washington on Monday last, el a female, whose name ii not untanuii.ii to our readers generally, being no leis a personage than Mm Mary Emily Barry, alias L .ck- y Barry, alias Coyle Her daughter was also arrested The immediate charge against ner is tho abduction and stealing lion Doicinatit County, Md.. ot two orphan girls, one eg.d twelve j e.tus and tins other nearly fourteen, lor the purpose! of piosti ation She k pt, at ihe time ot her an est. u huu.cnl ill ume in Washington under 'he name of Mrs Coyle. An ? unt of the girls, who resides in this city, when she heard of their abriuotion, commenced a search, and found tha youngest of them in a house in this city, on Fed< ral Hill, but toi many weeks could !? arn nothing ot the oiher. Or, Sunday last sba visited Washington, and on Monday found the home ot Mrs. Coyle, on C street near IS b street. Here she found the eldest sister. Application wa?|made to Justice Thompson, who isi-ued a warrant 101 he ariest of the woman and her daughter. They we-:e tried on Tu (day, Messrs Kend-ill and Carlisle oppearwg for the pioi-ecHtiou, an I wre committed >o pusou lor tbe abduction ot this p sor orphau chid A writ of hahea* corpus was also issued by Judge (.ranch, aud all the par ties were brought before him; this resulted iu the deli very ol the child up to the u nt She bas returned to this city with the child. A great degine of excitement ws> manifested arainst Ihe woman in Washington, during thi ?whole progress of the case II wo mistake not, this Mrs. Barry is a fugitive from justice from this B.ate, having heen indict, d here lor stealing some dry gou ts I'om tin store uf Mr. Richardson In Baltimore street. Bhewas eWo iu soma way connected with the stealing of Art negro children, who were taken to Norfolk, with the de sign mI being sold. She is a bad ?ouian, aud it is to he nop. d that Justice may now overtaku her?Baltimort Clipptr, Dec 37. Thk Opening or Lake Superior.?The snl jeci of o|>eniiig the mliisd hi a ot Lake Superior to ihi enterprise of American citizens, will be agaiu agitated at the present lex.ion ol Congress Tne canal to he con -tiucted aiound the Falls of 8t. Maiy, is one mih .tu.i a half in length, which c n he completed lot ve?s?ls isl the taigeit (lass h,r a sum not ? xcei diux $3,6t>0 WHi I'o justify this expenditure, it is reasonably supiored i h* tie increased sale ol pub.ic lands aiound that L .k> wmil. more ibsu ri pny Ibe Uul ed Hates, the first y ear all. i 'his grea' wink is opened. I ltd* pendt nt ol these pecuniary consideiatipn , it wir he iem'nib< red that this small outlay would unlock t ?omm? rcu the laigesi body ol Iresh water in'he world Lake Hupinor heing ro 1. ss than 8s0 miles in li rgth an lit) in widih Its white (liberies, yet in their infant y but vet to uval ihe celebsated cod fi?heries of New und lajid,? s's immense and inexhaustible a>i?ea ?f copper ?i>0 had, offer aonsnl lations of national impoilancts in iu favor. As there is now a manifest feeling in Cong- ess for en couruging the settlement* over new and enlaigi d 'arrito ry, we cannot b.|nveibat ibe opening of Lake ttuperioi a ill be ov. rlnnkad, ihould Congress 01 gamze Ihe new territories of Nebraska and Oiegon The hahiis and In stinets c four countiymen show ti at they will cootinu. 'o spies l over more country Though some r. giei this we do not, as it Is Ibe hest evidence of the frae oin lov nig character of our people. The national legislature, >sy wise and constitutional laws, can give that Impulse s lieiiltby direction The shores of Lake flupeiior are uo? ? aled to the flow ol emigration- almost a. much so aa thi far distant hanks nt Ong'>n. Ah the general goveinment is the great landed proprie 'or of the L- ke Superior ngion, it would seem not less 'hun sound pvlicy to lake measur sto sell those lands e* .?ecially when it oan be dona at on expenditure so tnoct rate. Supreme Court op the Ukitkd States, Dec 24 ?No 4. Jamr* N. und Levi Dickson vs Wi'Iihii H. Wilkinson, administrator of John T. Wilkinson. Oi a certificate of division la opinion between the Judges o< the Circuit ourtof ihe United Stales for Middle Tenner, ee. Mr Justice McKIoley delivered the opmi n of thi. court, that advantagecould not he taken of any defectiv. averment in Ihe Aral scire jnriat upon (he demurrer si ifes plaintiff to tti" plea ot the oafeiiilai t iu ibis cause No 7 lohn Walkei's assignee vs. the Bank of Washn gton I: error to the Circuit Court ol the United B atea fur the Di? trict of Columbia. Mr. Justice Wayne delivered thi opinion ol thia Court, affirming the judgment ol said Cir cuit Court in Ibia cause, with costs aud six pe r cent dam - gei. No 84 Thom.ui B. ? inston vs. the United Sta'es in error to the District Ceuit cf the United Hia'es lor the Vorthern District ol Mississippi. Mr L hit f Justice 1 e na, delivered the opinion ol this Court, d .misting thi ?lit 'f error lor the want of Jurisdiction No. 113 Hi ram Pratt'* administiatoi vs. Um Prentiss. U H Marahsl fcc On nppeal from the Circuit Court of thn Unfed .4 ate* f sr lumoia Mr. Chiel Justice Tmhi y <!< Iivi red 'hi opinion of ihi* Couit, dumis-n g this appeal lor the want of Jurisdiction No*. 36 7 James- Cheslon mi' Samuel Oor.lon, plaintiff < in enor, v* the Appeal Tak Court. The argument of these cauaea was coii'inued I y Mn?ri. Steele and Nel?on f T the defendants in erroi and by Mr. Meredith lor the plaintiff' in error. Ao jjumud till Thursday morning, 11 o'clock. Thk Cherokhr Quarrki.?Fort Gimon, (Ai '<ansM8,) Dec fl, 1H44 ?Thf "Old Setilers" ioni (iilked of Council c smutnced l*st Wednesday. Thi Comiiiisioners lelt here last Tuesday for the Council Oiound, near the mouth of the Illinois River, aboui twenty miles Irom tl.i* [ost. I.nut C 8 Lovell, sr companlad them as Becretsry. Rr|>oit say s, that Johr Ross and hi* followers, arc very mnch opj ottd to ihi iieeting althouvh it i* geneialiy auppose'i he has toi. much good seuso to "bluff" against the United Btsie. authorities An Indian expra?i arrived h?ra shnut ten o'clock la> mgli',front 'he Conimisi>inneri>.ti|ion the arrival < f which i oii'paiiy H , ol the 1st D'agoon* ( h nnlv ei.npiny o Dragoo I hem at the tihn) were oidered to satirise up im medmti ly, und ri pair for with to the Council O ound ? They started alsout n>idnight, Lieut. R tt Chilton, in command, taking with thsni eight days rations III* ilj-ci ?-f their tup Is net known, hs the oidei w s a sor' ?si a stent one Ccnjectuie says, it is for the pu(t<oieo preventing the Rots party Irom con muting any outiagu upon ttie Roger* or ' Old Settler"paiiy. Kncloaeil, I sen I you a copy of tbe Proclamation issne^ by Governor Butler, U. H Agent, and one of the Cow mi?s loners Aho'ild any thing cf importance tran*f're at the Cmn ?il, I will inlorm you of the ??me by the flrst 0| pnr'u ni'T. Dsc.l ?Pnow felt In thia neighborhood, last mgh'. ib >iit three inches deep, aud it is still snowing rapidly The proclamation spoken of, printed in ' heiokee so Kngli.h, la one issued hy P. M. Butler, the U. S. agent - We give sn extract. " fproclaim, and declnre. that letters have been dlrec' e.l to John Ros?, K?q , principal cl.ief ol the ( hrrokn Nation, and p ople, and to C> p'aln John R'gers, c..nsi d red the pnnc p il of tbe con p aining patth a, to w It : "Tbe Old HMtler*'and Tie?ty pary Intm ming th> n ? the Hon. Recti tary of War ha* eppoiutrd the pro mised commission to Inquire into, ai d ascertsln the tni' and exact extent of the discontent aud spirit of hos'd ti vliich pr.vaii* among the Cherokee people 5/ Lnut Hivnllt, Dec. Ill CHkRoKki Pkenidkwi's VIs?tiAU* ?John Rn*f Ksq., the principal Chiet ol the Cherokee nanni Rving been detained hy adverte rlrcHmstances fri'm 11.? ? eat ol g? veinrnent (? bile Hbsi'n' he got mirriedl on lh' ?spnningiif 'heVitioiul Councilor Congress, address, in m a message on hi* return commend'g with an et< |U U' notice nf the ''eath ? I a g'eu i BTiber ol vd'nibl ?1'iZ" >s >nd |.ubiic ( ftlcers, by a prevailing e|iid mic,au h< n ad'1, t ? I i tefi iring to 'he dornmeiit'i cnntaitiing the corrn I'O idi i'i e of the H li g.nio'i with the 1 cre? ry ot W . ou wili perc.ei?< that our long una< tiled sffiirs w ph'l United 8ti<'it Government, remain still open and tins< justed. A? this c<srre*|iondenoe will lie hilly read ti y our tnfoi maliou. I deem It unn?re?*a y to comment upei he policy which *ei me 1 to hsve d ctali 4 the course |>u tpd by 8 cetary Wiiku.s tnwsnta the delegation ''.?inducting the- di sired in gmlsiinn . as it will ?pp<ar t \ eiitthatlt wis adop'ed merely toevei'e the (hIH ns< n? Piesident Tyler's wii ten pteig.- ot the 'itch of ai-pt. i er IMt. loi a new Treaty tndemnMceiinn, kc. I!i ight'ou* demain's i f our |ieoph ii|Ksn lie United a at tKsveinment lor Justice and the deep wrong- tiq'liri | it with the reasonable aasurance altea4y given, ?? at tin j shall be redressed, leave us only to hope on, and to ntoie cite them with pitnlence aud |iers?verance,kUAtil th.y shall be dually settled. Baltli (Correspondence of the Herald.J Bultimoii, Dec. 26, 1844. Chrittmai Joyt?Oentnil Seoti?Theatrical* ?SuUt of Stuckt. Dear Sir Christinas has again been celebrated. On Chriaunaa eve Market atreet, a Broadway in immature, wan the scene of both universal auit public happiness aud joy; the alorea brilliaatly illu inmaiI'd ami dia laying their precious treasures in the most seducing manner, were thronged w>th vi a lera of every a x. During the day the temple* of woiahip cou'd hardly r. ceive the pious multitude floatit g to their different pulints We Httei.ded the seiv.ce in ihe " Oathtdral ' In the evening the city appeared to have H-nt lorth ita whole adult population to Bur ton'* Front Street Theatre, wheie Hunon Iwrmelf, Uhai.inuu, and Mm. WiUon pleuae the people. To-day, we met at Baruuma, that military chief tain (ten Scott, whose name, though connected with ihe history of thin country, has very r< c- nily become popular II we are not mistaken in judg ing Irom "aome signs ol the times," he aeema to he destined to play a part in the great drama, "the Presidency of 18 IB " 1 he ralea at the atock board are lately very nn iinporniiii. Hud pncea general y on the decline; 'his i gitueaa ?I the mouey market haa priacipally ?beefi produced by the apple henstons succeeding the pasaane of the SubTn-,.t,ury Bill. Truly yours, Loncinvs. Fan*'! Foui th Apology. Triumphanta all, on you I call; Anne, and roll our ciutade ball. When aaked by idolatora, what ia our faith 1 I make this reply : VVe believe that God ia Love, which corquera all, lor s.ll to Love muat yield, even the moat lero ci us beaat. Therefore we aim to love each other, and to practice that golden rule of rulea, Do as y ou would be done by Tnia law ci Love Ironi God above directa our every move. Seek 1 ruth and Perfection! that ia our everlast ing motto. On-?quently all fulaehood we throw overboard in ouronvvard prt gtets. It is the privilege ol our L hurch Triumphant to retain no cieed ilit*l can be proven false. By moot marvellous calculations that revive fh? Hebrew cabala, we demonstrate how aacied As trology and ita occult philosophy, or magic, ia a?e velation of the waning and waxing systi ni of Goo 'a all-redef mug Providenc e to bring to pass the final restitution ol all thing* in a round of the great Pln fouical year, one if whoce tour seasons is the win Id a present age. We declare that the Jlible, from i'a alpha to ita nmtga. is a book of Egypt's Astrology aud MegiC, eApreived in a limiting? of eniblr INS. Mosea bf il g an itnaae of the Mum tt All 'lunga visible are typ a ol all ihlPgs invisible as the ideas ul God so nhrinrd i Ins luiigUHgt* was AdumV id P*rudit>f*. I I'ese images, when diveaied of their spirits*! MiRiiincatioii, whx h is their poetry, constitute Ido latry s ** beggarly elements of the world " Between the celestial and terrestriul globea' po sitive and negative aspects, is their golden mean, 'he world within, whin; God is an intellectual Sun of the Mind The t?i.iple of the Univerfc exists aa it wtre re flected on the spirit of man ; so much so, that like J??iis Christ, he ia an epitome of the Universe: .nd in that temple within him he finds the true God *nd Henven, whoce lighthou.-e whs Solo mon a Temple. The at.ira are lamps in God's man *iou, the Uuiverse, and they coiietituie ita tirne l?i? ce But it is God only that ordained and directed the -?ara of Siaera, or that of Jesus, or that of Napo leon. 1 Ood moves the ?t?r? : then the itsrt mi ve men No other Aitrolrgy we lun. . To vulgar miuda the ('hutch trium| hant cannot ippeal Sue is too intelli c:ual for fitutes to com reliend All beasts |ien?h, and so do her en. miea They object to our titles. But why may m t we, i>n the s age of i ur church's sa< red drama, appear it characters < xpl<tiiui'*rv "1 Nature's ceremonir> * ' ?'irs ia not the proline drama sn tamed by hurchi s militant: not a drama of types, but u dra nia of thr- is antityp*a A* to our lemulr ecclrsisstics, as long as the k.anh snd Moon are a pot-Hive and tegative, male ?nd lemale, like the positive lunar snd negative ro ir year, whose mean is e circle's 260 d. gnes, that closed at M. asmh's birth, they should have male ma r? rn.iU- s tcrrriotal i fiioerti h? repress ntntivfn in ?ur church diffi;i|?liiie. Therefore rvrry rnalr ueo I'hyte ia a Kn'sh: of the Que> n of Night, and every i-male m * lidv t on? like Sir Adam Earth, tha other like lady Eve Moon. Low*hi) Hoktlethwatt P>or. Grand L<>-?ge, N.. 671 Gieenwich at, N. Y. December 2iih, 1814 CoDsTroR THK f-ohRtcTioN of Errorb -Thura Iny, D c 26. 1814.?Present?Senator Bockee. re.idn jj.MD'l as o<h> r K< nstori sr.t the ( h ,nc. llor and Mi.tice Ur?n?on 1 W ?? R E Northrou Tha h.inceiior, Mr Lott and Mr Boek-e delivered written ? |iiin-n for re.veiiul, ai.d Mr B^rluw wnd Mr Hard or nfflrmance. Judgm nt reverMd, nxteen to four ? ' M Matthew. The Chancel ? r Mr Wnaht.Mr Lswrenne. Mr B<ott,Mr Hard Mr ?tolow and Mr Jonei, del.vered wntten opinion* lor Mi B?k. e and Mr Po.ter oral ip.noi a tor i c versa! Julgnitnt rever??d. ai to I. The loiiu?lnr reioiutmn wrfi thritnpon adopted Resolved 1 hit tl,e property ol l-oardera at tavsrra and tioardlog houkeA i? not liable to dutieas tor rant, alifaouch uch property li not in iheir po?a??ion, but la in the . ?V M??i"n and ariusl t.a? of the unai.ti, by their ra imiaiion ind n Ithnit the consent of the laixtlutdt Ar.a Me..,?. B icku*, B.rtlit Bu.nham, Chamberlain, H.rd. L.wience. Uitr. Mitchell, I'Jatt, Bcott, Smith] Van ey, tVoik*, Wright- 16. i !?,0n* Burlow, Dennia cn, Jonas, Porter, Bcovil- 7. 3 Hut14 verans Eve Wilson, survivor, ko Tha tiancellor, Mr Lo-t and Mr Potter, gave wrltttn 'pinion* lor rev>-i?p| Jmtfrnnnt r>ver>ed-U to 8 4. s Forrest*. J M Mr Fiitnan. snd Vr. Uhoodis ga*ewi|t?Mi cpimor * for s?>mi.nee, and th, chancellor, Mr Scott, Mr. Johr#or,, ivir. Barlew Mr '?ine# -nJ Mr BocktAor r?vt;;a?l Ju lgmt nt iliveritd? 0 to 9 ^ J,ON'-?The Illinois Hourc by a vote of lie to 4. have ref?rr.d a bill, re(>ealin* the Mor n' h f,h?rtna, to the Judinarv ''oinmittee. That i? naht (ought never to hav? ta.n Krsute<i it, the monnroni louna in which it uai ursnied The vote on the ouea lon of r. Iwiet,ce am "'nuy ny, unanimous, the tear ay? being Mormon*. Its p?Ki4ge is not doubted he u like mnjnrit] . ' rim scien ?how. plainly enough the folly of any ??ct >r?niiig upon the aim of a I any. I he rpjiosilion Jed on there Mormopa, ate* by aten ? h-y gave an ? rwv agant charter io get their votei . ,hat lone, a ad then bring lu further or immrdiate m,d lor heir helji, tnry are ton>t;d ovtihoard without a paa?irr >mpa?l,y, at a In* i dly pnrtit g S? it will teiiiib ."t ?""??a oi men who isciilhv seii.nrptct.or duty, in Ih? ?pa it gaming ?oine > Iflh tnd by ?n ai.uaiurai or ux, " y alij.uice ?ith any party. II thsae Moimon had been dealt lightly whh or the . gislsture ol Illinois had treated th< m a? the* noulJ .aved.iii, any Chtisiian body, we sheutd have I?. n !j)Ste.l the virdenc" and muiili ra which have orcurred tr. ?rnear the Moimon se tl< m< nt. L'p?n the I. gula'orn of hat State rest* lh? reaprinsfhillty ?fthis violet c? ted tie*e murder*. i'bi? retrjf umn (nat yer ? s'lanster*) n.e. out to lllinoir must be * en and uudei*tco<l bv her Mtixnii*?Cin. Gaartti, Dtr. M PiassI"! ntHY ? One huudrt d ihotisnnd barahave Veu i .ken m Pomi Jjdnh Pon?la within the last momha Tw. my ?ve ihmuand wne ink^n a> ? i,a .nil til'* Week, and ei|tht thousand at suolher The alt"' ' I what ha* already ht< n can ht, *t 'h? trid.-aie rieeot lour Centa per lb, ('or Wbi. bthey have breu ?oh!) i* firimatid at t*n?? thnuaanrt Hollsr*. Il i* bought that the lower pond fi heiiren will teillx.' *1 x 1 on a ?t d dollar* Irom this win'ei'a A,htly. Prmidtntt itntrnal. Dh.\ I'A i, sUitGEKV. rEETII BUPPLIED ON \ HYW a>D IMPROVED I'llini irt.F. fender and Decayed Teeth Restored U7 H.H ?*?? Adrtiti^ riii* t t mtni, ky V?r H II,LI A>| HAH* ff l I Hurjtron I Jennet. So 341 Hr?>ad**y, ? i |>o%it# !?# l ab nm \* 1 hi* in>tlunlilc imiration ia Hi adliraiv?, ? U? brcom? ?n inarpar blri'u li< r of t!*#? t#t'b. nvitbout in h? liKlii^st <'*?!>? iH|?iHiiir in' It tft rft an ?id i*'wiat.p,if c*i'# of the Too h -cbe at d rr?i-ra<arf rr tlt-ov J9HTIFH Lit. TEfiTH. o .uu??y. (it .n.'m ' Ho a corvt|?l* tr a?d vriif)ff?d n ? f luriplr in d^nug it ini*?MMibl t d ?fiii*u ?h flu* aitilicial from i he uatuial inn 'd |irv?i>iii| *i il>? hiw time, ter'ect a oeah t A ua> er of r .?e?, iTlu?iran?? of h- mwlinn eal il-f In,nil of Den nir>. m ?) Ik ' u hy 'h<>>r t> rei|ti.rii it deuml ?votaire li? m ill tli.ii it iniii ii to tlieir sd*?i>t i?r by fa. ? i u* >lr W m. U'liell <*nh a call All cousalutiaas fiar, 141 Biu.dway, o, |??itr the T?b?r e ' t" lm* vi : 11 1 W v 1 ? | H L t. wiu ?*?!/.b!?? thf real hr- -.f hair tkat tee) . havr prooouat^d it . . -><>it i^.ieri w,,| e a tr, Waarv meeutiur of the The fre*i id> aula*, ul .h., ?fl inu IIIIt.|ue win It ,t? Sen? made *iih >ui vwinn ,n ???ma arkieh eau*?t it* Wi*Araui-fw io ( l..e-l) it, ' ualaial h?n, both >?. Iifhtu<4- \nl .aiuml a|.|??o.ue. ** ??, It ilnrrtfu It* teaiair hemi, ,. h-?.ii..n| ?.ti?r,ie* nJ * Uiat iu ill tun ol i?r*|>irai ot, -??MiiaOui, ,? aaia . r.ii) ?d Ihr treat eail* nf utbsi ? n -utirelt iniijeil |"i r i-'t,e d ewiaoiMeat ars alik* invited ?. iu.i?? ihi ?o%rl u,l l?,.t lal Wia, and Uw uecohn mr.h?.U af ("utiua tl?r h-ad u U? osnafaetarer *, A (. larrr lt? t?roa<W(ly, c?riiar .<f Libe tv .u?ai,an*ttM aJ?lm?H