Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1845 Page 3
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fty-dra to one hundred piroent. We annex the re al from (our districts. Cobuko?RirEME hiom Custom*. 1*43, . 1144. /nn. Jties ?1,367 I) 0 ?2,003 16 5 ?636 16 3 arbor tolls 914 18 3 1,301 1 9 366 3 6 Total ?3,311 18 31 3,303 18 3 991 19 11 roar Hora. 1843. 1844. incr Dalies, ?760 0 0 ?900 0 0 ?300 0 0 lUbordues 660 Oil 900 0 0 360 0 0 Th k^^Vm fash the e ?1,360 0 0 1.800 0 0 460 0 0 The export* amounted! to about 50,000 buahelo Wheat, i0,600|barr*la Aour, 4'00 do pork, 100 do potash, 100 do whiskey. Darlington. 1843 1844. liter. Duties ?217 15 4 ?487 S 4 ?3*9 10 0 The shipment* at thi* port for the year, were : Lumber 360,000 feet; Flour 6,917 bbla ; Oatmeal 303 bbl*.; Whi* key 103 bbl*. ; Fork Iti bbl*., Wheat 3,300 bushel*. The duties on good* imported fiom the Vnited State* to indsor and Oihawa, amount this yeer to ?763 9*. 6d. 1830 the only article expoiied Irom Windsor was 300 el* of Wheat to Pert Hope ; and in 1843 the value of the export* was ?46,346. Thi* show* the rapid increase in the commerce of the ports of Canada situated on the great lakes, and gives us reason to hope that eventually the internal commerce carried on between the porta of tha United State* and Canada will be very extenrive, and yield a very large revenue to both government*. The trade carried on through the lake* la principally confined to agricultural products, and shorn the development ol the resources of the seotion of country on those water*. The tolls of the Welland Canal lor several year* past have increased very rapidly. Wbi.lahd Canal?Amount or Tolls. 16.'12 $9,738 1839 961,484 183 3 14,473 1841 80,840 183 4 17,'200 1844 102,293 1836 23,228 Since 1839 the receipts have doubled. Among lhe arti cle* transported by the Canal the paat season were the following: Beef and Fork, barrels 41,9761 Flour do 386 208} Ashe* do 3 413 Wheat, bushel* 3,133 692 Corn... .do 73,328 Barley... do \ 930 Rye... ,do 142 6 663 Potatoes, do 7,311 Peas do 138 Old Stock Exchange. 926000 Ohio 6't, '60 opg 96% 100(has Farmer*' Tr 2000 do slj 9S% 200 do 22000 do opg 96% 100 do 1600 do 96V 50 do 10000 do bOO 96V KM do 1000 Kentucky 6's 103.% 325 Morris Canal 4000 Penn'a5'a b60 73 25 do 'I 10000 do boo 73V 50 do 5000 do Feb 2 73% 400 Stonington RR 10000 do Feb I 73% 300 do 5000 do Feb 1 73 50 do 10000 Illinois apcl b60 36% 175 L Island HR 2500 Texai Tr notes 12 50 do 50 shas Vicksburg Bk 4V 100 do 60 N Am Trust 13 100 do 25 Canton Co 43% 50 do 43% 50 25 do blO 43% 50 do 50 do 43% 25 do 5 Aub it Roch RR 197% 100 Nor and Wore 50 Mohawk HR blO 59 75 do Second Board. 10 shas Mohawk RR 59 50shas Canton Co 150 Farmers' Loan 36 Now Stock Exchange. $6000 Ohio 6's, '60 blOa^o 96% 25shaa N Am Trust a - ~ 4000 do blOafo S3% 25 Canton Co 4000 Illinois 6's, '60 c 31 100 ? do 25 shas Vickibuig Bk c 4% 25 do 75 do c 4% 50 L Island Hit 225 Morris Canal c 29 50 Erir KH 350 Farmers' Tr S3 35% 23 do 100 da bnw 35V 26 do 25 do s4m 36% 26 do 75 do <? 35V 100 Nor and Wore 100 do slO 35% 25 do 25 do I>I5 36 25 do Sales or Stocki?Baltimore, Dec. 36. $2000 Baltimore 6's, 102]; 1000 do 102]; 1000 do 102); 2000 do 1034; 1100 do ,#'J 3I6; '-ICOO do 103]; 100 do 102]; 100 Baltimore and Ohio RRBk, 102; ?260 Maryland stg, 06; 1 share Bk of Baltimore, 261; 10 Union Bk, 631; 14do, 6d, 03]; 26 do, 5d, 63]. State of Trade* Ashes?Pots are very dull, and we must still quote $3 76 a 3 81], Pearls are firm at $4 a 4 06], Beeswax?Prime yellow northern and western sells at 20 a 29]o. Cotton?The demand to-day was quite limited, and the sales only amouut to 600 bales. Hay?Common qualities of North River bale are held at 60 a 68c; prime at 60c. Whiskey?Drudge casks are in moderate demand at 34 cents. Western and prison barrels we quote at 24] a 26c. Cotton Trade. Considerable excitement exists in this market in rela tion to the complexion of the next advices from Europe regarding this staple. The last accounts were so very unfavorable, that wo can hardly expect anything ot en ?-ticouraging nature. Operators on this side are aware of the extent of the crop now coming forward and anticipate nothing but the prevalence of very reduced prices. Ac cording to the late advices from Liverpool, the impression in that market appeared to be very general that the yield of our new crop wouli be about two million five hundred thousand bales We think this estimate is rather under than over the probable picking, and have, no doubt, but tiiat the crop will produce nearer twenty-seven hundred und fifty thousand bales, than any this g below than quan tity. lu 1641, the c|p)> yielded nearly twenty four hun dred thousand bales, since wb>ch we have had cnltivated the usual Increase of land, for two seasons. In 1848, the crop was 2,030,000 bales, with a more unfavorable season, than previously known for years. The ciopof 1843, with a season like the one just past, would have amounted to more than 2,600,000 bale*. There baa been cultivated thia year more acrea of laid, with cotton, than ever he lore, since the settlement of the country ; the season has been very long and favorable, and without floods or fresh ets. The plant throughout the season has been healthy and every thing favoring a great product has beon realiz ed. We are aware how difficult it is to form estimates and bow apt opeiators are to be led into error from this prac. lice ,but liberal eatimatea are aafer than those placed un der tne probable production. We annex a statement showing the movements of this staple thia season: Baits Receipts at ports of the U. 8. since Sept 1,1844. ...670,804 " " " " same pei iod last year. .610,7M " " " " " year before 779,?78 K.Xj oits from U. 8. since Sent. 1, 1844.. 887,762 " " same period last year 216.680 " " " " year before 346,669 The receipts at thia port since the 1st inst. have been 33,406 bales^Exports same time 16,314 Dales. Tsken by spinners 16.'WO bates. Taken on speculation 1,600 bales. Stock in city 23,000 bales Amount or sole 8,000 bales Since the arrival ofthe Acadia with Liverpool dates to the 4th ult., this market has been very much depressed and prices have fallen off from one to throe eighth 01 a cent. It will be perceived that there has been a very limited speculative demand in this market during the past month. We annex quotations how current, remark ing that throughout they range from ] to ] of a cent be low those ruling at the departure of the last steamer. Liverpool Classification. Uplds Flor. Inferior 4 a 4] Ordinary 4] a 4] Middling, 6 an] Hood middling, 6] a 6] Middling fair,....... 64 Pair, Fully I Goodf Fine, We annex reports of some of the Southern markets, of the latest dates N.OaLKANs,Dec.21.?For the higher grades prices remain without material change, but for all descriptions below Fair, we have ioiind it necetsaiy to reduce our quotations a quarter of a cent, and there is do activity in the demand even at this reduction. A good many parcels have been taken for our Northern markets, and a few lots fi r both the North and South of E .rope, but most ofthe business has been on account of Eogli.h and French buyers. The sales for the week amount to 21,106 bales, of which 11,790 we sold during the last three days. Quotations-Loulsatia and Mississippi?Inferiors a 8]; ordinary 4 a 4] : middling^] a 6 ; middling fair 6] a 6] ; fair 6 a 6] ; good fair 6} a 7] ; good and fine 7|. Corn Trad*. All articles under this head have been without change throughout the wee.t. Genesee flour ranges from $4 68] to $4 76 ; Georgetown from $4 66] a $4 62], and Brandy wine flour Irom $4 68] to $4 76. Southern corn fetches 60 cants delivered ; Northern oats 33 a 33 cents; Rye sella at 67 cent* ; wheat rangea from 90 to 180 eenta. In Albany, on the 27>h, the flour market was inactive; also the grain market. At Buffalo on the same day,a sale of Michigan flour was made at $3,87]. There are now 28 vessel* of different sizes owned and trading around lakn Michigan, capable of convaylng 192,000 bushel* wheat. In the Chicago store hoiitna at the last dates there were 130,noo bushels, coating on an average 62] cents ?there is storage room for 600,000 bushel*. Throughout the country the warehouse* are Ailed with breadstuff*. In most places the price* are merely nominal. Nothing but a foreign outlet will now prevent the rates from falling. Married, On Tuesday, (1st ult by the ltev. Thomas H.Taylor, Rector ot Grace Church, Mr. Geoboe F. H. Youno*, to Miss Amelia L , daughter of the late Alexander Ogabury, EW. all ol this city. On Monday evening. 30th ult. by the Rev. Mr. Lathrop, Mr. Samuel W. Carter, to Miss Caroline F.lisa Sti dolfh, all of this city On Monday, 30th ult ? by the Rev. Mr. Bellow*, Mr. Otis P. Tuttle, of Boston, to Miss Lucinda A., danghter of Cuahing Nichols, Esq of thia city. dling fair 6] a 6] r, 6| a 6] ly fair t>\ a 6] id fair, <ij a 6] e 7 a 7] N.O.J- Mob. 4 a 4] ? 4i a 4} 6 a 6] 6 a 5j 6 a 5] 6 a 6] ? a 6] 7 a 7] 8] a 9 Died, On Tuesday morning, 31st nit. of consumption, Mart Ann Rtan, aged >8 y? ;rs, I month and 26 day*. The relatives and friends of the family ate respeclfnlly requested to attend the funercl, this morning at 9 o'clock, from the residence of hei sister, 16 Moore street. Her remains will be trken to Kahway lor interment. On the 97th ult. of a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian fotitudo and resignation, Samuel Smith, atone cutter, son-in law to .lames Pettigrew, In the Sid year of hia age. Hi* remains were taken to rateraou, N. J , for Interment. On Tuesday, 31st nit after a lingering illness, Samuel Benjamin Rudolph, <n the 44<h year of his age The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, tomorrow alter noon at 2 o'clock, frcm his late rsritence, Court street,corner o( Tactic, Brooklyn. Ot/- Philadelphia papers will please Copy. PMHn|iN AnrfTMft Viu CiUl-Btiiiu Eflieuia?Hon. Caleb Cushmr. from Lluua via Mazailen; Mr. Menin, Mr. Morrisou, Mr. La Ma* drid, Madame Betaucourt, Madame Micliaud, James'Brown. Belize (Hoodurea)?Brig Patary B Blount?Mra Deltrica. Foreign Importations. Vcaa Caux?Barque Eugeuia?210 t- ua logwood. 4 bale*ja lap 4 do cochineal 37 do goal skins II do sars tparilla II box mdse 336 ox hides $7(00 Hargous, Brothers St < o?$159 L E Har Koaa?I caae plauta K A Lohse?4 balea cochineal E H Ltcomb 2 boxea plants Heuachru? IS batea jalap 649 ox hidea Heynard It c??33 balea jalap Meyer It Stucken?S do F Dominge?3 co chineal J Manzado?10 do jalap V Carl lent St Sous?$'000 F Del Hoxo?$1200 F A Lohse?$30 Leonard It Howe?$1635 W Benger?$1467 P Harmony'a Nephews It co? $509 W Kee?3604 Belize (Honduras)?Brig Pataey B Blount?49 tona log wood 1 box specie J J Labouiae?11 ceruons indigo I box specie A caaea 3 trunba B Blanee?7 cases Maitland ItComric?91 lodes J Dominique. MARITIME HERALD. IMp Musters anil Agents. We ah all eateem it a favor if Captains of Veaiela will sir* to Uobkht Siltkv, Captain of our News Boau, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they tailed, the vessels spoken ou their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign "r~?*? ? ?- i a asss ?? stadia vu?U| auw ?"/ "?# newspapers, or news the* may hare. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at home it abroad, will also confer a Tavor by sending to this office nil sliding I the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical I a forma oos of say kind will be thankfully raeeirad. POUT OV.NEW ?OBK, JANUARY I. tun SUES 7 13 I MOOS RISES 11 53 SI'S SETS 4 37 I HISM WATER 0 39 Cisand. Ships Columbia, Cole, Liverpool,C. H. Marshall; 8t. James, Myer. London, Urinnell, Minturn It Co; Utica.Hewljt, Havre, Boyd Ik Hincken?Brigs Brazilliau, Hitcliboom, Mew Orleans, Kaymond lit Waldo; Lemuel Peters, Tramway, Bermuda, Buck Ik Peters; Rodney, Smith, Galveston and Matanzaa, Bad ger Ik Peck; August, Doane, Aug Cayem?Schrs Olynthus, Cay wau, St. Thomas, Neamith It Walsh; Antarctic. Thomptou, Demarara, master; Orozimbo, Sawuuet,*St. Croiz, Neamith It 1 /plll?r?ri?? UlOAiFi , 4'iiii<iiiiuU| aanuuvi| *?!>? viviA) ivroiiiiiu w Walah; Redwing, Sleeper, New Orleans, do; Cora, Graver, ? Ric " " * H Petersburg and Richmond, W. J. McKee Hi Co; Louisa, Howe, Philadelphia; E. A. Stevens, Brigaa, Baltimore; Bergen, Cole, Petersburg, Va. James Hunter It Co; Abbott Lawrence, Mee ker, Boston, E. ,8. Sprague?Sloop New York, Jonea, New Haven. ArrlyeH. Ship Louisiana, Deuhurat, 13 days from New Orleans, with flour, to Foster It Son ?1399 his Hour Suydam Ik Sage?1095 do D Johnson?119 lbs tallow lot beeswax to order. Lu 36, lou 73, exchanged signals w ith H P Summers, aleering 8 W. Ship Pater Hatteriek, Post, from Mobile, with cotton, toE D Huilbutt. Ship George Bknfield, Skofield, 12 days from New Orleans, wilh cotton, to Naamilh It Walah. Shio Java, Perry, 13 days from New Orleans, with mdz. to E C Collins St Co. Ship Charleston, Brown, 3daya from Chailesion, wilh coaon to G Bulkley. Barque Eugenia, Biacoe, from VeraCruz, 12th Dec. with specie, Sic. to Hargous, Brothers It Co tl.,?/i?A fYliva 1(Uae4ae 19 .lisara fenm 1 Barque Olga, l'haxter, 43 days from Rio Janeiro with coffee. ? De to P Edea. Dec 23, lat 30 46, Ion 73, in n gale, carried away main yard. Brig San. Dennett. 64 day* from Rio Janeiio, with 5311 bags coffee, to Pickertgill St Co. Brig Black Hawk, Robinson, 56 days lfrom,Rio Grand.*, with 3000 horns 5011 hides, itc. to E Coruiuglt Bon. The LH Adams Noithrop, went ashore on the Bar?part of her cargo saved iu a damaged state?had 7 feet water iplher hold?She will be sold for a trifle. The Nammaknnta, Tucker sld for River Platte? No Americans iu port. Brig Pataey B. Blount, Malcolm, 17 days from Balize, Hon.? Left at Balize. Noble. Denting, disg, to load for NYork. Schr J. W. Smith, Few, 22 days from Port au Prince, with 303 hags coffee,165 sucks mahogtny 33,lM|lbs lo^wood, to_A C ttossire. Captain Keyser d.ed on the 3d Dee. The J W 8 has expeiieuced severe weather on the coast, stove bulwarks, Itc.? All was quiet wheniCapt. T. tailed, Schr Velssco, Beeley, 14 daya from Key West, with mdse, to ' eft ii N L McCiesdy. Left no Americans. 8chrThe.dore Frelihghuyseu, Bogert, from Norfolk, with cotton. Schr Sarah, Dill, from Virginia. Schr Charles, Ober.from Georgetown, with flour. Bchr Oroca, Meyers, 4 davs from Baltimore, with flour, to master. Below. Two ships, one'barque and two brigs. Staled. Ships DenmaJk, Mobile; Gondola, Apalachicola, and others Correspondence of the Herald. St. Thomas, Dec. 9, 1841. In port?ltosalba, Champinu, from Montevideo, bound to N York, put iu in dimes* en the'26th ult, in a leaky condition she is going on the M. R. slip for examination and repairs; Har riet Thompson, Whipple, Phil <delphia, lunc, dis; Chancellor, Mrrryt.hen, Antigua, unc, underyoiog^repairs, having sir nek on Barbuda on her rassage .out; Alfred Hammond, Spear, Ham burg] for NYork, sld same day, via Turks Island; aloselle, Euttit, Wilmington, disg; North Bend, Cole, for Point Petre, Guad. next day; Maria, Boweu, of Philad for St Domingo, dis: Nauvoo, Nicke rton, for Boston, sld day before, and lay off and on; Elizabeth, Lane, Philad next day. put in for orders; De troit, Andera?n, NYork for St Croix, aid 3d iust; Charleston, White, St Domingo, disg: Philanthropist, Eldridge, Chatham, unc; Xulnda. Cutwo'lli, Kdeutou, NC, llth inst; ?Virginia, Browu, P Plstt, St Domiugo, uext day; CL Vose, Wilming ton, NC. aid 3d iust; Ponce, Lull, Boston, just ar; Ariel, Hop kins, Baltimore, next day. Miscellaneous tucord. Packet Shit Columbus, for I, verpool, will sail to-morrow st 12 o'clock Packet Smr Utica, for Havre, will be detained until Sa turday, the 4th inst. Mail FrfK the Pacific ?A Mail for the Pacific, via Pans, mi, will be made uj at Gilpin's F.xch&nge Heading Kooms, and close on the tth January. Wbkck of the Samuel Ingham?At 3 o'clock,A. M. Nov 12, saw a la-ge schooner ashore on the Dry Isaacs, to the south ward of Smith's Island, Chesapeake?in 20 minutes struck on thesime shoal, Afty yards to the e-.stwaid 'of the schr?hsiled her, understood her to be ;he Ingham, of and for New York, with naval stores?at the time the s-a was making a clear breach over her? heard the crow on the forecastle crying out that sir was going to pieces. At4jnmi>.'d over the Shoal, and drifted across iulo Lvnnhaven Koads, end rode out the gale?during the morhiug the schr went to nieces. CHARLES KKTCHUM, of Schr Brilliant. The Light Boat is at Quarantine, and not at tier station as erroneensly stated yesteiday. Ship Cornelia, French, which sailed from 'this port for 8t Croix on the 26th Nov. with about 40 |>asseugers, arrived there after a pleasant pasasge on the 6th inst. Dr. Vau Alstyue, of Albany, is said to hare died on the 7th day out.) Ship AColts (Nor) with 388 tons bar and scrap iron, to Da vis, Brooks Ik Co. tailed from Cardiff on or about the 27th of | Sept. and has not aiuce been heard from. Feari are entertained for her safety. Cargo insured hare. Missinu Vessel?Brig Violet, Now Ian. of and from Phila delphia, for Ltguayra, went to sea about Oct6, and is auppoaed to have foundered in the hurricane of Oct 6 or 6. Hei roll of equipage bore the names of Miles Nowltn, master; Amos D. Brown, first officer; WTe??maiier, second do; Jacob R Smith Richard Harding, Martiu Bollen, Stephen Bauice, seamen; John Roth, cook. Whalemen, Newburttort, Dec 29?Cld, Harbinger, Brownell, Atlantic and Indian Oc-ans Magnolia, Simmons, NWCoast, Sandwich Islands, Aug 10, llio Janeiro Nov 9. with 3400 bbls wh 600 do spm oil, and 13000 lbs whalebone. [The M. sent horn-- 24000 Ibs bone on tM voy age.! Spoke, June 24, latOJ N, Ion 166 39 W, Janus, Turner, N Bt-ilford, 1000 wh on board, who reported May 16, on NW Leo nidas, Waldron, Bristol, 3 wha; June 7, Levi Starbuck, Nye, Nam, *00 sp: 15th, Frs Henrietta. Dexter, New Bedford, 2 whs; Trident, Black, do, 1400 bbls; 18th. Mary Mitchell, Lawrence, Nant, 6 whs. Lefr at Sandwich Islands, ship Nimrod, Shear man, of and for NBedford, 4d, 2800 bids. Spoke, Nov 2, off H Janeiro, brig Washington, fin N York fer River Platte Leflat Kio, Superb, Gatchell, fm St Ubes; Hindo, Proctor, do forN Orleans; Victoria, Hartshome, Liverpool for do; Bornholin, Thompson, Cadiz; Ariosto, fm St Petersborg: Wallace, Young, Bo.'t mi forN York; Kunomus, MansAeld, NYork for NYork; St Cloud, Davis, Buaeo, for Rio Grande; Marine, from George town; Danl Webster, Barker, Lisbon: Southerner, Halletr, do; Dulia, fm Cadiz; Baltimore, in nuar; Helen McLcod, Land is. Bait; Sterling, Lovett, Cape de Verds for Africa; Su san k Marc, Walsh, C G Hope, do; Warsaw, Herbert, Per nam buco for N Or leans; Arctic, Pascal Baltimore for Africa; Bran dywine, Smack, Pernambuco for Philad; Kugene, Drinkwater, Hio Grande; Alphonso, [Dan] Paulson, Care de Verds: TJ S corvette Boston. Nov 10, signalised an Am Barque bound into Rio, showing a red signal with white ball in the centre. The Magnolia confirms tne report of the loss of the 3d officer and two menof Frs Henrietta of thiiport. Passenger in the M. fm Sandwich Islands, MrHighby Thrnup, of II S ship Warren. Isabella, Howland, NB at Callao in Sept, 260(1 bbls spoil. Iris H|Mx>ner, NB, at Callao May 21, 8(1 ap (rep Jane 9, 60) A letter from Alexander, Jones, Sag Harbor, reports her at Maui April I6lh, with 60 sp, f >r N W Coast Tew days. Reports sld from Mani Apr I 4, Thames, Bishop, do, for N W, 660 bbls; touched about same time. Huron, Green, do, nooil; Washing ton, Saudford, do, 500 bbls; Neptune, Piersou, do, 200. Spoken, Russell Glover, fromlNew Orleans for'Liverpool, 25lh inst. off Care Carnival?by the George Skofield, at this port, b Ramham Roy, from New ?rleaoa for Philadelphia?by the sane. Diana, from New Orieana for LWerpoi 1?by same. Cecirina from Boston for Rio Janeiro, Nov It, 1st 20 23, Ion 39 ?0?by Olga, at this port. A barque snowing a blue and white signal, 9th Nov. off Cape Frio?by same. A brig standing E. with Parker'afsignals, Dec 10, 1st 14 30, Ion 46 45?by same. B C Sheppard, 8 days from New Orlesns for Liverpool, 20lh inst. off Carnavoral. Foreign Port* Cnux, Dec 12?Sld, Alice Jane, (Br) for Laguna; F.n geuia ( Fr) do do; Anies, (Krt do do?In port, Ann Louisa, dis. to sail for N York on the 28th. Macao. Aug 9? Arr Montilla, McMichael, 88 days from New York. Passengers, Captain McKeever and CommWer Payne, of the United States Navy. Whamfua, Aug. 27?In port. Antelope, Dument. from Bom bay; Mosbm, French, from Manilla; Ann McKim, Vasiner; Antelope, Dumaresque for Bombay 10th Sept; Oneida, Tripp, and Paul Jones, Watkins. At Hong Kong, Aug 29-Petrel, Rogers; Cayuga, Starbuck, to aail for Mazatlan in a week. Poni Au Prince, Dec|B?In port. Colonel Tavle, Brown, for Boston, Idg; Republic, Smith, fm St Thomas lor NYork, direct; Dirigo, Tibbctti, lor Boston, sld 4th ,?8t-N B., Dec 19?Arr Syria, Masters, NYork; 20th, Woodaands, Johnston, Philadelphia. Home Porte# Castine, Dec. 27.?Arr, Albion, Phillips, Baltimore. Portland, Dec 28th?Sld Rival, Matanzas, Boston, Dec SO.?Arr Corro, Atkins, Anx Cayes, 29th alt, I.eft no Aaer vessel. Spoke 21st inst. Ut 37 26 N, Ion 7 0 00 vv. barque Jnniata, Blsnrhard, from Portland for Apalachicola; 2M, Ut: 10 20 N, Ion 70 00 W. Manchester, Snow, hence for Mo Alto arr. Reni Rush, V nunp, South Amboy. Tcligriph' ed, ( oquimbo, Howe, from Liternool. and Zealand, fm ? Came up, Chicora, fm Manilla. Cld (trotiout, Meacom, Cal cutta; Ganges, Watson, Ht Jsgo; Porto Rico, < nttrell, Anx wiU^briiTp ?rs^bihir^fhroii!"rm<!"lbo- Atiu,,ic feSX" rf11 ,hi> port ,inf' our ,Mt Y^rk^Amlllna" Rio.Oihbs, Philadelphia, via N York, Alalantt, Wing, and Monitor, Bes.e, Warehara, 'for N D>Wu?ki WmUmm, tlall, N "ork, W? a Mobile; Almira, M'Loud. Rappahannock- Martha wL,? * ?Vo ant, Hopkins, kap .. . .... ., ... .?-1 Win It. James, lleed, Mobile; Almira, M Loud. Happahannoek; Martha Washing ton, Wood, Norfolk. Below, a fore and ah schr. and a sloop. Uhistoi, Dec 27?Arr Wilhrd, Miller. Warren forN Yores Sld Cabot. Bowers, Matanzas, Osceola,Wyatt,(fm Kali Rivir) Havana; Advance, Gifford.N York. C ld Ann Moore, PaciAc Ocean; Kmelire, Manro, lYlatsnzas. New Haven, Dec 29? Arr Robert. B Glover, t'allnlun, and Bimuel R I'aynter, Menhon, Philadelphia; 1 ariff,'Palmer, and Orator Dndley, NYork. . Piiiladeimiia, Dec. 31?Arr Susquehanna, Mierrken, from Liverp- ol, Nov 9?off Nantnrket, no dale, saw a ship standing to theeastwsrd, showing a red signal with a cross in it. Also arr Cora, Warner, from Maracaibo, 3d instant?left. Emma Wait, for New York inSor 4 days; chr Peolmont, from La guira, for New York, np the lake loading fustic. Also art An na Reynolds, Matthews, Beston; Elizabe h J, Remington. Ha vana; Twkr, White, Boston; lorfone. Blew, New York; Pa lestine, Stephenson, New York; Moses Brown, Nick?rson, Providence. Below, schr Hornet. Cld W M Rogers, Taylot, Boston; J ft W Krnckson. Smith Trioidan de Cubs. Bai.TiMuRE. Dee 36-t'ld Michigan. Tertv. New York; Mil lisent, Tininrll, do. Sld Latrnbr, Allen, Galveston; Favorite (Br), V latter*, Beimnda; Queen Victoria, Tucker. Trinidad. Chasi.eston. Dee 81? Cld, Warsaw Hawkins, Havre?8'ith, arr IMrica, (Sw) Wahlgren, Newport, Walet; John Hancock, Soubiatea. Havana; iZephv , Roby, Matanzas. The T. C. Mitchell, hence, art 17th. The Daniel Webster, hence, touched i at Matanzas during a heavy norther, and sailed on the 19th for Havana. The Comet, Bonney, sailed on the 19th instant for | Baltimore. Sld John Baring, Michaels; Shenandoah, West, ,* Rlje | Liverpool; Birmingham, 'Robinson, *ud Meteor^ Stevens, Htvrv; Belvidere, VVambersie, NYork; Aie sud Arabella* MHeor.Steveri., HffW? i thusa, Baxter, Bordeaux. AraLACHicom, Urc 21?Cld,Tuskina, Williams. Liverpool; Star, Chaw, Baltimore; Republic, Gates, Philadelphia: Bor deaua, Barn*., Providence. Arr Uuiuuebaug. k niton, Mobile; 1 ecumseh, Ripley aud Florida, cTift,INYork; Cordelia,Hatch, I'once, l'R; Berali Laviaia, Taylor, Baltimore, lu l>ort, ships Mary Krauces; Element, Turner; gabbatis, Cox, Boston, Jdg: Tallahassee, Hadlrv. wig: Taroliuta. Smith, Liverpool; plo leuce, Leach, frt or ch.?Barques Eliza, Talbot. New kork; Alabama, Merritt; Tecumseh, Kit ley, nud Lion, Alexander, wla freight; l olossns, McDonald, Liverpool?Brigs Yucatan Bauer,and Old Colony, Cli??e, Boston; Camila, aud Historian, N York, idg: Cordelia, Hatch, wig freight?Schra President, Nickerson, Boston; Romeo, disg; Sarah Lav , . iviua, Taylor, from Baltimore. By Last Night's Southern Nail. Baltimore, Dec. 31st.?Arr brig. Saldana, Stub from Rio Janeiro, Nor. 4; Water Witch, Le Brou, St Johns, PR; Cham pion, Corbin, Moutego Bay, Jam., 13th Dec; schrs Vermillion, Seaman, NYork, 7 ils;Maria, Latouretle, do 5; Margaret Aun. Hammond, do I; Puru, t heuuy, Newburyport, 12: Mary How land, Providence, 9: Shetland, Vrost, Portsmouth, NH, 12; Flor did Mar, Kiuuea', do. 7 Cld, Euiaw. Ford, Havre. Sailed, brig Amazon, Wedge, Demarara; Traffic, Gardner, NYork. Richmond, Dec. 30 ?Arr, senr (Jen Scott, Doughty,NYork Savannah, Dec t7?Cld Pacific, Ludlow, Liverpool?M Dillon; Peter feinill, Lewis, Providence?Lippilt tk Wit lit. Arr, Leader, Dewing, Rio de Janario?aid Nov 21st; Colum bia, barbae, Havana, 9 daya; Laurel, Witliain, Matanzas, 5 ds, to master. Mobile, Dec 23.?Cl'd, Republic, Lnee, for Liverpool; Ga zelle, Allen, f irBo-ton. Aar ship Celia, Thatcher, 2U dtlm NYork; Laac Newton, Spalding, from Portsmouth; Linden, Williams, 20 da fin NYork. THE NEW ORLEANS COMMERCIAL NEWS dc READING ROOMS, IN THE COMMODIOUS AND AIRY NEW BUILDINO, OPPOSITE THE SAINT CHARLES AND VERANDAH HOTEL8. ri^HlS ESTABlISMENT is liberally supported, end under J- the eepecial patronage of the Merchants. rr< fessional Men. Master Mechanics and others of this city. It will be coudactrd on the same admirable system that has rendered Lloyd's in Lou dou, Galignani's in Pari* and similar establishments in all our principal citiea, to eminently useful; affbrdiug great facilities to our citizeus particularly, nud tu strangers generally visiting this great mart of the 8uuth-West. The undermentioned Periodical Lifratare. will be regularly taken 'The principal Commercial aud Political Newspapers, Reviews, Maitazhies, Journals, Ike., published in this country, with ut any distinction to party politics. The leading English, French, German. Scotch, Irish, Texan. Mezicxn, Canadian, West India, South American, (kc.. Newspapers, Reviews, Mag azines, Journals, etc., etc. The Price* Current, from every city in this country and abroad, where one :? published. This de partment shall be strictly attended to, it being a ve-y important and useful one Journals of the Arts and Sciences, Manufac tures, Law, Medicine, etc , etc., will also he taken?the great object of the establishment being to concentrate the largest amount of Commercial News and (Jeneral Information, for ihe use of its supporters. The daily Arriva's and Clearances rf all veise's, either For itn, Coastwise, or from the Interior, will be emerrd in b oks kept for the purpose?also, copies made directly from the Cns " all Entries torn-house, of all Entriss and Clearances, with tin fullest par ticulars of Consignees, Cs-goes, etc , etc. The stock on hand of Cotton. Sugar, Tobvceo. Western Pro duce, etc., ttc., will be regularly entered daily, in separate books, whjph wdl be of gr-at advantage for reference. The Forwarding Letter Office?entirely a new feature in this city. Subscribers to the establishment will have all iheir let ters for warded by every vessel and sieamer leas mg the city. To non-subscribers the charge will be six and a quarter ceuta for each letter. The establishment will be opened as an EXCHANGE, for subscribers, from 12 till 2 o'clock, P. M., wlieu will be placed on the Bulletin Board a Commercial Report ol the Sales of the day, collected by a most efficient Commercial Heporte-; and also, a Corrected List of the Sales of Stocks, etc., etc lu the evening, the establishment wdl he open for Excoange Purposes, with rn additional leport of further sales of the day. Shipowners and Captains of vessels in Port, shall, at all times, have free accpss to th ? establishment, and are requested to call frequently, as every atteutiou will be paid them. Any suggestion of a subscriber will be attended to, and com plied wiln as far as practicable; the great desire of the proprie tor is to give satisfaction to all Terms of Subscription;?For each individual subscriber, and firms of two partners. SKI per annum; for firms of three -ir more partners. $20 per annum. Slre-igers visiting the city can sub scribe at SI per month?a loncer period, at a proportionate rate. All subscriptions paid in advance The subscriber pledges himself to exert his liest energies to make this establishment every way useful, and of the greatest public conveoience to those who luav support it. D. BuAVO, Proprietor. ^New Orleaus.'January 1, 1815 jlStrc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING E ST ABL IS HM E N T, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. TIE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tions throughout the Union, the West Indies, South America and Europe. They have also made arrangements to be supplied with every new article used in the Daguerreotype Art. They have lately received n large supply of Voigtlaruder'i celebrated Cameras, consisting of three different sixes, for the sale or which they are appointed Agents. Also, a supply of best Plates aud Chemicals, either for Daguerreotype or Calqtype, made to their eepecial order. Cases of all sixes, the bestPolisniug Substances, auderery other article Died for the Daguerreoty)>e, constantly on baud. Their long connection with the Daguer reotype Art and their sareeas iu taking pictures, may serve as a recommendation aud reliance. Daguerreotype Artists, hy ordering articles from any part of the above named eountaica, may depend upon a prompt and satisfactory execution of their MWri. Their prices are cosh. Prices Current and information may be obtained by addressing ( post-paid) to 11. Ik F LANGENHKIM, jl lm*ec Exchange Building. Philadelphia. UOH r U|r a RARE CHANUE, a Man with Five Hundred Dollars, ready cash.?For aale, a Bowling Saloon, witli stock and fixtures, now doinft a business that pays from twelve to fifteen dollars per week, clear of espeusei. (board included,) anil with an incrersing custom. To a man of industrious habit* this affords an oppo (unity to make money with a small in vestment. To any one having the above sum. and wishing to engage in the business, satisfactory reasons will be given for the present owner leaving, and the. bu siness shown, to satisfy the purclisser that the above is not an over-estimate. A note addressed to H. K , with real signature, and left at this office, stating win re an interview can be had, will meet vt ith prompt attention. j* 1 2t* rc. THE COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON BROOKLYN SHADES, las IS Hicks?t-T8 stookes begs 1. ave to inform his f ieudsand patrons that lie will o|ieu his new establishment at th ? corner of Hicks and Poplar sts.. on New Year1* Day, where he hope* they wilt honor him with a Mil. Choice Hefie'hmeuls to be had at all hours. English, rsew Ycrk and Brooiilyn ps|ers always ou the tables. jal It*rc TO !> ERCHANTS AND OTHERS WHO TRADE SOUTH. rpHE Advertiser will leave this city on tie afternoou of A 'i hursday next, for the purpose of traveling through tin principal towns and of all the Southern Staff, and woalil undertake, for a mi derate remuneration, to distribute the busi ness cards of mercuau s aud others, who wish to invite (he trade of lite South. He would also collect debts, or attend to any bnsiuess that would not require ton much of his time or attention. Satisfactory reference* given. Any c inmunication to J. O'H , left at rise office cf this paper, brfore 12 o'clock, uu Thursday will receive prompt attention. ja I It ec OUAL. ' A/TOUNT SAVAGE FAWN ASH COAL.?Now di? A" charging from Schr Chief, foot of King street, a cargo of this celebrated Coal, from the Cumberland region, which, for purity and strength, is considered equal, if not superior, to the best English Bituminous Coal. Otdera sent to the subscriber, or to Mr. OSTHOM, 118 King street, will be promptly ?tte ded to. jal 3t*ec WILLIAM JACK90N, 177 Broadway, QUBSCRIPTIONS RECEIVED, and Single Copies, for sale, of the DAILY and WEEKLY HERALD, by COLON Ik ADRIANCE,203>4 Chesuut St.,and (8, 29, 3D and 31 Arcade, Phdadeli hia. Also, all the pnucipal American and Euroreau Periodicals, Newspapers, lie. 12! u.?All the Cheap Books received as soon as published, j I 2tis*ec 7*7 ANTED?By a Single Young Man, who has a through ? v knowledge of the Hotel business, a situation ss Barkeep er, or Book-keeper. Satisfactory reference given from his pre in this city. Address I.J. B., at this office, on or be fore the 21st of January nest. js I lt*rc TWIne AND SHOE THREAD. 5 1, 8, 9, 12, 18. 24 and 38 lb. Seine Twiue. I I 2 aud 3 cord (filling do 2 aud 3 thread India do "Hopewell" Cotion Seine do of every site. WRAPPING AND MANUFACTURERS' TWINES of every description. SHOE THREAD of every description, including Til ley, Tatham and Walker's. For sale hy jal tt?ec CEBKA ilt CUMING, 103 Pearl street. PHOSNIX (XWFEE AND SPICE MILLS, 88 Elitabtlh Street, between Hester and Qrand Slrerti, NEW YORK. rPHK Sabscviber would respectfully inform Traders, Country A Merchants, and the public generally, that he has constantly ou hand and for sale, Green, Roasted, and Ground C< ffees Ground Pepper, Ground Mustard, do Alspiee, Nutmegs, do Cinnamon. Mace, -? 'linger. Cloves. Rc. Put up in bogus, from 10 to Mlba each, and for sale at the lowest cash prices. Goods sent to any put of the city free of charge. Coffee Roosted and Ground tor Grocers. d3 lm*m GEORGE O. MK8SEKVK,. DR. LARDNEK, CONSUL IINO ENGINEeK. A CARD.?The Public is informed, that Dr. LARD NCR continuea the practice of business aa a Consulting Engi ginrer, which ha followed ou an extensive scale for many years in England and Franc*-. Inventors, patentees, manul.iturer*, merchants, aud others e.ngaged in the arts and mauufacturv*. may consult him ou matiers requiring the application of the principle* of practical science. Certificates iunl opinions ?u the validity and usefulness of new inventions and processes in tlie asts. Ropswts on disputed questions and donbtfnl point*, et penmanlai investigations, with a view to the discovery or lett ing of improved processes, will be supplied oi updeitafceu when required. Office No tl Spruce street. New I iff* All Bnsiuess Letters must he post-paid, soil to prevent time being lost by trivolous application*, all applicant* will be ex pected to pay a retaining lee of >10 before consultation. nt2 linre FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED TO HO. 08 LIBERTY STREET, (UF BTA1RB ) ADALE8ME, Impoitrr ami .Agent for Manufacturers, hat ? always on hand a large aasortiuei.t of dinnei tnd tea sets, is plain white and gilt French Porcelain, as well as Dionsr and Dessert Plates, of all ????, assorted llislwa, Sonp Torrent. Covered Dishes, Baled Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Custards sad Stands. Alan, Fancy Tea Sets, anil Rich Decorated Dinner Sets Also, Tea ana Chi rotate Were. Greek, C reech tnd Arurriesg All Are articles are warranted of the boat gaality, and In bs told ou liberal cms aud ra lots to rail's* rehssers UH llS**e TO THE OAOUERRIAN ARTISTS. JUST RECEIVED from Paris, by packet ship Fsancis the w First, Jflfl French Daguerreotype Plates, large sise, (star brand.) 12 A'mmatic Glasses, 3)d inches diameter. 12 doxen of (Bit Frames, of different sixes. 6 German Instruments, lor taking family groups. And for F. A. ART AULT, rale cheap for cash by Fjeach Materials Importer, r. of Lil Lafayette Basaar, IM Broadway, cor. of Liberty at. a25 lm*rc Beet as ith an ealrn DROKEN CANDIES at oue shilling lbs round D sorted Sugar Plums, at one and eight pence,?wit! aire assortment of Sugar Toys, Fancy Bovra, Sw. Ike , at equally low prices. T. G. HODUKINS. Manufacturer of Confectionary, (9 I nnrtlandi at. dIC 2w"?e WINTER MAIL LINE FttK ALBANY AND INTER MEDIATE PLACES. Faur. THuornti to ALuaiav $4. BY HTEApOAT AND STAOE-Und inK at Dohb*' Feny. Sing Sing and Verplaiiek'a ^^^?????^?foiat ? I he Steamboat UTiCA, leavea the Steamboat Pier foot of Couillandt at.,(iouth side,) Eferv Af ternoon, at i o'clock. Stages leave for Albany immeilialely on the arrival of the bout ?t rosiit,keepsie, on boih sides of North River. Far passage or freight, apply on board or to P C. 8HULTZ. It the l>?c? on the Wharf. jal W?. HENRY PHILLirS?The amalleet Grand Piauotorte .. evw madaj brought from England by this celebrated vo ?aliat, is noifto be sold, aed may be see* *( the Pianoforte Vyrerooms of Rtodart, Worcester !k Dunham, 881 Braudway ? lltf re SJ 11 IP II11. AII, from New Gtleans, is discharging at I'ji , "> ' ( North River. Consignees will please attend to tlie woej of their goods. dM Med RALLS. EAtlTIKB. ASSEMBLIES, kc, would do v D Rive JERVIS a call for Engraved Ball Tickets, p Circular*, and Card* of Invitation of e?ery description, I AUCTION SALES. BY WILKIN8 k ROLLINS. Auctioneer*. A DMINISTRATOR'S SALE of furniture, kc., on Fri (lay, January 3d, at 103d o'clock, at No. 831 Broadway, be tween 10th and 11th it*. Agereral aaiortmeut of good Furni ture?cons sting of three-ply and other ? arrets, Sola, Tablas, Chairs, Marble Clock. Chinaand Glass Ware, Looking (Jlassei, Bads and Bedsteads, Mantel Lamps, kc.. Willi a large assortment of Kitchen Utensils, with which the sal* will commence. Ml It* re LARGEST COLLECTION OF BEASTS AND BIRDS IN THIS COUNTRY UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTION. CJ.REAT BOXING MATCH?Novel and Amusing Enter C* taiument.?The (Greatest Bill of the Season, at the NEW MENAGERIE, No*. |49 Kultou, and 1% Ann streets, on Mou day Afternoon and Eveuing, December loth, and every day and sveuiug during the week, at 3 and 8 o'clock, P. M. Admit tance 113d cents. Tlie lovers ol the "Fancy" are respectfully iuformed that the innnaxer of the above Menagerie being well convinced of the tre mendous strides made by those proficient in "The Art," has made an engagement with the following celebrated artists, who will exhibit their new artistical Freaks of the Science:? (n ad dition to the many animals uow exhibited there, His. Calisto Almeida. Spanish Boxer; La Diabolo, the Learned Kangaroo; in conjunction with Major Jack Downing, the Simon Pure, or in dpier words, "the most intelligent .Monkey in the country," who will go through his wonderful performance in the ring, and on his celebrated rimy, Billy Button. Ths public are respectfully informed that at the above hours Sig. Almeida, the Spanish Boxer, and La Diabolo, the Great Kangaroo, will euter the splendid Arena, prepared for combat. During which sceue the dncirine hitherto considered fabulous, vie au animal standing on the extreme end otnis lail to do battle, will b* fully shown to the satufactidi of all. The manager has effected the above engagement at an euormous ex pense, and confidently looks for the pstronage of all who know how to appreciate true and novel talent. d!5 ec FOR THE HOLIDAYS. A CHOICE COLLECTION OF ANNUALS. ILLUS TRATED BOOKS, BIBLES and PRA EH BOOKS, Books aad Games for children, kc., kc., suitable for Holiday Promts, for sale at P. WALKER'S BOOK STORE, !M Io|'-on sir* t. Also, a new and beautiful edition of the Pic tonal History of the Bible," in sp'endid emblematic morocco binding, prepared expressly for a New Year's oift. Annual" aid IILis'rated Bo.As for Children, and a large aesortment of JevtMiile Books of every kind, for sale cheap. \Ls Job Bindiim of all kinds executed with the almost neat nesc Han, plea of the di flerent styles can be seen at tlie store. <ll8 2w*rrc well to priuetd , he be ing prepared to do Ball Printing as good and cheaicr th in ativ one else in the city. Call and satisfy yourself at JEKV18'S Oiiginal Cheap Eugnving and Printing Establishment, 338 Broadway, next door to the Tabernaclsg n28 lm*rrc CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF GROCERIES, FRUITS. WINES, kc? WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT SCOTT'S, TO NASSAU STREET. '"?'HE subscriber oilers to public inspection the beat assortment * of Groceries. Wines, Fruits, kc., kc., suitable to the sea ion, of any establishment in the city. Superior Teas. Codecs, Sugars, Otard, Champagne and Cogniac Brai.dy, Old Jamaica Rum, Holland Gin, Scotch and Irish Whiskey, Brown Stout, Edinburgh Ale, and Fruits, fresh and rich, by the latest impoita ttous. . JOHN 8. SCOTt7 Wholesale and Retail More, 76 Nassau ttn et. N. B.?People from tlie country. Hotel and Boarding House Keepers, who buy for cash, will find it to their advantage to give this establishment a call. Goods sent lo any part of the city, free of expense The Scotch and Irish Whiskey is great ami no mistake. dS7 Ira* rc SPLENDID HOLIDAY PRESENTS. n'HE SUBSCRIBERS have now landing from the ship J "Queen of the West," the richest and most unique assort ment of CENTRE TABLES, ?set exhibited in this couutry, being Historical Views of ancient buildings, such as Warwick Castle, Colloseum at Home, St Peter's at Rome, Melrose Abbey, Tintun Abbey, kc. kc., painted by artists of known celebrity in Enrol*, and worthy of the particular notice of the public. J k I. COX, n26 toil*rc 319 Broadway, corner of Leonard st. BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S PRESENTS PHOTOOR APHIC .Ml NIATU RES of JAMES K. POLK, by P. HAAS, set in a mat Gold Breast-pm, lo be had at Haas Daguerreotype Rooms, 361 Broaiway, at the Lyceum, neatly opposite Niblo's? where the most splendid Daguerreo type Likenesses, of all sizes, as well as family groups, are taken atall hours of the day. dl62w*ec HOLIDAY PRESENTS. ?'.THING NEW UNDER THE FEET.?Barnes' cele brated Premium Brush Door Mats, the most finished article now in use?likewise, its unrivalled power* of cleansing are such as cannot be surpassed. Geuts. you will please yout ladies bv purchasing the above atirle?sive your carpet* and orna meut your hall*. Warranted to last 10 i.r 13 years and retain its original beauty. BARNES k McKEACHNlE, Manufacturers, 2V> IVarl st. Agents?J. B. Windle fcCn., 56 Maiden Lane; L. W. k F. A. Miller, Carpet Store, 447 Broadway. dSI 3t*rc BOOKS FOR THE HOLIDAYS. AT DUNIOAN'S CHEAP ROOK STORE. 151 Kulton street. IE SUBSCRIBER has now for sale a large and well se lected stock of Books, Appropriate foh the Sf.ason, embracing in particular, the English and American Annu als; Juvenile Books of every variety; Standard Mis ckllankous Books. His Assortment of, Prayer Books, kc., will be found especially deserving theat'entionof the Catholic Pub lic?most of them of his own publicitian, prepared for sile under his own ?u|*rvi?ion They received The First Pre mium at the last Annual Fair of tne American Institute, as be ing the Best SrgciMKNS or Bindini; and Prin . iNo.g Copies of his new Illustrated Family Bible?published with the Approbation of the Rt. Hcv'd Bishop Huohas? with Illuminated Titles, Family Records, and Illustrations on Steel, pot up in superb White Turkey Morocco, with Heavy Gilt Cusps,?or, of his Urtuliue Manual, Flowers of Piety, aud other Prayer Books, with elegant engravings in the same rich and chaste style. Prepared expressly for the H ilidays ?making very elegant, unique, and valuable Gift Bonks at the lowest prices, for cash. EDWARD DUNIOAN, d3't3tis*rrc 151 Fulton street COME' LJ btalei TH! ARTICLES FOR PRESENTS TIFFANY, YOUNG & ELLIS A NNOUNCE to wholesale and retail purchasers that they ? have received bv late arrivals 82 Casrs; their supply of such Boons as llrr m.ML.nirll lo liuwil.. .mI.-w.1- l\._ ,1^, ll^i days, comprising on assort nleot even lamer, more splendid and more complete than that or t he last season As their lirst determination has always been to keep articles of the very best possible quality and finish, and in the latest and most select styles: they are aware ihu they may sometimes fail to receive the credit they desire to merit?of selling " cheats;" yet the distinguished and increasing patronage they receive assures them that most purchasers of articles of Taste at pre ci; te their determination, and they are confident that an esainiuatiou and comparison ol'goods and prices will result in couviuritigall that tl ley procure a more elegant, better, and more pat fee Un finished article without any increase of price. 239 ami 500 Broadway; dlt is tjl rrc W1 ELEGANT ARTICLES FOR PRESENTS. E beg to invite an inspection of our recent importations, comprising in part the followiug .? French Carcel I.amps, of over 200 modrls, iu Porcelain, Bronze, Antique, Ormoulu, be. Chandeliers, of Porcelain aud Bronze. Candelabras and Bras de Cliemine, Bronze and Gilt. Lustres, for Lamps aud Candles, new styles. Dretdou Porcelain Shades, of one piece, with ezqnisite land scapes, (lowers. Sec., a new article. French Colored do, far libraries, to be suapeuded. Pa|ier Shades, a splendid assortment. French Fancy Boxes, beautiful assortment, comprising about thirty different kinds of newest and most beautifnl styles. A. DIACON b E. D. SAXTON, Agents, 20 Jonu street. (Ta*Lamps, Lustres, Brackets, be,, furnished for parties. jT7toJli??in NEW YEAR'S CAKE, IN ALL ITS VARIETIES. I?AMILIKS about furnishing their Cake for the New Year, or " for Weddings aud Parties, are invited to call and iuspect the dillerent kinds on hand at the Old Bakery, No. 40 Lispenard street. All orders strirtly attended to. Those from the country will he boxed up in the most careful manner possible. d!3 2w?ec JAMES TOMPSON. NO PERSON HAVING APPLIED FOR THE RE WARD OF $10,000 OFFERED BY J AS. BOWLES, lie has made another large purchue of rich Fancy Onodi for Holiday Presents?consisting of rich silver plated and silver mounted Cake Baskets, Butter Coolets, Castors, (with cut glasses and silver mounted,) Wolk Boxes, Dressing Cases, Tea Tiays, Candlesticks, Children's Mugs, (a pretty article,) Ac cordions, Violins, Tea Sets, Tete-a-tete Sets, with every variaty of Toys, all bought tl Auction. dlil 2tis* m HARDWARE, TABLE CUTLERY, Yc. Ofl CASKS Blight Trace Chains. <JV fso do Full Size Carolina Hoes, all sizes.* 13 do Hooks and Iliuges. 0 do Patent Knob Locke. 3 do Cntry Combs. 10 do Tes Kettles and Sauce-pans. .i, 5 do "Newbould b Co's" superior files. 3 do Common files. 30f gross low priced Table Cutlery, a complete aosortment. Also, Pen and I'ocke . Cutlery, Kazots, Scissors, be.; Brass Candlesticks, Bed Hciews, be , be., with a general assortment of Staple, Birmingham and Sheffield goods. For tale at a (.rif fling advance on sterling cost. J. A. NEWBOULD. till titis'ec 90 John street. MILKMEN AND OTHERS desirous of contracting for Brewers' (trains, for the season or otherwise ate requested to call at tl e store of Mess it. COLOAN b PETRlE, No. II James street, or sf the office of the Croton Fountain istewsry, in the rear. The Yeast of the Brewery will be sold in tl e a'ors, No. 11 James street. d30 3t*ih WATCHES, JEWELRY, Yc. b 8. 8. ROCKWELL?removed fiom No. 9 Astor House, to No. 413 Broadway, a few doors south of Cent! Street have a good assortment of very fine Gold and Silver Wetclies, which tliey are offrriug at prices so low as to make it well woiih E while for any person wishing a good bargain local1 and ex 'Iry end Silver W> amine. Jewelry end Silver Ware, in great variety. Watches of every description earefully reputed. d30 3tit*rc SCARFS AND"CiAYATB. CHARLES B. HATCH, 07 WUltetn Street. HAS just received an elegajat assortment of Gentlemen's Scarfs and Cravats, of the most detirable styles and imtterns Also a full assortment of Undergarments, Gloves, 8?s}ienders, Dress ing Gowns, Ready Made Linens, Opera Neck Ties, Stock, be., be. dr fit is*ec VflTMC.-Mr DUM8DAY, Professor of Music, No 35 S Chrystie street, above Walker, will go to the residence of his pupils and teach (t.n very moderate terms) the Guitar and Singing, Accordiou, Violin, Trombone and Cornopean. Mnair harmonized and arranged for bands, and piano fortes correctly timed. SatiafiCtory references given on application, dtl lm*m fitt 11I nOt I REWARD?The above reward will l? paid vJr tv/jV/V/Vf to any person who can prove the subscriber and proprietor does not continue at his old stand, 603 Broadway, 4 doors from Houston st. He has lately purchased at different auction sales upwards of 30,000 Toys ef every variety suitable for the Holidavs, which he will sell at less than wholesale prices. The whole are now ready for insi-ection at JA8. BOWLE'8 New York Corset Warehouse and General d20tj! it*ec Auction Goods Store, KA3 Broadway ONLY ONE DOLLAR INCLUDING! AtsK OR FRAME. LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 140 Broadway, corner of Liberty. HTM AU 1 M It ML \U V L' A U 1Y AfllTL'UU Is I V CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS JVARS H. HHANKLAND, Daguerrtau Artist, rrspectfally O' informs the ladies and gentlemen that site will take the best style of Dagurrreotype, including a neu case or frame, for >11a nne dollar, as good as any. JOti# customer* ran certify what she advances. <120 2w ? rc house ; the price of billiards 12)4 cents per game. The proprie tor has had strict regard to elegance and comfort; and that he has computed economy the Inflowing prices will show:? A room for one night, 23c.; for one week, $1 ; for a month, $3. Refreshments on tne shortest notice. The porter will be in at tendance at all times during the night, to admit lodgers and to let them outet all hours. N. B.?Those who want lodgings af le the house is closed will ring the hall hell. dit) lm*rrr LA FAYETTE BAZA A l<, 14# Broadway, corner or Liberty afreet LADIK8 and Gentlemen will And in thin establishment the best choice of Fancy Goods, Tovi, Fancy Boxes, Sugar nesi choice oi rancy < tonus, I oyi, r ancy DOies, Sugar Plumbs, French Mottoes, Chocolate Drops, be. ever exhibited in this city, and suitable for Christmas and New YHbVi PirsenU, aad sold at vary low prices. dlo 2w*rc AMUSEMENTS. PAKK TIIKATHK. THIS KVKMNH. Ununry the lit, IN), will he pmenlril GEORGE BARN WELL?George Bern well, Mr Dyott; Mill wood, Mrs Hlomau Followed by the BATTLE OF AUSTERLITZ, or Lore and Honor?1 he Kmi-eror Napoleon. Mr Harrison; Phillipe Clisp; Constance. Mra Abbott. -Scrooge, Mr. auu riouor?i ne r.mperor napoleon. Mr flam Marcel, Mr W H Clisp; Constance, Mra Abbott. To conclude with CHRISTMAS CAROL?! Chippendale; GhoatofOld Marley, Mr Barry. Aumittauck ? Botes, lat Tier 76 crura?Second and Third 'Tiers 60 cuts?Pit 60 cents?Gallery 20 cents. PARK THKATRK, TO MORROW EVENING. Janu-ry 2, will be preeeuted THE BATTLEOI- AUS'lhl^LirZ, ur Lore and Houor? Colonel Le Frei. Mr S Pearson; Jean Phillipe Rone Mr Barry; Merian Bombelle. Mra Skrmt A Tier which, MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE? Pytliagoraa Si-hoou, Mr Chippeudalr; Khoda, Mra Abbott. To conclude with CHRISTMAS CARROL?Bob Crate Int. Mr W H Criap; Spirit, Chriatnias Paat. Mra Skerrett. PALMU'S NtCW VOHK UPKRA HUUSK, WEDNESDAY EVENING, January I-I9ll. uight of the Season?lu consequence of the iudiapoaition of Sig. Autognini, the perfoiiaance has been unavoidably poatpoued until llur above evening, when will be produced, for oue night only, Rossini's of CENERENTOLA?Cene'eiitola Signora R tico; Opera i Don Rouiio, Sig. Autognini; Dandiui, Sig. Toiuaai; Don May uitico, Sig. Samiuirico. Anwissioh:; Second Tier 50 eta Private Boxes, with 4 admissions, S6_ Seata arcuied from ? A M. to i P. M. Doors open at 7; performance to commence at 7>4 o'clock. Libwttos in English and Italian can be bad at llie Box Office. . On Friday, SEMIRAMIDE, with additional Choruaaea, Or chestra, Military Band, entire new Scenery and Ureases, w ith the whole strength of the Company. The Days of performance herealter will be Tuesdays, Thurs araayi days and Saturdays d3l CIRCUS?BO WEH1. HAPPV NEW YEAR'.?THREE PERFORMANCES!! Morning, at 10?Afternoou, at 2?Evening, at 6K. SPLENDID VARIETY OF HORSEMANSHIP. New Pantomime, and Mons CASSIMIK, ihe Drum Major of France, wiU give an liaitat<oii on the Drum of Firing Musketry, r~-'' -?? - , and I auonading of a Battallion an tin* Field of BatUe ! Boies 2b ots.; Pith?cu. Children admitted to tlie Boxes, m ihe day tun ?, at half priee. ja I lt*rc BURTON'S THEXTRR; ARCH STREET. PHILADELPHIA WEDNESDAY EVENING. January lat, I046, will be per formed the Drama called THE BLACK WRECKER?Ltuuce Lynwood, Mr. Sleveua; Ralph, (the WreckerJ Mr. Myers; Tommy Tinkle, Mr. Burke; Trevanuiun, Mr. laalliu; Anne Trevanuion, Mrs. Burke. After which. THE MILL OK APPKNAE?Frusciseo. the Dumb Man, Mr Barnes. To conclude with the uew Pantomime entitled HARLE QUIN'S FESTIVAL?Firebrand, Mr. Barnes; bui bra nil, Mr. Raasell; H.-raanma, Mr. Hmitn: Marietta, Mias St. dair. OLE DULL, IN Compliance with the requests of many kind fi tends, rv A apectfully announces that lie baa been induced to defer bis departure for a few days, and will have the houoi to give a FAREWELL CONCERT, at the Tabernacle, on Muuday Eveuiug, the 6th January, I8i5. Particulars iu bills and future advertisements. jal rc IkAADAMF, ARNOl.'LT will have the honor to give a *?"* Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert on the 16th of Janu ary. Full particulars hereafter. jal lt*re CONCERT fJMlE ORPHEAN FAMILY, in conuecinn with MR. A FRANCIS H. BROWN, of this city, will give their First Concert ou Friday Evening, January 3d, at the Society Library. The doors will be open at 6>? o'clock?Concert to commence at 7J4.o'clock. Tickets 60 cents, to be obtained at the prineipil Music Stores, the Aator House, and at the door. d30 31* rro THE LARGEST ATTRACTION IN THIS CITY. GREAT AND UNl'RECEDENTkD NOVELTY'. THE LARGEST HORSE IN THE KNOWN WORLD The Mammoth Horse "EMPIRE,'' who stands 20 khands high, weighs 2,000 lbs , and can trot a mile iu 4 .minutes, will be shown?loge'her w ith the full blood I imported Arabian Stud "8ELIM"? at th" "New York Tat teraal's." in Broadway, near Grand st. Admission 12% cents. The exhibition of tlie above Horses will commence'I his (Tues day) Morning, Dec. 31st, aud chive positively on the rvening of Saturday, January* 1th, 1846. Hours of exhibition from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. EDMUND JONES, Proprietor. <131 3t*m GRAND ETHIOPIAN OPERA, At Clinton Hall. corner of Btrkman and Naniau st>. Little ole bull and the original congo MELODISTS respectfully announce to the citixens of New Y ork that they will give aGrauil Concert at Clinton Hall, corner of Beekman and Nassau sis . for three nights only. This coin pauy consists of Five Talented Musicians, aud from the im mense success which has attended thein, wherever they have ap pealed, they an- confident iu promising their auditors the most inestimable, as well as scieutitic entertainment, that aver they listened to. Litile Ole Bull, who in only ten years old, is admitted to be the greatest Violinist of his age. in th- worlu. There will be a grand change of performance each evening ? Tick- ts, 26 cents. For sale at the Aitor House, and at the d.ior. To commence at 7>4 o'clock. Afternoon performance com mences at 3 o'clock. t* On New Year's Day there will be a performance in the after noou at3 o'clock. <130 2t*rh MR DEMPSTER'S FOURTH AND LAST MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT A ND LECTURE ON SCOTTISH SONG, Will be Given at the Society Library, On Thursday F.vtning, January 2d, (lOMMKISCINO AT HALF TSST SKVEN o'cLOCK.) PART I. Continuation on Robert Burns ?Burns on his farm at Elliolaiid ?his mind not at the ploqajl?brilliant reception in fashionable itCBra lile-hisday darkens and Draws to a premature and unhappy close?firtlier remarks ou the characier of his st ngs. "The Posie,"a p .rtrait of tha tenderness and devotion ol' woman's 'We ' love. "Wsudering Willie." Some of the most important fea turn in the Scottish melodies, noticed aud explained?their pe ~ pbell? culiar effects?history of Burns' early love?Mary Campb her life and premature deith?account of their last interview? her llie and premature deith?account ol their last interview? Song?"Highland Mary"?tlie effects of her death upon the poet's miud?his ode to ".Vlary in Heaven " More of the inter eating characteristics of the Scottish melodies exemplified.? "Saw ye Johnnie coming," and "Thou has left me ever Jeamin." The humorous Snugs of Rurns?powers of lat1 re, lie.?Tlie Courtship cf Duucau Gray?"Duncan Gray.'* PART II. ? Exclusively Modern Poetry?Music nrthis part by Mr. Demp ster. _ Some account of the life of .laines Hogg, otherwise clied I bfcy LatL ' Mil V I.3rlr_t>ltise Sky Lark?where found?their habits?their he utiful matiu song. "I camia lo'e him less "?lb-ma.ks on the jioet Chailtn Swain?the uaitireluf his subjects, longs, Ike.?True Fiirndship, Ike "Let ua Love Our Another." Character < f the next song. "Can I lorget to Love iheet" Love of Country?Song of the Wanderer. "1 have left my Native Mountains." National Song?(lie wvr of Iudriuiudrnce?Character, bravery, and "Death of Warren." Ti'ketc 60 cents?to be had at tin- door, where hooka of he yurda of the Sougs and Programmes may be had. jal ltrc H FASHIONABLE DANCING. ?IONS. GABRIEL DK KORPONAY, AH tli* honor or informing th* Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, and vicinity, that he hai arrived for the purpose of giving instruction in the principal fashionable Dances prevailing in tlie higliest circles of Kvwopean and American society. Mons. K. has lately arrived from Boston, Saratoga and New port, where his style met the warmest admiration of the public, and the marked approval of the fashionable community.? Among others, Mons. K. proposes to teach that well known dance LA POLKA?the new Quadrilles with original music? the Valse de Dens Pas?the Maxonrka?new Cotillions?new Gajopie, aud ull American Dances. Mons. K. will be assisted by MADAMK KORPONAY as Musician. The iuatruction Will be given in the French, Oer man aud English languages. Booms are engaged at 25 Park Place.?strictly private, tool and airv?for the accommodation of Ladies and Gentlemen. The Pol I. a, and t lie new Quadrilles, as at present danced it the fashionable circles of London and Paris, can be tniight in sis or twelve lessons, except the Mazourka. All others in twenty four lessons. For farther particulars, inqaire of M0N8. KORPONAY, at his residence, 25 Park Place. Tkhms:?Class Lessons from 10 to 12, A. M., 12 to I, and I to 2, P. M., and from C to 7 in the eveuiug. Hi* lessons, $6?twelve lesaous, $10, and quarter, *15. Private Lessons?six lessons, $1: twelve lessout. *12; quar ter, *20. All other houri will be devoted to Public Institutes, Acad emies. kr... he. n( MUSIC. rPHK. GERMAN COTILLION BAND,(lateof New Brigh * tun aud Kort Hamilton,) would resiiectfully inform the public that lliey atv prepared to play at Private Balls and Par lies, the ce[ebrat-d Cotillions, Walrxes. Polkas, Gallops, Ac., of Lanner, Ptranss, Labitxky, Jullien.lkc , Ike. The Baud con sists of from two to twenty-live instruments, with a new grand Octave Gothic Double Action Harp Accompaniment;? will fnmiali Piano Forte nloue when required. I. MUNCK,26 Mercer street. Teicher of Harp, Piano Foite, Itc. Also, J. HELFENRITTKIL No. 255 I eutre street. d^9 lm*m MINERVA ASSEMBLY ROOMS. (06 BROADWAY. NEAR WALKER. THE PROPRIETORS of the above suite of rooms an immense expense, completed the most elegant aud com modious BALL OR CONCERT ROOM in the city, and respectfully i' vtte for it the attention of the tinlilic. lu locilion being the central part of Broadway, pecu liarly adapts it for the purposes inteuded. and the interior ar rangements have been made euttrrly with the view of promoting the comfort and convenience of the visiter*. THE SALOON is ra|<able of seating one thousand pe-sons. The decorationa are ot 'be most chase description, being in Siguor Csfultll lest style. A sertei of classic statuary, h'v* also been provided from the studio of Mr. B -sham. Theroom, when brilliantly lighted by three costly chandeliers, presents a coup d'leil unequalled by auy other establishment in tliw city. A tpscious Supper Room, Dressing Rooms, he. he. have been provided, thus the Minetva Rooms Uie most de sirable in the city for Coucerti. Assemblies, he. Full particulars may be had by application to Mr. Hatchings o.i the premises. N. B.?Military and other companies desirous of giving din ned, he , will And at these Rooms every convenience for getting up he same in the most elegant and commodious style. dM Itu'rc QUADRILLE BAND BALLS AND PARTIE8 furnished with Music at the shortest notice, hy applying to VlEQRGE WHIPWORTH, 150 East Broadway, or JOHN WHITWOKTH.M9 Walker street. dJ5 lm*rc GRAND OPENING BALL, Given at the Alhamra, 559 Broadway. RV THi: PROPRIETOR h MONS GABRIEL DE KORPONAY fOR THE BENEFIT OF THE DEAF AND DUMB B AND THE BLIND ASV L17M8.?Mosdsv, Jan. fi, IM5 The proprietor of the Alhsmra has tjie honor to announce to lh? public that, being at.oat rebuilding and decorating Ins establish ment in a novel and expensive manner, for the puristee of Balls, Concerts, he., in winter?he will, with the assistance of Mons Gabriel de Korponay, (who his kindly volunteered hi* services for that pnrpoie,) give a Or.ind 0|?ning Bill on the f7lh inst., as above anuounceil. On this occasion will be introdnced thu Polka Dances, Quadrilles, Valse de Denx Pas, Gillopades, he., under th* direction of Mont, da Korponay, and the best and newest Music now in vogue in the most fashionable circlet in Europe, under .he direction of Mr. Wigers. Price of Tickets, including Supper and Refreshment, *5,09, admitting a Gentleman and two Ladies?to he had at the Al hamra and of Mods. Korponay, and at the principal Hotels and Music Stores. dftjgb CENTRAL GUARD. THE ANNUAL BALL of this Company will be held it the Apollo Ronma, on Wednesday Evening. January K ! HI'> Wallace's celebrated Cotillion Band it engaged. The New York Brass Band lias kiudly voluntrered to perform during the evening a new Quick Step, computed and dedicated to Ihe corps hy C. A. Orafnlli, Esq., conductor of the Band. Tickets $1, to be had of any of the I ommittee :? Alex. 8. Forbes. Samuel Ryertoti, Edward Graham, John Berger, Samuel 8. Conklin, And ew Mather, David Sherwood, II. W Gilliland, Wm. G. E.gheft, Washington Kink, Miehael Newton, Peter Curren, William Mansfield. ROBERT GAMBLE, Chairman. ORLANDO GRAY. Secretary d?? 31 Jl 7 4t*er GASII ION A BLE JKWK.I.Hi ? ? omnrising . luge issorr U ment, for New Vest's Prrsetu* Gold and Silver vV*tehe?, at the very lowest GEORGE ROGERS' well known establishment, t Chamber* at., one door from Chatham. He also reminds the public that lie still continue* to take in esrhange, or purchase, on the most liberal terms, Old Jewelry, Watclms, Coins, Diamonds Stones of all kinds, Antique Carvings, Old Oil Paintings and Curiosities of ev?tv descrip tion GEO. ROGERS, d31Jt*m 1 Cbambevs at., near Chatham. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald ] WashingroN, Dec. 29ih, 1841 The Nnv Adminielration-Col. Polk on ike Tat iff-Col. houn't fttion?Tixaa and Annexation? Collet tori and Poelmaetert? Union of the Qlohe, Madieoman, and Spec - la'or? Blair't Protpect? OreelePA. Brownton? The Pri vate Secretary of the President elect, and tun dry other matter? of interest. My Drar Sir :? Information ot a most positive character, wluch has recently been placed in my pos session, enables me to forward (you to-day some matters of a highly interesting character in rele rence to the further movements of the new admi nistration, which you are at liberty to present to the readers of the Herald, and which are gathered from sources of the most substantial credit. From letters received lately in this city, and from inlormation direct from Tennessee?there exists no doubt that Mr. Polk will disappoint both parties, agreeably, inthe'course he purposes to take touch ing the tariff question. Much importance has been attached to the assertion that the views of Col. Polk on this subject would operate injuriously to the northein interests, and amongst other offences he has been openly charged with being a " fre? trade man." Now, the facts are these?as a Ten nesseian, Col. Polk's opinions have savored some what ot this, but you may rest assured that in his position us Chief Magistrate of the nation, those views will never be brought in conHict with the best interests of the whole people ; and though he will probably, at the outset,recommend a modifica tion in the tariff'laws?yethe will be disposed to sign any tariff bill which Congress may pass?acknow ledging thereby the rights of the whole Union, as represented by the National Legislature, to frame such a law as will operate equally in all portions of the country. These "carpers * have yet to learn that a citizen ot Tennessee, and a President of the. United States are decidedly different matters. I mention this fact in advance, knowing, as I do, that vh?- President elect entertains no desire whatever to propose any measure which may not result in eventual benefit to the people at large; a fact which his enemies will be compelled to admit hereafter. The peculiar situation of the present Secretary of State, Hon. John C. Calhoun, mid the influence which, latterly, has been springing up around him. has had the effect of opening his eyes to his real position, and he will unquestionably profit by cer tain discoveries he has recently made, in retereuce to the disinterested course of some of his pretended friends. A class ot miIk-and water politicians have for years been clinging to his skirts, and lauding John C. Calhoun to the third heavens, as the op portunity presented, whenever they were sure it would do him no sort of good. In return tor this "damning him with faint praise," they have hung around him, since he took the office of Secretary ef State, and craved " his influence" for their ad vancement. Some (indeed, many of these) have prospered temporarily in their suit, and while the course of the noble southron has been onward and upward, they have most religiously adhered to his rising fortunes. But a cloud has been thickening for months in the political horizon.and these fair weather birds arejinclined toskulk from the storm. But Calhoun is not so easily deceived, and it is pretty plain that his mind is made, up to the fact that he must burst the bond which unites him to " old hunkertsm"?or these millstones will inevi tably draw him, with themselves, to the bottom. They have followed in his wake, like " the shark behind the whaler," but he will shuffle them oft", in good time?be certain of it. Among these sup porters (heaven save the mark!) has been the Rev. Orestes A. Brownson, of Massachusetts, who has bawled "loud and long" for "South Carolina's favored son"; but whose notions of democracy and popular rights are altogether behind the present age. Brownson has proved himself a transcen dentalism politics, though his doctrines have not proved so deep as to effect a certain object he has for sometime had in view. Brownson has calibre, but his star is rapidly declining. Orders were for warded by Calhoun'B clerk to the publishers ot Brownson's Review last week, to discontinue that journal, which lias been sent to the Honorable Se cretary of State, since its commencement. This little affair, through trifling in itself, is a sort of beginning. Straws, you know, show the directioH ?f the wind. 5t In reference to the annexation of Texas, 1 doubt much if any of the numerous bills now under con sideration will be passed by the present Confrere, and there is every ptobabihty that Mr. Weller's proposition will come nearest to that which will eventually be acted upon. The feeling which ex ists among the friends of Benton, aad the natural opposition "which annexation receives from the Wliigs, will prevent any final action on the sub jrct, J 4c?xr, fr>r thn pic?f?l. Hut it must Mime, Bt last, nud thelriends ot the measure must triumph. A variety of speculations have been in dulged in by the letters-writers from Hub city, and th;ir correspondence is filled with prognostications of what will and what will nut liapprn. I propose to offer you a para graph on this point, and you will find hereafter that there are "more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in the philosophy" of certain persons who shall be nameless. Among the promi nent appointments which have been made bv Presi dent Tyler,and which are already confirmed by the Senate, there is no question,many will remain un disturbed by Mr. Polk. Among these Gen. Mar riot, ot Baltimore, who is a strong man,and whose appointment has proven a very popular one with the Democratic party in that region. He will, without doubt, be retained. Mr. Blythe, the Collector in Philadelphia, has done as much, probably, as any man in his party towards the election of Col. Polk. He is a promi uent politician, and is surrounded by a host ol de voted friends. His position iB looked upon as per fectly safe with the new administration. Gov. Van Ness, your popular Colltctor in New York, who has so recently been confirmed by the unani mous voice of the Senate, will " hold over," of course. There has not been, nor will there be, any opposition here, which can disturb him at present, and I opine that his excellent business talents, and high reputation will secure him his poeition. Col. Graham's services as Postmaster of New York city, will be dispensed with, just as soon as may be? and, as this is an important post, you need not be surprised if the removal of Col. Graham should be one of the first on the list. Alderman E F. Purdy will, most probpbly receive the ap pointment of Postmaster in New York. The Col lector of Boston, Leonard Williams, will scarcely hold his place after March His course has been unsatisfactory, and his removal of democrats and appointment of whigs, in the Custom House there, has injured him. Besides, he is but little known, and a post so important as this must be filled by some one who caa command influence. Nat. Gteene, ike postmaster there, will of course re main in statu quo?there is no particular objection to him or his democracy. In reference to the new Cabinet you may rest satisfied (as I informed you originallv,) that Romulus M. Saunders, for the Post Office Department, Robert J Walker, for State, George Bancroft, for the Treasury, and Gen Armstrong, for War, is as certain as anything in the future can be. The claims of these gentle men are indisputable, and they will go m " by gen eral consent " I now proceed to matters which will be new to you. A rumor has been going the rounds for some weeks past that the friends of Polk had offered to purchase the " MadtBonian" newspaper establish ment. This is only a part of the story. It is pret ty well understood here (and the above rnmor is based on this fact,) that a union is to be effected between the Globe, the Madtsonian, and the Spectator, and from this union will arise the gov ernment organ, that isto be. U is also understood (not rumored,) that Tom Richie, nowot the Rich mond Enquirer, or E. H. F Claiborne, (formerly M. C. trom Mississippi,) will be invited to take charge of it, editorially. Such an arrangement is actually on loot, at this moment, and it will be consummated within three months. You will bear in mind that this is not guesswork at all. If mat ters oomr round as is desired by those interested, Blair will receive an appointment abroad, which of course will suit him very well. Th? leaders ot Mr. Polk's administration in Congress will be Levi Woodbury, of New Hampshire, in the Senate, and Charles J Ingersoll, ot Pennsylvania, in the House. These latter are tried men, and are not only in high esteem with the President elect?but are both gentlemen thoroughly versed in political tactics, and are perfectly competent to lead the van in their respective branches of the National Legislature. The former, hailing as he does from the Granite State, which was the first to nominate Col. Polk, in the Baltimore Conven tion?occupies a proud position at this time, and his superb talents will enable him to take the lead and hold a controlling influence. Ingersoll is a splendid fellow, and understands his position ex actly You will hear from htm, hereafter. Mr. Polk will bring with him to Washington, a gentleman by the name of Harris, who will receive the appointment of private secretary ts the Prest lent. Mr. Harris was formerly a ewrtrtrof Mas sachusetrs, whence hs was called by Col. Polk, <?me two or three- years since, to take eharge ol he NathvUle Uuum (<9?t. Polk's organ in Tenues use) and which he has edited until recently. H? is sntd to be a gentleman tot agpgflsnt attainments, md having been the cortktkniqQuand ef Colonel ?olk tor ninny years, is aiistiniianiH qualified ?>r the i?art ol private secretsty.* Rumor haH it that Col. Polk's brother will revive this appoint ment, hut it is not so. It is now settled beyond a doubt that Calhoun

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