Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 3, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 3, 1845 Page 3
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News fkom Cuba.?Advices from St. Jago to the 10th ult. have been received. A letter ot that date to the Philadelphia Gazette says: 1 regret to state that owing, as it is supposed, to the intensity ot the hot weather, which has suc ceeded to the rainy season, the fevers " del carn po" and "intermittent" have broken out with an intensity so far baffling medical skill, and in its daily augmentation producing the most fearful re sults. A new and startling fact has been discover ed in these fevers, viz: that quinine, so long and faithfully used asthe only remedy against this class of diseases, proves at present to be totally ineffica cious. The mining interest of this region of Cuba is daily developing itself, so much so, as to call (or the establishment of a paper devoted to this inte rest. The magnificent fountains ordered by the city authorities from the United States havs arri ved, and give great satisfaction. The Captain Ge neral, O'Donnelt, is expected to arrive here to morrow, and great preparations are being made for his reception. Intelligence from Havana to the 2ist has| also come to hand through the same channel. The correspondent says: My opinion is, that the sugar crop of the island^ of Cuba for 1846, will fall short at least 20 per cent, compared with that of 1844. I do not advance this opinion without having made it comparatively sure from careful inquiry. Some persons say that the damage from the hurricane of Oct. 4tn and 5th, and the long continued previous drought, have not affected the coming crop to the degree asserted, but all accounts agree as to a damage?the amount of which is yet to be determined. Allow ing it to be 20 per cent, it makes at any rate a de ficiency of over 200,000 boxes on the crop of last year, throughout the whole island, what this decrease will be from Havana alone, you will judge by the following statement of the exports of this staple from the 1st oi January, 1844, up to dale ?Sugar 685,067 boxes. Now, if the " Cowes and a Market," and the Russia trade will call for their usual 200,000 box.-s pure whites, you must see a cause for the mainten ance of high prices during the whole of the co ming sugar season. The|accounts to which I have alluded are from all the sugar growing districts of the Vuelta Arraba as well as from the Vuelta Ab jo. Up to date the exports of coffee from January 1st, 1844, have been 576,934 arobas; of segars 156,260i M., and of tobacco 1,264,268 lbs. This latter article is cow, not only very scarce, but extremely high priced, worth fully 12& reals per manoja for old. What the prospects for the coining crop are, it is hard to tell, as the tobacco planter in most instances loBt all, or a greater portion of his crop by the hurricane of October. I should add the exports ot molasses for the period mentioned above, 33,456 hhds, and of wax 80,466 arrobas. 1 have yet no means of giving you the total value of imports into Cuba for this year, but Bub join that of 1843, subdividing it into the three great districts of the island: Hcbana and Matanzas $10,618,666 Puerto Principe, tic 13,708,866 Cuba, tie 3,717,703 Total $33,080,734 The amount for this year will undoubtedly be much greater, as the necessity occasioned by the drought and hurricane caused the introduction of an extra quantity of all kinds of American pro duce. Mexican Navy.?The steam frigate Guadaloupe, from New York, arrived at Havana on the 18th ult. Ocj- The new ship "Montaulk," built by Mr. W. H. Webb, after the model of the two famous Liverpool packets " Montezuma " and " Yoik shire," reached Canton in 88 days from this port, being the shortest paseage on record. Splendid Pictorial New World? Twenty three exquisite Eugraviiga?Price 6.V cents?will be reedy to. morrow moraine, et the office 21 Annitreet.?The most comical ficturea you ever saw. A capital article by Kev. OrvilN Itwiy, and an see jam of the new Mazourka Quadrille, now all the race in Paris. Buy it early, for the edition will go off mighty fast. Those who want the best paper in this countrywill forthwith subscribe to the New World, which is only Three Dollars a year. Office 14 Ann street. The Wondering Jew, Number Hleven, of Herbert's elegant translation ia ready This Morning, at the office, 34 Ann street?Price 6M cents. Brendreth's Pills, by Cleansing Use Blood from all imparities, gives power ;to every organ to perform its funi lions hualthily ; no matter whether externally or internal ly situated. 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It has enred complaints of thn etr of years standing ia num berless instances. Prioe $1 per flask. Oriental Water of Gold?A New and De lightful perfume, for removing from the tkin Tan, Freckles, rimples, Ike., sold at 21 Courtlandt street. Also, Bay Wavgn, quart bottles, price 30 cents. More than Five Hundred Hereon* were un able to get seats iu the "Hunkrr Hill" Eshibition, on New Year's evening?and last night again the house was crowded That " Olr Bull Band" ia certainly a " full length" ahead of any other band of Berenaders ever in this city, not excepting Dum bol on's celebrated hand. We here beard both, end know well what we say. Medical Notice?The Advertisement* of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Bnppression of Quackery, in the cure of all diseases, will hereafter appear on the fourth page and last column of Slit paper. W. S RICHARDSON. M. D., Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College,93 Nassau street. All t'lilladeluhla Subscription* to the lis a *i.u mutt be paid to the agents, Zieber It Co., I Ledger buildings. 3d and Chesnnt its., where single copvs mty also be Obtained dally at|l o'clock. Im HOVKY KAAKBT. THwrsdey, Jan. There wei en improvement to-day in quotation* for Stock*. Farmer*' Loan advanced J percent \ Morri* Ca nal, I; Norwich*. Worcester, j; Stonington, {j Canton, ii Mohawk, }; Reading, Ohio 61 and Long laland cioied Arm at Tuesday's price*, while Pennsylvania ft'* fell oiT 1 per cent. The isle* of tbia *tock were made to day with the February dividend of two and a half per oent off. Put chare* at preaent price* do not receive the dividend due in February .either the scrip or cash, which ever it may be. The excitement in relation to the move ment* ot the Legislature of Pennsylvania, on the subject of paying the interest, still continues, and as the day when the. dividend become* due approaches,ithe excite ment must increase. Bet* are made in Wall street on the result a* freely as at any time during the recent political contest. It will require a special act of the Legislature to permit the payment of the interest in cash. It Is staled that the present condition ol tho Treasury of Pennsylvania has been prodnoed by forced means j that other rvsouroe* have been resorted to than the natural sources of revenue of the oemmonwealth. If this is the case, the State is not in a condition to pay the interest in cash. We have little faith in these statements,?they being put forth, no doubt, by interested parties, who have an object to attain.? Granting that the present amount of funds in the hands ol the Trustees has been wholly derived from the legiti mste resources ol the State, and that it is sufficient to meet in full the interest due in February, it does not fol low that it would be good policy to pay the Interest then- It would be the most suicidal policy in the world to do so, and in this opinion we have the con' currence of the shrewdest operators in Wall street.? The market value of the stock of the State would be less, after February, should the interest be paid, than otherwise. It is argued by many, that if the Treasurer hss funds, he is boundjto pay the interest; but it must be understood that it is not the first payment of the interest that will advsnce the credit of the State. It is only the continuance of that movement which will place the State alongside those now solvent, that can be of any advan tage. The resumption of payment by a S'ate having such an immense debt as Pennsylvania, is a movement requiring the most profound forethought; and a* much as every one wishes to see the moment when such a re sult will be accomplished, a great deal of discretion is necessary to be exercised by those entrusted with the act,to do so at a time after which there will be no relapse. We shall have the measage| of the Governor of that State in a few days, when we shall be able to come to a more Jeflnite conclusion on the subject. Until then, it is all conjecture. The operations in this market to day show an improve' ment that looks more favorable, and we have no doubt bu tthat business of all kinds will now take a start, and ra pidly improve. The holy days are over and we say ex pect movements in everysection tending to increase trade. It is possible even Congress;may wake up and do some thing; but it is doublftil whether any act they may perfect would net produce more evil than good. Our banks con tinue to move very cautiously, and they will probably pursue the present course until after the 1st of February when they may be called upon to expand to meet the wants of all classes. The spring importations must soon make their appearance. The value of the impotis of fo reign merchandise last January was nearly as much as lor any month during the year. It is to be hoped that the receipts this, will fall far short of those for the cor responding month last year. At present the indications are (adorable for a reduced importation, and we trust they will be realized. Several brokers in Wall st. to-day refused to redeem the issues ot the Plainfield Bank, New Jersey. We should think from this that some screw was loose. The circula tion of this bank is very large?exceeding one hundred thousand dollars?and if an explosion should take place now, the bill holders, would be severe sufferers. The Agricultural Bank or Natchez, Mississippi, has been served with a writ of 9110 warranto, returnable to the May term of Adams Court. The receipts of the Western Railroad Company for the week ending Dec. 38th, 1844, compared with the corres ponding week in 1843, show an increase of more than fifty per cent. Western Rail Road. Receipts for tkewstk ending Dec. 38. 1843 1844. Increase. Passengers $3,837 $4,380 WM $1 {*} 3 freight 4,343 7,303 3,901 $7,100 $11,693 $4,633 A meeting of the stockholders of this company will be held at Boston in a few days, when, we suppose, the pay ment oi a dividend will be settled upon and the amount stated. The Merchants' Bank of Baltimore has declared a half yearly dividend of three per cent, payable on the 6th in stant. This Bank has paid the 8tate Tax on its stock for the year 1844. The Chesipeake Bank of Baltimore has declared a half yearly dividend of three per cent, payable on the 7th in stant. The Western Bank of Baltimore has declared a divi. dend of two per cent for the last six months, payable on the 7th instant. The Union Bank of Maryland has declared a half yearly dividend of throe per cent. TbeFarmers'and Planters'Bank of Maryland has de clared a dividend of three per cent for the last six monihs The Washington and Baltimore Turnpike Road Co. has declared a dividend of one half of one per cent for the last six months. The interest on the currency debt of Maryland, due on the 1st of July, 1843, undrawn upon the books, as also all coupons and interest certificates issued from this office for interest due on said January 1st, 1843, which ate at this tiaie unpaid, will be paid on demand at the State Loan Office, Chesapeake Bank, Baltimore. The State debt of Alabama amounts to $9,816,666, bear ing an annual|interest of $601,908. This includes $600, 000, at an annual interest of $80,000, for f tate stock in the Bank of Mobile. The interest is payable as follows : Alabama State Annual Interest. Interest payable hvLendon $114 707 Interest payable in New York 337,300 Interest payable|in New Orleans |60,u00 601,907 The debt of Alabama has been created entirely for banking oapital, which was divided as follows :? State Debt or Alabama. ? Principal. Bearing Interest. State Bank, Tnscaloosa...? 706,7It II $ tt,435 56 Branch at Mobile 3.444 711 II 175,345 56 do do Montgomery 1,846,711 11 95 365 56 do do Hnntiville 1,357,711 11 69,785 56 do. do Decuar 1,867,711 11 94,975 56 Bank of Mobile 600,066 00 30,050 00 $9.815 555 55 $501,907 80 The total outstanding circulation oi the State Bank and branches according to the latest returns, amounted to $2,067,838 The notes destroyed in pursuance of law by burning, during the past year, amount to $3,688,733 A new issue of $67,000 has recently been made to replace the amount of mutilated note* necessary to be used this winter in defraying government expense*. The worn out note* thus replaced being deitroyed. The interest on the State Bond* hss been psid far the present year, including the paymentdoein January next; and ample provision, it is believed, baa been made for the payment of interest in 1846, and January of 1846?to meet which the President of the State Bank reports cash and available means amounting to $436,709 81 as set apart for that object. These means consist oi cash and specie drafts in the hands of the New York agent. (J. J. Palmer, Esq ) specie bills and collateral securitiaa payable ia spe cie, and specie on deposite. In addition to which, $77,. 740 39, it ia aaid, ia shortly expected from the Branch Banka- making $614,447 09 available mean* applicable to the payment of interest falling due after January next. The Secretary of the Treasury has issued a circular for the benefit of Collectors and Naval Officers, in rela tion tn'refundlng duties on merchandise. This has been found necessary in consequence of the numerous instan ces where goods are entered under protest. We annex the document, as it gives the wheie in a few words, ?n< applicanU can govern themselves accordingly. Defaitment or the Teeaiobt, ) December 30th, 1844 j Numerous applications having been made, and still being presented to this Department, lor the return ol al leged excess of duties, paid on the importation of goods, wares end merchandise, made at various periods prior to the passage of the Tariff Act now in force, in aome eases the said duties hsving keen paid under protest, and in others without such prottat?it is proper to inform you, and through you the spplicanta at your port, that the Department, having taken into consideration this class ol claims upon the Treasury, with special reference to its powers and duties, under the lews, in directing the refunding of duties, has determined that its exercise of such authority must be restricted to those cases only where the importation has been or shall no ma-lo subse quently to the passage of the Thrift Act ol 30tb August, 1843, whether the alleged txcete o? duties has been paid under protest or without aueh protest accompanying the payment. We annex a statement showing the amount received at the port of Boston, frcm custom? this year compared with last. ReteNpf. fsom Ci stoms?Fost of Boston. L.L , . . .. ft'- Inrrsaie. kirst quarter $589746 $1.301.636 $713,898 Seroerf do 684.668 T.tos.tai Ml m ?>'?', 10 1,183,588 1,086,093 993 014 Fourth do 1,045.895 1,005,035 $3,-503,838 $5 860,733 $8,:|96 900 The fourth quaitsr of 1844, la estimated. The receipts for the fourth quarter of IM4, are put down below tboee forthe corresponding quarter in 1843. The increase lie wg confined to the three llrat quarter*. The number of foreign arrival* from January 1 to December 31,1818, was 1,716. The number ol foreign arrival* from January 1 to December 31, 1844, wa* 3,174 Increase of liciteign arri. val* 458 The number of foreign clearance* from Janu ary 1 to December 31, 1843, wa* 1,838. The number of foreign clearance* from January 1 to December 31,1841, wa* 3,00(1. Increase of foreign clearance* 873. Old Stock Exchange. iVu lit 85 sh* N Haven Canal 1*2 y 8 4 *. 51 1031a 85 Mohawk RH 2222 1 en" fi' ' ,6? 11 25 do 10000 do opg 72 40 do MM do OIHJ 73V 5 Aob It Koch HK .5X22 i" . btiu 72V 38 Patv.sou KK ii?X2 /.i ? d.?. .J'IOd*fo 72-K 75 Slouington KK 40000 Ohio 6'*, '10 opg 96,'J 100 do J22??u e- do ,... 97 50 Nor Ik Wor 400 sh* partner. Trust 3? 75 do ?Jo .30 36 100 do *00 do 3?V 50 do 800 Canton Co 43V 85 do '22 u dor- . b3? 14 24 Harlem KK 50 Morris Canal 2?V 100 L Island KK 2 o<) 2'J 100 do 84 do 29V 200 Keadim; Kll onP inn .1.. ,25 'Jo 29100 do 113 do 29V Second Boiu-d. 25 aha Cauwii Co 43V 50 alia Morris Canal s3 29V 109 do bI5 431, 125 do sj 29 15? do 1 a3 43V 85 Sloningtoii 39V 85 Nor (c Wor 67 New Stock Exchange. $2000 Pcnn'a 5's a35fopg 78V 50 aha L Island Kit b30 76 25 aha * armors' Trust 03 35V 50 Harlem KK s45 64 V 85 do bnw 3?1? 85 do 65 85 do bl5 361*. 4 50 Erie KR s3 28V 25 do s3 361* 75 Nor Ik Wor b30 67 100 do s3 36V 85 do opg 67 85 Canton Co s60 43V 25 do b3U 67V 0|.g 67 V 25 do Mouday 44 50 do 800 do b60 45 Balks or Stock*?Boston, Jan. I, 1846. At Auction?!) lb* Taunton Branch RR, 18 perct adv: 36 Old Colony RR, | per ct adv: 1 Bos.on and Lowell UK dlv. oil', 31 ad; 10 Western RK, $91] per ili; 6 Eastern KK divolf, 13 perct adv ;'76 Nashua ana Lowell KK, 38 per ct adv; 36 Fitchburg RR, 9} perct adv; 60 Conoord (N H) RR, 66} lor 60 ; 1 Appleton Manuf Co, 96} perct; 1 Mas* State 6 per ct stock, pay 1867,8] adv; 46 American Land Co, 36} per ctadv; 30 Ferry Point Bridge, SI 13} per all; 13 U S Ins Co, 63} lor 60; 7 Washington Bank, 91 per ot; 6 City Bank, 96} per ct; 10 Eagle Bank, 3 per ct adv; 8 Tremont Bank, 93per ct; 1 Beston Athenaeum, $174 60. Salb* or Stocks?Baltimore, Jan. 1, 1845. $718 City 6't, 103} ; $604 do, 103} ; $1700 Maryland 6's, 74 ; 10 she Baltimore and Ohio RK, 49. State of Trade. Asms* - Pots are unusually dull at $8 76 a 3 81} ; Pearls are firm and but inactive at $4 a 4 06}. Bekswax?Prime yellow, ot all descriptions, are held at 39 a 39}c. There is very little doing in the article. BaKAoaTurra?There has been no change in this market. We peiceive that during the past season the mills in Akron, Ohio, have manufactured Hour as follows Beach stone mill, bbls 86,31V Centre " 17,431 City " 10,837 Etna " 36,034 Cascade " 33,607 Total, bbls 133,118 Last year the total number of barrel* made here was 115,000?an increase this year of 8000 barrel*. Thi* does not show the full capacity of our mills by at least 13,000 bbls, as several of them stopped grinding for a time last spring, on account ol the high price of wheat. Calculating four and a hail bushels of wheat to the bar rel, the above 133,118 barrels would have required, 664,061 bushels; received by wagons, 183,665 do ; received by canal, 371,366 do. Last season 160,000 bushels of wheat were received by wagons from the surrounding oountry?an increase this year over last ol about 33,000 tmshels. This is much less than would have been received it the farmers within a cir cuit of fitty miles had consulted their own interest and taken their wheat to that market. Cotton?To-day the market was better supplied by holders, and as buyers had a larger assortment to choose from; prices are considered easier. The sales amount te 900 bales, and are taken entirely by exporters. Hay?Common qualities Noith river bale sells, as want ed, at 50 a 56c.; prime at 60c. Provisions?Ohio pork continue* in very moderate de mand. We quote prime at $7 18] a 7 36; mess at $9 35 a 9 37}. Beef is very dull and quotations unsettled. Lard is in limited request and prime kegs are held at 6 a 6}c.? Butter and cheese remains very steady. The latter we quote at 4} a 6c. Whiikkt?Drudge casks are dull at 34c. Western and prison barrels are held at 34} a 35c. Brighton Cattle Market. Dice. 80.?At market, 976 beef cattle, AO atores, 1A00 ihe.n and 650 swine. 950 beef cattle unsold. Paicea?Beef Cattle?The prices obtained laat week were not sustained. We quote one or two yoke only extra $4 76 ; first quality, fit 35 a 4 60; second quality, fi3 7fi a 4; third quality, fi3 95 a 8 50. Stores?Very few sales. Sheep?Sales from common sheep fil 67 a 9 95; whethers fii 60 a 4. ? . > Swine?Two lots to peddle, 8c. for sows, and 40. for bar rows. At retail, from 4 to Ac. Btatemknt of tmr Market, 1844. Sales?87,610 beef cattle fil,978,740 4,186 stores 74,448 09,374 sheep, 188,411 62,740 swine, 197,775 fil,680,874 1848. 1843. 82,015 beef cattle. 89,070 beef cattle. 10,005 stores. 17,196 stoma. 99 820 sheep 106,655 sheep. 48,060 swine. 89,935 swine. ? Foreign Markets. Havana, Dec 19 ?Since our last respeots, 7th inst, per A A Parker, we have not received any of your favors.? We avail this opportunity to inform yea of the transac tions which have ocourred In our rtoe market, vis: the sale of the M. Hammond's cargo at 7f rials, very superior; the J. Hancock's at 7], do ; the Hayne's, 196tierces, at 7}, and 100 casks at 7 ; the Esquimau's at 7 rls ; the J. W. Taylor's at 7 ; and F. A. Brown's, from store, at 7; leav ing at present, the Pearl's cargo unsold. We are hourly looking for the D. Webster from Charleston, and the Talma from your port. The stock in dealers' hands is pretty large. Business slack en account ef the approach ng Cbrhtmai holidays. The cargo of the Wm. D Jen kins, from Brunswick, sold at fil9J. and several other sales at fil3 per M., whereas several other cargoes from Pottland, of superior quality, hare obtained only filB a 181. Rice continues very loll. Yesterday, the cargo ol the Taylor was sold at 7 risk, and two vessels laden with rice now in por'. Buyers wfil not ofier over 6} rls., for their cargoes. St. Jaoo de Cuba, Dec. 10 ? I give you the prices ol American prodnce at last sales?Flour, 18? a 14). duty paid. Cheeee, 14 a 14]: Fish? Small cod,3|. Candles Tallow lu's and 13*a, 161. Yellow soap, 71 a 0. Prime beef, 71 perbbl; mesa do, 10a 10f Mass pork, 151 a 15] per bbl.; prime do, 10 W. P. boards wanted at 95 per M. Leaf tobacco daily rising in value, say to-day tor } a 1,15 a 15] per qql. Sugar scarce though dull, as holders will not consent to the views ot buyers. The new crop of coffee still holds beck. Kingston, Jamaica, Dec. 9.?Flour?The sales since our last comprise the following lets 534 barrels Rich mond city st 80s per bbl; 400 do. Baltimore st 80s per do ; 380 do. Georgetown at 31a par do ; 960 do. old wheat at 98s per do ; 960 do do. at 34Vper do. American new wheat ?? held, we understand, at S3s per bbl, at which price a cargo, just landing, ia being parcelled out tarn Meal 200 barrelt have been (old at 18i par bbl. Hloe? 560 bags E. I. have been take* at 101; aid to tierces Carolina at 21s per 100 lbs. Bresd is dnll; 100 bsrrels of Watson's have changed hands at 17s Od, and 300 barrels same at 16a 6d. Crackers of the Mine brand have brought 18s But ter?Of American 110 firkins kave moved off in lets at 8d, and 100 fii kine (said to beef a superior quality) st 7td per lb. Lard?900 fit kins ef American have changed hands at 44d per lb. Candlet-The trade still refuse to pay 6d par lb. for the cork lots, lately arrived, 900 boxea 88 have realised Aid per lb. Old are selling in trifling parcels at 4ld to Ad per lb. !*otk is very dull, indeed. A small sale has been made at 54s aids Irish in lots of 10 barrels fetches 69s a 68s per barrel, and half barrels 44s each Piga Tongues?30 half barrels have realised 44a ; small lots bring 46s Cheese-Large sales of prime English have been made at 104 Sda 111 Brandy?10 bhds Mar ton's have been taken at ?s per gallon?short price. To baooo?We have not heard of any sales of this article. Malt-100 hhds Lane's stout brought 90s per hhds This brand is acquiring great rvpateamong the trade. Corn? 100 bags have changed hands at 6a per bag, equal to 8s per bushel. Lumber?P P. 40 M. feet Halifax lumber have men disposed of at 881, and a cargo deliverable at an out port at 104s per M. Bum?90 puncheons htve been taken at 4s. The si ticle may be quoted at 4s Sd a 4a Od?proof 31. Rio ok Janeiro, Nee. 6.?The arrival of the American vessels in October, were ten from the United States, and ten trots neighboring porta and Europe. The arrival of 6000 bbli. on the Ath, and the expectation of lurther sup plies caused a great dullness, which has continued through he month. The tales have been 8000 bbli. old Gallego at 13HOOO, nett fi4 25; 1800 bbli. new Hsxall I5||000 cash, nctt fi6 62 ; 600 extra Peepaooal 14||000, nett fi4 80 ; 810 Trieste 188 1611600, nett fiA 90 ; end abuut 500 bbls. by retail?total 8OH0 bbls. The stock in first hands Is about 22,000 bbls , 11,500 being old Richmond, 8000 old Baltimore sad Ere dericksbutg, 1000 now Baltimore. 4700do Haxali, and 1800 do Gallego" In second hands, the stock is estimated at 84,000 bbli . making the total supjly 56,000 bbls. This Is a considerable reduction compared with July, but still too great to allow any hope 81 impressment in pricM. The bakers being aware ol thS low prices In the United States, and having large stocks ot eld Hoar, Will only buy what is absolutely necessary for mixing, he. The old Rich mond sold this month proving very good, little is requir ad : new Richmond Is held at 18||0<l? a I6|p00, but no large sale could be made over I6||000. We must still diteourage shipments from the United Mates, until two or three months hava passed without any. Dries (rem .r.ontevl. deo are to 19th ult. The Hour market was very dull; a few retail sales bad been made, to nett about fi4 50 *p. The ?tock was 18 000 bbls. Provisions ef all kinds were abundant, end dnll of sale. Domestics?In consequence of a demand for the ( out of Africa, there has been more sickness in th# market, and sales hava been of brown drills at 250 r', nett Olc; Appleton shirtags 17f? a 180 rs, nett 6] ? 01c; Shatuckot stripes 270 a 286, nett 0] a Idle; Votkde. 320 rs, nett lljc; Blue drills 350ft,nett l3|c, Denims 300a 350, nett 101 a 131c. In first hands, there la no stock, and in second not slarge supply ; but the exossaIvo iimporta tion of English goods of all deecrlatlons, In anticipation ol the new duties, to take place the 11th Inst., will check the consumption of Ameriflta domestios, they can be shipped lrom the United Males at 90 per cent lower prices than In July last. English goads are likely to rule lower then they have been see sometime. C idee?Th# supplies have been abundant, and tho demand for Europe falln g off'-, after 15th ult-, prices declined 90Oe 2M> rs ; they now range lrom 8i|O5Oa3||0iAO tar superiors. Oltltli 25 on board ; 2||HOOa3JtHMI for good firsts 5 60 >5 8# The stock is about 5000 bags and likely to increase, as the European demand, in consequence of the semen ol the year, will be moderate UU 16th Decernbm s priom may therefore decline a little more. At 2|7W for good flrati or 5j c nt* on board, there are large European order*. The total export* in October whs 1I3.9o6 bag*, of which 49,4:11 bag* went off to the United State*. Married, On New Year'* day, by the Rev. Dr. Ferris, at the Dutch Reformed Church, in Maiket street, James 8. Hco nn.d, h sq . to Mi** Anna M. Hicm ox, both ol this city. On Tuesday, the 31st ult., by the Rev. J. B Hardenbergh, Mr. Jacob 8. Hutchiku*, to Mr*. Charlotte M. Falls, daughter ol O. W. Browne, Esq , all of this city. Died, On Wednesday, the 1st in*t, Maruabst, daughter o Michael and Margaret Cowhv, age J 16 year*. Their friend* and those of their son-in law, Henry May bury, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, the 3d in*t., from 93 John stroei, at | half past:2 o'clock, precisely. Oi Wednesday, the 1st inst., William Durki.l, in the 79th year of his age. His friends and acquaintances and those of (hi* sons, Henry and Joseph Durelt, and hi* son-in-iaw, John Townsend, jr., are respectfully invited, as also the officers of the Customs, to attend his funeral, on Satur day, the 4 h inst., at half past 2 o'clock,from his residence, No. 337 Fifth street, between Avenues B. and C. At Miragoane, St. Domingo, on the 16ih Nov. last, of fever, Jamks A. Martindale, late of this city, aged 39 years. On Wednesday, the 1st inst., of remittent lever, Sabah Amanda, only daughter of I'eter and Margaret Good enough, aged 3 years. Pssssngers Arrived, Canton?Barque Convoy?J H Andrews, of Salem; S P Goedale, Boston; Dr San del*. Havhl?Paeket ship Loois Philippe?Dr Lucias Hyde, New York; Lonis Dufaur, Alfred A Bouchaed, Leon Bouclisud, Marie Bouchaud, France?101 in the steerage. Ninti?Ship Sharon?O Roceker. Moiiilk?Brig Selma?Mrs M A George, Miss M George, J Co|>v, Capt J D Gallagher?3 lo tlie steerage. Psssengers Balled. LiTKHrooL?Steamer Acadia from Boston?Enoch Patterson, Jr., of Boston; Jolm F H Mu say, of Portlaud, Me: lawit Mawson, beaier of despatches, W Dsrling, Jamns Tobia, J B Young, Mrs Young. A King, 11 M Mead, W Patten, ? Bell, of New York; ? LeVletariorsnd wife, Fowler and wife, Hon J Masaon, Wm War tele, U Gilmore, G W Osborne. ? Glover. W J Wilson, C K Hamrr, R. Hicksop, Was McCli mout. of Qtebrc: W Wliitef >rd,AmlrewEaton, Andrew Mein, Jr, Thomas Wallace, Wm Blake, Henry John Noad, Charles D Roy, Robert Smiih, A Mc Far laud. Walter Colquhouo, Jss Miller, P Beandev, C Teter, Phillip Holland, A Provost, J R Chamberlain, J M Cuvillier, J W Birss, LE Dorlow, WMuir, John Sinclair, John Sinclair Jr, R Campbell, John Kay, A Le veaque, of Montreal; Thomas Ksrr, of Hamilton, U C; John Kwart, Jr, John Fisken, Lieut Forteacue, R A Canada; James Tobiu, of Mexico; J Lirkiu, M Larkin, Mrs Larkin, of Lou don? 36 For Halifax?John Clark and wife,Mr and Mrs Wed dall, and three children, Rev. James Knowland, D Southerland, Charles Tothill. W Wade-11. Total 67. FNeuvitas?BrigTonquin?Thoa Owen, Dr D Wood, lady and servant. Foreign Importations. Canton?Barque Convoy?17 cases mdse M tinsel] k Whilte more?560 bxs fue crackers W W De Forest & co?9 cases mdse GrinneM, Miuturn & co?7 doRM Moore?7 do A A Low?1 chest tea S Hicks It son?6 cases rhubarb G Meyer k ton?1 do mdse 2 do silk W G Bull Ik. co?15 do E W Robinson It co?154 do mdie J Mesier & Brothers?2 do Henry Hariland?1 do silks Newbold it Cruft?3500 pkgs tea 1815 mats cassia 366 es silks 100 piculs sapan wood 233 ct mdse to order SavANiLLA?Brig Helen Maria?78 hides Howland k Asmu "G Do wall?564 do 32 bales skins Murray It Lanman?326 do - minguez?50 tons funic 4000 hides 151 bags cocoa 14 do coffee $3228 to order. MARITIME HERALD. BlUp Blasters and Agents. We ahall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give co Robkst Silvey, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they hSm| the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them i mediately on their arrival. it abroad, will also confer i the Marine Intelligence they can c job of any kind will be thankfhllv received. FORT OF HBW YORK, JANUARY 3. SUN aiSE* ?... .7 25 I MOON RISKS 12 54 SUN SETS 4 15 I SSIOM WATER. 1 50 ClMUTOd. Ship Orleans, Sean, New Orieaus, W Nelson?Barque Flora, Sears, do, J Atkins 81 Co.?Brigs La Grazia, (Sic) Scratiti, Naples, L Palmieri; Queen, Eldridge, Matanzas, Badger 8t Peck; Tybee, McCoJmick, Apalachicola, Geo Bnlkley; Clinton, Lyon, Savanuah, St urges k Clearman; Emily, Sherwood, Charleston, Duuhsm & Dimon.?Sclir Sarah Nash, Kopper holdt, New Orleans, Nesmith It Walsh. Arrived. racket ship Lonis Philippe, Caatoff, from Havre, Nov. 16, with mdse, to Fox It Livingston Ship Sharon, Thompson, (of Ba;h) 168 days from Naples, Livingston. Ship Plato, Phinney, 71 days from Palermo, with frnit, 8tc. to Draper & Devlin. Has experienced very heavy weather during IMMUp, lost bos', stove bulwarks, 8tc. Skip Panther, Abbott, CI days from Kio Janeiro, with coffee, to Buckliu (It Crane; 5500 bags do to order. Sjlip Trenton, Cutting, from New Orltans, Dec 18, and tlie Belize 10th. with mdse, to order. Encountered a violent gale on the night of 17th nit but sustained no damage. 8hip Beividere, Wambersie, 6 days from Charleston, with cotton, to A Bell ? Son. Barque Convoy, Towne, from Canton, July 25, Hong Kong 29lh, and St Helena Nov IS, with mdse, to W S Wetmore ? 13d nit. let 31 5, Ion 7C 20, exchanged signals with barque Ann Hood, of Philadelphia; 30th, let 34 58, Ion 72 37, siwlw sehr Waldo, from St Domingo for Boston. The C was ashore on the Philippine Islands 1 days, hat g toff without damage ? The report that the Convoy had be-n captured by a Chinese piratical vessel, aud carried back, is entirely without founda tion, as she has had no encounter of the kind. Hamburg barque New Perk, Boze, 79 days from Bremeu, with mdse, to T Des Arts. Brig Ganges, Eytinge, 61 days from Leghorn, with mdse, to J Eytinge ? Co. Has exj erieuced very severe weather on the passage. Brig Helen Maris, Sweetzer, 18 days from Savanilla, with hides, to Nesmith ? Walsh. Left schr Maason, Coleman", for Boston, 6 days. Brig Fornaz, Wilson, (of Thomaston) from New Orleans' wilh276 hhds sugar 373 bbls molasses to order. Brig Selma, Smith, 18 days from Mobile, with cotton, to Sturges k Clearman. Bng Savannah, Hawley, 4 days from Savanuah, with cotton, to Sturges ? Clearman. Schr Eleanor. Jones, 18 days from Para,and tlie River 16days, wilh mdse, to E Cormug Ik Son. Left no American vessels.? Has experienced severe gales on the passage. Schr Stranger, Stevens, from Georgetown, 8C. with 300 bales cotton to Sprague it Robinson. Schr Ann ifyman, Totten, from Newbern.NC. with naval stores, to De Pevster St Whitmarsh. Schrs Emma It Julia, Geo Pollock, ana Sarah Ann Maria, all hence, had just arrived at the bar. Schr Napolron, Young, from Swanaboro, NC. with naval stores. Schr Voluna, Atkins, from Swansboro, NC. with naval stores. Schr Bolivar, Bunker, from Alexandria, and 40 hours from the Capes, with flour. Scnr AK Myrick, Gurther, from Georgetown, DC. with flour. Schr Delaware. Bunker, from Norfolk, with flonr. Schr Florida, Mott, Virginia. Schr A L Ackerman, Weeks, Virginia. Schr John Western, Harvey, Virginia. Below. Packet ship St Nicolas, Pell, from Havre, Nor 16, with mdse, to Boyd It Hiucken. Ship Talbot, 70 days from Palermo, with fruit, to Gordon ? Telbot. One barqne, two brigs, nnknown. ??lied. Ships St James, London; Columbus, Liverpool; brigs Rodney, Galveston; Tonqniu, Neuvitas; Lemuel Peters,Bermuda; An tarctic, Demerars; Brazilian. NOrleaes; L Baldwin. Savannah; Emily, Charleston; schrs Olynthua, St Thomas; Orozimbo, St Croix; Sarah Naah, and Rejl ring, NOrleans, and others. Correspondence off tlie Herald. Courieu Office, ) Charleston, Dec. 29?3 P. M.J Art Cheshire, [Br] King, Barbadoes?14th inst. saw standiag into St Thomas, Lincoln, of Bath; Standard, [Br] Hi'l, King ston, Ja: Perseverance, Baxter, Savannah for Boston, in distress, leaky; Velos Jupiter, [Span] Aldecoa, Baraeoa?17thinaL off Ruin Key, saw a large ship ashore: Souiriel,Richards, Havana; Fellowship, Farnhsm, N York. Sid Palos, Flanders, Glasgow; E 8 Lamdeu, Cook. Havana; Forest King, Kelly, do. BltecellaJneeau Record. Steamer Mount Plbassnt.?Cspt Parker, of the Martha, At BsJiimore, reports that on the list nit. 1st 39 30, Ion 70 30, he saw the broadside of a steamboat; stern knocked off, and no name to be aeeu. This will doubtless prove to be the wteck of the steamer Mount Plea'ant, which left New York at 3 r X on the 10th ult. for Philadelphia, and has net since been heard from. The wind wlien she left was blowing strong from the North, and increased to a violent gale before midnight, in which it is supposed ail on board perisned. St* h it. Echo, Captain Snow, loaded with live oak, and bonnd to Norfolk, was lust on the bar of New Smyrna, on the 14th ult. When within one hundred i ardi of the bar going out, one of the blocks on the lee fore brace parted (rum the strop, and the topaail tl'vr into the wind and became aback, which act Iter on the South breaker. No lives lost; veisel and i argo total last. Vesrel rot insured; the live oak is presumed to be. SCHOONER GouRnet, Capt. Bum ham, of and for Boston, marted from Ipswich on Friday last, and in attempting to put back on account of the snow storm, struck on the bar, beat over, went ashore ou the point of rocks at the entrance of Agawam river, and went to pircss? crew sived. The mateiials of the vessel will bv saved. Snip Building.?The Portland Argus azrs thirty-fiie ves sels have beeu built in the district of Portland, duriug tlie year 1(44. Tlie aggregate tonnage of the vrssels is 10,033. The fol lowinv are the names oldie ships and barques ; Ships?Ber trand 397 t< na, Elizabeth 331, Element 449, hrlen Augusta 448, Frances 395, Edg?r 420, Warren 450. Barques?Mary sullen 447, Attica 3t9, Jubilee 333, Floyd 223, Countess 266, Empire 284, Wianipiac 339, Juniata 290. Pilgrim 298, Murillo 309, Odd Fel low 242, Micaela 211, J. D. Douald 343. Sarah Aon 431, Syl phion 330. A ship of 400 tons is now ou the stocks. Shitting at Boston.?Arrivals aud clearances during the year 1844. Arrivals:? _ . Ships. Barques. Brigs. Scbrz. Sloops. Total. Coaatwiat, 127 194 798 4054 143 5312 Foreign, 154 217 607 122 1 2199 Of the foreign arrivals, 15 banjoes, 134 brigs end 960 schrs Were British; 1 ship 1 brig Bremen; 1 barque 5 brigs Swedish, 2 barques5 brigs Sicilian; I brig German; 1 barque 3 brigs (Prus sian; 4 brigs Hamburguese; I barque Norwegian; 2 brigs Sardi nian; 1 barque French. Total, 1136 foreign vessels. Clearances: Ships. Barques. Brigs. Schrs. Sloops. Totsl. Coastwise, 201 211 619 1702 93 2830 Foreign, 92 203 530 1166 1901 Of the foreign clearances 13 basques, 133 brigs, and 907 schoon ers were British; 2 ships and 1 brig Bremeu; I barque and 4 brigs Swedish; 8 barques and 3 brigs Sicilian; 1 barque and 2 brigs Prussian: 1 brig Oerman; 4 Orgs Hamburghese; 1 barque Nor wegian; I brigs Sardinian, and I barque French.?Total 1102 foreign vessels. It will appear by thi above statement, there are 2483 more arrivals coastwise >han clearances. Many vesselssail under Coasting license, and dn neither enter nor clear at the eas tern House, unless they carry goods eatitkd to debenture. ?Tlie British Royal Mail Sle.meis. composing the "Cunartlline" have made 36 passages uot included iu the fongc ing r. port bringing 1366 iwsseogers from Liver|>ool and 313 from Halifax to Boston; and ranying 1010 to Liverpool and 177 to Halifax l>om Boston. . ,, . Arrivals at BsltimoRe.?T he following it a list of foreign and coastwise arrivals at the port of Baltimore, during the year 1044, 'made up fr; m the monthly tabl?s . Foreign,Oil ships, 40 barqnes. 198 brigs, 137 schooners; Coastwise, 17 ships, 55 barques, 188 brigj, 929 schooners. Tim whole number of arrivals during tha year 1*<4 was 1620?ef this number ISM were American: 65 British, 34 Hiemen , 4 Hanoverian; 2Saedith; 2 Spanish; 1 Ol denburg, 1 Sardinian; 1 Holland; I Hamburg, and I Danish. , Spoken. Charlemagne, Packard, 7 days from New Orleans for Liver pool, 25th ult. lat 33, Ion 70?by the Gauges, si this port. I shells, hence fer St Croix, no date, Mt 24, lop 68?by the M\Vm T Bryant, Oeracoke for Antigua, 13th ult. lat 26 57, Ion 06 28?by the Panther, at this port, , , Russell Glover, New Oileantfor Liverpool, 32d ult. off the Ton ugas?by tlie Fornax, st this port. Wa'chman, Bi ston for Attakapas, 22d ult. off Tnrtugas. Louisa, Philadelphia for Havana, 21st ult. lat 24 20, Inn 00 50. Nicholas Biddle, steering NE, 26th ult. lat 22 10, Ion 79 25. A large ship with loss of fore and mizen topmast, steering W, 30 h nit. 1st 25 4C Ion 71 50. U 8 steamer Union, bound to Norfolk, tf.hult. 30 milet S of Cape Henry, 'ronka I Dee 18?Arr Aaaerica, Wilmington. Sld l?th, W P Walker, Kdgecouib, do: Oro, Sawyer, Apalaehicola. HtJago, Cuba, Dec -i?Hid Jefferson, Dyrrt W Vork; 7lli, I S brig Somen, Trinidad. ilonie Porta. CUTU'i, Dec 21?Arr Emily Farnham, Hodgdou, Magagu i deric, NB. lor Montevideo. Fkanksobi. Dec 27?Sid Calcutta, Clark, Hatana. BaTH, Dec >4?Cld Exchange. Merryman, Cardenas; 26lh,. Rochester, IVabody, Mobile-, 28th, Uaidiner, Brown, Hatana. Portland, Dec 30?Signal for a shipor barque, which |irob? bly passed by. Cld American, Adie, Trinidad. Portsmouth, Dec 28?Arr Gen Warren, Daeia, I'hiladel phia. Newrurvport, Dec 31?Air Foster, Laueaiter, Wilming ton, NO. Sld Cowper, Lecraw. Mobile. Hilim, Dec 30?Arr Olho, Rider, liainbia. Cld 3lit, Reap er, (ialloiip. Africa; Enleiprise. <i uvea, South America. Boston, Dec 31?Art Jas Peikins, Hale, NOrleans; bar well, Karwell, Philadelphia; Dirigo, Tihbeta, Port au Prince. Ti le graphed, Corsica, from NOrleana; Draco,Pbrtiainbuco, Signal for a ship Cld Acadia, (Br steamer) Harrison. Liverpool; Wag rain, (new, of Boston, 242 tonal Cross, Rio Janeiro and a rnkt; Spartan, Poutland, Surinam; Virgin,(new. of Boston, 112 tons) Prime, St Thomas and a mkt; Eagle, MKuuxie, Cape Ilaytien; Cordelia, Snow, Trinidad; America, Pumroy, Mauui zaa; Dr Hitchcock, Douglass, Cuba; Cougreas, Higgins, Carde nas; lileitdoTeer, Paisons, New Orlesaas Natcliex, Snow, and Florence, Decker, do; Ohio, Ellis, Mobile; Lawrence, Hamil ton, Baltimore; Sun, Snow, Pbil: ddfphia: Gen Brooks, Peko, Salem; Roscoe,. Eaton. Key West and St Marks; Squire Ik Bro thers, Price, Philadelphia: Marietta, Berry, N York. Arr 30th Planet, Clark; Wm Pitt, Howes; Emma, Baker, and Rudolph, Kliun, Philadelphia: Two Sisters, Richardson, and Del Norte, belcher, NYotk; Viola, Atwood, Richmond. Cld Imogene, Williams, Cape tie Verds and Africa; Cactus,! new, of Kenue bunk,260 Una) Mason, Havana; Vernon, Bisbee, Matanzas; Forest, Varina, Point Petre, Guad: Clarissa Andrews. Colby, and Robt Isaac, Barrel I, Mobile; Washington, Adami, Charles ton; Sophia Walker, Codmnn^New York, to load for Trieste; Pandora, Gilmore, Saraunah; Topi iff, Wording, Belfast; Har riet, Sears, Savannah; James, Barron, Norfolk, City Point and Richmond. Arr 29th, Coquimbo, Howe, Liverpool; Zealand, Baker, Philadelphia; Isabella, Clark, Fredericksburg; 23th, European, Ellia. Baltimore, and proceeded to Quincy. WaukhaM, Dec 26?Arr Notna, Besse, N York; 27th, Meridi an, Wing, Baltimore. Sld 30th, Atal.uta, Wing, and Monitor, Besse, PTYork. Edgar-town, Dec 29?Arriu the outer roads, two schrs, one of them a topsail achr from H Hole, and remain 30th. Holmes Hole, Dec 27?Sailed, all those reported h*re in my laat. Arr Hope, Moore, Edgartown, where she went to repair, will reload as soou as possible and proceed. 28th?No arrival. 20th?Arr Wave, Thomaston for NYork; Palm, Ryder, Boston for Philadelphia; S B Ashmead, Stilts, do for NYork; Alba tross, NYorlx for Bath. 30th?In port, Albatroas, only vessel.? Wind 8 Providence, Dec 30?Arr Tropic, Cook, Elizabeth City, NC; Empire, Dayton; Translation, Wells, and Agent, Rogers, NVork. Sld Sarah, Boyce, Baltimore. Below 31st, beating up, a sloop. Sld Amelia, Dunbar, Elizabeth City, NC. Cld Baltic, Allen, Mobile. Fall River, Dec 28?Arr Victoty, Elwell, Ware ham. Sld Lady Warrington, Griffith, Baltimore. Newport, Drc 28?Ait Lady Warrington, Fall River for Baltimore; 29th, Mail, Nichols, and Victor, Melcalf, Boston for NVork; Mai-tha Washington, Wood, Providence for Nor folk; Erin, Gardner, Dichlou for do: Vigilant, Heath, NVork for Ptovideuce; Rieozi, Durfee, Providence for NVork. New Hater, Dec 50?Arr Orray Tal't, Kelly, St Marks via Newport, where she put in with loaa of tails, etc. bound to N York; Gen Washington. Burroughs, Philadelphia; Meridian, Fall River for NYork. Sld J Brick, Reeves. Philadelphia. Philadelphia. Jan 1?Arr J Cohen jr. McFarlan, Tnrka Island; Jat P Lotluid, Clark, NYork; J Brown, May, Ware ham. Cld Washington, Monroe, Charleston; Palm, Eldridge, Boston; Nonpareil, Horner, Porto Rico; Harp. Beaaton, Cien fuegoa; Julia It I'hebe. Corson, and Increase, Errickson, New York. Arr 2d, Swan, Snell, and Alabama, Hanl*tt, NOrleana; Republic, Gates, Apalachicola; Erie, Baxter, Boston; Rich mond, Smith, New Bedford. Baltimore, Dec 31?Arr Elvira, Gorham, Boston; Ariel, Hopkins, Turks Island; Martha, Parker, Boston; Skipjack, [Br] Walters, Antigua; North Star, Winslow, Providence.? Cld Hestaurecion, [bp] Pu g, Rio Janeiro and a market; Sage, Morgan, Wast Indies; Maria, Atwell, St Augnstine, I1 la; Anu, Latouieite, NYork. Sld Eutaw, Ford, Havre. Richmond, Dec 30?Arr Hannibal. Parker; Navigator, Bo gsrt, and Red Jacket, Dearborn, NYork. Below, Thorn. Ben nett, bound up. Ait 27th, Coaster, Bogart, NYork. Sld Jos Marsh, Pierce, do. NoRroLK, Dec 28?Arr Chanticleer, Dyer, Fall River; Spy, Somen, Bristol?experienced very severe weather, during which sprang aleak. Arr 29, Henrico, Young fm Boston bonnd to Richmond; Mary Jane, Powell, fra New York; United, Ray mond, Newport; Boiivar, Bunker, Alexandria bound to New York, put in to repair sails; Pomona, Wixon, New Bedfird. Arr, 30, Clarissa Perkins, NYork; Sophia, Kinney, do; Adrian, Bedell, do; J C Demurest, do; Francis, Baker, do; Richard Thompson, Corson, do; Atlas, Walker, do; Triumph, Elliot, Providence: Harriet Louisa, Simonson, Statrn Island; Uutesie, Chapman, Boston; t'limaz, Loriug, do; Atlantic, Cork, Pro vidence; Tarquin, Paine, Newport; Pomona, Corwell. Pro vincetown. In Hampton Roads?Sophia, Kinney, New York, and one other unknown. Also, Lucilla, Pescud, James River, for Bremen. Clrd, Clare, [Dan] Dunham, Santa Cruz and St Domingo. Sld, Wave, Howes, Rochelle. Wilmington, NC. Dec 27?Arr Frances Louisa, Sou'e, Ha vana. Charleston. Dec 28-Arr Esquimaux, Hawes, Havana.? Cld Diamant, [Brem] Ballaer, Bremen; Forest King, Kelly, West Indies. Sld Harriet It Jessie, Liverpool; Warsiw.Havre; Palos, Glasgow. Arr 27th, Harraseeket, Hopkins, Attakapas; Marmion, West, do. 8av?n?ah Dec 26?Arr, Lesder, Dewing. Rio de Jauerio. Capt Dewicg's son, I yeir old. died at sea. Sept 26 Laurel, Witham, Matanzas; Columbia, Barbai, Havana; Arlitta, Stet son, do. Dec 28, Air Wm Kennedy. Martin, N York; Casilda, Crabtree, Kingston, Ja. Sld, Nicholas Biddle, Truman, Liver pool; Carthage, Elwell, Boston; Newark, Merwin, do; Petsr Demill, Lewis, Providesce. St Msrys, Oa. Dec 24?Arr Wallace, Abbott, Bermuda; Persia, Chandler, NYork. Cld Tennessee, Winslow, StJago; Sterling, Pierce, Matauzas. St. Marks, Dec. 24?Arr W Donnell, Portland, Me; Oeorgi auna, West Indies. Cld, Elishia Denison, Seelev, Liverpool; Iwannwna Shinn, N York; Msrcellut, Jones, do;Lawrence Cnpeland, Baker, do; Russia, Lane, do; Rio, Baker, N York, W Donnell, do: Newcastle, do; Mississippi, Rairden, do; J L Richardson, do; Almeda, Rowland, do; N G Bourne, Perry, Charleston; Tallahassee, Gavitt. New Vork. Morile, Dec 21?Arr John It Robert, [Br] McKechnie. Bel fast; Zenobia, Remington, Providence; Isaac Newton, Spau I - ding, Portsmouth; Liuden, Williams, and Congress, Smith, N York. Cld Loiena, Urquhart, Havre: Chevalier, Woodbury, Boston; Abo, Fooks. Haraua. Cld 24th, Hector, Spencer, New York; Industria, [8n] Lampere, Havana. New Orleans, Dec 21?Are Parthenon, Woodbury, NVork; Francis, Ingrahaui, Warren, RL Cld Urozimbo, Koote, Mar seilles; Goodwin, Davis, Liverpool; Pennsylvania, Emerson, do; Veui'e, Salter. Boston; York, Nason, do; Mariana, Crook er, NYork; Wm H Talman, Mathias, do. Arr 22d, Dalmatia, Howes, am" ~ ? . Rotterdam; Patten. f Janeiro: .... ?, , ? -- ton; St Lawrence, Griffing, Turks Island. Below, Monunrath, Ryan, Philadelphia; Seraphim, (Br] Affirk, Liverpool; Mar 5aret Hucg. Litton, Baltimore-. < atharine. Vesper. Thomaston; nno, and 2 brigs unknown. Old, 23, Walpole, Thomas,Liver pool; Rubicon, Thompson, Havre. Arr. steamship New York, Wright. Galveston; Astracan, Porter. Bremen; S?raphim, Af tlack, Liverpool; Brit. Ann Martin, Martin, do; Juno, Dicks, Bordeaux; Margsret Hugg, Litton, Baltimore; Odd Fellow, Pettingall, Apalachicola; Amos Patten, Havana; Keohawa, Hervey, Salt Key; Cancassian, Watts, Thomaston. Wasego, Borland, Kingston, Ja; Franklin, , Turks Island; Calne rine, Vesper, Thompson; Fanny, Pathsrson, Havana. By Last Night's Southern Nail. Philadelphia, Jan 2?Ait Cuicii, Wilkins, Porto Cabello 16 ilayt. Left. Columbia, of and for Baltimore, few daya?only American. Ware, for Boston viaCuracoa. aid 9th ult. Baltimore, Jan 1?Arr Liberty, Webb, Bath, Me; William, Panona, Portland; Eliza Hand, Baker, Bangor; Maria, Kelly. New Bedford; Candace, Baker. Fall River: Amelia, Strong. N York. Cld Midaa, Benlhall, Barbadoex and a mkt; Carib, ror terfield, Port Spain, Trin; Iowa, Applegarth, do. A NTI A fro RENT WAR !?Fellow Citizens, troopa hare gone from this city, equipped with the inarrnments of death, for the purpose of commencing civil war in the State, to establish Feudalism over Freedom! A Public Meeting will be held at Grot >n Hall, junction of Bowery and Division street, THIS EVENING, Friday, January 3d, at half-past 7 o'clock, to con sider the test means of abolishing Feudal barbarism among us. By orderof the Committee of the National Reform Associa tion. THOMAS A. DEVYR, jl lt*rc Chairman. SWORD EXERCISE. A/fR. HAMILTON, having entered into an arrangement with I'l MR. FULLER, for the use of the Large Room of his Gymna.ium, No. 19 Ann street, most rsspeetfully announces to the public that he intends commencing a C'as. for the Sword Exercise, in all its branches?American and'French, such as Small and Broad Sword Exercise, andSlso Cane Exetciee. Mr. H. has been for several years engaged as Teacher of the.Sword in the United States Army. N. B.?Volunteer Companies wishing to become perfect in either Musket or Artillery Drill, can be tengkt the tame on the most moderate terms, by application to the advertiser, 31 Ann street. (f7*The Classes will commence on Monday next. jai Imec ' BROADWAY JOURNAL, No. I. PUBLI8HED SATURDAY MORNING, January 4th.. 1943. CONTENTS-ENTIRELy ORIGINAL. Introductory. Review of New Books. Mind among the Spindles Miss Barrett's Pi ems. Flowers for Children. The-Aimncan Poultry Book. Naw Years Calls. The Art UDion Pictures. Ole Bull's Niagara, by L. Maiia Child. Is Genius conscious of its own powers'! Poetry?" To My Wife," hy James Hutsell Lowell. Fashions?With a splendid Engraving. The Fine Arts. Varieties, Ac., Ac. Terms $3 p. r annum. 6'a cenU single number. JOHN B1SCO, jl 2tis*rc 133 Brosdway. BROWN, Stone Sesl Engraver, 133 Broadway, opposite the Park.?Coats of Arms. Crests, Cyphers, Ac., engraved on Stone. Diamonds, Amethysts, Topazes, Ac , bought in the rough or cut to any form. Signet Rings, Keys, Pencil Cases, Ladies' Seals, Ac. engraved with Coats of Arms, Crest, or any device. Coats of Arms found aad rainted from $2 and upwards, and fo'war ed to any part of the United States. Coats of Arms painted in Ladies' Albums, copied, aad painted on Pedigrees. Bonks i,f Heraldry kept, with the Arms of upwards of 63.009 families. j3 ll*rc TITANTED?A strong, active ROLLER BOV. Apply on v V ih- fourth story, Herald Build.i lings, 97 Nassau stnet. j3ec /"lO-PARTNKRSH1P.?The Subscribers have this day form at cd a Copartnership under the firm of COLEMAN A ROGERS, and hare 'eased the Troy House, in the city of - , nTy. ? Troy, N. Y. Signed, CHAS. S. COLEMAN, CHAS. M. ROGERS, January 1st, 1943. Jl 3t*rc IRISH CUP POTATOEB-Iu barrels, just srrived-230 bar J. rels Irish Cup Potatoes, (rare quality,) litis day landing, and in lots to suit purchasers, h^ W. A J. *. TAPBCOTT, 76 South street, corner Maiden Lane. The above are in excellent condition. J3rc BEEF EXTRAORDINARY. jiT-cMA THE SUBSCRIBER will expose for sale on Saturday-the 4th of Januiry, it VALENTINE'S AmSLsOLD ESTABLISHMENT, 46 Fulton Maiket, four very superior Steers, the largest pair of which are five years old, and have taken three premiums for three successive years in Dntchess County. The others are thr-e years old. and hare taken two premiums in the above named county. They were all exhibited aad took the premium at the recent State Fair held at Poughkeepsie. The above named Cattle were reised and failed by Thomas Swift, Esq, of South Amenia, Dutchess Co., and hare been pronounced by competent judges, to be equal in quality to any evrr brought to this city. N. B.?Prices te suit the times. PETER VALENTINE. j3 Itis^rc 16 Fultoa Market. NEW YEAR'S CAKE, IN ALL ITS VARIETIES. I? AMILIF.8 about furnishing their Cake for the New Year, or " for Weddings and P.irties, are invited to call and inspect the different kiuds on hand at the Old Bakery, No. 49 Litpeuard street. All orders strictly attended to. Those from the country will be boxed up in the most carefnl manner possible. d!5 2w*rc JAMES TOMfSON. 30 HARDWARE, TABLE CUTLERY, tec. ('ASKS Bright Trace Chains. (36 do Fnll Site Carolina Hoes, all sizes.. 13 do Hooks nnd Hinges. 6 do Patent Knob Locks. 3 do Cuiry Combs. Kettle 10 do Tea Kettles and Saiice-pani. 3 do "Newhould A Go's" superior files. 3 do Common files. 306 gross low priced Table Cutlery, a complete antortment. Also, Pen and rocks'. Cutlery, Razors, Sci >?or?, Sic ; Hrtsa Cs dletunki, Bod Screws, Ac , Ac , with a fewer d assortment of Staple, Birmingham and Sheffield goods. For tele st a trif fling advance oh sterling coit. I. A. NF.WBCULD, dll 6tis?ec 90 John meet. AUCTION SALES. BY WILKINS & ROLLINS, Auctioneers A DMLNIS'l'llATUR'H NALK of Furniture. Ac., on Fri sk day,January 3d, at 10U o'clock, at No. 824 Broadway, be tweeo 10th aud 17th ?b. Agereral assortment of good Furnt lure?consisting of three-ply and other ' arpets, Sofa, Tablaa, I hairs, Marble Clock. China and Glass Ware. Looking Glasses, bed'?"<! Uedateada, .Maufl La in pi, kc.. with a large aaaortuwnt of Kitchen Utensils, with which the rale will commence, jal 2t*rc THE NEW ORLEANS COMMERCIAL NEWS & READING ROOMS, in thk commodious and hit new wiuiao. OPPOSITE THE SAINT CHAKLKH aNU VERANDAH HOTELS eplils K8TABLISMENT ia liberally supported, udllfler A the especial patronage of the MerchaaU, Professional Man, Master Mechanics and others of tliia city. It will be condaeted on the aanae admirable ayatein that haa rendered Lloyd's ia Laa don, GaJigaani's in Paha and rimilar establishment! in all oar principal citiea, ao eminently useful; affording gnat facilities to our eitisena particularly, and to strangers generally visiting this great mart of the South-West. The undermentioned Periodical Literature, will be regularly taken :?1The priucipai Commercial and Political Newspapers, Heviewa, Magazines, Journals, Ike., published iu this country, without any distinction to party politics. The leading English, French, Herman. Scotch, Irish, Texan, Mexican, Canadian, West India. South American, lie.. Newspapers, Heviewa, Mag azines, Journals, etc., etc. The Prices Current, from every city in this country aud abroad, where one is published. This de partment shall be strictly attended to, it bring a veiy important and useful oue. Journals of the Arts and Sciences, Manufac tures. Law, Medicine, etc , etc., will also be taken?the great object of the establishment being us concentrate the largest amount of Commercial News and General Information, for llir use of its supporters. The daily Arrivals and Clearances of all vessels, either For eign, Coastwise, or from the Interior, will be entered in books kept for the purpose also, copies made directly from the Cm turn-house, of all Entries and Clearances, with the fullest par ticulars of Consignees, Caigoce, etc , etc. The stock on hand of Cotton. Sugar, Tobacco. Western Pro duce, etc., etc., will be regularly entered daily, in separate books, which will be of great advantage for reference. The Forwarding Letter Office?entirely a new feature in this city. Subscribers to the establishment will have all their let ter* forwarded byevery vessel and steamer leaving the city. To non-subscribers the charge will be six end a quarter cent* for each letrer. The establishment will be o|ieoed as an EXCHANGE, for subscribers, from 12 till 2 o'clock, P. M., when will be placed on the Bulletin Board, a Commercial Report ol the Sales of ihe day, collected by a moat efficient Commercial Reporter; and also, a Corrected Liat of the Sales of Stock*, etc., etc lu the evening, the establishment will be open for Excbange Purposes, with an additional ie|>ort of further sales of the day. Ship Owners and Captains of vessels in Port, shall, at all times, have free access to lite establishment, aud are requested to call frequently, ai every attention will be paid them. Any suggestion of a subscriber will be attended to, and com plied with at far as practicable; the great desire of the proprie tor is to give satisfaction to all. Terms of Subscription:?For each individual subscriber, and firms of two partners, S10 per annum; for Arms of three or men partners, $20 per annum. Strangers visiting the city can sub scribe at $1 i?r month?a longer period, at a proportionate rate. All subscriptions paid in advance The subscriber pledges himself to exert hit best energies to make this establishment everyway usefnl, and of the greatest public convenience to those who may support it. D. BRAVO, Proprietor. | jNew Orleans,IJannary I, 1815. jl 0trc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, _ ENHANCE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. mup UlTRU/'UinUDB 1 I A. :_J* Al TV A and Europe. They have also made arrangements to be supplied with every new article treed ia the Daguerreotype Art. They have lately received a large .apply of Yoig tlaeaOsr'i celebrated Cameras, consisting of thres different sties, for the sale of which they are appointed Agents. Alse, a supply of best Plates and Chemicals, either lor Daguerreotype or Calotype, made to their especial order. Cases of all sizes, the bast Polishing Substances, and every other article used for the Daguerreotype, constantly on hand. Their long connection with the Daguer reotype Art and their iseeess in taking picture*, may serve as a recommendation and reliance. Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering articles Rom any part of the above named countries, may depend upon a prompt and satisfactory execution of their ??ri. Their prices are each. Prices Current and information may be obtained by addressing (post-paid) to h7rF LANOENHEIM, jl lm**c Exchange Building. Philadelphia. A RARE CHANCE, DOR a Man with Five Hundred Dollars, ready cash.?For A sale, a Bowling Saloon, with stock and fixtures, now doing a business that pays from twelve to fifteen dollars per week, clear of expenses, (board iucluded,) and with an increasing castom. To a man of industrious habits this affords an opportunity to make money with a small investment. To any one having the above sum. and wishing to engage iu the business, satisfactory reasons will be given for the present owner leaving, and the bu siness shown, to satisfy the purchaser that the above ia not an over-estimate. A note addressed to H. K , with real signature, and left at this office, stating where an interview can be nai, will meet w ith prompt attention. ja 1 2t*rc COAL. TV/fOUNT SAVAGE FAWN A8H COAL.?Now dis avX charging from Schr Chief, foot of King street, a cargo of this celebrated Coal, from the Cumberland region, which, for rarity and strength, is considered equal, if not superior, to the best English Bituminous Coal. Orders sent to the subscriber, or to Mr. OSTROM, 118 King street, will be promptly attended to. jal 3l?ec WILLIAM JACKSON, 177 Broadway. SUBSCRIPTIONS RECEIVED, and Single Copies, for d sale, of tbe DAILY and WEEKLY HERALD, by COLON It ADRIANCE, 203K Chesnut at.,and 28, 29, 30 and 31 Arcade, Philadelphia. Also, all the principal American and European Periodicals, Newspapers, kc. eg B.?Al( the Cheap Books received as soon as published, j 1 2tis*ec MR. HENRY PHILLIPS?Tbe smallest Grand Pianoforte LvA ever made; brought from England by this celebrated vo calist, ia novP to be sold, and may be sees at the Pianoforte Ware rooms of Stodart,'Worcester m. Dunham, Ml Broadway, olltf re FOR THE HOLIDAYS. A CHOICE COLLECTION OF ANNUALS, ILLUS TRATED BOOKS, B1BLF.S and PRA ER BOOKS, Books and Games for Children, Itc.. kc., suitable for Holiday Presents, for sale at K. WALKER'S BOOK STORE, 114 Fulion street. Also, a new and beautiful edition of the "Pic torial History of the Bible," in splendid emblematic morocco biading, prepared empreaily for a New Year's Gift. Annuals and Illustrated Books for Children, and a large assortment of Juvenile Books of every kind, for sal* cheap. O-Job Binding of all kinds executed with the almost neat nee*. Samples of tha different styles can be aeea at the elan. dlf 2w?rrc I) ALLS. PARTIES, ASSEMBLIES, Itc. would do O give JERVIS a call for Eograved Ball Tickets, . I Circulars, and CaMs of Invitation of every description, L iug prepared to do Ball Printing as good and cheater than anv one alse in the city. Call and satisfy yourself at JERVI8T4 Original Cheap Engraving and Printing Establishment, Broadway, next door to the Tabernacle. 'nM lm*? CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF GROCERIES, FRUITS, WINES, ke? WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT SCOTT'S, T6 NASSAU STREET. , HE subscriber offer* to public inspection the beet euoitment ? Ot Groceries. Wine*, KruiU, Ac., fee., *uitable to the sea ?on, of any establishment in the city. Superior Teas, Coffees, Sugars. Otard. < hampagne and Cognise Brandy, Old Jamaica Rum, Holland Gin. Scotch and Irish Whiskey, Brown Stout, Edinburgh Ale, and Fruits, fresh and rich, by the latest importa tions. _ JOHN 8. SCOTT" Wholesale and Rerail (?tors, 76 Nassau street. N. B.?People from tlie country .Hotel and Boarding House Keepers, who buy for cash, will find it to their advantage to mre this establishment a call. Goods sent to any part of the city, free of eipense. The Scotch and Irish Whiskey is great sua no mistake. d(7 lm* re BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S PRESENTS. PHOTOGRAPHIC MINIATURES of JAMES K. POLK, f by P. HAAS, set in a stat Gold Breast-pin, to be had at Haas' Daguerreotype Rooms, Ml Broadway, at the Lyceum, nearly opposite Niblo"s?where the most splendid Daguerreo type Likenesses, of all aims, as well as family groups, are taken at all hours of the day. d1flw*ee HOLIDAY PRESENTS. SOMETHING NKWUNDICR THE FEET.?Barnes' eele C braird Premium Brush Door Mats, the most finished article now iu use?likewise, its unrivalled power* of cleansing are such as cannot be surpassed. Gents, you will please your ladies bv purchasing the above a-ticle?save your carpets and orna ment yonr hails. Warrant I'd to last 10 or 16 years and retain its original beauty. BARNES It McKEACHNIE, Manufacturers, 166 Pearl et. Agents?J. B. Windle kCo., 66 Maiden Lane; LTw. k F. A. Milter, Carpet Store, <47 Broadway. d31 3t* re SCARFS AND CRAVATS. CHARLES B. HATCH, 07 Wllltaai Street. II AS just received an elegant assortment of Gentlemen's Scarfs A1 and Cravats, of the most desirable stylri and patterns. Also s full assortment of Undergarments, Gloves, Snspeudere, Dress ing Gowns, Ready Made Linens, Opera Neck Tie*,^8tock^kc., ONLY ONE DOLLAR INCLUDING CASE OR FRAME. LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, I AO Broadway, corner off Liberty, CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. VfRS H. 8HANKLAND, Daguerriaa Artist, respectfully a'A informs the ladies and gentlemen that she will take the best style of Daguerreotype, including a neat eaee or frame, for one dollar, aa good as any, nco customers can certify what she aivanres. dm 2w?rc RATIONAL COFFEE HOUSE.Ml Broadway.?The Pro La prietor respectfully informs his frieads and the public that ha has a splendid establishment in the immediate vicinity of mercantile business; billiards and other amusements in thb house; the price ofbilliarda ISM cents per game. The proprie tor hashed strict rrfrard to eleimace and comfort: and that he has combined economy the following prices will show A room for one night, ate.; for one week, 61 ; for a mouth, $X Refreshments on the shorwst notice. The porter will be in at tendance at all times during the night, ui admit lodgers and to let them out at all hnuis. N. B.?'Those who want lodgings af ts the house is closed will ring the hall bell. d IS lm'rre LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 149 Broad w a y, corner off Liberty street and sold at verylow prions VffllSlC.?Mr DUM90AY. Professot ol Musie, No. 55 LU. Chrystis street, shove Walker, will go to the residence of his pupils and teach (uu very moderate terms) the Oaitar and Singing, Accordion, Violi", Trombone and Cornopean. Music harmonized and arranged for bands, and piano fortes correctly tuned. Satisfactory remrences gives on application, dtl lm*m PACKET SHIP JAVA FROM NtW ORLEANS, is dis * ehadting at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall street. Con signees will please attend to the receipt of their good* im mediately J?rc ipL AXSEED? 8 cacks very aaperior Flameud, laudingett ship i Java, from New Orleans, for sale bv jltt E. K. COLLINS k CO., 51 South sl [skips tXfHKAT? <M6 bushels prime IIHuois Wheat, landing ex v v Alfred and Java, fiom New Orleans, and for sale By j3rc E K. COLLINS k CO.. 36 South ^^^HFOK NEW ORLEANS,?Louisiana sadlHH ^^?oik Line.?Positively First Regular packet?To mil Monday. 6th Jaauary. The elegant fast amlM ^^?ANlfr'.LO, Capt. Clarkson, will poaitiveiy ml m mM*- FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Loaistaaa and New n^YnikLiaa-PotiliTrJy|bMM^m^m^kMk SSSfoip, her regnUr day ? For freight or passage, having hamlsnme fnruiakad aesnrnmo dalioas, apply on board, at Orleans wharf,foot of Waft street, ot to e. k. c6llins fcTo!; 36 South street. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday evening, 4th Jan Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Hullia and Woodruff, who Will promptly forward ail roods to their eddies*. rrr- The packet ship Y AZOO, Captaia Wibray. wdl m -eed the Angelo, and tail 16th January, her regular day. jt WINTER MAIL LB*^ AMD 1MWJI> Fan* THaot'OH to Ai.bast ft. BY 8TEAHOAT AND STAOE-Laad inir at Dobbs' Ferry. Sing Sing and V septan ?a'* Point?The Steamboat UTICA. 'earns the Smambou^ierTroot of Coartlaudt sr., (ninth side,) Every Af tS' noon, at 3 o'clock Stsgei leave for Albany immediately on the arrival of the boat at Potiiihkaepaie, on both sides of North Rtvar. For passage or freight, apply on board or to P C, 8HULTZ, gt the Oflk? on lk? Whin, 4 Ml

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