Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 7, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 7, 1845 Page 3
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Nfw York French Benevolent Society.? Al th- xanrenl Bfctiai of the member* of the Freueh Benevo lr t Society, held 011 the 27th ultimo, at Meaars. DylaaoeieS. Hn tlien, the President, \1. Butrd, tirekiln|>ixt, wain snoSe that the receipt* during the year 1814, Amount to $8,089 80 Expenditures MM 18 I taring a balance in caah $09? W , During ilia year expired 461 pe-aons, of whom 81 are .heads oi fain.Ilea, hare received aaaittauce from the Society, IB bread, fuel, money, Ac. Tun following I'omrrittee baa baee appointed for the aumiuia tratiiui of the fu Ai of the Societv, for the year 1843 Meaara. LOI'lS LXCLERC, Preaidaut. JOHN DERAI3A1E8, Ut Vice Preaittait. E. FABREQUETTES.Id Vie* President. Messrs E. GOULARD, Tre'aurer. E. G"ULARD, Tre-i^^^^B GEORGE GUVNET. Secretary. Ma.*n \ HL'ET. A MATHHIEU. B$H L. LEFKVRE, PH1L1PPON, J. RKNAPD. O.PONSOT, kscoffie, J. batbt. SOLI ISLAE. E. BRUE, Coiumiatariet. Doctor, BEROER, "????? f: RUDE AN, JULIAN, J. MILHAU. The thaalu of th* moating were given to the committee whose ' to the Doe tori, for thoir charitable aervicea hare jest expired?to I ? aa .hm tan res, end to Merar*. Delmonico Brother*, for th* grata itotit use of their rooms. Per order of the Committee: GEORGE GUYNET, Secretary. Grand Triumph of Art?First and Greatest Pictorial Nawvpaper m the Union?Tea Thofliand aoltl in thia City, on Saturday-THE NEW WORLD carried all before it la.t week ! Twenty three Engravings for cents! The Ei?p<e were taken by sorprive. The " Miseries of Human ife" i* rich in fun, and tbe illustrations are the tallest ever seen in this conutry. It"?* Single copies only 6)t cents?$3 a year, or $3 for two copies. Citixena and strangers are invited to call at tha office and subscribe. Every family should have the New World for thiv year. lljT" THE WANDERING JEW. No ll-Herbert'a elegant iranslati-oi?is now ready, at the New World Office. 24 Ann street. Only 6K cents. E. WINCHESTER, Publisher. Brtil'S Hair Restorative, treat ranted to make hair to grow on bald places, and prevent hair from fall ing oat Found at Beat's agenoy, 67 Walker street, first store ruoM Broadway. Gosrend's Hair Dye will change red or any hair to a b'sutifbl br >? u or jat black, warranted, at 67 Walker street, first atota rsoM Broadway. Galley's Magical Fain (extractor, for Burns, Scalds, riles, lie., at 31 Courtlandt street. All PlUJadelptila Subscriptions to tits Hkhsi.h must be pare to the areata, Zieberlt Co., 1 Ledger buildings. 3d and Chesnnt at*., where single copses may also br obtainod'dally at|l o'clock. lm Meal leal Notice.?T lie Advertisements of tbe New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Suppression of Quackery, in the cure of all diseases, will hereafter appear <m the fourth page and last column or dlis paper. W. S.RICHARPSON, M. D., Agent. Office and Conanlting Room* of the College,91 Nassau street. HON BY MARKET Monday, January 6-8 p. M. There was s much better feeling to-dsy in the market. Quotations show an Improvement, and the transactions were rather larger than u3iaL Long Island advanced one per oent; Canton, }; Harlem, i; Norwich and Wore eater, IJt StoniBgton, Farmers' Loan. 1; Morris Canal, 1; Ohio 0's, J ; Mohawk, Pennsyl vania 6's, Vicksburg and North American Trust closed firm at Saturday* prices. The shorts have been in tbs market to day, purchasing quite largely to deliver. The books oi several stocks opened to day, and sales made to deliver on the opening became due, and the shorts were compelled to buy at current prices. Counterfeit fives on Oliver Lee k Co* Bank of Bu6 are in circulation. These are a lithograph On very" paper, and can easily be detected by close examination. The intcreat on the public stocks of this city, payable on the 1st of February, will be paid on that day by the Chamberlain at hit office in tha Bonk ol the State of New York. The Merchant*' Exchange Bank has declared a divi dend of three and n half per cent for the last six months, payable on demand. iMo, irfnin The Bank of Commerce three per cent, payable 03 de mand. The Merchants* Fire Insurance Company four percent for the last six months, payable on the 15th inst The New York Iaaurance Company a r'gular dividend of Are percent for the last six mouths, payable on the ISth inst.,and a commission of ten per crnt on the amount of premiums on risks terminating on the 1st inst -the lat ter payable on the 1st of February. There has been within the past few days considerable excitement among the bill holder* of the PlainAeld Bank, N J.,end tha Broker* of Wall st. have been very active io redeeming the Issues of that institution,not,however,with out tha redemption of the amounts they received being guaranteed by the agents of the bank. Several brokers Hi the street refuse to touch these bills at any rate. The Urge amount in circulation has created suspicions in the minds of many that all was not right, and that some sctow was loose. The fears produced in the minds of the bill holders, by the refusal of the brokers to redeem tbem, have oompelled the government of the Platnlleld Bank to publish a statement of itaa b(fairs, made up to a very recent date, which we annex for the benefit of those interested. PLsixriKLn Bsnx, New Jcbskt, Due. 38, 1844. Resources. Limhilitiet. Rills Diici-ani'il... $16,838 Capitol Stock $50,800 Deposit in N. York, Circulation 11,469 Specie,fundo... 50.848 Due Depositors 18,960 .Specie in vault 11,984 Profit and Loss 1,700 B ills and (hecks of Hks cor. in N.Y. 10,750 Real Estate and Bnk Property 10,981 Over Drafts 170 $150,198 180,198 This statement if offirmtd to by Nathan Vail, President, sworn to by Aahel Beach, Cashier, and certified to by a committee of throe. According to the report of this insti token, published last January, it appears that at that time tlieloan*amounted to $70,260, specie $10,042, circulation $07,078, and deposits to $21,730 Some little time after that report was made, the Legislature of New Jersey ap pointed commissioners ? upon certsin representations made to that body?to examine the affairs of this bank, and report accordingly. After a great lapse of time these commissioners reported, and their report showed a circu lation of $41,068, with specie on hand! amounting to $41,068, a sum precisely that of the circulation. This statement showed that the bank had been put in order for the investigation, and its condition improved. We find here an inorease in the specie of $29,026, and a decrease in the circulation of $06,010, in a very short time, litis report to the Legislature calmed the fears of the public which was taken advmitsge of, and issues rapidly put in to circulation, so that in a few months, according to the report of the bank, the circulation has been increased one hundred per cent, and the specie in vault has fallen from $41,068 to $11,024. This shows a very groat expansion and depreciation in the value of its circulation, but a true and correct atatement of its affairs would present an In flation that would alarm every one holding any of its pro mises to pay. We know that the financial operations of those interested in this PlainAeld Bank, have recently been of such a nature as to require large emissions of its bills, end the appearance of these bills in (he market has produced the excitement before alludtd to. Te offset the effect of thia excitement on the credit of the bank, an in dividual,deeply interested in its prosperity, has published the following notice. The PbtiisrisLD Bsnx.?A malicious rumor relative to this institution, every word of which is false, was circu lated at the close et last week by an envious print in this ci'y. The PlainAeld Bank is managed by the best men in New Jersey, and these repeated attacks?while inflicting ae-ioua injury upon hundreds of industrion* people, and retarding the business of many worthy persons engaged in active pursuits?have only served to vindicate the character of Us managers, and prove the entire soundness ot the Bank. It is as sound as any other institution in (he United Bta'es, and at all tinea redeems i s notes promptly in gold or silver. Its bills are redeemed in thia city, tens and up wards, at par; fives and under st the rate of N'-iv York State money, being one half oi one per cot.t Wo hold ourselves individually responsible for the punctnal re demption in sp?eie of every dollar It has ih circulation at these rates, at our counter, on demand. M Y. BEACH. The responsibility of this person is a question upon which the publle r< quire <?U the Information possible to be obtained. It is generally known that he lis rated in the list of " Wealthy Citizvna" it be worth $000,000. Hew true that auy be, we are not capable of judging, bnt it ap?e?rsth*rn are thoso who queatlon this very much, end who array foots to con Arm their assertions We an il ""it a sla*?snst:t, taken from "Thompson's Bink Note Reporter," which bears upon its face a very official up pesaxnee. The fools here given can be seen on refer ence to the authorities named at any tuns. Th* Pi.Aierm.D Bsnx?Thk Llhiun Covnrr Bsnx? Masts Y. Beach's ronnacTion with thkse Irstitu vions. ' Mr. Emroa?Ti:e e'her day I accidentally heard a conversation in Wall street roiat vc to the above named hanks, and ths probability oi their ultimately ? bursting up " when one of the party stated tuat Beach's real ea U:e alone in this oitv, was werth enough to redeem the issue* of those banks combined, and was, therefore, a guarantee against inch a catastrophe. Being curious in ?uch matters, 1 yesterday took a stroll into the Record office te examine what rnal estate Beach hell that con d be wor h *0 largo en amount. I here send you the result 0 my 1 ihor-f, and if I hnve emitted any thing, or made ?n error, I beg the gentleman himself will cor ret me Itrm- The building occupied as the Sun office, come of Mas. tti and Fulton streets, estimated to be worth,with the ground, <31 by uto feet) $68,000 The same has three mo.- * iqes upsn it, as fellows: - Kiios Collin*' mortgage. $43 057 13 John 1H Wllliama'mortgage, second.. 16,000 00 Northampton Bank, mortgage, third., 7,000 00 Total amount *068677s The above are recorded in Liber 357 of Mortgagee, pp 347, 300 and 338, and the amount* are due at various pe riods between the preeCnt time and ISM, with interest at the rate of seven per cent per annum Item?The dwelling honee 37 Chambers street, deeded to Moses 8. Beach, and for which Moses Y. Beach's bond M given for $17,600*, and mortgaged to George Oris* old ier that amount, to be paid Tn instalments of $1600 to $$000?last pajir.cnt in 1864. This property may be worth $16,000?not a cent over that amount. It is therefore mortgaged for $3000 over its value ! The deeding of this bonte (which Moses Y Beach occupies as his own dwelling) to his son Moses, is a eircumstanoe which perhaps his peculiar system ol fi oauciering would explain. The mortgage alluded to Is recorded in Liber 387, p. 831. This is all the real eatate in which I can And that Moats Y. Beach baa any interest in New York. * As fast as the instalments shall be paid on thia proper ty by Moses Y. Beach, the benefit of suoh payments goea to Moses 8 Beach, who holds the title to the property. We should think the above was sufficient evidence to convince any one ol the responsibility of the individual alluded to. We find In thia statement very largo mort gages upon the real estate standing in the name of Moses Y. Beach, upon which he pays an interest ef seven per cent. These* mortgages amount to $83,667, into rest on whioh is paid at seven per cent, and the circu lation of the Plainfield Bank?according to the report given above?reaches $81,406, whioh is loaned ont at six per cent. How is it that this Mr. Beach does nat lift these mortgages?so far as the Plainfield bills will go?and hold his real estate unencnmberad, when he could make at least one per cant by the operation, and give him some claim to the possession of wealth 7 There la eomethiog wrong in this. The responsibility of this individual should be tasted upon another point. According to the laws ol thia State. It la illegal to circulate bills of banks located out of the State,within our limits,and everyeffenoe is pun ishable with fine, but. These laws are transgressed every day by nearly all,although the act cannot be pinned to any one; but when a man establishe* an agency of a foreign bank in a State, for the purpose of putting into circula tion iasuea of that bank, which are, br the law* of that State, Illegal, it becomes necessary that something ahould be done to bring him to juatioe?not only to vindicate the laws, but to protect those who might become sufferers, by being compelled to accept his issues. We personally know nothing in favor of, or against this man, either ai regards his private or public character; bat we should Judge from the foots presented to the people by others, that if the credit of the Plainfield Bank reats entirely on the responsibility ol this individual. It has a very weak foundation. Ita bill holders must take into consideration the evidence here given, and govern themeelvee accord ingly. The explosion* of the Jacksonville, Monmouth, and Northampton Banks, have not been forgotten by many who were heavy lufferers, and with the operations of thos* institutions in their minds, we advise them to bo ware of the isanee ot the Plainfield. We are now in the midst of prosperity, and all attempts to get up and palm off a shlnplaster currency, should be nipped in the bud. To do thia, it la important that the publio should'refuse to receive the issues of any bank, the credit of which la the least tainted, and tha officers of which are not men of char acter and standing in society. We annex tables made up from official reports showing the value of the importations into this port for the past year, compared with 1843. We are Indebted to the po liteness of Mr. Bogardus, Deputy Collector, and Mr. Og den, Auditor, for these valuable reports. Statement or the value or Goodi, Wares and Mer chandise, IMPORTED INTO THE DISTRICT Or NewYoRK IN EACH MONTH OT THE TEARS 1843 AND 1844. Dutiable Goods. Goods not Dutiable. 1843. 1814 1843. January... $1,666,770 $5,490,188 $189,190 Fsbraary... 3,489,750 4,433,154 65,383 March. ... 3,140,383 4,759,959 4 53,080 April 3,110,551 5,217,665 933,033 Ma? 3.150,384 4,477,308 1,908,554 June 1,752,336 5,369,101 1,095.587 Jn'y 3,897,179 6,513.331 549.507 August.... 4,537,667 9,537,379 1,062,975 September.. 5,174.435 7,646,050 568,459 October... 8,483,014 3.913,383 669,388 November.. 1,713,393 1,891,893 408,934 December.. 2,644,697 3,653,410 575,454 Totsl...<34,629,361 <61,300,321 <8,498,332 <9,109,747 I Total value of Imp'nt. 1843 1844. Increaie. Dutiable goods <34,629,361 <64,300,381 29 ff?l, 160 Goods not dutiable.... 8.498,332 . 9,809,747 1,311,413 <43,127,893 Ain't of dntiea on impHa 11,336,122 <34,483,813 <96,176,393 <41,692,380 The value of the importation! into thii port for the year juat closed, reaches nearly one hundred million dollars The invoice value was $74,110,368, and the additional value placed upon them bofole they fell into the hands of tho first owners, was created by dtfiies, Ac. Foreign manufactures, cent out by and sold on account of owners abroad, must be paid for with duties added and remittances made accordingly, but on the Imports by houses here, the first cost is only to be remitted, the dutie? remaining in the country. Estimating the value of the imports in this manner?and it is the only correct way?we would not be surprised to find that the full value of the imports into the country, for the year 1844, amounted to one hundred and fifty millions of dollars. This amount must be paid tar, and It our exports are aot sufficient to do so, and our cre dits become exhausted, the precious metals must go for ward to liquidate the balance. Our exports, acoording to the official returns are made up at the home valuation, and the returns do not show how far they actually go, towards liquidating eur foreign indebtedness. The profits accruing on our exports in foreign countries should be added to the home valuation, and, whatever that is, with the first oost, is so much to our credit in o diet ting the value of the imports. Old Stock Uxehaags. <15(00 U 8 J's, '33 184 58 shas Farmers' Trust 36)4 2800 Ohio 4's, >60 97 V 30 do . b45 37 3006 do bl5 97*4 103 Morris Canal 29 10000 do tw 97H 30 do 29*,' 3000 do 973( 30 East Boston Co 9;, I '10000 do b60 98 30 do 10 3000 do *70 97)4 30 do slO 10 1060 K'y6'sdir off 101 6 Erie KR kid 6000 Indiana Bds 35V 6 Mohawk BR 59V 0000 de b30 35V 100 Harlem RR 65*} 6008 do 35M 30 do 65V 33000 Perm's 5'a ope 74 30 .do s20 65V 3000 do *90 73)4 430 L Island HR 75 3000 do b60 74 300 do s60 75 23 ?has Bank of Amer 98 250 do HAS 75V 13 NO Canal Bank 37V 75 do b30 75V 50 Vickaburg 4>J 50 Nor Ic Wor RR 67V 30 do 4V 275 do 67>i 113 Canton Co 44 V 30 do b20 68 25 do slO 44V 30 do 68 25 do I tw 44 V 100 do >30 67V 40 do s20 44V 325 do 67V 23 do 444Z 10 Housatonic RR 32 39 Btouington RR 39V New Stock Exchangs. <1000 Ohio6's, *00 s3 97V >3 ih*a Faimera' Tr bl3 36V 1000 Indiana Dot Bds b30 36 30 do s3 363 23 shat Morris Canal c 29V 75 do 23 do c 29V 23 do 25 Canton Co s60 43V 100 do 23 do slO 44 50 East Boston 25 do s30 44 125 do 25 do 44V 50 L Island RR 25 do 44V 50 do 25 do 44V 50 do 25 do bnw 44V 100 Nor It Wor RU 175 do C 44V 25 do 25 do star 44V 35 do 25 do bnw 45 25 do 23 do v stw 4tV 25 do 25 Erie KR ? State off Trade. Ashes?Pots ere still very dull, and we cannot quote over <3 70. Peerls are steady et <4 06J a 4 12| Beeswax-Prime yellow, of all descriptions, sells as wanted at 99 a 99ic. BatansTurrs?There is no particular change here since last Saturday. The market is not active. Oati are now shipped to England from Prince Edwardh Islani in great quantities and at remunerating prices ? The inhabitants of the Islaud expect to drive a thriving trade in that and other articles of produce, not only with England, but with the West Indies and the United States. Cotton?The sales to day amount to 1000 bales ; ex porters continue the chiet purchasers?prices remain steady. Bar?Common qualities of North river bu'.e sells at 38 a 60c. The supply Is not very large and me demand is moderate Lumber ?Comparative statement of imports of sewed lumber, oek timber, staves, salt and coal, at Chicago, for the years 1848 and 1844. 1843 1844 Sawed lumber, ft 7,343,142 10,160,407 Square timber, ft 16,600 64 478 Staves, ps 8U,ono 137 000 Salt, bbfs 28,038 27,463 ? Goals, tons 313 2,008 Whisrrv?Drudge casks are in very limited request at 34c Western and prison barrels sell, us wanted, at 34f a 23jo Cattle Marrrt.?At market, 1130 beef cattle, 141 from the South, 190 cows and calves, and 1300 sheep and lambs Pi Ices?Beef Cattle? We emote ordinary at <4 12 to 4 76 prime, <3 23 to 3 87J, with Mae very extra higher? 801 left over. Cowa and Calves?Salts at <14 to 80. Sheep and Lambs? Sales of the former at <1 871 to 4 30, and of lambs at 67c. to <2 30. 1 Hay?Prima,67J a 76c. Canal Commrrcs ?The following statement! derived from the records of the canal department, will be reed w ith interest. They show s large increase of business ovet previous years. The comparative statements of < amount of property received and cl?ared, sad tolls paid at Albany and West Troy, will attract attention :? PaortRTT Ltrv at Alusnt on the Erie ano Chamvlaiii Canals, oa wmt h was left between that tlacc and the Collector's orrirr next in order sn the canal. Ths Forrest. 1344. 1648. ,1rtirlee. Quantity. Value. Quantity. Value. Furs and peltry, lbs. 39l,9li3 $189,700 319,70S <319,700 Hoards, fit. 1000 ft. . 118,447,OM 2,061,900 89,102,800 1,381,094 Shingles, M 47,180 11',410 30.086 111.665 TimOer. lOuc. ft... 35,671 I,"70 8,513 540 Staves, lb 79,215,400 316,Mil 21,1-8 192 061 Wo.d, rotdv 9,515 81,3 1 10,876 51,661 Ashes, bbls 76,771 898,961 37,785 ? ?Qyrirulture. Pork, bbls 32,895 296,051 2".018 283,690 lleef, Idil. 2i,8K0 129.t >41 25,401 1.11,761 ? heese, lbs 8,052,800 402 6411 8 I?*,2o0 449,087 Butter, ll>. 5,498,500 697,312 1 , ... ... Lsrdjos 1,611.400 104,867 1 7.455,800 745,->80 Wool, lb* 3,621,800 1,376.884 3,818,509 867,375 Hides, lb. 31,800 1,100 ? ? Float, bbls 1,407,717 6,764,668 ? 1,287,88? 5,916,410 ?M. bu?h 234,875 234,712 131442 131.442 bush 21,634 14,141 II,Ml 13,028 . bush 14,993 7,497 114,628 (4,138 Barley, bush 413,042 3(7,317 340,441 189,265 Other gTaiu, bu-h... 404.042 161.474 474,401 142,621 Bran k ship ,tuff. bu 714,6(2 212,914 420,316 41.844 IVas and beau*, bush 7,714 12,474 4,411 4 411 Potatoja, tush 7,163 2 687 14,905 3 726 Dried fruit, lb* 481,400 38,420 311,100 24,888 Cotton, lbs 12,800 961 14,000 1.890 Tobacco, lb* 114,100 12,441 1,147,700 148,247 Clov. grass need, lb* 2,219,900 144.393 2.136,200 149,434 Flaxseed lb* 774,500 14,490 464.300 9,286 Hop*, lb* 551,500 71.944 142,400 23.975 _-usd " . ?*? Manufacture*. Domestic spirits, gal 460.704 120 176 422.974 146,693 Leather, lb* 1,381.400 366.163 973,800 219,106 furniture, ton* 438 87,490 389 77,820 Bar and pig lead, tons 20 1,612 628 40,006 fig iron, ton* 170 4,007 14 428 Jron ware, ton*.?... 43 4,210 21 1,6'T Domestic wool' 76 26t,3M 84 201,600 do cotton, ton*.. 380 233 407 319 149.400 Salt, ton* 92,273 873,340 9.624 130>I6 Merchandise, ton*... 39 14 0 33 (8 23,(71 OtAer Article* Stone,lime,clay,tons 10,44 8 31,344 7,048 21,17) Gypsum, tons 157 7)3 281 1,407 Mineral coal, ton*... 1,116 9,693 1,124 10,943 Sundries, ton* 8,207 664,604 10,241 20,622 Aggregate*. 1843. ?psr .718 $3.9 Forest, ton* 291,718 $1,904,449 218,628 $2,992,700 Agriculture, tona.... 221,294 11,124,647 189,976 9,370,198 Manufacture*, " .. 99,964 1,896,104 13,920 997,636 Merchandise, " .. 39 M,035 CO 23,678 Other article*, " .. 20,328 705 424 19,421 144,144 llTotal $6 32,813 $17,047,751 441,0I3?14,23S,4?7 Aqureoate quantity and value or rRorERT* cleared AT AlHANV, ALSO THE AMOUNT Or TOLL* RECEIVED. 1834. 141. Ton* 92,400 63,316 Value $22,179,371 $17,744,796 Toll* 360,4)4 46 274,4)4 64 The following statement show* the aggregate* of the property which wa* left and cleared at Weat Troy dar ing 1843 and 1844, and alio the amount of tolla received: Proper^ Left. ^ Forest, tona 243 484 $3 111,57) 1*7 4*4 $*,963,941 e w i WWE. IU818 . ? ? ? ? ? ?? ??JJ 1M *4 OII.J/O IVl f4|VQ3,?$l Agriculture, ton* 157.420 9,746,157 144 606 1,751.429 .Meg " ? lanufactnre*, " 10,563 2,301,942 15,773 1,563,5*4 Mrrchaudtae, " 2(6 72,118 113 45,271 Other article*. " * 49,071 1,619,8(1 *5.433 813 767 Total 463,744 $17,551 636 393,270 $14,138.03* Property Cleared. * iiii igit Ton 126*299 1*6,041 Value $30,963.(32 $34 402,092 Tolla 321,532 71 291,440 41 PaMengan Arrtwea* London?Packet ?hip Mediator?H Skinner, of Cuba; F Chippendale, Capt C W Smyth, F Baales, J Drew, W Mole In^ Miaa M A Dunham, Loudon; Capt <J A Swaaey, Boston ?20 in the atrarage. Liverpool?Packet chip Cgpabridga?Robert Clay, of New York?80 in the steerage. Na***u?Schr Jamrs Power, at Baltimore?Capt Dunham, late of barque Ellen, stranded on Heneagua reef. Foreign Importations. LivR*rooL?Ship Cambridge?101 pkgJno Gihon It co?4 , Jas McCall It co?Bulterfield broth* It co? 28 Crippa It co?16 Nevina It co?>5 Peabody. Rigg* It co?24 W Whitewright It co?15 Jno Nicholso?14 Allen Hazeu?10 Tho Hunt A co?10 Jmith, Thrugan Itco?10 W B Bud?13 Whitewright?14 S T Jones A co?16 McKe* A co?IS Godfrey Pattison A ?o?8 Bnlk lay Graham A eo?7 Manning A Jouraoy?5 Henry Tobiaa?7 A B McAlpin?6 Samuel Gray dan?8 Richardson A Watson?5 Suydam A co?4 Gorton Hodgea A co?4 Hughes, Ward A co ?I Tho Lowndes?4 Lockhart, Gibson A co?4 J A J StewartA eo?4 Jaa Letferts?3 Cromwell. Height A co?4 Bird, Giltihan A co?2 U H Russell A co?1 JAR Petrie?3 Wm Watt?4 Jno Morsnu?2 A A G A Kendall?1 Siaer, Price A co?1 Adriance "A Strong?1 bred Liech?1 Wiaherby A sons?t Parsons A co? 2 H Farnum A co?13 Sands Fuller A co?1 Jno Hamilton?1 W M Titua?t D Morrison?* Haaluck A co?1 L Asterbury Jr A co?1 Job Connate?9 B Benjamin A co?1 Seinosfield A co?2 Geo Hastings?1 Henry Andrews?3 Wm Sloan?1 E Wild?1 M Armstrong A tons?1 E Godfrey?3 Yonng A Smith?4 Plait A Brother?1 Blunt A Symcs?3 K Tomes A ton*?4 Lawrenc* A Trimble?1 H 11 Viwv?I Henry Bayles?1 Clark A Wil son?3 J J Brower?1 Wolf A Gillespie?3 A R Van Nest? 3 A a ? :t? a. * A tiro-' . A n tir' /? a t ij.l- ?. ... Averill A co?1 A W 8piea?2 D W Grave*?* Iugeldsby A co ?i Alonzo Child?2 S Smith A co?2 Read A Sprague?I J A J Chamberlain?17 E J Thomas?20 S C Hubbard?J Wolf A Bishop?1 W J Bach?2 J Van Naat?2 Sheldon Smith?9 Tow mend, Sayer A eo?C B Cowant A so?3 Coope A Leigh ?* J w Towt A co? 1 Moore A co?1 Kennedy, Browgaw A co?* Way A Brother?! D Morrison?42 J A Brackett?1 J P Drummond?1 Samuel Ashbnrg?3 E Cauldwell A eo?38 W Chauncy A co?13 Thompson A Pariah?4 Miller A ( oatea?4 T A J G Davenport?41 bz up Joi Connah?78 bdla iron A Cong don A co?50 tns pig and 186 bdla sheet iron Wm Mead?t rsk whisky A Beniugir A co?1 bi watches Read A Taylor?32 bzt copper Joaiah Macy A tons?421 b*s tin GB Morewood A co? 5936 b'rt 40 bndla iron?'* cat copper Ba*stow. Pope A co?730 bt 20 bdla iran Bleecker A Oumont?6S ra steel E F Sanderson 304 bx tin Phelps, Dodge A co?1 cat' 1 cik Tho Warner?180 tni coal and a quantity af potatoes C H Marshall?To order 18 pkgi, and 131 bndla 28 cat ateel. London?Ship Mediator?29 bale* wool J M Oppenheim?2 anchors 3 cablet Tucker, Cooper A en?72 cs Camming A Main ?1 do 41 baa i 86 bkt* 2 ppa 7 chta 3 bales G Meyer A co?91 bdla ateel 40 as mdae H Jessop?13 bxa C Vyse?14 cka J MThorhurn ?6 T Rockwell?11 J M Underwood?16 bbls brandy C Black burn?10 ca 2 cka 1 box Ho?dl?y A Phelpa?28 ca copper Phelps, Dodge Itco?10 caML Coh-n?150 bx? 7 bgt 15 cka G B More wood A co?2 Prentiss A Brown?6 Herrick A Blunt?5 Wilev A Putnam?2 R Mckenzie?4 J) Rogers A co?6 bdla aleel 99 bars iron J Ellison?7 pltgs Bartlett A Welf.ird?35 W lialsey? 3 J Storan?20 8 N Dodge?2 Wood A Kolger?10 J M Link?3 Allen, Hazen A co?3 E biedler?5 J Owen?9 Richardson A Watson?9 C Dord?1 F Lowndes?1 J A T Woodlieid?I H L Leverich?1 C Mailer?1 Young A Smith?2 J W Lasaak? I J C Meek*? 1 C Kaupe?1 J Madtoe?1 J W Thornton?1 Van Nest?1 Wight, Sturgr* A Shaw?17 Bnntitt A Johnson?240 tons coal J Griswold?35 cs 14 cks lot of fustic to order. ' Smyrna?Ship Camera?15 bales sheep skins 111 bags seed Dutilh A Cousinery?3967 drum* figs J U Langdon?200 bales rags 1138 do wool to order. OomMtlv importation*. Mobile? Barque Ranger?200 biln cotton W P Gieau 1M Reimer bi Hull tea J?CO Holbrook, Nelaon St co?21 H Askant MARITIME HERALD. aiOYaments of the SUnnuhlpi. Sitcameri. Leave Liv'l. Due > i Jtme'a. Letin sdnie'a Cambria, Jndkins,.. Jan. t ...Jan. 16 Fab. 1 Ship iSaltara and A|intl. We dhail esteem it a favor if Captaiaa of Vaaaals will give to Kobciit Silvet, Captain of our Nrwa Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. He a mediately on their arrival. Agents and Con or abroad, will also confer a favor by sean Ibe Marine Intelligence they can i i of any kind will be thankfully i PORT CMP If JEW YORK, JANUARY 7. sro areas 7 23 I moon rises 6 27 ?UN sets 4 37 | Mien WATER 7 2% Cleared. Ships Ashburton, Huttleston, Liverpool, Orianell, M in turn It Co; Norma, Barton. Havana, Moses Taylor: Angvlo, Clark son. New Oileans, E K Collins It Co; H Allen.Wilson. Charleston, Geo Sutton.?Bar<iue Allioth, Spring, Sandwich Islands, bv the master.?Brig Wm L Jones, Tyler, Wilmington, NC. John Ogden ? Schrs Alaric, Pumell, Wilmington, NC. N L Mc t ready It Co; J W Kempton, Osborn, Norfolk, Stnrges it Clear man. Arrlvat. Packet ship Mediator, Chadwiok. from London and Ports mouth. Nov 13, with radse, to John Griswold. Has had con tinnsl head winds daring the pnsengt? made Fire Island Light last Friday morning. Packet snip Cambridge, Barstow, from Liverpool. Nov 17, with mdse, to <1 H Marshall. Came out the North Channel in co. with ships Richd Anderson, for Baltimore, and saw her in 1st '6, Ion 22. The Cambridge has had a succession of westerly gales throughout the iwssage. Ship Hercules, Madigan, from Odessa, with linseed and wool, to J It L K Bridges. Ship Camera, Dnnbar, from 8myrua, Fept SO. and paased Gib raltar Oct 12, with fruit, Ac. to order Sailed in co. with ship Sylvanas Jenkios, and spoke haron the list Oct. 12th nit. lat 3230, lou 60 30, experienced a gale from BE to 8W. 27th, lat 36 30, Inn 70 11, picked up n boat 10feet long, about 0 months old; had not baen long in the water; painted lead color outside and inside; maker's name branded on the inside, Peareall, of New York. The C has been West of Sable leland since 14th ult? liar experienced constant westerly gales. Swedish barque AColus, Torlnrnsea, 72 days from Cardiff, fales, with 3W tone iron to Dayis k Brooke. Barque Ranger. Milliken, (of Portland) 16 days from Mobile, ith cottou, to J Elwell k Co. Schr Ann, Latoumtte, from Baltimore, with flour, to Ji hnson k Lowden. Schr Seaford, Hall, from Norfolk, with corn. Schr Adventure, Pike, from Saco, with potatoes. Below. One ship, one barque, two brigs. Wind NE. with snow. MlacnUMMomg Record, PscarT Smr Ashscrtoiv, Hnttleston, for Liverpool, will ?ail to-day. Her letter bags will eloaa at 11K a. m. BsnquE DiaMsnt, Ballaer, of and .lor Bremen, previously reported sShoir, was towsd off on Tuesday evening lsit, by (he steamer Beaufort District,and proceeded on her vovnge without damage.?[Charleston Courier, Jan. 2. Schu Defiance ?We |naru from Capt Smith, of the steamer Wilmington, ihat the ache Defiance, Balentine, with stone, 24 days iiu', from New YorkBound to this port, put in at Smith Smilhville, NC. 31st nit. with lota ef some sails, part of deck load, damage to hullyand out of provisions? she was to have sailed first fair wind ?[lb. Aurivals at Charleston.?Harbor Mis'er'* Report for DecArrivals?10 ships, 12 barques, 23 brigs, 63 schrs, 2 sloops, 72 steamboats. Clearances?24 ship*, 10 barqum,23 briga. 63 schrs, 2 sloops, 62 steamboats. In port, Dec 31?6 ships, 7 barques, 14 brigs, 26 schrs, isteam boats. No glen to Mariners. Floating Light.?The pilot boat New York towed ike Floating Light Ship to her moorings last Saturday. The False Liohts on Cafe Hrni.ofen.?Mr. Schellinger, of pilot boat Enoch Tar ley, of Philadelphia, reports that on the niaht of 3l<t ult. when off the Southern land, discovered three fights, similar to those on Cape Henlopen, and hit impres sion was that they were placed there as a decoy to lure .easels. The correspondent of Oia Philadelphia Exchange says?"Mr opinion is that it ia the reflection caused by the naming of the hull of ship Welter, which wan fliad some day or two since by Messrs Bennett and Andrews, for the purpose of gatliug out the iron which is stowed in her bottom." m IpoklR. Chenango, Snow, 13 daya from Bnvnnnah for Nantx, 3d ult. lat 30, Ion 42?by ths Ci mam, at this port. Ohio, Davis, hence for Naw Orleans, 26th ult. lat 33 >3, Ion 66 10?by the same. Russell Glover, Howes, Naw Orleans for Liverpool, 27th ult. lat 32 6, Ion 70. Homa Pmrts. Thomaston. Dec 26? Are Fountain, Wellsby, Alexandria. Portland, Jan f?Sid Michinn, Mason, fv Orleans; Henri etta, Citixen, Evelina, and tnaneet of coasters. PHiLADELfHiA, Jan 6?< ld Erie, Baxter, and Richmond, Smi'h, Boston; Moses Brawn. Niekemm^ Providence. Alexandria. Jan 2?Arr Roanoke, Wade. Eastport. with lore of deck load in a sale; 3d, FHmk, Baker, NYork. Sid 3d. Joseph, F.ldridg ?, Boston. Far.oraicaiauso, Jan 2?Cld Pallas, Haskell, NYork. Norfolk, Jan t?Arr Mary Patton, Mercer, Antigua, in dis tress. In Hampton Roads, Adams, Pea*hy, far Hants t rnx fer Wilmington, NC. put in on Recount of strong westerly sales ? Arr Sd.Lvroy, Bedell, New York: Amos Burt, Lawrence, dn; Herald. Holbrook, Newport; Tniiemaa, Larry, Providence; Exact, Folger, Nantucket?experim oed aevere wen'her, but sua rained no aamase; Snpcrior, Vicks, Smith field Creek, and list from Heawell's Point, where she went ashore 23d ult. Sid El ite, Card, Weal Indies. Oeoruktown, BC. Dec 29?Arr Ohio. Veas e, West Indies Cld 31st, Reaper. Kent, NYork; Jan 1, Jnao, Norris, and Co Inmbia, Knapp, do. Charleston, Jan 2? Arr New York, Hull, NYork. Savannah, Jan I?Cld Merchant, Jordan, Havre; Colnmbia, Barbes, Brunswick. By Lmt Ninht'i Southern Mail. Philsdelvhia, JanO?4'ld Baltimore, Tredway, Cope Hay tien. Baltimore, Jan 3?Arr Ida, llallett: Joa Bnleh,llalleu, sad Porto Rico, bmallsy, Boston; Star, Chase, Apnlachirola; Jaa Power, Keene. Nassan, NP: Martha Elisabeth. Cromwell, Aax ?yes; Mary,Cook, Newbaryport: Victoria,Tdkenburj, Naw ? ^ h, Boyca, Providence; (Jeo Klotta, amuy, rail Rt f ork; Sarah rev. Bid Jo*tiua,411avpool. Dnmiiii; Kirkwo?4, M?fV*i N Orleans; Clio, Wilson, Uustnu. CIdlth, LeUrtd. Skillwgton. Valparaiso and a rakt and Canton; Mary, Marston.ana How IsiidTWatU, New Orleans; Geo Gardner, Walker. Liverpool; Sktpiack, I Br J Walters, Antigua; liaxelle, Springer. kraukliu, La; Maria, L.icourrtte, and Varinillioa, Seaman, NYork. MlftcoilAiicoiu Hocorda A Waaca ?Capt Bmailry, of (he Porto Rico, at Baltimore, reporta?Dec 30, Cnincoteagoe W8W 25 miles, rail in with auu hoarded a fore and aft sehr lying on her boa in ends, fall of water, with inainsvil furled aid foreaail about half way up. There waa nothing visible 'mm which her uatne could he ascertained, the two first letters of which on the stein were KE. Spoken. Cairo, Ckilda. 8 days from New Orleans for Liverpool, Dec 30, lat 13 21, Ion 74 30. Foreign Porta. Aua Casks, Dec 14?In port, William, Johnson, fm Bt J ago de Cuba for Boatou, to sail in a few days, had lost one man and two others were sick; Valium, Walker, do for do, ready for aaa, but detained on account of sickness; Billow, (Vinal, late mas ter, died 10th) for Boatou. L5lh. Nassau, NP. Dee 22?In port, Harriet, Dunning, from Balti more for NOrleans, ready; Mary Augusta, Tootle, of and for more tor iaijrieans, teady; Mary Augusta, j ootle. oi una lor Baltimore, few days. Bid 13th. Bunker Hill, from Bath for Key West, put inonaccount of heavy weather, in which lost part of deck lost part of deck load; 14tU, Watchman, Winslow, r'rauk lin, La; Rieaii, Slickney, Boston via Key West; 19th. Gilbert, Ciiveen, from New York for NOrleaus, with remainder of the cargo of ship Alabama. AUCTION SALES. AUCTION'NOTICE?'This Day, tale of Watchmaker's Pools aud Materials, at 10X o'clock, in the Bale Room, II Spruce street. Also,new aud second hand Watches, sold to pay eapenaas and advances. A variety of Jewelry Artic'ee, Chains, Pins, Rings, ate.; 4 beautiful Ladies' Watches in cases, lie. Alto, 174 first-rate Garmeuts for gentlemen, suitable for the sesaon. 'lo be sold Without reserve, by order of ilm Marshal. Sale positive. TH08. BELL, j7 lt"m Auctioneer. Xlf ANTED.? A well-known Professor of lh? Piano Forts, is rv desirous of finding a comfortable room with breakfast, not over half a mile from the Park, where his interaction would be considered as an equivalent. He offers the use of his Pianoforte, being absent the greater part of the day. Address "Pianoforte," Herald Office. J7 3trc Xlf ANTED?A Famished Parlor and Bed Room, with pri '? rate table, in some pleasant location ucar Broadway, and below Canal st. Address J. O W., box 342, lower Post Office, stating particulars aud terms. ja6 Jtec (frO/k RKWAlfl)?The house of Daniel Wiuship, Hunt's ?pAVJ Point, West Farms, West Chester County, wss rob bed ou Wedursday night, January 3d, of out half dozeu Table iTta " and one half dozeu Tea Spoons, marked R. E. H.; and one do/.-n Tea Spoons marked K. L. H. The above reward will be party, by D Winship, at the above place, or L. J. Beats, No. I3IH First Avevne. 0N. B ?Pawnbrokers am requested to stop the above if oi feted. j7 3tia*ee REWARD?Lost, this morning, in Greenwich street be tweeu Chambers and Dey streets, a black figured-velvet AO, containing a purse with a silver clasp, with the nam* of the owner, and bank notes to the amount oi about fifty dollars, a pair of silver spectacles, pencil case, 8tc. Also, a bundle of canvass, one piece worked. The above reward will be given for tin bag and its contents, and a suitable compensation for the other, when brought to No. 30 Laight street. i7 2l*ec "POUND?In Chatham street, an ivory CARD CASE, with " a lady's miniature on the front leaf. The owuer can have it by calling at Dr. Houston's, 79 White street. j7 2tdh ABOUT Five tons Irish Oat Meal, of superior quality, for -f*- sale ata modeiate price, by JOHN HEHDMAN. j7rc 61 South'street. Otuteel Rooms, with Orates, Marble Mantle Necrt Pan trie i and CloseU, can be had by applying at 79 (J rata St., 3 doors from Spring st. ja5 3tis*rrc rnwot -L Pantri TAXES OF 1S44. OFFICE OF RECEIVER OF TAXES,) Old Alms Hotsr, Park ) PURSUANT to lha Act "for the Collection of I exes in the a City of New York, passed Anil 18th, 1943," public nop .. _ f j ' n^dtf is hereby given, that unless the Taxes now remaining nnpud, shall be paid to me at my office, on or before the fifteenth day of February next, ui addition of one pei u. ......., .... .. ?..j per cent will be charged; and a further addition of oue per cent will lie charged on all such Taaes remaining unpaid on the fifteenth day of March next. The present law requiring the Taxes to be paid to live Re ceiver only, (the office of Ward Collectors having bans abolish ed,) all those who can make it convenient to pav their Taxes early, will find it greatly to their advantage to-do so, thereby avoiding the crowd and delay which will necessarily occur for several days previous to tlie percentage being charged. Ths Tax Bills may be obtained on application at the office. Office hours from 8 o'clock, A. M. until 3 n'i slock P.M. T. KlfiRSTED, ja^toMrl re Receiver of Taxes TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS! Tiff R. BRISTOW, Finishing Writing Master, presents his most Lvl sincere acknowledgements to the inhabitants i i of New York end Brooklyn, for the very distinguished support, and the many " veneu ' ??? fia'tering proofs of approbation tbey have been pleased to be stow on His efforts during hit present visit. Mr. B'a Academy, No. 156 Broadway, (Room No. 7.) will continue orxrs for Pu pils. Day and Evening, for onlt a limited hkbiod loisuer ?it being his voeitiuo intention, early'in the spring, to return to his Academies in London ana Liverpool. BR1BTU W* S surcnion AND elegant commercial system oh WRITING ACADEMY, No. 156 BROADWAY. Mr. B. gu aUaivteks to impart to Ladies and Gentlemen of all ar.ES, OBUperior, free, jloioing expeditious, beantifnlI and of Penmanship, executed iu an elegant off-hand pie vsing style manner, IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS ! no matter how bad, illegible or cramped the wiiting it. Even the venerable matron feds delighted in going through this process, lb revive the study of the vernal morn of life. iCT'Extea Lessons green (freeol charselif required. Book Kgirino and Short-Hand taught as osual Mr. B. is to be i from 9 A. M., to 1 P. M., or 3 to 8 P. M. tr r_ xi?_ a.l r *o* Visitxrs in New York can take a course of Writing in thine days!'. I N. B.?Specimens of Writing are exhibited on the awning me. ja7 lm'ec WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. :R'8 SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, Wfiieh will > ??-w- VJ 1? "ririnil color in a few minute*. Thi? soluti cms different from any yet offered, and cannot fail of an parading all other*. It ia highly ellicaciona, and possesses the great advantage of .beautifying the hair without injuring ita growth. Thoaa who doubt jta virtnea, are requested to have their hau changed before payi UK their money. If hnmboga woold take thia method there would be no reaaon to complain. One trial will prove the fact. ' Sold wholesale and retail, and applied at No. S Chatham at, opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs jaT Im'ic HARDWARE, TABLE CUTLERY, <5cc. Oft CASKS Bright Trace Chains. OU jo do Full Size Carolina Hoes, all sises. IS do Hooks and Hinges. 6 do I'atent Knob Locks. 5 do Curry Combs. 10 do Tea Kettles and Sauce-pans. 5 do "Newbould A Co's" superior files. 5 do Common hies. 30s gross low-priced Table Cntlery, a complete aoiortment. Also,Ten and rochet Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Ac.; Brass Candlesticks, Bed Screws, Ac , Ac., with a general assortment of Staple, Birmingham and Sheffield goods. For sale at a trif liing advance on ste-ling cost. J. A. NEWBOULD, dll 6tis*ec 90 John street. WIN TEH MAIL LINE FOR ALB ANY, LANDING AT DOBB8' FERRY, SINOSINU.VERPLANCK'9,CALD WELL'S, WEST POINT. COLD SPRING, NEW BURGH, HAMBURGH and PO'KEEPSIE. F*uk Tnsovgh to Albsnt (1 aMn jm BY STEAbOAT AND STAOE-Fare to L:3Lgd|8iii| Sing. 00 cents?Verplanrk's, 73 cts. The W ?Tfc.Steamboat UTIcA, CaptT. N. hulse, leaves the Steamboat Pier, foot of Conrtlandt St., (lonth side,) Every morning, at 8 o'clock. Stages leave for Albany immediately on the arrival of the boat at Ponglikeepaie, on both sides of North River. For jMuraage or freight, ?PP'v 00 board or to P C. SHULT2, PASSAGE FOR LONDON-Packet of the 10 h January'?Tlie splendid, fast sailing packet shit) .NORTHUMBERLAND, Captain Griswold, sails positively as above, her rntularday. The accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, cannot be surpassed. Those wishing to se cure berths, should not failto mass early application on board, or to W. A J. T. TAP8COTT, jaOrc 76 South st .corner Maiden lane. FOR LONDON?Packet of the 10th of January? ,The fast sailing packet ahip NuRTHUMBER .LAND, Captain Griawold, will poaitively sail as above. For passage, having unequalled accommodations, apply an board, or to JOHN HERDMACl, Jn6 61 South street. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of 10th January NfclVw?'11" splendid first-class, fast-sailing packet ship ?H5nc)RTHUMBERLAND, Cat*. R. H. Griswold. will positively sail as above, her regular day. Having most superior accominodatioua for cabin, second cabin ami sterrsge paseugrrs, persona wishing to embark, should make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden t.aue, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, jOrc 100 Pine street, corner of Sooth NRWllNE OF PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL ?Packet of the 21st January.?The splendid and fa mmn positively a racket ol the 2l?t Isouary.? I he splendid and ts .vorire pocket ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1250 tons burthen, Captain WoodhoUM, will sail on Tuesday, Jan. 21st. her regular day. . The ships of this line being all '000 tons and upwar.'s, per sona shoot to emhatk for the <-'d country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derivrdfri in s?'ec'mg this line in preference to any other, a* their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convene of than ships nt a small class, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabiu and steerage peasenccrs, it ia well known, are superior to those of any other line of packets I'eisons wftniag te eecuta berus* should net fail to make early application on hoard fo?t of Burling Slip, or to W. A J. T. TAPSC01T, j7rc 70 South street, con'cr of Vla'den * ana. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND MlfWlRGl.ANb-V'u LIVERPOOL?The rep ular park JHaMHes't ships tow leave Lirernool every five data through out I he tear, by which the subscriber is prepared to engage |xss tage at the lowest rates. Those sending for their friends may rely that they will have every attention shown them, and that they will be drspatclied froui Liverpool without delay. Drafts from one pound sterling to anv amount, can, as usual, be furnished, payable st all the principal Banks throughout the United" Kingdom. Apply at the " Old Establish^) Packs! Office." JOHN HEKDMAN,..^. j7rc _ 61 Sontb street. tiM- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of llthiJan.? riXfV'HM splendid firat class, fast-sailing Packet Ship tfWLsTEPHEN WHITNEY, Captain Thnmpaou, will positively sail as above her regular day. Having very superior accommodation* for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, | ersous wishing to embark should make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, j7 ae No. too Pine street, corner of South OR LIVERPOOL-Tostil positively on the 16th January?'I he splendid fast tailing Packet Ship ORKSIIIRE. Captain Bailey, will sail aa above, i wrior Taeket slhip SHERIDAN, Captain Del'eyt teT, will poaitively sail on the 26th of January. For Paaaagr, haeiag splendid sceommodatione in Cabin and Steerage, ap ply on board; or to JOHN HERDM AN, <1 South st. N.B.?Passages to and from Great Britain and Ireland, can as usual be secured by anv of the regular line of Packets, sailing every five days ; and Draflf to any amount can always be fur nished, payable stall the p-incipnl banking Institutions through out the United Kingdom, on application as above- jab !*?? I wMVeoi. JHBBCb* am?ron, matter?can take a few cabin passengers, at moderate rates, if immediate application ia made to th- Captain, on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to D. H. ROBERTSON, Ja8 3t?rrc 70 Wall street. 17LAXSEED?6 casks very tu|ierior Flaaieed, landing e* ship " Java, from New Orleans, lor sale by jlrr E K. COLLINS A CO., 36 South it. WHEAT?30(0 bushels prune Illinois Wheat, lauding e* skips Alfred and Java, fiom New Orleans, and for sale by jjrc E. K COLLINS A CO.. 36 South tt, \1700L?1300 Ihs American Fleece Wool, washed and an ?v w ished, of very tu|erior quality, for snle by K K. COLLINS A CO., dlOre U South street TRUNK BOARDS.?Boston Trunk Board* by 1 PERSEE A BR06KS, dio It Ne. ?J and IT Nassau at Tb^ua for HULL, (ENGLAND),?The fast sailing, ^coppered and copper fastened ship PANAMA, F. 9. AMUSEMENTS. PARK THEATRIC. TJII8 EVEN1NU, January 7. 1845. will be present fi" Kt>. en?iUei OLD HEADS AN I YOUNG HEARTS '.?The Earl of Pomi-ioo.Mr. De Wilder. f^>r<l Charles Roebuck. Mr. Dyutt; Littleton Coke, Mr. W. H Crisp; The (onmets of Mr*. Barry To cor.clu.le will. THE BATTLE OK AU8TERLITZ, or Lore and Honor?Colonel Le Krri, Mr 8 Pearaoo; Jeau Phillip. Roue, Mr Barry; Meruit Bombelle, Mr? Skrrretl Admittance ? Boxes, let Tie. 7) ceota?Second and Thirr Tiers 50 pants?Pit 50 cents?Gallery 25 centa. PALMtPS NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE. In consequence of the lenath of the Opera, the doora will open at 6\ and the iwrforuiaaee coun.neuce at 7 o'clock. On TUESDAY, the 7th January. (22d maht of the aeaaon,) Rotaini'e grandest Opera, SEMI KAMIDE, will be performed? Semiramide, hignore Bonrheee; Araaee, Siguora Pico; ldreuna, Signor Perozzi: Alien, signor V.ltellina. Admission?First Tier and Parquette, ft; Second Tier 50 eta; Private Boxes, with fonr admission, $C. Seat* aecured from i> A. M. to 5 P. M Librettos in English and Italian can be had at the Boa Office. j5p - ORPHEAN FAMILY CONCERT. rPHE Orphean Family, in connection with K. H. Brown, re J speclfully announce their Second Concert, which will take place at the Society Library, on Tueeday Evening, January 7th, 1945 ; when they will introduce their moat popular Uuartettei, Trios, Duettea, Ike. Tickets Fifty Ceiita?Can be had at Firth ft Hall's, Atwill's, Hewett's and Riley's mu.ic itotea?at the AstOf House, and at the door. Doora open at 6V. Concert to commence at 7)?. Ja6 lt*gc '' A NIGHT WITH BURNS!'' WILL BR TUX SUBJECT or MR. C L I RE HUGH'S SECOND LECTURE ore SCOTTISH MINSTRELSY, On Tueadny, ltth Jan., 1845; ja4m MESSRS. SCHNEIDER & REBHUN'S COTILLION BAND. LATE OF SARATOGA SPRINGS, A RE now prepared to give their attendance, at Private Par 1 ties,, Ike , and combining a Baud of vurious lustra {?jvnlj. from two to twenty, with the moat modern and fashiona blei Music, hope to give their usual antislaclion. Application to be made to MESSRS. SCHNEIDER Ik UEBHUNS, m lm*rc ^ 59 Crosby etreet. LARGEST COLLECTION OF BEASTS AND BIRDS IN THIS COUNTRY UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTION. rjREAT BOXING MATCH?Novel and Amusing Enter JX teinment.?The Greatest Bill of the Season, at the NEW MENAGERIE, Nos. 149 Fulton, and IV Aun streets, on Mon day Afternoon and Evening, December 16th, Mid every day and evening during the week, at 3 and So*c1ockT P. M. Admit tance 12>t cent*. The lover* ot the "Fancy" are respectfully informed that the manager of the above Menagerie being well convinced of the tre mendous strides made by those proficient in "The Art," has made an engagement with the following celebrated artists, who will eihibit their new artisrical Freaks of the Science:?In ad dition to the many animals now exhibited there, Sig. Calisto Alioeida, S^ianish Boxer; La Diabolo, the Learned Kangaroo; iu conjunction with Major Jack Dowuing, the Simou Pure, or in riper words, "the most intelligent Monkey in the country,", who. will go through his wonderful performance iu the ring, and on his celebrated rony, Billy Button. The public are respectfully informed that at the above hours 8ig. Almeida, the Spanish Boxer, and La Diabolo, the Great Kangaroo, will enter the splendid Arena, prepared for combat. During which sceue the doctriue hitherto cousidmed fabulous fix: an animal standing on the extreme end or his tail to do battle, will b* fully stiown to the satisfaction of all. The manager has effected the abeve engagement at an enormous ex pense, and confidently looks for the patronage of all who know how to appreciate true and novel talent. d!5e. NEW YORK BRASS BAND. GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL. THE ELEVENTH ANNUAL BALL of the New York * Brass Band, will take place at the Aocllo Saloon, 410 Broadway, on Tuesday, January 7th, 1845, on which occasion the Band will appear in full uniform, and perform the fal lowing pieces of music, composed, selected, aud arranged ex preselyfor this occasion. 1st. E Flat Bugle Solo, Mr. Willis. C. S. Grafulla 2d. Quick Step, dedicated to the Fifth Com , m jwuiy, National Guard. Capt. Waugh... C. S. Grafulla 3d. Medlev Quick Step, dedicated to J. Sher man Brownell, Esq., selected and arrang edby C. S. Grafulla 4th. rinale?Oallope Labitzky Ticket!, Admitting a Gentleman and Ladies, One Dollar each, to be had of any of the member, of the Band, or at the door on the evening of the B ill. ja6 2ti?*rc MUSIC. PARTIES and Balls can be attended with first rate Music, b A applying at 85 Leonaid street, where orders will be punctu ally attended, by 8. SIMPSON, 25 Leonard st. ja6 2t*rrc * MUSIC, T<HE GERMAN COTILLION BAND, (late of New Brtgh A 1b'nand Fort Hamilton,) would respectfully inform the public that they are prepared to play at Private Balls and Par ties, the celebrated Cotillions, Waltzes. Polkas, Gallops, ike., of Lanner, Strauss, Labitzky, Jullien, Ike , Ike. The Band eon lists of from two to twenty-five instruments, with a new grand 6V Octave Gothic Doable Action Harp Accompaniment;? vnll furnish Piano Foite alona when required. I. MUNCK, 21 Mercer street. Teacher of Harp, Piado Forte, Ike. Also, J. HELFEN^rrTER^Toj_255J->nUi.B?reer^^^^i2flIu|Vni AAIISIC.?Mr. DUMHDAY, Professor ol Music, No. 55 r. *- nrystie street, above Walker, will go to the residence of his pupils and reaihlonvery moderate terms) the Guitar and Singing, Accordion,Violin, Trombone and Corn. pean. Music harmonized and arranged for bauds, and piano forte* correctly tuned. Satisfactory references given on application. dlllm?m PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY-3d Season, 1844-5 THE Government of the above Society, begs leave to inform the Subscribers, that the Second Concert or the Season, will take place at the Apollo Rooms, on Saturday Evening, Jannaiy 11th. 1845. To commence at t o'clock precisely. Those subscribers who wish to make use of their privilege, to purchase two extra tickets at $1.50 rich, ca r obtain them, by applying to Messis. Scharfen'-ers It Lnis, No. 361 Broadway. . By order. WM. SCH ARFENBERG, ja5 lans-m Secretary. CENTRAL GUARD. 'T'HE ANNUAL BALL or this Company will b? held at the -L Apollo Konmi, on Wednesday Evening, January 8. 184V W llaci-'s celebrated Cotillion Band ii engaged. The New York Brass Ba-d baa kindly volunteered to perform during the evening a new (Quick Step, eompoaed and dedicated to the corps by C. S. Orafulii, ?k|., conductor of the Band. Ticket! $1, to be had of any of the Committee :? r* Alex. S Forbes, Samuel Ryeraoa, Kdward Graham, Johu Berser. Samuel S. Conklin, And ew Mather, David Sherwood, H. W. Oiliiland, Wm. O. Egbert, Washington Fink, < Michael Newton, Peter Curren, William Mansfield. ROBERT GAMBLE, Chairman. ORLANDO GRAY, Secretary. d37 31 J3 T 4t*ec MINERVA ASSEMBLY ROOMS. 4 8 6 BROAD WAY. NEAR WALKER. ^PHE PROPRIETORS of the above suite of rooms hare, at A an immense expense, completed the most elegant and com modious BALL OR CONCERT ROOM in the city, and respectfully in rite for it the attention of the public. Its locttion being the central part of Broadway, pei liarly adapts it for the purposes intended, and the interior ar rangements hare been made entirely with thn view of promoting # the commit and convenience of the ri liters. THE SALOON is canahle of seatinr one thonsand persons. The decorations are of the most chase description, being in Signor Capelli's best style. A series of classic statuary, hare also been provided from the studio of Mr. Brsliam. The room, when brilliantly lighted by three costly chandeliers, presents a coup d'ail unequalled by any other establishment in the city. A spacious Supper Room, Dressing Rooms, fcc. fcc. have been provided, thus rendering the Minerva Rooms the most de sirable in the city for Concerts, Assemblies, Re. hull particulars may be had by application to Mr. Hatchings on the premises. N. B.?Military and other companies desiroua of giving din ners, ate , will find at thrsa Rooms every convenience for getting up the same in the most elegant and commodious style. dJO lm*rc QUADRILLE BAND. BALLS AND PARTIES furnished with Music at the shortest notice, by applying to GEORGE WHITWORTH, 150 East Broadway, or JOHN WHITWORTH,889 Walker street. dJS lm?rc GRAND OPENING BALL, Given sit the Alhnmra, 089 Broadwwjr. PROPRIETOR It MQNs"TOABRIEL DE KORPONAY TJOR THE BENEFIT OK THE DEAF AND DUMB P AND THE BLIND ASYLUMS.?Monday. Jan. 6, 1845 The proprietor of the Alhamra has the honor to announce to the public that, being abont rebuilding and decorating hit establish ^ent in a novel and expensive manner, for the purpose of Balls, Concerts, Sic., in winter?he will, with the assistance of Mont Gabriel de Korponay, (who has kindly volunteered his services for that purpose,) give a Grand Opening B ill on the 87th inst.. aa above announced. On this occasion will be introduced ths Polka Dances, (Quadrilles, Valte de Deux Pas, Uallopades, Sic., under the direction of Mons. da Korponay, and the best and newest .vl usic now in vogue in the most fashionable circles in Europe, nnder -he direction of Mr. Wigera. Price of Tickets, including Supper and Refreshments, $5,10, admitting a Gentleman (nd two Ladiea?to be had at the Al hamra and of Mons. Korponay, and at the principal Hotels and Music Stores. d6 jgli SWORD EXERCISE. T\/fR. HAMILTON, having entered into mi arrangement with i'l MR. FULL EH, for the use of the Large Room of hit Gymnasium, No. 19 Ann street, most respuetfuTly announces u, the public that he intends commencing a Class for the Sword Exercise, in nil iu branches?American and French, such as Small and Broad Sword Exercise, aud'alto Cane Exeicite. Mr H. has been for several years tmgaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United States Army. N. B.?Volunteer Comimnies wishing to become perfect in either Musket or Artillery Drill, can be unght the same uu the moat moderate terms, by application to the advertiser, 31 Aun street. nT7~The Classes will commence on Monday next. Ja3 Imec VfR HENRY PHILLIPS?The smallest Grand Pianoforte ever mads; brought from England by this cslabrated vo enlist, is now to be sold, and may be teoa at the Pianoforte Ware rooms of Stodart, Worrestrr flt Dunham, 881 Broadway, olltf re MONTHi.Y REPORT OF THE NEW YORK MEDI CAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE. No 75 Chamber Street CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. rpHIS Report presents some very interesting cases, among a. which are some of ihemoat difficult of enre. and were it not for the time and expense we would give, for the benefit of the Cfession and the public, tie mode of treatment which has a (o successful. 8 Erysipelas ofthe face. 81 Examinst.on of the Cbest 5 Sore pimples of the face. to detect diseases. 8 Diseases of the Liver, 'ae- 7 Primary Affection* of tbs companied with cough. l.nngt. 4 Enlargement of the Heart. 5 Acnte Rhenmatiam. 14 Primary Gonorrhoea, cured I 4 hronic Rheumatism. in a few daye. 16 Strictures in Urethra, cured 8 Chr >nic do. of long stand- without cutting or born 18 Costirsrss* of tha Bowels. I Bad Burn from spirit lump. 4 Diarrhoea. ? (.'haaeret, primaiy, cured 4 Secondary Syphilids, with without the use of mer sore throat and ulcers. cury 3 Pleurisy, (acute.) 13 Great Weakness and Debi 10 Pain in the Chest, with e litr from imprudence. bad congh. 8 Fever 1 Bleeding from the Lungs. 5 Midwifery. SUCCESSFUL SURGICAL OPERATIONS AND CURES. 1 Luxation of the Shoulder I Operation for Hydrocele. Joint. 1 Fracture of the Metacarpal 1 Lnxalioa of Finger Joint, a Rone of the Thumb. rery rare occurrence. 1 Fr*cture|ef Humeras. 1 Amputation of Finger at 3 Operations for Fistula in the Joint, (ctuio, smashed Am. in Park gate.) I Abscess in the Ear. 3 Operations lor Ilsmorrboi- 1 Operations for Phimosis,el dsl Tumoia. t venty-six years standing 3 Operations for squinting I Uncharge from Ear of loeg I Polypus in the noteremov- Handing. vd. I Warty Kxerrstnce removed 1 Application of Ligature to from the Forehead. the external artery of the And a very singular Tnmni lower jaw from the neck of ayonag 4 Ulcerared Legs, (indolent) lady. Female WseMe. particularly ?W"gAWIr? ? j).; inJ lwu*ne Attonding Physician and Sutgeon. ?? ?* BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [Correspondence oI the Herald.] Wsshinoton, Jan. 6, 1845. Annexation Debate continued ? IVinthrop of Maeeachueet It and Robert Doll Owen, of Indiana?Oregon?Dr. Dun. can?Native Americanism, and Rooibackirm?Mr. CHik ing?Robert Waleh, 4"c. James G. Bennett, Esq ,? Nothing has created more talk, excitement, and fun during the session than the manuer in which the whig opponents of annexation were compelled to meet the question on Saturday, through the dex trous management of Mr. Hhett, of South Carolina, by calling for a vote on the abstract point, without the details. The speech of Joseph R. Iugersoli, whig member from Philadelphia, may be con densed into two points, first, that annexation would increase slavery, and second, that it wonld produce war. The remarks <ol Charles J. Inger goll, on the day previous, who opened the debate on the democratic side, are considered as most in judicious, and confirm previous opinions of this gentleman, that he has much talent, but little prac tical political common sense. His position as to the effects upon slavery are also considered impolitic, and will be dented by almost every other democratic member who speaks upon the question. Mr. Wimhrep, a whig member Irom Massachusetts, will address the House on Monday morning, and be followed by Mr. Douglass, of Illinois, or Robert Dale Owen, of Indiana, the latter of whom will probably make the most able speech in favor of annexation that will be delivered during the session. The whole strength of the whig argument will be confined to the unconstitutionality of admission by any other mode than by treaty, and the dangers of war and evils of extension of slavery. The domo9rats will not only meet these points, but urge the measure for self defence, and self interest as a nation, inclusive of the right of Texas to transfer her soil with out consent of Mexico. It will make an inter esting week, and when the question is ready for a vote, the ayes and nayB will be called at every step of itsprogiess. Of 'his you may be assured, the abstract principle of annexation will be adopted, and the details left for commissioners to fulfil. The Oregon question will follow, when Dr. Duncan will lead ofl with an able argument. He will also meet Joseph R. lngersoll, whenever he introduces his bill to extend ike time of naturalization, and be will also probably amuse the House with a speech, on " Roorbackism," before the final adjournment. The members who make themselves prominent in the extension of the time of naturalization, will be placed on the same political shelf with those in New York city, who sold their party and them selves in the recent contest to their native allies to secure votes for their Presidential candidate. Nei ther the Whig party nor any other party will ever dare to place their names before the people, as the progressive influence and power ef adopted citizens will defeat them as often as they are nominated.? The naturalization law will never be changed eo as to extend the time, andtho&e who have attempt ed its repeal will be ever marked when presented for public favor. The annexation ef Texas and occupation of Oregon will be disposed ef before any other im portant questions are taken up, and those members who oppose extension of our territory by preper means, should refer back to the ayes and noes on the Louisiana question, and there learn the fate of its opponen.8, none of whom have ever since re ceived the confidence of the people. The occupa tion of Oregon, or of all that portion of any use or benefit to this country, will hardly meet with an opponent, except these who fear the British lion ; and it is probable that many who oppose annexation will point to their votes for occupation of Oregon as an evideoce in favor of extending our territory. But Oregon is already ours by right of discovery, boundary and possession, while Texas will be transferred, as Louisiana waB, by its lawful own ?rs. The Hon. Mr. Cushing, late minister to China, arrived here on Saturday morning, with some additional cptnmunications to our government from the minister to Mexico, but tney possess nothing of interest. It is to be hoped that Mr. Cushing will be sent to England in the place of Edward Everett, who is perlectly incompetent for the situation, except as the exponent oi the aboli tion clique of the democratic party of New York city, and a few eastern friends of like calibre. The Senate have confirmed the nom nation of Robert Walsh as Consul at Paiin. Mr. Walsh " is a gentleman and a scholar," but a strange re presentative of the democratic principles of a pro fessed democratic administration. His immediate connection and ardent vupport of the United States Bank, while editor of the National Oasette. of Philadelphia, and his continued abuse of demo cratic principles, should prompt a new admin istration to select Bcme one better -calculated to present the views of the dominant parijr -at the French capital, and thuB relieve the country front the continued attacks of French and British scribblers, who daily represent that party as the compound of evil, without meeting the arguments of those who have represented us at the two most prominent courts of Europe.? They have evinced both imbecility and want of patriotism, and should return to this country for improvement. The managing leaders of the Wh'g party are urging the re-nomination of Henry Clay for the Presidency, and it is alleged by a portion of the democracy that the Monument Fund about to be raised will prove a " corruption lund," to effect his election. Wabhincton, Jan. 3,1846. Visit of Col. IVm. H. Polk at Washington, and it$ Const. quences?Ths Position of Prttidmt Tyler juit now ? New England and the North on the Texas Question?Ni >" York and htr Politicians Profitable Nary Contracts? Gen Cass and his Prospects?1 he Great West, 4* Dkar Si* Certain political wiseacres, in this quarter, have been standing "with hands upraised and mouths agupe," for several days past, in consequence of the arrival in Washington ot Col Wm. H. Polk, a younger and only brother of the President elect; and since his entree among us, that incorrigible nuisance?rumor?has been on the qui vive, with every description of nonsense and flummery which could possible originate with a certain class of of lack-brains, who are "ever open to conviction," and ready to grasp at the marvellous. Every step, look, and act of the Colonel, has been watched, in expectation of the revenlnient ol something definite in reference to the future intents of the President that is to be. Now, it certainly requires so exces sive stretching of ihe imagination to determine in one's mind the probability that the object ot this distinguished gentleman's visit, at this particular time, is an important one. He comes as a sort of nvant courier, it is true, but nil that any cf those "half-breeched knaves" may gather from him they are welcome to. The Colonel is a member of the Sena*. ? of Tennessee?ia about thirty-three years old?is a fine-looking personage?is possessed of first rate talents, and knowsqnue enough ol human nature genet ally, und of politicians particularly, to keep a wary look-out in his movements and con versations. Whatever may be published, there fore, as coming from him, you may set down as premature and without basis, for he will not com mit anybody, under any circumstances. There is nothing of the sort about him. His confidence is extended to a few individuals only, whose own in terests will require their silence; and though he is the gentleman with all,and towards all,the "suck ers will glean no demonstrations from him. In spite of all that may be written hence on the sub ject, you may be sure (hat, whatever may be talked ol, nothing will transpire at present,from that quar ter. He tarries at Coleman's, where lie has been waited on, generally, by the members of Congress, and certain prominent strangers now in town. He has paid his respects to the President and the heads ot the several Departments?and much of his lime has been spent with Calhoun, Woodbury, Inger soll, Rantoul, Buchanan, Walker, McDuffie, Cave Johnson, Aaron Vail Brown? et id omne genus? but no developments will come out. He is close and circumspect (as he should be) and listening carefully to all that is said. He says but little him self,?in the meantime, however, keeping up an intense thinking. He will learn all that is essen tial, and leave the knowing ones as wise at bin exit as they were at his arrival Whatever may be the views and purposes of James K , nothing will be discovered by William H. The position cf John Tyler, at this crisis?in view of the course he has thought proper to pursue since the commencement of the late campaign?in creditable at least to his heart, if not to his head. There is no disputing the fact, that he has sacrificed much upon what he evidently believes to be the altar of his country's highest good, and he is about to retire from his elevated position, whence he will bear with him the hearty benedictions of the de mocratic party, whose cause he has labored to ad vance, and whose best interests have been care fully guarded during his administration. The fa mous letter which emanated from the Hermitage to Mr. Tyler, immediately after Mr. Polk1* nomi nation, and which was tilled with the moat fatherly appeals from ihe old " Hero of New Orleans"?did much towards affecting his withdrawal as n candi date in the Ute contest. No pledgee were required by Mr. Tyler?he waa above bribery?but he saw the threatening of the political storm?and his de sire to witness the triumph of the democracy, out weighed all peraonal or minor considerations. While he held in his hand th? balance of power he withdrew from the field, nad the energies of bio

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