Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1845 Page 3
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( My Intrlllgnicc. A Dmo -> ii ' ? f tb?* ???? - -?? |a nf the season was practise.-! d lu> or iio ou t by tincc lads, and win <u cleverly managed that hundreds were completely taken in and done for. Two boya, about IS years ol age, were seen coming down Centre street from the Park, carry lug a short hand-barrow, upon which' waa stretched a bov of about ten years of age. Hi < Lee was as pale is death, and there was a calm, heavenly smile playing about hia lion, as if hia spirit was about winging its way to the gates of Paradise. His face was exceedingly attractive, and evinced great intelligence ; hia light flaxen hair, con siderably disarranged, floated in the wind ; and his seedy and dirty clotliea led all to suppose that the poor little fellow had had some (terrible fall, or had been run over, or something el the tort, and people flocked around the barrow to learn what was the matter. The bearers said they did not know, and looked very serious. As they approached the i'ombs, the crowd around the boya was K>at and increasing every moment?men Aew out of eir shops, and loafers leit their groggariss?the women thrust their heads from the windows, and as great an ex citement prevailed as if a notor ous felon was on the road to the Touibs. When the boys reached that edifice, they sat down their load oppoaite the main entrance, and the step* were immediately filled by the mob, who expressed their pity tor the unfortunate boy. In the midat of all the oxc tement, the lad alowly opened hia eyea, and gradually raiaing himaelf inte a aittlugpoature, exclaimed, "Who's Jimmy Polk 1 I've seen old Dallas?take me away, bays, and bury me decently." One general shout of laughter announced that the populace appreciated the sell, and the Juvenile jokers scamped olf. Firks.?An alarm of fire was given on Friday evening at 101 o'clock, and waa found to proceed from that large building 4ft Ann atreet. On examination it waa found that the fire waa confined to that portion of it on the second floor occupied by Mr. Chamberlain, Jeweler, and waa very quickly extinguished. The house is fully insured. The origin of the Are appears to be the work of an incen diary, but Mr. Chamberlain lost nothing, aa hia Jewelry waa kept in an iron safe?although the thievei rummaged hia drawers in search of plunder. The build ing belong* to E. It J. Busting. Another.? At 8J o'clock yesterday morning a fire broke out in the chair manufactory of J. fieale No. 181 Fulton street. The stock of ready made artiole waa large, and the greater portion of them were destroyed. Judging from the trace* of theflre upon the interior of the building, the fire must have originated by the negleot of some of the workman, and it appears almost wonderful that, raging a* it did in the midat of a mass of combustible materials, it could be so soon put out. Mr. Beale is lully insured ; but aa to the proprittor of the house, Mr. Brower, we cannot say. Police Ofllce?flaturJay?" Nothino in it."?To use "ir Charles Coldatream's by word in the new oomedy, there was " nothing in it"?except, of course, the magis trate* and clerks and officer*. The thieves are as lively as ever, but burglars seem to be lying on their oars a bit, and living on their spoils By the time the Board of Al dermen confirm the nominations for officers of the muni cipal police, they will he ready to go to work again with renewed vigor, and will then have full scope for the exer oise of their peculiar talents. The Lower Police furnished but three cases of petit larceny, and the usual number of vagrancy cases. Coroner's Office.?Ian 11 ?Dbowivxd.? An unknown man fell from pier No. 80 East River, this morning, about 4 o'clock, and win drowned before he could be got Irom the water. Verdict accordingly. General Sessions Before Reoorder Tallmadge, and Aldermen Devoc and Miller. M C. Pateriok, Ef<| . District Attorney. Jaw. ll?Trial for Aiiaidtland Battery? Alex. Davi aon was called to trial, indicted lor an aiBnult and battery on Mr Wm. Brower, of 41 Carmine street, committed on the Hth November, by knocking him down. The affray took place In a workshop, where the parties weie jour neymen. Verdict guilty, and the Court sen enced him to pay a fine of $10. The Cate of Benjamin H. Ordway, indicted for perjory in falsely swearing to the schedule of goods lost at the Are In the building in South William street, in which he keCoun?el?for Ord way having demurred to the indictment on the ground that the affidavit was illegally taken, inas much as the document was sworn to before a Notary Public, who wai not authorized to adminifer the same, and was therefore no perjury at common law s the Re corder proceeded to deliver the decision of the Court in the matter, sustaining the demurrer as well taken Aldermen Drake and Winship, who were the associates of the Recorder on the bench at the time the demurrer was put In, dissented from the opinion and decision of the Recorder iu the matter, gave it as their opinion that by the 44th chapter, 2d vol. of the Revised Statutes, it was clearly laid down that Notary Publics were empowered to administer such oaths The majority of the Court being adverse to the admis sion of the demurrer, it wm not sustained, and Judgment was rendered far the people. Nolls Prosequi?In the several cases of Patrick Fitx Patrick, Bridget Fitxpatrick, Margaret Larkin. and John Carroll, indicted for assaults and batteries,nolle proi??u?e? were directed to berecorded, and the parties dismissed, as the witnesses for the prosecution were not in atten dance. . The cate of Jamet S. Schermerhorn, indicted for emote sling monies of the Ocean Insurance Company ?Mr Joa ns*, as ronnsel tor Mr Schermerhorn, moved that a nolle prosequi be entered in the case, as the matter had been at issue since 1842, and the accused not called again to trial. The Court were net unanimous In their opinion in respect to granting the motiou, and reserved their de cision for a future day Adjourned to Monday next at 11 o'clock, A. M. Superior Court Before Judg Vandei poel. Jan. 11?Peter Barthelemy VS. The New York PoudretU Company.? In this case, already noticed, the jury found for pisintiff. 8 centi damages and 8 cent* eosts. fro Wood S3 Michael Connelly - Common Assault ?This wm au act.onof trespass for assault and battery alleged to have been committed under the following circum stances:?It appuared that the plaintiff in July last bought butt?r from the defendant, who is a respectable merchant ia this city, which by agreement, was to be paid for in cash on delivery Plaintiff, it appeared, subsequently came for the butter, and not complying with the terms as per agreement, was proceeding to take away the defend ant'* butter, when an altercation took place, and the de fendant who is an able, athletic Captain oi the Montgo mery Guards, gave Wood a sound diubbing. The Court charged very favorably to Mr. Connelly. Verdict $10 damages. For plaintiff, Raymond and Clarke; for defendant, Mr. Mulvey. Before Chief Justice Jones Jsn 11.?John Bsrhrneat vs. Otorge Neil.?This was an action of trover ti recover the valne of a grocar s wagon, seixed on 2d Sept. 1844. under a warrant. The oase possessed no interest. Verdict for defendant. Ouio River?At Wheeling, on Wednesday, there were seven feet of water in the channel. At Pittiburg, on Tn*?<Uy afternoon, the river had six and a half feet of water in the channel Another Steamer Lost.?The Vicktburg Whig ot the 25th ult , says?" A passenger who fame up the river on the steamboat Superb, informs us that at 8J, v. ?i. on the 221 inat.whsn near Bayou Goula Landing, ten mile* helnw Plaquemine, she came in collision wijh fie itiambost Hiwatseo, bound down, from Bayou Black, with sugar and molatae* The Superb was running close round the middle bar, and when aoroo two hundred yards distant,the Hiwasseo took a shear and ran directly across the bow ol the Superb. The latter boat backed her en gine but was unable ta avoid striking her forward ol the Boilers, on her atarboard bow. The Hiwasaee sunk n eight minutes Her csbin instantly parted from the hull, and drifted close to the Superb, which beat succeeded in saving all the passengers and their baggage Bhe then to wed the wreck ashore, and after rendering every Mais tance in her power, and landing the pMicngers, she pro ceeded uninjured." Amusements The Sable Sistrrs and Ethiopian MinstTels, one ot the best bands ever " started." have been giving* seriat of Concerts at Franklin Hall, late the Franklin The itre. Their Concerts are the neatest ever given, and we do not wonder at the crowd* they nightly attract. We trust that they will lang continue to delight New Yorkers. They appear Monday end Tueeday evenings at the above place. ?HHBSSa All iMUlMicljibta Swuacriptloiis to tne Hesai.o mtul he pnid to the agents, Zieber St Co., I buildings, '1.1 And ' hesnof sis., where smile eopws may Also be buildings. it And < .hr-nntsl obtaiaadlaally atll o stock. Medical Notice?Ths Advertisements or the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacv. established for the Suppression of Quackery .iu the cure of all diseases, will t?"" - N.Ti&iSMiMR! etTtiir Office and Consulting Rooms of the College,M Nassau street Rheumatic Complalists-If you are suffer. in* with Rheumatism, andhive JJSW1 iuJi.I?*1!} many worth I* ? nostrums, yon nrtd not (five up of wmji o (itilMini g relief, hu send and a t die Indian V-?e able r-liiir ancf Liniment, whirl, will su eTybr.. ? ^ cum ') he - m ro he taken in ? rosily. n crates direct I v upon whole nerv. u. system - whila the Liniment, ' out wardly, emoves II p?iu. Th se two will cure any ordinary caio of Rheumatism, and is warranted. 8 .id a 21 Courtlaudt street. The Piles In their worst forms may be cui od by the use of H?y's Liniment sud Linn's Balm or t-hina, warranted inrvsycite. Numbeisof t>>? first B'utiemaain this ci y have used these artic'os and are now well, and w# will give theu names to any one wh > may call at tl Coarll mat street, tne only p ace in the eiiy to procure them genuine. Asthma and Dyspepsia are positively cured in all cases by Loagley's Western Indian a, and the pro prietor- now offer to refund tho money in all cases H ? care is not effected. In some of the wo st c^set of Asthma, when tne patient h-s not been able 'o rest fir months, a single dot- has brought immediate relief, and given to the d-spemng sufferer l? feet rest ?nd easy sleep. We have never known a single pel ?on u-e this nrelieiiie without being charmed with its effects.? In reset of coetiveneee it soon restores ihe bowe's to their wont ed strrngt-1 and activity, a d as a general family cathartic it is nn>qu*lled It may be had oiuy at 21 Courilsnd street, in this city. Cnmstork s lartaparlUrn?A certain cure fev the foilowingcomplaints Scrofula Mmcurisl and Syphiloid Dii Chronic Rheumatism, , ? r General Deb lity. Biles from su impure state of Scaly'Er'upuous of ihe Skin, ulceration'of the Throat and Pimples or Past .let on ihe Pi nt and Swellings of the Face Bones, And sll dltmtes ari-ing from an impure state of ihehlood, eg ik) ur- and imprsden. es in, eic stive See m meres y. 'I his r. lebt trd medicine is .spared i the most approved manner from ihe i u e?t ingre-li-nls and a sol I at such an ri tr me low I ric? ihd' ell cm aff id to nso It. vix : fifty Cents per bottle, oi $i pvr dngen. in es I r?e bottles as others that tell M the enormous piiee , f 81 per bottle It can be found only at 21 Courtl.indt t reel, and in Brooklyn it IS9 Fulton street. Deafness.?Dr. NcNali's Acoustic OH has been u,ed by hundreds ot persons who were entirely deaf with tht m tt w.nderf I tuerete, an.t his bee,, prov d to he a salt relier for ell complaints ol the F'.sr. All d,sf persons, or those who are becomi ng to, and fo- con venieuce take intend nu'Ch 'ting Ear Titimpeit to ensble ihem to convene with their Tr ends, we would advise to procure iu their stead a Flask of this celebiate.l Oil which, in all probability, will bring permanent relief? Bold at II Courtlandt suavt, price $1 per flask. Ooaraud'a Poudrc Subtile for completely id prrinaiicolly eradicates snpsrtiuoui hsir, without in my to tin* most delicate ?kiu. Always teited before buying ? Proof positive this, and no etiiUke. Ooursud's I'alien Boap, for curing pi m plea, blotchea, and dia enloratioua and injuriea to the akin. Never take any other than Uourvad'i. Ooaraud'a Vegetable Kouve f"r the ch*ek. Ooura"d'a Hpauiali Lily White for the Completion, and tube had no where elae in .New Vork but at the oiiginal office. 67 Walker atreet, first st-m from Broadway. HORKV HARKEr. Katardajr, Jan. 11?4 P. M Thiahas been rather ? blue day la Wall street?a lew more like it would produce quite a panic. Stonington declined J par cent; Norwich and Worcester, If; Morris Canal,f; Mohawk, Lang Island, If; Canton, 1; Penn sylvania a's, j; Farmers' Loan, }; Ohio 6's, J; Erie Rail road, 1; Vickiburgand United States Bank closed firm at yesterday's price*. Notwithstanding the decline in quotation*, the transaction* were much larger than usual. The atock market ia in a very depressed state, and from present indications, we should judge prices would touch a lower point befo.-e an advance was realised. The mo ney market is very tight, and the rate of interest in the street ia daily advancing. It is possible the banks of this city may, after the returns are made for the 1st of Febru ary, be more liberal in their movements, and afford relief to the commercial classes. Speculators in stocks are iD the greatest diattcss, and unlets some accommodations are soon extended, many must be seriously injured. For the past sixty days prices of stot ks have been steadily declining, until the current quotation* rule a large per cent below those tuling the latter part of October The Equitable Insurance Company have declared a semi annual dividend o' four per oent. payable on demand. The Delaware and Raritan Canal Company have da. clarad a dividend of four per cent, payable on the 10th inatant. The Camden and Amboy Railroad Company have de clared a dividend of four per cent, payable on th* 10th inatant The Clinton Rank of Columbus, Ohio, have declared a dividend of four per cent for the last six months, payable at the ollice of the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Com pany, on the 16th inatant. The Board of Directors of the South Carolina Railroad Company have declared a dividend oi $3 35 per share, equal to 0 per cent per annum on |76, for the half yaar ending 81st inatant. Foreign exohange is in very limited demand, but the rates atill range high. Sterling bill* are firm at UOallOj. Bills on Paris f6.33faft.33j. Amsterdam 40}a40f ; Ham burgh 36J a36 ; Bremen 79|a80 j. The shipments oi specie continue, but the aggregate amount exported is not large. We cannot expect much improvement in business gener ally until foreign exchange cornea down?until tho rates forsterling bill* rule below a specie point. The bank* are afraid of large drafts for specie for shipment, and have drawn in their loans to prevent any ran for the precious metals. Domestic exchange is very inactive, and the rates rule very low. Boston Domeit'c KzohanqlJan II, 1845. Philadelphia, 2 I $ " m^T'"00'*' 2, ? 2Hdis vfr*i^a?' 3 I ft " Mobile,' SpBk'nts, 5 *t M " fiftSS""- ??:?:: S3B" US: vmvuiw, ia a 17a " Tuscaloosa, 5 a Charleston, >4 a H " New Orleaus, Ha ?. Savannah, H a H " Nashville, a a 2\ Augusta, Ha H " Louisville, lHa 13 Columbus, 1 a IM " St. Louis. a a 2) Macon, 1H a 1H " Cincinnati, 1 a 14 ITuion, Florida, 70 a 75 " Safety Fund notes, Ha J South'rn.L.SiT. do 75 a SO dis. Eastern notes. Ha 7k ' The annual report ol the Director* of the Boston and , Lowell Railrcad,presents a very satislactory statement ol | the financial affairs of the Company Boston and Lowell Railroad. Receipts, 1041 $267,541 Receipts, 1843 $277,315 , " 1813 278,310 " 1844 316,909 | From 1848 to 1844, there has been a very fair increase, of the income for 1844, $170,094 were received for the 1 transportation of fpassengera and the mails, and $148,016 for the transportation of merchandise. The amount of receipts from the business ol the Boston and Lowell Railroad alone,was $188,018; and the amount for the transpoit of passengers and freight to and from the Nashua and Concord Railroads was $88 980 ; making the total of income from the Lowell Railroad alene, and | from the business of places beyond Lowell, $276 993.? The amouut received for the tiansport of passengers and merchandise to and from the Boston and .Maine Railroad, which at present connects with the Lowell road, at the of fifteen miles from this city, but which is now engaged in establishing an entrance to the city by another route, waa $89 911. The current expenses of the year, embracing $28 063 for road and bridge repairs ; $60,434 for repairs of en gines and oars, and depreciation of cars ; and $4 036 foi interest?amounted to the sum of $169 294 Amount of receipts 816,909 Leaving a nelt income of. $147,615 | Dividends of 8 percent per annum have been paid the | last year, amounting to $144,000 on a capital of 1 800,000 and the same rate annually for the last six years. Seven per cent dividends were paid in the two preceding years. The amount ef merchandise transposed on the road during the year has been much greater than in any pn - I ceding year, and greater than on any other railroad in the Stito, viz : 161,731 tons. Of this amount, 01,684 tons wen transported to and from Lowell; 69,819 to and from the | Concord and Nashua Railroads, aud 80 778 tj and irom | the Bost jn and Maine Railroad. Old Stock Kxclungc. $8000 U 8 6'? '62 114 10 thai Aub fc Roch 48000 Ohio 6's, *30 97 250 Stoningtou RR 10000 do blO 87 550 do -rvin A" "1 ?*' 22E 5? 46a 97H 75 do 5000 do 1 Sd 07 in j 5009 jnd'a stg bonds 32 100 do Too0 M <|? innun !i 165 71K 100 do OOM Ho ,M I'D 40 do mLphtxBb 0P,?S 230 <ftR r 108 100 d. 1 glt&SQ T t ?usft.k TL'TKK 250 Vick.burg Bk _ jjJ ft 500 (it) ijo jiz An ;ir ,30 MFirsla. 97 100 do 00 Farmers'Trust jj},- 100 do SO Canton Co 40 d? T do? .30 ilS <lo loo do 100 do 1 do 4*1 jftft 270 Morris Canal 27 im d? 210 do -- rv 75 do 15 do nw 27H 100 do Second Board. 50 >hu Nor 8c Wore bj 64H 150 shas ("inton Co 42H ? do .3 64H 50 L fviand RK ,J 7| 100 do 115 04 100 do ,30 71 100 do 04 175 do ,3 7 I 85 Stoningtnn RR 37H 200 Morris Canal ??' 100 Canton Co L15 43 150 Kast Boston 1*0 do b3 48H 350 Harlem RR - 1 New Stock Exchange. 85000 Ky 6'., JOTrs tj 100H 100 shss Canton Co IOOj do c 100 S 75 do 5000 do h30 100H 25 do tlOOO ' do >3 100 35 do 50 shu Harm's Tr bM 35H 50 do do *3 344f 50 do do 34H 175 L Island KK 100 do b3 35 50 do 50 Nor k Wor ,04k 50 do 275 do 64*. 100 do 100 do 8IH 50 d? 35 do C 64 H 50 do ? do 64H 100 Erie RR Hales or Stocks-Bo*ton, Jan 10. 1 4 shares Boston and Maine RR 110, 6 Boston Wharf Co,S3|; 10 Norwich and Worcester HR, 661; 26 New England Worsted Co, lOOJi 60 Long Island RR, 741: 16 Boatoa and Worcester RR I19J; 45 Western RR, 96; Hi Eastern RR, 103J; 40 do 103}. 1 State off Trade. Ashks-The sales for the past weak have been small and quotations for pots have ruled at $8 76 a 3 871; near Is are firm at $4 (fflf a 4 19} " ^ Stock on hand,J an. II, 1845. H irst sort Pots, bbls 8,105 Fitt sirtPraris, bbls... 7,930 Second do 977 Second do 1,078 J*""1 do 236 Third do 303 Condemned do 210 Condemned do 17 pTo'*'- Total j!"11! bt>!? 9,470 "*"? 9,333 Total Be*sD'Tt rrs?Western brauls of flour range irom $4 MJa fl75-moit of th?? ?nlei, however, are at $4 68) Corn is cheaper: prices 46 a 47 cents; canal oats, 88 a 34 cent#. There is a fair demand lot rye at 66 cents. CorroN- The news per ship Rochester does not appear | to hsve had any effect on the market. The demand, alt this week, has been good and holdera have met the same freely, whenever the lull quotation* could be obtained Tha sale* to day amount to R00 hales, which have been chiefly tiken by exporters. We reviae our quotations Livaaeoot. Ct.AsstrtcavioN. Upi.~i. a- ? Inferior, Ordinary, Middling, (food Middling, Middling Fair, Fair, Fully Fair, Ooo<l Fair, Fm-. 4 * *1 4 a 4 6 a 6 6 a 8 6 a 6, 6 a 6 ? a 6 7 ? 7* Bj s 9 _ I"" ? i" q'U'e nciiva tnere netne'ome p.cnUiiongntng on in (he article We quote p ime nt ilm *,.2 n,'M. M >l0 " 10 3? '? fmprovlne? 1 .rd H fai m#". ""W a' $6 76 0 $7 Ohio demand . ?t 48fo with good supplies and a limited Married, O.t Friday, 10th inat. by the Rnv. Mr Seney, Mr. Fas oinano Bunnell*. to Miss Hki.Cn Snipe*.all of thiacity O t Saturday, llth inat. by the Rev B. Evana, John Watson, to Mist Maxt Jane Latta, all ol this Pity. ? PuNiiftra Arrived. Havac?Packet thip Iowa?Wm F Worthing ton, of Boston; Washington Very, Sunl Juhutou, Salem?83 in the steerage TaiciTE?Ship Sylvanus Jenkins?Mrs Eveleigh ana two daughters, E he d, J G Hurd?I iu the >twri?e. CaMrtacHv?Brig Levant? O W Miinion. Savannah?Brig Philura?J Omere, E Hkiuuer, J Pataou. PMMiifen Ballad. Savannah?Brig (J B Lamar?Wm C Wallace, lady and child. MissC Dutton, Mite Williamt, Meaers Mack?y, Abery, Wright, Billiugs. Howell, Lean, Chat Senior, 8 R Whiiaou. ilaLirai ? Brig Acadian, from Boeton?Her Dr Belch, of the Baptiat Church, wife aud nine children, of New York. foreign 1 itt por tsxtlon a. '1 mt:eTa?Ship Sylvanus Jeukiua?II pkgs Dutilh It Couti nery?9 Brustlein, Koon It co?7 J Wichrlhauaen?2 L Muatey -lHkl) Vausch?23IC Pavenatedt?It H Bokei?3 C W Vor werck?1 A Rolker It Mollmaiin?2 E Bank?3 J A Brrithaupt It Chum?2 J Hughet?401 Victor It Duckwitz?1 E F Kortune ?10 O Loswig?21 C H Schneider?8 Boring It Witte?12 Wit ann It Brown?40 N W Eveleigh?00 Collomb It laelin?1 bag 237 caaea and baa 1249 baa raga to order. MARITIME HERALD. Movement* of the SUamohlro. Steamer*. Leant Liv'l. Ihte i i Jimt'a. Leave Jlmt'a Cambria, Judkina... Jan. 4 ...Jan. 16 Feb. 1 Ship Maaetera aud Agenda. We shall esteem it a favor if Captain* of Vessel* will giva to Mobukt Su ;ev, Captain of our New* Boat*, a report cf the shipping left at the port wnenci they tailed, tiie veaaela ?pokeu on their pessagr, a liat of their cargo, and any foreiga newspaper*, or new* they may have, lie will board them im mediately ou their arrival. Aueuls and Correspondents at liomr ?>r abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to thu olflee all ihr Marine Intelligence tliey can obtain. Nautical lafortna jon of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF 1BW YORK, JANUARY IB lUHaitEt ... 7 20 I MOON BKTl 10 13 >u* inn 4 40 I hish watii 11 27 Cleared. Ships Stephen Whitney, Thompson. Live-pool, K Kermit; Camilla, Ktmpton, Cadiz, Harbeck 8c Co; Outuv Waaa, (Sw) Hagatrom. Venice, Schmidt lit Balchea; Pchr Eunes, (Sw) Xorbcrg, Hamburg, do; Arkansas, Bunker, New Orleans, Wm Nelson; Hdah. Hammond, do, J El well It Co; Geo Skolfield, Sknl^eld, do, Nesmirh It Walsh; Mary Franca*. Hubbard, Mobile, Sturges Ik Clearmau ? Barqu*s Teazer, Healey, do, Neamith A Walsh; Cliester, Rob naon, City Point, Va do ? Briga IIen<y Leed., hrh.k wate'. Oporto, Neamiili It VValth; Rocket, Hoi met, St Martha and Chagres. Jno Ogden; Tricolor, (Nor) Overw.en, Tobaaro, Schmidt A Balchtn; U B Lunar, Sanuemann. Savannah, Dunham A Dimon; Cyrus, Brazier, Portland, F O Thurston A Co?Schrs October, Kldridge, Cu mcoa. S W Lewi.; D B Keelrr, Wady. Sarrataria, La John ElwellACo; E a Powell, Murch. Wilmington, NC. E S Powell; J W Smith, Tew, do, N L MaCreadv St Co; Diamond, Hallock, Newbem, NC; John C Demareat, Nathans, Norfolk; Belle, McMalh. do Sturgea A Clearmani Alexandria, Lewia, Alexandria; A F Myrick, Cathcart. and Kochester, Clark. Bal timore; Lycurgua, Willed*, and Ninette, Daly, Philadelphia; Victor, Baaaett, Botton.?Sloop Waren, Thompson, NHaven. Arrive a. Packet ship Roche?ter, Brittou, f-om Liverpool, Dec 6, with mdse, to Woodhull A Mintnrus. Sa'led in co. with ship St George. Ferris, for New York. The R came out of the North Chanuel, and experienced nothing but a continuance of he ivy westerly winds all tbe passige. Packet ship Iowa, Linea, from Havre, Dec 9, with mdse, to For. A Livingston. Spoke 7th inat. lat '2 30. Ion 62 40, ahip Jas I White, of and for St John. NB. 58 days from Bristol 8hip Svlvanus Jenkins, Eveleigh, fm Trieste. Sept 26, passed Gibraltar Nov 12, with mdse, to Bovd A Hincken. Hss expe rienced a succession of heavy westerly gales?been three times blowu to the S and F. of the Gull?suffered much in sails, rig ging and hull, lost stern bo it, Ac; has been 25 days to westward of Ion 60 W. 23d nit. no lat. Ac. given, spoke ship Mednra, Crockett, 17 days from Thomasion for Mobile, having lost mainmast and fore and mizeu topmasts in a hurricane on the 12th Dec. lat 37 10, Ion 70 35?she was trying to reach Bermuda; supplied her with what tails she wanted; received from Iter two l?dy passenger*. 6tlt intt. lat 37 J". Ion 71, boarded ichr Oliu thus. 4 dai s from N York for St Thomas, who kindly supplied as with provisions. Has had a pilot on board 4 days. -rig imiura, uuane, o aiya irnm Savannah, Willi cotton, to Dunham fc Dimon. Spoke. 6th iust off Cape Romain, brig Wilson Fuller, hence for Savannah. Schr David Kialey, Coarsen, from Washington, NC. with naval stores- On Tuesday last, in Hampton Koads. spoke si hr Claudia 8t Mary. 30 davs nrnce for Waanington, NC?had been olown off the coast, and lost most of her sails. Schr Jabez L White, Coursen, from Washington, NC. with naval stores. , . Schr Wm Hart, Gaudy, from Waahiut.ton, NC. with naval "schr Manchester, Worth, from Richmond. with flour, to Al len It Paxsou. . , ? , . ... Schr Margaret Ann. Hammond, from Baltimote, with milse, to N L Mecready fcCo. Schrs Isaac Bevel, Horsel, Delaware, Munson; Gazelle, Dun ning; H Walker, Burkley, and Boston, Paine, from-Virgiul*. Below. A barque reported the Averon, [perhaps CalUo]56 days from Bordeaux, with brandy, 8tc. to J Durand It Co. Also, a Dutch galliot from Rotterdam, and 1 ship, lbng, un known. (T7* Packet shin United States, from Liverpool, wis errone ously repotted as below in the evening paivrs yesterday. Balled. Ships Albany, Crawford, Havre; Union, Rattoone, NOrleans, and others. Bllucellnneous Record Loss or Ship Dorchester, of Boston?Cent Britton, of the Rochester, from Liverpool, reports?Sunday, Dec 15, wind NNE. stiong breezes andsqualty weather, lat 50 12 N, 1 n 28 311 W, at 4 p m. saw the wreck of a ves el pi the 8 W?bore up and 1 discovered it to he the ship Dorchester.of and for Boston, Trom Liv-rpool, ina ui-st dyploiaMe tiate?six feet of wat-r in "he hold, and the sea makimr a complete bre .ch over her. She had I been struck by a heavy sea while lyine to m the violent g?le of the 12th, which took all three mists by the board, together Willi the sec >nd mate and carpenter. With great difficulty, lu a dam and squally night, Capt Britton succeeded in taking from the wreck Cspt Caldwell and his son, Mr Frame, chief officer, 15 seamen ?nd 29 steerage passenger i. Smr Dismasted.?Capt Caldwell, of the Dorchesier, on the Mth Dec. saw a ship to the westward, apparently with loss of mainmast, atauding SW. ? , , Sch* M. B. Rorerson, Gray, of and from Newborn, for this port, is supposed to be lost, from her non-ar ivsl, and circum stances connected with it. She was off the Capes of he Dela ware night of the 2Trh ulr. with a fair wind, in rnmpvay with several vessels from North Carolina, whi h airved here next day?and the has not since bee ? heard i f. Cant Hirhardsoii, of schr Two Brothers, (asrived ou the 28th) is of opn phi that she was run down, as be sa?- a great many vessels at the time aud was in great danger himielf from them five different times. Schr Argon, Chase, of Boston, was totally lost on Cape Lookout some time since, the crew barely saving what they had on. No other particulars. Brig Colomro, at Boston, fell in wiih on thR 12th nit. lat It 45 Ion 51 30. part of the stern frame of a small vessel and lot of drift stuff-blowing a heavy gale at the time, could not exam '"wVialino barque SofHia It Eliza, (of Btonincton) Dick ?ns waA totally lostoff Cape Good Hois; in September. She was run down by an Knglith barque. No furthT |?rticulars.? Crew ware carried into Cap# Good Hope. Vessel and outfits iusuted iu Boston. .... Brig Maria Theresa. of Boston, which waot ashore in its* harbor of Maianxas in the hurricane of Oct. 5, and was con demned; was sold for $2,563. . . . 9vwptosis of a Wrkcx.?The brig Hazard, Captain Good rich, arrived at Tensacola o-> the 24ih ult. from MaUnzas, pick ed up off the Tortitgas, a shin's boat and a bale of cotton. The l oat has a white bottom and black top?one oar was found on board branded R. J hoaon (k Co. The correct mark of the cot tin eonld not be usceitaiiif d, but the weight as marked on the bale is 492 lbs. Fast Sailing.?The new and beautiful barque Coquete, Capt. Eldridge, from Boston, hound to Macs >, sailed to the equa-nr in 26 days, thence to the lat of the Cane of Good llone in 13 il lys, a id from there to Java Head in 37 days?making the whol- distance run by log in 75 days 18 h urs, 14,111 miles. Her greatest loj for 24 hours v as 281 miles, or 12 miles per oour. . Notice to itlwrlnm. The River Parana Ovknkp.?Office of Trade, White hai l, December 8, ?84a?Sir,?1 em directed by the Lords rf ihe Committee of Privy Couucll for Trade to acquaint you. for the infoimotion of the meichante trading to Buenos Ayrei, that Her Majesty's Government have received information ?hat the Gore nmnit of Buenos Ayres has open'd toe River Paraua to veisels tinder the Biienot Ayreen flw, upon security being gives against their touching et any place m the province of Coriieutes. I We are requested to call the atlertion of those whose duty it is to attend to the matter, to the fact that ths Buoys on Bl ck Ledge hare disappeared. Great complaint i. made, snd justly too, that a place so dangerous to th.? navigation of the Sound, has been suffered to remain for tome lime without any tudica tiou as to its whereabouts.?[New London News, Jau. 9. SPOksn. A bright tided ship bound W, Id inst. on Sab!e Island Bank, lat 43, lou 62 30. _ Foreign Ports. LivERrooL, Dec5? Arr Cambria, (s) Judkiua. Clyde She wi l sail on the 4th Jan. for Halifax and Boston. Sid Jessie, Oliver, and Maeao. be.ill, Charleston; John Bvntley, Disbrow, Vlobil", Intrepid. Wilson, NUrleaas. ..... .. . ? 4th?Arr Palmyra, Birstosv, NOtleans; Virginian, Heirn, N York. Sid Evening Star, NOrleana. 5th?Loading, Poeahonta*. H gsint, Baltimore; Jacob Slo rv Hurd; Roger Slierman, Nichols, and Coromaudo, Hidge, Boitou; tupiter. Carter, and 'ess!n,Oliver. Chsrleston; John Bmtley, Disbrow; Heranles. Oib on, and Helen, HiCfcs. .Mo bile; Georgian*, M'Grath; John Bolton, Samson; Archr'aus, Bout-die; Pollnk, Fraz-r: Pallas, Cor-'gill; I.aurel Kuarston; Victors, White; Intrepid, WiHon; Warren Hastings, Masons Jane, MiH gan; Elizabeth. Ba clay; Aihftur on Prowo; Chief tvin Williams, and Chaos, Lark in, New Orle ins; r ambler, Baxter, New York; St Maik, Cove; Eliza:# h, Duckett, and Carleton, Banc, SavsnuKh. Plymouth, Dec 2?Arr off, Wellington, from N V ork. Deal Dec 3?Sid Glenlyon, NOrleans Portsmouth, Dec 3-Sld Switzerland, Knight, N York. Bristol, Dsc 4?Sid RstUn, Mobile; Ottawa, Savannah; 3d, Yorkshire,and F.lleralis, NOrleans. H Clyde, Dec 2?Arr Ottawa, Qua bee. Sid Ji hn Kerr, Saran uah; 3d (Joint*** Loudon, Mobile; Adam ( arr, do (so reported, probably for N York.E . Wats RFOsd Nov 30-S d Mar on, NOrleans. Havre, Dec9?In port, Oueida, kunck, for New \ork, ;oth; Emerald, Howa fordo. 21th; Deucalion, Allen, and Sweden, | Shaw, for NOrleans, 10th; Moselle, Hunt, for BostOR, Jan I; Sarah 8c Arsili.i Butmaii, iu dry dock, repg: Va inriaor Castle, Ps i?rson, dug; Msreng >. H Iberton, n c; Irad berry. Chase, for Charleston, Dec 15. Sid 8th, Lancashire, Lyon, Mobile; 4th, Champliiu, Miller. NOrleans. BoRDXAUI, liec 1-fljd I'almt, Cayol. and CWlsmagus, Packard, NOrleans. 2d-In port. Concord, do, 15th Marseilles, Dec 2?In p .rt, Conolanua, f r N York, soon; Canouicui, Boston, do; Suwafrow,; Mozart, do, 15th. Sid Nov JO. Silenxio, NOr ean*. Java Heau, Sept 1.5? In port, Coquette, Eldridgv, from Bos '"AiilxR^Sept 17?Passed, Delhi, Williams, 105 days fm New I * lUvA?NA,,Dec!*jl-lo port, Byinx k B-others, Crocker, of B ,ih. for Mobil*, in two days; < allayra. d. for Mobile in two days; D C Wilson, Bwjainia, jotv arrived from Mobile. Hossse Porta. Bath, Jan 4-Cld Sam]IN Uott, Gray. Ouadalon,*; Myy Penuell, Merryman, and Emeliae, Nichols, Havana. Sid 4th, M"oRTLAND,}an9?Cld Cantero. Shi'lds, Trinidad. Boston. Jan 10-Arr Brawsjer. Holmes, <L,*re Town COH. 2Jd Nov?I ft no A'eeriRRRI Turk. 1- i w r^a ?iNvlnr a.,d Ksihsr. Cliff ivd, Philadelphia; Colombo, Tadrich. Bilboa?has had continual gales from W, been hove to 22 times; Waldo, New. Gonaives; Claanticienr, Dyti, and North Ameri ca H."cb, Norfolk ; Medfa3! HnrdU. Baltim ??; Empire, Smith. Rappah nnock; Complin c*. K*llay, and Renown, L veil N York. Tele, raphed,Vulture, ftpm Anx Caj**; Tuskar, NO leana; Lucy Ann, Mobil*; Ella, ^hilnd*l()hia; Char*, from ?. Signal I'or a barque. Chi Mayflower, Cochran. London; Carthsga Baker, Mobile; Jacob Parkins.'^opp, Savannah; O.n Ore-n CUrk Camden, vU; Richmond, kilborn, NOrl-aus. New Bvoroao, Jan 9?Arr Pomona, Wixon, No lolk. , iltii.MES Hoi.*. Jail 8 Air Mariner, Know'm. Frederickr bum for Bolton, was kn eked down in a squall Irom SW 5lh mat shifted ca-go, but sustained no dafRag*; North Ama ica, Ri. h. Nopfo'k lor Boa on Sl.l BVoohtins. 9th-ArT Seafau, Graffsm, N Yoik, and aid for Bath. Bid Bowditeh, Mariner, ind iN America?wind In . . Xir u Phoviuknce Jen 9-Arr Union, Potter, Baltimore; Weahing ion Msaon New York. Below, 1 aear, I HMI<. old litnc, ( ook Waali n^tnn.NC; Tryall, Gibbs, N.rClk. Cld lior '' prnL?nr'i'rHIs?jIn"""-CM Alb ghany, Fhsnkland N*a (lr leans; Tartar, Lock wood Charleston; Monaco.,, Berry, Wil nitfton, NO; John Rudolph, Line, NfW Vork? H*nry t lmy, 'hi*"hmoVr>, VJin1 \0 ? *1 (1 Marietta Burr, Bumbui; Oneida i loll ina. and Wal vr H Jones. Bro an, N*w York^ . . t hakle'ton, Jau7?Arr ACojus. Hal?y,Kingatoii via Ann a Bsv. i lly) bound to NVoik. Sid Dimon, Robinson, N York B'miTs' \*TjanV-Arn'sdy Milton Mjaot. I.iverpeol; O-.tar,", Baratow, Boston; Memphis,Coffin.and Kar? Anbi?y,Chindler, Nkork; Anne. Poneel. Gusdalouiw. Uuhjtn. Bhafleld. loH land; l'riton, Luw, Providsno*; Angsline, Luwtt.and T**M8, | OliiUtn, Hiiuim; Octavia. Smith. Kiugstou; Del Cmni. [Hpl Puces. Malags. Lid Clinton, Hartley. Havre, Herah eud vlary, Bates, Frauklin, La; Arula. Copeland, Providence; Yve tumpke. Fowler, N York; Augusta, Poit, Havana. Nkw ()?LLioi. Jau 1?Cld Me tola, Mabar, Liverpool; Shaw mat, Fairen, Charleston. By Lait Night'i Southern Mail. BaLTiMoaE, Jau 10?Arr Kmiua, Cole. NVoik. Below, El leu. Oil!. Key West. Cld Victoria, Falkeoburf. and Direct, Brings. N*w York. Hid Champiou, 8t Johua, NK; Delaware, Mobile; Al"iander M, Kali River. Wilmihotow, NC'.Jau 1?Arr John Crosby, Wheeler. Port Royal, Mart; Sea Mew, Holbrook, Providruce; Porto Rico, Caldwell, New York; Colonial, [Br] Antigua; 2d, BoU'dary, Shackelford, Demerara; Liou, Pa'teu, and Adamant, Purring tou, GuaJal -upe; Caailda, Gondell, Providence; 4th, R"land, Coomb., Guadaloupe; New York, Merrywan, do; Levant, Haihorn, Matanzia; 5th. Empire, Adam., Guadeloupe; 6th, Lafayette, Atwood, Mmegafane; Aurora Swift, Havana; Pro'ectiou, Kowler, Boston; Mary Abigail, Uoudy. St Georgr. Grenada; Moselle, Eustis. St Thomas; Wave, Higgius, Cnra coa. Cld 1st, Caroline, Gilkey, NOrleaus; 4th, Krmkliu, Pat ton, Guadaloupe; Tth, Granite, Hopkins, New Londou; Par tr-dge, Doughty, Barbs doe.; Albert Perkins, Clark, St Croig; Aurora, Martiu, Guadaloupe. TTNl Va RSALISM.?KEV. T. J. SAW YER will deliver a c Lecture iu the Orchard street Universalist Church, near Broome, This (Suuday) Evening, commencing at 7 o'clock St-nJEcr?IfUniversaliam is true where is the nse in preach ing it? jal2 lt*ec te lost. A NOTE drawn by Mr RICHARD CLARK, iu favor of THOMAS BUKROWH, and by him endorsed, for one hundred and twenty-Are dollars, da'ed Nov. 20, fonr months aft.r d te. was 1 >st on the Tth in.t. The finder will receive S3 by leaving it at 65 and 67 Nassau street. All persons are can 'ioned against negotiating said uote, as payment lias been stop ped. ja!2ec DOR SALE?A Haw and Grist Mill, with a large work-shop " ?a'tached to which is applied about ten horse power, from the mill?together with a dwelling house. Darn, blacksmith shop, and eight acres ofUml The above property is situated in Eastcheser, 18 mile, from New York, sua one from the Harlem Railroad. Fur particul<rs and terms, apply to JAMES W. TOMPKINS, 183 Eldiidge it.. New V ork, or on the premise, of Jail Im'ec PETER J. 8HEANWOOD, mr. Samuel rothkope, (NATIVE OK LYONS. IN FRANCE.) OPERATOR OF CORNS. A/TR S V Ml* E L ROTHKOPE, (Native of Lyons, in France) Jvi. ?a lirst-rate hand in curing Corns?begs to announce to the public, that he will uuder'ake to extirpate Corns, whether in the ihnp- of Unions or r ag'e's eyes, from between the toes, or any other eallositic-a a. well as inearnatrd nails, by the simple means of an Elivir, hia own invention. Tl'.e operation is per formed in two minutes, without the least pain, or danger of hur'iug the to". Mr S. Rothkope'. invention is quite new. and differ, very much from all other operations of the kind, as the Corn is taken from the verT root. After lh? operation, the patient may immediately pat on his shoes, and walk as easily as if he had never suffered f om Corus Operated persons may have ine satisfaction to take in their hands the Corn, look at it, and keep it. The op-ration w ill he performed at Mr. R's residence. Pa tients attended at their o..n residences, if required. Ladies aud Gentlemen will find ar Mr. Kothknpe'a residence, a book containing thousand.of certificates from the highest No bility, as wed as from the most distinguished Medical Gentle men iu Europe,on whom be operated, to theirgreit satisfaction. Mr. H. can be conaul.ed at No, 10 East Broadway. jai2 3t*ec TEETH! TEETH!! TEETH!!! GREAT REDUCTION IN DENTISTRY. CHEAPEST OPERATING OFFICE IN THE CITY ? A single Tooth s* t for 75 cents, only! Te"th filled with fine Gold Foil 75 Tin Foil, of a superior qoality, 50 Toolache cured or nlcerated stumps extracted. 25 N. TAYLOR, Surgeon Dentist, i*H lm*ee gx East Broadway. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. 'T'HE public is hereby informed thar the partnership he-eto 1 fore existing aud known .a " MURAN & STAFF." "PORTER, ALE. CIDER AND WINE VAULTS," AT No. It Awn Street, ia this day dissolved by mutual consent. AH persons having claim, against the firm will pl-ase present tliern to JOHN J. STAFF, by whom the wll, for the con ducted?aud he trusts be will be able, by strict attention to bu siness.' and furnishing the very best articles, to merit ? continu ance of the patronage which lias been ?o liberally bestowed on him. PATRICK MOHAN, JOHN J AMES STAFF, NO. 2 ANN ST.. NEAR BROADWAY. January 9th, 1815. N. B ?M . MORAN will, aa heretofore, have the sols man agement of the manufacturing department. jkll 3tis*ec DR. DIX''N a tends exclusively lo General Surgery, and in th* moruiuc to that of the E\e, Squiniiug, * attract, Clo ture of the Tear Dm is, Deformities of the Lids, fee. The ope rati'ii for Squiu iug 11 invariably lucceaafal. Permnal re ference ii given to several hundred caaea in this city. A I reducible case* of rupture are permanently cured, so that the trnrs may be dispensed with, ft Mercer ?treet. ialllm*rc OLD ESTABLISHED MEDICATED VAPuR BATHS, 3K5 Broadway. MRS. CARROLL begs leave to ivmind the public of the well known efficacy of her Vapor Bath* in all caaea of sudden cold* ecu.ha, affections of the respiratory organs, rheuinatsm, be. Sulphur Baths fordisease* of the skin nquue one hour's notice. Portable Baths tent to any part of the city. jail lw rc WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND MECHANICAL LAMPS. -srO VICTOR (JIROUD, Watch and Clock Maker, has Rfli the honor of infnrtniug his friends and the public in gen tV* eral, that he has removed his Watch and Clock Making %h7 Establishment to No. MS Broadway, corner of Libert) it. Watches, Clocks and Chronometers will be repaired by him with great ear,, and guaranteed. His establishment it par ticularly adapted for the repair of Mechanical Lamps, at very moderate prices He offers fc: sale an assortment of the latet' improvement in Lamps from France, which leave nothing to de re. Alto, Globes, Chimneys and Wicks. uZJ Ini'rc MONTH V REPORT OK THE NEW YORK MEDI CAL AND SUH'BlCAL INSTITUTE. No. 76 Chamber Stfit CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. TtHIS Report presents ?ome very interesting eases, among 1 which are tome of the most difficult of cure, and wee it not for the time end rape"se we would give, for the benefit of the profession nd the public, tre mode of treatment whirh hat biau so successful. _ _ 2 Erysipelas of the faee. 11 Examiuat.on of the Chest J Sore pimples of the faee. to detect diseases. 2 Diseases of the Liver, ae- 7 Primary Affections of the companied with cough. Lungs. 4 Eulirgcment of ihe Hesrt 5 Acute Rheumatism. 1* Pnuia-y Gonorrhoea, cured I Chronic Rheumatism. in a few days. 1C Strictures in Urethra, cured 2 Chrmic do. of long stand- without cutting or truru rg. 'n< 12 f'ostiveress of the Bowels I Baa Burn from spirit lamp. 4 P'arihoai. 9 ChaLer s, prima.y, curtd 4 3-roudary Syohiliis, with wi'hout ihe use of mer ?oie throat and ulcers. cury 3 Pleurisy, (scute ) 13 Oieat Weakness anil DsLi 10 Paul iu the Chest, with a lite from imprudence. bid congh. , 2 Fever 1 Bleeding from the Luugs. S M dwifery. SUCCESSFUL SUROICM^OPERATIONS AND 1 Luxation of the Shoulder I Operation for Hrdiocele. Joint. 1 Fracture of the Metacarpal 1 Lusatiouof Finger Joint, a Buneof the '1 humb. very rare occurrence. 1 Fracture of Humerus. 1 Ampu'ation of Finger at I Operations for Fistula in the Joint, (ean*e smash- Ano. , ed in Park Gate ) I Absceis in the Ear- , 2 Opera)ious for Hemorrboi- 2 Operations lor Phimosis, or dal Tumors. twenty -six years standing. 3 Operations for squinting. I Discharge Itom Ear or long I Polypus in the nose remor- standing. 1 Warty Excresence removed 1 Applies*ion of Liga'ure to from the forehead, ilia external artery of the And a very singular lumor lower jaw 'fom 'he neck of a young 4 UlceratedLegs, (indolent.) I*dy. Fem,leDi?eaw,particul.,lya?,eudetr8.o.ncK ^ jai lw<s*rrc Attending Physical! anil Surgeon. GENUINE CULOGNE WATKU. CLAYPlPKS, Saudcrucibles, BLckirots Nickel, Havana He gars, Toilet and Pocket Glasses, Tapers, l-eadpeucils, fcc., for sale purchase, byc p OKOSHEIM, j9 3ti.*m 79 Pearl street. HEMP.?KO bales prime and Yery superior dew rotted Hemp, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, ny jail E K. COLLINS It CO., 66 South st. SWORD EXERCISE. TV All HAMILTON, having entered into an arrangement with 1VL MR FULLER, for the use of the Large Room of his Oymnaiium, No. :9 Ann street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most respectfully announces to the public that be in teids commencing a C'ss* for the Sword Exercise, in all its branches?American and French, surdi as Small and Broad Sword Exrrcis-, anil also Cane Exe cise. Mr H has been for several years e. gaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United ?<Ta ?.Volunteer Companies wishing to become perfect in e.ther Musket or Artillery Drill, can be uught the same on the most moderate terms, by application to the advertiser. 31 Aon street, to Cspt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller. ja3 ImeC uu-so uii*?N up Partnership UriLLIAM F BLANC AND AUGUSTUS F.BODEN, W Jmer Siainrr* and Box Mauufaciurers, in the citypf New York, have this day, by inuiual agreement, diisolve i the part ship of BLANC St BODKN, which hereto foeesitlrd he iween lliem. ( nd ii tire is hereby given thst according to said agieem nt, the undersigned alone is authorized to wind up sua settle ihe aff.ii. of sa d concern. AUOUSTl,a p BODEN. New York, January 9th, 18ii. jalO lw?ec HIDES AND FAT?CALF AND SHEEP SKINS rpHF; Subscriber will pa/tlie Highest Pnces. l Carrent 1 Money, of ihe Bank* ol thisCity, for all merchantable Hides and Fat; also. Calfaud Sh-ep skins. and C Mile's F eel. livery at his (ild Established li d- House, No. 238 Elisabeth street, between Houston and Piii ce street. v uitvn ja8 3ti?$L3to9*ec JOHIN MuWIN. EDWARD POTATOES. A SUPPLY of this arti'le, equal, if not suie'ior, to any in F urope. mid ?t a low er price ihsn Irish, will be cnnsttntlv for sale this month, in lots to suit purchisers, delirerable either at the North or East River. Apply fy,N9LOW k c0 _ d29 tw*rc 24 South stieet. ? TO TA1LOKS rpHE Second Edition of Stinemet's celebrated w<*k on cm 1 tit)it *arment? of description 10 a sty It ol ?J^^ctJ"1* Manlled, it now pnblished and ready fcr delivery Thott who desire to trail themselves of the great advantages to be denved from ihe use of the instructions it obtain a copy without delay. The book it 12 by 17 inch## square, and conttins 17 elegant diagrams of al l the various sty les " garments wi?rn at the pr-sent day, with full a id tm(|le in*rur tion* for rutting in an easy and scientific manner. The follow ing are a few of ihe mtuy highly respectable names who tesury 10The'undemgued being practical!y acquainted with Mr. Stiue met's Tresties on Cutting Garments, with pleasure recommend it ss a woik complete in it* arrangements, and in its practical^ap plicslion to tuttiug, superior to aay heiwiofore published, either t0?i SKS.huSTkSsr ^The'aboi cu be obtained of the author, No. 113 Broadway. New York ?*n lm RAtM*balaa No 1 Leghorns. SO " No. J do. Ml " 8PF HS Tiiesle. For Vale by 9icily Pf RS?*E It BROOKS. i*? rrc No g. and 47 N ?* an straet UA< KM WHIP SHERIDAN F'hO.M LlV F.KPOliL?is 1 di*?hsrging nude g.nersl ord-r at Orlean. w liarf, fo t ol Wan street < signer, will , attend to t e ree-P-of th- i r good ?ill'mediately. i_ QHITIAH BARQUE ANN HARLEY from Mrerior. - D Uon-ignee* will please send he.r permits on board <o r ol Dover ?tr<tt without d?l?%y- All K od? not permitted in * days, are (.able ,e be ? y| \TUKN". j.'Oec ^ -a- u ervww Nm 11 s ? A.I iwra.>11* are I e>eh c ?uiiooea ag ?? I l?u? lug he crew of lE B mahbs que. Ann }:"??J , a. nod i.ts of their coi.uact ng will tw paid bv the CnpWin^or ? onsigneea. M'l A ITIr.S?IjOO* bushel> English Potttoen, jnst received ?rt?v . nu'l A ror.s?1.009 bushel, fcaglisn rosntuew, j I sud fo, Pin. 41* corner of AiWUiJb.Mh.LN l PARK THKATHK. MK8. SEOUIN, MB. FRAZER AND MB. SEOUIN For Six Nights Ouly. MONDAY EVENING, January IS. 1845. will be presented the Opera entitled THE BOHEMIAN OIRL?'Thtddrut, Mr. Frazer; DvviUliouf Mr Kegai.i; Arlie, Mrs. S-'eguin. To conclude wiih THE UaLLOPADE?Mr Matchem, Mr. Anderson; George Touchwood, Esq., Mr. Dyott. Admittance ?Buses, 1st Tier To cents?BecouU and Third Tiers SO cents?Pit SO cents?Gallery 36 cents. PAL.MO'8 NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE. SIONOHA E BORGHE8E has the honor to announce that her Benefit will take place on TUEhDa V. the 14th of Jannary, on which occasin-. Mile Desjardins. M'lle Brooks, (k*r first appearance,) aud Mons. Knrpouay hatekiudly roluuteered their services, and will dance between the acts, La Polka," " La C'chucha," he. Rossini's Optra of SEMIKAM1DE, will be performed? 8emiramide, > ignore Borghese; Arsace, Higiiora Pico; Idreuus, Si guor Perozzi; Asaeo, Rignor Valtelliua. Admission?First Tier and Parquette, $1; Second Tier M cts; Private Boxe-, withfonr admission, (6 Seats secured from* A. M. to J P M Doors open at ?)<.? iwrformajcr to cm meuce at 7 o'clock. Librettos in English and Italian can be had at the Bos Office. jllrc GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. MADAME ARNOULT, A 8818TED bv the following Eminent Artists?Hjgnnra E A BORGHESE, Sign-re K. PI' O. Sig'ri ANTOONINI 8ANQUIRICO, TOMA8M, Sig RAPETTI and Mr. KYLE, (who nave aP most kiudly volumee'ed their highly valuable services)?will have the houor to give a Grand Vocal and Instru mental Concert, on KRI DAY. I7ih inst., at the Taber.ocle. Ticket, ti each?to lie had at the principal Music Score., aud at the door on the eveutng of performance. Doors open at 7? Concert 'a commence at t o'clock. T7T The celeb'ated Duett from the Favorite Opera of "8?mirainide." will be sung oa ihis occasion, by Signorn Pico and Madame Arnoult. For other rarticul trs, see Programme, jalt MWThltFtc THE FIFTH ANNUAL BALL OF THE FIRST COMPANY OP NATIONAL CADETS, HTILL take place oa Tuesday Evening, January I4ih, 184J, vv at the Apollo Saloon. Dodswotths celebrated Baud ii engaged. Ticket, cen be had of the following Committee:? Lieut. R. H. Thompeou, Lieut. T B. T.ppan, Lieut A. I. Post, Seigt. Henry Howard, Wilson, John B. Dwyer, John E. Bendis, Simeon Outwater, William Simpson, Alb rt O. Bogert, M. Newton. Capt. J. C. HELME, Chairman. SAMUEL BLOOD, Secretary. jalt 7t"rc nPHIRU WAKD AMERICAN HEPl'BLICAN BALL A AND BANNER PRESENTATION?Will take place at the Apollo Sal'OU, on Thunday Evening, 14th January ? Invitations hove been extended t? lieu. Letnar. Com Moore, Oeo. M. Dallas, and many other distinguished individuals.? PriCr of tickets $1?to b? hail of Wm. B. Cozzeus, American Hot?|; F H. Way, 213 Washington s'rect; James Wood, 20? (Jraeiiwich street; A. T Cochrane. 288 Greenwich street, Oeu. John Lloyd, 'urtrr of William anil Libeity streeti, or of any of the ' ommittee. jalt 5t"?c "A NIOHT WITH ROBERT BURNS" WILL BF. THE SUBJECT OF MR. CLIBEHUGH'S SECOND LECTURE ON SCOTTISH MINSTRELSY, At Hie Society Lllsiary, ON TUESDAY, 14th OF JANUARY, 1145. 'PHIS Lecture will be illustrated by the following Songs, and L comprise a Sketch of llie Life of Burns?hie chancier aa a poet?the circumstances under which tlie Snugs were written? with interesting anil origin.I anecdotes of Bums's ' Bunny Jean," "Highland Mary;," and hit other heroines. The Sougs are?Tibbie, 1 hae seen the day?Highland May ? Of a' the airta the wiud can blow?Green grow the rasbes, O '. ?O! whistle, an' I'll come toyou, rav lad?A Man's a Man, for a' that?Scota wha hie wi' Wallace bled?Wat ye whs's in yon town?My heart's in the Highlands?Go fetch to me a pint of wine?Last may a braw wooe:?Adieu! A heait-waim fond adieu ! To commence at half past seven o'clock precisely. Tickets 56 cents?to lie had at all the Music Stores, at Mr. Clire hugh's, 205 Broadway, and at the d n r. jalO rc A CARD*? SlGNORA ROZINA PICO has the houor to announce that her Benefit will take place on S \Tllh DAY, I January llth. Meats can be secured at the box Office from 9 | A. M. to 5 P. M. j illrc NIBLO'S UKAND SALOON, FOR CONCERTS AND BALLS. NOW FITTED UP KOR THE WINTER AMUSE MENTS IN MAGNIFICENT STYLE. fT7**For CONCERTS it has many advantages, having an jened ceiling, favorable for sound; and being removed from th* street, there is no anuoyance from the noise of carriage, has r <ised seats with capacious galleries, and will accommodate 1500 persons. For Balls it hat a spring floor and raised seats on the sides, and is magnificently lighted with splendid cut glas. chandeliers. Attached to the Saloon and on the taine tloor, there are private parlors, drevting rooms, mauagers'and hat rooms, ana a supper-room 200 feet loug, which will accommo date 600 persons. Great painswill be taken to give satisfaction, aud on moderate terms. u27tfrc I8 MESSRS. SCHNEIDER & REBliUN'S COTILLION BAND LATE OF SAHATOGA SPRINGS, A HE now prepared to give their attendance at Private Par A ties, Soiriea, Klc , and combining a Bum! of various Insiru menu, from two to twrn'v, w itb tbe moat modern acd fashiona ble Music, hope to give their usual satisfaction. Application to be made to MESSRS SCHNEIDER & RKBHUN8, ja4 lm*rc ; 19 ' rosby street, MUSIC. FIE Or R.MAN COTILLION BAN D. (late of New Brigh ton and Fort Hamilton,) would respectfully inform tin public thst they are irei aied to play at Private Balls and Par rira, t e celebrat d Corilliona Waltzes. Pnlkaa Gallops he of Lnnn-r. Strauss. Labitzky, Jullien.hc . he. The Baudroti aiata of from two to twenty-five instruments, ? iih a new grand 6>k Octave Gothic, Double Actiou Harp Accnmpaiiinte-1; wil. furn ah I iano Forte alone w hen reunited. I. ,A1UN< K. v Mercer street Te>cheruf Harp. Piaii ? Foil*, he. Also J HELFEN HITTER No ?) ' ?nti? it n. d-9ln.? T'an Mil alC ? Vir UlMSDAi , ? r feasor ol Music, vo 5; ( h-ysfie atiee , above Walke-, wil go torhe ras<deiiee i hi. pupi>s and ten h jou very m ide ate terms) the Outer and Si giug, Accordion, Violin, Tr mbune ai d Corn peau .Mua. harmonize,! and a ranged for bands, and pi'nn for'ea correcth tuned. SatiafiClory references given on application. d21 lm*m MiXEKVA ASSEMBLY"Rf>OMS, 406 BIIOADWAV, NEAR WALKER. ^Hh. PROfKIKTORS of the above aui'e of rooms have, at an immenie expense, completed the moat elegant and com modious BALL OR CONCERT ROOM in the city, and respectfully i vita for it the attention of the public. Its Iocs'ion bring the central pirt of Bro.ulway, pecu liarly adapts it for the purposes intended, aud the interior ar rangements have been made entirely with the view of promoting the comfort and couveuieuce of the visiters. THE SALOON is capable of seating one thousand pe sons. The decorations are of the most chase descrii tiou, being in Siguor Capelli's best style. A aeries ofclnssic suiuary, h ve also been provided from the studio of Mr. B sham. The room, when brilliantly lighted by three costly chandeliers, | resents a coup d'ttil unequalled by ait other establishment in ilia city. V spacious Supper Room, Dressing Rooms, Ice. he. have been provided, thus rendering the Minerva Rooms the most de sirable in the city for Concerts. Assemblies, lie. Full jMrticulars may be had by application to Mr. Hatchings ou the premises. N. B.?Military and other companies desirons of giving din ners. Stc , will find at these Rooms every convenience forgetting op the same in the most elegant and commodious style. <120 lm*rc QUADRILLE BAND. BALLS! AND PARTIES furnished with Music at the shortest notice, by applying to GKOHGE WHITWORTH, IJO East Broadway, or JOHN WHIT WORTH, 299 Walker street. d26 lm*rc [hT HENRY FhII.LIPH?The smallest Grand Pianoforu - J ever made; brought fr~u England by this celebrated vo e.v'ist, is now to be sold, aud may he seen at the Pianoforte Werrrooms of Stodjwt, Worcester tk Dunham, 161 Broadway. alttTve CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. GENTLEMEN OR LADIES having any aupertluoni Clothing or Furniture to dispose of, can obttin the highest cash prices for the sar-e, by sending for the subscriber, at his residence, Dusue street, No. 69, in the basement. M. S COHEN. P. 8.?A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will be promptly attended to. <125 1m* re SALT?1009 sacks Ashton's Salt, of very luperior quality, laming <-z ship Sheridan, from Liven<oot, a< d for sale by E. K. COLLINS It CO., jll 56 South street. PUCNCH POTATOES, of a very superior quality, for sale in lots to sujl purchasers, on heard the ship Utica, from Havre. Apply tnTlapt. Hewitt, on board, at Pier No. 4, North River Hv re WINTER M-A Il' LINE FOR ALBANY. LANDING AT DOBBS' KERRY, SING HINu AND VERPLaNCKV, Eare Throuoh to Albaw 14. 01 BY STEAnOAT AN D STAGE?Fare to ?3dSum Sing. 50 rents?Verplan-k'i, 75 cts. The team boat UT1' A, Capt T. N. Hulse. *eaaes the Steamboat Pier, foot of Courtlaudt St., (south side,) Every moruiug. at I! o'clock. Stages leave for Albany immediately ou the arrival of the boat at PouAikeepsie, on both sid- s of the North River. For passage or freight, apply on board or to P C. 8111 LTZ, it the t>flio? on the Whirl. jail TAPS! ()TT 8 GENERAL EMIGRATION OFFt' E, 76 SOUTH STREET CORNER OF MAIDEN LANE. fjgi PASSAGE TO AND kROM GREAT Agg iJ$*V BRITAIN AND IRELAND. JHK Nr.w Liar or LtvrRroot. I'acci.ts JIKIb I lie well known and c lebrated packe' ship Ql. Er. a Of THE. WEST, 1750 tons, Capt P Woodhou e, will s-il f.<r Liverpool, punctually, on 21st January, hrr regular <l?y, and the packet .h p SHERIDAN ou 16th January The accom modalions ul" the above splendid vessels, are well known lo be superior to any other line of ships for cabin, second cabiu ai d steerage passengers. To secure berths eaily application should be made on board or to W. tc J. T. 'I APSCOTI. 76 South st .corner Maiden laue. The QUEEN OE THE WEST will sail from liverponl on tlw6(hol Match,and the SHERIDAN on the 11th of March. Persons wishing to send fi r their f lends in any part of the Old Couutry, can mnke arrangements to have them brought out in either of the above elegant packet", on favorable terms, and with certainty of those sent for naviug no delay. Apply as above. ja!2rc zAg. black ball, or old line oh i.iver J?k,POOL PACKETS.?FOR LIVERPOOL -Only jMwKaVgular Packer of the 16th of January.?IV new, maun ncent and ce'ebrated f<at sailing, favor.te packet ship YORKSHIRE bnr.hen 1150 ton?, D. G. Bail-y, commander w II sail positively on Thu.sday, the 16th of Janutry, her regular day. , For terms of passage, aud to secure the best berths, early applicatio should he made ou board, foot of Bees man street, or to the subscribers, . ROCHE. BROTHERS li CO.. ja!2 ec 45 Fnlton a-ree*. ?sl dm-r 'n rhe Fill too Bank xas^- I A' KE1 Ei>K IDV' E, Line?Ttie slop ?HIV ST. MCHO AS, John B Pell. Mast r, will sail Mpfa ou the Rt of February. TTWtor p??ge.ppl>B'0 .D k H.NCKRN; No. 9 Tontine Building, eor W I li ? '? ater sts, gjffr- FOR SI'. TH "MAS AND ST CRoIX? ata.g JrWPWooly?To sail on Saturday, the lltli inst ? I !*? coiqer idMkl&fast tied and coppeied brig KEPCBLIC,Cspt Smith, will sail as ab-vc. Foi passage only, having good state-room accommodations, spplvto 8KELDl.NO k FEKMS. j,io <t*ec '9 Front s met. f*nr FOR OI.ASOOW.?Regular Packet?The fine BritittH barm*1 ANN HAHLKY, 1 i|t. I)#ncnii will rtodv 10 d*y? f r winch ??r i>A^??gf,ha? ngh*u(l?oiiie sccommoditioni, onboard foot of "^VoDIIULL ?i MINTURNS 87 SotitK 1 he barque ADAM CAKR will sneeeed the Ann llerl <a "6 ? ? (gf 'for NF.W ORLE ANS.?Louieiane and New JnfWYork Line ?Positively fir I Regular packet?T" le <CfiMb?| Thurad ?y, I6rb , ? . I V elegant fasi aailing n ?t?hip ) 4/Otl, Cxj't Wibrav, will imaitively aail as ah< ier regular day. . . , . . . ? Eor freight or iwssaee, having hands me furnished aecnmmi litioss, apply ou hoard, at Orleans ?harf, (c.^ of^WaMjS.ree, "W ' ' 56 South atreet. Positively no goods reeeived on hoard after Wadursdai evening, 15th instaai Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Hollin and Woodruff, who e'lTVroaiptlv forward all goeds to their address. 117* TV picket ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt, will Bueered the YAZOO, sad tail 26th mat., her regular day. j lire BY TJH: SOUTHERN MAIL, Washington. [Correspondence ol the Herald ] Washington, Jan 10, IMS. Ja? G. Bennett, Esq: There it uo mistake of the disappearance of Messrs. Clinguian, of N. C., and Yancey, ot Ala bama. They have certainly (tone out to 6ght.? They have managed the affair with the moat watchful seeresy in order to escape the pursuit ot tbe civil authorities of this place. The keenest anxiety prevails as to the result of the meeting and the place. One tumor this morning was, that they had gone to Winchester, Va ; a later rumor is, that the parties and all concerned had been arrest ed in Baltimore. We believe neither the ono nor the other. Mr. Huger, a son of Senator Hoger, is the second, we learn, of Mr. Yancey ; Mr Clingman's we have not been able to learn ; bnt are informed that it is a North Carolina gentle man. No member of either House are with the panies. as we are assured. Mr Yancey, is a small-sized man, apparently of 26 or 27 years of age, and has a family. Mr. Cltng man has not this incumbrance. He appears to be not over 40 years of age ; but is so thin and cadav erous, that it is possible he may be not ovvr thirty ?indeed, we are certified that his age is not mora than 32. It U said that when Yancey received I he chal lenge of Cluigman, he sent back with hia accept ance, the objectionable matter of hia speech cf Tuesday, thus casting his defiance into the wry teeth of the North Carolinian. He is said to hold Mr. Clingman in the deepest contempt. Ciingman is an amiable man generally, but is said to be brave as a bull dog. * W. Washington, Jan. 10, IMS. Gen Bennett :? We have the satisfaction to inform you that the Supreme Court has reversed the decision and verdict of the Circuit Court of this Disttict in the case of Stockton 6c Stokes, Mail Contractors, vs. Amos Kendall, Postmaster General. You will remember thai Mr Kendall withheld the payment of a large sum ($100,000, or a portion of it) from Stockton & Stokes, because he believed the bill exorbitant and unjust. The claim was tried and proved to ba valid, and damages were fixed upon Mr Kendall to the amount of $16,000, the sum of the interest which had accrued upon the bill re lused. Acting, as Mr. Kendall did, for the Go vernment, he did his duty, and the common sense of justice, with every man, will admit that the damages upon him, as a private individual, incur red in the faithful discharge of a public trust, were doi according to the spirit of the law. We rejoice at Mr Kendall's release trom the prison bonds, and the damages. Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the Court. Latest rumor?Yancey was arrested in Baltimore, while waiting for the settlement of the trims of the meeting. W Washington, Friday, Jua., 10, 1845. Gen. J. G. Bennktis? The drama, which has been lying in Washington in a hopeless state of torpidity lor two years past, is to be revived by two old campaigners on Mon day next. First, by Mr. Ward, at the Assembly Rooms, somewhat after the plan of Mitchell's Olympic. Among his company, are Mrs. Timm, late of Mitchell's Olympic; Miss McBride, Mrs. Hautonville, Miss Pauline, and Miss Nichols, of Philadelphia; aud John Sefton, of New York; Messrs. Brunton, Thompson, and Anderton, of Pmladelphia; Mr. McDonald of New York, ai d Mr. Ward. He opens w ith ihe plays of Theresa's Vow, md the Blue Domino. ^Secondly, Mr. W. E. Burton, of Philadelphia, opens the National with the " Lady of Lyons," and lb among his corps histrionic, Mr. Geo B-rrett, Mr. E Conner, Mr. and Mrs. Burke, Misa Kirby, and others. In advance of these entertainments, Professor K#py lectures upon Meteorology. These, with other entertainments, will absorb all he pocket change and leisure evenings of every body in town. Bob House of Representatives Washington, Friday, Jan. 10 After prayers by the Rev. Mr Daiiey, and the reading of the journal, the question of the annexation of tixas was broached by Mr Half, ot N H , in a new proposition, or proviso to any scheme which might tie adopted, which he inovtd to reler to the Com mittee of the Whole 011 the state of the Union and to be printed. The proviso, in substance, is as follows: ? P. otided, Thr.t in.m< di..t -ly after the settlement of the quotum of boundary definitely brtween the United ?t t-m arid Mexico, and h? fore any pt.te rom tin territory nf Texas shell badmitt-d into the Union, the t*nitiiry jf Texas, as nearly as may be, ahall be divided li to two qual pait', from a boundary beginning at a poiLt midway ?n tne E.nt rn coatt on the Gulf of Mexico, and running Vor'.h-Westward t.i the eitreme Weatern boundary ; and t ist in all tiie division of the territory South and South West of said boundary, there shall be neither slavery nor involuntary serv tade, txcept in caaes of punishment of crimes ; and that tliia compart ahall remain forever un alterable, unless thiee-fouiths of the States ef the Union shall foi malty rt quire its amendment or modification. Objection* beiu< expressed to the motion, Mr Hals; moved a suspension ot the rules, and called he ayas and noes. The SrsAxen declared the ~ules ai already suspended, and the resolution of Mr. Thompson of Mississippi, sub mitted yest rdav, for changing the hour of meeting to U o'clock, as the first busini ss in order before the House. Mr. Seymour, of New Yoik, having moved to emend, by chauging,the resolution, so as that the morning meet ing ahall coniinue at 1*] o'clock ;'and that there ahall be in evening session commencing at 7 o'clock, till other wise ordered?the question occurred first upon this .1 t endment. Mr. Holmes moved to lay the subject on the table ; and i he ayes and noes were ordered?78 to 03?motion disap proved. The previous question was ordered on the resolution and amendment, and rarried, ayes 00, noes 84. The amendment lor the evening meeting wasjrejocted , ind, after a call for the ayes and noes was defeated, the resolution for meeting hereafter at II inatead cf 13 in the i.onung was also rejected, 60 to 70 SOMETHING or A TEST. Mr Hale now moved a suspension ot therulea, in order 'o the disposition of his proviso of annexation, to the lommiitee of.the whole on the state of the Union ; end up on this suspension, the ayes and nays were ordered, end resulted, yaas 03, noes 83, as follows : Yeas.?Messrs. Abbot, Mass.; Adams, Mess ; Anderson, V V.; Baker, Mass ; Benton, Ala.; Bidlack, Pa.; Brinkrr lioff, Ohio; Brown, Pa ; Carpenter, N. Y.; Cery, N. Y.; Carrol, N. Y.; Catlin, Conu -, Clinch, Oe.; Cullamer, Vt.; Dana, N Y.j Davis, N Y.; Dean, Ohio; Diliing, jr., Vt. ; Dickey, Pa ; Diinlap Ma.|; Elmer, X. J ; Farlee, N. J ; Fish, N. Y.; Florence, Ohio; '?'ort, Vt; Fuller, Pa ; Oiddings, Ohio ; Urinnell, Mass.; Hale, N H ; H. Hamlin, Me; K 8. Hamlin, Ohio; iaidin, 111.; Harper, Ohio; Herrick, Me.; Hudson, Mass.; Hungerford, N Y ; Hurt, Mich ; Johnson, Ohio; Kennedy, It ; P. King |N V.; D P. King. Mas* ; Kirkpstrick, N J ; Leo- ard, N.Y.; Lyon, Vich ; Maclay, N. Y ; McClelland, 4icb.; Mcllvaine, Pa; Matth.VL; E J.Morris, Pa.; J. ?torris, Ohio; Morae, Me.; Mosely, N Y ; Murphy, N. Y.; Ves, Pa.;Patjrson, N Y ; Pfcmnix, N Y ; Pollock, Pa ; E. ft. Po'tsr,&. I.; E. D Potter, Ohio; Pratt N Y ; Purdy.N. Y ; Rumsev, Pa.; Rathbun, N Y ;Reed. Pa.;Reding, N.H., Hitter. Ps ; Robinson, N. Y ; Rockwell, Mass : Rodney, Del; Rogers, NY: 8ample4la.p Severance, Me ; T. H Seymour, Conn.; D. L Seymour, N.Y.; Simons, Conn.; T. Smith, lijC. B. Smith, la ; Stephens, Ot.; Stetson, N. Y ; Stewart, Pa ; Stewait, Conn.; - tinners, V? : 8 ykes, N I.; Tyler, N.V ; Vai.mitrr, Ohio; Vinton, (Ohio; Went voitu.Ill ; Wheaton, N Y.; White, Me.; Williams, Mess ; Winthron Mass.; Wright la.; Yost Pa.?03 Nats.?Messrs. Arringt in, N. C; Ashe, Tennessee; Barringer, N. C.; Belter, Ala.; E J. Black, Ge.j J. Black, Pa.; J. A. Black, 8 C.; Bower, Mo.; Bowlin, Mo ; Boyd, Ky.: Brengle, Md.: Brodhead, Pi.; A. V. Brown, Tenn.; M.Brown. Tenn.: W.J. Brown, la.; Caldwell, Ky.; < ampbell, 8. C.; Cary, Me.: Chapman, V*.;Chapp*ll Ot., Chiltou, Vs.; Clinton,N. Y.; Cross, Atk.; Cullom.Tcun Daniel, N. C.;tO. Davis, Ky.; J.W. Davis, Is jDswtot, La.; D?berry, N. C.; Dromgooia, Va.; Duncan, Ooio, rtcklin, til ; Foster Ps.; French. Ky.; Ooggin. Vs.; O ider, Ky.; Itammet, Miss.; Haralson. Oa.; Hogs, 111.; Hopkins. Ye.; H mton. Ala.; Hubard Vs.; J. R. Ingeraoll, Pa.; Jerks,Ps., c Johnson, Tenn.; A. Johnson, Tenn ; Jones, Tenn ; J. I' K-nnedy, Ml , Librsnche, La ; Lucas, V* ; Lumpkin, Oa.; Mii'onnell, Ala.; McDowell. Ohio; McKay. >. C.; s>-wt"?n. Va ; Norris.jr, N. H.; Payne, Ala ; P<ttt, It; feytin, Tenn ; Preston Md.; Reid N. C ; Rhett, B.C.; tor, Tt-nn., 8 nlell, La.; John T Smith, Pa ; R. Smith, 'H; 8,<en?e, Md. 8t -enrod, Va ; Stile#, Ot ; Strong, N. Y; Taylor, Ya ; W P Thnmssson, Ky ; Thompson, diss; Tibhstte. Ky. ; Tucker, Miss. ; Wethered, Md.; Vh ta, Ky.; Woodward, 8 C. 89. AinSEIATION. The resolutions cf Mr. C. J lugersoll, with the pend i-'g amendment, were resumed in committee from y ester isy (vir. Hopkins in theehair) Mi Simple, of Ind., took the floor, and pray ad theia liilgenc* ot the comm t>e for a few mintt-? ; and pro ni-e-1 to stick to tho question. Tiis question wtst new rte In many a'pects new in regard to the constitutional > -wvrof Congrt-ss over the subjert rf tba acquisition of retgn territory. The gentleman trom Illinois, (Mr. D ingiest) h?d a-stimed t^at Ihe anrexatii n of foreign rri'ory w is incidental to the power ol " admitting ?? w -?t.N-iw he (Mr S ) considered the question cf to |t"i g foreign tmitory us the main question, and tho Imiieion of new states a* the incidental authority Upon us postulate Mr Sample ptrcieded in o; position to tha *??> la ?' scheme cl aniux.ton proposed. He denied the st|?nti nahty of anit- x lion ir. every s?p rt He dr. ie1 ex edi-nc in a military an' commercial as well as a abstract political vie*. He then descanted upon e ir.T'sof ih>- South to of t nr. he ascendency in the ? 'erst* Ooverntnent, in tbe division el tin itory He ? tlted the proposed concession to tne Norh in t'le 11 vision of T'Xas, leaving for free states a portion ol the -rrit dry which was included in the greet Ammicaa ieeait He showed the consequences of the division of Fiorina int> two slates as proposed, end of making ? state if an,noo square milea of tho territory of.lowe, Ac Mr Dean ol Ohio, fallowed; and,after renewing the eft.

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