Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 19, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 19, 1845 Page 1
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mama THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 18?Whole No. 3Ml?. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 19, 1845. Price Two Cents* AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE QREATE8T IN THE WORLD. To tl>* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?Pub lished evury day oi the year except New Year's Day and Fourth of July. Price J cents per copy?or $7 36 per annum?postages paid?cash in ad ranee. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 63d cents par copy, or St It per ananna?post al** paid, cesli in adrance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of tha Herald is oyer THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fast It hat the largett circulation of any paper in Mis city, or the worldK and, is, therefore, the Seat channel for business > in the city or country? Prions moderate?cash in advance. R1NTINO ? PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, sad in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaeraiEToa op the Hcusld Estabushmiht, Northwest corner of Knlton and Nassau a Herts. LONG ISLAND RAIL-ROAD COMPANY. \XJ I b, I'hiU ll P i? A AJs _Ls' k,f ^ V wlsViM AKIiANu|i VlfcpA i. Trnint ran a* follow*, com iimcior 0#c. 14th, 1844 Leave Brooklyn, at half-i ait 7 A. M , 4 New Vuik Aide 7 A. M.J Boston Tram for Oreupnt. daily, Bun days ercenred, s topping at F&rminatLUe and St G oree's Manor. " " at y',i A_M lor Hicksrille and intermediate places. daily; cud on Tuesdays, Thursdays and (Mtuida.t, through to Greeaport and in tarmediate pi ices " " at 3H P M. for Hieksville and intermediate Maces, daily, Su days excepted. Leaye Gresnport Tor Brooklyn. Boatou Tram, -t 1 P. M? or on tho arrival of t e s:earners d<ily. Suudays ex nspted, stopping at St. George's Manor and Fani'iutfdale. " " at 9 A M., Accommodation Train, for Brooklyn and intermediate placet, on Mon d.iys, Wednesdays and Kridays. From Hicksyille for Brooklyn and intermediate placet daily, Sundaysexcepted, at 7 A. M and I P. M. w (T^*SUNDAY TaAINo DisrOVTI ^IJc.D?^T1 Mondays, ) I Ture ays. 1 Wednesdays, > Via Norwich. 1 Thursdan, > Via Ston'gton Fridays, ) | Saturdays, ) smmm VFl"g *AR RANG E M "n~ T E K AR RANG EM E NT. Oniand Jter ti.e stof October the can wil lean? ? P.Tgaao. UsroT I Nicw Vcaw i o wuua AM. I 9 o'clock A. M. V r.v ? u* P^L OS OCNUXTS. t o clock AM. I t o'clock A. 1 ? " a.M. | 6 " P. 1 ?39 ft CO NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY ^^^?wn^fERARRANuTffjWTll^^M On and after October 38. the cars will run as (?> lows :? Cify tiall 8 45 A M.. 11.45 A. M., 3 40 P M. 4.45 P. M. Leaves T.icka os for City Hall 8 25 A. M, 11.35 AM ,155 P.M., 4 25 P VI Leases Whiu Plains for City Hall 8 A M . II A M., 1.30 P. M., IP M. Freight trains will laare City Hall at 13 45 M, Leave Wh'te Plain* at 8 A. M. The Westchester Train will stop only, after leaving the City Hall, at the c >roer of Broome St. and toe Bowery Vauihall Gar den and 27th street. An Extra Car, will precede each Train tan tninutes before the time of si-tain1 from the City Hall, and will t ike up inttsengera elont. die In e. Extf Hai l- it: and Mo-isianin Trains, for Morriiiania and in termedium pl?c?., Leiv- City Hall for Harlem anil Morrisiania.7 A. M., 9 A. M . 3 P.M.. 4.30 P. VI. Leave Morrison is for City Hall, 3 A M., 10 A \L, 3 P M., 5.30 P.M. By order of the Board, nl3 3m-sec W. 8. CARMAN. Secretary. CHANGE~OF"T?3CATi? -N UNITED STATE-* MAIL LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK AND ALBANY. Via BHI J'JEP. MT-lloiT v n?oni l>- - r. r> n i?nun _*J-|-> -m HATON1C AND WE8TERN ?1-~ RaILROABB?The steamboats JOBBER 3CL-J?jE.EUREKA, Capt. Tine dell, sod Ni.alHOD, C pt Brooks, will leave the pier at the foot of i>o?e velt-lreel, daily. Sundays excepted, at 934 A. y Returning, the Lim leaves Albany at 7 A. M. Albany pasaeiigen on arriving at Bridgeport, proceed imme diately on the Railroad; and, without change of Baggage or Cars, arrive in Albany 'be same even int. TTeatn daily " ftvV?' W.1U and dio lm'm Jp^NOTICE.^J) 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY. tows, unu 1 f^,^^ J?"' Ut* ^ BoaU will leave as fof ?*L?d AT?TK;N 'sland: ? audL,3AAVtMNIJV M m rduce of u. EAJbL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT NEWARK im> NEW YORK. FARE ONLY 1*4 CENTS. THE NEW AND ?W1*T AeaMER RAINBOW. CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY. L 95 an<' Beptsmber 19th will run daily, mas follows (Sundays included)Leave New -tk, foot of Centre street, I o'cleck A. M.? foot of Barclay street, 3 o'clock P. M. WIN I'KR MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY. LANDING AT DOBB4' FERRY, 81NO PING AND VfcRPLANCK'A, Fa sr. Throihih to Albsny $4 - BY STEAoOAT AN D HTAOE?Fare to ? Sing Siug. 50 eents?Verplanrk's, 75 eta. The -tea in boat UTIt.A, Capt T. N. llilse, leaves tin- ht-diun i?t i ivr, foot of Couitlandt St., (south side,) Every morning, at 8 o'clock. St tges leave for Albany immediately on the arrival of the boat at Pou.liaeepaie, on both aid* s of the North River. For passage or freight, apply ou board or to P C. 8HULTZ, ? the "rtin. on <he Wh-rf jail roll DAI rt, uARUINEH A NO tlALLUWtU.. lite new steamer PENOBSCOT, Captais ?N. Kimball, leaves the end of T wharf, Boston, .every Tuesday and Friday evenings, at 4 ob-.loek Stages will be in readiness on her arrival at the above r>-?s to e-.nvev nas?aayert to the n.ighborinir t. wm FOR L1V ERPGOL?New Line?Regular Packet ular fat sail the 36th of Jan.?The regular last sailing JpwflbPacket Ship SHERIDAN, Canuin A. F. DePeystcr, eMTiieitO'e, will sail as above, her regular day. For freiglit or passage, having aecommodauous unequalled for splendor or comlort, apply on board at Orleaus wharf, foot of Wall I street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, M South street. Trice of Passage. MB MB^Hcket shiMdM The packet ship Oirrick, Captain B J. H. Trask, will ?eeeed the Sheridan, tad sail 36th February, her regular day. dt7ec FOR LO vDON?Regular Packet of 30.h January. ? the splendid first-class, fast-sailing packet ship (fflPfV?I he splendid hrst-Clais, last-sailing packet ship JlKBIbGLADIAToK. Capt-R. L. Bunting, will positively ?all above her regular day. Having very -u|>enor accommodations for cabin, second cabin and -?*-r ge pweugers. persons < etirous to embark, th><nld make immediate ap-.licaUon ou boatd. foot of Burling Slip, ?r to J08EPH McMURKaY, jltee ICC fine -freer, en-ner of tooth sHfv ^^^rTr fA -liEt MIR UA ? Ec-Setoi.d Lille? I'M sllip ST. NIC HO AS, Johulj IV.I, ftiast r, will tail on tlx l-t of Febtn-ry. niahl or passage at ply 'o _ BO *'D k H1NCKEV; No 9 Tontine Baildnif, cor W | k ater sts. m. I f* en Fl'K Gt.AtRJOW.?Regular Pacset?The fine new British b ron-AXN HAnLRY, < ai t. Dunc.ui tuiilh. w II u iesdj^oi^reeeive in a few days. . r w en *?r pe'sage, hav ug handsou.e accommodations, apply ouhxrd fojtnf Dowrslrs t, or to WOODflULL k M1NTURNS, 47 South s reet. 1 n. barque ADAM CAJBR will succeed the Aim Hailsy. ja? - tOR I. VERPO lL?The fast sailing psrltet ,hip r*VhRT LAURE >C4., I apt Brown, will be de.| tub. d i < , tile 3 d o'Jaonary ... ifd numi ?' of Cabin and s-cond Cabin pasiengera can mlortahly be ? eommodated a n.oder.te r.te, by a, - ou board the ship .t Tier No. 13 E K , or to JOHN HFKDM VN. 61 ruuth s-reet. NEW LINE OF PACKET' FOR LIVERPOOL ??Packet III ti e 31st Is nary.?Tlw splendid and f ? svor<tr packet ship QUEEN OF The VVeST, 125# eo, Captain W odhonse, will sail ou J uesiay, Jan. etnltr day. ps of this lino bring all 000 rons sud npwar 's, per t to emht k tor the i?d e. nutry, ? ill uol fa 11 ? see ?ges to be .Ir'i. edfi 'm se'ectiug this liue in rrvfrrenve h-r, as llirir great capacity renders them every way ..rtalile and Convei.irul than .hips oi a small e|aw, :r itaaiudat ons fur cabin srrond cabin and sierragr it is wetl known, are superior to those t f anv other k-ts Pets ius Wishing in secure hbnhs should not eaily appl.c.tmu on boaiJ loot of Bu-line Nip, or W. k J. T 1APHCOIT, 78 South street, rornst ol Ma drn Lane. H L(VERP'?OI.?tsegular parget ol !6th Jaii ? ? vdeudtd first e'a-s, fast-sailing Pacset Ship ''.Fit) \N, Capt De IVystrr, will positively sail u 1st dvy. .n ? mr accomuioUatiou. for cabin, second cabin ir ugerv. persons wishing to embark should mak ination to JOSEPH McVURRAY, Nn HW P-ne street eomei of th .. pivMlfUUU-ltir Newi i-inw-Aegular 8lst .lanuarT.?The splendid New York cuili ship QUEEN t)F THE WEST. Captain oodhosse. 1350 toos burthen, will sail as above, her ' Vo/VIeight of 800 biles eetton, or bulk tlvr-of, or passsg. hevina elegant **" pacioua seooui*p>aations not surpassed b> ly to the Captain on botfd, at west sidr 3V WOODHULI. k MINTURN8. 17 South strref tester, Cspt. John Brittoo, will snrre-d , and sail on tier tegular day, 3l?t^'i' K ON ENGLAND. IRELAND " VD V" ~ AND WALES ?The Subscriber hat ale Drafts from 41 to 4IIMK), imyabl a luetitutious throaghoat the Uniter JOHN HERDMAN, ft South it. dm Liverpool can be secured at th' no of packsta sailing on tlx 1st. Itb xh month, on application ss above jj.NDUU bT No. 89 sad 67 Nsssau at. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ft. for Liwpoc^^ll heres^u^^^ apatched.iu fix following order, excepting that wheu the sailing day falls on Sunday, the ships will sail ou the succeeding day, | vix.From New York. Prom Liverpool. The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July U lOO tons, ( Oct. 1 Nor. li Vr. C. Barstow.f Feb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, (Juue 16 Ore. 1 7JO tons, < Oct. 16 Oee. 1 S. Bartlatl, (Feb. 16 April 1 Tha OXFORD, (July 1 Aug. 16 600 tons, < Nor.' 1 I?'c- . 18 J. Ilathbone, f March 1 April 16 Tha MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 1000 tons. (Nor. 16 J?>- } A. B. Lowber.f March 16 May 1 Tha EUROPE, (Aug. 1 Sept. 16 616 tout. < Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. G. Kurbar.f April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (new,) (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 950 ton*! < Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, t April 16 Juue 1 The COLUMBUS, (Sept. 1 Oct. 16 700 U>ui, (Jan. 1 reb. 16 O. A. Cole, r May 1 June 16 Tha YORKSHIRE, (new,) (Sept. 1G Nor. 1 1050 torn, \ Jan. 1C March 1 1). O. Bailey. (May 1G July 1 These Ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort .u their cabin accuintnodiitious, or in their fast sailing qualities by'ouy vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as _,.en of elmractei -aid niierieuce, and tlx strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as rag wis ties day of sailing, will be obeee-wl as The price of passage outward a Itrnr fixedtl One Haadred Dollars, for which ample stores of every description, will be irovidea. with the exception of wines and liquors, which will ? furnished by the Stewards, if required. Nsitlier the captain or owners of these Ships will be respon sible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Ker freight or pas sage, apply lo GOODHUE It CO. <M South street. C. H. MARSHALL., 18 Burling Slip, N. Y. j?tf and of BARING. BROTHERS 61 CO.. L'poal. ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1646. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. ,106 i'ine street, corner of South. and the public in general, to the following arrangements for 1644, for use purpose of bringing out Cabin, 2d Cabin, and Steep iga Passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st, 6th, lltK, 16th. 31st and 86th of every mouth. By the Loudon Packets to tail from New York, the 1st. 10th and 20tli?and from Loudon on the 7th, 17th and 17th of each mouth In connection with the above, sad for the purpose of affording stiligrealer facilities So passengers, the Subscriber lias establish ?d a regular line of first class New York built, coppered and coppered fastened ships, to sail punctually every week through out the year. For the accommodation af persons wishing to remit money to their families or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, ou the following Banks, vix.:? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast, Wsterford, Uajway, Armagh, Alhlona, Colerain, Balling, Tralee, Youghal, EuniskiUen, Monaghan, Banibridgu, Ballymena, Parsenstowu Downpatnck, Cavan, Lurgan, Orexgh, Duugannou, Bandon, Ennis, Ballyshannoa, ?urabiuie, Skibbereea, Mallow, Moueymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. 8kibbreen. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. Spooner, Atwood 6t Co., Bankers, London P. W. Byrnes It Co., 36 Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable is every town iu Great Britain. F.r further " corner of South street, New \ ork. Or Messrs. P W BYRNES 61 CO.. 16 Waterloo Pood. 'a Cm*? l .milMl SAMUEL THOMPSON'S OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAOE OFFICE, No. 273 Pearl street. m m.. m4 Tut subscribers 111 Announcing l<. 1 v.. trreuds and ih pub lie i.ieirco ici""od 1 .1 exi> .ded arrangeni-i.ts for briuaing nt Emigrant. from Great Britain and Ireland, would merely say, that for ihe year i84J considerable sxiieiue I lave already been in cur ed, and 1111 pains will be spared to enable them to retain that preference, which for moie than twenty years have been extend ed to this Line .... . ... Tlie ships employed are only of th* first claas, eotnmanded by eompet-ut and etfieieut men, well koowu for their kind and con stant attention to the comfort and convenience ol passengers, xud as a ship of the Line sail- from Liverpool every siv days : detention At that port is entirely avoided. Wheu those settled f r, decline coining out 'lie p usage m >ney is returned to those f-om whom it was received, without any deduction. . A free pa?s*ge, per 1 timer, trim the v.rioui ports in Ireland and Scotland, can be secured, ifdrsned. Fur fur.her particu lars enquire of SAMUEL THOMPSON, 373 Pearl etreet, or C. ORIM8HAW St CO., 10 Goiec Piexxas, Drafts and Exchange at sight for any .mount, can 1 Dished on the Nat oual B ukof Ireland, 'he Northern Bank tig Cnmpanv, li e National Bauk of Scotland, payable at the nu merous Branches throughout the country; on C. Griuishaw dt Co., Merchants, Liverpool; and 1L C. Glyn It Co., Bankers, London. n33 lm*m KOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUI9I4NA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. m m For ti e uetter accuminudation of -hippers it is uiu-uurd to deipa'ch a ship fiom this port on ihe 1st, Jth.'lO h, 15th, 20th, and 35tn of each month commenring the 10th of October, and c u tiuuiag until May, when regular days will be appointed for ihe remainder of the year, whe.eby greit delays and dis pp"int ments will be prevented during lh: suu mei mouths. Fne fol lowiug shipi will comm*ece iliis arransemeut:? Bark GENESEE, Cap . Miuott. Ship VAZOO, Capt. Wibray. Ship J 4 - A. Capt. Perry. ? Shin LOUISVILLE, Capt Hunt. Snip 8H AKS^E 4RK, Capt. Miner. Ship OSWEGO. Capt. Wood Ship MISSISSIPPI. Capt. llillard. Thes* ships were all built iu the city of New York, expressly for pack' ti, are of a light ilrau ht of water, have receutly been newly Ci.pi ered and pui in splendid oider, with accommwda rious for passengers unequalled for comturt. Tiny are com ma, ded by experienced masters, who w ill make every < xeitiou to give general s-tisfaction. They will at all times be lowed up snd down tlx Mississippi bv ste unboau Neither the captains or owners of these aliips will be responsible for Jewelry, bulliou, precious stones, silver, or p ated w.,re. or tor any letters, parcels or packages, sent by or put on board of ihem, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, at tlx value there 11 ex pressed. K, K. COLLINS Ik CO , 56 South at , or HULLIN & WOODRUFF, Agents in New Oileans, who will promptly fcrward all gOuds 10 their address. tT^P" 1 he snips of this line are warrrn'ed to sail puuctuallyas advertised, aud great care will be taken to kave the goods cor rectly measured <123 THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS^ To sail from New York ou the 21st, and from Liverpool or the 6th of each month ... FYotn Now York Vpovl New Ship LI VERPOOL. 1130 ton. J {ft;, \\ 5n? J J. Eldndge. S Au^. 31 Oct. 6 N. Ship QUEEN OK THE WEST, \\ J^y 6 1250 tons P. Woodhouse. (fy.,( 31 Nov New Ship ROCHESTER, 650 tons, i ft** \\ \ JohuBntton. <Oct'r 31 Dec% 6 Ship HOTT1NGUER. 1050 tons, iJJj"* 6 Ira Bursley. $NoJ ? Jau'y 6 These substantial, fast sailing, first class Ships, all built in the city of New York, are cnuimauded by men of experience and ability, and will be despatched punctually ou the 31st ol each month. . . . , . . . Their Cabiua are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with wlxlever can conduce to the ease aud comfort of passen gers Price ol Passage, SIM. Neither the Captains or owners of these Shipu will be respon sible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular bills of Isding are signed therefor. For freight or k MINTURNS. 67 South street. New York, orM FIELDEN, BROTHERS, k CO., ||4 ec Liverpool NEW LINE ?F LIVERHOOL PACKETS. Tosailfroin New York ou the 26th aud Liverpool ou the lit' of each month 4k 4k Ship SIDDON9, Captain E. B. Cobb, J6th Pec. Ship SHERIDAN,Captain A. Deiwyster, 31 lh Jan. Ship GAHRICK, Capwin B. i. H.Tnuk. 2Gih t-vh. Ship ROSC.US, Cjjgriy As. Mlrch' Ship SHERIDAN, Captain A. Drpvyatev, UBi Nor. Ship GAHRICK, Captain B I H Traak, lllh Dee. Ship KOSCIUS, Captain Ass E drida#, llth Cm. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, lllh heb t liliese sliipa aiv all of tlx first class, upwards of lino toua, hi ilt in tire city of New York, with inch improvements r eumbine gnat a|wrd with unusual comfort for pasarugeri Every care has been takeu in the arrangemeut of their accom modal mix. The price ol passage heuce is 6100, for which am ple stores will bv provided. 'Hiese ships are commanded by ?sperxueed masters, who will make every exertion to give f~ neral satisfaction Neither the Captains or owners of the shins will be responsi ble for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re gular bills of laden are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to E. K COLLINS k CO.. 56 South street, New York, or 10 BROWN, SHIPLEY i CO., Liver|iool. letters by the I'vckete will be charged UH cenu "ingls shr-t. "ib rents i>er otinee, and newspa|iers I cent earh. 11W ec OLD ESTABLISHED EMIORANT PASSAGE OKHCt m m m JOHN HERDM \N, 61 South street. New York. Tlx suoscn'jer co'itiuurs to make arraugentvui* to priug out passengers from Ureat Britain and Irelaud, (via Liverpool), who may be engaged at this ofiiee, or with any of his ageute in the United States, on board the packet ships sailing Irom Liver pool nv.ty five days-nod in order to afford avery facility, he will have despatched sui?rior American ships in New Yorkaod Boston, every week.daring the year. ... , Those sending for their iHends may rely that the same dne and diligent attention will be shown them as heretofore, sud should <ny of those seut for not embark, the money will Ix refunded, as tisiomary; and these remitting mouey to their friends, can have Drafts and Bills of Eichauge tor snms to suit, payable on de rtaud at the following baulu, (without ducuunt or any other :harae). ri*:? KNOl.ANIV? Maaara. J. Bolt, Bon It Co.. Bankers. London; I. Bar* Co., Livrrpool; the National Prof incial Bauk of England and Branehaa, thrmighout Kngland and Wales; York ! ihira District Bank and Branches; Birmingham Banking Co.;1 igtuicasier Banking Co. ? IKKLANO?National Bank of Ireland and Branches, aud ?'roeiucial Bank of Ireland and Branches, in all the iiriDciial owns throughout the Kingdom. BCOTLXND?Keasteni Bank of Beotland and Branches tlreenock Banking C o. in (*laagow and Greenock. Persons residing iu the country and wishing to send money to heir friemU, may insuni its being done satisfactorily, on tl emitting the amount they wish sent, with the name and add of the i^rson for whom it is intended; a draft for the a mo... will then be forwarde?) |w* nff1 pneket or steamer, and a reeei for the same returned by mail For further particulars, ?Bsc mini. ''SWAiakJBS'.CSUi, PASSAGE FKOMGREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND TtlK LINK m LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Persons wishing 10 uud lor their friends, can seeirre rlieir pas sage ainl have i hem brought out by any of tlx ships couponing tlx Black Ball or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, wnich nail Irorn Liverpool punctually on the at and 16th of every month. The Black Ball or Old Liue of Livepool I'aeketa, comprue ?he following Ships, viz.:? The YORKSHIRE, (new.) The MONTEZUMA, (new.) CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, SSL'Mfc KU|lbp'lCBK' Notire?Tha public are respectfully untitled, by deaire of tlx owne a of ill- auore " old established Line of Packets," tint no paisen or a e-ts bn ti e sub crib-i* h .ve per miaai n (rorn ill m n adterti c la bring tu in sein ers by tlx Black Black or Old Li e of Livrrnool I'ack-ta and that the subscribers * p tlx ni,lv regular aulliori ed pjve.uei ageuts of aaid Line in thia city. Apply or uddieaa (if by let'er poat raid) ROCHE, BRO'iriKKS St CO. 15 Kulton street, New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. r.1.? we have at all times for sale drafa a' tight on the Royal Batfk o<*lreluid. anil on .Wear*. P eacott Orote, Am e S; Co., Bankcra, London, w> ich a e piid five of d aco-int in nerv town throughout k.nglai.d, Irtd.'.iid, 8c timid and Walca. Apply at above. il2ire m m ' ki:w V/iuk L iiAvrnTrTniKTs. Second Line?The Sbipa of thin Line will hereafter leave New York on tlx lit, mid Havre on the Kith of each mouth, aa fol low*, viz: i'Yom iVeio York. fVou Havre. New Ship ONEIDA, ( tat March, ( 16th April, Captain < lat July, j 16th August, Jamca Kuuck.f lat November, ( 16th December, fOup BALTIMORE, C lat April, I 16th May, Captain < lat August, < 16th September, Edward Funck, / tat December, f 16th Jauuary, Ship UT1CA, i 1st May, 116th Jane. Captain, < lat September, < Mth October, Frederick Hewitt, ( lat January ( 16th February, New Ship St. NICHOLAS t lat June, I 16th July, Captaiu < lat October, {16th November, J. B. Bell, f lat February, ( 16th Meruit. The accommodatioiu of these ahipe are not surpassed, com bining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin paaaage is tlOO. Passengers will be supplied with every requi site, with the exceptiou of wines and liquors. Goods iutended for these reaaela will be forwardeeby the sub scribers. free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on them. For freight or loasage, aguly to BOYD ?H1NCKEN, Agents. jeB ee No. ? Tontine Buildings, eor. Wall and Water sts Mg- OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OFFICE, 61 iflflMpy *.,ulh street-Passage to and from Great Britain and fMUK^lrelaud. via Liver|H>ol. Paaaage can at all time* be engaged at the lowest rates, to and from Liverpool, by the regu lar packet ships sailing under the new arrangement every few lays, and drafts can us usual be foroislied for any amount, paya ble at the Natioual and Provincial Bank, Ireland, and their aranehes, and throughout the United Kingdom, as well as at all the principal baukiug institutions in England, Scotland and WaJea. without discount or any other charges. For further par iculars. if hv letter, oost paiA apply to uw If ?H-vr rr v q rvas ? v. ?l "?-vwr6 st rAf- PASSAGE FROM GREAT BKITAIN AND M^yiRKLANl-Vu LIVERPOOL?Tli ? eevularpack ?Hts t ship* > ox leave Liv*mool evny five dajs through out hr . ear, by which tlx suscribe. is pr-pared r > engage i-s sage th? lowest retes. '1 h i*e seudinr for iheir friends may relv ttia' they wdl lave e-ery ytn lion vh >wn ihem, and thai they will b- despatched from Liverpool without delay Drain font one pound sterling to anv amount, c-ii. as uvu I, he fn i.ished parable at all lh? principal B nk. thr ughout ihe Uni ed Kingdom. Apply at the "Old Ksrablnhe' Packet Office" JOHN HERD AN. J7rc 61 South street. ON l Ufc l;U ILL ??P STK.IUTUlit rN A KOBMER ADVERTISEMENT ON STRICTURE much paius was taken to explain its neiore?the diseases 2inch were mis'oaen for it?its cousequeners and it* cure so the tact that Stricture frequently .tux in those who nrv aot in the least aware of it. Those, however, occupying tor much space, tlx following remarks will be confined to certair cirenraitancrn, which will enable one to juug' whether b* has (hit complaint u- no, ard its proper means of curt. Among otlxr things it was remarked, that it was bv no moaa. geoeosar'' that the stream of arinr tliould be obstructed, or'-ve. roach 1'uiinit tied, le a ease of atrietur-. 'his, indeed, occur .t had e J kit's eiT.d iisbed cave* bo o -tnre may siisi 'or months v d even y< vrs without produvim- any striking oh urgr in :ni# rrsixct. Neither it it necessary there should be para, or any thing directing ire attention to the seat of this disease Pom, certainly is now and (lien complained of, but it is only erneo mn rematist happens to be saixraddeJ ; and, with re gard to other effects, especially of early cases, these are observ ed to fall a|wiu the tnind and nervous system, rather than tlx part iUelf. There are, however, three circumstances which most peculiarly belong to stricture, and, especially whrn they meel together, should uever be lost sight of, but lead to iinmetli >?r means of cure. Many other symptoms might be mentioned, ?at most of these belong to oth*r maladies as well, or relate ti ?trictnre in iu more advanced and settled form, while the fol ? inetare MI lis more novauceo ana mui-u iuiui. nv.~ ?, lowing three belong to stricture in its early stage, and when ii s 10 easily and certainly removed. The Brat of these relates tc Thk MaNifgn or Uruvstino.?It has been already said the tream need not be mnch diminished or imieded, bat what is to ie observed is the peculiar way in which it limahei. if it should nap pen, after the clothes are readjusted, that a drop or two should steal away, so aa to wet a little, thia, trilling as it may seem, would affopd a strong suspicion. Not that I hit drop or two can proceed from no other cause whatever; hut, certainly, no stricture can exist wi'.liout it The next is Thk Tikk * vormkr UovoisKdi may havk uxmaiivud Uncrnco.?A Gonorrhoea, though not the only, is by for the most frequent cause of Stricture. It is not its severity, so much is the length of lime its gleety stage may have remained, that it to be considered. Neither is it possible in every case to statr how long litis may contiuoe without producing Stricnue, for One is naturally more disposed to Stricture than auolhm. If, nowever, it should hare continued from six to eight weeks, this length of time at least would strengthen any other suspicious i reams tan era. The third is Thk Ewkct a Utkicturk has upoiv.thk Mnaaf {Nothing s more certain than that tha effect of Stricture is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental energy Not that this is complain -d of in the same degree by every individual, but it in no com! mon, in one degree or other, that the writer rarely teen n case ? Stricture in which the patient does not observe that he is riot so active, or capable of basinets as formerly. This also is a sen jus effect; though little undertood, bnt U is ting?fiiiaatil I one. Indeed, whoever consider* the natural connection of mind and sexual organs, will easily imagine that, as than u t medium by which tlx mind to powerfully acts upon tnea* or cans, so, through tha same medium the sexual ovgmne rexet upon tlx mind. This, however, it better explained in Tor Private Treatise" of the author, a little volume which ie ?t to many para of the world. As the cure of Stricture pro maids if e activity of mind invariably returns. With respect to the tnre of Stricture?this, it is gratifying to state, is generally accomplished in very little time, and without pain or inconvenience. Nothing can exceed the improvement of late years in the treatment ol this complaint. Indeed, in the hands of proper and experienced persona, the care of Stricture it now accomplished in at many days as formerly it demanded mon tits. Many persona consul' the writer who come ou buai east to this citv for a short time only, but Mtura perfectly eared, thotign n not been a source of trouble and autiety for years. To those who cannot leave their homes, the writer fur aithe* his own pecaliar means of care, together with his " Pri vate T .eatise," which ha* aa interesting chapter, giving every iafc/tnntion on the subject, and written la the plat?t manner Or. Ralph cakes this opportunity of saying tkal he may be consulted on the various diseases referred to in his " Privati Treatise"?at his dwelling nousc, No. M Greenwich street, at ?ay hour, and, iu consequence of the number of pretenders and oooks of quackery whirn infest this city, he deems it proper Co make the following statement, as a satisfactory ground of confi dence to strangers. Besides Ins rank as Graduate of Edinburgh, he he. he has been engaged in the cure of these diseases, both >u hospital and city practice, for more than thirty years, and ha* published three editioni of a work expressly on them. Alio that he has letters from the most eminent physicians in F.uropr from the mostemirent men in America?as Sir Astlry Cooper, of London, to D*. Mott. of New York; Dr. nijrtie, of Philadel phia, and others, and that he is permitted to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in thia city. The Private Trea tise" it f I. Address Dr. Ralph, sear., M Greenwich street. di6 m ? re PARK'S LIFE FILLS. "PHIS Medicine has been counterfeited. Purchasers will a therefore be sure of getting ihe g-uuiae article only of the duly appointed agents, all of whom am furnished with certi Thebilsamie aud invigorating power* of this fine herbal medi ciixare wonderful; atrial of asiugle box will carry couticiioa , that thev a-ealt thilii necessary to i ivicorute ihe feeble, restore he invalid to health and do go d in a>l esses. The heads of fain,lies should always have lh--m in their house, ss they may, wi-h the grestrsi c mlid-nue, bo resorted to *i auy time, or in any case. I'AK.'ri LI eh 'ILLS -re now, from their many

ti.lues the e?ta- lisiod Family Medicine. From our *igent J or the IVeitern part of How York. November!, 1141. Mes-re Thomas Robe r It Co ? , _ iikvTLiarv?I am requ-sted to state to yon, that Mr J. W. returdei u-l.of Am.o-rd in, expresaea hi* great sali'laclion at ID efficacy of rarr's Life Pills. Also, Mr. J. Faiixhild. of Cate onvia. ie which opiu on Mr. A. Bellamy, of Ctnitenaogo, also luMy accords. Indeed llxae I'i Is have sup-reeded all others >n New York 8t*te?they are uoi a bri,k pill, but "slow and sure" ami I have uever ye met withau iusiauce where an invalid has perseve ed its laking tl?m, thai has not been cored of the most obstinate and lonn-aiandiLg dyspeptic coni|.la.uw. SINCLAIR TOUSEY. Postmaster of Joslin's < orixre, Madison county, N. Y. From our Jlgmt in FMl litlyhia. asToreisHihti cuaa or thk i-ivkm comvlaiivt. Messrs. T. Roberts A Co,? , ? GKhTLKMAtv?Having teceived the greutrs. lieurliu from the use of Parr'. Life Pi I-, I can give y"d uj is-lim ay in heir I'uvor Without the least hesitation, bor the last live y-ars I have be--u affiicted ?itii the Liver Conipl -int, and ti e pain* in ui- side w re very great, attended with cou-i-ierable c >ugli, a iiloppiug and smoiherniu iu Ih throat. For tr rer weeks eoiore I u ed ihe pills I wss eoUli letrlv reduced, and bad becon e so weak aa In l? aimosi uualdr to w. l -(and I c< nld not sie p more tliau two hours ofa night, so Cumi>>tcly was my ?> -rem uuner lie i .11 enre of my complaint 1 have spent over w? bun .red dollars for medical atUudaucu aid all the d ffereul ki da of inediciues celebrated fur the ,-ureof the Liver C.-mplanil, with ont having received any iwmapeat relief, and I cau ssy now th t since 1 h.,ve been as ug fori Life Pills, I hate beeu Set ter health than 1 have e?j*rx?eed for the last five years. .m also stronger; I sleep aa good *a tver I did, andean wfc,. auy distance. Any ixreou who douhu rhea* statements as incorn-ct, by in quiriug .1 m. shall receive more Poplar Lane, above 7th street. Spring i Uardeu, Philadelphia. | Foreign merchanU and eiportne are inform-n that Parr's Life Pills a.e put up in French, Dermao, Spanish, and Portuguese wrappers, with books and trs.'unuuiais iu the same angn ge T. HOB .MTrt k CO., Proprietor, dl !m*re 'D En irn duel mmi Mki'ICag anu ?uKgic'aL .. e ?? ? ?? luowm to " "ox m ereViiTr nV the'^^tt^ irat from the Wert Indies and Canada 1 t outieut* ? year. I disconnx?ce quackery in any foren id.Xrefore, take this method of infortnms .treager..-od^e' re* >a the country wbrre they cap find a phj^ci" t!' we" CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OK GROCERIES. FRU1T8, WINES, fee.. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. AT SCOTT'S, 70 NASSAU sTKKKT. ?yllE subscriber offer. to public iuipection the best assortment * of Groceries. Wines, Fruits, be., be., suitable to the sea toa, of any establishment in the c>ty. Superior Teai. 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Mr. B ou iRsiyt ks to impart to La iee and Gentleman of all scks, asn|ie ior Jree flowing<eauti ul and pie sing style of Penmanship, eiecuted 111 an clagtut off-hand mellaer, IN TWELVE EASY LFSSONS ! 00 matter how bad, illegible or cramped 'he wntinp is. ? VKff 'he venerab'e motion fe U Je.itfh'ed in goinp through this process, to tp Vive ih study ? f the v?rnal morn o* life Kxtra Let. "its Msmifiwoi c'-a*i#)if r-qutred. Boox ' aciFiifu iud Short Hano taught aa sua! Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 A. M.? to 1 P. M., or i to ? P M. i ? 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Signed, ISAAC J GREENWOOD, D. D. Si JOHN NFILSON, M. D P. 8. TOWN SEND, M. D. H. McLEAN, M. D. The original can be seen at Mr. Levett'i Office, 2C0 Broadway earner of Warren street d* Im-iu FRENCH'S HOTEL THE PROPRIETOR respectfully informs hn friends and A the public that he has opened his new and spleudid hotel at 133 Fultou stree', a few doors east of Broadway, in the imme diate vicinity of m.-rcantilr bnaiuesa and the principal places of amusement, and has laruished it in a style that will bearflavor able comparison with the very best hotels m the city 1 he pro prietor iu building and fitting up the above house has had strict regard to elegance aud eomloit. and that he has combined eco oomy the following prices will show :? A ROOM FOR ONE NIGHT ? A WEEK... I JO The rooms will be warmed gratis, and upon no occasion will there be more than one bed iu a room There is a REFECTORY attached, in which there are mmls served np at all hours of the day and eveuing. 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Veils, B.kl Dresses, so as to look as good as new, without injury. ..... . . , , Ma 'ante Lreita b-f to inf >rm the ladies that she is the only errson in t e city that und, raunda cleaning Lacas and Blond. . the above pr cuss. N. B.?Rena.riu*. fee. Charges moderate. 4f7 Broadway, set warn I anal and Howard sis d13 in-rr DK. U1X N a tends eiclosively to Geneisl Surgery, and in the morning to that of the Kit, Squid'ing, i atar?et. Clo ture of the I ear Du ts. Derorinit:es of the L rt?, fee 1 l.e ope ran n lor Sqnin iug is invsrisbly surcessful. Pert "Ual re fer-uce is giveu to several hunnrrd cases in this city_ A I red cible of rupture aie i*rmaneutly cured, so that the truss may tie d with 5 Mercer stieet. I'll lm?rc Tivts* patent boxe^ the PROPRIETORS OF TIMS' PATENT CAR I BOXES, would respee fullv call the attention of Hail Road Cii'i P'Uis-, ml all o Iters interest, d with the bu p' Hail Road ' srs lh-1 ih.y It ve apimiuied tOK^ELlUS KANOCSE, I f Jui.ey Ci y. tliei agent for the mainifar nriug of said boxes Also, sg ni for transacting all is C"itii, ?l-d a lib said eateni-right All c mmuuie.toins directedIt Inm at Jersey City Iron Foundry. Propr e ors. Jersey City, January 7th. 1845. )" '">* ? CAST OFF CLOniiNG AND FURNITURE Wo NT- D GENTLEMEN OR LADIES having any snrertlurn. (Jl??tHii k or Kumiiurf to ili?i?<?sr of c*n ol?t i? thr highest eseh prites for Uie isrs, by tending for t' e subscriber, at h s residence. Dusrne rivet. No. ?, in the basemeut.^()HE^ P. 8 ?A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will be promptly attended io. .125 :in rc FRENCH CHINA. removed to _ NO LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS 1 A DALKBMt, Importer aed Agent for Manufacturers, has ? always on baud a large assortm?-ni of dinnur and tea sets, in plain white aud gilt French Poreelaiu as wellaa Dimitw' Dussert Platre. of all tuna, assorteo Disli-s, soup rureeua, 'overed Dishes, Salad Bowls, ?vuit Baskets. Custards aad <a1so Fanev Tea Sere, and Rich Decorated Dinnee Sers. Also", Tm and Chooolau Ware. Greek, French and Americas it artleleu aw wamutod cf the boat aualitr, afed te h? liberal tar ma. and iu lots to suit'surehssers. CROTON FOUNTAIN BREWERY I'HE Inability of the subscriber to meet the increased de I msnd for his Pale and Amber Ales, hitherto manufactured t h a B.ewerv in Albany, > as re. de ed it necessary to nvri th an tof hisru-tomers toCnmmeiice a Brewing eatablishment , New be calle.1 as above, wliere beiut-ndafi produce ' article whirh it ia d will even i..Ci*?m the r-putatloi, f bit Bra. d, in rale .od Amber Ale., t ? the ne pin. nl ,d?Ti-"h,1,*,",?"" '"a!ndhevv'1(Vwk IENTLT mXN'S SUPERFLUOUSCLOTHiNG I K.iS'1'Lk. via,N OR e AMIf.1 EH jtainiu. ol eouvaiuag?. *' ?h ,fl "" To (xmilic* ?i (^nilemMi qxiuini Bijeitf idSracet having effect, of the kind te dffjim of, wIII find ?nch to thtir advartagp to ssbd for th? 8?bs?nbtf, Who Will ?ud thwn a, (TTA tawthfooch tht TmOmm, of olB^wj, wUMw mkctwAlly ? TUa Morals of Politicians. [Correapondence of the Baltimore Sun ] Washington City, Jan. 15,1845 Excitement at tVuihinpton?Defalcation?Outrage and narrow escape with life?Sequel to the Ik Jul cation. The reported defalcation of the Clerk ol the House of Representatives of the U S has created, as you may suppose, an intense excitement through out this metropolis. 1 hasten to apprize you ot a thrilling adventure which took place here this af ternoon. and which very nearly hastened the spirit of one of the parties into eternity. Mr. Thomas Fenton Owen, a respectable citizen of the " Old Dominion," has recently taken that fine establish ment, known as the " Potomac Bridge Hotel," very near the bridge from which it takes its name. Mr. Benj Thorn, tormerly a police office, was em ployed as bar keeper. Mr. Tnorn had been ab sent for a day or two, and returned this alternoon ; on his arrival Mr. Owen remarked that already he nad received encouragement in his new vocation ; that two gentlemen and two ladies were occupying i room in the second story. Mr. Thorn enquired if they had left their names at the bar, to which the landlord replied in the negative, and asked Thorn to go up and get their names, and see that ihey were comfortably situated. Thorn immedi ately proceeded to their room, when, judge of his astonishment on recoguizirg two prostitutes sitting iu conversation with a man whom they called McNulty, and an old acquaintance of Thorn's, named Banks, lying in a bed. Thorn promptly admonished the prostitutes that they were iu the wrong place, and, abandoned as th-y were, they quietly and respectfully left the house. Banks entreated that he should be allowed to remain in bed, undisturbed, and, as the women had departed, his request was granted?both land lord and barkeeper assuring htm that he should not be molested. McNulty appeared to be deeply agitated, and walked to and fro across the floor with a quick race, as he conversed with Banks Mr. Oweu and Mr. Thorn then retired to the bar room. But a short time had elapsed when Mc Nulty and B*nks sent down for Owen to go to their room. He obeyed the call, and in a moment or two the report of a pistol summoned Thorn to the scene of action ? , At (he thrashhoid of the door, it Feems, the par ties attacked the landlord, who tired a pistol in de lence; one duck shot was lodged under Banks' eve?anoiher in his chin, and ihree in his breast Banks, however, still retained his grasp on Owen's throat, which he held until Owen tainted Mc Nulty retreated, and escaped ihe moment the pis .'ol was fired. Thorn held Banks in custody for u short period, until the result of the choking should be ascertained, when he was permitted to depart, Thorn tendering him everv assistance in the way >f procuring a physician, tfec. 1 understand thai Banks is not mortally wouuded; but, at any rate, boihheaud his companion Hhvc received a lesson not easily to be forgotten. Thus it is that the fail tame of Washington, and its society, is injured by the outrages of men whose breath is ouiy equalled by the " pestilence that walkeih in darkuees." [Correspondence cf the Ntwaik Daily A-iv riser] Washing ion. Juiuary 15, 1845. The impression at a distance from here must be thai this citv is forever, during ihe sessions ot Con <ress, the theatre of excitement, fun and diseipa tton And such int.ire sions are pretty nearly cor rect, for scarcely does th ? smoke of use bank ciear away, ere the alarm for a new onset frr hi another quarter is he,.<<'. It is not literally the clash of arms, but, iu Congress", a wordy waifarr is unceasingly raging, while without, other stable, other sceurs, and other rumors assail the senses While Congress is thus engaged, private grirfr are adjusted by the du. 1 ? but not until alter a de lay long enough for the parties to cool down into hi ague, and then consummate their tnurderoue intent in cool blood. This scene enacted, ant numbered almost with the forgotten evenis of th< past, and a fresh element ot excitement is reveal, d m the defalcation in the accounts of a high office! of Congress. Another Man Shot.? One would reasons!) y suppose this to be sufficient tobe crowded into one oriel we.k, but we have rumors again (this even ing) of more pistol shooting, with an attempt to take life, though not among members of Congress This last report is, that a person by the name ol Btnks has been shot at, to-day, in a tavern near tne steam-boat landing on ihe Potomac, and severe ly wounded by duck-shot from a pistol I refer vou to other sources for particulars. Mr. McNulty, the Cletk of the House, is said to have been in h.s company at the time ?1 the occurrence. [li appears by statements before us that McNulty aud Banks quarrelled with Owen.keeper of a hous. near Long Bridge, about their bill (having some female acquaintances with them,) and that Owen wounded Banks with a pistol ] The Biographer Again?I communica ted to you to-day the rejection of Mr Abtll by the Senate, as Consul to the Sandwich Islands. An effort is to be made to reconsider the vote, which may be the only charge made against htm, so far as I can learn, was an attempt to take life, and that in the person of John Tyler! Now, any one having the ability to originate a readsblr book out of such a subject?except it be in heron comedy?is certainly entitled to a reward. Ii seems right and proper, therefore, that he shoulc be banished to the Sandwich Islands, for the dis charge ot Consular dunes. A Pet Rewarded ?Ever since the me morable Tyler Convention at Baltimore last Spring, t member of the notorious Smith lamilv, who re juices in the euphonious patronymic of Delezon,? or, us he is here more familiarly known, Delusion wno figured rather extensively ou that me morable occasion, has been enjoying the truits ol office, as an Inspector in the N. \. Custom Hou.e. During the past summer he was in the undistuibed enjoyment ol ease in his native State, (Ohio,) ano parts adjacent, but suffering nothing in his etipu lattd income of $3 per day, us Custom House In spector in New Yoik. That, of course, went on, as due to his patriotism, aud his sworn fealtv to the man of many vetoes, John Tyler. His p triotic zeal having been, it is presumed, fairly tested, the p?r diem allowance has been found too low an esti mate of it; and he has consrquently been with drawn from the service of his country at New York, and charged with a commission ax Commer cial Agent to the Republic of Ecuador, and is daily expecting to proceed thither in search ot th' Government ot that Republic, at the more adequate and appropropriste compensation ot tight dollars per day. Should he be unsuccessful in the enter prise in which nis noble patriotism has impelled mm to engage, he will again return to bis native land, alter it has been some six months deprived of bis valuable services in the home department ol Tylman afters,?and, for all the while absent, drawing hi.- ^8 per diem ! _ Mr Grant ue Nsw Jersey?Mr Grant, who was appointed Purser under the solicitations of Mr. Green, the U S District Attorney in New Jer-ey, baa, as you are aware, been rejected by the Senate He is said to be a man of wealth, surrounded by n large tannly. and was willing, tor #1,501) a year, hi the age of i.pJVR'dsof sixty, to ship in a small Sloop of War, (me Somers) wiin u.e patriotic view o serving hi? country But ;h^ Senate, in their, concluded that it w#i a per-onal sacrifice winch he was not call'd upon to make, and there tore they put their veto on htm. Hie irn-nils, how. ever, ure endeavoring to g-t him renominated, winch, I can assure ifu in, will be but labor lost, mere are no* about fi y sppl cauls f >r Hie ap poimiiient. To how many Capt Tyler hat p onused the piate I (In u I know. I can say "hue much, nowever, iliat he hus ordered one niau to have his aurrto a hi readme**, and, it le *aid, has promised ihe < ffice to an.nher in writing ! Geo Svk a, M. C Horn your State, ana the politest lady's man here, tumor says, isto hr ih< next democratic candidate for Governor < f New Jersey So you Bee you ?1 ways gel the latest new s Irom Washington !? Furiberiuore, we can niaki ruler^for you if you oauuoi do it lor yourselves M Massachusetts Miokion?Governor Mouton sent to the I.- giala'u.e yesi rday a met-eag- in relation otha appvintrm nt, on t ?? (act of Massachusetts, of an to inspect uii't c n . h- operation . f a law of this Statu prohiUl-ng 'h" e. 'i t 'of tree negroes wt,bin h limits ct Ljutsiara. "ltns message takes a firm stand against iha inttil'erence ol Mas-achu?t.tta, or any othei Siate, in our local leg wist ion or police regulations, and cavers certain communications from Mr Hubbard, th< agent of Maasachu-etts, which we hare not yet seer (Jommiueas were appoiotid by both Houses to take into consideration the tn? ter ot the message and accompany ing documents. in the, Mr. Wadswoith presert ? ed a preamble and bill, whtch we think rt fl-.-cts the s. ntt ?nemsof (he Legislature in regatd o the Huij-ct under consideration. I hese were ref? rred to the cm mittu. Ve cannot pi edict (he final "Cltort of (he legislature, but 'tare little doubt that It will be in c.n f .rnti.y to the apt tit of, if not the language ol the preamble and law. W. r> f-r our r? (t iers to nr report of the pruc-'-dli g t ot the L gislaiuta fir further particular* ? /V. O. Pic Ja . 8. Anoih r VIukdkk. - We learn irom Mr Leonard .11 the W.trceaer express, that a man nxmed it Wolf, was srrtai.d In th t town, aid txsmmtd 01. th? crtsrge ot murd-ring a man named Stilts, on Wednts lay evening last, and committed t prison. It was at first reported that Hilles had been lroten to death, but w. understand the evidence ia such as to leave hardiv room to doubt that he came to his death by violent hands We have no room for particulars.?Boiton paper, Jen 17,, Undent on Icing . To the Editor op thr N. Y. Herald ii ii VrU'h ?lthe '.a,ct H'hicb haa bee" repeatedly a,j-",d'?10 'he public papers is undenialde that affidavits of a similar character to those that formed ne/r^UDf"ML? ?/ I,iePre8pn'ment against Bishoo bv hll r? j hept 1,1,0,1 8Dd "mothered yr ! rd8:J'?d| 10 pr?cl < f ,hia-1 forward you a copy of one drawn up by a friend of mine J gentleman of great respectability, which to mv ' r,krwl^ ^ rut into the bancs'of one derdonk Mnrf k"?WD '? bu friend|y ?? Bishop On Uerdonk, and who it was hoped would have had magnanuimy enough, and been sufficient aware ?* ^ du'y. to have laid it before the Court " but Yes air^smnfh01 d" 8,ali.on' he smothered it ? 8lr? "mothered it with pretended laughter when could have bee,, more serious ."SRfS"*" (billTbf ",Ui8t cur,8in|y be something rotten about h! h ' J-S"d 1praCUcp8 of the six Bishops who had the hard'hood to vole Bishop Onderdonk innocent - ettrfor".'^ D,10CeaP8 <*these men, a!d ad procured to r ' enoush ol ?hem can be ?o trioi !?. au,hori8e a presentment and bring them ini. kl_af,er wh,ch lhe Houe? of Bishops wUl only have to secure the copy-right, and publish the edlu'e *8,i andtbe profits of the sale will undoubt l y covt*r the whole cost ofeverv thin? it rlnriintp their travelling expenses and lawyers'fees The Reverend Paul however, had hei^rjn "erv m! a'ance aend in his bid ,0 ,he prt.?dwg Blth " tn o/j ! 0t 8 *ranny again on his own hoolc* hand Th? ''r011'0 b,!\?b?fe ol the proceeds before Kn, h. The R.vererd Paul can plant we1'enough busboftU'd ,iVe ,h.'* waltrinS to others. * Strjct impartiality should be observed however welf "J fhSTTh0' 'h*,r it might be' wen for the Bishop to look into Mtasisauni and Ohio ; as it must be admitted that theie ail* some nard atones in circulation respecting the BisHod of 'his last Diocese, in relation to ihe occasional ex -rcise of a little iiigh;handed authority, for the pur ?> se of guarding aghinst the undue u?-e of ihe rieht hf."?;rjudgm""wh"'"a,ir""'??s?* i . B a 7T ? Rt)d Sta'? of New York r:d.ohwTL\T^ri Zr ?' 1>"r'h ai"<'ows of his north p-trl, r in ?us house, at , Alu1 Stllle 0, New York' as VorkMwh' nn'' " ir"J"R ,Hdy 'rem the city of New PhorAki residence is not Ur from St. Thomas' ucior hnr *7 ** I*eV8rpnd Br. Hawks was non m've ? Be he u-'ould ou no considrra ,IL Ji ' tnjg'.t not survive the publication ? so lam-m. i.- a circumstance, was etaudipe bv Inrfv h *i biU l,8 uitention and that ol ihe young ladv being directed towards Ihe distant seen.** when 'he Right Reverend Benjamin T. Onderdonk hen aud now Bishop of ihe Diocese of New York* ThTm "P pi. "L 'hr y u""* lH(jy 'rom near .-aint homas Church, of which the Reverend Doctor cand lWaHrt,C-?r' "" a'"rpt"'id. and, to ihe great et;rl;^*;a;.r,j?:ld'h5,.^i'rv,E1rrl ArrlV a" """"'r world- and of Ih- Tinny Nine Articles in particu ar, did m. st feloniously irrele 'fn l); '"decoroueJy, and unceremoniotiej, to the un d"p0DPUl'- recollection, either pat or cull, or else boih pat and pull, one ot both of the said young lady s ears, from neHr Saint Thomab* Church, of which the Rev. Doctor Hawks was Rector, as aforesaid. " KS waa And this deponent further saith that, to the best of hi? knowledge and belief, the young 'ady as Wh eha,'h' u?m near S?,,nl Thomas' ,Ucb of which the Rev. Doctor Haw ka was Rector is the daughter ol a low churchman ; and that she her! sell is one of the same stamp ; uud that thev both reject, as this deponent believes, the high church docile of apos.ohcal success on-not^confinui the power of ordtnaiton to Bishops alone bu? sratessttflssr T.r zjp siC'rf ?h,ch ,h, R? Docto, H.rt, "uRecw' 2L fhsIT'd* he l8ifpon ,he wbo'e disposed bo bel'eve that it waB not done on ihit account, and that that could not have been the true reason And this deponent further sai'h that, although at 'he tune, he attached no importance whatever' to the occurrence he witnecaed in his back narloras * foresaid, yet that in rtfl-cung upon it since and taking it m connexion with the s that transpired at the ordination jn S?znt Stephen"a Church tn the cily of New York, and with the re lusal of the Bialiop, as aforesaid, to receive the nro -estofferedby.he Hon. John Duer anTothersP at" V?n, k" w co"vent,OD the Diocese ol New ??h'.t?hl!!! *he year 1843' he ?? not prepared .o .ay that there waa not aonte hidden meauine in the occurrence that took place in his back rarlnr ?a aforesaid, which he does not clearly comprehend In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed DommVl?i.i I \day ot Nov,,mber, Anno ol bh^J^: ,ho year ot the Independence ol the8eg(Jutted States the sixty-eighth. Donem mv front parlor, in my house at and Stqtofof New York, as aforesaid. ' Insurance. in wtlfs^fha^8C,ens,ic made again wall street. Some ot the hre insurance com pantes-havmg very l.ttle capital, and "ah Tn many inataiices, consisting of out of town and sawsaud aar agea r>y needy and inefficient men?have done a kl' j8inef8'j y c?mplain that they will be obliged to wind up unless the Legislature interferes 'or their relief; and the aid they mod^sifv ?.k for is, to guarantee to them more and laiger pre miums. Like the fam^hing Oliver Twist thev im ^ y f* w"h,,u' 'his help ihey must go down. Help me, Csssius, or I sink '' They ask the Legislature todrive < ff all ihe foreign ">XT: ****"'by tnT' 0' fUrh 8 ,8X 'hat Ihey -ant live under it Those "lean and hu.arv'' nore-shavers of Wall street rmide a similar aenMca i&" I ?T wii7 r 8 k1" ear then?most likely y '?re in the same way now. We ?mv of T v' Vl! lh'98 V/u" ""eet con pamea now, ua we V at,ld betorr, that the security ihey nre end |o g,ve,a merely nominal; ,n case ot aVou W.ihh ?,r' 11 w, ul<1 n"' he wonh a straw ? wiihiu u few years several oliheni have diean oeared from the field of action whne ihey p|n>/,i ? leiinlfeM"fi,T Phr.V "nd ?* ,r'0,r ('w? - i.'d T'u,h? in 'he Journal </ Cim metre )aays o-hers must a? ? 0. unless .he ror. ign aae. ts are driver, eft We s?y_iet them go down ?lid the sooner the u? tier; an.I, in the n.ean nine* the irue policy is to entourage foreign canitei to 8neeet rniTh"" ? H10"' "b'fHl ",rn"'- Thl ^ U'a11 I eel nit n hav. stirne p collar no i< ne : hey think 'he E5 ^ai' w'h 8 0t he"'"lnrrc?? "nd 'he honor of law? urA^TlT L8* 'T'T81'01 ltr publlc "' arg , ure all to be a?cr fited to support ihi m if Jrr riVh Tk'' "'d 10 r"'",e lh'm nch,"r " 'hey *re rich These two rnon v? s are ctrftibt,.t d in tht ir ?i moi,op' 1 a" 'he insurance busme ? k. i iy' "y *hoal<l nrw be kicked cut cf he Legola ure, uS ,fiey j,avp heen before, they are so utn r.y ms? m. ole in thote partt, and have ?o short a memory, ih.t they w?| be sure to get or two more * uelfiuh petition in avear riv^rtVAI* "The U. S. ship Columbia, recently ar =X'^rs.','rv.?^:r sn b:Lz V-.T 'lT1" 0",''r m which 'he came I rem ii"i. i?P i,h?. polite Rtisnticnii ol Csfct t , . ' U ?" ?jt?ken of ,n Ja* lT ?hnursuou si.-l pi, ssuie.-\m/vlk H,raU, We copy the following from u K.ugstou, Ja. mnic-r, paper of Dec. 20 h : ? fJsvv'i.'n^ I.Va.'.Ti ' h'p Po?rmsc; (BO) Captain John y n, truvii.ji it brnttd p?D?l8nt (Jem mod ore David, Bfichor^d -t ron Kovniy^.d-y, in ten d?Vi r. m .Norn u Th, P..,.,D ,e call- ,i in ,0 i?,,A ,be Hon TJ ' iuTt)""l'ha?sr*d'A?dl"rt$. ,or P"?. "t'<? Uo Hun. W 'ounp i haige .1 Art ol?? lor I'hili. Thev nroc. ert m .i.le'n thi^ouy. ""*'? #Ld m ,he re ?Dher ?ncuo"f,,'8nd