Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 19, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 19, 1845 Page 3
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Houio el KuprHicatHiiVf."! h'ave malt- h report id relation to the public debt of the State, aud proposing a levy of such taxea aa will preierve the credit of the State. From this report. It appear* that the debt of Alabama 1* f 14,109, 000. Of this sum, $9,91ft 000 are io bond* iaaued in favor of backing institution* ; the remainder is In bank circu lation, for which the Stite i? reiponiible, aud a flebt due the univenity and common school fund* of over one mil lion The Interest upon the whole debt amounts to near ly $6d8,000 per annum This, together with the amount necessary to defray theespense* of government, imposts the obligation of raising annually $700,000. The com miiteo think that upon the winding up of the banks there will be a deflc.t in their assets, which, taken in connac tion with the circulation and school debt, will leave the fl'atea sain ol $7,000 OOOto make good. Vp to this period, wu are told that the State has maintained her faith untar nished, and that it some sacrifice she is already prepared to pay the interest due this year. Old Stock Exchange. $1000 U 8 S's, '63. cpn 103X 13 shas N H It Hsitf UH 91 700 Ohio #^, '50 96 75 Reading KR 42 320110 do *10 97* 75 Erie RR 25J$ tutfOO Feua'a 5's opg 73 200 N Jersey HH 9lH 3001 do pfcc 73 121 Mohawk Rtt 60 25 slist Bk 8rate NY 85 50 do >30 CO 8 Bk Com. fall 95 125 Btonington KK 38>? 25 Illinois Bk 13 100 do >30 38)? 25 Howard Ins 110 100 1, Island RR b'tO 72 50 Merchants' Exc Co 21 100 do b60 72 200 Farm>ri' Tr a60 34 X 225 do 7IX >") do 24k 200 do sSO 7IK 73 do 343d 50 Nor Ik Wore RR 64? too do b30 35 100 do ?M 64 100 do aSO 34V 250 do 84. 150 Morris Cnl b30 27 V 30 do Its May M 160 do 27V 50 io blO 65 25 Can'?n Co s60 4 3 50 do >30 04V 40 do 46 200 do S10 6iV 100 do *15 46 Second Board. $5000 twin's 5'a b20 7 3 50 shaa Canton Co bit 45V 100 shas Cantou Co blO 43V 100 Nor It Wore RK US 75 do b3 45V 23 L Island KR s2 74* 50 do 43>J 75 Stoninglon KR b3 38V 50 do ' snw 45 25 Morris Cnl fc likg b3 26X 58 d) 45 150 do 26V 500 do 45V 285 d> 2tiV New iltock Exebangs, 200 abas Vicksburg Bk c 3V 83 shas L Island Rlt b30 72 21 Morris Canal c 27 50 do c 7lV 23 do >30 27 50 do blO 7lV 25 di 630 27V 50 do b20 7IK 25 Farmsra' Tr b3fl 31V 50 do c 71V 35 do bnw 33 50 do Wsds'day 71X 73 do c 34V 25 Mohtwk RK c 60 50 do c 2iV 50 do c 60V 175 Canton Co c 46 50 Nor k Wore c 64V 25 do snw 45V 200 do c 61 ii 1C0 do , 46V 75 do >30 64V 30 do buw 46 100 do C 64V 25 do >30 45 State of Trade. Ashkr?Poti! are in very limited demun I ut$3 75a3 61]; pearl? sUady at $1 06} a 4 12} Some holdeisare asking IS]. Sroca 014 Hand Jimuhv 18 1846 i... Poll. JV.I >h First sort, bblfl 7,790 7,760 ?ffiSi'C >nd sort H97 l.uiW t. Third sort,. ? 213 207 Condemned, 206 17 Total 9,014 9,013 Tots, 9 014 Total, pots and pearls, hbls 18,020 Breadstpffs?Southern flour is without change Hold er* of western pretend to be very Arm at $4 66] a 4 76. All sorts of southern range trom $4 60 to 4 68] cts. Rye continue* st 66 cents. Canal eats, 32 a 33 cents. KxroRTS from Philadelphia. 1344 1342 Article!. Bbls.' Bbls. Wheat flour 196 433 162,847 Rye flour 240 320 22 076 Corn maal 101 356 108,167 The market In Philadelphia, during the week, has been depressed, and the tales for export only reached 2 000 bbls at $4 26 n 4 12] for common brands, superfine chit fly a> the latter price, and $4 26 0 4 76 for city use Rye flour was steady at $3 12] per bb). Cornmeal -Sales of 1 200 lots at $2 26 for Pannsylvania, and $2 40 tar Brandy wine, in bbls. Cotton?The operations this week have been large, and generally at steadily improving price*. Exporters have been the chief purchasers, although spinners have participated to a fair extent. The aales to-day amount to 1,300 bales. We have rovised onr quotations Uplds f Flor. If. 0.4 Mob. Inferior 4 a 4] ... 4 a 4] Ordinary, 4) a 64 ... 4] a 6 Middling, 6] a 51 ... 51 1 6] Qood middling 6| a 6] .... 54 a 6 Middling fair ?l a 6 ... 61 a 6} Fair, Fullv fair, , _ ? Good fair 6} a 7 ... 7] a 74 Fine 74 a 8 ... 81 a 9 53 Provisions?We now quote prime Ohio pork at $7 621; mess is firm at $9 78 a 9 87]c. Bs'f is very quiet, end ?ales ot mess are made at $7. Ohio lard is in limited de mand; bMs we quote at 6|c. and kegs at 6]c Married, On Thursday, 16:h Inst, at Nyack, Rockland county, (N. Y.) by the Rev. Mr. Renny, Amia-deb Oliver, to Hannah Wtman,niece of Brace Redding, Esq allot the above place. Died, On Saturday morning, 18th Inst. Joanna, daughter of the late Thorns Fleming, in the 26th year of her age. The friends nf the family are invited to attend the fune. ral, Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock, from her late resi dence, 20 Vitrick street. 2t Of convulsions, Alphonse William Leopold Oilbeet, aged 15 months, sun of Antoine Alphonse and Mary Jane Gilbert. His friends are invited to attend the funeral, without further notiee, this alternooa at 3 o'clock, from hi* resi dence, 77 Duane street. On Tuesday, 14th inst Harmann Dornbusch, aged 28, for a numb r of yeara a Carman resident of this city. <xr Buffalo, Cincinnati, and New Orleans papers will please copy. MARITIME HERALD. Ilovsmsnts of tlx* Htaamshlp*. Steamer*. Leave liv'l. Duei xAme'a. Leave Jime'a Cambria, Jndkins... Jan. 4 ..Jan. 16 Feb. I Skip Musters and Agent*. >'-Te snail esteem it a favor if Captains of Vassal* will sir# to itoHKRi 8ilvet, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they tailed, the vessels L;>okeii on their passage, a list of their cargo. <nd any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on their arrive!. Agent* r.nd Correspondent* at home or abroad, will also confer a furor by sendira to this office ah Ibe Msnue Intelligence they ean obtain. Nantieal Inform* , 11 n ot .nv Irtnrl will he rhancfntlv reeeiveil PUH'i'OF H11W FORK, JANUARY 19. si n ?>sar 7 14 | moon arts 4 2 SI 'T i*rs 4 46 ' wioss w.rss 5 37 Ships Panama Can eron, Hnll, D H Rob'rtson; Star Hrpub lic, Hendley, Gilvcsmn. J H Brower; Panther, Lane. a> d Heetor. Spencer, Mobile, F. D Hurlbnt k Co.?Barque L'Aisle, f Br) Se.gnette, Havre. A Seignette k Co -?Brigs Virgona, Coop*', New Orleans. J Elwell k Co; Coisair, (Br) Albree, No-folk, () k J Laurie?Schrs Agawam, Lane. Cardenas, R-sd fc Hoppock; Natsan. Howes, Matanxaa, < Stearne; Act ress, ( Br) McDona d, Halifax, (' NS Rowland; Ann, Smith, Washington, NC Cook k Taylor; Magnet, Peterson,Williams ton. NC; Hichard Thompson, Corson. Richmond. N L Mc ("ready st l 'o; Ann I), Bed-II. Norfolk. Sturges k Clesrman; This H Thompson, Nixon, do, Howes, Godfrey k Robinson; Millicenr, Tsnnell. Baltimore; Sn'veyor. Hough, Philadelphia. N L Met.ready k Co; Ha011 R Payntar. Mrrslion, do, Piatt fc Pi-rson: Advenmrer, Pike, Boston, W J McKre k Co.?Sloop Emily, Gardner, Provideuce. Arrived, ' 8chr Wolcott, Ryder, 7 days from Boston, with mdte, 10 J Stevens. Schr Chief, Van Name, York River. Schr Eliaha P Horton, Bnrbanck York River. Schr Banner, Slmon-on, York Riser. Schr Champion, Drew, Nantuckrt, oil. Ar He*L Gate?Austrian barque Regius Vittoris, Kloris, from Boston. Alto, schrs Chins, and Eunice Hose. Below Shin Paul Jones, Wstkins, from Cantou, shout Sept 10, with leas. kc. to Csrv fcCo. Ship Louisa. Lcavitt, 17 days from N> w Orleans, with cot ton. t.i Win Nelson. Barque John Carver, Pendleton. 38 days from River la Plate, r Barque, of Gardner. Brig ? lien 8mith, trom New Orleans. Brit Hayii, from Port anTrince. Also, 3 ships, 1 barque, 2 brigs, unknown. Wind NW. fresh. Sailed. Ships Francois 1st, Havre; Ysxoo, New Orleans; Telnmsh, Mobile; Camera, Savannah; Sullivan, Ch irlest n; steam ba que Edith. Pomhay; brigs Helen Maria, Grand Canary: Norman, Gibraltar; "spnblic, r -rt *u Prince; Juuo, Brine, Hon; t'edra ti Porto Rico: Marcellnt. NOrle*n?; Manh.ltan, and Empire. Apelachicola; Angora, Si<al; Harriet, B rmndn; Madison,and New Jersey, Savannah; El'i beih, Lane, Delaware; schrs Nsvsrru, Cienfuegos; Patuicnt, Mslaitss; Charlotte, Mira goane, and others. Correspondence of the Herald. Rhode Islander Office, ) NRwroRi, Jan. 17,1*45.1 Arr 17th, rev cutter Jack?on. Connor, from sloop Huntress, of NYo'k, ashore west tide of Dutch Island?reports ihat the ?loop bi'srd. or filled wiih water, on Thursd.y morning; that itort or her cargo h <s been di?chargrd into I (liters by the crew of thecatier, and all of it will pr 'b.bly he out by nisht, when, if not badly bilged, and the weather . ontinusa favorable, ibe sloop may bit not off and save I?bnt the chances are doubt ul. AI?o arr, Androm- da. Perry, Thorn--ton f r NYork; Thomas Fenner Nickertou, Prov dence for Philadelphia; Rhode Island, Sturges, do for NYork. niscellaneoBt Record Pacuut Ships qceiN of the West, Woodhoase, for Liverpool, sad Gladiator, Banting, for London, will ssil neit Thn-sday. ? Charoeof Mutint.?We |*urn fYom the Ballim >re Ameri can. 'hst whan the i,*w bsrqne Hermitag*. CspUin Hsrt, wss shoot to leave that p irt, on tlw ISth in-t. a imrtioo of the crew whsn sanimoiitd 10 make tail, ral used to obey. Th* captain lmmedreiely placed them ma pilot boat, for th* purpose of tak ing them up to th# lit*. The ma c, W.llism Ball, between whom and the masttr there egist-d some mi-nndersu ding ha being euppos d to have insti* ted th* diso) edict ce, deel .red his intention 1 f accompanying ins men. Cam Hart preferred the eh<rge asainsi tlmm .n'he Baltimore District Court, and they were arrested. 1 in a second hearing of the case the sMms.i ? pre commit ed for want of ba I, *nd the mate entered into securities fir $500 to answer .he charge 111 M. rch. The reason sllend by the seamen for their c i.duct was, thai the vm-el, though new, wa? leaky, and ihat they were afraid 10 risk ihair lives in her ? The ctpla n procn.ail anollnr crew -nd sailed The Pilot's evi dence will be lakp.i on his reiurn, he having sccomps ied 'he v ?-?I out of the C iias Th* nam** of ihe 1 amen are Peter A. IVcal, An new A. Pratt, Jnhu Anderson, James Spaalding and Richard Chapman. Foreign Porta. Lond n, P*c 9?Cld Goodrich, Boston. In port, Hard \, on, lor Rio Janeiro, Idg. Dr.sL, 1 ec 6?Air Kustell, Lonphsr, London, and aid for N Orleans. NrweoUT, Dec 6?Sid Wakona, D.<ckendorff, suppooed for Cha.le.ton. Tansru, Nov 88?"-Id Eff .it, Huasay, Sicily. Malao*. Nov 87?In port, Nei.tune, I'av, for Boston, soon; J as Bsyley. Lyle, for NYork or Philadelphia. Havana, Jau 3?la poit, Cristoval Colon, for NYork, about |i oi?T P(tu, Unid. 1)? U?In iiort, Hebaco, (m Portland fm li iT 0,i itom wilmiuglon, do; R h?,w U!T" d,,?; T?? B'Othfr. Keene, for Martinique, beiug unablr to ,ell. =u , ??? ? loin Port*. a?r^h? HaAnni7_Mld,.'iilorJJoi ('"w- .ol' Bo""". ton tons) 0^:-; A w By Lait Night'i Southern flail. CU Cfatharina' "7*2 B?,? MesserVy. Boston bile Wiugate. New Orleans; Alsbams, Dudley, Mo l)*morara; Itih. Oirard. Oil Patrick. Mataazss Denmar N?^' ?"k?hKcChofo?r^?h,<'J,,,pe- l?S2??PW ITl-ll:.-' S"lh' Hat ana; 13th. Oneco, Smith, Charleston* rh.nrvlii"<J Runt' Fortlaud; Southampton, Kliut. O cads' Chsppell, Sawyer, Matauzai Old 9th. Alrsno,PicaCuSt Vrillrrancea ILojiss, Soul*. Martinique; K-am-w Holtmok' ,4?h Rico-c3i MmfmanVNYork C' Moul,on- ?"<Uloupe; New York! Tfl^fTT^?7li,he,,,or1n"rurl>i*l?'<i Room? on thu second To a uooil 1r.nafTfk 11 W*1"**- or euiuble for an office. Ioa good tenant the rent will be low. Enquire at lit Canal ' 8 '? ji?3t?jgn U.'^f'rhi ir-?~\v,*ulur" ?/?he United B olhera Lodge, No 3 Hn,twl Ancient Order of Druids; also, the Membera funelZl of n.,?i'ffn?I? ? V '"P'ctfully requested to attend th i!,i.i?piii r Brother. Robert Wood.ida, on Sunday, l? h last, at S P. M.t from the Druids* Lodge Room 46 Onus stmt. John w w cU*<!At MKKCANTILE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION "THE friends orthe Ticket headed JOHN T. ROLLINS. to ???tand a moating to be held at JON ?8 ?n? ? wftfrR HOTKLr n." Monday Evening, the 20 h mat., to repel the false chance made by the Reenter Vnmiuatine Crrrmitt-e. thatthe .opposition are opposed to ti.e present cans o'* Assistant Librarian. By order, WM. M. PARKS, ) in*;? JosephRaLpL68T,\Ex Coma"ttN! dmCE OFTHEAUBURN It ROCHESTER R.R. CO.> xthticc ? u i CafUWDAiotu, 14th jAuaaiv, 1145. { NOJJS'gj!.feyjg.y_Tt" l.hat 'hr Directors of thisVom pany hirs this day decl irad a S6nii>auuuil dividend of 4 opf n*of.i'.I,*Xa.i, ??ni.t ?1,1 e7 ?f February next, our of the rnett Pl*?5 ? of their business for the ruprent six months S'oek !l?r ik? whose stock is regiaored in the City Transfer Books ^ v V,01*!)'*.11 V' w ''I. re< ei ?e pay men r at the Bankof the Stare "ft,B?"k"^'i^oiVT^'sr rc JACOB WE EKS. H&flrrarVknolv^^^ v.Vuab'e Fa in, forming a part or the |uq|trsct known as Mo-rtsania. situa'ed on tlie Harlem river .Jt^iu ;hti county o( Westchester, consisting of one hundred ihe ut'? ,i* ? ' Pf'lw Jv fenced and in good order. Upon wTt h a xar den*a'JI e?e'n! I' ? h' ? " ' 'nodern bu"L M*??'on Hoise. ? .i *ar?fn? ? a"'e *nd .ill necers?ry apptnd*gts suitable for ?w*o F^m H, cn?"n"V ~?idence. There ^ilso^n"^^ ?7lu.hl.?m 1^'a? ' nrCM'*ry out buildings Also a valuable mill site and water power, aud an orchard The ?;a *rT '? r?TY?cces..ble from th- cii"^i?g whhn nine mR? H. hfmC,y.. linL th? B'iof a frt' rioge aeross th" iialem river, i he cars of the Marlsan Railroad riui within hilf a mile of the hoaie. For terms aud further particul*ra in "YlMmvT" " Md 3 P" M of tHM MORRIS J ?2 II Pme street, second story AOREATKUTHAN ' RICHMOND" IN THE FIELD!" ' THEoVcTEOADLlitSr^ haoM Notes o?- * Phikter's Devil. Old Rome was saved r rom lie iig'-laved Once, hy a cackling goosey? Her Ri formed ' httrch, ..Long in the lurch, Will be redeemed hy Puteu Ea-ly a> d lite. We'll cachinnate, k rom one yevr to another. If ceaseless grin Will save from tin Our Reverend erring brother ! (Oursalf.) ? ? ? ? They do insist, The Cat-*-, hist as not.a Catechu mea, Nar his est squall A csterwall Hw cat u "that ar" woman. Kor sals b'0ar*?lf in th* L'rimalkiu.) Jl? tfuc * luROE88 ?^8TRINGER. ANOTHER SPLENDID N UMBlii GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE LITER ATU R?E AND ART O ? J f9.R FEBRUARY. 18ts ?.,?>prn?ui Original National Picturn. T HFf HI EE'1 sAn? T Vr 1 Ji ^T-5 \T 1 ? N 8' No?- V- VI. by O 6 "h paSt 1 m " "1u'?te Pointing THE INDI A^i CHIEF?in Costume, one of the best En gravings of Rawdon, Wright * Hatch from%.te^/.'rynkmi!.r,-|>H- R08E'8 V1LLA' Our Portrait Gallery, No XVII EDO AR A. POE. ESQ. .h?!^C?*S.TinV orth" '"""herar# all from pictures owned by the publisher of this megaxtne, and ther highly A met ian chvracterr.vuu them an e.p^j.l value a. work.'of ??ilSiSlSP^k ?'for for th? muifffmcDt of Ornham, >hat matt wtle ill hslMiftirted couietitioa. Th AmP'icin press, froio our ind of ths couotrv to th? otb#r hi* Am ,n 1,10 "I0*1 fheef^18 Y*^naar of the enterprise of jri'via* sted W ' ?f Md ^ h"? " wiLly "i I i addition to tlie above superior engravings, the February nnmber eonmns 1 hree Engravings on Wo. d execute I in the heet manner, reptetenttng the " Be tie of Eichcee '' ??B.til. Af bort Moultrie, and the' Battle of Parker'a Fsny," some of the greet badlee fought in the days of -'Marion " ORIGINAL PAPERS. R??lteSr,,-No- XV,L Poe. By James To Lesnia. By Alpha. tefbiKai?1'" ''l,: Taylor No 1.?Night on the Deep. By J. Bayatd 1 he Mother's Funeral. By John Rosa Div. To the. River Ch.rtes. By Mrs. Jane T. Worthiugton. is* bolloi.sbe s First Love. Bv Fennv borrster. Sonneu. By Henry Theodore Tucke man. To >h? UtifortuuRp! One. By L. J Cist A Tale of Home. By M. (J. Quiocy. ?uoset on a Mouiuin Bv Alfred B Street. Dirge for the Old Year. My W. H. C. Hosmer C. J.'pC?"aSS M*? ?' th*?*?o1tu>on. Francis Manou. By I Fathinnable Friends. By F fc F cot^rivs^^r.CoBu,ry- Byjim"K ok"8mi,h Young Love. Bv Jsmes P. Jett. ,p, ? Review of New Bookt. B/ffi W."drite ?f En?l?ud th? Nineteenth Centuiy. Th- L.dy of the Lake. By Sir Wa'ter Scott. Ir f.tuition: a P?em.. By.P.rk Benjamin. Hos?n "r?? ?' ?r Wa"?o? of the oenceee. By W. H. C. We invite all who admire 81 Undid Eagraviags. and all who wish t? read Articlee from th- bmt WiitJ,, Amrrir,* to caM and ?\a -ilne Graham. We publish no old fc.ntrarings, and I romi v limbing but what we perform. The Engraving? in ihr subscript ion! 7 No* ,lone tTr worth th. puce of th. SSf^-ilti'^nlit,5; 1 eopies $4; i copies |I0. Ivi * ^Li L h* d'l'?*r?d In any part of this city or brook ly n, psj able either in advance or by the number on de ivery. , , WM H. GRAHAM, l'rtbune Office. J" >,,rr Exclusive Axent iNOvv HEAbY ! THIERS' LIFE OK NAPOLEON ! C^y^,Abiuh ^hu'd.Fy!Ud'lph,*? h*viBK ln eM'7 Part i-Prict i-2k Cent*. THE HISTORY OF THE COVSULATE AND THE EMPIRE, UNDER NAPOLEON, Bv M. A. Times, Late Prime Mmis-er of France, Translated from Hie French by D. F. CAMPBELL AND H. W HERBERT. 'pw air l. ?Y"h No,*, *Pd Additions, lite. Work will be completed in Ten Parts, at UHeenta. I. * H. have r-cently published THE HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION Bv M A Thicus j ll'lt*r^*"' LMr" TVP*' f?r ?n' D?",r W,d * NEW DOMESTIC NOVEL HK THE AUTHOR OF ROSINJ1 MEADOWS TfJu,8^VeuPlU.BdL,8HKD' " n,,r thriUi., MORTON: OR. SMILES AND TEARS n v ArS.t?ry ?f "h* P"1 *?d Present, t ,l a.Y V'UIAM B. ENGLISH, io this Htory is painted, id sinking colors, the seductive ue ture of the vice of Intemperance end its dreadful vff cu from the first temptation to a brute degraduion. and the seqael will furnish a happy commentary upon the great morel end phi sical reform i.ow going on thr.iughou'. ?ur land, exciting to many to virtue aud honor, and setting them np as ornameuts to society and the human race. P?blishe t by ... . BURGESS, STRINGER It CO., J18 "*od Under the American Musium. CURTAIN MATERIALS AND WINDOW SHADE mu, . AT REDUCED PRICES. T i! i tobserlbers desirous of eloeiug their All stock of U> / holstery Goods before the season is too far advaueed, offer mesimeat a reduction in price, aud 10 pur cent lower than at any r '"'?blishment in the city. Families in want of Curtains or Window Shades art invited *,ca'l. as they can make a selection from the largrst assortment in the city, and at the lowest prices. SOLOMON ?c HART, importers and Upholsterers, 343 Broadway, opposite d3 Im eod?*c ift. Park. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, 'THE HIGHEST PRICEB cat, be obtained by Oeotlemis sr kamines whe are deairons of converting their left off artmnn|t apparel into eaeh. Femiliaa or Gentlemen quitting the eity or changing rear deuce, having any superfluous effects to dial due of, will Bud it <nurh to their advantage to send for the Suaeeribar, who will tttrud at their residence by appointment. J. LEVINS I'YN,' Mt Broadway, np staus A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will vceivr prompt a Hen-.,.n. d'T Im (goo) ye SECOjN D ANNUAL GRAND AMERICAN KFPUBLICAN BALL AT THE PARK THEATRE. ON v ON DAT EVENING, JsfUASV J7th, lid) THE Theaire will, on n.e abov- occasi n, be deeo-ated wth Banne r from the Phil .del hia and Boston Associations, a well as ih-a eity. and the Ci mmittee frel assured that it will vise as good satisf.ciion as th? Ar t Bill I .?i y-sr The num ber i f tickets i liiniiei, ?ml ihe ptioe lived at 'hree dollars, to Mftitt a gentleman and two ladies', and t au be had of either of "?subscribers, or at He f Hoeing places: American Hotel, Aator House, City H..te| Howard's Hotel, Wm. e. S'outenhurgh. 1<3 Fnltnu St. Iiv .51 ?J soe'J*"1 ' Music etois, 372 BroaJway. JI7 ed 37*rc E H. COKEY, Secreterr. DAGS- M 30 l>^M V?' 3 UbJ,ot?? M " SPF HS THesta. II " Sicily lUga. ISSf" ?:'?2X#2?2!i* AUCTION SALES. _5,L?EAL, e2TATK INTHE EOUKTH WAN D ,(J"uW"^)"'1 '"?^C Nieh?.lir wW'a" froJ*r,> belonging tn th? Estate of the late fit:"*' </'~'"d 'loc,u" ,h* -idesMti!1 "?Vaukfim streT* hr''k frout 1,0a"! *u<1 lot uf grottad No 30 ^Mkfo7t?str*tV b"Ck h u" oi ?fO?nd No. 32 vl! wsvT'wr"? l!r,eh l",u,e wilh ?'?'? tu fa"d "ot of gr-und 3nf??k 2" eor-'-r of K?? street, a first rati .igwl for a ^d.rof ,"wCth"yU^^n ?CC""i,d f"' ,ha' purpu" t*o story brie* front house and lot of giound No. 2 Hose tw^a tire'lot'N.TlHilr? !ii' n\R"tr ,trr*l ?nd "'lusted be ? F^hfoJ?.^^ HOIt 'Unt w4 (h",w of ,he I*"" 'rootm* The xbore n tined premises are sU comprised in one nlot rhe 'le'seen atYhe *ner'dh.togothrwith the dimensions of each can Ke/wYs&M The surrey of the property Hi'; ing to said surrey. C"r 8u"'"0r' ?d w'" >* "oldaeeord Iyfrn u'.wl?dsdor,,^vblr,'.'oh"be*n '1 PO"?*"'on of the fsmi jjo.1.3 Stores." sss tssszjsna For terms at the time of sale. (No. 125.1 j.a w, peremptory-sale-of real ESTATE AT AUCTION fttand ocLcuT!^bi. KuAB.M' fo,ro*rl' owne'! lined?and " 'hiVhlTYru'^ ?'?W? and wellde "touoot"! T? '?CM,i7.of"?*? !?..? ? daUeyl1" th' at^a^^^ls^tSiSSS lajWSi'-- - S. H.-j I in* above proptrtr wi I be ? -Id wliolli ??r d vided to If "nld wh"1-"' ?'*? may rem,in on _ "ear-m,.,t...r,..?,rv |.,|, |^ , Jilt ?i ** futlsn slstel, rpHE bt i Bsrn.?Ha"MEL KL AND curf ) ",w to**. I ni!i BUo&i ii|BLR keeps constmi'Iy on hand a 1 ??r#? mmri A ment of American and Impor ed Wai ranted Tools for mechanics in almost every line of bui ?,?? a Me"hanieU.a,'d'''d. comP|et'.' f"' mechanics, families md wi jai9 Im ee Between Pearl and tilitt, New York. SMOICEY CHIMNEYS GOODWIN'S WOMAN CEMENT CHIMNEY POTS au.1 . a V-' ?*">:,'?.i'rsi sou asiuasv Chimneys fi in?c- ' repnired and warranted tight. Gothic "udOrnan^lal Chiuiney Pou made from Drawings, Sic. IC/7* "rest Broadwat, near Chsmhers street. nl 2tswgw*rc NOTICE Pn?ltf'.'Asf B%AV' ?* $?' w^? 'e'"t 'I" Naral Hospita . i j*b fl 10 ',p| cull oo ih * uud-r?isned lV.hee^VV, <-.*r YBr2? jyne c will receive a sum ? f money, which was left in his htuidi for him. Or should said Drau hare oecrased, ine money will be paid 10 his lex;al reinraeotattve, on proiwr proof thereof S. KAPALJI, dil Iraw t w*rc Hurgron. Lf. 8. N. DAGUERREOTYPh GENEn AL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT. rHh^BlpBHORIHKPHILADELPHIA I lu. hLBHLHI UEKh be* leare to inform the Dacuerreotvnr 'u it'e considerably enlarged their conuec 1?l>a V '' "?i. i LU,u.' ? thr ^ye?t Indies, Soull. Auirrics mo Lurope I hey hare alio made arrangements to be snimlied with erery new article used iu die Dngnerreotyne Art. Thei '^?ee f rec':,y?d S,W "Mpply of Voigtlaender's celebrated "t^iT I con,ul,n* of dues dilfereut sixes, for the sale of which thev are ajioomted Agents. Also, a supply of host latesend!Lhemicals, e 1 titer /cir Daguerreotyie or Calotyi? P"2de 10 'l*11 orir. Cases ofall sixes the best Polishiug debstances. aiid erery other article uaed for the Daguerreotype xmstaaily on hand, Their long connection with the Daguer eotype Art and their success iu taking pictures, may serve at s ecomniendatiou and reltauce. Daguerreotype Ar'ists, b\ ?rde.rin* articles from any |>art of the above turned countsiea "sv depend apon a prompt and satisfactory exe-utiou of thri> a? e^h ,fnces Current and informatios uiay DC obtained by addressing (ivist-paid) to <1 imi.. L- ?? *? V. LANGENHKIM. J1 lm*ec Mchsnae Building. Philadelphm. I'Mtu 1 11 viPa *2 M Wa" <!?*??? the Exehangr. ' I I nlu OU.UI ANY c.ontiunes to nisurr agaiust Loss and Da . mage by hire, on Goods. Warts, and Marchandito. aid Iso. against Lost ce inland Nsrigatioa on Vessels and diet t/gnes. DIKKCTtmS , e' diomas W. Thorce. Klitha Wins Tb""" T. Woodruff Anson K B. R. Kobsoa, M. 0.. foseph Dra?s, I*hoLa[?on Price. Joseph A11-' i'!rV ^k'r: James E Holmee, j?b" JC DeriJsoa John P. Moore, l?M ? James H. Whiting. Caleb G Tens, Wm K. Thorn, {""?V1? ,.Irhoraas Morred, John C. Mern't. Eugene Bogwt, DAKNHILCB INDELIBLE INH.-d|'be superioney ot uiis ? h. irkmg ink is now eery generall^eeknowledged by the ?.^HKl'r r consnmers of tb- article m PhiUdrlphla-a Urge 1 ember of wnoni hare already tested it, as mar be aeen b v then end have pronounced it autieyior to any other ndeliMe ink whether of domestic or forwgn make The whole process of marlticc may be completed ie three ?atnutea, even at midnight, if desirable. ' sf o?'I ori!^ Bsrnhill s indelible Ink, aftet the Christian name ?SlV!SJ"lSu ''Ueof business as druggisu, an admirable Ink, July ind. Iibla. It will, by Ca beanty and the simplicity of iu tee. commend, itsell to the regard of those who tike to set a Tjaj* upon th-ir apparel, and r.ould like that mark neat aud l?^?.irV.?itor"&r li" North ^mnlgUji of Mareh tfch.l l.i . .iLlJj,irWe ht" ,"wl ?oraf1 ?/ Asrnhiirs Indelible i nl i*nenrecomirwod >g to.all those wishing to mark ?!orcouou. It runs freely ead reqmres no previous pre ^ Maskii.'^',: mU b" M<M"- ^ * Huris, bo ? (Copy of au sdrertisement of April l?t!i.) ?uif'T i'W '"R'J-1*.1-* l"".-^Jast received, a supply of this e^ebrated Ink, and luring reared it thoroughly, am prepared to kZf .!!r!S!^' "uperior, to any meJe in tlie United States or of the imported. Also?Drags, Medicines, t'eints, Acids, Dye Stuffs, Vnr *yb**S' w ,c aTl.' i'fafRy duubr mosl reasonable ^m bT Al.t*ANDKR HARPED. fal ?m*ra was h"1'" ' D ?"'??. Market st. above itth HULLtJ TK UBtsES NOTICE TO RUPTURED *BR8VNS. PEKSONS afflicuid with Kuptum may rely If A^tpon the beat ustnunmitaj aid the world affords, il I <n eppncatiun at the Office. No. 4 Vesey street, Vff^^^ortu either of the Agents in the principal . V L,0W.n? 'B, Jke United States. Be careful to ex amine tlse back pad of Hull's rraxses, to ere if they are endorsed by Dr. Hull, in writing. None are geauiae, or to be relied ipon as good without his signature. Many persons hare undertaken 10 Tend imitations of Hull's aelebreted Trnssaa, and thousands are imposed upon ie conae jueuee. Three imitatioes cannot be relied upon; they are made l^ureee meebaaica, and are no better thae the ordiaarv Rooms hare1 been fitted up at No.? Veeey street, eielusiralr rer ladies, harhig a separate eetreuee from the business depart meat, where a female ;a onstaal attendance to wait uton emale peneotr jn Imrc rUiSLUi UJUlNJUi* I HAHSHilOU?<^0 L'R SHERMAN'S Vs'UttM LU ** AKNGEB to be tlu beet preparation lor tne deairoetion cf worms in children that has ever kern uffrrud, aud they are so pleasant to the taste that they are taken without soy difficulty. They hare now been in use more than fire yews, during which lime they hare become stall known in erery part of the land from Maine to Georgia,, ato flrom the Atlantic to the Koekr Mountains I heir sdmiaisnetieo has been strended with won derful success, so much so that gamuts hare now no confidence in any other medicine lor the expulsion of worms The testi monials in their favor are very numerous, and cnutmue to pour in from all .|uarters of thr country. How many children can lie found who are suffering from worms, snd are pining away lor the want of a proper remedy. Even the cause of the saffer mg is not suspected. Une box of Sherman's Worm Loxenges will remedy theevil. Tamper no longer, it will soon be too late. Be careluI to procure the genuine Rherman > Worm Louengm. and give them eccordiug to th* printed directions on the box. Conxnmiitiun, Coughs, Colds, Astiuna and all diaaasre of th* longs, art relieved aud cured by Dr. Sherman'a celebrated Cough Loteages The Rer. Darius Anthony of th* Ooeidt Confer ence, was given up by his friends. Trees Loxenges in a short time restored him to health. Rev. Mr Btreetar, ol Boston, Leonard Rogers, an aged rotsren ol th* revolution, Hon. Mr. Archer, of Virginia made host a iwitaream could be produced who bare need Sherman's Cough Loxenges, and know them to be decidedly preferable to all other preparations Dr. Sherman also prepares Camphor Loxenges for the Hsad re lie, Palpitation of the Heart, Sea Sickness and 1 Sections of the stomach and bowels They curelwodach ' in a few momenta, tire immediate relief in colic, diarrhore, and spasmodic affec tions of the atoinarh, and counteract the affixe s of oyer living, ?ie has also Cathartic Luxennes, which are taken without .uiy trouble, being ax pleasant to the taste *a a eomm >u ivppermmt. Restorative Loaeuges for the enrr of diurhma, ot looseness of :he bowels, and all who may be af|ion<tl with eielniraj, would io well to call and make trial of hie yarioaa preparauuns. SHERMAN'S POOH MAN'S PL ACT EH stands unrirall id for Weak Btcks, Rheumatism, rains is the Hide or Loin Lumbago, aud all affections of the chest. One Million Iu.- ? will uot supply the anounl demand Numbers of nnpriumpieo ,i?r?oiis have attempted to force apon Che community a counter ?It article, but those whe are in tlie habit of using Sherman s on? Man's Plaster, know their effects to.i well ? ? be deceireo 'beerre, that erery Plaster made hy l)r Hher man hears 0 "fiu ?imtle of his name runted on the oacg ol the same The teanine Preparations of Dr ffherman can always be obtained at his warehanse. No IM Naaaan street, or st his regular Agents : ?UOOdiagton, 10n Hudson, comer of Spring; Hands, IM Bow ?ry. comer of Spring; 77 East, comer Market. Rush wo's three stores. Br.wdway: Mrs Hay's, IM pulton street Brooklyn;/ Ledger Buildings, Phil'a,; and Hcdding's I State street. Boston. ,II rJ WOOL?I.4M lbs. priaxe weatrrn Wool, washed and anwxah ^ ed, for sale by ElLC GLlINBIi^O. WYKOFK'S DINING SALOON, Corner of Pine and Nassau streets, in the Haitmenl fHIS is oue of the best places in th- city at which to obtain l iHMl, 'specially a puiia-r^at jMifQ Tin- articles of food to sfwixrs' nr*IM mul I ""8, WPII I .inked nil wall served, mid the prices u lo? u those of aoy ??ta' JyJ" menl in ilia citv. Gentlemen who u? ditgusred with lh? filth, neglect and disorder so Co toon among tin* tiling houiin. will her- find substantial solace. I N .B?'I he Pud I nut and Apple Dumplings served bv Wykoff e ??ry superior, ss it alto the Poultry. jl71'.*re are HHEUMATIC PILLS. nilRSUANT to the Act "for the Collection of 1 ax? I City of New Violt, passed Anil Itih, 1843 " publi is here y given, thar ilultss the 'I alts now remaini'g A T ' A B DM GOVKL.'S RHKL MAT'j: PILLS are well known -o be the only aricle which will cure the Rheumatism, either nflammatorr or chrouic; and lor proof of the assertion wit.L cull, auks those suffering from tnit complaint to read th? fol lowing certificate:? New Voua, December 10th, 1144. Da. Cotel? Dear Sir?I cannot in jastice to mytelf and suffering hu nimiiti'. let this opportunity pats without expressing my grati tude to you for yuiir Kheumatic Pills. I haee be-n troubled f*>r t long time tin rheumatism, and hare spent U'ueiumi m m mey with ptiyaieiaos, and hare received but trifling telief This Kali 1 was attacked very icverely?it located in my ?h ulders and wrists, which were stiff?the wretched situation I a as in I c ninot describe. I thru commeured taking your Pills I received immedia e relief, aud am now rn irely cured. 1 will with plnasure satisfy those who wish for information with re Sd to the astonishing effects of your Pit's, if they will take trouble to call ou me. Moat respectfnily yours, C. W WhKINB. 461 Pearl at, N. Y. We will alao Her to Mr. Alexander Welch, 85 Naaaau street, better known as Ha-dy Welch; Mr. A. Pietch, 176 Broadway; Captain Hinman Corner of Green and Houston st-eet.; and to hui dredt of ottiers. J. H. Mosel , 92 John strict, only wholerale agent, and none genuine without his written rigna'nre upon the red l?btl at tached to e ch box?Price 50 cents a ho*. Also nailed in this city at 93 John street; A. Hill, 2'8 Greenwich at; Dr. Covad 135 -inllivan st; Ha lock, 176 Spring st; Gobandain, 111 Ugh li X venue; Guiou, corner of Bowery mid Grand; Moss, yu> ami 8 Gia id. and A. ?*. Whe-ler. M2? I arrv st. jalT lm*ec TAXES OF 1844 OFFICE OF RECEIVER OK TAXES,> Ot.o Alsis House, Park j 'for the Collection of ? ax?a in the Dlic notice _ ?* nnpaid, shall ne p oil to me : t my office, on or before the fifteenth day of K'ebru U y nrit, ail addition i f oue per rent will be charged; and a turthi-r add.lion of one per cent will becharg.d on all such Taxes re. naming unpaid ou the fifteenth day of March uext. The present law requiring tin* Taxes to be paid to the Re ceiver only, (the office ef Ward Collectors having been atK>li?h ed. J all those who can make it couvr lieut to pav th-tr 'i axe carle, will find it greatly to their advantage t-> do so,-hereby ivoidinir the crowd aud dulay which will neceaaarth occur for several day s previous to the percentage being charg* d. The Tax Bills may be obtained on ap,diesti'tn at the office. Off ce hour* from 8 o'clock, A. M. until 2 o'clock P. M. II. T. KlERSTED, ja'toMrl* re Receiver of Taxes U'Oll SALE?A'aw anil Oriat Mi'l, witli a large work shop " ?a'tached to which is applied about ten ho'ie power, from the mill?together with a dwelling house, brrn, blackamith shop, mid ei?ht acres of laud The above proiwrty is situated in Essichrs er. 18 miles from New York, and one from the Harlem Railroad. For particulars and terms, apply to JAMKS W. TOMPKINS, 181 Eld iilgen. New l ork, or O" th? premise* of jat! lin ?ec PET Ell J. Stl E A V W >Q 1). -,HEA(, Spectacles. 93 D1TANE ?T"KHT. Neiv York, first door fr >m R mail a ay. llKNllr I). BLACKWOOD, Working Oi ticiau, aa (iroof of the above, advertise.* the f, llowiug cheap prices Best double jointed GolJ Syec'iiclra $8 25', single joiuteJ Gold Spectacles 7 u Best doubl-jointed Silver S ecta* l?? 2 30 Best single join est Silver Spectacles 2 10 Finest double jointed elastic blue St -I Spectacles, 18s Km-st single j.dnted elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 15s. "inert double jointed Totoise shell Spectacles.... 15s. Kiuest single jo.utcd Tortoi>e-shr II Spectacles.... 12s. STILL CHEAPER Good elastic bine steel Spectacles, set with the beat glasses, and with every care aud a tention paid to them ill the manufacture, for one d< liar. Good elastic bin* St el Spectacles 6s. Good elastic blue Steel Spectacles 4a. 6d. Good elastic blue S'fel Spectacles 3a. Good German Silver Spectacles 3s. Best. Tortoise-shell Eve Glasses 's. fid. Best blue Ste-1 Eye Glasses 5a. fid. Best Horn Eye Glasses 3?. Best Horn Spectacles 4a. Cd. Beat Convex Glasses set into your own frames.. 2s. Best Coccave Glasaes let into your own frames, 3a. Best Convex Pebbles act into your own f ames. .10s. Brat Concave Pebbles re: into your own frames, 12a. Hei silt. xecuted at the same rate of cheapueaa. Ladies aud Gentli men attended at their own residences. j*16 lm*ac _ ____ _ ! SOMETHING NEW. QP ALD1 N'G St CO. are manufacturing, under Letters Patent tJ cianted by the United States, an Imurovrd Friction Match, TO BURN WITHOUT BRIMSTONE. They now offer for safe, on vers- reason ble terms, TWENTY THOUSAND GROSS naatly put np in tin, wood aud paper, in any (iacd packages, and iu lots to anit purchasers. THe.8E MATCHES are highly approved of and recommeud-d for family use by physicians ana chemists, in consequence of the aba-n e of sul phur in 'heir manufacture, the fames of which are ?o disagree able and deleterious to all. and particularly injurious to prrsons having weak lungs or delicate constitutions They are pat eularly recommended to the atfntion of ship- j tiers, as ihey have fr-ouen'ly been taken on I /nit voyages and ex posed to the anion of all climates, wicnout 'he slighest injury. For sale by the principal Druggists ?nd Grocers in the city Orde s left at Shepard's Bookstore, 181 Broadway, or at thsir office, IM Blecekex street. jsl4 Iro'm SPALDING It CQ AcKeT SHIP ROCHtssTER. from L.iverpool.?Con signees per this yes-el will please send iheir permits on board, us'- side Burling Slip, or at the office of the subscribers, without delay. WOODHULL It Ml NTURNs, 87 South street. All goods not permitted in five days, will be sent to Pnblie Store. ja? ec SWORD EXERCISE. Y/TR. HAMILTON, haviug enrereu into an arrangement with kvJ. MR FULLER, lor the use of the Large R-mm of his Gymnasium, No. ;9 Anu street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most respectfully sunounces to the public that he iu tends commencing a C ass for the Sword Exercise, in all iu branches?American and French, such as Small and Broad Sword Exercis-*, and alao Cane Exercise. Mr H ha* been for several years engaged as 1 -acher of the Sword iu the United cares Army. N. B.?Volunteer Companies wishing to become perfect iu either Musket or Artillery Drill, can be unght the same ou the most moderate terms, by application to the advertiser, 31 Ann street, to Capt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller. ja3 linec CIGARS! CiGARS! CIGARS! NKZEKIEL, 92 Nassau street, opposite the Herald Build ? iugs, respectfully invites the attention of h<s fnenita and the public geucally, to the f Rowing choice Cigars, just re ceiveil by late arrivals from Ha*ana :? Regalias of various brands, Pa etelas of various brands, Normal, Priucipes, Yng nuidad, Rioi da, Esperaoxa, Napol-ones, La Iudia, Noriegas, Lotd Byron*. The above Serars are gaarantaed as genuine and imported, and the trade are invited to call and essoin a th- m. N. B ?Ordeia from abroad will be strictly attended to. j!5 lm*rrc R DUN LOP ite SON'S ALBANY ALE A REGULAR of Pale Amber and Brown Ale, in hogsheads birrels and halves, for Shipping and City use; at No. 17g West street, corner of Warren THOMAS BARBER, Agent. R. Dunlop It Son, from their standing in thiscity, will gua rantee to those who favor th. m with their custom. A genuine article, fully adapted to the uae of Private Families, Hoteli, Pu-jlic Saloons, Ac. New York, January 3. 1845. ja5 Im'm rATcHe.s?watches and jewelry.?i 'ho?e wh>? wi*h to pu'Cha<? Oold or Silver VVarche*, (iuld Ckaint, Gold Pencil*. Key*, fcc., will fti^d it greatly to their tdvaut ??re to call on ihe ?uh*ar?ber, who is seliiux all detcnj* tioos of ihp above at retail much lower thin any o her house in the city. Gold Watches aa low as WO and Att each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. ^1 Watches war ranted to keep goed use or tl?e money refunded. Wstchea And Jewelry repaired in the beat manner and warranted, at much leaa than the usual prices. O. C. ALI EN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, j i5 lm*ee Wholesale and retail. 30 Wall St.. up staira P WJ BALLS, PARTIES, NEW YEAR'S FESTIVI TIES, Src. THOSE gentlemen who intend enjoying the fe.tirities "f the 1 season, are requested to examine a veiy rich and rare assort ment of fa.hionablr Scaurs, CnavaTi, Dues* Gcovts, 8tc., recetveo by late arrivals from Paris aud Loudon The present .uaortnieiit of the above articles have been selected w ith gr it summon tuid are well calculated to give satisfaction togeutle m n of taste and fashion. The subscribers would call tl a atten tion of their patrons anil strangers visiting this city to their large and well .elected aa*ortment of the following goods; Liuen and Mnsliu 8nirts, tent after the most approved trench Method, ton; the firm or u? Wearer.) Silk, Merino, Lamb's Wool, Klanuel and Bnckskin Shirta aud Drawere; Velvet. Cashmere, and other Dressing Robes; Hosiery. Linen aud Silk Pocket. Kerchiefs; Cravat and -carf Stocks. Riding Belu, Patent Elastic Shoulder Brscct, Suspenders, Buchskin, Merino. Ca*hm?re, Cloth, Bes v?r, ard Goat Skin Gloves, du:.. 8tc. Gentlemen desiringany o, the above article, will be certain to findffieailoiWit thm'Tnrte. at the old establiahment of P AR8ELL8 It AGATE, d22 iro*ec 237 Broadway. ? cner of Park Place. Packet SHIP GARRICK from Liverpool?Contigneee by this ship will please hare their permits on board, at Orleans wharf loot of Wall street, immediately AM good, not permitted in five days, mn.t unavoidably be sent to Public Store. ~ LEECHES! LEECHES! TUST RECEIVED?P.r ship Franklin, from Hamburg, a J very fresh supply of Swedish Leeches; for sale wholeule and retail, at the most moderate pngj, CQ jsl lm*yc Importer of L^Cfh?. No. Ht Nsssan itrvct. DR. LARDNER, CONSULTING ENGINEER. A CARD.?The roblic is infoimed, that Dr. LARDNER A contniiiea the practice of business as a Consulting Engt xineer w iich he followed on an extensive scale Tor mauy yea i in England and France. Inventors, patentees, manul.ctnr. s, merchaorr and otliers engaged iu the aru and mauufactares, may consult him on matters requiring the applisation of tlw principles ol practical science. Certificares ana omasona on the validity and usefulness of new inventions and prrreeaaea in tha aru Renoru on disputed questions and gonMral points, ex nevimental investigations, with a view to the 4ta^ye?y or teat ing of improved proeesses, will be suptlied or undeiukeu when 1*1 aired Office No 31 Spruce street, New i or. All Business Letters must be post-iwid, audio prevent time being loet by frivolous applications, all applicants will be ex prcted to pav .a reuining Ire of $10 before eonanlution. u>3 3narr ALEXANDER'S TRICOBAPHE-Anew and valoable du covary, beings Liquid Dye.which nsianlaneonsly changes the color of the Hair to -.beautiful hrown or back, without iu lurv to th-Hair or bkin The great superiority of this Dye consists iu its easy mode of application and its instanUneous effect, all other dyve acquiring from ten to twelva hours to pro duce any change. Iu upenor eseelleace will be apparent to every one upon a single appli ?ti n. For sale by Rnshton It Co 118 Broadway; lg * stor House and Broadway eo. ol 14th street; Jas. 8. As pin wall, 88 William streeiaod Johnson, Moore k Taylor. 28 Liberty Street, or of R. It O. A Wright, sole agents for U. ? Philadelphia <"? 'm m TRIAH CUP POT AT OK8?In barr- la, jost unved.-MO bar I rel* Iri.h Cup Poutoet, (rare quality,) this day lauding, and for,sale in lou to .... P-rcUm.^, TAps(jOTTi 76 Buiith street, corner Maiden Lane T8/ .hove are in eve-'lenr rond*tion. DOT A I'OES.?1,008 bnahela very superior English I outoea. I in prime rendition, jast received per ship ' Liberty," from Liverpool, and for sale fit lou %*"tr;re!"^&;OXT a a,, va Uoo'h'.re-er eoeoe. I .an. 8aLT AND Fl&H STORE /IDfl B1L8 Pa mon, No 1,2 and 3. 4VM) inn hbls Blue Kish. ? MO hbls Noe. I. ?, and ? Mackerel. 800 half do do do do 108 do No. I Meas.Ahad 50 half bbla No 1 Havbrpok Bhad |M hbla Cod sad Scale Fish 401 do No. I Oih'd Herrings man lb. Hmoked Halmoa 880 kiU Housed do Kg do Bounds and Tonnes MM qtla Cod Fish, snitable for atune-as letO saeka Aahtoe's Halt 31 half and 50 quarten neea Mackerel. ?CM boxes Digby Herring inn luartm barrels Salmon. Fy gg lots to It CO.,.81 on kt. Bam uskm kntsT . _ tvntujz,: ,. d? P"ll"'?jrir8*?ir<l"'?r 8'M?*? Roiglwar : Ani'f, Betw. n .kl -f*UuU,'.8'iinnr P,mW; A??or. *g'r tfalLellin. RduMiT bv rL H H'trfUpitti Will play ... Adagio ? fc,od<? ui<i Hi.'m a ?,r,ot' ?nd a Lapricio on a them* or Brnh veu 1 v mi",*."10*""" M,d Tomaasi will sing th. Dnetto of 5gg/8& A i he Italian opera com pan v k?*? **- th* honor o tan. unce that they will ?ilJthlii?t #2!!! Ka^y-stor. Etsv& y 3S,fi;s\i'.""dSiilrr'" -^Ssrxtxis th.uw.ufor th. Ihw .HiSwot.twi*' ,hey dj4"* l? ????? GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT GEORGE P. MORRIS, ESQ AT THE BROADWAY TABERNACLE Trt Bff /]??#? w?u ' P U I mr . d s , T2.?* IS"'" ?* TNI PHI NCI PA L PROFESSIONAL TALENT Under ,h."0.W '*? ' "V?**" 'T.U.; lNT Und-r th. d<reet>on of ? of Tkl , ??n Monday Evening, January 2Oth, 1?A4. ' 1 ne follow q. distinguished ti'tisrs htse in th. hind... M n.r coiiseuted tn amirar on the occasion ?- mau ttiKorr.BORr.HK8K. Signnra PICO M us MARY j^YLOR. (h? the kind permission of Signor ANT? PNIVIL- ^ MilcWl.) Slgnnr PEHOZZl' Signor 8A KQUIHICO tOUOH ? Mr. BROUGH tod PROGRAMME. 1 n _ P.BT I. I?Overture ? Zampa... . .. ,, '"wuNrnrhfll '~f,0m tV? C"'?i'on: by MR* "*r0,d "Mfctfe WrW'Z ,nGre""al M?-i.;(fiu, bV 'si?n-* Piii ? B'?wn t7,ti>Vfro,n *?<>&* ? T,nU j".c"r'? ?"U"f,om th. 0n ht. ?? i. ? |l Muriin.inio Pec.eto ' by .. iguor De Begin, and Sigm.r Sanquirico..'. Cimaros* 1?Overture T "? 2"8Mm7'iteh "* ' """'ly Tme^MiV. I ]-Song-"Th? Monk's'of Old." bv V.i Br -urh ' " !'9dw I?.teua u Duetto? Non e *er none ntt I tuntn'.i '? from tlu riper, of " ??oirnna di Verg, by Sijf.ior^ Boftlip (> and Si::in.r Peri?i7i i* ?? a'ih%lomei'> Malanconicu. Melodia from the Album of S,R?or Antogniui, by Sign,,, Autos ^a'AWgei',l,"'>' ***?#? . "_Cpioo?De~ Dl Lucrt,,i' Bori'?." by ' Siguora of'theT^" 2M.Br"aJw*F; ?t principal Houls. and at the door of tn. Tabernacle on the evening or performing , ? tlOMMITTPE Jimea Harper, Samuel M. Elliott. Edward 8 Qculil, (;harl? W Saudfotd Samti-I P Lvmui, E I, RanehiT^ Wm. S. Miller Cha,|? P^"|y, George 8 Doughty. C Jbhiln' te^8'^1- Prksr". WmHBAfn ?t0n* James M. Smith, Jr Jameaf. Penuiman "ot?V^K^m'ond J^W- Hugh McChsau, Ik U.V ? James J Mapes fMyi'^iitck, L^ac'en G?ora? Kndicott, A W r|ainl, i ci??!?L^' i?f'' Da?id vv?K.utr.' Wm ^i^ i Luther B Wyman ?.te',*;A Eartac:*"0? sStT1 sows**. grn.T^:" Morrta, Wm 8 Wii,r.?.' n ?? O aaville O Patterson, Anilr^w O. Bin infer. Henry D V?n \n.rr.n*i j?? 31*?P"1 " 7~Conc*n ,0 commence at o'clock. PdLViO'S NEW YORK OPERA Hnu.r A tcbAtRh!:-ffi?7, IVm U "? ? tluf Boa Otitis, i'jr, SALOOTnT ^ " POR CONCERTS AND BALI < iVip?VJ^."rT,?M.HsSry;ii?'rER amu> .iSs^?^^riSyru^raJsiii. si. "? annoyance from the omu of carriaues i zs?7%rp; GRAND iifL^AP r7"/"crY gu7rdgrand0kilitahy'ball7tai i^tft Niblo*. Siioon, on Tneaday Jsnuary M h ^^T?egK^!LT^ir.r,-?jl!: ?KKifcaiiK)!i?;?u' MESSRS. SCHNEIDER 3c REBHUN'S cotillion band t miA OF SARATOGA SPRINGS A HE uow.prepared to give their attendance at Private'Pa d. uea, Somes, fcc , Md combining a Bind ..frarionsln.m !1u"^;.. ktW".to twrn,T' P 'th""c mn" modern ard fashion to be made to ^ l? *" ^ utual MMusuon. A^l.caZ j?t im-ve MESSRS. SCHNEIDER It RKBHUN8. J ? -'??> ^ ? Crosby strwt Ml/SIC. ?yHE GERMAN CtlTILl ION BAND.flateof New Rrnri ki^? u Hamilton,) would respectfully inform fh public that they are nrei ured to plav at PrT?.? rt.ii To tie. tl.e celebrat d fTotilltoSa, ^altgSi. PoKIS T^ fo? ^ ?.,& SSLiTHBSE VfGMu.? Vir ULiVIfsLtA? . i r. lessor of ,Vm..o x? s t,^op'St,:fscm;y;We,woc;.b;;^;;d.P,ivi^ ... VWZib assembly rooms THK. PROPRIETORS of the above .Qiu^f rTO^, have' a mod"n?m"" Cum"'??d ^ ???1 CtuK ,, , THE SALOON i?A J?JS!?S 8unP?*r Room, Drewing Room., fee he hav ^mo,t d< on thl maV ^ ^ by appl,cation to Mr. Hatching ne're ?-~*f?k2th?"""P""" deairoaa of giving dm Sn2JSE3SSl?'??^ # quadrille band PARTIES furnished with Mna.c .. .I TM ^ ? A?jiiho luniisnea with iYltuiC ; WHITVVORTH. W w"!ur .?riet ?HN ?? dlS lm*rc "^TR. HENRV PHILLIPS?The stnnlliwt (hand PisnMnrt* fer3 i^"^BrrXTv* & BRUN LA ROSIERK h COt'RT, III William street, hav. just race ved by the Lou a Philipn. . assortment ofWies.hs, Polka. Raeh-I, Taglm'nk AU S,lV."Jlrd I rimmioss and Hsir ^kV. i In Pnlka? Pimaiia. j i "nnminikS and Hsir Pirs HT.we ^o,( *B^riJSy"J?d.t, jIt 'm'7c by non' ,n ,he L'nited Suu. JUST PU B I. j S y E B" THE NEW YORK BUSINESS DIRECTORY FOR 1S4?-THfRD EDITION ' PRICE SEVENTY-Fivk rrvxn H?J "d.^,*,n*r.M'S iwerally. will H k a V-'-rEHoand Business Men generally will find n the Business Di.wton- very useful Eur ?s*ewbole?ale retail by BUN OEM, STRINGER h CO J * Wl* m m Broadway, comer of Ann atreit. rpuy n k- k NbW tuKK, Jauu *ry lack, ,*o Piinihn I Ini. rial* / V L< i > ess sm ' - auu enp.ue.itn k HPARKES. dnsolved by mutual conwnt this day. OEt.. O A ITe.S, V JI7 3t*ec Fltk.D'K SPA Ilk EN. ^^'irrT.T?TD?kkIl!'RAL EMIGRATION OFFI-'E 73SOUTH STREET CORNER OF MAIDEN 1 tty tR PASS AjIE TO AND h HOM iiRKAT rxj. 1W?V BRI TAIN AND 1KEI AND. iML ?Mh NtwListorLittieooils.'tiTa flEhmT ritk Cyl?ViorA*.'"1 e>h~,d is'i" ?bip <dufi?^y? THK wKST, P50 t?B?. (y?pt p Wood ho u s, will f r Liverpool, ponctn.l y on liat January. h.r reeula- d.i a d , a kei ab'P SHEHID AN on ??th Janu.ry Thei^om mndatioi.a . f the above .1 le did veawl- are well k*own iohi snpenor lo any other line of, for cahm, swirideThi,, . o Oeerage To secure Wth. e?,|y siiplicoion ahoild b? made on board or to W k J '|. f \PtRj OTT Ths Oirrrv OF THF urrkiUi^ lane, on ih - thlofMaieh, and lh.PH E HID AN o"'thl7t?h if Mareh Parsons to send f r the.r f . .da in any part of the old ih.nJ lr .ki" 'ki **,p*"?a to hsve I hem i, rough- oat i of the above elegam pjek.t-, on favorable term, and With^utaty of thus, sent for having no delsy Appky as ????jaUrc urn NEW ORLEANS- Cniaisna v li i, i^iniui .(.<! \r ?SIC. ril . ' r "" -cliet I o sail iMih in tarn ??W"' ebgsnt fsat sailing packet .hip a ALL"K1 "V gf>.'?"- Wl" I'oatttvely soil aa above h r .ego'.r da" For freight or l?iaur, having ban'a me fa mated accoirm. <la i?i,a, apply on board at Orlaana wh'.f.fmtof all a- ,,, , . . , E IfCOI.LINh hCC?., M Sontlt ? ?ih?!na't 1,0 ? * r*t*,T'd on bo*ld *R*r 8-tnr.'ay wtami Agents in New O.leans, Messrs Hiiltin h AA'oodrnff wh wi I promptly forward all to their address Paek.t ship LOUISVILLE, Capi Hunt, will sneced b Mallory^and sail lUh hebraary, her regular day I"l9re pOTATOEB?la* bnshrls Laiieaahir. cap I'ntaroes of ver * eatra quality, lor eale .a lots to ?iiifonrehaam bv <?> *? *? COLLINS A CO. it South (A BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. - ~n" ""i. _.. LJ." . J im [CorraspMiilMica of the Herald ] Tug Capitol, ) Washington, Fiiday, 5P M J The Defalcation in the Home-Col McNulty un der Arreit?Char get and Explanation*?hm} en lion? The nomination of Col Polk at Charge to Naples Iambs G. Bennett, Esq.? A scene of great excitement existed in the House this morning, on the presentation of the following report, relative to the alleged defalcation of Col. C. J. McNulty, the Clerk of the House of Repre sentatives. I forwarded you yesterday a statement, presenting the particulars of this matter us given to ine by the party accuse J, and on which I had reason to rely as correct. The same position was as sumed and asserted by Col. McNulty to day, before the House of Representatives, and to-morrow will develope the trath or falsity of his statement, as the proceedings were postponed until that time, in order to allow him to make his acconnt good and present his vouchers. To give your readers a correct view of the opinion of the committee of accounts, as presented in their report, I herewith send you a copyi? Th? committee ol ao-oaati In disohargs of the du'fet imposed upon th?m hy one of the standing rules ol the House, Report Tbst their a tention having been withdrawn to the cor., dition of the cm t ngent fund of the House, they gave no nce 11 Mr McNulty, the Clerk, to whom is entrmt d the disbursing ol ?b- said lutid, to attend he with his account, and vouchers, prepated to abow how much had been expended and the balance on hand The Cleik although twice notifi-d to appear, relus. d to obey the summon*, and t e committee were thus left to make such investigation as they were able without him. It appears that at the time ihtt Mr Mc ulty was appointed clerk here wan in the Treasury tin. xpeaded ol the contingent fund of the Home, $156,000; $76 000 more waa appro printed for thut purpeae by the ait of la>t session, and $1000 received fiom the la'e Clerk, M St Clair Clink m?ku g in all the sum of $331 000 Taking t a account of expenditures as mad- up iu tie Cleik'- office as cor rect, ol hough it ia not certain that all t is sums therein ehorged have be. n paid, it Rppeur* that he lm? riitbursed in the year ending DfC. 1.1844, the sum of $172 000 which woul 1 leave a balance t thnt tim- unexpended id $f0 000 The ro.ninittee am mfoim .1 that by r. qii-.tion from the i'let It, the whole amount ui $133 000 has been drawn Irom the Trea-ury ; ami ujion ii qutry at the Petri, tc Bank where the Clerk, occordirg to l?w, has Pis d pos t of public money, tue committee learn that ?here ia a be to hi* credit of about $13,000, which the casbiet has hten notitird to retain. This sum deduct ?d Irom the un. xrende I balance of $00 OfO, leave* a d? ftciency ef $47,000 which may be si ill tart her reduced by the atim cf $1,600 which the committee think will cover all the payments made by the clerk since the commence ment of (he session, so that the actual deficiency, as near ly as can be ascertained, amounts to $44 600, of which $30,000 is secured by the official bond ot the clerk but for the balance of $24 600, the government has no securi ty, except the personal reiponnihility of the clerk. n tracing the disposition of these fund*, the committee have learned that at different times aince the month of June last, the cl-rk has advanced to Dr. E. J.Woodward a produce dealer in Mount, Ohio, the sum of $30' 000. Two thousand dollars was paid to Levi D Slam? of New Yotk, and about $3,760 to Thomas J. Moody* cashier of the Savings Institute, Culurnt as, Ohio' Whether the sums thus transferred were by the clerk i? mod to the individuals named, or embarked in bis own speculations, the committee are not able to determine, but it waa obviou&ly an improper disposition el the public money, and, unless explained, amounts to embezzlement, as defined in the second section of the act of Congress, ap proved August 1841. 8uch official misconduct, nccompnnied, aa it ia by a stubborn refusal on his part to make the exp'anutions de mantled by a committee of the House, rt quires that he should he dealt with in a tummary manner, as well that the House may vindicate its ow n chars, t-r, as for a warning to others, that infidelity on the part of a public officer will always be promptly rebuked by the repre 3-u a'ivet of the people The Committee re ommend the adoption of the fo lowing >.'solutions Resolv.d That Caleb J. McNultv, be, and he la here* by dismissed from the office of the Clerk of thia House Resolved That the Secretary of the Treasury be di rected ro institut-, forthwith, the necessary legal proceed ings, to aaortain nnd secure the balance ot the public mon y due from Calob J McNul'y, aa Clerk of the House of Repreientatives R solved. That the President of the United Stites be req eat d to cause criminal pros.cutiona to be com merced i>rai> it r*l.h J McNulty, late Clerk cf this House, for an emb.zzl-ment ot the public money. and all p-r'ons advisirg or kt owingly and willingly panici listing in such embezzlement accordi g to the provisions uf 'heactol Congress, approval Au u-t 13 h, 1841 The regular proceedings will give your readers an idea of what transpired atter this report was r-ad^ Mr. WePer, one of the suretira of Colonel McNul'y, in replv. stated that he held a letter in his hand, drted the 14'h insr , eddrrs-ed fo Mr. Mc Nulty, from Charles A Secor k Co, shtpp.rg merchants . f New York, in which it was stated that there was 816 000 in the hands ? f Dibblee, f'rsjr 5c Co. and $14,845 49 iu the hand, tit Secor >Nc</o , Hi the order ol Mr. McNulty, eno placed i.i hia credit. Col McNultv usserta thai he haa used none of the money illegally, nor deposited it without the beat of security ; and it ia to be hoped i hat all may prove correct. The result in the House, to-day, was suspension of Col McNulty from his office of cleik until his accounts are made good. The Senate have adjourned till Monday, and I have been informed, from a responsible source, that Col. Wm. H Polk has b'en induced to with draw his nomiuaiion as Chargl to Naples, now be fore the Senate This fact has not been commu nicated to the Senate, but there is reason to be lieve that President Tyler has been thu.? requested The reasons assigned for this course, on the part cf Mr Polk, are, that it evinces too much unity of feeling between the head of the present and coming administration, and would command a return ot favors from the latter The candida'es (or Congress, in Virginia, are re quired to auswer their constituents, whether they ?vill support the editors of the Globe for Printers ot Congress, tf elected. This is only the commeuce nent of a contemplated party attack upou the Globe, that must compel its present editors to te tire from their position. RsatacHpt [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washihgton, D C., Frioay night, 12o'clk. The Conclusion of the Rumored Defalcation?Mr. Kerthow the Accounting Clck returned?Col. McNulty fully exonerated?Levi />. Slamm'i Card. Jamks G. Binnktt, Esq ? Mr. Kershaw, the Accounting C'.erk of ihs House of Representatives, has arrived this even* I ing from Ohio, by the way of New York, and has informed me that the vouchers in his possession will fully sustain the position assumed in my letter ?f yeoterday, relative to the rumored defalcation of Gol McNulty the Clerk of the House. Thu will l>e made manifest to the committee of accounts, to morrow morning, and their report will be submitted to the House at two o'clock. The report of the committee as forwarded to you to-day, charges Ijevt D. Slamm, of the Plebeian, with receiving $2,000 as a loan from Col. McNulty Hehasdeni rd this statement in a card published in " 7he Ma* diaonian" this afternoon, in which he alleges tbat he drew 92,000 on a check from the Bank of Ame fica in July last; but that the sum was not for his own use, but was immediately paid over tc Col McNulty, who gave him the check. The whole question will be disposed of to-mor .ow at 2 o'clock, nnd there is every reason to be lieve that the result will fully exonerate Col. Mc Nulty irom all suspicion of appropriating a dollar of the public money to hts own use or benefit. Washington Cmr, Jan. 17, 1845 Ia the Herald of the 15th mat., 1 notice an article in which I think mjus'ice has been done to Sena tor Walker, of Mississippi. Reference is made to his connection by marriage to the Vice Preaid?nt elect and Secretary Wtlkina, and that he and his family connections are monopolising the Govern ment patronage. Senator Walker's family is a numerous one. His father fought bravely in ihe revolutionary war, and many ot the family have >een distinguished for literary and legnl attain ments, yet nm one of blood relation holds office it ider the Government. His connection by mar riage to distinguished gentlemen in Pennsylvania shnuld not operate aa a bar to his holding a high * atinu under the Government, if his talents and public services en itle him to it. Although a na ive of Pennsylyania, he is a Southern Statesman, ma becom? distinguished as such, and, it sejected ia a member of Governor Polk's Cabinet, it will be on these grounds alone, without the slightest re '-?fence to hia connection with distinguished men ?l-ewher- He wdl belong to no clique- dispense tb pn'ronage of the Governm-n?, th,.t mnv he i ic-d at his disposal, for the artviincem-ai m no sricnlsr n?ptrnni for 'he Pr? sideucy ; but wiU ** ,t essly refuse to he the p-trua-m of any, at least say his friends or those who are supposed to -<ii"V his confidence His abilities are acknow ledged by all, his serviree in the late poli'ical cam sign not surpassed hy those of any other membrr >f the party; he is located tit the section of it.e Union entitled to representation in the Cabinet, and his atipointment would, aa I believe, give as !;eneral satisfaction as that of anv p rion whether ooatad north or south ol Mason 5c Dixon's Una.

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