Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1845 Page 3
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>r On motion of Aid. Draee, tbe majority report, resolu tions and alt, wu adopted by g vote of 11 to 3 Comptroller's Report.?Th? Comptroller ? Report vu presented and ordered to be printed for tbe use ?f mem hern Legal Adviser to the Tombs.?A report wi< received from We. Cox, keeper ot tbe City Prison, in answer to tbe re solu ieu respecting Henry A. Kay, Esq. Tbe report set forth that Mr. Kav was appointed by the direction of tbe Committee on Police Watch and Prisons, to see to the prisoners'wants, provide them with counsel, &c., with a view, if the experiment proved beneficial, to pass an or dinance creating the office of legal adviser ; that he con tinued in the prison until about two months since, when, finding that the voluntary contributions of the prisoners whom he had served, which was the only compensation which ha received, was not sufficient to support him, he had left, merely giving the business the benefit of his leisure moments. Exclusion of the B ble?No Bible no Appropriation.? Aid. Bunting offered a resolution directing the Comptroller not to par any of the school moneys to those schools from which the Bible (without note or comment) had been excluded ; and also resolving that the Common Council do not appropriate any more moneys to such schools. Alderman Hascrouck rose and spoke till he was called to "time" by the President, opposing the resolution. Alderman Millkr followed in support of the resolution. Alderman Drakb then moved the previous question, which was adopted. Alderman Sf.aman gave notice that he should move a re consideration of the resolution at the next meeting. Alderman Buntino then moved a re-consideration at once, which motion was carried. Alderman Hashrouce then spoke for another thirty minutes. Alderman Miller replied. Alderman Seaman moved for adjournment?Lost. The previous question was then put and carried by a voteoi 10 to 3. The resolution was tin ? adopted by a vote of 10 to 3. At is minutes of 11 o'clock the Board adjourned till 0 o'clock to-morrow evening (Tuesday.) City Intelligence. Capture or an Kscafkd Convict.? It will be recollec ted, that a few day since, Joseph Thompson,who was sen tenced to the State Prison for a burglary, escaped from the hands of Owen W. Brennan, the Deputy Sheriff, who had him in custody. To day he was arrested by Mr. Bren uan and officers Stephens und Oil. Hays. Orand. Larceny.?A female ne'er do well, named Mary Oannon, entered the premises of Susan Johnson, No. 14J Orange street, on Sunday, and throwing Susan upon the floor, cut from her chemise a roll of bills amounting to about $60, and from her cap about $30. The money was tied up for safe keeping in a portion of Susan's un der garment. Burglary ?The store of F. Paypher, in 30th street, be tween 6th andf7th Avenues,was entered a few nights since and robbed of about 90 Nutria skins. More Roguery ?At tba Upper Police office another owner was found for a portion of the Manahan property, and another charge was made against him. '? Office?Jan. 37?Found Drowned?The Id an inquest at the Alms House to-day on the 1 man who was found at the foot of 76th street When the evidence came to be taken,all the Ith which the messenger enveloped the case, ). He could not be identified. He is a mulatto 1,35 years ef age. U. S. Circuit Court. Before Judge Betts. His Honor Judge Betts opened the U. 8. Cir this day, alter a fortnight's recess, when the Van Hook vs. Thomas W. Wood was called on. argument on demurrer, action being brought ft for infringement of patent right in relation to machine. The case stands adjourned over. i Court Calendar?'This Day. Court.?Nos 69, 96, Bti, 93 to 113, 114 to 131, 133, 134. in Pleas.?Nos. 38, 36, 36,130, 37,13,14, 38, 40,36. sco Culture in Georgia.?There seems to ? ^>nger any doubt that the culture of tobacco is beoome general in Georgia. The inquiries lor seed and information ate multiplying. Consderable quantities of the Cuba seed have been distributed, and ten times the quantity conld be disposed of even yet were it in the market Next fall we feel confident that a foil supply may be relied upon by our friends in the interior. A new species of seed obtained not long since from California has been used in Orange County,va.,witb en'ire success; end it is believed that it would be admirably adapted to the soil and climate of Oeorgia, owing to its rapid growth and early maturity. The seed sown was obtained from the Patent Office at Washington, and although not put into the grand until about the middle of March, the plants wqge ready to set out as soon as the other kinds sown in Jannary. Mr. C.. in a letter to the Hon. H. L Ellsworth, Commissioner of Patents, describing his experiment, re marks :?The California tobacco, if it continues to ripeD and grow for the time to come, as it did for me on tne first trial, must come into general use?first, because the Iilants are much earlier in the spring (say ten days at east) than any kind we hav s; secondly, when transplant ed, the growth is remarkably quick, matures and ripens at least Tram ten to fifteen days earlier than any kind of Tobacco we have in use amongst us. It is a large, broad, silky leaf, of fine texture, and cures of a beautiful color, and some plants grow as large as seven feet across from point to point; and, upon the whole, I consider it a valu able acquisition to the planting community. The seed 1 send you have come much more to perfection than the seed I obtained from you; which circumstance, I think, is favorah'o to its being adapted to our climate. Tlie Indian Vegetable Elixir and Idnlment, from 21 Courtlandt street,is warranted to cure any case of Rheu matism. It giv.s immediate relief, strengthens weak limbs, takes down swelling, and extends contracted cords. Rend the following.?A young Allaa, aged fifteen years, named Josephine Nicies, grand-daughter of Mr. Benjamin Stickney, No. 8 Watt street, fell on the ire about 18 mouths sine-, and slightly broke the sain on one of her limbs, which became much irritated, and finally resulted in a sore, which increased until it covered the whole limb, from the kuee to the f.ot.aud was extremely offmsiye, and had five holes which appeared to eat into the bone, and of course was ve ry painful, and although very many remedies were tried all to no purpose, the sore increasing in size, and becoming more and more obstinate and painful. Seeing so much said of Connfl's Magical Pain Extractor, at Comstock's, 21 Courtlandt Street, 1 was induced to try it, expecting, however, it would prove n-fleas, like all the so calI'd remedies she had previously tried but to tne aatoni-hm'nt of herself and friends, from the very first application, the sore began to heal, and after a few weeks she was nearly cured, ana now makes this statement, which is corr ihorat- u by Mr. Stickney's family, for the benefit of others suffering. I have also used this truly Magical Pain Extractor for rheumatism, chilblains, Ac. with the most per fect success, and I think it an article that to family who pre tnr.ds to have the necessaries of life*, should be without; aud I do sav, the cure or this child is one of the greatest miracles I ever saw. (Signed,) MARY G. STICKNEY, No 8 Wattst. New York, Jan. 27, 1845. The above named artielr will cure the following complaints, or no pay takan, viz.?Burns, Scalds, Ticdoloreaux, Erysipelas, Bait Kheum, Sore Eyes and Nipples, Piles, Rheumatism, ate Dality'i Magical Pnln Extractor Salve, at the only agency, 21 Courtlandt street. Gourantt'i Pouclre Subtile, for completely and tiermanently eradicating suierfiuous hair from low fore heads, upper lips, or the stubborn beard of man. Always test ed before buyiug. Proof positive this, and no mistake?At No. 67 Walk erstreet, first store from Broadway; where may lie had Gouraud's Vegetable Rouge, which imparts a delicate blush ing tinge to the complexion, unremovable by tubbing. Also, Gonraud's Spanish Lily White, for the complexion; and Gou raud's Hair Dye?watranted. Tbe Roee of health wai blooming on her cheek,and all was joy around her; hut Consumption had marked her lor an esrlv victim. Before sbe had arrived at womanheod, she warn troubled with a hirkiug cough. She felt some slight pain in her side?fever made its appearance in the afternoon? occasionally she h'.d MEM sweats?her apiwtite grew less?she became emaciated?a bright hect'C spot was observed on her cheek?and when the autumn leaves began to fall, she was home to her long home. She dird of consumption. She might have arrested the fell destroyer in his progress. There are hun dreds and thousands now living who are sinking in the same way. If they are wise, they will resort to Dr. Folgat's Oloaa onian or All-Healing Balsam, which has re.formed so many wonderful cures and which, if used according to directions, will, in nine cases out often, restore to perfect beal lb Read the pamphlet which goes with this remedy?it may always he obtained of the agents, gratis. The gennine can he had at 106 Nassau street, one door above Ann, aud at Mrs. Hays, 119 Ful ton street, Brooklyn. Denfnesa.?Dr. ItlrNnlr'i Acoustic Oil for all complaints of the K r. This is an aiticle as good as it is cele brated. It has been known to cure cases of loi.g standing, even when the patient had not been able to hear for ye ra, and for the cure ol humming in the head, piin ill the head and ears, it i? unrivalled. How numerous are the cases of persons suffering as it were, almost coustantly from buzzing noises in their ens, sounds like the falling of water, etc., which are sure symptoms of approaching deafness. To all such we confidently recom mend Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil as a sure relief. Sold at 21 Courtlandt street, and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Price $1 per flask. ' Keep the current of the blood healthy and Pure. If the system is to he preserved free from disease, the blood mint be kept healthy. Comstock's Extract of Hatsap> rilla is prepared with great care from ihe root, and its whole strength and purity brought out. In all cutaneous diseases, mercurial and scrofulous complaints or rheumatic attacks, the article gives a vigorous and healthy action to the blood, and Jrives from the syttrm every symptom of disease. Price Ml crnts per bottle, or $1 per dozen. At 21 Courilaudl street. Dr. Felix Gauraud?Dear Mir?You have li berty of reference as to tlie success of Beal's Hair Restorative, to the underi igued. who have tested the same:? Fanniug C. Pucker, President of tlie Leather Manufacturers' Bank. G. W Brown. Auction Hotel, \V ater street. Mr. MsMory, No 541 Bowery. Henry Whitehead No. 366 Ninth street. Edward Bnotay, aeyrnleeth street near 7th avenue. Julia Vlauuing, No. 366 Ninth st-eet. Sarah B. Loomis, No. 236 Elizabeth street. EdwariTCooper, Brooklyn, Carlton street, fiist door from Myrtle avenue. Elizabeth Mosciy. No. 16 Union Place. Many others could he viven from persons who hare purchas ed snd applied the article w ith sncct as, hutth* shove must he sufficient to prove tbe Restorative an aiticle of real merit, ns in fact the terms on which it is supplied at the office, "no charge until successfnl," is enough to satisfy the most incredulous. N. 11.?One jir is a lest in any case. J S UEaLS Ik CO ., No. 13X First avenue. Deals' agency, 67 Walker street, first store Irom Broadway. Maidens, old, young, dark, fair and dimpled. With faces rough, cnap'd, tan'd or pimpltd ? With n'eks repulsive, yellow, dark or brown, Sunrnrnt, in country village or in town. Ladies, to you I spaak, nature's fair niastrr-pirce, In p ace or war, man's brightest, dearest hope, Why let your lie inly thus decay or erase, When one good cake of Jones' famous Soap, Would make your skin faiier than nature's fame. Glorious, more splendid than a conqueror's name, Envied by woman, lov'd, ador'd by man, Won Id be t'e iady free fiom blotch or tan. ... t *1' '?vs it, and who shall dare 1 o chide me for loving my beautifal hsirl Header, the cost is very trifling, vlt; 28 cents to give yon good heid of hair and a fine healthy, clear complexion. Jone Chemical Soap will cure crack'd, chap'd, or tender skin; pir pl6t,blotcppi| freckles, fan. ?unburn, morph*w or any ernptioi ami c'-ar dork, yellow, or discolored akin. Joues' Con! Ha Restorative, void for three shillings a bottle, will make il hair grow, clean and softsu it?make it beautifal, and keep it i twice as long as any ot? er preparation. Both are sold cheap the vigil ? f the American Eagle, 82 Chatham street; 323 Hro? way: 8 bt >te stieet. Boston'. 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphi Mind, reader, ask for Jones' articles. There lecnuto have been some misunder standing in regard to the Orphean Family's Concert, which ukra idace to-night at the. Tabernacle. The following note from Mr. Gongh aettlea the questi in. They present a boat of talent. The house will be crowded:? In the paper of yetfrday, 1 inserted a note that I should not speak at the Tabernacle. 1 that time labored under a mistake W'th respect to the arrangement* of that eveuiug. My article ten Is to fix lite blame on the Orphean Family. 1 have not the slightest fault to fiud with them; fro blame is to be attached to them. The mistake was on the part of others, and I have con cluded to speak at the Taberuacle on this, Tuesday, evening. JOHN B. OOUGrf. Baltimore, Md., Oct. 5th, 1814. Dr. Oouraud-Desur Sir During my stay in New York lest summer, 1 had occasion to visit youresub lishment. No. 67 Walker street, for the purpose of purchasing some articles in your line, consisting of | erlumeir, soaps, 8tc. I made a purchase of a good many articles, and I found them to be of a first rate quality, and especially your Italiafi Medica ted Hoar, whith 1 believe to be the greatest in the United States for the era'iicatiou of all skin diseases, such as cutaneous eruptions, pimples, sallowueas, tan, fitc. I say this from ex|ierience alone; my face, neck, and hands were in a miserable couditiou, being covered with pimples and soref. I tried every external remedy I could fiud. such as lo tions and soaps of various kinds, but I experienced hut little or no good from them all. I began to d spair of ever being reliev ed by anythiug but strong mediciue, which I much dreaded, uutil I saw your Italian Medicated Soap advertised in the New York Herald. I immediately gave you a call, and bought two cakes of your Italian Medicated Soap, aud before I used one I lierceived that my skin was much relieved of the disease, aud the pimples began to disappear, and before 1 used tbe third one I <*a;i entirely cure I, 1 then supplied myself with more before 1 left tlm city, for fear of not getting any more after 1 had left it. I now recommend it to the public as a restorer, a beautifier, and a pnrifter of the skin. Yon are at liberty to publish this, and make it known to all. I am, sir, yours, respectfully, C. R. BR1CHAN. N. B.?Please send me by tbe beater of this letter, one bottle of your I'nudre Subtile, foreradicatiug-euperfluous hair, and lie will iiav you for the same. I'lecse seud directions in full with the bottle, and oblige yours, (!. H. BRICHAN. Common Chalk versus Castles' Faces?Are females aware how common clialk injures their skin I them once t<y a box of Jones' Spanish Lily White; that alone gives them that natural, snowy, living white, so admirable. Price 2'j cents. At 32J Broadway, aud 82 Chatham street. All Philadelphia Subscriptions to ths IIkhali) must he paid to the atp-uts, Zieber Ik Co., 1 Ledger Buildings, Third street, near Chestnut, where single copies niav also lie obtained daily at 1 o'clock. All the new and cheap Publications for sale at their es tablishment. n4 ly Medical Notice.?The Advertisements of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established fot the Suppression of Quackery, in the cure of all diseases, will hereafter appear an the fourth page and last column of this paper. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D? Ageut. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College,95 Nassau street MONEY MARKET. | Monday, Jan. 87?5 P. j M. The Stock Market wai very heavy to day and quota tions ahow a decline from thoae current on Saturday - Norwich and Worcester fell off 1 per cent; Erie Railroad 3; Morria Canal,}; Canton, 3; Long Island, J; Farmers' Truat and Indiana, cloaed at Saturday** prices, while Pennaylvania 6'a improved | per cent; and Reading i* The sale* were to a very limited extent, and the buoy ancy at thecloae of laat week aeems to have totally die appeared. The improvement in atocka, produced by the European advicea, haa been loat, and pricea are now nearly the aaine aa previoua to the arrival of the ateamer Thia change in the market haa been created by the com plexion of political advicea from Washington. The Texas question ia likely to create conai ierable excite ment, and unaettle commercial affaire until the aubject is disposed of. Wall street was in a perfect ferment to day, on account of the passage of the Texaa annexa tion bill through the lower House of Cengresa, and the general impression on change to day seemed to be that the Senate would concur. There is a strong probability that auch will eventually be the case, but it ia at present doubtful. The legislatures of several States have instructed their Senators in Congress on thia subject, pro and con; and should these instructions be obeyed, the vote will be very close. It is even supposed by many that the question depends entirely upon the vote of Mr- Dix, the newly elected Senator from this State. The subject his not been made a party question in the House, and H will not be acted upon as such in the Senate. Northern democrats and southern whigs will vote against it^ while the affirmative vote will be composed of both parties The greatest anxiety exists to have the affair disposed of, and the sooner it is settled the better for all clasaei. Tex as scrip, Treasury not as and bonds, were rather hfeavy in the market to-day. The annexation bilr, which has just passed th, House of Representatives, rays that "8aid State to be formed subject to the adjustment by this government of i 11 ques tions oi boundary that may arise with other [overn ments." This gives an impression that the princ pal oh jectof this bill is to open negociations with Mexico ior the purpose of settling, not only the limits or I ounda riesot Texas,but to make whatever other arranj omen's with that power which may be found necessary tjo peace ably obtain possession. Mexico is not alluded to in the resolutions, and we therefore conclude that the consent of that power is an after consideration. This question will yet involve some European power in its course Great Britain feels keenly the movements oi France in relation to the annexation of Texas, and doubt, secretly be a prime actor in this business. We shall be able to tell something about the movements of England by the stand the Mexican government takes. Money still continues scarce and in demand. The banks of thia city are holding themselves aloof from spe culations, and refuse the smallest accommodations on stock operations. Business paper, to a very limited ex tent, i* discounted, but not sufficient to the market or aflVot the rate of interest. The quarterly returns for February will be sent to tho Comptroller this week, alter which it is possible there may be some relief aff orded. The retrenchment the banks resort to Just previous to ma king up their quarterly reports,is not the only cause of the existing restriction* in the money market. The condition of foreign exchanges has a wonderful effect on the banks, and compels them to be more cautious in their operations than they otherwise would be. Many merchants are cramped in their movement* in consequence of the reduction in the line of discounts, but it is working out a wholesome reform in our commercial affair*. These restrictions on trade being so severely felt so early in the seasdn, cannot but prove beneficial, ultimately, to those who now expe ricnce the greatest embarrassments. The truth is, ihr mctcantile classes of this city particularly, and of the country generally, are in a very unfortunate position They have, for the past eighteen months, been extending their operations, extending their credits, and striving to exceed each other in the extent of their business. In con nection with these things, they have suffered severely by the depreciation in the value of their stocks, and may be heavy losers by their bills leceivable. Should the debts due from tho south and west prove bad to the smallest ex tent beyond the average per cent usually estimated, it would destroy many houses in this city. The fact is, wc are not in such a prosperous condition aa appears on the surface. With favorable accounts from Europe in rela tion to our staples, and with tho most rigid restrictions in our domestic and foreign trade, it is possible the storm maf be weathered, without much harm, but the only way to avoid the blast is to take in sail. From the evils we are now experiencing, after only about two years business, wc have some idea of what would have been the reault, had wu gone on three or foor years. The Mechanics' .Bank of Newaik has declared its usual serai-annual dividend of three per cent, payable on and alter the 1st of February. The return of the Illinois 8t?te Commlsaioner, Col Oakley, and the President of the American Exchange Bank, Daniel Leavitt, Esq., from Europe, ha* given those holding Illinois stock universal confldsncein the value of the investment, t is supposed by many that the loan is obtained, and that the business is settled, whereas there is still the same contingency in the negotiations that pre vented the success of Meisrs.Oaklcy and Ryan, the first ef fait they made. It ia true that the whole amount te quired-$1,600,000-hai been aubscribed, but the same condition ia exacted. So far as this goes, the last mission has been the most successful, but it ha? no further accele rated the business. The bondholders of Europe have, from the commencement to the close of the negotiations in relation to the Canal Loan, instated upon there being a tax levied te pay the Interest, and it is only upon that condition that they will advance a single shilling. The most important question now left for settlement, is, whether the Legislature will pass a bill levying the re quired lax or not, and the possibility ol collecting the tax il levied Gov 'Ford, in hi* mes.age to the present ture remarked, that it was u.ele?s to increase the texts oi .he people ; that the present levy was not and could not be collected, and that any addition to the pecuniary bur den of the people, would on!y be attended with difficulty and embarrassment without reaching the object intended Late advicea from the seat of the Illinois governmt n iuiorm us that bills have been prepared and introducs into the Legislature, providing 1 >r the payment o a por tion of the interest on the public debt by increasei taxs tion. The bill reported by the Finance Committee pro vide* that for 1H4& the present rate of taxation shall b. doubled, for 1846 it shall be still further increased ovei and above,doublicg the present rate thirty-three and o third per cent, and in IP 17 the tax- a shall he s'lll mon increased to an amount rqual to one hundred and sixty six and two-thirds per cent tnoro than the present rate making a tax that year of fotty centa on the hundred dol lira, when the tsx now is only fifteen cents. The prlnci pal object of this bill Is to secure the loan from the fo reign bondholders, but should the [eenel bondholder*net I suoscribe |the mm of $1,600,000 within three months after the passage of thia act, the proceed* of aaid interest fund will be loaned to the canal fond, and expended in constructing the canal. There appears to exist a very bad feeling between the people of the Northern and Southern sections of the State, in relation to this question, and It is possible this feeling may defeat the bill. The Supreme Court ot the United States has recently made a decision in which the State of Maryland and the Banks of the city of Baltimore, are deeply interested.? Tho old banks of Baltimore, the Udon. Baltimore, Com mercial and Farmers',Mechanics',Franklin, Farmers' and Merchants', and Marine were exempt from all taxation (except that imposed on them orginally) up to the period when their ot iginal charters would have expired, IMA, but that they are, from end after the 1st January, 1846, and thctfnd of the session of the Ueneral Assembly there after, liable to all the taxation which now and hereafter the State may choose to impose on them. The decision also goes to sustain the right, heretofore, as now, of the State, to tax all the other Banks of the city, namely, the Merchant*', Farmers' and Planters', Citizens', Western and Chesapeake. The effect of the decision in this im portant case will enable Stockholders in the old Banks above named, legally to claim of the State oi Maryland all the toxes on their shares which they may have paid in the years 1841, '43, '43 and '44. And further, they may legally claim and recover Irom the city of Baltimore all taxes on said shares paid lo the Corporation in the years 1842,'43 and'44. The decision will probably require the re-payment by the City of about $60,000 to such Stock holders, and about one-third of that amount by the State, aay $20 000? all the Banks being hereafter liable to taxa tion, both by the State and City. We annex a table showing the quantity and value ol many of the staple productions of this country, exported from Philadelphia, for the year ending Dec. 31,1844. EXTORTS FROM PHILADELPHIA, 1844. Flour, banels f. ... 196,433 $862,005 Rye meal 21,904 68,195 Cora meal 101,356 240,320 Wheat, bushels 23,375 23,168 Corn 110.068 60,542 Ship bread, tibls, 31,103, kegs 11,053 104,339 Bark, hhds 1,693 28.376 Cotton, bales 6,471 216,546 Naval stores, bbls 23,776 4 5,247 Rice, ca'ka 2,254 44,906 Tobacco, hlida 940 51,251 Domestic*, packages 5,807 359.209 Dried fish, quintals 6,800 18,546 Pickled fish 2,791 14,542 Sperm oil, gallons 25,721 21,025 Whale oil., 25,970 16,524 Sperm caudles, lbs 65,496 19,128 Beef, bills 4,406 ) no, ?'allow, lbs 1,340,460 j 141,022 Pork, bbls 410,320 69,823 Horns, lbs 282.474 ) ... Lard '. 967,770 Butter 305,575 I theese 256,566 Candles 370,671 Soap 1,325,645 , Gunpowder, lbs 126,033 12,871 The first in the list, as to value, stands fllour, and the second, domestics. Philadelphia has a much greater im porting than exporting trade, but in either of these branch es of our foreign (rade, it is the third city in the Union. A very large part of the commerce of Philadelphia is con fined to the coasting trade. During the past year the number of arrival* of vessels at Boston irom Philadelphia was 889 ; from New York the number was 848 ; and from Baltimore 300 ; showing that the coasting trade between Boston and Philadelphia is greater than the trade be. tween Boston, Baltimore and New York combined. The geographical position oi Philadelphia must command a very large amount of internal trade, but other porta now much inferior to that, in extent and wealth, must eventu ally carry on a larger foreign trade, and command a more extensive commerce with foreign nations. Old Stock Exchange. $25000 Ohio '6, >60 97'< 209 alias Fanners' Tr 35 1000 Kentucky 6's blO look 50 do b30 35V 6000 do 100k 50 do b30 35k 10000 Indiana bds b?0 34 10 N Am Trust 13V 15000 Peuii'a 5's opg 72k 475 East Boston scrip 4k 1000 do opg 72k 100 ErirKR 27k 5000 do blO 72k 100 do 60d 28 IOOSO do b30 73 50 do 27 10 00 do opg 72k 40 Syr It Utiea 120 1000 Tennessee 5's 82>? 5 Anb It Rochester 106 10000 111. spcl bds s 10 39)4 50 Mohawk HK s90 61 2000 do 40 100 do s60 61 5000 . jlo, 39V 50 do s4m 61 172,477 ] 54,211 123,776 | 50sha?M$ch'sBk 105k loo do s4m 61 50 Bk Com. senp 96k 100 L Island RR s30 72k B??do lull 96 200 do 73 100 U S Bank 5k 50 do 72k 50 Illinois Bk 18 25 do 7244 % ? . ... UK 8 NH&Hsrtf RR 92 50 Morris Canal bl5 26 k 25 Nor and Wore RR 66 200 do 26k 25 do 65k 125 Canton Co 49 675 do 65k 50 do s30 48V 25 do tw 65k 1" do 48V 25 do bnw 65k 40 do 48k 165 Reading RR 40? 100 do s in a w 48 45 do 40k Second Boards $5000 Ohio 6's, '60 b30 97 k 50 ahas N Am Tratt 14 10000 do b3 97k 100 Canton Co " 47V 50 shas Morris Canal 26k 125 do b20 48 50 do b60 27 25 do 48 25 Harlem RR 65 125 Nor 8t Wore s3 65k few Stock Kxcbmnge. $1000 Texas Tr notes b60 ink 25 shas Canton Co Mm 50V 50 ahas U S Bk C 5k 25 do C 49 100 Morns Canal s]0 26k 25* do c 41V 150 Farmers'Trust e S5k 235 do s3 485 25 do stw 35k 25 do sow 486 25 do b20 35k 25 do b60 49k 50 do c 35k 50 . do bnw 41b 50 do c 35 50 Erie KR blO 276 25 do 11W 35 25 do C 276 100 do snw 35 50 do 27 100 L Island RR bnw 73 75 Nor St Wore RR 656 100 do s60 72k 25 do stw 65s ? & 24 <i0 State of Trade* Aihxs?Pots are Inactive at our quotations, S 87) a $4. Pearls are steady at $4 18]. Beeswax? Prime yellow sells, as wanted, at 39 a 29)0. The demand is very limited. Breadstuffs?No alteration to-day. Demand, supply and prices are the same as on Saturday. Cotton?1The market opened to-day with a good feel ing, and the bids were free at the rates paid at the close of Inst week. A further improvement was demanded by holders, and acceded to hy purchasers, So that the market may be considered one-quarter cent higher than before the arrival of the steamer. Sales, 1,500 bales Has?Common qualities ol North River bale are hsld I at 3Ac; prime at 58 a 80c. The demand is moderate and the supply fair. Whiskey?Drudge casks are still held at 33c Western and prison barrels are dull at 33 a 28 jc. Cattle Maeket.?At market, 1,100 beef cattle (350 from the south) 140 cows and calves, and 800 sheep Prices?Beet Cattle?We quote best retailing at $5 to 6 50, with a few extra at 7 cents. Market dull, and 300 unsold. Cows and Calves?All sold, nt$l4a39. Sheep?The market was cleared at $1 75 to 5 50, as in quality. Hay?A good supply, at 56 a 87) cents per cwtfor loose, by the load. Real Estate?Jludiin.?Terms?10 per cent on the day of sale; the remainder to be paid on the 1st May next. 75 per cent of the purchase . money to remain on bond and mortgage, at 6 per cent interest, payable half yearly. 3 story brick building No* 7 and 8 Whitehall st, main building ?6 ft deep, and rear bnlldingi at tached thereto, 64 fest 10 inches deep; lot 49 ft 10 inches wide in front, and 38 feet 6 inches in the rear, 145 ft I inch deep one aide, 146) It the other,$23750 | 3 story brick house adjoining, 6 Whitehall street; lot 26) ft front and rear, 134) ft deop one aide, 123 the ether; house 26) by 58 ft 12350 j 4 story brick store 17 South street, three doori east of Broad street; let 28 ft front and rear. 79 it 10 inches deep one aide, 77 ft 1 inoh the other; house 28 by 36000 | 4 story brick store 37 Front st, next east to corner of Broad st, lot 38 ft front and r.-ar, 74) feet deep one side, 85) the other; building covers the lot, with the exception ol a yard 7 ft square, reserv ed for 117 Brnsd street 14O00 4 storv brick store 117 Broad street, two doors south of Front st; lot 33) by 78 ft, with exception ol 7 It square reserved to 37 Front st; house 32) by 69 feet 13000 18 years lease of premise* 14 Mott street, lot 33 fest front. 18) rear, 109ft deep one side, 110] the other, 8000 No. 458 and 460 Pearl it, lot 83) ft front, 87) feet one side, 85 the other 19800 Corporation Property, continued ?Lot corner 43d street and 6th avenue, fronting on the latter, 25) by 100 ft 1400 6 lots adjoining, same size, at $900 each 6400 Lot adjoining, corner 48 ) street 1020 8 lots in the rear of the above, fronting on 42d and 48.1 streets, each 26 by 108 ft, at $700 6800 16 lots adjoining, 8 on each street, at $540 8840 3 do 1 on each street 1280 DUd, On Monday, 37th init. Briduit, wife of Bernarl Real. The friende of the family are invited to attend her fu neral, thia afternoon at 4 o'clock, from 160 Chryitie it. At Detroit, Michigan, on the 10th init. Wm Orken rir.LD, Sr. aged 81 years, a native of Caithneia, Scotland. Weekly Report of Deathi In the city and county of New York, from the llth day ofJan. 1843, to the 25th of fan , 1815. 50 Men?46 Womru?15 Boys?37 Oirli.?Total 171. DliEASKS. Abscess, 8: Aneurism, 1; Apojdety, 3; Bronchitii, 1; Burn ed or ncaloed, 3: Casualties, 1; (holers infantum, 2; Consnmp tion, 42; Convulsions, 12; Croup, 6t Congestion of brain, t; Congestion of lungs, 3; Debility, 4; Delirium tremens, 1; Di arrhoea, I; Dropsy in the head. 9; Dropsy in the chest, It Dy ?enterv, 1; Kpifepty, I; F.ryaipelai, 3; Fever, bilious, l; Fever, pneriwral, I; Fever, remittee t, 2; Fever, scarlet, 3; Fever, ty phoid, 5; CJout, 1; Heart, disease of, 6; lloopinB cough. 2; In flammation, 3; Inflammation of Brain, 6; Inllammation of Bowels, fi; Inflammation of Innaa, IS; Inflammation of peri cardium, 1; Inflammation of liver, I; Influenza, I; Intemiw rance, 3; Marasmus, 5; Measlea, 6; Old age, 3; Palsy, 1; Fie mature birth. 1; Small po*,4; Spinal disease, 1; Sprue, I; Sui cide, I; Teething, 1; Unknown. 1. Aot?Under I year 38; I to 2 years IS: 3 to 5, 17; S to 10, J; 10 to 20, 8; 20 to 38,38 ; 30 to 40,15; 40 to 58, 13; 50 to SO, 16 , 68 to 70, 0; 70 to (0, 3; 8" to 90, 3; 90 to 100, 0; unknown, 8 ELI LKAVITT, City Inspector. City Inspector1! Office, Jan. 35. 1145. PaaMitgoio Arrived, Manilla?Ship Rsjah?Capt J Spauldiag, of Salem, late of the ship Lausanne, of New York, sold at Manilla. Foreign lmportatlrma. Manilla?Ship llajah?30 case* segues 881 nfeuls sapen wood 1348 hales hemp 3205 ?ujar Fletcher, Aleisnper ken, of >ab m?136 h?s legats J Out?396 bags suiar I* GJackson jr. of Boston?47 chesta cassis 3331 hags sugar 1934 Mat hemp Good hue k co. MARITIME HERALD. Movement* of the Httanublpe. Steamers. Leave Liv'l. Ihiei i Jlme'a. Leave Jlme't Cambria, Jndkius... ... Feb. 1 Hiberuia, Ryrie. . .Feb. 4 ...Feb. 18 Mar. 1 Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vassals will sire to Kodkht Silvev, Captain of oar News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any forriga newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents at home ir abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informs .ion of any kind will be thankfully leceived. POKTOF MOW VOllK, JANUARY 'AH. IDS Flies T 5 I MOON RISKS 10 35 tlin sxts 4 65 I Hisn water II 48 Cleared. Ships Sheridan, Cornish, Liverpool, K K Collins It Co. Barques Mallory, Brown, New Orleans, by th" same; Reform, Lewis. Mobile, Sturges 8t Clearman.?Brigs Maria It Fanny, (Ham) Camin*nea,Baliia, Bechlel It Dreyer; Petersburg. Simp ley, Vera Crux. Hargous Brothers It Co; Levant, Webster, New Orletus. Nesmith It Walsh: Sterling, Hamilton, Savan nah. Dunham It Dimnu.?Schrs Globe. Seeley, Demerara, by tli* master; Bridgewater, Alden, Aux Caves, Foster It Nicker son; Juliette, Woglam, Petersburg, Jas Hunter It Co; Nassau, Chester, Richmond, Allen it Paxson; Mary Jane, Powell, Nor folk, Sturge3 ItClearinan; Adrian, Walpole, do, James Hunter It Co. Arrived. Ship Rajah, Cunningham, (reported yesterday) from Manilla, Sept I, and Anjier Oct 24, with mdse, lo Ooodhue It Co. Past ed Anjier Sept 17. ship ICareline, for Chiua; 26th, brig Boxer, from Singapore; 28th, Ann Maria, from China: 30th, ship Arenus. from Manilla; Oct 3. Oeorge Ryan, for China; llrh, Tiger, fordo. Nov 1, off the Capes, stw Br ahili Wm Metcalf, from Ca'eutta: Dec 15, lat 12 42 S, loll 5 47 W, spoke barque Strabo, from Ca cutta for Boston; 28th, lat 6 45 S, Ion 30 VV, barque an'ilu?, from Kaltimoie; Jan 19, Iat30,lon70 32, baique Wol.a, M days from Boston. Sclir Tioga, Hillock, 6 (lavs from Wilmington, NC. with cotion, naval stores, Sic. to N L McCrevl.y St Co. Sailed in co with Moselle. Eustis, and Chappell. Sawyer, for New Orleans; Levant, Hawthorn, Hartus; Porto Rico, NYork Schr Maicia, Smith, from Wilmington, NC with cotton and naval stores, to master. Sailed in co with schr Silas Crane, for NVork. Sclir Delaware, Holbrojk, 14 days fiom Thoinastou, with lime, to master. Schr Notua, Besse, 24 hours from Ware ham, with produce, to master. Sloop Kmmalt Eliza, Besse, 24 hours from Wareham, with produce, to master. Below. Brig Helen McLend, Laudis, (of Baltimore) from Rio Ja neiro, with coffee, to order. Brig Industry, Brown, (of New Haven) from West Indies, with mdse, to W W Prntt. Also, a barque from New Orleans, and 2 brigs unkuown. Sailed. Brig Sterling, Hamilton, Savannah, and others. Ship Louis Philippe, Castoff, for Havre, was towed by steamer Jacob Bell to the SW Spit, where she anchored. Miscellaneous Record. Packet Ship Sheridan, De Peyster, for Liverpool, wil sail to-day. Her letter bags will close at the usual hour. Mr Cornish, who has been for a long time attached to the Sheridan as first officer, will go out this trip as commander. Ship Medora, Crockett, of and from Thomaston, Maine, out 28 days with ran of a cargo of lime, bound to Mobile, an c.iored in Five Fathom Hole, on Sunday last, in distres*. The M. sailed from Thomaaton on the 8th Dec. and on the llthex perienced a aevere hurricane in lat 37 50 N. longitude 69 15 W., which threw her ou her beam ends, carried away the three top- | masts, wrong off the mainmast jost above deck, and lost all her sails. Fell in with a vessel water logged and abandoned, on the 2d inst. in lat 34 14, long 62 10, part of her mainmast stand ing, she had been apparently a brig The Medora is a new ves sel?first voypge?400 tons?[Bermuda Gaz. Jan 7. Brio Henry Buck, of New York, Capt Woodsides, from Newcastle, M., bound to New York, arrived at New Inlet Bar, below Wilmington, N C, on the 20th inst dismasted. Capt. W. has furnished the following statement. Sailed from New castle on 10th December; on the llth, while scudding under close reefed maintopsail, in a tremendous (rale ftom the East, being in lat. 40 50, N. Ion. 70 10 W., took a heavy sea over the larboard quarter, which washed the man from the wheel caus ed the brig to broach to, and hove her on her beam ends, her vnrd arms in the water. Means were taken to get her away be fore the wind, bat it was found impossible to do so, and as she was filling fan by the companion wavs, the mainmast was cut away, and that carried the foremast by the board, when she righted with three fret water in the hold, and the sea making a clean sweep over her Nothing wes saved from the wreck bat the main iio. In a few hours the wind veered to the North ward, ana up to the 23d experienced continual gales. On the 25th, yoke ship Sheffield. Capt- Smith, of Bath, bound from New Orleans to Liverpool. Capt- 8. kindly supplied ns with sails. On the 26th, the first calm day, succeeded in getting up two spars for jury masts. Brio Only Son, Hyatt, before mentioned, from Wilming ton. NC. for Jamaica, was totally lost on the night of 28th Nov. at the back of Salt Key, Turks Island. All hands saved. Missing Vessels ? Brig (Jazelle, of Bermuda, Capt EolIas be Senn, left Antigua for Baltimore on the 24th Sept last, and has not since been heard of. Brig Visitor, of and from Halifax for Jamaica, Capt J B Zuill, left that port on the 17th Sept last, and has not since been hesid of. Capt Z. was a native of Ber muda. A vessel answering the description of the Visitor, was seen on the North side of St Domingo, after the hurricane of the 4th Oct. last- .... Launch.?'The new brig Henry Woodis, was launched yes terday morning from the ship yard of Wm. H. Hnnter, iu beau tiful style. She is iu the opinion of connoissenrs a fine model, and a specimen of workmanship highly creditable to the builder. ?[Norfolk Herald, Jan. 24. wnitiemen. Arr at New London 24th inat. Christopher Mitchell, Kwn, Pacific Ocean, Pernambuco Dec 18, of and for Nantucket, with UOObbls apotl. Put in on account of the atorm. ltrporta at Nooaheva, Marqneaaa Ialanda, July 20, Marv Pitman, Nant, 9k mm out, 375 bbla ap: Rambler, McCleere, do, 12K moa, 300 ap; Roacoe, McCleeve, NB, 10 mot, 400 ap; Aug 25, Montano, Soon, Nant, 1400 ap; Jaa Maury, Chase, 1300 ap 400 wh. Spoken. Milo, Chick, from New Orleans for Boston, 14th init. lat 25 3, Ion 80 12. (foreign Porta. Algiers, Dec 5?Arr Due a'Orleaus, Robertson, Trieste. Bf.aum.ris, Dec 28?Passed, Tiber, Snow, from Hull for Bangor, to load for Boston. Bristol, Dec 24?Sid Parmelif, Attridg*, Savannah; 25th, Jaa It Mary SinnotjConnor, do. Cowei, Dec 15?Sid Superb, Henry, Mobile. Clyde, Dec 19?Bid Lady Sale, Anderson, Charleston. . Cadiz, Dec 23?In port, Albertina, [8w] for New York,few days. Caluttta, Nov 22?In port, Brunswick, M'Manus, (from Liverpool, Jnne 27, arr Oct 31. in ballast) ldg linseed. Genoa, Dec 26? In port, Hellespont, Silvester, and Beaver, Edmond, unc; Florence, Howland, for Malaga, soon. Havre. Dec 16?Sid Irad Ferry, Chase^ NOrleans. Adv 27th, Moselle, Hunt, for Boston^Janl; Zurich, for New York, do; Sully, do. 8th; South Carolina, Owen, for NOrleans, next dry; Severn, Cheever, do, Jan 5; Francis Depau, Sagory, do, 15th; Levi H Gale, Thompson, do, 14th; Consuntine, Sampson, do, 24th. Hawaii, Sandwich Islands, previous to Aug 17?Arr Chena mns, Couch, Columbia River. Hamilton, Bermuda, Jaa 13? Four vessels in sight at sun down. Arr 11 th. Favorite. Masters, Baltimore. Old John H Stephens, Hall. Wilmington, NC. Kinsale, Dec 30?Sid Corinth, Smith, from Charleston for Livert ool. Liverpool. Jan 4?Adv Nathl Hooper, for Boston, with quick despatch; Hartland, [Brl Hooper, do do; Harriet Rock well. Briard. do, unc; Nile, Johnson, for Nt ork, 6th; Saransk, for Philadelphia, 8th; Jaa Edward, for do. with quick despatch; Wm Goddard, Potter, for Mobile, few days; Palmyra, and Kilby, NOrleans, 5th; Clifton, Ingersoll, for do. first vessel; New Hampshire, Chase, for do, soou. Arr 4th, Berlin, Baker, NOrleans. Leghorn, Dec 3?Sid Argo, Aalborg, NYork. Madeira, Nov 27?Sid Pons, Graham, Madeira. Nkwry. Dec 30?Sid Ayrshire, Mackay, Savannah. Oahu, Aug 30? In port. Globe, Doane. for Boston, ldg. Rotterdam, Dec 31?In port, Frances Burr, Henchman, nnc, Sm*rna, Dec 10?In port, Sophia,[8w]for NYork, ldg. Sid 8th, (not Nov 8) Middlesex. Snow, Boston. St Georoes, Bermuda, Jan 13?Sid Tom Paine, Anderson, and Rebecca, Staples, New Orleans Arr 12th, Lemuel Peters, Treworgy, NYork; 7th, Medora. Crockett, Thomas ton, in dis tress?see Miscellaneous Record. Trieste, Nov 30? Sid Neptuuus, [supposed Swedish] New York. In port Dec It. Plato, Holmes, tor Philadelphia, diag; Clarissa. Lnnt, for Palermo, do; Casilda, Higgins, uisg; Car thage, Koapp, and Independence, Birkett, do. Watereokd, Dec 27?Sid Ann Kinuey, Baldwin, Charles ton. Ham* Part*. BostoV Jan 26?Arr Amos Patten, Thompson, and Dana, Smith, NOrleans; Thames. Prince, Mobile; Carlos.Tillinghast, Savannah; Granville, Philbrook, New York for Newburyport, fut in for a harbor. Signal for a brig. Sid 25lh, wind SYV. ight, Chicora. Zealand, Palm, Glendower; 26th, wind SW to NW and NNW, modeiaie, Regulus, Pico, Gaulle, Abby Ba ker. J W Paige, l.ncv Ann, Antares, Manson, and others. Nantucket, Jail 23?Atr Armata, Rodgers, NYork. Cdoartown, Jan 21?Arr Nt Leon, Babson, and Sally Maria, Boston for NY'ork. 22d?Arr below. Exact, Folger, Norfolk for Nantucket, and is sshore on the flits. 23d?Sid Cypnts, Portlaud; Delaware, NYork; St Leon, and Sally Maria. 2?th? Arr Copy, Gardner, NYork for Nantucket. Sid all the vessels before reported hound E. The Exact is still on the flats, and a Nantucket eloop alongside taking out cargo of corn; will get off without damage. Wind light at ESK. Holmes Hoi e, Jan 23?Arr Cordova, Cole, Norfolk for Bos ton, and remains with Uzardo, Bvron, and Shamrock?the last three did not sail with the fl-et. 24lh?Arr Montpelier. Stack pole, Mobile for Bcs'on?wind E. Passed by, Wtllii Putnam, Cook. Turks Island fir Boston. Providence, Jan 26?Sid Union, Bangs, Baltimore; Adams, Crnwell. Philadelphia. Phi la Delphi a, Jan 26?Arr Aurora, Woodbury, NYork. Norfolk, Jan 23?Arr Hortense, Jones, NOrleans?experi enced very severe weather, carried away fore topmast, main totigallant mist, and sustained other damage; Joseph, Brandon, Turks Island; Emily, Perkins, Attakapas; Corsair, [Br] Al hree, NYork. R H Douglass, Norville. from Baltimore, went up James Riser yesterday. Std f'ar?lii:e, r-rris, West Indies; Queen, Bray, Prbvldence; Martha Washington, Wood, Ply mouth. Arr 24th. Henry, Loob, Providence for Savnnan?put in in distress?on Tuesday morning, off Ha'teras. run foul of an unknown ship, which carried away bowsprit, head cutwater and every thing atlached ("Id Southerner, Hatch, W Indies ? Sid Nancy Jane, Godfrey, do; Tryall, Nickerson, Providence. Wii.minoton, NC. Jan 22?Arr Mary Shiell, [Brl Kelly, Tobago; Victoria, [ Br] Clements, Trinid id; Com Hull, Ray, St Thomas; Edw Blake, Adams, Ma tinique; Energy. Frjabie, Porto Rico; 23d, J H Stephens. Hall, Bermuda. Cld Alpine, Trear, Martinique; Glide, McAliater, St Domingo; Wildes P Walker, Edgecomb, Matanzas; Brilliant, [ttr) ferry. Antigua; Grandee, Grtndell, Cuba; Chaa L Vose, Savin, Guadaloupe. Newrern, NC Jan 14?Arr Adveii^Johnson: Alabama, and K. Harknesa, Weeks, NYork: 2flth, Djminnd. Half rk, do. Cld Ann Hyman, Totten. do; 12th, Advent, and E Hsrkness, do Georgetown, SC. Jan 22?John H II, Howe, sid yesterday for NewYork. She had 8160 busheltof rough rice and 114 hales cotton. This is the largest cargo of rough rice ever taken over our bar hv one vesael at one load. The wind for the la<t forty day, with the exception of 8 daya in the whole time, has been at W and S W, and has mad* a succession of low tides during the time seldom known. Charleston, Jan 23?Arr Marengo, Holberton, Havre; Ca rolina, [Fr] Grenier, Gnadaloupe; Jaa Perkins, Hall, Boston; Java, Perry, NYork; Prince Regent. [Br] Chambers, Hnll, E; Damariscoita, Howes, and Massachusetts, Pritchard, Boston; Planet, [Br]Crockett, Havana; Eleanor, Forrest. Baltimore; Manhattan Hopkins, NewYork. In the offing, Naples, from Boston. Cld Alert, Draper, Baracoa. Sid John Kehrman, Long, and Elsinore, Julius. Liverpool: Olendoveer, Parsons, and Michigan, Mason, a Southern pur; Johan Fr edrick, [Bre] Wieiing, Brem n; F A Brown, Westhrook, Havana An 23d, Remittance, Silsbee, NYork, and aid 23d fo' a Southern port; Trenton,Cotting, NYork; Catharine, Tnfls, Boston; Lady Bagot, [Br] Williams, Waterford. By Last NiKht'i Xonthern Mail. Baltimorr, Jan 26?ArrAlmeda, Ryder, Boston! Sisters. Small, New York Sid Ann Barn. y. Mix, Kingston, la ( Id 25th, Fabitis, White. Brxxil and a market; Martha Elizabeth, Cromwell, llarhndnei and a market; Helen Frazier, Clark, Portland. Sid Chesapeake, Post, NYerk. hardware at low prices. PPHE SUBSCRIBER (Agent for several Manufacturers in 1 England) offers to large dealers, at stuffing advance on the aterling coat:? _ 6:0 Gross low priced Knives and Forks (at cost of impor tation ) . . 1(00 Dozen superior Mill, Bastard, Tsper,he., lie., Filea. 5 Caaks low priced Hand and Pannel Saws. 40 " bright Trace ( hains. SO " Carolina Hoes, assorted. 6 " Patent Knob and Padloeka. Also, Hooks and Hinges, Curry-combe, Ctndleslicks, Bed Screws, Kettles snd Saucepans, wrought and horse Nails, Bu'ts, bpoens, Frame Polls; s Latches, he., Ike . he. JOHN A NliWBpULD, ia23 5tis*rc M Joh* " (up Snairt ) AUCTION SALES. VALUABLE WATER PRORERTY IN THE SEVENTH WARD. XX7E are repirsu-d u> call public attention and alio that ol ? v capitalists. to the aale of valuable Property, being balance of the Eita'a of lite late Henry W. Bool, aold by order of the Executor*. This ia the uioit desinble property on the margin of the East River, that has been offered for a long tyite It i* situated between Jefferson and Clinton streets, lianas a frout on the river of 144 feet, and extending to Water street, with the bulkhead and water right. It will be sold by WM. H. ERAN KLIN St SON, at the Mer chants'Exchange, This Day, at <2 o'clock. j28 lt'rc w ANTED?A BOY about '4 vears of age to learn the Lap idary business. Enquire at 16 John street. J28 11* -c '1X7'ANTED.?A Professional Gentleman will receive and " qualify five or six young gentlemen to enter upou the ractice of a genteel p ofessiou, the emoluments of which will generally amount to over three thousand dollars |er annum. Those possessing a good common school educat ion ate com|>r to be qualified in about three months, the fee for which is tent to De qualified m about three months, the lee lor which is $100. Apply at 66 (iold slieet. It is desirable the class should commence on Mouday, the ad February next. j28 It* in Business, 117ANTED?A Partnerina DrygoedsCommission Busiue (princiiwlly French,) with a cash capital of about $10,000. by a person who has been in business in this city many years. Is fully competent to coudurtan e<tabli?hm*nt, beiug at present a partner iu such A note with real name, addressed to C.A.B. at this office, will receive immediate attention, and will be con sidered strictly confidential. j28 3t*re WANTED, BY A YOUNG FRENCH WOMAN, A SITUATION as Seamstress or Chambermaid, or to make A herself generally useful iu a private family. The applicant, English lately arrived from France, and not speaking the language, would prefer a French family. Apply to Mis* Fetre, No. TODitane street, tip stairs. j28 3t* m TIT ANTED?A situation by a stont healthy young man, as v v porter or to take charge of horses. Please apply at No. 4k Elizabeth street, upstair*. j27 2t*rh WANTED, A SITUATION by a young man recently froii Great Britain, as Buokketqier, Salesman, or General Clerk ; has had considerable experience in each of the above ca pacities, and would be satisfied for the present with board alone, as a remuiieiatiou for his servicer. Good reference can be given. Address L. W H. ai this office j2f, 31 rc (jtt 111 REWARD.?Taken from the Open House, on Friday ypiVJ evening, Jan. 24, a Black Cloth Cloak, wiili velvet collar and facings, lined with alpacca, nearly new. The above reward will be naid for the return of said cloak to Palmo's of fice adjoining the Opera House. j26 3lis*ec E POST OFFICE, New York, Jan. 17, 1845 NGLISH MAIL?letter Bags per Mail Steamer CAM BKI A, will be closed st the Upper and Lower Post Offices in this city, on Friday, the 31st instant, at 43 minutes past 3 o'clock, P. M. The overland postage of 18% cents on each single letter, most be paid J28 4trc JOHN LOR1MER GRAHAM, P M. DECORATIVE DESIGNS, For Theatres, Ball Rooms and Saloons, executed. ORNAMENTAL SHOW CARDS, - and TRNASPARENT SIGNS, manufactured rv J. B. CAREY & CO., 323 Broadway. IT~7~ Specimens may be observed in the leading stores of the City. j28 3t" in BISHOP ONDERDONK'S TRIAL. D. APPLETON & CO. Willpublith on THURSDAY MORNING. SOM instant, PROCEEDINGS OF THE COURT, piONVENED under the Third Canon of 1814, for the Trial of yy the Ht. Rev. B. T. Onderdouk. D. D.. Bishop of New York, on a Presentment made by the Bishops of Virgiuia, Tennessee, aud Georgia, l vol. 8vo of 314 pages. Price Fifty Cents. This volume is published by the authority of the Court? the Copyright secured bv the publishers. All the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church iu the Diocese of New York, are entitled to a copy of this work, free of charge, and may receive the same on application to tht Publishers, or by mail if they so request. The Publishers would advise all who are auxioua to procure this work, to make an early application. ? Orders enclosing remittance through a postmaster, will be immediately attended to. j28 3t c DOG LOST?A very small, smooth haired Black \ma Teirier Slut, cropped ears and tail; hasastnall spot on _^J_2xhis back with the hair off. Any person who will re turu her to the bar-room of Niblo's Garden, will receive three dollars reward. j27 2t*je TO LET?With immediate possession, a CIGAR STORE, in adesirahlesituation. Rentlow. Apply on the premises, No 3 Wall street. j28 3t*rc PACKET SHIP SHERIDAN, for Liverpool?Passengers by this ship will pieise be on board the steamboat Re'culea, at Whitehall, thia (Tuesday) morning, 28th inatant, at 12 o'clock, at which time the ahip will sail Letter bags will close at the nsual places at 11>? o'clock. j28rc LOOKING GLASS PLATES HANLINE it OSTHEIMEK, Importers, No. 3 Bank street, Philadelphia, have received by late arrivals, a full assort ment of Looking Glass Plates, from 9 by 7 to 40 by 20; Polished Plate Window Glass, from 18 by 12 to 60 by 40. Also, a com plete assortment of Toilar. Glasses, Spectacles, Snuff Boxes. Segar Cases, together with a variety of other German and French Oooda, which they offer on the moat favorable terms. ja28 lm*gbz TO THE DAGUERRIAN ARTISTS. FA. ARTAULT. Importer of French Daguerreotype ma ? teria's and manufacturer of Morocco Casta, offers (or sale at the following cheap prices Best quality o( French Plates, No. 40, (medium)$3 doxen. Fiue Morocco Cases, with white glans and hue borders, S3 dz. Goi-d quality of Daguerreotype Apparatus, including the in struction, all complete and warranted, $30. Acromatic Glasses, from 13 to $13. All the Chemicals used in the Daguerreotype process, cheap F. A. Artault has received by the last steamship, the salt of gold for gilding the pictures, the new substance for polishing plates iu two min ites, and the beautiful process of Mr. Fizeau for reproducing ihe Daguerreotype Portraits on engraved plates, and to draw on paper an unlimited cumber. If you are fond of (ha progress in this beautiful art, please to call at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, cor. of Liberty at. ja28 lm*rc CHEAP DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. V/T RS. H. SH ANKLAN D,Daguerreotype Artist,having taken 3-'4-since two years more than 18,088 portraits, and being well known for taking the best alyleof portraits, respectfully informs her friends and customers aod the public, that she gives a bean ful Daguerreotype likeness, including a fine morocco case or a frame, for only one dollar. Being always well patron I red. and her customers increasing every day. she has, for their conve nience, enlarged her establishment, by two Daguerreotype rooms to the L afayette Bazaar, 119 Broadway, and by a branch of her establishment, 236 Broadway, third story? front room, No I, opposite the i ark Fountain Portraits taken from 8 in the morning to 4 in the evening, any weather, clondy or st'-rmy. Remember, only one dol ar, (best style) including case or frame. jit im*rrc FOR THE PILES. TTNIVER9AL I OWMENDATION.?From every city, y town ?id village where Dr. Upham's VEUElABLE PILE ELECTUARY h is beeu introduced, the most gratify ing intelligence of its excellent effects have been received by the proprietor. In hundreds of instances it has triumphed over cases which were deemed iucuntble READ THE FOLLOWING REMARKABLE CASES. A gentleman from Brooklyn, Long Island, after using two boxrs of the Electuary, gave me thrfollowiugaccount:?When I obtained the medicare 1 was suffering severely from sn attack of the Piles, and for two months had been afflicted with severe headache, accompanied by a distressing sensation at the stomach. There was a perspiration abont the head, but the body, legs and arms wsre always dry and husky. The medicine removed the Piles, cured the headache and distress at the stomach, and cre ated a natural inspiration over the whole body, and I am how in better health than I hare been for years. A gentleman who bad long beeu subjected to Piles, suffering intensely from their continuance, informed Mr. Mitchell, 265 Bowery, N. Y., that their complete removal was effected by the use of the Vege able Electuary. This individual had tested all the celebrated external applications, each being attended with but very slight b nefit. This Internal Remedy, however, speed ily manifested its happy adaptation for this complaint, and most satisfactorily convinced the sufferer that the high reputation which the Electuary has attained it based solely upon thn great and^ lasting benefits attendant upon its'.nse This certifies lhat I u:ed Dr. Upham's Pile Electuary, more than a year ago, for Piles, cf which c. mplaint il cured me. I still ure it when occasion requires aud prefer it to auv other medicine ro obviate costivcness, remove morbid accumulations in the stomach and bowels, and to purify the blood?and after having used a great variety of medicines, I beltoe this to be su perior to ail others. THOMAS WAl-L, Grocer, No. 37 Broad atreet. New York, March 10, 1844. Sold in this city by the proprietor only, a regularly educated physician, confined to an office practice for the treatment of Chronic Diseases, No. 19fi Bowery. Medical advice in rela tion to the above or any other complaints gratis. Price of the Electuary, One Dollar HZ7* Remember that ihe Electuary is an Internal Remedy, and not an external applica tion, and sold ONLY at 196 Bowery, four doors above Spriug at. Office hourx from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. jy2S 3md8tw*m HAVE YOU A COUGH I DO not neglect it. Thousands have met a premature death for ihe wa >t of a little attention to a common cold. HAVE YOU A COUGH!?Dr. Jayne'a Expectorant, a safe medical prescription, containing no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive ptactic* for several tears, will most positively afford relief, end save you from that awful disease, pulmonary consumption, which annually sweeps into the grave hundreds of ilia aoung, the old, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a cough I?B- persuaded to purehaie a bot'le of the Expectorant to d ay?to-morrow mav be too late. Have you a cough I?Jayne'i Expectorant is the only p-medy yon sh uld lake to cure yon; for this plain reason,that in no one of the th uaaud cases where it hns beeu used haa il failed to re lieve. Prepared and seld by Dr. J'yne. 20 South Third street, Phi ladelphia. Sold by the agents, A. B. 8t D. Hands, Dtuggists, No. 79 Fulton street, 273 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway. ja28 Imem WORMS! WORMS!! WORM5?!!! WORMS are swept awav from the stomach and bowels by W JAYNE-9 TONIC V KHMIF' OE, as by the besom of destruction They perish uuder its soarclting influence instant ly, ai.d are exrelled with the mucas in which they a e embed ed. The cure is, in almost all rases permanent, anil if a recur rence of the disorder should take place, a few doses of the pre paration will never fail to produce the desired effect?for th* effect does not weaken with repetition, i'hoee who suffer from the Piles or Remittent Fever, or any complaint where a mild tonic or alterative may be desired, will find Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge a most valuable remedy. Sold by the Ae-nte, A. B 8c D. SANDS, Druggista, No. 79 Fulton street, 273 Broadway, 77 EaatBroadway j?28 lm*m n COLISEUM, 4*0 BROADWAY. LET OR LEASE for one or more years. The above new and truly magnificent bnilding (bemg 200 feet long, with entrance from Broadway and < rotby street,) is now nearly completed, and will be-enteu to any proper person well quali fied for its manage me lit. at a very low rate if applied for imme diately. The first floor consists of one large room 45 by 85 feet. 18 feet ceiling; a snit of genteel diessing rooma for ladiea and gentlemen fronting on Broadway, and a supper room 25 by 88 feet, fronting on Crosby street. The whole will be beautifully decorated, and furnished with cosily chandaliers, looking glasses, Itc , Sic., and will upon the whole make one of the finest rooms for Concerts, Halls, Lecturer, Temperance and oiher respectable meetings to be found in the city. The rooms on ine second floor a'eof the same dimensions, and well calculsted for musical rehe r. Iigious meetings, drill rooma, Sic., Ike. Theb<sement is 209 fact long by 25 feel wide, fronting on Broadway and Crosby streets, with entrance from either street, and couta'nt two ranges for cooking Tbr baaeiryent also connects with the ori>er rooms by dumb waiters, thereby rendering it |>erfeetly easy to furnish not suppers to a great number of persons. For further particulars, enquire at the office of the New York Tatlersalls, 416 Broadway, ol j27 3ti??ec GEORGE W. MILLER, Proprietor. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular I'acke to aail the 88th of Feb?The regular fast saihuf .^Packet Ship U A KRH 'K, Captain B J. H. Trask tons, will posi ively sail as above, her regular day. H For freight or passage, having accommodations nuequallei for splendor or comfort,"apply on board at Orleans wharf, foo' of Wall street, or to K. K. COLL1NB k CO, 58 Booth street. Price of retrace, *100 The packet ship Roscrus, Captain A. Eld ridge. will sue ceed the Garrick, and sail 86th March, her regular day. jt?*e ' no. PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS?Packet oi >flfb.ih< 1st February The splendid, fast saiing packet LOUISA, Capt. Leavitt, will sail positively as above, her regular day. , Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin ana itftriw pa*?*cngprt, early application should be mane m board, I foot of Maiden, o, to ^ fc y ,f TApg^0yr jltrc 1* South street, cornsr Maiden lun?. of 1,100 to AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PARK THRATRK, WILL OPEN ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29th, 184 Si The lir.t representation will consisted' a grand Cavalcade Ka tie* en itl.d the I.Hi AS GUARD, iR Daughters of the Sun. A Local Comic Snug, by E. M. Dickeuion. W. Kmcxde a> the Young Indian on hii War Hone. Vaulting, by McFarlaud and the Philadelphia Troupe. C. J. Kodgrra in hueraud act of the Equestrian Actor, or the Metamoriihoiea, consisting of various changes of character. Italian Scene of Oymnastic Postute, by J. J. Nathans and Pupils. hoar Horse Act by J. (J Cadwalladrr. I ersnual Posture and Gymnastics by H. Conover. Madame Lonisa Howard in an act entitled the East Indian Bayadere, on her b'a'itifuVaieed Maiimilian Two Horse Act by J. J Nathans and W. Kineade. Descriptive and Droll Diltv, by E. M. Dickeasou. A Startling and unsurpassed Art. by T. V. Turner To conclude with THE BRENTFORD ELECTION! or. Billy Button's Search for a Horse?Sir Win Button, J. J. Na thans; Groom, J. May; Stable Keeper, N Johnson. The Door* will be opened at 6, and the Gieat Cavalcade will commence at 7 o'clock. Pricet of Admis$ion. Private Boxes $6 First Tier ef Boxes and Parquette 60 cents. Second Tier of Boxes. 36 cents. Gallery llHcents. MR . CLIREHUGH'S THIRD LECTURE SCOTTISH MINSTRELSY, WILL COISSIST or THE BEAUTIES OF BURNS, ANCIENT HUMOROItSTmV'or AMAT1C 80NG8 OF SCOTLAND, And take pi*.,, r" at the ?oi iety Library. On Tuesday, (This Kveiilng,) id8til Jan. The Lecture will be illustrated by the following songs :? PART FIRST. Of a' the airts the w lid can blaw?Highland Mary?Green iirow the issbea?The Soldier's return?'ine Birks of Aberfel dy?Laic May abraw wooer?A man's a man for a' that PART SECOND. Talc yer auld cloak about ye?The Guberlunxie Man?My wife has li'eu the gee?.Maggy Lauder?Get up an' bar the door To commence at hall-put 7 o'clock precisely. Ticket* SO era, and programmes, to be ned at the Music Stores, of Mr. C., 3(6 Broadway, and at the door on the evening. j3l tfm GRAND TEMPERANCE CONCERT AND ORATION, * AT THt BROAD WAV TABEHNACLE. rPHE ORPHEAN FAMILY, will give a Grand Temperance I Concert at the Tabernacle, on This Evening, January 38th, 1846. REV. C. C. BURR, of Philadelphia, will deliver the Ora tion. MR. J. B. GOUOH, the celebrated Temperance Lecturer, has also been engaged, and will address the audience Tickets Fifty Cents?Can be obtained at the Sun Office, Tri bune Office, at Atwill's. Firth k Hall's,Hewitt's and Riley's Music Stores; of J. F. Philslrom, No. 9 Hairiaon at: of the C. R. of each Tent, and at the dour Door* open at 6 o'clock. The evening's entertainment will commence at half-past aevan o'clock. ;28 tfm fflBLO'S GRAND SALOON, FOR CONCERTS AND BALLS. PNOW KITTED UP FOR THE WINTER AMUSE MENTS IN MAGNIFICENT STYLE. O-For CONCERTS it has many advantages, having an arched ceiling, favorable for sound; and being removed from the street, there it no annoyance from the noise of carriages?it has capacions galleries, and will accommodate fifteen hundred persons. For Balls it has a spring lloor and raised seats on tha aides, and is maguificeutly lignted with splendid cut glass chandeliers. Attached to tha Saloon and on the tame floor, there are private parlora, dressing rooms, managers' and hat rooms, ana a supper-room 300 feet long, which.will acconamo >in> will be taken to give aatii date 600 tenons. Great pains will be taken to give satisfaction. Price of Saloon for Balls $60. Price of Saloon for Concerts $26. CCT-CITY GUARD GRAND MILITARY BALL, takes place at Niblo'a Saloon, on Tuesday, January 38th. O"-EUTERPEAN SOCIETY?The Annual Concert and Ball of the Euterpean Society will take place at Niblo'a Saloon, on Wednesday Evening, the 39th inst. Membera can procure their Tickets on Friday evening next, at the Society's room, 417 Houston, two doon below Crosby street. By order BENJ. S. HART, Secretary. JE/-HIGHLAND GUARDGRAND MILITARY BALL, takes place at Niblo'a Saloon, on Friday, January Slat. , THE ST. GEORGE'S 80CIETY THIRD AN iAL BALL will take place at Niblo'a Saloon on Thurs day, Feb. 13th. [E7"FRANKLIN BLUESORAND MILITARY BALL, takes place at Niblo'a Saloon, on Monday, February 17th, 1(46. jaSOrc EUFTH COMPANY WASHINGTON GREYS SOIREE " at the Apollo Saloon, January 39th, 1846.?Hackney Coach es, Carriages, or Cabs, engaged for this Soiree will set their company down with their horses heads towards Canal strett and take them up in reverie order whru leaving. By order of ISAAC H. BROWN, j38 It tc Superintendent of Hacks and Cabs. n?jal O str? m# flrtead-?kip'? gold - mi *mmb QING ? MR. WARNER, the Translator of Weber,etr. etc., U will open a new cla*? in learning to sing and in the first ele ment* of Music, This (Tuesday) Evening. January 28th, at 8 o clock. Rooms, 411 Broadway, 'l'his will be a good opportu nity foi beginner,. Mr. Warner', new illuatracing apparatus will also fnrnish very great facilities for a ready anil full under] standing of the subject preparatory to the study of instrumental muiic. j2t lt*m CITY GUARD SOIREE?Niblo's, Tuesday Evening, Jan. 21th ? Hackney coaches and carriages, engsced lor the above Soiiee, will set their company down with horses heads up Broadway, and lake the same up in reversed order wheu leaving. , ISAAC H BROWN. j28 It'je Superintendent Hicks and Cabs. MESSRS. SCHNEIDER 4c REBHUN'S COTILLION BAND. LATE OK SARATOGA SPRINGS, A HE now prepared to give their attendance, at Private Tar I*- ties, Soines, Ike , and combining a Band of various Instru ments, from two to twenty, with the most modern and fashioigt ble Music, hope to give their usual satisfaction. Application to be made to MEB8R3. SCHNEIDER It REBHUN8, jaf lm*rc 99 Crosby street. MUSIC. rpHE GERMAN COTILLION BAND, (lateof New Brigh 1 ton and hort Hamilton,) would respectfully inform the public that they are prepared to play at Private Balls and Par ties, the celebrated Cotillions, Walt see. Polkas, Gallops, Ike., of Lanuer, Strauss, Labitzky, Jullieu, Ike , lie. The Band con sists of from two to twentv-five instruments, with a new grand 6K Octave Gothic Double Action Harp Accompaniment;? will furuish Piano Korte alone when required. I. mONCK, 26 Mercer street. Teacher of Harp, Piauo Forte, he. Also, J. HKLKEN HITTER. No. 259 Centre street.^ .1.?^." JWDS1C.?,yir. DUMHDAA, rrofesaor ot Music, No. 55 . ' hrystie street, above Walker, will go to the residence of hi pupils and teach (ou very moderate terms) the Guitar and dinging, Accordion,Violiu, Trombone and Cornopean. Music harmouizedaud arranged for bands, and piano fortes correctly tuned. Satisfactory references giveu on application. d21 lm*ni QUADRILLE BAND BALLS AND PARTIES furnished with Music at I lie shortest notice, by applying to GEORGE WHITWORTH, 15* East Broadway, or JOHN WHIT WORTH, 289 Walker atim. 'dB lm*re qnHi 1 H flKD ANNUAL BALL OK THE NEW YORK HIGHLAND GUARDS, will take place at Niblo's Saloon, on Kriday Evening, 31st. Tickets can be obtained at the Music Stoies of Kirtn h Hall, in Krauklin Square and Broadway ; Hewit It Co., Broadway; alio, at Niblo's Saloou. j25 lw*rc AMERICAN HAIR DYE. WTARRENTED, if strictly sprlied according to direction. ~v to change the hair from any other color to a beautiful auburn or perfectly jet black, without staining or irritating the skin, like other Hair Byss. Prepared only by DR. JAYNE. No 20 South Thirdstreet, Philadelphia. PnceSfl cents Hold by the Agents, A. B kD Hand, Druggists, No. 79 Knlton strict, 273 Broadway, 77 East Broad* ay. ' j28 Im*rn TABLEAU AND FANCY BALL /"NOSTUMES?The only Costume Warehouse, where Ladies u and Gentlemen can be completely equipped for Masquerades, Tableaus, or Kancy Balls, is at 58 PRINCE STREET, Near Niblo's Garden Costumes for Tartiea of filly or one hnndred persons, sent on hire to sny |?rt of the United States. Letters prompt y attended to. ja3 lm*re CROTON FOUNTAIN BREWERY. THK inability of the subscriber to meet the increased dr A mand for his Pale and Amber Ales, hitherto manufactured at his Brewery, in Albany, lias rendered itnecessarv, to meat the wants of his customers, to commence a Brewing ratablishment in New York, to be called aa above, where he intrude to produce an article which it it presumed willtveu increase the reputation of his Brand, in Pale and Amber Ales, to the 'ne plus ultra" of ant and salubrious beverages, and in abundant supply lm*ih ANDREW KIRK CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, ?i? PEARL STREET T^HE 8UBSC H11' I K, one of the pioneers of the eash I vstem, A desires to leeio before thrennblic that he continues toniau afacture every kink c (Civil and Military clothing, of the fineal materials, in the nril sape.rior style, at lower prices by twenty five per cent than a y other house charges for the same quality of garmruta. Wi.n is th? following list of prices :? Best superfine wool black Dress Coat $tf to MO Pants of fancy id olain black (aaaimsre.. 5 to I Vests of all kmdn, Silk, Satin, Cassimere... IK to 5 Gentlemen who supply their own cloth caa have them mads in the best style a: ilw following prices :? Dress Coats from $7 to $1 Paala from... ... 1 5* to I Vesta " 1 5* to I di2 lm'ec SEGA RS-SECtA RS?SEGARS. DM. HENRIQUE8, 51 William street, reapectfullv in ? vites the attention ofhis friends and the public generally to the following choice Began, juat received by late arrivals from Havana:? Rrgaliaa, of various brands. Norinas. Yngenindad. Es petunia. La India. I .era. Kraganciaa. NonegaaT Paneteliu, of various brands. Priaeipes. Vegaeros. Itionda. N apoleones. Talma Celebradaa. Trabucaa. Ca nones. The stjgv- Segars are guaranteed ss gennine and imported, le would do well to call and evamine them previous ng elsewhere <128 Im're CHiTlsTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S ? EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OK GROCERIES, KRUITS. WINES, fce., WHOLESALE AM) RETAIL, AT SCOTT'S, 76 NASSAU KTREBT. ?THE subscriber offers to public inspection the best assortment ? of Groceries. Wines, fruits, kr.., 8te , suitable to the sea son, of any establishment in the city. Superior Teas, Coffees, Sugars, Otard. Champagne and Cogniac Brandy, Old Jamaica Rum, Holland Gin. Scotch and Irish Whiskey, Brown Stout, Edinburgh Ale, and Kruits, fresh and ricb^bv^be lares^impvrla Wholesale and Retail Store, 76 Nassau strict. N. B.?People from tlie county, Hotel and Boarding House Keepers, who buy for cash, will* find it to their advantage to give this establishment a call Goods sent to any part of the city, free of eipense. The Scotch and Irish W hiskev is fieat sua no mistake. _ dI7 lm? re MARTELLE 4t HOLDERMANN, No. .'IT Naldcn Lai o, N. V. ANUKA< TUKERSand Importers of Oruamesital Hair Work, Wigs, Toupees, Rands, Unrls, Seam?, Bandeau Hair, and a new style of everlasting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Works, wholesale and retail N. B ?The trade supplied on reasonable te'ine. dIT lm*rc _ R HENRY PHIl.LIPH?The .ma'lest Grand Pieaofortu made; bromiht EnftttHl bT 'm* ce ehnieu to Icslist, is now v? lw told ind mar J* s-eu at the Tianoinrw Wareroomt cf Bmdart. Worcester * Duaham, Ml Broadway, ?lltfru M

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