Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1845 Page 3
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The canal rev-itu-sI' X3?mx1 the expenditure* of the fl? eel year more than one-hint cf tlie annual intertston the canal debt, consequently one half ef the mill tax will case nflor the collection of the tax assessed io the year 1844. Tha whole of the mill tax levied in 1844, aud pay able into the Stt in Treasury on lat of March, 1845, it to bo applied ta the ure ?f the general lund, and alter that the general fund will be aided by a tax of half a mill, and the p?ople will be relieved from the pij mint of the other hull, which has been assessed under the law of 1843. Within twelve months, there is due and payable of the canal debt the turn of $3 741,810 01. The means on hand applicable to the payment of tbi3debt amount to $3,691, 115 fell. This leaves a balance to he provided for from the revenues c f the current year of $1,051,400 11. Of the stock whi. h falls due in January, 1846, the Com missioners have already in their hands, as an investment ior the surplus tol'a, or Sinking Fund, the sum of $546 - 003 09. There is also in the hand* of the Comptroller, in trust for the redemption of the circulation of certain bank*, the further sum of about $100 000. This leaves $1,710,519 58 of the stock reimbursable in January, 1846, in the hands of the public. With the balance oi the Sink Jog Fund, abou* $850 000, the balunce oi the Canal Fund alter pay ing the Krie and hamplain canal debt, together with t u-surplus tolls of 1845, it is believed there will he a sufficient sum tomeet the Chenango canal stock, as it is presented for redemption in 1846 All'he chartered bunks of this State were required by the act of 1843, to make returns of their circulating notes to the Comptroller ond to dcliverthelr ;.lste? into his cue tody on or before the lat of July of that year, and all notes Issued prior to that date were required to be burned i> preaence of tin officer appointed for that purpose, on or bnlont tho 1st of July, 1844. The results of the state ments made are as fol'owa : Amount on hand and in circulation, July 1, 184) $37,058 399 Amount in actual circulation, 11,847,920 Amount on hand and in circulation, August 1st, 1S44, 1 918(h)) Amount in actual circulation 1,645.337 Since the 1st day of August last, evidsnoe hat been re ceived of tho burning of $358,390, reducing the amount o nor-regiftered notes in the possession of the banks to $1 659,733, which includes tiie actual circulation. Tho total of each denomination of registered notes in the possession of 86 incorporatsd banks, on the 1st day of December, 1S44, was as follows : Keoistibcd Circulation or the Banks or New Tore, Dec. 1844. $1 notes $1,084,630 $28 note' 1,329.210 82 no es 1.191,143 $53 notes 1,447,650 $3 note* 1.319.346 $100 notes 2,282,900 $'| not-* 5,570,120 (500 notes 914,900 $10 noles 3,744,280 $1800 notes 1,874.600 Total $20,788,115 Tbe fund to redeem the issues of the ineelvent Safety Fund Banks, appears to be almost insolvent itself. The fnnd, on the 1st of January, amounted to $179,193 73, and the amount to bo paid is $1,017,COO 00, leaving the sum of $937,8i)6 38, to be provided for to discharge all the obliga tions of the safety fund. The Comptroller says, that the whole number of associations and individual hankers thst have deposited securities with the Comptroller and re ceived circulating notes therefor, under the act to autho rise the business of banking, passed April 18,1838, is one hundred and nine Ten of the number have been closed by their own stockholders, and their circulating notes re deemed at par, and returned to the Banking Department, except the sum of $4 147, for the redemption of which funds are in the hands of the Comptroller Twenty-nine of the 109 banks before referred to, have been closed by the Comptroller. The aggregate circula tion of the twenty nine banks at the time of failure WM- $1,933 374 Amount taken up by the Comptroller 1 195 748 Leaving the outstanding circulation $37 636 There are seventy associations and individual bankars now in operation, whose aggregate circulation on the 31st December. 1844, was $6 089,697. A few of these are calling in their notes, intending to close their business. Securities Dkfosited with ths Comptroller. N. T State Stock 4} per cent. $316,167 56 " " 0 '? 1,788 730 83 6| " 4031100 00 6 " 394,100 00 7 " 869 927 00 United S.'s " 6 ?' 65 0'10 00 " " 6 " 60 000 00 $3,064,906 38 . ., 106 080 00 Indiana 170 000 00 Illinois 618 Oi'O i>0 A '-li ansa* 643 000 00 Alah.imS 34 O '0 00 Main 40 000 on Michigan.... 616 39.1 60 Ctuh <ii posited 14 144 71 _ . , $6 003 343 69 Bonds and mortgagee 1 680 630 87 Tvbil amount of securities, $8,583,870 66 Th.' Comptroller recommends to the Legislature the p ilicy of compelling all tbe hanks to redeem their issue*, at par, in the oity of New York. The United States Deposits Fund loaued to the coun ties, amounted on the lat of Jan., 1846, to $3,731 116 99. Tho aggregate amount of valuations of real and person, al estate in the same counties, the number of acres of land assessed in e ch county, lie , were as annexed Valuation or Real and Pehjonal Estate. Nnmherof acres of 1 uid assessed $27,675,075 Assessed value of real estate $480,027,6*9 Do peraonal -stale 119,612 343 599,639.952 Aggregate valuation, as corrected by Be Boards of Supervisor* $599,891,923 Amount of Slat* and county tales $3,269,068 95 Do do town taxes 974,03" 86 Total tax $4,243,101 01 The general average rate of taxation on each dollar of the assessment, is seven mill* and seven.hundreths of a mill i while in several counties the rate of assessment on tbe dollar it 10, 13, IS and 15 mills, and in the county o1 Hamilton nearly 33 mills on the dollar. 1 he report of the acting Canal Commissioner of Illinoi* ha* been made to the Legislature of that State We annex a condensed statement from it, giving the most iropoitint items: - In October, 1843, there was a sals of canal lots and lam sin chictgo, Lockport, Ottowa and Lasalle, amount iilg in the aggregate to $297,363 36 This can be dis charged in canal tcrip or indebtedness at par There re m tins on hand from the rales ef evt ry description oi carnl I*m1s, town lots timbi r, Ac. k<5 , bills receivable amount ing t > the sum of $364,625 From tho tommencrmiiit oi the canal, in 1838. up to the 1st of November, 1844, the aggregate sales cf canal lands unci property of every des cription, the itmeeed* of which have neen paid into the Treasury, is $932 407 91. Of this sum there was paid dur ing tbe years 1843 und '44, $137,436 04, all ol which, hnw Lvor, was in interest renp, Governor's scrip, and other canal indebtedness The amount of actual ca?h paid into the canal tre??nry, from 1840, up to first quarter of 1843. wni $272 f?8 13 ; of which sum there has been disbursed $271 127 30, showing a balance against the Treasurer of $967 97 For this triflingsum, however, according to Il linois custom, he claims to have some legal demand or oft'--et. The most import rat item in the report is, the disclosure ot the f?ot that thero has been actually disbursed by the State of Illinois, in the construction of the canal, pay ment ot uftioers, and other expenses properly chargnble to that woik. the sum of $5 039,349 04. Irom its commence ment in the spring of 1838 up to the 1st November, 1844. In udditiontn this, there is due and payable from the ox nal resrurces hereafter to be renliged. either by a loan or otherwuo. the further sum of $1 063.946 14, as follows : ? Canal scrip and interest on the same to Deo. 1st $411,046 67 Ca Si in-li btrdness, not bearing inten d. ... 801,679 70 Ninety day checks, without interest 3ih 00 B-lunce due contractor* 80 092 87 D-m-K-s an ard-d individuals in running across private proiwriy. 93,587 96 Amount ol scrip isen-d by Gov. Ford, under the act of the lest Legislature, in payment of damage* awarded cans', contractors upon am rendering their contract! 326 353 72 In'i tr ,t due upon the same to Nov. 1st, 1944.. 14000 00 Making the actual sost of the canal to the pre sent time $0,103 293 To c mp'ete it. *ix different plan* urn proposed, shown by 'he r-port of the Canal Commissioner, tl high- Vt estimda of which it $7 358,772 96, and the lowr $1,486 09 1 96 Sixteen htin'red th?H?and dollars is tl .. wu.i ICM iiiTaenipi (1'HDiia in n least sum the canal men demand to complete this wor winch. If obtained and so spplio.l as to finish tbe cam would make it. cost $7 701,39* 18. The Erie Canal N. York Is three hundred and sixty-three miles wo wt'"TN :ml" f0mr,1'.'*d cost thst Stat-but $7,14 ?ia ?<-. -TH. MM - i " v.i mm otnie out g7,14 769 86. The Illinois and Michigan Canal is but one h< riri iiud or.n infles in length, an I costs byover$60nl #4 Uiun .'1.1 tho r 1 a. ? ? ' r more roan did the Erie Cansi, whi.h i. ever thr'-e tim amiM u- . W*w Rxehange. inn l J'ucky,#4. '""ft W *'??* L Island RE ,M ? 100.has banners' Tr e T4^ Hi d? S ? ? <|o sSOafo 35 50 do Si ? <|o sj 35 50 do ,j J? d'> bnw 3 J* 150 do , ?T. ?> ?n? 1 150 rlo *3 7 2? d." si 75 do M 7 U r rfo r- ,n? 33)2 25 llailrm nR bio 6 AO (a? o? c? bill 23 do hnw 171 lU. Boston 10 U do ? lJ . " Nor lit Wore bio 30 Merrh's Exc Cn e 2I)< ?o do e h,8? b 3" Old Stock Rxehange \7Tin '.*? I 21* ,#0 *hM Morris Cansl 7Mift Illinois spcl bds 39 100 do .in >'J?0 , 2.5 do 1000 Indtrtii* Irotidt .14 "in Vvig un soon P-iin'aS's bl5 70? 75 do 5( 0u do slO 70tg 135 do 34000 do ink 19 Syr Ot Utice i !nn00| V L I n. r?X 100 L l.hlld HR inn >ln? Virkshnrg Bit '.)< 3no do 150 I h-nii Bk 08 100 do -?i 25 "do l,k 19^ 35 8to,M<j,8ton RH tin ?5 Fsnnrn'Tmst 35 50 do b30 100 Bit t;? m. scrip 96 J5 do ' rkl I C .11,on Co 47k 75 Nor It Wore RR 2 ) do *30 41 k 100 do U) no 40 230 do hnw 250 do h)0 48U 50 do ^ E B.jjton Co 10^ 50 Heading RR Second Board. Jljnoo I'enn'a S'? 70>i 25 liu Nor k Wore 07 10010 do b30 71 75 do b3 07 5000 do >10 70H 100 HeadniK UH il>i 2000 do "0V 100 9ioni>Ktoa RR b30 38 150 thai L I .stand RR ?30 73)1 23 do 385.; 125 3lorri? < anal 20*1 50 Can'on Co 48^ 100 Nor 8t Wore b60 W> Hilii of Stoces?Boston, Jan 31. $6 009 on New Yo-k, par; 1 share Boston and Worces ter RR, IIS}; 125 Western RR, 96, 33 Eastern RR 106J. 25 Norwich and Worcester RR. 6-5}; 70 Reading RR, no I Oil, 21}; 100 do, solOl 21}, 26do2l|, 20 do 32; 2 Massa chusetts .Mills, 10|; 8 Columbian ilk, 103; 6 Union Bank, 103}. State of Trade. Ashes?Pol* are dull at $4; pearl? ore steady at $4 23 Beeswax-Prime yellow, of all desciiptions, sell at wanted, at 29} a 29}c. Cotton?To-day n very limited business wti done vxporteisiwere busy with tbeir correspondence. Hold ers are firm, nnd demand very high rates. Bales reported amount to 500 ba!es. Ha y?Common qualitirs sell at 56 a 06c. Prime is held at 58 a 60c. The demand is very limited. Whiseay?Drudge casks are In limited demand at 22c. Western and prison barrels are held at 23 a 24c. Real Estate-?4l Auction?Three story brick house and let -293 Pearl street, lot 25 ft 10 inches front, 26ft rmr,b\ 100 ft deep; hiuse 84 ft deep $9000 Three 6tory brick house 331 Pearl at, lot 24} ft lront, 17} It lear, by 100 deep; house 04} ft deep 7609 Two story brick fror.t house 26 White st, 26 by 40 ft, and lot 25 by 100 ft 7000 Two storv brick house 65 Vasty it, house 23} by 36 ft, lot75} ft deep 3760 Cotton Trade* The condition of our principal markrti, since the re ceii t of the favorable advices from Liverpool, by the Cambria,la decidedly better than for a long time previous, and an advauce of from one-half to tbrer-qnaiters of i> cent per pound has been realized. The stock in this aud the southern markets Is rather light for the s aaon; tb; shipments to foreign ports have heen large, and for noon time past the receipts from the interior have been limited in const qucnce of the low stage of water in the rivers As the accounts from Liverpool proceed routk, the mar kets must be favorably influenced,and the planters indue od to get their stocks to market. The ex'ent ol the re ceipts at the different southern depots depends entirely upon the nature of European advices for the next sixty days. If favorable, the supplies will he very large ; but if unfavorable, the crop will be kept back. Should the accounts recently received by the Cambria be confirmed by the packet leaviDg Liveinooi on the 4th of February the state of commercial chairs in this country will be wonderfully improved. The prosperity of a very impor tant section of the country depends entirely upon the re ceipt ol farther favorable advices from Europe. We an nex a statement showing the movements in this slapl ? this season, thus ftr, compared with last Baltt. Receipts at ports of the U 9. since Sept 1, 1844.. 934 Ri<2 Do do do same period last vear 860,712 Do do do do year before, 1,143,641 Exports from U. S. since Sept 1,1844 612 316 Do do same period last vear 346.739 Do do do year before.... 684,672 The receipts at this port, since the 1st instant, amount to 33 000 bales-exports, to 14,600 bales?taken by spin ners 10000 bales?taken on .peculation, 6,680 bales stock on hand. 26,000 bales?amount on sale, 6,000 hales The exports from the United Stati s, since the 1st o< Sent 1844, amount to nearly as many bales as were ship ped in the same time in 1842 and '43, and to nearly double the amount shipped in tho same time in 1843 and '44. The receipts have not been so large this year as they were year before last, when the crop reached nearly 2,400,000 bales, but they so far have been much larger than last year, when the crop amounted to 2 030 000 bales. The conclusions naturally drawn from these facts are that the crop this year will range somewhere between the yields Ol 1843 and 1944. We annex a table showing the current quotations in this maiket :? Liverpool. Classification. Upldt. ^-Florida. N.Orl. f Mobile Inferior, 4 a 4} * . ? 4 a 4} Ordinary, 4] a 6 ... 4j a il Middling, 6j a 6} ?,* 6 a 6} Good middling. 64 a 6} .. . 6} a 6j Middling lair,.. 64 a 6} . . . 61 a 6j . 4 a . 4} a 6 . ?| a 6f . 6* a . 6} a 4 . 0( a 6} , 6) a 4 . 7 a 4 . 8 a 4 Fair . 6} a 6} ... lij a 7 Fully fair 6) a 6} * , * 7} Good fair, 7 a 7} ... 8 Fine 6 a 9} ... 9 a 74 a 8} a 9} American Provisions. There it a very food demand fur Ohio lard, and sales have been made ot ke~sa< 6} a ?}. We now quote lard at 6j; old 0]. There is not much uolag in cheese or but ter; good quality ol the latter is held at 13 a 16 cents.? Beef is improving in demnnd, but we hear of lew sales We quote new mess at $6 76 a 7 36. New prime at $4.76 a 6 36. Prime poik now ra >ges fioin $7,871 to 7 SO. Si ess $10 a 10 13}. We have heard of sales of prime mess at \ $11, for England. Hams fetch 7c. and shoulders 4c. In Cincinnati, on on the 31st inst , sales of country cured bulk pork, from wagon*, were made at $3 68 per 100 lbs. hog round ; 60 bbls No. 3 lard Bt $6 60 per 100 lb.,; sales of No. 1 country rendered, from wagons, at 6 6-t Considerable new pork and lard han ai rived at Boston I from New Orleans since our last report. A autlicient quantity beit g now forssle in that market, our quota tions are changed to meet the views of holders, at which I ra'ns they were firm on the 80th ins'., though as yet hn trilling sales of WW had been made The sales at old P.-rk bad been small at ebout $1 reduction on our quoted prices Mess beef $8 60 a $8 75 per bbl 4 mo*. Then | hod been a good demand for pickled bams, for a neighbor ing market, at quotid prices Butter ami cheese remained as previously noticed. At auction, 60 bbls clear Pork at $10 76 per bbl. cash. There was but little doing in barrel meats in Baltimore on the 39'h inst . end holders continued to ask the fol lowing rates, via : Baltimore packed Mess Beet $9; No I $7 60 a $8; Prime $6; Baltimore parked Mess Pork $10 ?0 a $11, and Prime $9 60. The demand for new Bacon con tinued good, and the market very Arm at the following rotes both for Western and city cured, vii ; Hams 7} a 3 cents; Sides 6] cents; Shoulder 6} cents; Joles 3j cents, and assorted 6 cents. Lard had advanced, and we note sales of Western No I in kegs at 7 cents, at which rate this article is tirm; city rendered at 7 eents. The following Is a statement of the amount of Pork parked at t'ie West this year, compared with the quantity pocked in 1844 Hrhrre PacM. 1846. 1814. Ohio 303 960 ... 473 960 Indiana 80 600 ... 130,600 Illinois 46 300 .... 119 000 Kentucky 70,000 ... 96 ( 00 Missouri l.ieoo .... 16 00. Tennessee... 6 000 ... 30,000 Total 607,760 ... 844 460 607,760 Decrease this year 330 700 It is here to be seen that the number of Hogs packed this year is but little more tban one half the number pack ed laat year, and it ia estimated that the average weight ot the Hogs packed last year is full 13 per cent heavier than those parked this year, and by some it ia supposed thev will av<rage even a higher per rentage, which will re duce tho amount of Pork pnrk?d in 1846 fully one-half ol the amount of last year's packing. Some trifling addition* are yet to be made, but they will net materially vary the result. Amerli an Corn Trssde. In the last week effort* have been made fo raise the prices uf flour here end elsewhere. In this market the article b?s improved slightly, and we may quote Gene *"e at $4 76i$4 81}, and even the baa' brand at $4 87} Ohio and Michigan the same. Rve flour sells at $ 3 37} a $3 60 Corn meal $3 60 a $3 68} Southern corn 46c Kye 67 cents Barley 69} cents. We have a large enough supply. There was considerable fluctuation in the price ol wheat in Southport, Wis , in the weik ending ISih lost , the variations having been from 67 to 73 cent*. The last named price was paid on the 16th ; 68 cents is a fair quo tut ion. Flour $3 97 a $4 for first quality. Corn 37}cents; oat* 96 a 38 cents. The flour market in Cincinnati on the 31st instant was quite brisk. At the Miami canal 600 bbls were taken, a uniform brand at $3 60 clear, delivered at the river; S90 bbls at $3 63, part of it inspected ; and 60 at $3 66, clear. At the rai road there was a sale at $3 60 delivered. Th" mills were holding fl'm at $3 63} at the mill*. This priae wa< offered on the 30th for several lota delivered, but re luted. In Baltimore, on the 39th inst .holders of Howard street flour uniformly asked $4 36 for good mixed brands, but the transsctiou* wera c nflnrd to very small lota to meet pressing wants. The receipt price was $4 from car* ? City Mills Flour $4 36- no transactions. Red Wheat no minal at 63 a 90c, ocoording to quality Very li tie Com offering White was worth 41 a 43c, and yellow 43 a 44c. Md. Oata 37 a 38c. Retail Provision market. The vsriona markets, and most rf the meat shop*, dur ing the past week, hare made their usual display of flnc beef, in. tpe notice for *?la to-day, in Fulton market, some beef and spayed heifers, of a superior quality. [See advert'lenient ] In Washington market, there is some fine mutton, and some splendid bear's meat, st ?0 cent* per lb. Ocod veal is much wanted. Poultry is scarce; but Uttle, fresh hilled, in merket. Fish is plenty, end some floe hallibul, from the east, is selling at 8 cents. Vegetable* continue plenty, and Irish and rrench po tatoes are selling at from 3i. to 4?. the. bushel. Philadelphia Cattle Mavhet. Jsts 30 ? Breves?746 head offered, including CO from Virginia. Hales at $4 96 a ft 76 per 100 lbs. as in quality. 176 head taken to New Vuik. Cows and Calves -137 offored. Bale* of dry cows at $6 a $13; springers, $8 a 16; and milch cowe, $16 a 36, ai in quality. Swine?600 offered. Market dull. Bale* of 466, at $3 60 a 4 60 pel 100 I' *. Sheep? 675 brought in, end sale* at 1 36 a $8 each, as in quali'y. Hay?There were 313 loads brought in tbi* week Sales of Timothy at 80 a 8ftc. and clover and Timothy mix-d 76 a 80c per 100 lbs. Rvn traw, 6} a 6c par hdl Married, On Thursday, 80th inst. hy Hi* Honor James Iltrper, Mayor, Mr. Daniel Class, to Miss Jkssik Jamison, all ol tbis city. A'so, on Thursday, by the same, Mr. Henst B. Jones, to MIss.Mabia Wioa, all of this city. Alio, on Thursday, by the same, Mr Jamvs B. Smith, to Mia* ChaslotteA. Wae*inu, all of this city. Died. On Friday morning, Slat inst. Robest McRitchiv, in tho 43d yi ar of his sge. H'l frieuds, and thoie of the family, sro respectfillh inviied to attend his funeral, thiscfmrnoon at a o'clock ' at 177 William street. ' On Thursday evening, until initant, Michael N. De Oboot, in the 88th yeer ol hie age. Ilia friends and relatives are respectfully invited to at tend hi* funeral, from hia late residence, >4 McDcugsl s'tevt, to-morrow afternoon at I o'clock The Iramegild *r* of the city are particularly invited to attond l)oin?*?f '<ir fm porta tie tis* Sava*w*h?Bri* Fxact?< Reported yeAUrdny)?1 12 ck* net* 92 hales cot'on B D' Forest k co?-29 do Bnrc'ay k Livingston -31 (I > I. H Britfham-67 do 1 bo* Perkins k Hopkius-M bales cotton i bx-4 I ?-k I keif I hbl. 8titr|(ei k Claarmaii?40 bales 117 ; kmh1 Is ground nars tlowdr & Wells?23 bales H Mu rav?2(1 VfcCurcly, Aldrich k co? HQ Fiber k Bier with?231 K k RR r4rav?s?39 Smith. Mills &c>?1 box Harper k Brother*?2 Wm Barges?1 Hihba.d k Cob ?1 J Saxou?1 H hi bx* Juo B Hey?2 bbls Ue ? Jones?I trunk 2 boxes Halstead k B okan?1 bdl Hart k Brothers?1 cuse F 8 k D Lathrop?13> bales cotton t ? order. MARITIME HERALD. KuTeuia iitc of t)i? St?iimthlp< 3(?uur*. J-error L.tu'1. Ih" i i Jjwie'a. Leave ./line' Hiberuia, Kyrie. . .Feb. 4 ...Feb. 18 Mar. 1 li.Wcairrn, Matthews,. Mar. 29 . April 12 April 24 & Ui|? Hu?ter? and AgenU. We ahail esteem it R favor if Captains of Ves?*iv tr ill give ;o Robkmt Silvey, Captain of our News Boau, a report ?J ?he shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vcaaela ipo'-ru nu their paiiaitr. a list of thnir cargo, Mid any foreipa iewapapera, or newa they may have. He will boord them iir lueiiii'.teljr on ;h"ir arrival. Agents and Correspondents at hou r :r abroad, will Mao eoufer a favor by trading to thia e?9ire ? i he Marine Intelligence ther can obtain. Naitictl inform* ?on or any Wind will he thankfully r?e*iv*d. WHiJi' OJF KKW VOUK, FKBRVAIlY 1. ? units) T 1 ' voon rues 1 59 si ?v isrrs 4 59 h??u w.,rev . . 2 1 si Ultared. Shi|? H.aiuhow, Land Canton, Howland St Aspinwall; Cstn lirdre.Barstow. Liverpool C H Marshall; Media'or, 4.'h-d wiok Loudon. J' h'i O iswold; 8r Nicolas, Pell, Hav e, Boyd St Iliuclteii; Sharon, Thomjiton, New Orleans, John Dwell St (Jos Wabash, Hathaway, do, Smnton St Frott: New Y' rk, Hnll, Chsrlettnn, Geo Bulkley; Courier, Wolfe, Richmond, A Fniter St Sons.?15 rnue Vlarcrllt, Huarar, Maraei'lea Bovd St Hinclten ? Brigs Ea Je. Dyer, Baracot, Ay mar 81 Co; Noble, Doming, C-harlesion, Brett 81 Voae. Arrlvaa, Schr Belle, McMath, 18 honri from Norfolk, with mdse, to Stn'ges (it (Jlearmau. Schr Ovoca. S<iuire?, 18 h-urs from Norfolk, with mdve, to Jatnui Gordon St Co. Sailed in co. with achra John C Deui? reat, and Fairpl iy, for N York. Schr lonick, Derrickaon, from Norfolk, with naval store], to ma ter. I Schr Alice K.llia, Rolf, 2 daya from Virginia, with oysters, to maater. Schr Delaware, Holbrook, from Tbomaaton, with lime, to mas'er. Schr Eliza Ellen, Drinkwater, from Potttand, with mdae, to maater. Sclu Hope, Browning, Biiatol, HI. with mdae, to the maater. Below. One brig, unknown. Wind N. Horn* Porta. Bath, Jan 28?Arr Liberty, Beat, Baltimore. Portland, Jan 29? Arr UMliain, Paraona, Baltimote. Cld Watann. Waterhnnse, Point Petre, Ouad, Sid Warren, (new) Charleston; Alinira.;new) Cuba; Ontario, Matnnzas; Finan cier, (Jienfuegoa; David I'riut. St Jago, Cuba; Foster, Cuba.? Below, a brig auproaed the Emeline, from Beaton. Portsmouth, Jail 2C?Arr Cyrua, Brazier, N York for Pert land 29th?Arr Augusta, Oove. BaUi for Bo?ton-brought in Capr Trefethen, and crew of sell Armida, of Portimoutb, from Noifolk. The Armid 1 went ashore at Rye Beach, on the 28th, abrut 7 pm, i 1 thick weither. Capt T and crew left the achr in their boat, and rot on board the Augusta about 10 o'clock aatne evening?arr here at 2 p m, 29th. Nr.wBURVPoRT, Jan 29?Arr Oranville, Philbrook, NYork. Cld Thooaa, Varina. St Thomas. Salem,Jan 29?sld Mary "Ven, Dean, West Indies. Boston, Jan 30?Arr J Cooley St Co, Young, NYork. Cld Sydney," v1ar ha, ! Gray, Kenai Chase, Silenus, Palestine. Plvmouth, Jau 29-S'd Gentile, Alwrod, and Herald, Hol brook, Norfolk. New Bedford, J?n 29?Arr 'I horn. Cole. Richmond Providknck, Jan 29?Below, Tryall. Nicke.rson, Norfolk.? S'd Grand Tnrk, Porte . Matanzaa; Hojie, Trimyer, York Ri ver; Erin, Gardner, Norfolk. Cld Nicholas Brown, Andrea, Savannah Fall Rivf.r, Jan 28?Sld Alexander M, Baltimore. Philadelphia, Jan 90?Cld Kobt Morris, Outerbridge, New Orleans; Cora, Otava, NYork. Richmond, Jau 29?Sld Tuscarora, Smack, New York; Cau d ce, Fell River. ^Charleston, Jan 28?Arr Macao, [Br] Scott, and Jupiter. Carter, Liverpool?the J experienced a verv boisterous passage, loatand split sails, stove bulwoks, Sic; Telum?h, Holland. N Yo k. ("Id -afejuard, [Br] Smith, Liverpool; Tvinde B'oare, [Danish] Clausen, Copenhagen. Sld Delia Walker, Condry, Havre. Savannah, Jan 26?Sld Mary, Rich'.rdson, Boston By Last Night's Southern Mail. Biltimore, Jan 30?Arr Seaman, Myrick Valparaiso?Hih nut. lat 30 IJ N. Ion 69 40,snav ihe wreck cf brig Spray. of Yar mouth, b f? e reported; Frances, Scale, Atalachicola <-1<I Eveline, Walton, " orfolk; Mary Autni.ta, Kirwan, Aiecibo. Norfolk, Jau 29?Arr Calisto. Hopkins, and Wm Crawford, Anders- n. New York; Charles, Titdale, .Vartinique; 8m On 1, Tanning, Bostou for Richmond; Ann L'eumaii. Simnnton, Thomaston; Equator, Catd. Portsmouth?experienced very se vere weather. Tost boat, stove bulwarks, Ike. In ilampton Roads, Commonwealth, Trefeih n, Richmond for Boston. hid John Murray, Deve-eux, Sinnish Main. Arr 2?th Johu H Hoasland Denmm, Elizabethport. NJ; Ch <nty, Smith. New York. Sid Preston, Williams, and Potomac, Cornell, Provi dence; Fair Play, Rogers, Boston Foreign Ports. Vat-raRaiso, Oct 6?Sid Albert Henry, Hillett. Central America; Inez, Knox Sandwich Islands, fu port, Helena, Beu jamiu fr>ra New York forCnllao. Sophia, Knowlis, sailed a lew tay. b-fore for leeward. iCt.' 1 T'ih bAZAAK, $7 Dry streei, beiwevo Bro-dwny and Oreenwi:h, SANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks So his friends and the public at large, for the liberal suppoit pceived s-nse he opened the above honse, and hopes, hy the same strict atteutiou, to merit a continu-aee thereof. The qualities cf his Ales, Wines, Liqnois and Sugars, are too well known to need < omment. The be t Oysters the market ran afford served up in every style, likewise a I erg assortment ol refreshments to be had at all hoars, until 11 at uight, such ?s ? Beefsteaks, Welsh Rarebits, Mutton Chops, Sardines, Fried Kidnen, Cold Cuts, Ham and Eggs, Buck*heat Cakes, Poached F.ggs, Tea It Coffee, kc. A good dinner of roast and boiled meats for one shilling^every day from i 12 to4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout a always on draught. Families supplied with the best Scotch and Irish Whis ? .a -?? key. No hou^eTetiersiipplied with English Irish, Scotch, Welsh, and city papers?alway* the l*te?t iu*ws by the itwiwil. Oood Rooms for Private Parties, at all time; ,rwidy?free gratis for nothing d!9 Im rc V'"l! m TO RAIL ROAD COMPANIES. rrn|MS' PATENT CAR Bc'X.for Ra 1 road Journals.?The 1 proprietors of Tims'Patent Car Box respectfully call the ilteuiiou of Ra lrosd Companies Car Msi.u.aCturers. and all athers interested, as the proprietors guaranie. their ability to run 4000 miles at least, witliout renewing ihe oil, and to keep the oil and wearing parts clean and frrr fiom dnst and dirt, and |L> keep the oil in th- box, and is not liable to get out of oid-r ~lb reason?ble rare, being constructed with a view to this in canicular, and thereby is a great saving to stockholders and all MThey'"hariT'appointed Cornelius Kaaouse. of Jersey City,, to whom api lication can be mide fer right, and mauul cturing them many quauuty, and will be attended to 'Tmmry Uth, m?"' B^ODY. ja6lm*ec LODOJNUS TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, AT PUB N~1 (?' 8 HEAD No. J Barclay SrnuxT, pbar Broadway. The Subscriber having fitted ap and newly furnished connected w ith thi> Kstabluhmcc . soli cite a call from ma Anend* aaii th"p0W'e JAMES BYRNES. dU lm?rc ~ LEGS HANDS. ARMS, &c. TKt Lon of ?et and Hi~br~c to t>ie JOHN F. THOM AS, cSSTef Maker, ke.. 472 Water street, New . York, rvei'WtMly informs the public that he continues toman a fuctureA RT I r I CIAL LIMBS, on apian the moat eorreetand less complicated, having, throagh made and worn an artificial leg for Tony y ears, and heFii a manufacturer for thirty-nre yw?. '?Jf*1 e*,n"" dent of giving satisfaction to all who for Legs, Hands, Arms, <u the common Wood Leg. N. B.?All letters must be poet-paid. I nl? Im*ee A KNOX k CO., wonld reapectftilly iufot? Jl ChiUfTs IuoiiTRubbers, kc u Every fam.W and eveff in KmelqSaUlitv of good, are sold at any other establishment in the city. Dou& forget the^nnrne^od number dl9 lm?te ^between Hndsoa an . Varick streets. i 1 of evet^deseription, "u 'h a^Ad,,SlK^n(l^!e\?.m)'um^,kc. Isdhi m^saes aim children's Boots, and Shoes, and Gaiters, kc . with a general assortment ofJh'r.h-eiI e..nstAtiriy on hau^ For sal. whole,.,Ie and retail. k yODNt>. dl9 lm*rnc ?? Broadway, opposite Nihlo's Pardon _ BALLS, PARTIES^NEW^V EAR'S FEST1V1 -PHOSE gentlemen who intend enjoying tlje 1 Mason, are requested to examine a ve.v nch and mrv aawrt ?tent of fashionable Scarv., I Thi I^v?t ?eceived by 1st* arriyal. from Parts an^ondon The pre. m usortmeui of the aboye article, hsve bees, selected with gtvat ittemion and are well ealcnlaled to give n o of taste and fashion The would eaJl the atun , lion of their patrons and strangers visiting this city to Wtfl?rg and well .elected assortment of (he following Muslin Shirts, ?cut after th- most approved h reoch MetlK'd. to. n ] he form of Wmrer.) Silk, Marmo, Lamb's Wool, H"net md llucbskio Shirts and Drawers; Velvet,! MhmeM^and Robes; Hosiery. Linen and Stlk I'ocke Kerch..I. ravat and .-ear/ Stock., Hiding Bells, 1st""1 KU'n!I!i,i;. Bvaees, Suspenders, Hucbskin, Merino, < ??hmere, t loth. Be ver.a- d Ooal Skin Oloves, kc , ke (jenllemen desniug any o, rhe above aiticlea will be certain to find them to suit thei1 li??e. at the old establishment of PAH afcLIS k AOArE, d'42 no' ee 2M Broedw ly. . om-t nf I nth Place. RA<5? bales No. 1 Leghorns. M " SPk'hS Trieste. For Vale by S,f,lv PERSSE k BROOKS, "fS 'M* W Nn gy anil ?7 Itmt jut rrc rpUOK BOARDS?Uo.tna 4,,,, NAkiMBNr AUCTION SALES. AUCTION NOTICE?SaleofFuru.tire Wardrolwi, Private Library, Sic.?TTiis Day, at luj? o'clock, will be sold with out reserve, a g?neral assortment of Household Furniture, Kttrheu 1 trenails, tin , at 11 Suiuce street. Also. 12 handsome painted Wardrobes, French Bed < leads, Card Tables, Giraudoles, Sic. Iinoiedia'.'y after, araluahle lid vs?'l selected Private. Libra ry, of about "HOO volumei?the bast authors, tiuest editions and e|. unit ly bound ()n vloudiy, at 77 Murray street, itnd-r the direction rf SamnrI Phillips, the Furniture cnitam-d intnehou-e 7 Mur ray street. THOS. BULL,Auctioneer, lei lt*m H WM. W. SHIRLEY, Auction-er. OUBE FUHNITURE 8ALE-M"nday, February 3d, at 11 o'clock, a Re eral and t eat assortment of Furniture COU ?airin I in the bonse No. 211 Bowery, nea P ince street, consis' ins of liiitrain (Carpels, It gs, Pnno Forte, ?to<;l and Cover, mahogany hair seat Sofa* Chairs, ('a: tre and olh?r Tables Oil Cloth, Stair Cerperts, French and other Bedste ds, Bureans, Feather Beds, M?trerse?, Looking Glasses, (docks. Mantle Lamps, O randoles, China, Glass tuid Crockery, Kitchen Furni ture. lie. Sa'n pntitise The House to let?possession immediately. jet 2t*m A UCTION NOTICE?Silks. Cashm-res and Cloths-This ? Day, at 10 o'clock, at 121 Fultor s-reet, by catalogue, the balance of the Stock of Dry trooda, Silks, Cashmrirs, Velvets, Cloths, Linen, Prtntr, Hosiery, Itc , be'tig the most desirable i>art f lire stock, arid soli by order of assignees, te close the concern. Als ', a r|uantity of flue {'lack and blue Cloths, Cassimerei and Veuings, Fergrs and Linings, Sewing Silk, Padding, tint tons, fkc. S Iks? A Ian:.* assortment of elerant Silks, viz: Strited, Plain. Black, Figured, < bangeshle and other Silks; Whit', hen and Fig. red Pcngee iiandkerchie's ft'I It*re S. P. 1NGHXHAM, Auctioneer. A. I Tl 'TTLK, Auctioneer. JACOB S. PI.ATT'S Fir-t Spring I'rade Sale of Hardware, " Cutlery, t-uns, Japanery, German Silvrr Ware. Mlvtrs, '?hoe Thread, Buttons, G im?" and French Goods. Faticv Artie'i s, Sic , will take lace This l>ay, at 10 o clock, at the Auciou Room, No. 23 Piatt street, corner of Gold street. Alio, iO esses < oituii, Wool and Horse Cards, Hooks and Hinges, Trace Chaiua, bright face aud cotter Key V ices, Nor folk Latches, Itr , Stc. fel 1 ?m AUCTON SALES REAL ESTA'lE AUCTION SALES, at the Merthanti' h xchan/e, a*.ti-nded to bv th- rub c'lbe'i as usual, on as liberal tertus as auv other hnn<?. Brooklyn pvo|ierty will be at tended to by James Cole, 63 Fnltou street, Brooklyn, aud ad vertts-d in both the New York and Brooklyn papers, or by E. H. LUDi l)W at CO., jaJO 2w?re 23 Broad streer, cor. of Eichange Place. AT AUCTION?Wa-hrugton Piece?The nsat three [ story brick House and Lot, No. 8 West Washington gPlace, for-rale, ou Tuesday, Feb. 4th, at 12 o'clock, st the Merchants' Exchange, if not previously sold at privare sale. For rarnculars enquita of WM. H. FRANKLIN It. SUN, fel 3'.*rc8tMTu No. 15 Broad street UA. O. D ?Members of the United Ancient Ord- r of ? Druids, Washington Lodge No. 1 also the members in general, ?re resprctfu'ly requested to meet at th- Druids' Lodge Room, 46 Ceutr* street on Sunday, Feb 2. at I o'clock, P. M. ill order to spend the funeral of on-'late Broth*'. James l'omes. A sperial meeting will be held in the Board Room on Salur da> evening, 8 o'clock, on business of importance when Brothers will please to atteud. JOHN CHAPMAN, N. A. ('hauls? Math'R. Sec'y. fel lt*rc NT OTP E?R -.V, B. F. BARRETT will deliver hie 'eveuth 1 r Lec'ure_ next Sabbath (to-morrow) Evening at 7 o'clock, in the 't? Yo k Society Library Building, corner of Broad way aud Leonard street. Subject?1 he Scriptu'e Argument in Snpport of the New ( hurch Doctrine of the Keiu'iectinn In cue the weather should be unp'easaut, the Lectnre will be postponed fel lt*m NOTICE. WILLIAM WHEELAN, T'HE PROPRIETOR OF THE EMPIRE HOUSE, at A V orkvill- .wou d rai|e:tfully inform his friends and patrons, who have soli erally encon'aged him during 'he past summer, that nothing would be m re gratif ing to him than to entertain them on Sunday afternoon, the 2d of Feb' 3 o'rloek. with a dish of most excellent Krou'. Tre best of Liquor* and Wines can always he obtained at the bar. fe't frc ROOM WANTED?The Public Stock coi.ttmp ate ' removing from tbvir present location, in the Merchants' .Ex 'hange, on the 1st day of May next The subscribers or el her of them, will receive proposa s for the letting of c suitable place iu or ndjace ,t to A'all street for one or more yeais. 8EIXAS NAt HAN, Pres.dent, 61 Merchants' Exchange. WM. BOKKOWE. 26 Wa'lst. fel lwrc O. M. TRAC V, No. 3 Hanover st. WANTED TO LEASE-A good siwd STORE, ' situated on the east side of Br adway, between Fulton . <ud Liberty streets, or iu Maideu Lane, or J. hu st, west ot VVTlli;>in street, or in William ?tr?et be ween Joan street and Maiden Line. In Broadway, or the nearer thereto wocld be nrefrired. Owners of prowty in the above vicinity, having such a Store to rent by the 1st May. will hear of a responsible and per ma .ent tenant, bv addressing "(J. H W.," New Yo'k Poet Office, stitinu terms, loce.iou, fcc. fel 2ti?8t It.VTru TO BE l.E'l' OR LEA8EP, fora term of years, the ' premises No. s77 wn th- wes'etly side of Broadway, ex -'e .ding 2Cfl feet thr ngh to V'ercvr street. '1 lie >ituation ts u very superior one for a Catriage Repository, Fnrniiure Wap-h nte, or any businees requiring much room. Apply at the office No. 233 Washington street,near Barclay, fel lt?m M TO SPORTSMEN?For sale, a full blooded black SET PER DUO, eighteen months old, aud broke for shooting. He ia a fine dog, and will be fid ct.eup. at the Tribune I ffice. 160 Nassau street. f 1 2t*rc FOR SALE?A Faet Pacing Horse, warranted ktound?will no a mile under three minutes. Also, a Light Wagon, nearly new. Th-> subscriber having nu use lor tl.em, they will be sold ? heap Apply to GEORGE W. FARLEY, fel St?re 166 Che.ry street, corner of Market st 'l'O THE PUBLIC.? VI. LEVETT, D.-nlist, f60 Broadway, J- corner of Warren street, would lesiiec.fuily call the arten t'on of those interested. to hta uurivalled method of fixing Arti ficial Teeth, on the principle ol atmospheric pre-sure. as criti ually introduced by turn, ai d allowed to na the greatest improve ment ever offeied to the public. Anyone cm discern, by a slight inspection, the numerous advantages it possesses oyer all other methods. 1'he subscriber's rem ation, and the numrr< us recommeudatirni, from iwn- of t e first phyicians in thee un trv, as w<ll as the highest incidental . rartice, wi 1 insure thoae affltc ?d with the lossul' Ueth, certain aud infallible success, fel lt*m M'OTI' E TO LAWYERS?A y ung man having some S-V leisure time, wishes to imp ove thrt time by copying for Sawyers or others Address a tuts to X. Y /., at the office of this p<per, to which immediate attention will be giteu. J29 lw?rc BJUSE, Ij, 15 Maiden Lane, (nr suns,) impottercf Eig ? Itsh, Fnnch, and detinue double end single barrel Fowl ing and Ducking GUNS, from 'lie lowest to finest qualities. A,?e. alwayi on hard, an txtensive assortment of PISTOLE both Doable and Single Barrels, embracing 100 ditfereut k.ndt including the mi)nil i BtX Bar-el fievg.lvers, all of which will bevald lower Chan sny other i.oaie in the trade. Merchants and Gun Setitns am particularly requested to call, previous u making therr prtrehaam, as titer will certaialy had it to their advaa'MTe ?7C Sm*>T4 .-inl, i Aflu r ion oxuitii. /inn B8L9. Salmon, No. 1,8 aud J. (' fc',' "vU iku bbl?. Blue Fish. 1_?0 bills Nos. i, t, aaa J Mackerel. KM halfde iidolt IK) do No. 1 Mesa Shad. SO half bbla No. 1 Saybrook Shad 101 bbit Cod and Scale Fish. 400 do No. 1 Uib'd Herring* 1040 it I Smoked Salmon MO kits Soured do 100 do Sounds and MOO qtla Cod Fiah, ? citable fr.r aliiiigiig IJOO aacka A throe's Salt. SO half and SO quarters naaa Mackerel. MM bones Digby Herring 100 quarter barrels Salmon, t" -T *? 'e in !cM to tut V'Brrhaje:?, !>r d?lm*ec NKMON. wV.1,1,8 & CO., g| Day at. L'K. SWAYNK'S COMPOUND 8YKUP OK WILD CHERRY. The Great Panacea for all diseases of the Luugt and Bamat. Of all the medicjnea of thednv, and there arc a greit variety which prolbss to be of great value to the human fimilv, we hesitate not to Dr. Swayne'e Com pound Svrtip of Wild Cherry as oue of the g/eateet diaeoveriea of modern science; of .ill ihr many compounds put forth forthecure of diseases which afflict human na ture, uot one remedy can be named, which has in as short a apace of time, acquired uch unbounded coo (id nee wi'h the public, and has performed auch miraculous caret, and wh baa merited and received so much ? ulogium from the fa culty and others. aa this justly celeorated r medy. Daily we learn fri m sources of resfe-ciability, that currt hive been atfrc' ed in troughs, ? olds, Asthinv, luflnenn. Brunch tit, Spitting Blood. Liver Compl tint. I'liu iu the Side and Ursast, Rising or Tickling in the '1 hroat. Palpitation of the Heart, Nervous Debility, Broken Cnnai'ution, from tlie abuse of calomel and other causes, and Consumption; which has baffled the skill of eminrut medical practitioi era, when inva'ida were given up as hope'eas by hav ing r-course to, aud ;?rs ve ing in that nowefu' r-medy, have been radically eared. There is now in the hands of the proprie tor numerous certificates of enrea which wruld aatoniin credu lity iiseif were ihev mi l- In-own to the world To thos- who a>e alflietrd with the above diseases; we say give this medicine a fair trial, you will then be convinced this is no miserable compound, but a safe and poweiful remedy, aud that its enra ti ?e powei ? stand alone and equ il led by none. Cai'tiojc?Ktoin the grrat porn I amy of this medicine, per son > hive been induced to offer a rpurioas article, wiih the nam- of Wild ' HsRHT attached. Therefor- be canto ns t? ask for the original and ouly genuine preparation from this valu able tree. Or, Swsyne's Compound Syrup of Wild Churry, Principal Office, N. W comer ef8,h ana Kocests , Phi adelphia. Agents ?Dr W H Mil, o*. comer ?f Broadway and John itreet, New Y'ork ; R. A Sands 188 Bowery, N?w York ; K. B Warner, 80JBleekerstreet, New York; II vilaud Ke>-ss, St Co.. N. York; Andrew Oliver, It Co., New Orleans; L. B Swan, and I. M. Wioslow, Rochester, N. Y.: K. Ik J. Adains, and K. Kleme, St. I.cuis; Win. Thorn, Pittsburg; K. B. Ill man,' i?riunsti; Pier-on k. Harrison,7J0 Broad st, Newark,N.J.; llenj imtn Olds f78 Broad St., Newark, N. J.; John S. Harrison, Salem, Mass.; J. H. fierce 4 -lauwia Hall, Maiden Lane Albiuy, N. Ymk; Bark is It Boll, Troy, N. York; Spalding Ik Harrington. Wor cester, Mass.; famea Green It Co.. Wor ester Mats. :K Hoi lidge, Buffalo, N. Y; Orn'tlk B ckee, P.nishkfpair, N York; O. O. Woodman, Vickaburg, Miss.; H N J. B ewer, St ring, tv Id, Mass.; J P Hall It Co., Boston, Mass; f . 8. H< liteu, Ks?t Boston, Mass ; Itancom StSh-rens, Boat, r, Viss.; P. M. I .then It Co., I hnrteMon 8 C. jO 3m*rto Nc. 18 WsH it. opposite the- Kachtnge. t THIS COMPANY' continues to Insure against Loss and Da mage by Fire, on Goods, Wares, ?nd Merchandise and, also, against Lost ca Inland Navigating es Vwels and theii Cars tea. DIRECTORS tliomas W. Thorae, V'.Lths Stags. Thomas T. Woodruff Ansos Baker, U. H. Robson, M D , Joseph Drake Thompson Pnee, Joseph Allen. Mosas Tucker, James K. Holmes. J >hn K. Davidson, John P Moore, John H. lies, Jamen H. Whiting. Caleb C.Tunu, Wm. K. Thorn, fnaeii P. Mnffe. Tnomiu Morrcil, John C. Msmtt. Cnm?isBo|mt, TilUMAS W. THORNK. PrssidenL ttno. T. lines. Secrerstv ml m SODA BISCUIT ANl) 3UUAR CRACKERS 'fHff. Subscriber withes to make known to the Public, thai I murh of the Biscuit and Crackers which are told in this gity br the shove names, are entirely different Irom the Sods Bis-nit and Sugar I rackets made at hit Bakery : which have Seen used oy invalids. [ artieularly those w So suffer frrm iedi geet.on, fwr more than twenty years with the best results; while the imitation, which cm be irmle for a leas pries, though prrhaptgood for a per*-* in health are wholly unfit for the nek. Trie above Biscuit and Crackers, also Batter Biscuit. Wire Ciseait, Butter Crackers, Water Crackers, Pilot sad Nivv Bread, all of th? hrst quality, are constantly lor tale st ?he well known establishment, Washing: a street, ecrn?t et ?grret (t-vwt lePMR AtM PRP ArWKtL. NOTICE. Iff WILLIAM DRAM, o. 8 , who left the Naval Hospiu A Brooklyn, New York, in I8tl, will call on th? undersigned at the Navy Yard. Brooklyn he will receive a sum of money which was left in his hands for him. (?i should said Dean have deceased, tlie money will he in Id to Ilia legal representative, on ? XjiiW >\ M U M ft fvl ft N ')$. WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PARK TUKAT&K) A M03T FINISHED AM) SPLENDID EQUESTRIAN EES ' IVAl, ! O/t SA TURD A Y A PTE li NOON. Feb lit , I In order to accommodate the Youthful Branches of Families commencing pr-r.selv at h*lfpa),i2 o'cloc-, with a train) NATIONAL CAVALCADE?iutrodui i?g atl the figures of the Star aid Waltz composition, bv the todv of Male and Ke rn air Equestrians attached to ihi, large establishment. A U-oll Local Ditty, by K. M. Di km in. A Brilliant Act on Horseback h? Maatar Olenroy. Carpet {,- pa?Ground Gymnastics, by the Troupe, headed by M'fcailana. A Splendit) E lueatrian Ac', by Madame L. Howard. Persouat Gymnastics aud Cl.u-ic Fuaturea, by J J. Nathan* ami hi* t'unila. The Dvolt Brigind, by C. J. Roger*. The Pollii. by the Mi sea Wells. SI <ves t f <'?litnl i, hv Mrnrt. J.J Nalliana and Cadwallader. The Maeic Ladder, by Jo-'n Weill, with Trumpet Solo. Splendid Equestrian Act, hy T. V Turuer. To conclude with the BURLESQUE NEGRO MIN STRELS, in a Splendid Enter auiment. THIS EVENING, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 1st, The entertainments will cumtneuce wida a new ^av* I r.val cade Entree, entitled OIJR SONS AT Sr'.A ! or, Columbia1 Sure De'euce in which the Kqui'striius will appear witii the Maguilicei t Stud of Horses. Comic S utf, by E. M. Dirkenron. Au Act entitled The Sai'or Boy's Dream, hy Matter W. Kiu ca-'e. 1 Vaulting, b7 Me Karl and aud the Fliiladelrhia Trout e. Mad one Louisa Howatd iu au act of Eques riauism on her b'iiutiful steed Maionilinti Postu es of the Kou? Hungarian Brothers, by Messrs. J. Na tha s, G. Hojr, E. Wood* '-nil J. Glenrny. An Act on Horseback, r<-pieseming Sir John Ealsltff, Shy lock ami King Richard HI. hv C J Rogers, Four Ho se Act hv J. J. Na'hans. La Cacl'ucha D'Espagt e, bv Miss Louisa Wells. A Start Imp and u-turptssed A< t, by T. V. Turner. A Local < owic Di'tv, b-. E M Dickenon. Personal Po-ture a- d O, muaaries hy H. Couover. To conclude with THE SPRITE OE J HE SILVER SHOWER and The Sportive Cupids?by J. G Cadwallader and the three Alison Wells. The Doors will he opened at 6, aud the Gieat Cavalcade will commence at 7 o'clock. Price* of Jldmnrion Private Boxes $6 Eirst Tier >f Bole* and Parquette 50 cunts Second Tier of Boxes 25 cents. Gallery . l2Hcents I RYOS'8 CIRCUS. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE rrr- AFTERNOON PEREOKMANC E A Select on of all the ?queatrian Gems of this unrivallen Company, will be given This Afternoon, atthe Bowery Amphi theatre ? Boxea 25 cents. I Pit 12X cents. Children half-price. Afternoon Performances commences at 3 o'clock?Evening 7. fel lt*rc MENDELSSOHN'S LOBGESANG. AyfR GEORGE LODKR, respectfully aiineunt-es to the i?l public of New York, that hit CLASSICAL CONCERT will lake place at the Apollo Rooms, on Febiuary 22d 1845 ( Washington's Birthday,) wheu will be produced, for tlie first time iu America, the LOBGliSANG. OR HYMN OF PRAInE ! Symphttic Cantate. for Graud Orchestra aud choir. The solo ptrra by MRS. E. LODER, MISS WAToON aud SlGNOh ANTOGMNI. To be followed by a Miscellaneous Concert, in which the first vocol and instrumental talent of the city will appear. The subscription list atill remains tpen at 'he at' re of Messrs Scharfeuberg and Luis, 361 Broad wa-, near Franklin street, or"?t the residrure of Mr Loder, 97 < rothv s'reet. TICKETS ONE DuLLAR-Fsraily Tickeu, to admit fire persons, Tnree Dollars. j29 tfre NIBLO'M GRAND RALOUN, FOR CONCERTS AND BALLS IS NOW FITTED UP FOR THE WINTER AMU8E l MENT8 IN MAGNIFICENT STYLE. \Sy~ For CONCERTS it has many advantages, having an arched ceiling, favorable for aound; and being removed froir th* street, there is no annoyance from the noise of carriages?it tuts capacious galleries, and will accommodate fifteen hnndml persons. For Balls it hat a spring door and raited seats on th* sides, and is magnificently lignted with splendid cut glass chandeliers. Attached to the Saloon and ou the same floor, there are private parlors, dressing rooms, managers' and hat rooms, and a supper-room 200 feet long, which will accommo date 800 persons Great rains will be taken to give satisfaction. Price of Saloon for Balls 150. Prie of Saloon for Concerts $25. Ijy THE ST. GEORGE'S 80CETY THIRD AN NUAL BALL will take place at Niblo's Saloon ou Thurs day, F'eb. I'ith. jet-franklin BLUESORANDMILITARY RALL, takes place at Niblo's Saloon, ou Monday, February 17th, 184j. jaSOrc 8IATH ANNUAL BALI. IN AID OF THE FUNDS or iHt HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY, E THE CITY OF NEW YORK, will take place at N iblo'a - Saloon, on Wednesday Evening, 19th beliruaiy, 1845. Tickets Three Dollars, adm-ttingagentleman and two ladies, may be had of either of the undersigned COMMITTEE. M'. Joseph A. Jackson, No. 200 Bowery. Mr. Samuel Cohen, No. 133 Maiden L>ue cor. of Walir. Mr. David Samson, No. 266 Washington str-et Mr. John Levy No. 37 Chilham a-, and 15' Monroe st. Mr. Abm. J Jackson No. 58 Read street. Mr. L. J. Simmons No. 158 Pearl street. Mr. J. Vellers, No 3' 5 Broadway Mr. Geo. Godfrey, No. 423 Broadway. j30toEl9*rc LIONEL A. MY Ells, Secretary. KlRS'f ANNUAL BALL OF~THE PLUMBERS BENEVOLEN l' ASSOCIATION, 71LL come off at N'iblo'a Saloon, on Thutsday Evening. P-bruiry 4th, 184r>. The floor will he tinier the management of a Committee, who will spare no pains to mike this Bill one of the most brilliant of the >ea*on. Tickets can be obtained at Niblo's, or of any Member of the Association. Wallace's celebrated Cotillion Band is engaged for the ocea CHAS. H. O'HARA, Secretary. 0 w MhStfK. v nt Ac ivc.btiUiN'a COTILLION BA ND . LATE OK SARATOGA SPRINGS, ARE now prepared to give their attendance, at Private Par tire, Soirier, Re , anil combining a Baud of varions Inatrn meats, from two to twenty, with the most modem and fashiona ble Music, hope to give their usual satisfaction. Application to be made to MESSRS. SCHNEIDER It RKBHUN8, lei ln>Ore s# < roebv street. BANK OF THE NEW YORK DRY DOCK COMPANY. - - 28th January, 1S4A. A T AN ELECTION for Nine Directors of the .New York ?ea. Dry Dock Company, li"l I on the 23tti January, instant, the following gci ilemeu were elected : Russel Stebbius, John Dimon, George Law. Kiede ick T. Hayes, Edw rd Mhls, William H. Hays, Mahlon Day, Darid Palmer, Abill B. Mills. Andata subsequent Meeting of the Hoard, GEORGE LAW, Esq , was tinauimou-lv elected 1'residenr in place of RUSSEL ST E B BINS. Esq.. who declined a re-elecnou.*in conteq. erce ofhaving emb-rked in mercantile business. Whereupon, the following resolution was unanimously adopted .? Res.lved?That the thanks 01 this Board ia hereby presented to R. Stebliins. Esq., for the aide, efBcient and geutlemauly manuer in which he has presided oser the affairs of this Com pany for the last four years, fel U*m J. WASHBURN, Cashier. post office, > New York, January 29th, 1845. J 'THE POST MASTER GENERAL has ordere 1 an EX A PRESS MAIL, to be -un from Covington, Georgia, to Montgomrry, Alabima, and b<ck, with the view of expediting the epmmnuications between the east-rn cities and the cities of Mobile and New Orleans one day, and to euable those d'siring to use it, lo avail themselves of the despatch it will afford?no lice is hereby given of ilie arrangement. Letters margin and marked " airatss," and newspaper slips from Publishers of newspapers addressed to publishers of ps|<ers on y. and seut in lieu of th-ir exchange, d ne up in light wrappers, oprn at <>ne end, is the only matter that can be al lowed to be aeut by the express J2I 2wisrc JOHN LOR1MER GRAHAM. P. M. IIJ AN I ED -Am person hating a good second hand BIL LIA RI > TABLE, they will diannse of chesp fur ra>h, will hear of a purchaser, by addressing "Table," at this office, j30 3 *gbx SUPERIOR BEEF THE BEEF ofSe-enteeu extraordinary fine spayed Heifers, pisedand fat'.?d by .Mr. Ba lev, of Seiners town, will be exposed lor sale on Saturday, the 1st of f ebrnary, at VALENTINE'S old establishment, 46 Fnlton Market, where extraordinary beef is not of roe occurence, but is kept contt-ntly on hand and for sale at theenrrent market r?te?. The present is a good opportunity for those persons who wish to procure a snperi r article for coming, as these heifers will m ke the best coined keef ia the world, without exception j3l 2t?ec DALLUV* MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR HENRY DALLEY, inven 'or, proprietor and only maiiu fictnr?r of this wondeifnl compound, has opened a Depot lo i's exclusive sale at No 128 Fultoa stieet, von Buildings, where dealers and agents will be hereifler supplied. J31 2tis*re FOR GLASGOW-Regular Paeket-Tht fast sail ing picket British haiqne ADAM CARR. 350 t'-n ,baithen, Cai t. R 'b-rt Scott, is now rrady to receive cargo, and will succeed the Ann Hailey. For freight or passag-, ha ing exerPent accommodations, ap ply on huatd, foot of Beekimn at. or to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, fel 87 Sooth street. KliK 1>I .AUtiU WKegulai Pecaet? I t* new A 1 coppend British brine ANN HAsLEY, Deuran Smi th. m nt, r 150 tons, has now ' wo thirdi of her cargo esdy and gning on b< ard, will sail 1th Febnaty wratlie Permitting. For bal..nre of freight of 2s0 ba es cotton, bulk ihe eof. or passage, apply to the Captain on board, at Dover itreet wh.uf, or to WOODHULL h MINTURNS, 87 South a'met The A I, fast sailing packet Br. barque ADAM LAKH will lare?1 the Ann Hoi y. and ' IV- i,u rd spate)) lei r" FOtt HA V A.N A?First Vessel?'I h superior new pat kef barque MvDARA, ttich, mister, hav large part of litr cargo engaged, will meet wi'U Immediate Ues.aich. For f eight or passage, having superior state mom arrotntro lationi for taemy-eigl.t paasengris, apply on hoard, at pier 13 E, K , or to J JnN J. TAV LOR, j 10 Iwre 11 Soillh street. _ FOR Ll VERI'OOL?Packet of the"l-t K-brnary. ?Ihe tplenrlid pseket ship CAMBRIDGE, Captain _____iBarstow, will ? ill as above, her regular d t -,. h or -, having superior acromirnd.i'ioua, apply ou board, or to JOHN HERbAlASf, 61 Smith street. N. B ?The splendid fast sailing packet ship Oxford, Captain Raihbone, will succeed the Cambridge, and sail on the lith Fen.uarv. For passage, having uneinalled accommod tions, spplv as above. J30 rc PASSAGE FOR NE?V ORLEANS-Packet of the 1st Eebrn ry. The splendid, fast sailing packet ?shm LOUluA, Capt. Leavilt, will sail ?positively as sbove. her regular day. Having superior iccommodations for cahia, second cabin and Steerage passengers, early application should be made en board, foot of Maiden Lene, or to W. It J. T. TAPACOTT. j39ro 7g8oath -treet. corner Maiden lane. Xj*2- BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OFLIVER tJ9?VPOOL PACKF.T8.-FOR LIVERPOOL-Only jaMMBfaHegular Packet of the 1st of February.?The rnagniti cent and well known very fast sailing favorite packet ship CAMBRIDGE, burthen IMO tons, W. C. Bars tow. comman der, will aail positively on Saturday, the 1st of February, her Hiving unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage pasiannvrs, persons visiting the eld country, or sending for their friends, will find it their interest to patronise onr line For terms of passage, apply on board, foot of Beekman st, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS h. CO., JaSI ec 35 Enlton stree , next door to the Fnllon Bank. [ KOR NEW ORLEANS.?1 mnisian* and New York Line.?Regular paeket?To sail 6th Februiry Th. elegant fast sailing packet slip LOUISVILLE, 'aptain Hunt, will positively sail as above. Her regular day. For freight or passage, hiving hsntln me fnrnishod acrommo dations, apply on board, ai Orleans ft ftVki*C()*""*' W " 56 South striit. Positively no gcoils reoeivril on board after Wednesday evening, 5'.h Feb. _ , ? . Agente in N?w Orleans, Measrs. Hailm and WoodrulL 'who wUl promptly forwaid all goada to thalf addiam. if? fTaptliiiri BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Front Washington, Our uccounts from Washington elate thai Chan cellor Walworth and Judge King, of Philadelphia who were nominated to the Sup't-me Court of the United States, will both be rejected by the Senate. It is supposed that Chief Justice Nelson will be nominated in place of Mr. Walworth, and that Mr. Buchanan will be nominated in place of Judge King. In that event Mr. Bronson of N. Y.t may receive the appointment of Chief Justice of this State. It is also stated that Mr. King, Minister to France, will shortly return to this country on ac count of his ill health. His friends desire thct he may have a place in Mr. Polk's cabinet. Washington. [Special Correspondence of tbe Herald.] Washington, Jan. 29, 1846 Interesting Diplomatic Movements of Mr. CaDunm ? War Spirit in Congress - Corruption of Tyler ism - The Foreign Ministers in trouble. You will remember that some tune since, a gang of slaves of eight or nine, burned a house in Flo rida, or that vicinity, and a'ter murdering the fami ly. escaped to Bermuda. They were indicted by a Grand Jury for hi .-on and murder, ond a demand made by a former id on tarv ol ^tate for their deli v-ry to our authorities ior punishment. This was refused by the courts ol Bermuda, and the slaves suit remain there. A men positive despatch will be issued by Mr. Calhoun to our minister, Mr. Everett, to demand the immediate action c.f the British government before the adjournment of Con gress This dispatch will be most positive and de cided, and will be sent out by ihe next steamer. The war feeling in Congrees is tremendous. It is belu ved that the foreign policy of Mr Calhoun, will, through its action on the manufacturing svs tem of England, soon produce an internal revolu tion of that country. England has attempted to destroy our Union?we can upset her government, and liberate her down-trodden masses The most cordial feelings of triendship, even to excess, appear to exist here between the British Minister. Pakenham, and the French Charge, the wife of the latter, at a rec- nt party, having presided at the house of the former, and even sent the cards of invitation. They have had sev ral meetings the past few days,at one or two of which Almonte, the Mexican Minister, was present I give this to you for what it is worth The announcement of such precious good feeling would imt suit the ears of the countrymen of the French Charge in Paris. All these are in trouble. As soon as John Tyler leaves the administra tion?if not belore?there will be the most astound ing expositions of fraud and rascality as to giving out of contracts and offices ever developed. Have vou heard that story relative to "Jones, of the Mndisonianand the iron steamboat at Pittf burgh? the agency oi one from Philadelphia in the business, and a lady of Brooklyn, who was here with him?the promise of #2,000, aid the cheating of Jones in the end out of the whole fee. While Mr Webster was here, it is said, a regu lar percentage was received for the distribution of offices; of course, unknown to him. twbrty-kighth congrbh. SECOND SESSION. In Senate, Washington, Thursday, Jan. 80. Prayer bv the Rev Mr. Tsstin Journal. The Clerk of the House reported, and delivered to the Senate the following House bills passed yes terday, to wit: The annual bill of appropriations for the payment of revolutionary and other pensions. The annual appropriation bill for the subsistence ol the Post Office Department. The annual bill of appropriations for the Fortifi cations of the United States. Severally read twice and referred. Mr. Dickinson, ftom citizens of Skaneatelea, N. Y.,presented a remonstrance against the annexation of Texas By Mr.Benton.lrom citizens of AUt gheny county, Md., a memorial recommending the twelve inonthB notice required for the suspension of the terms of joint occupation of the territory of Oregon by the United States and Great Britain, pursuant to a provision of the treaty of 1827 ; and for the pro tection of our citizens in the aforesaid Territory. By Mr. Mnreheed, a memorial from members of the bar of Hamilton county, Ohio, asking that the United States Courts may be removed from Colum bus in said State to Cincinnati. By Mr. White, Tom the Board of Managers of the Baptist Ameri can Indian Missionary Association, praying Con gress further to extend the ameliorating influences of protection, support, defence, civilization, and enlightenment of the Indian tribes under the care of the government Petitions severally rclerred. Baptist memorial ordered to be printed. Mr. Atchison reported a bill lor the relief of Seth M. Leavenworth. A resolution was adopted that when the Senate adjourned it should adjourn over to Monday next. The bill amendatory of the laws relating to United States Consols? being a bill conferring upon commanders of United States ships the power to act as consuls in behalf oi American seamen, in all such foreign ports where no resident consul may be established?was taken up, considered, and ordered to engrossment for its final reading. The hill relating to Revenue Cutters, and Steam ers in the Revenue Service, was ordered to a third reading. [When read is detail, we shall notice its provisions] assistant sns<ikons and pursers. On tnotitm of Mr. Bayard, the bill providing for the ai nointment ot some flltees assistant sur geons, aad twelve assistant pursers in the Naval service, was taken up. An amendment of the Committee was read, providing that none of the officers aforesaid, shall be less than twentv-one, nor more than thitty-five years of age; and that no Chaplain shall be ap pointed to the service whose age shall exceed thirty years. Mr. Crittenden said, that this was a most ano malous sort of an arraogement. Here it was pro vided that no man should be appointed a chaplain whose age exceeded thirty yeatB. Now. he would have thought it preferable to exclude men who were lees than thirty tears of age. But here the position is reversed No man shall be appointed is cliHplaia tu the navy, who is over thirty yearsol igo, Mr. C., too, was surprised at this silent sort of mode of acting upon a bill appointing eome twenty seven or thirty addition..! officers in the navy. Mr. C. hoped the gentleman would be able '0 give some explanation. Meantime he should move to lay the bill on the table. Mr. Bayard ?I hope not, sir. The Chair ?Does the Senator withdraw the motion J Mr. Crittfndkn ?Ortamly, sir, if the honorable Senator will give us a sort of nn explanation. Mr. Bayard stid that ihis bill tor the appoint ment of these additional tuigeons and pursers, was not adopted by the committee reporting it from mere caprice, but from a sober consideration of ihe requirements ot fhe service. The President and the Secretary of the Navy had recommended these additional appointments tor the effective or ganization of the Navi ; and the Board of the service upon this subject had recommended that no chaplain should be appointed who'r age ex ceeded thirty yetra Heretofore many ot the chaplains in the Navy were but little better than penHioners upon the government. The service le quired young, active, hardy, and vigorous men, in ev-ry capacity In the election of nu mbers lo this Senate it was an advantage to require them to be of not less than thirty years cf age. Clergymen did not improve by age and grow belter and bitter UKe a cask of Madeira wine ; but they grew worse with the infirmities of years, and (Onderdonk for example,) were unfit, at nil events, for serving in the Navy. On the other hand, the older and the more experienced the surgeon, the belter, in most cases Mr. B. rend various extracts in support of his views from the Medical Buieau and the Secre tary of the Navy. Mr. CaiTTRNDKN paid the Senator had made a tort, of at) explanation; bui he was not satisfied with such an explanation. Mr. C. mc.ntained, on the other hand, that there was no necessity for these additional appointments proposed. In 1843 there were sixty-nine surgeons in the navy. Have we ever, at one time, sixty-rune vessels at sea, or half that number! It had been said that the Oregon had to go out without a surgeon, or with a private gen tleman as such, because there was none disengaged whose services were at the command of the Se cretary. Now, it was plain that sixty-nine surgeons were enough for all the vessels in commission, and all the naval stations, and that sixty-seven pursers were nll-eufticient for the present oigamzaiton and force of the navy. Knough?-more than enough? for sea service and tor naval stations all together. Mr. Crittenden contended for the superiority of old men for chaplains, in preference of young men, who were more likely to contract ihc frolicksome habits ot sailors, than to infuse mto their minds tnything like religious discipline. He also opposed the proposed preliminary examination ot ihe body of the candidate for chaplain by some doctor, as vou would examine a common fuo' soldier, to see that he were sound in wind and limb. The liberal -?duration required was also an invidious distinc ion to which Mr C. was entirely opposed. On motioa of Mr. Mkrrick, the bill was laid upon Ihe table, with a view of resuming the Post Office bill. Mr. .Simmons from the committee on printing, to which had been referred the question of printing 5,000 copies of the Report of the Commissioner of the Patent Office, reported wi?h an amendment that the number of copies be increased to 10,000 Mr. Ajklxt said, that or aaaouat of tha valna

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