Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW TOSK HERA L Vol. XI., "So. 31?\Vhol? Wo. 3094. NEW YORK. SUNDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 2, 1845. l') lc? Two Con tot THE NEW YORK HERALD. A(K)R?UATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. J"0 tli? Pubile. THK NKW YORK. UKltALD?Daily Newspaper?pub lished every day ol Die year except New Year's l)iy end Fourth ef July. Pro* 1 c* :t* per cop7?Of f7 Sfl per annum?pontage* paid?rt??h in advauc* THE VV: e'.KDV jIF.KA CO?published every Srtturd*',' i**?1'itw 6.? crwt* per copy, or 11 12 per annum?post tge paid, < ij*.'? in I'D luce. ADVEK'I ISKfl ? me informed th>t tin- circulation of the Herald is ov>. VI ? iRTY-Fl VE THOUSAND, and increasing last ll hat Hit urgeit circulation ol any jiajiet in thif city, or the wrlrt, mill, is. llurefort. Hit b'tt channrifor busiKeti ?i <? <7i Me ii'i !.,? country. Priwu moderate?cash in advance. PR! NT I NO of ill kin ia executed nt the tnotc rood-rate price, tad in the most elafiuit etyle. JAMBS GORDON BENNETT, Pnorntrrou or tub Hkiiald Bitibli3hmkixt, Noithwtst corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. \V I N T li ^ A ii RA s ir E M E . d jiler ti e iitoi October the can wili leavs? F?r??ao* W!;rti | Nue Yiiel, ioo.oucA 84 I ? o'clock A. M. m ? ?? isx " r. m. i ?? it." .... IM SU!*D*YS. t o'clock A M. ? ? o'clock A.M. J " f. M. I 4 " P. M. ?sdie NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. \VIS'TKH ARRANOKMKNTsT On and efter October 2*. the ?re will ran iu follows Leaving City H?l| for Harlem. (125th at,) Morwsiapia, Ford h-ni VV'lliama Uriike, Hunt'* Bridge, Underbill's Road. Tuckihoe, Hut's Coruen and White Plain*. 7.30 A. M,, 10.30 A. vl | p M. and 3.30 P. M. Leave* WilliauM' Bridge foi Cirv Ilei I ?.45 A M? 11.45 A. .M., 240 P. M 4.45 P. M. Leive. Tnckt'ioe for City Hall 8 25 A. M., It.25 A. M , 1 55 P.M., 4 35 P VI l.' iv' White Plaint for City Hall 8 A. Vl._, II A Mm 1.30 P. M., 4 P. M. Frsighfl train* veill leave City Hall at i3 15 VI, Leave White Plains at 8 A. M. The Westchester Train will stop only, afte.r leaving the City Hall, it the corner of Broome ?t. audi le Bowery. Vauxhall Oar den aud 27th street. An KxtraCar, wili precede each Train U-.i intuutee before the. time of starting from the City Hall, aud will take up passenger* along the line. Kttra Harlt m and Merisiania Trains, for Morrisiania and in terniedhte piece*, Leai- City Hall for Harlem and Morrisintiia,7 A. M.. f A. M , 2 P. M., 4 3d P. VI. Leave Morris main for City Hail, 8 A. ol.. 10 A M., S P M., 5.30 P. M. By order of rhe Bonrd, nl8 3m*urc W. S. CABMAN. Secr?tarv LONG ISLAND RAIL-ROAD COMPANY. JSiMBEgfciB win i ;;it arrangem'en ; Train* ran nt follows, commencing Dec. 14th, 1844 Leave Brooklyn, at half-past 7 A. M , (New York side 7 A. Al.) Boston Train for Urranport,daily, Bun days ere.'pied, stopping at Farmingdale aud St O urge's Manor. " " at A M lor Hicksville and intermediate , pla e*. daily; and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satuidats, through to Uree-iporl and in ter mediate, place* " " at 3 hi P. M. for Hicksville and intermediate places, daily, Sunday* excepted. Lease Ureeupoit lor Brooklyn, Boston Train, at I P. M., or on the arrival of tne steamer* dsily. Suudiy* ex cepted, stooping at St. George's Manor and Kariiiingdale. " " at 9 A. M., Accommodation Train, foi Brooklyn and intermediate places, ou Mon days, Wednesdays and Fridays. From Hicksville for Brooklyn and intermediate place* daily, Sunday* excepted, at 7A. ,\1 anJUd P.M. (T^NO TaAIN ON SUNDAYS, xyi ja2U Jinrc Mondays, ) I Tuvsnayi, ) ?Wednesdays, > Via Norwich. I Thursdays, > Via Ston'gtos Fridays, ) I Saturdays, } jr5~N?TICK.. mWAjML STATE N CrSRHE ferry Cn and after Snnday, Dec. 1st, the Boats will leave as foi low*, until further notice:? LLAVK HTATEN ISLAND: 8Ji. and 10, A. M.: 2 and 4?, P M. lift : LKAYK NKW YOR 9. and 12, A. M.; 5.'<. and i%. P. M On Sncdays tire Boat will leave at 11, A. M., hi place of 12. u2Arc CHANGE OK LOCATION UNITED BTATEt MAIL LINK BKTWEKN NKW YORK AND ALBANY. Via BHUflK.PORT?HOU sn* agk SATON1C AND WESTERN II AlLKOADS?The ateamboats K.URKKA, Ca|it. Trtte.-deil, and m NI .1 K' ?D, ( >pt Brooks, will leave the pier at the foot of Kose veil ?triieL duly, Sunda;. a excepted, at A. 1' Returning llie Li a. ieaies Albany at 7 A. >1. Aihany passengers on arriving at Bridgeport, ,<roceed imme R-tilr ' ... . i -- djately on the Railroad; ar.d, without ckange of Baggj^e or Car*. ?nive in Albany the s.,me evening. A Freight Train daily at \. Al. For fuither iiifoianntion, hoth as to freight and baggage, amd o (J VI. PKUKY, Agent, at rhe office, Rn i*vvlt street, o aiviugston, Wells end J'oweroy's Kxprrss office 2 Wall streei .. .. ,r;-. --?J street R. B. MASON, Superintendinf, 172 South street ffit m>. m> fTraHc HAVRSnTWcKTS. oft re oi Prut Jl PEW Second lane?l'h- Ships ofthis Line will hereafter leave New Yo-k on tin 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as foi low*, vit: From JVeio York. From Havre New Ship ONHIDA, (1st March, (18th April, Captain < 1st July, < 16th August, ..'ante* Knack, f 1st November, f 16th December K'ip BALTIMORK, (lit April, ( 16th May, Captain < Ht August, < 16th September h.dv aid hunch, ( let December, ( I6th January, Ship Ul'ICA, k 1st Visy, t itith June, '" " ? * fcth r v CapM-n, < 1st Septemlier, < 16th October, hrealgrick Hfwitt.r 1st January ( 16th Kehraarv New Ship St. NICHOLAS I 1st Jnue. ( 16th July, ? St. NICHOLASC 1st Jnue, ( 16th July, Captuin < 1st Oct?ner, < 16th November, J. B. Bell.f 1st February, ( 16th Marcda. llie accotnmndatious of these ships are not sorpassed, com bimng all that uinv lie -eunired for comfort. The price of cabin passage is 1109. laesengasti will be supplied with erery reqni arte, with the exception nfwinea and liouora. Goods intended tor these vessels will be forwardeeby tbe anb scrihont, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on them. For frright OT_pnssage. BOYD fc mfWJKEN. Asr^ota, JetS So 9 T<>ntiu* Buitdinifs, cot Wall mid Vv'ter rASSxOE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRK! \"a M. J&t m tiv tmk blAck ball oil oldlkvc or y LIVEDPOOL PACKETS. Persons wishing 10 ?mil for their friends, eau secure their pas sage n ill have them br wilt out by any of the ships composing th- Blick Ball or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, which sail from L -erp >ol punctually on the 1st and 16th of every mooth. The Block Ball or Old Ln? of Livepool Packets, comprise the follow ma a>hips, rig.:? The YORKSHIRE, (new.) The MONTEZUMA, (new.) ? VM BRIDGE, OXFORD, ENGLAND. NEW YORK. COLUMBUS KUKOPK. Notice?The public are respectfully notiried. by desire of the owi.e s of the attorn " old established Line of Packets," that no passenver areata bu- the subscribers lure per il,isti n them 10 advertise to bring out passengers by the Black Black or Old Line of LirerpooT Packets, and lliat the subscribers a e the only regular -uthoriied passenger agents of said Line in this city. Appiy or address (if by let'er postpaid) ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO. 3S Fnltou street. New York, nex: door to the Fiilton Bank. P. S.?We hare at all times (or sale drsfis at sight on the Royal Baiik of Ireland, onion Mea irs. P cscutt Gruie, Am-s k Co., U a ikers, Li union, which aie pai I free of discount in ererv tow n throughout England, Ireland, 8c itland and Wales. Ari'ly ns ?bore. UJSre Afij? FOR LIVERPOOL?VcRnlar racket of 6th Feb.? NtPAcarVI he splendid lirvt eU-e, last-sailing Packet Iship rKLAii" vVltlt.K HENRY, Capt Delauo, will positively sap aa tMft her regular day. Having very sn ..rrioraevmnmodatioiit for cabin, second cakm anil steerage pa is,, persons wishing to embark should makr immndtate application ou board, foot of Burling Slip, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, j77 re No ton Pmestreet rnnernf Strkul, k,!j liv LIVERPOOL?The New Lino? Keg aim dS* PVPacket list February?The?ui*riorD?tsailing packet -eMeKass'iil HOl'UKS'i'Kll, 830 tons burdien, I apt. Julia Brittou, wdl f,,l as abose, lier regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and superior aernmmo . * , ? .. i * a I.* s.? sI.a L.. n ? I .. s > oA s ? .. I ,, f D m ? I ,ww apply to the t aprain on board at *?' sideof Bttrlirg S ip, or to WOOD HULL k MINTUKN8 67 South street Ptioe of Passage HOC The p icl.i t ship Hnt'.iuguer, 1(10 tons, Captain Ira Bursley will ? i< ce< d the lloehestcr, and sail ou hot regular day. (1st <>( March. jggrc TAPSCOTTS GENERAL EMIGRATION OFFICE 76 SOUTH STREET. CORNER OF MAIDEN LANF,. tr-M: ik. P A Ukl A a lk.- T*/\ a \l r\ lixisi . . *> n S -.s w ? *" - S' s .1 J i .. I .11 . s. vr?v. s r,|g VT iT| l\ It/ Til s U.T1* Ts. AA/jS PASS! HE TO AND k ROM GREAT ACf kSffV BRITAIN AND IRELAND. ifMV JgHldKu Nr w Lts? or Livuurooi. Pacr. its JmUmm _..fh" eell known and c lebrated packet ship QUEE a- OF TllE WEST, 1,10 tons, ( apt P Wnodh,.u.e, will s-il f> ..... . r? ivunnu -e, win s-u it Liverpool, nnnctuallr. on list January, h.r regular diy, and th- i n.Uet ship .SHERIDAN on JGlh Janmry The accent mods nolle of the above splendid vessels, are well known to he ......... er.seis, are wen Known to It superior to any othet line of ships for cabin, second cabin a. n steerage passengers. To secure berths early aoptjcuiou should be made ou board or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 76 South it . corner Maiden lane The QUE.F.N OF THE WEST will sail from Liverpool on th * Gthot Match, and th* SH EH I DAN on th* tlth of MarcH Pcrioua wUhing to tend fur thair f.irndi in *ay part of th* <jjj OII'IIR tu Willi IIII U1PII g I iruug III au jr I'ati ?n ill* U|( ,,tin make arraugementa to have thein brought out ii either of the abore elegant packets, ou favorable term*, am riiu-r oi tn? auoie eirgaut pscaeti, on ravoraDie terms, with certainty of those sent for Having no delay. Apply ahove. jalj i A&dE".At HANUE UN E.NOl.A.N L>, iKl'.t.A.NU MffPk. BOUT LAND AND WALES.?Tho Snbscriber has MNkMarM all timra for sale Drafts from ?1 to ? 1000, Mynblt ?i all .lie principal Banking Institutions throughout the Unites Kingdom. JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. N. tl. Passage to end from Liverpool can be secured at fh" |ti we*' r.P?s by sny of the line ofpa>:ke*s eaili.ig on the DC 6th 11th 21st nud S6th efeuci month, oa ci plieatioti as aotwe jyM ee rkc- ?' FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND uy-rSVI KEI. A >D?Vta LI VEItl'OOL?'The reeulm p".ck U.URiiltin < hipi ? ow leave Livr ruool cwry live da>s thruugle .in h by which theseheeribse is pmpeied to engege pa*. ? age at til-'lowest rates. Th ise sen,lint fir thrir friends mav ate ,t tli* lowest rates. I h ise scmlinr fir 11?? ir Inemls may rr I. t ,.it thnv w II 1 nve s.ery attention slvwu tliem, end tin th y w ill b* d"s|i?ti bed front Limp ml without delay. Drafu f,OI11 one pound Merlins lo nnr smonnt, Can, as usual, he furbished, payable at all th' principal lLnkt throngliout the United Kingdom. Apply at the ' Mid Ksrablishel Packet OlBes." JOHN HERD UAN. ^ mJIrc a sjaa( *1 South street. NEW LINE OK LIVKUHOOI, PACKKT8. 10 from New York ou the 2fith and Liverpool on the 11th of each month, ? I Jit jffe fiToTt nkw ? Ship 81 DDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 2bth Per. Ship SHI'.Rl DAN, Captain A. Det.ey.ter, 20th Jan. Ship OAKKIt.K, Captain B. I. Il.Tivtsk, 2Utl. Fvb. Ship KUSCICS, i 11.ram Aw Kldriote, 2oth Match Iv'7. FROM LIVERPOOL. Captain A. Depeysler, lltffi Nov. Ship OARRICK, Captain B. |. H Trask, llili Dec Ship RU8CIUS, Captain Asa Eldridge, Ilth Jan. Ship SI DDONS, (. aptaiu K. B. Cobo, lllh Kali. 'oltheee ships are all of the first class, upwards of tt00 tons, hi ill in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine ureal spaed with iiiuisunl comfort for passengers. Every eare_ h is hern l inen in the arrangement of their accom inodai ions. a The pries of passage lieure is #100, for which am ple stores will be provided. These ships are. cuinni.iinled hy experienced inaatrrs, w ho will make every exertion to give ne utral satisfaction. Neither the Captains or owners of the shins will he responsi ble for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re gular lulls of laden are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to K. K. COLLINS Ik (,0., 56 .South street, New York, or to BROWN, SHIPLEY Ik CO., Liverpool. Letters by the Packets will tie charged I2hs ceuts |>er siuglt sheet, 50 ceuts per ounce, and newspatwrs 1 cent etu^i. n29 ec ' KOK NKW OKI.fc.AN8. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS. For t'lt; ueitar accoiiimud.iiiou of - hipper* it is intruded to despatch a ship ftuin this port on the Ut.ith, lft'lr, 15th, 20th, and 25tn of each month commencing the 10th of October, and c u tiuuiug until May, when regular days will he appointed for 'lie remainder of the year, whereby great delate and die pp.hut ments will lie prevented during th.- summer mouths. The fol lowing ships will commerce this arraiiyement Bark GENESEE. Capr. ViinoU. Ship YAZOO, Capt. Wibray. Ship J A v A, Lapt. Perry. Hhiti LOUISVILLE, Capt Hunt. Ship SH AKSi'K ARE, Capt. Miner. Ship OSWEGO. Capt. Wood Ship MISSISSIPPI, Capt. llillud. Thes-ships were all built in the city of New York, expressly for packets, are of a light draught of water, have recently been newly Coppered ami pu. in splendid Older, with accutmnwda ions for passengers uueqmlled for comlort. They are cum mar-ded by experienced masters, who ? ill make every rxeition to give general satisfaction. They w ill at all limes lie towed up ilia down the Mississippi hy steimboats Neithet the captains ir owners of these sltipi will he resiNiiisible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver, or p'ated Were, or for any letters, parcels or packages, sent by or put no board of ihem, unless regular bills of lading are taken for th- sam?, at the value th*ie n ex pressed. K. K. COLLINS it CO , 56 8outh st , or HULLIN St WOODRUFF, Agents in New Otleaus, who will promptly forward all go:ds to their address. ir?". I he ships of this liue are wamn'ed to sail punctually as idverlised, and great car* wi.l las Liken to have the goods cor rectly measured. d23 THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL rACKETS. To sait from New York ou the 21st, and front Liverpool on the 6th of each mouth /Vow New York L'poul \'ew Ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons, (j 5*!, ^ ??? J i w'lrJnritf ? '/April 41 June 6 J. EJdnag... lAo^ n 0a g V. Shin QUEEN OF THE WEST, (*!?' * iiiO tons P. Woodhoas- jj&J *} 6 New Ship ROCH ESTER, b50 tons, ( HJ 4%? * John Britton. jfe 21 && S Ship HOTTWGIIER, 1050 to*,?*'! J Ira Borsley. JNoy ? Jai>y 6 These substantial, fast sailing, first class Ships, all built in .he city of New York, are commanded by men of experience ttid ability, and will be despatched punctually on the 21st ol inch mouth. Their Cabins are elegant and commodious, aud are furnished .villi whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of paten ters. Price ol Passage, $100. Neither the Captains or owners of these Ships will be respon lible for auy parcels or packages seat by them, unless regular villa of lading sue signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to WOODHULL & MINTURN8, 37 South street. New York, or to FIELDKN, BROTHERS, Ik CO., tHee Liverpool SAMUEL THOMPSON'S OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No. 273 Pearl street. 4f?y M- jm. TTU^vubscribers in anuouncitig to t cir Irtend* auuthepub lie their continued and extended atratigem-uu for bringing out Emigrants from Great Britain and Ireland, would merely say, '.hat Tor the year 1845 considerable vxpense have already been in cur ed, and no pains will he spared to enable them to retaiu that preference, which for more than twenty years have been extend ed to thin Line The ships employed are only of the first class, commanded by 50mpntrnt aud efficient men, well known fortlieir kind and con nant attention to the comfort .old convenience of passengers, tinl a? a ship of the Line sails from Liverpool every sis days ; Intention at that port is entire)} avoided. Wlieu those settled f. r. decline coming out. the passage money is returned to those "?Oin whom it was received, without any deduction. A free passage, p?r s'.earner, Irons the various ports in Irelaud end Scotland, can be secured, if d siied. For further particu lars enquire ?.r SAMUEL THOMPSON. 271 Pearl street, or U. OK1.MSHA W Ik CO., 10 Goree Piar.tas, Liverpool. Drafts and Exchange at sight for any e mount, curt be fur i -died on the National Bmkof Ireland, tie Northern Banking iompauy, the Nations] Bank of Scotland, payable at the nu in-rone Branches throughout the country: on C. Grirashaw ik Co., Merchants, Liverpool; and R. C. Glyn k Co., Bankers, Condon. u23 ltn'm ARRJ1N0EMENTS FOR 1*44. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 100 Pine street, ocruer of South. m T^^Hsuh?cribe^ri<^eive to calOl?^iti?iition of liis friend, nj the public >u general, JUi the follow ins arrangements for 6U, for trie purpose nf bringing out Cabin, ta Cabin, and Strer I'aaaenaen, by thr it-uulir <,i Liverpool Packets, sail , the l?t, 6th, Ulh, ICtli, 2l ,t and 2Slh of every month. By ? London Packets to sail from New York, th* 1st, 10th ami : he Lo Wh?and from London on the 7th, 17 th and J7th of each month ' In couuection with the aborn, and for the pin pus- of affording ' eti'l greater facilities 111 passengers, the Subscriber has establish I ? ?. i ,ra 1 r. ? I IMS as 4 H e.,S sal - wi ass t \! .tal, Is . , J .. *1 1 a icitnlar I ins _ol\ firs! elaes New York I nilt, coppered and week tbron oppered fastened ships, to tail punctually erei y weelt through i oi the year. For the accommodation ?f persons wishing to remit money ?jo their families or friends, drafts are given, payable it sight, or the following Bsnks, vir.:? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at lork, Limerick, Clomnel, Londonderry, Hligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, falway, Armagh, Athlune, Colerain, iulina, Tralee, Vouehal, Knuiskilleu, vlonaghan, Bwnbridge, jLllymena, Parseustows Juwupatrick,, IfUrgau, Oinagh, Ducgannon, Bandon, Kami, B&llyshannon, Jtrabane, Skibbereen, Mallow, Moneymore, ?ootehill. Kilmsh, Dublin. Bitibbreen. Scotland?The City Bank of Glass >w. u,iigland?Messrs oouer, Atwnod it Co., Bankers, London W ByrneshCo., Jj Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable it very town in Great Britain. Kor further inf ymation, (if br letter post said,) apply to J,. EPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street. corner of Month street. New York, Or Messrs. P W. BYRNES It CO., 16 Waterloo Road, ? ljiv^n?s?nl OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Mi M. Ml m TH E Old LineYif Packets for Liverpoo^will hereafle^i^d^ ets for Liverpool will heresfu. ? die following order, excepting that when the tailing lay falls on Sunday, llse thi|>t will sail on the succeeding day, rit. Fr om New York. /Vow l.iverpool. The CAMBRIDGE, (June I JnlyJ 850 tons, I Oct. 1 Nov. 16 w. C. Barstow,/ Keb. 1 .Mar. 16 rhs ENGLAND, (June 16 Dec. 1 754 tons, < Oct. 16 Dec. I 8. Uartlett, / Keb. 16 April 1 fh? OXFORD, fJnly l A*ug. 16 404 tons, < Nov. 1 Dee. 14 J. Rathbone, / March 1 April 16 Hie MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 1000 tons, I Nor. 10 Jan. 1 A. B. Low bar,/ March 18 .May 1 rhe EUROPE, (Ang. 1 Sept. 16 618 tons. < Dec. 1 ? Jan. Fnrber,/ April 1 May 16 fhs NEW YORK, (new,) (Ang. 16 Oct. 1 950 tons, < Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper,/April 16 Jane 1 fhe COLUMBUS. (Sept. 1 Oct. 10 700 tons, < Jan. 1 Feb. 10 G. A. Cole,/May I June 16 fhe YORKSHIRE, (new,) tSept 16 Nov. 1 1050 tons, < Jan. 10 March 1 I). G. Bailey, / May 10 July 1 These Ships are sot surpassed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accummoilations, or in their fast sailing qualities r?y*anV vessels in the trade The commanders arr well known as men of character,'and experience, MM the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, aarsgerda the day of sailing, will beobser?d as serrtofots The pries of passage outward s Aiadti One Hssdred Dollars, for which ample stores of every description, will b? provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will ha furnished by the Stewards, if required. Neither the captain or owners of these Ships will be respon iible for any letters, psreels, or packages sent by them unless regular hills of lading are signed therefor. Far freight or pas ?age, apply to GOODHUE It CO. 84 South street. C. H. MARSHALL, 1* Burling Slip, N. Y. j?tf and of BARING. BHOTHKHH k <io? L'pool OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE M M M M JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Sonth street, New York. The subscriber continues to make arrangements to bring ont passengers from Great Britain and Ireland, (via Liverpool), who may be engaged at this office, or with any of his agenu in the United States, on board the packet snips sailing from Lirer? pool eveiy five days?and in order to xflrord every facility, hs will have despatched superior American ships in New York ana Bostou,"every week,during the year. Those sending for their friends may rely that the same due and diligent attention will be shown them as heretofore, and should tny of those sent for not embark, the money will hs refunded, as customary tand those remitting money to their friends, can have Drafts and Bills of Exchange for sums to suit, payable on dr. mand at the following banks, (without discount or any olhei charge), vis:? I O M -*ip?Messrs. J. BuIf, Son Ik Co., Bankers. Loudon; l. named St Co., Liverpool; rhe National I'rosincial Bank of igluid and Branches, throughout England and Wales; York* tnire Dislrici Bank and Branches; Birmingham BankingLO-t Lam aster Ban! iii^ Co. _ IRELAND -^National Bank of Ireland and Branches, and i rovincial Bank of Ireland and Branches, in all the principal con ns throughout the Kingdom. SCOTLAnlk' EaiUrn llank of Scotland and Branches Greenock Banking Co. in f.lssgow and Greenock. Persons (Mtdmg in the country and wishing to send money to their friends, may insure its being done satisfactorily, on thsir vnittoig the amount they wish sent, with the name and address >rthepersonif." whom It isi intended; a draft for the amount will then be forwarded per first packet or steamer, and a receipt Idr the same returned by mail. !fcr,h* ys&iirauiiK. r&s, ?. H LOOKING GLASS PLATES. AN I.INK OSTHKIMJfiK, Importers, No. 3 Batik sitreet, l*h 1 .delphia, have receiv <! by late arrivals, e full assort ment of Looking Glass Plains, from 9 bv 7 to 40 by 20; Polished Plate Vi inflow Glasi, from 18 by 12 to 60 by 40. Al?o; a com* plete assortment of Toilet Glaisri, fc|iecf jelns, Huuft boxes. 8e/ar Oses. together with a variery of other German and Fiynch t roods, which they ofl'er on the most favorable terms. j*23 CHEAP DAOUoRR EOTYPE PORTRAITS. TV/TKS. li. HH ANKLAN0,Daguerreotype Artist,having taken sinre two years more lb *n if,Out) portraits, and being well known f r tali iin; the best styleol port- 'its. ic*ipe<tfolly infoinu her frieuils and customers autl the public, that she v s a beao lul Uaguerreoiyi'e ltbeio S3, in: Itidicg a nut morocco case or a frame, t??r ? uly or e doll n B- ing tlwvyg well patronized and her ('ustomein increasing evcjy day. she has, for their conve nience, eularged her establishment, by two i-aguerreotyj>e tooinn to the t al&yelt? Uaza*r, 149 Broadway, and v y a botti- li ??f her vstablishnieijt, 23 'bryadwav, third story, front ru in, No 1, opposite the aik Koouilain Portraits taken from i> ia tlie morning to 5 in th** evening, any weather, cloudy or st Tiny, betnember, only one dol ar, (best style) inclntling case or Irani** im*rrc ARC I I IT EC TUllK. Tj*RElD..SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends and the iVr .J10' i ht* has pcm?T>1 his oltice; from 192 Broadwny to IB yV all st, where persons desirous of building are uivitt-d to ex* am ne a sele- tioii of original anil tasteful d'sigus, fr.on th- Cot tage'ynv irdsto tin* extensive Villa <ir M;u>ston, in all the virions styles ol architecture} and where he is piepareu to furnish Plan?, Drawiugs, Specifications, Kstiniates and Cot tracts for B Hid ings of every description, and superintends the erection thereof. jjj30 int*rc COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. AF. BO DEI* resprctfuli y informs his friends and the ? public, lint he enntinu-s to manufacture Colored I'e.ier and Faucv Paper Bi?x?i. iu all varieties, at th-o!d stuud of the late tirm of HI out U BotWo, 74 Fulton corner ol Gold Unset He is lullv determin-d lu in lbufactuie a supetior article, and to put the price, so as to satisfy Ins customers. Orders will he puiicrna ly attended to. N. B ?A good asso.tmentof Colored 1 aperaand Fancy Pa[ier Boxes always on liaud. ja30 2in*ec CROTON FOUNTAIN BREWERY. r|'Hli inability of the subscriber to meet the increased de ?X maud for his Pale ant) Amber Ales, hitlierto manufactured at his Brewery ill Albany, has rendered it necessary, to meet the want, of hiscustomerx, tc commence a Brewing establishment in New Vork, to be colled as above, where lie intends to produce au article which it i? picum-d willeven lucre ise the reputation of bis bnu:d, iu Vale nd A ruber Ales, t > the ' ne plus ultra" of pleasant and salubrious beverages, and in ahundait x ipply. ? * - KIRK din tw??rh ANDIiKVt WONDERFUL DISCOVEK.Y. (STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR,.wnich will O change grey linir to its original color in a few rniuutrs. This "iner notation is different f'uru anv vet offered, and cannot fail of su percede all omen. It n highly efficacious, and possesses the great advantage of beaotifvug the hair without injuring iu growth. Those who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their hair champ-d before payhw their money. If humbugs would take this method there wmild be no reason to complain. One trial will prove rhefiCl. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied at No. 5'Chatham at, opposite the Hail of Records. Ne,? York, up stairs ja7 lm*rc w ATCHr.H lA'Ai'i HES AND JEWELRY.?Those who wish to l'U'0. a e Uo'd or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils. N- v> Ec . wt!l_ find it greatly to their i is sel'iug all describe ad van tote to call on .he subscriber, who i _ tious of the above at retai uiucii lower than any o'her lioiue in the city. Gold Waiciies ?j low as 5W and t2i each. Watches ami Jewelry eichiuged or bought. All Watches war ranted to keep goeh tune or the trior,?y refunded. Watches, and Jewelry repaired iu the best manner and warranted, tt mnch lets than the usual prices. G. C. ALI. EN, linponer of Watches rmd Jewelry. ji5 lm*ec Wliolesale and retail. 30 Wall St., up stairs. TIMS' PATENT BOXES. iTHK PROPRIETORS OF TIMS' PATENT CAR A BOXES, would mqiectfully call the attention of Kail Road Companies, end all others interested with the building of Rail Road Cars, that they have appointed CORNELIUS KANOL'SE, of jersey City, their agent for the manufacturing of said boxes. Also, again lor transacting all business cniiu.klrd with said patent-right. All communications directed to him at Jeraey City Iron Foundry, will be punctually attended to. TIMMS, 11 ILL He BUODY, Proprietors. Jersey City, January 7th, 1845. j# lm*rc DR. BROWN legs to inform the public, that having purchased the nrsctice of Mr. CHILD, OCULIST, J lie continues to pursue the treatment | so successfully used by that gentle man in all diseases of the Eye, and to which of ten, and rveu for so long a period as lorty yeari, have yielded, after they have baffl-d ihe skill of, end been declared iiicutable, by eteiueut Physicians and Ocnlistv Indeed, lit. B. asserts that an instance of failure in his treatment would be almost unkuown if llie af flicted would apply to him when d ininunon ol signt is Inst not he early need, or iu the early stage of intlammation, however acute, and before so many cheap but destructive applications ate made use of. Dr. Brown will not undertake a cue where there ia not good reason to eatwet a cure. Office 76 Chambers street, lour doara from Broadway. Hours of attendance from 11 A. M to 2 P M., (Sundays excepted.) Advice to the poor gratia. je4 ltn*m PXPREBH PRICES REDUCED?The. Subscribers have Ck reduced their Eirress prices 02 ail sa _ _ lall package* of In a snd otb-r ilocatmnta, from 56 c.-nts to 2', cunts per packsgr from this city to Buffalo aud lbs intermediate po.Qts. Alio through Wells 81 Co.'s Exoress from Buffalo to < iacago, at M genu jie? package f:.,m this ? tr to Chicago, 11J the intetmedi emu iie? ? ate roaxtx o> lbs J .she, r-i'/i'Vijiro*-1 "'irt-tJ" fc rnMVRpy HUNTEIUAN DISPENSARY, No 3 Division street, e? tablishnl A. I). 18.15, by tbr present proprietor, for the suc cessful tieatmeiit of a disease of a secret nn:tnv, and for th- sale of DK. HUNTER'S KEt> DROP. This medicine is the oaly remedy on ruth thai cin safely he relied on to thoroughly CUM. this horxid disease without injury to the constitution, and with out diet or hindrance from business, even when all else have failed. A comprehensive treatise accompanies each vial, (with fi-M directions.) which ia warranted to effectually cure in all cases, no matter how long standing, or how deeply scaled iu the system, with l?ss trouble to the patient, and iu a shorter space of time, that any other inediaiue in the world, or no i?y'will he taken. Price tl per vial. d30 lm*rrc pHEAl'EiT AND BEST.?Red A-h COAL, at J. Weeks \J Y nrd, 256 F.lizabrth st All undci sh ds, dry, re-screrned, ?uid deiivercl clean to-uy part of the city, at ihe low prices viz Nut, $5, Large Stove, 55 50; Broken and Fag, $5 5t,. < >rd,tri received by City Despatch. Store corner Houston and Elisabeth vts, and at the Yard, 256 Elizabeth, near Dleeelur. jit lm*re JACOB WEEKS. MAUTELLE to HOLDERMANN, No. ;ir Maiden iwn e, n, v. MANUFACTURERS and Imp-rterr. of Oraammttl Hair Work, Wigs, Toupms, Bandi, (iurls, Seam*, Bandeau Hair, and a new style of everlasting Curls, aud all kinds of Han Works, wholesale and retail. N B ?The trade supplied on reasonable terms. d!7 tm*re AMERICAN HAIR DYE. tlTARRRNTKD, if strictly applied according to direction. " to chanse the h-*ir from any other color to a beautiful auburn or perfectly jet black, without staining or irritating thr akin, like other Hair Bye*. Prepared only bv DK. JAYNE. No. 2M South Thirdatrert, Philadelphia. Price 50 cents Sold by the Agents, A. 11 (it D Sand, Druggists No. 79 Kultou atrtet, 873 Broadway, 77 East Broad <ay. j28 lm?m WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PICKLING AND PRESERVE WAREHOUSE. f HE HUB?CKIBERS. of the only origin I establishment of ? the kind, otter to rite notice of our aouthern frienda, mer ehanta, uud our own city and conntnr trade, the largest and best selected assortment ofKrnits ever before presenter) to the public. Peaches?Maliaatories, Morris' Whites, Honest Johns, Late Heath, Ac. Pine Apple-, Kaspberri-s, Apricotts, Strawberries, Kbit, and other Plumbs, all possessing in their preservation their natural llavors. Also, Jelly's of the Strawberry, Haspberry, Quince, and Pine Apple and Cranberry. Also I'tckles, Cutsnps, and Sauces, of every imaginable de scription, in glass,art, I every sire, to suit the convenience of the purchaser Also, Pickled and Slewed Oysters, potted for exportation, and warranted to keep in any climate. Hotel Keeper*, Hoarding House Keepers, Oroce-s. Skip Masters and Private K unities, all ere invited to call and ex amine the best selrced and most be ntifnl stock of the kind ever before offered to the attention of the public. HECKHOW it VINCENT, 55 Conrtlandt street N. B.?Eighty doxen forth Havana 1'ines, in good order, for sale. Alto, 1800 Oyster Kegs dl9 Jm*re TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS! MR- BRISTOW, Ki 11, shing Writing Matter, presents his most i-vl tiucerv acknnw I dgnments to the inhabitants of New York and Brooklyn, for the distinguished support, and the many flattering proofs ot approbation they have Been pleated to bw stow on hit efforts du 1 g his present tisit. Mr. B't Academy, No. 196 Breadway, (Room No 7,) will continue ovxir lor Pu pils, l)ay aud Evening, fo, nlVLT a limits , region loivokr ?it being his positive iutrnti >s, early in the spring, to return to his Academies in London ud l.iveri>ool. Is 14 a ? t U W ' H snrsaion and eixiaar commkrciai. system er WRITING ACADEMY. No ! Vi BROADWAY. Mr. B. AUaltMt I I 10 imisirt to La 'iee and Oentlemen of all sort, atU|ierior /ue Jtaieing expeditious, beautiful and pleasing style of ntoRMiiahip, executed in an elegant off-hand manner. IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS' no matter how bad. illegible or cramped the wilting is. Evviv the venerable matron fe' Is (b lighted in going through this process, to revive the study of the vernal moru of life. l?,r"Kxtha Lessons given | free 01 charge) if required. Boon tttriltn and Short-Hand tanghtas usual. Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 A. Si., to 1 P M., or 3 to I !'? M. om 9 A. M., to 1 r ill., or 3 to 11 ? M. ^ 3 ^ p!) 1 Visitsss in New York can take a course of Writing in three day a : ' f. :,,i?, . N. B.?Specimens of Writing are exhibited on. the awning* post. jaT lm'ee Owes or jsjys:utow iNstrsaNcg oompsivt

No. to Wall sl opposite the Exchange. 'HIS COMPANY contiunrt to insure against Lost and 'flllS COMPANY continues to Insure against Lost and Da 1 mage by Eire, on Ooods, W arm, and Merchandise, and, also, against Lots 0* Inland Navigation on Vassals and then Cargoes. ? DIRECTORS. ihomas W. Thome, Klish* sligg*. Thomas T. Woodruff Anton Bauer, B. R. Robtoa, M D., ,,'iueph Drake Thompson Price, Joseph Allen, Moaee Tucker. James E. Holmei, John K Davidson. John P. Moors,. John H. Lea, James H. Whiting. Caleb C. Tunis, Wm. K. Thorn. Francis P. Sage, Thomas Morrril, John C. Memtt, Eugene Bisgrvt, T'HOM *8 W.THORNK. President lino. T. Horn. Bee wears ml m SODA B1&CUIT AND SUCA& CRACKERS? 'T'HE HnVseriber wishes tc rail:- known to Cm Public, thai 1 ranch 01 the Biscuit and Crackers which am sold m this City by die above names, are entire!' different from the Soi't '.litem; .".ud Sugar Crackna made at hit Bakery; which hart ie?:i used by mtaliiit, particularly those who softer from intli tuition, far more ih.ra twenty fears v, irk the b"0? retnllai while the imitation, which he made for a leas price, though oarh'pa good 'or a person in heelih are wholly unfit for tin nek lite above Birrnii end Crackers alto Butter Bisenii Wine ttisenit. Butter Crackers. Watel ( rackerv Pilot and Navy Bread, all of tlie lirst noality, are constantly for sale at tha well know* rw.iMnhrreat. 175 Waahipg'on street. goianr ol rfarwn sltwt KPHJCDTTtBM DWELL, sWto- ? glNDERH' BOA PH.-tjtoni ? \r<l? foTj^e by d It re NsBisi rNtiwou M. DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, SiNJ ltiver St. Troy THE Subscriber availi himself of this method of communi cating to the public the fact that he is uow manufacturing poe cut and smoking Tobacco and Himff, at 2$i River street, Troy, next door to the Fulton market, The following uiay I* found at all times at his stiveand factory:? Tobacco?The celebrated Fancy Vintiuia Thia Tobacco took the premium at the late Fair. Extra hewing Tobacco, sweet Virginia; American Smoking Tobacco, niinufactuted from the !??!'; Spanish do, Turk is- (To. Srrcrps?Hose scented, No. I; Maccabov, American Gentle man, Luudyfoot, French Ka|<ce, and lua'i Blackguard The taiaeart'cl a are all wr anted to he mole of the fine* qualities i f leaf tobacco, oud by the inoi'exia-nriiced work tin-u. 'I'll -u number would also warran hii lobaccn l<> be bet ter aimfactured than any other in tue !sute of New York or el a" vi here. Orders directed as.above will meet with prompt attenti' u.and custom r? may rely en hsvtag tlie same paiua i.tkau aa if tliey were personally preaeu t. iF-? Savage, 2>l Fulton street, end A. A. Sainanot, Ur n dway, Aaeuti for the city- of New York. Tr,.v, I' n ft. Hf. j3> lm*eg CASH TAIL:)Pj"ng" ESTABLISHMENT, i'lt PEARL STREET. 'THB SUESCItlt'l.K, oue jf the tnonecrx of the caah syxtera, A Mires to leejo before the uuhlic that be continues to man ufacture every kiml r (Civil and Military clothing, of the finest materials, ju f|,e |Qli superior style, at lower prices by twenty live per cent utan a y other lioase chary as for the same quality ot garments. Win r< tite following list of prices :? ]lest superfine wool kLrk Uress Coat t't to $30 rr.ufs or fnnay .cd ?Kin black Cansiir.e:e.. 5 to 8 Vests of all i-a d?, isilk. Ratin, Catsiiui: <e... Ik, to 5 U.-ntlnnen vrho stzpt'.y their own cloth era havetb m made in the best style at i he following prices Ure- J (sua trout $7 to $1 Putts from JL 1 C8 to 2 Vests " .. . 1 M to * d23 lm*oc TEE?TH! TEETH !! TEETH!! 1 GREAT REDUCTION /.V DENTISTRY. CHEAPEST OPERATING OFFICE IN THE CITY.? A single Tooth s-l for 75 cents, only! Teeth filled with line Gold Foil 75 Tin Foil, of a superior quality, 50 Tootnche cured or ulcerated stu mi* extracted. 25 N. TAYLOR, Surgeon Dentist, 1 tlj lm*ec 62 East Broadway. SOMETHINO new. QPRDIVti It C O. ar" nanufacinring, under Letters Patent g.anted by the United S~ttes. an Imnrored Friction Match, TO Bl/UN VVITHutiT BRIMSTONE. They now offer for sale, on verv reason -hie terms. iTWENTY THOUSAND OHOSi neatly put ui> in tin, wood and ptjier, in any sized packages, and in lots to suit puiciiasers. THESE MATCHES are highly approved of and recommended for family use by physicians and chemists, in cousequeuce of the abs-u< e ot sul phnrin heir manufacture the fumes of which are so disagree vhle and deleterious to <11, and particularly injurious to pertoLS haviug weak luiuis or delicate coustilntious They are part cularly recommended to the att-ntion of ship pers, as they have Ir-queu:ly o.-en taken on I <ng voyages and ex pos, d to the action ol all climates, without the slighet: injury. For sale by the principal Druggists and Grocers in the city Orde s left at Shepaid's Bookstore, 191 Broadway, or at their office, 161 Bleecker street, jail lmkm SPALDING & CO. CIGaRS! ClGARS! UIGars! NK.ZKKI I'fl., <)2 Nassau street, opposite the Herald Build ? legs, r-?|?ytfully invites the attention of his frtenes and the public cene ally, to Uie following choice Cigars, just re ceived by la.u utivals from Havana :? Regalim of vafious brands, I'auctel is of various brands, Nortnas, Principe*, Yngmuidad, Riocda, Esperanza, Napnl-oues, La India, Noriegas, Lord Byrons. The above Sesnrs are guaranteed as genuine and imported, and the trade are iuv iled to call and examine them. N. B.?Orders from abroad will be strictly attended to. j!5 lin*rrc POST OFFICE, T~ New York. January 2id, 1S45. S nPHE POST MASTkR GENERAL having apnroved the A recommendation for theestabli?hment of a PERMANENT BRANCH POST' OFFICE, and sanctioned the selection mide by tlie Post Maxterfor its loiatiouou CHATHAM SQUARE, comer of East Broadway: has d reelsd that the removal from the present Pork office to ihe new 1'oat Office in Namau strre.t, and In the Branch Office at Chatham Squaie, be made simul taneously. The two offices will be ready for occupation during (he ensuing week, when the present Post Office in the Park will be vaevtfu. Tlie Pott Master cougntulites hit fellow citizens upon tlx completion of arrangemenia ao well calculated to pro mote the convenience of all classes <-f the community. JOHN LOK1MER GRAHAM, J23rc|n Post Ma*ter. TAXES OF 1844. OFFICE OF RECEIVER OF TAXES. | P??,, , . Old Alms Hofii:, Pi?k. , LRSUANT to the Act ' for the Collection of Taxes in the City of New York, passed 18th, 1843 "public notice is hereby giveu, that utiles* the Taxes now remaining nupaid, ?hell be pud to me at my office, on or before the fifteenth 'lay of February next, _ an addition *f one per cent will be charged; and a further addition of one per cent will bechargtd on all etch Tarn* remaining unpaid on the fifteenth day of March The present law requiring the Taxes to be paid to the Re ceiver ouly, (the office of Word Collectors having been abolish ed,) all those who can make it convenient to puv their Taxes early, will Cud is greatly to theiradysntage to do so, thereby ?.voiding the crowd and delay which will necessarily occur for several days previous to the percentage be-in^ charged The Tax Bills may b obtained on apTik Kiou at the office. Office hours from 8 o'clock, A. M. until 2 o'clock P. M. _ H. T. K1EKJBTED, JaTtoMrl* rc Receiver of Taxes. THE PICTORIAL NEWS R' i(JM, iVo. 22 CAT&"BINE STREET. BETWEEN EAST BROAD AY AND HENRY STREET. HHAWKES. having fitt d up a Parlor as a General News Room, under the above title, will he happy to see his friends, and hopes by attention to business to merit a cou tinu nce of the favots so liberal.-/bestowed sinct he has been in the public line. The room furnished with New York and Old Country Pa pers regularly pers regularly The barsnppl-ed with choice Wines and Spirits, fine flavor ed Senars, and line rale Ale, Ike. jJJ lm?ec GENTLEM EN'S SUPERFLUOUSULUThIng fJENTLEMFN OR FAMILIES desirons of convert! o? .at V? crmh tlieir superfluous or cast offClotJtina, will obtain from the Snbsrnber n.s HIGHEST CASH PRICES. To familiei ai Gentlemen quirting the city or chroigiag re, hr.-ing effrctl of the kuid to dispose of, will find it sueh to rl.eir advantage to send for the Subreriber, who will attend tiiesn at their nsiilt-cce by appointment. H. LEVET f O'he' No. 2 Walt street. ,v-^. . , a?d at 470 Hudson at ?L/ a lin- through the roat Office, or oth-rwur, will be punctually stteuden to. ini lm"re OFFICE Oh JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY. ! New York, January I8ih, 1815 i AN ELECTION for Directors of this liutirnlion, for th? , ensuing year, will be held at I he office of the Company, No. j 36 Wall ktieet, ou .Monday, the Id of February next. Poll open from 12 o'clock M. to I o clock P. M. j j2ltoF:trc GEO. T. HOPE, Secretary. SE' fAh'S-SEGARo?SEGAR8. DM. I! EN PIQUES, 51 William street, res|>ectftilly in ? yitcs ihe attention of his friends and the public generally to the fullowing choice Began, just received by late arrivals from Havana:? Regalias, of v;jinus brands. Norma*. Yngnmndad. Kspersnxa. La India. Lara. Kraganciaa. Noriegas. l'.in-teUs, of varions brands Principes. Veguroa. Rionda. Napole oea. Palms telrbradaa. Tr.ibucis. Canones The above Seg-rs art guaranteed as geonine and imported, and the trade would do well to call and examine them previous | to purchasing elsewhere d26 lm*rc i UHEAF SFECTACi.ES A T 93 DUANE -T?F.ET, New York, first door from A Broadway. HENR* D. BLACKWOOD. Working Optician, as proof of the above, advertise! the following cheap prices :? Best doable jointed Uold Spectacles, 25 Best single jointed Gold Spectacle* 7 50 Beet double jointed Silver Siectarlos 2 30 Best single jointed Silver Spectacles 2 00 Finest doabletinted elastic blue 8te-l Spectacles, 18s. Finest single j.dnted elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 15s. Finest double jointed Tortoise shell Spectacles.... 15s. Finest single jointed l'ortoi r-ih. II Spectacles.... 12s. STILL CHEAPER Good elastic blue steel spectacles, set with the best glasses, and with every care and attention paid to them in the manufacture, or one (P ilar. It Good elastic bin' Steel Spectacles 6s. Good elastic bine Steel Spectacles 4s. 6d. Good elastic bine Steel S|iecta< les. 3s. flood German Silver Spectacles 3s. Beit Tortoise-shell Eye Glasses 5s. 6d. Best blue Ste-1 Eye Glasses 5s. 6d. Best Horn Eye Olaises... 3s. Best Horn Specticlea 4s. 6d. Best Convex Glasses set into your own frame*.. 2s. Best Concave Glasses set into yonr own frames, 3s. Best Convex IVbhles set into your own f-ames. .IDs. Best Concave Pebbles se: into your own frames, 12s. Repairs executed at the same rate of cheapness. Ladies and Gentlemen attended at their own retidences. jilB lm?ec ? . SWORD EXERCISE? . HAMILTON, having entered into an arrangement with ViR FULLER, lor the use of the Large I too in of his Gymnasium, No. ;9 Ann street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most rrspesifnlly announces to the public that he in tends commencing a Cass for the Sword Exercise, in all its branches?American and French, suidi at Small and Broad Sword Exercise, and also Cane Eiuicis*. Mr. H has been for teveral years engaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United Slates Army. N. B.?Volnnteer Companies wishing to become perfect in uther Musket or Artillery Drill, enn be taoght the same on the most moderate terms, by application to the a Ivertiser, 31 Ann itreet, to Capt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller. Ja3 Imec MK, DR. LARDNER, CONSULTING ENGINEER A CARD.?The Public it informed, that Dr. LARDNKK ooutinjw* tbe practice of business at * Consulting Engi neer, w nich he followed on an extensive scale for many years in England and Franca. Inventors, patentees, inaiiuf.cturer*, marchanis and otliers engaged in the arts and manufactures, may consult lum on matters requiring ihe application of the principles of practical tcieuce. Certificate* and 0"iuiont on the rallditv and usefulness of new inventions and processes in lbs irla. Reports on disputed questions sod doubtful points, ex periments! investigations, with a view to the discovery or test L r: I - ,.m k- ?? *_.. .L... ...k.?. lug of improved processes, will be supplied or undertaken when required. Office No 31 Spruce i street, New Yor* All Business Letters must be post-paid, audio prevent time being lost by frivolous applications, all applicants will be ex pected to pay a retaining fee of $10 before cousalta'ion. n 33 Imrc TO THE DAGUERK1AN ARTISTS. FA ARTAULT. Importer of Frenah Dtgnerreotyp# as ? teria's and mansficturer of Morocco Cuts, offers lor sale at the following cheap prices? B?at quality ol French I'l ues. No. 40, (medinm)$l doxsn > Morocri F me Morocco Cases with whoe glars and line borders, $3dx. Go d quality of Dagnerrrniy pe Apparatus, including the in struction, all complete and warranted, $50. Acromi'ic Glasses fro1*! t3 to $13 All the ( hemic \H us- d in the Daguerreotype p'ocers, ch-,<p he list stennshjp, pre salt of F. A. A uult his n ceivrd by .. ... gold for gildi g ihe pictures, the n?w snbitenee for polishing piites in two mm tea and the beautiful pmoesiof Mr. Fit-ren for reproducing ihe Dauu ? ix? tyre Tortva ts on eng a ted i>l ites, and to tfUUV on paper an unlimited -umber. If you an- fond of the program in tins beau'iful art, please to call at the Lafayette Basilar, 119 Brosdwcr, cor. of Liberty it. ji2$ lm*rc KMP?50O bales prime end very superior Dew Hot, for sale to lota to suit, by ?, K. COLLINS A CO., j30rc 34 South st. H W HEAT?5000 Unahels Prime Illinois, for sale in lots to suit, by E. K. COLLINS k CO., 54 South st. Isaiah Kyndtri, Captain of I lie Kmplre Club, New Vork City. The following stretch of Captain Rytidert'life wa have obtained Iroin various authentic sourc* It will be H?'ea by it, that in hint are found the etc merits which admirably qualify him for h popular leader of the D ;r. Giovanni school? bold, rt <:k Icbs and fearless, with more wit than wism nt, and more promptitude than prud.-nce?ambitious of beinq a p >pu!ar hero-devoted 10 women, wine, and tree living?fond of fu i and tigof, and always ready to protect the women uidUic weak, and de fend the right aeainat nil odes. He was born in th- vil ;pe of Waterford, Saratoga county, idew York, Home thirty enrii1 winters ago. From the age of ten to the year 1882. Mr Byndere operated upon the North River, first .is a hand, then as commander, when he got the title of cap tain, and lastly an owner ol tvto vessels. Daring this period he sailed on several foreigr voyages, to different parts of the world. In these voyages occurred many exciting incidents bug thrilling adventures, which we have no room to relate. in '32, the year of the cholera,while in the own ership aud command of vessels upon the North River, Captain Rynders, through sundry bad debts and speculations unon the turf, to which he has always been uliglttli/ addicted, tailed, us many dis tinauulied individuals have done before aud since Unsuccessful in settling up his dehts, and his creditors being inexorable, in Dec. 1832, Capt. R sailed for New Orleans. As a specimen of ttie in cidents which chequered his lite upon the oceun, we may relate one or two adventures upon thit passage to New Orleans, as given to us uy a pas senger and eye-witness. The captain of the pack et was taken sick, and the whole duty devolved upon the mate. The crew became refractory, disobedient, anl mutinous. Capt. Ryndcrs saw the peril of the ship, and, at the risk of his life, took side with the mate, seir.ed the helm, and b\ his boldness and dec.sion, Red Rover like,queile< the mutiny, and restored order. By this roup di main, Capt. Rynders saved the ship from th' rocks, wnen she was fast drivinz, having beer steered upon a wrong course, and all on board from shipwreck. The 6hip was afterwards chased by a pirate, to the great horror and alarm of all o: board, except our Don Giovani. He resolved on r light, and to that end called all hands to quarters, mustered all the old swords, muskets, handspikes and implements of light which could be found ot board, and desperately resolved to repel boarders or die in the attempt. The pirate came alongside, but. on discovering the uncivil reception whicl they wc-re likely to meet with, they very wisely concluded to keep out of mischief, aud hauled oH The commander of the vessel returned publn thanks to Captain Ryndeis, restored to him hi. passage money, and expressed his lusting oblige lions to him for twice saving his ship. Within three weeks alter his arrival in New Orleans, Captain Rynders became the hero of i; popular row, in front of the Camp street Theatre, then managed by Caldwell and Russell. Titos; were the days when the notorious pugilis; O'Rourke was in his glory. On the evening it question, O'Rourke was to have a boxing match with a celebrated Englishman upon the boards ol the theatre. The theatre was jammed inside, ano thousands were collected in front of it, chtefl> Irish, and friends of O'Jimurke. In the excite ment a report reached the crowd outside (tin O'Rourke was getting whipped by the English man The Irish were roused to frenzy, and te solved on tearing down the theatre. And nov was the crisis when Captain Rynders stepped forth in the tumult, made a speech to the exasperate c multitude, contradicted the report, told them the truth, and in short so tickled the mob that they actually bore him ofl in their arms in triumph. i nn next ouveniure 01 rue uaptaiu wna witli O'Rourke himself, on board the cabin of a steam boat. O'Rourhe had lost money to a gentlernai at faro?got angry, and attempted to take bit life". At that time Captain ltynders knew nothing ol the game, but was assured by others thai O'Rourke was in the wrong, and that his money had been tilirly won. This was enough tor Cap tain Rynders H seized a reJ hot poker, anc actually drove the pugilist out ot th? cabin O'Rourke attrrw rrds acknowledged his error, am became the fast friend ol Ryuders. Severely alHicted with sickness at Now Or leans, and unsuccessful in obtaining business, it about six months after ' is arrival there, Captain Ryndersagain returned to New Yora, lor the holy urnose, which for twenty years he has stead tlx fulfilled, of taking care of his aged parents. Again returning to New Orleans, his life wns little else than a series ol per nnal en. ousters, an< dvmturep, mainly on otner persons'acconjpt. Ot oue occasion at a masquerade ball, a light arose between a couple ot Virginians, and severs Frenchmen, with whom the majority present sp peared to take part. Obeying the impulses of hi nature, Captain Rynders took up tor the Virgi mail", whoseemed ready and willing to light; arm at it they went. H;>w ie knives were drawn, nr.r used; pistols were tir?d. and the fight became fu rious. In the incite Csptaiu Rynrtera receivn several cevere cuts upon the back of his neck anc! elsewh're, the marks of which he will carry to his grave A pistol was ti'ed at hie head, the ball paesing through hO hat, and slightly grazing the ielt - de of Ida head. We next find our Captain in the Calabooee, tor whipping.a couple of /?fns d'atmey, who hud at lacked an old man at the theatre. Not then un derstanding their true character as policemen, Captain Rynders mistook them for common sol diers, who had no right above common citizens. In th>t) light, after receiving more wounds anc scars, he whipped the grus d'artnet, who went away, and returned with the whole guard o twelve. To this gu ird, as aoon ns he understood their character, Guptam Rynders surrendered with the honors of war As soon as explanation was made, he was released from the calaboose. At New Orleans, his pockets were always opei to strangers in necessity, from the North. Many can attest his liberality, while few nan remembet that they have ever repaid it. One gentlemen will certainly rember that bp lorgot to hand ovet to Captain Rynders'mother teveral hundred dol lars, w hich lie had despatched by him to her. At Natchez, Capt. Ryndere figured extensively, and always as leader of every circle in which hi chanced to be, whether in bar room or bail room at the theatre or the race course, at meetings rt ligioua or political. On one occasion n youny man, a siranger to him, was, for some cause, be iieved to be unjustifiable, seized by the mob, win had resolved on summarily lynching him. ('apt Rynders promptly and churactiristically reaolvei that they should do no such thing. He imme diately raised a small party of fiiteen or twrnti iriends, rushed in among the lynchers, and with bowie kudo in one hand and pistol in the other, rescued the yourgman from bin frightful situation, and bore him ?>ITto a place of safety Upon the Mississippi Captain Rynders was ni well known, mid became almost as famous for hit exploits ns I'aul Jones tn the Northern yeas. Hn adventurous and hair-bretidth escarps would lilt e volume. la female intercourse, and in all matten of love. Captain Rynders bus always eminently distinguished himself,and thought, Ielt, said, ami done It is share. But as other matters of this kind now engross the public attontion, we shall pact them over with a hrtel ullusion to an afltir ol honor, in which a lair Helen waaconcerned,wlucl occurred on bis passage, upon a certain occasion, up to Wheeling. A gentleman had insulted th* wife of one of the passengers on h?ard. Pitch a circumstance could not trunapue either without the knowledge of Captain Rynders, or without hit taking up the quarrel. He did take it up in defence of the lady. A challenge to mortal combat was the consequence. The Captain wbi known to be a Yankee, and hia opponent was noi a little surprised at his prompt acceptance of hie challenge. He ch? se pistols?seconds were select ed - the case becime s-rious to the principal#? while "outaiiJera" anticipated rich sport, and bet> ran high that the Y ankee w ould get shot At th* instance of all the passengers the boat was stopped, and the parties went on shore to fight. At the stage of the proceedings the challenger suddenly proposed to fight with rifles, at forty paces. Capt Ryndeta promptly replied?"It's my favorite wea pon?nothing could suit me better?it's what 1 al ways used at the north to shoot deer with?rifles it shall be." The challenger was taken all aback, stood aghast at the pluck ot hia opponent, and final ly refused to fight the " damned deer-shooting Yankee" on any terms, or with any weapons This allatr gave him unbounded eclat among the ladtea, who, after that, could hardly be induced even to play a game of whis>t utiles-* " Captain Rynders was on*: of the party. Nor was it in th s el iss ot nflairr only that ( aj tatu Rynders distinguished himself upon the wist ? ri? wa'ers. On one occasion the boat got aground, ind b.ffl d alt tne expedients and ? v rtions of fn r Commander aud i:m# to gft her efloat again - Much delay occnrr d, the water w s falling, and the passenp r* ontvageou* and At such i cri is it could not h- supposed ihut Capt Ryi ? Jers would kittud quietly by. As lie wai not . in pected ot posseesing any knowledge of boating ludgt what was the astonishment ot all ci board, and especially ol the comtnander?and his crew, when Cup'..iiu Kvnderi stepped forward and ottered to get the boat ?,tl in hult an hour, it they would give him the command ot the crew They laughed Hi his proposal. 8| ortsman-like Captaiu Hynders instantly ottered to bark up his opinion nh his money, and after making bets with the tnniiinder, mate, and oilicis to the amount of ahtvut h thousand dollars, he took command ot the ?raw, whom he promised, gold 111 hand, to reward, t tin i ts.iul, with a half eagle apiece, and a dollar iiCli m btiy event. Captain Kyncers went 10 work, and in twenty minutes the boat was iliuut in deep water, to the joy and astonishment 01 all, and the i* p<" c * a 1 disappointment of those whcite money he had won. itch is a brief but fair specimen of the life led Ky our Don tfi?.ouidifor several years,in which he figured and flourished ia numberless stirring scenea, person-1 encounters, and thrilling adventures, winning scars on every limb"?too numerous to detailed in u daily paper. Women and wine, fighting, sporting, dancing, and tree living, all re ceived due attention, and some of ihem were never neglected. Hib friends always shared his kindneae and hispiirae, and his enemies often felt the lorce of other arguments. He has been heard to challenge any man to allege a dishonorable act of his life up to the prejer.t moment. Nor has he, as has been charged. ever been indicted for an infamous oflcnce He has always been the de lender of the lair sex, and of the weaker party, and of his own countrymen where foreigners were concerned. And several persons now in the city relare a thrilling exploit of his a lew yearn since ar Toronto, in Upper Canada, upon the race course there, where nn American horse had won the purse, and difficulty arose about giving up the money. The Canadians refused to give it up.? They said, " No Aineiiean horse shall carry oil the money." The yankees were cursed and damned, and a fight followed Captain Rynders not only decided that the money should be given up, but that no American there present should be insulted with impunity. The fight grew furious, and a young Amcric in in one ot the booths came near ueing killed. Captain Rynders rushed lothe spot, Having in his hand a kuife of learlul dimensions. " Stand back!' bhouted he. " No damned yankee -halt have a word to say here!" said they. Capt. Rynders replied, "1 am a yankee, and 1 will say what I please, and, (brandishing his knife,) if any one of you dart s to lay a finger upon a yankee, or say a dishonorable word of an American citizen, I'll cut his G?d d?d bead ofi !" The Canadians were hunderstruck, and allowed Captain Ryuders to bear away the young American, (a stranger to him,) in salety to the town Thia bearding of the Canadians, upon their own dung-hill, will not soon oe forgotten in Upper Canada. He became the terror of all who knew him there, and many imm-ing stories are told of the awe in which some ot the Canadians stood of him and his "Arkansas tooth-pick." Several winters Captain Rvnders spent at Wash ington. where, he is as well known as he is in New York, and where his character is highly spoken of by many who know him He was ar rested while there, together with Breedlove and Jewell, on suspicion of being connected with the abstraction ot ilioee " Treasury noies," of which so much has been said He was taken to New Orleans for examination The whole affair was thoroughly investigated, but not the slightest ground oi suspicion sound against him No indict ment was obtained,'3nor tiiul had. The matter was entirely dropned%s against him. Indeed, so great I was the confidence of bis Iriends in hirn at the time, that they ottered to go bail for him to any imouttt?a $100,000 if necessary. In that affair <reai injustice was done him, for which no re tlres3 can ever be obtained. For eighteen yeats he has b?en an active, wool Jyed democrat of the " unierrified" class. He look an active part for Mr. Van Buren in the pre sidential canvass ot 1840 Front that period we mte down to the BalumoreConvetition last May, md bin subsequent connection with the redoubt ible Empire Club ol this city, The hutofy of the Empire Club, of its organiza ton, its members, its pnnciphe, and doings, can :iot be prepared in season lor to-daf % paper They ire ot deep interest, and will be got ready at the 'firliest moment. The materials are rich and abundant. Some of the " fancy" will figure. English Muiton.?In return tor whole cargoes t our provisions, honest John Bull has sent to a P.ostcti Restiuraut u leg of South Devon mutton, brought ait in the ( smbria. that D a t the Dutch. It weight 40 .ba. Tne lut r.esr the lurnp i> live inches in thickness, .ure tui''. white, ami as KWeet as butter, ilia the finest l<ecin)t ii ever imported No DivoitciNO.? Tb lowef House of the Legis '* ureoi Ali-notiri hni pane-it a r? solution, by a vote of 80 to 28, Wat the Legislature has not the constitutional tower to gra> t divorces. LODGINGS TWENTY-FIVE GENTS, AT Th K NJG'S HEJID No. 3 Barclay Rtudf.t, tear Bhoadwav. The fwbsrri tar h^Trrff fitted up auu c?i\vty furciahFri *t?veml rcuifi* cc :n>ct-d v ifu ihis Kj?tab!i?h;.^0t. so'ici'' a call from h:- fneutls \nd J AJVIK8 BYKNES. LUGS. HANDS, AKJV1S, &c 7"i? 7.?*? ?/ /Vf / ??/< Legs no Hindrance to the Jtctof Walking! JOHN F. THOMAS, Co.k Leg Maker. fcc., 47J VAafrr street, New York, re*|errFnlly inform* the public that he continue* ;o manufacture AKT1FI CI VL LIMBS, on apian V moot correct and let* complicated, luring, tht ngh necessity, invented, made all J worn an artificial lag for forty years, and a manufacturer for thirty-five years, feci* confi dent of giviug satisfaction to all who call on him for Let;*, Ham1*, Aim?, or the common Wood Lag. N. E.?Ail L-ttgr* aunt be j>o*t-ia.iu. ell 3m"cc J A. KNOX 81 CO , would respectlolly inform their friend* and the public generally, that they are SELLING off their larg- end fashiouahle stock of Boot*. Shoe*, Gairrr*. India Rubbers, fee. Every family and every in lividual who may want any of the shove named article*, or iny thing in the Boot r.r.d shoe line, will find it to their advau age to give n? a call, a* we are determined to *ell cheaper than h- same ijoaiii. of good* are sold at any other establishment in h ' city. Doutt forgat the mime and number. A KNOX ft CO , 1(6 Canal street, dl9 lm?rc between Hudson and Varick street*. FINE FRENCH DRESS BOOTS J H ETA I LI NO for ft Ml, maile in the latest French *tyl?, with a fair stitch, at MOULTON it YOUNG'S Fash ionable Boot and hhoe Store, 393 Broadway. Boot* made to order for S3 30, equal to usually sold for 9b, city made, and warranted to give sa'iitaction. Also manufactures if every description. Boot* and Shoes, Gaiters, Pumps, he. Ladi's, misses, and children's Boots, snd Shoe*, and flatten. Sic., with* general aa-ortmeut of Overshoes constantly on hand, ?'or sale wholasa'r and reuil. Mending, Ike , done in the store. MOULTON kYOUNfl, dIS Im*itc 393 Broadway, oppoaite Niblo's Garden. ENGLISH, FKENCH ANT) AMERICAN SHIPPTJSG ACKNCV AT LIVERPOOL ,VO VICE. 1AVINO wi'fig.swu onr Agency entirely/rem .Vistiu. * lUaisnv- fc Ct., cf Boston vrd New Yorti, we hereby aa natice that Ms sir s A p* Mi It Co., of No. 9 Court street. Bos on, acd 7 Wall street. New York are out authorized Agents vr I he United State* an d Canada, who are fully empowered o set ."or tu as cur Shipping and Kcrw.w but Aiuerirnn Agents. T? ensure the seception cf goods in Liverpool, and the for rawling of ih- time to rnv pert of England, hrsoc*, Itc. fcc. 11* i-etesrsn t at tiiey s;i 'aW PIUS throng', the hanoa of our aid Ail cc U .V.K8SRB. ADAMS 4 CO.. ! the.i several Ofhee*. as follows fo.!' Court itireet, Hoatoa. , No. 7 Light street, Baltimore! ?o. 7 Walt slrc't, New Yot't. | IVru. Avenue, Washington. V *4 Uheanrtuwi rhl'ad. I No. f5 Fount-st Pittsburg 'I ShrlU"' *' ti. Iv'c ."ichv I No. 134 Main at., Vercr-.ttr. hViLLMEB U SMITH. Ltretpool .V",' I, Ml. WlLLMF.R hi SMITH take this opportunity cl stating to Irrrhante, Brokers, Impotters an' others, r-'Jtdent in every part ? f the Union that then Liverpool house is u-iuliarlv adapted or the instant ar.d cipnvr. JeapatcP of packages, parcels, specie, Sc., passing through Liverpool fur Boson, New York, and all le other citius in the 1 uiced States and C anada, and that that 'apartment of theii business hss tiir coasTsnT aan raaso ??t, atthutiov or thk rai>< .wai.s, on all occasions VYILLMEH k. SMITH hate made arrsngrmenu with Mesam. tl)A MS 3 CO., by which all * foods passing through their '.verpool house for America. by tlie Steamship# and othsr ves ..t will Im the iitimeilisle .tail punctnal attention of theit ud Agents, Mretrs. uldv?t ? Co at Boston and New York. ul will thereby he Irrr from delay ami high charges. They Jrrm it tieiessery here to state, .hat th.y havn no ooa ?ytnn whatever with .Mr E O. Tnckerman. of Liverpool riLLtiKh > SMITH'S ENGLISH EXPRESSES WlLLMER It SMITH, who hare for a series of years rus .ivate K.*|we?se* to and from London with important intelli ? nee, frequently performing ihe entire journey, 210 miles, in MX HOtiHS, off' t to the Airsrtcan Pul lic and Goventmrr' tieir services for the safe and rapid tr nsmissior of important ocnn-i-cts. des|>atrhns, sywcie, bonds, hills, deeds, he., whie'u .ill. i n a.! occastous, be moat faithfullydeliveied hy their own rivat? nsssee.igrr, and hour* generally in advance of the e'.ng ish inatis to Mtndor. Sir EDWARD WILLMKR, who is iow in Anserine, it preysyed to afford any information upon this object, and girt security for the due performances of all such tsir?*a ar 'niy he eultasted In h's Liv-rraiol eatablishmetti. DRAVT8 ON fIBE.YT BRITAIN k I IREI.ANI'.?!'? *out wishing io remit mo e,-to t'.eirfr.i o t in i pari of I-ngland. IreUnd "Coll.- ale*, ran be supplied ? with drat ? pv, ab r at sight, without (lit ou I i?' ant rro unt from ?1 upwards. ? . _ IN ENGLAND?On Ihe Saliousl and rr vmcial Bank of eg I and: M ?. .1 Uartnid St <<> ; E-chage snd Diser unt ?I ilt. Lurry I; lac. i Bull St Hon. London, and ir.piehea ih wnghout K idsud end tv?lea. N I' v \ a It? Ho ih. \ , in . I Bai k of Ireland, and Pro II.< ial Ba k -ltd Branches ? hy.-.ughout Ireland IN .-COTLAND?Ou the biaaterr Bank ef Scotland Na omi. Hank ol roil-.yd, lire-nock BaukingCo and branches hrongbont Br tlaml I he si arner I ambria leaves Boston ou the lit KebruatT, by which all drafts ran he forwared. Apply to W fc I T TATS OTT. jJJrc 7? Booth *t. cor. Maiden Lane