Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1845 Page 3
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po|, c?'y Intelligence. l*rco> >?NjtWug but cawi of p. til ,h"u ?hth^n^ ?l??i,h?',ofthe police offices to-dsy, al th<" of depredations committed, up i Tt .e whole^orca nili I" 411,1 armed and ?quipped l' jo r 20n on 140,1 nftor Mosdsy iist.old-rv^ ?. iem ln "niform ''ho drew con with?. *"?' tt doubls bmated frock coat collar, tu: whicb can h" turned up. and ? .f??, ' tbe letter* oxpreesing the variom from the o" ?h* dreaa canDOt he dUtinguiihe. ? turni I un mT r 7''n dm" **cept when the ollai Um theV?Hi? ra,?" S00*1 re*ult? have been exh.b.ter before the nlH^ I ?JL near lorce'hun were apparent oWd"Jrottlcor? wore aholiihctd} but it is hard Ulrtriil ifr.^" a|!if,ni?a ??? 01 Ihey have not had a i?comnLJ?^nlirhl patrol is properly organised, and wW .k f thB l,roP?r poraoiu, there ia no doubt but what they can accomplish a vast deal of (food, and an prohend a number of the burglars who are now commit ting vuch extensive depredation* in all patta ot th> city or'tlba-t check them ia their nefarious hunincM; but or"L?au ,0B1? one Properly acquainted with the method' of patrolling, effectually to lnatiuct them. It will be recollected that lent winter a number of bur gluriea ware committed, and tnat the police magistrates organised a night patrol of officers, and that during thr flrit week they were upon duty, a great number of arreat. were made, and that afterwarda the city was greatly re lieve 1 from the depredation* ol that cl na of olfm dere A Munioipal*Po Doe. * B8T """ fr?m ,h" "i,tl'nc- ?f the Roaaino a Pilot.?Honry Gray wa? arrested and com rnittrd for stealing from the pocket of C deb Prim * o' Chm'e Blossom,? wallet worth $600, and $J 37] in b"o pL'!n A"" Patrick was arrrvlrd lait night ?lolen. b a bixofaxea, supposed to V andhehiVo^tA' 8' DrfacoU wai arreted M P M "'T,.111"* Swgeant Cochrane cf thr of h i' 'utr and fn "" w, ,H b" w*" n 'h? diirharg oi o s (fnty, and threatening his life Thin Dritcoll in th* man chirged the two ?ffl ^ of tk* 6th Vard w having received money from him, and agreeing not t?. how. a**,ns!; bim ou hia trial for keeping a dJs;rderJ> y%'^ H?>v5)r,^K!,cr-A'',oni'> "William* was arrested by , hont< > , 'ii i ' ann ?,0D,initted, for atealing a pair of State P nion* * sccond offence, he will be sent to thr 15 ? Nr-wann.?Three houses to Clinton 9 M a!? 4 N- Ji' occupied by Benjamin Mea l ?i?k? . Sr?T*^ Opdyke. were entered on Thura ei.tln^nrinein^l r "b?Ut 1'?? WOrth " 'ilTar. Cor aJao tsken ?poons. Somo wearing apparel was Coroner's Oillce?Vaturday.?Suicidk ?The Coro the ^,V"rm,n0ned thl* ,mornin?r'? bold ?n inquest upon er d t h il m "'I?"" PamPd "u*b wi'?on, who was discos Kiln reij ^^k kf '/k'"" ,n Hudi",n ?treet, near the Oreat Kiln road with his throat cut The Informant could not! any furt her particulara, and the coroner waa unable qu^t" pre,, other bu'ln?**. to attend and hold the in ht^k^T'i* 00^,I)flr h*ld "n loquMt it pen tha body of ? JihV'rl'i?mM Jrk,"2' wh0 found dead in wii*on a alley, leading out of H tmmerily atreet veater day morning He wa. about fl year, of Vgf and was po3ur?e Um' Verdict-de?tb from intemperance end ex body kA"k7.?^ oC0M)",>r f1,,0J1<ld ?n inquest on the deaTi- ;PmI?,T??.,rart,-a black man- wbo we* found ?trer, on tkf dr to4 a Mr. Cook, in Snlli>an of ng?' nH?SS7w ?,k ec ' He was about 40 year The rn??L from,,he ,amo cau<n aa Jackson inuue^ v?Mk-M a 10 ai,mrnon?d t0 bold seyeral other 1 "ft they were of an unintereating nature. Common Pleas. , Before h full Bench fl? n "? Wm R. tfiU, and nZZ"^" _Tb0 ,,tf"ndar|t in tbis case pleads that the n ite in suit is not the property of the plaintiff, but was at The wST?Cf|i iu f!?Vn 0Wnrd bv ,hird persons, ht imi fL!? k ,bia t0 be Eood plea, if admitted Ilr.i,v. i iy havo !'nce> 0n motion, ordeied the srirh d and we hnv? repeatedly granted nnS th^Jik . B.".t wheZe Plaintiff- demurs to the pies, inlrrost^n fh- r ? ?n th;,.r?r<,rd ,h3t he haa no 10 or i,n?7?k J note on which the suit is brought, I sup ?n Tem wA"-iiCkV^?f*Ctl0?- J"dS?nent for defendant il. TnS i y ,0 P,aintiff to withdraw rejoin on novmimi "Ja ^ any proper motion aa to the plea, "f-VT costs of the demurrer .77 .mo, Longworlh ads Edward H Ludlow and Bruct hroke l^J-hU #n ^C,!?" brought by a real eatate roker to recover commissi m on a sale. The eale wes agreed upon between the parties, but not completed, " Ct ,n lhe ,it,ea Af?er ,hia da'cct was dis' wtl?' aJnew "frcrmPnt was made, through another flr?t snIn"n w11 "k"mTk4T.he PUin,iff? negotiated the first sole. We hold that a real estate broker is entitled to his commission, if he make a valid contract for that sale I.rofk " * "0f ^mpteted, from any fault of the vender, still the agent is entitled to a compensation We are ol opinion that the contract made was a valid contract; and therefore the verdict for plaintlfTis confirmed, with coets 7oeo4 Jlrkor. Ute Shtriffof the City and County of Sew Fori, vs Mark Spencer--Tbis wss a demurrer, general and spaniel to the def. ndi.nfs special plsaa Judgment for plaintiff in demurrer, with liberty to drfendrnt to with draw the plea or amend, on payment of coats, or give er e. ctal notice, as per opiuion To thk Editor of thr Herald:? Whnt hopeful delendere poor Biahop Onderdonk has louud, whether ot the bar or the prt ssl Wil lis, for example, begins by assailing not merely thr veraciiv. but the virtue oj ih^ bam?ile witnesses?a course directly calculated (if it hns not in fact hao the rfl-e.) to exasperate public feeling, that is to prrjudice the jury," against his client. In fruth, he seems to have been actuated, consciously or not by a desire less of exculpating lhe Bishop ihac of displaying his own (ravelled acquaintance with the female heart What !>? asserts of this, for thr rest, 1 think to be true, at least when applied to European women ; and would probably have been read without opposition or offence, if set forth eroper discretion not with the characteris tic aff-ctation of the Mirror, which in straining to be en.pnatic falls into the awkward or the absurd. Nor (while it would end the irrelevant confro versy between the and Mirror and its "contem poraries ?) would fltis exception of American wo men necessarily disparage rheir purity. The tno character of the familiarities in question de pends much, if not entirely upon education, social n hits, &c , tn the particular country or commit -i ty. It. ours, the democratic ?q tality of political jritercourse must color considerably the social lIb",? ,n very large (if not lhe "largest") liberties are allowed the clergy in our female corporation, aip?ars from the testimony on this trial. That theae are no privileges of this holy order ia aUo manifested trom the long record ot the developments of lilr in N? w York, which the co.utnns of the Htra'd couN furnish. Indeed there is u sort o| 4 play," I understand, in general vogue wherein the 44 lathes" tire kts?ed and carewed al round, by the "gentlemen" indisririmiuaialy; a remnant, probably, of the good old Dutch custom ot bundling. Now, in a mao or wontan hrougli up arnid such ntfecuonate influence*, the philoso pher sees no difficulty in reconciling the net or the permission of ?'kissing," with the crustily of a Joseph or a Diana. I make no assertion, however, as to the matter of fact, having my knowledge in .he delicate premises chiefly from hearsay. My punioae, moreover, isonly to observe, that with to pica at least so plausible at hand, it is only a maga zine writing advocate who would seek nis argu meate in Milton and Moliere Few wil. he hard upon Willis for ignorance cf the Canon Law. But what ia to be thought of the Bishop s "counsel," who has overlooked (as I shall ?hnw) an authoritative and fundamental point in the defence! According to the most nccrediied treatises ot the code allndec* to, on the doctrine ol prtu f<, (Mcxi?, Matcardi, Arclin, fee.,) to kiss n nurried woman was held evidence of I adultery. But a clergyman (and a fortiori, a Bisb ?;>) ;'-oe turn it ur fiare bono trio, fyuia vrneiume tur divino aitdict'ut nmore facereet cuutt-ilenrdicen. at. torn!! Here ia a complete and canonical dr. letter. Yn, not an allusion to it in the wordy im reri nrncte of one ot those who have unde rtaken the cau^e of the Bishop whether for pay or for pa tronage You alone, with that instinct peculiar to you, cem to h ive had an intimation of th* ortbod. x and equitable principle?derived, very probably, front pious Catholic education. I leave you to translate, if you deem it necessary, for the use ol the Mirror, and claim hereby, the acknowledgements of W.llia unit ihe Bishop's friends, ft r this invaluable (though I fear eleventh bout) suggestion. Yours, Ac. E. O J. T ? Amusements I iir Orphvan frs.uiLYhave taken Palmo's Opera mfi t0 *'T" lbeir fil,t Concert on Monday h.,71VilkaI ^ .MlrcrM at 'h4* Society L brsrr and Ta Set ^. rv ? A "? 'b,m ,C d? lbi"' ,vhicb W<! 00n-' kH !k 73I Jadio,oua tnovsmsnt on their part The hou?e has th< over all niher p sees in the citr bo'h <u pen t or situation and in its interior arrangement* be., g built expressly lor mtiticsl e?Vot We ,ha|| now' have on opportuni.v of hesring the sweet taiS of thil dj^l!r ..r,o iv?U' it ravor"b,e Bfrcumstanc s, on Mon ad^rti."?f.,.7 P,U ?U 0TBrfl"ving house. (Sot Doctor Chllds hns rrmovsil to No. MS Cham bers strret, just west of Bros.lwoy. fl I w OonrnntPi Italian MetlleaUd Soap, an li> f.illih'e cure |cr freckled, chopped, hlotched, eruptive skins?st 67 Walker stnet, 1st slur* from Broadway. body, have yon pimples, freckles, rough >i<vi4, da' knest, or any disfisorement of yoor ski ? ? If so, use mis rake ..f (hmraud's It .l.... Medic .ted Soap ; it will reuder your coinplei'OH Iwadtifuliy clear, white and transparent. If hs<r d.sti urea your upper hp, or conceals your f.treher.l, a bott.ieol tionrnud's Pouilrr hub.tie will completely eradicate it. T<> he had only at 67 Walker street, first atom from the cor n-r "f Broadway. The Chemical Soap, V> cents Per cske ; tlw Hair Kra.l.rating Powder, tl per Iwttle. Afenn?2 M.Ik at eel, II.Htm. ; 71 Chesnut strret, Philadelphia ; P?arce, Albany ; T'ou.ey, K 'cle-.ier ; H.orrs, liuil.ou.; Uackna h hull, Troy ; Gray, l oushkeepne : Myers, Neer Haven : Kerre, Middts.own, VVorcei'er Dyer. Providence ;Carle'on St Co., Lowell; tinihl, IJansor ; l?e?, H dein : HmUe, Mewburypor. ; Patten. Port'arid, he. Have ncaft| salt for Uouraud's Italian aoap, and t 'ke no other. " C??l Cntuier, of this city,'4 who hns long tire ? suliji! t; d to! altscks ol liead. ch ' of the severest hinds i! .old never fu.d an antidote .ill he m.ide u.e of Dr. Hlwi i '4 *e rlnated < l* id'er l. /.-n?ee. He wm relic.' d in a few iti"ine'. 1 rnlireiy, an ' now recomim- ids iliem lo his friends ? *1 rnafie for that tr .nMeonn-c.mpla.nt. lite al>o core Pal pira.ion. Nervous AIT-rtions, and fLa Kickn-ss ; are of sreai ? rt IC.' to time- who feel the ellee'S of <00 free kving. 'I he genu ine ne ..ever > nil in any n.her weV than in hoses, at 2.7 cents, at Dr Sh-rn?an4? warehouse, lltfi Nasssu street, or at his wents, "V Hudson stieet comer Sp ins ; IBS Bowery ; 77 hast Br sd way ; 3. Ledger fnuildiugs, rhtladelphis ; And t State st. Bos I tea. All l'hllwl?l)i hi* Smlxcrfpttona lu ih> Umu mujt V p^iil to the agents, Zieber Sl Co., % LrJve Buildings. Third st-.ei*'. near < hestnut, where tingle copier tngv elto be obtained d u ly ?r 1 o'clock. 7- All the new and cheap Publications for tale at their en lubmeut. ul ly Medical Notlce-Th* Advertisements of tlx New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established ft, ?lie Suppression of fchiackery, lu the cure of all diseases, w I heater appear ? * Mfice end Consnl'ing Kooma of iji? t n|t.*c*.95 Naaa ,.| ?r? BIONKV HAKKKV. Saturday, F?b 1?6 p. g|. There was a very general improvement to day in thi stock market?nearly every one in the list advancing Stonington went up J per cent; Norwich and Wore stei I; Reading RR, 8J; Pennsylvania 5's, 1; Ohio Shi, J; Loop Island, J; Canton, 1; Morris Canal, J, Farmers' Loan, f while Illinois closed firm at yesterday's prices. Our advices from Harrisburg inform u* that a bill ti pay the interest on the State debt passed both Houses o.' the Legislature unanimously, and only awaits the signa turn of the Governor to become a law. We annex th< bill passed An act anpropriutinir money *0 the payment of the inte rest on the public debt ol Pennsylvania falling due on the first of February 1*846. He it enacted That the sum of $573,516 06 be, and thi same is kerehv appropriated to the payment of the inte rest on the public debt of the Commonwealth, which wit* fall i'iih on the 1st day of February, 1845. inclusive of in terest on sll certificates of loan, issued for the payment o interests?Provided, That the pay men's herrhy nuthoriser 'hall be made in such funds as mav be in the Treasury mfl such portion of sal.- funds ns mav not tv> at par in th* city of Philadelphia, shall be paid in proporion to thi " -a tor by tl sevc ral amounts due for interest provided tor by this act Tbe report of the Treasurer, made in pursuance of 1 resolution parsed by the lower House of the Legislature presents the annexed statement : ? Pkisnsvltawia Btatk TaitASuny, Jan. 80, 1816. Amount in the Treasury and Banks through out the State . $901,70 J 3v Unavoilable to be deducted 56,176 85. $815,625 4s Advances on account of use of Government, 11,391 22 $834,134 32 99th and 30th January.. 8,101 16 Net receipts at the Treasury on the 27th, 28th ad Whole amount in the Treasury thl* d?v iu4 o.Q ~ Of which there i. in par fund* talk/talk *' of Pennsylvania,. >4ft# 433 fll Specie and par funds in Treasury 9,668 91 Currency equal to relief,. .^877 718 60 ... $843,388 8." , We annex the report of the Directors of the Bank tf Virginia, showing the condition of that Bank and it" Branches on the 17th of Januiry, 1848, compared with the corresponding period in IS44. Bane er Vinatrtu iris Branches. OuUWndidg debt *???,?? ^867.776 Mi*780 Dt" Koreian bills of esc.... 32,888 38,571 27I3 3ft 33 88 Dwffrnm other Banks', 89?'452 829 W8 ~ ??& in notes and balances 338,643 340.884 2 241 Vanat'nin the books.. 28,838 28,579 ' _ $6,841,526 7,112,363 332,379 61,54: Capital stock. $8,644,100 3,814,100 Z Profit and loft (Ifft eK* ?i*B??) "8.7<? 132,804 14,039 Circulation..... 1,940,749 2,121,110 180 361 Due tn other Banks... 312,183 220,385 _ ; 813,501 990,858 177,157 Balances in transitu,.. 12,227 3,334 _ g 8J. $6,841,526 7,112,363 371,557 100,721 Bad debt at Bank and Branches, estimated at $463*1 My Estimated loss upon real eatate 112'i|? I. Estimated loss upon stock", exrlnsive of the S.'o'oO ' shares of James Hirer as d Kanawha Company, 42 596 01 Variation in books, being an unascertained deficinn cJr,n"*t? 28,579 81 .. $846,715 23 It appears there haa .been an increase in the genera movement of about thtve hundred thousand dollars, which is caused by the expansions in the discount line The circulation be* increased $180,361, while the amoun' of specie on hand has diminished $60,484. These bantu are not, therefore, in as a 'und a condition as in Janusrj 1844 With an increased movement, they have less imme diate resources, independent of capita], to meet their lia bilities. The losses of the banks, by bad debts, deprecia tion in real estate, upon stocks, fee. amounted in January 1844, to $646 716. Whether this has been reduced or no the report for Jonnary, 1846, does not state. The bank* of Virginia are doing their share towards producing t general expansion ia the banking system of the country. Every report shows an expansion in their operations, te an extent much beyond the natural increase in the trade of tho sectior. ? in which they are located. Where this ex pausion is so general, it must sooner or later reach an ex tent dangerous to a healthy state of trade, and be likelj to produco a corresponding inflation in the channels ot commerce. The commerce of the various cities and agricultural depots of the interior, one year comparod with another shows the rapid growth of those places, and the develop, ment of the resources of sections of the country in which they are located. 'Business or Lock fort, N. V. 1843. 1844. ftlcr Wheat received, bushels 245,312 420,090 17 ( 770 Com;.... 8,390 12 340 4*454, Salt, barrels 13,075 11,937 1,862 Merchandise, tous 1,121 1,7(2 62, The quantity of flour, tkc. shipped from. Lcickport, wae? 1843. 1814. filer Tolls received $77,959 113,679 35 72(1 Flour, barrels 71,453 117,702 4b 240 Ashes 670 974 f ires, tons 3,337 1,985 _ Wool, pounds 6.658 156,600 86,912 Lockport is an extensive milling place, to supplj which the breadstufl's of the vicinity are principally ro* quired. The operations of the flooring mills of that city inuat have been very extensive, to have turned out the additional quantity shown in tho above table. Old Stock Kxchangt. $n 00 NY City 5'i, "70 101 5 shas Anb k Koch 900 Ohio 8's, '60 971$ 12 do 3IKJ0 Illinois a pel 39 525 L Island IIR 3000 do 38X 250 do MiuOO Penn'a 5'? 71 100 do inilOO do 71V JC0 do 8000 do 7I>? 50 do 79 "has City Bk 98 100 do 10 .Meich's Kxc Co 21 375 Nor <t Wore RR 50 * armers' 1 rust 351a 100 do 1"? .. flo 35Ja 75 do 110 Morris Canal 27 75 do 75 do 27.* 100 do 50 , "lo , saw 27* 100 Read ng RR 20i Canton Co 49 21.0 do 'J? l. i' b30 100 Stonington RR 25 Last Boston Co 10* 25 do 12 1'aterson RR 79 Second Board. 75shra Canton Co 49 100 shas Harlem RR J? jj? 49 100 Morris Canal r I idoj nn ,l0 i9., 74 Ptoniuxton HR 250 L Island RR 74* 175 Nor It Wore W ' o . 75 100 Reading Rii. 150 do bnw 75 Now Stock Exchange. $1000 Ohio 6's b!0 97 k 25 shat Had k Berks RR 14k 75 shas faimers' Tr blO 35* 25 .do 14? 94 do b3 17* 50 Harlem BR t30 65* 49 do c 35 * 50 L Island HR b30 74? 25 do (15 JvK 100 do 731? 25 do i30 37? 175 do c 74 50 do c 35* 50 do bl5 74* 100 Canton Co b3 49 25 do e 7(2 50 Nor fc Wore RR 07* 100 do s60 73* 25 do 67 jJ 23 do a 15 73* 50 do nw 6750 do bnw 74 27 do 67 Sales of Stoors?Boston, Jan . 31, 1846 $1000 Rending RR bonds, 1860, 711; 6 shares Boston an I Mninn RR, IO#j; 10 do 109; 26 Reading HR, ujI 126 do 23; a 7 do. solOJ, 23; 60 do, bolOJ, 331; 10 YYesteinRR 9t:|; 72do96|, 16 do 97. State of Trade. Ashes?Pots are dull at $4. Pearls are steady, but inac tive at $4 18| a $4 26. The following is tho stork in the Inspection Warehoure, New York, Jan 31, 1846 ; Pott. Ptarlt First sort, bbls 7,126 7,061 Second sort, S23 J hird sort, l4g Condemned, 101 863 182 17 Total, Pots Total, pots and pearla, bbls ]a iik7 Cotton-Our murket this week has been gradually getting stronger Holder* are in good spirits, and only sell when very full rate* can be obtained. Yesterday the general enquiry .was vety limited, as buyera hoped bv withdrawing from market, to roduce rates. A few small parcel* were taken, amounting to 300 bsdee, and a list of 600 hales middling fair Uplands, forexpoit. Prices paid indicate u further improvement, but the market Is too ir regular to allow us la alter our quotation*, and we there fore anurx those wo prepared for the steamer Liverpool Classification. Upldt I Florida. NOrl + Mnbit,. Inferior 4 a 4j ... 4*4/ Ordinary 41 t 6 ... 4} a * Middling, 6 * 6f ... 6 a 6 ' 6 * fll ? ? ? 6| a 6 Middling lair,., e t ?] ... 61 a 6 Ocifl I; a ??? Fully fair g (looafair, 7 Fine 7i ? 7i 8 s 81 bf ... 9 a pj ?Med, "?e''uvSMr^(7' '?'t- "f!*r * ,ejeT* illnr" Of I SO yoai's '' W"C0' C. frost, e Tho ici' ii 's mid i(*l i ir#i are runner tfnliw pcnnna?e; attend toe Itinoral, from his residence, 66 Mutuay str;. wmrray sir On Thursday sfl h nit a" V.'h hr tht w, nt H?nn?h H , widow ol tliu fo e P..ilip Von I , I S>racunt, aged 64 year.. Onigatatday morning, 1st inst. Maav Ma?Tin dan ter of Ihomaa and Mary Martin, aged 10 yesr* The friend* of tho Ismily ?ro respectfully Invited attend her luniral, this ofternoon at 84 o'clock iron Bayard street * ,re" Pnuengen Sailed. LurtirooL-Bliin Cambridge? P. hicksrd, K*i. end lady. Mia Solomons, Miss Hmilh. of Canada; Mr W. Crowiher, of England; Mr. U Cairns, of Quebec. Ooineitic linixirthllooi. ChaIlziton?11 riie Emily?229 baVs cotton Smith, Mill* Si co?215 do liu riit fir Joh->soii-50 do J h Shapiei ? 25d ? v?u VV F M .tie?112 casks ric< H|irug'j*, Robinson lico - I P*g St Join. Si Toaa. v? 1 do Loliena it to?I box l J :V cKeniicy?14 do 5 bis L) Hinds - I bl J J Douglass?I do J l ee St Co?1 do J J I'll iyi r?I d i (Jattewood St Co?32 bbls O Robinson?150 balet cottou to order. MARITIME HERALD. Movement* of the Stcauiablp*. Steamer*. Lrmit Liv'l. Uiifi i.'/me'a. Leave Jlmr Hiliernia, Kyrie. . .Feb. 4 ...Feb. 18 Mar. 1 (J. Western Matthews.. Mar. 29 ... April 12 April 21 MIUp Matter* and Agent*. We shell rateem it a favor if Captains of Veaaala mil give to Robkut Silvkv, Captain of oar News Bouts, a report o' 'he shipping left at the ]>ort whence they sailed, tlie vessel; ?pok'-ii ou their passage, a list of their eirgo. and any foreigr .'ewspapers, or newt they may have. He will board lliotn ita mediately on their arrival. Agents and Cnrrerjeinaeiiti at horr ir abroad, vrill alto confer a favor by sending to this office ?.he Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical 'aforiri ic.a of any itscd v. ill be thankfully received. POH'I' OF NKW YORK, FKHKCAKY 4. 3 3m 3 15 M bhipi New York. Oeld'de. Bremen, Oelrieh St Kruger: l.oui ?a. Leavitt. New Orleans W Nelzon?Baniues E'il*. Talb?r AiialachieoU. K I) llurlbirr St I lot Kin, Biker, Si Marks, W W Pratt?B rivs Aeltis, Halcv, ug.ytma. K Dunscnmh St Berkwith; Jniteph'ne, Sauldttedl, Biemen, J C Mu ten St Co; Corde'ia, Hatch. Couch St.u" may I St Son; Heimleer, Wirsou -ibrallar St leg ho-n. K sier St N.ckemiin; Olive, New II.vhu; Camilla, Mandvil'e, St Thomas, W VV PrMt; Savannah, Haw lev, Savannah, Sturgesn St Cleirman: John II <1 rdner, Pede - kin. Newr Orleans, f hnvw St l.o-'den; New York, Newman. Oeorx-town, hi St Ades; Pensacola, Hallett, New Orleans, (1-ige H Maille'; Kllinie, Walts New Orleans,J Klwell St Co? "?clira New Delight (Jibbs, Philadelphia, (lane St \!? lie ; Ma ria, Lstonreite, Baltimore, Johnson St Louden; Elizabeth Beniton. Phil iMphis, N L McCrendv St en; K.I eu Hodman, Ellis. New Bedford; Jud.e Hitchcock, Hathawav. Newborn; Sidand'd. Howes. Bono.; Henry Clay, J bnsoa, Philadelphia. Piatt St Co; Commerce, Johnson, Phib'd. lpliia, J McK?e St Co; Friend, Bacon, Bostou?Barque llegina Victoria, Htoris,Trieste Lawrence St Co. A wwlirmj* _ Brig F'.mily, Khnwood. 8 days from Charleston, with cotton to Du ham k Dimon, The K. cime to anchor on Thursdiy eve liug at the Hook. uJ on Friday aftercoon beating up llie Bay. carried awav the "tain topsail yard?4 passengers. Schr William G Esdie, Houseman, Virginia. Schr Whig, Houseman, Virginia. Melow Barque Oliflf Wylte, fm Rochelle 9th Dec , with b*andy, See balled. Ships Cambridge, Lirernool; Mediator, London: Courier, Richmond; Rainbow, Canten; St Nico'as, Havre; Louisa, N Orleans; b ig Montilla, Hav ,na >.nd others. TUceUnnenus Record. Barque Gen. Scott, of and from Best on, via Cape Onod Hope Sic. at Manilla, was carried ashore on Botton Island, in Straits of Sun .'a. by the strnug current, night of Aug. i o'clock next morning,leaking about four inches per It ur. She would heave out and repair, at an rxiieuse, probably of 3100 or 4000 dollars. Schr Ai'musta, O-vr, from B*th for Boston, put into Ports moutn lower Harbor 20th ult.. having on board Capt Trerethen ai d crew of schr Armida. of Portsmouth, from Norfolk, whtch vessel went ashore at Rye Beach 28th, in thick weather. Foreign Porta. St. Joit/., N. B., Jaa 14?Arr Grace Darling, Calhoun, New York. Hons* Porte, NxwafRTPORT. Jan 29?Sid Trumpet, Page, New Orleans. Salem, Jan 30? Cld Zaine, Kane, Manranham and Para. Boston. Jin 31?Cld Mrgunticook, Mayo, New Orleans. Sixonev, Scui'der, Mobile; Anus Reynold, Mathews. Philadel phia; Thoe Cults, Prrkiua. Matauzas; Osage, Hall. Havaunah; Oceia Patterson. Bakimoie; Rideout, Thurston, Portland, to load for West Indies. Holmfs's Hole, Jan 28?In port. Moutpelier, and Mique'on; Uzardo, Rochambeau, Marseilles, William, Belize, ( asilda, Virginia and Brookline; Cordova, Shamrock. Delaware, Byron Commerce; Grand Island Dieskau, and F.nterprise. Air 29th, China, Small, Uichmoud for Boston; Nahant. Howes, do do: Nicatinr, Atkins, Philadelphia for do; Mary. Cook, Baltimore for Newbnryport. The above and the fleet before reported as remaining, are getting uuderweigli. Arr May Bee, Holmes. Mansanilla, 5th, for Boston; Wm Penn, Atkins, I hiladelnhia for Bosto; Sun, Snow, do; Fortune, Coombs, Norfolk for '1 ho maston. The fleet all saied this morning except William, which lemam with those arrived. Sid Wm Penn Sun, und Fortune. Arr 2uth, Essex, of Fredericksburg, Hszelgrove, fm Alexandria for Halifax, cargo flour, coru and wheat, put in in distress, having sprung aleak 22d, the lirst night out; has m ide attempts to get into New York aud New|iort, but not succeed ing put in to H. H with both pumps goiug. New Hawn, Jan 30?Arr Warren, Th mpion, New York New York, Jones, do. bid, Geo Loyal, Alwater, West In dies. Philadelphia, Feb 1?Arr Palm, Taylor, Boston B*low,a brig suppose the Antares, fm Boston; also, a ilt n anil a barque, unknown, Cld. Venezuela, Dill, Lagiiat rn; Globe.Esliug, Pernambaea; F.leatior, Jones, Porto Rico; Leader, Shannon, Charleston; Ceylon, Crocker. New York; J Randolph, Janurt, -tainlord, Ct: T Fenner, Nickersou, Provideuce; Top GalLnt, Haley, New York. Franklin La, Dec 18?Art Highlander,French, Hivana; 21, Sydney, Montgomery, New York; Jerome I'ettingill, Boston, and cld 2 th for do: 23u, Meteor, Stevens, N York; 21th, Com t Knowles. do; Merchant, Bragg, do; 30th, Flo ence. Smith do; 2'id ult, Watchmnt. Wiuslow, Nassau; 3d, Adelaide, Sampson Plymouth; 10th. Patriot, Purchase, Gnadaloupe. Cld Dec 2Uth Merchant, Bragg, New York; 30th, Comet, Knowles, do; 8 h nit, Florence, Stuith, do. i By Last Night's Southern Mail. Baltimore, Feb 1?Cld Henty Shelton, Longcore, Rotter dam; Carlton, Jameson, New Orleaus; Dover, Smith. Boston; Margaret Ann, Benjariu, New Yotk. Sid Shetland, Frost, Bermuda. Richmond, Jan 31?Sid Walter R Jones, Brown, New York Charleston, Jan 29?Arr Sutton. Galloway, New York: Sarah Taylor, Bryant, do. The S. T. haa rx|irri"iiced heavy we itl'.er during the p ssage, ca-ri'd away fore gaft and jib stay, split foresail, and snsuinrd other damage. 24J, off Hattrras, parted co with s< hr Post Boy, from New York for this port. Savannah, Jan 28?Arr Sophia, [Br] Peook, Londou; >eni na, [Brl Fittock, Limerick via Quebec; Lavinia, [B.] N'i'sou, Bermuda; Ktmbsil, Ingtahain, Boston. Cld Leutty, Smith, Philadelphia. ? ALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT NEWARK Nli NEW YORK FARE ONLY 131 CENTS THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN GAFFY. l)N and after September 10th will ran daily, 'ufiillows ^Sundays included):?Leave New r*Y*~*X- "? c??*sW/? iuviuucu/ .? Lirave now , i irk, fool of Centre street, 8 o'clock A. 51.? t ork, foot of Barclay street, S o'clock P. M. WINTER MAIL LINK FOR ALB ANY, LANDING AT Sing Sing, Verplanck's Point, CaUwells, Westpoiut, Cold Spring. Newburgh, Hamburgh a> d Poughkerpsie. Fare Throcoh to Alranv $4. ~ BY STEAbOAT AND STAGE?Fare to 1 'Sing Sing, SO rents?VerpUn'k's, 75 cts. The .Steamboat UTlcA, CaplT. N. Hulse, leaves the Steamboat Fprr, foot of Cnnitlandt St., (south side,) Every morning, at 8 o'clock. Stages leave for Albany from both aid>-s of the North River, immediately on the arrival of thr boat atl'onglikeepsle. Passen gers arrive in Alb any early on the following morning, as the roads are good and sleighing Hue. For passage or freight, apply on board or to P C. SHL'LTZ. it the Ufllc on rha Wharf. January 27. 184S. j'l7tfre FOR BATH, GARDINER AND HALLOW1CLL. ? The new steamer PENOBSCOT, Captan 'N. Kimball, leaves the end of T wharf,Bosun .every Tuesday .mil Friday erruinis, at 5 |clock. Stage* will be in readiness on her arrival at trie above I. to eonvev passmgwrs ?? the neighboring towns ? ?WJlMt I 111 L (II I'.U~kTTtS FOR liver POOL?Packet of the ?lst February?The sptenoid iind favorite packet ship ROCHESTER, 1000 tons mrihi-n, Captain J. Britten, w ill sail on F'rida;, Feb. tilt, hsr ?egoist day. _ The accommodations of this i|Ie-did ship ore unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those wishing to send for their friends in the old country, can make arrange ments with the snbscribrrs on f vornble terms, to have them >roiight out in the above m 'gnificeiit packet,sailing from Liver iiool, or iu any of the New Lice of Parkets VV. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, j30rc T? Month street, com,-r Maiden Laae. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Uvular Packet ?9ffWto sail the 26lh of Fen.?The regular fast sailing JpHNtofacket Ship UA KKICK, Captain B J. H. Trash, of 1,10" tour, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having .accommodations unequalled Tor si'feudor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot if Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO. M Booth stmt. Price of Passage, $100. The parket ship Koscins, Captain A. Eld ridge, will suc ceed the Garrir.k, and sail 2hui March, her tegular say. jl$er ?pl FOR GLASGOW?Regular rackrt-Thefast sail ing picket British baique ADAM I ARR, 350 ton< .burthen, Cart. Rnh. it Scott, is now ready to receive :aruo, and will .uccred the Ami Hailey. For fieight or passage, ha ing exarllent accommodations, ap ily on board, foot of Berk inn at. or to WOODHULL It MINTURN8, fel 87 Booth street. FOR ULAJKJOW-?Regular I'acart ? The new A 1 coppered British birqne ANN HAKL.EY, Duneau .Smith, truster, 450 tons, has now two thirai of her Cargo early and going on board, will sail 4th Frbtnaiy weather [> rinitting. F'nr baLuce of freight of 2t0 bam eottou, bulk ihe.eof. or passage, apply to the Captain on board, at Dover itrert whatf, or to WOODHULL k MINTURNS, 87South a-raot. The A I, fastsAiltng packet Br. barque ADAM CAHII will tneceed the Ann Mari y. "III! I aye qn-ck d-spalch fel r* F'Ort HAVANA?F'irsi Vrssel?'lh-?npenornew regular packn barque MUD ARA, Rich, mas'er, hav ling a iaige put of hrr cargo engaged, will meet with immediate despatch. For fright or pass igr, having superior state room accomma Halions for twenty-eight passengeis. apply on board at pier 13 E. R., or to JOHN J. TAYLOR, jjO Iwre 41 Souih sireM FOR NF.VV OKLF.ANS.?leomiiauk and New MjMVYork Line.?Regular packet?To sail 8th F'rbnisry. MMBbTlie elegant fan sailing iiacket ship LOUISV ILLFi, I'aptatu limit, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or inasagr, having handsome furnished aceommo dations, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall ?t?et, ot to L. K. COLLINS h CO., 56 Bouth street. Positively ao goods received on board after Wednesday seening, Atn Fsb Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. I In I tin and Woodrdff. who will promptly forward all trneds to their mlilre-a ilTee DRAFTS ON F.NGLAND. IRELAND, SCOT LAND AND WALES?We hare at all um*e for sate. Drafts at sig t for any amount, down direct on the llnyal Bank of Ireland, an t on Viessrs IV.cntt, Grote Ames li (in., Bankers, London ; which are paid free of due nut or any charge whatever, in every town tliioiighnot the United Kingdom. The above ran be sent by the Tloyal Mail Freainsr Ctmbrie, ?ailing from Bosh ii on the ist February; or by thr packal ship Cambridge from this port, no th" same day. Apply to ROCHE, BROTHERS 8t CO., J'ht 35 F'ulton street, next door pi F'allon Bank. K DUNLOP (te .SON'W ALBANY ALL A REGULAR supply of Pale Ainber and Brown Ale, in xl hogs heeds, barrels and liali rs, for Shipping aud City use; at No. 178 West street, eomrrof VVarr-n. ? _ . . _ THOMAS BARBER, Axent. R Dnnlop k Bon, from their standing in this city, will gua rantee m those who favor thsm with their custom. A genuinr article, fullv adapted to the use of Private F'amilies, Hotels, Public Saloons, kc. Viok, January 3. 1845. Ja5 lm*in LKKOHtfiis! LKKOHE8! TI'HT RF'.CF.IVED?IVr ?hit> Franklin, from H?e'nrg. a J veryfrrsh suppFy ot Swwtish Lewcoes; for sale wholesale aud rrgpil, at llie most moderate hy C. J. FERDINAND fc CO . jsi )m*ec Importer of Lee, lies. No. HI Nassau street rpo OLD COUNTR V iMEN-Retnlttasces in small or lam 4 mms made to all partx of EuroM, on a plan which wl I ?utitely ptevsst tbs los? or delay of tlie seine F'o- p -tie iltn ?Mly to C.LIVINGSTON, Foreigs Agau?y, Miiflt Wdl AUCTION SALES. WM. W SHIHLFY, Auctioneer. CJOU8K. FURNITURE 8ALE-Mmday, February 3d, n 'I lln'tlnck, Kitirnl nud i mt assortmentof Furniture con 'lined in tlie house No. 2d' Bowery, nea P iuee ilrret, eoesit'. inif <if Ingrain Carpets, II ure. Piano Forti, "im) and '!owr m ihi luy ' li' Wtt Sofa* Chair*, Certre and oilier Table*. Oil ('?I oh, Mair Carper (s, Fiench and other Bedsie tin, Bureau-. Fr'tlier Bed *, M' Imm, l.ookn g Glasres, CilocVi, Mantle Lamps, O r.indole*, China, Ola** and Crockery, Kitchen Furni "Tire. Src. Sa'e |n>sitiie The Home to let?possession immediately. jet 2t*in __ AIICT'ON SALES RK.AU KBTATK AUCTION SALES, at the Merchant*' Ftchan re, ait?nd?d to by the rnbicrtbe'S as usual, on as I liberal terms a* anv other hou*e. Brooklyn property will be at tended to by Jam.* Cole, 63 Fulton stiver, Brooklyn, and ad verti?-d in both the New York and Brooklvu papers, or by K. H. LUDi l)W k CO., jalO 2w?rc 23 Broad street, cor of EichangeJMare. AT AUCTION?Washington Place?The neat thrre ' story brirk House and Lot, No. H Weal Washington ,1'lare for sale, on Tuesday, Feb. 4th, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, jf not previously sold at private sale. For particulars encprire of WM. H. FRANKLIN k SON, fel 3'.* reStMTu No. 13 Broad atreet. n'H KR^r-asnrer of tlie Fire Department Fund. with mnch pleaiuro. acknowledges the receipt of the following dona tinns. vir :?From Greenwich Insurance Company, per Joseph Tor ev, Esq.. S-cretarv, gio ; from Bowery ditto ditto, per W. Hiblia (1, Esq, Secretary, $1(11). N-w York, Feb. 1st, 1815. JOHN 8. GILES. f2 ec Treasurer F. D- Ford. Dw POT I)' KM' DK i;0L"0\E of JOHN B. FAId O, deil?r in Imitation Precious St-nes, Venetian and Boh - in Heals, raney Gltsa Buttons, &c., No 214 William a'reet, New York. f2 luteod*ec I'll r ?ACK ET SHIP ST NICHOLAS, FOR H'VHK, ? will * it on Tu sdiy, the 4'h inst , at 12 o'clock, when pa ?e rse.-. are r- qu-sted 'o lie on board at Pier No- 4. North Rive Trie I etter B g? will be then from the USUil places at I % o'clock, on the above day f2 2t ec " ~~? TALLY~HO! A FOX HU*T, w rthv the attention of aportsmeu, will come n(T in the neiahhnihnud of Brooklyn, Long Island on Wednesday the i'li of Fel ruari ?* fine red Foi, of the tight sort li.s be-n already procured, which, ifhi. luuksdo no' hetrf him, promise* to tie a pretty h 'd; and about ten couple of very fire 14-undt hive been collec'ed from tie Sta'e of New Jetsev. considered the best in the country. These dog'have now beeu in active training several days, ruid are in eicellent condition. maybe 'mist the comer of Smit .y (I Berge i streets. Brooklyn, till the day of the hunt when tliev will meet at Vnnck's Hotel I rnsp-ct Hill, at I o'clock A. M . in tlie nsiglib ?rliond of which bold Kevuard will be turned out. f2 lt"rc D ALLEY'S (the original true m d only genuine) MAG' CAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, the wonder and Tl-ssiugof the age.?This medicine has more power end influence over ilis ase than any otli reitant. It entiiely coi-aurrs Pain, Fire, Seer, Intlnmmatio i,and Mortification, whit h oefotc have i> fird the skill o<" the world It is also a sovereign re <t edy for the <?'irst Piles, Sore Eyes, Spinal Weaknesses, Intlainmatnrv lib- imati in, Dwellings, Praises, Strains, end whatsoever is sore and painful Peins if the severest Burns stopi>ed instantly a d heale I without ai sr None genuine. without the written signature of H. Dalley, in reverse c laurt-d ink, npniieech bos Prices, 2t.~Is. and 8s. per bos. For sale at the Proprietor' I) pot, No. 128 Kul on street Sun Building, where dealers and ag it s wi I he>eafter be ?uppli-d. ft 3tis*ec FOR SALE.?The Lease and Kistures of 'he long and FfTW well known establishment, the Croton Bath Saloon, for UuSMp-er of East Broadway and Ustharine street. New Vork, in ? neof the best thoroughfares of the city, having I reu fitted up in the uea-est manner to t^e b?ft advantage. 'Perms rash ? Immediate possession given, at I have made arra->geinsnts for the country shortly., Apply from 10 A. M. to J P, M., whin every sat sfaction will be given. Kent only $250 a year, fl 6trrc FARMS FOR SALE. JM| FOR SA LE?Two banns in the Village of Jamaica. (KML. I , containing about fifty acre* each, properly divided waBsaeinto pasture, arable and wood laud. They are situated hut a short distance from the railroad, to which the fronts ex tend parallel upon South street. The improvements on one (arm consist of a two story House, Barn and ont buildings, in good order. On the other there is a fine site for building, over looking the village; also, the foundation of a house destroyed by fire lhey will be sold low, and the terms will be reasona ble A greater part of the purchase money may remain on bond ?od mottgage. Apply to FRANCIS 8. BROWN, f2 3t*sc 14 Pine street. m HOWARD HOTEL. NEW YORK. THOMAS &. ROE. PROPRIETORS TilH wall known establishment, at the corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane, iu the city of New York, is now opened under the direction and proprietorship of the undersigned, by whom i's high reputation, as an Hot-l of the first class, will, it is hoped, be fully sustained. It has been nut in the most thorough and complete repair, painted and rr fitt-d. Those arrangements which hive ever rendered it equally attractive and convenient to men of bu-iness, to men of leisure, and to prira'e families, will be continued, the phui still existing of having two different hours for meals, so that sll may li mited. This arra'getnrnt, it is beli-ved. is a p-culiar feature or this establishme t and has pr ve I eminently satisfactory to a'l its visitets. Iu addition to the exertious of the uudersign-d, those of Vlr. Johu Th' ma?, formerly of the American Hotel, Albany, and late of the United Statra Hotel, Santoga Springs, will he used, to insure, as far as possible, the satisfaction of the friends of the House and the pub'ic generally. Theuudersigned look, with confidence, to i he _ maintenance of that favor with wbich the "Howard Hotel" has ever heen honored ?3 M. J THOM THOMAS. STEPHEN R. ROE, ( Late commander of the Hudson River Steamboat "b mpire.") New York, January 31. '844 f2 2 w ec ROOM WANTED?The Public Stock contemplate removing from their present location, in the Merchants' .Exchange, ou the 1st day of May next The subscribers. or, either of them, will receive propota s for the 1-ttiug of a suitable place in or adjacent to vVall srreet for one or more >*?"? 8EIXAS NATHAN, President, 64 Merchants' Exchange. WM. BORROWS, 26 Walls" fel lwrc O. M. TRACY, No. 3 Hanoverst. WANTED TO LEA8K-A good sized STORK, situated on the east tide of Rr> adway, between Fulton ,md Librrty streets, or in Maiden Lane, or J hu st, wi si tVTlli-m srrret, or in W'lliara street be-ween John street and Maiden Lane. In Broadway, or the nearer thereto would be preferred. Owners of prnae-ty in the above viciuity, having such a Store in rent by the 1st May. will hear of a responsible and iwr man?n? tenant, by addressing "U. H W.," New York Post Office, stiting terms, location, fcc. fel 2ti?StbM*re Herald. fo?fe'. '?c? *" made " of X'%^ "? j J3 Itfrc" 1 FOR SALE?The Lease and Fixtures of the long and well known establishment, theCrornu Bath Saloon, co< , cruf Heat Broadway and Catharine street, Sew York, lu one of the best thoroughfares of the city, having been fitted up in the neatest n tinner to the best advautage. Term-cash. Im mediate po-aesaioii given, as I have a-rangeuients for the country shortly. Apply from 10 A. M. to I P. M., when evrrv satisfac tion will be given. Kent only $250 a year. j30 3t"rc R I' AL ESTATE FOR SALE Wf ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice Land in the 8th Km Ward, in the city of Brooklyn, fron'ing the New York mdlw.ll ty, an I commanding a beautiful prost eet. The situa tion is highly pictuie-.que. Enquire of JOHN S BERGEN, on the premisrs. ja29 lm-rc FOR SALE? A va'nable Faim, forming a part of the tract, known as Mo'risanis. situa'ed on the Harlem river. _ in theeonuty ol Westehester, consisting of one hundred and le i acr-s of laud, prope ly fenced and in good order. Upon the Farm th re is a commodions modern built Mansion House, With ? garden, stable and all nece s ry apprndages, suitable for a geutl man's country residence. There are also upon the Farm two Farm Houses, and all necessary ont buildings Also, a valuable mill site and water power, and an orchard. The said Farm is very accessible from th-city, being with n nine miles of the City Hall, with the privilege of a free bring* across the Harlem river. The cars of the Flarlom Railroad run within half a mile of the houie. For trims antl further particul-rs in quire b twern 12 and 3 P.M. of H. M. MORRIS, j!8 lm*re 11 Pine street, second story. VERY DESIRABLE LOTS b'OR SALE.?Five Lots on the southerly s de of 13th Wreet, n-ar 5th avenne Fix Lots on the nortt-erly side of 13th st eet. between t;th th avenues with court yards in front, and in the midst of | elegant improvements. Th ee Lots eu he southerly side of Hlh street, between the 6rh and 'th avennes, in an improving neighborhood. Two Lots on the southerly side of Hlh street, near the 8th avenue. Four Lots on the easterly side ofTth avenue, between 12thand 13th streets, with cellars partly dug nut Five Lots ou the northerly side of fl li atret, between the 1st and 2-id avenues, ovr looking the city and East ttiver. The whole amour t may remain oh rnortj^o-. ^Mm^iroved, and TO per cent if not improved. j2Strn*ec IN WvM stre-f TO LET OR LEASE.?A large two story brick Home, on the southwesterly corner of the Bloom ingdale road and 40th street, with sufficient ground whrreon to eitci. a manufactory, which will be built if reqni-ed Also, a two story frame Cottage, House aodfiv- Lots, on the northwesterly corner of the Bh otningdale road and 40th st eet. with a workshop, stable bun, fcc. The house will be painted and pu- in go-d fence and repair, with a court yard in front, on the Hloomingd le road Also. 8 1 ots adjoining on the Bloomiugdale road, running through to the7th avenue and 41st -treet, suitable for a llorist or manufactuter. Bui'dir gs will be erected if rvquited. Also, a Lot iu 50th street, between the Tth and 8>h avenues, to Irase. G. H. WINTER, j26 lin'ec ? 16 Wall -treet. FOR HALE?The H-use and Lot No. 3 Wall street, being 4H feet front on Wall street The build tig fivesto 'lesnigh exelnsiveof 'hebasement.uid sub-cellars The p,muses contain lhoiit thirty apartments, all well ami rommo dionaly arraiig-d for offices, stores, and other purposeu. The whole ta in excellent order. Alto, the two three-story brick Stor-a, Noa. II and 16 Ma;deit lane, and the thtve story brick hniMingot the west side of | Greene str?et, one door south of Maiden lane, and in the rear adjoint the property on M.vden lane. These premises are in go-, d order and well situated for business. All the above mentioned property is how well tenanted, and for a permanent investment peculiarly dnsirsble. J25 3w*rc h. K. TILLOU, 58 Wallatreet. FOR SALE?A Farm, of I70acrm, on th - east hank of Hudson River, near the village of Khinebeck, with an tdenti.iir st-ck of cattle, horses, farming utensils, fcc. Jn it are a t.srm house, barn, coach houie, dairy houses, h?y press, hovels, fcc. all in good ordv*. A'so, a piece of land, being 5 acies, in the village of Fort Lee, on the west b nk of the river, known as the Orchar ', with several homes and improvements thereon. Also, the piece of I land in the same village known as Long Dock consisting of [elusive if the dock noil w iter point, 'this about 51 acres, exclu , property is innch improved ard most of it in excellent fence. Also, the followi g i roperty in the citv of New York, vtx:? the houses ami lots Not "7,79,79X and 81 Vnrick atr.-et, being all brick honse. in good eotidit-on au-1 repair: No. 01 being 30 fret wisle, and the house, cortaining nnmeroas at d well airtng ed iparttnents and nccommoditions. All this property is near Canal street. Also, a plot of land on 38th street, including about 12 lots near the Third Avenue in the 10th Ward. Also, 18 tuts in the I2ih w -rd, v x.? fonr lots on the west side of 3d arenue, corner of 51-1 strtet; one lot on the south side of | Hub street; one lot' n the north side of 40th street; three lots on the sonth tide of 48th street?ell west of and > ear the 3d atenue; three lots ou the wes sole of 21 arennc, b-tw. eu i6th and 57th streets; two I its on the n rth side of 57th stfyelj and two lots O l the s-nith sid of 58th street?the last mentioned fonr lots be tween th- 2d and 3d aeenues. The teims of sale will be made easy. F. R. T1LLOU, jaf5 2w?re No. 58 Wall street. MTO SPORTSMEN?For sale, a full blooded black , SETTER DOG, eighteen months old, and broke for shooting He is a fine dog, and will hesr-ld cheap, at the Tribnne Office. ICO Nassau street. f I ?frc FOR S 4 LE?A Fust Pacing Horse, warranted sonotl?will go a tittle under three minutes. Also, a .l ight Wagon, nearly new. Th? subscriber baring ao use lor tbem, they will be told cheap GEORGE W. FARLEY, fel 3t*re. 166 Chcrv street, corner of Market st KTOTI' E TO LAWYERS?A foang man baring some is |-iHiire lime, w -th-s to imp >;?c tint time by copying for lawyers or otl t-rs. Atldrc'n a n ts t-1 X.A' / att '1 ?e ofllcc or | this p? p'-r, to which immediate attrntion will be given. j20 lvr*rc mat VOR LONDON?Regular Packet gt nth bnhruart ? dfWW I'splendid, first clan, fast sailing Picket b'-jp wBbUVIT/i HI. AN D, ( apt. E., will poaitively sail as toore, her regular day. Hating vcy superior a- c,ommodalions for cabin, i-cond ca bin, snd steerage pas-enyers, yeraona wishing to rmhsrk shonll make immediate application on bo-rd. foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH Mc.MURRAY, ft ee 106 Piae street, eorner of South. AMUSEMKNTS. WEL G~H'S N A T I ON AlTc IJiCUS. PA11K TIIKATKK, MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 3d, The entertar ineut* will con rnence hi* t Grand < avalcade. representing THE WH D BEDOUINS OF THE DE8ERT or the ClialTe:>ge of Lie :th or V ictory?In which the lint h.que - truns will api ear. A rrw Comic Sing, by E. M. Dickenson. Principe' Act, on one n rre, by Maa'rr VV. Kiticade. A new and n.ort imposing scene of Lofty Gymnastic*, en titled the "Arab'e Holiday.'" The L >t of ihe Greeks. by C. J. Pug en. Posture <nd Groupiug, by J J Nathan* aud hi* Pupil*. -Metamorph in, by Madame Louisa Howa'il The second part will commence with the ANCIENT MA IP OF 1555, or the Golden Day* of Good Uueen Beit?In whirl, the Well* Fain ly will appear, aud Mtu L. Well* will dance a Grand P,* on the Titht Hone Mettr*. (Jadwallader aud J. J. Nathan* as the Two Gladiator of Nero. A Mock Operatic Concert, bv the Congo Singers, Messrs Hoyt. Dickeuson, Kdwarls and Kelly. A superior Act. by T. V. Turner Toconclude with a laughtble Ballet Fxlravagauza, entiled THE HOUSE OUT AT THE WINDOWS-lu which the whole Company will perform. The Doon will be opened at 6, and the Great Caralcade wili commence at 7 o'clock. Pricei of Jldmisrion. Private Boxes S6 First Tier of Boxes aud Parijuette 50 centt Second Tier of Boxes 25 cents Gallery 12>?cenu PALMO'S OPEC A HOUSE CHAMBERS STB EFT, ON MONDAY EVENING. 1'HK ORPHEAN F-sMILY takepleasur- io auuoti- cing t 1 tl eir Iriends and the public, that they live secured ilii, 'ashiunable place of an uwm nr for a series ,T Concerts, the fir t of which w H I>ke ?l-ee on MONDAY EVENINt., Feb 3rd The following will h? found among the pieces con tained in their programme 1Tne Welcome. New England'. Sunny Hill*. Origin of V'auk-e Doodle, Weeping Mother, Row Br then Row, Tip* llaiuer blarch, -leep on. Sleep on. Ne* Vork Boat t ? lee. Oh that 1 hail wiuir*. Gipsy ' horns, The Old K?nn bee. nutter's Sim >1 Horn, Mou 'laineer's Invitation Urave of Napoleon, Funeral of Napoleon, Bankaof Allan W? ter. Spider and Fly, Forresters Sound the Cheerful Horn Md ler's Maid, ?-c.Stc Doors open at eor cert rocommeiice si 7>* The Box Office will h- open from 10 to 3, when sex's may b-secured Tirketa to lower boxes and parqnette 50 cell's ; upiwr boxn 25 cents; private boxes, capable of cont?i"iug six |i riotn. $4 f2 2 *ec | MENDELSSOHN'S LOBGE3ANG. U GEORGE LODKR, respectfully announces "to the public of New York, lhat hii CLASSICAL CONCERT will take place at the Apollo Rooms. on February 22d, 1815, ( Washington's Birthday,) when will be produced, for the firs: time iu America, the LOBOE8ANG. OR HYMN OF PRAISE ! Symphnic I'antare. for Grand Orcbeatra ad ' hoir. The solo - a^P^T^^^^AR-F^u-'Tickeu, to .dmit J29 cfrc FOR c'SttS b1 ~ IT?"" For CONCERTS it haa many advantages, baring ai arched C arched ceiling, favorable for sound; and being removed irorr th- street, there ia no annoyance from the noise of carriages?i i has capacious galleries, and will accommodate fifteen hundred persons. For Balls it has a spring Boor and raised seats 01 tha sides, and is magnificently limited with spleudid cut gl as chandeliers. Attached to the Saloon and on the same Boor, there are private parlors, dressing rooms, managers' and hat rooms, and a snpper-room 200 feet long, which will acrommo date 600 persons. Great pains will be taken to give satisfaction. Price of Saloon for Balls $50. Price of Saloon for Coucerls $25. JP" THE ST.. GEORGE'S SOCIETY THIRD AN NUAL BALL will take place at Niblo's Saloon on Thurs day, Feb. 13th. r7"FRANKLlN BLUES GRAND MILITARY FALL, takes place at Niblo's Saloon, on Monday, February 17th, 18-15. jaJOrc SIXTH ANNUAL BALI- IN AID OF THE FUNDS | or THE HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY, f)F THE CITY OF NEW YORK, will take place at Niblo's v-' Saloon, on Wednesday Evening, 19ih Fehruaiy, 18)5 Tickets Three Dollars. admitting a gentleman and two ladies, may be had of either of the undersigned COMMITTEE. M'. Joseph A. Jackson, No. 200 Bowery Mr. Samuel Cohen N->. 133 Maiden Lsne cor. of Water Mr. David Samson, No. 266 Washington rtr-ei Mr. John Levy, No. 37 Chatham sr, and 15' Monroe st. Mr. Abm. J Jackson No. 58 Read street. Mr. L. J. Simmons, No. 158 Pearl street. Mr. J. Yellers, No 3*5 Broadway Mr. Geo. Godfrey No. 423 Broadway. j30toM9*rc LIONEL A. MYERS, Secretary. FIRSTANNUAL BALL OF THE PLUMBERS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. WILL come off at Niblo's Saloon, on Thursday Evening, February 4th, 1845. The Boor will be nndt-r the management of a Committee, who will spare no pains to mike this Ball one of the most brilliant of the season. Tickets can be obtained at Niblo's, or of any Member of the Association. Wallace's celebrated Cotillion Baud is engaged for the occa sion. CHAS. H. O'HARA, Secretiry. j30 3teod*rc MESSKs. SCHNEIDER. >\c KEBHUN'O COTILLION BAND. LATE OF SARATOGA 8PRING8, A KE now prepared te give their attendance, at Private Par R ties, Soirie.*, Ac , and combining a Band of virions Instrn meuts, from two to twrnry, with the moat modern and fashion* hie Music, hope to give their nana] satisfaction. Applicatioi to be made to MK8SRS. SCHNEIDER fit RKBHUN8 ja4 lm'rn 59 Crosby street BALLS, PARTIES, NEW YEAR'S FESTIVI TIES. <fcc. rpHOSE gentlemen who intend enjoying the fettivitias of th< *? season, are requested to examine a very rich and rare assort ment of fashionablr Scarfs, Cravats, Durst Glovks, tic. received by late arrivals from Paris and London. The present assortment of the above articles have been selected with grrst attention and are well calculated to give satisfaction togeulle m'U of taste and fashion. The subscribers would call the attro cion of their patrons and strangers visiting this city to their larg. and well selected assortment of the following goods; Linen and Muslin Srtirtt. (cut after the most approved French Method, to fit the form of die Wearer.) Silk, Merino, Lamb's Wool, Flannel and Buckskin Shirts and Drawrrs; Velvet, Cashmere, and othe. Dressing Robes: Hosiery. Linen and Silk Pocket Kerchiefs: Cravat and Scarf Stocks, Riding Belts, Patent Elastic Shoulde Braces, Suspenders, Bncnskin, Merino, Cashmere. Cloth, Bes v?r, and Goat Skin Gloves, lie., lie. Gentlemen desiring any o, the above articles will be rertain to find them to suit thei taste at the old establishment of PAKSELL8 It AGATE, d22 im*ee 237 Broadway, lonierof Park Place. P R u F E !?> 3 O K VAN ROY'S PATENT VARNISH ?"PHIS Ci MPOSITION, for whch two patents have Veen I- g'an'ed in Paris to I'rofersor Van Roy. is calrulsted to p>e vent the f'rma'ton of dampness in all kii.ds of buildings; twill keep cell <rs and basements pe fectly dry; it destroy s the action of nitrous humidity in those parts whvie it has begsn to accu mula.c. The nsefulnnts and beneficial results of the Patent Varnish will be be?t appreciated by those pe sons who occupying under ground buildings, ?tand most iu need of it. and to tnem and to til those individuals who in ih-ir homes a-e suffering fiom the pernio out effects of dampness, this auvertisement is dire- ted iu Older thst they- may know that a care Cor the evils from which iliey are afflicted, can be found at Profrssor Van "o 's Depot, kept by CHS. HUdKRSON, jail 2weodre 558 l'ea I street. POST OFFICE. New York, January 29th, 1845.' rPHV, POST MASTER Or NEKAL his crdere 1 an iuX l PRESS MAIL, to be >nn Irom Covineton, Georgi>,to Montgomery, Alabama. and b .ck, with the view of expediting the sommu'i.cations between the eastern cities and the citias ol Monile and New Orleans oae day, and to ensble thoie d-iiiuig to use it, to avail themselves of ths despatch it will afford?no tice is hereby given of the arrangement. Letters raxrain and marked " Exponas," and newspaper slips from Publishers of newspapers addressed to publishers of j papers only, and sent in lieu of lh-ir exchange, d ne up in light wrappers, np?n at oae end, is th-only matter that can be al lowed to be sent by the express j2J 2witrc JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. DOR SALE?A Saw and Grist Mill, with s large work-shop ? ?attached to which is applied About ten horse power, from the mill?together wiih a dwelling house, barn, blacksmith shop, and eight acres of land 'I he above property is situated iu Kaatchescr, 18 miles from New York, and one from the Harlem Railroad. For particulars and terms, apply to JAMES W , TOMPKINS, 183 Eldiidge st.. New V orli, or on ih# premise* o' JaUlm?ec PETER J. 8HEANWOOD. CHRISTMAS AND Nl-.W Y E A K ' EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF GROCERIES, FRUITS, WINKS, Ac., WHOI.KSsiLE JiND HKTATL, AT HCUTT'S, T? NASSAU sTHKKT. ?TiHE aubsrriher offers to public inspection the beat assortment of Groceries. Winn, Fruits, Ac., Ae., suitable to the sea son, of any establishment in the city. Superior Teas. Coders Sugars, (hard. Champagne and Cognise Bnudy, Hum, Holland Gin. Scotch and lri?ti Whiskey, B Old Jamaica >?? gwKi, wv u?i| , lirown Stunt, Edinburgh Ale, and bruits, fresh and rich, by the latest importa tions. JOHN S. SCOTT, Wholesale and Retail store, 76 Nassau sfr?et, N. B.?People from th.- couut . 11otel and Boarding Honse j Keepers who buy for cash, wilF find it to their advantage to eive this establishment a call. Goods sent to any part or the city, free of evpeuae The Scotch rod Iriah Whiskey is great ana no mistake. d27lm*te FRENCH'S HOTEL. rpHK PROPRIETOR rnpectfblly informs his friends and a- the public that he has opened his new and splendid hotel at 133 h niton street, a few doors east of Broadway, in the inline dists vicinity of nweailtile husiness and the principal places of amusement, and haa furnished it iu a style that will bear favor able comparison with the very h?tt hotels in the city The pro prietor in building and fitting up the above house Had strict ragattt to elegance and comlort. and that he haa combined eco nomy the following prima will show :? A ROOM FOR ONE NIGHT 25 A WEEK... 150 The rooms will be wanned gratis, and upon ao occ.aaion will there be more than one bed in a room There ia a REFECTORY attached, in which there arv meals screed nn at a i.i, hop as of the day and evening Theie are also Bath Rooms connected, for warm, co|d aim shower baths. The Porter will be in attendance a: all times during thr night, to admit lodgers, and to let them out at all hours N. H?Those who want Lodgings after the house closes, will nng the hall bell. ul9 3m*m RATIONAL COFFEE HOUSE. 321 Broadway.-The Pro 1' prietor respectfully informs his friends and the public thsi he haa a splendid establishment is the immediate vicinity.oj mercantile hnsineaa; billiards and other amusements in the house ; the price of billiards 1$H cents per game. Tlie proprie tor has had strict regard to elegance and comfort; and that he has combined economy the following prices will show A room for one night, *5c.; for one weA, $1 ; for a mouth, $3 Refreshments on tne shortest notice. The porter will be in at tendance at all times during the night, to admit lodgers and to let them out at all hours. N. B ?Those who wan! lodgings af te the house is closed will ring the hall bell. dlt lm*rre FOR SALK-Twenty-fcnr Covered KKKIOHT .f'AKS, snch aa are ntcd on the Pennsylvania Kail Roads. Th*y will letold very low I f not sold be- I fore Satniday, the 1st of March, they will he offered M MbllC sale al ill ? premises ,.f the stihsrnh r, at 10 o'clock. A M. C HAMILTON, W?st tide Broad street,Vlow Lnoatt ktliil, Philadelphia ja3l I mead* tlx BKUN LA ROSIERE 6< COURT 16 W.llian ?U^n/street, hare just received bv the I on s Philippe, a lais TbMS assortment of Wreaths, Polka, R.aeh-I, Taglioui*. Al ?"^*geri"ii Head Dresses; lilove Triminums and Hair Fia> a la Polka; Camelias, Hoses, and a large assortment of Fanes Flowers for Balls. Hiry sre all of the lalitt styles, end fot rirhneat are stupassed by none in the United States jl4 !???? BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [Correspondence ot the Herald.] ThbCatitol. > 31 5 Washington, Friday, Jan. Close of the Oregon Debate?Argument* against Occupation?Texas, Great Britain, and Califor nia?Probable Result in the Senate?Post OJfics Bill?Thomas H. Bayky and John C Calhoun? Politicians?Dust?Johnny Foy? Bishop Ondtr donk and the Devil. James G. Bennkit, Esq:? The debate on the OrogonBill will be brought to a close to-morrow morning, and the question dis posed of by a vote of the House. The opponents of immediate occupation have presented some strong arguments to sustain their position in deba ting the provisions of the bill. The first is that the existing treaty with Great Britain compels a notice of twelve months to be given by either party of suspension of joint occupation, which notice has not been made by our government. Second, that the appropriation ot $100,000 to authorize, the Presi dent to commence an " armed occupation" of the country, in the face of the present treaty, before negotiations are couclnded, is a violation of that treaty sufficient to induce Great Britain to adopt similar measures, and thus produce a conflict be* t ween the two governments. Third, that hot haste is not necessary, as every day will add to our strength in that region by the flood of emigration, which of itself will convince Great Britain of their folly in endeavotiug to control a peo ple h> atile to their principles of government The Irterds of the bill claim our positive right to all the territory as far North "s the Russian boundary, and deny the privilege of Great Britain to interfeie in r.y mnnner with the action of this government. i>nn Qui John Quincv Adams, and a few other members, assume a middle ground, and avow a desire to sup oort a bill extending our boundary to forty-nine de grees North, being five degrees less than that claimed in the present bill. Notwithstanding these "hjectionsa hili for immediate occupation will pass both houses, and, during us pendency, it iB highly probable that present negotiations will be termina ted with Great Britain, and the result submitted to Congress. Should Texan be annexed, the next raoyent' nt of Great Britain will probably be to negotiate with Mexico for the purchaae of California, with a view to future commercial and manufacturing lions with China and the Enat. ln,thie she will be tucceetdul, unleis anticipated by our government. The tme character of the California region is but little known, but enough is known to aat.sfy u. that with one-fourth ihe expense and labor that India has coat Great Britain, California would vield cottoa of superior quality, and ail the tropi cal frusta and products oi the South in great abun ^The Senate have adjourned ovrr until Monday, and consequently the expectants for confirmation in Executive session will be kept in suspense for a 'The Texas question will be introduced in the Senate next week, but its passage is yet doubtful. The ultra whigs speak confident of its defeat, and count upon the following named twentv-six vote, ascertain against it?Archer,Barrow, Bates, Bay ard, Berrien, Choate, Clayton,Crittenden, Dayton, Evans, Francis, Huntington, Jarnigan, Johnson, Mangum, Menick, Miller, Morehead, Phelps Portsr, Rives, Simmons, LTpham, White, and Woodbridge-but one more vote 18 to defeat the measure; that must be either Hen derson of Mississippi, a whig Senator, who voted in favor of the treaty at the last session, or Foster a whig of Tennessee who recently proposed a jo nt resolution in the Senate similar to the one adopted in the House?or one of the democratic member.. The friends of the measure count quite a. cer tain on the same number of votes They .re Messrs Atchison, Bagby. Breese, Buchanan, Col quitt, Fulton, Heywood, Hugei\ Lewis^McDuffie, Semple, Sevier, Sturgeon, Walker, Woodbury, comprising the fifteen democratic members that voted for the treaty ; Messrs. Allen, Atherton, Ben ton Fairfield, Niles and Tappan, the six democrat, who voted against it, and Messrs. Dickinson and Dixof New York, with Hannegan of Indiana, who refused to vote on the treaty at the last eeesios. This will give twenty-four votes, which, with Hen derson of Mississippi, who voted in favor of the freatT and Foster of Tennessee who has.intro duceti'a joint resolution, will make a tie in this body. It is alleged however that Mr. Johnson, a Whig Senator from Louisiana, will obey the recent instructions of the legislature of that State, and that the Senators from Virginia will also be instructed to sustain the measure.8 You will thus perceive that 'he question may be decided one way or fhe other by a single vote, and that all dependsupon the solid vote of the democratic members with the action of the Whig representatives from Tennessee, M'Mib sippi ana Louisiana. The greatest anxiety will ex ist here untilfthis question is disposed of, and also o hear the views of the English press on the recep uon of the action of the House of Representatives The post office bill in the Senate, reducing the .ostage to five and ten cents, will be adopted, and ihe privilege eitAer fully or partially ?Itl'my letter classifying the politics of per* who voted for annexation, the Dame of Thom is H Bavley, of Virginia, was entered aa a whig. This was an error, as Mr. Bayley has always been a sound and consistent member of the democratic nartv of the Old Dominion. . John C Calhoun is recovering slowly from hi. recent illness, and will soon be able to attend per a-mnllv to his public duties. The c.ty is filling up with strangers, most espe cially New Yorkers?the hotels are already filled almost to overflowing-the avenue presents a cloud of dust equal to a sand-storm in the deserts of Arabia?the office-seekers are boring every demo cratic member ol Congress for signatures to their oeiitiona?the whigs are calculating the political advantages resulting to their party by annexation, .,a |hr democrats will then be at a loss for a rally nig cry?Foy's restaurant at the cspitol 18 cr?w^f.^ '"ph visitor;-the sun shines forth most brilliantly ,lp Herald 16 mor^ popular than ever ** derdonk sys em of "laying on of hands" is all the talk and the devil stands and grins at the hasten L hv which his empire is so rapidly overflowing with subjects from the church, the no^ewum of which he certa.nlv must conceive a. all important to the accomplishment ol his antbi ious views. TWKHTY-HltillTII COWORKBBi SECOND SESSION. Hons, of BrprtwnUUvM. Wsshioutois, Friday, Jm. 81, IMS Mr. TIB.ATT. introduced a j-.nt revolution frem ha Committee on Mi.iua nuking an s| propi ?tK-n tor the purchse a ot waterproof .n.muomoniromRamuel l? , which was rend si a r. fetred to the Con mutse oi me WMrlDos^r MroJ?o.w,^f-irtro?.uce . resolution providing that'it be relerrrd to rrofesscr Morse to ii quire nhethtr he can adopt or invent asy mean* to take tbo Ve?a end nay ? in a " ore expedition manner than at pre sent, and to report to the House. It wn* ohj cled to, aad not received. Mr DtiBCA" moved a susptusicn of ihe mles, which he Vaicr''of 0*io moved to suspend the rules, and eo^nto committee o. th. who!;, and take up the privet. C^Ve??^-Vcredr7hae1^.n, by remarking that the first and fourth Fridays of the; month were the .lav* set spurt, and this wes the fifth Friday. ^1r | ,T, offered a resolution requesting the President to furnish any communication. fmm the gor^nt ot Orest Britain, on the subject of fugitive slaves, whicn nave not been previously communicated to it. Mr W?LL?? 0f Ohio, offered a resolution providing thin ih. d. bate in (Jommi.tee of the Whole on the of Oregon, shall cease at 2 P M to morrow. He moved The previous question, and telle, s "ere demanded and oidered, and th# vote was yeas 74, nays 43. 8o the pre rioiifl question wm ordered. .. . A m"*?erg?r from the Senate here brought in some bills from that body. The main question was then ordered Mr Va-u x, of Ohio, called for the yeas n8^ which ww ordered, ond retulted yean 04, naya 6ft. no ihe Hon** retolved to terminate the debate on to morrow. Then moved th.t the House resolve itself into committee of Ihe whole on the state of the Union, u? w.. the o*e?ow trrhitort bill Hunt, of New York, had theloor.and pS to argue that the adept! ,n 8f hi?l wonM be s violation ol the treaty stipulations. He ""opposed to ?ii ...tension of territory ; but if they were determined to to on adding territory, he thought they had better asume i?ei,diction over the wholo continent. Mr Moaais, of Pa , bad no doubt ol the validity of our title to the utmost exu-nt, but could not vote for the bill hefore the House without very great modifications He mi in favor of giving notice ol the termination of the loint occupencv. He had no idea ot Oregon ever neanart of this confederacy, but he wished it to he ettlJf hy Americans, and to see it grow upanind-rend ?nt Republic, under the fosleiing care ot the United 9'm7 Douolasi, ol fUinoi.,D??t.ddre.sedrhn committee A.mniari't wliith wore to prevent Oregon frem ever be *7nirupa parr of the United DiM, ^ In renly to he threats of war which were held out overtnem. he said the only way to preserve peace, was to prepare for ??t Mr Ssvsitsacr, of Maine, succeeded, and was rV.?y^rr-. ^^fsnsrr \)svi^ fSf'JfoMtiekyV^htmght Oio ^ueetiOU Had Wn^nd"; long enough kwec?^iVU^o th.,0temSn o tug ^;?c^cy>ut he could not vote for the bill before them, Decease mm

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