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February 3, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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QUOTATIONS Kit TIIK KIU%(IV\t.STl,<;Hn ,, T ' ? 1 nH u Ma '' 1.1- T II,. S"t.M?n. J'uv ll'rii'u. Th'u Fr'o *<1/ MJ'nVk ::;:;;:.::: ^ 7" Hirl.'iu (it _ K li/ _ , Farioeri'"Loin v* g* S l7* ?? 5" V? |,u' ????*???? ? w73.{ 97 V? 9? 974? 97 l? 975a 975? II** 34 <0 y w* ??!* Krulueky Sixes ? I'?iV? ICO^i ?^ 106?. ? J 9i?ll Hvm 72'i l)k? 19 711'* 71 Sm.iii.ku.1. W* _ 4 ?C- 37 M 38K t"'* ifilroad ?,* *T4 ?$ 23 38\ f* VivSwbunr j 1, _* jij _ 4? _ U.S. 6ju? <,iz >1/ aj* KmiIiiiX.HK. ?' 40$ tflj ? ? 41k 4(1X Moms L anal.. 27 26>2 26), 26 ? 261.,' 27 East BostiXi.... ... ioj^ ? ? ? 9X 10?; 19X The Utica and Schenectady RuilrcaJ Company hare declared a divi ?end of (our dollars per share for the last six months, payable on demand at the Phunix Bank in this city. The Baltimore money market is easy and the demand lively. The banks freely discount all good paper offered at six percent. 'the returns of the Reading Railroad Company show a very great increase in the receipts and business .if the week. Wo aunt x a statement giving the receipt*, R.-. fur UecLnrber and twenty eight days in January. Ukauixo KaH.HUaO. 1341. 13H It scripts fir the month of December (21,760 (41 ofis *-??!, ton IIJU tons, 3U.78 Receipts lit to 25th January $15,718 Sif 7b I Coal, tou* 9,784 tons, 2j[97i) Increase of coal tonnage last year, 91 per cent. Comparative Receipt! for four (frets. . , 1H13. 1314, 1815 1 January 7 $2,024 1.379 7,822 January 14 5n|J ?,2Wi juu?vtt 4'078 9,681 | Jauuiry 28 3lal) 4 ,7, H|40J $11,031 17 G13 34,105 The increase for the first four wreks in 1845, compared with the corre*jx>nding weeUs in 1844, is nearly one hun dred per cent. The recent advance in tho stock in thix market, is, no doubt, partly produced by this great im provement in the affairs of the company. Tne law passed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania tor the payment of the interest on the State debt, provider only lor thn paymont or the interest on tho funded debt, and excludes that portion of the publis debt created by the accumulation of inlerest. Tho total debt of Pennsylvania, according to the re cent finance message of Governor Shunk, omounta to $40,703,886 89, of which $4,453,373 61 has been created by tho accumulation of interest. On the 1st of April, 1844, the fix per cent Stat a stick amounted to $4,331,018 90; the five per cent $32,934,763 73, and tho four and a half par cent $200 000, making a total ol $37,465,777 72. This comprises the permanent loans of the State, and the balance is made up of relief notes and domestio ere ditors' scrip outstanding. The Governor says that the interest funded amounts to $4,453,373 61? Wiethe- this amount is to be included in Ihit on which the interest will bo paid, or not, is not s'ated in the bill. The law just mode reads?"that $873,616 la hereby appropriated to tliepryment ol tho interest on the publio debt of the commonwealth, which will fall due on the 1st of Febru ary, 1846, exclusive of interest on all certificate* of loan issued for the payment of interest " As none of the offi cial reports state what portion of the whole debt is fund od, it is nt present, impossible to tell upon what amount the iutercst will bu paid. The interest on the State debt for 1944 nmour.ted to $1,954 187 1 4, of which there be. convs due in February, $977,093 67; the sum appropria ted by the bill just passed-$873,516, is $103,677 67 less than the semi-annual interest on the whole debt, and $31,278 more than the amount in the Treasury, ac cord!, g to (he Treasurer's report of the 30'h ult. Of the the $842,238 38, in the State Treasury, $464 521 82, was In. specie funds, and the balance, $377,716 to in currency, equal to relief notes. Tho bill providing for the payment ol the interest, aays, "that the payments authorised shall be made in such funds as may be in the Treasury, and such portion of said (unds as may not bo at par in the city of Philadelphia, shall be pnid in propoi tion to the several amounts due for interest provided for." Governor Shunk has signed the bill suspending the payment of the principal of domestic creditors' certifi cates, which amount to $103,159 46 This bill was car. rici through the Legislature for the j urpoie of strength ening t ie treasury, and pl&cii'g it in funds to pay tho in teres!, on the funded debt. The t'ommittoe on Banks and Corporation* in the lower House of the Legidatum of Illinois, ma le a report on thn30th ult. upon the conditional contract entered into between Jas. Duilap, Esq the President of the Bank of Illin ,is, and tho Governor lor the reception of the Mac'.rlk f'ebbins bonds, amounting, principal and in terest, in the aggregate, to three hundred and thirty three thousand dollars, in payment of that amount of stock in sa!' Bank, b-dougiDg to the Stste-. By the terms of that contract, the Legislature was to repudiate it by the 20th, the day the report was presented, or it became obligatory on the State. A majority of tho committee reported favorably to tho ratifies t.ou of the contract and introduced a preamble and n -mlutrn to that effect. The report created eon si lerable discussion, and the opinions of those who took part in the debate were that the stock and the certificates were equally worthless, and that the S'att would make a clear gain of the valuo of tho bond* by ro ceiving them. A member, who had been adirector of thp bank fur five years, stated that the wholo stock of the bank was good for nothing ; that its affairs were rotten and un sound to the eore ; that the liabilities cf the amount ed to $678 227, while the whole amount of nominal assets were only $816 001), and that he should vote in favor of the resolution, us reported by the Commitfo oo Banbsi hecanso be believed that the State would gain just the amount of the value of $316 009 of tho Macalister fc Steb bins' bonds, with the interest en tho same for two or three years. The.rniolution passed the House by vote of 63 to 4!', and sent to the Senate, where it was agreed to by a vot of 25 t j 12 Tho S'ate, consequently, by this bill, remains a stockholder in the Shawrrectowu Bank to the amount of fire hundred thou-iaDd dollars. Later advicrs from Spriugfluld stite, that there had hern on iffjrt made to prevent the Governor from issuing ?bn warrants in pursuance of bis contiact with the Presi dent of the Bank A resolution of this nature passed the Senate, and would, probably, the House, and it was sup posed that the Governor would be compelled to accept the bonds, And thus a final separation between Bank and State take place. We annex the clause in tho contract, that the matter may be better understood. It is therefore agreed by the Governor, on b?hnlfol tho State of the first raid, and by James Dunlap, President of the.aid Bauk. and ugent of the privs'e stockholder*, of thn second part: Thatthe Oovernorwiil rectivethn thn e hund'ed and sixteen bonds of one tho u m l dollars each, en deposit ; and unless the General Assembly shall ou ?r before the 80'h day of January i ext. by law, or joint re solution, repudiate the contract, end authorize the issuing ol Auditor's wnrran's to fho sai l James Uunlup, as iigent for the said stockholders, for their proportion Pur- ol. ?s before provided for, k ?, then the ni l interest bonds, and the interest thereon, it to be considered as having been duly received by tho State of Illinois, fcc " From 'he above it will roadily bo discovered that by tho terms of the contract, it was not only necessary for the Legislature lo repudiate the contract by the 20th instant hut to havo also made provision for the issuing of th>? Auditor's warrants. And having failed to comply with the most essential part of tho contract, so far as thn pri vate stockholders were cor.e-rned?the issuing rf Au ditor's warrants?the of tin bind' became con alu<ive and binding upon tho Stat?, with the expiration of tho day of the i9th. Old Stock Kxctlanigc. SBaiic N Y City j',, >70 101 5 shs? Anb k Roeh 106k 900 Ohm 6'., Mo 97X 42 do 107 '"""V spd 39 625 L film d It R 74 ,2??? ? l'? MX 210 do 7IX j*11 71 ,0" 'lo lit Aug 77 'SSJ t* 7'S 100 1st Alls 76 ?Xf I Pi" 111 7I>* d" ?,n 7? "ni'.t)r,l<,. M ,no J" a30 74 10 Mnchk Rjc Oo 2i 375 Nor k Wore Rll 67>i 60 harmers' Trust :isv iro ,10 67 '? "K. , J"1* 76 do 67 160 Morris Canal 27 75 no 07L 12 ,1" 100 ? do a30 67 ? ic-ic. ?w5< ;? 12 Palerion HK 79 Second Board. '.22 \h," KR loo Morris t ?ual 13 28 75 Ktoaiuttoii Ilk 176 Nor 8t Wore 100 ltradi.ig HK few Stock rCxrhong*. $1000 Ohio 6'* 1,10 977. 75 shas Farmers' Tr blO 35}2 25 do '? *?65 50 do 21 do 26 do 50 do 109 ( ant,>n Co b3 49" 51 Nork WurclUl ,71; 21 do r>;?2 50 do 11W 071, 21 da 07 fliLVS or Srocas?Bostoiv, Jan 31, 1846. $1000 II, ling lilt hot,lis, I860 . 7lj; ?rhnrts Boo'tn and 5 I'd lie Hit ItlUj; 10 lo 109; 2.1 Ilea ling Rlt }jl m do 23; 2 > ? loltll 2.1. 50 do, 10101,231, 111 Western HR 95j; 72do96|, 16 do 97. ' Mtato of Triulo. Asms- Tots arc dull at $4. Pearls are steady, but insc tlvo, at $4 I8| a $4 36 The following is the stock |u the inspection Warehouse, New York, Jan 11,18461? 7.1 ah .? Canton Co 49 10 do 49 .10 do tlO 49 2VI 1, Island RR 74?; 199 do 75 150 do buw 75 25 that Hud k links RR I4X .25 do it's 50 Harlem RR ?30 65M 10 L Island ltR 1)30 7 4 >J 150 do 73 ?i 17.1 do 0 71 50 do 1,1.1 74J4 2.1 do e 7 4 >; 190 do slifl 73X 21 do ?15 7364 50 do hnw 74 Pott. Ptnrlt. First *ort. bbls 7,135 7,051 fti-coud sort, 633 853 Third sort 148 193 Condi mued 101 17 Total 7,997 8,103 Pots,.., 7,007 Total, pots and pearls, bbls 16,100 Cotton?Our nun ki t thin wet k ha? keen gradually outline stronger Holders are in good spirits, and only sell when very loll rates can be obtained. Yesterday, th< general enquiry was very limited, a? buyera hoped, by withdrawing from mat kit, to reduce rate*. A few small parcel* were taken, amounting to 300 bale*, and a liat of 600 bales middling fair Uplands, tor export Prices paid indicate a further impiovement, but the market is too ir regular to allow us to alter our quotations, and we there fore'annex those we prepared for the steamer :? Liverpool Classification. W Upldt 4jr Florida. N.Orl. A Mohiu. Inferior 4 a 4} ... 4 a 41 tfcSOrdinnry 4} a 6 ... 4] a * vairMiddling 6# a 5] ... 6 a 6 Good mrddliug. ftj a 6J ... fll a 6 (?9 Middling fair,.. 6} a 6j ... 61 a 6 Pair 6} u 61 ... 6J a 7 i?f#Fully fair 6j a 6J ... 71a 71 fyqGood fair 7 a 7| ... B a 8| trifil"M 8 a hi ... 9 a 9J PaovmoNi-Ohi"> pork is improving in demand. Wi quote prime at $7 87J a 7 90, and mess at $10 Beef ia in mo.teri t ? rrqm st, and sales ?f prime niw are mad - at $4 75a6 13j; m>:? do nr $6 75 a 7 134 Thorn is quite an nrijve demand for lard, and kegs sell at Sjc; barn-Is hi 6j a 7. Real Estate?At Auction? Lot on Ninth street,between ?Jd and 3d avenues, 31 by 75 ft, with a stable of clever at* lis therein $3300 13 aero; of land at Flatbuib, about five miles from Brooklyn; on tho premises a two story building, barn, fcn ; I<jB0 4lotssou:h side ef Wor.Jhull and north sideRa p> Jje street, between licks and Columbia streets, Brooklyn, each 35 by 100 ft, at $110. 1640 I do do 435 1 do do 400 Baltimore Cattle Markets The supplies of beef cattle continue full, considering the lateness oMhs season, and prices have ruled rathei higher this week. On Monday the offerings comprised about 5110 head, of which 85 were taken to another mar ket, and 365 sold in the city. The extT-raes s( pr-ees paid were $1 61} for inferior to $3 per 109 lbs. on the hoof ior prime quale jr, equal to $3 35 a 6 76 net. The supply nl live hega has been quite small, and sales have been made at $4 634 3 4 75 per 100 lbs towards the close, which Is ar advance. The same rates prevail to day. There are but few killed hogs now coming in?sales at $4 35 per 100 lbs Married, On Saturday evening, 1st inst. by the Rev S. D. Bur chard, N. Wilson, Esq. of Mead's Basin, (N. J.) to Mrs. Delia Powers, of this city. Died. On Saturday, 1st inst. William Howard, Esq. aged 68 years. The friends of the family are invited to attend his fune ral, without iuriher notice, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, Irom bis late residence, 13 Dey street. On Sunday morning. 3d inst. after a short illness, Mrs. Ami Mahia Mead, aged 37 years The friends and family, and likewise the Benevolent Association of Journeymen Bookbinders, are requested, to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, at 168 Madron street. On Saturday, 1st inst. of mrnnles, Theodohe Amos, son of Clarkson and Margaret Dye, Aged 3 months and 11 days. The friends of the family arc requested to attend his funeral, from No. 8 Tenth street, this afternoon at three o'clock, without further invitation At J< rrey City, on the 30th ult. An-aM., daughter ot Thomas and Anna V. L. Silver, age 1 two years and i^ui months. Passengers Ssllefl Liverpool.?Steamship Cambria, from Boston?WH 81o cumb, of Boston; J Stokes, I. 11 '. i \ -t. V Hai.ercock, O S Swords. W H Pick.ley, and K E Kullev, of Now York; N Lewis, of Philadelphia: I \V B luudv-i a d son C Oeddes, W M'lntosh, It VI Iniies, S U-ecn?hield<. J Cos. (J Simpson, I L Beanary. L Benjamin, R Shaplev M Moses and J Young, of .Montreal ; R Gitmour, K M 11,orison, J Brooke and H 8 Kal kin, of Quebec; Ales Mnnv, of Toronto; W Btaikie. of Ca nada; M Le Baotillier, of Uaspi, Canada; Mij Penney, 70th KegcH A. Canadi; Cant Deniaon, 53d i\--gtl< A, do; Captaiu WiUoughby. 23d llegt It A. do; Mvtton, 89th Hegt R A. do; Gov YlacLme and servant, of Cape Coast Cast's: 1 W Schmidt, Prussian Consul?35. For Halif.s?I R Siewait, W Pickman, J W ile Butts and S Ratten?4. Tot-d 39. Foreign Importation a. Rociif.llf.?Barque Uloff Wyck?51 cases sardeoas E Fort ? 50 do 5 its lentils 1 cs'ard t cs pi|iea J Molum?24 do Her kenrath k Van Damn?60 hf pipes hrsody Renault k Francois ?28 hf pipes wiue .'4 do vinegar J Boker?21 bbls brandy 4 ck wine Herkenrath k Van Damn?16 pipes 16 bbls brsndv H Boh leu?30 hf pipes 1(1 qr cks 20 bbls braudy A Seignette k co?60 hf pip k 80 qr casks 30 bbls do V llarsslo k co?42 qr cks 6 cks do G Adinyrauld?100 kegs do A Phelps k co?and sundry pks to Older. MARITIME HERALD. WoTcraent? of the Strum# tit pc. E/c-mer- Vio'i. Thiri i .desc'c. l.tavJlmt ' Hibernia, Kyrie. . .Fab. 4 ...Feb. 18 Mir. 1 G. Western, '.lntthews. .Mar. 29 ...April U April 21 kiltdp JKMUti and Agent*. We ihsll esteem it a favor if Captain* of V Maris yr.Il give to Silvkt, Captain of our New* Boats, a report of the chipping left at the port whence they tailed, the ver.vrii spolnu on thru passage, a list of their cargo. and any fowti uowspaiers, or news they may hare. He will board tliein ir to-diitely on their arrive!. Agents and Correspondents at hot,if or abroad, will alto confer a favor by tendinis to this office e!i ;be Marine Intelligence they can obtain. NantirrJ laibrmt .ion of any kind will be thankfully receited. POttT OK IVFVV YOICK, FKBRUAKY 3. ttnraisB*.. .... 6 39 ' Moon mtita ... .... 4 3m ?; r iris 5 1 ! K>ti "itii . 4 11 ?t ArriTea. Barque OlofT Wyke, Meacom. 56 days from Rochelle, with br1 i d v to order. Schr Amanda F Myrick. Cathart. 4 days from Baltimore, with mdse to N L MeCre*ay. Scnr Ann Hyman, Totten, 5 dsys from Newbern, NC., with naval stores to Depeysler & Whitmarah, Schr Select. John on, 3 days fiom Newbern, N C, with na val ? tores to the master. Schr Sally Ann. Chatter, 5 days from Plymouth, N C, with naval stores to the master. Sc't Bolina, Brown, 3 days from New Bedfird, with oil, to the master. Schr Jaaper, Hamilton, 4 days from Bostou, with mdse to B it J ile'rick Hchr Massasoit, Godfrey. 2 days from Taunton, with mdse to order. Schr Chesapeake, Buahneck, & days from Baltimore, with mdse to S B Sawyer. Schr A L Ackerinan, ! days from Virginia, with oysters, to tlie master. Sloop Kepublic, Soule, 2 days from New Bedford, with oil. to Older Telegraph reports no vesse's in sight at Snn down?Wind N. W. Sailed. 8hi|w New York, [Bml H 7.ardt.Brem?n; Wabash, New Or leans; Sharoe.'do; New Yo k, Charleston. Barques Marseille Msrseitles; Eliza, Apalachicola; R o, St Marks; Fllintt, New Oilesr.s; J R Gardiner do. llrits Josephine Biemeu; Aeolus. Guayaina; Cordelia, Ponce. I R; Reindeer, teghom; Cam lla St I'liomas; Savannah, Savauuah; Hayti, Port au Prince, and others. Mlsrellaneout Record. Schr Armida, of Portsmouth, before reported stranded near the month of Little River, near Hampton NH.. together with lor cargo was fully insured; a small rortion of the latter has since been saved in a damaged state. Lai'iscHRn.?In Belfast, 28th ult, barque Prospect, 233 tons, bnilt bv Master Kolersou, for R C John-on, F.sq, to b- com manded by Capt II \V French. The P. is said to be of superior mod"] and finish. Bnto Sei-ma, arrived at Mobile 21th n't., has made th- pa* sage from Mobile to New York, with full cargo, and back in thirty days, A< Rivals at Rostov.?Arrivals and clearances during the mouth of Jan. 1843. Arrivals:? Shipa. Barques. Brigs. Schr*. Sloopi. Total. Coastwise, 22 18 33 174 4 233 Foreign, 2 9 22 17 ? 30 Of the foreign arrivals, 1 barque and lOachooners were Brit, ish. Clearances: Shipa. Barques. Brigs. Schrs. Sloops. Total. Coastwise, 33 23 39 62 3 Kg) Foreign, 5 13 3 1 22 ? 74 Of the foreign clearances, 1 brig and 7 schooners were British; and 1 liarqu" Austrian cleared for Trieste via New Vork. The llovnl Mai' Steamer A cailia cleared and tailed on the 1st. The Cambria arrived on the 24th. S| tokens U 8 slnop-of-war Portsmouth, on a eruae, all well, 27th ult? 1st 3D 14, ton 73 38. Foreign Porfg. Pout ait Privcr, Jan 13?li po*t, Wm Ne lson, disg; Smyr na, to load for B isfon; Roehambean, for Baltimore, Idg; Mary Elizabeth, of Tre tin, M-, espeeted to be condemned in con ?eqnence of damage on the passage nHt; suds herm brig with lumber, jnst a'r, name unknown. S3 am- Ports, Porti.aisd, Jan 30?Air Cvrns. Rrngier. New York; Emetine Murr.h. Boston Cld, H< gan, Caleb, Havana; Centurion, Nor ris, Cnha I'oai saioi'TH. Jsn 38?Arr Del Nnrte, Belcher, Camden for Norfolk, John, Robinson, Wiseas-eilor I etou; 29th, Billow, Heavy, Bath for Boston; Lonw.iv'. Tsrr, Piflsion for do. Bostov, Feb 1?S'gnaJ for - ship Cld, fimbria, (?) Jitd kire, Liverpool, via Hslif.ii; New Wor d, Divey, Marseilles; Allen, M mson, St Thomas and a marker; ??. ling, Pike, Car denas; Thames, Prince, Sr Marks; Carlos, J. onion, Savannah; Washington Stevens, New OnMiit P-atl. Rvder, I'hiladel I liia Arr Jan 31, Commerce. Doreiiiy, Baltimoic. ft; Hoi.mvs1! Hour, Jan 30?Art S- u t er, Iti'ler, (late Hsrdy, who was washed ? verboard in a gale ?5th, by a ica which boarded the brig IfmPortsu Prince for Bosti i. In port, Houili er. William; May Bee, and Kaeet rnovincncr, Jan SO?A-r (sold Hunter, M'nifi-ld, Savannah Trvall, Ntckers'in. N, rfolli; Charles Oher. do (ju-cn, Bray. Baltimore-n do; Holder bo den, t row II. Pliiladelphja. Ile low, 0 anchor off Field's Point. Forn' Vkins. Norfolk Sid, NichoIss Brown, Reed, Reran' ?h: L?and> r, J. hnsmi. N Vtok F.mily, Gardner, do. Arr 31st, Forost. A s ins, Norfolk; Tram loion Wells, New York. . C N? wport, Jan 31?Ar- Engineer. Whitten, Norfolk; Iri nmph, Williams, New York; Krin, Gardner, Proridence for Norfolk. Fill Riven, Jan 31?Arr Pennsylvania, Kelley, Philadel phia: Constellation, Homers, Richmond; 30th, Eliza Hanil.Ba ker, Baltimore. RjpJIMnTVD, Ian 31?Arr Walter U Jooc*, Brown,New York; W W Wver, B.kev, Boston. PORT Wat.THAI.I,, Jan 3(1?Sid Chester, Robimon, Rio. Wii.mivotois Jan 23?At anchor outside New Inlet Bar, where ahe arrived on the 20th, fly Ruck, Woodvides, of New York, dismasted while on her passage from New Castle, Me, to New York. She has hr?n reported among the mining. Art 29th. Uncle Sam, Bacon, Havana; Lincoln, McLellm, ft Tho m*'i S 'T"!'"' Lawsoti, Havana; Caroline, Jordan, do; l)pi pateh; [ Br] Look, Aotigna; O.ceola, Waif, Hat ,.na; John.F.I mCld. And Ring, Ihurlow, Detnmla; F.d Blake. Adams, Mitanr.a.i.Bo-ndarv, Shachetford, (Inadaloup'; Colonist,I BrlTaylor Amicus;Lafayette, Atwuod, Marie galnnte; Htraheih. Snow, Martinique i nns t'stricn, i rescotr, Weit Indies; Zephyr, Wood dm Merchant, Kein, do Arr 30th. Moses, Loveland, New York-' Ann, Rogers, Providence. In dm Offlng, LordiAihbnrwni[Br1 iua a barn of. lid. Ulrica [Sw] Walilgrin, Rotterdam. Hid, Sirr*?ird ( Brl Smith, Liverpool. Sahsm*ii, Jan 2a?CM Coronation, [Br] H'ima, Liverpool: I Douglass. Urewatsr do- Clinton. I yon. New York; Napoleon liol bus, Boaton, Sid, Qu^st. [Br] Nixon, Liverpool. Mohii.k J ii 21?Arr satellite, [Brl dge, Liverpool; Selnia, Hin1111, New York Cld. Sarah Cutter, Glasgow; Lu "'"a, Wei, Bnitnu: Anieitaa, Miller, flnvtna. Nkw, Jan 13?Arr Frovinciali?r, [Br] WiUiawt, Londonderry; KWeralie. [Br] Harvey, Briatol, Eng.; A ahixn, [B:] It.iiuey. Belfast; Cumlierlaad. While, Bremen, via War wick; Wir. Gray, Croahy, PeuMCola; Manchester, Snow, Boa Con; Etruria. Urauacomli, B, naire; Snow, IMahurv, I'orto lli eo; Lancet, I'iper, IViirae U; Virginia. Jordou. Bostou; Lone Star, i'1'riai) Kjiapp. Oalyiton. (Id, Win Gray. Cmaby. hey Weat; Venelia, [Br] Fiuk, Liverpool: Pa'theuian. Wood bury. Liveniool: Ca' eune Packet No 2, [Krl I'etit; Eaiuburg. Houdlett, NYork; Mary It Jane, Klituer. Philadelphia; Junius, Coo|ier, Maraeillea; Arturo, [Sp] llicoiiiua, Havana; Warsaw, Herbert, New York; Mariuella, Dean, Laguua. Pkmsacoi.*, Jan IV?Arr Bostonian, Emerson, Boaton; Lan cet, Pi|ier, Camden, Me. HKBKKW LANGUAGE?To tlinae who ate deairoua of underataiiding the Scriptures in theorigiual Hebrew, an op portunity it now preaented. PROFESSOR WHITEHEAD engag a, by a peculiar method of instruction, to teach this beautiful language thoroughly in thirty-six lesions. Success certaiu and guaranteed. Schools attended Address PKOKESSOK WHITEHEAD, fe3 lt*)gb No. fiO Wear Broadway. CHEAP PUBLICATIONS. No. K Alitor Ilouae. KOOn ??OP1E8 OK HARPEK'S CHEAP PUBLICA OU\?U TIONS?EUOENK SUE'S WORKS. Mys'rriei of Paris.. . .51 cts. ~ Mntilila 75 eta. Sal inlander 50 cts. Arthur 25 eta. Graham's Magfxine Codey's Ladies' Bo, k. Arthur's Magnxine. Ip-LOOK OUT KOI Blue Be.ird 25 eta. 'I lieran Dimeter 25 eta. Colonel IV Sun ill... I2X c All J The Wandering Jew. Ladies' London World (0f Kaghion. (Co umbian Vag-.xine r VP \ir?.-L Lr / h T7-LOUK OUT KOR NEXT W'> K.,/J) Weahall rec?ive for sale one of the best Novels published for th? lasr fiv* years. The author ii Mass I'arlen, author of "The Itoae of Thiat e Island,''considered far superior to MisaBremer'a Works. Agents sending their orders ah. II he promptly supplied. JUDD k TAYLOR, feJ lt#ec Wholesale and Retail Dealers. " FOR SALE A BEAUTIFUL KARM, situated in the town of IpOolEsatcheater, eont ining seventy acres of good lilablr and aaaa-grns* land. The House is in perfect order and convenient ly arranged for a lirge family Said Karm is divided hy the iwiat road runniug to New Rochalle and Marmarroi eck, and roil] down to Kastcheiter Creek, where there is fine bars and trout fishing iu their season The oat buildings arc all in good order, and ihtre is good stabling for twelve lioraea. The whole (date is well waviedandorithspremiioiis a beautiful Fishpond Ihere are two churches within aquarter of a mile of arid place, end stagrspaas twice a day by the home, to intersect the New York and Harlein Rvlroad si William's Bridge, which is with in three mile* of said premises. There ii an abundance of Kruit on said premises, which was selected hy the present owner w tli gieat care. The distance from City Hall, New York, is ac rat sfktee i miles Possession can be had by the 1st of April, and any information concerning said property, can be had en the premiiea. Also, adloiuing said property, for'y teres of first rate Land, with a go il Htone Home on it, with Baru and Stabl-aconnrcted, possessing 'lie same id vantages as the above seventy acres. The as d forty acr ? will be sold seperately, or tne harms to gether, I miking iu alt I >0 acres) to suit the purchaser fe3 Im'rc WM. H. HICKS, No. 20 Wallstrcet. WANTED TO LEASE-A good s'ixed"STORE, '' ituaied on the east side cf Broadway, between Kulton ,iiid Liberty streets, or iu Maiden Lane, or J, Ira at, weat lli?m a'reet, or in W'llinn atreet between John street and Maid-n Line, lu Broadway, or the nearer thereto would be ore felted. Owners of proie-ty in the above vicinity, having inch a Store to rent by the 1st May. will hear of a responsible and per maoeut tenant, by addressing "U. H W.," New Yoik Poat Office, st'ting terms, location, lie. fel 2tisBtkM?rc HOWARD HOI EL. NEW YORK THOMAS k ROE, PROPRIETORS. tTHIH wall known establishment, at the corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane, iu the city of New York, it now opened ut.der the direction d proprietorship of ilersigiifd, by whom i's high reputi i, as an Hold of the first clais, will, it i? Imped, he fully ,ined. It Ins been pnt in the most thorough sad com r h--, r. painted end re fitted, Those arrangements whieS i \ ,-r r tiered ir e.piMly attractive d convenient to m- liu iuess, to men of I-i ure, and to I families, vill " d, thep .u still existing of lu v ? , differe Is, so that all may be suited is armogem: uf, it it beli-i is a p -milisr feature of th ;,blishm -l t. d has pr vc i.nently sattsfactory to all it itei - lu addition to the exertion* of the undersigu'd, tin" f Mr. JohuTh mis, formerly of the American Hotel, Alb,. 1, aid late of the I 'irted Sta'.-s Hotel. Mar-toga Springs, will lie ust I, to in-ure, as I or a possible, t' satisfaction of the frieuds of tli Mouse and the pi! rageneroly. The undersigned look. w!th confidence, to th- iterance of that lavor with which the "Howard Hotel'' I. or been hono<ed. e-sn. - -c.t M.J THOMAS. sTK.PH ?i ROE. (Late commaoder of the 1 'E mpire.'") New York, January 31. f3 2 ,y ec FARMS I KOR SALE?Two hail ,Uge of Jamaica. W3fl|L. I., contaiuiiig about fifty a . cli, properly d viJed ^La.iuto p isture, arable and wood I old. They are silu.'ied but a short distance from the railroad, to which the frouts ex tend parallel upon South streit. Th. improvements on onr farm consist of a two story House, Barn and ont buildings, in good order. Oil the other there is a fine, site for building, over looking the village; also, the foundation of a house destroyed hy fire They will be sold low, and the terms will be reasona ble A greater part of the purchase monry may remain on bond and mortgage. Apply to FRANCIS 8. BROWN, f2 3t*VC 11 Pine atreet. rn nuum WANTEU-Ttwi miie Stock contemplate 5J??tio| from thvtr present location, in the Merchant*' ?id?. Exchange, on the lit day. of May ntxt The subscribers, or either CI thein, will receive proposes for the letting of a suitable place in or rdjace-.t to A'all street for one or more years. SEIXA8 NATHAN, President, 61 Merchant*' Exchange. WM. BOHR OWE, 26 vVall st. fel lwye O M. TRACY, No. 3 Hanover *t. TO LET, AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIY KN?The Store No.97 Nhmi reet. Herald Build aMb'iigs, with Fixtures, Stove and 1'iries, rea ly set and all mi lete. Applicatt m to be made at the desk of the office of the Mer>ld. for term*, tic. j3ltfrc KOK 8 9 LE?The Lease and Fixture* of the long and well know n establishment, the Crofou llath Saloon, cor , '?f East llroulway and Catharine street, New York, in one of the be*t thoroughfares of the city,having lieeu fitted up in the neatest ti aun*r to the l est advantage. Term-ca*h. Im medi ite po?ses*ion given, ?* I hare arrangements for the conntry shortly. Ap^ly from 10 A. M. to 8 P. M? when everr satisfac tion will be Kent only >250 a year. j30 6t*ic KKAL ESTATE FOR SALE JHA ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice .Land in the 8di Ward, in the city of Brooklyn, fronting the New York ^slas.Bay. and commanding a bcau ifnl pro,| ert. The situa tion is highly picture-qne. Enquire of JOHN S BEIIGEN, on the premiies. ja29 lm"rc FOH SALE?A ra'nable Farm, forming a part of the tract known as Mo-risania. situs'ed on the Harlem river, in the comity of Westchester, consisting of one hundred and ten acr. s of land, prope'ly fenced and in rood order. Upon the harm th?re is a commodious modem built Mansion " -House, witn a garden, stable and all uece-ssry sp|vndsges. suitable for a ge.itl. man's country residence. There ve also upon the Farm two Farm Houses, and all necessary out buildings Also, a valuable mill site and water |?iwer, aud an orchard The said Farm is very accessible from th'city, being with n nine miles of tlie City nail, with the privilege of a free bridge across the Harlem river. The cars of the flarlsro Railroad run within half a mile of the house. For terms ami further particulars iu quireb tween 12 aud 3 P.M. of H. M. MORRIS, jI8 lm*rc 11 Pine street, second story. VERY DESIRABLE LOTS h'OK SALE.-Five Lots on tlie southerly tide of 13th at 'ret, near 9th avenue. Six l?ot* on the northerly side of IJlh speet, between 6th Ttn avenues, with court yards in frout, and in the midst of elegant improvements. Three Lots on the southerly side of 14th strret. between the 6th and Th aveunrt, in an improving neighb irhood. Two Lots on the southerly side of 14th street, near the 8th avenue. Four Lots on the easterly side of7lh .-.venue, between ltthand 13th struts, with cellars partly dug out Five Lots on the northerly side of 39th sfr?er, between the 1st and 2 id avenues, ove looking the city and East hiver. The whole amount may remain on mortgage, if improved, and 70 per rent if not improved. O. H. WINTER, j26 lm*-c 16 Wa'l street. 1O LET OK LEASE ?A large two story brick Hon e, on the southwesterly rnrnrr of th' Bloowiugdale _to*d and 10th stret, with lulfcient ground win reon to er-ci a manufactoiy, which w ill be built if renin rd. Also, x two story frame Cottage, House auu five Lots, on the uortliwestei Iv corner of the Bloom ingd ale road and 40th street, with a workshop, stable, barn, lie. The house will tie painted and pm in good fence and repair, with a conrt yard in front, on the Bloomingd le road. Also, 8 l.ots adjoining on the Illoomingdale road, running through to the 7th avenue and 41st street, suitable for a florist or manufacturer. Buildings will be erecud if requited. Also, a Lot in 30th street, between the 7th snd Bth avenues, to lase. U. H. WINTER, j26 Im'.'C 16 Wall streat. FDR MALE?The House and Lit No. .1 Wall street. being 4(1 feet front ou Wall street. The building five sto hlg ries nigh, exclusjveof I he basement and sub-cellars. The 8mouses contain about thirty apartment!, all well and comma iously arranged for ollices, stores, and other purposes. The whole is in excellent order. Also, the two three-story brick Stortn, Nos. 14 and 16 Mablen lane, and the thrie story brick building o.i the west side of Greene street, one door south of Maiden lane, and in the tear adjoins the properly on Maiden lane These premises are in go. d order and well situated for business. All the above mentioned property is now well tenanted, and All the above mentioned property is now well tenan for a permanent investment peculieny desirable. j2J8w*rc b. H. TILLOU, 58 Wall street. MFOR SALE?A Farm, of 170 acr?s, on the east hank of Hudson River, near the village of Hhinebeck, with an adequate stock of cattle, horses, farming utensils, lie. On it are a farm house, bim, coach house, dairy houses, hay press, hovels, Ike.all in good order. A'so, a piece of land, being 9 seres, in the village of Foit Lee, on the west b nk of the river, known as the OrcharJ, with several hou'es nnd improvement* thereon. Alto, the piece of land in the same village, kn iwu as Long D-ck consisting of about 51 acres, exclusive ? f the dock and water point. 'Ibis property it much improve.) and most of it in exc.'lleut fence Alto, thefollowi' g property in the cite of New York, vix:? and lots Nos 77, "??, 79)k and 81 Vsri.-k stvet, b, iug the hontet . . _ all houses in good condition and repair: No. 81 lining 30 fret wide, aud the house, containing numerous at d well arrans e.l ii nrtmeiiu aud accommodations. All tlua property ia near Canal street Also, a pt)t of land on 30th street, about 12 lots near th' Third Avenue, in the l6lh Ward. Also, IS lots in the 12th w rd, four lots on the west side of 3d avenue, corner of 51 t strret; car lot on the tonth side of Jtlth street; one lot ou the north sole ol 49tb street; three lots on the south side of !9ih street?all west of and i ear I tie 3d avenue; three lot* ou the west sid* of 21 avenue, befw.e . 56lh and 97.h streets; two lot. on the a* rill side of 57th strret; aud two lots ou the sooth sole of Vith street?'he last mentioned four lots be tween the 2d and 3d avenues. The terms of sale will be made easy. ^ ^ TH I OU ja25 2w*rc No, 58 Wall at'wet. RHKUMAT1C PILLS r\R COVEL'8 KIIEUM AT'.C PILL9 are well known to Le be the only article which will cure the lllieuirsttsrn, either iiillannnntory or chronic; and for proof 04 the as tttMR VILt evil, asks those suffering from Cms complain, to read the f,,). lowing certificate:? Nsw York, December 10th, 1841.

De. Oovti- f Dear Sir? I cannot in jnstice to myselfind suffer iug hu manity, let th'.s opt mrtunity pen without eg pressing my grui tude to you for your Rheumatic 1'ills. I have Iwn tr uhled for a long time with rheumatism, and have spent large sncisof money w ii h physicia-.s, and have rereived but trifling relief. This Fall I was attacked very seveiely?it located in rot shoulders and wrists,which weiettiff?the wretched situation 1 was in I ctnnotdescribr. I then Commenred taking ynnrPllls. I received immedia'e relief, end am now en. irelv cured. I will with pleasure sstiefy thus- who wish for information with re gard to the astonishing effect* of your 1'ills. if they will take the trouble to call ou me Most rtipectftiily yours, C. W. PERKINS. 469 Fearl St, N. Y. We will slso refer to Mr. Alexander W rich. 89 Nastsu street, better known as Sandy Welch; Mr. A. Pirtch, 176 Broadway; (' iptain Hinman, corner of Green and Houston st sets; sad to ho .lrrtlr of others. J. II. Mostly, 92 John strret, only whoterale sgent, and none gentries Wllhont his written riins ipe niain the red label at ?acln-d to etch bos?Price 50 cents a ho*. Also -etailed iu this ci y at 94 John street; A. Hill, 2 -8 Greenwich st; Dr. Lovel 139 ?tnllivau .(; Ilalloek. 176 Spring st; Go. sndain, 141 Eigh h Avenue; Uulou, corner of Baweiy ami Grand; Moss, 5U6 aud I Ora rLa.idA. U'lie-lcr. 112 t berry st. j*17 f*ec SIIGAK-IWI blids Prune New Uileani Mugsr. for jale in lot) to snit, by E. K. C*L1,INM It CO., Hnnrh nfr^t TKUNK BOAEDB.-Bo.ton ^^Bo^d^fot^e kT die ru No. 19 and tr Nwu el AUCTION SALES. A. J'i I? NOTICK?Furnaw fole-Tltia Day. at !0>? o clock, will bf sold under the direction of Hnin Phillips, the entire bhrudure Conuimd in the In u-e Vo 77 Murray it fe1 u*fh THOS. BELL, Auctioneer. VVM. VV. SHIRLEY", Auctioneer. I fJOUSE FURNITURE SALE?Monday, February 3d, at '? II o clocli, a general and t eat assortment of Furnilnre con- I ?aiued in the home No. 24 < Bowery, oe.i? P ince atreet, consist- . lint of Ingrain Parpen, K ? tja_, Piino Forte, Stool aud Cover, : mahogany hai->e<t Sofa* Chain, Centre and other Table* Oil Cloth, Stair Carpeits, Fiench and other Bedsir da, Bureaus, heather Beda, Matieaiea, Looking Glasses, Clocks. Mantle Lam)*, Gir.mdolea, China, Olasa and Crockery, Kitchen Furni ture. Ike. Sa'e positive. The Home to let?iwiaaeaaiou immediately. jel 2t*m ATCT'ON SALES DEAL ESTATE AUCTION HALES, at the Merchants' . ,. aehanie, attended to by the subscribers aa usual, on aa i liberal terms as auv other home. Brooklyn properly will be at- j tended to by James Cole, CI Fnlton street, Brooklyn, and ad- j vertiai d in both the New York and Brooklyn papers, or by E. H. LUDt OW ?t CO., JaK) 2w?rc 21 Broad street, cor. of Exchange Place. AT AUCTION?Washington Piece?The neat three ' Story hrir It House and Lot, No. It West Washington _^^_Plare, for sale, on Tuesday, Feb. 4th, at 12 o'clock, at Hie Merchants' Exchange, if not previously sold at private sale. For iarticnlara enquire of WM. H. FRANKLIN (it SON. fel 3 *rcStMTu No. 15 Broad street. Depot d? eau de cqlcone ?r john b. falco, deal-r in Imitation Precious Stone., Venetian and Bohe wiui Beads, fancy Olasa Buttons, &.C., N> 214 William atreet, New York. P2 lmeod*ec 'fH- t*ACKET SHIP ST NICHOLAS, FOR HAVRE, will s?il on Tu'tday, the 4th inst., at 12 o'clock, wlien pas se-gent aie r quested to lie on board at Pier No 4. North Hirer. The Letter 11 gs will he t'ken from the usual placea at lj>? o'clock, ou the above day. f2 2t ec TALLY HO! A FOX HU'T, wrthy the attention rf sportsmen, will come off in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, Long Island, o,n Wednesday, the 5th of February.?A fine red Fox, of the right aort, has been already procured, which, if his looks do not betray him, promises to he a pretty hod customer ; and about ten couple of very tine Hounds hare been collec'ed ftom the State of New Jersey, considered the boat in the country. These dogs have now been in active training several days, and arc in excellent condition. They may be teen at the corner of Smith and Bergen streets, Brooklyn, till the day of the hunt, when they will inret at Vunck's Hotel. I'rospect Hill, at It o'clock. A. M , in the neighborhood of which bold llcyuard will be turned out. ft4t*ec D ALLEY'* (the original, trne and only geuuine) MAGI- I CAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, the woodier and Messing of the age.?This medicine has more power and influence over disease than any olh-r extant. It entirely cornuers Pain, Fire, Sear, Inflammation,aud Mortification, whiih before have de fled the skill of the world. It is also a sovereign remedy for the worst Piles, Sore Eye?, Spinal Weaknesses. Inflammatory Khe'tmatpin. Dwellings, Bruises, Strains, aud whatsoever is sore .ud painful Pains of the severest Bums stopped instacily and healed without scar None genuine, without the written signature of TI. Dalley, in reverse c loured ink, upon each box. Prices, 2s.? la. and Us. per box. For tale at the Proprietor. Depot, No. 128 Ful'on atreet. Sun Building, where dealers and agrn:? wiM hereafter be anpplied. ft 3tia*ec FOR SALE?A Fast Pacing Horse, warranted sound?will go a mile under three minutes. Alto, a t ight Wagon, nearly new. The subscriber having no use for them, they will be sold cheap. Aimly to GEORGE W. FARLEY, fel 3t*rc 166 Chetry street, corner of Market at NIT.1 riCE TO LAWYERS?A young man having some leisure time, wishes to improve that time by copying for lawyers or others. Address a unta to X. Y /., at the office of this p iper, to which immediate attention will be given. j29 lw*rc 1XTATIONAL COFFEE HOUSE. 321 Broadway.-The Pro J-T prietor respectfully informs his friends and the public that he has a splendid establishment in the immediate vicinity of mercantile business; billiards and other amusements in tlif hoo.e ; the price of billiards 12X cents per game. The proprie tor lias had strict regard to elegance and comfort: aud that he h is combined economy the following prices will show :? A room for one night, 25c.; for one week, SI ; for a mouth, S3. Refreohnrent* on llie shortest notice. The porter will be iu at tendance a: all times during til' uiglit, to admit lodger* aud to let thein out at all hours. N. B.?Those who want lodgings af In the house is closed will ring the hall hell. d<9 lm*ric r BRUN LA ROHlKTtETTm'UT, lis vvTiiila 'street, have just received bv the Louis Philippe, a larg. [assortment of Wreaths, Polka. Rachel, Tagliouia. Al 'gerioti Held Dreiaes; nlove Trimmings and Hair Ph s a la Polk , Camel las. Ur-es, aud a lar; c assortment of Fancy Elves for R-'Is. 'llvy ere ail cl tue latest si y!es, and fit richness arc inr^tle d by none ir the United States. jl4 ln,*-c . ,. 1 tilEAP U.lSlI TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, i i 1 PEARL STREET. THE SUBSflMltl.K, one of the pioneers of the cash system, desires t.i geepi ? before the iiuhlie that he continues to mum cfacttrr every kinJ i I Civil and Miliiary clothing, of the frnegt m l'erislx, in rite mi n sai.trior style, at lower prices by twenty live per cect than 11 y other house charges for the same quality ofgenneuts. Wi.i ts the following list of prices D?st superfine wool Hack Dress Coat $14 to $99 I'jau ot fancy-ud "lain black Cassimere.. 3 to I Vests of ail ksi ds. Silk, Satin, Cassimem... IK to 5 Gentlemen who sppplT their own cloth can hare them made in the best style'v che foil owing price* Dress Coats (mm $T to $t Pants from ... 1 59 to 1 Vests " 1 SO to 0 d23 lm*ec TEETH? TEETH!! TEETH!!! GItEAT REDUCTION IN DENTISTRY. CHEAPEST OPERATING OFFICE IN THE C1TY. A single Tooth set for. i5 cents, only! Te?th filled with fine Gold Foil 75 Tin Foil, of a superior quality 50 Tootache cured or ulcerated stumps extracted. 25 N. TAYLOll, Surgeon Dentist, ja!2 Im'ec 62 East Broadway. S OMETHING NEW. SPALDING It CO. are manufacturing, under Letters Patsnt granted by the United States. an Improved Friction Match, TO BURN" WITHOUT BRIMSTONE. They now offer for smb. on verc reason >ble terms, nTWENTY THOUSAND GKOS& neatly put up in tin, wood and paper, iu any sized packages, and in Iota to suit purchasers. THESE MATCHES are highly approved of and recommended for family use btr physicians and chemists, in consequence of the abseni e of sul phur in 'heir manufacture the fumea of which are so disagree able and deleterioua to all, and particularly injurious to person having weak lungs or delicate constitutions They are particularly recommended to the attention of ihip pera, ai they have frequently heeu taken on long voyages and ex posed to the action ot all climates, without 'he slighest injury. r or sale by the principal Druggets end Grocer* in the city Urdu's left at Shepard's Bookstore, 191 Broadway, or at their office, 161 Bleecker street. j*l4 lm*in SPALDING It CO CIGARS! ClGARS! CIGARS! N KZEKIkl, 92 Nassau str-et, opposite the Herald Build ? ings, respectfully invites the attention of h<s friends and the public generally, to the following choice Cigars, just re ceived by late arrivals from Havana :? Regalias of various brands, I'aelelu of various brands, N"rtn as, Principes, Yugenuidad, Rionda, F.spereuia, Napol-ones, La India, Noriegas, Lord Byrons. The above Sevan are guaranteed ax genuine aud imported, and the trade are invited tu call aud exainii e th?m. N. B.?Orders from abroad will be strictly attended to. jl5 lm*rrc TAXES OF 1844. OFFICE OF RECEIVER OK TAXES,} Old Alms Hopsr, Pius j ?pURSUANT to the Act "for tlic Collection of Taxes in the ? City of New York, i-assed Ap il 18th, 1843 " public notice is hereny given, that uul-ss the Taxes now remaining nupaid, shall be paid to me at my officp, on or before the fifteenth day of Kehrusrv next, an addition of one per < ent will be charged; und a further addition of oue per cent will be chargi d on all uch Taxes remaining unpaid on the fifteenth day of March The present law requiring the Taxes to be psid to the Re ceiver only, (the office - f Ward Collectors having been abolish ed,! all those who can make it convenient to pav their Taxes early, Will find it greatly to their advantage to do so, thereby avoiding tlie crowd and delay which will ueceaiarilv occur for several days previous to the percentage being charged The Pax Bill* may be obtained on application at the office. Office hoars from I o'clock, A. M. until 1 o'clock P. M. H. T. KIKRSTED, JuTtoMil* re Keceiver of Taxes. THE PICTORIAL NEWS RoOM, No. 22 CATHERINE STREET, BETWEEN EAST BROADWAY AND HENRY STREET. H1IAWKKS. having fitt'd up a Parlor aa a Geteral News I. ? Room, under the above title, will be happy to see his friends, anil hopes by attention to business to mrrit a con tinuance of the favors so liberally bestowed since lie hat been in the public line. The mom furnished with New York and Old Couutry Pa pers legiila-ly The Bar supplied with chaice Wipes and Spirits, fine flavor ed Segart, and fine Pale Ale, lie- j23 lm*ec GKNTLEMEN'S SUPERKLUOUSCLOTHINU a a ENT1-EMEN OH FAMILIES desitoas of courertiug isto 13 cshii their aqi?rllaoua or cast off Clothing, will -'.-tuia from the Suhsoriberlh* HIGHEST CASH PRICES. To families or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing re sideuce, haying effects of tlis kind to dispose ef, will find it runch to their advantage to send for the Sulwcriber, who will attend Iheta at their resiiL ice by appointment. H. LKVETT. Office No. 2 Wall atreet, tad at 470 Hudson at (T?-A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will be pnuc'tially stfnded to. ja4 lei? re OFFICE OK JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY" Nc?v York. Janu.iry lirh, 1845 AN ELECTION for Directors of this Institution, for the ensning year, will be held at theotfios of the Company, No. 36 W?ll street, ou Monday, tlie 3d of February next. Poll oiien from 12 o'clock M. to 1 o'clock h. M j2lt.>F2re GEO. T. IlilPK, Secretary. S'K'rAKS-.SEGAKJ*?Sfc< iARr>. DM. HENR ItdUES, 51 Vt illi.xm atre. t, respertfully in ? sites the niientioii of his friends and lie-public generally to the following choice Segira, just received by late arrivals from Htvus: ll-K >11 as, of v erinus brands. Normxx. Ynfieuiudad. Espereue.'.. La India. I.arm. Fraganeia*. Ncnegas. I'anetel is, of various brand*. Principe*. V epn -r"?. Rionda. Na|H:it xes. Talma t elcbtadas. Tv .bucis Canones The above Segare are guars teed a* gen nine and imported, *n-l tlie irade would do well to call ai d examine thi r previous to nurcliastvc elsewhere d2?> Im'rc 'I'll C'Li' CI'LN'I tlY. .V a?Iter,-ill* ,.es ,n small or is'gr * s r>. usde t< ?l] i uts ?t Europe, cm a lis which wll sutitelp prev^st Ir.e .0" or -l- 'sv ..f the taroe For p.vricuUr* t.plv to (L LI YINGSTGN, Fnreigu Agency, asI9 e ? Wjl itrset NEW LINK OF PA( KETS hOK LIVEIL POOL?Packet of tlie 21 t February?The spUiniid __^_j'iid favotil- paeket ,lijp ROt " ESTb It, 1000 t iis iur l.eii, I Hpum J Briu n, will sailou Kr.da-, Feb. Hit, her regular day. The accommodation* of this ?rle did ship are unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers T' oae wishing to send for their fri*nds ill ihe o d country, can make ?rrai ge menls with ti e subserib- rs on f vorable trims, to hava them brought out in the above m -gnificent iweket,tailing from Liver pool, or in any of the New Line of Parkets ^ W a J. T. TAP8COTT, jjtlre 7* Month street, toner VI si den FOR GLASGOW.?Regular Packet-The new'A I eop|?red British barque AN N IIAHLEY, Duneau ??Amith. mister. 450 tonn. lias now iwo third* of her eady and going on board, w ill sail 4th Februaiy weather ling. For balance of Ireight of 2V0 bales cotton, bulk f. or i>assage, apply to the Captain on hoard, at Dover wharfi or lo W0ODdlULL St M1NTURN8. 87 South street A 1, fast tailing paek-t Br. barque ADA M CAH H will ?A the Ann Hatl y, and bave quick d-spateli fel r* btrtt isr.vv ORLEANS.?l.ouitiana and New York Line-Regular packet- l o sail ?th kebni vry ^ri.f ^leKAHt f.wl il ir?u tliip LOl/IBV I LLP*, ijlnnt, will potirivHv ?*?' a? bfr rffnUr n*y r^ight or pw?ne, htviiig hmdioMf i accomaiiv , apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fo<>t VVwll utr^w*' E. K. COLLINS h CO., 56 South street, velv no goods received ou hoard after Wedoesday irii New Orleans, Messrs. Ilullin and Woodruff, who ?mptlv forward all goods to their address. fewc AMnSftMtiNTN. WELCH'S NATIONAL CIKCUS PA UK THKATKK, MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 3d, The entcrtan incuts will coifii.ence wuha Grand < ivalcade, representing THE W|i D BEDOUINS OY THE DESERT, or the Challenge ofi'etth or Victory?lu which the first Etioer trisns will api ear. A new Comic Song, by E. M. Dickenson ? >? Priucipa' ^cl, on one fe w, by.Master W. Kinrade. A new and rnoet imposing scene cf Lofty Gymnastics, en titled the "Arab's Holiday.'' The L?st of the Greeks. by C. J. Fogers. r J. J. :* ? Posture and Grouping. by J. J. Nathans and his Pupils. Metamorphosis, by Madame Louisa Howard. The secoud pari will commence with the ANCIENT VAII) Of IMS, or the Golden Days of Good Oueen Bess?In which the Wells Kani ly will apiiear, and Miss L. Wells will dance a Gaud P*s on tlie Tis lit Hope Messrs. Cadwallader and J.J. Nathans as iheTwoliladiators nf Nero. A Mock Operatic Concert, by the Congo Singers, Mesi.s. Iioyt, Dickecsou, Edwards and Kelly. A Superior Act. by T. V. Turner To conclude with a laugh <b|e Ballet Extravaganza, entitled THE HOUSE OUT AT THE WINDOWS?In which the whole Compaoy will perform. The Doors will he opened at 6, and the Great Cavalcade will comineuce at 7 o'clock. Prices of Admission. Private Boiea $6 Kirat Tier of Botes and l'arquette SO cents Second Tier of Boxes 2S cents Gallery 12)?cent* PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE. CHAMBERS STREET. ON MONDAY EVENING. rPHE ORPHEAN FAMILY take pleasure iu announcing to i. their friends and the public, that they h vt- secured this fashionable place of an,usem-nt for a seriea of Concerts, the fir.t of which w'll take ilace on MONDAY EVENING, Feb 3rd The followiug will be found among the pieces con tained in their programme -.?The Welcome, New Kuyluid's Sunny Hills, Origin of Yankee Doodle, Weeping Mother, Kow. Brothers Row, 1 he Itainer March, "Meep on, Sleep on, New Mr un in sail n , A ' ? ??" ssc. l ? i cs I U U. J irrji "II | OIIXJI 'Ml, *v I w York Boat Glee, Oh that I had Wings. Gipsy I horns, The Old Kennebec, Hunter's Signal Horn, Mountaineer's Invitation, Grave of Napoleon, Funrnl of Napoleon. Banks of Allan Wa ter, spider and Fly, Forresters Sound the Cheerful Horn Mil ler's Maid, *c. he Doors open at 6%?concert locoinoieuce at 7X The Bo* Office will be open from 10 to 3, when seats may be secured. Tii ketr to lower boxes and parouette 50 cents j upper hoxts 25 cents; private boxes, capable of containing six p-rsons, $4 f?ns?? A TKYON'S CIHCUS. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE LARGEST TROUPE IN THE WORLD. M YER8' B EN EFIT. Boies 25 cent*. I Pit 1JX cents. Children half-price There is to be a Magnificent Musical, Equestrian and Comic Entertainment given This Evening, at the Bowery Amphi theatre, for the Benefit of the accomplished Leader of the Or chestra, Mr. Myers. Doors oren at 6?Performance to commence at 7. fe3 It'je MENDELSSOHN'S LOBGESANG. TV/TR. GEORGE LODER, respectfully announces to the IVl public of New York, that his CLASSICAL CONCERT will take place St the Apollo Rooms, on February 22d 1845, ( Washington's Birthday,) when will be produced, Tor the first tmle t" loBGESANG, OR HYMN OF PRAISE! Symphilic Canlate. for Grand Orchestra end Choir. T he solo P?rts by MR". E. LODER, MISS WATSON and 81GNOK ANTOG N1NI To be followed by a Miscellaneous Concert, in which the first vocal and instrumental talent of the city will appear. The subscription list still remains open at'he store of Messrs. Scharfenberg and Luis, 361 Broadwav, near Franklin street. or!at the residence of VIr Lo.ler, 97 Crosby street. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR?Family Tickets, to admit five pefsoiis, Tlnee Dollars. J2D tire HANDiilTs" GRAND ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH. _ the n y sacred music society, IDLD by the b-st talent that can be procuied for the occs ,ion will perforin 'he ORA1 OHIO OF TI1F MESSIAH, "n MONDAY EVENING, 24;h FeLruary, iistant, at the * N**B Every performing Member sril please attend rehearsal this evenii R, w:lh nt fail By order ol th* Board uf Manager., fej lt*m H MEIGG8. Secretary. SIXTH ANNUAL BALC IN AID OK THE FUNDS OF THE HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY, r\ F THE CITV OF NEW YORK, will take place at Niblo's Lr Saloon, on Wednesday Evening. 19th b'ebruaiv, 1845. Tickets Three Dollars, admit'iugageutlemaii and two ladies, may be had of either of the undersigned COMMITTEE. M*. Joseph A. Jackson,...... ......... No. 200 Bowery. Mr Samuel Cohen, No. 133 Maiden L?ne cor. ofWatir. Mr. David Samson No. 266 Washington str-et Mr. Joho Levy No. 37 Chatham s', and 151 Monroe nt. Mr. Abm. J Jackson No. 58 Head street. Mr. L. J. Simmons, No. 158 Pearl street. Mr. J. Vellert. No 3*5 Bro.dwsy Mr. Geo. Godfrey, .No. 423 Broadway. j30toF19?rc LIONEL A. MYERS, Secrrtary. FIRST"ANNUAL BALL OF THE m _ PLUMBER-"' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION, WILL come off at Niblo's Saloon, on Thutsday Evening, Pebruary 4th, 1845. The Boor will be under the management of a Committee, who will spare no pains to make this Ball one of the most brilliant of the sea?on. . . . , .. . ... Tickets can be obtained at Niblo s, or of any Member of the Asaoeiatir.n. , . Wallace's celebrated Cotillion Band is engaged for the occa sion CHAS. H. O'HARA, Secret>ry. j30 3teod?rc NIULU'8 UKANO SALUUfi, FOR CONCERTS AND BALLS Price for Balls Ijj He' aSh'c AN 0 ASSOC IATION Annual Ball will talte place at Niblo's St loon, on .Monday, February 10th. TT THE ST. GEORGE^ SOCIETY THIHD AN NUAL BALL will take place at Niblo'i Saloon on Thurs day, Feb. 13th. -FRANKLIN BLUES GRAND MILITARY BALL, place at Niblo'a Saloon, on Monday, February 17th, ,JR rrr THE HEBREW BENEVOLENT ASSOCIA TION'S Aunnal Ball Ukes place at Niblo'a Saloon, ou Wed-I neiday, February 19th. (TT-THK ARGUS GRAND MILITARY BALL takes place at Niblo'a Salo..n, on Monday, February 24th. 'Cr-THE INDEPENDENCE GUARD Grand Military Ball takes place at Niblo's Saloon, on Wednesday, February 26th. fr-T-THK MONTGOMERY GUARD Grand Military Ball Ukes place at Niblo's Saloon, on Monday, March 3d. T3-THE ST. DAVID'S SOCIETY will hold their Annual Festival at Niblo's, on Tuesday, March 4lh. Dinner to be on tlie Table at 5 o'clock. Tickets to be had (of the Stewards ja20rc D. C. COLDf.N. President. TUNIOR B ACHELORS' Third Annual Assembly at the J Apollo Rooms, Broadway, Tuesday Ev-niug, February 4th. 1815 Hackney coiches,carriages or cabs, engaged for this Ball, will set their company dowu with their horses heads to wards Canal street, and lake the same UP inrvyer'e ordet when leaving. Byorderof ' ? u v.. Supennt ndant of Hacks ana i >?s. MEsSR". SCHNEIDER KeHHUN'S COTILLION BAND. LATE OF SARATOGA SPRINGS, ARE now prepared te give their attendance, at Private Par ties. Soirirr, 8te , and combining a B-.nd of various Instru ments. Iroin two to twenty, with the most modern and fashiona ble Music, hope to give their usual satisfaction. Application to be made to M?g3R3 8CHNEIDr.R St RKBHUNB. ial Ittt'tr 59 ^mst v^mct_ ballsTpTykties. NEW YEAR'S festivi ties, & c. THOSE gentlemen who intend enjoying the festivitiee of the 1 season, are requested to eaamine s very rich and rare assort ment of fashionable Scars, Cbavats, Drkss Guivks, kc. lereived by late arrivals from Parts and Loodnn. 1 he preseul issortment of the above articlea have been selected with great tUention. and are well calculated to give satisfaction to gentle men of tas'e and fashiou. Tlie subscribers would call the sttru ion of their patrons and strangers visiting this city-to their large tud well selected assortment of the following goods; Liueu and Muslin Snirts, 'cut after the most approved b reuch Method, to fit he Crm of Wearer.) Silk. Merino. Lamb's Wool, Flannel Old liuckskiu Shirts and Drawers; Velvet (.tubmen- and othei Dressing Robes: Hosiery. Linen and Siik Bwket Kerchiefs. ' ravat and "car/ Stocks. Riding Belt*. Patent b.UstieShon I der Itracrs. Suspemlers. Bnchskin, Merino, Cashmere, loth, Bes r-r, a id Gout Skin Gloves. kc.. kc. Gentlemen desiring any o, he above a. tide, will be certain to.find themi to suit itheirtaste, it the old eetahlishment of PARSELLS k AGATE, j22 lm'ec 237 Broadway, comer of Park Place. ? ~ POST OFFICE. T New York, January 29th, 1845. ) THE POST MASTER GENERAL has nvdrrei an h.X 1 PRESS MAIL, to be tun Irom Coviugton, Georgia, to Montgomery. Alabama, and back, with the view ofe.P-ditog he communications between the eastern cities and the Cllies of Mobile and New Orleans one day, and to enable those d'Sliing ;o n?# it, to avail theiytlfea of tni dupiteh it will afforu no ice it hereby giveu of ihe arranwpmcnt. l.ettart ruiPain and marked * hiPRBif. and llipsfiom Publishers of news|>a|>ers addressed t. publishersiof utptrs only, and sent in lieu of their "change, d lie up m light wrappfra. open tt. one end, u th* only matter that call b owed to be seut by the eipresa. .. 224 2wis re JOHN LOR1.MKR GRAH AM, r. >1. r?(tH SALE?A Saw and Grist Mill, w ith a large work-shop r ?a't dwd TO whtch IS aiplis'l about ten horse power from he tni I? og thei with a dwelling house, barn, blsiksmith ,b?M. and euTt acies l land l lie above property is K. siehes er. 18 tn.le f oin New k ork, and one from the ""t'm Kailr id. Forpsrticulars and term', apply ri?Vw'ki\s i8i h'd i ! e ?i. New V ork, ot 0*1 the piemiset o PETER J. 8HEAN WOOD ' 15 K I f M AS AN D NEW Y L AKT I XTFN91VE ASSORTMENT UK GROCERIES, WINES, ke.. MGfOLK.V 'LE ASP AT WHT'I'S, 70 NAHSAU -Tilb.RT, Til b. subscriber offer s to public inspection I oi I Mice r has. Wines, Kiu.U, *C., kc? soiubK tothe set ?on, of a..y establishment in th-ctv. Hnienorlrsu. < oH~*. ?loH^GmT5:h "d ^ts* Edinburgh Ale, anil b m t?, fr-sh and rich.bybeIn nmpn^ w "**' Wholesale and Retail toe, 76 S ass at. slo'e,. luit no mi ?take. ? r: R K NCH'8 H OT EL. rtiHV PROrKIKTOli rwpectfully inu>rmfc hu lnredi and regard tr' elegaiiVc anil coml'ort and that he ha. Combined eco ?^ftarwwm^jpr. ? Tlie moms will be warmed gratis, and upon no occasion will h. fp He more ihut one bed ii* e ro<?m . ? l nr0 There a REKECT41RV aUached. therw^e Thore l* 8 IvILr r.t.,' Bliscnrui iu w,|, served np at si.t. HOlBSofthe day and evening. ,re also I) -th Rooms coenected, for warm, mth. The Porter will be in altetoUnre stall ? th' light, to admit lodgers, and to let 'hem at , ? N. b.-Those who want I.odgings eft rt! ? ng the hall bell. LEECHES' L E E Cll ES HIBT RJECE1VED?Per ship Franklin, from llan bnrg, s I very fish Vnyrlof l^c^; tor wholmale nd rma.l, at the mo.t moderaW ' kiTrUiN AN D k CO.. jU Im'ec Importer of Loechm, No. 142 N^n street BY TUB SOUTHERN MAIL. } Imjtortant fraut WMhlHjUm Oar accounts from Washington ore interesting. The bill lor the occupation ol the Oregon Terri tory has been amended by inserting a provision to give Great Britain a year's notice, egreeable to ihe treaty of 1818 This is nqht?it will give our government time to prepare for the occupation -and the bill will now, probablv, pass both louses. Slavery also has been prohibited in the Oregon. In reepect to the annexation question, our ac counts are favorable. It is now expected that the recent violent proceedings in Faneutl Hall will drive some of the southern whig senators into the measure, out of hostility to the abolitionists. Very likely. We have received a copy of the correspondence ol Mr. Cushing with the Chinese ministers. It is very long?very curious?very droll?and very in teresting. Washington, [Corn tpoadence of the Herald.] The Cafitol, Washington, Saturday, 5 P. M. 'he Oregon Bill-Pawge cf Amendment* to Pott pone Territorial Occupation for One Year?Ad journment till Monday, without any Decitian? Effect of the Abolition Convention on Annexa tion, in the Senate?Office Scekert ?Name and Plan of Operationt James G. Bf.nnett, Esq. Contrary to all reasonable expectation, the Ore gon question was not decided in the House to day, out was postponed until Monday, when the subject will be renewed at the commencement of the day's session, the first question beiDg " shall the bill be now engrossed lor the third reading 1" A number of amendments to reduce the northern boundary, Yc., were submitted and rejected. One offered by Winthrop, to prohibit slavery in the territory, was adopted by a vote ol 86 to 66. Another, that all sales ol lands granted to settlers, shall be subject to settlements of disputes between Great Britain and this country, and also to the conditions cf any treaties between this country and Indian owners of lands. The bill allows a grant ol 600 acres of land to every white male inhabitant over 18 years of age, who swears allegiance to the United States, and cultivates and uses any portion thereof for five consecutive years, or to his heirs in case ol de^ cease, and 160 acres to the wife of every married man, and 160 acres for every child he may have, under 18, or which may be born within five years. Two amendments were offered and adopted, which materially change the character of the whole bill, as previously published in the Herald, .iudwhichwill,it finally adopted by the H?ubc on Monday, prevent the territorial government Irom going into eflective operation until alter twelve months notice to Great Britain has ex pired, which is in accordance wnh tte existing convention stipulations The first amendment al luded to, was offered by A. V. Brown, the Chair man of the Committee on Territories, which pro hibits the obstruction of the navigation or passage of any of the creeks or harbors af Oregon against the vessels or subjects of Great Britain, until Alter -welve months notice has been given to that go vernment. This passed by avote of 104 iu the af firmative, and was assented to bv i's opponents an carried. The second and last, which rende rs the occupation, under a territorial government, entire ly inoperative, was offered. as a new section to the bill by Dr Hatnmett, of Mississippi It requires ihe President to give Great Britain twelve months notice of our intention to abrogate iiiiut occupation of the. territory, and pro vides that nothing shall be so construed in ihe bill forming a territorial government as >o interlere in any way with any right of the vubiects of Great Britain residing in the territory, granted to them under the existing treaty between ihe two nations, until alter the twelve months no nce hasexpired. This curiously amended section ? ?assed by tellers by a vote cf 79 to 77, and no doubt will be Btruck out of the bill on Monday by 4 large majority, or else the terriioiial government cannot be put in operation until the expiration olIn vear. Another amendment offered by A. V. drown, delivering British subjects chatged with .nsdenieanor or telony over to the nearest tribunal of the British Government for trial, for twelve months, evinces a principle of occupation *?d ter ritorial jutisdtction of a strsnge character. Ihe effect of these amendments, it adopted, will be to prevent any di finite action until after the twelve months notice has expired. ..... Nothing new has yet transpired in the McNuIty investigation The balance claimed by the go vernment has not yet been received. The proceedings of the abolition anti-annexation convention in the citv of Boston, as received this morning in the New York Herald, will aidi mate rially in the passage of a joint resolution through ihe Senate, as certain southern and western Sena tors will never brook dictation from such a source. The chances in favor of annexation will increase daily, as the expressions of public opinion are re I ceived A few meetings such as has been held in Boston, and the offering of a few such re I solutions as that introduced by Garrison, will se cure the adoption of the measure in the Senate, without a doubt. . . Applicants for office are beginning to arrive in quads of dozens, n order to precede the entue of :he President elect. Their first movement is to brain the recommendation of members of Con gress from their own States, in order to forestal succeeding applicants, and then to make capital ind influence with members of both Houses, in cluding the lobby, who are ski posed ,o hav? influence with the President. The applicants trom New York are the most "l'""1180.1' uid they are most peculiarly situated in procuring proper influence to effect their ob lects This arises from the fact, that the impres sion is fast gaining ground that the coming ad mi ?li st rati on will not appoint any applicant forp'O ininent office, who is not known to be in favor ot uinexatioo; and, therefore, the -signature. olr re commendations of those members of( -vho voted against this measure, may prove more injurious thau beneficial. Should the measure b ? defeated in the Senate, you may then rest assured hat no man will receive a commis-ion from James K Polk, who is hostile to annexation, as it vill then form the rallying cry ,fhrcnURh?" nr1,,* Union, and secure to the administration a msjority in both branches of Congreis, in support of its ??s? ssi hos? previously mentioned, are Wright Hawkes, for Consul at Parte, in place of Robert Walsh, to ;>e removed. Robert H. Mortis for U S District Attorney, in place ot Ogden Hoflman. \gnew tor Naval Agent, in place of James H -uy dsm, rejected by a Whig Senate, and suimr dozen ipplicants for the office of Surveyor of you ?vho are exerting every species of influence l0 P" vent the confirmation of Mr Atwood. The f"?" of Judge King, ? t Philadelphia, and Judge Wal worth, of New Yotk, nominated for tiers of the United States Supreme Court. trest ll "hung up"' in the Senate, where they will p obably remain until their successors are agreed upon by politicians in iheir several States. There nre several spplicants preparing to heg I r ihe consulship held by Joel II While at I. ver. pool, Jos. ph R. Croskey at Lowes ls.e of Wight, Charles II Delavan at ^vdney. Nova Scotia, s -ael D Andrews at St. Johns, N B , the sev rat consulships at Cuba, RHd in tact for all?)R* e.v"* foreign place now tilled by persons aj pointed by "There'is' noreason to cuppose that the President ?loci will act with hot haste in the changes con emulated in ihe Cabinet or elsewhere. Na ap poi iu merits will be mare except those actually iie '?esaarv for the public welfare, until after^ the changes in the Cabinet iiTe completed, t ffite aeekers, therefote, can keep themselves peTt. ctly 30oI, as the eany appivcantsol doirtnlul ^aims ind obnoxious character, will be kil d o "? instanter, by the announcement ot their nan es ind intentions throueh the columns ot your wtdeiy circulated and popular press. From all that I can ascertain, I doubt that the President elect w II make either of ?hcneaspaiers f this citv an ?flioial organ, although it is ru mored Tat the wealthy proprietors of the Olobc are desirous of re tin ..u iri.rnpubUcltle.and .nat their interest will bt purchased by- a g? n ?an from Tennessee, in whom the I riiii InI as mulicit confidence, and who has always In en la vorable to the annexation of Texas, and the elec ion of ihe Polk of Tennessee. TWBNTY-BIUHTIl COWUKBSSi SECOND SESSION. Ilonsc of Representatives. Waihisoton, Saturday, fee. I, !?* Mr A Cotnoa, rf Tennessee, rtft n'.t a rrsolut on ? ??? z Sc and"'v!l .nm Untie,, a-d tha .v-rage rat. W* CXEh h.d ?>een psid. during fry'"?*!?*"* iui i if WAN ohlfCted to, and n**. botm i ?aip?u lif te ruleT. which was refused, snd the resofutlon marts'.-. <o reconsider .he vote, hy which he Han?e psssed e hill waklog spptopristion, to psy the ^^.T^.'honsd?mtm

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