Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1845 Page 3
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? 11 *.???|.IU? Hiibscrt5?tlon? ~ to use lr. s* pnia to tl* tf^nU, /iotar fc CH..* I-ed^ei 5 ThiM u#*r < IimiIiiuI, where tingle copies Vnbllcuioni for sal. at thai, es ?'!(irtv''"nof"?>?* P?l*r, l?i* "Herald" isvsqd ,<Wl|*Uva. any l-P*r l>ablUMio sffuriiinx a *i luabl* m*diom to ad**."sen. Adver :U ,,d*d ?o ih*?a*aU at half i>a?l 4 o'clock. w.? .P" lie Herald IMIt day. or Chllda has removed to Ho. 89 Cham ft, just wail of Broadway. leal Notice?The Advert laemen to oftli* irk College of Mediciae and PharmaeTs?tabli.twd J* reuiou of (iuai-Very, in th* core of all d,*ass?^w.p ' appear on the J^rd&ON, M. D.. Agent. and Conaul-iny Honnlirof.he <1olWe.95N?in ??"> IUONKY MARKKT. Wednesday, February 9-? P- n. .lock mi.ket wai very flat to day, and quotation., ; rtd inatancea, ehow a further decline. Harlem fell ( log Ialand f, Farmers' Loan J, Morria Canal J , h and Wore eater improved $, Canton 1, Pennsyl- j J J; while Stonington, UUnola, and Erie closed yesterday 'a pricea. i City Fire Insurance Company have declared a I of flvu per cent, payable on the 19th inat. NevYurk Lifo ln.uranco and Truat Compnny, . ni a half par cent, payable on the 10th inat. I oca not appear to have been any improvement , anney market ainco thebauka cloaed their quar porta, and. from the position of our foreign tra la '? of farcign exchanges, we cannot aee how it ia : j {or the bank, to extend their operationa with any of safety Had the importationa been reduced, and , or'a maiotalneJ, there might have been aomehopo j Radiate relief, but tho hank*, it aaemv, from their ; t movements are sathfle 1 that tuero are dan b tno prospective. Since August, 1844-a pe j six mon'.ha?the banka of thii city have reduced ] be of discounts nearly ten millions of dollar., and j ,vo?ita have diminished frill five milliona. Thia de. in tha operationa ef the banka haa hu I a very in- ^ t icfluencu over our local trade, while it haa had , '.tie, if ahy, effect on our foreign trade The result I the importationa are unusually large, while our tic tralo ia very inactive. Under these circum- ; ., tho quoation which naturally arises ia, wlere can its for the heavy imports be found ? It is not poar i k a demand for actual conaumptian can bo created iiterior ia already full of goods, and many of our ihbing homes have large stocks. The supplies of 1 manufactures in tho country are at thia moment, It large enough to me*t any demand from the consu (for the next twelve months In addition to the large esof foreign manufactuiea alrendy in the markets, amestic manufacturers have, during the past few ha, been turning out stocks of goods very exten The quantity thrown into our market! from el inrces, must overstock deelers, aerve to reduce , and induce overtrading. In the midst of this, the j cannot, dare not extend their operationa; they gradually wilhdraw their loans and discounts from ammercisl classes, and patiently wait the explosion h must come, if the course now pursued ia not at changed. a agents of European houses, sending goods to ry, will be compelled, if the au -plies come in very ly to force their consignments off through auctions at the best prices current, and re the proceeds at as early ft day an possible, will create a demand for foreign exchange, h will be the form of remittances until the premium re s to a specie point, when the precious metals will mired for shipment, and the banks, if much extend out experience n drain. To be prepared for that it the bonks are determined to strengthen themselves, ilucing their lines of discount and keeping their regale movement as contracted as possible. This is only safe conrse for these banks to pursue ; and it is ible by a strict adherence to this plan, they mny pro much embarrassment among the commercial classes, tave off the evils a more expanded movement might h rois at present veiy little doing in Sterling Ex ngc The packet of the 16th instant for Liverpool t?ke out a large amount in hills, as payments of the nsylvnnia interest to European creditors, will, with doubt be then remitted, but at this moment the de dis e'n limited thot quotations are merely nominal a on p .ris we quo* at 6f 28 a 6f. 93J; Amsterdam, 40J 1: Hamburg, S5|; Bremen. 7?1 a 79*. imrs'ic Exchanges are very inactive. Wo annex a ? giving tho current quotations of the day, bat at tho here is so little doing in these bills, that we can y consider tho rates nominal. Dompstic ExcHsaor.. Feb. 5. 1845. para Hdis Apntadiioola,.... 2 a 2*a;s - iJ'idita tiar a H " Mobl'e, specie,... Ha ? ore,'.'.V..'ar a 2 " %'cbile. St Bit nts, 6 a ft,a ? ,ii ....... Ha H Montgomery 6 ? 6H .. ?;> ? fe iB? Uete,:::: Va " - r j2aH" Nashvill* 2 a 2^dis '* s'ra Ha H " Louisville lHa ?H .. " mbasV.'.'.... 1 a 1H " St- Etuis. 2 . ? , . tUa 1)2 CincinnaU,. l a IS <t ? Florida'....70 ?75 " Uafriy Vu..d note. Ha $ ? uth'n L.fcT.Co.75 a BO Eastern notes,... Ha .. {opoixtlens in specie, within a few days past, have not fa very extensive. We annex rates, whioh are now 1'"g ' dootinots roa Seacic. ra;u,. U tiold, old, 10b' alOBli Tsrolus doikrs, $1 ? ? J H)o ?i*w. IB" aimiH Five francs. 0 WHe 9IH ill dollars. , 100H??*?H U^loouS {| |g irtMiraete irold 1H0 aluo)% Do. i atriot? a 4 B*; ..iiiffli doll ti* 1J4 8ovrifn.; ^ M a 4 K HS . j ?j = Qubtitions for nncurri nt money remain without altera ,n. it cannot he expected that much will be done id iii money until the merchants from the country come i the city to make their spring purchases, when the bill ken of Wall street usually have as much offered as ry can rolsrm. Broken bank money has improved ,ry little recently, and, judging from the report of tho orr.ptroller io to the ,ifety fund> We nU that bills of safety fund broken banks would not kniove very rapidly. QtroTSTioas roa Uscuaartsr Mosxv. J/firtirres' Money. ??lf o.v,?o at l^^;,'i;?sche,frc*::n.H1i r Albany, roy.ocne. t} s^tsntosa County 2i ssg,W?S!L;::::. i ....1/11*2 Newouryporl Bank., .V.....1V2 Bin Is of Lyons. . ni Aim i Illinois Stsi- Bsuk 3a v'^bVsrolina '? 'H Bk of !lli- M ghawnetowo. ? :::::::: l2 Commercial. Buffalo ? The report of the Treasurer of the United Slates for January, 1848, compg^nd with several previously m ide, itaows t very great decrease In the amount on deposit in ihe principal depositories. [PrvsiisMKST Ussosits i* iHt Bsnxs or Boston, Nr.w York *"?i> O, t. 2H. Nor.2S. Dec. 30. Jan.TI. Mr-rcbsnts'BV, Bo.ton,?!i,l IH.207 2,410,733 2,265.030 2,9li.ftt8 I;? '-eSixM 1;KS phi I id Bk, Phiiadslldl a 957 711 "01>i0 470.676 6 417 513 7.777,123 6,581.465 4.672,165 Dreresse each month, 1,149,121 660.390 1,192.658 1,912,000 Tiie Bmount on deposit in the si vera! banks and mints iota.' Union, on the 97 h of January last, was $11,976 027 it subject to $1,591669 33 drafts diawn, but not yet paid, nn 1 $29,635 67 trar.fers, leaving a balance subject to droit ,f $9 6 39 359 53. The amount on hnnil Ibe of a , ,or 8U, was $13,40'. 954,being $1.136 3 37 more thsn 'ja hind, aocordi -s to tho report for January. There , t have been transfer* from the bank, included in the 'live table, to depositories i" other sectiona, aa the dc. 5? ftse .a 'bore banks it $785 773 more tha i the .Ucrcase in the sggrenit*' . V u'tl.e qumtar ending Dec. 31st. 1844, the txpendlturas I United Statei Trcssnry were nearly a million o i ,t'| Irs more than the receipts which uccounls lor the i .-hm.o i:i the amount of dei??nti to Ibe credit olthe Bc ,.nm> in the different depositories. Tho Treasurer es tea the receipts, w htle tho amount expended is sta te I oUicially Ueitxn Statics T.xas.ikv, Bsotiris iso hman.TUSS. rOA l^l'AHTKA KWDIfrO Df? it, 1H44 H eceipts as nmirlj'as can be stated-- ^ Krom ens'omi, a your ? ?????? yri.m lands Miscellaneous * $4 745,360 DO The expenditures duri >g the sumo period wvro Civil list, miscelUneons and Io flgn us 0:r?r.n^0-l-->l'aW'M#.40 On Account of th? On account ofP?n- m $1 WltiS'JH 66 i aT 44ia i.ari .... 1.868 809 39 J' ' r ni,I I' ') st 1921. 893,875 OO H 47 iri vury note* $3,657,89 5 31 I'.yc ;pi ofevp'-ndilures over rrceipOl $019 335 31 At this rjto the surplus revenue would bnverys. on o "i 1 Up, but the receipts last quarter were very limittd tn whet they hid fair of being this?The revenue from Customs of this port alone, for January ,wu about doable that of December, and the proipect at present, i?, that it willinorease from month to month, this year, in about the same proportion that it did last. The Treasurj Notes is sued in accordance with the several acts passed are gradually going out of circulation. The amount out standing slowly decreases from mosth to month. Am*., J?*VfkBT NoTK*.0uTsr*ND,isu Fkb 1,1844 Amount ot the several issues outstanding 1st Eel).. 1844, as per records of thisothce. . .si 481 218 97 Deduct cancelled notes in the hands of ' ' accounting office,. ,0,160 00 Amount ottt.tandlng Feb 1,1844 m Cancelled ii the year ending Feb. 1,1846, $S (m7or03 The notes now outstanding are those bearing a nomi nal interest, and are used for remittauoes between differ ?nt points, as thay are par fundi in any part ol the ooun try. They are very convenient for this purpose, and ? long a. they continue so, they will be cancelled ver, gradually. 9 Old Stock Kichange, isrn,5?? caat*n?c?- ,os l&wrfL 4.15 U H T? ? r ? 175 do t S 26 do En. R. R. ?d* Mohawk R. R. jfc 8touR. R. b.60 S? TO do Harlem R. R. 68 <0? do do .. 10 40* M do A? u 67K 60 do do 40>1 an I I ? . . .b,6() 6I1' " 40 do do b. 10 40*4 56 do Long sl.nd R. K. 74 U 100 do Nor. & Wor. Rlt. 68 XX J? do ? 10 74* 50 do do 67V im^M 1?" ?,',3.?-74? '50 do do s. 60 67V 130 do New Jersey R. II. 93 75 do do 68* Beconrt Hoartl, hm'SSS Peonsylranis 5s 74 25 .h, Morris Csnsl bnw 28 $10,000 Indiana Bonds 35 25 Caut<>n Co. 53 60 slms East Boston II* 25 do sit/ ?S 4? "S *4 d<> aval .? n- do ? ? 100 do ? IIS Stonington R.R. 41 50 do Xjk 100 d<> b. 30 II* 25 do 100 do b. 10 41 100 do 400 Long I,laud R R 75 100 Harlem R.R. 70 ?? m do#- 1 !' 74 44 Norwich K it fil3-' 50 Morris Canal b. 60 28 ion do b 10 rJC 40 d? 75 Farmers' Loan Co! New htoch Kichange, ? 3? b" 10 3? 74 "ton R.R. ? N A Trust w* 140 Nor * Wor. ck.h 68* g cantrjn Co... 6. ?f30 50,, 50 ? g ttLoojrJ.LRJI. 50 do ,.ioJj| State off Trade. Ashes.?Pots are inactive, and now sell at $4; Pearls are steady at $4,36. Exports from 1st to 31st of Januarv Poti, 1 96-lbbl*.; Pearls, 339bbls. u,rJ> sror ,u .. Breadstuffs?Flour is Arm at quotations Genesee $4 75 a ?4 87|; Southern, $4 63J a $4,76 ; Ohio, $4 87j ' C#TTOrr? The market continues very firm, and the sales to amount to about 1 208 bale.Iof which spin, ners took 300 bales,.and exporters about 600 bales. Har ?Sales for shipment are made at 55 to #0 cents ? The Hock is very limited ler the season. evPu.'iv,,l??, ~ ?5i? Pork '* 1u,,e acl've. Prime sell* at $7 WSJ a $8, and Mess at $10. Ohio Lard is in moderate request, and sells at 8J a 7 cents for bbls.j kegs are held fit OJ C?M9. Real Estate?At Auction. Two story house No. 44 Liepennrd street. Lot 33 by 94 feet 417 non Lot No. 82 24th street, 25 by 98J feet,. . '. * '900 Lot 9. si te 39:h street, between 3d and 31 avenires", 400 Died. ?I9nJUr'!iay,,l['0r.,I,n'?'4,hin,,,ant' Mr? AtstvSHErHARD, Shephard, age4 74 years. ? .4 s*? friends o.' the family arc respectfully invited to atteud her funeral this afternoon, at 3 o'clock from the residence of her son. Wm. 8hephard, 114 Law rens street, without fnrther invitation ? Passsngsrt Arrived. Havre?Ship Emerald?C. Caveret, of Paris. J. R Knhn. etamm, Bavaria; Madame Gaudichet. of Havre. u ol. l^oreUns Importations. .8ll'.P Emerald?17 cases mdse Lpsmoine. Maurice k r Dorey-41 R F.merson-8 C H Fischer k % 71 u Pf*P?nd k?o?i L LerouK co?6 Lane 8l Palmer?8 k M^STenfll^Tl ir'lh<",,2' co-? H Meisset-27 C Fischer -SMITII.mirh iIim*no'C0 ? R b-merson?21 J Lahens ?to irinL ^ S 51*-30 J A Voism St co?13 Malgawt k Smith t?i 9 ? v ? Huttnn??5 H Holttinan &co?2 Rich & Lou j uIw^Ta'TiV Victor kAchelin-8 MorIotk Sheffer suerere?R A Dclerne?9 E $ <hrrouet & Moral?I I k I P ^h' .* t-^3" Benk,"d?t Hutton vr... s ?!i_ ~ fSWL* Fayel?3 R Haffray fc co?I Fellows k Vni Arsria.le?I H 1 obias? 1 K Hyslon k son?I Ball. Tom. uV'-ji ,T!LJStrtlelt k Wei ford?1 E Hissuage? I Schulv k Bleidorn?l J Dochatel?1 G Hessenbfrg k co?1 J H Rohe?I fevser k co-2 C hnEler-1 \ I'errei,,. Bwcheu k co?I L J Levv *e?-I Chrtsr & co?I Moraa k Iselin?11 F Coiti "X ^ u?~ A J "Jewand k co?8 F II Meyer?1 A 8eiEiiett> k co?2 Boireau k Ranch?25 H Henn,quiu?4 I' I) Meillrr?8 A Pn'mar-l Henry k Kahn?19 A Herst-94 ba'ke-a champagiie T Manric"?2 p|,Ks H Escher-2 5"' 'a? fc Hmch?10 Be Aard k Hutmn-g C H Schneider?25 Bercj'd, Garnu k co?12 Billin k Sander-2 J & A f>trie-8 innrafiri? u ft1?It'??BStranrek Brother?^!) W H Thom ! <"~i m t 9 A T Steward k co?4 Hunt k Brothers? r. iVsf ? lemmg?3 Noisoj k Badois?10 Fanfertiot k Du on 41-SfW rA?IaT?1 T Umber fc Damlunan?23 Thiri ? n i i! C U'tt"10*?18 o Varet?3 T Hunr k co k!eO I1?|' rr U*1""""'" k Co?2 1' Murray?4 A H Ward vf; I sT-i i. au*,lt.0V?S M Broianart k co?21 J Du|ire?2 ?I ii i h0"11''""! A Laforr?9 C Giiuonx k co?1 L Leebrc fcr.iia nnf~ K,'u,rd.fc co-5 f "cbmidt k co?3 F Oottenet it Co?8 Dubois, Jacot & co?1 A Urotclaude?1 Lutz & Krts 19'Bern k Keei??3 Coffee k Melber?3 Sieele, Dexter k co?26 I r n o'A?.0-1 .,r^1T;"",d.' '-barrle k ni-JC W 1'homa . i -R ^tHelix?4 T Hunt & co?1 F Collia d?I K Brue 3 i^wuk F airman?5 \ It Thomson?)! J K St Felix?15 T? te n,aon"~l3.V Cailleanx, Fils Si co?4 J M Daries St Jones II? u B9e s Huwner, !r?19 Spies, Christ (k co?5 Wright, btunt-ss k Shaw?12 Ely k Harr son?1 O Hesaen begfcco-3 h Umher k Damhmau?4 Schn.birdt k Far re?12 ? Cottenet k co?2 Carlton, Trottingham k co?13 Lxue, aon keo?l lje.d, Taylor k co-4 Allen Hogen k co-1 Ixlle engraving, J Johnson jr-3 ci hid glove, Cerf, Beer V May? ? i t if* . w ??y"dyl<r fc CO?s F U ? l>erk Uambman | J trefferU-l Ciimmiiig Mam k co-1 Storm, Duboi. kc>? be.rmg & Hall-1 l hi mam Hunt k co?1 K A Todd? !i ^ , S?1. fc C"T' W Pehl?I A T O Monrose order'* bairman? 1 J k T Woodiiead?and sundry pkga to Domtstic 1 m|M>ytiitloiia. Georgetown?qcbr John Hill?8160 bushels rough rice 114 oaipg cotton to order. MARITIME HERALD. Movement* off ?h? Ste^ rrtsHl(>s. Kfc/xmer#. Lear* Iav*1. Dwi xJime'a. Leav* Jbru'i H|bero,a, Ryne. . .Feb. 4 ...Feb. 18 Mar. 1 O. Western, Matthews..Mar. 29 April 12 April 24 tffejp anil Agent*. Wo soill rsiMn it a Uror if Captains of Vessels wiiJ ^icr to iiofisar 9VI.VKV, Cuptatu of our News Brvits. a mortal the thippioz left tt the pon whence they sailed, the result fpokeu ou their passe^e, a !:sf. of i.heir cirso. and any foreim miy ' will board them ,m. Hied, iteh ou ihfjr irnral. Agents And Correspondents at l.ome 7r ibjptd, will also cooler a Tavnr by sendiug to tills ofller rh f'y''1: Jbev cot- obtain. Nautical lafom a /J04 of *xy kind wi I he thJunfoH r received. PGUT (IF NIC W VOK24L, FKBRUA11Y 6~ f J It Hllt'J 6 55 I MOOR RISES ..... , .. sets M ? SETS 5 5 I HI4M WSTBI ... I 09 M Cleared. Barque Rolla, Oiberson, Mohile. E. I). Hurlbutt k Co? Brig, Almeida, Rowland, St Maiks, via Key West, K D. Hurlbutt ? Co; Aide baron, Pryer, Leghorn, Foster & Nicker son. Arrlvea. "bip Fmerald, Howe. Hsvre, Dec 26, with mdse, to )V .W lit Hook, Jr III, expeiieured a surcession of heav v salt s dnriiig the passage, and extreme cold we,ther fr-mthe Banks. I he h has been to the westward of George,' Bank, sir c? the 29th 11131., and in the Bay on Monday night. The E was towed up by ftesmb >?t (tamaon. U 8. steam ship Princeton, Capt. R. F. Stockton, from a cruise Brig R de Zddo Kingsbury, from Very Crnx. Jin. 14, in ballast, to Hamou de Xald >. Vessels I 'ft, Anahau, VVils.n. af ter a boisfrous passige. threw overboard forty to fifty tons of nerejrgo; Water Wiiah. of and for New Orleans; Creole, do do; slo 'Ijmf-w-r Filmnuth 8.nils. Commander 8p k*. off Ca'e?ronl Reef. Jan 24. Empire fm New (Henna for I iverponl. Came up with qpd passed J m 25th lat 1R 8 N, Ion 78 W. cams up With aitd pss-ed brig Mom, fin Mohile for New York. Hi ?'d 4,l?v? befim for New Ya k. snJ enii?, !! ^ X""- 14 ? from Gsorvetown, with tice ?rll- Jll i" 9 ' n,|f " of 'be 1th instant in ti e eaat hn^ inil'lT ,,nr "'the Lower Bay, had 10 cut aw-y 9 at. am ,h"p K'nm.m?1" U'" "'w,d "P b>' U. Hunter from reterili.rg, with mdse to J K b hu received Todsmaw ,b' l"w" ""V dU"?Elhe New Sm\"!aCFl^'Ii,8?0h,,i'0f Mi|fo,d. D*D >> d*V? from C ha. Kn bl'own offllliLh L".A. Kenton 'liie M. Ti?4?si1i\ ii,.I lull in c-Arr, Highlands in the gilr on gal-* from F8E it blew a severe va7st'r^s'pVVhe'majter fr?m NC, with LamJ'k !{?&'?? Un?0lfr0m Ba"'?"?.wi'h coal, to 8, hr Select Johnson, from Newhern. NC in a r Ocncoke, with n o il .to ea, m M. , u{,f flaV, " vers gales on ti e passage -lost Jil> and I'oiesail. ^"enced se llelnw. 8 0'i!n"'ie' from Hull, Dec 19, with mdse to E 1 MtJ'"; dv ','a,a' ^''chels, from Duladelphia, with coal to N Brig Mures, Edgar, fr"m Mobil-, to F. D Hurlbut k Co. Also, 1 ship and I barque link >own. Mpoks'ii. ur.?"p,> teK7''1hr.'an 78. 6a miles East of the Hook, brig r?? fr"m I nilad-lphia for Bo-ton 29ih, 45 miles S. E. Irom the Hook, barqne Elk, from Philadelphia for Bostan. u ? Forelga I'orta soonl Gr*nA -|,nIi?<>i7il!.r>0,e Merchant, Murphy, for China, soon, tirand lurk, Emery, for Macoa, 2 or 3 days. Hume f>?rta. turios' 'rennried"i..!. 1? e'","ncf to-day. Ilogan and Cen wind N\V Ilogan No,bi"1' p'i-an tV'whi rn E' fm Richmond for New Vn,k V'ld T,l,? V .. """."i' ?n9'',<' Jos Brown, May, New York. ' Vo"1"'' B?'b?does, Bsltiiio*), Feb'l?ArrJ.i. WPaiy. t.,i,. n . ,,, . _ Neiihurg, New Vork. Below,?',ch, b^und ap"1 T: YIN* FATEVT HOXER " I'HV PHGI'RIKTOIIS (.!? TIV1S' PATENT CAP } UflXEB, would rmi-e.- loll, ell nd all h r ' ?\ANGL8K,, of Jersey Ci , il.r, .u,-,,if?. ?? ,?nr t ''' ''' "ft a A.NUU8K. or Jersey Ci ,,. l.^.r.V V.ri of said boxes Also, ag aut lor trausaciuig sll busiurta c iuu e 7s.sIJ r ? A" communications directed to him Jersey 4,ify Iron Eonndry, will be punctually aiirnded to TIMMB, HILL k BUODV Jersey City, JaauAry Till, 1346. ' ^"iae? AUCTION SALES. r ?7 1wKh.,,!I,N MOONEY. Anctiooee V a, *1 i t . ' '? W'" This I1"")'! At 1" o'elock, . ?* *' Maiden Lane, 14 cut. asserted Glass Ware. Also, 1(1 cases Mates Alsn, 5 cults State Pencils. f6 lt?m auction sales T? t'AI ESTATE AUCTION HALEs" it tW Merchants' RV&-". AttendsdtobT the suh-t . -a. liberal terms M anv other ^,.oa Vtrei-t. Brooklyn, and ad tended to by J<>tries Cole, Brooklyn jiaperi, or by vertit-d ill both the New xorft anu u k ^ jalO 2 w * re 23 Broad stwt, cor. of Eichang. Place. A CARD-THE EMPIRE ENGINE CO. No. 42. take as. this method of acknowledgments to their brother r irem-n for assistance in taki< g tleir Engine this morning through the deep snow, to and from the fire at the Tribune Bandings. pl^u a iP.,nl-*Uo Tre*1" ,kank?Jr?1r refreshments, to WM. PEAKSALL, Esq., oflammany Hall. , , _?? H- MAYNARD, Secretary pro tem. Wednesday, February Stli, IS 16. fg |tse: A CARD.?Die Proprietor of lammany Hall is unwilling -ts- to let iha present opportunity pus. without expressing nis kratefnl aektiowledgmeiira to those meritorious individuals of the Hire Department who attended the fire >es'erday morning fsr their kindness, gentlemanly deportment, and crest exertions in preserving the building known as Tsuiinany Hall Such conduct is worthy cf all praise f6lt?m MAGNETISM. D^f8\T^?Iil(aiWil1 i-'rture "" the subject iw.i2f,, r k Magnetism, 'I Ins ( I harsdat) Evening, at the society Library Room, Broadway, showing its superior e?ca cy overall other modes of practice in the cure of dise ase; and wt I introduc ? several sabjerls in order to ihow the different de grees III mag'f tic sleep? showing that in some -h-re is only a partiil cate'ij.tic state, while in others they become p'rfectly rigid and insensible to feeling, ill which situation .uic'cal ot erations ore performed without difficulty. Aim, various ea iwrunenti ill I hreno Magrie'isip, testing the truth of Phreu logy. 1M t*'** ,""nm?u(:', at I'l'f-l'Jst 7 o'clock. Admission 25 cts. SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING ANDR EVOLVING PISTOLS. BLUNT & SYVJS, No 44 Chatham street, MANUFACTURERS of the ttbive article have now a com plete assortment retdy for the Spring trade, which they of fer at reduced prices. They would invite the attention of mer chants and dealere to their assortment, to the mannfactura of which, they have paid pe.-ional at'ention, aud from the increased quantity they ate making, can sell them lower than before of fered ^Uuns of tl eir own mannfactnre, es well as every vari ety or imported (Jam and implements, iu quantities to suit pur cnaser?. at exceedingly low prices. ft3iii*m Glass Buttoutkc^CT.i^ifc ft lmeod*ec HArJ LOOKING GLASS PLATES. E Ik OSTHEIMEK, Importers, No. S Bank street. Philadelphia, have receiv-d hy late arrivals. a full assort of"1 ofL?"l"n?Glss.Plates. from 9 bv 7 to 41) by 90; Poli.hed Piute VV indow Glass, from 18 by 19 to 60 by 40. Aim, a com Slete assortment of Toilet Glasses, Spectacles, Snuff Boxes, JW C?se?. together with a variety of other German and branch (roods, which they offer on the most favorable terms. Ja28 lm*gh/. (ftft flOn WANTED?'For a Literary Affair.?A gentle WV . ion of library tiate, having that sum of money to invest in an affair of t magnificent pros act Hiid levenue. can ?PPly by letter, addressed to Mr. fleary, at the Herald Office. fe5 4t?re BOARDERS WANTED. AHANDAOME. SUITE OE ROOMS TO LET, with Board, on the second story of the pleasantly situst-d house Nq. 9 Br ladway, fronting the Battery, the Fountain, Sic. ft Iwrc "POTATOES?FOR SA LE, mi board of the ship Emerald, A Captain Hmr, just arrived from Havre, 2 5 bushels French Potatoes, in go-d order. CAPTAIN HONE. f6 3tfh ' |'HE NOT ES of the Hon-sdale Bank, Pa , are redeemed at the American Exchauge Bank, at H of one i>er cer t, dis count. ft 3t?ec DALLE?'S (the origin I, true a> d only gei.uiue) MAGI CAL PAIN EX'l RAOToR, the wonder anil'-1-ssiug of the age ?This medicine has more power aud iuflnence over dil-ase than any oth-r extant. _ It entirely conquers Pain, Fire, Sear, Inrtammatio i,and Mortificatiou, whi> h before have de fied the skill of the world. It is also a sovereign remedy for the worst Piles, Sore Eyes, Spinal Weaknesses, irv Rheumatium, Dwellings, Braises, Strains, and whatsoever is sore aud painful Pains of the severest Bares stopped instaaily and healed without tear Nona genuine, without the written signature of H. Dalley, in reverse c loured ink, upon each box. Prices, 2i.?4t. and 8s. per box. For sale at the Proprietors Depot, No. 128 Ful'on street Sun Building, where dealers and agents will hereafter be snpplied. 12 3tis*ec R DUN LOP & SON'S ALBANY ALE A REGULAR snpply of Pale Amber and Brown Ala, in hogsheads barrels and halves, for Shipping aud City use; at No. 178 West street, corner of Warren. ? _ , t _ , , THOMAS BARBER, Agent. R. Dnnlop tk Son, from their standing in this city, will gua rantee to those who favor them with their custom. A genuine article, fully adapted to the use of Private Families, Hotels, Public Saloons, sic. New York, January 3, 1845. ja5 lm*m M1 SWORI) EXERCISE. R. HAMILTON, having entered into an arrangement with MR. FULLER, for the use of the Large Room of his Gymnasium, No. 59 Anu street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most respectfully announces to the pablic that he iu teuds commencing a Cass for the Sword Exercise, in all its branches?American and French, snsta as Small and Broad Sword Exercise, and also Cane Exercise. Mr. H has been for several years engaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United Brutes Army. N. Jl.?Volunteer Companies wishing to become perfect in either Musket or Artillery Drill, can be taught the same on the ino?t moderate terms, by application to the advertiser, 31 Ann street, to Cart. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller. ja3 linec ft! ST. GEORGE HOTEL No. 01 Broadway, New York. (Next Flock below Trinity Church, and near W?ll street.) "UK subscribers, lessees and proprietors of the above well known establishment, having tecen'ly t keu it for n term of y-nrs, flatter themselves, that they are now leadv to na-el the wishes of the r fri-nds and patrons by supplying them withevery comfort and convenience whia ha place like this can imssibly afford Th- rooms of the Imnseare large, airy and commodious; and have barii, bat lately, lilted up with new and elrgaut furni ture The dome-tics are attentive, respectful and obedient-the ta ble aliund sir I y snppl ed with all the substantiate and Inxuries of good living?the cellar contains au ample store of the choicest Wine, and Liquors?and the beds and bedding, throughout the hone, are constantly kept in a clean and healthful condition. Having availed themselves of th-se and manv other advanta ges and accommodations so important to a public house, the pr. prieturs not only derm it a duly, but, a'so, lake pleasure iu thus announcing it to travellers and the pablic iu general. And. while endeavoring to please, although they do not pretend to suule at competion, yet they ire determined, bv assiduous at tention to the wants nl their gu-sts, and the most reasonable charges, that, those who come to th-ir h use shall not m et with disappointment; and, that, th< se who go away shall not experi ence dissatisfaction. JOHN H. MORE, PETER TYLER. New York, Feb. I, 1845. f4 lm'rrc T FRENCH'S HOTE L. HE PROPRIETOR respectfully inCorms his friends and tile public that lie has opened his new and splendid liolei at 133 Fulton street, a few doors east of Broadway, in the imme diate vicinity of inercaiftile busiuess and thr principal places of amosemeut, .and has furnished it in a style that will liear favor able comparison with the very best hotels in the city Tim pro prietor iu building and fitting up the above house has had strict regard to elegance and comfort, and that he has combined eco nomy the followiug prices will show :? A ROOM FOR ONE NIGHT 24 A " " " WEEK ,1 40 The rooms will be warmed gratis, aud upon no occasion will th-re We more than one bed iu a room There is a REFECTORY attached, in which there are meals served tin at all Horns of the day and evening. There are also Bsth Rooms connected, for warm, cold aud shower baths The Porter will be in attrudinre at all tiuirs daring thr nijjht^to admit lodgers, end to let them ont at all hours. -Those who want Lodgings after the house closes, will ring the hall hell. nto 3in*ir> Ny ATIONAL COFFEE HOUSE. 321 Broadway.?The Pro prietor respectfully informs his friends and the pablic that he has a splendid establishment in the immediate vicinity of mercantile business; billiards and other amusements in tli$ lionse ; the price of billiards I2h? cents per game. Tlie proprie tor has had strict regard to elegance and comfort; aud that hf has combined economy the following prices will show :? A room for one night, 25c.; for one week, (I ; for a month, 83. Refreshments on the shortest notice. The tairter will be iu at tendance at all times during the night, to admit lodgers and to let them outat all hours. N. B.?Those who want lodgings af te the house is closed will ring the hall hell. di9!m*rrc HARRIS' CITY OYSTER SALOON Corntr of Cluilham and Mutt st?. D HARRIS takes this meth d to inform his friends and the ? public that he his leased the ..hole lower part of tha> Large New Building corn-r of I hatham an I Mott siree s.and fitted it up in au elegint manner as an OYSTER SALOON, where he will serve up Oysters and other Hefieshmeu's to th ise who will favor hiin with a call, in a style unsurpassed hy any other establishment in this or any other city. N. B.?Charges ti e most reason, hie. bte<?rd or Fried Ov s'ers, one shilling. Every ked of Oyster brought to tnis city, can We had at this ?siahlishmriir. ft2w*rc 1 SOMETHING NEW. SPALUIMI x CO. are manufacturing, under Letters Patent giantrd by the United Hitatea, an Ins,,roved Friction Match, TO BUKNWITHul'T BRIMSTONE. >aW, They now offer for saW, on verv reason ble terms. TWENTY THOUSAND GROSS neatly put up in tin, wood and paper, in any sued packages,and in lots to suit purchasers. THft.SE MATCHES art highly approved of and recoinmrud -d for family use by physicians and chemists, iu consequence ol the abseu eofsul phnr in heir ???aniifaetara the fumes of which sre so disagree able end deleterious to nil, and particularly iujttiious to lartons haviiM weak lunja or delicate cona.itutiotis Tl.ey are p.ol cnlarly reio'nmriidrd to the att-ntion of ship pers, at they have Ir-qtien ly hevu iaken on I >tig voyages and ex posed to the tr lion ol all climates, w ilhout .he sligheat injury. For sale hy the principal Druggists and Grocers iu the city. Orde-s left at Sheiwid's Bookstore, 191 Broadway, or at thrir office, 161 Bleecker street. jal4 lin?in SPALDING fc CO. FOR LIVERPOOL?To -ail on the 11th Feb ? .The first class, last sai'ing sh p IIKKCULES, (apt. ? alaiUlig in, will be dts|?tche.l as above. Cabin andsirersge passengers can lie comfortably accommo dated, ut a inodeiate rate. Apply to jOrc JOB v H E R D MAN. 6'. Soeth st. FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the I6tli HVhruarv kI he splendid, fast ss ling packet aitip OJlFORD, aptain Rathbo- e, will sail on the 16th F-biU.ry. ? For pas?nji , having unequalled accominodetions, apply on board, or to JOHN HKHDMA.N, 61 South street. ,N B?Passage from any part of O eat Br tain and Ireland, via Live i p ol, can at ill ti art. a h- s-enpsd hy the regular pnvke s sailing fron, that port every five days at the lowest r tes; and D .aft, can at usual be furnished for anv amouiit, payable at all ? he princ p,| tianks ai.d i ranches thronghout En,land, Ire'aud, Scntlaii'l ami Wales, on application as snore. fejrc ikjfcji ftUil Nf, *V UHLKANS.?Louisiana anal >ew az*yy."'k Line.?Regular pacset?To aaii Ilih February. he elegant last sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, ('Slitsin Hntit, will poairively sail as above. For Ireight or pasaagr, having handsome furnished sceommo nations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., ? , 56 South street. .. u c-' n v nu Cn<? received on hoard after Monday evaiing, 10th Fell. Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Hnllin and Woodruff, who wdl promptly forward all g.?d, t? ,hc,r -i| I rets. 1 he packet barque J. B. Mallej, will succ-ed the Lout<ville, am) am I 16th n stand ft,rc PAHiAOK FOK NKYV ORLKANH?racket of ,ihe lUn of febniiiiy?Thii tplndid ami lattMiliiif iP rket ?liip L* >i H VILLK, Capt in flnot, will Mil puff.tivt ly .it bovc, hrr reuu!aru.iy, Tin* accoilllllod*U? n^ul lhi.4 sl??|? fur cabin, Mcoml c-tbiu,and ?'i' *"*. cannot be iU<poti?d. Tboa?> vriahimc to ?e curi* brrtiis, should not Uil to make immeuiate application ou board, foot of Wall ntwt, or to W. k J T. TAP8COTT. fti 7(1 South ttrfet. corntr Mmideo LaiMt. BINUKKsS' BOAD9.-Hituni of Bindtn' board? for salt by Pt^HHKK k UltOOKH. 410 rt No. 16 Ui417 Nmmq st TO LET. tTHE four story brick building No. IS Anthony street it being 9<i feet by 26, and an n,l* *?":r r * a good Tumlion for a Howl, or for Lodge Hoobi, or let ry Drill Hoom?. For particulars, luquire of D. II. IDESON, No. 49 Anthony street. 45 3t m HI '?) v'S WANTED?Wanted, a Suite of Rooms, f cmuuting of a fitting and Two Bedroom*, with rantty -r*aLln the neighborhood of Broadway, b" tween Lbamoer. aii>1 very sir eti would be preferred, for two single geujlemeu \ (Idler, to Boa 'J9J Lower Post Office " " re WELL FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET.1 within two minutes walk of the Astor The house is a large ttiree story briek building aod eery conveniently arr*' g ?d for the accommodation of a family, and ha* been handsome ly furnished throughout during the la?t year, and the carpets, itc., which were entirely new not a few months since, are in e? .ellent order. The House will be let with the Furniture un til the 1st of May, at wht'h time the Lease of the House may he renewed and the Furniture be for aale or to let lerms made easy on application to . OSCAR W. 8TURTEVANT, f4 31 is*ec 48 Wall street. FOR SALE. A BEAUTIFUL FARM, situated in the town ol MM|EnatcheatKr, contriniug seventy aires of good triable and Jhwgrass laud. The House is in |"erfectnrder end conveni-nt lv arranged for a lirg. family Haid Farm is divided hy 'he I Hist roan runuing to New Rorhelle and Marmarroneck, and ruin down to Eastch-ter Creek," where three it fine haea and trout fulling in their season The out buildings are all in good order and 'here is good s a'-ling for twejve horses. I he whole place iswe'l w-a'eied and on the premises is a be tut ful kithwmd. I'here aie two church-a within aciunrterofa mile of slid place ,nd stagesj'iss twi-e a day by the home, to intersect the New York and Harlem Kadroid at William's Bridge, whp h is with in three miles of said premises. There i. an abundance of Fruit on asid (bemi.ei, which was s-lected hy tha pre-eni owner w til g'eat care _ The distance from City Hall. New York, is ac .lit sixteen miles Possess on can be had by the 1st of April, and any information concerning said property, cau be had on the premises. A'so, adioining said property, forry acres of urn rate I.?nd, with a grn d Stone Home on it, with Barn and Stabbs connected, po*teasing rh ? ssme adeantsges as the above seventy acres. The sa d forty act** will be sold seperately, or the Farms to gether, (miking in all llOacres)to au'i the purchaser fe3 lm*re WM. H. HICKS. No. 20 Wall street. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice Land in the g;h aKW|Ward. in the city of Bavok'yn. frou'iug the New York awIm-B ly, an J commanding a beautiful nroitect. _ The silua riou is highly pictuieique. Enquire of JOHN S. BERGEN, on the premises. js29 lm'rc . FOR SALE?A va'uahle Fam, forming a part of the Itract knowu as Mo-ri?ania, aitua'ed on the Har.em river. a_^iu 'hs comity of Weetekester, consisting of oue hundred audiej acres of land, prope ly fenced and in good order. Upon the Farm th-re is a commodious modern built Mausion House with a garden, s able and all nece-s ry ap|*ud'gei. suitable foi a gentl-man's country rasideuee. There are alio upon the harm ? wo Farm Houses, and sill necessary out buildings Also, s valuable mill site and water power, and an orchard. The said Farm is very accessible from the city, being with n nine miles of the City Hall, with the privilege of a free bridge across the Harlem river. The cars of the Harlesn Railroad run within half a mile of the house. For terms ausl further particul.'r* in quire b tween 13 and 3 P. M. of H. M. MORRIS, jll lin^re 11 Pine street, second story HOWARD HOTEL NEW YORK THOMAS A HOE. PROPRIETORS THIA wall known establishment, at the comer ol Broadway and Maiden Lane, in the city of New Y ork. is now opened u der the in cti' n and proprietorship of the undersign)d. by whom i ? high reputation, as an Hot?l ol the first class will, it is hoped; be fully sustained. It has been nut iu lb# most thorough tad conn let# repair, painted and re fittid. Those arrangements which h iv- ever rendered it equal!) atti active and convenient to men of hu.iness, to men of 1-nunr, and to priva'e f.milies, will be continued, the plan still rxisl-n* of hiving two different hours for uiea's, so that ell miy b* suited. This arra. gemenr, it it believed, is a p-culisr feiture of ibis establishme t and has pr vedeminently satisfactory to a'l its visiteis. In addition to the exertions of the undersign-d, these of Mr. John Th mas, formerly of the American Ho'el, Albany, at d late of the United Sta" s Hotel, Sar i toga Springi will be usr<1, P> insure, as far as possible, C'r satisfaction of the friends ofthe House and thepib ic generally. Theuide'Signed look, with confidence, to the inaiiite ance of that tavor with wnich the "Howard Hotel" has ever been honmed i M. J 1 HuMA?. STEPHEN R. ROE, (Late commander of the Hudson River Steamboat " r mpire.") New York, January 31. HM4 f23w? ec ROOM WANTED?The Public Slock Exchange I contemplate r-moving from tbvir present location, in the Merchants' Exchange, oil the 1st tl ?y of Miy urxt J he sunscriberx. or either cf them, will receive propose s Jor thr I letting of a suitable place in or rdjaceul to tj? alli street for oue ormoreyeats. SEIXAS NA'! HAN, 1 resident, 61 Merchants k.schange. WM. BORHOWE, 26 Wallst. (wrc U. M. TRACY, No. 3 Hanover st. TO LET, AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION 1...W GIVEN?T' eStore .No.97 Nassau s'reet. Herald Build J^jlines, with Fixtures. Stove and l ines, read v set and all complete. Applicati on to be made at the desk of the office ol the Her ild. for terms. Sic. J3ltfrc VERY DESIRABLE LOIS EOR SALc..?Five f Lou on the southerly s de of 13th street, n-ar ith avenue, j^mujx Lots ou the northerly side of 13th st-eet, between 6th j acTTtli avenues, with court yards in front, and in the midst of ?'?-jCeT.uTnXioutherly side of 14th stre?. between the 6th and tth avenu?s, in an improving neighborhood. I Two Lou on the southerly side of 14tn street, near the 8th ,VFour Lots on the eagferly tide of7th aventit, between l*th end 13th streeU, with cellats partly dug out. | ? Five Lots on the northerly side of 39th street, between the 1st and 2nd avenues, ove.looking the city and East River. The whole amount may remain on mortgage, Hiimproved, and 70 r" cent if not improved. (J. H. WIN I bit, j26 Im'ec 16 Wall street. TO LET OR. LEASE?A Urge two story brick fflD Hou-e, on the southwesterly corner of the Bloommgdale I JijAroid and 10th street, with rufficient ground whvrton to esct a manufactory, which, will be built if reouired. . Also, a two story frame Cottage, House aud fiv- Lo's, on t?* northwesterly corner of the Blopmingdale road and 40th st'eet, with a VForksnop, atabl?*, barnt kc.t The hoaae will be paioted andjnnr in go?d fence and wpair, with a court yard id front, on the Bloommgdale road. _ , , Alto, 8 lou adj- ining 011 the Bloomin(dale road, running ! through to th- 7th avenue and 4lat ?trwt, auitable ror uBomt or manufacturer. Buildi ga will 1 e erected if feouiiad. Also, a Lot in 3Ulh street, between the 7th aiid 8di avenues, to |.nin U. Hs WIFn 1 r*t%, 1 j26 lm*eft l? Wall .tret. u j.'; )R SALE?The H use and Lot No. 3 Wall street, being 40 feet front on Wall street. The buUdmg five sto I Jiiil-ies nigh, exclusive of ihe basement and sub-ceilare. Ih? p'eiiiises com -in shout thirty apartmeuts, all well anil ciitnmo diously arranged for offices, stores, and other purposes, foe whole is in excellent order. Also, the two three-story hRck Sior s, Nos. II and 16 Maiden line, anil the thne story brink building p - the west side ol I Grre :e street, one door soofll of Maiden lane, aud in the rear adjoins tbu property on Maiden lane These premise, are iu goi d order and well situared for business. All the above meutioned property is now well tenanted, and for a permanent iu vestment peculiarly dswirible. 1 J25 2iv? rc b. R. TILLOU. 38 Wall street. FOR SALE-A Farm, of 170 acres, nu the east bank of Hudson River, near the village of Rhinebeck, with an adequate sfck of eittle, horses, farming utensils, fcc. ire n farm house, barn, coach house, dairy houses, hay ure<?. hovels. Ike.all in good orJer. , ? \|*o. a piece of land, being 5 acres, in the village of bort I Lee. on th- west bmk of the river, known as the Orchar with ev- rai homes and improvements thereon. Also, the piece or l.tud in the same village, known at Long Dock contisUng of about 51 seres, exclusive of the dock and water point. I his property i* much improved and moat of it in excellent fence. Also the following property in the citv of New ? ork, vix.? I the houses and lots No. 77.79.79? and 81 Varirk street, b.-ing aII brick houMt iu gooil condition aud repair. No. 81 being JO ft-et wide, aud the house, contaiuii f numerous ai d well arrang ed Ai^rtmeiita and accommod*tion?. All this property ia near C AUnVrpfot of land on 38th street, including about 12 lots near I the Third Avenue, iu the 16th Ward. Also, 16 lots iu the IXth wird, vix.-four lots on the west.side I of 3d avenue, comer of 51-1 alitef; one lot on,the south side of I 50th street; one lot ou the north side of 40th street; three lots on 'he south side of 4#th stieet-all west of and near the 3d a. enue; three lofi ou the west side of 2.1 avenue, between j6th and 57th streets; two lota on the north tide of 57lh street; and two lots OU the south side of Mlh street?the last mentioned four l?la be [ tween th- 2d and 3d avenues. The terms of sale will be made easy. f ^ X|tLOU. ia75 2w*rc No. M Wall street. POST OFFICE. I New York. February 4th. 1845. J era HE TOST OFFICE IN NASSAU ? I'HEET. ketwevn I Liberty and Cedar streets, and the BRANCH Obb H E, in Chari am Stuvre, are op-nvd THH DAY for the transaction of butine.t, stub those at the Park; and Merchiut- t *chi> ge are vacated. All Mail matter will hereafter be delivered and b'tedaMk* Lower Office. Cittrent requesting itcau Mvethmr 1-ttets imwiiewsi?iiers delivered at ihe Braoch Office, Chatham Square, rit. v. ok hth i harok. Boxes atenhei office cvu be oma.ned upon P, ft*J"?^^(IaM I '' ft 3trrc ' M,t"" UPF1CL OF JbFFEttaON INlsUrtAiNi NEW YORK, Feb 3,1844. S THE B >ard of Director* of this Company have this day de clared a semi-aunnai dividend of tw-Ive per ceut., pty-able I to the Mt ckho tiers, or tlo-ir legal representatives onaiolal er | th^imh in.t- Transfer Book. ^.ry." i OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO , J rc NEW YORK, Feb. 3 1845. S AT an Election held this dsv for D-retton of this Institution for the ensuing year, tlisfollowing g-utlemeu wereelec ed I ,BCThomas0W. Thome Eljsha * homss T. Wo d'uff, Also i Baker, B K- Kitbsoc, M. D , J," wh Drake. l*homson Price. JosephAlbn. Moses l uck r. . a oes E Holmes, John R. D-vison, John IV Moore, John H. lee, K. J horn Caleb C Tunis, Thomas M- rrell, F.anci. P Sage. Eugene B. gart, JjhnC Merritt, , Ruben hmit'' At A ?ubgrqueiit meeting of the Boa d 1 HO MAS W. | THORNt, Etq.. wa? unmnmoiMv ee^ted^fr DR LAKDMEK, CON&UL I I A CARD.?The rohlic is informed, that Dr. LARDNEK I continue* the prsr fice of business as a (.'insulting Engl giuror w rieh he followed on an eiteusivc scale for mmy years in England and France. Inventors patentee. manulaCturef* ? .1 . .1. . ? ..s (lad >r!i lint III IIIIII Jlf'f II fVS. in KiigunaKna pwiw. - - I merchim- a>"d others engaged in the arts and m.uiifictnres mayconsnlt him on.matters wyuritig the applicationi"f |w principle, ol practical scieuee. 4 ert.hcates and ooinions pu he validity and oselulness of new tuveutions and processes in the aru Reports on disputed questions and dnohlf.l [avnls, ex perimental investigations, with ajview to tire di?coveryorte.P IU( of iuiitroved process#*, will he supplied or undeitaken when w-iuireL Office No It Spruce ?tr-et. New I nr. V,l' Bttsinr.,1 Letters mn.t be post-paid, and ^ Prevent tinw being lost by frivolous applications, *11 applmnnts, will b-ex peeuid to pay a r-ici.-ittig lee of $10 before eoniulti tou b22 !lfnr rttki riHEAPE"*T AND BEST-Red A-h COAL, at J. Weeks O Yard, 258 IClitulivlh *t. All undei *h d?, dry rw-icrv*n?l. and delivered clean to nv part of the , Hy. at the low t'"'-". vir. IdTge Ml, $5| LargsStoVO, $5 M; Br-'ken andI gg. $5 5 . Ord-r, received hy Citv De?pitch. Store corner H;'""'"1 w"1 Elizabeth .U, and at the Y srd, 256 Eltxabefh "ear Bleeckw. jll lm*re JA< OB WEEKS. CHEAP SPECTACLE* , aVoaDlIANE -T^EET, New York, first door from Broadway. HENRt b. BLACKWOOD, Working Optician, ai proof of the above, adveruui thr following cheap Pf'CBest double jointed Gold Spectacles, $8 25 Best singl* jointe<l Gold Surctacles 7 50 Best doable jointed Silver Si ectaeles 2 30 Best single joinred Silver Spectacle# .. ' " Ktnest double jointed elastic blue St?1 SpecUclen, 10*. Finest single jointed elastic blue Steel Speewclee, 150. Finest double jointed Tortoise shell Spectacle*.... IV. Finest single jointed Tort^'resheJI fipeeticles.... llv. STILL 4.HEAPER. Good eliatie bine steel "pectacles, set with the best glaisee, and villi every care aud a tentioo paid to them in the inannractnre, or one cb liar Good elastic blue "teel SpectT l-s.. ?*? Good ? laslic blue Ste-I S|iectnele# Good elastic bine 8te-l Sptetitles 3* Good Germiu .silver Spectacles . licit rortoiae-ahell Eye HI use# ??' Beit blue S e I Eye 5s. so. Best Horn Ey? 3s- ^ Best Horn Spectacles J!" ll.-st 4Convex Glasses net into your own Trames.. za. Best Concave Glasses set into yonr owni frames, 3*. Best Convex Pebbles set into your own f-amcs.. 10?. Best Concave Pebbles set into yonr own ftames, iss. Re. airs executed at the same rale uf cheapness. ^ Ladies and Gnu lie men ntteuded at their own retidaueas. .in* lm*M AMUSEMENTS. w eTch" atio "naiTcT iuTus" PARK THRATRK, r. TIIUK8DAV EVENING, FEBRUARY art. * rritertaiDm#nU will commence wnh ? Gmu41- i j i5=: A * p!i n tn m Ll!1* .*?'ro " headed by i lit great McFarland 4i?Tm by c-J-Kos'"' The W^H. win dance the Hungarian Polka. NSs.f.TJirrj' ?;a - *""-??j togagrr.-.v.-. ? Th. JiW?Vp' ? ?Mo??ra. J. May and Grimaldi Wef.' ?& ? *1'" commence with the Lo?e Teat' or the Shepherd fc Shepherdrii, by J. it. Cadwalladrr k Mr? Howard Surpnairn Polandrie Act on the Magic Lidder. by John ' 7l **i PL*V f 3 r?!n1,t Solo^ while on hia heai. 1 wo H'.rae Act by J I. Nathans and \V Kincade D^z^:r^iuu>cy B*11, by M,Mri Hoyt- k??v. A Splendid Act bv T. V Turner El Jale . ileXerea. by Miaa L. Wells. 7k' MJa^r&aszm comrae.Hn?7WoV|^?,P,U,d " *' "d the ?,e" C?ralcado will U^d^uTeu'le^tl AKTKRN?ON' F?b 8lh' "ill Private Bone... Pric" ?f ??? (iallery ??,. I ? ? ? HHcenta. PAtJlOA OPKRA HOUSE. RE-OPENING MR *N RNKaW KV1, W Kehro"y 7th, 18(5. th^^biTe. ^/.r, rrlv^d,v-"'i iuTt&raWn:w ?CCMi(m WU1 be Produced.'for the'firat &S ETHIOPKAN OPERATIC BUKLETTA TheCb VIRGIN tan girl. "I he roruara will be siistsinnd by Fifty Male and hem.I. proKtoiionea. ?f 0 Character.? MuX.kc^Wd* and &nKtle^?-Wil1 aUo be by ,h? following Ladia, v.i>u nu..P.A.'ii^0'8 CONCERT COMPANY MH H(h V1A V ' MR"- 8HARP, Ml88 BRUC>" -**'i%\eumc& Bi jacobS: ffiSsiSfc,, saw.iif ?p ;r":,?d si.Vi.ta?.? Belli Boon nHOmh Hute, Tambpnne, Accordion, Banjo, ' B0Dr*. ?"A* ambad ion, a new ina'rument. ? i\. ''e *? Conclude with the i ...... ^ VIRGINIAN GIRL. In which Mad De-ot. SgnTina Lu-creachia Porgiea, Rignora a^^gnnr'KI^c'noi ?'S Irom.,,o"- ?'??or Clam-here * ff' ? * L 11rr0f Pote? ^'KDor L*mh.p*!u-fr*Fni Mo^tiifand aTT ii" cr'",>r?t'd POLKA DANCE, by Mona. piny Mad. Det-Demigon. Grand Gallop by the Com D^nn'r/nTK!' ^ "?U> V?V" bo,Iei ? centa. fnrter before e'?ht ' P*rf0r'"??c* to coftnenc^at a ~r grand VOCAL AND IVSTHUMRNTAL CONGFRT BRAMSflN %\i&'Wr 7ft' I"Jilbr ,Mi" JOSEPHINE lllV\'RM4 0W' *".'??<* bv liar aiiter. H AU talent ?? ' >'*"1 ? *n y tbe following e.nineut MRS. BOULARD. MR. TORDORKK. and proorJimme.* am"'eur i 1 ~.7tV1 he*r|!'"i'"*T' l,l*vo?n>. for the Tiano t-Soug-She wore" wri?h, kc'.*..' M? te'.H 3 Sona?.\j. nntain llefrainer Mr Trnd irff t-I have wandered .a dream. M... Boulard a-d Lady 5~^emld'hl lb? P'ano Forte, byBargmiellier.exe- Am*trur cnte'1 by Kkr'ii Mi,ie, Bram,on' a-S^n5~Tif.Monnta'nHo^e"' . Mr.. Boulard 1 HK-.:u."' eMcutednb"rt? ?"e' b7tl|,[i|)'i performTttc#" ""a " ,h* door on th# "eniug of I 0pea w 7 ?'clock: Concert to commence at half-paat " I fti Jtm I urn oimi??PL,S^JiN,S LOBGESANg. h!7I^l'aSS^<533?^ONCER^f IwLil J1 ' *[.Af Apollo Rooms, on February 22d 1845 I !IuSiaB|rr'),,he8 Wi,,y- P7odnc2d7for the'fi4^ st^mni. tOBG^8ANG. OR HYMN OF PRAISE ' I ^j3^rr?jr"" a i, p J1 P I P st ir'" remains open at 'he st'?re of Messrs fhe rer,?,l^r5 Jf m^lA u! B??dw*;-"' n??r Vranklin street, or at ' Tlt'll PTi mf,. . .il ?7 ' ">?hv street. , ^?^.T^DoUamLAR-Fdmily I SIXTH ANNUAL BALL IN AID OF THE FUNDS HEBREIV BENEVOLENT SOCIETY 0FsS?S TO, (,)F X? VORK. will tat plaifat Nib'lo'k Ticket d'h!L)^n aVi 've,!lng.'9,h Fehmai y, 1815 ?n.J vT.i j Dollars, admitting a uentlemau and two ladiea may be had of either of the und-raigned a* . | . _ , COMMITTEE. g.: ga&isfcv.w... mx t Jjj tkS'. -Ni; h ?rJU?! SflKTOSS mJ' tr-fUSSr M f1""1 street. a!!- V ValliTJ No 158 Pearl street. Mr. Geo. (Jod/iVy', Ni? 4M Br0"HWay' j38roFl9?rc LIONEL A. MYERsf8^cr"ln-l!y' POPULAR LECTURE ON HEALTH AND TNU naa,^.S9s^ANICA!i MEDICINE. L) aid Ainii m r?F B<?,ton. will Leetore before the Ladies dTeind i k T ifth" "ty. on.Monday, Tneaday, Wednea ? r 1 y Eyepings of tau wmk, at 7 o'clock, in the clwaud1 RiliVrS-A^rMrry' r"u*wfy' <"> the VleeliacKal t .suae and Relief of Affectioua of the Lungs, Heart. Neryea anm.e'rt'lI,nii^'u'atire Organ, and the ettsoMon of mechanical "V< cl"f'Ctiona. He w ill demo sir -Is ?U?.m.,?.y j i UW T' re.ult of m clMn cal dia Ijlarement and re I at inn, and uot |irim?rily of vital disea-e, and "tre meet anical reidaceinent, (in coiunuetiou w ith nv.??.i. l,iv relieve tnetn Subject? Monday evening ?r.A . r i ^ * ?f t,K" Lower 1'runk. l.ecture free ? k.J ! a J "'iJl' '.S"1.'1' fr f"r 'be coarse, 40 cents: to be had nt the dooi. The Medical, Clerical and Editoral Profra aiona, with their families, are inyited to take free tickers l?r. H. maybe consulted at No.?. betwe.n n a M. "rid 4 1 M., by tho-e comidainine of the follow iug synii^ I??',' JvWcakne^.apd^ Pain i,. the, Breaat, with .I.rtn?,',; ^ough. Spitting of Blood and Difficult Reapiraiian; Palpita Swil' vi" R.U|l P*la an<l Dragging Sensations in the S de. Sensations of Distr-sa, Smking or "(ioueneis" at the we?akne s; '.A1 or .VV,''8hL Die Hip. Willi great weaknr.s aching and weariness ther-, and in the ? nek and .mbyindncmg inability or indlsppiitioo to aund, walk o- lift. the Sniiie ? ;,I H}'^ri*"nd Hypochondria; Aff. ctiona nf the Sinne, w th general disposition to Stoop or 1 .nnge Also Weakness of Voice aud Soreneis of the'lhroat on Spanking or Singing. Hickeiy and I ,. aft bred Children. . r vonngJZ le' who are growiug fast and a-e easily fat gued Such cases will u.n.lly find . a.domck relief hy me,.,, of a" Lace" ii comiMMbre in its application Ladiea and ^ w''colne to ? 'rial or the Lace for four d,) a vled'cal men and atnde ta, ar-invited tocall and examine and make arrangements for their use of the Lace. f4 1l* rc ' KCiUBEa UN SnAK?P ARE. MU..HUDS.N, who has lately been lecuring iu Boston oietvV/ipa'rv^ n* ^Ctur,'.0n Hamleiland Maclwin, in'he So .HSy L.hrar, Rooms, on lie evetnnga ol Thursday and Mon day, hebruary 6ih and 10th, at 7 o'clock. Admnraio e 50 rem., t.h- . nr the Ooor f4 6'*rc ., _ ? GUANO SALOON, * ?^. CONCERTS AND BALLS. Trice for Balls lu> I r%?f?r '^nncerra sk' rsH/TlI ; ASS6f lATlON Annual Ball will | take place at Niblo ? Ht-loon, on Mouday, February 10th. N?tT1 TrX i^T-.lOEOROE'S SOCIETY thihd an I dry k>b 13th W P'*Ce at Nibloa Saioon on Thure ..^fRANKLiN BLUES GRAND MILITARY BALL, j Uutci pi ice at Niblo s Haloou, on Monday, February 17th, I Fi uRi?EnV benevolent associa | i?day,T'''ebruaiy Bhll.1* ** P,ae* at Niblo'a Saloon, ou Hed T7"THE ARGUS GRAND MILITARY BALL take* place at Niblo a Saloon, on Monday, Frbruaiy 24tli. -tC7"THK INDEPENDENCE GUARD Grand M.litx y I 7i ib place at Niblo a Saloon, on Wednrvday, February MONTGOMk!ky GUARD Grand Military Ball takes place at Niblo'. 8,loon, on Monday, March 3d. rj^"T"E?T. DAVID'S SOCIETY will hold -heir Annual 'i? i I r l0!*'2n ^?'"?day, March 4tl? Dir.uer to b? on * A8 ? clock. Tickets to be had of the "*iewardj Jx20rl I). ('. COI.Or.kN, President. ,o',n'IIIIANN NEW YOlUv HII AS.s !',ANT)7~ 'PIIE HHST ANNUAL MILITARY ANDCIVIC B VLL .... "f b?5?. takes place it ilie Air.IIo Boonu, on Thnia dav Ey inng Feb 6th. The Band ?ill appear in their new uni lo m, dm tig the lulrrinissi m, a d twrfoiin Ilia following pieces, vis,? 1. ('?".!in>, from the Opera of "La Sonnambula," E. Bugle Oblwa'o?J. No-her hy Kna-Iel 2. Uuick,8 ep Aurora . '\\t ..Knabel. 3. Trombone Solo?H. Ilelwig Helwig. 4. Usllop HeiwiS Military Uenilemen will confer an honor by apVeariog in "'"rm 14 tti.?.c MbORKs. SCHNEIDER Ac KKhHUN'cJ . COTILLION BAND. Alate of sakatooa springs, MP. now pre|>ared to give their attendance, at Private Par lira, Hoiner, kc , and combining .a Baud of various Insirn meuia. rrom two to twrn'.y, with the most modern nndfaahion.i ble Music, hope to give Uiair usual satisfaction Application w m made to MESSRS. SCHNEIDER k Rh.BHUNS J?4 lm?r? 0 I r. sby atiwet. PANORAMA UF Ji-.HUaALEM M'R. CATHERWOOD'S new Painti-Ig of the Holy City is I now exhibmng I f the people wish to spend a pleaMiit and profitable hour let them call at the GRANITE BUILD INC*. BriHdwsr and see this Magnificent picture of Jerusalem. Admittance 85 cents. f< 3t?rc POST OFFIt t, f~ T'Vr KS?8TM A HSV 1?"'^ RA 9 b""-d^ht Montgomery, Alabama, and b'.ck'wTth tlw'viewl>ofCetp?S>iting the eommunicationa between the mafrn cities and ihe one. ol Mobil- and New Orleans one day, and to enable tho>e d-r ning to nse It, in avail ih-m-elves oftha despatch it will afford?no tice is hereby given of the arrangement. .1 .*'?!??r***.*'" >lld .matkel " Exrarn," and uewt[ip*i 1LJL.I 2 _ nblivhers of newspapers addressed t i publishers of pn|?ia on y. and sent in lieu orth-ir ra< bauge, d ne up in lig it a raplieia, o|h" at one end, is lb- onlv matter that can be al lowed in be sent by the eapress Jli twiarc JOHN LORIMKH (ill 4 IIAM. P. M. |M> OLD COUNTHYMEN?Heni.uauorj ".TJuroTliTi. 1 antes made to ?JI |>aru of Enrols-, , a plan which w!> ivtirel? pteyent the loss or delar of the seme For uirtirnlarr "i'.Ve. r LIVINGSTON. fawtrt V^y''" w HEAT?5680 Bushels Pr ins Illinois, for ?&!? iu lou to Milt, by 1C. t. COLL1N8 A CO.. H Sooth st. BYTHE SOUTHERN MA IL^ Vory Important from Washington It will be seen, in reading (he letters and reports from our Washington correspondents and reporters, bat the Oregon question has been settled to the ?attsfaction of Congress. The bill was passed by a very large majority. The "one year notice " is to be given to Great Britain, and we ure then to take possession of that territory. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.] The Capitoi., ) Washington, Monday, 5 P M $ 'the Oregon Bill Pawed at Amended?Virtual Poet - ponemmt of Occupation for Tivelve Montht ? No Caute for IVnr on the Part of Great Britain Our Claimt ? Commercial Statiitici? Chinete Treaty ?Cum of Col McNiUty Jambs G. Bennkit, Eier-? The Oregon Bill, ss amended on Saturday, has passed the House ol Representatives bv the decided vote of 140 to 59, thus evincing to Great Britain and the world, the positive determination to occu py this whole territory, after the expiration the twelve months notice, requited by the convention ol 1827. The only members termed democratic who voted against the bill, were?Richard D Da vis, of Poughkeepsie, Walter Coles, ofVa., and George W Jones, of Tennessee. Messrs. Phenix and Fish, of your city, also voted against the bill. There were thirty members absent on the final vote. The amendments to the bill adopted to-day, were communicated yesterday. The first teas "that there shall neither he slavery nor involunta ry servitude in the said Territory, otherwise than in the punishment of crimes. Anothsr that in the grants of land to emigrants contemplated in the act they shall be subject to the seitbnient of any dispute now pend ng betwevn Great Briiain and ihe United States in relation to their respective claims And subject slsn to the acquirement bv treaty or otherwise of the Indiantille to said lands The remaining amendmenis allow Bntish sub lets the privilege of being sent to the nearest tri bunal of the British government for trial lor fe.ony or misdemeanor, until the exiuraiion of twelve months, and also requires the Piesident to give the twelve months nonce of the desire and '""?title n io annu< and abrogate the convention *1 1827. giv ing joint occupation, and in the meantime guaran tees to British subj-c'sall the rights and privileges conferred under that convention This position will cause a cessation of all difficulty with Great Briiain until after the expiration of twelve momhs. In the meantime, if the bill passes Ihe Senate, pre parations will he mtde to form the tetritorisl gov ernment, which will occupy nearly the whole pe riod For the inlormation of mm y of your rea ders. I present a correct synopsis ot the points at issue between ibis country and Great Britain, and the ground work for our claim to ihe territory. The Spanish nation first laid claim to the terri tory of Oregon?then followed the H ussian, then the American, and last the English The claim of the Spanish is b sed upon their first discovery and explanation, and all her rights were ceded to'this government under the Florida Treaty of 1819. The claim of Russia was also settled by conven tion in 1824, they having then relinquished all their sovereignty over any part of the t- rritory south of that claimed in the bill now belore Congress. The original claim of Great Britain is based upon the discoveries alleged to have been originally made by Captain Cook, and also by John Meares, a lieu tenant in the British Navy, then on half pay, who sailed Irom the port of Macao, near Canton, in China, in the ship Felice, as supercargo. This vessel was commanded by a Portuguese captain, the passports were in the Portuguese language, granted by Portuguese authorities, and showed the vessel to be the property of a Portuguese merchant, named Juan Cayallo, who resided at Macon. This vessel sstled from Macao, January 1st, 1788, under the Portuguese flag. Notwithstanding the avowal afterwards, that the vessel and cargo be longed to British subjects, yet the instructions and various other circumstances show that the owners intended and did represent them as Portuguese v.-ssels From information previously received by Meares from Captain Berkley, an Englishman, who had vis'ted th.s coast undet the flag of the Austrian East India Company, he sailed for the Strait of Juan de Furn, which, m hia narrative, n? fix*8 at latitude 48 degree? 39 minuiw, and asserts that thia point of land had nolbeen seen by Captain Cook, who had preceded him. He then alleges that he proceeded south along the roa?t, una records with much satisfaction his con viction, founded on his own observations that no such river ns that of St. Roe (Columbia) exists, us laid down in ihe Spanish charts; in token of which conviction he assigns the numes of Decep tion Bay and Cape Ditappointment, to the pieces on the const wherethe m?mh ot the river was af t-rwards discovered, in 1788, by the ship Columbia and sloop Washington, fi-" d out from Boston by American merchants in 1787. In 1803 we at quired Louisiana, whose northern boundary Twas. 8UTj Kosed to extend to the Ocean. In 1804 Lewis and Clark were sent by President Jefferson to explore the regions west ol the Rocky Mountains, and they were the first white persons who passed from the interior to the ocean, and iheir expedition, with the discovery of the mouth of ihe Columbia River, is adduced by our government in ?uPf?t ol its claim tq the territory, in addition .o ihe ceding rd the ri.hi. of Spain aad France by the acquisi tion c.t Florida and Louisiana. In addition to this, ;he first settlement ever mnde by civilized man near the Columbia River, was formed under the auspices ot John Jacob Astor, of New York, in 1811, which settlement was s< Id to Bntisn fur traders, with their furs, for fifty-eieht thou sand dollars, soon after, the American, had ascertained the commencement of the war with Great Britain. By the treaty of Ghent, made in 1814. between this country and Great Britain, sue was to surrender all lorta and 'railing places back to 'hose from ?linm they hud been taken, and in 1818, the British offi cer who then had command of Astoria, uncondi tionally surrendered the pl'ce to the American settlers The official documents which ?."??*?'??? tween the commissioners on this occasion, sno that no reservation or exception was made on the part of Great Britain, an ' 'hat the restoration was complete and unconditional. > have thus gmn you a brief synopsis ol all the points i.t ismi - tween the two governments, and tt eerti.iniy must appear that we not only have the relative right to possession, but the most positive claim to the soil bv trawler of right of other nations and title by first actual discovery. The convention bet wren the United States and Great Britain of 1818.'. tied our Northern Boundary to tbe 49 li north l.titude from the nonh-wesieri. point of tbe Like of the woods to the Rcckv Mountains, and allowed the joint use end occupation ol nil the territory west of ;he mountain* jor the term ? f ten yenrs By the convention of 1827. these PT'lY^ "rj9 u ere extended until the Jftth ot October, 1828..a t. r which i<eriod either party could annul and ? bro ?,te lb- provisions of the convention smog di . other pnr'y a twelve month e notice. Thus t will hr s,en that tn these negotiations cach party bt. acknowledged the other to have rights, *n,rn must he settled by amicable negotiations or by lorce of arms. The result will soo^ be known 1 send you enclo-ed a most interesting table if sta'isttcs, carefully copied from "'"" port of the Commissioner of I atents. *?h| not be published for some days It will affo d to your leaders a complete , ?? - m ? ?on. will 'perceive ^the Gllmg off of w hea? corn, pota toes and tobacco, es also the lacieaen of cotton, rT)wV:^rrfaVdy manner inwhichthepiblic nrinunK is done in tbi? ciiy^ it w riks months be fore the interesting report ol Judge Bibhj Secretary of the 1 rensury, on the t mancea i t tne Country," will be ready for publication. It will form volum* ol gTf8t u % rhc d^lny in prioung will render it o( but little u* ?? #tE c^Cof'McNnlty. late Clerk of the Hoti-r hos been postponed until Monday next, in "rder to allow him to procure h^ witn. ^ The Post Olfics Bill was up in the senate to nay. Thai body hi Id no executive session AVasninoton, February 8,184ft. JamesGoepon Bknnxtt: Sta-The Oregon Bill has just passed the House, by a majority of 81 votes. It is, in my view the most important measure which has been belore Congress for the last thirty years. Great Britain must now make np her mind to stand a quirt witness of our rapid advancement in national greatness as a maratunc power, or to take arms against us If she snfler the United States to establith n maraltmc North Panfio. comnv nsurate to the o"?'Liu , h:.io0do^ ?Zl&'f'Z" "h-I lh-1 -.'i

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