Newspaper of The New York Herald, 6 Şubat 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 6 Şubat 1845 Page 4
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involve th* enure world in war; for, il a war should grow out of thia Oregon question between the United State* tnd England,it will,moat assured ly,bring France into immediate alliance with the U S'.al-s, and, little by little, the arenq of arma will be extended against Iter till the principal power* ot E irope take aides in the contest. However anxious the Kiug of Franc.' may be to maintain an independent portion, he will find that he cannot do e> at ine risk of hi* crown and hia dynasty, and these he will not expose. Tii - cordis! under* adding now existing between E iglaud and France, or rather their governments, will be ended as soon as ihe French press and peo ple see the prob tbiliy ol war bet ween us and John Hud. The Guizot ministers iiiudfall on the arrival iu E irope of the news ot the stand now taken by the American Congress, and be succeeded by a ministry representing the traditional and hereditary scnti mentot antipathy in France towards England. The in '*t that the public sentiment of France will per mit Louts Philippe to do, in the interest ot England and ot peace, will be to offer his mediation between the two parties. France, or rather Louis Philippe, has so great an interest in the preservation of peace that he will probably force the British Government to accept the mediation of his government, rather than take the chance si iisdedariug infavoi of the United States An end may be put to all danger of war it France should take this course, and this cou' se it i* almost certain she will adopt. It should not be forgotten that it was England that rendered France a like servic# when a difficulty had grown up between the latter country and the United States. In haste, yours, K. N. Wasmiinuion, Monday night, Feb S, 1S1?. Odtlt and End*. J. G. Bennett, Esq.? We thank Postmaster Wickliffe for his prompt attention to our suggestion. There were two new tin boxes for the editora'letter* at the car office this evening Good. This is at it should be. Mrs Timm, the pride of Mitchell's Olympic, is doing all that can be done to make an Olympic at Washington ; and although there was nearly a quorum of members of Congress to witness her en tertainments of this evening, which were very nice, still we should like to see the odd quarters more numnrously bestowed. The National gave us the "Lady of Lyons" to night, and had quite a respectable patronage; but of all the caricatures we ever saw, that of John L)unn, at the Olympic, in the charac'er of Cunid, was h little the strangest. Henry Clay would just answer as well in the character of a rnelhodist preacher. A grand ball on Washington's birth-day night, comes off at Carusi's Saloon. The President and Cibioet, heads of Department, officers of the Army and Navy, all in costume, are to be there,?also, Presiden' Polk, Ex President-ess, Mrs Madison, the ancient relic of Alexander Hamilton, (a hal oid lady of near ninety ye^rs,) and other dittingai characters. The Saloon is tilled up gorgeously, and wethiil have a great time. We are authorized to invi e you to grace the occasion with your pre sence. A great collection of spectators, of the sovereign people, a<tended at the Capitol to-day?the Senate g illenes were thronged by ladies in expectation of annex ition.ol which they.ire the advocates through out the nation; and in the galleries ot the H-mse rh -re was quue a gathering in favor of Oregon. Both the*e great measures will give a new move rn-mt to the matrimonial market. Long life to the nex?they go for constitutional annexation the world over, so do we, with or wuhout slavery. Tne Or-'gon bill will oe referred to-morrow in the Senate, and when reported back cannot of a pee?ig '. Texas wil be. reserved, and we apprc, from appearances to-day, anexira session Tne Post Offi:? bill will be passed to-rnorrow in tli> Senate, minus the franking privilege, at the ra*--s ol five and ten cents for letters, (See. S-veral private parties in town to-night. Presi dent's I vee to-morrow evening. The administra tion of Jonn Tyler will close in a blize of glory Hurrah lor honest John Tvljr. W. TWU.VrV-EttiUl'll CDNOIltttS SECOND SESSION. Ill Senate. WtiHivorns, Mondsv. Fab. 3 1845. Prayer hy Mr. Dailey ?Peli'ioni?.Innrxa'ion of Textt? i?t hinex iiion of Canada?Cauitiana Rrr'ltt'ion?The Twi .8 natoraf am that State Oppowd to the Houte Reto iu'iont on Texat?Procttdine* on the Po\t OffUc Bill? Metsrs. .'lllen and Tap/ an Hnrnt On', d*r. SB (YKR BY THK BUY. MB D?ILXT. Oh' Lord (J id, ou.' Heiv.uily F.itinr, we look unto the* ihii morning with a biesset as-oiranco of thy super '?MenHog care; and especially would we thank thee this nit iso.1 miming, for h iving enjoyed the delightful rest. au<l the plens.ut ronimuuing-i with Heaven ot another Christian sa (b ith A'.d now .is we are whin' to enter the duties of analh?-r week, we pray t.ieo, nh! O id, to < nlight ?n wit. lha' wiadom which Coineth I rem above, the mem bers n| Ilu? bo ly, that tUev may discharge wi'h fidelity an) wa l-gnilel discretion, their virion* obligations 8. Bnnstor* of the United S a'n. Bless our Government and Country, and may we live io all our relations, to the glory of Hun to wh >ni nil hoDOr is due?may the great obje-t of our fives hu the extension of those principles w iich l*a-f to the free him.rhe Imppin '** and the chriuiar iz<ng of mank-n 1; and, with th" releemol of the Lord, we pr.iy late- so to prep ire us. that wo mity nil he finally received into His glorious habitation, through Jeans Christ, our Lord.?Amen. jouansL. Communications were presenteJ from the War and N'jvy D pirtments. Petition* wen presented by Mr. Choate, several from ci iz > s of ltfusanhniltTa. ngainst the annexa'ion ol T -xas; undone lor payment of indemnities arising from F. inch poliations on American comra'rcn prior t* 1800 Mr i* snul he would call up the hill upon this sub j ct. a. soon k* the Post office Mil was dis, osed ef. Mr. 8'urg 'on presented an abolition petition, which was not rtc it d Mr. Morehead presented joint resolutions from the L*gisla'iire of Kentucky, relating to the reduction of post <es, and the retrenchment of the franking privilege. O-dered to be printed. By Mr Dickinson, from citizen* ofCanindazua N. Y., against the annexation of Texas A so, a m-m >ri il from oitiz*ns of one ol the 8lat*s bor d ring upon < anada, praying that the Canadas may bt annex-dt) the Union, as an offset to the annexation ot th* Mexican province of Texas. M. D. said he did no' .?y npt'htie very d'eply with ihe petitioners in this ct*e and had no notion of thus trifling with so im portant a question ns the annexation of Texas, bu' m iv*d lor what it was worth, th-; reference of the memorial to tho committee on Foreign Relations Mr P.iaiBB pressn'ed also a mem irisl lor the annexa tion ot the Canadas, from citizens ot Detroit. The memo rialists rncnmrncnd'd the acquisition of the Canadas through a well directed negociation?because of the im portance of the navigation and supreme control of the Ri v*r Si. L iwranee?b cause of t .e necessity of fortifying the Northern frontier would n* removed hy this onnexa tion of th" Canadas?bee mar the wats of the Revolution and of INI'}, had demonstrated the necessity of acquiring Canada, from the mil t.ary advantages to he derived from the acquisition of their British Provinces On the read ing of this m-morial, Th* ''hub raised iheqnestinn ofrecep'ion. Mr Fostkb, of Tenn- also raised this question. Mr Pobtkb sai l he sbonid like to hear the reasons of the honorable Senator for this motion. Mr. Fosrita defined his position. He was o friend to th" 'annexation of Texas, and could not countenance any movement the intent of which was to exhibit this great measure of annexation in an odious light. He considered this memorial such an attempt, and protested against it BC'ordingly. The annexation of Texas waa not merely the measure of John Tyler. He had raised a whirlwind about it, but could not ride upon it. It was a little too high tor so small a man The people themselves had ta ken up the subject. Mr. F wanted no ridahtow given to thii great measure of annexation in the Senate of the U. States. Mr. Poena had not dreamed of such an objection to such n memo-lal. No objection had been made to a simi lar on* presented by the 8onator from New York (Mr. Dickinson) Mr Fostf.b said he was not in his sent at the time, or thai he sh auld have taken the same ground. 8 t ne converao'ion tollowed between,Messr*. Mangnm, Dirkmson and P.irter, when ihe latter assumed the duty of eiucida'l g and d fending th" memorial he hod offered in the c >urs* ol which he drew n mont discredit ihle pic ture of the collision of the Uni ed States with the revolu tmniit'of Texas, as contrasted with th" policy of strict und rigid neutrality enforce ! on rhe Northern frontier p.-n ioar the iosurrectioti in Canada in 1837-tf. M>. Bios* at length opposed the rtception of this me morial lor >h" annexation of Canada. Mr MrxBicK *pp'-n|"d lor a HispetiSion nf this drsnl t -rv discussion, the Nena'e might resume the regular cr la' f ir rh ? re.luc ion of postagt-a. Sim* further dobite ??nsnid between Messes Porter F-is'er. B r'ieu end Dickinson, when Mr. Foster wi'h drew hi ? q i"ste>n of recep'lon. nnd moved ih it the memn ritl h* r reived and 1M I upon the <?h|e, whieh wa* ngreeltn An 1 'h" r?ler"iic<- of Mr Dickinson's petition i f tne s imo purport ?> as cnuntermnndwl, and the mi mn lial laid on ' e tahin Bj- Mr. D ly'on, from the Htn lent-of the Theological 8 -niinarv at Prion "ten N. I , for a reduction of pot'ages Aim, the resolutions ..f the Now lerr-T Legi-liuie against >h" sun-xaTion nf Texm. Ordered tob"piirite) By Mr On? From 300 citizen* of Troy, N.Y.. iigiinst th? dnn-'X it'on ol Tex is ( also, f-?m 8.1 citizens ef A! binr, a similar remnn-trince ; nlso, from JKiO citizens of Alinny, lor the li'tr huHon of the prone" Is (mm the pub lic la i Is, or puroi.s, :im->ng the State*; also from the board of th* New York Deaf and Dumb A?vVtm, for certain maps and chart*. Of all of which peti'ions an appropriate dispoel'ion was made. LOUmiNA ArtD AWWIi I^TlO*. Mr Iohyioi* presented a resolution from the Legisla ture ol Louisiana declaring it a* the opinion nfsaid L gi lature, that a m >jnr ty of the p?n(,|* 0t , .(q st*te are in favor of th* anoexa ion of r. xi* provided it beadmitt- d unler 'he Terms en I hjo-dtri" of the L "nslina territorv C?d-'d hy Fran"e, aid extending North as tar as 30' No-ih Lititud" No inst nc ions ta their denators .e conrtpi .y 'his tesnlu ion of ??>? L*?ia) itor-' of Louisiana Mr Johysois said he concurred in Ih" an I spt-itcf th" resolution. He would now stste whst e n* oerhans Io'im Inmivii lh .l.1,1. . . ' ' I ? before known, that i( th question were tairlv pr-sentwl if it wert e'rlT?p?A of all constitutional o joctions?he shonl I sivei h.s support Yet he doubted wheth r the House resolutions were consistent with Ins cons Putior.t) icrnplt*. a* . th" power nf this Givernm nt to acquire fireig tact I 'V hr joint resolu'i ,r. of this matter he had very ft'tng doubts. H" should, however, further extmin ? tbs qu -I'liio an I vat", when called upmi. accord Jng to the best lights which might then be presented. Mr Bsaaowsail thst he hsdno remarks to submit to the Senate now. But lor faar tha impraaaion might go abroad that ho oonourrod iu the opinion* expressed by hia ooUoagu*. if ho (Mr. B.) ahould remain ailanl, ho dtfonrd it iiia duty to aay now that ha waa opposed to tha annexation of Texas, in any form, at any tima, or under any conceivable cireumatancea. He would vote against the Texas annexation, lot it assume what form it might He de*med the measure a* highly detrimental to the whole S >utb, but particularly destructive to the planting inte rs! ot the people ol Louisiana Mr B a natural digression, referred to the late Presidential eliCtoral vote in Louisiana, und said that Mr Clay had been cheated, vi laiuousiy cheated, out of the vote of that State, lie? The resolu ion wis ordered to be printed Mr. Buchanan presented a memorial Irom eitixena ot Pennsylvania, asking that Congreas may establish a mini mum lor the public Taiid* ot 50 cents per acre, and to pro hibit their tale at auch minimum except to actual Battler*. By Mr B&TtHo,from other* in the Navy,for the abolish ment of the apirit ration, and the substitute of something else. Referred. Mr. Bkrrieu reported back several bills. Oa motion of Mr. Millex, the President waa required to give certain information respecting the movement* of the U States aquadron cruising effthe coaat of Africa. On motion ol Mr Walkeb, a joint committee of three, on the part of the Senate, was ordered to bo appointed by the Chair, for the examination of the official return* cf the Presidential election. THE POST OFFICE BILL, For the reduction of postages, Be., waa reaumed ai in Committee ot the Whole (Mr. Evans in the chair). The ath section of the bill abolishes the fiankiug J'"*1' lege upon letters, as far as member* of Congreaa and Dep uty pjstmaster* are concerned, except a reservation to the latter in thair official despatches. . The 9th section provided as a substitute for the *r,n"* ing privilege, taken from members of Congreaa, the ai- ( lowunee ot live free stamps per day, from the Department, to each member, each stamp to carry mailable matter ?qual to two ounce*. , , . Ou Thursday last, this 9lh section was stricken out, when Mr. Bagby moved an amendment restoring the franking privilege to member* ol Congress. This amend ment was announced as the question first in order, and was lost?16 to 34 -as fellows Yeas? Messrs Ashley. Bagby, Barrow, Bates, Benton, Berrien, Clayton, Colquitt, Evans, Foster, Hannegan, Hay wood, Johnson, Lewis, Semple, Walker?18. Nats?Messrs. Atherton, Bayard, Breese. Buchanan, Dix. Dayton, Dickinson, Fairfield, Francis, Huger, H"?' ? ington. Jarnagin, Mangum, Merrick, Miller, Morehaad, Nile*, Pearce. Porter, Rivca, Sturgeon, Upham, White, Woodbury - 24. S > the Senate refused to restore the franking privilege in lieu of the five stamp*, stricken out of the bill. The nth section of the bill provides, that members of the two Houses shall receive during the sessions of Congreaa, and for thirty days previous, nnd as many thereaftir, letters under two ouiices weight froe of charge, and that tlui excess, in all case*, shall be paid out of the contin gent fund of each House respectively, as the cue may he Mr Huntington moved to strike out this sectlon yi a 1.5 nays 20, a* follows Y*n-Mcisrs. Ashley, Barrow. Berrien, Bushanan, Frr cia, Hannegan, Haywood, Huntington, Jarnagin, Mo head, Phelps, 81 a noons, Sturgeon, Upham, White? 15. Nats?Atherton. Bagby, Benton, Clayton, CoJquett, Dix, Dayton. Dickinson. Evans, Fairfield, Huger, John son, Lew.*, M -. rick, Miller, Niies, Pearce, Porter, Hives, Woodbury-2'h . , , , . So the motion to abolish the privilege of receiving let ters, free of charge, waa rej.cted Mr. Huntiifotoi* next moved so tonmond the tenth sec tion, nli'mg to he prohibition of private expresses, so .is to nu'horize by private expresses the transportation ol newspapers, pamphlets and magazines. The amendment was argued by Messrs Huntington ?and Merrick,pro and con, and carried. YiaaUl ? nays 18 YEAS-Messrs. Atherton, Bagby, Batea. Benton, Ber rien, Bre- se, Dix. Dickinson, Evans, Fairfield, Francis, Haywood, Huntington, Jarnagin, Miller, Niles, Phelps, Por'er, Simmons, Upham, Woodbury?21. Nays ?Messrs Ashley, Atchison, Barrow, Buchanan, Clayton, Colquitt, Foster, Hannegan, Huger, Johnson, Lvwis, Mangum, Morrick, Morehead, Pearce, ltives, atu'genn, White?18 0:h#r corresponding amendments to tha last wire made ?n-l vari ius verbal amendments, and On motion of Mr. Mr-aatcx, all that part of the seventh ection giving the franking privilege to the President, V'co President, Heads of Departments Ex-Presidents, nnd Vice Presidents. Sic , was stricken out And the Committee, without concluding their action upon the bill and amendments, arose at half past three, ind on motion adjourned. Messrs. Allen andTappan were absent today, on ac count. of a firo in their boarding house, to wi?: Mrs. Whit ney's, on Capitol Hill Tftey had quito sufficient em ploy mrnt for tbe day in taking care of their luggage, end looking ou'for new quarters The bill will be finished and probably pas?ed to-morrow. In the course of tbe debating to day, Mr Merrick allu ded to iheo^nosition esprersbv the Department, between Covington,!Ga ,and Montgomery,Ala., and said that as the private lit.n was going now to pnt on express horses be ? ween Montgomery aad Mobile, it would be useless for I 'he department to ntt inapt to control these expresses by -ompetitlon. Penalties alone could secure tho Depart ment its monopoly of the mail*. House of Representatives* Washington, Monday, Feb. 3, 1845. Mr. Levy offered a resolution, requiring that the So cretary of War give information respecting the military occupation of Florida. Objected to. Mr. Cullom of Tenn., offered a resolution calling for a report of tho amount and qualities of imports for the year ending December31.1841 Agreedto Mr. Hamlin offered a memorial respecting the naviga tion of tho St. John's river, which the Maine boundary treaty midefrce, b-it the Provincial Legislature levid an export dutv on lumber. Referred to tho Committee on Foreign Affairs. Alt r 'he introduction of several other resolutions and repo.ts nflittl- importance, Mr Thompson, ot Miss, called for the order of the dny, hut withdrew hi* call for the introduction of a bill in' re lation to the Oh o and < hesapc be Canal Company, which it* friends wished to be passed to give the Company long. er time to complete their works. After some unprofitable conversation, during which there was so much confusion that nothing could be un derstood, and the 8peaker was repeatedly compelled to call the House to order, a motion was made to lay it on tha tahlo, which waa withdrawn, and some further dis cuasion took place, when Mr. Hopkins said th*t tha object of the bill waa to guarantee a loan by the United State* government, and he would not vote for i*. Mr. If zNNcov replied in explanation. After some further remarks a motion waa made to lay the bill ou the table, on which tbe yoai and nays were called, and resulted, yeas 72, nays 128. So the bill waa not laid on the table. Mr Pettit, of Ind., then addressed the House In oppo tifion to a proposition to refer the bill to the Committee ot the Whole, and in favor of it* immediate passage. Mr. Brinolk, of Md , made an explanation which seam ed to require from Mr. Kennedy, of Md . another explanation, and then Mr. Pettit declared he was at a loss as the gentlemen disagreed between themao'ves, and went on with his speech und said to get rid of the bill be would rather pass it now than nny other time. Mr. Thompson, of Miss , obtained tho floor. Mr WzTHKRCD, of Md , asked what would be the effect of the previous question if it were moved. The Sfkaeer said it would, i' sustained, bring them to vote ou the third reading of the bill. Mr. Thompson said the House last year offered all the stock owned by thetJ, S to Mary-and and she relused it Wow lb y said that they only wanted by this measure to plrdge the stock owned by the US If this were the case ue did not know why ihey refused the stock last year.? He hoped the bill would lie over. Mr. K'.snedy said he had no objection, if the gentleman would assur.- hini of its being taken up again. Mr. Caret, of Maine, made some remarks which could not be understood in consequence of hi* back being turn ed to the re|iorter. Mr Bsiley, ofVa., * the reason why the com pan' thought capitalists would advance the money on stock, which tho, sail was worthless. It wes because the expenditure of some more money would carry the canal to Cumberland, and make it profitable Mr. Caret could not see that that altered the case, for doubtless the projectors of the canal also thought it waa going to be proi able, with a less expenditure than there had Seen already. Mr. A V. Bsown. of Tcnn , moved the previous que*, tion, as lie wanted to get the Oregon Bill before tha House The previous question was seconded. Mr of Ohio, asked what would he tha conse quence of a rc'.usai to order the main question. The Speaker said it would be to coune the bill to come up with the other bills on tho Speaker's table. The question was then put and tellers ordered, and the result was. yeas 8J. nays 78. This waa i ot satisfactory, and a new count was dfmTnded. which was superseded by a call for theypas nnd nays, which were ordered. The bill was the.n read again by request. The yeni nnd nay* b-ing taken, resulted yeas 181, nays 87. So the m lin question was ordered, and then the third reading of the hilt was ordered r* had an amendment to propose, for which he asked the unanimous consent of the House. Mr Divis ot Indianmoved to recommit the bill, with lstfdct! n? to smend by striking out some word* and in s-rtinF a clatis? prescribing that nothing in tho bill should be taken tn n ?t-e the Uoited States responsible beyand the am' 'tnt o( s'ock it held. Mr It* i ?*.? '? am ndmcnt, somewhat similar in purp-rt, va* accepted and elop'cl as an amendment to the in ?'ructions .v ttie commi'tee. i'r Datit. .a' I tl iea, pressed his motion to recommit. The a a* y i n <]<i *tkin was moFed by some member inri'ibl?a?oth' upo'ior Tellers were ortrr.d, 87 voted In the affirmative, ar d 81 in the negative. Ho the orevlous question was ordered, and the House ordered th* main q tettion, Which wn? upon the " passage of thn bill,'' the iaa?en Inirnt* being cu' off hy the ndop'ion cf the pr vious question, and tho yeas and nay* were called for and or'ereat Mr. Bki ** n ast' d for 'he unanimous consent of the House to the nception of his amendment. The Spear er asked if there were any objection. " Agreed to?agreed t >"?was heard from all sid's. O'r. voice Wiik heard, " I cbject." N"! no! no! arose from all part* of the house. The objector did not withdraw his objection. Mr. Withisi# of Aid., said he wished it to be under itood f at no friend of the bill was opposed to Mr. Belser's amendment. Thn yea* .md nays wore then called and reiultod?For the passage of thn bill |0&. ngainst it 85. So the bill was patted. THE OREGON BILL Next came up, nnd the main question having been order d tbe qiir<tion was, "Wnl the Hon*o agree to tbe amendm'-n's piade in committee. The fl'st amendment, striking out nt'n? in the 1st sec tion was agreed to. The second nineu 'ment, at th - end cf Ihe ?th section, prohibiting slavery in th? territory, was then put, and Vlr. Winthrnp demanded tho yeas and nays, which were irdered and resnlted?Yei* 181, nay * 89. So tha amend .ii"nt was agree I to. Yf?s Messrs Abbot. Adam*, Anderton, Baker, Ber nard Benton. Ridlnck* Jam?? Block. Brcngle, Btii ker buff, Brndhea l, BuffingtOTi, Burke, Carport t, J K.. Cary, '. rroll. C dlin '"linton, Collamer. r.iauiton, Dana, Dai ragh, H chard D Davis John W. Da\is. Daan, Dickey, Dillingham, Douglass, Duncan, Dnnlap, Ellis, Elmer, Farlee, Ficklin, Fish, Florence, Foot, Foster, Fuller, Olddlnga, By ram Oram, Orianall, Oridtr, Hannibal Ham lin, Hardin, Harper, Hay*, Hwilay, Hernok, Hac*. Hub bell, Hudaon, Hungarteid, Washington Hunt, Jam** ? Hunt, Joseph R Ingeraoll. I rein, Janka, Perley ? aon. Andrew Kennedy, John F Kennedy, Preaton K g> Daniel P. King, Kirkpstrick, Leonart, Lyan. McC ' Vtaclay. McClelland, McClurnand. McDowell. McUvaaoe, Marah, Mathews, Edwatd J. Morris, Joaeph Moms.? ree mtn H Morse, Mostly, Murphy, Norrla. 0*eu, ter Pateraoti, Pettit, Pheauix. Pollock, k-uahsi R- P ? ? Emery D Pofer, Ramsey, Ra'hbun, Reding, Ritter, ito binaon, Rockwell, Rodney, Kogera, St. John. Hemple, Schenck, Severance, T. H Seymour. DavM L. y ' Simoua, Albert Smith, Thomas Smith, CalebBSmitb, Robert Smith, Stetaon, Andrew Stewart, John Stewart, Alfred P Stone, Strong, 9) kes, Thornaaaou, 11Men, 1. y ler, Vance, VaDmeter, Vintoa, Welles Went worth, Wheaton, John White, Benjsmin Wbite. Willuma. Wln throp, William Wright, Joaeph A Wr^VJL v7i.rU i Nats ? Messrs. Atkinaon, Barnnger, Belaer Edward J. Black Jamea A Black, Blackwell, Bower, Bowlin, Aaron' V. Brown Milton Brown, William J Brown, Burt, Caldwell. Campbell. Cauain, Reuben Chapman, Auguatua A Chapman, Chappell, Clinton, Clinch, Clingman, Cobb, Coles, Croaa. Cullom, Daniel. Garrett Davia, Deberry, Dellet, French, Ooggin, Hammett, Haralaon, Houston, Hubard, Hugbea, Charlea J. Ingeraoll, Jameaon, Care Johnaon, Androw Johnson, George W. Jonea, Labranche, Lncaa, Lumpkin, McConnell, McKay, Isaac E. Morae, Newton, Payne, Peyton, David 8. Reid, Relic, Rnett, Roberta, Ruasell, Scn'er, Simpaon, Slidell, Steenrod, Stephena, Stilea, Jamea W. Stone, Summer*, Taylor, Thompson, Tihbatta, Tucker, Woodward and Yancey?69. The proviso at the end of the 80th section wna agreed to?at was alao that at the end of the 40th aection. The preamble to the additional section'(No. 411) intro duced by Mr. A. V. Baowo, and that section was also agreed to. , . The 4S1 Section waa then read. It ia aa follow*? And be it further enacted, That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby required to oauae duenotice to be given to the British government of the deatre and intention ol the Government of the United State* to annul and abrogate the "convention with Oreat Britain relative to territory on the northwest coast of Amerioa, concluded August #th, 1837," agreeably to the provisions of the se cond article of that convention: Provided, That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed or earned into affect by any of tke officers or citiaena of the United States, aa to interfere in'any way with any right which iny of the subjects of Great Britain may have in the ter ritory herein mentioned, aa provided for in the conven tion aforesaid, until the expiration of twelve months alter notice shall he given aa above provided, by the President iftheUDited States." * ,, On this, Mr. Duncan of Ohio, and half adosen other members, called for the yea? and nay?, which were ordered and re?*lted?in the oflirmative 1*21, in the nega tive #2. go the amendment waa agreed to. Yeas?Messrs. Abbott, Adama, Anderson, Ashe, Atxin <on, Baker. Barringer, Barnard. Belaer, Benton, Brengle, Brinkerhoff Milton Brown, Buflington, Carpenter, Jere niah E Cary, S Gary, Carroll, Catlin, Causin, Clinch, Clingman. Collamer, Clinton, Cullom, Dana, Darrngh, Garrett Davis, Deherry, Dellet, Dickey. Dillingham, Douglass, Dunlap, Ellis, Elmer, Farlee, Fish, Florence, Foot, Fuller, G ddings, Ooggin, Byram Green, Grider, Hannibal Hamlin, Harnett, HaraUon. Hardin, Harper, Herrick. Hoge, Hudson, Hungerlord Washington Hunt, lames B Hunt, Charles J'. Ingersoll, Joseph 11. Ingeraoll, Irvin, jeuks. P. B Johnson, Andrew Johnson J P Kennc ly, Preslon King. D. P. King, Kirpatrick, Leonard^Ma clay, Mcllvaine, McKay, Marah, Edward J Morris, Free man H Morse, Museiy, Murphy, Newton, Norns, Pater lon, Peyton Phenix, Pollock. Elisha U Potter, Preston, Ramsey, Rathbun, David S. Reid, Reding, Robinson, fto. kwell, Rodney, Rogers. Ruasell, Sample, Scnenck, tenter, Severance, David L Seymour, Slidell, Albeit Smith. Caleb B Smith, Stephens, Stetaon, Andrew Stew rrt, Stilea, Strong, Summers, Sykea, Toy lor. Thomaeaon, Tvlfir. Vaoc*?, Vanmeter, Vintoo, Withered, Wheaton, Benjamin White, William?, Wm. Wright, and Yost?191 Nats?Meaora Arrington, Bayly, Bidlack, Edward J. Slack, James Black, James A. Black, Blackwell, Bowlin, Boyd, Brodhettd, Aaron V. Brown, William J Brown, iurke, Burt, Caldwell, Campbell, Iteuben Chapman, Au gnstu* A. Chipman, Chappeil, Cobb, Coles, Cross, Daniel, Richard D Davis, JohnW Davis, Dean, Duncan, Fichlin, Foster, French, Grinnell, Henley, H jpkins, Houston, Hubard. Hubbelt, Hughes, Jameson. Andrew Kennedy, Libranche, Lucas. Lumpkin, Lyon. McCaualen, McClel .and, McCIernand, McConnell, McDowell, Mathews, Jo aeph Morris, Isaac K. Morse, Owen, Parmenter, Payne, P*?ttit, Emory D Potter, Ruife. (iRhett, Ritter, Roberts, 4t. John, Thomas H Seymour, Sim mi, Simpson, Thomas Smith, Robert Smith, Ste-nrod, John Stewart, Jamea W. 3'one, Alfred P. Stjuu. Thompson. Tibbatta, Tucker, Waller, Wentworth, John White, Winthrop, Woodward, Joseph A Wright, and Yancey?82. ? The question was then taken on the engrossment and third reading of the bill, which were ordered. The passage of the bill was then before the House, on which the previous question was callei and ordered, and the yeas and nays also ordered, which resulted?yeas 140, aavs 89. So the bill waa passed and read by its title. Ykas?Messrs. Anderson, Arrington, Atkinson, Belser, Benton, Bidlack, E. J. Black, Jamea Black, Jamea A Black, Blackwell, Bower, Bowlin, Boyd, Brinkerhoft, Brodhend, A. V Brown, William J. Browr, Buflington, Burke, Burt, Caldwell, Carpenter, J. E. Gary, Sheperd Gary, Catlin, Chappeil. Clinton, Cobb, Cullom, Dana, Daniel, Darragh, John W.Davis, Dean, Dellet, Dickey, Dillingham Douglass, Duncan, Dunlap, Ellis, F.lmer, Farlee. Ficklin, Florence, Foster. French, Fuller, Byram, Green, Grider, Hannibal (Iamlin, Hammett, Haralaon, Hardin, Henley, Herriek, Hoge, Hopkins, Houston, Hu bard, Hubbell, Hughes, Hungerford, J. B. Hunt, C. J. Ingersoll. Irvin, Jameson, Cave Joh^san, Parley B. John son, Andrew Johnson, A Kennedy, Preston King, Kirk patrick, Labranche, Leonard, Uiaaa, Lumpkin, Lyon, MoCauilin, Maclay, McClelland, McCIernand, McCon nell. McDowell. McKav, Mathews, Joseph Morria, I?aao E Morae, Murphy. Norrie, Owen, Parmenter, Payne, Pettit, Pollock. Emery D Potter, Pratt, Ramsay,Rathbun, David S Reid, Reding. Relfe, Rhctt. Ritter, Roberts, RobinsoD, Rogers. Rutaell. St. John, Sampl", Schenck Thoma* H. Seymeur, David L Seymonr. Simons, Simp son, Slidell, Thomas Smith. Robert Smith, Steenrod. St-tson. John Stewart, Stiles, Jamea W. Stone, Alfred P, Stone, Strong, Sykea, Tnylor, Tibbatts, Tucker, Van meter, Waller, Wentworth, Wethered, Wheaton, Bet.j. White, William*, Woodward, Joseph A.Wright, Yancey, 1 nd Yost -140. Nats?Messrs Ahbot, Adams, Ashe, Baker, Barringer, Barnard. Brengle, Milton Brown Campbell, Canoll, cau ain. Reuben Chapmen, Chilton, Clinch, Clingman, Coirs, Collamer, O Davis, R'chl D Davia, Deberry, Fish, Foot, Goggin. Grinnell. Harper, Hudson, Washington Hunt, loieph R. Ingersoll. Jenks, George W. Jones, John P. Kennedy Daniel T. King, Mc'ivaine, Marah, Edward Joy Morris, Freeman H. Morae, Moaely, Newton, Paterson, Peyton, Phoenix. F.lisha R. Potter, Preatoo, Rockwell, Rodney, Senter, Severance, Albeit Smith, Caleb B Smith, fl'ephent, Andrew Stewart Summers, Tllden, Tyler, Vance, Vinton, John White, Winthrop, and William Wright-69 I A motion was made to adjourn, and viva voea the ayet had it Ave tooiie. Yeas and nays were called, |bnt not ordered. The House then adjourned. The Oregon Bill. The chief featurea of the bill were set forth some time since by our Washington correspondent, but the prominence which the whole subject is now assuming may well warrant a recapitulation of ihem. . , In the first place, then, the whole country of the Oregon, lying between the 42d and 54th degrees, North latitude, including the entire apace now subject by treaty with England to the joint occupa tion of both countriea, ia to be embraced in the ter ritorial organization proponed by the bill. A Go vernor ia to be appointed for five yeara, and a Sec retary for the same pe?iod ; also a Judge of the Conr a; and a record of the proceeedinga of theae functionaries 13 to be tranamitted to Washington every Biv months. It ia further provided, that the Governor may mark off the territory into districts and enforce all neceeaary regulations to render the militia of the territory efficient. J When there are five thousand inhabitants ovei^ twenty-one years of age, tney shall have power to form a Territorial Legislature. The President is required by the bill to erect stockade forts in the territory to the number of five, from some point on the Missouri river, and on the most practicable route to the Booth pass in the. Rocky Mountains. He is also reguired to erect fortifications at or near the mouth of the Columbia river. Everv eettler in the colonv of eighteen years of age and upwards is to have 640 acres of land, it he will cultivate the same for five consecutive years. If n married man, his wife shall have 160 acres; and the father shall have the same for each of his children under eighteen years of sge. AMERICAN HAIR DYE tlTARRKNTKD, if strictly applied according to direction ? v to china* the hiir from soy other color to a beiniifnl auburn or perfectly jet black, without atainiug or irritating the skin, like nther Hair Byes. _ . Prepared uiily by Dlt JAYNE. 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Aran's R Co., of No. 3 Court street, Bos 'oa, sad 7 Wall street,* our aeilmnted Agents hr the United States and Canedn, who are fully empowered to act for ox as our Shipping and Forward ;ng American Agent*. , To ensure t:>c reception of g-redi in Liverpool, and the for warding of the same to anr part of England, Fraoee, kr. kc. it j* neceasara 'bat tiiey shorila pass tliro-ivh tre haada of o?i lard A treats MESSRS ADAMS It CO.. ?t th*-r aem-'-.l Oftie-s, as follows : ? No 9' -i-rts'.- ? Oo-.-en. i Ne. 7 1 . ht im, iinon! No TV'<-,il?i,. , -a Ycvb. I !'e in./'."?on*, VVa-fiiiiaitt. No. 4y iv-saul a" Phi!*'.1 I No. i'ti F'*..u ?!? sr.. IVtaoury.' No. liflkiwo! . ? ?- ? , No. 155 Main ?., Wot esu, '-Yli.'.M 5 8.VITJ'. Lireroml Msy.1, "" Wlf.1 MMl k SMl'l'li lake tips opponimtf of tnune to ilnrcb*' Is, Fr'kera, Imp-o-ters and ot'-vn, r-*idei.t <u rv<-r> toirt MtV* Utthat -J.cii Lirvpool h<i:'?- is leeolia-lv a ljpred for the ina'aut a?il --i i'-*?? despatch of pacli.ijres, Pen?l?. >p'<?e>e fen., rassicu tkr-iugh Liver^-'d for Bpsi.-w. New York, aud all the oth r vitiss in <he lliiiir-l Hreles and 1 anads, and triet that leper tor., sit of lii*.r husoicsa has thi. coast art ami vara.). ?*L ATTrnrioa or the rmirciT-ALi, on all .mcasiona. WlLLMEK fc SMITH have made arrangement* with Messrs. ADAMS k CO., fiy which al! Goods patting through their Liverpool hoiue for America, by the Steamships and olhsr vet ill have the immediate and punctual aitentiim oftiieir said AtrenU, Meters. Jidems A Co. at Boston and New York snd will thereby be lr<v from delay and high charges. tbsor di-ein It uecesrery here to ste'e, .hat they have n i r->* soiiob wh-fever with >M' K O. 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The extensive application of tho system of smsll profits, css)? payments sod Isrgs ssles to many branches of business in jh s city within a few years, and the eminent success which thi rlan dsssrves, and has in almost tveiy instance pMJflived, &?? 1 d the subscriber to test its application to the HM ILJis business. In a city whose inhabitants are widely distinguished for neatness and teste in dress, snd at the same time for econo my and thrift, there seems greet reason to believe that as- rem which euebles the community to gratify a laudable partiamy for neatness a an uutirecedentadly small expense, willmeetwitn no small degree of favor. Determined to ascertain whe)ther a branch of business which concerns the head aud porkel ol every man in tlie commuuity. cannot be conducted on this I'lan, Uie subscriber has employed a large number of the best workmen in the muutkciuring aud finishing departments; also skilltul ana tasty Cap Makers. Each department is uuder the constant supervision ot an experienced foreman. These arrangements, together with his iutimate personal knowledge of the business, great facilities for purchasing to the best advantage?low rent ?free from the ruinous ex senses of Broadway?inflexible ad herence to "cash ou delivery"?a determination to keep pace with all improvements, and with the current ksshions of the day, enable him to say with all confidence, that he now oners to the citizens of New York, articles in his line fully equal in style and durability to those sold in Broadway, anil uuequalled in cheapness aud economy to any ever offered iu this city. . He begs leave to refer to the following schedule of articles, and their respective prices aunexed HATS. first Quality Nutria Fur. $S JO Identical with Hats heretofore sold st $4 JO aud >5 00. Any one ou examination will pronounce them the same, and will, on trial,find them to do equally as good service. Secoud Quality Nutiia.... ... ... >3 00 This is the same article heretofore sold at $3 50 and us 00. External appearance and finish clqs*ly resembling the above, the pnucipal difference being m the body. Moleskin >2 50 Usually sold at $3 00 and $3 50-very neat in appear ance, and very serviceable. ^ ^ superior raauuer, usually sold at $2 and $2 50. ?ecand Quality. ;PVdVt'$l 5o'iid $2. Thud Qnal'ty-y^j-.ioiJ m $l'? and $'l*S8.'' WN.rcB.?The style of Trimmings adopted at this establishment is particularly recommended as well lor effectually. P1***"'1?' injury from perspiration or oil applied to the hair, MfonU greater e<sa and comfort to the wearer. jail tm LODGINGS TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, ft ffl im*re TUB SAG'S HEAD I No. J Bsuolat Stuebt, nbae 1 Broadway. The Snbscriber baring fitted up and newly furnished several rooms connected with this Establishment, solicits a call from his friends and *** PQbhe' JAMES BYRNES. SCOTT'S liAZAAfl, 37 Dey street, between Brosdway and Greenwich, MBak. SANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks so his friends and the public at large, for the liberd auppott received since he opened the above honse, aud hope*, by the same atnet attention, re merit a continuance thereof. The qnalitie* of his Alsa, Wines, Liquors, and Segars, are too wefil U nowii to need comment. 1m bext Oysters the market can afford served up in every ityla. likewise a l&nre assortment of refreshments to he had at all hours, until It at night, such ns _ ... Beefsteaks, Welsh Rarebita, Mutton Chops, Sardines, Fried Kidneys, Cold Cuts, Ham and Eggs, Back*heat Cakes, Pouched Kggs, Tea & Coffee, Sic. A good dinner of roast and boiled meats for one shilling, every day from I 12 to4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout ? always on draught. Families ?uPr''fd with the best Scotch and Irish Whia NXE&Z*ied wj th English Irish, Scotch, WsUh, and city paiiers?always the latest news by the ?<*"""*,^ Good Rooms for Private Parties, at all timsx ready?Ireu gratis for nothing. J"? "n re r U Jgi;.-' - m.'S;. TO RAIL ROAD COMPANIES. TRIMS' PATENT CAR BOX. for Rail road Journals.?The A proprietors of Tims'Patent Car Box respectfully call the attention of Railroad Companies. Car Manufacturers, and all others interested, as tha propristors guarantee their ability to run 4008 miles at least, witnont renewing ihe oil, and to keep the oil and wearing parts clean and free from dust and dirt, and . mo keep th* oil in in* box, and ii not liable to get. ont of order with reasonable rare, being constructed with a view to this in particular, and thereby is a great saving to stockholders and all others concerned ... They have appointed Cornelias Kanouse, of. Jersey City, their agent, to w) om application can be m\de for right, and manutectnring them in any quantity, and will be attended to immediately bv the above, or the undesigned proprietors January 11th, 1845. TIMS, HILL It BOODY. J26 lm*ee B JOSEPH, 18 Maiden Laae,(ur>stain,)iu,rjrtertcJ'tag ? lUh, Fruucb, and (Jtsrman double aud ?mgle barrel If o\vI ay aud Ducking GUNS, from the lowest to finest qnalitie*. Also, always on iiand, an tileesive assortment of PIBTOL?! both Double and Sicgie Barrels, embracing 100 different Kinds j tacl-jniug tho modern Six Band Revolvers, all of which will be sold lower than any other house in the?-trad<?. Merchants and ?J-i? StiiUis am rartieclaily requested to call, previous to tbiir parchMex. r.s they will esrtstnly Cad it to then j xW 'm'rr SALT AND FISH STORE. A Of) BBLS. Salmon, No. 1, 2 and 3. ??UU 100 bbls. Blue Fish. , Ifi o bbls Noa. 1, >. and J M.-xkorel. 8(0 half do ii do do IN do No. 1 Mass Shad. 50 half libit No. 1 Saybrook Shad IN bbls Cod cud Scale Fiah. 4 <0 do No. 1 Gili'd Herriaga. 1130 lbs Smoked Salmon. >g) kit* Soused do >30 do Sounds and Tongues. table for to 0 qtlsCou Fish, suitable for shipping 194 sacks Asbton's Salt. 50 half and 50 qnaners nets Mackerel. (TOO buxi-s Dighy Herring 100 quaiter barmlt SeJinou. Fi i sale if. lots to en it purchaser;. by NELSON. WVICI.S & C.O./OI Dey at. TABLbAU AND FANCY BALL" I ADIionu nixo rni'oi "i"" /COSTUMES?The only Costume Warehouse, where Ladies L and Gentlemen can be completely equipped for Masqueradei, Fancy Balls, is at ^ pR1NCt gxREET, Near Niblo's Garden. Costumes for Parties of fifty or one hundred persons, sent on him to any part of the United States. Letters prompl^ tttendrd CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. riEl TLEMF.N OR LADIES haying any suparflnoui vX C thing or Furniture to dispose of, can obtain the highest oash pi cesfor the same, by sending for the snbscriber, at hit retiden i. Duane street, No. 00, in the baaemen^' cOHEN PS A line through the Post Offce, or otherwise, will b< prompt! attended to. <125 lm*rc AARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, No. :?7 Maiden Lwu e, N. Y. MANUFACTURERS and Importers of Ornamental Hail IVl Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bands, Carls, Seams, Bandeau Hair, and a new atyle of ererlssting Curia, and all kinds of Hail Works, wholesale and retail. N. B ?The trade supplied on reasonable trims. d|7 tm*rc To the Sick every where. THE Improved Indian Vegetable (MADE BY A REGULAR PHYSICIAN.) Ire now considered, by a rery respectable portion of this coin sanity, to be the veet best bkmkdt ever tried for Influenza. Colds, Headache, Bilious Couiplsints, Costiven sa. Rash of blood to (he herd. General Dyspepsia. Bad Blood, FoulJItomach, Worms, Liver Affections, Female Complaints, end Debility. General ueuiniy. 'HK8K PlLLS are curing thous rds of bad colds and Coughs, rhich otherwise would lead to Consnmpti n Ho'il, with fnll ir ctions, at the PRINCIPAL OFFH E, 17!) UR ? KN VltJI 8TMEF. I', (new brick blonk, near Fnltnu street.) (Iso, by Dr. Guion,'orner of Bowery and Grain! st; llnshtou l Co., 110 Broailway and c irner of Brosdway aud Fourteenth t; at corner of Broadway and John st; comer of Beekinan and iVilliamsts; Fowler, aorntr of Bioadway and ( hunbers ?t or 'er r.f Broadway and Spring at; flfl Hudson st; 41 Hudson st; 4 I In Jum st; 210 < Intliarn street: 63 Bowery; 77 Bowery; l? 18 Bowary, 21.0 Bowery; 36* do; 248 t Jrand at;47B Grand st; 44U irand st; 518 Grand st; 150and 211 Division st; 20B. 473.371 3 9 .ml 42 Gre?nwtch st; 104 4 liatnbersst; H C.tuel *t; Conierol iVslkeraad I hurch st<; 186 ( huri li at; and by Mrs. Hays. IOT ? niton st. Brooklyn; F. hiting. Williainshuigh; and by all esi>ei tab.e dealers in the I luteal States, Canads anil Great Bn *(T7"CAUTION?Observe the weitteiv signature of Dr. Imitli on i very ho? lm re OrricR oj JErr*u?oiv lUiueaucELOMraWY, 2 No. 20 Wall st. opposite the E*clwnga 1 PHIS COMPANY eontinoas to I^nsnre wainst L' " aed L)s l mage by Fire, on Goods. Warm, Srii Iso, against Los* ou inlmd Nevigatiou on Ves.als aid Ueil Xn? W Thome"' T wn?bo'ff Anson Baker. n. H ?nL. M C Joseph Drake, ?3H,L!i?b^'ee Joseph Allen, Mnars Tortrrr ' James K. Hofmai, John P. Moore, S P",lUo" Jamea H. V/hiiir^, r.uh r HSiris Wm. K. Thorn, J'ranci* P. Kag'i John 0. Mflrntl, THO;rt/> y,. ?fHtinr?E.>re.i<letx. Geo. T. Bo>n. Heeviare. ")3 re HTDA BISCUIT AND 8UUAR CRACKERS? 'I' tE Subscriber ;.o rrake liaown to Ibe Tublif, thM A much of the Bincnit ni;d t.'nekres which arv sold in thji tity by the above name*, ms entirely different (roni the Sods Biscuit and Soger Crackers msteatris Bakery; which hsvr be. n used by invainli, pattic.r.lsrlv those e ho suffer from ifldi gretion, for more than twnty y-ars with tt.s best results ; while the imitation, which cm he tn .de fot a Ira* Pries, uioog.i pe haps good for a persoa in heolth are wholly unfit for th? lie.k. The above Bincnit and Crackers, also Batter Tvicuit. sic*, ine snore Disenit and Lracners, aiso wam ,.i.<.un. Wine Biscuit, Butter Cmckern, Water Cracker*, Pilot ?ad Navy Bread, nil of tlie firat qnality, are censtxistlv lor aale at ABERNKTHY'S BOTANICAL PILLS, A KK the moat annvslled ram ad y for duresro of ? private IP tare?e positive and speedy care, without tha restriction of diet or hindrance from buainaia. Tha many advantages which Abernethy Pilla poaaaaa o?ar Balaam Copitsa, Capaalaa. aad othar nauseating miitaraa, cannot fail to giva them a decided preference. Baaidea being entirely free from any nnpleaauit ?mell, they do not affect tha breath or lichen the itomach in tha leaat, and may be taken at any time or in the pretence of tha moat intimate friend?thus euabl ug the patients to cure them ?elves without any fear of sutpiciou or diicarery. Tliey are equally effectual in either sex, it: all complaints. auch aa Gonor> rhea, olxtiuate Oleet. Pemiual Wethneai, and all other diteaaaa of the Urethra and Urinary Organ > They gira a lone and euer gy to the generative oigam. rarely if ever ei|<eriruced from othermerhcinei. They nre composed entirely rf vrg-lnblein gredienta, which invigorate the ay item One Box (which laata a week) generally care*. Many aw cured in two or three days. For sale, wholesale and retail, by Win. Watson, Apothecaries Hall, 36 Catherine street, aud at 127 Maiden lane. Price $1 par box. They are conveniently lent by poit. j;Ui Ini-tn MEDICAL NOTICE. QTRANOERS AND CITIZENS afflicted with any form *5 or variety of Syphilitic, Mercurial or other dinewie, or who bare baeu only half cured by quacks, bad better caratally peruse the following letter Dr. Coorar?Sir:?Last July 1 contracted a certain prirata diaeaxe, and immediately applied to o doctor, who promised to cure me in a wr*k. I continued with him two months, but was gmdnally getting worse ; I tried one after another, all tha advertising doctors, and each one promised positively to cure me. 1 at length discovered the oh.iect of these meo was mo ney. and that they' were not doctors. I concluded to go iato the hospitnl. where the doctors kept mc under a course of mer cury for eight weeks ; my threat au J nosa were ulcerated, pains in all my roiuts, ai:d my body covered with ulcere. 1 was a compleae sltele-oo ; the doctors considered it. dangerous to give me any more medicine, and advised a southern climate, f left the hospital, and by advice of several friends, placed myself under your care on the first of January last. I am now well and restored to purfeet health. 1 wish this published. THOMAS (JKKUN, Carpenter sad Joiner, Harlem, N.Y. Dr. Cooper warrants to cure matter how long Handing, of Olaet, Stricture and Seminal Weakness^ and mild cues of private maladies cured ia It hours without interfering with the patient's habits. Dr. Cooper's Oflier, 14 Pnsiae atraot, two doora from Chatham st No cure no pay. fel lm'm ' , , ~~ READ THIS. A LL CASKS in the Surgical aud Medical line, especially those of long suuding.cau receive advice and medicine gratis 2? ..HI" application, neither name or resid-uee required, at No. 57 Reads street. 8. HEINE, M. D| n27 3m*rc medical Card. DOCTOR MORRISON, N'OHTH K1VKK DISPENSARY, 904M Falcon atreeL? i. v Doctor Morrison continues to be consulted confidentially, on all private diseases, which he cures without mercury, or re straint in diet or pursuit. Recant cases, particularly "Qoaor rhse'' he cures in 3 to 6 days. STRICTURES OK THE URETHRA are cured by Br M. on improved principler, without pain or inconvenience to the patient. As the symptoms of Stricture are analogous with those of other affections of the urinary apparatus, nose but ax UCuenced Surgeons should be allowed So make tha nocaasary ex amination, as those affected with enlarged prostate glands, may suffer much injury from awkward practitioners Nervous and Conetitulional Debility.?This affection, and the train of evils resulting from a secret, destructive habit ui youth, inducing nocturnal emissions and ultimate impoiancy, are radically cured by Dr. M., ou pathological principles, by res to ring the system to a healthy tone and re ting its origi nal vigor. A perfect cure guaranteed, or no charge, N.B.?Dr. M. holds no communion with medics! pretenders, insure medicint and advice to any patt of the Union. Office, 204 K Fulton, near Greenwich, New Yore, open from T A. M. to 10 P. M., daily. jalS lm>n MEDICAL ADVICE " private'diseases. THE MEMBERS OK THE NEW YORK COLLEGE A of Medicine and Pharmacy, eslablithed for the nop jutssion of quackery, continue to direct their particular attention to all diseases of a private nature, and eon con fidently promise to persons requiring medical treatment, a safe and permanent cure, without injury to the constitution or confinement from business. Invalids are particularly requested to make application to the College en the first appearance of thoae diseases, as a vast amount ol' suffering and time may bo thus avoided. One of thu members of the College, for many yenrs connected with the principal hospital in Europe fur tha cure of those complaints, attends for consultation daily from I A. M. to 7 P. M. Terms?Advice and Medicine 16,?a cure snaraateed. IMPORTANT lO COUNTRY INWALIUB.-Pereoa living in the country, and finding it iaconvenient to make per sonal application,can have forwarded to tLrmachest containing all medicines requisite to perform a radical cure, by stating tlwr case explicitly, together with all symptoms, tiase of contraction and treatnieut received elsewhere, if any, acii enclosing 66, post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON. M. D.. Agent. Officii and Consulting Rooms ol the College, 16 NasAauwt. <119 rc VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS FOR THE RADICAL cure of gonorrhee, gleet, eeminal emianone, ,iai> nil moco purulent discharges from the urethra. These pills, the result of tweuty years experience in the Hospital do Ci jltiio in Paris, are pronounced by their celebrated inventor, Pre feasor Velpeau, as au infallible remedy for ell diseases of the urethra. They effect a cure in a much shorter time than any othei remedy, without tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement fro ? business. Price. >1 per box. Sold titles College ol Medi cine and Pharmacy, 96 Nassau street. d!9 rc W. S. RICHARDSON. M. D? Agent. of mercury, or unskilful medical treatment. All persons sus pecting a venereal taint remaining in their system should use this powerful purifier without delay, as no person can consider carefully racked end sent to ail pails of the Union. Sold at iho Oolfege of Medicine and Pharmacy, 96 Nassau st. dl9 rc W. B. I11CHAh DSON. M- Agent CONCENTRATED EXTRACT On 8AR8APAK1LLA, U (Jkistian sail Sassafras, prepared by the N. York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery. This refined and highly cancer.traced extract, pos sessing all the purifying qualities and curative powers of the shove herbs, is confidently recommended bs the Collegers in finitely superior to any extract of Snrsapuri,la at present before the public, and may be relied ou as a remedy for all diretare .lrinng tn an impute state of the blood, such as scrofula, salt-rheum, ring-worm, blotches or pimples, uirers. pain in the bones or joints, nodes, culaueons eruptions, olcerased sore throat, or any disease arising from the secondary effects of syphilis or an luqudicious use of mercury. Sold in single ilottles, at 76 cents ertch, " in cases of lialf a dozen Bottles S3 69 " " on* dozen C DO titers forwarded to all parts of tlie Uaion N. B.?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. Office of the Colles*, 96 Aiusaa street. d!9rc TV. ft. |T|TThdRDBO N. M. L\. Aurwit pONSTlTUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED?The Tonle v-f Hutu re, prepared by the College of Mediciae and Pharmacy of the city of Now York, is confidently recommended for all cases of debility produced by secret indulgence or exoess ol r.-.j kind. It it an i a valuable remedy fur i m;>o truce, steril ity, or ban riutess, (unless depending on mat-formation.) Single bottles $1 each; cases of balf a dor.ret $6; osrefnlly packed and sent to all parts cf the Uaon. Olhceof the College of Medic ine and Fhumaey, 96 Nassau strjwt W. 3, RICHARDSON. M. D., Agent. TV MARRIED UAUltM--. MADAME REST ELL'S PREVENTIVE rOWDFJUf, LO. ?(These invaluable Powders hart: been uutyowaUy r-dopto in Europe, but France in particular, Kir upwards of Lirtr Years, ss well an by thousands in this country, as being the only mild, safe and efficacious remedy fot ciarrtad Iulins v/ttooc hAa.1i for hivts a too rapid ib'-tcnM of family. The nits of tlicw adoption to toe happint-u, the haaitn, my' often the life, of PvMiy .in affcHitiounW vrile k id foad motirer art too vast to tonta upon witiun the bruits of aa agrertMwmeut* results which affect not only the preemt well boing of part ".is. but the futurehaMnaeso oftbeir ( *wtog. Is it aot uni too well known that the fan-Mies of tlie"i.m ',1 uftetl mareas" sryo-l the happiness of those who gave th.-m birth wovid aieaato 7 Tn how many ?instances Aops in- hard working father, and more especially the ir.otlicT of * poor tamily remtn slavee iprrreab out thri- lives, tuguicg at the oar ol iucesrent labor, totflrig bat toflive mid living but to toil, when they might haveocuoytd comfort and comparative affluence, and if care and toil tars weighed down the spiiit, and at lost broken the health of tp? father, bow often ? the wioow left naable, with the om vir in out intentions, to sare he/ talhnrlsu oflsnriag fruna frMoxtikg degraded objects of cltarity or protl '-gate votaneo of viae 7 Evas though compeseace and pfeaty smile npor. ns, haw olum, mhu 1 are the days of the kind limbsnd and father embitter Ml m be holding the emaciated form and declining l.euith of tha coutpa ?ion of his bosom, ere site had scarce reached the age of thirty ?fast linking into a premature grave?with the certain pros pect of himself being early hppfflit of the partner of hi# joya Mod sorrows, and his ycang and helpless children of those ondeaiiag attention* ar.d watchful solicitude, whicn a moUier alone aaa bestow, not unfrequeatly at a time when least able to support the heart-rending affliction 1 Is it desirable, then?io it moral? for parent* to increase tbeir families, re(.A?leta of cowMqaencer to theiriMlves, or the well being of tr-ir oilsprisg, wh-n a stw< ntr, rewy, healthy and certain remedy is within oar control! The advertiser, feeling the importn?,;* of this sabject, and estit making tn. vast benefits resulting to '.honrunda by the ail opt tot of means prescribed by her, would nuprcinlly aroasc Use at tention of the married Co Ki conaiJeratiou. ,. it not wise and virtuous to prevert cyils to which we are subject, by eitnpU ?ui healthy tueiuui within our control I i,vrc7 <11spareianat*, virtuous and er.ligb'tned mind. vriU RnLentmqglr answer ia ?jte affirmative. m Trice five dotic.ra a package, accompanied with T?J! and ptrltl tmlar diroctioas. All letters mr st be post paid, sad addressed to box "2,169" N. Y , or MADAME RESTELL, Female lltyoieian. lnncipal Office, 148 Greenwich streut. New York. <?flna hours from 9 A. M. to 9 V. M. Boston office, No. 7 Ere. x iL N. B ?Those enclosing money need not pay postage. NOTICE?in consequence of the removal of the Post Office, the No of Bos is 2,3)9, to which all letters mnit hc.eafter bo sddtesseii. insietd of 861, as herelofo-e. jy29.c MADAME RESTELL ' 17EMALE PHYSICIAN, Office and reaidecoa, ltt tfrewp * wich vlr/et, between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, where ?he can be consulbsl with tire sttio?.'el ?.-onflilenee oacoinnlaixui int..dent to the female frame. ?Viadarna llesUll's esperience and ku.>wiudge in tfio uswtniMl jf olirtinate cases of female ir. 'gul t 'ty, stoppage, snppreaoiot, Ac., is such as to require but a. -w .Hjts us otTect a perfect cure. Cadres draifiug proper medical itien.laoce daring cotdinemesi trr othnr indisposition, witj be aneommmlat*d dp ring sncli time, llo'.itn Office, No. 7 E?s?x street. N. n.?These encloeing money need not pay portage. N. B.?Madame llfifiTbLL wonld iitiri.'m iailiei residtig out of the city, whoso health wonld not admit of ttaveiu g that she wonld derote Irer uresoiml attenduece upon thsm ia any part of "he United W'.rt-s within reasonabledisttaoo. NOTICE?III conrrqirence of the reiru.vsl of tie 1'ost Office the No el l!ox is 2,3,9, to winch r.ll lo.trrs must h- r-aiter be qdilrested, juste id i I >6*, am heiotunno jv27re I'fLRTfKJUliSk" Ftf-MALL b."^ti ft.KrA^eh >v " J NewV^.''^. '-^'?rr C^'^'naT >o.'ofKBo,B JyJffrc PUBLISHED daily by J A iffl fel N U (> it 1> 43 N II K 8 4 K T V N. W. CORNER MILTON AND NApYU HTltrXTS Thk Nitw -orr IfKaqptv?A Ib.oy Paper rest,-d evpo ruormng of the week?price i wo cua. p., copy. Country Subscribers .urttrrhod at I,re smite rate, Kit tuty fPeaiI:period, rtnce'ln" lJ* r tr,w" Sifi"rsent unlos*pxidin?vf ' us f.'sssi.v CePA IxjikkJ cn hntxrday mow est at *15,"orrn oxmys i v copy -tor al-hed toCueiii.'y ffub"ovib"*n *? y.q ,,nr a--eir, tv s.-'travcr. or at tlta nnt rue for ?r y owtif cd yariel.

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