Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 8, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 8, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAL Vol. XI., He. 38-Whole Wo. 4000. NEW YORK. SATURDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 8, 1845. Price Two CenU. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To tba Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?pub lished every day ol the year except New Year's Day and Kourtb or July- Price 2 cents per copy?ot $7 26 per annum?postag** paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6X cents per copy, or S3 13 per annum?post ??m pa.d, c!sh in ndvanee. AOV ERTIKKRn are id formed that the circulation of the Herald is over TiUllTY-FlVE THOUSAND, and increasing 1 mi It has the tcrgeel circulation of any payer in (Ate city, or the uirirW, and, ie, therefore, the heel channel for business ste-i ill tjie ot to or (min'ry. Pnoes moderate?cash in advance. Pill n I'l NO of all kiuds executed at the most moderate price, aed w the most elegant style. J AM ltd GORDON BENNETT, PaoramTea or the lima id EiTSBi.isHMntiT, Northwest comer of Kulion and Nassau streets. Wst wTf \V l T E It AllRANGEMKNT. On uhd Alter tl.C 1st of October the cars will leave? P>Tt .iio> L-ui-OT I Nkw York, Bo until A- M. | 9 o'clock A.M. n<< " ?? I i3H " r. M. i ?? f. an. I ? ?? tew ti'nnxvs. i o'clock AM. | 9 o'clock A. M. I " ?. I?. | 4 " P. M. Sl* tl M aNEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. On and after October 28, the cars will run as follows :? . Leaving ,City Hall for Harlem. (12.6th st,) Morrisiania, Ford Jyiaij U illiam ? Bridge, Hunt s Bridge, Underbill's Road, Tuekahoe, Hart', Corners and White Plains, 7.30 A. M., 10.30 12,16 M, Leave White Plains at 8 A. M. 1 he Westchester Train will stop only, after leaving the City Hall, at the comer of Broome st. and tne Bowery. Vauxhall Gar der and 27th street. An Extra Car, will precede each Train ten minute, before the time of starting from the City Hall, and will lake up passengers .along the line. Extra Harlem and Merisiania Trains, for Morrisiania and in termediate places, J^Y," l?1*' '"nr Harlem and Morrisiania,7 A. M.. 9 A. -> . /.'M, <30, P. M. leave Morrisiania for City Hall, 8 A. M., 10 A. M., J P. M., 5.JO P. M. By order of the Board, -?'? 3m* 15 W. B. CARMAN, Secretary. LONG ISLAND RAIL-ROAD COMPANY, "winter ARRAN'GEME^ t7 Trains run as follows, commencing Dec. 14th, 1844 :? Lamre Brooklyn, at half-past 7 A.M., (New York side 7 A. M.) Boston Train for Grreuport, daily, Bun days excepted, stopping at Karmingdale and St G-oree's Manor. " at 5* A. M. lor Hicksyille and intermediate places, daily; and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, through to Greenport and in termediate places. " " at 3X P. M. for Hicksville and intermediate place*, daily, Sundays excepted. Leave Greenport for Brooklyn, Boston Train, at 1 P. M., or on the arrival of the steamers daily, Sundays ex cepted, stopping at St. George's Manor and Fariitingdale, " " at 9 A M., Accommodation Train, for Brooklyn and intermediate place*, ou Mon day*. Wednesdays and Fridays. From Hicksville for Brooklyn and intermediate places daily, Sundays excepted, at 7 A. M. ana IM P. M. 1T7-NO TRAIN ON fcUNDAYS-O Mondays, i I Tuesdays, ) Wednesdays, > Via Norwich. Thursdays, > Via Stou'gton Fridays, J | Saturdays, ) ja20 3mrc FOR SALE?Twenty-four Covered FREIGHT LCAKS, such as are used on the Pennsylvania Rail _____Roads. They will beaold very low. lfnotsoldbe K-w W f.?r? Saturday, the 1st of March, they will be olfeied at puul,c sale at the premises of the subscriber, at 10 o'clock, A. M. C HAMILTON, West sid* Broad street,below Locust street, Philadelphia. ja31 lmeid*gbz JD?"NOTICE.^?Jl sffil2n,I#D On and after Sunday, Dec. 1st, the Boats will lears as fol lews, until further notice:? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND: 8*. and 19, A. M.; I and 4?, P M. LEAVE NEW YOKR : 9. and 12, A. M.; IX, and 6*. P. M. On Sundays th* Boat will leave at 11, A. M., iu place of 13. nWrc 8ALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FARE ONLY lRi CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN UJVKY. " ON and after September 10th will run daily, Lis follow* (Sundays included):? Leave New . JL-ark, foot ef Centre street, I o'clock A. M.? av* New \ ork, foot of Barclay street, I *'clock P. M. ap4 rrc CHANGE OF LOCATION. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK AND ALBANY, Via BK1DOF.PORT?HOU 8ATONIC AND WESTERN ? RAILROADS?The steamboats .EUREKA, Capt. Truesdell, and ? ? . < I VI lit IL), C-pt Brooks, will leave the pier at the foot of Rose veltstreet, daily. Sundays excepted, at A. Y Returning, the Line leave* Albany at 7 A. M. Alhauy pas-.engen, on arriving at Bridgeport, proceed imme diately ou the Railroad; and, without change of Baggage or Oars, arrive in Albany the same evening. A Freight Train daily at S>4 A. M. For fuihrr information, both as to freight and baggage, apply to G. M. PERKY, Agent, at the office, Ron re It street, oi Livingston, Wells and Pom-roy's Express office. 3 Wall street R. B. MASON, Superintendant, d)0 lm?m 173 South street. FOR BATH, GARDINER AND HALLOWELL. ? Tlie new steamer PENOBHCOT, Captnia N. Kimball, leovw th* esid of T wharf, Bo*to*. RCKLevery Tuesday and Friday eveningi, at 5 Stages will be in readiness on her arrival at Use above rSKVev P**???'ger* to the neighboring towns. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of 10th February? sJH^WTi e splendid, first class, fast sailing picket ship JWlifcfWITZEKLAND. Capt. E. Knight, will positivsly anil at above, her regular day. Having ve-y superior a<commodations for cabin, second ca bin. and steerag* pasraosers, persons wishing to rmhark should tnake immediate application ou board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH Mc.MUKRAY, 13 *e 100 Pine street, corner of South. ntT>. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet tJMAto sail the 3Cth of F*b.?The regular fast sailing JHB||C|l'acket Ship 44AKK1CK, Captaiu B J. H. Trask, of 1,10* uius, will positively sail a* above, her regular day. For freight or pasmage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot ?f Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, M South stress. P. ire of Passage, 1100. The pnrket ship Hoscius, Captain A. Eld ridge. will suc aeed tire On/rich, and Will tlkth March, her regular day. jttec MP- NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER JMEPWTOOL?Packet of tie 21st February?The spltndid jgyjS^?|Oid favorite iiacket ship ROCHESTER. 1000 tons bur lieu, Captain J. Brittoa, will sail on Friday, Feb. 21st, hsr '%,e accommodations of this splendid ship are unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those wishing to send for their friends in the old country, can make arrange menla with the subscribers on f.vorable terms, to hart them brought ont iu the above magnificent packet,sailing from Liver pool, or in any of the New Lin* of Parksts W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, j30re 70 Month street, corner Maiden Lane. ARE? FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular Packet list February?The su|ierior last sailing packet Jw6iW?thiv ROCHESTER, 870 tons burthn, Capt. John Britton, will sail a* above, her regular day For freight or passage, having elegant and superior aeeommo dabont aorlr to the Captain on hoard at we*'sideof Burling Slip, or to WOODHULL 8i M1NTURNH, 07 South street Prior of Pareag* *100. The pecltet *hTp Hutlingi'er, 1050 tnn?, Captain Ira Bursley will succmd the Rochester, and sail ou tier regular day, 2lsto March. J33se FOR GLASGOW?Rag*for Packet-Tlie fast saiT kiag naek*t British barque ADAM CAHR, 350 ton? nhnrtben, Capt. Ruhrrt Scott, i* now resdy to receive cargo, Slid will succeed the Ann Har ley. Foi freight.or passage, ha iug excellent accommodations, ap ply on board, foot of Bsekman st. or to WOODHULL h MINTURN9, fist 87 South street. JhffijaN FOil NEW IIKLEA ?Itegulai I acket ill .fl"1" MpWJV F'bru iry ?'l he splendid first-class, fast-sailing pacli flHfcsllip CO HA. Citd. Wm. R. Girder, will p'ositive ml as above, ber regnlsrday. IVrsous wishing to embsrk should make immediate applir tiou ou b'^ard, tout of W..II street, <w to JOSEPH McMURRAY, f4 100 Pine street, corner of Mouth i.u?^T,8 ?HEAT HHITAIN 8t IRELAND.?Person* wishing to lemit mo I ney to tlieir frieads in any pirt of England. Irel.nd, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied ? with draft*payab'e at sight, without dis con t, fo*- any amount from ?1 upwards. IN ENOLAND-On the National and Po vincial Bank of Knglaud; Messrs. J. Barnard IcCo.; Eschsge and Discount Bmk, Liverpool; Mrssrs, James Bolt It Son, London, and branches throughout Ki gland and Wales. IN IIIELAND?On the National Bank of Ireland, and Pro vincial Ha ik and Brancher throughout Ireland. IN SCOTLAND?On the Eastern Bank *f Scotland, Na tional Bank of ->cotlaud, Greenock Banking Co. and branches thri ngboui Scotland The st amer Cambria leaves Boston on the 1st February, by which all draft* can be forwared. A. ply to W. It J. T. TAPS '.OTT, J?6r,' 7fi Strath St. cor. Maiden Lane. sl.HGH HELLS!!!? SLEIGH BELLS!!! r]IIE SUBHt'lllBEllM have now on hand a large and com I pleta .i-sorimeut of Slrig'i Bells, fix elv polished, and Strnpied iu various ways on the mint apg Jved style, and for sale by UKLEVAN k BROTHER, Hardware Furnishing Ware Home, fe5:it*m 4W) Brondaay cornerof Broome'st. POTATOES.?1,009 bushels very superior English Potatoes, in prime condition, just received per ship "Qhcrty," from Liveri ool, ai d for *Ie in lot* to suit purchasers, W W. k J. T. TAI'wjOTT, dttre 7* HnnthUrraet. eoraer Maiden Lane rr EMP ?500 bales prims and vary superior d*w rotud Hsmp, -rntoYs cq.. *i THJ DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, *85 Klver St. Troy. IK Subscriber avails himself of this method of communi cating to the public the fact that he ji now manufacturing fine cut and smoking Tobacco and Suutf, at 285 Hirer street, Troy, uext door to the Fulton market. The following may be found at all timea at hia atoreand factory:? Tosacco?The celebrated Fancy Virginia. Thit Tobacco took the premium at the late Fair. Extra Chewing Tobacco, awaet Virginia; American Smoking Tobacco, manufactured from the leaf; Spanish do, Turkiah do. Supr-ps?Rose acented, No. 1; Maccaboy, American Oantle man, Lundyfoot, French Hapee, and litah Blackguard. The above articles are all warranted to be made of the fine* qualitiea of leaf tobacco, and by the moat experienced work men. The aubacriber would alao warrant bia tobacco to be bet ter manufactured than any other in the btate of New York or elaew ham. Ordera directed aa above will meet with prompt attention,and cuatomrra may rely on having the aame paina taken aa if they were |ieraonally present. 0s* E. Savage, 254 Fulton street, and A. A. Samanoa, Broadway, Agents for the city of New York. Trov. I in. 1H. TB4V j? lm'ec OR DAtvDiNEU, GOiNOULllNC* A CAHI).?The Public ia inforaed, that Dr. LAKDNKK continues the practice of business aa a Consulting r.ugi gineer, wnich be followed on an exteuaive scale for many years in Knglaud and France. Inventors, patentees, manufacturers, merchants, and others engaged in the arts and manufactures, may consult him on matters requiring the application of the principles o< practical science. Certificates and opinions on the validity and usefulness of new inventions and processes in the arts Reports on disputed-qnestions and doubtful points, ex perimental investigations, with a view to the discovery or test ing of improved processes, will be supplied or undertaken wheu requireiT Office No 21 Spruce ? treat, New Vor? All Business Letters must be post-paid, audio prevent time being lost by frivolous applications, all applicants will be ex pected to pay a retaining lee of (It before consult*'ion. n23 Smre CHEAPEST AND BE8T.?Red A?h COAL, at J. Weeke Yard, 256 Elizabeth it. All under sheds, dry, lo-screeued, and delivered clean to any part of the city, at (he low prices, viz. Large Nut, (5; Large Stove, (5 50; Broken and Egg, (5 50. Orders received by City Despatch. Store corner Houstou and Elizabeth its, and at the Yard, 256 Elizabeth, near Bleecker. * jit lm?rc JACOB WEEKS. CHEAP SPECTACLES A T 93 DUANE KTMEET, New York, first door from A Broadway. HENRI D. BLACKWOOD, Working Optician, u proof of tha above, advertises the following cheap prices :? Beet double jointed Oold Spectacles (S 25 Best single jointed Gold Spectacles T 50 Beet double jointed Silver Spectacles 2 30 Beet tingle jointed Silver Spectacles 2 <0 Finest double jointed elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 18s. Fiuest single juiuted elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 15e. Finest double jointed Tortoise-shell Spectacles.... 15s. Finest single jointed Tortoise-shell Spectacles.... 12s. STILL CHEAPER? Good elastic bine steel Spectacles, set with the best glasses, and with everv care and attention paid to them in the manufacture, or one dollar. Good elastic blue Steel Spectacles 6s. Good elastic blue 8tee! Spectacles 4s. 6d Good elastic blue Steel Spectacles 3s. Good German Silver Spectacles 3s. Best Tortoise-shell Eye Glasses 5s. 6d. Best blue Steel Eye Glasses 5s. 6d. Best Horn Eye Glasses 3s. Best Horn Spectacles. 4s. 6d. Best Convex Glasses set into your own frames,. 2s. Best Concave Glasses set into your own frames, 3s. Best Convex Pebbles set into your own frames, ,10s. Best Concave Pebbles set into your owu frames, 12s. Repairs executed at the same rate of cheapneee. Ladies and Gentlemen atteuded at their own residences, jaft lm*ec M"OTICE TO LAWYERS?A young man having some i-> leisure time, wishes to improve that time by copying for lawyers or others. Address a note to X. Y. /., at the office of this paper, to which immediate attention will be given. j29 lw*rc OKOTON FOUNTAIN BREWrKI "P HE inability of the subscriber to meet the increased de s. maud for his Pale and Amber Ales, hitherto*manufactured ith;s Brewery, in Albany, has rendered it necessary, to meet the wants of his customers, to commence a Brewing establishment in New York, to be called as above, where heiutendato produce an article which it ia presumed will even increase the reputation of hie Brand, in Pale and Amber Alee, to the "ne pins ultsa" of pleasant and salubrious beverages, and in abundant supply. 430 lm?rh ANDREW KfHK. D WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, wnich will O change grey hair to its original color in a few minntet. This solutionis different from any yet offerod, and cannot fail of su perceding all others. It is highly efficacious, and possesses the great advantage of .beautifying the hair without injuring its growth. Those who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before payiigg their money. If hnmbugs would take this method there would be no reason to complain. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied at No. S'Chathnm St, opposite ths Hall of Records, New York, up itairs, I ja7 lm'rc I ENGLISH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN SHIPPING AGENCY AT LIVERPOOL NOTICE. . IXAV1NG withdrawn our Agency entirely /reus Miiiri. , G HanrvDr.n It Co., of Boston and New York, we hereby an lonnce that Mcssns. Adams It Co., of No. 9 Court etreet, Bos ton, and 7 Wall street, New Y'ork, are our authorized Agents for the United Ststes and Canada, who are fully empowered > to act for us as our Shipping and Forwarding American Agents. 1 Te ensure the seeeption of goods in Liverpool, sad the for- l warding of the same to any port of England, Krone*. Ike. Ac. J it is necessary thai they should pose through tha bands of our uud Agents ! MESSRS. ADAMB k CO.. i a their several Offices, as follows V? So. 9 Court strert, Boston. I No. 7 Light strtet, Baltimore; do. 7 Wall street. New York. I Peun. Avenue, Washington. Mo. >5 Chesnut street, Philad. I No. 85 Fourth at. Pittsburg/ 1 No. 18 Norwich, I No. 155 Main St.. Worcester. . W1LLMER k SMITH. kiverpoo) May 1,1146. VF1LLMEK k 8M1TH take this apportunity of stating to ! Merchants, Broken, Importers and others, resident in every part >f the Union, that their Liverpool house is peculiarly adapted 'or the instant and express despatch of packages, parcels, specif. { Jlc., passing through Liverpool for Boston, New York, and all he other cities in the United Stales and Canada, and that thai Jepartment of their bnxineas Hss the constant and pibso- I ?al attention or Tug raiNciPALS, on all occasions. W! LLMKK k SMITH have made arrangements with Messrs. ! iDAMS k CO., by which all Goods passing through their Liverpool house Cor America, by the Steamships and oilier ret ,el? .will have the immediate and punctual attention of their aid Agents, Meters. Jidmme Sr Ce. at Boston and New York, ; nd will thereby be free from delay and high charges. 1 hey deem it necessary here to state, .hat they have no oon isxinn whatever with Mr. K. O. Tnekerman. of Liverpool. IVILLMER f SMITH'S ENGLISH EXPRESSES. | WILL.MEK It SMITH, who have for a serifs of years run jrivate Expresses to and from London with important intelli rente, fieqnenlly performing the entire journey, >10 miles, in j *IX HOURS, oner to the American Public and Government ' heir services for the aafe and rapid transmission of important tocumenss. despatches, specie, bonds, bills, deeds, lie., which will, on all occaaions, be most faithfnlly dehvemd by their own i ,invest messenger, and hours generally ia advance of the Eng- j ish mails to Lioodoc. Mr. EDWARD W1LLMKR, who is ' tow in Araerioa, it prepared to afford any information upon this : mhject, and give security for the due performances of all such ' tusiaoaa as mar bo eatrusted to his Liverpool eotabiithmsat- I I HAVE YOU A COUGH 1 | 0 not neglect it. Thontands have met a premature death . for the want of a little ittention to a common cold. HAVE YOU A COUGH f?Dr. Jayne's Expectorant, a safe J medical prescription, containing no poisonous drugs, and used in au extensive practice for several yeais, will most positively I ifford relief, ?jid save yon from that awful disease, pulmonary : consumption, which annually sweeps into the grave hundreds of the young, the old. the fair, the lovely and the gay. Hare you a cough I? Be persuaded to purchase a bottle of die ; vxnectorant to-day?to-morrow may be too late. Have you a cough I?Jayne's K"wctorant is the only remedy j you should take to cure you; for /lplain reason,that in no one of the thcuaand cases where it lu been used has it failed to re- I lieve. , Prepared and sold by Dr. Jayne, 20 South Third street, Phi- i ladelphia. Sold by the agents, A. B. k D. Sands, Druggists, No. 79 Fulton street, 273 Broadway, aud 77 East Broadway. i ja29 lm?m j DK. 00*8111' may be consulted confiduatially at hia Of | lice, 16 Daane street, two doors from Chatham. Strangers , ur respectfully informed that Dr. Corbitt is a member ol the ; University of the City of New York, and that he has exclusive- < Iy confined his practice from being general to the treatment ol ; certain classes of diseases, (now over eleven rears in the city ot New York,) which eng* this entire attention. The annals ol medicine do notrecord a i atrr snccesa than is to be found m hie I jrxclice. The Doctor cautions the unfortunate against the nee >f meremry, as t has ts thogsoade ot rictimo. Recent coaoe ue in a few days removed entieely from the >ysiem. See that rou are judiciously treated by a person legally qualified, aud sot by pretenders and quacks as tnere are several of them ia this city. Persons afflicted with protracted and inveterate cases terd not despair of being restored to health, by applying to Dr. Corbitt. A practice of many years has established the Doctor! xpuutian lor skill and respectability. Strictures encage the Doctor's profound attention. A medicine may be had to pre rent a certain disease in any of ita forms. d2> lm*ec IMPORTANT MEDICAL NOTICE. DOCTOR EVANS. No. I> Peck slip, near Water street. U New York, has been more than forty years in the suc cessful practice of physic and surgery, particularly in curing (perfectly) those desperate cooes of every variety of secret disease, old obstinate ulcere, cancers in the throat, strictures, 8tc., caused by mal-practice. It ia of the greatest importance for the unfortunate to choose an exi-rieuced physician. Dr. E. is the oldest and most experienced in this city; his practice great, his success astonishing, eveu after tney have been expelled from the Hospitals as incurable. His offices are well arranged for privacy. Call at 12 Peck slip, and be convinced. His ''bargee are most reasonable and all cases are guaranteed. <1*7 tra*rc <tp)R. SALTER'S YOUNG MAN'S FRIEND,-' or Kpe LJ cific,Mixture, completely bide defiance to those ve y pre valent, I may even say fashionable imprudences. This medicine, unequalled in power, neutralises the virus. and >uppresses all the morbid symptoms and irritation of thedisense in recent c *ses generally iu twenty-four bouts TTiis mixture may be relied on wth the utmost onfideuce, as being an antidote unequalled for the cure of certain imprudences, gonorrhoea, Ac.?See full par ttnilars with the medicine. Whnlesil* and retail by J. O. FAY, 1J6 Fnlton stiret, (Lamp store,) Sun Buildings, New York.?Price (I. j20 lm?rc TIMS' PATENT BOXES. qiHE PROPRIETORS OF TIMS' PATENT CAR 1 BOXES, would respectfully call the atteqtiou of Kail Road Companies, snd all others interested with the building of Rail Road Cars, that they have appointed CORNELIUS KANOUSE, of Jersey City, their agent for the manufacturing of said boxes. Also, ag.ant lor transacting all business eouu. *ird with said patent-right. All communications directed to him at Jersey City Iron Foundry, will be punctually attended to. TIMMB. HILL k BOODY, Proprietors. Jersey City. January 7th. 1845- jt Im'n rJ OLD COUNTRYMEN-Remlltnnceiia small or lam ?urns mad* to all parti of Knroiw, on & plan which wil ?stirely prevent theloss or delay of the same For particulars gsplyto C.LIVINGSTON, Foreign A rearv. ?" W?ll street OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE DO ,j ..... NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 1845. S *n thii dav r?r Dirorion of thii Institution, for th* tattling yur, the following gentlemen were elected men Director*:? Thomas W. Thorae jr.lisha Kings, I horns* 1. Wondrnff, Anson Baker, n R. Robson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, MosesTuck-r. Janes E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore. John H. Lee, Was, K. Thorn, Celeb C. Tints, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Msge, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merrut, Robert Bmtth. TO LET. tTHE four story brtck building No. S3 Anthony street, it being 94 fret by 26, aud so near Broadway would be a goodTocalion for a Hotel, or for Lodge Rooms, or for ry Drill Roome. For |>articulan, iuquire of D. D. IDKSON, No. <9 Authouy etreet. f6 3t*m FOR SALE. A BEAUTIFUL FARM, limited <4n the town of ?MjHastchester, coutiiuiug seventy acres of good nibbleaud ^?^.grass laud. The Houie it iu |>erfect order and convenient ly arranged for a large family. Said Farm ia djvjded by the poat road running to New liochelle and Mirmarreneck, and rims down to Eaatchester Creek, where there ia fine bait and trout lulling in their season The out building! are all in good order, and there ie good stabling for twelve horiee. The whole place is well warned and on the premises is abeiutiful Fishpond. There are two churches within aquarter of a mile of said place, and stages pass twice a day by the home, to intersect the New York and Harlein Railroad at William's Bridge, whiih is with in three utiles of said premises. There i> an abundance of Fruit on said premises, which was selected by ths present owner with great care. The distance from City Hall, New York, is scant sixteen miles Possession can be had by the 1st of April, and any information concerning said property, can be bad on the premises. Also, adjoining said property, forty acres of first rate Land, with a good Stone House on it, with Barn and Stables connected, possessing rhe same advantages as the above seventy acres. The said forty acres will be sold seperately, or the Farms to gether, (making iu all l<0 seres) to suit the purchaser. fe3 ltn*rc W.M. H. HICK8, No. 20 Wall street. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice Laud in the 8th ?M|Ward, in the city of Brooklyn, fronting the New York ^4k*.Bay, and commanding a beautiful prospect. The situa tion is highly pictuiesque. Enquire of JOHN S. BERGEN, on the premises. ja29 lm*rc a FOR SALE?A valuable Farm, forming a part of the Irract known as Mo'risania, situa'ed on the Harlem river. ^_ajn ihn county of Westchester, consisting of one hundred and len acres of laud, prope-ly fenced and in good order. Upon the Farm there is a commodious modern built Mansion House, with a garden, stable and all nece?stry appendages, suitable for a gentleman's country residence. There are also upon the harm two Farm Houses, and all neceaaary out buildings Also, a valuable mill site and water power, and an orchard. The said Farm is very accessible from the city, being within nine miles of the City flail, with the privilege of a free brioge across the Harlem river. The cars of the Harlsgn Railroad run within half a mile of the house. For terms ail further particulars in quire b-tween 12 ami 3 P. M. of H. M. MORRIS, j 18 Jm*rc 11 Pine street, second story. HOWARD HOTEL. NEW YORK. THOMAS & ROE, PROPRIETORS. THIS will known establishment, at the corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane, in the city of New Vork. is now opened the direction and proprietorship of the undersigned, by whom its high reputation, as an Hotel of the first class, will, it is hojied, be fully sustained. It has been put iu the most thorough and complete repair, painted and re fitted. Those arrangements which have ever rendered it equally attractive and convenient to men of business, to men of leisure, and to private families, will be continued, the plan still existing of havingt wo different hours for meals, so that all may be suited. This arrangement, it is believed, is a peculiar feature of this establishment, and has proved eminently satisfactory to all iu visiters. Iu addition to the exertions of the undersigned, those of Mr. John Thomas, formerly of the American Hotel, Albany, and late of the United States Hotel, Saratoga Springs, will be used, to insure, as far as possible, the satisfaction of the friends of the House and the public generally. Theuudersigned look, with confidence, to the maintenance of that lavor with which the "Howard Hotel" has ever been honored. M. J. THOMAS, STEPHEN R. ROE, (Late commander of the Hndson River Steamboat "Empire.") New York, January 31. 1844 f22w?ec TO LET, AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION OIVEN?The Store No.97 Nassaustreet, Herald Build- . ings, with Fixtures, Stove and Pipes, ready set and all | rte. Application to be made at the desk of the office of the Herald, for terms. Stc. j31tfrc VERY DESIRABLE LOTS FOR SALE.?Five f Lou on the southerly side of 13th *reet, near 5th avenne. ji^^LHix Lot* on the northerly side of 13th street, between 6tn aod 7th avenues, with court yards iu front, aud in the midst ol ''^fhree'Lots en the southerly side of 14th street, between the 6th and 7ih avenues, in an improving neighborhood. Two LoU on the southerly side of 14th street, near the 8th "h our Lota on the easterly side of 7th avenue, between 12th and 13th streeu, with cellars partly dugout. . , . ifiFive Lou on the northerly side of 39th street, between the 1st and 2nd aveuues, oveilooking the city and East Mi?er The whole amount may remain on mortgage, ir improved, and 70 rer cent if not improved. G. H. WINI bit, j,6 Im'e.c 16 Wall street. I'O let OK LEASE.?a large two-story brick House, on the southwesterly corner of the Bloommgdale road and 40th street, with sufficient ground whereon to erect a manufactory, which will be built if requited. Also, a two atory frame Cottage, House, and five Lots, en use northwesterly comer of the Bloomingdale road and 40th street, with a workshop, stable, bam, Stc. The house will he painted and put lu good fence and repair, with a court yggd in front, on the Bloomingdale road. ... j ? ? Also, 8 Lou adjoining on the Bloomingdale road, running through to the7th avenue and 41st street, suitable for a florist or manufacturer. Buildings will be erected if required. Also, a Lot iu 30th street, between th* 7th and Bill avenues, to Ungp (i> H. W1 IN L rait, j26 lm*ec 16 Wall street. ? FOR SALE?The House and Lot No. 3 Wall street, being 40 feet front ou Wall street. The building five sto ries high, exclusive of the basement and sub-cellars. J he premises contain about thirty apartments, all well and commo iliously arranged for offices, a tores, and other purposes. Ane WAUolVre &<&&!!&? era mores, inos. 14 and 16 Maine., lane, aud the three story brftk building ou the watt tide of Greene street, one door souffi of Maiden lane, and in the rear adjoins the property on Maiden lane. 1 he*e premises are iu good order and well situated for business. All the above mentioned property is now well tenanted, and f?^"rnt 'nYWtm'UllkCCTLLQu!e50 Wall street. FOR SALE-A Farm, of 170 acres, on th- '*Hbank of Hudson River, near the village of Rhiuebeck, *"han dTiW ol rmasoil ivivcr, nwir iiic v inapv u . . | biladequate stock of cattle, horses, farming utensils, kc. Jnltwi* a farm house, bam, coach house, dairy houses, hay Dress, hovels, kc. all iu good ordsr. - . A'so, a piece of land, being 5 acres, in the village of Fort Lee on the west b ink of the river, known as the Orchard with several houses and improvements thereon. Also, tlie piece ol land in the same village, known u Long Dock consisting of about 51 acres, exclusive of the dock and water point. lhis property is much improved and most of it in excellent Teuce. Also, the following property in the cityofNew York, viz: the houses and lots No. 77.79,79* an.l 81 Vanck street, being all brick houses iu good condition and repair. No. 81being 30 feet wide, aud the house, containing numerous and well arrang ed apartments and accommodations. All this property is near ^ AUo'.'a'pfet ofland on 38th street, includiug about 12 lots near the Third Avenue, in the 16th Ward. , Also, 16 lots in the 12th ward, vix.-fonr lots on the west side of 3d avenue, comer of Slit street ; one lot on the south side ?r 50th street; oue lot ou the north side of 49th street; three lots on the south side of 49th street-all west of and near tj^ Sd o.'nne; three lots on the west side of 2d avenue, oetwreu 56th and 57th streets; two lots on the north side of 57th street; and two lots on the south side of 53th street?ihe last mentioned feur lou be tween th- 2d and 3d avenues. The terms ofsale will be made easy. XILLOU, ja25 2w*re No. 58 Wall street. SOMETHING NEW. OPALD1NO k CO. are manufacturing, under Letters latent s tes ? avatly put up in tin, wood and paper, in any iized packages, and in lot. to suit purchaser*.^ MATCHES f are highly approved of and recommended for family nie bv physicians and chemists, in consequence of the absence 01 sni nhnr in their manufacture, the fumes of which are so disagree able and deleterious to all, and particnlarly injurious to persons haviuc weak lungs or delicate constitutions They are particularly recommended to the attention of ship pers, as they have frequently been taken on lung voyages and ex posed to the action ol all climates, without the slighest injury. For sale by the principal Druggists and Grocers in the city. Orde's left at Shepard's Bookstore, 191 Broadway, or at their 0<jaCr4 lm?BiirCCk" it"*t' SPALDING It CO. FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROBERT SON IAN METHOD. ANEW COURSE of French, ^cording W the system of Robertson, will be given by Mr. EDMON D DU BUIottON, A. M., at98 Leonard it., commencing on Monday, 17th instant, at 5 o?clock. P. M. iy?iem, to well known in Kurone will be eiplainedbv the Profewor. Peraona wuhing to learn ttie French, or their friends, are resjiecifully invited to attend. Mr. Edmond du Buisson having been engaged in giving instructions in French for a number ol ruanu MjL. Uoud^s school, and for the past year at M. G. Ue Row s ??j school at New Brighton, would respectfully refer to those gentlemen, both in regard to qualification anil clhar*"e[j ^ information in the mrantime may be obtaued at his residence, "jJlSew Course for Ladies will be opened on the same day, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Rgrguiivccs. Dr. Porter, 1 Barclay it. Dr. Croesman, 400 Broadway W^B*"Draper, 57 Boaver st W. H. Cary kCo., llfi 1'enrl st. E. Fabteque ttas,6l Maiden lane E. Logan, Esq., 4 New at. R. Rowley. Esq., 49 Nassau st Rev. Dr. John Power, 15 Bar clay atreet COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. npHE UNDERSIGNED hive formed a Copartnership to Barry I on the Cu'ing. Packing and Smoking Provision Businees, under the firm of DAVISON k COLT, such Copa.tner.h.p to date from 23d December last. OAV18MN r'osWELL- L COLT, Jr. New York, 1st February, 1845. DAVISON"& COLT, Having taken the large and commodiotu premisea ol ivieiari. "lV fioppock h Co , 76, near CanaUtreet and the North River, long and favorably known as ?m?ng he bert in tha City, for the Curing. Packing and Smoking of all kind, of Provisions, will ea-ry ou that business in its branches, and solicit a cont nnance of the public patronage towards thla establishment, Pledging themselves that al) artldea sold bj ihem shall be of ll.e firsi quality only. In addition i''/''1"'" Beef and Po.k, in barrel, and half-barrels, for exportation or for home aunsumption, and put np accoidingly, they will always ^VirLES OF A MJpIhIOR QUALITY FOR FAMILY USE OR FOR EXPORTATION C. C. Carter kCo , U8 do. Berard k Moudon, 36 Court land st. M. Mellv, 56 Maiden Lane (7 2w*re W. M and bis heit quality Fnlton Market Beef, choice pieces. Rounds do, spiced. , Choice, pieces smoked, (Irish Muiton Hams, amoked. H barrel, Dulehess and Put mm Co. Corn Fed Pork. Hams, sugar cured, smoked. Shonlders, do do Pigs Heads, do do Jowls, do do Bacon, do do hnng Beef.) Beef Hams, smoked. City Ox Tongues, smoked end paro.i, .... ?? , in pickle in kegs nr X brls. Lsrd, city rendered, supr. qlty. OrSer. for exporwtionor fonh.p stores, wi'lbeexecniedwnh care mil dispeich, and all articles purchased from them will he dell reed ftee ol rspenre to any part of th# city, or Grdsrs received by Messrs Head k Hopimck, 34 Water street, or at the prfmiit*, 76 Hullivan ttrvet. gjX barrel w . SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING PISTOLS. BLUNT A SYMS, No 14 Chatham street, MANUFACTUBT.K8 of the above art.cle haee now a com plete assort ment resdy for the Spring trade, which they or ler at reduced prices. Thev would luvtte the attention of mer ehintl and ilealers to their assortment, to the tnannf icture ol which, tliev hase paid|*tsoual attention, end from the increased qaautity they are making, can sell them lower than before of ""t l'so?Guns of their own manufacture, aa well as every vari ety of imported Gun. and implements, in quantities to ?"'Vm* ft 3m'm_ rpRUNX BOARDB-Bo.ton-ynpl.Jo^i,^ 1 416 N ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFATORY, fl No. 103 FULTON STREET. t"l EAST SIDE OF BKOADvVaT. Jffik n.i01lir? aI,I)'lc?tion of the tystem of ainall profit., cuh 5Sh??rSSf*#,!rr *** ** to many branches of business in this f!l.y * few year., and the eminent aacceta which this | lao UeMrrea, and has in almost every instance received, has ,ubicriber to test its application to the HATTING lM!,'. aiCl,,r. w fe inhabitants are widely distinguished mi?,l.F' and taste in dress, and at the same lime for ecouo '|"'re MaB>? K.rwtt reason to believe that a s> stem . community to gratify a laudable partiality M "npr-ced^tedly small eiiieuse, will meet with h?!,M, ,!r i of larnr. Determined to ascertain whether a bnnch of business which concerns the head and pocket of every I ,TJSl^community, cannot lie conducted ou this |dau. the subs riber has employed a Urge number of the best workmen in the mtnofacWriug and f.,i.h?,g department.; also skill uTand tasty Cap .Makers. Each depaitment is under the constant ?T'V'"on "f a.? experienced foremen. These arrangements ureat^aciTiii ,n,ln?4te.P?r?0l'*1! knowledge of the business. ! great Uciluies for purchasing to the best advautage-|.,w rent hew.7eV??" l,*.ru"iont esKpies of Broadway?iutles ble ad ?Toh on delivery"?a determination to keep iiaoe with all improvements, and with the current Fashions of the f'Ji,'"" '1' him to say with all confidence, that he now offers ^ Xork- article. m his line fully eqiiHl in '/ f11 durability to those sold in Broadway, and unequalled in Cheapness and economy to any ever offered iii this city. sndthV;** _?J? telsr to the following schadula of articles, and their respective prices annexed Hats. First Quality Nutria Fur tt an Identical with Hats heretofore sold at 81 50 and'$5* 00. and W?|M* ?*ilnsn Jt!sn Wl11JNonouucsthem the same, 8~o"d Qa^X'tHa . "1.!? f? T"y " *"od '"vieej, M ?ihrif. th" ?an>* article heretofore' sol'd at SO 50 and 7i k .Lal ?i'pcarc.ccand tttiish closely resembling Moleskin *' Pr,uclP?' difference being in the body. Usually sold at $3 00 Md ?V io-^-Very' ne*Vin appear*2 M arice, and very serviceable. c- c CAPS. '?f.^Yllliy A*1"1 Boys f I 50 i lade of superior F rencn Cloth, and trimmed in a very superior manner, usually sold at $2 aud $2 50. second Quality $100 ??lQu^ty...U?,!!V.0^"*\M.^^r.'' 75 . Usually soid at $125 and' $Yjo'. A"T'm?a,,0Vt'1' ,how that the ?'yle of 'he above artielea where he surpassed by any establishment in this city or else is n?,i?;7lTrt|n'iI1' of Tri1m.minK? adopted at this establishment fim.v /Ji? K, eU<1,'d "* 5*'" fpr effectually preventing ?L 0,1 >prli"1 to the hair, as for its greater e se and comfort to the wearer. ja3l lm*ec fnos-tiTABLEAIJ AND FANCY BALL C^?d rV.rnf ?uly Co,tnineWarehouse, where Ladies Tab^aua. or b^cy BafU?isIat el^e<,l,il)''e<''?r"^a,(/uerad"' 50 FRINGE STREET, Costume, for Partie. of fifty or one ImXd^ on are to auy part of the United States. Letters prompt y attended ' __ Ja3lm*rc CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE ^?T WANTED. G ;? Ph LADIES having any snparffnous caah^' J?.?*,Lt,n, ?f> can obtain the higheat k n ,actv y a??ding for the subscriber, at his i resideu r, Duane street, No. 69, in the basement. pa a i' u , , _ M. 8. COHEN. 1 prompt! attended'to" ^ P?" ?*Ce' otherwme. wiUbe TAXES OF 1844. OFFICE OF RECEIVER OK TAXES,) rtTTuuir a vt, . Almi House, Psrk. s P W the Act for the Collection of 'faxes in the ? City of New York, passed 12th, 1843 "public notice ib.Yi'ki^'a'V' at uu !? T?*?s now remaining unpaid, , ,me at my- offic;> ou or before the fifteenth day Tf ,ao ?dd'tl0u "f one per cent will be charged ? -r addition of one per cent will be charged on all uch laxes reiuainuig unpaid ou the fifteenth day of March The present law requiring the Taxes to be paid to the Re f1'!tn?i'i ie 0 ce "f Ward Collectors having been aDolish il.ll.. Yi'*^W!10 can '"^e it convenient to pav their Taxes ear'.hi w'll find it greatly to their advantage to do ao, thereby avoiding the crowd and delay which will necessarily occur for 5<,versl days previous to the percentage being charged. nA?f1 ?may be obtained on application at the office. Office hours from ( o'clock, A. M. until 3 o'clock P. M. .. H- T. KJERSTED, jaTto.Mrl* re Receiver of Taxes. BKUN LA KOS1ERE 8t COURT, .116 William . I . a% vv/UliA , I ID vv 1111RIII | ?BMg?treet. have just received bytlie Louis Philippe, a large ^JKJassortmentof Wreaths Polka. Rachel, Tagfionia, AT ? I. PMWg*niYu "rd ?.'OTf 'PrimmiiikS and Hairi'ins iJjFollUS Camellas. Koies, and a large assortment of Fancy Balls, ihey are all of the latest styles, and for richness are surpassed by none in the United States. J14 lm*ec xr CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS! INI JbAKKI EL, 92 Nassau street, opposite the Herald Build ,k.llkFl,I*fp*c.tinl,y """Withe attention of h's friends aud ; | IC generally. to the following choice Cigars, just re 17 By late arrivals from Havana Hof aliai of various brands, Panet^las of various brands. Ngrrnas, Priucipes, Xog-nuidad, Rionda, aperanita, Napolroqea, k* India, Noriegas, Lord Byrons. ,i iT!2 5bovr >tH.r",ar' guaranteed as genuine and imported, and 5i ? afe invited to call and examine th.rn. ' jl5 lnY^Vrb* abr""*d W,U b* 'trictly attended to. CHEAP " CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, W? PEARL STREET. T'HE oUBSCRlPl.K, one of the pioneers of the cash system, r J?lrM 10 oefore the public that he continues to man s.actnre every kind r I Civil and Military clothing, of the fineet ^y**P.*U'm ?" melt superior style, at lower prices by twenrr r???^ m?. a 1 y ?tb*T house charges for the same quality ol garments. VVi.n it the following list of prices > Best superfine wool black Drew Coat..T. .$14 to $20 1 anm of fancy ?aid "Inin black Caaaimera.. i to I ? of all Ikmdt.hilk, Satin, Caasimere... to i in APPrril,h'ir cl(,th "? have them made in toe best style ?t Ar lollowing prices Ureas Coats (ram ty to K? v?S ?m 1 d22 lm?ec ISOto 3 ^ ? TEETH! TEETH !! TEETH !!! ORE AT REDUCTION IN DENTISTRY QHEAPE8T OPERATING OFFICE IN THE CITY! .Tooth set for 75 cenu onlv' Teeth,filled fine Gold Foil 75 ' T in roil, of a superior quality 50 lootache cared or ulcerated stumps extracted..25 1.11 I.n... TAFLOR. Surgeon Dentist, I lin'ec 62 Essi Broadway. THE PICTORIAL NEWS RoOM, No. 23 CATHERINE STREET. BETWEEN EAST TT HA tvir^f ^AY 4N,.) STREET. LI HA WKES. having fitted up a Parlor as a Geteral News AX. Room, under the above title, will be happy to see his Irienai, and Hopes by attention to busiuess to merit a con t!nuance of the favors so liberally bestowed since lie has been in the public line. The room furnished with New York and Old Conntry Pa pers regularly. ,nPi'r.iediT.ith?c,hoi.ct WinM "><1 Spirit#, fine flavor ed Scgars, aud fine Pale Ale, fcc. j3J lm*ee SUPERFLUOUS CLOTHING Q.EN FLEMEN OR FAMILIES detirons of converting into ,u 5ath ?"PcfBooua or eaat off Clothing, will obtnin from the Subscriber the HIGH EST CASH PRICES. lo families er Gentlemen quitting the city or changing re tidenca, baring effects of the kind to dispose of, will find it .ldTantaff' <? "?d for the Subscriber, who wUI attend them at their residevice by appointment. H. LtVETT, Office No. 3 Wall atreet, rrv si ^ _ and at 471 Hudson at ILA" A hue through the Post Office, or otherwise, will be punctually attended to. ja4 Im're \Af ATCHf;S :? W ATCHES AND JEWELKVf.?'i'hose "bo wish to purchsre Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, fcc., will fiud it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all dmcrip tions or the above at retail much lower than any other house in the cjty. Gold Watches aa low aa *20 and US each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. AJl Watches war rantud to keep good time or the money refunded. Watches, ud Jewelry repaired in the beat manner and warranted, at much leu than the usual pricm. ... , 4* O. ALLEN, Impoiterof Watches imd Jewelry, Jl5 lrn-ec Whnleule and retail. 30 Wall tt.. up stain BALLS, PARTIES, NEW YEAR'S FEST1VJ* TIES, &c. I THOSE gentlemen who intend enjoying the festivities of the #? season, are reanested to examine a rery rich and rare assort mant of fashionable Scarfs, Cravats, Dress Gloves, he.. received by late arrivals from Paris and Londen The present assortment of the above articles have been selected with great attention, aud are well calculated to give satisfaction to gentle men of taata and fashion. The subscribers would call the atten tion ol'heir patrons and strsngera visiting this city to their large and well selected assortment of the following goods: Linen and Muslin Snirts, /cut after the meat approved French Method, to fit the form of u.e Wearer.) Silk, Merino, Lamb's Wool, Flannel and Buckskin ShuTa and Drawers; Velvet, Cuhmere,and other Dressing Robes: Hosiery Linen and Silk Pocket Kerchiefs; Cravat and Scarf Stocks, Riding Belts, Taunt Elastic Shoulder I 1)raft, Suspenders, Bucnskin, Merino. Cashmere, Cloth, Beo i i Ti:r't?1 Skin Gloves, he., he. Cfeutlemen desiring any Oi 1 Che sbove articles will be certain to find them to suit their taste, at the old establishment of PAR8ELL8 fc AGATE, d22 lm?ec 237 Broadway, i.inner of Park Place. DOR SALE?A Saw and Grist Mill, with a large work-shop x ?attached to which is sbont ten horse power, from the mill?together with a dwelling honse, b.rn, blacksmith snap, ana eight acres of laud. The above proiierty is situated in COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. A .BUllEN respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he contiuu*s to tninufacture Colored Paper and Jrancv J*?per Boxes, in all varieties, at the old stand of the ?a a nrmj? ?'Hnc f1 Boden, 74 Fulton corner of Gold street He is rail? determined to msnufartuie s superior nrticle, and to | put the prices so as to satisfy his cust4?mers. Orders will be punctns ly attended to. | N. B.--A good assortment of Colored I apersand Fancy Paper Boies always on hand. ja30 2m*ec | """ " KING'S VERBENA CREAM. I n original inventor and now sole proprietor of | v-7* thisjustly celebrxted compound for shaving, has at length | brought: it to that perfect poirt of perfection, beyond which it is impossible to transceurL There never wa* a Shaving ( ream that has approached it in virtues pectili ?rly its own, nor lias any ! preparsnon reached the niche of fame that "King's Verbena I Cream has, nor has any Shaving Soap received the spontane ous eulogies from the public press in all parts of the United States. It has for years carried a* ay the palm at the American Institute Kair?it has ergnlphed a hundred end on* imitations and counterfeit*. The Verbena Cream is allowed by judges (whoarenot that hiveabeani t) to be the moU penetrating, most instantaneous creamy latlicrgiving, and the most delicious ly scented Soan known?leaving the skin as soft as down, and as smooth as a lady's flat iron, so unlike the most of other kinds, which all know, leave a redness, smarting scabby chin. K is w&rririted to give entire satisfaction, and to preserve its rich ouahtiet in any climate, and not to shrink ?s formerly, when first introduced, since which C. H. King has by experiments m??* * di?roveiy ihat entirely prevents it. Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail by C harles H. King, 391 Broome street, nearly opposite Centre Market. It is also sold at manufacturer's prices by HaviUud, Hesse It Co.. Bfl Maiden Lsne. James 8. Aspinwi II, fk? William street, ana at retail by inoet Drug and Fancy stotea throughout the United States. !t?T T** ^iwctious on every pot signed C. H. King, without ^mth, it tannot be genuine. i f 5 2w#rc SU^Jlrbr hMi ^Is^LLff^ cfd!" ,#B i**M M In* NMt Troy. [Correspondence ot the Herald J Tkov, Feb. 3, 1845. Hanging a Man?Hit last IVurds? Mujfit, tfr I perceive, in looking over the columne ot your instructive paper of Saturday, under the hend of "Personal Movements," the statement that Miller, the murderer of West, who was sentenced to be hung in our city on the 28th ult., was hung in Al bany. This is a mistake. He was hung within the limits of the Troy jail. You will allow me to give you a brief statement of the facts. He " Mil ler," was in great agony of mind all that part of the' day he was permitted to live ; but when placed upon the gallows manifested considerable composure At about 1? minutes to three o'clock, Mr. Reynolds, the Sheriff, "who, by the way, per formed his trying duties most nobly, drew out tiis watch, and finding that he had given him as long lime as he possibly could, 3aid to Miller " William, (that being his christian name,) you have just one minute longer to live. It you are guilty, we wish to have you confess it, and if you are not, we wish to have you say so . He in stantly replied, " I am innocent ot the charge ; and immediately the peg, which sustained the seven 5? pound weights, was knocked out, and ne was launch^i torth?it may be with a lie in hit? mouth?upon the broad ocean of eternity Ine : Catholics having made arrangements for his body, he was to have been carried to their church in the | lower part of the city, but the Rev. Mr. Haver- | man, their priest, finding aii immense crowd in and about church, deemed it imprudent to enter the church with the body: he, therefore, turned, and had it carried to the Catholic burying ground, where it was safely deposited in a vault. Alaffit, the celebrated Methodist, has been astonishing the natives lor the last week or two, with nightly harangues. He got one hundred dol lars a week. Elder Knapp has arrived in the city^ [ close in haste, promising 'o write you again, if there is any tning new. Yours, &c. J. P. M. City Intelligence. Police Olllce.?Escape fhom the Watch-House ? Two young men were brought into the Watch-home, last night, lor stealing, but this morning they were not to be tound. How they got out, or where they got out, is a mystery, ai yet unexplained, and probably will con tinue to be a mystery. A Black Joke? Stb?liro Flour.?A negro, named Joe Dauby, employed acattman, at the loot ot Ce-lar street, to take a couple ot barrels of flour for him to No 81 Cross | street, and the cartman, glad ot a job, loaded the flour into his cart, and took it to No. 81 Cross street, where he was paid by the negro and drove off Joe then went round To try to sell the flour, and wbLe so engaged, met M. P. Reynolds, who was satisfied that the flour was stolen, and >ook him to the Station House, and from thence to the Police Ottice. It subsequently appeared that the Hour was the property of Little &. Hkidmore.and that the negto itad no sort ol right or title to it. He was tally committed Ariiest of a Rioter ?A man named Patrick Have was held te bail at the Upper P. lice Oflice, tor an assault and battery upon Mr. Harriott, one of the inspectors of elec lions, at the Spring election, and for being engaged in a riot there. He was held to bail in the sum of $1000. Several daring arrests of vugabonds. in a beastly state of intoxication, and starving thieves, were made by the VI T.'s in the course ol tho day, greatly to the consteri^ tion Bed won ermeut of the old police ofllcers, who are all taken aback at the superior tact of their new rivals.? They took down their own prisoners. Coroner'* Office.?The Coroner was summoned to I hold an inquest ut No. 133 Mott street, upon the body ol a man named James Condry, 30 years of age, who died at the above place last night. Deceased had been employed in the iron works, at Bloomingdale. He was an intern- | ?erate man What the cause of death was could nst be ascertained, as the inquest could not be got at in the Coroner's olllce, in consequence of the door being closed at ft o'clock, when the Court of Sessions adjourned. Whether the Corontr was summoned to hold any other inquest, is also a matter not within the reporter', knowledge, lor the above reason. Special Sessions. Before the Recorder and two Aldermen. Friday.? Counsellor Hunt's Hat Case.?Dsniel Kelly was placed at the ber on a charge oi stealing a hat irom Henry Turner. The complainant testified that the hat was stolen from him and tound on the prisoner's head yesterday. The prisoner boarded in the same house with the complainant. . . ... . H Hurt not altogether unknown to the public appeared as The prisoners counsel, una iuc follow ing ricn dialogue ensued.... Hurt?Now, Mr. Turner, was not the prisoner intoxi cated when you found the hat 7 RucORDER-Mr Hur.t?Mr Hunt, you had better let the prisoner tell his own story, I think. Hurt, (coloring,)-Yes, if the Court pleases. I appear for this man, and have attended to his case all along REcoRDKB-Mr. Hunt, are you a counsellor or attor ney, sir 7 Hurt, (embarrassed,)?Yes, sir. Recordir-Which, sir 7 Counsellor, orattorncy7 Hurt?Both, sir 7 Record*r?Have you been admitted in the Supreme Court, or Court of Common Pleas 7 Hurt.?Common Pleas. Recorder?Ah '. very well, sir, if that is the case you can go on ; hut the Supreme Court have recently dtWlded that no person who has not been admitted as counsellor or ettorney, in the Supreme, or Court of Common Pleas, can practise in this Court, and we mean to enforce the rule rigidly Have you any witnesses tor the defence, sir 7 Hurt?Yes, sir ! Mr. Hodges. Mr Hodges, proprietor of theCliuton Hotel, stood up, and was asked by Mr. Hunt if he knew the character oi the accused. , Mr. Hodges?Well, sir, he was turned out of my house I believe on account of improper conduct; we had strong suspicions of his honetty,but could not prove anything against him. There was some silver missed when he W Recorder?Have you any more witness for the defence, Mr. Hunt ? (Roars of laughter) Hurt?(Slightly embarrassed)?Yes,sir?one more. A respectable witness then testified that he had known the defendant for some time, and that he possessed a good ChHunt contended that Kelly took the hat in a drunken trolic, intending to return it, and leaving his hat Instead. The Court .hought five days in the city prison would be about right, and chalked him down for that time. Fining a Custom House Officer ?Archibald Roane, a Custom House Officer, was couvicted of an assault and battery upon a cartman named C. B B Jacobson, on board of a ship of which he had the charge. Tha ooaru oi * ?mu v? wuivh * ??? . . " , , ? oame for a bale of goods which had been promised him to cart to the public store, but it was given to some lo mil 11/ v.. L J I Iko mianll other pel was com journed. to cart to the public store, dui ii?m other person, and high words ensued, when the assaul' was committed. The Court imposed a fine of $36. Ad Common Pleal. Before Judge Ingraliam. Jar. 7.?The People, \c. vs James O. Utters ?In this case, already retained, the jury rendered a verdict lor the plaintiff, of $300 on the bond, and 8 cenU damages and 6 CB?Ztn?kTrooorn,y, vs. William Hockwsan.-Assault and Baltesy ? It appeared that on or about the 14th of Heptrm ber last, plaintiff, in attempting to get_on board defen dant's hoat, "The Visitor," was shoved ove.board bj plaintiff, with an a die. It was shown on the P?rt ?' ?h* defence that plaintiff was repeatedly told that it he tier sisted in attempting to get on board, defendant wonldre ?ist the attempt. Verdict for defendant. Frederick Dib hie for plaintiff; J R. hlannaganfor defendant. Patrick Murphy vs. Andrew Ntedly ? Action of eject meiit ?It appeared that the plaintiff leaaed premise* situ Htc at the corner of Read and Delarcy streets, ol a person named Peter McCahill, possession to be given at ?* Jl|?' subsequent to tho lease. In the interim McCahill let the same premises to defendant, who now occupies Hum and refutes to give plaintiff admission, to effect whleh present action is brought. Verdict tor theplaintifl, sub set to the opinion of the court in R case to beimsils. James Ksamey vs Hugh McColl el al.-Thls was an action brought to recover the balance of on amounting to $701 31. It appeared that plaintiff hodsold the defendant fifty Cuska of spirits ot turpentine.!J< ih value of $701 31, $.'>00 of which is allowed to be paid, to recover the remainder present suit is brought Am d _ fence was rntered into. the jury rendered a vordict lor plaintiff of $304 33, including m erest Before Judge I'lshoeffer. Shamrock Benevolent Society,vs Collins ^ ported in yesterday's Herald, was resumed The ( our' charged at fto'clo k. Verdict (or plaintiff, (who waive, return) $76 damages and 6 cents costs; and they vnlut th* pro petty riPl"vined at $76, and that not replev.ned at $7ft. _ Court Coleiul**"-'This D?y. Supreme Court.-44 , 46, 60 , 44, 66, 61, 87 to77 , 79 to 81 Tub Cowrt.?The Comet, which after being visible to us a lew days, is now expiring in the southwest, has been seen in m ch greater brilliancy, by :x.r;nr.:? 3d of January, ?t ? P. M , the comet appeared about tan decreet high, 8 VV. by S. The tail was eight or ter degrees long; and the nucleus as h illiant a. R star of '^The observations made in this country, on the place ol this< t, will doubtless be sufficient to determine it. elements. But earlier and longer continued observation' hive unquestionably been secured at ?< ma of the ohs.-r va'orks south of the Equator.- Aeu- Haven Hrrali, *>6 6 Drkihiictivr Firk?The burn ot Jams* Rider, in Mounijoy township, Adams.e?unty, Pn . was destroyed by fire en Friday, tog'ther with five)horses, lour head ol cattle, twenty five ions ?* crop of wheat, rye, oats and com, two n,rw wagons htruest, firming utensils, Ac. Low about $3,000. Appointmskts BY TH1 0 * ?Ff bWVl7.? "in Yah Citt?Wm Htlsted and Andrew J. wslKtr, in of domestic distillod spirits, reappointments. General Mesaloria Before the Recorder and Aldt iu n cozzens and Gale. 1 citRUiRr 7.? Cum? of Robert Hudson?Thin old man, who waa convicted h few days since on an indictment (or receiving stolen goods, and waa strongly reconiaiended to the mercy of the court, appeared with b.s cuunael Thomas Warner, Esq., (oraentence. Mr W. represented to the Court, that the accused had always borne an irre proachable character, arid, as the Court could aee, he waa an old man, nearly seventy years of age ; that hia wife waa nearlyas old; and that their only sou a man upwardaof ?orty years of nge, waa incompetent to take care of him V'. jcB ? confirmed lunatic, from having indulged in the habitual use uf intoxicating drinks ; and that he was compelled to support an oiphan grand child. In conside ration ol all these matters, the Court decided to suspend sentence, holding the judgment, in terrorum, over bis head. The old man de, uited from the court-room with out saying a word, but u few minutes afterwards re turned, and stopped upon the witness stand. His lips trembl d his fingers nervously handled the rim of hia hat, and the tears coursed freely from his ayes, down his wrinkled and shnvt lied face, and with a broken voice ne said?' I've come back ye'r honors, to return thauks?(eobhing)?to the Court for your meicilul deafin' to a poor, unlurtuuate, old man. 1 never was afore a Court, afore in my life, an' 1 never shall be again. I never will go into a junk shop again, or deal in such ar ticles. 1 never knowed as there was any harm in it, or I wouldn't have done it. But, forgive me this time. Iff have to starve and go le the Alms House, I'll never do it. May the Lord God above us bless you." And with the blessing upon bis tongue th> old man departed from the Court, us sincere a penitent as ever regietted the com mi-sion of a sin ; and much more likely to die an honest man, than if he had passed six mouths within the walls of a Penitentiary. Sentence oj Peter Van Pelt.?This young man, who plead guilty to an indictment for for gory, in having been engaged in the manufacture of counterfeit money, waa sentenced to the Statu Prison for seven years and six months, the judgment of the Court being delivered by Al derman Gale. Case of John Graham, the Rioter.?This man, who WIS convicted two terms since, wilh a number ol othera, for ? liot at ihe Spring election, and un aggravated assault and battery, upon Mr. Bishop, and who absconded from tha Court Room when the jury went out, and could not he found until last night, when he happened to be arrested for intoxication and was recognized as Graham the rioter wi< ariaigned for sentence When asked what he had to say why judgment should not bo pronouueed upon him, he said?" 1 hope the Court ?vill have mercy upon me." Hccoanea. (severely,)?What do you say, Graham 7 Graham, (faltering,)-1 say, 1 hepe the Court will have i little mercy on me. The Rkcohof.h replied?Graham, you have been tried and convicted, with others, for an assault and battery, of "i aggravated character, in company with a furious mob, ipon an unoffending citizen, named Bishop, who has not, s yet, recovered his health, or his strength, in conse quence of your brutal treatment. And for what 7 Why, he only provocation was, that they did not vote the same t cket that you did?or, rather, they did not vote at all, for ihey were prevented by your conduct, it is very extra rdmary that, in this community, which is generally ?eacenble in its character, you should como hero from nother country, aud, by violence, seek to prevent others from exercising the very prerogative that you yourself -eek and demand to exeicise. You ask for mercy! Did > on think of that when the poor man, Bishop, was lying upon the side-walk,bleeding and bruised, and supplica'iog ?o you for mercy, witho t having committed any offence 1 And, do you now ask for mercy 7 At the time the Jury were charged, when you were upon trial, you lied from the Court room, conscious ol your own guilt, and when the "ury convicted you, yeu were not to be found ind the officers haire been unable to find you, until last tight, when you were picked up iu the street in a state of 'moxicatien. identified ns the man w ho had assaulted the Bishops, and very properly brought up now to receive the ludgment of the Court. It is the first time that such a case has come before me lince I have had the honor ol a seat upon this bench, and hank God they are of rare occurrence. We leel deter mined to give such a sentence as shall be a warning alike "o you and to others equally lawless, and we therefore in tend to give you the utmost severity of the law?and 1 ave to express my personal regret that the Couit are so estrctedin their powers that ample justice cannot be lone to the community. The sentence of the Courtis mat you be imprisoned in the penitentiary, at hard labor, for the term of one year. Case of Horace Everett ? In the case of this person, indicted ior false pret-nces in obtaining the signature of a certain persi u to articles ofco parinetsbip. James M Smith. Esq., courselfor Everett moved for a nol'e pros </ui on iki ground that the complainants had >een satisfied that the represt n ations were true and did "Ot wish to prosecute fuither the complaint?the parties having been litigating in the civil courts for sometime. Tha District Attorney said the case was ene of that 'lass which frequently come up in the court?parties made complaints against individuals, and after having collected their debts or settled their difficulties out of ?curt, they come in and wish to drop the matter ; and he ?*??? drtei iiilued i.erer lo consent lo it. unless the parties rotijil make attilavit that since the time of making the umplaint, they had become satisfied that the representa ions were in testily true at the time. , Attnr some little argument, the Court decided to look at he papers, and deferred action upen the motion. Case of Emrrtc, for an Jlssault upon Eugene Grousett i a this case Krancis 11. Cutting, Esq. counsel for Kmeric, noved to have the case postponed, tipon two grounds, for he term The first was upon an affidavit n tiiug forth he absence of three mateual witnesses. With relation o the second ground, Mr Cutting said that since the al leged rencontre, various publications have found their w.iy into the public punts incorrect, and greatly preja licial to the character qf Mr Emeric, and calculated at 'he same time to prejudice the jury. He and his friends had determined to let these ]iass unnoticed and in silence, thinking that upon a trial ot his case, they would be fully efuted, and th- calumnies set at reit. Upon this very Torniog, when it was known that the trial was to come ju to Jay, a publication purporting to be an ad tress lrom Eugene Groussett to the public, sp >eared in the Horning Herald, and which he <nd his friends suppose is false, and as gross as un ounded, and in a great degree calumnious; and he is ?ettrmined to disregard the advice and counsel of hia riends, and at the earliest day means to place before the nblic the letters and correspondence that have passed ?etween the parties, that the public mind snav be dis htised, and that all parties then may make up their own ?oacliisions lrom all the facts in the case, to counteract he evil impression the ststi mer.ti which have been made re calculated to cause I make this motion wilh regrat, oc.ause the District Attorney has acted throughout with ?reat courtesy and indulgence, and I (eel that it will em >arrass the business of the Court to put off a case which ? as been specially set down for to-eiay. The District Attorney Slid that the affidavit of the bsence of witnesses was a sufficient reason for a post >onement, but in relation to the other ground it was t himself to say that lie saw the publication referred to ith infinite regret. Of course the Court knew b? could ave had nothing to do with its publication, and be cou riered it a highly improper proceeding, and should not ave tried the cause ul'cr having seen the article, even lad no motion been made, tor he would not countenance ny party wl.o came into Court in behalf of pubtis justice attempt by any means to prejudice the public mind. Trial for Assault and battery ?Conrad Schepp waa tried nii.-l acquitted on a chaige of the above nature -i having assaulted and battered one John Hsdden. ou the : I of November. on the corner ot lftth street and 3d ave nue. Plea of Guilty ?James S. Brice, a mulatto, plead gull] ty to an indictment for burglary in the 3d degree, in en i ring the tailor shop of Joseph Oyiwere, 6I4J Broadway. Sentence, i years at Sing Sing. Trial for receiving stolen goods? Patrick McQuane was ried U|H'n an indictment lor the above offence, in having irehased some goods which were stolen from the store A. H. Washburn, No 6J John street, at his shop No. Ml Catharine stieet. Officer Martin testified that he found a piece of silk 'sed for vesting, and a piece of velvet vesting ou the pre cises of McQuade. where he had gone to recover stolen tiroper'y. The Diitrct Attorney, by way of showing the cha actirofthe man and his habits, offered to prove thst a rrest quantity ol stolen goods wcro found on bis premises ind identified by various persons. The Dn ence objected on the ground that the testimony ?vas inadmissible, as it would be trying collateral issues. TheDitricT Attorney contended that tne evidence bat other stolen property was found could be admitted in rder to show the character of the defendant, and vrb tquslly rdmifsible with evidsnce of tcienta permit ?' in casts of ptsrinif counterfeit money where in one 'se the passag of hills of a similar description upon j ther parties can be givrii. The Court took a different view of the matter, and ?uled otit the evidence. | District Attorney I would ark, Sir, if decisions hRve ot been given in this Court, contrary to the one just ' made? J Rn oam a?Well, Sir,I believe the decisions have fluc ? tuutrd. The District Attorney then offered to shaw that hieve.s wen-in the habit ot lesorring to the defendant's bop, and hod been caught there The off-r w.ii alto ob ot- d to, sod the objection sustained by the t'ouit Mr. Briyoort. salesman in the employ of Mr. Wasb ? urn, testified that the" piece ol silk taken ircm Mr Quads'! ? lace, wss stolen from Mr Washi urn's and identified it uy the peculiar shape of the remnant The detence prr dticed a |>er?on named Di'nn, who tnti i 1 that he was in the employ ot McQ'isde. and that a vearago, Inst January he made a ve?t ctf the identical ; piece of silk in Court lor a Mr Doyle- and he prcdncrd I t in vest, which was of precistly the same detcription of i foods. This witness contradicted bimselt very strange j iy once or twice, anil made a sad hliimbr io stating that ue ind ol the silk was cut off square by himseit when l it appearrd that it w us done by rlflcer Martin. ! They also presented a w itness (? x-Aldermau Smith) to . swear that to the best of his knowledge and belief the lece ol ailk and the mutrrial of the vest, were pre ! cisely the same. Mr BaxYooHT tcitiAod liiattl.ay were different, one br ing of a bluish tint and the oih. r a gieenish black Mr Mounts summed up for McQtisde in an able and forcible man tr, and ???? followed by the District Attor ney in his usual impressive and forcible style. The jury a:t?r a short ab*l rice convicted the accused j He will be tried upon the other indictments on Monday. At ft o'clock the I'omt aojenrned till Mouduy at II . o'clock. l>g?TRt'crivr Fikk in Hai.ti.morr?The candle mm tiiacti ry uf If meek Matin, in Rnltimorr, was destroyed by fir# on Monday night It was insured to tbe a on -it ol fiM.OCO, of which fhtie was in Iho * i anklin Insurance Company, of Philadelphia, $7,000 on iho it >ck, and $3,000 in the spring Garden office, ol Phi ladelphia.

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