Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 9, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 9, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK H E R A L Vol. XI., No. Se?Wholo No. 4001. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 9, 1845. Price Two C?n*?. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. ?ro III* Public!. l'HK NtW YORK HERALD?Duly N'rwsneper?task Lshed -veiy day ol l!?e yWi except New Yetlk Day and Fourth of July. I'rieo I ecnt* per copy-?>r %i K per iinniim?postages tpoid?rash in advance THK WEEKLY HERALD?published ?yery Saturday mcrriing?price ?Vi cents pet ropy, or $1 18 pet inaatu?post vgrr ( -id. e'*h ii a-lvs'iee. AUV Elt'!'l?ER8 are informed that tho circulation of the U? t-'ld i? >,v 'I'HIRTY-H Vft THOUSAND, aoJ increasing fast It hat th* largtut circuiatien a* inw jjujjc in thit city, ur !h? *??<Id, . r,.(, it, therefore, fee hest channel tor bnrineu v.eei :n the Uty or ? modera'e?cash iu advene?. .'HI NTI /.'(} of all kiiiG wrccuted at tha nioil modern* price, ??d in tha most t-latfam ?i>Ir JAMES GORDON BENNETT, rr?o> Hi.wsti or rut Hinai.D JCflTanLisHMnrfT, N.>rthwesi coracr of Fulton and Nassau streets. V71 N T E K A R IU N~G E^fl^a V c r.a.l . Itev t e lat of October '.he cere will leevs? I'it, . soi lU.roT. | New V im, i o o.ocx A- -VI. 1 9 o'clock A. M. itU ;; i/'_ 1 l5*i "t P.M. am ttoKt-ava, 1 o>lo?it A. -ie. i 9 o'clock 1 " 1. M-. ?isle'. ___ NEW YORK AND HAUL EM RAILROAD COMPANY. ? o'clock Oil and afr.'t Odoner J8, i|_. cur. will ran as follows I .ravine City ll.fl for Harlem, (lajth ?t.) Morris iaitia, Ford ham. Uiliiama Under, Hunt's Bridge, linderhill's Road, luckahoe. It -rt'a Corner, and White Plains, 7.30 A. M? 10.30 A. M , 1|'. M. and 3.30 P. V. Leave* Williams' Bridge t<\( ' ity Hall *45 A. M. ,11.45 A. M., 2 40 P. M..4.4J P. M. Le rev for City Hall 8 25 A. M., 11.25 A. M , 1 55 P. \i.. 4 15 1 M L-'aves W hit* Claim for City Kali 8AM.. HA <hi'iJ'u,;.SWlin"ih.',ii"M"m 1"" ? -ii nil 27th street. An Extra Car, will pi'aceds each Triic v. niiniitci. before the time of starting fr'jm cily -Jul or ill I ike mi passenger* along the uoe Kxtn llarlem aud Meriaiinia I nue . ft)r Moms^}, in. tortricHii it*- j'hwi, xtK'o liity.,i5,D f?.r Rfr,em f> e Morrisiania.T A. M.. 9 A. 10 a hi, 3 P. M 5.3oT*vi'lorri, a"1R lor "all. 8 A By order of the Board', . al8 3m*rrc W. B. CARMAN. Secretary. L01YG I^L^ND RAIL-ROAD COMPANY. Wl.Nl'KR arrangemln c. Trairn run as follows, comir.encing Dec. 14th, 1844 leave Brooklyn, hi half-past 7 A. M , (New York aide 7 A. M.) Boston Train for tirienport,daily, Sun days ercepied. stopping at Karmiugdale and St tieorge'i Manor. . " " r.cskgA. M lor H'eksTille and intermediate plscej, daila*; nod on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Safntdats, thron?h to Greeoporl and in hu mediate placea. " ' at 3H P. M. for Hickarille aed intermediate pl?Ap?, daily, Sundays excepted. Leave llnatifort *Vir Brooklyn, Boston 'train, *t I P. M., or on the arrival of the steimcrs daily. Sundays ex cepted, stopping at St. George's Manor and Kant, ingdalr. " M ?t 9 A M., Accommodation Train, for Brooklyn and intermediate places, on Mon days, Weduesdavs and Fridays, hrn.u Hiekaville for Brooklyn and intermediate places daily, Snuiltyr evcepted, at 7 A. M. and l>s P. M. tr7~^G TuAIN ON SUNDAYS.?Oj Tvlondsya, ) I Tuesfays, i V/eduesdnys, > Via Norwich. I Thursdays, > Via Ston'(toe Fridays, ) | Saturdays, ) ja29 3tnrc FOR SALE?'Twenty-It.ur Covere I FREIGHT LCAKS, rucn as are uied on the Pennsylvania Kail .Uotdj Tli-y will be sold very low. If notsold be re Salmdav, the 1st of .March, they will beofftueil r t puul.c ssle at th* pr, mises of the subscriber, at 10 o'clock, A. M. .... G HAMILTON, West side Broad street,below Locust street, Philadelphia. j?3l line id ?gbx jrT-NOTICE.^J! sm STAT EN ISLAND FERRY. On and after Sunday, Dee. 1st, the Boats will ltavs as fol low., until iiirther notice:? LEAY v. STATEN ISLAND : 8k(, and la, A M.: I and 4>d, V Cvl. LKaVK NEW YORK : 9. cad 12. A. M.; Ilg, end V. M (hi Sundays the Boat will leave at 11, A. M., in place of 12. n-lflrc f Al l. AND WINTER ARBANUEMfcM1 NElVAliK 'ND NEW YORK. CARE ONLY ISi CENTS. THK NEW AM) SWIkT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTalN JOHN GAKKY. ON and after September Kith will run daily, s follows (Sundays included)Leave New j.ark, foot of Centre street, 8 o'eloek A. M.? Le ? vc New \ ork, foot of Barclay street, I o'clock P. M. np1 no CHANGE OF LOCATION. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK AND ALBANY, Vii 1! RIDGKPt >HT?1IOU 8ATONIC AND WESTERN > ItA I L ItfJADs?The steamboats .EUREKA, Capt., and N l B. <U, C pt Brook., will leave the pier at the foot of base ' tetreet, daily. Sundays excepted, at 6>k A. Y Retnrsiug the Lin leaves Albany at 7 A. M. Albany passengers, on arriving at Bridgeport, proceed imrne diniely on the lleilroad; aud, without change of Baggage or Cars, irrive in Albany ihe .ame evening. \ Kr-inh: Train daily at 6H A. 51. . For luithei iiiforniaiion, both a. to freight and baggage, apply to. G. M. PERRY, Agent, at the office, BovsveTt street, or Livingston, Wells and Pom troy's Express office 2 Wall street It. U. MABON, Superintendent, dIO lei'in 172 South street. FOR BATH. GARDINER AND HALLOWELL. The new steamer PENOBSCOT, Capta>> >N. Kimball, leaves the end of T wharf, Bostom, ??32Levrri Tuesday and Friday evenings, at S Situres w.ll 1?- in tesdine.. ,?n her .?rrivtl at the above "iptet psi.e-ii'-r. fo the oetghborin* towns ^stJtF FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of 10th February? VTrP?V f ? e endiJ, out cln-r, fast sailing picket shir ^IwMtoSWIl'/KK L \N D, Capt. E. Km. ht, will positively s til ,i .jove, her ivgul tr dry. Having ve ystiienora rommods ionsfore.bin, second ce bi", til iteoragepis en. era, persons wishing to embark shonld r ake immediate application on boird, foot of Maiden Line, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, l'2 ec 107 I'i ie street, corner of Sonth. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Regular Packei jhi sail the 2nth of Fen.?'The regular last sailinR i^SBfisiTck-i Shirt 4.4 RRIt K (apt&in B J. H. Tra.k o' I,list to it, will poti ively tail as -above, her regular day. Fot freight or patsttgr, having acoomuioOatious uanvjolled ,. - -pletelor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot ? ' " V oil itrer t, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, 58 South street. ?'?ice of Passage, $11X1. ?r ... packet .nip Boscint, Captain A. F.ldriilgr. will ?nc e 1 tite Gariick, and ?.,il aitth Marrh. Iter ivgailar day jZSec NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER Afe'tOiV POO L - Packet of the 2l?t February?The splvnuid ?-??H'l'dfa""1 ftvorue packet ship ROCHESTER, 10(10 tons bur i, ii, i. aptaiu J. Brill-.n, will sail ou F'rtdav, Feb. tl.t, tier rryul tr <l.iy. idle iicconimoilations of tin. ttlendid ship are unsurpassed lor e it i i, second cabin and ateerage passengers. Tnoae wishing to stud for their friend, in th? old country, can srrauge meui. with the subscribrre on f .vurable le.tns, to have tliem br night - nt tit the above m >gn fieeiit packet,sailing from Liver I'ool, or in any of lite New lie of Packets W * J. T. TAP9COTT, j3r, c 7f, H?nth .reeet. corner Msirl-ii Lane. ? I- I.I i'EKl'O! '!.--'ITe Net, Line?^Regular Packet tilt V-brnsry?Thesuieriortsst sailing psr.ket ?awWlfis'hii ROCHESTER, 8.0 tons burthen, ' apt. John Jlric m, will sail as oiove. her regular day l t. .!:ht ,,r p i-iage, having e|?gant aittl superior aeeomtmi d I- !? tha ( apiam np b'jnrd at ?">' sidrof Borlipg Slip,,.- ,, V f?0"MULL k MINTURNh, 87 Bou'h street Prtoe of Pruisye klW. I t, pa-ret-,b'p Kcttintr-ar, 1059 teas, Csptam Ira Bnrslea w II tare -I - Rochester, a"d vail on her regular dav, 21st .< March. i22te Aifi^ I till ' I'.M' Begular Racket?'i'bo fast satl hRjjPVing picket British barque ADAM CARR, 350 t.ini >IMabtl>ii'then, Capt. R .h-rt Scott, is noav ready to teceive t an o.d iv ill eaeertid the Ann Huley, For freight or passage, lis mg excellent accomm .dations, ap I ly on btsid, loot of B?km.n ?r. or to WOODI1ULL & MINTUBN9, rel 87 South stnet. ??R NEW < I scket ol O h b I >r" <ry ? I he rpleodid Arst-elass. fs.l-s ailing packet iliip CO ItA. Capt. IVn. It. Girder, will positively i anove hci regular day. o s wishing to embark should make immediate applies I'll b mrd, foot of Well street, or to JOSEPH McMIIKH \Y, P>ue street, corner of South DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN St l|8EI AND.?Pi-ions wishing to temit mo gnoy to theirfrtesds in any part of r ngland, I rel lid, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied ? iruli drtif'S psyab'e at tight, wilhvat dia coii t, to any amount from ?1 upwards. ,N ENGLAND?O.i the National and Provincial Bank of England; Meases. J. Usinaid kCo-t K.tchage and Discount B oik, Livrri>ca|; lb sirs, James Bull 8t Sou, London, and brancnet throughout E- aland ,uid V4'sles. IN IRELAND?On ine NmioiisI flank of Ireland, and Pro vim 111 Ha k and Hrsuchei througliout Ireland. I .N -CO'i'LAND?On the Eastern Bank ef Bcouand, Na tional I'snk <d cutlastl, Greenock Banking Co. and branches liir nghoui Hc'itlsnd Tbes; un r Cambria leaves Boa'on on the lit Febiuary, by valueb til drafu can be forWsied. a ply to W. It J. T. TAPS -OTT, J?j e (8-8jUth?t- Cor. MaiilervLane Hl-:l(iH ttELIsS? f!-bLEIGH DELLS'!! 'I'IIE EU11C 1(1 BER8 have now on h.lid a Ivge ami com I |!.'? .tss irtment of fllrigli Bells, fi elv polishrd, and ,U p ed tu i at ion. *"d fu' Jtatdware Kum ahiui UsriMTotpe, " fr', ; ? n 189 llrosd a by ctwnnr of Broome'st. P;>?;- \ l ilEB.?1,0ft) bnsliels very aupenor English Potatoes, i i prima t on.lition, jn.t rvcsivstl per ship "Liberty," frorp P"' -u ,,r u,u""iou vvnnViico.T. | ,Vitfd* Sonth strict. MakUo Lhrs 11 EM1' ?if# bales prime and very superior dew rotted Hemp. ' \lr "" lott W YWolTlflVli CO.. 84 Sotuh st. DALLAS toBACCO MANUFACTORY, HM Hlver St. Troy. rPHK Subscriber avails himself of [his method or hotnmuni * eating 10 the public the feci thet he lb now iriannfactnriiig fine cut and smoking T"h*eeii and Suntf, at 28> River stireg, Troy. next door 10 the Fulton market, The following uuy be found at all timMat hi* (toreand factory:? Ten*'cco?'In* celebrated Fancy Virginia. This Tobacco took the premium at the late Fair. Kitra shewing Tobacco, ? weet Virginia; Ainurican Smoking T .bicco, in. uufac tared froin the leaf; Spanish do, Turkish do. Bisttrr*?Ko*e iceutrd, No. 1; Maccaboy, American Gentle* man. Lundyfoot, French l(a|iee, and liiah Blackguard. The above ar'cles are all warranted to bi: made of the Corel (ju.ililie* < f leaf tobacco, and fcy toe moat e(|*rieucrd work men. Th" AUbtcribar would al*o warrau'. hi* tobacco to he bet ter u nimtoctured than auy other in tlie State of New York or el sew here. Order* directed a* shore will meet with prompt atteution.and custom -re may rely on having the *ame jiains taken a* if they were j>er*onally pre**nt. (??* E. Savage, 254 Fulton ?tr?et, and A. A. Samaiso*. Bf-adway, Agent. for the city of New York. Trov. I<n. I*. '?4*. jM lm*ec UU LiAUTKN Eft, GUl*?Uii I UNU JtkJNUljNC .ll. A CAil U.?The Public i* iufonned, that Dr. continue* the practice of baainea* aa a Consulting Engl giueer, w nich lie followed on an eateuiive icalr Tor many year* in England and France. Inventor*, patentee*. Uiaunb-cturrts. merchants. and other* engaged in the art* aud manufacture*, may consult him on matter* tfcuiiiring the applicatiou of tin principle* ol practical (deuce. Certificates and opinions on the validity aud usefulness of uew invention* aud processes in the arts. |{?\a)ru on disputed questions aud doubtful point;, *x peri menial investigation*, with n view to the discovery or test lug of improved j.roee**?s, will be soppliSd or undaitajcen When required. OlEcc No 21 Sprnee street, New Vor* All Business Letters must be post-paid, audio prevent tim beiug lost by frivolous applicatiou*, all applicant* will be ex peeled to pay a retaining tee of $10 before consults'ion. ! n23 3inre CHEAPEST AND BEST.?Had A?h COAL, at J. Weeks Yard, 256 Elisabeth st. AH under sheds, dry, re-screened and delivered cl-?# to any part of the dry, at th, low prices, via. I.srge Nu'. $5; Large Stove, *5 30; flrokeu and Egg. $S4b. Oroars received by City Despatch, Store corunr Houston aui Elizabeth its, and at the \ anl, ?? Elizabeth, near Bleecker. ill lm*re JACOB WEEKS. (3HEAP SPECTACLES A T 93 p^ANE SfDKET, New York, first door front Ik- Broadway. HENllf D. BLACKWOOD, Workiuu Orticiiu, as VfOof of the above, advertises the followiiur cheat' price* :? Beat doable jointed Gold Spectacles, $8 23 I Bestsingle jointed Gold Spectacle* 7 30 I Best double jointed Silver Si ecrneles 2 30 Best single juiQirel Silver Hpectacles 2 00 Finest doable jointed elastic blue St**l Spectacles, 18s. Finest single jointed elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 13s. Finest double jointed Tortoise-shell Spectacles.... 13*. Finest single jointed Tortoise-shell Siiectacles.... lir. STILL CHEAPER. Good elastic bine steel "-jwctacles, set with the bejt glasses, aud with everv care and a trillion paid to lliem iu the manufacture, or oue dollar. Good elastic blue Steel Spectacle* ?s. Good elastic blue Steel Spectacles Is. 6d Good elastic blue Stevl Spect-cles 3s. Good German Silvvr Spectacles is. Be?t Tortoise-shell Eye Glasses ;s. gd. Best blue Ste-1 Eye Glasses 3s. 6d. Best Horn Eye Glaises 3s. Best Horn Spectacles 4s. 6J. Best ('.ouvev Glasses set into your own frames.. 2s. Beit I oecavt Glasses set lot* your own frames, 3s. Beat Convex Pebbles set into your own frames.. 10s. Best Concave P. bbles set into your own fiames, 12s. Repairs executed at the same rate of cheapness. Ladies and Gentlemen attended at their own rendeuces, jalft lm*ae ' NOTICE TO LAWYERS?A young man having some leisure time, wishes to imp-ore that lime by copying fo, lawyers or others. Addreis a m.ta to X. Y. at the office of this piper, to which immediate attention will be giteu. f9rc GKA'TOiN FUU1NTA1N MbWtK X ('HE inability of the subscriber to meet the increased de maud for his Pale and Amber Ales, hitherto manufactured at his Brewery. in Albauy, has rendered itnecessury, to meet th< wants of hisenstomers. to commence a Brewing establishment in New be called as above, where he intends to produce tu article which it is presumed willeven increase the reputation of his Brand, iu Tale and Amber Ales, to the "ue plus ultra" of pleasant and salubrious beverages, aud in abundant supply. 430 l?n?rh .AN DREW ftfUK. WUJNDEKF'UL, DifciGUVERY. STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, wnich will change grey hair to its original color iu a few minntes. Thi> solutionis different from any yet ottered, and cannot fail of su perceding all others. It is highly efficacious, and possesses the great advantage of beautifying the hair without injuring its Those who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before payiire their mouey. If humbugs wonld take this method there would be no reason to complain. On a trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied at No. S'Chalham tt, opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs, j*7 lm*rc ENGLISH, fitr.Itl LI AWi? AMERICAN SHIPPING AGENCY AT LIVERPOOL NOTICE. LEAVING withdrawn oar Agency tnlircly from Mum H. Harisdkiv It Co., of Boston end New York, we hereby an ?ounce that Mgsslis. Apams It Co., of No. 9 Court street. Bo* ton, and 7 Wall street, New York, are oar authorized Agent* 'or the Unites! States and Canada, who are fully empowers tn act for as ai oar Shipping e.nd Forwarding American A genu Tc ensure tins reception of goods in Liverpool, and the for warding of the tame to any part of England. France. fcc. Sre it >t necessary that they should pats through the hands cf on w> A Agents MESSRS ADAMS it CO.. Sthnir several Ofhees, aa follows :? o. 9 Court street, Boston. I No. 7 Light atreet, Baltimore No. 7 Wall street, New York. I I'ean. Avenue, Washingtos. No. 35 Chrsnrt street. Philtd. 1 No. Bi Fourth tt. Pittsburg '' Nc. U Shetticket st. Nnrwich. 1 No. 156 Mam tt.. Worcester wJLLMER Sc SMITH. | Lirarpool May 1, HM. WILLMSK 8t SMITH take this opporcnnity of statrag v vlerchanta, Brokers, Importers and others, resident in every par if tlie Union- tlwt their Liverpool house >t jiecnliarly adapted , for the iustant and expire* d's|?teh of package*, parcels, eKei* - kc., ratting through Liverpool for Botpin. New York, and ar | i? otln-r Cities iu the United State* aud Canada, and that thai ; department of their business has tiii: constant and rcBM sal attention ox i UK raiNt irAi.t, ou all occasions. WILLMER k SMITH have made arrangements with Messr* VDA.MS St CO., bv which ali Goods pasung thronyh tliei Liverpool house for Amsrica, by the Steamships and otlwr ve* wit .will liave tlie iiiiu. rod punctual attention of thri iaid Agent*. Mrtrrt. .ddatnr dr Cs. at Bostou aud Nr-v York ind will thereby be free froin delay and high charges They deem it *01*11 y here to itate, thry have no cot tevion whatever witli Mr. E G. Tnckerman. <>f Livcmor '. ?YlLLbih.ll f SMITH'S ENQLlSH EXPRESSES WILLMER st SMITH, who have for a series of years ru. privets Expresses to and from London with important intelli reuee. fiequently performing the entire journey, 210 miles, it SIX HOUBS, etfrr to the American Public and Guvrmmro. iheir services tor the safe and rapid trans mi as ion of important iocumrajs, despatch**, spacia. bonds, bitls^ deeds, &c., whict will, on all occasions, be moat faithfully delivered by their owi irivate mtisevigii. aud hoar* generally in advance of the ring Ush uniivto lioiiuoc. Mr. EDWARD WILLMER, who u tow in America, is prepared to adord any inforuiation npen thi: ?abject, and give s-cuity for the doe performe.nee* of all sue! satinets as may b* eetrost-d to his Liverpocl asuhlishmest. A if re HAVE YOU A COUGH 1 O not neglect it. Thousands have met a premature death - for the wa'-t of a little attention to a common cold. H AVE YOU A COUGH?? Dr. Jayne't Expectorant, asafr in'dical prescription, containi ig no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice fur sevs al tear*, will must positively alfnrd iclief, ejiU save yon from that awfnl diseas*, pulmonai* contninption, which annually sweeps info the grave hundred* of the young, the old, the fair, the lovelv and the gay. Have you acongh f?Be |ieranaded to purchare aboule of Kt " xpectorant to-dsy?to-morrow may be tuc late Have you a cough??Jayne'i E'ONCtorant is the only remedy yon ah uld take t < cure you: for /splain reaaon.that in no one <>f the th urand caaea where it hi been nted has it failed to re Prepared and sold by Dr. Jayns. 20 Hiuth Third atreet, Phi ladelphia. Sold by the agents, A. B. 81 I). Sands, Druggists, No. 79 Fulton atreet, 273 Broadway, and 77 blast Broadway. ja22 Im'm Djs. UOUVI'IT .nay be consulted cout.dcatially at his OI tics, 10 Dnace street, two doors from Chatham. Strangen ire rrspectfully infomird that Dr. Corbitt is a in em bar of th? University of the City of New York, and that he has exclnsive lyeonfiaed tiis practice from being gcueral to the treatment of ceilain claasea of diarases, (now over elrvan veers in ths city ol Nt 1- York,) which ens? iliia entire attention. Tlie nuiala of medicine do not reccia ^ ater anccnst than is to be found in his practice. The Doctor cautions tlie unfortunate against the n? ,if merwury, *J : tns ti tLoasacdv ef tietims. Rocirat eases vre in a fi-v/ days removed entirely frors the sys.eci 8ee thai von are judiciously treated by r P".*ioc legally qualified, one ;ot by pretend-ri n-.d ,j tack 1 as tuere ar- several of there in this :ity. Prisons alttictcd vuth protmetcd and inveter.-ie to# iml not despair cf being restored to health, by applying to Dl Oorbilt. A practice of in auy years tics established th' Docuir'i eputetion lis skill and respectability.. Strictnies eugege th? doctor's profound A medieine may be hid to pre ? est a ov,i,a dlcraae ie ray efits forms d22 Im*ee D IMPORTANT MEDICAL NOTICE. ?CTOR EVANK, No. 12 Peck slip, near \Vater street, New York, has been more than forty yeurs in the suc cessful practice of physic and sorgery, particularly in tnring D% (perfectly) those d^esi'Pitr cases of every variety of secret disease, old obstinate ulrcrt, cancer* in the throet, atricturea, 1 Sic., caused by mal-ptictice. It is of the greatest importance i for the nnfortuuatr 10 choose an etprriwiced physinian. Dr. E. ia th* oldest and mootegpsrisucsu in this city; hia practice 1 ireal, hia success astonishing,even ififl in-v have been exiielleo from the Hospitals as incnrablr. His ofiicaa era well arranged for privacy, (.'all at 12 Peck slip, and be eonvinrrd. His rbarges are most reasonable an J all case* are gnarautced. .Ij7 1m* tc (( I AH. HALTER'S YOUNG M AN'8 FRIEND?" or i&pi L/ cific.Mixtiire, comi leiely bidi defiance to those ve y jire valrnt, 1 may eve.i aiy taahinnalile imprmieurra. 1 hit medicine, unequalleJ in power, ncutrsliz s the virus, and ? oppresses all the tnotlml ayinp'oma and irritation of the disease in 'rcen' ess* generally 111 twenty-four houia. ri<i? mixture may be relied on with tiie utmost CiufidtnCS, as being an anudote niie<|n*.llrd for the cure of certain imprudences, gonorrhoea, kc.?th e full par ticulars with the medicine. Wholesah and retail by J. O. F A > , 1* Fulton stieel, (Lamp st rc.J Sun Htiildings, New York.?Price $1. j20 lm*rc TIMS' P4TENT BOXES. cysHE PROPRIETOR^ OF TIM8' PATENT, OAR A BOX EH, would respectfully cnll the attention of Rail Koad Compauia*, .ind all others interested with tlie building of Rail Hoad Lara, that they hive appointed LOKN|ELfU8 KANOU8E, of Jersey CiiV, theii agent for the maniifactnrikg nf said boxes. Also, agMit fiir transacting all biiaiueta conn.ated with said patent-right. All e nnmunicatlona directed to bim at Jersey City Iron Foundry, will be pane tusl I yattrndedto. TIMMo, HILL k BOODY, ? - r Propriston. Jrreey City. January 7th. 1845 I* lm*rp T?0 OLD COUNTRYMEN?Hemlttances in small or large I sums made to all parts of Karoos, 00 a plaa whishwil laurely prevent the lore or dels* of the same For partirulsn tif'via C.LIVINOBTON, foreigs ??it - s steal OFFICE Ot' JEbTEKbUN IN>U ItANCE Go , ? , , , , , . NEW YORK, beb. 3, 1813. S \ T an Election held thia day far Dire* tors of this Institution. - a for the enining year, the following gentlemeVi were elertad inch Directors:? rhotusa W. Thorns, F.litks Kiggi, Thorns* T. Woodruff, Anso*i Baker, B R. Rob ton, M. I)., Joieph Drake, Tliomsnii Price, Joseph Al'rn. Mo*etTnck?r, James E Holmee, John R Diyison, John P. Moore, Jonn II. Lee, in' K- '4horn, I aleb C. Tunie, Thomae Mcrrell, Francis I' Hagc, Eugene Bognrt, John I; Merntt, Robert Hm ith. At n subeeqaeut meeting of the Board THOMAS W. THORNE.-S,'. wu ?Tmggj Sor sale dkgm A BKAUTIKUli FARM, situated in the town of jKj^E>-?tch< sler, containing seventy ;n rvi of good Liable and land. Tlie Ilmise it iu perfect order and convenient ly arranged foe a large family e'aid Farm is divided by the post road running to New Rochelle and Marmarroneck, and rnnj down to Eaatche-ter Crteh, where there ii line bail and trout flailing in their seasou. Tile out buildings are all iu good order, and there is good s'.ahliugfnr twelve horses. I lie whole nlsre i* well wa'ricd and on the premises is a beautiful Fishpond. Tlwre are ttVo chnrrHrs w ithln a quarter of a mile of said plac?, sn" stages ram twi' e a d ?y by the house, to intersect the New York and Harlem Railroad at William's Bridge, whirh is with in three tuiles of said premises. There I- a 1 abundance of Kruit on said premise.*, whicti was selected by tha pre?ent owner witli great cere The distance from City Hall, New York, is sc nit sixteen miles Possess on (an be had by the 1st of April, and any information concerning said property, e,a? be had on the piemisrs. Also, adjoining said ptbferly, forty acres ol first rate Land, with a ?ocd Stone llome ou it, with Barn and Sin lib ? connected, messing Si ? same advantages as the above seventy r.cres. ceSier (m,C n iWn - V'1'1 'epcrai-ly, or the karma to fit' T " lu 6" ,??ff "0 lo 'he purchaser fe3 Im?rc__ W.M. H. HICKS. ri0. M Wtdlstreet. H If A is ESTATE FOR SALE, tiwgh ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice Land in the ?-J> Ktf|Ward. in '.lie city of Br jok'yn. fronting the New V?rS as?^.Bay, and comm >uding a beautiful prosiest. ? Titf situa tion is highly pictuieique. Enquire nf JOHN *? "H.iluEN, on ths premises j,2'l lor'rc spySi r Urt SALE?A valuable Farm, forming a part of the ??|tr.ict known as Moriiar.nia, situa'ed on the Harlem river, ?diaa.iu 'hrr county o( Westchester, consisting of one hundred ana leu ecru of laud, prope-ly fenced,and in eooa Crlfr. Upon the Farm there is a coramodlnttlj tnouern built Mansion House, w ifil ; garden, * able and all nece-s1 ry append'gei, suitable for's country residence. There are also upon the Farm .wo Farm Houses, and all necessary out buildings Also, a valuable mill site and Water power, aud an orchard. The said Farm is very acce.ubte from tlie city, being with u nine miles of the City Hall, with the privilege of afrte briuwe actoe* the Harlem river. The cars of the rbrtlafh Railroad run within Iwlf & mile of tli* Sohw. For terms and further iwrticulm in ~ b twten Land 3 P. M. of H. M. MOURI8, lm*rc 11 Pine street._second story. HOVVARDHOTEL. nevvTork.. ?jir .. 7"HO v1A8 St.KOE, PRO PR IF TO RH, lllln well known establishment, it tlie corner of rand Maided Lane, in the city of New York, t Broadway! ,i? now Opened u ib?r ihe . irecti <n ar.d proprietorship of tfersigned, ?y whom i s high reputation, as an Hotel of the first class ivill, it is hoped, be fully sustained. It has been pot in the most thorough and complete repair, painted and re fitted. Those arrangements which have ever rendered it equally attractive aud convenient to men of hurtness, lo nieu of l-irure, and to privaie families, will be continued, the plau still exisl-ng of having two different hours for inea's, so that *11 may be suited. This arrangement, it is beli-ved, is a p-culiar feature of this establishment. and has pr ved eminently satisfactory to all its visiteis. iu addition to tlie exertions of the! those of Mr. John Themn, formeily of the American llo:el, Albany, aud late of the United Srta'.'s Hotel, Sir toga Sp ings, will he used, to insure, as far as possible, the satisfaction of un friends of the House aud the public generally'. Thettude-signed look, with confidence, to the ii-Ainte'-ance of that favor witli which the "Howard Hotel" has ever Icen boomed M.J THOMAS. STEPHEN K. ROW, ( Late commander of the Hudson River Steamboat "r mpire.") New York, January 31. 1811 f2 2 w ? ec ?5eh., 'Appliea,7!U1e,V.St"v" and Hit!!?"' RHr*ld Build ^!i!^li._ror term,,'J^? be M the ?'.i of fte'nffi^ '!{ j3urrc' VERY DESIRABLE LOTS FOR SALE.-Ktvc Lots on the southerly srde of 13th street, near 5th avenue. Lots ou the northerly side of 13th street, between 6lh and 7th avenues, with court yards iu front, arid in , ?. . in the midst of elecant improvement*. Three Lots on ihe southerly side of Uth street, between the 6th aud "til avenues, iu an improving neighborhood. Two Lou ou the southerly side of lull street, near the 8tli avenue. Four Lots on ihe easterly side of7th avenue, between 12thand 13th streets, with eelUrs partly dug out. MKiva Lots on the northerly side of 39th street, between the 1st and 2nd avenues, ove looking the city and East River. The whole amount may remain on mortgage, if improved, and 70 per cent if not improved. O. H. WINTER, j26 )0>*ec 16 Wall street. 'IU LET OK LKASh?A large two story brick Hnu-e, ou ihe southwesterly corner of the Bloom ingdale ,rosd and 40th stpet, with sufficient ground wherton to tract a manufactory, which will be built if required. Also, a two story frame Cottage, House and lire Lots, on the northwesterly corner of lire Bioorniugdale road and 40th st-eet. with a workshop, stable, barn, Stc. The house will be jiaiated and put in go"d fence and repair, w ith a court yard in front, oc the Bloomiugdile road. Also, 8 Lots adjoining on the Bioorniugdale road, running through to the7th avenue and 41st street, suitable for a florist or manufacturer. Buildings will be erected if required. Also, a Lot in 30lh street, between the 7th and 8 h avenues, to leases a. H. WINTER, j26 lm*ec 16 Wall street. FUR SALE?The House and Lot No. 3 Wall street, being 40 feet front ou Wall street. The building five sio ,ries high, exclusive of ihe basement and sub-cellars. The ineinises contain about thirty apartments, all well and comma diously arranged for offices, stores, and other purposes. The whole is in excellent order. Alio, the two three-story brfck Stores, Nos. 14 and 16 Maiden lane, and the thrre story brick building ou the west side of Greene street, oue door snurti of Maiden lane, and ill the rear adjoins the property ou Maideu lane. These premise, are iu go, d order and well situated for business. All the above mentioned property is now well teuauted, and for a permanent investment peculiarly desirable. J25itw*rc k. U. TIL! OU, 58 Wall street. FOR SALE?A Farm, of 170 seres, on ths east bank of Hudson River, near tlie village of Rhinebeck, with an .adequate stock of cattle, horses, farming utensils, Sic. n it are a farm house, barn, coach home, dairy houses, hey press, hovels. Sic.all iu good ordi". A'so, a piece of lanJ, being 5 seres, in the village of Fort Lee, on the west b<nk of the river, known as the Orcliar J. with several homes anil improvements thereon. Also, the piece of I indiu the same village known as Long Dock consisting nf about 51 acres, exclusive of tlie dock .and water point. 'I bis property is much improved and most of it in excellent fence. Also, the following property in the citv of New York, vix:? the houses ami lots Nos 77,79,79>4 and 81 Yarick street, bring all brick houses iu good condition nnd repair: No. 81 being 30 fret wide, aud the house, containing numerous and well arrang ed apartments and accommodations. All tins property is near Canal street. Also, a plot of land on 38th street, including about 12 lots new? th- Third Avenue, in the 16th Ward. Also, 16 lots in the 12th wird, viz.?four lots on the west sid. of 3d avenue, corner of 51>t strret; one lot on the south side ol 50th street; one lot on the north side of 49th street; three lots on the south side of49lh street?all west of anil near the 3d avenue; three lots on the west side of 21 avenue, prtweeii 56th and 57th streets; two lots on the north side of 57th strret; nnd two lots on the smith side of 58th street?the last mentioned feur lots be tween the 2d and 3d avenues. The terms of sale will be made easy. F. R. TILLOU, js25 2w*rc No. 58 Wall street. SOMETHING NEW. SPALDING Hi CO. are manufacturing, under Letters Patent granted by the Uuited States, an Improved Frictiou Match, TO BURN WITHOUT BRIMSTONE. They now offer for sale, on very reasonable terms, TWENTY THOUSAND OKOS$' neatly put np in tin, wood and paper, in any sized packages, and in lots to suit purchasers. THESE MATCHES are highly approved of and recommended for family use hy physicia n and chemists, iu consequence of the absen-e of sul phur in : heir inannfactnre. the fames of which are so disagree able and deleterious to all, and particularly injurious to persons having weak lungs or delicate constitutions They ire particularly recommended to the attention of ship pen, as they have lri)uea'ly been taken on lung voyages and ez poied to the anion ol all clnnites, without the sligheat injury. For sale by the principal Druggists aud Grocers iu the city Orde-s left at Shepard's Bookstore, 191 Broadway, or at their office, 161 Bleecker street, jail lm*m SPALDING It CO. FRENCH LANGUAGE UN IHE KUHEKT SGNIAN MEI HOD. NEW COURSE of ' essons in French, according- to the system of Rohertjon, will be given by Mr. EDMUND DU BUISsON, A. M.,at98 Leonard at., commencing on Monday, 17th instant, at 5 o'clock, P.M. '1 nit system, so well known in Europe, will be ezplainrdhv the Professor. Persons wi hing to learn the French, or their ftiends, ire respectfully invited to A attend. Mr. Edmund du Buisson having been engaged in giving M. C. Coudert's instructions in Fiench for a number ol years at 1 school, and for the past year at M. G. Le Row's collegiate school at New Brighton, would respectfully refer to those gentlemen, both in regard to qualification and character. All information in the meautimr m ty be obtained at hix residence, 4110 Broadway. A New Couite for Ladies will be operfefl on the same day, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Ripmmcis. M. V feLeforeet, French Con I Dr. Porter, 1 Barclay SL suit rneral. I Dr. Croasman, 401 Broadway W. B. Draper, 57 Beaver at j VV. H. 'an It Co , I8h Pearl si E. Fnbieqiiettes.Ol Manlen lane | O. C. Carter St Co , lT8 do. E. Logan. Esq.. 4 New st. 1 Berard it Mondon, 36 Court R. Rowley, Esq.. 49 Nassau St f laud st. Rev. Dr. John l ower, 15 Bar-1 M. Melly, 58 Maiden Lane clay street. | f7 2w*rc COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE UNDERSIGNED have formed a Copaitnership to earry on the Curing. Packing and Smoking Provision Business, underlhe firm of DAVISON It COI.P, such Copaitueislnp fi liate from 23d Dk emlmr Ext. J. n \VI8'\N, KOsWELL L. COLT. Jr. New York, lit February, 1*15. DAVISON Ac COLT, Having taken the la-g* and corr modinus p'emiset nf Meisrs Mr Hoppock A Co., 7e Sn'.livan street, near Canal street ami the North Kiver, long and fmnribly know n as among the hest in the City, for the Curing. Packing and Smoking of all kinds of Provisions, will carry i.n that business in its various brandies, and solicit n eont nnance of ti-e p-ihlic patronage towards this establishment, plcdgiiigthemselirstlial el atticles sold by ihrni shall lie of the lint quality uuli. In addition to Prime and Mess Beef and Pmk, in barrels and hiT-barrrls, for *-\p .italion or for home eon?iim|ition, and put tip accordingly, they will always hase_i.ii hand ill- follow i. I ARTICLES OK \ .-l PKHIOH UUALITY EXPO FOR rAMILY USE UK FUR EXPORTATIUN. }i. M.-u.d bit lest quality I Mmtou llrius, .mnked. Fulton Niarket Beef, choice I hi harrrl? Pu'chesa and Put pieces. I minCo. Corn '?ed Pork. Rounda do, spiced. I "sins, snsi r cur -.1, smoked. (Choice pieces smoked, (Irish Shoulders, do do hung Beef.) I Pigs Heads, do do f Hams, smoked. Jowls, do do BeefHains, smoked. Jowls, City Ui Tongues, smoked and I Bacon, <o do in pickle, iu kegs or % brlt. | Lard, city rendeisd, sapr. qlty. Orders lor ezportatiou or for.- Inp stores, will be eiecut d with csre -nd d*spstch, and all articles purchased from i em will be delive ed free ol expense to any part of the city, or pa.. .1 board. " " "" , 34 Wa ?""" Orders received by Messrs. Read 8i Hoppock, 34 Water street, or at the premises, 7b Sullivan strret. f7 fifec SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING A NDK EVOLVING PISTOLS. BLUN r & SYMS, Mffo 44 t hatliam llreet, ANUFACTURERS of the ah n-e article hav? nowa com plete assortment ready for the Spring trade, which tliay of ler at reduced prices. They would imtiic the attention of mer cbaats add dealers to thsir assortment, to the msauficture of which, they base paid personal attentiou, and from the increased anility they ate making, can sell them lower than before of qaanii leted. Alto?flans of their own mannfnctnre, ae well ssevery vari ety ol imported Uttnt and Implemeuu, iu quantities to ?mt por ch isen, at exceedingly low priees OS 1m* in architecture. JJtRED, Si HM1DT liega laaye to inforns his friends and the t nuhlic, that he has rem- ved li.s office from 192 Broadway t< 18 Wall II, where persocs desirous of huilding are mvit'd t-> ex amine a selection (I'original anil tasteful designs, from the Cu iage upwards to theeilmsive Vills or Mansion, in all the various styles of architecture: and where he isprepared to furnish Plans, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and Contracts for Build ings ol every description, and saperintonda the election thereof. jaM lm*re . s t | The Doctrine of the Real Presence In the Kurhurl.xt Kxplatruct and Enforced. ' A I.kcuss Dxlivcckd by Bishop Hi'uhki, in Sr. Pat Nice's CiTHkMu, Thursday Kviniiso, Kkbhuaiiy I #TH, 1640 j Alter a lew eentenrvs of an introductory nature, i which were not generally audible, bishop Hughes ? continued: We have already examined the ob i jectiont constituting the grounds of natural difficul- j ? ty that are supposed to exist in opposition to the j b-lief ol the dogma of the Holy E!udhar!at. As j to historical testimony, it was impoitant that it should he examined. We have seen very clearly I that neither by lb" rett-lpftiafj rower* r.f the human mind, nor liy the testimony of the senses, can we find any thing constituting what would b- an insu perable obete1'lie to belief m this revealed Cliri-tinn doctrine. Then, during iusi evening, 1 had occa sion to adduce historical testimony fromeveryege, all concuniug to < stablish what was the faith ot ike Christian world, up to the apostl?s themselves. V/e CoiT.e d'tiv tfi the Hui'stion of the holy Scrip tur?s; for, although our sepirated Christian bre thren sornetnnea appeal to the testimony of early ages, y-'t when ihey find it contrary to their opi nions, they put it aride, as constituting no guide tor thernt and even while tb.ey obliged to admit the fact that ruth was the belief of those early pe riods, they dispute the right to believe so. Wr will enter, then, into the Scriptural examination ot the question upon which our minds are fixed, and upon whioh .are, established the conclusions to winch wc nave aiready arrivt d The hrat conclu si on is, that this dogma has i ccupied the minds ol Christian people in every age, in every country, in every community, ns well of those separated from the unity of the Catholic Church, as ef those ad hering to that communion, from the days ol the apostles down to that period when the abuse of reason led to error. In all 'hat lapse of time ? in ail those various countries and commit nions, we have historical pfoof?their forms of I prayer and religious eerv.ces, doctrines?even j thing that can constitute testimony, as to wha' , was the primitive belief, that the body of Jesu I Christ was regarded as present in the Eucharist - If, therefore, any error crept in at all, it must havi been during the lives of the Apostles themselves Bu' if, on the other hand, wc find that the histo rieal testimony of the Christian Church?all th< universal evidence concurring?we must take on< or the other of th? as two ailernativest either that this was the true faith which the Savior tausht, 01 else ull these early Christians were lost in error - One of these two alternatives iB, from the facts,un avoidable. But if we find the doctrine of the Apos tbs on this subject?the language of our div.m Saviour in referring to it under circumstances of peculiar importance?correspond with the praciic and faith of his followers in every i ge,tliin it will follow as a consequence that it is not the teaching of man but of God- On the first evening I spoilt on this subject, I said that the scriptural testimonj naturally iiivid'S lteeif into three dspartmeats firat, the introduction of the docirine by the di vine Saviour as a preparation ol the minds of hi< Apostles for its future institution; unotber is the in stim'ion itself; and the third is the reference to r by one not present on that solemn occasion, but y whom God manifested It's goodness on an extra ordinary occasion, and who was appointed to bt an apostle to the nations. If we turn to the first, then, [would call your particular attention to th< circumstances of that introduction. Remembet that we cannot, that we do not at all derive our faith from our rending or our interpretation of the scriptures. We indeed read them, and see our doctrine there. But it is not on thi basis of our f clings or imagination that our faith if founded. It it f'-uud<'don the teaehir g of the Church o' G?d. and wo uiv commanded to belitve and to hear thi church. Without frith it u impossible to please Ood H 5 has invested his church with the attribute of veracity the knowledge ot this is enough tor theCatholic. Whet he hears her voice, hu knows he is listening to (hat of thi | Son of God ; so that it is no1, on the strength of any scrip tural texts we build our faith in the sacred mysteries o' Christianity ; for the church hnd alr.ady believed, prnc !i?ed ar.d taught thesn doctrines. before the rcriptuirs I am cbout to read were committed to writing ; mid tin other ttirun evangelists are bat portions ol histories! ri ? oollec'itns of wha* Jesus said and did John, who wroti at the end of the first century, does not record the word of the institution, alihcugh be was present; but he rt cords, in the 6th chapter of his gospel, the conversutioi Jesus had with his disciples, which the other evangelist, omitted, and to which I am now about to call yottr att< r ? ? ion. If you read the 8'h chapter of John, you will ob serve that the circumstances under which Jesus spoki ?cere calculated to make that occasion of the most solcnn and important nature. He was surrounded, a* the tex says, with a great n.altitude of five thousand. The*-, people, impressed with his divine doctrine and admintb.h character, lingered with him almost forgetful of pro Tiding food for their immediate wants ; and having plti on the multitude, he performed the miracle ol what is call ed the multiplicalisn of the five loavrs and twofl h> But why say muttip ication? tor it does not appear in the text, nor in the testimony of the other Vvongelists in rc ? lercnce to it, that there was anything eslcul.tud to strik> the senses in the performance cf that miracle We ari told that them were tivo loaves and two fishes distribute, on the ground, and that Jesus told his diiciples to serve c them much ns they would ; and so they became inex hanstible, hut there was no evidence of an increase of it? hody. Vet we find that each had us much a' he would and that tliero rtill remained twelve baskets of tragmenti c.f the five loave?. and two tithes. After this he seems to take advantage ol the occasion to introduco emit her bread, saying," I am the living bread that came down from hen Ten ; if any man eat of this bread he shall Jive for ever : and tho bread I shall givo is inv flesh for the life of th. world " Then began to arise difficulties in the mhidx o those who witnessed the miracle of Jesus, and they soid "how can thh man giveus his fltsh to eat'"' They under stood him as he spake; they understood his words literally" Now, here are nun led into ? rror, not in the middle ages' ?not in the third or sixth century, but in the very pre senceof our Saviour himself And does he explain t< ?hem their error.ifthcy did not understand him correctly ! Docs he tell them as it would b > nnturol for one of hi divine character to d??as it would be natural for ant good maa todo?' O, von mistake my meaning; 1 did no mean to say you should have literally my boJy?hut mere ly a figure or representation of my body !" No sach thing ; on the contrary he makes use of an expression still stronger?"txcopt you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood, ye have uo life in you Whosoevc eatcth my flesh and drinketh my blood hath eternal life, and i will raise him up at the but day For my flesh i> meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed He that eat etti my flesh and drinketh my Mood, dwelleth in me. and I in him. As the Living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father, so he that rat-th me shall live by me. This is that bread which came down from heaven, not at your fathers did eat manna ncd are dead; he that cateth rf this bread shall live for ev-r." Von are aware ot the circumstances in whicb these words were uttered?that the Jews murmur ed and said?"This is a hard saying ; who can heai it 1* And as the text says?"Many of his disciples went away and walked no more w itli htm." Now I wou.'d ask arty believer in the divinity of Jems Christ to acceuat for this singular fact, that whilst these men showed th*1 they believed liter lly in the word ol Christ, that hb flesh and blood w nld bu given, hew could otir Ssvinni allow t rem to hold such n view if it were not what be meant to convoy For th*y 'aid it was a bard saying, and yet he allows them to br torn away from ti e worth of eternal life whilcene brief sentence would hare at tached them to him task this simple question of otu separated brethren, why. in-.teod of explaining, or soft ening down the apparent harshn ss of the doctrine, hi made it stronger, and 1c that solemn form cf expres slon peculiar to the Bctifttires. said?"Ar.ten, omen: 1 sty'into you, except \e eat the flesh cf the Sen ol '.Tec, nnd drink his blood, ye hare no lire in von;" and this In presence of his Apostles, who el-n fpjt the difficul ty ot the saying But, on the other bsnd, they bad strong ronron for belief in the words he 'poke, and in all simplicity nnd faith received them. Nut one word he said as to the manner of r xeoutien?yet, sll confiding, ttiey were satisfied that when he said so, it was so. And he turned to them and said-"Will ye also gr away V But Peter ssi.l " Lord to whom shall we go ' thou hast the words ot eternal lile." Again, 1 a?k how does it happen that the fon of God, whom we adore nnd worship as snch, should pe mit meu to be tempted to snei r at that doctrine, it it is not as it is writ ten 7 I ask this question of all ministers, and trachers ot all denominations,? -paroled Com ns. I ask th> tn it, when children in the Sunday school class, on reading then words, received the impression they were cnlru.nted tp make, nnd believed that Christ's body nnd Mood was really eaten and drttrk, would he allow this impression tore, main without explanation 7 No, be would not, and this betrays their touching. Thoy would bet ay the trust re posed in them if they at ould eliotv these children to go forth to the world laboring nnder an error it was their apodal business to remove ; and If this would not be pro per. even in a Hun-lay school, how could it be consistent with the attributes ol the Divinn Being to permit the mis understanding of his diSiipleg? The only concln?ior we can come to Is, that the Church of Christ, and Christ hitnsoif. in making use of there word*, r-eant nothing elae. Rut, it is said, that he was not in the habit ol ex plaining whin these diffi-nltir* occnrred, such as we find initio text?that ho l?-it it f?r after times to tiunw light on his word' Bolovs I brethren, there are two or three cages I shall instance to piova to you that this is not the fsct, but that, in every ins ance in which hr perceived the people misapprehended him, he did explain and that when the mystery ol the ioctrinecnnsiitutrd the ground ot thndocuine. he did not explain. (The instances cited ot Christ's explaining his own words, weie in th> case ol Nico.trtmjs, louche g the Spiritual hirlh. and th ' of Liz-ins, who was raise.I from the deid, uh?reour Siviour corrects the fa)<" impression ol his followers as to the real condition of Lazarus ) There an ineny instance* of the same kind, in which, in ii tsking th* wrong meaning /rem hi* Inng. n .e, he explained their error. And. yet, here ia a uoctrine, of all that are revealed tbn moat impdrtant and mystorioua, at whoa* di Acuity his well beloved disciples turned away, and , yet, we etc ioM that oot only did 'hey rr*eivo a wren? ! impression from the u'nf-M of Christ, but that lia did not, would not remove it by an explanation. But thete are other instances in which ha diil not eXp!ein a;,[a .nl\ difficulties : and why ? ll-cause the lsnguugt Mid*: me of must be *o to them as uppiitd to a mystery, and, a), though difficult, they wcue t> believe It Vou rtcolle t the case of the man sick with the paby, to whom lesu* sui 1, "Hon, thy sins arc lorgiven thee the J> ws Imme (flat ly caught at the language and said, "this man bias Tieth; who can forgive mni hut fiod alone V" Did he I'hemeth; mean, then, that he could forgive aim ? Unquestionably j an-l therefore rt -ens that he did not alter their iuttrpie'j. tiou of hi? words, on woiSh he l.,id claim to a power p?? betted only by the tupreme and i tei"2tl! Mod; and net on ly to, but ho made the language stronger, sayihff, "that ye nuiy know that th>-?on of mun ha'h |.ow> i to forgivo suit, I tat "nto thee take up thy hrd and walk " 1 need not multiply instances c"f this kind, lor tbew are snfti cient to show you that in any case in vhtoh hit meaning .?retired correctly, he did explain hie words; wut not perctfred correctly, and 11 ho did not giv- any expiana'ion ih the tt xt, it wnt breads he meapt v. hat he told, which llioae who found it a hard naying snoni-i ha-to received with faith in hit tim nipotence tor thi performance ot We come now to the word* of tha institution, and you wlil the pe riod in which this institution took place. It ttss on the night be.'of" hit death ; the la-t interesting oeea sion hu had to spend in peace with hit apostles It was the occasion upon whim he to make ins let! will nnd testimony. (Bishop H heie quo'r J th? narration (?1 the iast supper at given t>y the tiirei Kvangehats, Ma' ihew, Maik, and Lnae, pointing out enipii.ilicaliy thi words of Jb-iu i blist, "thia it my body, let") .Vow brethren, it it were possible for a uien brought up in dm belief oi this subject, 'o put aside their prejudices an-' ak? the sctip'nres they appeal to as a guide, what could prevent tlirm from ree.-ivipg this dortiine I How coul' it he possible, en Ihe supposition thst the Son of Go. meant to irculcate thia drdrlne, lio ottfld make use <1 U'.igunge more c!i ar ono explicit than these word?"th:? is my body, which shall bedelivertd for vou- thm Is t-.y blood, he " Will th< y tell us utei this that it was mer< bread which wis to be given, and mere wine which w?> to bo ?h. d 1 How could it bt persihie for him, if he mean to teach the doctrh e. that it was mere f read and wine t employ language calculated to lead them aitray, and it dirtct op icsition to his meaning; and if they believe hir to be Qod and receive his declaration us such. I ark tigau our sepiroti'd brethren to n colli ct ihut if this be nn error Chris' led tin: i, pott lea into error. How did they tali intr error 1 By belii vh.g in the words of Jraus Christ. Thi> of the t hnrch until th? period of the so called U form ition. After that these simple words wet prrvcrtvd?and in loss than filite u years, the new ir.tri prefers of these words had invented nine now an. conflicting explanations of these words. And In th duysof BeUimir.o ditt, lent versions wore in circulatioi of words to clear ;Ad simple thr.t it is hard to conceit* they mean any ahythirg hut what they declar.-. Of th' autborr of these tune ditierent readings, some said oni thing, some another, but all egret* thst Jesus rpek figuratively, y ?t hardly two of them ngre.'.d what wa the figurative r.ud It-hat the literal portion Cf tb word ?? wsholher the word " hi-V' or "bedy," c "mino" wns to be rt? understood It af last sa: by Dr.Claiko uhd otheis, tnot t' Tew Oi which our saviour spoke, ? defrctiv ? 1 >>. gUHge, lurndhingro expterniou ? >nr.otjs >.1 w ords " to represent"? and, then" , our Ho)iour ha recourse to the vcrti" to he," whi was well understoo by his hearers in a flanrative sen? ; tl; rtlore, in t ay iiq 'this is my body.' he only meant this rrprmnti or S'f iiiflig my body. Now lor a longtime this wusrer . ived r n v.ry popular exp uuation ; people epokn of it or a . discovery in philology, until Dr. Wiseman arose e pointed out no less than for y-jne various instances Syriac cquivolent to the words '? to rep. Mont." The conclusion of the discourse consisted of * pa; phrase on St. Puui'a allusion to the words nt our Saviour which w'ent to show that he held the dcctrine of the res pres nce; of several arguffrcntier forcing the necesfit ot faith to receive this as well us all ihe other great m>i" tenes of Christianity, ond showing the incampitihllity < Christ speaking fi<uratively. with the iore-knowle.dg which, S3 Ood, hs must have possessed, of the eboundhu errors w hich should in after nges arise out of his word' Albany. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Albany, Feb 4, 1845. Election of D S. Dickinson to the Senate?IVh : and I Wert fore?Appointments in Contemplu tion ?Judge KenV* probable Stressor?Thentri eals, fyc. Tn-dayatnooiifthe Legislature in due formelec ted Daniel 8. Dickinson a Senator in Congresa fi six years, to expire on the 4tli ot^March, 1851 There had 'been an out of door buzzing that tl:< " barn-buiners" would bolt from the decision ? ! the caucus and vote for Samuel Young, in whirl movement they were to be suatatut d and support ed by the whias and natives. But it till rndti m untoke, or rather iu the election of Dick inson. Thia caucus sys'em is a scourge: i brings men iutolhe traces and keeps them there St me men, when they rose intheirp'acesund nom uated Dickinson, d;d so with " great grimace It certainly wtnt Mgrtirist the grain; but had an trum refused to vote ?or Dickinson, his political tiei tiny would have been sealed. It is consider*-' ?hat Dickinson has achieved a complete triumpl over Young, having succeeded in making hints* Senator, and turning his adversary out of nflict liut the (ri-Mids of Young are firm in the faith th - si mettiing exceilent, good, and honorable, is yet i store lor him What thats mething ij, remains t be seen. In the Senate, to-day. a whig Senutoi Mr Uard. passed the highest sort ot eulopiui upon Ool. Young, and went so far us to say that It would hereafter obtain many w hig votes for an office to which he might be, nominated. The excitement attendant upon the election i Senators and State officers having blown ovet, th Governor and the Legislature will now have a clea field for the diechuige of other and equ lly impoi tant duties. It is understood that, the G v rm has now under s* rious adv'n-enient the lucrative u; pointineots tor New York, including the vucaac created by the n sigoation of Judge Kent. The a| plicunts are all keen scented, and sanguine of sue cess. It is probable that Mr. Wright will chooee lv Adjutant General somewhere about the 25th ins From the appearance ol things and the senert cuirrnt of rumor, ;t is more than probable that Mi Temple, ot this city, will receive ihe commisstot Mr Temple is a gentleman in every sense of th word?deservedly po; ular &uii political friend and adversaries, and eminently qualified by edu cation and position to discharge ihe duties of th place with credit to himself, and satisfactorily t the Governor and the people of the State. II has some nine or ten rivals, but it may be safel said thai but three tf the." stand a' all in the e> of favor or succefs. " We may be wrong?bo this is our opinion." Sweet Mrs. Hunt and her husband are doing great business at the Mum tun theatre. They ar playoff to crowded houses every night, Sundar exesp ed, ai.d the country members are among th most constant and Httenuve auditors. A respectable fire occurred about 3 o'clock th; morniug in Broadway, causing much damage an< loss. The Rynders is in town. Yours, truly, Emminqway. Superior Court. Before Judge Vacderpoel Fits. 8.? Highland U Weekt rn Panitl Kingsland - Tiitv was an action to recover balance of acroiim Uue to building two in Stuyv "ant slittt. It was put ii ou part ot t ,e plointitt' that h i finished the mas. a * oik o tioth buildings in li e ?j ling pn?t surr.nn r et lo'tcor. I appeared that a party named Hai ce, a carp tit. r cm tructed for the whole budding, ai.d i mploy ? d ih.i laintii to execute the mason work Plaintitt cinims a hal t r- , econnt ft'00 The deitnee put in was that plthm* h:e no just cause of action, on the ground that ccn'rurt f kmiiling the houses was made with Hance, the ciirpen'iT with whom he had contracted Ad.touni< d over t.i day Before Judge Oakley. Elixakfth ttriring vs Elijih Fitker ? Tl The jury in thi cato cf fjectmint, already noticed, rendi r.d ,i vi rdic for plaintiff, subject to tha opinion of the Court on i c. si to be made, with liberty to amend on a Mil of c? reption' to carry it up to the higher conns Common I'lt-ua. B' for> a fill B nrh Fra 8 ? Dtcitioni Hiring Sptcrr nds Samnrl Xiekolt ?In this case iM n.Iont eroii! , to tus plainlitf's nan, tion without a.sigtiu g causes. Action <t brongl.t for de tention, ami th< camool deiriurrt r in suhaiance assignei in the argument, is, fiat tn narmtion omits to deacnlu ihe property replevlned, having tiecri received hy th. detent tut from the plaintiff. The formal allegations ii trover ol losing goods, nnd of defendant fin ling ; nnd ii replevin of demndant having received thejiroperty o' tin plaintiff, or a third person, to b? delivered to the defendan on n quest, lie . are not matters r? quint's proot at the trial. The omission ol pirt may form sub. stance, according to toe materiality oi the omitted | aM Action in replevin muy in many instances be mtintsimV upon the drfendant. although the propnty was not d? hvnrvd to the drferdsnt, as wh?n deteudsnt obtained pro p*rty tortuo sty Ironi plaintilf, ci touucusly or wrong lull) Pom sometbir.l party. The error objected to is not mode et substance, hut o' mere form, aUnotigh th? f rm it prescriiu I try the statute, and is, thi retore, nut available in guniral l.<w, Althougl the qursiinn, whether the plaintiff in replevin tor dtiei ?ion mn t in ail eases declare according lu the pn senh*. statute lorm. dots not appear to have beer, settled. Th> eour: si e inclined to think that 'In farm shohld h ? used t s.ich cases, ami 'hat l>y .? spt cial demnni r, and plaint l compelled to adhere io the whole lorm But as the i t feud 'iit has omitted to assign th c#u>-' of denutrrer, ad nii'tiog it lobe fotinr!e<t npon matters of sat-stsnce, m costs can be given to him on demurrer, as piarntill 'snai ration does not agree with the Mamie Judgment lor defendant on <1> murrer, with liberty t< plaintiff to amend narration, without payment of coata. Testimonials 1?? tK? roe of 9191. Groumt auul KinrtU'i In saprnrt of tl??* txpoti already published, I ? think it ir:y duty to give ttlf" ,wo uGnf*?,'' declara tions which were delivered (o me by three indi vidual* ot honor, whose services 1 had re<rived in the ell iir provoked by Mr. Emetic between turn and nie at Pans. , . , M. Kii.eitc, without any provocation on the part or M. Griuiset, wrote tftaisive lettera to him; in coni* .Jiirnc ol il l:. ie-err, M Orou*set, audibly and in psk l?c, kpoke ? f M Enteric hi teim* the moil injurious. A day ft"- appointed tar * H.'ttiDy, which, however, paefed ovi r v, itiiOti' Aghtii'g, iittt r i xplanationt drawn up in th,. following lorm, and ? gr<d l<y three witnw***s? M. Eme rir. a'kiioft ledges hi n.i'-t rt having written i flV-nsiw letter* '.f M Uroukret, in ol suppo'od grounds At. Orcumat, for his part, declares that the of lenfive woids addifvcd by him to M. Emeric on the Uvul vard, have r.o turthcr ir.tent, seeing that they were ('vic^ii only in counq'.-'fic* of the letter* he bad re ceived. ' It is cl ar Imu thro note that M. Emerie expressed bis regret, while ? Urea-net, without speukinit ol rtgrit, stales only an opinion us to the Intent oihis c Hence It now ropeais, acconli. g to the t'ati Blent of two per sons p- rfectlv woithy of ere 'it, that instead ol preservii g ?i.'snci, M Oro'isset is reprusetifad us Laving desired and provoked the incidental arraoffiuent. While facta sis distorted to thl*degree, r>r,d e? hi. Uroosset reqfic*'* u* to sei f.rih the tinth t>y our > v. Jence, we do not thin., it our place to relu?? to state some principal details which shall serve to re t stablish things in a true light On honor, then w e dcclsrs that alter the condition* ot the combat were settled upon, M Link one of At. EmeTic's friend*, was urgent in ni* demand if there were no mean* ot con ciliation I According to the strictt*'. instruction* of M. we answered that there remained hut one?that vi - meric should apologize Wo then dictated a note which wus debated for three hours, M Kmertc's friend? ?ndeavoring to induce u? to soften it* content*. To every new iff.irt answend?thefe is no other way; let ns then on ei d of it an I go. Then tho witne**e* went to consult again ft ith Mr F.n trie and tour of hi* friend*, including one lady. We declare, upon honor, thit a per son ?ty nig himsell Doctor and a lri?nd of M Enteric pro posed to u* to ch*rg< the pistol* with powder only Againit ihn ot course we warmly exclaimed, whenthia same Doc tor, M Grimaau, having tried other mtuns of conciliation, pronouaced these significant worc'a:?"I am come for ih" i urpose alone cl arranging this affair : if no meana are Mt 1 will retire." We declare upon honor that M. Lir.k, witness ol M. Err.eric also entertained this proposal. ? i concerned in thia afiair only in the conviction that it should be atranged." Finally, we declare that thia same V Link, betote ho ha?l consented to aolten the terms of the note, can e and void : " In any case, we must deft r the mat'er till ano'herday, for at present M Emeric cannot fight? ht is t?u much ugitated fur that " Our reply to which was, tli't r.o such proposal khould be made, and n ref'tra' 1 j.nitpnvirent Through the extreme per si*tr-rc Weaad ibkalti M.uwri*.wd in con ? full three hour* ofcoutmuid eflort toiii'uca content* of atdr fii>t diote'ed r ote, in ro of conduct so unusual (or such strange <e ; -i>: ? ..rt ' us that n rinse ot dignity com . ji it's to .'firth' r abuse cf ourpoaition. but finish. a Ihe first note, which wn* then imme diately aeccptad E. Hicx.chi*. Dt. VAaaiona. P*a:?, 90tli July, 1844. Sir, Before my departure lr?m Pari* fcr Englard, 1 have ju ? iiuth. Ycur conduct on tho ground, op : :c, shield* you from every specie* of '.d I e. a:tempted toftiids you bv that pger can henceforth rtoch you ; above .r.riss niy approbation ol you os a man ol h(j ,u said is the carriage, in presence of the wit nesses ol -M- Emeric, thai tho affair was settled only in France, hut that on arriving at New York yeu should punish him. As 1 hav already tolJ you helore your wit iicases, there would 110 logger he mi r;t or honor in fight ing with a mi,n who, ftter having boasted for three or four days at list signed on the ground a writing which you h"ld, dictated by MM. r!e Vnruigne ar.d H?ck*cber, your two worthy witnesses; and what was the conduct of those of M Emeric, particularly thatol the cxcaptain, Chevalier of the Legion of Kor.or, M Denvry, who, after having acted the braggadocio the evening prevjona, did r.ot dare to say a word on the ground furthtr than tnnt he injurious letter had bi-rn dictated by M Emeric, to a public wriu r. sn 1 that M. Emeric had made him sign it 1 What resource could veil bare with *uch witnc*se*7 Hia other witil.-:*, M. Link, dcclarfd that he had only inrt.1 as fnch ift h"J?t* cf arranging the ?ntir? v her wise he >hould act have come. Beside*, I,ad V. Err.eric intended to appeal to arm*, would ho have brought i female to the ground, accompanied by jn the same caff'agt? with M Emeric On ap proaching the carriage I told him myself that it wa* no place for u female, and that there wis no occamon to firing one where there was any intention to fight; to ?khich he answered that he had only *? ,hBt "t1? ?T.iffht be useful in of a wot*nd. And witneiiM I his solicited you inough to nrrarge the altalr ; did ?hry not |?r?y ol nr*c to vleicer.d liom the cirriil? to oouciUate the \>uities? You replifd, that it wa? too tato to talk ol conciliation on the ground Yon can then no longer pay ieg?rd to it without treating yonr witnesses unceremoniously I know you are too hon orable f..r thot; the new braggii g of M. Enunc cannot reach >ou Were you not solicited enough by M w? K-! of Mnrspillf*,'" triend cf M. Emeric, r.nd by hi* li ctor? Did thev not do every thing but go on their knees to you To what supplication did he not descend when you had consented to see him t You said it wa* .mpo'Hible ti draw tack, and that it was your with to *ee M Emeric bclore yon, at any cost?that to bring him could render you " great service ; that yotironlyrvfret was to come in the assurance that ht would not fight, but i vou hoped he would bring to it, impelled there o by self love, tinwillirg tract the po troon before i v cmin Thus, my brave M. Orousset. do not I pray yon in the name cf ycur trien '., recur to thi*i afl.n? : yen might larnish the lu*tre of the proper conduct you have T^hermo^he faith of a Chevalier, that, in thi. 'ett-r I only utter the truth, aud that of the purest I pray you to cccept, sir. tho assurance of mv esteem and respect ,,ro[^r^ (0 1(, doc D'Aumale. Chevalier of the Legi.iQ of Honor. Paria, July Id, 1844. Aheap of thk Maces.?Two weddings were de layed i? our city by the recent cnow-storm, aa the jr.nUem n w.-te ixprctc.l from New York. Tho walee -it'itig behind hard, thr bridt s. arreyed in white and orargc flower*, waited patiently, hour i fter honr, unti hope delcrrrd made their heart- sick. Weoweation whe ?her an 8C ion for damages will not lie ngainat the clerk fthe weatbrr. lor thus u:. season ably arresting the antl ;ip?tcd happinesi of our lulr cit zet * Howrver. the I.nw m??*'. " elf, and the . the poor weetberbennd grtoiM o if! ? h ; w out from he Jeep cut* beyond New.Brunswick, in.l receive their brides cftir n m-rry Nt:gh or*r'h"? mishap -. W e never w. re frozen up cn our W"J ^ married, nnd cannot, theief rr, sptsk of the ?n from experience, but we think i' must tie the very realiza tion of' el' c >ml?rt."-PA?lo Gar., Fth.l. TO RAIL KOAI) COMPANIES. 'IM.V1V PATENT CAR Bi ?X. for Ri I road Journal*.?Tho * rroprirti.m of Tim*9 Patent V'?r Bov i*speciftilly call lb# ? tte. iioi* of Ha IroAiH otni-aniea t'ar Manvfactvivrs. all J jihtTS intertnted. at the propri^ora KU^ranf^* their abiliir to un 4000 ini!e* a least, without iviiphiiik ihf oil, and to i-e oil and >vtariug i aits clean and free from du?t and dirt, and Ifcn kicp tli* oil in th- hot, and is not liable to get otii of order itli te&soiithle 'are, keirx constructed with a view to this IB ?rricnlar, and th-r?by is a preat saving to stockh?Ylders and all ?tt e * concerned 1 bey bare appointed Cornelins Kanoose of Jemr heir .^enr, i<? v\ otn a|>. lic.atiou can be mYile for ngbt, and | ttatiiil.ct tiring them in any quantity, and will be attended to ?nine inrH> l?\ the ab. v^, or the nndettiguad proprietoTt. _ Januarv Uth, 1?0. 1 IMA, HILL POOOY. jgfl Im^^e. ? ? TO THK DACrLKRRIAN artists. L"1 A ARTAULT. 'mimrrrr rf Krrnoti Dr-rvrrr-otyre m? " ? t-eria'^ and maim fir tu re r of Morocco ofTera for sal# it th" following cheap prices? Ibat oualily ol Frercn Pi ?tea, No. <0, (medinm)$3 doien. r in? Moroc.-o i'aset with whit# glats and tine borders, ?3 d?. 00 d pmlitv of Daguerreotype Apparatus, including the iu ?rructiofj, all complete and warranted, $60. \cromatic Glasses, from $3 to $16. All the Chemical* used in the Psgoeireotvpe process, cheap^ 1 \. A'tanli Ins received by ihe l\st steamatiip, the sslt of <old l\>r gilding ihe pic? es, the new ?nb?tance f?* polishing l ite.n in two mm t?M. anil the beautiful prnceiaof Mr. Fiaean for reprodnc'iig the [))(tue ret.tyie Portraits on enitraved plates, nd to dnw on paper an unlimited * umber. If vou art- fond of the progress in this beatiiifnl ert, rleaaeto ill t t ie LaUvrite h ?Broadway, cor. of Liberty si. j i28 l m#; c. ? ? ffMir.iik. . si'i,.r Lis*, (at stiurc,) importei'sf ICag I'.fh. ?''ffencJi, and Geroi^n doable end single barrel Ifowl ug and t ucl>inK GUNS, from the lowest to finest qualities, ilso, aUtrita hind, an ettcmsiye niortroest of PffTOLH nHh houble and P:ngl* Barrels, ?inhroemi 10t different kinds -, achidiig tne iiodem J^n Du.t Be vol vert, all of which will *c tql'l low er thee .tny o?jwt I on a# to the tied* Msrehssts and h; . ? ? ? tO (Hi] I P?1 !??? W %ak4> ^ ih? *i e?*Tt4?ely ftad 't to ihe r ivA. ta > *10 Xnu fish store. ~" 40(1 BULB. Sa'rnon, N'i 1.2 Midi 'Iv/U loo bfil,. Bin* i,b. 11"'' b* I, N< ?. i, k, t VjAck.-fcl tvO !)*!. <fo 1? *? 1?* i!.? No. I M -u.'hurf V !? I bfil* No. 1 '?srbf'o* "^*?i ?? <11? l -;.l si.) S?a1? Fish. (0 i'> N.) I IliVl I oo ifi, )<u<>>kM E-lrt-'i 'C# kit* *ci-I|n '(-?0 tl.-t S?r- <l.i ./id TrcVSf* i is' *?!? t. ni Ki?h, soi,;''? for u u l'g ..nfc, M*!t H hnlf ,'id 50 qusr'vrs nro, Mackvrvl. X*0 Ihh.v D -v M/?r ng 'f :) ,tk-r <r-0.', gkiu-og I "f i.' > ,t h t ? ?ii!i ra> ).vii. by N El.f UN. WV.I.I.H fc r<?.."*l DOVM T ' K n 4't rt *A ??" *v Ns??? at.

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