Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1845 Page 3
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Dr. Smith's (sonar coated) Indian Pills are truly efficacious in all instance* of obstructed |>-r*|>iration, the cause of colils. No medicine ever before offered to the public, c'aim-ii such powers to opeuall (lie nvuril outlets of tne sys tem, vis: ilio Inugs, kidneys skill and bowels These Pills air plea'ini, yet thorough. Sold st the principal office, 170 llieeo wich strre*; also at N Hudson stree', and corner Grand and Bowery. 25 cents per box. Examine Dr. Siniiii'x written sig nature. Nothing Impossible - ? What beaatlful la dy isthat yonder, with such a group of admirers?" "Why, that is VIis. ?; she is the person 1 iutrodueed to you a short dedly the greatest inventions that have ever been iutrodueed to th* public f ir the accomplishment of female heauiy." Hemeip ber that Dr. F. Felix (juuraud's flue Italian Soap, for rendering the darkest, roughest, and pimpled skins, snd his I oJure Sub tile, for eradicating superfluoua hair from any part of the hu man frame, are to he had nowhere elaa in New York but at the origiual office, 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway. All Phlltsdslphlm Subscriptions to th' Hkham> must be paid to the agents, Zieber ft Co., I Ledger Buildings, Third street, near Chaatnnt, where single copies may also lie obtained daily at 1 o'clock, (X~r~ All the neveonil cheap Publications for sale at their es tablishment, wholesale sod retail. [?"?"? With the exception of oue paper, the "Herald" is read as much, perhaps in Philadelphia, at any paper published in that city, affording a valuable medium to adveitiaers. Advar tirem, nts handed to the ageuu at lialf past 1 o'clock, will ap pear in the Herald next day. n4 ly Medical Notice.?1The Advertisements of tlis New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established foi the Suppression of Quackery, in the care of all diseases, will hereafter appear on Die fourth page and last column of thii paper. W. S. KICHARD80N, M. D., Agent. Office and Consulting'Itooma of the College.96 Nassau strev MONKV MAKKlCr, Monday, Feb. Id?8 P. M. Quotations for stocks improved to-day several per cent Theadvunca it not confined to the fancies, but State stock* have improved very much. Farmers' Loan went up per cent, Pennsylvania 5's J, Illinois 3, Indiana J, Kentucky 0'a f, Ohio 0's f, Long Island 4, Stonington 1|, Vicksburg J-, Morris Canal I, Harlem 1}, Canton 3}, Read ing Railroad J ; United State* Bank, and Erie Railroad, closed firm at Saturday's prices. There has been a cor responding improvement in the extent of the transactions. The following named gentlemen were this day re elected officers of the Public Stock Exchange for the en suing year : Seixas Nathan, President; William Borrowe, Vice President; William H. Hays, Treasurer; Solomon J. Joseph, Secretary. Ten dollar bills of the eld Franklin Bank, Boston, al tered to Trement Bank, are in circulation, very clumsily done. The Ohio Bank Bill passed the Senate of that State by a striot party vote. It passed to its second reading in the House on the Sd inst., and waa made the special order for every sucoeeding day, until its consideration should be completed.! It will probably pasa the House without sauch alteration. The receipts on the Cumberland Valley Railroad, du ring the last year, were $73,366 17, and the expenditures $70,666 43-leaving a balance in the treasury of $1,699 76. A bill has been reported by the Committee of Ways and Means in the Maryland House of Representatives, requir ing all notes and other obligations to pay money, to be stamped, for which a tax is to paid to the State. The proposed rates of taxation ar.e as follows: In aunts not exceeding $100 lOcts1 Over $100 and no', exceeding 600 16 " Do 300 do do 300 3.6 " T/0 600 do do.' 1,001 60 " Do 1 .tOO do do 1.600 76 " Do 1.600 do do 3,000 $1 00 Dn 3 000 do do 3 000 1 60 Do 3 000 do do 4.0HO 3 00 Do 4 000 do do 6,000 3 60 Do 6.000 do do 7,000 8 60 Do 7,000 do do 8,000 4 00 Do 8 000 $6 00 Should this stamp tax bill pass, it will nett a very large -revenue if properly enforced. Its passage through both Houses of the LegMattffe is at present very doubtful, and should it become a law, its provisions must be very onerous. The money market ia dajly getting easier, and the amount of capital seeking employment daily increasing. The banks are diseounting very liberally, and tha rate of interest will, If the capital remaining idle in the banks is brought into the street, soon range as low as at any time last fall. The immediate reUef realised in the money market by the removal of the restrictions from the move ments of the banks, shows what effect the restrictions produced upon commercial affairs. These banks, being obliged ts make quarterly reports, are able to eaten! their operations for at least two of the three months be tween the reports, leaving only thirty days to reduce their movements to a proper level. This sudden contrac lion ban a very sensible effect on the money market; sd vane, s the rate of interest, end places restrictions upon commetcial affairs generally. After three or four weekr tightness in tho money market, after a break down in the stock market, the banks at once open their discount bonks, and eat and their loans, when speculation in stocks commence; when operators get up an excitement, drawing into the street al] kinds of speculators, and the movement goes en until the time comes round for a con tt act ion, when the banks turn the screws, and the market alinoit instantly tightens,and manyspeculatorsareruinea This movement is carried out every three months so re gularly, that the brokers of Wall street make their calcu lations accordingly. The only way to prevent these .quarterly contractions and expansions in the money mar diet of this and other cities-for this market regulates and controls the others to a certain extent?is to compel the banks of this State to make weekly or monthly reports Porhaps monthly would be better than weekly reports for a time, but returns siaeilar to those made by the Bank oi Englaud, would be, eventually, of more service to the commercial community. The repoits should give the average movement for the period Included, instead of the actual condition of the institution at the time the returns were made out. There caonot be any regularity or uniformity of movement in our bajks until some complete rerolu'ion is made by the Legislature in relation to the publication of statements showing the condition of each institution. Should the quar terly reports be adhered to, the banks should be com pcllcd to give the weekly average though the three mouths, and not confine themselves to the last a* to mike as favorable a statement as possible- The reports as they are now made .cannot be considered correct returns of the condition of the banks They are forced statements, to make which they commence thirty days in advance, so as to place the banks in a particu'ar position on a particular day. The legirlature should take this matter in hand at one*; the evils resulting from the present system are so numerous and so ruinous that some alteration is required. The banks have petitioned to be relieved from even the quartei ly reports as now made out, and in their petitions complain of the expense and Inconvenience attached to nuking su?h frequent returns. These institutions,no doubt, are seriouily inoonvenienced in regulating their affairs te meet the public eye?they would prefer annual report a, if required to make any, and they go so far as to question the power of the legislature to compel them to make any public report of their condition. The banks ol this city rsduced their discounts?from November M, 1844, to Ffbiuary 1st, 184S-about Ave millions of dollsrs : ?ad'if we may judge Irom the tightneaa of the money ?market in January, compared with November and Da cember, we think that more than two thirds ot thia de cr?a?e in discounts took place in the last thirty day. ol the quarter W? annex the aggregate ol the leading movement! ol the tanks of this city, according to the re turn. of several quarters, showing the immense fluctua tlons from one quarter to another. Niw Yoh* Citv Ban as, I ahins Spear. Ciyc. Dep$. 1*11, Janospr ??.??'?>."<? I'ms'su ??VLMS 1SIJ, Ansu-t, ll'mi'i* gtSfcsgSIH I'HilSS ssteaEvs&s ass saaass Til" returns for February, 1846, given above, only in clude the a ggregatea of nineteen banks, leaving the re ports ct ftvo banks out. The movements ef these five will not swell tho amounts given above a great deal, as they are the smallest institutions in the city. From January, 18U, to August, 1044, tho discount lines of the banks ol this city were Increased thirteen millions of dollars, and fr >m August, 1844, to February, 1845, the deorease wi. about ten million* These banks report these fluctua tions, sfer all the rfforts to reduce their movements just previous to making the quarterly returns. The discount lines of the city banks on the 1st Inst., amounted to about $89,000,01)0. Ths average amount for the quarter, ending the 1st iust, would be probably nearer fifty milliona than thirty-six?but tho returns being made up to a certain day, we know nothing about the movements of these in stitutions but what we have in these statements. The bankr of this city aremsnaged solely with an eyeto their own interest*. The prosperity of the community in which they are situated is a secondary consideration. Tint report of the Dank of Washington, Dis rict of To lumbio, en the Slstcf Jar.uity, 1846, shows an increase in nlltre departments, c mpartd with the returns of Ooto b. r 1st, 1844 ? , l'.stsrr or WasttivciTorr, II. I.. O. f lMI Jan. '4J, I'" n.<r u-its JOB,154 4 ?'? r,- 1 J* 7I.SIS IS.** ? 97,001 7 1., Deposit**/?:: j,o<?3 4o>wo no f .r lis the increase in spocie end circulation goer t>, i ? h.enan improv 'nent in the condition of the tuwk, the increase in sptce b -ing more than <lou le tost hqeireulstion Old Stoek Rxchangc. $J?00 IT S s'l, 'S3 103V ITS ihu Kris KK 29)4 SOOO Ohio 6's, '6(1 0SlI SO do 29)4 1000 Kentucky 6's 100', 76 Harlem KK 71 25800 lllmoistpecials 41V 200 do 71.'a SOOO do 1)10 44 V 260 L Islnud HR 78 1000 lud. >, 25 yri hCO 301, 200 do btw 78 SOOO do b30 38)4 too do blS 78 60000 Piun'a S'i ? 74 26 do 775, 10000 do 30d 74 50 Mohawk RR >30 65 SOOO do 1)30 74 150 Sluiiingtou RR 42 5000 do 73)4 100 do 42)4 10( 00 do b60 74 SO do 42), 5000 do 73V SO do b60 43 S040 do 30d 73V ISO Nor and Wore RR 73 SOOO do 73), 50 do b3 73 20 shu National Bk 96 250 do 73V 50 N Am Trait 14)4 150 do tw 73S 25 rarmrri'Traat 10)4 50 do 1.30 74 375 do 41 100 do b60 74 50 do 41)4 100 do b30 73)4 100 do >60 41 100 do 73V 200 do 41)4 25 do btw 73V 360 Morrit Canal 28 50 do b30 73), 50 do b30 28V SO do ?10 73)% 50 Erie RR 29* New Stock Exchange. $2000 Mohawk RR bda 103 100 <haa Vicktbara blO 6 1000 Ind. $. 25 yr? 38 25 do 6 50 alia* Farm.'i Trtut 41 75 do blO 0 >00 do blO 41)4 50 Kail Boeton 11)4 200 do 10 41)2 25 Stonington RR 42 150 do b3 41)2 25 Mohawk RR 64)4 100 do ,30 41 25 do b3 65 50 do 41)4 SO Nor Ik Wore 73)4 50 do 41)4 50 L liland KR 77 100 do 41)4 100 do 78); 25 do b20 42 50 do tw 78), 50 do bnw 41V 75 do 78)4 25 do ,3 41)4 50 do tw 78), 50 do ,30 41 50 d) b30 78), 25 Morri, Canal 25)4 25 do ?60 77)% 25 do b60 30 25 do >60 77 State of Trade. The buiin'ii part of the city ia no much obstructed with mow, that it ia almost impossible to transact much ? utdoor business, and the movements in bulky articles have in consequence been very limited. Ashes?Pot* are in very moderate demand at $4 PearU are steady at $4 '26, but ia limited request. Beeswax-Prime yellow northern uud western sells, a: wanted, at 29j a 29Jc. Cot i on?To-day there was a pause in the market, buy era not being disposed to eomn in at the present rates; and holder*, on the other hand, are determined net to make any concession on large parcel.!. Hat?Common qualities of North River bale are held at 65 a 60c. Prime commands 60c. The demand i* mode rate, and the supplies limited for the season. Paovisions?Ohio pork is moderately active, and we quote tor prime, $8. Mess sells at $10. There ia very little doing in beef. Lard is in demand, and the supply very moderate?barrels sell at 7Jc. Whueet?Drudge casks are dull, but we still quote '23o. Western and prison barrel* are firm at 33 a 23Jc. Cattle Maeekt ? At market, $00 beef cattle, 86 cow* and calves, and 1,300 sheep Price*?Be?f Cattle?Owing to the storm, the offerings were a little reduced, and last week's rates obtained easi ly. We continue to quote $5 a 6 60 for prime retailing qualities, with a few extra at $7. Cows and Calves?All sold, at $14 a $30. Rheep and Lambs?Brisk, at 3 36 a $5, as in quality. Hay?A good supply, at 66 a 67j cents per cwt. Real Estate?Jit Auction?Two story brick house 131 Suffolk street, between Rivington and Stanton; house 30 by 40; lot 76 ft deep $4)00 Two story frame house, with stable on the rear, 63 McDougal street, lot 26 by 100 tt 3376 34 acres of land at New Brighton, known as the Catlin property, between Tompkins avenue and Stuyvesant place, adjoining the property ol Mr. Ehrioger 48372 Married, At Tivoli, Dutshesz county, on the 6th inst. by tho Rev. John Henry Hobart, Mr. Gkoroe Barret, cf the city ol New York, to Miss Sarah Decker, daughter ot Mr. Ju dah Decker, oi the former place. On Friday, the 7th instant, by the Rey. Sidney H Co rey, Mr Johr Lumsder, to Miss Mat Kiloour, both na tives of Scotland. Died, On Monday, 10th inst. of pulmonary consumption, E C. Riley, Jr. aged 17 years, 1 month and 16 days The friends of the family, and the membvrs of the New Jerusalem Church, will please attend his funeral, without further Invitation, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the house of his parents, 134 Sullivan street. On Sunday afternoon, 9th inst suddenly, Oeoroe W Newcomre.hi the 46th year of his age. The friends of the family, and the members of the Na tional Academy of Design, are requested to attend his fu neral, from his residence, 146 Broadway, this afternooD at 4 o'clock, without further invitation. ? On Saturday. 8th inst. at 13 o'clock, at the comer ot Greenwich and Rector streets, of consumption, L Dela mottb. On Wednesday, 6th inst. at his residence, near Peeks kill, Hazard Field. in the 831 year of his ago, son of the late John Field, and fathev of Benjamin Hazard Field Weekly Report of Deaths In the city and connty of New York, from the 1st day of Feb 1846, to the 8th of Feb , 1846. 16 Men?S6 Women?61 Boys?48 Girls.?Total, 170. DISEASES. Abscers, 1; Apoplexy, 4; Bleeding, 1; Bronchitis, 3; Casual ties, 1"; Colic, 1: Consumption, 30\ Convulsions, 16; Croup, 8; Congestion of brain, 3; Congea'ion of Inugs, 1; Constipation of bowels, I; Debility, I; Dropsy, It Dropsy in ths h?ad, 8: Dropsy in the che-t, 1; Erysipelas 3; Fever, 3; Fever, puerpe ral, 3: Fever, scarlet. 3; Fever, typhus 4; Heart, disease of, 4: Inflimmation, 1; Inflammation of Brain. 6; Inflammation ol Bowels, II; Inflammation of lunge, 10; Inflammation of sto mach, 3; Inflammation of womb. 1; Inflammation of liver, 3: Influenza, 1; Insanity, 1; Intriisntception. 1; Marasmus, 3; Measles, 9; Old age, 3: Small poz, 3; Sprue, I; Suicide, I: Teething, 1; Tumor, 2; Ulcer tiou of throat, 3; Unknown, 3 Aok?Under 1 year 46; 1 to 2 years 19; 2 to 6. 17; 6 to 10, 7 10 to 20,14; 20 to 30,13; 30 to 40, IS; 40 to 60, 10; 60 to 80, 13; 60 t< 70, 7; 70 to 80, 6; 8" to 90, 1; 90 to 100, 0: unknown, 1. ELI LEAV1TT, City Inspector. Citv Inspector's Ofliee. Feb. 8. 1846. Latest Dates RECEIVED AT THE NEW TORE HERALD OrtlCI. Anjier Oct. 26 Macao Oct. 1 Africa Not. 39 Manilla Sept. 31 Antigua Jan. 7 Malaga Oct. T Arreibo Not. 2 Madeira Nov. 3 An I C?. yes Dec. 23 Mauritius Aug. Augustine Bay May 18 Montevideo Nov. 29 Batavia ......Oct. II Maracaibo Dec. 13 Bay oflslands, N. Z.. Sept. 6 Mausanilla OcL 36 Bermuda Jan. 14 Matanzai Jan. 13 BuenoaAyree Drc. 3 Mayaguez Jau. li Belize. Hon Dec. 7 Matatnoraa Ang. 31 Barbadoes Jan. 16 Moutetey Oct. 13 Bogota Oct. II Nassau, N. P Dec. 23 Bonaire Drc. 16 Neuvitaa Not. 39 Uahia Not. 7 Oahu, S. i Sept. 8 Bombay Dec. 2 Para Dec. 13 Cape Town, C. O. H.. Not. 33 Paris..... Jan. 3 Calcutta Not. 18 Port an Prince Jan. 9 Cardenas Jan. 3 Porto Cabello Jan. ? C hag res June I Point Petie, Uuad.... Jan. 7 Cieutuegos..........Jan. II Peruambuco Dec. 33 Cape Haylien Jan. 13 Panama Nor. 17 Curacoa Dec. 2li Payta Nor. <? Caracaa Not. 12 Rio Janeiro Dec. It Carthagena Dec. 16 Rio Grande Dec. 6 CamiMuchy Dec 19 San Juan Ang. 9 Coquimbo Jnly 37 St. Helena Drc. 7 Callao Oct. 30 St. Thomas Jan. 14 Drmerara Dec. 27 St. Jago de Cuba Drc 29 Fayai Drc. II St. Johna, P. R. Drc. 19 Gibraltar Sept. 14 Bl Croiz Not. 1' Ouayama, P. R. Nor. 1 St. Domingo Not. 21 Galveston Jan 18 St. Ubea Dec. 8 Oonaivra Jan. 2 Surinam Jan. I Guayaquil April 33 Singapore Oct. It (Jallipagos Islands... May 4 Syifcey, N. S. W.... June II Havre .....Jau. I 1 rim dad de Cuba... .Jan. 14* Havana..... Jan. 21 Talcahuana Oct. I Halifaz Jan. 34 Tahiti Jnly 16 Isle of France Sept. 37 Tombez Not. 4 Jerrmie Dec 37 Tampico Jan. 6 Kingston, Jr.. ...... Jan. 13 Tobaisco Jnly 13 London Jan. 3 Tobago Jau. 2 Liverpool Jan. 4 Turks Island Jan. 3 La Guayra Jan. 6 Valparaiso Oct. 13 Laguua Oct. 31 VeraCruz Jan. 14 Lima Oct. 30 Zanzibar Oct. 2 Passcngsrs Arrlvtd, Lordor?Packet ship Victoria?H East, Mrs Graham, of England; Miss Palm. C Pilgrim, T Richardson, Ann Kictard sou, H Richardson, K Richardson, J Richardson, D Hrrtrs, C Kranklai d?12 in the steerage. Foreign Importations. Lordor?Ship Victo n?176 pkgs H Jetsup?8 do Theron Rockwell 8t co?18 Wight. Srurges k Shaw?32 Camming It Main?10 W Harriman?48 J Elliaon?10 C Vyae?6 W Moore ?12 L J Cohen?3 J Danlap? 7 0 Sutton?2 A J Paeons?3 J Danlap?7 G Sutton?2 A J Paraona-3 J It T Woodhead?6 E K Collins 8t eo? 4 D AComatock?3 Fat'n Si Stewart?3 ban drith It Mnrae?2 A I'lnnkrt?3 M Berbe ll Bri thera?2 O F Gleim-2 Chester, Clark 8t co?3 G M Haywood 8cco? 2 Binns It Halst'ad?2 J D Nutter?1 Richards, Bats-,! It co- ISO W Harriman?14 J M Thirlum It CO?6 W VV Bulek?6 Wiley It Putnam?2 Chrzney It Moure?3 J Morton?1 A Wats n?2 H> rrick It Blunt - 14 Tucker It Cooper?10 Clark It McCum ming?14 Hoad'ey, Phelps It co?I C Mu'ler?3 R It H Haiglv Ik co?I T Hunt?I J A l'etrie-1 A st'art?I W Ware?1 Mi Sloan- 1 Mr Sparks?I A It R Waller?6C0 pkgs iron Phelps, Dodge It co?304 cs 32 bales 2 bags 460 bis tin 16 pipes 66 qr cks 33 hhds to ordsr. i MARITIME' HERALD movements of ths Htcrsinzlilpe. S'earieis. Lfitvt Liv'l. /Jtie i i jime'a. Lrai t Jimr., Hibernia, Kyrie. . .Feb. 4 ...Feb. IB Ms'-.. ' G. Weatrru. Man hews. .Mar. 39 ... April 18 April 21 Packet! to Arrive. | Packets to Sail. LITERroOL LIVERPOOL. U. Stalea, Britton, Nov, 26 I Tanl Jones, Wataon, Feb. 13 England, Bartlett," Dee. I I Ozford, Rathbine, Feb 1* Vitginian, Hiern, Dec >8 Rochester, Britton, Feb 31 M H.4ZU i a, Lowber, Jan. 6 I Oa rick. Trask, Feb. 26 Indeieiidence, Allen, Jau 20 j England, Bartlett, Mar. 1 roRTSMOtlTH. PORTSMOl'TH. Wellington,Chadwick, Jan I Switzerland, Knight, Feb. 10 H. Hudson, Moore, Jan. 10 Unebcc, Hebard, Feb. 20 Prince Albert, Hebor, Jan 20 Victoria, Morgan, Mar. 1 HAVRE. HAVRE. Oneida, Funck, Dec. 17 Bo-gundy, Woiton, Feb. 16 Zurich. J-button, Jau. I Iowa. Lines, Feb. 24 Sully, Lines. Jan. 8 L'neida Funck, Mar. I blllp AMMia StlltS Agssita iVe snail esteem it alavoi if Captains of Vesta,Mill giv. ?> Robert Bilvry, Captain of our News Boat*, a rl>ort o< the shipping left at the port whsnce they sailed, the veeseli spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign uewapapera, or uews they may have. He will board them ltu mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondent* at home ir abroid, will alto confer a favor by tending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they ee.a obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully teeeiTed. PORT OF NfelW YORK, FKBRUAHV II. ton risks... 6 49 I moo.r sets ... . 10 69 r a1 * i?t< 6 II I wish WATtR , .. 113IM Clsared. Marine Lotty, (Sw), Antwerp, W Weisser.?Brig \nn - mi'h, (rates, Hi Thomas ?Bclir l'hebe Klin, Oaborn, Bali im, no. *rr?v???. ('< ket ship Victoria, Sl-rl; frmn 1,- nil .n r id r, r-vi ioillh Uec 36. with md.e, to Jo'li I ri w,H. ll.-l.-ilo diysWest ?f i n 70 Rchr I. Harrison, Kno?, II dsya from Folly Lauding, with ci'tii, to II P Havens The I, H came into the Hook on Salur dry, aiin anclioied on Sond*y lielow the Narrows. Same n gh' r 11 g- llel.l "f ice drif r-d I ul . f the ichr and carri- d lie. out | sole , f the Hook. Sol.r V* litiii* /ikies, fniin Swa-'tboro, Nl wit', ii.val . stores, to m i.ter. II is lird continual head .winds, espen-licvd | Hrsrr weather and had 2 men froet biuso. U|ht?rlelifiUliM. N#wmint and Roger Parmelee, Burl, with rndse from iliip . lately ashore oo Great South Beieh. Schr Excelsior, Bell, with turfentine from the wreck of a schr aahore at Cape May. Schre A B Edwards, and Danl Webater, from Virginia, ?alow. A brjjj i u ppnsed II e Clint on, Lyon, from Savannah. Alao, I ba'que, I brig. uukuowo Wind 8. 1 7" There attll remaiua conaiderable ice iu the Upper and Uouer Bay a. Correspondence of the Herald. Rhode Islander Orrtcs, ) Newport, Feb. 6, INS 1 Arr Mayflower. Thom|iaoo, Triuidad for New Haven; ( ape Fear, Pearce, Wilmington for Boaton, loat part deck l -ad aud leaky; I'reaton. William'. Norfola for Providence; Fraucea, Gardner, Providence for Norfolk; Almira, Balei, do for Rappa hannock; Cunatellation, Soinera, Fall Hirer for Charleaton. Mlscellaneoas Kecord. Packet Ship Switzerland, Kniiht, for Londou, will aail to day, llth inat. Packet 8hip Duchesse d'Ori.eans, for Havre, aaila to morrow, the 12th, in charge of hrr former first mate, Captain Richardasn not having recovered from the iojury he received in a gale of wind during the last voyage. Viminu Vessels.?Brig Veiper, of and from Sedgwick for Charleston, with atnre, has been ? ut about seventy drvs, and nothing heard from her; tears aie iu emitted for her safety. It i? reported that a achr at Eastporl, was incoin|iany with scbr Sussn Eliza. Shepard, of and for Caatiue, from Baltimore. (be fore reported missing) uea- Nantucket Shoal, just before the gale of Dec 11, and it is supposed she must have been lost that gale. Whalemen. A letter received in New Bedford, reports on NW Coast 1st July, Lagoda, Colt, NB. 700 hbls oil. Letter* re eiveil in Nantucket, report on NW t'o?st in Sept, Milo, Gardner, N B, bound iu, with 300) bbls wh oil this sea son. A letter from Cart Mayhew, of the Herald, NB. dated April I7. at Navigator Glands, says:?"We have 90bbU wh 80 do sp oil, all well, Hound for Japan direct.'" At Navigator Islands, March 12, hosier, Congdon, Nant, 1200 bbls sp oil. Heard from in June nolat, Sic. Atlantic, Coleman, Nant, 700 ap; Oct 30, lat 7 N, Ion 21 W, Pheuix, Widslow, do, clean Home Porta. Bath, Jan 30?Arr North Star, Winalow, Baltimore. Portland, Feb5?Nothing sailed?Wind N. and a bluster ing snow storm. The ice in our harbor is broken up, and ves sel* go to and from the whajves without much trouble. New Bedford, Feb 7?The brig ashore a'Quick's Hole re mains >n the same position as at first reported 6th?Arr Cara van, Kelley, via Tarpaulin Cove. Came oct er the Cove this morning in co with 3 Eastward b-und brigs. Left *1 the Cove ah ut 10 sail of vessels, mostly schs. Reports that 2 schs drove ashore in the Cove during the gale of Tuesday, one of which took fire and was bu niug when she left. Understood the crews to be safe, but did not learn the n.tnee of the vessels. The Isaac How land, arr yesterday, has 32,000 lbs whalrboue. Providence, Feb 7?Below, at anchor, off Nayatt Pont, Adams, Nickerson, from Philadelphia: off Field's Point, Mere tha VV ashington, Wood, from Norfolk via Newport- Sid Charley, Ober, North < 'amlina The river is obstructed by i as far down a* FieM * Point -i5 'l,TSRr Ee*5 6?Arr Hope W Gandy, Oandy, Richm'd. 8ld Henry Gtbbi, N York. I Hii.ADEi ritia, Feb 10?Arr City Ice Boar, Beunett, having towed barqneNashua, brig Wm Pitt, aud scbr (Jen Arnold, to Newcastre. Re-orts large quintitiei of drifc ice between this city and Reedy Island. Siw no v ssels hi und up. Chi Orient, I Bremen J Srege. Hamburg; John Potter, [new] Dowd, Barba does; Wm Pitt, Howes, boston. P0R1 Pknn, Feb 7?The Ceylon, and Aurora, for New York, are now in this harbor. The John Young, for Barbadoes, left here this morning and proceeded down the B ?>-. The Piers at this, place are in such ? dilapidated condition, that vessels are obliged to anchor at Mr Cleaver's wharf to be secure from the Lewes. Del. Feb 7?Anna Reynolds, from Boston, and a schr name unknown, got under way this morning and stood up the Bay. lusearora, and Velasco, for New York York, went to sea last evening. The Ora'loo is at anchor near the point of the Cape. The Louisa, and Union, for New York, are at the anchoragf. The Brandy wine Light Boat drifted to sea vest-rday.and is now about 6 miles SH of Cap* Henlopen. Nothing 111 sight bound in. Wind NW. and weather very cold Hichmond, Feb 5?Arr Henry Clay Martin, and William Thompson, N York; 6th. Equator, Card, Be?tnn. W?, Feb 4?Arr tunomus. Mam field, NYoik. Savannah, Feb 3? Arr Beziu K ILece, [Br] Tuzo, Por! Spain, Trio. Cld Havre, Car|>eiiter, Boston. Sid Ocean Queen, [Br] Warre", Liverpool; Niuiai, [Br] Fettock, and Perseverance. [Br] Bennett, St John, NB; G b Lamar, Sail, e inann, New York; Excrlsior, Woodbury , Matanzas; Harriet, ??M?1 Bortoc. (on bro . Hubb By Last Night's Southern Mail. Baltimore, Feb If?Arr Mazy, Grant, Thomaston; Tlio* Hooper, Kirwan, St Thomas 18'.h ult?left, Eni'ly Ellicott, for Baltimore, 7 days. Passed yesterday off Sharp's Island, Wm Heury, of Boston, aud off Hatuxent, Unhin, from Providence, both b"und up Sid Pocahontas, Higglus, Apalachicnla; Mar garet Hugg. Litton, New 01 leans; Ellen, Gill, Boston. Cld Milliseut, runnell, NYork. Charleston, Feb 5?In the offing, M&rv Frances, from West Indies;and a schr unknown. Cld Kobt Isaac, Barrell, Havre: McLellau. Joces, do. Air 3d, Corsair, [Br] Daly, Halifax; Wallace, Yonng, New York?spoke 3d inst. off CapeKomain, William St Thomaa for Ocracoke. Savannah, Feb 3?Arr Eli Whitney, Dyer, and Speed, [Br] Ellis, Liverpool; Larch, Abbott, St Lucie, Ja; Sterling, Hamil ton, New York; 8*gadahock, Downes, Newport. Lid North Bend, Cole, Guadeloupe Mobile, Jau 31?Arr Carthage, Baker, and Ohio, Ellis, Bos Henry Gardner J Br] Wenster: John Bentley, [ Br] Dis w, and Mearns. [Brl Houston, Liverpool; Mary Frances. .._bbsrd, N York; Isabella, Drebert, H10 Janeiro; Aurora. [Sp] Juan, Cardenas; Squirrel Richards, Charleston Cld Ontario, Barstow, Havre; Oxford, Ross, and Choctaw, Flitner, Boston Arr30th, Boston, Davis, Havana. Cld Eurotaa, Potter, Ghent; Growler, Ulmer, Boston: Attakaras. Hartell, Havana. New Orleans, Jan 30?Arr New York, (s) Wright, Galves ton; Union, Ratto.-ne, and Oleron, Sampson, NYork; (Joethe, [Brem] Unman, Bremen: Importer, [Brl McLearn, and Hero of Sidon, [Br] McCarragher, Liverpool; Georgia, Otis, Baltim'e; Nimble, Shaw, La Umvra; Four Brothers, Robinson, Wil mington, NC. Below, Kentucky, Rogers, and Chenango, Patten, Boston: Gertrude, Brown, and Gl?nview, [ Br] Liver pool; Thistle, 110; Sarah Hand, Bailey, Philadelphia; also, six ships unknown. CI-i Columbus. [Brem] Meyer, end cna. [Brem] Ahrenfeldt. Bremen; St Andrew, Rich. Mobile; John W Cater, Greenlaw. Philadelphia via Grand Caillou, La; Mary, Talbot, Matagorda; Deborah, Uobbins. Philadelphia.? Arr 29ih, Waldron, Cheever, aud Angelo, I larksnn, Boaton; A'chel >na, BontrJc, Liverpool: Alleghany. Shanklin, Philadel phia; Atalanla, Kaymoml, New York; Tippecanoe, Gray, and Hope. Moore. Havana. luc, Buxton, Rio Janeiro. < Id John S McKim, (s) Peck, Gilveiton; Spring, Hamilton. Aberdeen; Cygnet, Heard, and Gen Veavie, Couill.rd, Liverpool; Sultana Dennis, NYork; Kdwina. West, I'hilad-lnliia; Norfolk. El liott,and Harriet, Gardiner, Boston; Josephus, Allen, Savan iah; Arixeae, Mct'lintock, Providence, Below. Wald.iboro ? Arr 28th, Chieftain, LiI-rpool;, Virtory, (Br) Liverpool; Mox'.'t, McFarlane, v,aUnT,"is; Bnrl'r Pray, Pearling'on Cld, John Mi 11 turn. Stark; Gaston. Coulteri and Haidee, plit ner, NYork; Rockingham. Peuhallow. and Wessacumcon, Jacques, Boston^ Gsprey, Collins, and Thames, Haveu, Phila delphia; RobtMills, Darling, Baltimore. Mltcellanenua Record. Ashore.?Capt. ? heever, of the Waldron, at New Orleans, reports that on ihe 26th ult. off Gun Key light, he hailed a ship, supposed to be British, at anchor, with wreckers atonnd her? appealed to hare been ashore some time, and to have discharged pirt of her cargo. Schr. Gertrude, Welch, from Savannah for Pl.ila'elphia, with molasses, was driven ashore about 40 mi'es to the uorth ward of Charleston, on the 4th inst. The crew barely suc ceeded in reaching the sho.e. The vessel and cargo will be a total lots. CONSUMPTION IS CURABLE THOMSON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR AND IVOOD NAPTHA TN'FLA MM AT ION of the Mucous Membranes is the result ol 1 some impression made upon rhem by cold or other causes; hence Chronic Cat-rrh, Spitting of Blond, Bronchitis. Asthma ?resulting in CONSUMPTION, Gastrins, diseased Lir t and Kidneys, Palpitation of the Heart, Stc brum inconte>tible evi dence, it is proved thit THOMSON'S COMPOUND Sy. HUP OK TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA is a specific in the e complaints?allaying irritation, promotu k healthy secretiors, and removing the existing cause of disease Thousands hare used it and can rear teatiuionv to its efficacy. (IT!FARTHER PROOF !! :_?T) ? Philadelphia, March 1st, 1844 ?I hereby a certify, that in consequence of re- ^ O peated and neglected colds, ? my lungs became se- si 3( riousfy affected, E i. O fc - and for ? * ? g * ? . 1 ? * i r J Fs time I nave 0 I? 5 n suffered with vio- 3 f"" ~ lent pains in the breast, 3 ^ a obstinate cough and diffi- p S " cult expectoration, thesymp-X Is O turns daily increasing in violence. 55 ?s 1 had recourse to various remedies, < si with no avil. until I used THOMSON'S O COMPOUND SYRUP OK TAR, which effect- t> ed a permanent cure before 1 had taken three bottles. E. EVANS, Fayette street, below Arch. Principal Office?Northeast corner of Fifth and Spruce streets. Sold wholesaleand retnl by the Agents. A. B. aANDS & Co.. Druggists, 773 Broadway. corner of Chambers street. Re tailed also, at Fulton 3tre-t and 7T East Broadway I'ric?50 cents ;ier bo tie, or $5 per dozen. fll lm*m a .LOVE ANODYNE TOOTH ACHE DROPS-AN IMMEDIATE AND PERFECT CURE.?Those who have felt the painful throbbing and excru cia'ing pangs of this disease shooting through their jaws with most tormrnting perseverance, anil, as is often the case, have received but little sympathy from friends on such occasions, will no doubt be much p'eased to know of a remedy that will never fail to quiet forever the unmerciful offender. The Clove Anodyne is the liest of all Toothache Remedies. It is immediate and certain iu its effects, curing the most violent toothache or paiu in the gums in one minute. Ex| erience has proven that this auodvne composition will give 'mmediste and permanent relief after the failure of every oiherretnedy; it is pleasant to the taste and smell, will not in jure the tsetli orgtims in any way, and a few applications will entirely remove the pain an I soieuiss fmin a decaird tooth, so that it may be filled and rendered as useful as ever. When the pain proc ads from the face, oi from the gums around a tooth pparently sound, this application will give speedy relief by rubbing a few drops on the parts affected. Price 25 cents. Prepared Slid Sold by A. B. 8AND8 At ' O. Druggists and Chemists, 27:1 Broadw iy, coiner of Chambers street. Granite Building. Sold also at 78 Fulton street; 77 East Broadway; and by DnntgiaU generally throughout the United States, fell Irn'm A PLEASANT SHAVING SOAP HENRY'S CHI N E 8 E CREAM nhHIS is a new preparation for the gentleman's toilet, to assist in the very necessary ? uty of leinoving the beard. Ai an emollient, its chemical cemliiuationa are turh as to soothe all irriratixg influences upon the skin which are apt to arise from I he use of soaps containing slkili It m ikes a rich and datable lather sof ens the beard to prepare it for the raxor, and renders the operation of sh n mg a t lessure. The reader it respectfully have used referred to the following uotices ftom persons who the a'tide:? ... To Indrprtident Ornllrmon trhn Shu re Thf 'rigfl pea,? We _* s ... 1 _1_ J I Masau A II Msn.l. if c%ti recommend an article prepared by Mmri. A B Sand* * 'o. of this city. The frftl of it upon the fie* i? delightful; it ke*|m one on the he?t poMtbt* terina with his razor. Of all M ?oft soap," and we have felt many different kinds of the trti ?le. w* give this the preference ?[ Kminig Mirror, N. Y. t Chinese Shaving Soap ?This is th? name of an admirable compound, pie.rare I by thote ftmoui chem sts. A. B Hands Sc. Co., of New York. We are ignorant of the ingredirnta of which it is compounded, hut i s effect* are delightful, a sensa tion which is seldom caused hy shaving with any other compo sition that we ever used. To gentlemen wh ? chance to We ear upon their china The beard of Hercules or frowning Mars," we wonld warmly ecnmmend this mi st excellent a'ticle. It can he procured at thelatore of Mr. 8. W Fowl*, Id* Washing ton street.?(From tne Yankee, Boston, Oct. 12, 1844. A. B. Sands Ik Co., New York, prepare one ol the beat articles in ihe way of shaving soap, that ever touched a man's chin ? 1 he compound is entirely new.?[Boston Post, October 3, 1844 JI Mru> Luxury.?A. B. Hands 8t Co., New Y ork, have pre pired ah en new article for the us of genllemen.who prefer o perform iheir own tonsorial operations. It is called Hhavmg Cream; a nrenavatioii wbieh is highly extolled by all who have inert it T he effect it has upon the face is in the highest degree |ile nint, and its us? may truly be denominated " shaving inade e.ay," It sof ens the b ard so as greatly to fsciliate the o|iers ii.hi of the razor in removing it, while at the same lime it im parts a peruliar smoothness and ?ottness to the skin. We would rec inn end i very one to try It, assuring thev that although It will enable them to shave themselves easily, yet they will not get shaved by miichasi' g the article. It it tar Sale in this city by Mr. S. W. r'nwle, Washington street, opposite School St.? [Boston Traveller, <)rtolier 4, 1844. frepered anil sold, wholesale ?nd ret all, by A. B. HANDS A t'.O., ( bemists and Droagista, 177 Broart way, come of Cham bers street, Ndil also by A. B VD Hands, 78 Fulton str-et, and 77 East Broadway. Price 50 cents per jar. A liberal dis count to the trade fll tm'm AUCTION SALES. D A. C. TUTTLK.Anctioueer. AM AGED STEEL.?J ACOtt S. Pl.ATT will Mill, thi? iUv at 12 o'clock, at the auction room, 23 Pla't itrcct, cor ner of Gold, under 'lie in*prc(ioa of the warden* of the port, fur i I KHMiN I lie underwrites # caves sheet and round i i 1-1 ^rrel for ripping uw>; Billet Wrbi. Shovels, Ha . oter? and Gimblets?the same havinK been damaged on (he voyage of importation. Also, on six months credit, a general assortment of fresh im p irted and desirable Hardware and Cuttlery, in good order, fll lt'in A. C. TI'TI LK, Auctioneer. LTAKDWAHK CUTLERY, GUNS, Si".?JACOB 8. I* PI.ATT'S Third Spriug Trade Hardware Sale t _ Spriug Trade Hardware Sale this season, will take place This Dae, at 10 o'ciock, at the sales room. No 23 Plat' street, corner of Gold, and will be found worthy the at tend n of city and country dealeis. The catalogue comprises 251 pvckagrs. cases and Ion of Heavy and She f Hardware French, German and American Staple and Kaucy Good", and will lie peremptorily sold to the highest bidder, on a cedit of C mouths for approved endorsed nop s, fo-sums of $100 and over consisting in part of bright face and cotter key Vices, ft"* roxe Nails, black and b'ightedge Hooks and Hinges,BradsaudBitts, Norfolk Latches, brass and iron Candlesticks, Padlocks, ruined Frypans, long and D hsttdle Shovels and Spades. Hal cr Chains, Files and Hasos. Shoe Thread, Cotton Cards, Sadirons, round and ll it Spring Bolts, 8tc. Alio, an evteusire assortment of Cutl-ry, comprising I, 2. 3 and t blade Congress, Alabama Hunting, spear Point and Pen Knives; Ksv.o-s, Scissors. Sh?srs, Knives and Furks, fitc. Also,5,001) 000 Percussion Caps, a'sorled, ribbed, ribbed and split, and plain; Pow< er Flasks, fitc. Also, double and sin. le hard Guns, lapaiinery, ike. "Also, 8 cuks Carolina Hoes, as-orted. Also, 50 casks Shovels and spades A's >, l,00\(HO Cocker fit Sons and Hemmiugs' fine c s drill ed eye 1 i cedlcs. Also. 9 c-ses dam'ged steel, under Warden's Inspection, fit It"m ADMINISTRATORS' SALE OF REAL ESTATE Uf ILL BE HOLD at Public Vendue on Wednesday, the25th "" dav of February next, at II o'clock, A. M.. at the 1 vie res idenre of Heory 8. ( aril, deceased, the Ileal Estate of which he ili-d povetsed, situate in the town of llnntington. and county of Suffolk, ?ix: the Homestead containing about 131 acres of Laud, on which ate two Dwrlliug Houses, a good Barn and Out Buildings, a good Well of Water, near the door, and a large pviid of water, which has a never failing spring, neat the house, two large Apple Orcharls, and a variety of choice fruit, the whole Farm beiug in goed fence; one oiec" of Timber and Sprout 1 tn* Laud adjoining the road leading from Dtxhills to 8w?et Hoi low. containing by estimation 30 acres; also, another piece < f Timber and Bprout Land, known by the name rf Newfoundland, near the Hall-hollow Hills, containing, by estimation, 21 acrei: also, another piece of Sprout and Timber I and, lying west of the house of Philip Valentine, vnd adiniuiue the roatf leading from said Valentine's to Sweet Hollow, containing five acres more or less; also, a tract of Salt and Sedge Meadow, on Great Neck, on the eou'h side of the Island, containing about 10 screa. The above will be sold altogether or in pieces to suit purcha sers. Any lerson desirous of viewing the same can call on Jacob P. Car'I. on the premises, or Gilbert Carll, Dixhills ? Any other information can be given by Conkliu Carl), Brook lyn, and indisputable titles given for the same. t TIN KLIN CARLL, > Administrators for them GILBERT CARLL, 5 selves and the other Heirs. fi)U6*ec NAVY AGENT'S OFFICE,! New York. Feb 8. 1845 S rpHK. FOLLOWING ARTICLES will be sold at Public 1 Aneti n, on Monday, 17th inst,atl2 o'clock, M., under the direction of the subscriber, vix : ? 1 Bbl Pork, 1 Tin Pan, 4 and IP 2'>0dthsbb'i Beef, 18 boxes Pepper, 3 l88-<96dths bbls Flour, 10 pvir Scissors, 1053 lbs Hice, 1 Mess Pan, 254 lbs Haisine, 84 lbs Tobacco, 3291 lbs Btead, 1 Horse, 8IX lbsTea, 1 pair White Flannel Drawers, 2 boxes Blacking, 13 pair Yarn Socks, 10 Jack Knives, 2 pair Yern Stockings, 10 boxes Mustard, 1 White Linen Frock 1*1 UUkrO iv I II a t t*I ? a s A I" IIIIO a^lll^ll g I Uv 300 Sewing Needles, 1 pair White Linen Trowsers, S lhs < offee, 3 Blue Cloth Jackets, 92 Ihe Cocob, 3 White Flannel Shirts. 2i lh* Cheese, 1 Black Silk Handkerchief, 2 bbls Indian Meal, 1 Hp >nn, 4>s Pu-h Beans, 345 Thimbles. 2 tha Bit 2 ihe Butter, Terms Cash. JAMES H. SUV DAM. Navy Agent, fr9 to 17 rrc No 68 Cnurtlvndt St. R AUCTION SALES. EAL ESTATE AUCTION SALES, at the Merchants' Exchange, attended to by the auhrcribees ns usual, on ns liberal terms as aftt other house. Brooklyn property will beat tended to by Jnmevt ?ole, 63 Fulton street, Brooklyn, and ad vertised in both the New York and Brooklvu papers, o- by E. H. LUDi OW fit CO., ja30 2w*rc 23 Broad street, cor. of Exchange Place. PARTNER WANTED, TN AN ESTABLISHMENT in Broadway, embracing a ?t General Oysferand Baling House, now in full and successful operation. It is tery eligibly situated, and fitted up in handsome style. The owner is desirous of a partner who ran furnish a capital of about $630. For particulars apply l RICHARD OAKLEY, fll 3trc No. 4 Wall street, Mortimer's Building*. SLEIGH ROBES % WHITE, POLAR ANI) GRISLY HUDSON'S BAY BEARS?A few superior specimens for sale by J. M. OPPENHEIM it CO., fll lw*m 169 Water street. valentines, Rich, RARE and ELEGANT, may be had of 8. J. CltOWKN, CI3 Broadway, corner of Bleecker street, vary ing in price from six etnas to four dollars each. fll 4l*rc rjPEN G prices VALENTINES OLD COMIC E ETON' S , 18 DIVISION sr.. NEAR CHATHAM. HOUSE, from six in the morning until midnight?all prices, qualiti's and devices, only none above five doll -rs or under a I eonv. Come r ne, come ell. Tne stork is in first hands, no body will be taken in?but nufced. All the world and his wife knows Old Comic Elton But he begs his customers t > be wide awake?know what's down town, and whet the charge, aud then come up to 18 Division street. A few d-dlars may besive l by a little troubl*. and the satisfaction of feeliog sjite vou'r* not shaved?there's meaning in this. flO 6tis*m AMtENCH GENTLEMAN is desirous of procuring the services of a peison acquainted with the trench and Eng lish. to form his commercial style. A letter addressed to T. T. L , left at the "lli e of this paner. will be attended to. (9 3t*er BOARDING. WIDOW LAD V, respectably connected in this city, is desirous of entering into arrangements for housekeeping, from the st of May neat, with a small respectable family, who would const Vr iheir board and apartments as equivalent to the rent?she eud a few additional boarders occupying the remainder ol the house?which it to be in a central and genteel querrer of th* city. Satistartnrv references to be exchanged. Add est Mrx. A. B , Herald Cffice. f8 lw*dh A TO THE PUBLIC, AND MILITARY OFFICERS IN PARTICULAR. THE ? ' ST AR , " 04 Llspenard street, near Broadway, rT,HOSE GENTLEMEN, who were specially invited by -f " MAJOR ELIJAH T. LEWIS, to partake of ar. A'y ut at thix establishment, in November last, will HON OR themselves aud d;> justice to the subscriber, by caliiug and paying their individual proportion of the expense N H. WOODOATkL thereon. JOH fll lt'rc SPRlNGTias? i STORE TO LET?That conspicuous and eligible ' Store, corner of Broadway and Leonard stieet, New .York Society Libriry. Apply to the Libranau. TO LET?The large three story- and attic Brick I Dwelling House, situated on the north-easterly corner of ? the Seventh Ave iue and Thirteenth stieet, with a fine [ garden, Crolou water, kitchen ranges, marble mantels, sliding doors, See , aud in an improving neighborhood. Kent low to i gum! tenant. Also?Four three story and attic Brick Houses, with Stores underneath, on the easterly side of sixth Avenue, between Twelfth aud Thir'eenth meets, wilh s'iding d or?, marble mantels. Croton water, he., suitable for respectable families in moderate circumstances Also?Five three story Brick Houses, of a similar kind, on the easterly side of Greenwich Lane or Avenue, uear the Eighth Avenue, and opposite the large square. Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store underneath, on the easterly side of the Eighth Avenue, between 13th ai d 14th streets, with marble mantels, sliding doors, Croton water, 8cc. . All of the above Stores are excellent xtand* for businexx, and are initable for drygood* and fancy-goods, ladies' xhoe stoies, china and earthenware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fectionary, fcc. . The Store-, with th" front basement-room, will he rented se- | parate from the dwelling paits if required, the e being covered areas in frout for fuel, Stc. O. H. WINTER, fll Im'rc 16 Wall sheet. DOR T wel SALE-THEATRE HOTEL HEFE' TORY.?This well known establishment. No. 30 Bowerv, first door above the Bowery Theatre, and under the Theatre Hotel, kept f ra number Of years by Levi Dome, and now kept by Hemy L. Young, is for sale, the pr >prieto having ether business that ful ly occupies bis time. The Fixtures will l e sold st a 'air valua tion. Apply on ihe premise*. fll lw*ie BEAR'S OIL HIGHLY SCENTED AND PURE FOX THE HAIR?Of all preparations forthehiir or whiskers, nothing equals the oil prepared from dear's trease. In most instances, it (estoiea the hair to the bald and will effectually nre-erve it from falling off in any event It was long noted by such eminent pi ysjeians and chemists, as ihr late Sir Ilnmph e^r Dsvy and s|r Henry Hajlord, that pare Bear's g:eiae, properly prepired. was the best thing ever d active red fur the preservation of the hair, or restoring it when bald Messrs. A B. Sands !t Co. hive saved no expen-e in get ting the ge nine Bear's grease from ? auada and here, -nd hive i re par- d it in such a in inner that the oil, c mhiped with its high perfnme, renders it indispensable forth-.- mil-t and dress ing room of all. Sold by A. B. SANDS k CO , Nr 273 Broadway, Orani-e Buildirxs. corner of Chambers street; 79 Fulton street, and 77 East Broadway. Price 30 ceuli huge, 23 cents small hollies BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS.?FOR LIVERTOOL.?Only -Regolar Packet of the 16th of Feh uary.?The magii-n ceiit nod celebrated fast sailing favorite packet ship OX FORD, burthen #30 tons, John Ratnhone,commander, will |-o?i- I tivel) sail on Monday, the 17th of Feb.uary, her tegular day. [ Having unsurpassed sec mmodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerige pasienners, those retn-uing the old country, or sending j for their friends, w ill lind it their interest and comfort to select this unequalled line of pickets. For terms of passage, and to secure the best b*rth?, early application should be made ou hoard, foot ol Brrkman st, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS h CO., f8 ec JS Fulton sttee , next door to the Fulton Dank. FOR ANTWERP?To .ail on or about th? lit of March?The'aubtt inlial cof per-fastened and c 'pper, 'ship SILVANUS JENKINS, N. W. Evslngh, For freight or pasxsgf apply tr "EKDIN OKHDINO Si KUNKELMAN. or to BOYD It HINCKF.N, fl'rc No. 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR CADIZ?Thence to Rio Otande, touching at kHS^Kio Janeiro on the homeward bound passage to New JMHMpYork?The fast sailing coppered and copper fastened barque GANGER, Capt. H. S. Kytinge, will sail in a few days f-ir ihe above puts, affording to |>eraous making a tour an excel lent oppottnnity. For p.iavngs onlv, having superior deck and cabin accotnmo da'iona, apply to the Cai tapi ou board or to S. EV1INOE, W lw*rc 23 Broad street, corner of Exchange Place. FOR NEW OH LEANS.?Louisiana and New York Line.?Positively Fust Regular Packet?To sail J6lh February The elegant fast sailing packet harqe j JACOB B. WAI.LEN, Captain Flnnland, wtll positively sail as above. For freight or passage, hiving handsome furnished aecommo dariona, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall st?et, ovto K. K. COLLINS * CO., 36 South street Positively co goods rrceiu-d on hoard >ft- - Saturday evening, I 13 U Feb Agrnta in New Orleans, Meters lluilin and Woodtuff. who will promptly forward all goede to their addmaa. fllrc AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PAKK THKATRR, TUESDAY EVENING, KEBJIUARY Hill, The antertaininci.u will ivunmwr with a Uraud Fntrue Cav alcade, entitled COLUMBIA'S SONS! or The VoU'ies of freedom. ia which the principal Hideit and magnificent Stud will appear. Operatic Pai do Dance bv Miss Louisa Wells. The wonderful Youth. Mister W. Knicadr, will appear on hia Wild Hurao, aa the Youthful Indian Galloping Co the Chase. A Comic Deacriptive Dittvby E. M Dickenson. Vaulting of auiwrior excellence by the Double Troupe, head ed by the Extraordinary S uneraot Thrower, McMaaa By vry ('articular ilea ire, C. J. Rogers will rid* au Act de acriptive of the Striking Character! to be f mud in K.ugland, Ireland and Scotland. Elrgant and surpassing Keata on the Tight Rope, by Jamea MF *rland. Equestrian Director Mr. Cadwallader. Hiding Maaler Mr. N. Johnaon. Clowua Mcara. J. May and Qrimaldi Wei a. The aecond part will coinmeece with a grand Operatic Equestrian Act, euti.led THE THREE CUPIDS, and Th? Morning Sprite. To be aucceeded hy a new, and, it ia to he hoped, one of the moat surpassingly Ore it Personal Area of Double Balance and Poiturr, by S. Miller and J. J. Nathans, who will htucefoilh assume thedesignationof American Broih ra. The much admired VIra. Howard will ride and dance her beau tiful Equestrian. Act of La Dauaeuae Oriental'. By most pressing request the characteristic Hungarian Polka will be d irted by the niter ating Misses Wrl'a. The Act will be rode, leaped and executed by T. V. Turner, never yet surpassed A f<ahion ible and d'lightful NEGRO CONCERT?Inclu ding the m iat popular pieca from the Bohemian Oirl, Parodiea. Due ta, Trioa, Quartet'os and Concerted Pirces, by Messrs. Kelly, Dickrnaou, Hoyt and Edwarda. To couclude with a great Quadruple Act by J. J. Nathaua, on hia Four Bare-backed Steeda, nightly received with the uioat rapturous applauae. Price* of Admistion. Private Boxea S6 First Tier of Boxea and Parqnette 30 centr, Second Tier of Boxea 23 cents Gallery nu. PA LIU'S OPE ICA HOUSE. GRAND COMBINATION OF TALENT. THURSDAY EVENING, February 13th, Third Nightof Mr KNEA9S and his TROUPE, m a Grand Con'ert aaaia'ed by that justly celebrated Band, the GUINEA SERENADER9, who will give aome of th ? moat fsshjonible and popular Songs, Refrains, Parodies, lie And conclude with the Grand Ethiopian Operatic Bnrletta on the BOHEMIAN GIRL, entitled THE VIRGINIAN GIRL. By ihe whole Troupe. Lucy Long, ajias Lucy Neal Madame Depo. Byntha Sue feigiiorina Ltiactearhia Poorgoo*e. Aunt Sal, Signora. Since yon L) rmeto. Juinln Jum Si*. Triangleua. Spruce Pink Sr. Tomatoe. Old Dad Neal Sig. Fannysarah. Pompey D .ckle.pi . ,, the Pa'son .. . Sjg. Amenino. In the course of the niece there will b? Songs, Duetts. Trios. Snartetts, Choruses, also the celebrated Polka Dance and Grand allop, by the whole company <fraud Finale?Young Love Triumnhaut Smiling Oh! what full delight Take yonr time Miss Lucy First tier and Parquette 30 cents. Second tier 23 cents. Private Boxea $3. Doors oteu at 6% o'clock?Concert to commence at 7% o'clock. Box Office open front 10 to 3 o'clock to secure seats. (j.T^Bouqueii can be bought at the door. JUNIOR BACHELORS. IN CONSEQUENCE of the a vere storm on Tues iday night last, and many being dtsippointed from at tending the 1 bird Annual Assembly of the above As sociation. the .Managers have thought proper to reie?t it on FRIDAY EVENING NEXT, February 14-h. Those gentlemen who purchased tickets for the same, will plea.e call on the individual managers and obtain tickets for the next Assembly, fiee of expense. New Yort, Feb. 8th, 1815. fll 4t*m FESTIVAL BALL, attlie Minerva Rooms, Broadway, on the 13th i f February, at 8 o'clock in the eveuiug, arranged by Samuel Ludvigh. Tirke's at the door. $1 for one gen teinan and two ladies. In the intermission there will be Songs, Speech es ami Toasts. fll 2l*m rPHK MOZART ASSOCIATION?Assisted by the New 1 York Melodeous, will give a Concert of Sacred Music this evening, in the N. W. R Dut. h Church, iu Franklin st ret, to commence at half-paat 7 o'clock. Several Quartettes by the Mrlodeons. intersie>s*d with <.liorut*es and Solos by the Asso ciation, will be perform* I on this occasion. Leader, F. H. Na-h; Organist, 11. C- Timm. Tickets 25 cents each, to be had at the Uoor. tell lt*m ?! FRANKLIN BLUES THIRD ANNUAL SOIREE. MILITARY AND CIVIC, COMES off it Niblo's on the 17th instant. The Committee have done every thing neceisary to insure a brilliant Fete, and no lack of en?rgy will be spared to render this Ball equal to any given this season .ckrts One Dollar?To he had at Captain Smith's Military Hall, Bowery. An early application for tickets is they are limited. fll lwm THE MELODEON8, Messrs. OAKLEY, COMES, NASH 1 and ANDREWS, will give their FIRST CONCEPT, un der their new name. at. the Broadway Tabernacle, on Wednes day Evening next, the 12th instant. Particulars in future advertisements flO 2tis*rc L ECTURKS ON KTHNOGRAPH Y.-Mr. ROBERT URANT will give two Lectures on the Naturil history of the Hnman Race, at Society Libraty, on Tursday and Fri day evenings. Feb. 11th and 14th. Mr. Oraut challenges any abolitionist to disprove the facts he will adduce to sustain the natural superiority of the white race above the negro aud Indian. Tickets 26 cents. Lecture to commence at 7)? o'clock. felO 2tis*rc M*n MENDELSSOHN'S LOBGESANG. OtOROR LODER, respectfully announces to the public of New York, that his CLASSICAL CONCERT will take place at the Apollo Rooms, on February 22d. 1246 (Washington's Birthday,) when will be produced, for the first time in America, the LOBGE8ANG, OR HYMN OF PRAISE ! Symphnic ' antaie. for Grand Orchestra and < hoir. The solo puts by MRS. E. LODER, MISS WAToON and S1GNOR ANTOO n INI. To he fo'lowed by a Miscellaneous Concert, in which the first vocal and instrumental talent of the city will appear. The subscription list still remains open at 'he st ire of Messrs. Scharfenberg and Luis, 361 Broadwav, near Franklin street, oral the residence of Mr Loder. 97 Crosby street. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR-Family Tickets, to admit five persons, Three Dollars. j29 tfrc A GRAND VOCAL It IN*TRUMENTALCONt'ERT? Will be given at the Tabernacle, on Saturday, the 2th of March next, in aid of the Funds of the German Society of New York. Particulars in future advertisements. fe7 3we d*ce COMPLIMENTARY BALL THE Pub'ic and Friends of Mr. E. H. Conway, are respect fully informed that a Complimentary Ball will be siren to him, by his pupils, at the Shakspeare Hotel, on Tuesday Eve ning, 18th Februuv, 1246. Tickets One Dollar : can be had at the Hotel, or of any of the pnpils. fe7 6teod*ec THE BALL of Dodworth's Cornet Bard, will lake place cn Wednesday, February 12th, at the Apollo Rooms. Tickets One Dnilu ; to be had at the Apollo, or of the Dod worth Family, 493 Broadway. fe7 5tis*rrc 0>9 SIXTH ANNUAL BALL IN AID OK THE FUNDS OP THE HEBREW BENEVOLENT SOCIETY, V THE CITY OF NEW YORK, will tike place at Niblo's - Saloon, on Wednesday Evening, 19th Kebruaty, 1246 Tickets Three Dollars, admitting a gentleman and two ladies, may be had of either of the undersigned COMMITTEE. M'. Joseph A. Jackson,... . ........ No 200 Bowery Mr. Samuel Cohen, No. 133 Maiden Lsne cor. of Water Mr. David Samson, No 266 Washington street Mr. John Levy No. 37 Chatham and 16' Monroe st. Mr. Abm. J Jackson No. 68 Read street. Mr. L. J. Simmons No 168 .'earl street. Mr. J- Vellers, No 3 6 Brosdway. Mr. ?Jeo. Godfrey, No. 423 Broadway. j 30 to El 9 "re LIONEL A. MYERS, Seer-tary. NIBLO'S GRAND SALOON, FOR CONCERTS AND BALLS Price for Balls $60. Price for Concerts $26 ITT" THE ST. GEORGE'S SOCIETY THIRD AN IMAL NUAL BALL will take place at Niblo's 8aloon on Thurt day, Feb. 13th. JC^-FRANKLIN BLUES GRAND MILITARY BALL, takes place at Niblo'a Saloon, ou Monday, February 17th, O- THE HEBREW BENEVOLENT ASSOCIA TION'S Annnal Ball takes plac at Niblo's Saloon, ou Wed nesday, February 19th. (T7-THE ARGUS ORAND MILITARY BALL takes place at Niblo's Saloon, ou Monday, Kebruai y 24th. ' ^Ij^-THE INDEPENDENCE GUARD. Grand Military Ball takes place at Niblo's Saloon, on Wednesday, February [G??THE MONTGOMERY GUARD Grand Military led! tal ' Ball taker place at Niblo's Saloon, on Monday, March 3d. [TT-THK ST. DAVID'S SOCIETY will hold their Annual Festival at Niblo's, on Tuesday, March 4th Dinner to be ou ttie Table at 6 o'clock. Tickets to be had of the Stewards. ja20rc D. C. COLDe-.N, President. MESSRS. SCHNEIDER St REBHUN'S COTILLION BAND. LATE OF SARATOGA SPRINGS, ARK now prepared to givtr their attendance, al Private Tar ties, Soiricr, lie , and combining a Band of various Instru ments. from two to twenty, with the most modern and fashiona ble Music, hope to give their usual satisfaction. Application to b< made to MESSRS. SCHNEIDER 8i RKBHUNS, ja4 lm*rc 69 < '.rothv street PoST OFFICE, J New York, January 29ih, 1846. _ THE TOST M ASTER GENERAL his orderel an EX PRESS MAIL, to be >nn Irons Covington, GeorgC, to Montgomery, At ibune, and biek, with th- view of expediting the communications between 'h? east rn cities and the cities ot Mobil - aud New Orleans one .lay, i n J to enable those d-siring to nse it, to avail themselves of tli ? despttcb it will afford?no lice is hereby given of the arrangeim nt. Letters PRXpsin ai.d marked " f irnrsa," and newspaper slips fiom Publishers of newspapers sddressed to publishers of ps|*ri only, and sent iu lieu of th' ir exchange, d ne up in light wrappers, open at one end, is III.-only matter that can be al lowed to be sent by the espress j3? 2aisrc JOHN I.ORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. INDIA RUBBER SHOES UTCINSON 8i RUN VON, offer for sale, the best assort ment of India Rubber Shoes in the citv, comprising every variety in use. which for beauty and Curability, are not surpas sed in the world. Also, the MeiallioRubter Over shoes, which do nots'iffrn in the coldest weather, and always retain their color. Purcliia-n are invited to call and examineonr stock. Hl iv.'? We se'l cheap at wholesale and retail ,/areheuse of the Newark. N .1 , India Rubber Factory, 33 Maiden-lane. HUTCHINSON 8i RUNYOff fB l?it*rc CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS! NE/EKIKV, 92 Nassau str-et, oppo*ite th? llrrald Build ? inn, respectfully invites the attention of h <? ftien s a d the pabhc genetally, to the following choice Cigars, jnst re ceived by late arrivals from Havana llegalias of various brnsds, Panetelas of various brands, Normas, Priucipes, Yngennidad, Kionda, Esperanxa, Napoleonee, La India, Noriegas, Lord Byrona. The above Began ere guaranteed at genuine and imported, and the trade are invited to call and examine them. N. B.?Orders from abroad will be strictly attended to. j 16 lrnerrc ARCHITECTURE. FRED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends and the public, that he has removed his office from 192 Broadway to 18 Wall st. where persons desirous of hnilding are invited to ex am'ne a selection of original and tasteful deaigiia, from the Co4 tags upwards to the extensive Villa or Mansion, in all the vsrioas styles of architecture; and where he is prepared to furnish Plans, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and C' ntrscts for Build ings of every description, and sniierintsnds the erection thereof 1130 1m* re K DUNLOP * SON > i .UA AHF.GULAH supply of Pole Ami* < and mown Ale. u. | hogs heads, barrels and halves, for Shipping and City nae. at No. 178 West street, corner of Warren. THOMAS BARBER, Agent. It. Dnnlop Ik Son, from their standing in this city, will sua rsnteeto th ise who fan r them with their roatntn. V s-niuoe , a tide, fully ad.iowd to the use of Print* Families, Hotels, | Public Saloons, lie. Now York, Joaaary 1,1146. }a6 lm*m BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washington, Sunday, Jan. 9th, 1845. Oregon anil Texat?Powder and Saltpetre?The Amount of Powder in the Country?Neve York Senators James G. Bennett, Esq ,? The passage of the bill for the territorial occupa ion of Oregon, in accordance with the existing treaty of Great Britain, has given rise to much spe culation as to the action of the British Parliament on the reception of the news from thia country. Will they resist at once, or suppress hostility to prepare for resistance! The latter is the most pro bable, and therefore the necessity of preparation tor defence. By the recent report of W. M. Crane, Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance, made to the Se cretary of the Treasury, it appears that the average eonsumption of powder for the last four years, at sea, and on shore, for all purposes, has been at the rate of 1,642 barrels, and that we now have on hand for the supply of the Navy department of this great nation but 1,900 barrels of this necessary nrticle for the naval defence if our coast and harbors. The materials for the manufacture o| round shot, shells, cylin ders, musket ball, cartridges, See , are within our own borders, but for the manutacture cf pow der we are dependant upon foreign rations, al most immediately under the direction and control of Great Britain. Saltpetre, one of the moat ne cessary ingredients, comes from India, and brim atone from the Mediterranean, the control of which rests with the power of Great Britain. It is well known to evpry practical mas that powder, after a sea voyage, becomes destroyed of us virtues, and all left is passed upon as" condemned " The only rarnedv yet found for thia wholesale destruction of the" material" for defence, is "Colt's tin-foil cartridges, the efficacy of which has been tested and decided upon by the Naval and Militia Com mittees of Congress. The only obstruction to the passage of a bill to secure the government this va luable improvement ia the delay of the sanction of he Committee of Ways and Means, of which Mr. McKay, of North Carolina, ia chairman No man loubta his patriotism or hia judgment, but hie anx iety to prevent unnecessary expenditure has re tarded positive action, which in the end may prove disastrous to the nation, both in a pecuniary and political sense If the substance of warfare can be preserved by the invention of Mr. Colt, let our go vernment possess itself of this knowledge forth with. If the re-annexation of Textts, or the occu pation of Oregon will produce hostility from Great Britain, let ua preserve the " sinews of war" now in our land, and trust to the powers of genius, and Colonel Webbfor a future supply of saltpetre. One of the most distinguished of the Maine lo co's has shown me a budget of letters received since the news was received there of the passage of the annexation question through the House. The similitude, or rather universality, of senti ment, with that from other parts of this vast Re public show that Texas ia tnegreat American ques tion. Hamlin, Herrick, Dunlap and White are de nounced from one end of the State to the other. The "solitary and alone "member ia Shepherd Gary, from Aroostook, a plain, practical, stubborn, honest, blunt, but powerful man. Neither the in fluence of Benton, nor Wright, nor Fairfield, nor all the old Hunkerism combined, could effect him; and he. spoke and voted tor annexation. It will not be strange if he be the next Governor of that State. Mr. Foster's letter to the Richmond Enquirer ban created much excitement. His expose of the mo tive which governed the anti-Texes Democrats in Congress, will bury the National Conservatives in Mr. Polk's estimation. The most powerful op position is being made against the appointment of Mr Flsgg, (one of the Secretaries,) as Post master General, although it is doubtful whether it will succeed It is said that Ex-President Van Buren has intimated to Mr. Polk that this is the only personal favor he will ask. No one doubts Mr. Flagg's capacity for the station, but the object sought to be obtained from it, ia questionable in the eyea of Mr. Polk's real friends It was gen erally supposed, (as the Hon. R. D. Davis, of New York, had stated that Mr. Dickinson would be de feated for Senator,) that Samuel Young would be elected in hia place. Great interest and excitement were exhibited by th" Texas members, until the arrival of the Herald, giving information that Dick inson was elected for the six years. Coleman's Itnr-room? and Brown's, and Fuller'?inde- d, all the bar-rooms of the town, were thronged; and, at the drinking of each gin cack tail, loud cheers wore given for Texas and Dickinson God help, lor the devil will grab, the democrat who opposes Texas. I am astonished at the peculiar position of Mr. Wright, at this time, in the public estimation here. My opinion is, tnat he is nationally dead. The editor of a prominent western paper has just informed me that it was his iniention, as it was that of many of his western coadjutors, to raise the flags of Wright, of N.York, for President?and Butler,of Kentucky, as Vice President; but now, he and his friends?the whole west and south-west?were perfectly satis fied that no opponent of annexation can be the candidate of the west or south-west for the Presi dency. TjATE from Texas.?The steamship New York, Captaiu Wright, arrived at New Orleans from Gal veston, on the 31st oi Jan. She brought Galveston papers ?o the JMb, Houston to the 23d, end Washington to the 19th, but they contain no news ot importance. Major DoncUon, U. 8. Charge to Texas, came passen ger in the steamer. i he reports shout Captain Ellio't, the British Charge d'A (fairs, lounded upon a statement to the t fleet that he had been authorised by bis government to propose and guarantee the Independence of Texas, Ice. St" , on certain conditions is unhesitatingly declared by the Houston 7Y Ugraph to be totally incorrect. Gr? Hamilton, Judge Loogstiect, and Col. McCall were in Washington. The influenza prevailed at Washington; deaths had occurred wphin a short time. The Hon. John W. Smith, u Senator in Congress from the county ol Bexar, died in Washington on the 12 h last. Large beds of anthracite coal have been discoveied near the sources of the Trinity river Great numbers of Mtxicans had arrivida' Galveston to lay in stock' of goods, but owing to the scarcity ol top plies, were comprlled to rrturn without mak es pur chase'. Srguin and hit band continue th? ir depredations on the trading route between Bexar a.d the towns below the Presidio and above Loredo. The Registry says, that tho children o' Mrs Simsen, who were c iptared at Austin hy hostilr Indians, are now in the possession ol the Toweash and W icoe tribes, in ike Wichetaw mountains. T-- e Texan Congress has paasi d a bill to submit the se lection of a si'e for the Capitol of the Republic, to the people in 1847. President Jones has approved it The Texas papers are rejoicing over the crcape of .V r. Navarro from his locg captivity Nothing has been done towards reennoi'ing the misun derstanding between Gen. Green and President Jen* a A large annexation meeting has been held at San Filipe.l The Galveston papers think that Dothing will be done with the tariff* this srssion of Congress The Camanche Indians were not satisfied with the boundary run bv Texas in their country. The c lturc of Sea Island cotton hos been commenced. From Laquira.?By the brig Nimble, Captain Shaw, we received ndvices from Caracas to the 14th instant. Nothingtf constquence la to be fennd in the papers. The Legislative Chamber w?t to mret on the 90:h, and proceed to the election of Vice-President; Signor Arbanes, conservative, it was thought would be elected. Mr Ellis, the American Charge to the Repub lic of Venezuela, had won the respect ?t the inhabitants of Caracas. ColT-m was somewhat scarce, and many American veasels bad left in ballast. The export of cot. fee in 1944 had diminished 32.181 jls. Sugar had likewise fallen off3 937 q's , whilst an increased export of 10,821 hldsa Is reported over 1943 Coffee commanded $7 a 7 38 the quint il, in good demand for the English market.? Hides $9 the quintal.?N Orleans bulletin, /art 81. Stvampoat Sunk ?The Attakapnt Gazette of the 23th instant, say-?" By the steamer Neva, ar rived here on Wednesday last, and lately from the 8?bine. we learn that tha ste-mnoat Miami, from New Orleana for Galveston, stiuek a snag near the Calcasion, and sunk Thecrewand passengers had, it is said, safely got ashore. The cargo we presume was lost " kales of Stocks ot Pltllndelphla. Kiasr Boaan, Feb. 10 ?$20 000 Stat- Vs, rw, 73K; lO.OCO do, 3d 7SUi 15,000 do, H5, 73*4; 8,005 do 73*4 ; 300 Wilmingtni ?'?, 1858, 77; 16.000 Heading li rndt,06; 303 new annual It's. 78; SOU old do 71; 2> new snnu <1 J's, 8O4; 100 shaie, Farmers' and Me chanics' Rk. 41; 100 Wilmington RH, rw. 2l*i; 50 do 21)4; 100 do, hi, 214; 50 do. 5, 21; 50 ifi. rw. 21; IM Girsrd Hk, h5, 7K; 175 do 7H; 4SU do, J0, 7.S; 200 dolt,; jt) ,|? 7*,; 50 d- 7%; 700 do, h5,7H; 100 Wilmiintoii It It, bj. 2iy. IJO dotlfc; JO do, SI, 21: 50do, nw. 21; 2 Penn'a Bit. 265: 2 Bk of Coinme' %; 8 iNoithern Bk, Kv. 89V; I" SrmivIk ill .Nsvifitloa, 27 Srcosd Boari>, Fob, 8. - $10,000 St rte 5'*, 5d, 7**,; to.000 do, bj, T3S; 13,000do 73*4: I0.WMI do, rw, 73*,; 7.000 do, cash. 73*4; 5,000 do, c ith, 73X; 4 000 Wilmington 6 ?, 1855, 4d, 78*,; 390do rw,7*y KKI0 Stale Treasury eh-ca on Bk of Middle on, paid in relief notea. 97; 50 ahares Wil'mingtin RR, 20*,; 50 d?, 3d, 20*,; 200 do, hi. 20*4; 50 do 20>4; 100 Girsrd Bk. si, 9 Far mer,' and Mechanics' Bk, 41. Markets. Naw Oslxani, Friday Morning, Jan. 81.?The demand for cotton continues steady and vory active, but the re duced amount on sole prevents the transactions from bo ing moie extended Tho business yesterday amounted to 3.800 biles, at lull pricrs, tie greater pan of which was taken for shipment te F.ngland. SLEIGHS FOR SALE. TWO ONE HORSE SLEIGHS, light country made, for 1 sale by ? HOOKE k FOWKS, fit 3t? iii Corner of Wtat and Liberty streets. PASSAGEToR NKW OJILE^ANJ*acket"qj WjrxWtlie Hlh of Fehrni jBklfmPicket ship LOU positively st shore, her iruular day. The accommodations',ol thi, ship for cabin, second cabin, and tfreras-passengers, cannrt be urp-avd. Those wish i ''o ?e cure berths, should not fan 1 ? make rome-.iale app.v i on board, foot of Wall street, or to _ _ W. fc J T. TAfSt^OT'I, ft T? South Stteet, eeruer MaWto Leue the Uth of February?The splendid and fast sailing "svll.LE, t apt-in Hunt, wHI sail

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