Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1845 Page 3
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jevlou*. The arrival*, clearanoea and valua of exported krchandise for each weak of litis mouth, wera a* f jl , Arr'lt. Cl'nctt. Vol. apt '? weak,aadiaa 7th instant 10 14 $3m,4i5 04 -,on<l week, eudiug 14th iaitaot 5 2;J 400,578 M ud weak, eudiug 3lst instant, 51 IS 321.290 SO Total 60 si (33*,2*4 32 The value of the exports ao far thi* month* is very all, and at the same rate, will not for the month exceed rt< en hundred thousand dollar*, against $-1,600,000 fo> corresponding month last year. There has, however, su a corresponding decrease in the value ef the im rts. The Treasurer of New Jersey reports that the amount fclved into the treasury from the 0th of November 1843, the 7th of February 1846?a period of about fifteen inths?was $170,375 33, and the expenditures for the ee time, were $164,376 10, leaving a balance on hand (6 090 03 The receipt* into the treasury were from following sources, viz $38,697 30 from the Camden 1 Amboy Railroad Company, for transit duties; $16, from Delaware and lUritan Canal Company, for tran dutiea; $37,000, dividends on $3,000 shares of the joiut ck ol the Delaware and Raritan Canal and Camden and iboy Railroad Companies; $1,030 intereat on the joint id of $17,000 due from the Delaware and Raritan Canal I Cam.len and Amboy Railroad Companies; $11,663, mit duties on the New Jersey Railroad Company; .000 State tax for the year 1813; $34,847 State tax in for the year 1844; $1,350 for tax on the capital stock he Paterson and Hudson River Railroad Company; 900 fronttho Keeper ol the New Jersey State Prison; for pedlers' licenses; $133 from Commissioner ol ecks, lor the county ol Cape May; and $16,706,33 fir balance on hand at the oloseof the proceeding year, 'he amount for the ordinary expenses of government, the same period as above, is $76,316 31 for extraordi expenses: paid for convention to prepare constitu te) 059 99; and on account of the debt due from the te to the School Fund, $80,000. Old Stock (Cxckiange. 10 U H 6'?, '62,Icon 114 100 thas Morris 1^1 i N Y citvi'*, *70 11014 75 do Kentucky 6's 101)4 75 do do tarn bds 100 50 do Illinois special 4S>4 425 do b60 435* 100 do b30 431? >56 Indiana sis 32k 0 Indiana bonds 35 (I Penn'a 5's s30 73k 0 do 731 0 Heading HR bds 671 do btO 68 do inaa Illinois Bk II S Bank I'JTerson Ins Co Farmers' Tr Ohio Life & Trust Cautou Co do do >30 52; do 63 Stoniugton RK sl2m 40 do do do do b30 4 3 do 4314 Second Board < 0 Ohio6's blO 99 50 thas Farm's Tiust 1 Illinois spcl bds 4314 50 do has Morris Cnl 3114 50 Ho do 31 50 do lanton Co suw 53 50 do ,-Iarlem RR 73 150 L Island RR Stoningtou RR 4314 25 Nor and Wore do 4314 50 Farmers' Tr do 4354 New Stock Bxehangs. Ohio 6's, '64 l>30 9914 35 shas Stonington RR c 43)4 Illinois srcl Indiana $ 425* 35 do b3 4314 26yrs 3514 25 do *3 431* bas Farm's Tr c 40 50 do b30 4314 do C 4014 50 do *3 43 do t3 40?, 50 do b3 43 do bnw 401a 50 do c 43 do C 40)4 35 Nor and Wore *3 7314 Yicksburg Bk c 61* 75 do . 73?* U S Bank 6 35 rto bnw 74 L Island RR S3 S0>4 35 do *3 7314 do c 791* 50 do 73 do c 791* 50 do b3 73 do c 79 50 do *3 73 do *3 79 35 do bnw 7314 Lrie RR Monday 3014 35 do bow 73 do nw 3014 35 do 73H do c 31 Sales or 8tocks?Boston, Feb. 30. KHH) Reading RR bonds, 1860,76; ?100 Massachusetts hug 6's, 104; 4 shares Western RR, 98{; 10 do 96]; 10 ou and Maine RR(new)llO, 3 do (old) 109]; 6 do 1094; ston and Providence RR, 107]; 60 L Island RR, 79); ? Boston dividends, 4 16-16; 136 do 6; 91 ? Boston sik >J, 13; 100 do, Saturday, 18; 36 do 13; 36 Reading RR II, 364 ; 60 do 36); 76 Norwich and Worcester RR.74); o, bolOI, 74]; 60 do, bolOd, 74); 36 do, bolOd, 74); 60 i?10d, 74]. Stat* of Trad*. he#?Pot? are rather dull at $3 98] a $4. Pearl* are iy at $4 18] a 4 '26 uwii-Prime yellow sell*, as wanted, at 39] a 39]c. demand is very limited. .EsosTurrs?Southern flour is held at $4 63] a 4 76; em, $4 87] a 4 93]. The market is inactive. up|>eats that there were 18,066 bbls. of wheaten flour irted into Bermuda for consumption in 1844, which ides 1,786 bbls imported lor the troops, and 1,301 bis rted in the state of wheat. Supposing an acre of to produce 30 bushel* of wheat, this quantity would rowu upon 3,176 acres. The value of 13,066 bbls. of , at 36s. a barrel, Is ?16,320. TTon?Yesterday the sales amounted to 3,000 bales, lay there has been about 1,300 bales disposed of. We rve no difference in prices, but consider the market edingly well maintained, in the face of very discour g advices. We notice, however, that the disposition iy at full prices is far from general, many shippers dr ug to appear in market unless holders will abate their ?nsions, of which ws see no indications r?Common qualities are held at 68c. Prime sells at nts. hiseet?Drudge casks are held at 33c; western and n barrels at 3dc. There is very little doing in either ription. onsioits?The demand for Ohio pork is rather limit Ws cannot change our last quotations of 7 93] a (8 rime, and $10 for mess. Lard is in active demand els are held at 7 a 7], kegs at 8c. Provision Market. r markcti, and most of the meat shops, for the week have exhibited a fair supply and handsome show of kc. We notice the meat of two fine steers in Wash on Market. [See advertisement.] Veal is coming in rge quantities, and is sold by the calf at 6] cents s Too many ol our first butchers and shop keepers buy is price Rnd retail at 10 and 13 cents a lb. e have rarely seen in a winter season more poultry is in market the present one. Good fowls sell at 8c. uikiea at 9. sh is very plenty,hut prices are rather high. [gs are 9 for 13]c., or 100 for $1. sgetables of all kinds continue in abundance, and ve rasonable in price. reet potatoes are $3 60 a barrel. ry little wild game in market; it is rather late in the for a fresh supply. Ptilladelpnia Cattle Market. h. 30 ? Otfarings this week consist of 900 head Tenn. ania Beef Cattle, (400 taken to New York) 140 Cows Calves; 300 Swine; and 1600 Sheep, ices?Beeves dull; 430 head sold at $4] a $6 for com to prime quality the 100 lbs. iws and Calves mostly sold at $16 a $30. vine -Sales at $4] a $6 the 100 lbs. teep in better demand at $3 a $6 each sy?lu consequence of the large amount in market i in the week, prices are somewhat lower; we quote I Timothy at 70 a 80s. the cwt. Straw?Sales at $6 a he too bundles. Foreign Market*. ivssa,Feb 8?Beans, white, 8] a 10; Beef, No. 1,3, . and Mess, 3 4 a 6 4; Butter, American yellow, 14 a Candles, mould, 14 a 16 3; Sperm, 38 a 40; Cheese, ?rican, 6 a 10; Codflih, 1 a 4; do hhds 3 4 a 8 4; Corn, an, shrilld. 3 a 3]; Flour, Philadelphia, 13 4; do. O 14 4 ? 16; Hams, American, 6 a 10; Herrings, ked, 6]a 7; Lard, N. O. 10 4 a II; Mackerel, No. 8, 4 4 Onions, 3 a 3 3; Pork, earuo, Eastern and Mesa, 10 4 a do New Orleans, 10 4 a 13 4; do Clear, 14 a 14 4; Po s, 1 3a 16; Rice, 7] a 7]; Hoops, 38 a 33 Boards, Port W P. 17 a 18; other Eastern ports, 18 4 a 19; Pitch , 161 33. Shingles, 1 4 s 3; hhd. Shook*, with head ,12*16; Sugar box Hbooks, 6 a 6]. rchangt ?On London, 60 days sight, 11] a 12 prem; r York, 1 a 2 prem; Boston, I] a 3 prem; New Orleans r m.. short sight; Spain, 3 a 6 pm. do; Paris. 3 dis eighti ?To France, 76 a 00f.; and to the United States, sugar $1; Coffee per bag, :t a 1 rs ; Molasses, $2 a 91 hhd. Msunrlcd. a Thursday evening. 30th inst. at Morrisanls, by the Mr-Alders, Eustsv C Cook, of this city, toCa or F , daughter of Charles Denison, Eiq. of the for place. Died, a Friday, 31st inst. Mrs. Phikre Fakeirotok, aged 83 r?. he relatives and friends of the family are respectfully ted to attend the funeral, without further invitation, ?orrow morning at 10 o'clock, from the residence of grandson, Clarkaon W. Ryder, in Livingston street, nd house from Smith street, Brooklyn, rs. Catherine Humphkys, alter a lingering illness, ch she boro with Christian fortitude, In the 64th year ersge. h< friends and acquaintances of the family, and of her in-law, David Oarthwaito, are rrspoc'fully invited to nd the funeral, to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock,from Elizabeth street n Friday, 3Ut inst. of consumption, William, son of rs and Jane McUarrigle.agtd 3 years and 24 days, hu friends of the family are requested toattrnd thefu il, to morrow afternoon at 1 o'clock, from 90 Lalght ?t. Passengers Arrived. nw Oslears?Ship Niagara?Mr Fisher, and two in the aK ? > Sterling?Messrs Blackburn, 8loat, llswea, Und?3 in the iter rage. Ko reign Importations. i.mokr?Briz < nslidene^?tfiblocks marble EMirandoli? ;ks 8 llacoMie?5 Marsh k Benson?II T Denny?6 Mslina a Smith?11 C i)ord?I D Hidden?I Orinnell Mb)tarn Ik I'M Vy?e?3 Bartettk Bradford?16 cases 31 pkga 10(1 hales io JsRviao?Barque Mary Chilton?670 hags eoffre E lag k son?14 J A Bailey?230 Allen k Paxson??7 J Oihon -fc8 J H Trnmbnll?414 to order. Domiisoo City?Kchr John Drew?IIM crotches mahoga osnnon logs do IS logs satin wood ? hf bbls beeswax 12 gum Ay mar k eo?51 crote.hes mahogany 8 W Lewis?St Miliums?1 to eetlc Importations. New Osleahs?Ship Niumra?41 Umill H Field?18 eks abbUHoww, ba,eT cotton T S Hnntei It eo?134 EC .Marfln?165 do 670bbls pork JkH Milb*nks?920 do Perry It Matthew*?291 bales cottoa 1151 pie* lead to order. New Guleshs?Barque Tarqein?8468 bbl* Hoar Alien t Whittlesey?68 empty qr ck? Stanton It Frost. MARITIME HERALD. aewspapers, or new* titer may have. He mediately on their arrival. Agents and Co ?>t abroad, will alto cooler a favor by aei Mblp SI alt era mid Aganta. We aiiall aataam it a furor if Captain* of Veaaela will ct* to Robert Siltey, Captain of our New* Boala, a report o the shipping left at the port whence they tailed, the vcue 1. ?poken on iheir passage, a lint of their cargo. and any foreigi He will board them iio , Correspondent* at horoi ...? , tending to thij office al the Marine Intelligence th?T can obtain. Nautical 1>forma iion of any kind will be thrjiVfullv received. PORT OF IlttW VUHK, FKBRUAHY '4'4. ?trar aiev t 6 35 | pull moo* I 41 m ?m i.tri 5 25 I Minw'wtTea 9 9 c Cleared. Ship* Rochester, Britton, Liverpool, Woodlmll A Minturua; Hercules, Madigan, do. J fit L K Bridget, Oconee. Jackson, New Orleans, Win Nel?ou.?Brigs Kugeue. Urinkwaler, Gib raltar, Ac. Nesraith A Walsh; Democrat. Howes. Cadiz. Kotler A Nickrrson; Ageuoria, Herrick, Jactnel, J Elwell A Co; George, Vales, Charleston, O Bulkier; Alfred H.ininond, Spear, Boston, Bunker A Place?Sehrs Thro Frelinghuyseu, Taylor. Kdeutvn and Plymouth, NC; H Kockhill. Predmote, Richmond, Gsger A Mailler; A K Myrrck, Calhcart Balti more. N L Met-ready A Co; HA Wear, Barker, rrovideiice; Franklin, Newhall, Fall River.?Baige Torpoise, Drake, South Arnboy. Arrlwen. Ship Niagara, Cole, !4 days from New Orletns, with cottou, to J O Ward. Barque Mary Chilton, Corning, from Rio Janeiro, Jau 4, with coffee, to K Coming A Son. ? Barque Tarquin, Pazsnu. 14 days from New Orleans, with flour, to Bouchaud A Thtbaud _ .... Barque Isabella, Kelly, (of Portland) 13 daya from Apalachi cola, with cotton, to master. _ ..... Barque Wabash, Talbot, 18 days from Apalachicola, with cotton, to E D HurlbutACo. . ...? Brig Confidence, Cozzens, (of Newport) 58 days from Leg horn, with marble, Ac. to master. Spoke Feb 14, lat 34 35, Ion 67. British achr Port Spain, for Halifaz. Jan 13, lat 28 35, lu a gale from W to N W, the C carried awav main topmast. Brig Oriole, Barstnw. from Kio Janeiro, Jan 4, with 1072 bgs coffee tn S Barstow A Co; 1500 do to order. Jan 18, lat 18 8, Ion 31 W. spoke and pasted ship Sophia, of Boston, fm Callao for Boston; 81st, lat 9 40 S, Ion S3 30, spoke ship Mary, of Edgar town, all well. . ? British brig Falcon, Pitt. 8 davs from Bermuda, with 150 hides 200 ehaep skins to Tucker A Lightbourn. Left brig Lawrence Copelaud, for N York, 2 days; schr Alpine, from Surinam, in dittieai, with loss of sails, Ac. Brig Virginia, Talbot, 13 days irom Apalachicola, with cot ton, to Post A Phillit s. Brig Sterliug, Hamilton. 5 days from Savannah, wirh cotton, to Dunham A Dimon. 19th inst. lat 37, signalized ship Chailes tou, hence for Charleston. Brig Mariner, Staples. 6 days from Georgetown, SC. with lumber, to Buck A Peters. Spoke 17th iust. lat 36 25, Ion 73. brig Envoy, of Trenton, Me. for Cardenae. Schr John Drew, Power. 20 days from St Domingo City,with mahogany, Ac. to Aymar A Co. 19th inal. lat 36, Ion 74, spoke barnne Z Ring, hence for Mobile. Schr Patriot, Burgess, 17 days from Franklin, La. with 113 hhds sugar 90 obis molasses to master Feb 3, off Point Aser, 1 day out, in a gale of wind from N W, sprung main boom, lost foresail, split flying jib, Ac Schr Florence, Smith, 15 days from Attak&pas, with *03 hhds sugar 100 do molasses to l'eck A Van Bn-ger. Left brigs Tarn Fiico, for NVork, ready; Meteor, do,soon; schr Gazelle, just ar rom Baltimore. Schr Indiana, Jones, from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, to master. Schr A Johnson, Taylor, from Williamston, NC. with naval stores, to roaster. Schr A Cadmus, Brown, from Williamston, NC. with naval stores, to master Schr Geo Pollock, Adams, from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, to K B Schenek Schr Hamilton, Peefield, from Alezandria, with flour, to Sturges A Clearman. Scnr Courier, Couch, from Richmond, with mdse, to Allen A Pazson. Schr Washington, Moore, from Snffolk, with shingles, to master. Schr Mary BedsII, Way, 2 days from Norfolk, with oysters, to master. Schr American System, 2 days from Virginia, with oysters, to master. Schr Eliza Meserole, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr Patmos, Townaend, from Boston, with mdse, to James Hunter. Schr Page, Chamberlain, 8 days from Boston, with mdse, to E A J Herrick. Schr Abbott Lawrence, Meeker, 8 days from Boston, with mdse, to J Atkins. Schr A M Hale, Bearse, 8 days from Boston, with mdse, to master. Schr Joshna R Sands, from Virginia. Sloop Christopher Post, Johnson, Virginia. Bsiewi One ship, one barque, two brigs. Ship Uneas, Latham, for Mobile, is at anchor at the SW Spit. MUcellaneou* Record. Packet Ship Rochester, Britton, for Lirerpool, will sail this morning at half-put 10. Packet Ship Quebec, Hebard, for London, will sail to day at 12 o'clock **"} jSfl out4 day. from New Haven, bound j "J1*1 7'111 a dfck load hone, and mule., and an as sorted in board cargo, ran <-n the rock* off the north we*t of the ?d? ?oonaftar daylight on the 4th iu? A..i. K...^'i "j Somerset having toon reached her ^ rom her i>erilou. situation. The hl?? ?kedmuch before .he .truck, and thedamaga au.tained by coming in conUct with the rock., caused additional leak, so that nearly a third of the time of the crew was required at the pump, to keen her free. Effort, were made to giX^nto thJ Chowd n!la.^k u/ if" T Teath,r comin? on, .he wu an '5?lf"-'??' tbe Well., wneie she remained till about 4 o'clock ?L^.f?"0.w,n*ev?mi,t: wk"?l a? the windw.. increasing and the captain fearing she would part her anchors if .ha Ah^eT.' k wa"/ot und?r w.y.andrun for Murray, anchorage About an hour after coming to, however, she parted both cabl and was driven to sea. In passing Fort Catharine an attemm wu made to run a line to the land, but without effect. On tile boat leaving the veuel with a line, several person! who had ??!n?o?twd^l?.,h'^UnCe' Were f0rl"Mte eno"?h t0 Barque Natchez, of Brunswick, Me., Capt. Thos. Snow blinnd tnN ???iBoMon on the 2d January w ith a cargo ol ice ??!!k.;. jvS, 0'l'a,H- ?P"tng aleak at sea on the 6ih, and not 125 r?T|W'tio" on tlie part of the crew, it was with difficulty they could keep the vessel free. Finding the water gaining upon them, and being unable to discover the leak ihev joriuiiatefy fell in with the ship Lnreno, Urquhart.'from Mobile bound to Havre, who; lwrceiving the signal of distress hois'ed, born down for the barque, and sncceed?d in bringing the 29t*JMuarv W ?'nt<> ? w,lere lhey arriv*<^ on Ship Shanunga. Patten, from Boston, at New Orleans 31st Jki'.lIfXi ?" r T ,,ear (,,m Key Light: on the morning of tlie 31st, at 4 o clock, wu assisted off by lour wieckera: the wreckers receiving one li.lf of what they took out. Schooner Alpine, Marcliant, one 21 day. from Surinam, bound to Boston, laden with molsuei. tut into St. Oeorse's Bermuda, ou Sunday the 10th inst. in distress: having lost her sails in aheavygale of wind on Wedneaday anj Thursday pre viously, in lat 32 80, long ? 30. ' Whalemen. Arr at Holmes Hole 16th inst. Ju Maury, Chue. Pacific of fm . . v ' 140#,bbl? "P"? ?? do wh oil, 3600 lbs bone, ke ?T ? yVqu',ai,l,la"(1' "> J?"c, Atlantic, Coleman, Nant, ?Pi Jo'v 22, Mary, Pitman, do, 400; Rambler. M'tleave do, 400; Ro'coe, M'Cleave, NB, 400. At Tahiti Aug 25 Mel 4i vn'5' Im siu1 w "fi5"' Wq ?n Coa?t of Chili Oct 23, lat N. . to? L2? S??ry' Salem, UOO.p 300 wh; Ganges Naot,T00 sp 200 wh'.Margaret, Newport, 1100 an 1000 wh; Oct 23, Fellowes. Stou, 1400 sp 3 rt whs, and heard of her taking 3 more; Nov J, lat 43. Ion 76. Nantasket. NL, 2000 wh 50 sp; 14th Helvetia, do, 400 wh 30 sp; Condor, Taber, NB, 700 wh 60 sp j!Sl a V 1 "Jong whales Heard from Nor l| Chas Carroll, Andrews, Naut, 80 sp 2 rt wha; Sept 1. York Coffin, hdgartown, 70 sp, and heard of her aferwards doiug Ar at:8ag Harbor 17th inst., Henry Lee, Bennett, from the 2?"iIV? w ''"ds. with 2800 this wh 100 spoil. Reports Aog 26, lat 55 N, Ion 142 American, '000 hbla: Ann, JLeek 1000 bis Nl imS* 5}.n>*rior'Bishop, ^H, f??. bd home: Chelsea.Potts, NL, 1700; Frances, Hussey. NB, 1300; Mary It Martha, Coffin Nymo?th, 4C0; Wm Thompson KIlis, NB.2900; Edward Ca tfl' li.?? la fJi'sau5 aJuV* a* Tophiin, NB, 3000. Spoke Dec !!? 'if V. 10\loll.,.5.5P' Milton, SPrague. Edgartown, 123 bbls On the Coast of 4 hill?lac 12 8, Ion 76 West, Condor, NB 60* wh 60 sp?same place and date, Helevetia, N L, 400 wh 30 su Jan 3(L lat 33, Ion 69 10 W. Bsltic, Portsmouth. Heard from Aug 20, Hamilton, Loier, 2800; Ann Mary Ann, Winters, 2i30 Jane I2tli Ontario. Green, 1300 ' At Rio Janeiro Jan 4 Juno, NB, caulking; Colombus, NL recruiting; America, Warehim, 4* bbls. ' A whale ship, name unknown, of and for Sag Harbor, sailed from Pernambuco Jan II. ' Spoken. .isf ?VT7,!n!r*' Bo*t011' 'r,)m NOrleans for Liverpool, Feb 11. lat 3J 40, lou 61. cS"SWl>r0lNbly Kr''' forJ',cmel>from Boston, Feb 16, Cape Frolic, Faucou, Baltimore for Canton, no date, Itc. Ainbassador.of Salem, for East Indies, no date, Ike. Susan Jane, Havana for Portland, Feb 14. Alfred, of NTFork, for Havre, Jan 20, lat S317, Ion 70 28. Iarthenon, NOrleans for Liverpool, Feb 10, lat 36, Ion 62 I hames, Boston for St Marks, Feb 12, lat 33 23. Ion 70 40. 62 10 ^aro',na> Havre for New (Meant, Feb *. 1st 24 58, Ion ,tMrin* E. wi'l> New York on her ?tern, Jan JO 40, Ion 67 60 ^ortlfn Port*. sid?i".,"lH.^ic2 kD^MrI,iport'?ro M,w> Lomt old SUt, Henry, bchultr., for leeward coast. ds^uru/Li.^rrfm Picherin?' for 8aIem- 10 s.M*.lri?Ai ,n P01?' Melaga, Smith, for Rio Hache. J>on, to load for Boston; tchr , of snd for New York, 10 Dm^R1ek^i:.J*S ^r1" POf'j Walton, of and for Liverpool; ?.!.? I VHnnkwater, lo. Boston, 3 days, Idg. Palermo* an n' Bj,t0?. and tld 13th for Th?mu ?><eK.?.JS."aTfli5l!SSriTOJ'0' NY?"' m! f "'iCumr? f K'i J1CI'1 Favorite, Manters, Balti "l lkorgeVoK wS^?0?pel?^',n * d?> ? "om NYork, arr .t the Trescott rnt inta tk?, vessel has come for part of will return to N York .bon^eTd'ote;''^111 dM?' Sh' ewt".'for'NOrieans^sonngn'<21 ?^oye., and. Mow, 1, JRIl fl??I mi lam, Cambridge, t imreH iiiiAdeli hia. -miif di?chaig?,*g/a" "~la |,0rt' Whi,on' turi?. f<? Sicily, afw, I Oahp, Sept 21?In port, Delaware, Garter, unc Palersio, Jan 20?In |wrt Bearer. E-dmondi f Hk, toMiiMlwwiwI feUibt Md Dec Jan 10. I Carolina, J?,.?*l,?ca*4H?-ln fort. Navarre, C. le, for rhiladel phia, 10 davs; R F Loper, North, from ilo, arr 2 d y? previous; Cumberland, Phillips, irom do, ?rr abt 17lh, with loss of bul n ?"d stancheons. EH|c.d_*WKiKOt JIP 4?Sid Masou. Eiidicotl, New Orleans ? Millington,from NewYork, disg;ZD, T S?n'.i Mercier Philadelphia, doTMsry I J"n??n. Olirsr. for Biltimore, Ida; C r"!aK.r 1[?"'?mSi th?rWrlgJ".Vforfek,,B PO"' Cha,lot"' u'd "" St ?*????' BermudT, Feb lo-R|d Harriet, Brown, Da .?T?:saskJisja: Home Porta. Porti.anu, Feb ip?Cld Hoehiinlieau. McUilrerv CuI>a Nawat avroa i, keb 20-Arr Forest, Jaqnes SSm!., Hai em, Feb 20-Arr Tigris, Fi.k, Amb?it; G^nTro !/? Von son"!nYo!k "' n s""b k Msiik BbSSSl Boston Feb 20?Art Tiber Snow. B vigor. VVaIcs; Helen Augusts Kenu.y, NOrle..,,, H,i,ri-tt?. [Austl Gu.iioHeh OdeiM; Lhuian, J?nkin?. Hio Janeiro; Nil?, Peclrick, Perntoi' buco; Juanita, filmmtarj, snd Swan, Prince. Ai-ufachiSX (Jeorgia. (-ollins, and Mary, I'iehnrdton, H.vann.h; 4;?aoni aAil??-r^*n^d. MarseiMes; Plymouth, Newell, Rio Janeiro; Malta, Tracer, Para?on 3th inst, lat,34 41, len 70 M, blowing a trrmention* gale, petted a brig with (winted pom (tearing NN W ?n* her lose Tore yard, afterward taw Iter lving to with neat* ?ailt all flying, could reuder them no assistance. The Mailt ha* experienced a *uct>**ion of heavy galea from NNIC to WN VV, for the laat M day*?ha* lieea M Java from off Berinu da. Ou (he outward pa.sage, no date, fot M 4(1. loo 64 IS. wi ?truck with a whirlwind, which took off every thing above the lower mini, both lower yard* in the aling*.damaging saili, Stc Also arr, Speedwell, Pratt, Gonaives; Growler, Ulmer; Choc taw, Flitner, and Tillevrand, Trite, Mob le: Chatham. Nick eraon, Baltimore; Win Pot, Baker; Palm. Taylor, and Ella. Whelden, Philadelphia; James Kranei*. Paine. Cniacea;Mar) Elizabeth, Anderson, Port au Prince; H?rdt Goodwin. Cap< Haylieuj Jerome, Pel'iogill, Attakaoa*. David Kuley,Corson, Washington, NC; Commonwealth, Trerethen, Kichmoud. Kowena, V- ung, Krederickahntg; Splendid, Howes; Jasper Hamilton; Friend, Bacon, and Excel, Luring, NYork. Tele graphed, Vel uc >, from Cadiz; Ligonia. ; Lucretia, Mobile: Christiana. Leghorn; Baltimore, Baltimore. The telegraph reports a schr ashore on Cnh uaet K' cka, name unkuowu. Cld Rnsiian,Carter, Buenos Ayrea; Mexican, Rogers, Surinam; Bet ey, Buriibam, Trinidad; Catalpa, Doane. Chirlestou; Hen rico, Paine Norfolk, City Point and Kichmo d; R-nown Lovell, NYork Arr 19tli, Middlesex, Suow, Smyrna; Trident, Thing, NOrleana; Z?b'?, Thomas, Palermo; Pa'riot, Knowlea. 8t Domiugo City; William, Johnson, Au* Ca>es; Kimball, tugraham, Savauuah?10th inat, lat 32 23, lou 87 30, in a arvrrr gale, lost deck load of 29 bales cotton; Edwin, Cook, Norfolk ?a?w two fore and aft sehra ashore on Pollock Kip, 17th inst, wind fresh from W and a smooth sea. Arr 18th. Enchantress, 8weatt, Rappahannock; May, Nickerson, Fredericksburg. Protiuenck. Feb 19?Arr Arisene, Herriman, and Saline, Singer, New Orlenna; Climax, Luring, Norfolk; Triumph, Williams; Alfred. Prince, and Amity, Crowel', NYork. F'ai.i. Hivek, Feb 17?Arr Piomer, Aptlachicola; llichard Thompaou, Corson, Richmond; Pres'on, Williams, Norfolk ? Arr I9>li, F^xcel. Bennett, NYork. 8ld Tlios Feuii'r, Nicker sou, and Pearl. Nickrrrun, Philadelphia. Bn HToia, Feb 18?Arr Frances, I u graham, Ntw Orleans for Warren; Thus P Hart, Bartlett, Provideu* e, to load for New Orta&us; Arion, Munro, NYork for Providence. The Monroe, and F'rauces, attempted to get into Warreu yesterday, bot were compelled to pur btck in consequence of the ice, and ere now at auchor in this harbor. Ni.wroRT, Feb 19?Cld Electro, Packard, Charleston. Sid Tasao. Burdick^ NOrleans. Plymouth, Feb 15? Arr Coiner. Doane. Norfolk. New Bedi-ord, Feb 19?No arrivals. The ice in theVivrr is much broken up? Pomeua. Corinthian, and others, came up to he wharvrs to-day from below. Nantucket, Feb '8?Harbor clear of ice. Holmes Hole. Feb 18?Arr Arcade. Cailton, Richmond for Nvwburyport. Brig May pot afloat at high water this morning, i?d now remains with the Arcade?the only vessels 19th ?Arr R Griming, Key West for Boston; Meridian, White, Rich mond for do Philadelphia, Feb 21?An Elizabeth J, Remington. Hava na?has a letter bag on board from the Home Squadion; Gardner H Wright, llenton, T'iuidad de Cuba; Jos Lybraud, Rogers, N York > Moses Brown. Nickerson. Prnvideace. Below, Erie, Baxter, Boston; Elizabeth, Wiley, NYork. Cld Anna Rey nolds, Matthews, and Emily Knight, Mclmyre, Boston; Mon soon, Berry, Wilminstou, NC. Newcastle, Del. Frb 20?The Ondiaka. (Hidden, and Haik away, Nickerson, from Liverpool, arrived heie last night.? Calm and foggy. By Last Nicht'i Southern Mail. Baltimore, Feb 20?ArrGloucejter. Palermo; Anita, Perci val, Boston; Adrians, [Br] Hunt, Bermuda; Wahsega, Bor land, and Victorine, Davis. New Oileans; Sea Flower, Noyes, Darien, Ga; Comet, Bonney, Matanzu; May, Knapii, Coru Island; Highlander French, Franklin, La; Phebe It Eliza, Os tium, and < hesapeake, Bushuer, NYork; James Power. Keer.e, Nassau, NP? pasrong-rs, F.dward Healev and ladv, Caption Thayer, Danaon, and Kftchnm, all of Maine. Cld Star, Web ster, Poitau Prince. Norfolk, Feb 18?Arr Belle, MeMath, and Edinburgh, D.cker, New York: Wave. Kelley, Boston for Richmond. In Hampton Roads, A Birdsall. Lawrence, Richmond fur Fall River. 8ld John Simmons, Small, and Union, Ryder, (from Button) Richmond; Coquimbo, Lewis, Salem. Arr 18th, Outs sic. Chapman, Provincetown. Sid Calisto, Hopkins, West Indies. Spoken. Georgians, of Boston, Mobile for Matancas. Jan 24, lat 23 30, Ion 83 37. Sabattie, steering W, Feb 13, 23 miles SE of Indian Key. VTEW YORK NAUTICAL AND MATHEMATICAL TN Academy, No. 27 Cherry st.?Navigation in all its virions branches, in the most complete and practical manner. The as certaining of longitude truly with Lunar Observations, and by Chronometers, in a short and easy process, developing every thing relating to this most intricate astronomical art, for which ?uch vast sums of money have been offered for its soluiion.? The practical use of all Nautical Instraments, which are nut { in the beat order, and constantly kept for practice; together I with all the various branches of pure and mixed Mathematics? theoretically, practically and mechanically?the actnal practice of 30 years?wherein several thousands have been made complete practical artists. Young m-n are qualified for officers of the Navy, by Capt. M. TjHanm Navigator and Teacher for "J5 years. ? |o??j ?"? ? witnw iur jj years. lL/~No man can have the requisite qualifications for a teach er of Navigation, unless he understands the science perfectly in " ............ ......... ..c uuuc.aiauu. too ttirucr periCC ? part, and has been a complete practical Navigator. 1 3t*ec NEVY YORK UNITED SOCIETY OF JOURNEYMEN CABINET MAKERS. A SPECIAL MEETING of the above Society will beheld st their room, 102 Bayard street, on Monday, February the 34th. at half-past 7 P. M.. in order to take into consideration the best means that can be adopted, to assist those who may be compelled to leave their employ in support of their prices. WM. LEETE, President. S. HUGHES, Secretary, 121 Troy street. f22 2tStfcv|?rc ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD.** \xr HEKEAS, JOHN JEFFERSON, alias John Bland, a na v v tive of the Parish of Bethnal Green. London, son of the late Mr.Richard Jefferson, formerly ofBricklane,Spilalfields,cheese. monger .decased.has not been heard of in E*gland, for more than 14 years, bat shortly before,or about that period, he was supposed to ne either in the Government, Naval or Merchant Service of the United States. He was bom in the month of April, 1808. so that if he be now alive, he is 3? years of age. The last accounts were from himself in the years 1830 and 1031, the former from New Volk, the latter from Boston. His family being most anxious to receive tidings of his being alive, hereby offer a re ward of One Hundred Dollars, on receiving satisfactory evidence thereof, or legal proof of his death, and snch reward will ac eoidingly be me the undersigned, in Loudon or through the hands of WILLIAM ASPINwALL, Counsellor-at-Law, No. 20 Court street, Boston, to whom all communications are to be addressed. ROBERT BRITTON, Solicitor, No. It Bethnal Green, London. London, Januaiy 29th,'845. 121 eodislw lwoutlOwre TO MERCHANTS AND STOREKEEPERS. TITAN rED?By a steady, sober young man, a situation as as *v sislaot clerk or porter. Has been for two year, in a whole sale Provision Store in Liverpool. Also, has city references, and hopea, on trial, to prove himselfworthy the confidence of h<s employer. A line addressed J. W. M., Herald Office.will meet with immediate attention. fa lt*ec IAJANTED?Anelderly ma ri it dor wirow lady, of good ?v address, residing in Philadelphia, to act as Agent in vend ing an ar'icle which is designed for married ladi's. Communi cations addressed, post-paid, to box 411 Lower Post Office, N. Vork, will bsduly attended to. IB lt*m DACKKT SHIP ROCHESTER for Liverpool, will sajl this 8 day, at half-past 10 o'clock. Passengers will please . . . ,? ? please be on board steamboat Hercules, west side fitirliug Slip, punctually at that time Letter Bags w ill clear at 10 o'clock. February 2td, 1045. f"22rc PACKET SHIP HOT I'INOUER from Liverpool-Coe A signees per this vessel will please take notice, that she is dis charging under general order, at west side Burling Slip. Per mits may be stur on board, or to <22 WOODHULL It MINTURNS, 87 South street. JUST PUBLISHED, PRICE 12% CENTS, OCJ'THE AGE ;?&) A 8 ATI HE. Pronounced as a Valedictory Poem, before the NEW YORK SOCIETY OF LITERATURE ? lg Second Anniversary, January 23d, 1815, by ALFRED WHr.csLciK. "There is a pleasant blending of sentiment and wit, right ap preciation of what is praiseworthy in our national morals and chancier, and keen sarcasm upon the foibles and vices of the d*y N.Y. Commercial. C. SHEPARD, Publisher, f?2 2tis*ec 191 Broadway, oppoeite John st. ATW STILL ANOTHER REVIEW! THIS DAY PUBLISHED. THE FOREIGN QUARTERLY REVIEW, No. 68?January. 1815. /CONTAINING twelve lengthy and highly interesting Arti v Cles. among which are 'Troierli.d hhin ( ati.l irii.ii cles, among which are ' Trojected Snip Canal across the Great American Isthmus"?"British Intercourse with China" ? 'Lore EUenborongh's Indian Policy"?" Roman History, Neihbur, Michelet, and Merimee"?"Freiligrath's 1'oems," Ac Ac. Price $3 per annum. L. SCOTT A CO , Publishers, _ ?, _______ , 112 Fulton street, near Nassau. O-BLACKWOOD for February, will be published on , T uesday?price $3 a year. The four Reviews ana Blackwood, <22lt*rc 1 PATENT AGATE BUTTONS. THOS PROSSER. PATENTEE, 7 Plntt Street, New York. M'OTICE is hereby given, that the undereigned is the Pstsntee L* and Exclusive Owner of (h<- Patent Right for the Porcelain | Button, commonly known as "Prosser's Pateut Agate Button." j Let.era Patent have been duly granted to him by th- United States, to take effect from the 29th January. 1841. I have caused ?nits to be commenced in the Circnit Court of the United States for the Sonthern District of New York, for the infringe ment of said Letter* Patent, and am prepared to enferce and substantiate my rights under said Patent, to the fnlleit ex tent of the law. 1 give this public notice to all. that I ah. II pro ceed forthwith, by suit for damages, and by bill in equity, fur injunction against all rersons infringing upon said Patent. I'h- Buttons are for sale by me at wholesale only, at inr st< 7 Piatt street, New York. (23 lm-ro . THOMAS PROBSKK. At. I ? PC GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, GOLD JEWELRY, AND FANCY GOODS. JACOB S. PLATT'S regular sale ojf superb Gold and Si'ver | Watches, Gold Pins. Brooches, Rings, Gold and Silver Pencil Cases, ornamented Head Combs, gilt Ear Kings, plated Candlesticks, plated Cake Baskets, fine Penknives, Guard Chains, Fancy Soaps, Cologne and LtVander Water, Tea Trays and Waiters,and other Fancy Oooda, will take pl-ce 'l'hia Day | (Saturday I, 22d February, at 10 o'clock, al the Auction Room. 23 Platt stre't. , . _ , , Also, I German Silver Tea Set; 2 Astral Lamps. Sale post- | tive fe22 lt*ec A 8EIGNETTE BR ANDY, &c IN half pires. qparter casks and eighths, of the old and genuine brand, and of eery superior quality, high proof and flavor, recently imported direct from llochelle, under Custom Hon,r.lock, entitled to debenture, and for sale by 8. T. Nil (ILL, 67 and 69Front st. ALSO 50 h.lf-pipes fine old Bordeaux Brandv. "J. J Duptiy's" brand. 30 half pipes Otaed, Uupuy A Co's Brandy, various vintages? under Custom House lock?entitled to debenture. 122 3tis*m COTTON YARN Kfk BAl.ES COTTON YARN, No. 15 t" 20-jU?t receieed I Bv from the ('arroll Mill, b'ing a very superior article for | manufacturer't use. Also, at all times, a full supply of Noa. 5 to 12. for country j net price for cash. by DAVID B. RISiNG, trade?for sale at the lowest market price for cash, h DAVID B. til (22 3l*m No 59 Cedar street. MEDICAL CONSULTATION UOReverv Disease of the Sralpand Hair, hy GRANDJEAN, , * the only man in tlie I'niied Stains who has devoted himself ??t>rely to the study of this part of the human system Conaulutiqn and Remedy "... ... $2. Written Advice and Preicr rreacriptiou............ 5. ssi>pucaiioas, uy letter, must stare particularly the age ol the person, the color of the halt, aed all urn details iwssible of the dit-aee. Address GRANDJEAN, No. 1 Barclay street, post - psid fj, ,wJrc CELEBRATED AASPAIL CIGARETTE, BY GRANDJEAN. fPHfi MOS T respectable physicians in New Xork will rerli I fy that Graadjeau, I .Barclay street, was ihe first |>?rson who introduced lite RaHPAIL CIGARETTE to the public, made *Anr the genuine receipt sent to him from Paris The Haspail ("igarelte, with Pearl (Camphor, by Grand jean. The Camphor ("ijareite are quill tubes,so arranged that the air passing through them becomes impregnated, st the ordinary temperature, with Camphorated vapor, and soi perfumed,reachea the Inngs, holding the title in the month by the smaller end, exactly aa a common C'Wr! Raspail's direction may he had only of Grandjean, trans lated into English Be partienlar to call at the sccoian dooU from Broadway in Barclay street. fit lw*rc EXPRESS notice. T IV1NG8TON, WELL A POMEROY. haveremwid flseu L Etprcss Office fiom No 8 to No 8 Wall street fl? iwis re AUCTION SALES. OEO. B. ROLLINS, Auctioneer. POSITIVE AND PEREMPTORY TRUSTEES'SALE of valuable Property on Beach and Spring mrecti ?Will b> said by VVILKINS St ROLLINS, ou Munaay, 24lh February at It o flock, at tire Merchants' Exchange, tire folluwiug valua ble property ou Bear a street.?The i litre story brick dwelling house and lot ol ground ou the nor.h westerly sine of and known as No. 8 Beach width i street. The lot is 27 feet in width in front, 25 feet iu rear, .... northwesterly side 75 feet 9 inches, and on the southeasterly side US f#et 6iuches;the house is 27 feet in width by <9 feet 1 it eh in depth, with a bick building 13 leet 7 inches iu drplh, and a piazza 7 feet 6 inches in depth. The houra Iras a sewer in com mou with No 10, leading to the main sewer iu Broadway. The " fly " premises may be seen daily from II to 3 Spring street ?The two story frame dwelling house with co vered piazza and frame stable and lot of ground on the souther ly corner of Spring and Thompson streets, known as No. 102 Spring street. The lot is 19 feet IU inches iu front, 20 feet 4 in cites iu rear. 62 feel 7 inch's ou the westerly Side, and 63 feet I la inches on the easterly side The house is 19 feet IU inches m width, by 25 faet II inches in depth; the stable is 23feet6 inchrs by 13 feet 3 inches, more or less Also, the two story frame dwelling house and lot of ground adjoining the above, and knowu aa No I6U Spring street. The lot is 20 feet four inches iu frontll feel live iuches in rear,63 feet 1% iuches on the westerly side, and 63 feet ten inches on easier ly side. The house 20 feet 4 inches iu width, by 22 feet 5 inches iu depth. Also, the two story brick dwelling house and lot of ground adjoiuiug the above, and known as No. 158 Spring street. The lot is 21 leet 5 inches in Trout, 22 feet 3 inches in rear, 63 feet 10 incite.! on the westerly side. ?nd 64 feet I inch's ou the easterly side. The house is 21 feet 5 inches iu front, 22 feet 3 incites iu rear, and 25 feet 10 inches on each side. Kor further ptrlii ulars, apply at the auctioneers' offire, No. 17 Broad St., where maps and plots may be seen. fe22 2tis?ec unj;i WM. McCURMlUK, Auctioneer. ITED STATES SALE?Wm McCormick k Co tr II sell th's dav at 10 o'clock, at No 18 Courtlaudt street, ou account of the Medical and Hospital Department < f the Aimy a valuable collection of Medical Books,amougwhich are several copies of the United States Dispensary. This ii a valuable work, and wotthy of attention. Also, Surgical Instruments, Hospital Furniture, Blankets, Beds, Bedding, Trunks. Saddlebags, he. Also, at II o'clock, without reserve, two Rosewood Grand Actiou Pianofortes, together with a large assortment of Furui tur*. from families ana cithers. Also, 20 pounds tailor's fine Bilk Twist Handkerchiefs, Fancy Articles, &c. f22 lt*m ADMINISTRATORS' SALE OF REAL ESTATE. WILL BE SOLD at Public Vendue on Wednesday, the26lh dav of February nezt, at 11 o'clock, A. M., at the late res idence of Henry 8. Carll, deceased, the Real Estate of which he di'd iNissessed, situate iu the inwru of Huntington, and county of Suffolk, via: the Homestead coiitaiuiug about 130 acres of Land, ou which are two Dwelling Houses, a good Barn aud Out Buildings, a good Well of Water, uear the door, and a large poud of water, which has a never fatting spring, near the house, two large Apple Orchards, and a variety of choice fruit, the whole Farm being iu good fence; one niece of Timber and Sprout Land adjoiiiiug the road leadiug from Dixhills to Sweet Hoi low, coutaining by estimation 40 acres; alto, another piece of Timber and Sprout Land, knowu by the name of Newfoundland, near the Half-hollow Hills, containing, by estimation, 21 acres; also, another piece of Sprout and Timber I.and. lying west of the house of Philip Valentine, and adioinina the roaa leading from said Valentine's to Sweet Hollow, containing five acre*, more or las; alio, a tract of Salt and Sedge Meadow, on Great Neek, on the south side of the Island, containing about 10 acres. The above will be sold altogether or in pieces to suit purcha sers. Auy | ertou desirous of viewing the same cau call on Jacob P. Carll, ou the premises, or Gilbert (.'aril, Dixhills.? Any other information can be given by Couklin Carll, Brook lyn, aud iudisputahle titles given for the same. CONKLIN CARLL,) Administrators for them GILBERT CARLL, J selves and the other Heirs. I9t26*ec RICHARD VAN DYKE, Jr., Auctioneer. THE RAIL ROAD DEPOT HOTEL, corner 4th Avenue and Mth street.?Anthony J. Bl'ecker It Co. will mmLscII "t auction on Thursday, the 27th day of March next, t t2 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the ver ... _JB . _ i very valuable property on the east aide of the 4lh Avenue and south side of 86th street. The ground contains 50 feet on the avenue and 100 feet ou the siren, (which street is curbed aud regulated and the assessmeut paid;) the property is within two blocks of the la'ge Crotou Reservoir. The House is a large two-story attic build ing, with cellar a?d kitchen under the whole, with sheda on "*th sf ' ' The premises are desirable for the purpose of a public aRse, end are now occupied as such. $1000 or $2000 can remain on bond and mortgage, at 6 per rent. Possession will Title indisputable. For terms .7 Bruad street, or . Eleventh street. fjflto mr27*m remain on Dona anu mortgage, ar t> per reui. I be given on the 1st of May nest. Titleindisputat and particulars, apply to the Auctionrers, No.7 I to G. NOWLAN, ou the premises, or No. 3 El< VALUABLE STORES AND DWELLINGS ON SIXTH AVENUE AND FOURTH STREET. JtaR ANTHONY J. BLEF.CKER It CO. will sell on PjjW Tuesday. February 26th, 1445, at 12 o'clock, at the Mer 1 i/B Exchange? Tne two storv Brick-front House and Lot, No. 44 Sixth Are nur, at the south-east corner of Foarth street, built for store aud dwelling. The lot contains 17 feet on the arenne by 68 feet 3 inches on Fonrth street, and the hou'e 31 feet 3 inches deep? wrh frame building in the tear, on Fourth stree*. . Also, the twn-storv Brick-front Dwelling and Store, adjoin ing, known as No. 42 Sixth Avenue, containing 17 feet 1 inch on th* Sixth Avenue, by 66 and 67 feet deep. House 34 feet deep? occupied as s shoe store. Also, the two story brick front Dwelling and Store, adjoin ing, and known as No. 40 8ixth Avenue, containing20 feet front aud rear, hv 64 feet 8 inches deep on one 3ide and 56 on the other. House 34 feet deep?occupied as a shoe store. Also, the v tlnabl* lot of ground, in the rear of the above, on Fourth street, with the cottage thereon, known as No. 176 Fourth street. The lot contains 24 feet 6 inches on Fourth St., 22 feet in the rear by 74 fret 1 inch in depth. For particular dimensions, 3ee map. Terms?Ten per cent to be paid on the day of sale, and the balaucs on the 5th day of March next, wheu the deeds will be given. Title perfect. 121 3t*m A\i NOTICE TO BUILDERS. AND OTHERS WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. AN ADJOURNED MEETING OK JOURNEYMEN MASONS of the City of New Fork, held at Montgomery Hall, oa Friday, February 14tbvthe meeting being called to or der, and the obj-ct of the previous meeting explained, as pre viously advertised iu the Sun newspaper of February 10th, so as to give an opportunity to all Masons who were not present at the former meeting, to exprevs their opinions on the Resolu tion passe ? on the prev ous meeting, which resolutions were unanimously adopted, aud among many reasons whieh may be assigned, tliey ofier t''e following viz?That other trades, the uatnre of whose c tiling is not so laborious, nor more mechan ism required, their employm-nt more permanent, receive from two dollars to two dollars aud fifty cents per day. We there fore, in cnnsequeuce of having to contend with the elements, long and dreary winters (tc.. and as ws are seldom employed more than eight months of the year,whieh barely averagea oue dollar |ier dty. which we fiud totally inadequate to support ourselves and families as a mechanic ought, with respect to himself or them?therefore Resolved?Thit on and after the 10th day of March, ensuicg, we shall demand the. sum of One Dollar and Seventy-Five Cents pr r day, until the 'st of December. Published by order of Six Hundred Masons. JOHN O'CONNOR. Chairman. EDWARD RILEY, Seeratary. fi7 4tec WANTED A FRENCH WOMAN, who can speak a litis English, to i attend to s child; she must be capable of sewing and of dressing hair.?Apply to R- C , at the desk of this office. 120 3t* OENTLEM A N is desirous of obtaining, after the first of I May, a Suite nf Apartments on the first or second floor, pleasantly located, in the upper part of the eity.near Broadway ?hut not lower down thau Prince street He , ? , , would prefer taking them nnfaruished, anil would wish to be in a private family willing to provide his breakfast and tea without atten dance. Please address H., Box 166 Church Post Office. 120 3t"rc A FRENCHMAN, 25 years old, having lately armed in this city, wants a situation as a waiter in a respectable family, or a porter in a commercial house. Can read and write, speaks French very well, and is partially acquainted with the English language. He can give the best of reference. Apply at Monsr. Chnmhons', 308 Broadway, opposite Caffe Mille des Colones fl8 Jt'rc ACKKT SHIP ONEIDA fiom Havre?Consignees by this ship are requested to send tlieTr permits ou board, without dejav, at Pier No. 4 North River I goods not |>ermitted by the 24th instant, must unavoidably be sent to the public store, under general order. fll 6trc PACKET SHIP KOStJICS from Liverpool?Consignees by this ship will pletse have their permits on board, at Orleans j wharf foot'of Wall street, immediately. All goods uot permitird iu fire days must unavoidably be sent to public .tore. fl8rc PACKET SHIP HoTTINOUER frcm Liverpool-Con signees per this vessel will please send their permits ou board, west side of Burlin^Slip, or Jo W00D"ULL St M1NTURN8, 87 South ?r. N. B.?All goods not |iermitted in five days, must be sent to the public store. fit rc GREAT REDUCTION. GOLDSMITH'S PREMIUM SYSTEM OF MERCANTILE PENMANSHIP. Guaranteed to all inTen Lessons of One Hour each. Ttrma Reduced to only $2,50. ROOMS, 189 BROADWAY. 120 5tis?rc N OTII'E.?All persons having claims against Ebeneser - Grummnn, late of 37 Bowery, will please send their bills in to the undersigned, wiihont further notice. Also, all persons indebted to said E. Grummnn, will please call and aelt'e their asseia without d-lay, at 37 Bowery. C. F CHAMPION.! . sl6 lw*re C. ORUMMUN, $ Assignees. WASHING I ON'S BIRTH D AY.?1 he meat of | at^ 'i Heifer, Lady Somen, together with WASH ukufr the spied gEamremn soin- verr so wrlor .Vlufon and ilea 'a meat, will Ire exposeri iT.rsale at Stall No. II Fulton Market, to-d?r , by the subscriber. The said Heifrr was raised and fattened by Joseph Silkmiu, Ktii of Westchester County, aud is considered oy breeders and droveis. he most i>erfect sreciman ever raised. She is only two vears and nine mouths old, and weighed 1750 lbs. alive. Her quarters weigh 1644lbs. f22 It'rc. CHARLES OWYER. FAT BEEF-FAT BEEF. WILL be offered for sale on Saturday. 23d initant, a pair of very superior twin STEERS, at VALENTINE'S. No. 3 Tompkins and 11 Washington Markets FASHIONS FOR SPRING, 1845 CM THE SUBSCRIBER it now prepare! to furnish his new style of Gentlemen's Hats, which, in every particular, will be found fully to sustain the reputation he haa heretofore enjoyed in the production of this most essential article of dresa. AMI DON, Wall street, corner Nassau N. B.-FRENCH HATS?A small invoice just received from t'e m innf.ictory of the celebrated "Mugnier," Paris, to which tne attention of gentlemen is invited, fll TuThliSl itlm ? tn A HOUSE TO LET. ST JOHN'S HAl*L. No.davTd YSON, _ lit May next. Enquire of Frankfort street. 120 3t*re A HOUSE VV ANTED?Wanted to pa re base, a good ATTGT2 .. - ..iJeT* two-story Brick Dwelliag House, ou the west side of Broadway, uot above Do?uie_s_treet.__ Aj)|jl^t E W KIMBALL A CO., 122 U*rc No. 23 Wall street, upstairs TO SECRET SOCIETIES. TO LET?From 1st May next, the large Room ia the f!?jW upper storyof hnoserorner of East Broadway and Ca XiHtharine street, fitted au for a lodg ? room. Can be teen between 2% and16 o'clock. P. M. For further particu lars enquire of K.SPrER.61 Caiharine sgreet, or of J.HECHT, 34 Her ry street. <2l lm*m TO LET tAND immediate posseesion given, a SITTING ROO vl and BED ROOM attached upon the first floor, nf the house No. 34 Church street, within one door of v m et The apsitmenta -re well suited foraaingle gentlemen, or a m.irried couple, without encumbrances. (2ltf re ?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE-Situated I in the town of (Vlliam. Westchester County, bordering on ?tike v11lage of Kail Chester, ahou' 16 miles from New f k, containing '40 acres of land?50 acres wood land, the mc? 90 acres it in a high stile of cultivation, with ftuit trees | II kinds in abundance. There are two good Dwelliug Houses t, recently built, together w ith a large barn, stone hen houra, ' l crib, lk?. I he place is beautifully situated, commanding i ew of i lie Sonud and surrounding country. It will be sold | i I r. . -j nr.. c..,k.r n.r lew Ol "in CIBIIU "Uiinwilillllg country. ,v y? ? ? v or exchanged for improved eltv property For (briber per alars apply at 64 West street, between Carlisle and Rector ?eta. Llao. 4 Lota of Ground, 16 by 100, on the easterly aide of the h Avenue, between 37th aad 14th streeta (22 lm*lo AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S NATIONAL CIKCUS, PARK THKATKK. The Manager ever anxious to mere the wishes of the public, resiwctfnllv aiinouucrs the following OChKEDUCTION OF PRICES,-AO Boxes US Cents Gallery ltl Cents. SATURDAY EVENING, Feb. *2, will be preuseuted the National Equestrian Dramatic Stwctaele, wilt beautiful Hemes, Costumes, Artillery, Bridges, immense Runs, lie., entitled MAI) ANTONY WAYNE! and his BOLD HORSE DEV1LDARE. Previous to which a Grand Equestrian Performance, com men (ins with the War'March of the Fierce Bedouin Tribes. Local Hong by E. M. Dickensou. A liniihed Juvenile Act by Master W. Kir c.ide. Egyptian Pyramids by the Wandering Arabs. Love with the Villagers, by Mrs. Howard and Mr. Cadwal lader. By desire, the Misses Wrlla will dance La Polka. Two Horie Act by J. J. Nathans. Magnificent Act of Horsrmauahip. by T. V. Tomer. Imm-use Gymnastic Fratt, by 8. Miller and J. J. Nathans. A" African Concert, by Mrasrs. Hoyt, Edwatda, Wiuneinore and Kelly Doors o|ien at 6 o'clock, and performance to commence at 7. PALNO'ti OPKRA HOUSE. THURSDAY EVENING, Feb 20th?FRIDAY, 21st-and SATURDAY. 22d, On each eveuiug will be repreneuD-d The BANQUET SCENE and also the DRINKING SONG! From the Uiwra of Lncrexia Borgia, in Eihiopian Burlesque. Also, the much admired DUETT from the Opera of SEMIRAMIDE. To couclude with tha Mel-nleou Band of Serenailers, and the Burlesque Opera of the THE VIRGINIAN GIRL Doors open at a quarter before 7?Performance to commence at a quarter before 8. First tier and Parquette 50 cents. Second tier 25 ceuts. Private Boxes S3. Box Office open from 10 to 5 o'clock, to xrcnie seats. ITT"On Monday E<euiug, February 2till, the popular Opera of SOMNAMBULA, in Ethiopian Burlesque. 1*20 3t*rc WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PARK THEATRE. LAST REPRESENTATIONS! As the Company will depart in STery short time, therefore, in compliance with the earnest solicitation of sevaral families and individuals, the Manager aunoouces a GREAT REDUCTION OF PRICES ! 105 Cento to every part of the Theatre! GALLERY ViX CENTS. TWELVE MOST SPLENDID ACTS IN THE RING AND ARENA! And the novel and Grand Equestrian Spectacle of MAD ANTONY WAYNE! artu HIS TERRIFIC HORSE DAREDEVIL. JJjT-In whtcha TREBLE COMPANY will appear..^] MR. GEORGE LODER'S CONCERT. A T THE Apollo Rooms, on Saturday, February 22d, 1845, " ( Washington's Birthday.) PART I. LOBGESANg BY MENDELSSOHN. Allegro Maestoso e Vivace?Allegretto Agitato?Adagio Religioso. Chorus?"All men, all things, praise the Lord," Solo?''Prais* ye the Lord'". Mrs E Loder Solo?' rrl.,,ei all ye redeemed,... Sig Autugniui Chorus?' 'Al 1 ye that cried unto the Lord" Duetto?"I waited for the i?ord"... Mrs E Loder and Miss E Wauon Solo?"The sorrows of death ?'? closing" Sig Anloguini Chorus?The Night is depaiting" Chorale?"Let all men praise the Lord" Duetto?"1 sing of thy loving kindness"... Mrs E Loder and Sig Autognini Grand Chorns?"The Nations offer to the Lord".,. PART II. Overture?"Zauberflote" Mozart New Canxonetta?"La Veglia," (canzone del Conte Pepoli) Jules Benedict Mixx De Luce OFFERTORIUM, For Voice and Violin Solo Mrs E Loder and Sig Rapetti, Chorus and Orchestra, composed by Viruxtemps. for the open ing of the church of St. Hrnacle, Verven, Belgium. New Song?"The Soldier1! Glory, composed and , I sung by Sig Autognini Aria?"Cujus Amimum," Mr Salmonski Rossini Overture?"I es Deux Jonruee" Cherubini DIRECTOR MR. GEORGE LODER. Tickets for sale at the various Music Stores. Single Admission ONE DOLLAR?Family Tickets, to ad mil five iwrsons. Three Dollars. To commence at 8 o'clock precisely. f!9rc MADAME AKNOULT'S CONCERT Gn" 18 POSTPONED, ON account of the verv great number of Mntical Entertain ments which are to take i lace at the end of this month. It will be advertised hereafter. m tTT^MADAME ARNOULT begs leave to inform her friends ndthe soothe pnbFc, that having decidedly taken her winter quarters in New Fork, she will give lessons in Singing during her stay in the city. Apply to MADAME ARNOULT, from 11 to 1 o'clock. No. 366 Broadway. f22 2trc PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. THIRD SEASON, 1844--5. rPHE GOVERNMENT of the above Society, begs leave to 1 announce to the Subscribers, ihat the THIRD CONCERT of the season will take place at the Apollo Rooms, on Satnrday, March 1st, 1845. To commence lit 8 o'clock precisely. Subscribers can obtain the extra tickets, to which they are en titled, by applying to Messrs. Scharfenberg It Luis, 361 Broad way, near Franklin strret. By order, (21 Stis're WM. SCHARFENBERG, Secretary. GERMAN SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. THE UKAND CONCERT, in aid of the Charitable Fond J- of this Society, will take place on SATURDAY, the 8th of March, 1845, at the Tabernacle, on which occaiion the fol lowing eminent talent will appear, viz:? 81UNORA ROSIN A PICO. MR. WM. SCHaRFENBKKGJ MR. THEOD. W. GRONEVELDT, (Clarionet.) Anninber of Oentlemen Amatenrs have kindly contented to sing aeveral German Choniaea, and an Oreheitra of Sixty **er formera. eompoaed principally of Membera of the New York Philharmonic Society, will execute the following piecas, vix:? The celebrated Symphony in C minor... by Beethoven Overture to Fingal'sCave by F. Mendelaohn Bartholdy. Overture to DerFreiachutz by C. M. Von Weber. The Inatrumental Performances will be uudar the direction of MR. U. C. HILL. The Concert will commence at I o'clock preciaely. Ticketi. at tl each, may I e had at all the principal Music Stores, at the door on the evening of the Concert, and of the un dersigned:? COMMITTEE. C. H. Sand. Thaod. Victor, Wm. Scharfeoberg, Dr. Gescheidt, C. R. Degen, H. E. Moring, A. Belmont. Emest Fiedler. F. W. Rake man, fl9to8Mr ee G. Vom Banr, E. Pavenstedt, F. A. Spies, Professor Tellkampf, F. S. Schleiinger, Charles Perabeau, Dr. Henschel, A. Rodewald, Leopold Bierwirth. AMERICAN REPUBLICAN BALL, or tike Ttlz and 13tb Wards. ?T<0 BE HELD AT TAMMANY HALL, Tuesday Even I ing, March 4th, 1848. Tickets to be had ef S. N. Leggett, 480 Grand street; Wm. Madden, corner of East Broadway and Catharine a'reet, or of any of the Committee of Arrangements. THOMAS E. SUTTON, Chairman. S. N. LEGGETT, Secretary. 122 2i*re SOCIALIST FESTIVAL AND BALL! JN CONSEQUENCE of the numerous enquiries respecting the above, the Committee reapectfully inform the public that the Second Ball of the Season will take place on Tuesday. Feb. 28th, at the Broadway House, corner of Grand street andBioad way. Tickets cau be had of J. Hooper, 41 Liberty street, sad at the Hall on Suuday evening. Gentlemen 50 cents, Ladies 28 cents, including refreshments. Doors open at half past 8 o'clock f2l 3tStM8tTa*rc BF. BARRETT will deliver hit Tenth Lecture, next Sab ? bath (to-mor ow) Evening, in the New Vork Society Li brary building, corner nf Broadway and Leonard street, at 7)6 o'clock. Subject?Heaven. Seats free. In case the weather ahould be unpleasant, the Lecture will be post|>oned. Preaching as usual in the morning*, at the sane place. f22 lt*ec T IBERAL LECTURES AND DEBATES on Saidsy at l-f National Hall, Canal, near Broadway.?Mr. OTVALE will Lecnreofi the Fall ol Man, with comments ou the 3rd chap, of Genesis, involving the snhject of Geology. A debate will follow, introduced by Dr. H. Doors open at 3 P.M.? Particular* at the Beacon office, 94 Rosrvrlt St.. where anew edition of Strauss, and Liberal works are for sale. f2i It'ec LECTURES ON SHAKSPEARE MR. HUDSON, whose Lecgures have been delayed several days on account of the Weather, will Lecture on Hamlet and Macbeth, in the Society Library Boom, on the CTeuings of Monday and Friday, February 17th and 21st. at 1% o'clock. IT/" Admittance each evening 80 ceuta. Gentlemen anil two Ladies $l?taken at the door. fl4 liv*rc CHEER ON YOUR PACK. BOLD REYNARD'S GOING AWAY ! 'T'HE great Fox Hunt advertised to come off on Long Island A on the 8th February, but postponed on account of tlte weather, will take place on Monday next, the 24th instant. The h'.unila W'll meet at Vnnek's Hotel, Pro?i>ect Kill, at II o'clock. Gentlemen owning hounds, anil wishing them to join the chase, are res|iectfullv requested to have them at the corner of Smith ind Bergen atieeti, Brooklyn, by 9 o'clock, ready tor coupling. fe22 lt'rrc BILLIARDS THIS mustbeseen to be believed?the ball I is played at fig. 2, runs to S to 4, to 8. to 8. to 7, to 8, to9, to 10. and by play era to 11 and 12. The above angles can he made in one blow. The Tables nre up for playing or sale at 149 Fulton, or 1)6 Ann atreet. The n aker will bank for true tble, against any person living. NEW LINE OF PA' KET8 FOR LIVER POOL?Packet of the 26th February?'The splendid and favorite packet ship GAR KICK, 1100 tous hen. Captain B. J II. Trask; will sail on Wednesday, Feb r?iti. her regular day. Theihips of this line being all 1000 tons end upwards, per sous about to embark for the old country, will not fail to e*e the advantages to be derived fr <m selecting this line in preference to any other, as their great capacity rauders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a small class, and their accommodalionslor cabin, aecond cabin and steerage passesurers, it is well know n, ere superior to those of any other line orpackets. Persons wishirg to secure berths should not fail to make early application on board, foot of Wall st. or to W * .1 T TAPBCOTT, At their General Tasasge Office, fg|ra Tl "Smith street, enmer Me,ilea Lane ' hUK NEW ORLEANS?Loaieiena and New wflfWYork Line?Regular Packet of March 6th?The splen Jfifilfedid new barque J ANE E. WILLIAMS. Capt. Par ker, built expreealy for a packet, will tail a* ebovc, h'r regular dftV ? For freight or pannage, having hands mr furnished accommo da'ions. apply on board, at Orleans w hxrf, foot of v\ ,11 ?t , or to E. K. COLLINS It l O., 56 South st Positively no goods received oa board aiter Wednesday even ing. 8th intt. _ , . Agents ia New Orleans, Messrs. Hullin h Woodrun, who wtif promptly forward all goods to their sddreaa (12 FOR GLASGOW?Ragular Packet?The fast sail log British barque ADAM CARR, 880 ton" burthen, ____iCaptnin Hobert Scott, will sail Satarrlay. 22d rest For freight. SObalea cotton or bulk thereof, ot passage, hating excellent accommodations, apply on hoard, foot of Beck nan street or to WuODIlL'LL It MINTURNS. ? ?T South sreset. BFOR SALE?Tweuty-tbur Covered FREIGHT CARS, such as are used ou the Penntylvanim Rail Roads. They will be sold very low. If not sold be fore Sntuiday, the 1st of March, they will be ofleied at public sale at the preiniaea of the snbscrelvr, iiVlnck, A West Side Broad atreet,below Locust elreet, Philadelphia. ja3l Imaod'gbx ?? "legit- FOR LONDON?Pac1; t . f'tl.e 1st Va-ch?The JJPW ?i^ndid packet ship VK'.TOHl *. ' pt '?? ?% flMBfePoattitely Mil at aWore, hmr regtiUr d.iy. I hi* splendid ihipha* i?nmrpa***d accommodation* for cabin and ? cm rag a pan ten all of which will be taken at a moderate ratp. bv making early appl?eafto?i on boaid, or to ClTic JOHN HERDMAN. *1 touth at sLie?w*eee?sHB-s5m?*-jhsbe5*^! BY IHE SOUTHERN MAIL. Important from Washington We have received from Washington the followl ing explicit letter from the President to the Senate, to relation to the Oregon question. We learn by the same mail, lrom the same hand, that the joint resolutions for the annexation of Texas, from the House, are certainly expected to pass the Senate by a majority of two votes, considerable change having been effected in the minds of certain Sena tors since the arrival of Mr. Polk at Washington. The bill will be disposed of by Saturday (this) evening. To rut Sknatk of the Uwitxd States,? In aniwer to the resolution of the Senate of the 11th of December, 1844, requesting the President to lay before the Senate, if in his ju .gment that may be done without pre judice to the puolic interest!, a copy of any instructions which may have been given by the Executive to the American Minister in England, on the subject of the title to, and occupation of the territory of Oregon, since the 4th day oi March, 1841; also a copy ot any correspond ence which may hare passed between the Government and that ot Great Britain, or between either of the two Governments and the Minuter of the other, in relation to that subject since that time, I have to say that in my opi nion, as the negotiation is still pending, the information .ought for cannot be communicated without prejudice to the public service. i deem it proper, however, to add, that considerable progress has been made in the discussion which has been carried on in a very amicable spirit, between the two Go vernments, and that there la reason to hope that it may be terminated, and the negotiation Drought to a close within a sboit period I have delayed answering the reiolutiona under the ex pectation expressed in my unuual message that the nego tiation would have been terminated before the close of tne present session of Congress, and that the ioforma'ion called for by the resolution of the Senate might be com municated. JOHN TYLER. Washington, Feb. JO, 1844. Washington. (Correspondence of the Herald.] JThe Capitol, ^ Washington, Thursday, 5 P. M. The Cabinet?Mexican Indemnity?Import*, Sfc. J as. G. Bennett, Escj. : The cabinet eggs are not yet hatched. New Jer sey has placed John R. Thompson, the late candi date for Governor, on the list for Secretary of the Navy, and New York Charlea G. Ferris for the same post. A rumor was in circulation yesterday, that the difficulty created by the various cliquet from New York, had induced the President to abo lish the intention of selecting a Secretary of the Treasury from that State, but give it the Navy.? This 1 do not believe, but the selection from New York is all that prevents definite action at pre sent. The friends of Marcy are very active, as are also those of Cambreleng and Flagg Benjamin F. Butler appears to have but few advocates in the open field. The friends of Col. Richard M. John son are moving Blowly, to secure a comfortable place for the old war-horse, in a foreign mission, in which, it is to be hoped, they may be successful, us he should not be turned out to die, now that the victory percheB over the banner of his party. It is probable that a conference will take place ihe early part of next week, between the President elect and certain prominent statesmen, when some decision will be made as to the cabinet. Should New York receive the appointment of Secretary of ihe Navy, and Mr. Calhoun retire from the cabi net, you may rest assured that Mr. Elmore of South Carolina will be called into the cabinet, and most probably as Secretary of the Treasury. You will remember that he Was the warm and earnest advo cate of the vote of (hanksconferred upon Mr. Polk on hie retiring from the chair as Speaker of the House; and it is well known that the most friend ly feelings have existed between these gentlemen lor years. Mr. Elmore is every way qualified for this station, and, no doubt, will be called into the cabinet whenever Mi. Calhoun goes oat. 1 have just been informed that a letter has been received from Governor Silas Wright, of your State, by one oi the New York Senators, in which he. urges definite action in favor of the annexation of Texas at the present session of Congress. It is an evidence of the force and power of public opin ion against the course of his immediate friends in Congress, and th? only one that will preserve him from political downfall. The recent action of the democracy of N Hampshire,in rescinding the re-no ruination of Mr Hale tor Congress,presents a forcible lesson to those who have attempted to thwart the will of the people in this great national measure. They must fall, or the people must yield The iatter would present a new anomaly in American character. The President submitted a message to-day con taining a communication from the Secretary ot state relative to indemnities for claims of Ameri can citizens upon the Mexican government, as called for by the House of Representatives. The Secretary, in reply, presents the correspondence " "snea heretofore published on this subject, as accompa nying the President's meesige, and states further, that no communication has been received from Mr. Shannon in relation to the non-payment of ihe indemnities due in April and July last, and infers that the reasons given by Benjamin E Green, late Charge d'Affairs to Mexico, in the following letter, may have caused delay on this subject: Mr. Orris to Mr. Calhoun. Washington, January 30, 1840. Sir In reply to your call for iurthar information re lative to tbe instalments of the Mexican indemnity, 1 have the honor to inform you, that General Waddy Thompson finding it impossible lor him to attend person ally to the receipt of the money and its transmission to the United States, the high repute ot the house ol L. 8. Hargou* fc.Co.the fact of its being the most substantial and prominent house engaged in the United States trade, and the personal influence if its members with ti e Mexiean Government, pointed them out as the best persons tor ihe Money. That house was accordingly selected by General Thompson for the purpose ; and it ha* been principally owing to the exertions and management of the partner resident in t;io city of Mexico, to his acquaintance with the financial operations of the country, and the aid which he has been able to afford tbe Mexican Government, that the former instalments have been paid. In confirmation of this, 1 refer you to a letter from General Thompson, of the 36th of March, 1844. In relation to the alleged payment of the April and July inatalments, and as a commentary (hereupon, I refer you to mv despatch of the 30th of May, 1844, and to several notes addressed to the Mexican Government, by the date 4th and 8th of May and 34th of July, and the replica of that Government, dated Sth and 33d of May and 37tki of July, 1844. An interesting report was received from the Se cretary ot the Treasury, exhibiting the quantity and value of merchandise imported free of duty sod paying duty, trom the 1st of July 18411, to the 30th ot June 1844. Among the free articles 1 find the fol lowing :? Teas, 15,353,634 lbs. valued at $4 075 IPS Coffee, 158,333,1 il lbs. ?? 9 504,377 Bullion, gold 83 450 Silver 308,694 Specie, gold 1.539,154 silver 4 008,431 Of articles paying advalorem duty, the following only I have had time to extract QumntUy. Valut Sugar, brown 179 867.491 $6,793 MO White, clayed 4 731,616 167 704 Loaf and other refined 1116 617 134,4M Cotton 10,889 401 661 316 Cool 87,073 236 963 Iron, pig 198,880 100,611 " old and (Crop 41.663 43,396 " bar, manufactured rolled,... 767,814 1,063 662 " " " Otherwise, 236,461 683,066 Steel, es*t, (hear and German. . . 33 700 441,964 " allother 7,044 44,498 The whole amount i* as follows:? Valvt. Ihtfiri Specific article* $31,362,863 $14 631,208 77 Ad valorem 32,116,291 14,449 348 03 raying dtltie* 93,668.164 29,980,366 80 Free good*, 24 76o 861 Total value $108,436,090 The total amount of all articles paying advalo rem doty i? $52 315 291. and the amount of dorrs thus paid was #14,449,348 03 Ol articles paying specific duti.-s under the act ol 1842, I have tune to extract the following: Qwewi'y. Wool, aomuinfactuied, lew than T eta. lb. .11.(09 64i $734,441 " " eacvedinsT eu .. 199.763 97,019 Cettnm, colored, eieerdina 30 eta per ? | yd, ... 2,926,690 " not exceeding 10 eenta .. 79.399,793 3.941,OSS " uncolorad, exceeding 3t cent ... 467,839 " " not exceeding 20 ct?... 9.(71,360 1.202,910 Teaa, from placea other than their erowth,.. 302,390 43,396 Co (To. do do do 3.219,032 1(9,477 A report was presented from the Register of the Treasury relative to debts due the government, that have remained unpaid for three years prior to 8ep?. so, 1844, by which it appears that ihe Bank ->1 the United States anil owe $88 894,88 on the second, third ard tourth bonds due in September IH38, 1839 and'40 A judgment was obtained for this debt in the eastern district of Pennsylvania in 1841, and proccediDgs were subsequently instituted in the Commercial Court of New Orleans, to at tach the effects ol said bank i.i thai citv. Under hese proceedings the sum ol $414,138,27 was col lected and deposited, which still wants the linal de cision ef the Supreme Court of the United States. Theaniountdue from S-imnelSwartwout formerly collector of New York is #1 295,035 fid The So licitor ot the Treasury savs that d stress warrants have been issued on nil the real and persona 1 pro ,?er'.y of the principal anil his sureties, which he says under the most favorable circumstances, will imv but a small portion ol the debt. For several daya past, the gay and fashionable iiave been in preparation to attend the oarting invi tation ball of President Tyler and his lady, which was giV4-n last evening, and ruch a crowd intermix ed with beauty, bouquet* and boobies was rarely, \(

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