Newspaper of The New York Herald, 23 Şubat 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 23 Şubat 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 3.'1?Whole No. 4015, NEW YORK. SUNDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 23, 1845. Price .Two Cento. THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To tils Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspapet^-Duh liabed every day of the year except New Year'. Day and Fourth of Jnly. Price I centi per copy?or $7 M per tanum?postages paid?caeh in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?pnbliihed every Saturday morning?price 6X centa per copy, or ft U per aannm?port age* paid, caih in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald it over TH1 RTY-FlVE THOUSAND, and increasing fait It hat the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the worldx and, it, therefore, 'he best channel for business men fn the city or country. Prior, moderate?cash in adrance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. pnoPRtBTon or thb Herald Establishment. Northwest corner of Knlton and Nassau streets. TO LET?Two Stores beaa'ifully situated, in the new [jjjw tmiliiing. (now nearly complete) on the n)-thwesterly JJMfccorner of Broadway and Ileade street, (known as the La Fame Buildings ) Also, a large and convenient Basement, well calculated for an Oyster as loon, Ike. Also, several convenient Stores in the second story, soiteble for Merchant Tailors, Fashionable Milliners, Dressmakers, tic. together with a variety of Rooms in the 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5th stories, suitable fur Offices, Private Pa lore with folding doors, Pantries and Bedrooms attached ; with Rooms suitable for Dentists, Paiuiets, Daguerreotypes and Exhibition Rooms, tic. 1 hose persons wanting rooms of the above description, are re quested to call and examine the same. Enquire on the premise? fl3 ltn*rc KVERY DESIRABLE LOTS FOR SALE.?Fiv Lots on the southerly side of 13th mreet, near 3th avenne 'ix Lots ou the northerly side of 13th street, between 6th avenues, with court yards in front, aud in the midst of elegant improvements. Three Lots en the southerly side of 14th street, between the 6th and Tlh avenues, in an improving neighborhood. >tn and 7ur avenues, in an improving neighborhood. Two Lots on the southerly side or 14th street, near the 8th avenue. Four Lots on the easterly side of7th avenue, between 13th and 13th streets, with cellars partly dug out. Five Lots on the northerly side of 39th street, betwemi the 1st and 2nd avenues, overlooking the city and East River. The whole amount may remain on mortgage, if improved, and 7? per cent if not improved. O. H. WINTER, jSfi lm*?c 1? Wall street 10 LET OK LEAaE.?A large two story brick ' House, on the southwesterly corner of the Bloomingdale Lrnad and 40th street, with sufficient ground whereon to erect a manufactory, which will be built if required. Also, * two story frame Cottage, House ana five Lots, en the northwesterly corner of the Bloomingdale road and 40tn st'eet. with a workshop, stable, bam, See. The house will be painted and nut in gondfence and repair, with a oourt yard in front, on the Bloomingd'ile road. Also. 8 Lou adjoining on the Bloomingdale road, running through to the 7th avenue and 41st street, suitable for a florist or manufacturer. Buildings will be erected if required. Also, a Lot in 30thstreet, between the 7th and 8>h avenues, to lease. G. H. WINTER, j26 lm*ec 16 Wall street. Steffi TO LET?The large three story and attic Bnck |...|f Dwelling House, situated ou the north-easterly corner of JiJHLtne Seventh Avenue and Thirteenth stieet, with a fine irilen, Croton water, kitchen ranges, marble mantels, sliding oors, Ac , and in an improving neighborhood. Rent low to a good tenant. A1 so? Four three story and attie Brick Houses, with Stores underneath, on the easterly aide of Sixth Avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth stieeu, with sliding doors, marble mantels. Croton water, he., suitable for respectable families iu moderate circumstances. Also?Five rliree story Brick Houses, of a similar kind, on the easterly tide of Greenwich Lane or Aveuue, near the Eighth Avenne, and opposite the large square. Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store underneath, on the easterly side of the Eighth Aveuue, between 13th aud 14th streeu, with marble mantels, sliding doors, Croton water, &c. ?" ofi' All of the above Stores are excellent stands for business, and are suitable for drygoods and fancy-goods, ladies' shoe stores, china and earthenware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fectionary, 8tc. The Stores, with the front basement-room, will be rented Se parate from the dwelling parts if required. the>e being covered areas in front for fuel, fcc. O. H. WINTER, fll Im'tC 16 Wall street. tejk TO LET?The Bulkhead, or Water Front, from War [VtT? ren street to Chambers street, (about 200 feet,) now oceu XSULpied as the Newburg Landing. The four story Store, No. 114 Warren street. One of the <*ew Building , between Wash ington and West streets. Thesuperior three story Brick House occupied by R. J. Cochran, Ekq , on Tenth Avenue near22d street; has mahogany doors, plated furni nre,Croton water, Be. FOR SALE OR TO LET?The Mansion and Farm at Onw&nus. L. 1, about three miles from the South Ferry. The House is lifty feet squ ire, five stories, and a superior cellar, roof coppered, inahotany doors, plated furniture, tic. The hall and stairs Italian marble. The building is nesr the water, and is without equal as to situation in the United States. It will ac commodate fifty or sixty liereons. The Farm is eighty acres?a front ou the Bay of one thousand fret, and a front on each side of Tlnrd Aveuue. It is in the Eighth Ward of the City of Brooklyn, anil laid out in 1600 Building Lots, and there ate many Build ug Sites on this property. The laud is the best on Lo. g Island for early vegetables, and can reilize five thousaud dollars tier annum, if atleuded to by an experienced gardener. ALSO, FOR SALE?The Bennet Farm, at Gowanus, about 2U0 Lots fronting on Third and Fourth Avenues and the street leading to the Greenwood Cemetery. The Lo's will be sold at low prices aud loug credit, and money loaned to those thst build immediately. Apply to JOHN F. DELAPLA1NE, DO 'm*rc No 7 Nsw sirret. New York. STEAM POWER?Rooms to let with Steam Power. Apply st R HOE 8t CO., fl8 3wrc 29 and 31 Oold street. TO SECRET SOCIETIES, teffi TO LE r?From 1st May next, the large Room in the pTjW upper story of honsaeorner of East Broadway and Ca JJUffiibiiint stieet, lured up for a lodg ? room. Can be seen bei-c?o 2>? and 5 o'clock, P. M. For further particu lars enquire of E.SPf KK,51 Catharine Street, or of J HeXHT, 38 He- ry street. (21 lm*m FOR SALE. <jK? A BEAUTIFUL KAKM, situated in the town of MAEaitchrster, coutMniug seventy acrei of Rood tilable and .adBmgraM laud. .The Home i> in perfect order and convenient iy arranged for a large family. Paid Farm it divided by the post road running to New Kochelle and Marmarroneck, and rant down to Ea.tcheiter Creek, where there it line bate and trout flailing in their teaaon. The out building! are all in good " The wno' order, and there it good a:ahlingfor twelve hortet. 'The wnolt place it well wa'e ied,aud on thepremitetit a beautiful Fjshpoud. There are two churches within a quarter of a mile of taid place, and stages pass twice a day by the houte, to intertect the New Yetk and Harlem Railroad at William's Bridge, which it with in three milet of taid premitet. There it an abundance of Fruit on taid premitet, which was selected by the present owner wth great care. The distance from City Hall, New York, is scant sixteen milet Pottestion Can be had by the 1st of April, and any information concerning said property, can be had ou the premises. A'to, adioining taid property, forty acres of first rate Land, with a good Stone Honte on it, with Bam and Stable t connected, possessing the same advantages at the above seventy ecres. The taid forty acres will be told teperately, or tne Farms to gether, (making in all 111) acres) to suit the purchas'T. Apply to J. W J iNfcWAY, No. 12 City Hall Place, or to ISAAC ANDERSON, on the premises, or to feS lm*rc WM. H. HICKS. No. 30 Wall street. KOR SALE?A va'nable Farm, forming a part of the tract known as MorHtania, titua'ed on the Harlem nver, i let uuutT ii am iTiurni-uiw, suun ru uu urr noiivui UTri. ills county ol Westchester, consisting of one hundred and ten acres of land, prope ly fenced and in good order. Upon the Farm there is a commodious modern built Mansion House, with a garden, stable and nil necessary appendages, suitable for a gentl- man's country residence. There are also upon the Farm two Farm Houses, and all necessary out buildings Also, a valuable mill site and water power, and an orchard. The said Farm is very accessible from the city, being with-n nine miles of the Citv Hall, witti the privilege of a free brioge across the The cars of the llarl?n Railroad run within Harlem river. __ half a inile of the house. For terms and further particulsrs in quire b tween 13 aud 3 P. M. of H. M. MORRIS, jltlm*rc 11 Pine street, second story. TO LET AT FORDHAM. WESTCHE9TER CO , N Y. SA LAROE and convenient Cottage, formerly occupied av Thus Bassford, with a Garden, "ad Fruit Trees of evsry descrh tion. adjoining?situated within two or three ed yards of St. John's College. The New York ana Har l*m llailio id Cars run to and from New York sis timet a day. Apply at 479 Pearl street, New York. fit lw*rc REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Sjf ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice Land in the Ith HtlWsid. in the city of Brooklyn, frou'ing the New York sdw.Bsy. and commanding a beautiful Prospect. The situa tion is highly pictuieiqne. Enquire of JOHN S. BERGEN, on the premises. ja3> lm*rc NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. On and after Octolier 33. llw cars will run ss follows . Leaving City Hall for Harlem. (l?Sth st,) MorXsiauia, Ford ham. Williams Bridge, Hunt s Bridge, Underbill's Road, 'J ackahoe. Hart's Comers and White Plains. 7.33 A. M., 13.30 A. M., 1 y. M. and 3.33 P. M, Leaves Williams' Bridge for City Hall 8.45 A. M_ 11.35 A. M., 3 43 P. M.. 4.45 P. M. Leaves 'J nckahoe for City Hall 3 3o A. M., 11.35 A.M. 155 P.M., 4 25 P M [.eaves Whits Plains for City Hall I A. M., II A. M., 1.30 P. M., 4 P. M. Freight trains will leave City Hall at |13 45 M, Leave White Plains at I A. M. The Westchester Train will stop only, after leaving the City tail, at the corner of Broome st. end tor Bowery. Vanxhall Oar Hall. , ? _ den and 37th street. Aa Extra Car, will precede each Train ten minutea before the time of itarting fton the City Hall, and will lake up paasengert along the line. Extra Harlem and Merisiania Trains, for Morrisiania and in termediate placet, U'trHair for Harlem and Morritiania,7 A. M.. ? A. Ml * I ?? M.| 4.30 P. M. Leave Momsiama (or City Hell, I A. M., 10 A. M., 3 P. M., 5.30 P. M. By order of the Board, nil Sm^rTe W. 3. CARMAN. Secretary. LONG ISLAND RAIL-ROAD COMPANY. Trains ran aa followi, commencing Dec. 14th, 1344 Leave Brooklyn, st half-past 7 A.M., (New York tide 7 A. M.) Boston Train fur Green port, daily, Bun days excepted, stopping st Fermingdsle and St hlj O'orge't hi ?wor. at 95a A. M lor Hleksvills and intermediate pieces, daily-, and oe Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, through to Orvenport and in termedium places. " at SX P. M. for Hicksville and intermediate platMt, daily, Sundays excepted. Leave Oreeoport for Brooklyn, Boston Train, at 1 P. M., or on exes teiirvwjH. uOSlUII 1 l"IU, HI 1 I . ATI., UI 1331 t.h? arrival of tti? atmunart daily. Sunday* ?* cepted, stopping st St. George's Manor and ingdale. Fanning st 3 A. M., Accommodation Train, for Brooklyn and intermedjate places, on Mon days. Wednesdays and Fridays. From Hicksville for Brooklyn and intermediate places daily, Sundaysetceptad, at 7 A. M and 1> irr.-.5"T'm,S"<SSdl!u'WA,?.,a^'M' Wednesdays, ^ Via Norwich. I Thursdays, $ Via Ston'gton Fridays, J _ I Saturdays, } is? imtc 11 ^init purchaser*, by* NATIONAL HOTEL, No. 5 Conrtlandt street and 87 Liberty street, NEW YORK. Thro Door* from Broadway, nnilis NEW HOTEL will be opened ou the 20th inst-when L the Proprietor* w ill he happy to accommodate their friend* and the public with board. Th* Lodging Room* are large and airy, and the internal arrangement* anch a* cannot fail to pleaae. The location being in th* cen're of husineis, it offer* induce ment* to merchant* from other citie* and the country, not (ap peared by any other Houae in thia city. Th* Furniture, Bed* and Bedding, are all new and made ex pressly for thia establishment. Kami lie* who wish Parlor* and Sleeping Room* attached.can be tiandanmely accommodated 1'he anbaeriker* aaaur* their friend* and the. public, that no effort* ou their part shall be wanting to secure the comfort and convenience of iheir guest*, and r hile they solicit a share of their patronage, they hope, by unceasing attention, to the duties of their vocation, to give en tire satisfaction. CHARLES WYCKOFF ?t CO. f 7 im'rc TO THE PUBLIC. NEW YORK. February 10.1S45. rPHE SUBSCRIBER would moat respectfully announce to bit friends and the travel'iogcoinmunitv in generalt that he haa recently leased the UNITED STATES HOTEL, and i? fully prepared to entertain all who mav favor him with their patronage. Having been for the past sixteen years engaged iu the above capacity, he has no hesitation in sayiug that all favors ex tended to him by the public will b# duly appreciated, and every satisfaction rendered to the guests who may feel disposed to pa tronize him. P. 8.?In order to keep pace with the times, he is warranted to change the price for board per day from $1 50 to $115. hoping at tti* same time, it will meet the fall and unqualified approba lion of the travelling nubile. H. JOHNSON, United States Hotel, corner of Fulton, f!2 3w*r? Pearl and Water streets, New York. HARRIS' CITY OYBTER SALOON. Comtr of Chatham and Mott stt. HARRIS takes'this method to inform bia friends and the public that he haa leased the whole lower part of tha Large New Building, corner of Chatham and Mott streets, am! fitted itnpin au elegant manner at an OYSTER SALOON, where he will serre up O) iters and other Hefreshmen'a to those who will favor him with a call, in a style unsurpassed by any ether establishment in this or any other city. N. B.?Charges the most reasonable. Stewed or Fried Oyster*, one shilling. Every kind of Oyiter brought to this city, can be had at this establishment. ft 2w*rc D ri*s> NEW MUSIC. GEORGE H. DERWORT, DROFKSSOR OF THE GUITAR, 477 Broadway near f Canal street, ha* published the following Bong* from the Opera of th* Bohem an Girl, with a rerv easy Guitar accom paniment and lingering marked throughout. 1? Fair Land of Poland. 2?The Heart Bowed Down. 3?Then you'll remember me. 4?1 dream't that 1 dwelt in marble halls. f!9 lw?m DR. LARDNER, CONSULTING ENGINEER. A CARD.?The Public i* informed, that Dr. LARDNER continue* the pracflce of bashless as a Consulting Eugi gineer, which he followed on an extensive scale for many year* in England and France. Inventors, patentees, manufacturer*, merchant*, and other* engaged in the an* and manufactures, mav consult lum on matters requiring the application of th* principle* of practical science. Certificate* and opinions on the validity and usefulness of new inventions and processes in th* arte. Reports on disputed questions and doubtful points, ex perimental investigations, with a view to the discovery or test ing of improved processes, will be supplied or undertaken when senaired. Office No 21 Spruce street, New V or* All Business Letters mnst be post-paid, audio prevent time being lost by frivolous applications, all applicants will be ex pected to pay a retaining fee of 810 before consults'ina. ARCHITECTURE. I7RED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends and the " public, that he has removed his office from 193 Broadway to 18 Wall st. where persons desirous of building are invited to ex amine a selection of original and tasteful designs, from the Cot tage upwards to theextensive Villa or Mansion, in all the various styles of architecture; and where he is prepared to furnish Plana, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and Contracts for Build ings of every description, and superintends the erection thereof. ia30 lm*re FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROBERT SONIAN METHOD. ANEW COUHSE of lessons in French, according to the system of Robertson, will be given by Mr. EDMUND DU BUISSON, A. M.,at 98 Leonard st,commencing on Monday, 17th instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M. This system, so well known in Europe, will be explainedbv the Professor. Persons wi.hing to learn the French, or their friends, are respectfully invited to attend. Mr. Edmond du Buisson having been engaged in giving instructions in French for a number of years at M. C. Couderta school, and for the past year at M. G. Le Row's collegiate school at New Brighton, would respectfully refer to those gentlemen, both in regard to qualification and character. All information in the meantime may be obtained at his residence, 100 Broadway. A New Course for Ladies will be opened on the same day, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Kevf.bknces. M.M reLaforest, French Con sul, General. W. A Draper, 57 Beaver st. E. Fabrequettes,61 Maiden lane. E. Logan, Esq., 4 New at. R. Rowley. Esq., 49 Nassau st Rev. Dr. John Power, 15 Bar clay street Dr. Porter, 1 Barclay st Dr. Cross man, 409 Broadway W. H. Cary It Co., 186 Pearl st C. C. Carter Ik Co., 1T8 do. Berard k Mondon, 36 Court land st. M. Mally, SO Maiden Lane. f7 8w*re TO THE DAGUERRIAN ARTISTS. FA. ARTAULT. Importer of KrenA Daguerreotype ma ? teria's and manufacturer of Morocco Cases, offers lor sale at the following cheap prices Best quality of French Plates, No. 40, (medium) $3 doseu. Fine Morocco Cases, with white glees and tins borders, 13 dz. Go- d quality of Dagnerrsetyps Apparatus, including the in struction, all complete and warranted, $60. Acromatic Ulasses, from $3 to $16. All the Chemicals used in the Daguerreotype process, cheap. F. A. Artaalt has received by the last steamship, the salt of gold for gilding the pictures, the new substance for polishing plates in two mm ites, and the beautifnl process of Mr. Fizean for reproducing the Daguerreotype Portraits on engraved plates, and to draw on paper an unlimited number. if yon are (bud of the progresa in this beautiful art, please to call at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, cor. of Liberty at. jalts lm*rc CHEAP DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. MRS. H. SHANKLAN D,Daguerreotype Artist,having taken since two years more than 10,000 portraits, and being well known fur taking the best style of portraits, res|>e?tfally informs her friends and customers aud the public, that she gives s beau ful Daguerreotype likeness, including s fine morocco case or s frame, for only one dollar. Being always well patronized, and her customers increasing every day. she has, for their conve uience, enlarged her establishment,by two Daguerreotywa rooms to the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, and by a braneh of her establishment, 23"> Broadway, third story, front room. No 1, opposite the ark Fountain Portraits taken from I in the morning to 6 in the evening, any weather, clondy or stormy. Remember, only one dollar, (best sty la) including case or frame. jlO lm'rrc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. T?HE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype 1 Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tion! throughout the Union, the Watt Indies, South America utg Europe. They have alto made arrangements to be supplied with every new article used in the Daguerreotype Art. They have lately received a large supply of Voigtlaeuder's celebrated Cameras, consisting of three different smee, for the sale of which they are appointed Agents. Also, a supply of beat Plates and Chemicals, either lor Daguerreotype or Calotype, made to their especial order. Cases ofall sizes, the best Polishing didiitanees, ana every other article used for the Daguerreotype, constantly on hand. Their long connection with the Daguer reotype Art and their sareees iu taking pictures, may serve as a regommendation and reliance Daguerreotype Artists, by Offering articles from any part of the above named countaies, mav depend upon a prompt and satisfactory execution of their eehari. Their prices are cash. Prices Current and informalioa may be obtained by addressing (pott-raid) to H. k F LANGENHEIM, f!3 lm*ee Exchange Building. Philadelphia. i THE PICTORIAL NEWS R.?oM, No. 33 CATHERINE STREET, BETWEEN EAST BROADWAY AND HE^RY STREET. a HAWK.ES, having fitted np a Parlor as a General News ? Room, under the above title, will be happy to see his mda, and hopes by attention to business to merit a con tinuance of the favors to liberally bestowed since he has been in the public line. The room famished with New York and Old Country Pa pers regularly. .The Bar supplied with choice Wines and Spirits, fine flavor ed Segari, and fine Pale Ale, lie. j33 lm*ec " SWORD EXERCISE. llffR. HAMILTON, having entered into an arrangement with Y MR. FULLER, for the use of the Large Room of his Gymnasium, No. 19 Ann street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most raspeetfnlly announces to the public that he in canda commencing a Class for the Sword Exercise, in all its ?-ranches?American and French, tndh as Small and Broad word Exercise, and also Cane Exercise. Mr. H. has been for iveral years engaged as Teacher of the Sword iu the United Itatee Army. N. B.?Volunteer Companies wishing to become perfect in either Musket or Artillery Drill, can be taught the aame on the most moderate terms, by application to the advertiser, 91 Ann Utreet, to Capt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller. ' fti la m LOOKING GLASS PLATES. H ANLlN.Ek OSTHKIMEK, Importers, No. 3 Bank street, _ Philadelphia, have received by late arrivals, a full assort ment Of Looking Glass Platea. from 9 bv 7 to 49 by 99; Polished ?i . . 1?ow ?*!U I?? '? fiy II to 00 by 40. Also, a com plete assortment of~Toilet Glasses, Spectacles, Snuff Buses, together with a variety of other German ana j?S? tm"ghz y ?*?r on ^ ?l0,t favorable terms. AMERICAN HAIR DYE. W^r^e^aiiT^tli' applied according to direction, ...j0.,iSEIlu u? ku?l? !ny othf' eo'?' t0 * beautiful akin Tike n^rHair Byre W nt ,Uu,,n0 or irritating the Prepared only by DR.. JAYNE, No 80 South Third ,tra?t Philadelphia. Price 60 oen.s. Sold by th. Amu A BkD gand^ruggists, No. 79 Fulton street. 271 BWw?. 77 East SALT AND FISH STORE. jinrtBBLS. Salmon, No. 1,8 aud 9. 4UU 100 bbla. Bine Fish. , 1000 bbla Not. 1,1. and I Maakmel. 009 half da da da da 100 do No. 1 Meesdhad. 60 half bbla No. 1 Savbrook Shad 100 bbla Cod and Scale k ish. 4?0 do No. 1 GibM Hemufs. 300 kegs Dutch do 00M lbs Smoked Salmon. 100 quarter barrels Sslsana. Per sale la lata le nit uarahaaers, by fia lm'm ffELItONTwkLLB fc CO.. 01 Dey sU OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO., 1 N?W YORK, Feb. 3. 1046., ) AT an Election hald this day for Directors of this institution, for the eeraing year, the followieg gentlemen were electee ?-h Directors:? Thoma* W. Tbonie, Eliaha Riggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anton Bauer, t> u U.L.e? m n * -?r ? - BR. Robson, M. 0., Jowpb Dreki Thorn eon Price, Joseph Allen? MqeaaTnr.h'/, James E Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore John H. Lse, Wm, K. Thorn Csleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, h raneie P. Sage, Eugene B - Jehu C. Merritt, Robert Si AlJL lubseqeent meeting of the Board vguttr. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD, ft 1 000 K?WARD-The Store of MESSRS. COFMN, ? . i BRADLEY St <-0., No, M Ex'hange Plaee, having been set on fire on Saturday nil;tit, the 18th initant, tha judersipasd, a Committee of the Insurance Companies. which ?"*" policies on the goodsin said store, hereby olet a reward of M Thousand Dollars. for inch evidence u .hall lead to the tectton and conviction of the incendiary or inceudwriea. New York, etbruary 12th. IMS LAMBERT 8UTD AM, J NO BRO^J WEB'n,Ur,U,e* President East Kivee Mutual Ins. Co. ? . A. O HAZARD. Agent of the JEtaa and Protection Ins. Co., of Hartford, Con. .n W,:LTH 'i*'8 AN DDOL L A R8 REWARD-We tha winlf ,fEr,,i?i^!i?,le Thou?an<l Dollars, in addition to tie re ?!ai * ^ Iu*urance Communes. ?? ahove sta'ed. f'5 lln*f': COFFIN, iJRADLEY St CO. TO RAIL ROAD COMPANIES TMMh' PATENT CAR BilX. for Rail road Jonrnala.?Tlie A proprietors of 'lima* Patent Car Bo* respectfully call the attention of Railroad Companies. Car Manufacturers, and all oth-rs interested, at the proprietors guarantee their ability to rnn 4000 miles at least, without renewing the oil, and to keep ?s oil and wearing parts clean and free fiom dust end dirt, ana ?ho keep the oil in the box, and is not liable to gel out of erder | whh reasonable rare, being constructed with a view to this iu particular, and thereby is a great saving to stockholders and ail others coucerned They have appointed Cornelius Kanonse, of Jersey Ci'y. their agent, to whom application can be made for right, and manullicturing them in any quantity, and will ba attended to immediately by the above, or the undemigned proprietors. January 11th, 1244. TIMS, HILL St BOODY. j26 lm*ec LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. "LTAYING been awarded the Diploma at the late Fair of the 2 A American Institute, for the best 1 asts, I am tuepared to furnish an article of Lasts which cannot be surpassed in this or any other city in the United Bute*. sole and Upper Leather of all kinds, Black and Colored Mo rocco and Kid Skins, with Deer. Goat and Lamb Skin Bind ings, Shoe Threads, Lasting* Galleons, Sheetings, Linen and Leathrr Linings, Boot Cora and Webs, Boot Trees, Hammers, Pincris, Awls and Tacks, with a full assortment of Shoe maker* Tools, of the most approved patterns, cheap for cash. WARREN S. WIlKEV, 294 9pring street, between Greenwich and Washington street", New \ ork. . N. B.?The Greenwich Line of Stages pass within a block of | the store. M lm?m TO PRINTERS AND COLOR MAKERS. JL DOB SALE?One half interest iu a Printing Machine, with n apparatus complete, for minting of Satiuetts, Sic.,in success ful oieration in the city of New York. To a person who un derstands the making of color, together with a small capital, this opportunity shows great advantages, as his services will be remuqeratrd, as well as naif profits on a business which is al r.ady established. For further particulars, apply to, if by letter post-paid, J. W? Herald office, or No. 8 Piatt street, betwepn the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock, A. M. <20 2w*rc COLORED PAPER a FANCY RARER BOXES. AF. BODEN respectfully informs his friends and the ? public, that he coutiuura to manufacture Colored Paper aud Fancy Paper Boxes. in all varieties, at the old stand of the late firm of Blanc (It Boden, 74 Fnltou corner of Gold street He is fullv determined to manufactuie a superior article, and to put the prices so as to satisfy his customers. Orders will be puuctua'ly attended to. ... . ? N. B.?A good assortment of Colored Papers and kancy Paper | Boxes always on hand. ja30 2m*ec JACKSON, STAGEY <te SMITH, Vf ANUFAGTURER8 AND IMPORTERS of Pen.FPocket *A .and Table Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Files, Saws, Tools, avd ether descriptions of Sheffield Goods? jail Iin'm No. it PLA IT STREET,IUp Stairs SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING PISTOLS BLUNT & SYMS, No. 44 Chatham street, M ANUFACTURFRS of the above article have now a com* *fl Plete assortment ready for the Spring trede, which they of fer at reduced prices. They would invite the attention of mer ehants and dealers to their assortments to the manufacture of which, they have paid personal attention, and from the increased qaaotity they are making, can sell thein lower than before of fered. Also?Guns of their own manufacture, as well as every van , ety df imported Guns and implements, in quantities to suit pur chasers, at exceedingly low prices. ltSn*m IMPORTANT TO GENTLEMEN WITH AND WITHOUT HEADS OF HAIR. CHARLES RIDGWAY, Hair Cutter and Wig Maker, (LATE OF 176 BROADWAY. HOWARDS' HOTEL,) MAS REMOVED TO No. IX Wall Street, DIRECTLY OPPOSITE THE CUSTOM HOUSE. CR. wishes to inform those gentlemen who have not tried . his system of Hair Cutting, that it differs from and is su ?wrior to all others in principle and style, being strictly accord ing to the most appro rod European modes as now practised ii London, Paris, 8tc. lie. Wearers of Wigs are particularly re tussled to call and aa amine an entirely new method of fitting, invented aud practically applied by him, and not to be had in tny other establishment ui the universe. They posses* somr tdvantages over all others, not requiring any elastic springs, al ways retaining their fit, and cannot possibly turn up behind. ul>~8oaps. Oils, Bushes, Perfumery, lie., lie. ?* 2w*re TO TAILORS. , THE Second Edition of Stinemet's celebrated wdrk on cot- | 2 ting garments of every description in a style of elegance un ?qualled, is now published and ready fer delivery. Those who .lesire to avail themselves of the great advantages to be derived from th# use of the instructions it contains, would do well to obtain a copy without delay. The book is 12 by 17 inches ujuare, and contains 17 elegant diagrams of all th* various styles '? garments warn at the present day, with rail a id ample instruc tions for cutting in an easy and scisutific manner. The follow ing are a few of the many highly respectable names who testify to the merits of the book :? The undersigned being practically acquainted with Mr. Stine met's Treatise on Cutting Garments, with pleasure recommend it as a work complete iu its arrangements, and in its practical ap plication to cutting, superior to any heretofore published, either in Europe or America. P. Henry It Son, Daniel Cutter, Staats It Banker, Charles Oof. E. W. Tryon It Co., B. F. Horner, James Daily, John Haviland, J. H. Banker. Th? above can be obtained of the author. No. 113 Broadway, New York. ft DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, >85 fUver St. Troy. T?HE Subscriber avails himself of this method of communi 2 eating to the public the fact that he is now manufacturing fine cut and smoking Tobacco and Snuff, at 224 River street, Troy, next door to the holton market. The following may be found at all timet at hit store and factory:? Tobacco?The celebrated Fancy Virginia. Thia Tobacco took the premium at tha late Fair. Extra < shewing Tobacco, tweet Virginia; Amarican Smoking Tobacco, manufactured from the leaf; Spanish do, Turkish do. Smites?Hose scented, No. 1; Maccaboy, American Gentle man, Luudyfoot, French Hapee, and Iaih Blackguard. The above articles are all warranted to be nqade of the fioeat qualities of leaf tobacco, and by the moat experienced work men. The subscriber would also warrant lain tobacco to be bet ter manufactured than any other in the State of New York or elsewhere. Orders directed as above will meet with prompt sttentisn.and customers may rely on hiring the same paina taken as if they were personalty present. O* E. Savage, 244 Fulton street, and A. A. Samanos, Broadway, Agent* for the city of New York. Troy, Jan. 18, 1144. j28 lm*ec Regalias, of y nrious brands. Norman. Yngenindad. Esparenxa. La iadia. Lara. Eragaacias. Noriegas. SEGARS?SEGARS?SEGARS. DM, HENKIQUES, 51 William street, respectfully in ? rites the atteution of his friends and the pnblie generally Slhe following ehoiee Segars.jost received by late arrirais jm Havana:? Panetelas, of various brands. Principes. Vegneros. Rionda. Napol* nee. Palnaa aalebradat Trebncaa. Canenex The above Uegars are guaranteed as genniae and imported, and the trade would do well to call ana examine them previous to purehas-.naelsewhere. dig lm*rc CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS! NKZEKIEL, M Nassan street, opposite the Herald Bnild ? ingt, respectfnlly invites the attention of his friends and the pnbuc generally, to the following choice Cigan, jnst re ceived by late arrirais from Havana Regalias of rariona Panetelas of rarions Alliansa, brands, breads, Knickerbocker Nor mas, Principes, La Klorinda, Yngennidad, Rionda, Kstrellas, Eparents, Napoleones, Lara. India, Noriegas, Lord Byrons. The abore Began are guaranteed as genu ins and imported, and the trade are invited to call imd examine them. N. B?Orders from abroad will be strictly attended to. flT lm*rc 1 FRENCH CHINA REMOVED TO NO 86 LIBERTY STREET, ? (UP STAIRS.) ADALKBMK, Importer and Agent for Maanfhetarers, has ? always on hand a large assortment of dinner and tea seta, in plain white and gilt rrench Porcelain, as well as Dinner and Dessert Plates, of all sites, assorted Dishes, Sonp Tureens. Core**) Dishes, Salad Bowls, I'm it Baskets. Costards sad Also, Kaaey Tea Seas, aad Rich Decorated Diaasr Seta. Also, Tea aad Choeoleta Ware, (frock, rreach aad Ameriaaa khspn All the articles are warrantee of the beat reality, aad to bs ?old on liberal tanas, asd in lorn to snidpnrchasera sit trs"as FRENCH FLINT GLASS WORKS, AT WILLIA.V18BUROH, L. I. _ DEPOT 90 WILLIAM HTREET, NEW YORK. AAasset. BEHOEK tt WALTER, known for a long series i-,. oQeart as extensive manufaeturers of Watch-Crystals and ? lint Glassware, in the Department Moselle, Fiance, hare ihe honor to inform Olast Dealers Importers of Watches, and Mimishing honses generally,that they hare established a Breach ol their Manufactory in this country; and, in order to falAI to entire, satisfaction all commands that might he addressed to them, hare engaged experienred and skilful workmen, both H ranch Slid English. The beauty of this (flats, the tasteful style of all the articles they manufacture, as wsll at moderate Prices, and promptitude in the execution of orders, will, they fondly hope, tsKiire to them a large share of patronage from American and foreign Houses. N B ?< 'nstomere in the habit ol tranimittiag orders to their house in Pari",IT farad it Poissonniere, or their general Depot o| Crystal, 30 Paradis I ciitsonn ere, Paris, will please forward them dirert to 90 William atreet, New York. fIS lm*ec (JR. BRUN LA ROSIERtt fc COURT, U? William street, have jnst received hy tne Lonia Philippe, a larm ^?Saasortment of Wreatha, Polka, Raehel, Taglionia, A1 ^^^genon Head DiS'tee; Klore Trimming* and Hair Pirn tja Polka; Camelias, Botes, and a large assort men i of rant! flowers for Ball*. They are all at the latest styles, and fo richness are snrpasasd by none it tns United Sums JU !??** FRENCH'S HOTEL. THE PROPRIETOR respectfully interim his friends and thepublic that he has opened his new and splendid hotel at IS) Kulton street, a few doors east of Broadway, in the imme diate vicinity of mercantile business and the principal places of amusement, and lias furnished it in a style that will bear favor able comparison with the very best hotels in the city The pro prietor in building and fitting up tbe above house has had strict rsgard to elegmuee and comfort, and that he has combined eco nomy the following prices will show A ROOM FOR ONE NIOHT ? A " " " WEEK 1 50 The rooms will be warmed gratis, and upon no occasion will there be more than one bed in a room. There is a REFECTORY attached, in whioh there are meals served np at ali- hours of the day and evening. There are also Bath Rooms connected, for warm, cqj,d and shower baths. The Porter will be in attendance at all tim-s during the rneht, to admit lodgers, and to let them out at all hours. N. B.?Those who want Lodgings after the closes, will ring the hall bell. nt* ROBER TSOATS PHCENI1 HAT AND CAP MANUFATORY, n. No. 103 FULTON STREET. n EAST SIDE OF BUOADvVaY. J0L Theeitensive application of the system of small profits, caah payments and large salea to many branches of business in this city within a few years, and the eminent success which this plan deserves, and has in almost ev?ry instance received, has led the subscriber to test its application to the HATTfNG business. In a city whose inhabitants are widely distinguished for neatness and taste in dress, and at the same time for econo my and thrift, there seems great reason to believe that asvstem which enables the community to gratify a laudable partiality for neatness a an unpr-cedentedly small espense, will meet with no small degree of favor. Drtennined to ascertain wh-tlier a branch of business w hich concerns the head and pocket of every man in the community, cannot be conducted on this plan, the subscriber has employed a large number of the best workmen in the manufacruriug and firithmg departments; also skilful and tasty Cap Makers. Each department is under the constant supervision of an experienced foreman. These arrangements, together with hisjuliiiiate personal knowledge of the business, great facilities forfturchasing to the best advautage?low rent ?free from the ruinous expenses of Broadway?inflexible ad herence to "cash on delivery"?a determination to keep pace with all improvements, and with the current Fashions of the day, enable him to say with all confidence, that he now offers to the citixens of New York, articles in his line fully equal iu style and durability to those sold in Broadway, and unequalled in cheapness and ecounmy to auy ever offered in this city. He begs leave to refer to the following schedule of articles, and their respective prices annev.d :? HATS . First Quality Nutria Fur $3 50 Identical with Hats heretofore sold ac $4 50 and $5 00. Any one on examination will pronounce them the same, and will, on trial,find them to do equally as good service. Second. Quality Nutria S3 00 This is the same article heretofore sold at $3 50 and $4 00. External appearance and finish closely resembling the above, the principal difference being in the body. Moleskin $2 50 Usually sold at (3 00 and $3 50?very neat in appear ance., and very serviceable. CAPS. First Quality Mens and Boys $1 50 Made of superior French Cloth, and trimmed in a very superior manner, usually sold at (2 and $2 50. Second Quality $1 00 Usually sold at $1 50 and $2. i hiad Quality 75 Usually sold at $1 25 and $1 50. An examination will show that the style of the above articles cannot be surpassed by any establishment in this city or else where. N. B.?The style of Trimmings adopted at this establishment is particularly recommended as well for effectually preventing injury from perspiration or oil applied to the hair, as for its greater esse and comfort to the wearer. ja31 Im'ec BOUQUETS. FLOWERS, SEEDS & PLANTS. THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully begs to inform his friends ' and the public, that he hss made temporary arrangements to furuish the above, from thestore of Mr. Harrison, corner Broad way and Prince streets. Bouquets, composed of the most choice and sweet scented exotics, can be had at a moment's notice. They will be arranged in the various neat and fashionable styles which has given the subscriber so much notoriety during h-s superintendance of the late Conservatory and Seed Establish ment of Mr W. Njblo. Choice Annual Flowering Seed, Vegetable Seedsand Flower ing Plants, on hand. JOHN ROBINSON. 113 lmrc WATCHES !?WATCHES AND JEWELRY.-Those ?" who wi*h to purchase Gold or Silrer Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils. Keys, itc., will find it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrip tions or the shore at retail much lower than any other house in the city. Gold Watches as low as $20 and $25 each. Watches end Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches war ranted to keep goad time or the money refunded. Watches, ind Jewelry repaired in the best manner and warranted, tt much less than the usual prices. G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, j!5 lm'ec Wholesale and retffil. 30 Wall St.. up stairs. TAXES OF 1844. OFFICE OF RECEIVER OF TAXES,) Old Alms House, Park. J DURSUANT to the Act "for the Collection of Taxes in the ? City of New York, passed April 12th, IMS." public notice is hereby giugu, that unless the Taxes now remaining unpaid, shall be paidto me at my office, on or before the fifteenth day of February next, an addition of one per cent will be charged; and a further addition of one per cent will be charged on all uch Taxes remaining unpaid on the fifteenth day of March next. The present law requiring the Taxes to be paid to the Re ceiver only, (the office of Ward Collectors haying been abolish ed, lull those who can make it convenient to pay their Taxes early, will find it greatly to their advantage to do so, thereby avoiding the crowd aud delay which will necessarily occur for wve?al days previous to the percentage being charged. She Tax Bills may be obtained on application at the office, oe hours from 8 o'clock, A. M. until 2 o'clock P. M. H. T. K1ERSTED, ja*toMrl* re Receiver of Taxes. TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS! BRISTOW, FinishingWriring Master, presents his most sincere acknowledgements to the inhabitants of New York No. 156 Broadway, (Room No. 7.) will continue opeiv for Pit pils. Day and Evening, for onlv a limited flriod longer ?it being his positive intention, early in Me spring, to return '.o his Academies in London and Liverpool. BR1ITO W * ? SUPERIOR END ELEGANT COMMERCIAL SYSTEM OP WRITING. ACADEMY, No. 156 BROADWAY. Mr. B. guarantees to impart to Ladies and Gentlemen of ill ages, a superior, free, flowing, expeditious, beautiful and pleasing style of Penmanship, executed in an elegant off-hand manner, IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS ! .10 matter how bad, illegible or cramped the writing is. Even the venerable matron feels delighted in going throngh ihis_process, to revive tiie study of the vernal morn of life. !?/"? Extra Lessons given (freeol chargelif required. Boon ^?ping and Short-Hand taught as usual. Mr. B. is to be . _\from 9 A. M., to 1 P M., or I to i P. M. *m* Visiters ia New York can take a course of Writing in ?hree days ! ! N. B.?Specimens of Writing are exhibited 0 tilths awning post ja7 lm*ec SOMETHING NEW. SPALDING It CO. are manufacturing, under Letters Patent gianted by the United States, an Improved Friction Match, TO BURN WITHOUT BRIMSTONE. They now offer for sffie. on very reasonable terms. TWENTY THOUSAND GKOS^ neatly put np in tin, wood and pai>er, in any sized packages, and in lots to snit purchasers. THESE MATCHES ire highly approved of and recommended for family use by physicians antl chemists, in consequence of the absence of snf phur in heir manufacture, the fumes of which are so disagree ? hie aud deleterious to all. and particularly injurious to persons having weak lungs or delicate constitutions They are particularly recommended to the attention of ship pers, as they hare frequently hren taken on long voyages and ex posed to the action ot all climates, without the slighest injury. For sale by the principal Druggists and Grocers in the city. Orde-i left at Shepard's Bookstore, 191 Broadway, or at their office, 161 Bleecker street. jaU im'm SPALDING 8t CO. JACOB H. SACKMANN & BROTHER, BOOKBINDERS AND IMPORTERS OK FOREIGN BOOKS AND PAPER. T^HE undersigned begs to inform his friends and the public A that he has taken his brother, H. E. Mackmann, into co partnership, and that after this day their business will be carried on under th? above firm, for which he solicits their patronage, with the assurance that all orders in either braach intrusted to them, will have their best attention. JACOB H. SACKMANN, 63 Vesey st. February It, 1845. fl3 3l*ec CHEAP SPECTA0LE8 A T 93 DUANE hTREET, New York, first door from A Broadway. HENRY D. BLACKWOOD, Working Optician, as proof of the above, advertisaa the following cheap Best doable jointed Gold Spectacles, $8 85 Best ? ingle jointed Gold Spectacles 7 50 Best doable jointed Silver Spectacles ,....838 Best single jointed Silver Spectacles 8 80 Finest doable jointed elastic blue Steel Spectacles, lis. Finest single jointed elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 15s. Finest double jointed Tortoise-shell Spectacles.... 15s. Finest single jointed Tortoise-shell Spectacles.... lis. STILL CHEAPER. Good elastic blue steel Spectacle*, set with the best glasses, and with every care and attention paid to them in tha manufacture, or one dollar. X Good clastic blue Steel Spectacles 6s. Goodslastic blue Steel Spectacles 4s. 6d. Good elastic blue Steel Spectacles 3s. Good German Silver Spectacles Ss. Beat Tortoise-shell Eye Glasses 5s. 6d. Beat bine Steel Eye Glasses 5s. id. Best Horn Eye Glasses 3s. Best Horn Spectacles 4s. 6d. Best Convex Glasses set into your own frames.. 2s. Best Concave Glasses set into yoarown frames, 3s. Best Convex Pebbles set into yonr own frames.. 16s. Best Concave Pebbles set into your own frames, 18s. Repairs executed at tha same rate of cheapness. Ladies and Gentlemen attended at their own residences, jaffi lm*ae g-EAR,s OIL HIGHLY SCENTED AND PURE FOR THE HAIR.?Of all preparations for the hair or whiskers, nothing equals the oil prepared from Bear's grease. In most instances, it restores the hair to the bald and will effectually preserve it from falling off in any event It was long noted _by such eminent physicians and chemists, M the late Sir Humphiey Davy and Sir Hesry Halford, that pure Bear's grease, properly prepared, was the best thing ever discovered for the preservation of the hair, or restoring it when bald. Messrs. A. B. Sands 8t Co. have saved no expense in get ting the genuine Bear's grease from < anada and elsewhere, end have prepared it in sttch a manner that the nil, combined with its high perfume, renders it indiapeunable for the toilet and dress ing room of all. _ _ Sold by A. B. SANDSkCO., N?. VI Broadway, Granite Buildings, corner of Chambers street; 79 Fulton street, and 77 East Broadway. Price 50 cents large, 35 cents small bottles, fell Im'm C?OR SALE?A tutd Grist Mill, with a large work-shop " ?attached to which is applied abont ten horse power, from the mill?together with a dwelling house, barn, oltcksmith ?hop, and eight acres of land. The aboee property is situated in Eastchester, II miles from New York, ana one from the Harlem llailroad. For particulars and terms, apply to JAMES W /Hv TOMPKINS, 183 Kldridge at.. New Vork, oronthewter-isesof JaU lm'ec W.TER J. BHEANWkOD. CHEAPEST AND BEST.?Red Ash ( J. Wertt O Yard, 156 Elizabeth St. All under sheds, dry, re-screened ntid d?liT*r*d el**n to uiy part of thf fitv? *t tn* low pn?*w ?jt. Nnt, $ft\ Stov*. 1ft M; Brolii-n and f.*f, 15 55 rirettfva MPtivcil kv C|tV DMmtrh, Utrtrf corner Honiiwi mi jU la*r? The Slave Trade in Brazil ?A message was received from the President in the House, accom panied by some communications from Mr. Wise, our Minister to Brazil, on the Bubject of the trade in slaves by citizens of the United States and Brit ish subjects. To the Senate and House OK Representatives or the United States I transmit, harewith, for the information of Congress, copies of certain despatches recently received from Mr. Wise, our Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipo tentiary to the Couitof Brazil, upon the subject of the Slave Trade ; developing the means used and the devices r??or?<-,t tn jn or(jGr to evade existing enactments upon the subject Auaiuiimy desirous as are the United Sta esto suppress a i rattic so revolting to humanity, in the efforts to accom p'ish which they have been the pioneers of civilized States, it cannot but be a subject cf the most profound regret, that any portion of our citizens should be found acting in co operation with the subjects of other powers, in opposition to the policy of their own Govarnment; thereby subject ing to suspicion and to the hazard of disgrace tbe Aug of their own country. It is true this traffic is carried on al together in foreign ports, and our own coasts arc free from its pollution. But the crime remains the same where vet perpetrated, and there are many circumstances to warren' the belief that some of our citizens are deeply involve*1 in its guilt. The mode and manner of carrying on this trade are clearly and fearlessly set forth in the accompanying doc uments. and it would seem that a regular system has been adopted for the purpose of thwarting the policy and eva ding the penalties ol our laws. American vessels, with the knowledge, as there are good reasons to believe, of the owners and masters, are chartered or rather pure It as t-d by notorious slave dealers in Brazil, aided by English brokers and capitalists, with this intent. Tbe vessel is only nominally chartered at so much per month, while, in truth, it is actually sold, to be delivered on the coar of Africa, the charter party binding the owners, in the meantime, to take an hoard,as passengers, anew crew in Brazil, who, when delivered on the coast, are to navigate her back to tbe ports of Brazil with her cargo of slaves. Under this agreement, the vessel clesrs from the United States for some port in Great Britain, where a cargo ol merchandise, known as''coast goods," and designed es pecially for the African trade, is purchased, shipped and con'igned, together with tbe vessel, either to the slave lealer himself or to his agents or accomplices in Brazd. On her arrival a crew is put on board as passengers, and :he vessel and cargo consigned to an equally guilty fac tor or agent oa the coast of Africa, where the unlawful purpose, originally designed, is finally consummated.? The merchandise is exchanged for slaves?the vessel is lelivered up?her name obliterated, her papers destroyed hej American crew discharged, to: be provided for by th? charterers, and the new or passenger crew put in com mand to carry back its miserable freight to the first con trivers of the voyage, or their employees in Brazil. During the whole progress of this tortuous enterprise it is possible that neither the American crew originally en listed, nor the passenger crew put on board in tne Brazili an porta, are aware of the nature of the voyage, and yet it is on these principally .ignorant, if not innocent, that th? penalties of the law are in dieted; while the guilty contri | vers, the charterers, brokers, owners and masters?in I short, all who are most deeply concerned in the crime and its rewards, for the most part escape unpunished. It is also worthy of consideration whether other measures ban those now existing, are necessary to give greater efficacy to the just and humane policy of our laws, whicb already provide for the restoration to Africa of slaver captured at sea by American cruisers. From time to time provision has been made by this Government for their comfortable support and maintenance during a limited period after their restoration, and it is much to be regret ted that this liberal policy has not been adopted by Great Britain. As it is, it seems to me, that the policy it har idopted, is calculated rather to perpetuate than to sup press the trade, by enlistiDg very large interests in it favor. Merchants and capitalista furnish the meant for carrying it on;?manufactures for which the'negroea are exchanged are the product* of her work-shops; the slaves, when captured, instead oi being returned back to their homes, are transferred to her colonial possessions in the West Indies, and made the means of swelling the amount of their products, by a system of apprentice-ship for a erm of years, and the officers, and crew who capture the vessel, receive on the whole number of slaves, so many pounds sterling per capita by way of bounty. It will he seen from the examinations which have re cently taken place at Rio, that the subjects of her Britan nic Mriesty, as well as our own citizens, are deeply im plicated in this inhuman traffic British factors anJ agents, while they supply Africa with British fabrics in exchange for slaves, are chiefly instrumental in the abuse if the American flag ; and the suggestion* contained ir the letter of Mr. Wise, (Whose judicious and zealous ef forts in the matter, cannot be too highly commended,) ad dressed to Mr. Hamilton, the British F.nvoy, as to the best mode of suppressing the evil, deserve your most delibe rate consideration, as they will receive, I doubt not, that of the British government. It must be obvions, that while these large interests are mlisted in tavor of its continuance, it will b" difficult, it not impossible, to suppress the nefsrious traffic, and tha its results would be in eff-ct but a continuance of the -lave trade of another and more cruel form ; for it can be 1 matter of little difference with the African, whether I-? is torn from his country and transported to the West In lies, as a slave, in the regular course of the trade, or cap '.ured hy a cruiser, transported to the same place and nade to perlorm the same labor under tbe name of an ap prentice, which "is at present the practical operation ol the policy adopted. It ia to be hoped that Her Britannic Majesty's Govern ment will, upon a review of all the circumstances stater m these despatches, adopt more efficient measures for the suppression of the trade, which she has so long attempted to put dswn, with, at yet, so little success, and more con <onant with the original policy of restoring the captured African to his home JOHN TYLER. Washington, Feb. 1ft, 184S. Albany* [Correspondence of the New York Herald.] Albany, Feb. 20th, 1845. Abolition of the Crimes of Seduction and Adultery ?Justice to the Netv York Pilots?Early Resump tion of Navigation -Rail Road to New Haven Ice Breaker?Value of Livingston If Co's Ex press. Dear Sir t One or two sessions ago, when the bill providing for the punishment of seduction and adultery was under discussion in the Assembly, a vast amount of virtuous and eloquent indignation was expended on the part of various members. Among them was a Mr. Hathaway, something of a wag, who, after making a brilliant speech in favor of the bill, pro ceeded to kill it by the following joint resolution: " Resolved, If the Honorable the Senate concur, that the crimca of adultrey and seduction, be, and the same are hereby abolished! Yesterday, in the House, the bill reported by Mr. Huntington, chairman of the select committee, came up. Mr. Van Valkenburgh, of Steuben, read a speech, surcharged with quotations from Solo mon's ^Songs, the Scriptures, and .British classics. The ladies' gallery was speedily cleared. Mr. Baily, Mr. Huntington, and Mr. Oakley also spoke upon the subject. While Mr. Folsom was harangu ing the Senate in opposition to the New York pilots, several of the senators made their way into the As sembly, and listened to the more exciting debate on the bill of Mr. Huntington. In the concrete there is doubtless a reasonable share of virtue among the legislators; but, abstractly considered, our Solon? are no more righteous than their consti tuents. The bill under consideration will not pass, unless it is much amended. The Evening Journal says that all the New York papers, except the Herald, have taken ground against the message of Governor Wright, regarding the pilots, thereby, in the view of the Journal, showing that the Governor is wrong ! What says the " T^mts of Amtrica" on this subject 1 In the Senate, the discussion of the report and resolutions of Senator Jones, was continued to-day. And, in passing, we may observe, that this report does Mr. Jones much credit, and is alike worthy of his head and heart. If the other Senators from the first district shall be laid on the shelf, and for gotten at the expiration of their respective terms, Senator Jones has much to hope for and expect from the generous democracy of his district, who never forget or neglect a faithful, zealous and gen tlemanly public servant. The debate on the reso lutions relating to the pilots was carried on to-day by Senators Jones, Johnson. Folsom and Putnam; the first two in favor of, ana the last two in oppo sition to, the interests of the hard-working and de serving New York pilots. One thing is pure?the resolutions will be speedily passed through the Le gislature, and a? speedily transmitted by Governor Wrisht to our Senators and Representatives iu Congress. You need not be surprised to see a steamboat from Albany snugly moored at the usual place in New York in the course of a few days. The Mo lt <wk and Cohoesare free from ice,and the Hudson at Troy is wholly open One or two more such days as this, and the fountains of the great deep will be broken up, the ice will move off bodily, and, in three hours, a steamboat will be ploughing down the river at the rate of twenty miles an hour. A very large and beautifully executed map was displayed in the ante-room of the Assembly Cham ber to-dav, representing the route of a proposed 'ailroad from New York to New Haven Mr. Twining is the engineer. If this plan is carried out, there will be no more detention of passengers and the mail by reason of foes or ice in the Sound. Why does not some enterprising and wealthy man take hold of Townsend's ice-breaker t It would tie precisely the thing for such a man as H . I., evens. T Stevens. The project has been demonstrated to be perfectly feasible; and by the use of this boat, . the Hudson could be kept ofaar of ioe during the ? whole winter. But even as matters are now ar ranged, the public and the press are greatly indebt ed to the enterprising proprietors and conaucters of Livingston, Wells, and Pomeroy's express Lvery thing connected with this establishment perils to operate with the regularity ol clockwork. Thousands of dollars, in money and property, by means of this express, are carried from one end of the country to the other with speed and safety. General Sessions. Before the Recorder and Aldermen Cozzens and Haa w brouck. _ Mzttjhkw C. PiihH.M.N, Diitrict Attorney. J . ?S Samuel Jidamt concluded.? Que mI ton of Jurisdiction?Important Vtcuion of the Court.- In the case ot Samuel Adorns, upon the question of jurisdiction, so ably aigucd yeateiday, the Recorder delivered the Col lowing opinion and decision of the court, und it ia one of ve_ry great importance, involving the interest of the whole commercial community, and if it is sustained by be superior tribunals, will have a great egect upon r^urs Kenpra'> especially upon speculators. The Recorder said that in relation to the question of jurisdiction which had been so ably argued both tv the prosecution and the defence, the coi it must express their regret that they had had such a brie! pericrt toTxamine authorities quoted by the counsel. The question was <?!e of great importance, involving great principles, and in its applicationi greatly interesting to the commercial com munity and to every citizen ; but ai the term of the court must necessarily expire by law at 12 o clock to night, 'hey could not havo time to examine more closely the question presented for their consideration. He would rema k, however preliminary, that whatever the views it the court were in relation to the question, they did not led authorised by law to take the case from the jury but he views ef the court would be given to the jury, h^.v. W^* fortKm to "J1 how far they were influenced by the views of the court. It waa necessary, however ' ue .,0 the counsel to state to them the opinion of tke court. In the flrat place it has been established that cer iflcatea were obtained in Ohio, by a citizen of Ohio, and ?ransmitted to this city with drafts upon them, and these en ?cc?Pted here, and the acceptance was grounded upon the belief that the property waa actually in 'fore-. The question ia, was the offence committed here or in Ohio. The alleged offence waa of a mixed charao ler II it was commeneed and consummated there, it coulfl not clearly be tried herein this State, but if it was com mitted there and consummated here, the question arises how- lar forth the State ol New York have jurisdiction ? u the cMe oi a libel which ia written in one county and transmitted to another, and there lully published, the of lettceis punishable in the county where it ia published ?nd has been very properly fceld so. So in the case of noison transmitted Irorn one county to another, and taken >y direction under false inducements, if the person dies he offence is clearly punishable where he dies?and this ?.tie bad been supposed by the prosecution, and the court ??incurred with them in their view of the matter. So in the cue supposed of a man atanding on the shore of New Jersey , and shooting a man standing on the shore of this Mate, the oflence would be clearly indictable here, be cause the act was consummated here-here the shot would ?ke effect. In carefully examining the cases cited by i h- proaecution, marked difference exists between them ?nd the one now presented-for there the acts had been committed and consummated under our general sorer 'ignty, either in the same State, or rendered in the Engl u.h cases cited, one general government, and one juna iction. No one case occurs where it has been extended 0 sovereign and independent States, or from one govern nent to another, and what difference is there between the .^dependence of 8tates and the independence of gavern nents ? The States are all under independent govern ments in all criminal matters, and so distinct from each ?'.her as is England from France. There are, however certain rght* of sovereignty common to all the State* is a general government. A citizen of Ohio can come here mid hold real estate, although living m Ohio, and he can become, after a residence lerci of six months, a citizen ot this 8late, and entitled to ill the privileges of a citizen, u if he had been born here vbercas a foreigner is compelled to pus a evitain term >iere, and even then is compelled to obtain bis naturaliza 1 >n papers before he can become a citizen. The general rights ol a citizen of oDe State in another are of a purely municipal cheracter ; but upon the main question the S atea are sovereign and independent The Court were -truck by the arguments of the defence as testing the question of allegiance-it can be either temporary and cal or permanent, and terminated at the option of the ,'irty. Is that temporary allegiance enough tobrinr ?citizen into this State u a fug Hive (rem justice?! the law is, that an offender in one State shall be handed -verto the authorities of another; where the party is a ?ugitive lrom justice, and shall flee from one State to ano ther, the constitution provides that he shall be sntrender I up from the State to which he has flown, and deliver 1 to the authorities of the State having jurisdiction of ne offence?and what is this provision lor? Why, to onsolidate the government* of the States. Can any one 'oubt that it ia necessary for a party to have bean a tem porary or permanent resident, belore he can flee 7 They ould not certainly construe it otherwise, and they looked lion the constitution as giving the power in specific ?mes, when a party has fled from justice. It wu urged m the part of the prosecution that this view of themat ? r would present sd anomaly, for there would be crime ?ommitted without power to punish the commission t the oitcDCe?and, therefore' seek to show the *b irdity of that construction of the law. Before the eaty stipulation, ii a man stole money or property in rreat Britain, and then fled to this country, would the ?<w permit us to punish him, or could be be punish I at all? ;No !?and that was thecauaeof the stipu ;tton, that the criminal might be brought to justice.? 'be question then is, what is cecFsraiy to give a tem porary allegiance lrom which there must be a Hieing 7? The States had no power over criminals in another Siate, as decide I in the case cited by defence, from Taylor* t cports. When the Legislature of North Carolina had ussed a law to punish persons who in Virginia had utter 1 counterfeit notes of the banks of the State of North urohna, and sent emissaries into their state to past them, ud under which law a person had been indicted, but the ?urt pronounces the law unconstitutional and the offen ?ercould not be punished for want of jurisdiction The tecorder said that he bad stated the views of tbe court ?ry succinctly, and after realte but a few moments time i examine the authorities, and he leered he had imper -ctly expressed himself. He would state, however, that le casually had an interview with Judge Oakley, of the ?uperior Court, who stated to him that he and Chief Jos ice Jonas and Judge Vaaderpoel, were unanimously oi i? opinion, when the case came up before them, on a ib- as corpus, that this State had no jurisdiction, but iey denied the motion to discharge on other gounda. '. eming thet this court had the power to decide i# question and that tbay had no right to take ie uefendent out ofitscustody. These views, con inued the Recorder, will be presented to the Jury s advisory, for the Court canDOt take the case vay from them, and nonsuit the people; and it is ?r the Jury to determine how far forth they acknow dgo the law of the Court. We should see the barriers, ?listing between the sovereign States, broken down at ttcojand I confess myself unwilling to acknowledge insdictioni and th* majority of the Court are of this opi um My associate on the right, (Aid Cozzens.) differs cm us, and will, per'iaps, express his views upon the ?ibj.ct. (Some contusion and general conversation en ?lei.andthe general impression among the members ot ic bat, seemed lo be that the decision of the Coutt was a Jnnd and legal one.) District Attosnky?(After a consultation af some uinutes duriuion,)?II the Court please, we propose to /iihdraiv a juror, witli the consent of the defence, that liis question may l>c taken up before the Supreme Court, 'ecause it is a question of gieat interest to New Yolk, <oil to the citiz< ns of Ohio, and all other States, and it ia mportant to have the question presented to them, and ;o up lor review. Mr. 8tai?s?cry would not consent to this, the defendant ?ad come here for trial, and was ready to 'go on, and if ho prsMcntion desire that the Jury should set up their pinion pgainst the Court, why let them have their way. I* thought the case could be finished to day, and would urrender the great right of summing up. The defend nt wanti d to have the case settled at once, foritwaa in possible for bim to come here again. If they want to nive the law settled for them, said Mr. 8., well givo it a them, we'll have that fully settled, for we shall bring . suit for talse imprisonment against theparties that have longht us here, and then they can test the law. Mr. Oraham called the attention of the Court to the ise of Smith Davis, in which his Honor Recorder Mor ins instructed the Jury that they were bound to take the ii w from the Court in cumina! as well as in civil caaes, tnh sa they knew the law ol the Court to be wrong, vhir.h ruling was confirmed by the Supreme Court. Alter a lengthy consultation, the District Attorisit "am proposed to withdraw n Juror with the conaent of lie defence, and enter a nolle prosequi upon the indict nrnt. They can then interpose .1 special plea of want of irisdiction to the other Indictment, to which wo shall tarn auswer, and to that anawer they can demur, and ii'is it csn be taken up to the Supreme Court. Mr. Staksrury consented to tnis course, but wished it i be understood that the bail should not be forfeited, and ist be should be given due notice when the case came up again. The first Juror was then withdrawn, and a nol pros en tered on the indictment. Several prisoners not Indicted were discharged on ap plication of the District Attorney, in consequence of the inability of finding the witnesses. At half past 1 o'clock, the Court adjourned for the term. Tub Season?Thus far the winter, with the ex ception of some few days, has been remarkably mild The last lew days have been like early spring ? rain morning thp birds were piping tbelr matin songs, ind the b!ue birds looked as gay as ever. They may ex >ect some reverse, however, and to may we, but all the indications are favorable to an early spring.?Yew Nnm Herald, Feb. 31. Thb Weather for the last few days has been -ingularly mild and spring like, and the air delight iul, but the walking has been and still continues outrage >nsly bad. The streets are filthy, the gutters turned into '<eds tor torren's, and notwithstanding the complaints of 'irty streets, which we hear from New York, we cannot hink that they are in n worse condition in that city than < hey are here.? Albany Jitlae, Feb. 91 Increase of Popi uattois*.?The " Miscellany," iihlishrd at Yorkville, S. C., says: We learn from ? udouhted authority, that Mrs. Jemima Mattock*. ?n in iatc ol the Poor House, was safely delivered on Wednea ay night last, of three children, who. with the mother, r?- alt doing well. In the births, there wete two sons nd oue daughter : the boys are to lie named Polk and Dallas, and the girl Texas

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