Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1845 Page 3
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?<o >U-; ul the ol i board of hrok?r> to this city about Loonths igo. ant silei were im r.H ia'elv after m ide some t'xte.i., a? 68 a 78 to 7o per cout Th ? stock ii v quoted at par, au l scrip lor new stock at onu par nt advance. The annual receipts cf this road since 1S39, when the '? division wui completed; have been as annexed ;? CKIFT1 or THr. Railroad Company for 8i? Years. ? $I7,6'9 15 1842 512,688 28 1 0 112,317 39 1B43 573.882 51 1 1 I82,3?8 99 1844 753,751 72 The first train ran tlieougn to Albany in 1843, whioh counts for the great increase in the reoeipts that year ei the year previous. The monthly receipts of the ad for the past year was as foliona :? Monthly Receipts, Western Rail Hoard 188-4 -uary $37.68# 97 August #M* ?' bruaiy 38,723 25 September 77,743 48 ?'ch 39,660 81 October 11'%}% ? ?nt 55,69111 November 68,268 79 iy 69,417 61 December 51,692 39 ly". ! 75j 156 69 Total $753,752 67 Tho heaviest month in the year waa August. The crops gin to come In about the middle ot August, and the "asportation of freight is greater during t^at and the Uowing month than for any other two in the year ? he receipts from passengers in the summer months are "o much larger than in any other season. Old Stock Kichangc. I860 ITS (p? tgj, cpu 114 50 slut Harlem RR b30 73 bull Kentucky 6's 101)4 I'l O Peon's Vt b30 74 "00 do 74 000 Heading KR bdi 67 '00 Texas 10 pr ct bdi 19)4 ooo Ohio 6's, "60 986; 000 do 98% ooo do slO 98% 000 Illinois spcl bds 42 .has B k - tale NY 86% do 87 1 Bk of NYork 121)4 N) IJ $ Bank 6 o Illinois Bk 20 0 N Ain 'J'riiit 14 0 Karni-rs' Tr ?60 39% 25 do 72 60 KrieHR 30X 50 do 3 "% 100 L Island RK 78 100 do 78)4 50 do . 7$H 100 do blO 79 250 do 78)4 50 do blO 78)4 50 do 78)1 100 do bliw 78% 350 do 78)4 50 Stouingtun BR 43 50 do snw 43 150 do bio 43'4 25 do blO 43), 50 do >10 43), 175 do 43% b30 44' 100 do 100 do l>45 41 50 do blO 13)4 300 Nor and Wore 78 50 do SlO 72% 25 do >30 72% 125 do 72% 200 da b60 73 25 Wait em RR s6in 96% 50 liousatouic BK 37% 50 do 37% 25 do 37% 150 Patersou RR >60 85 150 do b30 85% do s36 39% do 39)4 do 40 do 39)4 do snw 40 ?lo b3U 40)4 5 Morris Canal 31 do 30)4 do b30 31.VJ do buw 31 0 Cantf n Co 52 do 52)4 d? >30 5k% do 52)4 L Boston Co 12 10 Mohawk RK 66 Second Hoards 5000 Penn'a 5't slO 73)4 50 shu L Island RK 10 shat Be iding RK 50 300 do Ml do 49)4 50 do io Nor aud Wore b 15 71)4 50 Morris Canal do >3 7IX 25 Stoningtou RR do >30 71)4 2 5 Karmeis' T:ust do >15 716. 50 do do 71)4 25 Canton Co New Stock Kxclunge. 10 thas Vicksbtirg Bk c 6 25shas K Boston Co >30 12)4 ^ do do 50 Farmers' Tr do 25 StouinRton RK do do do do do do 100 Heading RK 75 Nor and Wore Sales of 8tocr?? Boston, Feb. 32. $1000 Heading KR boud?, 1847, 76)4; 3000 do 76)4; 5 sharss Western RR, 90; 100 do, bolOd, 99%; 20 Western RRscnp, 101)4; KHl least Boston Block 13%; 50 Kast Boston dividends, >; 3 Norwich aud Worcester hM, 75)4; 23 do 75; 65 Keidiug KB, 25)4; 100 do bolOd, 25)4; 125 do 2s; 100 do, bolOd, 25; 33 1? 21)4 State of Trade. Ashes?Pols are heavy, and we still quote old at $3 93] iiuil new at $4 Pearls arv dull at $4 18] a 4 36. Beeswax?Prime yellow sells at 28j a 29]c. Breadstuff*?Flour is down o little. Quotations for western now lauge irom $475 to $4 93]; southern corn, 45 a 45] cents; canal oata, 35 cents. Cotton?The enquiry to day was rather more general, but the bids were lower. Occasional sales have been made at lull rates, but the bulk of business done was at lower prices. One line of 600 bales Florida was sold at a decline on previous rates. Rumors were freely circulat ed on 'Change of very extensive sales, and at high prices; hut we have not been able to trace out more than 1,600 bales, 300 of which were taken by spinners We annex the current quotations at which tho market closes :? Liverpool Classification. lipids, ipFlorida. M.Orl. if Mobile. Inferior........ 4] a 4] ... 4j a 4 | Ordinary 4] a 6 ... 4] a 6 Middling, 5] a 6] ... 6] a 5 Good middling. 44 a if ... 6a 6. Middling lair,.. 64 a 6 ... 61 a 6 Fair,. .7...... a 6| . . . 6 Fully fair 6] a 6jj ... 6j Gooulair 6] a 7 ... 7, a 7], Fine, 6 i ... 84 a 9 -Stock, including tmount on shipboard not cleared, and the late arrivals not landed, 46,000 bales. Freig . ts to Li verpool, |d; to Havre, Jo Provisions?Ohio pork is in very limited demand. We quote old prime at $9a8 06J;do mess at $10 a 10 13] New prime is held at $9 60 a 9634; do mess at $11 624 Beef is very dull- We quote prime at $5 a 6 60; mass at $7 a 7 f0 Lard is in active demand?city kerrells at 8c; barrels, prime, at 7 a 7] There is very little aoiug in but ter or cheese. Whi.kcy?Drudge casks sell at 33c. The demand ia very limited. Western and prison barrels are in mode rate demand at 33c. Rial Estate ? Jit .Suction ?Lot 102 Christopher street, bet ? een Btdford and Bleeckcr streets. . $1336 Lot corner ."truth and Dean streets, Brooklyn, 23] by 80 feet, 700 2 lota adjoining, each 22 by 80 feet, 900 1 lot adjoining, 30] by 67] leet, 450 Baltimore Cattle Markets Feb. 32 ?The supply of beaf cattle at market this week was unusually large lor the season of the year, but prices have undergone no change The offerings at the scales on Moadsy amounted to 600 head, of which 190 weie tak en for other markets, and 360 sold to butchers in the city, at prices ranging irom $3 to $3 per 100 lbs. on the hoof, as in quality, equal to $4 a $5 76 net. A lot of 34 head very superior was taken lor New York at $3 '35 per 100 lbs. on the hoof. Yesterday 40 head Were sold at $3 a 3 60 per 10# lhs. on the hoof, and about the same number were driven to another market, leaving 80 head still here unsold Live hogs are not plenty, and sales are making at $4 87] a $6 per 100 lbs in limited pe.rcels. Died. On Saturday evening,'.Ml init. after a abort and aevcre illness, Joseph Hoiik, only son of John Sutphen, aged 11 mouths and 1ft days. The relatives and friends of the family ore invited to attend his funeral, this cfteruoon at 4} o'clock, from IS5 Henry street, without further invitation, On Sunday morning, 231 lust. William Macartney, ag' it Ift months. The fiicndoof the lamily are respectfully rennested to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 11 o'clock, from ft4 Oliver street, to the place of interment, Greenwood Ce metery, Brooklyn. On Sunday, '43 I inst. Catharine, only daughter of Jno. aud Agnes Con Ian, a a ed 10 months and 21 days. The relatives and Iriund* of the family are respectfully invited to attend hur funeral, from their residence, 91 Can non atrpet, this afternoon at 3 o'clock At Salem, on the 20th inst. Capt. Nathaniel Knight, figed 84 years, one ol the very few survivors ot our conn trymen who were imprisoned onboard the old Jersey pri son ship, at New York, in the war of the revolution. In Acton, on the 3 I inst John Oiborn, aged 46 years, after an illness cf six months. foreign Importation a. Liverpool? Ship Europe?(Reported yesterday)?7 pkga 8 Crooks?1M Hendricks Brothers?20 Barclay Is Livingston?23 Aoehincloss 8i son?It Parsons & co?2 T t. Ellis?7 McKce k co?2 Wiltner k Canned?ft Hall Bro hers?2 H Kimnm?U 8 T Jonas k co?1 I) kS W t'aul k eo?I I L Piatt k co?70 ctks litraching powders Pcrssck Brooks?I pkg O Lsnxdon?4 A It Van Nest?37 Wight, Sturges k Shaw?7 A k 8 Will-tts?2 J Warren ?I Drarer k Richards?1 ( rocker k son?4 Russell k Marsh?I D llnddi'ti k son?II Nevim k co?8 Titus k Cortel you?4 W Straw?1 W Whiten right k co?I O Walts?I J k 1" W"odbcad?IS Hands, Fuller k co?1 T Alien k CO?2 Oll herr k Donaldson?2 K I'omes k son?I K Hytlon k son?14 Bird k Uillilnn?1 Mathew. Williams k cp?1 H Bjyln?32 J Rhodes?t Buttarfteld k Brothers?1 Bfffnham k Baldwin?! Itnlklev k Graham?S Gould k Atwater?3 L Hone?1 Adri ance k Htrang?t Hook k Townsend?I Dirk.nton k Whiting ? 1 8 PriC:' k co?1 Hals'ead. Haines k co?I L Cook k co?1 8 Cochran?4 II P Brown?2 A Higdon k co?1 A Arnold k co? 17 Russell k Marsh? 21 Gainer k so?6 A Tosraasnd?4 H Sheldon fc en?2 A W Paitons?II C'ipps k co? 4 C B Conant k co?2 W T Back?2 Hmi h, Wright k co?3 J A k K 8 Lu queer?3 J Vail Nest?2 '?heldoa k Smith?4 Williams k Bill? s Young k Smith?5 W Hnani 2 H Andrews?2 R N Tmson kco?iJDe Peyster?7 Heirs B others k co?2 Cameron k Brind?2 II Jeesop?4 W J Miller?II C Paulson?1102 bars iron Keneys, Breeie k Sampson?I pkg Dr R1 KHis?I Jones k Wa terbnrv ?11 J Met all?2 D II Arnold ? 1 C Buckingham?I B K Luinmi? k lp?IT Hunt k co?3 J Petit k co?I Cleveland k Slnnson?3 Hirhards, Bas<eit k 4horn?I W k 8 Phippt? I C Cleveland?9 Bramhall k co?3 K l.e ck?2 Hutchinson k Tiff my?41 Tooker, Mead k co?18 A Orav?44 A Mitchell k co?I H Cronman?I G J Bird?14 Smith, Thargar k co?I 8 T Neustadtk Baroett?71 Godfrey, 1'at.tison k co?ft M Ely? 100 hdle sheet iron J M Bruce k son?I J k S Bates?7 Hall k Brothers?it Suachau k Scott?I F Stuart kco?1 R Ibbotsou ?I Wood, Folger k Metier?4 Paton k Stewart?4 R Pritchird ?MCummmg k Main?ft H N Peek k en?18 Riehardaon k Wateon?3 H Hheldoc?9 Chittenden k Bliss?ft Hunt Brothers ?2 VIcKee k co ?1 J k J Chamberlain?I W Bryce?2 A k W a?17 Wt " 8 Thoip?<? E t' Heyrr?10 J Nieholmn?17 Whitaker, Foster & CO?I H A Watt?3 E ? llamore?1>7 J Oihon-3 L Atlerhury ? Ift E C tri11 k l lark?7 E Marshall?I W Stephenson?1 W K I'ininait?17 Cornell Brothers?ft Van Wagener k Tucker?2 Goodhue k co?ID tons coal C H Marshall?137 csa t and boxes 1.70 tons iron 320 boxes tin plates 3 chains 3ft esses ahrathing cotipcr to order. Lkohorn? Barque Argo?1873 marble tiles 43 blocks marl le D L Franklin?190 hales rags 3L.70 inarhle lilea 10 bags eheauuts to order. Rio Janeiro?Ship Pollux?2043 l ags coffee Orinnell. Min rnin & ho?886 hags do 3381 hides 46 pieces rosewood J L I'hipps k co. Nt Cnotx?Brig I-!'/, i? (Heported yesterday)?58 hds 10 hh's annr if 10 puns rum 09 hlida molasses 2 bbls oranges 2 do yams U l>. Forest ken?0 lihds sugnr 3 bb's yams Alton k Chsuucey ?2 do ' bhl irnlse W Dime,in?4 bx.i I hhl frill' W Mom?I do fruil vlra Oral don?1 Mrs Hherrna?I Mrs Duncan?I J 8 Kelso -I T Bound?3Mils 2hfd? Mr M .rtui?I do Mr Whreler-2 I Weed?2 hlils 1 trunk Mr Van ALtend?3 do 1 do yams .1 H * a?2 J 8 " Guion?I J Watts?I J W Levants?I W Belts?2 J 8 Car| en ter? I S llslsred?I P Cartwrigkt?I A Slillii'sn?I box Mrs 11 Watts?2 do 1 bbl J W Dominic?3 do I hf do C CUndence?I box Mr Minturn?3 do cordial 20 bids sugar 3 cskl Copper .7 bis hay water H higgius. .Tie sas?Brig William?286 logs mahogany 27 hbdt 10 tiercs molasses 113.70 D Curtis?2 pkgs B Moran?3006 oranges to the mauler, MARITIME HERALD MUlji Jlmttrt and Again*. V.'e shall cavern it atavor if Captains of Vessel* a ill giv (u Robert Hii.vey, Captain of our News Boats, a rapon o lb* shipping If ft at th* port whence thrr sailed, the teasel spoken on their pusage, a liat of their canto, and any foreig uew>)iapfrt, or news tlwy may have. lis will board the in iu modiaf-ly on their arrival. Agents and Correa|?udeuu at hon> it abroad, will alao confer a favor by sending to this olficr e '.ha Marine Intelligence- they can obtain. Naatieai leforma .1 oa of any kind will he thankfully received. PORT OF MJb-W YORK, FEBRUARY !M, si lt aunt 6 32 | moon risks .... 8 26 k ittlt Itti.. 5 28 1 KiOB'ar. vat ... ..10 13 E Arrivaa Dauish ship Pollux, Holdt, from Kio Janeiro, Jan 1, with coffee, to J I. I'hippa. N'orwegiau barque Argo, Aelbury, 82 daya from Leghorn, with marble, Ac. to D I. Eraukliu. Baruue Trinidad, Duell, 21 daya from St Vincent, in ballaal, to Trowbridge, Sous & Dwight. Not wagtail brig Washington, Smidt. 51 dava from Bueiiui Ayrra, With hides and wool, In W W D? Korest fc Co. B'ig William, Crocker, 17 daya from Xibara.with mahogany, to D Curtis. Brig Meteor, Stevens. 16 days from Frinklin, La. with SCO hlida molasses 20 do 250 bbla sugar to David L Nayi*. Left brig Harreareket, Hopkins, from Chailes'on; tcha Victoria, Brown do; Htleu, bound up; Caroline, Idg for NYork. Spoke Feb 16, lat 23. Ion 73 30, ship Aldeharon, for Liverpool. Schr Geul Cl.uch. Rack I i If, frem Cardenas, Cu^a, Keb 10, with molasses, to Chat H Hill; 230 lihds do M De I'uge. Has breu in the Lower Bay 2 daya. Schr Jonas Smith, Collins, 3 daya from Wilmington, NC. with naval atorea, to E S Powell Schr J D Jonea. Smith, 3 dava from Wilmington, NC. with naval atorea. to J Ogden Schr Hed Jacke', Dearborn, 2 daya from Richmond, with mdae, to N L McCready A Co. Correspondence of the Herald. Rhode Islandkh Orricc, ) Ntwro?T, Keb. 21. 1845.$ Arr 19th. Essex, Collins, Fall River lor NYork; 20th, Peru, Cheeny, New bury port for Baltimore; Priscilla, Young, Pro viucetown for Crauey Island, Va; Brilliant, Kidder, Kraukfori for N Vork; Seafan. Graffain, Camden for do; Stateiman, Val eiiliue, Marblehead ibado; 21st, Namsliong, Young, Proviuce towu for Rappahannock; Senator, Gilford, Westport for New York. miscellaneous Record. Arrival! at Montreal.?One hundred and ninety-two vessels arrived at Montreal last year. Spoken. Cherokee, St Leon, and Talisman, all from New Orleans for Bostou, Keb 13, off D H Sr.ot Keys Sarah,of Boston, steering SE, (so reported) Feb 17, lat 37 41, Ion 73 30. Foreign Ports Cardenas, Keb 10?In port, Gibraltar, Jordan; Uuluare, fiaritow: Holly Bush. Hitchcock; Uaz-lle, Pierce, and Ex change, Merryinan, wig; Grandee, Grindell; Peru, Arwood: Congress, Hesgin; 'Mere,' Smith,and Rambler, disir; Frances Ellen, Dyer, for Portland ldg; Declaration, Adams,for Buatou, do; G W Knight, Satford, for Portlaud, ready; Agawam, Lane, for NYork, Idg. Matanzas, Keb 8?In port, Edinburgh, Adna, and America, wtg cargo; Harriet Fuller, do. Aux Cavks, Jau 17?In port, Mary Chilton, for Boston, 7 days. St Croix. Keb 8? In port, Emily, and a schr unknown for N York, uext day. Home Ports. Portsmouth, Feb 18?Arr Iladassah, Day, New York; 20th, Lauraua, Dame, Norf lk; 21st, Geo Thomas, Manuel, do. (Jloucestkr, Feb 20?Arr Cadet, Day, Snriuam. Salkm, Feb 21?Cld Gen Brooks, Peko. St Jago. Boston, Feb 22?Arr Charlotte, Tripe, NOrleans; Hortense, Jones, Norfolk; Fair Play, Rogers, do, via Tarpaulin Cove, where she put in leaky?has been on Cohasset Rocks, bnt got off after disg part of cargo into a lighter without damage; Co lumbia, Arey, New York. Signal for 1 ship and 3 brigs. Cld Souiher, Ravnrs. Port an Prince; Eliza Burgess, Bowers, Cieu fuegos; Jubilee, Denison, Portland; Mozart, Kent. Alexandria, Jos Batch. Hallett, Baltimore; Wm M Rogers, Taylor, Phila delphia; Gazelle, Merrill, Portland, to load Tor Havaua; Ocean, (of B ?ton, late of NYork) Ba<li>w, Wilmington, NC: Scitu ate, Biker, Norfolk. Arr'JIst, Concordia, Doit, New Orleans; Oxford, lloss. Mobile; Rudolph Grouing, Kldridgr, Key West; November, Ellis, Aux Cayes; Chanticleer, Cook, Norfolk. New Bedkohd, Fab 21?The ice iu the river is now so broken up that vessels come up to and depait from the wharves without difficulty. Naniucket, Feb 20?Below, Chris Mitchell, from Edgar town. Sid Cremona, [Br] Fox, NYork Holmes Hole, Feb 20?Are Ashland, Carlisle, Matanzas for Boston. 2 cm?The Western bound have sailed. In port, May, Meridian, Priscilla, Ashland, Arcade, and Julia Ann, all ready for sea. Providence, Feb 21?Arr Hope, Trimyer, York River. Sid Mary, Rowland. Baltimore. Cld Hihernia, Elliot, Portland. New Haw n. Feb 22?Arr Benj L Swan. Benremin, St Tho mas; Cleopatra. Burroughs, NYork, to load for Philadelphia. Richmond, Feb 21?Arr Grleans. Smith, NOrleans; J bim m "lis, Small, Boston. S'd Perseverance, do. Walthall Feb 21?Sid Globe, Esliug, Rio Georgetown, SC. Feb 16?Arr New York, Merriman, New York. Cld 18th, Susan Taylor, do; 17th, Cygnet, Kinney, N Brdlord. Mobile, Feb 15?Arr Boston, Boston- Cld Samuel, [Br] Grundell, Liverpool; Strafford, Robson, Trieste; Alabama. Dudley, NYork; Importer, Marsh, Pensacola; Delaware, Gill, Richmond. New Orleans, Feb H?Arr Triton, [Br] Smith, Greenock; Ann, Hill,Coiunna; Eden. [Br] Boyce, Ichab'e; Coroner,[Br] Bute. Liverpool: Cairo, Means, Cienfoegos; Moselle, Enstis, Wilmington, NC; Hanger, Guadalonpe. Below, coming up. Republic, (s) Crane, from Galv.-sron. Cld Corsica, Deverenx. and Berwick, Harding, Boston; Miltiades, [Br] Gowan; Glen lyon, [Br] .Mnirhead; Emerald, [Br] Leightou, and Marchnss of Abercorn, [Br]Haggerty, Liuerpoot; Orleans, Long, Balti more. NOTICE. DUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that the Commissioners -a authorized to receive subscriptions to the capital stock ol "The Goshen snd Albany Kail Road Company," will open books to receive such subscriptions, on the 28 h day of March n**t, at O ishen, in the County of Orange; and on the 31st, at tlie Merchants' Bank, in the city of New York. Dated New York, February 20th. 1815. JACOB P WALDEN, JOHN J. PALMER. JOHN TOWNSEND, THOMAS W. ALCCJTT, ROBERT L. PELL, LM H. BUTLER, fzt Itaw4w2tis 2to?*ec Commissioners. pACKK.r SHiP ROCHESTER,for Liverpool?having been detained by the weather, will sad this morning at 10 o'clock. Pa sengers will p'eaie be on board steamboat Hercules, at west side Burling Slip, punctually at tint time. -- all Leifr Bags will close at half past 9. f24rc WOODHL'LL It MINTURN8, 87 South st. IN FORMA TION WANTED CAN ANY PERSON give information to R O K., at this office, where WIlLAKD PAUL, of|Camden,State of Maine, mav be found ! His deposition in an important case is required. f24 10t*rc TWEN IY-F1VE DOLLARS REWARD TEWELRY LOST.?Loit, about ten days since, while a ?' lady was passing from Mercer street up Canal street into Broadway and thenc* to Grand street, the Miniature of a Siung female, set in gold; also live gold rings. It is presumed ey were lost from an outside pockrt. The above reward will be given on the property being restored to the loser at No. 13 Verrer sireet, or to officer Knapp at tile lower police. f21 lt*er TO BE SOLD, A SMALL THEATRICAL WARDROBE, BELONGING to a formerly celebrated Vocalist, cons sting of some fifteen on twenty Dresses, with Properties, Sic.? Enquire of MR. T. BELL, Auctioneer, Spruce street. P24 ll*m TO MUSICIANS. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL CONCERT ROOM, At the Alhnmrn, 559 Broadway. rPHI9 magnificent Room being now eompleted, it will he let J- for Concerts, Balls, Lectures. Fairs he., ou reasonable terms As a Concert Room, it has been pronounced by musi cians, to be supeiinr to any in the city, its construction being particularly adapted to sound. fji 2tis?ec TO MERCHANT TAILORS YIPANTED?A situation as Cnt'er, by a vonngman who has ?V been foreman a nnmter of years in a fashionable I years in a fashionable house in theelty. Satisfactory reference given A line addressed to X. Y. Z., at this office, will meet with prompt attention. P24 2f?ec TO ANY LADY WISHING A GOOD HUSBAND. ANY LADY possessing the fallowing qualifications and disposed to 'liter into the niarri ge slate, mav reply t > this advertisement; but any one replying considering tliis to be a hoax, are informed, to save them the trouble, that no notice will he taken of them whstever. She must, be between 18 and 30 years of age, of resiiectable parentage, well educated, of an years 01 age, ot resiiectablr parentage, well educated, ot an obliging and aimahle dirpositiou, and also well qualified to take charge of household affairs?money or property of second ary importance. The writer is a gentleman of 22 years of age, doing a good business, hut not wealthy, but still haa sufficient means to supi ori i wife in a very genteel manner, and he is of the highest respectvhility. Tile writer Is siuceie in this affair, and hopes no trouble will be given him by unnecessary replies. Communications received will beheld as strictly confidential. Address Mr. ALONZO HAYWARD, at this office. fr21 3t*rc NEW SWEET SCENTED IIAIIDY FLOWERING SHRUBS RUSSELL'S AMERICAN HYBRID SEEDLING AZAL1A8 AVD RHODODENDRONS W RUSSELL, Florist, Ike , in Henry near Atlantic street, ? Brooklyn, has now for sale200 fine Flowering Plants ot these elegant varieties. The improved size of the F'lowr* snd Umbles, with the delicious tltcrauce, make them very desirable as Greenhouse and Parlor Plants. 'ivHe has also, 400 PI mis of the best Penietual China Roses, a choice collection of the new Variegated Delias, (i,i dry roots,) and a few bushels of the F'.nglith Hawthorn Seeds, grown at his garden. IY4 3t*rc MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, No. 37 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. ANUF'ACTURKRS and Impoiters of Ornamental Hair . Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bauds, Carls, Seams. Bandeau Hair, and a new style ef Everlasting Curls, aud all kinds of o "'Hi **lesale and retail. lhe trade supplied on reasonable terms. (21 lm*ec M X Y LOGRA nilC PR ESS Afir* GENERAL JOB PRINTING OFFICE, .. ... ** ?nlrt street. rPHF,-UB-CKIBF'.RS inform Druggists, Perfumers, Orocers and others that they have made extensive additions to their assortment of Xylogrsphic Lahels, to which hey would rp. awcMtillv call thpir attention They are constantly Adding to lh. tr stoek all the new style ifarUe'es, iu their line, which are ofiereil pi prince or England, and they promise their customers that they shall spare no expanse in getting up all that they may waul in the business of the Druggists, Perfumers and 8, gar .Vlai iif-clurers. JOB PRINTING?Tleir office is alto supplied with every variety of Type necessary lor the esecutmn of every description of F'aoey Job Frieting, Cards, Billheads, Notes, Bills Lading Circulars, and all kinds of Mercantile Printing, executed on reasonable lernn 8EGAR BOX LABELS AND PAPER, of every descrip tion ilvvav? on hand. VARIEGATED SHOW CARDS, for Refectories,Grocers, lie,, he -? large suprly. BUONSON h CO.. RS l.n'tc A Gold street, near Fulton. DISBROW* RIDING MGilOf?la, M Nn. 41* BOWERY, MNgajs Ask.a atsn La PLacM.Ngw lotva R. D. has the honor to announce that his School is ope* ' Dsy and Evening, for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Hiding. TERMS: LXCTUSg t.Bisons. CSgRCllV glDIISfl. IS Lesions gr, 00 10 00 Single Lessons. .1 "I j on Kugd " . ... ' 2 M N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Horses, for the Road I .Month 1:2 0i 20 Rides 10 W 10 " IK Single Rides 7! t'aradc, to let. ,. . KVgBltVC CLASS. 12 Lessoue gf oo j 20 Kid,,. $10 Ct 8in?'' LjOJ Mingle Hide \' T. RULES: t ?All Lrsions or Hides paiJ lor on commencing I.-One hour allowed pu each Lmeog or R-d- fhr Behool I? Una hour and a half to n Lesson on t Iw Road I.?Hours for Ladies, *> A. M. to : I' M. 5.?Honrs for Gentlemen . 3 |.< n , ,, . ?> w ?.?No Oenilsmeu admii-. . .JJ .. ..dies A card of address taiequ, ?ird pienona te commencing fl"7"Gentlemen keeping Jieir horses at this establishment w il have the privilege of riding them in the School gratia, fit lm'rc MISLAID OR STOLEN, A BANK BOOK, of the Saving*' Buik, in Chambers street No. 51,583. Tlie finder will eoufer an especial favor on a I idy, by leaving the unif at thy Bank. fM lt'ec SOAP WORKS PERFUMeTy DEPOT. IN ADDITION to our Manufactory, w* have opened* Bton for the sale of our t couomical kancy So*i ? ana all kinds ol Perfumery, Family Soap, Pavrvit OrystalllMd Caudlsa fce,, kc We solicit purchasers 10 inspect onr stock, which watriser 01 ire loweat ter in?. Shippers to tlie 'Wit Indies and South America, are particu lily invifed to etatnine our Cryatalliiad Caudles. Sales Roool No. 3 Courllanrtt it eet. neat door to the New National Hotel. JOHNSON, VKOOM k FOWLER. 154 lin*rc OATS AND HAY QADn Uuahela of Oata, in lots to suit purchasers. t/DUU 60(1 bales of Hay, do do do 100 barrels Apples?for sale by CAR!" .JARPENTEU, SON k CO., 120 Warren street 50 boxes of Chees', for sale low. fit 2t*ec LE ECHKS? LEECIIES? LEECHES. 4000 ^FINE Urpe healthy Smyrna I eechea just re ceived for sale wholeeale aud rt tail by WM. WATHOV Chemist and Pharmaceutist, f24 lt'ec Apothe'arirs' Hall, 36 Catharine at. PRICE REDUCED. SWA1 Vl'S CELEBRATED PANACEA FOR ' HE CURE OF Scrofula, (hnrral Debility, White Swelling, Rheumatism, Diseases of the Liver anil Skin, and all diseases arising from I si parity of the ttlood, or the Effects of Mercury. SWAIM'S PANACEa haa beeu for uiure thau twenty years celebrated in this conntry and e uropr for its extraordiu t\ cures? or the certificates of which reference is made to the di rections aod b oka accompanying the Panacea. It has beeu used in hospital an.' |ir utile practice, aud has had the singular fortune of beiuit recommended by the most cele brated physicians. Among ethers, by W, Gibson, M. D., Professor Surgery, Pa. University. Va'euline vtott, M. U.JProf. Surg.ry, N. Y University. W P Den res, M. D , Prof Midwifery. Pa. University. N.'Chapman, M. D.. r'rof Physic, Pa. Uuiver?i'y. T. Parke, M. D;, Pres't Coll ge t'hyniciaus, PluUd. Dr. Del Vulle, Prof. Medicine. Havana. Jose Loureuco da Luz Prof, surgery, Lisbon J (hipmui, Mem. Royal College Surgeons, London. THE RECOMMENDATIONS of many Physicians and eminent persona, such as G. W. Irving, late Minister to Spain; Sir Thomas Pearson, Major General British Ariny; Gilbert Hobertsou, "rit'sh Consul, kc , kc ; a-.d also the wonderful cures effected by Swaini s Panacea have fur many years made it an invaluable remedy. The Panacea does not coutain mercury in any form, aud being an innocent p-eparatiou it may be given to the most tender infant. 'I'rtb RETAIL PRICE HAS BEEN REDUCED to One Dollar and Fifty Cents per bottle, (containing three half i iuts,) or three bottlea for Four Dollar,. CAUTION?Observe that the name of Win Swaim is writ ten pit the label over the cork of each bottle,to couuterfeit which would be a forgery. ALSO?SWAIM'S VERMIFUGE. A valuable Family Medicine, being a highly approved reme dy for all diseases arming from Debility of tnoDigeif' ~ . ... Jiyeitive Organs, such as Worms, Cholera Morbus, Dyeeutary. Fever Hud Ague Bheding Piles, Sick Headache, kc., kc. cee the pamphlet with the article. Fi r sale by all the respectable Drue tin, <n the United States. Wholesale orders to be addressed to Win Swaiu.k Sous, Phila delphia. or 11. 11. Schelfelin k Co , Druggist., New York Gem- a! Agents for the Panacea tud Veimiluge. CM 2tis*pc Cr NOTICE.?All Iiersous having claims against Ebenezer (irutninun, late of 37 Bowery, will please send their bills iu to the undersigned, without further notice. Also, all iiersous indebted to said E. Gruminun, will please call aud settle their assets without d-lay, at 37 Bowery. C. F. CHAMPION, ) Assignees a 15 Iw'rc C. GRUMMUN, j Assignee*. AN IMPROVEMENT IN HATTINO -ROBe RTSON, 103 Fulton street, has in vent'd a style of trimming for his Hats, that will effectually prevent the perspiration or oil ap plied to the hair, from coming through the crown, which so plied to the hair, Irom coming through the crown, win It so soon spoil* the appearance of anew hit. Besides this, the re duction in the price of articles in his line, should be a great ob ject with those purchasing. We refer our readers to hu adver tisement in another column. 02 3'*ec P NEW MUSIC. GEORGE H . DERWORT, R0FKS80R OF THE GUITAR, 427 Broadway near - Canal stieet, has published the following Bongs from the Opera of the Bohem an Girl, with a verv easy Guitar accom paniment at d lingering marked throughout. 1? Fair Land of Poland. 2?The Heart Bowed Down. 3?Then you'll remember me. 4?1 dream't that 1 dwelt iu marble halis. fl9 lw'm GREAT REDUCTION. GOLDSMITHS PREMIUM SYSTEM OF MERCANTILE PENMANSHIP. Guaranteed to all in Ten Lessons of One Hour each. Terms Reduced to only $2,50. ROOMS, 189 BROADWAY. 150 5tis*rc NEW YORK NAUTICAL AND MATHEMATICAL Academy, No. 27 Cherry st.?Navigation in all its various branches, in the most complete and practical manner.s,The as certaiuing of longitude truly with Lunar Observations, and by Chronometers, in a short and easy process, developing evary thing relating to this most intricate astronomical art, for which such vast sums of money have heeti offered lor its solutiou.? The practical n?e of all Nautical Instruments, which are put in the beat order, and constantly kept for practice; togetlie with all the various branches of pure and mixed Mathematics? theoretically, practically aud mechanically?the actual practice of 30 years?whetein several thousands have been made complete practical artists. Youug m-u are qualified for officers of the Navy, by Capt. M. T. Hand, Navigator aud Teacher lor 35 years. [iTNn maii can have the requisite qualifications for a teach r of Navigation, unless he understands the scim i science perfectly ill eve' v part, and has been a complete practical Navigator. fe22 3t*ec w? ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. HERKA8, JOHN J EFFERSON. alias John Bland, a na _ _ m}}\* of the Parish ol Uethu&l Ureeu.Lfrudon, sou of the late Mr.Richard Jefferson, formerly of Brick laue,HpiLalfields,cheese monger,deer njed,has not fceeu hwrd of in K gland, for more than 14 years, but shortly before,or about that period, he was supposed to oe either in the Government, Naval or Merchant Service of the United States. He was born in the month of April, 1808, so thit il he be now alive, he is 37 years nf age. The last accounts were from himself in the ^ears 1830 and 1831, the former from New Yoik, th* latter from Boston. His family being most anxious to r*c*ive tiding* of his bein^ alive, hereby offer a re ward of One Hundred Dollars, on receiving satisfactory evidence thereof, or legal proof of hia death, and such reward will ac cordingly be paid,by me the undersigned, in London or through the hands of VvlLLIASl ASflN VvALL. CounselIor-at-L?iw, No. 20 Court street, Boston, to whom all communications are to be addressed. ROBJCKT BRITTON, Solicitor, No. 18 Bethnal Green, London. London, January 29th, 1845. ft! eodis2w lawoutlOwrc U 8. MAIL LINK FOR ALBANY, Aud Intermediate Places, or as far as the ic? will permit?The Steamboat UT1CA, Captaiu T. N. Ha lie, leaves the Steamboat Pier foot of Conrtlandt street, south side, this alternoon at 5 o'clock, Mon day, Feb, 24 th, 181*. Sratei letve for Albany immediately on both sides of the North Biver. For passage or freight, apply on board; or to P. C. Schultz, at the office on the wharf. f24 i?yTWr FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet flit March?The auperinr I ait Bailing: packet shit HOTTINGUER, 1050 torn burthen, Capi. Ira Burs ley, will tail at above, her regular dav F< * ' ' 'or freight or passage, having splmdid, large and comfortable ?tate rooms aud cabin, apply to the Captain on board, or to WOOD HULL * M1NTURNB, _ _ 87 South atreer. ( rice of Panose *100. The packet ship Liverpool, 1100 tons burthen, Captain John K'dridge, will incceed the Hottingne.r, and sail on her regular doy, 21st April. fttic BLACK BALL. OK OLD LINE OK LIVER kMWWPOOL PACKETS.?Packet of the 1st of March?The lHSw'IPW and splendid fast sailing packet ship INDIANA, Csptaiti Bennett, will sail poiitively on Saturday, the Istof March, her rtgular day. Fpr terms of passage, and to secure the best berths, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekman st, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 35 Knlton street, neitdoor to the Kullou Bank, New York. 123 ec la^sy^^ FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 36th February -The splendid fast sailing packet ship OARHICK, apt* in Trask, will positively sail as above, her regn K r passage, having superior acccommndatinng, in cabin or steerage, apply on board, or to JOHN HERD vlAN, f 18 6t Sonth street. FOR GLASGOW?Regular Paeket?The fast sail MMVVing British barque ADAM CARR, 350 ton' burthen, JMMMwraptain Hubert Scott, will sail Saturday, 22d inat. hot freiglu, 50 bales cotton or bulk tkrreof, or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply onboard, foot of Beekman street, or to WOODHULL k MINTURNS, CHrc 87 South street. IF II KOK SACK?Twentytr nr Covered FREIGHT CARS, inch as are used on the Pennsylvania Kail Roads. Th'y will besnld very low. If not sold be fore Satuiday, the 1st of March, they will be offe de at the pr. inises of the subscriber, at 10 o'clock, offered at puolic sale i . _ M. C HAMILTON, West side Broad street,below Locust street, Philadelphia. jaJI lmeod-ghx FOR LONDON?racket of the 1st March?The .splendid packet ship VICTOHI A, Captnn , will .positively sail as above, her regular day. I his splendid slop has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin and steeiage passenge s, all of which will be tikea at a moderate rate, by making early applica'ion on board, or to fi7.c J -UN HERDMAN. gl Southat POK HVERPOOI.?New Line?Regular Pacae. iCVVWto sail the 26th of Feb.?The regular fast sailing aVMSiPackci Ship GAKK1CK, ( aptain B J. H. Trask. of I,inn hips, will poaLively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passages having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply oo board at Orleans whan, fool >1 Wall street, or to E. K. COLL Iff? <k CO. 55 South strrwt. Price of Passage, $100. The packet ship Roscins, Captain A. Eldridge, will ??c cril the Garrirk. and veil ?tiih March, her regular day. jtdec 4&t* l^Tnig a PASSAGE FOR GLASGOW.?Paekut .ADAM CAItlt, Captain Sco:t?'lliis fast sailing _jpacket ship will sail for the above port iu a tew day s. .. .ting exi ellei t accommodation for cabin, second cabin and steerage passenger*, early application ihould be made ?n board, foot of Be-kin in street, or to th.- subscribe'!. Persons wishing to send for tlieir friends, can have them brought dinet Irom Ol isgnw in th - pack. I ship Ann Ilarlev. wliirli will leave Glasgow about (he i2th Y*ich, or in the above named paeket slop (Adam Carr,) which will leave Glasgow is'iout the 5th April, oil lavorali e terms, if early appli - to W. It J.T. TAPsCOTT, cation be made I. , At their General Passage Office, 76 South street, ftrc corner of Maiden lane. burthen, (. NEW LINE OF PA( KETS FOR LIVER; .POOL ?Packet of the 26th February?'The splendid (Hid favorite packet ship GAKKIC'K, 110(1 tons oiusssn,. Captain K. J. H. Trask; will sail on Wednesday, Feb ;6'h, her regular day. The ships cf this line being all lOOO ton* and upwards. per sons about to emhaik lor the old country, will not fail to S'f the advantages to be drriv d hin .circling I his line 111 preference to any other, as their great rapacity renders them every wa\ mora comfortable and convenient then slops of a .mall class, and their accommodationalor cabin, second cabin and steerage passenger*, it is w. II known ,'te superior to these of anv othri lin-of packet* Person, w ishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application on hoard, foot of h all st, or to W t* I T. TAPS! OTT, At tl eir General Passage Office, 'girt 78 tSanrh street, corner V enlen Lane FOR NEW ORLEANS? Louisiana and New York Line?Regular Packet of March title?1The splen did new barque J ,VNE K. WILLIAMS, ( apt. Par ker, built expressly for a packet, as ill sail as above, her regular dav. For freight or passage, haying hands me furnished accommo da'iuus, apply on board, at Orlears wlnif, loot of Wall st , or to E. K.COLLINS Sl hi).. S8 Sonth st PositiveH no goods received on board alter Wednesday even ing, 5th intt. Agents in New Orleans, Messrs Hullin k Woodruff, who will promptly forwnrd ell goods t,, rt,,,,r address. I'M ' VVEKP? fo sail on or about the 1st of March?I liesuhstrntial, cop|ier-fsstened and copper, tlshtp 8ILVANUS JENKINS, N. W. Kvrleigh, For freigh' ot passage apply to GKHDING fc KIJNKELMAN, or to BOYD k HINC KEN, flljc No. # Tontine Bnilaing* AUCTION SALES. CAMELIAS AND OTHKR FINE PLANTS AT AUCTION. A f" ou Tneaday morning,at 11 o'clock, a ' ' . ?- Broadway, another ulendi J collection of Plants embracing I atncliaj, of choice aorta, in flower and liu I; Dapli me* Roaoa of fin* aorta; Azaliss; and erery other variery, ii lull bloom ana in heautilul order. Ladies are invited to call an vi?Jv ihem. A'?o, the last of the Florida Plant*. fit 2t*ec SPLENDID PLANTS AT AUCTION A LEVY will sell on Wednesday morning at II o'clock, ?t a*-* No. 151 Broadway, a splendid collection of Plan's, em pricing I.amelias in fiower and huda. Oranges in frnit and hloarom, roees of choice sorts, Capejamina, fittiaporams, witl * fjj1' #anet' ?' 0fr ^ln* plants wor.hy of notice. .u,B. HOI,I.INS Auctioneer. POSITIVE AND PEKEMPTOkY I RUSTEES' SALE i J'l ' u?.Tu '/''firtY."" Beach and .Snriug streets ?Will be sold by WlLKINS It ROLLINS, on Monday, 24th February at 12 o clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the following valua ble property on Beach street. The ihree story brick dwelling house and lot ol ground on ihe north westerly aide of and known as No. 8 Beach street. 1 helot is 27 teet_inwidth in front, 25 feet in rear,in depth, on southwesterly side 75 feel 9 inc, and on the southras'erly sidr 65 feet 6 inches; the house is 27 feet iu width by 49 feet 1 itch in depth, with a b<ck building 13 feet 7 inches in d-plh, and a 7 feet 6 inches in depth. The houw has a sewer in com in,hi with No 10, leading to themniu sewer in Broadway. The premises may be seen daily from 12 to 3 Spiiug street ?The two story frame dwelling house with co vered piaxi i and frame stable and lot ot ground on the souther ly corner of Spring and Thompson streets, known as No. 162 Spring stree*. The lot is 19 feet 10 inches in front, 20 feet 4 in ches in rear. 62 feet 7 inch s on the westerly s ile. and G1 feet lj? inches on the easterly side The house is 19 feet 10 inches in width, by 25 feet II ineh-s in depth; the stable is 23 feet 6 inches by 13 feet 3 inches, more or less Also the two story frame dwelliug house and lot of grouud adjoining the above, and known *% No 160 Spring street Toe lot is 20 feet four inches iu frout21 feet live iueties iu rear, 63 feet 1?4 iuches on the westerly side, and 63 feet ten inches on caster Iv side. The louse 20 feel 4 inches in w idlh, by 22 feet 5 iuches ill depth. Also, the two story brick dwelling house and lot of grouud adjoining the above, and known as No. 158 Spring street The lot is 21 leet 5 inches iu front, 22 feet 3 inches iu rear, 63 feet 10 indhea on the westerly side, end 64 feet 1 inch's on tne easterly side. The house is 21 feet 5 iuches in fruut, 22 feet 3 iuches in re*-, and 25 feet 10 inches on each side. For further partii ulars, apply at the auctioneers' offt'e. No. 17 Broad st. wher- maps and pf mh may he seen. fe22 2tis*ec W1 ADMlNiS i'KA I URS* --ALL OF REAL ESTATE. ILL BE SOLD at Public Vendue on Weduesday, the26th dav of February next, at 11 o'clock, A. M., at the late res idence of Henry S. Carll, deceased, the Real Estate of which he died laiuessed, situate iu the town of Huntington, and county of Suffolk, vix: the Homestead containing about 130 acres of Laud, on which are two Dwelliug Houses, agood Baru aud Out Buildings, a good Well of Water, near the door, nnd a large p nid of water, which has a never fa>)ing spring, ueai the house, two large Apjde Orchards, aud a variety of choice frnit, the whole Farm being iugowd fence;one 'dec* of Timber and Sprout Laud adjoining tne road leading from Dixhills to Sweet Hoi low, containing by estimation 40 acres; also, another piece of . Timber and Sprout Land, known by the uame of Newfoundland, near th* Hall-hollow Hills, containing, by estimaiion, 21 acres; alio, another piece of Sprout aud Timber Land, lying west of | the house of Philip Valentine, nnd adioininx the roau leading from Said Valentine's to Sweet Hollow, containing five acres more or less; aho, a tract of Salt and Sedge Meadow, on Uraat Neck, on the south side of the Island, containing about 10 acres. The above will be sold altogether or in pieces to suit purcha sers. Any lersou desirous of viewing the same can call on Jacob P. Carll, on the prem'ses, or Gilbert Carll, Dixhills.? Any other information can he given by Conkliu Carll, Brook lyn, and indisputable titles given for the same. CONKL1N CARLL, ) Administrators for them OILBEKT CARLL, s selves and the other Heirs. I9t28*ec RICHARD VAN DYKE, Jr., Auctioneer. THE RAIL ROAU DEPOT HOTEL, corner 4th Aveuue and 86th street.?Anthony J. Bl-ecker Ik Co. will i"11 at auction on Thursday, the 27th day of March next, at 2 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the very valuable property on the east side of the 4th Avenue and south side ol 86th street. The g-nnnd contains 50 feet ou the avenue and 100 feet on the street, (which strret is curbed and regulated and the assessment paid;) the property is within two blocks of the la'ge Crotou Reservoir. The House is a large two-s'ory attic build ing, with cellar and kitchen under the whole, with sheds on 86th stmet. The premises are desirable for the purpose of a publiclftnse, snd are now occupied as such. (1000 or (2000 can remain nn boud and mortgage, at 6 per rent. Possession will be given on the 1st of May ueit. Title indisputable. For terms and particulars, apply to the Auctioneers, No. 7 Broad street, or to <) NOWLAN, on the premises, or No. 3 Eleventh street. f20to mr27?m Ai a good ( TIIE BEST CHANCE EVER OFFERED TO MAKE MONEY. TO LET?A first rate Porter House in a great business partoftbe city ; the day and night busineaa very good; .fixtures (kc. lor sale low; rentis modeiate?would make a good grocery, liquor or cigar store. This is a chance that may never offer again. Also, a corner Grocery?fixtures for sale. A large andspledid Hotel, furnished and lined up with beds, fcc.?this is a grand business stand. Several Houses, Rooms, Stores. Basements, Ike., Sic., in various parts of th* city. For sale a Tavern iu New Jersey?uo other public house in the place; has 4 acres of land ard stabling fo 30 horses; would best suit a iierson that under stands the butchering business. or will be traded for ci'y pro perty; distance 20 miles from York. Also, a first rate Fruit Store. A good Refectory in Park Row, Persons wanting H ores, Stores Cellars, Rooms or Farms, may anply to GILLESPIE, House Avent, 552 Peail street, near Broadway, or wishing t? let or sell out. A three story Brick House and St, re iu Broadway, west side, near to Canal street; S25ol> per annum. A House and two Stores in Brotdwav near Pearl street. A partner wauled with (600 cash, in a safe and profitable business?this is a sure investment. To Let?A four-story Brirk House, wilh store, cellar, and kitchen. Uoper put suitable for boarding. The Store is well adapted for drygoods. Croton water in every floor. Situated in Pearl street near Broadway. f24 lt*rc TO LET-FIVE NEAT SNUG HOUSES-at and near the corner of 7th avenue aud 25th streets Rents 125 ,to 300 dollars. Reference and security reqaired. They are situated in the most thriving part of the citv, at the end of stage mates, so as to insure seat* without delay in stormy wea ther, for persons doiug bnsiness down ;owu. Poisessicn of two honses immediately, of the other three ou first of May. f24 lw*ec WANTED?Immediately tohire. Two Rooms, Kitcn 1 en, Ike, for a small family. Would be preferred with an .adjoining room to be occupied as au office. Must be situated between Broadway, John, Pearl aud Wall streets. Ad dress 'Poat Office, box No. 1482." 123 3t*ec tTO LET, AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN?The Store No. 97 Nassau street. Herald Build ings, with Fixtures, Stove and Pipes, ready set and all *f- Application to be made at the desk of tne office of ihc Herald, for term*. Ike. jSltfrc TO LET. .AND immediate possession giveo, a SITTING ROO M and BED R0OM attached upon the first floor, i"1 the house No. 31 Church street, within one door of larclav street. The apartments -re well suited for a tingle gentleman, or a married couple, without encumbrancs. f21tf re MA COTTAGE IN THE COUNTRY?Suitable, in all ! "? respects, for a person doing busineaa in the city. For a LJLcard, withfnll deaciptiou and directions, apply at 628 iroadivay. A lio, a new Wagon and a second-hand Hockaway. f2l 3t?rc SPACIOUS AND FASHIONABLE HOTEL IN PHILADELPHIA TO BE LEASED THE well known Hotel, MARSHALL HOU?E, havii e been recently, nt great expense, renovated and em belli,bed by alteration* of tbe frout and interior, and much improved by new entrance* and stairwava. and by re modelling the ground door, ii to b; leased unfurnished upon moderate terms. It is situate in the most fashionable part of the most fashiona ble street^ (Chestnut street,) and is not distant from the depots of the Railways. It is about 74 feet front ou Chestnut at, four and live stories high, extending 130 feet to Carpenter street, and can accommodate ISO persons. Apply to JOSEPH B. TOWN8END, fM lweodrc 3U9 Arch street. Philadelphia. rnr*m A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR 8ALE?Situated KMin the town of Pelham, Westchester County, bordering on a^wthe village of East Chester, ahou' 16 miles from New York, containing '40 acres of land?30 acres woodland, the balance 90 acres is in a high st ite of cultivation, with fruit trres of all kinds in abundance. There are two good Dwelling Houses on it, recently built, together with a large barn, stone hen honre, coin crib, Ue. 'i he place is beautifully situated, commanding a view of the Sound and surronn ling count'}-. It will he sold low or exchanged for improved city property For further par ticulars apply at 68 West street, between Carlisle and Hector streets. Also, 8 Lots of Ground, 23 by 100, on the easterly tide of the lllh Aveune, between 37th ano 38ih streets. (22 lm*ic , BRTJN LA ROSIERE 8t COUHT, 116 William street, have just rece.ved by the Louis Philippe, a large [assortment of il'reaihs, Polka, Rachel, Tagfionia, Al gerian Head Dresses; olove Trimminm and Hair Pius a la Polka: Camelias, Rases, and a large assortment of Fancy Flowers fir Balls. They are all of the latest styles, and for richness are surpassed hy none in the United States. jl4 lin'ic WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, I'AHK THKATRK. LAST RE PRESEXTA Tt O N S! As the Company will depart in a very short time, therefore, in compliance with the earnest solicitation of several families and individuals, the Manager annoAiiee* a GREAT REDUCTION OF PRICES ! SIB Cent* to ?????!-}? pari ?f the Theatre! GALLERY '2Vt CENTS. TWELVE MOST PPLRNDiD A'T8 IN THE RING AND ARENA! And the novel and Grand Equestrian Spectacle of MAD ANTON Y WAY NE! HIS TERRIFIC HORSE DAREDEVIL. In whiCk a TREBLE COMPANY will appear.^] OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INMJ RANGE CO., f NEW YORK, Feb. S, 1845. ) an Election held this day for Duet tors of thia Institution, for (he euaning year, the following gentlemen were elected ?nch Directo's:? ft? AT, ?h I Thomsa W. Thome, Elisha Kings, Thomas T. Woi.drufT, Anson Baker, B R. Rohsnn, M. D , Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen. Moses 'l uck r, James E Holmes, John K. Davison, John P. Moore, Jonn H., Win, K. Thorn. Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas M-rrell, Fiancis P. Rage, Eugene Bogart, Jehu C. Merrnt, Hobert Smith At a 'ubseqoent meeting of the Board THOMAS W. THORNE, Esq., was unanimously re-elected Pr sideut. flee GEO. T. HOPE Secretary COTTON YARN C/t BALES COTTON YARN, No. I5to20-ju t received ov from the Carroll Mill, Iving a very superior article for minnfucturer's use. Also, at all timrs, a full supply of Nos. 5 to 12, for country trade?for sale at the lowest market pri'e for ca?h, hy DAVID B RISING. 122 3 *m No. 391 edar street. A 8EIGNETTK BRANDY,&c IN hall pipes, quarter casks and eighths, of the old and genuine brand, and of vary superior quality, high proof and flavor, recently imported direct from Hochelle, undrr Custom Hons* lock, entitled to debenture and for sale by 8. T. N1COLL, 67 and 69 Front st. ALSO? 511 half-pipes fine old Bordeaus Braudv. "J. J. Dupny'a" brand. 30 half pipes Otard, Dupnv Ik Co 'a Brandy, variour vintages? under Custom Hour* luck?ent.tied to debenture 122 31 is*in HARDWARE AT LOW PRICES. THE SUBSCRIBER, (Agent for several manufacturers in I England) offers gust advantages to dealers?is now receiv ing a large supply of staple Hi> miiuham and Sheffield (roods, which areoffeied at a very lulling .ids unce on the sterling cost. 750 gross low priced Table Cutlery, all patlerus. at present coit and t barges. 10 casks ?erv superior C 8 Files, all sixes from 4 to 14 inches, at the old prices. 90 pie et "Laycocs's" fine Hair Cloth, at the lowest market price. 10 casks Bright Traces. I 5 casks Hand Haws, at $3,73 30 do Carolina Hoes. I per dos 20 do Hooks and Hingea. I 30 bain Hue Wrought Naila. 8 caaks Curry Combs. 1 Alio, Knoh and Tadlnrka, Candlesticks. Frsme Pulleys, Latches, Bolts, Spoons, Percussion Csps, Shoe Thread, ( hain Web. kcJ Itc . ltc. JOHN A. NF.WBOULD, fr otU*m 90 John strao ap stairs. AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PARK THEATRE. The Manager anxious to mm (he wither of the public respectfully announces the following OchKEDUCTION OF PRICES,-**} Bezel ISA Cents Gallery 131 Cents. MONDAY EVENING, Febru-ry 24. will be pres uted th. National Equestrian Dramatic Spectacle, will, b-autiful Scenes Costumes, Art'llery, Bridges, immense Hum, lie , entitled MAD ANTONY WAYNk ! and his BOLD HORSE DEV1LDARE Previous to which a Grand Equestriau Performance, com insuring with a Grand Horse Pageant A Beautiful Dance by Misa L. Wells. l.ocal Hong, by E. M. Dickenson. A Pantomime Equestrian Act, by C. J, Rogers, entitled England, Ireland and He tlaud. Vaulting by the Company headed by McFarland. Grand Roman Double Act. by Nathans aud Cadwallader. By desire, the Misses Wi |(> will dance I a Polka. Magnificent Act of Horsmiaualup. by T. V. Turner. Immune Gyinuaatic Keats, by H tliller and J. J. Nathans. A" African Concert, by Messrs. Hoyt, Edwaids, Wiunemore and K'lly Doors open at 6 o'clock, and iierformauce to commence at 7. PAliMO'8 OPKKA HOUSK. MONDAY EVENING, Feb 211I1-TUKHDAY, 25th-aud WEDNESDAY. 26th, Ou each evening will be performed and sung A variety of popular HONGS, by the Ktnlopian Band of Sere nailers, accompanied with their instruments. Also, the Ethiopian Burlesque Opera entitled la: som am. de beauties Alt-red from the ponulur "liera of La Homuambula. New dress es. decorati ns and full churuses Doors open at half past 6?Performance to commence at half past 7. Firs' ti-r aud Paruuette 50 cents. Second tier 25 cents. Private Boaes t:i Box Olfbct- open front 9 o'clock A M to 5 o'clock P M, to se cure seats. TRITON'S CIRCUS. BOWERY AMPHIT HE ATRE , MONDAY EVENING. Feb. 24. First night of JACK SI IE "PA It L) ou the stage aud in the riug. _ Barney Willi-ims, the only true delineator of Irish Ecceu'.ri cities, will epoear in the Eiinestriau Drama of Jack Sheppard. Master Walt r Aymar in hit dashiug and brilliant scene in th? circlra. Dan ilice, the comic and extravaganza singer and dancer,will appear in a variety nf drolleries Clowns to the Ring?Johu Uossin aud Beu Jennings. W. H. Stout ami las astonishing pupil. Master Neville, will appear. In future the doors will open at0?the performance will com mence at 7. Boies, 25 Cents; Pit, 12X; Private Boaes $3. f2t lt*ec NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY." HANDEL'S GRAND ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH. AT THE TABERNACLE, ou MONDAY EVENING. February 24th. PRINCIPAL SOLO TARTS BY 8IONOKA HOSINA PICO, MISS JULIA L. NOKTHALL, MR. JONES, MR. BROUGH, MR. MEYER. The entire Vocal and Instrumental strength ou this occasion will comprise 210 Performers. Conductor Mr. U. C. Hill, Organ is t Mr. H. C. Tiinm. Performance to commence at half-past7 o'cloek. The following Programme embrace# the Recitatives, Songs. See , to be sustained by the distinguished Principals engaged for the occasion; with ihe sublime Chorusses interposed in regular order of the Oratorio. By MADAM PICO?Air?"O! thou that rellest good tidings." " "He shall feed his dock." " "He was despised aud rejected." " "I know that my Redeemer liveth." MissNORTHALL?Rec?"There were Shepherds abiding in the field." " "And lo! the Angel of the Loid " " "And the Angel said unto them " " "And suddenly there was with the Angel " Air?"Rejoice greatly, O ! Daughter of Zion." " "Come uuto him,all ye that labor." " "But thou didu uot leave his soul in Hell." Mr. JONES? Rec?"Comfort ye my people." Air?"Every valley shall he exalted." Rec?"Tny rebuke hath brokeu his heart." Air?"Behold and see if there be any sor row." Rec?"Unto which of the Angels." Air?"Thou ahaltb'eak them?' Mr. BROUOH?. ..Rec?"Thus saiihthe Lord." Air?"But who may abide." " "For behold darkness shall cover the earth." Rec?"Behold 1 tell you a mystery." Air?"The Trumpet shall sound." Mr. MEYER?... " "Thou art gone up on high." " -'Why do the Nations so furiously rage." Grand Finale? "Worthy is the Lamb"?Amen. Tickets $1 each, for sale at the priecipal Music Stores, at the Bookstore of Saxtou St Miles, Broadway; Geo. F. Nesbitt's, corner of Wall and Water streets; and at the door of the Taber nacle 123 2lec ANGLE SEA SINGERS. rpHIS BAND of European Harmonists, ere now on their wsy Z lo this Country. They intend visiting the principal cities in the United States, where they will enchant the lovers of good music with Songs, Glees, Chorusses, Sic., in their own language, and also in English, which they have practiced in contemplation of visiting this country. They will appear in their native costnme. Due notice will be given Of their arrival. f2l Ifec PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. THIRD SEASON, 1844--5. E GOVERNMENT of the above Society, begs leave to announce to the Subscribers, ihat the THIRD CONCERT of the season will take place at the Apollo Rooms, on Saturday, March 1st, 1845. To commences! 8 o'clock precisely. Subscribers can obtain the extra tickets,'to which they are en titled, by applying to Messrs. Scharfeuberg It Luis, 361 Broad way, near Frankliu street. By order, 121 4tts*ris WM. SCHARFENBERG, Secretary. THE ??- ant GERMAN SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. rPHK GRAND CONCERT, iu aid of the Charitable Kund A of this Society, will Kike place ou SATURDAY, the 8th of Msreh. 1845, at the Tabernacle, on which occasion the fol lowing eminent talent will appear, vii.? sionoka rosin a pico, MR. WM. SCHaRkENBEROJ "id* MR. THEGD. W. GKONEVELDT, , _ (Clarionet.) A number of Gentlemen Amatenrs have kindly consented to sing several German Choruses, and an Orchestra of Sixty Per formers, composed principally of Members of the New York Philharmonic Society, will execute the following pieces, vix:? The celebrated Symphony in C minor... by Beethoven Overture to Eiugal'sCave by K. Mendelsohn Bartholdy. Overture to Derhreischutz by C. M. Von Weber. The Instrumental Performances will be under the direction of Mil. U. C. HILL. Tjie'Conceit will commence at 8 o'clock precisely. Tickets, at tl each, may he had at all the principal Music Stores, at the door on the evening of the Concert, and of the un designed:? COMMITTEE. C.H. Sand, Thaod- Victor, Wm. Scharfeuberg, Dr. Gescheidt, C. R. Degen, H. K. Moring, A. Belmont. Ernest Fiedler. K. W. Hake man, f!9to8Mr ee G. Vora Banr, E. Pavenstedt, F. A. Spies, Professor Tellkampf, F. S. Schleeinger, Charles Perabean, Dr. HmscImI, A. Rn lewald, Leo|<old Uierwirth. RIBLO'H GRAND SALOON, FOR CONCERTS AND BALLS Price for Ball ? r?c??(*25 Price for Concern. (E7"THE ARGUS GRAND MILITARY BALL takes place at Niblo'e Saloon, on Monday, February 14th. [^THE INDEPENDENCE GUARD Grand Military all takea place at Niblo'a Saloon, on Wednesday, February ?5t?uJrHK- MOI^??MKRV GUARD Grand . Military Ball takea place at Niblo'e Saloon, on Monday, March 3d. E7"THE ST. DAVID'S SOCIETY will hold their Annual Festival at Niblo'e, on 1 uesday, March 4th. Dinner to be on the Table at J o clock. Tickets to be had of the Stewards. jaJOrc D. C. COLDEN, President. LECTURES ON SHAKESPEARE, HUDSON will give a Third Lecture, , n Shakireare'x Age, on Geciue, and on Mr. Hume's Critici*irs, in the So ciety- Library Room, rhia evening, Monday, at 7>g o'clock. Admittance 68 cents?Genii' man and t ?o Ladies SI?taken at the door. f24 u?ec SOCIALIST FESTIVAL AND BALL! IN CONSEQUENCE of the nuroerons enquiries respecting the above, the Committee respectfully inform the public thai the Second Ball of the Season will take plare on Tuesday, Frl> 23tli, at the Broadway House, corner of Grand street and Rinad w ay. Ticke?s can be had of J Hooper, 43 Liberty street, and at the Hall on Sunday evening. Gentlemen 60 cents, Ladies 26 cents, lucluding refreshments Doors open at half paat 6 o'clock f21 3t8tVHkTe*rc BILLIARDS. THIS must he teen to he helieved?the bill I is played at fig 2, riius to 3 to 4, to 6, to 6, to 7. to 8, to9, to 10 and tiy play ers to 11 and II. The above angles can be made in one blow. The Tables are up for playing or sale at 149 Fulton, or IH H?r pinyiUK "* ??nr at ?oj ruiwii. ui 17% __ Ann street. The maker will bank for true Ira Table for Table, against any |ierson liviug. 11 lm*m WANTED FOR CASH?A double set of Harness, and ? mod- rn bu'lt RocUnway Wagon, for lamily use, all in excell ut ordc. Apply at 114 Gran i street, between 8 ?ml 10 o'clock, A M. 3t?e: T OST?On S turdav evening. 22d iusf , TWO LEATHER 1-t TRUNKS, marked K. M., w lule eoing from Dnnmngs' to Dry Dock, by way of Courtlandt, C huham, East Brosdwsy and Colatnbiastreets. Any |iers hi giving sueh i formst'on as insv lead to the discover.- of ihe Trunks, will be liberally re warded Address f. MOORE. P-sr Office ft3 2i*rc P VCKET SHIP ROSCIU8 from I i rrpnol-ls discharging ? nniler g-neral ord- r at Orleans wharf, loot of Wall str-et ? Consignee, will please atlrud to the receipt of their goods im media'ely. At KET SHIP H> i X' I INGUER from Liverpool?Cor signers per this vessel will please take notice, that she is ills chatgiug under geueral nrd?r, at west tide Barling Slip I er mits may he tent ou board, or to C72 WOODHULL fc VIINTURNS. 87 South street. -NOTICE MESSRS. fcCOBTAR, Kashionahle Hatters, will exhibit on the 1st March, 1816, at their Sales Room, 168 Br adway "Tha Spring Fashion for Gentlemen - Hals. Alto, a variety of n?w styles of Caps for Spring Ia3 6111*00 FOR SALE A FOUR WHEELED CARRIAGE. <>l an elegant eon itruction, for two horses ?Apply to R. t , at the dtsk of this orace, tOTiWtner |Mrticul*rs. *23 lw*ro FOR SALE, rpHK FURNITURE of a three story house, oulv three year-, 1 in use bv a private family, cnniisting of every thing nt t in nse by a private family, consisting of every thing ht lor a genteel res-dence The owner con'amtdatea giving up house keeping, and it will 1* sold cheap in bulk for cask.?Applv to R ,at the desk of ihis oflice. f23 lw'rc EXPRESS NOTICE Livingston, well r pomehov. have mmoy-id then Express Omre ftom No. 1 to No. 8 Wall sueei. f 16 J wis rc NEW YORK UNITED SOCIETY OF JOURNEYMEN CABINET MAKERS AHIV.riAL MEETING of the above Society will l e held at their room, 102 Bayard stmt, on Mond*v? Kebnjnry the 24th at half-paat 7 P.M. in order to uh* iwto consideration the beit mean* that can be adopted, to assist.those wh ? may h? c?.m|?elled to leave their employ in support ??f their pre s. WM. ?? K.Ti .Preeide t. 8. HUOHK8, Secretary, 121 Tl f22 2t8tkM* rc Dkpot d* kau BE t;on?ONfc John h palio. dealer in Imitation Precious Stones, Venetian and Bone* mian Beads, francr (flees Buttons, kc.. No III William *tr*?t,Naw York. f* Imaod'er BY I HE SOUTHERN MAIL Washington [Correspondence of the Heruld ] Washington, Feb 21, 1845. Mr. Polk still keeps within his own bosom his thoughts about men who are to enter his Cabinet. I now begin to doubt if he will divulge his views on the subject until after he is inaugurated. No man ever elevated to the chief magistracy of the (Jnion has conducted himeelt more widely and pru dently than he has both during and since the cam paign that has resulted in his election. The latest news atloat in Washington is that nobody know* who are to be Cabinet Minister!. 1 should'nt won der if it continued to be the latest till slier Colonel Polk has taken his oath in the presence of hiB lel low citizens at the Capitol of the United States to support the Constitution. He continues, for u brief period on each day, to receive company. 1 understand Mr. Packingham, :he British minister, paid him a visit to-day. The news which reached here this morning in a public form, which recorded the intrigues of the British for the purchase of California, has created much conversation in political circles Some of the whigs want to deny it, saying it has been started for the purpose of influencing the action of the Se nate on the Texas question. Th?*v may m?<ke any surmises they please? n nevertheless pnft3tly true, and any member of Congress has it in his power to satisfy himself of i's correctness it he chooses Capt Rynders, J. N Parrulee.nnd Messrs. Noah and Gansevoort Melville, are among the last arri vals from the North. It will surprise many of the friends as well as the enemies of Texas annexation, to learn ihat Mr. Mertick, the whig Senator from Maryland, made a very able speech to day in favor ot the House re solutions. He was followed by Mr. Huntington in some very severe remarks in allusion to Mr. Col quit. and was called to order by the Chair. Judge Colquit explained ; v hen Mr. Huutington pro ceeded. We want many other measures of reform, but if we get the postage hill it is all we can reasonably expect at this session The weather here has become as warm as May or June. a. rumor prevails in town that an organized De mocratic Committee of this city, waited on the Presidentelect, yesterday, and he declined to re ceive the gentlemen in that capacity; but would be very glad to see them individually as his fellow citizens, and as individuals. I do not know any thing a to its truth. Washington continues daily to fill up with peo ple Irom all sections of the Union. General Cass arrived this morning in the cars, and met with a kind and cordial reception from his old associates and friends in the Capitol and elsewhere. General Armstrong is rot so well to-night?some fever has supervened. Yovrs, Sandy Hook. Thk Capitol, Washington, Saturday. Annexation Certain?Despatches from England? Calhoun. J as. G. Bennett, Esq. : The Senate wb6 still occupied with the annexa <ioa question to-day, Senator Ashley, of Arkansas, leading off with a strong and powerful argument in tavor of the passage of the treaty resolutions. He was followed by Senator Dickinson of New York. They will pass the Senate,and Texas will be added to the bright constellation of liberty?so says Sena tor Mangum, the President of the Senate, who, although opposed to the measure, is convinced of the correctness of this opinion. The only demo cratic Senator believed to be hostile, is Senator Tappan of Ohio, an abolitionist. Despatches l-om England were received to day by the State Department, of interest?particulars lo-morrow. Mr. Calhoun stands perfectly aloof in the contest tor the formation of the cabinet. He represents no clique, no faction, and asks nor de aires nothing but what is right and will submit to nothing wrong. TWKNTY-HSIOHTII CONGRESS, SECOND SESSION. I In Senate. Wabhngton, Feb. 22, 1845. After prayer, by the Rev. Mr. Dailxy, (the read ing of the journal being dispensed with,) sundry unimportant petitions were presented. Various adverse reports upon private cases were then agreed to. The Senate bill from the House, allowing draw backs upon foreign merchandize exported in the original packages to Chihuahua, and Santa Fe in Mexico, was taken up. Mr. Huntington said, that the amendments of the House to this bill had changed the whole sys tem of drawbacks The amendments, therefore, required special consideration, and he moved ac cordingly that the bill be referred to the Commit tee on Commerce. Agreed to. After consideration of several bills, incidentally, the Senate took up The bill providing for appeals in caeep cf bank ruptcy ; and on an amendment by Mr. Woodbury, for restricting such appeals to decisions hereafter made (as understood.) A discussion was elicited, in which Mr. Woodbury, Mr Dickinson, Mr. Ber rien, and Mr Choate were the participants; all except Mr. Woodbury being opposed to tiie amend ments, when Mr. W suggested that the bill be laid aside informally, which was agreed to. A hill for repealing the act for the better rcaula tion of the District Courts in Louisiana w?s passed, and several oilier bills of a local and private char acter, when the Senate resumed the special order, to wit: the House resolutions for ANNEXING TEXAS TO THE UNITED STATES, and the adverse report of the Committee of For eign Relations of the Senate theredn. Mr Huntington, from last evening, resumed the floor in continua'ion of his remarks Leaving the constitutional question, he said he should now con sider the considerations connected with the expe diency of this measure. Did we want Texas ! Were we cramped for room! Had we no lands lor the swelling increase of our population! Wbeje was the vast territory, still unoc cupied, of the five Statesoi Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas, to say nothing ot Iowa and Wisconsin 1 What did we want with the lands of Texas! The Senator from Missouri, (Col Benioi ,) at the last seseton, in executive consideration of the Tyler treaty, had said, as reported in one of his speeches, that the territory ot Texas wss under mortgage for the redemption otthe debts of Texas; that it was covered over with scrip, and grants, and titles, and pre-emptions, and bounties, and so forth; and the Senator from Missouri doubtless understood ihe question us well, il not better, than any other Sen ator on this fl ior And has lie not declared to us that, from his information, ihe whole of the terri tory of Texas proper was covered over with scrip ! Mr. H. then e'aboruted the difficulties arising from the settlement of the debts of Texas, either with or without the assumption ol her lands; for in either case the Federal Government must become responsible for the txpott facto liabilities et the State of Texas, whatever their amount. We should have difficulty, too, in the settlement of the boundary with Mexico?perhsi* war And whHt were we to gain in reality from this annexation 1 The House resolution proposes that Texas shall surrender to the United Slates all her dock-yards, navy and n*vy-yards, Acc , which Mr H. admitted were not very extensive?they were put in ihe bill, but they were not very extensive. We would gain exacily nothing from the acquisition of this territo ry, and we should have all the costs to liquidate. The Senator from Pennsylvania, (Mr Buchanan,) had said that he did not like the House resolution because"of the want of adequate provisions respect ing the public lands, and the Indian relations which will grow out ot the annexation gTOpsetd ; but the Senator says that l-t us pass this measure and we can agree upon the terms hereafter. What would be th" result of the concession, if cairied cut! M'ght it not lend to the assump'ion ot all the re sponsthilittesof Texns by future arrangements! Mr. H.s.tid that his friend from Tennessee (Mr Foster) hHd declared that he nevrr would accede to a measure tor the annexation of Texas, unless with a special clause providing against the possibility of an assumption ot her debts. Yet with the cone*s sion of the Senator from Pa? and the admission of the dnctnne of repeal or amendment, wher* r?s the security against this assumption! Mr. 11 next descanted upon the expected contingency ol a " ar with Mexico, and said he had a number ot Irturs Irom men of commercial business expressing their apprehensions of such a war, and asking his opin ion and advice, Ac. Mexico was a weak nation, hut what dangers could she not inflict upon our commerce, by ihe issue of her letters ol marque mil reprisal, by her paichincnts, authorizing in her name privateers ol all nations, to prey upon the ships ot our commercial marine! Mr H. look is sue with Mr. Buchanan, on ihe several proposi tions?that the admission of Texas would quiet the jealousies and divisions excited in the popular mind?that it was called for by an expression of the popular will?that it would s< ttle the question ofslavery?that it would give us the monopoly of he cotton market of the world?that it would pro mote. the navigating and nmnufac unng interests ol the Berth and the east. lTpon all sad singular of these propositions, Mr. H. dissented from the ?Senator front Pa , and in respect ol the navigation and Coalmen* ol Texas, Mr. 11. conceived that we would not gain much either with ?r without annexation. Texas had a single port accessible to small vessels, and a doxen of sloops would guffioe for her export* and imports tor years to conic Regarding the increase ot irade to Northern manufacturers, he believed 'hat abon'

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