Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 25, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 25, 1845 Page 3
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end importing State in the Union. A little morn than onMhird of thP valor of the exporia lor the trailed Ststes wax from this State, ami shout two third* the value of the iinporta into the country entered at porta in thia State Louiaiana comea ?pxt in expoits, and Maaaachuaetta in import*. There Were nearly aa many Teasels engaged in the commerce of this Stiie for th" year ending June 10, 1844, aa in the commerce of ail the other State* We annex table* ehow ing the ipimher of Teasels, amount of tonnage, and num ber of men and boy*, engaged in the commerce of the United Statea American and Foreign Tonnage eNOAoid in the Com merce or the United State* eor the Fear ending June 30, 1811. VESSELS CLEARED. ? , Crew. . fessels. Tons. Men. Boys American 8.3U 2,010,914 99,300 3,108 Foreigu..., 5,506 906,814 55 675 961 Total 13,843 2,917,738 131,375 4,072 Of which, to? Cut>> 1,296 232,206 10,827 161 England 897 501,329 17,553 244 British Weit Indie*... 1.031 150,355 7.G09 190 Canada 4,566 978,229 67,118 2,818 lirazrl 233 18,066 2,226 41 VEIIEI.* ENTERED. . Crew . Vesstls. Tons. Men. Boys. American 8,148 1,977 438 97,459 3,121 Foreign 5,577 916 992 55,918 1,004 Total 13.725 2,894,430 153,107 4,125 Of the torticn vessels which entered were ? British 5,030 766,747 49,168 956 iUiHealic ??? 135 52 669 2,239 19 Saedlth 110 34,766 1,353 4 Freuch 55 17,257 760 10 Ot the tonnage engaged in the commerce cf thia coun try about two-ibird* were American and one-tbird fo reign. Ot the number of vessels which entered, but a little more than one-half were Amerirrn. Advinea trom Springfield, Illinoia?the aeat of govern ment?announce the arrivrl of Col Oakley, the State Commissioner, Mr. Leavitt, president of the American Exchange I) -uk of thia city, and Governor John Davis ol Massachusetts They had not officially communicated with the legislature nor discioaed the nature ot th- pro position which they arc authorized to make. It was rumored in Springfield, that the foreign boudholdera re quired u tax to be levied to an amouut equal to three per cent intereat on the whole of the atate debt, provided the state is able to bear it; if not, then they fall by degreia until they get down to the half of one per cent. This latt Hum being the smallest they are willing to recognize as a partial payment of the interest of the state debt. In ad dition to this,certificates of stock on bond* are to be issu ed bjr the sta'e to the amouut of $1,600 000, payable ex dusively from the proceeds of the sales of the cauel bunds and property, and the revenue derived from the canal alter its completion. Old Stock Kxchange. $5000 U 8 5'*, '53 104 50 shas Canton Co ?30 52V 10500 Ohio 6's, '60 98V 25 do *30 52V 3000 do 98V 50 do 52V J 500U Peno'a 5's 73V 75 ilo 52 V 200u Illiuois spot bds 41V 100 do b30 53 2000 do 41V 25 do 52V 6 shas Bk Com. scrip 96V 50 L Ialand RR *30 79V t ilk of NY 122 300 do 79V 60 Farmers'Tr 39V 50 do b30 80 100 do h30 39V 75 Stonington KK 43 50 do b30 39V 200 do 42V 800 do 39? 100 do btO 12V 250 do 39V 150 do blO 43 100 do blO 39V 50 Nor and Ware 72 100 do *30 39V 50 do *30 72 425 Morri* Canal 30>i 75 do 72V 150 do b30 31 150 do atw 72V 150 do b60 31V 50 do 72 V 225 do 30V 25 do 72X 100 do b90 32 200 do b30 73 20 K Boston Co 12 25 do tw 73 10 F.rie RR 30 50 Mohawk KK 65V 401 Harlem RK 72 25 do C5V 50 do b60 73 Second Board* $5*00 Ohio 6'* 98V 50 East Boston 12V 10000 I'euu'a 5's 73V 50 Nor and Wore *30 72V 50 alia* Morris Canal 30V 50 do 72V 50 do 30V 50 do 72V 25 do 30V 50 Nor and Wore 1)60 73 50 d i 30V 19 Stonington KK 42V 50 do b60 31 50 do b3 42V 25 do snV 75 Harlem KK 72V 25 Farmers' Tout 39V 25 Canton Co 52V 75 Harlem RK 72>| flew Stock Kichanga. 125 slias Farmers' Tr 100 do 25 do 100 do 50 do 150 do 25 do 25 do 26 do 50 do 50 Morris Canal 25 Pateraon HK 25 Stan nig ton KK b3 39V 39.V 50 *has L Island RK 79V 150 do 79V b3 39V 150 do C 79V bnw 40 50 do ?15 79V blO 40 50 do bnw 80 *3 39V 250 do *30 79V *3 39V 75 do btw 79V *3 39V 26 do b3U 80 ? 15 39V 100 do bnw 79V C 39V 25 Nor and Wore c 72V ?30 30 V 25 do *3 72V C 85V 25 do b3 72V C 42V 50 do 72V State or Trade. Ashes?Pots continue in very limited demand, and we ftlill quote $3 93} a $4, (or old and new. Beeswax ? Prime yellow sella an wanted, at 29} a 29}c. The demand i? very limited. Breadstuffs.?There i* no change in (hi* market. Southern flour remains at $4 63}; western, $4 76 a 4 93}. Cotton?The market exhibited a quiet feeling to-day, buyers appearing determined not to pay tne rates at pre sent demanded. The sales amount to 1 300 bales, part of which was taken from the wharf. Hay?Sties of common qualities are made at 66 a 68 \ Whhrf.y?Diu Ige casks are dull at 33s. Western and prison barrels are in limited demand at 33 a 28}c. Real Kstatk?At Auction?Two story frame house 17 Elizabeth st, lot 36 by 94 ft,. $3336 Three story brick dwelling and lot 8 Beach st, lot 37 ft iront, 36 rear, 76} it deepon one side, 69} ihe other; house 37 by 49, with a back building 13} It deep 9400 Two story frame hous; corner Spring and Thomp son ft; lot 30 it by 63, house 30 by 36, with a sta ble iu the rear 4700 No. 160 Spring st, adjoining, lot 30} ft front, 63} ft det p. with frame house 30} by 33} tt 3900 No. 168, adjoining 31} ft front by 64 ft deep, with two story brick houseSI} by 36 ft 3476 Three story brick house aud lot 166 Adams street, Brooklyn; lot 34} by 97] ft; house 43 ft deep.... 4600 Caitlk Market.?At market, 900 beel cattle; (800 from the south,) 136 cows and calves, 1,000 sheep. Prices?Beef cattle are dull of sale at our last week's figures, which we continue. Left over, 100. Cows?Sales at $13 to $38; extra at $36. Left over, 16. Sheep?We quote $1 60 to 3 60, $6 for extra. Hay?A large supply at 60 a 76 cents per cwt. Foreign Markets. Matanzas, Feb. 18.?I wrote you of the shortness of the crop here in my last, but the falling oft' is now proved to be tar beyond all calculations; there will not be one half thecropot last year; the worst accounts are coming in daily, such as 300 boxes being yielded only from (states making over 1900 lsst year, and 60 boxes fiom another mak>bg over 1000 last year; 18 hbds. from an estate mak ing 300 lsst year; 160 from another making 660 lastyeai} The fact is, the cane gives nothing at all?it has no juice the drought injured it, and the hurricane finished it. I have been told that on some estates it takes thirty cart loads of cane to make the same quantity ol sugar which ten cartloads made last year Of Muscovado sugars there will be comparatively nothing made around here. The sugar estates are hoping to make something, but will tnost probably be disappointed when they como to grind The accounts from the south side give as bad results there as here, if not worse American produce dull: no freights yrt Molasses, 1} rls at which holders are firm, expecting from the search y a rise; it comes in very slow ly. sad us the crop will be very short indeed, no doubt but it will advance. Not more than one-fourth of the quautity shipped last year at this time has gone iorwotd now. Exchange, 3 a 3} per cent prem. 60 days; sterling, 00 day bills on London, 13 per centprcm. Rice,7} rs; lost sales io Havana, 7} a 7} rs. Died, On Monday morning, 34th Inst after a short and severe illness, Sophia Bulloss, late ol Sheffield, England, aged 11 years and 6 months. The relatives and friends ol the family are invited to attend her funeral, to-moirow afternoon at 4 o'clock from the residence of her nncle, Mr. (leorge Johnson, 33 West Thirteenth ltreet, without further invitation. On Monday, 34th inat. William, son of William and Jane Dawnes, aged 3 years and 19 days. Their friends and acquaintance, as also the members of Pherux Assembly No 1, of the Benevolent Order of Be reans, am respectlully invited to attend the luneral, this ?afternoon at 4 o'clock, from 18 Chesnut street. On Monday 34th inst. at Brooklyn, Charles Monioo mf.ry, son oi Robert and Marietta Thorburn Funeral to take place tbis afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from I'ark avenue, near Carlton avenue On Monday. 34th lust suddenly, Marion Rak, wife ol Henry / . At\ld, ol 378 Broome street. Weekly l<ei>ort of Dentlta la the city and county of NewYork.from the 15th day of Feb 1846, to the 22d day of Feb 1845. 27 Men?39 Women?52 Boys?52 Oi rls.?Total, 173. diseases. Abscess, 2; Apoplexy, 6; Asthma, 2; Bleeding, 1; Cancer, 1; Casualties, 2: Consumption, 30; Convulsions, 15; Csoup, 6; Debility, J; Dropsy iu I lie head, 10; Drowned, 1; Dysen'ery I; Epilepsy, 3; fever, bilious, I; Fever, Inflammatory, I; do puerperal, I; Fever, remittent, I; Fever, scarlet, 4; Fever, ty phus, 2; Hooping cough, t; luflammarjon of Brain. 4; tuftsin ?nation of bowels, 4; Inflammation of chest, t; inflammation ol heart, 1; Inflammation of lungs, 25; 'nil ?inmariou of sto mach. ?; Influerza, !; I.u-s venerea, 2: Marasmus, 6; Measles, 10; Old age,I; Palsy, 3; I're,nature birth, 1; Rheumatism, I; *cr fuls, 1; Small poi, 4; Spinal disease, I; Teething. 3; Tu mor, 1; Ulcet thin of throat, 1; Unknown, 2; Varioloid, t. AnE?Under 1 year 48; I to 2 years 26; 2 to 5, 25; 5 to 10, 6; JO to 20, 5; 20 to 38,14; 3u to 40,19; 40to50, I8;50to60,3. 60 to 70, 3; 70 to 80, 5; 8" to 90, I. , ,ELI LEAV1TT, City Inspector I ttv Inspector's Office, Feb. 22 1*45 Passengers Arrived. Canton?Ship Oneida?Mrs Tripp. Havre?Packet ship Sully?B de Pontauhe, A Lederrsy?4 in ill- steerage. New Orli sns?Ship Orleans?Mrs Htanabury, Mrs Clark, .bliss Claik, Mr Corliran?6 in the steerage. Passengers Hailed. London?Packet shin Quebec?John Burgardt, Mr Hill, Francis Button. Foreign Importations. Canton?Ship Oneida?13 cases silk Carv 8t co?60 pkgs tea 2 eases mdse A A Low?6 bases chins ware Gordon St Talbot? 3 rolls niaitiiiv C L Oary?1 pkg cliina wsieJJ Boitdick?57 do da ,N N iVn dell?20 do J T B ddwin?4b cams silk J M Lang ham?137 do 27 rases grass cloth 1000 hf chests ponchong tea II r.uet pearl hut'ons 10 do fans 8 dp fishing lines B -lie It "roll? I Ihis mdse ltohiuann It co? I C lVkerssi'l? 2 l' Bartlet'?5 Cs silk 15 hoses tea 10 do china ware 2 do mdse L Tripp? 37 cases copper 10,13! pits tea 102 rasis silk I do grass cloth 42 pks chins ware 10 hss mrlae to order. ('*NTON-8hip ami McKim?896 pkgs t*a 48 cases grass el th 2 I) do silks 8 cks c ir-.phor 2200 lire cr irkcrs 182 rolls mat ling :#.6? m isr issia 1800 lbs old Copier 19 ca-rs mdse (lowland 8t aspiuwsll?2 pkgs mrlae J Burslev? 3 cases do 4 do preset vrs Havre?Ship Sully?j pkgs Ballin Ik Sander?2.5 Jolly k f'i-ies?16 I A IV trie? I E M Dsriss?3 F' 8 eldtin 8t CO-45 M iimoz't -St Snath? 3 Re-aid 6t co?3 Ely It Hamsun?5 1' Jaffrav 10 W H i hompson?15 E B Strange It Brothers?3 l ..lit ll it Fleming-I Deraistnei St Bnigaiil?7 A H -Stewart St 1 o?I 0 t eigne Inn?1 P Brer.?10 U de Jrernois ft co? 11 H I' Duflol, FMs 8t co?10 1' A Breithaupt It Chum?1 A Lagous ? 36 ' urUn St Lanson-52 I'mlier St Dambntann?I R F'. Rvbraw ?48 F" Coltenet?8 Mnraii St Iselin?7 Schmidt It Andie?6 Be card fcOsgon ?I P Uupre? I F. Derhaus?2 A H Waul It co? 4 ' 1 14 ogiuird Si co?7 C !signi ur It co?i Hs-ed It Taylor? tSill St Thompson?f LCook It co?31 C Payne?I O Vsret?7 Cail leaux, Kilt. Boleliac It eo?? Cushan It Kinson?4 W MrKre 8c CO?1 Allen, Hazeu 8c co-C Lane 8c l.ampiou?1 Matters. Mar koe 8c co?8 R H Haight He eo?1 Harrison It co?1 E M Da vit?13 Charraud, Rchluinpf It Hiebrr?5 L D Moran? j Thos Hunt 8c Co?I C M Tliomct?6 H Cherrolst It Co?21 K Sheldon?12 Cailleuv. Kilt Lai iliac It Co?T4 J N P Kelix? 100 haslets wiii* Cazet St Antoine?1 c?t? J H Saudt?5 Wiufer hoff Pe|ier it Karcli?3 J Dmne- 1 P Spieznr?9 H Etcher?13 A Seitii'-t e It Co?3 L D Vloran?2 Hook It Towuseud?8 Pe tr el It Blair?J Little, Alden It Co?4 8 Colbz 8c Co?1 Town send Sharpleas It Sou?5 Mortimer 8c (Jan try?3 K Sheldon It Co ?5 Vandervoort It Hay ward?10 Ely It Haulsou?i Wight Si urges It Shaw?30 Marie It Deconel? 2 B li Wainwright?2 Biehtlc Say in?3 P Manuel?4 Etcher?I J Thorpecksr St Co? 4 Wolf It Hautanburx?12 L B Curls It Co?5 Ed*a'di It Stoddard?6 K Hourdeyuerd?23 J 44 It E Bolter?200 baskets wine C Mellette?10(1 do C Herdt?2 cases Hepler It Co? 3 Meyer?'J K Hteiuheil?t Richards, Bastctt It Aborn?2 W II Mann It co?12 J B'ckStco?8 8 Lu.iuc* It Noel?8 (iibnm It co?2 Smith It.Summer?7 8 Downer?7 Usmer It co?2 li U English?20 T Mail! <ird It eo?4 J E Hyde It co?1 E Brese? 8 Brese It Hccse-^-3 ' ewis It Kaiiman?1 E Baker It co? Ahrcnf-ldt?7 C Vezeu?2 li He's ub rg?7 I.achuire It Kanchi ?2 O Benard?3 Roger (iuikanoue?3 J Beck?3 Moran It be ?in?6 Lorsch gk St Wiseudonek?18 Laurent Brothers?13 Lord?1 J Vagnin?1 V Bi hop?12 M (Jourd?I H K-bfer? I Cerf Beer, May?3 K Bossa ig?25 Bailing It Brittn?3 8 KoVn sliamin?6 Howland k Aspinwal ? 2 E Wieneke?5 Bouc?aii Russet?2 J 8 Si x?1 H Wiener?19 J A Voissiu?2 Reiiuer it Meeke? 3 Borr It Hchuchardl?48 Benkard It lluttr.n?2 K E Raberu?16 A Btev?I A H Wal'er?19 8piei, Cluist It co? 2 Preuss It Mauuel?2 J M Duffeldt?7 R (iuillaume It co?18 W Pehl?2 I Peck It co?1 Harnden It co?1 8 E Low?1 Nan ning It Koster?1 W H M?nn?1 Cumming, Main It co?I W It 8 Phipps It co?I A Dales me?I W Lewis?2 U W Warreu St co?2 (.heater. Clark It co?I Marian It Beuard?1 Jones 8t Wa terhury? 1 W H Lee?I Wiley It I'uinain?1 J Napier? 1 Viator It Achilles?I Young It Smith?1 A H Ward It co?1 P Murray ? I C Engler?I Schnchirdl, Kavre It co?1 H Babad?2 Boeriug St Witte?2 B-nkard St Hutton?2 Bicar, Benjamin Itco?1 J A Rhodes?1 J P Woodhead?1 Clark It Weat?6 Steele, Dexter It Bush?1 C Vilrde?I (filbert Kreres?2 Wight Sturges It Shaw ?1 Kontaiue It co?14 Moran It Isrlin?12 lleuardltco?26 do to order. Domestic Importations. N?w Orm.sns?Shin Kalamazoo?333 bales cotton Draper It Devlin?402 Marchant St Hastings?30 Barstow, Pope It co?203 De Khain It Moore?2611 (ioodhue It Co?304 Scherinerhorn It Marsh?60 pes baggiugbO coils rype Burritt It Johnson? II hlida tobacro J Hunter?4 boxes do Lippincott It Anthony?1940 pigs lead C H t'ogers-833 do J McCullonfch?317 bbls molasses M Holmes?40 hhils tobacco ( rocker It Warren?103 do 7 hhds sugar Peck It Vanb^rgeu?3 bbls do R Townsenu?10 hhds do 21 tcs molasses D K Littell?13 hhds sugar Crocker It Warren? 39 do Lawrence, Hill It co?20 J Mathew s It co? '33 kegs 25 bbls lard Macy It Holilredge?400 boxes 230 half do 1212 qr do raisins Draper It Devlin?328 h tiis J It K Milbank?I I bbls 4 boxes to bacco Ljjipincott It Anthony. Ntw Orleans?Ship Orleans?1 box mdze Sehruger, Hoyt It CO?36 hales coptoii James Reyburn?19 b igs feathers Ureuunay, Henry It Smith?102 hhds sugar Howlaud 8t Aspinwall?321 do Robert It Williame?68 bales cotton Burritt It Johnson?124 bbls pork 10 do tallow 26 do lead 48 do lard J M Reed?10 tcs 23 sacks lDx seed Macy It Ho'drige?10 do beaf 10 bbls pork Kutls It Son'?87 bales cotton O K Darby?103 hhds sugar Mager It Btraher?100 bbls molasses Claik St co?3 ICS medical boobs J Michel hausen?I box tug r N Durand?40 do candles Hnss y It Mackey? 30 hlids sugar Halstow It Po[i??64 bags feailieis J Matthews It co?5c3 mdz 247 bales cotton 60 do clover teed, to order. MARITIME HERALD. Ship 8!ait?ri aril Agents. V/e shall esteem it a lavor if Captains of Vessels wnl gi e to Koiikrt Silvky, Captain of our News Boats, a report i f th? shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vrsie s spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any forequ newspapers, or news they may hare. Agents and Correspon dent! at lion e or abroad, will njso conlVr a favor I17 sending to this office any .Marine Intelligence they may receive. PORT OK MKW YORK, FKBRl'AilY 513. ....6 31 1'i.aon risks .10 31 . ..5 29 I Hito w.n tx ... ,.10 43 Clea red. Shins Cotton Planter, Pratt, Ap&Iarhicola, E D Hurlbut k Co; Sutton, Galloway .'Charleston, ()ri Sutton.?Barque May Flower, Hitchcock, Apalachicola, E I) Hurlbut k Co?Brigs Caucasian. Watt. Cardenas. Ntsmith k Walsh; Billow, Law rence, St Marks. Fla do; Clinton, Lyon, Savannah, Sturges k Clearman.?Schrs Lynchburg, Mathias, Richmond, Allen Ik Pax'On; ^nn D, Bedell, Norfolk, Sturges kClearinin; Bss'nn. Collins, end Lycurgns, Wilietts, Philadelphia, Wm J McKec k Co. ArrlvM. Ship Ann McKim. Vasmer, from Whamnoa, Nov 19, and Masao 20th, passed Anjier Dec 7, with teas, kc to Howland Ik Aspin wall. Spoke Jan 10, lat 31 50 8, Ion 21 30 E, ship St Paul, of Salem, from Manilla, 61 days out, all well. Shin Oneida, Tripp, from Canton and Macao, Nor 15, with tens. Ike. to Grinnell, Minturn Ik Co. Packet ship Sully, Edgar, from Havre, Jan 10, with mdse, to Fox k Livingston. Ship Oswego, Wood, from Fayal, with mdse, to Josiah Macy Ik Son. Ship Kahmaxoo, McCerran, 11 davsfrom New Orleans, with cotton, Ike. to D Ik A Kingsland k Co. Sailed in co with ships St Mary, and Orleans, and barque Geuesee. for NYork. Ship Orleans, Sears, 11 days from New Orleaus, with cotton, to Wm Nelson. Swedish brig Cecilia, Liunberg, from Alexandretta and Mes sina 83 days, with 3 cases silk 7 bags nutgall 259 do linseed 207 bales wool to Dutilh It Cousiuery. Has experienced severe weath'f on the coast; 3d inst. durii g a very heavy gale of wind, a boy unfortunately fell overboard and was drowned?every ex ertion was made to save him, but in vain. Spoke Feb II. lat 31 50, Ion 58, Swedish schr Experiment, (und-rstood) from Buenos Avres for Boston, out 60 days; 19th. lat 33 25, Ion 70, batque " Orphetin." (understood) of New Bedford, altering 8W. Rng Lawrence Copel-nd Baker, from Ber" uda 17th Feb., to William Nelson, with 38' hales co' Biche McEvers; 10 kegs arrow root, to A. P. Pt niston. I eft schr Alpine, Mer chant, of and fur Boston from Surinam; put in on the 20th, with loss of sails. Ship Vedora, Crockett, f r N. Orleans ihe 1st March The British mail steamer from Havana, just cm iug into port. At I A.M., morning of the 16th, the Swedish b lg Neptnnas, B. \ Borgnson 70 "ays from Trieste foi New York, ran oil the rocks, on 'h south side of ihe island a', day light. The wreckers commenced ligli ening her, by 'akiug ont the cargo, and at 4 P M., su needed in getting her off ihe rocks in o C's'le harbor, and would biing her to *r. IJ-oiges the neir day by sieamer. It wasVsiect-d ihe cargo would all ' e saved in good order, as they could keep her free hy help from shote. Lost'rudder fds- keel, f re foot, Ike The brig Chinchilla, anxiously expected from New York, hadnotarrited on the 17th Spokn nothing. Sch-Orozimbo, Sargent, 11 days from St Croix, to Nesmith k Walsb, with 85 hhds sugar 12 do molasses 30 puns rum lo Ay-mar k Co. Left ship Emily, Davis, wtg cargo; barque Ho saue, Hill, do. Schr Henry Clay, Martin. 2 days from Norfolk, with corn, ike to N L McCready Ik Co. Schr Oregon, Council, from Washiugton, NC. with naval sto es, to D L Bayre. Schr Amelia, Strang, 1 days from Baltimore, with mdse, to master. Schr J W Ksmpton, Osborn, from Nrrfolk, with corn and cotton, to Sturges 8t Clearman. Schr Leroy, Bedell, from Norfolk, with com, fcc. to Sturgas k Clearman. Schr C L Kogrrs, Salter, 4 days from Richmond, with coal, to master. Schr Aurora, Woodbury, from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr Ellen, from Say-brook, with mdse. lialow. Ship St Mary, Foster, It days from New Orleans, with cat ton, to Wm Ne'son. Swedish schr Hazard, from Leghorn, and last from Gibraltar 50 days, with rags, to Wm Weisser, A'so, 1 ship, 1 barque, 2 brigs. Sailed. Ships Eliza Ann, Cheever, Ease Indies; Quebec, Hebard, London; Rochester, Britten. and Hercules, Madigan, Liverpool: Panther, Cadiz; barques Diana, Hamburg; M W Biett, Avery, Neuritis; Ralph Cross, Glover, Gruoa; brigs Wm Nailson, Robinson. Port an Prince; Tarn O'-diuter. Thomas, Santa Martha; Democrat, Howes, f adiz; Wilson Fuller, (Savannah; en gene. Dnnkwater, Gibraltar; George. Charleston; Alfied Hamm-nd, Button, and others. Mlacellaneoua Record. Packet Ship Iowa, Lines, for Havre, will sail to-diy. Br. Ship Lono A'hrurtois ? A (ire broke out about two o'clock yesterday ul'ternnon on b >ard the Br ship Lord Aslibur ton, Capt Brown 'I he lire was discovered in the after part ol the ahip under he cabin lloor. The L A was neatly ready for sea, having ou board about 26C0 bales of cotton, about 500 bales of which are Sea Island. After the unavailing efforts toextin K'ah the fire by the lire dep utmeot, the ship waa towed from whirf to the opposite lide of the river, tear Hog Island channel. At about seven o'clock last evening, the (lie was sup posed to have been extinguished, but this morning smoke was discovered issuing from tor hold of the ship She now lies in the stream. It is the general impression that this fire was com munieated by an incendiary. She was not tcuitled and the lire was tiuslly extinguished ?[('ha leston Patriot. Fib 21. BrioThos Cutts.?Capt Moore, of the (.en Harrison, at Boston, reports?16th inst lat 34 36, Ion 64 40, fell in with the wreck of twig Tho< Cutts, Perkins, of Saco, from Boston! Jan 31) lor Matanzaa, in a sinking condition, and took off officers and crrw. eight iu number. The T C bad ei|terienc-d a ilea-y gale on 5th, lit 36 7, Ion ?, from S to SSE, in wlsirh she was knocked down, and compelled to cut away her mnsu, when she righted full of water. '1 lie crew had been on the wreck twelve ivs, suffering every priva ion. Brio Ci.ariois, Sng. tt, f om St Mark*, Fla with cotton, bound to N-w York, put into Wilmington, NC. 14th inst. in distiess-in a gile ou the 4th, sprang her rudder and mainmast, stove bulwarks, long boat, lost sails, and received oth-r damage. On the 4th Inst. lat 33 40, lou 74, saw schr Merchant, of Boston, in distress, having spnirg a leak, lest foie and ma.utail. stoic boat, quatter rail gone, next day saw her again, appare, tlv in ? ? piking c JL <1 it ion, was unable to render her any astiitsu*e as it wa-. impossible for a boat to get to li-r; saw Iter afterwards ou the aaine day. tunning off cinder ba e poles. On the 1 lti inat7, tell in with E E 8.,oil' Frying Pan Slu " a small vessel, ap parently a schr water-logged both masts gone, saw no person on It ard. A quantity <1 pitch, pine lumber and bids, and the week of a hoot t ear her. Brii: Motto, Williams, from Cardenas 4th inst, of and for I'oitland, made the laud at Kennebuuk Point, 21st inst, and in a thick fog, end mistook the Observatory for the one on Monut Joy, near Portland. Shortly after, steering! W by N. and with out s-eiug breakers, the brig struck on a ledge near the Fishing- j rocks. Aft-r staving deck lead "I 36 hhds of molasses, the brig came off with about lour feet water in the hold, and with loss of rudder, part of stern pest, kr. , and anchored. The few landed on the b-ach with all their clothing, he., Capt W. proceeded to Ksniithu k for assistance, winch was immMliately rendered hy about 20 men and 3 boats. After some hours of hard work they succeeded, at II P.M. in getting her to the mouth of Kennebnnk River, where she grounded, Completely water logged, and the water being up to the last tier of malices. The brig remained qniet dining the night, and the cargo was di<charging into gon dolas, with the protp ct of getting enough out, to enable the ji to get h. r in at noon 2'd prHR Byron, from the wreck of schr Re-side, lost on Long Isl -on, arrived nii^ Saiuidsy, w oh a 'oad uf the cargo saveilby 4I? (j0,"? shoes, some hats, paper, apples, kc The body of the R had been found uu the reef near Hunting ouuv in me iv Had been found uu the reef uear Huntington, and buried. Smr Cokstei.lation, Jackson, at Boston from Palermo, passed on ihe 8th inst. lat 30, loo 52, several pieces of wreck, such as spars, pieces of hull, pa,I of a white monkey rail, also about half a dozen iron bound qu irlrr casks, apparently wit r casks and lull. Judged the materials to belong to a ship. It blow iug hard conld not pick up any of them. Ponr ok New Ori ..arts?The whole length of our Levee, i from (be lower lire of the city op, presents a lerfeet " I ml of | mists." Two daya ago there were in thin port 129 hips, 13 barques, 56 brigs, and 40 schoouers? In all 279 vessels, besides an immense number of schooners, sloops, fcc. engaged in the Lska and Gulf trades.?[N. O. Pic., heb. 15. Spoken# Carr. Ilton, [Bi] 54 days from Liverpool for Savsnuah, Feb 11, lat 19 10, Ion 71 43. , ? , Sarah Jane, Anderson, 15 da a fm Boston fot Tort an Trince, Feb 11, in'i'ufks Island Passage. Com?t, Chase, from Baibailoes for rait Key, reh II, in Turks ''piauet. l'Hi) from Charleston for Kingston. J.a Feb 8. 1st 23 *'lv!ary7Abigail, of Yaimoulh, N8 from Wilmington, NC. for Barbadces, Feb 12, lat 28 20. luu 95. vutclgti I'Otll WHAMroa, China, Nov 19?In port, Cincinnati, Wilson: Navigator. Urtv? a; hoiiffr,CI?rk; Grafton. Gardner; Ruble, Praetor; Moutauk, McMicnae'; Carol na, Brown, and Katie Preirott. all unc; AvaDnche, Murr y.ditf; VHlpuraieo, Mar ?hall, and Or nd Turk, Willi'ma. for New York, iieitday; | Houqn.i Talmer, for d ?, commenced Idg; Aldibaran, Webber, for Boston, do. 8I I loth, Cahota, Hepburn, Mai ilia Macao, Nov 20?In port Heber, l'?rker, and Konaldaon. Drew , unc; Natch*/ Waterman, for Wbarrp,?Ai tiMt day. bid Mr1 Glide W,?ernm.,nC' fCo"k' ' ?? (iraih, Frank fort' 81 d l<ihV Ann' HmVck \?ard?iia*'' e!h Itichance, .Smith, Portland; 8th, Orb, Ila|?y Jb ! ' :',b 7.rf" ???'?. or and from B?.t?n. ? Arm IIa v 11an t en 7- in port, t g\e, of nnd frnm Ih'ih ' I'h, II optr, of and from Balnmoi* touch ed 3d, and proceeded lor Port an Prince Home Porta. F.ut Thomaston, Keb 16?Ait FoiUM, Coombs, Norfolk, with loss <?f bowsprit, bulwarks, &t<-. having l*ru ruu into by a .hip hH.MK. oRr.Krli IS?Sid Enterprise, Th?yer, Bermuda; Ga wile, Brown, NVork. Iohtsmoith, Keb 18?Arr Hadsssah, Day. New York; 20th, Lunula, Damn, Norf Ik ; Slat, Geo Thomas, Manuel, do Oliu'cksthm, Keb 20-Arr Cadet, Day. Surinam; Anu Den mau. Simnntou. Norfolk fir Thomaetou. _ SsLEM.Keh 11?Arr Excel, Achron, New York. Cld Gen Bro< ks, Peko. St Jago. Boston, Keb 23?Arr Constellation. Jackson Palermo; t he ?nlif, Cashing, and Harrier, Gardner, New Oileaus; 22d. Gen ll.rrison, Moore, Calcuita; Crusoe, t hase. New York?was in ? ontact to-day with the I'once, bound out, hail f. retail torn and foreya d.pruug Bid, wind N W to N, liirht. Coquiinbo, Kle nent, /.ulett-, Murillo, Hussi in, Tuskar. Betsey, Martha, VV " Rimers, J M Clayton, Gazelle; and from below, Ca'alpa ? Cld Eclipse, Whelden, and Southerner, Eldridge, Philadelphia; B-rj Bigelow Baxter. NYork. Nan.ulket, Keb 20?Wld Waterloo, Poyer, NYork. IIolmki Hole, Keb 21?Arr Olive, Jeffrey, Kaitport for Alex.indri i; lole. Brewster, do lor NYork; C.umius, Eldridge. ?it Marc, St Uomiugo, 2d inst for Boston?left no American.? In port, May, Delta, Meridian, Ashland, Arcade, Cassius, and luk Providence, Keb 22?Sid Julia, Burgess, Mobile- Hirain W I'yler, Tyler, and Atlon, Mayliew, A|talachicola; Isaac Mead, Brown, Sivanuah; Jas Barbour.Bush, aud Martha Washington, ~ ? " '.all Wood, Norfolk. Lid Avola, Davis, Peusacola. Arr 23d. Shy lock, Mathewi, Mobile. Philadelphia, Keb 22?Arr B'ltiinore. Tisadway, Cape Havtieu. Reports at Nets ciatle, Maditou, Keller, from New Orleans. Al? xaNuRia, Keb 21?Arr Dodge, Knapp, New York; Gladi ator, Newconib; Joteph, Eldridge, aud Commerce, Dorethy, ?MM Khedericksbi k?, Keb 21? 'rr Eagle, Piercy Button?exte ?ienced very tevere weather on tli- passage?ph inst wat with in 60 miles of ( ape Henry, and wax blown off a distance of about 360 mil-t. Norfolk, Keb 20?Arr Engineer, Wluttru, Newport; Corne lia. Kicketson. NYork In Hamptuu ltoads Orleans, Smith SOrl-ans for Riehmoud. 2ist? In Hainidoa ltoads. Neuvitas McKarlaud, St Thomas via Turks island?the E Towoseud tld in co with t e N for Turks Island, but had not arrived when she sailed; !? ft no vessels, aud salt scarce; left at St T. Hrpub'ic. i?iir miitu, i* it in# vcaocu. auu -stit svai ce, ini ai ci t . Wrjiuu' it, Smith, 19 days fm N York, aud others befoie reported. Sid Jno Adsins, Higgius, Hostou. Wilmini; on, NC. Keb 19?Art Clarion, Sugett. Si Marks; Nonpareil, Polie, Portau Prince; Ana wan, Swasey.Gkadtluupe; Lord of the Isles, [Br)_ McKunuv, olary _enua. Be?l?, New Orleans; Mogul, Moore, kfcjfxnzis. I Id Wm L Jones, Taylor; Uncle 'am, Bacon, and 8t Simons, Otis, I ub>; Caspian, Anthony, Barbaloes; Ens,gy, hrisbie, and J W Smith, Tew, NOrleans. Charleston, Keb 21?Arr K.tnily, Sherwood. NVork Cld Caroline. [Kr] Oeuier, Havre; New York. Hull, NYork; Te lumak, Borland, Boston; Arabian, Koater, Havana Sid Mas sachusetts, Pritchard, Amsterdam. Arr 20th Chiefiaiu, [ Br] Legvet. Liverpool; Ostr ch, Trescott, Matsi.xss. Cld Creole. [Br] Clark, Liveipoul; Alert, Draper, Baraeoa. Sid Grenada, Npoon-r, Havre. Arr 19th, Lady Sale. [B'l Anderson, Green ocb. Sid Kerax, Hale, Antwerp; Naples, Crowell, Bordeaux; Sarah Stewart, [Br] Low, Liverpool; Zephyr, Wood, Matin ? Ken zas; Me chant. Krau. Ha v Mia. Savan <ih, Keb 19?Arr Wakelield, [Br] Abell, London, ?ukii and sld for St John, NB. Cld Henry Jeukins, I. ghthonrn, Havana; Jane, [Br] Sims, Nassau, NP, Cld 20th, Laurel,[Brj Ducaett, Liverpool; Ulyinpe, [Fr] Kaoult, Havre; Ueorgiaua, Currier, aud W m Hart. Gandy, NVork; Exchange, KeTlogg, Matanzas. Sid Jane, Nassau; Hy Jenkins, Havana; Barton, Grand Caillou La; Marmiou, Bayou Black, La; Henry, Look NYork. A I A1.ACHICOI.A. Keb li?Arr Panthea, Lane; Mariana, Phil lips; Harmony, Macoduck, and Flora, McNear, NYork Cld Olive &L Eliza, Parsons, Liverpool, Tybee, McCormick; Cay u l?, Bedell; Croton, Soullard, and Metsmora, Weeks, New York. By Last Night's Southern Mail. I'hil.viiei rHi i.iP'eb 23?Arr Madison, Keller, NOrleam. Baltimore, Keb 22?Arr Graca Brown, Myers, Liverpool; Herald, Tulleo, Amsterdam; Ida, Hallett, Boston; Water Witch, LeBrou, St Johns, PK; Shawmut, Ballard, Anakapas; Henrietta, Hughes, Savannah Cld Schiller, [Brem] Jolimsen. Biemen; Archib t|d Gracie, Rice, Barbadoes; Somerset, [ Br] Williams, Demerara; Maria, Laiourette, NYork. Spoken. A uarnue standing hW. showing white burgee aud red border, with John Cnskie in black letters, Keb 15, lat 28, Ion 72. Foreign Ports. St Johns, PK. Keb 9?In rort, Frances Jeoe, Collin, 9 days fm Btllimore just arr; I'edraza,Hutchinson, from NYork, wtg cargo; Amauaa, Amis, from Machiai, do; President, Wilbur, for Norfolk, few days. LEARY & CO '8 FASHION FOR SPRING, 1845 GENTLEMEN8' HATS, of our Spring Pattern, will be rea dy for sale and delivery, on and after Friday, (lie 28th Instant. N. B.?We announce the above as THE FASHION for the ensuing season, and to preclude all possibility of error in ihe minds of the public and trade generally, in this city and else where, as to its origin and distinctively peculiar features, we present the fol'owiug detail ofi's proportions, viz:? CROWN?7>? inches high, 5-16 bell at sides, bell in front and rear, % yeoman, X carve. TIP?3-16 inch oval, the ecge ronnded off 1-16 inch. BRIM?2'a inches wide ail aroacd? Set, natural curve? Curl BAND and BINDING?M inch wide. The particular set of ihe brim is unique, and our customers will be served with a style expressly adapted to the characteris tic features and form of each respectively. February 21th, 1845. f25 tOtism WH PUBLIC NOTICE. ERE AS. it ii given out and pretended. by Lewis Si m mom, Theodore A. Meyer, John D. Phillips, Morland Michol , and "then, unknown, that I he Seal of the Corpora tion anil Congregation "B'nai Jeihnrnn," in Kim street, in thi> ? w.rvu mg OHIIUIUU, IU TalUl ?inTl, HI I>11* city, has been broken and destroyed; and that a new Seal of raid Corporation and Congregation has been made: We, the under signed, hereby give public notice, that the said alleged breaking and destruction is untrue; and ihst the origir.alSral of saifl Congiegrtion and Corpora ion has been at a*l times and now is nd will continue to be in the hands,'custody and poss-ssioit ot Mr Abraham Mit hell, the T'eiioeut of said Corporation anil Congregation And we de-m it our duty to,'and hereby give, this farther public notice, waruiig and cautton.|to whomsoever it mat' conrern, tba' all and each anil every bond, mortgage or incumbrance upon the property of said Carpers!ion orCougrega tt n, or purporting to be the act and deed of stid Coroor tion 'B'rai Jfshurun," made oresecn'ed since the 12'li October. 1841, or which may be. he'eifter made or executed, and to wh cn the above named individuals, or either ol them, may have s.gned their diames, as Tr.:ste?s or orher officers, of or on behalf u; ?aid "B'nai Jeshuruu," is invlid, and will be c ntrated 1'heodoie A. Meyer and Lewis Simmons, only being two trus tees of raid Congregation, aud not being a majority of the whole number of the Trustees of said Congregati .11. And further,thai the said Congregation will not be liable for any engagements whatever, except contracted with t ? content of either o'the un dersigned Dated New York, February 24th, 1845. Signed, AB. M1TCHKLL, ABM. J. JACKSON; Trustees of the Congregation "B'nai Jeshurun, 125 lt*ec in the City of New York. 0 FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD RAN AWAY, V Sunday afternoon, 23d instant, a boy, 16 yeara old. small of his am, lisps when sneaking, has light hair combed on one side; had on when he left,cloth cap, dark brown frock coat, unixt d stripe cftMimere pantaloons, plaid vest, blue silk craxst, i md boots. Said ;boy took with him $160 in bills and change. $23 will be given on the return of the boy, and $23 for the money or a proportionable part of the same lor the amount recovered Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore pap rs will please copy. . S. TO w LE, 123 It* rc 71 Catharine atreet. A LADY ABOUT BREAKING UP HOUSE KEEPING, TITISHKS to rent her Furniture for tne coming year, and .. , woH,d board with the family, if required. Ad hess M. H., this office. 2t#m K HOE & CO 'S PATENT CARD PRESSES. SEVERAL of the above maohioes can now be seen at the waierooms of the proprietors, 29 olid ;li Gold street Printers and others are invited to examine them. f25 2wm T1J8T J Hair! INDIA LONG SHAWLS. RECEIVED by the subscribers, a trunk of Camels Hair Shaw s?among them itx very splendid Long White Shaw Is, which will be sold at very reasonable prices, by JAMES BECK It CO., IQtec 3i9 Broadway. pox ? neni HUNT EXTRAORDINARY ?An advertisement ap pearing in your pa|>er of the 22ml instant, announcing a grand box Hunt, to csme off on Monday the 24th, at Viuivs' Hotel, rros|?ct Hill. Brooklyn, about 1500 people assembled at.''1?',lll""nted hour, II o'clock. A. M., to s.e llie sport. Where is the lox ' was th- cty, where does lie start frombut no satisfaction could he get. A gentleman made a speech in the bar room, calling upon the company to walk in the front rarlor I (or tin Captain t olnce,) and contribute for thieipeu*e of -- . j? ?-? ?. .... expen-e of keep ing the lox and hounds. After waiting 2 to 3 hours, a drag was taken a short distance from the hotel, about 12 to 15 good Imam's were with difficulty started, which dispersed in all directions, togethe with a few horsemen, none of whom could take a sin gle fence, but they returned in a short lime without seeing any fox, or knowing whether he had been started at nIL All the company were dissatisfied beyond description, and with all kind* of oaths, Ike., Sic , were about d-parting, wh'n news came from near Jamaica, that a certain select clique were regaling themselves, and that "Bold Rey nard" had been unbig gi(Inear the racecourse for their exclusive amusemeut. How can they explain it. ONE OF THE MANY HUMBUGGED. To Jsmrs Onluion BxntKTT, Esq , Editor of the Herald. 125 lt?m JONES'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, INITIATORY COUNTING ROOM, '417 Broadway, corner of itliirray at. fPHK objeetofthislnstitution is to impart thorough instruction . ' ill Book Keeping. Penmanship and Commercial Aricilime- | tic, sod qualify Geutlemen for practical duties of lha desk. Private instruction is given if required I nCT" Members of the Mercantile Library Association are re quested to apply to the Librarian at Clinton Hall, who will furui.h licketa of admission under the arrangement made with the Committee. fCT""References may be had at the Academy to Bookkeepers, Merchants and Clerks, who have bsrn students during thr last nine years. lC7" For sale, Joiim's Principles and Practice of Bookkeeping, lro;niice 12s. This work is adopted in the fi at Academic Institutions in this countrv. It is also republished in k ngland snd extensively intri dnc?d there f25 lm?od*ec Black and win i t thread lace flounces, just receivedrer e merald c jui ___ Black Thread Lace Flounces, from li yard to yard wide. do La Naive do G do I. ,lo White do LaNeigedo dca }A do Blick and White Lace B rther, Rathe* and Sleeves Some of the most splendid Mechli i w ids Lacrs. Black Lace Vei's am) Black Thread Scar . Scarfs. , White I.ace Villi ami Mull, point a Bruxelle. and a la Neige. | Three very rp'eiidul Mechlin Lace Dresses O ie Caiton Peliriua, Uais>? and Chemixeites Vslrufi-niies La- e? and Edgings, Met him do, Arraa do. JAMES BECK Si CO. respectfully announce, that this is by far-the ino.t rich and splendid invoice ..f roods that have been offered. _ , , I'AlalS EMBROIDERIES?Consisting of Caneyous, Pele- | rines, Collars, Cliemiieties a Is l\Co style. Also, some magnificent Embroidered Dresses and llandker chirfs, of very rich en broidery. The above, with a great variety of other goods, are now of fered at very moderate |nices, by JAMES BECK St CO., P25 litre 359 B.-oadway. SUDDEN CHANGES IN THE ATMOSPHERE. M Ol'HINO is more trying to the human const tutiou, pr? J* do ing colds, coughs, rheum ..icunialiam, ami a arums other com plaints, which ar.- cured by the me ol MRS CARROLL'S'd Vs|>or Ba lis, 345 Bros war Sulphur Baths require Ofi * hours notice. Open Hum 7 o'clock in ih> morning till 9 o'clock at night 125 Iwrc LEECHES - LEECHES?LEECHES innn YERY FINE Ism healthy Smyrna I eeches jnsl rc- I "X\J\J\J ceived for sale wholesale mid retail by | WM. WATHON, Chemist ami Pharmaceutist, 114 lt*ec Apothe'arics' Hall, 36 Catharine ?t. NEW SWEET SCENT F.D HARDY FLOWERINC SHRUBS RUSSELL'S AMERICAN HYBRID SEEDLING AZVLUS AM) W?, RHODODENDRONS I, ii ,', he., in ILnry near Atlantic itreet , ' piioljlya Hi, rnvv for sale 2(10 fir e Flowering Plaula o ? Vtie unproved size of il.c Fli>W?r. am Unable*, with the delirious flagrance, nr.rite the in verydesirahl .i l Parlor Plant,. He ha, also, 400 PJ ? ins of the heat Perpetual Chinn K.,?ea,i choice in.'| cl ion ofthe new Variegated IJalia,, (io dry root., a' d a lew bushels of the Engliah Hawthorn Sceda, grown at hi ?"?''??' f!4 3t*rc OAT& AND HAY. SOllO B'lihels ?f Oats, in lots to suit purchaser. OvUu 600 balea of Hay, do do do 100 barrels Apples?for sale by CAKPCNTER, SON Ii CO , ? , ... . , , 110 Warren street. 50 boxes 01 Cnceaf, lot sale low. 04 2t?ee AUCTION SALES. H A. C. TATTLE, Auction#-*-r. AHDWAKE k CUPLEKV SALE?jiaeob 8 Piatt', sixth Spring Trad. Hardware Hale thi, maiuh will take Pj*f* ?t 23 Pl. t street, corner of John, This Morn ug at 10 O clock, consisting of assorted Heavy Goods, Shelf Hardware Cutlery, Jap.nery, Fancy Uo-ds, fcc., kc ' Also, loo lor, of Tabic Knife, and Fork,. Porker and Peu Knives, Scissors, Havre Shear,, kc., among which arr South -rn Knives, Hunting Knives, Dirk,, Congress Knives, kc. Aim, Guns and Piatolr. A lio, lor cjrh, at 12 o'clock, damaged Spectacle! a-d I dixn Bells, under Wardens inspection. f25 It* in ( AMELIAS AND OTHER FINE PLANTS AT AUCTION. A L-VV will aell on Tuesday morning, at II o'clock, at a ? No. 151 Broadway, another : lend id collection of Planta. -roltr-te ng Cainrlias, or choice aorta, in flower and bu I; Daph iiiea; Hoar a of line aorta; Azalias; and every other variety, in full bloom and in beautilul order. Ladira are lurited to call and view lliem. A'ao, the laat of the Florida Plants. f24 2t*ec SPLENDID PLANTS AT AUCTION. LEVY will sell on VV'edread.ty morning at II o'clock, ?t No. 151 Ilroad M.HV A .nU.wI.ll gagallanjafiaan rxf Plan#. a. en A fc . n i 1 011 VVet>c*sday morning at II o'clock, r1 . ?^1 "roadway, a splendid collection of Phots, em bracing < until*h in iiowrr au<l buds, Oranges iu fruit and blossom, ro*e* of choice sorts, <Jai?ejamiiis, Hitiisporams, with 1 ?lne:y ot^l'r ^iue pl*0** worthy of notice. W ADMINISTRATORS' SALE OF REAL ESTATE. ILL BE SOLD at Public Vendue on Wedueaday, the26th dav of February neat, at 11 o'clock, A. M., at the Lte rea il-nre of Henry 8. ('aril, deceaaed, the Real Estate of which he died iHtaaetaed, situate in the town of Huiilinglou, and county of Suffolk, ? it: the Hoineatead containing about I3'i acrea of Land, on which are two Dwelling Houses, a good Barn and Out Building, a good Well of Water, near the door, and a large pond of water, which haa a never failing spring, neai the hnuae, two large Apple Orchards, and a variety of choice fruit, thr whole Farm being in good fence; one oi.e" of Timber and Sprout Land adjoining the road leading from Uixhills to Sweet Hoi , ow, containing by estimation 40 acrea; aim, another piece i f | Timber ami Sprout Land, kuown by the name . f Newfoundland, 'ear the Half-hollow Hills, containing, bv estimation, 21 acres i llao, another piere of Sprout and Timber I and, lying west of | the house of Philip Valentine, uid adioiniuir the road leading frotn said Valentine's to Sweet Hollow, containing fire acrea more or leas; al<o, a tract of Salt and Sedge Meadow, on limit Neck, on the sou'.h aide of the Island, containing about 10 acrea. 1 he above will be sold altogether or in pieces to snit purcka ira. Any person desirous of viewing the same can call on Jacob P. Carll, on the prem ies, or Gilbert Cavil, Dixhills ? Any other information can be given by Conkliu Carll, Brook lyn, and indisputable titles given for the same HP.^LIN JiAjJj-}-. \ Administrators for them UlLBLHT CARLL, y selvei and the other Heirs. (9t26*ec * RICHARD VAN DVKE. Jr., Auctioneer. THE KAIL ROAD DEPOT HOTEL. corner 4th Avenue and 86th street.? Anthony J. Bl- erker k Co will mJIUII ?t auction on Thursday, the 27tli day of March next, t 12 o clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, tne very valuable iiru|ierty on the east aid-of the 4th Avenue and south aide of 86th sticet. The g onnil contains 50 feet ou the avenue and 100 feet ou the stte l, (which str-tt is curbed and regulated and the assessment paid;) the property is within two blocks of the la/ge Crotou Kerervoir. The House is a large two-story attic build ing, with cellar and kitchen under the whole, with sheds on l>rem'se? are desirable for the purpose of a public fEuse, and are now occupied as such. $10011 or $2000 cin remain on bond and mortgage, at 6 per rent. Possession will be given on the 1st of May next. Title indisputable. For terms and particulars, apply to the Auctioneers, No. 7 Broad street, or to I}. NOWLAN, ou the premises, or No. 3 Eleventh street. I20to mr27*m kd STORE TO LET?The lower floor and nasement of ]!??? the commodious store, No. 136 Eighth street and 6 Astor J^Hl'lace. The buildiug is over 90 feet deep, with a granite front on E ghth street, and a convenient entrance at either end Its situation, being located only a few doors from Broadway, and n-ar the Bowery, renders it one of the most central and eligible points for business in the upper part of the city. One half of the basement will be let separately. If desired, it being well adapted for many kinds of business, and particularly foe an Oyster Stloon. IE or further patliculars, enquire on the premises f25 3tii*rc MTO LET-FIVE NEAT SNUG HOUSES?at and near the corner of 7th avenue and 23th streets Rents 125 to 300 dollars. Reference and security required. They are situated in the most thriving part of the citv, at the end of stage routes, so as to insure seats without delay in stormy wea ther, for persons doiug business down town. Possession of two honsrs immediately, of the other three on first of May. f24 lw?ec W ANTED?Immediately to hire. Two Rooms, Kitcn en^ kc, for a small family. Would be preferred with au ,adjoining room to be occupied as an office. Must be situated between Broadway, John, Pearl and Wall streets. Ad dirii ''Post Office, box No. 1482." f23 3t*ec TO LET, AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN?The Store No.97 Nassaustreet, Herald Build ne1"!!, with Fixtures, Stove and Pipes, ready set and all complete. Application to be made at the desk of the office of the Herald. for terms, fcc. j3ltfre TO LET, M_ AND immediate possession given, a BITTING KOO tl and BED ROOM attached upon the first floor, of the house No. 34 Church street, within one door of | y street. The apartments are well suited for a single gentleman, or a married couple, without encumbrances, flltfrc mm FOR SALE?A FARM-Situated at Islip, Suffolk Pv?('ouiity, L I , adjoining "mithtown. Said Farm contains ?db^82 ace.; 3D of which is Wooa; the remaining 52 acres are in a state of good cn'tivstion. There are two Hous-s, and alto two good wells of water on the farm; a large barn w ith car riage Imuae and stabling for eight hor-et; an ice house; a good large garden, enclosed in a picket fence, fruit trees, kc , kc. Any further information may b?ob'?inedat No 83 Bleecker street, a few doors west from Broadway. Half the purchase money can remain on mortgage. f25 lm*m a A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR S ALE-Sitoated in the towu of Pelham. Westchester County, bordering on the village of East Chester, abou' 16 miles from New York, cont lining '40 acres of land?50 acres wood land, the aslant" 90 acres is ill a high st<te of cultivation, with fruit trrrs of ill kinds iu abundance There are two good Dwelling Houses on it, recently built, together w ith a large birn. stonehen houre, co.n -rib, kc. The place is beautifully situated, commanding a view of the Sound and surroun-'ing couut'y. _Jt will be solo low or exchanged for improved city prorerty For further |>ar ticulars apply at 68 West street, between Carlisle aud Rector I streets. Also, 8 Lots of Ground, 25 by 100, on the easterly tide of the llth Avenue, between 37th ano 38th streets. 122 Im* c FASHIONS FOR SPRING, 1845. THE SUBSCRIBER it_ now prepare 1 to fumish his | ? ,, "k JT 'if Gentlemen s Hats, which, in every particular, , will be found fully to sustain the reputation he has heretofore enjoyed in the production of this most essential article of dress. AMIDON, Wall street, corner Nassau . N. R.?FRENCH HATS?A small invoice just received from t' ? manufactory of the celebrated "Muguier," Paris, to which tne attention of gentlemen is invited, fll TuThStSt islm * m NEAPOLITAN BONNETS THK UNDERSIGNED, Patentees and Manufacti {Keren of the Neaiwluan Bonnets, respectfully inform I trade thit they are now ready to supply the nbove srtii . ...... . "..., ,U<U|.|.|) me nuuve "rill of the latest style and of superior quality, lu quantities to si pure has re. They wsrrsnt that they can alter and clean the Bonnet to i pesr equal to new. Buyers are cautioned against au inferior article of the kind the market. ( The genuine article, for which we received t at th? [ait fair of the American Inatitnte, hax o ticket upon it ) Apple to THOMAS V YSE. 178 Pearl ? tri or at the manufactory of . PATTISON, NOE fc CO., f.8 ?taw3m*rc No 25 Delancy street WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PAHK THKAIRK, LAST REPRESENTATIONS!, As the Company will depart in a very lhort time, therefore, in compliance with the earnest solieitation ofieveral families and individuals, the Mauager announces a GREAT REDUCTION OF PRICES! iiltCeutf to every part of the Theatre! GALLERY 12* CENTS. D(g A,-T8 TWELVE MOST SPLENDfO A' TS IN THE KINO AND ARENA! And the novl and Grand Equeitrisn Sjrctacle of MAD ANTONY WAYNE! s?rn HIS TERRIFIC HORSE DAREDEVIL. JT7"In whirh a TREBLE COMPANY will appear.??0 f!7 THE L K.i hardware at low pricks. ..C HUR84' ItlBER, (Agent for several manufacturers in E'.nglaud) offrs girat advantages to dealers?is now receiv ins a Urge supply of staple Birmingham and Sheffield Goods, which are offered at a verv trifling advance on the sterling coat. 750 gross low priced Table Cutlery, all patterns, at present coit Ml charges. 10 casks verv superior C 8 Kiles, all sixes from 4 to 14 inches, at the old prices. 90 pie es "Laycock's" fine Hair Cloth, at the lowest market price. 40 casks Bright Traces. I 3 casks Hand Saws, at $3,73 30 do Carolina Hoes. I per dox 20 do Honks snd Hinges. | 30 bags fine Wrought Nails. 8 casks Curry Coinbs. I Also, Knob and Padlocks, Candlestick*. Kratne Pulleys, Latches, Bolts, Spoons, Percussion Caps, Shoe Thread, 4 hain Web. kc? 4tc , lie. JOHN A. NEWBOULD, f 17 6tis*m 90 John siree upstairs. PKK K REDUCED. SWAIVl'S CELEBRATED PANACEA. KOI4 ? UK CUBK OK Scrofula, d' nrral Dthility, White Swelling, Hhrumatitm, Diteasen of the iJrer anil Skin, and all ditratrt anting J ram Impurity of the Wood, or (he KJfectt of Mercury. SWAIM'S PANACE.v has been for mote thin twenty ye celebrated in this conntry snd r.nrope for its extraoriliu ry cures?tor the certificates of which reference is made to the di rections and books accompanying [he Panacea. It has been used in hospital an. private practice, and has had the singular forenoe of being recommended by the most cele brated physicians. Among ethers, by W. f) heon, M. I)., Professor Surgery, Ps. University, Vateniiiie i:ott, M. I.V, Prof. Snrg-ry, N. V University. W P Dewees, M. D , Prof Midwifery. Pa. University. N.V.hapman, M. D.. t'rof Physic, I'a University T. Parlte, M. D., Pres't imlbgi Physicians, Philad. Dr. Del Vslle, Prof. Medicine, Harms. Jose Lourenco da Lnx, Prof. Surgery. Lisbon J. t hipm.n, Mem. Koyal College Surgeons. London. THE HKCO.MME'.NDATIONH of many Phvsiriars and emineut persons, aiieh as G. W Irving, late Minister to Spam; S.r Thomas IVersou, Major General British Armp; Gilbert Hoberrson, Rripsh Consul, tie., Itc ; s d sis i the w onde fnl cures effected by Swaim s Panacea have for many years made it au invaluable remedy. Th.? Panacea dues not contain mercury in any fo'm, and being an innoc-ut p eparation it may be given to the moslteiider infant. THfc RETAIL PRICE HAH BEEN REDUCED to One Dollar and Kifiy Cents |ier bottle, (containing three half piuts,) or ihree bottlei for Kour Dollars. CAUTION?Ghserva that tlie name of W'm Swaim is writ ten on the label ovar the cork of each bottle,to counterfeit which would be a forgery. ALSO?SWAIM'S VERMIFUGE. A valuable Family Medicine, being a highly approved reme dy for all diseaass arising from Debility of iiieDiyestivr Organs, ?neh ss Worms, Cholera Morbus, Dysentary. Frier snd Ague, Bledi> g Piles, sick Headache, he., tic. bee the pamphlet with the article. Kur sale bv all the respectable Drug nt. >n the United Sutes Wholesale orders to he sddressedto Wm Swaimk Sons, Phils delphts or H. II. 8ch*ffielin li Co, Druggists, New York, General Agents for the Panacea and Vermifuge. ft4 lri??ec XYLCGRAPHIC PRESS GENERAL JOB PRINTING OFFICE, .54) Ossld street 'I1 HE SUBSCRIBERS inform Druggists, Perfumers. Grocers A and others that they have made extensive additions to their isionsreut of Xylographic Lahels, to which hey would if si> cfullv call their aitentp n. They are crmstanllv adding to their stock all the new si vie ..fartic'ea, in their line, which are offered in Prance or Emg'and, and they ptomise their customers that they stall spare uo etp me in getting up all that tne\ may wait in the business of the Dmggists, Perfumers and Si gar il-t ufscturers. J;'B PRINTING?Their office is also supplied with every variety ofTvpe uecessary for the eiecutiou ol every descrip'ion of Ka"?y Job E'rictiug, Cards, Billheads, Notes. Bills Lading, Circulars, and all kinds of Mercantile Printing, executed on reasonable terms. HKOAR BOX LABELS AND PAPER, of every deserip tiou always on hand. VARIE4MTKD SHOW I ARDb. for Refectories,Grocers, Isr . lie -alargeaupplv BKONSON li CO., OR im?rc W Gold street near Fulton AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PA HK THBATRK. The Malftger ever anxious to meet the wishet of the public, nMprrtfiillv annouuces the fo lowing OtJ-K EDUCTION OF PR ICES,-CO Boxes '45 Cents Gallery ... Uj Cents. TUESDAY KVEN1NU, February 25, will be |tn nted ihe National Equestrian Dramatic SpectaGe, will, b-autiful Scenes, Costumes, An.llerv, Bridget, immenae Kuiia, Itc ., entitled MAD ANTONY WAYNE! atD Hit BOLD HORSE DEV1LDARE Previous to which a Grand Equestriau Performance, com nencing with a (irand Horae Pageant. A Beautiful Dance by Miss L. Weill. I ocal Sung, by E. M Dickenson. A Pantomime Equestriau Act, by C. J. Rogers, euutled England, Iri'iaml and Scotland aulting by lb. Company . beaded by McFarland. Grand Human Double Act, by Nathans and Cadwallaler. By desire, tlie Misses Wells will dance I a Polka. Magnificent Act of Horsemanship, bv T. V- Turner. Iinin-u.e Gyinnaalic Heats, by S. Miller aod J. J. Nathans. An Africau Concert, by Mraars. Hoyt, Ed wards, Winuriuore uid Kelly Doors opeu at 6 o'clock, and performance to ctnineuce at 7. HALMO'-S Ot?KKA IIOUSK. MONDAY EVENING, Feb 2tlh?TUEY DAY, 25tli-aiid WEDNESDAY. 26th, Ou each evening will be |ierfonned and snug A variety of popular SONGS, by the Ktniopiau Baud of i'ere nailers, accompanied with their instrument* A Iso, the Ethiopian _ Butlesc^ae Ol era entitled i.a: sum am. de beauties Alt-red from the pooular Opera of Da Somnambula. New dress es, decorati"iis and full choruses Doors opeu at half past 6?Performance to commence at half past 7. Kirs' ti-r and Parquelte 50 cents. Second tier 25 cents Private Botes (J Bo* Office opeu from 9 o'clock A M to J o'clock P M, to se cure seat*. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY THIRD SEASON, 1844-5 rPHE GOVERNMENT of the above Society, begs leave to I- announce to the Subacrlhers. 'hat the THIRD COS CERT of the season will take place at the Apollo Rooms, on Saturday, March 1st, 1845. lb couim-uce,it 8 o'clock prcc.sely. . Subscribers can obtain theeatra tickets, to which they sreen titled, by applv ing to Messrs. Scharfeuberg It Luis. 361 Broad wav, near Fianklin strret Bv order, (21 Stis're. WM. S' HARHENBERO,Secretary. GERMAN SOCIKTY OF NEW YORK. 'PHE GKAND CONCERT, in aid of the Charitable Kuud D of this society will take place on SATURDAY, the 8lh of March. 1845, at the Tabernacle, on which occasion the fol lowing eminent 'al-iit will appear, viz.? 81UNOKA ROSIN A PICO, MR. WM SCHARKENBH RGd MR. THEGD. W. UKONEVELDT, (Clarionet.) A number of Geutlemeu Amateurs have kindly consented to sing several German < ROrUSUs,u4u Orchestra of Sixty 1 er formers, coinpo?ed principally of Members of the New York Phillnrmouic Society, will execute the following pieevi, viz:? The celebrated Symphony in C minor... by B-ethovn Overture to Fiugal'sOave by K. Meudelsohn Bartholdy. Overture to Der F reischutz by C. M. Vuu Webrr. The Instrumental Performances will be under the direction of MR. U. C. HILL. The Concert will commeuce at 8 o'clock precisely. Tickets, at SI each, may he had at all the principal Music Stores, at the door on the eveniug of the Concert, and of the un dersigned:? COMMITTEE. C. H. Sand, Theod Victor, Wm Schaife/iberg, Dr. Gescheidt, C. R. Degeu, H. E. Moring, A. Belmont. Ernest Fiedler. K. W. Rakeiuan, fl9t"8Mree G. Vom Btnr, E. Pavenstedt, K. A. Spies, . Professor Tellkainpf, K. S. Schlesinger, Charles Perabeau, Dr. Heuschrl, A. Rodewald, Leopold Bierwirth. SOClALISr FE8 I'IVaL AND HALL! IN CONSEQUENCE of the numerous enquiies respecting the above, the Committee res|>ectftitly inform the public that the Second Ball of the Season will take pla-e on Tuesday. Feb. 25th, at the Broadway House, corner of Grand street aud Bioad i WM Tickets can he had of J. Hooper, 43 Liberty street, and at the Hall ou Sunday evening. Gentlemen 50 cents, Ladies 25 cents, I including refreshments. I Doors open at half past 6 o'clock f22 3tStM8tTu*rc NIBLO'S (IK AND (SALOON, FOR CONCERTS AND BALLS. I'rice for Balls $50. Price for Concert* $25 I [?7"THE INDEPENDENCE OUARD Grand Military Bali take* place at Niblo'i Saloon, on Wednnday, February tfih. I P7-THE MONTOOMeITy GUARD Grand Military I Ball takes place at Niblo'i Baloon, on Monday, March 3d. . , (TT-THE ST. DAVID'S SOCIETY will hold their Annual , Festival at Niblo's, on Tuesday, March 4lh. Dinner to lie on the Table at 5 o'clock. Tickets to be had of the Stewards. ' joSOrc D. C. COLDEN, President. TO musicians! NEW AND BEAUTIFUL CONCERT ROOM, At the Alhamra, 5S? Broadway. 'OHIS magnificent Room being now eompleted, it will be let I for Coneert*, Balls, Lectures, Fairs be , on reasonable terms As a Concert Room, it has been pronounced by musi cians, to be su|<e,ior to any in the city, its construction being particularly adapted to sonnd. f2> 2tis*ec I'lLLlA RDS. THIS must be seen to be believed?the ball 1 is played at fig 2, runs io 3 to (, to 5. to 6. to 7. to 8. to 9, to 10 aud by plav er? to 11 and 12. The abore angles can be made in one blow. The Tables are up for p'aying or sale at l?9 Fulton, or IV Ann street. The iraker will bank for true i "ble, against anype.-sou living. I BRinSH AND NGKTH^AM^jHICAN ROiAL MAIL i Of 1200 tons and 4(0 horse power eaeh. U oiler contract with the Lord* of the Ad ?miralty. _ . _ HIBERNIA Commander A. RTTir. Esq. CAMBRIA " C. H. E. Judkiua ' CALEDONIA " E G. Lot!, BRITANNIA... " J.Hewitt. " ?ill sail from Liverpool Bo?too, xia. Halifax, if fourwa. Prom Liverpool. Mrova Boaiot. Hibernia ? - . March 1st. Cambria March th. Apnl 1st. Caledonia April 4th. May 1st. Hibernia " l?th. " 16 th. Britannia May 4 th. June 1st. Passage vioney?From Boston to Liverpool, $ 20. Boston to Halifax, $20. T'"?' ships earry experienced Burgeons. No berths secured 'iill paid for. lays BH. uiiAiVi, Jr . 3 Wall N Y. rao berths secured 'nil paid for. No tiruht except s|>ecie received ou days of sailing. torc Apply to d. BRIOHAM. Jr . I a. Mail line for aI.bany, - -. ........ ..... r. r vera rai.DA.NY, *dl And Intermediate Places, or as far as the ic* ft1 ? Trt*'!'11 perm?(?The Steamboat COLUMBIA. JiM^^9hJE?Captaiii Wm. H. Peck, leaves the Rteimboat Pier foot of C..ur'laudt street, south side, this alteruoou at 5 o'clock. Tuesdav, Feb. 2ith, 1845. Staves Irive for Aibauy immediat'ly on both sidrs of the North Hiver. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultx, at the offi e on the wharf. 111 BLACK B ALL, OK OLL' LINK. OF LIVER iM*VPOOL PACKETij.?FOR LIVERPO' L-Packe JMnKraof the 1st of March?The new and splen-ii 4 fiat sailing packet ship INDIANA, Captaiu Bennett, will sail positivel> on Siturday, 1st of March, her regular day. Having unsurpassed accommodations fur cabin, 2d rabiu auil steerage passengers,thosereturning to the o'd country.or sending for tlieirfrieuds, will find it their nXerrst aud coinlori to select this uuequallad line of packets. For trrms of passage, aud to secure the best berth*. early apidication should be made on board, fool of Beekinan st, or to the subscribers. ROCHE. BROTHERS b CO., I 35 Fulton street, uext door to Uie Fulton Bank, New York. f23m &AA- MIK LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet I Marrb?The superior last sailing packet ship mSmL 110'l'TINGUER. 1050 tons burthen, Capt. Ira Burs leVj will sail as above, her regular dav For freight or pass ive, having sphndid, large and comfortable state looms and cabin, apple to the Captaiu on board, or to tVOODHULL at M1NTURN8. 87 South sire". Trice of Passage 11 no. The packet ship L verpoo'. 1100 tous burthen, Captain John Kldridge, will succeed the Hotliuguer, and sail ou tier regnlai day. 21st April. f24ir 1AP- FOR LI VERPOOL?Picket of the 26th Februari* ?The splendid fast sailing pvket ship OAKKICK, JHUmmCaptain Trask, will positive')- sail as above, her regu lar day. F r passage, having superior acccomniodatiors. in cabin or steerage, apply on board, or (o JOHN HERD tlAN, 118 61 South st ert. ACT- FOR GLABG(JW-Regu arPackrt-'fhelastTail MgM^ing British barque ADAM CAHR, 350 ton* burthen, JNMbe' nplain Robert Scott, will sail Saturday, 22d ort For freight. 55 biles cotton or bulk tk-reof, or passage, ha> nig excellent accommodations, apply onboard, loot of Beekmau street, or to itfoODHULL It MINTURNS. fSlre 87 South stivet. Jdg- FOK LONDON?Pack, t of the 1st Match?'1 h tjtVfb.splendid packet ship VICTOR I \, Captiin , will JBBpfaiNisirively ,.t.l above, her regular day I his splendid ship has nusurpassed acroinmodalions for c ibiu and steerage passeuge ?, a]|which will he liken at a moderate raie, by making early app'ica ion on hosrd, or to fl7rc J UN HEKHMAN. f.l Scmh *r. iCT- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Pncke kKIWlo sail the 26U| of Feb.?The regular fast "oiliui OMKLPacket Shir 4RRICK, I.e., t tin B J. H Trask, of I,Km tons, will posi'ivrlv sail as sl oe, h?r regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodation* ior.|i.,illei. for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, fooi of Wall ttrret, or to E. K COLL -MS & CO, 56 South stir-, Price of Passage. JlftO. Hie packet ship Roscins, Captain A. Fldiidge. will ?tie ce d the Garrick rd,*il Nob March, h-r regulai day jH--r AJHP- PASSAGE FOR GLASGOW?Packet ?hj| Al)a\l CARR, Captan Scoit?Ihis fast tailing jaiUBLl'rcki i ship will sail for the above nort in a few day* Having exrrllent accommodation lor i.abiu, second cabin and steerage passengers, early application should he made eu hoard, foot of Beekman street, or lo the subscribers Persons wishing to send for their friends, can have them brought direct from Gliagow in th-packet ship Ann IIuley. which will leave Glasgow about the i2th Vetch, or in the shove named packet ship (Adam Carr,) which will leave Glasgow aNvnt the 6th April, on favorah'e terms, il early appli cation be made to W. It .1 T. TAPuCOTT, At their General Pissvge Olfice, 7b South street, f8rc corner of Maideu lane. MJ- NEW LINE OF I". KET* FOR LIS KR POOL?racket of the 26th February?The splenaid Mllbinil favorite packet ship OAR HICK. llim tons burthen, Capum B.J II Tr**k;will sail ou Wednr.Jns, Feb Ifiili. her regular day. Theehips nf this line being all 1000 tous and upwards, pet sons abont to embsik lor the old country, will not fail to s-e the advantage* to be deriv-d ft ins selecting this line in preference to any other, as the ir great capacity lenders thein every w i mora comfortable and ccnvenieui than slur* of a small class, and their aecomnwdatiooilor cabin, trcond cabin and steerage is wll known, ate superior to those of aui other lin"ofpiekeu Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application on hoard, f. otof 15 alt it, or to W at I T TAPS" Ol I. At t eir tJe.ieral Paaaage Other, fjlri 7* Wf,,,ih etreel. Corner 5iai.|eii Lane "Adt* FOR NFW ORLK.ANS?Teiuisimia and New VnBtVW York Line?Regular Packet of March bt'i?The sji'eu JHBb<lid new barque J VNF F WILLIAMS ( apt. Pv ker, built expressly for a packet, will sail as above, her regular das;. For freight or passage, having hands me furnished aceommo da-.ioua, apply ou board, at Orleans * h?? f. f . r ,d" 44 ill ?t , or to E. K.COLLIN - -V C . ? Sou'h si Positively no gooda received ou b>. ,u . ??? Wed i s a> easn lug. 5th mat. Ageuti in New Orleans. Messrs. Hulliu b WimhIiuB, who wRI promptly forward all goods to their address fl2 gl'WAH?KM htidaj'rimr New Or lean r Kngar, lor tale in lot* to suit, bv v E K COLLIN A It ( O . 119a* M Bouth straei BV iii? SOUTHERN MAIL. TUKMi y-Kiuimi cosiuHKM. SECOND hEKElON. House of Representative*. Washington, Saturday, Feb at, 1845 Prayer was (.florid by Mr. Tuston. who made an appro ?riate allusion ta the Anniversary of Washington's Birth ma. The readirg o( the journal wai dispensed with, on mo 101. of Via Leonard, ot New York Ma Hamlin, ot Maine, wished to offers reaolntion. The Chais said it could only be done by general con rent. Objection* were mude. Mr. Hamlin moved a suspension of the rules, and oailed or the yeas and nays. T u members stood up for the yeas and nays and forty-nine against them. No they were irdered Mr. R. D. Davis, of N. Y , asked if the yeas and naya 'ould be ordered bv less than u quorum. The ('hairsaid the Constitution ot the U 8 provided hat ?ne fifth of the members oraacnt couid order the yeaa and nays. In reply to a query from some other member The Breaker said that less than a quorum could not iuspend the rules ol the House. Mr- Kennedy,of Md., asked Mr. Hamlin to withdraw his call lor the yeas sm! Day*. Mr. Hamlin asked if he withdrew the motion and asked for tellers, whether he could aftei wards ask the yeas and uays Mr Prkston Kino n?ked if it were competent for a .nember to withdiuw the o.otion after the yeas and naya had been ordered. Some Member asked what was the object of the resolu tion p'Opo.x-d to be introduced Phr. Speaker replied it was to grant the use of the hall ?o the Congressional Temperance Society. The calling of the yeas and hays were then commenced ml resulted-yeas o5, nays 62. No the mlea were not suspended. Mr. Thompson, of Mia*., waived a suspension of *he rules'o enable bim to move that the Committee tf the Whole be discharged from the consideration ot a bill re lative to the Choctaw land claims. The SrKAKin said the order ol the day was the question on the amendments to the Appropriation Bill. Mr McKat called for the cider ot the day. Mr. Thompson still per.iisttd in his motion. Mr. McKay asked him to p stpone it until evening alter 'his bill hud been disposed of Mr. Thompson said the gentleman would perhaps object .hen. Mr. McKay said he would not. The Clerk then proceeded to read the various amend -neuts proposed in Committee o> the whole, and such as were objected to were passed over to be voted on after wards. Those not objected to were adopted in the lump, iml subsequently the question was taken leriatim on the a nendmeuta objected to. The first objected to was the one appropriating $87.77* for payment tor the books which were ordered at the last session tor the members ot Congress. Mr McKat, having found a number of the books in the State department which need not be purchased, proposed t > reduce the amount to $89,943, which was agreed to. The question then recurred on the amendment as amended, and on this Cask Johnson, of Tenn asked for the yea* and nays, which were ordered. Yeays 98? nays 84 The next amendment was on appropriating $*000 for the purchaseof books for the Library instead of $3500. CavkJohnsen again called the yeaa and nays. Yoas 03?nay a fa. Several bills from the 8enate were here received. The next amendment was the one appropriating $30, iiOH for repairing and furnishing the White House. Yeas and nays were again ordered. Yeaa 130?naya 43. The next amendment was for $8000 for the expense of the Magnetic Telegraph for the ensuing twelve month*. Yeas and nays were again ordered. Yeays 113?naya 64 The next was for improving Pennsylvania Avenue, $4327 Mr O W. Jones, o( Tenn. called for the yea* and nays, which were not ordeted. only 16 persons rising for them. 4. division and subsequently tellers were called for.? Yeas 73?nays 59 The next amendment was appropriating $80 000 for tha erection of a building for the War and Navy Depart ments. The yeas and nnys were called for, and teller* were called lor on that, and ihere voted 36 yeas, which the Speaker said he believed te be a sufficient number, and ilia yeas and nays were ordered. Yeaa 95?nays 81. The next amendment was to remove the office of the Surveyor General oi Public Lands northwest of the Ohio, from Columbus. Ohio, to Michigan, which waa agreed to. The next was for $30,000 to erect a Custom House at Savannah, Ga. On this the yeas and naya were ordered. Yeaa 88? nays 68 The next was the payment of arrears to the Custom House clerks at New Orleans on the same principle as had been acted upon at Philadelphia, New Yotk and Bos ton. The yens and nays were egain ordered. Yeas 62?nays On Mr C. J. Ingersoll's proposition for $72 000 outfits for all the Ministers Plenipotentiary, the yeas and nays were alio called. yea* 103 -nays 89 Mr. Adams wished to address the House on the propo sition, but as it could only be allowed by the general con Rent ot the House, objections were made, and of course he coul I not make bis remarks. The next was to appropriate $9,456 for the salary of Mr. Led} ard, as Charge in France Agreed to. On the proposition to pay Mr. Goggin $821, for pay and mil. age, while contesting a seat in the House of Repre -enta'ives, the yeas and nays were called. Yeas 115, naya 39. On the proposition to calculate the mileage of members by tbe nearest mail routes, the yeas and nays were alto called. Yeas 136 nays 13 On the proposition rrquiring the furniture for the White House to be American, if as cheap as any other, and if not, then go into the cheapest market, the yeas and nays were also called. Yeas 76. nays 82. Several other amendments were agreed to without di visions, and then the bill waa ordered to be engrossed and read a third time. The passage of the bill was then movtd, and the pre vious question, which was seconded, and tbe main ques tion ordered, and the bill passed. Mr. Owen moved that when the House adjourn, it ad journ till 7J P M., which was not received. The House then adjourned. Bales of Stocks at Pkllarielplila, First Bo?rd, Feb. 21 ?$200 State i's. 73hi; 5000 Readirg RR 6's, 66*4; 618 55-1G0 olil Slate 5 s. 65; 75 usw So, 66, 2.6share* U 8 Bk,6; 100 Viekkhurg Bk, 6; 9 Northern Bk, Ky, 87)4; 460 Wilmington It R, HJtf Second Board. Feh., 22 ? $6200Tests 10 rer ceut bond*. I9>| 354 share* G>rard Ha k, 8*,'; 7 do Philadelphia Banv, '08, $2000 Drlawire Canal.G's 66)?:I00 *harea Wihninst'.n h??a|>eake and 111. hi. 2lk;4l - _ - iiics' Bank, b 5, 21 \; $>000 Texas 8 per ceut bonds, 17!, RK. hi, 42do Srhuylkijl Navigation, 30), ; 55 do Media MlMLAri) OR SaTOLKN, = A BANK BOOK, of the Saving*'Bank in Chambers *trret. No.5l.587. The finder will confer an especial favor on a I 'dy. by leaving ihe saine at the Bank. f24 It'ee IN FOR MA TION II 'A XT ED CAN ANY PF. KSO N give information to K G K, at this office, where Wl i LARD PAL'L, of Camden,State of Maine, inav be found.' His deposition insn import, ut case is required. 1*24 lot*re IU MERCHANT TAILOHS flTANTED?A situation m Cut'er, by ? yconu mm who has " * bran foreman a number of years in a fashionable house 'u ike city. Satisfactory reference given A lii.e addressed to X. V. 7.., at this office, will meet with prompt attention. 154 Vt*e.. IITANTED FOR CASH?A double art of Harness, and a ?' mnd-rn built Rockaway Barouche, for family use, all in excelli-ut order. Apply at 114 Gran I street, between 8 and 10 o'clock, A M. 154 3t*ec PACKET SHIP GAR RICK for Liverpool-Pa?raogen by this ship will please be on hoard the steamboat Hercules at Whitehall, t" morrow, Wednesday morning, Klh in.unit, at 12 o'clock, at which t me the ship w ill sail. filrr PICKET SHIP ROSCICS from Li crpool ? la discharging under general order at Orleans wharf, loot of Wall stoet f Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods im mediately. f2')ec PACKET SHIP HOi'l'INGUER from Liverpnol-Coc t signees |>er this vessel will please take notice, that she is dis charging under general ordn, at west *ide Barling Slip Per mits may be sant on board, or to 02 WOODHCt.L St M IN TURN87 South alraet. NOTiCfc MESSRS. BEEBK IkCObTAK, Kaahionable Hatters, will exhibit on the 1st March, I8IJ, at their Sales Hoom, 138 Brt adway "The Spring Ka?hiou for Gentlemen's Hats " Also, a variety of new styles ol Caps for Spring. f23 6tis*ec _____ A FOUR-WHEELED CARRIAGE, of an elegant con fraction, for two hones--Apply to U. C., at the desk ol this office, ford'nrilier particulars. f?3 Iw'rc FOR SALE, THE FURNITURE of a three story house, only three years A in use by a private family, consisting of tvery thing lit for a genteel res'dence The owner Contemplates giving up house keeping, and it will tie sold cheap in balk for cash.?Apply to II ,at the desk of this office. f23 lw"rc lxPRESS NOTICE LIVINGSTON, well 8c pom KKOv .have removed their Express Office from No. 2 to No. 8 Wall street. f 18 Iwjsrc MARTELLE & HOLDERM vNN, Vn. 37 MAIDEN LANf , "v. Y MANUFACTURERS and Importers of Ornamen'al Hair Work, Wigs, Toapees, Bands, t'nrla, S. nns, Binde.n Hair, and a new style of Everlasting C urls, and all kinds of Hair Woik, win lesale and rriail. N. H.?lhe trade supplied on reasonable terms. 124 Ira'rc NOTICE?All persona having claims against Kbrnrser tlruinmnn, late of 37 Bowery, will please send their bills in to the undersigned, without further notice Also, all persona indebted to saui E. trrninmnr, will pleasa call and settle their assets without d'lay, at 37 Bowery. C. K ( HAMPION.J >15 Is'rc C. ORUMMUN, i NEW MUSIC. GEORGE H . D ER WO R T, PROFESSOR OF THE GUITAR, 427 Broadway near t anal sheet, hat published ih? following Songs from the Open of the Bohem .in Gill, with a verv easy Guitar accom panim. lit aid fingering marked throughout. I?Fair Land of Poland 3?Th" lleatl Bowed Down 3?Then vnu'll rcmcmbci tnc 4?1 dream't that 1 dwelt in marble halls, lit lw*B? TO ANY LADY WISHING A GOOD HUSBAND. ANY LADY possessing the following qualifications and disposed to enter into the msrri ge state, mav reply to this dv?rti?emeut; but anyone laplviug considering ibis to be a ?urn*, are info in d, to swe them ine trouble, thet no notire will >e tak?u of them whatever. She. must be beta*, en 18 and 30 'ears of age, of respc table parentage, well educated of an ibligilit, and aimabfe di-t utioii, and also well qualified to . ike charge of household affairs?money or pr pertv of second iry importance Tog writer is .? gentlemen of 25 yeers of age, 'Ion.g a good business, hut not wealthy, bnt still has sufficient ?neans to support a w lie in a very genu el m mnei, and lie is of lie higfaattespectabilitv. The writer i? ainceie ui th s affair, toil hopes no tremble w ill he given lnm by tsary replies i lommunications received will beheld as strictly confidential Address Mr ALO.NZO HAY WARD, at this office fe2i St* re PU OLD COUNTRYMEN?Rensluaneee in small or lerg? ?? c ms made to all parts of Europe, on a pan whi'hwtl altrely prsv?et the loee or delay of ins tame For pnroenUrg ,.gl,u. "..LIVING!*! 1N.foreign Ag*e"? sell tie Well ewes

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