Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1845 Page 3
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H?w Stock Bichanfa. $1000 Illinois 6'?, *70 3534 00 thus L Itlrud KH *0 ?"S 1000 do 1)60 3 *5 SO do ??* JJH 100 shit Farmers' Tr c 10 SO dt to 601* SS do btw 405* 2S do ?? * SO do buw 405a SO do btw IMS 25 do 1)3 40 25 do >3 "*4 50 do .3 40 50 do M 50 do star 40 25 do ?1S let 25 do b3 t?5{ 25 Stonwgton KR 25 do 405a 25 do ISO do blO 40 25 do 50 do tw 40 50 do 25 Morri< Canal >30 30 25 do 25 do b3 3176 25 do 75 do 3l7fe 75 do 45 do >3 3$ 25 Nor and Wore RR 150 do >3 32 25 do SO do 32 25 do 100 do c 32 50 do I 25 do b30 33 25 do I 25 do b3 32 25 do 25 do >3 325,' 25 do 25 Cantou Co blO 53 50 do SO L Inland RR bl5 8156 25 do 52 do >10 80]J 25 do 50 do 8056 50 do Sales or Stocks?Boston, Feb. 24. scrip, 101561 25 I'eadiug RK, 2156. State of Trade. Ashes?Pots are still very dull, at $3 03] a $4. Pearls are in moderate demand at $4 18] a 4 26. Beeswax?Prime yellow is ia limited request at 29] a 49] cents Cotton?The market exhibits the same features, there being a very limited enquiry, and prices gradually in fu ror of the buyer. Up to 'Chunge hour but 600 bales were reported, lit the afternoon two lists were closed, making the total sales 9 000 hales. Hav ? Common qualities ot North River bale sell, as warred, at AS a 68c. Prima we quote ut 00c. Whisket--Drudge casks arc dull at 22c. Western and prison bsrrels are sull held at 23 a 33]c. Real Eststk?Jlt\Aui tioti? No 123 Amos st, lot 25x95 it, two atory frame house in front and two story attic brick house on rear of lot $4626 3 lets west side of 9th avenue, between 38th and 39.h streets, together 49] by 100 it. at $490 080 Lot southwest corner 4th avenue and 44th st, 26 by 100 feet 400 Lot adjoining, same size 300 2 lots south side 30th st, 160 ft west of 9th avenue, each 26 by 98j ft, at $246 490 Three story brick boute and lot 174 Tenth st 46AO Two story brick front house corner of 0th avenue and Tenth st, lot 17 by 58] feat, house 17 by SO], with a frame building fronting on Fourth st. 3S by 10] ft 4360 Two story brick front bouse adjoining 42 Sixth av. lot 17:1 by about 66] ft, house 30 ft deep 2826 Two ktory brick front houst No. 40, adjoining, lot 20 by about 65 ft, house 34 f deep 3260 Two stoiy frame house 476 Fourth st, rear of the ebove, lot 24] ft iront, 32 ft rear, by 74 feet deep, house 10} by about 30 ft 2650 Three story house 4 Twelfth st, with lease of the lot at $46 por annum, 2100 38 acres of land, 4 miles trom South Ferry, on the road from Brooklyn to Fort Hamilton 9150 Ismsrhald Property - A lease dated 12th Oct. 1843, made by Thos. E. Davis to Edward Doyle, for 41 years, 2 months and 6 days from that date, of all those nir.e lots of land in the 11th ward on the south s'de of 8th st, 100 feet west of avenue D, If iflP 148 It 0 in on Sth st, by 97 ft 6 in deep,each "using 16 leet 6 in. and containing a two story *iriek house One nearest the avenue 1600 Next adjoining 1575 Do do, 1600 Do do, 1026 Do do 1650 Do do 1650 Do do 1676 Do do...... 1676 Do de 1676 4 lots north side ot 39th st, between Sth and 9th av. each 36 by 93] It. at $360 14',0 4 lots north side 41st st, lietween 9th and 10th ave nues, each 36 by 93] ft, at $200 ?00 2 lots south side 17th it, 336 ft west of 6th avenue, each 26 by Wit, at $1 995 3990 Lot adjoining, same size I960 Do do do 1080 3 do do at $1,960 3900 2 do do at $1,825 3650 Lot opposite to the last above sold, same size, with a (tame houee thereon 2600 Lot adjoining, east, same rise 20U0 Do do 26 ft iront by 76] feet deep one side, 93 tbe other 1785 Lot adjoining, 36 by 92 ft 3000 3 do do at $1,990 3980 Lot 306 ft west o( 5th avenue, same size 3375 Lot ou 19th st, 160 ft W. of 6th avenue, 35 by 93 it.. 1800 I .ot adjoining, same size 1760 Do do 10 It wide for 31 ft, then 36 ft wide by 93 feet deep 1366 Lnt corner of North Eighth street, fronting on First st. Williamsburg, 35 by 100ft 315 Lot adjoining, same size, 395 ?J do do at $390 6?0 24 loiscn Monroe and Madison streets, near the R. It station. Bedford, Brooklyn. , 16 lots on Clason avenue I lot. 60 by lot] ft, on Franklin avenue 12 lots on Hickor- st and Green av at $60 each. .. Died. Ou Monday evening, 34th mat. John McCiiiumi, in the imh year ot hii ago. Ili? friends l>nti acquaintance!, and those of the family, .,re requested to attend thu funeral, thia afternoon at o'click. lr jBl tain Id's rraidetice, US Seventh street, be t*"?l'jthand Seventh avenues. ,,n yfonday morning, 34th inst. suddenly, Marion Rak, .-of Henry A. Auld The It lands of the family, also Ihn members of Division No. 1, Sons ol Temrerance, and the order in general,and the members oi Association No. 1. United Brothers oi T?mperance. are respectfully invited to attend the fune rei. from her late residence, 878 Broome street, this sfter noou at -d| o'clock. The remains will be taken to Green wood Cemetery. [from the Nsw Orleans Jeffertoaian Republican, Feb. 15.] [communicated I OeivcAST. Departed this life, ou Thursday morning ot I o'clo. k in the 8th year of bis ago, Mr Ws. H. Jack son, of New York, sati cf Charles H. Jackson, of that ci ty Melincholy is it indeed to witness the alow but cer tain lavages ol disease upon the wasted form, but when in the full exercise of every faculty, in the pride of man h<>o I. at.d the happy consciousness of security, the stroke ot dea'h falts upon one wo have learned to love and ad mire, how painful is the reflection of his loss ! The sub jertol tin- notice claims a tribute from thu band of friend ship,'hough poor indeed must be the offering, from one ? . h |? not the captivating graces of languago with wlucn to speak his virtues, or the rich gifts ol poesy to scstt-r o'er his 'omb. Brave, frank and generous, he was y?t Aim in those purposes which to his mimi seemed mat he i .uid proper- led instinctively by a high sense of honor end a let-ling ol manly pride. No man was more ready to atone for a w rong MM mere su ceptiblp to the slightest hteath ol shame To his Iriends he was open and hi.r i served, and hie countenance was the mirror that r. fleet. I the yet unspoken thought of hit mind Still is ate that voice which has W often lent encouragement tQ kt> doaiinnJiog friends, end le animated their drooping spirits- fiaed ere those e)ee which have so often with Icve and afTcion - li'. lets it the hand that was ever ? s i to upruisi t i'il ;n dell i ceof those he loved, or t" prow-el the powerless against the unchecked ferocity ol the op|Misser?peiseirss. moiionlcss, is the hrart where honor and truth lied fixed their imperishable imprint Pnr.rJ.rts n l> t 'X patents moum thy less in keen end t>i' er -thy si?trr will hold thee enshrined within her heart, as sir' of the fondest and dearest of brothers? ?nd to llim w he tempers the w in.l to the thorn lamb, we commit thy afflicted wife and falherlcat infant. Fare well, my friend ! Paaaeagrrs Arrived. I isrss-lirfsi Psnlia?W T Wslthall, U 8 Navy. Pel k SW-i?Ship I c otter-- W Pals. New Oaiaiss?r-'iip Knight end lady. Forelga I in|Nirtat lone. I .Mm Bar. me I'aelint? IS his ternullion A A Low?70 i >t|a me time 75 r? fsat tea bin fire rrartiers B r White?<15 I i.istttag Withe tell h Bmi| 1 baa mds- H C Wood ? join hit hie r ra?ears H. ' tee- a it Wit?1 it i Bar ? ley k Trtnr?19 l*?il u. A . ?>? I J W Forbes?II fioerlrrr? hss III ris (iruii i Mi it t i rM, hi baituas II rs ulba Uondhar k en?IflOS 11* fire rrorbrre It do anotar d Ml bfcla vhins In h. sit esatis bod. bdte split r il as M rs termillion 5d Itt swart- I nteait # et riiehatN Vigkin s. lorasuk? 1350 rolls malting till eks rktli -eh if es silk 5 kit chin - w tie Ida <lo camphor flsiO bis kie rr?. i ^ ... . I..ih I Ha ?i?cer it bslas c. iss root 10 k?? eaessa Im ? f I fsat ft i'o buttons II do eermillioa 7 bit Mtdse 7 fill I skit mart lit i rder. Be . ratMarian Usee-<5 I'm* I (wood II rreimae in A. . ? H ||! I , . % . II , I.e s I,, I . nr. tpsil 11 I bdl e t'e .ltell I b ?s ear ei I Ahisndre?t lisle, hale 2500 .sm'i MW ris.s i'i In master full I-Br.? l.'tl I?el-55 blids IMIM tat d'> ao'attes How I '? d k A atH.. ? ah? M do tu.ei II ? ha n.huti J W A rah i bald Haasitlle Impartallaaa. 5i? "I' i ant?nt.,|. .les.u- Ml balsaeottoa U F Darby? ? do d bat ii.h-ee.i t K i idliot?It ban. I e? A B Joh.atioek ? do I mwi k Keaae- M Mt|. f IWIote?85 bast 7 bnlei tn-A M I kunbelmsnn?II do r . tinn 11 b 't BpoBofd, T iles* i" k ? n? If d-> It kigt M beseb k eo? Jf lea Me isri k to?17 hula I taik k t . tiiati - tf do II Isles Law re-ca Hi.1-1 do* MAt J ?n.ttb-l b k I Mute- In W R >1,1 upoafli-5 rates Meyer Ik Das I Jllnkt-I I t bar. hms -I tf .hi perk IX <|. home Iddl 4 i fUwt Rotdam ki i-IM kales eoUoa lo MA HI I IMK H ?AALD. *hl> Reitnri nn it AgattUi vetasll eoieeta it alseot tf I apimak g Vasnett will g ve ir Hut i nt Hi' tf i, I jpfiia tf w*i Pf#w? (tfuta, ? npan n' t?? ab,|g-inn left M the poet nl etna lh?v sailed the rrtse'i ?ooa-u aa men .'"mi a I at -I . %?tr c*igo. and any reman tes-Mp-ft, M newt titer "?ey hare. At-sit cad ('arrespor or .is i hie a or abetted, a ill dm as cf" a raenr by a adiat to ?b t ?Aee any Marine letrtlieenaa they may reorise. n?Mff IBM) VotlK FKHHI'kHV llfT s. e a ??? a M | stoea sites fit t t a ? s ..j ? | niots omega ..lilts ClHiegi -stop Ions I.tees, Hat *, baa k Ohio, Lyon, I leerim I, N Paianae, Madara. f tab, Havana. J J Taylor.? B"ie? Ksertoe Ma> ",f arde.... BieU k Voae ?Briga Ifarrtel Pot. At Jn ia de I'm Remedi a. Neamub k Walah. I taker MM Hurr. fir M trie tia Itey w. at. J Nonhap. Helen Mcleod l-aadit, New firlea is, ishn i.lnsll k l-n, Alersat Hko'lteld, Bin dv wire. Nremit S k Wtlab ? d? hit Portia I niter. Bars* eon It! M. .. Itir Nleeaw' CM. Miuarsa, N'td k |Nrk, Vtrior*. rente-Id Alei adiia. Biurges fc I lea mail I'o nelis.laulhner, Bosiuit ?Msife WHi-le, hsUwia, Boil til Ambvy. ?in m. bl.ip I'owriee, t lane-, *d days from Pslerm >, with IM Hags null i"d do ?iis.r te do liaaa?d If rs ftta 77OH hit frnit In Liw re .ee k I'hel, s Ian k. nil I spv hoaitrl h*r<|?e Noltss,' of Pmtl*nd, t daya In>m Hareelo s I.if Hseaunab; aavwe time|? - I nnis of N Voib. Ii r Palermo, 1Mb. 1st n 50 |?a lo ? b.ra 11 n 11 .well, of Bosmn, for Marseilles, t5 days oet -hi|> I ter.ess, ttomthae, Id dais f om New Orleans, with rot Iim. kr in K h f idltna k ( e. "von, full i, Bweetlin. IIS dayi float ( sat a, with ind.e I I n fcf'e "p .kr Krb 21. 1st 71, bin *7 brig NrwOrletrt, ! .i B< tNN f ? I eiaeoa. Mai-dish beiaue (tear Aatimm, 55 dat s Iroet I. adis wlib IM .attt aalt te ertfas Br* Mi?ia <*???. ft -m Mi?p, Hm K?h I, villi t>*? w?>?k1, to B BU?r ? Jun. ?i< Plrti Itaic FnwIlNi, Brow*. >IJ t? B?ti* 1*4It. lit M |.? n ti. iM?lir4 a brig ihowiaf ? Mar ugaal with wHttr I tai ? m hTVS lot If ,iou 79 II, u? ship Untilift, Alloa, from Frm (Mam ? ml North. ?rig L'OiK-at. Knight, from FuMa, PR lot II. airtnar< kt, lo Hoalul k AiMiaili laA han|i> Foaikoa Hertirk 6?r Gaaraaill* to I .a lor NHt?ea, hr ?. W J W?m a rk feldt, ane. Will, Lockhaf, f.?? Hnladrli-Hia, 1 dsit Alien Manaoo. and Pmli, Rearyer anr ?? h'a I or, I rl?i and nevrnaer. Br ?i, wig rn-g.i- An, Adelaide. fn>? Portland, disg. Bng Joliet k srrell. for PtuUdrlpkM. aid J days before BrigC H At-pletnn Bradford, M d.ya from .Nora < Irlrana with 261 hhJa sugar 16 easks ? bl la molunea D W lima, h Northam. S*rdnh schr llaiard, Christ. ra>n Irgh ra, and loot (ma Gibtalur 50 days with M bale* rati 110 maa msrbl- 83 | kg mdir tnANan kf'o. 19th mat la' 31 H, Ion To, spok. bug Columbus, of and from Boat' u for Wrat tadiiw Schr Agawam, Laue.from < inloaai, kali II. with M hhdo mi'luiri 50 tea do K-rd It Hu|>|>?rk Hailed io co with aclo Orator, for NYork. Schr Margaret Smith, Smith, t dart from Wilm>ogtoa, Nl with naval striea. Schr Olive, Conraea, from I'l \ month, NC. with rottoo and crru, 'o master Schr Michigan. Trny, II dtya fiom Baltimore, with mdae. U John ion It Lowden. Schr Lion, Lewia, 2 dat a from Delaware, with mdae, to the master. Schr Roger I'armlee. Bart, from Katun'a Nock, with mdae fm the wreck of sclir Keeaide. Schr Kevrnue, Danitls, York Hirer. Schr North America. York Kitrr. Sloop Klin Craig, Abercom. lelnwi One ship, one barque, thiee brigs, unkno an Mlsa-ellaaiieoua Hernrd. Brig Ashore?Captain Craig, of the Eliaa, from Abaecom, reports that on the 23d inat. iu a thick fog, a harm tiiic (aame unknown) ran a-hore near thtt pUre. She wae psiutod black willi a white streak, wae from the Weai Indi-a. The sea we making a compler-breach over h*r I apt C. soppoard the brig had bilged 8' e had a cargo of hidea and logwood. Ship Lord Aihrubton.?This vessel remains at anchor in tliestream, and the cotton which waa on fi e appears to be qaite extinguished. She will probably haul iu to one of th* up, rr wharves and diacharge her cargo. The Sea Island un hoard ap pears to have been but little damaged. We stated it as nui belief that the fire was by design?it is now the general impres sion tliit it was the result of accident?[Charleston Paiiiot, Feb 22. Banqur: Fortune, of and from London for St John, NB ._ ballast, went ashore on the SW end of Grand Man an, uight nl 16th inst. in a thick fog; crew saved, except one mau, who fell from the cliffs after lauding and waa loat. At last accounts Die barque waa wedged betw-en the rocks, bilged and broken amid ships?sails and rigging saved?materials were to be sold 19th, near the wreck. Brig Motto and cargo, of and for Portland from Cardenas before reported ill distiis* be'ow Kennebunk, is insured for $5000. about half their value, supposed at a rnrlland office, or a Hartford agency there. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 22d, Hope. Taylor, lndiau Ocean, 8f Helena Dec 25, with full cargo, 1350 bbla ipm oil. Keporta at Johauna. July 25 Uuited Sntea, Gifford. Westpo-t, 300 sp; Hhiue, Downs, Kdgartown. 270 sp; Peri, Jose, NB, 150 sp; Maine, Tobey, Bnalun, 200 sp; j\ug 22, at do, Leonidas, l'obey, FH, 750 sp, bound South; Sept 6, Ann Maria, Carr, FR, 15 ma 750 bbls, 200 wh; 7lh, Peuob'Cot, Kellev, Nam, 13 mos, 304 an? reptd 10 mos out, 200 wh; 13th, James Munroe, Hardiug, k H, 5 mos, 80 spin. Spoke Nov 23, lat 30 28 S, Ion 19 30 K, Harriet. IJurfee, Free own, 100 spin, bound to St Paula and the NW Coaat. At Praalin, Sevchelle Islands, Sept 20, Arab, Harding. KH. 900 sp 700 wh. The Hope look a whale since doublirg Cape Good Hope, which stowed down one huudied and lorty five bbls sperm oil, the largest sperm whale on rec rd. Arr 23d, Harrisou, Smith, NW Coast, 145 days from Maui, wirti full cargo, 1200 bbls ap 1500 do wh oil. and 12.000 lbs bone L?ft at Mani, Sept 28, Waverly. Munroe NB, 700 ap; Pallas, of Havre, 60 sp 1900 wh; Butau Rowland, NB, 900 sp 1000 wh, for home; Wm Penn, Lincoln. Falmouth, 1300 sp 100 wh, do; Jean netre, May hew, NB, 1550 ?p; Oregon, Shearman. FH. 1300 spm I2C0 wh, for home; Rodman, Newcomb, NB, 800 spm; Uucaa Gelett, do, 50 an 2300 wh: Japan. Riddell, Nant, 1700 spin, fur home; Hector, Martin, Warren, 750 sp; Dam ?, Potter, Newp't, 600 do; Galrn, Bowen. Warren, 300 spm 1200 wh; Hrrald, May hew, NB, 500 sp 100 wh: Canton, Lucas, do, 1200 sp; W Henry, Benjamin. KH, 1100 ap, bound on a cruiie and home; Neptane, Pearson, SH, 25 sp 1600 wh. Sept 13, signalized Courier. Max chant, NB, in lat 22 30 N, Ion 157 W- spoke Dec 48 S. Ion 62 W, Pantheon, Taber, of and for NB. 800 spm 700 wh; 18th saw a ship .leering N. supposed the Kutnsnff, of and for NB; Jan 2, off River Plate, Heroine, West, of and for FH, full.? Capt West reported the loss of Capt Cunningham, late of the Florida, NB,at Oaroot, (a small island of the Harvey Group, iu lat 21 S, Ion 160 W,) in Oct last, who was drownrd by the upsetting of a boat w hile attempting to laud, the surf runnim very heavy?also lost one o-an at toe same lime, name not siatei ?(the F had 1100 wh. Manchester master.) Also at Oaroot. same time, Peociou, Butler. NB, 1200 wh. The Heroine tepid, no date, in 8 lat, Alex Barclay, of Bremen, bnuud into 1 alca huana. Off Falkland lxlandx, no date. Nile, Hamlin, NB, 8n day? out, clean, all well; the reptd Wm Lee of Newport, off River Plate, no date Jan 5. taw the Heroine, FH, take a sperm whale. Spoke Ja-i 6, Iat22 S, Inn 30 W, Lalla HookhReyuard, NB for Pacific, all well, clean: 16th, lot 8 S, loo 34 W. Wash ington, Whelden, do for N W Coast, clean. Spolcen. Columbus, or Columbia, from for Pt Petie, Guad. Feb 6, lat 2116, lou 67 19. An American barque, painted green with a white itrrak, and in her signal the word Cora, steering 8, Feb 9, lat 25 48 N, Ion 63 50 W. foreign Porta. Antwerp, Jan 31?In port, Hull, Putnam, from Sumatra, to sail on her return to the coaat about Feb 20; Ellawortn, Lang, disgd, expected lo load for Galveston. Glssgow, Feb 2?In port, Franklin, Thomas, for NOrleans, ldg. Singapore, Oct 10?Iu port, Boxer, Robinxon,from Batavia, arr 4lh, for Chiua, unc Montevideo, Dec 15?Arr Hebe, Green, James River; Jane. I'inckney, Philadelphia; 16th R 17tn, Globe, Wootten, do. Sid 7th, Shaw, Ken, Buenos Ayrrs; Commerce, Blanchard, do; 14th, Olinda, Hutchinson, d". Arr no date. Cynosure, Mr l?on. Buenos Ayiei, and sld Nov 28 for Ichaboe; Nahmakaula. ' Tucker, Rio Grande and sld Dec 8 for Castillos; Sarah Ann, Buenos Ayres. and sld Dec 3 for St Catharines. Kingston, Ja. previous to Jan 30?Arr Hermitage, Fry, Bal timore. CtENFurGos, Feb 5?In port, Neptune, Sidric k, for Bosto.i soon: Sarah Williams, Thompson, do. 10 ds; Tecumieh, Han son, for do. soon; ? aroline St Mary, Higgius, for' Norleans, in ballast, same day;Clio, Marwick, from Havana, arr 3d; Harp. Beaston, for N York, soon; Navarro, Fuller, from and for do, unc; Eugene, Skinner, from Boston, for N Yeik. uuc; Esqui maux, Hawes, from and for Chaile?tou, same day. Caito, Means, lor Nt'rlems, in ballast, sld dav previous. St Johns, NF. Jau27?Arr Helen, Power. NYork. Sr John, NB. Feb 14?Arr Persererance, Bennett, Savannah; 18th, Niuian, Kittock, do. Hum* Porta. Portland, Feb 22 ? Arr Exchauge, Leavitr. Matanzas; 23d, Brad.ire. Stront, Baltimore. Bid Ma, Liucoln, Citizen, Ko chambeau, and a few coasters. Laurel, and Kide.ul, remain below. Portsmouth, Feb 20?Below, Klor del Mar, Kinnear, from Baltimore. Salem, Feb 23?Arr Julia Ann, Bucknim, N Vork, Bid 22d, Gen Brooks. Boston, Feb 24?Arr Moselle, Hunt, Havre?has experienced very heavy weather, the first 18 days continual heavy fales from the Westward, and durina the whole passage his had but 18 hours Easterly winds, and mosc of the time under reefed sails; Lyaauderrl :|app, Cienfuegos. Telegrapned, Brutus, from New Orleans Cld Effort, Hussey, Mayaguez; Thomas, Weeks. 8t Doniugo; Cordova, Cele, St Thomas and a mkt; Southport, Oiiffuh. Savannah; (duinuebaug, Fulton, Bith; Hobert Wain, Sears, Philadelphia. Cld 221, Elv ra. Green, Coast of Africa 21tti, r M?Sailed, wind WNYV to WSW, Southnort. Elvira, Quinnebaug, Souther. Elizv Burgess, Mozart, K mball. Ga zelle. Cord .va, Protection (supposed for an F.astern port; and from the Roads, early in the mo-nine. Jubilee, Ponce, Yucitau, Alderman,St Thomas. Jos Balch sld on Sa.urday. New BttiFoRD. Feb 22?Sld Hichinond, Cushman, NVork; Thorn, Cole. Richmond. Holmes Hole, Feb 22?Arr Cornelia, Stinson, fPt Petre for Bath. P M?Sld Olive, Iole. In port, the others Going in 22d a 23d, Seliua, of Baltim-ie, from Rio Grande for Boston. Phii.?uklphia, Feb 25? Arr Oak, Ryder, and Hobt Brute, Snow, Boston; Alexander, Robinson, NOrleans; Gen Warren, Davis, Portsmouth. Cld Jos LybJand, Krgers; Commerce, Johnson, and A B Cooley, Camp, N York. Wilminoton, NC Feb 19? Arr Albert Perkins, Clark. St Croix; Hudsoq, Jenkins, Trinidad; Edward Ik Frank, Stetsou. Antigua. Newbkrn, NC. Feb 16?Arr Maria, Smith, NYork. Cld 14th. Eliza, Carrow. Washington, DC. Washinoton, NC. Feb 15?Arr Washington, Dixon, West Indies; Silas Crane, Johnson, N York experienced severe gales, hist one chain and anchor, jitstay and rudder; _ 18th, jGolus, Studley, Boston; Saunders, Crobtree, West Indies. Cld 20th, Pamplico, Fnlford, do. Charleston, Feb 21?Arr Cesar, [Prut] Niekler, Havana; Esquimaux, Hawet, Civnfueg. s; Paiagon, Wahab, Hartford, N'-. Cld 22d, Ambassador, Knight, Liverpool; Columbus, I Dan] Evert, Copenhagen In the offing, 2 barques and a brig Sld 21st, Creole, [Br] Clark, Liverpool; A A I'endergrnst, Bma Savannah, Feb 20?ArrCarleton, Bance, Liverpool; Osage, Hall. Boston. St Marks. Feb II?Arr Louisa,Blanchard, and Geu Wihon, Miner, NYoilt; Bordeaux, Barnes, Providence; N G Bourne, Perry, Charleston: R W Brown, Sninny, St Thomas; Hoscoe, Kitou. Boston. Cld J E Donnell, Hall; Alford, Mason, and T II Brtton, T'avert, NYork. Morii.v, Feb 17?Arr Atsion, Martin, Nassau, NP; Nimrod, Chase, Boston. Cld Alabama. Dudley, New York, Importer, Marsh, Pensacola; Martha Washington, Doane New Yoik; Java, Pickering, Liverpool; Isabella, Dreberr, St Johns, PR; Commerce, Allen, Providence. Arr I6ih, Corvo, Crockett, Thomai ton. N? w Orleans, Feb 16?Arr Republic, (si Crane, Galveston: riiilsdelphia, Wellington. Rio Janeiro; (.harlotte Harrison, [Br] Mrlntyre, Dublin; Hotie Howes,Shaw, Havana. Captain Shnliz. of the tnwhoat Alton, leports all the outward bound vessels at the SW Pass went to sea on the 14th mat Cld Ala bama, (s) Wiudle, Havana; Motiso u, I'avne, aud Forrester. Wheatland, Boston; Arkausns, Bunker: Union, Kaltuone; Herculean, Holmes; Atalauta, Raymond; Hyder Ali, Disbrow. and Mnreeilus, Hiiro til, NewYork; Neptune. Peach, and Wm & Elizabeth, [Br] Pilcher. Liverpool; Herman Wel-h, Baltim'e; Sarah llano. Bailey, Philadelphia; Danube, [Br] Berry, Barba does and a mkt: Hylas, Ens'ii, Havana; Philanthropist, Eld ridge, Baltimore; Argus, Beltran, Lavacca and a mkt. By Last Night's Southern Mail. Philadelphia, Feb 25?Cld The a P Cope, Miercken, Liver pool. BsLTivtoax, Feb 21? Arr Garonne, Mvers, Amsterdam; Fa vorite, [Br] Masters, Bermuda. B>|.iw, coming up, a full rigged brig and 2 schrs. Sld Hichd Anderson, Liverpool; Al bert, aud Schiller, Bremen; Archibald Oracie, Barbarities; Eleanor, West Indies; Somerset, Demerara; Maria, Latourette, N York. Spoken. I snturioa, of Newcastle, Me. from Mobile for Havre, Feb 13, off I i|w Florida. i slisto, Hopkins. 30 hours f,om Norfolk for Jamaica, Feb 20, off Hattersa. PUBLISHED PHIS MORNING THE FEBRUARY NUMBER OF BLACKWOOD. CONTENTS; . Christopher >oith's Specimens of the British Critics. The Tower of London, hy Thomas Roscoe P. .nis and Ballads of Goethe, No. III. Soiiii sa it Is. . . Tne So peril ii i lies of Life. V I. The Ove'land Pessage V ? I. Slesmerism. VIII. F.?ihetie? of Dress?Abr nt a Bonnet. IA German-American Romances. Price f J a year?Single Numbers 25 cents. RECK ntly~publis?ed. The London Umrt'tly Ke.iew, for January. The b din burgh Ke view, do I he Foreign tinsrterlv Keview, do The Westminster Review, do i*" Trice o| any on.' Review, $3 a year-any two, $5?sny ihu-e, $7?all four Kevicws $8?Blackwood aud the four Re views. $l? h SCOTT St CO., Publuhers, O* It*re 112 Fulton street, uesr Nassau. c H kTAP > u B iTITTT IONS MOUNT SOREL! _ Anthor of Old Men's Tales . . Trice fil* cents THh KNIGHTS OF THE SEAL: (AH THE MYSTERIES OF 11IE THREE C1TIES-J vy |<mine* of M*n ? H*%ru and Flabit*. Thi? moitficiting romanr* it now romi lrt* in f nr part*. No work for a 'our time hu i mated as cieat a s nsa'iou, iu cerUm cir -lea, as ibis. Many a reader hss I e<-n ltd to exclaim?'I, it 11? Already has the uthor been assailed, and personal violence threst-ced-bul he t. us i...thins . tad while thousands aie reading hi. work, he is conscimis id only telling things is they are. Piice 12>? cent? ea'h Harier's Edition of the Wandering Jew, No. 8 llarper foinplrte vol I, |nce50 ie,.i.. Winchester's Eiliiiou n Wi ?*. ng J. w, No. It. Win Chester's complete vol. 1, I i tlOie. t.. Add wholesale anil retail, hy JUIMi <k TAYLOR, No, I Astor lions*. ft* Ii?ec anil HHURTX It TAYLOR. Baltimore \TOl|. E?a.'irtases, hackney ouches aud i ah?, *akit Z e n. * n (.si; in rha; entteni* * Goatd Bali, this ? vening, wi I se t' .1 in, . . d iv, ii w uh then hu?.s head. Inwards Hoiistoi ISAAC H. BROWN, I* Inspector of Hacks. IV. V. WILL APP''. * K NEXT WKKK, ^ THE UNITED STATES NAUTICAL MAGAZINE. B) A LIKI TKVdNT, UNITED STATES NAVV I'M IA M A( i AZIN F. w ill be de v..ted to the iatarsatsof Nauti I r?l awa.uiil will ?lso coi lain aucli reading matter as may'af r l " %iru?:ii?? amusement, and shall, at ih? same time, be a t Mhfnl record of all iMPKovaManTa >n Nauti' al Science, No IK ta to Man meet, lie.. Itc.. aa well aa a Chronicle of M ari-1 ,m* Kimti. iohik at hnin-and abroad: and >? intended to b? i ho .a of reference, nerf i| both to the M reliant and S-am ui. rtwI'.P Nnntievl Magar.iue will be ptibltahrd monthly, iu the ti>f id New York, recti number to enmain 64 pages, Ivn, ol P int-d matter, oa | >od pa|>rr, and iu fine clear type?price S4 4grata in New York Ci'y, 9AXTON k MILES, IN It'ee MS Broadway A CARD. HARANKHU'8 DIVAN, No. J Wall street PHK UNDERSIGNED, haring aeen a Card in thia piper, a signed by t'ma k Ritas, iuf.iim'iig the public that we had aa geaaectioa laHould be aorrv if we had) with the Haba nrr > M"U?e, and temiudiug ui. aa the spurious H. H , (which if it ta *a they mean, i: ihould be H's D..) that every tub must ?>aad oa lit owe bottom, ( we aland on uo other,) and advising n? t > roll ap sleeves to earn a good name, (that la aupertiuous, lor It la rlreadv don- ) We ther-fore deem it adu'ytoonr wives to inform ihr public,that we are,and always will be inde prmb nt ofih. in uid lli-ir house and that their card was allogelh ? uncalled lor, inasmuch aa oar appellation ia not aimilar. nor doea It bear the aamr meaniug aa theiia.for theira ia underatood aa 1 Mono ke|.( 111 u it 11 -? I f II ivuua; wlnlat oura ia aa a rra rt for ..?'?vea of llaaana.aaid hav nit the plraaare of the acquaintance of manv each aentle ? en, we opened an Rabauero'i Diean withoui the alighieat idea of interfering with thnie apparently jealous gentlemen of th? Habtnero House; and we have no doubt, a dis e-r-ieg public will acquiesce in our having a right to open at atabl abate it, gnder whatever designation may appe>r the moat CORBIERK k BY. ?ait.ahle to oar basiaaaa Februaiary Itth, IMS. f26 lt*ec POST OFFICE, I - i.\ New Yotk, February 25th, 1M5. , KNOLtkH M\IL?L?iter Bags i?r mail steamer Hibernia, will he closed at the Tost Office in Nassau street, iu this eitT, on Friday, the Mlh iasta, t at ?S minutes past3o'c(ock, P. at. The overland roatagu of IIV cents o" each single letter, ma't he paiJ JOHN LOKIMER OKAHA M. ? fJ* Itrc Post Master. Re. IVA RD?LOST?Aa Account Book, yeaterdav morn <E?" mg, of no ute to any but the ow-cr?marked on the cover ''Cover, kc " Whoever w II return ilie tame to basement of 20 t hamhert street, at 12 o'clock, or at (17 Division street, shall re ceive the above reward fit tt*ec WAN I 'ED ? Uy a reaiiectabln young woman, a situation aa chamWrinud tw nurte; and a voung ltd. fourtreu years of age, ia will ng to make himself useful, iu a respectable family or a -.t ire. I'leaae call at II Croaby street. f!6 lt*ec WANTED?By a respectable yon g woman, a situation to do rhamherwork; ir hat no ohje'tinn to washing and ironing, tr waii ng, or l<f d > general housework for a small private family, flood city references given. Enquire at No. 5S Duaue ttreet, up ttairm. <26 ll?ec I1TANTF.D FOR CASH?A double set of Harness, and i vv mod-rn built Rockaway Barouche, for family u?e, all in eaeellent orde . Apply at 114 Uiand street, between I and 10 o'clock, A M (54 3t*ec INFORMATION IVANTED. C4N ANY PE list IN give p formation Pi K O K., at this I tfire where VV 11 LAUD PAL L. of Camdiea, State of Maine, mav be found' Hit deposition in an imporUutcaae is required. f?4 iui?te A LADY ABOUT BREAKING UP HuU*K KEEPING, XX7ISHE* to rent her Furniture for t^e coming year, and vv would board with the family, if requited. A direst M. II., thia office. 153 2l*m DA<:KET SHIP 41AHKICK for Liverpool?Passengers by f tnia ship will pleue lie on board, at Orleaoi wharf foot of Wall street, th>s (Wrdneaday) monuug, kith iuitaut, at 12 o'clock, at which t mc the ship will tail. f26rc DACKET SHIP ROSCI US from Li erpool-ls di.chargiug f under g-neral order at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atr-et Consignee, w ill please attend to the receipt of their goods im inediiieTy. f2)ec PACKET SHIP HOTriNOUCR from Liverpool-Cor signees per tips vessel will please lake notice, that she ia dis charging under general order, at weal -ide Barling Slip Per mits may be asnt on board, or to f? WQQDHULL fc MINTUUNB. ?7 South street. NOTlCK COSTAH, I rlarch, IMS, i Fashion for I a variety of new styles ol Caps for Spriue. f23 6tis*ec MESSRS. BKEBK fcCOsTAH, Fashionable Hatters, will eihibit on the 1st March, IMS, at their Sales Room. 166 Broadway "The Spring Fashion for Gentlemen's Hats." Also, FOR SALE. A FOUR-WHEELED CARRIAGE, of an elegant con atruction, for two horses?Apply to R. C., at the deak of this office, forifur'her particulars. (13 lw*rc FOR SALE, E FURNITURE of a three a'orv house, only three years in nse by a private family, cousistiug of every thing tit for a genteel ret'deuce. The owner Citn'emplatea giving up house rPIIE -I- ill u keeping, and it will be told cheap in bulk for cash.?Apply to t the i' ~ " R ,at the desk of thia office. 153 lw*rc WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PARK THEATRE. LAST REPRESENTATIONS! As the Company will depart in a very short time, therefore, in compliance with the earnest solicitation of several families and individuals, the Manager anuoancea a GREAT REDUCTION OF PRICES ! 145 Cents to every part of the Theatre! GALLERY UH CENTS. TWELVE MOST SPLENDID ACTS IN THE KINO AND ARENA! And the novel and Grand Equestrian Suect MAD ANTONY WAYNE! etaele of rt AND HIS TERRIFIC HORSE DAREDEVIL. In which a TKEBi.E COMPANY will ap|iear.?0 LEARY & CO 'S FASHION FOR SPRING, 1845. p< ENTLEMEN8' HATS, of our Spring Pattern, will be ree LX jy for sale *ud delivery, on ai d after Friday, the S8th Instant. N. B.?We announce the above a? THE FASHION for the ensuing seaa'in. and to preclude nil possibility of error iu th* minds of the public and trade generally, in thin city and else where, as to its origin and do tiuctively peculiar features, we present the foHowiug detail of i's proportions, vis:? CROW v-7K inches high, 5-16 bell at sides, Ja bell in front -V,i is and rear, 2k yeoman, X curve. T' P?3-16 Mich oval, the e< ge rounded off 1-16 inch. BRIM-lIf incites wide all around?Srf, uatural curve? Curl BAND'and BINDING?K inch wide. The (articular set of 'he brim is unique, and our customers will be serrrd with a style espress!y adapted t > the characteris tic features a"d form of each res|iectiv<ly. February 54th. 1M5. f25 lOtiam TO ANY LADY WISHING A GOOD HUSBAND. ANY LADY possessing the follnwi-g qualifications a disposed to voter into the marri ge state, mav reply M this advertisement; but anyone replying contideiing initio be a hoax, are info m d, to live them the trouble, that no notice will be taken of them whttever. She mutt be betw.en 18 and 30 years of age, of reapei table .parentage, well educated, of au obliging and aimable disposition, and alto well qualified to take charge of houtehold affairs?money or pr >perty of second try importance. The writer it a gentleman of 22 yeart of age, doing a good butinett, but not wealthy, but ttill hat sufficient means to support a wife in a very genteel manner, and he it of the highest respectability. The writer Is tiuceie in this affair, and hopes no trouble will lie given him by unnecessary replies Communications received will beheld as strictly Confidential Address Mr. ALONZO HAY WARD, at this office. fe2t St* re Black and white thread lace flounces, just received per e.raerald Black Thread Lace Flounces, from *? yard to K yard wide. White do La Neige do Ht do \ do Black and White Lace Berthea, liar be < and Sleeves, dome of tha most splendid Mechlin wide Laces. Black Lace Veils and Black Thread Be irfs White Lace Veils and Scarfs, point a Bruxellej and a la Neige. Three very splendid Mechlin Lace Dieases. One Carton t'elirine. Capes and Chemisettes. Valrnci-nues La< es and Edgings. Mechlin do. Arr*s do. JAMES BECK 8t CO. respectfully announce, that this ia by far the most rich and splendid invoice of goods that have been offered. PARIS EMBROIDERIES?Consisting of Caneyous, Pele rines, Collars, Chemisettes a Is Pico style. Also, some magnificent Embroidered Dresses and Handker chiefs, of very rich embroidery. The above, with a great variety of other goods, are now of fered at very moderate piices, by JAMES BECK k CO., f36 10tec MB Broadway. NEW SWEEP SCENTED HARDY FLOWERING SHRUBS RUSSELL'S AMERICAN HYBRID SEEDLING A/4LIAS AND RHODODENDRONS W RUSSELL, Florin, Stc., in Henry near Atlantic street, ? Brooklyn, has now for sale200 fir.e klowering Plants ol these elegant varieties. The improved site of the Flowers and Umhles, with the delicious Iligrance, make them very desirable as Grreiihcure and Parlor Plants. He has also, 400 Pl-uits of the best Perpetual China Rosea, a choice collecliou of the new Variegated Dalias, (in dry Mots,) and a few bushels of the English Hawthorn Seeds, grown at his garden. fid 3t*rc HARDWARE AT LOW PRICES. 1MIK SUBSCRIBER, (Agent for several manufacturers in Knit land) offers grvat advantages to dealers?is now receiv ing a large supply of staple Birmingham and Sheffield Goods, which ereoffered at a verv trifling advance on the sterling cost. 750 gross low priced Table Cutlery, all patterns, at present coil and charges. 10 casks very superior C S Files, all aisea from 4 to 14 inches, at the old prices. 90 piei es "Laycock V fine Hsir Cloth, at the Irwest market price. 40 casks Bright Traces. I 5 c.uks Hand Saws, at $5 75 30 do Carolina Hi es. I per doz 20 do Hooks and Ilingrs. I 50 bags Ane Wrought Nails. 8 caaka Curry Comba. I Also. Knob and Tndlncks, Candlestick. Frame Pulleys, Latches, Bolls, Spoons, Percussion Caps, Shoe Thread, ( haul Weh, lie., Ik, kc. JOHN A. NEWBOULD, f 17 6tis*m 90 John stree up stairs XYL'. GRAPHIC PRESS GENERAL JOB PRINTING OFFICE, ."Ml Gold Street. fl'HE SUBSCRIBERS inform Druggists, Perfumers, Grocers A and others, that they have inula extensive additions to their assortment of Xylographic Labels, to which .hey would ie snectfully call their attention. They are eoustantlv adding to tneir stock all the new style ofartie'ea. tu their line, which aie offered in Prance or F.ngland, and they promise their customers that they (fall spare noexp-nie ill netting up all that they may want in the business of the Diuggisis, Perfumers and Srgar Manufacturers. JOB PRINTING?Their office is alto surplier! with every viriety ofT) |>e necessary for the execution ol every deacrip'ion of Fancy Job Frirting, Cards, Billheads, Notes, Rills Lading, Circulars, and all kinds of Mercantile Printing, executed on reasonable term* SEGAR BOX LABELS AND PAPER, of every descrip tion always on hand. VARIEGATED SHOW CARDS, for Refectories,Grocers, kc., kc -? large supply. BRONSON k CO.. 124 Im'rc 56 Gold street, near Fultou. DISHROW'S RIDING SCHOOL, Nu. 408 BOWERY. N'*J* Asto* tan La Favarvg Places, N*w loss MR. D. has the honor to announce that his School is opei .. . D*v and Evening, for Kqueetriui Tuition and F.xeicise Riding. TERMS: t.kcruug lissoiss. aiaacist* nioirm. 1(1 Lesions 115 Ml 1 Month $11 Ot 10 10 00 31 Rides 10 0.1 4 5 00 10 " 8 On ?iiugl - Lesaons I 00 Single Rules 75 Road ' 2 50 I N. 11.?Highly trained and quiet Hurere, for the Hoed oi Parade, to let. ?vcmxo class. It lessor,s to 00 I M Hides flO 0( Single" I 00 Single Hid" ... 7; RULES: 1 ?Ail Lessons or Rides |oid for on commencing. 2 ? One hour allowed on each Lesson or Rule io the Brkcol. I.? One hour and a hall' to a Lesson on t iw Road. 4.?Hours for Ladies, from 9 A. M. to Jf M. ?V?Hours for Gentlemen, frem i to 5, wd from 7 to 9ty P. M 0 ?No Gentlemen admitted during fiw henre appropriated t. Ladies. \ ; . rd i f a.nirct s is re incst- it piav ,ous lo confine n> 1 /'tiruileineu keriiiug viieii hunts at ihiststablinLtP 'vii, n t) ha.e tlw pi iv ilege of tiding I hem :n ilw Hehool gtslu ft! lu'rn AUCTION SALES. WM W. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. OTOCK OF CROCKERY. Glut and China, Thursday k-> Feb. 27th, l#K o'clock, at the ttom. No. 77 Eighth Avenue ?ear llth strert. in IjU fiom the shelves to suit letiileia. erncera, a general assortment of common and fine Earthenware. P)'tea, Oiahea. Bakera. Teaa, Ten He's, Bowls, t'hamhers Pitchers, Maes, Sic. China Tea and Dinner Sets, Toilet >ersl cut, plain and unused Tumblers, Wines, Decanters. Itc Hal Camps, and other fancy articles. Goods well parked and eratrs fre- of charge ft6 lt*ec H( WM. W. SHIRLEY. Auctioneer. OI'SE FURNITURE SALE-Friduy, Frbrnarv 28th at 10% o'clock, a itenerel assortment of ne .t Furniture c n tsiued in tli-three stniy House No. 16 City Ha'l PI?ce, corner of Uasne street, consistinK in pirtol Brussels and three ply Carpets. Rues, Oil Cloths, Piano Forte and Stool, mahogauy Solas, Chairs. Centre and Pier Tables end Glosses, Set Dining Tables, Mantel Girandoles, Solar I.amps, Plated Ware and Cutlery, Chini and Gloss. French Bedsteads,Bedding, Bureaus, ts, Steel File Sets and Standards Chairs, inerain C-rpets, Al-o, Kitchen Furniture. Sale pmrive fur caah, the family removing. f26 lt*ee UCTlON NOTICE?Sale at No II Spruce street, this day, comprising excellent second hand Furniture; d stock <>f eery superior new Cabinet do: some choice Paiutinss, Locking Glasses, tI'randoles, superb Engravings, Sofas, Frrncli Beil Cesfls, Bureaus, Chairs, Tables, Ottomaus, Table Cutlery, Cooking Stove, and any quantity of other furnishing articles Also, several articles nut called for at the Instpub'ic adminis trator's -ale. THUS. BELL, 1t*ec Auctioneer. W1 ADMINISTRATORS' SALE OF REAL ESTATE. ILL BE SOLD at Public Vendue on Wednesday, rhe26th dav of February next, at II o'clock, A. M? at the Ure res jdauea of Henry S. Carll, deceased, the Real Estate of which he died possessed, situate in the town of Huntington, and county , of Suffolk, ?ix: the Homestead containing about 138 acres of | Land, on which are two Dwelliutt Houses, a good Barn and Out Buildiugs, a good Well of Water, near the door, and a large poud of water, which baa a never failing spring, neat the house, two Urge Apple Orchards, and a variety of choice fruit, tlie whole Farm being in gowd fence; one 'dec- of Timber and Sprout Laud adjoining tne road leading from Dixhills to Sweet Hoi ow, containing by estimation 40 acres; al-o, another piece < f i'iinberanil Sprout Land, known by the name i f Newfoundland, near the Half-hollow Hills, containing, by estimation, 21 acres; also, another piece of Sprout anil Timber l and, lying west of the house of Philip Valentine, and adjoining the road leading from said Valentine's to Sweet Hollow, containing five acres more or less; alio, a tract of Salt and Sedge Meadow, on Great Neck, ou the south side of the Island, coutainiug about 10 acres. The above will be sold altogether or in pieces to suit purcha sers. Any rerson desirous of view icg the same can call on lacob P. Carll, ou the prenvses, or Gilbert Carll, Dixhills.? Any othe'r information can bsfgiven by Conklin Carll, Brook lyn, and indisputable titles given for the same. CONKLIN CARLL, ) Administrators for them GILBERT CARLL, S selves and the other Heirs. fl)t26*uc RICHARD VAN DYKE. Jr., Auctioneer. THE RAIL ROAD DEPOT HOTEL, comer 4th Aveuue and 26th street.? Anthony J. Bl-ecker k Co. will m?i-II ?t auction on Thursday, the 27th day of March nest, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the very valuable property 011 the east aid- of the 4th Avenue and south side of 86ih street. Th- ground contains 50 feet on the avenue and 100 feet ou the stre-r, (which slret is curbed and regulated and the assessment paid:) th- property is within two blocks of the la/ge Croton Reservoir. The House is a large two-s'ory attic build ing, with cellar sod ki'chen under the whole, with sheds 011 8t>th limit. The premises are desirable for the purpose of a publiclRuse, nnd are now occupied as such. SI000 or JiOOO cm remain on bond and mortgige, at 6 per tent. Possession will be given on the 1st of May next. Title indisputable. For terms anil particulars, apply to the \uctioneers, No.7 street, or to 14 NOWLAN, on the premises, or No. 3 Eleventh street. f20to mr27?m ^_ 31 *>RE 1 O LET?The lower floor and uasemeut of ;;;? the commodious atore, No. 136 Eighth street and 6 Asfor IU I"?*-, lb? building is over 10 feet depp, with a granite from on Eighth street, and a convenient entrance at either end Its situation, being located only a few doors from Broadway, and near the Bowery, reud-ra it one of the moat central and eligible points for busiue-s in the upp-< part of the city. Ute half ot tlie basement will lie let separitely. if desired, it being well alspjedfor many kiuds of busiuess, and particularly fo-an Oyster 3 iloon. For further poiliculars, enquire on the premiies 125 3tis*re TO LET-FIVE NEAT SNUG HOUSES-at and near the comer of 7th avenue and 25th street! Rents 125 ?to 300 dollars. Reference and security required. They are situated in the most thriving part or th- city, at the end of stage routes, so as to insure seats without delay in stormy wea ther, for persons doing business down ;owu. Possession of two houses immediately, of the other three on first of May. 014 lw*ec OlVhYJ^jL A11 'VMr 11 f it I 11 ??office of ~~~~~ JSItfre TO LET. AND immediate possession given, a SITTING ROOM and BED ROOM attached upon the first floor, __if the house No. 31 Church street, within one door of larciay street. The apartments are well suited for a single gentleman, or a married couple, without encumbrances, ftltf rc A SPACIOUS AND FASHIONABLE HOTEL IN PHILADELPHIA TO BE LEASED THE well known Hotel, MARSHALL HOUSE, havii g been recently, at great expense, renovated and em .bellished by alterations of the front and interior, and much improved by new entrances and stairwavs, and by re modelling the ground floor, it to ba leased unfurnished upon moderate terma. It is situate in the most fashionable part of the moat fnhiona ble street,,(Chestnut street,) and is not distant from the depots of the Railways. It is about 74 feet front 011 Chestnut st, lour and fire stories high, extending 150 feet to Car|ienter street, and can accommodate 150 persons. Apply to JOSEPH B TOWNSEND, fl4 Iweod rc 309 Arch -freer, Philadelphia. 9 FOR SAL.E?A FARM?situated at lalip, Suffolk County, L I , adjoining -inithtowu. Said Farm contains 82 ac ei; 30 of which ia Wooo; the remaniiug 52 acres ere in a stale of good cu'tivatiou. There are two Hous-s, and also two good wells of water on the farm; a large barn with car riage h"U? and stabling for eight hor es; an ice house; a good large garden, enclosed in a picket fence, fruit trees, Sic . 8tc. Any further infoimatiou may b-nb aiued ar No 83 Bleecker street a few doors west from Broadway, Half the purchase moil y ear. remain on mortgage. f25 lm*m M A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?Situated pCrckin the town of Pelham. Westchester County, bordering on sJks-.the village of East t .het'er, abou' 16 miles from New York, containing 140 acres of land? 50 acres wood land, ihe nalanc* go acr-s is in a high stite of cultivation, with fruit tr>es of <11 kinds in abundance There aie two good Dwelling Houses on it, recently built, togeth r with a large bam. atone hen houre, com -rib, lac. 'I he place ia beautifully situated, commanding iew of the Sound and surrounding country. _lt will he sold low or exchanged for improved city property For further par ticulars apply at 60 West street, between Carlisle and Rector streets. Also, 8 Lota of Ground, 25 by 100, on the easterly side of the llth Avenue, between 37th ann 38th streets. 122 Im'iC 9 fashions for spring, isis. I THE SUBSCRIBER is now prepare I to furnish his .. n,"-v "V ? , Gentlemen's Hats, which, in every {wrlicular, will be found fully to sustain the reputation he has heretofore eujoyed in the production of this most essential arricle of dress. AMI DON, .. ? Wall street, cornsr Nasssu N- B.?FRENCH H 4TS?A small invoice just received from t em nnf-etnry of the celebrateil "Mugnter," Paris, to which uie attention of gentlemen is iuvited. fll TuThfcSt islm ? in NEAPOLITAN BONNETS Til K UNDERSIGNED, Patenters and Manufacture fl^Qfrrs of the Neviailuaii Bonnets, resiwctlully inform the Irsd* that they are now ready to supply the above article of the latest atyle and of auperior quality, in quantities to suit parr has-ra. They warrant that they can alter and cleau the Bonnet to ap pear equal to new. Buyers are cautioi.ed against an inferior article of the kind in the market (The genuine article, for whirh we rece'Ved the silsermedal at the last fair of tar American Inatitatr, has our ticket upon it ) A|?pl> to THOMAS VYSK, 111 Pearl street, oral the manufactory of PATTISON, NOr. it CO., fiS }taw3m*rc No 25 Delaney street. NOTICE . FIBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that the Commissioners authorised to re< fir- subscriptions to the capital stock of "The Ooshen anil Albany Kail Road Company," will open books to receive snch subscriptions, on the 2S>h day of March nest, at O.ishen, in the t'onnty of Orange: and on the 31st, at the Merchants' Bank, in the ettv of New York. Dated New York, bebiunry 20th. ?15. JACOB T WALDEN, JOHN J. PALMER, JOHN TOWNSEND, THOMAS W. OLCOTT, ROBERT L. PELL, LM H BUTLER, fit ltawtwltia 2toa*ec Commissioners. VV ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. HKKK.AS, JOHN JKb bV.KHON. alias John Bland, a na tive of the Parish ol'Hethual Orern Loudon ton of the late Mr.Htchsrd J ff-is in, formerly of Brick line, "tpitalftelds,cheese monger,necssed has not reen li-erd of in E gland. for more thau It years, but shortly 'elore,or shout that pe iod, he w at supposed to M either iu ih" Onsen, im nt, Naval or Meichsut Service of the United States, lie was horn in the month ot April. IBM. to that if lie be l.-w tlise. lie it 37 ye-rs < f ag* Tie last accounts were from himself in fie- years IVYO aud Ib31, the f rmer from Nsw' latter fro a Bo ton His family being most anlious to r?r ivetnl ug> of his her g \lire. hereby offer a re ward of Our Hnndied Doll ire, on (rrsinni satisfsclory rvidenre thereof, or legsl j roof of h>a d-a'h, and surly re a ard will ac cordingly he pai (.">? me tlw undersigned, in London or through the hands if WILLI AM AS INW.ALL. C'onnsell r-st-Law, No. 10 < nurt-feet, Boston, to whom all roioinunirationt are to be addressed. KuUhHI' ItRIITON, Solicitor, No It Bnhnal Itireu, London. London, Jauuary 29th, It3. f2l eodistw I iwnutlOwre TO MERCHANTS VISITING NEW YORK CITY. D. M PEYSER, no JOHN STREET, (URTWtKIS WILLI IW sstissllsl' ttaCKTS,) NEW YORK. IMPORTER OK OERM AN AND FRENCH KANCY GOODS. Offers for sal* hy the package or to sail customers, at the m sst reasonable Wins, WO KATE n* Zephyr, Germ in, aud Te,>i?aen* ? hue said Osib f Worsteds. BILKS Floss, Twisted, Plain and Si.sded Sdks. la Sticks and Spools. Embroidery, Flower and Tummiag ( he..ills f ATTb RN<s Berlin Kmbroide-y Pa terua.a most splendid selection CANVAhS brruch and Orrmui I for 2 mhrorlerv, of I ott. n. Worsted, Imitation of Silk, and Silk, Silser and Goid, of aJ widths BE a DA Hold, Silver, Htrel, and IIIsh Beads and Bnglrs SUDLki Embroidery Nsedlea, Ht?e|, Woo,Ian, Ivory, Ebony, and Whale bone Kaitttag and I rochei Needles. EMBROIDERIES. All kinds of commenced and finished, suchaa Su.lenders, Shoes Slid Ot'nmajis, Isc kr FANCY OOODS. All kinds of Tans Eancy G?xnls, saeh sa Puisrs aud Tiirse Trimmings. Head "rnamenls, Rrmlen ll?ir 1'ias, Combs, " lealaces, Oold and l-ils ei Braol, I marl I urda and lie : Necklaces, Oold and Oliver Braid- Tinsel Cords Silser Bullion la.sela, FRENCH MILITARY I RIM MINOS, Itc. Wire Goods, such as Baskets, Watch llo'dert, to . Sic Oertnan Rustic Willow I Inn, Baskets, Work Tables, and Sof a, ts' OILED SILKS Otled Silks, different eolo s, the best breach b Kl NOES bringes, Cords, O m s. Tassels ell co'ort and quslitn puled end domestic (of his own nisinsUrture. I fli StStWlnyerc N SUDDEN CHANGES IN THE ATMOSPHERE. TOTHINO is m ire trying to the lium'i <oesl tsti n, | " il.i nig co ds coughs, rhe'iint'iim and san, us..Oner .. m liints, which ar cored by the nse oi MRS ' AKHOLL A Med cat- d Vapnr By ha, 1.5 Rroa ?* *y v 'l| her Bat nt rr |?ue on'hours notice. Open from 7 n'clock in the m ?mina till 9 o'clock at night. I 113 twee MARTELLE St HOLDERMANN, No. 17 MAIDEN LANE, N, Y MANUFACTURERS and lmi<oiters of Omsmeti'sl Hair Woik, Wigs,, Bands, * oris Naie- Knoh-'U H r, nd a new sty le <f Esrrt iMItg < nils sud I k.n's-f H i i Woik, win lesale and retail. N. B ? llie tiade supplied on reasoaahle t?tn? ? (14 l?*ec AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PAKK THKATRK. The Mmairrrrrr anxious to meet the wishe. of tin* public, respectfully announces the fo lowing COii EDUCTION OF PRICES,-CO Bold !45 Cents Gixllery 151J Cents. L*8T NIGHT BUT TKN. WEDNESDAY EVENINli, Febru-ry 76, to commence with * Grand Equestrian Pageant, entitled TH(. SOLDIERS OF FO ! A Beautiful Dance by Miu L. Wells. One Hone Act by Muter Glenroy. Vaulting by the t'ommuy . headed bv McKarland. Ti e Indian Dancer of Tanjunt, by Mrs Howard Comic Song by E. M. Dickenson. Mr. Cadwallader and the Misses Weill, in the Ballet of the Lost Sprite. Four H' i?e Act bv J I. Nathan. Magnificent Act of Horiem<nilu|>, by T. V. Turner. Fine Specimens of Statuary, by the Americru Brother!, J Nathan, iloyt, J Gleurny and E. Woods A" Afr.cau Coucert, by Meuri. Iloyt, Edwards, Wiuueuiore and K?lly To conclude with the grand National Equestrian Dramatic Spectacle, with b-auliful Sceuea, Costumes, Artillery, Bridges, immense Huns, Ike., ertitled . MAD ANTONY WAYNE ! BOLD HORSE DEVILDARE Doors open at ti o'clock, and performance to c imnencr at 7. PAIiMO'Jt OHKUA HOI SK. MONDAY EVENING, Feb iWth?TUESDAY, 25th?and WEDNESDAY. 26th, On each eveuing will be performed and sung A variety of tMipular *ONOS, by the Etriopian Bd'.il of Sere iiauers, accompanied with their instrumsou. Also, the Ethiopian Burleso e Opera entitle 1 LAI SOM AM. UK BEAUTIES Alt red fiom the popular < ?|*ra of La Ssimuambula. New dreas e? decornti ns aud ful< choruses ? Doors open at half past ?{?Performance to commence at half |iut7. First ti' r and Psrqnette Ml cents. Second tier ti cents. Private Boies Si Bin Office ot*n from 9 o'clock A M to J o'clock P M, to se cure teals. Tier ma n socFety of new y<>r"k" OltAND CONCERT, in si'l of t^e Charitable Foud of this Hoeiety will tike place ou SATURDAY, the Itti of March. 1845, at the Tabernacle, on which occasion the fol lowing e oii e?t 'al-nt will aiqear, vis.? SIONOKA ROSIN A PICO. MR. WM. HCHAHFENBMtO. MR. THEOU. W. ORONEVELDT, It lllllHII ) A number of Gentlemen Amatenrs have kindly consented to linn several German t horusea. ard an Or' be.lra of Sixty ' rr formers, composed principally of Members of the New York Philharmonic Society, will eiecutethr lollowiug pieces, vis:? The celebrated Symphony in C minor., . by Beeihov-u Overture to Fingal'at ave by K. vtendelsohu Bartholdy. Uvertureto Der F'reuchuts. . . by C. VI. Von Web-r. The Instrumental Performances will tr under the dirrcnou of MK. V C. HILL. The Coucert will commence at8 o'clock i tensely. Tickets, at tl each, may be had at all the priucqwl Music Stores, at the tioor ou the rveuiug of the Couceit, and of tlie un dersigned:? COMMITTEE. the 1 oftl C. H. Sand, Theod Victor, Wm Sch ?i fen berg, Dr. ' ieacheidt, C II. Degau, H. E. Moriug. A. Belmont. Ernest Fiedler F. W Kakemau. f19to8\li* ee G Vom Bsnt, E. Puiaustedt, F A. bpisa, Professor Tellksmpf, F. ?*. Sclilesincer, Charles Persbewu, Dr. Henschrl, A. RoJewald, Leopold Birrwtrth. N1 BIsO't) UHAKD SALOON, FOR CONCERTS AND BALLS. Price for Balls. Prii e for Cunceru. :?S (r??THE INDEPENDENCE GUARD Grand Military Ball takes place at Niblo's Saloon, on Wrdursday, February 26th. trp-THE MONTGOMERY GUARD Grand Military ' Ball takes place at Niblo's Saloon, ou Monday, March 3d (E7-THEST. DAVID'S SOCIETY will hold their Annual Festival at Niblo's, ou Tuesday, March 4th Dinner to be on the Table at i o'clock. Tickets to be bad of the Stewards jaMrc D. C. ( OLDEN, President BILLIARDS THIS must be teen to he believed?(be ball 1 is played ai fig 2, runs to 3 to 4, to 3, to 8. to 7. to 8, to9, to 10 and by rlay er? to I I and 12. The above angles can be made in one blow. The Tables are up for playing or sale at 149 Fulton, or ik Ann street. 1 he maker will bank for true angles Table for Tcble, against any person living. f21 lm*m BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. Of 1808 tons and 448 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the Ad miralty. H1BEKNIA, Commander A. Krrie, Ksq. CAMBRIA " C. H. E. " CALEDONIA " EG. Lott, BRITANNIA " J.Hewitt, " Will siil from Liverpool and Boston, via. Hailfai, as follows. Prom Livetpool. Fr..m Bosun . Hibernia ? March 1st. Cambria March th. ? ?Apnl 1st. Caledonia At>ril 4th. ^51ay 1st. Hibernia " 19th. " 18th. Britannia May 4th. June 1st. Passage vioney?From Boston to Liverpool, $ 80. Boston to Halifax. $20 Th-se ships earry experienced Surgeons. No berthx secured ' ill paid for. No freight except specie received cu days of sailing. Apply to D. BRIGHAM. Jr . Ri'C 3 Wall strset N Y. FOR NEW BKUvSWlCK. a?g| The Steimboat WAVE, Captain Vandrr Bm_-W*jsj^ebilt. will leave the foot of Kobiuson street, next Barclay street, on Thursday, 2"th instant, at 2o'cloCH P. .?l . stopping at Cbelset, Rossville, Sat oil's and Ainbov?leaving New Binnswick t ext moruing, at 7H?stop ping at all the i..(-mediate landings. Fare aud Freight at the usu <1 prices. f26 3t*rc U S. MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY. And Intermediate Places, or at far as th* ic* Mi fnill permit?The Steamboat COLUMBIA. 3b^^JBUKwCai tiiii Wm. H. Peck, leaves the Sietmboat Pier fooi ot Cnurtlandt street, south side, this allrrnoouati o'clock, Wednesday, Feb. 26tli, 1845. Staves leave for Albany immediately on both sides of the North Hirer. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultx. at the offi.e M the wharf. 186 FOR SALE?Twenty-frur Covered FRF.IOHT [CARS, such a* are used on the Pennsylvania Hail .Rossis. They will be sold very low. If not sold be fore Saluiday, the lit of March, they will be offeied at public tale at the premises of the subscriber, at 10 o'clock, A M. ,, ? , C HAMILTON, West side Broad street,below Locust street, Philadelphia. ja3l lm?od*ghz FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of 6th March c,'an. fast sailing packet ship piNDEPLNDENLE. I aptaio F. P All-n, will pusi tivel y sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodation* for cabin, second ca bin and s'eemge passengers, pe sons wishing to embark, *h >uld make early application on board, foo- of Maiden I.are, or 10 JOSEPH McMURKAY, f26 100 Pine street, c met of Sonth street. tfg- KOR LONDON?R'gnlar Parker 1st March?The splendid, first class, fast sailing pacnel ship VK'TO Jtt^MhhlA, Captain E E. Morgan, will tail as above, her re.nUr day. Having superior accomm- dations for cabin, second cabin ard steerage passengers p rsous wi liing to embark, should make immediate application to JOSEPH McMURKAY', f26 100 Pine street.coruer of South street. KOR LONDON-Parket of .he 1st March-Thh .splendid fast sailing packet ship VICTORIA. C?pt ? organ, will positively sail as above, her regular day Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, early application should be made to W It J. T. TAPSCOTT, IK 76 South street,corner Maiden Lane. BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVER .POOL PACKETS.?FOR LIVERPOOL.?Packet ?of the lat of March?The new and splendid fast sailing packet ship IN DIANA, Captain Ilennett, will sail positively on Saturday, 1st of March, her regular day. Having unsurpassed acc< inmoilitioiis for cabin, 3d cabin aud steerage mssengeri,those retUi ning to the old country,or sending for their friends, will find it their interest and comfort to select this uueqiiallad line of packets. For terms of passage, and to secure the best b?rtba, early application should be made oil board, foot of Bookman st, m to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 3.', Knltou street, neat door to the Fnllou Bank, New York, fttm KOR LI VERPOOL?Packet of the 36th February ,?The splendid fast sailing packet shi - (JAKKICK. iCaptaiu Trask, will poaitively sail as above, her regit larday. F r passage, having snperior accommodations, in cabin oi st-erugr. apply on boird, or to JOHN HF.Rl) >IAN, fit 61 8>Uth st eet. FOK (ILASOOYV?Regular Packet?The fast s.iil kCV9Wiug Drill,h barque ADAM CAKR. 3MI ton- burthen, flNH^Captain Hubert Scott, will sail Saturday, 23d inst For freight. 50 bales cotton or bulk thereof, or passage, ha> ing eic? llent accommodations, apply onboard, foot of Beekman ?feel, or to WOOUHULL Ik MINTURNS, f3're *7 Sonth street. FOIt I.ONDON?Packet of the 1st March?Ih bflSMFVsplrinM picket ship V11 TOKI A, V 'plain ?, will JHWI^'aisiiively sa l as above, h.-r regular day i his splendid ship has unsurpa**e l arcoinm idationa for c ibit and steerage paaseuge s, ;,|| ?| which will be tike ? at a moderate rate, b) making early applica ion on hoerd, or to ft7.c J HN HKKDMAN, 61 Sonth st. MBt FOK LIVERPOOL?New Line? Regular Packe uFm^Vtii sail the Kill of Feb.?The regular fast sailing flMSnl'-'ckei Ship W YKRIcK, I aptam B J. H. Trask. of ' ti* tons, will posrively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or pwsayv having accommodations unequalled for splendor or com! ?rt, apply on board at Orleans whart, foot ?I Wall street, or in E. K. COLLINS h CO, 56 South sttnri P'u.? of Passage. 6I0S, The packet ship Kosrius, Captain A. F.ldiidge. will tec re-4 it. Oarrick. sod sail Mth March, her regular day. jilflec fjy PASS \OE FOK OL A SHOW.?Packet a'ip -M ' ARH, Capta-n Sco:t?This fait sailing jBBMwPackrt ship will sail for the abore port in a few day s H iv nig iccommorlation lor cabin, second cabin and sfeeiage iMsssengers. early application should he made on board, foot of Be- km til street, or to the snbscrlbera. Persons wishing to aead for their friends. <-an have ibem br? ughr dir?ct frnin Olisgow in lb-pack?t ship Ann Hailey. whun will leave Olatgow shoot the 12th \ arch, or in the it, ir n lined ps-kel ship (Adam I arr.) which as II Icavp Olassow sNrat thsilh April, on fsvorib e terin?, it early ap|4i be made lo W. h i T. TAPsi'OTT, At tliear Oeneral Passage Office, 76 South ?treet, fhr roroer of Maiden lane. NEW LINK. OF PACKETS KOR LIVER |M^POOL? Packet of thr Kth February?The apLnnid JKHflkw*'1'1 f?'"rite I srket shir OAK HICK. 1100 tons bgrthrii, ' aytaiu H J. H Trask. will sail on YVrdnesdav, Feb tSih, her regain day. Tbeship* <f this line being all IffllA tnna and uptsard*. prr wans aboal to emhaik lor the old country, will not fail 10 s*? ?he advantages (n be Ji rn d f| its selecting this line in preference M any other, as tbnr great capacity rsnders them every way mora comfortable and envemeat tn?n shipe of a small class and llieir acronimrtdaiiooslor cabin second cabin ind steerage nassengef*. ii is w?ll kuoen era superior to th se of auv othn ii- f f iket. Persons wishirg to serure berths should not fail to " aheearlv applieattoo ou board, foot of Va all st, or to W ? I T. 1 YPSI (Ml, At t*?ir (eeneral Paangr Office, fYlre It as.,Mil it?o eoeoef llsilen I Sue FOK NEW ORLEAN I ai r ,t b,v York Line? Regular I'n . II, lot ebarqneJYNi i 4 , er, hmlr evptonsly lot a packet, will a^il a* above, hrv regglai day. For freight at paaaace. having hands me furnished sccommo da iona, apply on board, at Orleans vshsrf, foot of YVsll st , or to E K i OLI.INSht ' . x Soaihsr ' ? si ly aa goods mceivrd onboard titer Wr.ln. idsy orb h-suia New Orleans. Musis lifltin k hi-' sd ^bo wBI pvompUv forward *11 goods to thru address V BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. \ Washington [Correspondence of tbe Herald] The Capitol, _ Washington, Monday, 5 P M ThtHunW Bill Certain Passage of the Post Office Reform Bill?Admission of Florida and fowj - Texas?Secretary of State-Sub Treasury The Committee of Commerce in the House pre sented a report to-day, in favor of the adoption of a bill making provision for the establishment of a warehouse system, and offered the bill of last ses sion, which I send you enclosed, and which was -repared with the advice and approbation of ihe t reasury Department. The bill, as you will per ceive, is simple and clear in its details, and the execution of its provisions is left to the laws al ready in existence. The Committee advocate the passage of the bill on the ground that the payment of cash duties, on ihe arrival of the goods, regard less of the state of the market, and before the mer w Injurious3!#, Ve bPen "1u'"d for consumption, less cost fo? m l.! 'nc""v?*n.ence, and at much rss cost tor interest, than the American imn<>rt?r besides enjoying ihe facility ,,f drawing bHIs on ing 7"edi? onP?hnC,HHl3 abr0ttri' ,hereby obtain tng a credit on the dunes until the bill matures ?T U"in,h? a,t" " ^?ches Europe. It is also contended, that want of this system acts with pe culiar seventy on that portion of our foreign imp? TZrf"VdZd f"r consumption in this coun try, hut for the South American and West India TsL h noVt SfPro'?rn7J ofthat '""alive busi ons w ltran8ferred * Cuba and other foreign The iaSessn Ih warp,,0"8m* 8y8"m prevails, t t?m the bm hi# 8P8810" may Prevent any action 11 ?'??"">? Tt-xas^ts'stilll'i'Ii rt1"' bu "*ular Proceedings, bYult?2! nn w J *n?e' but'^debate Will pro! ?amy Hose on Wednesday, when there is everv nsir&stf mocracv of that r?p,ra*n,?D? 'be views of the de WVnrk S Sta,e 8ena,?r Dickinson, of thodoxv ^'.h o'E-0t'rtt,,c ""-mber denied tbe or ! inow . A"* Pnm" "Dd 8,ated lbat " ? rese n ? an?? nV'Ti *n 'n ar'y mBD?" 88 'he re resen alive of the Democracy of New York, and by that mitv? T UOt flp, rovpdof or 8"?'?ined hVpo./ om oiTr 86 an ordln?'y remark, he read * isholthe oe? i P 'nuy as v'ola''nK ?he expressed turn Tt <J?eoP'c on 'his important national ques tion The Senate took a recess at about throf ,lli|'n,ia'l''n "' 6 'he afternoon ' w?i t??l?mCe,hl 'u' adopted in tbe Senate, as taken up in the House to day as vou will ? LIP"'" P'?e??d,','i"ii"jd . " ?pr,? ?' mi'lions to the treasury of the coun a7wen he rem?rn;y/,U,fl id by "cessi^e du!ies may ?X cen's and ^ j" h>i|!'"'ta'iwd? ! ' e*penmeidt in cheap postage. There is no ihe'fesofut10^0cfS,."?i,anH lUempl t0 "consider the wZni?.C,0Vh? deba,e in Committee of Xy The b ^?K ?T ,,me' was de,eated to lm. iT!1 betaken up and adopted to Krnnw'h you u copy for publication. Iitfckns th?r?eVTenU?f Pertain PpDntylvan.a po chanan wi f he ein ^ar"ly a d""bt that Mr. Bu of State hiiH ?h ? ,nf? ,br Cabinet 88 Secretary tatate, andthey are, therefore, preparing to fill f Cha,lee J Iner?>d of the tiouse, will be a candidate before the Legislature will tZ?&r^d- Np0'bcr cabinet officer Of he Senile UntlJ a,t<>r ,he fiDR' aC"?n Jin -"if 11 ? b'l annexanon question, which Pnnfo ,Hke p,ace on Wednesday Commute hi f,Pectatton, the Senate Judiciary have reporied favorable to the admis be const 1? r-H* as States, and they may trealurv hill ?ih 'he Union. The Sub itessnry bill will not paB? the Senate. of Jcumieli f,?rn!f m;ut,nn madp 'he character imnds .it the h r il .T8'V" ,iub'lc moneys in the coran V H . ! {?' 'hl< !>???'??, including P-or - R,gxs. bankers. The banks of the Dis aJ'S-iuntv"''If ".T" bo"da cl 'heir directors a. security, while ihe firm of Corcoran vV R ges .So1 i";d "*"? s"; ?"olK Thev ihlr 'h'- whtde amount tn their hands lis w. h ,h T "l ?U d I?" T classified in the same menT ho i. , Ihl# ,)l8'nct. as the govern ,or *",hc m??" " Washinoton, Feb. 24, 10 P. M. Editor Hirald? At the meeting of the Senate, at 5 P. M., this afternoon, it was expected Mr. B. trien of Georgi? Would have spoken against annexation, but lie complained o| indisposition. Mr. McDuffie took ?he fl .or, and delivered a very able speech in favor ol annexation. It is thought the Senate's postage bill will pass 'he House to morrow If so, so far so good. Yours, dec. Sandy Hook. Washinoto.n, D C , Feb. 24tb, 1H45 Humbugs in H'a thing ton. Editor Hsrald:? This is a great place lor humbugs. 1 know of uo place in the twenty-six States, with Texas annex ed, which can compare to it, unlets it be that New Vork city carries off' the |wlm. The difference be tween Gotham and Washington is this, here they have a kind of periodical concentration during sessions of Congress, while in N'ew York some new humbug is produced almost with the advent of every new day. In Washington thev are not only original, but concentrated here from every city and Stae in the Hoion. They are so nume rous that it is impossible to give a list of them- but we will proceed to name some few. First in order is Madam and Motts. Bonnville, engaged in giving the most striking, magnificent, and miraculous experiments tn the art of mesmer ism. When I first knew Mons. Bonnville, at the East, he had not put on the habiliments of the scult sciences. He was employed in teaching a small class of persons to speak French, before he had learnt to speak English By such honest and industrious means, he made out to keep himsell in whole elbows, und dry soled boots,with unpatched shirts, and precious little more. Since then Mons. Bonnville took a dive, and when he emerged u(x>n the world, he came up a very fortunate man He brought up with him not only the revealed wisdom of mesmerism, but a help-meet of the most extra ordinary powers in that wonderful eciencc. So deeply is she imbued with the mysteries of mesmerism, that she now actual y performs rrnrn? t/<?*.' Ai. every corner i?f the streeis in Washing ton, notfces to this effect are stuck up:? "The public are respectfully Informed that Madam ?!? Bonnville will thia night, st Concert Hall, perform Mira cles I Price 84 cents." I had thought the nge of miracles had put, but it seems 1 was mistaken. They are revved in our day by Madam de Bonnville, on the most rea sonable terms-to witness which many of our most fashionable Indies and genllem n attend, with several M. C's. of great worth and intelli gence. Madam de Bonnville lias proven to the world that women can perform miracles as well aa men. During the apostolic age, and since, we had supposed miracles were p? rformed by men alone, but Madam de Bonnville gives satisfactory proof that ladies, as well as gentlemen, can pcrlorm mi racles !! M de Bonnville, with much science and skill assists his better half, with exceedingly inte resting lectures on this wonderful science. Ma dame, it is rumored, has cast her horoscope, and o.scovered who is to compose Col folk's cabinet; who is to be Postmaster in New York, and other clairvoyant imp etions nt the future, it is thought she may essentially aid Col. Polk by Isying o;?en to him the hearts, motives an I intention* of the '(lice seekers who now surround bun It is thought, also, when the session is over, with the great inauguration, Madam, with Monsieur de Bonnville, miy visit the mining districts ol the country, to point out to the astonished vision of fortune hunters, hidden treasures ot coal, lead, gold, silver, tec Who will now the age ol mi racles has past 1 Success to Madam and Mor s, de Bonnville Humbug No. 2?A veiy small ma. in size?who is " B*-aU Hickmau." I never saw a man who knew Ins paternity, although, beyond doubt, it was highly respectable. J never saw a man who had the boldness to assert, that they ever knew hnn to do anything. No one ever heard of his profession, his calling, or nnv thipt; about htm, ti"t 'h i, lie ha hrii , N * r? a-id will he, ;i ?? m J ? .1 t!" '? U tin km.ui. ' You fuvt hi aid n Beau Na*h, of Bath, England, and of Beau Bntmtnel; ret

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