Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1845 Page 3
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01 July, 1864, whan a dividend should he made of t wo and a half per com., making annually lira per cent. That the inter eat should remain a' fire per cent till the first day of July, 1856, when a half yearly dividend ol three per eetit shall be made, making annually six per cent. That the arrears of interest up to the 1st of January, 1850, as well as the difference between the interest due,end the interest paid op to the 1st of July, I860, should be funded in a State stock, to begin drawing interest on the 1st day o! July, I860, et the rate ol sixper cent per annum. The bondholders are willing whatever tax law which may be passed, should no go into operation until the Governor was satisfied that the sum ol sixteen hundred thousand dollars was at the command of the truatees. who are to be selected by the foreign and American bond holders. The message was read, referred to tho Committee on Finance, and ten thou ;and copies ordered to be printed. Old Stock Hxchangc. 86000 Ohio 6's, '60 98% 100 shas Morris Caiisl 31% 25000 do 98 50 do 31% 2000 Illinois ipcl 41% 75 Kast Boston Co 12'., 7000 do 41 10 Erie KR 30% 2 >000 Penn'a 5's bl2m 74 30 N Hav & Hartford 97 15000 do 73% 150 Nor and Wore 72% 5I>00 do slO 73% 200 do blO 73 5 shas Del and Hudson 132% 50 do >60 72% 12 National Bk 79 100 do bfiO 73% 10 Stale Bk 06 100 do b30 7 3 50 N Am Trust 14% 100 do 72% 200 Canton Co b30 53% 100 do >60 72 25 do s3 53% 75 Reading RR 48% 200 Farm-is' Trust s30 39 125 do 49 350 do 39% 25 Stonington RR 43 25 do S3 39 V 75 do 42% 1110 do b30 39% 240 do 42% 50 do b30 39S 50 do b60 42% 50 do s30 39% 100 L Island RR 79% 25 Morris Caual b30 32% 150 do 79 200 do >3 32 50 do b30 79% Second Board, 150 shas Nor & Wore 71% 100 L Island KK blO 78 25 do 71% 175 Morris Canal 31% 50 do b45 72% 25 do S3 31% 25 do 72 25 do >3 31% 2$ do 72 50 do >30 31% 150 Farmers'Tr 38% 25 Stonington RR 42% 350 L Uland KR 78 26 Canton Co bfiO 53 SO da 78% New Stock Kxchange. $1000 Ohio 6's, '60 blO 98% 25 shas Morris Col >3 $13 1000 do s30 98 50 East Boston Co 12) 5010 do s3 96 25 Stoninutou RK 43) 1000 Illinois spcl b3 12 25 do b30 43) 50 shas h armers' Tr bnw to 125 Nor and Wore* 725 50 do blO 40 25 do blO 73) 50 do tw 39% ; in do 723 150 do bio 39% i 25 do 72) IMI do >3 39% i 25 do 72' 50 do s3 39% 39% 25 L Island RR 79> 50 do > 25 ?*o 79! 50 do % ; ioo do 79 50 VicksDurg Bk \ 25 do ?15 78! 75 Morris Canal >3 32 25 do s20 78) 35 do 31 State off Trade. Ashks?Pota aro in very moderate demand. Wequote oM at $3 75, and new at $3 93] Exports from 1st to 26th inst ? Pots, 1,380 bhlg; Pearls, 055 bbls Bukadstukm.?There is no particular change today. Western flour sells at $4 87} a 4 93]. Corn ranges from 45 to 40 cents. Beeswax-Prime yellow, of all descriptions, is held at 619] cents. Cotton?The sales tc-day amount te 1,600 bales, with out material change in rates; but prices are a turn in favor of the buyer. Hat?Commsn qualities of North River bale sell now at 62 a 66c. Tho opening of the river has reduced prices. Provisions?Ohio pork is in very limited demand We quote new prime at $9 60, und new mess at $1160. Beef I is rather inactive; city prime wo quote at $5 13}; coun try do at $6; country mess at $7 a 7 12}; city do, $7 60. There is quite a demand for laid, and barrels sell ot 7 a 7Jo. Cheese is hold at 6 a 7}c Butter is dull Exports from 1st to 35th inst.?Beet, 3,353 bbls; poik, 3,501 bbls; laid, 4,386 kegs. 8aLT-Liverpool ground, in sacks, we quote at $115, with small sales; Ashtcn, $1 40. Whiikkv?Drudge casks era in moderate demand at 33c. Western and prison barrels sell, as wanted, at 32} a 33c. Whai-k Oil and Bonk?Large sales have been made in this market in the last week?South Sea whale bone at 35 cents, ami Northwest Coast at 33 a 32} cents. Northwest Coast whale oil, for export, at 30} cent4 (reported, proba bly, 32})-all cash. In New Badford, last week, there had not been much enquiry for sperm oil The transactions of the week, in whale, bad been Urge, and included 2,600 bbls. mostly Northwest Coast, at 32 cents; 1.000 bbls Northwest Coast J at 33} cents; end 1.300 bbls. (from the Isaac Howlano) at prices net made public. Teas -Jit Auction -Invoices per ship Probus, brig Ar gyle, and other recent arrivals. Terms- Notes at six months, payable in the city of New York, to be made sa tisfactory to the sellers. Hyson?11 hall chests 65 cents per lb. Young Hyson?8 half chests 67}; 26 do 67; 16 do 66; 30 do 65; 6 do 68; 40 do 60}; S do 50; 72 do 49}; 5 do 49 66 do 48; 31 do 47}; 74 do 47; 17 do 46}; 28 do 46; 137 do 44}; 30 do 44; 18 do sod 63 chests 42; 62 hf do 41; 36 do 40}; 66 do 38}; 366 do 38; 100 do 37}; 22 do 37; 60 do 36}; 10 chts 33}; 10 ht do 14; 44 oo 11}; 40 do 10; 143 do 9}; 160 131b boxes 40; 628 hi chests wi'hdtawn. Hyson Skin?9 chests 46; 48 do 31; 60 do 30, 2 do 17}; | 132 do withdrawn Gunpowder?91 hi chests 67; 20 do 38. Imperial- 8 HI chests 63}; 141 do 67. Souchong ?60 ht chests 31; 16chests27. 10 half do 28; 10 do 14}; 34 do 11; 661 chests, 789 hall do and 110 boxes Withdrawn. Powchong?60 hf chests 38}; 109 do 36; 61 boxes 86; 40 chests and 488 hf do withdrawn. OoloDg?16 hf chests 46; 16 do 44; 32 do 42}. Koken?10 ] chests 37; 16 do withdrawn. Ningyong?10 half chests 39; 65 do 88}; 36 do with drawn. Real Estate?wit Auction? Two story brick house end lot 49 Oliver st, between Madison and Oak streets, lot 36 by 100 It $600o Two story building 281 Front st, between Rosevelt and Dovor streets, lot 22 by 70 frot, subject to a quit rent to the Corporation ol $10 66 3776 Ri^ht in India whaif. East River, opposite Roose velt itre.t, embracing a front ol the bulk head 20] feet 1700 | 21 j ears lease, from May 1,1843, of premises south east earner ol Fulton and West streets, 34 ieet an West st, 68] ft on Fulton st, 14 ieet on east, 60 on south line; ground rent $1,000 per annum, taxes, Jic.; building to be paid for at the end of lease, by the Corporation 8050 Brighton Cattle Market. Feb. 34 ?At maikbt, 525 beef cattle and 330 sheep. 86 beet cattle unsold. Pricks?Baei Cattle?Wo quote to correspond with the last wei k, vis : extra $6 36 a 6 50; first quality $5 a 6 35; aeconu quality $4 60 a 4 76; third quality $4 a 4 60. Bherp-AU at market ware wethers. Sales from $3 to 4 76. Swine?None at market. We noticed a beautiful yoke ol twin steers, raised and fed by 7. Perry, Esq. ol Greenfield, N H.? tallow 231; whole weight 2,416?sold for $6 60. Foreign Markets. Havana, Feb. 16.?For some time past our dealers linve been holding back, but within two or three days there has been quite a change in the rice market and several car goes which were stored have been sold st 7] a 8}, und to day 9 is. was paid for two cargoes from store. As the du ty spproaches. prices will futther improve. In other ar ticles no change has taken place. Died, At New Orleans, on the 4th init. (whithor she went for the benefit of her health,) Cathariri. Maria, eldest daughter of the late William Timpson, aged a years. Her remains have been brought to this city, and will bo taken to Westchester for interim nt The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this morning, at 9 o'clock precisely, at 73 War ren street, without further notice. On Tuesday evening, 26th inst. Mr. Eliphahll Tuck is. aged 91 years The friends and relations are respectfully- invited to at tend the funeral, this morning at 10 o'clock, lrom the re sidence of his son, John B Tucker, 100 First street. His remains will be taken to Newark for interment. On Wednesday morning, 20'h inst.suddenly, Mast Ca eolith. daughter of William D and Mary K. Tuley.nged 0 months und 1 day. The friends and acquaintances oi the family are re quested to attend the funernl, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from 91 Ludlow street' On Wednesday oftrnioon, 26ih inst. at A) o'clock, Alice Lawhkeick, daughter oi Thomas and Margaret La vrenra, aged 3 years and 9 months. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this sf ernoon at 4o'clock, from their residence, 305 Hudson street. On the 201h inst. neat Mount Vernon, Samuel Asdtr sow. a native ot Africa, an old negro servant of Qeneral Washington, aged about 100 years On the 33(1 ioat. at Newport, (K I ) the Hon. Ashkr JIoiriws, in the 88ih > esr of his age. Passengers Nallefl. , Livkbpool? Shin Ohio?Thos H Dickay, Alf'sd A Mott, Chis Whittlesey, Chas Smythe. Domestic Importations. Ni ?* Oki ia-i-Ship St Maty? II tcs tallow 14 bbls oil 8 do jfit-OA.' 20 kega Mrrritt Si to?261 hhdi sugar E II Morgan k co? 10 J It l'ayhit?5 his ssed McGregor. Wise Si Mortis?171 do 14Jk?;s lard Work Si Drake? 50 bbls tallow C Siniili Si co?12 b dss rmlse 4 A Hsls?y ? i bsa to mstock Si co?16 casks 15 bbls linns S W Lewis?<00 do heaf J M l bain Si c i?30 do if (1 Da tet, Miller k co? 31 kaie< hemp Benedict. Si Tompkins?St do moss. S E Far rami?.' i.cls indie H de /aid, >?7 bis E Purcell?8 '?t|lbo*ea J k R vtilbllik k CO?45 bbls clorer ??*! 1 I Nevios k son?3 cs A Seisin 'te k co?J (4 A Hoyt k co?<8 haVa raws 4 bb'anld iron J Winjrs'e-100 balas cotton M<rk<Hi, Wilbur k Scott-33 Adams, Tiff.ny k co-73 t> F Darby?78 Boor mas. Johust n k co?10 bbls lard H H Berdcll ? 100 kegs L Hill?371 colls rotw Burritt k Johnson- 33 bbls inn lasses 4.1 irk k co. of New Haven?55 hf do bref Wilson k Brown?$10 1100 specie Corning k c??6 bales hemp 31 pkgi 10 order. MARITIME HERALD. Hlilp fit attar* unit AgsuU. ?t shall esteem it a la^or if 4.'ei>tains of Vessuli will k ve to 1-UijiSRT Silvkv, Cyptoia of our Newt Boats, a upon of tN shipping left at the port whence tliey sailed, th? vessels > - t. on tiwir passage, a list ol their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, ?r news they may hate. Aieuti and Corresjor - stents at hon e or abroad, will also c infer a favor hy sending to tl-is timet any '1anne Inteliig-nce they may receive. PlHi'f OK Nt, W VOKK, FKUH.UAi.tY XT ? 8 ? it.', ... . 5 6 28 i ,a.voo risks II 49 K S3 , is taw w a-i sr ... .12 I M Cltsrcil. HhipaQarrick, Trash, Liverpool, E K Collins k C0; Flavius, T iit?s, <ih?*ow, Pii h tm 81 Dimon; Vickabu'R, Berry, 'I'leans, Win Nelson.?Jtamues I'lineelon, II iters, H tvaiia, J El well klyo; Er wenl Bolklry, t'|, irlesto v, f >n ?h im k Dimou; 'I rill dad, Itiirll. New lliven?Hr<g< Jenny, (Ha) W.-mmoi. S 11 in. Wm Writs r: t Itcrola, Dawd, Bt Johns, fit Hl'i.der ,id; ( .on Kearney. I miii, ( edar Krys; Peter bemill, I.ewis, Eavii.nah. H M Deinill; Neweasrle, D, n;.ell, boston, E Kicli unls u k Co?9chrs Cinderella, Calsman, Hertford, NC. II IV-ring k Hon; Columbia. Knanp, Georgetown, l)C Ptnrgesli I I ?irio- 'i: 111 rv-n. I o|e, Pe ersburg, .1 Hunter k Co; If H tilo ? ,i ? |.,li >ii, I'nilarWplua. Piatt k I'lerson; Wm Hwrh U I . do, N L Met ri-sdl k In; (iiecian, Chase, Bos ion ? Sloop ,'fslen, Sherman, Nrw Bedford tmvaa. Ship st Miry. Foster, Udiys from New Oilcans, with eel ton, to Swutou St Frost. Bsrqur Isabella, McKee, IS days from New Orleans with 288 ?asks muUiiri to Alton St Chauueev. riled iu co. with ships lohn N Cooper. Ch.irlemago-. and Harg-ave, for Work. Srhr Declaration. Very, (of Bangor) 9 divs from Cardeuaa, villi 225 hh-ls 89 tc? molmm to De Peysler St Whtimarsh Schr Billow. Rmbro >ks, 17 days from I'entacola, with 265 it-cks ceilir 99 biles cotton 155 hides 12 tone iron 1 bbl beeswax to Roberta St Williams Schr Brilliant, Lead -r, 18 days from Kraukfort, with timber, t) muter. Schr John Karnham, Elliugworth, from the Delaware, w ith com Schr Ipdiu*, Blew, Delaware,coru. Schr Wive, Couk'in, Delaware, com Sc'ir Edgar, Wooliey. brandy wine, flour. Schr Sarah Augusta, U rtlett. I'htladrliihia, coa'. Selir Peter Henry, Taliuau, Philadelphia, coil. Sioop Topliallaiit. (ilium, Philadelphia, coal. Sloop^ Log ( ahiu, Williams. Ca|ie May, uaval atores. il )" The Telegraph reported no reaael tu sight at sundown last evening. Hailed. Ships Ohio, JLyon, Liverpool; Iowa, Lines. Havre; Vicks burg, berry, New Orleans; barque Edward, Bulkh-y, Charles ton, and others. Correspondence of the Herald. Courier Office, ) ... . Charleston, Keb 23?3 P. M. $ Arr Cambridge, [ Br] Brown, Liverpool. 10th inat. lat 22 H, Ion 63 30, apoke Eleanor, from St Vincents for London. The C has eirerietictd very boisterous weatner, split sails. Stc. Also irr, Almadee, Barilett. Portland; Hayue. Treacott, Havana; Lautitr. f Dan] Tioenseguurd, Hull, fc. Sid New York, Hull, NYork; Telumah, Borland. Beaton; Augusta,[Dan] Christian- | sen, Co|ienhagcn; Alert, Draper, Baricoa. Rhode Islander Office, > Newport. Keb. 25, 1845.J 22d?Arr H W Tyh-r. Ty ler, Providence for 'Havana': Ac ton, Lambert, do fnr Apa'achicola; Tecumseh, Childs, do for N Vork; Champion, t'r ss, Dighton for Norfolk. 23d?Arr Ann Ik Julia, Pratt, Maracaibo for Boston. 24th? arr Triumph, Williams; Vigilant, Heath, and Midas, Denuis, Providence for N Vork; John Jay, Nick-rsou, do for hiladelphia; Mt'v, Rowland, do for Baltimore; Preston, Wil liams, Kali River for Norfolk. A large, taunt, deap loaded schr. named'Riveuoak,'of N Bedfoid, as we made it out with a glass, was at anchor in the iuuer htibor yesterday, and sailvd this morning, with others 25th?Arr Margaret, Wimpenny, Pacific Ocean, with oil?the M is c<ming round Ooit Island pier, 8am In pert, St Marks, Electro, Pocahontas, and the square rigged abovefcreportrd. Rllsceilaiicoua Record. Steam Packet Hinr.BiriA will It-are Bostou for Halifax and Liverpool, on Saturday. Brio M"Hican.?The br'g seen ashore'on Ahsecom is the Mohican. Hampton, from Belize, Hon. bound to this port, with i cargo of logwood and hides, consigned to 8 W Lewis. The latesl accoont from the M. is up to Suaday eveuing, at which time she had not bilged. Br to Cecilia, arrived at thii port on Tuesday morning, wis from Alexandrelta. (port of Aleppo) and from Mersina, (coa t of Asia Minor) and uot from Messina, a* erroueously reported. This is a new channel of trade now opened. Ship Holder Borden.?Capi Pell, late of ship Holder Bor den, of Kail River, armed at Mant, Sandwich Islands, in a boat Oct II, reported the total loss of ship on French Shoals, shout 15th of April, 1814,8 days out from Sandwich Islands.? The last account from tne H B reported her at Honolulu March 31, with 780 hbls sp and 580 wh. Brio Nepiune, (Sw) from Trieste for New Vork, which weut ashore at Bermuda 16th inst. had a valuable cargo of Zaute currants, gum, steel, lie to Duttlh It Couiinery. Schr Splendid. Cocks, of Macon, Ct. a new vessel of about '00 tone, from Newbern, NC. for this port, with 816 bbla'iu peutin* and 30 do spirits rurrentine, tailed from Uc aeoke Bar 27th ult. in company with several vessels which put back same night on account ot a tremendous gale, and which have since airived here?since which nothing has been heard of her, and it is f- ared she it lost. Brio Thos CllTTS.?There was insurance in Boston on the ThosCutts. of Saco, abandoned at sea, dismasted, lie. for $10,900. There was also abt $3900 oil her cargo of box shocks, boards, 8ic. auil $1000 on freight money. The T C was a good vessel, about three years old. Value of ihk Missino Ships.?The freight lilt of the England, one of the missing packets, is somrtning und-r ?900 The copy of her cargo list Tiai nut been received, and the quifn tity she has on beard is uot known; her cargo, however, is esti mated at $250,000 *hip valued at 30,090 Cargo of the United States 150 000 30 000 Norm&mlie, ship and cargo, estimated 50,000 Total $510,000 Whalemen. Arr at New London 24th inat. Palladium. McL?an, Sandwich Islands Oct 12, 30 days I'm Pern?m',uco, 2300 bbla wh, 26,000 lbs bun'. Spoke ou Coast Kamschatka, Aug 20, Tutcarora. CS. 1400; 25th, Manhattan, Cooper, 8H, 1600; Bayard, (Jreenport. 1900; Sept 4. (ten Pike, NB. 1900; on the line, Barclay, Nam, 250 sp; off Cape Horn, Hercules, Kicketson, NB, 1400, bound for the Main Banks. Heard from on the ground, iu Aug, Uen Williams, NL, 3800; Thames, SH, 1600 this season; Ontario, do 3200; Huron, do, 900; Josephine, do, 2200; Helen, do, 2200; Ame rica, N B, 4000; Chib, do, 1400; Heiald, t-ton,800. Capt Me Lane brought no list of ships at Maui, s"ppnnng we should hare I later news overland. He recollects the following at Mani, Oct 12?Lowell, Benjamin, NL, 4100, for NZealand; Mentor,Sweet, do, 3100 bbls, for home; Connecticut Hempsted, do, 1900, for N Zealand; Pemriau, Brown, do. 3300, for home; Hannibal, Brooks, (late Brown) do. 1700; Clement, Kuller, do, 900; Cle matis, do, 2500, for hnmei Stoniugton, Haoiley, do, 2100, for N Z sal and; Uncss, Gilet, NB, 2300; Rodman. Nrwromb, do, sld I'm Mani abt Oct 8, full, for home; India, Walker, do, 3200. had aid for home previous to Oct 12. Illinois, Jagger, SH, full; Win Hamilton, Cole, NU, 4000 wh 300 ap; Hamilton, J.o|>er, SH. 3300; Fanny, Edwards, do. 2000; Oem. Worth, do, 2500, bound home; Neptune, Piersoti, do, 1500; Ann Mary Ann, Winters, d<>, 2300; B.iwditch, Kletcher, Providence, 700; Edward, Daggett, Hudson, full; Pantheo i, Borden, Kit, lull; (Justav, Nurt u. I Bremen, 1700. The following ships were at Mani, quantity of oil not recollected?Gratitude, Stetson, NB; Jeanette, May-hew, | do; M Smyth, Ktaher, do; Metacom, Reynolds, do; Nary, Smith, do; Hop-, Heath, Prov; Warreu, Gardner, Warien? Spoke, no date, lat 56, Ion 80 W, Tasso, fm Boston for Califor nia; lat 23 10 S, Ion 31 15 W, Formosa, Briggs, NB, 5 bbla spm oil. Alio arr 21th, Oo it Mary, Baker, Sandwich Islands Sept 25, Peniambuco Jan 15, 2700 van 60 sp 25 000 Iba bone S,,oke Drc 10. lat 55 51 S. Ion 75 W, Niger. NB, nil well; Jan 9. lat 17 44 a. Ion 29 19 W, Rowens, Williams, 61 da fm NB foi Angr* Pequi na all well; Feb 16, lat 31 53 N, Ion 70 16 W, blown.g frfshim SSW, fell iu with and picked up6 bales cotton. Arr at New Bedford 24th inat. h ranees, Hueeey, N W Coast, Oshu Oct 5, with 1200 bbls wh 300 do sp oil and 10,000 Iba boue. Left at Oahu, Augusta, Davis, NB, 1200 sp; Geo k Martha, Hroal'ty, do, 1800 wh; Hope, Heath, Providence, 3000 wh; Chrl sea, NL, 1700; Splendid Smith Edgartowu. 1600 wh?nad lost the 3d male by airkiiess, and the 1st m ite had 1 oat the use of kis light arm by a cut; Superior, SH. 2000 bbls; spoke Jan 7, lat 25 10 S, Ion 37 W, Mercury Haakell, NB. for Pacific, all well, e'ean; 16th, lat 21 15 S, Ion 27 W, Corro, Pendleton, of and for Sloiiiuglou, fm Oahu Sept 7, 3200 bbls. Passengers in the Fran ces. fm Oahu, Capt Win Mayhew, of Holmes Hole, from New Zealand via Oaliu; Capt Winchester, of Sandwich, late of thr Lafayette, of Boston, aold; and Capt B A Spalding, of Ken tucky; The Frances has un freight 18,036 Iba bone from thr Chelsea, of N L. Also arr, Heroice, West. N W Coast, Mani Sept 21, Raraton Es Oct 20, full cargo, 2650 bbls wh 60 do sp oil and 22.O0O lbs one. Left at Rar itoiiga-Phuc ou, Butler, NB, fm NW I oast, for NZ-aland, 1200 wh; Florida, Manchestrr, d?. K50 do. for | do; spoke Nov 4, lit 37 38 8, Ion 140 9 W. Averick, Heiqaken, Biemen, for Talcahna. a. Heard from on NW Oast no date. Franklin, Chadwick, NB, 1000 bbls?had been on tui, bnt it was extinguished without much d-mage. Cant West reports the loss of ( apt Cunningham and one man?John French, of New Hampshire, by (he upsetting of a bo t at Karatooga, Oct 19. The bodies we.e recovered and interred Lost overboard | from tlie Heroine, Nov 24, on the passage home, Manuel Fran cisco, Portuguese, aged 20. Copia Taber, fm N W Coast for NB, with 200 bbla sp 3203 do wh oil, put into N London 27d inst. ou account of the fog. L . dia left Edgartowu 22d inst. for Nantucket, in tow of a | s earner. A letter from Capt Miller, of the 8myrna, NB, reports hav ing heard from Sept. on NW Coast, Orozimbo, Bartlett. NB, 3000 bbls, among whales A letter from Tbeo Chrse, of Weaiport, reports her at St Ja- i go, Cape de Verda, Dec 6, clean, all well. Reports heard from >ov 15, off False Banks, Champion, Westputt, 6 bbls ap; Nov 30, Mexico, Wing, do, 210 ap. Spoken. John Drew, of Kingston, standing to the N W, Keb 17, lat 34 33, Ion 73 8. Dana Smith, from Boston for New Orleans, Keb 21, lat 38 1, Ion 71 I. Zulrt'e, Killev, from Boston for Port an Prince, *eb 22, Cape Cod N W 10 mile*. Odessa, 21 days from Bnrnos Ayrea for Valparaiso, Dec 9, off . Cap# Hum. 1 Attica, 3 days from Car# Henry for Barbadoes, Keb 20,1st 35 <0. Ion 72 50. foreign Ports Whamtoa, Nov 19?In Tort. Houqua, Palmer, and Aldeba ron, Webber, lor New York, about Dec 15; Cincinnati, Wilsou, do, 10th; Grafton, Gardner, do, 10th to 15th?and ethers as be fore reported. Macao, Nor 16?Arr Glide, Waterman, NYork July II. Cardenas, Keb 15-ln port, Georgians; Holly Bush, and Dr Hitchcock, for Boston, Idg; Poland, of I'ortland. tor Ms tsnzss to load for United States; E Chuirhill, McGiltery, for Boston. Idg; Uaz>lle, Pierce, unc; Iowa, do; Peru, Atwood, ?to; Exchange, Merryman, for NYork, Idg; Grandee, Griudrll, ?list; Rambler, unc; Merchant, of N t oik, do; Congress, Co; Pilot, of Portland, do; Leiaa, disg. Sid Frances Elleu, Dyer, Portland. Home Port*. flrcKiroRT, Feb 20?Arr Chax Henry, Brewster, Baltimore. Wiicjhit, Feb 23?Arr /aids, Boston. Sid I8ih, Two Brothers, Green leaf, NYork. Franks-out, Feb 22?Sid Hope, Moor*, NVork. Bath, Feb 24? Sid Detroit, Jack. Matanzas; North Star,Otis, Havana; Hanover, Savage, Gnadaloupe; Koseinako, Giles, Card-naa. Portland, Feb 24?Arr Jubilee, Denison. Boston; Geo W Ki ight, Sifford, Cardenas. NawnuaTroRT, Frb 24?Sid Calcntta, (new, 199 tone) Fow ler, N Orleans, Mariner, Currier, Richmond. Boston, Feb 23?Arr Btuius, Osgood, and Medora, Hhoades, NOrleans. Below, a brig and a sclir. Cld Stamboul, K-nrick, Smyrna; Tiberius, Howes, Liverpool; Pilgrim, Mitchell, lla rana; May Bee, iiolmes, at Jago; Lyons, nyao, New Orleans; Cathariue, 'J ults, Chirles'ou; Arum, Howes, and Columbia, Brrrv, Philadelphia: Pliebe Master, Cnwell, and /one. C writ,, , ?iiau-ie?,?. iinucMltci, -ni innii wn, ?,uav. htOV - ell, NYork. P M?Below, Sophia, from Valparaiso; Anne & Julia, Maracaibo via Newport: May, Key Wot; Ashland, Ms tauzas; a large full rigged or g, anotaersqiiaie rigged|resael, and several others. Arr 23d, Columbit, Arey, NYork. Nkw Ukokobo, Feb 23?Arr Hartley, Corson, and Cygnet, Sid 24.Ii, Columbia, Reudell, do. Holmes Hoi.k, Feb 23?Arr Saliua, Jackson, Hio Grands via Hampton Honda for Boston; Medl'ord, Harding, Washing ton, NC for do; Abstract, Norfolk for do; Bnttelle, Pots, Bris tol for Portland (or Norfolk). 21th?Na -nival. The Beet are get-iug nndei weigh?wind W. Sid ltd, Ashland. PaoTiocNCE, Feb 24? Arr Washington. Brown, NYork. Sid Orleans, Donne, Khzabeth City, NC; Kdward, Sherman, Nor folk: John Jay, Nickersou, Philadelphia; Avoid, Davia, Pen sacola ^ New Haven, Feb 24?Arr Pacific,Phijpps, tnd Reaper,Hoick kiss, NYork. Sid Atlantic, Montague. B > rbadoes Baltimore, Feb 23?Arr Juliet, f'arrell. Ponce. Richmond, Feb 23?Arr Wave, K 11 y, Boston, Bid J 1 Build, and Muicheaier, Worth, NYork Sayan-ah. Feb 22?Arr Alesr Grant, [Br) Alexander, and Severn, [Br] Driscoll, Liverpool; Kuct, Johnson, and I'hilu a, Doarie. N York; Kxport, Swaae , Havana, Bold Runner, .M-a s rv-y, Baltimore CIj Howard, Perkins. Boston; China. [Br] Joues, Liverpool; Larch, Abbott, Jersey City. Sid Jacob Par kins, i op,, and Camera, L-unbar, Boston; Wm Mart, Gandy, N \ ork. New Oni Eaas, Feb 17?Arr Roscoe, Kicker, Kio Janeiro; Abby Baker, I'r-ttl, Boston: Ale t karnhatn, Kingston, Jam; Venus, Sharp, Baibadoes; k D Wolfe, Hall, Jamaica; Chap man. Thompson. Charleston; Cabot, Bowers, Matauzas; Tauy Not, Lswless. Grind Cailion; Atriveda, Sanchez, Catnpeachy; Wm Btvan, Place, Mtlagorda; Creole, Desachcs, Vera Crux ? Below, T uuetf-e, and Suaan. Cld New York, (?) Wright, Gal vex ton, kuterpria-, I Br) Hell, Liverpool; Mane heater, Boa IVPBIOU. MHHVill | Lg J ^^g? bj ' 5* woith, alio Aug lo, CUrksou, doUoii; ha win, tierc*; llu?trl|, nfear; Cnas tlammoud, Talbot; Suow. PilLibury. Laiifear; Cnas tlammoud, Talbot; Suow. Pillibury, mad texas, Haskell, New York, George, Otis, Apalachicola: Kio Grande, Cousins, Philadelphia; Warrior, Cody, Charlestoa ; Maty Clark, Werins, Baraiaru; Quet n, kldr.dse, Baltimore; Water Witch, Dupirte, Veia Cruz List of vessels in Lavacca Bay? Rodney, Native, Mars, Bella del Mar, just air, Wm Ivy, lying Dickiusou's Point, bound to Mobile. Guano Caili.oi , La. about Feb 10?In poit, J W C ater, ldg for Philadelphia, to sail in a few day?. By Lait Nifht'i Southern Hall. Philadelphia Feb 20? Arr Joa*phine, Maleny, NOrleau>; OucAinin, Latour, Hmdeaux; Itichd Kuah, Nicksrson, Provi dence. Below, Louisa, Hoover, fm N Y ork Baltimore, heb 2'i-Cld Adriai a, [Br] Hunt, Di-merara; Ocean, Patteraon, Boston; kuro|-eaii, niuillcy, Key West aud Mobile. Alexandria, Feb 24-Sld Fidelia. Small St John, NB. NoaroLR, Peh 21?Air F L Vail, t Br] Harm. St huts-left, risarro, Dnuk water, hence arr luth ihsl for P-rio llico in t d?ys. Shi 23d, Harriet, t>u tting, West Indie . Com, lit, BiokeUon, New Bedford; I ,, V>'hi i V ? t 2d? ArrJoiepliiuc, Hobiusou, l.i, iiiuo,.u i, , Rvuv-tas .McFailand, Tutka Island. 1. tt.i . iuoi. It,, ,.,, Oi'-br i.,luiu Walthall for Pnnambnco. Sid Henry vvoodis, Chunberlaim Wist Indies; Outesie, Chapman, Salem DtNiaa.Gi Feb II?Arr Elisabeth Porter, [Br] Beely St St-l item, N I'- ii-, B',Dapoe? Hiii . kill -Air i ivif \i -worth, Ntvi York I) nid I Br) IVrr .uii, Briatol I. Id 4.has ilumlit-.Uoii. ( Br I L.i tin u Liverpool; Lancashire. Lvon, NYork, STE\MER HfBERNIA JARCKL8 AND LETTERS FDR EUROPE?All Packa ges, Lf i. rt And Specie for any part of Europe, if leu it ADAMS Ik GO'S. Eipre.. Office, 7 Waif itreet, lelore ld to four to-morrow, Friday, afternoon, will lie forward J without fail by the Hiberuia steamship, leaving Boatnn on -aturlav. The turrets on the arrival of the Steamer at Liverpool, are mwinI iI iinmediat-ly by Willmer and Smith'* Expreaa, frs Itlenlly in advance of the mail. ADAMS k CO.. Willmer lit Smith, Agent*. Liverpool f27 2t rrc and Lou don. POST OFFICE, ? New Yo k, February Id, IMS- 4 pHK GREAT NORTHERN M ML, together with th> I Way Mails for office* on both sides ? f the Hudson Rtv r. vill from th a date, (until further notice,) be aent viaateamboata nd cloae at 3>? o'clock P. M. 07 3 rc JOHN LOR IMER GRAHAM. P M. POST OFFICE. ) New \ ..rk, February 25lh, 1*14. J. 17 NGLISI1 MAIL?L*iter Saga tier mail ateainer Hiberma, C* will be cloied at the Poat Office in Naaaau street, in this :itv, on Friday, ihe 28th Hiatal.t at 44 minute* p\*l3 o'clock, P. A. The nverlaud I oatage of ISJa cent* on each a ingle letter, nustbe paid. JOHN L0R1MER GRAHAM. f26 3trc Poat Maater. ObE DOLLAR REWARD Loat, yesterday, a Pocket Book, cnutaiuiiig certificate of scrip of the Mutual Insur nee Company of New York, No. 2.731, for $694 44, which ia if no use except to the owner; a small cheek on the Bank of the dtate of New York, oayme t of which lia* beeu stopped; te' ?r fifteen dollars in bills, and ihe caid of the owner. The fiud r will he so good as to return it to the owner, 59 Barclay at. vhp will pay a reward of one dollar or more if required. (27 ll*m TO grocers UJTANTED?A young man who ha* been accustomed to a vv respectable family trade. One who is fully qualified and can produce good city refer.nces, may apply at 76 Nassau at. f<7 Itis* m A LADY, with two children, is desirous of obtaining a situa tion in a Boarding School as an assistant teacher, and mak ing li?reaetf olherwiie useful. Her services, with a small com i-nsation; will be considered equivalent for their board Ad ir as P. Q-, Herald Office 1*27 3t*re INFORMATION IVANTE I) CAN ANY PERSON give information to R O K., at this office, where Wit LARD PAU L, of Camden,State of Maine may be found ! His deposition in an import-utcase is required f24 Hit* re I HE WELSH HH.1ETY ''HE Celebration of th-1st of March, (Saint David's Day,) ? by the above Society, will take plate at the Minerva Rooms No '06 Broadway. The chief features of this Festival, will be ih? following;? The Annual Address, by Rev. Wm. R. William*, D D. Poem, composed by a Member for the occasion, by Master -on-a ay. ung lad. Vocat Mus'C. by the Boston Quartette Club. [t~7~The Tickets are free, aud may be had from the Member* uid Officer* of the Society. r"27 3t*rc JOHN EVANS, Secretary. THE RECENT FOX HUNT IN BROOKLYN. To the Editor of the Herald : Sib I NOTICE in your paper of Tuesday morning a statement made relative to the box-hunt of y*<terd*y. 1 he parties wh < 'I'd thst procured theFox andcollerled ihe dogs were at'hepl ice f meeting at the appointed time. Judge, however, of their sur iiris' when theyf-und fiftyor sixty melt there with guns .evidently vith a in ilicious intention. 'I he owners of the d- g, considered them nf too much value to attempt to a'nrt them from Vunck's, is originally arranged, under such ci'cumsiantes. They there fore left the ground to start the fox wheie he and the dogs would h ve fair play, and before he had run a mile from the place last hosittlieWHS maliciously shot bv some party who probably now complaius of having been humbugged. "TALLY"?O. New York, Feb. 25, 1345. ft7 it* rrc T A UAKD-No. 2 Hati.\>kro'? House, 12 Beekman street. TO the public in general, and Monsieur Corbiere and Esquire By in particular?The undereigned, in answer to the card if these gents, p?blished in yesterday's Herald, ?o full of flou ish and parentheria, proclaiming tnat weare unworthy ofron lertion with them, and accusing ns of jealousy, and ... foith, ?vould brietlv say, that 111 asserting that they would be sorrv ,f . ur connection.' the writerevinces a degree of uncommon 11 uparalleled in th- history of nonsense, inasmuch Itever sincetl" summer or '43. Mr.Cnrbrre has repeatedly.o; licited of ns to eilablish a branch of the Habanero s House,^ I under his management; and previous to opening their H i V. ih t same Mo isleur called on us with his H.'iU catd.asu nu excuses for liavii g to some extent, used the name of this house The very fact of their complaining of our card, is a sufficient proof of their guilt, since we did not mention in It my nam* or rarticnl r house. If they we e innocent, tltor du ty was to have published a card merely asking an explanation, mt their consciences were nneasy. Our complaints do not irisefr m their having placed in a pane of jl'"1.!,'1*1, ? , 1 'ow. a pictorial pi-ce of paper with the name of H. s U. hot iecau<e a gentleman told ns that Monsieur Gorbiere and Es .aire By assured him that their "H.'s D was a branch ofOw ?' Habanero ? House," and if they ate willing to meet 'leman face to face, and prove the contrary, we are ready to '"in'r^ald to'our'being afflicted with the dreadful passion of 'jealousy," of our advice to roll up their sleeves, kc., see ?almly set fortli th* following reflections, vix: Our mission in this happy land of liberty and industry at present, is tji estsb li.h two brands of good ^ .Don J Rtvas. of Habana, under the name of Figaro, and Las IndiM o which we are the sole agents; besides, onr connection with Ha lana our koowledge of the wesd, acquired by the experience of i nhAosophicsl s'udy; altogether, we think, are sufnccnt^re - sons to place us far off Irom the influence of jealousy. If they of the H.'s D " had the same knowledge, similar connec tecMon at, and the monopoly, of two good brands, then we might be jealois. So fsr from being jealous, we take leave ?o assure the public ihat they of the "TL'sD." without being connected with the "Habanero'i House. can ko*P irticle; and, as we believe them to be honest and ,n<!u'lrin"? men. we recommend them to a dis riromating and natured ufblic; in helping them with a share of patronage Th'S is no hing but just, and has nothing to do with their small fa tits, o( vhich no mau is< xempt. being an endejwc mal*dv o( the hu-1 man race. And with this aye t ut an end to our hem that we remain as good Irrend, as ever, and congraWlMe hem for having already "rolled ur> their sleeves. F' r ouv | part we give thrm notice that Don. F. Rival goes to Hakanaby rext spring, with his sleeves rolled op to the neck, while A. D | Pena remains here, without sleeves at all dish a complete revolution in the good flavored Havana hegar ' Offui'je PEW A h R1VA8. I ~fXber segar factory, I 71 division Sir est, NEW YORK. . . . '"PHE UNDEU8IONED haveestablishedan extensive Segar I 1 Factory, at 71 Division street. New York, uuder the direc ?ion of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who has been Superintendent of ,ne or the largest Factories in Havans for mn^een T?ws 1 The following kinds of Segas, manufactured in the f aber Ste "W rsx; iSsnST Casadores, . Oujoires, Pnncipe, All boxed in the Havana style . ? The subscribers have retled the Son of their Senior m Hava ... ror ?h* ex oress purpose of selecting Tobacco for their pacto 'v! as also for the pui|H>se of selecting Segar. suitable for this ""hey have uow on hand, for sale, a large Mock of ,na Se' .jars, entitled to debenture, of the following braudv: La India, Woodville, Latabana, Noriago, Fragranx.a, La Norma, De Moya, Cwbrey, Esperauxa, l.ord Byron, Upman, frtigsr vsa . fe.H.'S? u;,w H fj7 jm*,c No 1 New street, corner of W all. HART WELL S WASHINGTON HOUSE, id93 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. f2T lm?m BOOK KEEPING, & c. BTo 88 Cedar Street^ MR C. C. MARSH, Accountant, rrsrectfully informs the public tha. his Counurg Booms, for thc itudy ?.J.* cal Book-Ke piog, Mercantile Writing, and Commercial Anth theeyetem of 'ion, and the failhful attention given to the learneri, thatin one course of these lessons, a pereon of go. d c?t?Mty Iwcome. a compete-t Book Keeper, and receives a certificate to that 'ffProipectuies, wi'h terms, may he hailathiarooms. c. < . viaksh's Woris?Entitled Could*'.ntry Book i'a VooV. well and seF^-?ustruction ;"fo?sa*e as the'book store, ami ? dm Rooms, at ahnve " ORGANS. fats a' S1BSC RIBF.R offers for sale three new splendid Ur I gans, of the following dimensiona-o je eigbt stops tn eluding i reed; the swell extends the whole compass of the or -?????<. - ''rkJi", ... ? 7inl PAilor Oreauwith five stops, pedal ha.s, and shifting m^mrnfen&d'in a solid mahoginy case, varnished s?3 poli!1b'li' assortment of superior Barrel Organs, containing 1^'l'he'pub''ic are'respectfully iovited to call aad e jam {"??J? above before ptirchaaiog elrewhere, ?t JAM"8 Orjpan Builder^ COMSTOCK & CO., 31 Courtlandt Street, HAVE Ov HAf*D , u I THE FOLLOWING NAMED ARTICLES, WHICH HAVF. OBTAINED SUCH POPULARITY, 'U VlAOl'-AL pT.N EXTRACTOR,enres all C wm. pains, ii.flammstioue. itchmgs. ?*d savy r"~.1v CMe of biea or scald, if tha viu^. are nnmjnred. ?..* v hmdf 0?UirV?A?iSM"c^NTR*CTBD CORDS, S?? Joinu A.xn,? akits sceptical we inviti t? c -H ami ? Vured of men of the highest standing in this eitysho^ v?? wucure llV^mid'ir^ be taken ,n all erne, of Iwart-Urn "u R "IcNA IRTI A?-u USTIC OILbas prosed .er, .ueu. fnHn curingeten total deafoea. Wu ^ve msnv c.r tfteate. CJ'Z '.il^:.,,f^mUy-"'.Sled With beit fiinilv medicine n* the world, it it a |>oiit?ve and war ranted rare for Dyspepsia. Aathma. l iver < tinn Cos'ireuess. k*. N" person can possihu use In s aiucis for u'oy of the sb*v? complaints without receiving i*rinana>.t r*Tm tHLFS*i^JrremeYrbe cured by HAYH> LINIMENT, and Lin's Balm 'r, ' j*' Ji' J"c "m refunded. Who will uow suffer with ih-s distressing t m 'rOMRTOCK k CO'" SARSAPARILLA, is a? pnre and strong an F.alract from this celebrated Root, ae ran ijossi ly h* made. Tl e price id 10 reaaonable tb*t ibtroor can ull^rd it, being but 50 cent per bottle, or $4 ier JJl nmue! - artlcl thai wilt effectually iurify the ULooofromallimpa tree. T hose who have been imprudent in the use of calomel. * KA^'t'"nIJIAHAHI DYJt-Thi. chemical PJ?r"""n WW coltA t e hair auv shadevlr?m a I ght I* wn to a Jet trtack, not ininr* the ' air or atain 'lie akin in tie ?'?.*? . DRI(]vv, PRESERVE and Beuuiny th-Hair bv-using CI.D UUe s BRi.M OF COLUMBIA, which imnedistely sto|s the hair from falling "Ut, and restores it when Bit O. ireaiiaM < 01,00N K. FLORIDA and B W W AT l? -I ' AM AN i lU MIC AL SOAP, Foreign and Ikitnoilic I erfnu or 1" | do utile Ink; Pearl Powder, the best irticle in use; Diamond C DFTTF.RS MAGIC HAIR OIL-lt gives to the ha.r a I, amitnl gloss, at d inclines it In qirl; snd, wholly unlike any lire ' it never soil, the ftnea. I.d es's.t. tn the mat tir what quantity's ipplied We with aR lound-ratsnd ns in this IVrtienl r?that is .f ?"v U' v or g.u.lemau ,h,|t tht.Ot . ,T fi dilret. .torments untrn , thei'money will b- .or?ll(i,n. . U i lON-liMiiemHr. llw *bov alt cfci sotu ?.i'.t isi ?tt7 litre1 our,Un<it bV CUMBTOCK E CO AUCTION SALES. RICHARD VAN DVKF.. Jr. Auctioneer POSITIVE SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE li'lIK KALE, at PuMie Auction, on Wednesday, ti e 5th day ' of March next, at. It "'c'nck. at the Merchants' Eschange yAN l HlPY J BLEECKEH b CO auctioneers Ail cottage-built houses on the nortlirrlv aide of Tyre- ty evenfh street, betweeu the Fourth Avenue and L-lirg n \ve ue the m at westerly ho?ses being a' the dis ance of one und .d teat f on the Fo? th Avnue. Eich I "t is It feet 8 nchei front and ear. and 100 'Vl in depth. There is a court "*rd in f out of rich houae, 30 fee' deep from the line of the treat; ih? houaet aresuppli'd with Croton water. A g> d option unity noifered to obtain comfortable residences n a gi-ut-el and try mproving neighborhood at a moderate 'I he houses are rented until the lat day of May next, at $225 .leraoiium Every houae i ut up will be poaitively aold, with >nt .niv re,ervr, 'o the highest bidder. Tertna?ten per rent caah to the auctioneers, at the time of de; twenti-five oer c?tit mi the lat day of Ap il neit, on which day tlie deeds will be delivered, and ihe residue may remain on ond and mortgage, for three years, at si* |ier ceu',# the interest tayable half yearly. The purchaser will be entitled to the euts accruing, from and after the 1st day of April The i ict nnrers ebarge,viz: $?for each houae,to be paid by the pur chaser. [No. ISO.] 127 tnt5 la rrc t'.. TUTTLK, Auctioneer. H \ MDWARE AND CUTLERY KALE -Jacob S Plaits' eighth Spring Trade Hardware Site, will take place This Dir. at 10 o'clor No 23 Plattstreet eornrrof Gold?Cnm P iting b il packages, cases aud lots of Birmingham end Ahef ieltl Hardware a'd Cutlery; French. German and American Staple and Fancy Gooes consisting of an e* tensive atsortme,.t of heavy and shelf gooda. Ala", li 0 lota Table and Pocke' ntlery consisting of 'I able anil Desert Knives a- d Forks; Carvers; Pan and Pocket. 1, 2,7, and a blades, Knives, Razors, Scissors. Shears be Also. 160 sets fine and common Japaned Tea T rays. Also, tne balance of a s'ock of Hard ware, suita ble to the retail tr de, conais<ing of a General ass rtment.vit .? ed Keye; Hon Lochi; P cIt-lies; t'ortee Viills; atr*ir Hods; ed 'rasa rinab Bolts; Thr. ad Eacurrheons; round end Rat no fiver-; Curing Nippers; Calipers; Caatort; Steel Fire Irons; British l.ustre; Iron Sqnar-s; t lork Sarewsi 'Gun 1 ocks; Plate Escutcheons; Screen aud Curtain Rings and Pius:,Patent Auge Bitli; Cent e B'tts; Iron aud Britannia Spoons; Shoe and Har -ais Pooch's; Bow_ Latches; It., om L cks; Til, '"test aud Huphoird Locks; Cho.t and Table Hinges: Blind Fastiuerx; llaicliits Room Door Springs; Lamps; Brass desk aud but1 Hingis; btoad aud narrow Butts, Slat s aud Pen-1Is, be. Also, 2tl0 dox*n Spectacles, assorted. Also, Uu" and Pistol Percussion Cape, be. f?7 It*in RICHARD VAN DA KB. Jr.. Auctioneer. DAMAGF.D Ct>T I ON A NTHONY J. BLEECKEH b CO. will sell at public ?fa. auction, at II o'clock, to-morrow the 18th ins?., February. at Cwffre House Slip, for account of whom it may concern, 250 nales of Cotton, partially damaged iu the ship Lawrence Cope land. Terms cash. (No. 133) 127 2trc D. D. NASH. Auctioneer. Store 139 Fulton ut. OTOCK b FIXTURES OF A DRUG STOKE-By virtue '* ofa landlord's warrant,. I will expose for sale This, Thurs day, at 10 o'clock, at 119 Fulton street, the Stock aud Fixt res of a Drnr Store?Consis'ing of Drugs and Mediciues, Perfume ry and Fancy Articles. Glass aud China Jars, large Window Jars, Soda Furii'tare Scales and Weights. 2 marble topconn tera. Mortars, 3 Lamps, Desk, Chairs, Shelving. Fixtures, be. 127 lt*m C. ALLISON, < ouatable. A. C. TUTTLK, Auctioneer. p?NGLISH CAST STEEL-Jacob S. Piatt will sell This La Day. at 11 o'clock, at rhe sucrion r-om corcer of Piatt and Gold streeta, 10 cues English Cast Steel, assorted sizes, square and Bat; worthy attention and to be peremptorily sold to the highest bidder. f27 lt?m BENJAMIN MOONEY, Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE?Hardware, Cutlery, Guna, Pistols, be?Mooneyb Aaron will sell this day at 10 "'clock, at 91 MaUen Lane, an assortment of Heavy and Shelf Hardware, viz:?Tinned iron Since Pans and Tea Kettles, Shovels, Fire Irons, Wrought Nails. Butt Hinges, Carvers, Uimblets,Spoons Coffee Mills. Bnta. TeaPots, Needles, be., be. Also, Cutlery, viz?Knives, Razors, Scissors, Knives and Forka, be. Alto, single barrel Guns, double and single barrel Pistols. Also Mahogany Sofa, Writing Desk, and one Ftove. fl7 lt?m PLANT* AT AUCTION. A LEVY will sell on Friday Morning, the 28th instant, at ? 11 o'clock, at No. 151 Broadway, a splendid collection of Plants, cons sting of Cameliaa, Daphnies, Rosea, Gentniiiams, Pittiiporuma, he . all in thefirnest orders. f27 2t*rc RICHARD VAN DYKE. Jr., Auctioueer. THE RAIL ROAD DrpoT HOTEL, comer 4th f Avenue and 86th steeet.? Anthony J. Bl-ecker b Co. wiM UiK,selI ?t auction on Thursday, the 27rh day of March nevt, t 2 o'clock, at the Merchant*' Exchange, the very valuable property on the eaat side of the 4th Avenue and smith side of RSlh street. The gmnnd contains 50 feet on the a?enue and >00 feet on the stre-t, (which str-et ia curbed and regulated and the assessment paid;) the property is wirhin two blocks of the U-ge Croton Reiervmr. Tlie House is a large two-s'orv attic bnild ing, with cellar ard ki'chen under the whole, with shed* op Sith rtseer. The premises are desirable for the purpose nf a ' "c nous public TOuse, and are now occupied as such $1000 or $2000 can remain on bond aud mortgage, a'6 per rent. Possession will be given on the 1st of May next. Title indisputable. For terms <nd part iculars, applv to tlie Auctioneers, INo. 7 Broad street, or to'J NOWL AN, on the premises, or No. 3 Eleventh street. | f20to mr27*m I TO LET?The three story Brick home, 477 Broad war, (^^ with Stable iu the rear. 011 Mercer street, between Grand JyJLand Broome streets. < ouW be altered ? J a. to be made a HSplTior situation for any buainesi. particularly for one requir in* m?y>at't?"office. 233 Washington at. f27 3t*re TO LKT, AND IMMe.Dt ATE GIVEN?T^e Store No.97 Nassau atreet, Herald Build ings, with Fixtures, Htove and Iof ?te. Arplicati >n toV made at the desk of the o^e^of the Her'ld. for terms. Ilcc. TO LKT?The commodious four storv Brick House No. 852 William street, in Complete order, and nowoc cm ied by the owuer. will be let or l'ajed for a term of yrers ' The Foruitu e in aai'1 house will be sold at auction, on or about the 28th of April next. Apjjj^ DUF AU 2i2 William s'te*l,orto Kt tteod'rc K. H. I UDLOW fc CO , 23 Broad at. STORE TO LET?The lower floor and oaaemeut of the commodious store. No. 136 Eighth street and 6 Aaior I..1M pi? '1'he building is over "0 feet deep, with a gr.ume tMhiMiii Eightli atre t, aud a convenient nutmoce at -ither end l"a situation, bei ug located only a few doors from Broad way, and near the Bowery, renders it one of the moat ceutral and eligible ooiots for buaitiesa in the upp-r part of the city- _ ,r , - , . (Ji.e half ol the biaemeut will be let separately. if desired, it being well uh.p'edfor many kiuds of business, and particularly fo'an Oyster Siloon. For further particulars, enquire on the premises (26 3tis?re m a"COUNTHY KESIDENCE FOR SALE-Sitnated acSin the town of Pelbnm. Westchester County, bordering on XjCTthe village of East Chester, abou* 16 miles from New Vork, containing '40 acres of land?50 acres wood lsjjd^, the . .1 lance 90 acres is in a high state of cultivation, with fruit^trees of all kinds iu abundance. There are two good Dwelling Houses ,m it recently built, together aa ith a large barn, stone hen hoore, coin crib, He. J he place is beautifully situated, commanding a view o^the Sound and surrounding count*y. It 7,'l.he ??l? low or exchsnged for improved city property For further par ticulars apply at 68 West street, between Carlisle and Rector '"aU", 8 Lou of Ground. 25 by 1M. on the easterly side of the 1 Ith Avenne. between 37th ano 38th streets. (M lm IC FAT BEEF A Will be exposed for sale, by ROBERT BE ATTY, ?on Saturday, lat of ?> arch, on the corner of Spring . ca??"l Merer stre-U. the Becl'of Two Steers, six teare ,,jd tilted bv Jesse C. Clive, Bloouiinggrove, Orange ( on"'?, judged to be superior to any slaughtered in this maikeiih.s ,e.a on. R. B. will be happy to see his friends. (27 3t rc A. THE MASTER BAKERS.ofthiscity and Brooklyn, will meet at the 8h*k?peu* Hotel? corner of Williwn jTand Du ine ttreet. on lUtart^y^MiTch Uts at 7 o dock M. All beio* mtoreite l in the js to be traus 4LL Son. Jno. Sneckuer, ^'h"VH Vlv'"' James Thompson. John Hally. Geo. Arcnlareous it Son, J hn I henll, J,10 Siuclare, Job" JE**"'' K. Oillmore, John Oreay, John Harper. Of New York. _ Wm.8ueckner.Robt V Varrack, aud Jno. Lantstaff, fr 3t*m of Brooklyn. "FASHIONS FOR SPRING, 1846. rm THE SUBSCKIBEH is now prvparel to rumish his mL new style of Gentlemen'. HaU, which, in every particular, vvdl be found fully to sustain the reputation he hw heretofore enjoyed in the production of this most emseutixl article of dress. Wall street, corner Nsssau N B ?FRENCH H ATS?A email invoice just received from t e in i.ufactory of the celebrated '.Mugnier, Pans, to which tue attention of gentlemen is luvited. ftl TuThkSt islm ? m WELCH'S NATIONAL. CIRCUS, PAI1K THKATRK. LAST REPRESENTATIONS! As the Company will depart in nvery short tWW. theretore, in compliance with the earnest solicitation of several families and individuals, the Manager announces a ??, __c , GREAT REDUCTION OF PRICES! aft Cent* to every part of tl?e Tnrntrw GALLERY I2K CENTS. H1Kn TWELVE MOST SPLENDID A' IS IN THE KINO AND ARENA., r A"J "mai! ?1" ft" 1 g- ""cfevAN f "u m"." -?H X.Y L' GRAPHIC PRESS GENERAL JOR PRINTING OFFICE,' 56 Ooltl Street riL- quB'CKIBF.RSinform D>u??i?t?, Perfumers,Grocers ESst-SfsfcvJtR.'s spas'. ?sk i offercdin r ranee or England, and they p.omi.e tl.e.r cu.tom... ' l Kb * P KI NT 1N ^ei r office i? ilw ^applied with every CirtuUrs. and nil kmds of M.rcant.l. Print., g, ex.cuted ou TeOAR BOX LABELS AND PAPER, of every de.erip ^A<I5E5atEB48HOW CARDS for FOR SALE. , A FOrH-WHKKLV D CARMlAOE, nf eo tlepAnt coo A rructiM, fortw.Thorrea^-Applf to R. C.. nltKe d-kof this officv. for.fur hv- iwmculars. '.V lw rV FOR SALE, , , rrvRK FURNITURE of vthrev slort-houw, only threvyssrs I in use by a famiH, consisting ?f awry thing ft Jot a Kentvl res deuce The owner c.m'emi.lates giving keeping, and it will he sold cheap ... bulk for cMk -Apply to R , at the desk of this office. in iw rc sTTdden changes in the atmosphere. te mitssgx one hours notice. Open flom 7 o clock in the "O'S"1* "A! o'clock at night J !?LIWJ!L MARTELLE & HOLDER MANN, AX ANUFAc'tURe'kS Md 'lmpoiters of Ornainen'al Hair M Work, Wik?, Toupees, Bands, Curls. Hair, and a new style .f Evertnsling Curls, and all kindsof Hs>r Work. wr,. lesale and retail. N. B.? 1 he trade supplied on leasogable tcmis 124 lui*ec ? ? PACKET SHIP ROSE I US froml.i _crpo.'l-l^discha'fiot in?*tliftfrly. - ?-?~? PArKKT SHIP H ?i' riNOUKH from t <*? signvvs iwr rh's vrerel will P?vare Wke notice th.t jh; ..,!?? I Ch?'gi..g node, general order, at west ide Burling Slip Per "m"** wfm n mVut ' M1N T U K N S. r Sou.h street. 1 l- ;?7ll"G'CEVA.from New Orleans, is III - hail. 1 I , Gile.ins \Vn nl. fool ot 5'. I ^.^ueiswill p., esc attend I He p,.ipl ol iht.i AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PAKK TIIKATllK. ("lie Manager ever anxious to meet th?wishe>uf the public, respectfully .m.oiinm the fo lowing OO-li EDUCTION OF PRICES,-O0 Boxes !45 C*nts Gallery ltfl Cents. L >ST NIGHT BUT E'OHT HURSDAY KVENINlr, Krbru rv 27th, to cn">?i.iiee with ' Grand Equestrian Pageaut, entitled 1 UK ADORERS OF i'HK SUN. due of the Drollest Ditties by E. M Dickenson. One Ho ?e Act by Vaster W Kinrade. A Beautiful Dance by Mill L. W;-||?. Aii Act e> tilled Aji Hour in Arabia, by t'ie Company. Mr. Cadwailader and the Misses Wells, in a Horse Act, fo uled the Kmper >r's Messenger. The Statuiits from Hungary, by Messrs Hoyt, J. Cileuroy, J I Nathans, and E. Woods Magnificent Act of Horsemanship, by T. V. Turner. 1 wo'Horse Act by J I. Nathans. Personal I'ostnre by H Coiover. A" Afr.cau Conceit, by Messrs. Hoyt, Edwatds, Wiunenioie iid Kelly To c nclude witli the graud Natioual Equestrian Dramatic spectacle, will, beautiful Scenes, Costuntes, Artillery, Bridges, immense Runs, tic., entitled MAD ANTONY WAYNE ! BOLD HORSE DKV1LDARK. Doors open at 6 o'clock, and to c nnneuce at 7. PAlaAIO'S Ol'KRA 1KHSK. I'HURSDAY EVENING, Keb 27th?KKI DAY, 28th?and SATURDAY, March 1st. dn each evening will he re|>eafd the splendid Burlesque Oi era of I LAI 60M Avf. DE BEAUTIES Alfred fiom the popular U|>era of La Somuambula. After ?h ch. MADEMOISELLE BLANCHARD >vill diiplay her musical powers on the CHINE8EOLA38F.S, I'm eluding with the G T AND GRECIAN EXER -ISES : With Cu|is, Golden Balls. Daggers, and Rainbow Shower, after the maun-r of the c?'ebrated GREEK KHOAS Po toue'iide with the unrivalled Etniopiau Melodinu Band of Sereuaders who will ting s-vera I popular Aira, accompanied with their instruments. Doors open at quarter before 7 o clock?Performance to com mence q"a ter before 8 o'clock. Firs' tier ami Parque.tte 58 cents. Second tier 25 cents. Private Boxes S3. Box Office open from 9 o'clock A M to 5 o'clock P M. to se cure seats. GERMAN SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. PHE GRAND CONCERT, iu aid of He Charitable Fund ? of this SVoeiety. will itUe place on SATURDAY, the 8tli if Mireh, 18(5, at the Tabernacle, nu which occasion the f, I towiug emiceot tal'nt will appear, viz.? S1GNOKA ROSIN A PICO. MR. WM. SUHARKENBERG. MR. THEOD. W. ORdNEVELDT. (Clarionet.) A number of Grntleinen Amateurs have kiudly consented to ?iug several German Choruses, and au Orchestra of Sixty ' er formers, composed principally of Members of the New York Philharmonic Society, will execute the following pieces, viz: ? The celebrated Symphony in 0 minor.. . by M-ethov?u Overture to Fiugal'aCave by F. Mendelsohn Barlholdy. Overture to Der Kreiscbutz by C. M. Von Web-r. Pile lustrumeutal Performances will he under the direction of MR. U. C. HiLL. The Concert will coinineuceat8 o'clock precisely. Tickets, ai Si each, may le had at all the pnncqial Music 3 ores, at the door on the evening of the Conceit, and of the un dersigned:? COMMITTEE. C. H. Sand, Theod Victor, Wm Schstfenberg, Dr. Gescheidt, C R. Degen, H. E. Moring, A. Belmont. Ernest Fiedler. F. W Rskeman, fl9to8Mr? ee G. Vom Banr, E. Paienstedt, F A. Spies, Professor Tellkatnpf, F. s. Schlesinier, Charles I'erabeau, Dr. Hensehrl, A. Rodewald, Leopold Bierwirth. COMPLIMENTARY BALL A T a Meeting of the pupil* of Mr. J. PARKER. it was re fa. solved to tendrrhim a Complimentary Ball, to begiveuat 1 ammanv Hall on the 6th of M rch A number of dances will 1 e brought forward, particularly the Polka by several jets. The following are the names of the ' nmmittee?John B-icher, J. lin Fleming h. F. Boyce. J.mrs Wilton. J. H Sutherland. Chas. Biers, Charles Davidson, 8 Lew CO . JOHN c O'LES, President. CHARLES J. ROE, Hrcrrtary. (TI 3t*ec N1BLO H liHANI) SALOUH. KO,Pl VON CERTS AND BALLS. Pnct for Balls ^ Prite for Concerts .!?*!!!!! $9$ JOTT? M?NTOqMERY GUARD Grand Military Ball takes place at Niblo's Saloon, on Monday, March 3d. J? 8 SOCIETY will hold their Annual /??*? rt wii*' ?n ^?e*Ld*v' March 4th Dinner to be on the 7 able at 5 o clock. Tickets ro be had of the Stewards. jaiOrc D. C. GULDEN, President. PEOPLE'S THEATRE, cause u CINCINNATI, OHiO. rnHS. above establishment will ni?n on the 5th of April neat, lor a Summer All persona desirous of engaging, will please address the subscriber, (post n<id) New Y r>, until the 10th day-_of March: after which all letters must be ad dressed to Cincinn.ti, Ohio. 127 3t**c E. EDDY, l essee. BILLIARDS. THIS must be seen to be believed?the I ball 1 is played at fig 2, runs to 3 to 4, to 5. to 6, to T. to 8, lot, to 10 and by play ers to 11 and 12. The above ai gles can be made in one blow. The Tables are up for playing or sale at U9 Fulton, or . Ann street. 7 he maker will bank for true ble, against any person living. FOR NEW BKITASWICK. The Steamboat WAVE, Captain Vander bilt, will leave the funt of Robinson street, next to Barclay street, on I hursday, 21th instant, at 2 o'clock t*. .M . stopping at Chrises, Hossville, Sut'on'sanJ Amboy?leaving New Brunswick next morning, at7J<?stop ping at all the i.. t-rme 'iate landings. Fare and Freight at the usutl prices. f26 3t*ec A. . 1" Je y Tr " ? ir_ U S. MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY, And Intermediate Places, or as far as the ice ? will |ierm<t?The Steamboat COLUMBIA, .Captain Wm. H. Prck, leav*s the Steamboat 'ier fooi of Coortlandt str-rt, south side, this alternoonat5 o'clock, Wednesday, Feb. 26th, 184V Stages leave for Albany immediat-ly on both sides of the North River. Fornassage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz. at the office on the wharf. (26 OLD BLACK BALI. LINE OF PACKETS - I .Packet of the 1st March?For Liverpool?The ship jlNDI ANA, Captain Bennett, will be despatched a? rr tegular day. She has superior acccommodatioos, for cabin aud steerage passengers r r passage, apply to JOHN HERD <l AN, 6lSuth st eet. N. B.?Those sending for their frie-dk, would do well to etn m above, her I brace thn op|>oriuulty, per steamer rliberma, sailing Irom Bos ton on the 1st varch. The subscriber is prepared to issue pas sage certificates at the lowest rat. .i,by any of the regular packet J ships, sailing on the 1st, 6th. Ilth, 16th, 21st and 26ih of each month; and Drafts can be furnished, as usual, from ?1 to any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom, on applica tion as above. f27rc FOR L! VERPOOL?Regnl .r Packet of 6th March .?The splendid, first c'ass, fist sailing packet ship -INDEPENDENCE. Cantain F.P All u, will posi : ively sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior act oinmodations for caNu second ca bin and s'eeiage passengers, | e sons wishiug to embark, sh. nld make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURhAY. f26 100 Pine street, earner of South street. M3P- FOR LONDON?R'gular Packet 1st March?The jnJUPwspleudiil, first class, fast sailing packet ship VICTO JKMfahlA, Captain E E. Morgan, will sail as above, her regular day. ImrofSUtelRlicMwn W)0# 9o.ih'smt. xdKg- FOR LO N DON?Packet of the 1st March?7'hh sp'endid fast sailing packet ship VICTORIA, Capt. WsUlfaMnrgiii. will positively sail a* above, her regular d'y. Having superior accomm d.uions for cabin, sreond cabin and steerage passengers, e irly application should be made to W It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 126 76 South street.corner Maideu Lane. JUt1:; packet ship BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS.?FOR LIVERPOOL.?Packet eif the 1st of March?The new and splendid last sailing packet ship IN Di A N A, Captain Bennett, will sail |>ositivel> on Siturday, 1st of March, her regular day. Having unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerigp nnssengi rs.those retii. iiins to the aid country,or sending for their friends, will find it their lUterest and comfort to select this uueipiallad line of packets. For terms of passage, and to seenre the best berths, early application should be made on hoard, font ol Beekman st, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BBOTHERS h CO., 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank, New York. f25m ???- FOR LONDON?Pack-t of the 1st Mstch?The wHnPWsplendid packet ship VICTOR I A, Captain ?, will ^||||?|iiositi*ely sad as above, her regular day. I his splendid ship has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin and steerage pastenge s, all of which will he taken st a moderate rate, by making early applies'union hood, or to fl7ic .1 HN HERPMAN, 61 South st. FOR NEW ORLEANS? Louisiana and New ? York I.ine? Regular racket of March 6th?The splen Mini new harnne J \ NE F. WILLIAMS < apt. Car ter, bmlt expressly foi a packet, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having hands me furnished acromion da-ions, applyon board, at Orhans wharf, foot of Wall at, or to E. K.COLLIN-Ik CO.. 56 South st Positively no goods received on board after Wednesday even ing. 5th inst. Agents in New Orleans, Messrs Hullin A Woodruff, who WBI I'lomp ly forward all goods fo the" .dd-ees. Packet ship GENEVA. < apt Go-dlme, will succeed the Jsne E. Williams, and sail on the 16 h of March, her regular day, T*2 G LEARY Ac CO S FASHION FOR SPRING, 1845 ENTLE.V1EN8' HATS, of our Sprii.g Pattern, will be rea dy fur sale -nd delisery. ou ai d alter Frlltnjr, the 28th Instant. N. B ?We annrunte the shove as 7'H". FASHION for the ensuing seas n. and to precl-de all possibility of error in ih' minds of the public and trade generally, in this city and else where, as to us origin and di tiiictivcly peculiar leatnres, we preseut the fol'owing derail of j-g proportions, vi?:? CROW A?7M inches high, 5-16 bell at sides, )( hell in front aud rear, Jj \ eoman, V carve. T'l'?3-16 inch oval, the ei ge ronnded off I 16 inch. BRIM? 2la inches wide all atonod? .S t, natural enrve? Curl BAND and BINDING?1? inch wide The iwrueular set of ih* hrim is unique, a id onr customers will be served with a style expressly a lap led to the characteris tic features a-d form ol each respectively. hebrosrv 241h. 1845. f25 'tliism Black and white thread lace flouni f.s, just received per e merald Black Thread Lace Flounces, from Is yard to \ yard wide White do LaNeigedo Va do Ig do ?. .. . * .... _ . ?. .. ~arbe< Black and White Lace B'rthes, Bathes and Sleeves Some of the most splendid Mechlin wide Lares Black Lace Veils and Black Thread Scarfs. White Lace \ eils and Scaifs, point s Bruselle* and a la Netge Three verv splendid Mechlin Lace Dresses One Carton Pehrine. Ca |ie. and Chemisettes Vslenri mues La et and Edgings Mei hhn do Ait>s do. J AMES BF.CK It CO. rri|> ctfully announce, that thia is hy St _ far the inoitrieh and splendid" invoice'..f goods that Ivive bes-n offered. CAhlH EMBROIDERIES?Consisting of ('aneyoui, Pele rine-. Collars, Clieiuizettes a la P>co style. Also, some nisgoifii ent 1 mbroiilrn-l Ovesses and Handker chiefs, of verv riclien broidery. t he above, wiih h great va'iety ? , ? w fertil at very modersie | lices, hy JAMt.b ll -.t k n. t 0., f25 14tec 359 Bioadway M NOTICE EBK fc(-aw.TAH. Kiuh:?? I B. ?t!>5 i> *' Ih# I*o?hioi) Cor i?c?uU'ir oV lltii I A n Arifty of titw itvlwi of (i|? fot Sprint 1 BY OiE SOUTHERN MAIL. WMhln||toii. [Correspondence < f the Herald ] Thr Capitol, > Washington, Tuesday, 5 P. M. J Innexuttun not no certain?Pottage Reform Bill amended Jiti tli* Houte?Executive Settion ? The Cabinet?Intf retting Documentt ?Foreign iMtr r Reform I ames G Bennett, E^q ? The probability of the passage of the annexa lon joint resolutions through the Senate, is less loubtful to-day than at any period for the past ?veek. Senator Benton boldly avowed last night, that no person was authorised to announce that hiH v.ews on this subject were changed in any man ner whatever. From this avowal I am induced to ' elieve that his object is to so amend the bill that ? apt be returned to the House, and thus certain bers of Congress who opposed the resolutions, will be offered an opportunity to re-enter the doors ? I democracy, from whence the* have recently backslidden. The anti-Texas members from Uiine and New Yoik, are extremely anxious thai ucb should be the dctioii of the Senate, and should Seuatore Faitfi Id and Dix accede, i? mity be ad?p ?d. But to-morrow will probably deride this iong agitated question, much 'o the relief of the ?ation, if conctud. d in 'he affirmative I still he eve that it the quest ion is submitted on the joint r solutions alone, without amendment, that ibey will pass. Let those who trammel the measure to ? tefrat it, beware the indignation of the American eople. Senator Allen, ademocratic member iroin Onto, made an > bie argument in tavor of annexation to day, and was by Mr Ber rien, a whig, of Geortia, There i3 no doubt that t ie joint resolutions will be amended, with Sena tor Benton's proviso, or something similar, that may prevent definite action on this subject at the present session The Reform Postage Bill came up iu the House to-day, and whs debated for two hours, when intendment after amendment was offered, and re I -cted as fast as offered, wi'li the exception of two, <>ne to make the postage on single letters five cents uider three hundred irult-s, und ten cents over that distance; and miother, that the law should sot go i no tfl-et until tiller July next. Nothing definite transpired up to the closing of ihe evening mail ? I send you in another package, ihe foretgu letter r< form postage bill as passed in the Senate. It is doubtful whether the present Senate will hold another Executive See-ion, and it nor, all the nominations of President Tyler unconfirmed will fall still-born in the pool of political generation, not to be asainrevived without the sanction of presi dent Polk. Tpe new Senate will meet on Tuesday, and probably remain in session tor the action ot executive business, fit x one or two wehks. The Cabinet still remains in the breast of the President elect The friends ot Bancroft, of Mas sachusetts, and Walker, of Mississippi, are pitied aitairist each oihtr, in urging those genrlermn for ?be Treasury Department, while ihe New Yorkers .re slyly and cunningly making capital for Flagg, ?larcy and Cambreleng. The whole Pennsylvania representation desire to see Senator Buchanan in the State Department, and no doubt their wishes will be fulfilled?if Mr. Calhoun withdraws?but not without. Francis P Elmore, of South Caro lina will not be overlooked by President Poik. al though the tenaciousneis exhibit* d by certain Nor thern intens s, may induce htm to place the Ttea stiry Department in the hands of the candidatet fr?m New York or the East Did I say "candidates 1" Yes, fur such is trulv the case, notwithstanding, that in the days of Washington, Jefferson, Madi son, Monroe, and Jackson, such a tact would have caused the defeat of any man whose friends at tempted to force hint upon ihe Executive of the nation I send you enclosed the correspondence between JuhnC Calhoun and Edward Everett our Minis er to England, relative to the demand upon the English government for the surrender ot the gang of seven fugitives from Esst Florida, who murder ed Mr. Green, and robbed his son and daughter r.bout a year since Ytu will perceive that the de mand is made under the extradition portion of the Ashburton treaty, and if uncomplted with, ren ders the treaty a one-sided contract in favor of t <real Britain, but of no benefit to this country. I he refusal of the British Government tosurrender brse fugitives, is based mainly upon the fact that hey are slaves, and the response ot our govern ment is that the law makes the slave responsible . r every illegal act, and punishes him even with more severity foi crimes of an aggravated charac ter. The protection of murderers is an assumption of right that even uncivilized powers dare not as -.ime in this civilized age, as recent acts of Euro P an governments have made fully manifest Even our untutored Indian tribes do not resist the delive ry of the fugitive murderer, and the savages of the Pacific and barbarians oi the East have hud their villages battered down over their ears for attempt ing to screen the assessin and the shedder of blond. But Great Britain presents an opposite example, because she useumes fur olden adage that " might gives right." A few more violations of the strict principles of justice may test this power in a man ner not agrcesbie to the ears of those who have hoard our thunder at former periods. 1 also send you a letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting copies of instructions in re ?V re nee to the collection of duties on wines, cof fees, &c , which you may find of service in your commercial department, and also the able report of the Commissioner of Patents, which contains much interesting information for your columns. The Capitol, I Washington, Tuesday, 5F M j 'Ifie Bill for the Transportation of the Mail bttwem the United States and Foreign Countries James CJ. Bennett, Esij. :? I send you enclosed, 11 corrected copy of the ibove titled bill that has passed the Senu'e, and hich will probably be adopted in the House with -oine amendnientu suggested by the ccnimiuee on . ost ortice and post roads, which I also enclose. You will perceive that the tenth section of the bill will entirely destroy the system of forwarding oretgti letters by any and every body, that has so u>ng been 111 existence, although the House com mittee ur?- desitous <>t striking out this necessary clause. The bill will be rend with interest by your numerous commercial readers who will thus nave an opportunity to aid or retain its passage ihrough Congress. A BILL To Provide fur the Transportation of the Hail between the United Slatrt and Foreign Countries. Btt it enacted by thu < and Mouse of Reprraenta tives of tbv Uuited Statu a' America in Cong en nssem ded, ThaUhc t'oumcster General nt the United 8'ates ie, and he ia hereby, authorized, under the restrictions old provisions of the existing laws, to contract for the transportation of the United Htatea mail between any oi tie ports ol the United States ai d a port or porta of any ftrergii Power, whenever, in his opinion, the public in term will thereby be piomnteil ; and it shall be his duty i) teport, to the next ensuing Congress, a copy ot each of -aid contracts, with a stati m 'nt ol the amount ol pos'age lerived under the same, as far as the returns of the de partment will enable him to do " And such contracts may be made, if it shall appear to the Postmaster U> neral to he required by the public interest, for any greater pe riod than lour years, and not exceedirg ten yeara " 8?:o. ?! And bo it further enacted. 1 hat alt such con tracts shall be made with citizens of the United Ststea, ?ind the mail to bo transported in American vra?rl?, fowned, in whole or in part I by American citizens. Each contract entered into under the provisions ol this ict, besides the usual stipulations to; the right of the Tost master General to discontinue the same, shiill contain the further stipulation that it m y, i.t any titri, he terminated y a joint reaoiirion of the two Houses of Corgreta. ?Src 3. And bo it firther enacted, That the isus of postage to be charged and collected on all letters, packa ges, newspapers, and pamphlets or other piiuted mnlter. betwion tne pints of the United Stains aid the ports of foreign Governments 'numerated herein, transported in the United States mail under the provisions ni this net, shall h-as follows ; Upon all letters and packet? not ex ceodiog one-half ounce in weight, bilwnn nv if the po ts of the United 8iates and ho ports of Eeglni d or Fiance, ot any othoi foteign pott ncd loss than 3 000 miles distant, twenty-lour Cents, with the inland po* a/e ol the United Stii? s added, when ?%n through the Unin J Mates m <il to or fiom the post office at a port of the United States ; ttjion letters and packets over on--half an cuncr. in Weight, and not exceeding one ounce, lorty ugh' cents ; and lor every additional half ounce or fraction of ? n ounce, fifteen rents ; upon all If>t? rs and packets i ot exceeding one half ounce, sent through the United 8's'es nail between the porta of the United Ntstea and any ot the West India islands, or islands in the Gulf of Mexico, ten cents ; aud twenty cents upon letters ami packers no oxceeding one ounce ; and five cent* far every 1 half ounce or fraction of an ounce ; upon tach newsps ?r, p imphlet, and price current, sent in the mail bt tween be United State* and any of the por s and places above nuneratid, three reqts, with Inland Uaited Blate* o s sge added when the tftnc is transported to or Ircm ail poit of the United States in the United Slates j8?c. 4 And be it futtber enacted That from and atb r ?he first day ot July, onr thousand etght hundred and lot shall not be Uwltil tor the owner, mister, or >ther officer or porsou, employed on board any ves-i I or .hip, except n public ship ol the United State*, sail'og t'om any twit of the United Slates, to transport n board of surh vissel any letters or pickets (mm h? United Stales to foreign p-irts orcmin'iie* wi hout having the same regularly mail*-1 order the seal of th? ? tmaster ol the port Irem > h'Ch such ve?srl sails. For violation of this law, the ow ner, captain, or other r tfi ?er or p- r- on, employed on hoard such ves??l. upon onvictio i in any court in Ike United 8;atea h-v it g Juris liction ot the same, shall lorleit and |>a> two hurdiad ilol irs. The owner or owners ahull he bel 1 liable tor the telatiation ol this act by the captain or other c ffi-er or is ad i mployed on board; and the vessel itsell may be nrc ?eeded egsinst and held responsible for the penalty : Pio rided, That It shall be lawful for the captain, master, or rth't officer, to trans ort h II:. ot lading, letters of lustre tona. or m >r: if' t' ? ? . * ' l ait V ? ? ?? UCM ship the sail'H K ; , U.i* 1 ."??? 'i ;' II' . ty ot the comtnaude- ot any ship or vh????1 hevmg

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