Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 58?Whole Ho. 4M0. NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 28. 1845. Prloe Two Conta. THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. TOE GREATEST IN THE WOR1J). To tit* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?Pub lished every day of the year except New Year'* Day and Fourth of July. Price I exnti per copy?or $7 M per annum?postages paid?caeh in ndrance THE WEEKLY HERALD?published erery Saturday morning?price 6X cents per copy, or $1 IS per annum?post ages paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fast It fiat I he largest circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and, it, therefore, ihe hett channel for butinetl wen in the city or rountry. Pricea moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the moat moderate priee, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. >*noruiETOB or the Herald Establishment. Northwest corner of Kulton and Nassau streets. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL steam ships. Of 1M0 tons and ?( horse power each.? Under contrnct with the Lords of the Ad mirauy. H1BE1INIA, Commander A. Ryrir, Esq. CAMBRIA. ? C. H. E. Juakint CALEDONIA " E G. Lott, " BRITANNIA... .. ?' J.Hewitt, Will aril from Liverpool aad Boston, via. Halifax, as follows: from Livevool. From Boston. Hibernia ? March 1st. Cambria March 'th. April 1st. Caledonia Arril 4 th. May 1st. Hibernia " 19th. " 16th. Britannia May 4th. June 1st. Passage >iotiey?Krom Boston to Liverpool, $.30. Boston to Hslifax. ttO. Th-se ships carry experienced Surgeons. No berths tecu.ed 'till paid for. No freiyht except ipecie received on days of sailing. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. f25'C 3 Wall street N Y. A SPACIOUS AND FASHIONABLE HOTEL IN PHILADELPHIA TO BE LEASED THE well kuown Hotel, MARSHALL HUUSE, ' havi it been recently, at great expense, renovated and cm .bellished by alterations of the front and interior, and much improved by new entrances and stairwavs. and by re modelling the ground Hour, ia to ba leased unfurnished upon moderate terms. It is situnt* iu the most fashionable part of the most fashiona ble street (Chestnut srrres,) end is not distant from the depots of 'lie Kailwavs. It is about 74 feet front on Chestnut st , four and Ave stories high, extending 160 feet to Carpeuter street, and can accommodate 160 iiersons. Apply to JOSEPH B TOWN8END. . f 14 lweodrc 309 Arch street. Philadelphia. I U La. I'?Two Stores beautifully situated, in the new [ builiiing* (now nearly complete) on the n uthweiterly .corner of Broadway and Reade street, (known as the La Karse Buildings ) Also, a large and convenient Basement, well calculated for an Oyster Saloon. Stc. Also, several convenient Stores in the second story, suitable for Merchant Tailors, Fashionable Milliners, Dressmakers, ate. together with a variety of Rooms in the 2d, 3d, 4th, and 6lh stori?s, suitable for Offices. Private Pa lors with foldiug doors, Pantries and Bedrooms attached ; with Rooms suitable lor Dentists, Painters, Daguerreotypes and Exhibition Rooms, Sic. Those iiersons wanting rooms of the above description, ate re quested to call and examine the same. Enquire on the premise fl3 lm*rc VERY DESIRABLE LOTS FOR SALE.?Fiv Lots on the southerly side of 13th street, near 5th ave.nne ?fix Lots on the northerly side of 13th street, between 6th and 7th avenues, with court yards in front, and in the midst of elegant improvements. T'lnee Lots on the southerly side of 14th street, between the 6th and 'th avenues, in an improving neighborhood. Two Lots on the southerly side of 14th street, near the 8th avenue. h our Lots on the easterly side of 7th avenue, between 18th and 13th streets, with cellars partly dugout. Fiv- Lots on the northerly side of 39th street, between the 1st and 3nd avenues, ove loosing the city and East River. The whole amount may reman on mortgage, if improved, and 70 per cent if not improved. G. H. wIN'lER, j26 lm*ec 16 Wall street ? id LET OK LEASE.?A large wo story brick Home, on the southwesterly corner of the Blooaungd&le road and 40th street, with sufficient ground whereon to erect a manufactory, which will be built if required. Also, % two story frame Cottage, House. aadfiye Lots, on be northwesterly corner of the Blnomingdale road and 40th street, with a workshop, stable, barn, die. The house will be paiuted aud nut in go. d fence and repair, with a court yard in front, on the Hlootningdale road. Also, 6 Lots adjoining on the Bloomingdale road, running through to lh?7th avenue and 41st street, suitable for a florist or manufacturer. Buildings will fce erected if required. Also, a Lot in 30th street, between the 7th and 8ih avenues, to lease. G. H. WINTER, j26 lra?ec 16 Wall street. TO L ET?The large three story and attic Brick Dwelling House, situated on the north-easterly corner of ^.wmmthe Seventh Ave.iue and Thirteenth stieet, with a fine gtrdrii. ('niton water, kitchen ranges, marble mantels, sliding doors, 8tc , sinl iu an improving neighborhood. Rent low to a good tenant , . . . A'to?Four three story and attic Brick Hotrees, with stores underneath, on the easterly side of sixth Avenue, between Twelfth aud Thirteenth streets, with sliding doors, marble mantels, < roton water, &?., suitable for respectable families in moderate circumstances. ....... I Also?Five three story Brick Houses, of a similar kind, on the easterly side of Greenwich Lane or Avenue, near the Eighth Avenue, and opposite the large square. ! Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store underneath, on the easiely side of the Eighth Avenue, between 13th and 14th streets, with marble mantels, sliding doors, Croton All of tiie above Stores are excellent stands for business, and are suitable for drygoods and fancy-goods, ladies'shoe stores, chini and earthenware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fectionary, Ike. The Stores, with the front base meat-room, will be rented se parate from Use dwelling parts if required, there being covered areas iu front for fuel, lie. G. H. WINTER. fll Im'rc 16 Wall atreet. TO LET?'The Bulkhead, or Water Front, from War t-._' ten atreet to Chambers street, (about 200 feet,) now occu XrtiJLl'ied as the Newburg Landing. The fourttory Store,No. 111 Wan en street. One of the 'M Building , between Wash ington and West streets. The superior three story Brick House occupied bv R J. Cochran, Esq , on l enth Avenue near 22d street: has mahogany doors, plated fUnii nre,Croton water, sc. FOR -SALE OR TO LET?I he Mansion and harm at Gowanns. l.l. about three miles from the South Ferry. The House is fifty fieet squsre, five stories, and a superior celtir. rool c pper-d, malio <?ny doors, plated furniture, 8tc. The hall and stairs Italian marble. The building ia near the water, and it withi ut equal as to situation in the United Slates. It will ac cominnmte fifty or sixty persons. The Farm is eighty acres?a front on the Bay of one thousand feet, and a front on each side of Thard Avenue. It is in the Eighth Ward of the City of Bro. klyn, -tot laid ont in 1000 Building Lots, aud there are inuiy Ut lid i.g Sites on this property. The land is the best on Long Island for early vegetables, anil can reilixe five thousand dollars |ier annum, if attended to by an experienced gardener, ALSO, FOR SALE?The Bennet Farm, at Onwauus, about 200 Lots fronting on Th rd and Fourth \tenuis and the street leading to the Greenwood Cemetery. The Lots will be sold at low pricea and long eredit, and money loaned to those that build immediately. Apply to . JOHN P. DELAPLAINE, 170 1m*rc No 7 New sireet, New York. TO LET-FIVE NEAT SNUG HuUSES?at and ' near the corner of 7tU avenue and 26th streets Rents 126 to 300 dollars. Reference and security required. I hey are .,iu neJ in th- most thriving part of the city, at ihc end of Stage rout-s, so as to insure teats without delay in stormy wea ther, for iiersons doing business down town. Possession of two homes immediately, of the other three on first of May. fl4 iw'ec STEAM POWER?Rooms to let with Steam Power. Apply at K HOE 8t CO., US 3wrc 89 and 31 Gold street. H TO SECRET SOCIETIES. TO LE C?From lit May next, the large Room in the ' upivr story of honsecorner of (Cut Broadway aud Ca tharine itreet, titled np for a lodg- room. Can be ??en i?-.wi-n t)> and J o'clock. P.M. Kor farther psrtica lan enquire of E.SPY Kit,51 Catharine atrset, or of J Hr.CIIT, 3a Hc ry street. fill lm*m FOR SALE. -w^? A BEAUTIFUL FARM, situated in the town of JK^K'stcheater, containing seventy acres of good triable and ?Jk*.grass land. .The Home is in perfect ordej and convenient ly arranged for a large family, baid Farm is divided by ihe post load running to New Kochelle and Marmarroneck, and runs down to Eaatchester Creek, where there is Ane bass and tiout Ashing in their season. The out buildings are all in good order, and there is good s.abling for twelve horses. '1 he wnole place is well wateied and on the premises is a beautiful Fishpond. There are two churches within aquarter ofa mile of said place, sod stages pass twice a day by the house, to intersect the New Yngfc and Harlem Railroad at William's Bridge, which Is with in three uiiles of said premises. There ii an abundance of Frail on said premises, which was selected by tha present owner w th g-rat care. The distance from City Hall, New York, it sc oil sixteen milea Possession can tie hn'i by the 1st ol April, and any information concerning said property, can be had on (he premises. A'so, admitting said property, forty acres of first rate Laud, with a good Stone House on it, with Barn and Stabba connected, possessing the same advantages as the above seventy acres. The sa.d fortv acres will be sold seperately, or the harms to gether (making in all III) acres) tosnitthe nurchai-r. Apply in .1. W I (Ne,WAY, No. 12 City Hail Place, or to ISAAC AN DbRIOn, on the premises, or to fe3 Im'rc WM. H. HICKS, No. 20 Wall street. TO LET. AT rORDHAM, WE8TCHE8TER CO., N. Y. esyM A LARGE and convenient Cottage, formerly occupied |K*?iv Tlios bassford, with a (Jardeu. ?ml Kiuit Trees of .ww-tsty 'lescrp tion, adjoining?situsted within two or three haudrrd yards of St. John', College. The New York and Har Inn Itailinul Cars run to and from New York tia times a day. Apply at 479 Pearl street, New York. fit lm?rc KKAL ESTATE FOR SALE. JME ,.An,?,T'r FIFTY ACRES of choiee Land in the (th ?'<*Ward. in the city of Brooklyn, fronting the New York Hay, and commanding a beautifnl prospect. The situa tion is highly pictuimqu*. Enquire of JOHN S. BKRUEN, on th - premises. jagg lrn'rc Vuv KOR SALE?A valuable Farm, forming a part of the known as Morrisania, sitna'ed on the Harlem river, .adiuu.ii> .he county ot Westchester, consisting of one hundred aud ten acr ? of land, prope-ly fenced and in good order. Upon the Knrin tiirrv is a commodious modern built Mansion Hnnse, with . garden, stable and all necessary appendages, suitable for a genii, man's country residence. There are also upon the Farm iwo Farm Houses, and all neceasary out buildings. Also, a valuable mill site and wairr power, and an orchard. The said harm is very accessible from the city, beiug witlnn nine mile* of the City Hall, with the tirivil"ge of a free bridge across the llitilem river. The can of the Harlem Railroad run within hall \ mile of the house. For terms aud further particulars in quire b tween I2 and 3 P.M. of H. M. MORRIS, jl' Y'ne second story. 1)K. LA K Dpi; CONSULTING ENGINEER. AC A RI >.?The Public is informed, that Dr. LARDNF.K continue* the practice of business aa a Consulting Kngi gtnrer, w nich he followed on an eitenaivr scale for many year lu England and r ranee. Inventors, patentees, mannLctnrers, merchants. and others engaged in the arts and manufactures, may cousnlt him nu matters requiring the application of the principles ol practical science. Certificates ana opinions on the validity aud usefulness of new inventions and proctwses in the arts Reports on disputed questions and dnnhtful points, ex l-Timentivl investigations, with a new to the ducovray or tMt ing of unproved processes, will be tiyudied or undertaken when ?r ,nird. Omce No2l Bprnce street, New Yoru Ml Business Letters must he pnst-imid, audio pweenttime I * l ist by (Hvolonn applications, all applicants Will be eg pi ud to pay q retaining fee of ?lu before consults ? ion., a fit imic , i TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD. $1000 K?WAI^-Th*8tore ?f MESSRS. COF*IN, j? . , BRADLEY Ik CO., No, 44 Kirhanct I'lue, having been set 011 fir* on Saturday night, llie 18th instant, th* uiidrrvtgnrd, a Committee of the Insurance Cotrpani-s, which #? Vi?,1** ?V U1* in said storr, hereby offer a reward of Une J housand Dollars, for such evidence as shall lead to th* defection and conviction of the incendiary or incendiaries. New York, debruary 13lh, 1815. LAMBERT 8UTDAM, President *? quiuble Insurance Co. J NO. BHOUWER, President Kast Hirer Mutn'l Ins. Co. _ A. (A HAZARD, Ageut of the ?toa and Protection Ins. Co., of Hartford, Con. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD-We, the subscribers, offer One Thousand Dollars, in addition to the re ward offered by the Insurance Companies, as above staled. fli lm'rc COFFIN. BRADLEY 6t CO. DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL, No. 4us BOWERY, Near Anon at?n La Fayette Places, New Yoee. Vf R. D. has the honor to annoonce that his School is orea Day andlCveniug, for Equestrian Tuition and Eiercise Hiding. TERMS: LECTUEE LESSORS. EXE8CIIE EIDIISO 1 Month $13 OS 30 Hide* 10 00 10 " t 00 Single Ride* 75 16 Lessons $15 00 10 " 10 00 i SO Single Lessons S 00 Road " S 50 N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Horace, for the Road or Parade, to let. ?TERIRO CLASS. 13 Lessons $0 00 I 30 Rides $10 00 Single 1 00J Single Hide 75 RULES: 1.?-All I mesons or Rides paid for on commencing. 3.?One hoar allowed on each Lesson or K'de in the School. S.?One hoar and a half to a Lesson on t lie Road. 4.?Honrs for Ladies, from 9 A. M. to )P M. 5.?Hours for Gentlemen, frem 3 to 5, rod from 7 to 9% P. M S.?No Gentlemen admitted during tie hours appropriated to Ladies. A card of address is requested previous to commencing. 1T7" Gentlemen keeping their horses at this establishment, w il huve the privilege of tiding them in the School gratis, fl3 lm*rc A T I A B. CHEAP SPECTACLES ? 93 DUANE WEET. New York, first door from Broadway. HENRY D. BLACKWOOD, Working Optician, as proof of the above, advertises the following cheap prices Best doable jointed Gold Spectacles, $8 35 Best tingle jointed Gold Spectacles 7 50 Best double jointed Silver Spectacles 3 30 Best single jointed Silver Spectacles 3 60 Finest double jointed elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 18s. Finest single jointed elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 15s. Finest doable jointed Tortoise-shell Spectacles.... 15s. Finest single jointed Tortoi>e-shell Siiectacle*.... 13s. STILL CHEAPER. Good elastic bine steel Spectacles, set with the best glasses, and with every care and attention paid to them in the manufacture, or one dollar. Good elastic bine Steel Spectacles Cs. Good elastic blue Steel S|iectacles .4s. 6d Good elastic blue Steel Spectacles 3s. Good Germau Silver Spectacles 3s. Best Tortoise-shell Eye Glasses 5s. 6d. Best blue Steel Eye Glasses 5*. 6d. Best Horn Eye Glasses 3s. Best Horn Spectacles 4s. Cd. Best Convex Glasses set into your own frames.. 3s. Best Concave Glasses set into yonrowu frames, 3s. Best Convex Pebbles set into your own frames, ,10s. Best Concave Pebbles set into your owu frames, 13s. Repairs executed at the same rate of cheapness. Ladies and Gentlemen attended at their own residences, jam lm*sc architecture TPRED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform hit friends and the " public, that he has removed his office from 193 Broadway to 18 Wall st, where persons desirous of building are invitrd to ex amine a selection of original and tasteful designs, from the Cot tage upwards to theexteusive Villa or Mansion, in all the various styles of architecture; and where he is prepared to furnish Plauv, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and Cot tracts for Build ings of every description, and superintends the erection thereof. ia30 lm*re TO THE DAGUERRIAN ARTISTS. FA. ARTAULT, Importer of French Daguerreotype ma ? teria's and manufacturer of Morocco Coses, offers formate at the following cheap prices? Beat quality of French Plates, No. 40, (medinm)$3 doxen. Fine Morocco Cases with white slats and fine borders, $3 dz. Oocd quality of Daguerreotype Apparatus, including the in struction, all complete and warranted, $50. Acromatic Glasses, from $3 to $16. All: he Chemicals used in the Daguerreotype process, cheap fr. A. A'tault has received by the last steamship, the salt of gold for gilding the pictn-es, the new snbttance for polishing fdates in two mm <tes. and the beantifnl process of Mr. Fixean or reproducing the Daguerreotype Portraits on engraved plates, and to draw on paper an unlimited number. If you are fona of the progress in this beantifnl art, please to call at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, cor. of Liberty si. ja38 Jm*rc CHEAP DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. MRS. H. SHANKL AND,Daguerreotype Artist,having taken since two yaars more than 10,000 portraits, and being well known for tak ing the best style of portraits, respeetfully informs nc * friends and customers and the public, that she gives a beau ful Daguerreotype likeness, including a fine morocco case or a frame, lor only oue dollar. Being always well patronized, and her customers increasing every day. she has, for their conve nience, enlarged her establishment, by two Daguerreotype rooms to the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, and by a branch of her establishment, 235 Broadway, third story, front room. No 1, opposite the ark Fountain Portraits taken from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening, any weather, cloudy or stormy. "?noer, ' Remember, only one dohar, (best style) including case or frame. jz8 lm"rrc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, _ EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. rpHE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype -a- Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tions throughout the Union, the West Indies, South America and Europe. They have alto made arrangements to be supplied with every new article used in the Daguerreotype Art. They have lately received a large supply of voigtlaender's celebrated Cameras, consisting of three different sixes, for the sale of vynmriaa. vvuiuuiif vi usimr ui sac I mk siacn, iui uir mic ui which they are appointed Agents. Also, a supply of bsst pIates and Chemicals, either for Daguerreotype or Calotype, mads to their especial order. Cases ofall sizes, the best Polishing Substances, ana every other article used for the Daguerreotype, constantly on hand. Their long connection with the Daguer reotype Art and their sucaeas in taking pictures, may serve as a recommendation and reliance. Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering articles from say part of die above named countries, mav depeud upon a prompt and satisfactory execution of theii ?Mrs. Their prices are cash. Prices Current ana information may be obtained by addressing ( post-paid) ro LANGENHEIM. fl3 lm*ec Exchange Bnilding, Philadelphia. SWORD EXERCISE. 1MTR. HAMILTON, having entered into an arrangement with MR. FULLER, for the use of the Large Room of his Gymnasium, No. 29 Ann street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most respectfully announces to the pablic that he in tends commencing a Cass for the Sword Exercise, in all its branches?American and French, such as Small and Broad Sword Exercise, and also Cane Exercise. Mr. H. has been for several years engaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United States Army, N. B.?Volunteer Companies wishing to become perfect in either Musket or Artillery Drill, can be taught the same on the most moderate terms, by application to ths advertiser, 31 Ann street, to Capt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller. fl5 Im m LOOKING GLASS PLATES. "LJ ANLINE It OSTHKIMEK, Importers, No. 3 Bank street, 11 Philadelphia, have raceivrd by late arri'als, a full assort ment of Looking Glass Plates, from 9 bv 7 to 40 by 30; Polished Date Window Glass, from 18 by 13 to 60 by 40. Also, a com plete assortment of Toilst Glasses, Spectacles, Snuff Boxes. Bexar Cases, together with a variety of othar German and French Goods, which they offer on the most favorable terms. j*38 lm'ghz M" FRENCH FEINT GLASS WORKS, AT WILL1AMSBUKOH, L. I. DEPOT 90 WILLIAM STREET. NEW YORK, gssns. BEKGER Ik WALTER, known for a long serif* - of yaars as extensive manufacturers of Watch-Crystals and Flint Glassware, in the Department Moselle, Fiance, hare the honor to inform Glass Dealers Importers of Watches, and furnishing houses generally,tnat they have established a Branch of their Manufactory in this country; and, in order to fulfil to entire satisfaction all commands that might be repressed to them, have engaged experienced and akillnl woriBtten, both French and English. The beauty of this Glass (he tasteful style of all the articles they manufacture, as well as moaerate prices, and promptitude in the execution of orders, will, they fondly hope, secure to them a large share of patronage from American and foreign Houses. IV B ?Customers in the habit ol transmitting orders to their house in Paii>,27 farad is Poissonniere, ortlieir general Depot ol Crystal, 30 Paradi* Poissonn ere, Paris, wilt please forward th?m dire't to 90 William street, New York. f!6 lm*ec BOUQUETS, FLOWERS, SEEDS & PLANTS. 'THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully begs to inform his friends 3 and the public, that he has made temporary arrangements to famish the above, from lh" store of Mr. Harrison, corner Broad way and Priuce streets. Bouquets, composed of the must choice and sweet scented exotics, can be had at a moment's notice. They will be arranged in the various neat and fashionable styles which has given the subscriber so much notoriety during Ins superintendence of the late Conservatory and Seed Establish ment of Mr W. Nibio. Choice Annnal Flowering Seed, Vegetable Seeds and Flower ing Plants, pn hand. JOHN ROBINSON. 113 Imrc BEAR'S OIL. HIGHLY SCENTED AND PURE FOR THE HAIR.?Of all preparations K for the hair or whiskers, nothing equals > the oil prepared from Bear's grease. In ' most instances, it restores the hair to the bald and will effectually preserve it from falling off in any event It was long noted by such eminent physicians and chemists, as the late Sir Hnmphiev Davy and Sir Henry Halford, that pure He ir's grease, properly prepared, was the best thing ever discovered for the preservation of the hair, or restoring it when hald. Messrs. A. B. Sands It Co. have saved no expanse in get I ting the genuine Bear's grease from < anada and eisewhere, >nd 1 have prepared it in snch a manner that the oil, combined with 1 its high perfume, renders it indispensable forthe toilet and dress ing room of all. Sold by A. B. SANDS k CO., N?. 373 Broadway, Granite Buildings, corner of Chambers street; 79 Fnlton street, and 77 East Broadway. Price 50 cents large, 35 cents small bottles, fell tm*m CELEBRATED RASPAIL CIGARETTE, BY GRANDJEAN. tpHE MOST respectable physicians in New Xork will certi A fy that Grand jean, 1 Barcl iv street, was ihe lirst person who introduced the RahI'AIL CIGARETTE to the public, made after the genuine receipt sent to him from Paris. '1 he Haapail Cigarette, with Pearl Camphor, by Orandjvan. 1 he Camphor Cigarette are quill tabes,so arranged that the air passing through them becomes impregnated, at the ordinary temperature, with camphorated vapor, and so perfumed,reaches the langs, holding the tute in the mouth by the smaller end, exactly as a common eigar. Mr.l j , Raspail't direction may be had only of Grandjean, tranw lated into English. Be particnlar to call at the sr.ooKD noon from Broadway in Barclay street. fi2 Iw'ic AMERICAN HAIR DYE. 3ITARRENTED, if strictly applied according to direction, * to cnang? th? hair from any othei color to a beautiful akin* TikliuhwHaiyil itainiug or irritating the m.rtT7u"nly?>by U? JAYNJ'''. No. 30 South Third street, Philadelphia. Puce 50 cents. Sold by the Agents, A. II. fc D Sand. Druggists, No. 79 Fulton street, 373 Broadway. 77 Easi Broadway. jiif lm?m INDIA LONG SHAWLS. [UST RECEIVED by the subacribera, a trunk of Camel. ?? Hair Shawls?among them six very splendid laing White Shawls, which will hr sold ni very reasonable prices, by ^ *.?JAMEd BECK k Lo? fU3 j ? ?warn 300 Broadway. wm M KNAPP'S CELERRATED INDIAN STRENGTHENING PLASTER. rPHKSK PLAHTKllS prepared for pains and weakness in the J- back, breast, side or limbs, bruises, sprains, ike., and fur asthmatic affections, croup in children, 'hey will in most esses Rive immediatesud soothimt relief. 1 bey will also be found ignly beneficial for complaints of the Liver, Lungs and Kidn?y. Persons of sedentary habits, whose business requires them to sit or stand much, who may be doubled with weakness in the chest, or pain in 'lie side or breast, will find great relief by wear ing one ot these Plasters. ?The proprietor of rhese Plasters in offering them to the public, would simply state, that they are not the result of a " New and Important Discovery," but that he has be mi in possession of the above recipe for a number of years, duiiog wni> h time hehas sold thein to thousands of individuals, many of whom he can with pleasure refer, who will testify to their mtiinsic value,and the beneficial effects derivi d therefrom. The ftvat and increasing demand for these Plasters, the popu larity ihey have obtained solely by tneir own merits, aad the universal satisfaction they have given, is a convincing proof of their superior efficacy, which haa thus induced the proprietor to make them more ge erally known. They are beautifullv spread oil soft white skin by a machine, and uo paint at- spared in making them as adhesive and pliable as possible, and in rendering them free from all those objections which are a source of complaint to the ; rdinary plasters f thu day. The proprietor having made extensive preparations for the. manufacture of 'hese Plasters, therefore he is thus enabled to put the price of them so low as to place them within the reach of every individual who mav be suffeiingunder the v rinus com plaints to which they are applicable. they carry with them their own recommendations, and a single trial i: sufficient to give every satisf-ction desired. Made only by P. B KNAPP, and told wholesale and retail at his Medicine Warehouse, No. 362 Hudson street, one door be low King street. New York. Also for sale by the principal Druggists throughout the city. f 18 2we >d?m READ WHAT SCARPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL HAS DONE. SCARPA'S [ACOUSTIC OIL! I TIC Mil CURE FOR [From the Albauy Daily Knickerbocker ] West ThOY, June 3, 1841. rPHI8 18 TO CERTIFY, that Willard J uks, Proprietor of A West Troy Exehange Hotel, having been afflicted with deafneu in one ear, for the last twenty yean, and in the other for the laxt year. ?o that it was impossible for me to hear the loudest roice ~ J -* ' 1? ?? ;~*? roice and after trying various remedies without impro ving my hearing in the least, I was induced to try 8ca> pa's Com pound Acoustic Oil, for the core of Deafness, and it is wilh great satisfaction I am enabled to state that ? l has perfectly re stored my hearing, and will be happy to see any person who wishes for information in relatiou to my case, at my- place in West Troy. WILLARD JENK3 The following certificate was addressed to Messrs. A. B. k D. Sands, to whom the parties are known :? New York, Oct. 10, 1014. Messrs. Sards?Gentlemen?The following statement of the beneficial effects produced by the use of Scarpa's Acoustic Oil ou my daughter, 1 send you as an act of justice, that others may have positive facts to convince them of its value and effica cy. She was nearly draf for two years, and could only be made to hear by speakiug very load. I purchased one bottle, which was used according to ihe printed directions, and before a quar ter part of the bottle was applied, a hard substance was diichar ged from the ear, and soon after the hearing in both ears was completely restored. It is now almost a year since the cure was effected, and it is now proved to be a perfect cure. Further par ticulars can lie obtained by those interested by c illing at my house, No. 84 Esses street. B. Y. WAKiNG. Trv it ard be Cured?It is without doubt one of the greatest afflictions that can befal us to become deaf. 1 his mis fortune in yea's past hat hung with double weight noon the af flicted fro a the conviction that nothing could be hoped, even from the best physicians. However wefrel much gratified thai we are acle to offer to the public a certain ifmedyior this mis fortune, in Scarpa's Oil. and at the seme time to lay before them positive evidence of the grrat virtue of this medicine. W> make the following short extract from a letter upon this suhj-ct Irom a medical gentleman iu one of the eastern cittes:?" Ves, sir, Scarpa's Oil, in effecting cures as well as in affording lelief, is cert-inly working winders " Sold^by A. B ? D. - ands^_ wholesale agents for the proprie tors, No. 79 Fulton street, 77 t ast Broadway and 273 Broad way. JACKSON, 8TACEY <fc SMITH, MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS ofPen.lPockei 1,1 and Table Cutlery. Razors. Scissors. Files. Saws. Tools and Table Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Files, Saws, Toots tad other ileseriptioas of Sheffield Goods? jail In-em No IS PI. A TT e TRF.KT.'Up Stairs SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING PISTOLS BLUNT & SYVS, No 44 Chatham street, ]\ffANUFACTURER8 of the above article have now a cnm A'A plete assortment ready for the Spring ( . . . trade, which they of fer at reduced prices. They would invite the attention of mer chants and dealers to their assortment, to the manufacture of | which, they have paid persona! attention, and from the increased quantity they are making, cau sell them lower than before of Also? Guns of their own manufacture, as well as every vari ety of imported Gnns and implements, in quantities to suit pur chasers, at exceedingly low prices. ft 3m* in tpHE A ting TO TAILORS. Second Edition of Stinemet's celebrated work on cut ting garments of every description in a style of elegance un equalled, is now published and ready f?- delivery. Those who desire to avail themselves of the great advantage* to be derived from the use of the instructions it contains, would do well to obtain a copy without delay. The book is 12 by 17 inches 3uare, and contains 17 elegant diagrams of all the various styles garments wern at the presenlday, with full a id amide instruc tions for cutting in an easy and scientific manner. The follow ing are a few of the many highly respectable names who testify to the merits of the book :? The undersigned being practically acquainted with Mr. Stine met's Treatise on Catting Garments, with pleasure recommend it as a woik complete iu its arrangements, and in its practical ap plication to cutting, superior to any heretofore published, either in En rope or America. P. Henry It Son, Daniel (.'utter, Staats k Banker, Charles Cox, E. W. Tryon It Co., B. F. Horner, James Daily, John Haviland, J. H. Banker. The shove can be obtained of the author. No. 113 Broadway, New York fit lm*ee FJUSNOH CHIN.? REMOVED TO NO ?? LIBERTY STREET, (irr stairs i ADAL.-'.SME, linr-Tter and Agent for Manufacturers, has ? always on hand a large assortment of dinner and tea sets. !a plain white and gilt French Porcelain, as well as Dinner and Dessert Plates, of all sixes, assarted Dishes. Soup Tureens. Covered Dishes, Salad Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Cuatards ate Stands. Also, Fancy Tea Se-s. aid Rich Decorated Dinner Het*. Also, Tea and Choeolatn Were. Greek, French and Anisris ahape All the artlcios are war; an led of the bast qaa:i',y,aad M In ?eld en liberal terms, tad ? ? lots to i';?VirreS?*eri TO PRINTERS AND COLOR MAKERS. POR SALE?One half interest in a Printing Machine, with " apparatus complete, for printing ofSstinetts, lie.,in success ful operation in the ciiy of New Vurk. To a person who un derstands the making of color, together with a small capital, this opportunity shows great advant iges, as his serv.ees will be remuneratrd, as well as halfprofits ?n a bnsinesi which is al r adv established. For further particulars, apply to, ifby letter Plaitst post-paid, J. W., Herald office, or No, 8 Plait street, between the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock, A. M. 120 2w*rc rT,H E ! A men 44 Pulton street, (betweer pea ax. ard CLirr,) rkw tork. SUBSCRIBER keeps constantly on hands large assort ment of American and Imported Warranted Tools, suitable for mechanics in almost every line of business Also, Tool Chests, furnished cotnpletp, for mechanics, families and boys. Mechanics and others, wanting good and genuine articles, are recommended to call upon the subscriber, as he is selling his goods at lowei pricM than any other house in the city. ^ A^en eral assortment of Hardware, Cutlery, Cut Nails, Hollow Ware, Shovels and Spades, Japan'd Ware, Sp irting Imple ments, fcc., Ike. HENRY F. FAIRHAMt, 44 Full >* st? jalt Im'ec Between Pearl and Cliff, New York. PATENT AGATE BUTTONS. THOS PROSSER, PATENTEE, T Piatt Street, New York VTOTICE is hereby given, tfetthe undersigned is the Patentee AN - and Exclusive Owner of th- Patent Right for the Porcelain Button, commonly known as "Prosver's Patent Agate Button.'' Let ers Patent have been duly granted to Pirn by the United ntates, to take effect from the 29th January. 18-11. I have caused suits to be commenced in the Circuit Court of the United Stales for the Southern District of New Vork, for the infringe ment of said Letters Patent, and am prepared to enforce and substantiate my rights under said Patent, to the fullest ex tent of the law. I give ihis public notic- to all, I hat I sh -II pro ceed forthwith, hv suit for d imagea, and by bill in equity, for injunction against all persons infringing upon said Patent. The Buttons are for sale by me at wholesale only, at rav store 7 I'lutt street. New York. 122 lm?rc THOMAS PROSSER. SOAP WORKS ARD PERFUMERY DEPOT. IN ADDITION to our Manufactory, we have opened a Store for the sale ofonr Economical hancy Soaps and all kinds of Pernmety, Family Soap, Patent Crystalline ( and lea kc,, fcc. We solicit purchasers to inspect our stnek, which we offer oi the lowest.terms. Shippers to the West Indies and South America, are particu larly invited to examine onr Crystalline Candles HaIs? it Him N" I Comtlaurlt s'teef, next door to the New National Hotel. JOHNSON, VRUOM k FOWLER., CM lm**e aa* TO THE PUBLIC. ? NEW YORK. February 10. 1845 THB SUBSCRIBER would mo?t respectfully aunuunee to I hit friend* and the travelling community in general, that he has recently leased the UNITED STATES HOTEL, and ia fnlly prepared to entertain all who may lavor him with their patronage. Having been for th' past sixteen years engaged in the ill la' above capacity, he lias no hesitation in aaying that all favors ex tended to hiin by the public will be duly appreciated, and every salislacton rendered to the guests who may feel disposed to pa tronize him. P. S.?In order to keep pace with the times, lie is warranted to change the price for board iter day from $1 5II to SI 25. hoping at the. same time, it will meet the full and ungual I i 'ed approba tion of the travelling public. H. JOHNSON, United States Hotel, corner of Fulton, f 12 3w?r# Pearl and Water streets, New York. FRENCH'S HOTEL. THE PROPRIETOR respectfully informs his friends and the public that he has opened his new aud splendid hotel at 113 Fulton street, a few doors east of Broadway, in the imme diate vicinity of mercantile bnsiuess and the priucinal places o( amusemeut, and has furnished it in a style that will bear favor able comparison with the very best hotels in the city The pro prietor in building and fitting up the above house has had strict regard to elegance and comlort. aud that he has combined eco nomy the following prices will show :? A ROOM FOR ONE NIGHT 35 A " " ?? WEEK .1 50 The rooms will be w armed gratis, and upon no occasion will there be mure than one bed in a room. There is a REFECTORY attached, in which there are meals served up at all hours of the day and evening. There are also Bath Rooms connected, for warm, co(d and shower baths The Porter will be in attendance at all times during the night, to admit lodgsrs, and to let them out at all hours N. b.-~ - ? ? - ? ? a..?Those who want Lodgings after the house closes, will ring the hall bell. nlM Sm*m NATIONAL HOTEL, No. 3 Courttandt street and 87 Liberty street, NEW YORK. Three Doors from Broadway. rPHIS NEW HOTEL will be opened on the 30th inst, when 1 the Proprietors will he hippy to accommodate their friends aud the public with board. Th- Lodging R omi are large and airy, and the internal arrangements sucn .is cannot fail to please. The locrtion bring in the centre of busineis, it offers indnce menta to merchants f'om other cities and the country, not sur passed by any other House iu this city. The Furniture, Beds and Beddiug, are all new and made ex pressly for this establishment. Families who wsh Parlors and Sleeping Rooms attached.can be t andsome'v accommodated The subscribers assure their friends and the pnblie, that no efforts on their part shall be wanting to secure the cunfort and convenience of iheir guests, .and v bile they solicit a share of their patronage, they hope, by unceamig attention, to the duties of their vocation, to give en tire satisfaction. CHARLES WiCKOFF St CO. fl7 im're ST. UrEOIiUE HOTEL No. U1 Broadway, New York. (Next Block below Trinity Church, and near Wall street.) THF. subscribers, lessees and proprietors of the above well known establishment, having recen'ly taken it for a term of years, flatter themselves, that they are now ready to m?et the wishes of their friauda aud patrons bv supplying them with every which a place like this can possibly comfort and convenience wh afford The rooms of the house are large, airy and commodious; and have been, bat lately, fitted up with new and elegant furni ture. The domestics are attentive, respectful and obedient-the ta ble abundantly supplied with all the subs'autials and luxuries of good living?the cellar contains ail ample store of the choicest Wines and Liqnors?and the beds and bedding, throughout the house, are constantly kept in a clean and h-alinful condition. Having availed themselves of these and many other advanta ges aud accommodations, so important to a public house, the proprietors not only deem it a duty, but, also, take pleasure in thus announcing it to travellers arid the public in general. Aud. while endeavoring to please, although they do u . , . not I retend to smil? at competion, yet they are determined, bv assiduous at tention to the wants of their guests, and the most reasonable charges, that, those who come to th'ir house shall not meet with disappointment; aud, that, those who go away shall nor experi ence dissatisfaction. JOHN H. MORE, PETER TYLER. New York, Feb. 1, 1845. f4 lm*rrc TAXES OF 1844. OF RECEIVER Old Alms House, Park OFFICE OF RECEIVER OF TAKES, j axes iu the ?pURSUANT to the Act "for the Collection of Taxes ? City of New York, passed Ap'il 18th, 1843 "public notice is hereoy given, that unless the Taxes now remaining unpaid, shall be paid to me at my office, on or before the fifteenth day of February next, an addition of one per cent will be charged; and a further addition of oue per cent will bechargrd on all uch Taxes remaining nnpaid on the fifteenth day of March next. The presrat law requiring the Taxes to be paid to the Re ceiver only, (the office of Ward Collectors having been abolish ed,) all those who can make it convenient to pav their Taxes early, wiH find it greatly to their advantage to do so, thereby avoiding the crowd and delay which will necessarily occur for several days previous to the percentage being chanted. The Tax Bills may be obtained on application at the office. Office hours from 8 o'clock, A. M. until 3 o'clock P. M. H. T. K1ERSTED, JaTtoMrl* rc Receiver of Taxes. OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE Co., i NEW YORK, Feb. 3, 1845. ) an Election held this day for Directors of this Institution, for the ensuing year, the following gentlemen were elected such Directo-s:? ATi Thomas W. Thorne, Klisha Kiags, Thomas T. Woodruff, Auson Baker, B R. Robaon, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen 8 DUUI3UU 8 I UT, s/uavi'll lllltu. Moses Tuck r, James E. Holmes, John R. Dsvison, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Win, K. Thorn, Caleb O. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P Sage, Eugene Began, JohnC Merrttt, Robert Smith. At a subsequent meeting of the Board THOMAS W. THORNE. Esq., was uu&uimously re-elected Pr-sideul. Rec GEO T. HOPE Secretary WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PICKLING AND PRESERVE WAREHOUSE. 'PHE SUBsCRI BER9, of the only origin"! establishment of *? the kind, offer to the notice of otu southern friends, mer chants, and our own city and country trade, the largest and best selected assortment of 1" raits ever before presented to tile public. Peaches-?Mala salaries, Morris' Whites, Honest Johns, Late Heath, fac. Pine Apples, Raspberries, Apricotts, Strawberries, Egg, and other Plumbs, all possessing in their preservation their aatural flavors. Also, Jelly's of the Strawberry, Raspberry, Quince, and Pine Apple and Cranberry. Also Pickles, Catsups, and 8auces, of every imaginable de scription, in glass jars, of every sixe, to suit the coavsauence of the purchaser. Also, Pickled and Stewed Oysters, potted for operation, and warranted to keep in any climate. Hotel Keepers, Boarding House Keepers, ties awe. Ship Masters and Private Families, all are invited toosl' snd ei amine the best selected and most beautiful stock of ?e kind erer before offered to the attention of the public. rkckhow & vinccnt, ? _ , 44 Coortisedt syeet. N. B.?Eotbty dozen fresh Havana Pinaa, in guedg* far, for tale. Also, 1(00 Oyster Kegs IV| i*rc FRENCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE~~ FGKHARDIN, Commission Merchant, 15 John street, up ? stairs, has just received on consignment.and offers for tale, wiiolese or retail, a splendid assortment of the above articles, comprising?Plain white and rich fancy decorated Dining Sets; Dessert, Tea and Buppf r Sets; Toilet Sets; sing'e Cups and Mugs, with mottos; Cologne Bottle Fignres; Tuteatete Sets, fac., fac. Also, plain and rich Cut Glass Decanters, Water Bottles, Celery Bowls, Preserve Dishes, Tumblers, Goblets, Wines, fac., fac. Astral and Solar Lamp Shades and Globes. 5,7" Orders for Cut Disss Ware Gilding and Painting "on Chins Warn, to match any pattern, sxeceted promptly. m lm*tc COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. AF. BODEN respectfully informs his fHeuds and the ? public, that he<continues to manufacture Colored Paper and Fancy Paper Boies, in all varieties, at the old stand of the I ite firm of Blanc fa Boden, 74 Fulton corner of Gold street He it fullv determined to manufactuie a superior article, and to put the price* to at to satisfy his customers. Orders will be punctus'ly attended to. N. B.?A good assortmentof Colored f apersand Fancy Paper Botes alwaya on hand. ja30 2m*ec nANDS'S SARSAPARILLA ~ rPHE INSTINCT infanimals, in direct opposition to the res I son of man, teaches them what vegetable productions to eat and which to avoid, but mere instict goes no further. It cannot improve upon discovery. It belongs to enlightened reason to elaborate, to improve, to perfect that which it h?s discovered. Sands'* Snrstparilla it an exemplification of the wonderful effi cacy which intellect, through the medium of scientific research aud philosophical experiment, may devolve in the preparation of a medicinal root. In all scrofula diseases, in every disorder originating in a diseased condition of the vital element?and how lar, e a proportion of all diseases do these classes compre hend?this well kuown specific is held to be infallible in its ef fects. When a<l all other practice bat failed, when the exhibi tion of every other variety of medicine which skill or hope tug geared hire proved useless, Bands' Sarsaparilla has in number less instances wrought a speedy cure. The following certificates, recently received, will be rend with interest, and for further particulars the reader is referred to a pamphlet which is furnished without charge by all the Agents. IIuvghamptoiv, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1841. Matsas. A. B. fa D. Hards:? I have been afflicted with scrofula for nine years past. It ap peared in various forms from its commencement, nut did not break out in nlcera until shout four years ago a large swelling appeared on my arm I had it lanced. It then cetnmenced eat iug, and coutiuued to eat uulil the fleshy part of my arm, from my elboav to my shouldsr, was nearly all ulcers. It then broke out on both sides of my neck anil .ex ended to my fm-e. I had a nnmber of u eera on my ancle anil bottoma of my leet. Mv xuf fering seemed almost intolerable. The most of the time I have been under the care of physicians;, I have taken iod nr,Swain's Panacea and other prestations, and 1 had nearly (Impaired of getting relief, whou I was induced by Mr Reckford to try your Sarsaparilla. My sores assumed a more healthy apiwarancs, and I flattered myt-lf with tno plea that I should he well again. ! have now taki'ii eight*! n bottles of your medifine. My sores are all healed anil my general health is better than it hna bran for ni> e years, and 1 a cribe iny cum to theeflkiency of yosr Bar saparula Had I.known its volutes years ago, I should hsve been saved much severe suffering sud t disfigured trO?,and my husband would have bras saved giant ex cense. Signed, CYNTHIAN. TVTPRR. I cheerfully testify to the truth of the sbove stray t of my wife. MASON If. TUTPI-R The following into citing case must commend itsdf to the careful attention of those similarly affheted:? SANDS' CELEBRATED SARSAPARILLA. I sp-ak experimentally wlien I say that this medicine is fa more effective in the >ure of chronic or acute rheumatixm, than auy other preparation I have ever tested. Having endured ex treme suffering at times within the la?t five yetrs, Irom repeated macks of inflammatory-rheumatism. 1 haverocnitly used Bauds' Sarsiparilla with the happiest success. My health is now bet ter thin it has been for many months psst, my appetite is good, and iny strength it rapidly returning. I attribute this health nil change sutrrsiy to the use of this potaat msdloino. Fooling s de -y ,sympathy with those who are afflicted with this most tor ?nesting snd painful complaint, f c refrain from most ear nestly reromowding to such the usa of this vilnabl- specific. Having the most entire confidence in the medicine and skill of Di Bauds, 1 was induced thereby to try the effects of their Sar saparilla, and I t ike pleasure in adding my testimony to thst of many others, commendatory of its individual properties, un known to and unsolicited by the Messrs. Bonds. CH A III. KB DYER, Jr., Druggist and Apothecary, ninstent , Providence, H. I. 40 and 41 Westminster For further particulars and conclusive evidence of its stipe rior vslne and efficacy, see pamphlets, which may be obtained gratis of Agents. Prepared and sold,wholesale and retail .and forexpnrtation, by A. B. fa U. BANDS, Druggists, T9 Fulton street, 271 Broadway, 77 East Broadway. I tilm'ec i; HOE iv. CO 'S PATENT OAR!) PRESSES. Sk.VF.RA!. of ihe ihove can now beseduslthg waterooms of the propnetoit, 19 and 3| (Jold si reel. Printsrs and other* are invited to eMmine^tkm.j (K l?n. Albany. [Correspondence of the New York Herald.] Albany, Feb. 25th, 1845. Affairs of ihe New Yark Pilots?Passage of their Resolutions?Touching Exhibition of the Diaf anil Dumb Schuturs?Singular Publication?Cele bration of the 22/1, Dkak Sir? Iu my last letter it wan said that the resolutions upon the pilot laws, reported by Senator Jones, would surely the legislature. It may possi bly he that this statement was excusably errone ous. The votes of the democratic Senators were counted in favor of the passage ot the resolutions, but already Senators Barlow, Porter and Clarke have made speeches in opposition to the resolu tions, and have given notice that they should vote against them. It is possible, therefore, that with the aid of our native Senator, the whigs and the no-monopoly democrats, the pilots will be non suited, so far as our State Legislature is concerned. A savage attack upon Governor Wright hss made its appearance in the Evening Post, which says thai Mr. Wright has always been on this question ol the pilot laws, "evidently and deplorably wrong." Would it not be |>erfectly proper and fair for Con gress to allow the pilots oi Savannah and New Or leans to make their services available at the port of New York! Why not! Senator Hard made a capital speech in favor of your pilots, on Friday last. He isa warm friend of Gov. Wright; was tnCongrest with him. It the Governor has always been on this subject "evidently and deplorably wrong"? not only has Senator Hard shared in the error, but he still persists in refusing to be enlightened. Thi same is the case with Senators Jones, Beers, and Johnson, all democrats, who have spoken in favot of the resolutions. Since this was written, the pilots have, 1 am glad to say, carried their point by a vote of 11 to 10. A very interesting exhibition in favor of the Deaf and Dumb Institute, of New York, tool pluce on Friday evening in the Assembly Cham ber, which was crowded to its utmost capacity with fair ladies, legislators and citizens. General Wetmore and Mr. Peet were the conductors of t he exhibition. Last year un appropriation of five thousand dollars was made by the Legislature, anc the considerate managers have thi- year adopted a plan to secure ten or even fifteen thousand dollars, which it is hoped they may get. Were I a mem ber ot the Legislature I would willingly ask twen ty thousand dollars, because the mute appeals ol two of the prettiest and most fascinating girls J ever saw, were vastly more effective than the words of all the superintendents and directors ii Christendom. It is evidence of wisdom, and may be consideted a masterstroke ot policy on the pari ot Mr Peet, the principal ot the Dpuf and Dumb Insti lute?this selection of two beautiful creatures a: exponents or demonstrators of the benefits and ad vantages derivable lroni a cour?e of instruction.? Legislators sought an introduction to these younp ami accomplishes ladies, and through the medium of pencil and paper, a very interesting aud appa rently plea-ing conversation was kept up on a vari ety of subjects. It is, perhaps, not too much to sat that the influence exerted by tnese smiling and art less girls, will be more eff-oiive than anything pla in causing a handsome appropriation or donatio! from the State, to advance and promote the inter ests aod welfare of the institute. The 22d instant was very properly and handsome ly celebrated by the Emmet Guards, an effi-ctivt and patriotic corps of adopted citizens. At eleven o'clock this company and a large concourse of cit izens assemb ed at the Capitol, where the featun of the day consisted in an admirable address frori Robert Emmet Temple, Esq. The only fault it this address was its brevity. A pamphlet has made its appesrance in this city in a somewhat clandestine maimer, which pro tnises to create almost as much sensation amooi religions and secular circlts as did the Onderdonl. trial. It is entitled '* Pulpit Sketches, or Dreams of a Pew-Holder." The publisher, Joel Mussel), it now in jail, between two criminals, tor 30 days, ad judged by Recorder Parmalee to be in contempt fo, refusing to answer a question touching the author ship of said pamphlet, propounded by the Grand Jury. Munsell had the choice to pay two hundr?< and fifty dollars, or etand the imprisonment. H< preferred the lust named penalty. It is suggeBteo that Gov. Wright will visit this palpable violatioi of the lreedom of the press, by granting a pardon It seems that this pamphlet, circulated sparingly through the Post Office, is causiiclv severe upou thi Rev. Mr Iscariot or the Rev. J. N C ; which ini tials, as everybody supposes belong to the Rev. J N. Campbell, a very popular, learned, and worthy divine. You may call to mirtd that this is the cler gyman who had a skirmish with General Jackson, for and on account ot the celebrated Mrs. Eaton, and who came to Albany, as it is said, on a salary of three thousand per annum, at the request of the Hon Ambrose Spencer, then a member of Congress The libel by implication, contained iu the pamphlet, has been taken up not by Dr. Campbell, but by some injudicious friends and members of his church, and it has thus far proceeded to the incarceration of a worthy and respectable publisher, simply becaust he refused to make knowuthe name of the author. This mav be in accordance with law?but it is ex ceedingly out of order. Lkoist.atttrk op Nxw York, Feb. 25.?In the Senate, numerous petitions were presented and re ferred. Among the reports of committees, resolu tions, itec., was a motion by Vlr Folsom instructing the committee to procure a flag staff for the display of the National Flag on anniversary occasions?a suggestion entitled to a favorable consideration. The bill to enable resident aliens to held and con vey real estate, was ordered to a third reading The residue of the day was spent in committee ol the whole on the bill to pay the guard organized for the protection of the jail at Hudson, which was explained and supported oy Mr. Beekman. In the House, alter petitions and reports of com mittees, the bill to continue and extend the appro priation in aid of the institution for the Deaf and Dumb wasflpassed without a dissenting vote. D Lee called for the consideration of the resolution instructing the select committee on the eubject ol Texas to report to-morrow; but the motion was laid on the table, yens 19, nays 48 The Houae refused to consider T. R Lee's resolution for an adjournment of the Legislature on the 31st March Mr. Swpeney laid on ihe table a resolution to re consider the vote of yesterday refusing leave to in troduce a bill to organize the new county nfUna dilla The resolutions of Mr Howard, calling for information relative to the Black River and Gene see Valley Canals, was taken up on motion of Mr. Bevins, and adopted Mr Harris called up the re solution to recommit the bill to incorporate the Trov and Greenbush Railroad Association to the Railroad Committee A long debate ensued. The motion finally prevailed, with instructions tc the committee to teport on the 1st March. Th? Pilot resolutions came down from the Senate, and a struggle ensued as to their reference, Mr. Mor rison moving the New York delegation, and Mr. Kussell the Committee ot the Whole; in the midst of which the House adjourned.?Albany Ar/rut On the 26th the House refused by a vote of 76 tc 23 to concur in the Senate resolution, relative to the pilots. Bold Attx.mptto brbak .Tail.?Robert Dunbar, and a man named Baker, two prisoners confined in Jail for burglary, the latter h iving been tried, con victed and sentenced to Sing Sing for two yean, the other not yet tried, were detected in an attempt to escape on 8unday evening last. Dunbar hod belore made two at tempt* to eacape, but had been detected by the keeper in time to frustrate hi* design* After the second attempt he had been ironed to the floor, it was found that he bad sawedlofl hit|-han and had cut through two iron bars of the door ol hi* cell, and escaped through the aperture thus made, carrying with him the bar*, which were an inch and a hah in width, and three eighth* of an inch in thicknea*. and which weighed about tour pound* each.? Having gained the hah, he had commenced operation* on the outer window, had partly aawed one of the bar*, and would have *oon consummated hi* oicape. but nu caught at the critical moment. Baker wa* caught in thi act ol working himself through the ceiling of hii cell He was immediately secured The initiuments employ, ed wre common case knive* made into rough saw*. A ^HIP DESTROY^ D BY SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION or Guano ?The Steam Packet Waterwitch, ar riving at Hull, from London, on Wednesday, brought in to port the master and crew ot the bark Ann, Storey, ol Sunderland, who had been picked up by the packet in an open baa', to which they had taken on the destruction ol their vessel, near Hasborough Sand, on Tuesday even ing. It appear*, by the statement oi the shipwrrcktd men, that the Ann, a now bark, on the first voyage, re turnina from Ichaboc with a cargo of Guano, unlortun itely struck on the sand, and whll - beating over, shipped a quantity of nalt water, which, penetrating the cargo, caused almost instantaneous combustion A volume ol smoke rising through the fore hatchway warned the crew of this new dang-r, and induced their taking im mediately to the boat, withont saving any thing but themselves; and scarcely had done *o, when a tremendous xplosion of the ga? engendered by the partially fired Guano blew the out of the ve?*el, which then filled and stink in deep water.- Englith Paprr. Suprfm* Court op the United Statk8.?Fbb 25 ?No. 61 The United States, plaintiff in error, r*. Riohan King at al. The argument n'thi* cava* was continued bj Mi Attorney General ltd this, WiiUiA in ? rroi, and b) Mr. Coxa for tho attendant in trror. City Intelligence. Accident.?A well dressed old gentleman, about sixty yearn of age, while pauing along Chatham street about 8 o'clock yesterday afternoon, tripped, from lome ob itiuctinn in the walk, and was precipitated, head first, down the steps of an oyiter cellaron the corner of Orange street, receiving a dangerous Iracture of the skull. He was taken I y a couple of M. P.i to the City Hospital, whore his head wn? dressed, but there is scarcely a hope that ha will tmvivr. His name ia not known. Upper Police ?Thursday.? Thk Knife again.?Ab Mr. Thomas Taylor was passing along the 1st avenue, be tween lath and 13th streets, last evening, with hia wife and sevral female friends, a, man named William Brackey came ul<>ng. and struck him down. A scuffle ensued, and Brackey stabbed him in the throat. B. was taken off and placed in custody, by William Campbell, end Taylor waa taken into the house of Hartley Austin, and Or. Sargeant was called to dress his wour, t, which ia one if a dange rous character, and it is feared will prove fatal. A Proruble Case of Murder ?A black man named Jeremiah Jacksou, was arrested this afternoon, and com mitted. for splitting open the head of Charles Ciscoe, an other black man, iu Vurick street, between Spring and Dominick It is said that he will not recover. A Ruffian ?This morning, Mrs. Mary Colvin, of 1101 2d avenue, who keeps a thread and needle store, returned to her shop after a short absence, and saw a boy named Edward Martin, about 10 years of age, at her money drawer He immediately sprang towards her, BDd seized her by the throat. She screamed for assistance, and ? Mr, Levy came in and arrested Martin. .Taking a Bill?A woman named Julia Kelly waa ar rested for stealing a $2 hank bill from A iron Finley, ;0f US Grand street, and was fully committed. Coroner's Ofllce.?Feb. 37 ?Disease or the Heaet. ?The Coroner held an ii quest to-day upon the body of a woman named Margaret Graham at S7S Greenwich at. She was a native of Scotland, and 73 years of age. Yes terday afternoon, while washing a packet handkerchief, she fell down, and expired from disease of the heart.? Verdict accordingly. Sudden Death ?The Coroner was also oalled to hold an inquest upon the body of Geo. A. Amos, a silversmith, who died at the porterhouse of Milar, 181 Chatham it. this morning, in a fit of apoplexy. He was an intempe rate man. Common Pleas. Before Judge Daly. Fkh 47.?Simtoti Rogers vs John Shephard.?This was an action of replevin, to recover possession of several ar ticles of household lurni ure w hich had been seized on the -28th day of May last, by defindaLt It appeared in evidence that defendant let the premises, situate at 60 Houston street, to a person of the name of Simeon Hulse, son in-law of the plaintiff At his death some arrears were due, and the property was levied upon by defend ant and sold. Tb? plaintiff claims this property as be longing to himself, he having previously removed it from premises he occupied in Chiistie street, and, therefore, 'he defendant had no right to distrain upon it. The de fendant, in his opening, contended that the propeity for merly belonged to the deceased, and now to nis wife, but before he could adduce testimony to support his allega |ions, plaintiff moved for a verdict in his (-lie plaintiff's) fivor, on the giound, is', 'hatjdefendant could notdistiain against the property or iff cts ot a dead man. nor against hit heirs or representatives, as thry were not tenants of defendant; and idly.thut the writ, under which the pro perty was levied upon, was wror.g iu point of form, as it did not specify for what part oi the rent the goods were .o he distrained ior Defendant rr joined,and agreed to take a verdict fir the defendant, subject to the opinion of the Court,to which plaint ff would note naent; he, however, ?greed to take a verdict for plaint ill' on the same terms. The defendant not coinciding with this, the case was re sumed. One if 'he witnes-es for the defence testified that she had irequently heatd Mrs Rogers and Mrs Halse say. that the property distrained helong'd to the latter; ard it wai further Ustifi-d that she used them as such. It was then fore contended by di tndar.t that he had a right to levy upon 'hem for bis arrears Verdict for de fendant and 'hi- vr.lue of the prcperty $60. F. Dibble, for plaintiff. T. E. Tomlinson, tor def-ndant H Wallis vs. Stephen ft. Piet.?This was an action brought upon a check lor $200. dated in December, 1841. It appeared that a note was made by deleudant to a party named Burtnett, who is a receiver in Chancery,by whom it. whs cashed The defence put in was. that defendant never received any of the money. Verdict this forenoon. CLOVE ANODYNE TOOTH ACHE DROPS?AN IMMEDIATE AND PKHFECT CURE.?Tlvaewho ha?e felt the painful throbbing and rxeru cia ing panes of this disease shooting through their jaws with most tormenting Esrsevernnce, an f, as is often the case, ave received but little sympathy from friends on such occasions, will no donbt he much pleased to know of a remedy that will never fail to quiet forever this unmerciful offender. The Clove Anodyne is the best of all Toothache Remedies, (t is immediate and certain in its effects, caring the most violent toothache or pain in the gums in one minute. Experience has proved that this anodyne composition will give immediste and permanent relief after the failure of every other remedy; it is pleasant to the taste and smell, will not in jure the teeth or gums in any way, and a few applications will entirely remov-trie pain anil soteinss from a decayed tooth, so that it may be filled aud rendered as useful as evrr. When the pain pmc-edsfrom the (ace. 01 from the gnma around a tooth pparently sound, this application will give speedy relief by rubbiug a few drops on the parts affected. Price 25 cents. Prepared and sold by A. B SAN DS *1 < O. Druggists and Chemists, 873 Broadway, coiner of Chambers street, Granite Building. Sold also at 79 Fulton street; 77 East Broadway; and by Druggists generally throughout the United Stales, fell lm*m GONSUMPflbv IS CURABLE. THOMSON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA INFLAMMATION of the Mncoiis Membranes is the result of 1 some impression ma 'e upon them by cold or other causes; hence Chronic Catirrh, Spitting of Blocd, Bronchitis. Asthma ?resulting in CONSUMPTION, Gastrins, diseased Livraud Kidneys, Palpitation of the Ileart, Ike. ? rom luconte.tible evi dence, it is proved tint THOMSON'S COMPOUND 8Y UUP OK TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA is a specific in these complaints?allaying irritation, promoting healthy secretion*, and remotiug the existing cause of disease Thousands have used it and can near testimony to its efficacy. q (?7-FARTHER PROOF ! ! 1^3 y Philadelphia, March 1st, 1844 ?I hereby "* q certify, that in consequence of re- ,} O Iieated and neglected colds, m 4r q my lungs became ??- >3 39 riousfy affected, C ? O Sr and for ? O a * * tsSj Sfc bis P V 5 long = 3 fc S P ?*" fe time I nave " ? *5 " anffered with vio- S V O lent tiaius in the breast, ? 2 2 obstinate cough and diffi- ? ?l cnlt exiiectoration, the symp- X IS " toms daily increasing in violence. ' S; 1 had recourse to various remedies. 5 with no av?il, until I nsed THOMSON'S O COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR, which effect- O ed a permanent cure before 1 had takeu three bottle*. E. EVANS, Fayette street, below Arch. Principal Office?Northeast comer of Fifth and Spruce street*. Sold wholesale and retail by the Agents. A. B. PAND8 It Co. Druggists. 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers street. Re J tailed also, at 19 Fulton street and V East Broadway. Price?50 cents tier ho tie, or >5 per doyen. fit lm*m HAVE YOU A COUGH 1 DO not neglect it. Thousands have met a premature death for the wa t of a little attention to a common co'd. HAVE YOU A f'Ol'GH '?Dr. Jaytie's Expectorant, aa&fe medical prescription, containing no poiaonon* drugs, ana used in .ui extensive practice for several lean, will most positively afford relief, end save yon from that awful disease, pulmonary consumption, w hich annually sweep* into the grave hundreds of the \ oong, thr old, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a coughf? Be persuaded to purchase a bottle of the Vxnectyrant to-day?to-morrow may he toe late. Hate you a cough!?Jayne's E?*vctorant is the only remedy yon sh nlil take to cure you; for itplain reason,that in no one of the th usand cases wner? it hi been nsed has it failed to re lieve. Prepared and sold by Dr. J'yue, 20 Son'h Third street, Phi ladelphia. Sold by the agents, A. B. (It D. Sands, Druggists, No. 79 Fulton street, 273 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway. 1 a28 lm*m [From the Evening Post.l DENTISTRY.-" DR. A. C. CASTLE, who has lived a long time in this city, has obtained a distinguished and an enviable eminence in his profession. He insert* Artificial Teeth and fills Teeth with grest skill and ability He has also p spared a compoai tion in the form of a Pasta, for filling hollow or decayed tender teeth, which, while it resists the action of all acids and infecting agents, it becomes ?s hard as the tooth, and durable for life. It is peculiarly ad qiteil for nervous prrsous; ? nil Dr. Castle operates with great rare. We have personally tried his skill andean recommend him." Dr. A. C Castle's Offices Ml Broadway. flO Im'dh CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS! NKZEKI EL, 92 Nassau street, opposite the Herald Build s ings, rrapectfnlly invites the attention of his friends and tbe public generally, to the following choice Cigars, jnst re ceived by late arrivals from Havana r? lies-lias of various I'auctelts of various Alltana*. fir?ndt, brands, Knickerbocker Norman, Principes, La Florirda, Yiigenuidad, Riot,da, Katrellas, Esperanr-a, Napoleonea, Lara. La India, Noriegas, Lord Brmn*. The above Segara are guaranteed as gennineand imports*, and the trade are invited to call and examine them N. B.?Orders from abroad will be strictly attended to f 17 lm*rc LASTS, LEATHER ANl? FIN 1 >1NGS. A VINO been awarded he Diploma at the. lata Fair ol the American Institute, fot the best 1 asts, I am piepwed to tarnish an article of t nsls ? hir h cannot be suipasaed in this or any other city in the United St lev Sole and Upper Leather of all kinds, Black and Colored Mo rocco and Kui skills, with Deer, Goat and Lamb Skin Bind ing*. Shoe Threads, Elating* Galloons, Sheetings and Lrath r Linings, Boot l ord anil Weh*, Boot Trees, Hammers, Pinc-rs, Awls anil Tacks, a full assortment of Shoe makers' Tools, of the moat approved patterns, cfe ip for cash. W AHREN S. WIlKEV , 295 Spring street, between Greenwich and Washington streets, New Vork. N. B.?The Greenwich Line of Stagu pass within a block of the store. f20 lm* m SALT AND K[SH 8TORB dHA BBLS. Salmon. No. 1,2and I. HVJU too hhl*. Blue Fish. 1409 hhla No* i, i, ano x Mackerel tor half da in do I* kO do No 1 Meat Shad. 50 titlfhhls No. ! Saybrook Shad 100 bbls Cod and Scale Fish. 4KI do No. I Gih'd Herring ' 300 kega Dutch do Moo its i-moked Salmon 190 kits Soused dp 100 do Sounds and Tongues. JC00 qtls Cod Fith, suitable for (h-"ping foil* aacks Arhtou't Salt. 50 half and 50 quarters neat Mackerel *090 hoses Dighv Herring '00 qcarter bairels Salmov * r ? l - r lot" "O ?uit pnrcne.t-r*. by fl2 lm?m NELSON. wV.I.I.S fk I'll., all I; \~H?IM hl.ila.Primr New (Meuua Sugar, ft- 'i '19 Is ?oil?hr c K t OI.LlNs k ' U , f jiv.s H South MI900< J H

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