Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1845 Page 3
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Sales or Stocks?Boston, Fob. 96. -It the Exchange Board?WO ilium East Boiton ?u>ck, 12>?; AO do. bnlw, I2tf; 125 do, bolw, 12*4; 60 WsstBrn It", 99M; 50 do. bolOd, 102 do 99?; 60 Wesf-m RH scrip I01}J; 10 Norwich and Worcester Kit, 73: 25 do T1H; 4 Eastern Kit, 107k; 100 Wilmingt mi KK, 72; 50 do 31%; 25 00, bolOd, 23V ->lt -luction?ft.iHH) United bum 6 per ce..t slock, payable in 1002, 13 pT e-nt adr; $l,n<iu Norwich and W-wcn-ter rxunnon ImikIs, 5 per cent t :v; 5 shires Boiton mid Worcester ItH. 17% adv; 12 iVestrrn M H, $y % prr share; 3 Boiton and Lowrll hit 20 parct adv: 10 Men hauls' Biuk, 1H do; 10 Traders' du, $96% per share; 5 Col'inihinti do, 3 per clailv; 3 do Union do, 3 do: 3 H ill road do. Lowell, S7-' , a 75 per share; 5 Hoi* luiuraiice Co 680 do; 1 Merchant*' m liauge, $136; 6 National lninranceCo (oar 50) $53 i<er share. State of Trade. Ashks?Pot* are in very moderate request, ond iele. ate made at $3932 tor old, uu3 $4 lor tew. Penis areiu de mand at $4 1H] a 4 28 Beeswax-Prime yellow, of ull de.ciiptior.s, sella ut 29j a 29j cent*. Cotton?A good enquiry has existed to day, acd the sales umount to 9 000 bulea?a email speculative feeling being apparent. 200 bales were taken by spinners Har -North River bale' sells, as wanted, at 63 a 56 eta. The dtniuuo is very limited. Whiskay?Drudge casks are still held at 22c. Western and prison barrels at 32} a 23c. Heal Estate?Jit Auction-Lot corner of Monroe Place and Claik street, Brooklyn, 26;by 76 ........ $2260 Lot adjoiuing, on Mmroe Place, 26 by 76, I960 Lot uojeining, da do 2060 Lot adjoining, do do 2200 Lot adjoining, do do 2125 Lot udjoioiug, do do 2160 Lot adjoining, do do 2160 Lot adjoining, do do 2300 Lof on Fulton street, near Clurk street, 20 by 60,... 221:0 American Provisions. Ohio 5:01k is not in very active rivmnnd. New prime is quoted at $9 so, and new mesa at $11 60. City prima betl is heldut $6 12}; country do, $5; coun try mess, $7 a 7 12}; city do, $7 60. All thesv sorts arc in rioher limited demand. Lard is 111 good demand, and barrels fell nt 7 a 7} cents Butter is without change iu p ices, 'i here aru lair sales ijr home Consumption. The exports to England oi table butter are over, owing to the lateness oi the svuson. and prices lu re ranging too high. The season for grease has not commenced Prime dairy rulrs at 14a 16c; ordinary, 12 a l3o; inferior and grease, 9 a 10c Cheese, for liouiu conM.mption, selb freely to the trade ut our quotations The stock is reduced to within 4,000 ?casks, against 10,000 last jesrar this time, and will all be wanted tor our bei'ic trade. The stock is principally held by twa dealers, v.ho are very lirm. We note two small sales for export, since the arrival of the Hibernia, nt 8 a ?9}c; prime dairies, 8 a 9c; ordinary and inferior, 7 a 7}c. Foreign Markets. St. J ago de Cuba, Fob 3.?Our coifce crop is now com ing*! owly in, and rates for Hie same have opened veiy hig'' ., say (ally 1 a 2 cents more than those paid Uat year ut '' ae same period. In sugars nothing lias yet been done, 1)0 ither has tnere been any delivery oi consequonce. To h acco is firm ut former rates, 14 a 18 American piovislons ' generally are improving in price; most articles, except rice, tire getting scarce, in the absence of urrrivals. We subjoin quotation* from actual sales Beef, mess $10 per bhi, jerked American 6} per 100 lbs. tales from Boston; butter, yellow 13} per 100 lb; candles, tuilow, Ill's and 12's, 15}; cheese, American 13 per 100 lb; lish. cod, small 4} per 100 lbs. sales; haddock wauled, herrings, dry salted wanted, smoked do 86 a75 par box; mackerel, No 3, 9 per bhi; flour, American 13, uominul; Spnnish 12 per bbl, aibundan'; hams, small 10} a 12} per 100 lbs; lard 12 do; onions 2} per bbl; pork, clear 17 per bbl, mess 15; pota toes3} per bbl, sales; rice 6} a 6} per 100 lb. abundant; soap, yellow 7} a 9 per 100 lb; boards, W P 24 per M h-t; lumber, P P 26} a 30; hoops 35 a 45, wanted; hhd shocks and heads 1 a 1} each; sugar box shook* 93 each. Ex ports?Coffee, washed ar.d pulped, 3d. 10 a 11; 3d,7 a 9}; orJinary to best unwashed 5} aUj; triage and half triage 4 a 6 per 100lbs; sugar, white alone and brown alone, old scarce, new wanting; Muscovado 3 a 2} per 100 lbs; mo lasses, including cask, 16 per 106 gals; tobacco, leaf } wrap, } fill, 14 a 16 per 100 lb; fustic 22 per 2000 ibs. Ex change?London (par $4 20 per j?l stg ) 16} a 17 per cent pm; United States, 1 a 3 do ~ Phil Oax., Feb. 27 Married, On Thursday, 27th inat. at St Paul's Church, by the llev Samuel Seabury. D. D-, Chauncct LyfkerON, to Margaret Parslow, nil ol this city. * ' foreign Importation*. Canton?8hip Geo Hallet?11.139 pkg* tea 2200 mat* cassia 1150 roll* maltiug 15 gmmbooge 82 pkgi mdu Wettnore & Cry tier?I boxT Sharpies*, Philad?4 pkg* md*e J A Cunningham, Boston?10 tlo clnuaware H W Hayden?24 c* ailka R P Brown ?16 do mdse Geo Guynet?2 baa nidae J Caawell?15 ca ailka 6 do uidse 81 pkga tea J Haggerly & sons?222 do J J Dixwell, of Bu t n?3 pints mdse J N Ruapp?60 do J McLanahan & eo, PhiUd?3495 do to order. Malai.a?Ba'que Douglass?14000 boxes raisin* 16 qr casks wine 90 bales P J Krancia. " Ouracoa?Subr Ontario?125 pes mahogany 3 bbls old cop per 4 hide* 42 bl* goat skins 8034 >cs corn wood Boone 11 Graves Ik co?93 bales goat skins 1 bdl gold bullion 100 patriot doub loon* J Foulk It sona. ? Domestic Importation*. Mohile?Brig Sarah Brown?201 bales cotton Holbrook k Melson?i pkg mdse Hsggerty, Draper It Jones?I J G Go-gory & co?1 Oat A VVelmnte & co?II K Vote?1 Fellows, Wads worth It co?I H M Cone?3 Lewis B Brown?4 boxes mdte 623 bales cotton to order. MARITIME HERALD. JMowemcutg off til* Bteamililpi. Si.-nmrr*. Leave Lio'i. Due i t Jimt'a. Leave Ji*tt'a Hib-rma, Hewitt... ... Mar. 1 'ambria, Ju-'kina... Mar. 4 ...Mar. 18 ..April 1 G.Westerc, Vjatthews. .Mar. 29 ...April 12 April 24 4'aledonia, Lott April 4 ... Arril 18 May 1 Hibrrnia, Hewitt ... April 19 ... May 2 May 16 Britannia, Hyrie May 4 ...May 18 June I G. Western, Matthews. .May 17 ...May 30 June 12 Packet* to Arrive. LIVERPOOL U. States, Briltou, Nov. 26 England. Bsrtlett, Dec. 1 J. 11. .'kiddy, Skiddy, Jan.22 Independence, Allen, Jan 23 Siral Hi-.ks, Banker, Jan. 29 New York, i^ropper, Feb. I St. Patrick, Seymour, *eh. 4 PORTSMOUTH. H. Hudson, Moore, Jan. 21 Prince Albert, SeDor, Jan. 30 Toronto, Tinker, Feb. I HAVRE. Baltimore, Kunck, Jan 22 Argo, Anthony, Feb. 1 Vibe de Lyon, Stoddard, Feb. I Hilvie de Grasse, Feb. 8 Utica, Hewitt, Feb. 16 Packet* to 8*11. LIVERPOOL. Indiana, Bennett, Mar. I Independence, Allen, Mar. 6 Virginian, Hiern, Mar. II Moutezunia, Lowbep, Mar. 16 HoUinguer Bnrtley, Mar. 21 R< scius, Kldridge, Mar. 26 Kmope, Kurber, April I PORTSMOUTH. Victoria, Morgan, Mar. I Wellington,Chadwick, Mar.10 H. Hudson, Moore, Mar. 24 Pi ince Albert, 8eb?r, Apr.' HAVRE. Oneida, Fnnck, Mar. 1 Emerald, Howe, Mar. 8 Zurich. Johnston, Mar. 16 Sally, Edgar, Mar. 2t khip ill raster* and Agent*. vVs shall esteem it nlavor if Captains of Vssseli will lo lkoer ?T Silvkt, Captain of oor News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whines they sailed, the rrjsels npokri, on their pestage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. Agents and Correspon dents at home or abroad, will also ennfrr a favor by sending to this office any Marine Intelligence they may receive. POKT OP jHkiW YORK, FKBRDAKY US. son sunt 6 27 , moon risks 12 I m ius IITI 5 ]] I man ?i-?t . ... 12 4 M Clearest. Ship Talbet, Story, Canton. Goidon & Talbot,?. Banine Baring Brothers, Crocker, Apalachirola, Nesmith & Walsh ? Biigs Peggy. (Br) Smith, Montego Bay, Duiiscnmb St Beck with: Liudeu, Williams, Mobile, Sturges It I loa .man; Mobile, Bnlkley. Apalachicola, Post Bt Phillips.?Schrs Orleans, Se 5ee, Cnracoa; Lvra, Stevens, Bermuda, It l.ightbnurir, alia, Van Gilder, Jacksonville, F.E. K. S Powell* L.gure, Norfn. St Marvs, Oa. Nesmith It Walsh; Harriet Smith, Smith, Edenton, NC; Alexandria, L?wiu, Baltimore, Gigrr 6t Ma iler; Cora. Groves, Philadelphia, Wm J McKee?Sloops Translation, Hallock, Providence; bun, Collins, Fill Kivrr. Arr Israel. Ship George Hallet, Knnpp, (of Boston) from Canton, Nov 17, wnh teas, (kc to J Wetmore It Cry dev. Vessels left before reported Barqne D ugUss, Towusend, from Malaga, Jau 24, and Gib raltar28th, v.* Long Island Bound. wu?, (Kit. to P J Francis. Sailed from O in co. with banine D'j'.chvr*. Baxter, and brig Ottoman, Hannum, both ot aud for B'jstca^ from Palermo; brig Caroline, of and for Boeton; ichr k|.0f anj ror Baltim'f, Irom Malaga. Brigs Trio, for'nd'-rea*. sld same day; K.becca, Lntland, of Philadelphia, al l 23d for Palermo. Left at|G, barque Barrioetou, of Provider^ from NOrleans. Brig Sarah Browi, Noiton. |g day? from Mobile.with cotton, to Stories at < 1e*rtnan?5 * .evrwgc lMswr.KTi. I'asaed Feb 19, l?t 25, Ion 80 5, brig Agr<noria| 0f Provideuce, bound to the Northward. Brig St Mi'ki, Wil from 8l Marks, via Newport, with cotton, to order. Ontario, V lllfl|i, from Curacoa, Feb 6 with mshogsny, , i!,oll?n Urates & Co. Left schrs Warren, Cobb, for Philadelphia, d Jayg? October, Fldridga, do, 7. Feb 14, saw achr hxcha- Plymouth, at anchor under Mnna Island? had been 1 jp snore, Schr ','^,,0. Howe, 16 days from Mobile, with 247 hairs cot ton J G Stacy .... -ichr Libeity, Howell, from Cape May, with naval stores fm .he wreck of rchr Marietta Ryan. Schr Mar ? Aun Caroline, Thrapshi'e, from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. .... . . . ... "ehr 8n v-yor, from Philadelphia, and 2 days from Morrts River, wuh coal. ..... . ..... Schr Statesman, Ballander, from Marblehead, with fish, to master , Schr Whig, Houseman, 3 days from York River, with oys ters, to m st> r. Sehr E J Munttll, Howe, Virginia Schr Arabian, I'earsall. Virginia. Bslotv, One ship, unknown. 8*11*4. Ship Garrick, Trask, Liverpool; baiqur Mudara, Rich, Ha vana, and others. Correapontlcnce of the Herald. Gkoriiian Office, Savannah, Feb. 14. ArrToiiax, Mabee, NOrl-ana. Cirl D-veuport, [Br] Kirk, Liverpool; Sagadahock, Downs, NBeillord. mi*r?ll*ncot(* Record. A Flnrrnce, Boston from Mala ga, pessed on the 18-h Feb, 1st 33 21. Ion 58 58, the w reck of a vessel of shout 175 tons, waterlogged, painted a yellowish color oil side with a while streak, liunk, slem and principal part ol waist emnely gone?had a hillrl head ? kowspilt standing?had apparently been ai d reeenlly lighted, as her upper works were entirely covered willi barnacles. The Fslto passed the wreck of biig Tlioa Cutis, (before tepoitfd) on the I2d, I ti 34, Ion 67. hnir Kurt Pi.kl, of and from Liverpool for Ichiboe, sprung s lesk and sunk 150 miles SE of St Helena, about Ian I; crew saved by a French vessel, and carried into Hi Helena. Bai'i Geo Loval, of New Haven, before reported blown off from Be-mnda, leaky, was epokeu Feb 12, lat 23 30, Ion 59 40, still leaking vrry badly. Whalemen. Arr st New Bedford 25th last. Copi*. Tsber. NW Coast, Maui Sept 2, via New Londo.i, (where she put ia on Saturday on -cc. tint of fog) 3100 bis wh 260 do spoil sod 15,006 lbs bouei Left, at Maui, Columbus, Fisli. Fll. for NZealaud, soon, snd oiherv rei td lat-r. Krportt on !N W ( asst. in Jul", Mt Vernon, Covell, NB.50Q w 100 sn. Spoke Pec 20, lat 29 30 S,lon37W, Minerva, M -somber, NB for I'arific, all well, clean .Mao arr, Pat,the ?, 'Pater, N W (.'oast, Maui Se|-l 28, 1400 bl. e?l and (ifloo Pa bone. Arr a- Newport 2',lh, M-irgaret, Wim|>eniiy, I east of Chili. I *? tin Tab- vhuaiia, w nh III(I bbla sp 1104 do wh oil. Lsf. Ht T, Nor 2*. Siatrsrnao, Doane, Silem. 500 sp, eondeiin ed, oil t lie home by ilin Lisrange. of KH. Spoke l>ct25. Int 42 50 S, Ion 16 W. IVII-wet, Stpnmglon, 1109 sp 3 it whs; Nov 6, lat 41 10, Ion 75 70, Newark, do, Pfl so 8 rt whs; Dec 14, lat 00 50 S, Ion 76 30 W, Georg--, ol snd for Siou, 2200 wh 60 sp. Mimksn. Delaware, Fi?hev, from New Orleans for Boston, Feb 17, off fand Kev. raptsi i nud mate sick with fever, was supplied wilh in ! ct ? by the trlgar, ai Bo ton. ?Mi nis, of and fot 0 t il Ir-m Snrirani via Bermuda, Feb 21, la' |4 I, I.. 71. i - i h itbIn , 111 (Tens, 60 days from New York for Valparaiso, po ri.iLf, off t ape Horn, lat .56 70 S, Ion 61, lira Cape in ught Boruh'dm, Thompson. 10 days fin Rio Janeiro for NOrleans, Dee 13. lat 2.1 8, Ion 31 50 MnntilU, Powers, from Now York for Havana, hob 16. lat ?, Ion 70 38. Exchange, of Marblehead, bound South, Feb 21. lat 39, Ion 72 30. Itoht Kerr, (Br) fioin Loudon, Feb 20, lat 31, Ion to 10. Foreign Porta. Ponce. PR Feb 12?Sid f'anthva, f r Gnayanilla, to fii.fsk Id* for IS Haven. In p. rr, W J Wation, Kckfrldt, for Plnhdel Poll. 3 or 6 davo; Portland, froin Portlai d, di.g; 0"?rin*ii Davis, from NevyVurypnit, wig carg- ; Argo, or Saco, from N Carolina; Allen King, Manxou, anil Pinfa Hawyer, wig cargo: !'H?ey, do; Caroline. V' rg ave from Phil ?1 Iphia, for N York iu a week; L?banon. of Salem, wig cargo; oce brig and one sth, n tinea unknown The liie tlnr occu red at P on the 3d last, consumed so many empty ca-ks and destroyed so many cooper ages, that most of the vessels availing cargoes avi'l be defined some lime. Trinidad, Cuba, Feb 5?In port, Tennessee, Wiuslow, for NOrleausaame day; American, Adie, for PortluiJ, 21 >a s; Cautero, Shields, do, disg; ? ordel id, Snow, for Boston 15 days; Monaco. Gould, for New York, 10 days; Royal Sailer. Young, fordo, 15; I'asco, Demont, for do, 20: 8u<au, I'ittec. for New Orleans, u xt day; J it VV Krrickson, Smith, for Philadelphia, 8 days. Ai'x Caves, Jan 28?In port, New Kugluid, M'Curdy, for Bo J ton, 7 days; Porto Rico, Cornell, do, 10; August, Doaue, for N York, 10. St Helena, Jan 9?Sid Thoa Wiuslow, Root, (fm Ichiboe) of and for VVeslpoit. It'HinoK, Dec 18?In port. Shakspeaie, Chest?r, wtg 400 tons guano; Florida, Hnwlaud, arr Nov 5, uuc; Commerce, unc: eanios, Hortou, and Messenger, Sampson, Irom aud supposed for Boston, Idg. VaLranaiso, about Nov 28?Sid Hoauoke, Smith, for Inter medioa. (Ionia Forte. Porti.and. Feb 25?Air Hiberuia, Elliot, Providence. Cld Commerce, Snort, and Casildi, Goodell, Cuba. Nkwhphvpoht, Feb 25?Arr Arcade, Tarlton, Richmond. Salkm, Feb 2 ??Arr Coquiinbo, Lrwis, Norfolk. Sid Chero kee, Mansfield, Zsuzibir. Boston, Feb 26? vrr Sapbia. Kuowlea, Valparaiso Dec 1; Bronkliue, Allen, Ichiboe Dec 18, St Helena Jan 9; St Leon, Whiting. New Urleans; Franklin, Oibba, Trinidad; Talisman, 8 inea, New Orlenns; Anne & Julie, Pratt, Maracaibo; Neieus. Maaury, Msnsauilla 9lh inst?left no American; May, Trench, Fey West; Vi'torine, Small, and Planet, (Hark, NYork; Penn sylvania, Kellev, Ha minis, with part of the ca go of ichr Mari etta, from N York, bilged at Hyan> is; Marv Chilton, Rogers Aux Cnyes; Catiiua. Kid idge, S' Mate, 8' Domnigo; Ashland Carlisle, M-tenzaa; Medford, Harding, Washington NC?spoke 22d inst, off Gay Head, U S rev cutler Jackson bound on a cruise: Win W Wyer. Baker, and Meiidiau, White. Richin'd; Abstract, Lavender; Gentile, Atwood; Per'ect, Curtis; John Adams. Higgius, and Senator, Rich, Norfolk; Mail, < rowell, Hyauuis, with part of the cargo of srh Marietta. Telegraphed, Nathl Hooper, from Livrri>ool; Alfred Hammond Signal for 2 brigs. Cld Uzardo, Berry, Havana; Norfolk. Rogers, New Orleans; Eliot, Baker; Wm Wilson, Baker, and Fame, Crowell, Philadelphia; Mary, Richardson, and Rienzi, Harding. N-w York; Zebra.'l'hon as, Portland, to load for Cuba. Arr 25th, Kx|ierimeut, [Swl Beut?rona, Buenos Ayres; 8alina, Jackson, Rio Grande; 3*rah Ripley, llortou, aud Moulauo, Payne. Rap pahmnock. 26'h, p M?Arr Nalhl Hooper, Churchill, Liver pool; Edgar, M'Manns, N Or levin; Alfred Hammond. Suear, and Anlaivs, Hatch, New York: Florence, Rowland, Malaga Isaac Franklin. Brown, Belize, Hon?spoke (his forenoon, off Race Point, U 8 rev cutler Hamilton, Sturgis, on a cruise; Ar bnreer, Whitmoie, Washington, NC; Metamora, Paine, Happa haunock; Advent, Johnaon, NYork. New Bedford, Feb 26?Arr Th'*s Wiuslow, Root, Ichiboe via St Helena, with aht 150 tons guano. Providence, Feb 25?Arr (llyRinus.Osborn; North America, Panl, ninl Jas Lanphear, Kenny, N York. Below, H A West. Ba'ker, do. Cld Triton, Lnce, Mobile; Saline, Singer, New Orleans. Nkw FIavkn, Feb 25?Arr Dr Franklin, Tnttle. Virginia ? 3ld Benj L Swan, Montague, Barbadoea; Alexander, Bill, Phi ladelphia. Philadelphia, Feb 27?Arr Will. I.ockhart, Ponce; Wel lington, Knowlton. Charleston: Louisa, Hoover, and Maria Causey, Stubbs NYork. Cld Harriet Thompson,Wliipp'e. St Barts; Louisa, Gillagher, Havana; Estber.Clifford,and Emm1, Baker, Bosto-; Seaford. 8 <uder Bvhia and a market; Caroline, Sludlev, Bnibadoes: Thames, Haven, NBedford; Amity, Jai man; Brandvwine, Stepoenson; Mary Ann St Eliza, Sharp; Dul Baker, Baker, Republican, Sharp; Rose iu Bloom, Wheaton, and Susan & Pliebo.JSoraoii. NYork. Gi.oKor.TOWN, S?. Feb 21?Cld Aurora, Johnson, Matanzas By Last Night's Southern Mail. Baltimork, F'eb 28?Arr Chester, Otis, New Orleans. Cld Bailie, Arey, Baroadoei; Harp, (new) Cator, St Thomas; Jas Power, Keeue, Nassau, NP; Sarah Catharine, F'taver, Jamaica. Sid F'rances, Soule, West Indies; Delia, Falei, New Orleans; Euroiiean, Mobile. Charleston, Feb 24?Arr Tower, Leslie, NOrleans. Cld Prince Hegeut, [BrJChamber!, Hull, E; Noble, Demiug, Wil mington, NC; Oatrich, Trescoll, iviatanzas; Marv Hammond, Hosmer. Havana. Sid Louisiana, [F'r]Guillard, Havre; Choc taw, Ryder. Boston; Arabian, Foster, Havana. Arr 23d, Red I Rover. [Br] Davey, Hull, Eng; Mozart, McFarland, New Or lcaus. I Spoken. Olive Branch, 38 days from Greeuock for Savannah, F'eb 21. Ayrshire, [Br] Newry for Savennah. F'eb 23 Eliza, of Warien, New Orleans for NVork, F'eb 22, lat 28 50, Ion 79 50. Rival, 4 days from Matanzas for Portland, F'eb 22, lat 29 20, lou 79 45. Ca'liarine, from New Orleans, bound Noith, Feb 19,offCape Florida. Foreign Porta 8t Thomas, Feb 11?In port, Massachusetts, Spear, for k't Johns, PH. to load for Europe, to sail 14th; Luzon, Goodrich, from Condon for Boston, pat in in distress, having spmug a leak; Othello, Ryan for St Croix, next day, with Coleman's Olvmric Circus; Plato, Candage. fm Guadalonpe, one just arr. Abijah Jenkins, Hawes, fm N Vork, do; Marblehead, Pittman, f ? Boston for bl Domingo, unc; Pembroke, B,.keman, from N Orleans, unc. Sldlith, Chancellor, Whitton, Ponce; Emily Johnson Saunders, St L roiz; Oliuihus, Cur?coa; 10th Capitol, Palmer, Newbero; 8th, Suiqnehanua, Muulihrop, Mayaguez; Susan, Campbell, Savannah; 7th, T O Btown, Gooding, Gua yama; S isan St Mary, McClintock, Bay of Mexico; 6th, Gor dou, Cutter, for a market; Beiaev St Jane, B'evoor, Mans vuilla; Emily Cuinmingv, Sage, Turks Island. 13th?In i>ort,Victory, Klwell. from Baltimore, just arr; Piztrro, Drinkwater, from Si Kitta, do; Heury Chase, Steelman, from Martinique, unc; Towns'iid, for Tmks Island, unc; Taugala Sbute, from Ne York for North Carolina, out 56 days, put in for supplies. STEAMER HIBERNlA. T ETTElt BAGS of the ab"ve Steamer, for Liverpool, will -1-4 close at the Exchange Heading Room aud Foreign Leitei Office, on Friday 28<h, at three quarter* pan 3, ami forwarded to Boston per special measeuger. Single letters 12X ceuts. 128 ltrc pObK AN D'cHAMBERM AID WANTED? kt Wilson's vy Hotel and Diuing Rooms, No. 5 Gold st, late the Caledonia House, near Maiden lane. Apply between the hours of 11 A. M.and 3 o'clock P. M. f28 3t* je AX A SPECIAL MEETING of the LA FAYETTE GUARDS helu at their Armory, ou Wednesday evening Febru irv 26th, 18-15, convened for the purpose of testifying their retirct to the memory of tlieirflate'compauion in arms,HENRI NORTON, a Committee, consisting of Lieutenai-t A. Demi test. Km W. Snow and Jones rt. Hill, were appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of the meeting, which Committee reported ihe following 1'reimble and Resolutions. Thev were unanimously adopted \V hereaa?It has pleased the Supreme Ruler to remove from this irausitory world, oar dearlv b? loved and highly esteemed brother soldier, Henry Norton, therefore Resolved?That in t lie loss of this bright ornament of our corps, words cunoi express our deep sorrow and regret, and it will boa Ions, long tira<, ere his in our ranks can br filled?but, we have en abiding fsilh, that he has left our rants only to join those of the Great Captain of the Universe,to enjoy immortal glory. Resolved?1 hat we most deeply sympathize wi'h the rela tions and friends of the deceased, and hope they may derive con s Istion from the well known charccter of our departed brother, lie having been oue whose detriment ihiough tile has given an assurauce that he is now beyond the retch of trouble, having obejed the last requisite n of Nature. Resolved?That we joiu with the Albany Republican Artil lery. (of whieli Cor|is the deceased was a member, during his residence iu the city of Albany, and where he died.) in paying this slight tribute of lesiect to our drceaaed brother soldier. Resolved?That we wi-1 wear the usual badge of mourning, (advised by that Company,) for sixty days. Resolved?That the above preamble and resolutions be published, aud a copy of the same be sent to the family of the deceased. E. ANDERSON, Secretary. f28 lt*rh OFFICE OF THE BERKSHIRE R R. COMPANY SHEFFIELD, Berkshire Co , Mass.) February 26th, 1845. ) BY Resolution of the Company, an Agency for the transfer of t lis* Stock of the Berkshire Railroad Company, has been es tablished iu the city of New York, at the office of R Ik G. L. Schuylerd. No 4 Hanoier street. Stockholders wishing tbeir stock to be placed ou the books of the Agency and trauslerahjr at that office, are required to tr-osfer the stock at the office at Sheffield, for this putpoie. E. F. ENSIGN, Treason. The transfer-book* are now ni>eii, aud transfers inav be mode between the hours of 12 M. and t P. M. 118 3tia*rh pjilLAjJj,.LpHjAi |febrnu/ aaj,, [go. ROBERT8JOHN?TO&,|ROBK?T JOHNSTON It CO STOCK EXCHANGE COLLECTION OFFICE, | No. II South Third St.. opposite to the Mechanic's Baisk, Philadelphia Dr tiers in Uncurrent Bank Notes, Relief Notes, Gold and Silver Coin, Ike. . Drafts, Notes and Bills collected with despatch, on favorable terms Drafts on St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York, Boston, Ike., constantly for sale. All orders for the purchase and tale of United States Govern ment, State. City or IncorporatedCo't Loans,andsvery descrip tion ol Bauk, Insurance, Hail Road and Canil ( e.'s Stocks, at tended to promptly and with care, at the Boatd of Brokers. REFERENCES William Patton, Jan. Esq , Cashier, Philadelphia, h cull Ik Thompson, do Buck Jt Poller, do Morgan, Buck 8t Co., do David S Brown It Co. <lo Eckel, Soangler U Raiguel, do Mercer, Brother St Co. do f281m*gz ?GENTLEMEN'S HATS. n The SPRING STYLE is now ready, at ROBERT |^?8UN'8 Phcenix Hat and Cap Manufactory, 103 Fulton it. PRICES. First Quality Nutria <3 50 Usuallv told at $4 50 and $5. Second Quality Nutria 93 00 Usually told at $3 50 and ft. Moleskin Hat S3 50 Usuallv sold at S3 and SI 50. DO 3tis*rh rPHE BROADWAY JOURNAL.?An original Weekly L Paper of Literature and Ait, editail by C. F Brings, Edgar A. Toe and I'enry C. Watson. Contents for Saturday March 1,1815, consist of Reviews Es says. Poetry, General lutell gem e, Criticiamton Books, Works of A'tand Music, and afull R view of the peilbrmancrs of th* N. Y, Sacred Music Society and of the Lot-geeang lllustrsted by a sp cndid wood Engraving, representing one of the ' Upper 1 eu '1 houtand." Published by, JOHN Bl8' O, 153 Broadway. At 3 dollari|ier annum?single number 6'* cents, and for sale by llie Age its. flB lt*ih M(JRK f,UN fPHE TOWN, of March 1st. contains an unuaual amount ot I- <- it ard humor. Among its leading ailicles may he found. The President's Farewell Address, iteetvea in a<lva> ce?wuh the Punch Conesi juilrnceon ihe War Question? Our friends al W-ishingion Will bu SUipr.Z'd to see the-e 'tocuinentt in pr lit. 1 lie Town! The Town! is all the talk iu the literary cucles. Just PuMitfrd?The Comic Miscellany, for 1845, by John Pool*, author of Paul Try, price 12>? cent*, lie ta a rich treai for the lovets of fun slid frolic. Cecl; or. the Adventures of a Coxcomb, by.E. L Bulwer? price 25 tents A new supply of Green on Gambling. For sale by JUDD It TAYLOR, No 2 Astor House. f28 2t*rc And Shuttz It Taylor, Baltimore wILSON'S HOTEL AND T7lNING ROOMS,| No. O Gold street, New York. n?? (LSTI THE CALEDOflla) ENHY WILSON (of Brooklsn) begun inform h.a friend and the | ublic generally, tbat he will i p'li th ab vena., esoiblithment oii-rMU H-bAV, the fill, ol Mar.h. 845. I ha tonne h?*f? been thoroughly replied Mid i ewly furn'tihed in every department, >ui<l the vejy best of every dksrripticn ol l quora, cigars wines, domestic and imported alt! aim p rter will he provided. 1 An tlrdiaary Will be servd up every- dav frmlt-1 o'clock P. M.t rnd Reirathments m I t? tk , ,, j ,,, lr: the da> a d rrenins. " OKMIND HAND'T-UjiIIIoU , m, Ft-II xlVfTki . WA?r'|K.V A,?1 Price g.v.nmratl kind, ot east off I lothing and good second-hand Furniture Persons wishing to dl'P se of the --me ;sil do well t? c.11 tni .he ,?b en I>er, or i.dre . a li c ilu uUi the J>,?t 4 >m-e. rkiohwill U ? , M l (Hit A ly tivtcliJ; Qstv ii. LivVV , ilj? ^ Ii if?. 111 h ru t t\. \ N ? d titauutly on hand, t seasonable a- yortinri.t of cutle men ? CluihiiiK, etieap tor raah. 121 iin*ic BEEBE flz COSTAR, HATTERS Nu. 150 Uroailway, New YorU FASHION FOR SPRING, 18-15. ntOWN-7^ inches huh, 4 Hi bell, % yeoman, H curve, rir-a oral. BRIM?I 5-16 ilichen wide?rnrl small and round, rather fuller at. sides, aud tapering off very liue, meering wilh a >ery slight turn at the front aud rear. Set?ilie ui uer |>art of tlie hriui >4 nlojied aud t)? inch curved. 1 AN I)? 9-lbth inches wide, with buckle. BINDIN G?9-16 liicli wide. A siipeiior i|ualitv of CAP for Offirers of the Anny and Navy, together wi ll Dress, Hiding and Hpurtiug C-ps. Anew style of t hildrru's tints and Caps ; a'so, a new pattern ol Ladies' Hiding Cap and flat P28 3ti??rh jJARC E STEAMER HIBERNIA. DELS AND LETTERS KUll EUROPE?All Packa ges. Le ters and S|iecie for any part of Europe, if left at ADAMS St CD'S. Express Office, 7 Wall street, before ,*4 to four to-morrow, Eriday, >ft?rnoon, will he forward ed without fail by the Hiberuia steamihip, leiviug Boston on Saiuruay. The ptrcels on the arrival of the Steame- at Liverpool, are forwarded immediat'ly by Willmer and Smith's Express, fre quently in advance of the mail. ADAMS Ik. CO.. Willmer lit Smith, Agents, Liverpool P27 2t rrc and London. POST OFFICE, r~ New Vo k, February 26, 1845.$ THE GREAT NORTHERN MAIL, together Willi th Way Mails for offices on both sides f the Hudson Itiv r, will from this date, (until further notice,) be sent vias'eamboau and close at 3% o'i lock P. M. 1/7 3 rc JOHN LOUIMKK OK AH AM, P M. POST OFFICE, > New York, February 85th, 1815. $ NOLIHH MAIL?L?iter bags tier mail steamer Hi hernia, will he closed at the Post Office iu Nassau street, in this citv, on Friday, ihe 28th instant at 15 minutes past 3 o'clock, P. vl. The overland postage of I8js cents ou each single letter, must be paid. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM. f26 3trc Post Muter. TO GROCERS 1IJ ANTED?A young man who haa been accustomed to a *? respectable family trade. One who is fully qualified and can produce good city refer uces, may apply at 76 Nassau st. fs7 3tis*m A LADY, with rwo children, is desirous of obtaining a situa tion in a Boarding School as an a-sixtaut teacher, and mak ing hrrtsalf otherwise useful. Her services, with a small com pensation, will lie considered eqnivaleut for their board Ad dr<as P. Q., Herald Office f27 3t*rc INFORMATION IVANTE I) CAN ANY PERSON give information to R O K., at this office, where Wit LARD PAUL, of Camden,State of Maine, may be found ! His deposition in an import <ut case is required f24 IQf rc THE WELSH SOCIETY 'T'HE Celebration of the 1st of Morch, (Saint David's Day,) -L by the above Society, will take plare af the Minerva Rooms No '06 Broadway. The chief features of ibis Festiral, will be the following:? The Annual Address, by Rev. Win. R. Williainr, D. D. Poem, composed by a Member for the occasion, by Muter Joins a young lad. Vocal Music, by tbe Boston Quartette (Tub. C/^The Tickets are free, and may be had from tin Members and Officers of the Society. 127 31*rc JOHN EVANS, Secretary. faber segar factory 71 Dlvlaloa Street, NEW YORK T?AStUi5a?/PWD ,,ave "'"biiahed an extensive Segar lion of Mr J W n?nWN k" New York, under the direc ,r .i i ?*. I.HOWN, who hat been feuiifriuteudriu of ThI nlT i. aat0reei ,n havauai fo' nineteen Tear* I h followiiiir kinds of matiuhicturvd in >he Faber Se ^?V""rV."nd "ruh,ch aJarKe stock it now Oil lund, will be wand (qui toujrHivmiSefsn of corresponding style and Regalia, Timbuen., Common Site, . I auetelas, London Site,, Casadores, Cnnonet, Principe, Tiv .. k -k ! boied in the Havana style. I lie subscribers have se tied the Son of their Senior in Hava na, for the express pnr|>ose of selecting: Tobacco for their Facto purpose of selecting Segars suitable for tins They have now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Havana Se gar. entitled to debenture, of the following brand" Nori.?' Woodville, La t abana. Iragranz a, La Norma, Lo,dRy.,nn ahr'y. E.peraaza, Lord Byron, Unman, Itiondo. ^CpifmaU*' M|nt'va. La Kama, Victoria, Columbia, OS Hermanns, i, A,ao- Principe, Jtc. rs7 ,m.? JOHN H. FABER It CO ! .rc _ No. 1 New street, comer of Wall. HARTWELL S WASHINGTON HOUSE, aan Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, (17 lm*m PH'LADELPHIA. BOOK KEEPING, vV c . Mr- #- ?, Bo 88 Cwlar Street ^.kii. '.kl k-' Accountant, respectfully informs the r,l nS v. ? hi. Connileg Rooms, for ihe study of Pracii metie e ,',of?Tn,r' NTeMSant'lr W.and Commercial Arith metic, continues open day and evening ri w! . Uk f ?"??",Cl1 leges of the system of instruc tion, and thei faithful attention given to the learners, ihat, in ?^rnmnifT-e R !l a I",""" Of good Capa-lty becomes effec? Book Keeper, and receives a certificate to that Prospecfines, wjih terms, may be had at his -ooms. vL;,i :rlAEf? '| Wons.-Entitled "Double Entry Book Keening SimnlifieJ, J vol.; and, "Single Entry Pook-ke-i. ing Improved, J vol.; books well adapied to the uss of schools Sli?. . kUC,,0n 1 fur "le " lhe stores and at thJ I Rooms, at above fr, I COMSTOCK CO., SI Courtlaiidt Street, HAVE ON HAND THE FOLLOWING NAMED ARTICLES. , WHICH HAVE OBTAINED SlICH POPULARITY, MAGICAL PAL\ EXTRACTOR, cures all iMiMe^?/lwi ??"( ??ve? life in any h.S - ?> s1 it1 ^ r,taJ* ?"? 11 ninjured Everv family should have a bo* of this in the house, as the money willal Sfft v .7?*?' 'fi'1 d.??" "0t T'csw Be particular aud buy U{J;;X ?* <1 (rourtlaudt strvrr. ACTED CORDS. Stiff Joints f5lr^M.0lI,lS,,!^,," positively he cured by the sole u-e of toe INDIAN VEGETABLE ELIXIR and LINIMENT. The *55? l?*lwT-"klr|tg t0 clM a?d b* personally referred to gentle iktuk highest star ding in this city, who have heeu cured of nS by thene remedies. Thev are wnrranfp. DR. 8POH.VS SICK HEADACHE MTmEDY Ha cer i"1". other nervous or bilious It is a palpable elixir, and fo^esTotfrstomarh" * a" CM,a ?f ^"t-Urn pete in ere"1 vv" "'X' n h" hav<" "?"1 this Oil with com W* cor?'*lly invite all wh i are troubled with .* 2 i!?VtfO/If ear; to'fmme the proof. EANGLEY 8 WU1KRN INDIAN PANACEA, is the best family-medicine in the world. It i? a positife and war HAYS' LINIMyVT"."?<g J* efZL*y lh' Genuine ~?5iL Ajk ?i\,,nd Lin's Balm rf China, or the money refunded. Who wtll now suffer with this distressing coin COM8TOCK Jk CO'" SARSAPAHILLA, is as pure and mad?g *5-1 ?Ct ^rom 1 U crlabraied Root, aa can possibly be piade. TV e price i. so reasonable that .Senior can afford to uw It, being but SO cents per bottle, or $4 [ier dozen. It is the onlv article that will effectually purify the blood from all impuri wi?? J w,Cr.'aY? b?*n 'mi'rudent in the use ef calomel, will fiud sure relief Irom it. ' INB'A HAIR DYE?This chemical piep.ution will color tke hair any shade, from a I'ght brown to a jet black and ""i'ul'-Vv Lh;, t-air ir?uia >>",ki" ">ih? BAl M GF COMflMBIA1^f1,*lHair ''V using OLDRIOE'S Pr ?? ||- COLUMBIA, winch immediately stops the hair IP!.. ?*L and restorrs it wlien hsi.d CHFMIi"ANlKknlAP,,LUA auJ B',VYv VAT' K?I TALIAN ilki i i n i.'1 Foreign and Domestic Perfumery; In Cement I'owder, the Vest article in use; Diamond h.anf'iTiTt'l!!'8 MAGIC. HAIR OIL?It gives to the hair a beautiful gloss, and inclines it to curl; and, wholly unlike any other oil. It never soils the finest lad-es' kats in the least no m.n "rficul.'t"?hatt!'.,,if SE,,e?" |W* W,,h ,0"idTitand us in this innfiij.k- . ' v la y or shall use this Oil, CAlfTmN-HemrnnJi'"'.^'' i1"'' wi" br 0^r?2i CourU??T,'SWabov' ,0LD ? ""r,! COM8TOCK St CO M w^K'AL news r.iom, No. 23 CATHERINE 8TREET BRTWCk'N fc'Awr LT HABWKEHh'AY ?Nli HK?jRY STREET. H. Iti H r ai!av,'i"* fii"d np1 ' ?? a Geceral New. .ITk rk t ,C ahoP* will be happy to see his friends, and hopes by attention to business to merit a con iiTvST^bUelTn. '? y bestowedsincehiU b^ The room furnished with New York and Old Country Pa rfwularly. B",a^iwlpwi,h.,!.h0^ Wi~ "-1 "Pirits. fine flavor ed Segars, and flue Pale Ale, kc. j|j imeec IIJATCHEH !-WATCHES AND JEWELRY.-Thii ,V wh<? wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold id^ff1 U?ld Pf1nc,l,llK'v". kcr will find it greatly to their f?!,n^rflk ?! on suhscriber, who ia selling all descrip thf,*^5v5,al ";,a" "\acb lower than any other house in Watches as low is $20 and ?2S each. Watches -('welry exchanged or bought All Watches war snntsd to keep govd time or the money refunded. Watches. 2?!L_ ki ryLr*pa.!,"<' lu h?4' and warranted, at much less than the usual prices. us iJiJ" AHJVN,' I m poster of Watches said Jswelry, jli lm?ee Wholesale and renWI, 70 W dl ?t.. uo sunrs. DLACK AND WHITE THREAD LACE FLOUNCES, m {u?t?ceir?d|*r e.merald. Black 1 bread Lace k lounces, from K yard to % yard wide, yyiiite do LaNeigedo Vi ,1., V ,l? Black and White Lace Berth's, Uarbe. and bleeves. Home of the most splendid Mechlin v id- Uces. BTick Lace Veils and Black Thread Serf. Thai \ "!,? a,"J s? i'f'kpoint a Uruxellea and a la Neige. Three very splendid Mechlin e Diessea One Carton TeRrine, Cape, aud Chemisettes. V A \t L;!l"nV^?ir'i.a?.,)/:d*,,,,,1yM?th'i,>Arras do. riMEColl^^??,fK,?a,iV/e"g ?f PH" Ur""* and Handk'r feiJd.t"?r%,C'<}!?,aVp7k.."by,y ?f 0t"*' 80<>dv ,r"l0W of ?W.!y|! ,v"s liK< SASSiw. MARTELLE & HOLDER MANN, of'Ornamen'al Hair Hair^and It M^VS J:?.r,a| Hair Work.wiole.3, ainl retail * t""U' a"d *" kln,Uo1 fS4 ?rrli!c aj',,a|l''l'r'1"" ,?"a""able terms. ran,i medica7< consultation L OR every Disease of the Scalp end Hair, bytfRANDiEAN A th- only man in the United States who has .(.voted himVell' entirely to die i of this part of Ihe human system ( otisullAtioii Rrii.tdy.., , #.j i A?lvirn? md rrf*,cript!ot?,, ?? Api'li.Mlmns, by l.-ttri, must ?l ?te Hrln ul.-irfy i| . f i|,e la-rwii, Ihe eolot of tlie hair, and all the <le,.i|? t?.vailjlo ol ihe rfis^e. \ddreai GRANUJEAN, N I Barclay . treet.UiS P*"1' f? lw't? AUCTION SALE& \V'\1 W. SHIRLEY. fMIS DAY HOUSE FURNITURE SALE.?Friday, Feb. * 2Brh, at o'clock, a genrr-l assortment of iie?t Furniture 'ootaiued in h mm Vo IS City Hall Place, corner Dua.e street, consisting in I'art o' Brussels and 3 |d v Cari et Kugs.l >il Cloth*. Piano orte and stool, mahogany 8 fa?. Chain, centre and | iei Tables and l-l-s-es, set dining' I ables, mantel ' iirandoles solar amps, plated War- ar d Cutlery, French Beds ends. Bedding Bureaus, t hiirs iurrain Cartels, steel Fire Setts and Standards. Also, kitchen bur.iturr. Sale pottive for cash At 12 o'clock, the Pianoforte, Chickeriug maker, Boston, in tine older; cost SJOO. f!Hlt*rh AUCTION NOTICE.?Sile Tliia OaTT"If th- hal a nee of a vleicliaut Tailor's stock, compririn a Pes* Oarments. a large assortment of sune and extra Cloths and Caasiinares, in remnants, and lots to suit putchater*. Hosiery, Shirts, Collars, H,,?oms, kt,;. ano cstds Lumpus in Parvo 100 boxrg superior Steel Pens. 2 sideudid second hand gold Watches; 1 do silver ilo, with gold chain, and a variety of p'edged (roods, worth no tice Large sale of elegant Furniture on Saturday, iu the rale room. f23 lt?ec T. BELL, Auctioneer.. RICHARD VAN DYKE Jr.. Auctioneer POSITIVE SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. FOR KAI.E, at Public Auction, on Wednesday, the 5th day of March neat, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchant*' Exchange, by ANTHOMY J. BLEECKKR St CO . auctioneers Six colt age-built houses on the northerly side ofTwe'ty seventh street, belweeu the Fourth A'enue snd Lrxing'in Avenue the in >?t westerK houses lieing at the dis'ance of one bunded teel font the Fontli Avnue. Each lot in 16 feet 8 inches front and ear. and I0U lent in depth. There is a court yard iu f out of each house, 30 fee' deep from the liue of the street; ihe houses are supplied with Crotou water. A go d opportunity isolfeted to obtain cotrfortable residences inn genteel oiul re y mproviiig neighborhood at a moderate The houses are runted until the 1st day of May next, at $325 peraunum Every Iv use < ut up w ll he positively sold, with on* any reserve, -o the highest bidder. Terms-ten ier cent t ash to the luorioneers, at the time i f sale; tvveuti-five iter cent on the s'day of An il next, on which day the d-etls wi'l be delivered, and ihe rrsitlu- may remain on ?oil J and mortgage, for three years, at six iter ecu , the imeres. payable half ye-rly. The lurch serwill he entitled lo the rents accruing, from and after the 1st day of April The auct oceer. rharg-.viz: $?for each hous:,to be paid by the pur clias-r. [No. 150.] 127 tmi is ire RICHARD VAN~r)YK E~Jr., Auctioneer DAMAGED CUT I ON A NTHONY J. BLEE'KKK Kt CO. will sell at public aV auction, at 11 o'clock, to-morrow the 28th in?r.. February, at Caffee House Slip, for account of whom it may concern, 250 Hales of Cotton, partially damaged in the ship Lawrenre Cope land. Terms cash. (No. 153) 127 2trc . PLANTS AT AUCTION. A LEVY will sell on Friday Morning, the 28th ins'aut, at ? 11 o'clock, at No. 151 Brnadwajr, a splendid collection of Plants, cons'sting of Camelias, Daphnies, Roses, Gerauniams, I'ittisporums.tcc . all ill the llnicur orders. 127 2t* rc RICHARD VAN DYKE, Jr., Auctioneer. THE KAIL ROAD DEPOT MOTEL, corner 4th Avenue and 86th street.?Anthony J. Bl-ecker h Co. will M^?sell et auction on Thursday, the 27th day of March next, it t2 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the very valuable property ou the east side of the 4ih Avenue and south side of 86th street. The ground contains 50 feet ou the a?enue and 100 feet ou the stre-t, (which street is curbed and regulated and the assessment paid;) the property is wirliin two blocks of the large Crotou Reservoir. The House is a large two-a'ory wtic build ing, with cellar a-d kitchen under 'he whole, with sheds on 8tlth start. The premises are desirable for the purpose of a public Ifcuse, and are now occupied as such $1000 or $2000 can remaiu ou bond and inortgsge, a' 6 per rent. Possession will be given on the 1st of May next. Title indisputable. For terms and lwrticulars, apply to the \uctioueers, No.7 Br, ad street, or toO NOWLAN, on the premises, or No. 3 Eleventh street f20to inr27?m _ HOUSE TO LET?In Brooklyn, near the Grreuwood 1 Cemetery, containing 12 r m s, pantries, cellar, toge her .with wood stabling and large garden, beautifully con structed, near the New York Bay Also, a neat Cottage, containing 6 rooms, with large garden. Enquire of R. MARTIN & CO., fvB 3'dh 2ft John stret, New York. THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE TO LET iu Brooklyn, at the comer of Jay anil Nassau streets. It is Lnewlv hnilt. of modern style, iu a fashionable neighbor hood, and within leu minutes walk of Fulton or Catharine fer rirs. Apply to HENRY WILSON, 102 Nassau at, Brooklyn, or 5 Gold at. New York. f28 3 * je BF'OR SALE?A two story House and Lot.73 Nassau street, Brooklyn. Terms eaiy. Apply to H. WILSON. I 102 Nassau it, Brooklyn, or 5 Gold st, New York. TO LK I'?The three story Brick house, 477 Broadway, f with Stable iu the rear, on Mercer atreet, between Grand Land Broome streets. Could be ahered so as to be made a sup-nor situation for any businrss, particularly for one requir ing much room. Apply At the Office. 233 Washington st. (27 3t*re a-j T(? LET, ANU IMMEDIATE GIVEN?The Store No.97 Nassaustreet, Herald Build Mil ..?>? with Fixture., Stove and Pipes, ready""???;} *JI StffXte Applicnti >n to Ire made at the desk of the officeof the Her Id for terms. &c. ]il - A COUNTS V RESIDENCE FOR S ALE?Situated gsiin the town of I'elham, We.tche.ter County, bordering on SCore village of East < hes'er, ahoif 16 in ilea from New York, containing MO acre* of land?50 acrea wood land,.the balance 90 acrea i? in a high ante of cultivation, with fruit tr,ea of ,11 kinds in ahundaiice. 'I here ate two good Dwelling Houses on it receutly huilt, together w ith a large birn. atone hen houre, SmmV?e* The place la beautifully a,tuated commanding a view o^the Sound and surrounding country. It will be told low or exchanged for improved city property, For lurther par ticttlars apply at 68 Weil street, between C arliale aud Hector "Xiao, 8 Lot. of Ground. 25 by 190. on the easterly side of the llth Avenue, between 37th ait't 38th street!. FOR SALE?A FARM?Situated at Islip, Suffolk tcSCounty, L I , adjoining ^nuthtown. Said p arm contains 30 of which is Wooo; the remaining 52 acres si* in^iatve of good cn'rivation. There are two Houses, and also two good wells of water on the farm; a large barn vt ilhcr riage house and stabliu* for eight hor ea; an ice house, ? good large garden, eucloaed in a picket fence, fruit trie's, Ike , fcc. Any further inhumation may b* ob airied at No, 81 Bleecker atreet. a few doors west from Broadway. Half the purchase mon-y can remain on mortgage. t? tm m FAT BEEF. . , Will be exposed for sale, by ROBER 1 BEATTV, r on Saturday, 1st of March, on the corner of Spring ^k^^^Mand Vlrrc -r at rets, the Beef of Two Steers, six years oid, I acted bv Jesse C. Clive, Blooming! rove, Orange County, judged to be superior to any slaughtered in this mirkerihia sea-on. H. B. will he happy to see his frieuds. B7 3t?rc THE MASTER BAKERS, ofthiacity and Brooklyn, 'will meet at the Shakspeare Hotel, cornel'of WiUiam and Dume atreeta, on Saturday, March 1st. at 7 o clock "P M. All b^ing intfPP*t?d m the buiinfjs to be traus Mt*3i^KHfy '1 ilX W'" at'end" tob'sl t Son, Inm Skecknrr, Henry Oswell, jamea Thompson. John HsJIy. Geo. Arculareoua U Son, J' hn Theall, Jno Sinclare, John Stevens, R. Gillmore, , ? John Oreay, John Harper. Of New York. Wm. Sueckner, Robt V. Varraek, and Jno. Laugsuff, f27 3l*in of Brooklyn. AMERICAN EAGLE HORSE ESTABLISHMENT. Coi iter of Ctoryotle and Oelancey atreeta, ONK HI OCR FAST Or THK HOW?;RV NgW VOHK ?fy THE undersigned having purchased the substin !2sT>iial brie building lately oceupt-d by. the Ml'lente Zt5_\ rnity (the eu'l of the wnrld having been mle tioitell postponed) begs leave to announce to the citixens oi New York "d its vicmity, that the abate establishment is now oivn nd hi- first Public Auction Sale will take niece on '1 hursdav next, the 8th of Maich, at 11 o cl ck. He nope, by strict intrgiity ou his part, the rules and regulations tie has thought proper to adont to govern the American Eagle Horse Est abl ith men t. and a faithful application of' ihetn wtlTearn ft the concern a reputation worthy tire first city of tbe I n ion .and be truata they wi I be found to afford to 'he unwary, e..her buver or seller every consistent or de air b e security. He res nectfullv invites a letusal of his Rules, and thniks I'' be found some more safe and agreeable then hsve hltfrerto been applied to the business: Ire particularly liiviteaeti mepectt tn or his establishment. Tlte Arena is the 1 irgest in the Union, and for light and air cannot Ire surras.ed-'W CnrriW'^nnJsi nn i. of the sttne dimensions, free from damp and oust?the Luery D-Potmentia u?oi. the most approved plan, having avenue, between lire-anges of atalla the whole length of the building, ^^re^prlemMro'su'tha. after a successful Practice of HU profe mod in Ibis city, going on 20 years, tliit lie it not "nJ? vorably known toibe. New York public, aud hegs 'o asMire them that he will continue the same with thTad- I duity and aitentu II at his Infirmary, 131 Lnrystire at., l ? aa ( joining block to %Amerre? EyU^i.b^ f 28-lw*rh I ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. TT7HEKEA8 JOHN J KKKf.RHON, alias John Bland, a na VV tivVof the'Pari,h of Bethual Green.London, son of the late Mr.Hichard J-fferaon, formerly of B rick Iane,SpitalM "J* monger cecased has not heen h-. rd ofin E gland, for more than 14 years! bntthorilv before.or about that P*'""!' Mt^us'to rec'ive Vid*n??J,of hia*^,'! alive* Irereb^offera re BRuu^Tw^R^TONT^l^r^n, * to be aiiutesie |g Bethnal Green. London. London..lannary 29th.-815. f2!-od..2w lawoutinwrc WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PAHK THE* 1'RE. I A S T R E P H F s F, .V T A T I O N S ! Aalhe Company will depart in a very short time, therefore, in A compliance with the earnest .of catation ofreveral families and individuaU, tht Manager annoAucea a . GREAT REDUCTION OF PRICES! ilftCenti tocTcry pari of the Theatre! OALLKHY ^KCKNTS. TWELVE MOST hPLENDiD A' IS IN llltt R1NO AND ARENA . # **' ,hMAn Tn'to N WA ? OfST* 147 ~XYL' GRAPHIC I'KbSS GENERAL JOB PRINTING OFFICE, r?? Oold Ntr*?-t nn **???? -??** * r|^HKSL'B?ORlBKHS in'orm Dtuggisti, Perlumers.Grocers I and Others, that they have ins^extensisei^duiim. lo thttr assort went of Xylographie. Lahels, to which hey would ie .necifullv call their attention. They are couxantlv their stock all the new style ofarlic'es. tu their lure, wlucn are offered in trance or England, and that th, v shall spare no eip'tiie in getting up all that thev may want in tire business of the Dtuggiats, Perfumer, sud Segsr I()'ll*p't U?i'INt)?Their office ia alto supplied with every variety ofType neccasary tor the execution of every description ofV'ancy Jo^ Kri'ting, Cards. Billheads. Notes. 6.11. Lading Cirrulsrs aii.l .ll ku.ds of Mercantile Printing, executed on "sEGAr'bOX LABELS AND PAPER, of every de.crip (2* lrn'rc Gold Street, near bulton FOR SALE, , A FOX IU-WH E EL EI) < AKKI AGE. of an A airuction, for two honea ?Apply to R. t . at the deek 11 this office, fot.further iwriiculars. lw lw I' OR NALE, fPIIE FURNITURE of a three amry honse, only three >e?? L in use by a private family, consisting of ever) thing lit or a ye.i.e.1 res ile,ice The ;.w?er c m e,..Hare, giving ?| houMi. keeping and it will he .old elre.P m bulk lor ??k.-Aptily to R ,?t the deek of thia office. 121 lw ,c PirDDEN CHANGES IN THE ATMOSPHERE. VTOTHINO la more trying to the human const ,'*lJ**"i P; IN du ill* colds, cough., rheumatism, ?g?'*";,1"? tl?U ,,|ai?W, which ar cured by the use of MRS LARKOLL* Medicated Vapor B v hs, 345 Bros i way Sulphur Baths require on? hour, notice One,t from 7 o'clock in the m renin* till 9 o'clock sr night. ?p. ! (.'? IP E^-DEToLrON. ol IOIIN 11 V H (), I ' .W 'l.'i in InnUHun rft-?:i??ui Sf? u?- \rnr(i%n t ? hr iio oi lb ids, Kanr.v Glass Buttons, tic , Nil 111 VY idiam atieet, New York. ? l?teod?e? , AMUSEMENTS. W E L O H '8 NATIONAL CI KG UP, PAHK VHBATRR. The Manager fver actioui to met*i th* wiehf? of ihi public, r*ip*nrnllv unuouucei ihe fo lowing 0t>!.EDUCTION OF PRICES,-CO Boxes '49 Cent* Gallery l?j Cent*. L*ST NKiHT BUT SEVEN. FRIDAY EVENING, February V8th, lo com meuce with ? Grand Equestrian Pageant, rultllrd the I.ANCE AIMhWe OK THE EAST. \ Beautiful Dinee bv Miss L. W?1H. Les Chef de* Camaiictie* by E Wood One of UN Drollest Ditties by E. M. Dickeuaou. ivlri Howard in a?|lr.:d<d Eqnestfinn Act. Ground Gymnastic by the Philadelphia Troupe, headed by McFwri nil. The Dvius Brigand, bv C. J. Rogers. La Polka by Miss Wells. Kour Hour Act bv J J. Nathan*. Magniticeui Act of Horst-mauthip, by T. _V. Turner. Personal I'oature by J J Nathans and Pupil*. An African Coucert, by Messrs. Hoyt, Edward*, Wiuueinoie and Kelly ^ To conclude with the grand National Equestrian Dranjatic Spectacle, witl. b-auuful Scenes, Costume*, Artillery, bridge*, immrnir Hum, Stc., entitled MAli ANTONY WAYNE ! ?M) HIS BOLD HORSE DEV1LDARE. Door* o|ieu at 6 o'clock, and i*rforinance to commence at 7. PAliMO'S Oi'KKA HOUSE. THURSDAY EVENING, Keh 27th?FRIDAY, 2ith?and SATURDAY, March lit. Oil each eveuing will be lepealrd the apleudid Burlesque Opera of la: sum am. uebeauties Altered from the popular Opera of La SomnainbuU. After wh'ch, MADEMOISELLE BLANCHARD will diiplay her musical power*on the CHINESE GLASSES, Cm eluding with the GRAND GRECIAN EXEK ISES ! With Cups, Gold'i Ball*, Daggers, and Kaiubow Shower, after the mtuirr ol t'ie c- ebrated GREEK KM GAS l'o couclud* with the unrivalled Etniopian Melodian Baud of Serenader*. who will aing *>veral popular Air*, accompanied with their instruments. Do in oi*u at qu vtrr before 7 o clock?Performance to coin ineuce qia ter befo-e 8 o'clock Kirs' tier and Parquette s? cents. Second tier 2} cent*. Private Boxes S3 Box Office open from 3 o'clock A M to 5 o'clock P M, to se cure seals. I ItYON'S CIKCUS. BO W E RY AMPHITHEATRE, THIS EVENING. Master Walter At mar as the Indian Youth and Napoltou. Ba n?y Williams in IrithFcreutriciiies. Double Somerset by Carrol and Gardner. Snlendid Ten Horse Cavalcade. Crummies on Horn-hark, by Mr Stout. Mrs. Gossiu, Mr. St mt, Mr. Shiudel, Mr. Carrol, Mr. Gardner, in brilliant Acts and Scenes rf Horsemanship. JOHN GOSSIN CLOWN. f28 lt*re GERMAN SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. THE GRAND CON.JK.RT. in aid of the Charitable Kund 1 of this Moriety will take place on SATURDAY, the 8th of March. 1840, at the Tabernacle, on which occasion the fol (owingeuiineotjal?nt wijl ?y*ar, viz. S1GNOKA ROSIN A . .?, MR. WM. SCHAllKENBKRG.i MR. THEOD. W. GRfiNEVELDT, (Clarionet.) A numl*r of Gentlemen Amaienra have kindly conaented to ?ins several German Choruse*, and au Or< he.tra of Sixty ? er formers, composed principally of Member* of the New York Philharmonic Society, will execute the following pieces, viz:? The celebrated Symphony iu C minor by B-ethov?u | Overture to P'ingal'aCave by K. Mendelsohn Bartholdy. Overture to Der Kreischutz by C. M. Von Weber. The Instrumental Performances will be uudsr the direction of mr. u. c. hill. 1 The Concert will commence at 8 o'clock precisely. Tickets, at SI each, may be had at all the principal Mnsic | Stores, at the door on the eveniug of the Concert, and of the un dersigned:? COMMITTEE. C.H. Sand. Theod Victor, Wm Sch iifenberg, Dr. Gescheidt, C R. Degeu, H. E. Moriug, A. Belmont. Ernest Kiedler. K. W Rake man, fl9to8Mi* er G. Vom Banr, E. Pavenatedt, K. A. Spiea, Professor Tellkampf, F. S. Schlesinger, Charles Perabeau, Dr. Henschel, A. Rodewald, Leopold Bierwirth. MR. VANDENHOFF'S LECTURE. SOCIETY LIBRARY. Tuesday Evening, 4th March. 1845. MR. GEO. VANDENMOFF'S LECTURE ANTIGONIE OF*sbrHOCLE8, . .. AND THK LEAR OK SHAK8PEARE, W T AHA' f28 3t?*c c"ntl-<'?'tlemau and two Ladies, $1. COMPLIMENTARY HAM S^aa?;? Wm.(M'oowanfJ?E ?V AI,??N^ Ksr* Ps? issS?*L?' T'.i, , , , Alfred D. A T a Vf t9?taF.L'MENTAK Y J?ALL. Li?~ be brought forward. Particularly the Polka ft^veJaM.";? Thi !S3S5S?tife^as^ ! CHARLES J. ROE. Secretary GILE8' K O U pTf? n*V*J,D SALOOI*, * ? ?? 9 ON CERTS AND H A Price for M'hT.r." *. ?.. A N U U A Lh 3 ? "iff for Concerts * . K^l? NibTiv1inVTul^E 4^" hD?!d ,h"'*?"??' the m.e at i o'clock. T"feXtJ*f th^lTw.V 1 -?=? D C. GOLDEN, President. people s theatre, ~ riim.-.h? . C'NCINNATI. OHi0. I Hr. aboir establishment will <>|>eo on the 1th of Anril ?>?., g 3t>fc a.KPOT. lwwfc H1LLIARDS U T.*J,S l?n#l !* iCen b* believed?the ball 1 in played ar fig 2, runs to 3 lo 4, to 3, to t>, to 7, to 8, to 9, to 10 and br play er* to 11 and 12. The abo/e angles can be made in on* blow. The Tables are up for r'aying or sa'e at 149 Fulton, or l\ ? Ann street. The maker will bank lor true ible, agaiust any petson living. MAII. LINE FOR ALBANY^ From 'h' foot if Conrtlandt .treet, at 5 o clock, P. M., binding at luteimediate place., i - hVs; ??"""'?'C'OLITVIBI A. Captain W. H. Pick, will leave Friday, and Similar Afle-er.^?, ,? \ o'clock -ft? *?-?mboei SOU TH AMERICA, Captain Tnifidell, wf;i-ieaXe ^a*ur?*> Monday Afternoons, at o'cloca. \Ls Passenger, taking *ne above line will arrive in Al bany in ample nave to take' the .Morning Train* of Cars foi he eaat or west. J'Se boat* are new and substantial, fei ilisned with Dew and *tr<{ant state rooms, and for a pern and ac mutnodations, are nnnaraile.i on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P.O. Srhults at tlie I id-re on the wharf fjtrc FOR NEW BRUNSWICK /?! , .The Steimhoat WAVE, Captain Vander ft " gjebilr t will levve the foot of Hobinson street. ne*r K-l<> Barclay .treet. on Thursday, 27th in.lant, at lo clock P. .vt., stopping at Chelsei, Kossrille, Suton'. and I Amboy?leaving New Bmuswirk neat morning, at 7??stoie ping at all ihr i. t-rmeliaie landings. rare and Freight at the uan >1 prices. f26 3t-ec U 8. MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY. And Intermediate Places, or a. fa' asth* ic? ?ill permit?The Steamboat COLUMBIA, :?_j.Cirt.Mn VVm. H. IVck. leaves the Steimbov Iter fiKn of Conrtlandt street, south side, this al trruoou at i o'clock, Wednesday, beb. 26th. 18A*>. Staves lei*, for Albany immediat-ly on both sides of the North Rirer. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz, at the om e on the wharf. Ijg FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packe> ? ??"'h* *fh of March.?The rrgnlar fast sailii.k .Packet Shir R08CIU8, i a, .am A. Eldridgr,of 1,10<> , will nosi iTely sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, haying accom modal tout unequalled r?Mf17?d"r or eomlort' *PI'ly on board at Orleans wharf, foot ?f Wall street, or to K- R- COLLINS A CO, 56 Sonth etreei. Price of Taj sage, $1W The picket ship Sid.Ions, Captain E B. Cobb, will soc e*~? the Rosriot. and soil ?th April, her regular day. fifiee FOR SALE?Twenty-f< nr Covered FRKIOIIT IJ AHS, ,,'cri ** "* n"'d on 'I1? I'eun.y lyania lis.I .Ro?d. They will be sold very low If outsold be fore Saturday, the 1st of March, iliry will be offered at public sale at the premises of the subscriber, at IS o'clock, A M, . C HAMILTON, West side Broad street,below Locust street, Philadelphia. ja3l Imeod'gb* LEAKY Ac CO S FASHION FOR SPRING, 184T> GJ.FjNTLE.MENS' HATS, of our Sprit g Patt-ru, will be rea a-a dy for sale and delivery, on ard after Frldajr, the '48th InMnnt. N. B.?We announce the above as 'I'll ? FkBIUON for iho ensuing seas n. and to preclude all i.oaaib.lity of error in the minds of the public and irade generally, in this city and else where, si ro its origin and di tinctively jecnliar features, we present the following detail of t't proportions, via:? CROW.v?7W inches high, 4-16 bell at eidrs, S, bell in front and rear, yeoman, curve. X,'.r.T.3"l6,lnrh i*a1, r' rounded off |-|? m'b. BUIM-21* inches wide all aionnd-S f, nainral eiirvr-Curf W lie BAND aud B'NDING?inch wide. The particular set of ihe brim is unique, and our customers will be served with a niyle eypre.slv adapted t. the characteris tic team re# and form ofrnch respectively. behruan 2?lh, l?4V P AC Kb. I SHIP KDSt.lCS from l.r vrpool?Is discharging a under general order at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall stoet media's?""' " f'fas. attend to the receipt of their goods im pA? KET SHIP H<) V t'lNfJCER from Liverpool-Cor , P?r this venel will please lake notice, that she it dis chvgii.g under general ord r, at west ole Mniling "aim Per mir? may b^ ??nt on hoard, or to f>i woonHCi.L k \iivn ? - , i,? .... Dai Kr. I SHiPIvEnEVA, fro t s die. no, 1 ing at t)rlearn WnarfTfoot ol VS'.ilt street (omsignees will please attrnd lo the rveeipt of their goods ,m mediately. " NnTiC' l\ AbR.s BEKRI. fcCt TAR, Fasbtonahh I'd . v ul n V1'"1'1,"" ,l* w"ich, l?P> at ihe11 Hal V, ? ni, i* Hi ulway 1 lie h|iiiug p uhion l?r lii-ntlciiien't || it, ' 11*1, ? i Artetv ol new style* o| C*i? for Spring 1*3 mis*or BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington [Correipodence of the Herald ] Washington, Wednesday-8 P. M. The Texas Resolutions?Their Probab'e Fate Tne foil'wing Senators have already s(okenon lie Texas question :? Morek- aJ, Buchanan. Hives, Woodbury, Choate, Hun uigtou, Dickinson, Ashley, He' deraon, Allen, Merrick, Dayton, Berrien, Simmons, Wa.ker, Miller. The debate thus tar has been marked with great ibility and courlety on both sides It is expected to close in the course of this evening or night, ttiough several otheis desire to speak on the sub let?Mr. Crittenden among the number. Although the hour is near, for the matter to be decided, and in spite of the prevalent opinions of the last week, that the joint resolutions from the House, would pass in their present shape, I am confident! now, ihat they will not, in a full Senate, without an additional amendment,somewhat similar to Mr. lien ton's. Mr. Pearce, the absent Senator, is in his seat, uid I understand instructions for Mr. Merrick from be Maryland Legislature are expected to reach here this evening; whether or not he will obey, no one can say. I doubt that the question can be taken to-night. Thk Capitol, f Washington, Wednesday, 5 P. M. J Passage of the Reform Postage Bill?Texas De bate?Office Seekers, Holders and Tactics?Naval School, tfc. James Gokdon Bennett, Esq.? The Post Office Reform Bill passed the House of Representatives to-day by a vote of 128 to 74, with the amendments sent you yesterday, of the rate of ten cents for single letters over three hun dred miles, and five cents for less distance.? Also, that the bill shall not go into effect until July next. The bill was immediately sent to the Senate, and the amendments will probably be con curred in. The foreign postage bill forwarded to vou yesterday, will probably be adopted. John Quiticv Adams abstained from voting on the post age bill, owing to the fact of his being entitled to the franking privilege as one of the Ex-Presidents ol the United States. The Texas debate was continued in the Senate to-day, and will probably occupy the attention of that body until to-morrow, when a vote will be taken. Result doubtful. Cabinet movements are still in statue quo, and will so remain until after the vote on the question of annexation. Office holders and office seekers are busy and active, and hundreds are here with petitions, let ters and recommendations, many of which it is believed, were prepared lor the eye of any Presi dent of the United States who might have been elected by the democratic party, and some, tt is supposed have been previously laid before previous Presidents The infamous system of "log-rolltng" tor office has already commenced, and bargain and trade between certain parties is fully evident from their movements in obtaiuing signatures and recommendations in return for similar services. Thomas Goin, of your city, the active and un tiring friend of the seamen of the country, arrived here yesterday to urge the actioH of Congress in favor of an appropriation to continue the Naval School system, of which he may be considered the father. It is to be honed that BUccess will fol low his efforts, as naught but the public interest prompts his action. Among the religious arrivals I perceive that of Bishop Hughes, but whether he is desirous of office or not, 1 know not. The Senate held an Executive session this after noon, but no business was transacted They took a recess until five o'clock, when Mr. Bagby, of Alabama, commenced a speech in favor of annexa tion. Senate Chamber, ) Wednesday night, 10 o'clock. > Bagbyof Alabama Against Immediate Annexation ? Great Excitement?Nomination of Minister to China. Arthur P. Bugby, a Senator from Alabama, has misrepresented the people of that State, and espe cially the democratic party, by whom he was elected, and to the astonishment of every body, commenced an anti-annexation speech in the Senate this evening, at about half past five o'clock, and closed at half past seven o'clock, after croaking for two hours in opposition to the joint resolution of the House, and in fa vor of the substitute presented by Senator Benton of Missouri. This movement is no doubt premon itory of the course of Mr. Benton, and seme few others, in opposition to the House plan of annexa tion. and it is now disclosed that a caucus was held by this clique of the democratic party on Tuesday evening, at which this course was agreed upon. There is reasonto believe that this opposition has been sprung at the present crisis in order to compel ihe President elect to accede to the wishes of cer taiu Senators, in the selection of the Globe as the organ of the administration, and in the construc tion of the new cabinet. It so, we shall have an immediate test of the strength of character and resolution of Mr. Polk, and there can hardly be a doubt that he will resolutely tesist such an infamous attempt to control his action, ns it deserves. If Texas is defeated, the peo ple will compel him to select an annexi-.tion cabinet entire, and thus the plotters will be out plotted. The constituents of Senator Bagby will be thunder struck with his course, as it will be re membered that he voted for the treaty at tne last session, and none have suspected (ex cept the whigs who wee in the secret,) that he would thus violate his trust and deceive the whole democratic party. The loudest anathemas nnd curses were heaped upon his head this evening by thousands in the citv, and by every democratic nember from Alabama, except one, who it is be lieved has been active to-day in urging him to this course. You will remember that every member trom Alabama in the House, including Mr. Dellett, i whig, voted in tavor ol the joint resolutions, and the course ol Mr Bagby in following this opinion, was never doubted by his friends until this even ing. Senator Upham, of Vermont, followed Mr Bag by, in a decided Whig anti annexation speech, in which he argued and re-argued the manrer in which Vermont came into the Union, and ho w she resisted the attempt ol New York and Massachu setts to annex her to their territory. The vote will not he. taken on annexaiion before Thursday night or Friday morning, and the it suit, I think, will be negative. During the Executive session to-day,A. H Ever ett, was nominated as Minister to China by Presi dent Tvler Mr. Bagby is a native of Virginia?was original ly a Federalist, and resides and is now coBHrierrd a citizen ?f Georgetown. He was engaged here last summer as an agent or advocate oi claimants against the government,which business wns rather small potatoes lor a Senator of the United States P 9.?Senator Merrick, ol Maryland, has been instructed toy the Legislature to vote against annex ation, and will obey. You may consider the reso lution as defeated, and annexation at an end this session. N. B.?It is reported, at 10 o'clock at night, that Bsgoy has agreed to vote for annexation, notwith standing his speech, and that he has so informed bis colleague, Dixon H. Lewis, who intended to reply to him. Washinoton, Feb. 20, 1846 To-day in Washington has been one of much excitement and anxiety, on account of the suppo sition that a vote would be reached on tfe Texas question to-night. But lawyers aeein like the Pha risees of old, who supposed ihey were to be heard for their " much speaking." As members of Con gress, they seem to lose none of this peculiar pro pensity for speaking in public. Mr. Miller, ol New Jersey, consumed all the early part of the day. The Senate, as usual, took a recess until 5 P. M. On the hands of the clock reaching that figure on the clock face, the Presi dent of the Senate took hit seat, and called the honorable Senators to orrter. Mr Bugby, trem the democratic State ol Alabama, had the tl >or? Every one was prepared and expected to near a powerful argument in favor of ihc House resolu tions ; but what was there utter astonishment, when they heard Mr. B igby rise in his place ami lomtnence a speech against the House resolutions >n constitutional grounds! II a bolt of thunder had struck the dome of ihe capttol demolishug it at a twinkling, the surprize could not have been more astounding The news spread through every pari of the vast building, uttered by anxion* coun tenances, " T-xmsis lost!" " Bagby baa lost us Texas " " Without his vote the measure cannot he carried." " He has just said in his speech, he will not vote lor the measure " The English inter-si, ?nh Senoy Almonte's mends in w '.siting ?? 1 v p< ;. >; ?y \. ii tl in- . t l ? t! ? ' 1 ' it itttlom - id vt.U iii tin It qu-h-Uon wi It the confirmed news oi England's intrigue to *c

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