Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., Ho. fttf-Wbolo Ho. 40!41. NEW YORK. SATURDAY MORNING. MARCH 1, 1845. Prloo Two ConU. THE NEVV YORK HERALD AGGREGATE (JiRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. the greatest in the world. To thi Habile. THK NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?oub h"d every day ot the year except New Year'. Day and Kourth of July. Price I centa per copy?or 17 3d per aanum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERA LD?published every Saturday sssssTJisa.- -es-SSSS aid ui the moat elegant atyle. ?ode,ate price, JAMES GORDON BENNETT, "HorniKTon or the Herelp Eit*bi k'hw,.. No?hweatcorier ofy,|.on Md' N^^toWCs. O^bafe &c.COnTeaie0t Bi'? well calcuUud for an foAMer.'h^TT^ro^EMhronirie'" ?Hi,17, "d ,t0rV fc,,,iU?'e together with a variety Tf Room.!? ,TMi .D??a,,wllw,\ *?? atoriea, .uitable fur Ullicea. Private Pal,!!? !p'mh' and 4lb Pan fries and Bedrooma attached - witJ. rt!Ll? fo,d!J* V00/*' Sf-'J-'*1", l'?miei?, Dajjuerreotviie.'aiid K*t!h,Ti?U ?,uili")'e /or Those iierauns wanting room, of the i?i ? Re quested to call aud examine the ?.m. ^? '-<JrtCrip'ion, are re ft J |,n*rc ,anie- kuquire on the premise* VERY DESIRABLE LOTS KOH hAll elegant improvement.. Varda in front, and in the midat of millbr,*H'tson 'he aontherly aide of 14th street between the ^ I V aveouew, m an improving neiahbortToid ?veime. southerly aide of uA the ?th tiK-'-as ? - ?TsiSr* ?' ? 16 Wall,treat erect a manufactory which will be builV'tf remi?rd W ?D 10 sSiBfS^?%? and nurin good fene?* ? .The house will be painted the Rloo'ningd ife road^ *'*"? W"h ' ??Urt y"d in ?? thro'ugh udn7thmrenueSt& manufacturer. Buildings will he i^.Vl^ j * flonat or . Alao. a Lot inMthattSt:"Vl'S' lease. ? Detwe?n the 7th and ?? h avenues, to J 26 lm*ec H ^YKi!vJtiH' 16 Wall street. goSdienmi't "' ' lm''rov'?? ""gWihooU. Rent low to 5 un^;;^h"UouhX4^ar|id i&? ?rif> Houses, with Stow. Twelfth and Thirteenth stje*t, wfrlT'i . Av7"e' brtw?,? ( ruton wrier kc ?n,i?hi. . s iding d;-ors, marble moilerite c.rVum,un?, b" lo' '"'?eclable families in easterly rule' !,f Ur*ei!wivi|CLau?IHfV0'8 ??m''?*kindaeHS the av n?e....... Aveuu'-uear "? ki?hth oflTj?: lyZkof Hie E all TVri,h 8 SlT "'"'rneath. 14th at eeu, withma-1 ? , ' A,V?" 13lh and wat-r, Ec 8 ble ?l'Uing doors, troton are,1,',;'hi'.* ,tdnd: f?T ??<> cliiua and ea. then ware I.Vrdi^' f' ladie? ?hoe .tores, fect.onary, fcc *' '"rd?a". Jewelry, oullinery, con t t T-? 16 V\ all it'Mt. ,e. T'P ' B?'?theid, or Water Kront,from War tTJl : . l-f,T '".t-'-ainln-r., .trv-t, (about 200 net,) now orru ilHv are,," "l, 'No':U7,^d,n:?Q StoreNS. <k;?iu''ied-i.j* R'J'Co*)] U^tUhMALs'uRT TTL]c^&\?'! ?,"wgb?^ Jowauu. "I ?h?J,i._^T~',ha Mwslon and Pann at Uowann, i I _i i ulau.ion and hnnn at HZe i?r,.tv tier viT^'r* f'O't'heHouth Keirv. The .Cu:^ud;.;^ Long I.Ian 1 lor ? arlv v geia'olelj anil" ean le V^"1 !? tie-. est on am*/?" v'ni^ ? a iai-#unSd lo,.b' 411 exinriucW (/tTdrteK .k?..>5w.'i . r "ALE?ri.e Brujmc ?a-ui, at Uowat.u., about 200 Lot. froutuig ou 1 h rd .-nd Kourlii ? te.-.u-a and tlie !:,pf .'"i " 1 <,r e.iwood C>m.te,y. The T.o'i will be In V i i i'w ?iI2oa 'l1 IOI;0 credit, and money loaned to those that build immediately. A poly to r,. , _ JOHN K. DELAPLAINE. HO lm rc 7 New vreet, ^.ew Vorh. M TO LET - LIVE NEAT 3NLU HwUiEo-nt aud Iirarthe co-ner "f 7t0 avenue and J-ith .treeis Rents lli to Juo do.11 .. l.e er-i ce and vecur.ty reqnir-d. They are , tu i-ej in the m s' thriving part of th- citv, at ih- end of stage rout-,, to at to insure seats w ith iut delay in storuiv wea tlier, lor |er?oiis d.i.;g hiniuri. down .own. IV session of two fjt**w<iec' other Uiree ou tirat sf May. > .{-KT-Tliecmmodiou. focr story bTTcITh^. . "atiwet.iucomplete o d?-, and www v_ ' -ri.1 ? . ^""t W.|" he let or Ita^rd for a te.-m of \ i U LuLn'V,.e t",44'" house Will be sold at auction, on or about (lie 2!lth of April n it App'y to ' ou JOHN DUKAU, r.?,. _ . 251 Willum aiie t, or to W 3t^od*rc E. H. IXDLOW <L CO , S3 Broad tl. I HOUSE TO LET?In Brooblyn, Gr'fowood Cemetery, containirg 12 r o ,, |..onrie. ceilu, loge.her Willi woodstabl u< -ed laige aarj-n, beautifully con ..... ied, near tlie New Yo k t.a> Also, a Cottage, couuiuing 6 rooms, with large garden. n? Enquueof |i MAkl ua kVT), f'^ 7 dh 35 j?t,? ,,r rit New Yoik. THREE STORV BlUtK IL'UaE i O Li-.T in Uro'ifclyu, at the corner ol Ja, aid Na so Mreu It is ^^^^ne - lv limit, or mode. . ?t\ 'e, in a fashionable neighbor hood, and within ten minut-a walk of Knit- n or Cithan'e ler "??- Apply to HENRY W ILSDN, log Nassau st, Brr.oklvn, or 5 Oold at. New York. f/g j ? J, ' KOR SALE?A tw . story House aud Lot. 73 Nassau Brook|V?- Tcrnrs easy. Aiply t . H. WILSON, tl2Naiaauat, Brook;)n. or 5 t-olu at, New Vera. UaJi*je ilh^aVti'"The three .lory Dins house, 177 Broadway, , .v;.' .. , oiii, urn, iwuir, in Droitan, I *''h Stanle in the rwsu. on Vlamer street, Grand ? ?? mk t'?d Kroome strenti. ( ould be a1*??ed t as to br made a IU4? nor situation for any busiuets. ^ri.cclarly for one requir ing iuucIi room. ^ Apt ly at the Office, 233 Wailiiiigtow at. fg7 3f rc Jgak Si LAM fOVVhKr-Jiuouii to let with S.e;ifn i'owar. l't,m _. at i? HOE Hi CO., n? ?*rc 29 a. d J| . J?ld street. TO SECRET SOCIETIES. MTO LET?Pro* Ut May next, the laig- Kooin in the upperetorrof ho'-aecorner of Knit Briw.away and Ca tharine atieet, tided nt> for a Iodic room. Catt be inn brtw.-m 2>, and 5 o'clock. P.M. Por further particu lar, require of E.BPt Catharine eireet, or of J Hr.CHT, 38 tie ry inert. fill lm*m FOR SALE. etaae A BEAUTIPUL KARM, litaated in the towu of -.stcheater, rout-ining aeventy acres of aood tilahleand gti - ? ? ? laud. .The Home it in perfect order end couvenirnt ly a, ranged for a large family baid Farm ia divided by ihe poet road running to New Kochelle and .llartnarrooeck, and rum down to Kaatcheirer Cirek, where there ia Ane baia and trout Ashing ill their leaaou. The out bnildinga are all in good order, and Ihrre ii good a abling for twelve honea. i he whole place lawell wareied audou the|>remiiet ia a beautiful b'ishpond. I here ate two churches within a quarter of a mile ofaaid place, ami actgvapass twiea a day by the home,to in termed the New Voek and Harlem Railroad at William'i Bridge, whi> h ia with in three 1,11 11 1 of aaid premiaea. There u an abundance of Frun on aaid premiaea, which waa aelected by tha pre ten i ow net w th g eat care. The diatance from City Hall, New York, i* sc nt-ixtee-i miles Poaaeaaion can be had by the 1st of April, and any information concerning said property, can be had on the preintres. A 10, ad orning said pioperty, forty acres of Ant rate Lead, with a gi? il Stone House on it, with Barn and Sublt a connected, possessing flic aame advantages as the above aeveuty ucrea. Tlie aa d fortv acres will be sold keyerately, or the harm* to gether (miking in all I III at ie?) lo suit the pucehas r. Apnly to J. VV J vNb.WAY, No. 12 City Ha l Place, or to ISAAC ANDEltHON, ou thepr, niises, or to .... fcl Im-rc WAL H. HICKS, No. 20 Wall strret. TO LET. AT PORUH AM. WKHTCHESTER CO, N Y. _3fvd| A LABOR and conveni- ill Cottage, formerly occupied g-jvi ,v Thus Ban:,foul, with a (is-ilen, Mid b uit Trees ol wJksh-vtry eracrl iron, adjoining?aitontedwithin twoorthree huiid-'d yards of ht. ioloi' College, The N?w York ana Hat Irm Kail'onl < araruu to and froci New Yoik six turn s a day. iipply ai ii# IVarl meet, iNew York. ft# lei*re REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. SABOUT P'l" TY ACRES of choice Laud in the #th vv aid, hi Hw city of Bruok'yn, frou'ing the New Yerk IJay, :m ? commanding a beautiful promi eet. TKe airua tion m higl.l .? nctuieoiue. c'.nquin*of JOHN ?. B?.RtiEN, ok the p a M.ra, j?|B iin?re SbOR SALE?A w cable ba m, lorming a pari of the tract know i as Mo rianiia, aitua'ed on the Harlem river, i lie county of \Y esti-hestar, cou.iaiiu* of our hundred ?Ml"' acr a of land, pr-q* ly fen ceo and in good order I'non tl. barm th re in a commodious modern built Manaion House, Wiio /.nt a * able and all necc-s ry appeudriges, suitable for a ge., I man i country residence, i lief are alto upoi, the Farm two h inn, audi all uccesa.iry out bnildioga Also, a valuanle n il! site ami w tier power, and an orclnud. The aaid Farm ia trry avert* bit Irjoi tie- city, being wilhu Bin* miles of the ? itl IU1I, witn tl* oris ilegr of a free briuge across the Hayem river. The cars of the Harlem Railroad run within half a utile of -.he house. Km terms and further pariicul ra in quire b rwren 12 and J P. M. of H. M. iVkUitKIS, jilt fui*rc II Pine street, second story. M A COUNTRY HERlDe.NCE F??R SALE-Sitnat?d JPrklpn fh? t -wo of Pelham. Weitchcster Con ty, bordering on nadkmih vi|lag?of < neaer, abou IS miles I mm New Yoik, co' l. inu g in acres of land?1# acres wood lend, the balan 00 aar, a 11 in a high at He ol cn* lies' ion, wnh Itnil tries of ill Kit in tnuiidaiic*. There a*? two go >d Dwelling Houses 00 it, rfce tty boili, fyell, r r ph a large bua. ato.ielien hom-e, Co n rib, ? c. I he pl?, e ia oeau-if.,11 y sitnatad.c. niininding aviewol lit# Bound aiidauiineii n.g roam y It will ue sold low or eicliiiiyid Tr tuiprov. d city proteily F i further y .\r ticulara a> ply at t? A a,I street, belweeu Carlisle and Ri-cutr streets. Alto, ? Lota of Orewnd 25 by IIKl on tha anaterly si- e of the llth Avenue between yjth ime Uih atreetl. 122 ,m?ic M FOR BALke-A PAR.M-iiLuaied at lalip, Suffolk ?Hi-ounty, LI .alirintng-mithtuwii. Hoid Ka, m contains dJUk^ -,rwhich it WyiRij the rem lining 52 Acre* are HI a Mid of g?M?d cu t Viiuon. J mi are iwu Hrm*-*, and ilso tw<> good WflUol wafer on the farm; a Urge hern ? uh car nag* h >uy and ?Uhlinji lor eight lionet; an iet ht u?e; a good Urge garden, MClood ?n a picfcet euc*. fruit treee, Itc %c. V iv further in* umaion m*y he cb aiued ?i No H3 Jl-eober mr -1 a few dcoit from Bro*dway. li.uf the rarehnoe money c*a reuuia on mortgage. 115 lm*m 4 TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD. <41 nnn KKWAHD?The Store of MESSRS. COFrlN, ?IUUU BRADLEY St CO., No, 41 Exrhange Place, having been art on fire on Saturday night, the 18th instant, the undersigned, a Committee of the Insurance Companiis, which had policies on the goods in said store, hereby offer a reward of Oue Thousand Dollars, for such evideuce at shall lead to the detection and conviction of th? incendiary or incendiaries. New York, February 12th, 1845. LAMBERT 8UYDAM, President ??ouitable Insurance Co. JNO. BROUWEH, President Kast Kiver Mutual Ins. Co. A. O HAZARD, Agent of the Adtua and Protection Ins. Co., of Hartford, Con. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS REWA.KD-We, the subscribers, offer One Thousand Dollars, in addition to the re ward offered by the Insurance Companies. as ahove stated. f!3 lm'rc COEKIN. BRADLEY Ik CO. DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL, Ne. 408 BOWERY, , ? Near Astor and La Fayette Places,.New York. AAR. D. has the honor to announce that his School is open lvl Day aud|Evening, for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Riding. TERMS : LECTURE LESSONS. EXERCISE RIDUXO 1 Month $12 M 30 Ride* 10 00 10 " 0 00 Single Rides 75 16 Lessons $15 00 10 " 10 00 4 " 5 00 Single Lessons 8 00 Rood " 2 50 N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Honee, fot the Road oi Parade, to let. XVEHINO CLASS. 10 Lessons $0 00 I 10 Rideo.. $10 00 Single" 1 00 J Single Ride 75 RULES: 1.?All Lessons or Ride* paid for on commencing. 2.?One hour allowed on each Lesson or Ride in the School. I.?One hour and a lialf to a Lesson on c la- Road. I.?Hours for Ladies, from 9 A. M. to J P M. 5.?Hours for Gentlemen, frem 1 to 5, twd from 7 to OJjJ P. M 0.?No OenJemeu admitted drnxing (lie hours appropriated to Ladies. A card of address is requested previous to commencing. Gentlemen keeping their horses at this establishment, w ll hare the privilege of riding them in the School gratis, ft3 lm'rc AT! A. B CHEAP SPECTACLES a'9JDUANE *T??EET. New York, first door from Broadway. HENRtf D. BLACKWOOD, Working Optician, as proof of the above, advertises the following cheap price* :? Best doable jointed Gold Spectacle* $0 25 Best single jointed Gold Spectacles 7 50 Best double jointed Silver Srectaclei 2 30 Best single jointed Silver Spectacle* 2 00 Finest double jointed elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 18s. Finest single jointed elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 15s. Finest donole jointed Tortoise-shell Spectacles.... 15s. Finest single jointed Tortoise-shell Spectacles..12s. STILL CHEAPER Good elsstic blue steel Spectacle#, set with the best glasses, and with every care and attention paid to them in the manufacture, or one dollar. Good elastic bine Steel Spectacles 6s. Good elastic blue Steel Spectacles 4s. 6d Good elastic bine Steel Spectacles 3s. Good German Silver Spectacles 3s. Best Tortoise-shell Eye Glasses 5s. 6d. Best bine Steel Eye Glasses 5s. 6d. Best Horn Eye Glasses 3a. Best Horn Spectacles 4s. 6d. Beet Convex Glasses set into your own frames.. 2a. Best Concave Glasses set into your own frames, 3s. Best Convex Pebbles set into your own frames.. 10s. Best Concave Pebbles set into yonr own frames, 13s. Repairs executed at the same rate of cheapness. Ladies and Gentlemen attended at their own residences. jalS lm'ec ARCHITECTURE CRED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform hit friends and the " public, that he has removed his office from 192 Broadway to 10 Wall ?t, where persons desirous of building are invited to ex amine a selection of original and tasteful designs, from the Cot tage upwards to the extensive Villa or Mansion, in all the various styles of architecture; and where he is prepared to furnish Plans, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and Contracts forBmld iegs of every description, and superintends the erection thereof. Ia30 lm'rc TO THE DAGUERRIAN ARTISTS. FA. ARTAULT. Importer of French Daguerreotype ma ? teria's and manufacturer of Morocco Cues, offers at the following cheap prices? , Best quality ol French Platee, No. 40, (medium) $3 dosen. Fine Morocco Cases with white glass and bne borders, S3 dx. Go.-d quality of Daguerreotyiie Apparatus, including the in struction, all complete and warranted, $50. Acromatic Gluses, from $3 to $15. All: he Chemicals used in the Daguerreotype process, cheap. F. A. A>tault has received by the last steamship, the aalt of gold for gilding the picru-es, the new substance fo' polishing plates in two min tee. and the beautiful processor Mr. Fizean tor reproducing the Dagur-reotype Portraits on engraved plates, and to draw on paper an unlimited number. If you are fond of the progress in this besntifnl art, please to call at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, cor. of Liberty si. ja20 lm'rc "CHEAP DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. MRS. H. SHANKL AND,Daguerreotype Artist.having taken since two years more than lti.OOO portraits, and being well known fur taking the best style of portraits, respectfully informs tu - friends and customers and the public, that she gives a beau ful Daguerreotype likeness, including a fine morocco case or a frameTTor only one dollar. Being always well patronized, and her customers increasing every day. she has, for their conve yance, enlarged her estab'ishinent, by two Daguerreotype rooms establishment," 2R "BfOEuvHlf, Wersvo, j7 Ahroc tomn> ? rj opposite the ark Fountain Portraits taken from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening, any weatlier, cloudy or st-rmy. Remember, only one doLar. (best style) including case or frame. jzO lm'rrc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. THE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype 1 Artists, that lliey have considerably enlarged1 their connec lions throughout the Union, thr West Indies, South America ind Europe. They here also.made arruigemeuts to be supplied with every new article n*ed in the have lately received a lam supply* of Voigtlaender Cameras, consisting cf three different sixes, for the jale o which tney are 'appointed Agenu. Alio, a supply of best flates and Chemicals, either for Daguerreotype or Ca made to their esi*eia! ordet. Caaet ofal^srtesl *1feijf Substancei, and every other article used for the Dagvcmoty pe, constantly on hand. Their long connection with the Dagucr leotype Art and their sncceas in taking pictures, may serve as a recommendation and reliance. Daguerreotype Artists( by ordering articles from any part of the above named countsies mav depend mpon a prompt and satisfactory execution ol then Mt. Their prices are cash. Prices Current and mformatiop may be obtain,d by ^"'""^"^lUnGENHEIM, flS lm'ec Exchange Building. Philadelphia. SWORD EXERCISE. lV/TR. HAMILTON, having entered into an arraiigement with M MR. FULLER, for the use of the Large Room of hit Gymnasium, No. SO Ann street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most respectfully announce# to the public that he in tends commencing a Class for the Sword Exercise, in all its branches?American and Ftench, audi as Small and Broad Sword Exercise, and alto Cane Kieicise. Mr H several years engaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United Stv*B^ivoiunteer Companies wishing to become perfect in either Mnaket or Artillery Drill, can be taught the same on the moet moderate terms, by application to the advertiser, II Ann street, to Capt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller. f!3 lm m SMOKEY CHIMNEYS. GOODWIN'S ROMAN CEMENT CHIMNEY POTS Am the Best Preventatives eon Smoeev Chimnevs Slate Roofs repaired and warranted tight. Gothic and Urna mental Chimney Pots from Drawings. Ike. Roman Cement, fresh, in lots to soit parcnasetE. "~7~30 West Broadway. near Clumbers street. 1$ 2Uw8m*rc LOOKING GLASS PLATES HANLINE It OSTHEIMEH, Importers, No.3 Bank street, Philadelphia, have received by late arrivals, s full inrut of Looking Glass Plates, from 9 bv 7 to 40 by 90; Polished Piatt Window Olasx, from IS by 12 to 60 by 40. Also, a com B assortment of Toilet Glasses, Spectacles, Snuff Boxes, r, together with a variety of other German and French Goods, which they offer on the most favorable terms. ja28 Im'ghs u: FRENCH FLINT GLASS WORKS, AT WILLIAMSBUROH, L. L DEPOT 90 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. KiiRt. BKHOEK til WALTER, known for a long *erie* of yaars untniiin mugf?riinrri of Watch-Cryatala and Flint Glassware, in the Department Moselle, Fiance, haw the honor to inform Glass Dealers ImiHirtcrt of Waichm, and furnishing houie* generally,that they nave ei'ablUlied a Branch of their Maunlactory in tin* country; and, in order to fulfil to entire tatitfaction all command* that might be addtessed to them, have engaged experienced and ?kilfnl workmen, both French and English. The beauty of thi* Ola**, the ta*tefnl style ol all the article* they manufacture, a* well a* numerate prices, and promptitude in the execution of order*, will, they rat loudly hope, secure to the m a large share of |>alronage from American and foreign Houae*. N. B ? Cuttomer* in tbe habit ol tranimifting order* to their h*n?e in Pmi',27 I'aradia Poissonniere, ortheir general Depot ol Crystal, 30 Paradi* Poissonniere, Pari*, will pleaae forward th'm direct to 90 William itreet. New Vork. f!6 lm*ec BOUQUETS, FLOWERS, SEEDS & PLANTS. 'THE SUBSCRIBER rr?i>ectfullv beg* to inform hi* friend* I and the public, that he ha* made temporary arranitementi to fnrnith the above, from th- *tore of Mr. Harrison, corner Broad way and Prince atreet*. Bouquets, composed of the m at choice and sweet icented exotic*, can be had at a mo ?pent'* notice and fashionable ?ty let They will he arrauged in the variou* neat and fashionable atylea wiiich ha* given the iub*rriher to much notoriety during It * ?apaiint.'naance of the late Coniervatory and Seed Establiali Choice Annual h lowering Seed, Vt?etable Seed.^nd Flower ins Plant*, on hand. JOHN ROBINSON. PIS In imrc CELEBRATED RASPA1L CIGARETTE, BY GRANDJFAN. THE MOST respectable phytteian* in New Xork will eerti fy that Orandjfan, I Barf I ?y wa* >hf fir?t Pfrton who introduced the R \WPAIL CIGARRTTK to the public, made alter the gennine receipt lent to him from Pari*. I he Kaapail Cigarette, with Pearl t 'amphor, by Grand jean. The ( amphor ?jsaiette are quill tnbe?,?o arranced that the air passing thn ugh them become* impregnated, at the ordinary temperature, wnh camphorated vapor, and ao perftamed.reach** the lung*, holding the tat. in thnmonth by the .mailer end, exactly a* a common . ... RaapaiT* direction may be had only of Orendjean, trans lated into English Be particnlar to rail at th* ?r.conn noon from Broadway in Barclay atreet. Hi iw*tc AMERICAN HAIR DYE. \tT ARRFNTF.D, if strictly applied according to direc'ion. ?v to change the hair from any othet color to a beautiful an burn or perfnetly. jet blank, without staining or irritating the ?kin, like other Hair Byes Prepared only by DK J AVNE, No 20 South Third atreet, Philadelphia. Puce 50cent*. Sold by the Agent*, A. B IK D Kd, Drnggist), No. 79 Fnlton street, 271 Broadway, 77 East nil way. ]2, | lm*m R HOE dc CO 'S PATENT CA RD PRESSES. UKVF.HAI. of the above inaehn rs can now b* teeo at thn O waicroom* of the proprietors, 29 and 3i Gold atieet Printer* and other* are invited to tnnmuM.tlwm. _ ftj iwm * TO MERCHANTS VISITING NEW YORK CITY. D. M. PEYSER, 60 JOHN STREET, (ULTWgEN WILLI AM AND I* ASlAU ITKKKTI.) NEW VORK, IMPORTER OF GERMAN AND FRENCH FANCY GOODS, Offer* for i*l#, by the package or to *oit cnitomer*, at the mo?t reasonable term*. WORSTEDS Zephyr, Oerm&ii, and Tapisserie Chine and Ombre Wor*ted*. SILKS Flos*, Twisted, Plain and Shaded Silks, in Hticks and Spools. CHENILLES Embroidery, Flower and Trimming Chenille. PATTERN'S. Berlin Embroidery IVteimv most splendid selection. French and Germui Canvass for Embroidery, of Cotton, Worsted, Imitation of Silk, and Silk, Silver aud Oold, of ail widths. BEADS. Oold, Silver, Steel, and fifes* Beads and Bugles NEEDLES. Embroidery Needles, Steal, Wooden, Ivory, Ebony, and Whale bone Knitting and Croclie' Needles. EMBROIDERIES. All kinds of commenced and finished, such as Suspenders, Shoes and Ottomans, Etc Ac. FANCY OOODS. All kinds of Paris Fancy floods, such as Purses and Purse Trimming*. Head "rnaineuta. Bracelets, Hair Pins, Comb*, fkc.: Necklaces, Oold and silver Braids, Tinsel Cords, and Silver Bullion l asse!*, FRENCH MILITARY X RIM MINOS, Etc. Wire Ooods, such as Baskets. Watch Ho'ders, Etc., See. Oerinau Rustic Willow t hairs. Baskets, Work-Tables, and 8of a, See. OILED SILKS. Oiled Silks, different colon, the best French. FRINOKS. Fringes, Cords, G'tnna, Tassels, all colors and qualities, im ported and domestic (of his own manufacture.) fl5 8tsiW3m*rc ________ XYLOGRAPHIC PRESS GENERAL JOB PRINTING OFFICE, AH Gold. Street. PPHESUB^CRIBERS inform Druggists, Perfumers,Grocers s- and others, that they have made extensive additions to their assomrent of Xylugraphic Labels, to which .hey would re spectfully call their attention. They are constantly adding to tneir stock all the uew style ofanie'ea, in their line, which are offered in H ranee or England, and they promise their cnsloinera that they si all spare no exp-nse in getting np all that thwrmay want iu the business of the Diuggists, Perfumers aisdp.'gsr Manufacturers. JOB PKINTING?Their office is also supplied with every variety ofType neceaiary for the execution o! every descrip'ion of Fancy Job Fritting, Cards, Billheads, Notea, Bills Lading, Circulars, aud all kinds of Mercantile Trintiug, executed on reasonable terms. 8EOAR BOX LABELS AND PAPER, of every descrip tion always on hand. VARIEGATED SHOW CARDS, for Refectories.Orocers, Sic., Ac ?a large supply. BRONSON & CO., ft4 lm*rc 56 Oold street, near Fulton. TAXES OF 1844. OFFICE OF RECEIVER OF TAXES, t Old Alms House, Park ) PURSUANT to the Act "for the Collection of Taxes in the I City of New York, passed April ISth, 1843 " pnblic notice IS hereoy given, that unless the Taxes uow remaining unpaid, shall be paid to me r.t my office, on or before the fifteenth day of February next, au addition of one per cent will be charged; and a further addition of one per cent will be charged on all uch Taxes remaining unpaid on the fifteenth day of March next. The present law requiring the Taxes to be paid to the Re ceiver only, (the office of Ward Collectors having been abolish ed,) all those who can make it convenient to pav their Taxes early, will find it greatly to their advautage to do so, thereby avoiding the crowd aud delay which will necessarilv occur for several days previous to the percentage being chared The Tax Bills may be obtained on application at the office. Office hours from S o'clock, A. M. until 3 o'clock P. M. H. T. K1ERSTED, js7toMrl* re Receiver of Taxes. FRENCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE. FUKKAKD1N, Commission Merchant, 15 John street, np ? stairs, has just received on consignment.and offers for sale, wholese or retail, a splendid assortment of the above articles, comprising?Plain white and rich fancy decorated Uining Sets; Dessert, Tea and Supper Sets; Toilet Sets; s'ng'e Cutis mud Mugs, with mottos; Cologne Bottle Figures; Tele atete Sets, Ac., Ac. , Also, plain and rich Cut Glass Decanters. Water Bottles, ''elery Bowls, Preserve Dishes, Tumblers, Goblets, Wines, Ac., Ac. Astral and Solar Lamp Shade* snd Globes. , , [1^7" Orders for Cut Glass Ware Gilding and Paicting'on China Ware, to match auy pattern, executed promptly. 12S lm*rc SUDDEN CHANGES IN THE ATMOSPHERE NOTHING is more tryiug to the human const tntion, pr . du- ing colds, coughs, rheumatism, and various other com plaints, whirh ar cured by the ate of MRS fJARKOLL'S Medicattd Vapor Ba In, 325 Broa'way Sulphur Baths require on- hours notice. Open from 7 o'clock in the morning 'till 9 o'clock at night. Pi5 lwic COMSTOCK & CO., 91 Courtlandt Street, HAVE ON HAND THE FOLLOWING NAMED ARTICLES, viz: pONNEL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, cures all v sores, pains inflamm, lions, itchngs, and saves life in any c*se of burn or scald, ir the vitals are uninjured. Eveiv family should have a bot of this in the houae, as the money will al ways be returned if it does uot please Be particular and buy ON1 V at 21 Courtlandt street. RHEUMATISM, CONTRACTED CORDS, Stiff Joints an* flout, will positively be rnred by the sole me of toe INDIAN VEGETABLE ELIXIR and LINIMENT. The sceptical we invite to call and he peisonallv referred to gentle men of the highest standing in this city, who have been cured of the Hhenmaium by these remedies. Th ey are warranted. DR. 8POH.VS SICK HEADACHE REMEDY, is a cer tain cure, either nervous or bilious. It is a palpable elix<r. and is the best medicine that can be taken in all cases of heart-burn and foulness of the stomach DR. M'N AIR'S ACOUSTIC OIL has proved very success ful iu curing even total deafness. We have many certificates from citizens of this city, who have used this Oil with com pete success. We cordially invite sll who are troubled with any disease of the ear. to rzamiue the proof. LANULEY'S WESTERN INDIAN PANACEA, is the best family medicine in the world. It is a positive and war ranted rura for Dyspepsia, Asthma, Liver Complaints, Indiges tion, Cos'iteuess, 8tc No person can nosiibW use this aiuclr for any of the above compl tints without reaeiviug permanent relief. See prool in hands of Agenta. THE PILES are warranted to be cured by the Genuine HAYS'LINIMENT, and Lin's Balm < f China, or the money refunded. Who will now suffer with this distressing com print I COMSTOCK St CO'< 8AR8APARILLA, is as pure and strong an Extract from this celebrated Hoot, as can pnaaihly be made. Tl e price it so reasonable that the poor can afford to u<e it, being but 50 cenit per bottle, or S4 per doren. It is the only articlr that will rffectaally purify the blood from all impuri ties. Those who have been imprudent in the use af calomel, will find sure relief fr, m it. EAST INDIA HAIR DYE?This chemical prapartion will color t e hair any shade, from a I'ght br >wu to a jet black, and not injure the 1 air or stain ihr skin lu the lenst. PRESERVE and Brautity th- Hairbv using OLDRIGK'S BAi.M OK COLUMBIA, which immediately stops the hair from falling out, and restore* it when b*ld. COLOGNE. FLORIDA and BAY WAT" R?ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP, Foreign and Domestic Perfumerr; in dexable Ink; Pearl Powder, the best article in use; Diamond Cement. DETTER'B MAGIC HAIR OIL-lt givaa to the hair a beautiful gloss, and oiclinei it to curl: and, wholly nnlike any other oil, it never soils the finest lad es hats in the least, no mat ter what i|iantity is applied. We wish all to und-rstand us iathis particular, that is. if any lady or gentleman shall use this Oil, and fiuil these stvement* untrue, their money will be refunded. CAUTION?Remember, the above articles sold oenuixk only at 21 Courtlandt stmet, by f27 Imrc COM8TOCK It CO. NANUS'S SAtOAPAtULLA. THE INSTINCT in'animala, in dirsct opposition to the rea son of man, teaches them what vegetable productions to eat and which to avoid, but mere instict goes no further. It cannot improve upon discovery. It belongs to enlightened reason to elaborate, to improve, to perfect that which it hia discovered. Haude's Sarssparilla is an exemplification of the wonderful effi cacy which intellect, through the med-um of scientific research sod philosophical experiment, may devolve in the preparation ery disordrr of a medicinal root. In all scrofula diseases, in every i originating in a diseased condition of the vital elemeni?and how lar>e a proportion of all diaeaaea do thaae classes compre hend? this well known specific is held to be infallible in iu ef fects. When all all other pract.ce hai failed, when the exhibi tion of every other variety of medicine which skill or hope sug gested hive proved useless. Sands' Sarsaperilla has in number less instances wrought a speedy cure. The following certificates, recently received, will be r-nd with inteftst, and for further particulars the reader is referied to a pamphlet which i* furnished without charge by all the Agents. BnvKHamrToiv, N. Y., Oct. 17,1844. Mksshs. A. B. It D. Sanos:? I hate been afflicted with scrofula for nine yean past. It sp . nut d" peered iu various forms from IU commencement, but did not break out in ulcer* until abont.four years a^o a large awejling appeared on my arm I had it lanced, It then commenced rat nig, and continued to eat until the fleshy part of my arm, from my elbow to my shoulder, was nearly all ulcers. It then Broke out ou both sides of ,uy ueck and .ex -ndrd to my fnc*. 1 had a J lumber of u cers on my aocle and bottoms of my leet. My suf

ering seemed almost intolerable. The moat of the time I hare been under the care of physicians;. I have taken iodine,Swaia's Panacea and other preparations, and 1 hadueirly despaired of getting relief, when I was induced by Mr. Reckford to try your Saraaparilla. My sores assumed a more healthy appearance, tnd I Battered myself with ttie plea that I should be wall agaiu. I have now Ukvg eighteen bottle* of your medieiue. My sores my general health is better than it has been for are all healed and my arm oue years, and I a enbe my cue- to the efficiency sfjer r Sar ?a pan, la 'Had I.known its years ago, I sheald have 1 Cms, and been saved much severe safferiug and a disfigateil Imb, Mid Biy husband wou'il have been saved,gi?st eii nnne. Signed, CYNTHIA N. TW1W.R I cheerfully testify to the truth of the above iiwal of giy wife. mason r iwkh. The followiBg inte eating case must ccmmend itvslf to the careful attention of those similarly afflicted:? SANDS' CELEBRATED SAKSAPARILLA. I sp-ak experimentally when 1 say that ihia medicine is fa mor ? effective in the , u.e of ohrnnic or acute rheumatism, than any other preparation I have ever tested. Having endnnd ex treme sufficing at times within th# Lit five yeirt, Irom repeated attacks of inllainmatoryrheiimatism I heveree-nlly used Sands' Sarsapaiilla with the happiest success. My health is now bet ter ill hi it has been for many months past, my appetite is good, ? ilthfnl and my strength it rapidly returning. I att-ibnte this heni change entirely to the use of lhi? potent mediciue. Feeling t de-y .sympathy with those who are afflicted with this most tor meeting and peinfnl complaint, I refrain from moat ear nestly recommencing to such the use of this valuable specific. Having the most entire confidence iu ihe medicine and skill nl Dr. Sands, I was induced thereby to try the effects of their Sar separilla, and I take pleasure in adding mv testimony to that of inany others, com mandatory of its individual properties, Un known to and unsolicited by the Messrs, Sands. CHARLES DYER, Jr., 40 aud 41 Westminster Druggist and Apothecary, ainster st, Providence, R. 1. For farther particulars and conclusive evidence of it* snpe rior valne ana efficacy, see pamphlets, which may be obtained gratis of Agents. Prepared aud sold, wholesale and retail, ami for exportation, by A. II. It D. RANDS, Druggists, 79 Fulton street, 371 Broadway, 77 East Broadway. I 6 lm*ee INDIA LONG SHAWLS RKCKIVF'.U by the subscribers, a trunk of < 'smelt .Ixir Shawls?anions them tlx very splendid Long White Shawls, Which Will be mid o ftj iota* ?? Broadway. fUST H ? Hair 8 THE PICTORIAL NEWS ROOM, No. 22 CATHERINE STREET. BETWEEN EAST BROADWAY AND HEPiRY STREET. HHAWKES. having fitted up a Parlor as a General News ? Room, uudrr the above title, will be happy to ??e hia friends, and hopes by attention to business to merit a con tinuance of the favors so liberally bestowed since he has been in the public line. The room furnished with New York and Old Country Pa pers regularly. The Bar supplied with choice Wiues and Spirits, flue flavor ed Segars, ana flue Pale Alt, Ike. j23 lm*ec \ATA'fcilEH I?WATCHER AND JEWELRY.-Those " who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Oold Pencils, Keys, Ike., will flud it greatly to their advaut'ge to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrip tions of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city. Oold Watches as low as (20 and (25 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches war ranted to keep goad time or the money refunded \V ate bra, and Jewelry repaired in the best maimer and warranted, at much less than the usual prices. O. C. ALI.KN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, j!5 lm*er wholesale and retSII. 30 Wall St., up stairs. JACKSON. STACEY & SMITH, A/TAN UKACTURERS AND IMPORTERS of Pen, (Pocket ? vx and Table Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Kites, Saws, Tools, a?d or her deseriptiousof Sheffield Goods? jail tm?in Mo t? P|. A I T ?TRK.KT,?Up Stairs SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING A NDK EVOLVING PISTOLS BLUNT & SYMS, No 44 Chatham street, TVAANUFACTURERS of the above article have now a com ?W-t pletr assortineut ready for the Spriug trade, which they of fer at reduced prices. They would iuvite the attention of mer chants and dealers to their assortineut, to the manufacture of which, they hate paid personal attention, and from the increased quantity they arc making, can tell them lower than before of. Alto?Guns of their own manufacture, as well as every van ety ol imported Guns gnd implements, in quantities fri suit pur chasert. at exceedingly low prices. ft I si* m TO TAILORS. rPHE Second Edition of Stinemet's celebrated work on cut A ting garments of every description in a style of elegance un equalled, is now published and ready far delivery. Those who desire to avail themselves of the great advantages to be derived from the nse of the instructions it contains, would do well to obtain a copy without delay. The book is 12 by IT inches square., and contains 17 elegaut diagrams of all the various styles of garments weru at the present day, with full aidample instruc tions for cutting in an easy aud scientific manner. The follow ing are a few of the many highly respectable names who testify to the merits of the book The undersigned being practically acquainted with Mr. Stine met's Treatise on Cutting Garments, with pleasure recommend it as a work complete in itf arrangements, and in its practical ap plication to cutting, superior to any heretofore published, either m Europe or America. P. Henry Ik Son, Daniel Cutter, Staats It Banker, Charles Cox, E. W. Tryon <k Co., B. F.Horner, James Daily, John Hariland, J. H. Banker. The abore can be obtained of the author, No. 113 Broadway, New York ft lm*ee FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED TO NO. 86 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) A DALESMK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, has ?A* always on hand a large assortment of dinner and tea sets, in plain white and gilt French Porcelain, as well as Dinner and Dessert Plates, of all sizes, assorted Dishes, Soap Tureens, Covexsd Dishes, Sslid Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Cus'.nrds aid ?Raids. Also, Fancy Tea Sets, aid Rich Decorated Dinner Sets. Also, Tea aid Ckocolats Ware. Greek, French and American shape. All the articles are w arras led of the best quality, aid te be Mild oi liberal terms, and in lots to saitliirehawra. Sit *!?"?? DORIi?|tiN^E"h?r AND COLOK MAKERS. H Ult "Lfc?Gne half interest hi a Printing: Machiue. with fnl a,'i!a,a ?on|P|e?o. for minting of Satiuetis, Sic ,in success ful operation in theciiy of New York To a tie-son who u . (lorscands the making of color, together with a small capital thia opportunity shows ureal advantages, as his serv.ces will lie reSe'estVhliiheHWeiI- "f aii,p ofiu on. a businesi whj. h is al- j L . *j .i? ..Fo' f?1her particulars, -nply to, if by lettei Post-paid, J. W.. Herald office, or No. 8 Plait street, between the hours of 10 and 18 o'clock, A. M. (JO 2w*rc 44 Fulton street, mnii' silRsrutSfc-n't*1' A"D CL"T> N*w Ton*. 1 r i keaps constantly on hands large assort r?, ypf of American and Imported Warranted Tools, auiuhle i'vL.T. rM? ViIi a,lnos.t ?V'T Of bnsinets A (so. Tool vte.:?,1r"'"!^complete, for mechanics, families and boys, .ilecnam s and olhere, wanting good anil genuine articles are 5P?nthe MhTi. ?llS; hU 3328* ;fea s? Jal9 Im'ec Between Pearl and Clitf, .New York. PATENT AGATE BUTTONS THOS. PKOSSER PATENTEE, i _ 7 Plutt Street, New Tork NTOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned is the Patentee Bs,m? ??L"'ie Uwner of the Patent Right for th- Porcelain Let ers' Krem hi. giT" V 1P,0,**r ? ''at-nt Agate Button " . have been duly granted to r im bv th-United States, to take effect from tbe?th January 1841. I have caused suits to be commenced in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York, for the infrmiie ment of aa.d Letter. Patent, and am prep^d to euforc^ tonrnf rh I1""U<!7,yrights underpaid Patent, to the fullest es Sm si" J s,r* ,,h?iJ>ab',= notice to all. that I sh it pro ce?d forthwith, bv snit for dimajrpf, and by bill in equity, f^r J unctioni againtt all rersons loTriiif icg upon sard Patent t v me 41 whol~a1'oulv-at ?""? f22 lm*rc THOMAS PRQ8SKK. BL^ANDi WH'TK thread LACE FLOUNCES, " Just receivad per Emerald wmr T3rMd Lace flounces, from R yard to \ yard wide. White do La Neigedo >7 do \ do Black and White Lace B-rthes, Bart*, and Sleeves. Some of the most splendid Vlechlin wjd- Laces. Black Lace Veijs and Black Thread Scarfs. White Lace \ eils and Scarfs, point? Bruxellea and a la Neige. Three verv splendid Mechlin Lace Dresses. Une Carton Peliriue, Capes and Chemizettes. do. Arms do r?? . ? u J 1 !'? w?J>rctfnHy auuonnce, that this is by offered epleudid invoice of goods that have been ? pARI8 EMBROIDERIES?Consisting of Caueyous, Pele ??' Lollnrs, Chemisettes a la Pico style. .k- r * Vme nl,?0'fic*ut Embroidered Dresses and Handker chiefs, of very rich embroidery. f ahor*' w'5h ? ??*t variety of other goods, are now of fend at very moderate puces, by JAMES BECK k CO., _T25J?tec 359 Broadway. TO RAIL ROAD COMPANIES rT,lM!'' PATENT CAR BOX. for Rail road Journals.-?The 1 proprietors of Tims' Patent Car Box respectfully call the atteuilon of Rmlroad Comnanies. Car Manufacturers, and all 01the proprietors guarantee their ability to ran 4000 miles at least, without renewing the oil, anil to keen ths oil and wearing naru clean and free from dust and dirt, anil ?po keep the oil m th* boi, and it not liable to get out of order with reasonable rare. being constructed with a view to this in particular, and thereby is a great saving to stockholders and all others concerned They have appointed Cornelius Kanonae of Jersey City [heir agent, to whom ap lication can be made for right, ami maiiiilecturing them in any <|iianiity, and will be attended to imme lately bv the ah.ive, or the niidenigued proprietors January 11th, 1845 TIMS, HILL 8i BOODY. J28 lm*ec SOAP WORKS AISO PERFUMERY DEPOT. TN ADDITION to out Manufactory, we have opercal a Store ,, J"' thr rale of on r !? conoimcal kancy 8o"ps and all kinds of ? mrr)'? ramily So.ip, Patent t rystalline Candles 8tc., ke. We solicit purchaseia to iuspect our stock, which we offer on the lowest terms. Shippers to the West Indies ami South America, are particu larly minted to examine our Crystalline Candles. Sales Room No. J Courtlnnot street, next door to the New National Hotel. JOHNSON, VKOOM & FOWLER. (24 Im'ec , cigars? Cigars? cigars? I NT KZF.KIEl., ?2 Nassau street, opposite the Herald Bnild . ? inns, respectfully invites the attenlinu of his fuends and the publie gnneially, to the following choice Cignrs, jnst re I ceived by late arrivals from Havana Regalias of various I'anetelas of various Alliants, orands, brends, Knickerbocker Norma., Principe*, La Klorinds, Vng-nuidad, Riouda, Estrellas. Esperansa, Napoleonen, Lars. a Norieg.ts, Lord Byrons. 1 ne above Segars are guanuiteed as gennineand imported, sad the trade are invited to call and sxamu e th-m. fl7 lm*"* fr?m 8',roa<' w' atnctly attended to I.ASTs, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. tJAVINO been awarded-he Diploma at the late Fair of thr IA American Insiiiute, for the best I asts, I am prepared t.. rarnifth nn Rrciclf of I wf? wbich cauuol b* BUipasiFd in this or any other city in the United 8t>te?. S.?le and Upper Leather of all kinds, Black and Colored Mo rocc.. anil Kid Skins, with Deer, Host au<i I.amh Skin Bind Mgs. Shoe I liieads, Lasting* (Jalleons, Sheetings. Linen ami Leath- r Linings, Boot Cord and Wehs, Boot Trees, Hammers, 'Hie-?. Awls aud Tacks, a full asaortmenl of Shi makers loots, of the most npinroved patterns, rh^ap for cash, i WAKREN S. WlbkEV, 195 Spring street, between Greenwich and ? - ? - , , . Washington streets, New ?ork. . N. B.?Che Greenwich Line of Stages pass wilhin a block of the store. fao |n,.m ?ALT AND FISH STORE, dfin BBLS. Salmon, No. 1,2 and 1. ^V/U ioo bbls. Bine Fiah. I5M bbls Not. u and ? Mackerel. RU half do do do da '99 do No. I Meat 4h*d. 50 half bbls No. I Saybrnok Shad 180 hhls Cod and Scale Fish <nn 4o No 1 Gib'd Herrings .100 kegs Dutch do iouv lbs Smoiied Salmon >00 kits Housed do 190 Jo Sounds and Toagnes 300 do Roinoi Ana roego^s. tfOn (|lli Cod Fish, suitable for thiraua ?coo si\ci< Ashtoa's Salt 50 hall and 50 qnartere neat M ickarel botes l>mhr Hei-riop IC It,' sit V.iUok ? I Se - a lo.s '? snu pmciisaeis, nj fit lm*m NELSON, WELL* ft CO.. II On at n. . tJlty Intelligence named Jeremiah Thurgday. two colored men, Quarrel in i i,J<ickaon and Charles Ciaco, (tot into a ?onS3?. "car Spring street, when J ark ^ op19n hi,hVkuhUt % VrUOk C',C- ?nthe h""d- ?Po tion, and but ".tie hope r m^eVte^Ld^h^recovery. ?as Asra they were representad at the Police ??nous as ^'e?ooVat 848^"roSwajVon s Si ivO clock, by hanging himself to th* ?u ,i f u.1 pOCktrt handkerchief. ilr came to this city to ilrinb- ?dic,n?? ani' has recently been very dissipated and & d n Ve/tB''iiJr ho ac,ed ?ry ?<"LgWy h?. l!,n.ii?. f 0f h,s fr,e,ld. D L Anderson, to attend anVtnnl t 5 ,he evening he was very violent the tffVr.a ilr? u*- lauJa,Dllm- but b? was walked about till 9 ? him, and every thing was taken from th** aj^hourafte^'h*1 he raiSht'lo himgeif violence; but half Snder a 3t.te Venl,Ct' " 8ui?'d? while unuer a state of temporary aberration of mind " In Chambers. JwuZuT* i^a,'7;on.;^?^0' Conner, Lortn seAing(1^S^he"afhj'? in VaaeV'nousuit, Ye! r; av *3 B'bZ Mul<veyVend#IlU' Sheman 4 ?rifl,h 5 for P^ttf, Peter Common Plena. ? ?? ? Before Judge Daly. sSSSSrrr The jury rendered a verdict for defendant P n~ iiiilips plaintitl repievin'ed, and suit is now? brought to rT h* possess ion of the moss For defence it wTfV.l I ?.w the mossfbelonged to PynVand L h?w??te?dBdtftit ^r p'afa'd^Lnae?i an JVos'S'?0 r> son for P'MatHf Mr. Blunt lor defendant Special Senalone Feb tw /? 5* ,R^.Jr'1e' aud Aldermen. \Ian,han wTs DteVV^[hiT"/~A D,au "'""ed Patrick or anprrk V ? ^ &,5i^ss5a, l-iVw&fflS? SSKtEl"" >" h?DOr' ?y chest which hL compelled me ?o ab.tTnTom al! RH1T?r,!i,,eJVeri and a eveninas since l siin, wh'Vhwa^VnbeM^ng'te myVa'tuiV'md^owVgS'to sSSRa'rssis^JS^HS 1 .V^i h 7^' ' S ou ouSht t0 h? ashamed of yourseF tie worn an""? yon want* fa'fla h t' V h? a'10 bvUhialk ^lrV?7Htrh?ne^o.ebi'gnC1;. ftp? JLaughterg) tfow gT.,? of blue overalls, was trotted up to the bar on a charge ol making a noi.e in the street. ' cnarge ol Rkcohder?What countryman are you? (Laughtar") " lriihmaD' Wh#t elM I be. Rkcvkder?Nothing else; but what do you mean bv making such a row in the at rest; do you get drunk? Pais?Oh yes, sir, a little row. (Laughter ) Rf.cordkr ? Well, we will let you go thin time but JignThe pf^jr0'17 "P t0 h" ^?nor the M?tyor,' and yer honor a'Utinf thC C?Urt" U miiitairt) of koorse I w ill, Jl Sweet Thitf?A German, in the greenest possible within WUh 1111 lufini,y of nietalic buttons upon it [hnlli JleKr*ate.,it con?eiv?ble number ol pleats fn the houlders, a collar entirely enveloping hia head was nlac ed at the bar, charged with stealing si.gJr He^Vwered l,p[gU*haantoteXeetnr;mapt'|KrBCk' la,cofth8 H.ilder It-?? H ?'"V JfS-tjrtg ;?fSS-*hX*"S?>'ta-SS-UT ,i55 BM^ssaassas as aaS he picked up ,n the street. A witness .Jr. S vely LhVok.VnVo aUn cu" * ,he'Ug"r ?Ut ?f # barrrl Wlta , ^b? IjcoRDvn said that the court would give him fif ? "npiiMnmi nt in the City Prison, and that the aecVherJ.Ttir* ,*? Khl wa8'that Porbap* he had not i t . *iere ? ?utticient length of time to aiceitdin that we WM the tectUt WIU Dece"ary for b'? 10 'earn that such BadJldviet ?f tht Court -An eld man named Edward sl!i [8y' T"!? 8 ?n'y bead of hair, a grey suit of clothes d ;a'?? y bat, was placed at the bar on a charge of riot e! i? th? "re?1*. '?ke a jureuUe rM shirt, and elevating warrmitable e*t?a?r'ntel,dent ?f the fUrattCe ,0 an un Rccobdkb?What do you mean, sir, a boy like vou old uShhS rt^t a? nTahtV'WhCreH",i^g " d.stSr^/eVn ,?he ?VoYhV[ca^ to be allowed to go at l.rg. 1? ,h5 st%ets If you cw't be have j ourself better. What is your aae? Moaaav?Well?well? | believe, aa near os I can cal culate, air, a gorn' on for aixty-hard ou to it-hard on to coans,a?AL, you're too old to be sent to the House eo.ln hg'L0 rw!'ie ^ Would se,,d > 'here, and you ten Hnw"in ?! \somc ^?0d ,r#dc- (Roars of 'angh 'er ) How do you get your living / B i\luaa*r?Well well ?well ?i works for it, sir and 5", rjy lmn by ?T labor, when I kin, sir; and I always gets along werry comfortable, when I kio 7 Rscoanaa-Do you want to go to the Penitentiary? Miaaav? (prcmpily) What lor, sir.' ?SS^ss MtraBAT?I desy the charge, sir. I am not guilty. Rscoaosa-Very good, we will take your word for it this time, toucan go now, but don't be caught in such a scrape agmii (E*it Murray ) B ? liii-Calling Harriet Wilson ! Jare Thompson! Put honors bar?nobody appears against them, your Kkcobdkr- Girls, you are discharged go wuh the old man there?away with yon (Laughter.) ,S2ee "?? *<"?'? rnt -John Quinn was tried and convicted tor spitting in the face ol Francis Feliv, at lrlfh0m?'?c"?" polls ot the l-Jth Ward Qninn is an or[?n r ii ,'mocrl,.t'c ro,er' ,nd ? no'?y. tronhie.ome, brawling fellow at elections Felix was a native Ameri can coustahle. Several witnesses for the piosecmion ? wore positively that quinu did spit in Felix's face, ami "J0 do ?t again?and several witn-sses for the defendant swore that he did not, bnt that he hod an nn f.cUVf i f" ?', 'J"0''"!? "'iva from his mouth into the !?i ,W n ecK'"f''diu conversation, wiih out iniendlrg any insult. ' ",nt'nr"d Quinn ,0 P'y ? "n* "f $16, which he did on the spot A short time since he wa* compelled Meetten fln?,ot ^ an assault upon Mr Mmt.atsn ill r",h?P? he will conduct himself more quietly at elections hereafter. Diawomcat, Oittra?x?The quiet little villnge of Jamesville, W. T , was thrown into h state of ex citement on the morning of the It) h inst., by the discovery of a most diabolical i image on ihe per son of a poor widow residing within a hm!f a mile of us centre. It appeared that about 2 or 8 o'clock 'hat morning some villain broke into the house, and alter ransacking the place for money without effect, proceeded, ;?tt- r the mod dreadful threats and considerable violence, to commit a rape on the unfortunate inmate. In the morning the alarm was given, and the whole of the male residents turned out te discover the perpetrator, and several persons were arrested on suspicion, among them 'he guilty party is experted to be discovered, and were to undergo an examination on the day bl owing that on which our correspondent wrote. I'.'vat.ANO and Tkxas.?A correspondent of the Mobile Remitter, writing from Galveston on the a n instant, rays "The Texan Minister to England (Ashhel Smith) has returned since the Texas Congress i Mourned, and 1 have reason fo believe, trom what I con dder reliable authority, that he be?rs a general pledge from the Brltiah Government, for the independence ol Texas against Mexico, without any condition re. Int'ng to slavery commercial advantages, or snv oth* r stipulation I hill. Uir iijt c'i. n u union with the liuitoo atstos." i Theatrical*, die. Herr Cline and the Elssier Brother*, ate in Richmond, Virginia. Mr*. Mossop and Mr. Fuller are engaged at the new theatre, Charleston, S. C. Letter* received from Mr. Joieph Burke, mention hi* arrival at Bruiaela, and state that he has commenced a course of study under De Beriot, the great master ol the violin, tiy whom he was moat kindly received and wel comed. The Misses Sloman made their first appearance in Phi ladelphia on Tuesday evening, at the Philharmonic Con cert Their pertoimnnce on the Harp, Piano, and their vocal talent, elicited t!n|grcate*t applause. Mr. Breugh's Concert on Wednesday evening, in Phi lidelphiajwas well attended. Legislative Summary.?In the Senate, among the petitions, was one irorn sundry merchants of New York, (or a reduction of the fees of the in spector of pot and pearl ashes. Mr. Porter, who had presented the petition, moved its reference to the select committee havang| charge of surrogate's lees, ol which he is a chairman. A piquant debate sprung up between Mr. Porter, and Messrs Wright and Lott, which resulted in referring the memorial to the standing committee on manufactures. In the House ?The constitutional amendments now coming up as the special order, on motion of Mr. Crosby, of Albany, they were laid aside with a view 10 get at the bill lor the payment of the troops called into service in Columoia county. This bill occupied the remainder ol the session in Com mittee of ihe Whole, and was on amendments of fered by Mr. Chase, entirely remodelled. The pay of the commissioned officers whs reduced to #2 50 ?that of non commissioned officers to #2? and ihat of privates and musicians to #1 50 per day? the allowance for horse hire was also reduced to $1 50 a day. In other respects the bill was amend ed by cutting c fl" allowances for necessary inciden tal expenses, fixing the expiration of the term of service to the time ot the return of their troops tc their homes, &c , fcc. Thus amended, the bill was reported to the House, and the question of agreement, on motion ol Mr. Sweeney, l?id on the table. The house then adjourned.?Albany Ar gue, Feb. 27. Charleston Races?Fourth Day, February 22. ?Firtt Rare?Col. Hampton's Sally Morgan, Col. Williamson's Marchioness, and Dr. Hayward's Trustee, were brought to the post lvr the handicap purse. The fa voritea were Marchioness and Sally Morgan, the odds in favor of Marchioness. For the first heat the racing was very fine, the three horses being neck and neck until th* last quarter of the second mile, when Sally Morgan came in Brer, the Marchioness second, and Trustee last: Time an. 57s ? Second Heal?This heal was well contested be tween Sally Morgan and tha Marchioness, but won by the former in 8m. Trustee distanced Skcond H*ca.?Tag lioui took this race with ease against Mary Elizabeth ai d Francis Amanda: Time, 5m. 54a. Anti-Rent Outrages.?The Delaware Gazette Sives the following account of outrugesperpetrated by disguised Indiana the peculiarity of which cocaiita, us in most of the recent violences committed by these Indian rtiftisDS,in the fact that the process resisted had nothing to do with the collection of rents. On Friday last, D puty Sheriff J .a. Per.-on, of Middletown, went "Otne eight or ten miles to serve a declaration : not And. ing the defendant, be was returning home, and had pro ceeded about three miles.when he was overtaken by nine men disguised as Indians, all armed, who stopped him, and demanded his papers, which he refused to give tip. They then took off bis hat, but finding nothing in that, proceeded to search his person, and took the declaration from him, promising him some tar and leather! if he came on such business again, and let him go We also under stand that Constable Edgerton, of this vilisge, wss mo lested, his business demundtdhy men in dir guise, while staying on Friday night st a house in Bovma He re vised to tell his business, and was not faither molested? in neither case had the officers any business connected with the rent matters. WILSON'S HOTEL ANU I >INING RoOflSST Ro, 5 Gold street. New York, (law. the Caledonia) HENRY WU.tON (<>f Brenklvu) begs 10 inform his friends a? d the | ublic generally, th-t he will cp-n the ab v- named es'sblishment on THURSDAY, the 6th ol Mart h 845. Tho home has been thor? uihly repared and i ewly furnished II every department, and the very best of eve-y description< 1 quors cigar* wines, domestic and imported ales and rorte. Will be provided. An <Jrditiary will lie served op every day fr"m 1 to 3 o'clock I . M.; si d Refreshments will be furnished at any hour durirg the day a. d even ins. _ fgg |mje -vs.. "Ol^.piJdijp rT1HE SUBSCRIBER would most res|v*tfully announce to t his friends and the Travelling communitv ill general, that he hi* recently leased the UNITED S TATES HOTEL, and is fully prepared to entertain ?ll who mav favor him with their IMtrouage Having limn for the past sixteen years eng-ged in the above capacity, he has no hesitation in say iug that mil favors ex rended to him bv the public will tie duly appreciated, and every satisfaction rendered to the guests who may feel disposed to pa tronize him. P. S ?In order to keep pace with the times, he is warranted to change the price for hoatd per day from $1 50 to gl 15 hoping at tne same time, it will meet the fall and unqualified approba lion of the travelling public. H. JOHNSON, United States Hotel, corner of Fulton, flJ 3wVr? 1'eatl and Water streets. New York. rRENCH'S HOTEL. THE PROPRIETOR respectfully informs his friends and the public that he has opened his new and splendid hotel st 133 Fulton street, a few doors east of Broadway, in the imme diate vicinity of mercantile hnsiueaa and the principal places of amusement, and has famished it in a style that will bear favor able comparison with the very best hotels in the city The pro prietor in building and fitting up the above house has had strict regard to elegance and comfort, and that he has combined eco nomy the following price* will show :? A ROOM FOR ONE NIGHT 25 A " " '? WEEK .1 50 The rooms will be warmed gratis, and npou no occasion wi'U there be more than one bed in a room There is a REFECTORY attached, in which there are meals served np at all hours of the day and evening. There ar- also Bath Room* connected, for warm, cold aud shower baths The Porter will be in attendance At all times daring the night, to admit lodgers, and to let them out at all hours. N. B.?Those who want Lodgings after the house closes, will ring the hall hell. n!9 Sm*m NATIONAL HOTEL, No. 3 Conrtlandt street and 87 Liberty street, NEW YOKK. Three Doors from Broadway. rPHI'* NEW HOTEL will he opened on the JOth lost, when J- the Proprietors will he happy to accommodate their friends and the public with board. Th ? Lodging R. omi sre large and a>ry, aud the internal arrangements sucti as cannot fail to please. The locetion being in the centre of buainess, it offers induce ment* to merchants from other cities and the country, not sur pas ed by any other House in this city. The Furniture Beds and Bedding, are all new and made ex pre.siy for this establishment. Families who w sh Parlors and Sleeping Rooms attached.can he i andaotre'v accommodated The subscribers assure their friend* and the public, that no effort* on their part shall be wanting to secure the comf >rt and convenience of their guests, and r hile they solicit a share of their patronage, thay hope, by u iceas'na attention, to the duties of their vocation, to give en tire satisfactiou. CHARLES WkCKOFF It CO. f.7 m#rc nT. LrbOKtiE HOTEL ~~ No. 61 Broadway, New York. (Neat Block below Trinity Church, and near Wall street.) r|'HK subscribers, lessees aud proprietors of the above well A known establishment, having recently t.ken it for a term of years, Hatter themselves, that they are now ready to meet the wishes of their friends and patrons by supply ins them with every comfort and convenience which a place like this can possibly afford Th- looms of the house are large, airy and commodious; and have been, but lately, titled up with new and elegant furni ture. The dome tics are attentive, respectful and obedient-the ta ble abundantly snppl ed with all the substantia'* and luxuries of good living?the cellar contains an ample store of the choicest Wine* and Liquors?and the beds and bedding, *hrnughoat the house, are constantly kept in a clean ami healthful condition. Having availed themselves of these and many other advanta ges accommodations, so important to a public house, the proprietors not only deem it a duty, but, also, take pleasure in thus announcing it to travellers aid the public in general. And. w hile endeavoring to please, although they tlo not pretrnd to soitle at OOmpetiou, yet thev ire determined, by assiduous at tention to the wants ol their gnestt. and the most reasonable charges, that, those who come to th' ir house shall uot meet with disappointment; and, that, these who go away shall not experi ence dissatisfaction. JOHN H. MORE, PETER TYLER. New York, Feb. I, 1845. f? lm*rrc ORGANS. rpHE SUBSURIBER offers tor sale three new splendid Or I gans, of the f. Ilowit g dimensions?o e w ith eight stops ine rinding a reed; the twi II extends the wh. le compass of tne or, gin with a pedal b ss; pinecase. painted. One with - is stops, and pedal hiss, a shifting movement, en closed in a Gothic case, painted. Th- shove two < 'rgans a e intended for churches. One Parlor Organ, with five stops, pedal bait, and shifting moii rn-nt, enclosed in a solid mahogany caie, vainish-d ana polished. Also, an assortment of superior Barrel Orgars, containing ear h thirty d tun**, ( Marches Waltzes .ml < ntill o *,1 with a good tnah gany r* e, .nttabl- for P riors or I lares ol atnn* the fntt -ver nude in the United Mates?got op in the first rat? tl le '? h-ah ve Organs will be sold low for cash, if appli.d tor immidiat>ly. 'I he pub ic are respectfully invited to call and "amine the shove to fop-p rch uiog elsewhere, at the factory, IXB 6th sye nite, near 13 h .trvft- J AMES JAt KSON, l'27 3teed re* Oigan BclldCT, _ " JON 18*8 COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, INITIATORY COUNTING ROOM, 44T Binsilwny, rortirr of .tlnrrisy n?. HE ohiect of this Institution iato impart thorongh injunction ? in Hook Keeping, t enmuiship and lommercial Arn hme tic, anil qualify <4rntlem?n for practical duties of the <le?k. Private inatTUction is given if required K/" Yemb ??* of ibe Mercantile Library Asaocistion are re quested to apply to the Librarian at < linton Hall, who will 'U'ahh tickets of admission under the arrangement made with tne' ommitree. K'tterraces may be had at the Academy to Bookkeepers, Merchants and ( lerks, ssho have been students dating the last nincyear*. iCT^ For sale, Jones's Principles and Practice of Bookkeeping. 8vo , price >|U. 'I his Work is adi pteil in the ft st Academic Institution* in this countrv. It is also republished in k naland a- tl extensiveli intr d 'C-tl there ft5 lm-od*ee OOLuRfcL i'AUt.K a Nil FANG) PAPtK BOXEN F. BODEN respectfully iitfonus his friends and the publii, that he coutinn-s to inannfactnre Colored Piper and Fancy Paper Buses. in all varieties, at the old stand of the late lirm of Blnnc ki Boden, 74 Fulton corner of Gold stre, t He is I'nllv drteriino-d to manufacture a superior article, and to pot the [ rices so a* to satisfy hit i natorucs Ordca will he , ,,. , ?? , t, ir, nd, ,1 r . ?. tl -A good assortment ol < .do ed I tpettaun > I pe Jft IV* always on hand. jtuo *in*tc T A.