Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW Vol. XI., No. 01?Whole No. 40?3. NEW YORK. MONDAY MORNING. MARCH 3, 1845. Prlco Two ConU. THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To th? Public. TIIE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?omk e11 *TerT ?t the year eicept New Year1! Day and Fourth , T ,Pr'?e * cents per copy?or $7 M per aanum?postages >*id?rath in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published erery SaturdiJ mo. ning?price uM cents per copy, or fI It per aacum?post age! naid, cash in art ranee .ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the H"mid is over TH1RTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing (??( 1/ hat the lar/fcit circulation of any paper in (hit city, or thetonrld, and, ij, therefore, the bett channel for butinen smvLwKA'V "I '"Vf'.V- Prices moderate?cash in ad ranee, ill. J TING of all kinds eiecnted at the most moderate price. s?.l in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. "aoraiKToit or the Hcssld Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. tTO LET, AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN?The Store No. 97 Nassau street. Herald Build ings, with Fixtures, Store and Pipes, ready set and all Me. Application to be made at the desk of the office of ?*i" H.r-lil for terms. Ike. jJHl'rc I O LET?Two Stores beautifully situated, lu the new | buildings (now nearly complete) on the u mh westerly ^corner of Broadway and Kuade street, (known as the La .... Buildings ) Also, a large and conrruient Basement, well calculated for an Oy ster Saloon. 8tc. Also, sereml convenient Stores in the s?cond story, suitable for Merchant Tailors, Fashionable Milliners, Dressmakers, tic. together with a variety of Rooms in the 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5th stories, suit'ihlo for Offices. Private Pa Ion with folding doors, Pantries and Bedrooms attached ; with Rooms suitable for Dr.iti.ts, Painteis, Daguerreotype* and Exhibition Rooms, lie. Those persons wanting rooms of the above description, are re quested to call and examine the same. Enquire on the premise*. f 13 Im*rc " VERY DESIRABLE LOTS FOR SALE.-Fir Lou on the southerly side of 13th street, near 5th avenne n '* Lou on the northerly aide of 13th street, betweeu 6th i avenues, with court yards in front, aud in the midst of elegant improvements. , Thi?! Lou on the southerly side of 14th street, between the ?th aud 7th avenues, in an improving neighborhood. 'I wo LoU on the southerly side of Uu street, near the fth BVinilB. Four Lots on the eawerly side of7th avenue, between 13thand llpi streets, w i th cellars partly dugout. Five Lots oil the northerly side of 39th street, between the 1st WiM ?iid avenue*, overloomtiK the city and K&at hiver. The whole runount may rema u on mortgage, if improved, and 70 j*r cent if not improved. G. H. WINTER 16 Wallstrast TO LET OR LEASE.?A large wo story brick 1 House, on the southwesterly corner of trie Uloomingdale .to id and 40th street, with sufficient ground whereon to erect a manufactory, which will he built if required. Also, t two story frame Cottage, House and fire Lots, on he northwesterly corner of the Blonmiugdale road and 40th street, with a workshop, stable, bam, &c. The house will be paioted and put in good fence aud repair, with a court yard in front, on the llloomingdale road. Also, 8 Lota ndjoiuing on the Bloomiogdale road, ruuuing through to the 7th avenue and 41st street, suitable for a florist or manufacturer. Buildings will fce erected if required. Also, a Lot in 30th street, between the 7th and 8<h avenues, to lease. O. H. WINTER, jJ6 lm*ec 16 Wall street. TO LET?The large three story and attic Brick j ' Dwelling House, situated on the north-easterly comer of j ? the Seventh Avenue and Thirteenth street, with a fine * .^len, Croion water, kitchen ranges, marble mantels, sliding doors, ate., aud in an improving neighborhood. Kent low to a good tenant. A' iu?Four three story and attic Brick Honies, with Stores underneath, on the easterly side of Sixth Avenue, betweeu Twelfth aud Thirteenth xtteets, with sliding doors, marble mantels, < rotou water, he., suitable for respectable families in moderate ciicumatiiice*. Also?Five three story Brick Houses, of a similar kind, on the easterly side of Greenwich Lane or Aveuue, near the Eighth Avmne, and opposite the large square. Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store underneath, on the side of the Eighth Aveuue, between 13lh and Dili streets, with marble mantels, sliding doors, Croton water, Sec. All of the above Stores are excellent stands for bnsiness, and are suitable for drygoodt and fancy-goods, ladies' shoe stores, china aud earthenware, hardware, jewelry, milliuery, con fectionary, Sic. The Stores, with th* front basement-room, will be rented se parate from the dwelling parts if required, there being covered areas III front for fuel, Sic. G. H. WINTER. fH lm*rc 16 Wall street. TO LET?The Bulkhead, or Water Front, from War ' ten street to Chambers street, (about 200 feet,) now occu ? as the Newburg Landing. The fourstory Store,No. Ill Waneu itrewt. One of the New Building , betweeu Wash ington and West streets. The superior three story Brick House occupied by R. J. Cochran, Esq , on Tenth Avenue near22d street: has mahogany doors, plated tuniimre,Croton water, Sic. FOR SALE OK TO LET?The Mansion and Farm at Gowauns. L. I , about three miles from the South Ferry. The . House it fifty leet square, five stories, and a superior cellar, roof | coppered, malmrany doors, plated furniture, tic. The hall and ota rs Italian marble. The building is near the water, and is w ithout equal as to situation iu the United States. It will ac coinmodate fifty or sixty i?nous. Tlie Farm is eighty acres?a front on the Bay of one thousand feet, and a front ou each side . of Tlnrd Avenue. It ? '* the ICmHil, Ward of the City of j Brooklyn, and laid out iu 1000 Building Lots, aud there are ' many Build ng Sites ou this property. The laua is the best on Long Islaud for early vsgetables, and can realize five thousand dollars per aunum, il attended to by an experienced gardener. ALSO, FOR SALE?The Bennet Farm, at Gowauus, about 200 Lois fronting on Third aud Fourth Avenues and the street leading to the Greeawood Cetnstrry. The Lots will be sold at low prices aud long credit, and money loaned to those that build immediately. Apply to JOHN F. DELAPLAINE, fo 'mete No 7 New street, New York. TO LET-FIVE NEAT SNUG HuiL'SES?at and ' near the comer of 7in avenue aud 25th streets. Rents 125 .to 300 dollars. Reference and security required. They are -to itej iu the moat thriving part of the city, at (he end of stage route*, ao a* to insure seats without delay in stormy wea ther. for persons doing business down town. Possession of two boosts immediately, of the other three on nrst of May. f24 lw'ec HOUSE TO LET?In Brooklyn, near the Greenwood Cemetery, containing 12 rooms, pantries, cellar, together _wiili wood atabliug and large garden, beautifully con nicied, ueur the New \oik Bay Also, a iiei* Cottage, containing 6 rooms, with large garden. Enquire of R. MARTIN it CO., 3'dli 26 John street, New York.'* a THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE TO LfcT in Brooklyn, at the coiner of Jay and Nassau streets. It is uewlv built, ot modern style, in a fashionable neighbor uid within teu minutes walk of Fult?u or Catharine ler tie*. ries. Apply to HE ^KY WILSON, 102 Nassau st, Brooklyn, or Gold st, New York. f28 3i? je FOR SALE?A two story House and Lot.73 Nassau I street, Brooklyu. Terms easy. Apply to H. WILSON, L.02 Nassau st, Brooklyu, or5 Gold st, New York. bl'EA.Vl 1'OWER?Rooms to let with Steam Power. Apply at U. HOE It CO., f)8 3wrc 29 and 31 Gold street. TO SECRET SOCIETIES. TO Lh ('?From 1st May next, the large Room in the ' til i?'r story ol house corner of East Broadway and Ca _?tlMriiie street, fitted up for a lodg- room. Can be seen s.s-u 2>4 aud 5 o'clock, P. M. For further particu lars ruquire of E.SPf EK.51 Catharine street, or of J Hr.CHT, 38 Henry sireeL <21 lm*m 28, W Sir; FOR SALE. A BEAUTIFUL FARM, situated in the town ot Eistcheaur, rout'iuing seventy acres of good tilableand grass land. The llonse is iu perfect order aud convenient ly ai ranged for a large family laid Farm is divided by ihe .mad ruuuiug to New Kochelle and Marmarroueck, and post i , ntus down to Eaateheiter Creek, where there is fine bass and tinut lishiug in their season. The out buildings are all in good l good order, ami there n good stabling for twelve horses, 'i he whole plan' is well watered and ou the premises is a beautiful Fishpond. There lire two churches within a quarter of a mile of said place, ? ml stages p uis two-e a day by the house, to intersect the New Yeck ami Harlem Railroad at William's Bridge, whi< h is with in tnree mile* of said premises. There i? an abundance of Fiun on said premises, which was selected by the present owner w th great care. The distance from City Hall, New Voik, is scant sixteen mile# Possession can be hau by the lit of April, ami any information concerning said property, can be li.ol on 'lie prenilies. A'ro, admitting said property, forty acres of first rate Laud, with ? good Stone llouse on it, w ith Barn and Hubbsconnected, possessing the same advantages as the above seventy acres. Tie said fortv acres will d* sold se|ierately, or the Farms to gether (making in all 110 acres) to suit ihe nurchas r. Apply to J. W. J-\Nc,WAY, No. 12 City Hall Place, or to ISAAC AN L1EKSON, on the premises, or to Ie3 lm*re WM. H. HICKS, No. 20 Wall street. TO LET. AT FORDHAM, WESTCHESTER CO., N. Y. A LAHOK and convenient Cottage, formerly oecnpied 1 KiSl I'lioa. Mast lord, with a Garden, and Finit Trres of sdlon-vsr, lescrl tioii, adjoining?situated wilhin two or thraa humiird yard* ol Si. John's College. The New York and Mar Inn Kmlio id Can ran to and from New York six timet a day. Apply at 479 I'aarl street, New York. lis lm"rc HEAL estate for sale. Ufcm ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice Land in the 8:h JF^IWard, in tlia city of Brooklyn, fronting the New York .srfkswDay, anu commanding a baantifnl prospect. The situa tion is highly pK.tmat'ina. Enquire of JOHN a. BERGEN, on the premise*. ja29 lm*rc ss FOR MALE?A ralnable Farm, forming a part of the tract known aa M?rnaania, aitua'ad on the Harlem nrar, nmmii u iviorriMniB, shur'fu uii inr narirm rimi. .in the county ol Westchester, consisting of one hundred alio ten acrre of, land, pro|<e-ly fenced and in good order. Upon the h arm there ia a coinmodiona modern built Mauaiou House, "i'.ii a garden, stable and all neceeaary appendages, suitable for a ; -nth-man's country res idem re. There are also upou the Farm two h .irin House*, and all neceaiary eut buildings. Alio, a Yalu ible mill aitr and water power, and an orchard. Tha *aid Farm is very n-eeuibl* from the city, being within nine milea of ihe City Hall. 1witn the privilege of a free bridge across the Harlem river. The cart ol the Harlan Railroad run within hall a mile ol the house. For term* aial further particuhra in quire b tween II and J f. M. of H. M. MORRIS, jlk Intern 11 Pine street, second story. i A CoUnTit V I?8iuINtft FOR"nilil.B lilMUd k"II the town of IVIham. Westchester Couuty, bordering ou .the village of h ast < hester, about. II miles from .New Jo.k. Containing 140 acres of land?.70 acres wood land, the balance 90 acres is in a high st its of cultivation, with fruit lives of all kinds m abundance There are two good Dwelling Houses on it, recently built, together with a large harti. stone hen houre, ro.n 'rib, sc. '1 he place is beautifully situated, commanding a view ol the Sound and surronnding country. It will be sold low or eichanged fur improved city property. For farther par ticulars apply at 68 West street, between Carlisle and Rector Streets. Also, 8 Lota of Ground. 25 by 100, on the easterly side of tha Mlh Avenne, between 37th anil 38th streets. 122 lm*rc TO LEASE, FOR SALE, OR EXCHANGE, MA FARM?Situated within foor miles of the city of Utica. and near the Canal and Ihailroad. The Farm con* ?aSen 1 .oh lilty acres; about one-six h iu wood, the balnuce *ii,Li',>'ih|e of a high state of cultivation, and free from cose. Improvements a plain frame dwelling, a good haru and stabling mid . wood hou.e with a corn loft o?er it, if told, one hall of tlie purchase money can remain on bond and mottgage, for one or more years; or it would be exchanged for property m or near this city. Apply to C.S.MATHEWS, ml 3t*rc No. 148 Bowery. ?FOR SALki?A FARM-Situated at IsIip, Suffolk County, I. I . adjoining smithtown. Said Farm tontains _j:: o .. blot which is VVonu; i he remaining 51 acres are ?t lie of good cultivation Thare ore two Hoasrs, anil also two good wells of water on the farm; a large barn with caw ri n e n'Use and it&bliug fnr eight; an ice house; a good I, ..e garden, enclosed in a picket leooe, iruit trees, he , he. V finb. ? infitmstfok md h? ch ained nt No nj ttleeekor i try then s is ?t from Broadway. Half 'he pure won y can reouiu on mortgage. 185 lm'm "pu J [1 TO RAIL ROAD COMPANIES MS' PATENT CAR BOX. for Rail road Journal*.?The proprietor* of 1 ims Patent Car Box respectfully call the attention of Railroad Companies, Car Manufacturer*, and all others interested, a* the proprietors guarantee their ability to run 4000 miles at least, without renewing the oil, and to keep the oil and wearing part* clean and free from dust and dirt, and alko keep the oil in the boi, and i* not liable to get out of order with reaaouable rare, being constructed with a view to thi* in particular, and thereby i* a great aaving to stockholder* and all others concerned They hare appointed Cornelius Kanouse. of Jersey City, their agent, to whom application can be nude for right, and manufacturing them in any quantity, and will be attended to imme 'iately by the above, or the undeagigned proprietors. January Uth, IMS. TIMS, HILL It BOODY. J26 lm*ec "TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD. ttlHOn HBWARD-The Store of ME8HRA. COFf IN, JJIUUU BRADLEY St CO., No, 44 Exchange I'lace, having been set on fire on Saturday night, the 18th instant, the undersigued, a Committee of the Insurance Compani-s, wfiich had policies on the goods in said store, hereby offer a reward of One Thousand Dollars, for such evidence as shall lead to the detection and couvictiou of the incendiary or incendiaries. New York, February 12lh. IMS. LAMBERT SUTDAM, President ? ouitable Insurance Co. JNO. BROUWEH, President East River Mutual Ins. Co. A. (J HAZARD, Agent of the ./Etna and Protection Int. Co., of Hartford, Con. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD?We, the subscribers, offer One Thousand Dollars, in addition to the re ward offered by the Insurance Com-'anies, at above slated. fl5 lm*rc COFFIN, llRADLEY It CO. DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL, N*. 4M BOWERY, Nkar Astor at*D La Fayetti Places, New Yore. TkffR. D. has the honor to annonnce that his School is upta ivl. Day audlEvening, for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Hiding. TERMS: LECTORI LESSORS. EXERCISE RIDIRO. 1 Month $18 00 80 Ride* 10 00 10 " 6 00 Single Ride* 75 16 Lessons $15 00 10 " 10 00 ' 5 00 Lessons *00 " I 50 N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Hones, for the Road or Parade, to let. ETERIR0 CLASS, 13 Lessons $0 00 | 80 Rid** $10 00 Single 1 00 J Single Ride 75 RULES: 1.?All Lessons or Rides paid for on commencing. 2.?One hoar allowed on each Lesson or Ride in th< School. I.?One hour and a half to a Lesion on t he Road. 4.?Honrs for Ladies, from 9 A. M. to S P M. 5.?Honrs for Gentlemen, frem 3 to J, trd from 7 to 9)jJ P. M 6.?No (JenUenven admitted during tne hoan appropriated to fjftdiin A card of addrass is requested previous to eoEimencing. QT7"'Gentlemen keeping their horses at thisestAbliahment, w il ha^ve the privilege of riding them in the School gratis. ARCHITECTURE. PllfD. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform hit friends and the " public, that he has removed his office from 193 Broadway to IS Wall st. where persons desirous of building are invited to ex amine a selection of original and tasteful designs, from the Cot ings of every description, and auperintands the erection thereof. ja30 lin'rc TO THE DAGUERR1AN ARTISTS. PA. ARTAULT, Importer of French Dagnerreotype ma ? teria'a and manufacturer of Morocco Cases, offers lor.saje at the following cheap prices Beet quality of French Plates, No. 40, (medium) $3 doten. Fine Morocco Cases, with white glass and fin* borders, $3 dx. Good quality of Daguerreotype Apparatus, including the in struction, all complete aod warranted, $50. Acromatic Glasses, from $3 to $15. All: he Chemicals used in the Daguerreotype process, cheap, b. A. Artault has received by the last steamship, the aalt of gold for gilding the pictures, the new substance for polishing J dates in two mimtes, and the beautiful process of Mr. Fixean or reproducing the Daguerreotype Portraits on engraved platee, and to draw nu pai>er an unlimited onmber. If you are fond of the progress iu this beautiful art, please to call at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, cor. of Liberty st. j*20 lm*rc CHEAP DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. TM'RS. H. HHANKLAND,Daguerreotype Artist,having taken J-since two years more than 10,000 portrait*, and being well known for takiug the best style of portraits, respestfully informs n< * friends and customers and the public, that she gives a bean fal Daguerreotype likeness, including a fine morocco case or a frame, fur only one dollar. Being always well patronized, and her customers increasing every day. she has, for their conve nience enlarged her establishment, by two Daguerreotype rooms re the l.afayecte Bazaar, 1S9 Broadway, and by a branch of her establishment, 1JJ Broadway, third story, front room, No 1, opposite the ' ark Fountain Portraits taken from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening, any weather, cloudy or stormy. Remember, only one doliar, (best style) including case or frame. jl8 lm*rrc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. fpHE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype A Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tions throaghont the Union, the West Indies, Sonth America and Europe. They have also made arrangements to be supplied with every new article used in the Daguerreotype Art. They have lately received a large snpply of Voigtlaender's celebrated Cameras, consisting of three different sizes, for the sale of Rhich they are appointed Agents. Also, a supply of best ates and Chemicals, either for Daguerreotype or Calotype, made to their especial order. Cases ofall sizes, thr best Polishing Substances, and every other article used for the Daguerreotype, constantly on hand. 1. ?ir long connection with thn Daguer reotype Art and their sncc as in takiug picturrs, may serve as a recommendation and reliance. Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering articles from any past of the above named countries, may depeud upon a prompt and satisfactory ezecutiou of thrir ocean. Their prices are cash. Prices Current and information may be obtained by addressing (post-maid) to H. 8t F LANGENHE1M, fl3 lm*ec Eichange Building. Philadelphia. JONES'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY" on INITIATORY COUNTING ROOM, !4S7 Broadway, corner of Murray at, rPHE object of thislnstitution is to impart thorough instruction -I- in Book Keeping. Penmanship and Commercial A ricthme tic, and qualify Gentlemen for practical duties of tits desk. Private instruction is given if required. rC7- Members of the Mercantile Library Association are re quested to apply to ihe Librarian at Clinton Hall, who will I uruiih tickets of admission under the arrangement made with ths Committee. ITT"Reference, may be had at the Academy to Bookkeepers, Merchants and Clerks, who have betn students during the last nine years. l?7~For ssle, Jones's Principles and Practice of Bookkeeping, 8vo , price 12s. This work is adopted in the first Academic Institutions in this country. It is also republished inkngland a-rd eitensively introduced there. fZi lmeod#ec 8WORD EXERCISE. . 7" MR- HAMILTON, having entarerl into an arrangeinent with ?"A MR. FULLER, for tlie use of the Large Room of his Gymnasium, No. 29 Ann street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most respectfully announces to the pnblic that he in tends commencing a Class for the Sword Ezercise, in all its branches?American and French, sudh as Small and Broad Sword Ezercise, and also Cane Ezercise. Mr. H has been for sereral years engaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United States Aroiy. N. B.?Volnnteer Companies wishing to become perfect in either Musket or Artillery Drill, mn be taught the same un the moat moderate terms, by application to the advertiser, 31 Ann street, to Capt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller, f 15 Im m FRENCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE. FOERARDIN, Commission Merchant, 16 John street, up ? stairs, has just received on consignment,and offers for sale, wholes* or retail, a splendid assortment of the above articles, comprising? Plain white and rich fancy decorated Dining Sets: Dessert, Tea and Supper Sets; Toilet Sets; sing'e Cups ana Mugs, with mottos; Cologne Bottle Figures; Tete a lete Sets, 8tc., Itc. Also, plain and rich Cut Glass Decanters, Water Bottles, <>lery Bowls, Preserve Dishes, Tumblers, Goblets, Wiues, Itc., he. Astial and Solar Lamp Shadrs and Globes. ,IL/**Orders for Cut .Glass Ware Gilding and Painting on China Ware, to match any pattern, executed promptly. f!B lm?rc FRENCH FLINT GLASS WORKS, AT WILL1AM8BURGH. L. I. MDEPOT 90 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK, visas. BEKGER It WALTER, known for a long series ?; years as extensive manufacturers of Watch-Crystals and Hint Glassware, in the Department Moselle, France, liavr the honor to inform Glass Dealers Importers of Watches, and famishing houses generally.that they have eitablished a Branch or their Manufactory in this country; and, in order to fulfil to entire satisfaction all commands that might be addreisrd to them, have engaged experienced and skilful workmen, both French and English. The beanty of this Glass, the taswfnl style ofall the articles they manufacture, as well as moderate prices, and promptitude in the execution of orders, will, they fondly hope, secure to them a large share of patronage from American and foreign Houses. N. B ?Customers in the hsbit ol transmitting orders to their heuse in Pail',81 Paradis Poissonniere, or their general Depot ol Crystal, 30 Paradis Poissonn ere. Paris, will please forward th? m dirert to 90 William itrt*?t, York. fl6 lm#ec BOUQUETS. FLOWERS. SEEDS & PLANTS. 'THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully begs to inform his friends 1 and the public, that he has made temporary arrangements to furnish the above, from th*store ol Mr. Harrison, corner Broad way and Prince streets. Bouquets, composed of the most choice and sw-et scented exotics, can be had at a moment's notice. Thrv will be arranged in the various neat and fashionable styles which has given the subscriber so much notoriety during his supeiintrndance of the late Conservatory and Seed Establish ment of Mr W. Niblo. Choice Annual Flowering Seed, Vegetable Seeds and Flower ing Plants, on hand. JOHN ROBINSON. 8 lmrc .??'?ACK8(jNjl STAGEY Sc SMITH, RERS AN D IMPORTERS ofPes.IPockel SjBjSsiSlmss:' T?"' jail lm?m No. it PLAIT STREET ,lUp Stairs frrnuh CHINA REMOVED TO NO LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) A DALE8ME, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, bsa ?A. always on hand a large assortment of dinner and tea sets. K plstn white ud gi t French Porcelain as well st Dinner aid Dessert Plates, of all sizes, assotjrd lii.het, Bono Tureus Uorewd Dishes, SvlsJ flow Is, Frnit Baskeu, Custards sad Studs. Alee, Fusy Ten He's, ud Rich Decorated Uinner Beta Abo, Tee ud Chocolate Ware,' >rsek, Freach ud Amerieu ?b?ae. All tha ari'?' , i. heat itenlirv. *? ' >e he (Old Ol lets .-ml tsrun, \Ji. a I its to ,<>i<?enrahaea.-s all (u*N FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROBERT SONIAN METHOD. ANEW COURSE or Inuni in French, according to the system of Robertson, will be given by Mr. EDMUND OU BUISSON, A. M.,at98 Leonard St., commencing on Monday, 17th instant, st 5 o'clock, P. M. This system, so well knowu in Europe, will be explained by the Professor. Persons wishing to leani the French, or their friends, are respectfully invited to attend. Mr. Edinoud du Buissou having been engaged in giving instructions iu French for a number of years at M. Coudert's school, and for the past year at M. O. Le Row's collegiate school at New Brighton, wonld res|iectful!y refer to those gentlemen, both in regard to i]ualitication and character. All information iu the meantime mty be obtained at his residence, 400 Broadway. A New Course for Ladies will be opened ou the same day,at 10 o'clock, A. M. Ktriiijcii, M.&! TeLaforest, Kreuch Con sul Osneral. W. B. Draper, 57 Beaver st. E. Fabre'iue ttes.Ol Maiden lane. E. Logan, Esq., 4 New sc. R. Rowley, Esq., 40 Nassau st Rev Drv John Power, 15 Bar clay street Dr. Porter, 1 Barclay st. Dr. Croesman, 400 Broadway W. H. Cary kCo , 18ti rearl it. L. C. Carter kCo , U8 do. Berard & Moudoa, 10 Court land at. M. Melly, 51 Maidan Lane f7 2w?rc DR. LARDNER, CONSULTING ENGINEER A CARD.?The Public is informed, that Dr. LARDNER continues the tiracflce of busiuess as a Consulting Kugi gineer, wniclihe followed on an extensive scale for many year in England nnd France. Inventors, patentees, maniilacturers, merchants, and others engaged in the arts and manufactur"s, may consult him on matters requiring the application of the principles ol practical science. Certificates and oniuious ou the validity and usefulness of new inventions and processes in the arts. Reports on disputed questions and doubtful points, ex periments* investigations, with a view to the discovery or test ing of improved processes, will be supplied or undertaken when required. Office No 21 Spruce street, New 5 or* All Busiuess Letters must be postpaid, audio prevent time being lost by frivolous application, nil applicants will be ex tiected to pay a retaining fee of $10before couinlta'ion I] 023 Imre XYLOURAPHIC PRESS GENERAL JOR PRINTING OFFICE, ."HI Gold Street. ""PHE SUBSCRIBERS inform Druggixts, Perfumeri, Grocers A and others, that they have made extensive additions to their assortment of Xylographic Labels, to which .hey would re spectfully call their attention. They are constantly adding to their stock all the new style of articles, iu their line, which are offered iu Prance or England, and they premise their customers that they shall spare uo expense in getting np all that thsw may want in the busiuess of the Druggists, Perfumers aniVrgar Manufacturers. JOB PRINTING?Their office is also supplied with every variety ofType uecrssary for the execution ol every description of Fancy Job Frirting, Cards, Billheads, Notes. Bills Lading, Circulars, and all kinds of Mercantile I'riuting, executed ou reasonable terms. SEGAR BOX LABELS AND PAPER, of every descrip tion always on hand. VARIEGATED SHOW CARDS, for Refectories,Grocers, Stc., he.?a large supply. BRONSON k CO.. 024 lm*rc 56 Gold street, near Fulton. DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, $89 River St. Troy. THK Subscriber avails himself of this method of communi A eating to the public the fact that he is now manufacturing Que cut and smoking Tobacco and Snuff, at 285 River street, Troy, next door to the Fulton market. Tobacco?The celebrated Fancy Virginia. This Tobacco took the premium at the late Fair. Extra i 'hewing Tobacco, sweet Virginia; American Smoking Tobacco, manufactured from the leaf; Spanish do, Turkish do. SNuyys?Hose scented, No. 1; Maccaboy, American Gentle man, Lundyfoot, French Hapec. and lush Blackguard. The above articles are all warranted to be made of the finest qualities cf leaf tobacco, and by the most experienced work men. Orders directed as above will meet with prompt attention? the same pnius taken as if they were personally present. IL/*" E. Savage, 254 Fulton street, and A. A. Satnanos, Broadway, Agents for the city of New York. Troy, Jan. 18, 1845. tn2 lm*ec WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PICKLING AND PRESERVE WAREHOUSE. fpHE SUBSCRIBERS, of the only original establishment of A the kind, offer to the notice of our southern friends, mer chants, and our own city and country trade, the largest and best selected assortment of Fruits ever before preseuted to tile public. Peaches?Malaaaturies, Morris' Whites, Honest Johns, Late Heath, kc. Pine Apples, Raspberries, Apricotls, Strawberries, Egg, and other Plumbs, all possessing in their preservation their natural flavors. Also, Jelly's of the Strawberry, Raspberry, Quince, and Pine Arade and Cranberry. Also. Pickles, Catsups, and Sauces, of erery imaginable de- i seription, in glass jars, of every size, to suit the convenience of | the purchaser. Also, Pickled and Stewed Oysten, potted for exporttttan, and warranted to keep in any climate. Hotel Keepera, Boarding House Keepers, Uissi'S, Skip I Masters and Private Families, all are invited to gslliuid ex amine the best selected and most beautiful stock of Ike kind ever before offered to the attention of the public. RECKHOW k VINCENT, 55 Courtlasaltotreet. N. B.?Eighty dozen freah Havana I'iues, in goeklOftV, for tale. Also, lOOO Oyster Kegs AM I i' c SOAP. WORKS PERFUMER?Y DEPOT. IN ADDITION to our Manufactory, we have opened a Store for the sale of our fcconomical baucy Soaps anu all kinds of | Perfumery, Family Soap, Patent Crystalline Candles, kc., kc. We solicit purchasers to iusp-cL our stock, wJuvll WS t'lPri on the lowest terms. Shippers to the West Indies and Honth America, are particu larly invited to examine our Crystallike Caudles. Sales Room No. 3 CourtlanOt street, uext door to the New National Hotel. JOHNSON, VROOM k FOWLER.. (24 lm*ec SUDDEN CHANGES IN THE ATMOSPHERE NOTHING is more trying to the human consftntion, pro ducing colds, couglis, rheumatism, and various other com plaints, which are cared by the use of MRS CARROLL'S Medicated Vapor Bt hs, 325 Broadway. Sulphur Baths require one hours notice. Opeu from 7 o'clock iu the morning 'till 9 o'clock at night. 125 Iwsc CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS! NEZEKlEL, 93 Nassau street, opposite the Herald Build ? ii-gs, respectfully invites the attention of his friends and the public generally, to the following choice Cigars, just re ceived by late arrivals from Havana :? Regalias of various Panetelas of various Alliansa, brands, brands, Knickerbocker Norma*, Principes, La Fiorinda, Yugenmdad, Riouda, Estrellas, Ssperanaa, Napoleonea, Lara. La India, Noriegas, Lord Byrons. The above Segsrs are guaranteed as genuine and imported, and the trade are invited to call and examine them. N. B.?Orders from abroad will be strictly attended to f 17 lm?rc LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. H^MAV ING been awarded the Diploma at the late Fair of the American Institute, for the best 1 axis, I am prepared to furnish an article of l.asts which cannot be surpassed iu this or any other city in the United States. Sole aud Upper Leather of all kinds, Black and Colored Mo rocco and Kid Skins, with Deer, Goat and Lamb Skin Bind ings, Shoe Threads, Lasting* Galleons, Sheetings, Linen and Lealh-r Linings, BootCoraand Webs, Bool Trees, Hammers, Pincers, Awls and Tacks, with a full assortment of Shoe makers Tools, of the most approved patterns, cheap for cash. WARREN STWILKEY, 295 Spring street, I let ween Greenwich and Washington streets, New Vork. N. B ?The Greenwich Line of Stages pass within a block of the store. (20 lm*m sANDS'S SAitSAPAKILLA. r~PH E INSTINCT infanirnals, in direct opposition |to the rea -L sou of man, teaches them what vegetable productions to eat and which to avoid, but mere instict goes no further. It cannot improve uikiii discovery, it belongs to enlightened reason to elaborate, to improve, to perfect that which it has discovered. Sanda's Sarsipan 111 is an exemplification of the wonderful effi cacy which intellect, through the medium of scientific research and philosophical ex|ieriment, may devolve in the preparation of a medicinal root. In all scrofula diseases, in every disorder originating in a diseased condition of the vital element?and how Inr. e a proportion of all diseases do these classes compre hend?this well known specific is held to be iufallible in its ef fects. When a'l all other prnctice has failed, when the exhibi tion of every othrr variety of medicine w inch skill or hope sug gested have proved useless, Sands' Harsaparilla has in number less instances wrought a speedy cure. The following certificates, recently received, will be read with interest, and for further particulars the reader is referied to a pamphlet which is furnished without charge by all the Agents. Binghamptom, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1844. Messrs. A. B. it D. 8a.ins 1 haie been afflicted with scrofula for nine years past. It ap peared in various forms from its commencement, not did not break out in ulcers uutil shout four years ago a large swelling appeared on my arm I had it lanced. It then commenced eat ing, and continued to eat until the fleshy part of my arm, from my elbow to my shoulder, was nearly all ulcers. It then broke out Oil both sides of o.y neck and .ex ended to my face. I had a number of u'cers on my ancle us bottoms of my feet. My suf fering seemed almost intolerable. The most of the time I hare been under the care of physicians; I hare taken iodine,Swain's Panacea and other prepaiations, and 1 had nearly despaired of Kiting relief, when I was induced hy Mr. Hackford to try your rsaparilla. My soiet assumed a more healthy apiiearance, mil I Battered myself with .ne plea that I should be well again. I hare now taken rightnen ba.'tles of your m-dicine. .Vly tores are all healed and my general hnith it better than it has been for nine years, and I aicrtbe my can- to theefficiency of your Sar siparilla Had I known lis virlnrns years ago, I should have been saved much severe ?nfirnng and a disfigures! Cans,and my tmsband would have been mvrd?gieal expense, Signed, I Y NTH IA If. TUFfXK. I cheerfully fes*ify to the truth of tlie above statement of my wife. MASON V. TOmR. The following inte rating case must remmrnd itself to the careful attention of ihoa-similarly afflicted:? ..... . SANDS' CELEBRATED SAKSAPARILLA I s|?-ak experimentally When I rav iliat this medicine is fa more effective in the cure of chronic or acute rheumatism, than any other prepaialion I have ever tested. Having endured es treine auffeiiug at times within the last fire ye its .from repeated attacks of iiiflainmatoryrheiiinaiism.l have recently used Sands Sarsapaiilla with the happiest success. My health is now bet ter th in it hu been for many months past, my appetite is good, and my strength is tapidly returning. 1 attribute this healthful change entirely to the use of this potent medicine. Keeling s dney .sympathy with those who are nfflictrd w ith tins most tor meatiug and painful complaint, I c tunot refrain from most ear nestly recommending to such the use of this valuablespecilw. Having the most entire confidence m the medicine and skill ol Or. Sands, 1 was induced thereby to try the effects of their Sar saparilla, aud I take pleasure in adding my testimony to that of inany others, commendatory of its individual properties, un known to and unsolicited by the Messrs, (lands. CHARLES OYER, Jr., Druggist and Apothecary, muster st, Providence, R. I. 40 and 41 Westminster Eor further partieulars and conchtsive evidence of its supe rior value and offlcaey, see pamphlets, which may be obtained gratia of Agents. Prepueeg and sold,wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by A. B. k O. SANDS, Druggists, . , 70 K niton street, 171 Broadway, 77 East Broadway. I 0 Im*ec HAVE YOU A COUGH 1 ryj "?5 "fleet it. Thousands have met a premature deatk ,, MA the wu-il of a little attention to a common cold. HAVE YOU A UOCOHf?Dr. Jayne's Expectorant, a safe medical prescription, containing no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive piactiee for several yaa.s, will most imsirively ifford reiu-f, Rnd save you from that awful disease, pulmonary consumption, which annually sweeps into the grave hundreds of the young, tlie old, the fair, Ota lovely aud ihe gay. Have you a cough I?Be |iersiiadcd to purchase a bottle of the Expectorant to-day?to-morrow mar be too late slave you a cough I?Jayne's E'-^ctoraot is the only isrmedy yon should take to cure you; for isplain reason,that in uo one of the thousand cases where it hi been nsed has it failed to re litis. .... Prepared and sold by Or. Jayne, 20 South Third street, Phi ladelphia. Hold by the agents, A. B. Ik D. Sands, Druggists, No. 79 K ultim street, 27J broadwsy, And 71 East Broadway, jalt lm*m 44 Kulton street, THE 8UBS(T'RIHKHBl"1' ANDCL"'f.) niw vobk. for mrchauics in almost .vm ll Tools suitable "ss-ii'-'J" hknWj } skb, r' jai? im ec Between Pearl and Cliff, New York COM STOCK ft CO ~ XI Courtlnndt Street, ' HAVK on hand I THE KUUOIVINU ?^A -.D ARTICLES. ,which have | POPULARlTvi" trte, h7? t1""'"3- Wfi ?iti,B* particu,,r a?d buv HUM vlA IHM, CtlNTRtCTKI) I'tmna e.wr > ? K?"1 ^NfSfcS^.^ DH Hl'oii\mJ,yn ,T {TPe.dAe:-,.3't,.n."' warranted. ind\lom'ch ^ thke" ia "" CWa of h^rt-barn fuPkcaMri?e?n'8,^.(|;(iU^IiC ?iLLh" very.uece.s L.ANGLKV'8 WK8TKRN IN d/an PANACEA i. .be r?n? fm rne1,?c'1"' '"? tbe world- It i. a positive and war """"* HAVW r fcVSfl5^w'Wf lS !? eur8<1 by the Genuine redded. ' Sea Thoae* who ham'!mLnr'fy th5 BL?0D. from al> ?np*n wili find sure Sfcrfem iT" "n"rud,"lt ,n lhe a" ef calomel, enV?r?^. INDIA HA1R JDYE?This chemical prepartion will color t' e hair anv shade,a from a light br own to a jet black mil PrV'Vfm VF*"' ?.rptai" *)?" the lent. BALM OfPOMi'MRU;i,V <*? Hair bv using OLDRIOE'8 chkmVcal SOAP K "ud B.AVn WAT^t-ITALIAN assra? CAUT ON-RememLU,DttbUe,l e'rm?"e/ wil1 be ^funded: oisl^at 2! Court^andtTtreet. by* mc{? '?LD ? ltnrc COM8TOCK & CO. ~ DR. SWAYMK'S COMPOUND 8YKUP OK WII n chfuuv 1 ha Great Panacea for all diseases of the Lou*. and iraast. all the medicines of the day, and . there are a (treat variety which profess to be of great value to the human family, we hesitate not 1 to prououuce Dr. Swayue's Com pound Syrup of Wild (Terry as one ?' the greatest discoveries of modern science! ol all the many compounds put forth for the cure of d.seawt which affl.ct ImmmTna _? J?1?* not .remedy can h* named, which has in as wlth the iSbffe0 tlJ"u' a"quir<,d '?eh unbounded confid uce XcM^iX1. a" P"!rfo7"ed,uc!1 miraculous cures, and Tultv an^oX^ . .b?*C?,Vei '? !"uch 't'tHrium from the fa I-...: c othera, as this justly celebrated remedy. Daily we learn from sources of respectability, that cures have been skirt. ?m lu CoufftB. Colds, Asthma, lutlnenzi. Bronchitis, Spitting ^ ^d;M'T"Cu,nl'L""5.VPain the Sine and BiMt, Rising or Tickling m the Throat, Palpitation of the Heart aferc*l,nm.V' ity' roken Lonstirution, from the abuse iL ,BLnd 0Jbaf "uses, and Consumption; which wbeniTf.lSl ,kl" ?y ?mtneut medical practitioners, when invalid*, were given up as hoi*'ess bv hav r?78rf?l remedy, have c,rtibcstei of cures whTch woq?d aTtoniaff credu - 5 m L y ,uade hnowu to the world To thoae who 41} afflicted with the above diseaaea; we say give 1-? KV?U Wr* th5u ** conviuced this is no miserable compound, but a safe and Poweiful remedy, and thatiucura tive powers stand alone and equalled by none. . '"m, lh' Pnat popularity of this medicine ner. on'. r'u^"1 induced to offer a rourious article witk the atfflKrT attached. Therefore bo ciutiou, t' able tree """ll ajldouly K?i?iue preparation from this valu ii?I:8i5,tSe',Comp?nn.'4 Syrup of Wild Chsrry, Princinal -u\NHMr 9f8lh andKacests, PhiUclelphia Ae^u VoUrk ; II A Sand a".' lOTw^^ew V^rk J?E B?V& MiBfeekeratreet, New York; Haviland. Reese'k Co N York' Aiidrew Oliver, it Co.. New Orleau^L B Swm kn*l' J m' ^mmm\ a i* 'bTSS' Hall, Maiden Lane, Alb^nv N* York O O tv v; & ft'ckrri Poughkepsie, York i&Ssirt; >S2i*-&x&F?fr 50,000 DK AT H 8 BY CONSUMPTION, J'/if".7" bA "?al1 ?*'?"?' for Me r ma res J JJiia jKa. Juj dijiate in a single year; then oddj/iejeatjul catalogue of those cut ojf by Inflammation of the Lungs, Hemorrhage, Asthma, i uCoughs, Influenza. Bron chilis, and other _ diseases nl a a.u .? rH.^ LUMiS AND LIVER, And the list would pre.-nt in appalling P'oof of the fatality ol p?. ... . theie two clauea of diiMm, out u is important to know that nearly all of this dread w?.t? nu"iiilifr might have been prevented bv a timelv u*p of DR. WlSTAR'8 BALSAM OF WILD CHMrv ?f 1 he greatest remedy ever discovered by man for all diseases of wary "pans, produced by cold and changeable theXrieii h^hl01have come to our knowledge where he ^ach . f JrT" ffVM!iUfLt0 dM: by consumption, a? bevond the reach of medical aid, but who, by the use ct this Wild A a'iitlr of iX'll kV<" b**"ilwdily restored to complete health A sister ol a well known clergyman, recenilv l??ft fhp ?whn?i .t. was attending, being advijed .iiat ah?, ]je of co?,um?ion with her frierTd i?8'w,,h*"* 10 t|>end her few remaining days with her friends Bv ?pme means she was induced to take Wis tar s Balsam of Wild ( hi rry, by which she was entirely rurrd in ashorlliiiie, anil retnrued to her school with a light heart and Vb' a ^.y W1,ca,"m to the office, further par eiv.n mC. r.u" "'her ren.arkable cures will be cheerfu ly ,7b, m y of ,hr m.0,t distinguished physicians of this city W rtt"" ll?" J,b,'ir nnqnalilied approval. Why should they not I?it is !?? led every where as . NATURE'S hAVORITE PRESCRIPTION' <lm cb,"mioal estracts of Wild Cherry Bark and I .b' Y ST. L I?1 pow'rful ingredients of Nature's own Laboratory All who have used th.s won,lerfal compound, eon kMwn. ymK ' " '* lhe mo,t 'Ilicacidus remedy ever .upai.T?ifuof^^,^?n,,wt-iN'w York- 8o,dal;s)teu CONSUMPTION IS CURABLE. THOMSON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA INFLAMMATION of tha Mucous Membranes is th? result ol seine impression made upon tliem by cold or other causes; hence Chrouic Catirrh.Mpitting of Blood, Bronchitis. Asthma ?resulting ia CONSUMPTION, trastriiis, diseased Civ-rand Kidneys, Palpitation or the Heart, Sic Krom inconteitible evi dence, it is proved thit THOMSON'S COMPOUND 8V KI P OK TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA is a specific in these rnmplainta?allaying irritation, promoting healthy secretions, and removing the existing cause of disease Thousands hav? used it and can near testimony to its efficacy. Q 0~FARTHF.R PROOF ?! !?0 S5 Philadelphia, March 1st, 1844 ?I hereby to certify, that in consequence of re O peated and neglected Cold*, uj a. my lungs became s?- s5 S rionsly affected, O Ps - and for a, O 2 . 2 a -j T- > a? P ^ ? If"? 6 > & a ? K F, time 1 have S 2 5 " snffered with eio- 9 fu lent twins in the breast, 2 ?< ? obstinate cough and diffi- ? -U * cult expectoration, the sym|i- X L> 0 toma daily increasing in violence. ?5 3! 1 had recourse to various remedies, te, fu with no aysil, nntil I used THOMSON'S O COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR. which effect- O ed a permanent enre before I had when three bottles, fc. EVANS, Fayette street, below Arch. Principal Office?Northeast corner of Fifth and Spruce streets. Sold wholesile and retail hy the Agents. A. B. nANUS h Co.. Druggists, 273 Broadway, comer of Chambers street. Re, tailed also, at 19 Fulton street and 77 Fast Broadway. Price?50 cents per bottle, or $5 per dozen. ft I lm*m KHKUMATIC .'ILLS. rvR- COVEL'8 RHEUMATIC PILLS are well known to \J be the only article which will cure the Rheumatism, either inflammatory or chronic; and for proof of the assertion wii.l evil, asks those suffering from tins complaint to read the fol lowing certificate:? Nkw Yoie, December ltth, 1144. Da. Covcl? Dear Mir?I cannot in juatiee to myself and suffering hu manity, let this opiwrtwiity pas* without expressing iny grati tude to you for your Rheumatic Pills. I have be-n troubled for 1 long time with rheumatism, and have spent large sums of money with physicians, and have received hut trifling relief Thit Fall I was attacked very severely?it located 111 my shonlders and wrists,which were stiff? the wretched situation I was in I cannot describe. I then commenced taking your Pills. I received nninedia'e relief, and am now em irely cuied. I will with pleasure satisfy those who wish for information with re Sd to the astonishing effects of your Pills, if they wilWtake trouble to call on me. Most reapectftiily yours, C. W. PERKINS. 460 Pearl St., N. Y We will also refer to Mr. Alexander Welch, 85 Nassau street, better known as Mandv Welch; Mr. A. Pietch, 176 Broadway; Captain llinman. corner of Urneu and Houston streets; and to hundreds of nltiers. J. II. Motely, 92 John street, only wholesale agent, and none genuine without his written signature upon the red laM as raelied to each hog?Price 50 centt a box. Also retailed in this city at 92 John street; A Hill, J118 Greenwich sc. Dr.Covel 135 Sullivan sr; Hillock, 176 Spring si; tiobandaili, 141 Eighth Avenue; Onion, comer of Bowery and Oraud; .Moss, 50# at d 8 Oram), and A*. Whaelcr llg Lliarrr at. jalT lm*cc To mjr Mwatebeart! You're a broth of a crature, In form and in fature,? It'i myself that now tells you the name; And aure, by my troth.d I'll not bo very wroth, If you'll plaize me by changing your name. What a awate little wile, A* a partner lor life, My darlint, 'tia you might be living; And I'm jist the boy, To wish you much joy, When your hoart it'a to me you'll be giving. I'm half dead?botheration! With aad consternation? ? Oi your flirting it ia that I'm apaking; Ho plaize to be thinking. When you're winking and blinking, It'a my own honest heart that you're braking. The divil a haper. Will I stand of a caper,? Twould kill me to find you decaiving; By my aowl and I'd die, Anil that same ia no lie, Before I'd be kilt by my grieving. Then spake but the word, My nate little bird, 1 That you're niver a man's but mine; And straight to the praist, It'a mysilf lhnt'11 hnste, To make you my swale wolantinel TEDDY MAGOWAN. Closing Stores, and Scientific Lectures. Mr. Bennett: 1 was much pleased with your remarks a few days since on the above subjects, aad hope you will not let those subjects rest until the desired re forms tire brought about, although I have my tears, that even you, with all your eloquence, and the just claims of apprentices and clerks in stores to hack yon, that accomplish any thing thai will be permanent. I do not say this becaase 1 am opposed to come into any reasonable measures, but because similar attempts have repeatedly been made to shut the retail stores at early hours, but they have always tailed to accomplish the desired object, by a few O'Grab-rne's, and money-worms, who thonglu that they could make something ex tra, if ail others were shut up, and who would ne ver agree to any combination to close their stores at a given hour- Some years since, an agreement was entered into by a majority of the retail dry foods dealers, to shut up their stores at dark. That was observed for a few weeks only, whea one, then another, then more, began to fall off from the agreement, aad in two months the whole was abandoned. I shui up my siore at dark for as long a time as any one, although I was opposed to it, because 1 thought it was too early, at a business season of the year?November Hud it been made at 8 o'clock instead of at dark at that time, it is highly probable that they would have succeeded in the treasure. About two years since another attempt was made to close the stores, not only oi dry goods dealers, but of hardware, hatters, shoe stores and others, at 8 o'clock, and with some ap parent success. I attended a meeting of the clerks at Washington Hall, ana gave them my counte nance and support, and fell in with their measures, and shut up my store for some months at 8, but that, like the former, also fell through. These are my reasons for my fears of success of the present attempt, and not from any opposition. I am in favor of shutting early, becuuse I myself am, and have been a slave to a Dad custom for twenty-five years, so that I feel and can speak advisedly on the subject, and am conversant with all the objec tions that have been brought, or can be brought, against the measure, and consider the whole ot 'hem futile and untenable. I understand an effort is making in Hudson, and some othar streets in that section of the city, to close earlier than they do now, but I have not heard any hoar stated. 1 will suggest the following hours: from the 1st of January till the 1st of April close at 7, as that is a dull season of the yeat, and the other nine months it 8. If it is thought advisable to open at certain hours, I would say ot 7 from the first of April to he first of November, and the other five months at 8. By this arrangement a great deal of gas and tuel would be saved?the clerks generally benefited, and masters not injured, but rather the reverse, tor I believe the masters would generally be benefitted as well as the clerks and apprentices. I will agree to coulorm to the above arrangement, should it necome general, and will not expect every one to coitfonn, because I know there are some close risted persona, and small potato customers in every community, who are not worth netice at any time, especially to consider of sufficient consequence to defeat a good measure. 1 therefore hope that the jiresent attempt to close all retail stores at a rea sonable early hour will succeed. I ulso hope that courses of scientific lectures will be got up for the benefit of those clerks and .pprentices who will have time to attend them if their stores are closed at 7 or 8 o'clock. Lectures, with good practical experiments, are of great utility prior to a course of readiug, as they facilitate an understanding of what ia read. Libra ries are very good, hut lectures connected with them add a very important branch which never lught lo be dispensed with. Go on, therefore, with your labors to promjte useful knowledge, and necessary practical reforms Where are the street sweepers and the new po licemen1? They are both much needed in this dir ty, hoggish, knavish, Empire City. Will the pray ers of the saints a:.d righteous on thanksgiving day have any effect towards promoting reform in the rulers and ruled 1 Shall be pleased to respond a hearty Amen. , New York IiKqisimturb.?In the House oa the 28th ult., among the reports was a bill to authorize ihe New York an>l Now Haven railroad company to ex rend their road into this State The bill to punish (educ tion and adultery, waa reported back by Mr. Huntington, from the Select Committee, with amendments. Mr Bai ley, the minority, submitted a counter report and bill. It being the regular resolution day, a great number were laid on the table, or acted upon. Among them waione by Mr. Niven, calling upon the Comptroller to report in relation to the Hudaon and Delaware canal and the New York and F.rie Railroad, with a view to ahow their in debtedness, and how far each had discharged its obliga tions ot interest, Sic. In the Senate on the 1st inst., among the memorials pre sentel waa one by Mr. Jones, signed by Stephen Allen, Saul Alley, James Boot rnian, Myndert Van SchaiCk, H W. Field und others, lor the charter ot a new company to construct a railroad from New York to Albany. The memorialists say, among other thiugs. that they " have abstained from applying lor a new charter, duly respect ing the rights ol others, previously conferred, though ly ing unused They, then-tore, have submitted to much delay in this application, to accomplish an arrangement with the present company. That baa been perfected by .in agreement with its President, a copy of which is an nexed.'' (I he substance of the agreement is, that the former company transfer its maps, surveys, Sic , on pay ment ol $50 000) The bill to revive the act lor the reliet of the Stunnecock tribe of Indians, was read the third time and passed. The bill to pay the Hudson Guard came up, and a long discussion ensued, Involving not only the details and merits of the bill, but incidentally the origin of the anti rent excitement, fkc. The prin ipiu of paying the members of the Guard, from the state trea sury, alter the 'id day of January, 1840, leeving the ex penses prior to that period a charge upon the county ol Columbia, was adopted. Various other amendments were proposed an I rejected. The bill was ordered to be en grossed for o third reading, hy a rote ol 14 to 9. In the House, the bill to pay the Hudson troops came up, and was discussed, the debate turning incidentally on the anti-rent difficulties. The House was Anally brought (0 a vote, under thejprevious question on the amendments made in Committee of the Whole?and they were all agreed to. The vote on reducing the pay of commissioned officers to (2 50, stood ayes 74, uoes 18?on reducing the pay ol privates, &C to $1 50, ayes 58, noes j;t- and on re ducing the allowance lor horse hire to $1 50 per diem, ayes 60, noes 22 The bill as amended, was then ordered to a third reading. The House, sfter receiving a message from the Governor announcing his approval ot the bill ex fending the act lor the relief ot the .New Ymk institution lor the Deaf und Dumb, adjourned.?Albnnv Jlrtus, March I. P.Af Law for tub Poos?Quite a harty laugh was produced in the House ot Representatives ot Oino, some days since, by the presentation ol the toliowing memorial:?Mr. Combs,on leave, presented the oetition ol 38 citizens of Miller township. Knox County, for a law to tax dogs The fuilewing is the petition :? To the Honorable General ?Hetentbly of the State of Ohio Whereas, destruction very great By dogs, among the sheep of late. And danger that they will do more, As they have etten heretofore, Requires that something should be dona To stop the rascals in their tun. We, therefore, ol your honora pray, That you'll enact, without delay, A law that shall impose a tax On dogs, or on their owners' hacks, Of such amount as mav suffice To make dogs moral, just and wise) And we'll forever and a day, When so inclined, devoutly pray. Dubl on tub Tapis.?The Muicocct Democrat. it the 22d ultimo, stiysA hofttile meeting be tween two gentl< men ol high standing from Muiedgi ville, Oa., is expected to take place on Monday next, OD he Alabama aide of the Chattahoochee river, near this ity One ol the belhgrranta has already arrived in town -vitb his Iriend, and the other is probably in the neighbor iood. We uoderstend that an effort is making by somi ?I our citi7cna to leconcile the parties, but we apprehend, rum the nature and long continuance ot the difficulty he tween them, it will be without surreal Rnmor says they ireto tight at the very short di?t"nce ol sev-n feet'. 11 so. I he affair will daubt|e:.? In a bloody one Th" p*rtl<'? a nova left red lo(ln? lin Soonnmmh U'/mbli nti) an Col. A. H. Kenan and Gen. J. W A. SandloM 1 City Intelligent:*. Police Oflct?Nothing ol any consequence at the Police Office to-day. A few caies of petit larceny were all that came up. Coroiier'a OAlce?March 2 ? Dkath una Burning. ?On Thursday night last, shout 8 o'clock, Josephine Briggs. a black woman, about 46 years ol age, returned home drunk, to her residence, at No. 90 Cross street, in the second story; and after she had been at home about hull an hour, hrr clothes caught tire from a furnace in the room, and she leaped from a window into the yard, leaving her child in bed The occupants of other parts of the bouse discovered the flumes, and rescued the child. The mother and child were both very much burnt, and were taken to the hospital, where they died last evening. The Coroner held an inquest upon the mother yesterday, and will hold one upon the child to-morrow. Varieties. The announcement of tho death of two gentlemen was premature, they are both still in the land of the living. The first is Dr. Arnold N'audain, of Delaware; the other tbat of Captain Alden I'atridge. The Richmond Enquirer publishes an obituary notice of Mrs Joanna Bouldui, the widow of Major Wood Bouldin, deceased, who died recently in Charlotte county, Viigi nia, in thu ninety-third year of her age. She was the sister of John Tyler, formerly Governor ol Virginia,who was the father of President Tyler. A Rochester paper states that the ice in the Genesee, below the Falls, left for the lake yesterday, thus opening an avenue for the resumption of the trade with Canada We learn that the arrangement has been definitely made, by which but one Canadian boat will visit this port du ring the present season. The American boats will not touch at Toronto; consequently much of the business hithe: to done through this city, will be transferred to the Oswego route. John Aull, of Lafayette county, Missouri, who died a year or two since in Italy, made a gift of one thousand dollars to each of the counties of Clay, Lafayette, Jack son, and Ray, to lie held in trust It is to be called the ' Aull School Fund.'' and is to he appiopriatedto the edu cation ol orphan und destitute children in these counties. There is " something rotten in Denmark;" religious persecution seems still to prevail there, for a Baptist mis sionary, Mr. Moenster, is in prison tor the fifth time, in consiquence of his dissent from, or opposition to, the established church. The Mobile Herald has the following notice of anew enterprize:?'There is a private express organizing be tween Montgomery and Stockton in this State. Itisde signed, in connection with the old private express, to gain *wo days on the Unitru States slow mail. The post master general will hevu to compete with it or put it down. When the pardon of Governor Mnuton was announced to one of the convicts in the Penitentiary at Baton Rouge, on Monddv evening last, he dropped dead, it is supposed, in constquence ol the sudden sensation of joy produced tiy that delighltul information One hundred and thirty eight German immigrant! ar i ived in 8 lint Louis on the 20th ultimo, from the wreck of the HteHmer Narragansett. They have lost nearly all ol their property. The Montreal Heral'l gives accounts of the destruction of several houses in that city by avalanches of snow It docs not appear that any lives were lost, although a few persons wt re somewhat injured. The St. JohD papers state that a person who was deaf end dumb, has been made to hear and speak,by the agency of Mesmerism. The locofocos ol Columbiana county, Ohio, have orga nized a Dorr association. 'J bey recommend a conven tion of oiie hundred thousand Dorriles from all parts of the Union, to be held at Piovidence, Rhode Island, on the 4 h of July next, " for the adoption of snch measures as may then and there be though expedient." Alvarez Fisq, Esq., has prnttered to give the city of .Vutchrz tbe spacious and convenient lot, with the build ings und improvements thereon, at the corner of Com merce street and Brae kin's alley, to be used lor the ac commodation of free schools, to be supported at the public ? xpenso. This property was sold a few years ago fcr $21,6(10, and is worth, at the present time, net lew than ten thousand dollars in cash. The London Economist computes that the people of Great Britain have paid for the taiili' monopoly, in the enhanced price of bread and sugar, in the past year, more ihun $76,000 000. What a beauiitul system this tariff" it 1 It make* the Englishman pay a double price lor whet he eats, and the American for what he wears. How it helps the masses here who cant build factories, or those in England who own no land. When an Irish clergyman was asked by the Poor Law t'otntniisioners what ameunt ol rent the cottagers paid, ne replied :? " From one to two pounds they will promise to pay ; But after twelve months the landlord will say ? ' I'll fergive you the rent, il you'll give up tbe key,' He then gets another, who acts the same way." A public toiret took place recently at the Winchester Mechanics' lus itution, nnd a lecture was given by Mr. sharp, on " the Pnitosopliy of the Kitchen," to illustrate which a supper was cooked upon the lecture-table by means of ras. Upwards of 70 sat dowa to tha repast, vhtch consisted of roast beef,mutton, fowls.ham. griskini lied sausages, spare tilts, puddings, ko., all admirably cooked by the cooking apparatus, under the direction of the lecturer. There is a letter in the Portland Post office, directed ? To the paster ol the Church ot God In Portland." It has been lying there soma tints, but no one has applied lor it A distinguished Roman Catholic Clergyman in Eng land, says that the Pope " contemplates allowing the Puseyite clergyman who have enteud the Romish chinch, to letain thrir wives." The Roman Catholic Heinld, in reply to this, iiska?" Why not 7 Thercclrai astical law binds ordained clergymen only." The Papists <lo not acknowledge the 1'iiseyiles as ordained. During the year 1844 there were 6 846 person* admitted into the Charity Hospital in tbe city 0f New Orleans. 01 this number- 4,630 were loreigners, and 1.916 born in the United States. Of the foreigners?3,317 were lrom Ireland. Breach is the Miami Canal.?The aqueduct crossing Dick's creek, three nulea south of Middle town, gave way on Monday evening last about nine o'clock, the north-eastern wing and heel path falling down. This will s op the navigation south of that place a month or more, until a new aqueduct can be built, the irat- rial* for w hich are principally on the ground.? Cin. Gazelle, Feb. 26. Fire?About 5 o'clock, the Pho nix sieam saw mill, situate on Fig Island, opposite Savannah, was discovered to he on Are. The alarm was soon given, but b,' lore assistance could reach tbe scene, the mill ard planeing machine attached, together with a quantity of cawed lumber, ?s.< destroyed. At the time the fire broke out, the fog was so thick, thut the flumes could be scarce lv be discovered on this side ol the river. Tbe mill was owned by Mr. George New hall, widow Bird and chil dren, Joseph B-iblwin and Dix Fletcher, and wa* insured lor $10 000-$5000 in the Hartford Insurance Company, and $6000 in the Etna Insurance Company of Haitlord.? Tht planeing machine belonged to Dix Fletcher, and was not in>un d Tin to'ul lots is estimated at from 16 to $20,000 When tbe fire was first discovered It was noma distance from tbe fire room, uhi h leads to the belief that it wns the work ot au mo ndiary. This is tbe secend mill burned from tbe same site. The Western Rivers?The river opposite has commenced swelling slightly. It rose between two and three inches during Wednesday night. The ' umberland river bad fallen, at the latest dates; five feet wt re reported on the shoals The steamer Borea*, down yesterday fiom Keokuk, r pott* the Upper Mississippi using; at the mouth ot the Des Moines a rise was report ed ol near three feet. Tha steamer H hernian reports hut five and a half feet water on the principal bars between 'bis and Oaito.? St /.ohm Rertille, Feb. 21. THICK*. IS HOPK for the Consumptive. for those who are afflicted Willi *hthma, liiiwiw mnrh and lonir they may have miIfered. for those who are laboring under long continued ar.d rediona Cousin, Shortnen or Difficulty of Brralhing, Pain in Ikr Brratt or Hide, Hl-rding of the Lunge and other precnraon of Fatal Pulmonary Diseases?Dr. holder's OJLOSAONIAN, OK ALL-HEALINO BALSAM, TS A HPFF.DY AND KFFJtCTUAL RF.MEDY.-It has A been tested in hundreds of cases and by more than twenty yrara'eiterience It has been submitted to the facility, and has hem used and approved by them?and it is offered with the greatest confidence to all who may be afflicted, and who need its healing properties. stDavin Hrnnrnsoa M Laight street was reduced eery low by a redions Cough and rntaing of Blood. He had tried various retni dirs offered without benefit, and deemed himself heyond the hope of relief Although he had a hectic fever and night sweets, one bottle of this (.steal Kerned v restored him entirely to health Oeonus- W. Hays was relieved by two hottlee of the Olosa oni in, alth nigh ao weak at the 'ime he commenced using it that he could scarcely walk He coughed incessantly, His diffi culty of breathing was such that he could w ? Ik only a few slept it a (inn , and his nig taweats weir dr idfiil In two weeks torn the commencement ol his using the medicine he walked with case down to the nffire, anil in tit weeks he was so lar re stored at to be .tide to atl'iil to his hnsisess again. F. Lagan, M Pike street was cured of Asthma by half i bottle. He had not laid down in bed for more Uiau teu months lie has never had a recurrence of the disease?now more than lour months. Mrs Archibald, 33 West street, was enred of Asthma, of four years' standing, by half a bottle, and declares it to be the best medicine in the world She had used various other reme dies without the least benefit Hundreds of caaea might be given to prove its efficacy.? Try it if yon are afflicted, and you will hie satisfied that it ia, uidrpd, "ALL-Hk.ALl.NG i" ita properties. ? on will not regret hav ing used it. and it mav entirely pat to flight the dis ease which is at present threatening your lite For sale at the Principal Office, 106 Nassau street, one door above Ann. jail re OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO, I NEW YOK.K. Feb, J, 1643. < AT an Fleet!OR held this day for Ones tors of this Institution, for the euauing year, the follow mg gentlemen were elected ?nch Directo'a: ? Thomas W. Thome, Klisha Kiggs, "I lioinaa T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B K. Kobson, M. D., Joseph Drake, 'Phomsou Price, Joseph Alien. Moses Tack r, James Holmes, John K. Davison, John P. Moore, John II. I ce, Win, K. Thorn, ( aleb C, Tenia, Thomas Morreffl, Francis I' Sage, hngaue Bogart, lohnfl Merntt. Robert Smith At ?rT.e i met I of the Boa-d TU?'M - W \ s hoc mou-li HMtter.trd l*T ,,a GfcO. T. tiUl'h. Sscn-MMry,

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