Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1845 Page 1
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T2 THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI.. No. UJ?Whole No. 40SS. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY MORNING. MARCH 1845. Prleo Two Ctnti. THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. the greatest in the world. To th? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newsp^r-Dnh if 'Wjhr ot the year except New Year'. Day and Fourth jLd^Tstii^s?p"eopr_<,r r "aum-p??o. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published erery Saturday SSm&SST Wl ?'W 11aanam?po?|. fait It hat the lar^ett circulation of any naner inifW!? or the world. and, it, therefore. the heat chnn^^i fit a ?c^1 JAMES GORDON BENNETT or the Hebald EaTaBUaHMUlXT North weet corner of Kg I ton and Naa^a ijra^ARSE,^i^? LINE 0F PACKETS 1, 1 11 as MJr"? New ship J.u'y >? Sept. 10 be deaired in XaV&'&iEj AStfasssftstita*11"" *??*'?? ii For frei?ht or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN It PH*XP1?, Proprietors, :M Front street; or to mice BOYD It HINCKEN, Agents, - ??IS 9 rontiee Building. Gl VEN-tL ATE POSSESSION inn. with 22.1? N"?|n .treet, Herald BaUd, Oya'ter'SaiootT, fcjCOnTenirat Buement, well calculated for au -JAUo.severaj convenient Store, in the second storv initahl. SLifchJ!?.,i.Twlor'! r?ahion.ble Milli.wrx Drl?mU,,. kc together with a variety of Ilooms in the 2d 3d 4th and a?K .tone,. >uitable for Office,. Private Pa lor. foldioaUoon Paurrie. and Bedroom, attached ; with Room, suitaiile for TKn.f,^a""e"' D,HH??rreoiype. and Exhibition Room,? fc2! one.r """""K.'oom, of the above description, are re fU hn*rc examine the same. Enquire on the premise-. JL , VERY DESIRABLE LOTS FOR SALE ?Fie -wSisssisiSi?* '?wJS'ani &kss.*& g,h ?4 ,herwttaHr?rMth .treet, between the 6th and 6"0"*, in an improving neighborhood, avenue. the aontherly aide of 14th street, near the <th 1 lie whole axnonnt may rema n on mortmure if imnmtnj if not ,mPr?^ M^inteS 0Twi' Jw""*'c 16 Wall,fleet roa^aud "o-'^.tw^W"h ^ erect a manufactory, which^ill ? bui'luf K^^d."1"*04 U Also, a two atory frame Cottage, Honae and fire Lota on k* through ? othe 7 th^aveone manufacturer.. Building. will hi wt5d "f wuuired " le^i*0' * 14 30 ,trWtl b*wern ?^7th and 8ih avenue., to jKlmeee O-H. WINTER, -i* ee . 16 Wall .treet AA n kET?The large three atory and attic Brick IjjJw Dwelling Home, aitnated on the north-easterly corner of XULine Seveuth Avenue and Thirteenthitiret wiPlf? f.n. Karneu. t.roton water, kitchen rouge., marble mantels. sliding guo"tem.tL m 44 ,m|,romn* ue'*hborhood. Rent low to 5 "V ""?Four three atory and attic Brick Hoow with Stoma underneath, on the easterly aide of Sixth A^ue. 1^,2? I welfth and thirteenth .tieeu, with aliding doors, marble m>A?at'e cirennutaneai/^' """h'* (?' re,|*ctable f,?u? in Avenne, and opposite the large square. " on in1)! iJtT'f Brick rfpu.e with a Store underneath. ?Atk * -.i Avenue, between 13th and atfvct., with marble mantel,, aliding doora, l.'roton water, ate. ?re\l!,.n.fne rboVJ 9tor^ arr ?cellent standi for bn.ineaa, and S?. . 1 i .1 drygooda and fancy-good., ladies' shoe storm, fec"iSn^.fc?heaWlre' hardware, Jewelry, millinery, con n. J,1?' w!th $>' front bmement-room, will be rented sr Ji... .? r I r dwelling |>aru if required, there being covered area, in front for fuel, tic. U. II. WINTER. "' "n> i"! 16 Wall street. 40% ren.Vri^ri '??* Bulkhead, or Water Front, from War JlBEfdid .7!k 0Mha?be?. <*bo?t ?0 feet,) now occu 1lt^ar,e1. .r,-r n 7.naU^ID*'D'% r?urft0,y 8to"-jNo. ui warren street. One of the ^ew Bmldiue , between Vvath (Men nied ^bvH?tJtr"\ Th*.,uPerior three .Urry Brick Honw " il', J Cochran, bwrj on Tenth Avenne near 23d 7T!li siTi'W !,1?,n.r>; P.'?*d Innii'nte.Croton water, ?c. tlowann. i l' ?? T.u LET-The Maniiou and Kari at 11 ftr,?'iL". 'th?* mi1?' frorn the South Ferry. The cr rner-H a*?' h",and a superior cellir, roof f.l^iT i. 'imi"10 nDJ doora, I'lated furniture, Ike. The hall and !!?.!! 'i'd'*" marble. The building ia neir the water, and is .'"rtft" t0 ?,,tnatlon 'n the United States. It will av h?ftV or .txty peraom. The Farm ia eighty acre.-a If TUl i Bay of one thousand feet, and a front on each aide Br, J? A. ."fS U " ,n the Eighth Ward of the City of m m X 'iina l?,'d oat '?? IM# Building Lota, and there are L. ni 1.1. if r * f ou this property. 'Hie land is thf best on Long Island for early vtgrtablet, ana can revlizc five thousam ALHtT' EOkH'sai*i*"to? t0nby 1,1 ?t*rirnced gardener. ? s v? e 8 A Lit.?The Brunei Farm, at (Jowaiius about 2(MI Lola fronting ou Th rd and Fourth ttenurs and the IJ.V7 .'"i1' to- ,he Givejwood Ceinstery. The Lo's will be !? 7 ,ij w l'ri<ie? ?ud long credit, and money loaned to thoie that build immediately. Apply to . . JOHN K. DELAPLAINE, f'? rc No 7 New sinvt, i>ew York. M TO LET-FI VE NEAT SNUG Hul'SCS-.t and tileJe<?.rn" 7t0 """O* and 2sth streets Reuu 12J to Jul) dollars. Helerence and seenrity required. Thev arc ..mtieil in the moat thriving part of the city, at (he end of stage routas, so as to insure seats without delay in stormy wea ther, for iarsons doing business down .own. Possession of two hum, s immediately, of the other three on first of May. 124 Iw'ec STEAM POWER?Rooms to let with Steam Power. Apply at R. HOE A CO., fl8 3wrc 29 and 31 Gold street. TO SECRET SOCIETIES. " TO LE [? From 1st May next, the large Room in the -JplH-r story of lions', corner of East Broadway and Ca JUUlthaiine street, titled np for a lodg ? room. Can be teen J1"1?'"1 2>k and 5 o clock. P.M. For further particu larseuqui^ofE SPrEK.51 Catharine street, or of J HeCHT, 38 Henry atreet O! lm.m ' FOR SALE. ^>4fc,A BEAUTIFUL FARM, situated in the town of KWKtsn:he.ter, cont-ming seventy aires of good tilableand -adkmxia.s laud. I lie House is in perfect order and convenient ly arranged for a large family. Said Farm is divided by ihe post road running to New Rochelle and Mannarroneck. and mna down to Eastchmter Creek, where there ia fine bass and trout Iisliing in their season. The out builflings are all in good Ofder, and there is good stabling for twelve horse*, j he whole Place IS well waif ted and ou the premises ia a beautiful Kiahpoud. i here are two churches within aquarter of a mile oftaid place and stages pass twice a day by the internet tl.r New' York an J Ha rival llolroad at William a Bridge, whirh is with in tniee inilea of said premises. There i. an abundance of Fruit on said premises, whicn was selected by tha present owner w th g-eat care. The distance from City Hall New Yoik, is scint sixteen miles Possession can be had by the 1st of April, ami any iuforuutlion couceruing said property, can be had on I he preiniift. Ai?o, ad dining said property, forty acres of firtt rate Land, with at got d Stone Home ou it, with Barn and Stabl- a connected r]y atm,! 'Mi^antagea as the abore eefeuty acres. Ihe 4it>d forty acire will be sold se|?er.\tely, or tne Karma to getliex? (miking in all 110 acres) to suit the purchss r. Apply yj'iwisi a^^AV, No. 12 City Hail Place, or to ISAAC AN II Ml SON, on the prtvnisea, or to . WiM. H. HICKS. No. 20 Wall atreet. TO LET. AT FORD HAM. WESTCHESTER CO, N. Y. UMb A CAH(>E and convenient Cottage, formerly occopied pM1' 1'hoo bat-ford, with a Garden, *nd Kiuit Trees ot . sdh^-wry neacrl linn, adjoining?situated within two or thtee hu.,died yard* ot St. Jnlin't College. The New York ami Har lem HaiLool Cars ran to and from New York til time* a day. ApplyaMTO IVarl street, New York. ltt? lin'rc HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. WUi ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice C&nd in the I0i WmfcWard, in the city of Brooklyn, fronting the New Yotk ,?glm.Hay, end commanding a beautiful nioarect. The situa tion is highly pictnicsqn*. Enquire of JOHN ? BERGEN, on the premise*. ja39 lm?re w..| FOR SALE?A valuable Farm, forming a part of the JjjUAtract known aa Moiriaania, aitua'ed on the Harlem river, ?T*?r "' ;1'e cumin- nl Westchester, consisting of one hundred and ten acre* of laud, propa ly fenced and in good order. Upon tin- h arm there it a commodious modern built Mansion House, wit i > garden, tiahle and all necessary appendages, suitable for a genii - man's country residence. Then am alio npon the Farm two Farm llousea, and all neceasary out buildings. Also, a valuable mill site and water power, and an orchard. The said Farm is very accessible froin the eity, being within nine miles of the City Hall, witn the privilege of a free bringe across the Harlem river. The cars of the Harlan Railroad run within half a mile of the house. For terms aud further particul in in quire h tween 13 and 3 P. M . of 11. M. MORRIS, jIS lm*r? 11 Pine street, second story. , A COUNTRY HK8IDENCK FOR SALE?Situated |in the town of I'elham. Westchester County, bordering on __?ihe village of East Chester, about 16 miles from New /ork, containing 110 acres of land?50 acres woodland, the balance 90 acre* it in a high *t .te of cultivation, with fruit trees of all kinds in abundance. There are two good Dwelling Houses on it, recently huilt, together w itli a large barn, stone hen houre, co.ii 'rib, nc. I he place it beautifully situated, commanding a view ol the Honnd and surionuding country, it will be sold I ? nreichsuged for improved city property Fur farther par ti, u'irr apply at 66 West itreet, between Cai i Carlisle and Hector itfpft*. Also, n Lots of Ground, 35 by 100, on the easterly side of the j) |6il| ?? UUia '?? as s UMIIU, nj U J lUu, I'll HIS PiUIri ly Slur Ul lie IIth Avenue, teiween 37th unn 16th streets. 133 Ini'tc wa h OR SALE?A FARM?Situated at Islip, Suffolk IKw^Uounty, L I . adjoining emuhtown. Said Farm contains nseuuski ac e ; .idol winch is Wouu; the remauiing 33 acres are in a its ? of guwu cn tivation. There are two Hous-s, and also two g.n d wells of wale* on the farm; a large bam with csr ria. Ii us" anu subline for eight; an Ice house; a good large garden, enclosed in a picaet feuce, Irujt trees, lie., lie. Any further infoiinstion may be obtained at No us blrecker airi et n few doors west from Broadway. Half the purchase money ran remain on mortgage. 133 Irn'm j i ""srA"8Juiii{;^r - SMOKEY CHIMNEYS. GOODWIN* ROMAN CEMENT CHIMNEY POTS Ar? the Beit Preventative! pom Shore* Chimney! 81 ate Roofs repaired and warranted tight. Gothic and Orna mental Chimney PoU from Drawing.. fcc. Roman Cement, fresh, in loU to suit purchase?. T"38 West Broadway, near Clumber* street. fB 2taw2m?rc A PLEASANT SHAVING SOAP HENRY'S CHINESE CREAM. THIS is a new preparation for the gentleman's toilet, te assist in the very necessary duty of lemoving the beard. As an emollient, its chemical combinations ate such as to soothe all irritating influences upon the skin which are apt to arise from the use of soaps containing alkali. It makes a rich and durable lather, sof'eus the beard to prepare it for the razor, and renders the operation of shaving a I'leasure. The reader is respectfully referied to the following notice* from peraon* w:*> have used the article:? To Independent Gentlemen who Shave 'I Via telnet.?We can recommend an article prepared by Mesas A. B Sands Ik Co. of this city. The feel of it upou the lace is delightful; it keeps one on the beat possibln terms with his raxor. Of all "soft soap," and we have felt many mfi.-reni hands ol the arti cle. we give this the preference.?[Evening Mitror, N. Y. Chinese Shaving Soap ?This is the name of an admirable compound, prepared by those famous chem su, A. B. Sands A On., of New York. We are ignorant ol the ingredients of which it is compounded, but i'a effects are delightful, a sensa tion which is seldom caused by shaving with any other compo sition tnat we ever used. To gentlemen who chance to " Wear upon their chins The beard of Hercules or frowning Mars," we would warmly lecommend this most escellent a'ticle. It can be procured at the store of Mr. 8. W Fowle, 138 Washing ton street.?[From the Yankee, Boston, Oct. 12, 1S44. A. B. Sands A Co., New York, prepare one ol the beat articles in the way of shaving soap, that ever touched a man's chin.? The compound is entirely new.?[Boston Post, October 3, 1844 ?A New Luxury.?A. 6. Bands A Co., New York, have pre pared en entirely new article for the use of gentlemen, who prefer to perform their own tonsorial operations. It is called Shaving Cream; a preparation which is highly extolled by all who have used it. The effect it has upon the face is in the highest degree pleasant, and its use may trnly be denominated " shaving made easy." It softens the beard so as greatly to faciliate the opera tion of the razor in removing it, while at the same time it im parts a peculiar smoothness and sotmrsa to the skin. We would recommend every one to try it, assuring them that although it will enable them to shave themsehes easily, yet they will not Cst shaved bv purchasing thearticle. It is for sale in this city n '? Washington street, opposite School St.? L Boston Traveller, October 4, 1844. .Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by A. B. BANDS A CO., Chemists and Druggists, tT? Broadway, corner of Cham her* street, Bold also by A. B AD Bands, 7$ Falun, street, and T7 East Broadway. Price tt cants per jar. A < die count t" the trade. ill lm*wi QANuo'a oAttaAYAaiisisA '"THE INSTINCT injanimals. in direct opposition te theres -*? son of man, teaches them what vegetable productions to eat and which to avoid, bnt mere instict govt no further. It cannot improve upon discovery. It belongs to enlightened reason to elaborate, to improve, to perfect that which it has discovered. Sand.'s Samparilla is an ezemplification of the wonderful effi cacy which intellect, through the medium of scientific research and philosophical ezperiment, may devolve in tlie preparation of a medicinal root. In all scrofula diseases, in every disorder originating in a diseased condition of the vital element?and how larve a proportion of all diseases do these classes compre hend?this well known specific is held to be infallible in its ef fects. When all all other practice has failrd, when tlie exhibi tion of every other variety of medicine which skill or hope sng Bted have proved useless, Bands' SanaparilL has in number i instances wrought, a speedy cure. The following certificates, recently received, will be read with interest, aod for further particulars the reader is referred to a pamphlet which is furnished without charge by all the Agents. BiNOHAMrTON, N. Y., Oct. IT, 1844. Messrs. A. B. A D. Bands:? 1 have been afflicted with scrofula for niue years past. It ap peared in various forms from its commencement, hut did not break out in ulcers until about four yean ago a large swelling appeared on my arm. 1 had it lanced. It then commenced eat ing, and continued to eat until the fleshy part of my arm, from my elbow to my shoulder, was nearly all nlcen. It then broke out on both sides of ,i.y neck and .ex euded to my face. 1 had a number or u'cers on my ancle and bottoms of my teet. My suf fering seemed almost intolerable. The most of the time 1 have been nnder the care of physicians^ 1 have taken iodine,Swain's Panacea and other prepaiations, and 1 had nearly despaired of getting relief, when 1 was tudnced by Mr Keckford to try yonr Sarsaparilla. My tores assumed a more healthy appearance, and 1 flattered myself with tne plea that 1 should be well again. 1 hare now taken eighteen bottles of yi.ur medicine. My sores are all healed and my general health is better than it has been for nice yean, and 1 scribe my cum to theefficiency of your Bar sapanlla Had 1 knowu its virtuiea yean ago, I should have been saved much severe suffering and a disfigumil fkoe, and my husband would have been saved great expense, Signed, CYNTHIAN. TtflWEH. I cheerfully testify lu th> truth of the shoes suae ?> of my wife. mabon r. Turrr.K. Tlie following inte esting case mutt ccuuaead itseiT to the careful attention of th.>te similarly afflicted:? SANDS' CELEBRATED SARSAPARILLA I speak experimentally when 1 say that ihit medicine is fa mor- effective in the ture of chronic or acute rheum iti?m, than any other preparation I have ever tested. Having endured ex treme suffering at times within the Istt five ye in, trom repeated attacks of inflainmatoryrtieumatism.I haverectntly used Bands' Saxsapatitla with the happiest success. My health is now bet ter than it has been for many months past, my .pretite is good, and my strength is rapidly returning. I attribute this healthful change entirely to the use of this potent medicine. Feeling s de -y .sympathy; with those who are afflicted with this most tor ?neating and painful complaint, 1 cannotrefrain from most ear uestly recommt' ding to such the use of this valuable specific. Having the most entire confidence in the medicine and skill of Llr. Sands, I was induced thereby to try the effects of tlieir Sar saparilla, and 1 take pleasure iu adding my testimony to that of many others, commend itory of ita individual propeitirs, un known to and nnsolicited by the Messrs, Bands. CHARLES DYER, Jr., Druggist and Apothecary, ninster st, Providence, R. I. 40 and 42 Westminster For further particulan and conclusive evidence of its supe rior value and efficacy, see pamphlets, which may be obtained gratis of Agents. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by A. B. A D. SANDS, Druggists, 79 Fulton street, 271 Broadway, 77 East Broadway. 116 lm*ec D HAVE YOU A COUGH 1 O not neglect it. Thonaands have met a premature drat! fir the want of a little attention to a common cold. HAVE YOU A COUGH I?Dr. Jayue'a Expectorant, a safe medical preacription, containing no poisonoua drugs, and nied in an extensive practice for several veais, will moat poairively afford relief, end aave yon from that awful disease, pulmonary conanmption, which annually aweepa into the grave hundreds of the > outig, the old, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a cough I?Be perauaded to purchaie a bottle of me \xpectorant to-day?to-morrow mav be toe late Have you a cough f?Jayne'a E"*?ctorant ia the only remedy you ahonld take to cure yon; for japlain reaaon.that in no one of the thouaand caaea where it tu been uaed haa it failed to re Prepared and aold by Dr. Jayne, 30 South Third atreet, Phi ladelphia. Sold by the agents, A. B. It D. Sanda, Druggiau, No. 79 Kulton atreet, 173 Broadway, and 77 KaatBroadway. jaSI lm*m COMSTOCK & CO., HI Courtlaiidt Street, HAVE ON HAND THE FOLLOWING NAMED ARTICLES, WHICH HAVE OBTAINED SUCH POPULARITY, vii : pONNEL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, curea all aorea, paina intlamm itiona, itchiuga, and saves life in any case of burn or scald, if the vita's are uninjured. Eveiv family should have a box of thia in the houae, as the mouey will al ways he returned if it does not please. Be particular and boy ON' V at 31 Courtlandt atrret. RHEUrtATISM, CONTRACTED CORDS, Stiff Jointa ana (lout, will poaiuvely be cured by the aole me of toe INDIAN VEGETABLE ELIXIR and LINIMENT. The sceptical we invite to call and he i>ersonallv referred to gentle men of the highest atauding in thia city, who have been cured of the Hhenmatiim by theae remediea. They are warranted DR. SPOH.N'S SICK HEADACHE REMEDY, ia a cer tain mre, either nervous or bilious. It ia a palpable elixir, and ia the beat medicine that can be taken in all cast a of heart-burn and fnulueaa of the atomach. DK M'N AIR'S ACOUSTIC OIL haa proved very aucceaa fnl in curing even total deafneas. We have many certificates from cliiz'iia of thia city, who have uaed thia Oil with com pete auccesa. We cordially inviu all who are troubled with any disease of the ear. to rxamiie the proof. LANGLEV'S WESTERN INDIAN PANACEA, ia the beat family medicine in the world. It ia a positive and war ranted cure for Dyspepsia, Aathma, Liver Complaints, Indigea liou, Coa'iveneas, See No peraon can poaaiblv use thia aiticla for any of the above complaints without receiving permanaut relief. See prool in hands of Agenta. THE PILES are warranted to be cured by the Genuine HAVS' LINIMENT, and Lin'a Balm of China, or the money refunded. Who will now auffer with this distressing com plaint' COMSTOCK & CO'* HAR8APAKILLA, is as pure and strong an Extract from this celebrated Root, as can possibly be made. Tl e price is so reasonable that the poor can afford to me it, being butSO cents per bottle, or $4 |ier doicn. It is the only article that will effectually purify the ai.oon from all impuri ties. Those who have been imprudent in the use ef calomel, will find sure relief from it. EAHT INDIA HAIR DYE?Thia chemical prepartion will color t e hair any shade, from a light brown to a jet black, and not injure the 1 air or stain the akiu in the least. PRESERVE and B-autily the Hair by using OLDRIGE'S BAi.M UK COLUMBIA, which immadiately atope the hair from falling oat, and restores it when h*ld. COLOGNE. ELORIUA and BAY WAT-R-ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP, boreign and Domestic Perfumery; In dexable Ink; Pearl Powder, the beat article in nee; Diamond C'dETTER'S MAGIC HAIR OIL-It gives to the hair a beautiful gloss, and inclines It to curl; and, wholly unlike any other oil, It never aoils the finest lad es' hats in the least, no mat ter whalqnanlity ia applied. We wish all tonnd-ratand us in this particular, that is. il any lady or gentlemau shall use this Oil, and find these stvements untrue, their mouey will be refuuded. CAUTION?Remember, the above articles sold ognunv* ONi-v at 31 Courtlandt itteet, by TV Imrc COMSTOCK It CO. THE I|N VISIBLE WIG. JO eleetly resembles the real hr?d "f hair that sceptics and 'J eoonoiaaeuri hare pronounced itiiu. "*oat pes fact and extra irdwary mveutioe of the day. The gieat advantage ol .hit ?ovei and unique wig ia ign being made without sewing oi weaving, which causae its appeamucea so closely to raaemblt the natural hair, both ia lightness and natural appearance, aa U Jefy detection. iu texture being so beautiful, so porous ,ind tt iree, that id all cues of para pi rati on evaporation is uuimieded uid the great evile of other wigs entirely avoided. The tcertii ?nd connoisseur are alike iavitad to inspect thia aovel and bean iful Wig, and the peculiar method of filling the head, at tlx nanufacturer a, A. C. Bnrry, 141 Broadway, corner of Liberty t?l? ml Im? r SUDDEN CHANGES IN THE ATMOSPHERE NOTHING it more trying to the human const ration, pr? du' ing colds, conght, rheumatism, and various other com plaints, which arc curnl by the use of MKH < AHKOLL'H Medicated Vapor Ba ha, 331 Broad way Sulphur Baths require one hours notice. Open from 7 o'clock in the morning 'till 9 o'clock at night. IB 1 wee T It I9lt POTATOES?HI hampers of.a selected quality,Hal PHILADELPHIA. February 28th, 1845. HOBEHT8JOHnStO&. | HUBERT JOHNSTON A CO. STOCK EXCHANGE AMD COLLECTION OFFICE, No. II South Third St.. orroiiTi to the Mechanic's Bank, Philadelphia. Dealers in Uncurrent Bnuk Notes, Relief Notes, Gold and Silver Coin, See. Drafts, Notes and Bills collected with despatch, on favorable terms. Drafts on St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York, Huston, Ac., constantly for sale. All orders for the purchase and sale of United State* Govern ment, State, City or Incorporated Co's Loans, and every descrip tion ol Bank, Insurance, Kail Road and Caml Co.'s Stocks,at tended to promptly and with care, at the Boaid of Brokers. REFERENCES William Patton, Jun. Esq., Cashier, Philadelphia. Kcull Ik Thompson, do &ick Ik Potter, do Mors-n, Buck It Co., do David S Brown It Co. do Eckel, Smngler be Raiguel, do Mercer, Brother It Co. do Mlm*gs TO MERCHANTS VISITING NEW YORK CITY. D. M PEYSER, 00 JOHN STREET, (RBTWEKN WILLIAM AMD NASSAU STREETS,) NEW YORK, IMPORTER OF GERMAN AND FRENCH FANCY GOODS, Offers for sale, by the package or to suit customers, at the most reasonable terms, WORSTEDS., Zephyr, German, and Tapisserie Chine and Ombre Worsteds. SILKS. Floss, Twisted, Plain and Shaded Silks, in Sticks and Spools. CHENILLES Embroidery, Flower and Trimming Chenille. PATTERNS. Berlin Embroidery Pa1 terns, a most splendid selection. CANVASS. French and German Canvass for Embroidery, of Cotton, Worsted, Imitation of Silk, and Silk, Silver and Gold, of all widths. BEADS. Gold, Silver, Steel, and Glass Beads and Bngles. NEEDLES. Embroidery Needles, Steel, Wooden, Ivory. Ebony, and Whale bone Kuilting and Crochet Needles. EMBROIDERIES. All kinds of commenced and finished, suchas Suspenders, Shoes and Ot'omaus, Ike Ac. FANCY GOODS. All kinds of Paris Fancy Goods, such as Parses and Purse Trimmings. Head "maments, Bracelets, Hair Pius, Combs, be.: NechWees, Gold and Silver Braids, Tiusel Cords, and Silver Bullion Tassels, FRENCH MILITARY 'J RIM MING A. lie. Wire Goods, inch as Baskets, Watch Holders, Sic., Ac. Oermia Rustic Willow Chairs. Baskets, Work-Tables, and Bof s, lie. OILED BILKS. Oiled sues, illBereiit colors, the best French. FRINGES. Fringes, Cords, Gimps, Tassels, all colors and qualities, im ported sad domestic (of his own manufacture.) f!5 HtAWlm're OR. SWAYNK'Ss COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY. The Great Panacea for all diseases of the Lungs anMreaat. Of all the medicines of the day,and there are a great variety which profess to be of great value to the human family, we hesitate not to pronounce Dr. Swayne's Com pound Syrup of Wild Cherry as oue of the greatest discoveries of modern science; of all the many compounds put forth for the cure of diseases which afflict human na ture, not one remedy ran he named, which has in a* short a space of time, acquired such unbounded conlid -nee with the public, and has performed such mirscnlous cares, end which has merited and received so much eulogium from the fa culty and othera, as this justly celebrated remedy. Daily we learn from sources of respectability, that cures have been al lect ed in Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Influenza, Bronchitis, Spitting Blood, Liver Compl tint. Pain in the Bide and Breast, Rising or Tickling in the Throat. Palpitation of the Heart, Nervous Debility, Brokeo Constitution, from the abase of calomel and other causes, and Consumption ^ which has baffled the akill of eminent medical practitioners, when invalids were given np as hope "ess by hav ing recourse to, and perseveiing in that powerful remedy, have been radically cured. There is now in tne hands of theproprie tor numerous certificates of cures which would astonish credu lity itself were they made known to the world. To thoee who are afflieted with the above diseases; we say give tnis medicine a fair trial, you will then be convinced una is no miserable compound, but a safe and powerful remedy, and that its cura tive powers stand alone ana equalled by none. Caution.?From the great popularity of this medicine, per sons have been induced to offer a rpurious article, with the uame of Wild Cheery attached. Therefore be cautions te oak for the original and only genuine preparation from this vain able tree. Dr, Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Chtrry, Principal Office, N. W. corner ufSth and ICirwit*.. Pbii-aj?-k;. **?>'? ?or. w. n Milr.or, comer or Broadway and John street, New York ; R. A. Bauds. 188 Bowery, New York ; E. B. Warner, 205 Bleeker street, New York; Haviland, Keeae, kCo., N.York; Andrew Oliver, ik Co., New Orleans; L. B. Swan, and J. M. Winslow, Rochester, N. Y.:R. k J. Adams, and E. Kleine, St. Louis; Wm. Thorn, Pittsburg; E. B. Hi-man, Cincinnati; Piersou A'Harri*mi,720 Broad at, Newark,N.J.; Beniamiu Olds 278 Broad St., Newark, N. J.; John 8. Harrison, Salem, Mass.; J. H. Pierce. 4 Stanwix llaJl, Maiden Lane. Albany, N. York; Backus It Bull, Troy. N. York; Spalding k Harrington. Wor cester, Mass.; James Green A Co., Worcester. Mass.; E. Hol lidge, Buffalo, N. Y; Grant A B -ckee, Ponghkepsie, N. York; O. O. Woodman, Vicksburg, Miss.; H. A J. Brewer, Spring field, Moss.;J. P. Hall A Co., Beaton, Mass.; E. 8. Holden, East Boston, Mast.; Ransom A Stevens, Boston, Mass.; P. M. Cohen A Co., Charleston 8. C. jai Jm*rrc THERE 18 HOPE for the Consumptive. for those who arc afflicted with Asthma, however much and long thcv oiay hare ? ?offered, for thoie who are laboring under long continued end tedious Coughs, Shortness or Difficulty of Breathing, Pain in the Breast or Side, Bleeding or the Lungs and other precursors of Fatal Pulmonary Diseases.?Dr. bolger's OLOSAO MIAN, OR ALL-HEALIN O BALSAM, TS A SPEEDY AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY.?It has I been tested in hundreds of cases and by more than twenty Crs1 experience. It has been submitted to the faculty, and has n used and approved by them?and it is offered with the greatest confidence to all who may be afflicted, and who need its healing properties. ? David 'Henderson, 60 Laight street was reduced eery low by a tedious Cough aud raising of Blood. He had tried various remedies offered without benefit, and deemed himself beyond the hope of relief. Although he had a hectic fever and night sweats, one bottle of this threat Remedy restored him entirely to health. OroRdK W. Hays was relieved by two bottles of the Olosa onian, although so weak at the *ime he commenced using it that he cnnld scarcely walk. He coughed incessantly. His diffi culty of breathing was such that he could walk only a few steps at a time, and his night sweats were dreadful. In two weeks from the commencement ol his using the medicine he walked with ease down to tho office, and in six weeks he was so far re stored at to be able to attend to his busiaess again. F. Lasan, Esq . 52 Pike street was cured of Asthma by half a bottle. He had not laid down in bed for more than ten months. He has nevnr bad a recurrence of the disease?now more than four months. Mrs. Archirald, 35 West street, was cured of Asthma, of four years' standing, by half a bottle, and declares it to be the best medicine in the world She had used various other reme dies without the least benefit. Hundreds of eases might be gireu to prove its efficacy.? Try it if you are afflicted, and yoa will be satisfied that it is, indeed. "ALL-HKALINU " is its propeigits. ? on will not regret having used it, aud it may eutirely tint to flight the dis ease which is at present threatening your life. For sale at the Principal Office, 106 Nassau street, one door above Ann. jail rc 00,000 O K A T H S BY CONSUMPTION, Would perhaps he a small estimate for the ravages ?f this dreadful disease in a single year; then add the fearful catalogue of those cut off by Inflammation of the Lungs, Hemorrhage, Jlsthma, . Coughs, Influenza. Bron chitis, and other diseases of THE LUNGS AND LIVER. And the list would present an appalling p~oof of the latality of these two classes of diseases. But it it important to know that nearly all of this dread waste of human life might have been prevented bv a timely nse of DR. WlSTAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, The greatest remedy ever discovered by man for all diseases of the pulmonary organs, produced by cold and changeable climates. Scores of cases have come to our knowledge where the pat'ent had been given up to die by consumption, as beyond [he rrnch of medical aid, bnt who, by the use of this Wild Cherry Balsam, have been speedily restored to complete health. A sister of a well known clergyman, recently left the school she was atteuding, being advised that she must die of consumption, to return to tier home, wishing to spend her few remaining days with her friends By some means she was induced to take Wis tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, by which the was entirely enrrd in a short time, and returned to her school with alight heart and invigorated in health. By application to the office, further par ticulars of this and other remarkable enree will be chenrfn'ly given. Many of the most distinguished physicians of this city aud Brooklyn give this Bnlsam iheir unqualified approval. Why should they not '?it is haded every whereas NATURE'S FAVORITE PRESCRIPTION ! being formed from chemical extracts of Wild Cherry Bark and Tar, two simples, bnt powerful ingredients of Nature sown Laboratory All who have used this wonderful compound, con crtk in testifying that it is the most efficacious remedy ever Princ ipal office 3? Ann street, New York. Bold also by agents in all parts of the Union. J* lm?e< CONSUMPTION IS CURABLE. THOMSON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR AND IVOOD NAPTHA. INFLAMMATION of the Mucous Membranes is the result ol ? some impression made noon them by cold or other causes; hence Chronic Catarrh, Spitting of Blond, Bronchitis, Asthma ?resulting in CONSUMPTION, Gastrins, diseased Liver and Kidneys, raipita tiou of the Heart, lie. hrom inconteitible evi dence, it is proved thu THOMSON'S COMPOUND 8* RUP OF TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA is s >pecihc in these complaints?allaying irritation, promoting healthy secretions, aud removing the existing cause of disease Thousand i have used it and can near testimony to its efficacy. 3 (Cr-FARTHER PROOF !! !??J] >, Philadelphia, March 1st, 1144 ?I hereby b certify, that in coniequence of re O pentea and neglected eoldi, a, my lungs became ?e- jd X _ rionely affected, E jL . and for ^ U ? ts. w i * O ? * 2 ? loPf I Sg JB m h* time 1 have ~ ^ r 5 , suffered with vio- 9 lent paine in the breast, lr 2 2 obstinate cough and dim- -* *?> cult expectoration, the syrup-X u J toms daily Increasing in violence. 5 I had recourse to various remedies, 5 - with no av?il until I used THOMSON'S O COM! OUND SYRUP OF TAR. which effect- O ed a permanent cure before 1 had taken three bottles K. EVANS, Fayette street, below Arch. Principal Office?Northeast corner of Fifth and Spruce streets. Sold wholesale and retail hy the Agents, A. B. BANDS It Co Druggists, til Broadway, corner of Chambers street Re uulml also, at "9 Fulton street and 77 East Broadway. Price?5A cents per ho tie, or >5 |ier dozen. fll Irn'm ?ONE ?,v, ? JC Of jDHN 14. FALLO. dealer in lmitntion.Prsdltres ml an flai'la. BtUMfi ,rUw Ytrte DR. GARDNER, CONSULTING ENGINEER A CARL).?The Public ii informed, that Dr. LARDNEK continue* the pracfite of buiineei u a Consulting Engi ginrer, which be followed on an extensive Male for many year in England and France. Inveulors, patentees, manufacturers, merchant!. and others engaged in the arts and manufactures, may consult him on matters requiring the application of the principles of practical science. Certificates and opinions on the validity and usefulness of new inveutious A1 processes in the arts. Reports on disputed questions and doubtful points, ex perimental investigations, with a view to the discovery or test ing qf improved processes, will be supplied or undertaken when required. Office No 21 Spruce street, New Vora All Business Letters must be post-paid, audio prevent time being lost by frivolous applications, all applicants will be ex pected to pay a retaining lee of $10 before conanlte'ion 't n22 Jfnrc XYL'JGRAPHIC PRESS GENERAL JOR PRINTING OFFICE, r?G Gold (Street. PHE SUBiURIBKUS inform Druggiats, I'erfumerx, Grocerx a and others, that they have made extensive additions to their asiortirent of Xylographic Labels, to which hey would re specifully call their attention. They are constantly adding to their stock all the new style ofartie'es, iu their liue, which are offered iu f ranee or Kngland, and they promise thear customers that they shall spare no exp-me in getting up all that they may want in the busiueaa of the Druggixts, Perfumers and Segar Manufacturers. JOB PRINTING?TI.eir office is also supplied with every vuietv of Type necessary lor the execution of every description of Fancy Job Frintiug, Cards, Billheads, Notes, Bills Lading, Circulate, and all kinds of Mecantile Printing, executed on reasonable terms. .SEUAR BOX LABELS AND PAPER, of every descrip tion always ou hand VARIEGATED SHOW CARDS,fof Refectories,Grocers, Jtc., Ike ? a large supply. BR.ONSON St CO., fill 1 n*rc 56 Gold street, near Fulton. H. E. WILLARD, AUCTION GENERAL AOENCY AND COMMISSION MERCHANT. Office No. 116 Nassau street, first Boor, New York. E. W. WILL ATTEND to sales of Household Furniture ? and Merchandise, of all kinds, personally attended to at the residences or stores of persons relinquishing housekeeping or business. Cash Advances made on b uruiture and Merchan dise of every description consigned for sale. Bales settled iu all cases as soou as the goods are sold and delivered Manufac tsrera and traders can always have accommodation advances op goods for private sale. >PW$ m2 Iin'ec DALL Y'S lUHACCO MANUFACTORY, >85 Klver St. Troy. I'HE Subscriber avails himself of this method of communi l eating to the public the fact that he ia now manufacturing fine cut and smoking Tobacco and SnuIf, at 285 River street, Troy, next door to the Fulton market. Tobacco?The celebrated Fancy Virginia Thix Tobacco took the premium at the late Fair. Extra Chewing Tobacco, sweet Virginia; American Smoking Tobacco, manufactured from the leif; Spanish do, Turkish do. Snuffs?Rose 3ceuted, No. 1; Maccaboy, American Gentle man, Lundyfoot, French Hapee, and lush Blackguard. The above ar'iclee are all warranted to be made of the finest qualities of leaf tobacco, and by the most experienced work men. Orderx directed as above will meet with prompt attention? the tame pains taken at if they were jierxonatly present. (?/"" E. Savage, 254 Fulton street, and A. A. Samanoi, Broadway, Agents for the city of New York. Troy, Jan. 18, 1844. m2 lm'ec WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PICKLING AND PRESERVE WAREHOUSE. ' PHE SUBSCRIBERS, of the only original establishment of l the kind, offer to the notice of our southern friends, mer chants, and our own city and country trade, the largest and best selected assortment of b ruits ever before presented to tue public. Peaches?Malaeeturies, Morris' Whites, Honest Johns, Late Heath, Ike. Pine Apples, Raspberries, Apricotts, Strawberries, bigg, and other Plumbs, all posaesiiug iu their preservation their natural Uavora. Also, Jelly's of the Strawberry, Raspberry, Quince, and Pine H. Apple and Cranberry. Also. Pickles, Catsups, and Sauces, of every imaginable de scription, in glass jars, of every sixe, to suit the convenience of the purchaser. Also, Pickled and Stewed Oysters, potted for eipesintfon, and warranted to keep iu any climate. Hotel Keepers, Boarding House Keepers, (Jii'uava, Ship Masters and Private Families, all are invited tnasllsvid ex amine the beet (elected and most beautiful stock of the kind ever before offered to the attention of the public. _ _ RECKHOW it V1NCRNT, 55 CourtLadt eTeet. N. B.?Eighty dozen fresh Havana Pines, iu g?ad$?1er, for tale. Also, i860 Oyster Kegs dJO $ i*rc SUAPjWORKS AND PERFUMERY DEPOT. IN ADDITION to our Manufactory, we have opened a Store for the sale ofotir F conomical baucy 8q?psana all kinds of Perfumery, Family Soap, Patent Crytt&lliue Candles, Ike., Ike. We solicit purchasers to inspect our stock, which we offer on the lowest terms. .... Shippers to the West Indies and South America, are particu larly invited to examine onr Crystalliue Caudles. Sales Room No. 3 Courtlandt street, next door to the New National Hotel. JOHNSON. VHOOM & FOWLER. 124 lui*nc CIGaRS! CIGARS! CIGARS! N/EXS'-KI EI'-.SB m Ifco H?nM DulIU ? legs, respectfully invites the attention of hi* friend* sad thf public generally, to the following choice Cigar*, jn*t re ceived by late arrivalt from Havana :? Regalia* of various Pau.'telaa of various Alliausa, brand*, brand*, Knickerbocker Norma*. Principe*, L? Florinda, Yngenmdad, Rionda, Estrellat, Esperauza, Napoleonee, Lara. La India, Noriegas, Lord Byron*. The above Segars are guaranteed a*genuine and imported, and the trade are invited to call and examioe them. N- B.?Order* from abroad will be ttrictly attended to. fIT lm*rc LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. LJAVINO been awarded (he Diploma at the late Fair of the Amrncau Institute, for the best Lasts, 1 am inepared to lurnish an article of Last* which cannot be surpassed iu this or any oilier city in the United State*. Sole and Upper.Leather of all kinds, Black and Colored Mo rocco and Kid Skins, with Deer, Ooat and Lamb Skin Bind ings, shoe Threads, Lasting* Galloon*. Sheeting*, Linen and Death- r Lining*, BootCora and Webi, Boot Tree*, Hammers, Pineers. Awl* and Tack*, with a full assortment of Shoe maker* iools, of the moat approved patterns, cheap for cash. WAllREN S. WILkEV, H5 Spring street, between Greenwich and .. _ _ _ .... Washington streets, New York. N. B.?1 he Greenwich Line of Stages pas* within a block of thr *tore. fZO lm?tn FABER SEGAR FACTORY, 71 Division Street, NEW YORK. ("PHE UNDERSIGNED have established an extensive Segar '?i^i'Ti nt 71 Division street, New York, uuder the diiec tionofMr. J. W. BROWN, who has been Superintendent of one of the largest Factories in Havana, for nineteen years. TV lollowina kind* of Sega*, manufactured in 'he Faber Se ?;ar factory, anil of which a large stock is now on hind, will be ound equal to any Havana Segars of corresponding style and age:? Regalia, Trabncns, Common Site, Regain, Panetelai, London Site, Casadores, Canooes, Principe, All boxed in the Havana style. The subscribers have ae'tled the Son of th?ir Senior in Hava na, for the express purpose of selecting Tobacco for their Facto ry, as also for the purpose of selecting Segars suitable for this market. They have now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Havana Se gars. entitled to debenture, of the following brands:? La India, Woodville, La Cabana, Noriago. Fragranzia, La Norma, >yoya, Clbny, Esperauza, Lord Byron, Upman, Kiondo, Esculapius, Minerva, La Kama, La Ptlms, Victoria, Columbia, Dos Hermanns, La Paz, Also, Principe, lie. JOHN H. FABER It CO.. fl7 Sm*rc No. l New str?et, corner of Wall. pLATlNA IN PLATE ANb WIRE?Aboui tifiy ounces L best French I'lstina iu wire, suitable for Dentists, and in platrf suitable for electrotype and electro magnetic apparatus, left from a large parcel, and which is offered for sa'e on reason able terms, by 1)R. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, No. (0 M ndsii lane pRUDE AND COM P. CHEMICAL WHALE OIL SOAP.?Orders received for any quantity of the above ar ticles in barrels or im ill i|uanti'ies, with fu'l dirt ci ion* for use, by DR. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, m3 3teod*rrc No lib Maiden lane. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE 'PRE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Genileinen 1 or Families who are desirous of converting their left off wearing app irel into cash Families or Gentleman quitting the city or chantinq resi dence, having any superfluous effects <o dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will attend at their residence by appointment. H LEVE1T, 1 Well street. A line through the Pott Office, or otherwise,'will receive prompt attention. mrl lm*rc ~~~ INDIA LONG SHAWLS. fUST RECEIVED by the subscribers, a trunk of Camels J Hair Shawls?among them tlx very splendid Long While Shawls, which will be told at very reasonable prices, by JAMKS BECK k CO., rtl (Otec lib Broadway.', Black and white thread lace flounces, just received per Emersld. Black Thread Lace Flounces, from M yard to \ yard wide. White do LaNelgedo M do \ do Black and White Lace Berthee, Barbes and Sleeves. Borne of the most splendid Mechlin wide Laces. Black Laer Veijs and Black Thread Scarfs. White Lane Veils and Scarfs, point a Bruaellns and a la Neigs Three very splendid Mechlin Lace Dresses. One Carton relirine, Capes and Chemisettes. Valenci-nne* Lares and Edgings, Mechlin do, Arras do. JAMES BECK k CO. rsswctniily announce, that this it by far the most rich and splendid invoice of goods that have been offered. PABfH EMBROIDERIES?Consisting of Caneyous, Pele rines, Collars, Chemisette* a la Pico style. Also, some magnificent Embroidered Dresses and Handker chiefs, of very rich embroidery. The above, with a great variety of other goods, are now of fered at very moderate pi ices, by JAMES BECK k CO.. fli lOtec M Broadway. (X7ATCHCS !?WATCHES AND JEWELRY.?Those vv who with to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Oold Chains, Gold Pencils. Keys, kc., will fiud it yrratly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrip tions of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city. Gold Watches as low as $S0 and tUeacli. Watches uid Jewelry nchangnd or bought. All Watches war ranted to keep goed time or the money refunded. Watchen, ind Jewelry repaired in the best manner and warranted, it much less than the uaual prices. G. C. ALLEN, lmpowerof Watches and Jewelry, ml Im* in Wholesale and retail. N> Wall .? no stairs. JONES'S COMMERCIAL aCADEM*, INITIATORY COUNTING ROOM, 1147 Broadway, corner cf nurrnjr it, t"PHF. (ibieet 'f this Institution is to impart thorough instruction I in Book-keeping, Penmanship and Commercial Aricihme lie, and iiatlifv Gentlemen for practical duties of the desk. Private instruction is given if required [?/"" viemb-'S of the Mercantile Librarv Aanncinlion are re qnested to apply to the Librarian at < liatoa Hall, who will u'ni h tickets of admiaaion u?d?r the arrangeinent made with the ''on.miltee. H ?Reiereuces may be had at the Academy to Bookkeepers, Merchants and t leeks, who have been atndeutt during the last nine years, , if>" For sale, Jones's Principle* ana Practice or Bookkeeping, tvo.. price 12s. Tins work is adopted in the fl at AcaCeuie Institution* in this country. It is also republished in r nglaiid and estepsively introduevd there. m lmeod*ec a3UUAk-IW I'Me.rrasna New Gileeof Ihigar, for eels m lot >' atrf.n.fLLfN*^^ City lntelllgeiue< Trourle in the Police?The Common Council hnve ! been adopting resolutions at their last meetings in relation to the Police Office* and officers, and the result, not by any means beneficial to the community, will be seen in a few days. The system, always bad enough, has been rendered rtill worse, and the few really good and efficient Police Officers are depriveJ of the power of doing any thing to relieve the community ot the rognes who infest and prey upon it. The Police force was never in a more deplorable condition than at the preient time. Fishing at the Tombs ?We shall give an account in a day or two of certuin pickings and stealings carried on in the Halls of Justice, the modus operandi of which is at onee novel and rich. The sfiorting season is about commencing, and birds will be brought down with a very little waste of powder. The fishing is remarkably good in seme parts of the Tombs, and to-morrow morning's Herald will contain un account ol the daily excursions to the Flailing Banks, description of bait used, time of day at which the best hauls are made, and description of all the fish that come to the net. Arrest on a Bench Wabsant.?Patrick McQuade, convicted of receiving stolen goods, was yesterday after noon arrested on a bench war.ant, his recognizance to appear for trial on aeveral indictments having been for feited in the Coui t of Sessions. He will be sentenced to day. 1'olick vs. Corporation ?Justices Merritt and Mat sell, and J. L. Dickinson' have sued the Corpiration for remuneration for services rendered at the Police Office ou Sundays. Lower Police.?Grand Labocnv.?Mary Clark was arrested and committed lor robbing Fmauuel Joyce of a watch worth $10, and $16 iu money, ut a house of ques tionable reputation. Stkali.'s a Watch?Mary Henry was arrested and committed lor stealing a watch worth $4 from Abraham Anderson Several cases of petit larceny came up. Justice.?A man named John Johnson, who has a butcher's shop in Church street, made a complaint at the police office against three persons for having assaulted him, and threatened him with (personal violence. The parties were arrested, and demand, d a hearing, which was granted, and it then came out that Johnson had invi ted a female (daughter to one and sister to another of the parties he accused) to visit the theatre with him a few nights since, and after the performances were over, he endeavored to make her enter a house of prostitution with him, but she evaded him and returned home. This was the cause of the father and brother threatening Johnson. When Justice Drinker ascertained that such was the fact, he dismissed the complaint, and ordered Johnson to pay the costs. Upper Police.?\ttkmpt to Rob a Monet Drawer ?Finery Carter, a boy, was detect, d in the act of rob bing the money drawer in the store of Mr. Stebbens, cor ner oi Houston street and 1st avenue. Coroner's Office.?Found Drowned.?Geo. Town, a cooper, 25 years ot age, who resided at No. 295 Monroe street, was missed lest Thursday by bis friends, and was this morning found floating in the Fast river at the foot ot Jefferson street. The coroner will bold an inquest to morrow. The Fioht.?The coroner held an inquest also upon tiro man who was drowned at Burling "tip on Sunday night. It appeared that he was not a German, but an Irishman named John Laurel, who was 46 years of age. Several witnesses swore that they heard a scuffle on Sunday night, and tho cry of murder and watch, and heard splashing in the water; but that they could see no one. The deceased was afterwards gra( pled up by some person belonging to a vessel lying in the neighbor hood, but was quite dead. Dr- Nicholas Millet made a post mortem examination, and found that there were a number of bruises upon the lower part of his person, ap parently inflicted with some blunt instrument, or pro duced by kicks, and immediately preceding his falling into the water; but his opinion was, that drowning was the immediate cause of death. The evidence was very unsatisfactory, and the jury found a verdict ot found drowned. It was not shown, that the man whose name was said to he John Rohr, (but was Hana Erie Brand ?tron) had any thing to do with it; hut it is evident, that some violence was committed before the deceased was in the water. The German denies all knowledge of the affair, hut says that he was thrown in by some one him. self. Brandstron was discharged. County Court. March 4.?Trial of Justice Haskell.?This Court met hst evening and organized at about a quarter past five o'clock, when his Honor, Judge Ulshokffcb, took his seat as President, supported by the Associate judges ol the Common I'leas, his Honor the Recorder, &c. M. C Patkrsoiv, Esq., District A'torney. A tiruAaf hadawora, (ciIiAmI ill idativu ?? Hie charge of the Justice threatening t? shoot Bill Ford?that said Ford was carried in by several officers, and that whiie in the office be (Ford; was very violent. That Ford was committed, and alter he Had been taken lrom the office, that Justice Haskell said to him (Stuart) that he " thanked God that Ford was ta ken away, for il hi had coulmued his violence he would Have shot him, as he (the Justice) had u six barrelled pis tol in his pocket, and would most crtaiuly have shot him G. M. Blaralt. Clerk of the Police, testified that a man was brought forward to the police office, charged with disorderly conduct, and was subsequently charged with a larceny, when the Justice fined the man in the sum ot $1. Witness h-reupon remarked, that " that was co fine at all." On subsequent occasions, the Justice acted in a similar manner, when witness repeate.tlie Mine remarks, upon which the Justice replied that be had " no right to interfere?he should mind his du'y as clerk, and the Justice would do his as judge" Stewart the clerk, also interfere i on another occasion, when an alter cation took place between him and the Justice?the Jus tice threatened to commit him (Stewart), and Stewart de lied him (the Justice.) Witness was ordered by the Jus tice to fill up the committal, and refused; upon which, the Justice >aid, " then, sir, you must leave this office," and at the same time called tor a morning Officer. Wit ness then left the office; I went the following day|and went to do my usual business. Justice Haskell came up and said, " will you apologize ? You refused to obey my orders yesterday." Witness replied, "it was the same power that appointed you, that appointed me ; and under 'he advice of some friends, 1 will net apologize." The Justice hereupon said, " then you must leave the office." IDanmiai Mr. Brady opened the case lor the defence. The pre sent was a proceeding on the put of some of the "native" party, so called, who on Mr. Haskell's getting into office, seemed determined to annoy him. by endeavoring to ex ict money from him as a subscription lor their party. This was carried out to such an extent as bad never been heard of in any case in which a judge was concerned; -and it was without parallel, to find two police cleihs actually dictating, with a species ot presumption un known of before, and carrying out this annoyance. The annoyances he had suffered were sufficient to exasperate any cool-minded man. They had in numerous in stances, as in the case ot Captain Hopper, the captain of the watch, who presumed to place himself upen the Bench, and discharge the duties ot the Judge, and undertook to read him a iette* as to how he should dis charge his magisterial functions. That if he had commit ted .Mr Stewart, lie would only have properly rebuked the contumacious conduct on the part ot his subordinates. All this trial was a mockery. Some of the public press had already pronounced judgment upen it. 1 he charac tor of the individual appeared by the sort of iudividuala new trying him. Thry were well informed of bis capa city to discharge Ins duties?they had all the m'unsof making enquiry as to whi ther he was a proper individual to fill the office. That his reputation was unblemished when appointed in 1344. and in the course of four months he revolutionized his thoughts and became a corrupt ma giatrate, without a single motive for so doing. No testi mony had been adduced to that effect. Very few indivi duals at his age, would cover themselves with dishonor without some very strong motive for so doing. It was vcty strange that he >hould have been thou {ht fit to fill so high a station, and should have in such a short time grow a so debased. As to Hnlty's charge, any member de -iroui of giving a fair and honest opinion may see that it had not been unturned in any one particular The Court was well aware that in many cases sultpirnat were issued belore complaint in writing had been given in, and it is proved by the prosecution that there were two distinct charges, which theCou t were investigating at the time. Mr. Brady continued at length to comment upon the general cbaraoter of the testimony, which he pro nounced detective to prove the charges against his client, and made a very able appeal to the Court in defence of bis client. The first witness called for the dofence was Mr. Thos. Warms, sworn?I am a jracticirg lawyer, and know Justice Haskell, Mr. Camp arid Mr.htewart; I went from the i cmmou T'ess and made applicat'on for a sum of >600, belonging to a McUuire; Bushnell made at 11 luvit and swore to it before Judge Ulahoeller; we then returned to themagistrate's room, found Cnmpin the nasRell w- nt through the room to go he room; Justice nasRell w- nt through i hind the. bench; Mr. Stewart enfcrid the room, ha- nig in his hand a package, said to contain money, which Mr. Stewait handed to Mr. Camp; on llashell's*return, Mr. Camp was in the net of getting from the table; whi n tins keli came in he said,"Stewai t, jou must give that money to Mr. Warner ;" Mr. 8 ewart icplied, "I nave given it to Camp; Haskell asked "why he did that," and some alter cation ensued; I remarked they were talking shout diffe rent things, and they then appeared to be satisfl d, and Justice Haskell iheu directed that the >600 should be paid to me, which was done; end when this took place the alteicalion began to revivo, and Mr. Stewart began to express himieit very strongly; alter that some discussion took place about this money haviug been given to Camp, when I understood that Cemp was to deposit it in a bank Mr. Stewart then contended that the money ought not to have been paid over, and Mr. Haskell rejoined that as the money did not belong to htm, he had no right to retain it. Mr. Rumen B. Johissois?1 am one of ihe deputy keep ars since 16th May last; the order was then presented to him, and he was asked if he was subscribing witness, said he was; Camp wrote the name, Keellor, saying hi vas very nervous and could not write; he made no ob jection to my signing the paper; did not take hold ot anv part of my dress to prevent my signiDg the paper; did cot meke any objection whatever. By Mr r*TKSsni* ? I did not hear the order r<ad; I saw Ke.llor make r|m?rk; that is I could not say positively; Ctmpdidn t bold his hand. Mr. Camp held the p.ip. r >ii the top of hts bat, and Keellor held the pen; 1 sub. -crih-'il us a witness; also In the, ci 11 I heard him aeknow go tha'r was his mark . Johs Dsns. I am a police officer; I recollect the occe ion oi air. Hufty's hi ittg in Ihe po.icr oltice; 1 wss in th xaminirig room alone silting on the soft; on HuftV'i iming in, ( asked hini to.tske a Sett, remaiking that tnb vaaagieat world, and gieat people in it, to which he 1 earned to coincide; Hash'II *'id him then wi-nt into mother room, soma fifteen minutes, when they came out; then were several people In It Mr Hnfty then turned to the door, when Mr H iskell remntk-d that as hia examination had not been properly taken, he wished him to star. Mr. Huity then told him he must go, bnt that Mr. Haskell might send an officer with him, on which Mr Haskell said "you are not a prisoner, sir " Mr. Ilulty still insisted on going home. Mr. Haskell ulti mately swore Mr. Hufty, and put certain questions to him, which he refused to answer. By Mr. Hoffman?I was not present at the llrst exami nation; Mr. Haskell said he wished HuAy to stay to ac commodate him, Mr. Haskill, in the completion of the examination. Adjourned to this afternoon, at 6 o'clock. circuit Court. Judge Edwards has arranged the Terms of the Circuit Court for the year 1346, with the Rules of Court, which are as follows:? 1st Monday of January Arguments,.. .New York. 3d Monday of March Ciicuit New York. 1st Monday of April Arguments.. , .New York. ?Jd Monday of April Circuit King*. 1st Monday ot May Ciretiit New York. 1st Monday of June Arguments. . . New York. 4.h Monday oi June Circuit Richmond. 1st Monday ot July Circuit New York. 2d Monday ot September. . . Circuit King*. 1st Monday ot October Arguments. , . .New York 1st Monday of October Circuit New York. 4th Monday o' November. . .Circuit Richmond. 1st Monday of December. . . Circuit Kings 4th Monday of December.. . .Circuit New York. Special Motions?No jury causes will be called on Saturday at any Circuit in either of the Counties; but that day will be devoted by the Circuit Judge to Chamber business and the hearing of law arguments. The Special Motion Term will therefore be opened every Saturday. Enumerated Motions? No Enumerated Motions will be heard on the first day of the Term, bnt on Saturdays, which will he appropriated to chamber business, and the hearing of law arguments. Chamber Business?The office hours of the Circuit Judge wi 1 be trom 9 A. M. to o P M.,during which time he will be either in Chambers or in Court. Hours nf holding the Court?The hours of holding Court for jury trials will be from half-past 10 A. M. to half-past 3 P. M. The hours for arguments from 11 A. M. to half past 3 P. M. Superior Court* Betnre Judge Vonderpoel. March 4.?J. Stiles vs The N. V and Erie Railroad Com pany ? 'Phis was an action of assumpsit brought to reco ver compensation lor services rendered, it appeared that some time prior to 1842, said company having become em barrassed, deemed it advisable in order to enable them to continue operations, to appoint a person of the name of Samuel B. Lyman to the office of Oeneral Commissioner in order to get subscriptions for the completion of the un dertaking. He, soon after his appointment, proceeded to hold meetings in the different wards of the city; and in or der more effectually to procure subscribers, be was em powered by the Committee of Ways and Meanato appoint agents in the different wards, who were to be paid at the rate of $3 per day, and also a commission of one per cent on the number of shares he sold Among others, plaintiff was employed for the 16th ward, on the 1st day of Febru ary 1842, and he continued in this situation until the end of Maich, or beginning of April; and it is to recover for (services rendered during that period that he now brings suit Defendant moved lor a nonsuit en the greund that plaintitt bad not rendeied any, services the only being bit attendance at weekly meetings held in the Astor House, and also on the ground that it had not been clear 1) shown that Mr. Lyman had been empowered by the committee oi Wars and Meana to employ ^ent* in the different wards. Motion overruled. Verdict thia fore noon. Before Judge Oakley. March 4 ?Suydam, Sage Co- vs. W Jl. Ritchie.?This was a special action on this case, arising out of a dealing had between tbe parties. 'I he defendant, residing in Ohio, made arrangement to iorward a quantity of pork, bacon, be., to the fir ?< in this city, who, a Iter passing e receipt, did not get their provision. The case is analo gous to that ot Mr. Adams, whose trial took place latterly in the' nnrt of Sessions. A nonsuit was granted. Joseph Qulick vs. James Beck ?This wsa an action of trespuss to recover damages tor an alleged assanlt and hittery. It appeared in evidence that sometime in De cember last, plaintiff went to defendant's store, in Broad way. for tbe purpose of collecting a militia fine, due by Mr. Webster Thomson, a young man in defendant's em ploy, when defendant, with tbe assistance of some of his ; nui g men. very summarily ejected defendant from the premises. For defence it was shown that plaintiff was tbe author of the row complained of ; that at the time plaintiff honored the atore with uis presence, there were a number of ladies and gentlemen in it and be was politely r- quested to call back again. and on his retnsal locrmpiy is, uiru , efuueu to aamit him. Ii was also shown fiat defendant was not near at the time of the scuffle. Verdict this forenoon. Common Plena. Before Judge Ulshoefl ar. March 4 ? Wales vs. Erring.?This case, already no ticed, stands adjourn' <1 over to thi* forenoon. Court Calendar?This Day. Common Pi.eas.-2I, 6, 61, 96. 19, 23, 78, 82, 4, 8, 30, 31, 43, 78, 13. Phtildelphta. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, March 4, 1846. The jury, in the case of McLaughlin vs. John S. [hi Solle, of the S]>iril of the 7\mes, which I no ticed in ve?terday's letter, has returned a verdict for the plain'ifl for six cents damages. This is a triumph lor Du Solle, and the platntifl McLaughlin is thus mulcted in the costs A singular transaction took place in the Court of Quarter Sessions this morning, which 1 undertake to say is unprecedented in tho annals of jurispru dence. Judge Todd, of the late General Sessions, and now practicing a', the bar, at the head of a de putation of twenty or thirty ladies, marched into Court, and he, on their behalf, presented a petition, eigned by about 15,000 of the fair sex, asking the Court to refuse to license any more taverns in the city and county of Philadelphia, and to allow the present licenses to expire without renewal Judge Todd introduced the petition with re marks upon the evils of intemperance, and he was followed in (he same strain by the prosecuting at torney, Win. ft Kellry, Etq. Judge Parsons, who holds the court, replied briefly that the peti tition should be duly considered and such action takpn by the court as its importance demands. This incident produced quite a stir, and is viewed in various lights by the people. This is something new in the history of administrative justice and shows that our temperance men are determined that their tfl'orts to produce a revival in the tem perance cause, which the advent ol nativism had nearly destroyed, shall not tail if any means in their power can prevent it. Most of the temperance leaders of the last few years went body and soul iuro the native movemen', and endeavored to drag temperance into it also. They partially succeeded, and the r> suli was a tearlul backsliding into the ranks of intemperance. Since then the true trienda ol the cause have endeavored to rescue it from such a corrupting contact, and if successful, great good may yet be done. The weather >s raw and chilly, and hail and rain have taktn the place ol a clear warm sky. The de mocracy are active to day in celebrating the in auguration, and American flags are displayed all ever the city, bearing various inscriptions, such as "Texas is Ours " "Oregon, Texas and Democra cy," &c. The invincible legion had their day yesterday; to day the great body of the democracy lidve theirs. The different head-quarters intend illuminating to-night. Things are as dull as the weather so far as newa goes, but bu6in? ss is preparing to take a start. Our hotels begin to All up, and our merchants are expecting a large spring business, I do not think, from pps-nt appearances, that they will be disap pointed, tor there is an increasing demand lor Philadelphia goods by a number of weatern houses. Indians about.?We from the Sheriff of Columbia county, that the "Indians" have again mode ttirir oppenrnnce in that county. On Saturday last a sate of Cei'ain property Under execution wan advert Mid 11> take ptare in the town ot Toghkanic At the hour appointed for thn ?ale n smnll body of men " disguised and armed,'" snd ft'ini'hed. moreover, with ?ripply of tar and feather*, made their ttppnnrnnce in the plnrn, while a hrgo body, r inilnrly armed and disguised, took up their pc?t tn on adjoining thirhet. It so happened, however, that the attorney for the plaintiff bud suspended proceed ings nnd therefore the sale did not take place, iro that no ac u?l attempt w?? made to resist the officer of the lew in the discharge of his duties. Nkw Cotton Factory ?A Cotton Factory has been established st the head of navigation on the Talapoosa River. (Alabama) ss an experiment, by Messrs. Marks and Bernier, two enterprising planters It is de signed to mn fihorrt eleven hundred spindln, and a pro portroiinto number o! looms, and will work Bp abew' Ave hurt Art A I rIpi ol cotton NATIONAL HOTEL, Ho. 0 Genrtlandt street and 8T Liberty street, NKW YORK. Three Doom from Broadway. e-jxH 11 NKW HOTKL will he opened on the Kith insi.-when I the Proprietors will he happy to accommodate their friends and the public with board. Th- l.nd|in? R, om? are large and i rv. aril the internal smr gements aneti u cannot fait to please. The locrtiou b?ina in the centre of bo tineas, it offer* i mince ment? to rr erchams f'om other cities and the country, sot .ar ras ed by snv other House in this city. The Kurnitare. Bed* and Bedding, are all pew and made ex pressly for this establishment. , , Kane lies who w ?h Parlors and Sleeping Renins ?tt*(hed.can oe t a. da me'y accommodated '1 he subscriber, assure their friends and llw public, that no efforts on their pnn shall be wanting to secure the e> mf rt and convememe of ,hetr guest.. Old a liile iher so'irit . ihsre of iheir patronage, tiev hoj.e. by ,l"AHLKS"WSffiSWVPcT I!. | ioh, ,V CO'S PATENT car Id Pi. hSSES CSKVKRAl "f dv* iHove fan it tin of t"** proprietor*, iO and 3l f fo!n ?tf**'. parQlff-yt Mill Oil*** ivr ibi <!??' *?? "??mm* ?la#?Tb ff| I*, ?

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