Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1845 Page 3
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hare reported ? bill for the appointment of n Bonn! o> railroad comu sH >n>-m, aitrr tU>- example of England Coanterieit $8 note* puip irting to be issued by .the Orange l ank ot New Jersey, are in circulation. They are remarkably well engraved, and in general appearance wellcaicuUtjd to deceive The centre vignette repre sented a steamboat at the wharf, and a steamboat io the distance, on the right ot the vignette was a largo five in u tnedaiiiait. On the left eud was an Indian sitting on a rook, and a dog, and on the right eud the figure 6 and Aoweta, Old Stock Kxnhanga. I'iOO U 8 5'*, '53 1*3 50shas Karnwrs' Tr 14600 Palm's 5'i 74 SO ilo 2IK.0 Ohin 6's, '66 97 100 do 600 do "SO 98k 60 E Boston Co H000 Illinois Spcl bds 41 17 Aut and Koch 30 .has Mrch's Bk 107k 36 Erie RH 10 tji.ion Bk 130 SO L Island KK I HO U 8 Bk 6k 300 do 60 do 6k 100 do 46 N O City Bk 67 60 do 20 Give wich lus 103 100 do tf' anlnaUo w60 53X 100 do 36 Mori is Cui Ii30 35S? 100 Stoat uatoniRK 60 do 331a 26Noraud Wore 160 do 33 176 do 36 do h20 33 100 Wilmington 60 do b 15 33 100 do 26 do 32k ?eeond Board. 26 sliai Cantou Co 66k 100 shas Morris Cnl blO 33 60 do 6331 60 do S30 33 25 Nor and Wore b30 73 25 do 33 36 do *30 72k 50 do s30 33_ 1110 do l>20 73 26 Stouington KH s30 42\ .60 do b'20 73 60 Erie KK 30 100 do 72k 100 Farmers' Tr 10k 60 Morris Canal 33 60 do 40k (tew stack Kxcbaiige. >3000 Ohio 6's. '60 b30 9?k 100 shas K Boston b20 13 1000 lad S bds, 26 yrs 31k 60 do s3 12k 60 sluts Morris Cnl 32k 60 do b3f> 13k 36 do 32k 60 do s3 12k Ion Farmers'Tr bnv 40k 200 do sow 12k 436 do b3 40k 100 do * b3 I2;k 60 do tw 4i>k 25 Harlrm HK ?3 71 75 do s30 40 26 Erie 14 K s3fl 30k V) do b30 40k 125 Nor St Wore s3 72k 25 do slO 40>n 75 do C 7i\ 60 do bl 4hk' 26 do >16 72k 26 do c 411 k 26 do b3 72k 26 do blO 4lik 26 do bill 72k 150 L Island KR 79k 26 do b20 73 State of Trade. AaHKi-Pota are in moderate demaud at $3 93} a $4 Pearls am held at >4 IS J. Blkswax ?Prime yellow, of all descriptions, sells, as wanted,at 39} a39Jc Bkeadotpfkb? No material change today. The mar ket is dull. Western flour, $481} a 487}. Cotton ? The market exhibits no change; the demand is good at the present rates, and about 3,000 bates have been taken. Guano?This article has become one of regular sale here. It is much sought tor by all agriculturalists. There were sales to day by auotion, in hags, at 3 a 3} cents a lb. It will be seen in another column that a new guano island h is been discovered. H*v?Common qualities North River bale are held at 60 a 63c; prime at 68. The demand is very limited. Whiskey- Drudge casks are very inactive, and we still quote 33c. Western and prison barrels are in very mode rate request at 33} a 33c. Married, On Thursday, Oth inst at St. Thomas' Church, by the Rev Br WUitehouse, Mr. Andrew CaorsEv, to Miss Ms bia E Wheeler, all of this city. D|ed, On Wednesday evening, 6th inst. suddenly, Thomas Henry, youngest son of William and Phebe Lane, in the Hth year of his age. The relatives and friends or the family are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, from the residence of his fattier, in Pacific street, between Smith and Boerum strai ts, Brooklyn, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, precisely, without iurther invitation. Latest Dates RECEIVED AT THE RKW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Anjirr Not. 1 Macao Not. 20 AfricA Jan. 3 Manilla Nov. 7 Antigua Jau. 7 Malaga Jan. 24 Areciho Nov. 2 Madeira Dec 17 AuiCayes Feb. It Mauritius Oct. 29 Augustine Bay May IS Montevideo Dec. 24 Bauvia Oct. 31 Maracaibo Jan. 25 Bay of Itlanda, N. Z..Bept. 6 Mansanilla Jan. 9 Berinoda Feo. 19 Matanzai Feb. 20 Buenos Ayres Dec. 29 Mayagnez Feb. IS Belize, Hon Feb. 15 Matamoraa Aug. 30 a/? ma i * a veil ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? rvwi jo liiautoiui OS ??? ??? ?? ? zau? ? ju Barlmdoea ..Feb. 10 Monterey Oct. 12 Bogota Oct. 11 Nassau, N. P Feb. 5 Bonaire Dec. 16 Nenvitas Jan. 2S Baliia Not. 7 Oalin, S. I Oct. 5 Bombay ...Dec. 2 Para Jan. 11 Oaiie Town, C. O. H..Jan. 13 Paria Feb. 2 Calcutta Not. 23 Portau Prince Feb. 21 Cardenas.. Feb. 20 Porto Cabello Jan. Chasm Jan. 30 Point Petre, Guad.... Feb. 14 Cirutuesos Feb. 7 Pernambuco Feb. 5 Cape Haytien Feb. 3 Panama Jan. 22 Curacoa Feb. 7 Payta Jan. 11 Caracas Nov. 12 Rio Janeiro Jan. 4 Carthagena Dec. 15 Rio Grande Dec. 23 Campeachy Jan. 15 Ban Juan Aug. 9 Coouimbo July 27 Sau Diego Dec. 2 Callan Dec. 28 Ban Francirco Dec. 1 Demerarn Jan. 28 St. Helena Jan. 25 Favai Jan. 20 St. Thomas Feb 13 Gibraltar Jan. 28 St. Jago de Cuba Jan. 31 __ t. Jago Ounyama, P. R. Feb. 15 St. Johns, P. R. Galveston Feb. 12 St. Croix Feb. 8 Gonaives Jan. 2' St. Domingo Feb. 6 Guayaquil April 23 St. Ubes Dec. Gallipugo* Islands... May 4 Surinam Jan. , . 29 Havre Feb. 1 Singapore Oct 18 Havana Feb. 20 Sytbiey, N. 8. W lane 18 Halifax Feb. 24 Trinidad de Cuba... .Feb. 11 Hnbart Town, V.D.L.Aug. 24 Talcahuana Oct. 8 Isle of France Sept. 27 Tahiti July 15 Jeremie Dec 27 Tombez Not. 4 Kingston, Ja Feb. 16 Tampico Jan. 6 London Feb. 4 Tobasco July 13 Liverpool Feb. 4 Tobago Jan. 2 La Guayra Feb. 16 Turks Island Feb. 20 Laguna...., Jan. 9 Valparaiso Dec. 1 Lima Oct. 31 Vera Cruz Feb. 3 Mazatlnn Dec. 1 Zanzibar Dee. 9 Passengers Balled. LivxarooL?Packet ship St George?D Stoddart, Jas 8tod dart, Mr Whitler, Mr Rnidan, Mr Weuch, Mre Ann Hynes, W Mc Vndrew. A McDonald, John B Williams, W B Freen , .. _ .?reeman, Anth nv Klannagau, Hugh Lee. Livf.froot.?Packet ship Geo Washington?J F Saxon, of | Toronto. Domestic Importations. New Orleans? Ship Union?4 caaes ginseng 1 cask I box ni'I.e Lawrence Ik Keese?160 his 2 cs cheese 58 bbls lard Work . It Drake?220 hds sugar K D Morgan?99 bbls hams 89 do shoul ders 31 do pork J H Raid 8tco?I 6 do bams 92 do shoulders 3 [ do tallow Perry, Matthews & co?65 lodes hemp Schrrmcih >rn It Marsh?II do furs A BThroekmortou-^A^ligs W-C Weeks | ?393 bxs cneese 19 bbls tal'ow Lawrence Hill?115 boxes clteese 30 bbls la d H W Wclfe-9 bdls iron J Johnson?16 bbls clover j s'ed Dater 8t Mil'er?1 c?se steel Naylor 8c eo?17 bxs indie C Samuel?1 G B Graves?50 bales cotton J.O Stacy It co?53 A Cliapin?184 A Averill It co?15 do 1 bale rajft A Seiguette k co ?14 hhdt sugar J Mathews?15 do 4 bbls tallow 400 pigs lead Markoe. Wilbur 8c Scott?2800 do J McCnllough?86 bbls mo lasses Chastelain 8c Ponvert?19 tcs flaxseed Macy 8c Holdridge 13 bxs J Doyle?3 Harden 8c Fly?61 bales moss 2238 bbls flour | 20 pltgs 10 cases to order. MARITIME HERALD. Blovcmenta of tlx* SUanuhlpi. Utcamrrt. Jstaxt Liv'l. Duet I Jlmt'a. Leave etrue'a t'smbria, Judkins... Mar. 4 ...Mar. 18 April 1 G. Western, Matthows..Mar. 29 ...April It April 14 Caledonia, Lott April 4 ... April It May 1 Hibernia, Hewitt ... April 19 ...May 8 May 16 Brittnnia, Ryrie May 4 ...May It June 1 G. Western, Matthews. .Mo 7 ...May 30 June 12 Packoti to Arrive. "4 LIVERroOL Independence, Allen, Jan 23 Ssml Hitks, Bunker, Jan. 29 New York. Cropper, Feb. 4 St Patrick, Seymour, Feb. 4 Li'erpoul, Kldridge, Feb. 6 Siddens, Cobb, Feb. II rORTSMOUTH. Toronto, Tinker, Feb. 1 Westminster, Hosey, Feb. 10 St. James, Meyer, Feb. 20 HAVRE. Baltimore, F'uuck, Jan 22 Argo, Anthony, ' Feb. 1 Vibe de Lyou, Stoddard, Feb. 1 Silvia de Grasse, Feb. 8 L'lica, Hewitt, Feb. 16 Pockets to Boll. LITERPeOL. Virginian, Hiern, Mir. 11 | Montexuma, Lowber, Mar. 16 Hottinguer Bursley, Mar. 21 I Hi scius, Kldridge, Mar. 26 | F.urope, Furber, Apr. 1 , H < fay, Nye. Apr. 6 8. Hicks, Bunker, Apr. 11 1 PORTSMOUTH. Wellington,Chadwick, Mar.10 H. Hudson, Moore, Mar.20 Prince Albert. Bebor, Apr. 1 Toronto, Tinker, Apr. 19 HATIR. F'.merald, Howe, Mar. 8 Zurich, Johnston, Mar. 24 Baltimore, Funck, Apr. 1 Dltlp Tartars antl AgmiEa. ?Ve snkll rsieetn ic a lavot if Captains of Vessels wti; g ve pt Hookkt Hiltet, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they snil.-d, the tees* It siMikeu qc their ; jsscce, a list of their cargo, and any foreign n.-wspapt rv, or news they may have. Agents and Correspon dents at hon e or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office any Marine Intelligence they may receive. PORT OP If KW YORK, RlARCd T. tl/R RltRI..,. 8 18 I HOOP RISES . . . '5 20 M if* ?: f 5 42 ! mow WATtr .. .. . 7 59 M Clcar?4l. Ships Geo Washington, Fletcher, Liverpool. Grinnell. Min ium k Co; Niagara, Cole, Apalachicola, J O Ward.?Barques Pario, Kinney, Matanzas, Spofford. Tilestou 8c Co; Jaie F VVillnms, Parker, New Orleans, F K Collins Ic Co; Fhlin burgli, Houdlette, Apalaehicola. Ne?mith 8c Walsh?Brigs Mn?es, Lowland Charleston, Goo Bnlkley; C H Applfton, ' llradford. New Haven, Nesmith 8c Walsh ? Scius Faleou, Moore, Miver Gambia, Barlger 8c Heck; Carol ne, Leeds, Pensa cola, H Bonthraayd 8c Hon, Vermilion. Seaman. Baltimore, | Gager 8c Mailler; Lion, Lewis. Philadelphia. N L McCready 8c Co; Ann Flizabeth, Bomers, do, Plact 8c Pienon. 8R|7M, Ship Union, Raitoone, 16 dayr from New Orleans, with cot ton, Sic. to Bunion 3c F'roal. Swedish barqna Caiarina, Sidenvall, 59 days from Otfle, with iron, to Boormau, Johnston Ic Co. Brig Croton. HoulUrd, 18 days fiom Apalaehicola, with cot ton, IO F D Hnrlbnt 8c Co. Schr Alcbea Coinelins. Edmouds. from Philadelphia, with indse, to N 1. Mct'teady 8cCo. Balews Ship Atalanra, Raymond, from Naw Orleans. Also, brig 'J Haskell,' and 1 ship, I barque. I brig, unknown laUad Ships St George. Ferris, and Get) Washington, Fletcher, Liv erpool; barques Josephine. Mitchell, Ht Thomas; Wabash Talbot, Apalaehicola; biigv Detroit, ht Thomas; Mores F'.dgar, Mobile; New Jersey, Lewis, Savannah, and others. Correaponitenci) of the Herald. Gkoruia* Office. Havarrah, March I. tdd Csrlos, Johnson, Providence; Thilura, Doane, NYork; Bold Runner. Meaaervy, 11< .ton. Bid Leander, fBr] Phelao, Liverpool; Wm Davis, Handy, Havana. Mlas-ellaneoue Record. The body of ('ant l.anglev. of schr Keeside, was found West of F-auin's Neck, by sloop Pearl, Cspt Van I'ell, and carried to Bonthport. ou the 4th inst. lUaqt r Luxor, Goodrich, of Freeport, before reported at Bi Thomas in distress^ experienced a su<cession of heavy giles on and after Dec 31. beiug then about 400 miles F of the Bsnkt of Newfoundland, which coutiuued more than 20 days, durin? whiee lime sprung fore topmast, lost neatly a whole suit of ?.ails, Slid damaged another. The wind generally commenced St SHW, and veered suddenly ts WN W, keeping up a continual heavy cross sea, which broke over the ship, doiug material dam age to her hull. Finding it melees to try to resrh Boston in the crippled condition of the vessel,1 '.apt G. worked Bonth, re pai ed such sail as were most needed, as well as he eonld, and pot into 8t Thomas llthult. Her repairs woald probably esuie :'0 or 25 days detention Key West, Feb 11 ?The wrecked ship Atlantic has obtain ed umber for keel and idanks, and they are now being pnt in.? The wreeked barque Highlander is now reedy for tea, and is to sail for the bay. 1'he Algonquin is also ready for sea. Barque K'esnor is taking in the cargo of the Osprsy (molasses) lor IM..U.Ulnkia Th? kull ???ei mofavlele of h..-.-.- 81 ? -? Philadelphia. Till hull mm mnUrials of barque' Otpray Void >8,1 irflw rnrtitfionih f ir About $1000 Uaraue C niton. of BofltOA.l srum rnrummun for Mobil*, with ?unrtriee, ?truck on the Pelican nhoel about 10 milt to tH* rotwtrd of this port, on the ltth ij?t She It in i bad position, thouih sli* will rmbnbly be cot off. for which she has igived to pay tbe wntkrn $l>KJ [ Later iuujligence siurs llul Uu Craluu wu (ot of without assistance, eaine into putt to note * protest, sud would proceed on her voyage noon ] Vessel Burnt.?The Or ion, nt Philadelphia, repoits?Feb 23, lat 25 38 N, Ion 71 10 taw a vrasel. tuppoeed a brig, on firr? at tuntet. steering N, weut close lo the wreck, which had burnt to the water's edge, but could tee no boats. Notice to Mariners. Floatihu Lioht in FalseBat.? Notice it hereby given, that iu ti e cou'te of the ensuing month of Januaiy till, j Bright Revolving Light will be exhibited, ou board a reaerl to be moored iu fathomt water, one cable't length due Norlh. by comput, from the Kornan Koclu in False Bay. Tlie Light will couaial of four Argrnd I .amps, and it inteuded to revolve iu four minute*. showing h flash e-cli minute. A further no tice of thit Light will be giveu, with sriling directions, when the vessel thill have be-u placed at her mooriugt.' ' H. VI. thip Wiucheiter, 8iin-n'i Bay, Dec. 26, 1844. Spoken. T K Bettvn, of Baltimore, 48 hours from NYork for St Do ming. i. lat 37 50, Ion 72. Nautilus, from Boston for Genoa, 3d nut. (.'ape Cod N W 3U milet. Iliautba, of Kenuebunk, from Mobile for Autwcrp, no date, off MalvuilU reef AShip showing a white square flag with a black ball, 2d mat. lat 36 32, Ion 73. foreign Ports. Cars Town, COH Jau 13?In port, Henry, Salter, from Canton for NYork, reedy; Moslem French, Manilla for New York, wonld caulk uprer works and tail in a few days. Cyno sure, Macloon, Hirer if Plate fur Ichiboe, tld 6th, and was not in port rtlb, at before reported. La Gl'ayra. Keb 5?Slil Caracas, (Vilkins, Trieste. Pt Pktrk, ( Feb 14?In port, Cyclops. Mountfort, for St Thomas 2 days; 8 N (Jolt, I'm Bath, di?g; Baltic, diig Hid loth, America, Hinith, Bath; 14th, Franklin, of Bath, for St Thomas. Falmouth, Ja. Feb 10?In port. Ari-1, of NYork, for Balti more, few days; Nancy Jane, of NYork, uuc. Mahikl Feb 18?Iu port, Levant, for Wilmington, 5 days; Oriental, Brown, wtg cargo. 81 John, NB Feb 26? Arr Lucinda Suow. Chase. Alexan dria. Km for Ids 25ih, Charlotte, Vaughan, for Philadelphia; 26lh, Merchant, M'Lran. do. Home Ports. Bath, Mir 3?Old Clinton, Mvnson, Havana. Poetland, Mar 4?Arr Samuel, Tolford, Mariel; Sebago, Coffin, Tt reir*; Motto, Blake, Kennebuuk, where sheliai been ashore; Horlense, Jones, Boston; Arixete, Ha-riman, Provi ile ic?; 8t Lawrence, do. Old Exchange, Leavitt, Matanzas; Tallin nlga, Curti*. aud Challenge. Park, Havana. Gloucester, Mar 1?Arr Wil.iam, Parsons, Portland for N NYork; 2d, Bride, Increase, (Jen Warren. Antilles, and Maize, Thomaston for do. Cld 4lh, Sarah Ann, Higgius. Sunuani. Sai.em, Mar 4?Cld Kornp, Cheever, Cayenne; E H Herrick, Clarence, NYork. Boston, Mar 5? Arr John Duulap, Choate. Mobile; Attica, Mc Lei Ian, do; Jacob Perkius, Copp, Savannah; Delaware, Fisher, and Gilbert, Giveen, New Orleans; Caroline, Thomas, Gibraltar; Porto Hico, Cotirell, and New England, M'Curdy, Aux Caves: Ocean, Patterson, and Lion, Baker, Baltimore; Emmo. Baker, ami Esther, Clifford. Philadelphia; Newcastle. Donuell; Compliance, Norrii, and Grecian, Chase, New York; Emerald. 8now, Porto Cabello; Susan Ludwig. Curling, Rich mond. Below, Jupiter, from Charleston Signal for a brig. Cld Ligonju. Hamilton, Havana; Oak, Foster, Trinidad; Lucretia, ttca, Mobile; llichmoud, Freeman, Rappahannock.? P M?Arr Radius, N' well. Calcutta; Jupiter, Carter, Charles ton?this morning at I o'clock, sff Boston Light, the stopper parted, when the anchor fell from the bow, and 90 fathoms of chain ran out,which brought the barque up, and she was obliged to slip the chain. Below, a ship. Nothing sailed, wind ESE. with heavy showers. New Bedford. Mar 4?Arr Velocity, Montgomery, Wil mington. Sid Ellen Rodman, NYor*. Kdoartown, Mar 4?Sid Pallas. In port, Adaline (t Rosiua, and the sloops before reported. Holmes Hole. Mar 2?Arr Minerva, Eldridge, NYork for Frtnkfort. Sid Dime, Boston'for NYork; Clio. Ivanhoe.'and Mary. 3d?6rr8h?rer, Kellar,Thomaston for NYork; Rowe na, Young, Fredericksburg for Boston; Chanticleer, Dyer, Pro vincetowu for Rappahanno-k; Richard Taylor, Jameson. Tho maston for New York; Triumph. Nantucket for do; Wel'fleet, Snow, Boston for Chesapeake 4th?Arr America, Smith. Pt Pet e. via St Croix, for Bath; Fidelia, Baker,(or Small) Alexan dria for St John, NB. It a m?The fleet are getting under way ?W'ud W, pleasant. Philadelphia, Mar 5?Arr Navaire, Cole, Pernambuco; Orion, Wortinger, Porto Cabello; Metamnra, Flinn, Boston; John Gi'pin, [BrlCrnwell, Port Spain, Trin; Cleopatra, Bur rows, NHaven. Cld Fairmount, (cew) Rue, Barbadoes and a mkt; Baltimore, Tredway, West Indies; American Eagle, Lombard Savannah^ Boston Collins. Briton; America, Hom ers, Providence; Eliza Ann. Francis, NYork. Charleston, Mar 2?Cld Alliance, Tucker, Havre; War rex, Howes, Boston: Lady Warrington, Griffith, Baltimore Sid 1st, Marion, Mills. LonJon; Omen. [NorwJ Butenscheu, Hamburg; Elian, Rackliff, Matanzas; Hayne, Trescott; Mer chant, Coring, and Stranger, Axworthy, Havana; Isabella, Clark, a Northern port. Savannah, Mar 1?In port, 8t Mark. Cave,for NYork; Olive Branch. Hagerdorn, Boston; British: Elizab-lh. Duckett, and St Martins. Vaughn, Glasgow;Fanny, Grueder; Robert,Locke; Acadia. McKenxie: Stadaco.ia, Scott, and Speed, Ellis, Liver K?vl; Sherbrooke, Sterling; Parmelia, Attriek: Sesoatris. Mc enzie, and Britannia, Smith, wtg; John Ker, Tate, Clyde: A Grant, Alexander, disg; barques Benj Adams, Adams, Boston; Carlos, Johnson. Providence; British: Reliance. Wilsou; La vinia, Wilson; Envoy, Mason; Syria.Cox, and Glasgow, May, I iverpool; Carleton, Bnnce, aud Severn, Drisboll, disg; J Ik M ?innot, Conner, and Ayrshire. Mackay.wtg: brigs Exact, John son; Joiephus, Allen, and Philura, Doane, NYork; Wm Davis. Handy; Topaz, Mabee; Macon, Havden; Lancet. Piper, and Osage, Hall disg; R M'William, M'Donald. and Robt Bruce. Gardner, wtg; schrs Savannah, Anderson, Weat Indies; Bold Runner, Messervv, Bostnu; Ei|>nrt, Swasey, wtg. Mobile, Feb25?Arr Louisa, Snow, and Ilzaide, Hnffington, London; Ch valier, Woodbury, Boston; Amaltia, [Bp] Millet, Havana. Cld Pontiac, Parker, Havre; Mvuran, Williams, Pro vidence. By Lait Night's Sonthcrn Hail. Phii.aoki.phi4, Mar 6?Arr Kclirse, Whelden, Boa ton; Joho Randolph, Jnquett, and Cophoron. Lea, N York. Baltimork, Mar 5? Arr Com Warrington, Gatchell, Porto Cahello; Prndeuce, Kckaton, Charleston. On the Point, a brig supposed the Martha, Parker, fm Boston. ('.Id Garonne, Myers, Havre via James River; Gen Pinckney. Ilobbs, Charleston: Highlander, French, Boston. Bid Watchman, Winslow, Nai sau, NP. Ai.kxamdria, Mar 3?Arr Olive, Kastport. Richmond, Mar 4?Bid Benj Field, Vangilder, Stafford; Jno Simmons, Small, Boston. Klizarrth Citv, NC. Mar I?Sid Coucord, Butler, West Indies. Charlkstoh, Mar 3?Arr Swanton, Dnncan. Liverpool; Tmpiont, Taylor, Havre; Hellespont, Dunbar, Havana; T C Mitchell, Kruse, St Pierre. ('Id Macao, [Brl Scott, Liverpool; Emily. Sherwood, NYork: Esquimaux. Hays, Havana. Arr 2d, Rebt Ker, [Br] Maxwell, Belfast?exrerienced heavy gales during the passage, lost topgallant masts. fore_topmast and l.Kt yards, split sails, lie; Moon, Knndson, NYork. Sid Alliance, Tucker, Havte. Arr 1st. Mary Catharine, Oayle, Baltimore. Morilv, Feb 26?Arr Rolla. Gibersnu, New York. Nvw Ori.caivs, Feb 24?Arr Medford, Wilbur, London; South Carolina, Owen, Havre; Wabash. Hathaway; Louisa. Leavitt, and Mallnry. Brown. New York; Dimon. Robinson. Charleston; Relief, Alexander, Trinidad de Cuba; Fanny, Pat terson, Vera Crux. Below, Alabama, Ranlett, Boston; Robert Morris, Onterbridg.-, Philadelphia; and 2 ships unknown. ('Id Byron, Russell; Arvum, Smith; Rowland, Watts, and Sea Mew, Holbrook. NYork; Windsor Castle. Patterson, and Euro wan. Gay, Havre; Kentucky, Rogers. Boston; Magnolia,Ward. Mew Hav-n, Ct;Hone, Duntxe, Wilmington, Del; Falcon.[Br] livage. Liverpool; Alert, Farnham, Monteco Bay; Ada Eliia. Marshman, (Charleston; Standard, [Br] Hill, Kingston, Jam; Charleston, Crosbv, Philadelphia; Atrevida, [Meg] Sanchez. Campeachy; Augusta, Gillet, Matamoras. Towboet Adriatic r*ports the Agnes Gilmourat the NE Pass; Manchester. Lord Seatou, and Leontine, on the bar bound out. Lost overhoa*d from the Sonth Carolina, Jan 6, John Gillman, aged 18, of Thomaston. niscellaneoui Keoord. Ship Sidney, Leach, of and from Boston for Jamaica, with a cargo of ice, was totally lost with her carg,i,_oni the eyenii g of tne 14th ult. on a rref of rocks to the NE of Tu-ks Island The captain and crew lauded with their beats on the island.? The shin went to pieces during the night. Part of the sails and materials saved by wreckers. Sciik Admiral Colpots, (Br) 10 days from Bermuda for ' ? ' ' the BE tid St Vincent, was wrecked on the SE side of Martinique 3th nit. Crew and materials saved. Spoken. Berlin, Baker, from Liverpool Cor New Orleans, Feb 23, off Great Isatc. -Sweden, Homan. 10 days f'out New Orleans for Liverpool, Feb 26. off Cat Key. Rnsaell, Lanfear, 3 days from New Orleans for NYork, Feb 27 .off Love Key. Delaware. 6 days from Mobile for Richmond, let inst. off Matinilla. _ Orleans, Sears, from New Orleans for New York, Feb If, off Tortugas. Timnleon, Dreyer, from New Orleans for Havre, Feb II, off Key West. Gen Washington, from New Orleans for Rotterdam, Feb 10, Tortugas E 23 miles. Gen Harrison, of and for Boston, 110 days from Calcutta, Feb 7, lat 23 44, Ion 60 13. - Alabama, Dudley, Mobile for NYork, Feb 21. Paiagou, Brayton, Apalachicola for Providence, Feb 31. PorelgR Porta. St Pikrrc, Mart Feb 12?In port, Don Juan, Sanford, from NHwen for rorio Rieo, 15th; Cardenas, Gooding, from Wil miugton, diag. for St Thomas about 20th; Topaz, Green, from Newb-rn, dodo; Delaware. Park, from Wilmington, do do; H Lawrence, for St Thomas, 4 days. T GST--A Gold Watch Key on Thursday morning b-tween L 8 and 9 o'clock, in Cedar -tree!, going fro J 9 o'clock, in Cedar -treet, going from Greenwich to Nassau The Under, by leaving it at Joseph Lee's 23 Nassau, e.rnerCedar, will be liberally rewarded. m7 ll*rrc '"PHE friends of Mr. William Davies, are respectfully re 1 quested to meet at Mr. Peter Milne s. Harmony Ha'l, this (Friday) EvfLiug, at I o'clock. in7 lt?irc J. B. WA1STELL. 'THE Committee on Napier Lothian's Complimentary Ball. A are requested to meet at St Joha's Hall, on Monday Evening, March 10th, at I o'clock. ro7 3t*ec TO TAILORS?Wanted, a young man as cuttter in a fash ionable custom tailoring establishment. One poaseaaing the requ site qualifications may address by real name and refer ence, M. W , at the office of the N. Y. Herald. m7 lt*rre T7KKK IOPULAR LECTURE ON THE HEART AND " LUNGS.?DM BANNING will deliver a .Free Leiture ibis Evening, at 7hJ o'clock, in Rev. Dr. Adains Church, Broome street, near Centre, on the influence ef cnatom, habits sad attitudes of bedy on the heart and lungs, and ol the proper physical education and mechanical support in the prevention and relief of affections of the same. ?iffice at 304 Broome strict. m7 lt*ec NBEW VOHK HOSPITAL.?Th- Spring Course of Lec tures at the Hospital will commence on Mouday, March 10th. aud continue two mouths. The Introductory Lecture will Ire given by l>r. Wntson, at 12 o'clock. M. Opthalmic Surgery, by A. C. Pom, M.I). Surgical Anatomy (Oeailo-nrinary organs) G.Bnek, M.D. Surgical Pathology, J. Wntson. M.D. Diseases of the Cheat, J. A. Swett, M.D. i of i In " Pathological Relations of ilie Nervous System, J. H. Uris com.M.l). Animal Chemistry (eiperimental and analytical) Mr. L. Ileid. Mr. Laurence Raid, Professor of Chemistry hi the College of Pharmacy, has been associated with the pment Course of lectures, forth' purpose of giving the studeuls tltrched to lire Hospital practi-al lustrnclion in ihoee departments of Animal (Chemistry moat intimately connected with the p actice of Me dicine. The differeut secretions, healthy and morbid, will be mode the subjects of analysis. The Ph?"ici?HS ai d Surgeons attending daily at the Hnspi til will afford Studeuls every faoiltly for observing the Medical and Sii'gical Practice, attending post-mn-tem ezanaiea ions and improving ihemielvrs in the iCssuce of Auscultation, fee. Hi a voie of the Ooveruors of ihe Hospital, the annual ticket is figerl at $8. This admits Students to alt the privileges of the Hospital, including Lectures, and the use of itw Library. During the Spring Course, two Leciurea will be given four dayain the week (Tueaeav and Friday. inclusive) from II A.M. io I f.M .Mill one Lecture ou .Mondays and Saturdays, torn 12 M. to I P.M. 2tis?ec LOT:* IN CITY AND FORT OF TRESPA-| LAGIOS, TEXAS, FOR SAL rpHE^rroprietiT? of thenbove very vajuable protvn^', have l tne disposal ot the lots hi the above named i laee, 23 by 10(1 feet, at $23 each, toa committee. with the proviso not to receive the value of the same until one thousand lota betab am i scribed for. 'J he city of Tnwpalacios, formerly called Aestin. it situated a the Trespalarios River-nd Bay, with sufficient wat-r to euahle ships to come near the wharf. Now thit Teiaa (onus a part of this Republic, there is no no d ubt that emigration will flow to the new i lac*, ar.rl aili sans and mechanics are respectfully invited to direct their at tention to it. For mart and any information respecting the above, apply .o Mr. J. G. hetidi, No. 4 Hanover street, or to Mr F. Gaillar det, No. 12 Park place. m7 mhfc27th*rre A FORI RAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR. PRICES REDUCED I ? PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKF.NE'H, combining all th? perfec l tinns of a painting, with the fruthfalnets of a Pagi type, a llow.t ?. .. ..r 'aguerreo e, at very reduced prices. b\ A. r . I h mpson, Nil Park . w,opposite the Astor It..ii? Operations in aF weath-r I stri.eiuu.wi i h? \r, urrdrvtry requisite for the prosecution ol the bu.lnist fur.ii.hed. in7 lm*rc BusMs Pri* suit, by F * ''OLLIf RED HOUSE PLEASURE* GROUNDS A PURSE for (30, mile hen's. brat 3 in 3, io n ine off ??> Tu-sdav next, for Hors a lint never won a Purse over $30? Eirrincrs to be made <?n S-'ur-lsy Evening, at the Red House i't Second Ward Ho el. The following hones are already en tered :? Hed Robin, Sn'ah, h'phraim Smooth, D?.| I Webster. m71t*rrc 'ptNTH WARD"you *G HICKORV"ASSOCIATION. 1 At a m e jug of this Assncra'inu, hel l at Military Hall, corner of Or md and L'>dlow il"rii. on Wednesday evening, March 3th 1W1 .Mr. la'lin IV. Oillen was elected Seeietary. oro tern. 'I he rail of the mrating being rata, Mr. Henry Vdr dew ter prevents! th t following lesolutio'is, which were una nimously adooted : Whereaa.This Aaaocution has receieed information that Elijah F. Purdy, Esq it an applicant for the office of Collector of the'Revenue for the Port of the City of New fork, and inua inuch *i the member* of tlii* Association have ample testimony of the high estimation iu which his character is Iwld us a cili z-n,'* well ss the confidence of the entire democracy in hi' political honor and integrity?'J'h- refoie. Resolved, That we cordial)V unite in esprrssiug cur undivi ded confidence iu tlie honor, integrity and moral worth ol our fellow-citizen. Elijah F. Purdy, Eatj., as a privat" ci'izeu, whose course hitherto has beeu without reproach?his demean or aa a gentleman, and his economical, yet liberal aud D.-mo cratic policy for a seiies of years in our muuicmal legislation, added to his zealous rsertions to promote the pub'ie good, emi nently recommend him to the situation he now solicits. Resolved. That in the opinion of this Association no person has equal claims to the office of Collector, as those possessed by our worthy aud well-known fellow-citizen, Elijah r. Purdy, when these claims are considered col actively?we, therefore, respectfully and earnestly solicit the Executive to giant his ap plication. Resolved, That the members of this Association hare the fullest confidence in the ability, and capacity of Mr Purdy t? peiform the duties of (he office he solicits, and also that he will peiform them with credit to himself and satisfaction to the go vernmrut, if appointed. Resolved. Thai a copv of these resolutions and preamble be tiered by the officers of this Association, aud directed to his Excellency, the President of the United Slates Resolved, That the poceediugs of this meeting be published in the News, Plebeian, Poa' and Herald papers. JOHN OWX, President. DANIEL WARD, Vice President. John W. Oillen, Secretary, pro. tern. N.B.-This Association will meet every Thursday cvining. rcti lt*ec HEMP?300 hilrs American Dew Rot, of very superior t|iia" litv, for rale iu lots to suit purchasers, bv in7 ec E, K. COLLINS St CO., 36 South at. HEMP?27 hales American Water Rot Hemp, of very supe rior finality, landing ex ship Ocneva. from N. Orleans, for sal* by E. K. COLLINS it CO. m7 ec 76 South street. QUOAR?100 hlids r rinse New Orleans Sugar, fir sale by b? E. K COLLINS St CO. tn7 ec 36 South st'eet. I'WINES?2C0 bales Bridpmt Mltg. from 3j^lb. to 36, i.l' ihe a best quality and manufaciure, for sale ui on very rvasona He terms, by E. K. COLLINS St. CO.. m7 ec 36 South st. AMERICAN pilot DUCK?IN Mm extra quality,* from No. I to 3, manufactured in the most careful manner, aud for ra<e in lots to snit. by m7ec K. K. COLLINS k CO 56 South su?et. T'OBACCO?39 boxes 8*fnf k Lewis nafig for tale by A E. K. COLLINS k CO.. m7 ec S6 S^uth ifnt. LEARY <te CO.'S FASHION FOR SPRING, 1S46. f2J.ENTLEMENS' HATS, of our Spring Fullrni, will be rert dy for sale and delivery. on and after Friday, the 98th Inatant. N. B.?We announce the above aa THE KASHION for the ensuing season, and to preclude all possibility of error in the minds of the public and trade generally, iu this city and else where, as to its origin and distinctively peculiar features, we present the following detail of i?s proportions, via:? CROWN?7W inches high, 5-1# bell at siAes, % bell in front and rear, Ji yeoman, M curve. TiP?3-16 inch oval, the edge rounded off 1-16 inch. BRIM?2X inches wide all around?Set, natural curve?Curl BAND and BINDING?% inch wide. The partienlar set of the brim is unique, and our customers will be served with a style expressly adapted to the characteris tic features and form of each respectively. February 24th. 1644. f!5 IQtism ??A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR EARNE1L" !? GENTLEMEN who make ita rule tolaynutfS their money to the best advantage, are respectfully Jpvv notified that they can purchase Hats and Caps at ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, No. 103 Fulton street, eait side of Broadway, much cheaper than at any other place in the city An inflexible adherence to tne system of large sales, small profits, and c,?h on delivery, , enables the proprietor to offer lite different articles in his line, at the following reduced rates : HATS. First quality Nutria Fur $3 50 Second " " 3 00 Moleskin 2 50 CAPS J First quality mens' ard boys $1 SO Second " 1 00 Third " " 75 These articles are not only quite equal, but iu some respects (especially in the style of trimming) superior to any in the city. A comparison of the qualities and prices, with those of other establishments, will snow a deduction of SI to Si 50 on customary prices. All Hats warranted of the most fashionable B road way patterns N.B.?The proprietor's esteusive arrangements enable him to off-r very advantageous bargains to wholesale dealers and country merchants. m6 lm*m G. B ALVORD, Wo. 109 Broadway, Sew York, fa WILL Introduce his new style of Uentlemeu's Hats for the present setson. ou MONDAY, the 3d insfut. As the labored proportion! of m-chanical genius must yield to the maiterlv hand and delicate touch of art, a descript on of this beautiful article would be unnecessary but anticipating au aporoval from correct taste, O. B. A. cheerfully aunounces the Spring Kuhiou N B.?It may be rropcr to mention that he retams in his new style one narticnlar of his former pattern, THE ROUND EDGE OR SQUARE of the Hat, which with a peculiar set to the brim, preserves it in perfect shape, giving ease, elegance, 1 and becomingpesa to the whole apiiearance. m2 lwec Neapolitan bonne is I THE UNDERSIGNED, Patentees and Manufactur of the Neaimlitan Bonnets, respectfully inform the ^T trsde that thry are uow ready to supply the above nrticle of the latest style and of superior quality, in quantities to suit , purchasers. They warrant that they can alter and clean tha Bonnet to ap pear equal to new. Buyers are cautioned against an inferior article of the kind in ihc market. (The genome article, for which we received the silver medal at the last fair of the American Institute, has our ticket upon it ) Applv to THOMAS VY8E, 1711'earl street, or at the manufactory of PATTISON, NOE k CO., f> 2taw3m*rc No. 25 Delaney street. GRAPE VlNETRfMM ING AND GARDEN I NO I^HThe present is the proper in.# to trim Grape Vines.?The edkmaubseriber, from filteeu years experience in thix country, Jlat'ere himself he will give sat slaction. He thoron.hly nnrerstandi the layirg out of City Gardens, furnishes the brat quality mould and sods ; also. Trees, Shrubs, Grane Vinai, kc., and for u mtderate compensation keeps the garden in pren-r order all the season. Alianthus, Horse Chesnut, and other Street Trees, furnished an it planted. Orders left at the store #f J. M. Tliorhorn k Co.. 15 John St.. or at th'residence of the subscriber, corner 21d street and Broudway, will meet pompt attention. m3 6ti?*ec JAB. VIRTUE. Black and white thread lace flounces. just received per Emerald. Black Thread Lace Flounces, from M yard to\ yard wide. White do LaNeigedo M do \ do Black and White Lace Berthes, Barbn and Sleeves. Some of the most splendid Mechlin wide Laces. ? Black Ltee Veils and Black Thread Scarfs. White Lace Veils and Scarfs, point a Bruxellea and a la Neige Three very splendid Mechliu Lace Dresses. One Carton Pelirine, Capes and Chemisettes Valeneiannes Laces and Edgings, Mechlin do, Arras do. JAMES BECK k CO. respectfully announce, that this is by far the most nch and splendid invoice of goods that have been offered. TAHlS EMBROIDERIES?Consisting of Cuneyous, Pele riues. Collars, Chemisettes u Iu Pico style. Also, some magnificent Embroidered Dresses and Handker chiefs, of very rich embroidery. The shove, with a great variety of other goods, are now of fered at very moderate pticea, by JAMES BECK k CO., f25 lOtec 359 Broadway. LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. LTAVING been awarded the diploma at the late Fair of the al American Institute, for the best Lasts, 1 am prepared to furnish an article of LasU which cannot be surpassed in this or any other city iu the United States. Sole anil Upper leather of all kinds, Bisck and Colored Mo rocco and Kid Skins, with Deer, Goat and Lamb Skiii Bind ings. Shoe Threads, Lastings Galloons, Sheetings; Linen and Leath-r Liuings, Boot Cord and Webs, Boot Trees, Hammers, Pincers, Awls and Tacks, with a full assortment of Shoe makers'Tools, of the most approved patterns, cheap for cash. WARREN STWlLkEY, 295 spring street, between Greenwich and ? ? Washington streets, New York. N. B.?The Greenwich Line of Stages pass within a block of the store. f20 lm*m SOAP WORKS AND PERFUMERY DEPOT. r ADDITION to our Manufactory, we have opened a Store for the sale of our 2 conoinical kancy Soaps and all kinds of Perfumery, Family Soap, Patent Crystalline Candles kc., fcr. We solicit purchaser! to inspect our stock, which we offer on the lowest terms. Shippers to the West Indiei and South America, are particu U'ly invited to examine our Crystalline Candles. Salex Room No. 3 Courtlandl street, next doortothe New National Hotel. JOHNSON, VHOOM k FOWLER, ftl lm*ec UFATCHKH'.? WATCHER AND jewelry.?ti ?* who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, G...? Chains, Gold Pencils. Keys, kr., will fiod it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrip tions of the above el retail much lower than any other house in the city. Gold Watches as low as $29 and 115 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bonght. All Watches war ranted to keep goed time or the money refunded. Watches, tad Jewelry repaired in the best manner and warranted, st much lees than ths usual prices. O. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, mt lm*m Wholesale and retail. 10 Wall st.. up stairs. COPARTNERSHIP?The subscribers have this day entered iulo a copartnership nnder the satin and firm of BAUER k HODEN, sail will conceue the buamees of Fairy Colored Hsper and Paper Box manufacturing in its different branches at j the old eitabfishment, No. 74 Fulton corner Gold rtreei. | New York, Match 1. ;M>. CHARLES FERDINAND BAUKK. mt lw'ec AUGUSTUS FERDINAND BODEN. K. HOE .te CO.'S PATENT CARD PRESSES. SEVERAL of the above tnaehines can now be seen at the wrarerooms of the proprietors, 29 and II Gold street. Primers and others are intired to examine them. ft5 2wm r\EPOT D' KAU DK COLOGNE of JOHN B. FALLO, ? Imitation Precious Stones, Venetian and Bohe ,**l, Sr*1**! Puncy Glass Billions, kc., No. lit William street. New Vork ft Imeod'ee | TO TAILORS. FHE second Edition of Stinemer't celebrated work on em * ting garments of every description in a style of elegance un equalled, is now published and ready fer delivery Those who desire to avail themselves of the great advantages to he derived from the use of the instructions it contains, wonld do well to obtain a copy without delay. TV book is 11 by 17 inches iriuare, and contains 17 elegant diagrams ofall the various styles of garments wen at the present ilay, with rail a id ample instruc tions for cutting in an easy and tciantifie manner. The follow ing are a few of the many highly respectable names who testify to the merits of the hook :? The undersigned being practically acquainted with Mr. Btine mtt's Treatise ou I utting Garments, with pleasure recommend it as a work complete in itr arrangements, and ia its practical ap plication to cutting, superior to any heretofore published, either Enrope or America. . Henry k Son, Daniel Cutter, Staata k Banker, Charles 1, E. W. Tryou kuo., B. h. Homer, James Daily, John J H Hayiland, J. H. Banker | ^ ot)Wlt",<' of the anthor, No. 113 Jlroadway AUCTION SALES. BENJAMIN MOONEY. Auctions. A UCTION NOTICE?Watches. Gold Jewelry, Plated A War*. Ouus.bc.?MOONKY A AARON wilt *-11 thi day, at 10 o'clock, at No. 91 Ma den Isne, for rash, a srlendii assortment of gold and silver leve'i. 'comet, aud vertical mow meut wslci n of the mutt approved makers. i, gold pencil cases, fait, keyt, fob ekaint, be. be. Alto, _ Alto, an invoice of fine plated ware, viz: cake baakeit, wail era, table cation, liquor framee, be. Alt), fine doab'e birrel gune, fine eut'ery, be. mv lfec AUCTION NOTICE?Executor's tale of Hemoaut? bapvi London Csssnneres, ("I tht. kc.?This Day, at 10>, o'clock, iu the sale* ro< m, II spruce street, ia lota to itiit pur cbatert. Alto hosiery, ihirta collars. bosoms, linen mat de lainr silk hdkfs, calicos, gloves, diiper, rm*h, ar'ificial flower* It diet halt. curl*, cutlery go'd pencil case, j-welry, be no'?i VUI '?( tctioo ? f W U ITllt.ll V9?C| J writ j | "?V? Large tile of valuable furniture on Haturday ia the taJe room nUlt*ec^^_^^^^^^^'rH$i8;_JIJ0I_LiAuctionre^___ "INK PLANT* AT AUCTION?A. LEVY will tell this morn int. a? I# o'clock, at No. 151 broidway, a bevnt fu? collection of Fine Plants Thev couaiat of all the varieties of the aeaann. id full bloom, aid in fine ord-r. Ladiea are rea pectfully invited to vi?w them. m7 lt#ec F A. C. TU 1'TLE. Auctioneer. EXTENSIVE AND PEKEMPTOKY SALE of Hard ware. Kanev Gods, be , coinp.itiiig the entire a'nckt of *' Importer, and also a Kt-uii 1,'ealer. JACOB 8 PLATT'S Tenth Spring Trade Sale will ake place to-morrow (FRIDAY) at 10 o'clock, at live sale* room. 23 Plait. corns' of Gold afreet "onsiating o, f-0 pac'i gei, cases and lots of Birmingham and Sheffield Hardware and Cutlery, Krench, Germ n and Ameii can stap'e and fancy goods. 'I hit tale will include the entire s'ock of an Importer, aud will be fouud worthy tlie atieution of the city aud country trade. Also, the entire stork of a retail d?al?r, declining busings. an^jiuticularly worthy the attention of the retail trade. ao. an eitensivr auoume'it of table and (ticket cutlery, Kocers' scissors, shears, be. AI*o, nn invoice ofTlios Turner b Co's table and pen cut lery Alan, Wilton, Hawkaworlh aud Mota nattern cards,* Also, at II o'clock, 10 rate* cast steel square and round. Catalogues will be ready this day at II o'clock. tn6 It' rrc RICHARD VAN DYKE, Jr., Auctioneer. THE KAIL ROAD DEPOT HOTEL, comer tth Avenue and 86th street.?Anthony J. Bl'ecker b Co. will Xj^Ltell at auction on Thursday, the 27lh day of March uevt, at II o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the very valuable proiwrty ou tlie east aide of the 4th Avenue and south side of 86lh street. The ground Contains 10 feet on the aveuue and 100 feet oil the street, fwhich strict is curbed and regolaled and the aaaeeainent l"udth? property ia within two blocka of the large Crotou Reservoir. The llonse is a large two-siory attic builn ng, with cellar and kitchen under the whole, with sheds on 6th an 86th iraver. Tim premises are desirable for the purpose of? public nonte, and are uow occupied as such. $1000 or $2000 ym remain on boud and mortgage, a? 6 per cent. Possession wMI be given on the 1st of May next. Title indisputable. Eor terms and particulars, apply to the Auctioneers, No. 7 street, or to 41. NOWLAN, on the premises, or No. 3 Eleven ill street. floto mrI7*m WELCH'S NATIONAL CIRCUS, PARK THKATUK. LAST REPRESENTATIONS! As the Company will depart in a very short time, therefore, in compliance with the earnest solicitation of several families and individuals, the Manager anuoauces a ORE AT REDUCTION OF PRICES ! dACento to every part of the Theatre! GALLERY IlK CENTS. ill) , TWELVE MOST SPLENDID ACTS IN THE RING AND ARENA' And the novel and Grand Equestrian Spectacle of MAD ANTONY WAYNE! AND HIS TKRRIKIC HORSE DAREDEVIL. ^7"ln which a TKEBlE COMPANY will appear. TXTANTKD?A situation as Koirman in aRectifyi , House, vv or Clerk in a wholesale Liquor Store by a young man who lias hedeight years exper'ence in Rectifying mil m nuke as good spirits a* cpii be tnntle in ilie United v 11.i. tho rough knowledge of mixing fureign liqu r ' du make all kinds of domestic I rtlhehe u ' i give the most uudoubted refrren< capability s, hy stldressingaaotB to Rectifier, Her ,ice, slating where an tut; ; w can he had. nili 31* rrc family;' >k. lie is from th ? old country,and un derstands her priil'essiou. Has certitica'ea nf competency aud character are from sni"'uf the best fara ilies intbecity. Inquire for Mrs Robiua.u, 76 King ?tr t, b'tween Varick and. Hudson, in the rear. m5 3t*rrc INFORMATION wanted of Jain' Andrea who left this L city ahont 4 year* ago lor Mexic U w two years since his friends have received any v rma tion respecting him would be thaukl her, Robert Audreas, at Gluey ville. New ? > March 3d, 1843. i-c UURNISHED ROOMS?A few gentlen. mino " daied each with a f'arnisli-d ?oom, very very comioruble and eentral, hv calling at No. 17 Warren street. mi lw'rrc DACKKT BAhR GENESEE, from New Orleans, is dis a charging at first p:er helow Ceen'ies slip. Consignees will plea-e attend to the receipt of their goods immediately, mlfitec T^HE GREAT OX SUFFOLK, the largest Ox iu the L world, raised and latte I by Edward H. Smith, Esq., of Salfalk county, Loug Island, is slaughtered, and. will be ex posed for sale at the oldestahlished Stall, No. HCeutre market. on Saturday next, March 8lh, by the proprietor, FRr DK. jbHNSON m6 3t*rrc I70lt SALE?A Bowling Saioou, one of the best locations in " Broadway. Three nil* vs. bar fivtues, sofas, chairs, be.; hss been occup'ed as a Club Saioou for lha last thiee years.? The whole may be had a bargain. Apply at 360 Broadway, id floor, between 10 and 1 o'clock. m6 3t*rrc RECEIVED per packet ship Oneida, a complete sssortm of Krensh Perfum ry, from Prevosl, Lubin, Monpelav, Apply at 31 Beaver street, up xtaira. m6 8t*w Q.ENUINE GERMAN COLOGNE WATER from the ?nanafactorv of Jean Maria Earina (the oldest distiller of this wel| known flagrant perfome) for sale hy the undersigned, wno has received the sole agency for the United States. Simples always ready at the Depot, 79 Pearl street m6 3tia?rrc C. K. GKUSHEIM. MARTELLE & HOLDER MANN, No. 37 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. TVA ANUKACTURERS and Importers of Ornamental Hsir >"?* Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bauds, Carls, ? ?u.., ? ineo., una. Seams, Bandeau Tlair, and a new style at Everlasting Curls, and all kinds of Hs r Work, wholesale and retail. N. B.?The trade anpplied on reasonable terms, lit Im*ec NOTICE. UUBLIC NOTICE is hereby (riven, that the Commissioners A authorued to receive suhsasiptioni to the capital stcck of "The Goshen and Albany Hail Road Company," will open booka to receive aneh subscriptions, ou thettih day of March neat, at Ooahen, in the Conaty of Orange: and on the 31at, at the Merchant*' Bank, in the city of New York. Dated New York, February 20th. .845. JACOB T WALDEN, JOHN J. PALMER. JOHN TOWN8END, THOMAS W. OLCOTT. ROBERT L. PELL, LM. H. BUTLER, f24 Itaw4w2tia 2toa*ec Commiaaionera. OFFICE Of J EFFERSON INSURANCE CO , I NEW YORK, Feb. 3, IMS. J A T an Election held this day for Directors of this Institution, TV for the ensuing year, the following gentlemen were elected such Directors:? Thorn is W. Thome, Elisha Kiggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B R. Robaoo, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tack' r, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, Jonn H. Lee, Wm, K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas M"rrrll, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. MerrTtt, Robert Smith. At a subsequent meeting of the Board THOMAS W. THORNE, Esq., was unanimously re-elected President, ftec GEO. T HOPE Secretary HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC SLIDES, long known as the most du'able, convenient and elegant of Extension Tables manu factured; warranted to run easy constantly, and not to be affected by dampness or warping of the wood. A large assort ment of choice patterns, suited for private parlora, hotels,steam boats, 8tc., together with a general asso'tment of Cabinet Fur niture, always on hand, at the Warerooms, No WO Grand street, corner of Elm, where the public is respectfully invited to call and examine. mrl lm*rc S~ KCOND HAND CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED?And 'he highest cash price given for all kinds ot caat off Clothing and good second-hand Furniture. Persona wishing to dispose of the same, will do well to call on the sub scriber, or address a line through the Post Office, which will be punctually attended to B. LEVY. 49X Chatham street, N. Y. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of geutle men's Clothing, cheap for cash. IBS lm*rc SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING PISTOLS BLUNT Sc SYMS, No 44 Chatham street, l\ff ANUFACTURKR8 of the above article have now a eom 1-vA plete assortment ready for the Spring trade, whielt they of fer at redo red prices. They would invite the attention of mer chants and dealers to their assortment, to the manufacture of which, they hate paid personal attention, and from the increased quantity they ate making, can tell them lower than before of fered. Also? Onus of their own manufacture, at well ssevery vari ety of imported Gun* and implements, in quantities to astt pur chasers, at exceedingly low prices. fB 3m*m GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE. 'PRE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Gentlemen 1 or Families who are detiront of converting their left off weiring appirrl into cash Families or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effects 'o dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to send lor the subscriber, who will attend at their residence by appointment. H LKVETT, t Wall street. A line through the Tost Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt sttention. art '?*? re KNAPP'S INDIAN STRENGTHENING PLASTER. rl,H ESE PLANTERS prepared for pains aud weakness in the A back, breast, side or limbs, bruises, sprains, fco., and for asthmatic affections, croup in chili" give immediate and soothing relief. re immeuiateana soothing relier. I'hey will also be found highly beneficial for complaints ? wnvsa, u*ruti| eiww *?l ? I sis iso. iMiiisevn, w.., usiu 1UI asthmatic affections, croup in children, they will in most cases nd soothing relief. _ . o be found highl', of the Liver, Lungs tnd Kidney. Persons of sedentary habits, whose business requires them to sit or stand much, who may be troubled with weakness in the chest, or pain ia 'tie side or breast, will find great relief by wear ing one of these Plasters. With rrgard to the efficacy of these Plasters, nothing need lie said, aa thev carry with them their own recommendation, and the price being so remaikahly low, is a sufficient indncen lor tboie afflicted to give them a trial. The Pioprietor is Confident that by the great aad increasing demand for there Plasters, the popularity whi< h they hare ob tained solely by their own menu, aud the universal satisfhctiou which they have given, that they are decidedly superior to any others in uie No pains i? spired in making them as adhesive and pliable as possible, and in rendering them free from all those oVjecttons which is a source of complaint to the ordinary plasters of the day. These Plasters need bnt one trial to give every satisfaction de sired Be snreandaik fo- Knapp's Indian Strengthening Plaster, and see that his signntnre is on the hack of etch. Nous others are getmioe. Made only by P. B. KNAPP, and sold wholesale and retail at his Medicine Warehouse, No. X2 Hudson street, one door be low King street. New York. Also for sale by the Druggists generally. Price 13^ and l?X cents sach. rod 3uieod?rre THE J|N VISIBLE WIG. QO closely resembles the real head of hair that sceptics aad W connoisseurs have pronounced itiv?. -?ost per wet aad sstn ordiawy invention of the day. The great advantage of Jtil novel aad unique wig is its being made withoal sewing oi weaving, which causes its appearances so closely to raaombls the n itnral hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, as to defy detection. Its texture being no baaatifhl. so porous end so hue, that in all onset of panpiraLea evaporation is unimivded, and the greet evils of other wigs entirely avoided. The sceptit and connoisseur are alike invited to insane! this novel and beat, tiia I Wig, and the peculiar method or fitting the head, at rha > maanfanturn's, A. C. Barrr. H4 Vtodway, comer of Liberty '? ?nest, up stairs. ml lm*re . > AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S NATIONAL C I K C V PARK THEATRIC. The Manager ever anzious to meet th? wrshe- of the public, respectfully annonnrea the following 0OKEDUCTION OF PRICES,-** Boxes !4? Cents. Gallery It) Cents. The doora will be opened at 6, and the iwrfomaucr will in variably romrneuce at 7 o'clock THE LAST NIGHT u I he Company depart for Phi ladelphia on Saturday not, in order to present themselves be fore the public of that city ou the Moo-lav follow lug BENEFIT OF RUFU8 WELCH. FRIDAY EVENING. MARCH 7th. Commrnr ug with a Grand Gavalrade of ladies and gentle men, en their higl -bred Iroriei, auperblf rapari.oned. IJiUy by E. \l. Dickenson. hd act in first style, by Master Gleuroy, the Chain - R,"? mVuska, Viu L. Wells, Mr*. Howa-ii will exert herself in the very spirited and beau tiful Eqrtest'ian Act of the Indian Bayadere. Vaulting oflhe highest excellence by McFarlaud and lire Troupe. Mr. Cadwall'der will apiyar a> Tchr Khi, thr necromancer of China, with the terrors of the Burning Torch, mouuhd on the furious sreeda if Envy. Hatred and Revenge. A Mezzo Dauce, entitled ih-Army and Navy, by Master B. Y*t??. his fir-t appearance in this theatre Principal Act by T. V. Turner. Personal Gymuast'Cs by the very celebrated H. Couover. J Nalhaus Great Fears on Four Horses. AT the conclusion of tlf A lena Acts, Mr EDGE, the cele brated Pyrotechnist ofNiblo's, and of the Castle Gar>n will prrseut a most magnifireni specini-n or i FIREWORK* ! Succeeded hy a melange of heroic, serio, comic and imitative musical etlecls iu a Negro Concert, , by Messrs Hoyt, Wiuue mote. Edwards, Kelly and Major. Hiding Masler, N Johnson; Pquest'ian Director, J G Cad w llader; Clown, Joliu May To coucludr with the grand National Equestriau Dramatic Spectacle,with beautiful Scenes, Costumes, Artillery, Bridges, immense Runs. Ike., entitled MAD ANTON Y WAYNE ! ? so HIS BOLD HORSE DEVILDARE. flu Monday, March lOtli, this Equestrian and Dramatic Troupe will appear at the Natioual Theatre, Philadelphia. Doors ni?n at 6 o'clock, and performance to commence at 7. PAlsBIO'S OPERA IIOUhE. REDUCTION OF PRICES * First Tier and Panjuette. admitting a lady and gentleman, 50 cents. Single Tickets, Second Tier 25ceots. "" EVENIN" " ? - ' - - - FRIDAY EVENING, March 7th. for the Benefit ofthe La dies Industry Ass icialion, on wh ch occasion the following distinguisVe.l Artists will appear : ? KLODIi THE AMERICAN MELODIST, AND THE OPERA TIC TROUPE. The performance to commence with the humorous farce of the LtlAN OF A LOVER. After whicha Grand Solo ou tli? Accordion by Mr Htiutley. Also,the popular soag of the FIREMAN'S CALL by the American Melnd'st. To conclude wirli, forthe fiixt time the Ethiopian burlesque Opera of CINDERELLA, entitled LA SHIN DE HELA. or the Gum Elastic Slipper. Doors o en at past 6 o'clock. Performance to commence at half past 7 o'clock. Box Office o: en from 9 o'clock, A.M., until 5 o'clock, P M GRAND CONCERT and Inst rumental Bin tic, IN AID OFTHE CHARITABLE FUND of the German A Society of New York, at the Tabernacle, on Saturday, March Ith, 1845. PROGRAMME. PART I. 1. Overture to Der Freischutz C. M. Webber 2. Rondo dr la Ceuerentola Rosvini 8IGNORA ROSINA PICO. 3. Grand Variations di Bravurnonthe Romance of Joseph : "A peine au sor'ir de I'enfauce." For the Piano Forte H. Here. Mr. WM S' HAHFF.NBERO. I r-t,n.?..?. 5'Feslied Tretet ill die Hunde,". ... .Stuntz. I. cnorusses, J "Dje Abdendglocken," (Evening Bells Mangold. BY SEVERAL AMATEURS. PART II. 5. Overture?Fingal's Cave Mendelssohn 6. Grand Aria de la Norma Bellini 8IONORA KOSINA PICO. 7 Concertino-Cla-ionet C.M.Weber. MR. THEODORE W. GRONEVELDT. n i t,< " Liebe und Wein." Mendelssohn. ruses, J Feit-Varsch : '"Tone da Feierlid "... Sprier. BY SEVERAL AMATEURS PART III. 9. G rand Sinfonia in C Minor Beethoven 1. Allegro con Brio. 2. Andante con Moto. 3. Minnctto and Trio. I Allegro and Presto. Finale. DIRECTOR-MR. U. C. HILL. LEADER OF THE GERMAN CHORUSES-MR. CHARLES I'bRABEAU. To Comm'nce at 8 o'clock. Doers open at 7 o'clock. Words of the German Choruses for sale at til* Bookstore of Messrs. Kiclital & Bernhardt, No 3 Sp-ncr %treet, and at the door on the evening of the performance. Tickets, at tl each, may be had at all the principal Music Stores, at the door ou thr evening of the Concert, and of the un dersigned:? COMMITTEE. C. H. Sand, Theod Victor, Wm. Scharfenberg, Dr. Guscheidt. C R. Degen, H. E. Moring. A. Belmnn'. Ernest Fiedler. F. W. Hake man, f!9to8Mr* ee JUB G. Vom Banr, E. Favenstedt, F. A. Spies, Professor Tellkampf, F. 8. Schlesiuger, Charles Perabean, Dr. Hanache], A. Rodewald, Leopold Bierwirth PARK. THKAT1UC THE public is respectfully icformed that this Theatre will reopen on Monday nest, March 10th, with the favorite Comedy of ('IJ Heads and - mine Hearts, and other entertainments Ladivt aud gentlemen engaged at this establishment are re quested to meet in the Green Room of the Theatre on Saturday, Ma'ch 8rh. at 12 o'clock. mi 5t?c PKOFK8SOH RODOKR?, GRATEFUL fur tl?e liberal patronage extended to him during the month of January last, by the ealiahtrned and talented ein Mus of New York, has the honor to aunnunce his return to the city, end that he will deliver a course of Four Lectures at the four following places, on the wonderful and muc i talked of science o( ANIMAL MAGNETISM & PHRENOLOGY. Rutgers' Institute, in Madison street, e?ery Tuesday of each week, commencing Tuesday, March 4th. St. Luke's Buildings, corner of Grove and Hudson streets, every Friday of each week, comm-ncing on Friday, March 7th. Clinton Hall, every Wednesday of vach week .commencing Wednesday, March 5th. American Republican Hall, corner of avenue () and 3d street, every Thurtday of each week, commencing Tharsdav, March 6th. Tickets which will admit a lady and gentleman 25 cents. To commence each evening athalf-paat 7 o'clock. mt lwia*rrc removal. MAD'LLE FANNY OURANG OUTANG, LlAVING conclnded her engagement at the American Muse ?C-*. um, will be exhibited for A Few Days Only, at CROTON HALL, Corner of Bowery and Division sts. Admission 13^ cents, without distinction of age. Honrs of Exhibition?Morning from 9 to 1. Afternoon from 2 to 5. Evening from6to 9. m? lw*ec BILLIARDS. THIS mast be seen to be believed?the ball 1 ia played at fig. 2, runs to 2 to 4, to 5, to 6, to 7, to 8, to 9, to 10. and by play ers to 11 and 12. The above angles can be made in oaa blow. The Table* are np for playing or tale at 149 Fulton, or 1)| Abu street. The maker will bank for true !e, against any person living fai lm*m OPPOSITION FOR ALBCNY, snd in termediate p'aces Fare $1. Berths 25 cen's - .'I his host will arrive in ill l ine to take the cars for the west. The steamboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, 'aptain K. L. Mabey, will laive iteimboat pier, font of Hubiusun street, this flft-nioon at 5 o'clock, Friday, March 7th, 1045. For further inlormation apply on board. Freight taken at reduced rates. n?7 lt*trc ?fam FOR NEW ORLEANS-Louiaiana and New iH^York Line?Regular Packet of 16th instant?The JHKpEisplendid fast sailing packet ship GENEVA, Capt. Goodhue, will positively sail a* above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommo da'ions, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at., or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 50 South at Positive^ no goods received on board after Saturday even ing, 15th lust. Ageutv in New Orleans, Messrs. Hullin It Woodruff, who wKI promptly forward all goods to their addresa. Packet bark GENESEE, Capt. Minot, will aucceed the Geneva, and sail on the 26th instant, her regular day. m* flRP- BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVKR efjjwyruOL PACKKTk.-FOR LIVERPOOL.?Only It cellar Packet of the 16th of March. The new magnificent and celebrated fast sailingfavorite Bcketship MGNTEZUM A, burthen 1050 tons, A. B Low r, commander, w ill sail positively on Monday, the 17th of March, her regu'ar day. Having nnsnrpesved acc mmodations few cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passenger*,those retaining to the old country,or sending for their friends, will find it their interest and comfort to select this unequalled line of packets. For terms of passage, and to secure the best berths, early apidiration should be made on board, foot of Beekman at, or to the subscribers, ROCHE. BROTHERS Ot CO., 35 Fnltou street, next door to the Fulton Bank, New York. m6 KFOR LIVERPOOL-Packet of the 10th of Match, he splendid and fast sailing packet ship KALAMA uO, Captain McCerren, tails positively on MOH IO. This ship has very excellent accommodations fnr cabin, se Jond cabin, and steerage passengers. Persons about to embark or the old country cannot select a finer sh>p. Thine wishing to secure berths should make et'ly applica tion ou hoard, pier 3 North River, or tc W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, Office 70 South street, corner of Maiden Ian-, m7 rrc up stairv. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. XI/HERE AS, JOHN JEFFERSON, alias John Bland, a na "V tire of the Parish of Bethnal Grean.London, sou of the late Mr.Hichard Jefferson, formerly ofBrick 1 aue.Bpital fields,cher se monger.decated.has not been heard of in K-> gland, for more than 14 years, bet shortly before,or about that period, he was supposed to be either in the Government, Naval or Merchant Service of the Untied States. He was boiu iu the month of April, 1008, so that if he be now alive, lie is 37 ye?rs of age. The last accounts were from himself in the years 1030 and 1031, the former from New York, the latter from Boston. His family being moat anxious to receive tidings of his bem^ alive, hereby offer a re ward of One Hundred Dollars, on receiving satisfsctory evidence thereof, or legal proof of his death, sad such reward will ac oordingly he paid,by me the undersigned, in Loudon, or through the hands of WILLIAM AS (NWALL, Counsellor-at-Law, No. M Court street, Boston, to whom all communications are to be addressed. ROBERT BHITTON, Solicitor, No. 10 Bethnal Green, London. London, January 29th, 1845. <22 eodisOw lawontlOwrc 68 NEW IMPORTING HOUSE OF FRENCH GOODS. LAURENT aTbRO THE R , BEAVER STREET, hare received hy the last packets, - - a complete uioitm'Di of WEW GOODS, which th?y offer to at thelowea* market prices Particular attention it invited to the following description of goods : New and splendid patterns Mnns de Laines Also new patterns of Balxorines and Bareges Extra rich Foulard Silk Dreaerx Very rich de Cols Gallery Shawl* New style Mogador sad Inly Shawls Barege Shawls and Scarfs French Cloths and Cassimerrs. m4 20tis*rrc HARDWARE, CUTLERY, Jcc. IMS. THK. subscriber (reprrerating ?eveml marufltctnreri of Bir X minuham and Sheffield Hardware,) offers gre-t induce ments to large dealers. Purchasers are solicited to call and take prieas before buying. 750 grots low priced table cntlery, $5H per grots, lie. 10 casks very superior c t files, from 4 to 14 inches, at old POires. 5 casks common (ilea, at exact coat of importation, I 40 casks Bright Trace* 3D do Carolina Hoe* 20 do Hooks and Hi ages 8 il > Cum < i.mbi Also, Knob and Padlock*. C-audl*sti?kt, krawv Pulln-s, Latch's, Bolts. SpOe as, I'srousatnn Um, Wwywwl, J ham W?h, kc. kc. Iu. JOHN A. NKWBOULD, ml lti**m M John it***t, up stairs. 5 raaha hand Saws, at $5 75 per ilox 50h II ? f n -ht Nails. * BVi UK SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington [Corie pon<leac? oi the HwiU ] Wahiinqton, Marcti 5, 1815 Speculation an to the cabinet is at last ended, and the public may learn officially who the President nas designated as bin official advisers. 1 he nomi nations were sent in to the Senate this morning, and agreed with what you have before published, as follows:? Senator Buchanan, Secretary ot State Senator Walker, Secretary of the Trcaiury. George Bancroft, Secretory of the Navy Gov Marcy, Secretary of War. John V. Maaon, Attorney General. Cave Johnson, Poat Mai tor General. All ot these nominations were confirmed but oue?that of Mr. Bancroft, for Secretary of the Navy, was laid upon the table. The vote upon this action is net known, but it is supposed that the opposition which has been made, proceeds from the . Southern nieinbeis of the Senate, belonging to the democratic party, and thus shows there is, as has been predicted in the Herald, division in the camp, and an opposition springing up to Mr. Polk in the bosom of his own parly. The reasons for this vote are said to be, that Mr. Bancroft is a literary man and not sufficiently acquainted with official details and routine, and that he will be but a second edition of Mr.Paulding. How an opposition to Mr. Bancrolt can be built upon this slender foundation, and particularly wheu taken in connection with some of the other nominations which have been con firmed, is very difficult to conceive. What know ledge ot official details has Mr. Walker to qualily him for the important duties of Secretary of the Treasury"? Does he not come from a repudiating State ? Is it not notorious that the Western men generally are ignorant of finance and figures 1? What peculiar fitness, then, has Mr Walker dis played for the important office to which he has been nominated and confirmed by these same Senators ? He cannot be classed elsewhere, than as one who, having abilities which have proved equal to the peiformance ot certain duties, he may be presumed to be able to fulfil the duties of the of fice, but must be tested before any definite opinion can be given. Again, who is Mr. Marcy ?? What fitness has he for the important office. | of Secretary ot the War Department, and par ticularly in the present state ? of our foreign re lations 1 Who is he? First an Editor in Troy then a Senator?then a Judge-then Governor! For what is he celebrated, or notorious? For anything beyond the fifty cents which he charged for mending his old breeches ? What qual.ties hat he displayed for the able peirormance of the offi cial duties of Secretary of War, we ask ? Again, ? in the face ol the appointment of Hon. Cave Johnson, to the important office of Post-Master General, to object to Mr, Bancroft as a literary man, without official experience, is ridiculous. Mr. Bancroft is an able man, a man of talent and genius, and who will say that much for Mr. Johnson? Has Mr. Johnson ever Bhown that he is anything at all but a second edition (and an inferior one) ot Mr. Wicklifle ? Has he given any evidence in his career of the possession of great executive talent, such as should be possessed by the head oi tlua department ? Is it even probable that he will be able effectively to discharge its duties ? and is it likely that an avowed opponent of the reform, which was so strenuously endeavored to be defeat ed by every species of parliamentary chicanery, will be likely to give that reform a fair trial, or to carry out its provBions in the large, comprehen sive spirit which, is required to give it efficiency and success? The Heral'l will be amongst the foremost 10 give Mr. Johuson all credit and support it he should do so; and the country will rejoice in the manifestation of such a spirit, and in the manage ment ef the department as it should be, it Mr. Johnson displays the possession of the spirit, the mind, the capabilities required by that department; Dot we ask, what luauitewaiioo ot tbc ?t them has Mr. Johnson given that he should be confirmed, and George Bancroft not confirmed on the ground of not having manifested them ? It is sheer nonsense, and ridiculous in men to make sach au excuse. Mr. B. is an able, and a ta lented man, nor has he ever displayed any lack of such qualities as are required in the office to which he has been nominated, and, as in the cases of the others, but little estimate can be formed of the manner, in which they will perform their duties, but from actual experience and observation. The truth ot the whole matter is, that the cliques are still in ex istence, and that Mr. Polk will not be able to satis fy them, and will probably incur the deadly hatred ot some of them. The lact is evident that there is opposition to Mr. Polk in the democratic party, and there will be no other way for him to over come the difficulties which surround him, but by the display of the fi.m, unyielding qualities of a great mind, which he has not yet shown, and sepa rating himself entirelyifrom all cliques and cabals, to carry on his administration independent of them, and throw himself on the people for their support and approval, to be manifested by a reelection in 1848. If Mr. Polk shows these qualities, and thus throws himself on the people, he will be trium phantly re-elected. I learn that Mr. Polk has expressed himself to his friends under great obligations to Martin Van Burenand Silas Wright. That l|e says he considers himself indebted to them for his election, and his nomination of Marcy for the War Department must not be taken as any evidence of disagreement with, or slighting of, Mr. Van Buren, or Mr. Wright, but Mr. Wright refused the State Depart ment, and Mr. B. Butler the War Department, and he was therefore thrown back upon Mr. Marcy for that department. In consequence of the refusal of the Senate to go into Executive session on Monday, and not acting upon the nominations before it, all those not confirmed, of course, fell through, and the offices will come before Mr. Polk for nominations. These wiil be sent into the Senate very shortly, aud for the much desired Consulship at Liverpool, the name of General Armstrong, late Postmaster at Nashville, will be presented, and probably confirmed. The ball at the National theatre last evening, was very well attended, as was also the one at Ca ruai's saloon for the 810 aristocracy. The former one, however, without intending it, displayed more real courtesy and politeness, and true gentle manly conduct, than the latter, with nil Its Hiqun, and fashionables, and aristocracy, for they veiy properly and handsomely invited all the diplomatic corps in the city, who showed their sense of the courtesy extended by being present in full uniform, and giving splendor and Mat to the assembly, while the latter completely neglected to invite them, and showed themselves to belong to the true parvenues. Monsieur Korponay was the manager of the ball at the theatre, and his tact and courtesy were universally acknowledged, and every one confesses that he is, indeed, an admirable ma nager. Washington, D. 0 , March 6, 1846. Oreat Fire in Washington?The National Theatre Burnt Dorm, with ?ome Ten or Twelve Other BnHdinge 1??itor Hihald: ? To-night, about eight o'clock, the National Thra. trc took fire in the llreen Room, or among the back scenery, and in a lew minutes the flames ex tended to every part of the building. The House was crowded with spectators, to ua utmost limits, all ol' whom escaped without injury, further than that occasioned from excessive fright ; one lady having gone into hysteric fits. The house soon became totally enveloped in flames, and was quickly destroyed. From the combustible nature of the materials, the flames rose up with a bright light, giving out the most intense heat. A number of engines were quickly on the spot, with consider able nose ; hut the water did not appear very abun dant, and the skill displayed by tne firemen, we presume from the want of practice, did not compare

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