Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. V...XNEW YORK. SATURDAY MORNING. MARCH 8, 1845. 1 THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. the greatest in the world. To tha Public. D THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newepupsv?Pub lished every day of tha year except New Year'. Day and Youth of Jnly. Price 1 cents per copy?or IT 36 per ainnm?postague ?aid?cash ia advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every 8atorda? ?nonnng?price SVi cente per copy, or IS II per mama?poet .see |va:U, cnah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of tha -Herald i, over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing last it hat the tar nest circulation of any paper in thio city, or the world, and. it, therefore, the heit channel for husinett men in the city or country. Price, moderate?cash ia advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, ud in tlie most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. "norRiEToa or thb Herald Establishment, Northwest comer of Fulton nud Nassau streets. SHAKSPEARE hotel. CORNER OP WJLLIAM It DUANE STREETS, NY. jfcrfl THE anbifcri'.er respectfully informs tlie | ttb'.ir tint Fjl'eha. lease I the above establishment, and is now yte -wleu*pared to a commodate them with Board and Lodging, on v rv moderate tarms. It has been put in the most thorough ' ml com,daterepair, i>ainted and refittrd with additional new fur iture. and h- will not, as usual, say whit he intends to do, but sulirira the travelling cnmmur ity to visit and giro him a 5i il, ;v.d indue for themselves, that the establishment under his mm ivemeui is deserving the patronage of (he public. The 11 carion bring c-niral t > bosiueis, offers inducements to mer chants 'rem the country [from its retired lituvion] unsurpass ed ay any "ther house in the city. Terms SI p.-r dav?per week ia proportion. 'J li- sulisrriber beis to call the attention of parties that the Assembly Ho' m will be to let to Chose giving Balls and Con certs for tlie remaining part of the season, sad that the room will shoitly a? put in complete repair, and fitted up in a magni ficent style He further calls the attention of the professional u-utl-inen of the Uw. that his room for arbi'rators andre'erees his undergone alterali >a, and that he is ready to accommodate thnn ou reasonable terms?which will be seen by his regula tion of room hire. M l) ?A select number of permanent boarders will be taken ou very mi derate terms. m6?w*ric MINORD 8. THRESHER. 10 LET?The two story aud attic brick dwelling house No. 146 Barrow street, finished in modern style, with folding d.iors, marble mantel-. See. Apply to inlfTc- T. St A. S. HOPE, No. 133 Chambers st. GIVEN POSSESSION VEN?Tne Store No. 97 Nassau street, Herald Bnild uas":(i, with Fixtures. Stove and Pipes, ready set and all i cmnTTete. Applieati >n to be mado at the desk of the office of Jh- Her'l * lerld. for terms. ItC. jSltfre I O LET?Two Stores beautifully situated, in the new huihlinge (now nearly complete) ou the n >:lh westerly .corner of Broadway and Reade street, (known as the La nr.r Buildings ) Also, a large and convenient Basement, well calculated for an Oyster Saloon, See. Also, several convenient Stores in the s-cond story, suitable for Merchant Tailors, Fashionable Milliners, Dressmakers, tic. togethtr with a variety of Rooms in the id, 3d, 4th, and 6th stories, suitable for Offices, Private Pa-lors with foldiug doors, Pantries an I Bedrooms attached ; with Rooms suitable for Dentists, Painters, Daguerreotypes and Exhibition Rooms, tic. Those persons wanting rooms of the above description, ate re quested t? call and examine the tame. Enquire on the premise.. fl3 lm*rc VERY DESIRABLE LOT8 FOR SALE.?Fiv Lots on the southerly side of 13th street, near 5th avenue _jaix Lota on the northerly side of 13th street, between (th 7th avenues, with court yards in front, and in the midst of | elegant improvements. 1 liree Lota ou the southerly side of 14th street, between the 6ch and 7th avenues, in an improving neighborhood. Two Lots on the southerly side of Uth street, near the 8th svrnne. Ec dr Lots on the easterly side of7th avenue, between 13th and 13th streets, with collars partly dug put. Five Lots on the northerly aide of 39th street, between tha 1st and 2utl avenues, oveilooking the city and East Hiver. The whole amount may reraa n on mortgage, if improved, and 70 per cent if not improved. G. H. WINTER, j2Slin*ec 16 Wall street I'D LET (Jit LEASE.?A large wo story brick House, ou the southwesterly comer of the llloowuigdale __road and 40th street, with sufficient ground whereon to erect a manufactory, which will be built if required. Also, \ two story frame Cottage, House, and five Lots, on he northwesterly comer of the Bloomiugdale road and 40th street, with a workshop, stable, barn, 8tc. The house will be painted and put in good fence and repair, with a court yard in front, on the Bloomingdale road. Alto. 8 Lota adjoining on the Bloomiugdale road, running through to the 7th avenue and 41st street, suitable for a florist or manufacturer. Buildings will be erected if required. Alio, a Lot in 30th street, between the 7th and 0th avennes, to lease. G. H. WINTER, j26 !m?ec 16 Wall street. TO LET?The large three story and attic Brick I Dwelling House, situated on iLs north-easterly corner of tie Seventh Aveuue and Thirteenth street, with s fine ird a, Croton w.iler, kitchen ranges, marble mantaU. sliding oors, kc., and in an improving neighborhood. Rent low to a goo ' tenant. Al io?Pour three story and attic Brick Houses, with Stores underneath, ru the easterly side of Sixth Aveuue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth stieets, with sliding doors, marble mantels, ( rotou water, lie., suitable for respectable families in imn'erate circumstances. Also?Pive three story Brick Houses, ofs similar kind, on the easterly side of Greenwich Lane or Avenue, near the Eighth Avenue, and opposite the large square. Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store underneath, on the easteily side of the Eighth Avenue, between 13lh and 14th streets, with marble mantels, sliding doors, Croton water, kc. All of the above Stores are excellent stands for business, and an suitable for drygoods and fancy-goods, ladies' shoe stoies, cliiia aud earthenware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fen loaary, kc. Thr Stores, with the front basement-room, will be rented se parate from the dwelling parts if required, there being covered iiim ill front for fuel, lie. G. 11. WINTER, fll lm*rc 16 Wall street. TO LET?The Bulkhead, or Water Front, from War ren street to Chambers strert, (about 806 feet,) now occu ^nnsi'tfd as the Newburg Landing. The fonrstorv 8tore.No. Ill Warren street. One of the i"e* Building , between Wash ingi.'n and West streets. The superior three story Brick House nceupied by K J. Cochran, Esq , on I'euth Avenue nenrIM t.rwt; has mahogany doors, plated iurnimre,Croton water, He. FOR SALE OR TO LET?The Mansion and Farm at linirsiius, I.. I , about three miles from the South Ferry. The House is fifty tret squ ire, five stories, and ? superior cell sr. root ?.qiper-d, mahogany doors, plated furniture, 8tc. The hall sua burs li >Ii-s.i marolr. Th.- building is near the water, and is viinuut equal as to situation in the United States. It will ac cptninouaie fifty or sixty iwnons. The Farm is eighty seres?s front on the Bay of one thousand feet, and a front on each side ut' Third Avenue. It is in the Eighth Ward of the City of Urn .klyu, nuu laid out in 1000 Building Lots, and there an ntrtiiy Ui ilil ug Sites on this property. Tne land is the best on Lni u Island for early vtgetables, and can realise five thonsand dollars per annum, ti attended to by an experienced gardener. ALSO, Fori SALE?The Bennet Farm, at Gowauns, al> ml 200 Lots frontiug on Third and Fourth Avenues and the Istriet lending to the Greenwood Cemetery. Tha Lots will be Id at low prices and long credit, aud money loaned to those |that build immediately. ^ A to DELAPLA1NE, fin 'm*rc No 7 New street, New York. STEAM l'O WEK?Ruoina to let with Steam rower. Apply at R. HOE It CO., f 18 3wrc 88 and 31 Gold street. TO SECRET SOCIETIES. a TO LE f?From 1st May uext, the large Room in the upper story of housecoruer of East Broadway and Ca ihariue street, btted up for a lodg- room. Can be seen ,i and 5 o'clock, P. M. For farther partieu Jars enqaireof E. 8FI EH ,51 Catharine street,or of J HeCHT, 138 Henry street (31 lm*m FOR SALE. Hfydf A BEAUTIFUL KAHM, litMttd in the town of MqK istchcster, confining eeventy mens of Rood tilablennd auJ^ura*! laud. The House it m perfect order and convenient ly R.rMi*'d for a large lanuly. haid Farm ia dirided by ihe post load running to Mew Kocbelle and iVlarmarroneck, and rnu.< down to Eaalcliester creek, where there ia fine baaa and troul nailing in tlieir aeaaon. The out bnildinga are all in good order, nod there ia good a.abling for twelve horaee. 'the whole place ia well wateied and ou tha premises is a beautiful Fishpond. I lien- are two churchea within a quarter of a aula of raid place, ami sUoeaiidsa tWKi a day by the honae, to internet the Mew v ork nid Harlem Railroad at William's Bridge, whirh ia with iu ti.ree milea of aaid preniiaea. There it an abundanoa of Kruiu on aaid premises, whicn waa aa lee ted by the prevent oh iter w th great eaie. The distance from City Hall, New \ oik, is ac oil aisteeu milea Foaaemion can be had by the let ol April, and any information concerning aaid property, can be had no tlie preiniaei. A 10, ndruining aaid property, forty acree of firat rate Land, Hiih a good Mtone House on it, with Barn and 8wbl.a connected, p,it<esaiug rh* same ad ran lag ee aa the above aeventy acres. I'he aa>d fortv acres will be aoH aeperauly, or the karma to gvriwr. (making in all 111) kcrea) to auit ihe purchaser. Apply t? J. iV.J vMe. WAV, No. 11 City Hall Place, or to ISAAC A s Dh.KSOM, on the prrmiaea, or to h-J Im 'rc VVAl. H. HICKS. No. 10 Wallatreet. TO LET. AT FORDHAM. WESTCHESTER CO., N. Y. ?A L.AHGE ami conrenient Cottage, formerly occupied iv I'hoa Baaaford, with a Garden, and Ft nit Treea of r?ry jMcrl tion, adjoining?situated within two or three hui.di d yards ol St. John's College. The New York ana Mar ie,? Kailioad < its run to and from New York ail timet a day. Apply 41 <7q l'"?rl street, Mew Vork. fl? lm*ro REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, aye ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice Land in the 1th lM|VVaid, in the c.ty of Bruoklyn, frou'ing the New York >JuuBay, and commanding a beautiful prospect. The aitna nuu is highly picturesque. Enquire of JUHN A. BERGEN, on th? premier*- ja? lai'it ~ _ KOK SALE?A valuable Farm, forming n part of the si'.fliract known aa Morrisiuiia, situated on the Harlem river, **V.iu iha couuiy ol Weatcheaier, consisting of oat handled .TT^u acres of land, propely fenced and in good order. Upon tta Far in there ia a coinmndinns modern built Manaioa Honae, sa.l.i i garden, atal.le and aLI necessary appendages, suitable for s vrntlrinan'a country residence. 1 here ere also npon the Fem Farm lloosee, and ell neceesary eat buildinga. Also, a I.iliirtble mill site and water power, and an orchard. The aaid Finn U very accessible from the city, being within nine milea 0i ihe City Hall, Witn the privilege of a tree bridge across the II i.lmi river. The cart ol the Rarlthn Railroad nui within half a mile of the honae. For terms aial further fwrticnlagi ia ouira b-tween 11 and IF. M. of H. M. MORRIS, yll lui're 11 Fine street, second story. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?Situated jE&in (he town of Pelham. Westchester County, bordering on ^holilie village of East Chester, about 18 miles from New t,nk, containing 180 seres of land?50 acre* wood land, the I ii.iuc- 90 acres in a high it tte of cultivation, with fruit treea ?f ,ll kinds in abundance. There are two good Uwelling Houses mi it, recently built, together with a large barn, atone hen hours, co-n -rib. *c. I he place ia beantifally situated, commanding ,, i?w ol ihe Hound and surroanding country. It will be sold i,,,v or eschanged for improved city property. For farther per [? nIan apply at #1 West street, between Carlisle end Hector ,L\lao, 8 Lots of Ground. IS by 100, on the easterly aide of the ,!? Ave, lie, letweeu 37th anu 38ih streets. |M lm*ic J, A FOR SALE?A FARM Hi lusted at lslipi~SnffoTk jvB' utility, L i , adjoining -mithtown. Haid Farm contains *>- "; 30 of which ia Woou; the remaining 62 acres are ,,, , stale of good CU'tivation. There are two Houses, and also good m ils of water on the farm; a large barn with Car ?nuii h'?ue and atabling for eight horaeat an tee houae; a good rilen, enclosed in a pteset fence, fruit trees, lie., he. uriher information may be obtained at No. M Bleecker a few doors west from Broadway. Half ihr purchase V enn remain on mortgage. fli lm*m 11 'aSs"!""" nrL*ma?sfir - flhe ?? South ? Isrv garden Aoy I sin et. PHILADELPHIA. February >Oth, IMS. Ko6eRT8JOHN8TO&. | ROBERT JOHNSTON It CO. STOCK EXCHANGE COLLECTION OFFICE, No. U South Third St . orrosiTK to tiik Mechanic'! _ , . ? ".i**, Pi 111-A DEL PHI A. Uncurreut B oik Notes, Relief Notes, Gold and Silver Coin, Ucc. Draft!, Note! and Bills collected with despatch, on farorabla t*rnu. Dr^ti ou Ft. ILoois, Cincinnati. Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Naw Fork. Boston, Ac., constantly for silg. All order! for the purchase and nalemf United States Govern ment, State, City or Incorporated Co'fl.oant, and every descrip tion ?j Bank, Insurance, Hail Road aB Canal Oe.'s Stocks,at tended to promptly and with care, at A Board of Broken. - REFERENCES WillumPattou, Jun. Eiq , Cashier, Philadelphia. Pcull k Thompson, do Ruck k Potter, do Morgan, Buck k Co., do David S Brown It Co. do Eckel, Soangler U Raiguel, do Mercer, Brother & Co. do ftSlm*gz DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL, Ne. 400 BClWEHV, _ N*ae Astor and La Fatctte 1'lii h, New Yore. ]\A ??. D. has the honor to announce that his School u opea Day and Evening, for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Riding. TERMS * lecture leiions. escrcise RIDINO. 16 Lesions f 15 00 10 " 10 00 i 00 > 00 1 Month fll or 30 Rides 10 00 IP 41 ? eoooooooo 6 00 Single Rides.i. 75 Single Leseoni.. t Rood " s io N. B.?Highly trained and qniet Horses, for the Road or Parade, to let. Btenino class. II Lessons $0 00 I M Rides $10 00 Single " l OOl Single Ride.'.". 75 RULES: 1.?All Lemons or Rides paid for on commencing. '??One hour allowed on each Lesson or Ride in the School. I.?One hoar and a half to a Leaaon on t lie Road. I?Honrs for Ladies, from 9 A. M. u> F M. 5.?Hours for Gentlemen, (rem 9 to 5, nod front 7 to 9% P. M . ??"?No Gentlemen admitted during tlie hoars appropriated to A card of addrees it requested previous to commaneiug. , O" Gentlemen keeping their hones at this establishment, w il have the privilege of riding them in the Bahool gratia. fl3 lm?rc DAGUERREOTYPE. ROACH, Optici u, 81 Nassau street. New York, >i constantly manufacturing, and haa always ou hand, all ar ticles of the best quality used in the Dagu* rraoty pe proceis.? TOHN J const His Triple Compound of Bromine is a superior preparation id is new in general use. He has also on hand the Hungarian . - .?fuse. He has also on hand the Hungarian or German Accelerating Liquor. Cameras of hie own minuTactun as well as French and Ger m*S ones. The German Cameras sold at this establishment will be warranted genuine. Orders from the coun'ry for any article* used in the art will be promptly and car fully attended to. m6 lm?rrc F TO THE DApUEKRLAN ARTISTS. A. ARTAULT, fmiHjrter of French Daguerreotype ma teria1* and manufacturer of Morocco Caaee, offers forjiale at the following cheapiiricee? Best quality of French Plates, No. 40, (medium) $3 dosen. Fine Morocco Cases with white glass and tine borders, $3 dz. Good quality of Daguerreotype Apparatus, including the in struction, all complete and warranted, $50. Acromatic Glasses, from $3 to 915. All: he Chemicals used in the Daguerreotype process, cheap. F. A. Artault has received by ihe last steamship, the salt of gold for gilding the pictures, the new substance for polishing fdates in two mimtes. aud the beautiful process ofMr. Fizean or reproducing the Daguerreotype Portraits on engraved plates, and to draw on paper an unlimited number. If you are fond of the progress in (Ins beautiful art, please to call at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, cor. of Liberty st. ja28 im*rc CHEAP DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. MK8. H. SHANK LAND,Daguerreotype Artist,h 1,1 since two .yean more than 10,000 portraits, and .having taken since two year* move than 10,000 portraits, and being well known for taking the heat style of portraits,respeetfhlly informs 1 . w-vk aayiiivi RDiuaiva. <r?i>r?iiuiiy iuiuium He * friends una customers and the public, that she gives a beau fat Daguerteotype likeness, including e fine morocco case or a frame, for only one dollar. Being always well patronized, and her customers increasing etery day. she has, for their conve nience, eutarged her establishment, by two Daguerreotype rooms to the Lafayette Bazaar, 140 Broadway, and by a branch of her establishment, 235 Broadway, third story, front room, No 1, opposite the i ark Fountain Portraits taken from I in the morning to 5 in the evening, any weather, clondy or stormy. ofia ' ~ " ' Remember, only one doftar, (beat style) including case or frame. j2i lm*rrc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, eCPhia. ^?EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHlLADEflMO^H rPHK SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype I A Artiste, that they have coniiderably enlarged their connec tions throughout the Union, the West Indies, Sooth America and Europe. They hare also made arrangement, to be supplied with svery new article used in the Daguerreotype Art. They Itave lately received a large ?apply of Voif llaender's celebrated Cameras, consisting of three different si^M^H^E vunreiM. cuuanuim ui uurr ??uvicdt I1ZM, for the sale of whieh they are appointed Agents. Alse, > supply of best Plates and Chemicals, either for Daguerreotype or Calotype, made to their especial order. Cases ofall sizes, the best Folishing Substances, ana every other article need for the Daguerreotype, constantly on hand. 1 ? *ir long connection with the Daguer reotype Art and their suce -as in taking pictures, may serve as a Artist! recommendation and relume*. Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering articles from any put of die above named countries, may depend upon a prompt and satisfactory execution of their OMNts. Their prices are cash. Prices Current and information may be obtained by addressing f post-paid) to H. It FLANGENHEIM,. ftS lm*ec Ezchange Building, Philadelphia. SWORD EXERCISE. . HAMILTON, having enured into an arrangement with MR. FULLER, for the use of the Large Room of his Gymnasium, No. It Ann street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most respectfully announces to the pnblic that he in tends commencing a Class for the Sword Ezercise, in all its branches?American and French, such as Small and Broad Sword Exercise, and also Cane Exercise. Mr. H. hu been for several yean engaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United Htatei Ann; ? N. B.-Y olnnteer Companiei wishing to become perfect in either Moeket or Artillery Drill, can be Uoght the same on the most moderate terms, by application to the advertiser, 31 Ann street, to CapL Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller. fU Ire m FRENCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE. FOERARDIN, Commission Merchant, IS John street, op ? tuin. has just received ou consignment,and offers for tale, wholes* or retail, a splendid assortment of the above articles, eomp'isiire?Plain white and rich Taney decorated Lining Bets: Dessert, Tea and (tapper Sets; Toilet Sets; sine'e Cups and Mugs, with mottos; Cologne Bottle Fignres; Tete atete Sets, flU., BlC. Also, plain and rich Cot Glass Decanters, Water Bottles, Celery Bowls, Preserve Dishes, Tumblers, Goblets, Wines, flic., flic. Astral and Solar Lamp Shades and Globes. EOrders Tor Cat Glass Ware Gilding and Painting'on V ' China Ware, to match any pattern, executed promptly. FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED TO MO. SB LIBERTY STREET (UP STAIRS.) ^ DAJ.tC8.ViE, Importer sad Agent for Maattihetnrare, has always on bana a large assortment ol dinner and tea sett, in plain white and gilt French Porcelain, ss well as Dinner and Dessert Pistes, of all sixes, assorted Dishes, Soap Tnreert, Covered Dishes, SsJtd Bowts, Frail Baskets, Costards sad Also, Fancy Tsa 8e??. and Rich Decorated Dinner Seta. Also, Tsa ana Chocolate Ware. Greek, French and i I American A55l the articles am warranted of the boot quality, and to bo sold oa liberal tanas, and ia lota to autlparohaasra., fm*ee M FRENCH FLINT GLASS WORKS, AT WILLIAMSBURGH, L. I. DEPOT 90 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK gssni. BEKGEK It WALTER, known for a long series of van as extensive manufacturers of Watch-Cryetals and Flint Glassware, in the Department Moselle, France, have the honor to inform Glass Dealers Importers of Watches, aod furnishing houses generally.tnat they have established a Branch or tneir Manufactory in this country; and, in order to fulfil to entire satisfaction all commands that might be addressed to them, have engaged experitaeed and skilful workmen, both Freoehand English. The beanty of this Glass, the tasteful style of nil the articles thev manufacture, as well as moderate prices, and promptitude in the execution of orders, will, they fondly hope, secure to theiu a large share of patronage from American and foreign N. B.?Customers in tb? rabit ol transmitting orders to their house in Paii.,17 I'aradis Poiasonniere, or their general Depot ol Crystal, 10 Pnradii Pois.tmo-ere, Paris, will please forward tlp-ia direst to 00 William sleet New York. fit lm*ec COMSTOCK & CO 9U Conrtlsindt Street, HAVE ON HAND THE FOLLOWING NAMED ARTICLES, ?WHIC UMllta WHICH HAVE OBTAINED SUCH POPULARITY, way. ONI te returned if it does not pleaae 'Be particular and buy V at 41 Courtlandt street. RHEU vlA II8M,,CONTRACTED CORDS, Stiff Joints ana Gout, will positively be cared by the sole nse of tie INDIAN VEGETABLE ELIXIR and LJNI Mr. NT. The sceptical we invite to cad and be personally referred to gentle n of the highest standing in this eity, who hav " * i Bhenmatiam by these remedies. They are a DR. SPOHN'S 81CK HEADACHE RKMEDYjisa car . sve been cured of the T ? tain cure, either nervous or bilious. It is a twlpable elixir, and is the best medicine that can be taken in all caeet of heart-barn and foulness of the stomach. DR. M'NAIR'S ACOUSTIC OIL hat proved very saeeess ful in caring oven total deafness. We here many certificates from cliixens of this city, who have used this Oil with eom inceess. We cordially invite all who are troubled 1 p ete success. We cordially invite sll who are troubled with ranted aura for Dynptptia. Asthma, Liter Complaints, Indiges tion, Costiveness, He. No person can possibly use this aruela for any of the abote eomplsinU without receiving permanaat wlit/. 8# proof in hands of Agents. plaint I and Lin's Bslm of Chins, or the money ?now suffer with this distressing eom COMSTOCK k COM 8ARSAPAK1LLA, is ss par^H froBI this celebrated Root, as can poasil^^B % w i Vt CP?* ,# *? r?*?ouabU that the poor can afford to me feffUS*i.e*S,u or S4 per doven. It is the only article that will effectually pnrify the blood from all impnri Jitiia?a !* J*" impendent in the ass ef calomel, pare and ibly be ' tome will find sure relief from C EA8T INDIA HAIR DTK?This color t. e hair any shade, from s |iVh"bruTn ro'ijjt^ae^ and not injur* the Hair or stain the skin in the lean II PifcWMM?M RV*li,V kh\H*'r h OLDRIOE'H yAiiM Or COLUM BI A, which immediately stop# the hair from lading oat, and restore, it when s.< d. COLOGNE, FLORIDA and BAY WATfR?ITALIAN ? HEMIC AL SOAP, Foreign and Domestic iWumerY- In liable Ink; Pearl Powder, the best article in ure^Umoud t>DETTEH'8 MAGIC HAIR OIL?It gives to the hair a bcantifnl gloss, sad inclines it to curl: and, wholly nnlike any other oil, it never soil, the finest ladiee hats in the (seat, no mat ter what quantity is spplied. Wt wish all to nnd.retand ns in this particular, that is, if anr lady or gentleman shall nss this Oil, and Had them sutements untrue, their money will be refunded. CAUTION?Remember, the above article* solo (lanuina oivlv at II Courtlandt street, by Ht lmrc COMSTOCK It CO. ST. GEORGE HOTEL. No. 61 Broadway, New York. <N?at BloeIt below Trinity Church, and near Wall .treat.) 'THE subsorrlrers, lessees sud proprietor, of the above well A known establishment. harm* recently liken it for a term of y*M, flatter themselves, that they are now ready to meet the wislma of their friend, aud patron, by .upnlyina them with every comfort and convenience which a place nke this can possibly afford The room, of the houie are large, airy and commodioni; and have been, but lately, fitted np witli new and elegant lurni ^?he domestics are attentive, re.pectful and obedient-the ta hie abundantly aupplied with all the .ub.tautial. and luxuries of good living?the cellar coutaiu. an ample .tore of the choiceat Wine, and Liqnora?ard the beds and bedding, throughout the house, are constantly kept in a clean and healthful coudition. Having availed themselves of these and many other advanta ge. and accommodation., ao important to a public home, the proprietor, not only deem it a duty, but, also, take pleasure in thus announcing it to traveller, and the public in general. And. while eudeavoriug to please, although they do not pretend to .mile at competion, yet they are determined, bv assiduous at tention to the wants ol their guests, and the most reasonable charge., that, (hose who come to their house shall not meet with disappointment; and, that, those wbo go away shall not experi ence dissatisfaction. JOHN H. MOKfi, PETER TYLER. New York. Feb. 1, IMS. ft lm*rre NATIONAL HOTEL, No. 5 Conrtlandt street and 87 Liberty street, NEW YORK. Three Doors from Broadway. ?"PHIS NEW HOTEL will be opened on tne JOth inst-, when -1 the Proprietor, will be happy to accommodate their frieuda and the public with board. Th Lodging 11, omt are lame aud vry, and the internal arrangements socn as cannot fail to please. The locrtion bring in the centre of business, it offers induce ments to merchants from other cities and the country, not sur passed by any other House in this city. The Furniture, Beds and Bedding, are all new and made ex pressly for this establishment. Families who w sh Parlors and Sleeping Rooms sttached.can be I andsnuiely accommodated The subscribers assure their friends and the public, that no efforts on their part shall be wanting to secure the comfort and couveuienre of their guests, and v hile they solicit a share of i heir patrouage, they hope, by unceasing attention, to the duliea of their vocation, to give en tire satisfaction. CHARLES WYCKOFF Ik CO. f 7 im're WIL&UN'S HU1EL AND DINING ROOMS, No. 5 Gold street, New York. H(late the Caledonia). ENRY WILSON (of Brooklyn) begs to inforip his friends and the public generally, that he will open the abive named establishment on oONDAY, the lcth of March, 1845. . Tha nouse has beeu thoroughly repaired and newly furnished in every department, and the very beat of every dracriptiou i f liquors cigar, wines, domestic and imported ales ana purte. will be prov.ded. r An Ordinary will be served up every day from 1 to 3 o'clock P. M.; and Refreshment! will be fuinialied at any hoar durirg the day and evening. f28 Imje HAJRTWELL S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 9X3 Chentnnt Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, _ PHILADELPHIA. 187 Im'm TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD. ?innn REWARD?The Store of MESSRS. COFk IN, BRADLEY Ik CO., No, 44 Exchange Place, having been set on fire on Saturday night, the 18th instant, tha nndersignrd, a Committee of the Insurance Companies, which had policies on the goods in said store, hereby offer a reward of One Thousand Dollars, for such evidence at shall lead to the detection and conviction of the incendiary or incendiaries. New York, February 12th, 1815. Lambert sutdam, President * quitable Insurance Co. JNO. BROUWEH, President F.ast River Mutotl Ins. Co. A. G HAZARD. Agent of the JEtng and Protection In*. Co., of Hartford, Con. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD?We. ths subscribers, offer One Thousand Dollars, in addition to the re ward offered by the Insurance Companies, as above slated. f!5 lm*rc COFFIN. BRADLEY Ik CO. COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. DAUER It BODEN respectfully inform their friends and the D public, that they coutinue to manufacture Colored Paper and Fancv Paper Buses, in all varieties, at the old stand of the late firm of Blanc tk Boden, 74 Fulton corner of Gold street He 1* fully determined to mannfuctuie a superior article, and to pat the prices so as to satisfy his customers. Orders will be punctually attended to. .... , ? _ N. B.?A good assortment of Colored Papers and Fancy Pape' Boxes always on hand. ja30 2m*ec HOUQUETS, FLOWERS, SEEDS & PLAN IS 1"HE SUBSCRIBER respectfully begs to inform his friends and the public, that he tvu made temporary arrangements to famish the above, from thestore of Mr. Harrison, corner Broad way and Prince streets. Bouquets, composed of the most choice and swret scented exotics, ann be had at a moment's notice. They will be arranged in the various neat and fashionable styles which has giveu the subscriber so much notoriety during his saperintrndanre of the late Conservatory and Seed Establish ment of Mr W. Njblo. ^ Choice Annual Flowering Seed, Vegetable Seeds and Flower ing Plants, on hand. JOHN ROBINSON. fl3 lmrc JACKSON, STACEY Je SMITH, \Jf ANUFAGTUReJiS AND IMPORTERS of Pen.lPocket 171 ud Table Cutlery, Raxors, Scissors, Files, Saws, Toole, aid other descriptions of Sheffield Goods? jail *re"m No 1* PLAIT MTBERT, Up Stairs PATENT AGATE BUTTONS. THOS PROSSER, PATENTEE, 7 Piatt Street, New York. VTOTICE i? hereby given, tlmt the uiideraigned is the Patentee and Excl naive Owner or th? Patent Rignt for th? Porcelain Button, commonly known as "Proner's Patent Agate Button " Letter* Patent have been dnly granted to loin by the United States, to take effect from the39th January. 1811. 1 have cansed suits to be commenced in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York, for the infringe ment of said Letters Patent, and am prepared to enforce and substantiate my rights under said Patent, to the fullest ex teutof the law. 1 give this public notice to all, ihatl sit <II pro ceed forthwith, by suit for damages, and by bill in equity, for injunction against all persons infringing upon said Patent. 1'he Buttons are for sale by me at wholesale only, at my store 7 Piatt street, New York. 133 lm-rc THOMAS PROSSER. LOOKING GLASS PLATES. UANLINE b OSTHEIMEK, Importers, No 3 Bank street, 11 Philadelphia, have received by late arrivals, a full assort ment of Looking Ulass Plates, from 9 bv 7 to 10 by 80; Polished Plate VV mdow Glass, from 18 by 13 to 60 by 10. Also, a con Ke assortment of Toilet Glasses, Spectacles, Snuff Boxes, ar Cases, together with a variety of other Uerman and French Goods, which they offer on the most favorable terms. jaU lm-gba DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, *85 Hlver St. Troy. THE Subscriber avails himself of this method of communi 1 eating to the public the fact that he is now manufacturing tine cut and smoking Tobacco and Snuff, at 333 Hiver street, Troy, next door to the Fulton market. Toaacco?The celebrated Fancy Virginia. This Tobacco took the .premium at the late Fair. Extra Chewing Tobacco, sweet Virginia; American 8moking Tobacco, manufactured from the leaf: Spanish do, Turkish do. Snurrs?Hose scented, No. 1; Maccaboy, American Gentle man, Lundyfoot, French Rapee, and Iiish Blackguard. The above articles are all warranted to be made of the finest qualities of leaf tobacco, and by the most experienced work men. Orders directed as above will meet with prompt attention? the same pains taken as if they were personally present. QT' E. Savage, 354 Fulton street, and A. A. Samanos, Broadway, Agents for the city of New York. Troy, Jan. II, 1H9. ml Im*ee CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS! NEZBKIeL, 93 Nassau street, opposite the Herald Build ? iuga, respectfully invites the attention of his friends and the public generally, to the following choice Cigars, just re ceived by late arrivals from Havana Regalias of various Panetalat of various Alliansa, brands, brands, Knickerbocker Nor mas, Prineipea, La Fiorinda, Yngenuidad, Rionda, Estrellaa, Esperanxa, Napoleones, Lara. La India, Noriegas, Lord Byrons. The above Begun are guaranteed as genuine and imported, and the trade are invited to call and examine them. N. B.?Ord-is from abroad will be atrictlv attended to. f!7 lin-rc F A B E R S EG A R FACTORY, 71 Division Street, NEW YORK. THE UNDERSIGNED have established an extensive Segar A Factory, st 71 Division street, New York, under the direc tion of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who has been Superintendent of one of the largest Factories in Havana, for nineteen yeoro. The following kinds of Segos, manufactured in the Faber Se gar Factory, ana of which a large stock is now on hand, will be found equal to any Havana Segals of corresponding style and age:? Imperial Regalia, Trahucos, Common 8iie, Regalia, Panetelas, London Site, Condon*, Canones, Principe, All boxed in the Havana style. The anbacribors have settled the Son of their Senior in Hava na, for the express purpose of selecting Tobscco I or their Facto ry, aa also for the purpose of selecting Segars suitable for this market. l'hcy have now on band, for sale, a large stock of Havana Se gars, entitled to debenture, of the follow i"g brands:? La India, Woodville, Latsbana, Noriago, Fragranv.ia, La Norma, De Mpya, Cunrey, Esperanxa, irtl Byron, Upman, Kiondo, Lord Byron, Upmnn, Eacnlapius, Minerva, La Fama, La Palma, Victoria, Columbia, Doi Hermanns, La Par., Also, Principe, be. JOblN H. FABER b CO.. f!7 3m"re No. I New street, corner of Wall. indiaHCong sHAWl.S FUST RECEIVED by the subscribers, a trunk of Camels v Hair Shawls?among them six very splendid Long White Shawls, which will be sold at very reasonable prices, by JAMES BECK It CO., 116 I awe *i9 Broadway SOAP WORKS PERFUMeTy DEPOT. TN ADDITION u> our Manufactory, we have opened a Store * for the aale of our Economical kancy Soaps and all kinds of P*lfrre?fT., Family Soap, Patent Crystalline (andlee be., be. ? fXf jf |>, 3 BWUI vryguiuiiin a anuifa, t. if #ol'c,t Purchasers to inspect oar stock, which wa offer on the loWMt ne lowest carina. Shippers tp tha West Indies and Sooth America, are partico to mmmms oor Crystalline ( andles. Bales ttopm No. S Court land t stiaet, neit door to the New National Hotel. JOHNSON. VRO'OM b FOWLER. LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. LI A VI NG been awarded the Diploma at the Ute Fair ol the la American Institute, Tor the best 1 asts, I am piepared to furnish an article of L**ts which cannot be surpassea in this or anv other city in the United States. Sole and Upper Leather ofa 11 kinds, Black and Colored Mo rocco and Kid Hkins. with Deer. Goat and Lamb Skin Bind ingit Shoe Threads, Lastings l*all<?on?, Sheetings. Linen and Leath r Linings, Boot Cord and Webs, Boot Trees, Hammers, Pincers. Awls and Tacks, with a full assortment of 8hoe? makers Tools, of the most apurored patterns. rh?-ap for cash. WAKHKN 8. WIlKKY, 395 Spring atreet, between Greenwich and Washington atreaty. New Fork. N. B.?The Greenwich Line of Sugei paaa within a block of theaters. f3fl lm*m gUOAR? KM hhda Prime New tJrleeuiwHta^aTy m7 ac 53 South a treat ROBERTSON'S PH<ENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFATORY, ?. . J110- 105 FULTON STREET. EAST SIDE OF BROADWAY. J0L The extensive application of the system of imall profiu, caah payments and large tales to many branches of business in this city within a few years, and the eminent success which this plans deserves, and has in almost every instance received, has Ird the subscriber to test its application to the HATT1NO business. In a city whose inhabitants are widely distinguished for neatness and taste in dress, and at the same time for econo my and thrift, there seems great reason to believe that a si stem which euables the community to gratify a laudable partiality for nratnrss a an unprecedentedly small espeuse, will meet with no small degree of favor. Determined to ascerlaiu whether a branch of business which concerns the head and pocket of every man in the commuuity, cannot be conducted on this plan, the subscriber has employed a large number of the best workmen in the minufactnring and finishing departments; also skill'ul and tasty Cap Makers. Each department is uuder the constant supervision of an experienced foreman. These arrtugetrents, together with his intimate personal knowledge of the business, great facilities for purchasing to the best advantage?low rent ?free from the ruiuous expenses of Broadway?indexible ad herence to "cash on delivery"?a determination to keep pace with all improvements, and with the current Fashions of the day. enable him to say with all confid-nce, that he now offers to the alliens of New York, articles in his line fully equal in style and durability to those sold in Broadway, and unequalled in cheapness and economy to any ever offered in this city. He begs leave to refer to the following schedule of articles, and their respective prices annexed :? HATS . First Quality Nutria Fur $3 SO Identical with Hats heretofore sold at 30 and (5 00. Any one on examination will pronounce them the same, and will, ou trial,findihem to do equally as good service. Second Quality Nntria S3 00 This is the same article heretofore sold at $3 50 and >4 00. External appearance and finish closely resembling the above, tlia principal difference being iu the body. Moleekin 12 50 Usually sold at $3 00 and $3 50? very neat in appear ance, and very serviceable. CAPS. First Quality Mens and Boya $1 50 Made of superior Freuch Cloth, and trimmed in a very superior manner, usually sold at S3 and >1 50. Second Quality $1 04 _ , Usually sold at $150 and Thisd Quality. 75 Usually sold at $1 25 and $1 50. An examination will show that the style of the above articles cannot be surpassed by any establishment in this city orelse w here. N. B.?The style of Trimmings adopted at this establishment is particularly recommended as well for effectually preventing injury from perspiration or oil applied to the hair, as for its greater case and comfort to the wearer. ja31 Im'ec DR. LiARDNER, CONSULTING ENGINEER A CARD.?The Public is informed, that Dr. LARDNER continues the practice of business as a Consulting Eugi ginrer, wnich be followed on an extensive scale for many year in England and France. Inventors, patentees, manntuctnrers, merchants, and others engaged in the arts and manufactures, may consult him on matters requiring the application of the principles ot practical science. Certificates ana opinions ou the validity and usefulness of new inventions and processes in the arts. Reports on disputed questions and donbaful points, ex perimental investigations, with a view to the discovery or test ing qf improved processes, will be supplied or undertaken when required. Office No 21 Spruce street, New Yore All Business Letters must be post-paid, and to prevent time being lost by frivolous applications, all applicants will be ex pected to pay a retaining Ik of >10 before consultation. , n M Imrc " ARCHITECTURE C'RKD. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends and the 1 public, that he haa removed his office from 192 Broadway to 18 Wall st. where persons desirous of building are invited to ex amine a selection of original and tasteful designs, from the Cot tage upwards to theextensive Villa or Mansion, in all the various styles of architecture; and where he is prepared to furnish Plant, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and Contracts for Build ings of every description, and superintends the erection thereof. ja30 lm*re XYLOGRAI'HIC PRESS GENERAL JOB PRINTING OFFICE, 56 Gold Street. THE SUBSCRIBERS inform Druggists, Perfumers, Grocers A and others, that they have made extensive additions to their assorrtnent of Xylographic Labels, to which ihey would re spectfully call their attention. They are constantly adding to their stock all the new style ofarticles, iu their line, which are offered in Prance or England, and they premise their customers that they shall spare no expense in getting up all that they may want in the business of the Diuggisls, Perfumers and Segar Manufacturers. JOB PRINTING?Their office is also supplied with every variety ofType nec'ssary for the execution of every description of Fancy Job Frinting, Cards. Billheads, Notes, Bills Lading, Circulars, and all kinds of Mercantile Printing, executed on reasonable terms. BEOAR BOX LABELS AND PAPER, of every descrip tion always on hand VARIEGATED SHOW CARDS, for Refectories,Grocers, fee., be?a large supply. BRON8UN k CO., fit lui*rc 56 Gold street, nsar Fulton. H. E. WILLARD, AUCTION GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION MERCHANT. . Office No. Il? Nassau street. Dial llooi, Naw York HE. W. WILL ATTENDto sales of Household Furniture ? and Merchandise, of all kinds, personally attended to at the residences or stares of persons relinquishing housekeeping or business. Cash Advances made ou Furniture and Merchan dise of every description consigned for sale. Sales settled in all cases as soon as the goods are sold and delivered Manufac turers and traders can always have accommodation advances on goods for priva'e sale. m2 lm*ec MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, Mo. 37 MAIDEN LANK, N. Y. Y/T ANUFACTOREKS and Importers of Ornamental Hair 7? work, Wigs, Toupees, Bands, Carls. Seams, Bandeau Hair, and a new style of Everlasting Carls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. B.?The trade a applied on reasonable terms. CM lm*ec HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC 8LIDB8, long known as (he most durable, convenient and elegant of Extension Tables manu factored; warranted to run easy constantly, aud not to be affected by dampness or warpieg of the wood. A large assort ment of choice patterns, suited for pnrate parlors, hotels,steam boats, be., together with a general asso-tmsot of Cabinet fur niture, always on hand, at the Wareiooms, NoHO Grand street, corner of Kim, where the public is respectfully inrited to call and examine. mrl lm*rc SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED ?And 'he highest cash priee given for all kinds ol cast off Clothing and good second-hand Furnitnre. Persons wishing to dispose of the tame, will do well to call on the sub scriber, or address a lice through the Post I')thee, which will be punctually attended to. B.LEVY, 49K Chatham street. N. Y. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gentle min's Clothing, cheap for cash fJ8 lm*rc SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING ANDK EVOLVING PISTOLS BLUN T dc SYMS, No. *4- Chatham street, IM'ANUFACTURERS of the above article hare now a com 1,1 plete assortment ready for the Spring trade, which they of fer at reduced prices. They would invite the attention of mer chants aud dealers to their assortment, to the manufacture of which, they have paid personal attention, and from the increased rjaantity they are making, can sell them lower than before of Alao?duns of their own manufacture, as well as every van sty of imported duns and implements, in quantities to sait pur chaser*. at exceedingly low prices. ft lm?m GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE. TRE HIUHEST PRICES can be obtained by dentlemen a or Families who are desirous of converting thair left off wearing apparel into cash Families or dentlemen quitting the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effects 10 dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will attend at their residence by appointment. H LEVETT, J Wall street. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receiye prompt attention. mrl lm*rc TO TAILORS. THE Second Edition of Stinemet's celebrated work on cul 1 ting garments of every description in a style of elegance nn eqnntled, is now published and ready for delivery. Those who desire to avail themselves of the great advantages to he derived from the use of the instructions it contains, wonld do well to obtain a copy without delay. The book is It by IT inches square, aud contains 17 elegant diagrams of all the various styles qf garments warn at the present day, with full e id ample instruc tions for cutting iss an easy and scientific manner. The follow ing are a few of the many highly respectable names who testify to the merits of the book :? The undersigned being practically acquainted with Mr. Stine met's Treatise on Cutting Garments, with pleasure recommend it as a work complete in its arrangements, and in its practical ap plication to cutting, superior to any heretofore published, either in Europe or Amertce. P. Henry ft Son, Dsniel Cutter, Mtiuits It Banker, Charles Cox. E. W. Tryon ft Co., B. F.Horner, Jam-s Dally, John Havilaod, J. H. Banker The above can be obtained of the author, No. 11Broad war, N?w York lb lns?ra LACK AND WHITE THREAD LACE FLOUNCES, inst received per Emerald I Thread Laee Flounces, from Jd yard to X yard wide. White do La Neige do X do do Black and White Lacs Berlhes, Barbes and Sle-vri. Some of the most splendid Mechlin wide Laces. Black Laee Veils and Black Thread Scarfs. WhPe 1.ace Veils and Scarfs, points Bruxellea and a la Neige Three very splendid .Mechlin Lace Dr B One Carton relirine, Capes and Chemixettea. Velenci-nnea Lares and Edgimrs, Mechlin do, Arras do. JAMES BECK It CO. respectfully announce, that this is by far the most rich and splendid invoice of goods that have been offered. PARIS EMBROIDERIB8?Consisting of Caneyous, Pele rines, Collars, Cliemixettes a la Pigo style. Also, some magnificent Embroidered Dresses and Handker chiefs, of very rich embroidery. The above, with a great variety of other goods, am now of fered at verv moderate ptices, by JAMES BECK k CO., fli lCtrc _ 1V> Broadway. SALT AND FISH STORE. A rt/1 BBL8. Salmon. No. 1,lands. 4UU ioo bbls. Bine Fish. 1}M bbls Not. l, 3, and 1 Mackerel. MO half do do do do 100 do No. 1 Mess Shad. M half bbls No. 1 Saybrook Shad. MO bbts Cod and Scale Fioh 400 do No. 1 Oib'd Herringr. 300 kegs Dntch do MOO lbs Smoked Salmon. IM kits Soused do MO do Sounds and TonguM. .. . MM qtlo Cod bish, suitable for aMpptnp. MO sacks Ashton s Sail. 00 half and M quarters neee Mackerel. M00 boxes Digby Herring 100 quarter barrels Salmon, rev sale in loti to anit purchaser*. by fl2 !m*m NELSON. WV.M.H ft CO.. 01 f>?T ?t JFF1CEOF JEFFERSON INSURANCE UO , i NEW YORK, Feb. J. 1045 5 A T an Election held this day for Directors of this Institution fx fur the ensiling year, the following gentlemen were elected uch DirectO's;? Thomas W. Thorne, F.lisha Rings, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B K Hohsu >, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen. Moses Tuck r, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison. John P. Moore, Jonn H. Lee, Wm, K Thorn, Celeb C, Tunis, 1 homes Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, At arabsmjrant mratin. of A^'fel W IjfoRNr.. EJj . was uuan.mouglg r^l^^ra^ Trinity Hirer, Texu. [Correspondence of the Herald J Trinity Uivkr, Texas, Feb. 2, 1846 > 130 mili'B 1 roin Galveston. $ Value and Re*ource$ of Ttxtxt. Mr. Editor? As your paper is the only New York paper that reaches this country, I take the liberty to write you a f--w lines. I am here situated on what is called "the Lower Cohouca Bluff." We ure ail in couiusion here at this time, in a political way, as we have expected to have been a part of the United States; but Duff Green came to this coun try, kicked up such a fuss among the leading poli ticians and some of the Camanches, that every thing now is in doubt whether we will be annexed or not. But we have large and fine crops this year, and we will show you folks in the Statesin a very few years, that we will be the greatest cotton coun try on the lace of the earth. There axe quite a number of sugar planters who have, commenced operations just below us here, who are doing well. We have a large caravan train of irnigration daily passing on to the west ward part of Texas Our population is increasing faster at this time than was ever known before. Two-ihirds of the population of this country are \ in favor of abolishing slavery forthwith?and let what will occur, there will remain but a small por tion of this country in slavery. One half of the emigration from the Slaveholding States came here to get rid of slavery. We have a large Ger man emigration some distance above us, who are opening large plantations, and have discovered a coal mine within iheir lands, and arc holding out inducements to their relations in Germany to emi grate, aud 1 have no aoubt, we shall be the most thickly populated new country in the southwest in a very short time. The first bale of cotton that was ever carried down this river, was in 1838, on board the steam boat Trinity, the first steam packet that ever ran on this river, and which was brought heie by a New Yorker, by the name of JohnF. Cowan, who is the present owner of a very large tract of land, which will be very valuable some day. Mr. Cowan left this country in 1840?he sold the Indians goods?they became very much attached to him? sumach so,that if u New Yorker comes here now, they ask "if they know him;" and if so, it iB a pertect passport?a complete protection?for they are lasting in their friendships. Should wc be ad mitted under the protection of the United States, so that we could be neighbors to our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, we would almost feel, as though we were on our native soil. Yours, Trinity City Intelligence. Police UIHcc?March 7.?Consfiracy to Dekraud ? A. Lawyem iiy Trouble.?John M'Oratb, an old Peniten tiary bird, and Mr Peter Mnlvey. a lawyer ot Chambers street, were arrested to-day by oificera Joaephs and Jack son, charged with a conspiracy to defraud Samuel Don ding, of No. 01 Roosevelt street of about $65 worth of furniture. From ail that appears upon the lace of the af fidavits, Mulvey appeara to have acted in his legal capa city, and believing that McGrath'ssrenresentations were correct. He was held to bail, but McGrath was commit ted to prison to answer. Robhehy in the First Degree.?On Tuesday night Captain H.J Carsson, ol (he brig America, was knocked down in a house on the corner of Water and Oliver streets, by two men named Henry Rugan and Frederick , one ef whom rifled his pocket ol? a ailver watch and gold chain, worth about $67, and a purse containing $6 76, while the other held him Oflioers Josephs and Jackson arretted Rugan this morning, and he was com mitted for trial. Frederick has left the city and gone to tea. Qrand Larceny?Officers Josephs and Jackson arretted a man named Wm McCarty, charged with stealing about $50 worth of silver from the premises of Patrick Murphy, of No. 113 Mulberry street. Burolart?A man named Moses Nolan was arretted and committed tor breaking into the dwelling houae ol Michael Moloney, of No. 76 James street, last night. Grand Larceny.?A man named Patrick Kevlin. offer .-it a silver watch and gold chain, worth about p&&, tor sale at M-. Moore's, In Chatham street. Mr. M. happeneo to know that the watch belonged to Edward D Laurens, of No 151 East Broadway, and he detained Kevlin, and senf for Mr. L and a Police officer. It appeared that the watch was lost or stolen from the pocket of Mr. L., on j Tuesday night the 4th of February, during the great snow i storm. Kev in was committed. Upper Police, March 7.?Stealing Hides Three man named James Larvey, Frederick Parker and Edward Shennan, were arrested and committed far stealing $60 worth of green hides, from the Butchers' Hide Associa tion. The bides were found at a place in Duane street, in the possession ot the rogues. Coroner's Oliice, March 7.?Fatal Accident?The Coroner was called to hold an inquest upon the body of Rebecca Mendes. 15 months of age, a daughter ot Mr. George Mendes, of No. 4311 herry street., who came to Iter death from accidentally falling down stairs this morn ing. Marine Court. Marine Courts' Jurisdiction?Suilt againit Corporations ?It hm been decided by the Marine Court, that that eoui t ha< jurisdiction in auits against corporation* to the amount of $100. The following is the opinion of Justice Smith, to whom the application lor process wo* made It has been well established by the Court of Errors, that the Marine Couit is a court of record, and such be ing the case, corporations can be sued as well in this court as any other court ol record. But laying out of the question the fact that this is a court of record, and treating it only as a peculiar Justice's Court, unregulated by the rules governing courts of record, I have no: a doubt of the right ol this court to entertain suits against corpt /ations. By the provisions of the act creating the Marine Court, it is enacted, among other things, that this Court "shall have jurisdiction to hear, try, anil determine, all actions of debt, detinue, account, covenant, trespass on the case, and trespass, including trespass on land or other real estate," bo., Sic.; "and for the purpose of hearing, trying, and determining, all such actions as are hereby made cognizable before the same court, such court is hereby vested with all sach power or authority at is vested in other courts ol record of this State." Vide section 105. Here is no limitation confining the jurisdic tian to actions against natural persons, but the language is a* to "all actions," without any limitation as to the class of persons. In the same section, in the limitations iioiuted out, this, court is prohibited from entertaining suits "a herein the peopled this State are concerned," o. "against any executor or administrator," together with other limitations particularly specified ; but there is no prohibition as to action* against corporations. If corporations were meant to be eaempt, why does not the act so exempt them, ns well as " the people of the State," and " executor* and administratora," and others, irem being sued iu this Court. (By a subse quent act passed April 12th, 1822, the prohibition a* to executors and administrators was removed ) The L?gi*la t ire, in defining the jurisdiction ot Courts held by Jus. tices ot the Peace, among others makes the following pro hibitions a* to juilsdiction?" Nor of action* against exe cutors, or administrators as such, or against Corpora tions." R. s , part 3d, ch. 2, title 4, art. 1st, sec. 4. Also, sec. 6, "Actions cognizable be.ore a Justice, may be brought by aa<l against all persons who sue or are sued in their own right," be Ac. By article 13 h, same chap ter, sec. 1, the provisions ol this title sre made not to ap ply to Courts held In the ci'y of New York. There is no doubt by the word " persons," as used aliave, the Le gislature meant persons other than artificial persons or Co.poration*. It is contended that there is no express provision in the statute creating this Court, giving it ju risdiction in actions against Corporitinns, and the.relore it oannot maintain them. To this may be answered.?I st The clause giving jurisdiction in " all actions" ol the nu ture there specified, gives it necessarily in actions againat Corporations, but if it does not, it is not necessary it should, and as tha Legislature defines in what cases this Court shall not have jurisdiction, and suits against Cor pora1 ioni not being prohibited, it follows they were not meant to be. 2d Vhere is nothing in this stmnte autho rizing Corporation* to bring suit* in this Cetirt, yvt it has been decided they have the right so to do. 7th John, R. p 360, Hotcbkis* vs. the Religious Society in Homer 3d. In the statute organising thv Superior Court, nothing can be found which gives it Jurisdiction in express terms in suits against Corporations, yet no one doubts the ju lisdiction of that Court in this respect. There is nowhere to be found any statutory provision in relation to what court* shall have jurisdiction in actions against corporations, excaptlng the prohibition before mentioned a* to Courts held by Justices of the Peace, and ' he following, among the " general powers, privileges and liabilities ol corpoi stlont"?(1 R. 8 page 602) viz "To sue and be sued, complain and defend in any court of law or equity " Finding nothing then in the statutes inter tertng, we are led to resort to the decisions on this sub ject. Theenlytwo I find are the ca*es of the Minister, be. of the Dutch Church, be vs Adams in ftth John. R aod Hotehkis* vs. the Religious Society in Homer, in 7th John R-p 346-7. Both of these cases apply to Justices' Courts, but do not touch the Marine Court as I shall ?hertly show. In the case in 6th J. R, the reason as signed why Justices' Courts cannot entertain jurisdiction against corporations is that both the form oi the first pro cess a d of the execution, preclude the court from exer cising jurisdiction, the form of etch being prescribed by statute, and being such as cannot iiaue against corpora tfons. The former being by summons, and tha latter be ing against both goods end chattels and the bodv, or a tic. mil. The mode of suing oorporations when that de cision was made, wu by original writ; but now it is, by the law ut 1840, tn ,de just s ic.h a process as this court i iioiind to issue, to wit, ?' a si mmons " And by the provi ions of the act organising the Marine Court, the exicu ? ion is directed to he issued against the goods and chattels ol the defendant, or ngsmst his body, Just as it i? in ever) other cou t of record in this State. Vter citing farther authorities in support ef Hi Honor's views on the subject, the Justice concluded, ths the court held there was jurisdiction to sue for thv amount of $100 iu corpoi ation suits. Common Plena. Before Judge ITlahor(fcr MsacH 7.?Brewster it Oliver - The Jury in thiacsia rendered a verdict for plain tiff $117 76 County Court. Much 7.?Tkt Trial of Job Haskell?This Court mat last evening pursuant to adjournment. Hi* honor Judge Ulshoefl'er in the chair?the Recorder, the Mayor, Awe ciate Judge* of the Common Plea* and Aldermen compos ing the Court, were in attendance. At the opening af the Court, the redoubtable, unaophia ticated, jury-demolishing, lady-whipping, oyater devour ing, thumping, jumping, rattling, teaiing, roaring, rooat ing, erudite, nccompliihed and rifted James Hunt, Esq., L. L. D , wan-lo be Counaellor at law and i*-to-be Attorney General at the Tomb*?caaae for ward and addreued the Court a* follow* May it plaaae the Court?I with to give aome explanation in relation to a portion of my testimony given on this trial?for?have? wish?circumstances ?transpired Mr. Brady ?1 must object to this course, it is contrary to law and to every precedent Couot?We cannot allow thismodeof proceeding after a witness has once given his tenimony. Hunt hear withdrew. Rebutting Case for Prosecution. G. K Hays, Police Offlaur, re-called?In my testimony I stated that i received $.10 from Mr Garvey, out of the $300 paid him ; this $30 was divided equally between Mr. McGralh and myself ; I subsequently received $100 from Mr. Camp; $70 ot which was divided amongst officers La ior, McGrath and myself: and the balance of $30 was divided amongst some others concerned in the arrest of Keollar. J. M'Obath, Police Officer, corroborated the statement ol this witness. Hunt was again tendered, with a view to show, in re lation to the second specification, third charge, which is ns follows " That the said Job Haskell, on or about the first day ot September, 1844, used violent and intem perate language towards one James Hunt, then under arrest before the said Job Haskell on a charge of assault und battery, and then and there refused to grant the ?aid James Hunt a hearing oi hia case, aid an examina tion oi the complaint then and there made against him, insisting, in a violent and undignified manner, that the said Jsmes Hunt should then and there forthwith give bail to a awer said chaige, er be committed to priaon." That, as it waa proved In evidence that aaid Hunt had whipped the girl, whom he had been charged with as saulting on theatepa of the Halls of Justice. Hunt would be able to prove that he whipped her merely on tha way to the Police office?ergo, as tar as regarded the place, the testimony introduced was defective?aa the prosecution showed a variance. Mr. Baser objected to the matter as contrary to all pre cedent. Mr. Patebson contended that, aa one of the witnesses for defence swore they saw Hunt beat the woman on tbe steps, they would be able to disprove the testimony through Hunt himself. PasaiocNT.?I do not think he has a right, undar the circumstances, to be re-examined, as hia testimony had been exhausted It appears that, inasmuch as he has bsma i contradicted, now comes forward to explain or refute tha | charge I am oppoaed to it Mr. Patterson pressed hia argument in favor of having tbe explanation. Mr. Brady resisted, when The Court unanimously sent Professor Hunt ta the "right about '?the gas lights bare went out?an ominous sign?when the case rested on both sides. Mr. Brady on the part of the defence, not deeming it -locesi&ry to trouble or delay the Court with a summing up appeal, was met in a similar spirit by Mr. Paterson, who also declined The Court was t hen cleared, and after a short deliberation, waa adjourned over to Tuesday next, without taking aotien on the case. Superior Court. March 7?The argument calendar of this Court,will bo taken up this day. Owen vt. Bancroft ?The Jury in ihis case, already no iced, rendered a verdict for plaintif, 6 cents damagea, and six cents costs. (General Sessions. Before the Recorder and Aldermen Devoeand Drake. M C. Paterson, District Attorney. March 7 ?Plea of Quiliy? James Johnson, a lad indict ed for a burglary in the second degree, in breaking the show window in the store of G. W. Pratt, 3 Courtlandt street, on the 13thof February, and stealing about $60 worth, ef jewelry, plead guilty to the charge, and was sentenced to the House of Refuge. TViat of Henry M. Range continued.?This case was resumed upon the opening oi the Court. Several wit nesaes were examined for the prosecution, but as yet the forgery has not been directly brought home to the pri soner. At three o'clock, the Court adjourned till to-morrow at eleven o'clock. Supreme Court of the United States, Friday, Feb 28, 1845.?Jeremiah E. Cary and George P. barker. E?q?. of New York, were admitted attorney* and counsellor* of thii Court. No. 170. Johu Darrington at al, plaintiff* in error. r? Alexander Grant*, administra tor, error to tbe Circuit Court of the United State* for South Alabama. On motion of Mr. Nelson, (Attorney General ol the United State*,) of counsel for the defend ant in error, this writ of error was docketed and dismissed with costs. No 171. W.kD Hardeman, plaintiff in error i s Fdw. Anderson. On motion of Mr. Howard, of coun sel for the defendant in error,this writ of error was docket ed and dismissed with costs No. 3 Expartc: In the mat ter of Turner Dixon ?*. Joseph H Miller; error to the Circuit Court ot the U. States Tor the Southern District of Mississippi. The motion in this case for a rule on the judges of the Circuit Court of the U. Sta'es for the Diatrict ol Columbia was supported in argument by Mr D*vis,and opposed by Me-sra. Smith and Coxe. No. 47. Bernard IVrmoli. plaintiff in error r* Municipality No 1 of the city of N. Orleans. The argument of this cause was con cluded by Mr. Coxe tor the plaintiff in error. No. 74. 8am u. l Smith, plaintiff in error v?. Daniel P. Siraderetal. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Parke for the plaintiff in error, and continued by Mr. Sherman tor the defendant in error. Monday, March 3 ?The Hon Samuel Nelaon produced letters patent from the President of the United States, ap pointing him an Associate Justice of this Court; which were read in open court, and he took hia sea* aecordingly. Leslie A. Thompson, fcsq., of Florida ; Richard M. Gaines, Esq., of Mississippi; Joseph C. Hart and Levi D. Carpenter, Esq* , of New York; James W. Marcy, Esq . of Massachusetts; and Keah Frazer, F.sq , of Pennsylva nia, ware admitted attorney* and counsellor* of thia court. No 61 The United States, complainant, vs. Hezekiah H. Gear; on a certificate ot division from tbe Circuit Court of the United States for Illinois. Mr. Justice Wayne de livered the opinion of the Court in this case, and ordering it to be certified to the said Circuit Court that the Brat, second, and thid questions be answered in the negative, urd that the fourth question be answered in the affirma tive. No 63. The United Slates, plaintiff in error, vs. He zi kiah H Gear; on a certificate ol division in opinion from the Circuit Court of the U States for Illinois. Mr. Justice Wayne _jlivered the opinion of the Court in this case,and ordering it to be certified to the said Circuit Coutt that each of the fiv* questions be answered in the negative. No 68. The State of Maryland, use ol Washington coun ty, vs. the Baltimore and "Ohio Railroad OSmpany; error to the Court ol Appeal* tor the Western Shore of Mary land. Mr Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the Court in this case, affirming the judgment of the said Court ot Apixtals with costs. No. loo. Ledyard, Haller and Co. va. Brown. Brothers St Co.; error from tbe Circuit Court ol the United States for South Alabama. By agree ment of cotiasel tor the respective parties, the judgment of the said Circuit Court in this case was affirmed with costs and six per cent damages. No. 133. Nelson F. Shelton vs. Clayton Tiffin et at ; appeal from the Circuit Court of the United States for East Louisiana This ap peal was dismissed with costs, it appearing that the oita tion was not signed as directed by the act of Congress of 1789, ch. 30, sec. 33 No. 76. Samuel Smyth, plaintiff in error, vs. Daniel P. Straderetal. The argument of thia cause was continued by Messrs. Sherman and Hall for the defendants in error, and concluded by Mr. Parke for the plaintiff in error. In yupRKim? CoirRT?March 5, 1845?March Spe cial Term?Present, Mr. Justice Bt-ardsley.?Wat son ads Kollcgg, etal; motion lor judgment as in case ot nonsuit, grant, d, by default Qoff ads. Jonrden, dodo. F.vans, adsa'x, Sto , vs. Mix; motion for defendant to ap pear and plead on sci- fa., alter publication, granted, ex parte. Wilkinson vs Walker; motion to amend return, sic., to the writ of fl fa. in thia cause, granted, by default. Robinson ads. Bell; order that the motion in this causa stand over to next special term, with leave to serve and use additional papers. Good ale et al vs Bullard and four other causes; motion that defendant Bullard, be made de fendant in each cause, and to consolidate the five. Ordered that the motion stand over, conditionally ? Albany Argue, March 0. Great Wind-fall.?The .Vf. fsnns Now Erahu the following onnotinccment"We have it from a reliable source, that a Gormen farmer, by th* name of George J J. Geyer, living nonr tbe village ot Lew lit on, Fulton county, Illinois, is about to start on a trip to Furore, for the pnipose of taking possession of the snug fortune of two millions six hundred thousand dollars' worth of property. He recantly received a letter from the firm ot Rothschilds, at Frankfort, stntfng that a law ? uit which hud been pending tor more than thirty years in the courts of German v. and In which hia wifawasone of tbe<r heirs at law, had been decided in their favor; and that a division of the amount in litigation, was about to take place, aril they wished to know his pleasure con cetiuog the amount coming to his wife, which is stated to ne in round numbers two million* six hundred thousand dollars. Gever emigrated to this country fifteen yeers ago, and settled In Fulton county, where he has followed the occupation ol a farmer. At the time he left Germany the gaiuiog of the suit was considered doubtful." Bitildino at East BostonT?In 1848, upwards of 1208 houses were erected in Boeton, in '44 over IdOO, and the number this year is likely to be increased? These arc sure indications of the growing wealth and population of our city In Eaat Boston we learn that it ia In contemplation this spring to erect a forge cotton foe, tory as also a flour mill, a saw mill, and a grist mill. A dock yard for the building of large ship* is tobeformnd and building lots are in unusual demand. On on* street st the back of the Maverick house, which promiaaa to be the lending thoroughfare of the place, fourteen brick houses ?re now io process of erection, and site* for two more blocks on the same line are aurveyed. All the avail .hle ground in the. City is already sufficiently covered with red bricks and stringent mortar, and our citiaena are (tin ing their at'ention to East Boston as offering very eligible sites for building.? Boston Trantcript, March 4. Conjunction ok Comrts.?A very extraordinary, if not altogether unprecedented conjunction of comets bn* recently occurred. The comet, vbtok before the interference ot th* moon, was distinctly visible to the naked eye has passed within ,w? *f comet H ad Its motion been a little more rapid, we misht have had an nccultation ot a comet by a comet, a phenomenon altogether new In the history ot n-'ronomy V'U'Wypori Herald

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