Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 10, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 10, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. v.*,., NEW YORK. MONDAY MORNING. MARCH 10. 1845. T-' THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To th? Public. ?THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?eab liehed every day of the year except New Year'. Day aod Fourth of July. Price I cent! per copy?or $T M per annum?postage* paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?pnblfahed every SaturdaJ morning?price lid cent* per copy, or $8 11 per xnaum?poet ages paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circnlatioa of the Herald ii over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing faat It hat the largett circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and it, therefore, 'he beet channel for htuintii men fn the city or country. Price* moderate?caih in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the molt moderate price, and in the moit elegant etyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. ?*KorHiKTon OP TNI Herald Kitiiliihui.t, Northwevt corner of Fulton and Naaaau itreeta. shakspeariThotel. CORNER OF WILLIAM It DUANE STREET8, N Y. Jreffi THE snhtcrilfr respectfully inform* the public that t?t!W t-e hen lea* I the above establishment, and i. now pre Jd&pt'ed lo a' commodate them with Board and Lodging, on v. ry mode rat* term*. It ha* been par in the mmt thorough end com-, lete repair, minted and refitted with additional new furniture, and he will pot, as u*ual, *ay wh't he intend* to do, but solicits the travelling commonly to visit and give him a trial, and judge for themtelve*, that theeatabli.hment under hi* manureinem. deserving the patrou?ge of the public. The lo cation being central to business, offer* inducement* to mer chants irem the country [from it* retired situation] unsurpass ed by any other house. in ihe city. Term* tl p-r day?per week in proportion. The subscriber bee* to call the attention of pirtie* that the Assembly Ko<m will be to let to thou living Ball* and Con cert* for the remaining part of the *ea*on, and that the room will ihoitly he put in complete repair, and fitted up in amagni ficent style He farther calls the attention of the professional Rentlemen ofthe law. that his room for arbi'rator* and rererees a. undergone alterati <n, and that he i. ready to accommodate tliern on reasonable terms?which will be seen by his regula tion of room hire. N.B ?A select number of permanent boarders will be taken on very moderate terms. n>6 2w?nc MINORD 8. THRESHER MTU I.ET?The two story and attic brick dwelliog house No. 146 Barrow street, finished iu modern style, with folding doors, marble mantel*, lie. Apply to I mC lw? T. ft A. 8. HOPE, No. 131Champers St. .TO^. AND^ IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN?The Store No. 97 Nassau street. Herald Build JJULings, with F ixturee. Stove and Pipes. ready set and all | complete. Application to be made at the desk of the office of Ihe Her-Id. for terms, Ac. jgltfre ,, !,(1. LET?Two Stores beauiifully situated. In the new > buildiugs (now nearly complete) on the n nthwesterly .corner of Broadway and Reade street, (known as the La Far*- Buildings ) Also, a large and convenient Basement, well calculated for an Oyster Saloon. Sic. Also, several convenient Store* in the second story, suitable for Merchaut Tailors, Fashionable Milliners, Dressmakers. Sic. together with a variety of Rooms in the 3d, 3d, 4th, and 5th stories, suitable for Office*, Private Pa-lor* with folding doors, Pan tries and Bedroom* attached ; with Rooms suitable for Dentists, Painters, Daguerreotypes and Exhibition Rooms, Sic. Those |>ersoiii wanting room* of the above description, are re quested to call and examine the same. Enquire on the premise? fl3 lm*rc VERY DESIRABLE LOTS FOR 8ALE.?Fiv KLots on the southerly side of 13th Ureet, near 3th avenne *ii Lots on the northerly side of 13th street, between 6th avenne*. with court yard* in front, and in the midst of elegant improvements. * 1 hree Lots on the southerly side of 14th street, between the 6th and 7th avenues, in an improving neighborhood. Two Lots on the southerly side of 14th street, near the 8th avenue. Four Lou on the easterly side of7th avenue, between ltthand 13th streeu, with cellars partly dug out. Five Lou on the northerly side of S9th street, betwemi the 1st and 2nd avenues, oveilooxiug the city and East River. The whole amount may re ma u on mortgage, if improved, and 70 per cent if not improved. G. H. WINTER, j26 lm*ec 16 Wall street TO LET OR LEASE?A large wo story brick 1 Hou.e, on the southwesterly corner of tne liloomingdale .road and 40th street, with sufficient ground whereon to erect a manufactory, which will be built if required. Also, ? two story frame Cottage, House, and five LoU, on he northwesterly corner of the Bloomiugdale road and 40th street, with a workshop, stable, barn, kc. The house will be painted and nut in pood fence and repair, with a court yard in front, on the Bloomingdile road. Also, 8 Lots adjoining on the Bloomiugdale road, running through to the 7th avenue and 41st street, suitable for a florist or manufacturer. Buildings will be erected if required. Also, a Lot in 30th street, between the 7th and 8th avenues, to lease. G. H. WINTER, J86 lm*ec 16 Wall street. TO LET?The large three story and attic Brick Dwelling House, situated on the north-easterly corner of tne Seventh Avenue and Thirteenth ntreet, with a fine , Crotou water, kitchen ranges, marble mantels, sliding oors, (kc., and iu an improving neighborhood. Rent low to a good tenant. Al *u?Four three story and attic Brick Houses, with Stores uuderneath, on the easterly side of Sixth Avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, with sliding doors, marble mantels, Crotou water, Ac., suitable for *p*I>ectable families in moderate circumstances. Also?Five three story Brick Houses, of a similar kind,on the easterly side of Greenwich Lane or Avenue, near the Eighth Avenue, aud opposite the large square. Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store underneath, ou the easterly tide of the Eighth Avenue, between 13th and 14th streets, with marble mantels, sliding doors, Croton water, Ac. All of the above Stores are excellent stands for business, and are suitable for drygoods and fancy-goods, ladies' shoe stores, china aud earthenware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fectionary, Ac. The Store., with ths front basemsnt-room, will be rented se parate from the dwelling parts if required, there beiug covered area* in front for fuel, Ac. O. H. WINTER, fll lm*rc 18 Wall street. TO LE I?The Bulkhead, or Water Front, from War ' ren street to Chambers street, (about 800 fret,) now occu MHBBPied as the Newborn Landing. The fourstory 8tore.No. 114 Warren street. One of the r* t? Building , between Wash ington aud West streeu. l'hesuperior three story Brick House occupied by K. J. Cochran, Ekq ,ou t enth Avenue near 83d street: hss mahogany doors, plated furniture,Croton water, he. FOR SALE OR TO LET?'Ihe Mansion and Farm at Gow&nns, L. I , about three mi lee from the South Kerry. The House is fifty feet square, five storiee, and a superior cellar,root coppered, niahoranv doors, plated furniture, lie. The hall and stairs Italian marble. The building is near the water, and is without equal as to situatiou in the United States. It will an commoaate fifty or sixty person*. The Farm is eighty acres?s frout ou the Bay of one thousand feet, and a front on each aide of Third Avenue. It is iu the Eighth Ward of the City of Brooklyn, ami laid out iu 1000 Building Lou, and there are many bulldog Sites ou this property. The land is the Oest on Long Island for early vegetables, and can realize five thousand dollars |>er annum, il attended to by an experienced gardener. ALSO, FOR SALE?The Bennet Farm, at Gnwauus, about 800 Lois fronting on Third and Fourth Avenues and the street leading to the Greenwood Cemetery. The Lois will be ?olil at low prices and long credit, and money loaned to those that build immediately. Apply to JOHN DELAFLAINE, flfl 'm*rc No 7 New street, New York. STEAM TOWER?Rooms to let with Strain Tower. Apply at R HUE A CO., fl8 3wrc 38 and 31 Gold street. TO SECRET SOCIETIES. teA TO LE T?From 1st May next, the large Room in the ffjw upper story of honsecorner of East Broadway and Ca Jjjj^tharme street, fitted up for a lodg-room. Can be seen bet-..- i 2K and 3 o'clock. P. M. For further particu lar.* enquire of E SPIER,31 Catharine street, or of J Hr.CHT, 38 Henry street (81 lin*m FOR SALE. ?Ml A BEAUTIFUL KAUM, situated in the town of jKMEastrhester, cout'ining eerenty acre* of good lilableand ^JI^KraM laud. I I* House la in perfect order and conveuieut lv arranged for a large family, said Farm ia divided by ihe pott road ranning to New Kochelle and Alarm arroueck, and rum down to Easichestar Creek, where there ia tine baaa and trout lialiiug in their aeaaon. The oot buildinga are all in good order, and ihrie ia good aiabling for twelve horaea. 'ifie w hole place i> well wairied and on thepremuea ia a beautiful bishpond. There are two cburchra within a quarter of a mile ofaaid place, and stagvs pass twice a day by the hoaae. to interaect the New York and Harlein Railroad at William'a Bridge, which ia with in three milee of aaid premiaea. There is an abundance of Fruit on said premiaea, which waa aelected by the present owner with great care. The diatance from City Hall, New Yoik, ia acant aliteen milea Poaaeaaion can be haul by the lat ol April, and any information concerning aaid property, can be had on the premises. A so, adioiuing aaid property, forty acrea of firat rate Land, with a good Btone Hoaae ou it, w ith Barn and Stable a connected, poaaeaaiug ihe aame advautagea aa the above aeventy acrea. The aaid forty acrea will be aoH aeperately, or the Farma to getlier (miking in all 110 acrea) to anit the purchaa-r. Apply to J. W J tiNr.WAY, No. IS City Hall Place, or to ISAAC AN DICKSON, on the premiaei, or to fe3 lai'rr WM. H. HICKS. No. 20 Walistreet. tM TO LET. AT FORDHAM. WESTCHESTER CO , N. Y. ana A LARGE and convenient Cottage, formerly occupied IPMi>v 1'hoa. Baas ford, with a Garden, end h init Trrta of .Mrnxvery urscrl; tion, adjoining?aitnated within two or three hundred yarda ot St. John". College. The New York ana Har lem Itailioad Can run to and from New York ait timea a day. Apply at I7> l>nrl atreet, New York. fl'l lm'ro HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. nwdk ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice Land in the 8th yOg|Ward, in the eily of Brooklyn, fronting the New York ^Ans?Bay, and commanding a beautiful prospect. The aitua tiou u highly pietuietqne. Enquire of JOHN S. BERGEN, on tlie premiaea. ja29 Icn'rc ?fig FOR SALE?A valuable Farm, forming a part of the jftr^trnct known aa Morriaania, titua'ed on the Harlem river, ,*Ji^.in the county ol Wee (cheater, consisting of one hundred ana ten acres of land, prope'ly fenced WU in good order. Upon the rarin there ia a commodious modern built Mansion House, with a garden, stable and nil neeetaary appendages, anitable for a gentle man a country residence. There are also npon the Farm two harm Houses, and all necessary out buildings Alto, a valuable mill site and water power, and an orchard. The said Farm is very accessible from the city, being within nine milea of the City Hall, witn the privilege of a free bringe across the Harlein river. The cars of the Flarlwn Railroad ran within half a mile of tlie house. For terms and further particulars in quire b'tween It and ] P. M. of H. M. MORRIS, j 18 lin ? rc II Pine atreet, aecoud story. eye A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?Sitnatad BKWin the town of IVIham. Weatchester County, bordering on ^Auethe village of East Cheater, about 16 miles from New York, conuiniug MO acres of land?M acres wood land, the balance 90 acres ia in a high atite of cultivation, with frail toes of all kinds in abundance There are two good Dwelling Houses on it, recrutly built, together with a large barn, stone hen honre, coin -rib, <*e. J he place is beautifully situated, commanding a view of the Sound and aurronmliag counl-y. It will be tola l ow or eschangrd for improved city property. For fnrther par ticulars apply at 81 Weal atreet, between Carlisle and Rector ntreets. Also, 8 Lots of Ground, 25 by 100, on the easterly aide of the lllli Aveuue, between T7tli arm Stsh streets. f22 I in ? ? c uvea FOR SALE?A FARM?situated at lalip, Suffolk Mv-ouiity, L I .adjoining smalltown. Said Farm contains jiJLmfl 1 Ac ei; 30 of which is Woon; the remaining 58 acres are i U a an e of good cu Lyndon. There are two Houses, and also two good wells of water on the farm; a large bam with car riage house an? ataMing for eight; an me honse; n good Urge garden, enclosed in a picket fence, fruit trees, Ike., Ae. Any further infoiinatiou inay fhe obtained at No. 83 Uleecker sir-vt. a few doors west from Broadway. Half tne pure I use money ran remain on mortgage. fjj im*m HEMP.-5MI bales sn|ierior ilew rot Hemp, for sale is lots to suit K. K. COLLINS A CO., ?rl8re Souths 44 Fulton street, (bICTWF.EN PEER!. AND CLIFF,) NF.W YORK. rPHE SUBSCRIBER keepsconstantly ou hand a lai t lllent of American Ami Imnnrred VVnrrnnl,il Timli 1 rge assort _ ment of American ami Imported Warranted Tool*, auitablr for mechanics in almoat every line of business Alio, Tool Cheats, furnished complete, for mechanics, families and boys. Mechanics and others, wautiutf good and genuine articles, are recommended to call upon the subscriber, as he is selling his goods at lower prices than any other house in the city. A gen eral assortment of Hardware, Cutlery, Cut Nails, Hollow Ware, Shovels and Spades, Japan'd Ware, Sporting Imple ments. 8tc? lie. HENRY F. FAIRBANK.44 Fulton st? jal9 lm*ec Between Pearl and Cliff, New York. DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL., Ne. 40t BOWERY, Near Astor and La Fayette Puras, New Yobx. ]Vyf It. D. has the honor to announce that his School is opes del Day and Evening, for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise Riding. TERMS: LECTURE LEISOISS. EXERCISE RIDINO. 16 Lessons $14 10 " 1Q 00 4 00 Single Lessons t 00 1 Month $12 Of 20 Ridea 10 00 10 " 6 00 Single Ridea 74 2 50 N. B.?Highly trained and quiet Horaea, for the Road or Parade, to let. ?ybiuns CLASI. 12 Lessons $0 00 I 20 Rides $10 00 Single " 1 00 J Single Ride 75 RULE" -.tsJC*1 1.?All Lessons or Rides paid for on commencing. 2.?One hour allowed on each Lesson or Ride in the School. I.?One hour and a half to a Lesson ou t he Road. 4.?Hours for Ladies, from 0 A. M. to J P M. 4.?Hours for Gentlemen, from S to 5, ts>d from 7 to 9)6 P. M (.?No Gentlemen admitted daring tie hours appropriated to Ladies. A card of address ie requested previous to commencing. (L/-Gentlemen keeping their horaea at this astablishment, w i) have the privilege of riding them in the School metis. TOHN ?l consl DAGUERREOTYPE. ROACH, Optici u, 82 Nassau street. New York, is constantly manufacturing, and has always on hand, all ar ticles of the heat quality used in the Dagurrreotyi* proems.? His Triple Compound of Bromine is a superior preparation, and is now in general nse. He has also on hand the Hungarian or German Accelerating Liqnnr. Cameras of his own manufacture as well as French and Ger man ones. The German Cameras sold at this eitablishment will be warranted genuine. Orders from the couu'ry for any articles used in the art will be promptly and car fully attended to. m6 lm*rrc TO THE DAGUERR1AN ARTISTS. p1 A. ARTAULT, Importer of French Daguerreotype ma *1?*!.. an- manufacturer of Morocco Cases, offers at the following cheap price. Best quality of French Plates, No. 40, (medium)$3 doseu. f ine Morocco Cases with white glass and fine borders, $3 dx. Goi-d quality of Daguerreotype Apparatus, including the in struction, all complete and warranted, $50. Acromatic Glasses, from $3 to $15. All: he Chemicals used in the Daguerreotype process, cheap. F. A. Artanlt has received by the last steamship, the salt of gold for gilding the pictures, the new substance for polishing plates in two mm ites, aud the beautiful process of Mr. Fizean Tor reproducing the Daguerreotype Portrait* on engraved plates, and to draw on paper an unlimited number. If you are fond of the progress in this beautiful art, please to call at the Lafayette Bazaar, 140 Broadway, cor. of Liberty st. ja28 lm*rc CHEAP DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. ]\/f R8. H. SHANK LAND,Daguerreotype Artist,having taken since two yean more than 10,000 portraits, and being well known for taking the la st style of portraits, respectfully informs he- friends and customers aud the public, that she gives a bean ful Daguerreotype likeness, including a fine morocco case or a frame, Tor only one dollar. Being always well patronized, and her customers increasing every day. she has, for their conve nience, enlarged her establishment, by two Daguerreotype rooms to the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, aud by a branch of her establishment, 235 Broadway, third story, front room. No 1, " 1 ~ Po * * - ? ? opposite the ? ark Fountain Portraits taken from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening, any weather, cloudy or stormy. Remember, only one dollar, (best style) including case or frame. j28 lm'rrc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, elPhia. EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHI LAD EL rPHE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype -L Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tions throughout the Union, the West Indies, South America and Europe. They have also made arrangements to be supplied with every new article used in the Daguerreotype Art. They have lately received a luge supply of Voigtlaeuder's celebrated Cameras, consisting of three different sizes, for the tale of which they are appointed Ajeut*. Also, a' supply of best and Chemicals, i' * Plates and Chemicals, either for Daguerreotype or Calotype, made to their especial order. Cases ofall sizes, the best Polishing reotype Art and their suce u in taking pictures, may serve as a | * *" ? Artii' recommendation and reliance. Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering articles from any pait of the above named countars, may depeud upon a prompt and satisfactory execution of their audit * ?Mar*. Their prices are cash Price* Current snd information may be obtained by addressing (post-paid) to H. MTLANGENHEIM. fl3 lm'ec Eschanyfloilding. Philadelphia. EKCl SWORD EXERCISE. llAR. HAMILTON, having entered into an arrangement with LvX MR. FULLER, for the use of the Large Room of hit Gymnasium, No. 29 Ann street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, moat respectfully announces to the public that he in tends commencing a Class for the Sword Exercise, in all its brauchee?American and French, audi as Small and Broad Sword Exercise, and also Cane Exercise. Mr. H. has been for several years engaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United Slates Army. N. B.?Volunteer Companies wishing to become perfect in either Musket or Artillery Drill, can be taoghl the same on the moat moderate terms, by application to the advertiser, 31 Ann street, to Capt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller. fl5 Im m F FRENCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE. GERARD1N, Commission Merchant, 15 John street, up stairs, has just received on consignment,and offers for sale, wholese or retail, a splendid assortment of the above articles, comprising?Plain white and rich fancy decorated Dining Sets: Dessert, Tea and Supper Sets; Toilet Sets; sing'e Cups and Mugs, with mottos; Cologne Bottle Figures; Tete atete Sets, lie., lie. ? I Also, plain and nch Cut Glass Decanters, Water Bottles, Celery Bowls, Preserve Dishes, Tnmblers, Goblets, Wiues, lie., KC. Astral and Solar Lamp Shades and Globes. 0*6td?n for Cut Glass Ware Gilding and Painting'on hina V" ' China Ware, to match any pattern, exeevted promptly. (25 1 m * re FKKNOH CHINA. REMOVED TO HO. 65 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) ADALE8MK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, lias ? always on hand a luge assortment of dinnat tad Ma acts, in plain white and gilt French Porcelain, as well as Dinner and Deaaert Platee, of all siiae, assorted Dishes, Soap Tureens, Covncd Dishes, Baled Bowls, Frnit Baskets, Costards and Also, Kucr Tea Sets, and Kich Decorated Dinner 8ets. Also, Ten and Chocolate Ware. Ureek, French and American I All the articles an warranted of the bant quality, and M be sold on liberal urns, and in lou to snitlpnrehaaers., ? Ik tm*ne FRENCH FLINT GLASS WORKS, AT WILLIAMSBUKOH, L. I. DEPOT 90 WILLIAM STREET. NEW YORK Messrs. BEROER Ik WALTkll, known for a long series of years as extensive mannfactnrers of Watch-Crysuls and Flint Glassware, in the Department Moselle, Fiance, have the honor to inform Glass Dealers Importers of Watches, and famishing houses generally .that they have established a Branch of their Manufactory in this country; and, in order to fulfil to entire satisfaction all that might be addressed to them, have eugaged experienced and skilful workmen, both French and EnuLah. The beauty of this Glass, the tasteful style of all thethey manufacture, as wall as moderate firices, and promptitude in the execution of orders, will, they ondly hope, secure to thaiu a large sliare of patronage from Amrrican and foreign Houses. N. B.?Customers in the habit of transmitting orders to their house in Patir,27 Paradis Poissonniere, or their general Depot ol Crystal, 30 Paradis Poissonniere, Paris, will please forward tip-in direct to 90 William iTe-t New York. f!6 lm*ec COMSTOCK & CO., HI Courtlandt Street, HAVE ON HAND THE FOLLOWING NAMED ARTICLES, WHICH HAVE OBTAINED SUCH POPULARITY, via: pONNEL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR, curea all s?' sores, pains, inflammations, itchings, and saves life in any case of barn or scald, if the viula are uninjured. Every family should have a box of this in the boose, as the money will al wav? be returned if it does not please Be particular and buy ON' V at 11 Courtlandt stivet. RHEUMATISM, CONTRACTED CORDS, Stiff Joinu and Gout, will positively be cured by the sole use of the INDIAN VEGETABLE ELIXIR and LINIMENT. The ?ceptieal we invite to call and he personally referred to gentle men of the highest standing in this city, who liaee been enred of the Rheumatism by these remedies. They are warmnte?i. DR. SPOHN'S SICK HEADACHE REMEDY, is a cer tain cure, either nervous or biliuns. It is a palpable elixir, and is the best medicine that can be Uken in all cases of heart-burn and foulness of the stomach. DR. M'N AIR'S ACOUSTIC OIL has proved very success fa I in curing even total deafness. Wa have many certificates from cliixeusofthia city, who have used this Oil with com pete success. We cordially invite all who are troubled with any disease of the ear, to examine the proof. L ANGLE Y'B WESTERN INDIAN PANACEA, is the best family medicine in the world. It is a positive aud war ranted care for Dyspepsia, Asthma, Liver Complaints, Indiges tion, Costiveness, fce. N? person can possibly use this ailicls for any of the abeve compl tints without receiving permanent relief. See pronl in hauda of Agents. THE PILES are warranted^ to be cured by the Ganuine HAYS' LINIMENT, and Lin's Balm of China, or the money refunded. Who will now suffer with this distressing com plaint' COMSTOCK h CO'" 8AR9APAKILLA, is as pure and strong an Eitract from this celebrated Root, ns can possibly be made. The price it so reasonable that the poor can afford to use it, being but 30 cents per bottle, or $4 per doven. It it the only article that will effectually purify the blood from all impari ties. Those who have been imprudent in the use ef calomel, will find sure relief from it. EAST INDIA HAIR DYE?This chemical prepartion wil color t< e hair any shade, from a light brown to a jet black, and or ,u,ln '!'* 'kin 'h* least n ?.??'' Beautify th? Hair bv using OLDRIOE'8 BALM UF COLUMBIA, which immediately stops the hair *???i iwA,<W'.??4 "stores it when b?i D. rand ?AY WAT'R-ITALIAN Lu ,i i l o , horeign and Domestic I'erfumerr; In" de lable Ink; Pearl Powder, the best article in use; Diamond Cement. DETTER S MAGIC HAIR OIL?It gives to the hair a beautiful gloss, and inclines it to curl: and, wholly unlike any other oil, It never Mils the finest* hats in the least, no mat tar what quantity is applied. We wish all to understand usinthis particular, that is,'I any lady or gentleman shall nae this Oil, *"1 had theao atiiemeiits iiutrue, theirmoney will he refunded. kAI) I ION?Remember, the above article* sold cirhiiimr oni.v at 21 Coiirllandt "Irvrt, by f?* Imrr COMSTOCK fc CO. TWINES?200 eaiet Bridpnrt M fig., from 3Hlb. to 36, of the best quality and mannfacture, for tale ni on very raasoos hi* terms, by r,. K. COLLINS It CQT. ??T ec it South tt Hf !! 1 I?/'-' 11 -r a ? TO RAIL ROAD COMPANIES TRIMS' PATENT CAR BOX k>r Kail road Joarnal*.?The proprietors of rims' Patent La- Bo* respectfully call the attention ol Railroad Compamej, Car Manufacturers, <aud all others interested, as the proprietors guarantee their abiTitv to ran 4000 miles at least, without*-.otwuac the oil, and to keep the oil and wearing parts clean uud Ireelrom dust and dirt, and afco keep the oil in the box, and is not liable to get out of order wtth reasonable care, being constructed with a view to this ill particular, and thereby i? a great saving to stockholders and all others concerned They have appointed Cornelius Kauouse, of Jersey City, their agent, to whom application can he made for rignt, and manufacturing them in any quantity, and will be attended to immediately by the above, or the uudersigued proprietors. January 11th, 1845. TIMS, HILL fk BOODY. J26 lm*ec DR. LARDNER, CONSULTING ENGINEER. A CARL).?The Public is iuformed, that Dr. LARDNER continues the practice of business as a Consulting Engi gincer, wnich be followed on an extensive scale for many year in Euglaud and F'ranc*. Inventors, patentees, manufacturers, merchants. and others engaged in the arts and manufactures, may consult him on matters requiring the application of the principles of practical science. Certificates and opinions on the validity and usefnlness of new inventions and processes in the arts. Reports on disputed questions and doubtful points, ex perimental investigations, with a view to the discovery or test ing qf improved processes, will be supplied or undeiUken wheu required. Office No 21 Spruce street, New Vor* All Business Letters must be post-paid, audio prevent time being lost by frivolous applications, all applicants will be ex pected to pay a retaining lee of $10 before consnlts'ion. , a22 Jmrr ARCHITECTURE. T?RKD. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends and the " public, that he has removed his ofhee from 192 Broadway to IS Wall st. where persons desirous of building are invited to ex amine a selection of original and tasteful designs, from the Cot tage upwards to the extensive Villa oe Mansion, in all the various styles of architecture; and where he is prepared to furnish Plans, Drawings, Specifications, Estimates and Contracts for Build ings of every description, and superintends the erection thneof. ]a30 lm*rc THE PICTORIAL NEWS ROOM, No. 22 CATHERINE STREET, BETWEEN EAST BROADWAY AND HENRY STREET. HHA WKE8. having fitted up a Parlor as a General News ? Room, under the above title, will be happy to see his friends, and hopes by attention to business to merit a con tinuance of the favors so liberally bestowed since he has been in the pnblic line. The room furnished with New York and Old Country Fa pen regularly. The Bar supplied with choice Wines and Spirits, fine flavor ed Segars, anil fine Pale Ala, 8tc. j23 lm*ee H. E. WILLARD. AUCTION GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION MERCHANT. Office No. 116 Nassau street, first floor, Nsw York. HE. W. WILL ATTEND to sales of Household Furniture ? and Merchandise, of ail kinds, personally attended to at the residences or stores of persons relinquishing housekeeping or business. Cash Advances made on Furniture and Merchan dise of every description consigned for sale Hales settled in all cases as soon as the goods are sold and delivered Manufac turers and traders can alwaya have accommodation advaucaa on goods for private sale. m2 lm*ec OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO., J NEW YORK, Feb. S, 1845. ) A T an Election held this day for Directors of this Institution. A for the ensuing year, the following gentlemen were elected inch Directors:? Thomas W. Thome, Elisha Riggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B R. Robson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen. Moses Tnck'r, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Wm, K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merntt, Robert Smith. At a subsequent meeting of the Board THOMAS W. THORNS, Esq., was unanimously re-elected President. flee GEO. T- HOPE. Secretary. HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC SLIDES, long known as the most durable, convenient and elegantof Extension Tsbles manu factnred; warranted to run easy constantly, and not to be affected by dampuess or warping of the wood. A large assort ment of choice patterns, suited lor private parlors, hotus, steam boats, 8tc., together with a general asso'tment of Cabinet Fur niture, always on hand, at the Warerooms, NoltO Grand street, corner of Elm, where the public is respectfully invited to call and examine. mrl lm*rc SOMETHING NEW. QPALDING St CO. are manufacturing, under Letters Patent L5 granted by the United States, an Improved Friction Match, TO BURP? WITHOUT BRIMSTONE. They now offer for la, on verv reasonable terms, TWENTV THOUSAND GROSS" ^ neatly pnt up in tin, wood and paper, in any sited packages, and in lots to suit purchasers. THE8E MATCHES are highly approved of and recommended for family nse by physicians ana chemists, in consequence of the absence of sul phur in their manufacture, the fumes of which are so disagree able and deleterious to all. and particularly injurious to persons having weak lungs or delicate constitutions They are particularly recommended to the attention of ship pers, ss they have frequently been lakqn on long voyages and ex posed to the action ot all climates, without rhe slighest injury. For sale by the principal Druggists aud Grocers in the city. Orde-s left at Shepaid's Bookstore, 191 Broadway, or at their office, 161 Bleecker street. jal4 lm?m SPALDING fc CO. UtlEAF SPECTACLES x 93 DUANE HT'lKET, New York, first door from Broadway. HENRY D. BLACKWOOD, Working Optician, as proof of the above, advertises the following cheap AT! A Bi Best single jointed Gold Spectacles T 50 Best doable jointed Silver Spectacles 2 30 Best single jointed Silver Spectacles 2 00 Finest double jointed elastic blue Steel Spectacles, 10s. Finest single jointed elastic bine Steel Spectacles, 15s. Finest double jointed Tortoise-shell Spectacles.... 15s. Finest single jointed Tortoise-shell Siiectacles.... 12s. STILL CHEAPER. Good elastic bine steel Spectacles, set with the best glasses, and with every care and attention paid to them in the manufacture, or one dollar. Good elaatic bine Steel Spectacles 6s. Good elastic blue Steel Spectacles. 4s. 6d. Good elastic bine Steel Spectacles 3s. Good German Silver Spectacles 3s. Best Tortoise-shell Five Glasses 5s. 6d. Best bine Steel Eye Glasses 5s. 6d. Best Horn Eye Glasses 3s. Best Horn Spectacles 4s. Cd. Best Convex Glasses set into yonr own frames.. 2s. Best Coccave Glasses set into yonr own frames, 3s. Best Convex Pebbles set into your own frames.. Its. Best Concave Pebbles set into yonr own frames, 18s. Repairs executed at the same rate of cheapness. Ladies and Gentlemen attended at their own residences, jaw lm*ec WATCHES !-WATCHES AND JEWELRY.?Thore ?v who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils. Keys, 8tc., will find it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrip tions of the above at retail mnch lower than any other honae in the city. Gold Watches as low as $20 and $25 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bonght. All Watches war ranted to keep goad time or the money refunded. Watches, and Jewelry repaired in the best manner and warranted, at mnch leas than the usual prices. G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, m4 lm*m Wholesale and retail. 30 Wall St., np stain. SIX BARREL SELF-COCKING AND REVOLVING PISTOLS BLUNT & SYMS, No. *4 Chatham street, MANUFACTUHEltS of the above article hare now a com plete asaortmeut ready for the Spring trade, which they of fer at reduced prices. They would invite the attention of mer chants and dealers to their aasortmeut, to the manufacture of which, they have paid personal attention, and from the increased ?|aantity they are making, can sell them lower than before of ered. Also?< Jtins of their own manufacture, as well as every vari ety of imported Guns and implements, in quantities to s?it pur chasers, at csceedingly low prices. B im*m TO TAILORS. 'PHK Second Edition of Stinemet's celebrated wdtk on coi 4 ting gartnenu of every description in a style of elegance un equalled, is now published and ready far delivery. Those who desire to avail themselves of the great advantages to be derived from the use of the instructions it contains, would do well to obtain a copy without delay. The book is 11 by 17 inches souare, and contains 17 elegant diagrams of all the various styles of garments warn at the present day, with full a id ample instruc tions for cutting in an easy nnd scientific manner. The follow ing are a few of the many highly respectable names who testify to the merits of the book :? The undersigned being practically acquainted with Mr. Btine met'a Treatise on Cutting Garments, with pleasure recommend it. as a work complete in its nrrangesnenu, and in its practical ap plication to cuttiug, superior to any heretofore published, either in Knrope or America. P. Henry h Son, Daniel Ontter, Stasia (k Banker, Charles Cos, K. W. TryonkCo., R. F. Horner, James Daily, John Haviland. J. H. Banker The above can be obtained of the author, No. 117 Broadway, Nsw York <*> le'n Black and white thread lace flounces, just received per Emerald. Black Thread Lace Flounces, from X yard to X yard wide. White do La Naigedo X do X do Black and White Lace Brrthes, Barliev and Sleeves. Some of the most splendid Mechlin wide Lac.s Black Lace Veils and Black Thread Scarfs. White Lace Veils and Scarfs, point a Bruxelle* and a la Neige Three very splrudid Mechlin Lace Dresses. Oue Carton relirtne. Canes and Chemisettes. Valenciennes Lares and Edgings, Mechlin do, Arras do. JA.MKH BECK It CO. respectfully announce, that this is by far the most rich aud splendid invoice of goods that have been offered. 1'AKIS EMBROIDERIES?Consisting of Caneyuua, Pele rines, Collars, Chemisettes a la Pico style. Also, some magnificent Embroidered Dresses and Handker chiefs, of very rich embroidery. The shove, with a great variety of other goods, are now of fered at very moderate prices, by JAMES BECK k CO., _f? lOtec 359 Broadway. SALT AND FISH STORE. 400 Kelmon, No. I, I and I. tUVJ ioo bbls. Bine Fish. '*** ''hla Noe. i, j, and > Mackesel. *09 half d? do de 4s 'K ud?cSs-?MetaAhnd. 50 half bbls N# 1 Sayhrook Shad, too bbls Cod and Scale Fish 400 do No. 1GihaHerriags. 300 kegs Dutch do 1.00 lbs Smoked Salmon. 100 kits Soused do IM do Sounds end Tongues. 1000 qtls Cod Fish, suitable for shipping. ISO* sacks Ashtoa'i Salt. 50 half and 50 quarters neat Mackerel. fclOO botes Digby Herring 100 quarter barrels Salmon. For sale in Ion tn suit purchasers, by fll lm?m NELSON. WV.LI.H ? CO.. II Pay .t. IRISH POTATOES?IN hampers of a selected quality'dai 1 stem bV Gk^GE^.BWD^JuTfc * ST. GEORGE HOTEL. No. 01 Broadway, New York. (Next Block below Triuity Church, and near Wall itrert.) THE subscribers, leasee* and proprietor* of the above well known eatabliahment, having recently taken it for a term of year*, (latter themaelvea, that they are now ready to meet the wiaheiof their friend* aud patrou* by supplying them with every comfort and convenience which a place nke this can poaaibly afford The room* of the hno*e are large, airy and commodious: and havp been, bat lately, fitted up with new and elegant furni ture. The domeitic* are attentive, retpectful and obedient?the ta ble abundantly supplied with all the substantial* and luxuries of flood living?the cellar contains an ample store of the choicest Wiuev and Liquors?and the beds and bedding, throughout the house, are constantly kept in a clean and healthful condition. Having availed themselves of these and many other advanta ges and accommodations, so important to a public house, the proprietors not only deem it a duty, but, also, take pleasure iu thus announcing it to travellers and lb* public in general. And. while endeavoring to please, althuugh they do not pretend to smile at coinpetion, yet they are determined, by assiduous at tention to the wauts ol their guests, aud the most reasonable charges, that, those who come to their house shall not meet w ith (fisamioiutmeut; and, that, those who go away shall not experi ence dissatisfaction. JOHN H. MOHE, PETER TYLER. New York, Keb. 1, 1845. ft lm'rrc NATIONAL HOTEL. No. 5 Courtlwndt street and 87 Liberty street, NEW YORK. Three Doors from Broadway. rPHIS NEW HOTEL will be opened on the 20th inst.. when -I- the Proprietors will be happy to accommodate their friendr and the public with board. Th- Lodging lluomi are large and airy, aud the internal arrangements sucn as cannot fail to please. The locrtion being in the centre of business, it offers induce ments to merchants from other cities and the country, not sur passed by any other House in this city. The Furniture, Beds aud Bedding, are all uew aud made ex pressly for this establishment. Families who wish Parlors and Sleeping Rooms stlached.can be I andsomely accommodated The subscribers assure their friends and the public, that no efforts on their part shall be wanting to secure the comfort and convenience of their guests, aud v hile they solicit a share of their patronage, they hope, by uuceasiug attention, to the duties of their vocation, to give en tire satisfaction. CHARLES WYCKOFF & CO. fi7 im*rc WILSON'S HOTEL ANL? ulNING ROOMS, No. 5 Gold street, New York. (UTE THE CALKDOffia). s to inform his friends open the above named _ of March, 1845. Th* house has beeu thoroughly repaired aud newly furnished in every department, and the very best of every description < I liquors, cigars wiues, domestic and imported ales ana porte, will be provided. An Ordinary will be served up every day from 1 to 3 o'clock P. M.; and Refreshments will be furnished at any hour during the day and evening. f28 Imje HARTWELL S WASHINGTON HOUSE, aH3 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MA80N1C HALL, PHILADELPHIA. 127 Im'm TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD, itl nnn REWARD?The Store of MESSRS. COFflN, ?1UUU BRADLEY Sc CO., No, 44 Exchange Plaee, having been xet on lire ou Saturday night, the 18th instant, the undersigned, a Committee of the Insurance Companies, which 1 1 olicies on the goods in said store, hereby offer a reward of Thousand Dollars, for such evideuce as shall lead to the detection aud conviction of the incendiary or incsudiaries. New York, February 12th, 1845. Lambert suydam, President I1 quitable Insurance Co. JNO. BROUWEH, President East River Mutual Ins. Co. A. G HAZARD, Agent of the TEtna and Protection Ins. Co., of Hartford, Cou. ONE THOUSAND i/OLLARS REWARD?We, the subscribers, offer Oue Thousand Dollars, iu addition to the re ward offered by the Insurance Companies, as above stated. f!5 lin*rc COFFIN. BRADLEY It CO. COLORED PAPER AND FANCY PAPER BOXES. T) it BODEN respectfully inform their friends and die D public, that they continue to manufacture Colored Paper and Fancy Paper Buses, in all varieties, at the old stand of the latenrm of Blanc Ik Bouen, 74 Fulton corner of Gold street. He is fullv determined to mauufactuie a superior article, and to put the prices so as to satisfy his customers. Orders will be punctually attended to. N. B.?A good assortment of Colored Papers and Fancy PapeV Boies always on hand. J*30 2m*ec BOUQUETS, FLOWERS, SEEDS <fc PLAN IS THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully beg* to inform his friends and the public, that he Iv* made temporary arrangements to furnish the above, from thestore of Mr. Harrison, corner Broad way and Prince streeta. Bouquets, composed of the moat choice ana sweet scented exotics, enn be had At a moment's notice. They will be arranged iu the various neat and fashionable styles whieh has given the subscriber so much notoriety during his superiuieudanre of the. late Conservatory and Seed Establish ment of Mr W. Niblo. Choice Annnal Flowering Seed, Vegetable Seeds and Flower iug Plants, on hand. JOHN ROBINSON. (13 lmrc "LTENRY WILSON (of Brooklyn) begst -IP and the public generally, that he will o| establishment ou viONDaY, the loth of iV JACKSON, STACEY <te SMITH, fl/TANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS 0fPen,lPockst ivA ud Table Cutlery, Raxors, Seiuor*, files, Saws, Tooli tad other descriptions of Sheffield Goods? jail tm*m No. II PLA I T uTRRF-T, Up Stairs PATENT AGATE BUTTONS. THOS PKOSSER, PATENTEE, T Piatt Street, New Yorlt. VTOTICE it hereby riven, tlutt the undersigned is the Patentee ?Li and Exclusive Owner of th- Patent Right for the Porcelain Button, commonly known as "Prosser's Patent Agate Button." Letters Patent hare been duly granted to him by the United States, to take effect from the 29th January. 1841. I hare caused suits to be commenced in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York, for the infringe ment of said Letters Patent, and am prepared to enforce and substantiate my rights undersaid Patent, to the fullest ex tent of the law. 1 give this public notice to all, that I sh ->11 pro ceed forthwith, by suit for damages, and by bill in equity, for injunction against all rersous infringing upon said Patent. The Buttons are for sale by me at wholesale only, at my store 7 Plait street, New York. 027 lrn'rc THOMAS PRQ88KR. LOOKING GLASS PLATES. LJANLINE It 08THE1MEK, Imporleia, No. 3 Bank street, Philadelphia, have received by late arrivals, a full assort ment of Looking Glass Plates, from 9 bv 7 to 40 by 30; Polished Date H indow Glass, from IS by 12 to 60 by 40. Also, a com plete assortment of Toilet Glasses, Spectacles, Snuff Boxes. Segar Cases, together with a variety of other German and French Goods, which they offer on the most favorable terms. jaZS lm'gbs DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, ?85 111 ver St. Troy. fJiHE Subscriber avails himself of this method of communi 1 eating to the public the fact that he is now manufacturing ?ne cut and smoking Tobacco and Snnff, at 2(6 River street, "roy, next door to the Fulton market. Touacco?The celebrated Fancy Virginia. This Tobacco took the premium at the late Fair. Extra Chewing Tobacco, sweet Virginia; American Smoking Tobacco, manufactured from the leaf: Spanish do, Turkish uo. Snuffs?Hose scented, No. 1; Maccaboy, American Gentle man, Lundyfoot, French Hapee, and Irish Blackguard. The above articles are all warranted to be made of the finest qualities of leaf tobacco, and by the most experienced work men. Orders directed as above will meet with prompt attention? the same pains taken as if they were personally present. O8" K- Savage, 354 Fulton street, and A. A. Samanos, Broadway, Agents for the city of New York. Troy, Jan. li, 1845. m2 lm*ee CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS 1 EZEKIKL, 92 Nassau street, opposite the Herald Build ings, respectfully invites the atteution of his friends and the public generally, to the following choice Cigars, just re ceived by late arrivals from Havana Regalias of various Panetelas of various Alliansa, brands, brands, Knickerbocker Norm as, Principes, La Florinda, Yngenuidad, Kionda, Estrellas, Esperanxa, Napoleones, Lara. La ludia, Noriegas, Lord Byrons. The above Segars are guaranteed as genuine and imported, and the trade are invited to call and examine them. N. B ?Orders from abroad will be strictly attended to. fl7 lm*rc N. FABER SEGAR FACTORY, 71 Dlvlsloa Street, NEW YORK. rPHK UNDERSIGNED have established an extensive Segar A Faotory. at 71 Division afreet. New York, under the direc tion of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who has been Suiirrintendent of one of the largest Factories in Havana, for nineiceti years The following kinds of Segas, manufactured in dve Fiber Se gar Factory, and of which a large stock is now on hind, will be found equal to any Havana Segars of eorresponding style and age:? Imperial Regalia, Trabucos, Common Site, Regalia, Tanetelaa, London Site, Caaadores, Canones, Principr, All boxed in ihe Havana style. The subscriber* have settled the Son of their Senior in Hava na, for the express purpose of selecting Tobacco for their Facto ry, as also for the purpose of selecting Segars suitable for this market. They have now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Harana Se gars. entitled to debenture, of the following brands:? La India, Woodville, La t abana, Noriago, Kragranna, La Norma, De Moya, Cnnrey, Esperanxa, Lord Byron, Upman, Kiondo, Eeculapins, Minerva, La Fame, La Palma, Victoria, Colnmbia, Doa Hermanot, La Pax, Also, Principe, lie. JOHN H. FABER It CO . 07 3m? re. No. I New street, corner of Wall. INDIA LONG SHAWLS. JUST RECEIVED by the subecribers, a (rank of Camels J Hair Shawls?among them six very splendid Long White Shawls, which will be sold at very reasonable prices, by JAMES BECK * CO., 05 inter M Broadwty SOAP WORKS P E R F U M ET Y DEPOT. IN ADDITION to our Manufactory, we have opened a Store for the sale of our Economical Eancy Soaps and all kinds of Perfumery, Family Soap, Patent Crystalline Candles. Ike., lie. We solicit purchasers to inspect our stock, which w? offer on the lowest terms. Shippers to the West Indie* and South America, are particu larly invited to examine our Crystalline (handle*. Sales Room No. 1 Courtlandt it.set, next door to the New National Hotel. JOHNSUN, VROOM It FOWLER. fS4 lm*ec LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. AVING been awarded ihe Diploma at the late Fair o( the America^ Institute, for the best I aits, I am piepared to furnish an article of Lasts which cannot be surpassed in this or any other city in the United States. Sole and Upper Leather of all kinds. Black and Colored Mo rocco and Kid Skins, with Deer, Goal and Lamb Skin Bind ings. Shoe Threads, Lastingi Galloons, Sheetings, Linen and Leather Linings, UottUordand Webs, Boot Trees, Hammers, Pincers, Awls and Vkcks, with a full assortment of Shoe makers Tools, of the most a^^oved pa^sriis^cheap for cash. 395 Spring street, between Greenwich and Washington streets, New York. N. B?The Greenwich Line of Stages pass within a block of the store. f?" Iin*m gUOAR?IdThhd. Prime New tfcft m7 ec SB South sliest H RBnI"?tra,JLc* of Mr> Arnold again.t the HWs;??iE2Srnt of To the Hon. the Legislature of the State of New v fork, now tn Session, anH?nr/.?1r'!1?rmll8,'ra Cl,'zen ?t Poughkeepsie, would ? 'Ti?1 of th" Dutchess Delegation! hodv h" y rePrp.8ent ,0 your honorable _ i Y* . * "e ^as seen, through the medium of the Adnlfr5ri? ' 1 a j '' 7? Puni8'?.Seduction and hJiJy crimes, and lor other purposes," 1ms been presented to the consideration and approval hlv* k[ honorable body, and which bill appears to ?"on vn i *irr!f cceoniance with the prayers on your loaded table,"emanating Irom a "numer ous, virtuous and estimable class of citizens " a majority of whom are females. ' |te'aiIa ol Slid bill, the attention of your memorialist is torcibly arrested by its one-sided and partial character; Wherein the male is proposed to be totally disarmed, and the female clothed witn an oppressive and dangerous power over him ? severe penalties are proposed to be inflicted on the' seducing male, whilst that of the seducing female aPPfa" l? have entirely escaped the vigilant care of your honorable committee in forming the bill tog tl?'1 ure ot the bill? (??hont impun tng the motives of any,) your memorialist would b.,g leave to remonstrate. The crime complained of, if it be a crime mum be commuted by both male and female conjointly seducer and th J"h ^ aaLcertaln between the aucer and the seduced,or whether the seduction would prove to be mutual. The law of Moses I would stone both to death. Also, the damsel taken fro behmar"a*e.-bed? who was found to have parted nrnfie? f chasiity, which his and our law would ^ ?7V V10le.nce, was to be returned?he be ing released from the consequences of the unfortu "a'e m?rna?e> and she to be stoned.. It should be remembered that we have sons as well as daugh Your memorialist would solicit the attention ol one"!!!1 ?ni?rab b0dX-10 the con8'deration and pro " m?yn If aTrDdl"? ,8,aid bl" as t0 embrace man, mule and female," and in transgression to place them on equal footing. Your memorialist h confident that the propriety of this course will meet body re8ponse in l"e minds of your honorable Has not the seductions of the female, from time immemorial, in all ages,been a just subject of com plaint,both by "fathers,husbands and brothers," and does not the mothers, w ,ves, sisters and daughters need your care in the hill equally with them Is ii not notorious that he, otherwise " virtuous," is maUr hy,u,p0j(luto her seductive wiles. A wise man hath said that a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband, and then exclaims " who can hnd a virtuous woman 1" It is of prevalent belief, founded on ancient chronology, that the first man was tempted seduc Lrwomk'jr.Vdrf otCent'Si && her'reprobation.deSerVe llI8comm^at,on, and o. ,Yof" memorialist wou'd beg to be permuted fewriiSf ,attentlon ?f y?ur honorable body, 'to a idv Aif ' 'he many that might be adduc ed) of the mutability ot woman. m;7.W.? j D?tt's daughters, by stratagem, com h dhi ii'Ti and incest with their father ! Abraham' hid. r.ael) the 8?n ?f fsaac- 'he son of h?, i. I twelve sous, by four women of hie nrince m i 8nd,?ne of ,bem' ^dah, a conspicuous amK i! Israel, in an unsuspecting moment bv ambush, on the wayside, was beset, enticed and seduced by Tamar, his daughter-in-law, she dis guising herself to that ot an harlot. She was brought forth anon to be stoned, yet was saved bv clemency and pardon. ?aveu oy vorite RnohJI ?n5'k' 90fn8-the fi?t-born of his fa vonte Kachel, and his favorite son?Joseph after K ced, and treacherously abducted bv Kvvnf ? m,Xed brethren, and sold to Potiphar, in uons oMitf m?r? ? w- by the wiles and seduc and fidehfv w? f ,W,fe; a,,d' <?r his resistance ^r.l r y'. wLa! fa,8p'y accused of attempt to mp? o. whie.h herself only was guilty and he 8e?? ? ^haroah's "Slate prison." ' It the quotation in the report of your honorable committee is worthy of meditation and commeni J. .i ?&"5?h?fr'pb'c pel,c''d,ew h"?" count dollars to "pander" to the avarice and en. 1'idiiy of a "hellish fury," to bear testimony against he victim of her selection, whose crime like that 1& h"' b? ?hi?hu>?. tect tier victim. And would you prostrate him m to Ihe2'nnfre ,0 beg that il may not be a Jcs.-ph 1 row/r i.ns.T L? "PPrehend that this learlul power is now abused, not by the "virtuon. ? h... by the avarice and cupidity of the "furies of hell"' orahle h^'T the gTaye con8|dcration of your hoii orahle body for its amelioration'? Under such, law as the bill proposes, where coufd be found the ?afety of trembling man ? Would she rule sunreml over nis degradation ? Would your honorable bodv repel man, by fear, from the smiles of wornem ^2 tn her anger place him a victim to her power and cast him over to the "furies of hell " P ' d"d Are there none of courage to fare ihr v!<\Un> correm.and to repel the taunu and rejfoachei o zealous bigots, and to ask for equal justice fo? the ?orpamal,t^niale ?f fernalp> w"bout fear, tteS fand'lasting the mn[,VirtUe-aJshield that Wl" rfe?end and reS the most poisoned arrow?only to be obtained but thePna?hDo? releth!nrfPeCUOn' and Persev"?n'-e ,,f Pairi ot rectitude?yes, conscious rectitude' A conscience void of offence." is a pearl of great price a solace that none can give nor take awsv ss zlirS'vi?< ?^*? L ^an?cr and peril to which thev w II expose themselves on the least departure from htsbenign anil vnta principle ; for to rebel against the convictions of light and truth is partakfrfg ? Who "wnhnrn r a ,lncthe s,*ht 0< Omnipotence, "o, without respect of persons, judgeth accord tng to every man's works." JuoSe?i accord n."fnce' yo,:r smfmonalist would solemnlv and r nly remonstrate against the passage of the bill {"reported by your committee' to y&r hoJoraNe February 17,1845. b?'amin Arnold. In Supreme Court, March 7,1845.?March Spe cial Term.?Mr. Justice Beardaley presiding.? Nisbit ada McCotter. Motion to refer granted ?Jordan et al. v?. Posey. Motion to file warrant of attorney nunc, pro tunc, granted.?Jordan et al. va. Poaey. Motion to sit aaide tho writ of fieri 'acias laaued in thia cause, denied ? Posey ada Jordan et ui. Motion to vaoatc and set aaide judgment docketed in thia oanae, and the fi. fa. Mimed thereon, denied?Van Benachoten imp'd, Ac. ads Rusk Motion to aet aaide judgment and execution a* to defend ant Van Benachoten, granted with coata unleia certain conditiona are complied with.?McGarry ada. Ilait. Mo tion to aet aside default, Sec. granted on terms.?Griffin ada. Dewey. Motion for Judgment aa in caic of non auit granted, by default ? Btirgerf et al. va Allen Motion for an order that the late sheriff of Oawego execute a deed to plaintiffs, granted with reatrlrtiona by default.?McClean ads. Kithian et al. Motion to set aaide inquest, he., grant ed on terms. ?Smith et al eds. Kellogg. Motion to change venue, granted by default.?La Grange adi. Watson Motion to set aside inquest, fcc . gran.rd on terms. - In the matter of Cook et al for an alternative mandamus te the Niagara Common Plena, granted ex parte. ?Carley. imp'd ada. Swift et al. Motion io set aside execution, he., de nied with coata?Bromaghim vs. (torse Motion to set aside judgment and to retax costs. Ordered, that the mo tion stand over to next special term, in the mean time costs to be relaxed before (axing ofli Jer, he ?In the mat. ter ot the application, Francis ( orry, for a certiorari, granted ex oaite ? In the matter of the attachment of the estate ol Charles M. Rexl et al, non-resident debtors. Motion to vacate orders and to set aside the attachment in this matter, granted on terms.-Kingsley vs. Bnrltngame. Motion ex parte that plaintiff'have leave to file capias, he., nunc pro tunc, he , granted.? Brown et al ads. Wes son rt el Motion ox parte for a certiorari, granted ? Karr va. Bruce, sheriff. .Motion denied with costa, without prejudice, and proceedings on attachment stayed to next ? special term.?Brndpr ads. Garbutt. Motion to change vanue. Ordered by the court to stand over to next spe cial term?The Canal Bank, Albany, va Fitch et al Mo tion to aet aside sheriff's sale and certificates, granted by consent.?Spencer ads Campbell. Motion to vacate sti pulation, and to refer cause to new referees, granted hy lefault ?The People ex. rei. Jones va. the Judges af Dot chess Common Pleat. Motion ex parte for alternative mandamus, granted ?Al'mny jlrgtu. Supposed Murdkkkr Arrested?His Innocence Ebtabi.ibhkd ? A man nimrrl Jnmts Minnt w.,; .nested in Washington on the 4th ot March, on an inlor m tion laid before Justice Bonn, charging th< said Minoi with suspicion of having committed the crime of murdei in W.irhington County, Missouri, hy shooting Thomas Bird, F.?q , of that plane, on the SOth ultimo. He was ex imined on the day following his apprehension, when the Hon. Mr Relfe and hit son, who in from the place where ilie murder waa committed, and knew the murderer, testi fied that the person then in custody wi.< not the perpetra tor ot the act On thia testimony, the Justice* immediate ly diaohared Jamea Minor, tho accused.! to* custody. (???annate* [Correspondence ot the Herald.] Savannah, March 4, 1845. Fell ivities?Firts?Murder? Theatricals? Politics. Friend Bknnktt :? I suppose you will be glad to hear from " away down South," and thia goodly and godly city. I have been here and hereabouts for some time, a looker on, and have seen considerable to look at. We have had a due share of rational amusement of late. Fires, hangings, balls, theatricals, See. This being Inauguration Cay, we are to indulge in the tallest and heaviest kind of a bail in honor of the people's man, and our own success. All the women having any claim to beauty and youth are invited. We had a very respectable fire the other night, (for Savannah)?a large cotton store house, containing about 2000 bales,with the Odd Fellows* Lodge overhead,was totally consumed,alsoasmall wooden house adjoining. I passed the scene last night, and the cotton, still burning, visible through the door and window openings of the blackened and still standing walls, made it look like a cavern of hell. I should hate to be the owner of much property here?the town is built of pitch pine, which burns like tar?but the bleBBings of poverty are great, and I can sleep even here?a quiet con science and no money are the best opiates this side the grave. People here, men,women and children, negroes and dogs, all run to a nre together. They ought to see how coolly they take it in Gotham. A negro was executed here a few days ago. for a murder most foul. He died with great gallantry and penitence. A minister made some common place remarks, which were heard with much so lemnity by the fashionable audience, thus giving the lie to the Greeleyites?the victim also address ed the people with great coolness, but impressively. The clergy here are a humdrum set ot men; the only ones having pretensions to eloquence are the sailor's preacher and the Unitarian. This last preaches sound doctrine, and is an elegant writer. Theatricals are at a low ebb here,as every where. You. and you alone, have discovered the true se cret of this and published it to the world?the third tier must be abolished before our pious countrymen will endure the theatre. Miss Clifton was here, but drew no houses, beautiful and good though she is. A negro has, I forgot to say, been arrested, charged with setting fire to the cotton establish ment; and, as the death of one man ensued from the tailing of the wall, he will be likely found guilty, to lollow his brother murderer. Your New Yorkers seem to think that Silas Wright stands a chance for the Presidency, but I can tell you he stands no chance of southern votes, and you can make your bets accordingly. The Texas business has ruined him. Great rejoicings are here at the final passage ot the bill. Yours ever, J. W. B. Latest from the North.?The following dis patch was received yesterday atLivingsten 6c Co.'s famous express office, in Wall street:? Albany, March 8,1845. The House adjourned at an early hour to-day, as a token of respect to the memory of Hon. Levi S. Chatfield, deceased, Speaker of tne House in 1842. Mr. Chatfield whs a member of the Assembly in 1840,1841 and 1842. and resided at Laurens, Ot sego County. We have several petitions from New York that the Erie Railroad Company be compelled to con struct their road through tne southern tier of coun ties to Bioghamton, as a condition of releasing the lien of the State on the road. Also, requiring the railway companies between Albany and Buffalo, to 'ravel iheir loads with greater speed, and for the ippointment of a commissioner to supervise them. Remonstrances against par redemption in New York or Albany, and petitions lor and against dis criminating tolls How in as fust as ever. Mr. Wiikelkr presented the memorial of the Mayor of New York on the subject ot Emigration and Pauperism. It was referred to a select com mittee consisting of the delegations from New York, Kings and Richmond counties. A mt-morial of near 500 sailors of the port of New York against the bill taxing them a higher rate foi hospital money, was presented. A bill was reported to compel the Long Island Railway Company to keep their track clear of cattle by fencing in their roadway. Ia the Senate memorials, were presented from the Common Council for the repeal of the Mill Tax, and for the regular annual tax bill. A peti tion was also presented from owners of lots be tween Bowery and Broadway in favor of closing Eleventh ?treet. Gas is the rage of the day. The Senate has re ported a bill to increase the capital of the Albany Gas Light Company to an extent sufficient to en able them to carry on their operations. They will be in full blast by Sept. next. Buffalo, too, is pushing alongside of Albany, and has a bill reported to organize a company. Mr. Smith, ot Suffolk county, has reported a liberal bill to extend and protect the interests of the agriculturists by extending the previsions of the act ot 1841. Mr. Lester has reported a bill for par redemn. tious. It cannot succeed. This is not a fair move cowards the country banks. They nay their notes in specie at their counters in accordance with the provisions of their charters, and what right have the Legislature to say they shall keep them at par in New York or this city. Leave the currency alone. For all business purposes these bills are current all over the State at specie rates. Will not that suffice these currency tinkers'! " Let well enough alone" is a most exeelient maxim. Pass this bill, and you will blot out of existence hosts ot institutions now performing their obligations faithfully and with advantage to the community were located An important bill, of which a synopsis has been published in the general city papers, is now under consideration in the Senate. It is a bill of general application, proposing to apply the knife to town and county expenses. My only fear of its passage is that it proposes to legislate out of office so many pervon8that members ot the Legislature would find i< unpopular at home. One great source of objec t on to the present Common School law arises from the fact that it abolished the offices of town super intendents and commissioners, and thus left hosts without a chance for an office. Such is the love of office. The House of Assembly of Canada have adopted a resolution by a vote of 43 to 40, in which the principle of paving lor the losses incurred by the rebellion of 1837 8 is recognised. Pay will follow next session. Varieties. The Toronto Patriot say* that the British American Land Company have subscribed $100 000, towards the projected railroad from Montreal to the Atlantic. A reduction of fare is to made en the eastern Railroad aftsr the 1st of April. Krom Boston to Lynn to cants ; to Salem, 40 cents: to Newburyport, $1; *nd in the same proportion to other way stations. It the Maine directors consent, the tare to Portsmouth will be >1 60. The Baton Rouge (iar.ette says that cottons and Unsays equal to those of Lowell, and bagging weighing A ounces to the yard more ttian the best Kentucky, are now mado at the Louisiana Penitentiary; and that rope and twfne will soon be manufactured of a aupotior quality. JONES'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, OK INITIATORY COUNTING ROOM, 1*1 BrontlwHjr, corner or Mnmy it, rpll K obieetnf this Institution is to impart thoroug h iiKtrnction A in Book-Keeping, rrnmsnahip and Commercial Arithme tic, and qualify Oentlemen for practical duties of the (Irak. Private instruction is kit-to if reqmred fC/" Members of the Mercantile Librarv Association are re quested to apply to the Librarian at Clinton Hall, who will i nrnii li ticketa of admission nnder tlt? arrangement mad* with the t nmniittrr. References may be hail at the Academy to Bookkeepers, Merchants and Clerks, who hare been students during the last nine years. For sale, Jones's Principles ana Practice of Bookkeeping, leo .ptice 12s. This work is adopted in the fl'st Acadeniie Institutions in this country. It is also republished in England a -d extensively introduced there. f2i Imeod'ec MR. SAMUEL ROTtlKOPE, Native of Lynns, in France Operator of CORNS.?Mr. SAMUEL ROTHKoPK, a native of I.yens, a .irst-rate hand in coring Coras, be?s to an nounce to she public, that he will undertake to estirptts Corns, whether in the shape of onions ir eaalr'sevm, fiom between the toes, or any other callositices as well as incarnated nails, by the simple u.eans of an Elisir, his own invention. The ope ration is iterformed in two minutes, withont the least pain, or dai ger ol hurting the Toe Mr. S. Kothkone'a invention is quite new, and differs very much Irom all other optwat'ons of thia kind, aa the Corals tskea from the very root After the operation, the patient msy on inert i at W put on bis shoes, and walk as easily as if be has aullered fn-m Corns. Operated pernios may have the sat.a action to take in their hands the Corn, look at it ail be.-p it. Th* operation will be p-rformed at Vlr. K.'a rest denee. No. 31 Day street. Patients atte drd at th -ir own residences if required es and gentlemen will find at Vlr. Kothkope's residence, y Hook containing thonasnds of certificates from the highest nobility, as v>, II as the most distinguished medical gentlemen in Europe, on whom he operated to their greatest satisfaction. mS2w*eoiM CVHKAPKST AND BEST?Red Ash COAL,M J VVeeks ' Vnrd, 3.-16 Klixaheth St. All nnder sheds, dry, re-?creeneil, and delivered clean to any part of the city, at the low prices, Tig. l-arge ,Nnt, $5; Large Stove, ti id; Broken and bigg, ti id Orders receiv -d by City Despatch Store corner Houston and Elisabeth its, and at the Yard, 2i? Elisabeth, near Bleecker jt? lm*re JACOB WEEKS.

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