Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY MORNING, MARCH 12, 1845. ? THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To tti? Public. ? THE NEW YORK HERALD?Dtflr Newspaper?umb liehed every day of the you except Now You1* Day and Youth of July. Price I cent* per copy?or $7 M per >uuuiu pnotfu Hid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published orery BaturdaT morning?price (Id cento per copy, or $1 11 pee annum?poet ages paid, cash in ad ranee. .ADVERTISERS are injbrmed^^gt^riie circulation of tha Herald ii over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing Oft It has thr Largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and it, therefore, the beet channel for bueinen wen hi the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PKINTI NO of all kinda executed at the most moderate price, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. ?>BorRiKToa or thk Hkrald Establishment. Northwest comer of Pulton and Nassau streets. SHAKSPEaRE HOTEL. corner op william a duane streets, ny. THE subscriber respectfully informs the public that ' be has leased the above establishment, and is now pre spared to accommodate them with Board and Lodging, on v ry moderate terms. It has been put in the most thorough and complete re|?air, painted and refitted with additional new fur liturf. and lie will not, as usual, say what he intends to do, but wlirjis the travelling community to visit and give him a thai. a. d judge for themselves, that the establishment under his m<u <gem-u: is deserving the patronage of the public. The 1i csuon bciug c-niral ti business, offers inducements to mer ciiams 'r tn the country [from its retired situitiou] unsurpass ed by any .-titer house in the city. Terms tl p-r day?per week iu proportion. The subscriber he/s to call the i rl - ?1 attention of parties that the Auemhly Ho'm wi'l be to let to those airing Balls and Con cern for the remaining part of the season, and that the room will sh i tly b? pnr. in complete repair, andfitled op in a magni ficent style lie further calls the attention of tlia professional Rentlemeu ofth- Uw. that his room for arbrratirt and rerereea a. undergone alterati ??, and that he i. ready to accommodAte them oil reasonable terms?which will be seen by his regula tion of room hire. N B ?A .elect number of permanent boarders will be taken on ve.y mi derate terras. rati 2w*nc MINORD 8. THRESHER. TO LET?The two story and attic brick dwelling house Nn 146 Barrow street, finished in modern style, .with folding d >ora, marble mautel , Ac. Apply to ,*m6 1** T. A A. 8. HOPE, No. Illf'hampers at. TO LET. AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION N?The T " GIVEN?The Store No. 97 Nassau street, Herald Build ping!, with Fixtures. Stove and Pipes, ready set and all iete. Application to he made at the desk of trie office of er Id for terms. Ac jSlrfre I O LET?Two Stores beautifully situated, in the new buildiugs f now nearly complete) on the northwesterly corner of Broadway and Rends a..est, (known as the Lit FarTe Biiildiuga ) nd I Also, a Urge and eonyeniant Basement, wall calculated for an Oyster Saloon, Ac. Also, several convenient Stores in the second story, suitable for Merchant Tailors, Eaahionable Milliners, Dressmakers, Ac. together wfth a variety of Rooms in the 2d, 3d, 4th, and ilh stories, suitable for Offices. Private Pa-lore with folding doors, _ . . _ . .... tkbis Pantries auJ Bedrooms attached ; with Rooms suitable lor Dentists, Painteis, Daguerreotypes and Exhibition Rooms, Ac. Those iieraons wanting rooms of the above description, are re quested to call and examine the same. Enquire on the premise? fid lm*rc VERY DESIRABLE LOTS YOR BALE.?Kir Lou ou the southerly aide of ISth street, near 5th avenue ^iA,'*ii Lou ou the northerly aide of 13th street, between 6th udTtli avenues, with court yariR in front, and in the midst of elegant improvemenU. Three Lou on ihe southerly aide of 14th street, oetween the Ctb and Hh avenues, in an improving neighborhood. Two LoU on the southerly aide oT 14th street, near the 9th nveuue. Four LoU on the easterly aide of7th avenue, between 11th and 13th straeu, with cellars partly dug ont. Fit - Lou on the northerly aide of 39th street, between the 1st j and 2nd avenues, overlooaing the city and East River. The whole amount may rema n on mortgage, if improved, " " * " G. H. WINTER, and 70 ]-er cent if not improved. j26im??c 16 Wall street 1'U LET OK LEASE.?A large wo atory brick Hou*e, on the southwesterly corner of tne Bloomingdale . n>sd cud 46th street, with sufficient ground whereon to ereci a manufactory, which will be built if reunited. Also, % two story frame CotUge, House, and five LoU, on he no-thweaurly corner of the Bloomingdale road and 40tn street, with a workshop, stable, barn, Ac. The house will be painted and nut in good fence and repair, with a oourt yard in front, on the nloomingd Je road. Also, 8 Lou adjoinmg on the Bloomingdale road, running i through to the7th avenue and 41st street, suitable for a florist or ?hanulacinrer. Buildings will be erected if required. Also, a Lot iu 30thstreet, batweeu the 7th and 8th avenues, to lease. G. H. WINTER, j26 lm*ee 16 Wall street. riR TO LET?The large three story and attic Brick ijM Dwelling House, situated on the north-easterly corner of M ? ine Seventh Avenue and Thirteenth street, with a line Sitru. ii, Crocoa water, kitchen ranges, marble mantels, sliding oors, Ac., and in an improving neighborhood. Kent low to a K- tenant. A'ro?h our three story and attic Brick Houses, with Stores Underneath, on the easterly side of Sixth Avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth meets, with sliding doors, marble manu-ls. I'rotnu water, Ac., suitable for wspectable families iu , moderate circumstances. A'.sn?Five three story Brick Houses, ofa similar kind, on the sisterly aide of Greenwich Lane or Avenue, near the Eighth A .enue, and op|>osite the large square. Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store underneath, ou the easte.iy aide of the Eighth Avenue, between 13th and lull streeu, with marble mautels, sliding doors, Lroton water, Ike. All of the above Stores are excellent stands for business, and ire suitable for drygooda and fancy-goods, ladies' shoe stores, china and earthenware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fectionary, Ac. The Stores, with the front basement-room, will be rented se parate from tiie dwelling para if required, there being covered areas in front for fuel, Ac. G. H. WINTER, flllm*rc 16 W all street. em TO LEI?The Bulkhead, or Water Front,from VV'u T.ijn ran street to Chambers street, (about 800 fret,) now occu XJJLi'i'd as the Newburg Landing. The fourstory 8tore.No. 114 vv .trien street. One of tha > e? Building , between Wash ing t"n and West streets. The superior three story Brick House uccnpied by K J. Cochran, Esq , on t enth Avenue near 23d street: has mahogauy doors, plated lurnimre.Croton water, Sic. FOR SALE OK TO LfcT?The Mansion and Farm at Oowanus, L 1 , about three miles from the South Kerry. The House it fifty I ret square, five atones, and a superior cellar, roof | eupper-d, inaho itny door*, plated furniture, Ac. The hall and stairs liaiiau marole. The building is near the water, aad is without equal as to situation in the United States. It will ac coinmnuate fifty or sixty persona, l'be Farm is eighty acres?a front ou the Bay of one thousaud feel, and a front on each side of 1 1m ril Aveuue. It is in the Eighth Ward of the City of j Brooklyn, nud laid oat in 104)0 Building Lots, and there are mtny Sites on this property. The laud is the nest on Long Island lor early vegetables, and can rsalixr firs thousand dollars par annum, it attended to by an experienced gardener. ALSO, FUR BALE?Tne Brunei Farm, at Gowauus, about 2t)0 Lots fronting on Th.rd and Fourth Avenues and the street leading to the Greenwood Cemetery. The Lots will be sold at low prices and long credit, and money loaned to those that bnild immediately, jto DELAPLAINE, flO 'm*re No 7 New attest, New York. S1EAM POWER?Rooms u> let wiui Oiearu rower. Apply at K. HUE A CO., 118 3wrc 89 and Ji Gold street. TO SECRET SOCIETIES. TO LE i'? From 1st May next, the lane Room in the upper story of house corner of East Broadway aad Ca J^il harine itifet, fitted up for a lodg- room. Can be seen be....-i-a 8)6 sad 5 o'clock, P. M. For further particu lars snqU'reof E SPIER,51 Catharine street, or of J HmCHT, 38 He try street (31 lm*m FOR SALE. ma A BKAUT1FUL FARM, linttnl in the town of |At:Mtchnter, cout-iniug seventy acres of good tilableand ^L<i u> Mud. 1 fit- Hoe?e |? in perfect order and convenient j\ 1.1 >>ia"d lor a large family bald Farm it divided by the ( nt ioiuI running to >?* Kochelle and Mannarroneck, and not doe 11 to Ka.tche.ter (.reek, where there it line bast and trout lishiug lu uieir teaton. 1 he out buildmgi are all in good older, and mere it good t abling for twelve hortes. t he whole rlai e it well wained and on the premises it a beautiful k whpoud. I heir are two churchrt witluu a quarter of a mile of said place, and siagrt put twine a day by the houte, to intersect the New V ark aud Harlem KailroaJ at William's Bridge, wni'h it with in three unlet of said premises. Them an abundance of Fruit ou said premises, whicn was teleeted by tha present ownar With greet care. The distance from City Hall, New York, is tc ut tlicreu miles. Poasessiou can be had by tha 1st ol April, and .my information Concerning said property, can ha had on llie premises. A so, adioiuiug said property, forty acres of first raw Land, with a good Scon* House on it, with Bern aud Stabl. t connected, possessing rlw tame advantages as the above teveuty scree. The said forlv acn-t will be sold separately, or the karma to gether, (making in all Uu acres) io suit ibe purchas-r. Apply to J ^ J t.Ne, WAY, No. It City Hail Place, or to ISAAC AnDKUBON, on the premises, or to Ie3 lin'rc WiVI. H. HICKS. No. til Wallstrevt. i ,, TO LET. AT FORDH\M. W?STCH?8T?R CO , N Y. mm A LAH'lt and eouveuieal Cottage, formerly occupied pH|iv l'hot Baesl'ord, with a Harden, and Finn Trees of .As very Jeacrl, riou. adjoining?tituatrd within two or three hu..U..d yards ot St. John's College. The New York and Har lem Railroad Cart run to and from New York lis times s day. Apply at lib I'entl street, Naw York. lie lm*re REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, auum ABOUT FIFTY ACRKS ef choice Land in the Ith JK? Ward, in the city ol Brooklyn, frou'ing the Naw York mA^Bay, and commanding a beautiful project. The situa liun is highly pctuiesqu*. Kuquireof JOHN 8. BkRUKN, on the premises. jagg lin'rc am FOR BALL?A va'oable Farm, forming a part of the jEHtmct anown as Morritanie, sitna'ed on tha Harlem river, the county ol Weetcheacer, consisting of oae hundred tuu tea acres of land, props ly fenced mid in good order. Upon the Farm there it a commodious modem built IHtusinu House, With a garden, stable and all necessary appendages, suitable for a genii- man's couuiry residence. 1 here are alio upon the Farm two Farm Housea, and all necessary out buildings. Also, a valuable null tile and water power, and an orchard; Tha said Farm is very accessible from the city, being within nine miles of the City Hall, with tlie privilege of a free briagu acreas tha H irlem river. The care ol the Harlan Railroad ran within hall a mile of the house. For term* and farther particulate in quire b- tween 11 and 3 P. M. of H. M. MORRIS, j 18 Itn* re 11 Pine street, tecoud story. A COUNTRY RKSIDKNC? FOR BALK?Situated KeSin tlw town of I'rlham. Westchester Conugy, bordering on ^Amthe village ol' r.aal Chester, about 16 miles from New York, containing MO acres of land?50 acres wood land, the balance 'HI acrtt is iu a high at,? ol cultivation, with fruit trees of all kiuils in abundance There are two good 1) welling Houses ou it, recently built, togethrr with a large barn, stone hen hoare, co. ii rib, etc. i he place i* beautifully situated, commanding a view of the Bound and snrrounuiag country. It will be told low or eicl' tnged for improved city property. For farther par ticulars apply at 60 West street, between Carlisle and Rector *' Alto, * Lots of Ornand. 35 by IbO, on the easterly side of the lllh Avrnoe, Sit ween 37th and Mih streets. 153 im"ic FUR BALK?A FARM?Situated at Islip, Suffolk SRlSCouiiiv, L I , adjoining smiihtowa. Said Farm couuins ic ?i; JH of which it Woou; the remaining 53 acres are i ii ? ?tne of good cu lIVHlioo. There are two Hou.-a, and also two good wells of water on the farm; a largt barn with car niffi h Hiif aiiU lUbliuK for eight nor^eii tu ic? hoiiM; igotxl Urge gtnlen, eaeloted ??? a pilitt faica, fmit treea, lie., lie. Any lurcher infoim.itiou may b? obtained at No Hi Hletoktr ?treat. a few doori watt from Broadway, flail toe parchta* money eao remain on mortgage- fitt 1m * m DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL* ? Nc. 4? BOWERY, /{?an Astoz a/id La Fayette Place*, New Yoke. M "v.". hu the honor to announce that tiii School ia opea Day aiid.Errniug, Tor Equestrian Taition and Exercise Riding. TERMS: LECTURE LtSSONi. EXCBCIIE 11101*15. Id Lcaaoiii $]J ?o I M until til M M ' It 00 10 Hide. 11 N 4 ?? 50Q |o ?? (00 Road* Hf*0"???????? J 00 Single Rides73 N.B.?Highly trained and qnirt Horaeo, for the Road or Parade, to let. ETEBIYU CLAit. U Lessons $9 00 I M Kidea ?lt 09 Single " I 00 I dingle Ride 76 RULES: 1.?All Laaaoni or Kidea paid for on commencing. 1.?One hour allowed on each Lei ion or K'de in the School. I.?One hoar and a half to a Leaenn on t lie Rood. Honrt for Ladiea, from 9 A. M. to >P M. 5.?Houra for Oeutlrmen, (rem J to 6, nod from 7 to 910 P. M ?.?No Gentlemen admitted daring tir hoere appropriated to Lmms. A card of addraaa ia requested previona to commencing. ITT Gentlemen keeping their hoiaea at thia eetabliehment, w 11 bare the privilege of nding them in the School reatis. DAGUERREOTYPE. TOHN ROACH, Optician, 82 Neaaan atreet. New York, ?s " constantly manufacturing, and haa always on hand, all ar ticles of the heal quality used in the Dago-rreotype proems.? Hit Triple Compound of Bromine ia a inperior preparation, and ia now in general use. He hat alio on hand the Hungarian or Germau Accelerating Liquor. Cameras of his own manuTaeturs aa well as French and Ger man ones. The German Cameras sold at thia ritabliahment will be warranted genuine. Orders from the coun'ry for any articles used in the art will be promptly and car-fully attended to. m6 lm*rrc TO THE DAGUKKR1AN ARTISTS. FA. ARTAULT. Importer of French Daguerreotype ma ? teria'a and manufacturer of Morocco Casta, offers forfait at the following cheap prices? Best quality of French nates. No. 40, (medium)gj dosen. F'ine Morocco Cases, with white glut and line borders, S3 dz. Gcd quality of Daguerreotype Apparatus, including the in struction, all complete and warranted, S60. Acromatic Glaasea, from S3 to S16. All: he Chemicals used iu the Daguerreotype procets, cheap. F. A. Artanlt haa received by the laet steamship, the aalt of gold for gilding the piclares, the new snhtrance for polishing plates in two mm ilea, and the beautiful process of Mr. Fisean Tor reproducing the Daguerreotype Portraits ou engraved platee, and to draw on paper aa unlimited number. If you are fond of the progress iu Una beautiful art, please to call at the Lafayette Bazaar, 14S Broadway, cor. of Liberty at. Jail lm*re CHEAP DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. MRS. H. SHANK I. AND,Daguerreotype Artist,having taken since twe year* more than 10,000 portraits, and being well known f >r taking the lent style of portraits, reapeetfnlly informs tw? friends and customers and the public, that she gives a beau ful Daguerreotype likeness, including a fine morocco case or a frame, for only out dollar. Being always well patronized, aud her customers tucieasing every day. she has, for their conve uience,enlarged her establishment, by two Daguerreotype rooms to the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, and by n branch of her establishment, 314 Broadway, third story, front room, No 1, opposite the ark Fountain Portraits taken from ? in the morning to 5 in the evening, any weather, clondy or stormy. Remember, only one doLar, (beat styla) including cats or frame. jSI lm'rre DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. THE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype A Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tions throughout the. Union, the West Indies, South America and Europe. They have also nude arrangements to be aepplied with every new article used in the Daguerreotype Art. They have lately received a large supply of Voigtlaeuder's celebrated Cameras, consisting of three different sites, for the sale of which they are appointed Agents. Alee, a supply of beat Plates and Chemicals, either ftr Daguerreotype or Calotype, made to their especial order. Cases ofsll sizes, the best Policing Substances, ana every other article used for the Daguerreotype, constantly on hand. 1. air long connection with tha Daguer reotype Art and their snce.-ea ia taking pictures, may serve u a recommendation and reliance. Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering articlee from any part of the above named coautwri, may depeud apoa a prompt ud satisfactory execution of their IMKs. Their prices are cash. Prices Current and information may be obtained by addressing (post-paid ) to H/lk F LANGENHEIMK flj lm**c Exchange Building. Philadelphia. SWORD EXERCISE. A/fR HAMILTON, having entered into an arrangement with Lvl MR. FULLER, for the use of the Large Room of his Gymnasium, No. 39 Ann street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most respectfully announces to the public that he in tends commencing a Cass for the Sword Exercise, iu all ita branches?American and French, inch as Small and Broad Sword Exercise, and also Cane Exercise. Mr. H. has been for several years engaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United States Army. N. B.?Volunteer Companies wishing to become perfect in either Musket or Artillery Drill, can be taught the same on the most moderate terms, by application to the advertiser, 31 Ann street, to CapL Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller, fli Im m F FRENCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE. GEKARDIN, Commission Merchant, 1J John street, up stairs, has just received on cousignineat.snd offers for sale, wholese or retail, a splendid assortment of the above articles, comprising?Plain white and rich fancy decorated Dining Sets: Dessert, Tea and Sapper Sets; Toilet Sets; sing'e Cups and Mags, with mottoe; Cologne Bottle Figures; Tete a tete Seu, fcc., lite. Also, plain and neh Cat Glass Decanters, Water Bottles, Celery Bowls, Preserve Dishes, Tumblers, Goblets, Wines, Ike., &c. Astral and Solar Lamp Shades and Globes. KOrders for Cat Glass Wate Gilding and Fainting'on r China Wan, to match any pattern, execrtad promptly. tii lm*rc FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED TO *0. 66 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) ADALESMK, Importer and Agent far Mannfhetorers, has ? always on hand a Urge assortment of dinner and tea sea. in plain white and gilt French Porcelain, as well as Diaaar and Dessert Plates, of all sises, assorted Dishes, Soap Tureens, 'Joveand Dishes, Salad Bowls, Frait Baskets, Costards and Stands. Also, Faaey Tea Sets, aad Rich Decorated Dialer Beta. Also, Tea aad Cbocokata Ware, Greek, French aad Ameriaaa thape All the articles are warranted of the beat Quality, and M ha ?old on liberal terms, aad in lots to suitfyurehaaere., til Oia*#e FRENCH FLINT GLASS WORKS, AT WILLI AM 8BURGH, L. I. DEPOT 90 WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK M risks. BEKGEK Ik WALTER, known for a long series of years as extensira mannfactarers of Watch-Crystals and Flint Glassware, in the Department Moselle, France, hare the honor to inform Glass Dealers. Importers of Watches, and furnishing houses general I y.tnat they have established a Branch of their Manufactory in this country; and, in order to fulfil to entire satisfaction all commands that might be addressed to them, have engaged experienced and skilful workmen, both French and English. The beaaty of this Glass, the tasteful style of all the afffcles they manufacture, as well as moderate prices, and promptitude in the execution of orders, will, they fondly hope, secure to thsiu a large share of patronage from American and foreign Houses. N. B.?Customers in lbs habit of transmitting orders to their honse in Pari",27 ParadU Poissonniere, or their general Depot ot Crystal, 30 Paradis Poissastuiere, Paris, will please forward th> m direet to 90 William sweet New York. fit lm*ec LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. ITAVINO been awarded the Diploma at the late Fair of the It American Institute, for the best i aits, 1 am prepared to furnish an article of Lasta which cannot be surpassed in this or any other city in the United States. sole end Upper Leather of all kinds, Black and Colored Mo rocco and Kid Skins, with Deer, Goat and Lamb Skin Bind ings, Shoe Threads, Lutings Galleons, Sheetings, Linen and Leather Linings, Boot Cord and Webs, Boot Trees, Hammers, Pincers, Awls and Tacks, with a full assortment of Shoe makers'Tools, of the moat approved patterns, cheap for cash. WARREN 8. WIdkEY, 293 Spring street, between Greenwich and Washington streets. New fork. N. B.?The Greenwich Line of Stages peas within a block of the store. fJO lm*m 1X7ATCHEH'.-WATCHES AND JEWELRY.?Those ? who wish to purchase Gold _ r_ or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, fcc., will find it greatly to their advautag* to call on the subscriber, who is selling nil descrip tions of the above at retail much lower than any other house m the city. Gold Witches as low as $M aad SIS each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches war ranted to keep goed time or the money refunded. Watches, aad Jewelry repaired in the beet manner and warranted, at much lew than the usual prie G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Witcbea and Jswslry, ? " " * all st. mt lm*m Wholesale and retail, 30 Wall St., up stain. COMSTOCK & CO., ill Courtlmndt Street, HAVE ON HAND THE FOLLOWING NAMED ARTICLES, WRICI JlCH HAVE OBTAINED SUCH POPULARITY, vis: plONNEL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR,cures all sores, pains inflammations, itching*, and saves Ilk in say ? i. ? ??iieiwiss'smjue, nv.iitup,?* , miiu eurre niw s*e ewy case of barn or scald, it the vitals are nn injured. Every family ?houid haee a box of this in the hoosr, as the money will al ways be reterned if it does not pleam. Be particular aad bey ON'- Y at 21 Coertlaodt street. HHEU slATlSM, CONTRACTED CORDS, Stiff Joints aad Gout. will positively be wired by the sole nse of the INDIAN VEGETABLE BLIXIRand f . LINIMENT. The sceptieal we invite to cajl and be personally referred to gentle men of the highest standing in this city, who havs been cured of the Hhenmatiam by these remedies. They are warrantee DR. SPOHN'S SICK HEADACHE REMEDY, it a car tain cure, either nervous or bilious. It is a palpable alixir, and ia the beat medicine that can be taken in all caaw of heart-Dam and foulness of the stomach. DR. M'NAIHM ACOUSTIC OIL has proved very sueeeee fel in curing eves total deafness. Wa have main; certificates from ciiiaena of this city, who have used this Oil with com plete success. Wt cordially iavita all who are troubled with aay disease ofths ear, to examine the proof. bANGLEY'A WESTERN INDIAN. PANACEA, is the beet family medicine in the world., .It is. a positive snd.wsr sre for rented core for Dyspepsia, Asthma, Liver Complaints, Indiges tion, Coativeness, lie. No person can powibly an this article fo^any of the above complajuti without receiving permanent i proof ia hands of Agents. THE rlLES are warranted to be cured by the Or HAYS' LINIM ENT, end Lin's Balm, of China, or the money the Genuine refunded. Who wifl now snffer with this distressing com plaint I COMSTOCK k CO'K 8ARSAPARILLA, is as pore and strong an Extract from this cslebrated Root, as can possibly be made. The price is so reasonable that the poor can afford to use it, Ireieg but 30 cents par bottle, or fd per doien. It is ths only article that will effectually purify ths sloop from all impuri ties. 1 hose who have been imprudent in the use ef calomel, will find sure relief front it. EAHT INDIA HAIR DYE?This chemical prepartion will color ti.e hair any shade, from a light brown to a jet black, and not injure the hair or stau ths skin ia tha lesst. 1 ?i'Hteiifl?miry^t""rb,;,,,i,? OLDRIGK'8 BAuMOr COLUMBIA, which immediately stops the hair from tailing out, and restores it when bsi.d, ,?!. !.?? w a |KUn a PR1UA Mld WATSR-ITALIAN ; f.IIEMICAL SOAP, Foreign and Domestic Perfumer,; In ! delisble Ink; Pearl Powder, the best article in use; Diamond ? Cement. GETTER'S MAGIC; HAIR OIL-lt given to the hair a beautiful gloss, and inclines it to curl: and, wholly unlike any .... --yer soils the finest ladies' bats in the ( mat Other oil, it never I w ter whet qaantity is applied. We wish all to understand as in this COMSTOCK fc CO. ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFATORY, m No. 10J FULTON STREET. jJL EAST SIDE OK BROADWAY. The extensive application of the system of amall profile, caah payment* and large ealea to many branchea of bnaiueu in this city within a few yeari, and the eminent encceaa which this plan deaeryea, and baa in almoat every inaunce received, haa led the subscriber to teat iu application to the HATTINO boaineaa. In a city whose inhabitants are widely distinguished for neatness and taste in dress, and at the same time for econo my and thrift, there seems great reason to believe that a system ? L: .L .H.kla. >U. I J.LI.. i;. which enables the community to gratify a laudable partiality "1 meet with for neatneaa a' an unprecedentedly small expense, will r no small degree of favor. Determined to ascertain whether a branch of business which concerns the head and pocket of every man in the community, cannot be conducted on this phui, the subseriber has employed a large number of the best workmen in the manufacturing and finishing departments; also skillful and tasty Cap Makers. Each dspaitmeut it under the constant supervision of an experienced foreman. These arrangeineuts, together with his intimate personal knowledge of the basinets, great facilities for purchasing to the best advantage?low rent ?free from the ruiuont expenses of Broadway?inflexible ad herence to "caah on delivery"?a determination to keep pace with all improvements, and with the current Kashious of the day, enable him to say with all confidence, that he now offers to the citixens of New York, articles in hit line fully equal in style and durability to those sold in Broadway, and unequalled in cheapuess and economy to any ever offered in this city. He begs leave to refer to the following schedule of articles, and their respective prices annexed :? hats. First Quality Nutria Fur $3 50 Identical with Hats heretofore sold at %* JO and $5 M. Any one on examination will prououueethem the same, and will, on trial,fiud them to do equally ax good service. Second Quality Nutria S3 00 This is the same article heretofore told at $3 JO and 00. 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In making the comparative statements shewing this re sult, the Comptroller has included in the sum of $3,336,484 56, which he denominates as the total expendi ture lor the support of the city government, the payments made upon common schools, the Aeating debt, and the in terest on the city debt, on which neither Common Coun cil could exercise any control ; the former being con trolled by the Board of Kducation, and the two latter be ing a payment on the floating debt, and the payment of the annual interest on the city debt, and are therufore im properly called expenditures in the sense intended by the Comptroller. These items will be found in schedule D, pnge 13, Comptroller's report, if you will turn to page 60 of said report, you will And that the preceding Com mon Council paid, within four aud-a-hali months compris ing their term ol the financial year, the instalment of the floating debt due 1st Keb., amounting to $00 000, and $403 603 46 of the interest on the city debt which amount ed to $453 899 36. The present Common Council payiug the balance oi said interest lulling due within the seven and u half months, amounting te but $109 096 46. These are fixed sums which must be paid within tha financial year, no matter what Common Council may be in power. Mo discretion can be exercised in regard to them. Yet the Comptroller, instead of giving the preceding Common Council credit ior punctuality, in making these large payments as they became due. within their com parativnly short period of time, thereby preserving unim paired the credit of the oity, ha< desuced from this very circumstance results unfavorable to th-m by drawing a comparison between these payments with reference te the relative terms ot the two Common Councils, to make it | appear that there has been "an average decrease of ex penditure for the support of the city government, by the present Common Council, oi $93 164 53 and eighty-two hundredth* of a cent per month " or far "seven-and a-halt month* a total decrease of $736 334 03 and sixty-five bun dredths of a cent"?whsn from the exposition which I have given, it would appear that the "decrease" in the amount ofthese payments was not occasioned by "the present Common Council,"as stated by toe Comptroller, hut was produced by the payment under the preceding Common Council of the floating debt instalment,and near ly the entire amount of the interest on th* city debt re quired to be paid within the financial year. It will be per ceivi'd, therefore, that these payments have nothing to do with the action of aither Common Council in increasing or diminishing the expenditures of the city, a sum having been levied in the taxes to mvet their precise amount The calculation of the Comptreiler, therefore, going to the 93-100 part of a cent, fall* to the ground. The statement contained in the other extract of the Comptroller's report, is equally fallacious In its results The extract is as follows: ? "Total expense oi support ef the city government for the year 1644, dedvictiug the amounts paid on account ol floating debt, interest on city debt, ond common schools, as will be seen on page 01, ia $1 433,751 65, of which amount there has been expended by the late Common Council in four and a hall months to May 16th, 1944. $616 643 09 There has been expended by the present Common Couacik in seven and a half months, to Decemhor 31st, 1844 607,108 66 $1,438,761 66 .Expenses four end a half months to May 15'h, 1844. by the late Common Council, $616 643 OS; the average expenditure per month, is $137,031 79 Eximnse* seven and a half months to De cember 3lst, 1844. by the present Com mon Council, $607,108 66; the average expenditure per month, is 107.614 47 Decrease $<9,417 33 Showing an average decrease of expenditure u per above, for support of the nty government by present Common Council, of $39,41733 per month, b?ing for seven and a half months, a total decrease of $339,679 93." The above statement is exclusive of amounts paid on floating debt, interest ou city debt, and common schools The above statement embraces all the objects of expen diture for the sunport of the city government, which art subject to be influenced by the action of the Common Council The Comptroller, however, in making the com- . parison of expenditure between the late and present Com mon Council, with reference to the time nf each within the financial year, has based his coirtiirison upon false , premises, and is therefore entirely lalWcious in his con clusions, as 1 shall endeavor to shew; and il 1 he in error in any ol my statements, it will afford me pleasure to be corrected by the Finai.ce Department. Bills incurred within the last three weeks in December j are usually thrown over and paid in January and Fehrua ' ry Consequently the first 4} months ol the late Common Council included the rxpenst-s of three weeks of the pre ceding year, while the last three weeks of the succeed ing ?J months have been thrown into January ofthepres out year. It follows, therefore, that the comparison should I be as 6} months are to 6} months, instead of ns 4} to 7} months as assumed by the Comptroller. On page 61 oi Comptroller's report the actual expenditure made within the months is set down at $666,678 84, and the sum of $616 643 09 assumed by the Comptroller as the expendi ture within that period, is made np by adding the sum ol $*1,964 36, paid by the present Common Council for ex penditures said to have been incurred during the prece ding Common Council, by which the 4J months of their term is made to assume the payments of the succeeding fortnight, as well as those of the three weeks preceding that term; while the succeeding 7J months under the present Common Council, has only been charged with the amount of the payments actually made therein, for a portion of the expenses Incurred within the period; the sum of $61,964 36 being deducted from the payments made within that time, and added to the expenditures ol the previous 4} months, while the expenses incurred by the present Common Council within the months.which have been thrown into the present year, are not included ; in the sum stated as the expenditure ol the 7j months. I have personal knowledge of aeveral bills which have been thrown over from November to February lor pay ment There ia another important element to be taken into consideration in making a comparative statement of (he expenses of each portion of the financial year. All the ! monthly salaries for Dec-mher are paid in January, and all the quarterly salaries in February ; consequently these payments should he deducted from the amount charged to the first 4) months of the year, as having been paid for what was incurred and due the previous year, and they should be added to the amount paid within the hut 7J months, as having been thrown over into the present year tor payment. That such is the fact. I think 1 shall be able to prove pretty clearly from the Comptroller's report. The total amount of ealeriee for twelve months (Compt. Report, p. 13) is $333,664 17. of which amount the pre vious Common Council paid $104,398 66, and the preeont Common Council but $113,683 40 ; whereas the propor tion of salaries due to 44 months, as any one may see by calculation, is only $S7,*S3. aid that for the succeed ing 7| months is $146,971, showing that the late Com mon Council paid $16 716 66 fer salaries of previous year, within the 4} month*, and that the prevent Common Council have thrown over for payment into the present year $33 338 60, which should have been added to the stated expenditure for ealaries during the 7J months, while the amount overpaid in the previous 4| months should have been deducted from the stated expenditure for salaries during that period, making a difference in the item oi salaries alone of $49 104 36 Yet the Comptroller, as it he really did not eomprnhend the figures contained I in his owh report, attribuU* the large payments lor sals ' rief in the 4| months, and the comparatively small payments for the same, in the succeeding 7J menths, to e reduction made during the latter period by the pre sent Common Council. On page 83, under the head of I salaries, he saye-" Upon this account there has been a' considerable reduction, as will be seen by a comparison i of the figures." The total redaction of salaries made by the present Common Council, after deducting addition*, amounts for the year to but $6 000, commencing from the first of June, which leaves bat 7 Instead of 7) months. All the quarterly ealeriee, being those of $1,000 in amount and upwards, end all the moDthly salaries, have been I | thrown over as before stated, into the present year for payment; leaving but 4 months of the quarterly salaries, and 6 months of the monthly salaries to have been paid within the 74 months. The average time upju which the redaction has been made, so far as relate* to the figures referred to by the Comptroller is five months- the reduc tion on which would be but little rising $3,000. Yet the Comptroller's statement wotild make it appear that the reduotion in the salaries by the present Common Council has been at the rat* of upward* of $40,000 per annnm. T* prove the position which 1 here advanced, to the understanding ol the most feeble com prehension, it is only necessary to go to the "figures" In the Comptroller'* report. For this purpose I will refer to the salaries in the I Street Commisaioner's Department, which hare not been I altered, (page 61) The Street Commissioner was paid, prior to lath of May, $13*0 ; subsequently, $13-3 38 ; ma king a payment to the Street Commissioner, within the four and a half months of the preceding Common Council. | of $1873 36. The payment to Street Commissioner for salary during the seven and a half months succeeding is I $1,137. The amount of salary actually due to the Stree* Commissioner for the fear and a half month* waa but $966 61 ; but two month* of the quarter of the previous year having been thrown into that period, swelling the amount to >1373 38; whereas the actual amount of salary due to the Street Commissioner lor the seven and a half months succeeding was $1644 39? two month* of the sa lary, amounting to $417 37, having bean thrown over to the present year for payment. The same will apply to the salaries of the other officer* of this Department, with but one trifling exception, as will be perceived by the following extracts. The Assistant Street Commissioner received within the flret four end a half month* $499 99 ; within the last seven and a half months $666 09; first clerk within the flret four and ? halt months $484 40. and with in the last seven and* half months only $436 04; second clerk. $333 30 for the first lour and a half months, and hut $811 uOfor tha last seven and a half months.? Draughtsmen end redemption clerk $611 76 first four and a half months, $630 09 last seven and a half months.? This salary was increased $360 from previous year Su perintendent of wharves, $419 16 first foor and a half mouths, $393 36 la<t seven and a half month*, end so an with others, in this and in the other departments. This "difference in the flgurea" has not been occasioned, as would he supposed from the Comptroller's remarks, (page 83.) (rom the reduction in the salaries, hot Irons thecsuses ! of which I have given a demonstration ; none of these salaries having been reduced by tho present Common Council The basis oi the Comptroller's comparison of expendi ture, involves other inaeouraciei whieh may hegleanrd from his report; and although those whloh have met my ' i observation relating to tho oxpondlturoa in tho Btroet I Commissioner's Department are not large la amount, they are nevertheless important, aa showing the partial ten dency oi that report. The late Street Commissioner on leaving office, paid into the Treasury several unexpended balances on va rious accounts, amounting in the aggregate to upwards of $6000. The Comptroller credit* the expenditures on these accounts with tue balances thus returned in making up the actual expenditure of the year, as compared with the previous year: but gives no credit for them in com paring the expenditure* under the respective Common Councils. Kor instance,on page 83, the Comptroll< r states "From the expenditure ot $30,885 54 (for street expenses) should be deducted tbe amount of $2 875 56, paid into the Treasury by the late Street Commissioner.'' "This will make the actual cost for the year $28,509 98 " On pages 45 and 6, in giving the comparative expenditures under (he former and present iCorporations, the expenditure ot the former on this account is state 1 to be $8 138 45,where a* the sum of $2 376 66, acknowledged to have been paid in by tbe late Street Commmsioner, should have been de ducted irem it, which would have shown the actual ex penditure to have been but $5,762 88 for the four and a naif months, which being added to the sum of $22,747 09, the expenditure stated to have been made during the leven and a half months under the present Corporation, would ahow the actual expenditure to have been $28,609 98. as stated by the Comptroller on page 88. To what extent similar inaccuracies ruu through the report, of course I am unable to judge, from the short time 1 have occupied in examining the report?but enough has been shown, I trust, to controvert the state ments contained in the extracts to which I have refer red, and that the calculations have been made upon false premises, producing results erroneous and unworthy of credit. The cases which 1 have given, are but examples of in correctness in relation to ell ibe othi-r branches of ex penditure, of which the two sums assumed by the Comp troller as tbe ba-i8 ol comparison are composed. There is scarcely an item which will not admit of re duction in favor of the 4) months, and addition against ibe 74 months, showing that these sums do net represent the aetual expenditures within these periods oi time. That there are other expenditures made within the 7 J months, not included in the Comptroller's statement ol (he expenditures foi that period, I refer for proof to the report "of the Superintendent ot the Alms House, (page 79 ' " tj,ed)iiis Comptroller's Report,) in which it is stated that incuried by the Alms House Department, remaining un paid at the end of the year, amount to the sum of $19 494; nd the aame may be sateiy said of all the other depart ments. Tha only correct data upon which to make the compa rison of the expenses of the two Common Councils, would be, as I have shown in the case of salaries, to aa certain the exact amount of bills paid in the 4 j months belonging to the previous year, ana deduct such amount Irom the expenditure charged by the Comptroller to that period, and the amount of bills incurred by the present Common Council, within tbe succeeding 7} months, which has been thrown into the present year, and ada it to the amount charged by the Comptroller as tbe expen diture within that period. A more aatislactory compari son, however, would have been, to have compared the expenditure* of the present Common Council with those ot their predecessors, during the same period of the pre vious year. In either caae I have no doubt but that suah comparison would be strongly in favor of tue previous Common Council 1 have reason to believe that an unn sual amount of the expenditure of the 7J months ot the present Common Council, has been thrown into the pre sent year tor payment, not only to favor the comparison which has been presented to the public in the Comptrol ler's report, but to conceal the iart of a large increase oi expenditure during the year 1844?the same having ex ceeded, according to tbe Comptroller's sompuiaiion ol expenditure, the amount levied for the purpose, $171,114 06, and having exceeded in a large sum the amount ex pended the previous year. I have shown in the case of salaries, that a larger sum by $15,672 94 has been thrown for the seven and a half months into the present yssr,for pay ment,than was thrown over from 1843 for payment, within the first lour and a half months of 1844 which should be added to that dmount. I have also shown that the sum of $19,444 of the Alms House expenditure of the seven and a hall months bas been thrown into tbe present year; and I cannot be so uncharitable towards tbe present Common Council, a* to luppose that sj large a sum was thrown over from 1843 for paymunt within the first four and a half months ol 1844, as that would involve the necessity ot deducting such amount from the sum of $106 868 07, stated by the Comptroller (on page 29) as the expenditure within the four and a halt months, which would leave the actual expenditure within that period to have been but $87,364 07, while the same amount being required to be aadedto the sum of $148,417 78, the stated expenditure for tbe seven and a hair months, shows the actual expenditure to uave been $167 911 73 for that period. It is evident, how over, that the additions from these two expenditures, alone, will swell the excess of expenditure over the amount levied by tux to at least $200,000, while tbe ac tual amouQt, by an investigation ot tbe books of the finance department, will necessarily prove to be muoh greater. Where then is tbe saving or decrease in the city ex penditures, to the amount ol $220,679 92 40 lOOihs for the seven months referred to by the Comptroller? Where is the decrease ot a thousand dollars a day? 1 submit the following statement, made up from the Comptroller's re pork Page 84 gives the inlormation in relation to the watch, and lamps and gas, which being deducted ftom tue sum ol $1,423,747 65. given as the total expenditure, gives the expenditure tor the county contingencies aa I uave stated them. The Comptroller, however, has not stated in hi* report the amount levied for county contin gencies. including also cleaning and repairing streets. This amount, fortunately, has keen obtained irom Doc. No. 20 of the Board of Supervisors, who made the levy in October last Expended Exeat ?f after deduct? expend} tng all re- lure over 1844. Levied. reipti. tax. Watch $281.,000 00 270,329 76 4,329 76 Lamps and gas,....... 120,887 36 129,021 87 8,134 51 County couting-ncieo, " idj p,2 including cleaning &> 365,756 24 1,034,400 02 158,649 78 repairing streets ) - Total for support of ci ty loverumeut $1,252,637 60 1,423,751 65 171,114 05 Tbe iaiportance of this subject to the public, must plead my apology foroccupyiag so much space in your columns. E. Sporting Intelligence. Jackson (Mies ) Racks ?Monday, Feb. 17, 1815.?Parse $100?Louisiana weights? mile heats. Col. B Johnson's br. f. Purity, by imp Ainderby, dam by Giles Scroggins?3 y. 1 1 Jchn Blrvins' ch. 1. by Haywood, out of Vina Kudd, by imp. Leyiathan?3 y. o 2 2 /. M Boatman's ch f. Sappho, by Stockholder, dam by Jerry?4 y. , 8 3 N. B. Newsom's ch. f. by Stockholder, dam by Pacolet?8 y. 4 4 A. L Manson'sch c. by imp. Leyiathan, dam by Stockholder?4 y. o diet. Time, 1:49?1:40. Tuesday, Feb. 18.?Joekey Club Purse $174?condi tions as belore?two mile heats. N. B Newsom's ch. g. Long Tom, by Pacific, dam by Jerry?4 y. > 1 1 Colonel B Johnson's b. f. Mary Kagland by Othello, dam by Bertrand?4 y. o 2 2 2 J. M. Boatman's ch. g Belt, by imp. Belshaz zar, out ot Angelina Smith, by Stockholder 1 die. Time, 4:09 - 3:47 -8:41. Wednesday, Feb. 19 ?Jockey Club Purse 7280?condi tions as bnfoie?three mile heats. Col. B. Johnson's gr. m Cripple, by imp Philip, dam by Sir Richard, 4 y. o 12 1 N. B Newsom's b. g. Jemmy Tweed, by imp. Levi ?than, dam by S.ockholder, 4 y. o 2 12 John Bleyina'ch. f. Whig Mary, by Haywood, dam by imp. Leyiathan, 3 y. o diet. Time, 4:48? 6:03? 6:08 Thursday, Feb. 20.?Sweepstakes for three year olde that never ran a race?three subscriber! at $24, P. P.? mile heats. Mr. Stroud's ch. c. by imp. Leviathan, dam un knowu 1 1 C, W C lilt ion's b f. by Jim Polk, dam by Whip ... 2 2 N. B. Newsom's br. c. by Stockholder 3 3 Time, 1:47 - 2:00. Saturday, Feb. 22.?Proprietor's purse $100?conditions at before? mil# heats?best 3 in 4. Cel. B. Johnson's br. f. Parity, (pedigree ebove) 112 1 W. Smith's eh. f. Sappho, (pedigree above).. . , 2 2 19 N. B Newsom's ch. g. Long Tom, (pedigree above) 13 3 die Time, 1:41-1:61-1:49-1:43. There was a race for saddle horse* on Friday, which waa won by Mr. C. W. (liftton's Banjo Bill. Louisiana Tsottiso and Pacing Association ? Mcta. rir Course, New O leans, Saturday, March 1st, 1846? ' Second Day?Two mile heats under the saddle, fr?e tor I all trotting hera-a ? Purse $40. ?otrnnce $4, added. F. G. chase's b m. Fanny F.lsalcr 1 1 Wm. Mish'sb. g Buckeye 2 2 Time?6:61?6d)7j SamkDay?Second Race.?Association Turse $40-en trance $4, added?Free (or ail pacing horses that were never entered for mote than ore raro?mile heats. Albert Conklin's b g Yankee I 1 F G Chase'a b m Holly 2 2 Wm. Jones'b g. Paddy I a Time? 8-2:66?track heavy. Tmibd Dat?Sunday, March 2.?Two mile heats in h?r neaa, free tcr all trotting liorses?Purse $76?Entrance $10. added. F. G. Chase's b. m. Fanny Elsaltr 1 1 Wm. Mlsh'a b. g. Buckeye 2 2 Hiram King's oh. g. Shylock 8dis Time?R:43 -6.48-Track heavy. Second Race?Mile heats in harness, free lor ell pacing horeea?Purse $40?Entrance $4, added. K. G. Chase's r. m. Missouri Maid 1 1 Albert Conklin's b. m Dolly Odis P. B Schermerhorn't b g Paddy Odia ? Time?9:46?9:40. Third Race?Mile heats under the saddle, free for ell peeing horaee that never paced for money?Puree $23? Entrance $4, added. Hiram King's blk m. Helen I 1 Albert ConkUn'a g. g. Pati ick 2 2 Time? 8:10?8.16. The spring campaign in Louisiana opens with the Mr tarle Meeting That commence* on Tuesday. the 1st of \piil We leurn that there will be at the least fourteen ?tables in attendance, and it will not mar the sport at all, that so powerful a lot as that of Mr. Kirkman will be at the North. The foot race is to come off over the Metarie Course. New Orleans, within a month. There will assuredly he a race, end whet la more, there will be a Northern com petitor for the price. But there la a very " tall walker" In training tor it, and the money will not go North until wall earned. few Orleans. [Correspondence of the Herald.] N*w Orleans, Feb. 28, 1846. Jiiihop Onderdonk't Trial?Moral*? Dr. Huu-kt? Ihtatricali? Weather?The I'reu. Bibhop Onderdonk'e trial reached here on Wed nesday?* very large number hare been aold from $1 50 to 50 cents per copy. Different opinions are expressed by the multitude?some believe the Bi shop not guileless, but that it was not a case for conviction. A few deem the sentence merciful ; but mucn the larger class say that it should all have been buried in oblivion, and consigned to the tomb of the CapuletB with the Bishop?that the notoriety is the greater evil than the offence. This community ot mixed morals and population have anomalous notions on the subject of ciiastity. Had the Bishop indulged amorous inclinations with a quatroon or mulatto, to breathe a whisper of re proach would have been deemed an attack upon the peculiar institutions ot the south- This facili ty of association with the colored race protects the Caucasians with all the chivalry which Burke thought ought " to avenge a look that threatened the Dauphiness of France with insult." Many distinguished citizens of Louisiana raise large fa milies of each species, sometimes residing in the same street. Among the much extolled provisions of the civil law, is that the wife may clauna sepa ration in case of adultery by the husband-** when he has kept his concubine in their comrnbn dwel ling." Civil Code of La , Art. 137. Speaking of the church reminds me that Dr. Hawks has ac cepted the invitation of the Episcopal Church in Canal street, and is now Hector ol that Church, with a salary of five thousand dollars, and a house which has been provided for him near Annuncia tion Square, at the rent ot $1000. The Dr. has gone to H?lly Springs, Mississippi, to remove his umily to Mew Orleans. He has preached three times on one Sunday to crowded and admiring audiences. To go from grave to gay, the heavens have never smiled more dropitious than during the oast winter. The Legislature Convention, two Menageries, circuases, and three theatres, have all been in blast, and well filled, though cotton is re dundant. and so low that a shrewd man yesterday observed slavery could not continue ten years at (he present prices of cotton and ssgar. Hear this ye Northern fanatics, and cease voir machinations Your paper is eagerly sought for. The press of mis city stand in awe of its mushroom dollar aris tocracy, so that I may occasionally report through your racy and fearless columns. Yours, respectfully, J. Surra. Varieties. The channel of Lake St Peter, Mme forty mile Montreal, the shallowness ot which haa been a treat dis advantage to the navigation not only of sh>ps, but of steamboats running between Montreal and Quetiec, haa ? f ln r? *no ,he depth increaeed. Thie improve ment hat cott the governnient ol Canada 1131,113. ,.A Nunaery or Seminary for the " Ladiee oi' the Saond Heart it about to be conitructed at Montreal, to aid in -preadipg Roman Catholic Doctrines among the tint children of British aeulera. The French Ca papers are delighted with the idea. ,,A )r?erJro? Council Binds; which we And in the Reveille, inform, us that as LieuU Fremont passed the Pawnee Indians, in returning lrom his late adventurous t rur of exploration, the Grand Pawnees had formed a aa from It b "the Pawne? i.oups'1,t ^ deter^ p?s^sX-rwteS?dhSc taw?. VhrJrt,,n" R?<Jhardtis a woman of forty n?hL 'h been a physician, her mother noble. Her huthand wan a goldsmith, who spent his t me in looking for the philosopher1* stone, or the nor "nd lh?* K?ve him poison three times before ?ucceded m causing his death. The papers published at Lockport, contain the follow lug notice ef a musical cone sit about to be riven i- " We lo *'re notice that a Concert will be riv?n at the Baptist Church, on Thursday evening neat bv tS members of the Choirof the Indian Church V Tuic/re? village. The proceeds of the Concert .? to b. fppUrf The emancipatid Christian negroes oi the West Indies oave resolved to send a missionary to their native lan? >nd a colored clergyman named Waddle who hw bin Si'.1'*! Ba? for the lost fiiteen yeara^hss Jamaica. under <he charge of the Pre.bJ^yof of tha u- ?? Army, met with a serious ? cident on Thursday last, while on his way to Fort Adams his th^h m.W'h '"a"1 W?J*?"?1 and whi,e 00 the ground his thig h was broken and bis side injured by kieksfrom his horse We are glad to learn th? he wm ? comfortable as could be eipecttd -Sewport Iter"? lionth^h^m *wenn?,ic? in the Louisiana Conven uon that he will offer a clause to be inserted in the ?.? ^titution, by which .11 persons .e?di?f or .ccep5n? J cb?MenBu j? 8|bt a dnei, and tieir seconds shall be ran ??W?n5%? iiudoubtingly supposed to be drowned, presented htailf to bis astonished and overjoyed family on Kay WUH.m?bii,KW""n '? ' a" u?D* I,land ,hore. wsikedto md w?Tfci?7 c.r#**fd the ferry on Sunday morning him Mdesd b" WtoU?< ?o?.ing The Ravenna (Ohio) Star, of the 6th, gives an account nigh wh Ti 5h out,nthal village, which had well nigh wholly destroyed it. It originated in a shoe store en Tsssta 85S1 ? ^?SSSSfT- T'" ? "??>' The steamboat King Phillip Capt. Borden on her return passage lrom Providence fo Fall River on Saturdav fve? J"""" S.n,?dLb?ke 22! B,n*h??J?t?>n, about one o'clock on Saturday morning, by which Ave stores were destroyed. S-otrrHERis Nioroes ?The fanatics at the North who spend such a vast deal ot sympathy for the "poor slave." will do well to read the following from the W?S1k;Swb,ofhed " R,chmond' ?"a Stated ?k, anow of one or more s milar intUnaa. which have occurred within a few years p.* OomtZ, j/mtirrli " V0'.',IBe of f,na"C1"" theory? r itk? early part of last summer an old and nal?h Mo"8,b? 10 O'iver B Cobb, Esq., of this parish, was mxiou* before he wai laid in the du*r ^!?Jirg'T -'bp hom? ohildh^d Sid asked hi? master's permission to go beck and ?e? hi. 2m relative, end friend, Lmro ^ hi. way homeward. JterTn .hZce^il,. ?W"?d?d ferred returning The old man hid never aw white ?!' pie begging until he saw them there ; and tf^othlng'bS* ..forest induced hi. return, he wisely Smm*Mw*E folks have fo beg, what come of old nigger T" On Vui iT-iTEn"" if""' lot, and he suffer* not a pang of regret that >? n?? re-e and like tbote he taw reroJIing in freedom and wretchedness ?Jfeve Chrtemis T wpic. Felt. 37. Ov, Roys ?The Fort Wayne (la.) TYene* nnd Prett has an excellent chapter on the boys ni ik?> lay, at five or si* years ef age, sod they i tJjk rrSr ??d yet this commu^y hTa.sfoiVoSt7 ?.fndCh ?^vXt lnde'Jh* Sloh?' 10 "overt the he.ihen ^ ?enevolpnt, indeed to begin at onr own fire ??rHKA' Labo* ?Wf- !<??"? from the Northamo ton papers, that on Monday last the laborers on the Thirw Northsmpton.strnck for sn increase of wages K7 ^ ,,",p,,hat tfaey have been ree*v." lag fitty five cents a day lor working days, hut nnthi?~ or stormy d.ys, on wLch .hey cannot wo?k. On "? this they have to pay f j a week for their hoard-loav ingthem.if they have all fair weather, and are .hie to' 7? ii! ^?1rJ.'r w?rk w,th whlch to procure all the ne cosaarioa of life, and support their families w. . wonder that they refaseT work st sn"Tpr? Th " ,i. mend 76 cents, day for ,he present month, and *1^ day aftsrwards. " * Hoi rog tii Old Cottwtry!- Look below ? meM whfch w *lHnd ~So heBda lhf "rfvertiae mei t which we insert out of the usual place becst ?T?r land H the wiUing'h^IL" *? d,r"Ct"ncinn"> <" F.og. i?nj ii in? willing hrpt ze purnue u?. On th? 10 K it*.? without foil, the good bark Muskingum will tail from our' IsIi (nfK^'['P001' and a" who desire it may secure pas sgeinhpr. It is a temptation?who will go? But secure Cincinns'i "h'P'?"d; 1,1 hfr b?'?? 're.ghted from ,n ol

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