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March 14, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., Ho. 74-Wholo Ho. 4034. NEW YORK. FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 14, 1845. Prloo Two CtoU. THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To til* Public. H THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?pub lished every dny of ihe year except New Year's Day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cents per copy?or ST K per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THK WEEKLY HERALD?published every Hatnrdal morning?price 6% ceuu per copy, or S3 U par annum poet f?ei paid, c.uh in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the eireolation of the Herald ii over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing fait It has the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and, is, therefore, the best channel for business men in the city or country. Prioei moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind, executed at the most moderate price, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. paorniKToa op thk Herald Establishment, Northwest comer of Fulton and Nassan i NEW LINE ?F LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the ttth and Liverpool on the 11th of each month. FOR NEW YORK Ship ROSCIU8, Captain Asa Kldridire, 29th March. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26tn Apiil. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depevster. 26th May. Slup GARR1CK, Captain B. I. H. Trash, 26th June. _ FOR.LIVERPOOL. Ship SI DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th Feb. Sh|i> SHERI DAN, Captain F. A. Depevster, llfii March. Ship GARRICK, Captain B. I. H Trask, llth April. Ship ROSCIUS, Captsiu Asa Eldridge, llth May. These ships ate all of the first class, upwards of 1106 tons, built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accom modations. The price ol passage hence is SIM, for which am ple stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give ge neral satisfaction. N-ither the Captains or owners of the ships will be responsi ble for any letters, parcels or packages teat by them, unless re gular bills of ladeu are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to E. K. COLA.INSIt CO;, 36 South street. New York, or to . , BROWN, SHIPLEY It cb., Liverpool. Letten by the Packets will be charged UK cents per single sh?-t. 60 cents per ounce, and uewtnapert I cent each. 1~7*" Vessrt. E. K. Collins It Co. respectfully request the Publishers of newspapers to discontinue all advertisements not in thvir names o'?iheir Liverpool packets vtx:?the Kotciut, Sid linos, ihcndan and Oarrick. To prevent disappointments no tice is he ehv given, that contracts for passengers can only be made with tliem. ml? STATEN TSTJLNJJ FERRY. Foot of Whitehall Street. On and after Monday, March lTth, the Boat* will ran as fol lows, until further notice:? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND: I, 10, and U A. M.I I and 6 P M. leave NEW YORK: ? and 11, A. M.: 1. SK. and 6, P. M , N. B.?All freight at the nth of the owners thereof, mhldrc ?NEW YORK, SCHOOLEY'B. MOUNTAIN BELVlDERil AND KAS TON.?Leave thej .foot of Ourtland street daily, burni*)?tic'toil, A VI., by Railroad from Jersey City to Moms town thence by post-coaehes through Mrndham, Chester, Ger in tn Valley Schooley's Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Cal den Washington, to Belvideie and Eaaton. For ?' ats, apply to J.Hill, at the Commercial Hotel, 73 Court land street. IMMM N B.?Extra* furnished at the shortest notice, by applying to Chair-s '"olbath at Mor-istown. m4 Im* m PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALB-NY, fr,.m ?the loot of Cou'tland street, at 5 o'clock, P.M., ?Llandii g ?r intermediate placet. i he irambiatCOLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck. Mon day, Wedu sdav, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 6 o'clock. ?file steamboat SOU PH AMERICA. Captain M. H Trues di'll, Timsday, '1 liursrlay and Saturday aft rnoous, at 6 o'clock. I'as engers taking the above line will arrive in Albany in time to take the moming train of Cars for the East or West The Boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. , For passsge or freight, apply onboard, or to P. C. Schujix, at the office on the Wharf. mhIO it tTO LET, AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN-"lot Store No. 97 Nassan street, Herald Build ings, with Fixtures. Stove and Pipes, ready set and all ?te. Application to oe made at the desk of the office of Ihe Rereld. for o-vms. Ite. jjltlre L Ki?H 9A.. E. OK TO i-KT-A go d Dwilling V Home, Barn, Outhouses, Itc , with abont two acie* of Llind, li'n-rc in the village of Jamaica, L. I., with a lau| ply of frnit tirn, flowr-i, kc. One half of the pur or of HENRY mh'2 lm*m ch-i?? mouey can remain no boud and morgaie. Enquire of UAIEB WEEKS, Giraffe Hotel, WOOL' KY. at tli* ETu?hing l"evi 'ion. k|k TO L ET?One of 'he most desirable country re .idee pjw era ou thie ialand. situate within half hours ride of the Hall, conaieting of a spacious and convenient dwel liug, wi ll stable and other outhouses attached, with a large ga-de i, containing every variety of fruit, sand ornamental tree* and shrubbery Kor particulars enquire in 23d street, first house east of 3d avenue. mhl3 lm*re Tt> LET I R LEASE, in 8t. John's Ha'l, two large Rooms on the se-ond and third stories of the building, [admirably adapted for the use of associations, or as ar mu i,s for military companies?the Third Company Nat onal Guards uow occupying the fourth on lease as an armory. Those wishing to hire for such purposes should avail them*elves of the opi orlu i y and ecure them,as they are desirable from their location, and tue facility of ingiess and egress. Terms made known and rooms seen, by applying at the bit of the Hall, from 10 "'clock A M. until 2 I. M., to mhIO im-rc THOMAS A LYNCH. KOR SALE, OR TO LEASE?I hat well known ' hactory, with 16 lots of ground, situate at Harlem, on .^Hhclte 4'h avenue (railroad), between I2trh and '29th sts ? i ns i amry is a very substantial two story brick building. 40 feet by 200. w th a brick carriage home and engine house adjoin in... The. i re Is and avenues are regulated and paved, ana all assessments paid The premises are iu complete order, and rea dy >or imim d'ate occupancy. The >ame will be sold or leased cheap, or excha ged f r city property Three fourths of the purchase money csu remain on bond and mortgage for a long time. Apply to C. W. VAN VOORHIB or H P. McGOWN.36 John suert, where a map of the property can be seen. n>hl2 lm* m TO LET?Two Stores beantifnlly situated, in the new ' buildings (now nearly complete) on the northwesterly Lciirner of Broadway and Heiule street, (known as the La farlr Buildings ) Also, a large and convenient Basement, well calculated for an t)j at? r haloou, ke. Also, several convenient Btorea in the aeeond story, suitable for .vierchaut Tailors, h'ashioaable Milliners, Dressmakers, kc. together with a variety of Rooms in the 2d, 3d, 4th, and 3lh stories, suitable for Offices, Private Pa lors with folding noon, Pantries and Bedrooms attachsd ; with Rooms suitable for Dculitis, Paimeis, Daguerreotypes and Exhibition Rooms, ke. Those persons wanting rooms of the above description, are re quested to call and a famine the same. Enqaire on the premise-. flJ lm'rc a TO LET?The Bulkhead, or Water Eront, from War reii stiver to Chambers street, (sboot 210 feet,) now occu pied *? the Newburg Lauding. The fourstory Store,No. 114 vv street. One of the Bnilding , between Wash ingK'O and West streeu. The superior three story Brick House occupied uy K. J. Cochran, Esq . on tenth Avenue near 22d street: has mahogany doors, plated lurni nre.Croton water, sc. KOK SALE OK TO LET?1 ha Mansion and Kara at Gowinus, i.l, about three miles from the South Ferry. The Home is fifty leet square, fire stories, aud a superior cellar, roof Oupper-d, inaliocany doors, plated furniture, kc. The hall and stairs Italian marble. The building it near the water, and is tvitnont equal as to situation in the United States. It will ac commodate lifty or sixty persons. The Kara is eighty acres?a froui an the Bay of one thousand feet, and a front on each axle of Third Areuue. It ia in the Eighth Ward of the City of Brooklyn, aud laid out in I0M Building Lots, aud there are inuiy Sices ou this property. The laud is the neat on Long Island lor early Vegetables, and can realise five thousand dollars per auuum, u attended to by an experienced gardener. ALSO, KOR SALE?The Ben set Farm, at Gowanus, about 21)9 Lots fronting on Th.rd and hearth Mannas and the street leading to the Greenwood Cemetery. The Lois will be sold at low prices end long credit, end money loaned to those that build immediately. Apply to JOHN K. DELAPLA1NE, fin m'rr No 7 New urect, New York. TO SEOKE1 SOCIETIES. TO LE i'? Kioto 1st May next, the large Room in tha .pper story ol hooso corner of Ease Broadway and Ca ri-.i... hri.,1 nil fnr ? lodg ? room. Can be seen le,..M 2?< and J o'clock, P.M. For farther particu lar* enquire of E 8P? Catharine street, or of J Hr.CH T, 3B Her. ry street Wl Im'm ne KOK SALE?A splendid, superior, and very valuable |P?Ka KM of 100 acrea, rich laud, e handsome House, excrl ^Lmleut fcuces aud, mills end mschiutry for s.,?ing, grinding, kc., snoot aiiO choii e Teach Trees, aud s is ri'lr ol other I,nit: 3H miles from Morristown, in New Jer sey. and hours ride I com New k ork; a healthy aud drliglil ful situtiion Price9M04I; half can remain on it, or will be <x chany d III part lor city pr perty. Cost over ,000. Also, 00 teres, with new Couage, Barns, keuces, kc.: about 4000 Peach Trees; adjoining ihe above. Price t4uc0 kor full Particulars apply to D. EL9TGN, 33 Atlantic xtieet, South Brooklyn. $1300 or $7000 on a Honie and Lot in the city of Brooklyn, wanted, at 7 per cent. Ample security. Apply immediately to D. c-LoTON, 33 Atlantic at.ret, nihil lm?ec ? Mouth Brooklyn. aCuUNPriY SEAT l(J LET?To let for one or 'iiors years, the beautiful country seat known as Wood lawn situated on tl.e North Hirer, at loot of 32d street. Cm,taming about It asrs, 'l he dwelling house is ntw, having been bnilt last year, and the stanl* and other buildings are iu good order. Possession can be gieea immediately. Kor terms, apply to W. L. CU il ING, m? 2 Wee 33 Wall street, or 741 Broadway. TO LfcT. AT FORDHAM. WESTCHESTER CO , N Y. I JM| A LARGE and convenient Cottage, formerly oceapied MM" Phot baasford, with a Garden, and Finit Trees of -Jkreevsry uescrption, adjoining?titaatrd within two or three hundred yards pi St. John's College. The New York and Har lem Railroad Care run to and from New York six times a day. Apply at 479 1'earl street. New York. fl? lm?re a A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE-Situeted |in the town of Pel ham. Westchester Conwy, bordering on athe village of East Chester, about IS miles from New fork, containing MO acres of land?30 acrea wood land, the balance 90 acres is in a high si na of cultivation, with frnit trees of <11 kinds in abundance There are two good dwelling Houses on it, recently built, together * Ith a large bam. atone hen houre, com "rib, *e I he place ? beautifully situated, commanding a view of the Hound and surrounding country, it will be sold low or exchanged for improved city property Forfnrlher par n-'iY- apply at 00 West stress, between Carlisle and Rector Also, B Lots of Ground, 23 by 100, on the easterly .;g. 0r m, lltli Avenoe, between 37th ann 30th streeu. 123 An* ic Tkf KOR HALE?A KARM?Bitaasad at Ialip, Hoffolk ffllCouuty, L I .adjoining .imithtown. Bald Kara eonisins acre; 10 of winch ia Woou; the remaining 33 scree sre i n ? state of good cultivation. 1 here are two Housm and also rw? gootl wells of water on the farm; a large barn with car riage house aud stabliug for eight horses: an ise house; a nood I eras ganlvn, enclosed in a picket knee, fruit trees, ke.. ke Any further information may be obtained at No. 33 Bleacher street, a ftw doors wast from Broadway. Half toe purchase money oaa remain on mortgage. 12 im<?m CHOICE ANNUAL FLOWER fEEDS. ... - 'i u nibserib^r begs to inform hit friend* and the o a SsryvfeStK* &-vr.-,?,S ft sss Wotiifrummoolii-.pleudld .how flower, of all cojon. Schiz.nthu. Pries'ii. Retu?u?, Grabamn, kc. miiedH-cor? out retuv- flower., of while, yellow, oriiu*e ?nJ ci Portul.cra Splenden. and thelumonu, mized-Very dwan. Doubled Qui I led German A.ier.?20 1 "ft'loehii* new varies ty^VS'mtevWowT^^prif-^ly. ? ty of color., auitable for Iraiein*.^-, o??.?.?, ?^hr?^SrtCJiflora. ph?yloid?. new ?ii?y SfrtMaSapSESKT". Gerni.n .Ten Week sjoch ^ P? |Ur ,haped. color a rich C^blu.'wUhl&and beautiful golden anther. ? th. centre- ... while Rocket Candytuft, te^mm'biactiiwm album. (ueW)-Klegaut .howy "calieopei., Atkineonia. iTa'r^olfe^oiVf^Vh^fli0/Puiiu i? ? in ,he C'? n0W undw Ctt,tiW tion; PLnU will ready m due e?mon. kful)v received Order. attended to with promptneM^auo^oan j ^ gQ % by (La'e of Nibl?"? Coneervatory.) XTEWTeed STORE ANlTcO^RV^iUjO-1 he JJe"'^ehriV^rt?' "f'Te.h*vJgeUble.UKlower, and ?';Ko^a,niofiflr^inlW.;l?"na,p"U. Kruit and Orna ?f "DUNLA'f"fcC ABM AN. ?tt Broadway. TT ENJOI^k' KA^N^^S i^ivwtl^up "* in buoebea, .prig. and untie. Material, lor kinda of WATER COLOR". , ,. .. ? u Mre?SSB^gj?fcv*"" C?1? a FOR I RAIT FOR ONE UUGGAtv. PRICES REDUCED i . reqSW proirecution of th. bruinc tawM. m7im'ec BOTTLING1establishment, -VTO. 2 ANN STREET, mat tour to ^?enc" ^uwnm. JN return, hi. .incere th^k. to hi. menu, an ,'eceiv Sing attended to with de?patch. WSSAS'S'S? on which Uhwr^l ,dT"5"J *,umfn breaking up their Riding i&sspSSiF-ASfcaJm &- ** 5aEfiasg5aKrsi: 0( mowof W pow MiMi" ? V m greater at thia, than utr other'eetaMi.hment. pubUe orjpnvate^in theottT U55.-Bw.h?M#? ^Md^critSou given, or the , to fe^Trffe-will. in any by virtue of an ex ecution, or to clone an eauue. MILLER, Proprietor, 446 Broadway. mg lm?rrc ? XYLOGRAPHIC PRESS GENERAL JOB^pIoNTlNO OFFICE, their stock ^ neS *17,.^ Md they premise their customers offered in France or England, end ?wry ^ that they may iSft." fftSSft 3 & D.Suuu, *?? variety ofTvpe uec'Mary for Note., Bill. Lading, "SSBj&'llOX LABELS AND PAPER, of ev?y deacrip kc^kc^e^arge .upply- ^ Uold atieet. near Eultoa. ?Pt"aIN and JAPANNED TIN WAKb. iVL Wave alway. on hand a fuu T(a poU roullrt .quare, fp* Pots and Boi'eni, lea itetues i t .n(i sailors Pols, co ?d oval Pan., Sauce Tu.mel., vered Paila. ?*XoV Cu^'epi er Boae., Chamber Pail., Plate by the .hect ar doten. 1 m ware roaue mhl, ,wVe paired. ? aOAP WORKS pv R f IIM e'r Y DEPOT. TN ADDITION to our ^u^cw^. w^^ej^^kandu>? 1 for the tale of our tconomrcal P aucy jj^^andlea. kc., ke. P W^lfc^Stt W&I o^xock, which w.offer on the loweat term.- . .. ud Honth America, are partiea larlyurrfwd to eramine ^^Jborto the New NfeaW*lN0 ?joS'nW. VROOM k KOWLER. "^ilLORED PAPE^ANLl PANuY PAPER cu't'flieprieeTto? Sn"^"" euato^ra. Order, will be PTBa-AVood^o>entofColomd leper.and.^cy^ Boies alwavs on hand. CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGaRS! NF.ZEKIEL, 92 Numb (Meet, opposite the Hetmld BuiM ? inn, respectfully invites the attention of hit friends end the public generally, to the following choice Cigars, jnst re ceived by late arrivals from Havana Regalias of virions Panetelaa of various Alliansa, brands, brands, Knickerbocker Norm as, Principes, La Florinda, Yngennidad, Rionda, Ks trellis, Espenuixa, Napoleonee, Lara. La India, Noriegas, Lord Byrons. The above Began are guaranteed as gennine and imported, aad the trade are invited to call and egamine them. N. B.?Orders from abroad will be strictly attended te. flT lm*rc FABER SEGAR FACTORY, T1 Division Strost, NEW YORK. TiHE UNDERSIGNED have established an extensive Segar A Faotory. at T1 Division street, New York, nnder the direc tion of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who his been Superintendent "f one of the largest Factories in Havana, for nineteen years. The following kinds of Segas, manufactured in die Fiber Be K Factory, and of which a large stock is now on hand, will be nd equal to any Havana Began of corresponding style and age:? Imperial Regalia, Trabncos, Common Bite, Regalia, Panetelaa, London Bite, Casadoree, Cauones, Prineipr, _ All boied in the Havana style. The subscribers have se-tled the Bon of their Senior in Hava na, tor the express purpose of selecting Tobacco for their Facto ry , as also for the purpose of selecting Segars suitable for this market. They havia now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Havana Be gars, en titled to debenture, of the following brands:? La India, Woodville, U Cabana, Noriago, Fragranr.ia, La Norma, P*^n'a' Cabley, Esperansa, CordBrron, Upman, Hiondo, bc'ilipm, Minerva, La Fama, La Pal ma, Victoria, Columbia, DoeHernumoe. UPas ^, Al^Pn.cig. R, 1*7 Sm*rc No. 1 New street, corner of Wall. WHOLESALE REGAJt EmR)RiUi?. THE 8UB8CRIBER8 offer for silea late assort men t of Be 1 gars, made of best Havana Tobacco, and having been mannfaclnied six mouths, are now in fine order, and ran be sold S3 per cent lower than the same qaality of Imported "*ffavana Regalias in tths and lOthe, Cazadorss, Washington La Normas, Eapersnxa, La India, La Racompenea, Just* Sana. Principeee, Panatela, Ike. Sic. Together with a large assortment of Imitatioa Segars of every quality and price, for sale m Iota to auit purrhaseri by mhll lm'ec KENNETH it LAVEKTY, 7?\Vall at. DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, MS River It. Troy. THE Bnbeeriber avails himself of this method of eommuni * eating to the public the feet that he ia now manufacturing Hue cot and smoking Tobacco end Banff, at 214 River ? treat, Troy, neat door to die Fulton market. Tonacco?The celebrated Fancy Virginia. This Tobacco took the .premium at the late Fair. Extra i hewing Tobacco, await Virgiaia; American Smoking Tobacco, manufactured from the leaf: Spanish do. Turkish do. 8ni:rrs?Rose scented, No. I; Maccaboy, American Gentle man. Luudyfoot, French Rupee, and Iiiah Blackguard. The above article! are all warranted to be made of the finest qualities of leaf tobacco, and by the moat experienced work men. Orders directed aa above will meet with prompt attention? the same pains taken aa if they were iwnonally praeeut. |f/~ E. Savage, 2S4 Fulton street, and A. A. Hamanoe, Broadway, Agents for the eity of New York. Troy, Jan. II, IMS. ml lm?ec MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, No. IT MAIDEN LANE, N Y. MANUFACTURERS aad Importers of Ornamental Hair Work, Wigs, Ton pees, Bands, Cnrls. Beams, Ban dean Hair, and a new style ef Ever I as ting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. ?L B.?The trade supplied on reasonable tense. SHAKSPEaRE hotel. CORNER OF WILLIAM ft. DUANE STREETS, N.T. a THE subscriber respectfully informs the public that b? has leased the above establishment, and ia now pre pared to accommodate ihr-tn with Board and Lodging, ou r. ry moderate term*. It has been put in the most thorough ? nd complete repair, painted and refitted with additional new furniture, and he writ not, as usual, say wh<t he intends to do, hut solicits the travelling community to visit and give him a trial, and judge for themselves, that the establishment under his maiiavemeut is deserviug the patronage of the public. The lo cation being central to business, offers inducements to mer chants trom the couutry [from its retired situation] unsurpass ed hy any other house iu the city. Terms f 1 p-r day?per week in proportion. The subscriber bees to call the attention of parties that the Assembly Korm will be to let to those giving Balls and Con certs for the remaining part of the season, and that the room will shoitly he pot in complete repair, and fitted up in a magni ficent style He further calls the attention of the professional C tie men of the law, that.his room for arbi'rators and referees undergone alteration, and that he is ready to accommodate them on reasonable terms?which will be seen by his regula tion of room hire. N.B.?A select number of permanent boarders will be taken on very moderate terms. mtt 2w*nc MINORD B. THRE8HKK. SARACEN'S HEAD. Ne 12 Dey street, (adjoining the Eranklin Hotel.) JOSEPH SMITH, la e of Worcester, England, begs leave "f most respectfully to inform his friends and the public, that he has leased ihe above establishment, and fitted it up in a style second to no'e. H? h-is a'so taken care to provide the creature comforts for the inward man. At II o'clock there will alwavs be a sandwich ready, and at any time during the day the following articles ? ill be prepared ?>na served up in a style suitable to the pilate of the inoet fasti dious epicure;? Beef Steaks?Mutton Chops?Veal Cutlets?Broiled Ham and Eggs?krizzled Bacon?Welsh Itarvbiu?Poached Eggs? Sardines?Ci Id Cuts?Cream Chrese. J. S. will at all limes keep on hand the choicejt Winee and Spirits, releeted with that fate peculiar to an old and eiperianc eil wine-bibber; Bottled Porter. Cider, and a sparkling glass of Albany Ale, accompanied with a puie Havana, altofwhich will bj served on such terms and prices as will square with the times. mh9 4w eow'ec NEW YORK Hi'TEL, 731 Broadway, New York City. '"PHIS new and splendid establishment opened on the 1st of A December last, situated in the most fashionable qu&rier of the city, is now in fnll operation. Th? entire, front on Broad way, between Washington and Waverley Placet, has been ar ranged in suite of apartments, and furnished in the meet tasreiul and elegant manner for the accommodation of families and sin g's gentlemen, and an paint will be spared to render the most perfect satisfaction to all who may favor the honte with their patron <ge. it will be conducted on the European and Ameri can systems combined, leaving it optional with persons to take meals at Table d'Hote, in private parlors, or a la carta, as may suit their eonvrn'euce The location of the house, the great number of large and beautiful parlors, the spacious and airy halls, render it a most desirable residence for those visiting the city either on business or p'easure J. H. BiLLINOS, Proprietor. mB lin*m B. MONNO'f, Restaurateur. ST. GEORGE HOTEL No. 01 Broadway, New York. (Nezt Block below Trinity Church, and near Well street.) '"PHE subscribers, lessees and proprietors of the above well A known establishment, having recently taken it for a term of years, flatter themselves, that they are now ready to meet the wishes of their friends and patrons by supplying them with every comfort and convenience which a place like this can possibly afford. The rooms of the hnuie are large, airy and commodious; and have been, bat lately, fitted up with new and elegant furni ture. The domestics are attentive, respectful and obedient-the ta ble abundantly supplied with all the substantiate and Inzuries of good living?the cellar contaius an ample store of thechoicett Wines and Liquors?and the beds and bedding, throughout the house, are constantly kept in a clean and healthful condition. Having availed themselves of these and many other advanta ges and accommodations, to important to a public house, the proprietors uot only deem it a duty, but, also, take pleasure in thus announcing it to travellers aad the public in general. And. while endeavoring to please, although they do not pretend to smile at competion, yet they are determined, by assiduous at tention to the wants ol their guests, and the most reasonable charges, that, those who come to their house shall not meet with (bsapriointment; and, that, those who go away shall not experi ence dissatisfaction. JOHN H. MORE, PETER TVLER. New York, Feb. 1.1*45. ft lm*rrc NATIONAL HOTEL. No. S Conrtlandt street and 8T Liberty street, NEW YORK. Three Doors from Broadway.' 'PHIS NEW HOTEL will be opened on the 20th inst . when A the Proprietors will be happy to accommodate their friends and the public with board. Th- Lodging Kuoms are large and airy, and the internal arrangements such as cannot fail to please. The location being iu the centre of business, it offers induce ments to merchants from other eities and the country, not sur pas>ed by any other House in this city. The Furniture. Beds and Bedding, are all new and made ex pressly for this establishment. Families who wish Parlors and Sleeping Rooms attached,can be handsomely accommodated. The subscribers assure their friend* and the public, that uo efforts on their part shall be wanting to secure the comfort and convenience of iheir guests, and v hile they solicit a share of iheir patronage, they hope, by unceasing attention, to the duties of their vocation, to giva en tire satisfaction. CHARLES WYCKOEK It CO. f>7 .m*rc WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOMS, No. 5 Gold street, New York. (l&t k the cauooku). TJENRY WILSON (or Brooklyn) bmlo inform hi* friend* XX and the public generally, that l?e wriloi ? ? ""'M uac |IUU||(. grucimi y . mm l iic rr m op:n the above named ei'abliahment on ?'ONDaY, the loth of March, 1845. The noiue has been thoroughly repaired and newly famished in erery department, and the very best of every description < f liquors, cigars wines, domestic and imported ales and porte, will be provided. An Ordinary will be served up every day from 1 to 3 o'clock P. M.; and Refreshments will be furnished at any hour duriug the day and evening. f28 linje HARTWELL S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 393 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. ttr lm*m T5ATH8 AT THE GLOBE HOTEL-The proprietor of U the above establishment informs the public ana the fre quenters of this home, that the Baths have been refitted aud put in proper order, ard are now open. They are abundantly supplied with Croton Water, good a tendance, and every other requisite to promote health and comfort. Entmi.ce on Broad way, through the Hotel, and in New street, mhil 3w**c K. BLANCARD, HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC SLIDES, long known as the most durable, convenient and elegant of Extension Tables manu factured: warranted to run easy constantly, and not to be affected by dampness or warping of the wood. A large assort ment of choice patterns, suited for private parlors, hotels,steam boats, Ice., together with a general asso-tment of Cabinet Fur niture, always on hand, at the Waierooms, NoHO Grand street, comer of Elm, when the public is respectfully invited to call aud examine. mrl lm*rc JONES'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, INITIATORY COUNTING ROOM, 947 Broadway, corner of Murray at, THK. obiect.if this Institution is to impart thorough ina traction in Book-Keeping. Penmanship and Commercial Arithme tic, and qualify Gentlemen for practical duties of the desk. Private in?traction is given if required OCT" Members of the Mercantile Library Association are re quested to apply to ihe Librarian at Clinton Hall, who will I urniah tickets of admission under the arrangement made with the Committee. [?7~References may be had at the Academy to Bookkeepers, Merchants and Clerks, who have been students during the last nine years. iCJ^For sale, Jones's Principles ana Practice of Bookkeeping, 8vo., price Its. This work is adopted in the A<st Academic Institutions in this country. It is also republished in England and extensively introduced there. fl5 lmeod'ec ARCHITECTURE. TPRED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends and the " public, that he has removed his other from 191 Broadway to 11 Wall st. where persons desirous of building are invited to ex amine a selection of original and tasteful designs, from the Cot tage upwards to the extensive Villa or Mansion, in all the various styles of architecture; and where he is prepared to furnish Plans, Drawings, Specifications, Estimate* ana Contracts. for Build ings of every description, and superintends the erection theteof. ia30 lm*re ]UR HARVEY, Professor of Classics and Elocution, being J-'A solicited by several respectable families to ooen a Day School for the instruction of youth in the common and claa<t cal branches of edacati'-n, reapectfu ly informs those who may he di.poseo to pla r their children under his tuiiion, to signify the same by giving ih-c names, as he is uuwilling 1 wi hout en con r?grmeul) to p ocred in an nndertaaing which otherwise might prove abortive, if the location of the school (as yet un settled) be inconv-nient to the residences of the subscribeis, their subscribing Will not to consioeied in the least binding. N. B.?The fees will not be hither than at any other respecta ble establishment, and names will be received at Patrick >. Can serly's, 10* Nassau street. New York. mliO lw*m s KCOND HAND CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED?And <he highest cash price given fur all kinds ?I east off Clothing and good aeennd-hand Furniture. Persona wishing to dispose of the same, will do well to call on the sub scriber, or address a Hue through the Post Oflfice, which will be punctually attended to. B. LEVY. 4!?X Chatham siieet, N. Y. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gentle men's Clothing, cheap for cash. fl* lm*rc riOTTON MACHINERY FOR SALE? v 7 Throstles, 8 Carda, 1 Male, 316 Spindles, 1 Diswing Frame, 2 Pickers, I Winding Frame, 4 Reel*. 1 Yarn Press, 1 Grinding brame, And a qnantitr of Cans, Bobbins, lie., all >n good order, and now tunning at Paterson Apply to the "Patersou Machine Company" Works, at Patcrson, or to ? _ mlilS 3t*rc DAVID B. RISING, 59 Cedar it, N. Y. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, TH* HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Gentlemen x or Families who are deeirons of converting their left off ffflfcnnjK ippuel into cash. Families or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing reai denoe, having any superfluous effects to dkpoae of, will find it m'A ? ^,r Mlyaataga to send for the Saeecribat, who will S^?d $ thSTraSteR a .w ^ 4gg Broadway, np smira. . * Haeth rough Urn Root Office, or otherwim, will receive prompt attention. >f| lm (kod)**o nm AND FI8H STORE. ?"Wfd.40d.4g it half bbls No. 1 Say brook I 899 bbls Cod and Scale Fish, too do No. I Gib'd Herrmgr. 300 kegs Dutch do Mo |bs dmokpd Salmon. 100 kiu Soused 100 do Sounds and Tongaes. qils Cod Fish, suitable for sUiaaiae l sacks Asktoa's Halt. _ m Salt. 50 half and :>0 quarters neta Maekerel. boaea lligby Herring It* quarter barrels Halmoa. Day a*, POST OFFICE, i - M New York, March II, IMS. . "E'XPKKSS MAIL?Tlia Southern Mail having been expedi led oil the great Northern and Southern Mail Line betwrcn Covington, (ieoreia, anil Mobile, Alabama, by the summer schedule taking effect on the is' instant, supercdes I lie neces sity of the above txpreis, which is therefore discontinued. mlil3 3t rc JOHN LORIMER (JRAHAM, P. M. rp<1 HAW MAKERS?Wanted, a mau to work at the anvil. To a good work" an, steadv employment will be given ? Address box 1470, lower post office. mh!3 3t rc ATA MEETING called at the Apollo Rooms, on the eve ??a uiog of the34th ultimo, John C Penny was called to the chair, and W. R. Le <u appointed secretary, it was unanimous ly resolved, that they, the undersigued, tender to Chas H. rine, Esq. a Complimentary Ball, oil the evening of Wednes day, the Itttli of March, and do form themselves into a commit tee for the same; and the committee assures those that may

honor the atiemhly with their presence, that no effort on their part shtll be wanting to make it one of the most agreeable ie unions of the season. JNO. C. PENNY, Chairman. W. R. LEAN, Secretary. Executive Committee. J. Besson, J. J. Bingham, J. L Graham, J.J Powers, G. W Paradise, P. K. Whitney. General Committee. A. Gallatin Howe, W. J. Hassell, A. J. Van Winkle, F. D. Earle, Wm. Alexander, J. H. Hyer, James O. Sharpe, Theodore Wesson, W. J. Copsy, Wm. C.Miller, Ralph Teets, 8. D. Stim-vant, J. _W. King, F. O. Ten Eycli, Milton Sn> II, A Allison, jeggat, John Knssell, Wm. L. Banker, Chas. H. Strong, J. Welsh Britton, A. Rogers, J.T. Voliue, _ Sam'l. L. Concklin, G. L. Arrosmith, <4. Butler, J. Crirhton, Jno. Cammerdon, C. A. Pe'erally, J. D Powers, A Morrison, Jr. J Nelson Carlos D. Petrie, Levi Hcr bner, Stephen Kreler jr. Isaac C. Pollard, G. H. Ruukle, Z. Dederick, Wm. M-lville, Henry Randall, Richard Mortimer, John Mills, Francis Lightloot, Washington Livingston, mhll 't*je Martin Luther. SOCIETY OF THE FRIENDLY SO*8 OF ST. PAT RICK?At a preparatory meeting of this Society, held at the City Hotel, on Thursday evening, 6th instant, the follow ing gentlemen were elected officers for the ensuing year:? James Heyburu, Esq., President Robert J. Dillon, Esq., first Vice-President. Dudley Persse, Esq .second do. Charles M. Nanry. Treasurer. William G. Fitzgerald, Secretary John He'd'nan Almoner. The Very Revd. Dr. John Power, > " Re.d. R. Townsend Huddart, { Chaplains. Dr. William Power, Physician. The members of the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Pat rick will celebrate their National Anniveraary by a Dinner, at the City Hotel, on Monday, tha l7th inat. Ticket* msy he had on application to any of the following gentlemen:? George McBride, James T. Brady, Terence Donnelly, Michael Uninlan, William G. Fitzgerald, John Herdman, John Manning, 8te?arHs. mhll lwrc C. H. B1RNEY, Secretary. FAT BEEF, VEAL AND MUTTON. A NDERSON St VARI AN will offer for sale at their atalli, 11 No* Sand i Catharine Market, on Saturday, March, 13th, two very hue Steers, fatted bv Mr. Borden Hance, of Shrews bury, New Jersey. Also, some very fine Veal and Mutton. JOHN F. ANDERSON, mh!3 3t*rc ALFRED VARI AN. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. WHEREAS, JOHN JEFFERSON, nlias John Bland, a na vv tive of the Parish of Bethnal Green. Loudon, son of the late Mr.Richard Jefferaon, formerly ofBrick lane,Spiral fields,cheese monger,uee-ased.has not been h-ard of in E gland. for more than 14 years, butahortly before,orabont that period, he was supposed to he either in the Government, Naval or Merchant Senriee of the United State*. He was born in the month of April, 1808, so that if he he now alive, he ii 37 ye>ra r f age. The laet accounts were from himself in the years 1830 and 1831, the f.rmer from New Yoik, th? latter from Boston. His family being most anxious to receive tidings of his being alive, hereby offer a re ward of One Hundred Dollar*, on receiving satisfactory evidence thereof, or legal proof of hie death, and auch reward will ac cordingly be paid,by ' me the undersigned, in London or through ) hands of WILLIAM AS INWALL, Counsellor-at-Law, No. 80 Court street, Boston, to whom elf communications are to be addressed. ROBERT BRITTON, Solicitor, No. 18 Bethnal Green, London. London. January' 29th, '845. f2? eodisJw lawoutlOwrc TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD. $1000 H-VA^P-The 8to? of MESSRS. COFjGN, BRADLEY Ik CO., No, 44 Exehange Place, having been set on fire on Saturday night, the 18th instant, the undersigned, a Committee of the insurance Companies, which had policies on the goods in said store, hereby offer a reward of One Thousand Dollars, for snch evidence as shall lead to the detection and conviction of the incendiary or incendiaries. New York, February 12th, 1843. Lambert suydam, President Equitable Insurance Co. JNO. BROUWER, President East Hirer Mutual Ins. Co. A. G H AZ ARD, Agent of the A&tna and Protection Ina. Co , of Hartford, Coo. ONE THOCTSAND DOLLARS REWARD-We, the aubacribera, offer One Thousand Dollars, in addition to the re ward offered by the Insurance Couruuuea, as above stared. ? " - COKFINiBRADLEY ft CO. fl5 lm'rc PATENT AGATE BUTTONS. THOS PROSSER, PATENTEE, 7 Piatt Street, New York KTOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned is the Patentee i.v and Exclusive Owner of th? Patent Right for th? Porcelain Bntton, commonly known as "Proaser's Patent Agate Button " Letter* Patent hare been duly granted to him by the United ten, to take effect from the 39th January, 1841. I have caused Stat.?, ,w * uuv, ?uim ,-i ?wi , ? ? uai, . 1?,.. . IH., ??? suits to be commenced in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York, for the infringe ment of said Lettare Patent, and am prepared to enforce and substantiate my right* under said Patent, to the fnlleet ex tent of the law. 1 give this public notice to all, that 1 ah ill pro ceed forthwith, by auit for damages, and by bill in equity, for injunction against all persons infringing upon said Patent. 7 Piatt street, New York. Buttons are for sale by me at wholesale only, at my store street, New York. (32 lm*rc THOMAS PROSSER. OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO., i NEW YORK, Feb. I, IMS. J AT u Election held thii day Tor Directors of thii Institution, f*. for the mining year, the following gentlemen were elected inch Director*:? Thomas W. Thorne, Elisha Kins, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B K. Kobson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen." ~ " * E. Holme Moses Tnck-r, James E John K. Davison, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Wm, IC. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merrtlt, Robert Smith. At a subsequent meeting of the Board THOMAS W. THORNE, Esq., was unanimously re-elected President, flee GEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. T^HE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype A Artists, that they have considerably enlarged their connec tions throughout the Union, the West Indies, South America and Europe. They have alto made arrangements to be sup-''* * with every new article used "* * " have lately received a large ss.. , _ Cameras, consisting of three different sites, for the sale of tare alto made arrangements to be supplied le nsed in the Dagnerreotype Art. They i large supply of Voigtlaender's celebrated uu-c. wwiuins of three different sitae, for the sale of which they are appointed Agents. Alts, a supply of best "lates and Chetnieala, either for Daguerreotype or Calotype, reotype Art and their snce u in taking pictures, may serve as t recommendation and relmnoe. Daguerreotype Artiits, by ordering artielee Rom any past of dm above named countries, may depend upon a prompt and satisfactory execution of their MB*. Their prices art cash. Prices Current and information may be obtained by addreaaing (post-paid) to H. It FLANGENHEIM. flS lm*ee Exchange Building, Philadelphia. FOR SALE?One Counter, Glass Cases, and other Bar Fix lures. Enquire at No 84 Fulton at mhl2lt,rc XJARDWARE PAPER?100 reams Dunnel'a superior Hard aA ware Paper, for tale by mhl3 PKRSPE it BROOKS, 65 and C7 Nassau st ATOTICE TO DY? HS-The very superior liquid Pink Co La lor, so extensively used now in the dyeing esiablishmenti of France, for tale by HEN KY It KAHN, m'l Iw'rc 73 Liberty street up stair*. 6tl I'O IATOE8?SM hampers of a selected qaality, dai r e> pec ted by llie packet ship John K.Skiddy, for side by l*e?i IIFUHUI . MrltHIDK. inn W Cedar st. ^MKRICAN PILOT uUCK?100 bales extra quality frotn No. I to 5, manufactured in the most cairful mi tuer, and for tale in lots to snit. kjr ee r. K. COLLINS k CO 56 South street. NEW LINK OF TACKET8 FOR LIVER POOL? Packet of the 31st March?The splendid and ?f.vnrite nifl?l?liln fiO ATI XIUEH 1100 tons bur then. Uaur. Ira Bnisley, will sail on Friday, March 21st, her l, Uupr. regnlar day. The Hottinguer has very -superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengera. To seenre berths, early application should be made to W. A J.T. TAP8COTT, mh!3 rc 70 South street, comer of Maiden lane. |Hh FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 18th March ? I^S^WThe splendid, fast sailing packet ship MONTEZU ?IbMA, Captain Lowher, will sail as above, her raga lar day. For passage, having nuanrpasaad accommodations, for cabin and staerage, apply to mine JOHN HERDMAN, 01 Sooth st. The ne BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACK ET&.?FO R LIVERPOOL.-Only Regular Packet of the 16th of March. Racket ship M*'NTF.ZUMA, burthen 1050 ton*. A. B. Low er, com-nandor. will tail positively on Monday, the 17th of March, her regular day. t, .. u Having unsurpassed accommodations far cabin, 3d cabin and steerage rausengrrs.those retaining to the old country,or sending for their mends, will find it their interest and comfort to select this oueqnalled lino of packets. For terms of passage, and to secure the best berths, early sarsBac. ^c1i?'o&y.mTcT - 35 Fultou street, next door to the Fulton Bank, New York, ml FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet list March irior last sailing packet ship HOTTIN; The superior fast sailing'packet ship HOTT1N; ?HBbOUER, 1050 tons burthen, ('apt. Ira Bnisley, will sail as above, her regnlar day. ..... . - For (Veight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable tate rooms and cabin, apply to the Captain on board, west side Burling slip, or to wOnDHITLL A MINTURNRI7 South street. The packet ship Liverpool, HOI tons biMhso, Captain John EUridge, will tncceed the Hottinguer, and toil on her regnlar day. list April. mhll ec RSTAU LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS? Packet oflho tllh of April-The new tnd elegant first class packet ship WATERLOO, Lapt. W. H. Il pOMtivelY soil ai above, her regnlar day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin,second cabin md urenge passengers, persons alroul to embark, will find his splendid ship to Ire a most desirable conveyance Tho Waterloo will sail again from L verpool on the Jfctn of Wav. Thoee who are desirons of sending for their relative# or > ? 'a ..... k. . L.. ?. h?aks ? is, alilonnill IUPIPI MSY. IIMIP WMniRiuiwriuiHji iw. ? Viand*. can hart them brought out in this *pl?nd?d paefcet. For paitace to or from Liverpool, early application ahonld re mR"* ?<Tfce snhscr.bev. McMyDRj^yi mitres Itt Pins sosskeorm* of South street. Sketch of the Morality of Fashionable Bo- | olety, by Kx-Uovernor Thomas, of Mary- j land. " A statement," in the form of a pamphlet, <> about fifty pages, has been published by this gentle man, which incidentally gives a curious, deplora ble, and we doubt not, faithful picture of life among the upper ten tbousandjat Washington?those who go from all parts of the U?ion to enjoy the tinsel charms ot what is called fashionable society at the fountain source-the metropolis of this everlasting commonwealth. Ex-Governor Thomas, like many other decent men, found it meet difficult to govern his wife, and the end of the matter was an appeal to law ?<lully, and at last to the whole world in the form of the present" statement," wherein two very plain tru isms are set forth-the wilfulness of woman-and the worthlessnesB ot the codfish aristocracy-those who in common parlance are denominated the re spectable portion of society The first extract which we shall make relates to the dangers experienced by the author on his visit j to the metropolis, and furnishes a glimpse into the dT" in tha^Vrinjprf ?ia yMr 1830, when 1 h,<' been m*?y year*, and had attained to a respectablei stat.on in jhe Houneof Representative! of the United in the tame noute with CoL Benton and his family, the eldeat daughter of Gov. McDowell, then ? young girl of only ftlteen years of age, wa??enttoWa.h inuton in order to be put to boarding school at George town The young lady in.tead of going to school to. ' which purpose ?he waa aent from home^pTOt the wUole of the session of 1836 which transpired after h"?rrWal the whole of the session of lsstJ-T, in I the mess at the aame boarding house where we wer*; and ' at a very early period of our acquaintance, I quote her I ova words tow me, that " ahe had aether cap for me." ' Being then'thirty seven yeara of .^VansweT seriously turned my attention towards marriage,! ans^er l 0.1 with neihans too much plainness, but with perfectsin r.eritv ^w?Ube^t\me enough lor you to think of such | Ss'twojear,hence, after you haye completed your ^Notwithstanding this sage advice, the writer gets married, which proves anything but a Balutary ?ep for his P^ce of mind' Jealousies ?Pnngiip I Mr. Thomas is compelled to write to a 8aBPePlpd 1 naramour thus?"as we cannot live in the same town, upon any other than the most cord'nl without exciting the criticism of all around, I de sire you will leave here at as early a periodas pes ?ihl? " In her turn she reef ivea a letter trom a lady beginning thus:-"I have been minute I ly informed of the Berious flirtation that you carried on with my husband last winter, &c i This epistle goes on-" I say you made use of eyery art and blandishment to force the atte?" ^ tion of single gentlemen: and finding you could not succeed, you followed, flattered, and caressed married men, until you coerced their attentions The first object of your pursuit was Mr. ?. Never can I forgei the expression of your countenance, 1 when you told me one day that you thought Mr. would be mighty glad to hear that his wife was dead, bo that he could ofler you his hand - Then you commenced your allurements against my hushand." "I ask of you my husbands pic ture, his lock of hair, and that all intercourse sha cease between you. Comply with this, and 1 will never even mention your name again. Refuse my request and you will soon find what a? woman can do to save a husband she fondly, dearly loves fr0nj , I will not say what." Alter detailing the nature of an indisposition of Mrs. Thomas, which for the sak? of decency it is as well not to insert, the Ex-Governor proceeds ^?vAt this stage of my narrative, it would be proper to in troduce another most disgusting affair, if! was not un willing to yield legal advantages that would be taken to ! my prejudice For it is no small aggravation to my misfortunes that I am forced to deaiwithoneofthe meanest antl lowest of mankind, ready to avail himself ot any advantage to protect himself, and distort and stiffs the truth A man who would be capable of adopting legal forms of proceedings, so as to exclude Mrs. Thomas and myself from being witnesses, while he. by perjury could exonorate himself from responsibility for that> like conduct, which has caused humiliating misfortune to a woman, and deep mortification and misery to two latg?T and respectable family connexions. But tor this, and my unwillingneas to trespass i rily on the fe lings of one 1 hare always been ?t luctant to wound, justice to myself would lead me to disclose the particulars of another affair before we went to Aunsnolis Whenever Gov McDowell, however, will institute judicial proceeding*, in whioh all parties can be heard and be placed upon a p^eet equality, what is here omitted will be, if he denret it, fully manifested. In the meanwhile 1 will confine mysell to the declaration, that I have neither written nor spoken any thing in relation 0 the caw here alluded to. tW I cannot clearly prove Tn this solemn averment 1 now add, tuat the affair, which appeared^to me ."olStely incredible was rendered alto gether probable by Information long afterwards obtained. That information will not here be detailed. If proper y called for by the parties concerned, It will be ,?" ' the perfect confidence, that this case alone made it indis pensable to my peace of mind for me to r.onfcr. as ^?nder took to do with the parents of Mrs Thorns*, cor ine publicity vulgarly given to the subject enco her friends, and not lor my friend*, are responsible i During the whole months of November and December, 1 snhmitted to harrowing apprehensions, in the constant I expectation that Mrs. McDowell would accept the invito 1 ?2n Shi hid received and come to my residence. Ign* rant however, of the character of the woman I had .mar ried! I constantly fluttered myself ibat the ladies of her famiiv miirht DOitibly b? able to explain away my doubts. I wai resolved there should be a domestic trial; that public scandal should be avoided and that it ' Mrs McDowell nor Mrs. Benton could remove every vet tigeofmy mistrusts,there should be a final separation between Mrs. Thomas and myaelf. As she persisted in the denial of what I was compelled to affirm, looking to the fature investigation, the following papers were signed betweenuson the day they aeverally bear date the ongi nafoof which are now in my po.sea.ion, in ker hand writing and in mine. " Between the third and seventh day of November. 1841, I have reason to believe, that had, with my wife, one interview, at leait of a most exceptionable character, and between the 3id and 37th day* of the tame month, of the fame year, I have reason to believe, that the same man, had, at least one other improper interview with my wife. But in consideration of circumstances not here to be mentioned, I am willing to wait coming events, that it may be seen clearlv. how far those opi nions of mine are unfounded. FRANCIS THO VI AS. Dec. 3,1841. I, too, am willing to let the justice and correctness of the above opinions be tested by future events. Dec. 3, 1841. S. C. P. THOMAS. Nsab Faaosaicx, Dec 30, 1841. I am most reluctantly compelled again to charge my h*d ' " wife with being untrue, in that she n?d unlawful inter course with another on 18th and37rh December. 1841. FRANCIS THOMAS. I again, as on former occasions, strenuously deny the above charge?but still am willing to say, that I have seen the above, written on the 30th of December, 1841, and have been told at the same time, by the writer of it, ' that he aaeans to use it seriously." 8. C. P. THOMAS. Near Frederick, Thursday, Dec. 80, 1844 " I was too much deluded by my own passions, and con tused in mind by another cause, of which I do not propoae to treat in thia statement, to perceive then what must strike every reader, that a virtuous woman, instead of ob stinately persisting to remain in my house, ought, under such oircumatances, to have been eager to seize my offer to take her to her family, especially as I premised to hung her bark as soon as her innocence should be established It is hardly possible to give anything like an ade quate sketch ol the mnfters end manners, the cor ruption and gross wickedness this statement depicts. Indelicacies, indiscretion?, immoralities? these are all bad enough, and yet they would be shining light upon the picture of the rank and unbluahtng villainly, the total abandonment of decency?drawn by the ex-Governor of Maryland. One would think that persona such as those mentioned in the narrative, removed aa they are by the circumstances ol afflu ence, position, education, and all thereat, from the more ruthlessatiacks ol temptation?would resist contact with downright perversity, and certainly not contiaue for years in dnlliance with scsndal, lust, lies, and the whole deformed progency of the father of lies. And yet here we have Irom the mouth of a credible testimony?a man of figure and pretension?the ex Governor of Maryland?a narrative of what came under his own notice, iu which some doxon of hs own class, gcntltmtn and laditt fotaooth, cut a figure for whicn human na ture ta eady to blush?concerned in procedure too gross for the public eye?too black for the blackest type under the control of the printer's devil, or the other one. Having no room for further remarks, the finale of this famous "statement" may serve the same purpose on the occasion. " Driven to this last and most painful resort of publioa lion, not ona word hava I ast down in malice, or utter*! in wantonness : much have 1 withheld, and in all that I publish, have endeavored to use language at mild at 1 can consistently, with a fair and intelligent statement. And reiterate here an earnest hope, notwithstanding all that has passed, for her acquittal. Moreover, if she wu not, and is not now, I shall rejoice with a joy unspeakable when she has become,aa she can become, all that my glowing fancy painted her " The blackguard catastrophe to which Gov. MoDowell brought the drama at Staunton, which I most conscien tiously sought to settle amicably and peaceably at l,*x i re-union, or a decent and dignified ington, by an henorable separation, haa at any rata roused ma to tell defence, re stored my independence of thought end action, struck the fllm away which blinded ma, and I think ell must acknowledge, would justify my using Di-1 muah stronger language than f have done. vulging Mine, but withholding much of the dread ful detail* forced lromgme, my oath i* always at the call of Mr*. Thomaa' friend* for the whole troth. What 1 have told ia aobmltted with a clear conscience to all honorable men and virtnon* women, aa the leluctant, but indispensable vindication of one much abused, long forbearing, but now ready for any contest, and ail eventa. This expose, preliminary to one of graver import, ia made under a deep and solemn conviction, that it ia due, to the memory of my mother, who could not have nur tured a son capable of wronging a woman, to the honaat pride of a gray haired father, whom diahonor never touched, to the good naae of a large and respectable fami ly . whose hitherto very happy and still unauliied circle has been by these atrocious proceeding* so cruelly dis turbed, to a generous host of political friends, who have repeatedly clothed me with high public honor; and let me add, it is due to the honor ot a man, without faar, with self-respect unimpaired, resolved to live without re proach, armed with the fortitude to repel wrong, prevent ignomy, and reaant aggression. FRANCIS THOMAS. Varieties. The residence of Mrs. Pike, widow of Oen. Pike, was recently destroyed by fire, with every thing therein, the family barely escaping. It was a flue residence just com pleted,standing on the bank ol tba Ohio about three milee above Cincinnati on tbe Keitucky shore. reference to the Cincinnati police reports we see that George Monday, the man without a hat, well known in Philadelphia aa a prophet, has been aent to jail as a common vagrant. The age ia improving. The Orend Jury of Mobile has found a true bill for murder against Cheney, for killing young Eiglehart. The trial of Henry Etter, for murder?having killed a man in Mobile aome eighteen months ago?was to have commenced on the 4th inat. A despicable and dastardly act was perpetrated on Tuesday night, at Fair Haven, by a man named John 8. Welion, on the person of Alfred Linsley, of Eaat Haven. Welton approaching from behind, and reaching around, stabbed Linsley in the breast with a clasp knife. Wa un derstand the wound is severe but not tatal Process baa been issued against Welton, but he has not yet been found. Formerly we Yankees thought that nono but a Spaniard could be guilty of such dastardly and fatal cowardice. A gambling house was entered by the police in Now Orleans lately, and a faro-table investigated. The Pic. says, tbe officer seized tbe whole paraphernalia of tbe concern, consisting ot the cloth, a nicely contrived deal ing box, made ol silver, with concealed spring*, by means of which the dealer can at all times issue a card to suit himself or the player, and a desk containing a number of checks. A document was found in the desk with full directions for the placing cards in the dealing-box, and lor preparing them for (gambling) uae. We copy the pro scription (or the benefit of tbe uninitiated Take an t ight ouDce vial of water, dissolve three grains of gum \rabic?soap tbe uppper ends of the cards and brush them lightly over with the mixture. When dried they axe fit lor use." New York Legislative Summary?In the 8k natk.?Several petitions were presented by Mr. Chamberlain, for the tesumption and preservation of tha works on the Genesee Y alley Canal; to abolish county superintendents, Ac. Mr Folsom presented a memorial from the Mayor, lie. of the city of New York, in relation 'o the State Arsenal in that city: also requesting the Le gislature to suspend action in relation to the Commission on of the Aims House. Mr Bockee, a petition from Westchester county, against the river route, and in favor of the interior route lor the New Yotk and Albany rail road. Mr. Clark, from the committee of conference ol the lull to pay the militia called into service, Ac. made a ver bal report, stating that the committee had finally agreed upon the amendments. The main feature of the amend ments ia the fixing of the pay of all the troope, without distinction of rank, ai %'i pet day, and to reduce the allow ance for boraea to $1 50 per day The report was laid on (be table, on motion of Mr Varian, but was subsequently taken up, on motion of Mr Clark, and agreed to. The report of the commissioner* in rotation to certain charita ble institution* iu the city of New York, was received.? A report from the inspector of pot and pearl ashes in the city of New York, in purtnance of a resolution of the Se nate, was received. Mr. Backus laid on tbe table a motion to reconsider the vote of yesterday, appointing a select --ommittee to inquire into certain tumora relative to the Shakers The bill to aid the College ol Pharmacy in the city of New York was taken up and opposed by Messrs. Johnson and Bockee, bnt no question taken upon R. The Senate held an executive session. In the House, numerous petition* were presented, among them one by Mr. Russell, from St. Lawrencecoun ty, signed by the moss of the business men of that conn ty, against par redemptions; many on the subject of the loan to the Erie Railroad; several against releasing tha State lein; others against releasing it except on condition ot the completion ot the road to Binghampton, Ac. Ac The mass ol the petitions were on the usual subjects.? Several bills were reported, and pending tnia or 'er of basiness, tho report of (he Joint committee of conference on the matters of difference between the two Honscs on the bill to pay the Hudson troops, was made by Mr. Chase. Tho chief points on which the joint committee agreed, were to allow the offi cer*. non commissioned officer*, muiiciana and private*, oach two dollar* a day; the Horae Guard* in addition, $1 50 per day for horie hire; and to extend the bill *o a* to include the guard sent down to Hudion with the inns from the arsenal. The House agreed to the bill, .is amended, and it went to a third reading. Among the biU* passed wa* one to incorporate the American Horn* Missionary Society. Tha special order, coming round at IJ o'clock, it was laid on the table, and on motion of Mr. Huntington, the Northern Prison bill was taken up in committee of the whole, Mr. Betts in the chair. The pending amendment offered by Mr. Blake, to reduce the appropriation to $50 000 was the question under debate at the prior silting, and the whole merit* of the bill were gone into at some length by Mr. Huntington, who pre sented them in a strong tight Mr. Niven replied in op position to the bill?when without taking any question, the committee, on motion of Mr M. Brooks rose and ra pt rted progress. The lic> nse bill was then called up by Mr. Garretson, and the report of the select committee (who reported the bill precisely in the shape in which it was amended in committee of the whole) was agreed to, and the bill was ordered to a third reading. Adjourned. Supreme Court or thk United States.?Wed nesday, March 12th, 1845 ? Charlemagne Tower, F.tq,ofNew York, admitted attorney and eoanaellor of this court. No. 47. Bernard Permoti vs. Municipality No. 1 of the city of New Orleana, in error to the city oonrt of New Orleana. Mr. Juatice Catron delivered the opinion of thit Court, diamitaina tbia writ of error for the want of jurisdiction. No. 61 Tlie Vnited States vs. Riohord King and Dani-1 W. Coxe, in error to the Circuit Court U. 8. for East Louisiana. Mr. Chief Juatice Taney delivered the opinion of tbia Court, reversing the judgment of aaid Circuit Court, and remanding thia cauae lor farther pro ce -dings to be had therein in conformity to the opinion o f thia Court No. 01 The United Statea va. Win. Marvin, on appenl from the Superior Court of Eaat Florida. Mr. Juatice Catron delivered the. opinion of thia Court, rever ting the decree of aaid Superior Court, and remanding thia cauae wilh direction! to that Court ta diamla* thepe ti'ion of the appellee No 03. Wm. McFarland va. wm. M. ( J win, in error to the Circuit Court U. S for Southern Diatrict of Miaaittippi. Mr Juatice McKinley delivered the opinion of thia Court, reverting the judgment of aaid Circuit Court, and remanding thia cauae for farther pro ceeding* to be had therein in conformity to the opinion of thiaCourt No. 71. Robert Brcckett et el., art. William Brocket! et at., on appeal from Circuit Court lor Alexan dria, D C. Mr. Juatice McLean delivered the opinion of thia Conrt, affirming the decree of aaid Cirenlt Court in thia cauae with coata. No. 141. C. Carroll va. Orrin Baf lord, treaaurer. Ac., on a certificate ot divition from Uta Circuit Conrt U. 8. for Michigan. Mr. Juatice McLaan deliveied the opinion of thia Court in thia cauae, and or dering it to be certified to the aaidJCircuit Court, lat. That the statutes of the State of Michigan did in fact au thorize the assessment and aale of the land* in question, and that the aaid statutes were intended to direct the as sessment of lands belore the patents lor tbam had been executed by the rfflcera of the United States. 3d. That the lands in question were, before the date and exeeotion ol the patent* tor them, atibj ct to taxation by the State of Michigan. 3d That they were subject to taxation by the State before the execution of the patents for them, and it was competent for the State to aaaras, and tax and sail them, as the absolute property of the complainant, and at thtir full value, aa if he owned them in tact. 4thly and lastly. That the remedy by bill in equity and the r*HM nought thereby in ihi* cam are proper. No 171. JohnTW Page's administrator ra. Rufus K Page, en appeal from the Circuit Court U. States for Maine. On motion of Mr. Evans thia appenl wan docketed and dismissed with ooats. The Court adjourned to the t!mr;and place appointed by law, having disposed ol 04 cases during the session of M days, and leaving I "H> rases on the calendar for next term. N. B.?All communications addressed to the Clerk of the Court should be post paid, otherwise they will remain in the post offloe Murder.?Clifton R. Thompson, of Lexington, Kentucky, woe munfered by hia brother-in-law, II. Pinlel. The particulars are aa follows Clifton R. Thompson and nit brother, W. J. Thompson, had gone to Mt. Sterling, to attend to a auit In oourt between C. R. Thompson and H. Daniel, which suit had been continued from conrt to court by the aaid Daniel for a good many terms. He asked far a further continuance in the case, and to obtain it, made afildavit to aome thing* which Thompson objected to. Thompson waa being heatd by the Judge on the subject ol a continuance, and accused Daniel ot stating a vile and false calumny in hia affidavit At thia moment Daniel arose and obaeived to him, not to repeat that. Thompson, with hia face to the Judge, aaid, I do repeat it, and at that instant. Daniel drew hia pistol and fired?the ball passed through hia body, killing him instantly. Daniel made an effort to escape, hut waa taken and hurried to jail, or he otherwise would have been muidered by the mob. Public opinion teems to be very mnch against Daniel, and the affair i* loeked upon as being an unprovoked and premeditated murder. Inform a Hon Wanted.?A young man of the name ofSimon Emerson, eon of Mr Ezekiel Emer son, living on a by road leading from Levant rood, Ban gor, left his home on Tuoeday ae'night. for the purposu of tawing aome wood on the Levant road , after working lor aome time he went into the woods, where he was last seen, hut aince that time no tiding* have been obtained of him. He it seventeen years of age, bad en light grey pantaloons, a nearly new grey coat wilh square ahirta, and an old cloth cap He waa five feet five inches high? round favored?black eyea, and of moderato movement. Ohio Kivbr.?Ai Pittsburgh, on Monday, there; were twelve feet of water in the channel The Cincinnati Osteite of Haturdav aaya?At thia port the rise lias been several teat within the lest two er three .lays, and there Is now sufficient wator from hare to the Mississippi lor 'he largest class ol steamers to go and come over the Falls at Louisville

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