Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1845 Page 3
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zsxxzsit wforfs tUr^f1 '" P""' 4,1,1 *"' >* PuMiihed "11 WeJllf^y Morning n?t, by H fcNKVo. UAGO KRS, 30 Ann ?t, up stairs. Nonnet-Tlie Belle of the Boll Room How f*?f ! how beautiful '. bow like ? ,iu,tu With stately step_.h? tread, the crowded mom D,<"i And etrerv tougue, funtetliug enviou, spleen rAr*"' . iu"'au. V4""?' <"?<! her bloom. 11 i v bror.f"1 * mow wreath .teal I nk'i ?uu',*' 'l ?*' b??uties magic zoue ! w Am" lU t?ra"1?? of thy wheel, A ?dv.,. K^A-rL!t,"ri0U* 10 ,n? tbrowu. 3 And yet thou feature., .pot less a. the mind At every gentle impulse .hining through. Once giaiued aud coarse a. i. tlw lemons rind, who cime with thought to woo. Unhek r? at-I.K Soar that velvet smoothness lent, I*,!' ?LJVLC * LiuuieiKituut with row leaf colorjbleut. b????treet,phi|ade|i.hia; Jordan,! Milk street, Lowell : Chap n it Co., Springfield, VfT?. V0-' ^jOmester ; Bull, llartford ; Kerre, ; 'r 'o ** Haven ; lousey, Rochester; Bnckus k Bull. Troy ; Pe.rce, 4 Stauwiz Hall, Al-auy ; ?eh 8. Hance. B^ iVun" ' Moor*' Lynchburg, Va.; Anderson, IMuhrille, However Beautiful the Countenance may ht'^if1' , f person luve a dirty set of teeth, accPintwuiied with bad b,, it becomes not only a disgusting speelachTbut a * iLIJ ?** 1<j "oood. Dr Sherman's Orris Tooth fWe is H '*'' e r?,T I1".!* '* ?!?. and one of the ino.t delightful di?i .! r? ,0 "Ti '* fe ^T0.m *" deleterious .ub.taiicei; it whir. mjuie the enamel, end it renders the teeth of a yearly whiteness; while it destroy, all impniities of the broith ard set. a. a preservative to the teeth. Tiy it once, and you wilfbe aa^toiuras'teay' ? ^ ?n?^al,"y'"?I^,cal PaIn Extractor, at hi. only agency, 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway. W^uli1.'." ,"alr Ke"to'allve' at his Agency, 67 Waiketst., 1st store from Broadway. Neu*?!!^ M?U?rf ,w Advcrllienicnti oftlit "BS. w gja-w. All fhllaclalphla tatMcrlpUoni to tti. SE^teJuT^bliC,tio"' for ->??theirs as mnch7perhaDs "Tn Vh.T.luhjj"." the "Herald" i, read UrenStnSi ftM'^vi" fflOHKV MAKKU'f, Saturday, Ularch?14?? P. M. .?3lie,)9tock Market is getting heavier and heavier every !j7o!&**SSSl'1 Mm"c"" l > ffii ?.^h.e HartlordI and New Haven Railroad Co. has declur of th?'|VaarBi IS" do',a^, Per #hl"c. it om the earnings from that t!*."1?.! company derived no income from that part of the road between Hartford and Spring field, until the Uth December last i g atirt^inthfnwi18 0'tbe Michigan Legislature, aporopri sectu'ion i( ?tr?i 1 Mfl.HOO acres of land for tlie pro Dassnd the ?etor hWOr ?eternal improvement, have p ?* Senate, by a very strong vote. nnrt nf M^fh iptr ?' ^e4t"ri> Pro<|uce and nrovision* at the port of Mobile from Sept 1st, 1844, to March 1st 1845 a uu riod th? nr? n?0uth,' C0?P*re<l with the corresponding p^ artfelM ' Th'a ye8r,*bo,w 8 yerygr?at falling otfrn many article*. The receipte ol cotton and 11 jur this season are much larger than last, which are about the only articles the receipts ot which have increased to any extent. We ????!"*/4 t#bie ,b"wing the importation ot the leading ar tides from Sept. 1st, to March 1st of each year Imposts into Mobile?Sn Months endino Much 1st 111! and 1844. B ThuSea'n. LaitSea'n. Inc. 'ii. Deer. '44. Pieces 14,401 19 628 ? 4,127 S0'* coils 11,872 16,3(14 - ;?J blids 1,878 3,200 _ 1?2 Co ffse......... bags 14,610 46,1116 ? 41 486 CoEton, Alabama hies 374,924 301,096 74,838 - blortds. .bales 487 710 _ 103 J',,our COls 44,130 24.847 19,273 _ Lore sacks 2l,6fi6 224,496 ? 199 830 "?t* 8,088 3,874 4 214 }I"y. b?'*? 13,179 14,478 1,399 krd kegs 4 916 5,344 ? 429 k,n;e casks 2,819 3 500 _ M1 Molasses bbls 6,774 5,762 1 012 ? Po?tucs bbls 15,967 14,674 1 091 ? -..bbls 1,'73 2,448 ' _ 685 J1" tierces 8S6 849 47 _ ? hhds 4.296 4,333 ? 37 V/.l'.-; sacks 87.690 102,649 ? 14 939 Whiskey bbls 17,116 ll>26 5.S90 - The movements in cotton have been in the aggrerate much more extensive this season than during any pre vious one. The receipts up to the 1st inst., end the stock on band on that day were larger than ever before, while toe total exports were greater than any previous season except 1843. the year of the great crop The an nexed statement will show the movements of this staple i up to the 1st inst., lor several seasons past. j Receipts, Lxports and Stocks or Cotton at Mobile, on ' the Iit of March, for Eight Years. [ Exportt. Rec'vts. To G.B. France. O. Parts. Total. Stock. 1838 bale* 22)1 378 48,796 21,643 3,674 74,0 3 98,431 1839 ... 2 3,963 41,199 13,370 1,(60 66,619 97 666 1840 247,680 32 296 18,607 1,060 61,866 146,103 18)1 207,661 33,109 6 686 6,076 46,771 1(6,128 1842 222,877 <3,111 18,661 3,6.'6 86,418 96,196 184 j 314,196 116,687 19,396 3,999 138,987 127.091 1844 301.116 32,768 19,329 1.199 63,286 121,800 18)6 376,621 76,676 30,746 18,698 126,018 182 321 The export! in 1843, up to the lit init., were 13,964 hale* more than this season, and it will be Been that the decrease in the export* to Ureat Britain, ia greater than the difference between the aggregate export*, tbi* season I and that of 1843, while the incieaae in the export* to | Kranee and other part*, reduce* the aggregate decrease 1 bale*. In i to a little more than thirteen thouiand Dale*. In connec tion with thi* statement we annex a table, giving the price* for the fame period CtMrutTur. Pnicts or Cotton in.Mobile, on the 1*t of Mabch. Good 4 Fine. Fairf^G.Fair. Middling. Inf. 4' Ord. 1838... llXall l?*all* 8k a 9k 7 a 1% 1839 ... 17 a ? 16k a IbV 14k a 16 11 a 14 1840 ... 8k a 9 7k a 8k 8 k a 7 5 a 8 1841... 9k a 9X 8k a 8k 7* a ? 6 a 6k 1842 ... ? a ? 9k a 9k 7k a ? 6 a 6>i 1843 ... ? a ? 7k a 7k 6k a 5k ? a 5 1814 ... nominal 8k a 9k 8 a ? 7 a 7k 184) ... numinal 6 a 6\ ? a 5 3ka 4k The highest point reached within the period included in this table, we* in 1339; prices that year being nearly , double what they were the year previous and the year ! after Prices are lower now than they have been at any time within the past eight years. Old Rtock Kxchaiig*. $2000 IT 9 6's, 1862 113 160 shss Morris Canll <4 00 NY Slate (>'?, '54 1(8 60 do tllli'O do 1861 110k 60 do 6 00 do 1862 11 k 36 do $5000 Illinois S|k:I 1.30 41k 60 Mohawk RR $5000 Kentucky 6's 181 26 Long Island RR $10000 Peiin 5'i s30 74k 75 do $5000 do b60 75 60 do *60 $6008 do 76 26 Erie Kit 25 ?hss Merchants' Bk 109k 100 do 6 Bank Unite NY 86'a 75 Stonington RR 10 Am Ex Bank 84 25 do bl5 75 Illinois Bank 20 60 do 100 Fanners' Trust blO 38k 50 do 500 Canton Co *6ms 25 do 26 do 300 do *60 50 do *30 75 du 176 do 100 do 50 75 Nor k Wore RR G9fj 51 26 do hlO 69* 51k 100 do b60 70 60 300 do 69k , 60k 75 do bl5 69k ! 50k 60 do *10 69,k 60k 11 N lis* k Hart RK 91 | 68 35 Reading KK 68k Second Board. I 100 shas Long Island. *60 77 160 sha* Nor Ik Wore bl5 68k1 100 do *10 77k 6 Erie RU 29,k 60 do bl5 77 26 Cautou Co blO 49 210 _ do 76k 58 do b60 19 k 26 Nor Ik Wore C9k 60 do a6<i do 69k 100 do *60 4l 26 do 69k 50 do *10 26 do 6?k 60 do S3l> 26 do tnw 69 26 do 48 60 do law 69 60 Farmers' Trust 38k 50 do 69 800 do 38 26 do bao 69 60 Morris Canal 31k 200 do t 62 160 do SlO 31k New Stock Kxchaiige 50 alias Vicksburg Bank 6k 50 ths Nor Ik Wore RR 60k ! 26 Farmers' 'l'rast 38H 60 do bnw 70 550 do 38k 60 do bS 31k 25 2110 do e 38k 26 do *15 75 do b3 381, 75 do is oo nj ?-| u oo by j 226 do alO 38H 60 do b3 69k 10)1 do snw 38k 25 do c 69k 26 Mori is Canal Ilk 26 do *10 do *30 3<k 25 do 3i t; 26 do 31k 26 do b3 69k 50 Canton Co *3 52 50 do bnw *9 60 do sS 52k 25 do blO 69 60 East Bos'on *3 12k 50 Long Island RK ,?3fl 78V 150 do c IIS 25 do c 76k i 25 do *10 1?X 125 do C 77 50 do blO 12k 60 do e 76k 25 do b3 Ilk or Htoces?Boston, March 14. ?It the Exchange Hoard-25 shares Norwich and Worcesre. RH, 72k; 3 Fitcliburg RR, 119k; 18 Boston and Providence BR,109; 10 Old Colony RH, 101; 10 do, 101k; 100 do, 102; 39 do, lOlkj 10" Western RR, 99\; 50 do 99k, 200 E Boston Btock, 12V; 375 Wilmington KK. 21k. State of Trade. Asm s?Pot* are now sold at $1 76 a $1 90] for old, and new Pearls are steady at $4 18jL Stocb on nasd, M*acHil5, 1346. I> irst sort Pots, bbls 4,606 First sort Pear", s, bbls... 5,304 Second do. ...... ? 326 Second do 3(5 Third do 117 Third do 89 4'ondemned do 119 Condemned do 9 ,To?l.. 5,063 fc^Tottl 5,717 Pots, bbh *"?"* 5,747 sotai 10.815 BneaosTurri.?Thii market continue* inactive. Bran dy wine Hour is quoted at $4 68] a $4 76 ; G.-nessse $4 811 M??} a"$487] ; Oeorgntown $4 02] ; Richmond County (v . a $4 63] Of grain we have little to *ay. Rye fetches 7U Cents. Cotton.?The market remain* rather Arm, at which a moderate business Is doing ; the sales amount to about 1000 hales, chiefly for export?we anntx quotation* : - Lircarooi, CLaisrricaTioN. Vplds 4? Flor. N O. 4 Moh. Inferior, 4 a 44 ... 4 a 4] 4] a 4] Ordinary, 41 a 4] ... 4] a Middling ... 64 a 64 ... 6| a Good middling, 6] a ft] .... 6f a Middling fair, 6] a fl ... 6; Fair, 6 a 6] ... 6 if a 6 s:st Good fair, 61 a 7 ... 7* a 8 * - a r Fine 6 a 8] ... 8] a ? ?Stock, 60.000 ball's. Freight to Liverpool, dull at ]d; to Havre, Jc. Hat?Thi* article is quite inactive. Small aales arc mid* at 40 a 460, lor common qualities Whiskey ? Drudge casks *cil at 33a wanted. West ern and Priion hbl* are neld at 33] a 23c. The demand for either deacription i* very limited. Rkai. Estate?Jit Jluctinn.?b lot? at the northcaat cor ner ol Lexington avenue aud|34th streets.together 06] feet on the avenue and 60 fret on thestraet,wiih the unfinished buddings thereon, sold together for ^7,000. MwhiU< Uio tft J Afrit 11, Jit IT, loW?Thi Mi* 6f Klouf id* Vlois to the nritdoT 01 thia year wero limited ot pravfoul rotaa, but anon than, o win* to the lolling of of rec*ip'8, 'Bected !?9000 bbl? new Rich the following aalea were efi mond at 14|j caah. to I6||ft00 on credit; 4COO bbls Baltimore at 1IU&00 .1 13,|, BOO bbla superior Trieste at 14 oOO a 16 500. The mock in first bauds having become much reduced, holders are fiiiner and demand higher rutea. Should the receipts be a mall, better pricea maybe looked for. Old flour ii absolutely unsaleable. The total stock may now bo ft3 000 bbla.; ot which S00O are new Richmond; 6000 old do; 1500 new Bal imore; SCO old do; BOO old Kredeticks burg, and 400 old Lurepeun. The present quotations are 1?|| cash, to I6||ft00 credit,; to net %b 63 a $5 bO for Rich mond ; and 1311, to net $4 3ft lor Baltimore. The Southern porta are well stocked with flour, which waa very dull of sale. The consumption of plain domeatic cottons is fast increasing. The consumption is about 640 packages per month. All goods should be 30 inches wide, each piece not to excood 30 yards, (the ahorterthe better) and the in voice should state the number of pieces aud yards in each package. The maiket is abundantly supplied with Teas. WhnlejOil is In demand. The shipments of Co loffee to the U. States in 1844 exceed those of 1843 by some thousand bags. Large shipments have been mode by foreign houses who have lately entered into the trade. The prices have van rd very little, not more than 300 to 300 rs. the whole year. We quote superior at 3|| a 3||lfi0; good firsts 3|j700 a 3JB?0; ordinary firsts 3||600 a 3||660. Since the 8th mat. dealers have raised the price of smgle bags to 700 rs , and double to 11|300. During the past year about 100,000 Hides were sent to the United States from thia port. The market has recently been swept by a speculator, and the artiste has advanced. We quete light, on board, at 11} ets; Hi] cts. We quote freight* to the United States at 70 a 80 cts. and ft per cent per bag.? Amorican vessels are at present in demand lor the coast of Africa, bnt owing to the late proceedings of the officers of the United' tates go vert ment relative to theaecharters, and to the advice given by them to the merchant* here, we oonsider it advisable to recommend captains consigned to us not to accept such voyage*. Married, On Wednesday evening, 13th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Geisaenhammsr, Mr. Charles Godfrey Gunthk, to Miss Amelia A. B., daughter of George Arcularius, Ksq., all of this city. " Veil, I rather guess they are spliced at last, Hoes." ?' J. N. W." Died, Ou Saturday morning, lftth inst, Zachasiah C. Lu" thkr, youngest child of Lawrence M- and Mary Luther aged U months and 31 dayg. The funeral will take place this Sunday afternoon at two o'clock, from No. 30 L spanard street; the friends ot the family will please attend without further invitation. Passenger* Arrived. St. Dominoo?Brig Hayti?Mr. Luther, U. S. Consul at Port au Prince; Mr Schluler, merchant at Port an Prince. Charleston?Brig Charleston?J ILathrop, Wm Haskell, W J Green More, J Otis and 6 in the steerage. Nfi'vitas?Brig Tonquin?Thomas Owen, J. A. 1'errossier, Wm Bnrnett, Angela Guerra, Carlos Owen Loyinas. Foreign Importations. Canton?Bark Valp'raito?'>437}, chests young hyson, 729 do, 1028X do hyson skin, 531 131 b buses. 101 ?lh his gunpowder, 318 111b, 2296 lb impeiiAl, 622 chests 1895,Z 1812 1Mb, 200 6lb souuhong, 2nd c?s*s teas, 840il mils cassi.t. Vv P1.VI St Son?17)i cheats J Rogers?389 cases 220 e' ests pouchong W Nevill?188 list.'iOjj do puuenong. ftDH do souchong, 2 chests 102 cases rhu barb, 120 cites souchong, 4 C)s-s mdze to order. S|- Dominoo?Brig Hayti?200 bags coffee T Mnrean?131 do F Griffin?10 do 8 A Ireland?40 do spruce & Co?10 Mathews? 133 bags coffee 133 do cocoa A C HossireSi co?49 Seidell lie Fer ris?12ft do FiCowenhoven?3 bags A Ferris Si CO?61,000 Jbs liq^ wood $2500 specie A C Rossire?100 logs mahogany H Si Delafirld?60 bags coffee to order Neutitas?Bri? Tonquin?107 tons cirp'r 106 hides 92 fhds molasses 153 tcs 17 bMs honey 50 tons fustic 11 loss mahog any 210 doubloons Hole Si Owen?t boxes medicine J A Per Domrstlc Importations. Charleston?Ship Charleston?3 hxs mdze J Bulk ley?45 bales Depeysier Si Whir marsh?4 pkgs D Brown?47 bal-s Jo seph K.merick?235 I 8 & B Post?23 bsgs rye Smith, Mills St co?66 bales Psrmelee Si Rogers?3 bhts H Siribir*?1 csk Kei m-r Si Uncker?28 bales to be forwarded to Providence?134 bis Parme'es Si Hogers?138 while bbls 10 hf do George Bu'kley? 35 bale> Smith Si Mills?32 Sprague, Robinson Si co?60 H Coit Si co?101 bbls 10 hf lei rice Masters Si Merkow?91 bales 11 Coit Stco?160J P Swa'njr?105 Burnet Si Johnson?I ? >ill New Ha ven steamboat?100 empty bbls Batch, Son Si e0?120 sheep skins 41 h des Lillie Si Pierson?3 pkga mdze o Meyer? 1 box Homer Si Shamiou _ St. Maiiks?Bark Louisis?427 bales Center 8t co?t09 Bry ant Si Mailland?31 do R 8 Maitluid Si co?50 do Waring Si son ?5i do Van Arsdale, Warnack St co?21 do Taylor Si Rich?21 Maitland, Comiie St'co?57 bales aud 12 bxs tobacco Perkins Si Hopkins?50 bales Holbrook, Nelson ai co. Okoroetown?Brig Fanny Coit-485 bales cotton H Coit Si co?25 do Smith, Mills?58 Post Si Phillips?60 do Spofford Si Tileston?31 do Coe, Anderson Ik ca?21 do Sachet 8i Brothers MARITIME HERALD. Hhlp nutwt and AginU. We (ball esteem it a furor if Captains of Vessels will aire to Robert Silvet, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or news they may hare. Agents and Cormpon dents at home or abroad, will sJso confer a faror by sending to this office any Marine Intelligence they may receive. PORT OF NHW YORK, MARCH IB. lonnttyt., 6 7 ! Moon reti 0 35 g in srt 5 53 I kio* wsTin l is Ships Montezuma. Lowber, .Liverpool , C Marshall It 'Co; Chs Colon. Smith, Havana, Spoffird, Tileston It Co; George Hallett, Howes. New Orleans?Barque Balclia, At leu, Savan nah? Schrs Martha Maria, Smith, boston, S W Lewis; Hornet, Taunton; St. John, Smith, Wilmington, N L McCready It'f o, Charlotte. Bich. Curacna, Boonen Gtavei It .to; Tiinoleou, McFarlan, Bermuda. Nesinith It Walsh; Magnet Peter-on. riymuuth, NC; Manhattau, Johnson,Apalacliicola, E D Hurl but It co; Macia, Lamoute, Baltimore, Jolmson It Lowdeu. Arrived. Ship Charleston, Brewu, 4 days from Charleston,with cotton, to O. Buckley. Barque Valpararo, Marshall, from Wliainpos, Nov. 20, Ma cao VI, with teas, to Booth It Edgar. Barque Louisa, Blanchard, from St. Marks, Feb. 26,with col on, to master. Brig Hayti, Cutis, from Tort au Prince, March 3d,with mdie, to A C Rossi re. Sailed in co with Glendnwer, Reed, for Bos ton; U 8 sloop of war Vnndalia, Chauncey.ou a cruise, officers well?only three men on the sick list BrigTonquin, Norton, from Neuvitas, with mdie, to Holt It Co. The Tonquin haa had a pilot on board 3 diya'with'head, winds aud foes, aud has be. n five days North of Chincoteegue. Brig Roland, Norton, 16 days from New Orleans, with sugar to Nfsmilh It Walsh. Brig Fanny Coit, Baker, 0 days from Georgetown, SC, with cotton, to H Co t it Co. Schr Charles K Thorn, Jackson, from Wilmington, NC.with cotton, to H E Powe'l. Schr Lady of the Lake, Virginia, with wood Schr Ann Eliza, Philadelphia, with coal. Schr Hoiie, Moure, Frankfort, potatoes: Came Up?Ships lndepeudeuce and St Marks. usiow. Ship Sarah Arsilla, Butman, 20 days from Mobile, with cot ton. to master. 'ielegiaph reports no vessels in sight at sundown. ?nllctl, Ship New York, Hill, Charleston; barque Paoli, Deaue, Richmond; brig Pliilnra, Dnane, .Savannah; Anu Eliza, Park, St Marks; Autartic, Bermuda?Ship Rambler, Baker, Hull. Correspondence of the Herald. Oefice or the Courier, ) Charleston, March 11?3 P. M. S Arr Adna Marsbam NOrleins; Electro, Packard, Newport; Suiwrb, Heron, !N York. Cld Jessie. Oliver. Liverpool; Hein rien, Kleucke firemen; Chapman, Thompson, .Matanzas; Bra zos, Wood. NOrleans; St. Heiena, Sparks, West Indies. Mlecelloneoug Record. Packet Ship Moisteruma, Lowber, from Liverpool, wil ?ail to-morrow?Monday. Schr Thames, of Cumberland Me, before reported on shore at the Dumplings, was got off night of 12th, and taken over to Newport harbor between two iloops. Naval The U, 8. ship Pafbi.e was at St Vincent 6th nit., and had the African fever on hoard, of which 16 of her men had died? between 80 and 90 of the crew were also sick mi shore. The store ship Eria sailed from St Vincent for Sc. Jago, C. D. V.. Jan 18, and the U. 8. ship Macedonian, for the same port, sailed on the 20th?all well. Spoken. U.S. ship St Louis, from Manilla, S days out for Batavia; ships Uft at Manilla by St Louis-Merchant; barques General Scott, and Dorr. Ship Aretas, of Boston, was dismasted in a typhoon while at anchor in a small port foor leagues distant from Manilla, where she had gone for a cargo of timber for the government of Hong Kong. P.S ? Captain J. E Kngle was Laaen sick on the 13th of October. Arrived at Macao on the 19th and landed here on tha 2t)ih, at 9 P.M. Died on tht 3d Nov. at 11 hours aud 30 miautea P M.; buried on the 12th of Nov., the officer* of the U. 8. ship St. Louis attending tlie funeral.? By the barque Valparaiso, at (his port. On the 1st instant, in lat 32 10, long 21 25, Huron fm Havre. On the 26th ultimo, off Tortuzss. Tex is, for New York.? 8sme day exchanged signals with the Mary, Marston, for Bal timore Foreign Porta St John, NB, March 7?Arr Fidelia. Small, Alexandria ? Cld 6th. Lucinda Snow, Chase, do; 7tn, Charlotte, Vnughan, Philadelphia. Home Porte. Sslem, March 13?Ar Naumkeag, Towne, Araeaty, Brazil Cld S trail k Maria, Daren sun, NYork. Shi Jam's Maury, of and f>r NBedford; Mary Clara, Wilkin., Philadelphia. 14th?Ar D'pnait, D-wing, Para 11th, liner I5th nit Spoke, March 4 lat 34, lou 69 J5, Empress. Pitman, from Bristol, R I. for Havana; 7th, lat 37 31), I >n 69, Plymouth, Newell, fin Bos ton for do; l3lh, iu South Channel, /aids, 2 days fm Wiacasset for do. Boston. March 14?Arr L Baldwin, Batten. Apalacliicola; Manomet, Lewis, St Domingo, 20th nit; Wilmington, l^urtis, I'.uba; Alniira, Ryder, Hiohmoud; Joseph, Eldriage, Alexan dria; Good Eichange, Green, Norfolk; Fancy. Chase, New York. Cld, yvlaaco, Currier. Havana; Sarah Williams, Thompson, Uienfuegos; Canonicna, Cowpland, Matanzas; Middlesex, Crosier. New Orleans; Howard, Lallan, Savannah; Chatham, Nicterson, Baltimore) Porto Hico, Small, Philadel phia; Paris, (of Salem) Hoffman, New Orleans; Kentucky, Ho On 77th, let 26 10. long 86, posand Augustine Heard, fit m Liverpool for New Orleans; 28'h, lat 25112, long 81 06, tutted Turbo, from Apalachicola for Boston; !2ih inst lat 10, long71, Herald, from Newburyport for Baltimore; Mentis, Hardy. Cape Haytien, 1st instaut Left, Belize, Dawes, hence, ding; r.agle, M'Keuzie, for do next dav; Lochiel, Lufkin. and Erie, Wilson, from Wilmington, N C. diag Ve?t?rd y, I P M, off the Great Rip Shoal, saw a large slop with punted imrrs and a black ball in fore topgal'ant sail, sir-ring N.; Pemaiiuul. Fosset, Mariel, 25th ult. via Newport. I.eft, Oriska, Smith, for Boston. 2 days; Oriental, Brown, for ilnnevtday. Below, at anchor, in Nanraaket Roads, James Maury, of and for New ford, for Silem. Nothing sailed?wind NE to E and SE with snow and rain. Alfred Hammond and Talleyrand sailed yester day; Dover, for Baltimore, and Sulla, for Philadelphia, sailed on Sunday, not yesteular; Neptnne sailed on Weilnesuny evez ning; Don Nicholas remains. ....... Now Bedford, Much 14?Ar Vesta, Lndlnm,' I hiladel a; Hichmo d Ludiman. New York; Juro, Spooner, Atlantic Ocean, 34 days from St Vincents, 200 bbls sperm oil Rep rt? Sep, 16, off FavaI, Pre?i?len\ of We'tt>ort, clean; Nov 20, < ff Lane Blanco, Helen, of Newport, 100 bbls; Dec 6, I hampion, of w-stport. 100; 16th. Le Baion, Newport, clean; 29th, l^eo u das, Fall Rivar. 90 sp; Feb 2, off *t Anthony, IVgrim.of Ho rnerjet,.# we-ks eat. clean Ar at St Vincent. 18th, Georges, iol Pnil'u) Bruc*, from Boston from fcliver of Plate, put in in istreaa, harinir been 3 dart at the primps had hold full ft w ? c,f * ?,a<" h^Fn ohliK*'d to |i v#? on d ok I day and 2 night*.? rre ship was coudtmued, and with her cargo, chiefly lumber, sold suction. KnciARTOwpf, March 12-?bailed, Iota, Kiatpnrf. 13th. in port, haaex, 11 <?liror^ for Halifax, (mi punned nearly ready.) Bath?Hailed llth, C linton, Mantmi, Havana; Kliza War. rrn, Wymmi, Savannah. I'ori UNO, 13'h?Ar Adaline 8t Kozina, Foster, New Yolk; Pocmart, Kyerton. Kastnort, for N,Y. Pouthmoutm, Itlh-Wow, Freeman, Hiwr, and Wave. Or cott, niomMton for N York Caroline. Foster, Macliias, for do. Cld 12th. Hoeheater, Pea body. N Orleans. PmLAnrurnu, March l^Ar AdrK Bteel, Wilmington. N C; Oneco. Reed, New Bedford; hlizalwth, Beasto*, N York Florida, Burgftt, do; Commerce, Johnton, do; Henry Clay' -WT1. aloof, \yeii Indlisi Acorn, Ho was, Boijotij Metatuoi*. Hn, ?r, ?*mi luuies; Aconj, nuwvii j)o*}u?j * on; Ccyloii, Crockett, Deiaerar*; Amity, Jermeu, Albauf; tin Bloom, Wheaton, N York; 8 R Paynter, Matsnon,Xl ; Augustus Lord, Pitt, N York; R B Giover, Cook, New 1 niton l Hom i b*By; Hsveo. Richmond, March 13ib?Ar Mariner, Currier, N'wbury porl. Sailed?Ueueial Scott, Douty, Newark; Ora m, Heuder sou, N York. Mi.uii.k, March 8?lid, Peter Ilaltrick, Pool, for Boston; Rolls, Gibber*.,u, for New York. Arr. Del-waic, Psttou. Im Liverpool, tiogar'h, Pendletou, fr"in the Clyde; Damascus, Bliaa from Li crpocl; Scotlaud, Tin mpsun, Irom Liverpool: J A Lancaster, Loveland, from Jamaica. New Orleans, Match 6? Arr Belle Creole, (Yr) Ueatebn, Guadaloupe; Sarlelle, Taylor, fin Hostcu, to master; Stephen Baldwin .thrown, fro Liverpool; Qlrutower. (Br) Brock.,from Liverpool; Clifton. lugersoll, Liverpool: Ltlliua, Gi'christ, N York; St. George, Lode. Boatoo; Decidide, Millett, Malaga; ('lira, Siktea, Havana; Austin, Perkins, St. Jago de Cuba. By Last Nifht'i Southern Mail. t PHiLADELrina, March IS?Arr Argeutiue barque Sirens, fm ' Baenoe Ayrea Jan 16, and 30 da fm Hiver la Plate. Left at B A John Cadmus, for Boston, 10 da; Shaw, do soou; 'Globe. Phi | lad. nneer; Izette, Boston, lilg; Chalcedony, Halem, do; Oiin da, do; Nautilus, just arr; Mason Barney, NYork, ldg;Rosa [ beila, Salem, next day: Carolina, Boston, diag; Tweed, NYork Mg; Amphitrite, for NYork next day: Commerce, sld for New York 3 ds before. The Fame, late of Philad wvs so'd to the Government of Buenos Ayrea aud was to have been fitted out imtn diately, to be pi iced on the Moutevidean ataliou. Alio ar Harp. Beaatnu, Cie.uluegoa; Mary Aun He Caroline. NYork? Cld Klizabetii J, Remington, Havana; Mary Walker, West Indies. Baltimore, March 15?Ar Ariel. H< pkiui, Falmouth, Ja: ?'oquetle, Sneider, Dematara; Win Thompaon, dtewart. Fall itivur; Rochester. < dark, and Vermillion, Seaman, NYork? Cld Superb, (Satchell. Auiaterdain; Bunker Ilill, Gardner, Me. Norfolk, March 13?Arr Naragauselt Baker, Bostou; Cli max, Loring, Providence; Pennsylvania, Baker, Boston?Cld, James Barbour, Busb, Newport; Neuvttoa, McKarlaud, West Iudiea; Viola, Attwood, Boston. 1 f\ REWARD?Lost, an old frahtoued Gold Watch Ca'e, Hp 1?' with fiKUies stamped on the back. Euqu re 26 Waver fy Place. mlC 3t?ec Wt-T NURSE?A healthy and respectable young woman, (hu American) is desirous of obtaining a situation as wet nurse iu a respectable family. As to health, character and fit ness, tlr* highest satisfaction will be given. Please call at Mri MARTIN DALE, No. 3? Stanton street, in the rear, m 16 3t*m PACKET SHIP MONTEZUMA, FOR LIVERPOOL.? a Cabin passengers by this ship, will please be en board the ateainboat Jacob Bell, east side Fulton Market pier, on Monday, 17th March, at 12 o'clock. Letter Bags close nt the Exchange, and Hale's Foreign Ship Letter Office, at 1IX o'clock. m!6 2trc POTATOES?500 bushels prime English Potatoes, in excel lent order, just received aud for sale in lots to soit purchasers, by W. & J. T. TAP8C0TP, mIGec 76 South street, cor. Maiden Lane. JAMES LACY, DRAPER AND TAILOR, REMOVED TO 134 William Street, corner of Ann, New York, HAS always on hand a select assortment of the most fashion able style of goods to be found in the market, consisting of CLOTHS? English, French and Amerisan, of almost every color, from < medium quality to the finest. CASSIMERE8? Wool Blacks, Plaids, Stripes, Figured and El'stic, ill great variety. VE9TINOS?Silks, Satins, Marseilles, Cashme es, Vel vets, Sic. Also, white Satin, figured and plain, rich light silk Velvets, Stc., for lulls, and parties, with a great variety of other goods, too numerous to particularise, suitable for every s*aaon. Gentlemen patronizing this establishment,may rely upon hav ing their garments made up to order in the butt possible manner; and eveiy satisfaction as to quality, fit, and woikmauship given. ty The Cash Price will be asked, from which no abatement will BE Made; and iu o'der to iusure against bad debts, by which some would be obliged to nay more to make up for the non-payment of others, Cash on Delivery will iu all cases be required. Also on hand, a select assortment of R'sdy Made Clothing, Office Coats, Pants, Vests, Dress and Frock Coats, Sic., Sic., at reduced prices. Gentlemen furnishing their own goods, can have them made and trimmed in ihe bust possible manner, (a good fit warranted in all caaes, or the price of ilie goods returned,) at the follow ing pricea:?Pauls and Veats (1.75 to S2; Dress Coats $7 to (10; Frock Coats (8:o(12; other garment* in proportion. tnh!6 lm*ec LAMPS, GIHANDOLES. 1IALL LANTERNS, AND CANDELABRAS, FOR THE SPRING TRADE. l~yETZ, BROTHER It CO , No. 13 John Streft, are manu J-f Picturing ana havealwayson hand, a complete amiortment ol'article* in their liu*. of the follow me descriptions, which they w ill sell at who'esale or retail, at low pri< es for cash:? Improved Chemical Oil and Camphene Lamps. Solar Lamps, Gilt and Bronxed, in great variety. "Coruelins St Co.'s" celebrated Pat nt Solar Lard Lamp*. Girandoles, various patterns, gi't, silvered or bronzed. Suspending Solars, Doric Camphene Lamps, Bracket Solars, Ride do do Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do do Patent Lard Hand Lamps, Stand do do Brittania Hand Lamps, Camphene Chandeliers, Superior Chemical Oil, Pure Sperm Oil, do Camphene, Solar and Lard Oil, do Burning Fluid, Refined Whale Oil. mhl6 3mec NOTICE ?Any gentleman having iu his possession either of the 'ollowir.g Bonks belonging to the subscriber, to wit: Gow on Partnership, Ivol ; Whcaton's Digest, 3 vol ; Monie fioret' Mercantile Law, 1 vol.; Dunlap's Admiralty Practice. 1 vol.; Betts' Admiralty Practice Ivul ; Coweu's Treatise, 2 vol.; Mitford's Pleading, I vol., will confer au especial favor by re turning them to the owner. OSCAR W. 8TURTEVANT, mh15 3tins*rc Attorney at Law, 46 Wall st. FIVE DOLLARS REWAHD?Lost a single Diamond Br-as Pin, set in a claw, on Friday morning (March t-tth.) in Broadway or Beaver street, between Whitehall street and Delmrnico's Restaurant. The ab >ve reward will be paid to any person returning the above to No. 31 Beaver street. mhl5 3t*rc DDUND-A Ladies Reticule. The owner can recover itbyap 1 plying at the music store of SCHARFENBERG & LUIS, rah 15 3t*ec 361 Broadway. BATHS AT THE GLOBE HOTEL-The proprietor of the above establishment informs the public and the fre quenters of this hou<e, that the Baths hare been refitted and put ill proper order, and are now open. They are abundantly supplied with Croton Water, good a tendance, and everv other requisite to promote health and comfort. Entrance on Broad way, through the Hotel, and in New street, mhl I 2w*eC K. BLANCARD. A PORTRAIT FOR one dollar. PRICES REDUCED ! PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESS, combining all the perfec I tions of a painting, with the truthfulness of a Daguerreo type, at very reduced prices, by A. F. Thompson, No. 11 Park Row, opposite the Astnr Honse. Operations in all weather. Instructions in the Art and every requisite for the prosecution of the business furnished. m7 Im'ec TO BE SOLD, STRONG, well built Baronche Carriage, in good order, and well adapted for family use, with or without a double harness. To be seen at Roulston's Riding School, and Livery Rubles. 137 Mercer street in8 is'.frrc A1 GOLD LEAF. rPHE SUBSCRIBER would inform consumers end dealers A lh?t if they want a superior article of Gold Leaf, it ran be had at the factory 92 Reade street, in the rear; warranted larg Pfif lifp mill hplt slllltli V npnliala' (Inlll b'n.l ?? tOfi Vine onnea est size and best quali y. Dentists' Gold Foil at $26 |ier ounce, equal to any in the city; warranted. Cash en the couutet? none of time. f J. L. WAUgH, mhl3 2wis*'r rrectical Gold Beater PHILADELPHIA, February 2Hili, 1815. CHARLES CAMBLOS, ROBERT JOHNSTON1, \ ROBERT JOHNSTON It CO. STOCK EXCHANGE COLLECTION OFFICE, No. II South Third St.. orrosiTK to the Mechanic's Bank, Philadelphia. Dealers in Uncorrent Bank Notes, Relief Notes, Gold and Bilver Coin, kc. Drafts, Notes and Bills collected with despatch, on favorable terms. Drafts on St. l<ouis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York, Boston, kc., constantly for sale. All orders for the purchase and sal* of United States Govern ment, Stale, City or Incorporated Co'* Loans, and every descrip tion of Bauk, Insurance, Rail Road and Canal Ca.'s Stocks,at tended to promptly and with care, at tlie Boaid of Brokers.. REFERENCES William Patton, Jan. Esq., Cashier, Philadelphia. Rcnll k Thompson, do Kck k Potter, do irgan, Buck It Co., do David S. Brown It Co. do Eckel, Spauglerk Raiguel, do Mercer, Brother It Co. do f281m*gz TOHN J consl DAGUERREOTYPE. ROACH, Optici'U, 82 Nassau street. New York, ia constantly manufacturing, and has always on hand, all ar ticles of the best quality used in the Daguerreotype process.? His Triple Compound of Bromine is a superior preparation, and is now iu general use. He hat also on hand the Hungarian or German Accelerating Liquor. Cameras of hie owu manufacture as well as French and Ger man ones. The German Cameras sold at this establishment will he warranted genuine. Orders from the coun'ry for any articles used in the art w ill be promptly and ear-fully attended to. 1116 lm?rrc SWORD EXERCISE. TV/fR. HAMILTON, having entered into an arrangement with MR. MILLER, for the use of the Large Room of his Gymnasium, No. J9 Ann street, and also the Military Hall, Bowery, most respectfnlly announces to the public that he in tends commencing a Class for the Sword Exercise, in all its branches?American and French, such as Small and Broad Sword Exercise, and also C.ute Kiercise. Mr. H. has been for several year* engaged as Teacher of the Sword in the United States Army. N. B.?Volunteer Companies wishing to become perfect in either Musket or Artillery Drill, can be tanght the same on the most moderate terms, hy application to the advertiser, 11 Aun street, to Capt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fnller. fl5 Im m w ATCHER!-WATCHER AND JEWELRY.?Those who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils. Keys, kc., will find it greatly to their advantage to call un the subscriber, who is selling all , _ descrip tions of the above at retail innch lower than any other house in the city. Gold Watches as low as $20 and $25 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bonght. All Watches war ranted to keep goed tune or the money retbnded Watches, and Jewelry repaired in the beet manner and warranted, ?t ranch leas than the nsual prices. G. C. ALLEN, I reporter of Watches and Jewelry, ml Im'm Wholesale aud retail. 30 Wall St.. up stair*. SPLENDID AND SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE FOR THE GROWTH AND RESTORATION, TO BEAUTIFY. DRESS. CLEAN AND SOFTEN THE HUMAN HAIR, And otherwise improve and render it a Splendid Ornament to | both ?exe*. FOR THE LOW PRICE OK THREE SHILLINGS. " EADKK! we sell thrreshilling bottles, that you may know ! 'his is not one of the hair hnmhnr* of the day at $1. W* j exrect yon to hay it more than once, as we warraut it to posvess , the following qualities:?It will force the hair to grow on any part where nature intended hair to grow; stop i(falling off, cure Scurf or Dandruff,and make Ight, red or grey hair grow dark. For dressing ihe hair soft and silky, nothing exceeds thi?. It is indeed, the most economical, vet superior artie'e made for the hair. It is cheaper than the trash called hair oils, and it will kiep ihe hair iu order with one application twice as long as any j other article made. RH ? 3, 4 or 8 ihiUingt n bottle?fit the tig" of the Aim nc*n iLagle, 8t Ch a'nvt. New York; 135) fr'nltoa'ttreet, Draoklyil; I8(ktf afreet, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Phila* nean L? Brooklyn, m M dephia; and Pene, Hroidway, Albany. ttvvRUvNsCv artificial FLOWERS. &c H'Ti* 73 LibeMy aireet, up train l?a?ejustre reived and oner for aa'ea c mplete assortment of K H ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, in bunches, sprigs and single. Materials for do do, aud all kinds of WATER COLORS, ? .. . . for flower mannfaetnwn' ute; among which is a liquid pink rotor of very superior quality Also an invoice of C PARIS CAPS. for l.adiei and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair l'ins, of latest styles; aid a lot of splendid Engravings, plain and eoloied. ? mhl I 2m?re HEMP?27 halea American Water Rot Hemp, of very si lior quality, Itnding ex ship Geneva, firom N. Orleans, sale by E. K. COLLINS k CO. ?'S H South stree AUCTION SALES. ay| WILRlNj k ROLUTVS Will idl a! fidrrooms, lj WABroad street, ou Wednesday Morn tag, lBin lust.. at 11 aJL^o'clock, a large, qaauutv of Ornamental and Fruit Trees, Shrubbery, ke., eonsistiug of large horseChestnuts, Ahaiilhua, Peaches of the beat varieties, Neeuriuea, Gooaeberry aud Cur rant Buahea, V ellow Harrison and other ruses, Dahlia,Gladiolus and other root*. together with a hue aiaoitmeut of green house plants, cuusisting of fine monthly and < ther rosea, Yellow aud other Carnations, Wax Piaota, " Cactus,'' Cobea 8c nolens, (a hue climber,) Ac. kc. inhibit* rc HICHAKD VAN DYKE. Jr., Auctioneer. MA THK RAIL ROAD DE POT HOTEL, comer 4th [??;M Aveuue and (tth street.?Anthony J. Bleecker It Co. will XiiLaell at aaction ou Thursday. the 27th day of March uett, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the very valuable property ou the east aide of the 4 th Avenue and south aide of 86th street. The ground contains 68 feel on the aveuue aud 100 fret on the street, (which street is curbed and regulated and the assessment paid;) the property is within two blocks of the large Crotou Reservoir. The House is a large two-atory attic build ing, with cellar and kitchen uuder the whole, with alieda ou 86th stanet. The premises are desirable for ths purpose of a public hnuse, ?ud are now occupied as such. $1000 or $2000 can remain on bond and mortgage, at 6 per rent. Pttsaession unit be given on the 1st of May next. Title indisputable. For tern* nud particulars, apply to the Auctioneers, No.7Broad street, or to G. NOWLAN, on the premises, or No. J Eleventh street. Roto mr27* in ? COTTAGE IN THE COUNTRY?For sale or to lease for seven years, a genteel Cottage situated on Cong Island, four miles from the ferrv, six acres of good land, every variety of fruit, the pi see entirely surrounded By a 6 foot picket fence. Staves pass the door morning and evening. Fora primed card with direction* to the place, price, kc , apply at 47 Bond atreet. mh IS 3t* m TO LET- TWO LARGE ROOMS, at tlie comer of (' mil aud Elm streets, occupied as a gymnasium, aud ivery suitable ror that business, or for meeting! for wor sKipTor military drills. Apply to GEORGE BRUC E, mil 3t*ec 13 Cnambers striet. FOR SALE?The Modern Built Two Story House, with lot, 26 by 130, No. 5 State street, Newatk, first floor EJflLtwo runus with folding doors, three rooms on second loor. and liuished basement. Inquire of W. CKOLIUH, 401) Water st., N. Y. Price $910. nihil linW*rc FOR SALE?The Lease, Stock and fixtures of a PORTER HOUSE, well established for years. En quire at 165 South street. in 16 3t*#c to rent-on staten island?n?oe two I splendid V 1LLAS. si'uated at Sylvaton Lm.i'idiug a beautiful view of the Bay and Ocean?each Hi use having a Stable, Coach. Ice and Bathing House. The Houses are finished in a superior style with every couveuieiice. each house having more than seven acres of la'd. Apply to * ~ ? ".CO., J. D. PHILLIPS k U... 133 Maiden L-na, corner of Water street. N. Y. Also to Let? I he Three Stoty Biick House 33 Stanton street. Euquire as above. mhlti lin?ec A SUPERIOR FARM FOR SALE?Consisting of ,I0U acres, including a suitable quantity of conveniently sitnattd salt ineadqw, being the northerly part of Stral tnu's Neck, about IK utiles from Flushing lanJiug, and half a mile from Collete I'ojut landing, and bordering for some dis tance ou E lushing Bay, embracing most desirable locations for i with ? country setts witlt water prtviltges. It has on ita large cottage house, a tenant house, large barn, btc., a ;good lauding place, aud an apple orchard producing about 300 bsnels of apples an nually. It is unusually well watered, and has several litiug springs of the best quality near the dwelling Upwards of 4(1 acres are laid down iu mowing ground aud will cut about 80 tous of hay this year aud 5 acres are covered with thrifty lo cust trees. The whole premisis are of the richest natural soil, some of it requiring no manure, and none of it more than one fourth of the usual quantity to produce the fiuestcrops. The dr.ft lodging on theprem set with the salt grass, is suificient to mtuure the whole. For terms and other paiticulars, inquire of PL ATT STRATTON, Flushing, Long Island, or of G H. WINTER, 16 Wall street, New York.. N. B.?The above Farm will he exchanged for "property in tliacityof New York, or 30 per cent may remain on mortgage. mh!3 2w?ec CHOICE ANNUAL FLOWER SEEDS -fcgf 'I he suhtcriber begs to inform his friends aud the old (poq$?atr?ns of Niblo's late Conservatory, that he ha* receiv ^Jhm.ed, per Victoria, from Loudon, au extensive and choice coli-ction of new Flower Seeds, all warrant d genuine. The followrit g package of 20 superb varieties are now ready for sale?price $1:? f'hlox Drutnmondii?splendid show Rowers of all color*. Schizanthus Priesiii, Ketusus, Grahamii, Ac. mixed)?curi ous retuse Rowers, of while, yellow, orange aud crimson. Portulacca Spleudens aud Thelussonii, mixed?Very dwarf, brilliant crimson and rosy rrimsou Rowers. Choice Heartsease?Seed from choice prize Rower*. Bartouia Aurea?Golden yellow flowers Double Pans Balsams?Numerous choice kinds mixrd. Doubled Quilled German Asterm?20 varieties mixed. Petunia, Rosea. tirandiRora, Phoeuicea, < Blockii new varie ty,) kc. mixed?Very showy. Rowers protusely, in great varie ty of colon, suitable for training, kc. Miguouett*?Sweet sceutrd abyssinian. Lupinus Cruikshankii?Six colon on one stem, vigorous growth, forming almost a tree. Ntmuphila lusiguii. Graudiflora, phasyloides new variety Neat blue Rowen with white centra. Nolano atriplicifolia?Showy blue trailing flower. Matva zebria, (new)?Whit# with geranium blotch and stripe. 'l ropceolum Pelegriuum or Canary Bird Flower?Beautiful cut and fringed flowera, app?ari like a canary bird. German '1 en Week Stock?25 superb varieties, mixed. Anagallis ludica?Unique Rowers, star shaped, colors rich Chinese blue, with carious and beautiful golden an then in the centre. Iberia Coronoria, or Large White Rocket Candytuft. Helechrysum bracteatum album, (new)? Elegant showy white. Calleopsis, Atkinsonia, Drummondii, Elegans, kc , 5 kinds mixed?Flowers brill,ant. of cream, golden and dark red colon, blotched, striped and spotted with ciimson. Packages containing 50 v* ieties for $2; 100 varieties $4. Vegetable Seeds of the growth of '844. A large collection of line healthy Plants in Rower are iu the Conservatory window. Bouquets and Flowen always on hand. N Hi W DAHLIAS?A fine collection are now under cultiva tion; plants will he ready in due season. Ordeis attended to with promptness, and thankfullv received by JOHN RftHINSON, (La'e of Niblo's Conservatory,) mhl2 lmrc 368 Broadway (observe) cor. Prince tt. NEW SEED STORE AND CONSERVATORV-The subscribers offer for sale as low as ran be purchased else where, a choiee assortment of fresh Vegetable, Flower, and Grass Seeds, all of which will be warranted Alto, Plants of all kind* at auction prices, Fruit aud Unia mental Trees of everv description. m8 2w?rrc DUNLAP k CARMAN, 635 Broadway. SPRING FASHION, rtt WM. BANTA, No. 130 Chatham atreet, (opposite j^^Chatham 'i hea re,I and 94 Canal street comer of Wooster atreet, t lTt i t for sale and inspection, a large assortment of Hats ai.d Caps, of the Spring Fashions, at extremely low prices, viz; Nutria'Fur Hals, $3: Superfine Moleskin Silk Hits, $3; Fine Silk Hats, $2,50. Also, a full assortment of Capa, at the lowest city prices. mhU lm'ec TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS?BOOTS AND SHOES. ^ E. JOHNHON (late Wilton Ik Johnson) ha* [Won hand, in store 142 Chatham street, dirrctly^^M^f Iffopposite the theatre, one of the best assorted *iuck* of Boots and hhoes that can be had in the city. Orntv Kip, Lalf. Urainand Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boots and Shoes, peg'd and sewed, from the Eastern manufactories ;' (Jailers, Buskins, T.'es, Slips, lie., of every description A greater variety of C n's Shoes than anv other sto.e in this city. Oautleinen's fine Jailers twenty different kinds. Uents Buckskin Shoes, Sportsmen's, Fishermen's and Seamen's Boots. Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving country mer chants an opportunity of examining the goods at their leisure. mhl4 lm*rc BUFFALO LINE FOR ALBANY, LANDING AT FOUOHKKKP8IE. Kingston, Catskill, Hndson, Coxsackie and Stnyvesant.?Kate Kilty Cents?Berths Kifty Cents. 1 he new and splendid steamboat BUFFALO, J. W Hancox, Master, will leave the foot of Barclay street, south side, This Afternoon at 5 o'clock, Mondty, March 17th, 1845. Ketiular days from New York, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday?From Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday and Snn 'i'his Boat is new, and furnished with entirely new furniture; and lor accommodations, is unsurpassed by any boat on the river. She will arrive in Albany iu ample time for passengers to take the cars east or west. Kreisht taken at barge prices. Apply on board. mh!6 2l*ec Wood, wil KOK NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New >rk Line?Regular Packet to sail 2tith instant.?The legant, fast sailing packet ship OS WEOO, Captain VOlid, Will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handaome tarnished accommo dations, applyon board, at Orleaaa wharf, foot of Wall at., or to E. K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South at. Positive!* no goods received on board after Tuesday even ing, 2iih inst. Agents in New Orlenns, Messrs. Hnllin It Woodruff, who wRl promptly forward all goods to their address. Packet ship Louisville, Cant. Host, will aucceed the Oi wego, and aail on the6lh April, herrrgular day. mlfiec FOR LONDON-Packet of the 20th of March. ??The splendid, fast sailing packet ship ENDK1CK -, will positively sail as above, tout, will jHS^TlUDSON,Captain - her day. For passage, having superior accommodations in cabin and steerage, apply on board at Pier No 16 E. R.. foot of Wall it., or to JOHN I1ERDMAN, n.hli re 61 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL.?Regular Packet of the 6th of ACril?The splendid Packet Ship ASHBURTON, H. Huti let ton, master, will aail as above, her regular living very superior acSommodationi for cabin, second cabin, nnd steerage passengers, persona about to embark should make early application on board, toot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURKAY, 100 Pine Street, coiner of South. The new and elegant Packet Ship HENRY CLAY. E. Nye, master, will succeed the Aahburton, and sail on the 6th of May. m 14 rrc (OH LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet to sail the 26tli of March.?The regular fast sailing .Packet Ship ROSCIUS, Captain A. Eldridge,of 1,100 tout, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO, 66 South street. Price of Passage, $100. The packet ship Siddoua, Captain K. B. Cobb, will suc ceed the Rnaciua. ?nd *th April, her regnlar day (T^" Messrs. E. K Collins It Co. respectfully request the Publishers of newspapers, to discontinue all advertiaeu euis not in their name of their Liverpool Packets, vix :?the Kotcins, Siddons, Sheridan, and (Hrrrick. To prevent disappointments, notice ia hereby given, that contracts for passengers can only bs made wilk them. in 14 NEW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER POOL?Packet of the Hat March?The splendid and ^???fiifavorite packet thin HOTTI nOUEK 1100 tons bur thru. Cant. Ira liursley, will sail on Friday, Marrh21at, her regular day. The Hottinguev has very superior accommodations for cabin, aerond cabin and steerage passengers. To secure berths, early application should be made to W. It J.T. TAPSCOTT, mh 13 rc 76 South atrrrt. comer of Maiden lane. FOH LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 16th Ma-ch I he splendid, fast sailing packet ship MONTKZU iMA, Captain Lowber, will aail as above, her regu For passage, having nnsnrpaiied accommodations, for cabin and stvrrage, apply to mSrrc JOHN HKWDMAN, 61 Month at. BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINK OF LIVER POOL PACKETS.?FOR LIVKRPOOL.-Only _jKegular Packet of the 16th of March, new magnificent and celebrated fast tailing favorite naeketship M'?NTE/UMA, burthen 1050 tons, A. B. Low ber, commander, will sail positively on Monday, the 17th of March, her regular day. Haviug unsurpassed accommodation* for cabin, Id cabin and steerage passenger*,those retaining to the eld country,or sending for their friends, will And it their interest and comfort to select this unequalled line of packets. For terms of passage, and to secure the best bertha, mrly application should be made on board, fool of Beekman at, or to the subscribers. IIUCHK. BRUTHERH It CO.. 15 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank, New York. ml FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet list March ?The superior last sailing packet ship HOTTIN* jOI'ER, 1050 tout burthen, ("apt. Ira Bnrsley, will .ore, her regnlar day My iffigy Th^i? ?ail a* shot For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable state rooms and cabin, apply to the Captain onboard, west side Burling slipmir to WOODHULL k MINTURNKI7 Honth afreet. The packet ship Liverpool, UN tons bMhen, Captain John Eldridge, will succeed the Hottinguer, and sail oa her regnlsr day, list April. mbu ?c AMUSEMENTS. HAKK THKATRiC. MONDAY EVENING, Mkrch 17. Will be presented th-new Play minted OKK( N BUSI. i.h, or a Hundred Years Ago, wiln new rnuaie, scenery, atrttn. froperties and decorations?<'minor O'Kenuedy, Mr. Dyott; leorge, Bairy ; Miama, Miaa Clara Ellis; Ueraldine, Mrs To coucliMle with A-LAD-IN THE WONDERFUL LA VIP? Aladdiu, Mn Bkerrett, Abiuaxer, Mr. Chippendale; Phatn Tongluck. Mr. Fisher. Boxes, lit tier 75 ceuta, 2d tier 50 cenu?Pit 50 ceuU?Gallery 25 cents. SIGNOH SANQUIRIOO GRAND VMCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT AT PALMO'S ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE. In Chaoibers street, ON MONDAY EVENING, 21th March. 1245. OKI SANQU1K1CO has the honor to lufortn the patrons of CJ the Italian Opera, his friends and the public generally, that his first sun only Concert will t?ke place at the Opera House, on Mnnbay Evening, 24th Match iiitlaut. upon which occa sion the following talented artists have kindly volunteered their valuable services:? SIO'RA KOSINA PICO, M'ME. OTTO, The celebrated Dauseu.e?PAULINE DKSJARDINs, and her hupil, BIUNORINA ZELICIA, 6 years old, her first and last app'arance iu public. BIO ANTOGNINL BIG BaLOMONSKI. BIO RAPETTI, The Eminent Clarionet and Flute, Mr. TH. W. (IKtJN EN VELDT, aud Mr. KYLE, FULL ORCHESTRA. and 81GNOH DE BEON1S. Leader of Orchestra BIO. RAPETTI. BIO ET1ENNE and Mr BEA.V1EB at Piano Forte. Prices?First Tier and Par<iurtle, $1?Second Tier, 50 cents Private Boxes $ti N. B.?The Box OOice Will be open on Thursday morning, 20th instant, and following days, from 9 o'clock to 5 o'clock P. M? where seats may be secured. Doors open at 7 o'clock?performance to commence at a quar ter to 8 o'clock precisely. nihil ec MR. BROUGH'S COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT. t-pHE COMMITTEE of Arrangements for conducting the T Conceit given to Mr. Brough, I complimentary to him for his services upon all occasions to the cnavitable and other so cieties of New York,) beg to auuouuce that it will positively lake place on Wednesday eveuiug. 26th March. SIGNURA R. PICO has kindly delayed her departure for Boston, to give her valuable aid on the occasion. Programme, with full particulars, will be issued in a few days. in 6 2t*ec PHOFESSOll RODOER8, GRATEFUL for the liberal patronage extended to hiin during the month of January last, by the enlightened aud talented citi zens of New York, has the honor to announce his return to the city, and that he will deliver a course of Four Lectures, with i interesting experiments, at the four following places, on the wonderful and mucn talked of science ol ANIMAL MAGNETISM & PHRENOLOGY. Rutgers' institute, in Madison street, evety Tuesday of each week, commencing Tuesday, March 4th. 8t Luke's Buildings, corner of Orove and Hudson streets, every Friday of each week, commencing ou Friday, Maich 7th. Clinton Hall, every Weduesday of each week .commencing Wednesday, March 5th. American Republican Hall, corner of avenue C and 3d street, every Thursday of each week, commenciug Thursday, March 6tli. Tickets which will admit a lady and gentleman 25 cents. To commence each evening at half-past 7 o'clock. mil lwis*rrc PHILADELPHIA. BY SPECIAL REQUEST. Dr Holuce's SELECT LEC TURES on the Origin of Life in Plants and Animals, will be repeated once mote, in consequence of so many being disap pointed the last course by the inclement weather. MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY aud THURSDAY, alarch 17, 18. 19, and 20, at the Museum Lec'nre Room. George street, at half past 7 o'clock, P M., for Gentlemen only; doors oi?n at 6m* At 3 P. M. for Ladies only: doors to open at 2. Admis sion, for Gentlemen. 50 cents siugle lecture; or a ticket for the course, to be had only on the fi st evening, $1. For Ladies, siu Ele lecture, 25 cents; ora ticket for the three first 50 cents, if ta en first day! The lecture ou Thursday being distinct from the course. ir> Illustrated by the celebrated FIFTEEN MODELS, Sic. ICT" Dr. II. cannot possibly stay after this week, owing to his engagements iu New York. mh!5 2t* INAUGURATION AND ANNEXATION BALL. TN HONOR of the binh or Andrew Jackson, on MONDAY T EVENING, March 17th, 1845, at Tammany Hall. The room will he beautifully decorated by Messrs. Deionge and Grain, <-f the Park Theatre. The Council fires will be lighted. Dodsworth's celebrated Baud is engaged for the occa sion. Committee of Arraso emeus. From Tammany Society. From Geuer-I Committee. Charles Mills, Joieph 15. Albertsou, James Conner, David Vandervoort, John J. Manning, Oliver Charlick, George S. Messerve, George W. Anderson, John D Everton, Isaac B. Smith. From Young Men's General C' mmittee. E. L B. Brooks, Alexander W*lls, Bryan McCahill, Thomas Gilmartin, James M. Hedges. Tick-is SI?to be had of either of the committee. m!3 5t*m COMPLIMENTARY HALL. COMPLIMENTARY BALL will be given to NAPP-Il XX LOTH14.N, Conductor of ?he Now York Brass Bana, br his friend*, at Tammany Hall, on Wednesday Lveuiug, Rlarch 26th, >??? MMlTTlE ? AMt,onlI?, Thomas M. Jenkins, Wilhim Deuman. John CarLnd!'' 8St?i ^tWOod' WMiraMuwell, n''T" Faiichjld, H. O. Cook, Bartholemew Purdy, Alexander Forbes. Floor Manaoer. RichJOHN>H. PLUME, Chairmau. Edward H. Plvme. Treasurer. i?iekels Tan^^bttinJdof either or the above Commiitee, at ?r at "? "?0r ?" """rnt 3^od 'l?rc THEATRICAL WAHDROBE JOR 9ALE, comprising about 40 coals, some of rich em A bruideied silks and satins', iJso, cloth. merino and serge coats &c &c. for old men, low and eccentric comedy, liveries, mdhirvT&o some elegant full suits. rests, b-eeches. and pan taloons iu great variety; shapes, shirts, tunics, Re. tnmmedaud plain. A great number of Properties, including "JJ1 *t-V'wS* collars, lumes, cravat, boom, shoes, feather, swords, helmets, hats, gold lace and fringe, otc oic. , mA u. _ra? .? oo The above will be sold cheap for cash Toi Jw seep i ^22 Bleecker street. mh9 I wis m BlLLlARUS ^ u . THIS must be seen to be believed?the ball 1 is played at fig. 2, runs to 3 to 4, to 5 to 6, to 7, to 8, to 9, to 10. and by play ers to 11 and 12. The above angles can be made in one blow. The Tatle. are up for playing or iSTe at 149 hultpn, or IX - Ann gtreet. The maker will bank for true "able, against any person living. 21 lm*m nsHW SIXTY-FIRST ANNIVERSARY Ob THb RbR 1 M AN SOC1EY of thscity of New Yo.k, will be cele brated by a Dinner at the Aitor House, on the 25th mst. Tickets may be had of thetollowiug G. vom Baur, 38 Exchange Place. A. Belmont, 56 Wal street. C. R D-ger, 78 Wall street. Dr. A Oescheidt, 81 Walker street. G. He.senberg. 3 William street. U H. Kissel, 42 Exchange I lace. C. Mellette, 15 Broad street. H. K. Morion, 36 New street, E. Pavostedt, 94 Pearl street. A. Hodewald, 46 Broad itreet. . J. W. Hchulten, 21 Nassau street. mh!4 3tis rc WILLIAM GtlANUIN, Attorney and CounseHoi^^^nd Micsfor in Chancery. Commissioner . For Florida, Maine. New Hsinpshim, Rhode Island, Michigan, Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, ?c., To tike acknovrledgmeut of Deeas, Mortgage, Powers of At totuey'Ac?o.,ntr. and overy desc .Pt,-m of conveyance loruey, a^,,^ N AhSAO SI K.EEr. Gorosite the Custom House, New York. mh!4 lw o HARTWELL S WASHINGTON HOUSE, <4'43 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. f27 im*m ????? T AMPS, CHANDAL1EHS, OIRAJIUULEb, nc.-The L subscribers have made such ariangemenu wi^ lbe man facturers, that they will, after the Itth Mweh^be.^y to exhib t by far the best assoriment of Honse ? F umtsni g Goods in the United State., at .1rery reduc.d pr ees- T hej nnw mypninir a complete assortment 01 entirely new heantifn 1 goods ?uch m Bolar and Lard Lamps and Chatda hers agreiri variety of patterns, suitable for private houses, churches, hotels, and steamboats; some urw *n(* ami Candle Chandaliers, Uiraudoles, Mantel Lights, Lrackets, P'l' vans tyof new style English Goods, received per ship mhl5 3.?m 561 Br?adway._ NEW IMPOtttlNO huU&L OF FRENCH GOODS. LAUREN T vV lI R O T H E R , nr% itu' a vKII BTRKKT. hare received bv the last packets, 68 a compieleassortm-nt of NEW GOODS, which they offer to dealers at ihelowea' market prices Particular attenti is invited to the following description of goods . New and splendid pattern. Moo. de Lame. Also new patterns of Balxorines and Bareges Extra rich Foulard SilhDreisrs , Very rich Cashmere de Cols 4J*P*rY Shawls New style Mogador and Isly Shawls Barege Shawls and Scarfs M?i.?rTC French Cloths and Caasimeres. m4 20tis rrc JOHN J. STAFFS BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO 2 ANN STREET, next door to the American Masenm. return. lu. sincere ?f>.nk. to h-s fnen^mid the mbhe ...ltP,ll,, fnr ti,~ rcrv liberal share of patronage aireauy receiv ed, and fiopes by strict attention to busmats to ment a contmu* "????( onality of Philadelphia Porter. Croton Me. Newark Ci* der, London brown Stout, and Scotch Ale. pint attended io with despatch. mhllec_ dkntihtry. xttWA - truSigjrSibs mis application nrcitliar to him. ol the phi "?"jjj'j, J ofdoty ?Wfra?'?^ vett to the pair, nage of our citixens. "iStoSft iUt' ISAAC- J. GREENWOOD, (Signed,) Doctor of Dental Surgery. JOHN NKILSON. M. D.. p s TOWN8END, M. D. H MeLEAN, M. D., Just published?Observations on the best means or P'"f1" W ,he Teeth?founded on long and very extensive, by M ^Pemoi^whohave lost Teeth, will he informed, in this little wnrk of I lie l?est mea- ? for replacement and pre'ei vatiop of i.hose ZSS^iJk M.rbe had et >om- of the principal bookstores in IhSmO ?" d of'Ke author, 260 Br.adway, corner of Warren St. uhl4 lm'rrc. ' ~~ ICE! ICE! ICE! ATOTH E-RENEIR 0. WORTENDYKE It CO re,. N pectfnlly inform ri-eu old cnstom>rs and th' rn' ral y. 'hti having jnst effected an atTvngemrnt * ith the I niou Korkland Lakv Ice < ompany of ihis citv, by l*i Xnrs to receive a constant supply of ice annualiv f<?J * ,^rl1 * ' SlThaving pnrchaaed from said company the,.rwagoM, ?e now prera.ed to sell and del ve? ice to auy part of tne nty , ?? large or small quantities, at the shortest nonce, and ?^Tori^stbeleft a, 80 Wall st, ice barges foot oHInane street, or at 157 Bleeker street, the residence of It. 4 Woru-n dyke, tlie oldest ice dealer in the citv of New^otx^ jtis-rc TO^f^W4-,bi "pehsse tf Bissowsr''' mhO m *5 and 67 Nusan St. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL ? - ="c 3? ? ? " " ? * Wuklnfioo. [( . . j jDileucu of the Now York Herald ] Washington, March 14, 1845. Senate Confirmations ? Cabinet Nearly Finished making Nominations?No United States Judge for Pennsylvania to be nominated this Session? Senate Finance Committee?Dixon H. Lewis? Free Trade, $-c?Discontent among the Cliques? The Van Bur emits?President Polk? Temperance lecture by Mr. Qough. The Senate, yesterday, confirmed all the nomina tions before it, among which were those of Butler, Purdy, and Wetmore, as well as the Charges to Peru, Venezuela und Naples, with a multitude of minor importance, which will be published offi cially in a short time. To-day, they have eon firmed but one important nomination?that of Mr. Shields, of Louisiana. The Cabinet has been hard at work all the week grinding down recommendations into appoint ments. It has met every day, and continued in session some three, or four, or five hours. I learn that they expect to-morrow's work will complete their toils for the present, and all the nominations to be made for the Senate to act upon before the meeting of the next Congress, will then be sent in and probably confirmed, and the Senate may possi bly adjourn to-morrow afternoon, though this is uncertain. It is supposed that the ZoTl Verein treaty has been under discussion to-day, as only one nomination has been confirmed. The President will not, 1 am informed, make any nomination at the present session of the Senate for a Judge of the United States Supreme Court, for Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The claims of Judge Read, Ex Secretary Wilkins, and Ex-Governor Vroom, are all urged with much per tinacity, and the President will take time to con sider and submit a nomination next winter. I learn that Dixon H. Lewis, of Alabama, was one of the Senators struck of! the Committee on Finance by Vice President Dallas, from the caucus nomination, and Mr Phelps, of Vermont, was the one substituted. The Committee, as it stands, is termed by the free traders, "fishy." It consists of Woodbury and McDuffie, free traders, Evans and Phelps, high tariff men, and Benton, fishy, he hav ing formerly been an ardent supporter of the so called American ryBtemf Had I). H. Lewis have remained it would have been decided free trade. He considers himself very ill used, and grumbles at this treatment, and this is another of the causes operating to blow up into a flame the discordant elements on the Democratic side of ihe Senate. Every day adds to the discontent which is felt and expressed by the various cliques here. The Van Burenites, too, are the loudest in their profes sions of dissatisfaction. They utteily repudiate the idea that they have any influence in the^Cabi net superior to that of the other cliques, and, in deed they say that President Polk is making capital for himself already. Thus it is, ihe Cabinet has an influence, and a powerful influence, and because it is not at ull exerted for them, they say that Mr. P. must be having an eye to his own interests, and then they ask why did he not announce his inten tion net to run for a second <erm in his inaugural. Perhaps, however, these Van Burenites are only making this noise on the principle on which the rogue is the first and loudest in the cry of " stop thief, stop thiefhoping thereby to draw atten tion from himself, that he may escupe with the spoils. True it is that the other cliques say that the Van Buren influence is all in ail in the cabinet, and that nothing else can prevail. Perhaps, how ever, after all, Mr. Polk sees his position. If he have the sagacity, the foresight, the prudence, the firmness, the great mind which his party attribute to him, he must have perceived that the materials he has to deal with are such as will require a stronger rein than any other he has ; but putting himself out as a candidate for re-election, and his cautious silence on this topic may pre ceed from that wisdom with which his po litical friends have invested him. There was a great assemblage in the E street Baptist Church last evening to listen to a tempe rance address from Mr. Gough. He made a most powerful and affecting address, and while his amusing anecdotes would waken a roar of laugh ter, his description of the evils ol intemperance, and the horrors and terrors of delirium tremens were so thrilling, that the pocket kerchiefs ot the audience were frequently in requisition. He set forth most admirably the reasons why the young men should join thisgreat movement, and appealed most forcibly to men of influence and standing lo give the weight of their example to the cause. His oratory is most effective, quite natural, and from that cause, exercising the greater influence. I learn that quite a large number of persons signed the pledge at the conclusion of the address. Washington, March 13, 1846. Theatrical Benefit Ball?Description of the Saloon? of Captain Ryndtrt, tyc.? of the general Com plexion and Character of the Fite?of the Ladies in the aggregate, with interesting Specifications in Detail?of the Gentlemen?the Supper?the Ma nagement, fyc , carefully interrpersed with Poetic Illustrations from the most Popular Authori ties. " From the sad day upon which Adam was made to dauce out of the garden of Eden?in all agea ot this orb men dance?in all climates?in every lati tude?on the great continents, and in the green islands of the ocean, the pastime of the dance seems to have been spontaneous, like the principle of religion?and like it a never-failing source of pleasure and thrilling delight. Kings and mighty potentates, the great and the beautiful, through all the gradations of man's most bloody and disgrace ful history, have bowed to the divinity of 'Terp sichore, and sought her consolations in the midst of smoking cities, and nations desolated. In short, from the morning when the satellites of the sun first moved off in the grand cotillon of the constel lations of heaven, down to the present day,dancing has been a very popular recreation. But we think this is quite preface enough; as it is our solemn purpose and bounden duty to report to you some thing of the ball last night given at Carusi's saloon, for the benefit of the actors and actresses whs were suflerers from the late conflagration of the National Theatre. ?" The evenmg was clear and balmy as the first wind of spring stealing up from the gulf into the green valleys of Western Texas; and all over the sky, like diamonds? " The itsri above were brightly ahining, Became they'd nothing else to do." 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Arrived at the spot, we were ushered into a sa loon illuminated by not less than three thousand sperm and wax candles, disposed along and around the walls in fantastic figures, while overhead were suspended through the centre of the room, equi distant, three tremendous candelebras, each con taining several hundred long nines of clarified sper maceti. These candelebras were formed, like the wheels of Milton's chariot, "of a wheel within a wheel," or rather of a wheel above a wheel, the bottom one describing a circle of thirty feet; the second half the size; the third proportionately re duced, forming altogether a brilliant, unique, and luminous illumination. At the head of the saloon was a raised platform, tastefully carpeted, and pro vided with cushioned seats, in addition to the line on each side the apartment. On the wall back of this platform, as large as life, high up among the clouds, dazzling with the glory ot her charms, was a portrait ot Fanny the Divine, a la Splphide. sweep ing away triumphantly in one of her divinest de monstrations in the poetry of motion. Ahl Fanny! Fanny! " Di tempo in tempo mi *i fa men dura L'Angelica figure, e'i doles rise;" The company was not numerous, probably two hundred strong; many, as we learned, who had subscribed to the benefit, being absent, but in its composition it was eminently respectable and po lite, being of the same personages, ladies and gen tlemen, in the main, who were wont to kick out the threadbare carpeting of the East Room in the happy reunions at the white House, under the old Virginian dispensation ot honest John Tyler. Ah! those happy, happy evenings, with that hapny com pany in the East Room?those delicious" drawing rooms" of Mrs. Tyler's, as John Jones styled the charming gatherings semi-monthly at the Execu tive Mansion! Ah! my dear, sir, they were a good, hospitable and amiable family, were these Tyler's, alter all?that they were. Alas! alas! we are afraid that Mrs. Polk is too true a Presbyterian to keep up this sort of recreation, indeed, we arei and, therefore, those cotillon parties of the people in the house of their favorite servant will temam out in recollection, as Ossian mournfully stags? 11 Like the memory of day* that arsgone, Pleasant and mournful to the soul." The dancing was commenced in a very delibe rate, premeditated, and business-like manner. The music was, as the Brigadier General of song wri ters would say, rteherchi; so was the company; ao was the prevailing ?pint, id tact ? " Two hundred heart* beat happily, and when Mitiic aroae with it* voluptuous await, Hoft eyes looked lova t* *>'?', which apoka again, And all went merrv a* a man tags ballj But, huah!?" For there conies Capt. Rynde.-u, the incorruptible politician, and the gallant gay Lothario of the 9ub terraneana?the modern Leander, who would awim the Potomac for a kiee?the American Don J uaa,

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