Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. 11., Ho. 79?Whole Ho. 4041. NEW YORK. FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 21, 1845. Price Two Centii THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To th? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?oub i?hed erf ry day o( the yen eieept New Yeai . Day and Fourth i Job". Price 2 emu per copy?or $7 18 per a-,'am?postages and?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published ere.. Saturdal ?noroing?price '>'? cents per copy, or 81 11 pet acnrm?port ion paid, cash in adinnce. ADVERTISERS are informed that the eircnlatio if the Herald is over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and inirvuing It hat the largetl circulation of any paper in tin: city, ?rlhe world ^ and, it, therefore, the best channel for bueinett wen in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PHI NTiNO of all kinds executed at the moil modemte pries ,*d is the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. pROPRICTOR OP THE HuRStD EsTARLIBHMCtVT, Northwest corner of Fallon and Nassau street!. FREGHT TO BALTIMORE. Dri Goods 12){ < k:*ts i-er 100 Groceries, Sit 10 do. NO TIt AN d I IIP v! KNT. PlIILAD^'LI'HlA^GTON^Affp BALTIMORE The Ph laJe'i liia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad Co. h-vo m *de extensive aod permanent arrauiemenu to trausfort fre;ght Iwt -'ecu Philadelphia and lla'timore On aud uf>?r Tuesday aaxt, viarch 'Bth, freight for "a'timore; Wheeling, Va : I'ii'snurgh, Pa; i-ichmond, V'? ; IV er burg, Va ; or any point souih ar meat, will be received at ihe depot, corner llth and M -rkct s'rrets. daily, Sundays excepted, nutil 3 o'i 1 ck I*. VI., and be delivered at an eailier hour in Ba timore lhau by any other line llomli consigned to tne Subscriber in Philadelphia, will be forwarde l (fieeof coo.mi,si >u) immrdiateiy on ar ival,to Balu imore and from thence to auy point south or west. Sp-cial contracts for freight will be made at reduced rates. Shi peri will b ar in miud that there will be no necessity for insuring by this I me, as there it no risk of damage by water, tor I'unher iufcrmuilou apply to GEO. P. FISHER, Agent, , No. 6 West street, opposite the Union Transportation Lina. G. H. HUDDELL, Agent, . mh!7 larynx Depot llth and Market streeU, Phila. NEW YORK, SC<lO<>LEY'S MOUNTAIN. BELVIDERE AND KASTON.-Leave the ^?T?C0?1, ?( Courtland street daily, Fuuu.,, > tic, pSd umb, A M., by Kauroad from Jersey i ity to Morris at 9 o'cl w %I? w mwuii town, thence by post-coaches through Mintlham, Chester. Oar mui Valley, Rchooley'a Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Cai den Washington, to Delvidere and Easton. For stats, apply to J.Hill, at the Ccmraerciil Hotel. 73 Court land street. N H?Extras furnished at the shortest notice, by applying to ' hurl I ' i Morristown. m4 lm*m Jwv-re FOR SALE?Twenty-lour Covers! FREIGHT !V .3k . A RS, such as are used on the Pennsylvania Kail I, ?' r Reads. They will be sold very low. lfnotioldbe _*r - *.,* Saturday, the 1st of March, they will be ofTrted at: ? '.e at ihe premises of the subscriber, at 10 o'clock, A M. ? C HAMILTON, West tide Broad street.below Locust street, Philadelphia. ja31 lm*od*ghz FARM TO LET OR FOR SALE, containing about acres. on Juni|ier Swamp road, Newtown, 3>, miles ?*?a*.trom Vvilliamsburgli ferry, with a good farm-house, barn, new well, he.; plenty of escorted Trait; in a healthy siluuion. tc?nery romiutia. aud adioining two turnpike roads. Those who bis in wan . of men a tdace wil seldom meet such an offer. Enquire of J. O. DONOHUE, 234 Front st. N. Yo k, out door from Peck dip. mliZO 3f ec jms FARM FOR SALE?Priee $1500?Containing 7 18 SHvcres, a beautiful and healthy situation, two miles from 73Cth? railroad depot at the city of New Brunt wirk, New J rwr, m the old road to Philadelphia. On the premises are a Km d house two bares, crib, he , and a variety of fruit trees ? For fuTthar informating inqui eof Vlr. R. DKRVOTT, adjoin ing tire place, or of PETEt, C. COKTELYOU, Type Found er, lffChamber st, New York. If not sold by 1st of Aptil will he to let mh20 8t*m ?a*d| FOR SALE?A FARM?Situated at lalip, Suffolk mq|Coanty, L I , adjoining Hmithtown. Said Farm contains ^*?.82 aces; JO of which is Wood; the remaining 03 acresarr i u a stale of good cultivation. There ar* two Houses, and also two good wells of water on the farm; a targe barn with car riage house and stabling for eight horses; an ice house; a good large garden, enciosed in a picket fence, fruit trees, he., he. Any further iuf, imation may be obtained it No 13 Bleecker street, a few doors west from Broadway, Half tne purchase tnonsv res remain on mengage lib lm*m ~ COUNTRY SEAT TO LET?To let for one or Itnone years, the beautiful C' Uutry seat known as Wood .lawn situated on the Ncr.h River, at foot of 53d street, con: lining about II acras. lie dwelling house is now, having been built last year, and the stabl-' and other buildings are in good order. Put session can be g'.'en iuiniediattly. Kor term,, apply to W.L. CU l l'lNG, mil 2w-ec 58 Wall street, or 748 Broadway A SUPERIOR FARM FOR SALE?Consisting of linn acres, including a suitable quantity of conveniently ksitnat, d salt inetdow, being the northerly part of Strat um's Neck, about 1 % miles from Flushing landing, and half a nnle from Collec Point landing, and bordering f ir some dis tance on flushing Bay, embracing moat deairable 1 ic it ions for c untry seal, witu water priviliges. It has on ita large coitsga H-n e a tea'.ni house, large baru, he., ST,good landing place, and an apple orcirardpiuducing about SO* l>ar>rla of apples an na-II v It is iniu aaRi- wtll watered, and has several living springs of tlx best quality near the dwelling Upwards of ,0 acres are la d down in tnowiug gronnd. and will cut about St tous of hay this year, and 5 acre* are covered with thrifty lo cust irres. The whole premiers are of the richest catoral soil, sum* cf it r-ujuiring no mauete, and none of it more than one fourth of the usu 1 quantity to produce the finest cropa. The drift lorlg tig on thepiemises With the salt grass, is sufficient to raiuure the whole. For terms and ether paiticutars, inquire of PL ATT STRATTGN, Flushing, Long Island, or of O H. WINTER, 16 Wall street. New York. N. B.?The above Farm will he exchanged for jiroperty in ths city of New York, or 50 per cent may remain on mortgage. mh!5 8w*ec A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR BALE-Situated gin the town of Prlham. Westchester CouiUv, bordering on nthe village of East t heater, about 16 milee from New York, containing 140 acras of land---., 0 actes wood land, the oal in : - 90 acre* is in a high at>ta of cultivation, with fruit trees of ill kinds in abundance. There ar? two good Dwelling Houses on it, recently built, together with a large bare, stone hen hou-e, com <-rib, ic ihe place is beautifully situated, commanding a view ol ihe Sound and surroun ling country. It will be sold low or exchanged for improved city property Kor farther par ticulars Rppiy at 68 West street, between Carlisle and Rector streets. Also, 8 Lots of Ground. 25 by 106, on the easterly side of the llth Avenge, fetween 37th ane 38th streets. 122 Im-ic ma FOR 8 ALE?A sp'eodid, superior, and very valuable MHFAUM of 100 acres, rich land, a handsome House, eicrl .|<*L lent fences snd outbnildi-igs, mills and machinery for saiMog, grinding, tc., about M M) chotre Peach Trees, and a va ri.-ty of other fioiF, 1% miles from Morriso<wn, in New J*r s?y. and hours ride from New York; a healthy and delight ful sitn ition Price $8000; half can remain on it, or will be ?*? chain: d in part forcity pr petiy. Coat over 8E,000. A Iso. 8i) .-erea, with new Cottage, Bams, Fences, lie : about 4000 Pe ich Trees; adjoining the above Price gPK)0 For full pareirulars apply to D. ELSTON, 55 Atlantic street, Bouth Brooklyn. 81500 or 8NWI0 on a Home and Lot in the city of Brooklyn, wanted, at 7 |ier cent Ample security. Apply immediately to D. ELSTON, 55 Auantie stieet, mill I lm*cc Booth Brooklyn. TO LET?The Fonr-atoey Brick Building, No. 83 ' Anthony street. It #0 feet by 26 leet, would be a ?gnod location for a Hotef, for Lodge Rooms or for Mili tary urill Rooms. For Partici'lars inquire of D. D. ID EBON, mil 21 24 3t*m 49 Anthony street. TO KENT-ON STATKN ISL AND-Thos* "two 'splendid Vll.LAS. si'uatrd at Bylvaton Terrace, com .mai ding a h-autiful view of the Bay and Ocean?each if use having a Stable, Coach Ice and Bathing House. The ilun*ev ate finished in a superior style with every convenience, each honse having more than seven acres of la< d. Apply to J. D. PHILLIPS It CO.. 133 Maiden Lane, corner of Water street, N. Y. Also to Let? I he Three Story Btick House 56 Stanton street. Enquire as above. mh!6 lm-*c TO SECRET SOCIETIES. .flat TO L.K r?From lit May neat, the lam Room ia the WW upper story of houseeorner of East Broadway and Ca JiMLlharine atreet, fitted np for a lodg ? room. Can he aeen tieTveeri 2X and 5 o'clock, P. M. For farther particu lars enquire of E Catharine atnet, or of J Hr.CHT, M Heury street. Bl 1 m ? na FOR. SAi E, OR TO I.ET?A good Dwelling Houie. Barn,Ouihouaea, Ike , with about two aeiea ol I ind. ai'U'te in the Tillage of Jamaica, L. I., with a (plod ?ui |dv of fruit trees, Howe; a, &e. One naif of the pur chaac money can remain on bond nod trior, gaye. Enquire of CALEB WEEKS, Giraffe Hotel,or of HENRY WOOL K.Y. at th- Kln'hing I'ltvLion. mb 12 jjn^m_ TO LET?One of ihe mo?td-?irable Country re.iilen f era on thia island, ?itnate wi hin half hotira ride of ihe LCii, Hall, consiatii g of a specious and convenient dwel ling, wi'li stable nnd other outhouses attached, with a larite Ku den, containing every rariety of fruit, said nruamenttl treea and ahr>bbpiy. bor partici'lara enquire in J3d ateoat, flrat honae eaat of Jd avennr. mhlJ Im'rc MTO LET OR LEASE, in 8t. John'a Hall, two lame Rooms on the se-ond and third atoriea of the buildinit. adm-.ably adapted for the u e of associations, or aa ar um iea for military compmiea?the Ihird Company r?at onal GmtrJa now occupying the fourth on lease aa an armory. Thoee wishing to hire for ancli pnrpoaee ahould avail themselves of th? op. ortu ry and t.ecnre them, aa they are desirable from their location, aud tne ficilitv nf in*ress and egreas. Terms made known and root* seen, by applying at the bar of the Hall, from 10 ' 'r ock A. M. nutil 2 P. M., to nthlO Im re THOMAS A LYNCH. FOU SALE, OR TO LEASE?that well knowa I Factory, wiih M I Its of (round, situate at Harleui, on ^^the tth arenne (railroad), between 121th and '29th sta ? 1 irtory is a rery substantial c?o atory brick building. 10 feel by 2fi0, with a brick carriage house and engine house adjoin in.. The a-reeta and tvennes are regnlated and paved, and all ess ssineuta paid The premises are in complete order, and rea dy 'ot immediate occniMney. The same will be aold or leased cheap, oreacht Red f,r city property 'three fonrtt-s of the purchase money c in remain on bond and mortgage for a long time. Apply to C. W. VAN VOORH18 or H P. McOOWN.36 John a'.net, where a map of the property can be aeen mhlt Im* m TO LET?The large three atory and attic Brick Dwelling Honae, situated on the north-easterly corner ol me S<tenth Arenne and Thirteenth street, with a fine Siril-u. I ro on w iter, kitchen ranges, marble mantels, aliding oors, tic., and in an improving neighborhood. Rent low to a good tenant. Aim?Four three atory and attic Brick Honaea, with Stores audi wrath, on the easterly side of Siitli Avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth atieets, with sliding doors, marble m latela, Croton water, Ac., suitable for srapectable families in tnsn'erale circiimstaucea. AD i?Five three story Brick Honaaa, of a similar kind, on the reaierly aide of Greenwich Lane or Avenue, near the Eighth A V. nne, and opposite the large square. Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store underneath, on the caste* ly aide of the F.ighth A venue, between I3lh and Hlli streets, with marble mantela, aliding doors, Crotou water, Ac. ? . . , All of the above Stores are eicellent atanda for bnainess, and are suitable for drygoods and fancy-goods, ladies' shoe stores, china and earthenware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fectionary, fcc. ... . The Stores, with tha front basement-room, will be muted se parate from thedwelling parta if required, there,being covered areas in front for fool, Ac. G. H. WIN i EH., fll Ins* re I !? Wall.atreet. H HATS-SPRING FASHION. J. M. TICE & CO. No 9 Bowery, New York. f? ARK now ready to snpydy their customers with, their J^kMpriuy Style of H?U, which are equal, if not superior. in point of elegance, durability, aud economy, to those sold at auy other store in this city m> Im n> NEW FASHION n BROWN k CO.'SONK PRICE STORE. 171 Chat i^khain square, corner of Molt street. Imitat on Beavaraad Mole Skrn Hats, of th" Hpring Fashion, for the low fixed price of SI. A large assortment of Caps, some new patterns, muen admired, sold at inode ate prices, wlioleiale aud retail. rn8 I in ?in SPRING FASHION. ("1 WM. BANTA, No. 130 Chatham street, J^ksChatham Theatre, 1 and 91 Canal street cor.eror Woosier street, offers for sale and'inspection, a large assortment ot M and Caps, of the Spring Fashions, at extremely low prices, vin. NutriaW Haw, $3: Superfine .\loleekin SilkjHatt, MlFnre Silk Hats, $1,50. Also, a full assortment of Caps, at the lowest city prices. mint lm*ec "A DOLLAR SAVED 18 A DOLLAR CM GEN fLEMEN. who make ita rule to lay outH jJLtheir money to the best adv^utage, are respectfully UOt,fi ROB?BON^rPHOEWjF HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, No. 103 Fnlton street, east side of Broadway, iT"1 c,u c **pfr than at any other place in the city. An inflexible adherence to tne system of large sales, small ?J ij',V'T; enable? i he proprietor to offer ihe different article? 111 ni? lin , at the following reduced First quality.Nutria Fur ti 50 '50 First quality mens' and boys $1 50 Second t" 1 ?? These articles are not only quite equal, but in some respects (especially iu the style of trimming) superior to any in the ' city. A comparison of the qualities and prices, with those of other establishments, will snow a deduct ion of $1 to $1 50 on customary prices. All Hats warranted of the most fashionable Broadwry patterns. . , . . N.B.?The proprietor's extensiTe arrangements enable him to offer very advantageous bargains to wholesale dealers asd country merchants. m6 lm*m TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS-BOOTS AND SHOES. E. JOHNFON (late Wilson k Johnson) has ___ Son hand, in store ltf Chatham street, directly ?opposite the tleatre, one of the be* assorted /tucks or Aw Boots snd bhoes that can be had in the city. Gents Kip, calf. Grain and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boots and Shoes. Sg'u and sewrd, from the Eastern manufactories ; Ladies ailers, Buskins, Ties, Slips, kc., of every description A greater variety of Children's c hoes than any other store in this city. Gentlemen's fine Gaiters, twenty different binds. Gents Buckskin Shoes, Sportsmen's, Fishermen's and Seamen s Boots. , . Store open till 10 o'clock in the evemug, giving conn try raer chants an opportunity of examining the goods at their leisure. inhU lm'rc LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. HAVING beeu awarded the Diploma at the late Fair ol the American Institute, for the best Lasts, I am prepared to furnish en article of Lasts which cannot be surpassed iu this ot any other city in the United Sums. , _ , Sole aud Upper Leather of all kiuds, Black and Coloredi Mo rocco and Kid Skins, with Deer, Goat and Lamb Skin Bind ings, Shoe Threads, Laatings Galleons, Sheetiugs. Linen and Leatner Linings, Boot Cortland Webs, Boot lrees. Hammers, , Pincers, Awls and Tacks, with a full assortment of Shoe- | makers' Tools, of the vFIlWe'Y P ' $95 Spring street, between Greenwich' and Washington streets, New kork. N. B.?The Greenwich Line of Stages past within a block of the store. ft? S CHOICE FLOWER SEEDS?The subscribers have lately received from England, France and Germany, a most vs ied and beautiful assortment of r lower Seeds, saved the last season bv the mo? eminent flemtsof fcurupfr the China Asters and Ten W?ek Stock Gillis, of Germany, the Double Balsamiues of France, and of the London collection ol these three showy and favorite annu 'la, (some of which are cx ctvdintfly espwisive,) tie unrivalled, su? tne?e now offered are they, wi'l be warranted as represenud. ? . The following assortment of Annual Flower Seeds are now ready for delivery, iu a sealed packet, price $1 i?'welve va rietiei of really showy and choree sorts, all of which are growth of 1144. Directions for culture within the packet?may, how ever befcown immediately in fraures?May in opeu air. Superb German Quilled Chin-. Asters. 21 varieties; mixed Clintonia Pulcliella?beautiful bine Flowers; dwarf and pretty, aui1"' German Ten Week Stock Gillis <0 sorts mixed, Lupiuns N&nsa -dwarf-flowers profusely all summer, in an oval, circ.e or other bed-bright lilac; AnnualID uble ChinaPink, ver> showy, clove scent; Portolacci T.he?*ulonci. bnllitnt wkieu tran?i?lanted from thf ?ted wt in a bed b? lt?ell. will be a mass of flowers from June until November; Phlox Drummondii ?6 varieries, mixed?some scarlet. This is a very deniable an nual, shou'd be cultivated by itself, the Portulacca: Loaza Aurantiaca?free ruaner, with singular atat-shaped orang- flowers, very showy; superb raris Double Balsa mines?12 sorU mixed, flowers very double and curiously spot ted with lilac, starlet aud crimson pu .de; Mixed Tetanias, 12 varieties?from a Londou col'ectiou ; Celosia or Cock?comD?, 24 varieties mired, some yellow, white, orange and crimson . Molope Graudiflora. a showy scarlet flower of the Ltvatara specie*?part ot which are white ; N.monphylla Insignia Ma jor, beautiful blue attractive flower, twicejtbe size of Nem-iu ' Also, every variety of Biennial and I'rrernial Flower Seeds attainable, lor whict ^{^^kuRNT. O. 15 John St. rry Early Prince Albert and Early Cedo Nulli Fess. 59 ctx. per quart-these are uasurpissed for ft'it Early 1 sown immediately mh20 St*m CHOICE ANNUAL FlOWER SEEDS. , 'i he snbscriber begi to inform hit friends and the old j3j9hpatrons of Niblo's late Conservatory, that he has receiv ZEed. per Victoria, from London, an extensive and choice col.-clion r.f new k lower Seeds, all warrant d genuine. The following package of 2tl superb varieties are now ready ^?!'hlox llrummondii?splendid show flowere of all colore. Schixanthus Priesiii, Ketnsus, Grahamn, kc. .mixed)?enn ons retuse flowere, of white, yellow, orange andi eiimaon. Portulacca Splendent and Tbelnitonii, mixed?Very dwarf, brilliant crimson and rosy crimson flowers. Choice llesrtsease?Seed from choice pnie flowere. Bartonia Aurea?Golden yellow flowere. Double Paris Balremt?Nnmr rons choice kinds mixed. Doubled Qui I led German Asters?? "anetiea mixed. Petunia. Rosea, Graudiflora, Phceuicea, 1 Blockn new vane ty ) kc. mixed?Very showy, flowere profusely, in great vane ty'of colore, suitabla for training, kc. Mignonette?Sweet scented abyasini&n. Lupinns Crnikshankii?Six colore on one stem, vigorous growth, forming almost a tree. Nemophila Insigmi. Graudiflora. phaayloides new vanety N*at blue flowers with white centre. Nolane atriplicifolia?Showy blue trailing flower. Maiva xtbria, (new)?White with geranium blotch and "l^opoeolnm Pelegrinum or Canary Bird Flower?Beantifnl cut and Iriuged flowers, appears like a canary bud. Get nun 'ten Week Stock?25 superb varieties, mixed. . Anagallii Indies-Unique flowers, star shaped, coloraneh Chinese blue, with curious and beautiful golden anthers in the "I'beris Coronoria, or Large White Rocket ^?".^uft. Helechrysnm bracteatum album, (new)?Elegant snowy "ca'leopsis, Atkinsonia, Drummondii, Elegans, kc-, 5 kiuds mind?Flowere brilliant, of cream, golden and dark red colors, blotched, striped and spotted with crimson. Packages confining 50 va,ieti?a for $2; 100 varieties $4. Vegetable Seeds oi the growth olo844. A large collection ot tin ? Irealthy Plants in flower are in the Conservatory window. Bouquets and Howere always on nvnJ. N K.W DAHLIAS?A line collection are now under cultiva tion; plints will be ready in due season. . Ordeis attended to with piomptneM^and^thankfollgreceived by (Late of Niblo's Conservttory,) _ mhlt lmrc 51 Broadway (observe) cor. Prince st PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBaNY 0A1LY?Irom the steam' oat pier between .CourtUnd ana Liberty street*, at 5 o'clock, P. M , Uudu g ?i intermediate place*. The slea.uboat SOU i'ri A>1 EKICA, Captain M. H. Trues dell, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Feck, Tues day, 1 hursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock, Pastengera taking the abo*e link will arrive in Albany in time to take the morning train of Cars for the East or West. The Boats are new and substantial, are famished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are nnritaUed on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Bchultg, at the office on the Wharf. mh!7rc FOR SALE. THE NEW BARQUE ARIEL?Dimensions 121 leet length, 24 feet oeam, and ahont 4 feet hold? copper-fastened, and has accommodations for ten pas sengers. Apply to BOYD It H1NCKEN, m20 3tm 9 Tontine Bnilding. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of 1st April? ImnVWThe splendid, ftrst-ela>s, fast sailing packet ship JKK''RINCe. ALBERT, Capt. W. S. Sebor, will poei tirel> mail as abore, her regular day. Hiring most superior and elrgaut accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passvugers, person* wishing to em bark should make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMUHRAY, _m3lm 00 Pine street, corner of South. *??- PASSAGE FROM .OALWAY, DIRECT-TO (umy NEW VORK?The snp-rior, fast sailing British JHIm Brig VICTORIA, will sail from Oalway on the lat ol^ >l:. y. Tin* off'ra an excellent opportunity to pepons wishing to send for thei' friends, residing in that part of Ireland, precluding the trouble snd i spense of going to i irerpool to embark. Con tracts for paasage, which will he at a moderate rate, most be made previous to the list inst., in Older to be ru time for the steamer of the Istof April, from Boston. ? For further particulars, apply (if by letter, post paid) to mh2l rrc JOHN Ha.Ul.rM AN, 61 'onth stre treet. FOR NEW ORLEANS-Lorn ?a and New York Line?Regular Packet to sail 26i instant ?1The elegant, fast sailing packet ship 08 i .OO, Captain W oou. mhI positively sail as above, her regal* '.ay. For freight or passage, having handsome larr. ned accommo dations, apply on board, at Orleans r >i Wall st., or to K. K, COLLINS It 1 i,, i( South st. Pn*itiea)y no goods received on board rr Tuesday even ing, 25th inst. Agents m New Orleans, Messrs. Hullin V Woodruff, who wRI promptly forward all goods to thai' Iress. m21ec JAR FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail on 'he24ih March n99k.1 lie splendid, new and elegant packet ship, JOHN R JUKSKIDDY, Wm. Skiddy, master, will positively sail Having superior accommodations for eabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, person* about to embark should make early application on board, at Pier No. 5 North hiver, or to JOSEPH M'MURRAY, m!7rc 100 pjDf street, corner Sonth. mJ)I& JX&W?L,NE PACKETS FOR LIVER ImJjV POOL?Packet of the list March?The splendid and JHMbfarorite packet ship HOTTI nOUEK. 1100 tons bur then, Ca?r. Ira Bnrsley, will sail ou Friday, March 21st, her legnlar day. '1 hei Hottingner has very snperior accommodations for cabin, second colon and stearage passengers. To seen re berths, early application should be made to mhllrc 76 Sonth * freethinker oArtafoenVne. JSP? LIVERPOOL?'Regular Packet list March ?flEW-Tlietnoerior last sailing packet skip HOTTI N JIBHgOUER, 1050 tons burthen,(Japt. Ira Bnrsley, will sail sa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable st* rooms and cabin, apply to the Captain on board, went side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL A MINTURN^r South street. The packet ship Liverpool, IIW tons bPBiesi, Captain John ^Idridge, will s day, tlst April. Eldridge, will tncceed the Hottingner, and tail on her regnlai WhlTee FOR RALT1MORE 7 i-a o'cisOCK, a. m-fakb $9. CITIZENS' UNION LINE VIA NEW CASTLE b FRENCHTOWN RAILROAD. This route, ackoo wledxnl to be the moat pleasant .^^^HPwtween Philadelphia and Baltimore, will le open J^H^^Efar trivel on MONDAY next, March 24th. ? ? The unrivalled and favorite s.eambo&t ROBERT MUKtt 1 Captain Uouthii, having been put iu thorough or der, will take her place ouihia eud of the Line, and the iwilt and splendid st-amboat CONSliTUriON, Capt. C hay tor, on the Baltimore end. On and after MONDAY next, March 14th. "thesteamboat ROBERT MOnKIS will leave Dock street wharl daily, (ricept Sunday, at 7>? o clo? k, A. M. for New Castle, where piiiengers will take the cam (kuown to be the moit comfortable in the country) for Fterchtown, and i here uke the steamboat CONSTITUT'ON for Baltimore, arriving iu time to (and the only line thitdoes) connect with the Lines leaving Baltimore in the aftrruoon lor th- South,and in from 4 to 6 hours iu advance of any other line. The Lines leave Baltimore for Philadelphia daily, except Sun days, at 7K o'clock, A. M. Breakfist and Diui ers provided on board the Boats. Fare to Chester or Newcastle yj cents. Fare to Baltimore 12 00 WHEELING AND PITTSBURGH. Tickets through to Wheeling and i'itlsbuigh can be procured on the boat. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR BALTIMORE THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON AND BALTIMORE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Vis Chester. Wilmington, Elkton, Havre de Grace, kc. FAilE REDUCED. gum On acd after MUNDAV neit, Marco 21 h, the cars will leave the (l^pTt, curner oi Eleventh end Market streets, asft llows:? DAILY, at 4 P.M. " (except Sundays) at I0)< P M. Or on th i arrival of the 5 P. M. train from New York, FARE THREE DOLLARS. [C7"The above are the ouly lines that connect with those leaving Baltimore for the Sooth and Wett. WHEELING AND PITTSBURGH. Tickets through to Wheeling or Pittsburgh c in be procured at the Depot. Passengers for Pittsburgh take the steamboat at Brownvlle. K7~We>tern Pasienyers leaving New York at 5 P.M., can take the Line that Le-.ves PhiUdelplva at 10K P.M., and arrive in time for the cars leaving at 7 A.M. for the vvest.1 Fa e to Wheeling, $12?Pittsburgh, $12. Returning, the cars leave Bait more at 9 A.M. and 8 P.M. Freight Pliant lister Train, FAKE FIFTY CENTS. A Passenger Car will he attached to the Freight Train, leav ing the Depot at 5 P. M. Fare SO cents. Passengers by this Line will arrive in Baltimore at aneaily hour text Uiornirg. Freight to Baltimore. DRY GOODS, 12}? cents per ICO lbs. GROCERIES, 8tc. 10 crnts per 100 lbs Freights received and forwarded daily (except Sundays) from the Deyot, corner of 11th and Market stieets. and delived iu Bal timore at an earlier hour than by any other liue O. H. HUDDcLL. Agent, Phils. (O^Forany information respecting the above Lines, apply to GEO. P FISHER, Aieot, mli2l lm No. 7 Wall, or 6 West streets. 0tt"* LOS I'?From the Steamboat/, Globe, from Stoniugton, on Wednesday morning, asm-ill nI Carpet Bag, with theowu ers name on a brass plate, initials E. O.?supposed to be taken in mistake when the passengers were landing at the wharf.? Whosoever wLl bring the same to the American Hotel. Broad way, will greatly, oblige the advertiser ; or a reward of Twenty Doflats will be given for its recovery, if volen. m2t 2t?ec WA'M'EL)?A situation by a respectable youi g w< mail as seamstress and to wait on a lauy. The best of irference given. Addres Box 1389 Post Office. ml9 3tec A FRENCH WOMAN wautis situatiou as housekeeper, lady's maid, or chunbermaid. or to take care of one or two childreu. She speaks Fiench and English. She has been four years and a half in her last place. For further particulars en quire by letter, post-paid, No. 91 William street, up stairs, di ?ected to A. G m!9 3l*re WANTED, rtN THE MORRIS CAN AL-Three Hundred Laborer*, to a-e whom seven-shillings wages will be given p.-rday,to be paid monthly. A part of this ntinbr will be requir?d tolwork rocks For further ptrttculars apply to Jesse ctillwrll, Esq., Sectiou 6. near the Sunimit, Stanhope. The shortest route is by Newark and Morristowu. ml9 3t*ec tpO CARPENTERS. JOINERS,ICABINET MAKERS J- and Mill Wrights?A work, designed for the above named mechanics, on the principlesof Splayed Woik, showing tovir application to making mill he pliers, boxes with sp'.ayed sides, diminished columns, pitching planceers, purlices against raf ters, and the mitreing of certain mmilaings, be. by W. A. Da vis, architect. Pnblis ed by the author, 08 Spring si. borsile by BURGESS. STRINGER 4c CO. 222 Broadway, aud the principal booksellers in the Uni'.ed States. Price 25 cents. mh20 3t*rrc ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. tive of the Parish of Bethnal Green. London, son of the late Mr.Uichard Jefferson, formerly of Brick lane,Spitallields,cheese monger,deceased,has not been heard ofiu K 'gland, for more thui 14 year*, but shortly before,or about that period, he was supposed to tie either in the Government, Naval or Merchant Service of the United States. He was born in the mouth of April, 1808, so that if he be now alive, he is 37 years of age. The last accounts were from himself in the years 1830 aud 1831, the former from New Ynik, the latter from Bostou. His family being most anxious to receive tidings of his being alive, hereby offer a re ward of One Hundred Dollars, on receiving satisfactory evidence thereof, or legal proof of his death, and soch reward will ac cordingly be paid,by me the undersigned, in London, or through the hands of WiLLIAM AS. IN WALL, Counsellor-at-Law, No. 20 Court street, Bostou, to whom all communications are to be addressed. ROBERT BRITTON, Solicitor, No. 18 Bethnal Green, London. London, January 29th, 1845. 132 eodis2w lawontlOwrc HART WELL S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 993 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. 137 lm*m PHILADELPHIA, February 28Ui. 1845. KOBERTJOHNSTONf, \ KOBERT JOHNSTON It CO. STOCK EXCHANGE and COLLECTION OFFICE, No. 11 South Thihd St., orrosiTB to thi Michanic'i Baitx, Philadklfhis . Dealers in Uncancel Bank Notes, Relief Notee, Gold and Silver Coin, be. Drafts, Notes and Bills collected with despatch, on favorable terms. Drafts on St. Lonis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York, ttoeton, be., constantly for sale. All orders for the purchase aud sale of United States Govern ment, State, City or Incorporated Co's Loam, and every devcup tion of Bank, Insurance, Hail Road and Canel Ca.'s Stocks,at tended to promptly and with care, at the Board of Brokers. REFERENCES William Patton, Jun. Esq., Cashier, Philadelphia. Pcnll b Thompson, do Back b Potter, do Morgan, Buck fc Co., do David S. Brown fc Co. do [Eckel, Spangler 4t Raignel, do Mercer, Brother b Co. do LADIES' AND FAMILIES' DAGUERREOTYPE INSTITUTE, MRS II. ?SHANKLAND, DAGUERRIAN ARTIST. DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS, including the beat ?tyle of Morocco Caae or Frame, for ONK DOLLAR. Apply at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, or 930 BROADWAY, THIRD STORY, FRONT ROOM. No. 1?oppoaite the Park Fonntaia. mh 17 lm* m A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR. PRICES REDUCED '. PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESS, combining all the perfec aT tioni of a painting, with the trnthfnlneaa or a Dagnerreo type, at icry reduced prices, by A. F. Thompson, No. U Park Row, oppoaite the Astnr Monte. Operations in all weather. Instrnctiona in the Art and every requisite for the prosecution of the bnsinesa famished. m7 lm"rc DAGUERREOTYPE. TOHN ROACH, Optici>u, 83 Nassan street. New York, :t J constantly manufacturing, and has always on hand, all ar ticles of the beet quality used in the Daguerreotype process.? His Triple Compound of Bromine is a superior preparation, and it now in general use He has alto on hand the Hungarian or German Accelerating Liquor. Cameras of his own manufacture as well as French and Ger man ones. Tim German Cameras told at this eitabliahment will be warramed geunine. ... Orders from the country for any articles naed in the art will be promptly and car fully attended to. mil lm?rrc PORTER, ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, VTO. 3 ANN STREET, nrzt door to the American Museum, i-s returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public generally, for the yery liberal share of patronage already receiv ed, and hopes by strict attention to bnsiueas to merit a continu ance. FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter, Newark Cider, Croton Ale, Loudon Brown Stout, and Scotch Ale. Orders for shipping attended to with despatch. mhllec CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW Y'iKK. COLLECTOR'S OFFICE,} March i9ih, 1845. { ?\TOTICE?Proposals will be received at thia office until -La Monday, the 31st day of March, instant, for furnishing the following quantities of Oil for the use of the l.igh; Houses and Light Boats in this District, under the superintendence of the uaaereigned. via:? 3,434 Gallons Winter Tressed Oil, from held matter. 3,434 do Spring Spermaceti Strained Oil The Oil ia to bu of the yery brat quality, to be ganged by the United States gaugers atlhe time or delivery, and to tie deliver ed to the Superintendent of Light j louses sa he may r? quire, in iron-bound casks got fn "teed thirty gallons etch. The Oil is to be thoroughly fitted befdtr payment is made therefor. The Proposals handed il will be marked ou the outside "Propotali '"BUI \ 0. P. VAN NE?s; mhIO 9t fh Collrctor. CARPETING 454 Pearl Street. T'HE SnhscribeTi have jBat ,,pen -d the large and spacious A CARP El WAKfc RtiOMa, No 454 Petri sfeet, Tbrmrr ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt It Co.. and are now te idy to of fer the public an entire new stock of ('arivting, bought eipiest ly for the spiing trade, some of which are rzceedugly rich, of new deugui an?l|colcr?. Among them my be fjund? 25 NEW SETTS KIDMINSTER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. II P8. KIDMINSTER THREE PLY, Rich Shading. SUPER!INK FINE AND COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING. Of every variety ?nd drscriptioe. Rugs, Druggets, Table and Piano Coven; WorateI, Tufted and Jute Mills; OiM lotha, very heavy and in great varieties, from 2 to 24 feet wide; together with all other articles usually found in the trade 1 he public are requested to call and et <m ine our dock before purchasing. PETERSON It HUMPHREY, mM 2m*m 434 Pearl street. Blew York Univcialty? Medical Department ?Graduating liiO Pupils. The annual commencement ot the Medical De partment of this Institution, was held in the Cha pel of the University, Washington Square, on Tuesday evening. It was densely crowded with spectators?the middle part being reserved for the students, 1 all the other parts thronged by the lrientls of the pupils and supporters of the Institu tion, and among them a great number of ladies, watching with evident anxiety, the first great step in life of their sons, brothers and friends The large chapel was crowded to excess in every part, and many went away unable to obtain admittance. The choir was occupied with a very efficient band, which performed several beautiful pieces at inter vale, in the proceedings. ChancellorFkeylinqhuysen took thechairabout eight o'clock, supported by the other members of the faculty, consisting of Professors Mott, G. S Psttison, J. Revere, M. Payne, G.S Bedford, and J. W. Draper, together with several members ot the Faculties of Columbia College and College ol Physiciaus and Surgeons. Professor Mason read the 130th psalm, and of fered up a most beautiful prayer. General Tallmaok made u lew remarks on the genera! prosperity of the Medical School. It was established in 1841, and commenced with 209 stu dents ; in 1842,275 students; in 1843, 325students; and ut the present time it numbers 378. This was cert only much nwin&to the kind and talented professors who had lent their assistance in the good work ; and when he mentioned their names they would lully agree with htm. The gentleman then mentioned those belore enumerated, and each name was uttered with strong expression of appro bation, particularly that of Professor Draper. The Cha.ncel.lok then called the attention of those ussembled to the circumstance for which they met. He said the different parties would be called up by receive their diplomas, and read the following names of the gentlemen gradu ating: Thompson Wilson, S C Jeremiah B Selby, Wiscon David L Simpson, Ky Geo W Clippinger, Pa George A W atles, Ala George M '1 utt, Ga Cnarlcs W Hodgrs, d C John L role, N C Joseph Qusttlebum, S 0 Robert Staton, N C James 8 Meng, Miss Jesse Myer, NY James M Nash, Ala Gabriel PReovs,N Y Henry M Jeter, Gi Phillip A Aylett, Aln Robert A Buchanan, S G Daniel E Warren, Tenn William R Lowry, Ga C V Moore, N Y Wm J Aiaxander, Ya James M Nail, Ala Iiaac Tanner, Va James A McRae, N C Arislus Brnwu, NY W A Babcock, Conn Daman II Palmer, N Y Alfred Brush, Mich George W Paikhill, Kla Edward Lauderdale, N Y George G Gailher, Ky William Jlillhouse, N Y Robert L tVaterbury, N Y George Douglas, N Y Charles A Hyde, NY W B B Temple, Aia James E Joslen, R 1 Wm J McNamee, N Y Solomon G Carpenter, N Y Newton C Cooley, N Y Albert W Burck, N Y Thos D Washburn. Musi Henry Orlady, Pa 8 8 Satchwell, N C W Otwav Owen, Va John Hill, Conn Chuster W Cowles, Vt DA Knapp, Conn Washington M Ryer, 111 I Everest Swift, Conn L Wells Ilibbard, Vt Peter A Mullen, N Y \I C Richardson, Me WEDunwody.Ga John O Leary, Va Henry H Button, N Y Robert W Coleman, 8 C Jonah Brown, N H Edmund R D ibney, Tenn John A Preston, N Y J F. Lindsey, S C Ehenezer Maclarlsn, N Y Jeremiah Brooks, Pa Edwin C Witherill, N Y Joseph N Evans, Gi 8 D Brantley, Ga Calvin F Ashly, NY F C Blnckwell, N J Wiliiam M Spencer, N Y John Orme, Pa David O Mosser. Pa Alfred O Bradley, N C Samuel H Lee, Ohio Chas T Mount, W Canada John M Gregory, Ga Daniel L Reeves, N Y 8 W Harvili, Ala Enoch Greene, N Y Collins, N C Benjamin 8 James, 8 C Wm Henry Do'.'ourcy.Md Marcus Lorenzo Taft. NY John L Crane, N J Jacob H Vanderveer, N J Edward Perry, Conn Joseph W Livingston, NY Cyrus Arrdt, N J John N K Alforrt, N C A R Wellborn, Oa Horatio N Buckley, N Y Wm A Bennett, Conn Joha 8 McKay, N Y Wm M Huntingdon, Vt Ralph A Snow, N Y John D Roberts. Ala David A Telfair, N C Darius A Dow, N H Robert T Flowellen, Ga John D Fish, Ga George H Batchelder, N Y Robert D Dickson, N C E W Krrksev, 8 0 Wm W Banks, Va) Miles A McLeod, Ala John Witherell, N Bruus James A D Gregg, N H Wm F Fair, N J Sherman B Crocheron, Ala Thomas E Gorman, Ga Joseph Oliver, N Y Thomas B Kinnerly, 8 C Charles Julius Hempel, NY John McGregor, R I Orlando M Bryan, N Y George Flower, Pa Name) of the Graduatei of July laet, but belonging to thii lilt. Daniel Ayrrs, N Y Aloczo F Eisenlord, N Y David E Brcining Pa William C Burke, N Y John Henry Stafford, NY Total of the Graduates of this year, 130. Honorary Degreei. Calvin Howard, N Y Ezra Blias, Iowa Atex McWhorter.Ser,Ala Augustus Davezac, N Y Charles E West, N Y Matthew Barclay, Scotland. The parties ascended the platform about ten at a time, when the Chancellor read to them in Latin the necessary form, which each prescribed to a?d received the usual document. One of these indi viduals ?*xcited cousiderable attention, particularly among the ladies, he was a fine looking young man, but perfectly blind. This part of the proceedings having bceu gone through, the band in the choir struck up, "Home, sweet home." rrot. Draper came forward to deliver the address. He commenced by taking a cursory review of the transitory nature of all things, and proceeded to re mark upon the personal history of a physician, tracing the objects, expectations and friendships formed while studying together, and oberved that the moments of parting were the best for giving advice, and would avail himself thus of doing so. Ihe gentleman then proceeded to give some veiy excellent and able admonitions to those,present di recting them in their future course of action, that would not only bring honor but emolument upon them. And said those men who look upon ricnes as the grand object of human attainment are mis taken; if the choice of reputation or riches be be fore you take ihe formerand you will secure both? lor reputation is power?and power is wealth. The accidents which occur in the life of a man owe all their value to the use he makes of them. A collection of pearls is of little worth?it becomes an article of personal ornament only after the jew els are strung upon a thread. It is that invisible thread that gives the necklace its value. The gentleman then proceeded to show (hat the medi cal profession had been the greatest|benefactora of the human raee, and pointed out several instances. Their high standing in society was caused by their philanthropy and|iutegrity,and hoped that all would persevere to maintain the same poaition. He said that it was to them above all that the words of the ( poet most aptly applied:? "Above all pain-all passions and all pride, Above the reach of fl iitery'a baleful breath, The lint of lucre and the dread of death " He then recommended to them a steadfastness of purpose, and pointed out to them in tin- most glowing and feeling terms, the example of their blind fellow student In conclusion he said.that gui ded by these feelings and principles, in the course of years you may nspire to share in that fume which belongs to the highest name in the profes sion, and togratily that instinctive craving to be remembered in future times, which is the wish both of the good nnd the great. The genius of this temple now looks down upon us as witness ing the parting ? f frienrlu in this world lor ever There are friendships that never decay, there are thoughts which are never wiped out. The scene that is ending?the words of the speaker?may at some distant day, perhape in the forests of the far West, flash across your memories. May the recol lection find you discharging all the duties of virtu ous citizens, and in the possession of honor and prosperity The gentleman concluded his very able and talented address, of which this is but an outline, ainid a very strong expression cf approba tion. Professor Mason then made a brief prayer, and the business of the assembly terminated. Accident to thk Shetitckkt.?The steam pro peller Shetucket, Captain G. W. Geer, one of the Norwich and New York line ot propeller!, while coming into thii harbor on Sunday, ran fan) of a buoy, by which oneol her propellent vai wrench* d out, cauiing her le leak considerably. She was enabled, however, to make considerable headway, and succeeded in get'icg lo with the leaa i in about three mile* of Norwich, when the leak increas ed *o rapidly, aha was run on ahore to prevent her fink ing. We understand that her eargo will not be very much damaged.? \no Lonion Ntwt. Mork Factories.?The large factory at Glouces ter Point, N. J., owned by the Washington Manu facturing Company is completed; and the machinery it being rapidly put up ao that in a month or two every thing will be In lull operation. W? also learn by the U. 9. Osr.ette that another Factory 300 feet long, is to be erected near the finished one, and for the accommodation of the workman, 40 dwellings me to added to the number already erected. The work will be pushed rapidly, and it is expected that the building and tenements will be rooled in by September next. This properly will be owned by the Gloucester Manufacturing Company. Chicaoo ?The recent charter election in Chi i ago resulted in the choice ol Mi.A. (iarrett (loco)Mayor ty 167 majority over Mr. Kinxis, independent candidate., Hudson. [From our Correspondent.] Trial of "Big TUui icier, "-?Legal Skirmish ing?Increasing Crowds and Surpassing In terest. Hudson, March 19, 1845. As will be seen from a report of the proceedings in the Court of Oyer and Terminer, to-day, a step has at last been taken in the important prosecution of the aati-renters, and although it is not yet Cer tain that it will be carried through at this term, it is by far the most likely event. At 11 o'clock, the District Attorney made a mo tion to call on the case of Boughtou, on the rob bery indictment. This was opposed by counsel for the prisoner, ou the ground that he was unprepared; to sustain which, he submitted the affidavit of the accused that certain witnesses, whose testimony was of the last importance to prove his iunocence, were not in attendance ; besides, it was a matter ot great const quence to know in what mode a jury was to be selected, and whether the choice ol talesmen, in case any should be required, was to be left with Sheritt Miller, upon whom, on the per son who was robbed, the strong suspicion of the ac cused r?s'.s,us not perfectly free from a feeling hos tile to them District Attorney Theodore Miller, Etq., resisted the arguments in favor of postpone ment, aud was ably sustained by the Attorney General, John Van Buren, Esq. In a case ot thai great importance to the public peace, it was most desirable to dispose ot these indictments The whole country took an interest in them; the county of Columbia had incurred va6t expense in making preparation for these trials, and nothing but a regard for the rights of the prisoner, ought to act as a reason for putting off the investigation No possible injury could be done to him, it was contended, by proceeding; and whilst it was the business of the defence to he ready, having bad due notice of motion for trial, it. was net reasonable lor thnn to seek to avoid a fair inquiry on trivial pretexts, and it those witnesses were not forthcom ing, it was no fault ot the prosecution, but nntsi re main chargeable to the defence, from whose re missness it proceeded While this discussion was going pn, the court house was crammed full, and the anxiety of all to hear, showed the large place these trials have in the public mind. ^Counsel too, appeared to paitike ot this acutenesa of feeling, f mean those for the defence?who showed a disposition to con tend for every inch ot ground that mivht bv any means be turued to the advantage ot the defence, and it was quite apparent that their remarks were now and again tinctured with some acrimony. All thiB was duly relished by the audience more than 1 can well describe, and it is very likely that, as the trials progress, thev will have sntple opportunity to gratify their taste for that curious specit sof gladia torship called legal squabbling. Trouble is anticipated in procuring a jury, and yet, if gentlemen on each side would be content to par: with inconvenient fastidiousness, they might be very fairly served. Certainly, tew there are, who can be called entirely neutral, but there is a class who can discover a certain degree of founda tion for the complaints of the anti-renters, but whose fervent respect for law and order leads their to deprecate any infraction of the one or the other, no matter on what pretext it be perpetrated. A jury then, may be procured, hut not without s waste of much time, and many words. As far"as I can ascertain, the prisoners are in no degree daunted at the prospect before them, but in dulge in the anticipation of a certain acquittal ? Bnughton w ears any thing but a hopeful aepect, yet this may be attributnble to bad health, the confine ment having prayed upon him sadly. Persons who were intimutc with him his incarceration say he retains hardly uny c f his former looks ? Perhaps his Counsel may ingeniously raise the question of his identity, and e? give the prosecu tion ample room for the exercise of their ingenuity Mr. C Holding is fond of music, and his cultivation of the violin has, if I dont mistake, beguiled some weary moments. He looks cheeifui and ani mated, and by no means concerned with his *itua tion. There are, strange to say, no reporters here to chronicle thrse weighty legal proceedings excep that on. the part of the Herald, upon whose shoul ders will lail the onerous duty of culightening this republic on the investigation now proceeding it that part of it calledCotumbia county, in the State of New York. A. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Hudson, Wednesday, March 19,1S46 Judges Parker, Wilcoxson, Martin cad HclJndge, on the lunch The Court wu occupied from 9 o'clock till i t, in dis posing of a civilian commenced the previous day. The jury having retired? District attorney Mills* inid I will now move the trial of this indictment for robbery. 8mith A. BoroHTors was then biought into court, in the custody of the sheriff, and placed at the bar. Mr. Jordan observed, tint he wanted to ascertain what course would be followed in earn a talts of jurors wen required; to which the couit replied, it was better to leave that question till the proper time. Mr. Jordan replied on the part of his client, that he was disposed to undergo incarceration until another term, in onler to get an impartial jury. A strong feeling prevailed, but he would, in the face ot all these difficulties, advise him t itake his trial, but felt it necersnry to ascer tain the mode of selecting jurors. It was in the power ol tha Court to direct the sheriff to summon jurors from any locality, in order to obviate the objection. The Attorney General did not tee this was a question to be discussed at present; if the question ever should ar se, the prosecution, desiring impartiality, would see that the prisoner should have the benefit of every doubt and, nor would they imist that, it the question of sum moning talesmen should arise, the skeiiff' should select th1' jury. .VII. JOHUAH nc?uuwirujra iub iuuucsb Ul I 4113 rilllllil of the Attorney General, but felt himself bound to ace to hi* own interest!, rather than rely upon the disinterested magnanimity ot others. The Court said that it was enough to meet the que* tions as they arise, but did not see the necessity for act ing at present. Mr. Jordan replied that in this uncertainty they would not consent to go to trial, although hia client was anx ious to go to trial, and that in the lace of further confine men*, in his cell, which was obviously hurling his health When he got spitte d on the point of a reck, and his bark foundered, it was t:o In c to changehi course The Dist. Attorney wished it to be distinctly under stood that there was no desire to leave the selection of the jury lo the sheriff, en tl c part ot ihe prosecution. The Court was ot opinion that it whs boiler to proceed to trial, as inordinary cases, without making any condi tioia In thia stage of the proceedings the Judges consulted n short time,whilst counsel for the prisoner prepared ar.Js8i davit which he submitted !o the court, signed bybmilhA. Boughton. It let forth his conflniment on a charge ol robbery, and his consequent inability to make due prena rations for trial, that certain witnesses important to his defence were absent, and therefore alleged that he de clined a trial at present. District Attorney Miller declared the readi ness of the prosecution, at considerable trouble and expense, to dispose of these indictments. In view of these tacts, a strong case should be made out by the defence bo for* a postponement should be concurred in. Boughton'a affidavit hod declared he was unpiepored, in the absence of certain witne>ses, for his srisal. but had not stated what the nature of their evidecco should be. It appears no .f fort was made to summon these witnesses until the middli ot last week. In addition to this, counsel hod been served with due notice thot the prosecution was preparrd to take up the causes on the first day of the term. He it peati d trom the fact of the Court not being apprised ol tbe mate riality ot these witnesses, their application was not valid. The Court knew that th's was a transection which took place in tho county of ' olumbta. Why go to Renssclrr county for evidence! It appeared from the facts of their delaying to-seek their evidence until a few days ago?Horn tha tact of their going to the house of these witnesses en Monday, that pains bvllheen taken to s.cure the extraordinary t absence of these persons. Moieovt i there were great p"bljc consideratons why this postponement should not take place. Much Interest was felt not only here but all over the country? expense had been incurred, and were they to postpone this great cause, involving many interests, on a trivial pretext! It was important to nil concerned, ?nd lo the i ublic peace, to dispute of these cauaes A panel of (ix<y Ju nrs had been drawn under the conviction that now was the tiire, and he hoped the Court would tnke tha' view ol it. In addition, the State had sent one of its highest off! cera, the Attorney General, to participate in tho.-? trials; witnesses were subpoenaed, and they were willing, pre pared and ready to proceed with them * Mr. Jordan waa aware that the prosecutors bad under gone great labor, and were, as they professed to be, ready to try tho acousi d. He might be ready also to lest the.r innocence; but he apnrehtnded he was net going to de fend them. Ail care nad been taken to subpoena their witnesses, end diligent search hed been made lor them His fa her in-law swears that he did this all In good faith, as he declared on oath If it was of absolu'e importance that these trials should be proceeded with at this time, he would readily oancur in it, and the mere so, as being s landholder himself, he was interested in the preservation of the peace. Dr Boughton swears these witnesses an of importance, but they did not think proper to tell the prosecution what they would teatify to. On thes-cond Tuesday of the last t"rm they offrfed to go on, but it t ow happen* d they were not ready. It would be the last thing his client would do to willingly incur further confinement in the jail of Columbia, under the keeping ef his pan t i cular friend the Sheriff, who might treat him very well, but whoae presence v. as not extr mel; gratifying to his client. The Attoiiset Gens ral, (John Van Buren, Em ,) said that la hii views of the prosecution, he felt inclined tc proceed from a sense of public duty. Mr Jordan had said that the confinement of the prisoner and the presence ol the Sheriff were not agreeable to him. Thnt was usti ally tka aaae, ha thougnt. He baiiavad, with a desire to do lull justice, that the prisoner would Dot in eny way be prejudiced by <? pre* at trial. It appear ed that they had already declared their wrlling neaa to go to trial, if they were granted tha the privilege of selecting talesman. A? to the at,. 1 dance of their witneiaea, wn there any reason to believe that this testimony could be material, or that they could ever be procured? Whose fault waa it if they ? the lelenre, < n> ployed an incompetent agent, the prisoners father in law, te procure this testimony ? Why not any on Monday that they were not able to proceed I What he desired to say to the court was, that it be thought the motion was lor the rake of presenting the trial or one individual he did not know, he would oppose it; but those criminal transactions were all i onn?c*ed together, and as these prostcuticne were on the part of the people, in support of the laws ol the S ate, he Ml, a lesponsibiljty to proceed wi'h lliein forthwith, and that in the appointed oidtr If tha present triol fo. robbery were superseded, leiser chuiges would be. investigated, whicir would be the cau?e of great err;I arrr.gsrarnt Suppose it should happen to turn out that this was a perfectly quiet county for the last twenty-five y ears, anJ that a strangi r esmc dow n and excited ptaceable men to nets prejudicial to the livea of citizens, the court would tte tie necessity of making is salutary example, and uphold the laws. Although the fxpensert weie heavy, l.e woulu not, merely ior'.he sake of evading them, consent to tiy fire I the numerous miner offences, und no reason hut one- the likelihood of not do ing the prisoner justice?would he sufficient lor postpon ing the trial. 'i'he court heretoek a racoss for an hour, for dinner. At half past two, the Court resumed the session. During the whole day tire r- nm bad been quite full, but now became extremely throrged. No females were pre sent; the audience consisted ot stout, resolute-looking farmers, n-any ol whom were ol the ami-rent party. Mr. JohDs.v submitted avother affidavit rf'Dr Houghton, declaring it as his opinion that he would be able to take his trial at the next term. The Atto?sv Or- ns sal resumed his observations. He would not, as he f urd, object to putting off tbe trial of this indivi uut, :t he did not think it would lead to great em harrasriuiLnt, and witbin the bounds of possibility that it would bad to the postponement of all the trials The oveit acts alleged in this charge would be applicable to ?how the conspiracy also. He would readily confess that if he cculd not 1 ave a fair trial, it shoulu not come on from any motive;7*nd he cetildjdeclare from his own fte) ingg that there was no desire on h>s part to do him in jury, and he begged the Court to weigh narrowly th< sftidnvits submitted. The absence of tbe witnesses w as alleged upen no cflidavit of Mr Baily, but there was ne thi: g which made it apparent whether be was in Kings ton, in Canada, or rot- The counsel for deft nee had said they would not communicate the nature of the evidence, which might be all fair in order to trip up au opponent in a civil cane, but in one oi such magnitude as this, between the prisoner end the people, why this reserve? He re spectfully submitted to the Court that the possi bility of these persons giving evidence, if they could catch them, was not an adequate reason. Sup pose it could be shown that there ecirmo'icns ori ginated with a guilty man, why not uccept this fivot able time, ar.d nt once interpose the aim of authority 'o restore peace to tbe community With regard to the al lusion ot the District Attorney to lrim (the Aturney General.) he would be glad to attend at any time, without leelicg it troublesome, to give bis services in this inves tigation. These views be submitted to the Court with all deference, under a ssnse ot duty, und he hoped their boners would scrutinize ike application for a postpone ment before granting it. Mr. Jordan t: out- ht they were all capable of apprecia ting the anxiety od the part 01 the Attorney General for the safety ol the prisom r; end for bis part, if he abonMse ted any tbirg more, than arolhei it was such professions, intended 'o make it believed that they were not doing their bo?t to procure conviction ; and he never yet knew of a District Attorney or Attorney General who did not feel tnemsrlves hour a in duty to do so. He would ask no favors, nor would he take any. but dcsin d to sre the case tried on its merits. It wn:>. the first time in a Court of Justice that he had heard it said that putting eff one ceae prejudiced another. Ho was alway s taught to belteve tint cvtry tub stood on its own bottom,'as well in Court neout of it. He denied as bad been stated, that they admitted ?his morning their readiness to go to trial, if they had tbe aelectien of the Jury. He had. in review of he Doctor's silut tion, and in regard for the people of Columbia county, which perhaps was os strong us that of the Attorney General? advim d his client to go to trial rather than en counter the difficulties attendant upon his position. Dr. Bonghton swears positively that these evidences know certain facte? not thst he thinks tin y know them; and if nothing less would satisfy the Attorney Gerersl he (Mr. Jordan) was himself 'n-ndv to raake an atfidav.t that tin se iac'.s were til important to the pri soner. [The Attorney General mode some explanation } Mr- Jordan was sorry the Attorney General could Dot discriminate There was a difference between taking the alternative of going t&trial, rather than incur privu tions and difficulty, and being altogether latisfied to do so absolutely. Hebeheveu that a man, whe had aennnorx charged with grope, pointed nt bis cell, would be glad to go to trial without a single witnesr, to ovoid danger. He could, on looking round, see honest and honorable men nthat Court, among whom, if he were permitted to se lect jui or*, be would, at once, go to trial, with all hie disadvantages; hut he thought it hardly honorable, or just, or mrrcrtul?he would almost ray it was not profes sional, to at empt to drive This client to trial, ucpreoared as he was. Norrodykmw where the absent witnessce were, it is said; hut he (Mr. J ) was of opinion tomr body knew it. He did not know, but the same might he said of any person who w:-s not in sight The whole omount of the argument of the prosecution was, that because these men were absent, they did not lire anywhere. Until it becomes apparent to tbe Court that applications for poe ponement were made merely to ricspe trial. it?as un usual to reiusc such application; end he thought it never was practice'' in the first ipftauce, in which an accused person applied for delay. In a court of law it was gen* rally thought advisable to intimate to the ot posi'e party *h>tthe neture ol might be; but it was a fundamental principle, that no party should make urooi tuch disclosures, to fish up testimony for their own pur pose*. He h id showed the absence of malrrial w itnessss, showed due diligence, and the exercise of all the care Boughton could use to procure these wilnrises; besides, he swears, poaitivily, he was unable to find thim. Much might t e said st out the majesty ol the laws; but he thought that their majesty wss as much consult!d in allowing the secured to enjoy his tights wj'h stiict justice. There wss np dtrgrr c! an infraction of the ; esce by proroguing t> cur trials, and tbey now drmanded as n right such u disposition ol the mntter by the Court sa would be consist! nt with those rights and justice to the prisoner Judge Passes?It is the opinion of the Court that suf ficient reason has not been shown ; the trial, therefore, must proceed. Call a jury accordingly. Mr. Jopdan said ho hod one course left of which he would avail himseli it the Court gave hint till to morrow morning. He never knew a case forced on in this man Judge WiLcoxtow? Ii the gentleman states n sufficient reason, I have no objection to grant the application. Mr. Jordav? I have said what I have to ray, air. Judge WiLCoitoi*?Without an adequate reason, 1 will not content. Mr Joaooia?I do not are whether you do or not Judge Parker?I leave the decision to my brethren. I am satisfied to grant it if they judge it prep? r. The District Attormky had no objection if the time were sought to make nrej aration ; but to grant it for the pnrpo re of allowing the gentleman facilities for prevtr.t ingthe trial would be extraordinary. The Cci-KT granted the motion for a postponement till next morning, and proceeded to take up the civil calen der. nt 4 o'clock. New Yore Lm4im.auvk NmMARY ?In the Se nate petitions were pr-rented it Innd owneTE in Weetchrster coonty; the appliention of Saal Alley and othera, for a railroad from New York to Albany ; agai r it (liecontit.uit g Eleventh nre?t in the city ot New York. The general ordeta were then tshi n tip, and some unimportant bills wsr? pasted through the committee ? Mi Claikhad leave to report a hill to enforce the lawa and preserve order, (giving stronger powers to sheriA, in ordering out and armine the posse, and organizing spe cial corps ns guards for the prisons, fcc ) Thehilltaflx the place for holding the Court for the Correction of Er re rs, at the citv cf Aibary, was tafc( n nr, and debated ? Mr Wright rfl'ettd en ami ndmrnt designed to eqtiatixu the | er diem allowance and travelling fees of members, which called out an animated d.scossidn. The committee rose, when n motion was made to r. fuse leave to sit again. This cnllrd for a renewal of flic di-c'tssion, nnd leave ta si: tgain was refused Motions one thin mode to order the originol bill to a third readi'g, to adopt theamtrd. ment, nnd to refer ft to a select committee. The wholft subject was inid on "he tibia The Senate held en exvctr tiv session. fn the Hiiti'p the peti'icns were numerous- but few of th?m r ut rf the usual nurse. Among these wis one pre ser fpd by Mr P. '.ec, from ci'itens of New Hertford, ask ing intheeveutif the nnnexation "f Texas, that tho ?lues'ion hs submitted to the people of this Prate whether 1 hey will consent to he parties to a new confederacy em bracing five more slave Mates. Mr fomsiock moved to lay it on the table. Mr fee demandtd the eyre and noes. Mid the petition was laid on the table, ayes EH, noes M? the mass of 'he whigs voting, No-the Am. Republicans dividing. There Were also several nmonstrances present ed by Messrs Fonda. Tffit and brcstou sg unst clo irg ibe lo Hs on Mr. Nivm presentee another of the petitions in favor of radical chsrgi* in t. ecommon *cht < I ?v??em, and moved its leference ti ? s-Iect committee ? The reanlt ol some cenversatii-n was the relcrenrn f the petition to the s'andirgconimittee. By consent, Mr. Van Vnlketibnrgh had leave to move to a third trading the hill tor the icii f of the Niwlotk Institution lor the Blind, at 1 Mr T R Per to move n similar diepoeltn n of the kindred bill for the relief of I he Net* Yotk Eve in firmary?and afti r u'teling appeal frcm Mr V. en n?h ilf of these t olls rharitirs- psittcnlarly the former both hills w< re ordered to a thud reading. Mr. T 11. L' e te ported a bill regulating the fishery Tn the Hudson nver, pr. hibiti g fishing with nets tn the channel nhov sstlo Garden, between the hours ol six in the afternoon aid six in the morning, and on his motion it went to r 'hitd reading. Mr. Buel reported a hill to ircerpoiate 'he New York Mutual Reliance A?si elation The coiisliiutionnl amendments were takon up in con mini e ef tha whole, Mr Jones In the chair. Mr. Oak'ey r??umed at 4 concluded his remarks In opposition to the n rat r ne n ?, in deletion ol Nativeism uml its principles, in favor of a convintica, in reply to the Speaker, Mr. McCarthy, and others. Mr. White followed in the stint 'vein, bnrtirg the Nativeism condemning the noiicv of 49 i t a perma nent policy, though he was undera'ocd to say t!<wt 11 naitiea acquitscid in it originally its a tempers, y policy. Mr W had not concluded when the House tonk a teems. - ?Albany .Vrtut, March IP. Fitaiotm ^torm ?There waa a violent storm of wind and tain at Pointe ( onpee on the *th tatst. Acrerd ing to the "TriMme,"trees wore torn, twiafed atd up? rtwrted.

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