Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1845 Page 3
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ports tj the la'est dates this season have basin about three htin Ired thousand bales greater than they were to the ssuid Jutes last year, and within about seventy thousand bales ol the receipts for the fame period in 1843 Esrohr os Cotton hioh tiik Unitko States, Commen cing 1st Sept. 1811. Receiv ed eince Slock (treat 1st Sept on ha'd (hand /rom. 1845. Unfit. fYnssV Total. 1BII at date. N. Url,-,ii?, to Mnr. 8, 271.12> 96 967 4411.981 677.136 158,611 Mobile, Jo 8, 101,79(1 31,193 153.962 468 52 ( 177,076 Morula, do 8, 18,901 2,5'' I 28.379 126.668 35,88' <ip'?rsi(. oo 8 , 67 , 35 7,250 77,168 190 075 51,660 H Carolina, do 8 , 98,931 41,356 118,331 271,651 85,373 N C-ruliua, do 8, ? ? ? 5,291 ? Virg oid, do I, ? ? ? 12,800 4,600 New Voile, di 18, 61,191 36,154 129,658 ? 58,013 Other porls, do 8, 2 871 318 7,342 9,012 ? Total to Korei;n ports, bales 627,307 210,099 980,431 1,701,161 554,289 s.tme time litt year. ..359,963 131,098 520,050 1,412,596 714,876 Same tili.e yearbefoie.843,002 212,079 1,143,619 1,773,464 477,298 The sbipmaiiti ol cotton to foreign ports this season lia vo been voi y largo and more direct than were last year. Prices being much lower and the absence ot tha least disposition to speculate, has induced holders at the South to euud forward their stock' on their own account or in their own name, and at their own risk, instead of forward ing their supplies to this market for advances and re-ship ment. The result has been an t spoliation of the raw material to a veiy great extent, much greater than in any previous season, considering the low prices that have been ?torrent. The improvement in prions in Liverpool will stimulate shipments from this side sliil faither, and bring into the principal southern depots, the Iup lie* hum tint iulerior. An ImpNSIMIt was lapidly gaining ground in Liverpool when the Cam. bria 1< f, that the crop tf cottr-n in this country would not he so large as previously anticipated, and cir culars fiom Liverpool hcurea ot high standing state that the advance noticed iu the quotations was pro due -d more by the prevalence ol tunt impression tnan by the n mission of the duty on the raw material. Every udvance in quotations in the Liverpool market, in creast s the receipt* at the ntverul southern ports in this country, and nothing hut veiy reduced prices con keep luck larg" surplies. It is the general impression among operators in this market that, under any circumstances, neat an v stage ol prices, the receipts lor the year ending September 1;t, ld4i wtllaiuuuut to at lM8t9,tttMbales, but in the event ol an advance iu prices, or any tncreaao in the I lor consumption, the new crop would reach ?2 -50 l 0(10 bales, being a yield of more 'ban oue hundred tko itttiid bnlei greater than ever before produced in this country. L lit season the speculators in this market were operating under the impression that tho crop then comiug in, would be very small, much below an average yield, uud prices advanced accordingly. The same impression existed in Greet Br.tain, and to that alono maybe attribut ed, in a vory great measure the enormous speculations of that time. As the season advanced, the estimates ot the crop increased, prices yielded to the large supplies, and many spocultuor* ou both sides of the Atlantic were ruin ed Tliis season commenced with very large estimates ot the yic d cf the crop now coming in, operators governed tliemselvi^yc-cordingly,and prices xuled very low. Many vcro now uTider the impression that the estimates were too i^dt. that the actual yield will be much less than anti cipated, and prices have const quently improved. How lung this improvement will last, depends entirely upon theieceipts at Liverpool, and the demand from the con rutmirs It is anticipated that the repeal of the duty upon co^^i will incrense the consumption of the coarser qual ities'! Tho monufacturerR of Great Britain have recently found great rivals in the East India and tue South Amen can markets, inThu manufacturers of this country, and the lab-'ics which they have to compete the most with, are thofie of 6 coarse description, snch as the poorer qualities of domestic*. The duty levied upon raw cottsnimpaited into Great Bri'ain has heretofore prevented the manufac ture of these coarscrgoods, to as to successfully competo with the Americans in the markets of the world, and the,repeal of that duty will enable the manufacturers of Groat Britain to compete with those ol the United States, iu the markets they have recently been almost shut out of. The remission of the duty is not so much the effect of the extension of a mote liberal commercial policy, as a desire to pro'ect the manufjcturcis. At meetings held in) the manufacturing districts of Great Britain previous to the assr milling ot Parliament, it was publicly stated that, un less the duty upon cotton wool was repealed, the Ameri cana woulf monopolize the China and South Ame'ican maikets. Old Stock Kxchange. $1000 U S 5's, '53 coop 101% 100 N A Trust 14% loon U S G'?, '62 coup il l 100 East Boston 110 13% 10090 N Y City 5's. 10 99% 125 do 13% 1000 Kentucky- 6'm 101 50 do s30 131* Mono Illinois Spl bdi 43 50 Erie H R s3 3256 15000 FVuu 5's S3 76 25 do 32)* 106(10 do b3 76'V 5 do 32 5000 do s3 76% 75 Long Island K K 78% IV 0 do 76% 1C0 do s60 7(1 26000 do 76)* 100 do s30 77)5 25110 do 4ds 76 100 do b60 78 26(100 do b60 77 100 do 77% 16 ?li>s N Kiver Bk 100)* 150 Stonington R R b45 4255 21 Bk Stale of N Y 86 25 do 42% 100 17 S Bank 6 125 do 42 50 Del & Hudson Canal 131 25 do ' April 1 42'*, 12 do 131% 25 do btO 42 2(1 Equitable lot Co 95 50 do b3 42 251 Eoimers Trust blO 40 25 do s30 42 350 do S3 3<<% 200 Nor A Wore R R 72 50 do s3<> 39 109 do b3 72 50 do bJ3 39 VI 50 do 209 Vorris Canal s3 33 50 do a 10 71)5 , 71)3 blO 72*4 160 do s60 32)5 100 do blO ' 25 do bill 32)5 166 do 72 inoCantouCo b31 52 50 do b30 72'* 25 do SOU 51 100 do b45 72'* 25 do 5t 506 do s60 71H 156 Harlem 11R bin 70 25 do s3 71% 100 do 69% 200 d > 1.30 72 ion Mohawk R R b3 64 166 do b60 72% 25 do 64 Second Board. $15000 Kentnckv C's 101 150 do 77% 50 Stonii.Kton It K 41% 25 Morris Canal 32% 100 do *60 41% 50 do 32 do 41),, 75 do 32 50 do . 41% 50 do 32 '06 41% 50 Nor Ic Wore 71% 50Erie Kit, sOO 32 56 do 71% 56 do 32% 25 do 71 .?0 do 32% 20(1 Farmers' Trust b60 46 3fluLIiUndRR suw 77% loo do l>60 39% '06 (U b60 78 HO Reading RR 51 50 do 77% New Stock Exchange. 106 shs Vicksburg Bk s30 6% 100 L Island 1111 c 78% 100 h armert'1 rust i3 39% 50 do buw 78% 325 do s3 39% 100 do slO 78% ?25 do c 39?? 50 do uw 78 188 Jo b3 39), 59 do 2w 78 25 do b 15 39% 50 do 78 50 do blO 39% 150 do itw 78 50., do bl5 3*?, 100 Nor k Wore R R 72 .50 Morris Canal s3 3J 25 do a3 72% 266 Canton Co slO 51 25 do a39 72 25 ? <lo blO 51 50 do a3 72% 15(1 East Boston Co s3 11% 106 do uw 72 25. do . c 13*. 25 do b30 72% 56 L island II K c 78% 21 do Monday 71', 51 do 78% 106 do c 7:% 30 do s30 78?,' 25 do bnw 72 mo do b3 78% 25 do blO 72 150 do s30 78% 25 do 71% Balis ok Stocks?Boston, Mutch 19. Jit the Itrakert hoard ?10 shvtrs Western Railroad, ICI; TO ilo Ki Citui k K H, 12?la; R lVrlnil, Sari? Ik. Portsmouth K H, ItM'a; 111 do <harlesowii llriueh K 11, t-0 do Norwich ki VVoices'er 11 R, 7IX; 40do L lilmd R R, 78; 40 do Witmiak t n K It, butils, 20 J4; 40 do do, 20%; 40 do do, so I in, 20%: .'<0 do do, bolwk, 21; 24 tti-adii<K R K, >"lm, 25%; 124 do do, 24,a; 108 2o 0 ast lloston Stork, lb's; 640 do do, 13; 200 dodo, soiui, 13; 40 do d i, solOds, I J; 32 do do, boluds, IJ'k; 40 do d', bolOds, 13 1-16; 40 do do, bolm, 13%. %'lt Auction ? $5000 Certificate Sti r Maine 6 per Ct Stock, pa1, able 1044, w i ill coupons, ? |>r ct adv;$i00u dodo payable 18.0, 10 per ct adv; $IDuO do do do 1800, 11% per ct adr: $2000 Certificate! Bore Vain* 4 per ct Stock, payable 1818, with cou pons, ihtetest temi annuauy, Vt adv; 1 Certificate $3000 payable 1818, with coupons, in sein.-oiuii tlly, 1 adv; 1 do V States 4 pr ct, payat l-- 1843, 3% adr; I share Boston aud Lowell R R, 2ol4 i*r ct adv: 20 do Boston and Main- do, new stock, 10.a a 1(1% per Clad'; 30 do Western Itai road Scrip. 1% per ct adv; 24 do do do old stock, T? adv; 211 do Mechatiics'lbauk, 98)4 per air, 20 do Mi rcaatile Mirito Ins Co, i)? per ct adv. State or Trade. Asms ?There la a very limited demand for Tots, end we ktill quote oltl at $3 93). uuJ new at $4. Pearls ute steady but inactive at $1 lajc. Bai:ADSTurrs.?All articles under thin head are dull. Southern Flour rung!s liom $4 CO a $4 62). Western $4 81). Cotton ?By somo unaccountable carelessness our re. inoiks in rclatiou to this staple were omitted yesterdny morning. This was ?mrticularly vexatious, as the ef fect nl the European novices was anxiously locked for by opi'talors. The sales yesterday amounted to 4000 bales, n'. j a |c advanco. To day the matket was well supplied and the improvement of yesterday sustained. The sales inn tint to about 3UG0 bales, making for the two days sales ot 7(100 bales. Prices ate, however, very irregular, and towards tha close there was rattier moie disposition to sell Uav ? Common qualities of North River bale sell as wuiiti 1 at 40 a 44c. The demand is very limited ; prices tve quuta at 40a, P..ovisions.? Old prime Pork, Ohio, sells at $8 7-4 a $8 84; M-,1 cn ut $11 371 S 11 40; do new $l2oUa 13 74. Nov Ohio Lard is in it quest, snd sales oi kvgs were iiu-Ie at 7)0 Whisks v?Drudge cmkt are very dull. Wo quote nm.ill i-alcs at 92c. Western and Piisou barrels are held utkJ)a die. lb vt. Kstatk? Jit -friction 4 story brick store No. 17 W - i gton ? tret, lot 221 h> 44), buibling 33 leet deep, fti 0. 0. 4 1 >t* in 37th stri i t, between Ath and 8.h aveuues, < ,i )ti 25 hi 93' feet, at $310, $1,240 0 lots adjoining, same ni7.', at $305, $3.74.4. 4 lots on 39th street, rear ol above, u urn- sizi, at $310, $1,340. 4 lots adjoining, aims site, it $.il>0 $1 '200. 3 lots adjoining, same size, at $i95, $884 2 l'u N. E. corner A h avenue and B7ih street, each 24 by I (hi lect; withtthc building thereon, $820 About AA acres c I iai d iu Ute totvn of Flushing, with the buildings there on, ffl 4oO 8 lots on 8th avenue, the wholelront netween DlUh and 100 It streets, eseh 25j by 100 feet, at $26, $.03 i Blips between I no ? i nl 101st itrei t, at $80), $224. Blots I -t wei n 101 It and I07d streets, at $2?, $;ot?. 4 lota eornet KUUt-. I, at $I2,$i63 2 lots adjoining, tit $31, $64. B b.ts on Ob avenue, west side, the whole front between lltt'.h end 100 h streets, at $19, $141. 8 iota between 100 h nnd lOtst streets, at $13, $184 4 lots corner 101st street, i t $.'v 1 $220 40 lota l) -v nod, both sides tho avenue, with 1 he m ni.1 n hous?, $3 800 Idiots on do, oat side, the whole lront between 99 h nnd 101 at street, st $30, $320. tl lob. b tween 101st nnd 102.1 itrcet, at $27, $218. 4 lota corn rui 102d street, nt $5A $2-20. 24 lata on 109 and lOtat itree s, near 9th avenue, at $12, $288. 24 lota on loiat aiitl I02d atteita, at $IA), $372. 1 2 lota on do, rear of ath avenue, at $15, $190. 12 lets adj lining, at $18), $322. 24 lots a joining, nt $14, $33A. Biota between 102 land 1031 str?e's, rear of S'h avenue lota, at $16, $139. 40 lots sd joining at $19, $760. iforo lots A3 feet on Hih avenue, 15) on 9 h" by 100 foet on 99 h atreet, $108. 18 lota on 99th and lO.itn streets, rear of 8lh avenue lots, each 25 by 101 lent, at $13, $-232 ?0 lots adjoining, at $11, $380. ?0 lots 0.1 100 h mid ion Itn n', of 8ih avenue lots, at $13), $'27ii 3-t lots adjoining, ai $11), $322 34 lots on 99th and tintl It 0 h streets, between 9 h and 10 h avenues, at $9 AO $328. 2 gore lots tidjJlning, $10. (Jotn lot corner nl 9th jventte nnd 99'h sMei t $4. Lot, with the buildings theic on, east tide of Or rn street, lf.0 N of N. VV. corner of Oratid street, $2,860. Two story ' rick house No SUA Wa t r street, near Uatbatine "dip, lot 50 by 72), house 4A le<t dtcp, $4 100 No 897, aJjointng, with tha building there on, $2 ft HI. The fouvfots adjoining, running through to South stieet, togetlnvhA fei t iron' on each a I rent, mid 144) t rt throu.'h, with the building* thereon, $46,800 Rulk I c.i.l in It ut nf the objeeon the F. i?t river, $6100 AO feet 0' Bu'ki" n l b.'von 1, $3,410 j tf one half of K. side , i i Nr. 3i K 11 $ti >00 Thine story brick house nnd lot in Kouith street, 120 fiat hem Luisyetlu place, lot 36) by 84), houaa AO laat deep, $9,100. Brighton Cattle Market. March 47:?At maikct, 304 beef cattle, 000 ibeep, ami 1M0 twine. 30U abeep untold. Prices-Beel Cattle?Price* uilvunced, and we advance our quotation*?extra, (6 7a; first quality, (6 26 a (?> 50; second quality, $6 a (5 26 ; third quality, $4 60 a $4 76. sheep?Dull; quality not very good. Sale* from (J 80 to 3 60. t Swine? Lot* to peddle, 4Jc for Sow*, and 6|c lor Bar row*. Several hundred were sold on Saturday, and seve ral lot* were iraold ta-day nt an advance from our quota tion*. At retail, from 6 to OJc. Foreign Market*. I'arnamruco, Feb. 16 -Exchange was at 36^d per mil rail;dry salted Hide* scarce ut ||125. Sugar incases, white I]i960 a J|| 100, do. brown 1|!960. Ox Horn* 3||000, Spirit* oi Turpentine 86 White Lead 4||S00, Whale Oil 180, CodtUh 2!|MH), Rosin 900, Bread, pilot, I||0ii0, navy 409, Cracker* IpOO, Beef 760, Poilt l||000, Hyson Tea 600, Bottled Ale 4IK). Porter 400. Lead, bar* 3||000, Flour, now American 3{|000, old do 3||000. Macaroni and Vermicelli l|j3U0, Paper, post 900, large wrapping 1||3<>0, small do 210, American Pitch 1060, Bacon ?, Spermaceti Candle* 180. Mata6zax, March 8 ? Ale, light and brisk, doz 3 a 9 4; Burl, I'll me and Mess, 7 a 9; Jerked, South American, 4 a 4 6; jerked United States, 4 a 4 7; Bread, per brl, 60 a 0 0; Butter, yellow, 14 a 10; Candles, mould. 14 a Sperm, SO a 00; Cheese, American, 0 a 10; Cider, 3 6 a 00; Codflrh, 3 3 h 00; Flout, American, 14 0 1 00 0; Hoops, M. 30 u so; Hams, American, 8 a 10; Lard, 12 a 00 ra; Lumber W P, M, (18 or (19, do Pitch Pine. 17 a 24; Naila cut, 6 n ti 4; Oil, Whale, gull, 4 aO; do Sperm, 8 a 8]; Onion* 30a00, Potatom, brl, 1 6 a 0, Porter, London, (0; Poik, Mess, and Piine, 10 a 11 0; llice, qql 4 4 a 6; Sheetings, Russia, pc, 0 a 00; Soap, yellow, 6 4 a 6 0; do Marble, ( 0 a 00; Shonks, hhds, 10 a 13; do bo*, 6a Hi; Sugars, Assorted, half white and hall brown,7 II a 0 10 14 rs; white 11 a 14; brown do. 8a 7; yellow do, 7 a 9; Muscovado, 6 a 7; Cot fee, 1st quality, (0 0 a 0; second and third, 8 a 8; Molasses, 3 h 0; Honey, u a 24 rs. Freights?To the United States, 6 is a (1 per box Su gar, Molasses (2 a 3| per hhd. Kxchangk?On Loudon 11 j a II]; prem; U.S. northern ports, 2] a 3 Dl(d< At Harlem, on the 19tli instant, Mary Jane, daughter of Juines and Mary Jane Hope, aged three years, one month and fourteen day*. The relative* and friends ol the family are requested to attend the luueral, at three o'clock this afternoon, from her late residence 126th street, Harlem, between the Third aud Fourth Avenues. Ou Thursday morning the 30th Instant, after a lew days illness. Hknbietta L. Erbkn, daughter cf Henry Krbeu, aged 16 years. The friends of the family are invited to attend the fu neral, this afternoon at 4] o'clock, from the residence of her father, No. 132 Prince street. On Wednesday the 19th instant, Albert W. Brow*. of the firm of Brownie Darling, late ot the " Shekspeare Hotel," in the 26th year of his age. His fiiends and those of the family, also the friends of his brothers, John M. and William R. Brown, and his brother-in Jaw Samuel Darling, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon at half past lour o'clock, from the residence of his mother, 299 Bowery42t On the 20;h instant, James Augusta, youngest son of Charier G. and Margaret A. Bo.anlor, aged 2 years, 2 months and 12 day 3. The lriemls and relatives of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the lunernl, from the residence of his pa rents, No. 382 Washington street, this (Friday) efteinooD, at 4 o'clock. MARITIME HERALD. Ship Mastsrs and Agsnts. We shall esteem it a iavor if Captains of Vessels wiU give to Robert Silvrv, Captain of oar News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign *ev7spaprrs, or uews they may have. Agents and Correspon dents at home or abioad, will eJso confer a favor by lending to this office any Marine Intelligence they may receive. POUT OF NKW IURK, MARCH 21. ;r eiivs. ...5 69 I noOr sets 4 63 si tUX Itri 6 I I ?<?w WITER 8 10 f Cleared. Ships Hendrik Hudson, Moore, London, John Griswold; Ilottinguer, Burs'ey, Liverpool, Urinnell, Miuturn Ik Co; Union, Rattoone, New Orletns. Stanton U Frost; Michigan, Mason, Mobile.?Birqoe Wm ik Jam-s, Read, Gibraltar, John Elwell St Co.?Brigs Washington, Smith, Gotteiiburg, C K Habicht; Josephine, Cray, Antigua. Ike. Geo Whiwker; M?ry, Michardton, Savannah, Dunham ik Dimon.?Schrs Tas?o. Howe, Ponce, J G Stacv; Baker, Baker, St Auiutiiue, Fla. P B Kosdick fit Co; Harriet A Taylor, Goldiiig, Washington, NC. Cook Itl'ayl >r; Policy, Keeu, Potilaud, Wm JMcltee Si Co; Mail, Niehola. and Sam) A Appltlon, Nicker.on, Boston; Phcbe Baxter. Crowell. do, S W Lewis ?Sloors Empire, Dai ton; Proof Glass, Blydenburg, and Providence, Brown,Provi dence. Arrived. Schr Poland, Young, from Sw&nsboro, NC. with cotton and naval stores, to master Schr Consul, Jarvis, from Elizabeth City, NC. with corn, to master. Schr Silaa Crane, Johnson, from Waahiogton, NC. with na val atoret, to S L Mitchell. Schr Charlotte, 6 days from Washington, NC. with naval stores, to mailer. Schr Sarah, Hall. 3 days from Cbincoterguo. with corn, to master. Schr Lycurgu*, Willetta, 3 days from Philadelphia, with indue, to muter. Schr A Loid, Pitt, 3 days fiom Phil dtlphia, with coal, to master Schr Washington, Gould, from Biidgeport, with produce? bound to Baltimore. Schr Volts, from Greenport, with oil. Sloop Exchange, Davis, from Chincoteague. Below. One ship, one brig, unknown. Sailed. Ships Kalamazoo, McCerran, Liverpool; James N Cooper, Varney, Mobile; brigs Joseph Alkius, Para; John Kendall, N Orleans, and others. WindNW. miscellaneous ilecortl. Packet Sinr Hottinquek, Bursley, for Liverpool, will tail to-day. Packet Shit H. Hudson. Moore, for London, will sail to morrow?Saturday. Packet Shu- Ville de Lyon, lost on the French coast, was built in 1837, and was 791 tons burthen. The cargo on board of hw at the t me she was lost was valu d at $300.OHO, some of which has been saved. The valne of the ship was $35,000. Naval. Orders?Ma'eh 17.?Purser John O Bradford, to U 8 ship Saratoga. Norfolk; Purser Edward T Dunn, detached Irom re ceiving ship Pennsylvania. from JApril 1; 1 urser Kdward Fitz gerald, to receiving ship Pennsylvania, April I. List of officers attached to the U 8 steamer Poinret'. arrived at Chuleston from Savannah on the 15th iust:-Lt K Semmes, Commanding; J O Spencer, Surgeon; E lliggins. J Onest, h Rogers, Passed Midshipmen; J Alexander, 1st Assl Engineer; J VV Kiug, 3d do; J W Peyton. Captmi's Clerk. Notice to manners. Coral Shoal in the Straits or Buhda.?His Eicel'en cv the llove'uor of the Ca; e ol Hood Hope has been pleased to direct the accompany itig communication to be published for general information:? " H. M. Sloop Pelican, Pinion's Bay, Nov. 15, 1811.?Sir?I have the honor to scud you the bearings and distance of n small coral sliosl which does not appear in ourchat, nor is mention made of it in Horsbnrgh. It lays directly in the furway. " The bearings, by very accurate observation, furnished by Lieut Melvill, of his Netherlands Majesty's Navy, and attached to the Hydrograiihic office, Batavig, are as follow:?North 63'? West from the Button; North 27)* East from the S-uth Point of Thwart the way; and Noith 53 East from the North Point of the same island. From the shoal the nn-st southerly point of Tulphin Island was just on with the must northerly point of Polo Bessy. This vsry small coral shu-I has only 2 fathoms on the shoalest part, and near around it 12 and 16 fathoms. The distance to the linttou is only l,Ls miles. I hive, Sic , Phil. Ji.'stick,Cominauder. " To Hear Admiral the Hou. J. Percy, C B." WniiCE in the Bristol Channel?Trinity House, Lon don, Feb. 12, 1815.?Notice is hereby given, that a Gr-en Buoy, marked wit,i ihe word "Wreck," lias been placed 30 fathoms South of a vessel sunk in the fairway of navigation in the East ern part of the Biialo) Channel. The buoy lies in fatli ms at lowi water spring tides, with the following mark aud compass bearings, viz:?WorD Old Mill on with the West part of Mid dle Hope lleach, H>4 W; (irouuds Light Vessel, ? by 8; Flat holm Light House, W by 8. By order, J. Herrkrt, Secietary. Nr.w Military Port oe Natles ?The head of the pier Ihe new military of Naples, nt tne distance of a ra'ile and a half's length Irom the great light of the Old Mole, has Lwu lengthened to bear Irom it N 1 dtg NW. LiohtTower on the Island or Svra.?In December last a light tower was erected on the Island of fyra, just opposite the harbor of Syn, with a fixed light instead of the former re volving light, the eclipses nf which will last about a minute, but at what intervals is not stated. gpokun. Azof, from Boston for Cionsladt, 15th ins;. George's Shoal SF. by E 10 miles. Albert, Marwick. from Mobile for Portsmouth, 12th inst. off Cape Halterat. Holly Bush, from Cardenas for Boston, 13lh inst. lat 38 21, Ion 7 I. Russia, from New York for New Orleans, 7th iutl. lat 27, Ion 76. Hold Hunter, from Ne w Haven for St Thomas, 21th ult. lat 20, Ion 60. Foreign Ports. Aden, uo da'e?Arr Emily Wild.r, Ward, Boston. Belfast, Feb I?Sid Constitution Neill, Charleston. Hits si en, Jan 2??A rr Diasnant. Chsi lesion. Barcelona, Jtn 31?Air Achilles, Charleston. CaLCUT ? A, Jan 7?In port, Vnginia, Cotting, from Boston via Mourovis, arr Dec 15, toi Busiou, uiit; Geuroo Bosto", arr Nov 20, to sail on her letiiru about Jan 27; Amazou, Btcheliler, fin llotton via Bombay, dodo; Brunswick, Me.Ma nus, for NYork, alst Feb I; Coquette. Kldiidge, from China vis Sing more Sld Dec I, Flavio, Coffin, Button and from Stugnr 7th; Hlh, Athhurton, White, do, aud fiom Sand Heads I8tn; 27th, Caravan. Ji hnton, do; Jan 5, in tow, Woodside, Parrott, do; no date. Zephyr, Johnson, Canton. Cadiz. Ian 22?Sld Befit, Dosne, Rio Grande; 30th, Francis Lord, Gladding, and Osceola, Morgan, do; 1th, tlannah, Wood man, do. Cosrrs, Feb 7?Sid Sumatra, Howell, from Bremen for Su ""cARinrf, Feb I?Sid Marquis < f Bate, Philadelphia. Clyde. Feb $?Bid Franklin. Thomas, NOrleana; 7th, I'alos, Flanders. Charl ston: 8 h, Howard, Hiil, NOrleans. Dchlin, Feb 5-8 d Princess, Fo> .Satairaah. Deal, Feb H?Arr Persia, Stevens, Loudon, and sailed for Charleston; 17th, Waban, Harriett, do, and sld for Cuba; l*a bella, Bnggs do, and sld for Hi Domingo Falmouth, Feb 15?Off, Johau rntdiich, from Charleston for Bremer. , . Genus, Jan ??Arr Lotos. Pulsifer, Salem, and sld no dale for Lrghorn to load lor Boston ...... Gibraltar. Feb III?Sld Gleaner, Crawford, Charleston; 17th, Barringtnn. Barton, llavaua Hull. Marl?la port, Coinm <iuid, Spragur, lor New York, 15th. Bid Feb 26, Ockbrook, Ndrlrans. Hobart Town. Sept 27?Sld Ameiica, Berry, Manilla (pre viously reported slit >34.) London, Feb 7?Eat inwards, Wanderer, Jones, New Yoik; 19th, Mayflower, Cochran, Boston; Lady Sale, Charleston. Lienors. Jan 2?h?Arr Hy Newell. DrnnimouO, Oporto. and sld Feb 9 for NYork. Sld IHth, Philip Hose, Mitchell, Monte video. Londonderry. Feb Sit?In post, Nortn Bend, Felt, I'm New York, for l kiladelphia Mar t.y. Marseilles, Jan 21?Arr Isabella, Bearse, NYork. and sld Feb 8 for Palermo. Sld heb 16, HaPowell Prior, Boston. In port 15th. Osmanli, Csaidiser, for Boston in da Messina Feb lil-ln port, Mary Brought, n", Chase,for New York, Idg; Lycurgus, Adams, for Trieste, JO,t arr from New Orleans Maris i , March I?In port, Gallio, Thompson, for Boston, loading. Oaiiu, Nov 13? In port, Julia Ann, I.eide-doiff. from Monte rev, 17 diya.nrr 12th. Delaware, late of Boston, had beej sold fer $<>600. I or raMourH, Feb 1-Arr Toronto, London, and sld for N Yoik. Pai s nato, Feb 13?In iKirr, H llerelie, Wallace, for Bal imore, Idg; Minerva, Brown, I tn (i-iioa .lis ? r arr. to load for NYork; Wattingslvv. Covuigion, from Marai ill a. do do; Ottawa. Mi >r u, niif ; Iteberga, l.< flastd,for Philadelphia, do; New E"? I and, Whitmie, for Uosion, do; P. II. d lo, | Sic j Momnt . fin do, ,irr J tn 27. 32 ,la\ < passage: Eolo, f Sic) for N k oik, Mai 1 b-hi Jan >i, i tariff*, Lmi. Philadelphia; kHMk Uaasou, K . York, list, Urn Marion, Bhtpheaid, do; Feb 1, Emma Isadora, Stevens, do, and II Mid to have passed Gibraltar Udki llift zin, Lpekii*, do, B-av-r. Kdrouuds, rXurlr kftd wad in syglit 1th; tth, lloMri|iout, Sylvrater, doi 8lh. Eclipse^'Archer, W*?< ? ton; Whiton, Curtis, N Orleans; Oulirlm.t, Mavo, Baltimore; 11th, Trio, Roane, NYork. Smvhna, Feb fi?In port. Jat:e, Fletcher, froin Boitou, juitarr; Lion, VVataou, Jo, via Malta, arr Jan 20, for Boatou, loading. ?Shiki.ks, Feb 3?Sid Carolina, Redman, Ilotton. SiaoaruHK, Nov 22?Arr franklin, Baud' Boston. TiliU, M. i (or Feb) I ?Ar; Augelique, NVork. Tliurt, Jau 31?Air Geu VVa'ien, Wel.h, ? liiladttlphia. Trinidad, ' uba, Feb 22?In port, < anient Shields, for 1 o - ---. laud. J ilava; Ganges. Watson, for Bi stun, do; Science, Hard not, f"r N.w York. Idg; Wallace, Abbott, wig cargo; Isaac Kra'ikliu, Tnbey, do. Wight, Feb 2t?Off, Oc anide, Charleston for Stattiu. Waterkord, Feb ll?Bid Mosey, Carroll, Savanuah, and put back 12lh. Home Porta, Franrfort, March 16?A?r Fmily Knight, M'iotyrr, Phila delphia; Sea fan. Graffain, NVork. Portland, March 18? *rr Mariner, Staples,N York; Clipper, Harrington, Phomastou for do. Cld Falmouth, Walker, Ma tinzai; Samuel, Tolford. Cuba. Portsmouth, March 14-Arr tien Warren, Davis, Philadel phia. Salf.m, March 18?Arr Barah Frances, Watts, Phil delphia? has experienced very severe weather, been blown off twice, stove bulwarks, &c. Below, a full tigged brig. Cld Swan, Webber, N York. Boston, March 19?Arr Chatham, Bailey, NOrleans; Fintr a Istdira, Stevens, Palermo?tne E I is aMio;e "it Bird Island, but will probably get off next tide; Gauges, Watsou, Trinidad; Ida, Hallrtt, Baltimore?on Saturday bit at 1 p in, in a snow squall from the West, muck on I'ollork Rip, and reinaiurd beating heavily until 12 o'clock, when we commenced throw ing oyer cargo, and with assistance from the shore got off at 4 a in. without any da'-age to the vessel, after throwiug over about IS m HBB >; Moi ol cargo; Moxy, Grant, Baliiinoie; Almira, M'Loud, Happthauuock; Zone, Crowell; Cambridge, Hall, and Martha Maria, Smith, N York. Telegraphed. Eli Whitney, 'in Savan nah; Messenger. Ichabce; Holly, Caidenai; Elot. Phila delphia. Signal for a brig. Below, at anchor ill Nantaaket Roads. Ohio, fioin Mobile. Also below, Auu, Remick, from Cardenas, ashore on Sculpiou Ledge, near Long Isla. d West Head Cld Concordia, Dorr, Liverpool; Kolui, (of Marble li-ad, late of Cohaaaet) Hi ler, Mavaguez; Newcest'a, Dotinell, Mat-uzas; Congress. Higgins, StThotnas; , _, Hemitlanee, Siltby, Mobile: Palm, Kldridge; r. 11,. Whelden, and Kod'tlph, Fiinu, Philadelphia; Samuel, Stoddard, Norfolk, City Point and Rich moiid; Em-mld, Snow, Norfolk; Grecian, Chase, N Voik, Arr Ibth, Sylnhide, < lioate, Mobile; Cordelia, Snow, Trinidad; Oriska, Smith, Maiiel; Vandilier, Berry, and Harrier Fuller, Bailey, Cardeuas; F.diuburgli, Cr. clter, Mat?u*aa; Edward, Sherwood, and Gladiator, Newcomb, Norfolk; Isaac Read, H-rs-y, Virgit ia; John -itnmona, Small, Kiclinioud; Ontario, Howes, NY oik P M?Telegrapned, (Jrampus, frcin Surinam t ix Gloucester. Signal for a barque supposed the Turlio, from * ' 'ad NW, " ' " Apnlachic "la, and a brig. Sailed, wind NW, very fresh all day, with flaws, Roger .-herman, Lenox, Film, Kolua, Alpine Nile, Canouicus, and Fair Play, aid yesterday. Malaga aid on Moiulai night. About two inches of anow fell last night. Eouaurowx, March 17?Arr Slserer. K'ller, anil Richmond. Thorudike, NYork for Boston, and sld this eve. In port 18th, Su'rii, for Boston 10th. Holmis Hole, March 17?Arr Splendid, Hall-it, and Aua cnndi, Gotham, Boston for New Yotk; Texas. Pillsbury; Hero, Ultn-r; P' toinac, Duncan, and Andromeda, Pit-maston for N York; H B Foster, Nor'ou, K Machias for do; Fxcel, Achrou, Camden for do: r-ilvia Higher, Higbee,Philadelphia for Boston. 18th?Sld, the Western bound which arr last evening. In port. Siberia, Olimhus, Oriental, at. J S Higbre, all for Boston?wind Wbyfo. Newport, M?rch 18?Arr Mauran, Mobile for Providence; Franklin, Newell, Kali Kirer for Norfolk; Denmark, Crowtll, Brookhaveu for NYork. New Haven, Ma ch 18?Arr G'.over, Cook. Philadelphia; Pacific, I'rrscolt, Albany. Sld Eliza Auu,Smith, Btandywine; Three Brolliers, Audersou, Philadelphia; Reaper, Hotchkiss, Albany. Philadelphia, March 20?Cld Architect, Gray, St Thorn's; Will, Veaccck, West ladies: Georges, Watti, fJaguabo, PR; Geuiui. De Wolfe, Bo.tjn; Harrisburg, Crowell, and Com merce, Johns in, NYork. Charles row, March 17?Cld Waccamaw, Vincen*. New Orleans. Sld Caioliue, Patten, Bjstou. 16ih?Arr Brutus, Osgood, and Coma, Mayo, Boston; John Hancock, Souhiates, Ma'anzas?the Arabian, hence, had arr at Havaua and rid for Key Weat?the F A Brown had cld for Galvrstou?left. Et change, for Savanuah llth. Sld New Jersey, Winaor, St Pe tersburg; Seliua. T Br] Taylo*, and Burrill, [Br] Foster, Liver pool; Van Bnien, Cole, Providence. Mobile, March 12?Arr Adelaide, f Br] Hannah, Liverpool. Cld Superb, (Br] Hendry, Glasgow; Plauna, Manson, Antw'p; Huntress. Baker, Philadelphia. Arr 13th, Elizabeth," [Br] Minty, NOrleam. Cld Rosalama, [Br] Buckley, and William Perrie, [Br] Aguew, Liverpool; Manco, Nickels, and Augusta, " \ N Yorl Poat. NYork. New Orleans, March 11?Arr Powhattan, Stone, Havre via Cowes; Eliza Ann, [Br]Green; Kilby, Jauvria, and Robert Brnce [Br] Liverpool; Humber, [Br] Hiqrkitisou, Hull. Fng; Titi, Brown, Havana; Quincv, Savage, Rio Janeiro; r'rato, Swan, NYork; Giraffe l?fl SW Pass 10th, at 12 M?le ports Victoria going over the Bar to sea as they were leaving; I eh'gh on the Bar; 1 hemis, Swan, Monmouth, and Chieftain, still inside, bound out. Cld Philadelphia Wellington; Abliy Baker, Pratt; Mandarin, Colley;, Wiuslow, and Mary, Chase, NYork; Gertrude, Girdler, and Alabama, Means, Philadelphia: Molestadori, [Sp] Hernandez, Belize, Hon. Arr 10th U 8 rev cutter Woodbury, Fos'er, from a cruise; Rial'o, ' h ue. and Nashville, Pemb-rtnn, Havre; Colombo, Conn; Tht H Perkins, Homani; Alexander, Leeds; Hampden, Cowan; l.nchinvar, Weirott. and Louisiaua, Stiusou, Liverpool; Lady Flora Hastings, [Br] Hoseason. London; Columbine, Brock lr, >et, [B ' " ' m " Newry; Maiga-et, [Br] McBride, Greene ck; Oberlin, Bray, Boston; Po, [Ft] Chevalier, Guadeloupe: Arabian, Foster. Charleston via Havana; Reindrer, [Br] Doane, St Vincent; Mary, Llufrio, Trinidad via La (Juayra; Mercia. [Sn] Cabiiga, Havana; Lorenzo, [8p] Gelpi, M"U<s; Teazer, Gliddeu, Tam pico; Delaware, Thompson, St Pierre vit St Thnm*s;Brilliant, Levitt. Kingston, Ja; Cora, Reed, Charleston; Elizabeth. Lane, Barhadoes; Tempest, P'ge Newhuryport; Pembroke.Bakeman, St Thomas. Cld Goethe, [Bn w?L Jtem] Homannt Bremen; Louisa, Leavitt; Frances, Srewart: Duncan, Gilchrist, and Millinokrt, Thompson, NYork; T Street, McConnell, Havana; F D Wolf, Hall, Baltimore. LaraYETTE, La. March 11?Thia port has become a port of pleuty. By Last Night's Southern mail. Philadelphia. March 20?Arr Charleston racket, Crowell, NOrleans. 4Ad Navarre, Cole, Brazil. Baltimore, Mareh tO?Cld H?me, Watts. NOrleain; He rald, [Br] Mason, Weat 1 tidies. Sld Hortensia, Hardie, Pacific; Justina, Claypool, Dvmerara; 18th, Gloucester, Pollanl, Sa vannah. Norfolk, March 18? Arr Perfect. Rich, and Senator, Rich, Boston; Dolphin, Crowell, Yarmouth, Mast. Below, Orleans. Smith, Richmond for NOrleans. Sld Mary Jan-, Powell, N York; Stranger, Beuae, Norwich. Foreign Porta. St Thomas, March 3?In port. Dunlap. Thomas, and Luzon, Goodrich, repg; Hodgdou Hodgdon, do; Forest. Deals, for Georgetown, SC. 2 days; Victory, Flwell, uiig; Pophia.Kenuy, fin Demerari, wig orders; Geo 1 oval. Gould, tm St K ittl, jOsl arr, for repairs, having been ashore at Bermuda; Denmark, Nor ton, and Allen, Manson^wtg frt; Charlotte, Hopkins, uncertain. captain on shu'te sick: Echo, Elliot, ftn St Kitts, wtg fit; Julia " ;.n, from Barba Telfair, Burns; Fuiotus, Hall, and Sage, Morg.n, nun , jauuia, luilliu*! M lull * ai'U lutri^aii, in/las vuiuu does, do; Sarah, Boyce, from Ttiuidad, disg; TangaU, Shute, repg. Sld Feb 27, Glob-, Gdakill, Porto Rico; Men I. Thouai, Varina. St Domingo; Persia, Chandler, Cuba; Ann, Galea, St Croix; 2d, Hrnry. Burt, Cuba; Cyclops, Mumford, N4)rleins; Southerner, Hatch, do; North Star, Piper, and Pouliac, Burdett, Turks Jslaud; Delaware, Parks, Cuba. NIBIATS GAltOKN. 'T'HE ENSUING SEASON of this establishment, will com A menre th- last week in May or fi st we-k in June 1843 Ladies and Uentlemen of undoubted talent, may apply by letter, (post paid)addressed to W CHIPPENDALE, Ninlo s Gar dens, N?w York. V' do Man ' Mih, 1845. mhl7 2wis rrr iHJb GASH XAIL.UK1NG ESTAHLlsHtVlh.Nl OF Win. Blatthuacn, and M. B. Stanford 1<7 PULTON STREET, TS THE PLACE for nil those who wish to supply their ward C robe with good fitting garments at reasonable priori. The subscriber! can assure I heir friends aud the public that they will let no one surpa a them in the tailoring business, aa regards the newest style, the neatness < f their fits and Inwuess of prices, having on hand a well selected assortment of Cloths. Caesi meres and Vestiiigs of every desirable style. Also, genlleineus' oulhttng, comprisingevery article that is usually worn. We have the confid'uce that we cau please the must fasti dious. Oi-at pleasure will be taken to show our styles of fashion and goods to all those who will favor us with their patronage. He collect the place, 127 Pulton street. WM. MATTHUSSEN. inhll 1 m? rrc M B. SANFORD. SHUULU tne Widow Catharine Purcel), Miss Mary Purcell, Mrs. Am Dunn, or Mr. John Dunn, observe this notice, and communicate taeir rrsidrace (without uelay) to Captain R. II. Ellis, No. It!) Water street. New York, he will forward them letters from an absent relat'se, of an interestii it nature. Any person pnisetsiug information ot any of the abov e nam d individuals, will confer a specidl'fsvor by communicating it as above. They left Irelaad years since, for Cornwall, Upper Canada. m2l ltdfcltwy*ec MKS ANN MEEK IK MRS. ANN MEEK, whose maiden name was Uisoa, the widow of Mr. Edward Meek, Huilder, who resided mme yen* ago in New York, be living, she is earnestly iri|ue*trd to w rite to her fiiruds in Etigland, whose addiess may he obtained on application to J. O Bennett, E*q , New York Herald Office, New kork. Or if dead, any one giving information of the time of her decease, will receive five dolLrs for the trouble, bv ap plviuv ?? above. m21 It fli WOOL sIIEaKLKS AiNl> WOOL BILKERS. WILL find st*ady employment by applying up town,corner of Ooverneur Slip acu South street. mil 3t?rc BOY WANTED TIT A^ TED?An active aud intelligent Boy of respectability. ?V Irnm 11 to 16 yews of age, to attend bar aud make himself generally useful The be?roficfeieiicei as to ho-esty aud seluiety will he required, otherwise application oied not be made. Apply b twean tlie hours of 10 and 1), for J. E., at No. 17 Nassau it. An Ameiican boy will be preferred. mJI It'ec TO LAWYERS. A SMART BOY, 14 years old, who has keen well brought up aud educated, and writes a ha dsomehand, vvantsa place in a lawyer's office, where considerable huaites* ia done as he wants to learn the piofrs iou. A Hue addressed to O. II W., and left at this office, will be attended tty mil lt*ec WANTED?A respectable woman to 'ike care of a rhi'd' end who can sew aud braid hair well. A Kiench woman I would lie p eferied, as the. dvertiser intends to travel in Euru|d ?lu'ing the summer At ply at the desk ol this office for further information, ml7 Iw'jgb BRONZE POWDERS HE very best stid chesp-st Brule, in all shades and quali ties. ire constantly imported di.e't fmin Germany, and of fcreil for sale by Lc ' 'POLD KUH & Co , II Ii2l lm?re 6,'? Wall st eet. New York BROADWAY JOURNAL. pONTENTS-Satnrday, March 22d, 18H V-' Iteview of New Books. l'Lgiarism, by E. A. I'oe. Tbonglita of a Silent Man?No J. I'.ieirj ?National Nomenclatnie. Architecture?Steaari's New Store. New York Gallery?Fine Alts. Complimentary Concerts. Musical Reviews?Miscellany. Mr. Hudson, Dec , lie [L/-Three Dollars per anunm?single numbers 6'a cent*. JOHN BISCO, 113 broad * ay. For sale by agents. mil lt*rc GOLD LEAF. ryHK SUBSCRIBER would inform consumers and dealers *? rhst it they want a stt|ierior article of Hold Leaf, it can be had at the laclory 92 R?ade street, in the rear; warranted larg est tile anil best quali y D*nlisls' (fold Foil at $26 p?r onuce, er|ual to any in the city; warranted. Cash on the counter? none of rime. J. L. WAUuH, mli!3 2avis*rw Practical Hold Beater. NEW IMPORTING HOUSE OF FKKNCII GOODS. 1 LAURENT <V, BROTHER, ?JC) BEAVER 8TRKK.T, hare received by the last parket*. a complete assortm-nt of NEW GOODS, whirh they offer to dealers at the lowest market prices Particular attention is invited to the following d-scription of goods : .New and splendid patterns Mons de Lames Also i ew patterns of Baliorinea and Bareges Film rich Foulard Silk Dresses Very rich Cashmere de Cols Gallery Shawls New style Moaador and Isly Shawls II .rcge Shawls and Scarfs PV ,? i l.oha p..I i aasnnr-1-..a. ml !mtis?rrc S TORE IV A NTED. In or pear Pearl a-recr, between Wall and Fulton alreeta. The first and second 11 ois, cr first floor and cellar, -w, nlil \ us Addrnt l>"V 1118, ststiuk lor,ton, terms, Ike. E!?.L " '?* * m SHADE OilNAMI NTAL I'll EEs, for Streets? Jr5l|( lip e,.- Altanlhus oflarg* and hanilsomc growth will le pi silt- d out in a proper m II-ff III any pan ?sf the e ty Th Mianthua 11 of rapid grow.h, tree Iri in insrr.s iud|x>|. frcly hardy. W\l. LAIRD, Csjttimer and Hor at, 17th stout, mlUl )t*ec East of 4th avenue, Luton squat a AUCTION SALES. . BENJAMIN BtOONKY, Aueklonear Hardware, cutlery, pistols, ke.-Moouey & Aaron will sell this day, at 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room, No. 91 Maidcu Lane, an assortment of fine C'u.lcry, Hardware, Ac., vis:?Cotton and Wool Cards, Pidlocks. Bas tard and Taper Handsaw Files, Tea Trays, Work Bus's,Spoons, Le-adLravons, Britannia Ware, Coffee Mills, Ike., See. Also, at 10 a'clock. for account of whom it may concern, 80,000 buses plain nod ribbed Percussion Caps. Also, 50 d< sen St oop and Dirt Shovels, D handles. Also, I cask 4U* Ihs Hooks and Staples. Also, 202 iron Or en Mouths. Also,' utlery, via:?Pen and Pocket Knitus. Reson. Scissors Shea's, Knives end Forks, Dirk Knives on catds. Ac . Ac. Also, an invoice of Pistols. Catalogues are now ready. m2i lt*re AUCTION NOTiCK. T AKGE HALF, of Valuable, Ut'ful, and Seasoua-le Dry '?* Gouds, of all descri pt'ous, This Day. at 10X o'clock, in the s Sp-uce street. Also. French and English Kancy Ooods, Dni i, jewelry, 5 splendid Watches, Ac. nu hour, On Saturday, aainc pi tee anu hour, a most extrusive and val nable variety of csccllent second hand and new Furniture, Counting House Desks, Oil Cloth, Car|iets, Rugs, Matting, Ac , in lots to suit. mh21 It'ec THUS. BELL, Auctiourur. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE SALES, BY E. H LUDLOW A CO., Office Corner of Broad Street aud Exchange Place. WEDNESDAY. March 26th, at lllX o'clock, Handsome Furniture, at 191 Madison str*et, between Rutgers and Jef ferson streets, Furniture, Carpels, Bedding, Ac , Ac. Cata log lies at lie store the day pievious. THURSDAY, April loth, at 10X o'clock, at 252 William st, t of Fur a lurce aaauniiieiit of Funiiiurr. FRIDAY, April 11 o'clock, at No. ? Twenty-First street, Chelsea, near9th Avenue, Fashionable Furniture, Silver Ware. Ac.. Ac WKDNEmDAY, April 23d, Elegant Furniture iu 17lh street near Union Square. IE7~Ci?ll attendant* have been secured to attend to the sales as porters. Those wishing to sell will hare arrangements at tended to on appLcatiau at their slum. No. 23 Broad st'eet mh2" 2w*rc GAhDEN AND PA III.OK PLANTS, at Auction?A. LEVY will sell, on FRIDAY MORNING, et II o'clock. at 151 Broadway, a first rate collection of Plants, consisting of Gripe Vines; Sfntlanl, Perpetual, Moss, Tea. Bouibon Hoses, and oilier Ornamental Plants for G trd-us Also, Ortnge and Lemon Trees, ('nineties, A/.ali-s, Khodudrudrons, Ac . with a great vaiiety of other Plants. Ladies aie invited to see theiiL inh20 Jl * m RICHARD VAN DYKE. Jr., Auctioneer. THE KAIL ROAD DEPOT HOTEL, corner 4th Avenue and 86th street.?Anthony J. Blrecker A Co. will aM^msell et auction ou Thursday, the 27th day of March nest, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, the very valuable proiatrty ou the east side of the 4lh Avenue aud south side of 86:h street. The ground contains 50 feet ou the avenue aud 100 feet ou the itre-t, (which strret is curbed and regulated, aud the assessment paid;) the property is within two blocks of the large Crotou Reservoir. The House is a large two-story attic build ing, with cellar acd kitchen under the whole, with slieda on 86th stsret. The premises are desirable for the purpose of a public house, and are now occupied as such. $1000 or $2000 can remain ou bond and mortgage, at 6 per rent. Possession wall be given on the 1st of May next. Title indisputable. For term and particulars, apply to the Auctioneers, No. 7 Broad street, ot to G. N OWL AN, on the premises, or No. 3 Eleventh street f20to mr27*m WM. DAVIE8' BENEFIT BALL will take iplace at Tammany Hall, on FRIDAY EVENING, .March 21.S1845. ? The Committee of Arrangements, in announcing this Ball, would rrap*eifully state that, three years ago, Mr Davies had a ball tendered to him bv his friends, the pro ceeds of which have sus'aiued him ever mire; but, as lie is still confined to a bed of suffering, auother effort must be made to sustain aud relieve him as much as possible under his uufoitn nate circumstances; for, when in health, he was inrrk-d for promptitude aud correctness in business, with a friendly and be nevolent feeling towards all. The order ofaauciug according to programme Mr. J. Parker lias, with his usual kindness, generously volun teered to mauage the floor. Mr. Wallace hat also, with the best feeling, offered his valu able aid to lead the orchestra. His excellent band is engaged. Doo'a open at half-past7?Dancing to commence at half-past 8o.clock. Tickets $1?To admit a gentleman and ladies?to be had of the Committee. The following ate the Managers and Committee appointed. John Sinclair, President; Jno. Morrison, V. P.; Win. Leggat, Treasurer. J. B. Waistell, Sec.; John Patten, Jas. Harrison, Henry 8te Teuton, Jas Robertson, Chas. Vinten, Adam Grant, Jas. Vir tue, Wm. Richardson, Alex. Morgan, Wm. Dunn, Jno. Cnrr, Jno Harkuesx, Wm. Curr, Alex. Lawrence, Geo. Harrison, Jm. Patterson, Jno. Whittaker. Peter McCluskey, Wm. Arm strong. Bell A Wright I'etar Milne, Wm Lennox, Jax. Expie, Col. Harr son, Alex. Cameron. Jno. Buchanan, Jno. Martin, Jno. Crawford, Wm. Scott, Jno. Scott, Robert Smith, An drew Kirk, Dr. Dodd, Dr. Douglass, Aid. Holliusworth, New ark; Jno McPharson, Patersou; Mr. Robertson, Jersey City ; Jas. Dunlap, Brooklyn- ml8 4t*rc COMPLIMENTARY HALL. COMPLIMENTARY BALL will begiven to NAPIFR L LOTHI AN, Conductor of >he New York Brats Bnnd, br his friends, at Tammany Hall, on Wednesday Evening, March 26th, 1845. Committee of ARRAisnKtiE.vTi. Thomas M. Jenkins, William Deninan, John Ryker, Jr. John Colgan. John Ca'laud, Charles W. Atwood, Charles Kent, James Steers, William Maxwell, Morton Fairchild. H. G. Cook, Bartholemew Puray, Alexander Forbes. Floor Massiicr. Richard White. JOHN H. PLUME, Chairman. Edward II. Plvme. Treasurer. Jqsr.rit T. Swlet, Secretary. '1 ickels can he obtained of eillie* of the above Committee, at Tainmauy Hall, or at the Door on the evening of the Ball. Tickets $1 mn'3to26eod it*rc PRUFKSSOR RUDOEKO, GRATEFUL for the liberal patronage exteuded to him dnring the month of January last, by the enlightened and talented eiti xeus of New York, has the honor to aunounce his return to the city, and that he will deliver a course of Four Lectures, with interesting experiments, at the four following places, on the wonderful aud mucri talked of scienceof ANIMAL MAGNETISM & PHRENOLOGY. Rutgers' Institnte, in Madison street, esery Tuesday of each week, commenciug Tuesday, March 4th. St. Luke's Buildings, coruer of Grove aud Hudson streets, every Friday of each week, eomm-'ncing ou Friday, March 7tn. Clinton Hall, every Wednesday of each wrek.commenciiig Wednesday, March 5th. American Republican Hall, corner of arenue C and 3d street, every Thursday of each week, commenciug Thursday, Marc n 6lli. 1 icketa which will admit a lady and gentleman 25 centa. To commence each evening ath.Jf-paat 7 o'clock. m!8 I wis'in HIGH A III) M. JOHNSON ASSOCIATION. A T * lanie mil enthusiastic me. ting of the RICHARD M. i JOHNSON ASSOCIATION. Iielil at the Fourteenth Ward Hotel, on Wednesday Evening, March 19, President Wm 8. Tuer'i, io the chair, after the meeting wia called to order, the followiac committee were appointed to draft resolu tions eyi eative of tlie aenae of the Aasociation on the present crisis of our city affairs. Messrs Tilers, Orr, Walters, Orrboru. and Bloom, ihe committee, teported ilia following preamble and resolutions, which were u lauimously adopted: Whereas, The Charter Klection being at hand, when the peo ple are called upon to chose the Muni ipal Officers of the city government for the ensuing year, aud whereas the eparty uow iu ascendancy- in the government hare generally presented the names of the present incumbents in office to their fellow citizens for rr-election, it is not unbecoming auy portion of those citi zens to express their opinions and views of the acta and doings of ihose holding public office. Resolved, That the party now in power in our city govern ment were elected to office under the strongest assurance that they were pledged for reform aud retrenchment, that the abuses said to eiist should lie remedied, sud the excessive and extrava gant cxi enditures of publicinoiiey should be reduced to a tnore economical and tnoderste I mi , and that worthy aud capable officers should not be removed or proscribed on party grounds. ttesolvrd, Tin* the ju"t ex|?"etaiions of the |>eop'e, who weie led to repose conrtib ore ill the assurances of ihe American He publican, alias Whig or Native rarty, have been doomed to signal disappointment, inasmuch as the abuses hrrrtofote com plained of remaiu undiminished if not increased. Jobs to fa vorite pirtissns, and rontriets lor supplies to memlters or their connections have been rrcklc.sdiiiegaril of tbepubliciii terxwtv, the already excessive ex|ieodilu e instead of beingdimiii ?'hed is largely increased, new officer* created to afford pice foe th? inisatistied of their party, notwithstanding the first acts of the party on coining into power was an indiscriminate re moval Iron office ofaltnostall the then balder*.and filling of the offices with their defiance of their piryiou* pro fessions that none should he removed exc?rt for incapacity. Resolved, 'I hat notwithstanding the expense for ch ining streets during the year hat amoun-ed to upwards of $80,(.00 m additimi to the sum of rising $31,0011 received lor slieet manuie, the streets have st no previuiis period been for so long a hire iu so fi'thy and almost iuap-ssable a st ite as for some monti * dur ing this year, and that so far as has been tried under tli* present contracts for cleaning th- stteets, the system has entirely tailed of alford-ug satisfaction to the public. Resolved, That the contemplated plan of.c infracting fhe re pairing ofstreetsas passed by ihe Board of Aide-men, will be productive of infinite mischief, annoyance aud \ elation lo fhe citizens, and be exceedingly ex|>eusive to the city, and merits, as it will receive, the disepproval of tlw citizens. Krsolved. That the ignorance, imbecility and arrogance of the majority party in tht present councils of the ?ity totally unfit them for the management of the muuicipil affairs of this great and growiug city, and the reckless disregard tney have shown of their own professions and promises, justify drxwal of the confidence h-retofore reposed in fhem. WM. S TUER8, President. WM. ORSBORN, Vice President. Frrdk. F. Millzk, Sec. pro. tern. m21 lt*rrc NOTICE?Whereas, certain iudividuala fire/ending to be a llosrtl of Trustees of the congregation of the Unai Jeshu run, have issued a circular, daied I8tli instant, com lining, .lining other falsehoods, the following "Kesolvd, That the Synsgogue Buai Jeikurnn, in l'.lm str?et, b-clos-d until further orders of this Board. ' This is to gire notice that the said Synai'ognr is cp-n, and will continue re he so Monday an4 Thtt'sday mornings, Fri day evenings, three ,im*s on every Saturday, and on all other holy d iys, as esutl ; and, furthermore, Iliat 'he s>id S\ nagngiie has i ezer h'eii closed, hut ia one insiance (15th instant) when it w is nailed up in Sabbath day by n authorised persons, but prompt m-asur-s having been tak'n, b-'the unoeisigned, the was prrfi rmrd a't rsomelinle d-lav. ABRAHAM MITCHEL, President. Trpstrk Room Match 21, 1535 ? Notice, at aspecial meet ing of liie c rngregat.'ou Bnal Jesbu'iia, h*ld in pii'stianre of if tie Hynag gn- in F.lm strret, on Wednesday afternoon, th? 19th inst., it was iinammonslv Re ofved, that Ssmnvl M. Isaacs,Dozen, cr Header, of said cougrgrtiou, be and is hereby removed from amu office. Resolved, unanimously. That Benj imiu M. Davis, Shamiitf, or aex-nn of said congregation, be ni.d i< hereby remjved from said office By order, m20 lt*i- MARK LEVY, Clerk, pro tern. C. B J. HERALDIC ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 203 BROADWAY, N. Y. rPIIE Arms and Crests of Families, from all parts of K.tirope; J can be oh'aineil and splendidly emblazoned on Vellum, sn GH'ricr in execution, and equal in Heraldic correctness to the mill's College of London. The genealogies of families ar ranged aud illuinioa'rd, at moderate charges '1 lie largest and rarest Heraldic and Genealogical c illectinn on th" American Cuuticeut, will b? found at W. A. COLMAN7). No. 203 Broadway, N. V. When1 the Oenealogy of Georse Washington, beaorifully emblazoued, inay be obtained for $1,50 or printed in colors $1,23. iiili20 3i is m ? TO LET?The Cottage, Bi d, Orchard, 8tc., tv?l >ng ing to Dr. Mott, at Blooiningdale. Possession iinmt diately. Also, the the 1 hree Story Brick House, No. 5 Albany street. Winted to Hire?A wnmtn waiter, French preferred. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock, to m7? Jtis*rc 8. B. HUTCH INU8. 38 John st. TEN CENTS' PER HI IN lift ED-POUN DS. FREIGHT FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. PASSAGE $1 50. ERICSSON STEAMBOAT LINE BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE. jkM The Ericsson Line w ill re P^-PTjamj^ceire Freight for Bsliimore rfyy'T3* for the Snufh and WrstZ^CnJ^L^L. generally, whieh they will f. rward at the low >aie of ten ren's ner 100 lbs. All the freight hvrstofore forwarded from New Verli t> Bsltiinore, has l ien carried by this line, and ihippers will therefore be careful to eonrign anil mark their goods to A. Groves, I'., Agent. The Derot of the Ericsson Line is near the freight office of the New York Line, almost adjoining it. 'I lie Boats of tins I ine will leave the upper side of Chsstnnt street wharf drily, {tzcept Sunday) at 3 V lock, P. M.orim iii iliitely if er ih ? arrival of the -ew York Line The accom modations for Passengers ere eicrllent. berths being provided for thein, and every effort will be mide to promote their comfort end i nveoieiire. Passengers receipted through by this lone to Wheeling and Pittsburgh, via Baltimore and Ohio liailma I and National Road ... ? II y K i e to Wheeling $1t?To Piftsbnrgh $11?Meals 25 eta. Six Boati eoinpose the Ericssrn S'ramhoat Line, ai d the er rai gi'inents me ample to f itw aid every pound of ficight re ceiivd. A GROVES. Jr. Agent. . Match Hili, lb lo. No. l'J South Wharves, l'htlt. mhlB Itni* 1 AMUSEMENTS. PARK TIIKATKK. FRIDAY EVEN I NO. March II, . Will be nreeeuted the Comjdy of USED UP?Sir Cham Cold itfe-tm, W H Crisp. Followed bv the new Play entitled GREEN BUSHES, or a Hundred Year* Ago, with new music, aceuerv. dresses properties and decorations?Connor O'Keuuedy, Mr. Dvott; George, ISairy ; Miama, Miaa Clara Kllia; tieraldine, Mrs Abbott To cnuclude with BORROWING A HUSBAND?Oilbeit Ducklitirn, Mr Kiaher. Boxes, lat tier 75 cents, 2d tier 50 ceuta?Pit 50 centi?Gallery 25 cents. NOTICK?PALMU'a Of It II A. 'THE UNDERSIGNED, respectfully informs his fnenda and A the public, that lie has uli'n I'almo'a Ol era House for a short period, for the purpose of producing a Series of Legitimate Plays in a style of superior excellence, supported by a poweiful Cnmrany. E'or a number of years the Legitimate Drama has bee > dep'eciaied in public esteem?a reform llion of its abuses, and the elevatjou of rh? character of the Stage,is'a paramour i ob ject of the writer. The I'rainx it coeval with ciriliaatiou; it pro motes refinement while it is supported hv it?and so long as the elements of life or the sofrer humanities ol our nature are cherished, well couducted Theatres, under favorable circum stances. must succeed. Scaicity of mouey, commercial etnbar rassm'nts, or general prostration ofbusirets since the levulsiou ol 1837. doubtless affected the t.easury of each and etery theatre in the United States-but mnr of ta-te will cloerl'ullv forego other luxuries to> plays written by authorsof genius, sustained by artists of talent. '1'is true there are many good and enlightened men who are cm scieuti'iusly opp, ?-d to theatri cal exhibitions To these 1 would say tie Drama has long ex isted, and in all probability will continue toexist ill every large city. When it is hut poorly encauraged, it has a natural ten dency to degeneate. indifferent actors usurp the place of good ores, while empty rant and low nbaldiy vitiate the taste, and lower the intellectual standard of the inragie audieuce. To cor] rect those evils let a temple tie apt ropna'ed lor the Drama, worthy its noble puiroses sud high des iiii?s? a temple wh?ie talent, taste, fashion and brsuty, piav assemble to hearths eternal truths of nature, delivered with fluent speech andgra'e ful action?to hehold as ir a mirror, the most secret spriugs of human pissinn? osee virtue triumphant and vice crushed?to sm'le a'the quaint humor. <ind the s|iarltling wit?the keen sa tire and the withering s ireasm?to admire the well-turned period and the eloqueut rhapsody, the harmonious sense, or nervous prose?to ming'e their tears with those shed by suffering h u m inity; and out their joyous laugh with the wholesome mirth of those whose heaits are light with iuuoceuce and love; l?t tlieseeuds be attained, and the Drama becomes a giea- bene factor to civilized m in. Such ia the character of the Temple intended to he given to Talmo's Opera House. There is no third ti*r, no place for improper characiers, no ardent spirits will he sold in the saloons, and uoue but finperate and moral people will be engaged. These are the views of the undersigned, who earnestly calls upon his fellow citizens to second his efforts in this great work of reform. W. D1NNEKOKD. f*. 8.?The Thaatre will open ou Monday, March 31. Per sons applying for engagements must govern their conduct by theabove hints, or their applications will b.-useless Direct Palmo's Opera. mill!) Iwec OKxiNOlt aANlill,U A' GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT OPERA AND DANSE, In Full Dresses aud Costnmes, with FULL ORCHESTRA. ON MONDAY EVENING NEXT, 21th instant, . AT PALMO'S ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE, In Chambers street. The following most eminent nerformershave kindly volunteers their valuable services on this occasion:? SIONORA PICO, MADAME UT I'O, PAULINE DE8JARDIN*, and her pupil, 81GNORINA KELICI A, 6 years old. 8IG ANTOGN1NI, 81G RAPETTI. 8IG. KflENNE. Mr H. GRUNENVKLT, Mr. KYLE. Mr. PHILLIP MAYER, Mr. 8ALON'ON8KI. and S1GNOR DE BE ON IS. Leader of the Orchestra SIG. RAPETTI. SIO. ET1ENNE will preside at the Piano Forte. PROGRAMME. Concert?Part 1. 1?Grand Overture Full Orchestra. 2?Homaucc?"Una furtiva lagrima," 1'Elixir d' Amore by Mr Haltnonxki Donizetti. 3?Grand Duo?"Convenienza teatrali," by Siguora Pico and Sig. Sanqnirico Donizetti. 4?Grand Cavatina Irom "Somnambula," "Vt rav viso" by Mr Ph Mayer Bellini. 5?Aria Finale from Betly," "Re Crudele," by Madame Otto _ Donizetti 6?Grand Duo?"l|Marinari," by.Signori Antogniui .? and Haequirico Roatin For the Brat time, with full Orchestra, concerted for this occa ?ion by Siguor Milou. Danse?Part 11. 1?The Favorite Tyrolienue by Signorina Felicia, her first ant last appearance in public. 2?Grand Scene from the Opera "Oberon," "Ocean, thou mighty monster," in full Dress aud Cos tume, Madame Otto C. M. Weber 3?The Cacliucha, first time in America, by M'lle Paultui Deajardin. Ofkra?Part III. In full Dresses sud Costume, from the First Act of Rossini's Beautiful Opera Buffo, "The Barber of Seville " 1?Cavatina of Rosina, "Una voce aoco fa" Sig'ra Pico 2?Grand Duo?"Dunque io Sou" Siguora Pico and Sig. De Begnis 3?The Splendid Aria?"Msnca un foglio," Signor Sanqnirico... Rosaini. 4?Grand Concerted Duo?Clarionet and Flute, Mr H. Orocevelt and Mr Kyle 5?Grand Dno from "Mitrimoaio Secrets," by Sig. De Begnis and Sanquirico Cimarosa Prices?First Tier and Parquette, $1?Second Tier, 50 ceuta Private Boxes $6. N. B.?1The Box Office w ill be open on Thursday morning 20th instant, and following days, from 9 o'clock to 5 o'clock P. M? where seats may be secured. Doors ojieii at 7 o'clock?performance to commeuce at a quar ter to 8 o'clock precisely. mli21 ic THE HUTCHINSON FAMILY \ CKNOWLEDG1NG with gratitude the cordial receptiot -f A- extended to litem on Wednesday evening last, respectful)) announce that 'heir second VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT Will tsko place at NIBOL'S SALOON, On BSomlajr Evening, Marc It 114, 1845, On which occasion the)'will introduces programme of tht it most choice productions and srlectiona, both new and old. ' Blow On! Blow On!"?a Pirate's Olre. " The Mariner Loves o'er the Waters to Koam." " A Life in the Weit," winds by G. r. Morris. " Parting IRequiem." "Stars of th? Summer Night." a sere nade, inusic by Baker. Solo?"The Msy Queen, melodv by Dempster. "Over the Mountain and Over the Meor." Sob; and Chorus?"Get off the Track!" a song for emancipation "Wrstward Ho!" "The Pauper's Drue " " Origin of Yanks, Doodle." "Old Granite State." Tickets 50 ceuts each?To be obtained at the Music and Book stores on Broadway; at Nos. 199. 201, 2t5, 239, J97, 315, 329, 3* , 385, 563?at 134 Bowery, and at No. 1 Franklin Square. Aim at the door of the Saloon on Monday .evening. Open at '4 to 1 Concert to commence at a X to 8. m2l 3tK8iM?ec MR. BRUUGH'S COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT. rpHfc COMMITTEE of Arrangements for cnducting the A Concert given to Mr. Brough, f complimentary to him for his terriers upon all occasions to the charitable end other so cieties of New York,) beg to aououuee that it will positively take place on Wednesday evening, 26th March, at Niblo's Con cert Saloon. 8IGNORA R. PICO hat kindly delayed her departure fot Boston, to give her valuable aid on the occasion. _ The Committer are happy to inform the kriends of Mr. Brough and the Musical public generally, that they have re ceived from the following emiuent artists an offer of their valuable servic- s:? S1GNORA ROSIN A PICO, MADAME OTTO. MISS MARY TAYLOR. MAD'L BUKKHAHDT, MISS JULIA NORTH ALL, MR. U C HILL. MR. (J. LOOKR, MR. BKAMES, (Conductor,) MY. KYLE. MIL OROENVKLT, MR. T. MAYKR, SIO. 8ALMONSKEY, IkSIU. UK BEUN18. rC^Progrsmme ou kriday neit. [L/" Concrt to commence at 8 o'clock precisely. u7"Tiokets One Dollar each. nhU Stm CONCERT 1$Y THE WARDEN FA MIL Y . r|MlK MESSRS. WARDKNS,of PhiLdelpkia, respectfully A aunounce that they will give their first Vocal Kntettrin rr.ent in New Voik, on Tuesday Kvenii g, S5tlt Match, at the Society Library Room, when they will sing a selection of their popnlsr Quartetts. which have elicited the approbation o( the musical public of Philadelphia. CONTRALTO?KM ILY. TKNOR? KUWAKl). BARITONO?DAV11). BASSO-THOMAS. They will also ling a number of the most popular Ballads of the day. Davnl will pteait'e at ill* Piano korte. kor ptrt culaiaiee programme. Tickets 58 cents. Tickets admitting one iMytlemau and two ladies, $ 1 mtl ItkSt vf ec ANGLKSEA SINGERS RESPECTFULLY aunjuuee to the cititeas of New York, that they w ill givea MUSICA L ENTER TAINMENT SOCIETY LIBRARY ROOMS, Corner of Broadway and Ijtonard Street*, On Thursday Kvenlng, March '40 In, 1845, When thev will have the honor of singings selection of their choice pieces, consisting of Glees, Darts and Solos. Kcr psrticnlars see programme. Tickets 50 Cents, kor sale at the rooms and at the door on the evening of Concert. To commence at 7X o'clock. m!9 2t*ee 1 O. OF G. F ORATION AND CONCERT. THK INDEPENDENT ORDER Ok GOOD kKLLOWS, of New York Lodge No. 4, respectfully beg leave to an nour.c* their first Oration and Concert, at tne Tabernacle, March 2tth, 1815. for the Benefit of the Widows' and Orphans kuiid ? f the Society, ou which occasion JAMEST BRADY, k.iii., has kindly cons nteil to deliver an Or .lion. The cele brated ANOLE8EA BROTHERS have kindly yoluntrerrd ihrir valu ible services, and will appear in costume and sine a number of their best glrea, dnetts and solos. PROFESSOR MAXIMILION ZL'BOkkand IT'PIL, a Miss, I years of age, have lead rrd their serrires,and w II la* form ou the Pianofuts a Sonate arranged for fourhauils by Bethoven. Mr H HAM BKIUOK has also kindly consented to perform an Overture on the Pianoforte. A number of Ladies aiid.Oentlemen have also volunteered their aid on this occasion, and willing some of the most popular Ballads. Admission 25 Cents. Tickets to he procured at the principal Music Stores and at the door on the evening of the Concert, also ot the following gentlemen:? General Storms. J. Sherman Brownrll, Gideon Ostraudee, Tbns. K. Kellinger, B. J. Meserole, K. k Purdy, James Conner, R. II Morris, Anil from the following COMMITTEE Ok ARRANGEMENTS. J C. Coachinon, James Reed, k. k. Smith, Oeo. Relyea, Jacob Colvin, Oeo. W. Dawson, G. H. Kellinger, Dr. W. W. Tompkins, Wm. B Barber. John kaulkner, Stephen Brooker, T.J.Wayne, W H. Hyatt, W. Base far, Major J. Hopkins, J. McKibhen, Geo. Haywood, Thin. Brown, II Basely, M. Fallen, T. B. k.arle, S. McCracken. J. 8 Megnuu, Dr. J. T. Tattle, and Captain Stephen Miller, of Brooklyn, mhll I wm LEAKY & CI).'8 FASHION FOR SPRING, 1845. GENTLEMEN'S HATS, of our Kpnrg rattern.will be reedy for sale and delivery on and after Kriday, the HBlli Inat. N. B.?We annonce the above as THE FASHION for the ersuing season, and to preclude all possibility of error in the minds of the public and tiade generally, in (hit city and else wheie, as to iisorigin aid distinctively prtilisr features, we rresent ill* following details of its proportions, vis:? IKOWN?7)? inches high, 5-1# bill at 11. es, X bell in front and rear, \ yeoman, M enrve. TIP? 3-16 inch oval, llie edge rounded off I- 6 inch. BRIM?2)4 inches wide all rjninl?Set, nttunl curve?Curl, BAND and BINDING? h, inch wide The particular set of the brim is untune, and our customer* will lie setved with a stv le etpressh idapied to the tl.aractcrit tic features and form of each resjectivety. February 24th, |8t5. mh'2 10t*od is rc TO CARPET MANUFACTURERS, Ac Ac. I KM) WIRE, id Villi IS* si/ ?, Mlll-hle (?, wravrN I ' weightv, c. lilt mil V on hand, ot made 10 order,and lot sale, by TA1HAM R BllOTHERB, mhai lm*lte 218 Wuet meet.. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL Important from Washington?'Trouble la the Camp. Our accounts from Washington are very tiue. resting. Several of Mr. Polk's nominations have been already rejected by the Senate; showing, dm tinctly, that an opposition has been organized to the new administration in the democratic party, which has a majority in that chamber. Thi' bodes difficulty and trouble to the new govt meat. There is also a great struggle 111 Washington among the three newspapers there?the Glole, the Madisonian, and the Constitution, relative to the position of " organ." The best way for Mr. Polk l? get rid ol this difficulty, would be to reject ihe whole of these papers, and make the leading jour nals of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore his organs. We, of the Herald, will promise to station an agent and correspondent per manently in Washington, to receive the authorized views ol the President and his cabinet for publica tion, without asking any patronage, or any favor either from the-departments or Congress. What say you to this plan, Mr. Polk f Washington, j [Correspondence of the Herald.) Washington, March 19. 1845. Rejection of Two Nominations by the Senate Confirmations-Collector at Providence - Rumen - rd Removals i? State a ml Tieasury Jtepartments ? The Organ, which is it to be f-Cheroket lie put a tion?Frauds? Senate and Senor Almonte's Let ter?Major Morris. The Senate has to-day rejected two of President Polk's nominations. These are those of J. If. Prentiss for United Slates Marshal of the Northern District ol New York, and hold-over William Sha ler for Consul to Hong Kong. The reasons on which these rejections have been based, have not as yet come to light, hut will probably do so in a day or two. It is, however, not likely that it is irom any other cause except for alleged incompe tency or unfitness for the office, as it can hardly be supposed to be on any political ground that re jections for two such comparatively unimportant offices should have been made. fChqaeism is the reason why.?Ed. Herald J t?ci.m is tne A number ol nominations for unimportant offices were confirmed during to-dav's .ittmiro?. |,hefm?.ba'1I1^,hat ?' ^r" Carpenter for Collector ax p -.i highly respectable" city of Providence the President having been induced by the reprcsenta ions which were made to him by the indKm H?rn rrlto Wlth^a}v ihe nomination of Mr. Harris wliich was so highly offentivp to and to substitute Mr. CarpentePs There was Zj a Mr. Seaman nominated and confirmed as Sifr lV?l,ofAth.e Po,rl ot Providence. The Senate was expected to adjourn sine die to-dav and wnuM doubtless have done so, had it Sot be" Zthe ?fciM^Ctl?n8. ,They wiil almost certainly bring JnZ Bittings to a close to-morrow. There have been a great many reporls about respecting removals, which were said lo have taken place in the various drpartments, and others which were to be made. They are, howeve?, a7l prema ture. One report was made very confidentIV that a',n nmber of removals had taken place fn the State Department, but it was entirely unround Mr' ^n.?'her one, which is floating about is "h^ Mr. Walker, Secretary of the Treasury has deter SiX ,V7V exteflB've removals among the* UU dePartment. I am, however orettv confident that no removals of any consequence wfi be made at present, and the office-seekers here are not perhaps aware ol the fact that by the Annronn ationlaw passed at the last session,only sixty cl?ks ber^sfcJe^Vf ?^Trd whicJ num ber at present employed is 75, here are IS clerksTo without the tt?ugi,?de,dImug? ItZfL'Sr" appoint otners in (heir place. I learn "so that is more than probable that no remove s wNI h? made among the clerks except"lor cause i'and Mr Walker is said to be determined not to make !. appointment whatever on purely rolitical grounds but that he intends to have aroUd him life abl?t n Irom his own party he can indue** to take the whether they claim the oiKc?s^sa sb? ground of political services or not. ? The Globe, of last night, had an official list of various appointments which had been confirmed Many persons from this, have taken ocnamnn to gaf. &ch ITh> r"?iSe8 that th ? ?lobe is to bt*,he 0? . ii . 'This, however, is in tiuth, no indication at all, for 1 understand that a copy of the same list was also sent to the Con,tHutioifbitthe UUer pa per goes to press much earlier than the former and receivedI the list too late to insert lust night It ls'sutd. oo, by.those who,I think, are likely to know roJm? thing about it, that none of the present existing \bl I*" 0r8an?" bUtthBt 't will ? f evIUthrn.' 7 a ne,v name, new editors, ar ! either the Vr ^T- ne^' althouKh " >? possible eillier the Madisoman or the Constitution me purchased, and their subscription list made \ ?? fh?nJ"K Phiak ,orth<,m t0 commence w ith. These things will, however, soon begin todevelone them 1'm.t'trSlZ7 cotSpKtn- ' g? ssj a ffisaswra'i'Ka talented attorney. further their demands for ?u, ticc. If Crovcrnor Marcy docs his duty, (here will be some startling developments at the War cont,,flfrable of a rum[>us created. T. Hartley Crawford looks veiy grave cl have ascertained that tlie' Senate, some davs ago, adopted a resolution calling upon the Presi dent for a copy of Senor Almonte's letter whmh i^nsben',0,hem 1 havr not b'arned whether ihev took any action u,.on this blustering braggadoc.a StftiTfh'i wh!ch 1 believe promise, the United States that in abour a month the valorous Mexicans '"'"^Chup to this Citv and annihilate old Uncle ?Mv ?-01,1 Your correspondent "Belay" was in error in fslifif LhV eX A,layor Morr'8 had th'sch" He a ? " here, as lunny as ever, wnh that funny look of isaa accos,ing ever>' with a snatch Washington, Wednesday, March 19, 1846 Captain Polk and Texan?A Messenger Despatehcd ?Prospect of an Extra Session?R. M- Whitney ?C. J M Xulty?Colonel Benton and Frank Thomas?Col Skinner and Col. Medary?Mist Clarendon, fyr. We have, from a reliable source, learned to-day that the President yesterday despatched a message extraordinary to Texas, in relation to its admission m'o the Union. Hat whether the message coin cides with that sent by John Tyler, to wit: that he ns President of the United States had accepted the first alternative of the Texas resolutions, known as Milton Brawn's proposition ; or whether it annuls that alternative of John Tyler, by a preference of Mr. Walker's amendment, we cannot determine. It is supposed, how ever, that Captain Polk endotses the alternaiive of John Tyler; and, if such be the case, it is ihe opinion of the Cabinet, us we are further informed, that an extra session may be necessary, and will most likely be convened to ratify 'he act of annexation, after the acceptance by Texas of the terms submitted as embodied in Brown's resolutions The authority from which this information is derived, makes it of more im portance than most of the speculations of the day. Reuben M. Whitney, we arc apprised, lies dan gerously sick of a cancerous affection. It is said, too,that when he learnedithat he was superseded ill his petty office, his energies were prostrated at once, and that the fear is he may never rise ugain. Mr. Shaler, you will discover, is a defnnct oftice seeker?laid on the shelf to dry. Others are des tined to a similar late. An indictment has been found against McNulty, but bis trial for embezzlement will not be had, most probably, before the next sitting of our Crimiual Court. A strange and exciting rumor prevails in town this evening, namely, that Col. Benton has indict ed, in this district, Ex-Governor Thomas, of Ma ryland, for slander and defamation. In the state in: nt of Francis Thomas there is certainly appa rent strong ground tor auch a presentation That tins unpleasant family matter is to end with the pamphlet of the Ex-Governor, we cannot believe. There is too much method in the madness of Tho mas to suffer it to pass off unrefined and unpunish ed. We shall have trouble among the goo?: folkii we are afraid, and a regular setting down, before the litigation is seitled In the place of Skinner, as assistant Post-master General, Col. Samuel Medary,Editor of the "Ohm S> iieeman,"wh<> was presented to Capt Polk shortly after his inauguration, by the Ohio delegation of forty or fifty men of high standing, as a suitable personage for Post master General This same indomitable Col. Medary, will, it lie choon ?< '<? aectpl, be installed in the place of Col .Skiiuui, We can spare the Colonel, he is so good a luimcr iu theory, that he will doubtless be glad of testing

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